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File: 1494359178106.png (396.21 KB, 1268x444, mine.png)

No. 189885

Inspired by thread >>>/ot/189595

What's your basic bitch fashion, farmer?

Itens you can't live without?
Ask for help to shape up your style, etc.
Do you follow any weeby fashion trends, or you like Western style clothing better?

We've had many recet threads asking for help to get a better personal style, but I think images would help a lot.

This is mine. I'm simple and always go for darker tones. Quite boring and I don't like to stand out, but I'm happy with it.
(Yes, I'm crazy for hand sanitizer. Yes, I know I shouldn't overuse it, but it's hard)

No. 189888

File: 1494360261513.jpg (44.4 KB, 640x269, 8e6531f3feb342d3acaf53d3a6e5a2…)

I wear older gyaru shit like pic related, cute and frilly. I sometimes wear full hime gyaru, not always but I always do gyaru makeup. I will put together a polyvore style image when I get home, but you get the idea(I own a few things in the photo)

No. 189891

File: 1494362847190.jpg (14.49 KB, 400x400, john-deere-jd3524-i_01.jpg)

i almost always wear a pair of hiking boots. they are the most comfortable shoes for me to wear, especially when i have class all day and have to run back forth between buildings on campus. but….i live in florida……the flattest state so i probably look like a dumbass. i'm kind of okay with that though

No. 189896

File: 1494364273759.jpg (89.87 KB, 640x640, 15056673_957719164371587_93580…)

I go between styles a lot; when I was in the J-fash community it felt like a lot of pressure to constantly have a label on your style. It had to fit into fairy kei or decora or lolita or whatever. Now I just wear whatever I like, on whatever day I like, although I tend to stick to combos of black/white/red/pink. I like the freedom of being able to wear vinyl trousers one day, a dress the next, and ripped shorts and fishnets the day after. It's freeing!

Personally, I'm very involved in the drag community, so my motto is something like 'if I don't look like a baby drag queen, I'm not having enough fun'. I'm terrified of some of my pics ending up here because my makeup and fashion is 'out there' and very NYC club kid-esque, even though weird shit is the norm at art school. But hey, I have fun with it and I love to express myself, so I guess I shouldn't care that much.

No. 189898

File: 1494364610636.png (517.65 KB, 965x725, Untitled.png)

Here's mine. It's so boring and basic having laid it out, but I don't see anyone else dress like this here so I guess that counts for something. Almost my entire wardrobe is black which I didn't mean for, everything just always seem to look best when in black. The plus side is almost everything matches so I hardly ever have to wear the same outfit twice. Unfortunately I'm not carrying around fat wads of chinese cash.

I almost exclusively wear my grandpa's army boots and they're probably the most comfortable shoes that ever were. People should wear comfy shoes more often. This is the best life.

No. 189899

File: 1494364903160.png (110.87 KB, 993x657, Screenshot 2017-05-09 14.17.42…)

I'm a NEET. bonus points for when I do a full face of makeup for fun while still wearing NEET clothes. When I was still in uni I dressed a lot like >>189898 plus I had a denim jacket that I wore all the time.

No. 189902

File: 1494366134521.png (402.14 KB, 988x790, fashionable.png)

watch out ladies fashionista incoming

No. 189904


this, except add more tracksuit bottoms and trainers without any coolness to them.

No. 189906

>>I'm very involved in the drag community, so my motto is something like 'if I don't look like a baby drag queen, I'm not having enough fun

I'm a normie looking gal but this sounds fab.

No. 189908

Are you European? I like the cig. I hate it irl but it does look cool, ngl.

I'm OP. sorry for all my typos, just noticed them now.

No. 189909

File: 1494371581457.png (605.69 KB, 900x800, pretty basic.png)

I wear discount flare dresses from Belk everywhere, with a cardigan and flats.
Sometimes I'll weeb it up with a headbow or accessory from my lolita wardrobe I hardly wear anymore.
At home I'm a slob.

No. 189910

File: 1494371798608.png (721.94 KB, 744x633, lhf9CjU.png)

I have 2 filled clothing racks and a closet but no specific style, really. I have a good number of pieces that are pretty dressy that I rarely/have never worn, and most of my clothes aren't basics. Overall I just buy what I like and make sure it doesn't make me look cheap or overly casual, lol.

No. 189911

Thank you! Fake fur, marabou, velour, and excessive eyeliner are all very much my things. Sometimes it really helps my mental state to go out in the world in something fun and unique (and questionable) and just feel great.

No. 189915

File: 1494373400028.png (757.41 KB, 1265x1037, basic.png)

Basically this. Cardigans vary in neutral tones and sometimes red. Sometimes pants are light wash. Shoes change based upon mood, I guess… but those three are what I typically cycle between.

I'm so basic. I used to wear a lot of skirts and dresses, but about 90% of what I own are too short for my job so I don't get to wear them out whole lot.

No. 189916

*a whole lot.

No. 189918


this is a nice basic style though; it's professional enough to wear at work but you can ~spice it up~ for edgier or quirkier accessories or various shoes for other occassions. also it's comfy, clean and simple while still having personality.

No. 189921

>light wash jeans
>professional enough to wear at work

No. 189922

hey we're twins. except i smoke cigars and wear black bombers instead of hoodies. squad

No. 189923

This is pretty much me too, minus the cig since I gave up smoking last year.

No. 189924

W2C a decent pair of boyfriend jeans that don't run past my feet?

No. 189925

For school I wear very simple clothes. Jeans, T-Shirt/Pullover etc.
free time it's vintage fashion. Swing dresses, petticoat (if it's not too hot) and wiggle dresses. It took me some time to figure my own style out but I feel the most comfortable with vintage fashion.

No. 189926

Just hem, you can even do it by hand.

No. 189927

That actually doesn't sound like a bad idea, thanks anon. And it's a shit ton cheaper than scoping out another pair of jeans to buy.

No. 189933

Try Lucky Brand

No. 189934

Literally all I wear is yoga pants, because I'm so pear-shaped that it's hard for me to find pants that aren't baggy around the waist. Anyone have any ideas for something that's a little less casual?
I see people wearing cute leggings and skinny jeans ALL the time, but leggings look really unbalanced on me because my calves are way thinner than my thighs, and I literally can't even put skinny jeans on. I'm not even fat or anything, but I just don't understand how anyone can be comfortable in them.

No. 189935

pear here, i just wear skirts.

No. 189936

That's basically all I wear in the summer, but what do you do when it's snowing and cold outside?

No. 189937

thermal tights. I have the fleece lined ones and stay super warm, I live in NE so it gets pretty cold. skirts and tights with a short fur accented boot is so cute in the winter.

No. 189938

That's pretty smart. How long are the skirts you're wearing? I wish I could find ankle-length skirts for winter here.

No. 189939

File: 1494381719452.png (193.04 KB, 1090x494, everyday uniform.png)

I like to tell myself I am stylish

No. 189942

File: 1494383407250.jpg (86.94 KB, 965x725, 0101.jpg)

I used to love dressing up but I got pretty lazy these days, my closet is mostly black dresses or black shirts/skirts with a few pink or white articles thrown here and there.

I've also stopped putting on make up because it was just making my skin worse and I just don't know why even bother anymore.

No. 189943

No. 189944

can resonate
i also have plenty of sweat pants

No. 189947

File: 1494385612552.png (920.67 KB, 1068x1092, a day in the life of a former …)

(I'm still a weeb)

No. 189952

I'm happily surprised most anons don't dress weeby.

No. 189953

This is particularly bad ngl

No. 189961

Basically me, just replace the nails with long, healthy ones and add some natural/dark makeup

No. 189963

File: 1494399313028.jpg (520.37 KB, 1920x2560, IMG_4290.JPG)

My style varies but this is basically my uniform.

No. 189964

I always wear black. Well 99% of the time. Unfortunately I live in a tropical country (which I hate) so sometimes when I know im going to be outdoors for a long time, Ill wear some light grey or white top, same if I go on vacation to an island or something.

Pretty basic and simple, I dont like big statement necklaces or shit like that (used to when I was younger though).

Makeup: 100% of the time I wear eyeliner and sometimes a red lipstick. I cant wear foundation because I feel like Im wearing a mask and makes me uncomfortable.

No. 189974

File: 1494406088560.jpg (219.27 KB, 700x700, basic af.jpg)

generally some variation of this. i'm a slut for a good striped shirt.

No. 189975

Basically this but with black jeans instead of skirts.
I don't even wear jewelry to spice it up. I know it's bland but I just don't care enough.

No. 189986

i like the shoes! what are they called?

this sums up my daily look. i have tried venturing into other color schemes but never felt comfortable

No. 189987

Some adidas shoes, they usually have those stripes at the side

No. 189988

oh, i figured. was wondering about the specific name of the shoe so i could find some! i rarely wear flat shoes and it is killing my feet

No. 189992

yea im a euro, how'd you notice?

No. 189993

That's good that you quit. I know smoking is stupid but i don't really see the point in quitting myself when i smoke less than once a week, and if i do skip the biweekly smoke my drinking habit will become worse. Lesser of two evils i suppose.

No. 189994

it reminded me of france, not sure why though.

No. 189995

File: 1494424988813.jpg (102.71 KB, 960x540, collage-2017-05-10 (1).jpg)

i cant wait for the three weeks of summer we get up here to come already so i can finally change out of this uniform. i dont understand how all other women seem to not care about the cold, bouncing around in neat fashion year round. i want to make a shout out to thermo leggings to all other anons living up north, they are amazing i wear them under jeans, layer them under skirts, use them as sweatpants at home. and layering turtle necks is great too. i wear turtle necks under all my dresses when i want to dress up. did i mention i am cold

No. 189996

File: 1494427451034.png (1.69 MB, 2646x937, exweebfashion.png)

these are like two examples of what i wear and then i dont really venture far from these.

im broke so the only thing close to what i enjoy wearing is basic weeb shit. i really wish i could afford liz lisa dresses but atm i just have to look around malls for anything similar

No. 190001

File: 1494428857358.jpg (87.66 KB, 619x513, Fullscreen capture 5102017 601…)

These are the clothes that I pretty much wear at work and in free time. I'd like to call my style casual, but not boring (which is probably just wishful thinking).
I have so many different colored sweaters and long sleeved shirts that I've lost count. Black leather jacket & bag are a staple (both are faux leather), as are the black high-waisted skinny jeans. Also my shoes are always black leather (faux). My favourite scarf is also black. The shirts are the only colorful things I have in my closet.
Any tips on my style?

No. 190003

File: 1494429336942.jpg (104.61 KB, 1080x1080, 17125652_1848436635411413_4109…)

My basic wardrobe is everything instagram user Jaxydarkwolf wears except my shoes are better lmao.

No. 190016

The shoes are Adidas Originals Jeans Light Brown. If you want to look at cute similar sneakers I recommend asos. The Golas are REAL nice looking.

No. 190028

Where do you find your clothes?

No. 190035

File: 1494459838457.png (386.46 KB, 624x615, boringbutharmless.png)

It's hard to be stylish and broke at the same time

No. 190038

Not quoted anon, but… anywhere?
It's just layered black clothes, except for a few exceptions here and there that seem harder to find

No. 190040

File: 1494462540886.jpg (183.17 KB, 800x800, itme.jpg)

basically exactly me, i even found the exact brands and colours sigh i need hobbies

No. 190041

Mine is really obvious but essential: try new colors. It'll change things up a little

No. 190052

I love the NYX Soft matte lip cream, anon! Where'd you live?

No. 190053

Aaaah I love this anon! I want to buy that style skirt now. I always meant to but never did.

My style has a lot of crop tops and high wasted skirts and shorts. If it's cold add tights + thigh high socks and boots and a jacket. I'm too lazy to make a picture.

No. 190058

me too! i have three of them, sao paolo (san paolo??) is my favourite, i have a lighter one and dark red one too and a liquid suede in dark blue. I live in Ireland and only found that a big pharmacy in my city has a big stand of it and it changed my life :)

No. 190061

File: 1494466054640.png (1.12 MB, 1904x1426, Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 9.26…)

Super boring

No. 190077

I only wear black with no logos and typically 'Japanese goth' as my friend calls it because I'm a weeb at heart (basically lots of tunics, slouchy pants.) uniqlo is where I always shop, sometimes this thrift store that nobody knows about (for now) that I raid for crop tops.

I am a huge slut for special adidas and reebok. I actually have the Alien Reebok stompers and plan to get the new ones coming out this summer. I have some rare adidas too (not the bullshit Jeffery Campbell, but euro collabs) that I wear to change it up. I never wear makeup except for heavy heavy winged eyeliner and highlight/inner corner highlight. I tried to completely minamalise my wardrobe years ago.

Sage for blogpost.

No. 190085

Yeah I dress like that too, most of my clothes are just from H and M, they always have good stuff around autumn. Theres restyle and killstar but they are more expensive

No. 190099

anon that sounds interesting! you should make a moodboard.
>it's not a blogpost and you don't need to sage if you're describing your style in a style thread. blogpost is when you go off-topic in a cow thread about something personal and irrelevant

No. 190100

File: 1494507783979.jpg (224.72 KB, 591x780, rsa83154_black.jpg)

ya pretty much, i go to a lot of charity shops too. anything jersey and black basically. like i said my shoes are better, and shoes really do make the difference between 'i threw this on because i'm lazy and ill today' and 'understated but stylish thoughtful outfit'.

in the american apparel closing sale i got this high necked black jersey catsuit which is possibly the most useful, practical and comfortable thing i own, it's amazing. and it goes with all my other clothes seamlessly. catsuits for life. (except trying to get in or out of it in a hurry.)

No. 190128

File: 1494543175991.png (1.42 MB, 1200x800, style board.png)

I'm a hopeless weeaboo but try to tone it down. Mainly into Korean fashion, and like >>189974 I'm a fucking slut for stripes in everything (flannel too oh god).

It kinda warms my heart to see other anons want to be somewhat ~basic bitch~, just to fit into society more. Even though my style is lazy as sin attempting to dress like a human being helped with social anxiety.

hey, it's better than hot topic anime shirts, black jeans, and exclusively converse every goddamn day of middle school.

No. 190130

>that catsuit
I never realized I wanted something so badly.

No. 190132

but anon, how do you pee in that?

No. 190133

Mostly naked.

No. 190138

what do you wear the catsuit with?

No. 190141

Which nyx lipstick is that?

No. 190183

San Paulo maybe? Or Antwerp. (I'm guessing.)

No. 190184

You seem insufferable, no offense.

No. 190185

deleted, thanks for the tip

No. 190186

You can look it up on their site, it's their butter gloss collection iirc

No. 190190

File: 1494594665630.jpg (327.31 KB, 906x1242, Lillie.(Pokémon).full.2011066.…)

I like earth tones and nature motifs like forest animals and lots of florals. A lot of brown, green, cream, white, and some pastels.
My standard items are loose cardigans, oxford shoes or brown boots with ankle socks, and high-waisted A-line skirts or dresses. To keep the sun off my face I also frequently wear a big sun hat

No. 190207

File: 1494602724086.jpg (802.26 KB, 1682x1989, iuahefiuahiufhaiwd.jpg)

i'm moomoo levels of fat, so i don't really look nice ever. i try to just stick to basics and avoid drawing attention to myself until i reach a weight i'm happier with.

No. 190208

Sweatpants and an oversized tshirt with some jacket or hoodie. Basically a western burka.

No. 190210

Anyone else here not wear bras at all? I just ditched mine and don't give a fuck anymore. My boobs are small so why bother. I now think these perfectly round, padded bras look fucking weird on other women and I want the 70s look to make a comeback.

No. 190211

Me too anon. It's comfy, I don't give a fuck.

No. 190213

File: 1494603853612.jpeg (15.6 KB, 395x296, sweetsneakers.jpeg)

Is it pathetic to wear high top sneakers in loud colors as an adult?
I don't know shit about sneakers but I just really like the crazy ones that kinda look like toys. Makes me feel like a kid just looking at them.

Sneaker advice?

No. 190216

Fuck no anon- I posted earlier but I'm obsessed w the adidas and reebok brands that are limited since they usually have the best looks. eBay has a ton of awesome ones, and when I was in Japan I loaded up on vans w all sorts of patterned shit on them. I think they really make an outfit look kickass and are more comfortable than heels.

No. 190219

File: 1494610240341.png (76.48 KB, 522x419, the uniform 2.png)

No. 190222

What do you wear them with? I feel like sneakers like that will only go with a really sporty style. I've been dressing very classic/conservative (chinos & shirts, leather shoes) but I'm feeling more laid back now. Oversized shirts and sweatpants might be a bit too Die Antwoord.

No. 190224



No. 190227

this is very cute anon! im also fat (not like moo though) and im in the process of losing weight but would like to make my wardrobe look nicer with a few pieces, mainly to help with anxiety. where do you shop?

No. 190230

Date me.

No. 190233

File: 1494619604688.jpg (7.21 KB, 236x172, 412057a81690679aaac49f89cde461…)

thanks so much!

i am v. poor (student) so i mainly go to primark for cheap stripy tees and other basics. specsavers cheap-tier glasses.

accessories from primark or asos (they have some rly cool fashion jewellery!)

zip up jumpers i get from H&M.

i get high waisted skinnies and shorts from dorothy perkins or asos. though i recently tried some "super high-waisted" jeans from primark and i don't hate them!

i invest in everyday shoes, so i have some skechers and some flatform birko style things, both from a designer outlet nearby (it's a macarthur glen if that means anything to you?)
i also got given some irregular choice shoes (tasteful, just retro black lacey ones) as a graduation present for my last degree and they're lovely.

i get bags from fiorelli outlet stores - they're made of nice leather, affordable and practical.

i get "going out" dresses from boohoo, which are hit and miss but well-priced. overall they're good!

lindy bop is also pretty great for cutesy retro dresses - their audrey cut dresses are comfy and classy, and they always have a sale on.

sometimes i'll raid the marks and spencers sales too, always good quality (if a little grannyish).

thanks for replying anon! i hope that's helpful.

No. 190234

sage for samefagging, but where do you shop? i forgot to ask!

No. 190250

I shop at uniqlo mostly so slouchy linen joggers or slightly fitter harem pants with fitted tunic tops. That or tights with black high waisted shorts and a fitted tunic top. It's hard to describe my style but I guess athletic or Japanese goth seems to look really nice with flashy sneakers (since they wear those a lot)

If you're looking to find them I forgot to add I found my favorite pair at a thrift shop. eBay again is a great choice too, plus amazon.

No. 190302

>dat gosha influence
Very couture

No. 190309

File: 1494644216117.png (310.2 KB, 621x450, ScreenShot_20170513115141.png)

Just realized I forgot the glasses.
Overall I just like to have cute, slightly poofy skirts (always with tights because my legs are covered in bruises all the time), and slightly oversize shirts and sweaters. I also like pink a lot.
Really basic with shoes and bags, I'm pretty bad at shopping for shoes especially. I never have more than three pairs because I can never find anything I like.

No. 190316

wow, yeah this helps a lot! maybe i'll be able to get my wardrobe together & feel good about myself now lol. thank you so much, i really appreciate it!

you sound absolutely adorable, anon! what do your glasses look like, and where do you shop? in particular, where do you get your cute poofy skirts…

No. 190317

File: 1494653525956.png (72.04 KB, 514x154, ScreenShot_20170513142428.png)

Thank you!
These are my glasses, except mine are brown. I used to wear contacts because I hated my old glasses, but it's so much nicer and more convenient to have a pair you love to see on your face.
For clothes I try to shop only at thrift stores. I usually go to a shop that's close to my uni (they also have a shop in Paris that's bigger) called Kilo Shop Kawaii, and stocks a lot of stuff from Japan. For frilly skirts and cute stuff in general I feel like it's easier in Japan. But I think thrift stores in general are more likely to have things you don't usually find at normal stores.

No. 190334

anon, a cute pair of roundish metal frames would look so nice with your style!

No. 190342

I'm really into the whole crunchy Californian hippie thing, except I live in a shitty Euro country with bipolar weather. I tried to adapt it to the local climate, but it ended up looking too butch so I just started adding random twee details to make it cuter, and I don't know how successful it's been.

My city's public transport is a travesty so I bike to college and walk a lot (can't even drive), which resulted in owning mainly comfortable clothes and flat shoes with one pair of courts for funerals and fancy events. My wardrobe is otherwise fairly compact, if it weren't for my winter clothes and hiking gear I could pack it all in one suitcase. My favourite colours are mustard yellow and dark forest green, especially the latter. I go through pic related lip balms like socks, they smell amazing. I also wear glasses.

That's it in a nutshell.

No. 190343

File: 1494679854398.jpg (248.62 KB, 1383x760, goods_59_180691.jpg)

oops, pic wasn't posted for some reason

No. 190344

everything. my favorite catsuit outfit is just that and a big, boxy, fluffy oversized jumper. same with any floaty long sleeved t shirt. but i have some nice wool trousers that look real good over the top too.

you just have to imagine it as a long sleeved top and leggings and plan outfits around that, but there's so many ways to make it work.

the zip at the back is very well concealed but impractical and fiddly, so the answer is not to wait til you really have to pee.

No. 190360

im the anon who posted that, its san paolo. it's from their Soft Matte Lip Cream line :)


No. 190364

I just bought a few cute ones with no wires. They're quite comfy and while I went braless for a few months I feel a bit more secure like this.

No. 190367

I wear a wireless genie bra, it's so comfy. Feels better than wearing nothing and having your tits jiggle all the time, no joke.

No. 190368

File: 1494694194708.jpg (187.28 KB, 1080x729, my style.jpg)

I'm a fan of the pencil silhouette as you may notice

No. 190371

love this

No. 190372

File: 1494698390632.jpg (516.41 KB, 969x932, art fag attire.jpg)

I'm your average freelance art fag who has awesome clothes but no place to wear them because of working inside all day. But when I do go out I always have all my pens and sketchbooks and shit because you never know what will happen. Also i have no memory of the last time I wore pants, skirts and dresses all the way!

No. 190389

you're basically what I wish I was, anon

No. 190394

I love those taobao dresses up the top but my shoulders are too fucking broad for the over-sized/boyfriend-cut look. It pisses me off because I look like a stocky man in shapeless dresses but I think that look is adorable on smaller-boned girls.

No. 190395

Nah fam now you get to revel in having a wait that is relatively itty bitty to your top half and look amazing in a skirt or a fitted button-up/oxford shirt
There's a positive side to just about anything we feel is flawed

No. 190396

It is not that difficult to build a wardrobe like this, I do not often spend more than €30,- on a piece. Only the 40's/50's replicas I wear can be between €50-70

No. 190403

Mine are too small to really jiggle but sometimes I'd like a comfy bra to have less nipple action. I like the ones that are kind of like bikini tops, what are they called? Plunge? Haven't found the right one yet. Any suggestions on brands and stuff?

No. 190405

That shit is cute as fuck but the bags make me cringe.

No. 190419

Who on this earth finds that kind of shit charming? It infuriates me and turns me into an even more bitter person that I already am. It shits me almost as much as all the shirts with BAE and YASS written on them.

No. 190425

I've heard good things about aerie and gapbody, but if you want the name of mine specifically it's just a no name brand from Costco.
If you're into cute underwear check out Shirohato, they have the cutest stuff.

No. 190427

I like Shirohato. They get some very unique sets in from time to time and I can actually afford most of their brands. The bras I got were well made.

No. 190428

File: 1494736707743.jpg (13.63 KB, 300x300, img-thing.jpg)

holy fuck you're me, same hair/makeup/nails and everything

only difference is i dont wear wedges or anything bc i feel like they're too much and don't want people to look at me lol. my shoes are usually more like pictured :( boring

No. 190435

File: 1494746979583.png (445.12 KB, 679x620, fashion1.png)

The shirt changes, but otherwise It's a pretty good description of how I dress.

No. 190441

Op here, yeah those bags are awful, but it was the best pic I could find. I usually make my own tote bags and draw some cute and funny stuff on them, like some puns that can be illustrated. They are most likely cringey too though kek

No. 190447

Do you wear these kinds of tops without a bra? You've got to, right?

No. 190448

We're never going to have a /fa/-esque thread where farmers post their actual outfits, are we? I'm curious as fuck but I don't think it's going to happen.

No. 190450

Of course, I use a strapless Wonderbra usually. I don't care if my straps show anyways, I've got big tits so eh support > some straps not showing

I actually posted an exact copy of my outfit.

No. 190451

You mean like a outfit of the day type thing? With self posts?

No. 190453

Where do you shop mostly? I'm from EU so hopefully I can order online.

No. 190454

File: 1494775434790.png (500.84 KB, 958x800, fash.png)

Aside from swapping the earrings to another kind of big statement earring, this is about it. Idk how to look less like a slob.

I wear bralettes and now underwire bras feel like they're suffocating me, I can't wear them for more than a few hours anymore.

>I now think these perfectly round, padded bras look fucking weird on other women and I want the 70s look to make a comeback.

Same tbh roundboob looks so unnatural.

No. 190455

Yeah I meant self posts. But most people on here aren't into that and I kind of get it. Still curious.

No. 190471

I pretty much posted 2 of my go-to outfits for cold and warm weather. Most are items I actually own.

No. 190486

File: 1494793698056.png (1.58 MB, 1864x896, fuck.png)

>boring: the person
Used to be sort of into himekaji and larme, now my closet is split 50/50 between basic normie fashion and a bunch of liz lisa and ank rouge shit. I'm not even sure what I'm doing at this point. I just like being comfy with minimal fuss. (And super sorry if the image is really fucking huge.)

No. 190502

File: 1494800816880.jpg (136.2 KB, 1196x804, 11221232.jpg)

pretty modest, left is casual right is for work

No. 190532

I like your style anon.

No. 190533

Be my style waifu. That's pretty.

No. 190534

love the empowered business chic look. ive always wanted to dress like this but i'd look like a midget kid wearing these badass clothes.

No. 190535

Me too. It's not easy being legless.

No. 190540

File: 1494845578322.png (Spoiler Image, 166.28 KB, 204x494, yep.png)

>tfw ur emi from katawa shoujo

No. 190560

oh cool! hi!
yeah the wedges are a recent thing, i lived in dolly shoes for ages too! they're classic, not boring.
but i figured the higher the shoes, the lower the apparent BMI (wishful thinking maybe).

No. 190591

same, the key is you have to get clothes that fit well, and heels help to if you prefer being taller, I'm 5'0 but most of the day involves desk sitting and presenting

No. 190612

I like your style anon, where do you buy your clothing and accessories? Do you follow any fashions inspo accounts?

No. 190688

File: 1494954657478.jpg (56.8 KB, 600x600, unnamed.jpg)

I'm a bit of a tomboy, and definitely a nerdy metalhead. I used to like dressing up more but now I've defaulted to band shirts, flannels and masculine accessories. Things that are easy to wear and comfy basically.

Also I don't listen to Metallica or Iron Maiden very much tbh, but Polyvore has very few shirts for other genres of metal.

No. 190692

Same, I'd like to see actual outfit shots too. But anonymity and all that so I get why it wouldn't happen. You could try making a thread and seeing what responses you get?

No. 190693

If you lay some ground rules in the OP it should be fine.
Body trolling really pisses me off though, and I get the feeling some farmers probably aren't going to be able to control their shitposting.

No. 190702

File: 1494966673035.jpg (105.61 KB, 1016x714, style - too basic.jpg)

Way too basic

No. 190771

Of Yu maid a thread like that I'd ag least self post (with my face cropped out) in it. Though I'm a fatty so I'll probably get a lot of backlash from it kek

No. 190772

*if you made

No. 190801

Maybe require all posts be spoilered?

No. 190802

File: 1495027382158.png (237.47 KB, 1242x1336, IMG_5331.PNG)

I always end up defaulting to this same silhouette and two pairs of earrings/three shoes (almost exactly these). These two kinds of outfits work and I'm too comfortable to try anything new now.

No. 190803

Oh gosh, this is cute as hell.

No. 190804

Damn this is so cute! I love it!

No. 190805

Love this! If I worked in a more professional environment I'd want to dress like this too.

No. 190809

Adorable, reminds me a lot of Japanese ladies.

No. 190812

File: 1495035086174.png (227.47 KB, 660x623, everyday.png)

this is basically what i wear everyday. if i'm lounging i wear adidas trackpants and a sweater tbh. i used to be thinner and more into vintage outfits but i have an Adult Job now and i've gotten lazy

No. 190813

this is adorable. Where are you getting skirts like that? i love skirts that are a bit longer and flare it. they are SO flattering, compared to pencil skirts.

No. 190817

File: 1495037274353.jpeg (374.87 KB, 1530x874, repeat ad nauseam.jpeg)

What a gorgeous style!! I am in love with those skirts.

I am pretty tall so I refuse to wear pants, as they never fit quite right. I opt for dresses and skirts, usually paired with a sweater. Ruffles, flower prints, and pastel colors are a must.

No. 190819

ted baker has similar

No. 190835

i really want one of those ysl heart purses but they're so expensive. i love the shoes here too.

No. 190854

I live in Japan at the moment and I'm kind of a penny pincher, so I frequently end up getting stuff from second hand/resell apps like Mercari. Off the top of my head I know I have some things from Apuweiser-riche, Snidel, and one of those Samantha Thavasa brands.

For western brands, I've found that Max Mara, Banana Republic, and Club Monaco can have some cute stuff sometimes. Usually spring.

No. 190857

From Cambridge Satchel Company!


Sadly I think the purple was a limited run. But it's lasted me for years!

No. 190863

File: 1495059338630.jpg (2.17 MB, 3000x3000, shrug.jpg)

my basic daytime look.

i'm graduating uni next month and i want to start classing up the way i dress but have no idea where to start.

No. 190864

no offense but dafuq? please do class it up anon

No. 190865

How grown up are you going for?

Straight up, lose the neons, the cat phone case, and the raglan tees. Get jeans and pants that fit perfectly, plain t shirts you can layer with drapey vests/jackets decent jewellery (imo you'd probably like noctex/sisters of the black moon/HLSK jewelry. It's awesome and seems like a grown up version of the punky sorta looks)
Invest in a quality military style jacket or a blazer that you can throw on over the tshirts so it's dressy and adult but also easy and not overdone. Maybe a less clunky boot if you're down for it but the clunk isn't bad, a block heeled chealsea boot can take it up a notch in terms of dressiness.
Circuitbird on tumblr might be a good source of inspo

No. 190866

Oh and for the love of god stop mixing a tribal print boho looking bag with military boots. pick one look, don't slap together mismatched bits and pieces.

No. 190868


i'm in the art/design field so i have some leeway but basically more professional/put together.

thanks for the suggestions, love the blazer/chelsea boot idea.

No. 190872

>>190868 interesting accessories with black/white/grey basics is the easiest way to do it.

No. 190879

File: 1495066818030.jpg (456.24 KB, 2078x2078, IMG_2784.JPG)

This is pretty much my daily fashion. I don't really wear accessories besides earrings from time to time.

No. 190882

File: 1495071402848.jpg (57.47 KB, 564x564, 210778ad8e529d66aece0dd210a90b…)

My style is basic 'punk-band-of-yesteryear' inspired male streetwear (none of the usual streetwear brands though, I'm not about that) with gaudy accessories and chunky gold jewelry. Pic somewhat related.

I'm generally aiming for "lovechild of greasy dude in 90's hxc band and 70's overly flamboyant rockstar" & No, I don't have anywhere that I need look like a normie so I can look as ridiculous and ugly as I want.

No. 190895

What life do you lead anon? You seem really cool.

No. 190924


Where is that pink dress from? So cute.

No. 190927

The dress is from lindy bop uk

No. 191003

File: 1495136035664.jpg (25.52 KB, 444x666, IMG_2600.JPG)

No. 191004

fril.jp is a godsend for you then, anon.

No. 191023

File: 1495153177061.png (409.21 KB, 852x615, daily.png)

I've regressed into dressing like an 8th grader ever since going back to college

No. 191024

Aren't these pajamas anon?

No. 191025

aww the backpack is cute

>wearing only a sports bra under a hoodie

why have I never thought to do this

No. 191051

Same for me when I went to grad school. Didn't give two fucks.
Hoodies, sweatpants, cute bag, and comfy shoes.

No. 191053

noice. im sucker for black on black and that sports bra under the hoodie is genius

No. 191054

yeah, do I ever even leave the house? kek

No. 191076

>tfw have such a unique fashion style im afraid people will be able to identify me or steal it

im paranoid and sad. i'd just say it's some gothic mix

No. 191116

There's no such thing as a unique outfit anon. Don't flatter yourself like that. You might dress differently to most but there's still hundreds of other people who dress almost exactly the same.

No. 191117

No. 191120

Lmao you do realise despite how most goths try to be different they all end looking basically the same? Unless you're someone super recognizable like adora or something, no ones gonna know who you are haha

No. 191121

File: 1495199028314.jpg (168.65 KB, 992x680, 34534.jpg)

This is what I've been wearing lately while we have been transitioning through Spring. I wear more jeans in Autumn/Winter and skirts/pinafores in Spring/Summer. For casual days I just wear a tee and jeans. Nothing too fancy really.

No. 191126

Well I mean there's that, and there's the fact that there's only so many ways to wear black.

No. 191245

dont flatter yourself

No. 191265

File: 1495248921559.gif (481.04 KB, 500x371, Michael-Jackson-Smile.gif)


>don't flatter yourself

Stating facts is not flattering myself. Are you all secretly hoping someone is a cow so you can project your own fits of rage at someone?
Also I would never dress in that corny cgl shit. Miss me with that.

Anyway, Aaliyah, Rihanna, Prince, and many other fashion icons had styles that had elements of gothic but they didn't look like cgl retards. There's always a middle ground in something.

No. 191268

File: 1495249511183.jpg (128.3 KB, 1500x687, style.jpg)

this is basically me, should I try to change my closet?

No. 191269

Your so special, everyone will copy you

No. 191270

File: 1495250334669.jpg (28.31 KB, 324x226, IMG_0898.JPG)

So special and unique. Nobody has ever looked like you ever in the world. Amazing. You obviously only wear one-of-a-kind everything because you're so gothic and couture. So special.

No. 191272

this is really cute anon, especially the shoes and bag. love it

No. 191278

god yes change that shit. every basic asian girl dresses like that in the bay area.

No. 191282

File: 1495257767670.gif (16.71 KB, 150x150, tumblr_m42r05ncqT1r58lid.gif)

Never said I was but keep going and telling on yourself.

No. 191283

Feel better yet?

No. 191284

Aaliyah dressed really baggy and gangster inspired clothes and then later on wore form fitting high fashion pieces like Dior and Gucci but put an Egyptian/Cleo patra twist to it.

She was not gothic at all unless you mean her get up in More Than a Woman. But that was more Hells Angels inspired with the chopper and everything.

IDK I'm an Aaliyah fan since I was a child and I never describe her as gothic. Dark =/= goth. What a dum dum

No. 191285

I'm a Chinese-Spanish boring girl so that makes sense

No. 191286

Fashionista plz teach us your ways. How can we peasants be as unique and cool and goth as you? Let me be the second most uniquely dressed person to have ever lived plz

No. 191287

File: 1495259066350.jpeg (48.95 KB, 639x424, image.jpeg)

>being this mad

goofninja anon, it's okay, you can post your super secret special black clothes here. I won't make fun of you. I actually like gothic fashion myself so I'm interested.

No. 191288

tfw not a super special unlikely gothic dressed person

Why even live

No. 191292

Hey anon, I hear you. Sage for not having much else to add, but don't mind the other anons getting upset. They could have just ignored you but meh. I also didn't use the photos of the exact stuff I wear in my post either due to paranoia. Even though its a bit unrealistic that someone would recognize us on the streets, I know that I don't want to be associated with some of the crazy anons on this site so its best not to be associated with lolcow.

No. 191293

I love the middle outfit. I think this style is adorable if you have a cute face/body. It really draws attention to your hair, makeup, and smaller details such as jewelry and nails.

No. 191304

>im afraid people will be able to identify me or steal it
>steal it
Because a style is only yours to own, hm?
You seem like the type who won't tell someone who asks you where you got something because you think if someone else has what you got you won't be a yoonique snowflake anymore.

No. 191308

Duh, shes so special that other girls in her middle school class will totally copy her because they're so basic and she's so cool. Can you imagine how many designers must be chasing her down asking her how she came up with black clothes?

No. 191312

Aaliyah is gothic tho

No. 191313

File: 1495265765216.jpg (25.37 KB, 445x582, fa126f20c2b0d0ea7e48a5f41c435f…)

I'd say it was more egyptian/vamp but the mainstream called it "goth" and a lot of black goths are inspired by her looks… so

No. 191316

Thank you! The shoes are Ikon and are very comfortable. Highly recommend them if you're after a smart shoe. They do take a bit of wearing in though.

No. 191331

File: 1495286411933.png (462.89 KB, 985x694, img.png)

I'm 22 and aware that I dress like a highschool kid, but I don't know how to dress more age-appropriate. I'm pretty short as well (5'2").
I know it pisses people off here, but I can't seem to let go of the old gyaru makeup. I feel so gross if I don't put falsies on lmao.

No. 191333

why do you feel gross if you dont put on falsies? the natural look is much more accepted and those old gyaru lashes look like centipede legs dude. get some natural looking falsies at least and work on your self confidence.

No. 191337

Does it really look that bad? I really like the dolly eye look… Probably because I have weak-looking eyes (ya, east asian here) and mascara makes the lashes I've spent 10 minutes crimping flop straight back. I don't like my nose either, so I use how I do my eyes to distract from it. I've weaned myself off using full bottom lashes though.

No. 191340

im sure you look 100% better with your natural lashes. try looking up korean makeup tutorials and experimenting with that type of look. its in, much more natural, and it would fit your clothing style better as well. you legit threw me off with those gyaru lashes and circle lenses after i laid eyes on a new york crewneck and fjallraven backpack

No. 191341

Wrong and you know she has passed away right?

No. 191346

I'll have a go ;-;
Another reason I wear big lashes though, is because my profile is so damn flat so adding the lashes makes it look like I have an 'eye-area', if that makes sense?

Oh and I added that pullover because they way the model wore it kinda gave off the general feel of how I wear outer layers: all baggy and loose-like.

No. 191363

Wouldn't change a thing, except get pants that don't look too short. That look is fucking retarded unless you cuff it like that deliberately and even then it looks weird.

No. 191364

That tights with shorts look just screams "I'm insecure about my cellulite but I still want to wear shorts". I know many girls do it but it's so ugly.

No. 191367

Nope, I'm correct.

No. 191382


Honestly who didn't know she was dead? It's been at least​
a decade.


If I was to label her style I'd label it more as alternative with gothic influences. Not really goth.

No. 191395

I like trousers more than jeans but yeah, I should add other kind of pants to my closet. Problem is I'm 5'3 so sometimes it's hard to find jeans that fit without having to fix the length, so trousers fit me better imo.

Sometimes I want to wear skirts or dresses (specially with this hellish summery weather) but I don't like my legs, too pale and if I try to tan I just turn into a tomato.

No. 191398

I don't have cellulite and wear them like that if it's cold or I don't want my skin to get messed up in the sun. A few other fit friends I have do too. I think that might be just more of a persona opinion than overall general thing.

No. 191403

I get that but especially with transparent tights it just always looks like that to me. Maybe seeing a lot of chunky girls in them has something to do with it. Looks a bit better with some wool tights but imho shorts look best when it's actually hot out.

No. 191420

Dark coloured shorts look best with tights though, especially if they're more 'dressy'. Bare legs can look underdressed and too casual.

Light coloured shorts or casual materials like denim or linen don't suit them though.

No. 191422

File: 1495322918296.jpg (23.64 KB, 390x380, 1493824641797.jpg)

Does anyone else just wear yoga pants all the time in the fall and winter? They're so comfortable. But I can't help but feel sloppy sometimes.

No. 191423

What is the point of posting "i can't tell you" in a thread meant for posting what you wear? If special fashion anon doesn't have a thread in /snow/ already, she probably should.

No. 191426

File: 1495324015358.jpg (110.5 KB, 720x960, a715b5a6ffe13ca118bbdff386b815…)

I want to be a mori girl SO bad, but I mostly shop at local consignment and thrift stores for ethical reasons and the women in my area just don't wear clothes like this. Also, even the lightest mori looks are much too layered for the weather where I live. Too hot and humid for that shit. I live in tanks and shorts during the summer.

No. 191427

>But I can't help but feel sloppy sometimes.
It is sloppy and you should feel sloppy.

I do wear them in winter and fall because of their comfiness, but ONLY when taking my dog out for a walk or slouching on my couch. It would be innapropriate for ANY other occasion.

No. 191434

How are they inappropriate? What's the worst that could happen if I'm wearing them while grocery shopping?

No. 191437

Obviously they're as ok for grocery shopping as they're for dog-walking, you cheeky nitpicker

No. 191439

Anon is obviously referring to wearing them to say, visit your mother in law for the first time or to go to a job interview, work, dates, visiting your grandma in a nursing home, a dinner party, restaurant, or work drinks, or any other million other occasions when it would be inappropriate to show up in yoga pants not going to pick up some milk and washing powder. Why deliberately nitpick a sensible answer about wearing yoga pants full time?

No. 191441

free people is kinda like this

No. 191520

>>190879 late response but i love this look. vinatage-y/"rockabilly" dresses can so so corny if they're styled wrong but what you've put together looks really nice.

No. 191529

Go for loose, flowy, airy/thin materials in soft colors with vintage or handmade accessories and you can still pull off a similar look, at least when it isn't summer!

No. 191530

File: 1495401469497.jpg (200.7 KB, 666x1000, typical fashion.jpg)

Hey anon, your outfits look appropriate for a 22 year old imho. If you want to dress more maturely, don't let your height get in the way though. I'm 4'11", 27, and believe I dress quite age-appropriately. A lot of people say that short women shouldn't wear maxi skirts/dresses or skirts below the knees, but these look fantastic on me, so I'd recommend going to a more mature store and seeing what looks best on your individual body type (if you are in America, then Black House White Market, Nordstrom, and stores like Express or NY & Co often have semi-affordable or affordable clothing pieces with a more mature look). A lot of guides make it seem like us shorties have to wear short, mini skirts, fitted shirts, etc to look good.

If you really like falsies, but want to look more mature, then you could try natural mink lashes, extensions, or lash enhancing serums at night (ie. revitalash).

Speaking of falsies/gyaru look, dressing like a typical everyday Japanese girl seems a pretty nice way to escape the gear look but still look cute (pic related still looks young and cute, but not trashy or like a high schooler).

No. 191531

File: 1495401731403.jpg (38.09 KB, 329x329, armpit pad.jpg)

Hey anon, mori doesn't have to be that layered, and I hate to say it but it gets really hot and humid in the summers in Japan too…so although it's still possible to dress like in your pic (cute outfit btw!) strong deodorant and possibly armpit pads like pic related will be your bffs.

Also like >>191441 said, Free People is a pretty good choice. Also Anthropologie in general tends to sell mori-style clothing too.

No. 191542

I never heard of armpit pads before. Tell me anon, how effective are they?

No. 191571

Thanks for your advice! I read a lot of japanese magazines in highschool and remember really liking how the long skirts looked on the models even though they were so short. I still tend to avoid them though because I'm an apple shape. I just figured that an apple on a stick looks better than a brick, make do with what you've got and all that.

No. 191656

> black skinny jeans
> baggy band shirt
> docs or pikes
> faux leather jacket

Shows and festivals
> black cutoff shorts
> black wifebeater/ croptop
> battle vest
> bullet belt
> docs

And a pbr with everything

> fishnet everything
> hot pants
> bondage gear
> ankhs everywhere
> pikes

No. 191665

So just terrible all the time then

No. 191666



> fishnet everything
> hot pants
> bondage gear
> ankhs everywhere
> pikes

Ok so im the same for clubbing but
>Bullet belt

Love yourself, anon

No. 191667

I like loose and flowy lightweight tops and usually wear it with jeans or shorts, generally in a boho style. I also really like oversized sweaters. I guess I kind of look like some damn hippy earth mother or a bum most of the time. Meh I'm too depressed to try and look cute.

No. 191701

Where do you find skirts like this? I would love to dress like this but I think I'm too short (5'2') and I would look stupid

No. 191702

Not the same anon but look at stores that cater more to middle age women and up.
You might get some odd looks and it's a bit more expensive, you won't find anything hip but you can find very nice pieces that fit better, last longer and overall are just made better.

No. 191821

Are you Taylor Momsen?

No. 191827

File: 1495573547203.png (803.45 KB, 600x600, IMG_5659.PNG)

If its the same anon who was worried about people recognising her ~unique gothic style~ that would make sense lmao

No. 191828

I replied to someone with a similar question here
and we're the same height! Don't let that stop you.
For anything just at or just below the knee, I generally wear pumps or wedges because it just looks better. Flat sandals may work, but it's really a summer look imo. For ankle length skirts, I almost always wear flats because it's comfortable but still looks appropriate. It's a bit casual though.

No. 191881

this is absolutely adorable!

No. 191888

File: 1495596705680.png (604.6 KB, 738x725, outfit.png)

i love this thread.
i own none of this stuff, i'm a bit poor so doing the best with what i already got. tried to pick the most similar ones when collecting. those are actual make up products i use though. right side represents when i try, the left side represents the times when i don't. not much difference, just your usual normie college girl. did winter clothes because i hate summer.

No. 191913

I really like that corduroy skirt and that lipstick colour. Really cute!

No. 191921

whats that bag?

No. 191955

thank you! lipstick is mehr from mac, i use it with soar lipliner without overlining.

i have no idea, i did this on a website and chose the most similar ones to the things i own. mine is from mango but i bought it ages ago.

No. 191960

File: 1495640445795.png (281.97 KB, 632x422, daily fashion.png)

I'm in my mid 20s and work from home, but this is what I wear. I own a few of these pieces specifically (the bag, shoes, the F21 green dress) and just found dupes for the others. In winter, I wear a lot more black. I prefer summer/spring so much more because I love light fabrics and pink.

No. 191964

that's super cute!

No. 191974

taylor richard, is that you?

No. 191988

Thank you!

Lol does she ever wear winged liner though? I think I'd need more of those high necked shirts in orange and some jeans.

No. 192038

No. 192055

This is really cute!
>work from home
Mind if I ask what it is that you do? I've always wanted to work from home but have no idea what sort of jobs are out there.

No. 192056

I actually used to work in an office until recently where I was given a perk of a home office. But I work in technical writing, which I think actually is a common job for contracting and working at home. You could also look into freelance editing and writing.

No. 192067

the bag not the backpack lol

No. 192083

File: 1495679046448.jpg (45.59 KB, 425x483, Outfit.jpg)

I'm currently working on losing weight, and I'm working a physical job (Gardening/Landscaping) to pay for university next year so at the moment it's:

-Black jeans or compression leggings
-steel cap boots or sneakers
- sports singlet (summer) or poly prop and woolly jumper (winter)
- rain coat
- Tight bun or a single braid
- gallons of sunscreen

-grey sweatpants or jeans, black or blue
- in summer, maxi dresses, also my go to for dressing up when I have no effort because one piece outfits are so easy and take so much less time to put together

going out:
-Silver jewellery. lots of crosses and spikes, chokers sometimes
-harness/ bondage style tops, crop tops or big fluffy jumpers, depending on the season
-circle and pencil skirts or jeans
-tights, fishnet and back seam, though I'll wear those more we I've lost another ten-fifteen pounds lol
- Always high heels. I only wear flats if I'll be walking in excess
-Hair is usually loose, waist length, dark red

I don't know what I'd call it though

No. 192095

this was almost good. too bad about the goth shit and skater skirt in the middle.

No. 192122

Not who you were replying to but what's wrong with skater skirts, you muppet? They're comfortable and flattering.

No. 192129

>They're comfortable
How? I have a skater skirt which I've been wearing less and less simply because they lift up under the slightest breeze or arm movement. I feel much more secure wearing jeans or shorts. Probably the only people who think they're comfy or flattering are fatties because nearly every other type of clothing would be extremely uncomfortable and unflattering for them.

No. 192148

The skirt lifting up isn't really that much of a problem if you wear some skintight shorts underneath. But I guess it's just a matter of taste.

No. 192179

I like it and the "goth" stuff isn't too showy

No. 192180

>they lift up under the slightest breeze or arm movement.
Why not just wear tights?

No. 192188

i love this, it's the perfect corporate goth!

No. 192237

my favourite so far anon <3

No. 192247

Missguided are having a huge ass sale with around 2k items being under 15 pounds. I picked up some nice stuff for summer.

No. 192248

It looks sort of like the style of some of those Cambridge Satchel bags:

No. 192254

thats what I'm calling it from now on lol
never had an issue with my skirts, partially because I like heavy fabrics and they're never shorter than three inches above the knee. I like my goth shit, so w/e, different strokes
thanks anon

No. 192258

Yeah. The more homeless or like a cheap hooker looking for a plug i look, the better.
No, you pleb. I only listen to 1965 japanese industrial harsh noise funk.

No. 192263

The last time I checked you can still see people's underwear through their tights.

No. 192271

>not flattering
They literally define the waist and flare out at the hips. That's a flattering silhouette. Unlike jeans, that just follow your natural silhouette so if you don't have a perfect body type it looks like shit.
Bitch, how? Only the waist part constrains you, everything else is loose, that is what comfort is.

No. 192273

>cheap materials
>wonders why stuff isn't comfortable or secure

Exactly. Fit and flare is fashion 101 for a woman's body. Natural silhouettes don't always look good, one still has to think of proportions.

No. 192278

Oh go cry into your bullet belt Felice.

No. 192293

That's so something Momsen would listen to though.


No. 192305

File: 1495793036121.jpg (100.15 KB, 652x762, 9b8d9adda97d57f9907d2260abd9f0…)

Truthfully, she probably smells a lot better than me.

No. 192309

I am only winding you up. Crusts are sound.

No. 192310

Maybe that person has a body type that doesn't work for skater skirts. I'm pretty pear-shaped, so they work well with my tiny waist and hide my huge thighs.

No. 192328

>what are sheer tights

No. 192329

Or maybe they're a bitter fat chick.

No. 192358

sheer tights are see-through… hence the word 'sheer'… are you ok anon?

No. 192367

You mean opaque right..

No. 192368

My mistake. Point still stands, though.

No. 192476

I was told that I dressed very "Sub Pop" once, but my style is basically tumblr 2013 hipster. I know it's a stupid look but they're the only clothes I feel comfortable in. I usually wear some plaid dress shirt I made into a ratty crop top with high waisted jeans and combat boots or:

> dumb band shirt or solid autumn colored t-shirt

> shirt is tucked into A-Line skirt
> plaid mohair cardigan or big grey pullover
> black tights & knit thigh highs if it's cold
> toggle-fastened vintage booties

Dressing sophisticated scares me.

No. 192480

Fatties probably dress better than you if you aren't being ironic with this post.

No. 192514

File: 1495951311419.jpg (98.09 KB, 640x814, IMG_1899.JPG)

I'd blur out my face and post in a /fa/ style outfit of the day thread for sure. I'd like to see that happen but doubt it will.

Also here is my go-to look when I'm not sitting in my apartment in my underwear/pajamas

No. 192526

Where are the skirt and top from the first outfit anon? They´re so cute, perfect for summer.

No. 192527

> philosykos
good taste, that's my scent too

No. 192543

The skirt on the right is from Miu Miu. I found it cheap-ish at a resale place in Los Angeles but looking online it's on sale or sold out a lot of places so probably easy to find on higher-end resale apps. It was a good purchase. The shirt in the Polyvore set is from Rachel Coomey I guess, it's just a stand in dupe for the off the shoulder black blouse I wear with that skirt, found my top at Goodwill but I've seen similar at Topshop and I think on fashion nova even

It's so perfect for summer/hot weather

No. 192566

File: 1496006828494.png (451.49 KB, 935x706, lmao.png)

i dress like mac demarco usually

No. 192570

This is almost exactly what I'm wearing right now lol.

No. 192574

File: 1496010354267.jpg (863.44 KB, 2824x2000, Tacky.jpg)

Sorry for the tacky prints i just somehow like it, and its very comfy.

No. 192575

Oh and i have a tiny leather bag and i always paint my toenails black

No. 192576

I lol'd at you having a different flavored chapstick for every occasion

No. 192580

omg, i haven't seen a skin79 bb cream in FOREVER. i remember when every skincare blog was obsessed with the pink can.

No. 192584

Hehe yes
I still love them, and the green one fits plae skin nicely

No. 192590

so I get to do a full wardrobe restock this weekend (first full pay from my first job after ages of being sinfully depressed neet scum!) and I really think I want this style. Does anyone have any tips on this?

Also what hair colour do you envision going well with this? I'm torn between keeping my black hair or dying it red. It's always up in a bun, fwiw.

No. 192593

Seeing as it's mainly black clothing, I dont think there are many hair colors that would look bad,

No. 192612

File: 1496027678710.jpg (73.15 KB, 601x376, 0010111.jpg)


No. 192697

File: 1496089847864.png (65.29 KB, 977x500, eff ayy.png)

I made this for /fa/ awhile back.

No. 192704

File: 1496091295868.jpg (114.55 KB, 1200x630, MAIN-lemmy-periodic-table-Lemm…)

>when they had better taste in music at age 10 than all the times they were older

No. 192706

File: 1496092130746.png (306.4 KB, 630x564, tumblrfucker.PNG)

I'm not super fashion forward, but i know i look like a tumblr bitch hipster

No. 192719

>christian and the hedgehog boys

No. 192755


i have a similar jacket and i love it.

No. 192784

File: 1496111473659.jpg (197.71 KB, 1430x900, outfitthing.jpg)

How I dress currently….pic of girl is how I would like to dress. Have a stupid stomach pooch though, so I feel uncomfortable wearing tight things

No. 192787

ugh same here except I'm pear shaped and have thicker calves. even fuckin yoga pants tend to be ill fitting depending on the type/brand. I feel like I'm constantly pulling up my pants bc they fit well around my thighs and legs in general but are waaay too loose around my waist. I'm actually experiencing it right now, as I type lmao

No. 192798

no you dont you look like every other basic bitch highschooler on the street. every tasteless ho is wearing adidas and urban outfitter embroidered bombers right now, sweetheart.

No. 192807

Being this much of an angry twat about clothes is bad for your health, anon. Please do share your impeccable fashion sense.

No. 192809

Well I mean you're right but… calm down bud

No. 192863

This thread is sad and shows alot about the userbase of this board. Lol I knew it. Basics. I'd kill myself before wearing ballet flats honestly.

No. 192864

I long for the day

No. 192865

:) It's just for fun, anon. Why not post your wardrobe and show us some pointers?

No. 192866

Pass your middle school English courses before posting here, anon.

No. 192869

File: 1496184387503.jpg (338.7 KB, 1536x1020, aw.jpg)

looks like we got ourselves a fashion expert kek

No. 192877

this is some good shit posting w o w i e

No. 192878

watch out everyone– we have a FASHIONISTA on our hands!!

hit the nail on the head. sorry we don't all feel comfortable most of the time in heels and dresses. i love seeing everyone's different styles, this is probably my favourite thread.

if the original anon wants to post their wardrobe i would be interested too, it's just a bloody clothes thread man. live a little

No. 192900

File: 1496199099167.png (364.18 KB, 1242x1836, IMG_4324.PNG)

For quite some time, I wore oversized hoodies and shirts paired with either yoga pants and shorts. At the beginning of the year, my mom told me I look embarassing so I went out a few months ago, and purchased a new wardrobe, mainly of tight fitting croptops, from American Apparel, Pacsun, and Urban Outfitters. I ended up cropping a lot of my hoodies and oversized shirts and I think the look nice. In addition I started doing my makeup and fixing my hair so my self esteem boosted. Commiefornia basic bitch core

No. 192902

Ya'll all dress so nicely. My wardrope is pretty a much a plain v-neck shirt or a hoodie with jeans, and sneakers or plain ballet flats. I'll throw on a simple dress sometimes. I feel ridiculous wearing anything else.

No. 192905

i'd go through the trouble of making a picture like everyone else did but i feel like i would just get made fun of lol. i wear a lot of super colorful or pastel items (not lolita). i like brands like lazy oaf in particular but my style is pretty varied. usually oversized silhouettes because they're comfy and it adds a cute childlike element which i think is fun. even if im trying to dress down i usually still wear something colorful or pastel. i know a lot of people think its tacky but i think i do a good job of balancing color and patterns out so its not busy and ugly. i definitely get why most people don't dress that way but it cheers me up to wear bright colors.

No. 192958

I'm so shit with computers, where and how do I make one of these fancy collages I see in this thread?

No. 192959


try polyvore

No. 192962

Paint.net on windows, GIMP otherwise.

No. 192970

File: 1496259383150.png (92.67 KB, 412x457, bb.PNG)

94.23% of the time I wear black I wish I would start wearing more colours.

No. 192971

oh and add some dark grey thights to this

No. 193000

That's cute. A classic look. Reminds me of the craft for some reason though…

No. 193001

Lose the yoga pants and dis cute

No. 193004


What I'm surprised about is the lack of weeb fashion itt. I was sure there'd be more weebs. Not that it's a bad thing entirely cus certain styles can be cute. Weebs get in here please.

No. 193005

>Lack of weeb stuff

No. 193008

what a retard lmao

No. 193019

>taking the weak bait

for christ's sake

No. 193020

Well the weebs here, probably numerous, are probably rightfully ashamed of themselves and don't bother posting.
That and gals who are basic bitches or jeans and t-shirt sort of women.
Why would they post their wardrobe here when they know they're going to be put down for it?
It's selective bias, and you know what… I'll bet a good chunk of the outfits posted here are completely made up fantasies about what they WISH they could wear but don't.

No. 193033

Opaque tights aren't fully opaque either dumbass

No. 193036

If I was a bitter fat chick I'd be vigorously defending skater skirts lmao

Oh wait…

Comfort doesn't exist without a peace of mind, at least for me.

>Unlike jeans, that just follow your natural silhouette so if you don't have a perfect body type it looks like shit.

Hmmm, so was I right about you being at least a bit chubby then? And no, jeans definitely do not simply follow your natural body shape. They offer control and even a tad of definition by pushing the flesh upwards slightly. Of course it works much better for some body types than others however.

Thank you all for admitting that my initial speculations were more or less correct by resorting to these kinds of responses.

No. 193047

Literally how fat is your ass that even opaque fabric turns transparent when you put it on? Jesus.
Like >>192271, skater skirts are meant to define the waist and hips. That's the exact opposite of "not flattering".
With every post, you sound more and more like a hambeast in denial.

No. 193056

>Literally how fat is your ass that even opaque fabric turns transparent when you put it on? Jesus
Go ahead and lift your skater skirt up and have a look at your panties in the mirror.

>That's the exact opposite of "not flattering".

Are you illiterate or desperate? Where did I ever say anything about skater skirts NOT being ~flattering~? All I said was that the concept of flattering clothing is not something that's relevant to people who actually have decent looking bodies.

Dumb bitch.

No. 193057

Now that I think about it, it should go without saying that opaque tights are often only on the parts of the body where it's designed to be visible to others. The only reason we're even squabbling about motherfucking opaque tights in the first place is because you're incapable of being intellectually honest when you failed to directly address anything I'm actually saying.

No. 193065

>Go ahead and lift your skater skirt up and have a look at your panties in the mirror.
I won't see them because as a non-obese person, opaque material doesn't fucking stretch on me to the point where it turns sheer lmao.
>All I said was that the concept of flattering clothing is not something that's relevant to people who actually have decent looking bodies.
You never said that. In fact, you literally showed that the concept of them being flattering/unflattering was relevant to you by saying in your original post the only people who find them flattering are fat people (>>192129). Place that foot directly in your mouth.

>opaque tights are often only on the parts of the body where it's designed to be visible to others
Wat. If this was true, they'd be worn as leggings or pants. They're meant to be worn directly underneath skirts to make them less skimpy-looking.
Holy shit.

No. 193077

Anon…you forgot to take your pills. If you don't have pills for your mental wellbeing, then let this be a gentle reminder that you need to schedule an appointment with your doctor.

No. 193100

Was your school bully a big girl who liked skater dresses? If I were a bitter loser, I'd vigorously act like a cunt about a specific skirt style lmaoooo

No. 193141

>whole shit flinging match over comfiness of skater skirts
are you all 14?

No. 193148

File: 1496349001670.png (1.02 MB, 1286x936, Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 3.24…)

this is my favorite thread, i was scared to post but here you go!
i honestly wear a lot of thrifted pieces too, but i didn't feel like somehow incorporating that in here. i also wear stuff like platforms, fishnets, etc. but i had a hard time finding the right stuff on polyvore.
i did buy all of my designer items with my own money, but a lot of them are actually passed down from my mother (only child!). my hair is a lot shorter than the pic (about mid back) but once again, it was the only photo polyvore had.
YSL lipsticks are my fav, i wear red exclusively. i always wear winged eyeliner, eyeshadow in red/earth tones (with shimmer), and mascara. my eyebrows are thinner than the current baddy trend but i like how they look. i wear sunscreen but i dont need foundation/etc. i also don't have any tattoos, i just chose the photo for the nails- mine are darker, though.
also, i know the irony of wearing leather and being a huge morrissey fan lol

No. 193149

and sorry it's blurry!

No. 193153

love the middle outfit. this is grandma prints done right.

No. 193187

Oh gosh, your taste is A+. I really like the middle outfit especially. ID on that skirt?

No. 193198

I love this! Got any more?

Also does anyone else like the sound of a thread like this but more of a 'if money was no object I'd wear this..' thread?

No. 193205

this is cute

No. 193212

YES i would love to juxtapose "what i would wear" if money wasnt an issue VS what i actually end up wearing! I would love this thread

No. 193213

Not that anon but I think it's Topshop!

No. 193229

I'd love that. I can't contribute to this thread cuz I dress like shit right now, but I know what I want to wear later.

No. 193232

Nice! I love the last style. Do you have any tips for thrifting?

No. 193284

It really depends on where you live tbh. I live in one of the biggest cities in the US so we have a lot of 'hip' resale shops here. If you live in the east/west there's a ton more, here in the south we only have a few but they're still good.
Always go in with an open mind- I love to watch thrifting hauls on Youtube. Hitomi Mochizuki posts some great ones, and I love them because she picks out unique pieces and not just stuff like Adidas shirts.

Buffalo Exchange has a ton of locations, see if there's one around you. I rarely go into Goodwill because I never find anything. If your city has a certain area that has a large LGBTQ community, those areas usually have bomb resale shops.
Also, always check in the childrens/mens section. I'm super small so the childrens section is always a good bet, but there are bigger pieces there too! Don't just limit yourself to one area of the thrift store. Also, learning how to modify clothing (just simple things like hemming, etc) can bring your game to the next level.

My best finds are a pair of Ferragamo loafers (similar to the Gucci ones in my pic), a pair of jade Burberry heels, a ton of designer silk scarves (these are really cute to wrap around your neck or your purse- I've found Gucci, LV, Hermes..). My best find is is a Louis Vuitton Takahashi Murakami cherry bucket bag- this was in a small vintage/thrift shop by our local beach. A ton of fakes of these exist and the woman owning the shop was 100% sure it was a fake, so I bought it for $30. I was so sure it was real so I took it to my local LV store and it was! Some days thrifting will be slow and you won't find anything, especially in the beginning, but give it a few tries on different days at different locations before you give up!

No. 193311

Ntayrt but a mad thrift shopper,
Always always check the armpits of the garment. Sometimes there's stains that are too gross to bother with.
Take your time and dig through the racks and bins.
Go to well off areas, (I got a
YSL bag, heaps of tony bianco
and Jeremy Campbell shoes still in the box) rural shops (frequent antiques and high quality coats ime), and towns where people are generally well dressed. The thrift shops stock corresponds to the people donating to it.
Check out the plus size, kids, and men's sections as well as women's. Things get mixed up and it's well worth learning to sew if you chance upon an amazing size 14 dress to cut down to a 8. (Idk American sizes but the principle is the same)
Check the garments for damage, and always check the elastic if it's got it. It's easy to replace if you want to learn but it's awful bringing home a banging sixties skirt only to find the waist is stretched out beyond repair.
Find out what days they restock and hit them up on those days, ideally in the morning.

No. 193324

yes, go thrifting in places that tend to be rich populated areas or near rich populated area, those tend to have a lot of expensive stuff, especially if you're willing to sell and make extra money

if you're into older or vintage fashion as I am, thrift stores in old towns will help you a lot

when you choose items, have vision, especially if you sew, alternate and decorate your thrift finds, watch thrift transformation videos on youtube for inspiration, evelyn wood on youtube shows good example on how to restyle thrifted clothes

No. 193660

File: 1496623361521.png (2.48 MB, 1726x856, Untitled.png)

i usually only wear dresses like the image related, I especially like Anna Field.
In Winter with opaqe or thermo-tights and long-sleeve black shirt underneath the dress, sometimes long-sleeved or 3/4 sleeve dresses, in summer with the dress only.

No. 193668

File: 1496625180368.png (1.18 MB, 1286x936, 9857692.png)

These are all nice!

I'm basic in a lazy kind of way. I've been trying to get better and pick up some more colorful/cute pieces here and there but for the most part I dress like I did in high school fml

No. 193682

>all this cute stuff itt

It's already 110 degrees here (not exaggerating. 110)

I and every other female in this city wear nothing but tank tops and shortie shorts from June to September.

No. 193686

why not skirts and a tank top? i used to wear shorts religiously but there's no way to make them look like you put in any effort. skirts and a nice tank always looks good.

No. 193736


chub rub, anon. if you have any sort of thighs that touch together (some people do even if they're slim), they will rub against each other and chafe.

No. 193745

I do and they don't chafe because I'm not fat.

No. 193750

File: 1496673531983.png (440.26 KB, 438x614, 3434734.png)

I feel you, anon. It's really hard to look cute when it's hot as fuck outside. Even worse if you live in a really humid place like me. Nothing like the feeling of your clothes sticking to you and becoming your second skin.

No. 193754


congrats skelly, you win the grand anorexia prize. geez.

No. 193756

Lol found the fattie, I'm actually on the upper side of average, I just work out.
Funny how the world is always black and white to you hambeasts.

No. 193780

oh shit you're right, i didn't think about that. i thought anon was just implying that for some reason it's too hot to wear stuff like dresses.
imo, for warmer weather i prefer skirts because they're not tight on you like shorts are.

No. 193784

Agreed. Skirts and flowy sundresses are the best for unbearably hot weather. They're low effort while still looking like you tried, too.

Also, rubbing a little deodorant where your thighs touch can help with chub rub. Sounds kinda weird but it worked for me.

No. 193810

>getting chafed is normal

Seriously, wtf!?!?!??! If you have a bad reaction to a totally normal, even NECESSARY bodily function like WALKING, SITTING or EXISTING IN HOT WEATHER there's something seriously wrong with you.

No. 193814

Anon said 'I do' in response to 'if you have thighs that touch together', she's obviously not skelly.

Mine touch and they don't rub either, it doesn't take stick legs to avoid skin irritation.

No. 193817

Yes, this.

It is perfectly normal for your thighs to touch.
It is not in the least normal for your thighs to chafe.

No. 193818

Right? It's not healthy or normal to be getting a painful rash just from walking. We're designed to walk all day long with no negative effects.

No. 193831

wtf? You guys sound really stupid right now. I've had chub run since I was a little kid because I've always had really thick thighs and extremely thin, sensitive skin. Even at 5'2 110 lbs I get chub rub to the point I can only wear pants.

Before anyone says to lose weight, my legs have always been extremely muscular and they aren't cottage cheese fatty thighs.

Stop being so ignorant.

No. 193834


you guys can get pretty crazy about thighs…

No. 193865

File: 1496707759311.png (299.96 KB, 583x583, casual.PNG)

keep it cazh

No. 193884

Gross get some talcum powder ffs

No. 193902

Congratulations on ruining almost every thread on this chan with your shitty pettiness. I bet most of you are fucking disgusting IRL, there's no other reason why you'd all be so obsessed with judging these small things. It's amazing how every little thing becomes an argument that details the thread.

No. 193916

I do use talcum powder. I use so much that I probably have lung and uterine cancer. shrugs

But thanks for calling me gross for no reason at all. Enjoying your summer break from high school?

Couldn't agree more. This website has degenerated into users calling each other fat and disgusting instead of being a fun place to post. Even worse, no one knows what anyone actually looks like, yet everyone is a fat pig reeeee!!!1!!11

No. 193924

You have skin? And sweat? Fuckin gross amirite

No. 193981

Same. And I'm so sick of being called ugly, fat, or be accused of other shit as if it fucking matters when all I say is to stop bickering.

No. 193984

Like this fucking sperglord. Who even gets this worked up about chub rub? Hope this is elaborate bait and not a legit retard.

No. 193985

File: 1496721663240.png (581.89 KB, 826x1044, Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 11.0…)

i only just bought this outfit so i guess it's not exactly what i wear but i always tried to emulate this style

going to college was the best decision of my life, i finally got a job. i saved up all my paychecks and did a big haul IRL. i felt like i was in one of those movies where the girls walk around with the huge designer bags (i did get a few more things but they're not relevant to this outfit).
i just want it to be cold so i can wear this qt coat. i'm actually either taller than the model or have a short torso+long legs because the coat fits shorter on me and it looks like a cute dress! it's being tailored rn because it was actually a bit big on me. would any of you be interested in detail pics?

also, how do you guys feel about brand mixing? i feel like i cant wear the chloe bag with this since it's so obviously gucci (with the brand stripes and whatnot).

No. 193988

File: 1496722247856.png (1.19 MB, 1274x870, Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 11.0…)

In an attempt to fix this thread since it was one of my favorites. I love the non-quirky shit from Unif and AA (rip). Earth tones… And mini backpacks all the time, I hate carrying purses.

No. 193991

haha same

No. 193996

Dress looks like a plane stewardess uniform.

No. 193999

these are nice.

No. 194006

He'll yeah I'd like to see pics anon, especially of the Gucci shoes!

As for mixing designers, all my bags and shoes are designer but don't have the obvious logos on the shoes so never had this exact issue, BUT I feel weird mixing bag charms with different brand bags. I understand your concerns but…Most people won't notice though, so I wouldn't worry about it.

That was my first thought too, anon.

No. 194007

Do you own the Fendi backpack, and if so, what do you think of it? I think it's really cute but quite expensive!

No. 194019

File: 1496740546280.jpg (15.27 KB, 384x384, IMG_1458.JPG)

Logos are tacky as hell imo. i want a garment that isn't made of bad fabric, not a status symbol printed on or hanging off my outfit.
Things like pic related look trashy, like the wearer needs people to know they have an expensive bag.

No. 194023

…of course you can mix brands? I have right now on Gucci sneakers and a Sergio Rossi bag. Theyre just clothes, most likely no one will anyways notice all the brandu. The average person knows nothing about fashion.

No. 194100

I love it, the quality is really nice! I've had it for a while now and it's held up nice as long as you take care of it.

No. 194128

These bags are quite obnoxious. It's known as the poor bitches attempt at luxury. These are the cheaper bags that luxury designers put out. The really cute stuff is 900 and up. I don't mind brand whores, but my biggest peeve is when it's based on brand and not on what it looks like.

Now I guarentee you'll a lot of women, fat, ugly women, with shitty box hair dye, walmart level clothing with a 300 dollar bag and 100 dollar manicure. I wonder why it's these things trailer park trash chooses. I would assume having good hair and clothes would be more important than a hand bag or nails.

No. 194139

I love LV but don't like these ones either. Vernis, Epi, and Damier Azul are my shit (Vernis has monograms but is a lot less noticeable)

No. 194156

Eh, any logo or monogram is a huge turn off imo. I just feel tacky, like it's some big 'wooo look at me how fancy' sort of vibe. I'm sure most people aren't really wearing stuff like that to draw attention unless they're trailer park level trashy like >>194128 mentioned.
I can't even like those tiny double C zippers on Chanel bags.

No. 194161

what even is this outfit

No. 194253

Sorry anon, but this look is really trashy

No. 194327

I don't have a good eye for fashion, so when I make the attempt to dress nicely, I mix everything up.
I'm not confident either, so I just wear
-cargo pants
-plaid shirt
-hiking boots

I love these styles:

I hope I can dress as nice as you girls one day

No. 194555

File: 1497042264749.jpg (129.62 KB, 715x751, anonfashion.jpg)

Currently attempting to get out of the dreaded t-shirt and jeans for every occasion rut, but fashion is still a mysterious entity for me. Trying to learn and be better, though.

I like to keep things simple and do minimal "natural" make-up most of the time. Advice/criticism welcome.

No. 194561

File: 1497054751005.png (281.86 KB, 874x501, farmfash.png)

My current fashion is such a mess lol. It'll go from girly wear to tight, bodycon clothes.

I really want to try boho fashion though.

No. 194564

File: 1497056903997.png (401.4 KB, 655x628, Screenshot 2017-06-09 at 6.04.…)

I work at a call center and currently getting a promotion/completing training. I don't think anyone cares because honestly everyone dresses with baggy top/slim bottoms at work.

No. 194566

Lol I hate the suspenders and shirt.

No. 194576

I think it might be a lanyard? (Correct me if I'm wrong, idk)

No. 194579

yeah its a lanyard

No. 194596

everything on the left and middle are really offputting. the sm bag could be cute but anon's not wearing the right shit to pull it off so she legit looks like a shy/geeky 6th grader

No. 194597

I would have killed for this outfit ten years ago. Are you still in school anon? It's not really a big deal as long as you don't wear this to a job interview.

No. 194598

pretty much the only decent styles in this thread. glad to see people not dressed like a koreboo, japanese catlady, or some basic high school in a white crop top, hoodie, n trainers.

No. 194608

Wow thanks anon!
I'm honestly surprised >>190343
got any comments at all, I used to be like you and people would either laugh at my clothes or ignore them so I just keep thinking it's kinda fug even now.

No. 194612

Why are you being an uppity cunt? Who hurt you here?

No. 194629

Not gonna lie, i looove these looks.

No. 194631

Right? Like can't you guys just take it easy for just a second? This thread really isn't that serious.

No. 194642


Who left something up your ass? There is a ton of cute styles in here. Let people have their fun, stop being obnoxious.

No. 194651


it may be Mystery. similar levels of sandy vagina was spotted in different threads recently.

No. 194660

so which outfit did you guys post that you're so hurt that these anons didn't like your mediocre sense of fashion? people are entitled to their opinion and you guys are acting really childish.

No. 194699

People are also entitled to call you out on your shitty behaviour in a just-for-fun thread.
Right, and screeching autistically at anything that offends your delicate sensibilities, however benign, is not? I'm sorry leggings trigger you so much like

No. 194701

Yeah you've got no grounds calling anyone else sensitive hunny bunny boo.

No. 194751

File: 1497215385677.png (1.6 MB, 1584x1246, style.png)

this thread seems to be getting a bit hostile but I'm gonna post anyway because it was fun to make this! I like seeing what other farmers are wearing

No. 194765


i like this, it's quirky but not OTT quirky

No. 194775

I kinda dig it anon. Those skirts and the cream top especially. Very cute!

No. 194778

File: 1497224863854.png (1.52 MB, 2296x950, wardrobe chart.png)

I ended up making like three different things because my wardrobe is somewhat all over the place. That, and I can't really pinpoint just one "look" that most accurately portrays my usual attire. This took pretty long, but it was fun.
I feel like the first two aspects (especially the weeb one) will piss someone off, but I'm okay with that.

No. 194779

All of your categories look similar to be honest

No. 194780

Really? I like flowers, plaid skirts and off-the-shoulder shirts, but I feel like that's about it.

No. 194785

>everyone and their mom is running around in chokers and fishnets rn
I live in a reeeaaally small place where people tend to dress conservatively, though I can see where you're coming from in a more general sense.
I put the boy shirt in the weeb pile mostly for color scheme/aesthetic reasons though, I have no decent explanation for that kek.

No. 194796

I've seen many sorority girls wear stuff from your edgy category. Also, that one lace up skirt and off the shoulder top in the weeb category is frequently seen at the bars in my college campus. This is not an insult at all, because I think they're very cute clothes.

No. 194810

aaah, anon i hope that you don't mind me asking but where is that white and red ruffle top over in the edgy category from? it's really cute.

No. 194815

File: 1497241018511.png (6.88 MB, 2000x1200, It's just me.png)

Yeah, I know. It's standard and cliche boho, but it's not my fault that I love ruffles, bell sleeves, and a sick ass boot.

No. 194830

Hippy cowgirl chique

No. 194831

i dress nothing like this at all but fuck i love those belts so much. i wish i could integrate them into my wardrobe but it'd look ridiculously out of place so i just admire them from afar

No. 194845

No. 194858

File: 1497268473118.jpg (521.31 KB, 2400x1200, double-buckle-belt-trend.jpg)

Double buckle belts seem like a pretty versitile belt to me; so long as you aren't in full lolita or in your Dad's old sweats.

No. 195048

anon you are my style icon

No. 195098

File: 1497428229628.jpg (194.33 KB, 700x1100, stylehalp.jpg)

Maybe some friendly anons can help me. I usually dress very casual :slacks/pants, loose shirt, flats, minimal accessories. And I have conflicting style desires of "glam, high fashion,corporate boss lady",and "effortless,boho, vintage casual". And I'm also obsessed with fluffy, pink, pom-pom laden things. I've tried larme-esque elements, but I'm not super fond of clothing that looks like lingerie. Pic related, because I'm not really sure how else to describe such conflicting aesthetics.

No. 195123

File: 1497455920960.gif (529.76 KB, 500x250, d706354b40f72c78c2ccbe2eac78f6…)

Oh, thank you so much, you are giving me butterflies.

No. 195143

File: 1497465368912.png (613.85 KB, 926x598, ok.png)

lol nothing interesting honestly
i have a looooot of patterned dresses like the one on the far left, especially florals. and a lot of cardigans too.
also i really enjoy stripes.

No. 195332


Yessssss so cute


It wasn't bait but okay….


y'know I didn't think about that. A good portion of these ARE probably made up. Looking at this thread in a whole new way tbh.

No. 195333

Nah I don't think anyone will make fun of you and if they do who cares they probably dress like shit. The thread is lacking in interesting styles anyway.

No. 195345

I wear almost exactly the same. So comfy.

No. 195350

Jokes on you, I own everything in my picture.

No. 195356

File: 1497719102283.jpg (268.01 KB, 800x600, clothess.jpg)

idk how to call this but this is pretty much what I like. Prefer to wear black most of the time and I don't want to feel overdressed so I keep it simple.


this is cute and reminds me of girls with a good taste in indie music for some reason lol.

No. 195357

File: 1497720731499.jpg (49.11 KB, 774x467, IMG_20170617_193135.jpg)

Oh god where do I get these two pieces? They are so so cute

No. 195389

Punk rock / grunge? Reminds me of Taylor Momsen.

No. 195392

File: 1497749659985.png (559.09 KB, 1000x1000, whataremyfashionchoices.png)

I dress terribly but I think this is the result of being of incredibly policed by my parent when buying clothes until I was 16. Even now I have to watch my items go through the cashpoint or they tell the shop girl to put back half the clothes.

No. 195393

samefag but inb4 this get's a "they were doing it because your taste is shit anon."

No. 195394

It's cute, anon. Not feeling the sweater, but it seems really cute/casual and slightly health goth inspired.

No. 195399

I wear pants and a shirt and I make sure to always wear clothes when you go outside, because not wearing clothes can get you arrested. I also wear socks and shoes.

No. 195400

good post

No. 195401

How do you know when I'm going outside, anon?

No. 195440

File: 1497773939182.jpg (183.03 KB, 1492x1172, 1497563810787.jpg)

> unironically liking GG Allin
I'm trying to get away from /mu/. But it's so hard not judging everyone's taste.

No. 195450

Thnx anon! The health goth style idm too much actually, the tight stuff and weird cropped sweaters they have I found a bit odd though. It deff influenced me buying a good amount of adidas shirts though.

The jumper is a purchase from a few years back and I mainly wear it because it's comfy and it was from a strange spongebob collab in F21. Then in uni I had a girl freak because she's been searching high and low for it and it was considered "a rare treasure". Idk bout all that but it's comfy!

No. 195606

File: 1497856176179.png (418.62 KB, 1000x500, fitz.png)

I wear reasonably form-fitting clothing and makeup, but I avoid feminine clothing (shoes and bags particularly). I am an IT student so I don't want to stand out. In summer I will bring out singlets, dresses and cardigans in pink/blue/cream. At work I wear slacks, and I have one or two pairs of 'dressy' shoes - black wedges and flats.

I've found myself unconsciously copying the rich chinese and korean students in my area despite not being a weeb. Shit's cool tho.

No. 195727

File: 1497979512063.png (1.05 MB, 1414x1290, Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 12.1…)

these my typical "basic, unwilling to put effort into my look" looks. When I'm actually trying to look good I like to mix slinky vintage silk slips with giant cardigans or delicate pieces with masculine pieces, stuff like that. My style honestly needs work, I'm boring and I'd like to be more unique and refined.

No. 201872

I wear lots of anna sui designer clothes. They are quite lovely and flattering on my figure. Can't live without tbh.

Im too lazy to make a chart.

No. 201919

File: 1502720292983.png (436.45 KB, 664x613, Style.png)

Something like this. I love comfy clothes, but looking chick too

No. 201969

I like those docs!

No. 201975

what do you do anon?

No. 201981

I'm too lazy to make a pic too, and also it would be boring as shit because I tend to wear jeans and a black tshirt most of the time, leggings on a lazier day. Shoes are either Chuck style sneakers or flip flops. I love classy designer stuff, but my wallet/line of work does not afford me that luxury.

No. 201982

what are those shoes, anon? your style is really cute btw!!

No. 201996

I wish I could rock a curly pixie cut, it's so cute and slightly edgy, but my face is too round.

No. 202007

File: 1502828735726.jpg (84.06 KB, 633x447, polyvore.jpg)

i like 60s/70s and generic alt stuff i guess

No. 202262

you wear a 400 dollar top with a 10 dollar skirt?

No. 202334

File: 1503061224861.png (1.17 MB, 1284x1029, help.png)

Irish surviving Australia edition

No. 202339

Flatform brogues,I'm not original poster but am shoeaholic. Jeffrey campbell has some amazing variations.

No. 202346

does australia still play pokemon go or what.

No. 202349

I think the anon was trying to imply that they're overheated.

No. 202356

these are some solid outfit ideas here, tho

No. 202359

File: 1503087633970.png (860.68 KB, 1500x684, Untitledddd.png)


No. 202366


I love it tho, has a free nature child vibe to it.

No. 202372

this looks like just random pieces thrown together. I like it lol.

No. 202383

Where's that wallet from? And those brogues? Pls say Ireland, there's already too many cute shops down under that I can't order from

No. 202384

Wallet is from Debenhams, I got it p recently so it should still be around! Brogues were from Office but I can't see them on the site now, they're a few years old. I got a rly nice pair of flat brogues from Clarks last year so maybe they'll have a similar heeled version!

No. 202386

youre probably a fashion god and dont even know it yet. in 20xx this is going to be the new style

No. 202444

File: 1503149810631.jpg (396.11 KB, 1777x1432, 000000.jpg)

>tfw it's current year and you thought you would have outgrown the desire to constantly dress like a barely fashion-conscious boy by now and you just fuckin haven't

No. 202588

File: 1503253480599.jpg (719.54 KB, 1227x1038, lestuff.jpg)

I'm currently into retro/80s stuff and mostly wear black, red, white, and jean material. I've been like this for a while, but now that the 90s is popular I look super basic dressed like this. Oh well, whatareyougonnado.

My casual to work look doesn't change much, except I swap out t-shirts for button-ups or blouses.

No. 202596

>def leppard
my gal. (if u actually listen to them if not, thats cool too :)

No. 202610

Yes I do, my gal!

I think it's kinda dumb to just wear a random band shirt, but tbh I'm not bothered if people do it. Album art is hella cool.

No. 202612

i just don't get when people where shirts of bands that they literally don't listen to at all. i don't want to crucify them for it like some gatekeeping people but i just completely don't get it. they don't listen to anyone that also has cool album art? do they even like music at all?

No. 202615

I agree, I think it's annoying but I try and think of it as advertising for the band, haha. I guess it's just a shirt design to some people and they don't care if they look stupid for wearing something they know nothing about.

>Sees shirt "Oh cool, you like Joy Division?"

>What's that???"

No. 202626

They do that because some popular chain stores (F21 for example) sell band tees and they like the design or whatever. Their thought process is essentially
>hmm, I need a new black shirt
>Iron Maiden? What's that? Looks cute I guess so that'll have to do, I can't bother looking for something else

No. 202627

bother to look*

No. 202628

lol me and my bf walked into our favorite vietnamese restaraunt to see the waitress with a black sabbath shirt. "omg do you like black sabbath?" "HUH?" point to her shirt she looks down shocked at her own shirt "oh hehe….noo…."
at least that one's a little different because shes esl so it's more like americans buying stuff with japanese text bc it looks cute.
b-but…clothes cost money and there are online stores with search bars. fuck. why do i keep trying to justify people's dumb behavior in my head when they prove time and time again that they really are just that derpy

No. 221139

File: 1515344033685.jpg (184.66 KB, 600x600, 233395754.jpg)

I miss this thread so dumping a pic of my general style. I posted earlier ITT ages ago my daily outfit from when I was very depressed and stressed at work. I miss seeing you guys fashion!

No. 221150

Do you live in a damn cowgirl movie?

No. 221160

File: 1515345442447.jpeg (98.52 KB, 500x737, 5B534045-FCE8-4CF0-981C-2C26ED…)

I haven’t changed since 2013

No. 221182

If only anon, if only.

No. 221201

reminds me of the one witch in AHS coven

No. 221443

I like these

No. 225382

File: 1516657371875.jpg (45.57 KB, 600x424, skooluni.jpg)

my basic af cosmetology school uniform. if you can't tell, we have to wear all black. should have added a bunch of dollar bills to this image bc my pockets are always full of tips. and cough drops lol. i'll post another comment with how my style will look once i'm out of school.

No. 225387

Just graduated from Toni & Guy and had this exact same dress code. It feels so nice to not have to wear all black anymore, but at this point I'm so used to it that I don't want to change.

No. 225423

File: 1516684729887.jpeg (292.57 KB, 899x1280, 6ECC4F5C-E9F0-41F7-89BD-936FFD…)

I live for this aesthetic

And Blackmilk dresses because I’m a sad alt girl with no style

No. 225484

File: 1516738772934.png (3.25 MB, 1992x2318, current style.png)

i like mixing street fashion and high end. I am also really into mixing oversized boyish cuts with feminine pieces. I often wear a beret because the weather is shit where i live and i never bother to carry an umbrella. I always layer a lot of necklaces i think it looks really nice.

No. 226572

File: 1517235958800.png (333.4 KB, 1621x1417, IMG_1660.PNG)

This what I wear on a daily basis, I've gotten so used to my formula. I also don't feel as "me" in other styles even though I adore a few different ones.
In summer I wear like white sundress and light jacket in pink (lol forgot summer exists).

I love this so much, I like boho/western vibe I wish I could find something specifically cowboy-ish to go with anything I own.

No. 226623

Where is the black dress on the left and the pink jacket on the second column from?

No. 226665

>>I think it looks really nice.

It doesn’t at all. Lots of seperate trendy items but none pictured could combine into a decent outfit. Street style x 90’s blocky clunky shoes x cutesy French beret and pinafore mixes to look tasteless. Coordinate fam.

No. 226787

oh no baby what is you doing

No. 226816

File: 1517387267470.jpg (48.78 KB, 600x541, 234569477~2.jpg)

This is slightly misleading. I have more colors in my wardrobe. I also have band and nerdy graphic tees. Also forgot to put a snapback and beanie, since I tend to wear hats often too. Not into makeup that much since I only wear it when I'm going to a special event or cosplaying. I would consider my style comfy, most of my clothes fit quite comfortably enough for me to sleep or nap in.

No. 226991


left side is good. right side is.. wrong.

No. 227008

File: 1517501911524.png (992.58 KB, 1251x1013, poo.png)

the state of my mind is pretty apparent with my fashion choice pls be gentle i am self aware that i am a garbage fire

No. 227016

File: 1517509599978.png (386.34 KB, 546x774, ootd.png)

Adding mine would love to hear your opinions! As you can tell I'm kinda into preppy/feminine style

Ohh nice anon, this looks polished

Right side has to go, the left side is cute

Middle is cool, everything else just no

No. 227030

why is everyone hating on the right side? seems pretty cute to me
where do i buy those winged shoes? i love them

No. 227036

Looks like yru

No. 227044

No. 227073

Love yourself and get rid of those terrible bright pants anon. I can see you like a range of looks and bright colours, don’t give that up, maybe try colour blocking and strong geometry, like that Mondrian painting.

For the cuter stuff, maybe look up some larme kei and 1920’s or 1930’s looks. It’s not the worst taste, just needs some idk refining or simplification.

No. 227081

I like Franz Ferdinand too anon :)

No. 227082

File: 1517531019601.jpg (490.6 KB, 1200x800, kms.jpg)

It would be really inappropriate for me to flex at work, so I didn't bother putting any work-related clothes because it's all just plain black shit.

No. 227089

It’s not my thing but there’s nothing offensive or terrible about it. Much better than those blue pants and the puffy pink sneakers!
Looks hella comfy and fuck yeah Zelda.

No. 227091

the pink plaid skirt looks like baby hooker 'choke me daddy' crap

No. 227097

I didn't mean to quote anyone in the original post; I've never posted in this thread before and I'm not the anon with the offensive pants and shoes, lol.

Yeah, I'm generally very comfy; I just try to dress it up a little bit with expensive accessories. Lazy Oaf is the way to go in terms of relaxed, slightly grungy pieces.

And ayyy, Zelda rocks. I have a slew of video game/anime shirts I cycle through when I wear my baggy mom jeans. kek

No. 227100

theyre iron fist boots i got from dolls kill 2 years ago
theyre not pants theyre leggings kek
the puffy pink jacket and bud light pants are depression kei winter edition

No. 227101

you have great taste anon~

No. 227108

I meant both the leggings and the pants. They’re awful.

No. 227238

File: 1517624313835.jpg (167.44 KB, 560x840, 2661442_480932.jpg)

made a commitment to be more stylish this year, but i think i'm failing.

i bought some booties like pic related when i was drunk online shopping, and i have no how to wear them other than all black skin tight clothing which looks unfortunate on my body type.

the one time i wore them out, i had post-menopausal women flocking to me about my shoes, so i feel like they were a mistake. has anyone seen a way to properly wear these, or are they garbage.

No. 227296

Where'd you get the FF shirt?

No. 227306

I don't know, anon. Honestly the look like someone repurposed some old lady's couch, but that's just me. I honestly have no idea how you'd work these tbh.

No. 227307

A black bell sleeve dress and a red crossover over bag might work. Depending on what you’re going for either get a small one or one with fringe detail.

They are ugly (kitchsy) shoes but it can work with an outfit. You just can’t add other outlandish things.

No. 227314

File: 1517675286731.jpg (179.52 KB, 1080x1349, how-to-wear-embroidered-boots-…)


It's a big statemen piece so you can't wear anything with prints or patterns on, pic related.

The easiest way to go, for me, would be a black dress and black thigh high socks, with a small red purse as anon above me said to color balance it. Either that or black skinny jeans (or really deep wine) and a black flowy shirt or just plain t-shirt.

No. 227315

I think they're really cute, but imo your best bet is to go full boho/hippie with them.

No. 227322


I was thinking of a pair of shoes like that, but that pattern isn’t my type. The one I did find had a lot of good, deep colors. I was thinking of picking the most neutral color and finding a plain skater dress to match, so that the color pops on the shoes more.

No. 227349


good advice anons, ty. i want to at least try to make them work before giving up totally. i fell into dressing like a lazy tomboy, so at the very least maybe this is a way to get back to having pretty clothes.

that sounds pretty and probably more mature/adult than what i'm doing.

No. 227356

File: 1517691427081.png (213.75 KB, 1407x1056, IMG_0589.PNG)

This is my more colorful gear.

No. 227365

I pretty much only wear mens t-shirts, hoodies, and jeans. I have a lot of somewhat weeby Jfash stuff in my closet but I never wear it because I feel like an idiot in it. Fashion is the sort of thing where I love reading about it and seeing the stuff anons post in these threads but I have no idea how to actually dress.

No. 227380

Are you me? I wish I had a girl friend who was a professional stylist. I can see pictures of stuff I love, but then I have no idea how to style it on myself. I have no idea why.

Today I was reading this topic and tried online shopping. I resorted to giving the computer to my boyfriend and asking him to pick stuff out for me, but he couldn’t find anything he thought was good so who knows.

I think part of it is that I don’t know what stores to look at.

No. 227394


Start with something small that won’t make you self conscious to wear (earrings, bracelet, etc). Then slowly add more pieces of the style you want to wear in your day t
o day outfits (swap out a hoodie for a cardigan or sneakers for boots/booties/flats, etc). Slowly you’ll start to get a feel for what looks good on you / what you like / how to dress how you want. Looking up outfit inspirations help, or when in doubt stick to basics. I think it’s a bad move to just jump in and purchase a whole new wardrobe, going slowly gives you the time/chance to experiment and find pieces you love along the way. Good luck!

No. 227399

File: 1517723937240.jpg (4.32 MB, 5380x3484, 14693944_226002581152711_27336…)

Not sure
But basically anything industrial or industrial post apocalyptic, kinderwhore, natural lagenlook/Celtic and earthy looking as well as maybe flowing is my forte.
Also that which is a little body clinging
Oh and burnt orange lipstick (forgot to add that) it's my absolute fave

I don't know if many here like this sort of thing but if anyone is? If you have any shops dealing with this fort of stuff pls link?
I need to overhaul my wardrobe.

No. 227406

File: 1517733525581.jpeg (29.49 KB, 471x312, 50173D10-3F47-46E2-B12E-6F0089…)

No. 227410

I feel like some anons come to this thread to rp their fashun fantasies, like no one outisde of instagram dresses like

No. 227411

File: 1517738830367.jpeg (554.12 KB, 673x1368, 57475A3B-AC30-463F-832B-6D2A04…)

I just ordered this from love and lemons✨ Any anons that have this similar style?

No. 227422

No. 227424

>alt fashion only exists on instagram
Sure anon

No. 227426

Either that, or they really do dress like a mess irl.

No. 227431


No offence, but most of these look very trashy and unhygienic…Anon don't do this to yourself

No. 227436

I actually really like some of these. The big scarf on the lower right and the big scarf/poncho combo to the left are cute.

No. 227446

>Dark coloured shorts look best with tights though, especially if they're more 'dressy'. Bare legs can look underdressed and too casual.
This. I could never wear plain shorts to work but dress shorts + tights look classy. I've always found it a pretty cute style too. Also where I live it's cold all the time so it's rare to even be able to wear shorts with nothing underneath.

No. 227448

Kinderwhore is such a cringe style. The only time it looked cool was when it was first done, everyone since then looks like a massive tryhard.
I personally hate earthy boho, it just reminds me of stereotypical vegan/anti-vax/pagan/dreadlocks people. Nature goth (bottom left) can look good if done right though. Angelica Sehin (Murderotic) used to dress like this, it was cool.

No. 227528


They're merely examples
I wouldn't go out in just fishnets and a tube top

I like the gothic look, post apocalyptic industrial style, the layered lagenlook style and the Earthy boho Celtic styles
Ain't nothing wrong with that, you can still tastefully co-ordinate them, I just happen to like them all

No. 227529

the dress is cute but you will need to wear some nice booty shorts or a nice longer cardigan so no one sees your drawers lol

No. 227537


That’s where our opinions collide. Imo there’s not a tasteful outfit in there.

A lot of people dig this sort of style tho, godspeed and enjoy anon. You might like noctex or sisters of the black moon if you haven’t heard of the brands already.

No. 227571

File: 1517798620667.jpeg (86.29 KB, 1120x1680, E811C827-0B13-48BA-924D-B8D37C…)

I bought this to wear as a long blazer but it’s advertized as a dress. But does wearing it like a dress look okay? It almost seems like something a prostitute would wear tbh.

No. 227574


your instincts are correct

No. 227584

Its nice. but I agree that it kinda seems like something a prositute would wear, esp if you dont have anything under

No. 227622

As a former prostitute I WOULD have worn that.

No. 227866

it doesnt look like a dress to me. i had to read your comment twice before i realized its not intended to be a blazer. i wouldnt wear it as a dress, itll just look like you forgot to put together the rest of your outfit.

No. 227879


IMO this would look great as a long blazer. Where did you get it, anon?

No. 227887

File: 1518016543067.jpg (94.76 KB, 600x600, 234918149.jpg)

every day is a lazy day for me, The Most Basic Of Bitches

No. 228032

File: 1518105729238.png (479.26 KB, 838x590, polywhore.png)

First time making a polyvore thing and it made me realize that I really dress like a tumblr "art hoe" retard.
I just thought that I look chill and little tomboyish.

No. 228034

i like it a lot tbh, all black everything! i would like to dress like this but can't find the clothes in decent fabrics :( where do you shop, anon?

No. 228104

File: 1518140991465.jpg (1.53 MB, 4000x3613, collage5.jpg)

Pretty much just wear some variation of these, my friends hate the beret but honestly it keeps my head warm without messing up by hair too much.

No. 228106

I'm on the same boat! Like, it looks like a super cute long blazer.

I don't know if I'd personally wear it buttoned, but more as a sort of dressed-up casual with a collared shirt and some nice jeans? I'd be all over that. It'd be a nicer alternative to the longer cardigans I tend to wear.

If >>227571 would share the link, that'd be awesome!

No. 228122

File: 1518145943038.png (706.49 KB, 866x773, 2018-02-09 02_59_38-Create loo…)

No. 228124

File: 1518147774754.png (527 KB, 619x586, Screen Shot 2018-02-08 at 9.29…)

These are some of my winteresque pieces I usually wear to brave the Midwestern snowfall. It's hard to look cute and fashionable with the warmer winter gear, so I usually give up and just wear jeans and a sweater most days. But if it's in the higher 20s/lower 30s, this is the stuff I'll usually wear out and about in the city. Over the years, I've been trying to integrate more color into my winter wardrobe and so far I'm happy with the stuff I have!


I love these! All unique and cohesive styles I'd really like to emulate one of these days

No. 228128

I like this especially the green cardigan mixed with the all black. I'd like to do something like this for my wardrobe. Not all black necessarily, but mostly neutral tone items with a few really beautiful color pieces.

No. 228129

The beret is cool and making a comeback. Don't listen to your friends.

No. 228158

Miss frizzles baby

No. 228204

Thanks, friendo! I don't know if a lot of what I own is very high-quality, but it's okay for being so cheap.
I spend a lot of time digging through the clearance sections of Forever21 and H&M, especially when they're switching from winter to spring/summer. I go to Ross and Thrift Town a lot, also.

You really have to dig through every rack but I enjoy doing that. It's easier when you're only looking for one color, I guess! If I don't like how the fabric feels, I don't even bother looking at the garment.

Go for it, anon! It's pretty easy to rebuild your wardrobe once you've decided what you want, even if it seems intimidating at first.

No. 228232

thanks anon! I'm trying to gain confidence to wear more things that don't feel super "safe" for me, hearing that makes me feel a lot better

No. 228279

Is Lazy Oaf acceptable to wear?

No. 228283

berets are super cute imo. they're like one of the classiest head-wear pieces.


What do you mean, acceptable? Are you talking about ethics or just fashion in general?

No. 228285

File: 1518232916622.png (291.42 KB, 564x482, me.PNG)

my hair is curlier than this, and sometimes i like to wear band/anime shirts but this is my overall look. basic i know.

No. 228304

File: 1518238576381.jpg (22.69 KB, 349x523, sweet boots.jpg)

I like this anon, it looks very comfortable but still put together.

similar to a lot of what I would wear if I wasn't chubby AF. I love the suede button up skirt and yellow swing dress. It honestly doesn't read as art hoe to me, art hoe is usually more yellows, printed socks, a kanken and oversized non prescription glasses lately. This seems lovely and authentic

I love this too. I really like.. essentially clean kinderwhore. Like in 2012 when everyone ditched their scene persona and became a cool indie girl with sundresses and docs instead. Such a sweet outfit combo.

I'm surprised you got a bit of flack for this, I generally quite like most of it except for like 2 pieces. Seems like you would really like dark mori and strega fashion, with the colours, cuts and layering. If the pieces flatter your body without making you look clunky it can be really lovely. I would generally keep a strega/dark mori base similar to very bottom left and maybe add a piece or two of the gothier things like the big black boots or hood, if it looks like it mostly blends in with the theme of the outfit. And with kinderwhore, I think it has to be cleaner now or it gives luna slater, aka genuinely dirty, vibes. I really like the boldness of this though.

hello, super hippie misty waters anon from upthread checking in here. I love the boots, they would be great with a suede skirt and ringer tee or nice blouse, or even just black or blue skinny jeans, a plain tee and a nice cardigan. Would look bomb with a big hat and some subtle jewelry. Pic related is from anthropologie, you can find some great ways to style these boots through sites like this and Free People.

No. 228309

man I need help, all I wear is overalls with several variations of t-shirts and blouses and shit. And sometimes jeans.

How can I be stylish while remaining tomboy? I love dresses and make-up but I feel like a transvestite when I go out and I feel so ashamed and humiliated AND I DON'T KNOW WHY?? I look myself in the mirror and it's like, yas queen, but then it's all ruined after someone lies their eyes on me

No. 228314

File: 1518246201616.jpg (1.14 MB, 1437x1882, Screenshot_20180210-065913.jpg)

It depends what pieces you're most comfy in anon. If I'm going for a tomboy feel I'm always most comfy in stretchy high waisted jeans with a loose t shirt as a base. You can put together one of your regular outfits and add a feminine fashion touch like a nice watch or subtle makeup, if you feel like a cross dresser when you go out with it on maybe you should start by wearing less. With these sorts of looks I tend to think less looks better anyway, no foundation, some concealer, highlighter, lip balm and mascara or a good ol smudgey kohl eye. You can wear false lashes to give some extra oomph without wearing a heavy face of makeup. A nice blazer ala Ellen page is a kickass way to up the ante on a boyish outfit, and you can almost always upstyle the outfit by adjusting the shoes and outerwear you choose. I hope this made sense, I got no sleep last night. I made pic related if it helps.

No. 228341

Sounds more psychological than anything. No outfit or accessory is gonna fix self esteem like that anon. Love yourself.

No. 228463

You’re not alone anon, totally got the same thing going on

No. 228486

You are so kind anon :((( I really appreciate the tips, will definitely try getting used to light make-up and I guess it's definitely necessary to change my wardrobe since the t-shirts are oversized (mostly where my dad's and brother's) even though I put on what I think it's a nice outfit,similar to the one at the right,I end up looking like a fool.
loved the dress overall, it's a really cute idea and I will definitely look for one next time.

Kinda, as a former fatty who recently gained a bit of weight I'm having war flashbacks, but even though I lost the weight,
I was still a tragic case styling myself.

we need to be confident anon! I never thought embracing my feminine side would be so hard, I always made fun of those things, barely caring about how I looked, but that was mostly due to depression, growing up in a house full of misogynist males and having toxics views like being feminine=stupid, weak, shallow and by being masculine people would take me seriously. Good luck anon

No. 228492

It’s okay anon I’m a former fatty cum Ana-chan cum skinnyfat. Getting dressed is a bitch.

I found it easiest to start by finding images of people in outfits I liked and them emulating the outfit as closely as possible. That helped my find shapes and a palette that worked for me and built on from there. It’s easier to start branching out by adding in small accessories and muted colors because it felt like nobody would think it was outlandish or too much that way.

What shape is your figure, and who do you consider very well dressed among maybe celebrities or ig people or whatever. Hell I’ll build you outfit ideas based on it if you don’t mind shitty mobile polyvore pics. Also yeah play around on polyvore if it’s up your alley, it’s not great but it can be good for playing around with ideas.

No. 228519

File: 1518344346672.jpg (111.98 KB, 1000x665, c1000x665.jpg)

I have this problem where I don't really wear black (I actually really like light feminine colors) but most of my shoes and bags are black because I find it really hard to find non-black shoes that I like. So a lot of times my shoes and bags don't really match the rest of my outfit colorwise (I still like it though)

No. 228774

File: 1518474055631.png (314.26 KB, 608x500, Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 2.18…)

it's me, your basic metal bitch

No. 228928

File: 1518611041538.png (1.28 MB, 1499x886, dsafdgf.loki,jumyhetdhrtgdmhj.…)

watch out, queen of high fashion coming through

No. 229225

I like you anon!
This reminds me one of my best friends in the world, she wears combats, metal shirts, and sensible shoes/coat 24/7, to the point where we used to get turned away from clubs on nights out cos she was apparently “underdressed” (i.e. not thotty). I admired how few fucks she gave

No. 229590

File: 1518933134035.png (519.97 KB, 680x640, texas.png)

tfw in the Young Farmers and Ranchers of america and I thought this would actually be a work clothes thread

No. 229646

File: 1518960700418.jpg (345.05 KB, 988x790, style.jpg)

updated 2018 version
i didn't actually get new shoes i just didn't find the right image. i also only wear the hat in the winter obviously.

No. 229647

What kind of snake do you have?

No. 229668

File: 1518972992299.jpg (44.85 KB, 581x593, 26165898_10211678429020319_294…)

i spilt my fucking coffee. it me

No. 229709

File: 1518988207306.jpg (1.1 MB, 1800x1800, 2017-2018 winter (or two third…)

I'm pretty much a walking ad for New Look and H&M stuff, with few exceptions of some shoes and accessories lol. Also I really need a haircut

No. 229721

Hello, online sisters.
The pic is me sans the cigarette.
Are you from eastern europe?

No. 229763

File: 1519003825219.png (364.26 KB, 800x600, guy fieri.png)

lads…do not hate

No. 229775


No. 229806

honestly if I saw a girl shamelessly dressed like this I'd keel the fuck over out of pure envy.

No. 229809

File: 1519020450611.png (1.08 MB, 1562x818, kind of.png)

animal crossing cool aesthetic

I forgot bags in mine, slightly important, but I have a nice-ish handbag for the left side and a faggy backpack for the right side. lawful neutral and chaotic stupid with no inbetween. I don't really fuck with jewelery outside of watches, my nails are short and polish-less.

No. 229835

this is p much me, except with more hoodies. im a fatty-chan (US 16) so I feel like there's no point in dressing cute, even when I try on stuff that's cute on the plus size mannequins it hangs like a bag on me and makes me look even fatter so why bother :( I hate going out in public BC everyone around here dresses so cute, even the bigger girls, but I look like a piece of shit if I bother trying.

No. 229847

I mean this is incredibly easy to fix anon. You don’t have to feel like this..just lose weight if it’s that depressing.

No. 229854

For real anon, losing weight is the best solution. When you're thin basically everything looks good. I'm currently losing some myself because I want to feel healthier and have clothes look nice on me.

No. 229855

i've lost 20lbs in the past 6 mo, but it's incredibly slow going due to a really awesome combination of PCOS and hashimotos….the problem is that i feel miserable in the meantime. it's going to be another year before im at my goal weight probably so it's another year to feel and look shitty. unfortunately the decision to lose weight doesn't actually immediately fix anything. :')

No. 229864

you need a dragon ball shirt and you're ricky

No. 229868

File: 1519048252310.png (546.58 KB, 988x790, jfc.png)

yeah, i am. i edited the pic with stuff i actually own

No. 229878

i made the orig image with the cig: northern europe.

No. 229919

Freakin' nice.

I thought it was more of an eastern europe thing, good to know there are other anons sporting this.

I'm not sure how I'd call this style. Hmm…

No. 229956

File: 1519075005484.gif (1.06 MB, 350x263, PLU7DpS.gif)

Not here to hate, just appreciate

No. 229972

This makes me wonder what would be the proper English translation for "juoksukaljat".

No. 229993

Well, according to urban dictionary it means going to a grocery store, grab the amount of six packs you can hold and run the fuck away without paying the beers. If they don’t catch you, you win. Finland seems like they know how to have fun, I guess lol

No. 233134

File: 1520700191834.jpg (26.85 KB, 564x338, bichstyle.JPG)

also imagine two layered pairs of black fleece tights and lined hat and gloves on here for winter and that's the only variation

No. 233139

File: 1520706373812.png (1.01 MB, 2144x984, idk.png)

Add black tights & minimal silver or gold jewelry to outfit 2 & 3
Was too lazy to make a pants outfit so I copy-pasted one I would wear, I usually wear skirts & dresses, though

No. 233201

i didn't make these sets, but here's pretty much what my style is. winter is here.

No. 233202

File: 1520735408847.jpg (38.46 KB, 564x564, coffeeshop.jpg)

fuck me, forgot pic. i love mom jeans and turtlenecks.

No. 233203

File: 1520735466585.jpg (47.79 KB, 563x632, blundstones.jpg)

here's about what i wear in spring. i love my blundstones.

No. 233204

File: 1520735569982.jpg (51.42 KB, 564x663, 60s.jpg)

and this is similar to what i'll wear in summer if i'm going out around my city. but replace the ugly-ass birks with chacos.

No. 233205

File: 1520735659043.png (1.28 MB, 1292x1244, Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at 9.27…)

and since summer lasts about 5-6 months here as opposed to 3, i'll wear something like this if i'm just going hiking. swell bottle and everything

No. 233400

File: 1520826551969.png (538.79 KB, 1000x1000, mycheapasslook.PNG)

I am cheap as hell, and the backpack is because I'm a bus riding artist who spends a lot of time commuting. Otherwise I just wear a small black saddlebag leather purse when BF is driving me around. I literally have 6 of the same cheap Amazon black turtleneck dress.
About to have to shift my look for summer, though. Not looking forward to it, using this thread as inspo.

No. 233410

File: 1520833930521.png (424.79 KB, 729x729, 20180312_055021.png)

My style changes daily as my wardrobe is an eclectic mess. I guess I'll post a few different outfit co-ordinations over time as they takes ages.

No. 233413

File: 1520837509735.png (1.65 MB, 1800x1200, outfit board.png)

putting this together was interesting, because i didn't quite realise i stuck to a colour palette this closely. i know this the most basic of basic bitch shit, but w/e lmao. in winter i wear the thick tights/jersey mini skirt/jumper under jacket combo the most, alongside the sweater dresses.

i find dressing for summer pretty hard because i'm a fatty-chan (probably around moomoo's size but i'm 5'9 and carry most of my weight in my stomach, and haven't had lipo :^)) and feel gross and exposed when i'm not in four layers of jumpers, but shorts and loose fit or floaty tops work. the only time i wear the cropped denim jacket is with sundresses, which is the one summer outfit i have when i want to look vaguely nice and like i've put effort in.

i think all i need is to pick up a proper winter coat and a pair of oxfords maybe some normal cardigans and jumpers, one of those button through a-line denim skirts, and to learn to sew. i've been wanting to learn how to sew anyway, but i wanna add in a pleated skirt or two and some cute printed button downs and those don't exist in a ready-to-buy format in my size.

i don't wear jewellery because i'm autistic and hate the feeling of things on my fingers/wrists/neck. makeup is either none or very "model off duty"-esque, but with more a full coverage base bc i have rosacea.

this got really rambly, sorry. i don't have any girlfriends irl to talk fashion and style with me :c

No. 233417

File: 1520838999744.png (398.68 KB, 767x767, 20180312_071530.png)

I usually pick up shit from charity shops, EBay or the odd bits from high street stores.

No. 233425

File: 1520843668954.png (501.32 KB, 1024x792, huhhclothes.png)

My style has gone from comfy vintage to childish dolly, I'm a bit sad.

No. 233483


ngl anon, I really love this for some reason.

No. 233512

File: 1520893242580.jpg (918.3 KB, 1920x1080, hobonerd.jpg)

I have a nerdy grunge/goth style, most times I go out wearing what's in the picture: fishnet tights, ripped jeans rolled up at the ankle because I'm short, my flat totoro shoes/generic flat shoes, a nerdy shirt, something on top like a shirt or cardigan (not fussy it's only because I'm cold all the damn time), a beanie, my pokeball pixel ring, an O-ring choker I forgot to attach, and my steven universe burger backpack. Don't knock the bag, that burger fits so much shit in there, it's magical. I'm one of those people that carry lots of random shit because you never know when it'll come in handy. I have a mini sharpie keyring pen attached to my keys, as well as a mini sewing kit, a purse for medicines, a lighter, etc

If I want to put more effort into my appearance it's usually either more goth or more vintage; so swap out some items for black clothing/heavyass military boots, or vintage cardigans and thick tights with oxford shoes and curled hair

if I wear makeup I usually favour bold lips rather than bold eyeshadows. I have a bazillion red shades, from darkest dark to bright "in your face", I have black and grey, and the rest are various shades of nudes. Mostly mascara, bit of tightline eyeliner, and a contour shade on the eyelids

No. 233515

>pokeball pixel ring
>O-ring choker
>burger backpack
>bold lips

did you know that stores beside hot topic exist

No. 233516


I don't live in the US, but fair judgement, I realise it may look obnoxious

I don't always combine all those elements, usually I pick one feature (a shirt, or beanie, etc) and keep the rest plain, but if I'm going to a con then I wear it all with zero shame

No. 233524

File: 1520902291798.png (3.26 MB, 2956x1500, clothes.png)

Spent a bit too long on this.

Sorta see my style as a mix of hipster/indie, sometimes wearing things that get a little witchy. I'm an ex-goth so it took me a really long time to find some clothes I'm comfortable in, but I still stick with darker/earthier colours. Been trying to condense my wardrobe even more as I've been getting into minimalism lately.

No. 233530

Anon could be younger.

No. 233555

I hope so cause they dress terribly.

No. 233569


yeah I'm still young and I don't have a job so I rely on the same clothes again and again which kinda sucks, but I'm sure eventually I'll get more freedom in choosing how I want to dress regardless of the price tag

No. 233612

I’m being harsh and I’m sorry about that anon.
You can get some plain basics for cheaper than licensed stuff like anime/vidya. Plus when you’re young your taste is still developing, and it’s not like you’re getting about in truly terrible things like swastikas or bondage gear in public.

No. 233613

You must be 18 or older to post here.

No. 235233

the only thing I really dig here is the daft punk bag.

Everything else is just hella decent on its own but I wouldnt wear any of these outfits.

No. 235326

File: 1521524579811.png (238.17 KB, 1242x1431, IMG_1255.PNG)

I don't go out too often, but when I do I try to at least dress nice and decent.
My style is more so basic soft goth?????
Every skirt I own is black with expection of one which has white stars on it. I also find myself wearing mostly plain black shirts with high necks or low cut.

I've been so doing a lot of black eye makeup with bright glitter slapped over it, I always get compliments when I do it so it's hard to try anything new

I wanna branch into some more color but I'm hesitant

No. 235331

start with small steps and gradually start wearing more colourful stuff

No. 287864

File: 1535648168766.jpg (209.42 KB, 1754x1240, Moi.jpg)

These look like well constructed and interesting outfits ! I hope you look and feel good in them :9 (and also that i don't come across as too much of a tryhard). And hey, i am searching for a big bag, but i only found a morph8ne tote one, and it's waaay too expensive for what it is, so does anyone knows alternatives wich could be fitting? Love and smiles to all of you!

No. 287907

Do you have a vermin infestation or are they like accessories?

No. 287923

>wearing centipedes and roaches
Relatable, tbh. Invert owners know what's up.

No. 287924

your vermin squad is making me nervous anon

No. 288692

People in this thread who where a lot of monochrome mostly - what do you do on sunny summer days?

I like to wear greys and navy and some other muted, dark colours, which is fine most of the year in grey British weather, but I feel so out of place on sunny days when everyone else is in summer dresses with bright colours.
I have a summery white skirt I love, but I'm not sure how to work sunshine in to my ~~style~~ otherwise

No. 288700

wear all black. its gonna be hot as balls either way.

No. 289048

fiber content and garment construction is a thing. obviously, go for linen and cotton fabrics. avoid poly and leather type fabrics. if you like layering. then loose knitted or crocheted items w/ light fibers like bamboo are good as well.

No. 289053

I move into softer greys and ivory with small amounts of florals and greens. Lighter fabrics really do lessen the severity of dark colours. Bit of lace, delicate jewelry, soft hairstyle.

No. 289238

File: 1535893566597.jpg (542.75 KB, 1024x1024, never truly grew out of emo ti…)

mostly i wear all black and never dress up. haven't worn a skirt/dress in years

No. 289247

Thanks for the tips. I think olive greens and lighter blues are colours I'd like to work in more.

I just have much more trouble finding clothes I like in stores in the spring summer seasons.

And I have dinner lady arms, despite the rest of me being fine - it's like they're 5 BMI points higher than my torso - so I avoid sleeveless tops.

No. 289456

whts that hoodie on the far right?

No. 289460

no clue, random hoodie i found that looks every similar to what i own myself

No. 289563

it’s from dropdead. they have an online store but change their collections every few months so idk if it’s still available.

No. 291225

Opinions on sleeveless hoodies?
Didn't think they'd fit into my "style", but I picked one up just for running in summer rain, and I'm surprised how much I like it on me.

No. 291482

I think they're super cute, but you gotta have the arms/shoulders for them.

No. 293441

It's weird, because I'm actually by far the most insecure about my upper arms, but for some reason this particular sleeveless hoodie made them look slimmer than half sleeves? Idk, I've avoided going sleeveless all summer, but I'm rethinking now, dunno what it about the cut, but it was super flattering.

No. 295731

Anybody else hate /r/femalefashionadvice? (I know, I know >leddit)
Looking at the WAYWT threads, at least half of them look straight up frumpy to my eyes, and I'm just wondering if there's something wrong with my eyes, because I've never been interested in fashion and always just brought what I've liked and 95% of my wardrobe is cheap fast fashion stores, and these people are supposedly more knowledgeable than me.

How old is too old to dress like this? Because this is basically my style, and I'm 22 and wondering it's getting too teenage/college student for me.

No. 295736

The skirts are fine but the crop tops are too much for a more mature look.

No. 297184

I only lurk for the weekly deals thread, everything else there is weird. So many inspirational threads are shit like Harry Potter, steam punk, disney etc that people should have grown out of years ago.

No. 297249

File: 1537310229139.png (308.23 KB, 600x600, 1537310146007.png)

Can you tell I'm gay? lol I wear the same thing every day and have for a few years now.

No. 297266

Most of the girls/women on there are so poorly dressed it blows my mind since they all post info that seems reasonable. They perpetuate their terrible dress sense by encouraging and complimenting each other - I've only seen 1 person that dresses well/looks good, so rare that I spent ages trying to find her again. I am guilty of lurking there sometimes, I find it kinda interesting ngl

No. 297268

File: 1537314598501.png (380.43 KB, 742x785, BASED&REDPILLED.png)

No. 297271

lol now that you mention it you do dress like the archetypal modern gay young woman. it's cute!

10/10 would drive to remote forest location in our DIY camo painted vintage jeep and build a doomsday bunker with you

No. 297285

I want to be bffs with you on your watch alone tbh. You seem like a cool postpunk nuclear butch but I might be misjudging lol

No. 297286

I do like to paint things camo
>cool postpunk nuclear butch
I just thought I was white trash that likes black metal

No. 297287


I think it's a rob0t, anon.

No. 297289

Begone scrot

No. 297293

Nope, I just honestly find "based and redpilled" posting to be funny in a really stupid way, and I couldn't think of a good filename for the image.
I'm just butch anonette

No. 297299

since polyvore is dead for anyone who doesn't have photoshop: fashmates is an alternative for making these fashion collages.

No. 297325

File: 1537325744441.png (468.48 KB, 696x692, sperg alert.png)

can i help with the bunker

No. 297327

how do you guys pull off some of this fashion? like, i can't be this /fa/ because of my bodytype without look like a straight up piglet. are all of you tiny waifs with no imbalanced fat distribution???


No. 297362

I'm >>297325, I definitely wouldn't call myself a tiny waif, I just have kind of a masculine body (broad shoulders, relatively narrow hips, etc), so slightly masculine styles look alright on me.

No. 297450

Not really a way to prove they pull it off anyway or are waifs.
These farmers are just posting collages of clothes they like, not irl pictures of what they look like day to day.

No. 297488

Since most clothing stock photos are petite model sizes it's also hard to accurately create a collage of what you might look like.

No. 298008

>everything else there is weird. So many inspirational threads are shit like Harry Potter, steam punk,
What the fuck is it with adults trying to connect every part of their lives with Harry Potter?
And the obsession with childrens/YA books in general; if you're over the age of like, 16, and most (a little is fine) of what you read is still aimed at a younger audience, take a look at yourself and ask why you haven't grown up yet.

I liked the books growing up, would describe myself as a casual fan, but I just don't get the obsession.

No. 298026

>I've only seen 1 person that dresses well/looks good, so rare that I spent ages trying to find her again.
Yeah, when I see someone that looks good and my style, I lurk their post history for more inspo and tips.

>it blows my mind since they all post info that seems reasonable.

Yes this, exactly. Maybe it's just that the people that post their looks, especially on WAYWT threads are different to the ones giving advice and tips

I don't think you have to be a waif, but the first two definitely suit a more boyish straight up/straight down figure

But I'm busty and curvy (meaning >10" between waist and hips, not fat/chubby), and I find dressing like>>235326 very flattering, did you pick the wrong post?

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