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File: 1606599357431.jpg (63.16 KB, 600x400, Braco[1].jpg)

No. 683635

Back in Brac edition

previous thread >>>/ot/675292

No. 683638

fuck off w brac

No. 683644

File: 1606599978084.png (295.44 KB, 640x407, Screen-Shot-2017-08-02-at-12.2…)

Your struggles will ease when Braco sees.

No. 683645

hell yeah mr brac

No. 683646

that's like the third thread i see with this guy as the op pic, who's that

No. 683647

OP your shit taste…

No. 683649

File: 1606600186284.jpg (38.3 KB, 326x500, 51J2ixk-s5L[1].jpg)

A few years back lc had a vote on who we wanted to represent us. The votes were counted and our choice was clear. Saint Braco is the patron saint of lolcow.

No. 683652

I hate all of you

No. 683654

kek fuck this.

New new thread with a better OP pic:


No. 683657

File: 1606600417002.gif (106.33 KB, 450x338, braco.net[1].gif)

Get her, Janny.

No. 683681

Jannies got her

No. 683683

File: 1606601698222.jpg (24.3 KB, 800x447, vqM9tT[1].jpg)

Braco doesn't suffer fools.

No. 683687

File: 1606601958778.jpg (138.31 KB, 760x719, 1460789487304.jpg)

trash thread

No. 683691

Braco is beautiful fuck all the anons saying otherwise. You are all mentally ill bitches that love self-harm, THAT'S why you don't want his healing gaze.

No. 683692

Hope Braco fucks you anon and you tell us about it

No. 683693

why didn't you retards just use the second cake image

No. 683698

forced meme

No. 683702

and braco is not?

No. 683704

I meant braco

No. 683705

>women's spontaneous sexuality
hmmm misogyny vibes

No. 683726

File: 1606604754465.jpeg (43.47 KB, 1125x732, received_883855285390758.jpeg)

No. 683734

File: 1606605102972.jpeg (57.52 KB, 750x428, 47348387-4A8A-49CC-A2C9-915922…)

is that a braco? in my dumbass shit thread?

No. 683742

You know that pic of belle delphine with the hideous shiny hat? I think she wore it so her wig looks less shiny in comparison, since she can't edit the video she appeared in. Smart move

No. 683747

File: 1606606715139.jpeg (114.69 KB, 750x999, 8E74B26D-8A79-4429-80A3-F91F85…)

A whole chunk of shredded Parmesan cheese fell in my pumpkin soup, it’s fucking delicious

No. 683750

that doll is soooooooooooooooooooo adorable, also bon appetit it sounds delicious

No. 683754

My bf had never ever heard the term roastie before this morning

No. 683756

Yo that's a legit cooking method. Tons of people add whole chunks of parm or the rind to finish sauces and soups. Happy blessing anon!

No. 683760

I want to start a blog like in the old days of the internet. I'm feeling nostalgic lately.

No. 683770

do it! seriously considering to do it too even if no one reads it just for the online diary aspect lol.

No. 683774

Me too, actually your post reminded me I made a page on neocities, but I haven't opened it since 2 years ago. Also, check out neocities if you want to try making your own site, it's fun.
Haha, I just checked out my page, I am too afraid to share anything important with the internet so I just posted random thoughts on it. One says "I'm going ice skating today with my friends for the first time." The next says "I am never going ice skating again in my life."

No. 683781

yeah that's my intention. lets do it

lmao anon was it that bad?
i find neocities sites cool but i no longer have the patience to mess up with html and css

No. 683787

Oh, it was horrible. I'd never been so afraid in my life, tears are welling up in my eyes as I think about it again. Good luck with your site and have fun

No. 683819

David Ellefson is back!

No. 683823

File: 1606615833282.jpeg (208.6 KB, 1242x650, 3EB80A97-4089-4770-8E7F-5F45E1…)

Fucked me up

No. 683836

Today I was trying to remember the name of Meet Me in St Louis and I kept thinking of it as See Me in Seattle

No. 683841

This is really sad. I hope it's satire.

No. 683843

File: 1606621259450.jpg (30.19 KB, 400x404, 3e929d9c445d912006f63a2fec3bb8…)

If I ever get forced into a physical fight IRL, my main plan is to make it as uncomfortable, disgusting and awkward as possible so I can get out of there.
Like, I'd just fucking lick their face and/or kiss them, then run away when they pull back.

No. 683847

I've been shit talking men balding IRL for a few weeks now and welp didn't I go get a crush on a balding man. Idk how to confront reality now

No. 683849

as someone who looks like a teenager in my twenties it's not worth shit tbh

just a reminder of how gross scrotes are even if there's a part of me hard coping that i want to fuck an older man

No. 683861

File: 1606625058484.jpg (120.4 KB, 800x540, 1605540996078.jpg)

i want more images like this im so sad i could type a sad face.thanks to whoever used this on the last thread is my kink now

No. 683862

if it's a dude they might be into it tho

true he's kind of cute. gl with the cake smashing kink anon

No. 683877

When I see someone post a pic or video that was already just posted, half of me is like dude how hard is it to scroll up first but the other half is kind of like aww… they must have been so excited to show everyone the milk… kinda cute

No. 683909

I really hope this doesn't get tagged as racebait, I don't want it to come across that way

I really hate when White libs fetishize the "struggles " black/brown women

A grad student I have on Facebook posted a picture of Stacey Abrams (lol) with a long self-indulgent caption about how “we are forever in black women’s debt,” telling black women to rest, and offering free babysitting services to black women for that reason. Not a single black person liked her post. do not these people not realize how completely unhinged they sound?

I have been on the receiving end of this sort of treatment esp in the wake of this summer. In fact I’m realizing now as I type that the worst offenders have been professors and grad students. What the hell are they putting in the water at academic conferences? It’s genuinely extremely weird and though I don’t doubt these people care very much about the plight of the coloreds it comes off as so demeaning and infantilizing.

Just treat and view me as a human Woman, that's all I ask for to be treated as a woman

No. 683913

Did you copypaste that from another thread? I feel like I've read the exact same sentences somewhere else a few days ago. But I agree,I find it super awkward and there are some people who I thought could be good friends in university who acted in a weird distant way because they're turbo SJW in that exact way. And we're not American so I was very surprised by it.

No. 683946

File: 1606647642687.jpg (150.7 KB, 1064x1600, zac-efron-with-cream-pie-in-th…)

I wish Google would at least give the source for that pic. I tried to find more like it, but sadly failed. This was the closest I came across.

No. 683948

My god that is fucking sexy, looks like Creme egg McFlurry

No. 683953

genuinely think i might be developing a fetish for this. lockdown has gone my hormones acting up

No. 683955

File: 1606648360586.jpg (55.64 KB, 300x300, I wish they have a big picture…)

No. 683956

Can we just start a thread dedicated to this shit? This ones even hotter than the first. Does it have to be cake? Cream pies can be hot too.
Me too anon. Just want to look at hot men with cake all over their faces

No. 683957

the thumbnail for this video alone, my god

No. 683960

I mean there wouldn't be much content for it and I'm sure anons would lose interest

No. 683961

File: 1606649152250.jpg (461.85 KB, 1219x823, 03_CONGRATS_Pierre.jpg)

Samefagging, I found the source. It's for Congrats magazine.
Sadly, no more cake photos. Some cute male models on this site, though.

No. 683962

He looks too young and average looking at best. Someone should slam a thickly frosted cake into his face.

No. 683963

>Handsome Guy Getting Pied
So, this is an actual "thing" after all? Fucking kek

No. 683965

Right that’s it…someone make the thread pls I have to go to work and look at ugly unpied men all day

No. 683966

lmao I need to stop browsing lolcow, we're starting do develop our very own deviantart tier fetishes

No. 683967

File: 1606650125770.gif (1.08 MB, 480x360, 63c5caaf264217d166ecb06a4f76a8…)

the flan in the face
the flan in the face

No. 683968

File: 1606650170801.png (893.81 KB, 1701x817, yummy.png)

I hate Ellen show but It's a great source.
Same Anon

No. 683969

File: 1606650233009.jpg (62.74 KB, 1280x720, 16179458_751019508389521_82143…)

Samefagging. There's even a FB page, what the fuck:
This guy's kinda cute though

For real

No. 683971

File: 1606650458730.jpg (70.43 KB, 800x450, 13902699_651044648387008_67559…)

Found something for anons who like Asian guys.

No. 683972

File: 1606650631383.jpg (146.14 KB, 1080x1731, EDvlwr4WkAA7O-V.jpg)

Chinese Actor

No. 683974

File: 1606650668541.jpg (773.84 KB, 2048x2048, ED4IuZUXsAAxRmy.jpg)

No. 683978

these are all so goddamn hot, saved. bless lolcow for corrupting me in a unique way

No. 683986

File: 1606651999214.jpg (25.31 KB, 1280x720, 10838102_391659930992149_37516…)

I think as far as weird interests go, it's pretty wholesome. No one getting hurt, just a somewhat embarrassing little gag. Pretty harmless, all things considered.
The only bad aspect is the waste of food IMO.

No. 683990

File: 1606652291959.jpg (55.92 KB, 1280x720, 11018158_421747877983354_84188…)

>Himbo gets pie'd

No. 683992

File: 1606652509621.gif (81.51 KB, 128x128, 9655_eyesshaking_new.gif)

>The only bad aspect is the waste of food IMO.
I mean…it doesn't have to be. If ya catch what I'm sayin

No. 683994

i would pin the guy down and lick it off him ngl

No. 683999

An anon of culture

No. 684001

>licking the pie off the face and body of a handsome guy

Never in my life have I needed something so much, and never known until I received it

No. 684005

For me I love how it makes men seem so sexy and innocent when they’re wiping cake or pie out of their eyes and giggling. I can’t take it I’m obsessed. I just want to pie a sexy intimidating male in the face and watch him giggle like a child

No. 684007

File: 1606654157428.jpeg (1.21 MB, 2000x1270, 04D85716-F9B1-4A64-85FC-504619…)

Ladies what man would you pie if given the chance? I would love to pie a young(ish) Sean Connery in the face on god.

No. 684012

I liked >>683861 because the guy was pinned down and wearing a shirt and tie (also being forced to do something slightly uncomfortable), and here are anons getting hot over literally the pie factor instead

Shine on, you crazy sploshing bitches

No. 684015

File: 1606655713253.jpg (54.33 KB, 960x540, 10425069_391312144360261_50511…)

The pie thing is just cute, honestly.
No shirt and tie, but the body language in this one denotes some discomfort/submission.

No. 684016

File: 1606655767050.jpg (56.13 KB, 960x540, 10847898_391312174360258_55159…)

No. 684017

Yeah me too, I was just about to post that. I like that his head was pushed in instead of the other way around and that he's on the floor. Like "you are a disappointment and this is what you deserve" instead of "lmao surprise, pie in your face!"

No. 684021

File: 1606656508962.gif (10.77 MB, 360x360, 133652.gif)

Dance you fucker dance you fucker
Don't you dare
Don't you dare
Don't you flan in the face

No. 684025

I didn't get the appeal of all the pie-in-face stuff but this, this is cute.

No. 684030

is this fetish porn?

No. 684031

Disgusting, fuck fendom I dont get how you like it.

No. 684032

okay this is straight up fetish porn(likely made for men) our pie in the face is wholesome and cute, not degenerate

No. 684037

I didn't look where the source was from,sorry. but vulnerable men look cuter to me idk

No. 684040


No. 684047

File: 1606658527048.jpg (193.03 KB, 1600x1167, dddddddiijjjjjj.jpg)

I probably the only one but I want to wipe his face off like taking care of him. I want him to giggle because how I wipe him.
Pic Related

No. 684094

File: 1606662333857.jpg (54.21 KB, 680x777, d0c.jpg)

I find it really interesting how the stock Chad Yes caricature and the tard wife now function basically as 2010 early rage comic stick figures, to be used for random situations and memes

I know it might sound kinda dumb but the evolution of memes is something I have always been interested in

No. 684095

File: 1606662383515.jpg (778.46 KB, 1079x1713, SmartSelect_20201129-100116_In…)

Well, I'm the cake OP anon from the last thread.
I'm shocked at what I seem to have started. Tbh I use that pic whenever I say something stupid and want to thank someone for tolerating me. Does that mean I'm a cake bottom? Who knows. Anyways, you can apparently buy a physical copy of this magazine at http://www.congrats-magazine.com/

I wish I was a eurofag.

No. 684096

File: 1606662431862.png (327.6 KB, 396x512, unnamed (1).png)

samefag but this magazine gives me major horny
they just know sexual tension, I guess. Fucking frenchies

No. 684097

Hottest one yet imo

No. 684099

ClementxPierre-Luc 4evar

No. 684104

It says they ship internationally. I’m tempted but the website isn’t inspiring my confidence that it’ll actually arrive.

No. 684106

File: 1606663395742.jpg (102.35 KB, 300x300, unnamed.jpg)

>anons itt

No. 684109

click on the video in the lower left corner of the website

No. 684111

I miss sleeping alone. I wish my partner would stop stealing blankets and taking up all the space while elbowing me all fucking night. I just want to sleep in fetal position but theres not enough room with the way he sleeps

No. 684112

Anons who're going to be home alone during Christmas, how you're going to spend it? I need inspiration.

No. 684114

File: 1606664389805.jpeg (344.41 KB, 1242x698, E39032A8-8287-4858-AD6D-EBE578…)


No. 684116

File: 1606664871234.jpeg (100.16 KB, 612x612, 1BE36DD3-E192-4366-A84C-DED7B5…)

This feels racist

No. 684118

WAM fetishits are the most autistic beings on the planet and i love them for it

No. 684121

I realized that a lot of the lifestyle/beauty type of blogs that I used to follow during my teens often had 0 clue what they were writing about. Sugarscrubs for example, that's actually terrible for your skin but was often shilled as a fantastic DIY scrub. They were just normal girls/young women sitting behind their pc parotting things they read on other blogs and churning out new articles every day.

No. 684126

I pity the fool that might have seen me eating pickled beets from the can with a pair of chopsticks, sans pants. I might need to find easy to make foods that are low effort and don't have wheat

No. 684127

I'm tired of drowning in self pity, I want to change and do better.

No. 684144

Never thought I’d see a play on Radiohead lyrics on lolcow haha

No. 684155

i kinda wanna have a let's play and/or art channel (vid related i guess) but those are two very different things and also my laptop isn't great for newer games.
besides i kinda wanna stay anonymous like drawingwiffwaffles. I don't really think I could be a girl let's player without a webcam.

No. 684176

Every guy I know with yellow fever only dates fat white girls

No. 684184

why don't all of you with the pie/cake fetish go to the threads in /g/? it would be better if anons kept posting and i dont think it needs a whole thread just for guys getting pie'd

i noticed this too.trends tend to make comebacks even when it comes to memes.im kinda interested in the evolution of memes myself

No. 684195

File: 1606674288112.jpg (13.45 KB, 200x205, 200px-Feels_good_man.jpg)

Yeah like Pepe is interesting, Like Pepe as know him now is literally a copy of a copy of a copy and etc.
It used to be a reaction pic, nothing more. Then it got spammed to high hell.
Imagine one reaction pic from your folder, then image that twisted up and spammed across 4chan and other imagebaords for over a decade , that's Pepe's fate.

No. 684199

File: 1606674668929.png (248.08 KB, 680x663, b4e.png)

No. 684237

I don't feel like I'm part of GenZ

No. 684250

File: 1606680099929.jpg (74.99 KB, 480x480, 1606634051225.jpg)

So it turns out this picture is from an actual sisterhood
I've always wanted to join a sisterhood, but not if there's an entry fee. How do the website look for you farmers? have you ever joined a sisterhood?

No. 684260

Well, it's trans inclusive and while I'm not trying to be a pos, I'm not going to be able to feel comfortable digging my toes into the earth without my clothes on and screaming incantations into billowy bonfires with natal men around.

No. 684265

Why do you have to relentlessly gatekeep everything? Are you even a mod? Mind your own business

No. 684270

this pic so at leat 5 years old. beautiful

No. 684272

nta and I agree with them, the pie fetish and femdom is uncomfortable to see, women into femdom are no better than scrotes

No. 684273

Yall probably already saw this movie, but the "Feels Good Man" documentary explores this really well and I think they nailed the tone. Recommended.

This furfag's review is a better trailer than the actual trailer: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=fbsRYQwUdL8

No. 684274

I hate you for making me listen to this.

No. 684276

jesus christ wtf

No. 684281

If people on this website minded their own business this site would be dead lmao

No. 684292

File: 1606683107385.jpg (19.06 KB, 360x270, 1547414877794.jpg)

I don't even like Annie that much I like her better than fatty juicepet because Annie's orbiters aren't clogging the thread and making her look retarded like juicepet's are.

No. 684295

>women into femdom are no better than scrotes
You lost me here

No. 684300

I thought related was funny. Usually I don't like it when obnoxious men bully women, but rich female Trump supporters deserve what they get for trying to drag other women through the mud. Makes me want to show up to their rallies with big floppy cocks too.

No. 684303

File: 1606684310847.jpg (580.44 KB, 2416x1436, aoc.jpg)

In a different life-time Naya Rivera would've played a perfect version of AOC

RIP Naya you were my fav Glee cast member

No. 684308

>Are you even a mod?
I knew this would come kek.It was a friendly suggestion since it's a specific thing that clogs up the thread that would fit one of the threads in /g/ better.As
>>684272 said,not everyone is comfortable with it.Also wtf am I even gatekeeping lmao

No. 684309

She fell for the "men and women are equal" meme.

No. 684321

What the hell is wrong with anons in the Belle thread? It reminds me of the days when "nasolabial folds" was the insult of choice. I feel like liking to browse her thread makes me a retard anyway, but there's so much "hurrdurr hi bellend" and "get out of here simp" that it's too retarded even for me. An anon says "I'm jealous of how she looks" and now everyone's in a tizzy over it instead of just ignoring it.

No. 684323

midsommar has an actual happy ending and nobody can tell me otherwise, this is how the film feels to me

No. 684329

File: 1606688083787.webm (2.93 MB, 617x480, 1587718970907 (1).webm)

maybe this is the autism in me but I vaguely dislike the act of reviewing clothing in hauls/ the same day they've come out of packaging since I feel like you can only make an accurate review of clothing after 5 years of wearing it consistently. Maybe YouTubers, after doing a haul, a 1 or 2 years later, could do a retrospective of the clothing they've bought and the quality of the items

No. 684334

I got banned bc I got so fed up that every time I would suggest something they would accuse me of being Belle lol it’s a lost cause at this point. The only thing they can talk about is how she’s actually super ugly guys look at this comparison meme I made and posted on Facebook plus she totes used a body double for her ass shots.
I lurked PULLs thread of Belle back in the day and it was the same type of shit and they just can’t get over it I guess. Even their discord isn’t any better with trying to convince each other she’s ugly and will never be able to get a normal job as if that’ll happen. Pure delusion.

No. 684338

how the hell do you upload webms?

No. 684339

Nta, but you can just upload them the same way you upload photos here? Unless you mean how to "make" webms, in which case you can just use one of those convertor websites.

No. 684342

whenever I've tried I've failed

No. 684343

Nta but https://www.video2edit.com/convert-to-webm works on mobile and on a computer for converting to webm. If you're on mobile (and an iPhone), you'd go to "browse" instead of "photo library" when trying to upload the file on here.

No. 684355

File: 1606690263409.png (491.92 KB, 908x772, 1559373346179.png)

this is the second time today i've tripped over myself. tomorrow i will die from just blinking the wrong way

No. 684403

What race is this

No. 684405


No. 684413

When I drink something, my stomach sounds hollow. Like the water just falls to the bottomless pit that is my bladder.

No. 684415

File: 1606694507927.jpg (71.18 KB, 640x640, 111868790.jpg)

No. 684424

Lmao I read “Retail Girl” and was weirded out by it a bit

No. 684425

File: 1606695127331.png (195.47 KB, 484x481, Feels_gud_.PNG)

The doc is actually really good. Just watched it and the OG creator seems like a very sweet man. I feel bad that his creation was butchered by retarded scrotes but I'm glad that it's changing. Pepe is cute.
I was fucking shocked to see Eggman being interviewed

No. 684430

>will never be able to get a normal job as if that’ll happen
I'm not one of those "BELLE IS SO UGLAYYY" types, but just curious as to what kind of job you think she could get after all this nonsense? Surely something in social media or marketing, I can't see her ever in a traditional professional setting given her permeance.

No. 684436

She honestly won’t need a “normal” job. People tend to underestimate just how much she makes. Her OF is on the expensive end and she still gets a ton of fans. Even if that fades away, she’ll find ways to get attention on other platforms and simps will go wild for her anyway (for the time being). If she saves enough she’ll be fine and she’ll always be an Internet personality. She can make her own brand or merch and dumb kids and coomers will go wild over it because being an e girl whore is respected on social media rn.
It’s just people are acting like she’ll have to get a plain old 9-5 and go to interviews which is not going to happen. That’s a concern for sex workers but she’s one of the few who made a great living from it.

No. 684444

This. Also, according to sleuths, she invested her earnings in stock with her partner so it seems she's not that dumb (or at least is taking advices on how to manage her money from someone).

No. 684448

Oh yeah I get that, there's just a difference between saying "Belle will never have to worry about work and could make money doing related stuff," versus "Belle could get another job easy."

No. 684449

I'm not I love feeling sorry for myself

No. 684451

>femdom is uncomfortable to see
Oh my fucking god what is this misogyny brainwashing what the flying fuck the worst unironic post I've ever read

No. 684453

Bitch that was 5 hours ago

No. 684454

Yeah it seems like people are just obsessively looking for reasons/ways to hate her and are willfully ignorant of the reality that she’s achieved this level of notoriety as a meme on the internet which isn’t whiteknighting it’s just reality. Oops sorry I guess photoshopping her to look uglier and remarking over how ugly she looks in said photos is the peak of discussion.

No. 684455

not everyone is on lolcow all the time

No. 684465

I also think tendon is retarded but can't you just hide the pic and thread or scroll past that shit? I hide pics and threads I hate ez pz

No. 684469

bitch let people post

No. 684471

STFU neet

No. 684484

It's crazy to me that there are people out there who are doctors. For some reason that type of intelligence is so unimaginable to me. That and the balls to cut someone open and rearrange their organs with utmost confidence. Why are some of us so stupid/clumsy?

No. 684490

ready for the hotpocket and eggs on toast i will be eating in approximately 30 min to an hour

No. 684491

It's just their expertise, anon. When you dedicate more than a decade of your life to studying and residency to just be good at -one- specialty, hopefully yes you would be good at it.
Also remember that not all doctors are surgeons. A GP isn't going to know how to rearrange your organs, a neurologist won't know about your rectum, an obgyn won't know what to do about your cardiac problems, etc.

No. 684496

their equally pathetic but male doms are obviously much worse, like all doms are sad loser subhuman degenerates and it shouldn't be controversial to say that and really the worst thing about them is that they are all cringy, like they give off the same energy as kid who wear trenchcoats and fedoras to school thinking its cool, just have normal sex faggots the way Asherah intended us to

No. 684498

Its interesting the director was a jew who intended the Swedish Pagan cult to be the bad guys but everyone ended up falling in love with them

No. 684502

If it makes you feel better, some doctors are complete dumbasses and it makes me wonder how they slipped through the cracks.

No. 684506

File: 1606706325071.jpg (2.8 MB, 2963x1876, Party.jpg)

I know this a observation that a lot of people have made already but I still find it kinda funny how very unaryan the leaders of the Nazi Party were, despite the idealization of the Aryan male who were tall, broad shouldered, blonde haired and blue eyed, the actual leaders were far away from this ideal, Hiter, Himmer and Goebbels were all dark haired short, rather short by German standards and Himmer and Goebbels especially had very weak bodies

I remember one case I read on tumblr some time back where when during when Nazi party was power they discovered a perfect "Aryan" village where majority of the people fit the Nazi Aryan ideal and wanted to study them and use them as examples to show off their superiority but those people were simple country farmers who didn't know or care about that bullshit, they were religious people who believed that everyone was created equal and told the Nazis to basically fuck off

No. 684509

I wonder if Hitler hated himself for not fitting the ideal.

No. 684521

The lolicon pandering and giving out nudes of other girls are good enough reasons tbh.

No. 684524

There's no doubt he did. He was an evil little man, ugly inside and out. (and his art sucked)

No. 684525

Yeah he could literally be mistaken for middle eastern, hell he could fit right in my native Pakistan if he wore a Shalwar Kameez

No. 684526

I don't get why people insist the movie is about "female friendship and solidarity" when an innocent woman gets killed for wanting to go home, lmao. Retarded.

No. 684527

I think it's based on the Hole song.
>See the retard girl walking in the schoolyard
>In the same dress from fourth grade
Kinderwhore things, kek

No. 684528

I'm always the last one in the post-game thing in league, and I wonder if my teammates think I'm weird for sticking around so long after the game is over. It's just cause my computer is a bitch and takes a minute to load that part.

No. 684530

Dr. Mike is such a little bitch for posting his "apology" on his second channel and claiming that he was surprised with a boat party and got too caught up in the moment to say no. So much for practicing what you preach.

No. 684532

it reeks of "what about the menz" moralfaggotry tbh. i almost want to spam reverse-ryona and "problematic" BL out of spite.

No. 684535

Jesus Christ I literally hate men, I just find it and all forms of bdsm disgusting alright, how is that difficult to understand, plus majority of femdom content is made for and consumed by degenerate scrotes
like cock and ball torture, its focused solely on a mans genitalia and such

No. 684536

File: 1606713213783.jpeg (107.61 KB, 735x837, En8bjp5WMAAPK6y.jpeg)

Why is it like this, and why are British people still fat?

No. 684540

Because the goverment is trying to kill Americans and overweight = more health problems. That's pretty much an open secret at this point. Plus, I think America is one of the only countries that use artificial sugar, other countries mostly use real sugar (not sure about the U.K though)

No. 684541

Samefag, but it's also not that big of a calorie difference so, it makes sense why British people would still get fat

No. 684542

This meme is a pretty big oversimplification, some of those comparisons aren't even a huge difference in calories. It's easier to be fat in the US, but if you're eating junk food all the time, you're gonna get fat no matter what country you live in.

No. 684543

I also wonder. Neighboring west european countries don't get as fat. It's kinda fun to listen to super fatties in gaudy clothes in Paris or Brussels. Always british people.

No. 684545

Ok so I'm Gen Z, digital native, internet access since I'm five and unsupervised at that since I'm ten and all that jazz but still, the internet just seems like a fad to me. I can't comprehend the fact it's probably going to stay for the majority of my life time in one way or another and won't just go out of fashion and there won't be a time everyone's going to be like "lmfao what you're still online? tfs wrong with you lol" and that the internet's legitimately intertwined with our day to day life. I can't imagine that, if my cousin for example in ten years also has the topic Black American Experiences in his english lessons like I had last year, he might mediate some text by his teacher that goes "The video of George Floyd went viral in […]" when they reach the modern time section. I'm just waiting for the internet hype to go down, but it probably won't. Given that I grew up with it, I shouldn't have a problem with (or even think about) accepting it but I do. It feels so weird. Is this even the right thread? I'm not complaining. I'm just….wha

No. 684546

just got the the end of a heart wrenching book that literally makes me not want to read again. I got so into it and the ending is so open ended and I’m just crying like FUCK books man

No. 684549

>it's also not that big of a calorie difference
For most of it, yeah, but 800 calories for a drink is just insane.

No. 684552

Lol imagine splitting hairs over 20-50 calories. Meanwhile your government overlords continue to overtire you for your underpaid labor and make cheaply abundant only the worst nutritionally devoid foods. But sure, a 32 calorie difference in your Big Mackey is gonna save you.
The Chinese are next. They're starting to mass market fast food too and teaching people to cope with their poor lifestyles and polluted air with eating. Yum yum yum! Oh don't worry, if you eat a salad and go jog after your 14 hour warehouse shift you can still be thin and nevermind the cancer you're still gonna catch cause of that other shit.

>the government is trying to kill Americans
No fool, a successful parasite doesn't outright kill the host. They want you to stay alive to make them money. Healthcare makes a fuckton of money. If you only survive to attend a job and pay a doctor to diagnose you with misery, then it's win-win.

No. 684553

I'm getting an expensive 100 $ pillow for black friday this year.

No. 684554

I’m pretty sure that’s what they meant, anon. Everyone knows at this point that our government likes us fat and sick.

No. 684555

Yes they are, it's population control. Parasites leech off of hosts until they die, but at they end of the day, they're still the cause of death aren't they? If healthcare makes a ton of money, wouldn't it make since to make more people have health problems? Like I said, obesity = health issues. Let's not even talk about heart disease in this country.

No. 684557

What book anon?

No. 684559

>they're still the cause of death aren't they?
Not always fam. Some parasites don't live to kill the host at all.

Clearly the goal is to keep them sick but survivable, and working but in debt. You haven't been paying attention.

No. 684561

I'm not American, lmao. If anything, my government will just let me starve after selling its ass to the Chinese.
Seeing that burgers really think 800 cals for a little strawberry milkshake is just normal life was just surprising to me. Unclench, anon. Are you one of those "It's all fucked I am blackpilled and I eat McDonald's in a paste and dip Cheetos coated in ranch dressing in it because we're all going to die when the microchips enslave us and the Chinese COVID virus enters its final form. Eat burgers now, it'll be bugs tomorrow bigot oy vey" people?

No. 684562

Ok. Chill the fuck out, Andrew Ryan.

No. 684563

>Seeing that burgers really think 800 cals for a little strawberry milkshake is just normal life was just surprising to me.

Anon do you think Americans have a milkshake with every meal?
Beliefs about Americans held by the obsessed are so strange.

No. 684564

>the obsessed
t. the country that's addicted to dismantling other country's governments and can't keep its military bases full of degenerate rapist scrotes out of places they have no business in

No. 684566

You want a little strawberry milkshake, don't you Squidward?

No. 684567

I mean you said
>a successful parasite doesn't outright kill the host
So clearly we are talking about parasites that kill. Yes the gov wants a lot of poor people to work their ass off and yet stay poor, but you can't deny they also want to kill us, or atleast make us very sick. Why do you think healthcare is so expensive? There's enough of us around that they don't care if we die. We're all replaceable to them, even if some of us die, there's still enough around to work.

Tbh at this point I think we're just arguing for the same side. Maybe it was just a misunderstanding

Idk who the fuck that is, but alright anon. I'll stop with my tinfoiling not really tinfoiling tho. I don't want to derail the thread about this country anyway.

No. 684568

Go away fat

No. 684569

I don't get the obsession with the bug eating. It's like the concept of other forms of protein are obliterated. Where did tofu go? Aren't vegans still largely against eating insects?
Admittedly, cows milk is pretty shitty for you and isn't exactly worth the shitty calcium load for the caloric hit, but the red meat still carries quality b vitamins.

No. 684570

Someone in the comments said it's a private specimen collection, but tbh a lot of these look like sculptures. This is a weird video though. It looks like they broke in or something. Anyone who speaks Japanese (?) willing to translate?

Side-note but, if I ever get a part of my body removed, I want to preserve it. Not some crazy shit like my leg or something, but like a bone or teeth. People would probably think I'm a weirdo if I did something like that though.

No. 684571

From Bioshock, the creator of the undersea intended utopia for.. well, funny enough the people that you're talking about destroying things.
Many of the people living here don't want to deal with the country either, anon. It's a shithole designed to reward the shittiest behaviors and is undoing the citizenry by rallying them to worship hedonism and stay complacent with poor nutrition and medication sperg over

No. 684572

No. 684574

No. 684576

File: 1606717607560.png (85.21 KB, 1186x773, 1552484733330.png)

Top 10 obese countries(excluding small Island nations)

No. 684577

What's NZ's excuse?

No. 684578

Lots of people from the small island nations mentioned. Islanders tend to be really big, even when they're not overweight they're units.

No. 684580

ty for your investigation anon, i send u virtual kisses till the day u die,amen.

No. 684581

hawaiian chonkers

No. 684583

>Idk who the fuck that is

No. 684584

I love my friend but it makes me cringe that she uses words like "sjws" "feminazis" "libtards" unironically in 2020.

No. 684585

sjws is bad? oh

No. 684595

i dreamt my fav self posted to lolcow for some reason and it was strangely surrealistic

No. 684597

I haven't heard most of those spoken in real life since maybe 2013 or 2014, kek.

No. 684601

Someone I know is a very lovely person, but she's a big mental health type of girl and when she has even the slightest inconvinience (or no inconvinience at all) she would post about how her life is a mess or her heart is hurting or her brain is a chaotic mess or whatever and takes every other day off to 'calm her chaotic mind' and I know she's not going through anything because she overshares everything to me and it's just regular stuff and it makes me a little irritated how she overdramatizes everything. Psych majors, I tell you.

No. 684604

anon please don't expose me like this

No. 684607

That's why you have the other end of the psych majors who follow people like your friend to analyze them…for research purposes.

No. 684637

File: 1606728666863.gif (11.35 MB, 600x600, goofy float.gif)

I had a dream that I was dating Null for some godawful reason and I want to slowly walk into the Pacific Ocean with weighted pockets. At least I was about to dump him immediately, so…

No. 684679

Godamn the mentally ill morons/Belle herself spamming the Belle thread are irritating. I pray farmhands can ban their 100 IPs.

I think some of it is PULL morons and some might be Belle trying to bury some info about her "porn" being another troll effort. She wants to get those betabucks. There's 300-400 new replies of nitpicking nonsense, just random photos from the internet, low quality edits of her face, it's a disaster. All posted right after someone dropped some info about her porn actually starring two other people and with her "in" it only as a joke.

And incredibly suspicious timing since the thread has been dead for months before this happened.

No. 684683

Honestly I would love it if normies fucked off the internet and left it for the nerds, as God intended.

It's a mess when it's full of angry normies who need everything explained to them. They were never meant to be online imo. Plus you have disasters like the sex work "trend" among middle class white girls, and conspiracy theorists being so common and widespread. Their brains are too small to handle the internet.

No. 684705

I just had an autismo freakout because my daily recommended playlist on Spotify has changed

I listen to the same songs every day

No. 684709

File: 1606737271550.png (459.31 KB, 1890x592, jkj.png)

I'm reading through it now, and jesus. Some of these posts are just as, if not even more cowlike than the cow herself. Mental instability.

No. 684713

A guy just told me he had a ugly face/nice body fetish, told me about Sarah Jay and yet on facebook he says, "I don't fuck with or fuck no ugly bitches", Why do I make friends with retards from the hood?
Men will say one thing, but tell you something totally different in private.

No. 684715

and he's not even attractive himself, sometimes I hate how I grew up with men being so disgusting and misogynistic, that I constantly catch myself going, "Wait, anon why are you hanging with this weirdo anyway?" when before it was just normal.
I can't even really hang with ghetto hood men anymore because I find myself cringing with every single conversation

No. 684717

I wish men would fuck off of lolcow whether they mention themselves or not. Ridiculous that they even come here.

No. 684719

the only thing i can focus on is the holes in his socks, a big nope! for me. kek

No. 684721

They obviously care way too much and that’s embarrassing but like, all of this is completely true.

No. 684722

Honestly, this goes for anyone addressing cows in their respective threads. They always get weirdly personal.

No. 684726

t. galaxybrain imageboard anon

No. 684732

File: 1606740560000.jpeg (188.11 KB, 665x975, FE222D9A-249A-4A47-AF0B-4103B7…)

Preach, abased anon, preach to your heart’s contempt, I support you.

No. 684755

All that Black Friday and Cyber Monday shit is testing my shopaholic nerves man I wanna but everything

No. 684760

Same, I bought some stuff I’d wanted for a while but now feel like panic buying everything.

No. 684769

the anime Snapchat filter thinks I’m a man

No. 684772

Anime men are pretty much women anon, it's okay

No. 684774

I can already feel my boyfriend judging me for taking all my parcels lmao

I spend enough so that I can’t spend more money for November. Thank god O bought a Christmas present for my bf already

No. 684781

File: 1606751488757.png (104.95 KB, 1620x260, Screen Shot 2020-11-30 at 10.5…)

Me when I have to walk back and forth inside of a room because I keep forgetting why I went in there in the first place

No. 684784

File: 1606753695666.jpg (50.19 KB, 327x240, magic011.jpg)

>Men are oppressed t-

No. 684786

Everything about people is ugly and I don't wanna see anyone in HD photos no matter how good looking they are

No. 684787

File: 1606754980490.jpg (77.25 KB, 1080x1248, sjaugzv7x5k41.jpg)

How am I just now finding out Billy Herrington has been dead for TWO FUCKING YEARS from a Dark Souls PVP video?!

No. 684807

He left too soon

No. 684809

the whole world should be that blurry 80s video look or become 2D

No. 684824

File: 1606760404561.png (4.63 MB, 1440x1985, Screenshot_20201130-191606~2.p…)

When you eat testosterone to gain muscle and end up looking like some MtF Troon

No. 684849

Why are people like this

No. 684908

two years ago in my city some guy put christmas decorations on a weed growing out of the sidewalk. everyone loved it and now i forsee my city having more and more decorated lone weeds each year

No. 684911

File: 1606766401417.jpeg (131.08 KB, 873x873, F79CC50C-16B4-4767-8B64-E7D91B…)

twitterfags are usually not funny but i love this

No. 684912

Is that fucking grimes?

No. 684921

Thank you so much, this is absolute perfection and I'm laughing so hard right now

No. 684944

Anons what are some YouTubers that you watch guiltily and don’t tell anyone? I love watching Juicy/Mully/Josh Dubs ‘the boys’ etc play VR stuff they are always screaming and kinda retarded but I always laugh at them when I am feeling sad. Don’t bully me. What are your guilty pleasure youtubers or videos to watch anons?

No. 684945

Pewdiepie. I usually just like to watch his videos in the background while doing something else.

No. 684947

File: 1606769376234.jpg (80.05 KB, 1200x675, 11953826-sommerhaus-der-stars-…)

anon, that is absolutely an mtf troon. I went to google that creature and found the worst picture I've seen this week.

No. 684950

Same anon!! I have watched him since 2012 and his peak let’s play horror games I know he is controversial but over the years I have laughed a lot due to his videos when I am feeling down and because of this I still watch.

No. 684951

That's so cute. I wish people were more like this where I live.

No. 684952

That some guy? That some guy was Charlie Brown.

No. 684954

Sam and Colby
I know it's mostly fake, but the ghost hunting was really entertaining to watch

No. 684957

I don't watch them regularly, but I do find some old PDP, iDubbz, and JonTron funny. I don't subscribe or look for any of their content anymore, but I have videos I go back to and kinda wish I could show to other people. Shane Dawson too, like #Trane/Drew Monson/Spooky Boys era.

No. 684976

Had a shit day and was craving for a nice comforting tomato based soup and made some just throwing stuff in, I fucking!!! Love!!soup! I bet it would sound gross to most people but it was very comforting and warming

No. 684981

Despite the current state of the world, I am quite excited for christmas. Mostly because I get to bake a shit ton lol

No. 685000

I feel bad when people call Emma chamberlain ugly. She’s cute and funny. I wish her continued success and hope she thrives

No. 685001

Me too! I love Christmas decorations too. The way my living room looks lit up with multicolored lights is way more fun than my lamp all other 11 months kek. Merry Christmas anon, enjoy the season!

No. 685005

I love my husband, I just really wish he was a girl sometimes

No. 685008

t. Mitski

No. 685031

I am afraid of people thinking I am a lesbian because I look tomboyish but not that I would be insulted, I am just afraid to disappoint some poor girl

No. 685082

Tbh even if someone mistakes you for a lesbian and ends up liking you, that's not really your fault. Dress how you want to.

No. 685087

It's kinda crazy how having a lil something sweet with eggs makes them better. Like when you're eating eggs and pancakes and a lil of the syrup gets on them. Or eggs on honey toast.

No. 685091

I looooove french toast but my brain refuses to be into syrup on regular eggs and toast

No. 685131

Try Vietnamese egg coffee. Your mind will be blown.

No. 685141

nta but i looked it up and it looks so good and easy to make, im gonna try it for sure, thank you anon

No. 685145

File: 1606784559673.jpg (101.18 KB, 680x1020, fe41d8731001c95fc79df8d4b15e92…)

Ooooh thank you anon! I'm not into dark coffee, but this looks good. It reminds me of dalgona coffee (which I'm in love with). Is it creamy or is it more frothy?

No. 685152

played a game for a couple hours but now I feel sick, I’m getting more sensitive nowadays

No. 685160

I don’t like chamomile tea at all but when I had to leave my last job (was a temp position) my coworkers very kindly got me tea because I was always drinking some tea lol. Turns out it’s chamomile. I started drinking it every night, and I don’t know if it’s placebo or it really works, but I’ve been sleeping well recently. Just the ritual of slowly sipping on and enjoying a nice hot mug of tea before bed is really enjoyable though.

No. 685167

creamy. It's hard to explain and you can't even tell that you're drinking dark coffee. The condensed milk and egg balance it out to almost taste like liquid tiramisu. Now I want some but I don't have any condensed milk kek

No. 685176

i feel happy that another anon is hearing my pleas for a metal head bf, and that she posted it in the sanic thread. anon-Chan if ur hearing this i hope we both get the metal bf of our dreams♥

No. 685193

File: 1606792024743.jpg (56.75 KB, 800x700, Abigail-Shapiro-3.jpg)

The fact that Abby Shapiro's husband looks like her with a bad fake beard give me hope that she's just a closet case and is only overly conservative to cope for being a lesbian.

No. 685202

game grumps

No. 685212

Moriah Elizabeth's channel lol. Only when I'm winding down before bed and about to doze off. I think it's embarrassing because it's so childish. Sometimes I check in to hate-watch Mina Le's videos, I think she's terrible at what she does.

No. 685213

I miss retsupurae

No. 685230

File: 1606796518288.jpg (140.27 KB, 1125x640, tumblr_04c1c8088f65d96172ad63e…)

this will happen

No. 685249

I'm bi but I feel really uncomfortable with thirst traps male or female

No. 685250

holyshit, he really does look like the FTM version of her. it's uncanny

No. 685251

File: 1606799119985.gif (1.37 MB, 268x268, tumblr_oq5oumlM3s1wp7vp0o1_400…)


No. 685253

she's only 19 and has a husband already? girl, wtf?

No. 685255

She's 27

No. 685263

I often wildly swing between believing my opinions are literal garbage because I don't get many replies, to thinking I must just always be right because nobody is fighting with me but now and then I read old posts in threads like
>An anon calmly explains her personal experiences of her healthy hetero relationship
>Irrelevant replies from illiterate anons
Clearly nothing on this site matters or should be used to draw any conclusions

No. 685266

i have two cats who are aggressively cuddly and they are perfect i also can’t move my legs when i sleep or move at all and they sleep in front of my face sometimes very early in the morning and i can’t go back to sleep i can’t sleep but they sleep for me they sleep a lot, instead of me

No. 685287

Ah, me too. Also Two Best Friends

No. 685288

I watch Kalelkitten sometimes. Her mental breakdowns and constant identity changes are fascinating to me

No. 685306


No. 685325

Vent Veronica's post history got outed in /meta/ and I can't tell if it really is just one person (because they do mention being from England) or if my tinfoiling is right and it's multiple people using the same VPN ip.

No. 685334

What am I missing, who even are they and why did they get exposed? Their post history doesn't seem THAT noteworthy.

No. 685335

god I love drinking tea but if i do it before bed I'll have to go pee fifty times during the night

No. 685339

Ayrt and they're the person from the other day in the vent thread who posted a series of pictures of parts of a woman's face (that's what all those deleted pictures attached to the "save me" posts were), but a different anon came in and said that "Veronica" was actually her ex-bf vendetta posting her and she wanted the pictures to be deleted >>>/ot/684421 . I just find it weird how some of the posts in the post history seem like the same person, but others don't. Plus, none of the posts are from before November, so I wonder if it's a VPN ip.

No. 685345

Months ago I started a dumb blog where I started talking about traveling and video games because they're my hobbies and then I just stopped posting because I was lazy and a lot happened. I'll try to post again even if I don't have an audience.

No. 685348

how can travelling be a hobby lol, you just go places like everyone else

No. 685350

I like visiting cities and countries I've never been to. What word should I use then?

No. 685351

>you just go places like everyone else
You're heavily overestimating how frequently people travel, if they do at all

No. 685356

idk, a pastime?
where I live travelling abroad is something everyone does every weekend, it's like saying getting coffee or visiting the bookstore is a hobby

No. 685358

People do it too where I live, it doesn't mean it's not a hobby. Watching series and movies or reading novels is a hobby even if 99.999999% of people do it all over the planet.

No. 685359

I have to stay at somebodies place tonight and they only know me with brown eyes since I'm always wearing colored contacts, but I obviously can't sleep with them so I have to take them off and I've got some weird complex about them seeing me without them and feel kinda shy about it, as if I lied to them or something like that lmao

No. 685361

wait, people consider watching TV a hobby?
novels I can get because it involves some amount of special interest in a certain field (literature, writing), but watching stuff?

huh, weird times

No. 685362

You never heard the word "cinephile"? Just turning on your TV to have some background noise at home isn't a hobby but being dedicated to certain watching movies or TV shows, following new releases, discussing that shit with the rest of whatever fanbase these movies and series have, etc. is a hobby imo.

No. 685366

What's it like having zero culture?That post sounds idiotic.

No. 685369

What does watching tv have to do with culture

No. 685370

Have you never heard of pop culture anon or do you like to pretend that culture is only defined by boring shit written hundreds of years ago

No. 685371

Watching my 600lb life and Big Brother isn't culture

No. 685372

idk about you anon but I watch opera, reality tv, documentaries, movies and sometimes even the friggin news on tv. it's what you make of it, dummy.

No. 685376

600lb life and Big Brother are not the only things that are on the Tv, anon

No. 685377

File: 1606826872261.gif (948.07 KB, 245x219, ok.gif)

Why are you mentioning reality TV shows when I mentioned series and movies? You're doing it on purpose aren't you?

No. 685380

I’ve always thought it was creepy how nazi characters portrayed in media produced outside Germany (usually US and UK) often do fit this tall, fit, handsome, charismatic, blue eyed propaganda ideal when actual high ranking nazis were mostly short or obese ugly bitter scrots.

No. 685383

Absolutely retarded

No. 685384

You're also calling classical art "boring shit" on purpose, which is something only someone who watches exclusively reality tv would do

No. 685386

That was another anon though, I'm the anon using tv series and movies as an example and who said traveling was one of my hobbies. I don't mind classical art, I'm not enough into it to consider it my hobby though.

>which is something only someone who watches exclusively reality tv would do

lol nevermind I don't even now why I bother replying anymore.

No. 685388

pop culture is boring shit too anon. imagine telling someone your hobby is watching the office or some shit.

No. 685394

I just spent a bunch of money on otomeshit animu merch kek

No. 685398

That sounds like fun anon.Those both are fun things to do amd write about. Fuck the haters. People can write about traveling in books and make docs, so why not a personal blog? People can make an hour and a half long video dissertations about a character in a video game.These might be extreme examples,but it's a thing people do.

No. 685402

A hobby is literally just something you do in your spare time for your enjoyment. Watching tv/series/shows fits that perfectly for a lot of people.

I can't believe people are being snobs about hobbies fucking lol.

No. 685403

>fuck the haters
what haters? it's literally just me, and I only said travelling isn't a hobby, not that it's not a valid thing to write about.

No. 685404

Nta but why do you think travelling isn't a hobby?

No. 685407

i consider hobbies productive activities or skills like knitting, photography or writing.
"travelling" just sounded weird, like someone saying "shopping is my hobby" or "putting on makeup is my hobby", that's all. nobody said it was wrong or lame.

No. 685412

Nta but I just don't understand how watching something counts as "doing". Not even trying to be snobbish.

No. 685417

Just had lunch, did some course work and just fucking sat and boom sudden bout of upset stomach and dizziness. Had to walk to the toilet holding on to the walls am i gonna fucking die anons lmao

No. 685419

I carry negative energy. Everything I touch turns into shit. It’s like curse or something. I gotta engage with people who seem to get whatever they want. Maybe their luckiness will rub off on me.

No. 685421

Shopping (fashion) and makeup especially literally can be hobbies anon…
Have you never seen people break down movies/television shows? There are entire YouTube channels dedicated to reviews and video essays on different movies, film and television history, etc. Just watching tv may not be a hobby, but you can make a hobby out of it.

No. 685423

I've seen those videos and usually hate them tbh but never thought those were considered hobbies.

No. 685424

Like, watching and understanding what are you watching?
Anon, you just don’t stare at the dumb box and say “oh look, it’s a person pretending to be another person! How enriching!” No.
When you watch something you also understand what is going on, you learn about stuff, you research about things you didn’t understand or knew of and so on.
You can read something just because and not understand a single thing nor give a fuck about what happened, but do you do that? Of course not, because that’s retarded.

No. 685427

Venus is this you?

No. 685428

That's getting VERY technical about what "doing" means, but I'm pretty sure "watching" is "doing" something.

Anyway I don't think hobbies have to be productive, because first and foremost they're for one's personal enjoyment of spare time. If they happen to be also productive that's a bonus.

No. 685431

Agree to disagree I guess? Like idk what else you would call those videos or what you'd consider those people to be doing with their time, but alright.

No. 685437

Ex shopping addict here.
It's a total dream for the fashion and cosmetics industries to have women consider the purchase of their wares a hobby. Don't buy into it.

No. 685441

Ayrt, that's a good point. I was looking at it on the flipside, that just because it's an interest that women have that it's devalued as a potential hobby. There are lots of women who do make fashion/makeup a hobby, but it's very much based in consumerism. Can't win. Glad about the "ex-" prefix, good for you for getting out of the bad habit, anon. ♥

No. 685446

Don't be stupid, nothing's gonna happen if you sleep with contacts on for one night.

No. 685448

But I think the idea of fashion as a hobby is to appreciate the craftsmanship and maybe learning about its’ history and such? I doubt it’s just shopping for clothes.
Just what do you guys consider a hobby? Because i think that hobbies are more than buying/using/hoarding stuff.

No. 685450

>drawing some shit
>worked for a few hours so far
>really proud of it
>get to hand
>try drawing hand 15 times
>every time it looks wrong
>now stuck
How the fuck do you draw a human hand? It doesn't help that the character's in a weird pose

No. 685451

As someone who has been drawing for over a decade and can't draw hands either, you don't kek. Avoid it like the plague like the Deadpool artist avoids drawing feet.
I kid. Get some scrap paper or, if digital, another layer and keep drawing and drawing until you get an as-comfortable-as-possible feel for it. Use lots of references. Accept the rage.

No. 685453

I remember how that song "pretty girl rock" was the anthem for all the ugly ass girls in my high school.

No. 685454

I consider fashion my hobby but it's far more than just buying clothes. It's styling and planning my outfits, following fashion bloggers and youtubers, watching and reading about fashion shows, researching brands and designers.

Just like when make-up is someone's hobby it's not just purchasing make-up. I mean you don't buy it and then do anything with it.

No. 685455

don't do anything*

No. 685462

I don’t understand how me and my friend can be the exact same height and vaguely the same weight maybe off by max 8lbs and be such vastly different sizes in clothes. I’m usually a 4 in pants and she’s buying size 12. When I look at her legs sure they’re a bit wider than mine but how is she wearing 3x what i’m wearing? Bodies and proportions are so weird . It always makes me second guess if i’m wearing the wrong size but I don’t think I am.

No. 685465

You know what they say, anon.
My name is Keri, I'm so very
Fly, oh my, it's a lil' bit scary
Boys wanna marry, looking at my derri-
Ere, you can stare but if you touch it I'mma bury ♥

No. 685473

Bury what?

No. 685492

File: 1606837304115.jpg (15.22 KB, 243x97, uhg.JPG)

Cringe. The bio is "A Hentai connoisseur."

No. 685505

File: 1606838927948.png (849.78 KB, 1071x687, a.png)

I've been playing sims 2 so much, I've gotten to the point where most of my playable sims have been born

No. 685507

Taylor Swift has the cottage-core (gag) pretty, femme lesbian look to her, I wish she was gay. I used to see people say that and get annoyed, but the dumb Spotify background video has me convinced otherwise now.

No. 685514

Yeah I'm sure her image isn't carefully crafted & curated by a team of PR freaks who have no idea about the trends that will bring them money.

No. 685519

I don't know if you've noticed that you're in the dumbass shit thread, but I said "I wish" and was being sarcastic when I said "I'm convinced otherwise now," kek. You are very, very smart, though.

No. 685552

>most of my playable sims have been born
I don't play Sims 2 sims 3 is superior, but wtf does that mean?

No. 685555

It means I didn't make them in CAS, they were born and raised

No. 685561

I thought the reason why I have no friends is because I'm boring. But listening in to peoples conversations all these bitches at school talk about the same boring shit nothing I couldn't talk about if I wanted to. Wtf. I'm pretty sure people are only friends with each other just to not be alone.

No. 685563

Nah it’s because you sound annoying and pretentious

No. 685570

File: 1606845756562.jpg (49.6 KB, 700x1043, oriental short hair.jpg)

Are Oriental shorthair cats the Borzoi of cats? for some reason, when I look at them, I feel like they look plish. Maybe it's because they vaguely resemble
Karolina Żebrowska

No. 685571


No. 685573

>they vaguely resemble Karolina Żebrowska
Anon what

No. 685578

File: 1606846586785.png (110.91 KB, 970x582, 309a3323673f48c918794af0aa2e21…)

Nta but I see it

No. 685580

File: 1606846640865.png (1.38 MB, 960x956, Screen Shot 2020-12-01 at 1.16…)

This post reminds me of the @hobbikats gang. I love them.

No. 685582

Ears of a bat
Nose of a rat

No. 685584

Last night I was laying in bed wondering - who would win in a fight between Anna Johnson (thefitveganginger) and Phoebe Tickner (fatvegfemme)? They're both vegan munchies but one is an orthorexic warrior for Jesus and Daddy God and the other is an obese fake kweer SJW.

On one hand, Anna could easily outrun wheelchair-bound Phoebe, but if Phoebe sat on Anna she'd easily break her bones.

No. 685585

>>685563 Fair enough? When I say boring I mean shit I could have a conversation about.I thought I only didn't have close friends because other people could have conversations about special topics I just couldn't,but they have conservations about the same shit I do.I don't understand.

No. 685591

Anna is sort of like a human stink-bug, if you squish her, putrid odors are released from her stoma and bag, foul enough to deter anyone from doing that. So she's got that as a defence from Phoebe crushing her.

No. 685608

File: 1606849043444.jpg (75.91 KB, 894x438, numbertaker.jpg)

Is that the number taker in the background?

No. 685615

File: 1606849422698.jpg (Spoiler Image, 43.32 KB, 480x270, numberjacks.jpg)

when did the numberjacks even become a meme? i watched it in like 2013 with a group of friends for the laughs and it's weird seeing it referenced online

No. 685629

but then it's not "shopping is my hobby" anymore.

>just because it's an interest that women have that it's devalued as a potential hobby

i've seen this argument on reddit makeup subs a lot and they're all shopaholics in denial.
it's not devalued because it's an interest for women, but because it's objectively wasteful, consumerist and bad for the planet.

knitting/crochet/needlepoint is also a women's hobby but it's not devalued. most crafts and art-oriented things are done primarily by women and they're not devalued either, they're valuable skills.

No. 685633

forgot to add, the "consoom" meme literally makes fun of manchildren who collect video games, star wars lego kits and funko pops so i don't know how anyone can claim that makeup is devalued just because it's a women's hobby when the same thing happens on both sides and both are equally sad to watch.

No. 685638

>it's not devalued because it's an interest for women, but because it's objectively wasteful, consumerist and bad for the planet.
That's true, but aren't other hobbies as well? Plenty of people who take up knitting, crocheting, embroidery, and other hobbies in that realm aren't creating purely useful pieces, but sometimes toys, decorations, etc. Plus the supplies that a lot of crafters buy just get hoarded–have you ever seen a crafter's room and taken stock of what are repeats, never opened, etc? It's still very consumerist, just not paid as close attention to because it isn't vain like clothes or makeup. Not to criticize, I just think it's important to point out that shopaholic doesn't just mean shopping for clothes and makeup. It can be said of any hobby that takes material, really, and it can be twisted to be consumerist. I really do think that those hobbies are less criticized because they aren't "vain women's" hobbies. I hope this makes sense, I may be rambling.

No. 685643

Samefag, that's true also. I guess at least you can wear clothes and makeup and play video games?

No. 685644

Hot diggity dog. This is truly music to my ears.

No. 685650

it does make sense and you are right, but of course that isn't the only way to go about it, at least in the case of textile crafts you can buy things from thrift shops and reuse the fabric/yarn (like in this video, 2:48 since it won't let me timestamp).

it also depends on where you're from - where i live people live in small spaces and crafting rooms aren't generally something people will have nor will they buy a lot of stuff outside of whatever project they're working on.

you are absolutely right in the sense that you can say this about fashion and idk, SFX makeup too, but then it becomes fashion as a hobby rather than pure shopping and collecting LE palettes.

No. 685657

Game for you guys. Rank the following websites from worst to best (or tolerable)

1. PULL (I know it doesn’t exist now but still)
2. GG
3. Kiwi farms
4. Lipstick alley
5. 4chan

kek I am bored anons do it and don’t be a pussy and reply with all are the worst

No. 685662

My dinner was delicious and now I am pissed I didn't make more, well at least I know what I'll be making for lunch tomorrow. I put frozen vegetables (cauliflower, broccoli and carrot) in a pan and added tomato concentrate, seasoning and an egg. I really recommend 10/10

No. 685672

File: 1606853546964.jpg (26.73 KB, 400x400, zK8Cy2M9_400x400.jpg)

Hey guys, scrote here. A lil bird told me this is the female 4chan or something? Hehe…cool….

anyways femoids deserve to be raped and killed ok bye

No. 685677

>1. LSA
I like the "vibe" of LSA a lot. Some of the fonts are hilarious perched. Summaries are not a thing there, so that's annoying.
>2. Kiwifarms
I rarely go on KF (I prefer websites that are a majority female) but they have some interesting cows.
>3. PULL
If PULL wasn't so nitpicky it could have been higher. It's basically over since you need an account to use the new site.
>4. GG
GG doesn't do thread summaries (atleast they didn't last time I was on there), so it's impossible for me to actually get into it. I know I could just read through the threads, but I refuse to read hundreds of pages for a cow I might not even like.
>5. 4chan
Only been on 4chan once and did not like it.

reposted cause grammar mistake

No. 685678

Someone call me retarded because I stg that has to be ellen page

No. 685680

File: 1606853805297.jpg (24.46 KB, 500x400, d0e.jpg)

Hey guys, scrote here. A lil bird told me this is the female 4chan or something? Hehe…cool….

anyways femoids deserve to be raped and killed ok bye

No. 685681

Xer name xer elliot xer bigot

No. 685684

Pull still would've been shit even without the nitpicking. KF is unreadable to me with those autistic blogposts.

No. 685688

1. LSA
2. KF
4. GG
5. 4chan
Exact same sentiments as >>685677, down to only visiting 4chan once to know I never want to go back.
PULL is only below KF because despite both userbases writing pages and of nothing but blogposts, there’s significantly less moralfagging on KF. It’s boring and retarded seeing the same anime profile picture regurgitate the same comment about how her totally real boyfriend is awesome and laughs at a snowflake with her 10 pages in a row. KF also has a lot more interesting cows than PULL. But LSA has the better community and posts, and their cows are more relevant to me rather than the freakshows on KF. No real comment on GG, I’ve never frequented that site and it’s just a watered down fusion of lc and pull if the userbase was primarily j* subscribers as far as I’m concerned. House of Tards thread but it’s an entire website.

No. 685691

I fucking hate you anon I'm dying

No. 685692

They microwave is dead and now I have to heat everything with a paaaaaaaaaaaan whyyyyyyyyyy

No. 685693

File: 1606854638273.gif (21.25 KB, 300x300, 3974772F-2D3A-4EF7-B216-AE6FE5…)

Did you try unplugging it and plugging it back in

No. 685694

Geez anon, I was about to post my cock and ball torture gallery.

No. 685703

I hate when people say "I see you" to express solidarity, it's overused and sounds like a load of melodramatic hot air

No. 685732

It really says something that I'm mad about being sick rn because I miss working out. I'm not an anachan nor do I even count my calories but this is the first time I've considered that my perception of my health might be unhealthy.

No. 685733

Holy shit, anon! Maybe it's just me, but that sounds like actual prostitution, not just a sugar daddy…as for her s/o not "getting it", he probably does, just does not want to admit it outright! Also, and I know this sounds like something from a movie, but she could have a different persona when she's surrounded by rich, powerful men. Almost cannot believe these things actually happen, yet they do.

No. 685739

I would usually just say mind your business if you suspect someone is a sugar baby, but if you think she's cheating I think you should tell your BIL. If you're not close with you're BIL you could tell you're s/o. If your s/o tells him it might be easier for your BIL to digest. Like the other anon said tho, he might already know. Maybe he's one of those dudes that doesn't care for whatever reason, or he's scared to admit it.

That's kind of crazy if she met some billionaires though lol jeff bezos and mark zuckerberg?. I wonder who she's with.

I also want to point out that she might have multiple sugar daddies, not prostitution. A lot of sugar babies get more than one. Who knows though.

No. 685770

It's the human statue NPC, idk who numbertaker is

No. 685772

File: 1606860546288.png (257.18 KB, 1562x682, Screen Shot 2020-12-01 at 4.55…)

Deluded simps gonna simp
context: girl he is defending is chair girl

No. 685774

File: 1606860722445.jpeg (12.26 KB, 275x242, 1606800550186.jpeg)

Saw this on main page earlier and shit cracks me up omfg

No. 685776

I love him

No. 685779

Who's chair girl?

No. 685781

swagger tighter than a yeast infection

No. 685783

She's a girl from Toronto who got infamous for throwing chairs and other misc items from a balcony on the 1234567890th floor. Thankfully for her, no one was killed and she got off very very lightly.

No. 685784

Did…you just call yeast infections cool?

No. 685787

Make it make sense anon

No. 685798

1. he sounds like his brain was wrecked by drugs
2. he also sounds like those female stans of killers. at least chair girl isn't as bad as that. I assume it's just someone "special" and "edgy" to latch onto

No. 685801

I saw this one tiktok, and it was fucking disgusting but now I want to go fishing in a toilet. I never thought about the fact there are fish in sewers

No. 685816

File: 1606863372437.jpeg (33.97 KB, 400x400, E45BFCF5-2F44-41CF-B16B-2F9FED…)

My best friend bought me the Animal Crossing tumbler for my birthday and I’ve been bringing it to work with me every day. I accidentally left it at home yesterday and this morning I could have sworn I took it out from the kitchen and took it to work with me. My boss brought me tea so I didn’t go to take it from my bag until a few hours into my shift when I noticed it was missing. I thought maybe I left it at home but I just came home and I can’t find it. I have other insulated bottles but I’m just really sad because I’ve been using this one for so long and it was a birthday gift. I work in a small office with only 2 other people so it’s not like someone from the office could’ve stolen it from my bag when it was under the desk or anything. I really don’t know where it is…

No. 685833

Firstly that is such a sweet gift from a friend!! I love AC and I would have adored it, so I understand you must be sad. Do you drive or take public transport? You could have lost it travelling to and from work?

No. 685838

I take public transport but the trains aren’t very crowded because of covid. I leave it in a side pocket and it’s never fallen out before but I usually look at where I sat/the floor where I saw before getting off the train anyway (have totally left shit behind before so I do this out of paranoia now). I honestly can’t even remember whether I saw it or not when I first set my bag down on my desk… I’m hoping maybe I just set it down somewhere really weird before leaving for work and it never actually made it into my bag but ugh… I’m so sad :(

No. 685842

Any chance it rolled out at work? You have cleaners coming in? I have a hunch you will find it

No. 685850

Thank you anon, I hope I do… We do have a cleaning lady but she only changes the trash bins lol. Hopefully my coworker might stumble upon it!

No. 685861

I love makeup so much, and I'm honestly jealous of all the girls that are super talented at it. I would probably be better at makeup if I wasn't a idiot who gets frustrated when I fail to do something right the first time

No. 685880

I kind of want to dye my hair burgundy but all I can think of is asian fobs who have bright red hair and it’s ruined all shades of red hair for me.

No. 685885

same but in my case i think of middle aged white ladies. im surrounded by so many artificial burgundy-colored older women that it’s put me off dark reds. now i only do oranges and copper if i want my hair color on that side of the spectrum.

No. 685904

File: 1606876813993.jpg (94.17 KB, 682x1024, e2d8dfb060db3aff50283b69d10da5…)

We might have lost Ellen Page but we still have Jodie Foster

No. 685915

Absolutely based queen, always seems so self-assured and confident in who she is, what she wants and I fucking love that

No. 685926

File: 1606878826886.jpg (17.14 KB, 500x290, 302595_169280606498219_1058836…)

wasn't sure what this meant, so I typed ellen page into google and the first thing that came up was elliot page and I just

No. 685927

Why does it feel like there's an increase in retarded posts today. I don't mean "haha funny" retarded, just plain old retardation.

No. 685928

Can someone tell me that I'm being retarded for being anxious about sex while spotting?

No. 685933

which ones

No. 685934

one of my guy friends is so fucking ugly i throw up in my mouth a little whenever i see his face up close. his annoying ass personality makes him look even uglier in my eyes. at this point why am i even friends with him

No. 685941

That's what I thought, too. I love that she has such a pretty, but smug smile. I feel like our board-tan would probably look like that IRL.

No. 685950

Anxious why? If you're worried about getting pregnant then you're right to be worried, but if it's about something like being grossed out or whatever, that honestly doesn't matter at all, spotting is nothing.

No. 685960

File: 1606881511385.png (73.83 KB, 1308x439, ers7gdb92fd.png)

This isn't all of them and none of these posts have anything to do with each other but the way they're posted stands out to me. Idk it feels like there's even more anons having a stroke and/or underaged posters in general. Or maybe I'm the true retard.

No. 685967

There's a particular Discord server full of farmers like this. They were also posting "WOOF WOOF WOOF" and wanted the retarded shitpost thread to come back.
I feel like it's them behind those posts, and the komaedakin poster.

No. 685972

Ew I bet they were the Pitbull posters too

No. 685973

I'm so grateful to have a friend who hates kpop lol, we work together and anytime I play kpop at work she unabashedly laughs at and shits on the autotune/lyrics/etc. and we laugh about it. Keeps me grounded!

No. 685979

They were, lmao.

No. 685983

Who are the pitbull posters? (unless you mean the anons who were in meta when ot shut down).

Tbh even if these anons are faking their posts, I still still it's entertaining and funny. Disappointed to find out discharge anon might not be actually eating their bodily products and kinning Komaeda tho

No. 685990

5 years later and I still can't get the image out of my head of a guy at walgreens looking at and grabbing possible scissors to buy while feverishly sticking his hands down his pants and itching his dick. Crabs? We'll never know. My innocence? Nonexistent.

No. 685991

i don't have discord and i wasn't lying in my posts. i genuinely thought everyone did the discharge thing, and though i knew the komaeda thing would get shit i do love him and relate to him so much. i post him in /m/ as much as i can get away with. hope that makes you feel better knowing i'm legitimately this terrible, anon.

No. 685995

If you want the truth, since it's a dumbass thread after all
The pitbull posters have become some anons' personal bogeymen, lol, even calling them scrotes or saying they are still active. I wasn't one of them but joined the gc (to make friends, it was from finder thread and they voice tested to be sure all were female) at the last minute before it shut down. Yes it was shut down and deleted within a day. So it's laughable they keep being brought up. While simultaneously accused of doing it themselves. Now shoot me down for informing you

The sad truth is more than half lc users are as you said, weirdo types. Most of us are probably cows or weebs or whatever, just check /g/ and /m/. You should know your fellow userbase instead of tinfoiling, it's getting cringy lol. And no, I'm not the discharge komaeda kinnie or any of the spammers

No. 686009

God /m/ posters always have shit taste in everything.

No. 686010

I saw a video where this disabled guys girlfriend took away his wheelchair as a "prank". I know it was probably fake considering it was one of those couple prank channels, but it still made me upset to see him crawling around. That shit is so humiliating to have on the internet. Why would they even post that

No. 686031

Tubes are pyro'd, I just get really self conscious. Thanks for your response

No. 686034

File: 1606887763518.jpeg (117.94 KB, 640x640, A31D9525-461F-47C7-B0AA-DB11BC…)

Watched this and had a grand ol’ sob tonight. Happy holidays, ladies.

No. 686036

What is this? Some kind of gay Christmas movie?

No. 686038

Literally yes. Happiest Season on Hulu.

No. 686039

File: 1606888050121.png (353.85 KB, 1088x758, Ed1VdGBU8AARZAY.png)

>tfw wanna make dalgona coffee but its 12:47 am and i don't wanna wake anyone up

No. 686042

Idk why guys I date think I'm a boring person because my life has been pretty messy since I was like 16. Oh wait they dont know about my life becuz they dont ask and I'm only boring becuz I dont have the same hobbies.

No. 686043

File: 1606888231227.jpeg (19.73 KB, 275x183, E87E91CF-3777-42BD-A993-5B9219…)

You reminded me, the Hallmark channel had their first gay Christmas movie recently. Mfw two men embrace on TV right behind my homophobic parent's back… thought I was seeing things on a channel like that
I like to make fun of those movies usually that's why it was on. I don't believe the channel is actually progressive but it was surprising.

No. 686046

> Mfw two men embrace on TV right behind my homophobic parent's back…
I laughed. I get it, I hope it was still cute and fun to watch though! This one was a lot of fun and very heartbreaking/serious in plenty of moments too, hence the sobbing kek. But really, really good. It warmed my heart to watch a lesbian-centric gay film tbh.

No. 686053

use the tinfoil trick! make a ball of tinfoil and shake your coffee up in a closed container. it will froth like a dream.

No. 686057

I hope you enjoy it! It warmed and stressed my little heart to the max, and it’s a must-watch yearly now. I honestly don’t know if I’ve ever really sat down to watch a hallmark movie, but if I do, it’ll be the gay one that I now know exists thanks to you ♥

No. 686086

I bought my dogs an xx large dog bed as an early xmas present and now my phone's gallery is just full of pictures of every dog that has used it sleeping in various positions. They're so cuteeee and look so comfy.

No. 686129

I sometimes feel like the only person in my age group who's interested in Marxist theory and doesn't know anything about those Red Scare Chapo Whatever "dirtbag left" NLOL podcast people. I can't discuss Marxism online without encountering someone replying to me with "oh, but i think this because (faux-left internet personality) said blah blah blah" like… I don't care about internet personalities, I form my own opinions by reading leftist literature and I discuss the topic because it interests me, not because I want to post memes. It wouldn't bother me as much if said podcast people were actually leftist, but from the minimal information I've gathered about them while scrolling through /snow/, it seems to be standard slightly-overweight male redditors and women with dyed hair and winged eyeliner who can't stop posting lewds on Twitter and arguing with anime icons in the replies.

No. 686156

When I watched Captain Marvel at the cinema I thought all the 90s references felt kind of tacked on, like "oh, look, cyber cafes haha" and "oh shit there's that one song that played a lot on the radio back then haha, remember Gwen Stefani?!" but when there's that one scene near the end where Come as you are by Nirvana starts playing and it made me feel horribly nostalgic, like in a depressing way. I don't get it, I guess I still remember things from when I was just a little kid back then, and it's been so long since I heard it I thought I completely forgot it.

No. 686171

>typing this much when you only got as far as the bunker server
Anon, the pitbull thing wasn't the first time they went full autismo. It's really not tinfoil. I won't say who they are or the shit they got into because they're most likely still lurking and seething, but they're cowlike, kek.

No. 686240

According to this year’s Spotify wrapped, I’m in the top .5% of One Direction’s listenership.

No. 686278

I was in the 1% of BTS. The number is odd, I did listened to their b-sides a lot the first half of the year but they have fans who stream their songs 24/7 and even have streaming parties for their singles? I've never done that. Anyways, it's still embarrasing and now I can't show my spotify wrapped to my friends

No. 686279

I saw someone who had a .1% listenership for Ariana Grande, so those BTS stans are probably up there kek. I mean, I'm surprised, but I listen to toooonnns of 1D (pls no booly) so it's plausible, especially if they factor in casual listeners. Aw, wear it as a fun badge of honor, anon!

No. 686286

im top .5% for bts, i feel like im giving myself brain damage

No. 686288

Just curious, I've never used Spotify before and I don't get why people use the app as opposed to just downloading the songs directly onto their phone?

No. 686289

unlimited amount of songs and artists vs limited amount of songs and artists

I have so much internet data available on my phone monthly I don't even feel any loss with Spotify usage and I'd rather save my space for photos and apps

No. 686299

How do you guys listen to so much music? I only got into the top 3% for my top artist (Mac Demarco) and I feel like I was listening to music non-stop this year. I saw some people with like 30,000+ music hours listened to…how?

No. 686303

i listened 40,000+ hours. i listen to music all day while i'm working

No. 686305

I got a top 0.01%. For an obscure band but still felt good ngl

No. 686310

File: 1606926260994.jpeg (46.86 KB, 602x602, 94F8050C-311A-4A5B-AAF0-DDC524…)

same but mine was a girlgroup

No. 686312

I only listened to 1.3k hours but I felt like what I listened to what pretty substantial, since it's my first year on spotify overall i felt like i listened to and discovered a ton of new music, i expected to have listened to more hours cuz of quarantine tho

No. 686317

I'm 1D anon and I listened to 101k hours total, mostly from work, home, podcasts, and travel, probably falling asleep with Spotify on as well? I honestly don't feel like I listen to THAT much, but it's still cool to see.
I love that, anon! Mind sharing, or is it a personal favorite? I understand being protective.

No. 686323

File: 1606927277910.jpeg (83.78 KB, 457x757, 4C929446-CC53-4C00-9C90-DF1168…)

I saw this picture posted in a thread and I love it for some reason

No. 686328

Damn I wish I could paint like that

No. 686336

It’s the green goblin

No. 686339

Following the last posts about Spotify even though I don’t use Spotify, I know my #1 would be Joji as he is probably the artist I listen to 95% of the time lmao

No. 686342

File: 1606929558854.jpg (27.73 KB, 473x396, 0988676754533421678.jpg)

I'm trying so hard not to judge the taste ITT but I can't take it anymore.

No. 686346

I sleep with one leg in and one leg out of my pj bottoms. Idk feels comfy.

No. 686349

I think if I was in a horror movie I'd be the person who gets everyone else in trouble and be like the first to die

>fuck yeah lets go play Ouija in that abandoned hospital

>fuck yeah lets go to that house where everyone who has ever entered it has died a horrible death
>I ain't afraid of no ghosts
And then I die

No. 686353

KEK 1D anon again, thank you for refraining. All in good fun.
I'm also like this even though I 100% believe that fucking with spirits is asking for disaster. I'm so curious, though.

No. 686357

File: 1606931199542.jpeg (60.82 KB, 512x512, 9FDACF9B-42AB-4009-90E4-0B640B…)

Shut your mouth anon, I love him

No. 686363

File: 1606931667354.png (32.54 KB, 598x404, Screenshot_2020-12-02 Ellen Oh…)

I think this recent backlash towards the classics is coming from people who feel a sense of (unnecessary) shame because they prefer "low"/"genre" literature and are projecting that onto anyone who thinks that classic works of literary art are important or meaningful. i think they may also feel some frustration that their purported "love of reading" doesn't extend itself beyond instantly gratifying works of entertainment because they've internalised "being a reader" as an important part of their sense of identity, and they see the veneration of the classics as a threat to that identity.

No. 686365

100k minutes which is fine, a friend has 200k minutes.
same, all of those artists are objectively bad and boring.

No. 686366

Ayy, I got 0.5% for The 1975. I am keeping this band alive in 2020

No. 686368

I always thought classics were taught because kids can conceptualise that these books were written 'long ago' and encourages more visualisation of imagery and thinking about other ways of thinking. Essentially helps children understand the concept of different cultures and formalities. People really underestimate the merit of reading.

No. 686370

I recently stumbled upon AI Dungeon and I am in love. I find myself typing quite a bit into the app and only using the AI to help brainstorm scenarios. For someone who's felt braindead for a few years and have had trouble getting back into writing, it's a really useful tool, and really fun. I might pay for the subscription if I find myself continuing to use it as much as I have been.

No. 686375

File: 1606932676520.png (15.96 KB, 378x582, confudes.PNG)

am i brain dead or do you mean like this

No. 686391

Kek yes

No. 686449

I tried to summon a specific dead person this summer in the midst of my quarantine blues and nothing happened, unless she's been secretly plotting my demise and plans to execute me sometime in 2021

are people who committed suicide able to be summoned back as ghosts, are they even ghosts, or are they forever stuck in limbo? the fact that there are rules for this I kind of thing make me feel the exact same way you do, I would die first in a cheesy horror film

No. 686477

I love it so much, even if the AI is scarily blood thirsty, horny and prone to getting itself stuck. One time I played the same story for 4 hours and it changed worlds completely by itself three times. I started off in the fantasy setting but by the end of it I was in a normal cafe surrounded by 1D posters, I hadn't done anything to make that happen, it was fascinating.
I don't think I will pay for it but I will miss it being free.

No. 686482

I need a friend like you, it sounds fun. I'm reckless but without anyone to witness it, I do nothing. I'm so bored, a haunting would spice things up.

No. 686500

File: 1606941561533.jpg (470.74 KB, 1908x1146, 3C03CEA500000578-0-image-a-31_…)

Who keeps requesting these cakes? Are they all satire? Did these events actually happen?

No. 686506

Probably just to get a quick viral moment. Sidenote, I love cookie cakes. Especially when they do the fun piping on the edges.

No. 686520

File: 1606943724384.jpg (96.05 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Anons, what sounds better, a strawberry & chocolate cheesecake or salted caramel turtle cheesecake? My birthdays coming up in a few days and I can't decide what to make.

I know I could ask Sonic, but I wanted a more educated vote

No. 686526

Omg strawberry and chocolate cheesecake sounds fucking amazing

No. 686546

Definitely strawberry and chocolate!

No. 686554

Salted caramel turtle ftw

No. 686577

this movie triggered the hell outta me about halfway through. the entire situation with harper reminded me so much of my first girlfriend. while it's nice that someone has made a lesbian movie with a happy ending, relationships with women like that tend to be absolute disasters in the long run. (mine definitely was)

No. 686578

Why not both?

No. 686579

Salted caramel turtle

No. 686584

File: 1606951626386.gif (1.7 MB, 480x240, giphy.gif)

my good friends (who i invite every time and they've said no 2-3 times in a row now) started watching a movie without me when i've been watching movies with other friends all week… i'm already feeling bad and this is making it worse. as i'm typing this i'm realizing how stupid i'm being.

Anons, why am I being a cow?

No. 686587

Strawbchoco por favor

No. 686589

I'll do strawberry and choco! Ty anons

No. 686596

>start reading cow thread
>hate the cow
>almost everyone warms up to/likes the cow
it makes sense for pt i guess, but for most of the others ew

No. 686597

how are you guys finding that out. My wrapped just shows me which songs I listened to the most.

No. 686598

hey haunting anons are any of you perhaps interested in urban exploration? sounds like a way to be creeped out and have fun, but only as a group

No. 686599

you have to watch a slideshow in an app on a mobile device, there's more detailed data in it

No. 686602

I want to dye my hair black again! I don't get why people around me are acting like the black hair made me significantly uglier because I think it made me look really good ugh. It's the only thing that's stopping me but like any color I mention even blonde or a very light brown or auburn people around me say "no no no, that would look awful on you just keep your normal hair color." like really? Is regular brown hair really the only thing people think I can pull off? Fuck me

No. 686604

go for it anon, people always decry me whenever I dye mine black, and I'm also a brunette. I use a black with a slightly blue tint and I think it compliments dark features well

No. 686610

Maybe it's not a "the only thing you can pull off" thing but they think you look better? But if you want black go for it

No. 686614

I think it's just because dyed black hair usually looks like a wig.

No. 686632

All my aunts that are blood related are absurd and God if it ain't me

No. 686638

File: 1606961222465.png (1.31 MB, 2540x1302, Screen Shot 2020-12-02 at 9.07…)

the idea of "marxist" influencers is so weird. also

No. 686641

No. 686644

fwiw, I'm in my middle twenties, interested in Marxism, and don't consume "leftist" influencer media either. From your observations do you think this a mostly American phenomenon?

No. 686651

To all you anons that have shit parents and have watched everyone youve ever loved break away, I'm so sorry! I hope all of you find love, I gotta believe it's out there!

No. 686659

Having to dress up in real clothes made it apparent how much weight I've gained holy fuck. Like I knew the number but putting on my fav jeans and getting that visual was rough lol

No. 686664

I took a break from cosplay a year ago for pretty dumb reasons (didn’t want to risk seeing my ex at cons, wanted to distance myself from a hobby that means a lot to both myself and her) but seeing my close friend vent about former close friends who are also cosplayers and shit bitches makes me not miss it at all lol. I figured that I would return to it once I got over being depressed after my break up but there’s almost no reason for me to go back. Why bother? I can continue sewing shit outside of cosplay, now with the added benefit of not being stressed over accuracy or deadlines. I still have several friends who refuse to cut ties with those shitty people despite knowing how shit they are so it feels like the only way to keep 100% distance is to leave the scene. I guess that means I get the shorter end of the stick, but not really. I also had issues with hating how I looked in photos and now I never have to deal with awkwardly being forced into a photoshoot and then being guilt tripped into posting photos of myself that I fucking loathe (nothing wrong with their photography or editing skills, I just hate how I look in any and all photos). Besides sewing, I indulge in other hobbies that I know none of them would ever care about doing (because it won’t get them clout lmao) and I’m happy. Kind of sad moving on from something that was such a huge part of my life but I guess that’s just a part of growing up.

No. 686666

i'm an idiot and forgot shartna's twitter @ the other day, so i searched dolly mattel on twitter and searched by most recent to try and find her. the top result was some cringey fifteen year old gc dyke talking about how she's such a epic lolcower and how she's so cool and edgy for saying the word retard on twitter, and i realised that i'd literally JUST seen a screenshot of her account posted on either the fakebois thread, the celeb gossip thread, or the aggy thread that same day. it must have been her or a friend selfposting her own cringe ass reply to one of aggy's tweets. what she doesn't seem to realise is that cowtipping isn't allowed, and that you have to be over 16 to use this website. anyway, i hope she sticks to lurking instead of selfposting for pats on the back that she never receives!

No. 686669

Post screenshots or link please

No. 686676

nta but i tried to take the spotify pill but i just can't justify paying for a service that i can give myself for free with some effort lol. and the ads for joining the royal navy get old fast. inb4 support artists (not that spotify checks are thicc or anything)

No. 686688

i deliver pizzas as one of my jobs and there’s this fucking house that always asks for like 50 paper plates and napkins. like, they’re really just stocking up their kitchen with our paper plates, no charge. I’m just gonna not give them plates next time I deliver to them. Idc why I care, but like come on. 50 fucking plates for two pizzas. also they don’t ever tip, so really, fuck em and their plates.
bleh, time to go smoke a joint

No. 686689

File: 1606971148194.jpeg (10.27 KB, 226x221, 07404E2A-F759-4E5B-8A8A-068DCA…)

There’s this girl who is the daughter of one of my father’s friends, whose socials I lurk. Recently I am becoming convinced she is having some kind of emotional affair with her writer husband’s coworker. They had some pretty intense exchanges around the time she and her husband got married last year and it may be nothing but my spidey senses are tingling.

And then recently she’s been gushing about how “ahmazing omfg” her husband is, they bought a huge ass anniversary cake, and her mom helped them upgrade to a bigger rock from Tiffany’s, but weirdly her husband never talks about her as much as she does him.

I don’t know why I find this shit so fascinating but I do.

No. 686692

File: 1606971521774.jpg (59.68 KB, 636x960, EoNTY1lXIAQZChi.jpg)

I can't tell what point this comic is trying to make ?, like is this a parody or something that guys believe actually happens

No. 686694

My favorite thing is when I start a custom story of a modern, casual setting of like a strip mall or something and then all of a sudden one of the characters is like, “What did you do with the sacred chalice, Zethulumir?” like, ok shit, looks like we’re going into fantasy overdrive all of a sudden.

No. 686696

I'm more concerned as to why it looks like she's holding her phone with two fingers at the corner in the bottom panel.

No. 686697

Is having a baby worth it? I've been more open to the idea of it since I've matured more but it sounds a bit stressful raising a child.

No. 686698

My coworker hates credit cards and hasn’t used any in years, only using her debit card now, but constantly uses things like afterpay/klarna/quadpay and gets excited when she sees them offered on websites. I’m so confused… why not just use a credit card at that point? I guess I get the appeal of 0% interest payments but I pay my credit card bill in full every month so I’ve never paid interest in my years of having one… She also just buys clothes so it’s not something that really seems necessary for installment payments lol. It’s not really my business and I shouldn’t judge but I just think it’s dumb how she hates on credit cards but is basically doing what a credit card offers sans an extra layer of security and little benefits that comes with certain cards.

No. 686701

How can you be tall and fat??? being tall gives you the advantage of being able to consume more without gaining that much weight, how do you fail so hard? tall fat people make me seethe because it's hard for me to stay fit as a midget and I'm mad they're wasting their potential.

No. 686704

as a tall woman I agree with you, I'm 5'9 and can eat double of what my friends eat and I'm still just a bag of bones
Its great

No. 686707

No. Parenting is the opposite of easy. If you don’t have the time, money, self-discipline, and will to put in the much needed effort then don’t bother if you have the choice. I think many parents with healthy relationships with their children will agree that it’s an irreplaceable bond impossible to trade for anything in the world. But you will (should) spend 20 years of your life [at least] tied to another human being you brought into this world and are expected to be responsible for. Try a dog first, not a cat since they’re not as high maintenance. There’s no “day off” when it comes to kids. Having your own child is also a luck of the draw. You have no way of deciding what will come from you, nor what will become of you afterwards. Are you prepared to take care of a special needs child? It’s not a matter of simply having enough love, but do you think you could muster the patience, the encouragement the child will need, the determination not to let them fall behind? This applies regardless if your child has special needs.
There is no perfect parent. But the closest I can think of is one that doesn’t get angry, and doesn’t give up on their child either. Everything you do that child will see you and learn those behaviors. After you’ve raised a dog you should look into fostering if you still feel this way.

No. 686712

I dyed my hair very dark brown recently, almost black. Honestly… it doesn't suit me. Like, it just doesn't flatter my skin or features and makes my face look uglier, I have some redhead genetics so red hair is way better on me. But fuuuck I still love it. If you ignore my face, my hair itself looks so nice and shiny, the colour makes it seem thicker with more volume, and it's just dramatic and intense in a way I love. It's a risk but if you really want it, go for it.

No. 686713

Why aren't they blacklisted yet??

No. 686719

No clue, man. I don’t think management’s realized yet that it’s the same people who keep asking for so much, or they just don’t care enough to really do anything about it other than give them like half as many plates as they want. I must take this into my own hands kek

No. 686722

The movie did a great job brainwashing me as well lol I love that her sobs at the end are just drowned out by the other girls, kind of as both solidarity and feeling her emotions with her but also erasing her individuality. I watched this movie with my boyfriend and he was horrified. Meanwhile I was just like wow that was the most satisfying ending to a movie Ive ever seen. Of course I rationally know it's all horrific and her bf didnt deserve to literally burn alive but the may queen crowning ceremony is just heartwarming, it's the first time she ever feels really celebrated. Also as a sidenote all of the druggy, throbbing special effects during that scene especially when she was kissed were just so orgasmic lol it was like a literal climax end rant good thing this is the dumbass shit thread

No. 686723

File: 1606977578099.gif (2.56 MB, 275x202, 98.gif)

dropped the essential gif

No. 686724

I was super scared of credit cards for a long time since my family (and most of america tbf) is in cc debt. Even the more well-off people in my life have some debt, so I just didn't understand for a long time why I would ever get a card. Financial literacy is very low so she's probably just smart enough to be scared of debt but dumb enough to not know how to use a credit card the way you are. It's also possible she knows that she'd have poor control over her spending knowing she has credit to use, and missing a bill can quickly spiral out of control, idk. Probably the only thing she's missing out by not having a card is not building good credit history

No. 686725

this is so fucking abusive. taking your daughter with PWS to a fucking BUFFET?i feel for the children with PWS and the family, it seems like hell

No. 686736

Its kind of weird. I'm 29 and instead of becoming clueless to new music and fashion trends I adapt and like them as well. It's kind of annoying because I dont feel this disconnect with younger people trends like I should. Anyone get what I mean?

No. 686737

The ending felt cathartic to me as well, I'm glad I wasn't the only one lmao

No. 686739

based off one comment on a public Facebook post led me down a rabbit whole of fake white male patriot or maybe just a suave man very clearly made by Nigerians and possible used to scam lol

No. 686740

>I adapt and like them as well

So you're a trendhopper and just like what is trendy? Do you have your own interests or just like what is popular right now? Questions to ask yourself when deciding if this is healthy for you. I don't think you're required to be out of touch once you're past 25, but if following trends for you means making dancing TikToks and wearing aliexpress bikinis (for example) you might be too invested in them.

No. 686741

Naw I'm not a trend hopper I genuinely like the new stuff. I also like stuff from my generation but I like new fashion and music too.

No. 686742

File: 1606982139472.png (343.11 KB, 720x1047, Screenshot_20201202-095031~2.p…)

Sometimes this is just how it goes

No. 686743

I used to watch this a lot in my childhood. I never realize how creepy it is

No. 686745

Samefag. I also think it has something to do with the fact gen z uses a lot of elements from the early 2000s that i was too young and poor to afford at the time lol

No. 686763

never expected I'd see Bosch using the "like a boss" meme from like 10 years ago for its current ad campaign

Funny thing is I saw one of the ads and in my country it wasn't really a popular meme at all so very few people get the actual joke

No. 686764

I'm a few years younger than you but same, I don't trendhop and I very much know what I like, it just happens that I like a lot of popular stuff now (cottagecore/dark academia/vintage thrifted clothes in a very 90s inspired style/lofi music).

Back in the late 2000s and early 2010s we were bound to subcultures and I remember people being extremely judgmental of everyone who didn't fit the mold to a T, because it meant that you're a 'poser' and you're not a true goff/emo unless you listen to only and exclusively goth/emo music.

I also hated the early 2010s pop culture of Pewdiepie and Reddit humor, nerdy twee introvert Nadia Esra wannabes with a ukulele and Litas, indie guys with oiled beards, craft beers and a guitar whining into a microphone etc. It was all insufferable.
Not that Tiktok and ahegao egirls are any better, but at least you can avoid those.

No. 686772

File: 1606988492328.jpeg (147.81 KB, 828x1342, E31A09EE-C8A9-4EE8-B48F-4CEBAB…)

I didn’t expect to be in the top 1% of listeners. I’m not even a stan so I thought this was funny and kinda embarrassing. I mainly just use Spotify for fun catchy pop songs when I feel like shit and want to dance around.

No. 686784

Such a perfect description of the kiss scene, it's EXACTLY how it felt. Overall cinematography of Midsommar is just excellent on every level

No. 686788

I don't think it's that unusual considering we can keep up with and participate in trends so easily online regardless of our age. Back in the day you would have to actually hang out with younger people to see what they're into, so of course there's more of a disconnect in that case.

No. 686793

fucken lmao whoever keeps making the thread pic braco, i laugh every time

No. 686797

I love my mom so much. She has had her struggles and holy shit is she the most resilient woman I know.

I wish I could buy her the most expensive quality jade bracelet or just be wealthy so that I can pay for her and my dad to live without having to worry about money.

No. 686800

I was in her top 1% too anon kek I wouldn't consider myself a stan either but somehow I end up listening to a lot of Taylor Swift every year.

No. 686807

I ended up being in top 2% of The Birthday Massacre.
Anons, post your top 5s!
Mine is
1.TBM obviously
2.Pictureplane (even though I don't know his music that much? but I do love a few songs)
4.Manic Street Preachers

No. 686808

That would make sense, but she said she used to use them when she was younger (shes mid thirties now) but then stopped because she didn’t like them so… lol.

No. 686812

maybe you just feel that way, but it's not true? I see a lot of millennials on tiktok saying how they are all caught up with current trends and music, but they actually don't… in any way don't feel bad about stuff like this, it is honestly not so important

No. 686815

File: 1607000116931.png (76.63 KB, 1000x1000, sad garf.png)

I wish I had some way to see which music I played most this year but I dont use spotify

No. 686821

remember when last.fm was the cool new thing and everyone was tracking their music with it?

No. 686828

A new Belle Delphine thread was made (for what reason I'm not sure, barely anyone was discussing her) and I've never seen so much infighting, whiteknighting, nitpicking and hateboners occur within 16 hours, much less in a /w/ thread. Thought people were over her but I guess not

No. 686830

yeah, it's pure cancer, her last one was actually active for a past few days, but it was autosaged because it was such a shitshow

No. 686835

nta but i still use lastfm. been using it for 10 years

No. 686843

Sorry but a lot of posts in that open letter thread are breaching cow territory. The OTT ones about finding people and fucking them up? Absolute cringe. Positively schizophrenic. Talking like internet tough guy scrotes over strangers. Get help.

No. 686847

Let people vent, you sour bitch. Hide it if you don't like it.

No. 686853

There’s a vent thread for that, this isn’t a fucking hugbox when you’re acting just like the cows this site is for. See: the absolute batshit schizo saying that a “stalker” comes on here and leaves posts for her.

No. 686855

I had to hide the thread because it's absolutely toxic. I honestly believe it would be better if psycho anons left their ramblings in their private diaries.

No. 686856

File: 1607006776650.png (275.41 KB, 450x250, 3a5e02a0-0ed3-11eb-ab50-433c19…)

You have to be a little of a cow yourself to be interested in cows. What else did you expect on this imageboard? The level to which you are bothered clearly shows you're just one of us but try to convince yourself you're better. Embrace your cowness.

No. 686857

Unless you want people coming and speaking in first person in the vent thread (I don't and I'm sure other people don't want to either) leave it be. Who cares if a few crazy cows come through. It's been helpful to me and I'm sure other anons. Plus, since you shouldn't really respond to people's vents, it's not like people are asking for validation, so how in the fuck is it a hugbox? Do you even know what that word means? If anything, vent is the fucking hugbox thread. There's nothing wrong with shouting bullshit into the void and I see no issues with the thread.

No. 686858

Are you fucking new? Speak for yourself cringe bitch

No. 686860

My husband ordered some gay ass framed poem for our new house. I think it’s really cringey but I won’t tell him. I think it’s nice he’s taken an interest in decorating and so far this has been his only blunder. I don’t want to discourage him

No. 686861

I’m saying that because we aren’t a hugbox you should expect to be bullied when you say things that practically beg to be made fun of. Telling us we are ~sour~ for thinking we shouldn’t encourage acting like prime beef on a board dedicated to mocking cows? Please. I understand why anons in meta have asked for ot to be nuked now. That thread being used for a-logging, complete cancer.

No. 686864

I don’t read the thread because it’s cringe but could the posters really be considered cows when they’re anon and in one thread? They’re not like Jesus anon or dog hater anon(s) who post their shit everywhere and derail. Personally don’t see an issue with anons having tantrums if they’re confined to one thread.

No. 686876

You sound sour for not letting people vent. There are 2 or three cringey posts. The rest sound like people genuinely letting out their frustration. Also, why the fuck are you trying to deny milk on this site? There are plenty of other threads of people begging to get bullied, like vent and things I like and a bunch of other shit. Why are you playing the safekeeper of lolcow.farm? Damn, hide thread, the end.

No. 686877

Omfg. This is so cute, anon, he's doing his best kek.

No. 686879

Speak for yourself yourself, she's right. People have different experiences on this site. If you want people absolutely sperging in vent then whatever, but I definitely don't. Just hide that thread if you hate it. That's why the option exists.

No. 686886

I can feel myself becoming a weeaboo again fuck

No. 686898

If two people switched bodies, do you think the emotional reactions on stuff would still be according to the original body owner? So for example Abby and Betty change bodies. Abby has had some extreme trauma with grilled cheese (only emotional, nothing physical like throwing up when smelling it or something like that) and avoids anything to do with it like the plague. Betty doesn't know of it. If Betty (in Abby's body) now were to look for grilled cheese recipes online, do you think she'd break down? Since that's the host bodies usual reaction to it, and emotions are only chemical processes in the body after all. Or do you think Betty being okay with it would make it for Abbys body okay, too, since there wouldn't even be any triggers to start the emotional reaction if Betty doesn't have grilled cheese traume herself?

No. 686899

That's adorable anon.

No. 686900

What is it with some anons gatekeeping this site? and why is it also such an insult to be 'new'? we were all new once, being an oldcow doesn't make superior, if you think it does you are retarded. it's an anonymous imageboard, let people post whatever as long as they arent breaking rules lol

No. 686901

I don't think so, because I believe a "person" is the brain, so if they switched bodies, they must have switched brains, and they wouldn't have the same reactions as the original brain. But I guess that depends on how you define a person and what switching bodies constitutes, if you believe a "person" is a nontangible entity then maybe it would be as you said.

No. 686902

I hate it when companies take money out of your return, and I hate it even more when they aren’t clear about this front, so you have to really dig through to find this. Just state clearly you will be taking 5.95 out of my return lmao.

No. 686904

It kind of depends on if you believe in the existence of a soul. If the "souls" were switched, the emotional reactions might change as well, as they're not only affected by psychosocial factors and experiences but also the brain, overall health, endocrine system and so on.

No. 686905

This except the confessions thread.
Gatekeeping is good unless you want people from the sites that shan't be named to take over, but I think it's a year too late for that.

No. 686906

Not gatekeeping would lead to a change of culture on the website.

No. 686907

Samefagging but honestly most "gatekeeping" is just having standards

No. 686908

I wish we would gatekeep more, there are too many fucking twitterfags and normies on this site. Leave lolcow for the maladjusted sad bitches!

No. 686912

I notice the twatters came in waves as they usually get mad, start infighting on the site when they can’t force lolcow to go a certain direction, and leave, but the normies surprise me sometimes. Like how do they find us?

No. 686914

Yeah, so we should all just shut up and watch the site mutate more and more every month into a second PULL?

No. 686917

Yeah except the people that get gatekept seem to be morons who break the rules - unsaged, unfunny nitpicking, old expired milk, fanart, infighting. See the Belle thread for perfect examples of why gatekeeping is a thing. E-thots thread has some obvious newfags also who think three word posts calling each other retards is entertaining. I think newfags see imageboard and think they can just post the worst quality low effort shit.

The reason why it's important is it's a lot more fun to read actual milk and decent quality posts, than all the above. If I wanted to read shit content I'd use Twitter.

No. 686921

Exactly. If you don’t moderate the cringe you bet more and more newfags thinking anything goes. We’ve all been new before, but we were all forced to integrate just like everyone else. Whatever new direction we’re going in isn’t a good one.

No. 686922

It's /ot/. The scum of the website. You're all acting like it's a thread on /pt/ (or hell even /g/). It's not though. We have a retarded shitposting thread, why can't we have this "off your chest" thread? Jesus fuck. Autists, man.
no1curr, it's /ot/. stfu.

No. 686923

I highly doubt anons are referring to a single thread.

No. 686924

File: 1607016370190.jpeg (19.33 KB, 235x275, A93B2925-D20C-46D0-9F71-F1FE74…)

turning 21 during a global pandemic was the stupidest thing that ever happened to me and now i know i’m in a doomed timeline.

No. 686931

The gatekeeping usually happens on the cow boards, where have you seen gatekeeping on ot?

No. 686935

Have you been reading this thread, anon? What started this whole fight was people mad about that new "Off Your Chest" thread. I agree though. I don't get why people can't hide threads they don't like and report posts that break the rules.

No. 686936

>no1curr, it's /ot/. stfu.

No. 686943

I hope I can BeatSaber my way to a hotter body.

No. 686944

I only just realized how desperate and silly instathots/influencers are. There was a girl who went to my uni studying business, and now she lives in the Bay Area taking these malegazey pics. As an "influencer". Lmao. It's funny because she tags her photos as #plaything, #bondage, #asiangirl or whatever. It really does become more absurd when it happens to someone you know irl. Funny how the desire to be this sexy femme fucktoy for scrote dorito dick makes you look fucking stupid.

No. 686946

>It really does become more absurd when it happens to someone you know irl.
Oh my gosh, yes. The type of posting she does and hashtags she uses sound particularly cringey and sad. Does she have an OF? My irl instathot (at least the main one) also has an OF that she has up for free subscriptions, kek.

No. 686948

Imageboards are the local dumpster of the internet so I can't really blame them.

No. 686949

I just lost 4 lbs. feels good.

No. 686951

Ok then, explain why I have 5 people yelling at me for pointing out stupid posts in the vent/confession threads and telling me ~it's the vent thread~? Did the rules change? Are certain things immune to being mocked?

No. 686952

I have the right to post just like everyone else lmfao. Just don't read if it bothers you.

No. 686954

I'm hungry but I'm hesitant to order lunch because I had my teeth cleaned this morning and I feel like I'd be "ruining" their freshness. Also thank fuck my teeth are healthy, I hadn't seen a dentist in a couple years and I was worried.

No. 686958

About a year ago I had a huge crush on this guy because he looked like a mix between callmecarson and rodrick heffley from diary of a wimpy kid

No. 686965

I don't think she has an OF, but I honestly wouldn't be surprised if she opened one soon. She works at a financial institution as an analyst so I dunno if she would, since that could/would impact her career as her twitter/ig handle is under her nickname/real name.

No. 686968

Kek at this innocent, positive reply in the middle of the infighting.

Congrats anon! I hope you are feeling positive!

No. 686992

It's still possible. I mean, the girl I'm talking about advertises her OF on her finsta which uses her real name, but her OF is under a pseudo name. But again…she advertises it on an account with her real name kek. Worst part is she works at a pre-k or something and has posted the faces of kids she works with.

No. 686994

I got pure tretinoin from India and I feel like such a fucking baller now. $30 shipped for 6 month supply of something that costs 3x as much because it’s not covered by my insurance. Fuck yea, I am such a baller. I’m a pimp. I’m the pusherman. You want it? I got it.

No. 686997


No. 686999

Where did you get it?

No. 687002

File: 1607027691374.png (1.3 MB, 828x1792, 7CAEA87A-AFA0-463B-840E-415A5A…)

I was surprised I’m one of Ariana Grandes 1% lmao I didn’t listen to her stuff for month! The new album id crap anyways so I don’t consider myself much of a fan well

No. 687005

Please tell me where you got it, here in the EU we can't get it without a recipe (that they're not going to give for skincare reasons)

No. 687007

I'm still mad about my bullies from elementary to highschool. I hope they are living terrible lives or are dead. Because of these little shits all my early memories are negative, I have no positive memories from my childhood. I just felt like shit the whole time.I dont care if it was 20 years ago I'm still mad. Petty 4eva.

No. 687010

It’s called alldaychemist. Just make sure you know what you’re doing because it can fuck your skin up if you aren’t careful.

No. 687015

Nta but can you give me a link to the one you got?I'm trying to get into using a retinoid but theres so many different ones on the site. I already have one but I dont wanna have to pay out the asshoke for more and I'm running out.

No. 687018

File: 1607029219314.jpeg (41.76 KB, 548x374, 740EDDC6-E02C-4C3C-9C46-BB1785…)

These are what I received. The 0.5 is probably best for a beginner

No. 687020

Do you use both at the same time?

No. 687022

I use the 0.1 for me and 0.5 for my husband who has more sensitivity. I use 3x per week nightly, alternating days with an acid. With tretinoin you do not want to mix actives, so apply to a clean face. Some people moisturize their face (cereve) 30 minutes or so prior to applying the tretinoin, which claims to reduce peeling and irritation. I use it on its own and then moisturize heavily during the day since I work remote. When you’re using it you need to wear sunscreen and do not apply if you are going out in the sun, it will fuck you up

No. 687031

Girl, you’re in the dumbass shit thread, what do you expect? Unpopular opinions is probably a better place to discuss this (I do agree with you tho).

No. 687037

Oh I guess I've been doing it wrong then lol.

No. 687050

One last question. I ordered the one your husband uses and it says "expiry July 2021". Does it actually expire that fast?

No. 687053

Samefag I just ordered like 6 as well just making sure

No. 687055

Honestly not sure. They arrive sealed, so as long as the product doesn’t hit air I wouldn’t be too concerned. That’s probably why it’s on sale right now

No. 687071

File: 1607035127375.png (896.34 KB, 1080x1151, Screenshot_20201202-011818~2.p…)

Influencer culture is a cancer

No. 687082

I support her in whatever the hell this is.

No. 687097

Life has gotten more comfy since I just vave the fuck up. I'm 30 and I'm never going to have a cute husband or bf. I will never have any friends. I'm ok with drinking everyday, hanging out with my cat and eating cheese burgers and cake.

No. 687098

No. 687104

High five sis. Same thing although I do pursue a healthy lifestyle. I hope you'll try to quit drinking and maybe reconsider your diet only because of your health. Fuck everyone else.

No. 687107

Me too

No. 687121

The ideal male

No. 687126

I think it's cute. It's just an old lady playing with make up. How old are you anon, 18?

No. 687128

File: 1607041057477.jpg (247.74 KB, 1280x892, tumblr_o6aytxAnay1r7sijxo2_128…)

I'm a kissless virgin, no bf, not willing to have random sex but want to suck a cock and get fingered so bad. I hate myself

No. 687145

you should go have a nice fap

No. 687155

sucking dick isn't that great
getting fingered however is good fun.

No. 687157

what does it mean when a guy is saying that he's having a lot of "thoughts" but he's being completely vague and not actually telling you what they are? trying to be mysterious or what?

No. 687159

It means hes getting ready to string you a long for sex but not make any commitment if the context of this is relationships

No. 687161

what if he's already told me i'm his gf?

No. 687164

Have you been together long? If you have been together a short period of time hes about to demote you to fwb. If it's a long time sounds like hes about to breakup.

No. 687165

lmao anon is he 17? or just IQ 17?

No. 687167

short time. if you're right about fwb then i'd leave straight away, i would never allow myself to be placed in that kind of situation. this sounds like worst case scenario stuff though? could it be anything else?

No. 687169

Usually when guys are having "thoughts" they're about to do something shitty and start playing games. Just be a bitch and straight up tell him if he doesn't tell you what's up you're blocking him. Stop the games before they start.

No. 687171

maybe i should break up with him before he starts being all shitty. ty anon

No. 687172

Growing up is weird because you start to learn about past family drama and that a lot of the family members you grew up liking were actually trash human beings. Like finding out your uncle did x,y,z or that one of your grandparents treated your parents like shit. And then you're told to not hold it against them now that you know cause it's in the past and it's not like they did anything to you directly.

No. 687178

The best feeling in the world us leaving scrotes on read and ignoring their advances. Men hate nothing more than being ignored.

No. 687179

I feel you on this, anon. My grandmother openly cheated on my grandfather for years and was extremely abusive to my mother. Once my grandfather found out he never really recovered, meanwhile she's happily married to her affair partner. I learned all this years ago and I've tried not to let it affect my opinion of her, but occasionally I hear of more awful shit she's done and I can't stop myself from looking at her differently

No. 687200

Anyone here about that news story where this Russian streamer put his gf out in the cold and she froze to death? He did becuz a fan said they'd give him 1k. Kinda weird for him to just sit there while shes dead on the couch.

No. 687202

Kinda weird until you learn more about him and the fact that he regularly had streams where he abused women, disabled dudes and other assorted russian outcasts. There's plenty of videos of him beating women on stream rather viciously. He also calls his dead girlfriend a whore while he sits there with her corpse. If there's anything out of the ordinary with his behavior here (for him) it'd be that he's crying but that's probably more for himself and the incoming jail time than any remorse

No. 687205

I feel this too. A lot of sexual abuse was straight up covered up or denied by my grandparents. I didn't learn this until I was in my twenties. I was never touched myself and they were always so loving to me. Fucked me up.

No. 687217

This is the fakest shit I've ever seen. Her arms move multiple times between the jump cuts. These edgy Lil Peep wannabe retards and their equally retarded girlfriends are definitely the type to be doing this shit. I can't believe people actually believe this shit.

No. 687233

The full stream archive is up on KF and her arms are moving between the jump cuts because he's moving her around you retard. He got arrested. The girl's dead.


Literally a single google search could've saved you from making this dumbass post

No. 687252

I kinda regret not fucking that arab guy his dick was enormous and was a virgin too. He was also desperate. I like my men desperate.

No. 687255

Idg how women can have sex with men smaller than 7in. Can you even feel that shit?

No. 687259

File: 1607062920708.jpg (133.43 KB, 804x1024, f0c08b0e-2e39-4bff-9f3b-27b878…)

very hype for saturday when i'll be able to sleep however long i want. have slept 5h or less a night the last two weeks either bc of uni or drawing bf xmas gift, i feel so fucking dead lol. still have uni presentation in like 7h and i haven't gone to sleep yet kek, absolutely terrible at presenting so really not keen. oh and 8h night shift work after haha. pray for me!

No. 687262

This discussion happens all the time, the global average vaginal canal isn't even 7 inches long. Different people like different things.

No. 687274

good luck anon!!!! I'll probably be pulling an all nighter to finish my final project for school as well so you're not alone. very cute art btw

No. 687279

Here with you two, sleep will be great when we get to it. Hope you both succeed!

I keep saying I will never go to work after no sleep again, but here I am about to get up and head in. I didn't even get my project done!

No. 687285

Poor anon has a huge vag

No. 687348

Just woke up to like 10 texts from Paypal because someone was trying to hack in but I have 2FA on lmao. Give it up stupid!!! Sigh time to change my password AGAIN.

No. 687363

My heart weeps for you

No. 687389

If they know how to fuck, yeah it feels great. Sorry you're gaping, ran-through pussy can't feel anything anymore.

No. 687429

I quote this one line WAY too much.

No. 687437

She might just be tall with a wide set vagina and not know it, don't let yourself stoop to incel logic

No. 687439

NTA but being t wouldn't have anything to do with it. The pleasure comes from g-spot stimulation which is only roughly 2 inches deep.

No. 687442

>when anon's description of a vag sounds more like a skeletal frame

No. 687445

only a scrote could type out something both so vile and showing zero knowledge about how female body works, please ban

No. 687447

Must really suck being a short scrote. Going through life never being taken seriously… Even the short celebs wear risers like little baby men. How pathetic. I’d probably just end myself

No. 687456

>short scrote
You mean they just have to live like women do, everyday. They can cry me a river, I get a double whammy by being female and short but you don't see me acting bitter, entitled, and shooting up a school when hot Chad doesn't respect me.

No. 687457

Men like short women so I don't understand whatever point you're trying to make

No. 687463

Remember anon, short women can't help but talk about how hard their lives are "uwu"

No. 687464

bring a ruler and some tape for this short ass pussy

No. 687465

Anon what, I'm short as fuck too and that's only ever been an "advantage" as a woman. Like, I don't love it all the time, but being a short woman is extremely different than being a short man. Not to mention that what constitutes as "short" for men and women is different anyways.
It's true, every day I climb my counters to put dishes away and the bruises on my shins are reminders of my pain, inside and out. :(

No. 687470

File: 1607098238505.jpg (199.2 KB, 1066x1615, love these twinks.jpg)

I'm a mix of proud and deeply ashamed of myself.

No. 687472

Maybe the point(s) was about things like not being taken seriously, or being less likely to be considered for leadership positions bc you're child size.

Aka all the shit short scrotes complain about. I could easily sit here and say that a short scrote with a good attitude and hygiene still gets attraction by women, but that's not your point either is it, and wouldn't that be annoying?

Well I'm glad scrotes thinking they have power over you is seen as an "advantage" in your eyes. RIP your shins.

No. 687473

There’s always gotta be this exact insecurity-laden reply any time someone mentions their height here, grow up anon.

No. 687475

The only this short scrotes complain about is not being able to get with women. That's literally it. I have never seen a short scrote complain about not being able to get ahead in their careers for being a manlet, it's always about wammen being bitches bc their height doesn't start with 6.
I put "advantage" in quotation marks because I don't actually find it to be an advantage at all and don't give a shit about men liking me. I'm sorry that your comprehension of sarcasm is lacking. I thought the anecdote about my shins would get the point across, but it didn't. I'll add the /s next time.

No. 687477

Why don't you reach the top cabinet for me?

By the way, I am a short woman but that doesn't make it any less annoying when another short person brings up being short, when it is not relevant.
>I feel bad for short scrotes
>I'm a short woman!!! Feel bad for ME

No. 687478

>The only this short scrotes complain about is not being able to get with women.
Not true and even OP said it was generally about "not being taken seriously" so.
>I-I actually don't think it's an "advantage"
Way to walk it back anon, gg.

No. 687479

Why is it so fucking hard to look put together? I feel like I always look frumpy af. I know other people probably don't notice but I do and it annoys me.

No. 687480

I just said I don't feel bad for scrotes who have the same problem as short women who "aren't taken seriously" either. It was relevant. It is a reality. You just want to cause a height war. Stop fucking replying and drop it cause you're wrong.

No. 687481

as a 6ft woman, i assure you we also aren't taken seriously. because we are women. get the chip off your tiny shoulder.

No. 687483

Gee, almost like what I originally said was
>You mean they just have to live like women do, everyday.
And that the only reason why there's even an argument is because some assblasted anons got a bee in their bonnet because I mentioned my experience as a short woman.

You're wrong. Stop replying.

No. 687484

I would love to know this as well, anon. Probably we are too self-critical.

No. 687486

>OP said it was about not being taken seriously
I wasn't replying to OP, I was replying to
>you don't see me acting bitter, entitled, and shooting up a school when hot Chad doesn't respect me
I guess respect from hot Chad = position of power though, my bad.
>I-I actually don't think it's an "advantage"
>Way to walk it back anon
Yeah, totally unintentional use of quotation marks on advantage, no sarcasm in the rest of the post either. I love all of the male approval I get specifically for being short so much. Thrive on it. /s to clarify, just for you.
You made it about being short and then absolutely sperged about it when anons responded. Stop replying yourself, kek.

No. 687491

And you still fucking reply and double down. Unbelievable.

>I wasn't replying to OP

Yeah but I was, so if you're going to quote me consider the full damn context.
>I love all of the male approval I get specifically for being short
Tons of tall women get male approval too, or are you just going to deny the attractiveness of models and women in mainstream media who have always been on the tall side for the sake of this retarded argument?

A shame you wanted to focus in on the second part of my post only to prove you're not like us other shorties, and completely ignore the first part of my post which was inclusive of ALL women.
>You mean they just have to live like women do, everyday.
You're a fucking joke and you wanted to sperg about height. Fuck off.

No. 687492

I see another argument about height is happening, short vs tall arguments always go the same way, where neither side can ever see the benefits of their side.
(I'm in the middle height so I can understand there are problems with both)

No. 687493

is this your first day here? do you know how conversations work? being short doesn't cause autism usually.

No. 687494

File: 1607100727886.jpg (77.94 KB, 704x704, nigga did you expect me to rea…)

Kek fine whatever you win this round of infighting on lolcow.farm

No. 687495

this shit again. models for male gaze aren't tall or short necessarily. high fashion models aren't considered attractive like you think.

No. 687496

It's funny because I never even dunked on tall women, I acknowledged that ALL women have the same albeit differently packaged issues about not being taken seriously. I'm currently being shat on because I had the AUDACITY to mention my shortness as it's relevant as an equal comparison to short scrotes.
Anons are being retarded.

No. 687498

Honestly when I saw
>And you still fucking reply and double down. Unbelievable.
I didn't know what I she expected me to do/say so I didn't bother kek

No. 687499

Taste, anon. You a fan of their side hustles as well? I prefer Puzzle more than Enjoy, personally.

No. 687500

Not reply. You were supposed to feel like an idiot for kicking up dust for nothing and drop the issue gracefully kek.

No. 687501

you're doing what men do when women mention their problems, kek. you seem unreasonably upset that anon mentioned men are misandrist towards eachother.

No. 687502

Well I don't, and at this point I don't know why you're still replying when I did drop it. You got a gold star and everything.

No. 687504

she needs validation, anon. how dare you deny her that!

No. 687505

>you're doing what men do when women mention their problems, kek
Nice try but that's what you've been doing to me, actually.

You've literally told me I can't talk about my problems being short because I get "male approval" and tall women have it as bad. Don't point fingers when you're guilty.

You're still here? Go climb on top of your cabinets and get yourself a victory snack.

No. 687506

no one said that lmao. i guess small women have tiny as fuck brains? changing the OPs subject to be about you and your issues, and now bawwing when you're called out? poor thing.

No. 687507

Idk why I found this reply so cute, but probably bc it's true and based and I'm a simp for tall women kek

No. 687508

Can we all just agree that tiny scrotes aren’t worth our pity

No. 687509

File: 1607102017936.jpg (7.17 KB, 246x205, images.jpg)

No. 687510

Get the fuck over it you giant womanchild.

No. 687511

File: 1607102173750.gif (29.95 KB, 220x292, tenor (2).gif)

Yikes. Remind me to never relate about my height or it might cause infight with autistics.

No. 687514

As long as you don't reveal you're short after saying so, yes.

No. 687516

File: 1607102328200.jpeg (120.43 KB, 750x696, 2C69A48D-0D7A-4922-AE51-1A016A…)

Christ, I thought short man syndrome was, well, just a man thing, yet here we are.

No. 687517

don't upset her anon. she only has one match but she can make an explosion.

No. 687518

File: 1607102611039.jpg (102.16 KB, 1280x720, hhhhhhhhhhh.jpg)

Yes, same!! What She Might Say To Me was one of my top listened to songs of the year. Chicken Shit is great too.
This is truly dumbass shit… but if I feel like I'm listening to Puzzle too much, I get guilty and turn on Enjoy too lmfao

No. 687519

currently loling at the triggered goblina anon. maybe you shoulda drank milk when you had a chance

No. 687520

Imagine being this upset about short women.

No. 687521

why would i be upset about that? i would be disrespected by men if i we- oh wait.

seriously though you should also fuck off. short anon threw a huge tantrum because she didn't get validation by shitting on everyone else.

No. 687522

You weren't shit on to begin with though. You're awful hostile, are you high testosterone?

No. 687523

she didn't ask for validation, she just said she didn't feel bad for short scrotes because she deals with the same issues

No. 687526

Nta but
How can you not tell that people are just having a good time laughing at her

No. 687527

File: 1607103379139.png (49.03 KB, 738x627, ACD69C95-5B42-4777-A002-CB8896…)

I believe, one day, it is possible.

No. 687528

Jolly Green Giants and Snow White's dwarves should hold hands.

No. 687529

You're right, I'm not ruling out mental illness either. But the tone is clearly anger.

No. 687530

Shins anon here, I want to climb tall depiction like a tree she's beautiful

No. 687531

Should I go out to eat kbbq with my friends family? Would that be weird?

No. 687532

Yeah, anons lied to start a multi hour argument all for the forced memes.

No. 687533

guys if you are hung over or nauseous then eat something with mint in it, like gum or something.
It always clears it right up for me.

No. 687534

What are you talking about, who’s lying and about what?

No. 687535

i can't stop shitposting because you guys are so easy

No. 687536

Actually don’t answer that, I don’t care, you’re probably taking this Dumbass Shit too seriously. I’d delete the post but I closed out and now the password doesn’t work kek.

No. 687537

Both are beautiful and deserving of love

No. 687538

>I was only pretending to be retarded!

…I mean cool but at least anons who at least have belief behind their post did it with purpose and not just to waste hours of their life. You anons really tell on yourselves sometimes.

No. 687540

my post about shitposting isn't related to this, i didn't even see the argument ITT.

No. 687541

You make up lies in order to start arguments and misrepresent other posts and move the goalposts when you're corrected to argue more.

No. 687542

Who are you?

No. 687543

Are you short goblina anon? Are you still mad?

No. 687544

Anons who do shit for fun are way better off than people arguing in earnest on an anonymous imageboard imo

No. 687545

Sounds like a normal activity. Bring money and offer to cover your share to be polite, but the parents will likely cover. Get LA Kalbi.

No. 687546

File: 1607104542091.jpg (45.83 KB, 480x412, 1593311212571.jpg)

No. 687547

No. 687550

i am you but stronger

No. 687551

Shhh. Go make snu snu.

No. 687554

I’m interested in moving to Europe sometime soon not because I hate my country or anything but because I wanna experience new cultures and a different way of life.
That being said, which country should I go to? I’m young, single, female, no kids. I don’t mind learning another language. A few places I thought of are Germany, UK, Norway and Spain. Advice is appreciated

No. 687560

I'm not from Europe but I've always wanted to go to Portugal (beautiful beaches, cities and seems pretty chill) and Switzerland (one of the most developed countries in the world with stunning landscapes, the downside might be how expensive it is)

No. 687565

Lol I can't help but feel anons from great countries aren't about to tell us their secrets.

No. 687566

File: 1607106447104.png (694.16 KB, 855x1090, Screenshot_20201204-132422.png)

Conservatives are really showing how big of babies they are huh. If you're middle class why would it be a good idea to buy 700+$$ guns as well as collecting them? If you can afford 15 thousand dollar AR-15 then you can afford 200 tax. And why exactly is having to get your weapons registered a bad thing? Is any sort of gun regulation the devil when there's school shootings once a month?

No. 687567

If it's you to do about culture, then read about the different cultures in Europe and pick a country with a culture that interests you. At least that's what I'd do. Although depending on where you're from, the countries on your list are all rich, developed Western countries so don't expect a wildly different way of life if you're from America or something.

No. 687568

Well you don't really tell much about yourself except the basics here. Which culture of those mentioned would be most interesting to you? Anything in particular you're looking for?
I'm from Norway personally so can answer anything about that at least and have some general knowledge of Europe generally ofc but there's a lot to consider.

No. 687569

I do agree with the statement that taxing just allows for rich and connected people with criminal intent to own. Shooters often have loads of cash or come from money. Rifles are already very expensive, taxses will just dissuade the poor troublemakers only and that's not good enough.
What they should be doing is making the registration, screening, and re-registration process so difficult and tedious that it discourages ownership among rich and poor alike and will make things like mental health and behavioral checks more accountable.

No. 687571

i just gave myself the nicest winged eyeliner, am i an mua now

No. 687573

I wish it was my post, happy for you anon!

No. 687576

Yes you are!

No. 687579

Does anyone else get the urge to just PURGE their livingspace of crap? I don't have a lot of space and mine's so cluttered. Maybe the minimalists are on to something.

No. 687580

I purposefully keep my fb friend list really low so when I get attention I can convince myself I get half of my friends to engage with me for the same amount of likes even though the person with thousands of friends is still way more popular and more likely cared about. Just my cope.

No. 687581

I do and already have in the past. I took some time and purged my home room by room of things I didn't want, need, or realistically use and it's been pretty easy upkeep for the most part. I say go for it honestly. You don't need to go full minimalist, but it's a pretty good exercise every once in a while imo.

No. 687603

Apparantly Sovietwave is a thing

No. 687604

Spread a map, close your eyes and point somewhere in the Europe area

No. 687605

I’m really just looking for a decent place to work and live with things to do on the side. Someplace with nice landscapes, good public transportation, welcoming of foreigners etc.
I asked here because I know we have international farmers and I was curious what y’all would advise. I am American btw if that helps with the culture thing. If there’s anything interesting about your country you wanna share I’m listening.

No. 687608

Yes. Every few years I go through a purge of things. I've regained some space in my already tiny room and I still have a lot of shit but over the years I've become more conscious about buying random shit. I really like the book "Goodbye Things" by Fumio Sasaki. He's a minimalist, but I like his approach to things, particularly when he says that a minimalist saying "you still have XYZ amount of items?" and a non-minimalist saying "you still don't have XYZ item?" are different sides to the same coin. I don't really agree with some things he says (e.g. buying disposable things for the sake of keeping his home free of clutter (I don't agree with creating unnecessary waste))), but I like his easy going approach to minimalism and finding what the bare minimum means to you specifically.

I don't think I'll ever not have some sort of useless shit in my home, but I've been better about keeping that number of useless shit down to a minimum lol.

No. 687611

I don't really know what living there actually is like but I'd recommend Iceland because they have the best music and landscapes and they're all a bit too liberal and a small country so they will surely welcome foreigners.

No. 687612

godddddddddammit why does everything have to be a core or wave or something

No. 687618

why am i arguing with a fakeboi on instagram who insists that they're "yandercore" and have beepeedee

No. 687619

File: 1607113677626.png (141.12 KB, 260x411, s.png)

do you ever just recognize a tranny from their album cover

No. 687621

Because you are being stupid, but it's not too late to stop anon

No. 687623

i just wish i could knock some sense into these dumb kids but you're right

No. 687660

I have a very strong appreciation for the Ridiculous Photoshoppers Thread. It always makes me laugh even during the worst days. Had to get that off my chest.

No. 687665

The fact that people will get mad for someone's s/o when their partner is a sex worker of some kind will never cease to make me laugh. How you angry someone understands they have no control over what someone else's means of obtaining revenue is? Yeah, they can leave, but if they don't have a problem with it in the first place, that wouldn't even matter.

No. 687670

I think a lot of people are over dramatic when they say they're "alone". I am genuinely alone. I have not left my house or seen another human up close in like two weeks. I get no phone calls and no texts. Maybe the occasional text from my dad so he can check if I'm not dead.

At first it was hard and I felt like a loser. Now I'm in a place of acceptance. This situation is outta my control.

No. 687678

File: 1607119094951.jpg (174.28 KB, 600x600, 5d4535e9-7b07-4d95-93a5-1b7400…)

jellybean anon here, the presentation went alright! hope my fellow sisters of the night are doing alright!

No. 687679

>in like two weeks
Where are your meals coming from? Are you not even going out for groceries?

No. 687683

I just order from doordash or order groceries online.

No. 687686

Usually I see expressions of "either they're letting themselves get cucked or don't love their s/o enough to care" and I admittedly wonder if it's the case. Of course, to each their own, but it doesn't sit right with most people. That's to be expected.

What I do think is stupid, is scrote followers who lose their mind when the girl they fap to has a bf. They act all betrayed. I understand why but that doesn't make it less dumb and selfish and gross. They turn on her and iirc isn't that why they got ok boomer girl's account removed once? She wasn't doing sw but got big because of simps. Imagine being one of those guys. A parasocial loser that turns so jealous when you never even had a chance. It destroys their illusion of a chance with the girl. Anyway that's what I think is unreasonable.

No. 687687

I can’t afford dental care so bought a bluetooth electric toothbrush, hoping it would reduce the need for a dentist. Apparently somehow I’ve only been brushing 51% of my teeth surface area. What the fuck.

No. 687691

File: 1607121224742.jpeg (20.96 KB, 225x225, 8B2CB659-5F12-49BE-B9A4-F3A297…)

scrotes screech autistically about women wearing too much makeup, but look at any male streamer who uses female character models and every time their character looks like pic related

No. 687695

>g-spot stimulation
What the fuck.

No. 687699

No. 687704

Look into the Japanese toothpaste Apagard Premio

No. 687721

I was making a list of books to sell on an online book store so I can just send a huge package, get my money and be done with it and my list disappeared from my account so I have to rewrite all these ISBN codes.

No. 687724

Did I stutter, bitch?

No. 687727

Wow, only 45 minutes later.

No. 687734

I have a life, I'm not wasting it away on lolcow like you, NEET.

Also they responded to a post from 9 hours ago. stfu if you don't have a dog in this fight.

No. 687739

One of my cats has really come out of her shell in the past year and has started to love pets and being cuddled. But omg her fav way to show she's happy is by kneading her paws all over me with her claws extended while drooling. I grin and bear it because she was antisocial for so long

No. 687741

I reported a post for necro because I thought it wasn't saged but then I realised it's just the stupid colour scheme I'm browsing on and it was the post after it that necrod, I feel like such a dumbass.

No. 687743

I fucking love them

No. 687744

Kek small dick scrote detected

No. 687746

This is just the best feeling to see a shy animal open up to you, you're a great friend to your cat!

No. 687749

It does seem weird to imagine anything less than 7 inches couldn't satisfy other anon. Like. If you can come from getting fingers I find it hard to believe you need a specific sized dick to get off.

No. 687758

Oh I agree, but the bitterness of that post says it all. Can’t imagine any girl needing to defend dick size so aggressively.

No. 687770

I put on those foil socks that are supposed to soften your feet, it said to have them on 20 min max but I'm going to sleep with them. On the foil socks I wore my thick christmassy socks for the extra heat. Will my feet dissolve? Hm

No. 687772

I don’t even recognize momokun anymore holy shit

No. 687785

There's a trans that lives down the road from my ma and she has antivax signs all over her house and it's just mental. How do you believe in the science of neovaginas but think a vaccine is sketch wtf

No. 687800

Not to start another height war but what's the height cut off for manlets?

No. 687803

>be me
>live in a house w two men, one of them being the guy who owns this place
>he used to date a woman years ago but they broke up
>she gets married to some rly christian dude and has two kids
>she is an extremely emotionally unstable bpd-chan still hung up on him
>bpd-chan drives drunk in the middle of the night looking for him
>one of these late night visits is the day before her kid's baptism
>apparently housemate and bpd-chan are together now
>i always greet her and housemate if i see them chilling around
>she scowls at me but reluctantly says hi back
>bpd-chan has touched/moved my stuff around previously
>bpd-chan starts talking shit about him, to him, whenever i'm around
>unprompted asked him why he cheated w his bff's gf and what it felt like

i suspect this woman believes i'll steal my ugly ass housemate w a terrible personality away from her. no thank u!! idk what she sees in him but i suspect she has bpd so i guess that explains it, lol. i'm waiting for some big conflict to happen, both of them are so toxic it's bound to blow up.

No. 687804

Like at what height they stop being a manlet? I would say around 5'7" since where I live most women are under 5'5".

No. 687806

that's some great art anon, post more

No. 687808

In that case wouldn't 5'5 be the cut off? I think being the same height as a dude that's about the average height doesn't make him a manlet

No. 687811

File: 1607131305905.jpg (42.63 KB, 600x1061, 9348843848384.jpg)

i would say globally, if u are 170 cm or taller u aren't a manlet. if u are between 165-169 cm u are manlet lite.

No. 687816

Where I'm from, a 5'7 man is shorter than 80% of the adult male pop. (average height 5'10) However, I discovered the global male median height is 5'6… so? 5'5 is manlet?

Source: https://tall.life/height-percentile-calculator-age-country/

No. 687818

I'm 5'7 and feel like any man shorter is a manlet, I don't even like dating men under 6ft. I'd prefer if the short men would stop procreating

No. 687833

i'm the same height as you but damn you're way too harsh… my boyfriend is my height and i don't have any grievances about it

No. 687839

I'd say 5'8 and below where I'm at, it's within a couple inches of the average and what most of the 5'4-5'7 manlets claim to be. I kind of mark any guy below 5'11 as short in my head, but that's definitely just a me thing kek

No. 687850

That's good for you but personally being eye level with a man is a turn off to me since I have a more dominant personality. Its just a preference. >>687839 5'11 probably my cut off for being a tall man too

No. 687862

Me too, it's sort of inevitable if the men in your country are generally tall (5'10-5'11 avg.). An average height is usually the minimum acceptable height for women lol. I hate when men complain about this UNFAIR bEaUtY StAndArD!! >:(

I have zero sympathy kek.

No. 687871

>I have zero sympathy kek.
Me neither, because they are whiny and rude. Short, for men, is a personality trait.

No. 687874

I'm 5 feet so honestly any man taller than me seems tall but my minimum would be 5'5. Current bf is 5'7, perfect height to never strain for a kiss but still feel like a dainty lady on her tiptoes. I dated a 6' and fucking in any position other than like two was a pain cause things never really lined up. Anime lied to me kek

No. 687875

i have a dominant personality too though

No. 687925

File: 1607147056778.jpeg (154.27 KB, 750x749, 4B79C9D8-0440-4527-91BA-ABF0B5…)

Here’s a photo of a skinned furby

No. 687928


No. 687929

For me, it's 5'10.

Reasoning: I am 5'10.

No. 687932

wouldn't you not like looking up to someone if you had a dominant personality? or are you insecure about being seen as too butch or something?

No. 687935

File: 1607147581040.jpeg (78.5 KB, 896x597, 15B3081C-EC6A-4408-8EF0-D202E7…)

Here’s a picture of a long furby

No. 687959

File: 1607150838462.jpeg (73.5 KB, 564x765, E6CC9EF3-3020-4EBE-935B-DC23AC…)

love these things. I couldnt find my saved pics of one so here is this nestled dog for you

No. 687961

they have a napoleon complex. It reminds me of small dogs who bark a lot. Men like that are very unattractive, and guys with smaller dicks can also be that way. if they weren't so obsessive about it, more girls wouldn't care. I guess it also goes for incels (you can be a non-chad and still do well, but they ruin it by being so insecure and horrid)

No. 687969

I love the musky, slightly sweet smell of a post-workout vagina.

No. 687970

I once dated a man who was 5'4" and one time referenced him being short and I swear to god he acted like I was the first person who had ever said it to him
He was like, "Wait you think I'm short?"
and I was just like
"No, you are short, 5'4" is short."
he was 30

No. 687972

Kek, I guess that is better than him fixating on it all his life. but 5'4" is really short, how do you not know? It's like a standup bit, I'm really laughing

No. 687974

File: 1607153590844.jpg (99.19 KB, 894x684, 43a98353-b3c8-40df-aca4-251006…)

ere you go milady (dawningcrow on tumblr)

No. 687975

File: 1607153772803.jpg (261.59 KB, 941x841, gross.jpg)

every time anons talk about licking man ass even as a joke I want to die

No. 687976

me too, I can smell it instantly like a phantom sense. Thankfully will never know what that tastes like.

No. 687977

Fuckin same

No. 687980

G-spot doesn't exist, tranny.

No. 687982

what a baby. he probably expected you to coddle him about it and to never bring it up in case it hurt his feewings. fuck your feelings manlet

No. 687998

NTA, but… it does? You can literally feel it in yourself.

No. 688002

Nta but it's not an established thing, it has been argued that what is there either doesn't cause orgasm or if it does, it's just the internal structures of the clitoris or happens to stimulate the clitoris from within.

The lack of evidence where it is expected to be found makes it kinda sus.

No. 688003

Ah, I get you. I just meant that it's there because whatever it is, it can be felt. Obviously the effects of stimulating it are different for everyone, of course. I thought that anon was implying it was some kind of tranny conspiracy.

No. 688004

Okay, no more browsing ot for tonight. Some of you bitches are truly crazy.

No. 688006

File: 1607166492135.jpg (211.68 KB, 640x579, skinnywomen.jpg)

A part of me wishes I lived in a world where everyone was skinny, just only very skinny men and skinny women of different shades and cultures

No. 688007

anon do you still have feet

No. 688009

In that world, skinny wouldn't be "skinny", though. You would just be normal, average. No one could congratulate you for it.

No. 688010

I guess but it would be aesthetically pleasing 24/7

No. 688017

File: 1607169428719.jpg (37.51 KB, 500x667, xtoride.jpg)

I go through these phases of being obsessed over some character voices so much that I fantasize about fucking their VAs, even if they're older men/women. I feel kind of gross but also it turns me on to put my fantasy self in a situation in which it still seems "obtainable" to essentially fuck that character with the nice voice. ..if that makes sense.
Many noises and voices are grating to me so when I find ones I really like I go mental I guess. i feel awk after two weeks straight of lusting over a man i don't even find attractive aside from the voice…so i just wanted to get it out somewhere kek

No. 688026

I love the DownDog app, it's amazing but holy shit it's expensive and it's also subscription based which really sucks. I wish I could find an APK but none seem to work and no other app is as good as theirs. If I were a yogi I'd probably buy it but I do yoga like twice per week if it fits my day.

No. 688027

Nice Furbys anons! I had a Furby when I was very young and my older cousin pulled both of its eyelashes out and it was very traumatic

No. 688029

File: 1607172408889.png (36.76 KB, 200x252, issues.png)

i wish this girl online would just shut the fuck up, she keeps saying white people colonized boba

No. 688030

I understand you, anon. Recently I had a long phase of liking a character's voice so much, I only fell asleep while listening to his voice compilations, it lasted for several months and I've seen countless hot dreams with him. The biggest let down was to discover that his VA doesn't speak like that in real life at all, so I can't even fantasize about a real person and have to be thirsty for 1,5 polygons with sexy voice from an old game. Now I know all his catchphrases but I will never tell anyone how I learned them.

No. 688031

I get this anon as I remember feeling attracted Haku in the 2002 English version on Spirited Away because of his voice lol

No. 688039

unfortunately yes and they're not even soft

No. 688041

I feel you anon, I'm currently in love with Kimura Ryohei's voice and am watching stuff I never would have been interested in otherwise just to hear him. What are some of your favorite VAs?

No. 688058

I stayed up all night to do homework and when I got up again after sleeping a bit I couldn't recognize myself in the mirror, like my eyes were crazy eyes. like heather sparkles

No. 688059

No because they feel like a sibling or child when they're on my level. I like to date up.

No. 688070

File: 1607183321142.png (62.47 KB, 1161x482, g.PNG)

Today I learned that apparently not everyone has this.

No. 688075

Oh, I'm kind of jealous of you. It's such a fun skill to have, do you play any instrument?

No. 688077

I don't get why everytime men hit on me it's at the worst moment possible, and specifically when I look like shit, I've sleep less than 6 hours and I'm potentially sick. Today this guy asked for my phone number and told me I looked beautiful even though I was wearing my mask but little did he know my acne is out of control, I'm covered in blackheads and acne scars and I haven't waxed my mustache for like 4 months. Can't wait for the end of the pandemic so men can see how truly repulsive I am so they can go back to avoiding like the plague again.

No. 688081

When I am free and doing nothing my dog sleeps. When I have to use the bathroom for anything, she wants to be cuddled, so I let her sit at my feet while I poop or I give her pats with my free hand while brushing my teeth. I always think it's so funny that she refuses to go into the bathroom for bath time, but she's okay with coming in there and me closing the door on her if I'm doing something in there.

No. 688102

I’ve had men hit on me when I look like shit pre-masks too. Like no makeup and lack of sleep, messy hair, dark circles and bummy outfit. Yet when I try to look nice, they don’t speak to me. I wonder if they’re just shooting their shot with someone they perceive to be less desirable, therefore lower self esteem. Not saying you’re not cute, anon, I just think it’s a weird phenomenon and I’ve experienced it too.

No. 688104

I’m knitting a baby blanket for my sister’s baby who’s due soon, and I really do feel like I’m putting love in every stitch and hope she can tell, silly as that is kek. It’s the first baby in our family, everyone is super stoked.

No. 688116

File: 1607191367268.png (3.23 MB, 2352x1430, Screenshot 2020-12-05 at 17.59…)

Just looking at houses online. What the fuck is going on with that floor? Genuine question lol.

No. 688118

It's 7pm and pitch black outside. There is a drone flying around, in the height of my window (the 8th floor), what the fuck?

No. 688119

lol I love this. Usually happens with very old houses, a combination of inaccurate ways of measuring or simply the ground settling lower over time, bringing part of the house slightly lower with it.

No. 688120

This looks like it's made out of playdoh.

No. 688121

Why wouldn't someone be able to do this if they learned music theory/reading notes or any instrument for that matter?

No. 688123

NTA but I think so too.
Men think they're being humiliated when they're rejected, so rather than shoot above their league they hit on women they perceive wouldn't be as likely to turn them down.
Exceptions exist of course cause we all know how egotistical some are, but I think that's the root cause.

I also have a theory that makeup makes women more confident, so we often have less approachable resting faces and attitudes while wearing it cause we don't feel the need to overcompensate for our so called lacks in looks. Men take less chances approaching women if we appear unfriendly.

No. 688128

Do you not wave and smile at the drone? I always wave and smile at the drone.

No. 688140

File: 1607194770045.gif (484.09 KB, 500x240, giphy.gif)

No. 688143

Theres no point in getting mad at guys for ghosting you becuz they always come back

No. 688144

All these antivaxxer mentalists keep talking about how the virus isn't that fatal and serious so why are they terrified to get a miniscule dose of it to develop antibodies? Do these cunts not want the world to open up??? What conspiracy is it they're all following? I don't understand what the benefit of plunging global markets into the red because the Labour Market is fucked while hundreds of thousands are suffering from a virus! The amount of retards online is like living through the dark ages. Illiteracy truly is still a problem.

No. 688151

my mom thinks the vax can alter your dna and is thus an affront to god

No. 688153

So can fucking sunlight, jesus christ.

No. 688155

I gave him my phone number because he asked it and I thought we would go on our separate ways and I would just block his number but we went to the same destination because we were both going to buy stuff. We talked a bit because I was a bit curious and tbh I'm a kissless virgin and he wasn't too ugly but then he asked me to go to his place this evening for diner. We saw each other irl for like 5 minutes. I said no, I'm not looking for a relationship because that felt very suspicious and now I'm ignoring him. So I wouldn't be surprised if he felt more confident talking to a loser like me for the reason you mentioned, but who knows.

No. 688167

I feel sad. Think about my imaginary perfect boyfriend. Feel a little less sad. Then realize he'll never exist in real life and feel even more sad than before.

No. 688170

Anon, the reason why I am skeptical of the vaccine is due to during the swine flu SEVERAL kids got sick/even developed narcolepsy. All due to them rushing to get the vaccine out.

No. 688173

Just want to add why the covid vaccine has been quicker through development is because this has been a global priority with the scientific community coming together. The data is sound. The amount of attention on this disease and vaccine I'm sure the corporation are making sure testing is a rigid as possible so they don't face massive backlash completely destroying trust with society.

No. 688177

I understand that. But the swine flu vaccine was also rushed. It was supposed to be safe. Yet kids developed life-altering neurological diseases. However I am quaranteeing, plus I am in no way one of the first group to get the vaccine, so I'll probably get it once a couple of people have gotten it and nothing bad has happened

No. 688179

Was it documented and proven the vaccine caused their other illnesses? I've read a few papers where studies like that get redacted so would like to read of one where it has been proven a vaccine cashes neurological issues. Like I wouldn't be surprised if people want someone to sue or blame for an illness like that, especially in America were healthcare treatment is extortionate.

No. 688183


The issues was specifically with Pandemrix and a specific gene. I think my country has more people with that gene, which is why we got so many cases of it, I don't remember hearing other countries nearly as affected iirc?
My country also isn't as eager to sue, plus the goverment put in compensation for the affected.

No. 688188

1.) The narcolepsy epidemic was contained in a very small part of the vaccinated population of the world (Northern Europe). A Finnish study conducted by local health officials in 2019 and a Norwegian study from 2015 concluded that there was no connection between the vaccine and the narcolepsy cases. The amount of cases of narcolepsy diagnosed in non-vaccinated people did not actually differ from those who were vaccinated with the swine flu vaccinations.
3.) The narcolepsy wasn't actually caused by the adjuvant in the vaccine, but the core protein of the virus. In other words, the people who developed narcolepsy had a genetic tendency for it and it would've most likely been triggered by catching the actual virus (or some other flu) as well.
4.) The vaccine used back then wasn't nearly as thoroughly tested as the current coronavirus vaccines. The test groups used for the coronavirus vaccines were much larger in size and had a longer following period. They received copious amounts of funding and resources because this pandemic has the world by its grip so EVERYONE is interested in pouring money in it. It's in no way rushed and it's been deemed safe by every standard by now.

So get the goddamn vaccine, or do you want to live under a lockdown for years to come?

No. 688190

Thanks for article. Like I think if people do develop adverse conditions it should be tested to see a recent vaccine or other treatment is responsible. It only helps when developing new vaccines to understand what pathways could cause adverse reactions.

No. 688191

Fucked up the numbering. Just imagine that point 2 is "read news other than tabloids creating shock headers"

No. 688206

Anon please read
>>I am in no way one of the first group to get the vaccine, so I'll probably get it once a couple of people have gotten it and nothing bad has happened

No. 688210

That jay Alvarez porn that went viral is wack. You can tell gen z boys really dont know how to fuck becuz gen z girls are losing their mind over a guy willing to give a woman an oil massage. You can tell most of them have never felt loved or appreciated during sex.

No. 688211

Why is this house so wobbly omg

No. 688213

Same fag and the fact that they used a missy elliot song as the background is even worse. Like why?its so unsexy wtf

No. 688221

This is so cute anon, that baby is going to be so loved. Congratulations to your sister! I hope she and her baby will be safe ♥

No. 688226

That is so fucking cute anon!!
Congrats to your sis!

No. 688228

Maybe because I'm getting older, but I feel so jaded and disillusioned with almost everything lately. It feels like everything I look at is trying to sell me a product or influence my thinking. I look at random news articles and most of them feel like ads or propaganda. Even buying stuff on Amazon is a gamble because there are so many fake products and fake reviews. I watched a video on youtube about cleaning/organizing and it turned out to mostly be the presenter shilling some brand who sponsors her.

I get it, people gotta make money, but I'm tired of everything being an ad in disguise.

No. 688230

Why isn’t the dolly mat elle / shanya thread moved to PT? I feel like she litterally gets a new thread every week

No. 688248

I think eventually everyone will feel this way. I know I do. You can't get through a youtube video without a bunch of ads, or most websites, or even fucking paid streaming services. It will keep worsening until everyone is fed up, then I don't know what. I guess advertisers are seeing how much they can get away with for now

No. 688252

I seriously don't understand human communication and I always come off as an ass and im scared ill be like this forever kek

No. 688253

samefag but like you said amazon, I tell my family at this point I look for products on other websites first (the ones with in-person stores) then I go find it on Amazon. Everything that comes up when you search on amazon is from "brands" like Wuaahxieeu or faking to be something legit. And all that sponsored bs

No. 688255

my kin! kek
I feel less awk and more validated after reading your responses, so thank you anons.

>What are some of your favorite VAs?

I've got so many but the current topic of lust is Keith Silverstein. I just played Persona 5 and even though he voices a complete asshole in it, the voice is still uniquely attractive to my ears. Imagine my surprise when I found out he dubbed the english voice of a character from my newest favorite game, Genshin Impact. I wish he'd do asmr and i don't even like asmr.

Some other past lusts in recent memory were Grant George, Tara Platt and Daisuke Ono. My Grant George phase was nice cause I found out he actually voiced in some hentai so that fed my thirst a bit.. . even though as a whole the hentais themselves were cringy at best lol.

No. 688257

None of those anons but how does one unironically like English dub voices? They always make me cringe, especially male ones that speak in that weird generic nasal voice and the female ones who try to make a shrilling cutesy voice. Plus they're always giant dicks and BPDcunts on social media who think they're bigger stars than they are. At least Japanese VAs are immersed in the anime culture to the point they know how to emote like an anime character instead of whatever C list ex-cosplayer the localization team dug up.

No. 688263

male Japanese VAs are better for smutty content cause half of them do BL + regular VA
this and also making male teenage characters sound like old men with a smoking addiction

No. 688266

File: 1607207129357.jpg (48.57 KB, 500x750, cybergoth-23.jpg)

Now with the mandatory wearing of masks it's time for everyone to dress cybergoth. What are you waiting for?

No. 688268

Cybergoth was always super ugly (and a shit taste in music) , so please don't

No. 688272

The point is to look ugly

No. 688273

Why don't they ever get actual voice actors for english dubs?

No. 688275

Also Japanese seiyuus go to voice acting school dedicated to the cause and they're actual professional idols who really get deep into their characters, while dub voice actors are hobbyists compared to their expertise or regular TV actors who were just hired to do a voice.

It would cost way too much. The rest of the world would have to pay extra fees just because Americans get triggered by foreign languages.

No. 688276

I’m gonna watch horror movies and eat chipotle in my matching pajama set hope you guys get as cozy as I am

No. 688278

Anon, you do know anime get dubbed outside of English speaking countries as well, right? Even if the anime dubs aren't nearly as good as movies or live action series' dubs in my country, they exist. Except GTO's French dub, it's a masterpiece.

No. 688280

File: 1607208434053.jpg (100.36 KB, 1000x800, 29b.jpg)

It's always hilarious when a scrote makes a new thread on LC saying something like "male here, ama" as if we're supposed to give a shit and fall to their feet. Men are really so egotistical and self-absorbed. I always imagine them to look like picrel.

No. 688283

They think we will go crazy like they do over women posting there.

No. 688287

It's hilarious, they are SO consistently arrogant and self important. They seriously expect us to be excited and interested in them when half the appeal of this place is avoiding men, but even if we didn't actively avoid them it would be like… so fucking what? We get male opinions shoved in our faces 24/7 no matter where we go, they aren't special.

No. 688295

I adore my cat. He acts like a dog sometimes like when he runs to the letterbox when the post comes and when I throw a ping pong ball or his rattle toys he runs after it but never picks it up and brings it back to me like a dog, he just gives up and walks away. Sometimes he gets hyper and runs around the house and my mum calls him a race horse. I love him.

No. 688304

Bruh it's one of the times I don't feel bad but not terrible and idk what to do with myself.I kinda want to go to the lolcow discord but idk instant messaging doesn't feel as ok as being here and I feel out of place

No. 688324

File: 1607215151035.png (4.24 KB, 680x79, huh.PNG)

seeing this made me wonder how much longer this site will be up

No. 688344

File: 1607218516009.jpeg (57.28 KB, 567x366, 1607133157511.jpeg)

I know it's the middle of the night, I know I am bloated, on my period and feeling like shit butI still feel awful for gaining a whopping 2 kg compared to monday.

No. 688351

Wtf is going on in /meta/

No. 688353

What is going on? I just went there and who the fuck is Tamara and Angela Pharris?

No. 688354

mental illness

No. 688355

We need new farmhands, badly. These cow invasions have been bleeding into other boards more often lately.
>Inb4 "you apply then"
Ah yes, I alone will solve the problems that go on across boards.

No. 688356

File: 1607219578238.jpg (527.87 KB, 1173x751, lgbt.jpg)

I just can't with tranny cope sometimes

No. 688359

File: 1607219730799.jpeg (88.88 KB, 1087x1225, 1C5030F5-8BF6-4033-901F-35DFEF…)

Everytime I get bored and drunk and talk to scrotes on tinder I remember why I don’t use it

No. 688360

File: 1607219769290.jpeg (144.06 KB, 956x603, 2696C537-9583-4F97-A7E2-4D7ED9…)

More gold

No. 688361

Trannies and kiwifarm schizo-scrotes, so the usual.

No. 688363

>You're lucky I like chocolate haha
In the Lord's year of 2020? When it's already done so much damage?
How scrotes think they're so charming with lines like this, I'll never know.

No. 688364

>You're lucky I like chocolate
Does he mean literal chocolate or is he one of those "Hey my chocolate, nubian, cocoa butter, caramel, brown sugar toffee african queen." kind of dudes

No. 688367

I'm black. I guess he feels like I should be lucky hes is willing to fuck me then most likely ghost me afterward lol

No. 688368

Scrotes really do think more highly of themselves than they should

No. 688373

microwaved hotpcokets taste like ranch. baked is superior

No. 688375

I've been feeling like this too and it started around 2016. Most movies I've seen and books I've read that were released in the past 5-7 years or so have sucked. I tried getting into podcasts but most of them feel too "corporate" for me and have too many ads. There are few websites/online communities that interest me anymore because a lot of them died and the current internet "culture" just irritates me and also make me upset with all the hatred and bigotry everywhere. I also feel like there are barely any fun and genuine subcultures to be a part of anymore. At least there have been some nice shows and good music released in the past few years. Maybe it's just part of getting older or I'm stuck in a rut but I can't help but feeling like most things suck now.

No. 688397

I mean, I would have put cat shit in a brown bag labeled "chocolate for you" and sent it to him. You're a better person than I

No. 688418

File: 1607225692892.jpg (68.01 KB, 696x697, 705k8n5kz74z.jpg)

The fact there are anons here who have kids really just disturbs me, like the idea of someone's mother on /w/ making negative comments about a Lolita cosplay just doesn't seem right

No. 688419

You don’t get to be funny or gossipy when you become a mother anymore, gals.

No. 688423

I'm curious to know what threads brought them here. Same with the old lady poster here

No. 688425

Same lol. Like, I know everyone likes to gossip and be a little bitchy sometimes, but something about that is kinda funny

also kinda concerned that someone is acually being raised by the type of person that browses here.

No. 688432

if it makes you feel better, i don't have kids but i'm probably older than a lot of ppl on this site and i only "keep up" with two cows who are mostly dead these days. i actually enjoy the anon discussion on other boards. anon discussion is great. i like to be able to do it in a female-dominated space.

No. 688433

i don't like that deleted posts show up as grey text instead of green text now or am i stupid and it's always been like that?

No. 688434

I had a dream I was momokuns best friend and she made me physically fight everyone on lolcow

No. 688435

>itt anons believing that their parents have always been and always will be parents that have no interests or exist outside of kids
Y'all are fucking stupid.

No. 688436

Well…how long before we see you in her calves thread on /w/?

No. 688437

>concerned that someone is acually being raised by the type of person that browses here

No. 688442

its more like this >>688425 I would be mortified if I knew my mother was on a site like LC

No. 688443

But when you think about it, gossip is a timeless habit and talking shit is enjoyed by people of all ages. The only difference between us and your average middle aged mother is that we gossip online about e-celebs, they gossip irl about real celebs and people they know. I don't think it's a particularly youthful thing to do.

No. 688444

it's not that; imagine someone who posts in Shayna's thread daily raising a human child

No. 688445

No because even the farmers in the celebricows thread are different from mothers who gossip about celebrities offline, amongst their friends.

No. 688446

hell even the anons in the the Artist Salt thread seem deranged

No. 688447

that thread is almost all underage too

No. 688450

File: 1607229337647.png (6.86 KB, 1136x116, Screenshot_2020-12-06 m - med…)

also imagine being raised by a fujoshi, (this is what inspired me to make the post btw)

No. 688454

>the idea of someone's mother on /w/ making negative comments about a Lolita cosplay
Sounds hilarious to me.

No. 688455

>>688442 & the others
you're all here and post here. why are you so confident that you're not like "those people", whatever they are?

No. 688457

Are you dyslexic?
The issue is people like us raising children; I don't have children and presumably no one saying that does either.

No. 688459

because that thread is full of unhinged twitterfags
what's wrong with that? she just said she reads bl, it's not like she's watching gay porn in front of her kids

No. 688463

Nta, but I posted >>688425, and honestly I don't get why anons always say this when someone calls out how maladjusted and mentally ill a lot of farmers are. I mean, don't we say that all the time here? The threads on this board are proof of that.

Anyway, I don't think I'm better than anyone else here. I recognize that I am yet another maladjusted, mentally ill farmer. I just think that lc isn't the best place to browse for a couple different reasons, and tbh I do not want to have kids until I better myself.

Tbh I only find this weird if they mix the fujo shit with their personal life. I saw some anons talking about how Japanese fujos have twitter accounts where they post about their kids and making lunches for their families and I was like "wtf". How are you gonna talk about wanting to see some anime twink getting his back blown out by a huge beefy bara, and your kids and husband on the same account?

No. 688465

your kids are gonna hate you so bad when they get older
they'll cling to you while they're young, they'll hate you as adults

No. 688467

Fujoshi, like the original Japanese women, is just a sexual fetish. I mean, do you even know about your mom's sexual life? Are you saying that motherhood kills the sexuality of a woman? A lot of you are so misogynistic you don't even know.

No. 688468

How old are you?

No. 688469

oof, mommy

No. 688470

Mentally ill as you are, how the fuck do you think you're better than other people

No. 688471

Imagine having a mom who nitpicks you the same way she nitpicks shayna's body.

No. 688472

omfg, she really is a mom
No one here is better than anyone here, some of us were smart enough not to reproduce

No. 688473

>Not knowing there's lots of hardcore fujoshis who have husbands and kids and live normal lives
It's strange for sure but it can work out. If they're responsible that is. I can understand the concern about mommy farmers but at the same time these threads can act as a sort of cautionary tale y'know? It's a good way to make sure your children don't become a mess like these people.and keep them off the damn internet

Tbf lot's of them are careful to stay anonymous and don't post often in general.

No. 688474

i don't have any kids anon, i'm 22
i just think mom farmers are based and i don't get why you're all shitting on them

No. 688475

I'm not a mother, illiterate

No. 688476

you're not even my actual target, but she sure took the bait

No. 688477

You didn't deny it one time.
You're awfully sensitive about it for someone who doesn't have kids

No. 688478

Basic misogyny is so funny, everyone is amused.

No. 688479

wtf is inherently misogynistic about thinking the type of person who posts here shouldn't have children?
I don't care what gender you are, shayna-farmers are not going to raise healthy children

No. 688480

File: 1607231847135.jpg (696.06 KB, 4096x3072, bekphnqftcb41.jpg)

>honestly I don't get why anons always say this when someone calls out how maladjusted and mentally ill a lot of farmers are
idk it just looks like picrel when you (anons) act like this

No. 688482

How do you keep reading people say that they know that they're maladjusted and keep telling yourself that they don't

No. 688484

So you think there's nothing wrong with fujoshi being married and raising their own children? Great.

No. 688485

>but she sure took the bait
oh, this autistic shit again
ok have fun with that then
it is coming off as "older women bad" scrote type shit to me

No. 688490

Unfortunately, it's not only scrotes who have this mentally. I don't know if it's something on twitter, because not even tumblr was like this, but young women these days are very hateful towards women past their 20s.

No. 688491

I dunno where you got that, I think anyone who would call herself a certain type of porn fan is probably too immature to be raising kids though

>older women bad
no, farmers having children bad

No. 688493

>not being able to separate your hobbies from your responsibilities
It’s okay, anon, we get it, you’re just too autistic to be multifaceted.

No. 688494

>all women past their 20s have children
okay I guess?

No. 688495

And how much older are you to asses how immature is a person? Care to answer?

No. 688496

You misread the tone of my post.

No. 688497

because not all of them know/admit they're maladjusted, for example i've seen a few (not itt) who bragged about only posting in /ot/ or just one thread and being so superior to the average farmer
anyway this is cringe

No. 688499

You're not on 4chan, retard.

No. 688500

bitch it doesn't matter if you're 16 or 60, if you act like you belong to a group based on your porno habits, you probably aren't very mature

No. 688501

>not itt
then wtf does it have to do with tt

No. 688502

You didn't spend much time being an adult, I guess. Sexual habits are a separate thing from "maturity" and responsibilities.

No. 688503

If you were my doctor, and you also called yourself a fujoshi, I would still give you the side eye.

No. 688504

File: 1607232830035.jpg (1003.14 KB, 1440x2864, weebs that breed.jpg)

can't we all agree that weebs like pic related, obsessive nitpickers/bdd-chans, stabby couch anon and that plate throwing anon shouldn't breed?

No. 688505

I fucking hope so but I'm starting to doubt it

No. 688507

So you realize that there are moms that are doing the OnlyFans shit with their kids sleeping in the other room actually being cows, but you're instead upset about the moms that shitpost about those people? I'm struggling to follow this logic.
I don't know, I don't follow any snow threads outside of the MtF. I just want to bitch about scrotes, my period, and random retarded shit that bothers me in my free time while helping other anons.

No. 688508

File: 1607233050247.png (Spoiler Image, 182.25 KB, 615x552, Screenshot_2020-12-06 m - fuj…)

>>Not knowing there's lots of hardcore fujoshis who have husbands and kids and live normal lives
I have nothing against fujoshiss who are into cute BL's stories , but like vast majority seem into weird non-con rapey degenerate stuff. so yes I think people who fawn over depictions of teenage boys getting gang raped are not fit to be mothers at all, in fact they should be kept far away from all children

No. 688509

I'm sorry, I cant think both of them shouldn't breed? Don't be stupid.

No. 688511

You would never know that. That's the fucking point. Do you know if your doctor is gay, likes anal or whatever? Do you autistically tell every new person you meet about the cartoons you watch, the comics you read? Do you talk about that with your clients in your workhours? Where are these suppositions coming from? That a sexual fetish makes a person unfit for life in society.

No. 688512

>call yourself
>call yourself
>call yourself
fucking learn to read.

No. 688513

>I added the caption to meme on your ass

I hate to use this word but…..cringe

No. 688514

they got a thread/posted here?

No. 688515

Yeah that's fair. Also I hope I never see that screenshot again.

No. 688516

So you're not against fujos living their own lives. Great!

No. 688517

I don't care if you wear fucking diapers in your free time.

No. 688518

nta but it's chronexia on twitter and he's a scrote (surprise) not a mom

No. 688519

So why are you sperging about women raising children?

No. 688520

>thinking free time still exists if you have children

No. 688521

File: 1607233747252.png (36.98 KB, 1292x465, Screenshot_2020-12-06 m - fuj…)

nta but hardcore fujos like men who watch porn shouldn't be allowed to breed, I'm sorry alright but in just world these types of people shouldn't be allowed to even talk with children

No. 688522

I mean I figured by the icon, but gross

No. 688523

Not any of those anons, and I don't disagree with you, but how come these same principles are not attached to men who watch hardcore porn?
The guy who watches violent/teen porn of actual women and girls definitely wouldn't make a good father, but if you say this literally anywhere, you get coomers and pick-mes yelling "Wtf! His kinks don't define him as a person!".

No. 688525

Honestly I'm more asshurt that I'm getting pulled into blanket statement arguments and feel some unnecessary need to defend myself. My bad. I'm not in Shayna threads, unless someone screens or talks about a zinger, I don't give a shit about her because she kinda grosses me out. I guess the naive part of me thinks the moms posting there are bitching about how ____ her behavior is or something, not critiquing her form or whatever the hell goes on there.

No. 688526

Not any of these anons, but then what was the issue? I thought you were saying that people with certain sexual fetishes shouldn't have kids which I agree with to an extent. If you fuck in diapers you don't need kids. Idk about fujos tho. I watch gay porn so who am i to judge them, but now you're saying that you don't care what parents are into. Is this one of those things where y'all have been arguing for so long the original point of this argument has been lost?

No. 688527

how much of this argument did you even read? wtf?

No. 688528

I have stated that the same thing with men who watch any type of porn as well, men who ever watched anything that "jailbait" "teen" in the title should not be allowed near children either

No. 688529

>how come these same principles are not attached to men who watch hardcore porn?
literally nobody on either side is saying that

No. 688531

>>thinking free time still exists if you have children
Made me think about my mom. It's so upsetting.

No. 688532

I didn't say they were. Go post on a mainstream site stating "Unpopular opinion: Men who watch hardcore and "barely legal" porn are not fit to be fathers and should be kept away from all children" and see how much you get sperged out at, though.

No. 688533

Ok, is shota the same thing as BL? Because I always thought BL was just twinky gay shit where they buttfuck eachother off into the sunset with big glittery manga eyes. If it's like younger boys, that's concerning as fuck

No. 688534

>is shota the same thing as BL?
No. It's it's own genre and generally most people into BL aren't into shota.

No. 688538

Restuarants like arbys and hardees HAVE to be some kind of money laundering coverup. Like all those mattress stores. There's literally no other way they would be in business

No. 688540

I don't knoow, anon. The idea of the lady who picks up her kids from daycare or elementary school going home to laugh at Shayna's vagina or Blaire White makes me feel weird.
It just feels like using these websites is something you do in your free, more reckless youth, and you're supposed to "drop" a lot of immature shit when you have kids. The fact that most of our cows are relatively young and childless also plays into that vibe.
On the other hand, I've accepted that in this zoomer era, things like this will probably overtake the "moms bitching in Daily Mail comment sections" behavior we're more attuned to, though. Like, of course girls who grew up with Charlie D'Amelio and Jeffree Star and shit will continue talking about internet celebrities even after becoming parents. The mom-anons here are just ahead of their time, I guess.

No. 688541

well there's a lot of overlap between shota and bl, especially if it's an anime with younger aged characters

No. 688549

Pettyness doesn't go away when we breed. Look at American politicians slapfighting on the same platform that people use to shill their porn and tell me how adult we're supposed to act. The human race is one massive disappointment, and we were told lies about maturity and exactly what it entails. And you're not robbing me of getting to whine about troons. Fuck that, this is the only place that I get to do it without being socially thrown into a padded room for being hysterical.

No. 688550

Did you entirely miss the second half of my post, anon? I'm on your side, lmao.

No. 688557

I caught that, I'm just ranting. Just consider it an addendum or something with some defensive points that aren't really aimed at you but drew off your own points.

No. 688589

man fujos are fucking nuts

No. 688590

Dumb question, but are fujos different than people who occasionally enjoy BL comics and fanfic? Ngl, I still read admittedly a lot of erotic gay fic because I don’t watch porn, but I never really considered myself a fujo for that. Not sure if it’s automatically on a scale like autism, though kek.

No. 688591

>are fujos different than people who occasionally enjoy BL comics and fanfic?
not if they write paragraphs about it, no

No. 688592

This site weirds me out sometimes. then I remember the point is fretting over other people's lives, so we have opinions about everything. Anons will get mad if you have a pet dog

No. 688593

nta but you're fine anon. don't ask for our opinions. this site has fujos, then casual likers, neutral people then those who think it makes you scum of the earth. there's many views so you shouldn't take it all seriously. that said in my opinion, there is a difference between a fujo with a fandom account getting in discourse and blabbing about twinks, and someone who enjoys BL in a calm way or in private.

No. 688595

That’s very true, I was just wondering what people thought, but you’re right about the answers being all over the place regardless. The idea of completely earnest and unironic twink discourse made me laugh, though, so yeah I think I’m safe enough kek.

No. 688597

certain fujos tend to make liking m/m content a part of their very identity and can often seek content as bad as male scrotes, see >>688521 >>688508

No. 688603

File: 1607241279899.jpg (91.86 KB, 329x428, beyonce3.jpg)

You ever just start typing out a vent/plea for advice on lc, imagine the potential responses you'd get, realize you're totally able to manage the problem on your own, then backspace everything and carry on with your day

No. 688606

I'm Canadian but when I was younger I spent a lot of time in Germany and now I can't get German out of my head

No. 688607

I almst never ask for advice online because if I take the time to think about it, I know what answers I want to hear and there's no point asking

No. 688608

I think in English and not in my native language since I spent a lot of time living abroad when I was young. I always dream in my native language though. Weird.

No. 688609

File: 1607242404937.jpg (30.84 KB, 840x840, adidas-x-Ivy-Park-Ivy-Park-78-…)

Not related to your post but, I wish Beyonce hadn't got any work done to her body. She was such a nice pear shape before. She still looks good and whatever she got done fits, but it's like on the verge of too much ps. I get she had kids and stuff so maybe that's why she got ps but damn

No. 688613

I think in english too but it can be weird and mixed up

No. 688618

The content is fucked up but it's not as bad as a man to me. They are more likely to enact it irl and women mostly fantasize. Women seem to know the difference better, some of us may fantasize about rape but obviously don't want or enjoy it irl and it gets watered down in the fantasy. There is also a sexual imbalance that makes theirs extra questionable. This is in regards to the most disturbing power trippy stuff I mean; I know women can still try things irl but it's not the same.

No. 688619

File: 1607243750804.jpg (3.87 MB, 2634x3951, 508986132.jpg)

Butt implants/BBL and possibly something done to her boobs, but tbh I think that's just from being pregnant. Her butt work is pretty obvious imo, and I think if it was even a tiny bit bigger it would look unnatural. Compare it in 2016 (pic) to the ivy park photos. I'm sure she's had other work done, but I only really started noticing it recently.

No. 688622

anyone else have extremely long fingers and feet/toes? My hand is slightly taller than an iPhone 8 plus. My feet are size 10 US but I'm under 5'8

No. 688623

I think Starbucks puts cocaine in their chai lattes… they should keep it up.

No. 688628

Back in our monkey times you would have been a good mate due to your superior hand and feet size which would have enabled you to climb trees faster.

No. 688631

I just found out james charles used to have a programming yt channel when he was a kid, adding to my wealth of research suggesting that learning html at a young age turns people into homosexuals.

No. 688636

I don't compare fujos who watch degenerate IRL porn rather men who watch degenerate hentai and shit, to me that's a more apt comparison

No. 688638

What did she get done her tiddies?

No. 688639

I’m very short and I have long fingers and toes. My hands and feet are large too. I always wondered why my hands look so weird when I hold my phone but then I figured out it’s cause my hands are way larger. Even my iPhone xs is nothing for me. It looks kinda odd cause I’m otherwise petite and skinny but I’m not about sit here and worry about the size of my hands and feet lol.

No. 688642

maybe you don't care but so you know, I doubt others can tell. could just be me but I never noticed someone's hand/feet size unless we "compared" or I had a crush on them. I hope you aren't insecure my nimble climbers

No. 688643

putting quotes on compared made me sound like a scrote, I'm sorry. I only meant that silly hand-to-hand thing people do for no reason

No. 688645

Friendly reminder that women reading fictional gay porn will never be as damaging as pornsick men watching IRL borderline torture porn of young women being slapped, choked and rawdogged in a world where women, unlike men, are still largely discriminated against and have their sexuality repressed. "Just as bad as scrotes!!" my ass, women do not pose a threat to men. It's not a situation where you can just reverse the genders and act like it's the same thing.

No. 688653

why do hiccups hurt so fucking much

No. 688654

Olivier Rousteing's lips are disgusting, if I were him I'd sue my plastic surgeon.

No. 688655

File: 1607248054538.jpeg (31.35 KB, 187x240, 641F6DC6-AE84-4178-BEC6-3E16A9…)

I hate how I keep coming back to lc with ideas. It's little consequence if I post or not, so why? Sometimes I want to brighten others' day, even though we're anonymous. It's like I want to be a jester, even though I put stupid worthless shit half the time

No. 688656

see point >>688636, you're not as bad as men who watch IRL porn alright but my god do I not understand why fujos act so defensive about this shit, "like how dare you criticize my interests mindbreak boku no academia doujinshis, I'm perfectly normal" like stop pretending you're any less degenerate then men who read trap doujins

No. 688657

women who victimize children/consume content depicting that are honorary scrotes, anon

No. 688658

Reading fanfic has convinced me beyond a doubt that women are simply better human beings than men when it comes to romance and porn.
>fans truly love and care about characters and their relationships
>dedicate hours of their life to cultivating a skill that helps them express their feelings and creativity in regards to those characters
>the most common and popular stories are g/pg rated because porn isn't even necessary to satisfy fans
>go out of their way to give characters complexity and depth that the canon doesn't bother with (common with good writers who enjoy shitty anime series)
>frequently write tens of thousands of words of slow burn relationship development before even getting to the sex
>these days writers go above and beyond to show how consensual the sex is and how healthy the relationship is, even to the point of virtue signaling and making male characters unrealistically woke
>for the minority of sickos who do write nasty porn, they slap warnings all over the story to ensure nobody will accidentally read it
>has absolutely no studied or even observed negative effects on women's view of or treatment of men irl, except that they are more likely to avoid relationships in favour of fantasy

Meanwhile men are addicted to watching teen stepsister anal gangbang porn on websites that profit off sex trafficking, exploitation of women, and child porn, which literally makes them hate women and more likely to abuse them irl. The idea that these two groups of people are even remotely similar is an insult to our intelligence. Porn is straight up evil and women tend to make the most harmless porn possible.

No. 688660

that whole paragraph is just you describing autism
I'm pretty sure everyone on lolcow agrees men are trash
Not even disagreeign with any of your points
just, god damn, that was a lot of autism

No. 688664

You are a queen anon and I will never let go of my fav a/b/o fics.

No. 688665

Anons from spam insta shitting up the Nika thread… I can just smell the whiteness on the one who says "ya'll" every other word. So tired of fags talking in AAVE like it's a personality trait.

No. 688668

a bit OT but I started saying "y'all" as a joke after moving south, now I really regret doing that. both things

No. 688670

I beg you to beg with me, I've asked them to redtext "y'all" in /meta/ and genuinely think it's time. I've also been reporting those posts with something like "time to redtext 'y'all' now" because I'm a faggot. Seriously twitterfags are so clockable by it

No. 688673

Ngl, as someone from the south, I'm sick of you anons acting like twitter invented "y'all". "Y'all" has been a thing.

No. 688685

I'm sure I've laughed to some your posts jester anon

No. 688686

>for the minority of sickos who do write nasty porn, they slap warnings all over the story to ensure nobody will accidentally read it
Especially this. Even the most degenerate writers or artists always use warning tags and recognize the fact that some content doesn't sit well with others while you got male coomers forcing their vaginal prolapse fetishes everywhere. Even the "sickest" female authors never go as deep as male ones with their bizarre fetishes. It all boils down to women simply being more considerate of others.

>dedicate hours of their life to cultivating a skill that helps them express their feelings and creativity in regards to those characters

>go out of their way to give characters complexity and depth that the canon doesn't bother with (common with good writers who enjoy shitty anime series)
Also these. The whole essence of the female community is their genuine enjoyment and love for the characters and they want to preserve that in their work. That's something men simply don't have. All the female-oriented series and fics that I've read that have graphic porn usually have romantic elements, plotlines, dialogue and complex character dynamics. The contrast between the erotic fics women and men write is like night and day. Even with shotacons the most disturbing and fucked up smut doujinshis/fics are always written and/or drawn by men or men larping as women to get a free pass (yes, it happens).

No. 688687

christ, thank you
we do have computers down here, I know everyone thinks we just live in the dirt outside apparently

No. 688689

You seem to have a very idealized image of what fujos are like, literally just to the fujoshi thread

No. 688690

File: 1607250555749.png (300.6 KB, 619x392, yallmap.png)

As a fellow southanon who lived in Arkansas since childhood though recently moved I propose that the use of the term "y'all" on lolcow.farm be restricted only to posters whose IP is located in the green range, resulting in a ban for anyone who uses it otherwise. This should settle the discourse and address the problem of twitterfags who aren't from the South but like pretending they are. (In correlation with twitterfags, posting "ya'll" results in an immediate permaban.)

No. 688692

I love and appreciate you anon

No. 688693

I was the original redtext fag anon and I like this proposal if everyone else is down with it too

No. 688695

I like it, but I have to move just barely out of the green for work
I'll miss y'al- you guys
ugh, it feels wrong

No. 688697

Basically this. I don't really get how some women have a targeted hateboner for fujoshi while men exist.
I know some of the content they like is fucked up, but compared to scrotes? Lmao. Priorities.

No. 688698

I feel like this wouldn't work because some anons use vpns, anons that move from the south would be getting banned, and I doubt mods would wanna check the ip for every user that uses y'all.

I don't like the twitter-anons appropriating my culture joking, but I feel like y'all is such a miniscule thing that non-southern farmers should just suck it up and deal with it.

No. 688710

you really thought this through didn't you

No. 688712

They don't wanna pretend their southerners though, they wanna pretend their African Americans, the thing is AAVE is just subset of Southern English and Southern English devolved as a result of the mingling of the various Scottish and northern English dialects, it's why its easier for an English actor to do a more accurate southern accent then a non-southern American

No. 688713

File: 1607253539237.png (3.05 MB, 2025x1200, 1565477059827.png)

what do we do with fujos like this?

No. 688714

you don't understand anon since it's actually very loving and fujos decently aren't just porn sick desegregates who use the horrible stuff men as an shield as any sort of criticism of their unhealthy fetishes
dude stop trying to make it sound more deep then it actually is, you're not any better then porn scrotes who like trap doujins

No. 688715

It really depresses me how ugly scrotes are. I really dont even have a choice to have a cute bf. All the men who hit on me look like shit and all the men on online dating sites look like shit. I'm in pain….

No. 688716

Stupid, but what's so bad about the middle one? Unless I'm missing something, this just seems like some grand-level weebism and nothing fujo-like

No. 688717

Yes it's cringey and autistic as hell, but it's still harmless. Are you part of that twitter zoomer group who started sending this woman DMs about how she's a pedo because she's simping for a teenage cartoon character that looks nothing like an actual teen?

No. 688719

That fact that it's out in the open is pretty cringy. The cake one is the worst tho, pretty much the same as wearing an ahegao shirt in public
I don't think it's harmful, but it should be kept private like all fetishes.

No. 688720

Istg. I can count on my fingers the number of scrotes I've seen irl that looked handsome/pretty. Like 90% of them are just ugly.

No. 688721

> I don't think it's harmful, but it should be kept private like all fetishes.
This. This for all fujos, kinksters, bdsmfags, even furries or whatever. 80%of the time I don’t care about people’s sex lives and even if they’re weird and I don’t like it, whatever! Idk why people have to blast their sexual proclivities everywhere now. Just because sex shouldn’t be shameful doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be private.

No. 688723

I just want to be a teen in the late 2000's/early 10's again and indulge in stupid shit like Gossip Girl, Twilight, Tokio Hotel and girl's magazines with Lady Gaga on the cover. Nostalgia's a bitch.

No. 688724

raises hand

No. 688727

And the worst part is most of them think they're better looking than they are so they cant improve. Being a straight woman is hell I'm tired.

No. 688731

File: 1607257529433.jpg (39.06 KB, 700x394, please ignore the 9gag logo.jp…)

Same way that society deals with men like pic related. Ignore them, allow them to exist, don't have sex with them, and relentlessly gaslight the opposite sex if they try to complain.
In fact, the latter will be less of a problem because fujoshi tend to keep to their cartoons, sometimes dressing up as their husbandos amongst each other.
Meanwhile, male weeaboo incels are known creeps who harass actual women and children.
>inb4 hairy chubby man anon comes in to say "actually he kinda cute"

No. 688732

he could look halfway decent if he'd lose some weight, lose the neck beard and get a better haircut

No. 688733

File: 1607257705437.jpg (19.75 KB, 320x240, fp3000.jpg)

Nothing is stopping you, anon. Live your cringe dreams.

No. 688734

File: 1607257728074.gif (754.21 KB, 112x112, B79A1966-EC97-4B35-B961-E0B267…)

Infighting about petty things is so hilarious and entertaining. Never change anons

No. 688739

I love KMFDM like I just want to dance with some anons, would be fun, very cool

No. 688740

Honestly anon, as someone that was a teen in early 2010s if you're already kind of a shut in your life wouldn't be much different, I spent all of my time on imageboards since 2008 kek

No. 688743

I just wish I’ve had better clothes to wear as a teen. Everything felt just ugly.

No. 688744

That was the point in my life when everything went to shit. I want to go back to pre-k, or 2nd grade at the latest.

No. 688758

We shall dance to industrial music underneath an overpass and scare people

No. 688759

Their Symbols album rocks! I love Stray Bullet.

No. 688764

Me too, it seems there's enough of us, let's have a kmfdm party

No. 688771

lol you’re cute, anon. Thank you. And you don’t sound like scrote dw. Like I said, I’m not worried about it. Hope the other anon isn’t either. Life’s too short to worry about shit like that.

No. 688779

Somehow, my cat really likes the tea I'm drinking and keeps pawing at the bottle. Keep on doing that, my stupid thumbless child, go on, you won't succeed anyway kek.

No. 688783

File: 1607266772775.jpeg (7.1 KB, 264x191, 5r6bo321-4q1e-46c6-aihy-ydf310…)

Feeling pretty sad over how short skirts and dresses are seen as slutty and asking for it, they just look so good and can even be cute… why do legs need to be sexualized anons this sucks

No. 688784

some cats have thumbs!

No. 688787

Not worried! Just curious. I just thought about after I found my old iPhone 6+. My hand engulfs it! Happy life to you, anon!

No. 688788

as a southerner i agree with the ya'll permaban. however, we should reform instead of criminalize. yankees who use y'all should be reformed back to using "youse" or "yinz". THEN we hit them w permaban.

No. 688791

But can these cats use them in their full saddle jointed glory like humans can?

No. 688798

I completely agree I wish we could start a movement so lots of women wear short skirts so it becomes normal and nobody thinks anything of it

No. 688801

File: 1607268156750.jpeg (737.55 KB, 702x1339, 53400D0D-F2BE-41B2-9D74-B0373B…)

This little guy I was looking at has an extra! His name is Spooky

No. 688802

Agree anon, short skirts are just really cute and I absolutely hate how much they bring unwanted attention and straight out sexual harassment. I unironically like the weeby short pleated skirt + thigh highs look because it's just cute and easy to coordinate with tops but it's so far sexualized by cumbrained males that it's ruined for me forever.