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No. 720261

make it quick


No. 720262

Confession: I accidentally saged this thread

No. 720278

My dream work field would be the death business, we don't have funeral homes or do embalming where I'm from but I just find everything about death interesting. I have arranged a few funerals myself and there are multiple local offices to get your funeral needs met, I am thinking of contacting some to ask what kind of background they would like their workers to have. I am not thinking it's edgy, it's just something I enjoying researching, and there's so much misinformation and tendencies to not look into this stuff until you are grief stricken, panicked, depressed and it's gonna be a bad experience. I feel like I could make that experience a little easier and comfortable.

No. 720292

For me too anon, I've been interested in the death industry and how we process grief for a long time. I'm even more interested after being exposed to the death acceptance movement and death care community, but I feel like it's too late for me to go to mortuary school.

No. 720301

File: 1611359191325.jpg (41.55 KB, 500x333, 54645676.jpg)

i'm a huge fan of the libertines altho they peaked like 20 years ago lol. the two front men, pete doherty & carl bârat, had an intense love-hate relationship which eventually lead the band to break up. at the time pete was a heavy user of heroin and crack which also played a big part in their demise.

now, what get's me is the fact that carl has said that he almost started taking heroin to feel closer to pete. that statement is just so insane to me like imagine loving someone so much that u almost take fucking heroin? to feel closer to them? wtf. it's messed up and dumb but also kinda romantic in a grotesque way.

i'm not into drugs myself and barely drink alcohol but i sometimes wonder if anyone will love me that much.

No. 720304

I really love their music/babyshambles but I've never seen pictures of them together, literally why is every pic of Carl and Pete so gay ffs. No pictures of them where their faces aren't 5 inches or less apart!

No. 720308

I love this canned whipped cream so much I eat it spoonfuls, up to 4 spoons a day. Yet I am still in ketosis and losing weight, so it's not so bad I guess. I still feel kinda like a piglet though kek

No. 720309

Homemade whipped cream is a lot better tbh. Once I started making it the canned version tasted gross to me. The artificial flavor becomes super obvious

No. 720310

Yes, death positivity is the key here haha. I would love to attend a mortuary school but we just don't have them as our death culture is just so different and more streamlined I guess? People have no idea of their options and understandably in the case of a sudden death, you aren't in the mindset to ask questions like are you allowed to dress the deceased, do you have to have a church funeral and so on. I don't know your situation but it's never too late, anon!

No. 720312

I'll try to make a homemade one someday, but I guess it depends on the brand a bit
Whenever I eat anything from america I almost feel like my mouth is tingling that shit is so overtly sweet

No. 720313

im so paranoid of dried shit on my asshole that i regularly wipe until i start bleeding if i notice that i took a messy shit. i really need a bidet in my life but can't comfortably put one in my apartment

No. 720317

I consider my friend a fucking hot guy and today we were talking and things escalated pretty quickly, I told him I want to suck his dick and he told me he'd love to cum on my "little face" and that actually gave me butterflies in the stomach. Jesus christ.

No. 720321

So why didn't you guys do it? Sounds like all bark no bite tbh

No. 720322

Gross but good for you, anon

No. 720323

Anon we are 3000km away! Well, at least I got a dick pic teehee

No. 720324

So facetime/zoom/skype sex. Get that virtual dick, anon!

No. 720330

Just buy a small jug and have it ready to go with water after you wipe next time. I do it and my bootyhole is always clean that way.

No. 720336

File: 1611362404900.jpeg (106.62 KB, 1200x675, okay.jpeg)

ayrt. not to sound like a fujoshi but they had some kind of a sexual/romantic relationship w each other and i guess that affected their performances kek. this isn't me tinfoiling ok i remember carl basically admitting this in an interview a couple of years ago. they have also been v physical with each other after they reunited in 2015 which is weird considering both of them are in relationships w other ppl like would u let ur husband who is bi kiss his bandmate/ex-bf/most likely ex-lover?

anyway, to stay on topic: my confession is that i act extremely bubbly and positive due to my anti depressants. while i have gotten better, i'm still depressed and afraid that, if i want to continue to not feel absolutely terrible about myself, i have to be on them for the rest of my life. i also have problems opening up to ppl about my depression and past self harm (scars are covered up w tats so they aren't rly visible) because i feel like i'm tricking them somehow by appearing mentally stable and happy? not that this is something i feel like talking about with other but i don't want to "hide" these part of me either. idk. because of this i've avoided romantic relationships but now that i'm older i kinda want that carl and pete love….

No. 720351

I thought I was fine with a bit of chub on my bf but with his new job he's developing muscles I've never seen on him and I can't go back anons. HE can't go back. I need the muscles.

No. 720362

File: 1611365832436.jpg (16.28 KB, 400x300, b989f443cbc4bc6e3a0f08e10d006a…)

even though "thicc" fetishizing has its own problems i vastly prefer it to the old beauty standards of a decade or so ago when women were expected to be model-thin sticks and that was the sexiest type of body. at least being curvy is more attainable and natural

No. 720365

i might be crushing on my best male friend and i dont know what to do
i am very anxious about it and i am starting to doubt that its even love i feel
i have been crushing about him since 3 years even before we knew each other so its nothing that has happened quickly
my feelings are a mess and i dont know what to do
i dont want to confess because i am scared to ruin the friendship
even though many other factors play a role in that aswell

No. 720394

I had this with a guy in uni. People even thought we were dating. Honestly if he hasn't actively made any moves, I wouldn't bother. Guys naturally flirt etc so be careful with a 'guy best friend'

No. 720407

i used to identify as a lesbian when i was a teen but then it turned out i was actually attracted to men but i didnt want to admit it cause I was terrified of them. and i hate talking about this because i fear people might use my experiences to dismiss the feelings of actual lesbians

No. 720414

people at my uni also think we are dating and are actively shipping us and are like ,omg these two are the perfect match for each other' etc. and its gotten to the point people actually think that we are a couple.
i dont know how its with my guy best friend since he is very shy and introverted and hasnt had any girlfriend or even remotely any close female friends except for me. i dont know if some things count as him trying to actively make any moves? we are calling each other everyday and spend our time together since 2 years straight and its gotten to the point where we would meet each other at the park and cuddle and i would rest my head on his shoulder, being really close and him showing me his cute and 'hidden' side of his.
there are some problems tho which is also why i am conflicted aaaaa i am really unsure about this and where its going

No. 720418

I cannot believe I’m part of a generation of women that has so much self-hate that they willingly mutilate their own chest while denouncing their sex. Being female is that shameful eh? It’s heartbreaking.

No. 720420

Did u ever date a gal?

No. 720432

So are you bi or just straight? I'm not judging at all btw, just curious on where you stand now (and also why you thought you were lesbian)

No. 720435

Yeah me and my 'uni guy bestie' even kissed, used to go to gigs together and he would hold me round the waist and sway. We smoked weed together and opened up a lot, held hands once etc.
But I was in the middle of leaving a relationship. And he was dating on and off.
In the end, he set me up with a friend of his and he ended up dating a friend of mine. Then had a huge falling out. (sorry for blog, just trying to give some background if you're interested)

Your case seems different as you say he hasn't had gfs and is introverted. My guess is that he really likes you, but is respecting your space and maybe even waiting for you to bring up something about your 'relationship'.

No. 720437

I agree. I know so many girls today who have a huge dorian gray complex. They dont know how to cook or clean properly and only see themselves through a camera.

I would say im upset about both genders. Seeing men in skirts parading their dicks online all day is sickening too. Copying our looks, as if women dont have a pretty rough time anyway, now they fucking go and steal all that we really have left, our female traits.

Im fucking scared for my future children. Super depressed about having kids even though I want them.

No. 720443

>at least being curvy is more attainable and natural
For some people maybe. It’s only desirable if you have the desired weight distribution anyway.

No. 720444

I cant stand the curvy look. I was okay with the 80s athletic look because it was still slim.
But I feel bad staring at myself and I dont have huge boobs, tiny waist and a phat ass

No. 720446

i am unsure about starting a relationship with him since there is one MAJOR redflag and its him being not feeling empathy. its very weird to say this but he is literally the perfect guy but this one things makes it so risky.
he doesnt understand peoples feelings well and is lacking often remorse and acting weird.
quick throwback: saw me feeling depressed and crying in class but ignrored it and walked away not asking or caring about me, later on ghosted me for 1 straight week without talking or contacting me until i started to talk to him again.
he apologized but it still threw me off since i am one if not the only person being this close to him and he still did that.
its also not the only time he has lacked empathy and it really confuses me since he is usually an introverted, shy and cute guy.

No. 720449

File: 1611375313859.jpg (64.82 KB, 480x720, 56573627-278218233118945-37285…)

Tbh I absolutely love the thicc trend because I'm pear shaped and love to see other curvy girls (natural or not), although I hate that it's inspired people to get horrible surgery without taking their actually body into account. I'm not against PS, but if your gonna get butt implants PLEASE for the love of god make sure your ass and thighs match. I also hate when the hips look unnatural and jut out from the body in a weird way. I do feel a little bad it could make skinny girls (especially teenagers) feel bad about their body, but there's no way to avoid that because body types will continue to go in and out of trend, and being skinny is still very much desirable for a ton of people.

No. 720452

Jeez this fucking made me chuckle, a similar thing happened with me and that guy too. I had a family friend die and that was the first time I really cried. He just told me 'people die' and basically to get over it. Granted he walked me home but it was so creepy.

I reckon he just doesn't know how to deal with female emotions at all. Whats his family life like, does he have a mum?

Wild projection but he could be a bit aspie. A lot of introverted guys have shit like aspergers and legit have no idea how to deal with emotions.

It is a bit of a red flag, but who knows, if you were 'actually' dating he might act differently.

Again, I dunno, the fact that he hasn't made a proper move on you or asked you out fully is a little weird. He may even just want to sleep with you and not deal with the baggage of a relationship.

Its a really tricky one because guys are awfully cryptic even though their intentions are simple in their minds.

No. 720453

Actually, that’s the reason I LOVE the trend. Watching the same girls who called me thunder thighs in high school pump their ass full of concrete makes me smile.

No. 720459

I dont know much about his family, but he has a mother and father + his little sister.
He never talks about them tho and seems to dislike them (?) but without any reason? He always talks to them in an aggressive and annoyed tone and way. He never mentioned anything weird about them apart of him being forced into doing things with them (playing games etc. which he hates). He got this 'dead inside' look in the eyes and is generally depressed and anxious which is weird since his family seems really nice but I dont know why but I cant stop thinking about them having to do something with it.
Your tinfoil seems to kind of be true since he really does behave weirdly and in an autistic/aspie way and admits it himself even though he isnt diagnosed.

Ironically we talked about relationships and confessing yesterday and he himself said that he wouldnt risk it to confess since it would be embarassing if he would be rejected and that he would probably a person who would regret not confessing in the long run.

I also do not think that his intentions are the typical ones, because he ironically denies being a coomer and talks often about wanting to have a girlfriend that is wifey-material.

No. 720463

People should stop rushing to fawn over the latest trends. I can appreciate a curvy and well endowed, buxom woman but I also appreciate my own slim and androgynous figure.

No. 720464

>Ironically we talked about relationships and confessing yesterday and he himself said that he wouldnt risk it to confess since it would be embarassing if he would be rejected and that he would probably a person who would regret not confessing in the long run.

I mean, this seems like he's clearly implying something no???

No. 720469

the pleasure I feel when I found out that my uncle who was a horrible monster to my mom and her sisters got outed as a cheater by having a bastard daughter the same age as his oldest son, who's the one that found out the information while making a family tree in jail, is really high.

Hopefully now my grandma knows how much of a piece of shit he is since she ignored my mom and my aunts when they told her that he molested them. Hopefully he and his wife get a divorce so he's seen as a disgrace in her eyes since she's always treated my mom and aunts like shit since they all got divorced from their first husbands. I hope she dies realizing that her "perfect" son is a predator, a cheater and no amount of prayer and repentance can change that.

No. 720471

Fuck him. I vicariously share your joy. May he boil in the lake of fire for all eternity.

No. 720502

I don't like troons but there is more to being a woman than wearing feminine clothing kek

No. 720506

Well yeah, that's what I meant by feminine traits. I mean, its legit all we got left. Our looks and the unique quirks of our personalities in being female. They fucking want that too. Greedy fucks.

No. 720507

that's all you have? sounds like you're just an uninteresting person

No. 720508

File: 1611384210495.jpg (49.81 KB, 540x471, bruuuu.jpg)

I was just being observant, you aint gotta hit me with that anon.

No. 720510

sometimes, mostly when im drunk, i want Moo to squish my face between her tits.
it is too mad her fake bi persona is really a turn off….i hardly care about her photoshop. wish she would stop inflating her lips tho.
no homo.

No. 720511

Me too anon but imagine the >smell

No. 720512

aww… why did u remind me.

No. 720517

File: 1611387539690.png (522.07 KB, 483x601, Camille.png)

Looking back on it I can't even understand how we all collectively thought that having the lowest body fat possible was beautiful. Literally mass delusion.

No. 720522

even if it's not trendy anymore this is still how i'm trying to look kek

No. 720523

I used to be such a tumblrina before finding lolcow. I'm bisexual, but used to call myself "bigender wlw and mlm" (basically the whole LGBT at once) simply because I was a fujo who thought preferring bara to yaoi was an exclusively male trait. I only stopped because I got a bunch of call-outs from people "more oppressed" than me for the most retarded shit like "fatphobia", "ableism" and most importantly never having believed mtfs are the most oppressed minortity ever.

No. 720524

I love Trisha's new music video

No. 720525

agreed, and i love trisha in general

No. 720528

I fucking hate this look. It's scrawny and dare I say even child like. I was watching a mv from the 80s where the women were fit and curvy that is my dream

No. 720531

File: 1611391584592.png (63.28 KB, 300x297, thumb_bax-xx-thas-mento-ilness…)

If you weren't called out, would you keep believing in that stuff?

No. 720532

Samefag, this is the video I'm talking about. I wonder if people let themselves be memed into thinking skinny is child like and boyish in general because of the ugly scrawny standard in the 2000s.

No. 720535

Most likely would have outgrown it at some point but much later and more gradually.

No. 720557

There are a lot of people in my art community that have been victims of grooming and sexual assault including me. I haven't announced it due to me just coming to terms with it during lockdown last year and it makes me wonder if it's much more common than I realise with other artist communities

No. 720559

File: 1611396441396.jpg (1.22 MB, 2400x2400, low-headboard-queen-bed.jpg)

My bed frame headboard is very low and hard, low enough that I often accidentally hit the back of my head on the edge of it. I probably have brain damage by now

No. 720561

same, she’s my ultimate guilty pleasure that I watch religiously. her rambles fill in the silence of my apartment

No. 720562

NAYRT but same here. I also have thick eyebrows (like Emily in Paris chick thick) and got bullied for those. It's so great to see the same girls with absolute trash microblading/overfilled eyebrow pencil brows done. I love it.

No. 720563

I stopped checking the news and decided to only focus on my small personal bubble. True freedom.

No. 720564

I really need to do that. But catching up on world news is so addicting.

No. 720568

Can't you get giant headpillows?

No. 720581

File: 1611400034574.jpeg (65.81 KB, 680x743, 4ab.jpeg)

Farmer's ugly crushes make me feel better about my own ugliness.

I think that if I was famous, there would be probably one crazy girl that would post me in the "unconventional female attractions" thread and that's weirdly reassuring.

No. 720600

>inb4 gross addict

I cant stop smoking cigs even though I cant take a full breath properly anymore

Fuck my emo ex hooking me onto them with him for years. Didnt realize how addictive my personality is, especially all these years later.

No. 720602

File: 1611405176110.jpg (941.73 KB, 1171x850, 71ad70fdfd45c84.jpg)

Still kind of like this look tbh. But ideally I want to look like a Clamp manga.

No. 720607

I can't stand animals

No. 720621

File: 1611407587731.jpg (12.95 KB, 200x279, 200px-Kate_Moss_Calvin_Klein.j…)

> being curvy is more attainable and natural
I can't be the only one who heavily disagrees with this? It's only more attainable and natural if you have very fortunate fat distribution, many people don't have that. Or I guess you can spend a lot of time and effort building a bubble butt in the gym, props for the women who do that, but that's not //more// attainable than maintaining a low body weight is.

Honestly I think we're deluding ourselves if we think that any type of body-beauty standard is natural and attainable, they never are for the majority of women. That's why they're beauty standards.

I predict Twiggy/Kate Moss heroin chic-type of super skinny body is going to make a comeback this decade.

No. 720625

You're not wrong, there aren't really that many people with the ideal narrow waist/big hip situation that comes to mind when we talk about curvy. The "thicc" trend is a very specific shape, and while I don't think stick mode was any better, it is probably easier to attain becaus all you have to do is… be skinny. There's no necssary waist/hip/bust ratio to it.

No. 720627


No. 720629

if you're not naturally built like this then enjoy starving yourself i guess. yuck

it ties into men's pedophilia and the popularization of young white waifs in movies and such in the 90s

No. 720631

Thanks ♥

No. 720633

You can be curvy without having huge ass and tits you know. Most women are curvy. Idk why y'all think the only curvy that can exist is kim k type of shit. Bear in mind Halle Berry and Cindy Crawford were all very slim women considered curvy at the time.

No. 720634

I didn't mean to quote you for my previous reply but I agree, fetishizing waifness to the point the woman looks barely feminine and weak from lack of muscle mass is directly tied to the lolita and pedophilia fetishisation. Its not like you can't be skinny and womanly at the same time. People only remember the cringy heroin chick shit when they think skinny women like there weren't a lot thin celebrities who had a nice shape. I think it's just coping, delusion, or thinking the only way to be skinny is by starving your muscle mass off and sitting down all day

No. 720637

File: 1611408796516.jpg (129.44 KB, 1044x1500, 81vGf2j0etL._AC_SL1500_.jpg)

I really wanted a pooping-and-eating-its-own-poop dog Barbie when I was a little girl

No. 720638

What if I don't want to look feminine and womanly?

No. 720642

Well then that's just your preference.

No. 720650

only LDR, to be fair I was always quite socially awkward

im not sure. i have very low libido so it's hard for me to feel attracted to anyone at all. i know i like men because i realized i used to repress a lot of feelings i had for friends etc but in regards to how I feel towards women I still haven't figured out if im really attracted to them or if it was just peer pressure due to growing up on tumblr (lol) and im aware this all sounds ridiculous and i sound stupid as hell. I'm sorry.
i used to think i was a lesbian due to the aforementioned reasons and also because growing up a lot of my female friends had crushes on me and i guess i thought I had to like them too or else i would lose their friendships. and since I couldn't bear to think of boys that was the only "logical" conclusion to me.

No. 720652

What even is "naturally" being built like that? You can't be this stick-thin without maintaining a low bodyweight. So if you can have a low bodyweight "naturally" that would imply that some people can eat limitless without becoming not-stick thin, which isn't the case. Bodyweight is inseperable from how much energy you take in and expend, that's a choice regardless. So that would mean that any bodyweight is unnatural because it's directly a product of choices you make. In the same vain, a gym-trained 'thicc' body is also not natural then.

Maybe this is the most flawed logic even I can't tell kek

No. 720657

It means that you're thin since childhood and you eat few calories without having to count them, aka naturally

No. 720680

I honest to god hope this trend of being curvy never dies. Crazy that people who teased me about my body in the past now fawn over my figure. Let’s not forget that if you complained about the thin-waif standards in the past as a women with curves, you were just pinned as an ugly fatty who could never fit the look. Feels very good to see the tables turned, and I also feel like this “curvy” trend is encouraging a lot of women to go to the gym and make themselves healthier. Beauty standards where women have to appear weak and meek sick, seethe skinnies!

No. 720683

Have you tried switching to vaping?

No. 720693

It's already dying

No. 720697

I like simplyKenna/cozykitsune's videos.

No. 720699

I'm super short, but I still do not want short men. I don't care if it makes me a hypocrite. I can't control my height, I can however, control my preferences (kinda, not really).

No. 720703

I love the heroin chic look and it is my dream body. I'm sad all the anons here say it's tied in with lolita and pedophilia.

Although, I am 183cm/6'0 and have a large bone structure so I think that automatically eliminates me from any loli and pedo-bait comparisons…

No. 720707

It's kind of funny how in one post you talk about disliking being teased for your body (rightfully so ofcourse) and then go on to close that same post by insulting skinny women. Playing one body type out against another body type like you're doing here is not progressive for any women, you'd think you'd know that having first-hand experienced what it's like to having the 'undesirable' body-type.

No. 720709

Ntayrt but holy shit get off your crusade. Absolutely no one is looking to lolcow to model progressive values after. You're on a gossip site where people constantly get mocked for being too thin or too fat you stupid bitch.

No. 720710

Nta, but I'm pretty sure she's talking about "unnaturally" skinny women. As in the girls who starve themselves, hence "weak and meek sick"

No. 720713

Yeah and no one likes fat ugly cunts so thank god the "curvy" (fat) trend is dying kek

No. 720715

I feel like this is obvious but curvy ≠ fat. Literally two different things.

No. 720716

I think it's here to stay, with the whole body positivity movement and push for diversity, people are over skinny blondes shaped like little boys.

No. 720720

Curvy isn't fat but it's lost it's definition so much over the years that it may as well be.

No. 720721

Literally who still believes in the curvy/fat meme? Women like Doja Cat are what people aspire to, not Tess Holiday. Cope harder.

No. 720722

I'm just pointing out it's hypocritical, calm down.

No. 720726

It's probably the same ana-chan anon who posts the same bait in rotation. Usually it's "When is skinny coming back?!" (like it ever actually went "out"), "Being curvy = fat", etc.

No. 720729

>aspire to be Doja Cat
Maybe Americans. Not normal people. What planet do you live on? Not to mention most people aren't built like that and can't achieve that body naturally, and even Doja Cat herself, the person you desire to be, has had work done to look like that. Just say you like your wide thighs and move on lmao

No. 720731

Talking about curvy/thicc body types on this website is useless tbh. Some anon always has to reply that they don't like that body type and that the the super skinny heroin chic body type is better. I just wish on a website full of women we could show some appreciation for bodies that aren't thin without making it about skinny girls. Not even specifically talking about the replies to these posts, >>720680 >>720362, cause they DO mention skinny girls so obviously the anons who want to be skinny will respond, but I've seen it happen before in the past.

No. 720733

I'd take a fat ugly cunt over your inverted Hank Hill ass, that's for sure.

No. 720734

Doja's body is natural afaik. Where did you get that she had ps? Or does any woman who is "thick" has plastic surgery in your mind?

No. 720736

Normal nice asses aren't necessarily big or fat, it's mostly about the shape. Sorry you bought into the meme.

No. 720738

I don’t think she had work done prior to 2018, you can see her body is pretty natural. A lot of women can attain a body similar to that from going to the gym and working out. It’s good people have to work for a body like that, it’s healthy and shows dedication. At what point did anyone say being an fat slob who does no exercise is what is now attractive? I just think it’s better the standard is moving towards women looking feminine, healthy and strong rather than weak.

No. 720740

File: 1611417788311.png (Spoiler Image, 130.3 KB, 500x374, Anon speakin.png)

No. 720743

if i could've just made up my mind and stop being the submissive mommy gf to this damaged idiot i could be further in my education and possibly be dating an amazing guy. but i'm too soft and smooth brained.

No. 720744

>Just say you like your wide thighs and move on
That's what anons were doing and you decided to be salty about it

No. 720746

Nah it's just a fact that LC is full of fat or chubby losers and they'll take any opportunity to pretend they look like X influencer.

No. 720748

It's a lot more accurate to say this website is full of anachans, but even if this website is full of fat people, they were still saying they "like wide thighs" and you still were salty about it.

No. 720750

>>720607 that's alright,I assume you care more about your friends and family?I love birds but I don't care about furry animals though.I love sea animals and snakes as well

No. 720755

Why are you so butthurt that people actively enjoy looking like healthy adult women? What you call fat is what 99% of people find beautiful.

No. 720758

I love pineapple on pizza

No. 720764

I love pineapple breakfast pizza

No. 720765

File: 1611419727745.jpg (41.87 KB, 600x603, hpif5r4qr4q51.jpg)

No. 720771

nta but this site has way more posts complaining about ana-chans than any actual ana-chans posting (except for that one thread in /snow/)

No. 720784

I mean, yeah, people should work out, but saying that you can get a body where 50% of you is pure ass would be hard unless you're short and your genetics are very bottom heavy. So she's not a great body goal.

No. 720789

File: 1611422768751.jpg (86.08 KB, 505x758, vtg-35mm-slides-1970s-jayne-ke…)

I just want this body type

No. 720811

You better work bitch

No. 720828

This is a very attainable bodytype isn't it? Skinny and atlethic but nothing too crazy muscular, I think you can do it.

No. 720921

I wish I were 18 again so I can experience going to parties, falling in love with cute boys and have numerous cute bfs. I didn’t get to experience this stuff when i was young because I was weird but now all my interests are some what acceptable. I’m just 30 so now I’m left with again scrotes and no cuties. Can’t have any fun.

No. 720922

Aging scrotes*

No. 720943

Bodytype isn't something you can change, you are an apple or whatever the fuck no matter the layers of fat or lack of it. Maybe that's what anon means?

No. 720961

A friend of mine asked if I wanted to become her room mate or flat mate once I can afford to leave my parents' place but her current place always smells awful and seeing how disgusting her kitchen, her chairs and her couch usually are I don't think I could live with her. I love her but not enough for that.

No. 720981

I wear dresses when I'm feeling lazy because they're actually way easier to wear than what other people think and yet they think it's nice and fancy. Hehe.

No. 721004

I miss having a shitty president to shit on.

No. 721006

File: 1611444017867.jpeg (66.92 KB, 828x1236, 5D40FF53-3601-46CC-B6A6-31559A…)

I know im late but i hope it helps your bleeding butt

No. 721007

The left and right have an hourglass shape along with muscles, you could try corset training along with dieting and working out and probably achieve it. I read that actually very small amount of women have a true hourglass shape, and you see more hourglass bodies in old pictures because women would wear corsets. (Not sure if this is the case with the women in this photo but it’s possible)

No. 721009

I don't think wearing a corset does anything after you take it off

No. 721010

It does for some hours afterwards, you have to get the hardcore ones though.

No. 721014

You do though??

No. 721036

File: 1611447238458.jpeg (65.5 KB, 600x800, 140946_No_ribs7_jpg06a0197227f…)

It does, if you do it long-term. Here's an extreme example.
>Ms. Jung started out with a more typically dimensioned 26-inch waistline and, through the wearing of corsets around the clock over the course of ten years, slimmed it down to a mere 15 inches

>Q: Have you had surgery?

>A: I’ve never had surgery to have a rib removed. I have never had any ill medical effects from corseting. My posture is improved from wearing the corset. The lower ribs are called the floating ribs, and they are very flexible, so everything just moves around like it would during a pregnancy.

No. 721044

It doesn't even look good, wtf is wrong with women.

No. 721113

Yeah, believe it or not it makes me cough like mad. I can't stand it.

No. 721115

I feel this hard

No. 721119

uhh, you still do sweaty

No. 721120

I recently quit myself after several years, it’s actually something quarantine helped me with. My coworkers and friends are all smokers and it was extra hard to kick the habit when I saw them every day.

Try using the patch and/or nicotine gum, and also limit your time around other smokers if you can help it. You have to be very committed, but I believe in you!

No. 721122

Will you fucking retarded ana-chans stay in you containment thread already? Jesus, stop spamming this stupid cope every time the topic arises.

No. 721125

i didn't know pointing out obvious implants/butt lifts made you an ana-chan

No. 721126

Doja's body doesn't even look like PS. Are women not allowed to naturally be thick or did you just forget what natural bodies look like

No. 721142

File: 1611458228850.png (1.66 MB, 948x940, hjkr.png)

What? Her body looks pretty normal for a pear-shaped person. You can tell from old pics that her body was the same shape before she was famous, too, especially from the thighs.
If you have like, a very rectangular body, I guess it might look unrealistic, but it's not impossible without PS by any means.

No. 721148

File: 1611458611623.png (855.32 KB, 950x930, 878787.png)

Samefagging with another old pic that shows her body more. This is from 2014, just a little before the "thicc" trend really took off.(quit the anachan derailing already)

No. 721206

i'm starting to have impure (and sometimes too pure, like romantic) thoughts about crossplayers and fakebois. i have no idea if i actually want to fuck them or if i'm just blinded by weebism. here comes the cringer part: sometimes i watch tiktok complications on yt (i refuse to actually download the app) of them dressed as characters i like. i normally hate tiktok and the videos are cringe as fuck but i overlook that if i find the crossplayer cute. plus it looks like they're having fun and i'm kind of jealous. i sort of wish i had fujo cosplay friends to act retarded with

No. 721207


No. 721208

wait that's wrong too fuck
i mean a set of random videos together

No. 721248

well I hit a new low
when I was drunk I ate a piece of my uterine lining off of my pad, I'm gonna kms

No. 721252

did the tales of komaeda anon influence you to do this

No. 721261

well dont leave us hanging how was it

No. 721264

nope did it all by my lonesome


No. 721274

I'm terrified of Lille Jean. I've seen psycho murderers on drugs with eyes less crazy.

No. 721279

I just found out some pedo who groomed me has a YouTube channel now. I recognise him by his voice, sense of humour and location. He somehow hasn’t changed mannerisms even slightly in literal years. I didn't really think it did anything to me because I was already pretty fucked up at that point, but hearing his voice literally made my stomach turn and my heart start pounding, like something really bad is happening.
I don’t even have any evidence, my old accounts on Skype, Kik, etc and devices were nuked long ago. I wish the way I am now is how I was back then. I could've recorded and screencapped so many things, reported him to the authorities and then just publicly dumped all the proof whenever. Maybe I could've even doxxed him. Everything is gone, and it's too late. No one will ever fucking believe me, it'll just look like a stupid vendetta. I feel like it's all my fault whatever he does now.
Just remembering it, I said and did so much stupid, cringeworthy pick-me shit all because I wanted this gross man to like me. Things that’d get me reamed here. So much of my life and myself was on show for him to add to his collection, and it makes me sick. Even if I did expose him, he’d probably just blackmail me back if he could pinpoint which girl I was. I doubt he’d care about the legality of dumping CP of his victims if he was already screwed. I genuinely hate my younger self so much for this shit.
This post is all over the place and I’m sorry. Finding this shit genuinely freaked me out. I spent so much time just forgetting about all that stupidity and growing up, and bam, there it is again. And I am helpless to do a single fucking thing, or protect anyone else.

No. 721291

I shampoo my armpit hair.

No. 721297

Me too anon! I mean, not with direct shampoo but since it's already running down…

No. 721299

I still find Ariana Grande's music fun and catchy even if her black/latina/ethnicfishing is retarded

No. 721303

Damn bro thats fucked. I wonder why fate dealt you a card like that.

I gotta say though, shit like that usually has some bad karma attached to it. Wait and see, im sure he'll be exposed somehow. Dont beat yourself up about it, when I was 14 I dated a 24 year old and legit we were almost days away from getting me a ticket to the usa.
But because im a naive spiritual bitch I went to a psychic who told me he was cheating on me with two girls and it turned out to be true lmfao
Now he has a kid and a wife.

I think we all fucked up in the early age of the internet. Even my bf isn't innocent. We're a very troubled generation i'd say.

No. 721304

I'm the opposite. I legit shave and shave autistically until I can't feel a single hair.

No. 721308

I know it’s not advised, but if my bush is getting out of hand I shampoo it. Would probably do my armpit hair if I had more of it.

No. 721322

My asshole, weedsmoking neighbour constantly has multiple friends at once over in his tiny appartment even though only 1 visitor a day is allowed and I honestly want to call the police on him, but I don't think they want to do/can do anything about what people do in their private homes. But I'd love to see his ass getting fined for a couple of hundred euros.

No. 721329

disgusting warning. i have a year old sealed bag of spat out food from my anachan days. i have no way of disposing of this thing. i don't know what to do. its so fucking gross

No. 721330

Eat it again

No. 721331

Can't you throw it in a public space trashcan? At a gasstation, the stores or a trainstation etc.

No. 721332

thanks anon. #recovery win

No. 721333

no - i live with loads of other people so i'll defo be seen. every time i've gone out late to dispose of it, i've seen someone. its mortifying

No. 721334

whut?? just flush it down the toilet bit by bit. I flush old soups in stuff all the time

No. 721335

I don't get it, can't you just wrap it into something opaque so no one can see what exactly you're throwing out, put that into your bag so no one can see you're taking it with you, say you're going out for groceries or a late night snack or whatever, and then sneakily throw it into a trashcan? Surely the people who you live with don't stalk you wherever you're going and you're not being seen by someone you know constantly?

Or >>721334 this.

No. 721337

i’ve gone full ana butterfly again only drinking white monster and green tea and eating applesauce i love it

No. 721339

I’ll try that anon. during the period in which I’d do it, I’d take the bags down to the public bins daily. Although I live with others, this is mostly an avoidance thing. I just don’t wanna go near it - it’s so disgusting. but the longer I leave it, the more disgusting it gets.

No. 721340

chew and spit anon here. seriously considering joining you

No. 721341

ehh I did this for about a month and then when I got a blood test I was so fucking deficient in vitamins. I then ate 'normally' for a week and blew up like a fucking hot air balloon.
I actually just only eat 2 smalls meals a day now, no bread, pasta, potato etc. And I drink hella water. I also take l carnitine pills which help with weight loss. Just have more vitamins but eat less.

No. 721342

This won't make you beautiful.

No. 721345

Lol @ normies thinking ana chans do this to be hot

No. 721349

lmao i don’t think it’s making me beautiful, my hair is falling out and i look horrible but it makes me feel so clean and pure

No. 721351

gurl eating plant based and drinking water will not only make you feel clean and pure, but you'll be healthy, look better and your hair won't fall out
I understand your situation is more than just choosing to eat whatever but try to try it

No. 721352

File: 1611497585988.jpg (74.51 KB, 664x376, 83948348348.jpg)

stay safe anons!

No. 721366

kek anon. you really think i spit food into bags and do other fucked up disgusting behaviours because i think it’s pretty

No. 721377

Maybe you unlocked a really weird fetish for that anon

No. 721395

I hope you're right. I guess in a sense he's a fucking moron for being so brazen with me, so all that can be hoped for is him to do it again with the wrong one. Maybe he already has. I don't know. If I had saved every little thing, I would've had so much shit on him. He feels literally no shame about his life or who he is, but other people would be disgusted and find him pathetic. It's fucking with me to even be reminded he exists, like watching a trainwreck. I'm honestly considering sending him harassing messages anonymously, but I don't even know if that'll help. It probably won't. He'd most likely either laugh at them, use them to create a victim narrative for himself, or delete and pop up elsewhere.
I feel you on the spiritual thing, it's scary how some psychics are right on the money. Maybe I should ask one about this, lmao better than fucking nothing, I suppose. I hope that then-24 year old faces some kind of punishment, like his wife finding out and kicking him to the curb, or something unrelated like a bad accident. It's fucked how many of these men seem to just live normally and forget it all.
>I think we all fucked up in the early age of the internet. Even my bf isn't innocent. We're a very troubled generation i'd say.
Yeah, that's definitely true. The internet and media failed a lot of us badly. On the plus side, maybe that means we'll be able to protect our kids better. Hopefully. In my case, because of my own past and the fact that it took me a while to get out of that whole brainwashed/validation-seeking mindset, I can't really see myself as "innocent" (just very retarded and mentally sick) and I wish I had broken out of it in my late teens at least. I definitely should've known better, but I guess I'm not the only one, and there are some grown-ass women who still don't know better, so it could be worse.
Thanks anon.

No. 721529


Melissa "Prom Mom" Drexler tried that with a dead baby. People have to stick their nose into everything so I get why anon is having problems disposing of the evidence.

No. 721582

i want to subscribe to several girls onlyfans. i can't believe i'm saying this. doing sw is dangerous and it pleases scrotes, so i don't want to support this industry. on the other hand, these girls, they are so pretty and nice and clever and fit, i-… if i subscribed to their onlyfans i could support them in their art career and feel closer to them. but at the same time i don't want them to do onlyfans because it's so degrading! scrotes inherently think it is. if only there was a lesbian only site like that.

No. 721590

dude get a life. how do people get as degen as you?

No. 721593

>tranny crytyping

No. 721595

> i could support them in their art career
What do you mean by art? If they do artistic stuff like
>video editing
>cringe poetry
And the sorts, why not just support them by actually buying stuff related to their art? If their only fans is cheap as fuck, just save some money buy the stuff they offer that are actually made by themselves instead of their nudes.
And if you want to feel closer to them, just text them? I doubt they’re some goddesses that won’t even be polite.

No. 721609

I really hope it's a tranny, also no ban pls it's not an accusation.

No. 721669

File: 1611524628726.gif (674.24 KB, 474x498, 1610317666307.gif)

I love Pepe so much. So fucking much. I make sure to exclusively save cute, happy and/or comfy pictures of Pepe because I hate the ones where he looks miserable or unhappy. Truly mankind's greatest creation.

No. 721678

File: 1611525441668.jpeg (224.96 KB, 1070x1506, 25C09FF1-80DF-4805-BE43-749F00…)

I love clown Pepe being held by the trap clown.

No. 721680

I agree anon!!! He's cute and brings me joy when he's happy but is also really funny when he's screaming or a little concerned
Idk, cute character

No. 721681

Whenever I use up or accidentally break a possession, I get a strong feeling of comfort. Literally similar to the feeling of curling up to sleep in a warm bed. I finish a tube of toothpaste or notice a piece of clothing has an unfixable hole, and I get an overwhelming rush of satisfaction.

I think part of it is knowing I don’t have to have the thing in my life anymore, even though I generally need/like the items. But I don’t get the same rush when I donate or sell stuff, or if I rush to the end of something. It feels like cheating; I need to exhaust the thing.

I have a lot of strange thoughts and feelings. I always wonder if other people also have them, but like me don’t want to look weird by admitting it. Or maybe I’m in need of a diagnosis, lol.

No. 721686

File: 1611526113491.jpg (204.68 KB, 1200x896, 1599999754603.jpg)

ackshually the one you posted is apu but i agree

No. 721720

Are you poor?

No. 721728

I thought this was the copy pasta thread, fuck me.

No. 721736

File: 1611528276524.jpg (68.43 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault-4.jpg)

Use his full legal name, Apu Apustaja, anon. Show some respect to. *caption: this is not pepe

No. 721752

Financially comfortable, just weird I guess.

It’s worse than I thought then.

No. 721755

File: 1611528945972.jpg (227.83 KB, 1200x1193, DRbMCbtX0AAPR56.jpg)

I don't date men, won't fuck them and always think I have fully matured into a lesbian, then I suddenly want to absolutely ruin Jake Gyllenhaal at any age. Bisexuality is ruining me.

No. 721757

We all got our thing dude. I like sucking on freshly washed clothes and tasting that clean, slightly detergent water lmfao
I get a similar rush to you when I do a spring clean and fill a massive garbage bag up full of shit in the house. I legit feel like I breathed in fresh mountain air or something.

No. 721764

Aside from shoe0nheads thread, the celebricow thread is the only thread on this site I’m really interested in and nobody has posted a new one in two days and I’m having major withdrawals. I keep refreshing /snow/ every fifteen minutes and it’s never there. I feel all twitchy!

No. 721766

completely using up pencil is literally better than sex

No. 721770


No. 721771

Fucked hairline crew yee yee

No. 721772

/pt/ is pretty good if you find a cow that really grinds your gears. I was similar but now I just have like 5 tabs of /pt/ open at all times lmfao

No. 721780

NTA but I find it hard to get into /pt/ threads, most of them have too much history for me to catch up on. /snow/ is perfect for casual enjoyment of weirdos.

No. 721788

i'm tired of hiding this for so long… furry bara is sexy!!!!! and so are big tiddy furries!!!! baby/diaperfur shit is still degenerate tho

No. 721789

i'm scared of those nika and jaelle girls over in /snow/ the thread disturbs me when i see snippets of their antics

No. 721792

are you trolling or not?

No. 721794

File: 1611531120592.jpg (9.06 KB, 269x194, spre.jpg)

Get off the internet, anon

No. 721810

i wish i were… i guess my brain just sees big (bara if male) tiddies and goes wild

No. 721828

but why furries lmfao

No. 721835

If getting thinner won't make me completely flat all over then I'm just gonna get my tits/ass/hips surgically removed. I hate having my body acknowledged in any way. I don't care if it's an innocent remark, a compliment, or someone glancing my way for 2 seconds and I don't care if it comes from a man, woman, dog, whatever. It doesn't matter if society considers it attractive or not, it shouldn't be there at all. It's much worse when it's sexualized though. Some of the "positive" remarks from male classmates make me wanna kms and vomit even though it happened decades ago and they technically didn't do anything to me. The sensory issues don't help either, having breasts has always felt weird and disturbing since puberty even though there's literally nothing wrong with mine. I shouldn't have a body or physical presence in the first place no matter what it looks like. My mind should've been placed in a rock or something. Also I used to tape my chest down when I was younger cause wearing a bra felt like I was being groped. I would've taken puberty blockers if they didn't have side effects. I wish I could remove my nipples and genitals too for that matter.

No. 721837

my brain doesn't make a major difference between human and furry tiddies

No. 721847

that's so weird lmao

No. 721852

Cotard syndrome type feel

No. 721854

I hate my bf liking anime so much because I know Im not as cute as an anime girl no matter how much I try, im also just not that into it and the high pitched voices and the cutesy mannerisms. I know I cant force him to stop having an interests in this but I fucking hate it so much.

No. 721855

No. 721857

It's ok just a bit odd lol

No. 721859

anon i mean this, from-the-bottom-of-my-heart genuine. You should really see a therapist or conselour, a professional to tell everything you're written here for us. BEFORE you seek out surgery! See if you can get help with accepting your body before you go straight to changing it. That's what mental health treatment is for! Don't give uppp

No. 721862

Get into anime boys, your bf will never measure up but focusing on what YOU find attractive rather than what HE finds attractive is good for the soul. I care a lot less about men's opinions on my looks now I know that I, too, find them lacking compared to 2D.

No. 721866

File: 1611533721434.jpg (7.1 KB, 235x184, 16a0ec24bafa8aee42e96f8a2a0022…)

I hate that post nut clarity feel when I realize I am gay and will never be happy with a man.
Then I remember I'm married.

No. 721872

To a man?

No. 721875

To a man.

No. 721876


No. 721880

Divorce him unless he is 99yo and loaded

No. 721891

If he’s 99 years old and loaded, the solution would be to go out with him on a rainy day and wait.

No. 721895

True true…

No. 721896

Nah, poison him.

No. 721899

I don't like work from home and want to go back to the office soon.

No. 721900

Are you bored of him? I knew a girl who broke up with a dude thinking she was gay. Did the gay thing, realized she hated it and went back to her man lmfao

No. 722029

I never was addicted to smoking and that's why I could quit immediately with no consequences or problems whatsoever
But sometimes late at night I miss smoking while listening to music, or watching a movie or being drunk.
Probably won't ever do it again, though.

No. 722090

i'm celibate in quarantine
i'm not trans
they are tattoo artists but i don't live in their area. and ngl i am curious about what is on their of. but i don't want to subscribe or ask somebody to leak it.

No. 722092

Watching Fleabag S2 was probably the first time I ever really liked and believed the sexual tension going on. I've never really been invested in romance/sex when it comes to media but now I'm looking for anything that will give me a similar feeling kek

No. 722109

I only have a sex drive after having an erotic dream. The sex drive only lingers for a day or two after, but it's insatiable when it's there. Its weird because the dream sex doesnt have to be super great or anything but it just magically fills me with sex drive. I wish I could have it all of the time. I hate when I go a month without any sexy dreams.

No. 722296

Isn't it more likely that the sex dream is a result of increased sex drive?

No. 722310

I don’t only have a sex drive when I have sex dreams (im too horny and I hate it) but my sex dreams definitely do affect my waking life— sometimes I’ve had sex dreams about guys I had literally no interest in otherwise have led me to pursuing them in real life, and started actual relationships lol

No. 722317

Automatic redtext's going overboard.

No. 722334

Feeling like a coomer scrote judging guys on dating apps based largely on how much I’d like to fuck them.

No. 722336

why? it's literally a dating app, not linkedin

No. 722339

why would you feel bad for this, men do this all the time in front of your face and dont care what you think about it.

No. 722357

I took a manga to the beach this summer and tried reading it but was so embarrassed I put it back in my bag and immediately went back in the water

No. 722358

I used dating sites to basically determine what kind of men I'm even attracted to. Why would you choose someone you don't find attractive?

No. 722368

So using an app how it’s intended.

No. 722385

despite the fact I have basically no social media and have no desire to ever be a public person, I am still afraid I'm going to end up on lolcow one day.

No. 722389

lmao what a pussy.

No. 722394

I think I know what you mean, sure it's the app's intended use but idk very often I found myself attracted to a person much more after actually interacting with them irl than after just looking at them, it feels really weird basing whether I want to have anything to do with them just off their looks alone. I don't care if this is what scrotes do since I'm not a scrote; I guess it's a certain mindset you have to get to once you use the app for longer.

No. 722418

Make sure not to befriend a lolcow then.

No. 722431

What I started to do whenever I tried to read a manga in public after being asked "lol why is it backwards that's weird" in fifth grade when reading Death Note

No. 722448

I love the feeling of hiccups, I don’t want them to stop

No. 722476

Or farmer

No. 722481

My entire personality is wrapped in a layer of satire and irony.

No. 722490

I wasn't the girliest kid growing up. I didn't really leave that phase in my teens either and I probably came off as gay because of it. By the time I was in my mid-twenties I felt weirdly tied up by my not-very-feminine reputation when others would even dictate to me whether or not I liked something based on it being "too girly for you anon"

Truth is yeah I'll never dress very feminine but I do want to be bought a pink bunny on valentines day, shit like that. I've dated guys who for some reason exaggerate my tomboyisness to a point where they are just talking over me. Meanwhile I'm like "no I actually want that mymelody plush for my bday please"

It just hit me now that the tomboy personality has been mostly memed into existance by other people who take that one detail (comfy plain black clothes wow) and run with it. I've attracted men who have this weird thing about shitting on femininity at every chance.. so no wonder they saw me and wanted to paint a picture in their head that I'm basically a cool guy with tits.

I'm barely even a fucking tomboy. I like comfy clothes and I've been way too passive when others speak over me. That's all.

No. 722492

that’s like every terminally online zoomer, get well soon, being an ironycel is exhausting

No. 722496

it really is lmfao

No. 722499

Anon I’m the same, do you plan to change? I’ve been considering working on becoming more feminine.

No. 722513

I'm the same kek, except I was very girly as a kid. I still like girly things, I still wear obviously female clothes, I just prefer comfortable clothes. It must be the depression.

No. 722526

I've been picking my nose almost obsessively to the point there's now a big sore in there. Now I pick the scab in there because there are no bogies left to pick. I think it's partly because I'm stressed and partly because I want a snack.

No. 722532

I had a hemorrhoid once that was so bad I saw a doctor. Basically I got some medication that cured it pretty fast. BUT, I still have this painless bump on my asshole that seems pretty fuckin' permanent (it's been like three years or more) and I don't think it'll ever go away without surgery, but I'm poor. I'm gonna live the rest of my life with a big random bump on my asshole. I've been sexually active but, like, never in a way where that area would be scrutinized or noticed. But someday, sometime, someone is gonna end up looking closely and I'll have to answer them when they, horrified, ask me what the fuck it is. Like – should I start warning future partners before we even get down and tell them "Be Not Afraid" "Do Not Give Way To Amazement" or some shit?

No. 722536

File: 1611611478868.png (1.52 MB, 1446x756, unknown.png)

I became a patreon just so I could watch this uncensored. Totally worth it because it's made me laugh so many times and I'm not even halfway through

No. 722537

Guys are so weirdly obsessed with assholes that I'm surprised you've had sex without it coming up already

No. 722540

Maybe she's not straight though

No. 722545

i love trash taste

No. 722548

I've been on opioid meds and iron supplements for a couple of months. I got a bit worried after I went longer than two weeks without a poo but I eventually got the feeling like I had to go. Oh no. It was so hard and dry it felt like I was turning inside out. After 45 mins sat on the toilet spasming and feeling like I was tearing I had to take emergency measures and ended up trying to pull the end of the turd to coax it out with a bit of tissue. It didn't work and just broke off so I had to stick a hooked finger in there to dislodge the blockage. After that I passed the rest with only a little trouble, but my hand was covered in pitch black shit. It was under my nails and no matter how much I wash my hands I feel like the smell isn't budging. I am mortified and really scared of my next poo.

No. 722549

No. 722550

I wish I had a friend group I could weeb out with like that

No. 722551

I got to a point in the last couple years where I feel shame around wanting to buy cute decorative shit for my room (that nobody even visits) It's almost funny how I feel like the home decorating equivalent of a crossdresser when I want pink shit in my room… Yet I'm an actual woman. It's so dumb.

I own a house and I haven't filled it with the things I like. I plan to change that for sure. I didn't go into too much detail about the ex that bashed everything feminine but that played a large role in it. I want to embrace certain things without pushing it to the other extreme either. I know my personal appearance won't change but decorating or asking for the gifts I actually want..I can do that.

No. 722553

True, I'm gay myself but I still just assumed she was talking about men when she talked about partners potentially 'scrutinising' it. That line put a male figure in my head lol

No. 722554

I am so depressed I don’t even have a personality anymore, all I do is lay in bed and cry. I always try to hide it from people and pretend that I’m interesting or whatever when in reality I’m drywall. They always find out and leave, it really sucks because I want human connection but I’ll never have it. At least I’ve admitted (semi) out loud now.

No. 722557

Sorry anon that’s horrible. No experience with opioid meds but iron supplements fucked up my digestion so bad, I requested a different type of iron and eventually found one that I could deal with. Worth trying if possible.

No. 722563

same sis, i fill in time with lc and youtube

No. 722576

What do they talk about on this channel

No. 722579

today i had a suicidal thought and it made me so happy and euphoric for a few seconds. i know i wouldn't ever go through with it but wow what a moment i will never forget a moment that is most pleasing to me in my career

No. 722582

A little bit of everything weeb-related, but mostly discussing anime. Sometimes about odd fan interactions (in a more” plz don’t do shit like this” way)

No. 722611

I only watch the youtube version and I already know too much about connors masturbation habits… makes me wonder what the patreon could include above that

No. 722627

I usually avoid anime youtubers because they’re almost always cringy fucks who don’t know what they’re talking about. Are these guys cool or just clickbaiters? I wont judge sisters just curious

No. 722631

I hate social cunts who complain about covid fucking up their life or whatever
Whiny bastards. I only feel sorry for those who live in abusive homes

No. 722636

My abusive relationship came to an explosive end a year before lockdown, there's a point every day where I think about that and about people stuck in bad situations right now.

No. 722641

I only feel bad for the ill and the ones in unsafe homes as well

No. 722643

Same nonny. Sometimes I think back to my ex saying, "Now that I'll be working and studying from home we'll get to be together all the time!" and I just go cold. I ended up splitting with him right at the start of lockdown and thank fucking goodness for that because I can't imagine being stuck with him 24/7. It was hard enough having some periods of the day to myself and anxiously counting down the hours to the time he'd return, never knowing whether I was going to get a sweetheart or a shrieking, abusive psycho. So many people don't have that option either because they weren't mentally in the right place, no financial resources, whatever. I hope they can escape somehow, some day.

No. 722721

File: 1611624702995.jpg (1.87 MB, 4000x3000, 20210124_173553.jpg)

I made an inflammatory post and had anxiety about farmers rekting me in the replies so I avoided browsing here for a week. Now I'm back with the bravery to read the responses to my shitpost but it turns out no one even cared enough to reply.

No. 722722

No. 722723

I do something similar when I know anons really want to argue about something I've posted. Usually just distract myself for a day or so and make sure to not scroll back, bonus points for receiving a petty ban for starting "infight" yet skipping the wait because of my farmer sabbatical.

No. 722726

Samefag nevermind I checked it out myself
>it's the cringelord of all cringe weebs theanimeman
Welp have fun

No. 722727

I'm the opposite. This place isn't worth visiting if I don't have at least several controversial shitposts to check up on. It really makes me hee hee.

No. 722729

same kek

No. 722762

No. 722763

File: 1611631967787.gif (9.48 MB, 360x270, ....gif)

No. 722828

lmao, the same exact thing has happened to me before… multiple times. cheers anon

No. 722847

opened soren thread expecting some dumb ass faggotry ass middle school ass fanfiction ass pity me fuckass shit. when i saw the bitch was dead i smiled cause of all the disguting shit she did. i mean, faking years of rape as a child. she's rotting and im happy!

No. 722864

File: 1611656842775.jpg (31.92 KB, 325x400, mng3rpxgui.jpg)

I wish I was young enough to dress like some of the better looking e-girls. While I look surprisingly young for just turning 30 I still feel it would be inappropriate

No. 722869

Why? Do you have a dress code at work or something? You can tune down the accesorizing and so for starters but it's pointless to not try out something you want to try out just because it possibly not being appropriate, you'll just regret it later.
I dress like that sometimes, being almost 30 myself, no one makes me feel weird for it.

No. 722872

I hate how it has become so normal to shoop yourself. You should dress how you want, I don't think it looks juvenile

No. 722881

You're only 30 and you think you can't wear something like pic related?? what??

No. 722882

inappropriate for who or what though? I mean for most jobs yeah… your free time? no

No. 722885

The only thing i could see someone thinking of as "inappropriate" is the crop top and that can be easily switched to full lenght top? This outfit is just cute patterned pants and a cropped jacket basically. Do it on your freetime anon, we believe in you.

No. 722894

I sometimes get nostalgic for my middle school years and I really don't get why since it was probably my most miserable years. I didn't have any friends, I had a delayed puberty so I looked like a child until high school, my parents were strict so I couldn't express myself with fashion and music, and in a general way I had zero freedom to do basic stuff like go outside alone or buy random shit. This is not even induced by the corona lockdowns since I've had these nostalgic episodes for a long time.

No. 722915

Nigga 30 isn't a fucking mummy. You probably still look the same you did at 25 and you can wear that just fine. It's not like it's a baby bip and diapers. Grow a spine.

No. 722937

I'm 32 and I often wear cropped jumpers with highish-waisted leggings. You're the best judge of whether or not that inch of exposed midriff looks okay on you still. I'd base the decision more on how your reflection looks than your age.

No. 722959

God Help me I have developed a crush on History teacher whose older then my Father

also before anyone here judges me he's 6'7, beautiful mane beard and he's very smart and overall he seems to a good guy, and I'm not gonna act on these feelings alright

No. 722964

>can’t spell
>kinda cringe
Are you underage? If he’s really a good guy then you can act up all you want you’d just get brushed off.

No. 722968

I'm 21 don't worry not underage, I guess should have said professor not teacher

No. 723003

I'm kind of terrified of what kind of behaviors anons excuse as normal from their boyfriends/friends in advice threads, and how hard they work for their useless mate's sake. Might be a good dose of copium, but I'm happy to be a spoiled only child who's selfish can't tolerate other people.

No. 723005

that butt and waist line is shooped? i thought it looked weird. if this is the new standard we are judged by then it's time to go full legbeard.

No. 723007

It's not you coping. I can never even give advice in that thread, because I'd need to start by rewiring their brains.

No. 723011

looking at the faceapp /m/ thread, if adam driver had been born female i would have been the biggest driverfag tbh

No. 723014

nta but yes they need therapists

No. 723016

My last relationship ended after my partner cheated on me and then rubbed their new relationship in my face a whole day post-break up. Seeing as we had to still live in our place together for a few more weeks I spent those weekends getting out of the house with this guy I met online. I had no real friends after my ex had moved me to the other end of our country so I kind of used this new guy as a temporary pal to get me through that breakup shitness til I could move. We got coffee, went to the cinema, watched netflix, cuddled back at my place. Part of me saw him as a gay guy pal but he turned out to be a furry/kinky weirdo who was bisexual and crushing on me… I came soo close to still fucking him purely as a way to move on from my ex and that whole mess. My god am I glad I didn't do it.

I see now that it'd be a regret if it did happen. In the past I've dropped my standards dramatically whenever I've not been doing well emotionally. Breaking the habit of quick rebound sex.. good. Kind of using this guy to vent to and then ghosting him the second I moved… not so good.

No. 723020

I sometimes wonder if those posts are creative writing. That's how low the bar is set.

No. 723024

if i ever move in together with someone i will never be able to get comfortable because i do weird obsessive shit like picking my skin and binge eating. it's either discomfort on my part or them getting disgusted by me because i am no longer masking.

No. 723026

Maybe you should live with someone to motivate you to stop this behavior. It's really unhealthy, anon.

No. 723032

I'm writing an epic enemies to lovers cow x y/n fanfiction and nobody is gonna stop me

No. 723042

what cow(s)

No. 723043

File: 1611680472265.jpg (29.38 KB, 567x542, 2cec71161268a2ef69288b5a4a2105…)

my mom's friend will probably get me a job in the place where my mom worked before she died. I always hated nepotism and I will feel like an asshole for taking it but I can't find anything by myself and I have bills to pay and now I also have health problems, I feel like a loser

No. 723052


loool I used to have this exact bedframe and the landlord decided to put it underneath a 45 degree slanted wall. I definitely have brain damage. Also rip my shins from running into the corners.

No. 723054

your mom would be helping you somehow right now if she were alive, right, anon? if this is the only way she can help you now, i think it’s okay even if it’s technically “nepotism” or whatever. the world sucks sometimes and it sucks that she can’t be here to do any of the other mom stuff you need. don’t get down on yourself for accepting the help she can still provide - she wouldn’t want that.

No. 723064

File: 1611682019185.jpg (31.66 KB, 515x718, afeee5509eb93f87bea459ccc8ddca…)

When "Drunk In Love" was first released (2014? 2013?) I thought Jay Z's lyric was "Eat the cake, anime". Idk why because I understood the "Eat the cake, Anna Mae" reference, and Jay Z probably barely knows what anime is. I was super embarrassed when I finally read the lyrics and I still think about it sometimes

No. 723068

Jay-Z should be embarrassed for the Anna Mae lyrics tbh

No. 723086

thank you anon, your words made me feel better. I should be grateful for this chance, so many people in my town lost their jobs it's unreal

No. 723100

File: 1611684513113.jpg (33.56 KB, 400x512, cake.jpg)

The same thing happened to me, anon, don't be embarrassed. I was actually disappointed it wasn't "anime".
The fact that no mainstream rapper has done an "Eat the cake, anime" pun lyric is just more proof that most celebrities are fake anime fans.
Also, it's ugly as shit for a scrote to make light of domestic violence like that (especially on a woman in his community), but nobody ever cancels male rappers (much less one that's attached to Beyonce), so rip.

No. 723176

i like the aesthetics and soundtrack and keanu reeves of the matrix trilogy so much i don't even care that it was made by two agp troomers, nor that the premise was obviously plagiarized

No. 723178

They weren't troons back then, I think it's okay to still like the Matrix.

No. 723226

ive been in a online friend group for about 2 years now. I love them all dearly and we are very tight knit but there is one particular girl that joined our circle a few months ago and i secretly cant stand her. But I have to keep this to myself because all our other friends enjoy her company a lot and would be sad if she left, So i just hope one day i stop disliking her or something.

No. 723235

why don't you like her?

No. 723243

File: 1611694031716.jpg (89.92 KB, 1029x1230, 20200620_214456.jpg)

This fucking buggy ass bitch site keeps deleting my posts after I try adding an image so I am re-rewriting this. Basically just realised that even though I always got along and was liked by my friends parents, I never met my ex gf's parents due to a fuckload of miles between us and her mom. Ex bf's mom loved me, but that was like 5 years ago and I am now 27yo, jobless, loud, fat, and atm pretty sick piece of shit. If I were to ever marry a woman, my side would be like 10 people. I would be such a fucking in law's nightmare and it freaks me out even though it's lame as shit and everybody who knows me wouldn't think I even care about shit like this.

No. 723252

i guess mainly jealously. She is very happy, sweet, and nice, has many friends outside of our circle , and i just envy it so much. In contrast to this she is a large attention seeker and cant go 1 minute without talking about herself. everytime we chat she just somehow makes it about herself and its so irritating. I could list more things but its mainly those. i feel so fake for pretending to like her, all because i dont wanna ruin my friendship with the other people in my group.

No. 723263

An anon posted lately saying that after she got out of an abusive relationship she had thoughts about her ex putting cameras and trackers in her tv/laptop. Then another ex-abused anon chimed in with the same. I meant to reply at the time but didn't. I experienced the exact same thing. I'm not a paranoid person generally. I don't have any history of bizarre thoughts like that. It was weird to read others describing the same thing.

No. 723284

I'm the same way and I think the isolation contributed to it to an extent. I'm also surrounded by people who are too curious about me, but I wouldn't expect even then to put trackers in my devices, usually. I just have some really annoying thoughts about it sometimes and come up with theories, then I go back to normal. Right now I'm in the "it's bullshit" phase.

No. 723311

NTA but I also need answers

No. 723317

i unironically love this. i hope i see it when you eventually post it

No. 723338

oh okay, I understand. Sorry but I don't really have any advice.

No. 723372

the women that go on femaledatingstrategy are losers tbh. they look at relationships like transactions instead of healthy partnerships, and most of the women seem ghetto or in need of validation for their life choices. good for you if you don't wanna date bottom of the barrel loses (as you should!) but some of the stuff on there is so otherworldly, cynical, and downright aromantic. if you hate men that much just buy a vibrator, don't try to convince everyone to have sociopathic/parasitic views on relationships.

No. 723382

I agree that relationships should never be transactional or parasitic, (unless you're a sugar baby or something), but having browsed there a couple times, I think some of the stuff they say can be helpful to a lot of women. You'd think saying stuff like "don't date guys who don't do housework, don't have a job, never get you gifts, can't fuck you right etc…" is common sense, but you'd be surprised by how many women need to be told that. I'm shocked so many farmers seem to not like FDS, because it feels a tiny bit similar to LC. Like, isn't the stuff they say there kinda like the stuff farmers say? Some anons here will even tell you relationships with men should be transactional and men are only good for sex and money.

No. 723386

how is this a confession?

No. 723394

I feel like men view relationships as sexual transactions anyway.. Or free housekeeping. While I don't fully grasp the fds way of dating, I read it as 'join the existing game and stand a chance of somewhat benefitting' ? I could be reading it wrong

I've dated someone who paid more towards our shared bills but then demanded weird sexual shit while never giving me an orgasm in 3 years together.. I'm losing at dating. I can't really judge women trying to navigate dating in different ways.

No. 723407

Nta but those anons are usually responding to the many farmers who post stuff like
> my boyfriend spends all his money on onlyfans and never takes me out… how do I stop being jealous and insecure?

Which I understand, I’ve been there, but in that mindset FDS is unthinkable. We’re generally expected to pander to men, and taught certain expectations of male/female relationships. It can be hard to reject that, and the women that do can appear cold.

All I know about FDS is through lc though. Just think there’s an interesting mix of perspectives on here.

No. 723411

You dont think men see sex as transactional? I have never had a bf or a date who didnt expect sex if he did anything for me. Anytime they did anything "nice" for me if they didnt get a blow job or pussy afterward expect a whole day of pouting like a spoiled baby.

No. 723412

I'm not active within FDS but I will say that their fundamental beliefs are based and a good wakeup call for straight women since we're taught to tolerate the bare minimum. I feel like either you're a woman in denial or a man (especially in regards to your "sociopathic/parasitic" comment, FDS is at worst petty which is only a hate crime if you're a triggered moid).

No. 723416

Don't worry about who other women are dating hon. You can keep your applebee's-and-a-movie bf, doing his dishes while he gives you mediocre sex if you want to. Personally, I find men giving me things while I reciprocate as little as possible romantic af. Not like anyone is forcing men, they're offering themselves.

No. 723417

Repeat after me girls: Men like spoiling women they want.

No. 723419

What does the "Anna Mae" lyrics mean?

No. 723420

Anime, dummy

No. 723426

OP here, it's a reference to a movie called "What's Love Got to Do With It". It's based off of the life of Tina Turner, a singer, Tina's real name is Anna Mae. There's a scene in the movie where Ike Turner, her former husband, was trying to force Tina/Anna Mae to eat a piece of cake in a diner. Tina/Anna Mae refused, so Ike beat her and if I remember correctly, forced the cake into her mouth. "Eat the cake, Anna Mae" is one of his lines.

In the context of the song, the lyrics are "Ain't got the time to take drawers off; On sight, catch a charge I might; Beat the box up, like Mike in '97, I bite; I'm Ike Turner, turn up, baby, no, I don't play; "Now eat the cake, Anna Mae!"; Said, "Eat the cake, Anna Mae". Jay Z is basically saying he's gonna "beat" Beyonce's coochie up and then eat her ass/cake (or Beyonce eats his ass?).

No. 723430

damn, that's so rancid. thanks for the explanation anon!

No. 723442

what did they plagiarize???

No. 723443

i had a sex dream about Nancy Pelosi a few days ago

No. 723455

File: 1611710060502.png (46.72 KB, 1295x256, g-girl-talk-9.png)

I agree, but I think the anon in pic related brings up better points on why these type of relationships often don't work out.
I personally don't like either extreme because having someone else do all the work feels like I'm being treated as a child, like I might as well date my parents at that point. But I don't want to be treated like someone's mom either.

No. 723461

That's completely how I feel to. Being in a relationship where the other person loves me more than I love them would make me so uncomfortable. To me there's no point in being with someone I don't really love that much. I know the 50/50 stuff is like a joke or whatever, but I really do want a relationship where we put in an equal amount of effort and care for each other.

I know they're not being completely serious, but the "a man needs to provide absolutely everything for me" thing is kinda funny cause most farmers here seem anti-sexwork. Imo, being with a man you don't love because of what he can provide for you isn't that different from being a sexworker but what do I know

No. 723466

File: 1611710924421.jpg (19.14 KB, 310x310, yes.jpg)

Just ordered a shit ton of clothes from Brandy Melvile, I regret nothing

No. 723470

In what world does sex work mean a man is providing everything for you kek??? And why would you assume that women in favorable relationships don't love their man? Curb your projection sis.
>put in an equal amount of effort and care for each other
The bar is so low that when women want exactly this, yall call it parasitic and whoring, criiiinge.

No. 723477

I hate my sister so i peed on her exfoliating glove she used to exfoliate her body before fake tan with

No. 723478

…projection of what? And anyway, providing was a poor choice of words, but what I mean is men giving women money and gifts for basically nothing but like sex and attention. Just to be clear, I'm not saying men shouldn't buy gifts, or pay for anything (literally the opposite of what I think). To give some context, that part of my post was partly inspired by seeing multiple anons here say they got married for financial benefits and not wanting to fuck their husband but they do it anyway. To me it's like, how is that different from sw.
>The bar is so low that when women want exactly this, yall call it parasitic and whoring
You must have read my post wrong lol. I said that's what I want so why would I also call it "parasitic and whoring"?? I'm not sure how that would be "parasitic and whoring" anyway. An equal relationship is not one person showing more affection and gifts while the other person barely does anything. Regardless of gender, that is very parasitic imo, and not what I would consider equal at all.

No. 723482

>men giving women money and gifts for basically nothing but like sex and attention
>sex and attention
>basically nothing
NTA but imagine undervaluing access to your body and emotional labour that much, couldn’t be me. Not mentioning lots of women do the bulk of the housework too. You’re getting hella scammed.

No. 723485

I feel like there's more to relationships than sex. I wouldn't date someone if I felt like I was doing more housework than them.

No. 723488

i'm a filthy furry and i have the best fursona ever, h8ers be jealous

No. 723489

What species is it?

No. 723492

monke! but like a cute one

No. 723493

nice! I bet it's really cute!

No. 723494

that's what they all say. They start out not making you do the housework and then slowly groom you into it

No. 723499

File: 1611713256785.jpeg (63.41 KB, 413x269, 03C64B90-8EE3-4937-939C-C202FC…)

Ofc there’s more to relationships than sex, which is exactly all the more reason to expect more from your moid. The sex is mid for you but it’s good for him every time. Most men can not provide the same amount of emotional intelligence, support and empathy to a woman the same way an average woman does for him. A man gets more validation and social euphoria from having a girl on his arms than a woman does from bagging a scrote because men will fuck anyone. A man is more well positioned to advance in the workplace, thus has financial potential than a woman. Not to mention, a woman carries ALL the burdens if she decides to pursue motherhood. Equality isn’t the sunshine and rainbow thing you think it is. Equality is a man’s free pass to beating your ass if you slapped him.

No. 723504

I don't understand how me saying
>I really do want a relationship where we put in an equal amount of effort and care
>Equality is a man’s free pass to beating your ass if you slapped him.
to you. Giving your partner as much affection (which comes in different forms, I don't feel like listing them right now tbh) as they give you doesn't mean it's ok to beat them up? I feel like you guys are really misunderstanding what I'm actually saying.

No. 723507

Fam it’s an expression referring to how men say that constantly when normalfag women bring up “equality” with them. People like you who just want men to do the absolute least (aka still rigged to men’s favor) but their reaction is still to make joke about abusing you. Men Already think that they are doing more than you at all times, how do you think they’re gonna interpret “putting same effort” as you? They’d ask YOU to do more or they do less.
You are being willfully obtuse or maybe you’re just naive. I wish you all the good fortune of not getting taken for granted/advantage of for being so cool and low maintenance.

No. 723509

Where the fuck did I say that I want mean to do the least or that I'm low maintenance? Again, you guys are misunderstanding my post. all I said was
>That's completely how I feel to. Being in a relationship where the other person loves me more than I love them would make me so uncomfortable. To me there's no point in being with someone I don't really love that much.
Basically literally just saying I wouldn't want my partner to do put in all the work in a relationship while I do the bare minimum. I don't think that's controversial. That does not make me low maintenance. I expect certain things and I will not compromise on my standards for a man or woman. I'm sorry you guys don't know how to read, but stop saying shit that was never said.

No. 723518

Nta but unfortunately with most scrotes they have to kind of feel like they like you more to maintain respect for you. Life isnt fair.

No. 723543

i want to die but i fear death

No. 723557

i'm back: my rhetorical writing teacher seems very sweet and nice but i don't get why, when everything is online and this is a writing course, she wants to push group work and mandatory class sessions. none of my other professors have mandatory lectures (zoom meetings but her) – a few of them aren't even like, hosting lectures. so what the hell woman

No. 723563

im scared of having kids, especially a girl because i know for damn sure I'd end up bitter and jealous that she'll be able to go through life not facing the issues i had and more opportunities and in general just being able to have a regular teen life. something i never have and can't experience. it's dumb, stupid and i need to go to therapy for it but it's a very pervasive fear and i hate it

No. 723564

it is true. the more he likes you the more he tries to impress you. he will bring you on dates, pay for it all, get you small gifts, if you hang out he will have snacks for you or bring you something from the store, compliment you, get you quality gifts for every occasion.

>date a man who likes you more than you like him

is unironically good advice. scrotes don't respect what they don't have to put in a lot of effort for. if you are so worried about tingly butterfly feelings, just know that your crush, or any man, will give less and less effort in a relationship over time, unless you still hold this power dynamic. would you still feel happy in love with chad if he started flirting with camwhores? i don't think so. it is also completely possible to fall in love with someone you don't necessarily find the most attractive at first. trust me you're already giving a guy more by dating him without anything extra like gifts or extreme sex. whenever i gave more effort in any relationship than the man i got screwed over basically he became a slob, forgot my birthday, got me cheap low effort gifts and even that only after negging, was looking at other girls, stopped caring. this is not just my experience either. love is effort, not pining, not wishing for things to get better, not taking each other for granted.

No. 723589

He’s been gone for over a decade now but I still miss my cat. I’ve been unable to ever get another pet because I know the pain of losing one again would break me, more so than any number of other traumatic experiences I’ve been through. He was my best friend and the only being who ever loved me unconditionally.

No. 723611

File: 1611732704162.png (148.45 KB, 683x395, vbdBAfW.png)

I have this one friend, he is very nice and smart, somewhat of a prep stereotype, but sweet guy overall; yet for some reason I keep having wet fantasies of him dumbing down completely. I just want him to be a complete uneducated idiot who's horny all the time.

I appreciate that he tries to remember my country's name and respect me as his ~diverse female friend~ but I get turn on by the idea of him just acting like an american hillbilly, without understanding a single word of what am I saying, as he constantly looks at my chest. I'm not even attracted to this sort of men, I find them annoying and a waste of time, but I think it's pretty hot to see this well mannered guy becoming an absolute mess of a slut.

For a long time I was able to just ignore it, but today it just was too much and I had to relief myself. I want to an hero so badly after that.

Not bait or maleposting, I'm genuine just an awful friend and need to get this out, I deserve to feel guilty

No. 723759

himbofication fetish? thought i was the only one

No. 723786

Now that I'm unemployed I spend most of my days F5ing lolcow, gaiaonline and facebook all day when I'm not applying for jobs. I am not proud.

No. 723787

I also occasionally check the menus of restaurants I can't afford at the moment for some weird reason. I don't order anything, I just fantasize about being able to eat there.

No. 723789

I feel blessed that I missed the CP spam both times. It's so traumatizing.
20ish years ago, we used to download movies and the download would last a day or two. When you finally downloaded it, if it was a popular film that was just released, it was a high probability that the file is just named by the film but contains dubious porn. I'd always wait for my boyfriend to come back from work to check the file after downloading in case it's cp. It's unmistakable when it was, he'd look like he was punched in the gut, he'd see a glimpse and then be unable to sleep. He shielded me, but there was no escaping it, you'd be in a random chatroom and someone would suddenly post cp and I'd be dazed the whole day.
Whenever I feel nostalgic about the old wild West internet, I remember the worst of it too. Not missing having to brace for cp anytime I go online.

No. 723794

I have e sex with a guy i’m not even attracted to on discord so i feel like i’m a real person but it just makes me feel worse

No. 723796

A part of me miss the wild west period of the internet, but honestly the amount of random child porn, regular porn or straight up gore that would get posted (or accidentally downloaded when you just wanna watch a movie/anime) was just too much.
Can't we just have some sort of in-between of then and now, but keep the degenerates permanently banned from the internet?

No. 723805

BITCH ME TOO (even though mostly for doll clothing & wig inspo)
Gaia renaissance when

No. 723806

if i see something funny on reddit i don't upvote it because i don't think redditors deserve happiness

No. 723808

You should boycott Reddit since everyone who runs that site despises people of your gender. Don’t sell yourself out.

No. 723809

File: 1611747173822.jpg (137.78 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I used to love them but then they became too woke and boring

No. 723810

No. 723811

is that true? i've never really been a fan of reddit, i just have no social media and needed something to browse that wasn't just lolcow all day. i really hate reddit culture, so i won't miss it.

No. 723844

I love stroking my lady stache, it's so soft!!!

No. 723862

I'm only here because studying makes me feel nervous and insecure so it's nice to remind myself there are people out there even dumber and more unaccomplished than I am (miss you Pheebz)

On the other hand I could use the energy to retrain my brain to feel safe around the inevitable failures on the road to progress but eh that sounds harder

No. 723866

I rather masturbate than have sex. Peak introvert behavior i guess.

No. 723868

No. 723870

I only upvote on subs that are mainly women, like /r/OtomeGames or FDS

No. 723883

File: 1611755976741.jpg (83.08 KB, 600x799, d4xhdia-c90c6bf6-5a5f-4acc-942…)

I watched Leda as a teen. I unironically miss her, and I really miss that era of my life. Occasionally I still go back and watch her old videos.

No. 723884

it's 2021 and i'm still a kinnie. i'm almost 23, graduated university and i have a stable job

No. 723886

Sorry to be stupid but what does that really mean in actuality? What do you do?

No. 723887

ayrt, it's pretty much identifying with/as fictional characters, but there are also "tiers" of kinning depending on like how much do you identify with them or if you actually consider yourself "them irl"

No. 723888

I'm gonna make yarn dreadfalls and nothing will stop me, I know it's cringe and I embrace the cringe and be the ultimate knockoff cybergoth

No. 723889

Its ok as long as you got education and / are a job. The only disgusting kinnies are the ones who are into NEETdom

No. 723891

Who do you kin, nonnie?

No. 723895

Most things i say ends up becoming true in some way. It nearly always happens if i have a strong feeling about it

No. 723896

literally all the characters i kin are women, usually the "mean girl" type or at least snarky or the #girlboss type. my main kin as a teen was miss pauling from team fortress 2. i also used to kin most popular girls in school characters. right now i'm playing hitman 3 and yakuza 7 and i'm getting ~kin feels~ from diana burnwood, respectively saeko mukoda so, yeah

No. 723897

samefag, i also used to kin rochelle from left 4 dead 2, but that was partly because francis is husbando 4 lyfe

No. 723902

I somehow ended up with a disproportionate amount of trans girl friends (met long before they came out), and it makes it really hard for me to take the pinkpill side because they're all just cool androgynous-looking people who wear Gaultier and really like, idk, Bjork. No dyed hair or ageplay or whatever. I don't think I've ever met a trans person who set off fetishist/abuser/faker alarms, but I understand the concern. Idk please ignore this if it's against the rules to bring up pinkpill/trans discussions.

No. 723906

Isn't that just seeing a character and thinking you relate to them? Do people actually dress up and try to larp these characters? I am sorry, I should take it to stupid questions thread instead

No. 723907

are most of your transgirl friends into men? even if not all of them, it still makes sense, it's usually the terminally online transbians who are deranged fetishists

No. 723908

same anon I think she was genuinely nice and nerdy now everyone on the internet is so fake

No. 723909

i love an ana boy and lately i been trying to get in shape and all of this is making me want to become a skelly again

No. 723911

>Do people actually dress up and try to larp these characters?
yes, some of them do. some of them even claim ownership on said characters and will throw a fit if you dare interact with them as a "double" (aka kinning the same character). i personally never did it to that degree, the closest thing i did to larping was trying to emulate the qualities that i found interesting/valuable in my kins, which i guess actually helped in a way in my education and career

No. 723954

I've never been a kinnie but I have a huge list of characters I wish I were

No. 723979

I shit myself when I was 23
The train ride home from the citiy took longer than I expected, and I thought I was going to make those 15 minutes up the hill to my apartment but my asshole was way too excited over the thought of soon being able to sit on the porcelain throne it let go then and there. Luckily I wore black pants, it was dark outside and I had my own washing machine so I could just rinse the worst off in the shower and throw that literal shit in the machine the moment I got home. But now I get scared of shitting myself any time I get the poopies on my way home.

No. 723994

I laughed so hard at your post. I pissed myself at 15 while waiting in line at the toilet in a busy club. It was a lot of piss but it was dark so I got home without people noticing.

No. 724061

Yeah lol, I'm pretty sure all of them are into men. That makes sense I guess

No. 724103

I really want to do a masters at the European Graduate School but I know I would get clowned for funelling resources into a pretentious critical studies program

No. 724106

I want to tell my dad that I'm gay. I've had whole long term (sexless) straight relationships before just to cover my tracks though..so I've pretty much shot myself in the foot there.

My mom died convinced that I'm straight and happy with my then male partner… I at least want my dad to know the truth ten years later. But then I have to admit my relationships were fake. I worry that I was too convincing. I've ruined my chances of telling him. He already views women as fickle idiots. I cant tell him and have him understand my actions.

No. 724163

It might be better to just not tell him, anon. I know it'd be nice to have a fairytale ending where you're accepted and everything is great, but IMO sometimes it's best to just not say anything. I think it will just cause more heartache for you if you're not accepted and you'll probably never get the answers you're looking for. I expected the same from my mum, who "doesn't believe women can be gay like men can." and I regret ever telling her. (I'm also completely no-contact with her now but that's neither here nor there).

I'm really sorry that you're going through this.

No. 724177

Thanks anon. A few years ago my dad wrote me out of his his will because he assumed my (physically fucking disabled) ass would land a comfortable man to support me.. Meanwhile my one bro will prob need money? His weird views around gender piss me off like nothing else can.

I'd be fighting an uphill battle if I wanted acceptance or understanding from him. Deep down I know that.

No. 724259

If my husbando was real I'd become a major pickme. And no I won't post him so shut up. He's too good for this hellsite.
Second confession, sometimes I won't watch a show/read a manga/etc if there aren't enough male characters to thirst over or if I don't find them attractive enough.

No. 724289

do what make u happy girl

No. 724298

Extremely based anon

No. 724322

Sometimes I wonder if special olympians who are just missing arms or legs get mad at being lumped in with the retards

No. 724331

There's a local wheelchair uh racer and from what I've heard more stuff akin to born this way vs injured.

No. 724371

Disabilities are classified so they only compete with similar people.

No. 724372

I have never been in a talking stage longer than 2 weeks. I either get sick of the scrote trying to use me for sex then snap on him like the bpd bitch I am or the scrote tries to bread crumb me, I get bored and stop responding then they start popping up once a month to see if I'm interested in them. I'm tired.

No. 724378

It's a slow burn and a long grind anon, I feel you. It seemed like I went through countless before I finally found one who was obsessed with me and loved me a bit more than I loved him. You're not bpd for catching on to bad shit within 2 weeks, you're keen and know what you want.

No. 724392

The Special Olympics and the Paralympics are two separate things.

No. 724393

Retards get more respect than natural born women, cool cool.(gc sperging)

No. 724394

Sometimes I’ll just turn Praying by Kesha on full volume and fucking sob in bed with the lights completely off. It’s extremely cathartic I must say.

No. 724399

I'm just scrolling by but god calm down tranny janny.

No. 724402

Why are you banning her? She’s right

No. 724425

Tranny jannys just sad because his neo-wound got infected

No. 724430

based and true, also janny is a tranny

No. 724433

They hated anon because she told the truth, kek.

No. 724452

I really like having dreams about one of my ex-boyfriends. We were together when I was younger and never got very serious but idk he had such a kind vibe and was exactly what I needed at that time in my life. My crazy ass drove him off and I don't blame him but dreams about him make me feel so nostalgic and cozy. No idea what he is up to these days and I have no intention of finding out.

No. 724480

Mod called a single, clear sentence sperging. Please die in a fire.

No. 724482

i can compromise when it comes to women but i will never date a man unless he meets all of my standards, including my long list of autistically specific ones

No. 724506

I think rimjobs (giving and receiving) are hot. I also think putting stuff (fingers, objects) up the bootyhole is hot.

I wouldn't give a rimjob to a man irl though, unless he's very anal (hehe) about his hygiene Just to be clear, washing your ass is basic hygiene, obviously. I just wanted the pun. I would eat and let a woman eat my ass all day though. I would never stick an entire dick up my ass just cause it would take too long to get it in, and I'm scared of losing ass function. I thought buttholes were muscles so idk how that happens but, it does. Also having to douche before and after would fucking suck. The thought of it is kinda sexy though.

I hope the anal avenger anon doesn't see this

No. 724511

>I also think putting stuff (fingers, objects) up the bootyhole is hot.
alright, reasonable enough
>I think rimjobs (giving and receiving) are hot.
oh no…

No. 724573

Same. I love ass stuff, especially rimming. Once I was eating my bf's ass and his hole started quivering because it felt so good. I could feel that with my mouth and started touching myself as well, orgasmed in a few minutes. Hot stuff. I also expected anal to feel awful, but it's actually pretty great. Fingering is the best though.

No. 724579

Thanks anon, now I'm horny also kinda makes me want to try anal, but i still want to be able to functionally shit

No. 724585

I have very hard time with piv due to stuff but i can come from anal, don't get the hype but then again i don't fuck scrotes so i don't know the pressures of it.

No. 724594

This was supposed to say "don't get the hate" but ok

No. 724617

Same, for me it's because most women I know are actually willing to work on themselves and a compromise is really a compromise, and not I Kept Whining At You Until You Were Fed Up With Me And I Got My Way And That's What I'm Going To Call A Compromise

No. 724674

I ate my bf's ass once.

He's a pretty "dommy", more serious, less sexually explored guy who doesn't really like me doing things to him but he came within literally seconds and made noises I'd never heard him make before. He won't let me do it again sadly.

No. 724689

File: 1611851003630.jpg (75.58 KB, 640x480, beehive.jpg)

I do not understand trypophobia. How are holes scary?

No. 724733

File: 1611854660338.jpg (Spoiler Image, 16.94 KB, 236x236, aefebd1cbbf4082009679ac39e2d2b…)

No. 724758

Please spoiler this

No. 725160

Absolutely reveling in the smell of my own farts

No. 725181

They’re not scary so much as disgust-inducing to me.

No. 725182

they aren't scary, they're gross and ugly and make me want to stick my fingers in and rip it apart

No. 725414

File: 1611946901567.png (1.11 MB, 1123x1296, 1603460851299.png)

I wish I became a vtuber…but even if my face is hidden, I can't see myself being outgoing in front of a camera. I just love gaming and I feel like I wouldn't be half as cringe as HoloEN. I guess you have to be unabashedly cringe for these sorts of things though.

No. 725453

Do it and then post about it on the new 4chan vtuber board.

No. 725577

File: 1611957622803.jpg (93.71 KB, 564x849, 987387_ULLFN.jpg)

My confession is that I like graphic tees, they're cute and easy to dress up.

No. 725601

I made a fake post on a big subreddit to see if i'd get caught and it's getting so many upvotes.
It's making me feel a bit guilty but whatever

No. 725603

nostalgia and sentimentality are probably my biggest motivators in life

I kind of wanna get a degree simply because going to the university building(s) bring back good memories and make me feel good, even though the degree that I really want is offered at a different university

No. 725644

There are people that genuinely terrify me/disgust me to the point where I don't want to see any news about them and hope they die.

a couple of them, lovelypeaches and Chris chan

No. 725649

everything on reddit is astroturfed and fake, so no worries

No. 725663

I saved up for years to justify buying a Cintiq to draw on. Got myself one for my birthday last year and have been using it for a few months now, and I don't like it.

I don't like the way I'm always hunched over my work. Considered getting a stand, but my desk area is rather small and since I plan to move once the pandemic calms down, I'm not gonna buy any new furniture just to fit the Cintiq. I don't like the wires needed to connect and power it up. I hate being neurotic about cleaning the screen and wiping it down before every use to prevent dust scratching the surface.

Recently I dug up my old intous tablet and tried drawing with it again, and it feels so much better. My posture is straight as I have to sit up properly to watch my computer screen as I draw. It has Bluetooth so I don't even need a wire to connect it, it takes up no space at all and I can draw without fear of scratching it.

I hope I can re-home the Cintiq to a friend who would appreciate it more than I do and give it some love. I feel bad for having wanted one for so long only to discover that I was already happy with what I had.

No. 725705

File: 1611966699701.jpg (102.32 KB, 500x372, 1584786392289.jpg)

I watched femdom finger fucking a dickhole last night and enjoyed it

No. 725707

Oh my god? I'm not even a man but the thought of having a finger up my urethra made my vagina snap shut

link? I have a morbid curiosity

No. 725715

Just search sounding finger or something, can't be assed to find a link. Also saw female sounding which just- no.

No. 725723

File: 1611968409823.jpg (35.67 KB, 563x558, 1578355173307.jpg)

I'm going to vomit. I watched a video of male and female sounding, plus some video of a woman penetrating her cervix. This is too fucking much. This is not what life should be like. How can you even piss and hold your bladder after that? I have a fucking headache

No. 725725

All males should be sounded. Specifically at the same time their wife is giving birth, or after being convicted of rape.

No. 725735

I heard it feels like pissing razors or sand for days after sounding, so that is why i find it enjoyable to see done to men.

No. 725753

I love graphic tees too, Im still fairly young though and almost off of mine and are band tees

No. 725822

Sometimes I create characters in nsfw dollmakers/character creators. I just ignore the dirty parts as long as the game has a ton of options or ways to add mods/edit codes/etc. I might use the lewder options if it lets you make male bodies though

No. 725846

I continue taking these vitamins that make me take huge shits, sometimes immediately after ingesting them. I hope I’m getting some of their nutrients. Also just splurged on a really nice candle.

No. 725898

I’ve always been paranoid in the car. If I see a car in the rear view mirror down the street behind me, I’ll focus on it, especially if it’s close, and then try to quickly maneuver onto a different street in case they’re tailing me (they never are). Having a car driving behind me makes my skin crawl. What I’ve been noticing lately is that when I do these evasive maneuvers and I watched the cars continue away from me, I feel disappointed, kind of. Like, I wanted them to keep following me so I could keep evading them. Maybe my brain’s getting sick of constantly being on guard that it actually wants shit to go down finally.

No. 725957

Same! I got mine half off and brand new, and I really want to love it considering how lucky that was, but the back pain, wires, and anxiety over keeping it safe get old fast. I can't draw on screenless tablets though, so I just end up not doing digital art at all when I get frustrated with it.

No. 725975

I’m a wannarexia. Sometimes I wish I had anorexia. I don’t because the health problems deter me from it, and I don’t really want to be weak. More than anything though I wish I could be the same weight I was when I was 15 and I really wish I didn’t have a bloated looking stomach. I miss being considered underweight. If I lose 10 lbs then I think I could be considered underweight again. I feel safe in that range because I have a weird unflattering figure. I have very high hips that make me look fat, and I don’t have any hips or ass, just long chicken legs and a blocky middle. Being underweight would make me feel more safe in the way my body looks.

No. 725978

Can you resell the Cintiq on eBay or Amazon, or maybe an electronics shop?

No. 725983

I had this when I was in high school. I read every novel and watched every movie I could get my hands on where the main character had anorexia and I got a high from planning what I would and wouldn't eat. After a while I grew tired of always feeling exhausted from not eating and started eating again

No. 725995

look if youre normal bmi and your body is ugly then its time to work out. nearly all of the "my body is hideous even though im normal/low end bmi" posts could be solved by exercising with either cardio or anerobic activity instead of just starving to drop even more weight you dont necessarily need to lose

No. 726070

lolcow actually makes me a much better person irl. because i get to be rude and bitchy on here, i am able to be positive, politically correct and bubbly irl. it keeps me balanced. i never lash out or snap at people because i'm always able to save those emotions for later and instead take it out on some cow.

No. 726080

Idk where to put this properly but I’ve honestly adapted to the “new normal “ so well it’s really weird for me to not use a mask and only go out when it’s necessary. I can’t even really watch old vlogs where people go to Cafés or department stores without cringing a little. It’s something that wouldn’t be possible right now. And seeing people going shopping here and there is so weird to me now. It makes sense it’s called the new normal because that’s how it’s gonna be from now on.

No. 726098

File: 1612016174921.png (100.97 KB, 400x362, 1c0sahxnQ1sc935uo1_400.png)

I bought meme stonks with college funds and my family doesn't know, I plan to go to the grave with this secret

No. 726151

File: 1612024786119.jpg (19.49 KB, 195x205, Screenshot_20210130-103955.jpg)

Post your losses

No. 726214

I'm still in the greens but comes next week I'll post my suicide fuel for u kek

No. 726226

Don't risk money you can't afford to lose.

No. 726272

I still laugh at according to keikaku memes

I also miss when people called each other fam

No. 726275

We can bring it back, fam. I believe in us

No. 726297

File: 1612037426142.jpg (226.46 KB, 1500x1000, MV5BMGQ0N2Y3MzQtNWVhYi00OWYwLW…)

I watched 1917 for the first time last week and It made me way more emotional then I thought I would, all I could think about was how excited those dead soldier’s mothers were at some point to feel them move in their womb and that they didn’t go through pregnancy and birth just for cannon fodder. I told my husband that it convinced me even more that I want to move because I don’t want this kid growing up in a military area and getting sucked into that ever.

No. 726356

Yes, everything going according to keikaku keikaku means plan

No. 726362

File: 1612041735366.png (904.29 KB, 1533x611, Screenshot_20210130-213308~2.p…)

I really need to get tested for autism, I saw that post on Tumblr where OP thought Patrick Bateman was a real actor who looked just like Christian Bale and posted picrel, to which I thought "they don't look like the same person", I feel like I have face blindness or something. Like when parents have babies and people go "they look just like their dad/mom" or when siblings supposedly look alike,I never see it.

No. 726365

Loved this movie, anon. It is the only film in recent times where I cried at the cinema. Gut-wrenching stuff. I hope you get to move soon.

No. 726367

its ok anon, im faceblind too. i dont think it means you automatically have autism though. it sucks for customer service jobs, when i was fixing phones i always mixed up peoples phones because i couldnt remember their faces or tell them apart if it was crowded and someone took their jacket off or something. nothing too bad ever came of it but it was plenty awkward

No. 726372

Here's a Kate Bush song about the same feel, anon (in case you'd want one).

No. 726373

>Like when parents have babies and people go "they look just like their dad/mom" or when siblings supposedly look alike,I never see it.
People usually just say that, or just the parents see it. To me they all look like babies lmao, they don't start to resemble anyone until they're a bit older.

No. 726398

I remember seeing the trailer in theatres and the trailer alone moved me. I just wish I had watched this film when it hit the movie theaters…

No. 726419

I ruin other people’s chances to sell their garbage online
Not because I care about muh morals
But because nobody buys my stuff and I’m never scamming them
I love reporting your scams
I just do. Especially if they get taken down. I might start a blog for each website i frequent to buy garbage and sell my garbage and vent about my adventures
And the shitheads that scam
With their pics
And their mom’s pics
Exposed on my cozy lil bloggy

No. 726467

you have a very unique posting style

No. 726471

I thought this was a poem

No. 726535

File: 1612058290579.jpeg (55.41 KB, 750x755, D225E82C-E185-410B-8827-EB9CD7…)

i make subliminals online for extra cash and i feel bad because everybody keeps commenting on how it’s working for them and they trust me so much but i don’t know what the fuck i’m doing or if it’s even reliable. i just got into it because of the pandemic and because i know how to make my page look pretty to attract people.

i don’t ask for proof because i don’t really care, i’m just happy to get money for savings. some people are so genuinely sweet though, i really hope it works out for them in some way or another. fuck.

No. 726539

I use and make subs, and I appreciate your service, but I hope I never run across your page lmao. Keep getting your money tho

No. 726542

thank you for your service

No. 726543

I forged a letter to get a refund for something I bought because the post office genuinely did lose my item and refused to help me out, and the seller wouldn’t budge either because the tracking said it was delivered (it was, but not to me). I won’t be doing it again because my heart is fucking pounding and I hate lying for fear of getting caught but I’m was so fucking pissed about losing the money. I want to just take the refund and reorder the item because it’s cute and I want it, but it’s left a sour taste in my mouth now so maybe not.

No. 726544

Maybe just think of it as giving them the psychological push that they need to ~*~*manifest*~*~ whatever the fuck they're using your subliminals for.

No. 726545

You’re so dead.

No. 726549

This bitch sends 20 lines of texts at a time

No. 726550

how much cash do you make. might wanna try tbh

No. 726553

What is a subliminal? Sounds like the illuminati stuff I used to read about as a kid

No. 726555

basically a video with a bunch of songs and texts slapped on top, makes you believe that if you watch it then some things will happen to you. i've seen people watch hair grow subliminals and then claim that their hair got all long overnight which is so fucking bullshit. these people are really on another level of mental illness

there are also stuff like weight loss or rape subliminals which are even more fucked up

No. 726560

Tbh, those rape subliminals are rare and most people in that community boycott them and the channels that make them

No. 726562

i know it's not the exact same but recently i canceled an order for a sweater i bought last month, they sent it out and then refunded me four days afterwards? and i'm conflicted about whether i should return it or not. or if i should just pay them again and then resell the sweater on depop or something (i don't want it anymore)
i feel kinda guilty about holding onto it when they paid me back, but also they could be rich and not care much about losing $100 i guess

No. 726565

>rape subliminals
disgusting, why do scrotes have to ruin everything

No. 726567

it depends on whether or not it's a big topic. i make everything pretty because people find it trustworthy but at the same time broad so that different communities can find me. i let people contact me and when they ask i name a price range. my highest was 45 but i've seen other creators ask for more.

to be honest you just gotta make free shit in the beginning and think of catchy ways to get people to click. niche but wholesome topics that people like. god this sounds so stupid because it is but it's insanely easy that anybody can do it. people are just so lazy so it's so easy to start and make money if you know how to edit and create cool looking things.

yup, i've literally gotten dms about fulfilling shit like this. imagine being so braindead to want someone to make a rape or anorexia subliminal for you.

No. 726573

I pronounce Uruguay as "ur a gay" in my head. I don't know how it's actually pronounced. I've literally never heard someone say it irl and I've never said it irl.

No. 726575

I pronounce it as "yuruguuuai"

No. 726577

Do you make good “Become Korean” subliminals or na?

No. 726578

Idk how that would sound but thanks anyway

No. 726583

here is how it’s supposed to be pronounced anon

No. 726592

of course anon, how else would i pay off my college debt without the help of white teenage kpop stans

No. 726602

Wait what

Do they want subliminal about getting raped? Like "ooo take it" and flashes to pennywise? How would the other way even work

No. 726605

They do it to manifest being raped. Luckily those kind of subliminals are not popular.

No. 726607

I must have been over 10 years old when I realised other people's dads didn't wake up every weekend stinking of booze, just to throw up for extremely long periods of times. The only reason we had this buffet style of breakfast on the kitchen table on the weekends was because my mom wanted us kids to be able to eat before the smell and sounds fucked it all up. I am so goddamn angry, I still associate breakfast with puke sounds and smell, I fucking hate alcoholics and I hate myself for being that fucking stupid.

No. 726622

I too had a mom who was forever trying to cover up my dad's selfish vices.

I swear that the vast majority of men are barely mediocre fathers, if that.

No. 726630

File: 1612064754209.jpg (188.07 KB, 694x950, fetvtGl.jpg)

Yeah anon I mean as the world is getting worse I think some full semi scale wars are coming back, I mean in my former country an entire generation of men died in the 80's in war, all that was left were the old Mullah's and boys without fathers and were brainwashed about Islamic religious principles, Ironically the surviving veterans of the great holy defense(as it's called) are some of the least religious people you'll ever meet, if not atheists in all but name, I live in the US right now but I would leave here as well If there was a chance of my son getting conscripted

No. 726659

I love my mom dearly but I have made it very clear that she was in the wrong for letting us go through all that drunk shit. I just can't believe a man could genuinely care about his kids but that's just my damaged mentality speaking i hope

No. 726683

File: 1612069801124.jpg (256.97 KB, 700x394, aGh5pxr.jpg)

>Be me, months ago.
>Read the Hideous Art thread.
>Art gets posted.
>Not awful, actually kind of cute, but its place on the thread is understandable.
>Anons said that artist is cowish.
>Fast forward months after.
>Found artist's Twitter account.
>Decide to lurk their twitter.
>Mfw artist seems like a nice person.
>Keep reading just to find the milky stuff.
>Actually nice person.
>Start to like artist.
>Mfw start to feel bad for the things said on the thread.

Why am I like this?

No. 726684

Who is it?

No. 726690

I'm sorry.

No. 726701

His art is fine, but the fact he needs to clarify "all characters are 20+" in his bio is sending redflags to me. I feel like it's weirdos who draw shit like porn of Nezuko "aged up" that need to say that

No. 726719

Tbf artists who draw non-loli porn do that too since twitter users are quick to throw pedo accusations around even if the characters look like adults.

No. 726729

File: 1612073977421.jpg (Spoiler Image, 83.44 KB, 1024x870, ErzP3zOXEAA-EkC.jpg)

>go on their twitter
>find this
it's okay i follow a few cutesy furry artists so i can't judge

No. 726751

File: 1612076359933.jpeg (32.59 KB, 480x332, 7DD22292-304C-4BC4-88BE-36D399…)

I own ~3 anime figures (one is tiny af so barely counts) just because I like the characters. I already know owning them is cringe and don't intend to ever buy more. However, it hardly occurred to me that they could be sold for money someday. They didn't cost that much but now I'm feeling stupid and I have them out of the box … because what's the fun keeping them boxed away?
It's cringe either way but I feel so stupid. I don't pose them for pics either it's difficult and seems excessive. I only like to have them around. Feels silly of me

No. 726761

Is owning a few figures really that cringe? I’d only think it’s weird if the person had a whole giant shelf dedicated to figures or had the really degenerate ones that are 80% ass and titty, but owning a small amount of nerd shit just means you’re normal imo. Enjoy those figures anon!

No. 726772

I love my boyfriend and I call him egg boy in my head. It repeats over and over in my head without my control sometimes (even during sex).

That is all, thank you.

No. 726782

File: 1612079701291.jpeg (76.96 KB, 750x734, C2DB8A34-DD5E-4BD4-8C74-ABC9E9…)

Thanks, I'll try to view it that way. Please have a great day/night anon

also this is so cute

No. 726865

File: 1612094271662.gif (4.42 MB, 480x270, 1568475464428.gif)

I kind of want to stream video games and VNs, build up and audience and get money that way. No way that's gonna happen for a lot of reasons (especially because I don't have the equipment for that and I'd feel dumb talking to myself in front of a camera with my family in the next room) but if I could keep my job and earn money doing what I like on the side that'd be really nice. And it could probably be a nice way of meeting other girls who like video games and talking to them. But I think most male streamers are huge losers and I don't watch female ones so I just know they have creepy fanboys.

No. 726866

Your definitely gonna end up saying that out loud during sex one day lmao. This is cute though!

No. 726885

I've been thinking more and more of scamming twitter users to get money for a new obscenely expensive gaming PC. I do work, I just don't have the patience and temperance to just save up money from several months' salaries. I'm already black/mixed, I can stuff a sock in my pants and also claim to be a troon, also make up some sob story, it's not like anyone on that site has any sort of critical thinking skills. Please stop me before I do something stupid.

No. 726888

Thanks for making me ugly laugh, fam!

No. 726889

Do eeeeet

No. 726903

File: 1612102264942.png (304.04 KB, 541x700, SKVNGJR.png)

I enjoy making people mad, sometimes to my detriment. Yet I hate when they are resentful and want to take it out on me.

No. 726904

bitch get them ~reparations from woke white idiots, u have my blessing as a white idiot of the not-woke variety

No. 726905

LMAO do it

No. 726911

kek can you photoshop your face beyond recognition to add to the illusion/take the blame off yourself in case you're recognized? pull the 'i have to use PS to achieve my TRUE appearance bc of muh dysmorphia'

No. 726912

Sounds like you're a pussy who can't take what they dish out. We can get better, I promise.

No. 726920

She can use faceapp to morph her face with a new one. Maybe throw a bit of asian in there to really bring in the diversity.

No. 726934

Hm, it's not really on you though since you cancelled and they sent it out for some reason anyway? Sorry if I sound poor as hell but $100 isn't really a small chunk of change to me, if I got fucked out of $100 I'd be pissed and going after the buyer, but maybe the seller just really wanted to be rid of it since they haven't contacted you to send it/the money back lol

No. 727022

Thank you for the encouragement, it's just that the only thing that's holding me back is the fact that I still live with my parents and they know how much I earn at work. If I manage to make a large amount of money in a short period of time through e-begging and I get to buy whatever I want (especially if building an expensive computer) my parents will be like "Anon, where did you get all that money from?" and I'll have to provide a good explanation

No. 727033

My body hair is pretty thick and dark but my bush is so blonde it's nearly invisible.

No. 727035

That's so cool

No. 727039

I send anon hate to tumblr genderspecials.

No. 727044

adult ones I hope

No. 727049

My body hair is the opposite bah

No. 727055


this is cute nonnie. I'm not a kinnie but I used to love mpgis and my friend and I in high school would just recite those lines to each other all the time, we especially identified with rachel tice and the other nerdy girl kek.

No. 727056

you're just gonna give them an even stronger case of persecution syndrome and strenghten their retarded vision of the world. Maybe you don't care, but I felt like pointing it out

No. 727065

I don't think this is *~scandalous~* or whatever, but, I wanna get a Brazilian laser hair removal, but I've never even tried waxing before so I feel like that's a pretty big jump. I just hate shaving but I love having a smooth vagina

No. 727093

dont worry i only do it to people in their 20s and i never tell people to die or anything
youre right but i still do it because its fun to see an adult freak the fuck out after being called their "deadname" instead of socks or whatever

No. 727100

i met one of my best online friends on omegle while we wre talking about fetishes. i have quite a few of them but hers was vore.

No. 727103


No. 727111

well… yes and no, she's also into giant/tiny human vore. she's actually really nice and reliable and actually normie-passing though, we've been online friends for months.

No. 727115


No. 727118


No. 727119

why the capslock tho

No. 727120


No. 727127

File: 1612120055330.jpg (71.77 KB, 981x888, vf.jpg)

ALSO CAPSLOCK IS FUN SO I'M GLAD IT'S BROKEN!!(do not post in all caps - lolcow.farm/info )

No. 727129

i love chihuahuas

No. 727130


No. 727133

Not much of a confession but when people infight on lolcow I feel genuinely sorry for them. I'm sure we've all been baited into a couple of replies before but have you ever been in a thread where somebody has responded about 20 times? It's an anonymous board - just pick yourself up, dust yourself off and nobody will know you were even involved. Actually caring about an anonymous opinion of an anonymous post made by an equally anonymous person is unhealthy.

No. 727136

I actually like infighting.

No. 727138

it's fun for a few replies but you gotta move on after that. like 20 responses is too much
nothing beats the rush of when youre infighting and a bunch of anons chime in to agree with you though

No. 727139

Whoever responds the most times…loses

No. 727146

Anyone else just stop replying when you already made your point and someone still disagrees? What else is there left to say?

No. 727147

I got drunk the other night and typed up a message to tell my dad that I'm gay.. I was a level of drunk that I haven't been in a long time. Thank fuck I didn't actually send it. It's 3 days later and I just remembered it now because I was that close to blackout at the time. Jesus I had my finger hovering over send

I would be disowned right now. I have one dead parent already so I don't know how I'd deal with the fallout if I had sent it

No. 727161

I think sophie is incredibly handsome in the pretty boy way, I wish more men groomed themselves like that without trooning out

No. 727186

File: 1612125592111.jpg (44.48 KB, 696x1044, carisi-on-the-job-law-and-orde…)

I wanna peg and slap this man

No. 727189

File: 1612125724052.jpg (46.01 KB, 564x548, 6b95d93a3253ff102ec58e6e1268fc…)

I have a crush on a butch girl on twitter. I know this isn't that crazy, but having crushes for people on the internet makes me feel…weird. Like, she's not a youtuber or even famous in the twitter sphere so I feel a little embarrassed when I think of her. Just some random account. She's also a radfem, I don't even remember how I found her cause I don't involve myself in that stuff, but now I actually read whatever gender political stuff she tweets instead of just scrolling past it. Crazy what infatuation can make you care about.

I have also had sexual fantasies about her which makes me feel creepy, and sometimes I go through her tweets about wanting a femme gf and imagine myself in that scenario. She's also 6'2". I sympathize for her cause she talks about how she struggles maintaining relationships with women because of her self image and how she's not lucky in the relationship department. I know this may sound unhealthy, but I'm not going to stop viewing her page or even try to stop this.

Pic unrelated

No. 727202

Why don't you message her, anon? If you're carrying a torch for someone, it's always good to try and light it.

No. 727205

makes sense

No. 727206

I think you are over creepifying yourself in your head, try to create some engagement between you two! She sounds hot

No. 727210

First I fucking hated his guts on this show but now I get all blushing seeing his ugly face on my tv, lemme sound u

No. 727246

if im constipated i will shove my fingers up my butthole & pull it out. with a TP barrier but still

No. 727249

Google "stinky finger syndrome". There's an Indian research paper on it that makes me laugh every time I think about it

No. 727250

I had a friend years ago describe something similar to me (except she suspected she had some sort of prolapse issue happening internally?) A week after sharing that info she came out as having feelings for me. They weren't mutual lol

No. 727266

File: 1612129545577.jpg (33.07 KB, 563x566, d49608ab7c0be05bf7ac98052c1b40…)

Has the toilet paper ever broken while you were pulling one out? You're lying if you say no
Ty anons, she is very hot. I would like to subtly interact with her more but there are three issues
>I'm not cute enough right now
>My twitter page is literally empty, literally don't even have a profile pic
>her page is a mix of political and person interests, but she tweets a lot about radfem stuff so it would be kinda embarrassing if liked those tweets and we got to talk about it and I didn't know shit about it. I'm just not into that kind of stuff and I don't agree with a lot of it anyway. She seems very open-minded though
I think the only way to fix this is to glow up and completely revamp my account. I think she might also play an instrument, or at least used to, which is interesting cause I wanted to learn one.

No. 727272

You can instead push a tp covered finger in your vagina and it will do a much better job, that's my free pro tip of the day

No. 727283

How are you guys all shoving dry tp up your asses and vagholes? And what causes that level of desperation?

I've had meds badly constipate me and getting my bf to use an enema kit on me was (I thought) a desperate measure

No. 727286

you're going to give yourself hemorrhoids

No. 727289

Years ago I saw a news story about older women doing this and thinking it was normal when you reach a certain age… the gist of it was that it wasn’t. >>727246 if this is a regular occurrence and you don’t know what’s causing it you should investigate, or at least work out your pelvic floor / eat more fibre / drink more water.

No. 727306

I would suggest you just start using your account more, start following stuff, maybe people she follows if you share similar interests. Do it organically, I am also sure you are cute enough anon!

No. 727315

ANON IM DYING OF LAUGHTER PLS DO IT oh my god this is so funny. For the explanation for your parents maybe say that you sold overpriced clothing on the internet or that you won some giveaway from a Youtuber or a streamer or a gaming company? Tbh I'd just let my parents in on the troll but I have a history of doing shit like this although I've never earned money from it. Please keep us updated if you do do it!!

No. 727317

Is that some side effect of having multiple babies and your womb and all that pushing down over time?

I knew someone before who claimed her bowel movements were coming out of her front hole too…she had no babies and I never got updates or had the guts to google if that's a thing.

No. 727318

Front hole as in her pussy or her colostomy???

If it's her vagina she was probably fucking with you or something. I think a weaker pelvic floor would mean you have a harder time holding in your shit and pee though, not getting constipated.

No. 727322

Her vag. She was late thirties, no kids. Said bipolar meds had caused constipation so bad that been doing the digging method for a while and that she now thought the area between the two holes was torn allowing poop through

I don't know if she had some insane sex life or what because short of giving birth I don't know how you tear that badly inside

No. 727323

Both incontinence and constipation are possible. Your pelvic floor muscles are needed to pass shit or pee as well as hold it in.

No. 727330

Fucking Rachel Tice

No. 727353

>I don't know how you tear that badly inside

Constipation can be enough even if you're not "digging".

The layers between rectum and vagina are really thin compared to other protective structures in the body. Although the vagina is pretty strong, some women just have really shit luck. Rough sex, childbirth, endo, constipation, cancer, crohn's, IBD, infections, trauma, episiotomies and hysterectomies can all cause rectovaginal fistulas.

No. 727367

i've been doing this since i was a child and i'm scared my body is fucked up due to it.

also i haven't had a full poop in a week and i'm bloated, i keep getting cramps and the area near my uterus hurts help anons im scared. two laxatives didn't work and i can't go to a doctor right now. rip

No. 727378

Do you know what's causing the constipation, anon? Is it diet? Illness? It's pretty unusual for a person to need to dig out faecal matter once, let alone multiple times in their life. How often do you take laxatives? Taking them regularly really fucks up your colon.

No. 727403

it started because i didn't get enough food in as a kid, not on purpose i just forgot a lot of the time. it's just been a common occurrence since then. it's not a sexual or weird thing, it just helps me go much easier.

i had more to eat than usual this past week so that's probably why, but my lower body feels way more awful than usual.

i tried taking the two lax a few days ago but it only made me really gassy and pushing on parts of my body kind of hurts. i'm eating a lot of fiber, drinking water, and trying to walk a lot but only HARD pebbles come out. today it was just like… mucus. idk what the fuck that means. sorry for the tmi, anon, i'm stressin.

No. 727420

IBS? I sometimes have mucous farts because of it. It can present as diarrhoea or constipation or both.

No. 727425

Hard pebbles are called type 1 stool, it's common with constipation. As is the mucus. The pain could be gas pain from the constipation as well.

Warm your water before you drink it or drink it in the form of green tea. The heat will help get you moving.

I know it sucks when you've found a method that works for you, but you have to absolutely stop manually evacuating your bowels with your hands. Your body needs to relearn how recognise and respond to signals such as the urge to defecate. Children who do this can sometimes get something called lazy colon, and I imagine it's the same for adults who continue the behaviour into adulthood. Make sure you get to the bathroom as soon as you can after recognising that you need to go, this helps too!

It sounds like chronic constipation but you should try and get to a doctor to rule out anything too serious. Keep an eye on the colour of your stool, make sure it's not affecting your genitals and watch out for blood.

For what it's worth, serious conditions like bowel cancer rarely cause constipation.

No. 727454

Girl you need to get your gallbladder out

No. 727456

File: 1612145529427.png (540.6 KB, 644x748, the savior.png)

this cured my constipation/shitting issues in general after about two weeks of daily use

No. 727457

Get a squatty potty and don't overdo the fiber either. Try getting more fat in your diet.

No. 727604

if i weren't gc i would troon out

No. 727609

girl same I think if it wasn't for radfem stuff I would had been nb at best troon at worst

No. 727611

but why? it's clearly not healthy or beneficial. it's a fake comfort. personally very happy not to be a troon. maybe this is lurker bait though

No. 727648

When I was 16 and much less mentally stable, I had a hook up with a guy named James. When it was apparent he wasn't interested if I didn't want to put out again, I cut his name into my arm. He still didn't care. I coincidentally had a simp I'd met on r9k called James, so I took pictures and sent them to him, pretending that it was really for him all along and it was because I wanted to be reminded of him all the time. He bought it, hook line and sinker, told me it was cute and encouraged me to cut more (which I did, but I would of anyway so it wasn't really his fault). Looking back (or looking at my arm) is such a WTF moment. I was such a shitty person when I was younger.

No. 727667

you weren't a shitty person, it sounds like you were just a mentally ill kid who got involved with the wrong people. i hope you're better now, try not to beat yourself up over it too much. maybe get a tattoo to cover the scarring?

No. 727681

I make guys fall in love with me then when I get bored I sleep with their friends and make them cry. Yes I am mentally ill.

No. 727691

Why not just be poly? You probably wouldn't be bored in some drama ridden polycule

No. 727693

1. No the entire point of it is ruining monogamous relationships
2. Poly people are ugly as sin

No. 727694

Why are you proud of fucking people in relationships

No. 727697

Not condoning cheating but I'd say it's more respectable than being in an official polycule.

No. 727698

consent of everyone involved is better even if they're ugly

No. 727700

It's really not even the same. At the very least all partners in a poly relationship know whats going on and consent to it. I guess that's just cope for sleeping with people who already have a partner tho.

No. 727701

I’m not proud it’s fucking disgusting and I’m trying to stop. Also it’s me that’s in the relationship not other people. Doesn’t really matter still gross.

No. 727703

lmao can you do it to my ex?

No. 727704

Tbh, I don't have any sympathy for cheaters. If you want to stop, then simply stop. It's not hard to stop hopping on every dick that's not your boyfriends. It's the confessions thread though, so whatever.

No. 727709

>Yes I am mentally ill.
bipolar i'm gonna guess?

No. 727725

No. 727758

File: 1612187092257.jpg (32.03 KB, 512x512, hy4M0fzr.jpg)

Wow. You are like the Michael Phelps of cucking.

No. 727759

When I pass by an older man I always feel such panic I can't help but think "oh god he is a man what if he kills me or worse talks to me or something" It's becoming worse maybe from being indoors all the time, being on lolcow all the time or wearing flashy clothes all the time. I dread going outside on my own

No. 727962

No. 727991

I laugh at goanimate grounded videos on youtube

No. 727999

I'm a tard that plays Pokemon Go. Since covid (working from home now) the only outing I get every other day is a short walk to a pokestop in my town where I battle in a raid. The problem with raids is there's a 200 second long countdown that you have to just stand around for.

Every fucking time I'm there I have men in traffic gawking at me and barely giving a fuck when I sense it and look back at them. Men that look back at me as they drive away…wtf? I'm not that young, it's drizzling rain and I'm wearing a fucking winter coat every day. Hood up half the time, mask always on etc. I'm not some eye candy and it's not the kind of corner where a woman standing there should mean anything. I'm actually close to freaking out the next time it happens. Lately a guy on the back on a garbage truck did a double take staring at me..fuuck off and just let me be an invisible tard playing my tard game. I'm not doing anything interesting.

No. 728010

I tell everyone that if I want children in the future, I'll adopt because I think it's the most ethical decision. But the truth is, I'm too attached to my figure to sacrifice it for my own child.

No. 728012

i'm sometimes afraid to take walks because of this now. it's like my entire life, even with friends, men would be strange or try to do weird shit when we were obviously underage children. i'm grown now but it still does happen, which is scary because i'm "legal." when i was a pre-teen i would walk around my neighborhood and almost every time some old fucking creep would try to talk to me or ask for help around their house. i just wanted to daydream and walk my dog or some shit. one of them even catcalled me "on accident" but it was excused because he was a veteran and i "looked older because i was wearing shorts."

god why weren't you shot and killed in war you old man

No. 728031

Given that childbirth can result in dangerous complications and death even in first world countries, it's totally understandable, women should be more informed on pregnancy risks.

No. 728036

File: 1612206206556.jpg (96.78 KB, 932x590, Screenshot_20210201_200029.jpg)

I hate how right these anons are about dream, I'm a zoomer and I was kind of attracted to him for a bit because of how good he is at minecraft. skill is attractive don't @ me

No. 728043

how the fuck can someone be good at minecraft its just a bunch of cubes bro thats like wanting to fuck a guy bc he's good at legos holy christ

No. 728072

Tbf there are some pretty impressive lego constructions out there (I once saw a movie accurate Hogwarts miniature) and I guess the same can be said about Minecraft constructions, like when people recreate entire cities in the game, but being attracted to a good Minecraft player like it's some kind of alpha male shit is weird indeed.

No. 728109

maybe it's the yellow fever speaking but i find markiplier so sexy even if he's cringe

No. 728112

I watched alot of the unus annus vids when they were up ..he sure knew he was hot in them and played up to it. Bless him for getting me through early quarantine with all his excuses to basically show it off.

No. 728115

Tbh it's no different than being fans of actors or musicians so anyone making fun of people being fans of youtubers are hypocritical boomers.

No. 728122

File: 1612212444692.jpg (44.31 KB, 590x350, 9yt43we.jpg)

>being attracted to this
those fans are cringe too tbh. although at least music involves some sort of skill, youtubing doesn't.

No. 728139

>although at least music involves some sort of skill, youtubing doesn't.
This argument again… why not everyone is successful on youtube then? if it's so easy?

No. 728159

I'm addicted to minesweeper of all fucking things, I remember deleting the game only previous computer because it was the only thing I was doing during my free time 10 years ago, and I had completely forgotten about it until a coworker started randomly playing it the other day, since then I've been launching both on my phone and my computer. I always tell myself "ok last game" but I always end up doing many more, especially if I lose early because of a stupid mistake. I'm trying to not play it ever again (except maybe at work when I'm really bored), it's really preventing me from doing basically anything else.

No. 728162

I will always think there is something weird about wearing YouTube merch vs a band shirt.

No. 728182

>music involves some sort of skill, youtubing doesn't.
That depends on what kind of content you make. Also, imo being entertaining is a skill of it's own.

No. 728184

File: 1612217887431.png (554.93 KB, 528x1074, e94y8sg61wc41.png)

lmaoo I think he's cute but he does have kind of onion-like proportions with that huge head

No. 728187

I never got how to do it. Even with the most dumbed down-ed explanations I found, I was too stupid to get it kek

No. 728290

am i the only one who reads the ideal gf thread to see if any of them are similar to me? i am a loser.

No. 728325

I'm still a virgin, but I'm so scared that when I do lose my virginity I'll be getting ate out and accidently fart. That would be so fucking embarrassing. Not cause of some "omg my partner can't know know I shit!" thing, but cause that's basically like farting directly in someones face. It's just not one of those things you don't really think about y'know? If I have to fart I just push it out without a second though. Ugh I know it's not that big of a deal but I would also be grossed out if someone farted on me while I was performing oral on them. I'm not even horny right now, but the hypothetical embarrassment is killing the mood. Fuck it, I'm gonna train myself to not fart while masturbating

No. 728327

girl what

No. 728328

Ohhh, I know what I'm gonna do now

No. 728330

I know it sounds stupid as fuck but I'm being dead serious, anon. It's just a specific fear I have, I guess. Like, how can you eat someone out while smelling their fecal matter? Even if my partner didn't care that much, the sheer embarrassment would fucking kill me.

No. 728351

Not a virgin but this scares me too. every time I have sex I think about what if I fart (or worse). I know farting is completely natural but what if the one time it’s during sex it’s the stinkiest fattest fart..

No. 728397

>train myself to not fart while masturbating

is this a common occurence for you?

No. 728402

Lmao, no, but if it does happen I want to hold it instead of pushing it out like I usually do.

No. 728410

File: 1612248044156.jpg (136.97 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

i keep watching those stupid hydraulic press videos… there's something so satisfying about them

No. 728411

realistically if this happened, while it'd be gross, it'd also be fucking hilarious and you'd probably both laugh about it. if the other person got mad or something they're a dumbass not worth your time anyway

No. 728413

Post your favorite!

No. 728414

Do you not know how to hold a fart in, anon?

No. 728416

Obviously, anon. read this,
>It's just not one of those things you don't really think about y'know? If I have to fart I just push it out without a second thought
I just wanna think before I fart. It's one thing to like, fart while standing next to someone but it's another thing to fart when someone is 2 inches away from your asshole

I do want to add that all of this is very hypocritical of me because I like ass stuff

No. 728421

wish you spoilered this I had a flight or fight response

No. 728425

I love anorectal violence anon and i'm glad she's back

No. 728444

nta but it's very easy to get pussy farts just from laying down or moving my leg. there's no warning or anything.

No. 728530

File: 1612270336783.png (111.25 KB, 1779x384, 1612269477093.png)

No. 728533

I don’t want the vaccine. I don’t trust it and my friends sister took the second one and her face has dropped.

The whole pandemic is a sham and I can’t believe people buy into this BS.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 728534

>face has dropped
You mean a palsy? Also, go to the tinfoil thread with the sham bs, we are all tired.

No. 728538

I thought everyone knew that temporary bell's palsy can be a side effect of the covid vaccines? Anyway, take this shit to your antivaxx plandemic facebook group. You can believe it's fake, but the thousand of people dying from it say otherwise. No one wants to hear it.

No. 728553

File: 1612274090465.jpg (99.52 KB, 728x971, 4b0daa5052abdb0244076b8ef2.jpg)

I've been close friends with this girl with untreated depression for several years now. At first it was fine, I would try my best to comfort her, distract her, give advice and write long ass texts in response to her venting, but it never really did much and in some cases it even backfired. I guess I naively thought I could make it better but now I know I don't have the ability to do that, kind words won't fix anyone's brain chemistry. At this point I just have no idea what to say to her when she starts going on about how sad she is and how she has no future and how she knows she'll die alone. All I can say is the usual "I'm sorry", "I understand how you feel", etc. and then she'll say it's okay and the conversation ends there, and I feel like it looks like I don't care. I do, I genuinely care and love her so much and I don't even want to imagine if she ever got the courage to kill herself, but I really don't know what to do or tell her. At the same time I'm afraid my awkward silence only makes her feel worse.

Her getting therapy doesn't seem to be an option for a few reasons, so things will probably not improve any time soon.

No. 728557

i don’t want to take the vaccine either. i’m not even a conspiracy theorist or whatever but i find it weird how everyone had just accepted this and anyone questioning it is attacked so viciously. i’ll wear my mask and i’ll stay at home but i’m getting kind of weirded out by this now.

No. 728622

I can’t believe how many people have been saying this. My uncle also got Bell’s palsy. He said he was “maybe one out of 5 people it happened to” but that had to have been a lie

No. 728627

i started watching pretty little liars in middle school because my classmates nudged me into it. i kept watching until the end knowing damn well it's hot garbage only because Shay Mitchell is so hot and plays a lesbian in it

No. 728630

I don't think COVID is a sham at all but I'm also somewhat reluctant about the vaccines. Fortunately I won't have to make the decision aaaaany time soon considering the pace of vacinnation in my country and the shortage/supply problems the EU is struggling with.

Nta but that's my first time hearing about it. About what vaccines, by what companies, is this specifically?

No. 728637

I had an awkward convo with someone the other day and my god I've never been quite this hung up on a slightly awkward moment before.

It was one of those people where I barely know them and would honestly be happier if they played blind when I walked past.. I had my mask on and my hood up and I waited to see if I could sneak past them. Nope! I know them but not enough to really know what to talk about. Covid was the only small talk we made and even that was painful. I've always been an overthinker but I need to stop beating myself up. They were equally awkward so if I can even drop half the blame that'd be great. Lockdown is sending me neurotic.

No. 728658

if i could mod i would make mods to make all the adult male characters in particular games go barefoot

No. 728661

If this isn't a reference to something then I just want you to know that you will be going to jail.

No. 728662

why? i specifically said adults

No. 728669

Foot people are weird, anon.

No. 728670

Update, they denied it and now want me to get this letter signed by my local post office and then they'll contact my local post office to verify and I'm wondering if I should continue with the lie or see if my credit card company will issue me a chargeback and then just close my account on this site for good out of embarrassment for being such a fucking buffoon over this money lmao.

No. 728672

if we just sent people to jail for being autists a huge chunk of us would be imprisoned

No. 728918

Honestly I have no where else to post this because nobody knows who the fuck she is irl except for lolcow but a couple of years ago I catfished as erin/nina/whatever and would get money to pretend to be her. I would just take cute photos from her instagram and kik coomers would swarm and ask how much for __ of nudes. Then I would just take their money and run kek.

I stopped feeling bad when I started following her threads this year (although she was always milky and strange on her spam accounts). She reposted about my account once on her account so I stopped but I want to personally thank her and the pornsick men that wanted to throw money at whatever. Yes, I was a loser, but a loser with extra side cash. I repent my sins, anons.

No. 728926

had a full on anorexia relapse because i'm fucking lonely

No. 728928

Weird LARP but ok

No. 728931

i know you can get in a lot of trouble for forging documents (at least in my country) so i'd say just let it go. maybe leave them a lot of bad reviews instead?

No. 728942

Yeah I'm just gonna take this as a loss and let it go. I'm lucky it wasn't a huge amount of money so I'll just take it as a fee for being unlucky. I'll delete my account as one last petty hurrah to myself, not that it matters to big corps like them anyway lol. I'm not slick at lying and it's making me feel awful for even attempting this.

No. 728955

Kinda based ngl

No. 729104

I dont save a dudes number or tell them my real name unless I've talked to them consistently for 2 months. Theres no point in trying to get to know people who just wanna ghost and pop up once a month (which is modern dating with scrotes). It's easier not to get attached if I tell a man nothing about myself and not even put effort into remembering his name.

No. 729116

>tfw your parents say they support your choice of remaining celibate and childfree but then judge the fuck out of other women who do the same.

No. 729129

I like Slipknot's first album unironically, it sounds really interesting

No. 729416

A part of the opening scene of promising young woman made me wet for some reason. I'm not attracted to the idea of the scene at all and I know I'm supposed to be disgusted by it, since an (allegedly) drunk woman is about to be raped, but the idea of a guy going down on me when I'm in a skirt and tugging my panties off…

I need jesus

Other than that I really enjoyed the movie and it fueled my hatred and annoyance for men more, if only I weren't sexually attracted to men at all in the first place

No. 729497

I had a guy simping for a whole year he kept asking me out, one day I didn’t have money to pay at a restaurant after eating because some bank problem and asked him to join me there, it was actually nice and even thought of giving him a chance, we went out again a week after and everything was nice too except for a couple things, but all of a sudden he’s stopped simping and paying me no mind ( we didn’t have sex or make out) I’m scared someone told him bad things about me because he shared a phrase about something on social media that I’ happened to have done before and captioned it sayin g something like “go get it bitch” and now no talking lol.

No. 729516

I remote-teach/tutor kids ages 9-18 and every day they tell me I look like an anime girl is another day closer to me snapping and becoming a streamer. I know scrotes wouldn't find me appealing but apparently rich tiktok-poisoned zoomer babies do.

But..even if it's profitable it feels really wrong to knowingly build a fanbase of children who find me cute/etc and I feel so icky when they express it, I sincerely cannot imagine how people like CorpseHusband haven't noped the fuck out of the internet. Not calling him a groomer but yeah

No. 729559

>they tell me I look like an anime girl
I remember my 15-year-old cousin saying that once a few years ago even though I'm neither Asian nor white. I still don't understand it tbh, and I don't really get what it means- I feel like I need to post 'what does it mean when a zoomer says you look like an anime girl?' on the stupid questions thread

No. 729563

Ayrt and I feel exactly the same, also not Asian or white! I constantly have to ask which character (I get a lot of generic answers like Hinata) and if they mean it in a good way. Some of my older students have definitely said it in a mocking way. I assume it just means we have..bangs and cute clothes? Zoomers are insane.

No. 729564

File: 1612385654058.png (113.5 KB, 245x242, 5631_helpmeplz.png)

Imagine being bullied by your students holy shit

No. 729588

Hum no. This is just what men do. He liked the chase and now that he doesnt have to chase you anymore hes bored. Start ignoring him and replying to him with one word answers and he will be up your ass again.

No. 729605

Eh, mens primary objective is sex if they didn't fuck i'd say there's something else going on here.

No. 729612

The only thing giving me any sense of worth these days is cooking for my mom who works, I don't work because I am pretty fucking unwell till I have surgery but seeing her enjoy my cooking and smoothies brings me so much joy. It's not much but I like surprising her with new smoothies, jams and soups after she's done with work, it's the least I can genuinely do.

No. 729615

No. 729621

She deserves it!

No. 729622

Aww anon, I love you

No. 729637

I'm 23 but the girl i have been casually seeing recently has me feeling like a horny teenager all the time. Am literally turned on 24/7 thinking of her, the sex is so good. How do I get rid of my sexual frustration, anons?

No. 729641

>How do I get rid of my sexual frustration, anons?
Have more sex (but in a pandemic though?)

No. 729677

I actually support ftm, just not mtf, that's a weird fetish.

No. 729683

No. 729704

becuz they are pretty "men", with no dick essence.

No. 729769

i gave some details to a shady ass study link, then afterwards saw comments it was a scam. nothing too personal thank god but jesus am i stupid.

No. 729770

Me too. ftm are cool, pretty, they aren't annoying at all and i'd date one. i just REALLY fucking despise mtf, like an unhealthy amount, they make my blood boil

No. 729780

FTMs are cool til they break out the kin drama and say they can't have sex tonight because she's feeling too demisexual

No. 729782

ftms are annoying pickmes and traitors, i hate them more than mtfs

No. 729784

and usually misogynistic

No. 729786

I’m deeply embarrassed of what I did in a graveyard over a year ago. For a little context I was invisible to guys for a long time and usually rejected, but in senior year in hs someone crushed on me and I jumped into it. Some of my friends and I, plus this dude, hung out at this graveyard, and we all split up there. We tried to have sex (thankfully failed). It was so awkward and I remember laughing out of some desperate discomfort and I would even scream (like SCREAM) at times.

I’ll spare most of the details cus if not this will be too long of a post. Nowadays I’m just horrified that I defiled a grave. The one we were near to was really eloquent and large, like an open mausoleum, and was for an astrophysicist and his wife. I feel so terrible about it, they didn’t deserve that. I remember we were standing inside for a little before we all split up and I felt his boner against my leg. There’s a plaque on each grave with their faces on it and I can’t forget their eyes. I’m just ashamed and don’t know how I can repent for it. Fucking in a graveyard is not the goth dream it’s embarrassing.

I also have to say this because it was also so embarrassing and my friends don’t know how much these things hurt me (this was all the same awful day). It just seemed like haha fun at the time. He tried fingering me in the back of the car we were in and it was so painful and I made faces of pain I had never made before in my life, but he didn’t stop anyways. He wasn’t a bad guy, just really desperate. The worst part is that we tried to kiss in the back of the car, and it was awfully obvious and everyone in the car heard. Mortifying. Later my friends were congratulating me but I was nauseous and about to vomit. I don’t know if I’ll ever tell my friends because they’re all really adventurous, and even more now, and I don’t want to bring attention to how I’m not cut out for it. I thankfully don’t chase guys or leap into things out of insecure desperation anymore. but I wish I was more careful and restrained in my past.

No. 729795

i found the page of someone i admire for their work and we're the same age. i feel so fucking behind because of all my wasted time at shitty jobs to hold my family together. if i hadnt been stuck there for >40 hours a week i probably would have gotten better. im like 3 years behind their skill level which is also when i started working a shit load.

No. 729800

If I was an old ghost and there were young weirdos fucking in my crypt I'd be lmao'ing through the astral plane. Don't fret about it

No. 729801

why do people say pickme when they mean nlog? i feel like pickmes are the biggest ftm haters anyway.

No. 729811

lmao same, if my ghost ass got salty about any part of that story it’d be the part where she fucked a moid who didn’t deserve it

No. 729820

ftms constantly defend males and toxic masculinity in a desperate attempt to be "one of the boys", it's misogynistic male-pleasing behavior, i don't care which label you want to give it

No. 729834

I'm scared one day I will moan out my husbando's name during sex. I've already done it while masturbating without realizing

No. 729905

I've always been pretty pro trans but I've been sexually assaulted/abused by so many FTMs that I'm wondering if terfs are onto something with their female separatism

No. 729971

someone in another thread said she is a he

No. 729972

It warms my heart that OP used the image that I posted in another thread a while back. It's an honor

No. 729979

I don't support them but I'm sympathetic to their issues and what caused them to turn out like this, I wish they went to the therapist instead of injecting hormones. I can extend my sympathy towards HSTSs who grew up in homophobic environments. Coomers of both sexes can rot though.

No. 730133

I truly get off on having a lot of money while my ex-friends who things ended on bad terms with don't.

No. 730149

If you earned it yourself by all means feel good about it. Last night I was trying to organize something with friends and out of an apartment of four of them, all of them were too depressed or broke to partake. I feel bad for them but like damn bitch I just work my ass off and don’t sit around my apartment and mope, being a productive bitch rules

No. 730167

Fuck yeah, same here.

All my ex friends are just uwu depwessed weebs who spend their money on stupid ass shit. I like dumb anime shit as much as the next person, but I like financial stability even more. Feels great to know those bitches are still suffering and I made the right choice to no longer be their friend anymore, I definitely would've adopted all their shit habits.

No. 730171

Not long ago I was probably just as fat as Shayna

No. 730182

I've seen too many naked men and their personalities to know that there's not a single man worth pretending to be someone else, changing my physical appearance, or putting up with anything I don't wanna do

Don't know how pickmes do it

No. 730185

I avoided 4chan and other image boards years ago because I thought their website was ugly as fuck and loved how facebook looked

No. 730195

I know I’m only doing gross ERP with moids as a coping mechanism, and it’s healthier than the drugs and alcohol I’d been using before, but still gotta confess cause it feels gross af and men don’t deserve my attention anyway

No. 730199

File: 1612461050434.jpg (92.8 KB, 828x827, image0.jpg)

A few hours ago I was approached by a man while I was walking my dog and he asked if he could buy my socks for $50. Well lets just say I have an extra $50 in my bank now.

No. 730210

Where are y'all finding these guys? Some anon posted about selling hand pics for $200 a couple hours ago

No. 730231

I envy you sockchan

No. 730249

File: 1612464804345.png (757.1 KB, 1208x1104, boss_babe.png)

get your money queen

No. 730275

I headcanon all of my husbandos to have uncut penises. It might as well even be canon for most of them, who are Japanese

No. 730278

Me too, except for one of them, who is a robot, so I don’t think he could probably be uncut, it would be complicated like, would his metal dick be covered by some sort of rubber or something? I don’t really think too much about it when I’m horny.

No. 730281

Ngl, if it was revealed one of my husbandos was cut it would be a major turn off and he would not be husbando material anymore to me.

No. 730301

so I know most American men are circumcised but does anyone know if Canadians are mostly circumcised or not

No. 730302

How did the conversation go? Please anon I'm curious

No. 730304

Uncut penises make me sick. I don't know how so many farmers prefer it.

No. 730307

I've been with mostly uncut guys, I prob only found 30 percent of the dicks I've been with genuinely pleasing to look at

No. 730311

I don't understand preferring cut though, it's not how penises are supposed to be naturally and it's weirdly horrifying to me lmao

No. 730314

I was gonna say the same thing, cut ones are prettier

No. 730329

I couldn't agree more, anon.

Just because something is natural doesn't mean everyone is going to prefer it. Body hair is natural, but most men still prefer a woman shaved. Body odor is natural, but most people still prefer not to smell your swamp ass during sex.

No. 730330

Cut penises are fucking creepy they remind me of Frankenstein & they look mutilated and dry. Foreskin is delicate and cute

No. 730351

I find talking to people incredibly boring unless I'm high or drunk. Actually everything is boring.

No. 730352

cutting off an organ is a bit different than those things but humans be crazy

No. 730357

Uncut penises are generally fucking disgusting to look at unless they're huge. What's with all the foreskin fangirls in here? I get all the practical reasons but aesthetically they're revolting, especially when they bunch up at tip like a sausage casing, ugh I'm gonna puke.

No. 730358

I knew a guy years ago who had a complex about his dick being cut. We weren't romantically involved but seeing as he was on the spectrum I put up with way too much penis whinging than I should ever have to listen to. He was cut at age 11 because he had an issue. Stfu autist scrote.

I wish he could read your post and cry some more

No. 730365

For me, I just imagine there's a bunch of gunk in between the skin since I don't trust scrotes to wash themselves up properly. That's why I can't stand uncut benises.

No. 730369

They look that way to me too tbh. It's more of a psychological thing for me I think, cut dicks look fine aesthetically but it's the idea that something was cut off that makes the skin look raw and over exposed

No. 730370

Imo an ugly penis is an ugly penis and it's not like lobbing off the skin around it or stitching it back on is going to suddenly make it a diamond in the rough lmao.
Some dudes just be walking around with bent, weird pencils.

No. 730372

Some men squeeze their foreskin together to get those last drops of urine off the top of their dick after each piss…with no thought about how gross that leaves them smelling later on

No. 730380

No. 730388

kek this

No. 730401

I cried in sixth class when the dick pictures were put out in biology class, and was sent out so I didn't have to participate for the rest of the unit. My confession is I still don't know what cut dick looks like, and while I'm kinda curious, I won't google because I'm too scared to look at any penis that isn't mine by proxy (I repeat, by proxy)

No. 730404

I was perusing the pornstars thread once and someone posted about some guy with a huge cock who looked kinda hot in an ugly retard inbred kinda way but his dick was the ugliest thing I've seen. It literally looked like had another dick transplanted on because of the scarring

No. 730413

I think my brother is bisexual but is kinda in denial about it because my dad is homophobic.

No. 730420

Don't have that much of a choice where I live, they're the vast majority here and weirdly enough men I know who needed circumcision for medical reasons tend to never shut up about missing their foreskin or feeling somehow victimised by the procedure they needed. Meanwhile in other countries its common and not considered a sob story.

No. 730432

Men are gross and most dicks are ugly as hell. Cut or uncut doesn't make that much of a difference but uncut men need to learn to wash their damn dicks

No. 730437

aka why I'm a febfem

No. 730441

Exactly that.. both versions are mega revolting, but uncut dicks look particularly stinky.

No. 730444

Same here

No. 730456

File: 1612481301078.jpg (12.46 KB, 425x417, moo, bitch idgaf.jpg)

If I were to, hypothetically speaking, become a cow and end up here, I don't think it'd bother me so much. As sad as it is, I've become desensitized by internet hate. I think I'd just be annoyed by the attention because I usually like to fade into the background...and judge people quietly lol What about you?

No. 730460

I wish I could indulge in a big meal once in a while without feeling guilty. I used to have a pretty bad binge eating problem in my early 20s, haven't binged now in years but if load my plate with a little extra on a holiday or even my own birthday it makes me hate myself. It's not even that I miss eating lots of food or anything I just wish food didn't stress me out to that point. I could fast the entire day before and an extra serving of mashed would still feel like I am fucking up everything.

No. 730461

Mashed potatoes* lol

No. 730462

Cows get a bunch of free, objective, useful advice (maybe in not-so-polite terms) on how to improve themselves. Plus multiple perspectives on things. The problem is most are too stubborn, narcissistic, or stupid to read and absorb what's being said to them because they're so fucking defensive and full of themselves. I mean if they had the capacity for humility they wouldn't be cows in the first place, but still.

I always wondered what I would do with the comments if I ever got cowed. I'd like to think I would take the commentary with me and make a comeback that would make farmers jealous. I'd totally lurk my own thread.

No. 730463

Depends on what kind of cow. There are cows like Abby which people are rooting for and cows like Soren where people celebrate their death, and trannies. If I were treated like the latter I would kms.

No. 730471

I have my faults, but I honestly doubt that I'm cowish enough to warrant a thread here. I had some pickme tendencies in my late teens/early twenties, but I've recovered since kek. Even if it did happen, I'd be upset, but would actually take it as a sign I need to tone it back, and would do so. I'd probably fade into obscurity after that.

I think there are a minority of famers here that pick on people unnecessarily, or have clear vendettas, but most criticism aimed at cows who have had ongoing threads for many years, harsh as it may be, is warranted. If they actually learned from it, they wouldn't continue to be cows.

No. 730476

File: 1612482909973.jpg (229.34 KB, 627x720, 1494275219669.jpg)

My interest in cows and the drama they incite stems from the fact that I was raised by one. Because that behavior was normalized for me, I went on to date and befriend cows throughout my adolescence and early-mid twenties. It really fucked me up. I was gaslit and abused so badly that I spent a good chunk of my life thinking that they were actually great, and that I was the problem.

Ime, cows like the fact that you're talking about them. They want your attention, regardless of whether the its positive or negative. Sometimes, I worry that spending any amount of my time focused on a cow is just giving them what they want, and is only serving to retraumatize me. It kind of scares me when I think about how much time I've wasted acknowledging any of these retards and their horrible antics at all.

Curious to know if any other anons can relate to this.

No. 730480

That's reasonable, anon.

No. 730484

File: 1612483780028.jpg (9.51 KB, 261x193, kY88Umm.jpg)

Backing up the confession from before, I have to confess that I used to constantly check DeviantArt cringe videos, not because I like to hear an adult man bitching at a kid's drawing, but because I was intimidated that my art (Specifically my writting) could get into a video were everyone would laugh at it; and I know this because some people that commented on my things got on those videos at least once and a few artists I like have been talked too.

To be fair, most of the time they actually never cared if they got into a DeviantArt cringe video, they just moved on, but even if my account is pretty small, I just felt uncomfortable with it.

Now those videos are not important anymore, but now I developed a fear of being posted here, not even a thread because I'm actually not interesting, but just to get posted here in any context scares me.

No. 730485

I relate so much to this anon, literally word for word could have been written by myself. An epiphany was when I went to therapy and discussed my background. All that shit in one conversation, as if we were talking about some TV drama, made me realise this wasn’t normal.

Armchairing here but I wonder if the interest comes from not being able to understand our own personal cows? It’s too messy, we can’t disentangle our feelings and history to be objective. Impersonal cows are safer too, as we can comfortably watch from afar and armchair without falling victim. We can criticise without fearing backlash. I don’t know, but I definitely relate to your background.

No. 730491

This is how I feel about certain cows too. They remind me of my "personal cow" so I hide the threads because it's uncomfortable.

No. 730492

It was almost dark out and I was just leaving the empty(or what I thought) park, I felt a tap on my shoulder and got a bit spooked. The guy looked about 60+ and was walking with a cane, he just said "this may come off as weird, but ill give you $50 for the socks" I didnt catch on right away so I was just standing like "uhhhh". He followed up with "$50 for your socks that you are wearing",took me a few seconds to process this but agreed because I thought to myself that I could do with an extra $50 after paying bills/rent(poorfag pls no bully). Gave him the socks, he gave me the money and walked in the opposite direction. Why didnt I run? Who knows

No. 730494

Why don't men know how to not be creepy? Pls be safer next time tho, anon. I'm glad you were able to get your money and weren't kidnapped lol

No. 730497

This sounds like the opening of one of those ‘offering supposedly random woman cash for sex’ porn videos, foot fetish edition.

No. 730499

Thinking about it how it might be fun to turn a gay 20 something year old. Also wish I would stop crushing on gays

No. 730500

That man has balls

And he's rubbing them on your socks

No. 730512

Ew now you put it like that
And I got takeout so whos the real winner kek

No. 730521

I still eat at Subway when I have a coupon from there. I know it sounds like a weird confession but all I hear is people saying Subway is disgusting so I never admit I eat there.

No. 730534

Same. It really is disgusting btw, even the bread isn’t even actually bread and is covered in dyes and fake flavors.

No. 730542

File: 1612490602047.jpg (114.15 KB, 1000x666, 1000x-1.jpg)

>covered in dyes and fake flavors.
Anon, it's literally just regular bread. It is kinda tough sometimes, but it's probably frozen.

the onion sauce is good btw

No. 730545

sometimes i type out posts in response to peoples retardation on this site and then just delete it and never post it so i don't get banned kek
gives me the satisfaction of saying what i want to say without getting banned and having 10 people reply with an essay

No. 730548

Nta but wasn't there a news story about how a court ruled that their bread contained too much sugar to even be considered bread? I stopped eating there after a separate news story came out about their bread containing a chemical used to make yoga mats.

No. 730552

Sometimes I post mine and no one, not even the op anon replies smh

No. 730554

just say it you radfem retard(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 730595

the footlongs are my depression meals since I can save the other half for later. But I stopped eating there since corona. Since the "sandwich artists" use their grubby little hands for everything and I highly doubt they know the basics of preventing cross contamination.

No. 730597

im not ashamed of the meatball marinara

No. 730605

This is a niche confession for anyone who has seen that meme pic of a girl straddling another girl and doing her makeup: I just realized years ago I went on a few dates with one of the girls in the pic. It started out very cute and all but she neglected to tell me she was 18 and attending the same high school as my little brother, at which point I noped the hell out. I still feel kind of gross about it.

No. 730607

firstly, that's my favorite meme. second, how old were you?

No. 730608

File: 1612498297718.jpg (53.26 KB, 636x636, EMrMEodXYAcdY87.jpg)

This one?

No. 730609

It's disgusting but I still miss my days of binging two footlongs in a sitting. (My confession)

No. 730610

Yes that one! I was too embarrassed to post it. I was like, 22-23? She gave me her number in a really cute way at my workplace. In my defense the fact that she knew my coworkers made me think she was our age

No. 730613

She's probably legal now, anon.

No. 730615

i think op is saying the girl was 18 at the time. maybe just the age gap was scary?

No. 730616

Oh yeah well at least she's probably not in highschool anymore.

No. 730619

did she know your age?

No. 730621

Subway is disgusting. Their grilled chicken is inedible - I don't even want to know what's in it.

No. 730623

Yes sorry I meant she was 18 and I was 24, the age gap was legal but weird because she was my little brother's age and knew all his friends and stuff. I moved away right after that though so

No. 730624

23* jesus

No. 730630

No anon, sorry but you’re wrong. They literally dye the wheat bread to look like wheat. The breads are fake and don’t even qualify as bread. It’s just like how they dye the grilled chicken.

No. 730632

not sure if you're aware but vivadrag/ ashley (red haired girl in the pic) has a thread on /snow/

No. 730935

i'm so schewpid it takes me a long time to figure out when men are being friendly to me and when they're simping

No. 730937

My abuser has covid and I hope he dies. He managed to survive cancer so this better take him out.

No. 730941

I live in a big city where we have quite a bit of hobos/homeless people many of them walk through the trains to collect money. My confession is i hate them. I know it’s immoral but bitch i have a mortgage and shit and i need to save up every cent so why should i give you some?

No. 730949

Yeah, they're too sugary and fatty to be legally considered bread in Ireland and so they have to pay tax.

No. 730952

Me too, and I always get roped into giving them money because I'm spineless, but bitch I see that new coat and handbag you're carrying. Next time I will just say I don't know you, why should I give you money

No. 730963

Same thing in my city, but I've grown to like them. They're kind of like main characters in my city tbh. I don't have any strong attachment to my money so I don't mind giving it away to someone who somehow ended up in a bad situation, especially when they're funny or sweet. I must confess I totally discriminate though, and only give money to the ones I like…The ones that smoke on the train can get fucked.

No. 730966

I hate the ones that give you a piece of paper with a sob story on it and then expect money when they come back to collect the papers.

No. 730969

Be careful who you give to though, there's total scammers who make it their dayjob to beg for money and at the end of the day they return home in their cars.

No. 730972

File: 1612545776227.jpg (40.73 KB, 600x480, 1231251561.jpg)

There's a really ugly girl who I used to go to school with and I feel so bad for constantly thinking she's ugly. She was such a sweet, nice person and she posts these amazingly talented videos on Facebook of her singing and playing piano better than I ever would…but everytime I see her, I just think of how physically unappealing she is. And no, she isn't some normie or slightly dumpy looking girl, she's fat and has really awkward asymmetrical facial features that make her hard to look at. I believe people call this "lookism" but I just can't help but think that despite her being talented and kind, she'll never live up to her true potential just because she was born ugly.

I'm a terrible human, truly. I wish her all the best in life. I just had to get it off my chest.

No. 730987

I know I'm getting old because I no longuer enjoy unhinged farmers picking fight for completely retarded reasons in every thread and I now kinda wish /ot/ and /g/ were nuked.

No. 730991

I seriously think the people who constantly advocate for /ot/ to be nuked all the time are overreacting. So what if there's infighting, this is an imageboard. I've been here for a while now and lolcow was never this pristine place free of anons calling each other retards. It's imageboard culture. If it's getting too much to handle you should consider sticking to the /cow/ boards or taking a break, anon.

No. 731062

ugh same, this happened to me recently and i'm so annoyed at how stupid i am

>did a bare minimum nice thing in line at a grocery store during the holidays

>guy behind me in line flagged me down as i was carrying my stuff to my car to try and give me candy canes for being kind (that should have been the first sign lmao like wtf)
>we talk for a while
>guard was completely down because he was nice and normal enough
> just didn't seem like he was trying to flirt or else I'd have snuck a "my boyfriend" method into casual convo so fast
>again not even flirty somehow? just to "keep in touch"
>so annoyed and distracted that my dumbass GAVE IT TO HIM so i could go home
>whatever he's a harmless dude he seems like late 30s he prob has a wife he'll never actually text me
>5 minutes later as i'm driving home he CALLS and then texts me
>get home and relay the whole thing to my bf
>realize as i'm saying it that i was being way too unassuming
>he's like "anon if a guy is asking for your NUMBER he's got a motive"
>i'm like ok i'll just block him but we decide i should just ignore him instead because we want to see if he keeps trying and eventually pulls a classic "whatever ur an ugly bitch anyway"
>he hasn't yet but he has texted on like five separate occasions comically spelling my name wrong (my name sounds the same as a household object/ product and he spelled it like the PRODUCT even though there's celebrities with my name like i'm honestly impressed), using depressing emojis and somehow not getting the hint even though it's been two months

i'm still mad at myself for ever giving strange men the benefit of the doubt but i'm also so annoyed that so many of them are just….. like this, time and time again. i have so many cringe stories that happened because i'm too nice, maybe the tradthots are right and we actually can't ever be friends, i barely get to get outside these days and i would like to take a breath without getting hit on even though i'm minding my own fuckin business but men. find a way. at least this has taught me a lesson and i'll recognize it better/ avoid it next time

No. 731065

samefag to add on that this has also pissed me off because it happened at my favorite discount grocery store and idr whether i told him that i shop there a lot so we've just been getting instacart more often (also because of the pandemic but like i miss my grocery store and now i'm scared to go so fuck this scrote)

No. 731076

Had a pretty similar thing happen a few months ago where a man 10 to 15 years my senior was being nice and it was only when he wanted my number that I clocked it. I didn't give it out but I wish men like that would just not dance around the topic of why they're interested in talking. I'm not so feminine presenting (I'm gay) that I'd ever assume men are flirting with me.

Even without giving out my number I walked away wishing I had said and done everything differently.

> pulls a classic "whatever ur an ugly bitch anyway"

Yeah of course, with your bf and then men randomly chatting you up, you must be a real beast

No. 731077

True. I'll never not think those whiny faggots are one of those

No. 731084

>Yeah of course, with your bf and then men randomly chatting you up, you must be a real beast

haha no i meant the meme of like, pathetic men getting ignored by girls and going from simp to "fuck you, slut" in two seconds

No. 731086

Yeah I know. That thing of wanting you, then telling you that you aren't shit and flipping back to wanting you again. All depending on whether they're holding onto hope

No. 731092

it's so pathetic and transparent too lol, like are you really so cumbrained you think girls don't see your obvious motives??? like how does being like that not embarrass them

No. 731097

>my name sounds the same as a household object/ product and he spelled it like the PRODUCT even though there's celebrities with my name like i'm honestly impressed
Armie Hammer?

No. 731121

>I no longer get enjoyment from something so therefore no one else can have it now
Yeah you're sounding like a typical boomer alright.

No. 731122

u got me

no but you actually just made me realize my last name sounds like a product too (when ppl pronounce it wrong), i almost wish i had given that to him just for the satisfaction of seeing how his dumb ass would try to spell it

No. 731127

File: 1612558318613.png (135.59 KB, 500x526, insect.png)

lmao stories like these always crack me up. men like this are so delusional and pathetic, i love hearing about them.

i work part time at a university library and have had several male students sleazily wink at me, ask me out in the cringiest ways possible (this one guy was like "you look good, i always watch you when you walk up and down the stairs will u go out with me") and buy me wine just because i'm nice to them. like, i'm nice to everyone sir this is a customer service job. worst thing is that i do the bare minimum, i just smile at ppl and say "good morning!" or "good bye!".

sometimes i wonder if we, as women, should take advantage of desperate simps but they seem very unstable and fickle.

No. 731136

i love these stories too and unfortunately i have so much more of them. sometimes i miss my university years and then i remember the time I was minding my business alone at the school gym and an absolute loser interrupted me to tell me i was pretty and looked like RAMONA FLOWERS (i had a wavy bob and went through a dying it bright colors every month phase when i was 18) like please calm down what makes you think I want to hear that when i'm sweating on the stairmaster

a year later i had the same haircut but natural brown, was biking back to campus with groceries and some mfer rolled his window down and told me i looked like fucking Amelie

what is it about a quirky bob with terf bangs that makes strange men think i'm their manic pixie dream girl??? i hate it here i want to throttle them

No. 731184

Oh god, I used to get the Ramona Flowers and Amelie comparisons too. I think geeky men are just desperate to find a "unique" girl (read: NLOG) and will instantly project a bunch of shit onto anyone that has even one (1) alt/artsy feature. I once worked in a place that had a coffee shop inside it, within weeks the barista was sending me free drinks and unironically wrote a fully produced song about me full of galaxy brain lines like "she does her eyeliner like a japanese girl." I'm scared to type out the rest because you can find it on various platforms but it's…really something.

No. 731191

>"she does her eyeliner like a japanese girl."
anon how can you tease us like this and then not expand further

No. 731292

>>721669 me too anon!

No. 731329

i am in awe of my friends who grew up financially privileged sometimes. i see them spend without care, save no money for anything, go jobless for years then decide to go back to college for an art degree or something. it just blows my mind. as someone who grew up poor and am now a penny-pincher who leapt at the chance to save money and get a retirement plan when it was offered to me i just shudder at the idea of not having backup money of my own, but i also understand they have no concept of this because they're used to their parents bailing them out. it's just wild to see sometimes

No. 731336

sometimes i'll buy clothes that remind me of my OCs even if it isn't my style

No. 731343

Me too, anon, and thanks to that I’ve been told I’m stylish and cool. I either buy clothes that makes me think of my own OCs or stuff that I think some character I like would/would like me to wear.
>Autism 1/normies 0

No. 731352

stop calling them "terf bangs", twitterina

No. 731360

I try not to care over people being "nonbinary" but a mutual recently made a huge song and dance about it, posting all over their social medias about it in a way that really just, annoyed me about how they worded it like "oh I found out!" Like they just took a buzzfeed quiz . Its like you know they are bullshitting but dont have any evidence to back it up. Also from what ive gathered they have the classic combos of supposed:
General depression and anxiety
Oh well theres more in life than getting heated over than some white girl in a first world country with too much time on her hands.

No. 731365

i've been extremely online my whole life but have predominantly been a lurker.

finally in lockdown i have made a burner tiktok account to leave hate comments and get into fights with people online and it is very entertaining but I am nearly 30 arguing with teenagers so nobody can know.

No. 731368

that's pathetic but you knew that

No. 731369

No offense anon but this is fucking embarrassing

No. 731371

I'm not happy we're like this but it's comforting to know I'm not the only one who has been oblivious to strange men and deeply regret it gave them my number too because I was frozen and scared to say no… I know it's got to stop anons

No. 731375

that is kind of sad but i understand the appeal of arguing with people online. do you at least leave the hate comments on shit that's justified? i used to blow off steam by arguing with homophobic people on instagram kek

No. 731382

kek I want to add a story of my own though, it's nothing special and not one where I gave my number but maybe I'll add one of those at the end.
I was standing on a corner at my uni and this guy approached me. I had very low self-esteem and seeing him walk up from his friend group made me suspicious I was gonna be part of a joke. He asked me if I know any good places to hang around, it was very awkward. I assume he was gonna ask me to a place like that but I panicked and also was not familiar with that city. I told him I didn't know because I recently moved to the state in (nearby town). This guy awkwardly said "but that's 30 mins away" I was cornered because yeah but I didn't know places in the city and I wanted him gone. Then, my dad who I was waiting for pulled up. I quickly hopped in the back like I was being kidnapped and told that guy "have to go bye" and my dad drove away. It is really funny to think how odd my escape must have looked, but I was super embarrassed at the time and freaked out even though he wasn't creepy… It's just socially awkward when guys do this but they do it all the time. No one's expecting that and no one's ready!! I guess their whole idea is taking you by surprise so you say yes? It's honestly rude to corner girls like that but I don't think they mean harm always.
Speaking of which, a different time this guy sat at my table where I was eating. He asked me a question and I politely answered. I regret how nice I was because he said I'm really nice and I entertained some convo because I am too nice… He ends up asking to meet back and my fucking idiot younger self went back there thinking ok, we can be friends. Well the scrote wanted my number and proceeded to text me multiple times a day, every day. Good morning, good night, have a sunshiny day (weird paragraphs). He asked to hang out each time and when I had to decline, he wouldn't take my no and tried to think of ways we could still hang out. If I said I was studying he said we could study together. If I didn't feel good he offered me his sketchy foreign medicine collection (???). It got me angry that he wouldn't take a hint but I was too nice and just blocked him then felt bad after. He sent me an email, even, asking where I went. I really shouldn't have ghosted him. I should have said the truth so he could learn but I was a weenie. Idk it's kind of scary when someone texts you that much though, plus I had a rude classmate to deal with and felt overwhelmed. The lesson is never give strange scrotes your number thinking you can be friends. There were other incidents but these are the ones that stick out

No. 731392

Find something better to do instead of bringing up tiktok's userbase numbers, I beg. I need to see that app burn.

No. 731396


No. 731399

it's sad that so many of us have so many stories but i just remembered one that is comically unfortunate. back when i didn't drive i would wander around the city my campus was on, anything walking distance really. anyway i was at a del taco ordering a snack after class and could feel eyes on me as i'm sitting waiting for my number, this sketchy methy white guy keeps staring at me and when i get up to get my drink and walk back he approaches me and starts talking about how i'm the most unique, oddly interesting looking girl he's ever seen, asks me what am i, where am i from and all that in an almost lynchian fever dream way. I'm too nice to say fuck off of course so I entertain him in spite of his absolute unhinged buffalo bill energy, I tell him I'm cuban, he then goes on about how he's been to cuba and knows a lot about the sociocultural and political history and says they're such a "colorful people" and the amount of inward cringe was unreal. he's trying to sneakily ask me if i live around this area when FINALLY my food is done after what felt like ten hours and I fight or flight instinctually power walk out of there and back in the direction of campus. this guy runs out of the store by the time I'm like 30 feet away, I glance back and he's waving his arms and literally screams "I'M SORRYYYYYYY, I DIDN'T MEAN TO SCARE YOUUUUU" and then i keep walking and can hear him cussing and walking back in.

serial killer vibes aside, i also was pissed because he scared me off before i had the chance to get any ketchup or hot sauce packets so I had to eat bland fries that day

No. 731406

This is the best story yet, oml. Hilarious but I am sorry that happened, what a weirdo

No. 731464

I ordered a chest binder for occasional use. I haven’t worn one since I trooned out in high school. Tbh, I just like the confidence a flat chest gives me. Sometimes I contemplate getting a double mastectomy but I overall am against it. I don’t think mutilating myself will solve my self confidence issues and I could use the money on more important things. If I ever stumbled into an ungodly amount of money, then sure, chop chop.

No. 731581

Boyfriend sent me videos and they get me so wet. What a lad. I love seeing that dick of his. Makes me so happy. what a good slut.

No. 731636

kek kween sheiit

No. 731713

Sounds like internalized misogyny to me anon but i totally get it

No. 731715


Anon I literally tried to google the song lyrics and got nothing I need you to post it so we can kek at this scrote

No. 731718

because anon probably didn't give us the actual lyrics word for word so we cannot google shit. smh at her for refusing to sate our curiosity

No. 731725

I feel catfished right now.

No. 731730

File: 1612623695910.png (605.61 KB, 1154x1410, Screen Shot 2021-02-06 at 9.00…)

Sorry I'm just nervous because the title is a variation of my real name! I also was having trouble finding the song but my friend will never let me live this down and wrote his own transcription of it (pic related). These are safe since he misspelled identifying info. It's a generic slow tempo pop punk song if that helps god this is so embarrassing

No. 731731

>>731730 lmao ty for delivering. I feel secondhand embarassment for him right now

No. 731732

I want to add that almost NONE of this is true, I do not smoke or watch anime

No. 731737


Holy shit anon top fucking KEK thank you for delivering. Im cackling. As if he got that far with you. Wait… Did he actually hang out with you?

No. 731738

>I avoided 4chan

No. 731742

Not really, he very insistently asked me to drop off some special alcohol that we sold at our workplace and I agreed to walk down the street with him. Since he was a coworker I wanted to be nice and he was pretty good at hiding how obsessive he was, but I had no reason to be nice other than "I'm a woman and I feel compelled to be nice to this man" like anons were saying earlier

No. 731743

samefag but to this day I'm baffled by "we took this way too fast" like…what?? What did we take too fast dude?????

No. 731746

I had a pretty decent social life in school despite not being the most attractive or popular kid, but there was this one really weird girl in my class.
For some context, I was an aspiring musician and used to perform in the music room sometimes, mostly piano and singing. Some of my friends would come to support me. One day, this girl started showing up to my sessions unprompted and was always staring at me with this strange, soulful look. She was always alone and would wait until everyone had left to tell me how talented I was, mumbling stuff like "what a pity…" under her breath. By this point she was usually crying. I'm pretty sure she had a crush on me or something.
I sometimes wonder where she is now. I heard through some friends that she's a jobless shut-in who posts weeb stuff publicly on her social media accounts. I feel bad for her, she clearly had some issues and obviously was affected by the fact I didn't feel the same way.
Sometimes I feel like reaching out and inviting her as a VIP guest to one of my internationally renowned, sold-out classical concerts, but I don't want her to think I pity her. Even though I do. I'm a terrible person.

No. 731753

File: 1612626133248.jpg (98.42 KB, 750x705, IMG_20210206_020352.jpg)

I feel bad for my cousin man. She had a full ride to a nice university and was going for a nice degree, but she dropped out because she didn't want to go to class. Now she's calling my dad and screaming at the top of her lungs about her mom not letting her use a family car to take herself to work. I think she wrecked the first one? Someone rear-ended her. It's sad, man, like I do think parents should take care of or help their kids if things fall through for them – otherwise why the fuck would you have a kid and just expect the world to align itself properly when they hit 18 – but at the same time it's like…why the hell did you drop out of uni? You knew your mom was abusive, man. Why did you try to run to California and do soft porn? Did you really think that would've worked out? I don't get it. You should've stuck through uni.

t. someone that could very well be in her situation, stuck with an abusive parent, but is just dealing with uni. I can't offer her any help or support because I'm a broke 20-something too. Also she was such an asshole to me and my father growing up (but my dad never realized it, because she's way way prettier than me and I guess he was charmed by her). I remember she and he bragging about her scholarships before me, who was attending community college at the time, so I thought I would feel some sort of bitter pleasure at her crashing down to earth like this but it's just making me genuinely sad kek.

No. 731775

File: 1612629933721.jpg (21.2 KB, 317x267, 1497079521761.jpg)

omg, my sides. this is insane, anon. the fact that u don't do half the shit he's singing about makes it even funnier.

No. 731780

Oh god the cringe, I think i'll need to go for a walk to shake it off. ILY for delivering

No. 731797

nta but how. she didn't say she wanted to be male. i might get one too due to sensory issues. i don't like floppy body parts in general.

No. 731806

The pandemic and all the successive lockdowns and curfews have definitely fried my brain, I was doing okay before and was even vaguely optimistic about my future (which I usually never am), now I just want to quit my job, cut all contact with everybody in my life and go live in a small village in the middle of nowhere under a completely new identity.

No. 731814

Anon I’m crying, I want to hear this song so bad

No. 731822

It's honestly not that bad of a song and that somehow makes it funnier/cringey-er to me. If I figure out a way to post it without linking to his socials I will

Another anecdote about this dude: apparently he once appeared at a shitty dive bar at 2am dressed in a fully velvet three-piece suit (??) drunk out of his mind and tried to physically confront the guy I was seeing at the time. Allegedly he asked if I was still seeing him, and when the guy told him yes he just cracked and was like "great…that's great, man :))" I don't know why I attract insane cartoon characters

No. 731825

Wait! I have an idea–sorry the quality is bad and watch out because I adjust the volume a few times.


No. 731826

HELP. When he came in with the Decepticon vocals, I fell out of my seat. Anon, this is glorious. I know you described it as pop punk, but no amount of preparation ever could have got me ready for that. Saying it gave me a hearty kek would be an understatement.

No. 731828

is it juts me or is the introduction straight up lifted from Song 2 by blur

No. 731832

>Decepticon vocals
anon stop my abs hurt from laughing
https://voca.ro/1cBzmnapcEfF here's more or less the rest, sorry if you hear me laughing I just can't do this

No. 731844

File: 1612639251496.jpg (11.85 KB, 400x400, z8tzy9hi9q461.jpg)


No. 731851

I love you omg

No. 731852

File: 1612640201696.jpeg (55.55 KB, 540x540, BD0CB668-214B-4827-B8AC-29DFE2…)

alone in the night just smokin…

No. 731858

now THIS is the content I like to see on lc

No. 731860

File: 1612640762446.jpg (12.18 KB, 275x275, 1611022382978.jpg)

No. 731863

is it bad that i managed to find this on shazam?

No. 731869

ngl it's kinda catchy
if the dude wasn't a creep i might've been able to enjoy the song in its full bootleg 2000's glory

No. 731872

The only reason I'm trying not to link to him is because he's really not a bad musician and not a super terrible guy, just very…misguided and desperate. He has another song about a pseudo-relationship (in his mind) he had with yet another girl from our workplace

No. 731890

lmaoooo fuck you anon, I’m gonna get this stuck in my head like a year from now even though it’s terrible

No. 731893

I feel the same way, I was also feeling optimistic which is also rare for me. I thought I was finally gonna get a hold of things and then it all slipped and came crashing down. While I feel I didn’t go though things as bad as other people, the first 4 months of the shutdown starting like March were awful and self destructive. I don’t remember much because I purposely forgot it all, but I have a feeling it was major steps backward for me. I feel the same about living in a small village as a new person. I wish I could live like Margaret Gallagher.

No. 731917

I watched some porn that made me really uncomfortable lastnight. I have a thing for asian men. I felt hormonal yesterday and saw some hot men in the femdomme thread that fit my type. So I was like fuck it I want to find more images of men that look like that. After searching the vaguest of terms, literally just 'asian porn'.. One of the first things I see looks like a child with a woman. Turns out it's a guy with dwarfism. I read an interview with him saying he's 24. Then clicked on a clip and don't know why I subjected myself to it when at times he was honestly just being held/carried in a way you would carry a toddler. He was being cradled and fucking breastfed in parts.

So he's 24 but they are leaning into a certain type of appeal at times and I just feel gross for having seen that. There's a fine line between 'he can't help looking like a child at certain angles' and then them actually putting him in positions that clearly portray him that way. I wish I hadn't given in to the morbid curiousity. I wish I didn't know about the aparent popularity of those scenes.

No. 731919

File: 1612645097705.jpg (48.41 KB, 748x714, C3E69OEUoAAAQYk.jpg)

ohhh lucy lucy lucy-anon, i'm losing it

No. 731931

Since I saw this being talked about, I figured I'd post about this desperate boy in high school. I genuinely thought he was trying to be nice when he sat next to me and wanted to work on group projects with me, I was always a loner so it felt weird that someone actually wanted to interact with me. There was a nagging thought in the back of my head like "what if he's just doing this to get closer to you and he's actually a fucking weirdo" but I brushed it off… how wrong I was.
He asked for my number and I gave it to him, since we had to work on the group project after all. I soon realized my mistake when he started texting me constantly, I ended up setting myself as invisible because he'd message me the second I came online. If I didn't reply with in a few minutes he'd start guilt tripping, so of course like the retard I was I'd reply to him.
Over the winter break, he got so much worse. Conversation topics ranged from anywhere to his balls hurting, how lonely/depressed he is, and his friend that died of cancer (?) he got insane so quickly that I had no idea how to reply to him. He told me that he'd "sew a penis to me so that I'd have some meat to play with" and at that point I put him on mute and he talked to himself in my DM's for the rest of the night.
That already destroyed whatever semblance of friendship I had with him, it only gets worse. He added me into this group chat with other guys from his school and this one other girl, I didn't recognize her and she clearly seemed young, so I asked how old she was. A few male members of the chat said "old enough" before she replied that she was 11, which set off MAJOR alarm bells. This 11 year old girl was surrounded by 18 year old guys, who all call her "mama" for some fucking reason?! The initial guy that was texting me called her "tsundere" and I wanted to off myself. Serious pedo vibes, and I left the chat shortly after that.
Yes I continued to sit next to him when we got back from winter break, and no I did not make eye contact with him for the rest of the semester kek.

No. 731963

File: 1612648939210.jpg (21.29 KB, 275x275, 1587151519872.jpg)


oh my GOD….. i was one of the og anons posting about terrible scrote experiences and if we hadn't had that convo, this absolute fucking masterpiece would have never been posted. i'm so honored, is this what it feels like to be a part of history?

also mad that if this came out in 08 it would absolutely be on my myspace playlist sandwiched between metro station songs

No. 731973

File: 1612650791408.png (517.37 KB, 859x942, Screenshots_2021-02-06-16-26-5…)


Posted to fave song lyrics thread. You made it

No. 731975


Okay post her song too. Is it also deceptacon voice, Lucy lucy-chan?

No. 731982

i found the full song on bandcamp and it's sooo catchy lmao. excuse me for being a softie rn but the corona lockdown has rly been getting to me lately and i've been feeling so depressed, but this song and its lore put me in such a good mood. thank you so much for sharing!! will def listen to this hidden gem the next time i start feeling down.

lucy lucy-chan i have feelings for u

No. 731984

Stooooopppppp I'm laughing so hard
Aw you guys I'm so happy. I've been going through it lately and rediscovering this song and sharing it is lifting my spirits today.
Like other anons said, I suggest shazam-ing the song and finding his bandcamp. The other girl's name starts with an M, and her song is just her name!

No. 731985

post it don't be stingy I need my lucy lucy fix.

i think i have a crush on her now too with her curly hair and japanese eyeliner

No. 731987

not to double post but I'm holding hands with you both, just for two seconds :'-)

No. 731990

File: 1612652067286.png (18.22 KB, 864x252, Screenshots_2021-02-06-16-53-1…)

Anons have been busy finding LUCY LUCY LUCY! I see. Kek

ayrt we need to all watch anime together and take things too fast

No. 731991


Okay so the M song. The autotune is sending me…

No. 731994

Ahh I was hoping no one would link directly but…just don't harass the poor guy it sounds like he's dealt with enough lol

A bit of lore about that one is that he almost got fired for using the work loudspeaker thingy to call M at the front desk and ask her out

No. 731997


Unironically might buy the album for $5 so I can have my fix of my new favorite song.

No. 732001

That is the cringiest thing I have ever heard…. At least he didn't ever embarass you aside from your very own song.

Also i agree the chorus slaps but the other verses suck. Im inclined to rewrite it almost…

No. 732003

Lyrics-wise it's a bit oof, but the music in general really is fun and catchy, good for the dude to be able to make something like that!

No. 732049

I entertained the idea of telling him about all this but he simply doesn't deserve to know. This enjoyment is strictly for the girls.
Please post your improved version if you ever end up writing it!!

No. 732057

I confess I'm listening to more true crime podcasts this lockdown because I'm sexually frustrated that my boyfriend's sex drive has dropped and it's the only thing that distracts me and banishes the horny

Also I lowkey wish someone would write a positive song about me

No. 732092

For all their faults, I love that the existence of /tv/ allows me to find the niche, "serious" threads and engage in retarded slapfights more or less sans impact. It's incredibly easy to find shit that will burn on for hours upon hours to keep me entertained following one simple contribution to the thread. I'd probably end up doing something similar here, but I like the nonnies here too much to deploy - and then engage with - my usual nonsense baits. Scrotes are far too easy to catch on the hook.

No. 732096

File: 1612662611284.png (421.19 KB, 1032x2916, Notepad_202102070243_06089.png)

what's up bitches it's almost 3 am and I rewrote the Lucy song
I tried to stay true to the original plot, Lucy anon said that the 3rd verse didn't actually happen so I made it hypothetical. it's not that good but it sure is a thing I did so here
ily Lucy anon btw I'm glad you're having fun with this

No. 732098

I gotchu baby


No. 732103

samefag I'm not this anon btw >>732001

No. 732106

when are you going to suck on her pusy?

No. 732109

jealous bc no one is writing songs about your eyeliner, I see

No. 732110

tbh reading and seeing trolls and infighting makes this website slightly more bearable

No. 732112

very. maybe one day my eyeliner will be good enough but until then I am a fucking waste of pigment who deserves nothing but scorn.

No. 732113


samefag song writing i'll give you another one of my improv bangers. This one's for you horny anon.

my love for her is criminal
her voice is the podcast of my life.
I love to hear her stories
and tell her goodnight

when we're watching true crime
i give her a kiss
she says he's in the next room
that we can't do this
but he doesn't touch her
so now she's my lover



No. 732128

File: 1612664820333.jpg (100.67 KB, 800x460, ami a joke to you.jpg)


anon pls i >>732098 >>732113 just for u

No. 732142

Omg anon I'm just saying maybe if he'd written these for me instead, things would have turned out much differently

No. 732156


I got another for Lucy here. Picture this slow guitary death cab for cutie since we're going for nostalgia.

Lucy anon
Let's have a ball
Lucy anon
Let's have it all

We don't need to watch anime
I just need to be near you today.
We don't have to smoke weed
You already have all I need.

Lucy lucy
It's always been about you
Lucy lucy
I cannot have lolcow without you.
Your feelings are never /ot
Because you mean everything to me.

pandemic has clearly been hard on my lesbian ass since we are serenading anons

AND I promise I wont even use the store announcement microphone to ask you out anon.

No. 732175

You feeling disturbed is your punishment for watching porn

No. 732187

why can I hear Ben Gibbard singing this over a whiny guitar

No. 732244

the girl i'm in love with doesn't feel the same way and ended up getting back together with her ex bf, so i'm gonna be a petty bitch and turn my phone/internet off for 24 hours on valentine's day solely so i don't have to see or hear about other people's relationships. yes i'm unapologetically bitter.

No. 732258

No. 732259

File: 1612672639302.jpeg (46.21 KB, 680x608, A9D85507-BC6B-439C-B9F8-66AF34…)

I have a real problem where I overly imagine myself in positions where I’m actually famous or like a pop star being on stage or being asked questions on a talk show, I feel like it’s slowly eating away at my ability to cope with things. Almost like hyperactive imaginative daydreaming.
It makes me feel like I’m not a total loser anymore, it makes me imagine what I could have been if this world wasn’t so shitty.

No. 732261


i'd like to think i'm self-aware but i also kinda think it's making me actually delusional about my possible future life

No. 732267

Lmao I fucking do this to. Mine are
>imagining myself as an actress
>imagining myself as a youtuber who is also dating my husbando
>my butch twitter crushes mutual-to-gf
These daydreams versions of me are literally just more confident, talented and successful versions of me, so I feel like they have made me more outspoken and comfortable in my "real personality". I also feel more comfortable expressing myself through facial expressions and voice (I know it sounds stupid and autistic that I had a hard time doing that before, but that's what abuse and shyness/social anxiety will to do ya), but it feels so childish to do this kind of stuff lol.

No. 732275

i do this too. except it's more mundane stuff like being able to draw well or study well or not being mentally ill

No. 732283

It’s Maladaptive Daydreaming Disorder.
I used to do this so much as a kid and I miss it’. I’m still prone to it but I actually fear it because if I start daydreaming it’s hard to pull out of and a lot of time will pass before I realize what I’m doing. I’ve replaced it with internet addicfion. It’s stupid, I wish I could still daydream like I was the cool person in my favorite pieces of fiction. Now I mostly day dream about winning arguments or having an opportunity to make myself look cool again to people I’ve embarrassed myself in front of.

No. 732291

I'm >>732267 and tbh I don't think daydreaming equals Maladaptive daydreaming disorder. I still function normally and I can control it. I don't do it if I'm reading, watching tv or working. They're always in the back of my mind, but It's not often I get so lost in my daydreams that I can't control if I'm doing it. To me it's like reading fanfiction or playing aidungeon.

No. 732303

File: 1612679384133.jpeg (93.41 KB, 500x500, 6ECB5436-7AA6-4AF4-B4CD-DA23BE…)

I would take my mum's cane when I was like 10 year old (she had broken her foot) and would take out playing deck cards and make shitty webcam videos pretending to be Sakura from CCS. That was fucking 15 years ago, insane.

No. 732311

File: 1612680566939.jpg (2.8 MB, 2412x4000, d74r4qn-3b768c09-b639-4f57-a3f…)

I realised at the age of eleven that if I called my home phone number from my home phone, I would be able to leave a message on the answerphone. What does my horny eleven year old self do? Leaves a message of myself putting on my best Ash Ketchum voice and moaning and grunting into the phone so that I could pick up the message and rub against a pillow listening to it.
I would do this every time my mum went out and always made sure to delete it, or at least I thought I did, until I was sat in the living room and heard Ash Ketchum's orgasmic moans coming from the loudspeaker as my mum's boyfriend went through all the old messages.
Nobody said anything but they got rid of the answerphone function for a few years.

No. 732319

I'm sorry anon but FUCKING KEK

No. 732321

Holy shit

No. 732322


I'm crying

No. 732324

What is this? omg

No. 732330

My friends don't know I'm a terf and it usually doesn't come up in convos but yesterday one of them said "kill all terfs" in the middle of a convo and the rest all laughed and agreed. Then later one of them asked another one what her pronouns are now and turns out she uses some kinda stupid ass snowflake pronouns. I feel incredibly defeated because I love my friends but at the same time our political views just don't match and if they ever found out that I'm not a sjw libtard they would cancel my ass from here to tomorrow because it's the woke thing to do. Sigh. I'm so tired.

No. 732331

Same, and a lot of farmers are probably like us.

No. 732335

I would have asked how they define terf and why they want to murder them. Let them explain their retarded and violent logic in detail and so if they can handle it.

No. 732336

you need to make new friends asap.

No. 732338

I love my boyfriend so much, but if Nick Miller were a real person I would want to have sex with him at least once.

No. 732341

File: 1612684280541.jpg (22.59 KB, 360x360, Nick_Miller_Season_7.jpg)

What is it that you like about him? He looks like any man that has ever existed

No. 732343

It's even more exhausting because they're all straight white girls. They're literally just performing this libtard shit for woke points because it's what people on social media bully you into doing.

I was too taken aback by how suddenly the topic came up, I just froze completely.

The thing is, up until yesterday I honestly thought that they're all rational adults who hold rational views, I never realized they've drank the trans cult koolaid to this extent.

No. 732351


This is going in owncaps

No. 732352


Slowly pill them kek….

But really like anon said just ask them why violence against women is okay when its not even terves" hurting tr00ns and the definition of terf is shite at best. I've actually gotten a few bonified tr00ns to stop terf spergging by just sitting and explaining the logic on why its harmful to all* women to say this and just say transphobe instead.

No. 732360

Same, and I feel the same with some of my friends, I have one that spends all her time on twitter and reddit. Though thankfully my closest friends aren’t like that, but I still tip toe a bit just in case.

Like, recently my friend’s boyfriend came out as a girl and she rightfully got out of there. He tried to guilt her quite a lot (like saying that he’s always been like this so she can’t really say no.., saying you like girls right.., and he was mad that she didn’t support him and he used this against her to say “I always support you when you do weird things”). We assumed he was doing this out of impulse and as a way to skinwalk (he said he wouldn’t mind getting boobs her size and that skeeved us out). They keep in touch a little, but I’m so glad she listened to reason and didn’t turn off her brain and switch on any twitter autopilot.

No. 732372


There's also some online shit for her like transwidows related content (used to have reddit but has twitter and i forget what else) if she/you ever wanna go off of lolcow and share the story

No. 732374

File: 1612686783537.png (7.82 KB, 860x741, 337-3372671_pokemon-trainer-go…)

Reminds me when I used to masturbate while looking at this sprite (pic rel is colored differently) on my gameboy color. Good times.

No. 732381

File: 1612688048917.png (193.27 KB, 527x401, 2a902ae0975e689c64b55a14762603…)


Okay if we're all doing this Pokémon horny confession my first crush was James/ Kojiro from Pokemon. Meowth was my fave and 7 year old me was Jesse/Musashi. I feel their entire dynamic high key contributed to my femdom fetish and love of feminine men. For those of you who don't know, in the canon Japanese version they're a couple. So being a tomboy tougher personality like Jesse I legit found this as peak based.until i realized perfect boys r only anime and that im lesbo. I would carry around a toy of James. I recently put it and Jesse on display in my anime shelf for old times sake.

To this day I still collect team rocket merch fondly because ily Musashi and Kojiro still a bit horny for them ngl

No. 732383

My friend who I have been talking to for years started sperging about how pedophilia may not be so wrong, that the person can't help themselves and that it would be wrong to force them to change and shit like that. He also told me some time ago that he feels like a girl. He's obsessed with lesbians, watches weird japanese rapey movies and murder documentaries. He writes bad porn stories with characters inspired by an ex girlfriend he can't get over. I know where this is going and I don't want anything to do with him anymore. He follows me on social media, he has my emails, my phone contact, he has shown romantic interest in me… for some reason I feel like I should bail as fast as possible. I should have known better. Maybe I'm paranoiac.

No. 732384

File: 1612688325193.jpg (253.41 KB, 654x760, qvwjyc07mrt11.jpg)

Samefagging and using this image because I couldn't believe I found danganronpa crossover so it fits /ot

I spent a lot of time on copium fujoshi reading N and Ash/Satoshi fanfics and hentai. All pokemon trainer related doujin shit (yuri/BL usually) was my fav pr0ns to an embarassingly old age.

No. 732389


>He writes bad porn about a girl he can't get over

Wait… So your whole ass boyfriend is writing fanfics about being with an ex ?!? post them… Let us have a kek at his expense

Sounds like he's bound to groom troon soon enough. I know with scrotes its a losing battle, but have you tried using empathy and logic on this moid as to why children can't consent and coomer rape women bad? I just always want anons to tell off a scrote irl first before they go full troon so they know they were formally warned and friends and family can shake their heads in shame as they know anon was right.

No. 732390


Samefag misread friend for boyfriend

No. 732402

anon just run tf away from him and if he asks say you're busy or losing interest as friends. keep all answers short until they're absolutely gone. i wouldnt follow the other anons advice either if he goes full troon spergout with twitter since they obviously have low/no empathy for kids and totally fine with doxing those who dont agree with them.

No. 732403

Yeah not a boyfriend, but I have told him the very obvious reason why fucking children and corpses is bad and he responded like "maybe you're right…" which means that he doesn't care and still thinks his way.

The fanfics are complicated because he doesn't just write about him being with a girl that's supposed to represent his ex… he self inserts as a girl character and then it turns into bad lesbian porn. Oh, and he once made a cam girl character that fucked the self insert protagonist girl, but that girl had my name.

No. 732423


>But that girl had my name

And you didn't run then?!?!

Post the fanfics. Shit men should be lold at.

No. 732426

It's kind of scary he has so much personal information of you. Normally I'd say block everywhere and ghost but maybe it's better if you let the contact slowly water down because who knows what he may do if ghosting him angers him.

No. 732427

Irredeemable scrote is irredeemable. Just cap some of his coomer milk online for keks and warning signs and then run.

No. 732430


>for some reason I feel like I should bail as fast as possible. I should have known better. Maybe I'm paranoiac.

>For some reason
> Literally every reason listed is 100% sensible

Anon i will dropkick you and manually strip and block all of his info and then mensturate on his doorstep.

Males gaslighting so hard that you really don't see this as a red flag?!?! If he made the cut for friendship than those who fail must all be incarcerated for CP

No. 732457

pls be careful anon this dude sounds dangerous

No. 732462

I think i might be gayer than i thought

I've thought that I might be bi since i was maybe 18 and for the last couple years have been more comfortable identifying as somewhere on the kinsey scale/ spectrum of queer or whatever tf it's called (but very private and closeted about it like i only talk about it close friends and even then it's vague and casual) but I think i may never be super public about it because i have a super long term boyfriend and i love him more than anyone on this hell earth so i'm at least a little straight and i would feel like an attention whore doing that and don't feel the need at all to share it because it's not like it matters. i feel like a "fake bi" especially because i've never actually been with a girl or gone further than like. a big crush on someone lol

but when i think about it women are way more beautiful to me and every time i think about it i feel like i uncover memories of girls that i went to school with and obsessed over/ couldn't stop staring at in class and realize oh, i didn't admire and want to be/ look like her, i actually had a huge crush on her oops

anyway i'm sad that i'll prob never be able to see what it'd actually be like to have a girlfriend unless my bf literally dies in a freak accident or dumps me out of nowhere or something, but even then i'm not very ambitious about relationships and am borderline like asexual at times so it's more likely that i'd be a spinster with fifty cats and i'd prob be happy with that honestly

No. 732467

I lied on a scholarship application for college. More like I was a dumbass and filled out the application incorrectly. My parents won't let me just email and say "Sorry I was a dumbass, here's the actual information.", because then they'll throw out my application. I just want to get rejected; I've had no sleep thinking about it for the past 2 weeks.

No. 732510

And what if you get accepted? Could they find out later and get you in trouble?

Tbf if you're really that worried I'd just e-mail, like you're 18+ what do your parents have got to say about it?

No. 732516

I want to fondle and stick my face into Brittany Venti’s tits

No. 732540

If I got accepted, I'd use to money for college expenses, and then hope to dear god that they don't cross-check, so that I'd get the scholarship rescinded. It's not that I'd get in trouble, so much as I'd just lose the scholarship and some dignity.

True, I should email since my parents technically can't stop me, but then the devil on my shoulder is saying "See if I get the scholarship first, and then leave it to them to decide to either rescind the scholarship, or give you the scholarship." I have no idea if it is ethical to wait for a decision or not; my moral compass is wonk.

No. 732547

I mean, he asked me if it was alright to make a character that had my name and I said yes because it seemed harmless (and he did this with other people too), I didn't know he meant to ship it with his self insert. I didn't even know he self inserted until recently. The fanfics aren't in english and to be honest I don't really have the strenght and patience to read them again to translate and post them. Just know it's all porn, gore and pretentious philosophy.

I have his personal info too, things like school, uni, his social media accounts and some of his contacts. He's an internet acquaintance, but I never sent him pictures of me (bad gut feeling) or pictures of my town/house. He knows my full name because of an email I sent once, but I don't have any social media accounts under my name with my pictures. Still, I'll let the contact water down slowly.

Thank you for your advices anons. I've been having this bad feeling aboout him for a while now, I just couldn't tell if it was just me or not. We've "known" each other since we were both teenagers and at the time he was just some guy going to art school and talking about games and movies.

No. 732553

Is it the kind of info that could make the difference between being accepted and not accepted?

No. 732554

same sis

No. 732557

girl just live ur life. my mom is bi and didn't start dating a woman until she was 50, they are nor married and she's happier than ever. u can just try dating women if ur bf ends up dumping u? like, relax…

No. 732562

Not only what you’re thinking about, but you should definitely stop talking to them. When you do, he will probably become overly obsessive and manipulative, and these kind of red flags are always men who are willing to ruin the life or take another life of a woman. I’m sorry you have to live in fear of another dumb fucking scrote.

No. 732563

Oh I imagine that I'm a twitch streamer talking to an audience all the time kek, before I watched twitch I used to do it with vloggers, I think I grew up so online that it's just how my brain works now

No. 732585

Sometimes when I'm alone I not only talk to myself, I pretend I'm two people having a conversation about something. Like I make up a quick backstory for the two people and talk in different voices. It just comes up out of the blue if I'm alone and not doing anything, like i'd be drying my hair in my room and start having conversations with imaginary characters.

No. 732586

I do this when trying to go to sleep lmao

No. 732611

I think this is a good creative exercise! I used to do that a lot when I was into writing comics
I have no advice but hard same, especially the asexual part. I knew something was different about my sexuality as early as 12, but I stopped trying to label it when I hit my 20s. The main thing that turned me off from wanting to explore my wlw feelings is the fact that I was assaulted/raped (even kidnapped on one occasion, lol) by my female best friend for a good 3 years. At this point I just don't really care and I'll spend my days with whoever makes me laugh–if that happens to be a man, who cares?

No. 732622

You know what? Team so/le/t/ude, without the slashes are his english visual novels. They're pretty tame though. I'm afraid he lurks, but whatever.

No. 732658

File: 1612715742653.png (187.8 KB, 772x537, IMG_20210207_173531.png)

fellow italanon! I'm sorry you have to deal with that pervert

No. 732690

File: 1612718715157.jpg (15.79 KB, 500x280, 5117e03e601c3bff2c21467072b110…)

ive only had two relationships in my entire life. in the first one my ex gf cheated on me. on the next one i cheated on my ex bf. i hate that i did exactly what she did to me. it makes me feel guilty and dirty and ahhh i just hate it but i did it and have to live with it. like i regret it so much, i was an asshole who did a shitty thing and im sorry. but like i said its always going to be in my conscience and i deserve that punishment.

anyways, i want to get back with my ex gf. we've been talking for some months now. im so into her again its crazy. i know what youre thinking now, youre both assholes and deserve each other. and you are right! but the thing is my family doesnt know i cheated on him. they just know my ex gf cheated and absolutely hate her and tell me i shouldnt talk to her. theyre always bad mouthing her. my mother has made me promise her multiple times to never get back with her cause i was a mess when she cheated. and i keep saying yes, yes mom i swear shes just a friend time and time again. and my family will keep pressuring me into stop talking to her saying shes a cheater scumbag. and that shes a double faced asshole etc etc. and in my mind ill be like "i am too… i am too… like i literally cant judge her now…". but i keep it to myself. and i keep telling them i have no romantic feelings for her but i am absolutely going to try to get back with her. and if shes cool with it ill just keep it a secret till things get serious again and we move in together. they cant know though. cause last time we lived together was a mess and theyre super paranoid, telling me "Yes, shes talking to you like a friend now. But then she's going to try to get back with you! Then she's going to want to live with you! Its a slippery slope!!!". and i keep it to myself that i am the one that is planning to do that and not her. i lied to him and now i lie to my family every time they talk about her.

No. 732713

kek, you have some genius lyricism going on anon

No. 732760

File: 1612724616314.gif (591.27 KB, 500x464, tumblr_o2ai2vFevi1u38o39o1_500…)

Holy shit I didn't expect this I am deceased
Ayrt here, thank you so much for this art bardanon. I had to hold back explosive laughter when I read these because I was next to my boyfriend and it would have been really awkward to have to explain to him that we're over because I'm now married to you

No. 732799

Good evening my fellow italanon! Hopefully everything will be better soon.

No. 732820

File: 1612732053853.jpeg (87.04 KB, 933x728, F0B6D141-14A1-48D7-9815-3C11B2…)

i fucked a guy with a penis so small anons. so fucking small. i swear it was bordering into micropenis territory. this scrote was insanely tall so i was really into him. i live in a place where manlets are the average height, so finding this huge guy was like really exciting. then he gets "hard" and i'm like giving him a bj and realize… this guy is so small i don't even gag when i'm trying to push it to my throat. it's just nothing. we had anorectal violence too and it felt as if i was fingering my asshole no joke. i like anorectal violence so i was shocked at how i was hardly in any pain whatsoever. it was so small anons. i had never believed size matters. and really, it wasn't terrible. but god, that thing was small. i felt bad for the guy. at some point after we fuck, he makes a joke talking about his "big" dick. so, me thinking were in fantasy land now and don't want to be rude. i say a joke about his "big" dick too. HES SHOCKED! He looks me straight into my eyes dead serious:

>"do you mean it?"

>"when you said i had a big dick"
>"thank you for saying that, it means a lot to me"
>never forget how he says this deadly serious
>die of cringe

a scrote i will never forget

No. 732822

>We had anorectal violence too
>So, me thinking we're in fantasy land now and don't want to be rude
Anon, my sides. Please.

No. 732825

I don't want to invoke further lucy(x3)posting but I really want to thank anons ITT for turning this whole thing into a positive memory for me. The song was made during a really bad time in my life that I still have trouble putting behind me, and it's nice that I can just have a laugh when I think of it now. This website is a terrible place sometimes but I love you guys nonetheless ;-;

No. 732838

KEK, not anorectical violence
also i cannot believe you fuelled his delusions i hope you at least got an orgasm out of this encounter.

aw, that's really sweet to hear! tbh anons in this thread have been on fire lately, the way you guys are funnier than every male stand up comedian i've had the displeasure of listening to…

No. 732860

Have a friend in my group who makes it no secret that the reasons why she can partake in the ol anorectal violence is because of her asian husband's 2 incher.

No. 732863

I don't think the Yakuza guys are hot at all. Maybe I have to play the game to figure out the appeal

No. 732867

lol do play the games. even if you still end up finding the guys unattractive at least you're going to have fun with the games themselves.

No. 732870

What really baffles me is how people find Majima hot.

No. 732871

Did you orgasm sis? Or did he at least try to make you feel good by eating you out? Semi-unrelated but I always wondered what I would do if I met the love of my life and then I found out he had a micropeen

No. 732873

>gets closer to a guy in september/october
>never dated before, kinda enthusiastic about it
>second lockdown is enforced
>gets depressed and gloomy
>doesn't talk to anybody, even to the guy because way too fucking sad
>lockdown ends in december
>at the same time a highly anticipated character finally gets implemented in a game
>focus all my attention to new husbando and barely talks to the guy anymore
>still the same situation two months later
Why the fuck am I like this, someone kill me please.

No. 732883

Did you have trouble getting it in? I once had a sex with a tall dude with a really small dick and I had a lot of trouble riding him because his dick was literally too small to stay inside me so the only position we could do was doggy(lame).

No. 732894

i personally do find him extremely sexy, but then again maybe i do have bad taste considering that i'm bisexual and also find sasha grey, doja cat and nasim aghdam (rip) sexy as hell, among many others, real or fictional.

No. 732898

excellent taste, nasim was bae

No. 732914

>"thank you for saying that, it means a lot to me"
omg I'm crying

No. 732925

I hate being short with huge titties (pls to all my tall anons this isn't a humble brag I look like I am going to tip over)

No. 732926

when i was in hs i would start speaking in tongues to myself under my breath. when i caught myself doing it, i was like wtf. i couldn't replicate it. ima need that nun in the thread photo

No. 732944

>i like anorectal violence so i was shocked at how i was hardly in any pain whatsoever
wait is it actually supposed to be painful

No. 732956

File: 1612744936515.jpg (454.35 KB, 1001x823, hopium.jpg)


lucy-lucy anon,

I recently lost my job and was going through a hard time with some of my chronic illnesses but the lucy-lucy line had me cry laughing so hard I have a lot of hope now. You enjoying it too made me really happy. It felt good to cheer up a fellow farmer over something that clearly was upsetting. I've been finding a lot of joy in cheering up fellow anons. Yes I'm the fag that wrote songs for ya'll. I love that other anons posted it in other threads so the joke has made it into /ot /g /m as something for girls to laugh at with the scrote at the expense and not Lucy lucy chan. It makes me want to work harder to promote that type of culture here where girls post scrote cringe or cringe shit so we can laugh with them or at the expense of the person whose being shitty to them.

There's another art-salt thread where a similar thing happened an anon told a shitty story of an artist that really bullied her for getting preggo whose art was SHIT and we all kekd at it and the bully's ugly ass scrote and honestly I hope it becomes a meme like lucy and edits can be posted that make a really hard thing for anon top kek. She had droves of anons coming to console her and kek at the bad art and bully's ugly scrote. It made me happy to read.

Lucy-Lucy anon reminds me this is really a place for us as chicks to be vulnerable and seek support unironically. Yes we kek at cows, yes we infight (which is usually also kek for readers), yes we blogpost and samefag. But we do it together.

btw you made it into Borzoi house in the lolcow rpg which i think is in the dumbass shit thread ily bb

No. 732958


anons yall killing me here holy shit

No. 732961

I think playing the games will let you find the characters really endearing. I didn’t play the games but I watched my brother play them and I still got really attached to them. I have crushes on goda and majima more so because of how they are and I mean I also think they’re cute. Especially majima.

Be careful when venturing into fan pages or whatever because some of the retardation on tumblr and twitter almost made me hate some characters. There’s lots of nice fan art, and lots of funny tongue in cheek ones, but there’s some that I don’t understand.. at all. I know it’s like that with most stuff but I would say just enjoy the games there’s no need to dig too deep.

Also I’m gonna keep going cus I have no one else to tell this shit to really so. Some pairings I like, like kazumaji which is god tier. But some, like daigo and goda, I hate and this ship in specific seems to attract the strangest people. Just the strangest people. Seeing the shit some people would make and say about goda made me want to distance myself completely even though I thought he was such a cool character. Just be careful in general, one time I saw this post that was half covered and I was like it can’t be so bad and it was kiyru getting absolutely railed by majima and the bottom text said kiyru is trans and I just I didn’t understand shit wasn’t fun anymore.

No. 732963

samefag but the only man I've ever considered settling down with has a slim 5 incher but the weird part is he has zero complex and never coped hard with it nor cared. unironically this was big dick energy and he was more willing to figure out how to please me. He's a good scrote.

Then I realized I was gay…but said scrote is still my bff and is here to be a simp for us together to support our love etc. so sometimes small peen scrotes are fine.

No. 732966

This is honestly so wholesome

No. 732970


I also wanna add that I met a scrote who was a sub and didn't like penetration and as a dom I considered it and was like yknow what? Majority of scrotes fucking suck at penetration and even ones with sizable peen just use you like a human fleshlight or can't last for shit.

So anyways penetration is overrated this is based just eat me out and toy me so I can actually have a good time and coom.

No. 732977

File: 1612746488639.jpg (567.69 KB, 1800x1348, 25pizzafarms11-mobileMasterAt3…)

This is how I see lolcow:

Lolcow is like the farm that your grandparents have that you visit once or twice a year. Everyone gets together, cleans the house, cooks dinner and sets up the tables. Then you have all your family there: your grumpy aunt, your crazy schizo cousin, your manhater sister, your paranoid judgamental sister-in-law, your tradthot pickme niece etc. We all argue with each other sometimes, but we all have something in common: We're all farmers. It's good comfy to be here sometimes.

No. 732984

>>732956 If i knew what "japanese girl eyeliner" meant i would add a sticker to this pic.

No. 732987


lucy-lucy chan we need an example pic. it's a mystery thats been keeping many nonnies awake

No. 732995

I'm so happy you can get something fun out of it! I had a guy write and perform a poem about me comparing himself to a (were?)wolf and me to the moon and proclaiming his everlasting love for me, it was multiple pages long and not the only one he wrote to our entire english class in high school, and at the time it was beyond painful, but it sure has given my friends and I a lot of laughs ever since.

No. 733000

I assumed it meant “cat-eye eyeliner”, and he was a racist, lmao

No. 733012

File: 1612751359450.jpg (86.93 KB, 960x638, tumblr_8578cfbcdfc8911d67ae0f1…)

I really, really, really want to fuck Classically Abby.
I want to seduce her and make her feel pleasures that she never knew before. You know, really give her all my attention. She'd be hesitant at first, but quickly get into it, causing her to embrace the idea of sex with another woman, even though it's taboo to her.
Also I want to feel her tiddy.

I know it's pathetic because she's generally awful, but I am way too attracted to her to care about that.

No. 733015

fuck off scrote

No. 733020

File: 1612752325581.jpg (49.47 KB, 500x531, 19841d3ed1dc4981687d9925b6d2df…)

i put zero faith in scrotes ability to do anything correctly but Japanese makeup trends ARE different than burgerfags. So if anon was doing the droopy eyeliner that is popular in gal or gyaru as well as general japan. or if she does winged but accents in red like classical geisha makeup etc.

No. 733023

Lucy lucy is a stacy confirmed. Too many gross scrotes and me falling for her sexy moon appeal

No. 733024

I used the handle of a hairbrush as a dildo when I was ~14 and dumb me left it lying around near my bed. I used a cloth to cover the bristles to not hurt myself and it must've looked super suspicious. I left so much stuff on the floor everywhere so it probably wasn't as noticeable at a glance, but at some point, someone must have seen it. I hope anyone that might've seen the brush won't ever ask me about it in my life.

No. 733026

i feel an inordinate amount of women have hairbrush dildod, jet setting on bathtub or shower head etc.

No. 733028

I’m also betting it was just a simple cat eye. No way this dude had any idea of Japanese makeup trends kek.

No. 733032

Oh, sorry! I'm >>732995 but I'm not Lucy, I thought I was replying to her lol

No. 733035


oh im retarded…but wow that's embarassing that you created a werewolf i bet he was a furfag

No. 733036

I neglected to identify myself as Lucy(^3) because I don't want to be annoying but yes that's me and my post is >>732825 I am not >>732995 ! There are sadly no werewolves falling for me, just that very lonely pop punk man.
Correct, he was just very white and probably has never seen a Japanese girl, it was standard winged liner. I'm not Japanese and also something I didn't want to bring up but must be said: my hair is not curly. That's the weirdest lie in the song?!
Anon, I can't even begin to reply to this, so I'll just say thank you for sharing this. I want to hug you!!

No. 733039

File: 1612754054283.jpeg (63.54 KB, 328x470, BBCDCC2F-4EEF-4D15-A8B5-8D48C8…)

I have really weird schizo moments where sometimes usually at night I close my eyes and see a lot of imagery, but I’m not drifting asleep or anything, it’s just so odd, like my unconscious vomiting all over my brain. It’s random and cryptic imagery and sometimes really faint faint whispering

No. 733040

Electric toothbrush

No. 733052

I think wolf boy was already a closet furry, which makes it kind of sad because this was around the time that my friends and I outted a really popular substitute teacher as a furry. I was not a very nice moon gf back in the day, maybe sitting through the poetry was karmic justice.

No. 733053

this was clearly a werewolf conspiracy to make you pay for your sins. they were working together the whole time

No. 733055

this happens to a lot of people i know, myself included. i think it's a pretty normal thing and nothing to worry about. but yeah it's weird as fuck

No. 733056

tfw no moon gf to awoo at

No. 733057

I used a electric toothbrush and this weird banana toy only to learn that i don't like penetration kek

No. 733058

not sure if you like scrotes but they suck at penetration anyways so based

No. 733059

I think that happens to more people than you'd guess, especially when they're really tired. Whenever I am really tired, right before falling asleep, for a few minutes I just hear odd snippets of speech in my head. Shit like "oh did he pay for that order" "the weather for next week will be getting colder", must be just crap my brain held onto from the past days.

No. 733061

I would never bed a smelly scrote, so that's good to hear! I always wonder how daunting it must be to have sex with a random man, he has so much power with the penetration and all, scary actually.

No. 733064

Electric toothbrush over pyjamas hits different..

No. 733065

honestly i think for straight sex to be good it has to be a little misogynistic. im not straight but

No. 733066

Its called hypnagogia!
Its one of my favorite things. I think 5% or 20% or something of people experience this and a lot aren't even aware of it.

I thought that I was schzo too when I started noticing it, especially cause for me its more auditory. It feels like switching channels on a TV screen really fast for me, just one disembodies voice or image after the next and they go by so quick I can't hardly catch them or remember them at all.
I think of them as "preview dreams".
I like to think that I'm connecting to other people and astral projecting though.

No. 733067

I'm thankful I can apparently come easily from either clit or penetration but my friends that can't have told me horror stories. Scrotes getting frustrated at their lack of skill and getting annoyed. One dude punched a hole in the wall I thought that was a meme.

No. 733070


late in life lesbo here who had some hoe years and fucked a lot of dudes to try to pretend i liked them when some sex was okay i always had to forget it was a scrote. So even if they were good at it they didn't last long. It's like being a fleshlight. It wasn't until I met a scrote that was a sub and hated penetration because it felt to dommy for him that I realized it was based af bc most scrotes suck at sex. So for any anons who like scrotes I promise you getting eaten out and fingered and whatever is way better than any penetration.


I'm a top lesbo bc of the power dynamic so yeah this. the only other kek option i saw was making a scrote wear a strap so it's all about you.

No. 733075

holy fucking shit the Y chromosome is a genetic mutation. That's so fucking fucked.

No. 733077

it should be commonplace for men to wear straps. there's products for it already, you dont have to worry about knocking her up, she enjoys it more, etc

No. 733090

The Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo song made me horny as a kid

No. 733099

People who stan for Pixyteriyaki's mom, Deb, make me mad. These are the types of folks who want to give Deb the benefit of the doubt because they've never been raised by a mentally unwell parent, so they think PT must have done something terrible to push her mother to that point based on their own experiences, none the wiser that it's actually Deb's normal behind closed doors. PT doesn't have to do much to set her off, that woman has no respect for her daughter and infantilizes her.
I've seen the parenting behaviors of truly healthy parents whose kids just happened to turn down bad paths on their own accords (drugs, sexwork, dropouts, etc.) and those parents don't break their own children down like what I've seen psycho Deb do. The long term effects of handling their adult children appropriately is that eventually those children get back on the right paths again. Because they don't have unhinged parents making shit about themselves and how victimized they are. I'm not shocked pikachu that PT is how she is because of that insane bitch. If your mothers reminded you of how much you did wrong everyday you'd have anxiety schizo issues too. PT wanting escapism whether that be through anime, cosplay, snacks, or going to Japan–makes absolute sense in that context.

Specifically, what gets me is the incident from years ago where PT recorded Deb screeching up and down her house insulting PT and ordering her to take a bath because she stunk.
Deb was just acting manic and throwing whatever insults at her daughter to control her into doing what she wanted her to do. No normal parent paces throughout their house ranting and raving to themselves about the child they're upset with, hoping that their child hears and is in turn upset by what they're saying and shamed into doing the thing.
Assuming PT in fact stunk like hell, what's the healthier choice: Have a frank talk with your adult daughter about the boundaries in your home and what you expect before you suggest therapy/ultimatums, or yell at her up and down the house until she feels so ashamed that she cries which will just ensure future anxiety issues?

I'm sorry but Deb isn't normal. Just because she had a golden child (who is a favored male) turn out fine doesn't mean she's a good parent. It just means she made the conscious decision to not destroy two individual's lives because she disliked one of them more than the other.

No. 733105

I don't know anything about PT or Deb, but people that think parents are always great and would never hurt their children and that it's always the child's fault if they suffer from abuse piss me off too. I definitely take it personally, cause like I did not make my narc mom physically and mentally abuse me as a child. People who had good parents are always the worst with the victimblaming too.