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File: 1653279675269.jpg (43.72 KB, 500x375, 1653274705026.jpg)

No. 208516

Since ninnies wanted it back, here it is. Try not to thrist over serial killers too much.

Talk about things you find interesting
>Unsolved Mysteries
>Overrated Killers
>Underrated Cases
>Favourite Podcasts

No. 208711

No1curr I guess

No. 208714

give it time nonny

No. 208749

File: 1653379413480.jpg (63.84 KB, 536x800, Bundesarchiv_Bild_102-12794,_N…)

Does anyone know of killers who didn't have awful childhoods and had rather normal backgrounds with no mental illnesses?
The only two I know are Leopold and Loeb, who killed a kid to prove themselves they could do the perfect crime

No. 232035

so I usually avoid true crime for my own mental health, especially missing person cases, but this one got the better of me

it says in the video the police couldn't trace her conversation history in kik because it had been deleted or something. and I guess that's why groomers use kik instead of texts because it's harder to trace. I don't know anything about how those apps work but couldn't the people who run kik retrieve the messages? shouldn't they be on some kind of server?

No. 232057

Unfortunately that's kik's very specific thing that they don't store anything ever, I guess source of their popularity too.

No. 238816

Have you guys read any true crime books? Currently reading Under the Banner of Heaven by Jon Krakauer but it’s a chore to get through

Weren’t both of their parents dysfunctional rich people? Also Leopold was apparently molested by his nanny when he was like 12. Idk how true that is though. But people have grown up in worse environments and don’t turn out like these two dunderheads.

It surprises me that a lot of serial killers and true crime figures had fairly normal childhoods from the looks of things. Of course, you still got your Henry Lee Lucas’ and Aileen Wurnos’ bu even the biggest monsters don’t actually seem to come from trauma. Both Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer had average (if a bit unconventional) childhoods.

No. 238875

I read Under the Banner of Heaven like two years ago and only pushed through it because I had wanted to read it for a long time. I really disliked the layout (idk if that’s the correct word) of the book because, while I really enjoyed the early Mormon history and it’s the main reason I read it, it made remembering what was going on with the Lafferty brothers difficult at times.

No. 238876

Jeff dahmer the OG gemini boyboss

No. 238892

Jeffery Dahmer didn’t have a normal childhood though, he had surgery at a young age that supposedly traumatized him.

No. 238898

But you have to admit he was a boyboss.

No. 238959

He did eat the other boys up

No. 238991

Oh yeah, forgot about the surgery lol. You’re right. I guess I was initially referring to his home life though. His mom had mental issues and his dad, while seemingly well meaning, neglected him because he was pursuing his PhD. Now that I think about it, that’s a pretty shitty childhood but plenty of people grow up in those types of environments and end up being decent, even sometimes wonderful, people. So I kinda think his childhood wasn’t as impactful as some other factors (like the surgery you mentioned).

That book does have a weird layout now that you mention it. The beginning is all about girls who were forced to marry old ass men when they barely hit puberty (I I initially got that book because I thought it was gonna be about Warren Jeffs but I was wrong. Then it goes into Mormon history. The first half is interesting but Krakauer makes everything after Joseph Smith’s death seem so boring. Also the Lafferty bros story is interesting but yeah, the narrative is all over the goddamn place. The subplot about girls being forced into marriage is quickly dropped.

No. 240036

Read through the full timeline of Adam Lanza's life that's available on schoolshooters.info. I noticed that in 2012 there was a pretty quick decline in his internet presence or really lack of any information at all on what he was doing then. He stopped updating his Youtube in late 2011 and made his last forum posts in early 2012. This is also the year he mentions that he has lost his interest in mass shootings.

I'm sure there are others on here who have researched Sandy Hook (or other mass shootings in general), but what do you make of this? I think it's interesting that in 2011 he was very active online and then suddenly stopped a year later. Do you think it was around this time that he decided he was going to carry out a shooting and thought to erase his internet presence so he'd be more incognito? Or was it just a result of his mental health rapidly declining? I just have to wonder what the fuck he was doing that whole time if he wasn't posting on the internet, wasn't going to school, and wasn't talking to anyone. You'd expect an increase in information on what he was doing in the time leading up to the shooting, and yet it seems 2012 is the year with the least information which I think is unusual.

No. 240138

I recently found this channel that covers cases that haven't been done to death. The video that I first found was actually an investigation into the little girl from the infamous Child of Rage documentary and talking about the abusive therapy practices her foster mum put her through. I checked the rest if his channel and wow these docs are kinda unique. It's refreshing in a way, you can only endure so many Junko Faruta uploads before you lose faith in your favourite content creators. I will warn you though a lot of his videos have very graphic details especially around the cases involving kids and it's really upsetting

No. 247816

File: 1665897284980.jpg (58.82 KB, 1200x630, dahmerinterview.jpg)

Having a domineering, depressed or BPD mother seems to be a huge correlation with a lot of them. Dahmer had a middle class life but his mom was a hypochondriac and sort of BPD. Ted Bundy if I remember right had a refrigerator mother with clinical depression.

Another thing. I'm surprised more people don't realize that Dahmer was clearly an autist. The perverted sex stuff and fascination with his narrow fetishes can be explained by the hyper-sexuality common with autists. Autists are prone to extreme, abstract fetishes, and he just happened to have a fucked up necro and control fetish. The monotone voice and blank affect he has was put down to schizotypal disorder at the time, but it's just the way most high functioning autists act and speak.

The shit he did, like watching the same movies every week and drinking excessively, are how aspies live as adults once they leave home. The hyper fascination on the Exorcist and Return of the Jedi as movies to the point of watching them on repeat is peak aspie behavior.

There's autistic fetish discords you can find out there, and the shit aspies post on there is just as bizarre and weird as what Dahmer gets off to, just not so viscerally disgusting. Things like cumming over macaroni and cheese being stirred and making sloppy noises. Or hyperfixation on a certain scene from a kids movie like Honey I shrunk the kids, to the point of getting off to nothing but that for the rest of their life. Dahmer playing with roadkill likely had that fetishistic imprinting.

No. 247820

blaming the parents for raising a murderer is stupid as fuck. millions of people suffer abusive/neglectful/etc parents and dont become killers. bundy had normal parents. its a brain issue in most of them. abuse can make it worse, but it is something they are born with.

No. 247831

>akshuli its da mothur folt for beng menali eell guise iz all her doweng bpd amirite
piss off

No. 260438

File: 1670117413381.jpg (39.67 KB, 711x714, 1661535364769.jpg)

Necroing because I just watched the new Casey Anthony documentary series on Peacock and I felt fairly open to the alternative narrative presented by it. I remember the case when it was really active, but I have not followed it in any real depth. I was sort of surprised to see in online true crime communities that the users seem 100% committed to believing the Casey-is-an-evil-killer-party-mom narrative and cannot consider for a moment that maybe her pedo abuser dad (Kaylee's grandfather) really did it. It honestly reminds a bit of the women who cape so hard for Johnny Depp and just CANNOT IMAGINE that Amber Heard is not evil incarnate. Men are monsters, why do some women fight so hard to not see this?

No. 260570

Necro is only after 6 months of inactivity.

No. 260824

>still trying to go for the “Casey’s dad is a pedo” theory in 2022.

No. 260832

no, she 100% killed that baby. really depressing that you're believing her bullshit narrative.

No. 260858

File: 1670210698172.jpg (16.17 KB, 301x331, Jonbenet-ramsey.jpg)

What are y'all opinions/theories on JonBenét's murder?

No. 260861

If this was the case she wouldn’t have made up so many insane bullshit lies beforehand.

No. 260866

I used to think her parents or brother killed her but now I’m not so sure. I definitely think her parents know a lot more than they let on even if they weren’t directly responsible for her death.

No. 260884

Idk why people are so obsessed with this case from over a decade ago, I see posts where people talk about how she’s the most evil person ever and they want to kill her if they see her walking down the street. Meanwhile almost every day a moid will murder his partner or entire family and all it gets is a news headline somewhere and forgotten completely a week later. Like just yesterday some man kidnapped and killed a 7 year old girl and I wouldn’t have heard about it if I didn’t follow a few crime news sites.

No. 260885

i thought the dad killing her was a crazy theory but after watching interviews with the adult brother i now think it's possible her dad was molesting her and killed her by accident during a rough rape. he covered it up.

No. 261244

The Katy Perry theory is fucking wacky, but fun. Almost certainly untrue, though.

No. 274170

File: 1675820370525.jpg (101.15 KB, 600x900, jodi-arias-jail-love-letters-m…)

I wonder if she really legit did anything wrong or that moi d deserved what he got. She is hot.

No. 274180

slight ot but she looks just like my estranged aunt but none of my family members want to talk about it, so maybe she is…

No. 274185

that's pretty spooky

No. 274192

I remember reading a diary post of hers where she said he admitted to her that he's a pedo and that she has to have sex with him or else he'll harm children. So she did nothing wrong in my book.

No. 274195

I just heard that she said that in court as an excuse to kill him but who knows. Judging from the crime shows, they used each other for sex. But he's still just a Mormon moid so anything is possible.

No. 274229

I think both. He deserved it in theory but no moid is worth throwing your life away and going to prison for unless it's self-defense or protecting someone else (kids etc).

No. 274233

That's true, no moid is worth ruining your life over with prison time. Maybe she was driven insane by him.

No. 274242

whether he deserved it or not she was really fucking stupid when it came to covering up the crime like she literally left his body in his fucking house with tons of forensic evidence still lying around

No. 274243

I agree, she just fled the scene and later blamed it on ninjas, kek

No. 274252

>blamed it on ninjas, kek
wait what?

No. 274426

She said in court that ninjas broke into the house and killed Travis. They let her live because they had her contact information and could kill her family, so she didn't call the police. I'm dead serious.

No. 274431

Nta but I believe her kek.

No. 274439

RPFL, she did blame it on ninjas lol

No. 285502

File: 1679770035977.jpeg (174.23 KB, 1920x1080, B231B9A0-C924-43AE-A635-E07670…)

Most of the saga is pretty much over at this point, with some loose ends still being need to be tied up but what did everyone think about this case?

No. 285512

I went into the netflix documentary completely blind and did not expect it to evolve the way it did. Hope he dies behind bars, all the murder done for reputation and money. Crazy stuff honestly.

No. 323293

This is one of the cases that will always stick with me. Ashlee Martinson endured
endless trauma from every single adult who was supposed to care for her throughout entire life. The justice system never cared, and she finally snapped.

Case breakdown:

>Ashlee's mother, Jennifer Ayers, allows random men from the Internet to move in with them

>Ashlee raped and beaten from the ages of 9-11 by one of her mother's many boyfriends, Jerry Hirabe - one time was in front of his friend. Any time Jerry was arrested, Jennifer would bail him out the following day.
>Ashlee moves in with her biological father, Jeremy Marinson, at 15 in the hopes that things would be better - father beats her instead. When she goes to the police, she's told, "Since you are a minor, he had every right to put his hands on you."
>Best friend states that when Ashlee moved back in with her mother, she was quieter, quicker to anger, etc.
>Ashlee begins writing and drawing to cope - dark subject matter of her art used against her in court
>Stepfather, Thomas Ayers - with previous charges for kidnapping, domestic violence, and sexual assault - regularly rapes, beats, and holds her mother at gunpoint in front of her as punishment for Ashlee "acting out"
>Mother's new boyfriend beats her younger siblings when Ashlee steps half a toe out of line, including his 2-year-old daughter, who, according to Ashlee's eldest younger sibling, got beat more than anyone in the house
>Mother's new boyfriend chokes, shakes, throws a weeks-old puppy at the wall before shooting it dead in front of Ashlee's little siblings
>Stepfather exposes himself to Ashlee and tells her mother that Ashlee came on to him
>Enabler cunt of a "mother" jealous of Ashlee due to this, threatens to kick her out
>Ashlee was already planning on leaving, saving up money
>Ashlee grounded "for life" with her phone and car confiscated, and told she was never going to be able to leave after "parents" discovered she's being groomed by a 22-year-old man (Ryan Sisco) at 16
>Ashlee posts on Facebook "He's gonna kill her if she doesn't leave soon. I want to kill him so fucking bad, take one of his guns and blow his fucking brains out." after seeing her stepfather beating her mother for the umpteenth time that morning
>Ashlee grabs her stepfather's shotgun and locks herself in her room, contemplating suicide. Stepfather begins banging on her door. She panics and shoots him twice, first in the neck, then in the head
>Mother comes running when she hears gunshots, loses her shit on Ashlee for killing her man, no matter how abusive he was, and Ashlee, in a fit of blind rage, stabs her mother over 35 times
>Ashlee locks her 3 younger siblings in their room with juice boxes and snacks, showers, changes clothes, leaves the knife on the bathroom counter, and flees the scene in her stepfather's truck
>Ashlee and her groomer apprehended; Ashlee extradited back to Wisconsin
>Ashlee sentenced to 23 years in prison, states she feels safer in prison than she ever did at home
>Siblings in foster care - interview with foster mom throughout vidrel

Video attached




No. 323295

Samefag to say "Mother's new boyfriend" should have been amended to "Stepfather" throughout. He is Thomas Ayers.

No. 334038

No. 334051

I would love to hear the justification of the retard ass judge who gave her that sentence. Prison sentences are supposed to make sure the person never does the crime again. She wouldn't even have done it if her circumstances wouldn't have been so hopeless and threatening.

No. 341029

No. 341883

File: 1702484924240.jpeg (434.59 KB, 1080x1191, E0230CC4-6F5A-448A-A407-7B3E36…)

Remember Bianca Devins?
Remember how people used her death to get internet views?

Now a singer took her story and did exactly that not that long ago.

Everyone, meet SKYND.

No. 357574

I don't know if anyone using the board nowadays is remotely interested in true crime trials but I've been invested in the Jessy Kurczewski Eye drops murder trial for a week. It's three months old at this point but it's a very rich trial, I'm only at day 7 of watching testimonials and stuff. I'm trying to remain spoiler free but I am already seeing where it's going. The defense is doing a poor job, grasping at straws because they don't have much in terms of evidence to disprove the prosecution's evidence and/or testimonials. The channel I watch the trial on actually used YouTube's timestamps feature so it's easier to skip the breaks.
CourtTV on YouTube has a bunch of other trials too.

No. 357582

seem interesting, will check her out.

No. 363251

I know I'm late, but I'm watching the Baldwin shooting criminal case of the Armourer/Props assistant Hannah Gutierrez-Reed now. It's a quick one too (I watch those trials on 1,5x speed because of the long breaks), already at day 8 and I'm glad to hear there's a civil case against Alec Baldwin and the production company. Because while Hannah shouldn't have accepted the job with little to no experience in that field (she couldn't have picked a worse movie to learn by doing with a Western where everyone has a gun in the story, which is highly unmanageable for a newbie), the production company, including Baldwin have the responsibility of ensuring safety for staff and crew.

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