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Dillan Matthew Morgan (Plagued Moth) is an Edgy Youtuber in his 30s known for making reviews of NSFL content mostly gore videos and infamous violent cp where he mocks and blames the unfortunate victims and comes off as total deplorable piece of shit.

He has recently come under heavy scrutiny and rage for selling videos of underage victims being brutalised on patreon along to uncencored reviews for his fanbase after another creator called 'Creepy reading' reported his content to patreon and got his account nuked this made Dillan go on multiple unhinged twitter rants bragging about 'profiting off of dead people' and telling the haters to 'deal with it'.
Unable to take criticism our Edgelord used his LGBTQ identity as 'gender fluid' as a reason for the hate he recieved and frequently uses his kids health issues for sympathy points and E-begging when things don't go his way.

Social Media Links:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheGoreGod?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor

Creepy Reading's video of Plagued Moth: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nbpcX4A7jxA(does not belong in /pt/)

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My favourite part about the Plagued Moth drama is that everyone who is trying to call him out is a complete autist. He's like a vortex of milk. Lazy Bedhead is so terminally online that she handles this really serious topic by dressing up as a fucking gnome for her they/them uwu goblin aesthetic and at one point says something to the effect of "it's weird that his entire fanbase didn't immediately turn on him the second his allegations came out" as if normal people aren't going to handle allegations with an ounce of thought or skepticism(sage your shit)

No. 918761

agree. they all moralfag about him "selling" gore that can easily found on the clearnet instead of mocking him for being a tasteless, money hungry, trailer trash edge lord.

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His wife is just as much of an unhinged lolcow as he is tweeting this to a 17 year old.Kek at her username she must have lost brain cells due to being with a retard scrote that flirts with younger girls on discord 24/7 and taking care of his 7 kids lol

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