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File: 1710068313810.jpg (145.71 KB, 846x1200, 141076430_2636308649992736_510…)

No. 361298

>FUJOSHI (腐女子, "rotten girl"): a self-mockingly pejorative Japanese term for female fans of manga and novels that feature romantic relationships between men.

>Discuss yaoi and BL here, as well as other media aimed at (or with fanservice for) fujoshis.

>Discussion of BL games here is okay, but please do not cannibalize the otome game general.
>Discussion of Male/Male ships outside of strictly BL series is allowed, try to avoid divisiveness between slashers and classic fujos.
>No straight shit, there are other threads for that.
>Feel free to ask for recommendations, but specify what kind of material you're looking for (Genre, oneshot/series, doujinshi, SFW/NSFW etc).
>Being reasonably critical of BL is welcomed but don't come here only to bait or excessively moralsperg about fujos or how much you hate BL as a genre. Take it to Twitter.
>Be mindful of others and hide your spoilers. Use the spoiler image option and wrap your text inside spoiler tags.
>Reminder to ignore the baiting males and trolls who come to provoke.
>Keep the armchair psychology to a minimum, we've heard it all before.
>Be nice to each other, we fujos should stick together.

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No. 361301

Why would you use a pic with hideous bald men for the OP instead of one of the ones proposed in the previous thread?

No. 361304

To make you mad.

No. 361305

I'm not mad, but I'm disgusted. I'm allergic to bald men.

No. 361306

They aren't bald or balding - they only wear chonmage.

No. 361307

Even worse, that means it's done on purpose.

No. 361308

0/10 threadpic these men are disgusting

No. 361310

File: 1710073076603.jpg (132.64 KB, 1854x1295, 113341310.jpg)

Nu carnival got a super cute animated opening for their 2nd anniversary, even though I don't play it because I'm allergic to gacha it brings me so much joy to see a BL game get so much love and support from fujos. It's one of those games where you can tell the fujodevs are 100% self-indulgent and do whatever they want and I'm glad there's no drama surrounding it, considering that female-centric media tends to get beaten down faster than moidslop.

No. 361325

Kek no way nonnie, do you have screenshots?
Momo to Manji was pretty mediocre imo, the highlight of the manga was the author's old japan autism but I couldn't really care for that. Momo really grossed me out too.
Haven't read Bena but I will now.

No. 361329

File: 1710080568605.jpg (25.93 KB, 452x452, 20240309_133945.jpg)

they're adding a housing system or something too. adorable, but even among gachas nu:c is a complete grind so like you I still prpbably won't go back to it.

No. 361332

I will always hate this kusoge for only allowing ships with the 1 mc. Whats the point of a FUJO game without shipping the other clan members with each other?

No. 361334

eiden is best boy anyways. but he needs more threesomes and orgies, what's the point of a harem without that?

No. 361335

I actually like the bald Samurai look. It's unique.

No. 361342

Awful threadpic

No. 361373

>Gets thread pic recommendations
>Ignores them and picks bald samurai
What the fuck is wrong with you? Fill this thread up fast nonnies

No. 361374

Chonmage is disgusting and that specific manga is overrated as hell, lauded by the ilk that simp over hideous men

No. 361375

How do nonnies here feel about blvn piracy?

No. 361379

Careful nonnie, you'll trigger the Eidenfags and the VN purists, and accuse you of trying to change the entire premise of the story and make unhinged demands on the company~

No. 361380

>the OP pic
Wow…that’s ugly
I get that Japanese pedophiles back in the day were into that hairstyle but doesn’t make it any less hideous by modern standards.

No. 361381

To be frank I don't consider eidentards to be real fujos seeing how hard they sperg over interclan shipping in a damn r18 game

No. 361382

but there are vns who do what anon's talking about. show me a gacha that does that.

No. 361383

I don't consider you to be a real fujo because you have shit taste

No. 361384

File: 1710096799857.png (3.55 MB, 1351x2048, 111966987_p20.png)

>Ships you like purely for cute factor
I don't even care about fate (read the original VN and hated it) but these two are so cute.

No. 361385

File: 1710097041517.png (634.62 KB, 990x718, Screenshot 2024-03-10 120024.p…)

I think she's talking about that fugly chinese otoge that didn't allow BL fanwork.

No. 361386

>not a real fujo for shipping men with other men instead of the male lead

No. 361387

(speaking purely in terms of games since you can't really be a fujo without pirating manga)
If the game has an official release overseas I think pirating isn't good, but if you keep it to yourself and don't share around links then it's not that big of a deal.
If the game doesn't have an official release overseas then go nuts.

No. 361388

I will never understand how anyone finds that pseudo-3DPD game appealing. The men are hideous and uncanny-looking.

No. 361389


No. 361390

Disagree, they just look like FF characters to me

No. 361391

>shit taste is shipping boys together instead of 1 person
kek, sure thing eidentard

No. 361392

How the fuck dare you insult Sephiroth like that.

No. 361393

File: 1710098605517.jpg (399.12 KB, 1000x1416, 20240310_142523.jpg)

it's the only way I play them unless I can't find a rip anywhere

but I buy merch or send games to my friends on steam to guilt them into playing them for the ones I like. I'll buy lovedestroy's new game on chil-chil whenever it comes out as well because I'd love to see that ghetto cage remake they were trying to do come to fruition.

No. 361394

File: 1710098681937.png (484.2 KB, 538x605, 1709698850273.png)

FF characters are cute because they don't speak to you the player.

No. 361395

exactly, it's unnerving to have those lifeless eyes stare at you

No. 361397

They always swear the clanshippers hate Eiden. I love the guy, but the other guys look great together too.

No. 361398

Any video game character speaking directly towards you can be a little unnerving (there's a reason why breaking the fourth wall gets used for horror a lot in games) but it's even more creepy when they almost look like a real person.
Genuinely don't get how people can get into that sort of thing.

No. 361399

And they still dont look any different

No. 361401

It's just a missed and wasted opportunity, interclan shipping could be so fun. They act like the biggest victims when the whole game panders to their illness.

No. 361403

I think she's just bringing dumb 4chan drama here again

No. 361404

Truthfully speaking, I'm just trying to get discussion ramped up because of OP's gross pic. The sooner this thread fills up, the sooner we can jump ship and not have our eyes raped by ugly art(spam/bait)

No. 361405

File: 1710099630720.png (1.62 MB, 1287x1000, 111358776_p56.png)

Judging by how these threads go, we're gonna be stuck with that shit for like a month.

No. 361406

File: 1710099649911.png (551.84 KB, 729x617, Screenshot_6493-1.png)

No. 361408

File: 1710099777076.jpg (83.93 KB, 517x700, 1203033689575.jpg)

I wish dumping doujins was allowed. That's how I'd do it.

No. 361409

File: 1710099888750.jpg (Spoiler Image,416.61 KB, 950x1343, img001-Nagisa-wa-Shinji-o-Waka…)

I guess we could at least share the covers of our favorites?

No. 361410

Based. OP is so retarded

No. 361411

Even though it's not going to be a thing, there's no need to take offense to other people doing interclan shipping(at least we're not adding pussies or doing trans shit.) Eiden will still be the MC and the focus in canon.

That being said, I'm trying to collect Nu:Cani doujins. The Taiwanese are very prolific and have lots, though they're very Quincy-biased. I was hoping to find some of the other guys with or without Eiden.

No. 361413

File: 1710100459228.png (1.08 MB, 1578x1662, 2b978389-77ff-4618-bba9-a96b09…)

shinji looks disgusting–nipples protruding–before congress

No. 361414

File: 1710100536906.png (793.52 KB, 1328x691, Screenshot 2024-03-10 125741.p…)

>New Kawoshin doujin up when I checked today
I don't think Tamamori gets to sass when he openly admits that he premature ejaculates.

No. 361415

Not OP but I really liked OP's art, especially the way their bodies were drawn.
Sometimes I genuinely wonder if I have retard taste, I don't see what's wrong.

No. 361416

File: 1710100547136.png (466.21 KB, 640x630, 4887.png)

(didn't have a haru moment for that one)

No. 361418

Something about Shinji's pose here is barf-inducing

No. 361419

The problem is how repulsive chonage looks even on a 2D male.

No. 361420

File: 1710100764238.png (509.81 KB, 1036x813, Screenshot 2024-03-10 130220.p…)

His shirt is tacky.

No. 361421

>tits in the corner
Hoping you don't get banned nonnie

No. 361422

the art is pretty but nothing in the universe could make that hairstyle look good

No. 361423

File: 1710101034371.png (350.29 KB, 811x259, 1707588109400.png)

it's cute when yaoiboys do that though

No. 361424

There's a reason why even historical anime/manga have the main characters not have traditional hairstyles
My favorite example is hybrid child where all the ugly background characters have it but none of the couples.

No. 361425

File: 1710101322897.jpg (641.67 KB, 690x1031, 001.jpg)

I forgot to spoiler it, damn I'm the true idiot here. It's La Dolce Vita for DMC. Here's the alt cover

No. 361426

File: 1710101592866.png (103.91 KB, 337x278, 31566c67cb7be902107118816aec2f…)


No. 361427

I actually hate that, I love when fashion is historically accurate even if it doesn't tie in with modern sensibilities.

No. 361429

It doesn't work when we're supposed to find both of the characters attractive though.

No. 361430

I agree, the accurate stuff is awesome

No. 361431

Kek I remember that. Yeah it's better that way.

No. 361432

It's nice to have and shows the author's research, but some of the styles (like hair) look fucking ugly like OP's pic

No. 361433

File: 1710102447734.jpg (203.6 KB, 800x1649, 800px-Lucifer_Liege_Luc_Viatou…)

And this was what the west was putting out at the same time…truly Japan was anti fujo in the 1800s.

No. 361434

Everything else can be historically accurate but make the guys hot at least. Its fiction for a reason

No. 361435

I like the bulky fleshy look of the uke tbh.

No. 361437

it's nice to see something different and unique for a change, and so passionately researched and well executed too. it's really annoyong when people like you scream and cry about that kind of thing existing.

No. 361438

Same, I really like the characters in it but I couldn't afford the gacha since it's ridiculously expensive and the gameplay is too grindy, but I was so happy to see the really high quality animation made for it. I'm so glad it became a success and showed people that there's a clientele for true fujo games like this instead of just a generic joseimuke otome that has a crumb of fujopandering in it.

No. 361440

File: 1710103197162.png (193.01 KB, 602x376, AhamwGW.png)

hotness can overcome most things, but traditional Japanese male hairstyles are a whole other level of aesthetically unpleasing.

No. 361442

File: 1710103259066.jpg (82.6 KB, 550x410, kappa time.jpg)

>that one with the tied up sausage pigtails
Most of these just remind me of kappas though.

No. 361443

thank god we can hide images this shit is hideous

No. 361444

well yeah: kappas and onis originate from people with bad eyesight mistaking people with a bad haircuts (bald kappa or triangles cut into hair giving one the appearance of horns) for demons

No. 361446

I get the hairstyle, but I genuinely don't understand how the art is hideous.
Is it the eyes or blush?

No. 361447

I think the amount of detail in the rendering is impressive and screenshots from the game is nice to look at, but holy shit I would be so creeped out actually playing it because the men absolutely look so uncanny in movement. I'm pretty sure the "BL content banned" thing was to appease unhinged Chinese yumes who go psycho mode if they see gay content of their husbandos and they just extended it internationally as a safety measure because it was mostly Chinese speakers who were bullying BL artists on Twitter and being openly homophobic and calling BL art "forced diversity" kek. I'm pretty sure the international servers are going to tank in a year, there's really no demand for having what's basically the equivalent of an animated wallpaper on your phone with lootbox mechanics outside of China.

No. 361449

I'll take shaved historical yaoi men over your scrote gachashit any day.

No. 361450

You're so fucking annoying, why do you need to ruin the mood with your ship sperging, no BL game is gonna pander to everyone's specific tastes

No. 361451

File: 1710103730203.png (325.56 KB, 549x355, 36wJMEI.png)

Reminds me of the Manchu queue. Literally everyone hated it so much that despite it being enforced for over 200 years, as soon as the Qing fell, everyone (including the Qing loyalists) cut it off. Also, I love this account from the Wikipedia page

>English adventurer Augustus Frederick Lindley wrote that the beardless, youthful long haired Han Chinese rebels from Hunan in the Taiping armies who grew all their hair long while fighting against the Qing dynasty were among the most beautiful men in the world unlike, in his mind, the Han Chinese who wore the queue, with Lindley calling the shaved part "a disfigurement".[89]

No. 361452

I'm only bitching and moaning specifically about this because OP retardedly put it as the OP pic. And she didn't even fucking wait until after 1200 posts to make her shitpic thread. The fucking ugly BL is allowed to exist especially when the author poured her heart into it, I don't give a fuck, but putting it in the OP is what's vomit inducing. Not everyone wants to see alt-yaoi

No. 361453

I don't even play the game kek (or any gacha for that matter).

No. 361455

she's sperging about a nukige at that, it's not like the characters even have strong chemistry with anyone besides the mc

No. 361456

You're just MAD that kuya is canonically a top and not a bottom being fucked by quincy. I actually enjoy interclan shipping, I like kuya x rei, aster x morvay, olivine x quincy, yakumo x garu

No. 361457

File: 1710104006176.png (288.88 KB, 675x863, 1998.png)

not op but holy shit your autism

No. 361458

>olivine x quincy
Ew nonnie, please

No. 361459

bald men are ugly, a turd sprayed with perfume is still a turd

No. 361460

Didn't the guy who made this get in trouble because he made lucifer to hot kek

No. 361461

I don't care

He did actually

No. 361462

File: 1710104259550.jpg (55.82 KB, 500x765, some sculptor looked at this a…)

Yes, they were worried about the local village girls and nuns going wet for satan.
Ironically this was the one that was meant to be the 'less' sexy one too kek.

No. 361463

It wouldn't even work with the concept of this game. I don't think the devs themselves have a problem with interclan shipping, it's kinda obvious that they ship aster and morvay they just want to avoid ship autism and top-bottom drama. Same reason why love and deepspace banned BL, it's not gonna affect their sales but it might lead to yumefujo wars

No. 361464

>not like the characters even have strong chemistry with anyone besides the mc
You dont need to lie out of your ass to make your failed point

No. 361466

>The fucking ugly BL is allowed to exist especially when the author poured her heart into it,
Ngl you sound like an anime villian lmao. I still like that body type over the more generally liked body types, I'd take it even with a bad haircut over other the usual.

No. 361467

There’s nothing “specific taste” about interclan shipping. Its literally normal and common to ship the characters with each other outside of literally 1 person

No. 361468

Wtf these hairstyles are so ugly. Was there actually like a practical reason for these haircuts or was it really just the fashion back then?

This one is less sexy, but he made him cuter/prettier. I really like the idea of nuns secretly lusting after a statue of satan.

No. 361469

you're right, it wouldn't. she really does just think she's entitled to her shitty ships being canon because its a BL game without considering how big of an undertaking it would be to put a feature like that in the game.

No. 361470

>This one is less sexy, but he made him cuter/prettier
This was actually the first one. I really have no idea why they thought putting Lucifer in chains would make him 'less' sexy.
>I really like the idea of nuns secretly lusting after a statue of satan.
Sounds like it could be a decent set up to a BL doujinshi if you made it a crossdressing nun honestly.

No. 361471

Based, I take that as a compliment thanks. Also I did say it can exist. Not sure why I'm an anime villain, but be prepared for an arc as long as Namek, nonnie!

No. 361472

File: 1710104778709.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1920x1080, allegedly not yaoi.jpeg)

I got into JJK very recently after binge watching the anime and I can't get these two tards out of my head. They're not be canon but they might as well be at that point.

No. 361473

Who said you can't do that? But it's just not how the game works, it's a BL harem like drammatical murder instead… you can't even implement interclan sex scenes that easy. You think the devs don't want to put threesomes and orgies that not only involve aster and morvay?

No. 361474

>how big of an undertaking it would be to put a feature
You’re going to pretend like having rooms with different characters is suddenly a huge challenge now? You couldnt make it any more obvious you self insert into eiden kek this game would be better without phony fujos like you forcing your mental illness in our games

No. 361476

You allow it to exist… for now. The author should be grateful for that, and sit in her dark little corner away from your sight!

No. 361477

I don't think anyone is wanting to force interclan shipping to be canon. It's a nice thought, but not a "YOU MUST ADD THIS" sort of thing. Also, calm down Eidentard

No. 361478

It would not be hard to implement stop being so dramatic. Talking about threesomes and orgies when I’m talking about different ships not involving Eiden.

No. 361479

File: 1710104995108.jpg (433.81 KB, 1600x1229, koucuck.jpg)

>implying dmmd is a harem and not NTR

No. 361480

She's lucky I am so benevolent and kind, who wouldn't be grateful? Now I must gather the dragon balls to make my ultimate fujo wish!

No. 361481

The rooms are specific to ONE character. They'll sell you garu in new skimpy clothes, they can't add kuya fucking him out of nowhere cause then you also need to buy a new limited kuya
You just hate eiden kek

No. 361482

Except that's exactly what she's been saying for the last 2 hours

No. 361483

No. 361484

>cause then you also need to buy a new limited kuya
No you wouldnt

No. 361486

Nah I truly love the guy and spent most of my contracts getting his video game Demon Lord SSR. I hope he fucks Huey and Rin at the same time.
American nonnies, remember to do your dailies since the time went ahead.

No. 361487

Yes you would cause kuya is a clan member and won't appear out of nowhere in someone's room. They all get their separate rooms that's the point

No. 361488

Reminder kuya is a top and will always be a top now cope and seethe

No. 361489

Nah I just hate eidentards like you who sperg at the mere idea of anyone not fucking your self insert.

No. 361491

Let him fuck Rei.

You would. Look at the Aster and Morvay SSRs and how those rooms were done. In order for interclan sex to happen, they'd have to make a brand new SSR for it.

No. 361492

Nooo, leave best boy alone!

No. 361493

Weird and retarded with awful taste.(infighting)

No. 361494

Eiden is not a self-insert kek he literally gets his own SSRs

No. 361495

Is aoba a self-insert? Discuss

No. 361496

Didn't that anon say earlier that she doesn't even play the game? That would explain a lot

No. 361497

Yes, because you follow your heart and whoever makes you tingle the most. Or something.

No. 361498

He's a self insert in the sense that he doesn't have much personality so it's easier to ship him with all the guys, but I wouldn't say he's a full on self insert character.
A lot of BL protagonists are like that though, I think it's just because it's a joseimuke thing (same way a lot of otome protagonists have just enough personality to not be a full self insert, but not too much to where it's hard to ship them).

No. 361499

No that was the original anon who was just gushing about the anni vid

No. 361500

No. Stop trying to senselessly fill this thread up just because you don’t like the OP pic.

No. 361501

Not all self inserts are generic blank slates and getting SSRs is not a measuring stick for it kek, eidentards like you can (and do) still project onto him and sperg about the mere idea of interclan shipping.

No. 361502

It annoys me because she's acting like nu carnival is not a real BL because it's a BL harem and we're all just yumejoshi otomefags in disguise. Like I'm fairly sure majority of otomefags are staying in their lane playing tears of themis and love and deepspace, not nu carnival

No. 361503

Imo I don't trust that interclan wouldn't be sold separately.
That being said, there could be duo units. I was thinking more on bow 3p is not off the table and there might be a banner where Blade and Garu are both split in two, but still one unit.

No. 361504

That's not me.

No. 361505

I think he's kind of bland but he's definitely not a self-insert. He's just your average tsundere uke protagonist.

No. 361506

You're the one who started sperging out of nowhere. A lot of nucarni fans are ok with interclan shipping too, and I wouldn't mind seeing it implemented in the game but you're accusing us of being self-inserters therefore "fake" fujos just because we like eiden too? You obviously like kuya x quincy cause that's the only ship that causes so much drama for no reason

No. 361508

It was the other person calling the interclan shipper a fake fujo first right here >>361383

No. 361510

I was talking to another anon who agreed with me about the shipping issue, you could’ve scrolled past but like all victim playing eidentards, you didnt and instead decided to sperg about 100 fake reasons why “ermm akshully it would never work out”. I do think you’re fake fujo and no cope about eiden will change my mind. There’s no way you’re playing a porn fujo game and you’re perfectly happy with all the sex scenes being with 1 guy when there are plenty of other good options too.

No. 361511

File: 1710106738947.png (930.5 KB, 970x743, Screenshot_4370-1.png)

>tears of themis and love and deepspace
i might have to kill myself if my options were either boring trash or extremely sexualized girl with giant hentai boobies submitting to some overdesigned anime boy idk. no wonder they're all messing with AI now.

No. 361512

File: 1710106874939.png (753.9 KB, 1000x1412, E7Vx1FMVoAA-lOp.png)

>Qworu getting cucked by Animeworu
I didn't know this was a thing but am very pleased by it. OT but I really wish someone would translate kakure and himo's kawoshin doujins, the mafia AU one lives in my head rent free

No. 361515

Neither of those games apply to what you're describing kek, keep your seething in check nonna

No. 361517

Yeah this, just because he's the protagonist doesn't mean he's a self insert. He has his own distinct personality, dialogue and lore, it's not like you get to choose everything for him.

Anyway who the fuck is this autistic to sperg endlessly about nuca ships what the fuck who gives a damn just ship them idc

No. 361518

>tears of themis
>not boring trash
lol lmao

No. 361520

The artist makes him look way too much like a girl, and the weird puffy nipples are just gross. I hate it when fujos make coomer-adjacent art like this

No. 361521

akira is retarded enough to be

No. 361522

Exactly, glad you got it

No. 361523

you're reaching dangerous levels of bad taste, I'll pray for you

No. 361525

I stared too hard and now I realized the line between his chest makes it looks like he's a flat gril

No. 361526

do you really need to add a nty reaction picture every time you post?

No. 361527

File: 1710108570086.jpg (181.73 KB, 704x1070, Tumblr_l_573564168125940.jpg)

it's only some of my posts! and I don't have any doujin covers saved on my computer!

No. 361528

File: 1710109007029.png (397.29 KB, 602x466, O5l6v7n.png)

>Was there actually like a practical reason for these haircuts or was it really just the fashion back then?
Don't know much about the Japanese Hairstyles, but the queue was specifically meant as a symbol of humiliation and submission enforced on the Chinese, not having one would result in immediate death.

No. 361529

File: 1710109453655.png (4.97 MB, 2048x1153, F9IjR8UbUAACxTZ.png)


No. 361530

I posted this before, but both cultures embraced the worst aspects of each other. Originally the first two Manchu emperors wanted to force the Chinese to be more Manchu, which included adopting Manchu hairstyles and changing their dress to be less extravagant and more plain. However, all the emperors that followed had the exact opposite desire and wanted to be more Chinese than the Chinese themselves. Despite this they still had to honor the emperors before them and kept their policies, but they also tried to Sinicize themselves. One of the most obvious effects of this was the introduction of Confucian misogyny towards Manchu women.

>In their traditional culture before the Qing, Manchu women originally had sexual autonomy being able to have premarital sex, being able to talk and mingle with men after being married without coming under suspicion of infidelity and to remarry after becoming widows, but Manchu men later adopted Han Chinese Confucian values and started killing their wives and daughters during the Qing for perceived infidelity due to talking to unrelated men while married or premarital sex, and prizing virginity and widow chastity like Han Chinese.[247]

No. 361537

I'll extend curtsey for the puffy nipples and say thats just a fetish but yeah the general composition looks like your average trashy josei smut slop

No. 361538

File: 1710110642405.png (713.69 KB, 1230x572, Screenshot 2024-03-10 154643.p…)

Poor taste, this doujin is god tier.

No. 361542

File: 1710112152584.png (6.3 MB, 1536x2048, meshinui.png)

>No plushies

No. 361544

File: 1710112224429.jpeg (19.71 KB, 500x667, NEOGDS-730176.jpeg)

I'm almost considering preordering pic related and the matching Geto one. It's kinda cheap if I preorder it now. But I promised myself to stop being a consoomer. What do?

No. 361545

File: 1710112331732.jpg (740.09 KB, 3024x4032, 20240108_152626.jpg)

I can't give advice because I'm a consoomer

No. 361546

as a poorfag im happy to pirate games, but it feels good to support the creators whenever possible.
there are a few pirated blvn that ive played that im happy i didnt have to spend money on bc i hated them for various reasons. hadaka and lamento come immediately to mind. but then again, i was happy to drop money on the slow damage preorder bc i wanted to show as much support for the game as possible (plus it was fun playing alongside everyone and reading peoples takes on it itt)

No. 361548

File: 1710112474634.jpg (23.09 KB, 413x578, s-l1600_7.jpg)

No. 361549

File: 1710112558329.jpeg (746.37 KB, 600x847, C5B0E7EE-8AD2-4BAF-88EB-AE88EC…)

fighting game yaoi is superior, i wish there was more doujins to share. this cover is really nice to me, though. godtier art.

No. 361550

File: 1710112576353.jpeg (499.07 KB, 1918x1077, damn shiki pimpin.jpeg)

Still can't get over that the chibi trading figure version of this has a tiny penis.

No. 361552

File: 1710112802239.jpg (19.24 KB, 600x391, sweetpool_bathtime04.jpg)

nc had so much soul during that era

No. 361553

He's so cute!

No. 361554

Honestly I'll put some thoughts into it anyway, it's not like I'm considering getting huge, expensive figurines of them.

About your pic, I love the Volo plushie, I was about to buy one of Sycamore in Japan because it was the only one left in the Nihonbashi Pokemon Center but I didn't because I was worried it would fit in my suitcase given how many things I bought before that. I still regret it.

No. 361555

They modeled a tiny bump on his crotch for his dick oh my god that's so adorable

No. 361556

File: 1710114116031.jpg (27.79 KB, 570x428, sluuuuurp.jpg)

Why don't you want to support a hardworking indie king ?

No. 361558

listen if a moid wants to make a game to cater to his necrophilia and bestiality fetishes thats fine but you cant expect your average n+c enjoying fujo to be into it lmao

the sad thing is that its genuinely an enjoyable vn if you remove all the fetish content, but the fetish content is also like 70% of the game so

No. 361563

File: 1710114979422.jpg (Spoiler Image,18.01 KB, 430x323, 20240310_184347.jpg)

>you cant expect your average n+c enjoying fujo to be into it lmao
where were you back in its heyday? it was a beloved meme game and the first thing you'd get recommended after dmmd

No. 361565

File: 1710115695606.jpeg (366.29 KB, 1116x1944, IMG_7057.jpeg)

>it was a beloved meme game
No it wasn’t

No. 361566

because it was one of the few blvn that had fan patches and translation for a long time.

i dont want to get into this argument again anyway lmao, i dont really mind if fujos enjoy hadaka, i can see that its a beloved meme game hell it has some iconic moments too like the udon scene. i just think. its 2024 lmao we do in fact have better vn options to recommend to newbies

No. 361567

is the creator even into the things he put in the game? hadaka shitsuji gave me the impression of being made purely to mock other bl games. i've played plently of moidshit eroge with degenerate fetishes and they always seemed more genuine.

No. 361572

File: 1710116486005.gif (217.16 KB, 393x498, tomaoki-maeda-hadaka-shitsuji.…)

beloved by people with a sense of humor I mean, not the same people who canceled mink for cultural appropriation and you best believe that's what's going on in those caps

he put way too much effort into that game for it to be a troll. the weird shit was all for the sake of hardcore humiliation fetish, not for the weird shit on its own. he also went on to make another full length bl game (patient S remedy) which is enough evidence that hadaka was legit.

No. 361573

>beloved by people with a sense of humor I mean
Anon I think that’s a pretty small minority of people…most fujos playing BLVN just want a classic romance with some more niche kinks for the bad ends (guro) rather than the stuff put in hadaka.

No. 361577

File: 1710117201458.jpg (51.33 KB, 320x481, 070319jyujyutushi.jpg)

still mad that they never did anything with this guy in lamento. how did the side characters manage to be more interesting than the actual LIs it is a mystery

No. 361578

It’s actually one of my yume friend’s plushie! But I thought the hat she made for it was so cute that I had to post it.
I hope they do more trainer plushies in the future.

No. 361581

File: 1710117985347.png (2.12 MB, 1080x2108, current chil-chil top 9.png)

a small minority? then please explain how dmmd is the most popular blvn in the west by a huge margin and luckydog1 is still the most popular one in jp 90 years later. meme games have mass appeal, and there's a way bigger market for edge and depression than classic romance.

No. 361584

Dmmd isn’t a meme game what are you talking about

No. 361586

File: 1710118358841.jpg (28.21 KB, 640x360, aoba-music.jpg)

No. 361587

Memes being in a game doesn’t make it a meme game, the memes just exist because it’s popular.
A meme game is like a shitpost or troll game like hadaka.

No. 361588

i don't understand what you're trying to say. are the most popular blvns popular because they're meme games or because they're edgy and depressing? or is that the same thing to you?

No. 361591

File: 1710119090455.jpg (18.96 KB, 256x256, 25424-5a80e.jpg)

>a shitpost or troll game like hadaka
it's no more of those things than tnc or dmmd. you thought nc wrote the screwdriver rape scene with a straight face? these games all know exactly how ridiculous they are and they own it. it doesn't have to take the joke as far as gakuen handsome to count as a meme game.

No. 361592

>for 90 years
When was it made….1934???

No. 361594

yes, yura is a living fossil

No. 361595

t. irony poisoned zoomer

No. 361597

is telling an autistic 30+ fujo that dmmd and tnc weren't meant to be taken completely seriously like telling a child santa isnt real? oops

idk if you've noticed, but it's the people who meme these games to death who are able to get the most enjoyment out of them, while those who the irony is lost on are way harsher on them. we know it's not lost on nc themselves after how hard they push their own memes in everything from merch to april fools jokes. you have to turn your brain off at least a little to get the most out of them.

No. 361598

File: 1710121584939.jpg (1.4 MB, 4624x3468, a4s3vz6y73ya1.jpg)

bsd plushies are so cute even tho I hate the anime, I just want to put them next to their respctive books since the designes of the characters are cute. and if we're talking about specifically BL plushies I wish there were some of the characters of lkyt…

No. 361609

File: 1710122698313.jpg (239.37 KB, 780x585, FaRe5S3UEAAEjNk.jpg_medium.jpg)

There are little plushies for Takeru, Tasuku, and Yael's familiars! Tasuku and Yael's sold out months ago but Takeru's is still in stock on parade's website

No. 361610

File: 1710122816962.jpg (63.08 KB, 486x644, 853.jpg)

The promo art of them was cute

No. 361611

File: 1710122898435.jpg (214.68 KB, 1069x1049, 8bc.jpg)

oh my god i should've known better than to bring up hadaka here again. the shitflinging is never worth it

No. 361613

File: 1710122943745.jpeg (127.4 KB, 1200x1200, IMG_3690.jpeg)

Nonna cat Gojo is worth it. Go for it

No. 361615

File: 1710123315958.png (1.66 MB, 1378x1836, 89487891_p12.png)

they're cute, but I wish there were some normal character plushies. A mini yael and Tasuku would be so cute alas.

No. 361633

File: 1710131620122.jpg (96.65 KB, 800x800, 20240228_214110.jpg)

Love that pic, but yeah if RN9 didn't get them Lkyt is doomed to small things, CLOCKUP are poorfags

No. 361777

File: 1710184800548.jpeg (31.44 KB, 680x528, GIBN0SKWMAAJPUm.jpeg)

I love how no matter what, Geto always keeps his earrings, that's so cute! I can't believe this deranged, arrogant mass murdering piece of shit can be this cute!

No. 361880

their fujobait is quite heavy handed. i thought it was very cool of gege to write sukuna being as obsessed as he was with fushiguro. villians acting predatory towards male MCs feels like such a thing of the past

No. 361882

File: 1710200019520.jpg (38.07 KB, 700x442, 00078268681_01_350x3502.jpg)

No. 361891

Apparently Gege's admitted to having read some BL, so maybe he really is a fudanshi lol

No. 361925

File: 1710223925071.jpg (108.2 KB, 850x850, __blade_nu_carnival_drawn_by_p…)

I love Blade so much kiss kiss kiss
I hate when I see fans complain that he's a top. They just don't get it. Being so cute but also strong and a top is what makes him good.

No. 361965

He mentioned a specific BL manga, Sankaku Mado wa something, I gave it a try and didn't really get into it for some reason despite liking supernatural stuff, I guess because of the pacing and how the teenage girl annoyed the fuck out of me for some reason. I wouldn't be surprised if he also liked Tokyo Babylon or X, they're not BL even though they have a canon gay pairing (somewhat) that has similarities with satosugu but JJK has a lot in common with both series. So now I'm using JJK to cope with the fact that X will never have an ending. Kind of how like reading Paradise Kiss recently helped me cope with Nana still being on hiatus.

No. 361968

that's like complaining clear is a top, blade is obviously based on clear

No. 361978

but he's retarded

No. 361979

That’s retarded, dont give these scrotes more credit than they deserve. Fujimoto also rec’d some BLs himself that doesnt make him a fudanshi

No. 361980

Some would say being retarded makes you more likely to top because you have tard strength and don't understand boundries.

No. 361983

File: 1710237673841.png (274.09 KB, 285x398, image.png)

> Sankaku Mado wa something
Sankaku Mado no Sotogawa wa Yoru?
>Shy bookstore clerk Kosuke Mikado has the ability to see ghosts and spirits, an ability he wishes he didn’t have, since what he sees usually terrifies him. Rihito Hiyakawa, an exorcist whose supernatural powers are as strong as his social graces are weak, doesn’t seem to fear anything, mortal or otherwise. When this odd couple gets together to solve the bizarre cases that come their way, their work methods may not be entirely safe for work!

No. 361984

Yeah this one. I watched the first episode when it aired with a friend and I had no clue it was an actual BL so we laughed at the fujobait and how fast everything was happening. But I also think the manga feels very slow. I also heard that the main pairing doesn't end up as an actual couple idk if there's a reason for that or if it's just that the status quo is maintained until the end but that disappointed a lot.

No. 361997

kek I can't argue with that logic

No. 362011

>based on clear
Ah, that's why I love him so much

No. 362023

name a retarded bottom people like who isn't a nitro chiral protagonist

No. 362025

The main guy from Gravitation.

No. 362028

I wasn't commenting about not being a bottom, rather that he's retarded. Blade looks like a switch but he honestly works best as a top. It's just that Eiden's getting rammed by a room temp(celsius)IQ robot.

No. 362031

File: 1710251534994.jpg (105.59 KB, 850x1204, 1000014476.jpg)

Blade is the cutest, I love him as a himbo top too, it would be boring if he was just a himbo bottom who goes "uwu" for eiden. The fact that he's clueless about many things and is a room temp IQ autist is what makes him so adorable and perfect.

No. 362034

>It's just that Eiden's getting rammed by a room temp(celsius)IQ robot.
thats exactly what makes it so good tho

No. 362036

File: 1710251983807.gif (2.19 MB, 480x270, anime-asobi-asobase (1).gif)

>fujodevs are 100% self-indulgent and do whatever they want and I'm glad there's no drama surrounding it
this, i will always adore their selfcest event even tho i never pulled Demon King Eiden

No. 362037

ntayrt, but nonnie, have you read Bena yet? it's a short read but i liked it for some reason.

No. 362039

File: 1710252085375.jpg (209.57 KB, 1941x2048, AAAAAAAAAAA.jpg)

one threesome he had and none of them fucked each other.

No. 362040

>kuya x rei, aster x morvay
based, but i see you still ship the characters as top x bottom, not nearly fujowoke enough, pathetic

No. 362041

>crossdressing nun
i have a better one, repressed priest with a waning faith.

No. 362043

thats jjba part 6

No. 362050

File: 1710253945321.png (2.78 MB, 2254x1164, Chrial_ost.png)


No. 362051

Holy fucking unintegrated newfags, where are you people coming from?

No. 362053

>inb4 this is the anon who got triggered by the baldmen op pic still trying to infight over nothing

No. 362076

File: 1710260509487.jpg (74.07 KB, 564x502, tumblr_397c787958cb0ba4d243ded…)

I'm not ready to read whole comic series for gay villains.

No. 362078

File: 1710261209322.jpg (48.15 KB, 564x379, tumblr_447c571bdd0ea265a897e65…)

They're cute.

No. 362086

What is this Russian shit?

No. 362092

That's what makes him so cute as a top. You, too, don't understand. How sad for you.

No. 362100

source? is it DC?
i've honestly given up on reading western comics from the big companies, every fucking author makes a different canon

No. 362103

Nonnie, all I said was that he's retarded, not that he's unfit as a top.

No. 362104

When somebody makes a statement and your reply begins with "but", that usually implies disagreement.

No. 362105

File: 1710271001537.png (946.46 KB, 616x930, plaquedoctor317.png)

I get you nona I don't know how to navigate on every iterations of same characters. No idea how guys do that. I was interested in Spiderman but I've read he's far more cooler in other series beside his own.
About source. It's Plaque Doctor from Bubble. I didn't read comics myself but pages with these guys are fit to my taste.

No. 362109

This reminds me that some tracks in Slow Damage reminded me a lot of SMT4, it was super weird.

No. 362110

I disagree with her finding him cute.

No. 362117

they reminded me more of watered down p5. actually, a lot of things about that game reminded me of p5. i think it was my least favorite nitro+chiral game and ost. not a bad ost by any means but the others are better, i can't even remember any of its ending songs.

No. 362125

Real gamer's top 10

No. 362127

File: 1710274941811.png (3.25 MB, 2255x1164, 1710275077240.png)

No. 362133

LOL sorry, I think he's so cute that that being the disagreeable part never occurred to me… Carry on, my bad.

No. 362135

I don't know. But god I love bumping the TnC and sweepoo OSTs and somehow your post reminded me that there was an official sweepoo techno remix CD. Why oh ehy did the youtube uploads get deleted

No. 362149

File: 1710282549687.jpg (295.78 KB, 1500x2000, MERE - スロダメ (107850030) p25.jp…)

What do you have against slow damage and Lamento?

No. 362159

File: 1710285302264.jpeg (775.67 KB, 2555x2173, 6D434E09-60AB-4F6C-AC31-085481…)

Do you wish you had a fujo family?

No. 362221

File: 1710310327299.webp (Spoiler Image,50.12 KB, 350x526, Blood-of-the-sun.png)

i meant smtg more like Blood of the Sun, but ykw? fair

No. 362278

The characters in this were so unlikable that I didn't want a couple at all

No. 362290

i didn't like Sailou much but i liked the scenes of Gabriel's temptation and Paulo was pretty hot, i like that they just added a light line along the back of his cheek and were just like yup that's a middle aged man alright.

No. 362347

Really, not even fucking reo and nagi?

No. 362356

I didn't like this either. I like the idea of it (although I wished it was just about the vampire and the priest, like this it's literally gay Twilight), but the MC was pathetic and the other two were flat as fuck. Was I supposed to root for the end couple when they barely interact even in flashbacks? It was just disappointing overall.

No. 362484

File: 1710399327068.jpg (103.37 KB, 1000x500, twittercard.jpg)

How many sales in a year do they have? It seems there is a sale every month.

No. 362487


No. 362489

I just feel like if you're gonna have a fucking priest as a character there needs to be way more religious guilt spice in the mix and that manhwa failed to deliver

No. 362495

File: 1710406700179.png (2.11 MB, 1080x1080, 711ohtLu0L.png)

>Fujobaity official art from non fujo series

No. 362496

File: 1710406743988.jpg (139.84 KB, 743x1023, c8ac8dc42fe40798e8c0bee6129918…)

No. 362497

I don't have them rn but almost all the Get Backers's official art from the anime.

No. 362501

File: 1710410130248.jpeg (187.93 KB, 750x705, IMG_7104.jpeg)

Whoops forgot about the ending

No. 362502

File: 1710413952892.jpg (365.39 KB, 2500x1769, 507017.jpg)

Gundam Wing and Weiss Kreuz too. 90s anime promo art was the best kek

No. 362624

File: 1710450921420.jpg (120.13 KB, 702x1000, 81JBtir7FJL._AC_UF1000,1000_QL…)

Does anybody actually read Naono Bohra or Nishida Higashi? They've both been around since back before I first got into BL and continue to get scans released at a regular pace, so they clearly have staying power with a prolific backlog. But I don't see the appeal in their work that would fuel that. And I never see either author discussed in any fujo space despite the sheer quantity of their stuff out there.

No. 362631

> Naono Bohra
She's so overrated. I remember back in the early 2000s her work was shilled all over BL spaces because the "men were manly" and they had "older bottoms." But the quality of her work was basically the same tripe as the typical yaoi at the time, except with "Boo hoo I'm an old homo uwu." Also I never liked her art.

No. 362639

Kek I remember in the 00's when all the Not Like Other Fujos were swooning over her work just because muh older bottoms. Haven't heard her name being mentioned in years. Also was never a fan of her work personally, I'm just not into her art style or said older bottoms.

No. 362684

Thanks for the QRD nonnas, I guess her heyday was just before my time but it explains why I see so much of her around still. I like older bottoms but her art and writing just never grab me despite many attempts to grasp the appeal.

No. 362710

File: 1710466880540.jpeg (127.14 KB, 1080x607, IMG_0045.jpeg)

I shipped these two so hard.

No. 362714

File: 1710468359295.jpeg (944.94 KB, 2000x2000, GFSmDrJWMAAWi7l.jpeg)

Yes! Athrun and Kira were what I checked fanfiction . net almost daily for lol but it was hard to find fanart. It was impressive because their voice actors are Edd and Ed from Ed Edd n Eddy in the dub. I didn't have subs until Naruto on DVD pls no bully

To the Nona who posted that fan keychain thank you. I hope there are more uploads! Popculture crossovers are a guilty pleasure lol

No. 362717

both of them are guys ? was it always the case ?

No. 362719

kek i saw the pic in the front page i did not realize it was the fujo thread

No. 362720

File: 1710469950297.png (374.14 KB, 990x1024, 96467588_p0.png)

ur welcome

No. 362721

File: 1710470161941.jpg (120.6 KB, 899x2250, 20240216_010631.jpg)

non-nitro chiral vn fanartists always have below 300 followers and never put captions or tags, finding them is based on fate

No. 362722

> was it always the case
yes. this is the way it’s always been

No. 362726

Because visual novels are niche as fuck, there's a reason why you mainly see discussion for it on imageboards like this one.

No. 362736

File: 1710472943252.jpg (359.63 KB, 1748x1181, 20240216_010726.jpg)

No. 362737

File: 1710473314228.png (5.12 MB, 1920x1440, 3927077.png)

No. 362739

Eating a cake twice the size of his body…what a fucking fatass

No. 362742

He's all skin and bones, he's gotta put on some weight.

No. 362745

a real ana-kun would never win a fight

No. 362748

Then he'll work it off when Madarame gets punchy.

No. 362841

The little dress is so cute wtf

No. 362902

File: 1710536484251.jpg (169.13 KB, 800x650, 4eab9cecaccfefd51fcc68158e3138…)

Yeaaaah, shame it's from a scrote anime but I still wanna get it for Towa.

No. 362969

File: 1710566085760.jpeg (421.7 KB, 828x987, IMG_0763.jpeg)

do any nonnas have psychological bl recs like litc? I have a hard time finding that sweet spot between depraved psychological horrors like killing stalking and tension-free fluff. I really, really enjoyed season 1 of litc because it had the best art and plot imo, but I’ve enjoyed later seasons as well

No. 362971

File: 1710566555589.jpg (79.46 KB, 711x958, s-l1600.jpg)

Maybe "at the end of the road"? It's about 2 guys swapping bodies, one who is a rich kid but got bullied and committed suicide, the other is a poor guy who lives check by check. The poor guy wakes up in the rich guy's body and decides to take the opportunity and live a good life, until another guy who always had a crush on the original rich guy comes along and makes things messy.

No. 362972

Black Mirror
The Beast Must Die

No. 363006

File: 1710591812407.webp (531.42 KB, 1280x960, IMG_7125.webp)

No. 363007

No. 363010

File: 1710593769862.gif (283.79 KB, 540x405, tumblr_a349013afcb485a69a84b24…)

No. 363085

sucks that Aoba doesn’t have eyes anymore so he can’t look back at him

No. 363181

the number of tumblr zoomers crediting old bl and nitro chiral VNs for coming out as transgender (but totes not straight girls fetishizing gay men) is fucking grim, why does it have to be like this now

No. 363190

File: 1710646361558.jpg (63.05 KB, 320x454, 1709008904177244.jpg)

I, for one, am laughing my ass off

No. 363195

File: 1710647140565.jpg (152.1 KB, 617x477, squish.5949.jpg)

Because troons flock to pathetic wet ukes like flies to shit and self insert as them. This is why the pathetic one should always be the top.

No. 363198

File: 1710648345659.png (212.82 KB, 361x519, keisuke stronk.png)

Why does everyone in manhwa look like this

No. 363199

I like it when both of them are pathetic personally.

No. 363206

Why is manhwa getting worse and not better ?

No. 363210

File: 1710654610223.png (334.54 KB, 705x523, keisuke at it again.png)

Because they don't allow the semes to be fun autists, instead they're all rich stoic muscley guys.

No. 363212

cuz the little kids in sweatshops theyve got mass producing it are running out of ideas and getting carpal tunnel simultaneously

No. 363213

Got em working hard on the 3D asset shoes and copy pasted faces…

No. 363215

Shut up. Do you even understand how many poor children have lost their lives in the 3D asset mines to make your yaoi? Be grateful.

No. 363216

They risk being stepped on by the 3D asset shoes everytime they go down there…
Too bad for the kiddies it ain't my yaoi anyway, I'm a jp only girlie.

No. 363217

File: 1710658467723.jpg (67.25 KB, 736x590, bdcd12115bf10bae103e42119ca319…)

no killing stalking?

No. 363219

Ok I can't lie I did read KS and liked it well enough
Sangwoo's fuckin silly looking though

No. 363220

File: 1710659704111.jpg (39.95 KB, 735x566, 5d3ffebb64ee1eb8ef5061ad16f9fd…)

painter of the night is similar but way hotter

No. 363223

I tried reading it and it made me cringe

No. 363225

File: 1710660404903.jpg (1.18 MB, 2892x4096, GGNQY6PakAAlGAL.jpg)

Omegaverse airing in spring. I'm lamenting. Who would even watch this?

No. 363226

>Who would even watch this?
Presumably people who like omegaverse

No. 363227

Japan needs to shill breeding propaganda in any way they can, please understand

No. 363228

File: 1710660538089.jpg (1.3 MB, 3072x2284, ks078.jpg)

but cringe kino is funnn, ks was too

No. 363229

Boring retards

No. 363230

KS falls into occasionally cringe kino but then at points it's just actually good.
Painter of the night had nothin' for me, though I found it funny how Sangwoofags who hated Bum liked the uke in it and got mad when people compared him to Bum.

No. 363231

At least yoonbum is funny sometimes. Nakyum is just a boring crybaby

No. 363232

In their words (which I sadly don't have saved) it's because Bum is ugly and a liar while the other guy is pure and pretty.

No. 363233

>at points it's just actually good
don't remember that!

No. 363234

I think when it went more psychological it had some genuinely good stuff, that chapter that was just Bum looking through the trippy art gallery and the one where it got all freaky while he was watching fantastic mr fox stand out to me as particularly good scenes.

No. 363235

cant deny that its been a while but i honestly remember thinking killing stalking was retarded as fuck pretty much the whole way through. will still pretend it's the best piece of media ever written and defend it to the death whenever a scrote or tif or whoever speaks ill of it though. it's one of those things where it's okay to not like it but it's extremely suspicious to hate it.

No. 363239

File: 1710664149637.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1280x1840, 580D6D30-38B7-43C7-AF85-C24852…)

I’d consider watching it out of curiosity if even one of the characters was remotely interesting looking. What a bunch of boring ass plain faced nothings.

KS had its moments and thought some of the dark humor was good. I read it and thought it was a bit overrated. But I didn’t dislike it. I enjoyed The Warehouse more.

No. 363253

>What a bunch of boring ass plain faced nothings.
This. I don't even dislike omegaverse but the mains look like background characters.

No. 363321

File: 1710695583775.jpg (498.79 KB, 3800x1507, FM7_YOxaQAA11Hf.jpg)

I don't play this game (so earlier when people were arguing over it I was a lost puppy) but why are the majority of these guys so slutty kek.

No. 363324

I still seethe about her dismissing Mumyeong and Jihwa to this day

No. 363326

Morvay looks out of place like a vtuber collaboration. Is he? Edmond needs some real pants, that's just awkward.

Nui culture screwed that up too. The motherly single women created toddlers and babies for themselves with plushies. Wholesome photosets of bishies in kindergartener outfits at Disneyland or having cake at a cafe are all over my tl lol It's genuinely cute

No. 363329

File: 1710697705427.png (476.45 KB, 1000x1376, 115407544_p8.png)

no, he's one of the mascots he's just ugly and please dont talk shit about edmond's camel toe
why is nu:carnival maki-chan forced to top(avatarfagging)

No. 363330

File: 1710697751951.jpg (425.78 KB, 1920x1080, FuOtOB9aYAEdRi1.jpg_large.jpg)

It's a porn gacha, they have lots of sex.
Fwiw the only ones that are actually sluts and not monogamous with Eiden are Eiden, Morvay, and Rei who isn't in the picture.
Olivine does come close though.

No. 363335

>why are the characters in a porn game so slutty looking
gee i dunno, why do astronauts where space suits

No. 363340

I mean if you compare it to other R18 BL games…

No. 363341

how dare you, Yakumo is a good and modest Christian boy!

No. 363342

The entire point of gacha games is to get money from the players, they're going to keep adding porny shit to get into their wallets.

No. 363343

Quincy is an amazing top. NTY can fuck off.

Rei is the best bottom. I love how much he loves to get fucked. They really should quit the purity thing with Olivine because he really wants to be set free and have tons of sex.

No. 363346

Not sure but I think this is one of the first gacha to go as far as penis on screen gay sex and also not be bara.

No. 363348

File: 1710701166606.png (452.65 KB, 2032x974, 1710701028232.png)

most r18 bl games aren't pure nukige like this where the characters are just basic vessels for sex

no u. he needs to join his brothers for the sake of the family business.(avatarfagging)

No. 363349

File: 1710701316481.png (88.85 KB, 450x457, tumblr_870d4afe1940a05ebf44cb7…)

>Russia is the only cutie pie here
Hima wins again

No. 363352

These designs are atrocious. People spend money on this?

No. 363353

File: 1710702284253.png (94.73 KB, 335x335, seal.png)

they're all the same guy he just took a picture of himself everyday for three days(avatarfagging)

No. 363354

Hell no. Leave Quincy out of it. And you really need to stop shilling NTY already. It's getting old

No. 363356

quincy sucks and i'll stop when i feel like it

No. 363358

No, those units are free.

No. 363363

File: 1710703191483.jpg (154.42 KB, 1080x1080, stampeding-adventurer-garu-v0-…)

Shhh, don't let the anon with shit taste in the video game sexism thread hear you say that.

No. 363368

NTY sucks even harder

No. 363370

I doubt that the paid ones are much better. So far every character I’ve seen from this game looks like an agp vtuber.

No. 363371

The art for that game is fucking hideous, I dont know how anyone can waste their time or money on it. No amount of r18 scenes would lure me in.

No. 363372

>So far every character I’ve seen from this game looks like an agp vtuber.
Damn, just fuck the designers I guess. I can't think of a worse insult than that.

No. 363374

They look like they were drawn by an amateur webtoon artist

No. 363375

No. 363378

Which webtoon?

No. 363382

You're right and you should say it. I lost interest in this game when I found out he topped, what's the point

No. 363383

its more akin to something like camp buddy and jock studio than any bl game with an actual plot, not worth your time unless you only want to see some hscenes and fluff. its also very safe with no rape, violence, kinky scenes, or real tension between the characters unlike any vn ever so its approachable to twitterfags.

No. 363395

File: 1710711546685.jpg (36.79 KB, 982x533, awooga.jpg)

god that dog boy is so fucking hot i am so tempted to download that game just because of that slut alone. Is it too pay to win and time consuming?

No. 363396

File: 1710712027352.jpg (11.01 KB, 321x321, 16449823_p0_master1200.jpg)

>Playing for the worst and ugliest boy in the game(avatarfagging)

No. 363397

It might be if you're constantly trying to 100% everything but you can get what you want free fairly easily.

No. 363398

File: 1710712324218.jpg (1.09 MB, 1200x1752, F7Rt9Mma8AAOhUS.jpg)

fujonas, are any of you into blue lock and can recommend artists to follow that actually make good art and/or good nsfw art? it's weirdly difficult to find good artists who also draw good porn. maybe i've been spoiled because my last fandom/ship was leechcest from twisted wonderland and the fans of that are incredibly horny. i'm mostly interested in rin/sae and nagi/barou but i'll take other ships too as long as it doesn't include isagi.

No. 363401

Are garufags really this desperate? Pretending to be someone whose never played the game? kek

No. 363409

Garufags are retarded as they are tasteless.

No. 363418

Garu is my favorite, but yeah nona should've posted somebody else that's more mainstream liked, like Yakumo.

No. 363428

File: 1710717200800.jpg (27.54 KB, 273x273, 16449823_p3.jpg)

no u(avatarfagging)

No. 363429

Quit avatarfagging

No. 363430

there are only 2 pictures of zenya psyduck to begin with

No. 363432

You are clearly avatarfagging with the psyduck and your NTY images

No. 363435

kek discussing or posting pictures of the same thing(s) every few days isn't avatarfagging until it gets to the point where you're doing it with all or most of your posts and in inappropriate threads. dying website; there are several anons who do this and its very obvious when its the same person, doesn't make them avatar or personalityfags. if it did, the husbando threads would've been banned long ago.
>inb4 "they should've been"
that's besides the point
>inb4 muh tranny janny affirmation
funpostgate proved they'll jump on any opportunity to ban fujos

No. 363438

File: 1710721081655.jpg (Spoiler Image,64.9 KB, 584x615, GFzw8_kXsAEDi4v.jpg)

How did the former /ot/ fun thread fujoshitposters feel seeing the dumbass thread become an autosaged shell of its former self? I played sweet pool because of that drama

No. 363449

File: 1710723123161.jpg (169.95 KB, 844x1200, 201480_33891860.jpg)

>/meta/ drama retardation in my sacred fujo thread
Boring. What did nonnas think of this? I like the art a lot and the couple is super moe but I fear a bad end is in the works

No. 363460

I didnt even know his name was garu i just think his outfits are sexy

No. 363462

I fucking love veins

No. 363463

I thought it was interesting plotwise, but I'm pretty sure I dropped it cause the monster was too ugly for my tastes

No. 363487

uke looks like your average kpop stan going ham w the meitu filters

No. 363493

was also going to say he looks like a hideous kpop creature and it looks generic slop. pass.

No. 363563

File: 1710767984567.jpg (Spoiler Image,122.68 KB, 844x1200, quinkuya.jpg)

No. 363582

>posting fanart of the same ship/character more than once in the BOYS LOVE thread gets you banned for avatarfagging
Newfag mods AND newfag reporters make a deadly combo(complaints go in /meta/)

No. 363590

File: 1710779464984.jpeg (269.97 KB, 2048x1462, GGMZKLLW4AA6xEn.jpeg)

I have a burning need to understand the veins appeal. It appears frequently in comments. I saw a woman draw arms as veiny as a penis before.

Same problem. After Leechcest and Twst everything else seems barren. That art is super cute!

No. 363591

>I have a burning need to understand the veins appeal.

Seconded, visible veins look so creepy to me. They look like a bunch paristic worms that got stuck underneath the skin.

No. 363594

No. 363600

Is he the uke?
There's no sex yet but looking through the author's twitter, it makes me think it might be otherwise.

No. 363601

At least imo, it adds a sense of physicality, of raw body. I don't usually like flat, blank page body types though so I'm a bit particular.
Also it's kind of funny. So, I like it.

No. 363603

File: 1710782289486.jpg (Spoiler Image,133.13 KB, 844x1200, 206383_34470671.jpg)

I don't think there will be sex in this series at all but but he was getting real possessive in the most recently TL'd chap

No. 363634

I hate when the ukes look like uwu teeny tiny kpop idols with huge sparkly eyes and fake lips. They look twelve or emanciated. I usually love feminine ukes as long as they still have some clear masculine features/body structure, but so many ukes (especially in korean stuff now) look so tiny, frail and pathetic. I recently read some chapters of Rainbow City and that's a good example kek.

No. 363643

>They look twelve
that’s the point.

No. 363658

I mean that's fine if you want to see twelve year olds but when they're telling me this character is an adult man with responsibilities and a job I just can't take it seriously if it looks like a blushing manlet/child with big sparkly kawaii eyes kek plus I really can't stand the kpop look in particular but to each their own

No. 363659

Screw the haters, I like how both of them look and the manga itself seems to be pretty cool with some really high quality art. Putting this on my reading list.

No. 363734

File: 1710811320766.jpg (226.28 KB, 745x715, WHAT.jpg)

Why is Junjou Romantica still going!?

No. 363741

Jaw shave, brow shave, rhinoplasty, bleph, cheek fillers

No. 363752

Works as a silly horror to me. It was such a wreck, hilarious to read and discuss, which is valuable in itself imo
Loved them too! Although i reread the gallery chapter now and it looks like a creepypasta KEK I know people also highlight the doorstep scene. Some of the imagery was definitely creepy, it worked for me.
>I played sweet pool
Did you like it?

No. 363760

he got benjamin button disease

No. 363775

File: 1710816835996.jpg (218.22 KB, 1055x1500, GI9thF7aEAAelLf.jpg)

No. 363776

How is this still ongoing? Hope he stop raping the guy at least

No. 363777

He looks hotter but he also looks more uke

No. 363778

what the actual fuck it has the length of a shonenshit. A sol shouldnt have 29 fucking volumes.

No. 363781

Genuinely how much drama can two faggots have in their boring office lives that it's been going on for this long?

No. 363782

File: 1710817623676.png (1.64 MB, 1080x1529, 49156085_1352_1920_380714.png)

tyrant falls in love is also still ongoing and morinaga's parents are still trying to breed him after 20 years

No. 363786

I don't know, one of them stuck their cock in the teddy bear?

No. 363810

File: 1710821778890.jpg (814.19 KB, 1462x3421, 1680888926412.jpg)

This meme has never been more accurate, truly seme and uke faces have died off for the most part leaving uke x uke or seme x seme faces (whether this is a good or bad thing is up to you).

No. 363848

Soul vs soulless

No. 363885

As a person who hasn't read the series, can I ask what's "soulless" about it? cause the one on the right looks a lot more competent and aesthetically consistent.

No. 363886

File: 1710856404015.jpeg (21.39 KB, 626x490, regret.jpeg)

I've never felt so old reading a post on lolcow…

No. 363890

dont worry nonnie, the prevalence of the vague concepts of young and old as opposed to just age groups is an attempt by the Brotherhood of Pedophiles to make women feel bad about aging and maturing and encouraging young girls to make bad decisions that land them in their traps, JR was always going to be lost to time, it's not world history to preserve, it's just one manga series in the vast sea of BL.

No. 363897

can someone rec me more pre heisei era BL? i fucking love the artstyle

No. 363900

Reminder that there are young adult anons here who were born after the first chapter of Junjou Romantica got released.

No. 363915

It's an improvement but the improvement is bad in a different way. New looks like an amateur artist's work, except they've been drawing for decades.

No. 363931

File: 1710870556215.jpg (281.85 KB, 950x1357, Contradict-c1-Cover.jpg)

I fee like early 80 is more shoujo art than anything. 80-90 is early BL art and a lot of artist where just not good. Nowadays the average art is insanely good and there is a LOT of variety in term of art and story telling.

No. 363942

It seems like seme and uke faces were only a thing in 2000s. Interesting.
I only know Moto Hagio's and Keiko Takemiya's works. Maybe someone knows more unknown authors?

No. 363945

I cannot believe as a fujo from the early 2000s that Junjou Romantica is still going. Usagi looks like he's in freshman years of college. This looks bad

No. 363947

i hate you

The pain I am suffering from this reminder.

No. 363949

Seeing authors change their styles as trend change is very interesting.
Gravitation, especially. Putting the author's work on a timeline, you can see the art go through the last three stages of >>363810

No. 363951

File: 1710872842421.jpeg (350.3 KB, 1002x632, 6CEA7D1D-8687-4B91-A2DF-8635B3…)

Yikes. What a downgrade.

No. 363956

I am one of those nonnies, but junjou romantica was also my first yaoi I read

No. 363985

File: 1710877425832.jpg (46.57 KB, 323x500, 9781595324153-it.jpg)

My first yaoi was Gravitation because my older sister decided to show it to me for some reason and it confused me a lot kek, the blonde guy in the cover here was kinda my reaction to it.
I was quite young but what shocked me the most was the uke boy because he looked like a faggot final boss.

No. 363991

I'm an oldfag and the first explicit stuff I saw were also of Junjou and Gravitation along with other things, however I only saw the ovas. I couldn't really get into them, to this day I don't really know what Gravitation was about kek

No. 363995

Shuichi was my first husbando. No uke comes close to him and his fashion choices.

No. 363999

Gravitation was also one of my first. The feelings I had for Yuki is still unrivaled.

No. 364008

For me it's the situation where I like the new art better since I usually prefer both of the guys to look like ukes, but I also get the issue with Usagi going from looking like a jaded author with a tobacco addicition to a cute boy who's never even touched a cigarette.

No. 364012

File: 1710878813253.png (4.63 MB, 1280x1641, so pretty!.png)

70s BL has a lot of my favorite art but it's not very sexy? It's more just very pretty to look at but not really something to get turned on by.

No. 364013

>tfw I read Challengers when smartphones weren't even around yet and now they're using one in Tyrant
Takanaga is based though, despite improving her fundamentals a lot and moving on to digital work she has kept her original style thorough the years without being a trendchaser.

No. 364021

All the sex scenes in manga from this era are dramatic spreads of flowers falling apart/blooming with a bunch of liquid looking substance fading in the background
It made me laugh when reading Sleeping Dead when Mamiya tried to have sex with Sada and the blanket on the bed had a bunch of old-school looking flowers on it

No. 364131

i actually like the okane ga nai type dynamic and it pisses me off that content for it is surprisingly…rare. i guess it's just not getting translated? how is it the poster child for BL when most BL is just two hunks/a hunk and a twunk

No. 364135

File: 1710909355552.png (737.63 KB, 630x750, 10 count bunnies.png)

>how is it the poster child for BL when most BL is just two hunks/a hunk and a twunk
How exactly? If you look up boys love on MAL most of the popular series that aren't manhwa are two twink guys or a twink and a twunk.

No. 364182

being popular on MAL =/= entire BL manga publishing industry

No. 364217

it was popular in the 90s/early 00s but no one likes it anymore outside the memes

No. 364490

File: 1711056870725.png (6.12 MB, 1502x2143, GJMK-vuXYAAGECV.png)

semes were bred like pugs.

No. 364507

I caught up on what I could of Junjou Romantica a while ago uke's onii-san found out about them. Most annoying thing is the scanlators have it only on fucking snapchat and will ban anyone that posts it anywhere else. Retarded.

No. 364550

File: 1711091169254.webm (3.84 MB, 1280x720, 1711040075985310.webm)

And the gayest show of the year is…!

No. 364554

No way they invented human x mecha yaoi. I used to know someone who'd love this.

No. 364558

File: 1711093386849.webm (1.29 MB, 1920x1080, 1711041283912884.webm)

More homosexual tension that Gundam 'Up to Interpretation' Witch from Mercury last-minute 'lesbians'.

No. 364562

It's insane because they're so gay but the show is so mind-melting that I want them both to die everytime they're lovey dovey.

No. 364565

Japanese male beauty tends towards pretty boys instead of muscley hunks. Which should stay that way, forever.

No. 364567

>reading mob × character doujin
>oh yeah, dis gon b gud
>"oooh you're so pretty, almost like a girl"
>"let out more of those girly moans"
>"your pussy is so tight"
>"get pregnant!"

Why the fuck do they do this? Horrifying enough, gay male mangakas also do this shit for some reason. I want to read about a man getting gangbanged not some pseudo-female.

No. 364568

it's just a degradation thing

No. 364574

File: 1711096547964.png (314.79 KB, 664x452, KILL_ME_NONNIE.png)

So female = degrading? Fuck off with that shit, nonnie we aren't trannies.

No. 364575

same i hate that disgusting shit

No. 364576

>posting scans on fucking snapchat of all places
how do they expect people to even find these scans in the first place

No. 364580

I think that's the mangaka's opinion, not anon's opinion. She's just explaining it.

No. 364582

The explanation is that the authors are misogynists.

No. 364584

Naaah I've seen human x mecha many times before.

No. 364585

Your fault for reading mob tbh

No. 364588

File: 1711100822923.jpg (413.26 KB, 1920x1080, IMG_6068.jpg)

New gorgeous official nitro chiral art!

No. 364589

File: 1711100987243.png (9.17 MB, 2895x4096, GJQoI_CbIAAxqdR.png)

merch line up 1/3

No. 364590

File: 1711101078417.png (3.58 MB, 1754x2480, GJQoKTja0AAp6x0.png)

No. 364591

File: 1711101179519.png (3.24 MB, 1754x2480, GJQoLVabIAAD1Cx.png)

So many cute things I wanna get!
Especially the Towa standee, SD acrylic stands and maybe the Keisuke and Akira standee?
Everyone looks really cute in their outfits too so I also wanna get those haha.

No. 364592

LOLWUT KEK, how does that even work? Instead of cum does the robot expell oil jizz to their human lover instead??

No. 364593

Even the fujo ones? :((:()

No. 364594

I think people usually give them like some weirdly colored jizz
Like blue jizz.

No. 364611

I'm through hard times but satosugu is motivating me to keep going. JJK is honorary yaoi as far as I'm concerned and I expect Gege to talk about it just a few months or years after the ending and start a new "Dumbledore is gay" controversy.

No. 364612

File: 1711109733339.jpg (27.05 KB, 750x852, sob.jpg)

Scanlations finally finished so I started my morning by ugly crying over the end of Sleeping Dead. How dare Nemui do this to me.

No. 364616

One day you will read your second shounen with actual decent fujobait

No. 364617

It's the only one I'm following right now, the anime I liked with ott fujobait are way older, like Saiyuki or Get Backers. Which I should rewatch someday, actually.

No. 364629

No. 364631

I wonder if sometimes it's just a translation thing.
Like, ngl I doubt they're saying shit like bussy in Japanese.

No. 364635

Try translating ketsumanko.

No. 364639

you retarded a little bit? we're talking about how japanese porn artists write their rapist characters not my personal feelings

No. 364640

new outfits are the worst thing I've ever seen, extremely underwhelming but omg kitani merch

No. 364642

Same, nonnie. Hold me.

No. 364650

Yeah I cannot stand those either. I can handle some "you look pretty like a girl" comments but when they start mentioning pussies and pregnancy (and not like omegavere, they mean it in some degrading submissive porn thing) I'm out. Fuck that shit. As you say a lot of gay men also make this stuff and it's so weird, why would they think of pussy? People say fujos are lesbians or into hetero porn because pretty anime men are "women" (they're not) meanwhile gay men are out here talking about asspussies, wombs, getting pregnant, drawing boys with tits and femboys and no one says a thing.

Hehe Youji so cute
I kinda wish I could have Towa's blood pouch/bag kek

No. 364653

I love 'bad' fashion so this is awesome for me. I also love how nervous Youji seems.

No. 364654

File: 1711122975354.png (1.62 MB, 870x1024, IMG_4179.png)

I want to make a collage of all the reaction images people have been posting after reading it

No. 364703

File: 1711136115155.png (532.54 KB, 681x1040, GJRJCiEXgAETN6c.png)

Holy shit Madarame does look like Kotomine doesn't he…

No. 364704

A way uglier version. Wow I almost forgot how bad his route was until that pic reminded me.

No. 364705

File: 1711136478974.png (484.66 KB, 627x452, Kirei_26_Battler_handholding.p…)

Nah he'a more attractive than Kotomine.
Also his route is kino.

No. 364708

File: 1711136843026.jpg (29.58 KB, 232x300, 78982.jpg)

Hell no to both of those statements. Shiki and picrel did violent rapechad a billion times better, I'll even take Mink over him.

No. 364713

File: 1711137135010.png (181.62 KB, 1824x777, minku.png)

Shiki's only good for meme value, the most memorable thing about him is that he that he looks like he would cosplay Sephiroth to fight in a parking lot and got turned into a vegetable.
Can't speak for Paradise guy though since we've still got about a month before the game is out in english.

Mink just sucks completely though, he's not even sexy and looks like he has a pregnancy test in his hair.

No. 364715

And Madarame is worse than all of the above, he truly had nothing going for him. He's ugly like Mink, isn't a character, and had a forgettable route that only existed to reach the rape quota. His 12 fans are comprised of 7 he/they Towa kinnies and 5 bored Matsudafag japs who would throw him in an active volcano for a single crumb of the real Matsuda's dick cheese.

No. 364720

All of these are wrong sorry.
>His 12 fans are comprised of 7 he/they Towa kinnies and 5 bored Matsudafag japs
Pretty sure he's the most popular love interest in SD (I'm a Takutowafag mainly though myself).

No. 364724

This pic gives me ptsd, begone scrote.(scrotefoiling)

No. 364725

>Mink just sucks completely though, he's not even sexy
To You

No. 364726

File: 1711139949920.jpg (74.75 KB, 793x577, shingakkou.jpg)

I'm so fuckin mad. Why does good stuff never get translated. I'm forcing myself to learn Japanese just to play them and I don't really even give a fuck about Japanese. I mean yeah, pretty language but I'm no weeb and have no intention to live there or anything. If only stuff got translated, I wouldn't have to slog through Japanese lessons. I wish I was born knowing all languages. Anyway. Any of you anons heard of this game? Or tried it?

No. 364727

>but I'm no weeb
Girl we're all weebs here.
>Any of you anons heard of this game?
Yeah Shingakkou gets brought up a fair amount.

No. 364731

kek yeah that is true, but you know what I meant.
Anyway, I thought of buying the game off some random Japanese site and then just Google lensing my way through it. But I tried that before with another vn and gave up because it was pretty tedious.

No. 364732

File: 1711140878405.png (967.95 KB, 542x899, 79175347_p9.png)

Source: your ass? His appeal lies with people who want to see Towa get used as a punching bag/sex doll, if that's all it takes to make people like him more than the other three that's sad. SD kind of flopped outside the world of translated BL and core nitro+chiral fans anyhow. Paradise Howl outsold.

No. 364735

Go on twitter and look at the fanart, Madarame definitely shows up the most
I'd say it's like: Madarame > Fujieda > Taku > Rei in terms of popularity.
>SD kind of flopped outside the world of translated BL and core nitro+chiral fans anyhow

No. 364747

I don't like japan either, just learned japanese to real BL.

No. 364754

>go on twitter
How bout no.


Lack of interest from those outside said groups and its mixed to lukewarm reception in Japan vs how excited everyone was before it dropped, high production value, and notoriety of chiral. It was weird when all their other games were instant hits but it didn't have that same impact. Deserved. But sucks for Clean Dishes.


No. 364757

>How bout no.
There's your issue girl, all of the good fanart is on twitter.
>Lack of interest from those outside said groups and its mixed to lukewarm reception
Kek what do you mean lukewarm reception it's literally getting two scale figures and regularly gets fanart.
>It was weird when all their other games were instant hits but it didn't have that same impact
I see a lot more SD than sweet pool and Lamento. This is true for DMMD and TNC but it's pretty hard to gage numbers on all their works (since obviously they don't release them).
Clearly if SD had done as badly as you're making it out to be it wouldn't be regularly getting merch and they wouldn't have Towa as the featured character in the merch set they just released for all their games.

I'm starting to get pretty annoyed by the SD haters who can't go five minutes without shitting on it because the game because it's currently the most popular BLVN.

No. 364758

File: 1711143682272.png (933.69 KB, 1710x775, cope.png)

Also it's pretty much always at number 1 on JAST's site…

No. 364769

>I see a lot more SD than sweet pool and Lamento
And you don't think that could possibly be because it just came out while they're almost 20 years old? Lamento was huge when it came out, got scale figures of every character, and an ongoing stage play almost 20 years later, and so did Sweet Pool which is beloved as only their best game but one of the best BL VNs there are. Don't hold your breath for an anime or stage adaptation of SD as you pretend a company that specializes in figures making figures means anything.

>Jast website ranking
Holy kek. I said was talking about Japan and not the current western BL VN fandom so small it's not worth mentioning. Check chil-chil or the cool-B rankings, it's always out of top 10 and below all the other nitro+chiral games despite being relatively new. It's the most popular with underage twittertards like you, it's not the most popular as a whole. You'd have to've missed the entire DMMd era to think SD's popularity is even remotely close to what that had back in the day. SD really did do worse (and was critically recieved much worse) than Paradise and Paradise isn't even a consistent top 10.

No. 364775

>And you don't think that could possibly be because it just came out while they're almost 20 years old?
It came out like three years ago kek. I can probably see that for Lamento, but I think that just comes down to all of nitro chiral's games being super popular, not seeing a difference for Slow Damage compared to the others.
>and so did Sweet Pool which is beloved as only their best game but one of the best BL VNs there are.
Sweet pool is fucking terrible what are you talking about kek. Tetsuo is even worse than fucking Nano.
>Don't hold your breath for an anime or stage adaptation of SD as you pretend a company that specializes in figures making figures means anything.
Pretty sure it's gonna happen, also no sweet pool scales were ever made (outside of a garage kit, which doesn't count).
>I said was talking about Japan and not the current western BL VN fandom so small it's not worth mentioning.
And I regularly see fanart for it coming out of Japan on my twitter feed what's your point.
Not to mention that the 'small BLVN fandom' (or in this case just nitro chiral fandom) outranks every other VN every single week kek.
>Check chil-chil
Is chil-chil even a big site? I just see it for manga rankings.
Also you're ignoring that Slow Damage is the highest ranked BLVN on vndb next to shingakkou…
>it's always out of top 10 and below all the other nitro+chiral games despite being relatively new.
Probably because no one uses your niche ass moonrunes sites kek.
>It's the most popular with underage twittertards like you
Aka the majority of people making up the BLVN fandom, you do realize that Japanese people are fucking addicted to using twitter right? There's a reason why SD is the BL I see by far the most fanart for right now.
>You'd have to've missed the entire DMMd era
I never argued that SD was on par with DMMD, obviously DMMD is forever going to be the king of BLVNs and probably joseimuke in general but that's pretty obvious goalpost moving on your ned.
>SD really did do worse (and was critically recieved much worse) than Paradise
Sure jan, whatever helps you sleep at night. (meanwhile Paradise is ranked 1751 next to SD's rank 22)

No. 364776

>"Goblin on the March: Breed All Humans!"

Fucken moids, not even one day… you see, this is why I read gay gangbang doujins nonnie—it's stress relief.

No. 364777

File: 1711146210584.png (505.6 KB, 745x817, ignore the random hoodie and p…)

Oh and another thing, the prices for merch for SD is scalped as fuck which wouldn't happen if the game was as 'lukewarm' as you're making it out to be.

No. 364779

Samefag but did Slow Damage get removed from steam? It's not on their steam page anymore but the other 3 games are. If so, that's why it's at the top of the Jast website, that's the only other place you can buy it in english.

>Sweet pool is fucking terrible what are you talking about kek
Your taste is so shit its unreal.

>"Is chil-chil even a big site?"

>"DMMD is forever going to be the king of BLVNs and probably joseimuke in general"
>bringing up rankings on another English-only website (VNDB)
>"There's a reason why SD is the BL I see by far the most fanart for right now [on twitter where I follow a bunch of SD artists]
And you're a fucking retard. Just talking out of your ass. I get that you thought your kusoge was peak but you don't have to be delusional about how much the rest of the world liked it when your knowledge extends no further than your twitter circle.

No. 364780

>Samefag but did Slow Damage get removed from steam?
It wasn't on steam to begin with because they couldn't figure out a way to make it 'sfw' enough.
Personally I don't get it since mangagamer puts their games on steam uncensored but whatever.
>that's the only other place you can buy it in english.
You do realize that most people buy the VNs directly from JAST's store since they're uncensored right? That's why DMMD is always in second place.

>Your taste is so shit its unreal.

Dude, it's bad. There only being one actual romance route with the worst nitro chiral love interest alone makes it crappy.
>I get that you thought your kusoge was peak
It is, sorry that it makes you angry for some unconceivable reason but I hope to see you seethe uncontrollably when the anime adaptation comes out.
>how much the rest of the world liked it
Pretty sure the main fandom for it (and all other BLVNs right now) is actually in China but okay.

No. 364783

File: 1711147578501.jpg (28.43 KB, 479x354, smug.jpg)

No, most people buy anything they can on steam because they have credit or gift cards for it, and you can just buy the uncensored DLC for them there.

>more delusion, hideous taste, and zoomerisms

Okay, Towa kinnie with self harm scars, lets get you back to twitter… DMMd's adaptation shat the bed so hard no future game will be getting anywhere near it btw.

No. 364785

File: 1711147968406.jpg (61.5 KB, 750x600, Demotivational.Poster.full.167…)

The DLC isn't usually on the top 10 but okay kek. Also it Slow Damage and DMMD still outranks all their other VNs that aren't on steam. It's pretty obvious the only reason they're doing pil/slash is because the nitro+ games were successful.
>DMMd's adaptation shat the bed so hard no future game will be getting anywhere near it btw.
>Okay, Towa kinnie with self harm scars, lets get you back to twitter
I don't even use twitter outside of looking at fanartists though.
The TNC adaptation was like 100 times worse and it came first.

No. 364793

You mean their English translated Z list hentai and yuri games? Sick. The size of the current english population of BL game players is so small would fill a medium sized discord and there are only a few titles translated to begin with, how it ranks on the Jast website or among you and your friends holds no value. And Jast are snatching up those pil/slash games because they don't want a certain competent company to get the rights to them first.

Both anime adaptations were bad but it doesn't matter. They're the two most popular games they've ever made meanwhile SD is already on the downtrend and it couldn't even reach the same high of of a game less than a 3rd of its length made in under 2 years, and forget about it at least being widely recognized as a great game or receiving cult classic status like that one did. It recieved more criticism than any of its predecessors and is never mentioned in talks of peak BL vns outside the eng twt zoomer community, there's no danger of it getting an anime. Towa looking like the drunk uncle no one invited to the party in all the Chiral festival art is a hilariously accurate representation of the game itself.

No. 364798

I wouldn’t call the majority of nitro+’s games Z list kek, stuff like Saya no uta is probably as close to normie tier as you’re gonna get for R18 visual novels (I’m not a fan myself though).
Also I’m not sure why you keep moving the goal post, as established slow damage is popular enough that it’s merch scalps pretty high (over 20,000 yen) as well as having two scales and a nendoroid (which in terms of non shounenshit male figures, is like on the level of Rem) so I don’t see why an anime adaptation or at the very least a stage play would be that strange. It’s pretty likely they’re gonna start working on one after Lamento is finished showing.
>They're the two most popular games they've ever made meanwhile SD is already on the downtrend
It’s so ironic that you started this by claiming I had no source, while this entire time you’ve been pulling things out of your ass. Let me remind you that the prices on secondhand merch have only gone up significantly, not down.
>and is never mentioned in talks of peak BL vns outside the eng twt zoomer community
Why do you just make up lies the second you’re called out on being incorrect? It’s rather pathetic. It’s not even like Slow Damage being successful is a bad thing, it just means that nitro chiral is going to start working on more projects.
Seriously, I don’t want to hear lip from someone who doesn’t even touch with the place that has pretty much all the BL fans (twitter) and would rather schizo cope about the second highest rated BLVN.

No. 364814

File: 1711153971311.jpg (171.77 KB, 1058x793, touken_ranbu_nendoroids_155885…)

I've already told you that my sources are its performance in cool-B rankings, chil-chil, and the musings and reviews of japanese fujos, anon. I don't interact with many English speaking nitro+chiral fans outside of imageboards for obvious reasons, and you're putting one on full display right now by acting like you know everything about this when you don't. You keep bringing up all this random shit like ebay scalping as if it's any indication of popularity and all these other English websites and what you see on your personal twitter timeline, none of it is relevant. You asked me and I'm telling you what happened: there was immense hype before it came out, then it finally did come out, and it thoughts on it were very mixed among all but longtime nitro+chiral fans who would've liked it no matter how hard it sucked. People had a lot of problems with it and so it underperformed.

>(which in terms of non shounenshit male figures, is like on the level of Rem)

I don't know what you mean by this. You know how big of a company Nitroplus is, right? You know how many figures and nendos they pump out of Sonico and Touken Ranbu every year? You understand that we're talking about a massive company who has the resources to just do that unlike any other BL game companies? BL games don't normally get figures or anime adaptations no matter how popular they are because their creators still can't afford the high production costs. Nitro+chiral is able to get them because of the massive scope of their parent company, it isn't because of the popularity that this happens.

>would rather schizo cope about the second highest rated BLVN

What are you talking about? On VNDB, the ENGLISH ONLY website? I haven't said a word about Shingakkou if that's what you're referring to. One day you'll find out what the real top 2 are in Nipland and how big the gap between them and everything else is.

No. 364818

File: 1711155198104.jpg (153.57 KB, 1122x1108, 20240215_223141.jpg)

Idrgaf about all this Slow Damage talk, it's just a shitty game and I hope their next one is good again

No. 364820

>ebay scalping
It’s surugaya and mercari jp retard lmao.
Imagine claiming to be ’oh so knowledgeable about Japanese fandom’ while not even knowing the most basic secondhand sites.
You clearly just have some sort of bias against slow damage because it was of a higher level of quality and didn’t have the attention span to read a visual novel over 15 hours.
>You know how many figures and nendos they pump out of Sonico and Touken Ranbu every year?
And yet they’ve never done a scale of sweet pool.
>On VNDB, the ENGLISH ONLY website?
And? You’re only an English forum kek. Not to mention that the highest rated (Shingakkou) doesn’t even have an English translation. There’s people overseas who use VNDB anyway. If your only source is some niche website compared to BLVN twitter then it’s pretty clear you’re just talking out your ass.
Nowadays China matters most in terms of fandom anyway and they seem to love SD.
>what the real top 2 are in Nipland and how big the gap between them and everything else is.
Yeah, DMMD and lucky dog. I think you’re misunderstanding that when I say slow damage is the most popular RIGHT NOW it doesn’t mean that I think it’s the most popular of all time, I’m just bringing up that the three that I see the most fanart for regularly are slow damage, DMMD and Hashihime.

No. 364821

>likes sweet pool

No. 364824

File: 1711157975240.png (207.02 KB, 761x184, high quality literature.png)

Everything is a scam besides yahoo japan auctions, official sites, and mandarake; I don't touch those. People mark up merch for obsure games games 500% even if no one wants it simply because it's scarce and they can.

>You clearly just have some sort of bias against slow damage because it was of a higher level of quality and didn’t have the attention span to read a visual novel over 15 hours

KEK + Taku and Fujieda are never beating the nty bootleg allegations, Madarame is never beating the inferior Matsuda allegations, and Rei is never beating the worst fag allegations.


You asked me and I told you about Slow Damage flopping domestically

>Nowadays China matters most in terms of fandom anyway and they seem to love SD



Fuck no

Why you're still trying to argue about this with me? Seethe to yourself, or go learn some japanese and get your heart broken by all the dissenters, this has gone on long enough. Or move the popularity goalpost to
>it's curretly the most popular bl game in the west on weekends excluding dmmd on my twitter timeline! goated fr fr!!

No. 364825

File: 1711158383456.png (1.02 MB, 1620x1287, 1711158497283.png)

More unironic slow damage dialog only highest IQs will understand

No. 364826

Sweet Pool was tremendiously better than Slow Damage snooze fest with inspiration farming, anon…
KEK this language was so off-putting. I believe SD will be considered the worst N+C game a little bit later in retrospect.

No. 364827

>besides yahoo japan auctions
Do you even merchfag? Surugaya always has the best prices for stuff in Japan and mercari has far and away the most stuff. Yahoo Auctions is for buyee shills making YouTube videos.
Nowadays though xianyu is better than all of them.
>KEK + Taku and Fujieda are never beating the nty bootleg allegations
Oh, it’s NTYfag again. Should have figured as much. Well I’ll give you points not avatarfagging today (I’m actually going to play NTY in a minute too…)
>You asked me and I told you about Slow Damage flopping domestically
Flopping would imply poor sales, and you’ve done pretty much nothing to support the idea that it sold badly or was poorly received other than some niche websites no one uses not being updated enough.
Yes, there’s a reason that fandom is like 99% gacha.
>Fuck no
Name one joseimuke visual novel that was on DMMD’s level of popularity. Closest one I can think of is before mentioned lucky dog.

Also you’re the one moving the goalpost, I never moved it once just simply brought up that your schizo hateboner for a popular visual novel makes you sperg out whenever someone so much as posts a meme about it kek.

Also those lines are from the jast translation, I do agree they added in some cringy lines.

No. 364828

Sweet pool having Tetsuo alone makes it their worst VN. Even with some interesting elements like the psychological horror it doesn’t save it from having a meh tier protagonist and the worst love interest.
Thanks for proving my point that the only reason you dislike SD is that you have no attention span and can only read short ass VNs like sweet pool though.

No. 364829

File: 1711159255969.gif (1010.23 KB, 480x247, 1710341370521324.gif)

>they're still going
Does anyone else get their yaoi hit from classic lit? I recently read Brideshead Revisited and it struck me how casually lovey-dovey the MC and his "friend" were, like '20s British aristocrats just turned a blind eye to the faggotry young men engaged in to pass the time, so long as they married a woman and became upstanding community members afterward. Too bad the second half of the book turned into christfagging. The prose was the best part overall. Do you guys have a favorite gay book?

No. 364833

File: 1711159892012.jpg (24.6 KB, 673x145, 135.jpg)

Forgot this gem too, right at the very end of the game to make it as cringe as possible.

I recently saw a TIF made a Hbombguy style video essay calling it the peak of kino on youtube and it instantly reaffirmed every ill word I'd ever spoken or seen spoken of it. It's already known as the worst in JP, only in the west does it have all these shills, Towa is to edgy gendies what Ryan Gosling is to incels with a special interest in cars, but maybe they'll come around when all the real kino finally gets translated.

>there’s a reason that fandom is like 99% gacha
Don't know why you need to hear this but BL games =/= gacha.

>Name one joseimuke visual novel that was on DMMD’s level of popularity

Mebiusline, by and large the most shilled in jp. Slow Damage's popularity doesn't compare to any of the big games at all, it doesn't even compare to Hashihime's popularity and that one's 100% indie. We're already to the time in SD's lifespan that it's popularity has already peaked, mind you. It's ogre. Joseimuke is poor word choice on your part also, if you want to keep bringing things out japan there are massive otome games exclusive to China that are bigger than any of these, but I don't care about them.

Sorry, anon. The Outsiders is my favorite homo book and 1917 my favorite homo movie.

No. 364835

Lamento was longer than SD, for example. And i consider it a better VN. It's okay to hate Tetsuo, i was sad that there weren't more options too, but the SD ones are no fucking better, c'mon. Also Youji is a cutie.
>like '20s British aristocrats just turned a blind eye to the faggotry young men engaged in to pass the time, so long as they married a woman and became upstanding community members afterward.
I know for sure that aristocrats in 19th century were all fucking each other in their private boy schools constantly, only to casually marry women later. Must've been a thing in the 20s too.
KEK i saw it in my recommended too, even the suggestion of it being a "masterpiece" is so bizarre to me.
>It's already known as the worst in JP.
Wonder what they're saying about it.

No. 364855

>It's already known as the worst in JP
It's okay NTYfag, I know you and the Jap imaginary friends you have all hate SD.
>Towa is to edgy gendies what Ryan Gosling is to incels
Gendies are more into Aoba and Youji but okay, I don't think anyone denied that a lot of fakebois like BLVNs that's not a new concept. It's almost like women like games for women or something.
>Don't know why you need to hear this but BL games =/= gacha.
My point is that gachashit takes up all of fandom nowadays.
>Mebiusline, by and large the most shilled in jp.
Are you retarded? It doesn't even have 2000 results on pixiv and has under 200 votes on vndb, and it's an older game at that.
Even if it's considered the best in whatever way (which I doubt since shingakkou and SD are ranked higher) it in no fucking way was on the level of DMMD's popularity.
>Joseimuke is poor word choice on your part also, if you want to keep bringing things out japan there are massive otome games exclusive to China that are bigger than any of these, but I don't care about them.
No one fucking cares about some Chinese gacha with 3D characters. Talking purely in terms of joseimuke VNs DMMD is far and away the king, not even saying it's the best because the writing in DMMD isn't great in the least despite it having fun stuff.
>it doesn't even compare to Hashihime's popularity and that one's 100% indie
Anon the second you said that Mebiusline was popular let alone more popular than DMMD I realized that you live in a schizophrenic imaginary friend land.

No. 364856

>Lamento was longer than SD
No it isn't. VNDB ranks SD as 52 hours and Lamento as 38, even if we assume that they're inaccurate they still both average around 40-50 hours.
>but the SD ones are no fucking better
Yes they were, Tetsuo literally is the worst character they've done while Taku is in second place to Clear.

No. 364857

I'm not NTYanon, but SD indeed sucks ass. People like it because Nitro is well liked and it has budget and menhera is trendy, but the writing is so embarrassingly bad that I've seen fanfic writers do better. Nitro overall is only so liked in the west anyway because its teen-friendly edge fujo cocomelon and there wasnt much else in eng when DMMD got popular, theres no reason not to play something much better if you know jp. Even without getting into obscurity LuckyDog, Mebiusline, Shingakkou, and Kintouka blow it out of the water.

No. 364858

File: 1711172409435.gif (205.85 KB, 245x300, 14da343698a80edc33968b5ae6bd93…)

taku mogged by the meows, keisuke, motomi, kojaku, and the dog, zenya too if we talking writing quality

No. 364859

>teen-friendly edge fujo cocomelon

No. 364862

>when all the real kino finally gets translated
NAYRT and did not like Slow Damage, but what untranslated kino really has a chance of being translated? There's no chance of Shingakkou coming out in English if JAST's statements are to be believed, Mebiusline has an incomplete patch which was abandoned by the fan TLers, Luckydog announcement 6 years ago with no sign of actually releasing, Lamento's official TL got dropped due to poor sales of other titles. The future looks pretty bleak from what I see.
The Picture of Dorian Gray, the Oresteia/Orestes (and the various interpretations of that myth), and A Separate Peace are too obvious not to mention.

No. 364865

>Nitro overall is only so liked in the west anyway because its teen-friendly edge fujo cocomelon and there wasnt much else in eng when DMMD got popular
Nitro is still more popular in Japan than in the west but okay…

No. 364866

Solid third
Boring, I forget he exists
He's fine, I liked the evil guy who gave him his tattoos more honestly.
I'm not into retards
I'm not into obnoxious retards

No. 364867

The localizer bragged about forcing the word "buttslut" in dialogs on twitter, I wanted to beat her up and ask to be paid back the money I spent on that VN. And I say that as someone who doesn't even dislike Slow Damage.

No. 364868

but proportionally, Nitro is absolutely dominant for bl games in the west whereas jps know and play a much wider variety, you just haven't engaged with jp fujos. just look at other rating sites and cool-b polls, anything other than vndb, an eng site, will show this

No. 364870

File: 1711177687501.jpg (4.36 MB, 6443x4082, 512621.jpg)

Stay Night Kotomine is ugly, Zero Kotomine is perfection.

>Tetsuo literally is the worst character they've done
Mink exists, you know. Tetsuo may be bland, but at least he looks good.

>but the writing is so embarrassingly bad
I read VNs for fun, not because they are high literature. Why should I care for the writing, if everything else (chara designs, setting, game direction, visual style, music) is mediocre? You sound like one of those /v/ spergs who calls out others for their shit taste, because they like a popular game the /v/tard disapproves of. A popular game is popular for a reason.

At least Lamento has a complete fan translation.

No. 364872

>Why should I care for the writing, if everything else (chara designs, setting, game direction, visual style, music) is mediocre?
average slow damage fan. incredible writing can save something with troubled production, but something with amazing production and terrible writing is just icing on manure. especially for games like visual novels, where essentially all activity is reading. if you make a game like slow damage that's best experienced by playing the ost while you thumb through the cg gallery, youve made a bad game.

No. 364873

Reading a 60 hour long wattpad fanfic might sound fun until you realize that it's not going to be so-bad-it's-good shlock the whole way through and instead it's minimum 75% bathroom breaks. Like it's bad in general, but also in the way where you could remove over half of the text in the game and it wouldn't effect the main story or any of the character development at all, which is the worst kind of bad: the kind that just eats your time. And I second everything >>364872 said too.

No. 364875

File: 1711179057529.jpg (90.86 KB, 640x480, 1681.jpg)

>Lamento's official TL got dropped due to poor sales of other titles
Kek. At least it has a strong fan patch. Friendly Lab is still supposed to get translated, Omerta and Nie no Machi stand a chance. It's hard to predict what will and what won't because sometimes random shit gets translated. When Jast translated Sorcerer's Choice they did say something dramatic about it being the start of a new era for them now that they're done with the other Nitro+chiral games, i.e. to expect more random titles. Kannagi no Tori and Tokyo Ward 24 are the only two really good ones that seem bleak to me, especially TK24.

Textractor isn't that hard to use either, though results vary from game to game of course. There's a full Russian translation of Mebiusline and its fandisc floating around on VK and Russian translates beautifully even with basic google. If you want to play it, I recommend you go hunt that down and plug it into textractor.

Animamundi's translation is on archive.org now in case anyone wants some old ass vampire yaoi, but it's notoriously buggy https://archive.org/details/setup_20240121

No. 364876

File: 1711180872058.png (119.87 KB, 535x480, ryukishi kirei.png)

>Stay Night Kotomine is ugly
I wouldn't say he's ugly, fate's art style is just really dated (and the VN itself is pretty trash if you're like me and don't care for shounen).
Archer x Rin and Shinji's antics were fun though.
>Mink exists, you know.
At least with Mink I like the CG of him holding Aoba's head and he gets slightly better in some of the bonus material. Tetsuo just sucks in general, dude has a constant look on his face like he needs to take a shit in rage.

No. 364877

What if you're like me and genuinely fall into the category of loving Slow Damage and it's writing though? I don't see why you have to be so pretentious about people liking things that you don't.

No. 364881

What do you mean, "what if"? Slow Damage has its appeal, like most things, and I'm sure you have reasons for liking it. You had a good experience with it and I had a bad one. I don't think sharing my own earnest experience is pretentious. You can think about my complaints if you want, but its fine to just disagree and like what you like for whatever reasons you have. After all, Im just an anon on an imageboard.

No. 364882

File: 1711182397826.jpg (54.71 KB, 500x512, Peanut.jpg)

As a Kotogil shipper, this entire conversation about Kotomine being ugly hurts me physically kek.

No. 364883

ntayrt but you can like whatever you want as long as you aren't being an ass about it or making it out to be something it's not, nonny. when you do that, don't be surprised when people start to bully it and your taste.

No. 364884

Okay then tell NTY sperg to not sperg out when someone just posts a meme from SD kek.

No. 364885

Maybe they're just racist because he's tan.

No. 364886

you sperg anytime anyone says something bad about slow damage, always the same takufag. you just hate all nty posts now because they remind you of the like 2 anons who pointed out that nc shamelessly ripped several parts of it off.

darkies are the best, they're missing out.

No. 364888

>you sperg anytime anyone says something bad about slow damage
I really don't. Also at least I don't avatarfag.

Actually playing through NTY right now and it pretty much has nothing in common with Slow Damage thus far. Haru character wise is pretty much a hyper horny dog humping your leg personality wise and the game's format isn't really anything like SD's either…even the art styles are pretty much opposites.

Thus far it's fine though, the sex scenes are pretty well done but the plot and characters aren't super engaging, not really boring just 'it's enough to keep my attention' area. I think Haru's personality is pretty refreshing compared to other protagonists though who almost alway fall under tsundere, emo or a mix of the two.

No. 364890

Okay now I'm kind of sick of the sex scenes
They're well drawn but christ there's been like three of them in a row inbetween short slice of life scenes, it just makes me tempted to skip them honestly ughhhh…
My friend who I was playing it with did mention Hiroyuki had a lot of sex scenes granted, so I should have expected it.

No. 364917

File: 1711206490679.png (Spoiler Image,297.91 KB, 547x600, 1709932050595.png)

>teenage edgelord cocomelon attention span filtered by piroshi moans

No. 364921

Fucking hell nona I can't… fuck

No. 364968

File: 1711220241195.png (301.55 KB, 628x680, 1711161011417950.png)

bang bravern has made me excited about yaoi sex the way I haven't been in a long time

No. 364970

This is amazing, I wonder if there's already any good doujinshi.

No. 364971

The first one was good but they’re so repetitive and boring after that.
If you constantly need sex scenes in your VN then good for you but to me it’s just obnoxious as fuck and I’d rather get back to the plot.

No. 364985

No. 364991

ITS OVER??? i get busy with assignments and this happens?? i got to catch up now
please do, it's always a delight seeing the kind of reaction images bring out.

No. 364998

oh same nonna! im working hard at japanese so i can play (and hopefully translate if jast doesn't get round to it first which, it probably wont) shingakkou and other blvns. textractor works to some extent, but as you say having to rely on machine translation is pretty bleak and not enjoyable. i fully understand the struggle - i enjoy learning japanese but man its a pain in the ass language in so many ways.
sometimes anons here talk about learning jp like it's natural and easy or something and. no. its a real time commitment. getting to a level where you can understand vns takes a long time.
がんばってね let's get good together so we can enjoy blvn

No. 365004

File: 1711227058360.jpg (40.04 KB, 735x429, 1649164739125.jpg)

samefag, just finished and i was having a good day goddamn it

No. 365023

Kek I meant cat Mamiya you retarded mods.

No. 365039

Honestly Lulu ruined the show for me the second she was introduced
>nails on a chalkboard voice
>gets more screentime than Bravern
>literal retard
The show was at it's best when it was just Bravern being gap moe, at the very least the scene on the beach in episode 11 had some of that.

No. 365064

I mean, that ending was really inevitable but it still hurts.
I'm glad our cute MC got to have a peaceful death, nice touch baldy told him he'd just go to sleep and then wake up and see him again the future. So sad that the scientist had to kill himself in the end. He was always a mess of a person so I guess that made sense for the character, still it's so tragic for him… At least he got to know love once I guess

No. 365075

Shingakkou is really so good. Sasuga Matsuri sama, I kneel. Just got my first ending

No. 365102

i wish they had like 5 more minutes of happiness together before this… where did that anon who had english versions of the extra content she posted go? i haven't been able to find that again

No. 365104

File: 1711262468203.jpg (1.38 MB, 2168x2164, moitie despair wojak.jpg)

well i didn't know that, i thought for sure Mamiya would have a break through and it would cut to Sada's perspective him slowly blinking awake at Mamiya by his side, and it would be all sappy and cute
endings like these are amazing tho, just leave you with this hollow feeling and nearly miserable, are there any more like this?

No. 365147

For the love of yaoi stop using retarded reaction images.

No. 365162

Why so triggered? You can always hide them.

No. 365181

That person posts on tumblr, and the translation group said they're going to translate Sada's backstory comic from Twitter

No. 365255

File: 1711303872003.jpg (508.26 KB, 1119x614, Tumblr_l_175717551777551.jpg)

thanks nona, i found the account

No. 365274

aaahgh that page was so satisfying, it was good to finally see Mamiya admit he fucked up everything. It’s kind of neat rereading the series from the beginning and seeing Mamiya’s behavior before everything clicks together, like it’s obvious now that the scene of the age reveal Mamiya was about to tell Sada who he was and stopped when he realized Sada still didn’t recognize him

No. 365281

i didn't finish sd because towa was a boring protag. when he woke up in that apartment with a piece of his arm missing and just went "uhh….anyway" i was done

No. 365282

No. 365319

File: 1711315403658.jpg (20.63 KB, 357x492, 016aa88a2a837a0f4f84fb123d255a…)

Nonnies this is very urgent, should I buy SD, DMMD or Sweet Pool?? I can only choose 1 since I don't have enough money for all of them..

No. 365320

File: 1711315655535.jpg (13.59 KB, 322x265, 20240317_105532.jpg)

Pirate them all and spend money on something else

No. 365322

where to pirate them nonna??

No. 365323

Imagine buying a VN in 2024. or ever

The only right answer.

No. 365325

File: 1711316046114.jpg (74.41 KB, 1108x857, 20240313_154744.jpg)

No. 365329

File: 1711316541195.jpg (20.29 KB, 256x358, Togainu no Chi - Shiki - Nitro…)

Nonnie you just saved my life, I am forever indebted to you

No. 365342

File: 1711318085538.png (508.73 KB, 2602x2849, 84936226_p0.png)

no problem, shiki

No. 365389

Whichever one you find the most interesting, sweet pool's pretty short for the price though in my opinion.
>Imagine buying a VN in 2024. or ever
I always buy VNs if there's an official release…

No. 365390

Finished NTY (I'm still missing like 20 of the alt CGs in the scene with the taxi that I don't feel like finding)
Best thing I can say about the game is one of Ryu's bad endings had clair de lune as an ED, and I like clair de lune.
It's actually my friend's favorite so I went in expecting a bit more but we have very different fetishes so I'm not surprised I thought the whole thing was a 2/10, the amount of sex scenes cutting off what could be alright character moments just made me incredibly annoyed, I get it's a borderline nukige but you could tell it was a game meant for gay men first and they were scared that they'd get bored if there wasn't a sex scene every 5 minutes, it was a fun thought experiment to go 'damn can guys actually jack off this fast' when I was skipping through them because they were boring and repetitive as fuck (despite getting almost 100% my steam time is at 17.5 hours because I skipped through so many sex scenes, which should tell you how many there are in the VN).

I think if the game was just Ryu (and maybe Hiroyuki's) route and the sex scenes were cut down to like, two I would have found it slightly more tolerable but as it is I didn't really get anything out of it personally.
Also Haru got really obnoxious real fast and since it's one of those 'your feelings on the game depend on your feelings on the protagonist' type VNs that didn't help either.

No. 365398

File: 1711337495684.jpg (39.83 KB, 510x510, yys_20231009191228.jpg)

>takufag with shit taste has melt down after everyone says slow damage sucks
>awful takes include 'to be fair, you need to have a very high IQ to enjoy slow damage' and that not wanting to listen to 1 dimensional characters repeat the same sentence to eachother 8 times in a row and then do something edgy was a problem with our attention spans and not with the game being a pos
>malds extra hard over the game it is a known bootleg of and sweet poo
>starts first game in fit of rage
>willfully admits to skipping 70% of it in order to rush to call it shit in attempt to salvage m'lord towa's honor
>only talks about the sex scenes because they were the only part that were able to successfully stimulate her ipad baby attention span
starting to think this anon didn't even play slow damage and instead just looked at the cgs and called it a day and that's why she liked it so much. go back to salivating over your ddltif self insert ship on twitter and let the feud die already.

the only real reasons to buy vns are
>if they're from a broke company you really want to support
>if you want to guilt your friend into playing it
>if you found a phsyical copy and you like to hoard yaoi memorabilia
still no good reason not to pirate and play the game first and go back and buy it or some merch if you liked it afterwards

No. 365404

W-Why is this hot…? I'm scared…

No. 365410

File: 1711340877670.jpg (293.5 KB, 1000x1500, GGA2sqmboAEDrGx.jpg)

just embrace it anon robosex is the future

No. 365421

Why are you so autistic about sperging about me exactly? There’s no rule that you’re not allowed to discuss BLVNs in a BL thread dumbass and it’s not like I actively go into games wanting to hate them I’d rather the opposite happens in fact, not my fault that slow damage is the best for my preferences and I don’t care for repetitive ass sex scenes in a game where every route is the exact same till tail end and even then leaves a bunch of open plot points because it couldn’t be fucked to do a true end because they knew the scrotes they were selling it to wouldn’t care.
>still no good reason not to pirate
I want to support the industry even for games I don’t like lol, why are you personally offended that I chose to spend my money on what I want?

Also for the love of god stop with the retarded avatarfagging and reaction images people have asked you to stop like 3 times now.

No. 365435

File: 1711345233289.jpg (20.64 KB, 283x283, 7402934330.jpg)

>"it’s not like I actively go into games wanting to hate them"
>is this mad about a game you started one day ago
>vague complaints about the plot not making sense after admitting twice that you skipped over half of it, with sex being all you were able to notice in skip mode
>doesn't know what common route is
>"game bad because no happy true end written out in giant red letters like in muh naitus"
>unironically pays for vns
>now mad about the usage of reaction images on an imageboard
slow damage… more like brain damage… slow-in-the-mind(infighting)

No. 365441

Sweet Pool, because body horror needs more support. I want more VNs like that.


No. 365442

What's up with the fujo community's inconsistent enforcement of the "support artists" meme? You know all of the manga you read is also pirated work from small artists, right? Fuck Nitroplus and fuck Jast with their tard translations, they don't need any more money for their mediocre products

No. 365444

>1 dimensional characters repeat the same sentence to eachother 8 times in a row
By the way anon, did you know you're not supposed to bring weapons during a deathmatch?

No. 365446

August my beloved did nothing wrong, when you think about it he was actually the voice of reason.

No. 365456

I only read manga I buy. Checkmate.

No. 365457

What, you want a medal?

No. 365458

It's the reverse for me, I read scans online and if I like a manga enough I'll buy it and read it with a better translation.

No. 365462

File: 1711356993713.jpg (74.24 KB, 728x640, semes.jpg)

Where's autistic seme

No. 365467

I love yaoi because affectionate seme literally rapes senpai kek I was just finished reading the most recent Koisuru Boukun volumes, still my favourite after so many years. Still, I’ll go for stoic seme. (Sorry if you saw me reposting).

No. 365469

I am so glad fujos evolved and we don't have to deal with these ugly ass designs anymore.

No. 365470

Same, I really don't care for 90s BL art.

No. 365477

whats the source for the romantic seme

No. 365478

File: 1711365933237.jpg (184.84 KB, 792x726, hayato sakamoto.jpg)

I'm glad Bravern is making everyone realize that mechas are very very sexy.

No. 365508

File: 1711378583989.jpg (492.37 KB, 2170x4096, bad bad.jpg)

well… I guess he was absolved at the very least

No. 365512

File: 1711382727341.jpeg (273.2 KB, 1521x2048, A93C8AB3-C2AC-45DC-9587-0B8564…)

Oh god, that panel is giving me flashbacks. MTMTE had so much good material, and Bravern is reminding me of how great mecha BL is.

No. 365515

File: 1711384365197.jpg (254.45 KB, 717x1024, 1711377393567909.jpg)

No. 365524

wait, isn't this a "female" robot? didn't some nonnie post about her fetish for female robots and some female transformers character using this exact picture?

No. 365539

Today I learned that my boss’ boss (60+ year old lesbian), the head of the company that I work for, is a fujoshi, in that she just read Song of Achilles and in her younger years she read everything by Mary Renault. Based af

No. 365548

File: 1711396361154.png (7.64 MB, 2048x1536, 3a492b21c36a07f34e1bb8376f648a…)

A couple of people drew fanart of him and Bravern actually
>wait, isn't this a "female" robot?
No, for about the first half of this comic all the robots are male including this guy.

No. 365550

I'm so sorry but this guy being so into the robot is so hilarious to me.

No. 365553

File: 1711398290033.png (Spoiler Image,677.41 KB, 750x1013, thinks about shinji once.png)

R18 resin figures are the goofiest shit on the planet I swear to god

No. 365554

File: 1711398346920.png (580.14 KB, 829x1280, ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED.png)

No. 365555

Just casually cumming while showing off his modeling chops…talented king

No. 365557

File: 1711398513423.jpeg (155.72 KB, 1200x1888, anaworu.jpeg)

It's pretty hilariously off model compared to the official figures too.
But yeah it's my headcanon that Kaworu just cums buckets whenever he thinks about Shinji so he's used to it at this point.

No. 365558

File: 1711398877950.jpg (Spoiler Image,150.73 KB, 1920x1280, 20240323_083852.jpg)

They're all so ghetto but this cloud one has a cute face

No. 365559

File: 1711398906935.jpg (Spoiler Image,39.96 KB, 1024x682, 20240323_084037.jpg)

One for the JJK anons

No. 365560

File: 1711399065069.jpg (Spoiler Image,100.29 KB, 732x1024, 20240323_084015.jpg)

No. 365561

Him being all nude while looking ready for action with the buster sword frankly looks really hilarious. I'd rather they do a figure of crossdressing Cloud.
>I'll show you who's boss of this gym

No. 365562

Why's his willy bigger than his head

No. 365564

Is there one for Sephiroth? I'm asking for a friend

No. 365565

File: 1711404881231.png (Spoiler Image,1.52 MB, 1280x1868, FUCK YOU LEATHERMAN.png)

There seems to be a couple actually.

No. 365566

File: 1711404932070.png (Spoiler Image,1.23 MB, 1080x719, sefikura.png)

No. 365570

nice panty, fellas

No. 365572

File: 1711407212831.png (329.11 KB, 673x421, s-sephiroth-v0-5orynjirtdtb1.p…)

Would be better if it was young Sephiroth to be honest.

No. 365574

Would have been better if he was flaccid. Idk why. Maybe the casual feel and the massive erection is just awkward. Also why are his balls so big?

I don’t hate this one. A leash would have been better.

I want to watch an episode of How it’s Made but for these figures. Bunch of old asian ladies smoking cigarettes and casually air brushing ball sacks.

No. 365576

No. 365578

File: 1711408208201.png (3.2 MB, 1754x2479, 115270721_p16.png)

You don't find this Sepiriath attractive?

No. 365579

That's not the version of him most people picture in their heads when they think of him. Cute, but not iconic.

No. 365581

File: 1711408746068.png (2.94 MB, 1524x2048, GI3DmPeaAAA4L46.png)

Kind of brings up a question though
What's your favorite 'iconic' old fujo ship? I guess for me it's probably Suzaku x Lelouch (though it never got to the level of like lawlight and sefikura obviously).

No. 365583

File: 1711409437193.jpeg (45.28 KB, 449x682, images-5.jpeg)

Charz and amuro the ship sailed so high even the directors were suprised that the most of the fan base were female. Next to it probably the dio and jojo one or the eren and levi one although I like eren X reiner more basically any hero and rival settings are popular

No. 365589

He looks like he could not care less. Classic Kaworu

No. 365594

File: 1711411127899.jpeg (136.86 KB, 532x747, 82167D69-3A8F-46D5-9A42-F16885…)

Idk about iconic but a classic for sure. They lived rent free in my head for years.

No. 365598

File: 1711411953612.jpg (266.29 KB, 1733x1227, 185855.jpg)

ruhana forever bb. loved jjba ships like josuyasu, josuhan, josutaro, and giomis and a buttload of hetalia and dmc related pairings too.

len x kaito was the first ship I was obsessed with but one day all my vocaloid love moved on to kagerou days, gumi, and IA rocks like that scene in toy story and all the suddden I was over them

No. 365600

File: 1711412531125.jpg (47.36 KB, 600x450, NaruSasu.600.4016479.jpg)

A classic, if I do say so myself.

No. 365604

Immaculate taste anon

No. 365606

Okane ga nai is the reason I'm weird and off putting

No. 365608

File: 1711414644163.jpg (813.32 KB, 2845x2432, Fo1vNKkaAAAhPTm.jpg)

Considering reading the manga just for them nonnie, is it worth it?

No. 365611

the art in the Manga is beautiful. many nice shots of handsome men.
ive been a naruto fan for over 15 years and i just got into sasunaru

No. 365614

Nonna Sasunaru is like the holy grail of shounen yaoi, it's like a classic how could you not get into them?!

No. 365615

yes! beautiful art, excellent story and characters, hot guys, tons of great ships and fujo community thats very active to this day, cannot recommend slam dunk enough. its peak sport mango.

No. 365635

File: 1711424982112.jpg (56.46 KB, 350x512, 1000016134.jpg)

I actually liked Okane Ga Nai, even the art style is endearing to me. Just look at pic related, it's so retarded, this was done by someone who really wanted to see an anime guy with huge ass eyes crying and having butt sex with a Frankenstein tier huge guy who has the emotional intelligence of a rabies infected rat.

No. 365636

I heard this was written by a guy and while I don't know if that's true I could also see it being true.

No. 365638

Wtf. Sasunaru was everything 15 years ago. You could not escaped it I was a huge fan of it and Naruto

No. 365648

I don't know who made up that rumor/lie but no, it was created by two women, Shinozaki Hitoyo(the writer) and Kousaka Tohru (the artist), who are also members of the doujin circle Sadistic Mode.
Once you read the manga, it's super obvious it was written/illustrated by a woman.

No. 365653

>Would have been better if he was flaccid. Idk why. Maybe the casual feel and the massive erection is just awkward.
i think these are magnetic attachments, you can switch them out for a more flaccid(still huge)one, or just take it out and put the pants back on there's a Leon figurine like this.
>Also why are his balls so big?
nothing can be done about that i suppose.

No. 365667

I love okane ga nai fashion, they don't dress male characters in cute clothes anymore its all boring beige streetwear and suits now, bleh

No. 365709

Thanks for explaining it. I’ve never been into figures. They always look so awkward to me.

No. 365875

I just read Wanwan o Gifu-san, what the cat dragged in, 7 and I'm feeling so fucking sad, yet kind of horny still.
The whole thing is such a greek tragedy, I know it's just porn, but fucking hell the dad character was completely set up for failure by his family and being groomed by his dad mistress when he was apparently 14 or so. Can't even blame him for going around getting fucked by men in his early 20's when he should not be fucking married at all in first place, that woman was not innocent. And then his fucking brother tries to kill him too.
I know the guy is a pervert and likely had sex with his bio son and is a bad person but fuck you author-san will you also kill him? So cruel.

No. 365877

Really, I hate how anime boys are doomed to wear boring street clothes, I will miss the okane ga nai outfits.

No. 365888

File: 1711552317281.jpg (123.63 KB, 720x1157, MAKE MORE FUJORINES.jpg)

all that talk about fujo figures reminded me that i had this photo saved kek. chinese fujos truly getting us the merch we truly need god bless them

No. 365889

File: 1711552582694.jpg (219.1 KB, 919x1369, 240303.jpg)

Why did they make Ango suffer so much?

No. 365890

Always remember to love yourselves nonnies [insert heart emoji here].

No. 365891

KEK. Can you post more? Also are these licensed or fan made?

No. 365894

i forgot where i got them nonnie kek probably from weibo. if i recall these are are fan made figurines but not really too? basically they're made by Chinese resin figure companies but not officially licensed they also sell custom made stl figurines although it would be very based if it were

No. 365896

Fwiw, pretty sure that's a prequel to another series that takes place over a decade later, some of the characters show up.

No. 365900

Gege wouldn't mind this kind of gay as fuck figurines tbh. And official JJK merchs are already gay as fuck. I can't get the satosugu pajamas set for women out of my head.

No. 365904

I'm still veeery convinced of the theories that Gege is actually a woman—a woman who's a also a cryptofujo kek.

No. 365906

JJK is the way it is because of Gege's insufferable (male) battle autism and desire to suck sukuna's cock, I highly doubt he is a woman

No. 365911

Yeah I know, the thing is that the last chapter made the murdering thing happen within a huge time jump that fits in exactly with the end of the other series.
So it's both a prequel and now expanding to a sequel too.
I just hope there's an 8th chapter and the worse doesn't happen…

No. 365913

Kek, I didn't actually know about that, I feel silly now.
That being said, I'm more interested now.

No. 365929

I haven't checked this thread in a while and I was sad over lack of nu carnival discussion, but after back reading I feel thankful that I've been too busy to participate, this thread has become infested with edgy entitled delulu 4chan tourists that refuse to move their ass and find fan content to get their dose of brainrot niche pairings. Boo fucking hoo that the official work doesn't cater to your delusions involving characters with zero chemistry
>pure nukige like this where the characters are just basic vessels for sex
Tell me you only watched the hscenes while skipping all the actual characterization without telling me

No. 365932

I think (s)he is both a yumejoshi (created Sukuna because (s)he wants to fuck him, same with Nanami but that's less obvious) and a fujoshi (satosugu) at the same time.

No. 365933

I think you are delu

No. 365934

File: 1711566757071.jpg (2.04 MB, 4080x1836, 1000014690.jpg)

(Same anon but anyway, the few nonnies celebrating the new nukani op who do like the game for what it is, my rant isn't targeted towards you,thank you for having based taste)
Anyway here is a new merch I got from the 2nd anniversary cafe they had in Japan, I am very happy that the devs are having enough financial success to arrange stuff like this. I've been so starved for fandoms where the dudes are actually gay and not just bait shit, nukani sates my thirst so well

No. 365935

File: 1711567280460.jpg (23.37 KB, 1251x84, ai.jpg)

No. 365937

I remember sharing transformers yaoi on livejournal like 15 years ago… good times.

No. 365942

Maybe. But at the very least we know Gege reads BL for fun.

No. 365943

I didn't understand until I saw bravern all fucked up and damaged with his insides exposed, it awoke the ryona in me.

No. 365946

>chinese fujos truly getting us the merch we truly need
But all the resin figures they make are hideous…

No. 365947

File: 1711569777213.jpeg (312.69 KB, 1600x1131, D387298B-55E5-4E7F-96D7-F7C6E7…)

shizuo and izaya are untouchable. what a fun ship and fandom, too bad i suffered as a izaya top lover..

No. 365948

File: 1711570084986.png (588.48 KB, 1200x1800, LN09_Ch4_IzayaShinra.png)

Onesided izaya -> shinra is the only shizaya i support

No. 365953

nayrt but kek anon, how many fujos do you think are playing nu:c for the 'characterisation'

No. 365955

I loved this fandom and ship so much. when drrr was at its peak, I had a blast talking with other Izaya and Shizuo shippers.

No. 365956

Izaya toppers unite.

No. 365957

Nah, gege is 100 percent a shonen tard. He brings up his 'senpais' a lot in between some of the chapters. He tried to pander to fujos and it was obvious he started pulling back as his writing got worse. I stopped reading after a few major character deaths. The story became pretty insufferable.

No. 365965

File: 1711578677575.jpg (108.81 KB, 563x794, a4a82af9842f1a4275a3715619ba80…)

Does picking Ren's route in DMMD make me a furry.

No. 365970

File: 1711581842375.png (402.51 KB, 478x956, i'm a clear x aoba fan but I h…)

I actually looked up the tags from most to least popular and Ren was by far the least popular so I guess the possible furry question was too much for people.
But no I don't think it makes you a furry.

No. 365972

contemplating playing DMMD just for him, he looks so cute but I hate all the other designs they look goofy as hell

No. 365974

>koujaku is the most popular
Shit taste.

No. 365979

File: 1711586498615.jpeg (212.98 KB, 1080x900, 3389898.jpeg)

Eh, I don't mind him being the most popular since he's my second favorite
>Actually loves Aoba from the start
>God tier design and fashion sense+sick tattoos
>Aoba power bottoms him in his bad end
>Pretty much has the ideal seme body type for most fujos
>Buys shoes for his bird

No. 365981

Aoba should have topped Mink during the Sly Blue sex scene in his route.

No. 365982

Only Akira is capable of topping

No. 365983

And this says a lot about our society because Akira is the last one who should be topping. Yes, even moreso than the catboy and the omega.

No. 365984

Akira has the power of being a retard on his side, retards are more likely to top you know.

No. 365986

Counterpoint: who in DMMD was a bigger retard than Aoba?

No. 365987

*Besides Clear

No. 365989

Most of the guys in DMMD never seemed all that intelligent honestly. Noiz has his hacking shit but he’s socially retarded (and a boring character).

No. 365990

All Nitroplus Chiral protags are some flavor of stupid, though.

No. 365993

Why are you bringing up the old Nucani shit again?

No. 365994

File: 1711590397197.png (509.25 KB, 1140x562, I still haven't finished lamen…)

No. 365998

Love nano but what field is he intelligent in exactly? Murder? He doesn't even go about that in a smart way, he just kakyoins people. And youji belongs a tier lower for the constant free bleeding.

No. 366004

Pretty accurate list, but Towa, Youji, and Nano should all be moved down at least one tier, if not more. Lamento cats are probably mostly average, except Konoe and Asato, who were both kind of idiots from what I remember.

No. 366006

I honestly think my hand slipped with Nano
He's good at manipulation and reading people, that takes a fair amount of intelligence. He's just got the braindead side from being insanely self destructive (granted most of that comes from depression).
Eh, I can see the argument for it but I think in game he's supposed to be pretty average in terms of intelligence.

No. 366008

Aoba should be moved to actual retard, but accurate otherwise.

No. 366012

>He's good at manipulation and reading people, that takes a fair amount of intelligence.
Fair enough. I found him kind of slow on the uptake, and it took him a long time to figure out some of the mystery, but that could still work in the 'smart with some things, braindead in others' tier.
>I think in game he's supposed to be pretty average in terms of intelligence.
It's been a few years, so I could be misremembering, but I feel like I was frustrated with a lot of his decisions. It could be the brain parasite responsible for most of Youji's more questionable choices, though.
I'd agree, but he's still smarter than Kau (barely).

No. 366033

There are female shonentards out there though unfortunately because they're just as annoying as male ones.

No. 366061

My wisdom is Gege is male because I don't think a woman would draw like that.

No. 366073

A female shonentard would at least like her own characters and make an attempt at developing them. Gege cares about literally nothing but fights

No. 366205

i would hope a female writer would structure her story better too
>chapter 200 something
>lets not fight now lets fight a month from now
>next page
>a month has passed already
>theyre already fighting
what was the point?

No. 366208

Good question, I haven't reached this part yet but according to spoilers I've seen it may or may not be because Gojo wanted to day the same day as Geto or some similarly gay shit.

No. 366209

File: 1711656425165.png (210.31 KB, 500x589, tumblr_oczp73OWTw1ubzvj8o1_500…)

Do you nonnas think female shonen authors innately make better fujobait? I grew up on D.Gray-Man ships as my bread and butter so I'm biased to say yes.

No. 366210

File: 1711656634650.jpg (39.79 KB, 400x400, KhYRZuiQ_400x400.jpg)

Samefag but I also loved picrel which came from a woman as well (which I also view as giving us Yoneda Kou, so)

No. 366211

Who are the female authors of big shonen? Off the top of my head
>D. Grayman
Rumiko Takahashi's works and Black Butler are shonen too but they're not battle shonen. Who am I missing? Most of the big ships seem to come from series with male authors, but we don't have many big female shonen mangaka to begin with.

No. 366214

Not really, no. But I don't see why it matters.

No. 366242

>Rumiko Takahashi's works
I thought she didn’t like gays?
>Black Butler are shonen too but they're not battle shonen
I feel like most of the stuff that gets published in Gfantasy is only shounen in name, the actual plot lines usually feel more shoujo (Black butler, Hanako kun, Pandora hearts, etc) or seinen to me (Ryukishi’s manga adaptations).
Not that this is a bad thing, I vastly prefer it since I don’t like battle shounen stuff.

No. 366263

File: 1711667826498.jpeg (88.97 KB, 784x469, C5B33FB5-EE76-47DC-B813-E5B93D…)

there was blue exorcist with the big incest ship back in the day, and a few other big shounen that had decent fujoshi followings like magi and noragami. all female authors,

maybe tsubasa reservoir chronicles counts?

No. 366316

there is no reason for these short time skips to exist. gege could have written the initial fight day to take place on *~gojo's special day~* if there wasnt going to be a single panel of character development or anyone getting stronger between then and now. same thing with shibuya being like 2-3 weeks after mechamaru fought mahito… why weren't these events back to back if gege wasn't going to show us a single act of preparation during the skip? he wants to line up events with these symbolic dates but has no idea how to pace anything or what should happen in a story if you are going to include these jumps.
sorry for the derail, ill take any further complaints to the anime thread

No. 366393

File: 1711702362415.jpg (30.56 KB, 256x400, 266243925-256-k599978.jpg)

Oh man, Magi, what a throwback. I remember how fun it was discussing it with friends every day at school back when the scanlators were mad racing to catch up and uploadimg new chapters nearly every day.

No. 366425

File: 1711744256105.jpg (148.98 KB, 950x1341, 207782_34652142.jpg)

The ML doesn't deserve the MC at all in this idc about his Yakuza sob story.

No. 366576

Garu from nu carnival is so ugly he makes me genuinely upset

No. 366578

File: 1711825286860.jpeg (76.7 KB, 1280x720, IMG_7311.jpeg)

He’s pretty cute…I already want to see him bruised and bloody~

No. 366579

File: 1711825327207.jpeg (77.51 KB, 750x417, IMG_7314.jpeg)

Synopsis via google translate
Apparently the uke in this is a bully

No. 366580

File: 1711826102189.jpeg (103.93 KB, 750x667, IMG_4213.jpeg)

I will be waiting patiently for the release

No. 366581

are there blvns that don't have ryona

No. 366582

Lol probably not many but there will never be enough ryona in the world so I welcome each one

No. 366583

I’ve heard kintouka is very pure?

No. 366585

you heard wrong

No. 366591

He's the worst "shota bait" I've seen, and he's retarded to boot

No. 366592

Why do all bl threads I find end up just being bitching instead of talking about what they like?
What's next, omegaverse sperging?

No. 366597

Because we constantly get retards from 4chan here who want to do nothing but bait infighting.

No. 366601

imageboards are unironically for people who hate everything, newfriends. the main focus of this one is lolcow discussion, a natural breeding ground for negativity and infighting. what did you expect?

No. 366602

In what way is Garu shotabait wtf.

No. 366603

If its what imageboards are for, how come you can get banned for it?

No. 366604

Read the site rules yourself, newfag. This isn't your epic anonymous 4chan internet hate machine site for le underage trolling escapades.
>All users are expected to contribute in a constructive way and are discouraged from posting low quality comments and images.
>Infighting is highly penalized and discouraged here.

No. 366605

We already filled our omegaverse sperging quota for the month, come back in a week or two if you want to see Round #9999 of the fight

No. 366606

>you can get banned for hating things and being negative on lolcow.farm

how new are you really? this is /m/, one of the newer boards meant to be more lax. let anons hate the ugly dog boy, you're the one trying to turn an opinion posted in the correct thread into an infight.(read the rules)

No. 366607

It's almost impressive that they managed to fuck up a simple dog boy that badly.

No. 366610

File: 1711836266151.jpg (39.83 KB, 640x720, 5f827004394c455ffcf060c50b382e…)

I'm fucking tired.
Why did I think of giving gacha a try

No. 366623

He makes shitty cartoon drawings and the devs put him in shorts all the time. It's pretty mild by shota standards because the devs probably don't want to take it too far, but out of all the clan members he's obviously the one who was made to pander to shotafags

No. 366628

NTA but what kind of "minor coded 25 year old" twitter lunacy is this? He's pretty obviously filling the dumb funny cute beastly caveman trope. The muscular, clearly a grown man is in no way meant to be a shota. Good lord, the obsessed garufag has to be some dedicated troll at this point.

No. 366636

He's not shotabait, but he's definitely ugly and retarded.

No. 366642

Damn maybe I’m interested then

No. 366647

dropped it, found it boring and corny with insufferable girly uke mc, but if you want a long game thats set out to depress you you might like it. if you're sensitive to bad art, that will be a problem. no gore or violence if that's what you want but you see the higanbana.

No. 366656

File: 1711850601837.jpeg (194.03 KB, 1024x768, IMG_7334.jpeg)

Pretty uninterested again.
The people who generally shill it are the types who get mad about ryona/gore in BLVNs so it kinda tracks.
The art seems fine though albeit very generic.

No. 366663

File: 1711851946287.jpg (40.42 KB, 600x466, 1508681300-745147739_n.jpg)

the standing portraits are fine but the cgs are where it gets rough, there are a lot of extremely stiff and awkward ones like this kek

No. 366664

File: 1711852009462.jpeg (162.08 KB, 500x375, uw7wheys.jpeg)

another to show what I mean

No. 366665

Yeah I see what you mean, their necks are way too long and they’ve got flat pug faces.
How are the characters?

No. 366666

File: 1711852187085.jpeg (325.11 KB, 2047x1538, IMG_7335.jpeg)

6s get

No. 366668

>if you want a long game thats set out to depress you you might like it
NTA but I'm into depressing stuff and would be into something like that, although the rest of it sounds unappealing. How's the story? It sounds like a mystery plot, or maybe a character drama.

No. 366676

I can't speak for all of them because I only made it through one of munesada ends before I dropped but he was a terrible manhwa asshole type of seme, the others didn't interest me enough to keep going (though I heard the megane has the good route), and mc was seriously unlikable to me and that alone would be a dealbreaker in a game like this.

mostly tragic character (especially family) drama with shintoist death mumbo jumbo mixed in. very predictable too but again I didn't play all of it so take it with a grain of salt.

No. 366688

I don't give a shit about Garu but he's fulfilling some very obvious shota tropes. Go look at his Frozen Echoes background, there's toys and shitty crayon doodles everywhere. I'm not trying to be a moralfag about it, I'm just saying that the devs clearly added some hints of shotabait to his character to pander to people who are into that sort of thing. Just because you don't recognize them doesn't mean they're there

No. 366691

Nta but I get what you're saying, but he's also a retarded wolf-man and the crayon drawings or whatever could be for that. It's like Clear in dmmd (sorry for the comparison but it's the only one like that I could think about kek), they're both childish retarded men. He wears shorts often but his body type isn't really shota-like to me. Aster on the other hand could work as shotabait more.

No. 366692

I've straight up seen Garufags cite the shotabait as the reason they like him in the first place. Again I'm not moralfagging, I truly don't care if people like him for that reason, but it gets annoying when people eat those tropes up in private and then deny that they're even there in public. If you believe that there's nothing wrong with liking shotabait then why act like the shotabait isn't obviously there? (tbf I don't think that's what the anon I originally replied to was doing but it reminded me of it)

No. 366694

Nta anon but garu isnt shotafag kek he looks nothing like a shota. He's literally roided as fuck.

No. 366695

I don't play nu carnival but I thought the vampire was the shota

No. 366696

he's the trap, there really isnt a shotabait character

No. 366697

File: 1711875744990.png (255.4 KB, 620x1043, i always feel like booty short…)

What are you talking about? He's 100% a shota and doesn't even look like a girl…

No. 366698

he's really feminine so he's more akin to a trap. His proportions aren't shota-esque either honestly. Women dont tend to be into hyper feminine shota anyways, popular shota with women are ciel, hanako-kun or hotarumaru. That guy is way more femine and akin to trapfag tastes like astolfo.

No. 366699

Anon that's not what a trap is, a trap is a character who 99% of the time just falls into 'draw a girl and call it a guy' (ie: Astolfo, Bridget, etc) you can pretty clearly tell this character is meant to be male.
>His proportions aren't shota-esque either honestly
Yes they are? Not to mention the typical shota characer tropes like the booty shorts and sock garters.

Personally I'm not really into any of the nu carnival designs but it would be silly to say he's not a shota in my opinion.

No. 366700

File: 1711876727575.jpg (Spoiler Image,308.78 KB, 850x850, bunnysuit.jpg)

he's shown crossdressing a few times and he's meant to have a curvier body, he's a trap. He actually looks like a bootleg of that ensemble stars pink haired trap
>t.shotafag thats tired of trapshit getting compared to shota

No. 366701

File: 1711876982342.jpg (40.48 KB, 337x533, by that logic ciel is also a t…)

>he's shown crossdressing a few times
Your point? That's pretty common with BL boys in general, including shotas.
I'm a shotafag too but I think saying he's a trap is a huge cope.

No. 366702

File: 1711877238858.jpg (60.01 KB, 850x478, aster.jpg)

ciel normal form isnt as faggy though, he actually looks like a shota. Aster is very obviously ''draw a girl call it a boy''. He also has the typical cheeky annoying trap personality. He literally is a bootleg of the enstars trap.

No. 366703

File: 1711877482649.jpg (96.88 KB, 564x705, ed573a944b227a735ab97b9be7efc9…)

>He also has the typical cheeky annoying trap personality
I haven't played the game as mentioned, but I kiiind of get what you mean if he has that obnoxious Astolfo style personality.
I wish evil shotas showed up more lately…
>He literally is a bootleg of the enstars trap
Eh, the guy in enstars looks a bit more feminine but still doesn't look like a full on trap to me. Definitely a bootleg Ramuda though.

No. 366704

they look exactly the same, like they put astolfo and that annoying faggot in a blender. I am just saying that the intention of the characters are obvious, he's clearly made for trapfags and not shotafags.

No. 366706

posting "shotas" was explicitly banned.(minimodding, report instead of replying/complaining)

No. 366707

posting nsfw shota was banned

No. 366709

If you believe it’s breaking the rules why not report instead of minimodding

No. 366712

Nobody posted "shota" as in sexual pictures of young anime males. We're calling them shota to get the idea accross but shota is the porn genre, not the character itself. Posting characters wasn't banned.

No. 366713

he isnt even a shota slap tits onto him and he looks no different from your dime a dozen generic anime girl

No. 366727

whats with all the minimodding newfags itt lately? go the fuck back to twitter

No. 366753

File: 1711905780030.webp (Spoiler Image,766.09 KB, 4524x3610, RDT_20240331_19192967884512668…)

(shitty edited NU: Carnival tranny PIV fanart in spoiler)
I hate this stupid shit so much, nonnies. Tranny headcanons are obnoxious in general, but why are they always applied to the most "effeminate" guys? Why aren't these spergs giving Quincy a pussy instead? I thought they were against gender roles but they ALWAYS give pussies to the bottoms or the less traditionally masculine characters, never to the manly tops. They're so fucking regressive in their attempts to be progressive.
I'm also salty because Edmond is my fave kek

No. 366758

Rest assured Nucarni will never add that shit no matter how much they beg on their knees for muh trans rep so they can keep their garbage edits for all I care.

>I thought they were against gender roles but they ALWAYS give pussies to the bottoms or the less traditionally masculine characters, never to the manly tops

I think most people know this cuntboy stuff is just a fetish because troons want to see het in BL but people still entertain their delusions for god knows why. I would have more respect for them if they just admitted it was a fetish than some woke normalizing trans bodies uwu thing.

No. 366765

>he isnt even a shota slap tits onto him and he looks no different from your dime a dozen generic anime girl
this is what i'm saying. i wonder why when the guy is feminine people's ability to understand they're looking at an unrealistic depiction of a human being (i.e. a cartoon) goes out of the window

No. 366766

i also think both of you are wrong. he doesn't resemble a trap or a shota. i don't know if there's a word for this sort of character but they're youthful without veering into shota territory, and they definitely have androgynous elements to their design. china calls them "flower boys" i think

No. 366768

I'm getting way too old when people are calling a twinky bishounen "trap" and an animalistic trope "shotabait" because he's retarded, do people just not read anything else than webtoons and barashit these days?

No. 366772

A bishonen I guess? Before it became a general word for "anime man" is was a word for cute feminine (but not trap-like) flowery anime boys (not underage though).

No. 366773

clearly nucani discussion is bad and should cease

No. 366775

bishonen doesn't fit to me

clearly you need to gb2 discord/twitter

No. 366776

>gb2 discord/twitter
as if that isn't where the only people who like that garbage are as you sit here making pathetic emo posts itt in response to everyone calling your waifus ugly every other day kek. I'm not even one of the ones trying to claim it's pedobait.

No. 366778

hit up khan academy for english lessons too

No. 366779

It's not even discussion, it's someone ventposting out of nowhere about how a clearly effeminate bishounen is "a trap" despite clearly reading as a male wearing flamboyant male clothing and how a low IQ beast archetype being adjacent to a puppy boy is "shotabait" which is just a really stupid and purposefully inflammatory thing to say, not making actual conversation about the game. I don't know what's anon's damage but according to other testimonies it's 4chan migrants from the joseimuke threads that are filled with fujoyumes who hate all male characters they can't husbandofag for.

No. 366781

>it's 4chan migrants from the joseimuke threads that are filled with fujoyumes who hate all male characters they can't husbandofag for.
Explains the sorry state of /m/ lately

No. 366782

I'm 100% certain the anon who goes on rampages accusing everybody of being a 4chan user is a 4chan user herself who spends all day fighting with them over the same shit. There's no other reason for her to think that. I haven't used it in almost a decade so I wouldn't know what's being said on there, but no one sounds less integrated here than her.

As for calling the characters traps and shotabait, report and ignore the whole two retards saying that.

No. 366783

File: 1711915303858.jpeg (88.31 KB, 600x851, GIUq1daWUAAMqTc.jpeg)

hell i wish there were more actual traps in BL
whenever i come across something it's either not to my taste because the art is ugly (that one BL where the guy dresses his friend up like a girl and they fall in love, uke has brown hair i can't be arsed to find it right now) or it's untranslated (picrel)

No. 366788

I only like trap characters when they're nominally feminine but the male features still peek through, like the adams apple, the slope of the shoulders, triangle body shape. The draw a girl call it a boy's are instant turnoffs

No. 366792

Someone was recently posting screencaps on /meta/ of someone advertising this thread on 4chan and apparently she was salty for being called out for it (since "they're mostly women posting on that board anyway") so it's not really a made up thing.

No. 366793

different tropes for different folks, i'm bi so they're right up my alley

No. 366796

And the anon I was talking about still sounds more like an obvious cuckchan refugee larping as a regular than anyone else in this discussion. From what I understand, the anon who was shilling it there was a sperg who hates traps, and the anon who exposed her shilling is a sperg who loves traps and hate orbits that anon. That's probably who we're talking about right now. They both can go fuck themselves.

No. 366817

Where have you seen it shilled? I played BL VN first time I hear of this
Oh maybe that's why.
Who is the artist? Looks like the art for that Square Enix horror VN.
Kinda odd Magi was never big with fujos as much as JJk. I wonder why?

No. 366819

Yeah let's ban more things, like this topic doesn't throw a fit at anything big every 5 posts anyway

No. 366821

File: 1711926919243.jpg (70.73 KB, 450x600, 1701987638206606.jpg)

>Kinda odd Magi was never big with fujos as much as JJk. I wonder why?
Probably just timing. It's an early 10s series that never got a season 3 and aired at a time when heavy hitters were more common than they are now. The midsize fandoms of the past would be FOTMs if they were released today so I prefer that it never hit the top anyway. Plus the manga had some rough arcs. The boys are all top tier though

No. 366822

I liked SinbadxJafarXMashur threeesome

No. 366824

File: 1711927245537.jpg (1.22 MB, 2408x1080, 1000014833.jpg)

Disgusting, cuntboy crazed coomers need to be banned from the internet forever
But also I didn't notice the edit at all until you said it because I was too busy admiring Edmond, he's so beautiful he doesn't deserve this shit
You're right nonna, nukani devs themselves are pretty based and give fuck you to gender stereotypes pretty often, it's just the fandom that's brainrotted.

Regarding Aster, if any of you visit the official discord server for discord, you'll find TIFs annoying the normal fujos with "is Aster a transman/trans boi/transmasc" queries every single week, and even when it's pointed out to them that he does have a dick and nutted on Eiden's back in an hscene, they will keep ignoring canon, makes me rage every time
I need to calm, will go look at the new artbook released (picrel and the source of the cursed Edmond edit from there), it has lots of pretty pics

No. 366825

File: 1711927342040.jpg (47.67 KB, 600x409, 1706858767423534.jpg)

There's a slut for every taste in Magi it's amazing. The manga holds up for rereads too. If any nonna wants a new brainrot source, I'd recommend

No. 366826

>Kinda odd Magi was never big with fujos as much as JJk. I wonder why?
Magi was big with fujos, in all fairness they were like the only people interested in it because it had a ton of fujobait and an abundance of bishounens. The only fans I ever saw were hardboiled fujos. But the main issue was that the series really never hit big in general, like >>366821 said it came out during a time series like it weren't just that popular and it remained a niche, and the anime adaptation just wasn't that well made and made it more into a milquetoast shounen romp than the fantastical adventure the original manga was written as. They took the edge off the original writing and ruined a lot of the character arcs so it flew completely under the radar for the mainstream audience. I really loved the ships I had in it though, Sinbad x Jafar is still a top tier couple.

No. 366836

Let's be totally honest, the reason why Aster used a strap-on instead of his actual dick when fucking Morvay is because Morvay is a disgusting, AIDS-ridden incubus faggot. No one should fuck him, not even with a borrowed dick

No. 366840


No. 366845

This guy looks just like Mink to me

No. 366852

File: 1711940966788.jpg (1.23 MB, 1080x2408, 1000014834.jpg)

Mink has one foot in the grave, this guy is just 21, actually he's the only one in the cast whose age is less than the mc. (He does try to look and sound more mature because he's ruling lord of a big territory)
Take a better look at his face in this manspreading pose kek.

No. 366853


No. 366854

as the zoomies say, "mid."

No. 366857

File: 1711941768917.gif (1.82 MB, 324x183, m.gif)

>mfw it's literally my favourite Dante SSR ever

No. 366860

File: 1711942981838.jpg (106.72 KB, 1000x980, 1689465777774.jpg)

I dislike it

No. 366861

Don't respond to low effort bait nonny kek. Rather let's hornypost about Dante some more
This SSR really showed off his body so well, also for ONCE his thighs look nice and meaty instead of being weirdly thin (I hate his legs on his SR) compared to his wide, ripped torso. Did you read that devnote where they said that his body was the upper half of a perfect triangle lmao

No. 366864

I fucking love Dante. You're doing great, nonnie!!

No. 366874

Let's share all the silly April fools stuff posted by BL game devs, nukani devs just posted this quality(tm) opening to their game kek

No. 366880

File: 1711945983959.jpg (26.35 KB, 334x198, Screenshot_20240331_213233_Fir…)

I love him so much

No. 366884

>This SSR really showed off his body so well
this, i feel as if the designers find it hard to balance the (ME/SA regions specific)Oriental aspects with the event themes, and this is the one moment they finally got it but obviously it's the event involving Solaria. also with some design fundamentals issues. design sperg incoming:
>Blazing Coliseum Dante
not very visually balanced, as you said kek >his body was the upper half of a perfect triangle, putting swathes of cloth on his top part exaggerates this shape far too much on top of putting him in skinny jeans kek. i like the pec window and the show of his adonis belt tho.
>Eternal Hanabi Dante
its nice even when i don't care much for yaoi boys in yukata, his dorito chip bod doesn't look too cartoony, and i like him in a ponytail a lot, it has that air of a refreshing summer event. also, once again, pec window.
>Icy Equilibrium Dante
his figure is more balanced but it's so busy looking, something should've been taken out. and the way he holds a bottle and a glass is corny and looks like smtg from a bad webtoon artstyle. his side ponytail is pretty though as are his earrings. and it does have a regal air i'll give it that.
>Infernal Treatymaker Dante
RETCHHH, absolutely disgusting, why would you take away his pretty red locks like this? i can't tell if i hate it for giving him short hair or if it's actually bad. plus, it bothers me a lot that there's three shades of grey, the bluish grey pants annoy me badly. and it always looks like they're all pumped up starting on his top halves and then get burned out when getting to his legs that we get such elaborate designs up top but then just plain skinny pants(and why do they fit his legs like that? such bad tailoring). he also looks weirdly fridge shaped this time around.
>Faithful Challenger Dante
the way he doesn't have matching assless chaps with Garu is tragic, it's visually balanced sure but i hate his pants, i can't tell if they're supposed to be leather or not the way they're folding. the scarves on his shoulder and hip are pops of colour that i thought were weird but i think it's meant to be a mirror of the placement of his eye gemstone and i get that having blue gemstone accessories every time was getting old. i feel like the detail was pretty balanced between his top and bottom. shame about the assless chaps tho.
also, undercover male belly dancers Dante and Olivine when?

No. 366886

I appreciate the eurobeat for this one.

No. 366907

I tried Magi long ago when it just started in my country because of the cute guys and the premise but was super disappointed when the arc with the main blond guy and his childhood friend or brother started because it started to be more about muh politics. No clue if it's more like it later on but I think I read 8 volumes in total and I gave them to a friend who liked the anime a lot when the first season ended. I discovered it because of pixiv artists.

No. 366909

I read Magi too and while I think the male characters were cool and perfect for fujos, the story is full of politics talk and the author put in a lot of boob fanservice and jokes. Not to mention that the main protagonists are very heterosexual. I think the author is making Orient now and it's doing a lot worse.

No. 366910

I started watching it when it first came out just because it was new and I had free time, but didn't really get into it. The fact that the way the Japanese VAs say "magi" means "whore" in my language may have played a part in that, kek.

No. 366955

The political plots were what made Magi good but ymmv

No. 366956

Kek I had to watch it with headphones on for that same damn reason. Didn't want my mom to walk in and wonder what the hell I was watching.

No. 366964

File: 1711985242317.png (419.27 KB, 609x609, Screenshot_-_Opera.png)

>no one else did anything (again)
>my tummy hurts
>saw a picture of super pochaco without my consent
Another year of pain

No. 367037

File: 1712009326314.jpeg (176.55 KB, 1450x2048, FtNUqfmaQAEmocs.jpeg)

I love gay sex

No. 367051

Who are they? Hot af

No. 367052

Karna and Arjuna from FGO

No. 367062

I don't know what is more disturbing
>his pussy
>his missing teeth
>or the anon who compared mink to dante below

No. 367085

magi was peak until it left behind the arab theme

No. 367122

I tried to get into magi but the childish humor (with aladdin) and the hetero fanservice was just too much for me so I didn't get past the first book. Is it worth it to read now for the fujoshipping? The male characters and general vibe are really appealing to me.

Does anyone else prefer shipping characters in non-BL media and looking up fanart/DJs of them to just consuming actual original BL? Kek maybe it takes me back to my sasunaru roots or something

No. 367132

It is heavyhanded with the het pandering and female fanservice but its a shonen manga after all. There's a lot of top tier fujoships but they start showing up several volumes in. If you already like the male character designs it's worth it imo especially since the djinn equips later on really slut them up

No. 367148

Might be a dumb question, but can anyone rec any mangas/doujins with smut but also have a cute romantic buildup? Feels like a lot of the stuff I've seen are abusive/rapey, or basically just porn, or its completely SFW.

No. 367149

File: 1712041074239.png (2.57 MB, 4096x2896, BL_Questionnaire.png)

Someone translated this but the questions are kinda dumb in my opinion…
I filled it anyway.

No. 367150

File: 1712041099581.jpg (547.07 KB, 4085x2888, you can tell I was out of idea…)

No. 367151

I think you have mental illness but I like your taste

No. 367152

File: 1712042241330.png (216.59 KB, 600x600, F-u4SExbQAAx3r8.png)

Thanks nona!

No. 367153


No. 367165

Where does the original picture comes from?

No. 367166

No. 367167


No. 367183

File: 1712051846276.jpg (62.74 KB, 1080x575, 1000014878.jpg)

Are you looking for romance focused stuff but with smut? My influencer boyfriend (youtubers in love, assertive uke), Neko x Neko (switching characters), Wolf in the house (werewolf goodness) and punch drunk love (silly misunderstanding sex comedy) are some I could recall off the top of my head, will post more if I remember.
For doujins I'm going to pimp this translation group I used to help at, they worked on cute dmmd and yoi djs.

No. 367186

A shameless omegaverse fan.

No. 367190

Mpreg funny

No. 367202

I like both. Depends on my mood. NaruSasu still makes my heart flutter. They were so perfect

No. 367220

File: 1712071702106.jpg (63.1 KB, 421x600, A27755-448187846.1680487543.jp…)

I really like The Dragon's Betrothed, pretty art and the romance is cute—I can't wait for the third volume to come out in English. FYI there's no smut in the first volume and one scene in the second closer to the end, not sure if that's too quick for you or not.

No. 367225

File: 1712073685926.jpg (2.41 MB, 4088x2890, BL_Questionnaire.jpg)

this was fun

No. 367246

File: 1712080331890.jpg (3.49 MB, 4096x2896, yaoiquestionaire.jpg)

i had to fight myself on what to put in my favorites

No. 367250

File: 1712081259984.png (3.12 MB, 4096x2896, 1712041074239.png)

a lot of chinese title abbreviations in mine

No. 367287

File: 1712096124862.png (3.91 MB, 4096x2896, 1712095958553.png)

>vomit + ryona
my sister

No. 367297

yandere uke peak taste

No. 367314

File: 1712101425710.png (1.81 MB, 950x1364, My_Yandere_Little_Brother_Cant…)

I'm surprised you put down mob but not ugly bastard, they're kind of sibling fetishes in my book?
I love them so much!

No. 367324

File: 1712104348574.png (3.44 MB, 4096x2896, okadsf.png)

this took too damn long…never again

No. 367330

Damn these are some comedically evil semes kek.

No. 367335

I refuse to think about it hard enough to fill this out for myself, but this is really cute and I love to see the effort

No. 367336

>So many ryonafags
Let's get more specific. What's your favorite ryona subtag? Mine is knifeplay

No. 367337

File: 1712107846964.png (149.3 KB, 515x284, this shit still weird as fuck …)

Seconding knifeplay/general bloodplay. I like characters holding decapitated heads lovingly too.
Weirdly amputees have been growing on me lately since I thought it was weird as fuck for the longest time.

No. 367341

Ouji fashion but on a guy…?

No. 367343

belly punching, bone breaking, head trauma, and anything involving a box cutter is peak. amputation, hemorrhaging, and bullet wounds all nice. succumbing to exhaustion and going limp from a beating and/or rape, rope burn, blood licking, pressing into wounds, and getting a boner during or after a fight also hot.

>I'm surprised you put down mob but not ugly bastard
you already figured it out: too much overlap with mob and humiliation to warrant putting it down alone lol

No. 367348

Guro unfortunately

No. 367369

File: 1712116991798.gif (2.01 MB, 518x389, 1680434448813.gif)

me too! i especially love knife play while the seme and uke are beating the shit out of eachother its so cathartic to see moids get busted, gunplay is hot too! i especially love uke on seme violence

No. 367377

crying and any kind of degrading talk. is gang rape a ryona subtag?

No. 367383

I know nothing about this game and I already hate it
Ever since this Twitter post all the BL gaming discord servers/image boards I frequent has had all the "ryona"fags come out of the woodworks (I didn't even know wtf the word meant until last week) and go into graphic splergs about how they want their shotas to be mutilated while giving zero shit about the general populace who don't want to view any of this shit and only to see hot guys fuck in peace

No. 367384

cant believe how beautifully gay this scene was in an otherwise generic shitty m/f hentai

No. 367386

Why claim you're interested in bl games if you don't like ryona? I hate Nu:Carnival for introducing mouth breathing ao3 junkies that can't handle anything above the most generic, inoffensive characters imaginable acting out basic smut and heckin wholesome fluff to the infamously edgy and plot heavy world of bl games. You're complaining about ryona in the niche made by and for people who want ryona in their BL.(infight bait)

No. 367387

NTA but I wish the mods would just ban your autistic ass for good so that we don't have to read the 389542375235th unhinged spergpost about NuCani.

No. 367388

File: 1712125739355.png (210.54 KB, 1543x384, what a normie.png)

Reminds me of a Japanese fujoshi who got mad about it when someone brought up that retarded cakeverse thing.

No. 367389

>didn't know what ryona meant until last week
…did you join these threads last week?

No. 367391

HUH? Wait cakeverse is actual cannibalism and not just a sexual innuendo??

No. 367393

It's not actual cannibalism, she just assumed it was.

No. 367394

Ryona is the default way men should be treated… Wake up and start living in reality

No. 367397

It reminds me of the tif larping as a real gay man that got posted in the bad art thread the other day >>367108 and gentrification

No. 367398

File: 1712127097122.jpg (404.11 KB, 1440x999, Notes_240403_094932.jpg)

My answers are a bit retarded because I'm an on and off fujo. And I prefer shipping characters from shows with good dynamics over reading actual yaoi.

No. 367399

Your secret fetish is based af. Any frotting yaoi you can recommend to me?

No. 367400

>the general populace
>is talking about imageboards for edgelords
the general populace supports cuntboy and tit chop scar art, dear. you want to go crawling back to that, be my guest.

No. 367402

File: 1712127781521.png (541.14 KB, 1538x226, Screenshot 2024-04-03 000155.p…)

I just wanna know how the fuck cod got so huge out of nowhere, isn't it a game for 9 year old boys to call each other faggots on?

No. 367403

>isn't it a game for 9 year old boys to call each other faggots on?
That was 15 years ago anon, 9 yo boys call eachother faggots on fortnite or something now

No. 367404

Give it 15 years and maybe we'll see fortnite yaoi.

No. 367405

of all scrote media to pick up. trevor and michael walked so these cowadoodoo faggots could run.

No. 367406

mostly due to chinese fujos they like the allure of romance on the battlefield.

No. 367407

But only like 200 of the 25,000 COD fics are in Chinese…

No. 367408

Seinen yaoi is a good idea, it would encompass all the things I want in a yaoi or fictional story at once. Wish I could draw and write so I can make doujins about my favorite ships kek.
I like the confession and date sections, apply to my favorite ships and dynamics.

No. 367409

File: 1712128370205.jpg (92.24 KB, 460x649, bx94427-ggH8w6IfTAYc.jpg)

>Seinen yaoi is a good idea
I read a seinen BL about a detective's assistant who 'dies' to see the final moments before a crime and they solve it together, it was fairly interesting but I wish it was written in a less vague way and had a proper ending.
But yeah as someone into seinen tropes I'd love to see more seinen BL.

No. 367410

Title of your picrel? Any other similar manga?

No. 367411

File: 1712128488791.jpg (11.83 KB, 329x34, die alredy.jpg)

the day this cancer of a ship dies the yaoi fields will prosper. i cant fathom the amount of retardation ive seen this fandom do to yaoi is abhorrent

No. 367412

Japanese Klance

No. 367414

>they like the allure of romance on the battlefield.
Modern warfare sucks for this trope. They're just driving around in their retarded jeeps and playing drone videogames from remote locations, the most unromantic thing ever. Give me more based WW1 yaoi where two British twinks are drafted against their will and start fucking in the trenches to cope with the unspeakable horrors of watching their comrades get grenaded or gassed to death. Uke-kun kills himself after he goes insane because of shell shock and Seme-kun dies two weeks later from trenchfoot. This is true romance.

No. 367415

>Title of your picrel?
Stigmata: Seikon Sousa

No. 367416

Shounen ships are always cringe
It's not that bad, at least Bakudeku has a lot of homoshit since the author's basically writing a fanfic where he becomes his childhood bully's battered wife.
Klance is pretty much on par with Prussia x Canada for 'was extremely popular and made absolutely zero sense'.

No. 367417

File: 1712128971432.jpg (146.06 KB, 600x900, tumblr_o5sjs9yRG11sp07uio1_640…)

Takahashi Hidebu is the best she feeds tokusatsu fans with only the most premium of ship art and has been for years. Legend.
Seeing a fanartist you love get published always feels like such a win.

No. 367418

File: 1712128982427.gif (4.7 MB, 540x250, tumblr_912097a36643e282ca5d33b…)

you just described the plot of 1917 only less gay and much less tragic

No. 367419

Well then we need to do a movie night for this

No. 367420

Not at all, that garbage is also niche thank god.

No. 367421

>Shounen ships are always cringe
It really depends on the series. If a series has genuine fujobait (as opposed to being made for marketing purposes) it usually works imo, like with Saiyuki, Get Backers, JJK, this kind of series. I could never get into shit like sasunaru because these two retards seemed like they genuinely disliked each other until Sasuke fucked off from the village and then I gave up on this shit manga in the middle of the Pain arc. I'm not touching MHA because it looks ugly as hell and the only friend I have who enjoys it made it seem as unappealing as possible when trying to convince me to watch or read it.

No. 367422

Everything I see relating to JJK makes it look like the most generic battle shounen possible, and I hate battle shounen.

No. 367423

File: 1712129810966.jpg (1.33 MB, 1606x4096, 9o3537893.jpg)

god yes it's the only one I'll ever go to, please make it happen

No. 367425

File: 1712129876749.gif (345.54 KB, 300x229, 1710001991339878.gif)

Stop shilling Shitjutsu Kaisen and return to your roots

No. 367426

Speaking of the top 100, are any of your guy's ships on it? Closest I get for both the yearly and all time lists is I don't mind Creek and Sheith

No. 367427

I'm sorry but Gon is the ugliest shota ever, I don't get why Hisoka wants to molest him so bad.

No. 367428

File: 1712130051693.png (1.32 MB, 823x1500, da0bbd80bb.png)

Definitely a case of nostalgia goggles but I miss when ships being completely divorced from reality was fun. KHR inspired the most kino yaoi. You'd think that shit wad the Godfather based on the doujin but then you read the actual series and see literal baby drama with giant pacifiers. An era. DRRR too. Shizuo and Izaya were like OCs to those fans, they spawned so many altermate ship versions of themselves completely divorced from anything in the canon. Nowadays when fans are delusional it's political headcanons and uncreative flanderization. If you're going to flanderize a character at least put your heart into it and make it cinema.

No. 367430

Nope. Weirdly comforting to see ZoSan still going strong though, even though I've never understood the appeal of that ship. Onesided ZoLu forever…

No. 367431

hannigram is the only one I like on the list. the west is done for.

No. 367432

File: 1712130358299.jpg (16.96 KB, 563x590, ae72917c25c409b7b6b6d9bfea44a2…)

damn it nonnie i now want to read this now why are you bringing up my hopes up when i know ill only find disappointment in the wild some AOT fics focus on this i really love the angst especially with reiner and his ptsd

No. 367433

>the west is done for.
Eh, is this really a west exclusive issue? I feel like if you did one for Japanese ships it would probably also be fairly cringe.

No. 367435

BSD nonnies need to explain why that series has such a massive fujo fanbase, like yeah there was bait but I watched three seasons and came out not caring about a single character
What day/time works for you nonna? I will inquire within the movie night thread, let's make our dreams come true

No. 367437

at least their top 100 wouldn't be 10% minecraft youtubers

No. 367438

File: 1712130690140.jpeg (82 KB, 800x874, 3910955.jpeg)

I found it really really boring but I can't deny that the designs are peak.

No. 367440

File: 1712130778488.png (93.47 KB, 496x199, that guy who was married to a …)

I wouldn't be surprised if utaites got on the top 100 though.

No. 367441

Then don't force yourself to read or watch tbh because you're correct, it's mostly fights but I started liking it with the second season where you start getting more backstory and context instead of just 15yo kids beating each other up or killing ugly asf monsters.

No. 367442

I watched the 1999 anime when I was in middle school I barely remember what's going on in HxH and I'm not (re)starting a series that's always on hiatus, I'm still not over Nana and X being on hiatus.

No. 367443

Also never understood why skk is far and away the most popular ship. I liked Dazai with akutagawa more but even that was lukewarm

No. 367444

I'm free on saturdays, exact time doesn't matter! now I need to go dig for all the old 1917 fanart and memes I used to hoard back when it had some active fans kek it used to have a healthy korean fujo fandom

No. 367446

Nothing I like is on it. Though one of my current favorite ships got some sudden traction in 2023 and got some actually decent fics. But it's too niche to be there. But I'm surprised there's no AOT stuff considering the blu-ray release and the ongoing discussions online about the ending.

No. 367447

>But I'm surprised there's no AOT stuff
It's on the top 100 of all time at least (Eren x Levi and Erwin x Levi)

No. 367448

>Why claim you're interested in bl games if you don't like ryona?
Not everyone makes these imageboards their permanent hovel,fujos of different ages and countries gather in many different online spaces and have varied tastes. You're just in denial that your niche interest disgusts most people. BL games on average are have more "dark" content than other female oriented genres, everyone gets it, but there is a difference between oldschool yaoi's rapeislove tropes and the amputation/gouging out body parts extreme crap that ryonafags here are sperging about. Many of us saw Keisuke from tnc playing with his crush's innards all the way back in 2005, we all understood that it was a violent game and this stuff was for shock value, and no one was braindead enough to think getting horny over such stuff was something your average fujo did.
Also lmao nucarni came out on 2022, you ate completely delululu if you think fujos were a small population of gorey bullshit lovers until then and this evil game of banging dudes on sight somehow dragged in swarms of fake prudish fujos into your exclusive club kek.

No. 367449

I stopped watching it because it took too long to release and I couldn't get what's going on 100%, but when I was into it, I remember liking Atsushi x Akutagawa. It's basically enemies to lovers kind of appeal and the constant rivalry between them to get Dazai's attention, whom each of them is shipped with as well. I also used to like Oda x Ango for the aesthetic of big stoic guy x nerdy small guy, but I can't remember them having a genuine connection.

No. 367450

Stuff like TNC is pretty clearly made for fujos into guro though, it would be pretty silly to pretend otherwise.

No. 367451

Too long; didn't read. BL games are full of rape, murder, and abuse, they were never intended for normalfags and neither were imageboards.

No. 367452

File: 1712132742578.png (1.36 MB, 1000x750, this but lolcow.png)

No. 367453

Nta but it seems you're generalising ryona too much you do realize nonnas saying they like ryona could wary from like seeing fights to literal gore? The severity differs you cant tell me nonnas who read fighting game related doujins are into ryona because they like seeing their otp fight?

No. 367454

Why don't you just post about the vanilla yaoi you like instead of being delusional and pretending like rape/torture VNs were made with normalshitters in mind?

No. 367455

File: 1712133772940.png (384.58 KB, 484x484, Untitled46_20240403034211.png)

my quick version

No. 367456


No. 367457

File: 1712133939091.jpg (194.91 KB, 1079x714, 1000014899.jpg)

It's alright nona, it's ok to not be able to read kek
Idgaf about what other hypothetical fans do, I care that retards are shitting up a board that's supposed to be about hot men having sex with unspoilered gross amputation shit like
>vanilla yaoi you like
As if anyone can post anything remotely vanilla in this board these days without some edgy tryhard sperging about how it's lame for not catering to their super niche extreme tastes

No. 367459

>As if anyone can post anything remotely vanilla in this board these days without some edgy tryhard sperging about how it's lame for not catering to their super niche extreme tastes
People post their milquetoast shonen ships in these threads all the time with little issue. It's ironic that you whine about people sperging for having to see something they don't like when you're the only person here doing that.

No. 367460

>shitting up a board that's supposed to be about hot men having sex with unspoilered gross amputation shit like
It's not like ryona is the only thing people ever post, it's just the most popular topic since we talk about visual novels the most here which usually are for a more niche audience compared to mainstream BL.

No. 367461

Tayrt so that's what you meant, I still remember what a shitshow it was with shotafags so I agree with that that extreme fetishes (illegal or borderline illegal) should not be allowed on lolcow unless its about a manga or any bl related drama.there other imageboards suited for it aka fujochan

No. 367463

File: 1712134807638.png (1.38 MB, 2022x1991, 115678518_p1.png)

uh-oh looks like you'll need to head back to twitter where you can read cozy mlm in peace with aiden

No. 367464

>>you're the only person here doing that
Kek you just need to scroll up a little to see how untrue that statement is
>>ryona is the only thing people ever post
Irrelevant, I never claimed that the whole thread was ryona. What I asked is for some self awareness about what shit is shocking enough to require spoilering.

No. 367465

I hang out in lolcow specifically to avoid the Twitter aidens transwashing my favs, love your delulu in thinking that only aidens and tranny bootlickers would be bothered by extreme fetishes.
Nah, most of my other fujo friends (even some non pornsick and close to detransing aidens) are sick of the aidens polluting our fandom spaces with titchop scar fanarts and editing game CGs to have pussies, but they are too afraid of being canceled to call them out in the open. I feel like going into an all day rant about this, but I should see myself out to the gender ideology hate thread for now.

No. 367466

A friend of mine just reminded me that we're never getting that Yuri on Ice movie…

No. 367468

File: 1712136389049.gif (62.12 KB, 500x400, tumblr_m88o4hhLTl1qjs1ymo1_500…)

>in this board
>can't reply correctly
>never sages
Just shun the unintegrated newfag, it'll tire itself out soon

No. 367469

Fuck, you reopened my old wounds nona. I used to be so into yoi back in 2016-2017, but there is only so long one can wait before losing interest. It's so strange that they didn't even make any short comics/4koma etc to throw the fans some bones other than the short snippet focused on yurio. I don't even know what Sayo Yamamoto and Miturou Kubo are into these days.
(Unrelated, but I just tried googling them and autocomolete gave me "yuri on ice creator homophobic" kek)

No. 367470

The anons sperging about how they just looooooove ryona hell yeah get those men beat up and disemboweled and gangraped until they bleed so that le NORMIES will be like so super triggered sound so tryhard and reek of underage reactionary edginess that it makes me cringe in my old age. Embodies the spirit of literally every emo fujo I knew when I was 17, fitting with N+C novels being the hot talking topic in this thread.

No. 367471

Kubo's last post on her YoI twitter is from 2020, it's over. Mappa is whoring out Gojo and Geto instead these days so I'm assuming they negotiated their contracts for JJK way better than for YoI.

No. 367472

Based, you summarized my feelings so succinctly.

No. 367481

what if instead of complaining about shit you don't like, you instead talk about things you Do like.

No. 367483

File: 1712139055309.png (484.42 KB, 600x648, Screenshot 2024-04-03 at 12.07…)

This was pretty funny.

No. 367484

This pic would be cute if it wasn't mob…

No. 367485

Anyone think it's interesting how fujo hate goes in like stages?
>Yaoi fangirls are bad because SORA KINGDOM HEARTS IS NOT GAY
late 2000s to early 2010s
>Yaoi fangirls are fine if they keep it to themselves
Late 2010s to early 2020s
>It's been one of those weeks, pass the yaoi!
>Fujoshis are problematic because they don't write enough yuri for me, a man pretending to be a woman.

It was nice not being shat on for a little while at least.

No. 367491

File: 1712141492376.jpg (75.77 KB, 1080x665, 1000014804.jpg)

"FUJOS SHOULD DIE BECAUSE THEY'RE FETISHIZING GAY MEN" is still going strong, I think. Especially in the Twitter virtue signaling Aidens and their handmaiden friends circles.
Recently saw this "nonbinary" dumbass try to start that sht, went to his (using "he" cuz prostate was mentioned, but might be extra deluded TIF) Twitter page and he wanks to his comments kek

No. 367492

Men still do the "they're not canonically gay because they don't have sex on screen" thing these days because they don't give a fuck about sjw shit usually.

No. 367496

Wow it's almost like there are people on the internet with different opinions! Seriously can this thread move on from victim posting over literally whos on Twitter

No. 367497

Who's pretending yaoi is an accurate representation of gay male desires kek that's what bara is for, no? It's so annoying when these people make assumptions and act like everyone else feels the same way

No. 367499

>High budget BL game written by an actual gay man
Not sure how 'high budget' they want but those do exist, they're just all shit.

No. 367506

hyena x cat?

No. 367507

i don’t care about ryona but i do think it should be spoilered. it’s a site rule that nsfw has to be spoilered anyway, which is fair.

No. 367520

>twittershit sperging for the gazillionth time
Please shut the fuck up and post boys kissing, do you people ever get tired of rehashing the same stupid conversations over and over?

No. 367522

thinking that yaoi resembles irl gay relationships in any way is the first step down the "fujo-to-tif pipeline" every time
youre so wrong for this. go think about what you just said.

No. 367523

>steve harrington x eddie munson
this over steve x billy? pathetic, also, odd that the duffer brothers keep killing off the male characters Steve has most homoerotic tension with, hmmmm

No. 367524

need to see these two stuffed in the mouth with the other's cock

No. 367525

>Definitely a case of nostalgia goggles but I miss when ships being completely divorced from reality was fun. KHR inspired the most kino yaoi. You'd think that shit wad the Godfather based on the doujin
kek i feel like this for this one fine guro art and it's only when i looked at the guy's hairdo that i realize it's that blonde from Jojo kek

No. 367527

>fetishize queer men
nigga if "queer" men both fags and troon moids were worth fetishizing don't you think i would've gone outside and done it

No. 367529

I wish TIFfies saved this autism for men who fetishize lesbians… you know, since those ones are actually a threat to the ones they're fetishizing.

No. 367530

>unironically claiming we need more media pandering to the “male gaze”
KEKKK. I love being a fujo just to piss retards like this off

No. 367531

most normie post itt

No. 367532

>high budget
Hadaka was made from pure horniness and dreams. The king who made it looks as insane as you'd expect btw, last time I checked up on him he looked, dressed, and acted like the guy with the bob from twisted wonderland if he dyed his hair neon orange.

No. 367533

File: 1712157328340.png (1.67 MB, 2048x2732, 115678518_p0.png)

no, it makes it cuter

No. 367534

Kek if gay men made content for other gay men (which they already do btw) they wouldn't fucking like it because they're sensitive immature women who can't consume anything other than heartstopper tier mlm fluffy romances. It wouldn't appeal to her, and most gay men things are just super exaggerated porn scenarios with little to no story. And since she loves to suck gay man dick so much, I'm sure she's well aware of how the poor gay men would tell her to shut the fuck up because they don't tolerate queer twans shit at all.

> that's what bara is for, no?
Not even bara is realistic in any way. It's better at showcasing how porn rotted and uncreative men tend to be though. I really hate when people (other women/tifs and some gay men) shit on fujos for liking "unrealistic" yaoi when gay men draw big roided apes with gigantic balls and penises, buckets of cum, huge tits and assholes able to take triple the size of a dick.

No. 367537

>Kek if gay men made content for other gay men (which they already do btw) they wouldn't fucking like it because they're sensitive immature women who can't consume anything other than heartstopper tier mlm fluffy romances
This, exactly what happened to camp buddy.
>Porn with no plot game full of muscular dudes
>made by and for gay men
>completely inoffensive, no rape or violence or anything
But it's still problematic because the characters might be 17!

No. 367543

File: 1712160382218.jpg (1.18 MB, 1080x2485, 1000014907.jpg)

Rix from the Rix Vanus webtoon is so hot, I really love handsome bottoms like him. The webtoon starts with some horny curse stuff and there is a lot of attempted rape by randos but the main duo are so wholesome, a good read in my book

No. 367546

someone should tell her about gyee the bara gacha by and for gay scrotes. She would screech at the ugly roidpigs and furfags kek

No. 367553

Please don't use Rook like this kek

No. 367554

I didn't mean a realistic depiction of gay relationships but of the stuff gay moids are actually into, which is exactly what you describe kek. I have to wonder if they even care that much about women making BL or if this is an issue that outsiders imagine. From what I've seen they don't mind as long as those women making it aren't homophobic in real life

No. 367555

doesnt camp buddy have alot of female fans?

No. 367556

Yes. No matter who they're made for (or by), bl games with any pretty boy end up with fanbases dominated by female fujos. Only bara furshit and/or danzi engine level repulsiveness can successfully filter. Meanwhile, most gay men will get filtered by anything with a story because they're only in it to jack off, a fact TIFs seem to have a hard time accepting.

No. 367558

I'm aware (at least that it was made by one crazy guy) I was just using it as an example of a game with 'gay men sensibilities'

No. 367559

Damn the last guy is wearing full on male bikini armor.

No. 367560

tifs have such a funny and unrealistic view of gay men (and men in general really). most gay guys i’ve run into in the wild either do not care about bl, or outright enjoy it. i think the most “moralfaggy” position i’ve ever seen is “it’s weird to enjoy incest but it’s ultimately a non issue what women online do (roughly)” kek

No. 367561

Gaycels complaining about fujos are their own breed, without exceptions they're always doing it for the clout and trying to milk all the woke "allies" for asspats by being an actual real genuine gay man. There's a reason they never have boyfriends and have to get validation from strangers on the internet by dunking on women.

And the lowest common denominator between all of these narratives is just men not liking women doing their own thing that they find threatening and intimidating. Makes you think.

No. 367562

Burger saturday or non-burger saturday? Because I'm a burger…

No. 367564

File: 1712168941165.jpg (161.12 KB, 650x907, 125304.jpg)

I think he has his own special schizo sensibilities. Fujos are the ones supporting his games as well anyhow, in japan and out.

No. 367566

Gay men really don't care about women making BL, a lot of them will consume fujo content, some of them will complain about some aspects of the stories but overall they just either enjoy them or ignore them. This "gay men hate fujos because of muh fetishization" thing is completely made up by whiny tifs on Twitter/Tumblr.
I only remember some older japanese fujos saying that japanese gay men disliked bl and even came up with the "rotten woman" name when it first became popular, but then they ended up enjoying the works themselves. Not sure if that's true though, it was a thing I read on a blog.

No. 367567

The true
>By gay men for gay men only
VN is okinawa slave island. Which for bara it's always kind of interesting to me how far removed it is from anime aesthetics, like BL and moe aren't TOO far off from each other (Key's artist even worked on a BLVN at one point) but bara almost seems like it's trying to look like the opposite on purpose or something.(no sexualised art of minors)

No. 367568

>This "gay men hate fujos because of muh fetishization" thing is completely made up by whiny tifs on Twitter/Tumblr
They're claiming it's by crypto terfs now that shitting on BL gets you called a misogynistic racist.

No. 367569

isn't this the type of shit the anons in the video game sexism thread like

No. 367570

Anti suitfags must be raving right now.

No. 367571

NTA but to be fair it's not inaccurate. A lot of radfems on twitter and radblr (and even gen x/boomer sites like ovarit) claim that BL is a gateway drug to trooning out because it's "fetishizing gay men and gay sex" and that's why it's bad.

No. 367572

You're gonna start another war anon shhh

No. 367573

Oh I agree, I also don't think they're the main source of it like tifs are claiming though.
Also the way that they complain about fujos is very different to begin with
Most actual radfems hate anime shit in general (which is why although I'm a feminist and don't like troons+irl porn I don't really consider myself one) but at least they're usually fairly consistent with hating it.
TIFs are inconsistent as hell since they basically just bandwagon on whatever the popular opinion is since they have no self esteem and are afraid of being left out from the popular internet opinion.

No. 367578

>I just wanna know how the fuck cod got so huge out of nowhere
clips of Soap and Ghost flirting in the new modern warfare 2 got populer on tiktok
I know bc thats how I got into them

No. 367584

all this hatred toward fujos is simply a reminder that everyone hates women.

there is no term for a moid who fetishizes lesbians. there is no "rotten boy". lesbians on twitter dont scold these losers in the way fags and tifs do. isnt that interesting?

No. 367585

File: 1712173206014.jpg (233.76 KB, 1055x1500, this manga is cute btw.jpg)

Technically there's himedanshi, but that literally translates to 'princess boy' and I don't really see it used in jp communities (since it's just a genderswap of himejoshi and guys are usually just called yuri fans).

No. 367595

File: 1712176843637.jpeg (47.71 KB, 659x370, images-6.jpeg)

Nta but the term fundanshi exists but they're a minority and most of the time closeted fags

No. 367598

i don't see the constant vitriol and claims they're destroying the lgbt community directed toward them though

No. 367605

no, because this is for gay moids, not women.

No. 367615

File: 1712181671403.jpg (692.6 KB, 1280x1280, Tumblr_l_20590740277247.jpg)

burger saturday is close enough

No. 367617

I feel like I saw the first guy's design millions of times before. Also, why tf is the hand playing the game that of a child? Weird.

No. 367618

>has gay moid taste
>hates gay moids
>demands women and companies looking to market to women make more content that mimics what gay moids make
this sounds familiar. but I won't press it.

it's probably an asian fatfuck with carnie hands

No. 367622

Do any actual gay/bi men care about women "fetishizing" them, or is this a purely online thing? I understand gay dudes being put off by the straight women who sexually harass them in gay bars or expect them to be a stereotypical gay bff shopping buddy, but caring about BL doesn't seem to be high on their list of grievances. The main issue I see them take with it is that yaoiboys are too hairless kek

No. 367625

There are more gay men who hate tifs than gay men who have a problem with fujos. It's only misogyny gaycels like james somerton and attention whores looking to get some free engagement from the mlm tumblr crowd who hate fujos, the rest either don't care or are happy to discuss bl with them.

No. 367630

i love prissy ukes x cackling, sleazy manics. 'cackling and sleazy' can be anyone from a yankee with a mean streak to a full on psycho salesman type

yeah i love my villains to be EVIL evil. homelander's perfect for example

No. 367632

>moid taste
anon do you think nucani is for gay moids??

No. 367636

i've seen bi dudes on 4chan actually get off to the idea of a girl watching them fuck another man, or otherwise encouraging it. they absolutely do not give a fuck

No. 367640

File: 1712188205565.gif (682.4 KB, 498x365, kaworu-kaworu-nagisa.gif)

don't you have anything better to bait about?

No. 367642

how is it bait? when anons say they want slutty men they mean nucani type sluts, not barashit. I dont know why it angers you so much, fully covered moids in street wear are dime a dozen in anime, let anons enjoy their male sluts in slut wear.

No. 367660

I actually like BakuDeku, though I dislike most of the Western fan content for them, so while they are ranked high on both the yearly and all time lists, it's specifically for the fanon versions of them I hate so it almost doesn't count lol.

Sheith is my all time OTP, though, so it's nice to see them on the all time list. I also KuroKen, which is also on the all time list.

No. 367715

Incredibile how a random post about a literally who on Twitter sparks s whole debate about the same thing

No. 367732

File: 1712220290536.png (1.25 MB, 1067x1372, image.png)

the closest I've seen to complaints about female yaoi artists from gay men are the occasional 4chan fags getting salty the only good stuff comes from women instead of their own followed by promptly posting female artists again kek. In checking right now some have made 2 spite threads about bara to "take the board back" which lasted the time it took me to write this post. If anything they've made bara containment threads. If you scroll the catalogue it's clear that the majority there prefer female drawn yaoi over bara too for getting off.
Gays just don't react the same way to fujos as lesbians react to men because men irl actually become fetishistic and obsessed at higher rates and target them. The only thing I've seen gays call fetishistic are straight tiffanies cause they're the closest to moids in regards to acting on their fetish and involving them in it. It's like tifs have all fallen for that trick moids do where they confuse twitter "feminists" into treating men and women as exactly the same to their benefit. In this case believing women getting off to gay porn (or simply reading gay romance) results in the same levels of brainrot you see commonly among men, though given a tiffany's life experience I can see why they think all women are like them.

anyways, picrel for actual fujo content (hope it hasn't been posted before)

No. 367736

I totally don't blame gay men who hate tiffanies though. Imagine being a homosexual that grew up in a conservative family and had to listen to all sorts of homophobic crap, then as an adult you have to deal with these blue haired chicks pulling the same shit on you in the guise of inclusivity, inserting themselves in gay media cuz gay men are totally ok fucking vaginas if it's on a "trans man" amrite folx? I'm seeing a pair of TIFs discuss how BL games need for "trans men rep" even as I type this, I'm so close to a-logging

No. 367739

nyart but kek is it the NuCani discord? there was a Tiffany whining in the discord server about how she wants a cuntboy top in the game for the sake of rEpReSeNtAtIoN. these retards piss me off so much. it's an asian game for an asian audience, I already feel grateful that they translated it for an international audience and updates come out at the same time worldwide, but these dumbasses never have enough. why does an asian game have to pander to western gendie bullshit? no one in the game's target demographic wants to see pussies in their BL games. stop pushing your shitty american values on everyone else
there was also a thread on the subreddit (I know I'm a fag for using reddit nonnies please forgive me) asking people why they play the game and 9/10 replies were girls saying "because I'm gay". bro shut the fuck up you're not a gay man you're a mentally ill girlie with an anime gay man fetish like the rest of us. it pisses me off that there's so few games made by women for women out there and these trannies try to make games like NuCani seem like they're for men. I miss the old times when fujos could just be fujos. at this point I feel genuinely excited when I run into a fujo or yume who admits that she's a straight/bi woman instead of pretending to be an uwu achillean demiboy nonbinary trans man kek
sorry for the schizo rant nonnies but this shit is quickly becoming my 13th reason

No. 367742

>9/10 replies were girls saying "because I'm gay"
As if many gay guys even play NC in the first place kek. In my experience fudanshi of the yaoi type are a rarity and most gay otaku I've come across are barafags indifferent to BL. Playing stuff like NC is just outing yourself as a woman
>fujo or yume who admits that she's a straight/bi woman
As a homo myself I'm actually tired of fujos who say they're queer/bi even if they still identify as a woman because 99% of the time they're just straight in a relationship with a moid but pick up a marginalized identity because they're scared of being called out for fetishization/being straight is lame in fandom. We need to make being a proud heterosexual fujo trendy again

No. 367743

Kek yes nonna, I'm glad to know that there are other farmers with me in the discord, this gives me so much mental peace. The discord isn't too bad overall, only some fellow TIFs entertain their delusions. Normal members usually ignore them, I wish they would tell the TIFs to shut up but I understand that everyone is afraid of being canceled. At times like this I wish I was on the eastern fandoms, these idiots would get banned so fast for polluting the holy fujoland with pussy kek
I peek at the subreddit sometimes myself (and get subjected to boypussy Edmond and vomit) for translations and stuff, but I'm visiting less and less because of these tiffanies. Any discussion post that's not about some "boring" world building stuff like klein or huey backstory etc end up being brigaded by braindead tifs.

No. 367755

unironically the most subversive thing you can do in fandom these days is just say you're a straight "cis" (i.e. real) woman. I don't know how it doesn't occur to these people that it's weird that fandom spaces went from 99% straight women to 99% transmasc afab tme nonbinary queers practically overnight. if I was them I'd be constantly doubting my "identity" but I guess these people have no self awareness to speak of
kek I think a lot more women in fandom than we realize are against trans shit, it's just impossible to talk about it because people are ready to jump at the smallest sign of tervenry. these days I just assume that anyone in a fujo community who claims to use "any pronouns" is a crypto because trannies are obsessed with pronoun validation shit whereas terfs are the ones who don't care
Eastern fandoms probably have their own drama but I cannot imagine it's anywhere near as obnoxious as american gender shit. I have a Twitter account practically dedicated to only following eastern artists of my favorite NuCani boy and it's pretty comfy. also it's so cute seeing them getting excited over new content kek

No. 367758

>As if many gay guys even play NC in the first place kek
You'd be surprised, there are a lot of them. Probably around 10-15% or more with all the advertising they do on gay porn sites. They tend to prefer the top characters and Olivine and they don't participate in fandom as actively, so you see more of them in guild discords.

No. 367759

Kek Olivine really is gay moid coded. He has those weird "bara titties" and the kinky sluttiness they like.

No. 367769

Quincy, Yakumo, and Dante are more popular with gays, by a lot

No. 367773

Dante and Quincy I get, but Yakumo??

No. 367775

>unironically the most subversive thing you can do in fandom these days is just say you're a straight "cis" (i.e. real) woman.
It's suffering being a lesbian fujo, yurifags envious of BL's popularity will think you're a lying bisexual in denial (despite their own community being full of straight women, trannies and men), Aidens hate you because to them cis lesbian = terf dogwhistle, homophobic yumefujos will tell you to fuck off because they don't want to associate with disgusting dykes and straight fujos are always suspicious of you. I usually lie and say I'm bisexual just to not make people uncomfortable or outright aggressive.

No. 367778

File: 1712241952865.jpg (Spoiler Image,763.13 KB, 1080x2408, 1000014928.jpg)

Yakumo is my beloved darling but I will also be pretty surprised if gay men are into him, from my limited exposure to gay men online I didn't expect them to prefer his flavor of tall but slender big dick top

No. 367780

He's so fucking cute I love him.

No. 367783

are you sure they arent tifs? men already have tons of gay porn and gay games made for them, feels weird they would play something that was designed by women for other women in mind.

No. 367785

Yes? You need to take some time off lolcow if you think someone would look at an excessively porny gay sex game like that and their first impression would be "oh, this must be designed by and for women only!" It's much more flamboyant and sexualized and less story-driven than normal fujo content.

No. 367786

it was designed by women though, all of the artists are female. The average BL VN has worse stuff too, like noncon/incest/sometimes even shta. I dont think its out of the ordinary to think women who enjoy moids getting raped would also enjoy them in sexy clothes. Its like you never played a BL VN before and think its all wholesome chungus hug and kisses and sex after marriage.

No. 367789

>It's much more flamboyant and sexualized and less story-driven than normal fujo content.
What are you talking about? You just described 90% of all BL pre-2015.

No. 367791

>censoring shota like we're on tiktok
And what you're saying has nothing to do with what I said. Vns are the primary form of bl I play these days, and nu:carnival has more in common with a standard gay porn game than any bl vn save for westshit.(infighting)

No. 367793

i didnt censor it, i just misstyped, retard. Otherwise i would have censored rape too kek

No. 367794

personally i get Quincy but i don't get Dante, he's tall and skinny and built like a dorito typical of male characters popular with women, why would he be popular with gays? it's not like he has a dick drawn in the crazy huge and girthy style popular in bara and westoid homo art.

No. 367795

Nucani designs are simply shit. Sorry anons.(trying to start the infight again)

No. 367796

I'm getting so tired of this one sperg constantly derailing discussion to whine about NuCani, either it's trolling or genuine autism at this point. Everyone heard you the first million times you samefagged to bitch and moan about how it's ackshually made for gay men (by a female team, with a 99% female fanbase) and how ugly and shitty the designs are. I don't even play the game yet I find this grating and embarrassing as fuck.

No. 367797

you say that when we have bald moids in the OP

No. 367798

this. i dont get why they cant talk about it in the dead mobage thread instead of here.

No. 367799

And we ripped into the retard who made it the threadpic too

No. 367801

I find it hilarious, especially since BL has always had ''scrote'' fetishes like rape, but she draws the line at male characters being drawn in sexy clothes, that's going too far and its scrotey and for gay men ackshually. I don't understand why such a simple game creates this much seething, they are acting like autistic moids when they find yaoi, instead of just ignoring it they start seething about it.

No. 367802

oh my god shut up multiple people are allowed to not like that stupid game. i hate it too. anons will always complain when you shit up this thread with it because its fucking boring and ugly. go to the mobage thread.(infighting)

No. 367803

The theory about them being /v/ joseimuke fujoyume migrants angry at male characters not being read as straight bishounens feels more and more believable.

No. 367805

nothing stoping you all from making a poocarni containment thread. if enstars, genshin, and twisted wonderland has them, theres no reason it cant. it gets shat on because were sick of hearing about it and how your diseased fandom is full of trannies and gays and infighting and cuntboy art and you got chased off of 4chan because the rest of you all hate eachother too.(infighting)

No. 367806

File: 1712250801016.png (383.64 KB, 1280x720, 00201.png)

As long as it's yaoi/BL, it can be posted here. Fuck off, nobody cares about your personal vendetta against the game.
I'm looking forward to Noctilucent and Velvet React coming out so this type of whiners can cope and seethe even more while the rest of us discuss the porn.

No. 367807

File: 1712250892502.jpg (Spoiler Image,289.08 KB, 1758x1657, 20240404_190937.jpg)

where did this meme about gay men playing NU: Carnival even come from? do you guys actually believe people on Discord servers dedicated to BL games featuring colorful twinks when they claim to be real gay men with he/they pronouns? be so fr

No. 367809

I've in a bunch of nucani servers but so far I've met ONE actually male dude and one I'm unsure about (never saw him lick tranny ass like the rest and his behavior screams male autism), both in a guild server, so >>367758 's claim checks out. Rest have been he/they pronoun havers that are way more feminine than your average yume kek.
Also love that pic from the artbook, the devs are such based fujos

No. 367810

they hated her because she told them the truth.

No. 367811

Rei is such a perfect whore

No. 367813

File: 1712252000951.jpg (728.48 KB, 936x1536, 20240220_202112.jpg)

Nu:Carnival and EROLABS BL gacha containment thread:

No. 367815

those spergs will spam for hours and then mass report anyone who dares disagrees with them. now that there's finally a containment thread they have no excuse to not fuck off and not attempt to restart the same infight over and over in every thread.

No. 367824

I don’t think rape is a moid fetish, the guys in shoujo can get fairly rapey so it only tracks that it would be in BL too.

No. 367825

Now make a containment thread for Nitrochiral bullshit or I'll do what the Nucani sperg did, those characters are way uglier than anything I've seen and the stories are the same regurgitated wattpad garbage over and over again which is why the discussion is just about how their pits would smell and who's the most retarded ones.

No. 367826

do you guys even like BL at all

No. 367827

fuck off retard, there’s no point of a fujo thread if you can’t discuss yaoi Jesus.

No. 367828

>I usually lie and say I'm bisexual just to not make people uncomfortable or outright aggressive.
I've thought about doing this too kek

No. 367829

Some anons just come here to complain and nothing else, unfortunately. They'd rather spend their time ranting about moids and trannies. Sad.

No. 367830

I’m genuinely starting to think there’s a group of weird ass trolls who want to wreck the thread for whatever reason
>complaining about ryona
>complaining about nucarni (which I don’t care about but people still have a valid reason to discuss on a fujo thread)
>and now complaining about nitro chiral

No. 367833

chiralsisters, whose taint would be the smelliest? I'm thinking keisuke

for adelta, shirou probably because he would think it's gay to wash it properly

everyone in parade's games bathes, but wolf boys have to be a little stinky by default so tasuku wins on technicality