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File: 1713965674858.png (110.42 KB, 1028x599, jiejfjiijji.png)

No. 1978406

Previous >>1972829

Thread to discuss the phenomenon of "fujoshi", the women that identify as such and the women who criticise it.

To a latter extent, discuss also the phenomenon of "yumejoshi" and "himejoshi", especially when it comes to the yume vs. fujo feud.

Discuss the history of fujoshism, speculate on its reasons, argue your opinion on it and exchange intelligent views with other farmers.

Topics include:
>Is the fujoshi-to-TIF pipeline real, or merely a symptom of something else?
>Do fujoshi self-insert in the uke and/or seme? Or do fujoshi simply look at slash couples in a voyeuristic manner?
>What is your view on the early 2000s phenomenon of identifying as a fujoshi "but not supporting real life homos"?
>Is being a fujoshi a way of escaping misogyny, or does it reinforce it?
>What is your opinion on omegaverse, and the het omegaverse which followed?
>Are fujos addicted to pornography? Are yumes?
>Why is fujo stuff so popular in Japan, a highly conservative, homophobic and misogynistic society?
>Can yumes and fujos be friends?

New questions:
>Are lesbian fujoshi actually a thing?
>Why do fujos look at, draw and talk about yaoi together, while moids who enjoy hentai do so completely alone in their gooncaves?
>Are women who enjoy "male character with chopped tits and/or a vag" actually fujoshi? If not, what are they?
>Why do you think so meny supposed straight content made for women caters to men?
>Do you think there is a problem
when it comes to female sexualization when it comes to josei smut?

Be respectful and do not infight. Honest discussion only.

No. 1978411

should have choosen another thread OP, now they are going to cry about it

No. 1978414

Voice works also don't count apparently, even though those are pretty damn fucking good and there's a lot of them
No reason given at all though
There's fujos who self-insert and not every non-fujo is a "hetfag" (AKA likes low quality TL manga), keep coping
With how obsessed you are with denying that fujos ever self-insert, I bet you actually do it yourself from time to time and are too ashamed to admit it kek
Get it through your thick skull: stating simple facts about fujos is not criticizing them

No. 1978416

>Voice works also don't count apparently
we were talking about manga…

No. 1978418

>Can yumes and fujos be friends?
I'm a yume who's friends with many a fujo. We're also just having fun chatting about things and not fighting on an online snark imageboard though.

No. 1978423

Where did the ''fujos self-insert as the uke'' rumor come from? It's weird. If it was so common you would expect fujos to have a ''literally me'' uke by now, but i have never heard of a fujo self inserting in yaoi. Ukes also tend to have pretty strong personalities and backstories in comparison to the boring female characters in most shojo romance manga or otomes.

No. 1978426

I'm just going to straight up ignore that last part for now, but there's a rather infamous comic of someone calling themselves a literal uke after realizing she's a TIF. Not saying I agree with comment, but it does happen.

No. 1978427

I suggest that anyone feeling the urge to reply too quickly to another post without properly reading it, should watch this first.

No. 1978428

that's called schizophrenia

No. 1978435

There are tifs who believe they are animals recarnated after they troon out aka Kinners, if you've forgotten tifs are extremely mentally ill and none of their opinions should be take as fact and especially not as a generalisation of a whole subculture. You're better off asking a retarded parrot what's its opinion on yaoi is

No. 1978436

I straight up said I don't agree with the comment. All I added was yes, it does happen, even if it isn't common.

No. 1978440

thats not self inserting though. Its like those moids who call themselves catgirls. I honestly doubt most of those tifs even read yaoi, they most than likely read cuntboy shit.

No. 1978449

Some nonnies really should read full posts before replying,I didn't disagree that it doesn't happen it does I only said its done by extreme mentally ill women which most tifs are

No. 1978451

I did read, and I was defending you acting like I made a generalization, but go off.

No. 1978454

I hate that shit so fucking much you can't imagine, how the fuck did it even start in yaoi? I never saw this shit until recently(although thankfully it's small) is it because gendie shit is everywhere?

No. 1978456

yeah it's collateral damage from tranny shit and it also wouldnt surprise me if its a sad cope from women who want straight content that doesn't have oversexualized female characters with water balloon tits

No. 1978458

Speaking of cuntboy, is this a term anyone uses to refer to real life people? I'm friends with some gendie friendly fujos and recently made the mistake of being nostalgic over making fun of "bussy" "boypussy" etc in the text of cursed naked butler game in front of them. They "educated" me that I shouldn't mix up the terms unless I want to seem dumb, apparently bussy=asshole and boy pussy is "pussy on a boy". Do people seriously use these terms or were they virtue signaling to the fujo TIFs in the chat??

No. 1978463

I hope not cuntboy sounds so fucking vulgar and gross it feels like a slur a moid would use for a faggot. But I suppose so because I've seen tifs saying they're "femboys" now i hope to god this gendie shit ends soon so we cant see this cancer anymore also nonnie bussy and boy pussy (ew) are the same thing

No. 1978466

it's obvious many western fujos or mlm shippers insert as the "uke", whereas with asian fujos it's not the case and they may tend towards identifying more with the seme (not necessarily self-inserting).

No. 1978470

I played this JP BL game sometime back, and when I searched for reviews from JP fujos I found one with a rant like "I love this game because mc is a proper MAN! I don't like those hyperfeminine ukes, as a fujoshi I want to see a MAN bottom(uke)ing !" kek I still think about it, her ranting style was very cute

No. 1978471

Is that even true? There's plenty of yaoi material where the uke is just a girl but male. Or the guy does clearly masculine things and doms while the uke is still clearly male but receiving it in a less masculine way. I'm talking about old school yaoi too

No. 1978474

>There's plenty of yaoi material where the uke is just a girl but male
not this again

No. 1978475

>"I love this game because mc is a proper MAN! I don't like those hyperfeminine ukes, as a fujoshi I want to see a MAN bottom(uke)ing !"
Finally someone said it kek

No. 1978478

which game

No. 1978480

Let me answer the questions in OP, because everyone here really really wants to know my thoughts on yaoi.

>Do fujoshi self-insert in the uke and/or seme? Or do fujoshi simply look at slash couples in a voyeuristic manner?

100% vouyeristic. It's not even just the sex, but the romanticism is also vouyeristic. It's about the escapism for me.
>What is your view on the early 2000s phenomenon of identifying as a fujoshi "but not supporting real life homos"?
I've been a fujo since the late 90s and I have to say I've never even seen this. Maybe it's bc I'm not american and only learned english much later, but the fandoms I participated in, in my language, were very pro LGBT irl.
>Is being a fujoshi a way of escaping misogyny, or does it reinforce it?
Possibly. I'm a heterosexual man hater, so the aspect of by-women-for-women helps me read about men in romantic and sexual situations knowing that not only are they not real moids, but also they're female fantasies. That makes them non-threatening and it means that they belong to women.
>What is your opinion on omegaverse, and the het omegaverse which followed?
Dislike. I'm into fujoshit for the romance as well as the sex, and omegaverse "romance" really isn't at all. They're not falling in love with each other, they're being commanded by hormones, so there's no need for them to even get to know each other. My dick got hard because of your smell, so we're in love now I guess. Same for het omegaverse. Also the concept of mpreg is nasty to me.
>Are fujos addicted to pornography? Are yumes?
I particularly don't watch porn or read hentai, and I consume very little pornographic yaoi and fanfic. This assumption is misogynistic. You're baasically saying that any degree of sexuality in a woman is an addiction, taking away our right to have a libido.
>Why is fujo stuff so popular in Japan, a highly conservative, homophobic and misogynistic society?
Girl idk.
>Can yumes and fujos be friends?
Why not? Why do we have to fight? Fujos who hate yumes and yumes who hate fujos, please explain it to me.

No. 1978498

>the uke is just a girl but male
so… not a girl
get a grip. a dong is a dong

No. 1978516


No. 1978525

>Are women who enjoy "male character with chopped tits and/or a vag" actually fujoshi?

>If not, what are they?

Tasteless retards that drank the gendie koolaid, most likely self-insertfags who want to have the likes and RTs for having two "men" in their art/writing but not really.

No. 1978556

damn, my EOP ass excited to play it soon. Aduma's moans are famous af

No. 1978629

I'm this bitch, answering the other quetsions that I didnt see bc im retarded.

>Are lesbian fujoshi actually a thing?

Why not?
>Why do fujos look at, draw and talk about yaoi together, while moids who enjoy hentai do so completely alone in their gooncaves?
Do they? I don't have many male friends and I don't talk about porn with the ones I do have. I imagine they talk about and share porn and hentai. Just seems like the male thing to do.
>Are women who enjoy "male character with chopped tits and/or a vag" actually fujoshi? If not, what are they?
They're absolutely not fujoshi. They're women whose brains have been rotted by genderism. I'll go as far as to say that it's all a performance for them. They don't have an inner world anymore, they're completely consumed by the persona they want to project, so much so that they can't differentiate the creature they created in order to be accepted by other gendies on socmed from their real selves. Gendies do not exist unless they're perceived. So, girls who write and who jerk off to FTM porn are simply doing so bc it's the "right side of history" thing to do. It's sad, they have lost the capacity to feel and think for themselves.
>Why do you think so meny supposed straight content made for women caters to men?
Because women are not supposed to sexualize men. We are allowed to sexualize each other and ourselves. That's why porn for women still focuses on the woman being penetrated, the noises she makes, her expressions, etc., and why women who consume content that sexualizes men, are considered degenerates. We are encouraged to sexualize and objectify ourselves and our peers. The act of being objectified and sexualized is seen as being part of womanhood, because that's what our existance is to society: sex.
>Do you think there is a problem when it comes to female sexualization when it comes to josei smut?
I don't think female sexualization is inherently bad, so no, I don't think there's an inherent problem there. Instances of sexualization can be problematic, though.

No. 1978658

No one uses these terms seriously unless it's in a sexual context. Even TIFs colonized the term boypussy because it used to be primarily used by gay men to refer to male asshole kek. Your friends are retarded for trying to "educate" you on those terms

No. 1978670

>Are lesbian fujoshi actually a thing?
Not likely. They're just straight women who say 2D is better than 3DPD like hentai obsessed moids do
>Why do fujos look at, draw and talk about yaoi together, while moids who enjoy hentai do so completely alone in their gooncaves?
Women in fandoms are more social than men for some reason.
>Are women who enjoy "male character with chopped tits and/or a vag" actually fujoshi? If not, what are they?
No, and they're dangerously close to falling for the fujo to tif pipeline. Enjoying a vagina on a man is the same thinking as trans people no matter how you spin it
>Why do you think so many supposed straight content made for women caters to men?
It doesn't, it's just a fault of society and how women see themselves in it. Women like to draw the female protagonist as attractive, or they may seem weak and meager because they want to see a shy and timid girl get the boy in life for once. It's projection, wishing they were a stacy, which I understand, but an attractive female protagonist does not mean that it caters to men.
>Do you think there is a problem when it comes to female sexualization when it comes to josei smut?
Somewhat, but I don't care. I like that the men are hot and cater to women. I just wish there wasn't so much sexual assault or rape. I think that's a problem in a lot of yaoi as well though. I don't know why women have this kink so much

No. 1978716

File: 1713980837283.png (64.67 KB, 232x251, 1707764419806556.png)

>Are lesbian fujoshi actually a thing?
eh the more i think of it I doubt it. you dont see fully gay men into yuri in the same fashion so called lesbians enjoy yaoi. I've seen gay men that maybe enjoyed the relationship between two girls but it was mainly in a platonic fashion and it didnt go any further than that. "lesbians" that are into yaoi for some reason think of male characters in a sexual manner more often than actual het/bi fujos would kek
>Why do fujos look at, draw and talk about yaoi together, while moids who enjoy hentai do so completely alone in their gooncaves?
idk what corners of the internet youre on but every anime/hobby im interested in have moids that are extremely loud about the porn of the characters they consume etc. Its pretty much an expectation. if anything fujos seem to be the ones in there own corners
>Are women who enjoy "male character with chopped tits and/or a vag" actually fujoshi? If not, what are they?
yeah as much as men that enjoy yuri pairings with futa in it are still yurifags at the end of the day. its just a fetish added onto another fetish, just for some reason fujos will cope by saying its representation instead of just being real and saying they like drawing men with vaginas and chest scars because they find it hot.
>Why do you think so meny supposed straight content made for women caters to men?
because men are the ones obsessing over and buying the products. most women are busy living their lives and otaku women that have the money to splurge on their hobbies are rare to come by
>Do you think there is a problem when it comes to female sexualization when it comes to josei smut?

No. 1978720

>eh the more i think of it I doubt it. you dont see fully gay men into yuri in the same fashion so called lesbians enjoy yaoi.

Male sexuality is extremely shallow and simple, though.

No. 1978723

I feel like saying female sexuality is a lot more complex than male sexuality is how we got to the issue of obviously bisexual/het women identifying as lesbians.

No. 1978724

File: 1713981279397.jpeg (49.38 KB, 760x768, 8BipVV3Ch3X7aTwn.jpeg)

No. 1978726

No. 1978727


No. 1978734

File: 1713981951847.png (174.8 KB, 1000x1000, YEc917_FU3GeCZg6ix4nAyx7T6MFBR…)

I come share my enlightened knowledge and this is how you treat me

No. 1978742

File: 1713982561315.png (105.86 KB, 899x701, 1713982477667.png)

Do fujos ever realize how disgusting and misogynistic they are with omegaverse/mpreg, no amount of cope that it is a apparently 'niche' will dissuade me from this absolute hatred I feel when I see this mocking or comparing actual human pregnancy to their porn addict fetish.

No. 1978744

Ew, don't lump me with these people

No. 1978747

>Why do you think so many supposed straight content made for women caters to men?
I don't think it actually does.

Now, hear me out, and I can't speak for everything so take this with a grain of salt. I think that, while historically men did have control over what 'content for women' was, over time that has become less so, especially when it comes to self-published content online. Their influence has effected what appears in said content, but it doesn't actually cater to them. There's a whole lot of 'bad code' in the dna of the romance genre, for example, that causes a bunch of seemingly outdated ideas to continuously reappear, and if you shift over to the smut side these tropes only become more obvious and exaggerated as they've also solidified into common enough kinks/fetishes as each generation of writers and readers passes them on to the next and alters them in a game of literary telephone.

This happens even faster with online media, as it has little to no publication requirements. You also see similar things within yaoi/slash as those communities go through trends or bottleneck into niche communities. It's also been discussed previously that, due to it being more prolific/seen as the default, the visual language, tropes and quirks of porn for men end up showing in media meant for women, which can make it confusing at a glance who the work is really for. Hopefully over time this will fall out of vogue as female-oriented smut gains a firmer grasp on its own visual language and shorthands. Sperg over kek

No. 1978758

Honestly anon, this is kind of retarded

No. 1978765

I woke up late to this fight so nta from earlier but are you guys Americans? Those boobs are huge wtf. What kind of world do anons live in where that's "normal"?

No. 1978767

You may disagree that it applies to this case, but you can't deny that they are shallow. Men jerk off to body parts, sexual acts themselves, and appearances. That's why erotica isn't popular amongst them, but are among women. Because they're easily satisfied by visuals and don't care about context. Women need more than just two people fucking on screen. We look for context, certain behaviors, whole situations. A single porn video will make thousands of men coom, but we need more.

No. 1978783

Every time anons say this the boyfriend turns out to be hideous kek. Men haven't put effort into their appearance since the 90's

No. 1978796

File: 1713987890631.png (527.91 KB, 753x2559, fujotifs.png)

>multiple tifs openly admitting they transitioned cause of yaoi

No. 1978801

Did you teally expect other answers on twitter?

No. 1978804

>groomed by yaoi

No. 1978813

She’s right.

No. 1978833

they've been admitting this for years now nothing new

No. 1978836

you're retarded and those tifs are obviously just trying to be funny (not saying they are) but the second reply is from a shotafag who works with kids which should be more concerning

No. 1978856

File: 1713991639784.jpeg (206.81 KB, 593x516, IMG_0158.jpeg)

>this retarded thread made it to 3 threads alone

you fuckheads can’t be bothered to have a normal conversation anymore. no more good morning, no more good afternoon, just the same dumb shit bringing fujos to /ot/ so they can ruin the board with their sperging. why can’t the mods just lock this already?

No. 1978864

lost ass generation lol

No. 1978885

>Is the fujoshi-to-TIF pipeline real, or merely a symptom of something else?
I don't think being a fujo necessarily causes one to troon out, but it's how gender ideology pairs so well with romanticizing being a man and having a same-sex relationship where the dynamics are (supposedly) more equal. Back then, most fujos were aware they were just women who enjoyed seeing BL and had no problem admitting that, but as gender ideology seeped into fandom spaces and proposed the idea that you can, in fact, be a gay man even if you weren't born as one, a lot of them started calling themselves men. Social contagion played a role in exacerbating this.
>Do fujoshi self-insert in the uke and/or seme? Or do fujoshi simply look at slash couples in a voyeuristic manner?
I don't think fujoshi self-insert, but they definitely lean toward empathizing with one of the characters better. I think it's more obvious if you read any smut fic and notice the way the POV is written. It's usually written from the bottom's POV, and if it's written from the top's POV, it feels strangely focused on the bottom's pleasure and reactions rather than the top's. Of course this is all anecdotal and depends on your fandom/ship.
>What is your view on the early 2000s phenomenon of identifying as a fujoshi "but not supporting real life homos"?
Back then I didn't understand how you can enjoy BL but not support gay men irl, but I can see why now. 2D men are drawn in a style that is aesthetically pleasing, plus they don't have many of the negative traits that real life men have. I think the same argument can apply to yumes liking fictional husbandos, but not wanting to date men irl.
>Is being a fujoshi a way of escaping misogyny, or does it reinforce it?
Most fujoshi just enjoy BL because they like seeing attractive men, and like to see romance on top of that. I never saw the misogyny argument being brought up until fujos were called "gay men fetishizers". I do think some fujos are more critical toward female characters than male characters though. There are times when the male characters genuinely are written better and have more screentime; you'll mostly see this in shounen (because they're male characters written by men), but there are also times when a female character and male character are equally poorly written, but the female character gets shit on way more by fandom. And by shit on, I don't mean that fujos just ignore her, but will go out of their way to write rants on why she's terribly written and such a bad love interest for their favorite male character compared to the male best friend who they ship him with.
>What is your opinion on omegaverse, and the het omegaverse which followed?
It started out as some weird trope where you apply animal dynamics to smut, and has become synonymous with TIF/intersex/PIV sex because of the mpreg aspect. I rarely see this trope written well. The characters are turned OOC to force them to fit into the mold of a dom alpha x sub omega. It feels like I'm reading heterosexual dynamics/BDSM in disguise whenever I give an omegaverse fic a try. Not to mention how the omegas are often feminized and called "wife" or "princess"… I can definitely see why people think this trope is steeped in misogyny.
>Are fujos addicted to pornography? Are yumes?
No, it comes down to the individual. There are fujos who just want to see their favorite boys in fluffy scenarios, and there are fujos who can only talk about gay sex and have to make everything sexual. Likewise, there are yumes who just want to see and make cute content of their husbando, and there are yumes who have to hornypost 24/7 about their husbando's dick.
>Can yumes and fujos be friends?
Yes. Maybe you won't actively engage in each other's content, but you can still support each other.
>Are lesbian fujoshi actually a thing?
I'll be honest, I have yet to encounter a lesbian fujoshi OR yumejo in my fandom spaces that didn't come across as bi or straight. Many of the lesbian fujoshi I see will actively consume and create M/M smut and talk about dicks, and yes they have admitted to masturbating to it and not just reading/writing for the feels. They rarely talk about female characters/yuri, and if they do, it feels very performative. They think genderbending their favorite yaoi ship in fanart counts as enjoying yuri, but you will never see them talking about canonical female characters or F/F smut. The lesbian yumejo I know is even more blatant in her obvious attraction to men because all she does is write straight sex of herself with her husbando and talks about his dick. I have met one lesbian who does read BL occasionally, but it's only for fun and she doesn't get off to it. She actually reads yuri way more. I don't doubt that lesbians can enjoy BL, I just don't think they're the same as the "lesbian" fujos who are constantly talking about their favorite male characters.
>Are women who enjoy "male character with chopped tits and/or a vag" actually fujoshi? If not, what are they?
They are fujoshi who have memed themselves into liking cuntboy fetish/enjoy heterosexual dynamics but feel safer projecting it onto two male characters. There are lots of old-school fujos who have trooned out with the rise of gender ideology, but that doesn't discredit the fact that they were (and still are) fujos. And there have always been fujos who like heterosexual dynamics in M/M ships, and now you see it coming to an extreme with TIFs. You can say that the small, submissive uke x big, aggressive seme trope is no longer popular, but the characterizations are still there. The bottom is more likely to be cared for, protected, and comforted by the top. Most fujos TIFs are straight so they project their heterosexuality onto gay characters.

No. 1978905

>Is the fujoshi-to-TIF pipeline real, or merely a symptom of something else?
Misogyny and autism plays a way bigger role
>Do fujoshi self-insert in the uke and/or seme? Or do fujoshi simply look at slash couples in a voyeuristic manner?
Fujos tend to get attached to ukes more than to semes, sometimes their behaviour reminds me of shoujofags who worship the heroine more. But I don't think it's self-insertion, rather they either see them as a husbando OR they see them as a comfort character or their son. There are some fujo ships where people could argue that self-insertion does actually happen though, like 14 yrs ago sebaciel fujos were definetly self-inserting as ciel. The hotter the seme is, the more you can expect this to happen. But I think usually it's a form of voyeurism or wanting to see their husbando getting pounded cause as I said, ukes are more appealing to fujos. Semes are probably more appealing to yumejoshi
>What is your view on the early 2000s phenomenon of identifying as a fujoshi "but not supporting real life homos"?
It's dumb
>Is being a fujoshi a way of escaping misogyny, or does it reinforce it?
Escaping misogyny to some extent, but at the end of the day it's just a hobby like many other
>What is your opinion on omegaverse, and the het omegaverse which followed?
Gross and retarded and lowkey misogynistic, and I've always hated mpreg and butt babies
>Are fujos addicted to pornography? Are yumes?
Maybe some are, but I'm not
>Why is fujo stuff so popular in Japan, a highly conservative, homophobic and misogynistic society?
BL tends to thrive in conservative societies, like it's banned in china and this is not stopping any chinese fujos
>Can yumes and fujos be friends?
It's super easy if the fujo ships A x B and the yume husbando is an unrelated character like C but if the yume husbando A or B they need to learn to tolerate each other and that might be a bit difficult if the yume is totally against any gay ship
>Are lesbian fujoshi actually a thing?
>Why do fujos look at, draw and talk about yaoi together, while moids who enjoy hentai do so completely alone in their gooncaves?
Simple, women prefer communities and fandoms and some of them seek validation from their female peers
>Are women who enjoy "male character with chopped tits and/or a vag" actually fujoshi? If not, what are they?
Ugh I hate this but technically if they still enjoy the ship in their original form and are not strictly into chopped tits, they are fujoshi. A weird brand of TiF-leaning fujoshi. If they're strictly into chopped tits they're just yume aidens
>Why do you think so meny supposed straight content made for women caters to men?
Brainwashed to the moid gaze from a young age, it's a systemic problem
>Do you think there is a problem
when it comes to female sexualization when it comes to josei smut?
Kek yes

No. 1978912

Ngl with all the josei smut posted last thread, I'm not sure why moid vanilla waifubait is hated when it's basically the same thing.

No. 1978941

This should really be reposted regularly

No. 1978946

This whole fujo thing should be properly studied. You have to admit it's really strange to go
>nuh I don't want to see m/f relationships but if it's the same coomershit but with m/m I'll vibe with that.
I'll also say that in fujo circles no one says the "It's ok because they're men" logic that gets brought up here. Fujoshis just ramble say it's progressive/hotter/spicy

No. 1978947

>>1978765 But the thing is what was the logic of there being a panel next to it showing her body? It would have been way more coherent to display her face
in the panel, capturing her expression in the heat of moment lmao

No. 1978948

>You have to admit it's really strange to go
>nuh I don't want to see m/f relationships but if it's the same coomershit but with m/m I'll vibe with that.
No, I don't think it's strange to have different reactions to bad things happening to a woman versus bad things happening to a man.
The reason why it's doesn't get brought up in fujo circles is because that should be plainly obvious.
Do you think men jerking to ryona go "I love seeing women getting beaten up but if this was a man, I would not be happy about it."

No. 1978950

>Fujoshis just ramble say it's progressive/hotter/spicy
The fujos here say the same thing wdym

No. 1978960

Genuinely, how are they retarded for that post?

No. 1979011

I'm antifujo because I get jealous and insecure when I feel like "lesbian" women are attracted to men in any form. If my girlfriend was a fujo, I'd be wondering what I was lacking in the relationship.

No. 1979058

If I had a fujo girlfriend I'd cherish her.

No. 1979101

File: 1714010244963.jpg (170.53 KB, 850x1202, 1712436397088532.jpg)

fujos are based to me only because its one of the few spaces on the internet where AGP's dont gather. I'd rather deal with a confused TIP than a TIM any day of the week.

No. 1979106


No. 1979122

They don't leave their room, clearly.

No. 1979125

is it weird to you that men jack off to lesbians?

No. 1979142

women that are attracted to men like seeing them fuck like men that are attracted to women enjoy seeing the same. its not complicated

No. 1979160

File: 1714014939512.jpg (146.33 KB, 736x1040, bulmayvegeta.jpg)

>Why do you think so meny supposed straight content made for women caters to men?
I have no idea. I don't mind big titty female MCs but I mind when the male MCs in them aren't nearly as porny and when all the focus is on the woman.
>Do you think there is a problem when it comes to female sexualization when it comes to josei smut?
Yes. Too much fucking focus on the woman. The peak hetero sexy art is when those women who ship Bulma and Vegeta draw them getting nasty because there's an actual heterosexual fun dynamic on display where there is focus on both characters but mostly on the man, because, you know, it's made by a heterosexual woman. I kind of envy fangirls of this ship because they get the real good content. Hetero drawn this way is as good as yaoi drawn with intense autistic love for a ship. (pic not lewd but partially related to what I'm saying)

No. 1979161

I think fujoism is goofy because I can picture two attractive men in my mind passionately kissing and taking off each other's clothes and it makes me laugh because it's so fucking faggy and gay and my attraction just totally dies kek.

No. 1979166

File: 1714015188432.jpg (231.85 KB, 979x832, 1496579577699.jpg)

Seeing how most people in this thread seem to agree that lesbian fujos are not actually lesbians, what do you think is the cause of this behavior? Lack of self-awareness/extreme autism? IRL man hating? Wanting to be cool with the homos? Internalized biphobia? All of above?

No. 1979169

You're doing it wrong. You're supposed to picture an attractive man raping your faggy scrote self-insert. Do this and report back.

No. 1979170

I think the cause is that it's a social contagion, just like transgenderism. They see other "lesbians" say they're into BL and go cool, me too! When in reality, these women are mostly bisexual and/or even straight. I've seen so many "lesbian fujos" troon out it's not even funny. Almost every single one I knew in high school became some kind of frogvoiced nonbinary or straight up bearded TIF. That's proof enough to me that it's social contagion and wanting to be LGBT for woke points. Being LGBT/troons is also the nerdy/weird girl 2010s/2020s version of being alt/emo, and we all know the girls who claimed they were "lesbians" in that era were mostly bi or just straight as well.

No. 1979176

you might be a lesbian

No. 1979181

ok but tifs/enbies who only date each other and roleplay yaoi are still lesbians

No. 1979188

The thing is that none of them that I knew remained "lesbian" post-troonout. After they stopped being "cis" and started considering themselves nonbinary or gay trans men, they were the types to always talk about how much of a faggot they are and lust after irl gay men. They couldn't get gay guys though due to them being female, and the closest they could get was obviously bi/straight guys who validated their larp for pussy. Seeing them try to convince their straight boyfriends they were "technically queer" though was a laugh, lmao.

No. 1979191

vegebul is a good ass ship and one my top 5 of hetships. thankfully seems like the het pairings I care about have a decent fanbase that isnt filled with moids projecting too much on the mail or overly righteous women trying to turn it into a political statement.

No. 1979192

vegeta is ugly and i hate dbz but i see cutesy domestic hetship art like this in almost every fandom lol

No. 1979194

They say it's akin to how AGPs larp yuri together despite being heterosexual, but I really do think AGPs who are exclusively attracted to other AGPs are repressed faggots in the same way TIFs who only ever want to date and have sex with other TIFs are repressed lesbians. Call me old fashioned but being exclusively attracted to your own sex is pretty gay, I don't care what kind of mental gymnastics it took to get there.

No. 1979195

I think this "but they only date women hence they are lesbians" argument is dumb. Are febfems lesbians too? Obviously not. What determines sexual orientation is sexual attraction. A bisexual female can date women her whole life and she still would be a bisexual because she's sexually attracted to males as well even if she doesn't act on it IRL.
>tifs/enbies who only date each other and roleplay yaoi
I find it funny that usually those TIFs that you mention will exclusively fuck men once they get on T (possibly the raise in libido makes them realize that they're not sexually attracted to women or not nearly as much as they thought).

No. 1979197

i miss the hipsters of the early 2010's where the biggest concern about them was the music/indie merchandise snobbery and the obsession with mustaches/flannel. i'd much rather have them back than whatever the fuck happened to fandoms and people

No. 1979202

I have yet to find a fujo TIF that is actually a lesbian, though. Also many TIFs of this type have sexual trauma and cope by exclusively dating females. Plus the ones that don't have trauma definitely have some sort of jailhouse gay complex. Anyway, all of these date men after transition. Some are bisexual and keep dating women, but I've never witnessed one that kept to women exclusively.

No. 1979217

i wish i had screencaps on hand, but i've seen several posts from formerly lesbian-identified tifs/enbies saying that they "became attracted to men" after starting T. my understanding is that they had extremely low libidos, so they were able to ignore/rationalize away their attraction to men until they started taking steroids, thus the trend that you mentioned. point being, it's not unreasonable to imagine that a straight woman could end up in a totally sexless tif4tif relationship (especially via e-dating, which is not uncommon). it's possible and probably pretty normal for them to "roleplay yaoi" without actually being attracted to each other.

No. 1979227

I think this is really it. They think lesbian is a woman who exclusively dates women, not a woman who is exclusively attracted to women. They don't find irl moids attractive or don't want to date the moids around them so they decide they're a lesbian, either because they're bisexual and exclusively date women or think being a lesbian is more special in online fandom or fits better with their online misandrist persona. Once they're too absorbed in their lesbian online identity, they can't admit they just prefer to slick it to two moids fucking and don't care about women so they have to come up with layers of cope that it's comphet, they imagine them as women, and all female characters/GL suck when they don't even try to find anything good.

No. 1979254

I know 2 married "asexual" fujos and one of them trooned out, I strongly suspect the two of them are of this fake lesbian variety. One of them creates weird autistic memes all day while the other can't shut up about how cute and husband material her 2D fav is. I suspect internalized homophobia too cuz I asked the latter if she was lesbian (before the former showed any signs of troon) and she acted so utterly disgusted (tried to hide it though) and spouted some bs about queer alphabet. Up to this day they sound like very affectionate roommates

No. 1979262

This is just sad, specially because if any of them ever has a raise in libido will just leave the other for a scrote. But I guess if none of them are sexually attracted to the other then it's just friendship with extra steps so whatever.

No. 1979346

File: 1714033103379.png (25.48 KB, 761x707, autistic theory.png)

This is how it is.

No. 1979347

based and true

No. 1979354

No. 1979355

>gay men into yuri
they definitely exist, you just don't hear from them often since they don't engage in fandom as much

No. 1979356

>Why do you think so meny supposed straight content made for women caters to men?
I don't think it's trying to cater to men. Sadly, women's sexuality centers around being desired by men and pleasuring men. It's why 99% of TL/josei smut manga has big titty main characters that have more focus on the cover than the male character. The fantasy isnt ''seeing a hot man pleasuring the woman'' but rather ''being a sexy uguu perfect waifu kya desu who looks good for a man''. It's why women who are only into het content will never be able to understand fujos, because fujos are only interested in seeing hot men moan and be sexy, not into the self insertion fantasy.

No. 1979358

File: 1714034764585.png (96.64 KB, 676x791, 1685723077512.png)

This is it, girls. It's been solved. We can all go home now

No. 1979367

"Anti fujos are defending pedos!1!1!"
As if fujos arent the #1 group on this site that shills shotas nonstop. Nice cope op, you fujoshits are such retarded losers.

No. 1979378

fujos havent posted cp, unlike pakitard

No. 1979395

I think most women into shota just like the idea of being in control for once, or just like cute male characters. I used to have shotafag friends from my edgy days and once i introduced them to media with softer male characters they completly stopped liking shota. I think the vast majority just like cute male characters, and since those type of characters are borderline non-existent they end up becoming shotafags as a result.

No. 1979396

My personal experience with fujos with creepy shota obsession has been limited (I'm into the fandom of multiple popular BLs and know a lot of fujos, it's not the norm) but it made me wonder a few things. I made the mistake of joining a server on groomcord that where the users made liking edgy shit in fiction their whole personality. I naively took their claims about being open minded at face value (tbf I have friends there who indeed were not crazy and overall chill, but the people they invited because of common fandoms were not), but soon found out that this meant they would sperg about liking shotas in thr regular chat channel (with obligatory "I love you guys for being open minded and not hating me" self-victimization) and shitting up the art channels with unspoilered art of 9-12 year old looking shotas getting anally fucked by tentacles and the like. I was THIS close to leaving the server, but then I randomly mentioned a cute slice of life that touched me and her demeanor took a 180 degree turn? She suddenly seemed like a totally innocent young girl who longs for cute shoujo romance and shit and I was so surprised by the change that I didn't block her. Over time I noticed that majority of the worst degens in that server followed a similar pattern. They seemed to be very emotional and fragile with histories of family abuse and mental illness, they would lose their mind over cute fluffy shit and weep seriously and loudly over a character's death when I would just be mildly peeved. I wonder if they are stuck mentally to a younger age and that combined with online grooming contributes to their shota obsession somehow.

No. 1979409

File: 1714039043242.gif (1.45 MB, 534x338, R.gif)

anti fujos still spouting the same old arguments that have been already dismantled…can this thread die already its just the same old slapfight again and again or atleast autosaged

No. 1979417

File: 1714039631836.jpeg (142.91 KB, 828x909, IMG_2611.jpeg)

Ah shit here we go again

No. 1979421

so shotas are mentally ill and most likely have been groomed? got it.

No. 1979423

shotacons* and not shotas kek

No. 1979425

They are legit schizophrenic. They have been reeeing on /meta/ over a word they made up that wasn't used once on these threads KEK

No. 1979431

You're completely right.

No. 1979442

Eventually the baiters will get tired and this thread will have a peaceful death. This website has less than 2k users.

No. 1979444

Probably will do the usual cope by saying something like "we weren't a good fit romantically but we're still good friends!" while completely ignoring the fact that they could never be interested in each other as straight women kek. I honestly like the non gendie one as a friend but sometimes the asshole side of me wishes she would meet a nigel with similar vibes as her 2D husbando so I can watch the disaster unravel

No. 1979446

>she would meet a nigel with similar vibes as her 2D husbando so I can watch the disaster unravel
whats her husbando? unless its one of those old, ugly scumbags i doubt she's ever going to find a 3DPD like him

No. 1979448

I've promised myself to ignore all the retards throwing slurs at each other and only respond to the ones that seem to seek honest discussion. Let's report infighting early so it can't progress to 100+ posts.

No. 1979452

Being vague because I'm paranoid, but basically a character that's a perfect green flag, the devoted forever will marry you if you just say it and take care of the house while you work type. Also has a big dick
So yeah never getting a 3dpd like that ever lmao

No. 1979454

>So yeah never getting a 3dpd like that ever lmao
sometimes i think about going prison gay too, being straight is honestly painful. I dont blame your tard tif friend.

No. 1979485

Actually almost all men hardcore into yuri are gay and most trooned out to live their "dyke" larp with other feminine gay men. Usually straight moids prefer het which makes sense since it's catered to them.

No. 1979492

>lesbians like yaoi
>gay men like yuri
I think it's because there's a lack of butch yuri/feminine gay yaoi/bara/whatever (not bishie/female gaze feminine, but something representative of actual feminine gay men) The problem is, most gay men (especially Japanese) want to compensate for their gayness and project an image of hypermasculinity to protect themselves from scrutiny, but with that the feminine gays get erased in bara. Yaoi is a female gaze genre, so of course women don't want to see two actual feminine gay scrotes go at it, as most women (who haven't been brainwashed by Rupaul's drag race) are disgusted by actual feminine gay men that aren't their fictional one-time-gay pretty bishies who are masculine in every other respect. As for the lack of butch yuri, I think it's because men took over the genre so hard, and lots are feminine gay men trying to force yuri to be what they couldn't get in bara.

No. 1979528

>Are lesbian fujoshi actually a thing?
I know several. They exist, they undoubtedly exist. It didn't make sense at first but after lurking a few fujo threads and sites on the topic, it really started to click and made me feel better for liking yuri despite being a straight woman. Lesbians are so use to seeing other perspectives due to a lack of their own that yaoi just came naturally to them.
>Why do fujos look at, draw and talk about yaoi together, while moids who enjoy hentai do so completely alone in their gooncaves?
Fujos are women and therefore more inclined to social activities and sharing than men. Men are so afraid of gayness that any interactions with other men beyond apefights and bitch slaps is considered gay pussy shit. I'm dead serious about that one. Knew a few guys who unironically didn't care if most of his friend group dies, cuz fuck them am I right? meanwhile women would fight and tooth and nail if it meant helping each other when times were rough.
>Are women who enjoy "male character with chopped tits and/or a vag" actually fujoshi? If not, what are they?
They're fujos with extra steps in my opinion. What it boils down to is the uke is often seen as woman so naturally the tif takes the uke and does so but keeps the seme intact for whatever reason. It's why you rarely see a cis uke and trans seme because the tif is projecting projecting herself to the uke, thus making them more like them.
>Why do you think so many supposed straight content made for women caters to men?
As long as men have a say in works besides more niche mediums, straight romance will always be marred by pozzed character development, sexist tropes, and ass backwards premises that wouldn't be out of place in a braindead fanfiction. You could have swore a 13 year old boy wrote some of them until you realized the huge pickme problem in booktok lately.
>Do you think there is a problem when it comes to female sexualization when it comes to josei smut?
I read het romance to see two hotties doing the deed but I am partial to the fmc being the homely one while the mmc is considered the hot one. One too many times have media sold the hot wife ugly husband trope that started becuase insecure moids hated the thought of women settling for actual chads and not fail males.

No. 1979589

key words are "in the same fashion". there's gay men into yuri sure but it doesnt compare to the pure obsession that gay fujos have over yaoi.

No. 1979623

File: 1714054109196.jpeg (14.84 KB, 227x222, AA85F276-3F9D-4A1D-8527-228D0F…)

>Is the fujoshi-to-TIF pipeline real, or merely a symptom of something else
All he/hims I ever have encountered was into some form of gay shipping - anime or not, that’s just what I know firsthand.
>Are fujos addicted to pornography? Are yumes?
Once again, I am talking about people I knew/knew of. I have plenty weeb and nonweeb slashers who are into gay male relationships, inevitably into porn of that kind also. And for them it’s always about gays, anything at all: being this ancient philosophy or kiddie morning show. Everybody gay, if they do show some signs of not being gay, specifically - oh that’s because they are internally confused or something. Every interaction of people/characters are about sex, there is no other possibilities. I don’t know, I’d say if your mind occupied by porn categories, then yes, you are addicted to porn, because you experience the world through porn lens. To complain how fragile and triggered moids are for not getting jokes about how they all fucking in a gym, while, would imagine, wouldn’t be so amused by a moid’s joke about “yall fucking at sleepovers” or whatever - I don’t know even. You could say “but it’s different because misogyny”, but the fuck it’s not - the same pornbrain mentality, imo.
Yume pornbrain - from what I saw in the wilderness - is similar, especially when there are certain unusual preferences - it’s shoving sex stuff into everyday life, projecting, sexualizing, sharing their distorted reality.
Both cases are all about obsession of something romantic and thus something sexual - do they look for romance in porn? Or do they “shield” by romance to obsess over porn? I am not an expert on male gay romance manga or media overall - is nonporn bl more popular than pvp? Like, you know, shoujo romance is more popular than tl. Is this about looking for a woman-written love story without any possible distractions for one’s vulnerability? And most of what they get is porn, because editors think “sex sells”? Idk because there is a giant mass of nonprofit gay pornfics.
>Are lesbian fujoshi actually a thing?
Aprox 80% slasher/fujo girls I know are some kind of “lesbian”. I use ironic quotation exactly because it’s dubious and just stupid. Okay, woman-written romance, okay no misogyny. But like. Being a lesbian and being obsessed over some korean moid or a harem of several male characters. What. Roleplaying male gay sex with gf, sex in cosplay of said male characters. Multiple merchandise, memorabilia of some moid/s. Point of having a naked sexualized fanart of a geriatric man on your phone wallpaper while being a lesbian? Userpics of k webnovel muscleman? Writing literal love poems on socials to a male character? I just don’t get it. I am straight and do have a waifu (I know, cringe), but I don’t what her to be engaged in any sexual activity, maybe slightly erotic. So it’s a mystery, mindset like that.
>Why do you think so meny supposed straight content made for women caters to men?
Because they made hentai for men and tl also for men and women, trying to cater to everyone - hrr drr there is a female in the straight story after all, so there is a female body we can use, so why don’t we do it. This is ultra dumb. Seeing japanese smut for women (presumably) and seeing that the focus is always fucking always on female body, often her chest, take a look, nearly every manga cover depict a guy undressing a female mc. And in sex scenes they always undress female characters ignoring male ones. So when big companies artists are doing this (because of editors and creative effective whatever managers), of course indie artists would do the same for money.

No. 1979634

>Being a lesbian and being obsessed over some korean moid or a harem of several male characters. What. Roleplaying male gay sex with gf, sex in cosplay of said male characters. Multiple merchandise, memorabilia of some moid/s. Point of having a naked sexualized fanart of a geriatric man on your phone wallpaper while being a lesbian?
when something doesnt make sense sometimes the simplest answer is the actual answer. theyre bisexual/straight and not lesbian.

No. 1979641

Non porn bl is popular/common enough. I do wish people would seperate bl from western fanfiction though since it really seems that nobody knows anything about actual bl outside of that.

No. 1979675

File: 1714056099399.jpg (222.25 KB, 768x512, whatis_toranoana_01.jpg)

>Non porn bl is popular/common enough
Nayrt but while non porn BL does exist you should take a stroll down toranoana in Ikebukuro, nonna. 90% of everything in there is porn BL. So it's a bit disingenuous to say that westerners make more porn BL than the Japanese, from first-hand experience that's not the case at all. I'd say both sides have an even share of non-porn to porn BL with porn BL overwhelmingly dominating.

No. 1979677

Toranoana is a doujinshi store dumbass. Doujinshis are like 90% porn because that's basically what they're made for.

No. 1979682

And what is a fanfic?

No. 1979688

You think "actual bl" meant "fanfic, but japanese"?

No. 1979689

You're comparing apples to oranges here. As if westerns only make fanfic too.

No. 1979692

How the fuck is this thread constantly spamming the front page with the same discussion going in endless circles, it's like a fucking bot ring just replying to each other. Antifujos constantly screeching about fujos being misogynistic pornsick uke larper pedos looking for the right dick to cure them with one foot into troondom and shitposting fujos intentionally provoking them by yelling about how raping men is based while every even remotely intelligent reply is left in the dust. Day in, day out, it's the same shit. People who have never met a fujo past high school age, have no experience in the adult community and have never read a BL in their lives are teaming up with the anons who are just genuinely homophobic to pathologize fujoism based on either moidbrained views on female sexuality or Paki-chan level medieval puritanism (or schizo tier obsession like the yuripedo), and coomer yumefujos who equally have never read a BL in their lives or have been invested in any ship beyond porn because they only consoom smutty doujins are the ones representing the other side. Fuck you all, at least you have this thread to contain all your autism into so you don't spread this underage twitter cancer elsewhere. Good riddance.(hide threads you don't like)

No. 1979697

So just hide it

No. 1979699

I think you're just uncomfortable that people are calling out your kind and how full of shit you are, ""lesbian"" fujo

No. 1979700

>Fuck you all, at least you have this thread to contain all your autism into so you don't spread this underage twitter cancer elsewhere.
unfortunately they escape containment often kek

No. 1979702

Literally mindbroken and frothing at the mouth kek

No. 1979703

>>1979689 cover "western" with your finger when reading >>1979641 if it makes you feel better.

No. 1979704

the mandatory autistic fujo spergouts from probably this same exact person at nearly the same time everyday are my favorite thing to wake up to. "IM QUITTING LOLCOW BECAUSE YOU HECKIN ANTI-FUJOS ARE SO MEAN!! FUCK U ALL!! >:(("(emote)

No. 1979706

I made the thread and I agree with you, nona. I do read every single reply to the OP questions and appreciate the intelligent takes and measured responses, it's a shame the whole thread couldn't improve in quality after the baiters got their need for attention out of their system.

No. 1979708

also notice how this retard had to throw in a diss toward yumejos/yumefujos too, because it just wouldn't be a lolcow fujopost without them burning their only autistic bridge with other weeb women and making even more women hate them, all while calling themselves a "by women for women community"

No. 1979712

Its extra hilarious because her post is so detailed that you know she camps out here herself to sperg kek

No. 1979720

>all while calling themselves a "by women for women community"
Tbf some nonas say the same about this site.

No. 1979725

i agree but like most trannies those "lesbians" won't ever admit they aren't lesbians, it would be crossing the line for they/them.

No. 1979726

>coomer yumefujos who equally have never read a BL in their lives or have been invested in any ship beyond porn because they only consoom smutty doujins
this person just seems to be seething over the fact that yumefujos are the most based type of female fan who can enjoy both BL and het content shamelessly while not being a subject of criticism from the anti-fujo brigade kek

No. 1979735

the evil yumefujos are taking over my heckin PURE boys love with their sick coomer masturbation habits!!

No. 1979741

How many fujos visit this thread to begin with?

No. 1979743

well considering the nature of this site and considering the mods don't like infighting, i would assume not many fujos actually visit this site because they probably don't want to get banned.

No. 1979744

>this site
There's a bl thread on /m/, I'm more wondering how many fujos go between the two or if this really is just fujocoomer thread 2.0 ft. one fujo camping out.

No. 1979746

What's wrong with women who read smutty doujins? I thought you were against puritan ideas about female sexuality.

No. 1979748

they hated nona because she told them the truth

No. 1979754

Don't reply to bait, nonny.
idk if I'd call myself a fujo since I read many other genres as well, but I'm doing my nu carnival dailies and poking a dude's nipples as we speak so maybe you can count me in part. I don't frequent the BL thread on /m/ that often though, some crazy troll anon(s?) there had an extreme hateboner for the game and we ended up kicked to a containment thread kek.

No. 1979758

I think nona was in part replying to the exchange before hers, most bl is porn and that's a bad thing vs. non porn bl isn't uncommon if you set fanfiction aside.

No. 1979760

It doesnt fit my specific shit taste, so its bad! Ignore the fact that my entire argument rests on leaving women alone to enjoy their hobbies!

No. 1980100

File: 1714076632044.png (190.71 KB, 913x778, V81A8E2-9BB4-486B.png)

what is the appeal of this?

No. 1980126

I imagine some slashers/fujos do self-insert, while others are more voyeuristic. It's probably the same way with romance media in general, where how people enjoy it is a matter of personal preference. I'm purely voyeuristic and don't self-insert, but that's just me.

No. 1980130

TiFs view their fictional faves as cool, so they picture the character doing the same things as them because it makes them feel cool. Like they imagine their favorite sexy anime boy with breasts to make themselves better about being TiFs.

No. 1980139

>asian fujos may tend towards identifying more with the seme
Citation needed

No. 1980143

Macho ukes getting wrecked is my favorite thing. I love when the bottom acts all tough but is secretly vulnerable and just wants to be cared for by a seme who is just a sweet dumb guy. Insecure douchebag uke and himbo seme is chef's kiss.

No. 1980158

Anons are screeching at you, but you're actually on to something. Female sexuality is different from male sexuality, and studies have shown that women experience arousal while viewing images of sex regardless of the genders of the people depicted; for instance, straight women showed the neurological signs of arousal when they were shown lesbian porn. This is not to say women can't be exclusively attracted to one sex; they absolutely can. My point is that the way women respond to erotic imagery is very different from the way men do, and that it may be distinct from their sexuality proper. It may be because women are more empathetic, we can imagine the positive romantic or sexual feelings of others and feel invested in them even if those people are unlike us.

No. 1980163

If we're unfortunate enough to have another one of these horrible threads, this should be the next threadpic.

No. 1980168

>It may be because women are more empathetic, we can imagine the positive romantic or sexual feelings of others and feel invested in them even if those people are unlike us.
Including bonobos, apparently. I'm kind of skeptical that those physiological reactions are the same as proper female arousal.

No. 1980174

Okay we can pack up and go home. Argument's done.

No. 1980178

File: 1714079102499.jpeg (165.51 KB, 640x640, 1713148554578.jpeg)


No. 1980181

Real men are so unfortunate looking. How can anyone fuck these specimens?

No. 1980209

real life sex can feel good

No. 1980223

NTA and just passing by but most men can’t be bothered to make you cum. I can finish myself in seconds. Men can’t live up to that standard at all. Just because it can happen doesn’t mean that it does happen.

No. 1980226

do you love the penis or do you love the man attached to the penis?

No. 1980227

File: 1714082149742.jpg (226.34 KB, 640x640, yaoified.jpg)

fixed. fujos hate 3d moids

No. 1980235

No. 1980247

the white dude is still balding and the black guy is too fat. also at least one of them should be turned into a sexy vampire or priest or something

No. 1980249

Black guy should be a vampire and baby hands Mcgee should be a werewolf.

No. 1980286

i feel like it's a revenge thing, like wishing men felt the same pain you do as a woman. maybe that's the appeal of mpreg/omegaverse too. a lot of yaoi feels like revenge porn tbh. like all those fujo memes of yaoi being 'revenge for men not letting women vote' or whatever are probably true to an extent

No. 1980294

File: 1714087916671.jpg (653.59 KB, 1215x1212, fix.jpg)

Had to fix yours

No. 1980295

Ignoring the misogynistic implications of thinking a period is degrading, IRL men don't give birth that is something tied to women. I might or might not have children but that ability is something that defines everything, from all my female ancestors to my possible descendants. If you create a scenario where a man can get pregnant, then they aren't men.

No. 1980299

No. 1980302

>Ignoring the misogynistic implications of thinking a period is degrading
Nona said it was painful and some might wish men could feel that pain, not that it was necessarily degrading.

No. 1980310

You can have a scenario where men feel a general pain or something male-exclusive, but specifically forcing menstruation will always be fundamentally misogynistic.

No. 1980329

So, videos where men are strapped to electrical devices that replicate period cramps are misogynistic because that pain is for the woman folk?

No. 1980337

you really misinterpreted what i said. i don't think periods are inherently degrading. i don't even think they're painful for some people. but a lot of women experience pain on periods, and pain is something no one wants to have
>If you create a scenario where a man can get pregnant, then they aren't men.
yes, well, the whole point of my post was women wishing that men could feel the pain women feel for being female hence being penetrated in their yaoihole, period cramps, mpreg, omegaverse. i don't agree with using that pain as 'revenge' though, i'm not a fujo and have never been into female-ifying male characters, but it's a common enough phenomenon, as >>1980100 shows

No. 1980517

No. 1980519

Is this person even a fujoshi?

No. 1980552

On her twitter I saw some m/m ship art but also f/f, most was gen art without romance. Scrolled down until dec and found nothing milky. Seemed like a pretty normal person, fujo or not.

No. 1980671

This is 100% true, I'll take my ban for scrotefoiling but there's absolutely no reason for a woman to disagree with your point.

No. 1981285

File: 1714162359647.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1170x1794, IMG_6792.jpeg)

I know I’m being unnecessarily petty by replying to this a week later but… picrel

No. 1981659

They simply don't empathize with women at all but with anime boys.

No. 1982404

File: 1714250246353.jpg (174.58 KB, 823x658, yea.jpg)

Pathetic yaoi man in pain is cute.

No. 1982409

Felt, I'm ovulating right now

No. 1982410


No. 1982412

Did a TIF post this?

No. 1982415

Probably not, tifs like to pretend they don't get periods anymore.

No. 1982418

I read that as pathetic men in yaoi pain.

No. 1982425

I mean considering that they're both ukes, they probably are in yaoi pain.

No. 1982467

Last time I heard about it they were trying to make menstruation a "manly" thing. Demanding gender neutral period products etc.

No. 1982541

Come on this is the same train of thought that leads straight fujos to detest het ships/stories even if they have the same dynamics as their fav bl
Any excuse to justify infantalising women and disassociating from your own experiences as a woman >>1982404

No. 1982547

>nooo how dare you not enjoy abusive straigth relationships but enjoy hot men beating eachother they are the same thing!!1!
Some of you are so desperate to try to call women misogynists you circle back to defend women being abused

No. 1982574

kek seriously, anons complain about fujos liking le abusive rape porn!!!! and then go post about how they want to be choked and forcibly bred by their husbando in the hornyposting thread. the only problem they have is that they can't self insert into m/m and that's why they call fujos misogynists, simply for not creating content for them personally.

No. 1982584

But don't you know anon? Getting raped is a woman thing, only women can be raped and abused, that's why a man getting raped and abused is basically a woman and that's why it's misogyny.

No. 1982600

I wish I had the screenshot of that one husbandofag hornyposter talking about how it's an innate female urge to be raped and bred.

No. 1982618

Let me guess, rancefag?

No. 1982619

>it's an innate female urge to be raped and bred.
Are you sure that was a farmer and not a baiting moid? I can't imagine any woman thinking this…

No. 1982625

Well, it's been proven time and time again that a lot of antifujos, especially the ones making a clumsy and inauthentic attempt at the misogyny reverse uno card, are just straight out moids. It would make sense that the people making it so that "ackshually you know yaoi is really about women being raped because being raped and abused is a female experience!!!" and also posting about how women being forcibly impregnated is an innate sex-based need would be the same men.

No. 1982626

you'd be surprised about how many women actually think like that

No. 1982637

Nta but okay shizoid.

No. 1982641

In some cases you may be right, but I think it honestly depends on the individual TiF. I think there are some that genuinely cope by associating traits they dislike about themselves with their favorite characters. I think that's also why they push so hard for "representation" in general, regardless of the genders of the characters. They want more obese, dumpy, scar-covered, tit-chopped characters because they prefer "normalization" over self-improvement.

No. 1982695

having a uterus and period cramps is a female-exclusive thing and not the same as just "men being in pain" you troonbrained fujo

No. 1982697

>women being forcibly impregnated is an innate sex-based need would be the same men.
why do you think people saying pregnancy is female-exclusive is the same thing as saying "women being forcibly impregnated is a sex-based need"? you are genuinely mentally ill and a step away from being a troon

No. 1983004

are you seriously taking this >>1982404 seriously? it's clearly meant to be joke

No. 1983048

Are you ESL or just illiterate? Honest question.

No. 1983383

The fact that this is such a heated debate says a whole lot about how female sexuality is seen in Society and how the only societally acceptable way for women to be sexual is by pandering to the male gaze. Both anti-fujo and anti-yumejo attitudes stem from the same belief basically. Hell, waifufags and yuritroons aside, it's considered acceptable even for normie men both to have self inserts and get off to "girl on girl action".

No. 1983389

when did anyone attack yumes despite calling out the ones that are actual retards

No. 1984139

I don't care i just can't stand girls addicted to male gay sex

No. 1984154

No. 1984325

get real hobbies

No. 1987139

File: 1714579882820.png (171.04 KB, 658x836, FopokaIAASj.png)

Why not just create a genderbent at this point instead of doing whatever this is?

No. 1987144

File: 1714580141827.jpg (608.19 KB, 2048x1649, yass queen slayyyy.jpg)

i dont know why you keep posting stuff from yumes instead of fujos. But thank you for introducing me to this autist, she's hilarious. I love her yassified redraws of wolfwood

No. 1987157

This is my favorite thing ever. I hate flat niggas I need ass meat

No. 1987174

Genderbent? Isn't that closer to just bara?

No. 1987185

No. 1987212

…is that zyzz?

No. 1987216

zyzz doesnt have sexy clit sucking lips

No. 1987242

those are literally womanly curves.

No. 1987245

who cares? it's fiction

No. 1987250

Idk, that's just what bara/gay comics in general look like.

No. 1987262

The way gay men draw gayshit is honestly grotesque, the pecs are literally indistinguishable from female boobs sometimes, the femboys with actual female proportions. The lithe ukes from BL look like actual men compared to the shit supposedly gay scrotes draw

No. 1987282

both are a result of obvious porn brain-rot.

No. 1987287

yes grandma, women drawing hot cartoony men is pornsickness now go back to your nap

No. 1987300

Whether gay men are actually gay or if they're porn rotted straight men is above my pay grade ngl

No. 1987323

so porn induced pseudo-bisexality

No. 1987329

That is a theory about homosexuality.

No. 1987334

File: 1714590950661.jpg (Spoiler Image,28.45 KB, 547x800, tom-of-finland-leather-geared-…)

Men with pecs doesn't really make them women, some gay men have always been into the "big pecs and ass" muscle type way back in the 50s before twitter porn, pic related.

No. 1987335

the way he draws legs with tumors always gets to me

No. 1988692

You know what
It doesn't even matter what kind of het ship it is. Most of the users here view het ships and stories as nothing short of humiliation. It's that fucking "all straight sex is rape" radfem analysis isn't it.
I hope you all mentally heal this is so exhausting and boring. Fans and fujoshis on other platforms are less mentally deranged than users here because they're not very self aware.

No. 1988817

>Most of the users here view het ships and stories as nothing short of humiliation.
It kind of is tbh. Not because "all straight sex is rape" but because the dynamics aren't equal.

No. 1988823

>"all straight sex is rape" radfem analysis
This right here it's like a cancer to LC, you ain't mentally stable if you seriously entertain this thought

No. 1988828

Lol coping fujo, as if the ukes in your stories are not tifs who look and get treated like women.

Het is bad, but the seme and secondary characters perpetuating misogyny on the tif-looking uke is sooo much better.

You are so woke and feminist anon. Totally not fake or hypocritical and in no way justifying your gay porn addiction.

No. 1988830

>tifs tifs TIFS!
I don't read/watch whatever you're babbling about.

No. 1988834

File: 1714708170550.jpg (205.43 KB, 850x660, 1712900881680229.jpg)

>ukes are TIFs
Remember anons, if you are attracted to this, you are a lesbian

No. 1988836

That's what I don't understand, yaoi very frequently contains elements and allegories to misogyny, abuse and sexism, usually amplified because the "female" is presented as a male, they literally have no moral ground to criticize anybody yet keep yapping

No. 1988840

>using picrel as a example
I laughed ngl

Oh nonnie bless your retarded soul. You obviously are reading that since you read BL

No. 1988843

>If you are attracted to this, you are a lesbian
Damn maybe, this weird ass androgynous twink butch alien doesn't even got a dick

No. 1988853

File: 1714709039740.jpeg (67.39 KB, 736x736, HajimexLeo.jpeg)

I want a poll to know how many LC fujos think that reading yaoi is a sign of homosexuality and how many think it's not

No. 1988858

Weird, I've never met a TIF with a dick and balls. But also,
>justifying your gay porn addiction.
So is BL het or gay? You can't have it both ways.

No. 1988860

They can never ever keep their story straight. Last thread it was "lesbian fujos can't be a thing because anime men have male proportions and dicks and balls despite", now it's "the anime man is a literal TIF". Make up your fucking minds, is BL gay or straight?

No. 1988862

Ah yes their uber small micropenises how could i not forget.
Most fujos here pretend to be totallly against troons or gay-men so they can fit in with the others in this site. But outside of this site the majority of fujos are supportive of gay-men, troons and many fujos do fall into some troon category whether its identifying and a any-pronoun or they/them enby to being a actual tif.

I think that should answer your question.

No. 1988865

I cant believe how braindead fujos are. No one here has claimed that BL has anything to do with lesbians. The concensu here has always been that the uke was a self-insert for the women reading BL.

No. 1988867

>No one here has claimed that BL has anything to do with lesbians.
nta but there was literal days long arguments about whether lesbian fujos can exist, did you even check the other threads? it's a recurring debate all over the site even in /g/

No. 1988871

Yes and they don't. The people pushing for that shit were literally fujos who claimed to be lesbians. Weird of you to blame fujo autism on us.
The consensus has always been that it's repackaged het without the actual woman but instead a self insert pseudo-woman.

No. 1988883

I think some of you just make up yaoi to get mad at. It's like if someone who knew nothing about soccer started trying to tell soccer fans all about why soccer sucks. It just comes off confidently incorrect that it's very hard to take any of it seriously.

No. 1988888

remember the fujo who was here weeks ago talking about how anal sex actually isn't that gross and that "men and anti-fujos are more obsessed with poop and anal than gay men are" and that het sex was even worse LOL. they put on their capes for 3d gay moids constantly, don't let that whole "based irl homophobic stacy fujo" meme fool you

No. 1988891

Wasn't that because antifujos kept asking for enemas and realistic sex and saying that it not being shown means tifs or some shit?
Then censored examples were shown that it is a thing and the whole argument to begin with was retarded.

No. 1988895

no, they were saying anal sex ackshually WASN'T gross and that if done properly there's no poop and shit lol. anti-fujos are disgusted by yaoi, why would they want "realistic gay sex" and "enemas". gay sex is disgusting to me, even fictional romanticized depictions of male bodies by women

No. 1988897

Ngl the last thread was pants on head retarded and both sides sounded like they need caregivers, but pretty sure there was a cry out about how yaoi sex isn't realistic and too "vaginal" (????) because the characters didn't do enema shit onscreen.

No. 1988900

Tl;dr half of the people here think any sort of sex with anything penis shaped is a sin and you need to stop reading fanfiction because it seems to rot your brain into a paranoid schizo mess as much as porn does.

No. 1988901

i don't (really) agree that it's "vaginal" but usually it's just to clown on fujos who romanticize anal sex, not like wanting the grosser alternative, more like wanting all of it to disappear lmao
surely you're not talking about people thinking anal sex is gross because it is i'm sorry

No. 1988903

I'm talking about everyone. If you stopped reading fanfiction you wouldn't be seeing even remotely the amount of anal sex and tif shittery you complain about.

No. 1988906

>half of the people here think any sort of sex with anything penis shaped is a sin
what did anon mean by this

No. 1988909

Meant m/f and f/f get a lot of shit too but what was your interpretation?

No. 1988971

All of the ghost stories kids are way too ugly to be yaoified, well except for ass boy (who was kinda faggy with the retarded kid)

No. 1988987

Why would I want to read realistic anal sex in my yaoi anyway? I also don't want to read about het couples in fanfic worrying endlessly about pregnancy, contraception, and STIs either. I'm well aware the characters I ship aren't behaving like RL gay men and that anal sex in RL needs lot of preparation and even then can still end up being gross. It's called a fantasy and not a biology lesson.

No. 1989005

So you fantasize about sodomites but pretend they're not like irl sodomites. I also get that comics are different from reality but it doesn't change the fact that it's still gross. If someone made a pedophilia story minus sex that would still be exploitative and gross. In the same way fujos are gross for their gay fetish, even if they try to make it "pure".

No. 1989006

tf is this language, are you a 1650s puritan or what
>So you fantasize about sodomites but pretend they're not like irl sodomites.
it's a fantasy. it's fiction. if people can make shit up about talking animals or space battles they can make shit up about unrealistic gay sex. m/f content is full of idealised moids and unrealistic sex as well.
>if someone made a pedophilia story minus sex that would still be exploitative and gross.
retarded comparison. paedophilia always equals rape. gay sex doesn't. you just have a problem with homosexuality

No. 1989011

You seem to willingly ignore the fact that I mentioned het sex acts too. If I read a story (and here I'm using a made up example just so you know) of a female character having a ONS with a male character without any kind of protection or sparing even a second thinking about the possibility of catching an STI from them, then according to your logic I encourage woman to have unsafe sex in RL? That's so dumb.

And just the fact that you not only use the term sodomite but also in the same breath as pedophilia tells me everything I need to know about you. No one here is defending pedophilia, but fake gay anal sex only becomes a problem when you start thinking it works like that in RL. Which, even in the times of tifs taking over fandom, hardly anyone actually believes.

No. 1989033

I absolutely despise the Uke Seme setup which is why I can't be a fujo. Does a popular ship of two husbandos the same age, size, mental maturity and physical maturity even exist? Ugly fan art doesn't count.

No. 1989035

Yes there are plenty of them with guys who canonically fit that description, and you can find these pairings with both of the guys either being tops or bottoms depending on the writers or artists' personal preferences.

No. 1989038

they eixst absolutely everywhere; jjk, free!!, yuri on ice, hetalia, haikyuu, naruto and bungou no stray dogs are some examples.

No. 1989104

The size difference with uke/seme was a staple of yaoi in the early-mid 2000s and has since become far less ubiquitous in both fanwork and published content. Equally masculine characters are pretty common in BL/yaoi nowadays and the reverse has also become pretty popular (immature/smaller semes). Naturally, this is also true for shipping.

No. 1989290

Quit being stuck in the early 2000s BL scene. That was almost over 20 years ago and you retards are convinced that is the only dynamic that ever exists. BL had an incredible revolution in the 2010s. Now you have hunkxhunk, normal dude x normal dude, hunk x normie, vice versa, two CEOs, small top x huge bottom, etc. BL is no longer Okane ga Nai and hasn't been in so damn long. Does the babbu uke and huge seme still exist, yes, but that's not the sole content anymore. In fact, it's a minority.

No. 1989462

I'm a fujo and there are very few typical seme-uke setups I like. Canis is one of my favorite BL mangas and there's no clear seme or uke in that case. I'm also very autistic about slash shipping in that I want the characters to be written as in-character as possible, so I don't read fics or djs where the characters are contorted to fit the seme-uke thing, which thankfully is way less common than it was fifteen years ago.

No. 1989469

Nta but they literally aren't. A common criticism from wokescolds is that yaoi characters don't act like actual gay men. Also, they're drawings, obviously.

No. 1989475

>men and anti-fujos are more obsessed with poop and anal than gay men are
I was the one who made that remark. I never said that "het sex was more gross," I just pointed out that straight people also have anal sex. Not that that makes it any better, but if your issue is that anal grosses you out, it's weird to single out gay men or yaoi (which is fiction, anyway).

No. 1989483

>Most fujos here pretend to be totallly against troons or gay-men so they can fit in with the others in this site.
"These cowards don't openly hate troons off-anon" isn't the own you think it is. A lot of the GC anons here are crypto because we have jobs and connections we can't afford to lose over troon discourse. I genuinely despise troons, and I don't care one way or the other about gay men unless they're being misogynistic. If I voiced these opinions anywhere else, there would be serious consequences. Sorry that I care more about my career than I do about proving that I'm sufficiently man-hating to some random retard on an imageboard.

No. 1989489

>They can never ever keep their story straight.
Because we're not a hivemind and our opinions on this vary. You've been told this a million times, but you're too retarded to comprehend it.

No. 1990189

File: 1714808860273.jpg (39.93 KB, 680x680, 1626183556120.jpg)

I know it doesn't happen as much with lcf fujos and older fujos for that matter but the "female in the way of the gay ship" thing is tiring. I see it a lot with gendies and gay "men" TIFs more though, and they have a variety of excuses too that don't always hold up too. I don't know the point of this post, but I hope to write good female characters someday. If anything to make the problem of badly written female characters a little better, maybe then m/f will start to become more interesting to others and me as well. Yeah, there will always be fags and insecure tards who will hate a female character for that reason but if the majority of the cases can be avoided, I think it's worth it.

No. 1990688

you don’t want men to have bigger asses? are you a lesbian?

No. 1990859

not op but i don't like them either because it doesn't suit men's bodies. idk to explain it well but it just looks unnatural and out of place on men. i don't get the lesbian accusation kek, the fanon version in that drawing looks more way more womanly than the canon so wouldn't a lesbian prefer the fanon?

No. 1990907

>female in the way of the gay ship
I’ve never understood why people focus so much on fujos hating love rivals when nobody like love rivals, fictional or not. It’s common among all sorts of fans and media and in real life too. It’s not a fujo-specific thing at all. Nowadays though I don’t see much character-bashing outside of “moral” reasons. I don’t think it’s a writing issue like you said.

No. 1991579

She's right, y'know

No. 1991586

fat asses are nice kek. There's a bit of limit to it, especially when the proportions look grotesque but >>1987139 pic rel looks tame, way tamer than what bara artist cook up. I don't know why some nonas think it's look retarded?

No. 1991592

That goes way beyond my limit sorry.
>I don't know why some nonas think it's look retarded?
because it looks like a woman's body. It's just another version of "draw a girl, call it a boy." Not just because of the ass, the entire figure is an exaggerated hourglass.

No. 1991598

are you american? cause literally no one but americans seem to care about men's butts.

No. 1991600

TBH, nowdays female characters in the way of a yaoi OTPs aren't hated as much anymore. I think the early 2010s made the fandom at large realize that the hatred some of the targeted female characters got was excessive and borderline misogynist (unsurprisingly, I've seen many of those haters have now turned to genderism and they're TIFs, enbies, etc).

However, they found new lame excuses to pull said female characters away from their targeted male characters. Bullshit like saying she's the "mom friend" of the group, turning any female character in the way of their OTP into lesbians in the most insencere and uncaring way (a beloved thing by the Ace Attorney fandom), et cetera. Honestly this feels more annoying to me than the sincere hatred of old internet fandoms, because there's nothing I like less than people pretending they're into female characters they otherwise wouldn't even write about.
The best way to ignore a character in your fanworks is to just ignore them, I have no idea why these performative online theathrics are so necessary to some fujos.

No. 1991605

File: 1714923671046.jpg (131 KB, 1280x544, 1000022257.jpg)

That's silly, in my country we care about the moids' butts because flat butts are lame. And I personally believe butts are important for everyone because the butt protects these bones during a fall.

No. 1991610

so women in the rest of the world accept flat asses? L

No. 1991636

File: 1714926283356.png (1.45 MB, 990x781, thesoldierofmarathon.png)

Ancient farmers being dismayed at flat male butt, 490 BC

No. 1991675

File: 1714929360931.png (473.8 KB, 600x450, Kichiku.png)

Yeah it’s called selfcest

No. 1991685

File: 1714930497437.gif (81.57 KB, 320x320, image0.gif)

I see this more with yuri fans than any other group nowadays, dudes can’t even take a MALE DOG being near their yuri girls.

No. 1991692

the problem is that people into het ships like the self inserting aspect, think of sokka and katara.

No. 1991938

>but because the dynamics aren't equal.
Massive cope that doesn't make sense when popular BL/fujo content is all about unequal dynamics. Especially when it gets into the omegaverse and we're all pretending that they're 2 male characters.
Seeing how BL evolved in western media is such a blackpill honestly.

No. 1991941

I wish she'd drop the "queer audience" part, they keep saying that so people can stop attacking het women for fetishizing gay and to focus on the actual discourse.
I just realised how dumb this whole thing is and yet it's the reason why no female fan wants to create any story that revolves around women. It's fascinating how despite 5 years of "I drink male tears' feminism on tumblr it amounted to nothing. They now just dress up their animosity or indifferent for female characters by going focusing on "omg gay babies" it's like a weird shift from the straight girl and gay bff (which is now evil).

No. 1991942

says who? I don't even get this argument. No one is self-inserting with Katara especially since she used to bear the brunt for so much hate in the fandom.

and the uke shit isn't self-inserting?

No. 1991943

>like picrel
wtf kind of "bland het" stories are you reading where it's anything comparable to that tranny shit.

No. 1991950

It's fascinating how you can have a FL and ML (sorry for using kpop terms) so they're literally WRITTEN to be for each other, if it's a well written story it will not feel forced and yet
> het is forced
I feel like they this is a slurry of tumblr LGBT posts that led to this dumb idea.

No. 1991965

>and the uke shit isn't self-inserting?

No. 1991969

Ok and you're still wrong

No. 1991973

please, katara is the absolute worst female character in ATLA. Everyone knows she's just self insert fuel for girls who like bad boys like zuko

No. 1991996

File: 1714951486788.jpg (46.37 KB, 736x981, 3b2f692c6b312f2efd902bc28b9325…)

>absolutely worst female character in all of ATLA
>nothing but self insert fuel
>zuko is just a bad boy
Tell me you don't watch or understand Avatar without explicitly saying you don't watch or understand Avatar. I get that you want to win an argument, but God you are grasping at straws right now. I'm not even the anon you were responding too.

No. 1992010

>wah wah cant use bloobending to kill bad guys lets actually demonize a woman with balls that actually do kill the bad guys
i get its a kid's show, but that was lame

No. 1992041

I agree, I think it's stupid that the writers chose to make bloodbending as this inherently evil sub-element, but I don't see how that would make Katara the worst female character in the entire show. It was all on Bryke when they chose to write Hama as this evil bitch who needed to stay locked up, Katara was not the one to blame for that kek

No. 1992091

katara is so fucking bland compared to all the other female characters. She belongs in a shonenshit like bleach.

No. 1992128

>No one is self-inserting with Katara especially since she used to bear the brunt for so much hate in the fandom.
Did you forget about Zutarra shippers anon? She's honestly not that hated, especially not compared to how fans treated Mai.

No. 1992156

omegaverse is really not as common as anons here keep making it out to be
>in western media
ah that explains it

No. 1992170

>hen popular BL/fujo content is all about unequal dynamics.
who cares if some roided faggot rapes a twink? who gets hurt from that. How is that comparable to submissive waif and pig who wants to put her in a cage, which is most het ships. BTW those type of dynamics, like the original beauty and the beast, were made to teach women ''manners'' and to learn to accept arranged marriage.

No. 1992206

You claiming "all het ships are like that" doesn't make it a fact. It's your own fault for seeking out weird
shit specifically, there are all types of het content.
Also gross rape is gross rape, being m/m doesn't make it less disgusting, slightly easier for the female readers to distance themselves from the imagery perhaps. But women can be anally raped too so it's still plenty horrifying for empathic readers. Rape isn't an universal fetish either fujos or yumes have.

No. 1992208

Ntayrt but that weird shit in het ships is pretty mainstream, not even just in eastern media. Het romance that's popular and regarded as normal, high art, etc have that shit too.

No. 1992261

File: 1714975833741.jpg (131.38 KB, 615x1000, omega vampire.jpg)

It was popular enough to get a game at least
>How is that comparable to submissive waif and pig who wants to put her in a cage
Jokes on you I want Toma niisan to put Shin in the cage.

No. 1992282

you really don't see it?

No. 1992289

Nta but I'm pretty sure the point is that it doesn't matter if two men abuse each other in a story, not that it doesn't exist.

No. 1992294

that's the thing, it has literally never been two men abusing each other or loving each other, deep down I feel you know this as well.

No. 1992299

licherallly never ever? not even the characters with male proportions, anatomy, meaty dicks and balls?

No. 1992301

They focus on fujos because it's the only fanbase where women are into men without the male gaze, narcissistic pickmes can't get into it.
it's plain misogynistic to only focus on female fandoms but
the fragile fictional characters are more important.

No. 1992308

How many bl have you actually read?

No. 1992323

File: 1714985670310.jpg (113.75 KB, 678x679, 4bbb.jpg)

Regarding the whole "anal sex in yaoi is unrealistic" argument, do people bothered by this not have sexual fantasies of their own? Some sentiments in this thread seem to come from people who flat-out don't understand the appeal of erotic fiction, and explaining to them why it depicts sex in an idealistic fashion is like explaining colors to a blind person.

No. 1992340

>dominated by a queer audience
more like in fandoms dominated by threatened heterosexual women who sperg out at the sight of another woman who could possibly threaten the purity of their gay babies (besides themselves of course, one pussy policy)

No. 1992357

>Aprox 80% slasher/fujo girls I know are some kind of “lesbian”. I use ironic quotation exactly because it’s dubious and just stupid. Okay, woman-written romance, okay no misogyny. But like. Being a lesbian and being obsessed over some korean moid or a harem of several male characters. What. Roleplaying male gay sex with gf, sex in cosplay of said male characters. Multiple merchandise, memorabilia of some moid/s. Point of having a naked sexualized fanart of a geriatric man on your phone wallpaper while being a lesbian? Userpics of k webnovel muscleman?
I made the same observation.
I just don't get it, shouldn't they head over heels over female characters?

No. 1992358

>it has literally never been two men abusing each other or loving each other, deep down I feel you know this as well.
Do you mean cunt "boy" which is just deranged spicy straight shit?

>It's your own fault for seeking out weird shit that is the mainstream de facto.
Gaslighting. 90% of media centers on women being manipulated, if adult centered raped and abused or gaslit in someway. Genuinely fuck off with this dogshit comparison and moral good woman olympics. Being a moral fag over males will earn you nothing in return.

>slightly easier for the female readers to distance themselves from the imagery perhaps

Not "perhaps". Entirely. Women are not men.

No. 1992366

that's not what I mean, all bl features a toxic heterosexual relationship.

No. 1992370

Saying you're a lesbian these days means you're part of Cool Kids Exclusive Club. Whether you actually fit the definition of a lesbian is irrelevant.

No. 1992372

>all bl features a toxic heterosexual relationship.
Isn't it usually about 2 males?

No. 1992374

>Women are not men.
Of course women are not men, did I claim otherwise? I don't need a dick to be grossed out by imagery featuring rape. (Before you go off on a tangent confusing me with some other anon who has never touched BL in her life, I do read/watch BL content, with or without rape (Ijust judge the overall quality of the work, the presence of rapists makes sense in some edgy story settings), I just don't coom to the rape part or pretend it's somehow different from other types of female oriented media when it comes to rape

>Being a moral fag over males will earn you nothing in return.

TIL being being against rape as principle is being a moral fag for men, I see. Oh well, keep seething that others don't share your rape fetish

No. 1992380

it's different because it's a male getting raped, what don't you understand. men generally aren't treated the same as women whether it's fiction or real life

No. 1992381

I think I mentioned this previously in another thread, but I know a pair of married fujos, one of which trooned out and both of which are "asexual" so they don't have to touch pussy and continue their larp in peace. I also know multiple fujos who fit the stereotype of genderspecials (super shy, terminally anxious, not into mainstream feminine stuff like makeup and shit but super "girly" in her weeb interests nevertheless, neet or WFH freelancer/artist etc) but thankfully managed to never get fully exposed to the crazy crowd. Several of them have exclusively dated women in their lives, but it was ALWAYS e-dating. They never express any interest in RL women, and are obsessed with men like pop idols and 2D slash shipping kek

No. 1992384

Don't bother, she thinks if one of the men in the pairing acts weak or submissive he's a "pusedo-woman", because only hetero couples have stronk assertive person + shy crybaby person

No. 1992435

>You claiming "all het ships are like that" doesn't make it a fact
the fact there is a fucking disney movie with that dynamic shows how common it is

No. 1992436

sometimes i think you must be a fujo playing 4D chess to discredit genuine antifujos your takes are beyond retarded

No. 1992443

what a waste of beautiful art on omegaverse shit.

No. 1992490

Kek don't cancel me nonnas but I actually played this game and it was some crazy shit. The combination of good art+cool music+quality VAs actually made the game kinda fun despite the silly concept. There was lots of stuff happening in the background, vampire clinque infighting and crazy scientist human experimentation yadayada so it wasn't just big bad alpha breeds the uwu omega slop for 30+ hours (but there WAS some cringeass shit, I'm not universally shilling the game). The omegaverse concept was taken half seriously (omegas face discrimination for their reproductive ability despite looking male, mc actually has to plan his actions taking his omega physique into account etc) and half comically (babies in one route without explanation of how the fuck they ate supposed to leave the body, lots of suddenly "going into heat" scenes). Honestly I just didn't take the omegaverse stuff too seriously and managed to enjoy the madess, an example of such craziness would be how mc turns into a temporary alpha later in the game and in a bad end he fucks himself in a dream sequence and gets himself pregnant, causing a stalker LI to go into shock from the discovery and shoot himself in the head lmfaoooo

No. 1992581

I mean you can get all this cringe and weirdness from dramatical murder too, its not that weird for BL VNs to be weird

No. 1992594

wtf i need to play this

No. 1993188

File: 1715040882343.jpg (42.56 KB, 736x414, 1000016177.jpg)

No. Let’s take this from the top.

Katara is introduced as a lively character with her own dreams of understanding her own waterbending, despite her life of regularly providing for her village ever since the Fire Nation’s war on the rest of the war took her parents away and literally forced her to grow up fast. The very beginning of the series opens up with Katara calling out Sokka’s shitty sexist attitude and ungratefulness of everything Katara does to provide for him, the village’s children, and to work with the women that were left behind at home. Katara even mentions that between them, it was her that took on most of the work to keep the village alive. Katara is generally selfless, but does NOT like to take shit from other people. Katara will endure responsibilities and the toll that life puts on her, but when external forces pile on and reach above her limit, Katara gets strikingly upset and even Sokka can think it’s scary. Katara is so passionate about waterbending, especially as the last known member of the Southern Water Tribe, that she basically tells Sokka to shut the fuck up when he tries telling her to give up teaching herself. She is passionate about her bending abilities, and just wants Sokka to be more respectful and encouraging of her potential and effort to connect with her own powers. Katara’s waterbending is shown to be connected to her emotions, and the raw power of her waterbending (although untrained) is so strong that she accidentally broke down a glacier, revealing Aang trapped in an iceberg. Katara doesn’t know Aang at this point, but is so kind-hearted with a core instinct to aid others that are in need, that she breaks open the iceberg and frees the last airbender from his frozen avatar state; reviving the avatar back into the world and kickstarting the show as we know it. Before I go on, I want to remind you and anyone else reading this that Katara is only fourteen now.

I would also like to mention that Katara is so passionate about waterbending, that upon setting foot in the North Pole, she challenged Pakku about his sexist beliefs and FOUGHT him to put HIM in his place. Of course, she loses, but her relation to Pakku’s love (Gran Gran) allowed her foot in the door to study under his guidance. Katara, Sokka, and Aang have been at the North Pole for months. All day, for months, Katara has been learning and training with the greatest waterbender in the world, again and again, to become a decent waterbender. Despite the Northern Tribe’s sexist attitudes, Katara has worked her ass off trying to understand waterbending, putting in her heart and soul to get good at it. This shows how determined Katara is when she cares about something. Katara didn’t understand much about how to properly waterbend, yet now she actually knows what she’s doing. Her power grind is no joke, as Master Pakku even says that Katara is the greatest student he’s ever had (IIRC). IIRC again, Iroh at some point in an avatar related-media, gives his opinion on Katara and even says it himself that she’s the greatest waterbender in the world at her peak. People calling Katara a mary-sue don’t know what a mary-sue is. If Katara was a mary-sue, she would have beaten Master Pakku with out-of-nowhere “girl power” or some shit. If Katara was a mary-sue, Ty Lee wouldn’t have gotten the drop on her as much as she did. People say that Katara is a mary-sue because she beat Azula at the last Agni Kai, but Azula was having a literal mental breakdown. Had it not been for Azula playing dirty, Zuko would have won that fight by himself, and even then he says he was able to fight Azula better because she was losing it.

No. 1993193

File: 1715040975364.jpg (21.92 KB, 400x400, 4ac7e528c4e5d11396c7ffc5d27c89…)

Part 2.
As if it hasn’t just been talked about already, now we’ll go into depth at what everyone loves to bitch about when it comes to Katara’s character. What makes her bullied for being the “mom”; Empathy.

After Katara’s own mother was killed at the hands of Fire Nation forces, Katara has been forced to grow up, think, and act like an adult starting at a very young age. This meant watching over and providing for what was left of her village, populated by just women, children, and elders. This was pushed even further by the fact that her father (and the rest of the men) left the Tribe to go and fight as an alliance of rebels against the Fire Nation. As her early and serious new purpose was forced upon her by the war, this meant becoming extremely close and familiar with the other Water Tribe residents, making her neighbors more like family at that point. When cooperating with family, it is natural and vital that one learns to think and care about others. Especially when your family is war-torn, and easy to dismantle should not enough needs be met. Combined with doing this for almost several years, Katara's sense of open-heart becomes cemented into her psychology. Watching over others, patting their backs, being a shoulder to cry on, stitching up their clothing, treating their injuries, and making sure everyone is fed and alive is an instinct for Katara at this point in her life. As Katara is hyper-aware of other people’s feelings, she’s hesitant to give Aang the tragic news of his race being genocided off the map. Then when Aang discovers that the rest of his kind really is gone due to the Fire Nation, Katara is the main character that reaches out to Aang to soothe and reassure him, despite the horrible news. Katara calms Aang down from his angry avatar state, and succeeds at guiding him back to focus. Empathetic, Katara explicitly tells Aang that she understands his pain, as she and Sokka have also lost many tribe members and even some family members to the Fire Nation as well. During their journey with Katara teaching Aang some waterbending she taught herself, she quickly learns from Aang that he responds better with positive reinforcement. When Aang feels like he’s a failure to his job as the avatar, it’s normally Katara that’s the one picking him back up and telling him that he IS worth a shit. Through emotional AND physical aid, Katara was the one keeping Aang going. When someone is feeling down and borderline suicidal, Katara is the one chasing their self-doubt away. She did this with Haru, she did this with imprisoned earthbenders, and she even did this with Zuko when he doubted Iroh forgiving him. Katara’s heart is enormous, and this is shown through her actions of constantly trying to save and keep other people alive. The Desert Episode. After Appa got kidnapped, Aang became the opposite of what he normally was: cold, depressed, and irrationally pissed off. For the majority of time after Appa got kidnapped, Aang fucks off from the group to go find him, which left Katara alone with the rest of the team. Sokka was desperate for water, and drank cactus juice with Momo, leaving them both high and out of their minds as hell. Not very helpful in a desert. Then there was Toph, whose seismic sense was rendered useless because of the grainy texture of the sand. This made Toph completely blinded this time. Also not so good. So how does Katara react to this scenario? She creates a hand-holding line so that everyone is holding each other to prevent anyone getting strayed and lost. When someone is thirsty, she uses the water from her pouch to hydrate them and prevent dangerous levels of thirst, even with the pressure of being a waterbender in the middle of the desert and with limited water source. We never see Katara drink the water herself. She is using her only means of water on her brother and “new family”. She keeps reminding everyone that they must focus on getting to Ba Sing Se. Katara understands that this is a dire situation, and even though she is more than likely uncomfortable as all hell in this episode, she puts her fear and frustrations aside to focus on keeping everyone together and breathing.

No. 1993197

File: 1715041058210.jpg (44.11 KB, 523x526, c550cd35142762e635780183b01e23…)

Next, let’s address the misconception that Katara is just a nagging bully to Toph, because yes—there are ATLA fans that actually think that.

Starting out with Toph’s origins: Toph comes from a wealthy family that gives her everything she wants, shelters, and pampers her incessantly because she’s blind and a child. But because they’re overprotective of Toph, she realizes how much her parents have been holding her back from exploring the world, exploring earthbending, and exploring who she really is as a person. This makes her more attracted to individuality, the mindset of putting yourself and your own independence first. As Toph embraces individuality, she becomes very comfortable with being herself, a brutally honest tomboy who isn’t afraid to get loud or to start a fight.

On the contrary, there’s Katara. Katara used to live a more normal life with her mother and father in the picture. But just like the Fire Nation taking away all the other waterbenders from her tribe, they took the lives of her tribe’s residents, including her mother—which in turn, forced her father to leave the picture of the tribe as well. Katara’s family was damaged and fractured out of her control, forcing her to “man-up” and work for the closest she can get to a happy family since. Katara being forced to work for what others need and at such a young age is a foil to Toph’s origin, because Katara couldn’t afford to grow tired of her family and get selfish. Whereas Toph was molded to idealize strict individuality to care for herself, Katara was raised to embrace a compassionate sense of collectivism to care for others. This is why they butt heads so much. Katara got upset with Toph not helping out with the team, once Toph joined them. Toph responds that she shouldn’t have to directly help the team if she’s pulling her own weight (which in her mind means that she owes them nothing). Katara tries to take a casual approach with getting Toph to participate by helping the team set up camp, since Sokka and Aang were acting dumb as hell. Katara even apologizes for any bad impressions. Yet, despite Katara’s politeness, Toph keeps interrupting Katara, and disrespectfully spits her apology back at her. Of course, Katara is back to being irritated. Shit happens, and the team is extra tired from barely getting any sleep. Shit goes down, and Toph leaves after Katara and Aang had enough of Toph’s shit. Yeah, they make up at the end of the episode, but look at the subtext of Katara’s conflict with Toph. It’s obvious that Toph had a problem with Katara’s effort to look out for and get everyone active on the team because it reminded Toph of her own parents constantly breathing down her neck and getting all up in her ear with commands. However, Iroh was able to teach Toph that allowing others to help you is not inherently a sign of weakness. Though, that’s not the end of the conflict between Katara and Toph. In the third season, Katara and Toph get into it when Toph says that Katara doesn’t know how to let loose and have fun, in response to Katara using her past experience of stealing from pirates and suggesting that the team cool down with scamming to avoid attracting suspicion and bad attention. Toph calls Katara “sourpuss”, but Katara sees right through Toph and addresses Toph with tact and accurate analysis: that Toph is guilty about running away from her parents in pursuit of independence, so to shoo away the guilt, Toph goes around and dives head first into doing whatever she wants and trying to convince herself that she hates them. Katara is normally soft-spoken and empathetic with others when addressing them or their behavior, but because just being soft-spoken doesn’t work on Toph, Katara noticed that and gave Toph her own energy back; by being brutally honest. This pissed off Toph a little. Katara senses that something is fishy about Toph and Sokka’s behavior, and digs through some of Toph’s things. Katara learns that her intuition was right through the wanted poster of Toph, but this instinct to always watch over other people and make sure they’re okay has crossed some of Toph’s boundaries. This reminds Toph of her own parents, to which Toph calls Katara out on it. This officially establishes Katara’s core flaw: when she lets her attention and drive to keep everyone safe cross boundaries and become overwhelming.

Now, it is up to Sokka to fix things between Katara and Toph. However, when Sokka confronts Toph about her falling out with Katara, Sokka reveals some details about Katara that establishes how objectively important she is to Sokka’s literal will to keep trying at life. That although Katara can be overwhelming at times where stress is high, Katara is still a pivotal aspect of his life since his mother died. Since the death of their mother, it was actually Katara that stepped up to be his shoulder to cry on, and his personal cheerleader to keep getting up and living life despite the massive loss. Since their mother was gone, it was Katara that was taking care of him IN PLACE of their mother. Katara was so important to Sokka’s survival growing up, that when he tries to remember the face of his mother, he just sees Katara’s. Toph, listening and realizing just how important Katara really is to the team, lets it all out that Katara isn’t necessarily a bad or a shitty person. That despite Katara having her obnoxious moments, her empathetic nature is soothing for Toph. That the love Katara has for the team and even Toph herself is on a level Toph never really felt before. The difference between Katara’s compassion and Toph’s parents’ compassion is that Katara is objectively less hands-off when she’s confronting her teammates about their behavior. Although Katara pulled out the wanted poster and kept telling Toph that (about the scams) enough is enough, Katara doesn’t try to actually FORCE Toph to do what she suggests. Katara does this because she personally knows how bad stealing/scamming can get, and wants Toph to grow as a person by not being reckless all of the time. Toph’s parents hired people to kidnap Toph back to her home, and were overprotective specifically because they wanted Toph to stay the helpless little blind girl they wanted her to be. This is where Toph realizes that she fucked up by internally overreacting and jumping to the fear that Katara was just like her parents. 

Then Katara and Toph get locked up when their scam backfires thanks to Combustion Man doing what Katara initially predicted, by catching onto them. They sit in the jail cell, as they converse about their differences. Katara admits that she just wanted to prove that she can be fun too, and not just “motherly” all the time. This shows that even when Katara wasn’t getting along with Toph, Katara was still listening to Toph when she handed out criticism of how she was being. Katara wants to be liked and to fit in with her teammates, something more than just her instincts telling her to keep track of her team, wash clothes, and stew dinner. Toph reassures Katara that she IS fun, at least to argue with. Katara apologizes for being brutally honest with Toph about her parents, to which Toph confesses that Katara had a point, actually. Toph DOES love her parents, and was worried that she hurt them by running away for independence. Toph begins to cry, trusting Katara enough to open her weakness, to which Katara embraces Toph to comfort her. Later, after escaping Combustion Man, Toph trusts Katara enough to ask her for help, to which Katara naturally agrees. Katara helps Toph write a heartfelt letter to her parents, and sends Sokka’s messenger bird to deliver it. With the help of Katara, Toph learned to be more open about her own true feelings and thoughts, to be less reckless, and to think more about others while also acknowledging the importance of self. Katara helped bring Toph to a balance. Katara learns from Toph that being a child isn’t inherently the behavior or mindset of being childish. Being a child is a state of being and regardless of how mature Katara is, she is still a child just like Toph at the end of the day. Not an adult. Toph taught Katara that although it’s not good to be reckless all the time, fun is still important in order to rest her nerves and enjoy the day when she can. So Toph also brought balance to Katara.

No. 1993199

File: 1715041125269.jpg (55.88 KB, 602x602, 768d21e7ddeb8d7d783f2b786b5785…)

Then let’s go into Katara’s morality

The thing about Katara isn’t just that she’s empathetic and usually very considerate of how other people are feeling and doing, Katara also has a mature, level-headed outlook on how she views different aspects of the war. Specifically, I’m talking about what separates her from characters like Jet. Katara has trauma, however she is mature enough to handle her trauma better than Jet. Katara doesn’t let her trauma take over who she is, including her sense of what’s right and wrong. Katara doesn’t let the Fire Nation’s destruction of her Tribe and family stop her from acknowledging when somebody is in dire need of help, like when Katara quickly offered to heal Iroh after Azula blasted him and despite the fact that she knows Iroh is from the Fire Nation. The Fire Nation has a monstrous force that’s oppressing the world, but Katara will call a spade a spade when she encounters a harmless or even helpful Fire Nation civilian. After meeting Jet, Katara is forced to learn the basic, yet useful lesson that you can’t trust or assume that somebody is a good person just because they have a sorry backstory and a nice face. Katara approached Jet with open arms and compassion for him, yet he lied to and betrayed her so he could kill innocent civilians just because Fire Nation soldiers were in their village. Katara is rightfully offended and deeply “cut” from Jet, taking advantage of her giving him the benefit of the doubt, as it’s pretty insulting to her nature of having a big heart. Jet’s episode is the introduction of one of the things that hurts Katara the most; betrayal. When Katara meets Zuko in the catacombs of Ba Sing Se, the scene exposes that even though she and Zuko were on opposite sides of the war, Katara can pick up on when another person is sincerely open about their internal conflicts (Zuko losing his mother), and still empathize with them. From learning that she has some aspects of her life in common with Zuko, Katara begins to see Zuko in a different light. Katara begins to learn that Zuko isn’t just an angry soldier boy who wants to serve Aang’s head on a platter just because his father said so. Katara realizes that Zuko is still human like everyone else, with hurt like her and anyone else. Immediately, she realizes that Zuko’s nation is not healthy for him, and offers him the advice of what her element of water symbolizes: change. Katara offers Zuko to change his lifestyle of wanting to appease his abusive father and dysfunctional society for the greater good for himself, and the rest of the world. Katara is one of the only three people that directly reached out to Zuko to basically tell him that he’s better than being a soldier for the Fire Nation’s war-mongering and supremacist ideologies. The other two being Iroh and Aang. Like with Toph, it’s not just that Katara empathizes with other people; Katara wants troubled people to grow and become better. When Zuko explains that he viewed his scar as the mark of what the Fire Nation pushed him to do, Katara offers to heal his scar, literally wanting to get rid of Zuko’s loyalty to such an unhealthy set of beliefs and lifestyle. But before Katara could use her spirit water, she and Zuko are interrupted and separated. Then the betrayal happens. After finding common ground, learning that Zuko is more like herself than she initially believed, developing a slightly bleeding heart for him, understanding and telling Zuko that he doesn’t have to remain loyal to such a nation that mistreats him and his mother, and even almost healing his scar with the spirit water, Zuko still chooses to side with Azula, and what happens when he sides back with the Fire Nation? Katara and Aang get jumped by Zuko, Azula, and the Dai Li, Aang temporarily DIES because of Azula’s lightning, and Iroh himself gets locked up. Imagine how motherfucking shaken Katara must have felt at her core, when Zuko basically said “fuck you” at this event. After this point, shit starts to get real for Katara’s emotional journey, because this is the second time she got betrayed and this betrayal resulted in serious consequences. The Katara we’ve seen in season one is changing into a more serious person, as it becomes clearer than ever that this world can and will stomp all over her bleeding heart. Still empathetic and morally adjusted, but exterior changing into a more “solid” one. However, it’s not just because of Zuko. There’s Hama’s impact.

Katara meeting and learning from the first last bender of the Southern Water Tribe; Hama.

The team meets a kind, elderly lady that seems to be native to the Fire Nation. She takes interest in Katara, and starts to grow on her. However, Sokka picks up that Hama must be hiding something from the team, and begins to snoop through her home. Katara learned from Toph that it isn’t right to just go through other people’s shit but knowing that Sokka is usually a good judge of character (like from the Jet episode), she hesitantly follows along with Sokka finding and trying to open a hidden treasure box. Hama already knew the kids were going through her shit, and opens the box just to reveal a Southern Water Tribe comb, simultaneously revealing her true origin. As Hama is a waterbender herself, Katara is thrilled and (pun intended) over the moon that she ISN’T the last waterbender of the Southern Tribe. That she’s finally found someone just like herself in that sense, happy to know they haven’t entirely just disappeared from the world. Hama tells Katara the story of why the southern waterbenders have disappeared (they were kidnapped), in which Katara empathizes and shares to Hama that she and Sokka lost their mother because of the Fire Nation looking for more waterbenders. Katara and Hama realize just how alike they are, not just through bending and ethnicity, making Hama offer to teach Katara waterbending techniques that Master Pakku didn’t. Hama teaches Katara just how “everywhere” water actually is, and how embedded with life their element really runs. From the moisture in the air, the liquid from plants, to the sweat on your skin, Hama helps Katara realize just how resourceful waterbenders can be, and is pleased when Katara shares that she had to use her sweat to escape a jail. Like with Katara teaching Aang the waterbending she taught herself despite the Fire Nation’s oppression, Hama is literally doing the same for Katara. However, Katara views waterbending more as an art than Hama does, in which Hama views their powers as a high-tier resource for survival. Hama is much more of a pragmatist, demonstrated when she kills a bunch of fire lilies in order to draw water from them. While waterbending and its sub-element of bloodbending is absolutely a high-tier means for survival, Hama took it too far when Katara learns that Hama was also using bloodbending to terrorize Fire Nation civilians who weren’t soldiers and didn’t oppress her. Viewing bloodbending as a perverse form of her element, Katara is reluctant to learn the sub-element. But in a tragically fucked up sense, Hama needed more waterbenders to understand just how powerful they really are, the sub-element of bloodbending to ensure that less of them rot away in those prisons. And so, Hama forces Katara to pick up bloodbending, by creating a deadly event in which Hama bloodbends Katara, Sokka, and Aang into almost killing each other. Hama forces Katara to become resourceful, by drawing water from plant life. Hama forces Katara to embrace her final lesson, and just like how Hama learned: Bloodbending for the means of survival. Even after Hama lets herself be arrested and sent away, Hama has successfully doused Katara in her maximum potential as a bender. Even though Katara is left sobbing at the end of the episode for such a traumatic event, Katara is now a fully realized waterbender, even for the water that runs with blood. Then there’s the Day of The Black Sun, where Katara takes down a Fire Nation tower base with her brother and father, but has to stay behind from invading the palace as Hakoda becomes badly injured and she’s the only healer on the entire fleet. Sokka, Toph, and Aang are the ones that have to break into the palace and find Ozai themselves, yet they just run into Azula—who successfully buys time and manipulates them into failing their mission once the sun’s power comes back on. The team fails the mission on the Black Sun, so you can imagine how emotional everybody is feeling because of their loss.

No. 1993205

File: 1715041238160.gif (870.68 KB, 245x184, 1000016186.gif)

Then, here comes a random Zuko showing up and wanting to join their team after all that fuckshit since Ba Sing Se. Remember how personally Katara takes betrayal? Yeah. We’re about to see that again. In the catacombs, Katara was willing to hear Zuko out, bury the hatchet, heal his scar, and even welcome him on the team. But when Zuko basically said “fuck you” and joined Azula, Katara became naturally on-edge about Zuko’s character. That sweet, huggable, and polite Katara is gone when Zuko tries to join the team. Hama made Katara question her nature as a waterbender, a piece of who Katara is. Now Zuko is showing up out of nowhere, and is making Katara feel even more conflicted. Think about it. Had it not been for Aang and Iroh, Katara was going to use the spirit water on Zuko’s scar. Considering that Zuko immediately reverted back to the Fire Nation right after running into Katara, that scenario would result in Aang getting killed during his avatar state, and Katara not having the spirit water to revive him. Katara’s bleeding heart nature and giving Zuko the benefit of the doubt almost resulted in Aang staying dead, the air nomad race reaching official extinction, and the entire avatar cycle stopping for good because of Aang dying IN the state. Zuko is making Katara’s self-questioning reach for the sky. Then you take in Zuko trying to bribe Katara with her own dead mother’s necklace, having the team kidnapped on multiple occasions, following them across the world to capture Aang and basically fuck over the chances of the Fire Nation being stopped, burning Kyoshi village almost entirely to the ground, and hiring Combustion man to kill Aang (which almost got the others killed too by the way). With all the shitfest of how Zuko made their journeys harder and even more dangerous, imagine how frustrated Katara probably feels when Zuko gets to join the team mainly because Toph said “fuck it”, and because Zuko helped stop them from getting killed by Combustion Man. (It wasn’t even Zuko that stopped Combustion Man by the way, it was Sokka flinging his boomerang that actually killed him and officially ended the hunt). Everyone is having an easier time letting Zuko chill with them, but Katara is not having it because the last time SHE chilled with Zuko, it was catastrophic. Katara does not trust Zuko, and she has more than enough reasons at this point. Katara is so serious and on-guard with Zuko because of the threat she knows he can be to what’s basically her family at this point, that she turns into O-ren Ishii when she threatens to KILL HIM if he ever tries to fuck them over again. After this, Katara is so venomous to Zuko at any chance she gets, that she fucking laughs and tells Zuko that he isn’t as good of a bender as he thought he was, when he lost his powers. That was so cold, Toph was even amused. But we need to address Katara threatening to end Zuko’s life. That moment was so different from how Katara has been up until that exact moment, that we need to ask ourselves if that’s who, or a part of who Katara is. Then comes ‘The Southern Raiders’.

To Kill or Not to Kill; Yon Rha.

Azula’s attack on the Air Temple, the team turned into a crib, forces Katara to be separated from her father (who had recently been broken out of the Boiling Rock). Right after reuniting with the only parent she has left, Katara is forced to lose him again (even if it’s only temporary) because of a Fire Nation attack. It doesn’t take rocket science to understand how overwhelmed, saddened, and horrified Katara must be feeling. Zuko does his part, and holds off Azula in order to let the team or everyone else get the hell out of there. After escaping, the team lands Appa on a safe spot to set up camp, have some tea and eat some dinner. Zuko jokes about his past of chasing Aang around the world again and everyone laughs, except for Katara who still isn’t convinced to completely trust Zuko. Zuko runs after Katara, trying to confront, open her up, and see what’s the matter with her. The part here is ironic, because it’s basically a reverse of their talk in Ba Sing Se. Now, it’s Zuko’s turn to help Katara’s emotional turmoil and to understand HER. Katara yells at Zuko, lashing out because of dire consequences of his actions in Ba Sing Se and how his actions personally hurt Katara on the inside because of how he (again) basically said “screw you and your side of the war”. Just like before the catacombs, Katara is back to viewing Zuko as the face of the enemy and demands that he make up for his past by liberating Ba Sing Se, or to even bring her mother back; projecting every single Fire Nation action directly onto Zuko, and demanding that he find a way to take absolutely everything back. Jet, Hama, Zuko. That’s three times Katara was horribly manipulated or badly misled by people she thought she could trust. Katara doesn’t have open arms anymore like in season one anymore, Katara learned to officially be on-guard and if Zuko wants in, he’ll have to really prove that Katara should give him a second chance. But Zuko doesn’t throw in the towel and give up on understanding Katara, so he goes to somebody who really knows Katara in order to obtain a greater picture of what Katara has been through, who Katara is, and what Katara needs. Somebody like her own brother, Sokka. Just like that, Zuko offers Katara that he can help her find the man who killed her mother. Now Katara is ready to go. Katara tells Aang and Sokka that she and Zuko are going to find the man that killed her mother, to which Aang and Sokka immediately try to shut that down with Aang explaining that revenge is not what HE believes is right, while Zuko is reiterating that they’re doing this for what Katara says she needs. Up until this point, Katara was usually solving her internal struggles on her own, or (pun-intended) “watering them down” so she can keep herself focused and moving. Here though, Katara is feeling very serious and begins her brutal honesty. Katara is fully aware that Aang is a head-over-heels sucker for air nomad pacifism, despite Katara having to dip her toes into things like bloodbending for the greater good of her own and her friends’ survival. Katara was forced to encounter violence, Katara was forced to grow up faster than Aang, Katara was forced to get “bloody” outside her comfort zone (Hama), Katara learned faster than Aang that the world isn’t so black/white with violence. She knew he wouldn’t understand, and that’s exactly what she tells him. Sokka is just, and rightfully so, worried about his sister going on such a dangerous mission and becoming a murderer. Sokka is scared that Katara is going to let the death of their mother take over who she is. So he tries to help Katara see that Kya was his mother too, and that not even Sokka himself would want revenge on the man who killed her. Sokka wants Katara to let it go, and go back to being her bubbly self because he believes that’s what she needs. But Katara’s brutal honesty strikes again to tell him the subtext that Katara was simply closer to Kya, and that Sokka didn’t love her quite like she did. Hurtful as fuck, but I don’t disagree with Katara, nor do I think she’s even a “bitch” for saying that. Even when I was a kid, I always got the impression that Katara was closer to their mother, while Sokka was closer to their father. Sokka’s mind doesn’t even remember Kya’s face despite being the older sibling, but Katara loved their mother so much that she remembers the last moments she witnessed of Kya still being alive. Katara loved her mother more than anything in the world, it makes entire sense that Katara would snap into brutal honesty and say that Sokka simply wasn’t as close. On the mission with Zuko, Katara is gradually understanding that Zuko does give a shit about making things up for Katara, and does want to get close to her and be a team. It becomes gradually clear that Zuko is interested in Katara’s story, Katara’s pain, what Katara feels like she needs, and Katara’s mother. So Katara shares more sentimental details about Kya with Zuko, taking him more seriously than ever before as an ally. Katara is so passionate about this mission for closure, that she doesn’t sleep to focus on flying Appa to where they need to be. Katara turns into Beatrix Kiddo onboard a Fire Nation ship to wipe out soldiers with Zuko like they’re Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Katara is so fucking pumped and ready for closure on her mother and what the Fire Nation did to her, that she fucking bloodbends a commander that she thought was Yon Rha. She bloodbends him around like a cat toying with a mouse before killing it. Even Zuko is fucking scared, before remembering that this is about Katara and resuming his purpose of being on this journey. But despite Yue’s spirit giving Katara the power to bloodbend fuckers left and right, Katara’s mind remains clear enough to see that the man she was tossing around wasn’t Yon Rha, and so she stops. This is Katara, and vengeful as she may feel, she is not a person that kills randos. Even at the peak of bloodlust, Katara has the self-control and morality to not kill just any person left and right. When Katara is feeling murderous, she stays locked onto the specific and truly guilty target. This is what makes her so much different than Jet, despite Aang retardedly thinking otherwise.

No. 1993207

File: 1715041301571.jpg (59.69 KB, 736x714, 2e70e83d005af33c23a8a736b2c040…)

So then you have Katara and Zuko ambush Yon Rha, where Katara has yet another O-ren Ishii moment, where she reminds her parent’s killer of his victim through the familiarity of her face. Katara looks Yon Rha in the eye, as she tells him the entire picture of what that man has actually done. Katara tells him that Yon Rha came looking for the last waterbender of the Southern Tribe, and killed a woman named Kya on the assumption that she was the bender. Katara reveals that he got the wrong person, and that Kya lied to him to protect the real waterbender that was her daughter, standing right before him and with the power to stop rain. Standing right before him, and with the power to convert rainwater into icicle blades that can kill. Yet, Katara also learns something about Yon Rha’s life. That he was a sad, miserable, pathetic and weak little man who posed no threat to anyone or anything anymore. Yon Rha had no happiness left in him or his life. Nothing to be happy for, grateful to, or having anything to love. Not even his own mother. Then, there’s the last realization that even if Katara does take the retired loser’s life, there would be nothing to gain for her. Katara’s mother, Kya, would still be dead and drifting peacefully in the afterlife, or reincarnated somehow. If Katara has to take a life, it has to be absolutely necessary and worth it. Instead of an empty victory like how Yon Rha would have been. Yon Rha was beneath her, and so Katara leaves him on the ground like the little worm he was. However, when at Ember Island, Aang confronts Katara and says that he’s proud of her for not killing Yon Rha. Katara is still unsure of her decision, wondering if she spared him because she was too weak to take his life, or if she spared him because she was strong enough to walk away. Once again, Katara is trying to understand who she even is. Is she ready to trust outsiders again? Is she able to be forgiving? After that journey with Zuko, was Katara even right or wrong to give him hell at first? Is Katara really capable of taking a life? Should Yon Rha have died by order of his crimes? Katara has always been the one pushing her own struggles aside to focus on the team’s journey and what other people need, yet it’s finally Katara that gets to have her moment of genuine self-doubt. She tells Aang that she does not forgive Yon Rha for killing her mother. There is no need to, the man didn’t feel guilty and was only scared that a high-tier waterbender had him down. However, Katara does finally accept and forgive Zuko for the time, energy, patience, and listening he has done for Katara during the trip. Though Katara quickly came to understand that killing Yon Rha wasn’t what she needed, she is appreciative to Zuko for letting her figure that out for herself, and for letting her have closure about Kya’s death in the first place. Katara is able to see just how much Zuko has changed, and is finally able to forgive him, trust him, and give him the benefit of the doubt. Katara had her reasons to not accept Zuko at first, but the challenge between them has created a sense of understanding and closeness in the end. As for whether or not Yon Rha should have died, it doesn’t matter anymore because Katara knows that not much would have changed.

No. 1993210

File: 1715041385652.jpg (48.46 KB, 736x528, b3fe374607ac6740d2e401f5bc7667…)

By the way, I feel like Katara has canonically killed people and WOULD kill Ozai if she absolutely had to. Remember the Black Sun? Yeah, Katara sliced open Fire nation airships, which must’ve left dozens of men falling to their deaths. They were firing at Katara and trying to take her down with Appa. She had to kill the soldiers, it was either her and Appa, or them. Ozai is the actual face of everything wrong with the Fire Nation, is an irredeemable sociopath, and wouldn’t think twice before striking down and killing anyone Katara loves. If it was up to Katara, I feel like she would have killed him because Ozai’s drive in the destruction of the world is that fucking infinite. I feel like the reason she DIDN’T kill Azula though is because at that point, Azula was obviously and tragically mentally ill. Katara could see that Azula was different from Ozai, despite how dangerous she was. Azula was broken, just like Zuko when first met him. I believe Katara was quick to piece together that Ozai was more than likely abusing the fuck out of Azula too, just in different ways. Plus, even though Azula is a borderline sociopath, Katara knows just how much Zuko still loves family members like Iroh. So even though Azula tried to kill Zuko multiple times, Katara spared her at the final Agni Kai because she knows how much Azula still means to Zuko.

One thing I like about Katara is her difference between her reaction to Aang’s outburst in The Desert, versus her reaction to Aang’s outburst when the team is on Ember Island. In the desert when Aang was being a generally unhelpful little twat and accused Katara of not caring and not helping enough, Katara lets herself get yelled at and merely responds that she was doing the best she could. At Ember Island when Aang is having a meltdown about what he needs to do about Firelord Ozai’s life, he snaps at everyone that nobody is helping him enough, even though every-single-fucking-body has been trying to help him with EVERYTHING. Katara is fed up with Aang’s childish behavior at this point, and just like in the Southern Raiders episode, she doesn’t shy away from disagreeing with Aang anymore. Katara calls him out for acting like a testerical doofus, and instead of reverting to her “motherly” instinct of lecturing Aang, she quickly learns from Zuko that sometimes it’s best to let people figure themselves out. Zuko sees that Aang’s internal struggles are beyond the help everybody has been giving him, and suggests to Katara that she saves her energy. Katara accepts this, and learns to carry on with their plan for Sozin’s Comet WITHOUT having to look after Aang.

Katara continues to do what she and anyone else always does: keep moving. Katara lets go of her mother’s death because from everything she has experienced and went through, Katara is ready to help end the war if that means preventing any more heinous losses and suffering. If it means less people having to suffer like herself and Sokka. If it means less people having to suffer like Aang. If it means having less people to suffer like those formerly enslaved earthbenders. If it means less people having to suffer like Jet. If it means less people having to suffer like Zuko. Less people suffering like Iroh. Less people suffering like Suki. Less people suffering like the imprisoned waterbenders. Less people suffering like Hama. Less people suffering like Fire nation civilians who don’t like the war themselves. Less people suffering like even Azula. As this is who Katara is, she refuses to turn her back on people who need her, even if that includes the entire fucking world. Katara isn’t a perfect character, and I feel like she was rather neglected by Bryke compared to characters like Zuko and had some wasted potential for her development. The worst part of Katara’s writing is that she’s paired with Aang, and it doesn’t help that their endgame romance makes no fucking sense after they were further apart with understanding than ever. But to say that Katara is BLAND or the worst female character in the entire show is objectively wrong. I am dead serious. If a person says that Katara is the worst female character in the entire show, or that she’s bland, that person has absolutely no fucking clue of what they’re talking about. Yes, that includes you, anon. I don’t know if it stems from not really watching the show, general failure to properly analyze what’s in front of them, another day of some fujofag deliberately painting untrue conceptions about female characters to justify their yaoi, or just the run-of-the-mill internally misogynistic media head who hates any female character that doesn’t conform to whatever arbitrary standard of how girls and women should be written. But regardless of the reason, such a statement that Katara is the worst character or is bland is unwaveringly incorrect. Katara is not the worst, but the type of conclusion that completely ignores everything about Katara absolutely is the worst type of take to make about any character at all. Katara is not bland, but this recurring perception that female characters must act like annoying, tomboy assholes to be interesting is definitely an unintelligent and bland take.(extreme autism and derailing)

No. 1993232

File: 1715042415698.jpeg (68.72 KB, 392x500, IMG_3877.jpeg)

No. 1993237

holy fucking walls of text in here

No. 1993251

Nona I appreciate your understanding and love for Katara. Don't listen to the haters queen you are doing gods work by shiting up the fujo discourse thread with your sperging. Your opinions are not only that but objective facts. I'm serious.

No. 1993253

I appreciate you katarasperg-chan!

No. 1993344

I thought I was an Azula stan, but I would never write this much about her. In fact, I don't think would never write this much about any character that I like, lol.
I'm not reading any of it, but I respect the effort. Love your passion, katarasperg-chan.

No. 1993373

godbless katarasperg chan godbless never stop.

No. 1993475

i am not liking katara no matter how much you cry, she sucks and azula is best girl

No. 1993498

Katarasperg-chan I love your passion. I love earnest female autism for female characters, we need more people like you in the world. I'll take me a while but I'm actually reading your posts and they seem to check out

No. 1993515

katarachan i salute your grindset. release your video essay, ill give you views

No. 1993543

>I don’t know if it stems from not really watching the show, general failure to properly analyze what’s in front of them, another day of some fujofag deliberately painting untrue conceptions about female characters to justify their yaoi, or just the run-of-the-mill internally misogynistic media head who hates any female character that doesn’t conform to whatever arbitrary standard of how girls and women should be written.
>But regardless of the reason, such a statement that Katara is the worst character or is bland is unwaveringly incorrect. Katara is not the worst, but the type of conclusion that completely ignores everything about Katara absolutely is the worst type of take to make about any character at all.
>Katara is not bland, but this recurring perception that female characters must act like annoying, tomboy assholes to be interesting is definitely an unintelligent and bland take.
It’s all of the above, leader of the Katara cult. People will find a way to hate on a female character even if they have to make up shit or reveal how little they can dissect media without clear bias.
>fujofag deliberately painting untrue conceptions about female characters to justify their yaoi
This part in particular is sad because you still see it everywhere. The only thing that can be made light of is the fact that the fujoshitters who do this are so obviously jealous of the female character who gets in the way, especially when those fujos are well in their 30’s by now still seething over the character and have to mischaracterize the female character as abusive while ignoring the same if not worse in canon behaviours of the male characters. It's even more pathetic when one of the yaoi characters are so clearly infantilized, whiny self-inserts.

No. 1993576

I don't know how my post summoned a katarafag. I'm sorry.

>It’s common among all sorts of fans and media and in real life too. It’s not a fujo-specific thing at all.
I'm not gonna lie, I have cut people off for doing this. It's one thing to hate a love rival but if I meet someone who's seething fuck that's here and there bitching about every female character imaginable with zero self awareness I stop paying attention.
>I don’t think it’s a writing issue like you said.
I guess, maybe. I was just addressing the general comeback to this issue being that female characters often are written by scrotes that don't know what they're doing or people who don't know how to write women, which is something I can concede. This argument however comes across as really disingenuous when it's a well built character that can stand on her own being paraded as queen bitch. But this isn't as common as people like to claim, but I think when it does happen it's especially egregious. I personally take even less seriously when the fujo can't write female characters either, and has every excuse pulled out the ass for literally anything. I'd respect this kind of person a thousand times more if the reasoning simply was "I like male characters better" instead of 4D chess and pretending they care about male homophobia and how shipping het ships is literally fag dragging

Yeah, I think post 2010s pretty much the only people that truly hated female characters for genuine misogynist reasons were gendies. There wasn't a single one of them who did this that couldn't not write women like children, by the way. But it's also socially acceptable to be misogynistic if they hide it under a thin veneer of her being a TIF or a barely characterized lesbian

No. 1993631

LC approved madonna-whore complex.

No. 1993928

>no one arguing against katarasperg in matching quality and quantity
Disappointing, but not surprising. I wanted to see a fight but I guess katarasperg is too op.

No. 1993939

Based and Katara-pilled. My favorite Katara moment is when they're stranded in the desert and she picks everyone up and keeps them moving so they don't die in the fucking desert. She's not only the heart of the group but also a powerful warrior and an excellently written female character that is both feminine and strong.

No. 1993973

I never liked her because I hate humourless straight laced "good girl" characters. Boring.

No. 1993976

no give up already shes annoying, shitty written and becomes aangs bangmaid mommy at the end

No. 1993988

Uh oh, the Katarasperg summoned the subtle misogynistic detractors

No. 1993999

she's so powerful kek

No. 1994024

Never watched Avatar so everytime people sperg about it here I'm just like mentally sitting in the corner.

No. 1994027

Friendly reminder katara is a pickme bitch that tried to feminize the GNC character.

No. 1994033

That's just the average 2000s writer being retarded

No. 1994034

To all the atla fags please I beg you chose another fucking cartoon to watch(off topic)

No. 1994036

you know katara isnt a real person but a character, right? she's the only one of the main cast that puts moid's needs above their own and that makes her the worst character in the show. I will take feral tomboy and crazy BPDemon with daddy issues over her any day.

No. 1994037

whats your favourite cartoon nonita, naruto?

No. 1994039

NTA but south park and over the garden wall are my favorites.

No. 1994041

shit taste king of the hill and moral orel are better

No. 1994043

>you know katara isnt a real person but a character, right
That's what I mean, she's a character, so a retarded person in the 2000s with backward ideas wrote her. It feels like you're treating all these characters as people, I don't even like Katara kek

No. 1994044

>King of the hill
Too ugly for me
>Moral Orel
I'd consider it in my top 3, it can count as a favorite alongside the other two just mentioned.

No. 1994048

>Too ugly for me
you say this while praising calarts blobs and south park of all things, anon…

No. 1994052

File: 1715097791931.png (1.08 MB, 1023x574, screenshot-2019-10-25-16.png)

Anon have you watched over the garden wall? It's fucking gorgeous and the character designs remind me more of vintage greeting cards over steven universe designs
This has been mentioned before by people but the reason south park is one of the only adult cartoons with a large female fanbase is because the kids look cute and a lot of the episodes feel like a CBDCT show.

No. 1994055

I have watched it but the artstyle is so fucking hideous and tumblery it makes it hard to take it seriously.

No. 1994060

Okay but Katara-sperg makes some really good points. You should skim through them(they are too long to read).

No. 1994061

Based and very pretty indeed

No. 1994063

focus on the character design, not the backgrounds. The backgrounds are pretty, yes, but they get downgraded by the ugly calarts blobs.

No. 1994065

> makes some really good points.
she already said before that she only likes katara because she self inserts as her.

No. 1994067

By that logic animal crossing and raggedy ann and andy are cal arts blobs.

No. 1994069

Gay opinion, if this is a "bad calarts style" then it's the best among the rest

No. 1994071

Add all children books to the list

No. 1994073

they are too simplistic and contrast too much with the realistic backgrounds imo. It would have worked better with a cuter more realistic artstyle.

No. 1994075

Try animating it yourself then

No. 1994076

We get it you like atla

No. 1994077

whats even wrong with atla

No. 1994078

Everything apparently but specially Katara according to this thread

No. 1994079

Nta but it wasn't that deep and Korra sucked.

No. 1994084

katara is boring though. But the show is amazing and mogs 99% of shonenshit with half the budget. The female characters are really well written, even katara is, but she's just boring.

No. 1994085

no one has ever said atla is deep. Everyone likes it for the characters and world building.

No. 1994091

This is the fujo vs anti fujo thread can we please talk about something related to fujos. I'll go first. I hate when I'm reading a regular m/f book, and the female lead's bff is a gay moid. I hate the gay male best friend trope because they are terrible IRL and certain western fujos seem to love it, sometimes they even go as for to fridge a female character to prop up the fag. Like if you wanted a gay character in your book just give the female lead a lesbian bff. More m/f needs strong bonds between female characters anyway.

No. 1994095

do you mean manga or western books? western m/f books are written by handmaidens what do you expect. They are beyond shit.

No. 1994099

Lesbian side characters in shoujo are better then gay side characters in shoujo. I know BL is a women's genre but sometimes women write better GL then BL. Does anyone else prefer the few incidents of f/f over m/m in shoujo? I personally only like to read about women and girls so I much prefer GL. If anyone is the opposite why?

No. 1994100

>Reading westshit slopbooks

No. 1994105

the weird one-sided lesbian relationship between sakura and tomoya ruined ccs for me. I know its supposed to be 'cute' but considering the weird lil girlxteacher relationship in that show it makes it seem like yuri loli fanservice for moids.

No. 1994127

Yes I'm talking about western stuff. Handmaiden authors are so stupid because no male is reading their books. They are only virtue signalling to other handmaidens. Writing lesbian side characters would do the same thing AND showcase some female friendships. >>1994105
I completely forgot about ccs kek. Well in Clamp's case they are a group of pedo pandering weirdos. I was thinking more about Sailor Moon and Tokyo Mew Mew when I made that post.

No. 1994132

>Like if you wanted a gay character in your book just give the female lead a lesbian bff
The only appeal of the gay bff/why straight women want gay bffs is that he's a MAN who can relate to having crushes on men and participate in feminine shit or whatever like women. There would be no point in a lesbian bff, retard. Lesbians don't like men, they're women, and women are already expected to be feminine. There's no appeal to a straight female audience. The gay bff could be replaced by any straight female character and it wouldn't make one goddamn difference to the story.

No. 1994142

i like the lesbian relationship in sm but in everything else it always feels fetishy

No. 1994153

I don't read yaoi, I'm here to get outsiders opinions and women who consume yaoi are outsiders and outliers from the bulk of women who dote on and defend real moids like you're. Your personal insults and incites are worthless kek. Policing what women like if it's disparaging to men is pathetic. You're a handmaiden defending men and should really just admit it and wear it. It's clear that women suffering is the mainstream of media. Women enjoying the suffering of men should be encouraged to level the playing field if anything else, not moralfagged about to police women into being "good women" for men. You're counter argument is insults, no you and moralfagging over men. Being a moralfag over men is absolutely pathetic like you are doing and should be laughed at. It's essentially playing into female socialization and protecting those(men) who wouldn't even piss on you if you were on fire.

No. 1994259

why do you enjoy media of anyone "suffering"? thats where the problem is. most fujoism isn't even a passion, it's simply stooping to moids' level on some gay epic revengequest

No. 1994266

File: 1715110543591.jpeg (Spoiler Image,70.04 KB, 736x674, 1699780249332.jpeg)

>why do you enjoy media of anyone "suffering"?
because sexooooo

No. 1994268

Nta but I do like to read "dark" BL sometimes. There are some things that I think are disgusting and I won't touch of course, but sometimes I want to see bad things happen to a guy. I can't stomach bad things happening to women because I don't like seeing women, even if they are fictional, in pain. Seeing a male suffer is cathartic sometimes. I don't care about having high morals in regards to fictional men because I know that males irl do not and will never care about the pain of fictional women, let alone real women. My interest in seeing fake yaoi men suffer is nothing compared to the average moids porn usage. Fujoism doesn't have a body count, but real porn does.

No. 1994275

I have bad days and I want to see other people have bad days. It's just simple schadenfreude. Its not a matter of some "revengequest" against men.

No. 1994297

well we can't all survive on teletubbies

No. 1994299

There’s nothing wrong with liking well-written media that has suffering, do you want everything to be like modern Disney storytelling?

No. 1994302

sexo is my answer too

No. 1994348

I recommend not replying to that anon, everything she posts is always one of the following
>"look how gigastacy I am for cooming to moids getting raped"
>completely missing the points of other nonas who just don't share her fetish
>samefagging to support her points
I personally think this thread should have ended quite a while ago when some wise nonas explained fujoism in very neutral and informative ways, such as >>>/ot/1972772. Dragging it longer attracted these sorts of people who just wanna infight and cry victim about being oppressed over their 2d porn interests kek

No. 1994356

>samefagging to support her points
NTA but why do you guys always make this claim whenever someone says something you don't like? It doesn't even make sense here because it's not that obscure of a fetish. You think one person is paying for all those yaoi rape doujins?

No. 1994362

Why do you think she's samefagging? But i do agree with the last part, i think everything has been said already, i thought this thread was about to die already?
It honestly makes that anon seem paranoid, sorry, anon…

No. 1994366

Why is it a problem? I don't even know why I enjoy seeing male suffering even though depictions of women being harmed disgust me, but I do know nothing bad has ever happened as a consequence. Men view fictional violence against women and rush to go act it out in real life, women view fictional violence against men and then talk about it with other women on the internet. I just don't see how it's a real problem I should care about.

No. 1994421

File: 1715121472589.png (600.21 KB, 471x573, 1674951393821247.png)

I like one hot guy abusing another hot guy.

No. 1994428

men are literally built to die in war, its only normal to want to see them suffer

No. 1994437

How boring, this pic would be 1000x better if they were women torturing him instead but let's have some thug moids again I guess

No. 1994439

Damn not you again, I'm reporting your ass

No. 1994441

then pick up a pen

No. 1994445

if it was femdom it would be some moid coom shit and look ugly tbh. And i say this as someone who likes women beating up men.

No. 1994449

Idk who your boogeyman is but I'm not her

No. 1994457

Sadly I'm no artist, I'm just saddened that the most talented of fanartist usually have a kick for men fucking each other's asses for some reason, they're never fully based and it's a tragedy
Not if it's done by a based woman

No. 1994458

inb4 she makes her excuse why she won't and changes the subject or goalpost

No. 1994461

It's not that deep

No. 1994462

I feel like fujos and femdom fans are two similarish but very separate groups that don't have nearly as much overlap as one would presume on first glance.
I've seen more overlap between fujos and yumes than fujos and femdom fans.

No. 1994465

novel and groundbreaking concept: you can like both

No. 1994467

Female fans of femdom are just a tiny group altogether. I've mostly just accepted that femgaze femdom is super niche, and I get my malesub kick fulfilled off of BL anyway so there's not much incentive for me to try to make content for femdom. Especially unappealing since it attracts the kind of men I hate most.

No. 1994470

>I've mostly just accepted that femgaze femdom is super niche
Well, except for that one artist who draws the furry femdom stuff with the scruffy guy that gets posted here a lot.
Being a fujo though it does nothing for me however.

No. 1994476

Kaneoya's still pretty niche.

No. 1994478

I'm giving my perspective as a fujo who's also into femdom… actually maybe that's not accurate, I just have a blanket interest in male submission, but it's harder to find that content when a woman is involved. I've been burned too many times by role reversal in "femdom" to give much of a shit anymore.

No. 1994512

Is this a copypasta or did you genuinely just sit down and write a fucking graduation-thesis-length derail about your waifu???

No. 1994515

>why do you enjoy media of anyone "suffering"?
Are you unfamiliar with the concept of a tragedy. A type of storytelling that transcends cultures and has existed for thousands of years.

No. 1994527

I'm a career artist, and I revel in the fact that it pisses retards like you off that we "waste" our talent on m/m. Stop crying about how artists don't draw what you like and either commission someone or learn to draw your damn self. You guys seethe at how unfair it is that whatever shit you like gets less fanart, but your response is to sit on your hands and do nothing but complain.

No. 1994562

you'll always be lesser in my eyes. Waste of potential and talent on a putrid fetish involving men playing with their buttholes, couldn't care less if you're a career artist if your art involves something like that, you're just a lost cause and another one in the sea of porn addicts

No. 1994597

And you'll never get the art you want unless you commission her

No. 1994659

seems we got a genuine tumblr-level "if you enjoy media where anything bad happens you're evil" puritan.
gotta wonder what they deem acceptable. care bears?

No. 1994662

I have never watched ATLA but I respect that dedication kek

No. 1994755

look at how hard this post triggered them LMAO

No. 1994757

>seems we got a genuine tumblr-level "if you enjoy media where anything bad happens you're evil" puritan.
literally fujos but with ""het"" instead

No. 1994762

If a woman did it, he'd enjoy it in a srote way, it'll never work. Femdom doesn't work.

No. 1994769

>simply answering a question is being triggered
why are you so triggered by fictional men getting hurt?

No. 1994804

no the fuck it doesn't. do you even know what puritan means

No. 1994811

My career is illustrating children's books. I draw yaoi for fun under a pseudonym. Sleep well tonight.

No. 1994826

File: 1715147165832.jpg (143.75 KB, 1024x731, 4576439746_022810e567_b.jpg)

Imagine all the better ways you could have used the time you've wasted arguing about yaoi on Lolcor. You have a finite amount of time before you die and this is how you chose to use it, arguing in circles about something totally meaningless and insignificant in the greater scheme of things.

No. 1994847

Not even a huge fan of atla/katara but I'm sad on behalf of you that you cannot imagine passion for a character or a concept devoid of coom. Someday you'll see the light.

No. 1994891

puritans don't approve of straight smut dumbass

No. 1994892

nta but how does that change what she said? there are a lot of artists who waste their talent on yaoi. or were you just trying to epicly own her

No. 1994897

File: 1715153110353.jpg (22.52 KB, 600x315, porque no.jpg)

No. 1995145

And what's wrong with her drawing yaoi if that's what she likes? If you want her to draw fluffy het then pay her if that's not her interest

No. 1995456

I don't think it's a "waste" of a person's talent when they draw things that make them happy. It's like saying that a chef is "wasting" their talent when they cook something you don't like, even though you're not the person they're cooking for.

No. 1996253

there are so many moids drawing hyper realistic women getting raped and you are focusing on women drawing yaoi ''wasting'' their talent, really? go sperg at alkemanubis or something

No. 1998338

Honestly I agree with you anon, there’s a clear double standard here. Moids have been making porn fetishizing lesbians and bi women for decades, the whole porn industry is made with men in mind (particularly straight ones which is why gay/bi men stuff is more niche compared to the female counterparts). Nobody said a word of complaint about that for decades yet suddenly when women make drawings of the same shit but in reverse it’s immediately jumped on? I don’t necessarily like fujo stuff much myself but it’s definitely a bias against women doing anything that makes the poor men uncomfortable kek

No. 1998353

why do antifujos believe when tifs say they trooned out because of yaoi? they always try to prove their theory by citing tifs, but tifs literally think they are male too so they are obviously liars and unreliable

No. 1998363

i mean why do antifujos think all yaoi is required to have a feminized uke or mpreg? they dont read it so they dont know what theyre talking about. TIFs back up some of their worst talking points so antifuojs align themselves with TIF rhetoric

No. 1998374

Because they have a superficial view of transition and the gender cult. While there's a good chunk of fujo tifs due to them being straight girls (one of the demographics most hurt by this shit), it's undeniable that genderism spreads like a virus in all nerd spheres.

No. 1998453

Honestly I think people should keep their porn-viewing habits to themselves or in contained spaces at least but who cares if some teen girl wants to read gay smut? I agree with that one anon who said that female sexuality is only tolerated when it panders to the male gaze, even women who just want to look at hot men get scrutinized. It’s worse when other women are policing each other on how to act. If you don’t behave like a 1920s caricature of a woman while also making yourself sexually available to men you’re weird and need help.

No. 1998500

Because of Blanchard's theory. There's a type of tranny who becomes a tranny because of a fetish. Everything tifs say about yaoi and how it made them discover they're trans confirms it. I mean they just say it all.

No. 1998560

women have way too many problems to be transitioning for a fetish. Specially nerd ones that are over exposed to misogyny. Hell, moids think any woman in anime/vidya that isnt 12yo big breasted pink haired animu girl looks ugly and like a man. That's the kind of mentality most nerd women deal with on the daily.

No. 1998563

But didn't he mention that he was unsure about tifs? I agree with anon saying that women have too many issues for fetish to be the sole purpose, but a lot of older middle age gender critical women constantly push this narrative because they have never interacted with yaoi or fandom communities. If anything, the way that people in fandom spaces complain about yaoi fetishing men probably acts as a catalyst in some capacity for trooning out rather than just pooning to yaoi alone. Theoretically, it's a lot easier to say you found out you were a man because you relate with yaoi rather because you hate your body. Troons get really touchy around the idea the dysphoria means that you hate yourself even though that's exactly what it means.

No. 1998590

Nayrt, I don't think yaoi alone makes anyone troon out, but it's relevant in how it contributes a model that tifs try to emulate. Tims also don't troon out because of anime alone, but there's a correlation between anime girls and the the type of women tims tend to fetishize. I don't get why this this is so hard for people to grasp, especially when many anons on this site acknowledge that porn has negative influence, but also insist that media is irrelevant when discussing tifs.

No. 1998597

is this the evolution of moids saying women into pretty boys are lesbians? female stereotypes tims want to emulate are extremely harmful, meanwhile yaois are like, fit guys that have feelings and shower

No. 1998598

also 99% of tifs are ugly and fat and look nothing like yaoi anime boys kek

No. 1998601

What? The point was that media influences what type of men and women trans people want to become, and is therefore a relevant subject matter in discussions about the trans issue. But it's not the sole reason why anyone becomes trans.

No. 1998604

nta but tifs dont become yaoi ukes they become morbidly obese neon colored blobs

No. 1998606

File: 1715408302024.jpg (254.21 KB, 1200x1128, E319bonXMAEyVS1.jpg)

People go trans because of mental problems, self hate, and autism.
Anything else is just "what flavor of tranny" and subject to trends.
Anime is popular so trannies flock to it and have it decribe their identity.
All nerd communities "make" trannies because all nerd communities are labels autistic can latch onto.
The actual content doesn't matter much at all.

No. 1998607

This is the worst type of tif. I will never understand why they latch onto Jesse.

No. 1998608

anon the post says it's what they want to become, not that they actually become it

No. 1998611

He has a name and face they can morph into a box they can feel safe inserting themselves into and stretch it out to fit their needs, like a skin suit.

No. 1998626

They have a crush on him

No. 1998656

I don't understand fujo anons who try to debunk the fujo-to-TIF pipeline. Every BL fandom I'm in has become completely infested with TIFs, yaoi is not the sole reason but definitely a contributing factor simply by the virtue of being an escapist fantasy. This has already been discussed respectfully and thoroughly in previous threads (>>>/ot/1972772 being my fav). Personally I think fujoism attracts all kinds of nerdy girls, and the current state of western nerd spaces means a certain kind of girls with a weak grasp of self and reality end up larping as their 2D fav males (gender envy~) as a maladjusted coping method. Normal fujos know that BL is just a fantasy for women by women, and yaoi doesn't serve as a trigger for trooning out for them, it's just pure entertainment. The reason these TIFs are affected differently by BL is because they were lacking the capability of logical thinking in the first place and were desperate for something to build their identity around, if BL didn't exist I bet they would've gotten obsessed with something else instead. But as things are right now, they read your average BL, self insert as the use while doing mental gymnastics to make it their "trans representation" (saying from experience, just yesterday a TIF in a BL game discord server I was in was fantasizing getting isekai'd into the game to get fucked by the most stereotypically "manly" seme in the cast, "I'd let him breed my boypussy" kek)

No. 1998663

>the current state of western nerd spaces means a certain kind of retard with a weak grasp of self and reality end up larping as their 2D fav character (gender envy~) as a maladjusted coping method.
It's because it's not a fujo thing, it's a nerd thing. But, for some reason not many people say there's a "nerd to tranny" pipeline. Why?

No. 1998667

File: 1715416153919.jpg (65.1 KB, 1200x545, cf9.jpg)

There is a nerd-to-tranny pipeline, but it's more common in TIMs. E.g. programmer trannies.
Also, fujos are not real nerds. They're just geeks.

No. 1998675

Because other types of nerds don't troon out enmass like TIFs do. They engage in some other type of obsession, some good or neutral (like knitting crocheting collecting plushies etc), some harmful (porn, self harm, stalking a crush etc). Some of them might indeed troon out but the ratio is much less. The emotionally fragile people without a stable identity that troon out often have a trigger for their transing, which can be anything from peer pressure (all the girls I considered peers with similar profiles are now nb/trans so maybe I am one as well?), homophobia (convincing butch lesbian nerds that they are failed women and would be better off as men) or in case of fujotroons, a belief that she's not like the "pathetic yumes that imagines getting fucked by a 2d husbando as a woman", but a #actualmale (who also imagines getting fucked by a 2d husbando but as a MAN).
On a less snarky note:As the nona I previously quoted, BL neither fights nor promotes misogyny, but it is a response to misogyny. So many fujos are girls and women who are very aware of how misogyny affects women and just want to see m/m romance that cannot show any misogyny by design, and it's not a surprise that the TIFs running away from misogyny would be overrepresented in fujo circles.

No. 1998683

>Because other types of nerds don't troon out enmass like TIFs do.
Are male nerds turning into trannies not an issue?
Also all the crochet communities I've tried have had gendies and trannies. Imo, tabletop games are more likely to throw a rock, hit a tranny than anime in general.

No. 1998685

So the tldr is that it's not a fujo to tif pipeline but a misogyny/bully to tif pipeline?

No. 1998687

Ayrt I frequent mostly fujo animu and game centric spaces so I'm don't have personal experience with the crochet community, but I do believe you, I've also seen other nonas complaining about what a hellhole crochet community has become. I don't think a crochet to TIF pipeline exists though lol. One nona mused that gendies might be more attracted to crochet because of high percentages of autism and also the low bar of entry in terms of difficulty, from what I've seen gendies are relatively rarer in arts that need high levels of effort. I do embroidery myself and I've never any of that shit there, it's mostly a community of sweet middle aged women with occasional youngsters. So I wonder if there is some other reason behind it, like all the discourse around revelry and its TIM founder successfully driving off or silencing the non gendies of the community.

No. 1998727

Every single moid fandom has male trannies too. Model building, warhammer, dnd, manga/animu, rts. Its not a fujo problem only.

No. 1998728

Samefag, its also completly insufferable on all these. I have given up on trying to ever met other women on those hobbies.

No. 1999085

I keep trying to but I've learned I need to have a thin, extremely exclusionary filter because trannies in these hobbies stick to you like flies to shit. They try their hardest to befriend you and literally go into a depressive spiral if you turn them down or break off the friendship. They're still the same awkward male faggots deep down, except it's somehow even more socially acceptable for them to harass you for attention, because you can come off as a bitchy evil TERF for not wanting to give them attention. Fucking troons.

No. 1999111

I'm starting to do the same for TIFs/TRAs in my BL fandoms. After blocking all pronoun havers and/or idiots with "TERFs fuck off" in their bio, my twitter feed seems normal again, full of hot 2D men art and zero boypussy headcanons. Even regular fandom wank/drama has gone down by a lot since the venn diagram of gendies and sfw snowflakes is almost a perfect circle. For JP/CN/KR Fujo artists I don't even need to do anything, they tend to not give a shit about tranny shit 98% of the time which is super relaxing for my poor soul

No. 1999189

File: 1715460791315.jpeg (293.42 KB, 956x1148, IMG_3522.jpeg)

I wish anti-fujo people were funny like they used to be. They don’t make girls like picrel anymore.

No. 1999196

I had to start lying and larping as a moid online to post my panzer models without trannies being like ''omg sis its so nice to see another girlie in the community want to talk about lolicon with a fellow girlie woman??!!'' they are worse than tifs

No. 1999199

Fixing twitter does work well, even with the rec feed there's little to none and I just mute/block/not interested that too.
It's not like there'll be content you're going to like if you don't push it off, it'll just be more gendie shit, right?

No. 1999200

the last thing is really annoying and gross. worse than anything i've read a yume say

No. 1999354

Based. Did you do it manually? I'm still looking for a good blockchain type thing or mass blocker.

I larp as a moid by default and use a voice changer if I have to for years now. It makes me understand why fujo spaces exist in the first place, when the other side of the coin is openly declaring yourself as a woman and attracting the fucking tards. It's a good bet on an exclusively woman space even if you have to share it with a few socially retarded autistic tifs, but even then I see tims constantly try to infest it or cancel it (zomg ukes are transgirls!!1!)

No. 1999380

kek i cant believe frollo is the face of disney yaoi

No. 1999401

Yume say that minus the "boy" part all the time

No. 2000190

It's because acting like this would cause an uproar among SJW types, in current day fandom this is seen as basically homophobia.

No. 2001486

Sorry for venting but do you fujos ever wonder what you would have been like if you never had found yaoi? (actual question, I would like to know). One of my long time best friends is a fujo, I knew her before and after becoming one and I still love her, but sometimes it makes me wonder what she would have been like if she hadn't gotten so into this fetish - would it have been a different sexual fixation? Or would it have made her less receptible to the weird men who ended up causing her sexual trauma? She specifically likes dark twisted yaoi with as much rape and abuse as possible, and in the end a gross moid raped her. Maybe she didn't see the signs becuase she was so attracted and used to them in her sexual fiction. Our third bestie was into it as a teen but lost interest while bestie 1 didn't, and their lives went in opposite directions. They used to be so similar but now fujo is in such a low place, and ex-fujo is thriving. I want to think it's coincidence but I'm now facing these uncomfortable thoughts that maybe we should have helped her stop consuming rape porn a decade ago and stopped her from going down that path. Like if she dreamed about dreamy sweet guys instead maybe she wouldn't have gone for the dark pisstain of a moid who hurt her.

No. 2001494

I'd be the same except instead of being forgiving of yume shipping and waifu love I'd be a real bitch about it because I wouldn't be "well, I'm not above it either so let people do what they like."

No. 2001496

>fujo is in such a low place, and ex-fujo is thriving.
Kek. Take note, fujos.

No. 2001501

File: 1715622668576.gif (42.13 KB, 161x90, sensible-chuckle.gif)

No. 2001563

Even if we assume your friend's attraction to terrible moids was caused by her taste in fiction (already a dubious assumption), she could have just as easily been attracted to these tropes in M/F fiction had she not been into yaoi. But I also just don't agree with the premise that one "finds" yaoi, I was shipping male characters before I knew it had a name. Had I never discovered yaoi, I would have just been creating it alone in my room.

No. 2001574

Think your friend has bigger issues besides her taste in cartoon porn and you're just not saying so

No. 2001585

File: 1715630237015.jpg (205.8 KB, 1080x2408, 1000015830.jpg)

Manually yes! My fandom isn't too big so it's doable. Any time I see gross shit like titchop scar art or saying shit like boypussy I immediately block. I also mute any fujo twitters with anything other than no pronouns or she/her, and have a long list of muted words (picrel+some more cursed shit)

No. 2001607

Not a fujo but do you seriously think her getting raped has something to do with yaoi? That's just sad.

No. 2001628

I would be a serial killer. Reading dead dove fics and seeing yaois getting abused saved me from directing my anger at moids irl. It gave me an outlet. It saved my life and those of the moids around me.

No. 2001644

strange that its always a retelling of a fujo raping others or being raped and its always the same rambling text style
besides all of this how the fuck does your "friend" reading bl means thats why she got herself raped by a moid? are you seriously trying to say its because she read yaoi she couldnt see the red flags? have you forgotten how normalized rape by men is in our society and how fucking difficult is to get through that trauma? are trying to blame it on her because she read gay drawn porn? and as if het porn doesn't have more extreme fetishes than your usual bl , next time write a better cohesive fanfiction

No. 2011698

File: 1716267509536.png (116.18 KB, 651x807, just misgender them and they'l…)

Possible actual moid who gets mad at fujos?
Either way, shut the fuck up scrote lmao

No. 2011725

What's up with all these comparisons between fujoshi just enjoying reading BL manga and men who assault and sexually harrass real lesbian irl? Do these people hear themselves?

No. 2011962

This kind of whiny online activist gay man wants to be oppressed by women so bad. They call fujos their oppressor because they need a category of women who systematically oppresses them. And why do they need that? Because they subconsciously hate women and need a way to shit on them without being considered misogynistic.

Criticizing fujoshi is common on tumblr but most of the times in more normie spaces they rag on Karens, terves or "cis" straight women instead.

No. 2011968

Why do fags think we care about their feelings? You’re just a porn category to us.

No. 2011973

Samefag as the reply above, but this is just funny. Gay men are the white people of LGB. You’re not oppressed by women of ANY orientation. You and your boyfriends’ income is higher than that of a straight couple. You’re richer than the heterosexuals. No woman can rape you because of your hulking stature, and you regularly molest straight men for fun. You’re living life on easy mode. What a fucking joke faggots are.

No. 2011975

Gay moids who feel fetishized have such an inflated opinion of themselves, they get an ego boost from complaining about being sooo sexy that fujos cannot resist fetishizing their existence. There are plenty of actual gay celebs and characters, but fujos dgaf about them compared to the cute presumably straight guys that women typically like to ship. If they turn out to be canon in the end, great, but if they are openly gay from the start there is no mystique, no opportunity to turn them into your own idealized fantasy with no resemblance to real gay men or real gay sex, no need to invent your own romantic storyline which is most of the fun of being a fujo.

No. 2011982

fujos are on the same level as john wayne gacy and jeffrey dahmer to this dramatic fruit

No. 2011983

Kek exactly, like no one wants your hairy wrinkly ass. Women aren’t chasing after you, mister loose hole.

No. 2011990

I had a white gay classmate in uni implying very often than he was the most oppressed out there even though he could have casual sex with a bunch of guys without fearing for his life while me and some other girls would have been honor killed by our parents for having a platonic conversation with a guy in public, he was rich and spoiled by his upper class parents while I was stuck in the same uni as him because I was too poor to go anywhere outside my own city, and he kept being lowkey sexist and racist against like half of the people we studied with, me included. Every single time I see a gay man complaining irl and online, it's always because of self inflicted problems like not being able to find their one true live on grindr while actively having casual sex with half of their friends on a daily basis, or trying to make themselves look better than women by insulting us.

No. 2011993

Perfectly said, nonna. Sorry you had to deal with that.

No. 2034205

I mean, most hobby spaces attract weak minded, identity conflicted people. People just want a space where they're accepted and cared about, yet I think some people go too far with their hobbies. Frankly, I think this phenomenon is more apparent in western fandoms. I sometimes go over and lurk in Japanese threads and forums and most of the women into yaoi are just regular women who aren't afraid to be women. They don't need to larp or change their entire gender. I think the issue with western fandoms is that we tend to link our identity with what we read, watch, etc. Basically, if I like this thing then I must be this, when that doesn't necessarily have to be the case. Or if you don't like something are too into something, you're either a bigot or a fetish freak. I'm not sure where this mindset came from, but it's deeply ingrained in every fandom I've been in. It's also one of the reasons why the only fujos I can stand are Japanese. Not only is their art better but they have a tendency of respecting each other's tags, etc.

No. 2036549

I have Switzerland on this issue. However, a certain Nonnie in a previous thread said that she hates that fujos are just cucks to male faggots. It truly made me gasp and really made me think harder about my perspectives on this issue, some food for thought.

No. 2036564

comparing anime boys to 3DPD is haram

No. 2036569

Mistaking anime voyeurism for cuckoldry is a moid mistake and a sign of a rotted brain.

No. 2036573

Should probably add, this is not just a fujo thing but in general.
I see moids go fucking bananas because a series has a male and female character, not even romantically involved, and the moment she talks to another guy they start screeching "NTR!!! Ntr! Cuck! She's cucking him!!!" and start spamming death threats to the author when there's no fucking relationship to begin with.

No. 2036575

Fuck me kek my grammar is giving third worldie

No. 2036582

am a fujo and ive seen this sentiment a lot. i dont get it, im pretty sure theres a difference between voyeurism and cuckoldry

No. 2036597

>I have Switzerland on this issue

No. 2036661

She’s saying she’s neutral

No. 2036668

wouldnt straight ships count as cuckoldry too? i dont understand why it only applies to BL and not to shoujo

No. 2036816

literal mental illness. I had this theory that the reason scrotes hate ntr so much is that back in the day, women who weren't pleased by their current mate would scamper off to have kids with someone better, like some animals do in the wild. Of course this a theory, a extremely retarded theory but the amount of men who detest ntr outnumbers women who hate it. There's also the fact women are more likely to be faithful than men, a case of rules for thee, not for me becuase it's find if a man does it but lord forbid a woman sleeps with more than one man or has any male friends. Or, just friends for that matter.
They're pixels, words, and data. I don't care if two fictional characters get it on becuase it doesn't hurt anyone. Why is it voyeurist to read a good love story or a steaming erotica? Are women banned for liking bodice rippers because she's watching two characters boning each other?

No. 2036828

How can one be a cuck to a fictional couple? Is reading a book where any character has sex being a cuck? Is every single person who reads books or watches anime figuring romantic relationships with characters that are not obvious self inserts a cuck? Retarded take.

No. 2036845

Relating to or supporting the female in a ship is objectively less pathetic as a woman than doing the same for a gay moid, don't be dense

No. 2036853

they arent gay moids, they are cartoons

No. 2037126

Reading about a couple falling in love and having sex is reading about a couple falling in love and having sex. Either its cuckoldry or its not, and if you think it is then that says more about you.

No. 2039974

Can someone explain to me what is up with Chinese/Thai/Philippines BL shows? Like who is making them and who are they for? I know at least Thailand is semi open to gay and troon shit but I still perceive east Asian countries as being pretty traditionalist and homophobic. Is it just similar to Japanese yaoi creators? By women for women? Are these BL shows even popular or is it mostly consumed by kpoppies?

No. 2039992

It’s mostly by women for women

No. 2039998

Thailand is Troon friendly because they see it as a cure for homosexuality

No. 2049739

It is for women, but it's not "by women" like fanfiction is. Thai BL at least is created by male execs that want to draw in female viewership and money and wank material for older gay men as well

No. 2069015

Are fujos into anal so they can larp as the gay men they read about?

Serious question, I only have one single friend who's admitted to having done butt stuff sexually and she's the fujo of the group

No. 2069018

I’m a fujo, but no. Never done anything anally and not into it irl at all

No. 2069020

imagine being into 3DPD

No. 2069032

Well if you read fiction where everyone feels extremely good from anal of course you're going to take interest in that

No. 2069038

I'm celibate.
Fwiw most of the fujo I follow have kids, take from that what you will.
I read books where people feel good killing people but I'm never going to do that either. Seperate fiction from reality.

No. 2069045

I love how antifujos always find the way to blame women for moid's actions. This poor woman who fell for the fleshie trap was most than likely pressured by her scroteling to do anal after he watched porn where women screech in pain after being anally penetrated. I hope the moid ends up with dickworms.

No. 2069050

yaoi assholes are treated as pseudo vaginas anon, only retards seriously think it could like anything other then a reverse shit.

No. 2069081

Eh, it feels like every other bl nowadays as multiple pages of how sex can be dangerous and you need to do research and be prepared, even taking months timeskip in order to have sex just so that nothing bad happens.
Imagine if het porn got that.

No. 2069096

It's not like anal porn is some niche content frowned upon, even normal girls gets into it without the positive reinforcement. It's more about reading how this cake is good than killing people kek

No. 2069113

Tbf, I feel there's a lot less commitment to eating cake than there is killing somebody.
It's a spectrum, but I feel like anal is more on the serious side and cake is not.

No. 2069141

That's stupid, you believe masturbating/sex is a more serious commitment they would do it only if they were intent on larping as gay men, instead of just being another porn brainrot influence you can see any other day?

No. 2069158

What? I just think sex isn't something you should be deciding on with Japanese cartoons like some porn brainrotted moid.

No. 2069170

You're acting like grown women don't have agency and can't make decisions. The coddling is going too far.

No. 2069179

It is a literal fact that men pressure women into anal after seeing it in porn…

No. 2069209

>Seperate fiction from reality
we know this doesn't happen for most people, many men now see things like choking as a normal part of sex and not the act of violence it really is because they've been watching it in porn all along. I think sexual stuff is particularly strong when it comes to translating fiction into reality.

I've seen several tifs who did anal becuase they identified as gay men, it's undoubtly motivated by their yaoi consumption. It probably takes a lot for a fujo to go that far though, and at the very least identify as a theythem full time.

No. 2069215

That's because separating fiction from reality is a skill you have to keep training.
By saying "doing anal sex because you watched it in a cartoon is very stupid, its a cartoon" I am training that skill.
By saying "well, fiction does effect reality, women should stay away from fiction that has anal" you are letting that skill degrade.

No. 2069484

I wouldn't do it myself but I do find it hot even when it's a straight couple and it's probably because of BL stuff

No. 2070458

No. Fuck you for bumping this retarded thread.

No. 2073605

File: 1719842586756.png (81.28 KB, 754x753, IMG_4018.png)

Much of Fujo culture is creating rule 63, but then refusesing to call it rule 63

No. 2073778

That's not "fujo" culture you uncultured imbecile that's ancient Egyptian culture, get your facts right .

No. 2087015

because having it be a straight up woman wouldn't be as interesting? Mpreg is fairly cringe but who fucking cares? it's a fictional fetish that hurts nobody besides you apparently.

No. 2087106

kek you're replying to a 11 day old post trying to argue? fujospergs are just searching for things to be mad about lel

No. 2087117

Found the fujotard

No. 2087128

Mpreg is such a nothingburger anyway, if you want the real pseudo het cringe shit for women stuck in their girls are icky phase while still having a functional woman in their story it's called omegaverse. Maybe not related to fujos entirely, I find it funny how many gay artists memed themselves into drawing straight porn too, a lot of them moved on from their straights are icky phase too I guess. Just draw a woman half some dude's size getting having the most straight penis in vagina bodice ripper sexual intercourse and call it gay sex and twittards will clap for you. No need to even give them a tit chop either these days. But funnily enough not a lot of actual gay moids fell for this psyop kek

No. 2087165

File: 1720839453972.jpg (87.14 KB, 600x857, 60780_3747474.jpg)

It's because omegaverse is more light furry than it is het shit.
You can tell because a lot of it is actual furry.
For some reason people always forget to mention the whole deal with heat periods, biting, pheromones releasing, nesting, magic healing abilities, or the fact that it's based on wolves.
There's also the whole section of omegaverse where they turn into dogs.

No. 2087170

I wasn't aware of that, it's pretty interesting. I think I just haven't seen a lot of the animal stuff, when it comes across to me it's posts fixating on the "het" and powerdynamic aspects (and especially if you've brushed with the hellhole that is actual straight omegaverse) It may just be the crowd that I see the most often? Looking in a complete outsider would I be correct in guessing that some people choose more or less of the furry shit depending on their preference?

No. 2087180

File: 1720841450206.jpeg (87.9 KB, 600x856, c845ac6e58bd0513d18990acbc30eb…)

Some authors choose to lean into het dynamics but others choose to lean into the furry aspect.
Most just keep it to the shallow "heats and biting r sexy" deal. Of course, this depends on the crowd you're in.
There's other "verses" like cakeverse and dom/subverse which is mostly just petplay.
Honestly the whole thing would almost be impressive if the subject matter wasn't porn.

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