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File: 1540060636062.jpg (835.14 KB, 670x670, 8997.jpg)

No. 98824

There was talk of making a thread, but no one was taking action so here it is.

Thread for:
>female subs interested in women
>femdom images and media
>femdom fantasies
>advice and stories

Some things to get us started:
>What experiences have you had?
>What are your main kinks?
>What advice do you have for newbie dommes?
>Where to find subs? How to avoid unhealthy ones?

No. 98826

>How to avoid unhealthy ones?
Avoid the obvious 'kink dispenser" ones who despite claiming to be a sub wants the relationship to be 100% about what THEY like

No. 98827

Thanks for starting the thread. I love the op pic.

No. 98828

File: 1540061926593.jpg (92.13 KB, 677x800, S88BE0t.jpg)

Where's the op pic from?
Also, I'd like to add a question:
What's your ideal sub like?

No. 98829

File: 1540061987977.jpg (162.65 KB, 728x1064, 21.jpg)

If anyone wants a cute, non-H short comic about femdom, read "Mud" by Yamashita Tomoko!

No. 98830

I prefer the bratty types but i'm fine with 100% submission
The least ideal is corpses who just lie down do nothing and basically dom from the bottom pretending to sub

No. 98831

File: 1540062245779.gif (1.61 MB, 500x359, tumblr_nl04xhKsLV1qe4ru4o1_500…)

Cute, "soft" older man but not too much older than me. Lean body type. I'm into gentle femdom and I just want a cute man to play with and spoil with physical affection.

No. 98832

File: 1540062739347.jpg (83.55 KB, 640x960, DjPmodVU8AEU4zs.jpg)

So I realize I have to be true to myself after fantasizing about sub guys since forever and actually try finding one for a relationship.
How do I go about finding a sexually submissive guy IRL, anons?
Usually I use Tinder to get dates but I don't see any guys hinting at being into that.
I tend to like guys who have a more soft look and attitude but I've ended up with ones who really want a mom and they can fuck off.

No. 98837

That's so cute, where is it from?

No. 98838

I don't mean to be negative but from my experience a lot of sub guys tend to have a lot of mental health issues.

So you're gonna be handling a lot of depressed guys/boys.

And good luck trying to find that shy virgin unicorn.

No. 98839

It depends where you look
Should probably avoid online mostly

No. 98841

we kinda already have a femdom thread >>>/ot/298183 but i approve of one being in /g/ as well i feel like itll fit better here, idk if i should ask in the fanfic thread but it might be easier here, does anyone have any good fanfic recs with femdom in it or at the very least a more assertive/aggressive woman? no overpower shit where the guy flips the tables dominates you i fucking hate that shit.

idk the specific piece but its definitely kaneoya sachiko's artwork

>ywn have a qt virgin sub bf to dominate and tease
why live

No. 98842

File: 1540064636406.jpg (122.83 KB, 500x697, d3o7xlh.jpg)

It's by Kaneoya Sachiko!
Anyway, ideal sub:
>very thin (weighing less then me)
>under 6'
>dresses well; if it doesn't come naturally, he will let me dress him
>idc if he's ugly or conventionally attractive face wise tbh
>into both gfd and extreme sadomasochism just like I am
>lets me financially support him
>shares similar interests
>very monogamous

Same dynamic in and out of the bedroom basically, but not a gross "24/7 show it off to everyone BDSM relationship." Sex stuff is for us alone.

No. 98843

Not so much fanfics but looking up doujins or hentais but having it be a taller girl tag, almost always has good femdom stuff.

>bullying a short qt

No. 98844

It's from Pandora's Box (with Louise Brooks).

No. 98846

File: 1540064926161.gif (7.89 MB, 550x412, 5bb995cdae12a8a71f79280d6f358e…)

Pandora's Box! It's a silent melodrama, so, no happy ending. But I loved this scene. It's so intimate and the actor looks so vulnerable.

No. 98847

>very thin (weighing less then me)
not to be rude but what are we talking ?
>lets me financially support him
really I'd think most guys wouldnt like this, they would prefer independence
>shares similar interests
This can be good but I've found different interests can help.

Agreed with the no showing off gross shit

No. 98848

File: 1540065281337.jpg (41.74 KB, 516x729, C8LQxwnVwAIXwTL.jpg)

How do you feel about facesitting? It doesn't do much for me and I wonder if I'm approaching it wrong.

>ideal sub
I'm into sweet guys that have cute reactions, but still are still prideful outside of the relationship, that contrast is very satisfying. Definitely not somebody who is desperate for the fetish, that ruins the fun.

No. 98849

File: 1540065293840.jpg (105.47 KB, 973x1200, DjPmneFU8AMLg5Z.jpg)

I love the idea of a buff guy who is actually totally submissive behind closed doors.
But guys with really thin bodies/waists are sexy, the long line it creates combined with low bodyfat is very male and very hot.

No. 98851

I just realized I used the wrong then, kek. Whoops.
I prefer men 130lbs and under since they're easy to lift and very cute. If he doesn't want my full support, I want to at least make more than him at my job. For this reason I generally go after artsy guys hehe.
Which ties in to the similar interests; it doesn't have to be exact, but overlap is important to me. I like visual art (as a hobby) and especially comics, so a guy interested in literature would be great. We could trade things in the same sort of circle of interests. A guy into, say, mainly high level mathematics and rigid logic would be very different and we wouldn't be able to share our hobbies.

Woo. Fukken saved.

No. 98855

Oh my god he is so cute, I'm in love. Sucks that he's dead now.

>tfw no b&w silent film bf

No. 98858

I always had an unlucky habit of ending up with sub guys and being physically repulsed by submissive guys myself. Amazes me when I see women actively looking for them and struggling, just look for men who like anime and they probably have some weird crossdressing/sub kink. Speaking from experience a lot of guys are like this on the anime scene, negative side is that they are probably a manchild who wants a mommy they can have sex with but submissive men usually are.

No. 98860

When you read some of the replies here you'll see how a lot dislike that type because they are demanding, the femdom doujinshi that get scanned and the femdom threads on 4chan are trash.

No. 98861

I think its going to be hard to find a submissive man if you won't settle for that type or the really freaky types on fetlife but good luck

No. 98863

File: 1540070293687.jpg (990.03 KB, 700x796, 1520293530087.jpg)

god i love kaneoya's art. her character she draws is really ideal.

my dream sub is very specific, but basically a manwhore who i can overpower lmao
>dark hair
>between 5'8 and 5'11
>pref green eyed
>built fat
>dresses in sleazecore
>smug, extroverted
>constantly sexualizes himself, calls me mommy
>basically powerbottom, bi but female preference
>bratty trophy husband

No. 98865

File: 1540070676055.gif (Spoiler Image, 3.8 MB, 360x202, cutesubbf.gif)

posted this gif in the kink thread, but its so damn hard to find femdom porn with cute subs. I'm so repulsed by old men and its so common to find them in femdom vids. old men ruin everyting lol.

No. 98866

I'm in a relationship, but I got lucky because other guys I knew before turned out to be unpleasant to say the least. I can't think of much advice aside watching how agreeable he is and how he treats other people being a good hint usually. My type is usually guys who are into reading so that helps too- what kind of works does he enjoy? Is he more on the open minded side and willing to experiment?

Then again, I have to admit the things I'm into aren't hardcore so it was easier. I enjoy the mental aspect of control and defined roles more and don't like inflicting physical pain, also some bondage is nice.

No. 98868

posted in the kink thread but just to clarify, if there's anybody from that thread whos interested in me whoring out my bf etc it's still fine to email.

and if the anon who thought they got beat to the punch is still here, you didn't. i was just busy last night.

No. 98871

File: 1540073274339.gif (99.33 KB, 500x530, l-11502.gif)

Have you looked into Japanese femdom porn? The guys tend to be a lot cuter. Not femdom only, but I like https://girls-dougaabc.com/ and the sites they link to because almost all of the men are ikemen types.

The downside to Japanese porn is the god awful sounds some of the women make. Like a seal riding a rollercoaster while being beaten with a dog's squeaky toy.

No. 98875

Can't read that, what tags would one click on to find the good stuff?

No. 98876

I need to find this damn video. He's so fucking cute good Lord.I really love the videos from femaleworship.com. I mean they're just pussy eating videos. You know like…basic but good. Some guys in them are good enough but some…are you kidding me? No thanks, I don't need to see this ugly balding idiot between her legs. Ugly old men really do ruin everything.

No. 98879

No. 98881

Nothing makes my pussy drier than this gif, theres not a single drop of masculinity in this man, I guess theres a market for every type of man.

No. 98882

Then why are you in a femdom thread? Unless you don't explicitly want 100% aggressive masculine guys and are fine with buff/masculine guys in femdom situations.

No. 98886

File: 1540076932748.jpg (186.08 KB, 771x1080, Hercule_et_Omphale_by_J.M.Seve…)

Post a hotter guy being dommed then instead of whining.

No. 98891

>What experiences have you had?
My current boyfriend (been together for over a year) is my sub. We started dating normally at a time when I thought I was more submissive. One time while having sex I started teasing his nipples and he loved it, and from then I started thinking about domming him more and more, following gfd tumblrs, making one…
I still remember the first time I told him I'd like to peg him, we were both super flustered and it was super cute. We were long distance at that time so he started practicing with fingers on his own and reporting back to me, he liked it a lot from the start. Then we also did a few things on skype, like him fingering himself or teasing his nipples as I ordered.
We've been experimenting and talking about more stuff as time goes, he likes when I lock him in a chastity cage so he can't cum, when I slap his face or ass, when I call him degrading names (his favourite is "fuckhole")… I love how whiny he gets when I deny him, sometimes it makes him cry and it's super cute. We'd like to roleplay non-consent too but we'll probably be super awkward because I'm bad at roleplay sex lol.

We've been living together for a little while now and I'm a bit disappointed that I often feel too lazy to fuck him or he feels too lazy to clean himself out so I don't fuck him that much. Real life gets in the way a lot. Outside of bed we have a pretty normal dynamic too, equal share of chores etc.
In any case I love him and I'm glad our relationship feels a bit special in that way.

>Where to find subs? How to avoid unhealthy ones?

I'd just say to be open, find someone you like and talk to them about your preferences when it feels right.
I know a guy who's a sub and finding someone who'll dom him is his only obsession, it's ridiculous. Avoid these, they're gross.

No. 98900

He looks like a lesbian woman.

No. 98903

File: 1540092533804.gif (Spoiler Image, 3.71 MB, 360x202, cutesubbf2.gif)

Have another gif of him anon! I have the link to the vid, if you want I'll post it. He also looks quite tall, reminds me of my bf. He's my sub and we just started talking about doing some harder stuff, pegging him is my dream. What would you guys suggest to get him started? Some toy recommendations?

No. 98911

Oh boy. Admittedly, I find all BDSM to be cringy as fuck but these are some quality gifs.

No. 98917

>Admittedly, I find all BDSM to be cringy as fuck

No. 98919

Since when is eating pussy BDSM?

No. 98920

Can any anons tell me has there ever been a thread like this for submissives ?

No. 98923

Why would there be? You can find that literally anywhere, and it'd be depressing to see it on here since we have fewer handmaidens than most places.

No. 98924

Why would there be? You can find that literally anywhere, and it'd be depressing to see it on here since we have fewer handmaidens than most places.

No. 98925

do you mean for submissive women? no i dont think so, you ladies are in the majority anyway i dont see why you need your own thread, literally any female majority site you can talk how you love bring fucked and spanked and 99% will agree with you

No. 98927

>depressing to see it on here since we have fewer handmaidens than most places.
What? why would that be depressing?

No. 98931

Any switches here with switch bfs? Our dynamic is pretty vanilla right now because we're LDR but he's shown a lot of interest in the more sub side, I can't wait to be able to try it out in real life. Only problem is I'm not sure how to initiate it. Any suggestions? In the past I've had an easy time with sub or switch boys because I just fall into the dominant role naturally, but with this man it's a little different because he's physically much bigger and acts like it. How do you get things started with a powerbottom?

No. 98932

Anyone who doesn't think like them is automatically insert negative adjective here

No. 98937

File: 1540126980163.jpg (Spoiler Image, 277.71 KB, 734x817, tumblr_owye43ncvC1wbhlkqo1_128…)

Anyone know which manga this is from? It looked so nice and "normal" for being hentai.

No. 98940

This pic is so hot Anon

>New fetish unlocked

No. 98943

File: 1540131176814.jpg (381.84 KB, 1250x1250, da2201.jpg)

Living the dream anon, how lucky.
Good taste, have some more Hercules and Omphale. He had to be her slave for a year and then they got married.

No. 98946

thats definitely dibi's art, looking at thumbnails i think its called 'the day it began' im not into his work really but his style is so easy to recognize

No. 98947

Hmm I read it and it was disappointing that the girlfriend never got to come herself.

No. 98969

lmao the cherub face made me laugh too much

No. 98992

File: 1540158135863.gif (Spoiler Image, 3.22 MB, 360x202, 2km3vc.gif)

What a fucking gem. I saw the video of him getting fucked with a strap on and he looked so in pain, it was so good.

No. 99007

File: 1540166237412.jpg (69.6 KB, 640x481, kjoSJWCl.jpg)

>tfw no sub with plump soft lips to eat me out while looking up with his pretty eyes

why live

No. 99008

Sub guys are pretty rare but I think I got lucky a few years ago and found a switch/sub army dude. It was actually really sexy to dominate a buff guy in bed when he could easily pick me up and act like "THE MAN" outside of it.

I'd choke him, tease him, gently slap him and made him cum at work. He was a total nutcase but I kind of miss that sexual relationship.

No. 99017

Do you all ever feel like it would be easier if you were submissive? I'm a femdom with a little bit of switch in me. I am new to all this and have no good resources that are not online as of right now. Because the vast majority of doms are men and the overwhelming majority of submissives are women, I feel lost. I like dominating, I call myself the affectionate degrader. It's just that, whenever I enter a dominate space it always feel like the male doms are silently telling me to get with the program. Getting told I'm such a cute little sub only for him to get a look like I've smacked him when I tell him I prefer to dom doesn't help. Is this a newbie thing? It really pushes me away from BDSM and honestly engaging with the 'community' feels like a waste of my time for the most part. Though I have to be honest, vanilla sex never again after my experiences.

No. 99051

Western socities used to be super patriarchal and women couldn't even vote only about 100+ years ago, and the average man was fine with that. Shitmen are gonna flock to BDSM now that women are all free and uppity, those men want their own community away from relative equality.

>only for him to get a look like I've smacked him


Men being assholes is the reasons I think femdom can be a fun fetish, if such a man is the victim, get that revenge ladies.

No. 99062

I really like gentle femdom but sort of in a way that mostly fits into gender roles? I like being feminine and him being masculine but in a sort of way that I have power over him because of his sexual desire. It's hard to explain. One of my fantasies is being a queen secretly having sex with my most loyal and brave knight.

No. 99064


No. 99067

>Because the vast majority of doms are men and the overwhelming majority of submissives are women
Honestly you're being over-dramatic,there's a big difference in the amount but not a big enough difference where you won't see a lot of malesubs/femdoms,they aren't that rare even with the numbers difference

No. 99068

What was "yikes" about that?

No. 99073

I feel really happy with my fiancée, he has basically my ideal looks with big dark fawn eyes, black curly hair, not that much taller than I am and a slim body. He's a switch as I am, on dom side he goes from "dad" type to aggressive. He's usually very prideful, which makes it even hotter when I am the dominant one, his squeaks are so cute and he absolutely loves when I spoil him and tease him. He discovered his submissive side while experimenting with me and found himself more and more into mommy stuff. At first I was a bit frightened but as I went throught with what he liked, I enjoyed it more and more, I would like one day to make enought from my job to support him financially or, at least, spoil him a lot (as he does with me now that I am a student and he used to work before applaying to university).

>What experiences have you had?

Aside from him,I tried some stuff with my ex but I didn't loved him anymore by that time and it disgusted me.
>What are your main kinks?
I love degrading, bondage, roleplay, whatever seems like fun, I'm up for it.
>What advice do you have for newbie dommes?
Always respect your sub needs and yours too, don't manipulate and don't allow others to manipulate. Might seem weird, but guilt tripping can happen to anyone.
>Where to find subs? How to avoid unhealthy ones?
Just don't fixate yourself into finding a "sub", just go for whatever guy you like. Bad experiences are easier if you go looking for explicit subs. An open minded guy is easier and safer to find.

No. 99075

>Just don't fixate yourself into finding a "sub", just go for whatever guy you like
I mean that's good advice if you're fine with a switch but the chances of finding a random guy who happens to be a hard sub without looking for sub is low

No. 99076

Chill out, girl. You're not one in a billion.

No. 99102

I'm currently fwb with someone exactly like this (except he's fit/skinny) and he's killing me.
He's a bit too unstable for me to actually date but god damn it he's my sexual kryptonite.
You wouldn't expect him to be such a sub unless you have an eye for it but I could spot him from 5 miles away. He's such a smug, bratty, degenerate, over the top slut, and I love how he'd get flustered around me in the beginning. I was a bit too mean to him at the very start and after the first time I fucked him he started crying because he thought I hated him. He's super mushy under the tough appearance and will cuddle me for hours while I stroke his hair and tell him he's a good boy (although he's really not, he's absolutely terrible and I love it).

As to how I spot the bratty subs out:
- they tend to be really sassy / playful. Actual male doms tend to take themselves more seriously I find.
- glimpses of insecurity. If they act really cocky but then they get nervous when you tease them a bit. They get very defensive and try to overcompensate when you hit a weak spot.
- how they act around animals. Your mileage may vary but both of mine that I spotted in the wild would get overly mushy around small animals and vulnerable creatures.

No. 99105

Spoiler pls.
But damn he has a testicle bra, LOL

No. 99107

File: 1540226728544.jpg (Spoiler Image, 252.24 KB, 850x1176, 92341241.jpg)

a pretty/attractive somewhat bratty (but also good at being a 100% obedient sub) man
I would love if he was into being being treated rough/degraded (Too many male subs who seem to only be into gfd)

No. 99108

File: 1540228331729.jpg (119.07 KB, 744x1200, DUN5FmXVMAAlGmd.jpg)

>he thought I hated him
Damn anon what did you do?
>will cuddle me for hours while I stroke his hair and tell him he's a good boy
>how to spot 'em advice
Always welcome. Thumbs up

No. 99142

File: 1540250286302.gif (794.15 KB, 500x233, 871C992B-6A24-40F5-BECB-4E9F41…)

god, that sounds great. it seems in femdom communities there’s a lack of variety in submissive men, they all seem to be either:
1. buff masculine guy who acts like he doesn’t want it, and basically is a dead fish in bed
2. meek feminine guy who bends over to every will, and is also a dead fish in bed

it seems pretty fucked up that a fetish that surrounds women being dominant still makes them the object of desire, rather then sexualizing men……. i’m pretty sick and tired of it, they need to reciprocate more.

on a side note, another ideal sub man i would like is an energetic and playful perpetual childish man. not in the “i want a mommy gf” way, but in the carefree male equivalent of manic pixie dream girl. i kind of imagine a drop dead fred/beetlejuice situation where i’m a depressed or introverted woman that constantly deals with a insane lunatic of a man, but instead in this situation he freely lets me peg him.

No. 99149

>What experiences have you had?

A few casual FWB in the past that would occasionally let me tie them up/ etc. Currently been pursuing a D/s-based relationship with someone for about 6 months now where we've delved into a lot heavier things like breathplay, chastity, sounding, etc. Its intense and emotional and incredibly satisfying.

>What are your main kinks?

Breathplay, pegging/ass play, petplay, domestic service, chastity

>What advice do you have for newbie dommes?

COMMUNICATE COMMUNICATE COMMUNICATE. Be aware of body language. If meeting a potential play partner, don't go right into playing. Meet them outside the dynamic to get a feel for them, and if possible play for the first time at an event for safety's sake.

>Where to find subs? How to avoid unhealthy ones?

Mine and I were friends for a super long time before getting freaky. But I would advise NOT trying to find a partner on fetlife, most of the guys on there are creeps looking for an easy fuck.

No. 99150

I think you need to get into Fetlife, anon. It's definitely going to be considered a fetish and most Tinder guys aren't looking for that.

No. 99152

I think I may have met an potential submissive. He called me 'mommy'(he only stopped because his friend told him to) and doesn't stop me from degrading him. He told me he doesn't enjoy when women want him to be in control and jokes about being a 'manlet'. But he doesn't know anything about BDSM and seems nervous around me. I told him I was a dominate leaning switch and he asked me how that works. Am I reading everything wrong? Or am I just so desperate that I am seeing shit that ain't there?

No. 99168

sorry to say but it really could go either way anon. you could have just noticed a few jokes and statements out of many and put them into a pattern when they're not really a pattern, or he could be giving hints about what he really is into.

is this someone you're actually seeing or flirting with or are you just friends for now?

No. 99217

File: 1540312038850.jpg (66.05 KB, 610x407, ass.jpg)

I didn't do anything particularly bad, I just jokingly teased him a bit and rightfully got mad at him for doing stupid shit on occasion. Apparently I come off as somewhat cold / mean sometimes and he's silly (and more insecure than I thought, it breaks my heart, I'm working on his self esteem. Bless his praise kink).

I know, I dislike those tropes as well. First one's completely unappealing to me, second one's just boring as shit. I want someone to challenge me and give something back, not a wet doormat.
This is why I hate femdom porn, it's super male geared. I just want to see and hear hot sub men being objectified and enjoying it.

And that situation also sounds ideal. My heart. That's kind of what I have on my hands rn but mine's too bloody insane and keeps getting into trouble and draining my money. I wouldn't mind sugarbabying him if I had the resources but I really don't at the moment /blogpost

on a side note yesterday I found out that he perfectly fits into my sparkly booty shorts and this is now all that he's allowed to wear when he's with me.

No. 99218

I don't think there's anything wrong with the second 'trope' I like full submissive 'feminine' boys (Dead fishes are bad but not all full submissive are dead fishes) and it's possible for that type to be objectified and enjoying it,although I agree I hate the first 'trope',the only problem I have is that it's rarer and a shit ton men into femdom are ugly fat dudes and thirstlords

No. 99219

File: 1540313564824.jpg (Spoiler Image, 83.21 KB, 900x599, muffled_screams_by_contorted4l…)

That's fair enough, I used to fantasize about nice sweet obedient subs when I was a teen, my type just shifted a bit as I grew older.

Anyhow, here's my favourite sub pic.

No. 99220

Honestly i'm kind of the opposite,started liking a challenge but now like obedience (not opposed to all challenge but still)

No. 99227

My dream guy would be an ordinary nice normie who gets a raging boner when kneeling in front of your feet in the bedroom.

>I just want to see and hear hot sub men being objectified and enjoying it.

Yeees. Anyone got any material to share that is actually for women?

No. 99228

>Look at femdom porn videos
>The majority have either ugly guys or focus purely on the domme
What's even the point of getting a fat guy who looks like a sex offender,do they purposely choose ugly fucks

No. 99250

Would you happen to have any doujin recommendations?

No. 99328

File: 1540422083698.gif (Spoiler Image, 3.79 MB, 360x202, 2kvzfk.gif)


Y'all…I need a name. All I've found out is that he's Russian and all I've seen are shitty short videos. Farmers…help ;_;

No. 99344

I've been watching his vids for weeks now but not a name ANYWHERE. I need to know who this cute boy is, I'll let you know if I find something!

No. 99345

File: 1540441442431.jpg (90.77 KB, 599x900, 71234123412.jpg)

It's a shame cute ones like the guy you posted are so rare in videos,it's like they go out of their way to get creepy fat ugly guys

No. 99346

Holy shit anon, I just saw this in recent images, what a snacc.

The world needs more adorable femme-y boys like this.

No. 99349

File: 1540442511533.gif (Spoiler Image, 2 MB, 290x308, 712312321.gif)

>Tfw most Adorable femme-y boys are gay
It sucks

No. 99350

He is a sub but he insulted me pretty bad (some drama he made up for attention) which showed me how immature he is. It was just wishful thinking, really. Hard pass.

No. 99352

This is waking up something in me I didnt know I had.

Oh no.

No. 99357

Remember, dick out = spoiler


No. 99376

hhhhnng the high heels. I think I just fell in love.

No. 99420

Anon who is this beautiful person. I need more of him.

No. 99449

Am I the only one who wants a porn board for only female posters?

No. 99454

File: 1540604134262.jpg (Spoiler Image, 62.81 KB, 500x667, 0089.jpg)

I need me a beefy sub with sensitive nipples that I can tease. Fuck.

No. 99455


No. 99460

File: 1540610769218.jpg (319.3 KB, 1019x1081, tumblr_ocbrura8ew1qa8hrgo2_128…)

HHNNNGGG, I love slightly beefy guys, he got the perfect bod.

What femdom-y mangas do you guys like? Everything I find is so male geared. I loved Sadistic Beauty and was so sad to see it discontinued

No. 99461

yes. go to crystal.cafe if you want that trash, we don't need it here.

No. 99462

File: 1540613914103.gif (893.28 KB, 400x225, 7123123413.gif)

No. 99470

can you guys spoil the obviously more porny pics? thank you

No. 99478

Where's this from?

No. 99479

Yeah and ITT people have already told posters to remember spoilering before.

No. 99522

I hate how it ended just as she rescued the hottest guy, Minho. The scenes with him were the best.

No. 99532

File: 1540681274284.jpg (Spoiler Image, 770.95 KB, 900x809, 1509573192138.jpg)

I KNOW. I was pissed, it looked like a really good scene was about to start :(

No. 99534

Fuck, I know the feel. The hottest kind of sub is the ones who are angry assholes, in denial, and need to be tamed. And that bod too…he was perfect.

No. 99541

File: 1540697615184.jpg (Spoiler Image, 185.38 KB, 1028x605, inbedwithmec2__072941500_2212_…)

No. 99542

File: 1540697635236.jpg (Spoiler Image, 183.58 KB, 1028x605, inbedwithmec3__017087500_2212_…)

No. 99567

The pics in the CC thread are so disappointing. I want more like the style of OP's pic (perhaps a little less bloody.)

No. 99588

File: 1540752334504.jpg (52.88 KB, 463x700, tumblr_n43h5wQtkY1qkej80o1_500…)

"1932 still of Katharine Hepburn on stage as Antiope, grabbing Colin Keith-Johnston’s Theseus by the hair.”

No. 99589

File: 1540752689150.jpg (184.9 KB, 1037x1042, 612412412.jpg)

>Tfw no submissive house husband

No. 99590

Now that's a hunky man.

No. 99732

File: 1540889469874.jpg (Spoiler Image, 194.38 KB, 1080x720, 1537050885042.jpg)

>What experiences have you had?
A few online flings and then one 2 year current relationship with an adorably bratty sub (not him pictured, but he actually looks exactly the same. Petite yet fit from sports and running)
>What are your main kinks?
Cum control, Bondage, pegging, spanking since he loves it. He's also heavily into pet play so I guess that too although I'm pretty indifferent to it.
>What advice do you have for newbie dommes?
Weed out the lazies fast. If he says he wants a "mommy", he probably means he wants to lay there like a dead fish while you both pleasure him and then take care of him financially for nothing. Make sure you're getting with someone who has a plan in life, not just a plan for what he wants you to do to him in bed.
>Where to find subs? How to avoid unhealthy ones?
I met mine through a hobby board on 4chan. I got very very lucky. I would say if you go the 4chan route-because 4chan is swimming in sub boys. If you go the 4chan route, avoid the ones from /soc/(will be a major slut), /r9k/(will be emotionally irreparable and probably threaten to kill himself all the time), /lgbt/ and /h/.
The ones on /d/ seemed alright. /trash/ has a huge stash of fembois but most are gay.

I used to, yes.
Tried to conform and be sub because that's what I thought I was supposed to be and anytime I even looked at ex's asses they would flip out and tell me it's weird and a huge turn off.
Obviously, those relationships didnt work and I spent a lot of time wondering what was "wrong" with me and why I couldnt just be normal. I would very much later come to realize that I was just naturally very dominant and that submissive men were a thing and an option. A much better and even ideal option.
I no longer feel any type of guilt or wish I was submissive anymore. There is no greater pleasure than being a domme.

No. 99754

File: 1540925827962.gif (1.8 MB, 500x229, B837376F-1FB6-4DD8-BB36-9AB24E…)

I’m so happy for this thread to exist!

Being domme is big part of how I see myself. There are times when I don’t actively practice my dominant side in bed. At the moment I’m in long-term relationship where my partner and I are equals. We have good sex but sometimes I find myself fantasizing about full BDSM dynamic relationship.

I have had relationship with strong D/S dynamic but it was messy. We both were young and seeking ourselves. It didn’t work out as a relationship but there’s that weird tension between us. She has a sugarmama/domme at the time and I’m genuinely happy for her.

It was been easier to swept my inner domme under the rug when she’s not around but well, there’s another gal to mess my mind.

She’s a sort of collague of mine. We have projects together and we are great team. In personal life we are friends but there is definetly potential for more. At the parties we have made out because ”it would totally be lulz if we kiss teehee xD”.
Last time I spanked her and she gave her ass very nicely but I had to stop because our third friend felt uncomfortable. All gal pals spank each other, right?
She’s technically switch but she could make a great sub. She got that amazing immersion where she enters the sub space.

I havu been holding back because my SO but now he is flashing green light. He said that he don’t mind if I have sex with her. We have very trustful relationship with open communication and he is not jealous type.

I’m going to a club with this new girl this weekend and situations like that have lead to things before… we’ll see.

Sorry for spelling errors. Not a native speaker.

No. 99794

>would totally be lulz if we kiss teehee xD”.
Last time I spanked her and she gave her ass very nicely but I had to stop because our third friend felt uncomfortable. All gal pals spank each other, right?

Wtf am I reading…

No. 99907

I think I'm one of the lazies and emotionally irreparable ones, do you think it's possible to change

No. 99919

File: 1541107275141.jpg (171.15 KB, 850x552, 1536090723346.jpg)

Male or Female?
Either way I'll keep it honest with you. It's extremely annoying and a huge time waste. If you stay like that, it doesn't matter who you get. Eventually they'll get tired of that and leave.

Is it possible to change?
Yes, absolutely. If you're lazy then stop being lazy. Go to school, go to work, have a job, have a career. Have somewhere you're going in life. A lot of subs think it's ok and even cute if they're a NEET. It's not. Not if you actually want a future with them. A quick fuck sure, be whatever you want. But a serious relationship has no room for a deadweight. Make sure to exercise and eat right too.

Emotionally irreparable I don't know how you fix that other than stop fucking whining. A lot of subs also have a "everything is about me" problem, where they cry about little things and never once ask if their dom is ok. Not everything is about you, brat. Don't dwell in stupid shit. If you're clinically depressed or whatever, see a therapist. A relationship won't change or save you, so don't put all that weight on your dom either. They'll crack under the pressure and run.
I don't really know what else to say. If you know you have problems, get help, THEN enter a relationship. Otherwise you'll just lose what you got to your poor habits. That's just my personal experience with subs anyway.

No. 99943

what does it mean when a sub is a "dead fish"?

No. 99945

They will just lay there under you like a dead fish, passive. They expect you to do all the work and all the pleasing during sex while they just lay there and receive.

No. 99946

Isn't that the whole point of tying someone up though?
The term is a bit vague because it's not always a bad thing

No. 99947


The point of tying someone up is being able to use them for your own enjoyment. Be it sexual or mental. I might do things to my sub when he's restrained where he's the only one being stimulated, but I get a power high/ the mental satisfaction of pushing his boundaries.

No. 100022

A sub isn't tied up every single night and Submissive doesn't mean "just lay there and do nothing like a pillow princess". It means you submit to whoever your partner is.
So for example, my boyfriend submits to me by letting me do whatever I want. and however I take him, he reciprocates back. If I have him on his back, he'll kiss at my shoulders and neck. If he's turned around, he'll push himself against me. If I do oral, so does he. If I even stick my foot out, he'll crawl over to kiss my toes. If I uncross my legs-so on and so forth. In the case of being tied up, a submissive cant do much no. That's why it usually isnt an every night thing. No one likes a selfish partner. Pleasure should always be mutual.

No. 100039

I follow this pixiv artist that draws super hardcore femdom and I love it but it's all shota and kind of gross from most people's viewpoint so I never get the chance to share it… I assume most people itt won't like it either.
I really love the pics and the stories as well (they can be read easily with a japanese dictionary add-on)


No. 100041

Shota, also known as pedophilia…fuck off with that.

No. 100252

Regardless of sexual dynamic, this is solid relationship advice. Nobody wants to be with someone like this.

No. 100344

Here's Hugh Dancy getting mildly bullied on stage in Venus in Fur.

No. 100567

A comedy huh? Nice ending scene though.

No. 100611

File: 1542027494227.jpg (73.88 KB, 450x606, eeee.jpg)

>you'll never live in the world Kaneoya Sachiko portrays

No. 101993

File: 1543773387722.jpg (88.82 KB, 600x922, tumblr_p2fjociMSS1x1dw8po1_640…)

No. 101994

File: 1543773434413.jpg (87.18 KB, 600x953, tumblr_p2fjociMSS1x1dw8po2_r1_…)

No. 102005

careful. a lot of male subs are subby because they're emotionally wounded. get to know them emotionally before proceeding, maybe even take note of how they respond to an emotional crisis. but don't cause one yourself. an emotionally wounded guy projects his need to be attended to on to a domme. that CAN be a safe way to express himself.

usually the bad ones are thirsty as fuck, so they're easy to spot. guys aren't known for being subtle after all.

No. 102012

File: 1543784563952.jpg (162.98 KB, 600x848, 8642ed47644403961441f09c2427a7…)

I'm a loser virgin so I've had no femdom experience at all obviously. I like it in porn/in theory however, and dominating a guy appeals to me way more than being submissive myself.

Right? It's sad.


No. 102022

>you'll never take home a cute 2D boy and keep him tied up and locked in your closet forever, being able to do whatever you want with him

No. 102034

On the topic of anime glasses guys getting dommed, I have been trying to find the drama cd Namidame 6 online. Anyone know if it's uploaded somewhere? Or I'll just buy and hide thist too I guess. https://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/B07G6P7PHB/ref=cm_sw_r_tw_awdo_c_x_E9gbCbQQYPN96

No. 102039

File: 1543796112168.gif (575.34 KB, 500x286, 5FBFEA18-FA50-425F-917F-80BA1F…)

Damn never knew this thread would actually turn me on. I guess I always hated on the BDSM scene, because of how misogynistic and racist the men dommes can be.

No. 102044

good doms are good people.

No. 102066

File: 1543818172615.jpg (70.01 KB, 722x277, dom.JPG)

This hentai manga always sticks with me for some reason, maybe cause maybe I'm too nervous to talk to cute boys


No. 102078

It's like the ultimate farmer Mary Sue manga except it's drawn by a virgin guy who think you give oral by licking the inside of the vagina.

No. 102089

I wonder if there are cute sub guys that like introverted sadistic girls. It seems like most of them, even the introverted ones, want a career-oriented super extroverted aggressive type of person and I'm just not that. I don't like parties, clubs, drinking, drugs, or casual sex.

No. 102091

This one's actually really gross. I wish there were more femdom manga like that korean one that anon posted in the other femdom thread in ot.

>the ultimate farmer Mary Sue manga
Not really. Most of us aren't fujoshits.

No. 102095

Most here are nerds who would love to have a cute popular guy suddenly offering to be their sub though.

And yes Sadistic beauty is great. I hope it gets revived and continues.

No. 102098

Meh, I didn't like that he was an asshole in the beginning (telling her shes disgusting and has no friends), making fun of her in harsh ways reminded me of a sadistic dom but it wasn't even sexual in context, just making him mean and repulsive. If anyone said those things to me, I'd walk out, not give him what he wants. Like another anon said, it's made by some virgin guy, but it's a really shitty excuse for the main characters to have sex even for a one-shot. The art is also off putting.

No. 102118

I don't mind tumblr changing their rules to ban pornographic content, as the site was run over by porn bots. But I will miss the gfd blogs. I hope those bloggers find other sites to be on.

No. 102132

Getting back into the Addams Family and I can definitely see Gomez being into femmedom.

No. 102134

Tumblr's banning porn? That goes the rest of its fanbase, though.

No. 102141

i guarantee you there is someone for everyone. i don't know if i'd call myself a degenerate yet, but i'm convinced everyone is someone's ideal partner.

No. 102143

lol freudian slip

that should read: i don't know if i'd call myself a degenerate yet, but i've been around, and i'm convinced everyone is someone's ideal partner.

No. 102189

They have such a sweet relationship too, I hope to be in a relationship where we are even half as enamored with each other.

No. 102224

Thanks anon! My post came off as kind of negative (just got out of a breakup a week ago with my ex not liking the fact I was dominant), but I know it's definitely possible even if the chances seem slim. I'm going to keep working on myself. I'm going to make it and find the cute sub bf I've been dreaming about!

No. 102236

I can just imagine a scenerio he comes out to greet the scared postman, he sees him bleeding from his neck and asked if he had an accident with a shaver. He nods, but then the camera pans to Morticia wiping a blood spot from the corner of mouth with her pinky.

Love them. <<<3333


No. 102237

File: 1543945166880.jpg (51.36 KB, 781x960, 14720450_1263877380342155_3498…)


>What experiences have you had?

My boyfriend and I are currently long distance due to work so we've had fun over cam/phone when it came to me being the dominant one. I never dommed IRL due to being pretty shy and so used to being the sub in past relationships. We ended up sitting down together and discussed what we liked, eventually finding out we're both switches! But overall, I've only experienced being a dom through voice/cam and he's done the same, but playing the role as a sub.

>What are your main kinks?

I love buff/stocky/ bearded men. I'm only 5'3" and don't really having the intimidating/powerful(?) dom look at all. Which turns my boyfriend on since he has a pretty manly or intimidating presence in general. He was also in the army for a few years and was a cop, so he had some sort of authority - which turns me on even more. The thought of a manly/strong/serious/etc man getting dommed by a small girl is def the #1 reason why I love domming him.

List of things I enjoy doing to him: choking, slapping, degrading, ropeplay, anal play, pegging, collars, spanking, face sitting, and edging him.

Hearing a grown man whimper and beg is also a big plus.

But after sex, we always make sure to baby eachother and keep most of that dom/sub thing in the bedroom. Though, there's a bit of role reverse when we're together. (ex: I'll be the big spoon, I'll let him lay his head in my lap while I pet his head, I baby/spoil him most of the time, etc.)

(sorry if any of my grammar or English is wrong, it's not my native language)

No. 102247

Oh my god that image is great, does anyone know where to find more stuff like this?

>I love buff/stocky/ bearded men.

Bara men are my favorite

No. 102284

>manly/strong/serious/etc man getting dommed by a small girl

a+ taste anon. From lurking r/gentlefemdom etc. it seems like a lot of guys want to feel physically smaller but I LOVE the thought of controlling a larger, authoritative man and watching him crumble.

No. 102299

I find a very large percentage of anime style artwork to make bland, sticker-faced unattractive men and this is a definite exception. The artist is very talented and her work very evocative.

In another thread someone posted a pic of a bodypillow with her character on it and NGL I kind of wanted one.

No. 102300

Yes. Gimme someone sturdy who can take a kicking.

No. 102322

Ah yes the merch thread. Too bad you can only get them at exhibitions in japan. Kaneoya Sachikos men are very sexy

No. 102334

>Kaneoya Sachikos men are very sexy
they look like neet hobos but whatever floats your boat, I guess

No. 102337

File: 1544039590791.jpg (Spoiler Image, 183.1 KB, 768x1024, C-QmtElUAAAFrlV.jpg)

Just found her twitter, and an artbook with her work will be released soon - in english!
But it seems her main interest is in furry femdom - kek

No. 102338

>waah stop liking what I don't like!
Nta but they're cute as fuck, neet or not. Looks more realistic too instead of the clean shaven bishounen 12 year old boy look.

I don't even know how much of a thing furries are in Japan and her art's a little weird to begin with so I can't tell if she's legit one or if it's just her being quirky. I always wondered wtf was up with that.

No. 102344

I kind of get it like a stand-in for a carnivorous, animalistic woman…but she's also drawn stuff where a undead skeleton dog wants to bone a scientist man so I guess she is also just being weird.

No. 102350

The book is already out, or at least the digital copy is because someone leaked it.

No. 102351

Got a link?

No. 102366

I like the tired hobo look NGL

still hot

No. 102369

You've never seen a hobo in your life. Go outside and stop fapping to shotas.

No. 102435

Maybe she does it because it’s shocking? Or maybe just for fun lmao, I think this makes sense too >>102344
kind of like some artists like to portray grown men as Pigs

No. 102451

File: 1544166328333.jpg (677.81 KB, 1537x797, bodypillow.jpg)

From her DA she has described the female characters as 'milf beasts' so they probably are meant to be representative of sexually aggressive women.

Oh and she is selling body pillows again, but you have to order them from Vanilla Gallery. I'm torn between A) when are these gonna be available again? and B) do I want to be a person that has a daki? I'm still wavering but since people here have expressed interest in purchasing one I thought I'd share that they're available again.

No. 102453

>not liking unkempt, creepy guys means you are a pedo

No. 102455

I get not liking the look but can they really qualify as creepy? Creepy implies some level of potential threat but she's always drawing men getting tied up or posed femininely or framed in a way that lends credence to the concept of 'female gaze'. Perhaps people might feel differently if the men were ever portrayed smiling, or without the tired eyes or faint mustache. If you say the concept is creepy or the situations displayed look creepy though than I would agree. Ignore the eroticism and a lot of her work looks like something out of a psychedelic horror film.

No. 102456

nta but creepy usually means unsettling not threatening. i don't associate creepy behavior with being threatening at all tbh.

No. 102457

alright fair enough

No. 102462

That's very expensive for such a small daki. Size really makes a gigantic difference in comfortability when you're holding it and yes, have fun trying to hide your daki when you have company over which is actually more of a pain in the ass than it sounds after you're forced to do it so often.

I mean you think boys faces with what…dark circles at most, peach fuzz and glasses in business attire look like "hobos" so you're definitely not sound. How do you react to people in real life I wonder.

No. 102469

>men are only unkempt creeps or children
you truly are a mongoloid. shouldnt you be in your containment thread

No. 102473

I love how jimmies are rustled ITT just cause someone dare not find animu slobs >>98863 sexually attractive.

No. 102476

I love how even more jimmies are rustled ITT just cause someone dare find animu slobs >>98863 sexually attractive.

No. 102481

File: 1544216345161.jpg (384.81 KB, 678x922, dante.jpg)

This recent whining is making my pussy dry up. Post some pics you like instead.

No. 102482

Bless you anon
I’m actually planning on getting her artbook, so excited for it to be released!

>Tied up Dante
I didn’t know I wanted this until now

No. 102483

File: 1544217691236.png (1.63 MB, 1280x1277, Bayonetta_-_SSB4.png)

Sachiko has drawn her character in jeans and tees, suits and military wear. Liking her work really comes down to finding the art style and more importantly, her face design, attractive. She really only has one subject so if you don't find him attractive you're not gonna enjoy her work no matter how slick or slobbish he is presented. There would be more to debate if she had a fuller roster of characters but she clearly has a personal idea.

OK not Devil May Cry exactly but anyone here a fan of Bayonetta? Total femdomme, had some fun scenes with Luka (who she bullied). Would LOVE to see her interact with Dante though it will never happen because of the rights holders.

No. 102485

> had some fun scenes with Luka (who she bullied)

I have never played this, what happens?

No. 102488

Bayonetta's a practically immortal, overpowered witch and Luka's a dumb normal human. You're not gonna see her tie him up or give him a paddling but all of their interactions have a clear hierarchy and Bayonetta's always the dominant person, she's got no bones about teasing him or being condescending. She has a great voice actress that really sells the character.

Its not a perfect game in how in represents the character. She's designed by a woman for a male director that has described her as a dream girl. I understand why people find the character and the game offensive but I still really like her.

No. 102500

>Looks more realistic too instead of the clean shaven bishounen 12 year old boy look.
Bishounens do not look like 12 year olds and there's nothing wrong with liking pretty boys

No. 102501

Literally no1curr. Stop sperging already

No. 102502

File: 1544270376303.jpg (250.88 KB, 1000x700, Bayonettacoop.jpg)


ngl, the whole character concept of Bayo was the reason why I got into this franchise and felt in love with. There are just way too many aspects about her that I enjoy as well like she does ugh

Can't wait for Bayo 3



No. 102544

Definitely excited for the third game, hope we see more of Jeanne than we got to see in the second too. Bayonetta's a rare enough character type in games, that she has friendships with other women who are also badass Dommes is another level of rare.

She's been as flirty with Luka as she has been bossy to him, would you like to see them paired up at the end?

No. 102556

File: 1544340145447.gif (Spoiler Image, 2 MB, 500x190, tumblr_n9cfmp4ztP1rnk2ijo2_500…)

No. 102559

File: 1544340827137.jpg (43.46 KB, 800x450, Salome-Promo-2-800x450.jpg)

This is a shot from a dance production of Salome: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VtYFOylfZFY

No. 102564

Saged for ot: not into femdom, but this weirdly turns me on (if I imagine their roles to be reversed). It's such a pity that there isn't any porn there a guy is so "loving" towards his female partner. Just seeing the both of them smile, have fun and really enjoy it, is making it a 100 times hotter.

No. 102583

It's from a korean movie called Affair. I'm not into porn anymore, but the lack of affection and respect the performers seemed to have for each other is what started to put me off it.

No. 102588

I once saw a great gif set from a Korean movie which was black and white and the guy was about to give head to a lady who wore a skirt, ring any bells?

No. 102656

it's weird, but i like kaneoya's art so much because the male character has some actual edge to him (without being a disgusting slob like most male subs)/masculine to a degree. i'm sick of only seeing boys that look like shota twinks in femdom.

No. 102693

>i'm sick of only seeing boys that look like shota twinks in femdom.
I half agree,I wish there were more non-shota twinks

No. 102723

Bf always ask me if he can cum during PIV or when he's receiving Bj, I really enjoy it, it's super sexy, sometimes I deny him just to see his cute frustrated face. It makes me feel like he might be a bit of a sub but idk how to go deeper into the subject, the relationship is brand new and I don't want to scare him off.

No. 102726

The book is available for preorder on bookdepository with free worldwide shipping

No. 102729

BRB preordering this for some february furry femdom fap time.

No. 102747

he could be anon, the best choice of action is to ask him straight up if he is a sub or likes to take orders. at least that's the way i approached it with my bf since he would always let me take charge in the bedroom and i just have terrible social skills. or he could just be a gentleman either way KEEP HIM, there's not a lot around.

No. 102842

I'm gonna try that mojoupgrade quiz to see if the guy I'm currently seeing and I share some interests we're too shy to talk about. I think he might have some subbish tendencies but we're both too awkward to have productive discussions about sex.

No. 103078

File: 1544722922998.gif (2 MB, 540x250, E9A0ED11-F31A-4D36-A947-2270BD…)

No. 103104

>hobo lover
I'm fucking dead, anon.

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