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File: 1539376457842.png (242.39 KB, 1053x599, YaoiMaster1.PNG)

No. 46042

This is one of the most twisted and fucked up users I've ever seen. Still currently active on the MAL community.

MAL page: https://myanimelist.net/profile/YaoiMaster

>female named Gretchen

>self admitted nymphomaniac
>admits attraction to children and owns the pedophile label
>talks about desire to rape children
>calls herself "deranged and estranged" (edgelord)
>dislikes pedophile haters
>likes shota, incest, necrophilia, beastiality, prolapse porn, etc

Her profile quotes:

>"My psychiatrist calls me a complex person. Listen to the professional."

>"I am not a troll, nor do I have a persona. I like to joke around about my interests at times, to ensure others don't become uneasy. But be aware I am 100% genuine about everything I say"

>" know myself extremely well, even if you may not be able to comprehend my thoughts at times, or your own. You may be having an identity crisis. I am not. I have been the same for years. I do not change. "

>"Because I have difficulty sympathizing with anyone, my interests may seem bizarre or even cruel. "Yaoi, dogs can't consent, why do you watch that shit?" Because I do not sympathize with them, I could not care less. I do not feel remorse."

>"I have a head injury right now that causes me to feel trepidation often, though I finally feel like myself, gradually going off the edge again. What am I alluding to? If I act seemingly off, do not question."

>"I can't help who I am, and I'm not hiding it from anyone. Sorry if you find me disgusting, it's just how I appear to be. I am indeed a disgusting person. I live up to it, and I do not deny what is true. Depending on who you are, I am either seen as disgusting or fascinating. I shall accept what comes to me."

>"I hate it when people gossip about me… they receive punishment."

No. 46043

File: 1539376702734.png (138.35 KB, 822x1123, yaoimaster2.PNG)

Some screenshots of her fucking novel of a profile


No. 46044

File: 1539376743021.png (67.27 KB, 826x713, yaoimaster3.PNG)


at the bottom she talks about how she would be described as the "perfect child molester"

No. 46045

File: 1539377011159.png (Spoiler Image,468.56 KB, 869x578, yaoimaster4.PNG)

SFW (no nudity that is) but still shota and rape fantasy images littered all over her profile


No. 46046

File: 1539377033196.png (Spoiler Image,286.38 KB, 810x1134, yaoimaster5.PNG)


No. 46047

File: 1539377084421.png (Spoiler Image,801.89 KB, 857x1034, yaoimaster6.PNG)


seems to be about a shota getting raped

No. 46048

File: 1539377105366.png (Spoiler Image,886.71 KB, 804x967, Yaoimaster7.PNG)

4/4 same rape doujin

No. 46049

File: 1539377221634.png (559.89 KB, 705x1173, yaoimaster8.PNG)

Also, the MAL community seems to love her (what a fucking surprise) and encourages her disgusting behavior

No. 46050

her and a billion other edgy weebs. until she starts grooming/fucking actual kids, who gives a shit?

No. 46051

This isn't a doujin. Who the fuck are you?

No. 46052

doujin, manga, what the fuck ever.

No. 46053

Any stories or personal experiences you can share?

Fuck off, this has potential to be Nemu-tier.

No. 46054

I've never talked to her, unfortunately. Mostly just read her posts and insanely long profile, which are a goldmine.

No. 46055

Sharing screencaps of her worst posts would be a great way to kick off this thread.

No. 46056

as the first anon who bitched about nemu's thread belonging in /snow/ and all the weird circlejerking about how quirky and nice ^u^ she was, no, it really doesn't.

No. 46057

File: 1539378566567.png (154.45 KB, 1073x831, yaoimaster9.PNG)

No real interesting posts as of late, but her blogs are pretty cringey

No. 46058

File: 1539378580618.png (26.6 KB, 1057x225, yaoimaster10.PNG)

No. 46059

File: 1539378592604.png (78.06 KB, 1059x499, yaoimaster11.PNG)

No. 46060

>false persona
>a group of weird, dedicated admirers
>prominence on online circles
>long list of gross kinks that they're proud of
>most likely an array of actual minors they've groomed from their group of admirers
>definite personal drama to behold
>doesn't want to announce their age
Not sure if you relate to this edgelord freak or something, but if you really can't see the similarities, hide the thread. I, for one, am not going to turn away an entertaining trainwreck.

No. 46061

>Others made me feel guilty to the point of developing voices. Now I am stuck with these voices, thanks to those who harassed me.
She's really saying being kink-shamed caused her to develop auditory hallucinations, lmao.
>Do not fuck with me, or you will be banned. I will ensure justice is served.
Haha, wow.
>1. I rarely stalk people, especially not their forum posts. If you're paranoid over me stalking you, just know it's all in your head.
>9. I only stalk comments, typically. Also, my lover may stalk you.
This person is ridiculous, sketchy and cringy.

No. 46062

> ~Bickering is for children it is beneath me
> ~I am childish.

cringy narcissist who thinks they're a ~sociopath~ so they type like an anime villain. nice

No. 46063

File: 1539391666029.jpeg (637.46 KB, 1242x2208, 4AEF7CB1-6DB4-4F83-AAB2-4CFD82…)

Her cringey fan fiction where she talks about her weird family issues.

No. 46064

File: 1539391713997.jpeg (649.02 KB, 1242x2208, 0D06853C-51AB-413C-93AF-75E17E…)


No. 46065

https://vocaroo.com/i/s0G5FlYFBXDe her voice sounds like what you'd expect. The clip makes it sound like she had previous drama.

No. 46066

More from her profile:

>"Initially I had wanted to go to jail. After all, what is the purpose in spending a life unhappy and unable to pursue one's desires? I would go to any length to carry out my desires. However, my source of happiness has become my lover, therefore I can ignore the desire for children. Of course I will always be attracted to them. Fortunately for you, I have quite the self control, more so than others. This is coming from someone who nearly strangled two of her cats. I will never conceal or deny my aggressive and homicidal nature. None of you are worthy of my sadism. If you want to be my maso slave or some shit, you'd better leave my page. A true sadist does violent things without the other person's consent. If you want it, already you've lost my interest. I may not go to jail, but I will always yearn for children. My lover is my top priority and I do not wish to be separated from them."

No. 46067

So not only is she a pedophile but also an animal abuser.

No. 46068

File: 1539396604917.png (68.47 KB, 1069x607, flsdfj.PNG)

w o w

No. 46069

This sounds like "killing stalking" + pedophilia?

She talks about her age an awful lot. Also, did she just go on to say that she is only physically attracted to male children? Gross.

No. 46070

She doesn't give her name and is extremely defensive about it because she's only a kid. On the WayBack Machine you can see her birthday. She only recently turned 16.

No. 46071

give her *age, my bad

No. 46072

These kids shouldn't be openly discussing their (deviant) sexual preferences all over the internet. It's a great way to get in trouble with the law, especially if you aren't disclosing your age publicly.

No. 46073

Im calling this shit as either another edgy underage fujoshi who will get over this (like lotsa anons on these boards) ooooor 18+ mtf tranny who is … a tranny, all this comes with the territory lmao.

No. 46074

some background info on her home life: allegedly her parents are aware of her horrible fetishes, despite this they're very negligent and won't force her to commit to therapy. she's talked about quitting therapists before, going off meds, etc. she's also "dating" an of age woman whose alias on mal is judas, they're both lunatics. judas harasses people on yaois behalf whenever she's feeling vindictive so yaoi doesn't get implicated for doing it

No. 46075

No she definitely is a 16-year-old girl. I know this because I know her in real life. She goes to my school.

No. 46076

oh yikes, really? what's she like in real life?

No. 46077

She's really quiet and reserved, wears two wrist splints, probably from typing alot. She looks at yaoi on her school computer.

No. 46078

i think i saw her say that she got caught viewing pornographic yaoi at school once. probably true then. damn, that's fucked up. i really hope her parents wake the hell up and see what is wrong with their daughter. if she is actually 16 she's going to learn the hard way that people won't accept this deviant, disgusting bullshit once she becomes an adult. her online footprint will forever haunt her if any employers get ahold of it.

No. 46079

Her older sister used to go to the school too but I think she graduated. They would walk in together in the mornings. I had one class with this sister and I remember her saying she had 8 siblings and her mother was insane and abusive. She talked about it candidly, like she had accepted it. Can't say I learned much from Yaoi herself other than that she really liked gay porn.

No. 46080

No. 46081

On this post she says this
>117. Any brothers?: Three.
>118. Any Sisters?: Five? I don't know. "

No. 46082

i honestly expected that her home life was abusive, there have been times when she's denied it… but there's little other explanation as to why her behavior is like this

No. 46083

Right. And this crazy bitch wants to be a psychologist? She needs major help. If she’s still young she can get pulled out of it, but I’m concerned knowing she’ll grow up and be around patients and in the general population. What fucking sixteen year old is into all this porn? What went wrong? She’s clearly mentally ill.

No. 46084

She claims in several posts that she likes young children because she had an early puberty and was stuck liking kids. That's pretty dumb logic, it's not like all adults are stuck liking teenagers forever because they went through puberty as teenagers.

No. 46085

File: 1543532833686.png (702.09 KB, 999x810, T8jDaq5.png)

I used to be in a discord server with her. Keyword: used to. She posted some really nasty stuff about her fetishes, to the point where I'd often have to switch rooms if she started chatting in them at all. Unfortunately I don't have a lot of screenshots, but this is one example of her openly talking about pedo shit.

No. 46086

Check out this shit
>205. Broken a law: Yes. The police are on to me… after all this illegal pornography… surely….

How much do you want to bet it was child porn.

No. 46087

Law enforcement still exists in russia, retard. Their prisons are worse than American ones. They absolutely would kill a child molester like anyone else in the world

No. 46088

She talks about how smart she thinks she is, but can't seem to wrap her head around why people don't like pedophiles. Plus, what kind of person is in a relationship with someone of the same gender and still insists that they're straight. She's an idiot.

No. 46089

what gets me is that she tries to act like she's "intelligent" and above everyone else with her butchered attempts to make the english language "artsy", yet her reading comprehension and writing skills are atrocious. i actually read one of her "stories" recently just to see how bad they were, and besides being rife with thesaurus words she clearly didnt know how to use, the overall story and style of writing is terrible. she generally tries to act far more mature than her mental age, but it comes across as nothing if not pretentious and childish. and that's part of my distaste with her lmao, she's so fucking petty but tries to act like a fucking adult when she's not one, and she's nowhere near one mentally.

No. 46090

No. 46091

File: 1543534166527.jpeg (550.19 KB, 750x1031, 21AF7FA5-3F50-4B0B-9B56-CDC6EB…)

Looks like she’s got a PULL account. The banner holy shit.

No. 46092

probably abuse, maybe csa? i don't want to jump to conclusions but i think there was something seriously fucked up that happened to her as a child to mentally derange her like this

No. 46093

File: 1543534810654.png (123.88 KB, 540x418, z1e1jq7.png)

cringey post in the "ask the user below you a question" thread

No. 46094

File: 1543534882883.jpg (176.48 KB, 1035x204, zLCMDC2.jpg)

admitting she has "no qualms" in her own words, about abusing children. she thereafter claims that her "girlfriend saved her"… yet continues to talk about molesting children….

No. 46095

she gives me really creepy vibes. talks about being quiet and having no friends, talks about being compulsive and having to keep everything clean, talks about liking sadism and murder. she seems to fit every descriptor of a future serial killer other than being male. she even talked about trying to kill her cats. she needs serious help before she ends up hurting someone

No. 46096

File: 1543535431350.png (506.66 KB, 1274x1032, 3CLiVPg.png)

No. 46097

File: 1543535564507.png (21.77 KB, 1018x182, vih8XyM.png)

>says she doesn't stalk other users
>proceeds to admit to stalking them

No. 46098

Someone call Chris Hansen

No. 46099

File: 1543535735396.png (32.4 KB, 369x479, yaoicapture.PNG)

No. 46100

File: 1543536107539.jpg (37.79 KB, 750x173, PUUMGEy.jpg)

there are plenty of people on MAL who have passive aggressively mocked her. Moreover there are plenty of people from my sector of discord servers who hate her. They just don't tell her they do because they don't want to be harassed, knowing what has happened to others who've tried to inform her of her wrongful behavior. Her group of actual "supporters" is relatively small compared to the amount of people who hate her or feel uncomfortable around her

No. 46101

Why do the mods keep her there? If she was doing this shit on a site that I mod, I'd ban her in an instant

No. 46102

the mods are incompetent. They'll ban for microaggressions but won't ban legitimately problematic people.

No. 46103

She's deliberately trying to give you creepy vibes anon

She's working so hard to look like a ~scary sociopath villian~, anime communities are full of these kids but I don't think I've ever seen a girl take it as far as straight out presenting herself as a "pedophile" instead of saying "lolicon/shotacon teehee".
The way she constantly describes herself (saying not showing) and proudly showcases quotes from people who have bought into her narrative really exposes how desperate she is to be in control of what people think of her.

Putting on my tinfoil hat to theorize that she felt incredibly weak, powerless and maybe even objectified in order to create this persona where she is the powerful abuser, but probably she's just an edgelord with too much time on her hands. She could grow out of it whilst it's still all role play, but if she's abusing animals now and watching real cp then she's pushing herself towards becoming the real thing.

No. 46104

Doesn't this sort of stuff get a discord server shitcanned?

No. 46105

Discord staff probably wouldn't care. Members in the server itself would just shy away from the conversation when she went on tangents like this, if they were around when it was happening. Pink guy is one of her defenders who is milky himself, he apparently e-dated an underage user. Something that people continue to brush that under the rug. Most of yaois orbiters overall are in denial about how she's getting worse and worse, or they're cows themselves.

No. 46106

This is Niichan by Harada, it's actually suppose to demonstrate the problem with lolicon/shotacon and doesn't glorify the genre but detail the actual affects that grooming kids has on them

No. 46107

Why the fuck would you have a girlfriend if it's pretty obvious you are only attracted to little boys?
How lonely do you have to be to be with someone who isn't attracted to you? I'm assuming they are both fujoshi turned pedos together that just have a attractionless relationship?
also inb4 yaoimaster comes here, if she goes on PULL she probably lurks here

No. 46108

>why the fuck would you have a girlfriend when you're obviously attracted to little boys
it kind of reaffirms the whole "she's going to outgrow it" theory, but at the same time her girlfriend- whose gender she never mentions in public, but everyone knows judas is a girl- just encourages her behavior. beyond just judas being an adult and yaoi being a child, there are seriously abusive and disturbing implications to their "relationship" that i've seen just from witnessing them interact.

>also inb4 yaoimaster comes here, if she goes on PULL she probably lurks here

she obsessively stalks any activity about her, probably searches her username on google frequently. i'm surprised she isn't here already lmao.

No. 46109

>talks about knowing who she is, having an identity that never changes
>says shes hetero (in upper thread) and NOT attracted to women
>has a girlfriend now
I'm so confused. It's just some edgelord little girl who's into slightly darker shit than what was edgy back a decade ago. I have no doubts she's rping, especially with the cringey way she types and strings her words together. She just needs to lay off the anime.

No. 46110

File: 1543814132564.png (132.31 KB, 1043x157, Screen Shot 2018-12-02 at 9.14…)


her posts on judas' profile are hilariously cringe. This girl is just a deep ocean of yikes.

No. 46111

File: 1543993498660.png (186.72 KB, 562x473, yikesss.png)

their mutual banter is pretty horrendous. nobody wants to see this garbage polluting chat.

No. 46112

lmfao is that lil xan

No. 46113


despite claiming to be a mature person she fucking loves him

apparently judas paid for her to see him in concert what the fuck. what disgusts me is that they've actually met up irl so she claims and that's just all kinds of wrong when judas is apparently an adult woman

No. 46114

File: 1543993907595.png (368.49 KB, 1080x1048, nazijudas.png)

judas is a cow herself if that hasn't already been established

No. 46115

File: 1543994015732.png (15.84 KB, 794x109, pEx9aEx.png)

after somebody posted a fairly constructive review of why her writing was poor on her profile, she deleted the review and responded with this

No. 46116

File: 1543994059271.png (10.86 KB, 466x49, LAxbajB.png)

says she has 23 users blocked

No. 46117

File: 1543994106638.png (173 KB, 718x216, fYCW8UF.png)

"i'm not like other girls, i used to hate other girls!"

No. 46118

File: 1554780994468.png (274.66 KB, 1064x652, Finally..PNG)

She had to take her creepy ass profile down.

No. 46119

Typical fujoshi scum

No. 46120

Too bad archive.is didn't save the drop-downs. That was a real piece of internet art.

No. 46121

Wayback Machine has earlier versions of her profile, though I'm not sure how recent they are.

She and Judas have a secret club, alongside a few other users who were invited to it. Unfortunately don't know anyone who has access to it.

They're still posting there even if they've gone dark on public forum postings.

No. 46122

main reason mods finally took care of her is MAL's new "paid" services, and people like her are bad for the site's image and business. mod roster also changed drastically, they fired about 75% of the inactive staff and replaced them with competent mods.

that doesn't stop them from allowing alt right dogwhistlers, racists, sexual harassers, and incels. the site is rife with autism, I know weebs breed this kind of thing, but Myanimelist has to be the cringiest of the bunch. my friends tell me the Anilist global feed is worse, but for individual posters on a sheer lolcow level, MAL is crawling with people who make repeatedly embarrassing posts.

look up IPreferEcchi if you don't know who he is, that guy is fucking disgusting. Maybe he'll be the mod's next target?

No. 46123

here with some previously unposted milk

she once uploaded a very gross vocaroo where she claims she's talking about the things she wants to do to her girlfriend.

it sounds like she's reading from a script and it's very dodgy and uncomfortable.


No. 46124

okay, idk how things work in the us but isn't there a way to report this waste of human breath so that she can get counselling ? at first I thought she was just a cringe little bitch looking for attention but the pedo thing on top of all of this seems seriously worrying.

No. 46125

>error, media file does not exist
Dammit. Anyone save it?

No. 46126

i opened it and just listened to the beginning a few hrs ago, she must be not only lurking but also butthurt lol

No. 46127

I found this when I searched for his name; https://pastebin.com/4UsCew3Y

No. 46128

I'm guessing maybe the person that posted this is trying to expose people from MAL, since there are more pastebins like this but for other people

No. 46129

this is someone sharing their experience dealing with YaoiMaster, not sure if it's legit but the personality seems accurate

No. 46130

Not sure if i can find a host that won't delete them, so here's two mirrors.


No. 46131

No. 46132

File: 1556758429745.png (932.36 KB, 1500x1500, email10.png)


first email
don't have a copy of the second email on hand. if i can find it i will post it.

No. 46133

>Doesn’t glorify
>Manga involves a young boy being molested and later ending up entering a romanticized sexual relationship with his molester and is portrayed as love
Get bent, fujo

No. 46143

she's admitted to possibly viewing CP
the FBI tends to go after people who distribute CP rather than view it

if she regularly browses the deep web it's likely that she will run into an FBI honeypot sooner rather than later. no idea what would happen thereafter if they choose to go after her, if she's actually underage they might commit her to forced counseling

unless someone irl calls CPS and can prove her parents are unfit or someone is able to get the girlfriend arrested for dating an underage kid and force her away from her there's probably no hope for her

No. 46257

mh, i feel like there's more of a chance of her saying something un-pc and getting feminists on her back that will call her out and destroy her reputation, which wouldn't fix the pedophile stuff but maybe put her in more scrutiny from authorities.

No. 46286

i considered informing various drama youtubers about her, but i wasnt sure there was really enough for them to go off of to cover her.

they usually cover instagrammars / "real" personalities and not weeb forum ones so i didn't think they'd listen anyway.

also her entire presence is pretty un-pc anon, most people hate pedophiles

No. 46305

server leak of one of her conversations about pedophilia (previously mentioned here but now with full context ss)


pink user in conversation is MikkiCake_#2019 - possible fellow pedophile who was alleged to date a 12 y/o
Judas's discord ID is Judas#7937

No. 46307

yaois current discord ID insofar as I know is YaoiMaster#8280

it includes a weird includes a unicode character "I"

please watch for any of these number tags

they may change their names after this is posted but unless they have nitro they can't change their id number. I don't think any of them have nitro

No. 46873

File: 1557438093263.jpg (145.53 KB, 843x720, 20190509_164107.jpg)

I also hope Yaoimaster gets mental help and counseling, before she hurts anyone.

>Feels disgusted by this fushouji pedo.

No. 49235

File: 1558381514602.png (147.65 KB, 497x248, Z1ornmH.png)

No. 49279

File: 1558398454170.png (30.09 KB, 586x606, pedegg.png)

I kinda like it when threads I never looked at before suddenly come back. I dont see her Booksie posted?


No. 49280

File: 1558398575515.png (127.72 KB, 704x512, projecting.png)

No. 49281

Isn't that the plot of killing stalking or whatever

No. 49284

if you have the gall to tolerate her excessive thesaurus usage, and read it, it's basically killing stalking + pedophilia

the real question is why does she write like she keeps a thesaurus open 24/7

No. 49309

yuck, Oingo Boingo is an amazing band who wrote an ironic song about Dan-Schnieder-like men in the industry, and pedos still hold it up as a little-girl anthem. makes me sick, Danny Elfman fuckin hates how people interpreted that song. it got banned back in the day because the message was so misunderstood.

sage for music sperg but honestly that's the weirdest pedophile dogwhistle I've witnessed in ages

No. 49331

ilu anon

No. 50028

her intellectual capability is as shallow as a puddle so her knowing the actual meaning of the song is a lost cause

No. 52829

File: 1559962903692.png (231.31 KB, 1119x266, nLr0xFA.png)

This an old post, but I am wondering which site she may be referring to here. Email invitation only, sounds like a private forum, googling her UN yields no results.

Doubt it's a girl gossip forum since her PULL account is public unless there's a private gg forum I'm unaware of. if she's still posting on this "private" forum there may be some more milk there.

No. 63084

File: 1566263034557.jpeg (46.17 KB, 749x844, EB87B90A-1B2B-43E9-9435-CC0145…)

>claims to have "left the internet"
>changed avatar to one of the columbine faggots

who knows, maybe she does want to shoot up a school

No. 64844

File: 1567113352486.png (459.33 KB, 1013x574, sss.png)

i'm back with the second email, read it and weep farmers


No. 64851

samefag, here with some liner notes

>yaoimaster = gretchen

>judas = kassania, lily carter is a generic alias name she made up with the dummy account

No. 68398

She seems to still be active on last.fm, does anyone know what happened to her? She was last active on MAL in June.(necro)

No. 150617

Is this a screenshot for ants?

No. 150939

File: 1621549788293.jpg (129.86 KB, 850x694, __fujinuma_satoru_and_yashiro_…)

Good taste.(necro)

No. 213090

File: 1652726070963.jpeg (394.04 KB, 828x813, DDCC7173-4040-4A25-9209-F0B0AD…)

Shes back and using the same alias, but not tweeting about pedo shit. It's funny how she thinks she deserves a rebrand after all this

Not sure if this faggot is her gf/judas or not but she's matching pfps with them

No. 213102

File: 1652729272900.jpeg (136.82 KB, 828x472, 788BBF7F-5FC1-4777-8687-CDEAC6…)

No. You definitely should be dead. Or locked up and kept away from children, you fucking horrorcow

No. 214918

I wonder why she don't talks about the pedo shit on twitter, guess too scared getting destroyed by others lol
Also don't think the person she's matching pfps is Judas, i saw in her tweets they broke up. lmao

No. 215119

i know that this is late but damn i saw her posts and interacted with her when pull used to exist.

No. 215137

Sorry to hear that. How was she back then?

No. 215148

i dont remember much but i know she would moralfag on cows and topics from time to time and i found her hypocritical for that considering her sangwoo profile picture.
Most of us had no idea she was this creep.

No. 215157

Post the tweet.

No. 215204

File: 1653529213689.jpg (317.04 KB, 1440x998, 4bT0mGw.jpg)

Think since she uses "was" i think they broke up

No. 215208

Why is she using twitter like her personal diary? Hilarious to see how she tries to blend in with normal posts.(sage your shit)

No. 253651

A potential psychopath who "feels no remorse" studying psychology. Nice. Hopefully she ends up in research locked away in some lab instead of the clinical setting as a psychotherapist.

No. 253776

Doesn't she say she wants to rape kids? I hope she gets doxxed if she actually ends up being a psychologist and she won't be able to find a job.

No. 253903

she never changed, i received these screenshots a while ago from one of her mutuals

No. 253907

File: 1664828353206.png (117.74 KB, 1134x495, SPOILER_unknown.png)

forgot to attach the file lmao

No. 253952

File: 1664829671287.png (16.19 KB, 480x126, dgffh.png)

> the different types of beastiality

No. 253969

what is the twitter circle thing at the bottom for? is that some kind of setting she put on

No. 253980

yes I believe she added most of her mutual followers to her circle (only those in the circle can see the tweets), but she apparently also added people who didn't interact with her at all, who then shared the screenshots

then people unfollowed and she got really angry

No. 253984

lmao what did she expect considering her absolutely rancid takes? no-one was forcing her to post her innermost thoughts on twitter of all places.
tbh i remember reading this thread a long time ago and feeling bad for her bc she seemed like a kid with a lot of issues, but she really doesn't have an excuse to still be doing this

No. 254491

And no one in her circle finds this disgusting at all? They would probably even support her if she talks about molesting children

No. 254534

I think a couple of people unfollowed her after the bestiality tweets, but the others still talk to her

No. 254732

She has been interacting with this 15 year old kid for a while now too (they turned 16 not long ago) calling her "pretty". Pretty easy to find if you check her most recent replies. Disturbing

No. 254990

File: 1665045437721.jpg (235.32 KB, 1080x1219, retard.jpg)

No. 254993

She sure writes so much bullshit lmao

No. 254999

No. 255014

I checked who she interacts with on twitter, but they mostly seem to be new people who only started interacting with her a year ago

No. 255144

File: 1665064330241.jpg (139.87 KB, 1080x664, Screenshot_20221006-155022_Twi…)

she wants to be what

No. 255218

This is so cringe lmao Pretty sure she just writes this shit to shock people.

No. 255220

I wonder if they know that she's a real pedophile who wants to molest children

No. 255253

do you think she checks this thread because she's obsessed with stalking people

No. 255340

This site is used to CATCH pedos. There are not enough volunteers so places like this are a godsend for investigators.

No. 255858

gretchen your replies will just get deleted, give up

No. 256037

It was literally on her profile KEK That's how she introduces hrself to people also
All of her friends are cows and they should be shamed

No. 256041

What did she write?

No. 256042

just some dumb shit like 'the owner of this website is a pedo!' and trying to change the topic. she also tweeted about 'baiting' people at the same time, so i'm pretty sure it was her too.

No. 256286

I meant the new people on twitter. Some probably know and they don't care?

No. 256335

she has been tweeting about drama again so who knows really

No. 256345

File: 1665187181715.png (189.93 KB, 563x621, 402a8f46c78045c4cf407e7dcecd02…)

No. 256347

File: 1665187626703.png (49.76 KB, 567x436, okay.png)

gretchen's new code language

No. 256400

she has no braincells left after watching too much 'legal, russian CP'

No. 256411

lmao there is no way anyone is taking her seriously or finding her intimidating. if you look past the edgy 'im so fucked up look at all my disgusting fetishes' shtick her interests are all so fucking autistic, like girl… i can't even hate her, she has 0 self awareness

No. 256415

Did anyone has access do ask.fm?
I can't see anything here is she still using it?

No. 256485

twitter account is locked now (is it just me or did she lose 6 followers yesterday)

No. 256512

yeah, last message was in june

No. 256513

File: 1665240825032.jpg (574.88 KB, 597x710, xvfdvgdf.jpg)

No. 256614

Ngl, that's not a bad answer. Like what if she got arrested for something stupid because a cop was power-tripping?

No. 256637

lets hope the next GF isn't a pedophile too

No. 256694

Lets hope she will never have a gf again. Judas was disgusting enough already.

No. 257382

She started to feel way too comfortable on twitter. Pedos are not welcome anywhere, only six feet under.

No. 257627

anyone who follows her twitter here? its private

No. 257644

I do and it's been scrubbed. She deleted all her posts.

No. 257656

Wonder if she had to delete them or she tries to wipe all of the evidences. Didn't she know? The internet never forgets.

No. 257732

Surely there have to be some tweets left, can you post a screenshot? She clearly has never been smart enough to try and cover her tracks, not like it would make a difference(learn2sage)

No. 257815

shell never be able to guess which or her followers is me kek

No. 257857

Do you know her surname?

No. 257999

she's tweeting again, of course she didn't leave twitter because she needs attention

No. 260647

she updated her profile again. who's this new bestie?(this is an imageboard. post screencaps)

No. 260865

dunno, just another attention seeker who fights people on twitter all day

No. 263016

File: 1667258951347.png (1.44 MB, 1960x1544, 7878.png)


No. 286414

Holy shit, I just found out about this thread. I instantly had bad vibes about her when I first saw her Twitter, but I had no idea she was a pedo apologist. I'm glad I never interacted that much with her. I don't want to say too much because I think I'll out myself, but I definitely felt like she's one of those fujos who act tryhard about being edgy. Honestly feels like she overshares her fetishes because she thinks it makes her look cool and unbothered or something, when it actually just makes her look desperate for attention because of the purposeful shock value lmao. Thank you for the milk kek, this thread was an enjoyable read. Never expected to recognize someone I know on here.

Also, her writing is fucking terrible but I love how much she tries to justify her shitty writing by acting all pretentious about it and saying it's supposed to be convoluted, hard to understand, and full of metaphors. It's like an amateur artist trying to defend their awful anatomy by saying "it's just the style" kek. If your work can't speak for itself without you having to interject with an entire essay in the prologue about the nature of it and the way it's "intended" to be read, it means you've failed at actually conveying what you intended to in your writing.

No. 303104

kek I remember her back from mal years ago at the height of her drama (I no longer watch anime) and knew some of the people she harassed. milkless but I cannot believe this cunt tried to reinvent herself using the same alias and is still up to her old antics. I wonder if she'll actually end up killing someone in a few years

No. 303384

File: 1689458287734.png (331.06 KB, 674x525, private account - Copy.PNG)

her private account on twitter

No. 303388

File: 1689474105705.jpg (78.62 KB, 1211x667, maxresdefault (1).jpg)

>Jon Venables
i knew i recognised the kid in that image, jesus christ.

when i browse this thread, i get the sense that whenever yaoimaster hears about some edgy shit in passing on the internet she immediately just flocks to it and adds it to her own internal repertoire for imaginary edgy cool kid points. like she has no personality and little interest in these things beyond furthering her own internal sense of how ~~fucked up~~ she is. embarrassing behaviour.(learn to sage)

No. 303479

pedo apologist? no, she’s just a pedo

No. 313119

so is she russian or american? why is her name Gretchen or is it just an alias? Odd name choice.

No. 319014

The ex-girlfriend Judas was the Russian one, yaoi is allegedly just your typical white trash anglo burger. she came from a family of like 8 kids

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