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No. 1240193

General conspiracy thread. Discussions surrounding government coverups, entertainment industry secrets, predictions, political intrigues etc, are all welcome here.

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No. 1240232

File: 1656178568768.png (1.1 MB, 760x931, 1A98D5C2-A80A-4724-AAEC-95E009…)

I’m so, so disappointed you didn’t use the pic from the neural network thread in /m/

No. 1240278

Even God didn’t like “the Jews”

>Revelation 2:9 “I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.”

No. 1240289

When will you /pol/tards realize that you have a whole imageboard over at 4chan for this? Fuck off with this shit.

No. 1240314

First picture is solid a look.

NTA but it is a legit bible quote that is often taken out of context. It references Jews in Smyrna (Izmir in modern Turkey) who were persecuting Christians and not allowing them to worship freely. Not that any of this matters because I suspect it's jewhater-chan back to call me a kike again, kek.

No. 1240366

File: 1656187637726.jpeg (632.56 KB, 1125x1693, 4EF48A75-3028-4F4B-ABBA-91C19E…)

A Jew actually posted this comment in a vigilant citizen article about celebrities trooning their kids out, wasn’t trying to defend Jew-hate but was curious about how common Jews felt about their much powerful brethren in regards to world domination.(racebait)

No. 1240502

I just read that article too. Liev Schrieber needs to be castrated, the sick fuck. I know you've been banhammered but I'll give you my reply anyway. I do not mean to racebait with this, I'm just giving my honest opinion about a popular tinfoil in the appropriate thread. I've always felt alienated by Ashkenazi Jews as I am (or was, as I converted to Christianity) a Mizrahi Jew. Growing up a mixed Arab Jew in Israel it was hard not to hate Ashke's because they hated me first simply for existing. I was too much of an Arab for them, and too much of a Jew for the other Arabs. It sucked, but being relegated to a wallflower you notice things. A lot of Ashkenazi's do believe they are the one true sect for a long list of reasons I won't get into now. They even look down on Sephardi Jews, too. It goes against everything we're taught about unity but these types genuinely do not care, they will tell you your blood is not pure. When I got into conspiracies around 12ish I noticed how many Ashkenazi's were in power in western media and how many donated to political parties in the west and it blew my mind. Then I looked at the history of Israel, the foreign aid they receive. Israel undeniably has immense power, and this power is primarily held by Ashkenazi. So on top of thinking they are the best Jews, they're a legitimate world power. I think "world domination" is a little strong but then again every new article the WEF publishes gets more and more batshit so who knows kek. All that's certain is that Ashkenazi Jews have been key figures in politics, psychiatry and media for many, many years. And that these three fields are going in some very fucked up directions. I want to clarify that when I say "they", I mean the Ashkenazi supremacists who barely adhere to the religion they claim to love. I do not mean all of them as I've met plenty who resent their fellow Ashkenazi for this behaviour and are aware of their conspiracies. The end goal we can only speculate about, but an anon in the previous thread put it really well when they mentioned how transgenderism feeds into transhumanism which turns us into the perfect consoomers. That for certain is a goal of these people, IMO. All we can do is fight anything relating to separating mind from body, remember that all political parties are equally corrupt and to distrust mainstream media and do your own research on things.

No. 1240713

Is YouTube deleting bots from the internet too? It seems like most recommended yt videos now only have like 1k or so views and no more than 10 comments

No. 1240728

>It references Jews in Smyrna (Izmir in modern Turkey) who were persecuting Christians and not allowing them to worship freely

You gave a valid reason as to why jewhater-chan hates jews. I don’t hate jews but are you really surprised as to how they are using apartheid towards palestinians? They always hated real christians and muslims, they consider other people besides jews as worthless gentiles.

No. 1240994

I was pointing out that some people, mostly /pol/tards, use that quote to mean all Jews. Not just the ones who try to supress other religions. I'm half Palestinian, I don't need a lesson on apartheid and I converted to Christianity because I was sick of the supremacism, disdain for other religion, fucked up practices like circumcision and some other things that are more related to interpretation of religious texts. My only point is that some Jews are aware of these issues and hate them too and not to treat each Jew as if they are guilty for what others do.

No. 1242116

I'm obsessed with this image

No. 1242135

First of all, I kind of empathize with you because I'm part Jewish and also experienced alienation from my Jewish family because my grandmother isn't Jewish. I have no family on that side because they don't want to interact with us since I'm not Jewish and my grandmother is part German. It sucks.

But anon I guarantee that you are interacting with "day of the rope" jew haters who actually would want both of us dead just for being Jewish ethnically. These people tend to be angry violent moids who actually are capable of shooting up synagogues which is why I recommend not genuinely engaging with them and giving them what they want. While you can provide a lot of insight and give opinions that are nuanced, these moids will never understand anything other than "ooga booga EVIL JEW RULE EARTH" before killing random old people at synogogues with their AR-15s on a Twitch stream.

No. 1242139

Samefag, I forgot to say that I'm obviously NTAYRT that anon was responding to.

No. 1242858

to my fellow tinfoil burgerfats, have you read about/looked into the united states’ pluto return 2022-2024? depending on which birth chart you use for the “birth” of the usa, the exact date of pluto’s return will be around or on election day in 2024. some astrologers think there’s going to be a crisis around that time. idk what do you think? supposedly joe biden might die as well? i can’t really separate a lot of the usual trump fearmongering from actual analysis.

No. 1242885

If you look for something to happen, you will probably find it

No. 1242903

They are, I remember them saying this did this when they reconstructed how we looks at videos views. I've noticed that nowadays they tend to hide in the replies of people's comments instead.

No. 1242910

Aren't Ashkenazis more prone to schizophrenia, too, resulting from a genetic bottleneck?

No. 1242920

>prone to schizophrenia
no such thing

No. 1242932

AYRT, and yeah, after I posted that second reply I realised I was wasting my time, lol. I hate that /pol/ tards are lurking here because I do think there is a lot to discuss and tinfoil about with Judaism, as there is with all organised religions. But from now on I'm gonna limit how often I visit this thread and try not to fall for obvious bait. You're 100% right about them just wanting us joos gone because we stole their foreskin or w/e. I'm sorry about your Jewish family being like that, I experienced alienation with my Muslim family and it sucks. Mixed families are a fucking nightmare.

No idea. I've heard about genetic issues as their family tree can get a bit… uh, tangled. You got a link for the schizophrenia thing? I'm schizophrenic myself but I think that might be from childhood trauma or something, idk.

No. 1242957

>I realised I was wasting my time
I wouldn't necessarily call it wasting your time. I personally appreciate hearing people give their perspectives, especially then they are from a different culture or religion, it increases my understanding of the world and it also helps counter the /pol/tards spewing their narratives.

There's a known genetic predisposition towards schizophrenia and cluster A personality disorders. It's not a guarantee that someone will suffer from it, it's more that the potential is there if someone goes through certain events in life.

No. 1242997

More or less came to a conclusion recently about celebrities and our elites. It's been obvious for a while now that they are into things satanic. The question is "why" and many tinfoilers will tell you it's that those things are real, and selling your soul works in a literal sense. If that's your opinion and you're reading this, cool, you can stop here because I'm exploring a different view. Here's what I've come up with. It boils down to their wealth and power. We all know how the wealthy are more (lacking a better word) degenerate than the rest of us. It's fundamentally due to their wealth. The rest of us, especially the poor, don't have the freedom to live like that, and don't have the same boredom that comes with having everything at your fingertips. Anons have noticed that the differences don't stop there. The poor tend to be still somewhat conservative, at least socially, there's a more old-fashioned style of sexism, racism, homophobia. It even persists across race. Whatever the cause, from elites' point of view, the rest of us are ignorant, uneducated—even those of us who aren't as prejudiced as others. It's obvious from their lifestyles that we hardly compare to the level of "openmindedness" they probably take pride in, and know they have to hide from the rest of us or at least downplay. There's still scandal around their sexual behaviors and orgies when it comes out, not even getting into the rape and pedophilia. Long story short, they resent us because of this. They resent the public for being closed-minded, moralistic, undereducated religious bumpkins who to some degree they still owe their status to because we watch their movies and if we put up a fuss they have to answer to us. At the very least it ends up sensationalized in the paper (which they control so I don't know how much that matters but you'll still hear them complain of it). Even though they have so much power, they still care about our opinions for some reason, so it can't be absolute power yet. Or they're just narcs who have to be liked by everyone (probably mainly this). How does that relate to Satanism? It does, a lot. What's the religion of the majority, the poor, especially in the US? Christianity. The particular type of Christianity that's been criticized for homophobia among other things. I'm not saying they're wrong to criticize that, I do think some of it's backwards, but I'll note the absolute hypocrisy that it's come out of academics who are privileged and rich, saying they speak for the underprivileged while hating most of them with all their heart. Those academics hate transphobes and racists, but their belief system puts brown and black people next to trans on the flag, while majority of those people would not be happy about that. They lump the two together because while they get some things right, their ideology is still a rich person's worldview, therefore everyone who's oppressed = the same group together. Poor widdle pocs, we'll stand up for you kind of thinking, even if they don't see how it's that way. The oppressed are at the same time the oppressors they despise, but they ignore that part because they'll educate us all better. Even something like the Bohemian Grove, they sacrifice "Care" (conscience) which may have started as a metaphor for having a wild gay party for a time with no inhibitions, but whether they figured it out or not, subconsciously they know WE are their conscience, we are Care. So you have a wealthy powerful group that likes engaging in degenerate behavior because they're bored and they can, that seeks new experiences and fun new party gimmicks pathologically, that simultaneously sees themselves as enlightened yet under pressure of the Christian masses (more of an image of them from the recent past during satanic panic) to curb their ways and make content that appeals to the people even though it's really about themselves, and overall to be moral. Of COURSE they're satanic, of course they wanna keep that rebellion that started maybe against their parents or parents' parents going and when they put the symbols out there for us, in their movies even when they get pushback for it, that's exactly what they're acting against. They are sick of the ignorant masses who have some control over them, whether it's through sales (how much it matters anymore idk) or their own narcissistic perceptions and obsessions with being seen like the gods they see themselves to be (just listen to them and watch their music videos). So yeah. That's why they're satanists in my opinion, so when we call it out it doesn't have to mean that Satan is real and he helps them be where they are. I dunno, maybe that's also true if you believe it, but I don't actually see these people's modus operandi differing at its core from non-wealthy people with satanic/occult interests: it comes from 1) a search for stimulation and meaning but is functionally entertainment or a LARP, and 2) the same hangups from a religious background or culture they feel persecuted by and must rebel against. Except in these guys' case part of that persecution is actually deserved because it's for being the slimy rapist pedo creeps we know they are. Sorry if this whole thing makes no sense or is worded way worse than it has to be, I'm not very concise. Probably most of what I said is obvious but it can't hurt to spell it out. Also the current discussion ITT probably adds another dimension to why, lol, but it's not inherent to race or anything it's all that they resent the masses for our moral/religious systems

No. 1243036

File: 1656362152007.jpg (202.68 KB, 630x788, 1601831884.jpg)

what caused the decline of body diversity among males in media, In years gone by nearly most men would have been a variation of fit and healthy. Now it's skinny soyboy, insecure gymcel or skiny fat basement dweller. I was watching old 90s movies and the men were so much better looking. Some of them (young Brad, Leo, Keanu, Will etc.) were downright beautiful. now It’s all either macho steroid freaks or weird pale deep sea creature looking dudes.

No. 1243041

(fucked up the order of points in my post above about satanism so if anything's confusing that's why)

Your post is extremely interesting, nonna. I agree with your point of view. Wish the discussion could have nuance. I hate how /pol/tards embrace nazi shit instead of recognizing it's not all jews or even most, and we shouldn't hate or genocide anyone. The topic can't be sanely discussed because of them, which may be why there's hypothesized glowies encouraging them to be worse

No. 1243052

Our society is no longer the kind that encourages regular healthy workouts. As we grow detached from nature, our bodies, and the naturally slow processes of time, it's all about what's easy and quick. No room for patience or hard work. That's why it's either be a couch potato or take steroids. Meanwhile women are much the same way with plastic surgeries galore. I hate that I realized while typing this how it's also a mindset which puts us on the path to transhumanism.

No. 1243072

Thank you, nonas. I love hearing about different perspectives with regards to tinfoil as different cultures have wildly different standards for what's a conspiracy and what's not. That's why I try to be open about my views and how I formed them. It's really annoying that we can't talk about this stuff openly without /pol/tards barging in. Glowies if you're reading this please keep your feral moids under control, the grown ups are talking here.

No. 1243112

File: 1656365411872.jpeg (743.19 KB, 3072x2430, 88FC43F2-EA0E-4465-B21E-FEBBD5…)

>two of the bodies had missing eyes, one had a missing tongue, and one had missing eyebrows. The investigation concluded that a "compelling natural force" had caused the deaths.


What do we think of Dyatlov Pass?
Mania? Or maybe the government? i thought I was done believing in aliens but this case makes me wonder..

No. 1243121

Sorry to burst your bubble, but no foul play. Unlucky people caught in an avalanche became critter food. I grew up in the French Alps where everyone in my village had stories about some relative or friend of a friend dying in some gruesome way in the mountains.

No. 1243123

my vote is on the government/army, the military paraphernalia that couldn't have been there otherwise alone points heavily in that direction. They must have been doing something weird in there without knowing there were people around.

No. 1243126

I've seen studies show that men's testosterone levels have been declining for decades. Some other nonna that is better at researching could post graphs.

No. 1243130

Yeah being exposed out in the wilderness like that leads to some crazy shit and things happen Fast. It's still scary but not really a conspiracy.

No. 1243143

Sorry I posted this here cause I wanted tales of aliens and the government

I don’t doubt you’re wrong but how come one of the bodies had missing tongue and another one had missing eyebrows?

No. 1243150

Samefag but does that mean mania or mass hysteria was probably an occurrence

No. 1243156

Animals decisions on how to scavenge carrion are unknown to us humans. I don't want you to be all kinds of disappointed, so if you want to read about eerie deaths, look up the list of people who died on mount Everest. Mountains are very treacherous, especially to people not used to them.

No. 1243157

In the south of the Urals there's a former Soviet nuclear processing plant that caused several accidents in the 50s and 60s. It regularly released huge amounts of radioactivity into the atmosphere and this is the likely cause of the small amount of radiation found on their clothing. It's possible that they witnessed one of accidents at the plant but so far there hasn't been an accident reported in 1959.


No. 1243158

Isn't it because of chemicals that we're likely consuming? There was a researcher who iirc found that some chemicals within pesticides were causing intersex conditions among a frog population which alarmed people with money, who then paid off the EPA and other 'experts' to try and debunk his research and probably capitalized on Alex Jones claiming that they're turning the frogs gay.

His name is Tyrone Hayes and he's an endocrinologist. His findings can be summed up as:
> that environmental chemical contaminants have played a role in global amphibian declines and in the health disparities that occur in minority and low income populations.

No. 1243164

Pesticides are known endocrine disruptors. DDT was banned in the 1970s because it was proven to be killing birds. The effect of the pesticide was that it caused female birds to lay eggs that were too soft to be able to contain a growing chick, so the eggs would split and the developing chick would die.

The elites are pushing veganism which would lead to massive increase in the use of pesticides, so the effect on men is probably intentional.

No. 1243175

File: 1656369178763.jpeg (347.52 KB, 2382x1794, 81F895C0-B65F-4200-A4F4-9836AF…)

Really starting to believe Ryder Ripps about Bored Ape Yacht club being filled with nazi/fascist propaganda. The video game has the apes throwing bananas and they look like fucking swastikas. All 4 creators are 4chan moids who think this whole thing is a clever troll. One of the creator’s fake name is Gordon Goner. It’s an anagram for Drongo Negro. Drongo is Australian slang for dumb. Another founder is nicknamed Gargamel, who I never realized was a Jewish caricature from the smurfs. Even if the 4 of them aren’t actual nazis the whole Bored Ape Yacht Club thing is a big 4chan troll. Not just making dumb rich celebrities support worthless crap, but making them support terminally online 4chan nazi memes in crappy art form.

No. 1243182

There's a video out there of a man actively dying on Everest. In it he comes in and out of consciences, sometimes not remembering where he is. It's morbid but it's interesting to see how our bodies and mind work in these situations. I believe he became one of the infamous bodies and was kicked into a canyon somewhat recently lol

No. 1243187

jfc onsciousness not consciences I'm dumb lol

No. 1243191

File: 1656369644483.jpg (161.79 KB, 593x421, glenncorbett.jpg)

One reason might be because back in the day, Hollywood and television were competing with each other. Actors were in a cutthroat business and if some new hot actor was shown on TV and shown to pull in the numbers, Hollywood actors would try and imitate him, lest they get put out of work. Plus, after WW2, male audiences liked seeing movies about rough, cool guys beating the shit out of each other. So male actors were told to hit the gym, lose weight, and get tan, because that was seen as the fashionable, ideal type of man for several decades.

No. 1243194

No. 1243195

File: 1656369829479.jpg (1.15 MB, 1414x2048, sea creature.jpg)

>weird pale deep sea creature looking dudes

No. 1243199

File: 1656370104579.jpg (217.53 KB, 625x578, Screenshot_20220627-174816_Fir…)

No. 1243200

This is the ideal male body. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.

No. 1243204

File: 1656370454524.gif (1.25 MB, 442x320, bemusedbill.gif)

No. 1243268

If retards putting their money into this can't figure out it's a troll, that's on them lol it's really obvious

No. 1243279

link pls

No. 1243550

>tfw only attracted to weird pale deep sea creature looking dudes

No. 1243574

I want to bully men back onto this path.

No. 1243617

File: 1656409641424.jpg (47.44 KB, 640x641, ciqtqnzq62r61.jpg)

related to this, you ever notice how often 'jocks' played by good looking attractive males are almost always portrayed as the bad guy in media, think of every Kevin Smith film, the villains are always mean preps or jocks who them their come comeuppance, which for him means them getting shot, raped in prison or sent to hell, and this is presented as something the audience is supposed to celebrate

No. 1243624

That is a personal flaw

No. 1243630

>missing eyebrows
Ripped off somehow from ice or used for a critters nest

No. 1243656

They're meant to cater to the "loser" moids who are obsessed with the idea that the women who married the jocks are going to be stuck in a trailer park with 6 kids and miserable and the jock is in jail while the "nerd" is totally out and making it and the Stacy is crawling back

It's almost predatory towards the young men but an easy thing to do since most moids are losers who are jealous of the "jock" who actually has their life together. Its similar to how high school films for girls are all depicting the mean girl as the same carbon copy dumb teenager whining over boys. Reality is most jocks and popular girls will most likely do better in life than the "nerds"

No. 1243690

I've been looking at stuff relating to this for years now and I'm still completely stumped. I'd love to believe it was some military test or spooky occurrence but like other anons have said, weird shit happens on mountains and hypothermia can make you go nuts.

AYRT, thanks! Pretty interesting reads.

No. 1244036

YT is also hiding "problematic" ppls comments to anyone who isn't logged in.

No. 1244181

At least the poor ones. Wealthy women will always get the safe abortions they need out of state or country and go home to vote red.

No. 1244190

thing is though is it's not just men on tv/movies in the 80s/90s. look at fucking rock musicians bodies in the 90s or just random nobodies, men today are just a fugly poorly bred joke.

No. 1244194

Kek nonny me too… although the 80s and 90s also had better-looking weird pale deep sea creature looking dudes too imo

No. 1244256

Del em machines and herbal abrtvs, I wonder if this will shock the handmaidens into stopping fucking and supporting their Nigels. Galubi gang will form in America soon.

No. 1244258

>del em
Never heard of this, bless

No. 1244311

File: 1656454836570.jpeg (31.2 KB, 577x348, repeat.jpeg)

For "regular" people (and that includes most influencers) they are but it's still very rampant on entertainment videos. Still see a lot of the "people whiskey dog bellows under makeup bed" word vomit comments and repeats like picrel on videos from Vogue and the like. These comments are from a stranger things cast interview on yt. There is five different comments repeated by bot accounts on that video, this is just one and a few of the repeats of it.

No. 1244342

I'm catholic, but i live in a country with tons of jews, and i saw this too. I remember an old story about an ethnicaly jewish girl with an arab father who was born here and she was pretty much tortured by israel's airport police for the crimen of having an arab father and some arab features (as in, mixed) They knew she wasnt a terrorist, she was traveling with a reputable (idk how it call it) jew youth group who makes trips to Europe regularly. None of the Ashkenazi guys were tortured too. Also tons of horror stories about ethiopian jews in the border, so i understand you and i know what you're talking about. That being said, even if there is many Ashkenazis with power, i think is less about the ethnicity and more about plain old degeneracy and disdain of humanity. Even if i know im no one to judge anyones "jewness" but is kinda clear that for them that they would fuck even their fellow Ashkenazis given the oportunity. Because a) i see this all the time, many Ashkenazis born and raised here waiting to be picked by israel and even going to military service but they never call them back, at best they can go on vacation once or twice a year, you will never see them in actual power positions. And that is when they dont coincider them dirty mutts like the girl of my story b) we see plenty of anti-humanity degenerates off all ethnicities, if anything i think their "point in common" is an affinity to Anglo-Saxon countries at least here in the west, but that is another topic. Is far more complicated that "muh evil jews" and no one is free of sin here, i know the vatican has many, many skeletons in the closet kek. I think now, in the middle of the decadence of the west, we can appreciate it clearer than ever.

No. 1244384

Nta but I've noticed this too. A few weeks ago I looked up anime convention pictures (from my country) circa 2000, and I realised men were definitely better looking. Same age range and all, but a way bigger portion of the men had a slim/fit build. Considering conventions have always been a nerdy thing, I expected to not see much change but I was shocked.

No. 1244390

It's not just obesity though. Nonnas have noted, but even the slim/fit ones used to looked hotter because there was muscle underneath.
Straight up, it's microplastics that are fucking up men's testosterone & making them look like gross androgynous freaks.
Male sperm count has dropped by HALF since the 70s. They look pudgy & androgynous because they ARE.

No. 1244650

AYRT, you and me both, anon.

No. 1244900

AYRT, I've been given hell at airports through "random selection" procedures that seem to only affect Arabs and Africans. One time I was flying out of Israel I was pretty red eyed and shaky after an argument with my then gf. I got took into custody because I was "acting suspicious" and held there in a cell (with a Muslim woman who got separated from her 4 y/o daughter for no reason other than "suspicions") for six hours with my medication confiscated from me and no water during a very hot summer. I was released with no charge of course but it's made me terrified of flying home to visit family. It's like a fucking hobby for these airport pigs to give people shit. My wife is half Ethiopian Jewish and she has her own horror stories to tell. We are both so thankful to be living in Britbong land now, it's paradise by comparison. You're right about the Ashkenazi's in power and how they fuck over each other. If you don't co-operate with the troo joos schtick then you're scum in their eyes. Honestly I think their backstabbing just might be their downfall, they are only loyal to money and power at this point. Same with the Vatican I think. Their roots might have been similar with the "we are the best religion" shit but now they're just corrupt to the core.
>I think now, in the middle of the decadence of the west, we can appreciate it clearer than ever.

No. 1245821

File: 1656561933774.jpeg (432.93 KB, 1125x1335, 1E9D6BDE-2DC4-48D4-98BC-1532F8…)

VC is no longer partners with Google and re-uploaded the previously deleted pizzagate article. Oh and other news; jizzlane got 20 years in the slammer.


No. 1246148

And now she's conveniently on suicide watch

No. 1246158

I think this time it'll be a mysterious illness. Far too many suicides happening close to Epstein for TPTB to do it again. Although tbh they do seem to be rubbing our noses in it lately with false flags and mysterious deaths so maybe they will give her the Epstein treatment. Who knows. I'll just be surprised if she makes it to 2023.

No. 1246734

Oh god I thought I was going insane/being shallow because I started noticing this too. A Honduran herbalist made a video talking about plastics being melted by soda and releasing estrogen into the body. The same herbalist said cancer is caused by mucus buildup in the body.

No. 1246744

Microplastics aren't a conspiracy, they and their effects are extremely well-attested to and regulators don't give a shit because they're beholden to manufacturers who overwhelmingly use them because they're extremely cheap and convenient, and most consumers would throw a fit if their habits were forcibly shifted from buying shit incased in plastic to using bulk bins and paper. Instead of rightfully framing this as a cut-and-dry case of governments and corporations prioritizing profits over people and the environment, of course it has to be some conspiracy to demasculinize scrotes. This disincentivizes people from actually pressuring their representatives from passing regulations that prevent us all from being covered in plastics because the reasons behind the abundance of plastics are very simple but the conspiracy narratives make everyone who has concerns sound batshit insane.

No. 1246768

File: 1656635740410.png (68.03 KB, 420x420, cdc449a0dab8a02c687a4e03bbc0c2…)

Im into astrology and have known about americas pluto return. But also know that pluto will enter Aquarius next year starting a whole new 20 year era

also in 2026 america will be 250 years old.

theres a lot going on this decade

No. 1246784

Heard speculation that the sperm count drop could be from porn use and masturbation, but is that possible?

No. 1246786

Wonder if they let her live this long in hopes of pacifying people so they can say "look, she got her sentence! it's over" but gotta say I'm surprised if they are that dumb

No. 1246806

From what I know yes. It’s chronic every day use, normally multiple times a day. The male body doesn’t have a chance to reset and produce more sperm leading to poor quality and low sperm counts with every ejaculation. It resolves if the addiction resolved though.

No. 1247195

What is with that CERN particle accelerator people on TikTok are talking about?

No. 1247203

Reason why microplastics exist is because of the extremely selfish and individualistic mantra burgerfags tell other people and themselves that “they can do whatever I want, don’t judge/care about it” and their stupid bodily autonomy or human rights which arguably sort of doesn’t even exist or will never be legitimate. This world is a constant struggle, but burgerfags want to stick their heels into the sand and drag out their decadent comfort as much as possible, doesn’t matter how much babies are born into this horrible planet with microplastics inside of them, they can argue that their moral apathy allows them to be unconscious of their own evils.

No. 1247205

It was reactivated a while ago in April. Afaik people believe that the particle accelerator causes us to shift dimensions, which would explain the "off" feeling a lot of people kept experiencing a few years back. Tinfoil aside, that thing has the potential to create black holes, and some experts have doubts on its safety.

No. 1247219

I noticed they're trying that with Weinstein. "look he's in jail! he's a frail old man! it's all over!" and I seldom hear normies mention sexual abuse in Hollywood now, or if they do they usually make it sound like a past problem. Problem is Ghislaine knows way too much. Although I suppose if they keep her in solitary her mental health will deteriorate and she'll no longer be "credible" to mainstream sources. I don't think she's dumb enough to talk though, her father was a triple agent. She knows when to talk and when to shut the fuck up.

This dimension shift stuff freaks me out because I've had a few instances of crystal clear de ja vu lately and it's gonna make me schiz out some day soon.

No. 1247226

dunno i had dejavus since i was a little kid, it's just a normal thing that happens i don't think we changed dimesions

No. 1247232

Oh I don't think we have either. I'm just freaked out by CERN because I'm too dumb to understand why they're throwing particles at each other and the instances of de ja vu that I've had lately are literally 10x clearer than any I've had before. There's probably a sane explanation for it, I just get really thrown off when it happens.

No. 1247749

usa is slowly going the handmaids tale route, if we go by the logic of things not being enshrined in the constitution i can see how easily they could argue women owning property in their own name is not clearly established.
With women losing the right to free speech (can't speak out against your abuser because it's defamation), right to abortion (bodily autonomy), contraception and homosexuality are on the table to be fucked over as well.
Christian theocracy sounds fun!

No. 1247769

NTA but I'm glad it's feminizing moids because it means that once more moids find out about this then you know shit will hit the fan and something will actually get done. Women don't have the same luxury, guess we gotta find some link with anti-abortion to muh testosterone.

No. 1247899

i don't know what is happening to your country but it needs to be nuked off the map, now

No. 1247929

oh, but I haven't finished knitting my sweater

No. 1248051

Literally don't know what the fuck is happening in the country right now, what is their fucking angle with this, do they want more women to give birth and quit their jobs to stay at home to raise kids they didn't want or have money/resources to raise? With formula and other goods already in shortage? People already can't afford places to live or gas expenses. Do they think this is some kind of plan to boost the economy? Fuck I miss 2020

No. 1248250

Some have speculated that the pandemic didn't bring the baby boom the elite desired so now they're trying this. Corporations rely on customers, the less people there are, the less people there are to sell things, leading to lowering profits. Plus it makes for more orphans/kids to traffic. Men see women as a resource.

No. 1248293

File: 1656749315949.jpeg (842.91 KB, 1170x1718, 7B88A249-8BB3-4A26-9EF7-A7C02D…)

I cannot stress enough to women that you need to be very careful about the scrotes in your life, no matter how distant or close. It is genuinely becoming so easy to track us on mobile devices (particularly iPhones) that women genuinely do not have any idea they are being watched in ways that would make your skin crawl. Moids are taking their love of exploiting and voyeuring woman and turning it into a very cheap, effective, and hellish form of stalking that is mostly flying under the radar because people aren’t being given the resources to understand just how easy it is.

If things don’t seem right, or someone seems to be coincidentally constantly referencing things you see, look at, talk about etc. do not brush it off and make sure you are not being stalked by a techfag. Updating or factory resetting your iPhone will not “fix it,” having nothing synced to your iCloud won’t “fix it,” etc. You could have the most bare-bones mobile device and if a disgusting moid wants in it, he can get in it or pay less than a bitcoin to someone else to do it and it will likely take minutes at best. They can track you across devices as well. They can listen to all audio around you, record your phone calls, view your screen in real time and watch your every keystroke, etc. even watch the analytics and sensors to know how your phone is tilted. It doesn’t matter if you are interesting or not, either, it’s just the moid addiction to voyeurism that drives it. It will not drain your battery and it can be done completely remotely using a variety of zero-day exploits that a scrote can choose from, many of them in a directory on the dark web.
I occasionally see stories such as these on Reddit where a woman doesn’t understand how it is possible for this to happen, and the answer is genuinely just that a man can and will sit and listen in on everything you do if he’s mentally ill, abusive, or has the motivation to. It may seem far-fetched, but I have plenty of resources to share if any of you are interested. For now, these programmer types are relying entirely on the fact that women are used to being gaslighted into thinking everything is a coincidence and that they’re just being schizo and there’s no telling just how many women are actually a victim of this sort of extreme exploitation right now. A lot of these men do this quietly and only share it with a select few of their kind, so you would likely have no way of knowing unless they were pursuing you. While it sounds like a completely bullshit conspiracy, we know for a fact that men have done far worse for far less. These strides we are taking in technology are going to be very harmful to women and children. If the device has a chip in it, it can be exploited. I’m not trying to creepypasta any of you into thinking someone is trying to like, watch you through your LG smartfridge or anything but it’s going to get ugly if it isn’t handled and our rights and protection aren’t taken seriously. Apple has deliberately and continually concealed this issue and tried to convince people that it isn’t used on pedestrians but that’s a lie. This is the scrotes new way of peeping into windows—except it’s far more horrifying because they can watch you through your cameras, listen to your every shuffle and breath, follow you in real-time, and view your every tap of the keyboard.

Be careful, do not seek out friendships with strangers online (referring specifically to imageboard types or people who frequent any similar types of communities but it can be outside of that of course), be wary of people who seem to fit all your criteria, stop using iPhone, etc.

No. 1248299

File: 1656749835731.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1170x2092, 772F7D1E-2A12-4276-86C7-1F588D…)

(2/3) https://www.reddit.com/r/creepyencounters/comments/vlp940/how_did_he_know/

I’m sure this will seem very fragmented because I’m just thinking about it before bed and I haven’t tried to create some sort of concise directory of resources for it yet, but due to the pandemic especially scrotes are getting more desperate and have a lot more free time and farming/selling data however they can using tor services and closed, heavily vetted discourse servers that only allow members who trade real proof of their stalking/exploitation to prevent narcs or feds. I genuinely fear that it will take several years before it finally comes to light that this is a serious problem and apple will have to publicly deal with it, which is way too much time for these sociopaths to refine what they do and make it even more accessible than it already is. Like many things that are currently highly profitable, the mass hysteria this intimate breach of privacy would cause is probably the reason why it isn’t being exposed to the mainstream in some edgy vice article. Apple makes far too much money and they’ll use whatever propaganda they can to shill their products as “the safest on the market.” Apple products are genuinely just portable spyware.

No. 1248301

File: 1656749971094.jpeg (803.76 KB, 1170x1554, C9435CEF-2DC3-460D-8BA5-798EC4…)

(3/3) I’ll come around and add more when I can if anons have questions but I’m tired and done for now. This has became such a sad and consuming portion of my life because I myself am a victim of this, so I just feel like a broken record talking about this.

No. 1248307

Love that idea about a directory of resources if you have the time nonny, I’m so sad you experienced this. Can you talk a little more about exactly what happened to you, like how whoever stalked you found out about you? Was it IRL or online?

No. 1248310

Just looked through that persons reddit post history, they seem to make up fake stories to be read by other people.

No. 1248322

File: 1656753366411.jpeg (965.41 KB, 1170x2294, B3BBD1FB-071A-4EB0-AB39-3EB702…)

That sucks, didn’t think to check because I just saw it in passing and thought of how I’ve seen several recounts over the past year or so where I don’t think women realize the possibility of them being remotely stalked is very likely. It just seemed like a good example to attach because it’s the most recent that sparked me thinking about the issue.
Anyways, malware like Pegasus and Dazzlespy are not nearly as inaccessible and expensive as Apple has tried to make them seem as damage control, and thus are currently being used for far more than only “geopolitical motivation.” For instance, gen z and young millennial terminally online men with special interest fixations on pop music use it to try and hack devices of musicians they are obsessed with in search of unreleased music. The motivation can be anything really, but my point is just that it’s way too easy and because of that the rise of parasocial obsessions are turning into full-on casual, 24/7 stalking. Of course only men are carrying this out as per usual since women aren’t so devoid of emotional intelligence that they think this is in any way okay to do to someone who isn’t like, a rapist or pedophile. Why be a peeping Tom when you could just listen in on every intimate moment of someone’s life without leaving your bedroom, apparently.

No. 1248423

They need young soldiers to send to WW3

No. 1249160

tinfoil: "asexuality" is legit but only because more and more people (especially young people) are dosed up on anti-depressants and other medications which depress the sex drive plus obesity and poor diet which also decrease sexual desire.

No. 1249163

This is very interesting anon, id love if you could tell us more or make a thread about this. All i knew of was of softwares that are installed if you hand someone your phone (and they install an app in it). Its very interesting. But how do they pick their victims? Is it like, women on social media? I have no personal social medias but im still scared of this.

No. 1249179

Nah this is just republican retardation as usual, if you haven't seen Reversing Roe then I suggest you watch it because the evangelicals have been trying to overturn Roe for forever, it's just this time it actually worked.
Uhhhhh no, that doesn't make sense at all kek. People aren't going to be able to afford goods in that economy and will be more reliant on the government than ever. We're heading towards a dual economy and a missing middle class. If they actually wanted this in the long-run, then like they're aiming for a generation of impoverished criminals in for-profit prisons. It's still better to have a functioning middle class than it is to have a dual economy.
But the reality is that there isn't necessarily a long-term plan. Republican economics are built on the least burdens for the elites with no comprehension of the actual impacts on our economy. This is why republicans do not hire genuine economists and instead rely on quacks. It's clear as day how bad this will be in the long run on both a local and national level even if you are some evil elite.

No. 1249187

Anon can you help me? This reminds me of this guy who knew a shit ton about me and to this day I have no idea how he did. One thing he mentioned out of nowhere was that my dad was a certain heritage, I never found out how he knew it and it freaks me out. He also knew my favorite animal, my hobbies, etc. He turned out to be some narcissistic Red Pill type as well.
I met him IRL and I don't have any social media. He was a teaching assistant for one of my classes so I think he could have fucked with the files we had to download for that class. I don't know how to tell but I've never had my laptop detect anything.

No. 1249238

This is horrifying, how can you tell if this is happening to you? Can antivirus software detect it?

No. 1249287

No. 1250269

File: 1656901064555.jpeg (59.92 KB, 636x382, B8E01BBB-259E-4E7B-97E0-58DC19…)

Confirmation that Sleepy Joe really is sleepy

No. 1250292

This is so cute

No. 1250296

i want him

No. 1250300

Settle down there champ

No. 1250304

pls be glowie

No. 1250309

File: 1656905634385.jpg (54.83 KB, 533x311, 48e91a98510506faaf55a1f8cf7b80…)

No. 1250323

How much do they pay y'all to camp here?

No. 1250742

Glow elsewhere, faggots.

No. 1251400

If only he wasn’t a pedophile tranny lover!

No. 1251593

the absolute state of this thread

No. 1251905

I miss orange man, at least he was entertaining

No. 1251943


"I was fired from my team there in February of 2021 because I raised alarm about a cult within Google, a group called the Fellowship of Friends. The group is well-documented: There are allegations of child abuse, human trafficking, forced abortions, and rape within the group, which has some 1,500 members worldwide and makes frequent prophecies of an imminent apocalypse."(imageboard)

No. 1252077

Why is this saged? This milk is brand-new

No. 1252115

So anyone wanna tell me why if the FBI has control over 4chan, why do they allow the alt-right to continue posting their delusions on there? Is the FBI actually stopping shootings or something?

It kind of feels like they just took over so they could monitor any activity coming from China or Russia and not keep tabs on pedophiles and terroristic moids.

No. 1252147

They groom the users to do their bidding nonita

No. 1252148

Larry Page and Sergey Brin hide themselves for a reason jfc

No. 1252176

Basically what >>1252147 said, a lot of the delusion posts are actually from them

No. 1252256

File: 1657055528800.jpeg (1.3 MB, 4032x3024, 76C7360A-CEDA-46E0-AA97-96DC8C…)

Girls, I think the timeline shifted again… Am I only one that has realized it?

No. 1252267

do share your findings and feelings nona

No. 1252271

If you can’t stop the opposition, lead it (or something like that) I mean the fbi is probably against 4chud anyway

No. 1252272

girl stop with this timeline shift bullshit
we just came out of a pandemic that's it, that's why you feel like things are different now
the world is constantly changing but you don't always notice it

No. 1252273

That CERN thingy was turned back on today so…..tinfoil away nonny

No. 1252336

My sister was watching “the turning” live and said she didn’t feel anything. Then again, we may not realize something has changed until years later.

No. 1252340

You’re an antiintellectual retard. Go die from a preventable disease.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1252344

No. 1252347

File: 1657061587363.gif (700.32 KB, 200x132, 759A1A59-534C-4666-824D-6F4F3C…)

NTA but wow I bet tinfoil nonnies haven't heard that before

No. 1252352

File: 1657061721996.png (10.54 MB, 1640x2360, 18126CAF-9EA3-4895-B89C-84A29F…)

>wake up
>take a shit
> eat
>get out of bed
>open lolcow tinfoil thread
>call everyone ITT a retard
>crawl back into bed to devour moar excrement

No. 1252357

What exactly are the extremists doing that the FBI wants? Killing innocent rando Americans and sharing CP is normal activities for the FBI? I don’t buy it

No. 1252363

Nta just scrolling by but I would say by disrupting planned global power structures

No. 1252366

Also they are fueled (literally) by Russia which has an impact on how the US elites perceive their control over fuel assets, etc, seems easy enough to see. Just look at the ESG and what corporations are promoting in order to gain "good boy money points" from such entities, extremists don't benefit them in that regard and cause direct issue to the groups that control everything, out in the open with legal protection kek

No. 1252371

Third samefag my god, the areas controlled by russian-backed extremists are quite vast around the world, and occupy useful areas in several places, not just shitty sand dunes. Nothing tinfoily really. Anyone that doesn't know the proxy war between the commies and the socialists is, in all likelihood, blind. I hate both, fun times.

No. 1252474

Sorry Im paranoid about getting yelled at for not saging

No. 1252478

No. 1252594

You don't have to sage on /ot/ especially if you have new info for this thread, nonny.

No. 1252685

File: 1657091687136.jpeg (48.46 KB, 550x366, 2220015_mk100.jpeg)

Okay this is a niche one but I feel there is something more here beyond this CEO being a werido swedish moid:

> Chief executive Jan Ryde has effectively turned his bizarre beliefs into company policy at Hästens, whose iconic checkered beds fetch as much as $400,000 and are owned by the likes of Tom Cruise, Angelina Jolie, Vladimir Putin and the Swedish royal family

> Tried to control his employees’ spirituality by forcing them to be evaluated by a personal team of “mindset coaches”—including hypnotists and “high-frequency vibration” individuals
> Workers were allegedly told to study “the law of attraction,” spiral dynamics, the David Hawkins’ Scale of Enlightenment, and The Four Agreements, a self-help book
> Employees also had to submit to assessments on their vibrational frequencies and “light” from Peter Von Ah, “a clairvoyant and hypnotist on the Hastens company payroll,”



No. 1252790

thoughts on the dead internet theory? at this point it's a pretty mainstream tinfoil but the amount of bots shilling for the Johnny v Amber case and stuff like that has me curious

No. 1252854

I think there’s a strong chance it’s real. Just breaking down some facts:
>10% of users make 90% of original tweets on Twitter
>Even Tumblr had a Russian and porn bot problem back in 2014.
>we know Facebook has a bot problem
>everyone left and right spent millions siding with Depp
>Katylin Tiffany the resident retard at the Atlantic wrote an article on how it’s totally not true, that other retard reporters are quoting as their source. Tiffany’s other works include how femcels are totally real and just as dangerous as incel men, and things like the child sex trade totally aren’t real.
I could see off the top of my head those things giving it weight.

No. 1252856

Let me guess he needs high frequency ppl to weave the beds so richies can get special healing high vibe bedspreads. Jfc.

No. 1252860

It's real and if you can't tell the bots from the ppl then get off bc in 10 years it's gonna be Nozi Germany with how well they program ppls minds.

No. 1252879

Katylin Tiffany killed the Internet
It sure as fuck feels dead

No. 1252880

I have no doubt that there's a shit ton of bots on reddit, youtube, twitter and 4chan. Just look at available AI programs, you could do it yourself if you wanted to.

No. 1252887

File: 1657117331373.jpg (34.09 KB, 946x509, 1593872_plotmaster_they-glow-i…)

This is the tinfoil thread.

No. 1252890

totally agree i asked bc some people italked to kinda missrepresent it they only focus on the advertisment angle and pretend there is not ulterior motive except hurr durr ads

No. 1253175

My first theory is that he's a man from old money who has no idea how to run a business without inserting his own personal beliefs into the business. So in short, a kook who has a shit ton of money from his parents but shows his idiocy every now and then (see Elon Musk).
My alternative thought is that there may be some truth to what he's sperging about. Didn't the CIA have some documents that were released about vibrational frequencies and astral projections that suggested that they're not totally bullshit? I still think my first theory stands and that his personal beliefs influencing his business is just incredibly dumb.

No. 1253186

100%, I would argue that it's near impossible to build a genuine following now when you're competing with narratives and content pushed forward by bots. It's interesting too because if you simply have an account online sometimes you'll get some bots or inactive accounts that follow you out of nowhere.
> Katylin Tiffany the resident retard at the Atlantic wrote an article on how it’s totally not true, that other retard reporters are quoting as their source. Tiffany’s other works include how femcels are totally real and just as dangerous as incel men, and things like the child sex trade totally aren’t real.
Please tell me this woman is at least getting paid extra by someone to say this. I say that because I fear that people actually believe it kek; I had an ex who would rather believe stuff at face value than think too deeply and it hurt my soul to try and defend my opinions when he'd just repeat stuff he saw on reddit word-for-word thinking he's an intellectual ugh.

No. 1253273

File: 1657148154641.jpg (91.68 KB, 598x1024, ezgif.com-gif-maker (3).jpg)

This is an odd one. In a follow up article, they found that a guy that runs the store chain that sells the mattresses was happy about the "epic pr" the news of the lawsuit gave. Picrel is a internal memo that guy sent out and uhh…. Fucking bizarre it's like a sleep cult kek I want to laugh and brush it off as kooky Swedish men with money but that's how shit like NXIVM starts.

No. 1253301

Are we back in yellow sun world?

No. 1253441

Now the bots are on this very site, check the vent thread (tho the spam will probably get deleted eventually)

No. 1253559

Is it even a theory at this point? The main social media (twitter, YouTube, Instagram, etc) is all like 90% bots at this point, even LinkedIn, originally a job site is falling victim to this. I also feel like I see repetitive posts on lolcow and bots programmed to be disproportionally upset over any little thing and that's why we get anons spewing things like "troon" or something even when nothing the original anon said indicated they're a tranny at all

Is the dead internet fucking up anyone else's mental health? Real life is already hell of isolating especially as a woman. In real life it's hard to maintain friendships with moids since they all think with their dicks, it's hard to maintain friendships with a lot of normie women since a lot of them focus too much on hustle culture and have 2-3 jobs while being in school and then spend the spare time they can with their own moid. The internet felt like the one place where I can socialize without fearing being annoying, clingy, being rejected for social hangouts, etc but the internet is a ghost town now unless it's for internet arguments. Maybe the reason why people get into so many arguments on the internet is because sometimes it feels like one of the only way to have proper communication any more? Think about it. During in argument people often respond ASAP, any other time it can take hours for a message back

No. 1253583

Unless you're like me nona and I vent and delete because I feel like it's too identifying or I got it out of my system. Don't overthink it, bots everywhere yes. But not to overthink that stuff.
It's just murcuyere rentougade nona don't worry.

No. 1253595

This is so real the internet definitely feels lonely now. Surprisingly imo TikTok feels a bit more lively because it’s anybody with a phone posting their videos. Even then though there are the sponsored videos that they are getting better at making seem real

No. 1253656

This is scary as shit

No. 1253674

File: 1657196657848.png (1.33 MB, 835x4117, 25c43aa2-5824.png)

>Unless you're like me nona and I vent and delete because I feel like it's too identifying or I got it out of my system. Don't overthink it, bots everywhere yes. But not to overthink that stuff.
Anon it was an actual spammer. You weren't in the thread at the time so obviously you don't see it now.

No. 1253675

File: 1657196716136.jpg (27.7 KB, 766x207, 20220707_081745.jpg)

Samefag other anons saw it too and it was also mentioned in /meta/

No. 1253678

no healthcare for 2 years explains it better than vaccine deaths, although those are real

No. 1253695

The Georgia Guidestones were blown up last night and destroyed. They have released footage of the car driving away, and the monument being blown up, but oddly none of the person laying the bomb which they clearly have.

Of course, I expect nonnies to know why the Georgia Guidestones were of note to conspiracy buffs…

No. 1253792

File: 1657209684145.jpeg (273.92 KB, 750x1216, 778A9B22-01B2-4AD6-A504-013C2C…)

Probably because some retards like Alex Jones and a local primary Republican gubernatorial candidate (Kandiss Taylor) have been saying it’s satanic. Kandiss Taylor actually said the Guidestones should be destroyed back in May of this year. Even though it won’t happen I think she should get fined for inciting people to blow it up.


Anyone else just floored at how the extreme right has somehow brainwashed people (men) so effectively that it’s mobilizing them to shoot random innocent people? Their propaganda is seriously out of control and then they try to dial back and act like they have nothing to do with it. Picrel is Kandiss Taylor claiming it was an “Act of God” and then later saying whoever did it should go to jail KEK. The only solution is to start holding these attention seekers accountable for spreading theories that mobilize angry men and lead to terror attacks.

No. 1253801

I don't get it, is this not based? Those monuments were clearly evil, or at the least very unnerving and created by people who do not have the common's best interests in mind. I guess they were an interesting monument and could serve as a warning but I am glad they are gone.

No. 1253802

I guess whatever plan they implied is canceled.

No. 1253808

Men should not have access to the Internet they obviously are too dumb to handle it without turning into a criminal.

No. 1253815

Kek yes so based to fight against the ~Devil~ and promote evangelical terrorism as women are losing rights and being ushered back into the womens sphere, barefoot and pregnant.
It’s not that deep or based in the slightest. Look into the history behind it and you’ll find that the origins are from some anglo white man with an ego who wanted to create a Stonehenge in America, not the ~evil Jews~ that you probably think are behind everything. This is literally the same group of people that is just one unhinged rambling away from going nuts and killing you in a supermarket. Stop encouraging actual terrorism and promoting Republican shit in this thread, you evangelicals are fucking insane.

No. 1253819

I never even mentioned jews.

No. 1253820

Did you reply to the wrong person? The Georgia Guidestones are ominous monuments, not a group of people or something. Literally no one suffers over that dystopian wank fantasy being blown up.

No. 1253823

I agree anon but it’s too based to ban men from the internet. We can’t even use the death penalty properly to kill violent moids who are a ticking time bomb/detriment to society. The world would be so much better off if we had a firing squad for all the men who are violent, have rape accusations/charges, and have an illegal porn search history.

No. 1253824

Fuck off with your shitty derailing glowie.

No. 1253825

I mean, it's a shit "monument" either way so who cares? Waste of space.

No. 1253829

You might as well have, we all know where the satanic panic allegiances stand
No I didn’t respond to the wrong person. It’s obvious who did this and what the motive was. These are the same moids who are shooting random people with extreme political movements. Hell the moid who did this might have just been testing out their bombs that they plan to use on real people.
Why should women praise the actions of moids who think we don’t deserve rights over our bodies? Stop caping for violent males.

No. 1253830

that anon is right, schizo

No. 1253831

You’re so brainwashed it’s sad

Because I actually brought up a good point that whoever did this already is a fringe rightwing extremist listening to the likes of Alex Jones and Kandiss Taylor and could intend to use their bomb making skills on real people

No. 1253835

Again, you're the only one mentioning Jews in relation to the stones

No. 1253836

File: 1657211598772.jpeg (2.82 KB, 225x225, images (1).jpeg)

>it was just some random anglo, nothing to see here
He is literally what you claim to sperg against. At least put in some effort.
>In June 1979, a man using the pseudonym Robert C. Christian approached the Elberton Granite Finishing Company on behalf of "a small group of loyal Americans", and commissioned the structure. Christian explained that the stones would function as a compass, calendar, and clock, and should be capable of "withstanding catastrophic events".[1] The man reportedly used the pseudonym as a reference to his Christian religion.


No. 1253844

File: 1657212202129.jpeg (61.31 KB, 550x414, 8C920682-6A99-43C8-89B8-163A06…)

KEK you’re gaslighting me as if you fucking satanic panic freaks in this thread aren’t always sperging about evil in Hollywood as a result of Jews. I won’t try to predict your arguments anymore, my bad.
That’s literally what the Pyramids of Egypt were for (calculating time). I guess drawing from inspiration of the olden days of using the stars to track time is evil?!?!?! God forbid some anglo white man makes a lazy copy of Stonehenge with some sprinkles of the Great Pyramids and doesn’t build a monument of Jesus. We already have the Fields of the Wood not far away which I’m sure you Bible thumping religious freaks would love.

No. 1253846

>withstanding catastrophic events
Oh nonono

No. 1253858

File: 1657212991228.png (35.55 KB, 392x384, image-2-4166237969.png)

You glow so fucking bright but I guess you get payed well

No. 1253860

you're right, anon. there are a lot of rw wackjobs itt

No. 1253861

I’m a woman who has been on LC for years so no, I’m trying to talk sense into you as a possible fellow woman who is supporting violent moids with bombs that are probably not too far away from doing the same to people. I’m sorry for whatever you’ve been through to choose the extreme evangelical Right and exercise such black & white thinking that I must be a government employee paid to derail your geniusness because I fear for my life as a woman in Georgia who is potentially at risk of violent moids’ bomb-making abilities.

No. 1253871

Nobody mentioned being evangelical right.

No. 1253873

Thanks anon for backing me up, I hate how this thread has become hijacked with obvious rightwing propaganda and not nuanced discussion on relevant conspiracies like the transgender pharma lobby, corporate lobbies and the FDA intentionally poisoning us, media narratives telling us not to think critically, etc. I almost think that it’s possible that these rightwing satanic panic idiots are “glowies” because they’ve effectively derailed the tinfoil thread so damn well since Covid happened. It’s more likely ofc that Covid created a bunch of right wingers that came here but goddamn are they annoying. I miss when this thread taught me a lot about various injustices as a result of corporate greed and wealth inequality, not some religious spergs and schizo posts about glowies all the time.

No. 1253876

You all mentioned how “evil” those rocks are and how they just had to be blown up for that reason so ofc you’re some sort of anti-satanic/evil believers at the very least. What is this gaslighting, this has to be moids that I’m arguing with

No. 1253878

File: 1657214119453.jpeg (842.29 KB, 1884x2195, FC9E1860-9F4C-484F-B60A-D2C670…)

Is this the document you’re talking about? I found it on the CIA’s official website.

No. 1253882

Why would being anti-satanic be a bad thing or mean that we have to be on the extreme other end of the spectrum and be evangelists? Nobody is gaslighting you, you just come across as exceptionally autistic.

No. 1253883

File: 1657214284036.jpg (522.94 KB, 2042x1350, 18957-1960.jpg)

Your derailing bait is so lame that I hope you're getting paid at max. minimum wage for it. I'm just going to ignore you and me and other nonnas are going to keep talking about the stones, especially now that you try so hard to distract.

Yeah, when I remembered the existence of these in 2020 it honestly seemed like some kind of forshadowing. It doesn't help that whoever commissioned it could be part of the filthy rich who get off on population control and drool over dystopian measures coated in rainbow colored words.
Though I'm not sure if it getting destroyed is a good thing if it ends up being intended (you know, like destroyed evidence). I think it's weird that the other ones got destroyed too for "safety measures".

Here's some more from the wiki:
>Joe Fendley of Elberton Granite […] attempted to discourage him by providing a price quote for the commission which was several times higher than any project the company had previously taken[…]. To Fendley's surprise, Christian accepted the quote.
>When arranging payment, Christian said that he represented a group which had been planning the guidestones for 20 years and which wanted to remain anonymous

>The inscription read:

>1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.

>2. Guide reproduction wisely – improving fitness and diversity.

>3. Unite humanity with a living new language.

>4. Rule passion – faith – tradition – and all things with tempered reason.

>5. Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.

>6. Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.

>7. Avoid petty laws and useless officials.

>8. Balance personal rights with social duties.

>9. Prize truth – beauty – love – seeking harmony with the infinite.

>10. Be not a cancer on the Earth – Leave room for nature – Leave room for nature

No. 1253888

I’m an absolute nobody but even I feel like I’m being constantly gangstalked/watched by the government and I feel like a lot of you are as well. I don’t even live in a dangerous neighborhood but I always see suspicious black cars slowing down me and law enforcement vehicles always around the corner everywhere I walk. I can’t help to go full schizo and they’re trying to psychologically scare me, stay safe kek

No. 1253889

Because blowing up a monument isn’t fucking based, you’re retarded for assuming that a moid with bomb making skills isn’t a danger to their environment. Better yet, for praising them instead of wondering how that might be a danger to the greater community.

Also who the fuck believes in any power of “evil” imagery except for religious wackjobs? Your priorities are fucked if you think “evil” rocks are somehow worse than a moid with the bomb-making skills to blow them up.

No. 1253898

Calm down. Nobody has defended the rocks. We just mentioned it was weird but we don’t really care. We’re not going to cry over some rocks made by a shady religious group in the 80’s. No amount of retard sperging or whatabotism will change that. Stop with the bad faith arguments. You want to prove your point?
Post the alt right like Alex Jones saying to blow it up. Post the pictures of the damage. Talk and stop screeching if you really are a sister in Christ ffs

No. 1253901

Not anons reviving the satanic panic 50 years later

No. 1253903

Nah I think the safety measures thing adds up, there's probably now a decent chance a stone is going to fall on somebody who visits it because of the recent story, or tries to destroy it. Do the locals even like this monument or do they just tolerate it?

No. 1253905

Anybody feel like a frog in a pot, I have all these pieces of things going on and it feels weird but I can’t puzzle out the end game yet

No. 1253907

I love this monument because it makes fat religious men and tradwives seethe that they’re told to live a frugal, humble, considerate and empathetic Christian life. Almost like Christians love to shit up the Eatth with their “precious” babies, the environment, hate their neighbors (liberals) and the people in this world, almost like their psychopathic God.

No. 1253909

File: 1657214962205.jpg (19.65 KB, 680x384, 4c2.jpg)

No. 1253911

Of course you’re defending the alt-right. I already provided a link of Kandiss Taylor saying that it should be destroyed and a picture of a quote claiming it was an Act of God. You’re such a bad faith arguer, I mean you’re arguing against someone who thinks a bomber is a danger and won’t ultimately admit that? You really expect me to cave in and validate you kek. Keep gaslighting about how you’re not alt-right and not evangelical Christians; any woman with a brain here can see through your bullshit and tell that this thread has been hijacked by your religious nonsense for a while now while the actual shit in the world is not being discussed here because you Christfags are too busy sperging about your sky daddy and Lady Gaga music videos kek.

No. 1253914

Do you think Jesus would want you to have 10 kids and “fruitfully multiply” so you can hoard resources and continue to generate inequality in this world? They love praising God/Yahweh because he tells these people do the exact opposite, have kids, rule over them, indoctrinate them with tradition, traumatize, make women in bleak messes that no one wants to handle. Telling them their lives are like a shit streak to the universe in 10+ commandments on a beautifully minimal monument is enough to make them super angry. The conspiracies have some validity to them, the cause of the bombing seems so ambiguous it could be just about anyone but tbh, arson/property destruction is kind of hard to solve.

No. 1253915

File: 1657215221426.png (148.4 KB, 610x613, b9d.png)

>sky daddy
>lady gaga music videos

No. 1253921

Yeah, that would also make sense. Though my worry about the intend of destroying all of them was combined with the fact that supposedly only the vehicle was visible on the security cameras and nothing else, which seems fishy.

>Do the locals even like this monument or do they just tolerate it?

That's actually a good question. When googling it, it doesn't even seem that popular as tourists attraction, but then again I'm not american so who knows.

Nonnas please stop responding to it. The goal is to derail us with infighting and move the topic to something else (in this case some sperging about right wingers ans school shooters). They have done this in these threads multiple times now.

No. 1253934

I brought up right winger moids because I’m like 90% sure that’s who did it and it’s not this deep. The christfags itt derail from actual interesting conspiracies by posting this satanic panic bullshit while also ignoring how your own ramblings are getting into the minds of moids that also believe in your conspiracies and blow up abortion clinics, shoot up schools and other venues, and join neo nazi groups. Do you not care about who actually did this and how they might bomb some other place?

Keep insisting that I’m some government employee because I don’t validate dumb christfag spergs and instead think that this is a danger to myself and other people in the area. I’m not even in multiple threads as you claim unless you think my perfume and relationship sperging in /g/ and shitposts in /ot/ are also the work of some mastermind moid.

No. 1253936

File: 1657216024727.gif (72.73 KB, 249x246, 1623307755231.gif)

>the tinfoil thread isn't talking about the tinfoil that you personally believe in and that means that everyone is actually an altright evangelical christian tradthot
I get that what's happening in the US is bad and I'm sorry that you're personally affected but accusing anons that don't agree with you of being evangelical christians on LC of all places is not helping. Take some time off from the internet.

No. 1253943

Anyways I'm glad those globalist stones are gone

No. 1253959

It’s not well known in that area and the ones that do know about it have mixed opinions. Their definitely not a fond monument or I should say weren’t.

No. 1253960

Just ignore them. They’re a paranoid Christian doom pilling cuck derailing and infighting at this point. How about we discuss how the shooters with mental health stays are getting approved by the feds if they are so concerned with the alt right?

No. 1253967

That makes sense, the incident was probably a good excuse to just get rid of it since nobody cares about it. I don't think the getting rid of it is "erasing evidence" to be honest.

No. 1253968

It's not just globalist but straight up nwo shit.
How is humanity supposed to go from currently almost 8 billion back to 500 million? How is it supposed to be "maintained" after this? Even in the 70s it was already at 3 billion. Under what standards is reproduction supposed to be "guided wisely", especially when that is said by a group of supposedly rich people? 3 & 6 is literally part of a one world government vision, I could go on but you get the gist. I fucking hate this type of underhanded language, media and politicians constantly pull it too.

No. 1253974

Yeah I know it's so vague and meant to sound like a good idea but is incredibly open to manipulation, on purpose. Obviously if we were to somehow follow the orders of the stone, who is in charge of deciding how we cull the population and control reproduction? Who decides the universal language, who rules the world? Yeah that's why I am glad the stone is gone.

No. 1253978

Your post made my first thought go to all the people advocating for letting us gas the terminally ill like Justin in Canada.

No. 1253980

Probably. I know everyone screams about the Christians but they’re different groups and branches especially in the south and they don’t like each other. They might as well be Catholics vs Christians in a lot of those states.

No. 1254057

>How is humanity supposed to go from currently almost 8 billion back to 500 million? How is it supposed to be "maintained" after this? Under what standards is reproduction supposed to be "guided wisely", especially when that is said by a group of supposedly rich people? 3 & 6 is literally part of a one world government vision, I could go on but you get the gist. I fucking hate this type of underhanded language, media and politicians constantly pull it too.
Most likely make the 99% sterile and only able to have kids through ivf, if big daddy 1% doesn't think you're a good enough little slave then you don't get to breed and die under 40 via cancer causing weapons. If it all starts to collapse indoctrinate the kids to turns against the older generations and do a "mass cleanse" in order to reset. Create the perfect little slave race over generations.
Of course the 1% would still be fertile and have all freedoms, safe in their remote homes.
They would rather do all this instead of just letting true nature rule and stop getting in the way of women making all decisions on health, food, childcare, and big decisions. Women are the ones making raising kids and doing 70% of the worlds work with little to no pay, so women should be the ones making all decisions. The spiteful mutant that is Y chromosome would rather salt the earth than detach from the host.

No. 1254095

Yeah I’m so sick of seeing bots, only fans link bullshit I’m willing to bet
>girl, I-
And those types of random responses are bots too

No. 1254101

sometimes i see chains of empty headed comments like that i sued to wonder how people have the gall to just comment whatever and not at least think it trough but them being bots makes a million times more sense. everything is getting polluted frankly with this weird twitter/tiktok way of speaking it's so homogenous

No. 1254114

Just slowly starting to live in the film Cam aren’t we Noni?

No. 1254255

Hate to tell you this, glowie but even atheists/irreligious people aren’t down with the nwo nor worshiping Satan.

No. 1254436

File: 1657246415273.webm (4.43 MB, 1082x610, aids1.webm)

No context, just sharing

No. 1254438

File: 1657246551468.webm (5.19 MB, 1280x720, aids2.webm)

No. 1254459

That’s just not true. Atheists and non religious people think that the satanic imagery and “satanic” elites that Vigilant Citizen spergs about are irrelevant and not worth even speculating on. It’s fake. Fiction. These elites are devoid of morals sure but it has nothing to do with religion and you’re dumb if you think you’re uncovering something super secretive by autistically analyzing hand gestures and symbolism in reference to a fake ass book like the Bible. Do I think there is some connection across the globe of elites? Sure, aren’t the Bush family supposedly friends with the most elite family in China (Li I think)? Yes, but not in some weird satanic ‘NWO’ “symbolism” way that you’re thinking of. I do believe in the NWO but not in the direct symbolism way you’re thinking of, rather that the elites are connected beyond cultural and political differences, living truly in their own world. The most I’d agree with you lot is that yes I agreed with Bill Gates shady ties to corona and I do think there is some larger elite control of orgs like the WEF. I personally think that elite families could potentially be tied together by hush money and the extent that they can blackmail each other and could ofc have people killed. But I don’t think they’re sacrificing goats and shit.

Isn’t it a CIA strategy to hijack conspiracies by purposefully creating conspiracy figureheads who promote dumb theories like the baby-eating cabal which overshadow the theories that are closer to the truth and could jeopardize the elites? An example that I stand by is my theory that pesticide manufacturers would have paid to amplify the memes and association of Alex Jones to Dr. Tyrone Hayes and his criticism of atrazine. They would have supported algorithms promoting the whole “THEY’RE TURNING THE FROGS GAY” to make that the face of the anti-atrazine platform, burying Dr. Tyrone Hayes and the truth of atrazine’s effects. It’s amazing how you all miss the point I’m making and just assume that I’m some glowie because I’m saying that you’re all religion sperging and missing the actual shit that’s going on right in front of us, with absolutely no hand gestures or religious commandments needed. I think your religion sperging is dumb because I think that none of your religious imagery matters as it’s all fictitious anyways but that’s enough of my personal beliefs. Now you all know where I stand and why I took the stance I did. I wish I got paid by the government to argue with you for as long as I did today kek.

No. 1254463

Samefag but one example is that Bill Gates is a confirmed pedophile like all of the other men like Bill Clinton who went to Epstein’s island. The difference between you and me is that I think they’re evil pedophilic criminals whereas you insist that there’s some imagery or sinister religious motive behind these moids being pedos. Doesn’t tying it back to the Devil and religion also make these moids avoid complete culpability because it assumes that they’re not fully responsible for their actions?

No. 1254467

You know, anon, you don't have to personally believe in a religion to suspect other people of following it. We all know tons of civilizations and societies had their own religions and ceremonies/traditions, and we document that knowledge. Doesn't mean we follow the same rites, we just notice it. Seems silly to omit that and pretend not to see it because of personal beliefs. Like, I don't have to believe in Satan to be weirded out by the guy who owns my local power company being caught jerking off to a statue of Moloch while drawing a pentagram on checkerboard floors in animal blood. Why the fuck would anyone look the other way just because they don't personally do or believe in the same shit?
>Doesn’t tying it back to the Devil and religion also make these moids avoid complete culpability because it assumes that they’re not fully responsible for their actions?
No, because people use their religion to justify evil acts all the time. It's been happening for a very long time, across all cultures

No. 1254473

Not reading all of that but by that logic christians, muslims etc also suddenly stop existing in the eyes of atheist.
Also where is the "symbolism" on straight up writing your nwo goals on a stone? Absolutely kek how hard you try to avoid the point.

No. 1254476

File: 1657252683787.gif (113.5 KB, 220x220, 8FB78B03-D135-443E-9740-E677B2…)


No. 1254479

No one even brought up religion or satanism before you did. Also
>The most I’d agree with you lot
>you lot

No. 1254483

Holy shit Shinzo Abe got SHOT

No. 1254490

So we're entering the age of political assassinations in 1st world countries again, huh?

No. 1254502

I’m wondering if this is going to spur on any copy cats in other developed nations. I think with a major recession impending a lot of people are at a tipping point and willing to blame politicians for it all. Also this isn’t related directly to Japan or Abe but what’s going on in the Netherlands with the farmers is pretty interesting. The “common folk” of the world are staring to get pretty angry, it seems.

No. 1254505

Nonnies I think you might have a point after all.

No. 1254523

Sorry but whenever I see something about men in politics having an attempt on their lives like how Japan’s former prime minister was shot at an event my first thought is always something like “who did he molest” or “what did he do to warrant that”

No. 1254671

In this case it's accurate, because Abe is known for corruption.

No. 1254959

I’m gonna get put on a watchlist for saying it but tbh I hope so, I’d rather bloodthirsty moids shoot one fucked up greedy politician and get escorted away than kill dozens of civilians and potentially do more damage because there’s a lack of security. It’s fucked up and bad priorities considering most of them are political extremists (typically right wing) anyways.

No. 1255070

And what's the chance of these people being satanists anyways? They're simply hedonistic billionaires who are devoid of morals.
Was the guy who even made the stone relevant? It seems like a pre-internet version of some autistic philosophy of how the world should have been run that just happens to be in favor of population control. 4chan has plenty of autists who write similar shit while being beta moids themselves. Meanwhile you're overlooking a recent attempt at population control (covid) and not some cryptic messages on stones.
You lot is referring to the religion spergs itt that are not just one anon assumedly

No. 1255086

>And what's the chance of these people being satanists anyways? They're simply hedonistic billionaires who are devoid of morals.
Well, you can always look at the evidence yourself instead of pretending not to see it because of your own personal beliefs. If you truly disbelieve they're Satanists in spite of everything (and aren't just projecting your own religious values or lack thereof onto them), you can find a way to debunk it

No. 1255124

Hedonism and Satanism go hand in hand. Also there aren't really any religious zealots itt, especially not when you began sperging. And no, the man who made the stones probably was not relevant, doesn't mean those stones deserved to stand. It is better they are gone. Rich freaks shouldn't have the ability to just put their retarded doctrines up in public just because they have the money. 4chan has autistic schizo sperging but it's contained on 4chan.
Also calling the elite Satanists or observing their connections with Satanism doesn't excuse what they do, I don't see how you came to that conclusion.

No. 1255333

And it isn’t like most of those faggots actually believe in Satanism literally, they just want to create their own little circle of camaraderie and have an excuse or front. It’s edgy and gives them a face, they just want an excuse to do the shit they do.

No. 1255415

Same here, put me on that list 'cause I want all the globalist leaders gone. Multi-culti shit doesn't work anymore.

No. 1255537

again, literally no one spergs about religion but you

No. 1255610

Well after he released a ton of nuclear waste into the water like it was Tuesday idk what he expected.

No. 1255645

>And what's the chance of these people being satanists anyways? They're simply hedonistic billionaires who are devoid of morals
That's exactly the type of person to get into satanism so they can jerk themselves off over it. I mean imagine the crazy high level rituals they can do at parties. You just know they can't resist

No. 1256117

File: 1657383915373.jpeg (133.23 KB, 750x562, E922DFA5-571B-42CD-8CDD-32B090…)

>What’s the chance of these people being Satanists anyways?

No. 1256141

File: 1657384835417.jpg (460.09 KB, 1754x1216, 111.jpg)

This might seem odd for those likely unaware, but has anyone else noticed a influx of slight "yassified" photoshopped pics of athletes and fitness models. on twitter, picrel is a photoshopped pic of a rugby player Matthew Arnot that got mildly popular on twitter a couple weeks back and on the right is the original unedited pic, I notice these very clearly edited pics of mostly athletes getting on viral twitter, like what is up with this

No. 1256186

women like to look at hot men that's all lol.

No. 1256248

Does it matter if they believe in it/if it's real? It's obviously gotten them results and plays into scrotes pedo/rape/destruction nature. That's all you need to know to hate it.

No. 1256299

(I'm going to post it here because i don't want to derrail the mtf thread and is more of a tinfoil than anything else, but i'm refering to this post >>1582428)
The truth is we are in the worst age for being a pedophile. Unless if you're Epistein levels of rich and can afford your own sex cult, the average male can't go to a brothel to fuck underage enurchs anymore. The most they can go is go to asian countries to be sex tourists but even that needs to spare a coin that just isn't on their pockets anymore. Also the elites can't just buy young kids from poor families and groom them into castrated sex slaves, there are (or at least we try) networks for woman by woman intended to prevent this. Both everyman pedos and elite pedos want their underage sex slaves back, but can't do it. Enter troonism. If we can't castrate young boys, we let them to castrate themselves and then we fuck them again like the old times. Modern troonism, and troon ideology is the modern answer for what before WWII used to be underage brothels, and now with the WWIII on the horizon instead of stopping the madness they're doubling the bet, because they aren't spending another 60 years without their "femboy" prostitutes.

No. 1256303

Yeah and I saw people were theorizing that the anti-abortion laws can help pedophiles because the excess of orphans means that many will just go missing and nobody will care. They will get trafficked. But yeah I really think troonism is trying to open the gates for normalized pedophilia. Men really need their rape fodder, huh

No. 1256308

i think this is sexy

No. 1256321

K, just bring condoms

No. 1256338

They really want it back, but even if they're desesperate they don't want to openly kill and coerce women, because at the end of the day we are "their broodmares" who bring their little boys to life. In fact of you saw the post in /snow/ that i linked pedophiles don't even consider themselves homosexuals in the past, homosexuals were the men who were openly into other grown men (Aka deviants). Underage enurchs were neither men or women but "another thing", see how this mirrors current gender language? The next step is normalize underage sex market and brothels again.

No. 1256349

Yeah I agree. Especially brothels. That may even be first. The whole "sex work is real work!" normalizes the idea of selling your body to strangers for money. Everyone knows it is dangerous in the streets, so why not put all these women in one place? They get a cozy bed with a cum stained mattress and they'll obviously be very safe! Just don't ask how old they are or why nobody in their life cares that they are making a living by dehumanizing and commodifying themselves. It's empowering!

No. 1257465

File: 1657470393638.png (139.46 KB, 1628x592, 1657413235438.png)

/pol/ hacked Hunter Biden's iPhone backup password and are leaking everything. This will probably get memory-holed, just like the laptop

No. 1257507

Damn but I am not surprised, I'm sure the kids of a lot of rich politicians are pedophiles, we live in a fucked up world. I hope this does not get memoryholed, but it will. It always will.

No. 1257716

i think delegitimizing metoo also plays a part if they get too frisky nobody will have the guts to report it

No. 1257954

I’m not a Trumptard but it is so blackpilling to me how even mundane things Trump’s children did were so publicized and scrutinized and yet the mainstream is absolutely silent on this Hunter Biden nonsense. Or if they do say anything about it it’s to paint those drawing attention to it as unhinged Qanon types

No. 1257966

Yeah I'll be the first to admit I thought magatards were just ranting about nothing but god damn the Biden family is so fucked up. Even Hunter's corruption alone blows my mind that nobody in the mainstream is talking about how this drug addled wreck who can barely string sentences together was sitting on the boards of big energy firms overseas.

No. 1257990

the reason why women's rights to abortion are being taken away in various shit countries across the globe (USA and central EU) is because we are not replacing the population fast enough and so they are tryign to make sure that we birth more children because the alternative is an economic collapse as we have less workers and more retirees - who are living longer lives due to medical advances.

No. 1257991

This really shows that no matter how fucked up and degenerate the pedo elite are, they're still humans and they can't change that. They're retarded humans that LARP, can't spell, have $40 in their bank accounts, and have no friends. We could overtake them in a week.

No. 1257995

Abortion is eugenics targeted at minority women. Plus, murder isn't a human right. If you wanna be a whore without the consequences just say so.

No. 1257996

Weird take, considering that rich people can get abortions just fine, even when it is outlawed in their country or area of residence. I never had one, but I wish your mom did.

No. 1257998

Truly, wholly, actually unalive yourself(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1258007

Is that even a tinfoil? It's just common sense. They need kids to brainwash incase they need to "cleanse" society in 10 years or so. The systems failing for a while and they know it.

No. 1258014

idk, someone's tinfoil is always another's common sense and vice versa. When I shared this thinking with a irl friend they said that opinion is "a bit out there", so… >>1258007

No. 1258018

Not really tinfoil but Ukraine being turned into some sort of shining beacon of democracy and human rights really irks me. The country is basically all of the things that are bad about Russia (like political assassinations), but even worse.

No. 1258031

Not to mention they have a lot of problems with sex trafficking and is the home to the scrote who made onlyfans i i recall correctly.

No. 1258042

Wtf are you talking about? A moid in 2022 has millions of images of CP available to him with access to the internet. He can simulate child sex abuse in video games and various AI tools. There’s growing movements and fandoms on the internet like lolicon and MAPs that cater specifically to pedophiles. There’s professors on TV that are advocating for pedophilia being talked about as a sexuality. Movies like Cuties and other semi child pornographic content is being released. We also have porn shown to kids at younger and younger ages to expose them to sex and prime them for grooming.
Back in the day moids didn’t have the internet to look up CP and now they do. There’s even research backing arguments that desensitization through porn turns men into pedophiles. It’s easier for pedophiles to kidnap a kid than before if they cover their tracks, because every kid has a device and pedophiles don’t even need to leave home to contact children. They don’t even have to lure children via positive incentives but rather can groom them and then “sextort” more CP and even rape them by threatening to release what pictures they have to the child’s family, friends, school, etc. It is easier to be a pedophile more than ever before. Especially since blended families are more common and something around 1/4 of stepfathers have raped their stepchildren.

No. 1258047

Internet isn't the real thing. Maybe some maladapted autists are fine with just looking at cp, but most pedos, (even self admited pedos say it) want the real thing. An actual child body. And they want it, and then come back to their houses and nag at their wife. They want to fuck children and maintain a normal life just like the old times. Intrafamiliar abuse is rising non stop, but again this is not enough. They want a underage sex market. Cuties was a great effort but if you remember the amount of rejection that it generated it's hardly a win. The endgame is that every noble (read: bourgeoisie, read: elite) could have a child enurch and every city could have a brother with kids and no one would bat an eye

No. 1258063

>>1258047 and before someone try to twist my point, that "if enurchs & children were commonly in the sex trade in the past that means it's natural" or something else, let me say: no. I hardy would call what societies like ancient Greece did pedophila because their standards for childhood were bastly different so for them it wasnt a perversion, even if now "we know better". The concept that we now have for childhood is very new, and that doesnt mean is "bad" or dare i say, "invalid", it's based on recent studies of children's minds and the wishes of mothers (no mother want their children to be a whore). And we sure we aren't accommodating it so childfuckers could have access to their sexless bodies. Sure, that means we have endless propaganda bombing children with "uh, is actually cool to be an eternal young sexless enurch, you know" and autopedophilia is everywhere, so no the war is not won either. The advances made on children's rights will be hard to delete, but that doesnt mean they don't try.

No. 1258064

Oh look another racist pretending to give a shit about black single moms.

No. 1258065

Absolutely, and especially the hero worship of Zelensky. He’s as crooked a politician as the rest of them.

No. 1258069

You can argue that governments use abortion as an non-alternative for oppressed minorites. "look, we would do nothing to improve your material conditions but at least you can "choose" if you want to have children or not. You just can't choose a better future for them" and i would answer that not everything used for evil intentions is inherently evil, but the latter two sentences revealed your intentions and your chromosomes anon-kun.

No. 1258087

Zelensky isn't in control in Ukraine. Their crazy nationalists are. Ukrainian Nationalism is on a whole other fucking level. They think they personally dug out the black sea thousands of years ago to protect themselves from invaders and that the Ukrainian race has existed from the Neolithic onwards completely unmixed. Deranged people who are getting exactly what they deserve.

Fuck Ukraine.

No. 1258119

Abortion should be available as a last resort that is only considered in extreme situations. Everything possible should be done to avoid it. This isn't what happens and neither side of the abortion debate has any intention of making that a reality. Contraception and education on how to use it should be widely available, and yes women should be discouraged from having sex with worthless men. A child, regardless of how they were conceived or who their parents are, should be guaranteed a life free of abuse, education and opportunities to succeed.

Neither side of the abortion debate seems to understand or even care that being in a situation where a woman needs access to abortion is an utterly horrid position for the woman. If a woman is raped and becomes pregnant, then she should have the option of aborting her rapists child. Having that access does not negate what happened. Everything should be done so women aren't put in that position. Rapists deserve the death penalty. A woman who conceives by accident has to face the choice of aborting her child or to raise it when she may not be able to. I can not imagine how difficult that choice would be, knowing that aborting is the better option because my own chances in life are so low that my child would be better off dead.

The pro-choice side wants to celebrate abortion and normalize it. This is sick. The circumstances that lead up to the need for abortion are not anything good and should not be normalized.

The pro-life side wants to punish women for being a situation they have no control over. This is also sick. A woman should not be forced to raise a child she can not care for or that she doesn't want.

No. 1258135

Anons will say you're extreme and some parts sound extreme at first, but then I realize it makes sense in some ways. Pro-choice, though a lot of women- and men too, rarely- believe in it because it is a choice that a woman deserves to make, the more insidious side of this is the lack of prevention. Almost like women should be super promiscuous and let men not wear condoms because the left hates women just as much as the right. The whole public property vs private property saying.
I don't know though, do pro-choice leaders celebrate abortion, or just crazy outliers?
I also agree that sex education is immensely important and so is access to contraceptives and birth control etc

No. 1258138

Anon i've seen that points being debated plenty where i live, especially
> Contraception and education on how to use it should be widely available, and yes women should be discouraged from having sex with worthless men
That is why the whole slogan of the abortion campaign here is "Sex education to decide, contraceptives not to abort & legal abortion not to die" A few zoomers making off-color jokes or some lolcow shitposters doesn't mean that the majority of pro-choice activism doesn't know the implications of what they're saying. If anything, i've seen more "i wish an abortion" jokes coming from gay males. Abortion is a touchy topic, i get it, but if you read about it, you would see that the pro-choice movement aknowledges all the points you're talking about. It's just the edgy gays on twitter who are making "deletus the fetus" shitposts.

No. 1258144

File: 1657511654124.jpg (26.29 KB, 590x350, nikcruz.jpg)

I'm not going trying to say that parents who had kids killed in mass shootings are paid actors so glowies do not accuse me of that. with that being said I find many aspects of mass shootings suspicious. I believe the government and the fbi specifically has more knowledge of future mass shootings than they would like you to know, and allow certain ones to move forward in order to achieve certain political or economic goals. What these goals are is perhaps more difficult to say. You could believe that it is to push for greater gun control measures. If that is the case, then the FBI is genuinely retarded, because it has had a 0% success rate so far and yet they keep allowing more shootings to happen. I personally think it is because of funding from the nra. stopping mass shootings would on some level always involve taking guns away from a "legal responsible gun owner." because in order to prevent a mass shooting, you have to take away the gun before they start killing people, i.e., before they have committed a crime. nra is making billions and does not give a fuck, as long as they can find one idiot security guard who survived a mass shooting who's willing to get on a stage at a convention and go "hurrr if i had a gun i woulda shot da shooter 1st" 95% of americans will support them. good example of a mass shooting the feds were well aware of and allowed to go forward is parkland. Multiple people reported the shooter before, with examples of him saying almost word for word "when I turn 18 I am going to get a gun and do the next columbine." He had 55 incidents on his record at school. He had spent a week in the psych ward and had posted pictures with guns and even had a report from some rando who saw a youtube comment with his full name saying LITERALLY "I am going to do the next school shooting." and they did nothing because they're making those big nra bucks. that's my opinion anyway. What's yours?

No. 1258153

I could see that being a thing but not for Parkland necessarily. Didn’t the security guard at that high school have a gun and run away from the shooter? I don’t get how carrying a handgun can overpower someone with an AR-15, even like three people with handguns could be gunned down by some loser with an AR-15.

No. 1258201

My opinion is that they're just a bunch of incapable idiots, like all government employees ever. I don't think anyone there is so evil to just let kids get shot deliberately, though tinfoil might call me naive.

No. 1258202

File: 1657517755263.jpg (103.09 KB, 875x504, 13.jpg)

are you really gonna argue that the edited pic on left(that look like a muscular 14 year old boy) looks better then the right one(an actual human man face)

No. 1258203

nta but what's the difference other than the lighting

No. 1258204

You are extremely naive. Did you forget the feds admitted to letting pearl harbor happen and it's basically a known fact they allowed 9/11 as well? why do you think school shootings are too far for them?

No. 1258205

>>1258203 nta but smaller lips & nose, rounded face, softer skin, a whole different hair. Overall more neoteny, it even looks like a young man. The actual man is 28, the pic makes him look like a 18 years old who got a little too exited with gym & protein shakes. I would even brush him as a minor if it wasnt for the grown man body.

No. 1258207

>spent a week at the psych ward
Yeah, my tinfoil is he was an mk’ed patsy being groomed by glowies and the internet In order to finish the mission. His stint at the looney-bin was for further programming a la Manchurian candidate. Once that “mission” was complete, he was offed.

No. 1258208

Such nationalism is pretty typical of people at war. I've heard that same oldest nation fantasy from all sides in the latest Balkan conflicts.

No. 1258209

Don't try it anon 2/3 of posters here openly prefer unrealistic male traits over what they actually are irl lol. But i see your point, and this type of 2.5D is werid because at the end of the day is an actual human being and i'm pretty sure he didn't look like that at 18 kek.

No. 1258219

I suspect this edit was made by pedophilic and predatory gay men(which is the majority of gay men tbh)

No. 1258231

>a man with good skin and a gracile, refined facial structure looks like a 14 year old boy
I guess most women look like children then. I just don't like haggard neanderthals and almost every detail of his appearance looks worse when put next to the edit, bye. Moids don't listen when women try to talk them out of their attraction to unrealistic/edited photos of us, so I really don't see why I should go the extra mile for this random guy kek
For all the shit makeup, beauty rituals, diets, etc that have been instilled in women since childhood, the average moid should be tasked with making himself look like a Final Fantasy character for at least 170 generations. Idc anymore

No. 1258248

Why are you booing me? I’m right

No. 1258252

It does. It doesn’t look like a child either, just looks like a plush gayface well-kept model.

He never looked that good at any point, the edit still doesn’t look like a child though. I’m not normally into 2D or yassified photos but left looks 18+ just yassified.

Your brain is mush.

No. 1258290

>Your brain is mush.
Nta, but how? Gay men are highly predatory. Be mad at them.

No. 1258429

Spoken like someone who's never been on the gay scene. Gay men are predatory and pedoy bc they're men without any sexual restrictions placed on them.

No. 1258431

It seems like it's gaining traction. Surprising, because who the fuck would want to wade through hundreds of gigabytes of mostly dick pics.

No. 1258462

Samefag, I've seen multiple people say it was leaked by a kiwifamer. It was actually leaked by a New Zealand (Kiwi) 4channer, right?
I don't like that the other farms
are gaining this sort of publicity and reputation.

No. 1258468

File: 1657546698962.jpg (188.76 KB, 640x999, 3d5xdb27fpx71.jpg)

Its hilarious to me you're whining about a slight change of facial features on some man with already incredibly masculine face, then taking it to another level and blaming it on fag scrotes being pedophiles or having 'no sexual restrictions'
Meanwhile, 'regular' scrotes post and share shit like pic related, 458956975 memes of a 14 year old actress 'hitting the wall' and lolita anime in every fucking space of theirs in existence. Even with normie men irl I have on whatsapp groups (compulsorily unfortunately) do this shit. Anything a woman or even a deranged fag does, a 'regular' scrote is guilty of 10000x over

No. 1258486

Yes, it's not kiwifarms, it's anon named Kiwi who also happens to be some twitch streamer who leaked everything.

No. 1258487

This has to be a shit post making fun of scrotes. Right?

No way does anyone have brain melting out their ears retardation to be taking this seriously.

No. 1258531

Are you retarded? All men are degenerate creeps. Only naive handmaidens think gay moids are "safe like women" or whatever bullshit idea you have that they are less perverted lol. But anybody can post here anonymously so I wouldn't be surprised if you're a butthurt HSTS or femboy. Y'all can't help but defend yourselves on here. And if you're not a man than yikes dude. You sound an awful lot like an offended man.

No. 1258546

you’re not naive, it is mostly government incompetency and shitty parents raising shitty kids in a shitty country. the only school shooting i could see something weird going on was possibly adam lanza, but other than that, i think a lot of people are just trying to make sense out of senselessness.

all these braindead moronic kids care about are the instant infamy points they will get for shooting up a school. half the time their parents have guns laying around that they’ve been taught how to shoot and it’s not incredibly difficult to buy weapons in this country if they don’t already own one. a lot of this crap would stop if the media wouldn’t obsess over these mongoloids and give them the attention they don’t deserve, but every time they spend months picking over their lives (bonus points if they’re white, middle class and semi-decent looking) and trying to figure out how an isolated, possibly turbo autistic, unsupervised teenager becomes a mass murderer. and every time we walk away with no answers because there are none and never will be. i don’t expect a 17-year-old retarded boy to fully understand the implications or motivations behind his actions other than he has a ton of undirected, pent up frustration and testosterone fueled anger pumping through his undeveloped brain. and their parents usually wait too fucking long to start disciplining them, or are abusing them or just never around to even notice, so they just throw up their hands and let them do whatever they want.

and absolutely nothing significant has changed in this country regarding gun ownership so the idea this has something to do with our rights is stretching it. there were no mass gun buybacks after sally hook, the constitution wasn’t thrown out/ratified, we weren’t herded into walmart fema camps, marshall law was not declared. just more whining and gnashing of teeth and boomers bitching about vidya, the internet, and barack obama. the government will ban abortion and interracial marriage sooner than they would ever ban guns or even attempt to make it more difficult to own one.

No. 1258552

The right looks haggard as fuck, the left is hotter and I hope scrotes seethe at the truth of what women find hot kek

No. 1258557

he doesn't look like a child on the left, he looks like a well groomed young gay guy. right is way less attractive

No. 1258623

File: 1657556885705.jpg (75.24 KB, 576x871, FXV3C4KX0AgXbTj.jpg)

I don't care to see Hunter Biden dick pics,don't really care about the crack smoking, crack hoes & all that.
Don't really even care about his affair with his dead bro's wife. But the kids who keep popping up in photos allegedly from his iphone, Those deserve explanation ?

No. 1258626

I don't understand the right one it literally looks like a stretched out baby face. I thought only 12 years old kpoppies found this kind of shit attractive. All pedos drop dead by 2030.

No. 1258648

Why doesn't anyone ever talk about the 13-year-old "Katie Johnson" who accused Trump and Epstein of assault? Anonymous was spreading the court docs around a year or two ago. She said he told her that she "reminded him of his daughter," which, if you've heard him talk about Ivanka, is such an oddly specific detail that it's believable. Also said he and Epstein threatened to kill her if she told anyone what happened. Used to have the documents saved on my computer before it was wiped–the best one I can find currently is here:

Sage in case it was discussed in a previous thread

No. 1258649

Kek at the right one being edited into oblivion in the snow app, no asian girl looks like this irl without a suit ton of plastic surgery

No. 1258653

Also not to forget that pictures and irl look very different, in motion this kind of face looks like a literal frankensteins monster. The human eye picks up that something is uncanny valley.

No. 1258679

It was literally leaked in the laptop leak that Hunter Biden fucked his niece, his dead brothers wife(her mom) and Malia Obama, but no body is talking about that. There were straight up pictures showing him having sex with them, I saw them with my own eyes. But now with the new leak we are supposed to care about him smoking crack like it wasn't already known?

No. 1258682

File: 1657560035781.jpeg (199.97 KB, 764x1769, 9D19FD0F-A517-4BF5-8409-305BFE…)

Hunter Biden got hacked by 4chan

No. 1258686

Sorry for posting already known info(why would you post suspected cp, retard?)

No. 1258713

File: 1657561699482.jpg (252.64 KB, 2055x571, 15.jpg)

can't believe people are actually defending this and think this is nothing

No. 1258716

I feel like I came from an alternative dimention or something how come no one is talking about this? There were literally pictures of malia obamas credit card used to cut lines and pictures of her naked body from behind but it was clearly her. Pictures of him fucking his dead brothers wife, pictures of him fucking his underage niece by blood.

Did I time shift from an even more fucked up dimension or what? How did something that fucked up get memory holed.

No. 1258729

Because “good people” and more so “good women” pride themselves on only trusting information from the right sources so they won’t listen if the news comes from someone they dislike.
>Rudy said it then who cares about proof. You just agree with Trump and want him to win!
It’s the same shit they do when they accuse you of weaponing trauma against them when you suggest the DNC not back an accused rapist this time if they want your vote.

No. 1258737

Fucking gross. Anyone who puts any sort of faith into politicians and worships them is braindead. Also, im still curious about this photo >>1258686
Is it legit? Saw someone in the celeb thread saying it was just a screenshot from a porn video. Either way he probably still fucks kids so.

No. 1258739

No way these aren't trolls. Normies are just avoiding the matter alltogether.

No. 1258746

File: 1657562893796.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 111.55 KB, 855x1024, 61F9C503-703A-4793-A36C-A79128…)

This is insane. How do you defend this.

No. 1258747

You were right, nona. Stay strong!!!!

No. 1258758

They refuse to look at it lest they be accused of wrong think and terrorism.

No. 1258768

You're right, not sure why anons got mad at you. Scrotes make pictures like that of women and are happy about it, but we can't enjoy an edited picture of a man? It has to have been the machinations of some predatory gay scrote? I'm tired of pick-mes with goblin man fetishes, I really am

No. 1258797

File: 1657564957673.jpg (59.9 KB, 500x574, aeda59801144a51029c3b591877a5f…)

explain to me how a heavily edited twinkified face that is more appealing then an actual human face

No. 1258804

The 4chan Boogeyman is real. Normies truly think that if you look at it for 5 seconds you become an unironic nazi. Maybe they're that sheepish and easy convinced by any shitpost they read online but that is not 4chin's fault.

No. 1258811

If you have a working pair of eyes, I don't need to explain kek. The edited version looks better, sorry about your taste

No. 1258822

File: 1657565975674.jpg (119.56 KB, 1028x507, 111.jpg)

explain, also this is him when he actually looked like when he was young(about 17), just compare that to the edited pic and see how better he looks

No. 1258826

So at 17, he was a jawlet/chinlet compared to the edited image, which looks more sculpted and handsome overall. It still looks better, not sure what you meant

No. 1258828

okay what is your deal? you think him at 17 is a "chinlet" and him as an adult man looks like an neanderthal, why are you attracted to this unnatural edit of a perfectly fine male face

No. 1258840

I'm just not sure what you wanted me to say? "Wow that minor looks better than that idealized version of an adult man"? What did you want to compare, exactly? The edited image is an improvement of the original image posted earlier, I don't know why this makes you angry. Are you a scrote or something? You almost sound like one of those 4channers who post ugly moids with big muscles and insist we're "biologically hardwired" to find them more attractive than the guys we actually like

No. 1258856

based nony

No. 1258913

Men just can't control their emotions they always sperg out whenever women show any standards for men. Especially for pretty men like Kpop boys or Justin Beiber.

No. 1258968

“Ugly man good, pretty mad bad. Because I am ugly man and you should have sex with me!”

No. 1258978

File: 1657575064361.jpeg (80.03 KB, 562x843, 94728F9B-BD75-4F03-B4BD-BDB451…)

Yeah I found this on google images it smoothed out brendans eyes

No. 1258982

File: 1657575539961.jpg (57.29 KB, 680x527, malia-obama[1].jpg)

No. 1258986

He looks like a retarded neanderthal that eats his own poop here. There is nothing beautiful (or “natural”) about male faces.

No. 1258990

this doesn't look like a kid, just saying. she looks older and tired kek

No. 1258995

File: 1657575999591.jpeg (88.26 KB, 805x767, C5122936-5F14-45BD-866F-EB907C…)

>tiny and cute youthful
>flat chest
>will give you cute hapa daughters

I hope whoever made this image dies a thousand painful deaths over and over and burns in hell.
Also I hate memes made by scrotes where a woman’s body or attractiveness is the punchline. I’m really top heavy and I was a teenager when big asses became a trend and it was so nauseating to have people just come up to me and straight up tell me I needed to do squats or that their boyfriend was more of an ass guy. Or that I’d be sooo hot if I had a bigger ass. and seeing memes like picrel killed my self esteem now idc. I just find it nauseating I wish I didn’t live in the generation where hardcore porn is free and everywhere and teenagers watch it and it melts their brains they don’t even see us as people. And girls have self esteem issues from their boyfriends jerking off to BBL baddies who squirt gallons after like 40 seconds of sex and porn showing men that that’s totally what women like is to be choked. Man I just hated dating a guy and feeling like I was competing with everyone from petite blondes to thick ebony women and just swallowing my jealousy because I thought it was “normal” and it didn’t mean anything to him.

No. 1258999

Samefag and yeah another reason porn is evil because it not only makes men see us as less than people but ourselves, I just wish I was Amish or something

No. 1259007

The amish have bad sexual abuse rates, they're not pure and innocent lol

No. 1259012

Are you implying that men haven't seen us as less than people before porn was a thing?
>what is the entire human history

No. 1259095

I can agree with some of what you're saying. I believe mass shootings are real (I can't fucking stand when people say they're fake).

But I've entertained the thought that there are undercover groomers who work for the feds who chat with these kids and encourage them to go through with it. Or even tell them exactly what to do. It's leading toward making the majority of Americans accept, and even beg for, a society where exclusively military and police are allowed to own guns.

No. 1259128

>Disgusting fat bags
Didn't these coomers JUST demand all flat chested women to be deemed second class citizens? How do these porn addicts even manage to be in relationships with their preferences change so rapidly?

No. 1259130

File: 1657587106510.jpg (163.41 KB, 768x1024, 1597249047687.jpg)

That's a moid in the celeb thread trying to throw the blame on Malia to throw us off of chewing out Hunter (if it even is her, but how else would the card be there). There's at least 2 anons calling his ass out there.

No. 1259135

Well males literally are retarded mutations of female humans so…

No. 1259141

Dating a porn addict is an insane experience because they'll never be happy with any body type. I dated one before when I was very young and impressionable and it left me with a ton of health issues and an eating disorder. One week "girls with six packs and who are rail thin are weird I prefer meat on my women, anon you should eat more you'd look so hot chubby" next week "work out lots, I wanna see what you look like with a six pack", following week "don't eat as much, I like how you look thin " etc. In retrospect he was probably just trying to get me to destroy my body so I'd be undesirable since he had major control issues and even wanted me to get a hickey tattooed on me. Sucks for him since it didn't work and I just ended up slim thick

It makes my heart break for girls who have porn addict bfs who fixate over features out of their control (boob size, race ,etc). Why did porn brainwash men into never being satisfied with their own woman?

No. 1259178

The Amish are out there gangraping their own sisters.

No. 1259337

Amish women are sexually abused from childhood girl what the hell

No. 1259695

Seeing how the media got people terrified of covid for profit even though it wasn’t as deadly as it was made out to be made me realize they’re probably doing the same with climate change. Both covid and climate change exist, but there is a lot of money to be made by exaggerating them, and people who are scared of an invisible threat they have almost no control over will let you trample over their human rights, as we’ve seen.

No. 1259776

I was literally told we can get our rights back but not the planet so… you might be right

No. 1259900

we're supposed to maintain/increase 7 billion mouths to feed but not use the industrial methods that allow it. That's going to end up great.

No. 1259918

>they’re probably doing the same with climate change. Both covid and climate change exist, but there is a lot of money to be made by exaggerating them, and people who are scared of an invisible threat they have almost no control over will let you trample over their human rights, as we’ve seen.
Re the carbon tax bullshit they're pushing.

No. 1259919

If only scrotes could keep their dicks in their pants we wouldn't have any overpopulation.

No. 1260170

I was the anon who posted the Georgia Guidestones. The debate on it got way out of hand, and shows me that a lot of nonnies don't really know much about the world of conspiracy. Which is okay, but I'm seeing a lot of surface level opinion/knowledge being shared. Any time you mention organized religion, or "right wing" you're not even getting remotely deep enough. It goes well, and I mean well, beyond that. I have been interested in conspiracy topics for 17+ years now, so it's hard for me to give nonnies any one starting point. The best places to start to really get closer to the truth are topics on aliens and certain world government's interactions with them for centuries, along with the occult foundation of all organized religions and major political movements. I didn't even need to respond to all the Jew/"satanic panic"/evangelical sperging, as it totally missed the point.

There are still some good sites out there for those interested, with information catalogued in the 80s and 90s before a huge wave of disinfo spread across the internet.

No. 1260184

At this rate we should all be volcels. Men do not deserve to procreate with what they’ve done to themselves. Don’t fall for the myth that you’ll find one of the good ones because chances are he will show signs of empathizing with the bad ones. Men should be eradicated.

No. 1260232

True, it's insulting that they pretend they are even putting that money to good use on climate projects at all too.

No. 1260275

Alright damb I just want to have a man robot lover then I will program him to only gen turned on with me

No. 1260293

bohooo nonna they objectify every body type, people would make fun of women for being built like refrigerators and having no boobs or butt too

No. 1260326

No. 1260345

The Guidestones going boom was a W for schizos everywhere. Do you have any links to share?

No. 1260803

Not a trump fan but this was fake media outlets that are notoriously anti trump even say it was fabricated. Katie johnson isn't even a real name and probably not even a real person.

No. 1260838

At the very least if you aren't dropping links can you give a tl;dr?

No. 1261135

No. 1261401

Yeah, I wanna read about tinfoils from the 80’s and 90’s, like the black helicopters and infrared devices, etc.

No. 1261784

Agreed modern day tinfoil stuff is flooded with psyops and distractions. Secret places, high level technology, bioengineering, these things are never talked about anymore.

No. 1261858

Most tinfoil nowadays revolve around covid (not so much at this moment but for the past 2 years), pedophilic elites and trannies. So boring. Bring back the aliens and actual secret societies not just "muh liberals kidnapping children for sex trafficking!!!", "muh liberals and democrats are pedophiles",over and over…. One look at who Epstein kept company and you'll see its nothing but a smokescreen to cover the actual pedos

No. 1261889

I didn't think it was boring when the combined powers of /x/ discovered a human trafficking route throughout the us connected to a construction company that had patented human blood concrete.

No. 1261971

I too liked the pizzagate-style tinfoils. The last few threads have been shit imo and it’s always the same old topics and “ackshually ur all wrong and right-wing” infighting.

C’mon, let’s talk about the hard-core shit that really matters!

No. 1262175

you guys may already know of this but for the anons who haven’t; i recently fell down a rabbit hole regarding mark laita, the weirdo photographer behind soft white underbelly, pimptube, and this weird situation unfolding in regards to a possible mind control prostitution situation/hollywood satanism after a prostitute mark interviewed died under mysterious circumstances in a rehab facility.

this is still an ongoing situation so don’t bitch at me because i don’t have all the answers but the basic rundown is…

>people have been noticing mark laita falling in with pimps like the infamous sharp, a loud mouth POS pimp podcaster in atlanta who has been caught, on camera, degrading female interviewees (amongst other things)

>mark laita is (probably) using SWF to glorify prostitution and is (likely) a john himself who is using his platform to exploit and essentially advertise tricks

>he has been caught on video regurgitating pimp logic, has gone to pimp conventions, and through sharp, has met other pimps in “the game”

>one of the girls featured on his videos died mysteriously sometime last year, viewers were obviously not happy

>a female citizen journalist requested amanda’s autopsy; her “handlers” claimed she died with nothing but tylenol in her system…she had an assload of drugs and they promptly cremated her and dumped her ashes on a public beach which is illegal

>the group she was involved with are also linked to bam margera’s conservatorship due to him getting in with this weirdo heaux named aura-lima, one of a dozen or so aliases this strange woman has used over the years

No. 1262176

No. 1262177

the mark laita pimp situation

No. 1262201

So they were conducting the beta-programming in plain sight?!

>quick lesson if you’re a newfag to mk-ultra tinfoil:

Beta - aka “kitten” or “sexual” programming is in the mk-ultra subgroup that deals with programming unwilling persons to become sex slaves to serve whom ever programmed them , along with the higher echelons of society. This programming has also been used to blurs genders and brought in androgyny to the mainstream back in the day, this type of programming is probably being used for the troon agenda.

No. 1262207

yes, that’s what it looks like, at least to me. i didn’t want to flood the thread with all the videos but you can see the mind control helmets they use for their patients if you search aura lima on youtube. i will link one. her eyes are so fucking dead and cold, but of course there are stupid people wanking themselves because she’s attractive. because of course she is.

this whole situation is so fucking weird and it is becoming apparent mark has fallen in with a really strange crowd in hollywood due to his fame (or infamy?). he also recently interviewed a master/slave couple where the husband had on a big ass baphomet ring and the “slave” wife was running her mouth and glorifying their relationship, totally odd considering what most slave relationships are like. there’s a satanism community/clique out here in la and i am betting they are using mark to advertise their shit.

No. 1262231

oh, i also wanted to add this video of douchenozzle galore sharp pulling his pimp tactics on a girl for anons who aren’t familiar with how pimps manipulate women or how women get involved with these scum bags. he starts cussing her out immediately after they fucked on video and the studio clearly still smells like unwashed ass. she’s bragging about giving him head and still goo goo gah gah post-coitus, then he starts going off on her pulling pimp mind games telling her she basically needs to let him tell her what to do or else she’s going to get hurt in the streets by other men (typical pimp logic). it’s really disgusting so i don’t recommend watching this if you’re easily upset by this shit. it’s honestly disturbing that men like this are running around showing how to turn women into tricks on a public social media platform and many individuals (both men and women) sap it up and praise him for keeping it real or applaud him for cussing out a woman, unprovoked, who just sucked his rank dick on camera. if a man starts screeching at you and telling you that you need him after you just fucked, run as fast and as far as you can because this is step one in the player handbook.

No. 1262267

File: 1657771573928.jpeg (177.87 KB, 1125x642, 56B67B77-B821-4DC7-9D09-72774F…)

From what I understand; she’s a handler who’s also being handled. I clicked then after a minute or two I took it off because she sounds so monotonous and robotic.

Fuck this scrote and anyone who agrees that “hoez” should be treated this way.

No. 1262276

i also rewatched the obviously satanist couple’s video and the slave mentions that their contract does not end even when they are dead. she’s trying to play coy and make it seem like it’s this fun, playful little joke between them, but in all the 27 years i have been on this earth and all the bizarre kinky people i’ve met living in california, the only time i’ve encountered people talking about eternal contracts are when i’ve met individuals who’ve sold their soul to the devil. she also joked that they’ve known each other for “30,000 years”. again, i’ve met satanists before and i’ve heard this number thrown around a few times. plus those fucking baphomet rings and the locks. it’s just so obvious what’s going on here but we all have to pretend they’re just kinky. the church of satan loves to use the media to present their beliefs as this fun, liberating anti-religion with a side of sex for immoral degenerates to get caught up in. your typical retard will look at all this and dismiss it as either black culture in regards to sharp, or uwu sexual freedom when looking at the satanist couple. but there’s clearly an agenda being pushed here and it’s fascinating watching it unfold all in real time. it makes me wonder if mark has made any contracts with the devil himself because how do you go from interviewing fresh out of jail neo-nazis, west virginian incest babies, and toothless crackheads to interviewing a wealthy satanist couple or talking to miss mk ultra bimbo lima?

No. 1262296

This is crazy shit. I've been watching Soft White Underbelly and the interviewer gives me the heebie jeebies. No way is a man interacting with all these vulnerable young women and not abusing his position in some way.
Also it's shocking to me what huge faggots pimps are when you actually see how they behave. The documentary American Pimp is the same way. Man children coddled by trapped women. I want to humiliate and kill them all with my bare hands.
Thanks for the tinny milk nona

No. 1262304

The comments section is cancer.

No. 1262568

>closer to the truth are topics on aliens and certain world government's interactions with them for centuries

how can you be into conspiracy theories for 17 years and fall for obvious psyops like that? The whole idea that it's the aliens controlling shit just leads to helplessness, you can't do anything about some super powerful aliens. The elites are human there is no fucking aliens manipulating shit. Idiots that come across the first obvious controlled opposition like david ike and run with it are next level retarded.

No. 1262667

Did you actually watch the clip? They didn't do anything on camera together besides the lengthy interview. In fact, towards the middle of this video, the woman grabs his dick without his consent and you'll notice that's when he starts spazzing out on her. Not that his behavior is justified but it's also never acceptable to touch someones genitals without permission

No. 1262697

i did, i saw her grabbing at him. i apologize if i misunderstood what they were talking about, but he does this quite often.

No. 1263241

not sure if this is tinfoil material but we are experiencing a right wing shift in western nations, e.g. everything happening in the usa right now from shootings to the supreme court to the backlash at the metoo movement with the depp trial. Then we have stuff like the paragon of liberalness aka Sweden going from calling the Kurds 'freedomfighters' to calling them 'terrorists' just to get what they want from Turkey. Thirdly, the trans movement is eroding support for homosexuality, with SSA people being labeled as transphobic just for being actually homosexual and not bisexual. The right has effectively hijacked feminism and the LGB liberation movements and wears their skin while doing as much damage as possible.
This brings me to my big worry, with usa considering overturning bans on sodomy laws and my country sucking major american cock i worry that soon we will see a lot of people going back into the closet and see some anti gay legislation again.

No. 1263288

I think that makeup is way worse for the skin than companies let on. I think a lot of skincare products are unnecessary if not downright harmful as well. I truly and fully believe the cosmetic industry creates problems in order to sell cures, and it goes beyond just making women insecure about silly things/changing trends frequently. I think for most people having a simple skincare routine + avoiding excessive sun exposure would be the best in terms of preserving the health + “youth” of your skin in the long term, but you can’t build a beauty industry off people following something as minimal as that. Also having a reasonable diet of primarily whole, nutritious foods but the food industry pretty much openly evil, they don’t even try to hide it.

No. 1263293

A few years ago I met a woman through my job in her early 70s that was kind of frightening looking (not to be mean) her face just confused me as around her eyes it was very taught and weird looking but she didn’t have surgery. I sometimes see older white women who look like this but I’m not sure how to describe it. I had seen photos of her as a young woman and she was extremely beautiful, like completely unrecognizable in every way. In the photos of her when she was younger she did a lot of cool mod makeup looks and I wonder if the weird appearance of her eyes and skin is from makeup from around the time. Sounds absolutely crazy and autistic but I couldn’t really make sense of it otherwise.

No. 1263378

Based. The only skincare I use is water and occasionally apple cider vinegar. My family is horrified that I don't moisturize.
I told them I'll be a case study in not using any skincare products and see how my skin looks. Even shower lotions, I tried one and my skin did feel nice. But I couldn't stop thinking
>What did I just slather all over myself?
It felt chemical. I think all skincare and makeup products aren't great for you and could very likely have negative effects long term if you use it consistantly.

No. 1263393

You are 100% right

No. 1263473

Why don't you just use oil then? You can use straight extra virgin olive oil, almond oil, etc. People have been doing that for thousands of years.

No. 1263539

As someone into occultism/"satanism" half the tinfoils aren't entertaining to me. It's so pathetic to see "the celebrities are satanists, satanic baby killing cabals omfg!!"… I swear being a satanist is not that sinister, it's 2022, I feel like I am in the 80s satanic panic with this type of conspiracy. Can't said celebrities just be perverted and involved in shady shit without some religious undertone to it, of a "religion" you barely know about anyway? I swear some of you take your ideas of what satanism and occult rituals are straight from boomer schizo blogs…

No. 1263554

>satanism community/clique in la
I believe it. I believe it's probably really big, too. I know of a sex cult(??) in Princeton, New Jersey. I remember looking at its website and my friend at the time accidentally (she was looking for a job as I guess a house cleaner?) got involved and they sent her a pamphlet and wouldn't stop texting her. I found the website back then, it's a master-slave organization that has run for several generations, father-son of course. The leader was named "Doctor Master" which is kind of funny, but the entire thing is really creepy. Pamphlet had stuff about how women should be sitting with their legs open at all times and their hands behind their backs among other stuff. My friend said the inside was creepy, empty rooms where the girls slept and you could hear loud bdsm sex from another room. I don't know if the website is gone or what, I've had trouble finding it recently.
Doctor Master described himself as a kinkster or something on his website.

No. 1263556

not tinfoil, actually happening and has been the case for a long time. the US has and always will be more right leaning than conservative pearl clutches and the right wing media would love to let on. our baseline as a nation is built on glorified violence, genocide, white nationalism, and militarized state imperialism. the nation and the US experiment was founded by puritanical religious freaks looking for a place to spread their right wing views freely, and it is working exactly as planned. the baseline for America as a country was already extremely to the right, which is why any basic human rights or care for other human beings, even those in Burgerland, is immediately written off as liberalism or socialism by trailer park dingbats who don’t know what either of those beliefs are and think that the bare minimum in human rights or policy change is “the country moving farther left” when the country since its inception has been rooted in far right conservative and evangelical ideology. There’s a reason the Nazis took notes from how the US government treated their so called citizens, the bleach baths at the border, native boarding schools, etc. and admitted to being inspired by the US empire. of course any bare minimum suggestion of basic humanity or decency is seen as leftist in this hellhole

No. 1263565

youre 20000000000000000000000% correct

No. 1263678

if this is directed at me, the anon who posted about the mark laita tinfoil, i am also into occultism and was, in my early twenties, a satanist. so i am not just focused on these people because i am a pearl clutching weirdo. i was one of them for a while, and i know how they operate and that they talk a good game so that naive, angry people can fall into their trap like i did. i left because i realized i have morals and didn’t want to be associated anymore with a bunch of hedonistic, self centered assholes and that they often do have ulterior motives despite what they say. however, i am still interested in these communities because they are incredibly manipulative, two faced, and shady about their true intentions. if you really knew anything about the history of the church of satan, you wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss this shit.

No. 1263711

I wasn't talking about you in specific I'm not keeping up with this thread lol of course its full of sex maniacs and people who abuse their position of power in any kind of organization, I'm not dismissing that, even the catholic church is famous for its rapists pedophile priests.

No. 1263790

File: 1657913071921.jpeg (115.77 KB, 758x426, 2AB6DC2F-BC1D-485F-AC20-52B878…)

Whatever you think about it mattering, there are direct connections between elites and the occult, including Lucifer/Satan worship. You can go straight to the Lucis Trust's website and find out how this organization initially named after Lucifer (they have a page about it) is in direct cahoots with the UN. They boast about it on their website. In fact, they share the same goals: New World Order. It's stated repeatedly all over their site and literature, and in less explicit terms is their stated reason for the connection. Of course on their pages about Lucifer (here's one https://www.lucistrust.org/arcane_school/talks_and_articles/the_esoteric_meaning_lucifer) they explain that they see him solely as angel of light, not the Satan part, but if you have any common sense you know they'll take it deeper than that, they're all about synthesizing various traditions and themes around each figure. Not to mention the NY Lucis Trust office at one point was at 666 United Nations Plaza (apparently it's now 866). Spooky thing is how they talk about ushering in the return of "the Christ"— who they explicitly differentiate from the biblical Jesus. You don't have to be a Christian to recognize their Christ has every quality of the Antichrist. I have yet to see them bring that figure up directly despite referencing every other part of the Bible in their literature, maybe I'll find it and be proven wrong, but… Their Christ is supposed to be a human who will establish "an externalization of the hierarchy" — meaning, a global governance, a new world order (their own terms). You can read an explanation of their beliefs and ideals called An Externalization of the Hierarchy by Alice Bailey (their founder) here: http://www.bailey.it/files/The-Externalization-of-the-Hierarchy.pdf It's sad how we're treated as crazies for talking about a Luciferian NWO in the making when it's literally laid out for us and these people regularly meet with the fucking UN. Even if they aren't Satanists in the same sense we talk about here (doubt) this spiritual group has a strange amount of influence don't you think? Their vision of a global government led by a Christ figure is crazy yet strangely familiar don't you think?

No. 1263791

File: 1657913135049.gif (1.99 MB, 300x171, 10066.gif)

t. picrel

No. 1263806

I forgot to mention but I assume most nonnies know they have a lot of other crazy beliefs that explain how all of this fits together, besides "the Coming One" who they genuinely expect to show up soon. Basically in these external spiritual figures/gods who influence human destiny and are guiding all of humanity as a whole to this purpose. (I think they identified Lucifer and the angels among them, tying it back to fallen angels visiting humans before the flood, if you wanted to hear that part…) Some of it sounds good like eliminating war, religious disputes, etc but it's not realistic due to human nature and therefore the grab for world power is dangerous. Kek at some point they even mention nothing belonging to the individual and I was reminded of that meme WEF video that pissed everyone off so much. This is their entire thing. You can get lost in it sounding like a lot of mumbo jumbo (because it is) but whatever they call it, whatever you believe they are, all I have left to say is yikes

No. 1263828

I keep getting several youtube ads for various vaccinations (record is 4 different ones in a row), I guess it's really profitable.

No. 1263833

>As someone into occultism/"satanism"
So this is why you are sperging out so much for over a week now? If you want to cry about your shitty religion, go make a thread about it instead of repeatedly derailing unrelated topics like a shill.

No. 1263855

Just because you read Anton LaVey's edgelord writings once doesn't mean you're doing what people with copious amounts of money and power are doing

No. 1263868

I know exactly what theyre doing, I just think people put satanism in the middle of it to make it edgier and sound more sinister. They've been doing what they have always been doing so its feels silly to bring satanism and occultism into it. They're just morally depraved, no particularly dedicated to the occult.

No. 1263883

They worship the self, which is satanist

No. 1263887

You’re a LaVeyan Satanist, of course you see ‘nothing’.

No. 1263899

Disguised as atheism

No. 1263982

What the fuck is going on with the live feeding side of YouTube? These rabbits were obviously stolen from the nest (which is illegal and cruel to the mother rabbit) but like… People commenting how "they loved watching it get ripped apart" and asking for requests for different animals like wtf? Why can't people get sent to prison for what they post online? How is this legal?

No. 1263989

This shit makes me wish you could spoiler video thumbnails.
Anyway, I remember there was some disgusting piece of shit who liked these videos posting here on /ot/ and trying to defend themselves by saying it's "j-just youtube". I hope that entire "community" and people who get off on animal death/torture in general die off in some mysterious, immediate way, I really do.

No. 1263992

Did you really have to embed this?
But yes, this shit has been going on for a decade on youtube, they don't care. Someone in the stupid question thread asked us to report a similar video of snakes eating a cat or something and they didn't take it down.

No. 1264000

animal cruelty isn't tinfoil, don't embed this nasty shit. It's not a mystery that some humans are fucking sick in the head. My tinfoil is that the anon embedding these videos is a sick fuck themselves and they're sharing gore on purpose.

No. 1264005

My boss told me they give you $100 when they give you a booster shot and money for the other ones, fuck that

No. 1264007

>They're just morally depraved, no particularly dedicated to the occult.
Why can't it be both? Because you as a satanist don't like it? It's a popular tinfoil and if anons want to discuss it, we can, there's no rule against that. If we wanna bring up satanism, we can, as many times as we want for our discussion. You sound like the anon from the celebricows thread who acts like it's a contest and gets personally offended when the subject comes up around a celebrity, insisting they're not a "true occultist" like she is, as if that has any bearing on whether they engage in it or not. If we have reason to believe this about prominent people, and we do, a LOT of reason, then we can discuss it in depth. You just don't want us to because you personally don't think it matters but if it's a major part of their depravity like we believe, yes it does matter.

No. 1264008

YouTube ads are personalized based on browsing history, anon.

No. 1264012

I never even said I'm satanist, I said I'm generally interested in occultism (which is VERY broad) and "SATANISM" in quotes and people are already assuming I'm into LaVey wtf. I just think it's cringe and reminds me of pearl clutching boomer blogs who see "satan worship" in everything depraved the elites do as if there's no other possible mundane explanation like super rich people being bored and hedonistic, that's all.. chill you all

No. 1264016

my point is that
>super rich people being bored and hedonistic
is precisely why they're into this stuff, and it's not like we have no reason to believe they are when evidence gets shared all the time and pop culture has a huge obsession with it currently.

No. 1264034

A shift is exactly as I would describe it and it's happened before. The current economic and political situation is very similar to the interwar period. Declining living standards, political corruption and inflation will make people look towards extremes for a solution. The differences between the far left and the far right can't be reconciled so the end result will probably be civil wars which will turn into proxy wars leading into a bigger global conflict.

I remember a few years ago there was a lot of creepy videos being posted around of cruelty to monkeys and the comments where sick.

No. 1264099

Really? I thought that was just a one-time thing for covid booster marketing.

I have never browsed or watched anything related to vaxxes or health issues and not even conspiracies. I'm also pretty sure I had personalized ads turned off.

No. 1264115

>pretty sure I had personalized ads turned off.
It's cute that you think google gives a fuck.

No. 1264195

I think the anon posting in the tradthot threads recently who cries about anons being anti troon and trans genocide and how Lauren Southern isn't that bad in the tradthot thread is a male breadtuber, maybe Destiny, who she has some sort of communication with. The leftcows have confessed to posting, so it could be one of them. Does anyone think we've had celebrities posting here or more higher up cows? I feel like it's too niche to find beyond those who have threads.

No. 1264280

Banks was definitely on here at one point

No. 1264429

It's always so cringy seeing these edgy bored degenerate elites using spooky Christian imagery and completely missing the point of whatever they read or heard about muh Antichrist and muh 666. To me it's a clear sign that they're just borrowing the edgy imagery mixed with aspects of other religions and their own personal beliefs/desires to sound cool to themselves and the victims they brainwash. Indeed they do weird esoteric rituals and sacrifices, but it's hard to say if the whole twisted "religion" is just there to attract edgy people and give the elites' objective some otherwordly explanation (to hide their true intentions) or not.
Anyway, the imagery isn't scary. If you research, there's a clear explanation to them and it'll all be clear.

No. 1264431

File: 1657964275899.png (86.69 KB, 535x522, ECDE9B98-F936-4696-8696-A09587…)

>old/new milk

Chelsea Manning and AOC are confirmed glowies, I had a feeling she wasn’t just som random bartender who became a known politician right away without some strings attached but didn’t care at the time of her inception.

No. 1264443

Trust a tranny to drop her right in it

No. 1264546

I think the anon I few posts above me put into words what I was trying to say too. But anyways, I agree with you, I don't doubt that some of them may indulge in ritualistic shit for the hell of it and precisely because they've seen it all. It's just that when anons come here sperging about muh satanism and occult symbols as if they're in Vigilant Citizen it comes across as something you'd read on a pearl clutching christian boomer blogs when most of it is not that deep and probably done just for the shock factor and edginess

No. 1264967

I think some of this is projecting your own indifference to religion and general spiritual ideas onto the elite. It's easy to be indifferent when you're a regular person whose actions do not have much impact and you have never done anything particularly bad. For those with power the stakes are way higher, especially when they threw away morals to get there. Consider how satanism might appeal to their reality and quell their fears.

No. 1265148

I'm not projecting, I'm just looking at it objectively. As I said, it's hard to tell if they're doing it because the edgy imagery appeals to them or they actually believe they are literally going to summon the devil. Either way, these people are taking the elements that appeal to them the most, twist them according to their views and do whatever the fuck they do with it. At this point it's hardly a religion anymore, it's just them taking metaphorical and symbolic elements and characters from different holy texts and going "oOOOH 666 oohh so spooky and evil!! Baphomet is here ooooh".

No. 1265307

File: 1658016950185.png (877.76 KB, 1710x844, Capture.PNG)


Unsure if this belongs here but the coof thread is pretty dead. It looks like "mainstream media" is becoming more forthcoming about vaccine side effects. I wonder what else we'll hear about in the coming months

No. 1265530

They are the actual satanist, you just worship some edgelord faggots musings

No. 1265657

They weren't being as vocal about the troonshit until recently but I can tell from the way they wk Lauren (always the same talking points) that it's the same dedicated Lauren wk who has been in those threads for a long time. They also seem to hate other trad panderers who aren't Lauren. I kind of suspected it might be that mgtow scrote who was posting his videos about Brittany Sellner to past threads and that maybe we was a chaser or something who doesn't want to feel gay for liking troons, but your theory is pretty sound

No. 1265971

File: 1658079533685.webm (18.28 MB, 1280x720, redditsave.com__-gfxul9vhywb91…)

No one in Celebricows commented on this but it's funny

No. 1265983

idgi, why does he look like Jordan Peterson

No. 1266173

File: 1658092854762.jpg (12.58 KB, 200x298, blavatsky.jpg)

Interesting find, looks like Lucis Trust is associated with the Theological Society based on these readings. TS is pretty interesting and yeah they have a different take on the figure of Lucifer. Helena P Blatvatsky is the one who basically started the Theosophical Society, she's a pretty badass russian lady and you can thank her for the introduction of most new age ideas into the western world. You might be curious to look into her and her teachings. TS is ripe for tinfoiling but none of this has anything to do with Satanic worship. Pretty interesting that they're involved with the UN though, since a part of the Theological belief system is that all other religions are groups are "negative" and that they + this mysterious group called the Intelligensia are the "positive". That's basically all I know about these groups but curious to learn more and wondering if any other anons have heard of HP Blatvatsky or read any of her books

No. 1266217

File: 1658096780012.jpg (38.41 KB, 250x346, sfas.jpg)

She is also involved in lucifer worship. Pic is a magazine she published.

No. 1266292

So, Gnosticism then?

No. 1266303

KEK they're a year late with this, are you kidding me?? I will never forgive the moids who shut us down when we tried to talk about how the shot was giving us extreme period irregularities. My period didn't stop for like 2 months straight. If I could then I'd bioengineer the next covid virus to wipe out moids, they can eat shit and rot for all I care.

No. 1266304

I'm more worried about the shit collecting in the ovaries, they're trying to GMO humans at this point.

No. 1266540

Nta but yeah, it sounds like some form of Gnosticism.

No. 1267406

File: 1658175499827.jpeg (213.29 KB, 998x1500, 57D82687-A0C3-4402-B1A6-B759DA…)

Something’s up with the country Bhutan - aside from the Rothschilds owning their national banks while the king and queen are chumming it up with the European and Japanese royals, I don’t trust their “living in gross happiness” society while their people are still living as if they’re stuck in the 50’s/as if they were dirt-poor while their government tells them that they don’t need to be advanced or have materialistic needs in order to be happy which is kinda true in retrospect but idk, it just feels ‘off’. Oh and let’s not forget the alleged sexual abuse of young boys in buddhist temples or their treatment of the Nepalese.

Btw something’s up with the Bhutanese royals, they were engaged when she was 7 and he was 17 because he wanted it that way no matter how innocent the media tries to portray it. The queen herself, she gives me them vibes: sweet and humble yet calculating and manipulative, like the First Handmaiden-I mean Lady of the DPRK whom if you watch raw Korean footage of the April and September 2018 inter-Korean summits, you can clearly see how she butters up Moon Jae-in and his wife while coming off as overly sweet and innocent; those vibes.

I apologize if this comes off as a vendetta post

No. 1267411

File: 1658175807222.jpeg (121.86 KB, 1000x940, 20220111210257_7552d.jpeg)

>they were engaged when she was 7 and he was 17

No. 1267424

File: 1658176653159.png (183.16 KB, 500x723, app.png)

Scrolling through my public library app makes me feel so disorientated. I'm convinced AI is churning all these books out.

No. 1267457

Why the fuck would you want depression advice from Dan????

No. 1267460

Well, sorta, he already made up his mind and no one dared make the sweet prince sad and say no.
>It's believed they were dating for more than three years before the King proposed, and their relationship raised eyebrows as it was a love match rather than a traditionally arranged marriage.

>According to reports, Jetsun's very first meeting with the future king of Bhutan happened during a family picnic in the capital Thimphu when she was just seven years old and the prince was 17.

>He told a group of students before their wedding that he'd been so moved by her beauty and inner goodness, that he'd got down on his knees and said: 'When you grow up, if I am single and not married and if you are single and not married, I would like you to be my wife, provided we still feel the same.'

>Jetsun, 21, was still a student herself when her engagement to King Jigme Khesar was announced in May 2011.


No. 1267539

This is what kids watch

No. 1267974

I'm not going to click that. Screenshot or gtfo

No. 1268007


It's just a random clip from Spongebob, but Patrick eats a spoonful of something and his eyes go white.

I feel like most short-form content that is barely adjacent to being a content farm takes things out of context, so it looks creepier than it is.

No. 1268052

I think the current news cycle is priming us for climate change lockdowns. Covid just isn’t scary enough anymore to keep the big money machine churning

No. 1268078

And this shit was pushed on PREGNANT WOMEN. I can't believe people are still willing to suck Pfizer's dick after what we keep discovering about these "vaccines" (because they didn't bother to test them beforehand because "they're safe and secure uwu").

No. 1268092

I used to argue with burgers about AOCs accent magically changing depending on the predominant ethnicity of the crowd she was talking to, how her origin story seemed a lil hokey, those staged photos at ICE, etc etc etc and I just got "nooooo! she's a queen and she's gonna totally make tangible changes in politics!". AOC was pretty brazen IMO, one of the most obvious glowies in recent times but she hid behind ye olde "my detractors are bigots" defence and it worked like a charm.

Right? Even CIA trannies are fucking useless at their job, KEK.

My wife has had people call her a "super spreader", cruel, selfish, stupid, etc for refusing the vaccines because we want to have children. Her sheep of a stepmother even told us her our baby could be stillborn or born with deformities because of covid, like how much copium do you have to be huffing to think that? How fucking evil do you have to be to say that? These people are insane and even with more studies being published I think they'll still bury their heads in the sand and blame anyone but themselves.

No. 1268187

Banksy or Azalea?

No. 1268190

When I look at those AI generated images everyone is making and sharing around I get such an uncomfortable feeling, like I start to feel viscerally sick the longer I look at them. It's like some horror abomination from hell made them, and if they keep evolving they could create an image that would kill you or make you go insane if you just looked at it for too long. I didn't really understand what soulless meant until I looked at those abominations.

No. 1268228

Vigilant Citizen is a retarded website and nothing more than pearl clutching boomers who are worried about "da gays and liberals" corrupting society. It's sad that some nonas here go on that garbage and bring that mindset here. For fucks sake they have a thread collecting artists names because they think they are "satanic" and connected to MKUltra… I know a few of them who are just randoms on IG that have been listed there because they draw spooky shit. Ffs

No. 1268241

They give me the same body horror feeling of the fucked up hands in thispersondoesntexist images or that fucked up photomanip where you can’t recognize a single object. They’re like… body horror-y

No. 1268289

Starting to believe boomers "AI is satanic1!" hysteria. Can't deny that AI is just incompatable with humans nature and what we inherintly see as good. Some christfags are absolute retarded, but some also are able to recognize the harm scrote created society is doing. They just say "the devil/satan" instead of rich pedo insane scrotes.

No. 1268316

Azalea I think it might even be in her threads if you go back on snow. I forget those it’s been years.

No. 1268330

File: 1658250761369.jpg (50.99 KB, 500x374, fox-mulder-flying-saucer.jpg)

conspiracy theory itself got ultra politicized because of dumbasses like alex jones so instead of questioning authority they basically are republicans/christ tards

And all they talk about is politics now, not even aliens or sasquatch

No. 1268365

File: 1658252450896.jpeg (762.85 KB, 1200x1438, 048870E1-E6F7-49DA-A4D5-D9D79D…)

There’s no tinfoil. We’re losing our rights at insane speeds.

No. 1268368

No. 1268377

Definitely USA is getting ready for war. An actual war, and they need as much people to draft as possible.

No. 1268378

>They just say "the devil/satan" instead of rich pedo insane scrotes.
As a christfag I'm genuinely starting to believe that men are the devil and the Y chromosome is the mark of the beast. I even started writing a manifesto on it but then I took my meds, kek. Still think I'm onto something though.

This is fucking dystopian.

No. 1268404

I'm really glad I'm not the only one that sees it. Everyone seems to be going along and generating funny images or debating whether ai will replace artists and nobody seems to acknowledge how nightmarish it all looks. It's like someone opened pandora's box and there's unspeakable horrors floating around on the internet.

No. 1268405

I think you’re onto something and I would join your church

No. 1268407

Very interresting. I'm a mushroom psychonaut and the mushroom told me that most things are two things at once, don't know how to say it better but i hope you understand. I thought a lot about the meaning of "satanic" It's clearer and clearer to see these satanic things happening these days and how something evil has a hold on whole globe. It's so visible and connected, like the rich pedo scrotes and creatures alike are connected, that it's like some big entity. Big entity like an anthill Satan made out of evil people in power. Do the people create the entity by their actions or does the entity control the people? maybe it's meta and it's both at once again.

No. 1268482

Agree, I feel uneasy

No. 1268488

I had an awful time on psychedelics and I'm kinda jealous of people like you who have journeys on them. I think I know what you mean though. I've actually been looking into duality lately, it seems to pop up in a lot of religions and philosophies. No matter what you call it or how we perceive it nearly all cultures on earth acknowledge our mercurial nature and the contradictions in our existence (if that makes sense). I do believe I've felt the presence of evil in myself before as I have anger management issues, but I've been able to vent those feelings in the gym (I think combat sports tap into something both holy and unholy in us), having sex (love truly is a salve for the soul) or writing and creating some kind of art, and the feeling of catharsis I get from fighting off that dark cloud is the closest to peace or zen or nirvana or whatever you wanna call it. Pure, unfiltered bliss. I think most people in their lifetime will feel the presence of evil (some more than others), the key is knowing that it's natural and that we can fight it. Maybe it's a test, who knows. Maybe it's just a stepping stone to bliss like I just described, and giving in to it is like believing the words of a false prophet that makes the evildoers think they're feeling the benefit of it but they're not. They're completely out of balance with the world.
>Do the people create the entity by their actions or does the entity control the people? maybe it's meta and it's both at once again.
Genuinely one of the best description of our relation to evil that I've heard so far. Godspeed, psychonaut. I hope to read more of your thoughts.

No. 1268507

I love how you worded it. Anyway i'm sorry that you had a bad time I think the safest way to do it is on a nice autumn day in the forest or a piece of nature you know well. Alone or with someone you love. You get overwhelmed with nature and don't think about things that can ruin your experience that much.

No. 1268534

Are you retarded, they just want more kids to diddle and exploit and pass on their "superior aryan genes". War isn't humans on the battlefield anymore, it's tech and poison and skirmishes.

No. 1268564

If you're a christfag surely you'd know that the bible was mainly written by scrotes OR at least the "official" books were chosen as such by other degenerate scrotes (past popes). The bible and christianity would never depict men as the devil, instead it's women who are often dirty, inferior and traitors (look at Eve who's blamed first for human's causing sins and suffering and who was created after Adam, from his rib so she would be submissive). In general women have a minor role in the religion, like in most Abrahamic religions. You would also know that "the mark of the beast" doesn't have that much of a mysterious meaning, it most likely refers to money (and the Antichrist and his followers to an actual person and his empire). Instead, you should maybe focus of where the bible and christianity took inspiration, imagery and figures, and especially how things that favourited women and painted men in a bad light were erased or twisted to be associated with evil and satan.

No. 1268567

Samefag, I made some typos but it's still understandable.

No. 1268592

I am an atheist and will be the first tell you that bible is a misogynistic trashfire, but the way so many radfems seem to talk about religion makes me cringe, no one wrote the bible with a specific intention, the old testament is a collection of myths and exaggerated historical events of a bunch of iron age Semites, regarding Adam coming from Eve through his Rib, In various Semitic creation myths, the creation of the first man and woman usually comes from the separation of a single joint genderless being by the gods
Adam and Eve is just one variation of this common Semitic creation myth, in the Babylonian version the first man and woman came from a two-sexed being (male and female) that was joined at the back like Siamese twins and the gods divided this being into two as an afterthought, despite this there are still traces of original telling, in Genesis
>“Male and female created he them, and blessed them, and called their name Adam”
i.e., our first parent was originally both male and female

No. 1268597

>If you're a christfag surely you'd know that the bible was mainly written by scrotes OR at least the "official" books were chosen as such by other degenerate scrotes (past popes). The bible and christianity would never depict men as the devil, instead it's women who are often dirty, inferior and traitors (look at Eve who's blamed first for human's causing sins and suffering and who was created after Adam, from his rib so she would be submissive). In general women have a minor role in the religion, like in most Abrahamic religions. You would also know that "the mark of the beast" doesn't have that much of a mysterious meaning, it most likely refers to money (and the Antichrist and his followers to an actual person and his empire). Instead, you should maybe focus of where the bible and christianity took inspiration, imagery and figures, and especially how things that favourited women and painted men in a bad light were erased or twisted to be associated with evil and satan.
Gnosticism and Quakerism has some female aspects left, but the groups were killed back in the day because scrotes. And I agree everything has been censored and rewritten, the good thing is scrotes aren't imaginative and you usually can just reverse the text or intuit where things have been removed. Just work on your intuition through healthy eating, meditation, not cutting any hair on your body, fasting, and other similar practices. For example, "Eve was created from adams rib" is actually "adam was created from Eve's bonemarrow (ancient dna editing and why the Y chromosome is degrading it wasn't natural in the first place). Most likely the anti-nature/evil/etc being saw that women in the garden of eden (matriarchy) were weakened/stagnating/etc and seduced them into going against God's (Nature's) will by gmo'ing (the orgiginal sin) a race of slaves. Or, they indulged too much in evil and their lowered spiritual states produced deformed females (males). We know parthogenisis only comes about from spiritual/positive emotional state. They then were too weak to follow Nature's will, and started taking care of these deformed females and betraying their fellow women.

No. 1268600

Are you referring to the rewrite of genesis that also includes and the sons of Noah saw the daughters of men because that one is a rewrite and a sloppy one taking out Lilith.
NTA anon but the Bible is a fanfic at this point. They even made Mary the women who washed Jesus feet a prostitute. Despite the fact she A wasn’t the women in the older texts that washed his feet and wasn’t called a prostitute.

No. 1268606

> christfag
> “men are the devil”
> worships a man and his son

No. 1268626

Not op but my tinfoil is that jesus was a hairy woman because parthogenisis only produces females.

No. 1268628

Lilith is not from the Hebrew Bible or New Testament, rather she's from the Midrash, or Jewish legends that the rabbis of the last centuries BCE-first centuries CE told to explain aspects of the old testament with moral lessons.


all the later stories involving her come from the Talmud, which seem to refer to Liliths (plural) as some sort of Jinn. There's one reference to Liliths in connection with Adam, but not as his first wife before Eve. Instead, Adam begets various demons (including Liliths). There are somewhat vague references to there being multiple Eves in midrashic literature, but they don't make a connection to Lilith.
Christianity does not place any kind of theological importance on the idea of Adam having a "first wife" before Eve, and Lilith's existence is not taught in most Christian denominations (which makes sense since Christianity was already an established religious tradition with its own theological teachings by the time Lilith began to be tied to the Genesis story); however for someone reason very very stupid people tried to reclaim her as some sort of deep symbol of women's power against patriarchal power, when the first story involving her rejecting Adam being on top comes from 9th century from a mystical anonynous Jewish text, so she would have played no part in the early Abrahamic theology

No. 1268638

Thanks nonna. Tripping in a forest sounds awesome but for my own good I have to avoid psychedelics. I love hearing about peoples trips though, it can be genuinely fascinating.

I never said I had a straightforward relationship with Christianity. I have a complex relationship with the Abrahamic faiths due to my upbringing. Yes, moids wrote them and fucked them all up but I'm free to interpret it how I want. I was throwing out an idea, not starting a cult. Go back to posting on r/atheism, atheist chimp outs are getting tiring.


No. 1268729

All tinfoil is welcomed regardless of how cringy it’s is, don’t mini-mod.

No. 1268742

This is because they want to settle everything about custody before finalizing the divorce. I think it's still bad but not as bad as it sounds. Been around for a while too.

No. 1268781

Jesus was a hirsute it’s cannon

No. 1269009

Some states are starting to ban living with roommates. It starts small and by the time you know it it's gotten handmaid's tale. I hope all the women with BF's/hubby's are getting their ass in gear bc it's not looking good.

No. 1269021

Kek that is what they're trying to convince themselves since the end of the cold war but of anything this Russia - Ukraine war tells us that sooner than latter they would need manmade power and cannon fodder again. Grampa joe is just prepping USA for the inevitable and telling elites to prepare themselves because the question isn't "will be?" anymore but rather "when?"

No. 1269025

Based christfag. But beware that up in this same thread there it was a faggot crying that we call edgy elite stuff "satanic" and that is no true satanism #NotAllSatanists and blabla, so maybe this isn't the best place to debate the nuances of Catholicism kek. I'm just going to Say that if you thought that moids nowdays behave anything like jesus you're wrong.

No. 1269078

Anon most of the shit happening over there is skirmishes and bombings. Cannon fodder humans war strategy is over. And as if any of those kids would go to war, even if they conscript women too, and even if there's famine. Would all the third worlders living there be conscripted too? It doesn't make sense.

No. 1269231

Russia is methodically destroying the Ukrainian army including soldiers. The West is doing everything it can to stop Russia in Ukraine because the elites know that the armies of the west can't defeat Russia or China. For decades American and European armies have declined because none of the elites thought they would ever have to fight a war with an equal military power. Bombing civilians in the middle east is about what the west is capable of.

The elites are so frightened of people in the west deposing them that they weakened western countries before they eliminated Russia and China. Western men are porn sick cowards that are either obese or peak soy. There's no way of for any western country to conscript a standing army capable of fighting Russia. The only real option the elites have is nuclear. If they go this route, expect Russia to respond with it's superior hypersonic weapons that western air defenses can not stop.

No. 1269361

Yeah I saw the #NotAllSatanists debacle upthread, gave me a hearty kek. I mentioned needing to take meds in that post with regards to my "manifesto" as I was just throwing it out there light-heartedly, I didn't think anyone would take me seriously. I'm very accustomed to religion being tied to manhate among the women in my family, it goes as far back as my great grandmother so it's easy to forget that these are controversial things to say. Lesson learned.

No. 1270208

No. 1270213


No. 1270253

>so there's been a nuclear attack
Lmao that into, so nonchalant. This is so stupid, how are we supposed to stay inside a building that collapses from a nuclear blast? How are we supposed to close windows that get destroyed from one, while also staying away from windows? How are we supposed to "stay tuned" on social media, how does electricity and telephone signals still work after an attack?

No. 1270287

File: 1658352292587.jpeg (81.98 KB, 482x1024, 639D2B57-643E-446A-8E2C-F5023C…)

This was supposedly put up around the time that PSA was released

No. 1270304


Hopefully this time they just nuke the whole planet to a point where there are absolutely no survivors. But srsly, looks like that Russia/North Korea threat is getting more and more real each day. Are other states also seeing these? Or just the ones the government thinks are most likely to be nuked?

No. 1270309


It doesn't and you don't. All you do is wait to die. Especially in NYC where you gotta have either had grandma in the same spot since the 60s, or make more than like $100k a year to own a place with a basement. Anyone in an apartment is most likely fucked.

No. 1270313

New Jersey and New York being nuked would make sense because it's an area with major ports and there's still some heavy industry and manufacturing.


No. 1270366

File: 1658357764742.gif (2.55 MB, 350x350, D07DABE9-2B07-4E98-B6F8-D22182…)

The changes I noticed aren't too big, infact I would say they are pretty mundane but it makes sense to me that when the timeline shifts we never go that far which is why most people don't notice the shift.
Well, you see, I'm from Mexico and a couple of weeks ago I was finishing off some stuff at college, the campus is quite big so it has 4 entrances, 2 of them have a large door that used to have reinforced glass; the campus also had vending machines which came in 2 colors, red and blue, to represent the brand of soda they sold but this changed unexpectedly because the very next day I went back to campus and the doors were changed, instead of reinforced glass they were big metal bars, both of them painted red and the vending machines were all now grey and black, some of them had coke and others had Pepsi, no real distinction between them.
While this could have been a coincidence and the school simply decided to change their doors and all of he vending machines the night before that would explain that but the prices on the vending machine also changed! before that day the prices weren't exactly low but definitely not as high as they are now.
Coke used to be 15$ (Mexican pesos) and now it's 20$
Pepsi used to be 11$ and now it's 17$
I don't think they could have been changed that easily, all in one night and without the approval of a certain council.

No. 1270381

No. 1270390

>prices of soda go up during a time where prices of everything are skyrocketing
>it's teh timeline shift you guyz!!!!

No. 1270400

Ignore the the two, literal building changes are very weird over one night. This is spooky, did you ever talk with other students about this?

No. 1270420

It's literally not though

No. 1270427

Must be nice attending UNAM while posting on lolcow

No. 1270532

why are these bitches trying to silence timeline shift conspiracy anon in the tinfoil thread? are you glowies from the future? crawl back into CERN's wormhole and get bent.

anyway, bigfoot is real, but it is an alien. it is in cahoots with the machine elves.

No. 1270578

I do feel like there has been a shift in how I personally perceive time since the CERN thing. I'm losing track of it more and more frequently and there will be gaps of 20-30 minutes where I flat don't know what I was doing or how it went by in what felt like 5 minutes. It's bizarre and as someone who is usually on top of time management, it's weirding me out a little bit.

No. 1270659

Con algo tiene que entretenerse durante las huelgas kek

No. 1270776

Interesting idea about Eve being created from Adams bone marrow. I've heard the word "rib" was a mistranslation for "chamber", which is a sort of ancient folk doublespeak for "womb". This article details further

No. 1270956

Nta but this is interesting actually. So according to that interpretation, the neutral human had a womb and God took the womb out of it to make the woman, and the now wombless human becomes a man. Still sucks because it's backwards (in reality the man is the extention of the woman) but it's better than the "woman was made from a man's piece" shit.

No. 1271036

Isn't the prostate the unformed womb though, idk that story seems like it's missing something. Much more likely that male is a mutation of female bc they have all the parts of a female but malformed.

No. 1271245

anyone within 20 miles of nyc is dead, dead, dead. I'm 50 miles away and we will be in for serious fallout. I've made some basic preparations since the war broke out.

No. 1271252

Idk about fallout, most likely the radiation from solar flairs or some shit, they try to spin climate change in order to have lockdowns and control.

No. 1271258

File: 1658418100130.jpg (1.48 MB, 3840x1812, philadelphia.jpg)

Yeah and if NJ is hit I'd be living in fallout. Oh my god it'll be just like my fave video game series, Fallout! Ahhhh yes I can't wait!

No. 1271259

That doesn't look too different than some areas in my state already kek

No. 1271261

I got plastic sheeting to cover all my windows and vents if need be and stocked up on canned goods, I feel really glad I did now seeing all this even though I am like three hours away from NYC. Don't really feel great about being on the east coast at all rn.

No. 1271262

Yeah same but after the nukes we get cool stuff like ghoul racism

No. 1271270

I have the same. Trying to stock up on water and cat foot / canned food without going full on bunker mode. You need to stay protected for approximately two weeks until the fallout is done spreading.

My problem is my job is much much closer to NYC. Dear Russia, please nuke us outside of business hours EST.

No. 1271518

File: 1658431040850.gif (3.68 MB, 498x498, AA86E62D-5D09-461C-AB35-3F80DE…)

The midget in game of thrones was a proper slut. This irl midget i know was a slut. The midget in 90 days fiance was a racist and most racists are sluts. Honestly I have a feeling that dwarves especially proportional ones will cheat on our partners and you won’t even know because they’re so small. They have the ideal hourglass/pear figure. No wonder people are so wary of the leprechaun.

No. 1271520

File: 1658431181802.jpeg (169.51 KB, 1080x1349, 38AF1F90-55E6-4AC9-A676-7AC2E9…)

No. 1271524

Fbi gonna be knockin your door down once they see you outed this shit. Who do you think is at the top of the illuminati pyramid.. midgets. Horny midgets and their sex rituals. They're kid sized so they can fool the devil into thinking they're doing some really dark sexual shit in his name when really they're not.. outsmarting satan one midget at a time. They have all the power now.

No. 1271535

You also notice this "short king" business? After centuries of women seeking out tall men to procreate with why would they deploy this manlet misinformation now? Because they're taking over, that's why! The midgets are at the top of this hierarchy, make no mistake, but short "kings" (total misnomer made to purposefully confuse us) live to serve their slutty, short overlords and spread their wicked propaganda. Ever wonder why Danny De Vito is in so many movies? Because he's funny and kinda sweet so we let our guard down with him! Our brains subconsciously learns that short men = sweet, kind and harmless. We would NEVER see men like him being part of a tyrannical NWO and that's exactly how they get you! WAKE UP, SHEEPLE!

No. 1271540

as expected hollywood has some really dark shit going on, but not like the conspiratorial elders of zion shit

just organized crime, murder and mass exploitation of women, as par for the course with the rich and powerful I guess

>russian oligarchs are frequent contributors to projects and funding for celebs possibly reason for washed up actors fat bank accounts

>if you're wondering why someone like johnny depp still has the money to be able to sue the women he abused despite his massive debt look no further than his lawyer and his lawyers connections to russia
>russian oligarchs traffic young women in their home country all over europe and force them to yacht and prostitute themselves, get plastic surgery, probably drug them etc
>chinese oligarchs likely have involvement in this as well, hence the movie industry bending over to do edits for chinese audiences
>a lot of models in general are escorts or prostituted on the side, models are treated horrifically
>you'll see a lot of actors "date" euro models who are likely pr or escorts
>quite a lot of people with connections to epstein throughout the industry who may have rubbed elbows
>there is en mass a lot of organized crime in order to keep things well oiled
>ndas galore
>payoffs galore

there is a hierarchy system
>talent: celebs themselves, in this case let's use a-listers as example, usually male, who are the worst perpetrators. they are the ones who are the most protected and pretty much everyone exists to serve them, they will often mingle with downright illegal activities including things as evil as murder… but there are nothing without…
>lawyers: the first half of intimidating and bribing the press and any victims the talent have wronged. the lawyer is the one with the power to be able to silence with words, but who silences with actions? in order to harass any detractors to the talent, they hire…
>fixers: fixers are intimidating forces, oftentimes associated with other criminal circles or acts, who are hired by hw staffers to bribe, intimidate, and sometimes even kill victims and detractors who threaten to expose talents dirt.
>these two are why you see so many "suicides" and "accidental" deaths
>oligarchs and big money: as aforementioned these are the main sources of crime and where the celebrities collide with prostitution, trafficking, and other illicit activity in order to stay rich and stay hedonistic
>pr and press: pr tries its best to spin doctor any controversy that comes the talents way and press is often paid off. pr teams will also have a relationship with media outlets (i.e kris jenner having an arrangement with tmz) in order to arrange pap walks or certain stories, or prevent them from coming out
>another example, there was supposed to be an armie hammer expose and that was canned by the publication. that might have been the la times.
>victims: anyone victimized by a celeb, regardless of status, are forced to sign an nda and often paid off. they are threatened with litigation and chased by fixers if they threaten to go to the police. the worst intimidation typically happens to assaulted women, because they are the greatest leverage to the celebrities career

this is just the tip of the iceberg and honestly can almost all be found with research online, it's pretty much open secret, but in case people don't know what monsters a-list actors are, now you do

No. 1271541

File: 1658433080346.png (429.88 KB, 636x640, johnstons.png)

I think you are onto something. I stopped watching that 7 Little Jonhstons show because despite the family drama being semi-entertaining the adults were so overtly sexual it was disgusting

No. 1271677

File: 1658439933740.jpeg (144.18 KB, 602x907, 0FA9C8B7-B9FE-4CC2-9169-E0E4DD…)

I dunno, I’d rather live in a cyberpunk era contemplating my existence rather than being nuked tbh

No. 1271686

I desperately hope you're a glowie trying to distract us from talking about the nuclear holocaust, so that way you're at least getting paid to write this kind of art. I love you even if you are fbi tho nonnie

No. 1271738

other tinfoils I believe
as aforementioned a lot of deaths are not accidents or suicides

>death of jim carreys ex was likely not suicide. he either killed her directly or had someone do it, he has no concrete alibi and people overlook it

>death of kevin spaceys accusers, one of them was a "car accident" and the others were "suicides" or "accidents"
>death of river pheonix was extremely suspicious and likely tied to viper room
>johnny depp's business buddy anthony fox mysteriously disappeared and he's never been found

No. 1271761

Isn't this that same picture Vicky Shingles shooped herself onto?

No. 1271778


I watched a great video about this cool lady recently https://youtu.be/gzews0N1Bw8(learn2embed)

No. 1271807

I rather not, at least the Fallout series still has pieces of the human condition whereas cyberpunk shit is just pure transhuman hedonism where if you don't trade in your humanity for robot parts and a brain chip you're impoverished and probably get sold into hard labor or eliminated by something like the Combine in Half-Life

No. 1272074

This gross ass man was flirting with her while interviewing her. Saying crack addicts have great bodies. WTF.

No. 1272076

File: 1658468438532.jpeg (626.48 KB, 2048x2048, C8E899E9-A4BE-4219-9DBC-6539D7…)

Through Amanda’s rambling it sounds like they set her up(“pulled a fast one”) to start being put into virtual reality sessions.

No. 1272129

Holy shit this is absolutely terrifying. That Lima woman gives me the same vibe as Elizabeth Holmes.

No. 1272174

What do anons think about the theory that the guys who invented bored ape yacht club intentionally put nazi imagery into the bored ape project because they’re ironic /pol/tards. I don’t use /pol/ at all, so I can’t verify how common certain phrases are, in reality. I will admit that a lot of the connections made in the video are stretches like the connection between the Kali Yuga and Yuga studios, bingo, monkey paw, the names of the founders etc, but the ARG they created seems to have some evidence. The Guenon and Macaque codes ,ape 1488 just so happening to have a prison uniform, the logo being identical. It seems like there’s too many coincides and I can imagine some terminally online tech bro /pol/tards putting some references in a project for a gaffe

No. 1272212

I think it's some dumb artistic statement on how people will buy anything. The apes don't look idealistic or attractive, they strike me as ugly in that self aware satirical kind of way. It's not really hard to believe that pretentious artists would draw inspiration from shitty memes from the spooky nono place of the internet.

No. 1272239

Bored Ape is an anagram for Pedobear

No. 1272304


Oh shit! what else do you know

No. 1272306

Oh I love this nonny thank you for posting.

I think media like this is meant to introduce ideas to the general population that will be later reality. Like all the movies about pandemics just a few years before covid. Although I'm not really sold on the idea that covid was planned or whatever, but if it came out that it was I wouldn't be that surprised. Same with video games and movies that promote the military and combat. The Department of Defense has to approve movies: https://www.defense.gov/News/Inside-DOD/Blog/article/2062735/how-why-the-dod-works-with-hollywood/

No. 1272313

This is old but I don't understand your criticism.
>They didn't do anything on camera besides the lengthy interview
The anon said they argued on camera and he pulls pimp tactics, which he does @ 02:58. Yeah she grabbed at his dick but he fully "puts her in her place."

No. 1272325

File: 1658482495839.jpg (322.8 KB, 1775x696, bored ape founders.jpg)

I considered it could have been real, but then he showed the founders(a turk, a hispanic guy, a jew and a pakistani) respectively, I know self hating brown people exist but they usually hang out with majority whites, not each other, also BAPYC has 2 other jewish people working for them, who are established in the entertainment industry and have been working since the 80's, I think the founders are probably 4chan users who put in dumb meme references with no real thought put in,

No. 1272344

It's true IMO. The average /pol/tard is too dumb to put together something like this, so the guys behind this are kind of an anomaly
On the other hand, those things are ugly, so maybe I'm primed to be more accepting of anything that denounces them. The "female" ones are some of the worst, they literally look like some shit a /pol/tard would post to mock "urban" people/fashion

No. 1272345

There's way too many things aligning for it to be an oblivious use of a 4chan meme. Coming from a nation nazis wanted to completely eradicate with the exception of keeping some people as slaves I still know people who worship the ideology and aesthetic, some of them unironically, some partially just to be edgy. So I don't think them not being what nazis would consider ""worthy"" really changes much in what they may or may not think about the ideology itself

No. 1272372

there are people working on this project who are actually established hollywood Jews, I don't buy it

No. 1272373

Anonymous now No. 1272371


In Alicia Pedostone's video she sings Somewhere Over the Rainbow with her toddler son, a song that you will see many hollywood stars sing. It's supposed to be an MKULTRA symbol and trigger. I'm just sayin'

No. 1272374

Damn, remember when youtube used to have conspiracy shit. RIP

No. 1272389

I learned so much on there! I'll forever be pissed of how much tinfoil we were robbed of on there. Funny how TPTB call conspiracy theories crazy misinformation that you have to be dumb to believe but they're awfully keen to stop any spread of this information. You'd think they'd at least make banning all the nonces on there a priority and wipe out those creepy videos with cartoon characters encouraging young children to self-harm first.

No. 1272411

File: 1658490816035.gif (2.55 MB, 480x366, GyHf.gif)

No. 1272421

Did some popular channels get deleted?

No. 1272446

Not just conspiratard channels but most hardcore feminism channels too. It's so funny how they treat these women the same as insane rightwingers, conspiracy theorists, and whistleblowers.

No. 1272532

It was so fun getting sucked into rabbit holes on early youtube even though I was too young to understand a lot of it at the time, I wish that part of the site hadn't been remved

No. 1272606

Listening to Beyoncé’s single ladies always makes me feel nostalgic for that time. Being a little girl, playing songs backwards to find satanic massages, finding out about the Illuminati. Good ole times

No. 1272747

wait ive been experiencing this lately too..

No. 1272792

I honestly started to wonder wtf is wrong with me and why can’t I keep track of time anymore? I was starting to think I have undiagnosed ADHD or something. I can’t organize anything anymore or keep track of time like I’m floating or dissociating randomly through out the day. Sage for my own mental illness.

No. 1273458

tbh that song honestly sounds eerie if you listen to the instrumental version/version without lyrics

No. 1273595

RIP to the Out of Shadows documentary

No. 1273935

Don't worry there's plenty of backmasking stuff still on there. I listen from time to time and still can't hear fuck all, kek. Do nonnies here believe in widespread backmasking? I think some bands would've fucked around with it, like Led Zepplin had some edgelord members into Aleister Crowley who encouraged people to listen to music backwards and try to think backwards. IIRC one of the Led Zepplin guys also bought Crowley's house? So I think musicians like that would've tried it but idk about it being as prevalent as people claim. Personally I think symbolism is much more important to TPTB and easier to communicate with.

No. 1274249

it lives

No. 1275496

File: 1658681309958.jpg (1.14 MB, 972x4243, Screenshot_20220724-094707_rif…)

No. 1275499

Samefagging to say I think this is a LARP but WHO KNOWS

No. 1275501

File: 1658681615570.png (352.8 KB, 1161x1502, 61yqkdcerid91.png)

This is the pic from the link at the bottom of the post.

No. 1275510

Damn it is pretty creepy wtf

No. 1275514

Nta but my thing is, how the fuck would you pull it off? I can't begin to imagine how someone could plan and execute backmasking.
Sorry for hella samefagging the last few posts.

No. 1275608

This is straight out of tv shows I watched when I was a kid, wtf

No. 1276522

pretty sure I heard some creepypasta youtuber read this story when I was 16.

No. 1277241

File: 1658796920630.jpeg (147.25 KB, 900x440, AdobeStock_325341586.jpeg)

There has to be something up with Apple Airtags and I'm not sure what it is.
It could be an experiment to see how many people would willingly track (item) or (person) but I'm not sure why. To track population numbers within families? To track people? How hackable is it? They're already being used so casually. Of course it's great to be able to track your laptop, phone, car or child but what happens when it's used past a certain degree? You could argue that cellphones are essentially the same, if not more or worse, but it feels odd. I believe everyone will have these trackers, android and all will make a version themselves too and before you know it- people will feel unsafe to go outside without having their tracker on them.

No. 1277245

This kind of shit is why I'm not an organ donor. They play very fast and loose with "brain death" imo

No. 1277323

Bless. I’m watching it now

No. 1277372

Russia is not doing this to weaken western armies, but rather western economies and cultures. Ukraine grow a significant portion of the world's wheat and sold this mostly MENA places. Now these countries are expecting famine and thus revolt. More wars, more refugees and remember how well Germany "handled" the 2015 Syrian refugee crisis.

No. 1278726

Pretty sure this is a plot of some anime movie

No. 1279374

File: 1658938385245.png (133.09 KB, 487x259, Screen Shot 2022-07-27 at 9.10…)

can someone explain this story to me??? was the US government funding the breeding factory for these dogs and using them for medical testing for covid? why is there connections to anthony fauci?
how commonplace is this in our country?

No. 1279435

>>Humane Society is seizing 4,000 ish dogs
>>Breeding facility for the dogs (most for medical labs) had 70 plus violations from lack of vet care to no food.
>>Over 300 puppy deaths from neglect in two decades alone.
>>Lab supplied Fauci his dogs for medical testing
>>PETA accused him of 1.2 million in spending in test dogs from this mill.
>>Fauci said “ “misleading and lacking important context.” about the lab and claims.
>> “Our investigators show that Fauci’s NIH division shipped part of a $375,800 grant to a lab in Tunisia to drug beagles and lock their heads in mesh cages filled with hungry sandflies so that the insects could eat them alive,” said watchdog group White Coat Waste Project.
>>“They also locked beagles alone in cages in the desert overnight for nine consecutive nights to use them as bait to attract infectious sand flies,” they added.
So there’s some of the claims. I can keep digging. Give me a bit.

No. 1279439

It’s also not uncommon Fauci got in hot water last year for pumping chimpanzees full of cross sex hormones and HIV to study why trannies get it at a higher rate.

No. 1279451

Samefag continuing
>> Government inspectors found that beagles there were being killed instead of receiving veterinary treatment for easily treated conditions; nursing mother beagles were denied food; the food that they did receive contained maggots, mold and feces; and over an eight-week period, 25 beagle puppies died from cold exposure. Other dogs suffered from injuries when they were attacked by other dogs in overcrowded conditions.
>>lab was owned by Envigo
Dogs sold looked at a fate like:
>> documented animals being force-fed high doses of drugs via tubes or intravenously, sometimes several times a day. Some animals were unable to move because of the drugs’ toxic effects; others died during procedures. The studies conducted at Inotiv were intended to test drug toxicity and were funded by dozens of pharmaceutical companies.
Only for
>> Approximately 90% of drugs ultimately fail in human trials. An estimated half of this is due to unexpected toxicity in humans following animal tests, when no toxicity in other animals was observed.
So the research is almost useless with this stuff.

No. 1279500

not surprised, why they needed live dogs? Wasnt dead meat enough for fucks sake?

No. 1279526

Glad to know someone likes it, the celebricows thread was mad I reposted it there. Why is it so hard to believe for them that there's a system put in place to protect abusers in Hollywood when it protected the likes of weinstein, is currently protecting guys like depp, etc? It's not necessarily conspiratorial to say abusers protect other abusers and that these men may stay rich through nefarious means, but people don't want to accept the reality. They'd rather just talk about how flaccid some celebs breasts are

I've been meaning to look more into the oligarch side but they're obviously rich, highly protected individuals. one of the most known hollywood adjacent oligarchs, oleg deripaska, has ties to putin and crime though.

I'd been getting bored of mundane celebrity gossip and then found myself down the rabbit hole of what goes on behind the scenes and I don't like it one bit kek

No. 1279971

I heard about this months ago. Fauci was having dogs getting eaten alive by flies. He and all his supporters are absolutely subhuman (and he will burn in hell), but I'm glad at least some dogs were rescued.
Seriously, anyone who defends the "accepted narrative" around the COVID thing and thinks those in charge had any sort of good intentions has shit in their brains

No. 1279979

My local animal shelter got a bunch of beagles in and most of them are mothers that were raped over and over again to produce more beagles to experiment on. It broke my heart to see so many of them and to think of what they've been through. I'm not vegan/vegetarian but we can all admit that animal testing is really fucked up and all the shit that praises Fauci for COVID just makes me sick when he's been approving sick stuff like >>1279439 for years. The chimpanzee thing was recent too–it really boiled my blood because there's no need to even study it when the reasons for why troons contract it can be observed from the troons themselves (prostitution, gay male crossover, poor decision making resulting in no protection kek). Fauci and other animal testers are evil as shit regardless of whatever you think about COVID (and I'm in research myself, albeit a different field that doesn't test on animals thankfully).

No. 1279983

Why bagels in particular?

No. 1279996

Seconding spoon-feed me onsite tinfoil

No. 1280030

Jessi slaughter was normal until she was blackmailed and gaslight into believing she lied about her rape, then she went insane and doubted herself

No. 1280043

Beagle* are used for animal experiments because they have a trusting and relaxed nature which makes it easier for scientists to do things to them.

No. 1280066

not tinfoil, we watched it happen live

No. 1280085

crazy because i just saw on the local news it seems they found a cure for hiv/aids.

No. 1280088

Apparently there's an even larger facility in NY with over 21,000 beagles that PETA has been trying to bust as well.

I think the whole spin on this story as a "feel-good" narrative, dogs are saved + now looking for homes is kind of insane.

No. 1280102

It's insanely depressing and not at all recent; beagles have been used in animal testing facilities for years now. I imagine animals like rats and monkeys are being kept in worse conditions.

It makes me sad but I wonder how many of these dogs can even be placed in homes for adoptions considering they were drugged and kept in horrible condition. Many probably have a shortened lifespan or suffer serious health issues the rest of their life from drug testing, it might be more humane to put them down. This is coming from someone who had a beagle mix too.

No. 1280117

Thanks anon, I didn't know that. Knowing that actually makes it that much worse.
I meant what I said.

No. 1280207

major publications were pursuing the story, too many women accused him, and he was dropped by his own people.

him being less public facing, butt ugly, and being considered a liability allowed the machine to sully him for his abuses the way they wouldn't abandon an actor. the thing is that there's always going to be one who slips through the cracks. weinshit didn't have the marketability of an actor and his protectors were far more willing to throw him to the wolves when the situation became overwhelming

No. 1280232

consume more 90s/2000s media and you'll realize how retarded they are.
Pamela Anderson used to be the hot body type, I'm old and remember this. "Does my butt look big in this"? like big asses were mocked not even 30 years ago don't trip over these retards.

No. 1280726

People are finding out that the Spike protein in covid silently damages the organs, especially the heart. This is also unique to this coronavirus. They made a bioweapon and literally everyone who got covid or got vaccinated is fucked. The world is fucked beyond repair.

No. 1280773

What you thought richies played fair? Why else would they do so much occult shit, the karma they accumulated would take thousands of lifetimes to repay. It's why they were so adamant about getting "consent" from people to take the jab. And why they had to rely on leakage to spread the disease in the first place.

No. 1280802

>getting the jab
>year of our lord two thousand and twenty two

No. 1280812

i’m fine actually, quite happy and healthy and enjoy going outside and hanging out with people

No. 1280836

Nothing new, people used to die at 30 and younger because of colds and viruses just a century ago

No. 1280841

Don’t look up the correlation between vaccination and miscarriage :)(:))

No. 1280867

Trying to make women insecure about miscarriage is evil and retarded, begone emojifag

No. 1281128

Yet these people want to live forever through cybernetics and AI because they’re too afraid to die and be judged for fucking up mankind.

No. 1281511

i mean i agree the vaccine can harm womens health. miscarriage rates are slightly higher for vaccinated women in the first 6 weeks. i’m not vaccinated anyway specifically because of how it affects periods. but most women will be fine and getting covid is hardly a cause for concern for anyone healthy anymore.

No. 1281921

242 cases of monkey pox in my city. All men.
say what you will about that, but the track record sure does seem like mother nature has something against men having anal sex

No. 1281928

Mother Nature doesn’t give a fuck about anal sex, it’s just the constant anonymous breeding they don

No. 1281929

It’s a sin and I’m glad most men will end up in hell eheheh

No. 1281930

Countdown until a child gets infected, and we all will know who raped them.

No. 1281934

You're short sighted if you aren't already seeing how this will cross over in no time

No. 1281935

True af. reason ancient greece & rome fell is because they were having too many orgies.
but factually, it’s mainly gay men who sleep around the most

No. 1281946

I hope my piece of shit faggot pedophile father gets the pox

No. 1281981

>reason ancient greece & rome fell is because they were having too many orgies.

Kek, such an ignorant take. Did you learn that in a Netflix documentary or something?

No. 1282003

children have already gotten monkeypox, because they share close quarters with parents and tend to sleep in the same beds as them. it’s spread through touch, and children are less sanitary and tend to touch their faces a lot, so they are at a high risk of becoming the primary vector for monkeypox down the line

monkeypox isn’t an std, it’s spread through touch, and most people who got infected with it in african countries are heterosexual adults. the reason it’s blowing up among gay men is the simple fact that anal sex allows any and all disease to spread more efficiently due to anal fissures creating an easy way to get into one’s bloodstream. it is not an STD and if more children continue to get it (they will if people continue to claim monkeypox is an std only gays can get) it will be endemic in daycare centers and schools as well as parents.

if you want everyone to think only gay men are gonna get it or that it’s only possible through sex, by all means continue to push that narrative, but it’s already resulting in parents getting accused of being rapists when their child gets monkeypox. conservatives see it in the news and froth at the mouth about how da gays must be molesting all the kids. there’s gonna be a satanic panic 2.0 over this once it becomes widespread in daycares.

No. 1282005

samefag but fwiw i think it’s stupid that some gay rights activists are offended and think that the current coverage on monkeypox primarily affecting the gay community for now is aids part two. the aids crisis was a massive failure for many reasons but this is not going to be like it. in any case, at risk groups need to know when they are particularly at risk. unfortunately a lot of people just think it’s homophobic to say it’s mostly gay men getting monkeypox and they need to be more careful

No. 1282111

Its a /pol/scrote spamming the same shit in every thread lately.

Also all scrotes are on medical life support with sexual diseases. Most WW1 soldiers either had syphilis, gonorrhea or chlamydia, which they went home and raped their wives with, VD was experienced by 500,000 British soldiers. In the late 19th century USA gonorrhea and vulvo-vaginitis were extremely prevalent among female children, it was a full on epidemic. You can guess where they got that from and no it wasn't from "touching the sponge of a maid or Negro". Lynn Sacco's book goes into this

Prophylaxis and antibiotics (tested on people of color and white prisoners) saved scrotes from their fate of mass-castration by maiming disease and angry feminists

No. 1282143

Men are plague rats you’re not allowed to use pesticides for. They’re like pigs, rolling in piles of their own shit and cum. Absolutely filthy fact, males mostly lost their ability to feel disgust because they’re supposed to be sexually available to any and all females. They’re much more comfortable eating off plates with cockroaches in them and are less repulsed by feces/vomit/mold than humans (women.)

No. 1282144

There is a very good reason most religions punish male homosexuality, men are the biggest whores and have no care for hygiene. Ppl can screech homophobia all they want, it's not about homophobia it's about men's hypersexual, pedo, destructive nature in general. But they'll never admit it, not even the "traditional" ones.

No. 1282148

It fell bc it was just a bunch of slaves doing the work, after they conquered and stole everything there wasn't a reason for the rich to keep ruling, they cashed out and ran.

No. 1282175

Christianity and Judaism condemned male pederasty and rape, not homosexuality—the Bible in its original Hebrew and Greek is illuminating. Once it became about men with men instead of rape, the primary qualm was with the issue of cleanliness, which was also used to persecute women as they were seen as physically and spiritually impure due to periods being seen as unclean within the context of Orthodox Judaism. I think if you rely on “everyone finds it bad for a reason; they’re not clean!” it makes little sense considering women are seen as equally unclean in that specific religious context.

No. 1282234

Good thing I'm talking about the world today, not 1000 years ago. And the retarded view of women being "impure" during their period has nothing to do with the literal physical diseases that come from men shoving their dicks in assholes.

No. 1282245

If this was true, they would condemn all male sexuality and all of this
>men's hypersexual, pedo, destructive nature in general
wouldn't be so ignored amongst religious people. Men are some of the most important people to them. I don't know why you're trying to act like religious people dislike gays and lesbians for the good of the world and women or some some shit.

No. 1282263

I still don't understand how Fauci hasn't had a bullet through his head yet.

No. 1282315

The truth and what they admit are very different things. They'd rather project the truth onto a small subset of people (gay men) in order to misdirect and keep themselves in power. No man would be in any role of leadership or power if they were outright honest about the basic biology of men. That includes the roles of father in the house, and boss in the workplace, and technician or scientist or doctor. They'd be put to hard labor and no women would do anything for them, infact most women would stop having male children all together. Because the male human is literally a genetically deformed female human, poisoned with testosterone, who know they're unnatural beings and do everything in their power to project the decay they feel inside onto the world.

No. 1282338

>No man would be in any role of leadership or power if they were outright honest about the basic biology of men.
Woah there, cool it incel, I know you just switched the words around here.
That said you have a great point here and you should only respect the men in power who listen to women and let them shit on him.

No. 1282348

You’re right but people won’t want to hear it. Plato had the right idea just switch the sexes.

No. 1282351

>unfortunately a lot of people just think it’s homophobic to say it’s mostly gay men getting monkeypox and they need to be more careful
I agree with this and that it's not really going to be like the AIDs crisis, but gay men were saying this shit too during that crisis, see the webms here
So many of them literally refused to stop fucking, even temporarily, and outright rejected doctors telling them it's spread through sex ("Oh no you just need to shower after your sessions", "You can't tell us to close down our bath houses", etc). Men are not sane

No. 1282359

yeah, unfortunately even my gay friends are saying monkeypox is not going to stop them from having sex with randoms. at least they’ve gotten the vaccine but jesus christ lol

No. 1282360

I think the answer is easier than that: gays don't create more children to raise in the respective religion. And back in the old days, you needed more followers for your religion to gain traction.

No. 1282368

Go back this isn't twitter or insta or reddit

No. 1282380

They literally created overpopulation by refusing to stop fucking like rabbits and refusing to let women take contraceptives. If any sex was created solely to make children it's men, it's their highest desire to fuck even after they can't even get it up anymore. Their pleasure organ and baby making organ is literally the same (penis), while women's are separate (clitoris and vagina). All those hoity philosophers, early male drs, and now incels are purely projecting their own nature onto women. No amount of pleading or explaining gets through to men they can only understand when they're put through the same thing, reversals of their retarded rhetoric like "women are only good for labor and baby making" send them into a frenzy because they know they've been exposed. S. Korean feminists know how to use reversals properly.

No. 1282384

South Korean feminists really oughta move over here and start destroying troons.

No. 1282408

Since when have incels been a twitterfag thing

No. 1282499

>So many of them literally refused to stop fucking, even temporarily, and outright rejected doctors telling them it's spread through sex

Kek men are broken.

No. 1282522

Because they don’t like my opinion and want to silence me with shame, except the tone policing and incorrect use of incel literally makes them look like the Twitterfag.
Regardless my point stands. Society would be better if men were locked in a pen reverse Plato style and it’s why they groom women into feeling sorry for the lesser male sex.

No. 1282523

I know your psy-op is to try to draw in scrotes who enjoy being dommed.

No. 1282743

File: 1659141381595.png (99.83 KB, 820x567, 313-3135748_image-image-pepe-t…)

if only……a girl can dream…..

No. 1282749

why are you defending gay men
they are not our allies

No. 1282754

Nta, but you're actually an idiot if that's all you got out of that post.

No. 1282755

Gay Men Try Not To Have Sex With Random People for One Week Challenge (IMPOSSIBLE)

No. 1282757

no but fr. why isn’t the media telling ppl just to stop fucking around for 2 weeks to flatten the curve,??? like they locked us up w covid?

No. 1282762


No. 1282768

But that begs the question, why the fuck are the parents of those children sleeping around so much with random people to contract monkey pox in the first place?? wtf?

No. 1282788

I don’t promote veganism for the west, but non-muslim third world countries REALLY need to become vegan. They can continue having gay sex until the monkeypox, corona and ebola fucks off. Why do they wanna eat weird ass meats anyways.

No. 1282791

She was never normal don’t fool yourself. She’s just trailer trash and it was doomed to happen. I don’t wanna be mean but a lot of those trailer trash families fuck their daughter or even son if the father is closeted gay. Btw did we ever find out the current whereabouts of those those two tumblrina bullies that leaked the mental breakdown? They were women yes.

No. 1282793

File: 1659143878940.jpg (42.52 KB, 400x409, tumblr_957ebdaaa7acf48c924549f…)

They need to enter the phase of death

No. 1282794

it really is debauchery, in the truest sense.

No. 1282798

Also samefag, but jesse claimed david vahnity impregnated her. Like…I don’t even believe any of that, she was raped by someone, probably one of the trailer trash neighbors, and most definitely not that faggot.
The faggot 100% raped and drugged many emo girls back in the days. Even if I know 50% of the people who believe her secretly know she just wants attention are supporting her so he can get in jail, supporting her will decrease the chances of winning for the victims because american judges and jury are biased as we may have learned from the depp case. It’s horrible seeing those teen girls having snuff videos by that mexican savage though. He should be punished. That was offtopic sorry.

No. 1283341

I’m not a conspiracy person at all, like don’t even believe bush did 9/11 or that Epstein didn’t kill himself. However I do not believe in FAS as a discrete, identifiable illness and view it similarly to chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, this is especially true of the various FASD “spectrum disorders”, which are all made up

No. 1283350

No my mom is a teetotaller and always has been, I just think the symptoms are too vague and overlap with too many other things. Also the same thing with the physical facial symptoms, I think they’re too common to mean anything, like literally every single cow has had their face put next to that FAS chart at some point

No. 1283356

I'm sorry but what do islam, veganism and eating meat have to do with this?

No. 1283362

Police are responsible for all or most of the unsolved murders and disappearances of Native women in North America. There's not even another reasonable explanation in most cases.

No. 1283367

Police are very likely serial killers in general, and even if they get caught it’s a boys club and they will cover it up. It’s disgusting because it happens all the time. I just watched a video of a cop being convicted of killing his wife, and the cops interrogating acted much more upset he was found guilty and he wasn’t going to be a cop anymore than his poor wife being murdered. The Golden State Killer was a cop so just imagine what these other sickos do behind closed doors. I’ve always hated cops and never trust them, neither should anyone. Cops being disgusting human beings is less conspiracy and more actual truth and reality.

No. 1283375

I've mostly seen the FAS sperging over on KF. It cracks me up when they bring it up in relation to deathfats and they nitpick the distance between their facial features as if that backs them up… like these are grotesquely fat people who have distorted their own features through sheer over indulgence. How can you tell when someone is over 500 pounds and just misshapen in general. Of course their face looks weird.

No. 1283403

Yes FASD is fake. The babies likes vodka, it makes them stronger.

No. 1283416

Not bait nonnie, just extremely mild sarcasm

No. 1283423

And in this case it's not kek. Go give your fetus some more gin to make him smart and wise like his mother.

No. 1283428

I don’t think alcohol is good for pregnant women to drink, I think it will make them more susceptible to all kinds of physical/behavioural conditions. I just don’t think FAS in itself is a unique condition that can be distinguished from other overlapping illnesses.

No. 1283462

There is a dark and suicidal energy around the Safiya Nygaard YouTube channel

No. 1283475

I'm intrigued, please explain.

No. 1283482

No. 1283488

File: 1659205407928.jpg (186.28 KB, 1000x702, 980683b6c4a167daa74fb7fa6b9610…)

nta but there's this undercurrent of sadness that comes from her videos in the past few years, she seems exhausted cause she's run out of ideas and likely spends days thinking of when next to do
basically picrel

No. 1283518

I see what your talking about, I wish she stopped those mixing videos. They don't show off her creativity and are being made for the algorithm, she needs to take a long break and look at her old videos for inspiration.

No. 1283577

Because african muslims and asian muslims don’t consume monkey meat, are you dumb?

No. 1283580

So what’s wrong for a celebrity youtuber to get a normal job in retail or food industry like the rest of us

No. 1283594

I think youtubers have gotten too used to a certain lifestyle, working a regular job won't pay off their luxury mansions

No. 1283672

That's sus why do you think that the wwest is the only place allowed to have meat?

No. 1283722

It seems like she got frozen in time emotionally in 2015-2016. She just comes off directionless and passionless and has this constant like “smiling through the pain” energy to her.

No. 1284042

Huh wonder what got deleted, I see this thread bumped to the top a lot without posts. It's almost like this janny is hiding shit.

No. 1284058

The jannies aren’t hiding shit—check meta.

No. 1284060


No. 1284061

You can bump a thread and then delete the post just to bump it. And the tranny's posts have been getting deleted, plus anons can post something and decide to delete it for whatever reason.

No. 1285846

They dont have to accompany whites supremacists
Many turks consider themselves whites in the same sense as germanic nazis

Some jews also have a gentile goy superiority thing going on

Pakis consider themselves superior to dark skinned indians because first they are muslims who subjugated them and secondly they think they are whites or white passing (remember pakichan and her "do i pass as a white and whole varg thing"

Hispanics considers themselves Europeans and think themselves not as whatever combination of native or Spanish but how high percentage of Spanish

They dont necessarily have to assimilate with whites
Look it up, another rabbit hole of racists and right wing tards

No. 1285852

NTA but I do it sometimes. I see very wrong shit, but then decide better than responding and getting into a debate. Not the jannies there, just me deciding to use my time better.

No. 1285853

Are you schizo or paki chan
I am not romani

No. 1285861

The word salads are from the tranny. Just report and ignore.

No. 1285874

are you an anon who hasn't checked in for a while? Wondering what is going on? Well, for the past couple of days, a schizo pedo troon has been having a major episode here on lolcow, mostly on /meta/, /ot/ and the MTF thread. If you have witnessed any of the following:

>sperging about "UH", "Kuz", elaine, and kiwifarms

>CP/monkey torture spams
>anime avatarfagging
>random youtube music links
>complete wordsalads
>complaint about jannies and radfems
>laughable larping as an oldfag and misuse of lcf lingo
>running gayops on himself like doxing his own family members in hopes of framing others

then you have just spotted the schizo pedo troon. If at any point you see anons arguing with each other over something absolutely incomprehensible and are wondering if you've missed anything important, fear not. That is just the schizo pedo troon samefagging again to try to sir up concern amongst the uninformed. Thankfully, now you are informed. So next time you see any of the above, do your duty and ignore it.

If you see other anons acting confused, copy and paste this Public Service Announcement so that they too, may be informed.

/////This concludes the Public Service Announcement./////

No. 1285876

Case and point right below you
>>you idiots
It forgets it’s supposed to be larping. Just ignore it and stay on topic

No. 1286236

File: 1659412792920.png (179.09 KB, 917x871, AECFE75E-83B9-4A10-82F5-5A08A7…)

Why is everyone catching Covid again, and a ir something I should be worried about?
Everyone is vaccinated and all the vaccinated people are getting it of course.
I’m not and I’m not sure if I’ve ever got it yet

No. 1286245

omicron is just way more contagious and vaccines are less effective against it. but it’s way less severe. i’m not vaxxed (didn’t want the period side effects) and got covid this past month and it was mostly like bad strep with a mild fever for a few days, for most people it’s like a cold tho. covid has been running rampant all year but since it’s so mild now it’s not a huge deal. i wouldn’t be too worried anon

No. 1286328

>period side effects
wait what are those??? what

No. 1286335

New variant just dropped

No. 1286459

has anybody else been bombarded with content about hyper sweating on youtube shorts lately? everybody in the comments on those also says they are bombarded with it and i know it's not because of my activity because i don't engage with that and i click 'do not recommend' but it always comes back. with all of the food recalls we know companies won't think twice about poisoning people maybe they are trying to normalize some possible side effects of chemically fucked food

No. 1286463

nta but it can make your period longer, according to what a lot of women have reported.

No. 1286464

Wondering about this as well, it’s a bit weird since Omicron has been around for a while & there wasn’t any lockdown where i live since early 2021.
I have a few relatives in healthcare and they’ve all said the symptoms are more severe which matches with my experience. I got the new variant a few weeks back along with way back for comparison. I have been unvaxxed all this time and the new one is way, way worse.

No. 1286570

>I don’t promote veganism for the west
I’d love to hear your explanation behind this considering that the west, specifically Burgerland, has some of the most accessiblility when it comes to plant based proteins and vegan alternatives to dead animals compared to other countries just as a result of capitalist excess. pretty much every grocery store nowadays including Walmart sells entire sections of vegan alternatives. the west arguably has some of the worst animal agriculture for the same reason, with things like McDonalds pink slime being brushed over as the norm because Americans barely even know where their food comes from, let alone that it is almost always an unholy amalgamation of thousands of hormone pumped, pus filled corpses bred in confined spaces to die. The west out of all of the places in the world has the biggest reason to go vegan considering even the majority of their plant agriculture is only grown to feed and sustain the outrageous and wasteful animal agriculture. Makes 0 sense to defend eating animals in the West when the Wests animal waste as a whole contributes so much to not just worldwide health issues with the planet and environment but American health issues and hormonal imbalances.

No. 1286572

I feel like more people are catching monkeypox at an alarming rate and the western/US gov does not give a fuckkk

No. 1286578

The quality of food is steeply dropping and price is rising. It tastes so different and has different texture and smell. I wouldn't buy any processed food nowadays.

No. 1286630

Do you live under a rock? So many women have had period side effects (and probably fertility issues) after the vaccine. Either the period disappears for a while or stays for longer (months even). It's been called "anxiety" by every doctor until recently, but in reality it's the vaccine fucking you up.

No. 1286656

File: 1659453154562.jpeg (134.71 KB, 640x501, F8F39B99-65F7-4A7A-8C2E-050AEB…)

Idk I think the other nons are right. I would wary of the caretakers of any children who contracted it.
This is why woke-ism sucks. You can’t say something is a gay man STD when it basically is, gay men get sick and die cause they don’t want to be offended and child rapists go unidentified because people are too afraid to speak out

This article is about California and Illinois calling a state of emergency over it

No. 1286668

>This is why woke-ism sucks. You can’t say something is a gay man STD when it basically is, gay men get sick and die cause they don’t want to be offended and child rapists go unidentified because people are too afraid to speak out
For real, it's laughably stupid that they are more worried about offending gay men than they are about hiding the info from them and getting more of them ill. Really shows how performative it all is

No. 1286673

gay men are getting it more easily because it’s just more easy to get from anal sex because it allows for such close contact with the pustules. you will still get monkeypox just from hugging someone repeatedly, sleeping in the same bed with someone, sharing a blanket, etc.

in african countries where monkeypox originates, half the people with it are kids, plenty of women have it. monkeypox is by definition not a sexually transmitted disease.

monkeypox is also at a huge risk of spreading throughout schools and daycare centers like wildfire because children touch without discretion and barely keep clean. this isn’t like aids

No. 1286675

with this said i agree it’s retarded you can’t even acknowledge that it’s mostly gay men affected outside africa, because people are terrified of another aids crisis where the government and masses shrug once they realize mostly gay people are affected and leave them all behind. because in this case it’s not sexually transmitted and others actually still are at risk, and we should care about it even if we weren’t at risk

No. 1286676

File: 1659453996011.png (172.87 KB, 672x572, Screen Shot 2022-08-02 at 11.2…)


No. 1286677

>we should care about it
we could use less people on this earth

No. 1286682

its just not true though. the original few variants of covid up to delta were the worst ones. omicron onward has been by definition less contagious and less severe. viruses generally follow a pattern of becoming more contagious and less severe because that is the ideal condition for spreading. if your hosts are dying or unable to function it allows for less spreading. it doesn’t attack the lungs in the same way original variants did, and is largely inflammatory. the vast majority of people with variants from omicron onward are hardly effected more than a flu or cold. death rates are extremely low. it’s possible it was more severe for you because your body is sensitive to inflammation more than most.



No. 1286688

Nta but fuck that, im not about to get sick at uni because some faggots can't keep themselves in check. We absolutely should care, if not for the women that inadvertently get infected because of untruthful and unclean people.

No. 1286694

that’s a silly green fascist mindset, sorry eugenics-chan but antinatalism is gay

No. 1286726

very black and white thinking. being aware of carrying capacity doesn't make someone an ecofascist.

No. 1286730

quality over quantity

No. 1286733

someone’s right to live isn’t rooted in their subjective “worth” as a cog in the machine.

No. 1286750

>a 22-year-old man who had recently returned from the United Arab Emirates

No. 1286762

File: 1659457776603.jpeg (100.48 KB, 740x420, image-39038.jpeg)

raping the planet to feeds more mouths, very based!

No. 1286765

File: 1659458049383.png (132.29 KB, 1964x300, Screen Shot 2022-08-02 at 12.3…)

fuck trees amiright

No. 1286807

Nta but congestion like that can be solved with better infrastructure, as can many other land/space issues in the urban areas of developing countries. The majority of planet raping is done to feed and entertain a minority of the global population, who won’t suddenly stop if people they don’t know die/aren’t born.

This is a shoddily written article, are you trying to argue Nigeria doesn’t have any nature reserves, I bet money it does.

No. 1286891

Silly Nona, the only way to control population growth is to just let people get seriously sick. There definitely isn't other ways!

No. 1286906

>just live in commieblock pods, that'll solve the problems
Look at China, with rivers foaming over with chemicals, the sky blacked out with smog, and the soil poisoned with heavy metals; if there were half as many Chinese people, there wouldn't be nearly as much pollution (albeit, their population is slowly dropping). Look at India with its 'sacred' river full of trash and corpses; again, if there weren't a billion Indians, there wouldn't be nearly as much of a problem. Africans are set to become a third of the global population within the next century, and yet they're perpetually starving and dying of disease. The only thing sustaining Africa's population growth is western altruism; we keep feeding them and sending doctors to treat their diseases, and that keeps fueling the growth. If we stopped sending aid to Africa and enacted birth control policies on third-world populations that produce the most pollution, we would dramatically reduce environmental damage, conserve resources, and places like Africa would have local populations able to sustain themselves without outside help.
All our circuit boards, chips, cpus in your phone and car, etc. require rare earth metals. We're already fighting over the supply of these and it's dwindling in some cases. We really do only have one planet and every African having 12 children while global industrialization occurs is not sustainable. Especially because individual nations will seek to use carbon to gain advantages for their own societies at the detriment to the greater planet.Factory farming, zero hour contracts & deteriorating public services are all exacerbated by artificially inflating the population. Bike lanes and studio apartments won't solve this.

No. 1286920

kek, half of this thread is just fascist dogwhistles, good grief.

No. 1286925

>and enacted birth control policies on third-world populations
okay hitler

No. 1286951

File: 1659467971811.jpeg (26.49 KB, 540x467, 1584639916963.jpeg)

>ur literally hitler if you think women in the third world shouldn't be having 9 kids
anyway, hope monke does her thing

No. 1286953

be honest and call yourself a fascist.

No. 1286959

It's true as scary as it sounds to people. We are the problem and the most effective solution is less people. We have the instinct to make more of us and care about preserving others lives, but from a Planet's point of view it doesn't matter. It will always be a dilema because most people aren't able to see things from Planet's perspective and admit they are the problem too.

No. 1286960

lmao I have literally argued about this with 4chinners who called me a soros/bill gates tier one world leftist for wanting to slow global fertility down
and to be honest? I don't care what either side screeches.

No. 1286966

idc what poltards call you. eugenics is fascist and those neolibs are evil too.

No. 1286980

I don't care if this makes me "fascist" lmao, sorry for caring about the planet and not wanting women in the global south to stay illiterate breeding cows.

No. 1286984

I don't think all eugenics is fascism though, right

No. 1286990

ummmm based

No. 1286998

Nona is right.

No. 1287024

Funny how you focus on the average person's consumption, which is quite tiny in comparison to massive businesses. Never mind that the west has a massive role in polluting the third world. Shell can cause oil spills all over the place, nobody gives a shit. Also the best way to lower the birthrate is to provide education to women. So instead of setting up draconian population control laws, which are per definition extremely authoritarian, you could just you know, give women more freedom and education? The "western altruism" thing is a myth anyway, dumping shitty cheap products on their markets and undercutting small local business and farmers isn't altruism.

No. 1287043

>which is quite tiny in comparison to massive businesses
who do you think these businesses' serve?
>the west has a massive role in polluting the third world
This is whataboutism. Do you think people in the global south are just staying inside their villages with zero technology, riding animals to get from point a to point b? They also benefit from deforestation, precious metal mining, etc. They're industrializing too, causing more environmental disasters like the ones you mentioned, and eventual wars over resources.
Also how is western altruism a myth, when Sub-Saharan Africa was historically very sparsely populated? North Africa was always more populated than them because North Africans developed farming, whereas SSA were still in the iron age (this isn't an insult, it's literally true, they were in their iron tool period even during the 1600's). They didn't learn the technology of irrigation until after it was introduced by Europeans.
Their population spiked because of western medicine, western aid, and westerners working their land, that they had previously been unable to do.
Africa, and the rest of the world, has never been as populated as it is now, and you think this is natural? It's artificial growth, everyone is having TOO MANY kids, it's really that simple.

No. 1287050

File: 1659472300263.png (5.76 KB, 218x124, images.png)

Nona don't bother that is an autistic poltard who truly think the west is the beacon of humankind and they're the beacon of the west. We need more quality pregnancies, we as a word could use a few thousands less of speds true but they're moving the goalpost on purpose because if anything they're the ones that should be stopped. It's western elites that encourages poor education in the global south so they indeed stay poor. And is western speds who keep reproducing and breaking western countries welfare systems. USA alone experienced a massive increase of autism, THAT is the dead weight of the world. Not the third worlders who grow their soy and manufacture their Funko Pops.

No. 1287054

i agree with you and it’s tragic that poltards can never see that corporations are directly responsible for almost all pollution and deforestation in a viscous cycle of shoveling more money in for themselves. that anon will not listen, she goes in multiple threads to shill the idea that the west are the saviors of the world and everyone else is dependent on the west to survive because they’re just not as smart as westerners. lots of antisemitism and other stupid eugenics propaganda from the same poster regularly as well.

No. 1287063

do you know how your phone is made?
you're so clueless and vomiting random buzzfeed talking points lmao

No. 1287067

not just the west, the east too.

No. 1287069

>that infographic
Not sure how accurate that is but I kind of think people are being misdiagnosed as high-functioning autistic when they just have some extreme form of adhd from screen/internet addiction and anime brainrot, and no one is shaming them into improving themselves because now we have to embrace all weirdos and never judge.

No. 1287071

phone bad, so true, i’m responsible for all the suffering in the global south, thank you fascist i’ve seen the way and now want mass genocide of poor people.

No. 1287091

File: 1659474695088.png (3.63 MB, 1772x1180, Screen Shot 2022-08-02 at 5.12…)

people were thinking like me before the internet even existed but ok lol
you don't need to be a basement dwelling white supremacist weeb to look at pic rel and be like "damn maybe they should have a one child rule"

No. 1287202

>M-muh i'm not really autistic!!!!
Cope harder. Autism is a genetic disorder not a subjetive internal thing like anxiety that can be faked. We don't need a genocide or any of that gay shit your kind dreams of, with education and maybe castrate the geriatric whores that keep pumping kids after 40 with their expired semen is more than enough.
The problems of the west were caused by the westerners themselves tbh. Burgers saw that they had a 800% rising of autism in the last 20yrs and go "huh. This is the fault of those pesky chinese and russians" like it makes any sense.

No. 1287217

What are you talking about? I didn’t say autism doesn’t exist at all I just said that it’s over diagnosed (like adhd and depression), I don’t have autism, and I’m not white or a weeb kek.

No. 1287219

nta but there are no biomarkers for autism and the same exact symptoms can easily be conditioned at any age through trauma and anxiety. the diagnostic criteria changes over time and the dsm is a bible for retards like yourself who think every disorder is a hardwired fact instead of deeply influenced by environment, culture, etc. there are people diagnosed with autism as kids who end up completely normal and people who were normal kids who get diagnosed with autism when older.
there is not a single biological or physical marker that can prove the presence or absence of autism. if there were, autists would be going to neurologists for a single test and not be in the hands of psychiatrists for long periods of time to do verbal and written quizzes asking on a scale of 1-10 how awkward and uncoordinated they consider themselves with inquiries from the parents on the patient’s socializing and interests.

No. 1287247

We need to get back to 1-2 billion people on the planet like it was historically

No. 1287264

There are physical markings though at least with boys

No. 1287274

Like what

No. 1287286

Studies show specifically eyes and mid face have a certain look on male children with autism. To me the eyes are obvious when they’re adults. It’s the spacing and outer corners.

No. 1287291

If there was no autism, there wouldn’t be any cows to laugh at and sites like Lolcow and kf would’ve never existed.

No. 1287302

No. 1287307

Idk where you live but people here actually need a neurologist appointment for a diagnosis for any developmental disorder.
And call it autism, call it mental retardation like it was 50 years ago, but it's a biological reality. Or very linked to generic factors if you will. It is estimated that it has a 80% of genetic influence compared to other factors. The issue is that is not a single gene or a small group of genes unlike with other illnesses, it's very heterogeneous. There is a social influence (i.e drug consumption,any mother's illnesses while pregnant, ect) as any other illness sure but clearly it's different from kids getting memed into hikkimori and having no social skills for being terminally online. That is what i was trying to say.
Obviously this is still being studied and could be debunked at any time but also at least where i live psychologists generally shy away from autistic patients (It's not great tho. Autistic people can still be traumatized, having depression and anxiety like any person) because it is more similar to a biological illness than to a mental illness. If they're keeping them dealing with psychiatrists and psychologists is mostly because monetary gains as they're lifelong patients. And if they recover later in life ("recovering" is not just coping better) they were not autistic that is akin to say that someone can recover from any other generic disorder. I'm not trying to infight and i also think the DSM is full of bullshit for trying to blur the diagnosis when neuroscience is trying to make it as concrete as possible.Neuroscience is also criticized for its eagerness to make everything biological related and concrete when the average human existence isn't like that. There are many socially influenced mental illnesses, is just that autism is not one of those and is not really a "mental illness" too.

No. 1287308

You wouldn't be a part of your own eugenic fantasies. Let it go.

No. 1287313

just say you hate the planet and go

No. 1287318

File: 1659485582582.jpg (106.07 KB, 800x450, future.jpg)

>The tinfoil thread without constant debates over whether human beings are bad for having children

No. 1287326

no hope

No. 1287328

>crying and shitting and vomiting because I'm saying thirdies would be better off not having 10 kids

No. 1287329

It wouldn't have any problem with antinatalist if they weren't so racist kek

No. 1287331

if germans and koreans were having 9 kids and living in their own high crime, polluted hellscapes, I'd say the same thing
but they're not

No. 1287339

Nta but phone addiction and a lot of other things can affect your brain and neuro scans

No. 1287392

Smells like smegma. Anyways men raping and killing and financially abusing women caused overpopulation so the solution would be stop birthing more men and sterilize the aggressive misogynistic existing men.

No. 1287394

that’s not an actual biomarker lol. plenty of normal people with wide eyes exist. and the other anon sperging about how autism = retardation seems to have completely forgotten asperger’s is considered autism now.

No. 1287505

I think the rise of the whole breeding kink thing was astroturfed by the government or something in an attempt to curb population decline. They went on fanfic sites and porn sites and whatnot and just churned out a bunch of breeding fetish stuff in an attempt condition the younger generations (who are much more resistant to having kids than older generations, for a variety of reasons) into finding pregnancy desirable.

No. 1287508

Didn't say it was a biomarker but it does exist within them. People wth albinism aren't the only ones with light blonde hair but you wouldn't say it isn't a trait.

No. 1287527

No shit? I think the whole creampie thing was bigger than breeding kink in brainwashing ppl to have kids. It also made sure the narcotisizing and feel good chemicals in semen got into the woman's bloodstream and vaginal flora. Dickmatized is real. Ppl go on about how gut bacteria determines most of your emotions and desires, yet don't even touch on how getting semen in vagina/anus could influence women. The male immune system doesn't touch the balls so all disease and viruses and parasites are free to live there, literally injecting women with poison.

No. 1287531

Oh absolutely. There are so many agents deep in their online larp sharing the submissive and breedable memes.

No. 1287552

Oh definitely, or brainwashing people (moids) into thinking attraction completely revolves around fertility even though they never cared about it beforehand and fapped almost exclusively to anorexic druggies with implants.its almost ironic since men are never expected to show signs of youthful fertility but men will just randomly comment on how fertile they think a woman is without being asked.

I also noticed a lot of "I hate kids" folk randomly turned into people who are dying to breed. Like then what? Do you plan to just dump your baby off somewhere once you successfully breed? Men who are believe women are "ruined" if they have kids contribute to this since they will just go to woman to woman to breed instead of sticking around, this makes for more kids since they'll get other women pregnant while their current SO is pregnant

No. 1287581

That is neocolonialism. China does it too, but people have an easier time pointing out how China traps African countries into indentured servitude via debt, instead of just using the area as a dumping ground for subpar products and oil spills like the west. Why does the Netherlands need more pigs than people, just to feed China and dump the sus iffy shit on African markets to kill off any independence? How is that altruistic? The change in consumption is heavily assisted by the west encouraging it. The increased birthrate is mainly caused by the fact that just like Europeans just 70 years ago, they'd have 9 kids to make up for the ones that would inevitably die. Problem is that they kept doing that, while the risk of dying got lower and women stayed relatively uneducated with a lack freedom. Add to that the poverty and lazy men require women and children to do the work. An example off the top of my head: Indonesia lowered their birth rate by almost half just by encouraging education and family planning. It's a shit country, don't get me wrong, but no need for the west to swoop in to enforce sterilization and without Draconian one child policy. Yeah people consume, but ever heard of induced demand? Or how new things become integrated to the point you can't function in society without it, because you need it for everything? People consume more also because of advertisements, lobbying, corruption etc. It's easy to first get a populace hooked on something and then blame them for depending on it. It's not whataboutism, I'm trying to say you have a simplistic view. Companies would literally provide free phones and shit to create a consumer base. Also while the west invented the chainsaw to "help" with childbirth, there were tribes with relatively safe C section procedures where women actually had a shot at surviving. Exchange of medical info is a necessary two way street. All those fancy western tools just to kill and torture women, meanwhile the "savages" of 1600 at least knew how to perform a C section without guaranteeing death of the mother. The west also killed off medical knowledge through witch hunts, as if that's not retarded. The west just became magically "enlightened" and that totally proves superiority. Totally not the case that the "enlightenment" was a misogynistic psy op for men to take women's inventions and accomplishments. Or even how the western scrotes coming up with muh freedom and equality ideologies (Voltaire, Marx, Engels, Diderot etc) were literally inspired by native Americans, which they heard about from a guy larping as native American (like a historical weeb, Lewis Henry Morgan). The narrarive that the West is always superior and we "saved the savages" through (neo)colonialism and that they should be grateful is a false one. The only good parts about the enlightenment were literally stolen from western women, indigenous people and a lot of propaganda shitting on the previous age, hoping nobody notices that the Byzantine Empire (&others) actually had better healthcare and that it was basically reinventing the wheel.

No. 1287593

>there were tribes with relatively safe C section procedures where women actually had a shot at surviving.
Not any of the anons above but I'm curious about this, is there more info? It makes me think about how we make pregnant women give birth on their back while it would be better for the woman to stand or squat.

No. 1287631

File: 1659518051972.jpg (256.09 KB, 1116x709, fetalneonatal-1999-May-80-3-F2…)

>“So far as I know, Uganda is the only country in Central Africa where abdominal section is practised with the hope of saving both mother and child. The operation is performed by men, and is sometimes successful; at any rate, one case came under my observation in which both survived. It was performed in 1879 at Kahura. The patient was a fine healthy-looking young woman of about twenty years of age. This was her first pregnancy … The woman lay upon an inclined bed, the head of which was placed against the side of the hut. She was liberally supplied with banana wine, and was in a state of semi-intoxication. She was perfectly naked. A band of mbuga or bark cloth fastened her thorax to the bed, another band of cloth fastened down her thighs, and a man held her ankles. Another man, standing on her right side, steadied her abdomen (fig 1). The operator stood, as I entered the hut, on her left side, holding his knife aloft with his right hand, and muttering an incantation. This being done, he washed his hands and the patient’s abdomen, first with banana wine and then with water. Then, having uttered a shrill cry, which was taken up by a small crowd assembled outside the hut, he proceeded to make a rapid cut in the middle line, commencing a little above the pubes, and ending just below the umbilicus. The whole abdominal wall and part of the uterine wall were severed by this incision, and the liquor amnii escaped; a few bleeding-points in the abdominal wall were touched with a red-hot iron by an assistant. The operator next rapidly finished the incision in the uterine wall; his assistant held the abdominal walls apart with both hands, and as soon as the uterine wall was divided he hooked it up also with two fingers. The child was next rapidly removed, and given to another assistant after the cord had been cut, and then the operator, dropping his knife, seized the contracting uterus with both hands and gave it a squeeze or two. He next put his right hand into the uterine cavity through the incision, and with two or three fingers dilated the cervix uteri from within outwards. He then cleared the uterus of clots and the placenta, which had by this time become detached, removing it through the abdominal wound. His assistant endeavoured, but not very successfully, to prevent the escape of the intestines through the wound. The red-hot iron was next used to check some further haemorrhage from the abdominal wound, but I noticed that it was very sparingly applied. All this time the chief “surgeon” was keeping up firm pressure on the uterus, which he continued to do till it was firmly contracted. No sutures were put into the uterine wall. The assistant who had held the abdominal walls now slipped his hands to each extremity of the wound, and a porous grass mat was placed over the wound and secured there. The bands which fastened the woman down were cut, and she was gently turned to the edge of the bed, and then over into the arms of assistants, so that the fluid in the abdominal cavity could drain away on to the floor. She was then replaced in her former position, and the mat having been removed, the edges of the wound, i.e. the peritoneum, were brought into close apposition, seven thin iron spikes, well polished, like acupressure needles, being used for the purpose, and fastened by string made from bark cloth. A paste prepared by chewing two different roots and spitting the pulp into a bowl was then thickly plastered over the wound, a banana leaf warmed over the fire being placed on the top of that, and, finally, a firm bandage of mbugu cloth completed the operation.
>Until the pins were placed in position the patient had uttered no cry, and an hour after the operation she appeared to be quite comfortable. Her temperature, as far as I know, never rose above 99.6°F, except on the second night after the operation, when it was 101o F, her pulse being 108.
>The child was placed to the breast two hours after the operation, but for ten days the woman had a very scanty supply of milk, and the child was mostly suckled by a friend. The wound was dressed on the third morning, and one pin was then removed. Three more were removed on the fifth day, and the rest on the sixth. At each dressing fresh pulp was applied, and a little pus which had formed was removed by a sponge formed of pulp. A firm bandage was applied after each dressing. Eleven days after the operation the wound was entirely healed, and the woman seemed quite comfortable. The uterine discharge was healthy. This was all I saw of the case, as I left on the eleventh day. The child had a slight wound on the right shoulder; this was dressed with pulp, and healed in four days.”
They had been doing this long before western colonists even came there. They only found out about this in 1876, meanwhile the west invented the chainsaw around that same time, because the church said that the woman has to actually birth the child, so instead of performing C sections, just remove the pelvic bone. All without anesthesia, because the church says women have to suffer. At least Africans had the decency to give some banana wine.

No. 1287632

I tagged the wrong post, but you know what I mean

No. 1287637

File: 1659518558027.jpg (43.04 KB, 792x438, chainsaw.jpg)

The first chainsaw used for symphysiotomies. Between 1944 and 1987, 1500 women in Ireland were given this procedure without their consent. But the west is so enlightened and not backwards like those barbarians!

No. 1287700

>"In 2014 an investigation was established under Judge Harding Clark to allow the Ex-gratia Payment. In October 2016, this body published their report establishing that this procedure was used only rarely, and in very difficult labours. She found no evidence to support the claim that a symphysiotomy caused lifelong disability or suffering. Nevertheless, women who had the procedure were awarded compensation. The report found that at least one third of women claiming to have suffered from having the procedure never had symphysiotomies. Although these claimants were denied compensation, others with weak evidence received pay-outs. Judge Harding Clark stated 'I believe that early uncritical reliance on medical reports led me to make awards where it is highly probable that no symphysiotomy was performed.'"

Shut the fuck up nonnie

No. 1287734

>Regarding the issue of consent, based on the evidence available to the Department of Health, it appears that in a number of cases the procedure was carried out without a woman's knowledge or consent.
You think this is okay? Those are her own words. Also the judge judged based on this
>The majority made a good recovery and went on to have normal pregnancies and deliveries and to lead a full life.
Which is the same reason why the catholic church prefers them over c-sections. Is that all there is to a full life, whether you can get pregnant? Do incontinence and gait issues not matter? Shouldn't women have had a choice? Also a lot of the women were traumatized by those hospitals. From a victim
>For six months, she was in agony, unable to walk without pain or to carry her baby safely. She moved back to County Monaghan to live with her parents. Despite all that, at her six-week check-up, she told the doctor that she was fine. “There was no way I was going back in the hospital,” she says. “I was so frightened. I wasn’t taking the risk that he would take me in again.”
>In many cases, she says, women saw the word episiotomy – a surgical cut of the tissue between the vagina and anus – on their records and equated it with symphysiotomy.
From the judge again. Which is also a problematic procedure, overdone in many cases without consent.
>Detailed examination of contemporaneous medical records failed to find evidence of a religious – as opposed to an obstetric – reason when the operation was performed, she says.
Yeah because people always put their politics and religion clearly in official records, even though it does influence their decisions. Yeah that never happens! Not like the constitution almost required them to perform the procedure! Just no clue why it happened in Ireland so much more often than in other areas.
From Associate Professor of History at the College of Charleston, holds degrees from Boston College and Brandeis University. Her research analyzes women, gender, and culture in nineteenth- and twentieth-century Ireland, Britain, and the British Empire, with a particular focus on the history of reproduction, pregnancy, and childbirth.
>This worldview complicated the practice of Cesarean sections, which were thought at the time to be tantamount to contraception (popular medical opinion asserted that a woman could only undergo 3 or 4 C-sections in a lifetime). In a culture that vehemently opposed any limitation to childbearing capabilities, the Cesarean section was viewed as an unsatisfactory and even untenable option. While most of their peers in Europe and the US had discounted symphysiotomy, then, Irish physicians, particularly in the 1950s, preferred its use in challenging deliveries.
Judges or doctor can never make mistakes, be ideologically motivated or trying to cover things up! Really funny how after that ruling they decided to destroy the medical records too. Also before you come with the "they just waited too long!" excuse, from an UN submission
>The vast majority of women were operated upon during labour. This cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment was inflicted on women during an extended period of extreme vulnerability. Women scheduled for symphysiotomy were obliged to labour for as long as it took, up to two days in some cases, for their cervixes to dilate to the degree laid down by medical policy. Even by the standards of the time, such labours were arduous. Babies occasionally died while staff waited for labour to ‘progress’. Women in the height of labour were then set upon in the labour ward, and had their symphyses severed, generally without prior notice.
>The surgery was initially carried out under general anaesthetic, but the policy changed in 1952: henceforth, in the fetal interest, the surgery was to be performed under local anaesthetic.
This is fine to you, right?
>Symphysiotomy was also carried out before and after labour. Women subjected to antenatal symphysiotomy were forced to endure the final weeks of their pregnancy in severe pain, unable to walk. Admitted to hospital at 40 weeks, their babies were extracted by forceps under general anaesthetic. In other recorded cases, doctors carried out symphysiotomy in the aftermath of Caesarean section on patients who were under general anaesthetic. They, too, endured severe post-operative pain following this second, and wholly unjustified, operation, which brought its own lifealtering consequences.
Fine, right?
>The Walsh Report justified the general practice of forced symphysiotomy and, ignoring Ireland’s 1937 Constitution and the judgment of the Irish Supreme Court, found, wrongly, that patient consent to medical treatment was not then or now (2014) a general legal requirement.
Patient consent not being a legal requirement, completely fine, right?
>The government’s ex gratia payment scheme was introduced without any admission of wrongdoing. The scheme therefore failed to meet the criterion for an
effective remedy. Victims living outside the Irish jurisdiction were effectively denied access to restitution: the scheme closed after 20 days, a time limit without precedent in Ireland for such administrative arrangements. Contrary to the recommendations made by UN treaty bodies, individualised assessment was out ruled. A single assessor was given sole discretion, unfettered by independent oversight or a right of appeal. Women were silenced: the scheme’s terms excluded oral evidence and written survivor testimony was generally ignored. Independent medical reports were similarly discounted.
Does this sound fair?
>The scheme’s insistence on medical records, mostly unobtainable after half a century, led to further grave injustices. These were compounded by the scheme’s reliance on proofs of surgery and disability that were known to be invalid. Modern x-rays were used to assess claims related to acts of surgery carried out some forty to fifty years previously. These images were used to rule out prior symphysiotomy, although the scheme had previously established that
recent x-rays could not be relied upon for this purpose. Many applicants, whose medical notes recorded the performance of symphysiotomy, were found, wrongly, to have ‘no evidence’ of the operation, based on an initial blind reading of their modern x-rays by readers unaware of the existence of these proofs of surgery.
From Irish Times March 7th 2016
>The redress scheme, headed by former High Court judge Maureen Harding Clark, recently said on its website it would destroy all the applicants' records unless it was informed by February 29th that they wished to have them returned. On February 26th, however, following submissions by the group Survivors of Symphysiotomy (SOS), the scheme said applicants would be given until March 20th to decide what they wish to happen to their records. Plan to destroy In a letter published in today's Irish Times, 17 people, including respected human rights lawyers, historians and data protection experts, urge the former judge to reconsider the plan to destroy them.
Last week
>Irish symphysiotomy survivors welcome UN's call for criminal investigation
This story isn't over

No. 1287916

>The operation is performed by men, and is sometimes successful
So that had poor results too? How strong would banana wine be to make the woman not aware of the pain of someone cutting her open, squeezing her spasming uterus, and apparently failing to contain her intestines? Don't get me wrong, procedures in the west were gruesome and it's impressive that they were able to perform C-sections in Uganda with what seemed to be simple equipment, but the text sounds a bit… surreal? How does someone grabbing a uterus with their bare hands not create some deadly infection?

No. 1287921

>I also noticed a lot of "I hate kids" folk randomly turned into people who are dying to breed.
I strongly believe the vast majority of people who have regretful parenting confessions just had breeding kinks and didn't think there was more too it than pregnancy. It's so obvious as well since they're often so vague on why they wanted kids in the first place.

No. 1287925

>I also noticed a lot of "I hate kids" folk randomly turned into people who are dying to breed
edgy libertarians of the 2010s turned into tradtards, it happened seamlessly. the same people championing gay rights in 2010 are the people saying queers are an abomination lol

No. 1288007

They also used the wine to clean their hands. It's pretty impressive to do in a hut and better than dying or symphysiotomy. Difference is that in the west they refused to use anesthetics even when they had access, meanwhile this is rowing with the oars you have got. It's so weird for everyone to act like this shit only was invented during the enlightenment, inhalation methods were used in the Middle Ages in Europe. The technique consisted of placement of a sponge soaked in juices of plants with hypnotic properties under the nose of the patient. They adopted this technique from Arabs, before that they also used alcohol. The survival rate of C sections in the west rose when they invented or rather reinvented anesthesia. In the west C sections post-enlightenment also often failed, because they didn't even try to wash their hands and did stupid shit which caused women to die from blood loss before infection even set in. In many ways post-enlightenment westerners were retarded when it came to cleanliness. Though I don't know if it's westerners per se, but more so western men. The first successful C section performed in the British empire, was done by a woman while she was in South Africa. It took germ theory and developing antibiotics on a large scale for everyone to catch on, meanwhile the antibiotic properties of things were known for longer by many cultures. Even prehistoric people made antibiotics, see tetracycline in Nubian beer. The ancient Egyptians and Jordanians used beer to treat gum disease and other ailments too. Successful surgeries have been performed since ancient times, even internal ones. Surgeries in the west were also performed without gloves until about half of last century.
>Halsted's disinterest in gloves was not due to carelessness: the Johns Hopkins chief surgeon was known to be a paragon of fastidiousness when it came to preventing wound infection. Using Robert Koch's bacteriological techniques, Halsted tested Joseph Lister's system of antisepsis, and, like the German scientist before him, he found it to be impossible to eliminate all bacteria in the wound through the use of antiseptics as recommended by Lister. There had to be a better way to eliminate wound infection. The key seemed to lie in the condition of the patient's wound and tissue. A clean wound and healthy, well circulated tissues would prevent those bacteria that were inevitably present in the wound from actually causing an infection. In one animal experiment, for example, Halsted intentionally introduced bacteria into the peritoneal cavity of dogs and noticed that no harm occurred as long as he carefully avoided any mechanical injury to the tissues. If he, however, bruised the tissue or cut off some small part of it from its blood supply, “a single bacterium…was able to multiply and cause a fatal peritonitis”, he reported. For Halsted, infection prophylaxis thus depended on using careful and gentle operating technique. Obstruction to the circulation produced by sutures and ligatures was “the immediate cause of suppuration in infected wounds”, he thought. Therefore, he put his focus on operative technique—as his first biographer William MacCallum put it, Halsted's procedures were “of mathematical precision, with healing almost as precisely ensured”. Thus, much of Halsted's infection prophylaxis was embodied in his surgical technique rather than in preventing contamination. Gloves were not high on his agenda, especially since wearing them would make it more difficult, if anything, to pursue his thorough operating style.
>A very different approach to dealing with wound infection was systemic and took vaccination as its model. In the decades before World War 1, some surgeons tried to create specific immunity against wound infection or to boost the patient's general immune defence before surgical operations. Johannes Mikulicz, for example, a leading German surgeon of the late 19th century, who, among other things, added the facemask to the surgical equipment, submitted his patients to a preoperative injection of nucleic acid which was supposed to increase their white blood cell count and strengthen their immune response. Such attempts were quite similar to antibiotic prophylaxis, as it was introduced a couple of decades later. So gloves represented by no means the only promising way to prevent wound infection. There were many alternatives around, and not going for gloves right away was quite rational for surgeons at the time.
Usually the intestines and bladder have to be moved to the side and aren't taken out during C-sections, maybe some of it popped out?

No. 1288636

JaidenAnimations came out as Asexual because she doesn't want to be paired with James, Domics or anyone else in the animation comunity, she also wants to stop all the porn made of her. Men in the animation comunity are often creeps, so I feel like Jaiden is trying to get away from them.

No. 1288828

File: 1659608157355.png (254.98 KB, 1818x886, Screenshot 2022-08-04 at 12.14…)

What the fuck is going on in Sri Lanka? It's very questionable that the WEF deleted the PM's article that included plans and values that aligned with the agenda of the WEF itself. An economic crisis ala Venezuela induced by multiple factors but attempted to be ameliorated by following WEF adjacent planning which further exacerbated the crisis.


No. 1288863

That sounds valid, sure.

No. 1288866

>performed by men
Why is it that males are so interested in butchering women open and tearing open our guts?

No. 1288883

Right? It's like we're animals ffs. There's no reason why this procedure should be performed by men who just emotionlessly poke around a woman's guts. Now fucking way that woman was "comfortable". That anon's trying so hard so whiteknight another gruesome procedure badly done on women.

No. 1288924

I think you might be suffering from Oikophobia

No. 1288946

Yeah pointing out how post-enlightenment scrotes stole the achievements of people before them, including western women, while also being critically retarded about things like handwashing and pretending like there were no scientific achievements for over 1000 years nowhere in the world (including in their own area), totally means I hate my own culture. That's all there is to culture.

No. 1288982

File: 1659621231274.jpg (74.75 KB, 1024x607, alex-jones-MSNBC-1024x607.jpg)


No. 1289175

kek at him finally admitting the truth that he's a lying scumbag?

No. 1289183

ntayrt but you should watch some of the clips of him at the trial, highlights include: him basically advertising brain force on the stand,
him shaking his head whilst of the parents directly confronts and addresses him in court,
him showing the judge his fucked up tooth to show her he's not chewing gum in court - he's just feeling his tooth hole with his tongue,
him arguing with the judge multiple times whilst she gets more irritated,
him arguing with some of the parents once the judge left the court room,
him being speechless after he finds out his stupid lawyer accidentally sent all his text messages from the last 2 years to the parents lawyers and didn't tell alex so he gets caught out in a lie in court… the list goes on, it's fucking fantastic

No. 1289187

i'm actually listening to the trial right now, i've been listening to it for the past hour and a half but i haven't gotten to such juicy parts yet. i'm excited. he's so fucking disgusting. i really hope the jury awards those parents crazy high money in damages that won't get reduced later on

No. 1289206

I'm giggling at the fucked up tooth. His Dad is a dentist that owns a bunch of dental chains in Texas (and maybe elsewhere). You'd think his Dad could help him out with that.

No. 1289249

To quote George Carlin, "The planet will be just fine, it's us people that are fucked".

No. 1289257

File: 1659640030686.jpeg (196.22 KB, 960x534, dce.jpeg)

He's so funny without trying to be, I wish he wasn't blacklisted from every social media platform

No. 1289310

Isn’t this obvious? All men hate, absolutely hate, women. I figure their hatred of us is even moreso when we do what they can’t and give birth to other humans. It probably reminds them of how useless they are or it makes them feel like the true life giver as the surgeon who assists with the procedure, hence why they’d want to kill off the actual life giver who gave birth to the child.

No. 1289343

no, the harm he causes is way more important in staving off than how unintentionally funny he may be. no laughs are worth this kind of damage he causes.

No. 1289368


No. 1289384

File: 1659649910317.jpg (64.75 KB, 640x413, LOL.jpg)

No. 1289439

Isn't there a conspiracy where some people think that tooth fillings have shit in them that spiritally dumbs you down.. something similar to the whole fluoride/pineal gland thing. Wouldn't want to risk his perfect mental state lol

No. 1289502

alex jones is literally controlled opposition who exists to make conspiracy theorists look retarded, him getting any publicity is terrible

No. 1290293

He didn’t lie about the gay frogs

No. 1290297

File: 1659684661010.jpeg (291.79 KB, 750x735, BAE2B133-0650-4A4B-850F-FE8392…)

It’s mercury/heavy metals which is harmful to the brain but not like, you get it and immediately get brain damage, though continuous exposure can lead to things like Alzheimer’s.
Speaking of Alzheimer’s, I don’t think this was posted and fraud and corruption aren’t really tinfoily, it’s rather known and accepted, but it does make me wonder what other drugs that are absolutely useless are being prescribed just because they bring in a lot of money
spoiler: all of them

No. 1290752

lmao nonnies i just watched more of the trial. alex jones attempts to halfheartedly apologize in an out of hand way, the parents lawyer intervenes and says that's not how this goes, and someone mentions their son is autistic (not sure who), alex jones then calls himself an autist too KEK
i don't think that's a conspiracy, most dentists do now recommend getting the heavy metal amalgam fillings replaced with the composite fillings because of the metal exposure over time. most insurance companies cover the replacement of the fillings because it's legit.

No. 1290783

Have you seen the Joe Rogan interview Alex Jones literally calls himself a retard and admits he’s stupid.

No. 1290989

File: 1659727605429.jpg (219.32 KB, 1440x1484, 12F.jpg)

Anyone else notice how almost ridiculously demonized Richard Nixon is compared to most other american political figure, Futurama, Teen Titans Go and pop culture in general doesn't just make fun of him, they demonize him as a cartoon villain but I actually did some of my own research and I was surprised to learn about his presidency
He tried to destroy the CIA. He passed rent control, increased pensions, created the EPA and more then that, he stopped a Nuclear exchange from China and the Soviet Union and worked with Mao and Deng to do market reforms in China.
Nixon, while not a great man, wasn't the cartoon villain popular media paints him as

No. 1291412

It's shit like that article that make me wish we had the death penalty. Humans (specifically men) keep proving they're scumbags who just want to hurt others for money.

No. 1291761

This, idk what's even the point of discussing him in the tinfoil thread of all places.

No. 1292002

you're more than welcome to start with yourself

No. 1292972

File: 1659881652946.jpg (506.92 KB, 800x600, d0aae68e-f09a-4b86-be71-8dfb32…)

Was watching a documentary about the opioid crisis in America. They mentioned the company Purdue Pharma and its owners, the Sackler family.
Obviously I had to look it up and they are exactly what you'd expect them to be.

Why is it always them?

No. 1292973

Um.. middle aged white people?

No. 1293527

The two old people look hella evil

No. 1293952

File: 1659938681689.jpg (47.95 KB, 634x803, jsackler.jpg)

On the topic of the Sacklers, did anyone else read the book about them, empire of pain? Joss Sackler came off as a bit cowish imo. She married into the family, started a 'feminist' wine-drinking club turned into a(n ugly) fashion label, and got into a feud with courtney love.

No. 1293995

99% sure she means jewish

No. 1294980

File: 1660018158863.jpg (299.49 KB, 827x823, please.jpg)

>look up early life section
okay this is starting to get really worrying, I swear I'm not some demented anti-semtie, I have Jewish friends but once you start noticing the amount of shit such a minority of the world's population is involved in, you can't unsee it

No. 1295040

My husband is half-Jewish and even he finds it concerning. Probably the type of temperament needed to make someone like that is genetically more common in Jewish people.

No. 1295056

I looked at this for half a second and thought I wrote it and didn't remember. That was uncanny.

No. 1295179

There's no such thing as half Jewish anon, it's passed down through your mother. If she's Jewish you're Jewish. No Jewish mother, not a jew. Sorry for pulling an ackshully, I don't mean to sound condescending or anything kek it's just a pet peeve of mine

No. 1295226

File: 1660039433530.jpg (954.69 KB, 1361x1860, uhhhhhhhwtfisthistrue.jpg)

So I was scrolling around a bit on 4chan, not something I do often because almost every thread and comment makes me lose even more faith in humanity, and men. But I occasionally see something interesting or learn about a new tinfoil I want to look into so I check it every now and then. And while I was there briefly tonight I saw this image in one of the threads.

No. 1295231

File: 1660039552550.png (257.39 KB, 1910x972, girlgames96archive.png)

So I checked for myself on web archive and saw that it's true, or not photoshopped at least

No. 1295234

File: 1660039664069.png (174.67 KB, 1912x912, currentmetronsite.png)

Second pic with Metron Studios website

No. 1295238

File: 1660039719007.png (606.86 KB, 1613x977, amidumbwtfdoesthismean.png)

And clicking the link "involved" brings this webpage

No. 1295246

File: 1660039926918.png (375.71 KB, 1908x1770, metronsite96and2007.png)

And that "homeland security involved in property rights" wasn't there until around 2007. I know it probably just means that they're stuff is copyrighted and they don't want anyone stealing it but it creeped me out because I used to play these games a lot around the ages of 8-11 in the early 2000's and now it feels very psyop-like to me. Am I being paranoid or is this weird?

No. 1295270

File: 1660041075816.png (515.55 KB, 1801x982, wtffff.png)

Holy shit I'm still scrolling through the archives of girlgames and what the fucking fuck happened to this site in 2006?!

No. 1295342

File: 1660044080606.png (2.27 MB, 1844x942, wtfffffffisthis.png)

Sorry for all the posts Nonas but I've been clicking around on all the links and archives and it just gets weirder and creepier.

No. 1295355

Um.. we need to start drawing and quartering any man that’s within a 500 mile radius of any girl.

No. 1295401

File: 1660045629075.png (140.72 KB, 1708x675, lauragroppe.png)

Agreed, what's even weirder is supposedly the Girls Intelligence Agency is run by this woman. But I'm sure she's just a friendly face for the "GIA" to stand behind because this shit is almost always run by old ass men.

No. 1295411

File: 1660045802294.png (717.51 KB, 1878x673, ew.png)

Like I'm not usually one to be very tinfoily but what is this shit and why is it tied to my childhood gaming website? Is everything in the world corrupted by pedophiles and companies doing anything to get money?

No. 1295420

Laura Groppe sounds like a joke name

No. 1295516

File: 1660048924282.png (346.66 KB, 1809x794, gia1.png)

Could be a fake name? I looked her up and I think that's the only photo of her online. The only profile she seems to have is a linkedin page with no photos that only lists her as the President of the Girls Intelligence Agency and the President of Girl Games Inc. It also lists her as a film producer from from 89 to 94 but still no photos on her IMDB page. There's a video of her with a panel of other women talking about getting girls into online gaming in the 90's but I'm not sure when it's dated, probably within the last 10 years. The link is here but I don't think she says much beyond the obvious, she saw an opening in the market for girl games and filled it. https://www.gdcvault.com/play/1024958/Girl-Games-of-the-1990s

But what's creepy is this article that celebrates her accomplishments where she basically admits that the start of girlgames.com was just a covert way to use the info collected from underaged girls to create products to sell to other buyers and profit off of, because it later turned into the Girls Intelligence Agency where she strait up says it's for "teenage girls to shape everything from movies to products."

No. 1295531

File: 1660049387066.png (1.07 MB, 1258x880, gia (2).png)

Okay sorry everyone last one I swear but this shit is so sad and creepy, once again my childhood is ruined.

No. 1295758

File: 1660060545871.jpeg (59.38 KB, 525x680, FZWiOBfXwAIoak_.jpeg)

i think an insane number of female athletes are actually moids
latest example: the basketballer imprisoned in russia
2,06m, 93kg, 34cm feet, an adam's apple and that voice… it's a man, simply as that.

No. 1295762

They usually are intersex men with undescended testes.

No. 1295763

Are those screenshots real? If she's actually trans wouldn't that have been mentioned by now? You'd think Russia would be all over that.

No. 1295765

Not trans, intersex.

No. 1295769

File: 1660061075616.jpg (220.94 KB, 1486x991, download.jpg)

But wouldn't Russia be all over that as well? Although I'm looking at photos now and it's pretty hard to deny, she has a feminine face but the rest of her proportions are very manly.

No. 1295770

File: 1660061203852.jpeg (150.12 KB, 1152x2048, FOfvxF8WQAIk2LY.jpeg)

he/she/it has plenty of no shirt pics, not even ashamed or trying to hide it

No. 1295771

No, it wouldn’t be. This is and will be the case for women’s sports worldwide as long as men with undescended testes are called “women” and the shallow canals in their groins that lead nowhere “vaginas.” As long as XY’s can be recognised as female, no country will say anything about it.

No. 1295772

Griner has an undeniably masculine voice, too. Listen to any interview. This is a video from high school, where Griner looks and sounds even more masculine.

No. 1295773

File: 1660061352364.png (383.39 KB, 400x389, BejVxCRIEAA4Yl2.png)

adams apple is always clearly visible

No. 1295774

That is a boyyy

No. 1295777

this has been discussed in previous thread, a lot of dominant female athletes are often intersex without even knowing it, this reason this seems to happen more with african countries then european one's(such as caster) is the government's of these countries often don't chock for these conditions or are willing to look the other way

No. 1295779

Omg this was never talked about in the hours of news coverage the story got, I've seen so many pics of her/them/him all over social media but not one mentioned this. Is this the future of transgenderism, everyone being some weird amalgamation of both sexes? I hate the modern world

So do they have vaginas but don't get periods? I've seen some intersex women who look completely female and have bigger boobs than me. fuck now I'm scared I have this

No. 1295783

I don’t feel bad for this troon. He can rot in prison for being dumb enough to bring a cart when he’d been working there for years and knew goddamn well he was gonna get arrested

No. 1295787

but briner is murican.
i ended up being 5'10 and nevertheless growing up my parents talked to the doctor about my quick growth, you can't tell me any parents look at this huge man that is supposedly their little daughter and think "she has a vagina, so everything must be normal!"
"she" has nothing female about her besides her name

No. 1295793

Does this count for girlsgogames.com because I played on that a lot

No. 1295795

>without even knowing it

No. 1295798

File: 1660062852083.jpeg (218.61 KB, 2000x1333, np_file_174736-1.jpeg)

good luck to the female guards if she's ever in a brawl

lots of americans seem to not feel sorry for her because she's so sjw (claiming she can't work in certain parts of america because racism but russia is ok), also supporting troons in womens sport

No. 1295799

My MIL is 5'11 and some of my husband's female cousins are at 6'3+ some women are just genetically taller then others

No. 1295802

My dad said wait a while and he'll grow a beard in prison lel

No. 1295804

It's not about being tall? This is literally a man.

No. 1295805

>supporting troons in womens sport
gee I wonder why lmao

No. 1295814

>some women are simply tall!
i hate this argument (same as "just because she's black!")
yes, some women are 5'11, very rarely even 6ft and a little something, but 7ft with bigger feet than male basketballers? plus no women no matter how tall or athletic or black looks anything remotely like that
tall height correlates zero with chest size, facial features and so on
that's plain insulting

No. 1295837

File: 1660065293131.png (65.72 KB, 895x604, girlgogames.png)

I checked on the web archive when girlsgogames started in 2007 and it was owned by a company called Spill Group. I clicked around a bit and didn't see anything linking it to homeland security but I did find that the company was based in China. So it still could be a psyop or involved in info collecting from minors. I want to look into it later tonight or tomorrow when I have time cause I'm really interested in this shit now, so if I find anything sketchy about the site I'll post it. There was also a gaming website I used to go on occasionally called something like billybearfunandgames or something like that and I remember one day I went on it and the entire site had been replaced by porn, like the most disgusting 90's internet porn I had ever seen at that age lol. So I want to find the company that was originally behind that site but I have to find the original site archive first.

Anyway, here's the owner company of girlsgogames, so not C.I.A but China related. which could be worse tbh

No. 1295869

This is weird as fuck and I'm glad you posted it. Feel free to keep posting more. Also thank you to whoever goes to 4chan and posts the good tidbits because I can't stand even looking at it anymore because of the brain damage.

No. 1295872

I’ve seen comments saying she always talked about being oppressed in the USA and kneeling for the anthem and being an overall sjw. But now she’s calling for that government to help her because she’s actually being oppressed for real.

I think 9 years is pretty intense but yea there’s not a whole lot of overall sympathy.

No. 1295947

She seems intersex. At the very least a high t woman. I've read somewhere that intersex conditions in non-white races are often overlooked because doctors don't know how they look like. This is not racebait, everyone knows how a high t white woman looks but the inherent bias in doctors make them overlook the same stuff on black woman.
I wouldn't rule out that aside for her intersex condition/hormonal disorder they aren't giving her even more testosterone lmao. Not really a conspiracy because the use of testosterone in female athletes is very well documented and available everywhere. Her eyes seems dead and she was stupidly reckless so it lines up with a testosterone brainrot.
>>1295758 i don't think an "insane number" of female athletes are actually males or mtf, but an insane number of female athletes are poisoned with testosterone (and i used the word "poison" because they don't take microdoses of t for the sake of not loosing muscle mass. They take massive doses of it) and this was a common practice for decades. The main objective is to control the results but i'm sure that they don't mind the demoralizing effect in common women that those testosterone infusionated athletes provoke.

No. 1295955

She's in russia if she tries to start a brawl they will just shoot her lmao. Frankly I don't think we're going to see her again.

No. 1295958

Listen, there are tens of different intersex disorders. You definitely don’t have the one I’m talking about which is a specific condition that produces males with shallow holes between their legs and testicles inside their body.

No. 1295964

nonna have you watched one of her interviews? her voice is way deep.
I agree with this nonna she is either trans or intersex. or doping with T.

No. 1295968

I don't think she's trans or really a male, just intersex.

No. 1295975

I smell a mentally ill troon who thinks he's intersex.

No. 1295981

He IS intersex, but not a woman. He’s straight up a man with a medical condition.

No. 1295994

He sounds disgusting and incomplete, what a miserable experience.

No. 1296007

Does anyone know of any mk ultra programming to make people more suicidal? Basically can you program otherwise healthy people to want to an hero

No. 1296016

Do you mean the manchurian program? I think it was green or purple. Is the training they give to terrorists and suicide drivers

No. 1296509

File: 1660105544261.jpg (65.1 KB, 800x600, edfc4771e1a00b989beff0d68dc96d…)


You are correct, as Carlin says "It's a big club and you ain't in it". It's also old as fuck and even mentioned/warned about in the bible. Unfortunately members of secret trooned-at-birth club hang out here and mock/attack anyone who dares to point out the obvious and ugly trannies. They will insist you are the actual tranny until the topic changes back to something fake created by and starring covert trannies. As I've mentioned, true crime (troon crime) gives this away almost instantly. It's where the ugliest and least passing ones end up as grieving family members or murdered "women" since people feel too guilty to make sense of how ridiculous they look.

You're better off to focus on their glorious and illuminated religion (that leaves them looking like a corpse after age 25) than physical aspects because most people aren't willing to acknowledge male/female sex markers (even though court rooms do) because they're in on it or brainwashed from infancy to reject that information.

Briefly glancing at this individual and the cult tattoos give it away instantly. My other posts in previous tinfoil threads get into the religious aspect, it's essentially Ba'al/Ishtar worship, the Asherah (or elements in Q/Kabballah, Gnosticism and most eastern theologies). We also discussed the FtM breeders like Rob Kardashian and James Packer. As well as the "Snip Snaps" who were mildly poisoned with wrong-sex hormones(/HGH if FtM) as children only to reverse back to their actual gender and claim to be trans (like Jazz Jennings/Contrapoints/Caitlyn Jenner). I also talked about a some tv series and movies that are based on troon cult (the vast majority, admitted or more obviously: The Matrix, True Blood, Harry Potter, Fight Club, The Prestige, etc). They want you to think they're "only" satanists and pedophiles because it enforces/"affirms" their precious fake genders.

There are physical tells though, whether these signal booster trannies like it or not. The most obvious to me is the difference between male and female famous/wealthy/"otherwise ascended person" skull and features: comparing men and women (who has the power jaw? Who has the soft eyes?). Also a person's gait and how they walk down stairs, knees always together = male, apart = female (Trump knew)

No. 1296756

Do you think they've been trying to create Nephilim?

No. 1296810

This isn't really the kind of tinfoil I subscribe too but I appreciate hearing these theories. I do feel there's something quite sinister going on beyond the usual pedophilia ring accusations. I want to ask though, where do you see the end to this? Like what is their main goal in going about this path of worship and what kind of future do you think it will lead too?

No. 1296872

File: 1660146075264.jpeg (848.03 KB, 506x2917, 1656390406313.jpeg)

So I think we've reached step 3 at the plan to normalize pedophilia in society, like AI art is already advanced now, but its likely that autistic moid coomers will only further refine it to make better porn that can easily be used by anyone

No. 1296884

I think this is the first real schizo we captured on here

No. 1296958

Bruce Jenner clearly has obvious male features though and only claimed trannery to get away with running someone over.

No. 1296989

This genuinely makes me feel sick, like about to throw up. all of this is already happening to women and teenage girls under the excuses that men will be men and sex work and pornography is good and if you disagree you’re a stuck up conservative.
If every pedophile would drop dead right now, I wonder how many men would be left.

No. 1297125

Ntayrt but I’ve read that they are trying to take most of the masses down to hell with them as they cannot stop the biblical prophecy from happening. Part of it may also lead to transhumanism once the masses are used to seeing troons.

Possibly, or cyborgs. I’ve read that the elites were descendants of the Nephilim.

No. 1297604

File: 1660192861736.jpg (Spoiler Image, 66.85 KB, 740x740, 740full-rainey-qualley.jpg)


That would explain the giant trannies, sounds plausible. I know they're serious about perfecting the divine androgyne. God is an androgyne according to them (The Sophia) so if they are androgynes, they must be Gods! It's explained in Gnosticism and their other united theologies. Crowley described the Baphomet that way, so that's one of the reasons we're always seeing that thing around.

They put moral messaging in films like "The Island/ of Dr. Moreau", "Gattaca" or any fiction where humans are subverting nature too much because they place harmony above all else. I think people get confused about that but "harmony" doesn't mean that only good things happen, that would be unbalanced in their dick tuck religion.

The parallel conversation is a great example of what they want us discussing. They use the same scare tactics every generation; the real "mass formation psychosis". In the 1970s, this discussion would have been had in smokey bars and apartments about NAMBLA. Now it's on this image board and about deep fakes. People will always be people, nothing new under the sun. I laughed when I heard that during the hysteria last year because that's ALL this is and ever was. They shape us (and them) using the exact same tactics, over and over. Only digitized now. We are the audience/sheep and they're the shepherds and performers. Most of the evil, traumatic or terrifying things you are bombarded with are just your rod and staff. The only way to win is to starve the beast and not pay attention.

I could guess but I don't think that's my part. As the other anon said, the prophecy has already been fulfilled anyway, even in their own kooky religion. Manly P. Hall predicted the great veil would be lifted and of course “For judgment I have come into this world, so that the blind will see and those who see will become blind.” The club members are losing their shit though - for the first time, they're not in on the joke and they can't stand that. They can't predict our reactions as easily and we're all too good at spotting fake shit and secret tranny tricks. The fact that this is being discussed by plebs already proves it's here and they really don't like that. So I'm not sure of the “end game” but the goal has always been the same: Purple Reign (colour of royalty and what Christ was draped in when crucified. Also the combination of red/blue or masculine/feminine)
you know it's funny you singled out that one because Jenner's birth sex is one of the more controversial topics on EGI Twitter. Jenner was rumoured to AGP around the house in dresses and stockings for decades though, with multiple failed “model” (i.e tranny template you're supposed to feel bad comparing yourself to) boy-wives. Cat Marnell I think was one of the first people to reveal something in the early aughts. I really can't stand looking at that thing long enough to make an assessment.

I really believe anyone who wants to see the truth, should ask and you will see it. I should mention I'm not part of any church and believe it's your mystery to figure out. They definitely hate Jesus and Christian God and every mega church has an obvious tranny leader. They're mostly pissed the bible states to take down their poles or something. How was it put? Oh yeah “…and ye shall overthrow their altars, and break their pillars, and burn their groves with fire; and ye shall hew down the graven images of their gods, and destroy the names of them out of that place” kek Now they just become the idols themselve and get us to worship them at their galas (look up the root word of that one). If you want to know the truth - just ask (pray) with actual sincerity and you will be shown. The rest will keep watching the shadows in the cave.

Anyways you can kind of see Rainey Qualley's balls in this pic, thought you guys might like that. Glad those present are with us. See you tomorrow if more any more questions.

No. 1298160

File: 1660234441878.png (232.89 KB, 1370x597, 01.png)

reposting pinkpills about troonism's relation to pederasty

No. 1298161

File: 1660234470697.png (482.68 KB, 1373x1030, 02.png)

No. 1298162

File: 1660234736025.png (255.52 KB, 1380x616, 03.png)

No. 1298184

You’re thinking way too hard on this

No. 1298688

The anti-feminism/tradwife propaganda campaign on social media has been insane the last few days. It's definitely coordinated because all the bots are posting everything at the same time. They'll probably go for the legacy news media next. This is happening because billionaires are funding it.

No. 1299074

Exactly. I think getting women out is the first step towards automating more jobs and increasing the birth rate.

No. 1299078

What are you guys seeing and where? I'm not on social media so I'm curious.

No. 1299087

my period has been so fucked up ever since i got that moderna booster shot/and then a week later had covid.
its been much more painful than usual and it never the same time every month.
why isn't this talked about more in the media??? its insane how when they were doing medical trials for these vaccines they don't even consider menstruation

No. 1299093

Everyone I know who got boosted got covid within a month. I've been tested a couple dozen times and not one single positive even after other people in my household had it.

No. 1299285

>God is an androgyne according to them (The Sophia)
And they'd be wrong, because The Sophia is feminine. Literally the feminine side of God and it's strongly tied to the soul and the creation of the world.

No. 1299296

i already said i months ago but it's as it's always been. They only focus on males when testing the vaccine. I remember learning about it in Uni, that women were mistreated with medications that were only tested on men all through hisory of modern medicine. I didn't think it was still happening today but it is, or maybe they tested it and are just silent about it. A lot of women i know had bad side effects with their period. The worst one was beeling every day for several months. And i see women speak about it everywhere but never in the media and to those women who speak about it on the internet hoears of men come to them in the comments and shame them for "spreading misinformation". I fucking hate those mansplaining idiots, really amkes you think they are here just to obey the powerful.

No. 1299538

Current discourse on twitter. I think it's a form of capitalism fatigue but it's being blamed on women having jobs and not fucking men

No. 1299584

File: 1660320337733.jpg (10.75 KB, 695x246, dad.jpg)

Not sure this is tinfoil enough for the thread but the killing off of sites for children like Neopets, Club Penguin, Toontown, etc. to funnel them to groomer sites like Twitter and Reddit is coordinated and deliberate. There were still pedos on kids sites but it was harder for them to contact privately and grooming was not as much of a problem. Now they are making it too easy. Why does Reddit have a teenager subreddit if not to let adults take advantage of them? It is important for minors and adults to have separate spaces online. Kids are annoying anyway, why is everyone ok with sharing? I was optimistic for Neocities when I saw even 13 year olds saw the danger of mainstream social media and learning to build sites for themselves, no potential for creeps coming on to them. However they are already obsessing over gender and posting about how mentally ill they are. One had her Snapchat on her site. I know its "just a phase" but unlike wearing all black to loiter at the mall, they are too insulated to ever grow up. Its like psychological puberty blockers. Parents are brainwashed into letting the internet raise their children and that they will just know to keep themselves safe. Its sick.

No. 1299620

I feel like this is true. Even Roblox as a ‘kids site’ is full of groomers and weirdos even now

No. 1300116

There were many reports on menstruation when it came out because women noticed their cycle change. It was brushed off but there are still women reporting it. Men’s health too is being affected (sperm) but most of the studies have been heart issues for either sex.
I wish there were kids only spaces with an older mature adult running it to keep out creeps. Most of the forums I was on had that and you could talk to other teens with the upper limit being around early 20’s. Of course they imploded like Gaia or art forums but at the time they were creative fun hubs and you didn’t have to worry about too many creeps.

No. 1300126

Whelp, vigilant citizen just became a pay-to-read site

No. 1300173

No. 1300194

The androgyny isn’t literal though, it means having a unification of the powers of feminine and masculine. The baphomet is illustrated that way in the same way alchemical hermaphrodites are, it’s completely metaphorical unless you are a brain dead and pornsick male.

Pharmaceutical companies benefit from transitions, and will keep them on pills forever for that and its health side effects. Nazi doctors are the ones that first developed those surgeries and that was because they wanted to mock God. Men are already depraved so it doesn’t take much of anything for them to let loose and carry out an agenda that suits men in power who also kill and torture people for entertainment. It bolsters their ego, that’s it, they don’t care who they hurt and mutilate in the process. The goal has always been depravity.

No. 1300550

Hehe, thanks anon!

No. 1300585

I don’t know either anon, my family is Jewish but were all blue collar workers and farmers.

No. 1300638

Your family DOESN'T have a direct line to Soros to ask for a paycheck to spread the "globohomo" agenda? joking

No. 1300639

tbf that anon was talking about the symbolism of hermaphroditism in a new age (fake) spiritual practice and hermaphroditism is a very common symbol in world religions and has nothing to do with actual intersex people, but ofc she lost the plot in the next paragraph. Well she probably lost it by taking western syncretic bullshit seriously to begin with but lost in that paragraph too.

No. 1300689

File: 1660368929377.jpg (196.16 KB, 2000x589, 002.jpg)

I knew it

No. 1300728

At the first, I knew a girl who dated her bf for like 5 years and got fucking engaged in Disney World, planned the wedding. Got off the pill, dumped him because she felt nothing. It's wild stuff

No. 1300865

Said nothing about intersex, stated explicitly it is all metaphorical and not literal. I said the actual opposite of what you accused me of, and wanted to see for whatever reason. I responded to the person who brought the subject up. In early science illustrations, they will use depictions of hermaphrodites or mixed sex characteristics to illustrate psychological concepts. It is, once again, not literal. They sometimes would draw penises in trees to illustrate sexual issues or sexual anxiety, and different mythological characters would be described as having specific sex characteristics to communicate psychological states. I don’t know how much more clear I can be it’s not literal.

Not new age, alchemy which is the basis and foundation of all science. The only reason we have science at all.

Operation Paperclip is a real thing where nazi doctors were brought here after beginning research and experimentations on sex changes. The sadistic and sociopathic group that runs the world enjoys the degradation and depravity so they feel they are too far gone to stop giving into their destructive and perverted whims. I’m positive I’ve read multiple comments about this concept here but it’s all good.

No. 1300884

My period has been a mess, starts one week before it’s suppose to and then stops only to start up again a week later. Instead of one day of insanely heavy flow it’s now three.

And now two weeks early? I went to get checked because it was so weird and all they checked was if I was pregnant and thought I had a miscarriage. Of course it was neither and they just backtracked it must be stress and gave me some medication to try and lighten the flow.

No. 1300918

How is this in the tinfoil thread? Lowered libido is a known and common effect of the pill

No. 1300929


No. 1301189

Yeah, i was on the pill since 12 to 19 and i have 0 sexual libido. It's not a tinfoil.

No. 1301463

No kek which is why I get so pissed whenever some jewspiracy tard shoots up a synagogue because killing random Jews who may or may not be blue collar workers isn’t going to fix the evil billionaire problem

No. 1301548

Call me retarded but what's the connection to dad bods?

No. 1301680

Because a lot of women are on the pill, their sexual attraction is skewed so they start thinking they're attracted to dad-bods. The dad-bods wouldn't be attractive to women not on the pill, if I understand the image right.

No. 1301689

nta but I find it weird that birth control is being pushed so hard, even onto little girls like this nona >>1301189
I know plenty of woman and girls not even in their teenage years who go to the doctor with literally any problem and their advice is to start birth control, honestly it’s more of a medical malpractice/neglect of women thing imo considering the side effects and the fact that most of the problems could be solved in another way, but birth control makes you be attracted to people you wouldn’t be attracted to without it.
I remember reading something about women on BC finding feminine (male) faces more attractive, + what the anon you quoted posted, it quite literally fucks with your hormones and perception of a potential mate and makes you attracted to men you would naturally not find attractive.
My tinfoil is that its just another way of getting woman to sleep with useless ugly hormonally imbalanced males, the way the planet is getting polluted with plastic and the food is only getting worse, it’s the future of all males

No. 1301697

12? i wasn't even allowed to take stuff like ibuprofen at that age jesus

No. 1301727

I had the exact opposite experience

No. 1301731

Ok your parents were a bit dramatic

No. 1302025

From my experience there seems to be some truth to it. I've never taken any hormonal birth control and I've always been attracted to very masculine men, with big muscles and body hair. I look at numale and soy boy type men and I think they're repulsive.

No. 1302270

No. 1302604

File: 1660495865676.jpg (145.77 KB, 1396x1338, FZB1s6jWIAA8K4y.jpg)

This can't be natural, it has to come from sort of brainwashing

No. 1302636

No, I think it’s natural. People really are this fucking stupid. I know it’s hard to believe but it’s true.

No. 1302654

Lmao people who answered this were thinking about their fat ass crush/boyfriends/husbands at home, they’re thinking ab