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File: 1664827959251.jpeg (387.51 KB, 1938x969, 1663970034434.jpeg)

No. 1362613

Last thread: >>1347983
Nepotism thread: >>>/snow/1623442

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>>1358364 Amber Heard is accused of being solely responsible for Cara Delevingne's drug addiction.
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>>1358504 Harry Styles' released a garbage eyeshadow palette that will 100% get dragged by makeup consoomers.
>>1362181 Iconic actress Sacheen Littlefeather dies at 75 following complications with breast cancer.

No. 1362616

I tried my best you guys, fill in the blanks.

No. 1362618

thanks nona!

No. 1362622

Thanks anon.

No. 1362631

File: 1664828651476.gif (207.48 KB, 220x165, 8C3EB9A8-9E68-4DC9-86C7-582681…)

>uses my previous draft as a blueprint but edits it

mhm but you guys were complaining at first “maybe we should leave it to someone else we don’t need a new thread” you ungrateful blood-sucking witches kek, don’t act like you didn’t see what I made first

No. 1362634

File: 1664828877213.gif (41.94 KB, 370x300, tuesday-icegif-52.gif)

anon its because you're formatting wasn't done well, you didnt properly tag any of the posts kek.

No. 1362637

File: 1664828940796.gif (56.78 KB, 300x184, 1542312447375.gif)

Be faster next time nonny, besides, i don't think there is any milk right now. Celebrities have been fairly quiet lately. Maybe a storm is brewing.

No. 1362643

I know I was too lazy to go back and fix it >>1362637
Dream’s not a celebrity but I was hoping I would see more of that face reveal thing in here perhaps?

No. 1362645

File: 1664829177981.png (770.87 KB, 1120x1310, 1664813233953249.png)

No. 1362648

File: 1664829312017.jpg (138.54 KB, 496x700, billy.jpg)

No. 1362655

Billy Eichner is literally known for Billy on the Street and can't comprehend why people don't want to see or acknowledge him

No. 1362657

It belongs in the YT thread imo, let's not mix up things too much

No. 1362660

lmao how did he even know which theater goers were straight or not, did he personally ask them?

No. 1362662

So are the plain weirdos excused from going? Asking for myself.

No. 1362668

File: 1664830640386.jpg (196.86 KB, 974x1302, kanye.jpg)

Kanye walked a runway and wore picrel with Candace Owens at fashion week. When he does this kind of stuff I feel like it's just for attention and controversy, which is weird because he's Kanye.

No. 1362669

File: 1664830704105.webm (2.17 MB, 720x900, kanye.webm)

Samefag, here's him stomping around on a Balenciaga runway if anyone is curious to see it. That's mud on the stage if you can't tell.

No. 1362672

File: 1664830862323.jpg (409.55 KB, 1440x1798, Fd2hW2tVEAAN-7i.jpg)

No. 1362673

Nonnie he's a black guy in America in 2022

No. 1362674

Kek I hate this cover

No. 1362680

Comedies don’t really do too well now in general, I got this trailer before almost every movie the past few months and it seemed like all the jokes and story were featured in the promo material so why would I pay for a ticket and sit through it especially since most people can’t relate to the experience. Boohoo my movie failed because homophobia!

No. 1362681

ot but with a title like bros id imagine a film playing on the trope of bromance but they secretly have crushes on eachother, not a movie about established gay guys or w/e tf he was on about

No. 1362685

Looks too much like an early 2000's cover of a movie made by two of the six writers of Scary Movie.

No. 1362687

>watching a movie about rich old burger moids
And if they wanted an audience they should have made them 20 something twinks.

No. 1362692

>especially in certain parts if the country

No. 1362696

File: 1664831778030.png (31.52 KB, 844x165, 1664815132317469.png)

No. 1362714

Conservative privilege.

No. 1362723

File: 1664832995452.jpeg (180.33 KB, 1080x720, 3F7692DD-F8AF-4632-ACFC-DD368C…)

thought the one on the right was björk

No. 1362724

This nonna gets it.

No. 1362726

His movie is shit and he blames it on the straights, typical fag

No. 1362729

File: 1664833479847.jpg (38.34 KB, 1170x519, IMG_20221003_230250.jpg)

Kanye about to get slapped by Will Smith

No. 1362734

you mean left?

No. 1362735

No her right

No. 1362737

Omg one of my posts got into the thread pic!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No. 1362738

is that not Zendaya?

No. 1362740

i can't believe jaden smith still tweets like that kek

No. 1362744

yeah, my bad. zendaya looks normal

No. 1362746

I kept getting ads for this move on youtube and it was all gratingly unfunny "queer" humor, like whining about the straights and shit. It's like they forget that 95% of the population is straight and most people aren't self-flagellating twitter users.

No. 1362786

File: 1664836642991.jpeg (36.71 KB, 640x533, 4uueyq892ya41.jpeg)

No. 1362835

Between this and his garbage bags of clothes at the GAP, Kanye literally took inspiration from the Derelicte campaign in Zoolander

No. 1362867

I got ads for this, it honestly seems like a generic romance film, the only difference is that there's fags. The cover looks like a drawing prompt for fujo artists.
Kek, maybe they will watch it to spite him.
It's what the people wanted, you earned it.

No. 1362873

File: 1664843554033.jpeg (54.7 KB, 470x468, B4352AEF-3B30-49D3-95A7-01118F…)

No. 1362877

Usually what’s found attractive is what’s least easily attainable. Because we currently have so much access to tons of fattening foods, skinny is considered attractive. Back when fatty foods and sugars were more rare, skinny was for peasants and royalty was seen as plump and “better”. By your logic, due to the poor economy being skinny will be attainable by many and therefor not popular.

No. 1362883

wizard brad in the op pic makes me laugh every time

No. 1362885

i don't know why sketch comedians refuse to accept they can't make movies. literally ONE saturday night live movie ever was good (blues brothers). monty python made 3 good movies but two of them were way too long. wkuk? trevor's movie miss march was shit. picnicface? they could figure out how to finish a script so their rollerskate movie never got made. no sketch writer has ever been able to make something 90+ minutes long and anyone who thinks they'll be the exception deserves what they get.

No. 1362886

> I feel like it's just for attention and controversy, which is weird because he's Kanye
?????? what does this mean

No. 1362887

who is that in the white and who the fuck botched a fucking kid like that? i hate everyone.

No. 1362937

i'm confused about who this movie is aimed at. do gay men really watch romcoms like this?

No. 1362940

then why did a gay guy make it?

No. 1362953

When I first saw the poster, I thought it'd be some queer teen fujo pandering movie, they were not that clever.

No. 1362960

>they were not that clever.
lmao seriously, if the main characters were cute and young it could have an audience (a niche one maybe but one that spends money and obsesses). But the ugly creator just had to insert himself in it when absolutely nobody wants to see a romcom with unattractive people.

No. 1362973

It means what it says anon kek. Not sure what's confusing.

No. 1362978

if it was me i might have made half of the main couple a young/"twinky" precocious aiden and the other half a dark and mysterious but not too masculine older guy played by someone like aaron paul. then have something like mitski as the soundtrack or even make it a love triangle where there are two gay men fighting over the aiden. hopefully that would make more $ than whatever this unfunny shit is

No. 1363016

Billy Eichners mean girl gay guy shtick is only good in small doses, like one liners from a background character small. who would pay to listen to that voice for an entire movie

No. 1363028

the only really great thing Eichner has been in was Difficult People on Hulu. Julie Klausner > him but still

No. 1363036

File: 1664856680290.png (3.09 MB, 750x1334, 1664509414408.png)

here's the thing, most fujos(and in turn aydens) find real gay men to be disgusting and annoying, that's why most fujos ship straight guy friends rather then obsessing over actual gay moids, their are probably more fujos obesseded with the two guys from top gun rather then actual gay male content

No. 1363043

You guys have been talking about fujos so fucking much in every board and it’s starting to get really annoying. Move on! They are such a minority of people that I KNOW you’re in the same spaces as them for complaining about it constantly

No. 1363046

let me guess , ou think Leonardo DiCaprio is also just a closeted gay man and totally not a creepy sex-pest

No. 1363047

It’s very dated he’s just James Corban (? What’s his name) sans 65 pounds

No. 1363049

Nta but Leo is a closeted gay man. It’s so funny that some of you get really pissed off at that idea.

No. 1363056

I am not a fujo and I am not personally invested I just think you’re getting pathetic and making it obvious that you’re in the exact same spaces because most of us don’t see all these fujos you’re always crying about

No. 1363058

>Leo is a pedo
We are just making up stuff now. Words don’t have meeting? An adult woman is still an adult woman. A 23 year old woman is not a child. Some of you are so embarrassing.

No. 1363065

File: 1664857839207.jpeg (41.42 KB, 330x500, FBED6293-746B-49A7-A4E4-E4C711…)

I see more anti-fujo sperging than I ever see actual yaoi here, and most of the yaoi posted here is to troll in the first place. I can’t even read snow without seeing posts reeing about it. These women are clearly in the exact same spaces as fujos or were once one and now feel like they have to overcompensate and still feel passionate about the topic. It’s just getting pathetic, it’s like those anons who have to cross-post about Shayna in multiple threads. like just shut up already omg.

No. 1363069

File: 1664858064724.png (795.61 KB, 600x800, age gap.png)

Cruise seems like just another scumbag hollywood scrote rather then a gay guy, Its like claiming that Ted Bundy was gay, Tom Cruise isn't gay he's an insane psychopath that thinks alien spirits live inside of him because a really bad syfi novelist told him so.

No. 1363074

Please he doesn’t actually believe that, he’s just the face of it and profits from it. If Scientologists told him to lick a toilet seat he would.

No. 1363084

File: 1664858648932.png (855.88 KB, 1024x1024, erdv3yn78d941-1024x1024.png)

he's just a poor uwu gay man, totally not a sex-pest

No. 1363100

He literally came out when he was 19. You are buying into one of the most obvious trolls. All these women are beards, none of them look like children or teenagers, and they’re all literally models. This is clearly so staged like painfully so. One day he’s gonna be tired and everything will be so public that it’ll finally be stated “officially” and you’ll feel like a moron. The outrage is so retarded.

No. 1363103

was waiting for this, I'm sure the evil Hollywood studios are just forcing him to be in relationships with these models, just like how they forced poor Louis Tomilson into a fake relationship and gave him that fake baby

No. 1363105

Hahaha anon i love your answer

No. 1363106

Kate Winslet outed him too recently lol

No. 1363109

It’ll be his new angle once he gets desperate

No. 1363111

nta but Ohhh no!! Not a black guy in america in 2022!! Oh the horror!! lol I'm sorry but what is this narrative, do you seriously think Kanye west is at risk of what? Police brutality? Gang violence? Medical negligence? Lol I'm not denying the existence of racism and the mistreatment that can be seen against black people throughout the world but acting like 2022 america is the worst timeline for black people, including rich black celebrities, is just such a braindead take lol

No. 1363112

You are so autistic lol. I’m sorry you don’t know how the entertainment industry works and want to be outraged over something clearly fake as fuck. Good for you I guess? Live your truth girl

No. 1363114

Looks sarcastic to me but what do i know

No. 1363145

I mean most likely a lot of male stars(especially the young one's) have been probably had to have sex with a producer or two, a lot of rappers have revealed that aspect of their industry as well

No. 1363149

My friends want to see it in theaters, no idea if someone watched the movie here. How is it?

No. 1363153

God thank you! He’s so annoying

No. 1363167

thats dove cameron nonnie

No. 1363188

>He literally came out when he was 19
what. can you post the quote/footage, i've never heard of this
i want to know about this too

No. 1363197

File: 1664871552713.jpg (11.98 KB, 320x400, 0Leonardo-dicaprio-Total-Eclip…)

He literally played Rimbaud, what other proof do you need to know he's a fag? Jk, just an excuse to post twink DiCaprio, pls don't ban

No. 1363201

hate current Leo but don't post child pics of from that pedo art film

No. 1363202

ew… go to therapy… what's with women who want to fuck kids, who hurt you?

No. 1363203

He and his first wife divorced because he cheated on her with tons of women.

No. 1363209

Nonnies there is a closeted celebrities thread

No. 1363242

Geez louise, I was making a joke. He was 21 years old on that film. Posting a picture of someone doesn't mean I want to sleep with him, you smooth brains.

No. 1363247

obvious gay moid, be gone

and billy eichner's tv show difficult people was somewhat entertaining, his movie just isn't good, it's cheesy, dated and lame. and it has nothing to do with the theme, there are plenty of other directors who can make gay or lesbian stories and they are interesting even to straight watchers (and no i don't mean two lesbians naked or shit like that)

No. 1363259

Would have done way better on Netflix. Also he blames “homophobic weirdos” but understandably straight couples aren’t the target demographic here and wouldn’t be interested in watching two dudes in a cheesy romcom. He even alienated a portion of the gay community because surprise surprise, they said they have no interest in watching two white men doing the Hallmark thing. Also if they thought he was a lead they absolutely would have no interest because it’s him…

No. 1363260

Ignore them, they're grandpafuckers who want to force the concept of women in their 20s only finding men 10+ years older than them attractive so they can feel normal

No. 1363262

I feel like we have been overtaken by some underaged zoomies because calling a 21 year old attractive doesn’t make you a pedophile just like him ‘dating’ 22 year olds until they’re 25 doesn’t make him a pedophile either. Words have meaning, what happened to that

No. 1363266

Omg fucking relax I'm not a zoomer, I thought he was like 15 there because he looks like a kid and the other nona called it a pedo art film. My bad, you can go back to fantasizing about infantile looking scrotes now.

Also >>1363260 is just projection, I said nothing about wanting to fuck old men or demanding women date men a decade their senior. Jfc relax. Everyone in this thread is always such a spergy cunt who reads stuff that isn't fucking there.

No. 1363269

>I thought he was like 15 there because he looks like a kid
Are you blind?

No. 1363270

Nah, you posted stupid shit and likely some actual projection here kek: >>1363202
He doesn't look like a child, you're an actual spergy cunt for randomly calling anons pedophiles. Go back to chasing geriatric dick since men who are the average age of the users of this site are "infantile looking" lmfao

No. 1363274

Blah blah, this new breed of farmer is what in part killed lolcow, you bitches act like wine moms who hate their kids so you come here to relive your highschool days and desperately cling onto your fleeting youth

No. 1363276

100% chance I've been here longer than you, you're so obviously new here it hurts.
>muh wine moms! muh fleeting youth!
?? I'm 22. You sound like a literal scrote with this wine mom fantasy shit, kek. Sorry about your scrotum

No. 1363280

File: 1664884069143.jpeg (293.15 KB, 1920x1081, DACC8936-2272-411C-A1AD-2D2C09…)

You’re a tranny I would stake my fucking life on it. Posting this because I know it will wind you up when you don’t make a peep about people posting pictures of Lolita or Mathilda from Leon the professional. Go cry to the fucking mods.

No. 1363281

File: 1664884153981.jpg (7.78 KB, 337x599, asylumheadmasterspeech.jpg)

kanye speaking out about the WLM shirt

No. 1363283

Damn he was so cute, why do men have to age like shit

No. 1363285

Stop samefagging to make it look like anyone agrees with your insane drivel.

No. 1363287

golden rule is, when they look cute as teenager and peak early, they have 90% high chance of becoming disgusting when they are older. same the other way, some men looked like dogshit in their youth and then when they look older they grow more distinguished and suddenly look better. it's very hard to find men who maintain the same looks all the way to the end, their faces always swell later in life

No. 1363289

That reminds me of people posting pics of Mads Mikkelsen from when he was in his 20s or early 30s on twitter and he looked older than he was imo. Now he still looks the same more or less but that's because he looked weird and old from the start.

No. 1363291

File: 1664884732895.jpeg (202.44 KB, 826x858, 4C62EE08-C59E-4EBE-9C7C-111F83…)

Ugly people tend to look better when they’re old, because they just look like a normal, wrinkled old person and the signs of advanced age cover up what made them hideous in their youth. “King” Charles is a good example; looked like a severely inbred Siamese cat in his youth, now he just looks like your average old man only better groomed. Also, Meryl Streep. Although I don’t think she was ever ugly, her face is more unconventional and a lot of people did (a lot of scrotes mad she doesn’t have a delicate child’s face) but now people just see her as an elegant old lady.

No. 1363294

What the hell is wrong with males I always found Meryl Streep to be absolutely stunning?

No. 1363297

It depends, Aaron Taylor Johnson, Jeremy Sumpter and KJ Apa were all "cute" guys who grew to be handsome men, I think its cause they were willing to grow themselves naturally and go for a more masculine when they get to their mid 20's and knew they couldn't stay young and pretty, rather then try to prolong the inevitable and look young for an extra 5-8 years

No. 1363299

File: 1664885197388.jpeg (86.76 KB, 680x673, comp.jpeg)

i don't think she was ugly but we all have different tastes and ideas of beauty. she definitely had a unique face but i often prefer unique features and you cant really compare a women's aging to the one of a man.

as far as men go, Jared Padalecki looked good in his youth and he still looks pretty much the same now just older

No. 1363309

Sharp big features and bonestructure which are considered ugly when you're younger, suddenly are very useful when your skin is losing it's elasticity. Some people who were very attractive when they were very young, start to look odd when they get older, due to their very petite facial features kinda disappearing and not providing much structure.

No. 1363311

speaking of mads, apparently he was seen at a jordan peterson event recently? now all sorts of old anti-feminist/women/me-too quotes are coming out and he also doesn't believe in climate change. all guys are idiotic douchebags.

No. 1363313

File: 1664886104831.gif (2.57 MB, 570x321, giphy.gif)

No. 1363320

I knew he was always a huge fucking cunt just with that one Hannibal blooper where he tells the actress who plays Freddie to, "shut the fuck up, bitch".

No. 1363323

nta what does finding a pedo-art house film disgusting, have anything to do with troons ?

No. 1363333

no i mean second from left

No. 1363334

it's confusing me! you think it's weird for kanye to do something for attention and controversy?

No. 1363338

Thank fuck I never liked him. Always thought his face was weird in an ugly way.

No. 1363342

File: 1664888189401.jpg (125.5 KB, 911x615, 1656686848766.jpg)

Noooooo whyyyyy
I know Mads is an old fart but I trusted him not to disclose his boomer opinions because he knows better, he just seemed smarter than that…
Literally 3 days after I saw that reddit comment about Skarsgard. this is the worst week ever

No. 1363346

what reddit comment

No. 1363352

I have no idda what or who you're talking about so I'll look it up later.

No. 1363354

wait, what did Skarsgard do ?

No. 1363358

Hold on I'll find it (I hope). It was on deuxmoi reddit, general tea threads I think. Some comment said he flirted with a barista or something that was half his age, in his previous relationship

No. 1363359

Trying to make out that women posting a picture of a 21 year old man saying “why do you want to fuck kids?” So you can lie to yourself and say “look! Women are pedos too!”
Any creature with a phallus is a potential threat to a child, especially trannies like you. Now fuck off and put yourself down.

No. 1363367

File: 1664889282391.png (106.33 KB, 818x722, Screenshot (505).png)

Haven't found it yet but found something else kek fuck

No. 1363378

I mean, yeah. I know he's a celebrity but Kanye is a really famous artist, plus he gets attention just being his own mentally ill BPD self. He doesn't really have to purposefully do that kind of stuff.
But anyway, I kind of disagree with my past self now. Looking back on things he's said in the past ("slavery was a choice") I think that whole thing at Fashion Week was just him and not some kind of PR stunt.

No. 1363383

File: 1664890601653.png (116.86 KB, 795x714, Screenshot (506).png)

Okay found it, in a ''Faves that have not disappointed you'' thread

No. 1363388

I retract my statement here that was uninformed and kneejerk to a single passing photo >>1363114 I know nothing about nothing and will be minding my business at this time

No. 1363391

Ayrt. Nonnie, I'm not a burger so I dont care about their retarded race war, I'm just pointing out that black people in America currently have to be kinda anti white or they're going to be treated as race traitor pickmes by the media and their own community kek keep the lid in your autism

No. 1363434

Lol why do you anons always make baseless assumptions around nothing? If someone posted something from Leon or Lolita I'd say "ew" too? Why are you assuming I wouldn't??

The nona posted a photo of a guy that looked very young imo while saying "oh don't ban me mods for posting a twink" and then another nona said it was from a pedo art film. Sorry for assuming the worst but how in the fuck does that make me a tranny? Lol go touch grass.

No. 1363435

Ok you’re just a pickme for gay scrotes then? Go sperg about fujos and how they’re uwu literal paedophiles some more.

No. 1363446

Never assume anything, do your own research before talking online. This doesn't apply to just this case but a lot of people assume the worst by default on everything all the time. And he looks like a young adult here, no idea why anyone thought he was a kid in that screenshot. But maybe that's subjective or whatever.

No. 1363448

nta but you posted a literal 13 year old boy

No. 1363450

Omg are you headfucked?? Are you not reading what I am typing?? I don't know what a "fujo" even is?? And where did I say I like faggots? I think they are the most disgusting degenerate creatures to ever exist, I hope every fag gets aids and dies tbh. Where are you getting these assumptions lol

Yeah cause like any of you fuckers do that lol, I made an assumption in the celebricows thread it's not that detrimental. Relax, the nona could of just as easily said "He's 21 there" instead of sperging that I'm a scrote or a tranny. Fucking hell this is why I don't hang out in this thread you are all insane

No. 1363455

>Omg are you headfucked?? Are you not reading what I am typing?? I don't know what a "fujo" even is?? And where did I say I like faggots? I think they are the most disgusting degenerate creatures to ever exist, I hope every fag gets aids and dies tbh. Where are you getting these assumptions lol

new copypasta

No. 1363462

What are you guys fighting about now

No. 1363464

Idfk they're always mad about something and accusing everyone of being a scrote, tranny, pedo or samefagger

No. 1363466

can you guys just post >>1363188 already it's killing me. where's the coming out thing!? where where where

No. 1363501

I’m sad. The movie Blonde is number one on uks top ten on Netflix. That means everyone is watching that disgusting garbage.

No. 1363506

>looked very young
>21 yo moid
Is this the result of men aging like milk and teenagers being played by 30yo in American media?

No. 1363521

They so badly want other women to be pedophiles like men. They really need to stop applying the same retarded standard to women as men, it just doesn't work. Probably less than one woman in a million is out in front of a school getting wet because she sees teenagers. Most men get a boner when looking at "jailbait" and young teens though.

Let a woman enjoy the 21y old scrote if she wants, ffs. She's not a predator.

No. 1363531

I didn't have my fucking glasses on and his face is filtered to absolute fuck, jesus you guys cannot let shit go

You are retarded and make assumptions based off nothing. "They want other women to be pedophiles" where did I say that and why would I want that? Let it go, go offline for a bit and calm down. You sound like an honest to god schizo tinfoiler. Your literally making arguments that I agree with, that literally 0.00001 of women of are peds compared to probably 100% of men. I am not your enemy dumbass I made a mistake, get over it holy shit you are retarded. For the last time I have no issue with a woman being interested in a 21 year old, I thought he was fucking 15, shut the fuck up already it's been hours omg you are so fucking annoying.

No. 1363535

Part of me wants to beg you to TG but the other part of me is just cackling.

No. 1363537

What does TG mean?

No. 1363538

Touch Grass

No. 1363540

Ohhhh, fair point but so does this weirdo with all of her assumptions >>1363521

No. 1363550

Kinda your fault for not knowing how Leo Dicaprio looked like when he was 21, in the celebricows thread.

No. 1363552

Does that really mean anything? Doesn't Netflix hype things with bots and fake stats like everything else? It really is sad if true.

No. 1363556

I'm the other poster, I knew leo was 21 in that role but he was playing a character was supposed to be a teenger and involved in a BDSM relationship with an older married man,(Which was presented as a tragic doomed love story) i.e it was a pedo art-house film, if you can't see the pedo undertones of this scene, then idk what to say

No. 1363563

Lol it's about Rimbaud the writer, he was 17 and his poet lover was 27. Their story was messed up but Rimbaud kept seeking older poets as lovers

No. 1363568

So what? Anon just wanted to post pre-wall DiCaprio, she wasn't masturbating to pederasty

No. 1363575

Ayrt, yeah that's weird of the producers, writers and people working on the movie to want to play out some pedo fantasy but he was 21 in the movie and he looks 21 in that clip so it's not weird that Nona's are attracted to him. I mistook what you meant at first and thought it was some male version of Lolita or Blue Lagoon where they use actual child actors. But it's not weird for women to be attracted to 21 year olds imo.

No. 1363578

And anon just said he was cute. Not everything has to be some annoying “well akshually” shut the fuck up omg

No. 1363579

File: 1664902306970.png (482.81 KB, 1034x764, Screenshot (507).png)

Apparently David Cotter played guitar for Peterson's lecture (in Nov 2021?), but he still used that hashtag in the picture with Mads (plus the vague caption?). I'm not digging any more, as far as I can tell this plus some older shitty comments from Mads is why people are speculating he went to Peterson's lecture

No. 1363581

Some movie directed by a gay scrote about the life of some other historical gay scrote does not reflect on a woman appreciating male beauty. DiCaprio was handsome until drugs/Hollywood lifestyle, obesity, general aging and shit personality confiscated his looks, simple as

No. 1363583

File: 1664902354704.jpg (353.06 KB, 2048x2048, FeFYjKxWQAIRCKZ.jpg)

lena dunham is saying dumb shit again and the twitter fags are attacking her for it.

No. 1363585

File: 1664902432046.jpg (30.44 KB, 680x497, FeFFsCDWIAEVF84.jpg)

also kek at this edit

No. 1363586

I think a lot of people are curious about it. Even women who spoke out against it were saying that they watched it to see if it’s really that bad and that it was so nobody should watch it, which only compels more people to click on it.
Idk but i think the pornography/rape scenes/ pov bj (???) things are attracting people, both the ones that straight up want to watch shit like this and the ones that feel guilty but curious about it.
I haven’t watched and won’t but I’ll leave a 1/2 star letterboxd review kek fuck you Dominik idk his last name pornbrain

No. 1363587

I didn't post anyone or anything, I'm just witness the shitshow and telling anon to not assume an adult is a child just because she's face blind.

No. 1363588

The only person I know of who liked Lena Dunham is Caroline Calloway and doesn't that say it all kek

No. 1363591

Wear your glasses next time.

No. 1363594

File: 1664902714899.png (52.41 KB, 1671x404, Screenshot (508).png)

Ok Peterson was in Copenhagen Oct 1st

No. 1363595

File: 1664902715578.jpeg (819.13 KB, 748x1579, CC254BD5-97C0-4101-A1CB-0D0097…)

You butchered the whole thread everybody shut the fuck up. Anyways Bella Hadid seems really nice, though suppose could be disingenuous.

No. 1363599

No. 1363601

File: 1664902779941.jpg (54.21 KB, 512x341, tumblr_pswgwn9noJ1urilnho2_540…)

…when even mads is bad, no man is good.

No. 1363606

kek I was coping so bad… I give up, it's over

No. 1363610

Bitch we're done, let it go

No. 1363611

i don't get the obsession that some anons have for actors being secretly gay. like yeah maybe some of them are but lol who cares?

No. 1363612

Seems like Hollywood turns everybody into a monster.
Mads started out as flaming dancer, married and had kids in his 20s like a complete normie, only hit big when he was already in his 30s and yet still got a god complex, acting as if normal morals and rules aren't for him anymore.

It's the same with all those celebs who don't wash themselves, they just go crazy, thinking they're too good to think and act like the rest of the world.

No. 1363614

If he had done any market research, he would've seen that the movie will flop.

No. 1363616

If you don’t have the capacity or deductive reasoning to put two and two together when someone is obviously a homo just say that.

No. 1363617

I wish he refused to act in Rihanna's music video so his daughter would have actually killed him on the spot like she promised.

No. 1363618

im just saying why should we care? who gives a shit who those dudes are fucking on their spare time. the obsession is weird

No. 1363622

if it was that obvious you could've easily posted proof that was asked multiple times

No. 1363628

Speaking of this faggot did anyone see him crying over the fact Olivia Wilde called him an incel hero? He starts getting choked up and says "I thought the marginalized were supposed to have a voice." Like boo fucking hoo, oh the poor "marginalized" men who are so "demoralized" because they can't get a girlfriend lol, what a fucking joke. I hate this weepy motherfucker so much.

No. 1363634

it looks like he got filler

No. 1363635

You know pretty controversial to say but i think Peterson has his heart in the right place. The marginalized should have a voice, but why does he never talk about women though? Aren't women extremely lonely in this day and age too? You can't be more misogynistic than that, as if loneliness wasn't the big societal problem of this century for EVERYONE, why the fuck are we supposed to cry about men only? Because they're the most vocal pieces of shit and not getting their dick wet is the bane of their existence? Bunch of weak bitches. Why doesn't Peterson cry for women? Not only are women lonely too but we're so erased from the discussion no one talks about us, which should make Peterson cry even more, no?

It's like men don't have the ability to feel for women. And since this is the reality we live in, i won't ever have empathy for men. Incels can rot.

No. 1363636

Anons telling you that you sound ridiculous every time you screech about Leo DiCaprio being a ~*pedophile*~ does not mean they’re obsessed

No. 1363639

oh my bad, thats ashley park. shes 31

No. 1363640

Incels are so caught up in their own miserable fantasyland that they never realize it’s their shit attitudes keeping them from dating.

No. 1363642

omfg this is my first time commenting on this thread kek!! i don't a fuck about dicaprio at all, i was just wondering why we should care who that scorte sticks his dick into? jeezz

No. 1363643

File: 1664904170523.jpeg (61.75 KB, 600x467, 9CD5D787-57A9-4073-9C67-933EC2…)

Normal body language with a bro

No. 1363645

I actually agree, compared Andrew Tate, Kevin Samuela and Ned Fulmer, I'd rather young men listen to someone who tries to teach them some sense of responsibility, he's better then the alternatives, that's all I'll say

No. 1363648

Yeah I agree, I hate how he only focuses on the men and always says "especially men" when talking about how terrible everyone feels and is doing nowadays. He clearly thinks men have it worse and harbors some resentment towards women for some reason. I saw this old clip of him in a fedora a few weeks ago where he says something like "what happened to the strong men of the past that repressed women?" and it made it very clear to me that he is a misogynist, that amongst many other things but that was like the final straw for me.

Guys stop fucking infighting!!

No. 1363649

>body language
entire body submerged in water
seriously anon?

No. 1363653

Someone did post this pic >>1363280 of some boy, who unlike Leo is actually underage

No. 1363654

>David Cotter played guitar for Peterson's lecture
Bro doing sick shred strings and BMTH level breakdowns at the Peterson lecture. Is that normal?

No. 1363655

idk what's even going on here but where's the coming out story. i stg i will take a dump itt if you don't post it

No. 1363656

>two men being in close proximity with one another, not even looking at each other

No. 1363661

The sad thing about Bella Hadid is that she does actually seem like a sweet soul. She doesn't seem to rub it in anyones faces that she's in the position that she's in, I don't think I've ever heard of her being rude to fans or anything. You could even tell as a kid watching footage of her with Yolanda that she was a sweet person. It's awful what her mother did and I hope one day she finds peace from that narcissistic witch

No. 1363666

File: 1664904831673.jpg (93.47 KB, 565x709, ITIU5Q5.jpg)

Supreme's creative director says Kanye west is using Virgil's death for pity points and clout in the fashion world. he made fun of virgil' while he was still fighting cancer

No. 1363667

NTA. Nonnie, you really have to calm tf down you sound insane.

No. 1363674

>Never assume anything
>a lot of people assume the worst by default on everything all the time
Oh the irony.

No. 1363675

chilling in the water and less than 5 ft apart?
homosexuality confirmed

No. 1363678

Nonna made a brand new thread and bitches already fighting. It's the circle of lc.

No. 1363679

Nta but bitch shut the fuck up and stop assuming everyone is the same anon, you are the one starting "slapwars" with every fucking anon you fucking sped

No. 1363688

anon I was about to post the same thing lol

No. 1363689

Fun fact Anthony Padilla from Smosh is the person that made this Vine.

No. 1363691

File: 1664905250671.jpg (94.82 KB, 849x830, gSbTIpz.jpg)

I've gotta give Lea Michele props for using Beanie Feldstein's blatant nepotism to win back sympathy and a successful comeback

No. 1363692

i can't wait for kanye to finally commit, im so sick of him. put his ass in a psych ward already

No. 1363693

No you're saying "you" as if every anon calling you out for being an insane annoying bitch is the same anon, there's been like 4 people now telling you to shut the fuck up and you keep accusing them of samefagging, go the fuck away you are so unwanted here

No. 1363695

He also made me want to kill myself with his pretentious virtue signalling bullshit videos

No. 1363706

File: 1664905544309.jpg (35.14 KB, 670x389, 7PwtDCz.jpg)

Gigi Hadid calls out Kanye for bullying a fashion critic because she gave him some bad reviews

No. 1363707

"Starting two slap wars today, wow YOU are bored today" Literally you assuming that one anon saying NTA is the same as someone else, stop it it's fucking annoying

No. 1363708

Do you have x-ray eyes? I only see a fat floating head surrounded by water.
Is that all your prove?

No. 1363709

File: 1664905595378.jpg (31.91 KB, 423x599, V5Nthbc.jpg)

the critic

No. 1363710

I don't agree he has his heart in the right place at all. It seems much more likely he just wants to ''protect''/defend pathetic woe-is-me men online, and is just using that kind of rhetoric of 'protecting the marginalised' that is popular nowdays to get his shitty thing through, as if incels are some oppresed minority

No. 1363712

Jordan Peele is the exception, but he actually writes movies instead of cramming sketches into a 90 min window.

No. 1363715

Can you read? It's about the samefagging accusations it's getting so fucking annoying

No. 1363716

If you actually think his over rated black people misery porn flicks actually good, I think you should evaluate your sense of taste

No. 1363719

File: 1664906022249.png (270.75 KB, 548x436, aTypicalLCtuesday.png)

No. 1363720

have the same/similar opinion with someone? SAMEFAG11!!!

No. 1363723

He has such an "I'm helping men by making them realize they have to get a job, clean their room and shower" All he did was tell men to do the most basic of human behaviour…and he's their hero?
Men love to say "Women have daddy issues." When it appears there are many men without a proper father figure themselves and now have to latch onto to decrepit canuck and treat the rhetoric as gospel.

No. 1363724

I am not Samefag-anon. I just find it ridiculous and the pic fitting to this ridiculous infighting atm.

No. 1363726

i know i was just captioning it kek

No. 1363730

I just said he actually writes movies.

No. 1363734

This, 'All Lives Matter', and 'Blue Lives Matter' only came about to antagonize BLM and their supporters. The people that say this only do it to "own" the Wokists, Leftists, SJWs, and any other retarded term they come up with for people that aren't straight white Christian conservatives. I recognize that shit for what it is and I don't even support the BLM org.

Right? It isn't the 1940s. That slack jawed dumbass is a billionaire with a white ex-wife, biracial children, close relationships with noteable non-black figures including a white former president, and a fan base full of white males. Kanye is at NO risk whatsoever of being redlined, facing extrajudicial killing, or becoming strange fruit.

Black burger and this isn't accurate. We don't need to go around being anti-white avoid ostracism from other blacks. That said, black women are expected to pander and ego-stroke black men so I don't get attacked or targeted for harassment by other blacks.

No. 1363742

File: 1664907214109.png (111.7 KB, 275x273, 6E0FE8FF-0B1E-452C-AD54-F0C702…)

We having fun in here?

No. 1363754

File: 1664908067630.gif (8.02 MB, 498x498, cat.gif)

No. 1363768

File: 1664908613867.png (297.85 KB, 556x658, 1660060723629.png)

This is the face i imagine most posters in here are making behind their computer, except not as cute.

picrel is me, except not as cute as well

No. 1363771

File: 1664908765902.jpg (135.49 KB, 1080x1080, rs_300x300-14070711551.jpg)

this is me, sad madschan

No. 1363860

File: 1664912937947.jpg (221.03 KB, 935x1274, lindsay.jpg)

Lindsay's new movie poster is out and so are some shots. I'm proud of her for making a comeback!!!

No. 1363866

File: 1664913074757.png (611.62 KB, 679x398, lindsay2.PNG)

here's a still from the movie

No. 1363868

File: 1664913118630.png (716.71 KB, 898x666, another one bites the dust.png)

>As Margot Robbie and Cara Delevingne were leaving a restaurant in Buenos Aires and entering an Uber, a pap rushed them and started taking photos aggressively
>The driver freaked out and took off, with Cara in the car and Margot halfway in
>Margot had to jump out of the car to avoid being hurt, but even after she was on the ground, the photog continued snapping
>That's when a couple of male friends of Margot's, who were on hand, jumped in to help
>The pap, named Pedro Alberto Orquera, tells the police that he was brutally beaten and hospitalized. Alleged police report says he was left with a broken arm and a bloody scalp
>Pap says he wants to press charges. The two men are now in custody

No. 1363870

this looks so weird? it looks like it was made on face app

No. 1363872

File: 1664913237976.jpg (48.19 KB, 480x480, lindsay3.jpg)

No. 1363873

Ha! Great news! One of those parasites finally got some good old fashioned karma, love to hear that!

No. 1363876

Professional stalkers deserve to get their asses beaten.

No. 1363882

Where’s Hugh grant when you need him?

No. 1363883

I think that they’re both right.

No. 1363899

If her natural skin showed she would look better imho. Airbrushing every face on a screen is weird as fuck. I guess they can't show actors' real skin texture anymoreremember Paul Dano's mild acne?. It must be also part of the Netflix plastic aesthetic. Lohan said she embraced her freckless now but in those stills she looks unrecognizable.

No. 1363901

i agree. sigourney weave i think is very beautiful as an older woman, but in movies where she's younger (alien, ghostbusters) she looks os bad to me. meryl nowadays is super hot - i loved her look in devil wears prada. but in the deer hunter she looks awful. i always had a big nose and wide face and looked super ugly until i was like 28 so I think maybe people with big, exaggerated features look better AFTER their faces thin out with age maybe?

No. 1363902

aaron taylor johnson looks like a big pile of hamburger meat with teeth. he was a super adorable kid though.

No. 1363903

She's honestly based for this.

No. 1363905

don't talk about vaginas that way

No. 1363933

File: 1664917134984.jpeg (129.46 KB, 1280x720, E390DE60-003A-4968-AADA-38DBD9…)

Like here?

No. 1363934

Lol nice. Almost wish it was Bella. Would've been satisfying considering his weird gravitation towards her lately.

No. 1363947

Yeah, in terms of skin texture. But when is that picture from? In the movie she looks like she took some fillers away, her face looks slightly less botched than here.

No. 1363983

That's it I'm hiding this thread for my own mental wellbeing, kek.

No. 1363989

She looks so cute, she always suited the copper tones hair the best

No. 1364008

File: 1664922687241.jpg (44.82 KB, 567x851, 8898cbee48cff958ce0750acdc1965…)

Nona this is what a 70 year old looks like, get off tiktok it's rotting your brain.

But the reason she looks a little prematurely aged is because of drugs, cigarettes, lack of sleep, probable trauma/stress, alcoholism, and too much filler making her face look doughy and puffy. But that's life, we're all gonna be a little prematurely aged due to some lifestyle habits or circumstance. It's not the end of the world and she certainly doesn't look 70 lol.

No. 1364013

File: 1664923022574.jpg (557.65 KB, 910x1025, Screenshot_20221004_183644.jpg)

is this the moid from glee????? kek
seems like they've both had an upgrade

No. 1364024

File: 1664923705123.gif (642.15 KB, 220x158, kim-kardashian-kim-k.gif)

No. 1364041

Anon, it is accurate. That’s the current state of the loudest people. You can’t be racist to wypeepo, yts, reparations, you’re not retweeting a black person or saying BLM!? racist
Same kek. In what world is that mess a fashion critic?

No. 1364042

can you expand on what you mean by misery porn?

No. 1364043

>this isn't accurate
I'm gonna be honest and say that you can tell that some anons get their assumptions about other countries from twitter. Not even just America.

No. 1364106

You have never interacted with black people before and it's showing very badly. Sit this one out.

No. 1364118

It isn't accurate. Get off twitter and engage in more face to face interactions. I've been across this country (offline) and come from a state with a significant black population. Unless you're talking to some dumbass Hebrew Israelite in NY, you're not going to get disowned from the black community for not being racist to white people, retweeting a black person, or demanding reparations.

Definitely, and it seems to have ramped up over the past few years. It's a great way to figure out who to ignore, tho…

No. 1364119

I think it's bait anon, there's nothing misery-porn about any of Peele's films.

No. 1364120

File: 1664931984576.jpg (168.79 KB, 362x432, kkMJGS2.jpg)

Angelina is now claiming that Brad “choked one of the children and struck another in the face.”

No. 1364123

didnt he literally get physical with one of the kids on an airplane just a few months ago? scrotes gonna scrote

No. 1364125

with emratas new feminist stances, do you think they’ll continue “seeing” each other?

No. 1364126

Shes pretty

No. 1364128

News details of an old incident.
He’s such a shitty alcoholic.
Poor kids.

No. 1364136

If you had to choose would you rather fuck Jordan Peterson or Brad? for me it's jordan

No. 1364145

File: 1664934163435.png (480.05 KB, 1242x2688, B412195B-2049-409C-BA97-DB7AC7…)

Kek licking his wounds like a stray dog

No. 1364146

Fling myself off of the balcony of whatever Hilton they’re keeping me hostage in.

No. 1364147

Why is this making me kek

No. 1364148

Samefag, what does Trevor Noah have to do with this? Did I miss something?

No. 1364151

I’m assuming he’s implying Trevor Noah is pressured into talking shit about him. Like if you’re black and criticize him it’s because you’re being paid/a puppet

No. 1364153

No. 1364155

File: 1664935353509.webm (4.4 MB, 270x480, jordan_peterson_doesnt_agree-b…)

I don't follow him, but I've seen various clips of him saying things like these.

No. 1364158

File: 1664935907573.jpg (250.81 KB, 480x403, b6Iyr6X.jpg)

No. 1364174

you people are very, very naive. he doesn't have his heart in the right place at all. all he does is demonize women. familiarize yourself more with him. he's a massive misogynist.

No. 1364181

I've served the Hadid sisters before and Gigi was a complete bitch and an absolute nightmare, but Bella was really sweet and apologized on behalf of her sister and gave us a really big tip. I'm glad Bella's career and reputation is so much better than Gigi's because that's karma, babes x

No. 1364183

Kanye was extremely jealous of Virgil, he is bitter since he put Virgil on and he went on to become the creative director of Louis Vuitton and Virgil made clothes that people actually want to buy, even off-white managed to out live beyond him and will probably stick around for a while. I can't see the same happening with the Yeezy brand.

No. 1364185

File: 1664937912315.jpeg (105.62 KB, 800x1200, 24BB18CE-ACE3-4522-8901-51CFFA…)

I’m glad she tipped you a lot. Gigi was always their mother’s favourite so I’m not surprised she’s awful.

No. 1364187

If she was white Kanye wouldn't have said shit.
I hope Margot Robbie wasn't hurt too bad.
Thank you anon, honestly, Lindsey doesn't look too bad, but she definitely should not top on up on filler any time soon since she already had pretty full cheeks to begin with. The surgeons did a decent job reversing the damage she did from drugs.

No. 1364202

File: 1664939724661.jpg (22.61 KB, 400x400, 4d6teIRC_400x400.jpg)

it wasn't a pair of male friends that broke his arm, but Cara's bodyguard, Jac Hopkins a former Royal Marine and Josei MacNamara Callum Margot Robbie's producer who also helped, the man on the left is Hopkins, the article omitted the fact that both are now in jail for almost killing the photographer

No. 1364204

>why does he never talk about women though?
Would you really want him to? kek
He talks to "disaffected young men" who already hate women, if he has any positive opinions on women, how would it help him reach an audience of incels who scoff at anything that even echos feminism?
People laugh at the "clean ur room" shit but what he does for the tards of the world is basically mass CBT. Being autonomous is a huge step into bettering your mental health, and as a psychologist he's identified a group of men who feel weak and disenfranchised who he can help/profit off of.
idk he's not for me, but I'm also not his target audience because I'm not a greasy coombrained moid who feels like all my problems are because women think I'm gross. But I do think it's a little retarded how people act as if he's the boogey man just because he talks incels into bettering their circumstances and not placing the onus of their low self-esteem on women as a class.
All incel ideas are shitty and retarded, but a very small percent of incels are every going to cause any harm. If Peterson deradicalizes them enough to wash their shorts and stop viewing women as a monolith that is always laughing at them, I think that's a net gain for us

No. 1364208

peterson isn't deradicalizing men at all. he's radicalizing them using the "clean your room" shit that sounds reasonable to otherwise ok moids and then leading semi-normal but lazy moids down a path of misogyny. he's not deradicalizing incels, he's radicalizing disaffected young men.

No. 1364221

I don’t have any social media. If you’re talking to anyone besides some hood mf and even half that grew up in that culture it’s accurate. Sorry we hood bitches non but it’s true otherwise. I was disagreeing with you in the loudest, like I said.

No. 1364224

Sf I didn’t even read up to Hebrew w.e, wtaf. Those people don’t even care, or have to, about black people, shit example. Get off the leftcows(rcowz) thread.

No. 1364241

nta but can you give me one example where he tells young men to lay the blame solely on women or commit actors of violence against women, I think he's kinda stupid in a lot of ways but I am not fond of disinformation, he's a jungian to his core and he tries to apply that with modern self help courses, that's his entire brand

No. 1364256

Every moid in this situation being an idiot.
Pap naturally being an asshole
Taxidriver for speeding away like an idiot
Male "friends" for beating the shit out of him instead of helping Margot to find/reach her friend

No. 1364266

NTA, but just look at the citations on Wikipedia and The NY Times articles.

>the 50s were better because women were housewives

>order is masculine, chaos is feminine
>men run things because they’re simply more competent
>the cure for male violence is forced monogamy (he did try to walk this back but still kek)

I mean sure, he’s not telling young men to go out and murder, just that life was better with men in charge and when women had fewer options. Of course he’s breeding resentment. He isn’t wrong on every single thing, things like getting mental healthcare are important for men to hear, but a lot of it isn’t about taking control of your life, it’s bitching about women and this damn liberal society because it isn’t 1952 anymore.

No. 1364273

bogged jfc

No. 1364275

i still believe in chris motionless
don't disappoint us chris

No. 1364276

kek he didn't hit it big til he was literally 40. casino royale was shot in 2005

No. 1364278

HAHAHAAA what a little bitch. what a fucking baby. how do men not laugh him out of the room??? oh that's right - they're all stupid babies too

No. 1364279

this is just low effort bait from some dude trying to do an impression of one of the types of commenters who comes to this thread

No. 1364280

Free them.

No. 1364287

What'd he do? Get old?

No. 1364290

they assaulted a man and broke his arm

No. 1364294

And? He was asking for it.

No. 1364297

kek did you not read the thread
the man they assaulted is an ass, who cares

No. 1364299

its still fucking assault, you don't get the right to critically injure somebody cause you work for a celebrity

No. 1364303

File: 1664948301901.jpg (210.3 KB, 1920x1080, KLZYR42WEZERTA7EOQK3B7HGCA.jpg)

picrel is both of them

No. 1364304

>t. paparazzi

No. 1364309

It's not assault, it's called defending your friends against a crazy, dangerous stalker.

No. 1364310

are you a pick me or something ? you sound like a boymom

No. 1364313

Nonny u should rope yourself

No. 1364324

Nta but
>defending a woman and being against a creepy scrote = pickme
wtf is going on here

No. 1364328

condoning assault by violent male associates is pickme/boymom behavior

No. 1364330

honestly I consider myself pretty pinkpilled but I've followed/been in the Jordan Peterson community for a few years now. it's quite self aware, at least in my circles. I actually made some non-insane scrote friends from around the world, and "clean up your room" etc. is the main meme. there's also a weird crossover now between Slavoj Žižek and JP (vidrel, I follow both) because the discourse is honestly entertaining. IIRC Jordan Peterson said there's more women than you'd expect/he expected following his work. it's the incels shouting the loudest about it.

No. 1364332

You don't know what a "pick me" or a "boy mom" is. Go get some sleep anon. You're obviously tired.

No. 1364335

ayrt who Jordan Peterson? kek
also I do the picking nona. I outgrew the male gaze long ago goml

No. 1364336

there's only any crossover because zizek mogged him. no, what peterson spews is insane and retarded. of course he says "lots of women follow him", just like "lots of adults are fans of onision", claims onision. not that it matters anyways, you can have retarded women who are male identified following your shit anyways. lots of women are useful idiots for men.

No. 1364342

oh zizek definitely mogged him. I'm just saying what I've seen from a female perspective. I suffer really bad executive disfunction so I've found some of his stuff helpful. to each her own

No. 1364346

Get help

No. 1364347

Those rules were for men, you're the dragon of chaos who is supposed to be agreeable and submissive or else you will never be happy in life. Even though Peterson literally admits his wife is not like that.

No. 1364358

File: 1664952367721.jpg (5.02 KB, 225x225, roomsocleanitcookanegg.jpg)

> "get help"
> literally seeks free help


brb calling myself a dragon of chaos from now on

No. 1364367

File: 1664953208344.jpeg (14.53 KB, 276x183, 1_gKKH7lyrrIh1EQyygbDvPQ.jpeg)

>calling myself a dragon of chaos from now on
>NO Nonna, you're supposed to resist the dragon of chaos, you have to submit yourself to a real man and be agreeable all the time. You can't be happy in life as a woman with the word "no" in your vocabulary. LOBSTERS NONNA, LOBSTERS. Don't you get it? This is about life and death. You don't just clean your room, you have to clean the room of all the men too. [insert crying] Why does nobody ever think of the men? Instead of protesting and, and trying to change the world, first win the war of evil within yourself and you'll see misogyny doesn't exist. Slay your dragon of feminine chaos, not embrace it! The real crisis is that all these damn men have to clean their own rooms, BECAUSE OF YOU, you upset the masculine order! Please put me back in a coma in Russia already, I can't take it anymore.

No. 1364381

File: 1664954484206.jpg (69.56 KB, 960x677, 7e5397.jpg)

he didn't mean that literally, he's a jungian and most jungians are very loose with the shit they spout, if you want to see his rhetoric from the opposite lense look up jungian feminism

No. 1364393

Nah he reminds me of every other retarded conservative scrote who says all women should be hyperfeminine agreeable waifs, meanwhile all the women they've ever been with themselves are the opposite of that and they wouldn't be attracted to them if they were the supposedly perfect type they prescribe for other women. Their daughters are also always the opposite of what they think is the ideal, but they are special NLOGs to said scrote and the only ones who don't have to follow the rules according to him. He might dress it up in Jungian shit, but it's so shallow and superficial that I can't even take it seriously.

No. 1364432

sounds like something azalea would post lmao

No. 1364440

>Jungian teachings in my occultic rituals
Do you have a job?

No. 1364448

shut up scrote

No. 1364450

of all alt-rights gurus peterson is certainly the mildest and most reasonable. would've been milk had it been nick fuentes or alex jones or whatever

No. 1364455

I mean your hobby was telling me enough but your assumption that only a scrote could ask this question is tragic

No. 1364457

>Celebricows thread
>Debate about Carl Jung
Every day this thread is more demented fuck.

No. 1364464

Idk, have we canceled Keanu yet?
Not sure if I really want to know

No. 1364465

Did I miss someone posting things Mads Mikkelsen said or do we really only have this vague post >>1363311
>speaking of mads, apparently he was seen at a jordan peterson event recently? now all sorts of old anti-feminist/women/me-too quotes are coming out and he also doesn't believe in climate change

No. 1364468

i swear you girls better stop thirsting for this crusty fuck now. he was always ugly, now he's a likely asshole that's ugly

No. 1364472

>admits to being part of a known misogynist’s violent incel fandom on a mostly feminist imageboard
I think you got lost on the way to /pol/
>mentally ill famous woman’s bodyguard intervened when an aggressive stranger invaded her personal space
When you’re someone’s personal security it’s literally your job to keep them safe you fucking retard

No. 1364479

File: 1664963946890.png (262.59 KB, 846x475, image_2022-10-05_195708837.png)

nona….okay whatever lmao
calm the fuck down

taking bets now on who comes out in the johnny and amber 2.0 round

No. 1364483

This. Plus from the pictures of it that paparazi doesn't look like someone who got le almost killed. It's very likely he is over exaggerated it all to get money out of it.

No. 1364484

dudes were guarding her body. as in bodyguards as in paid to. fuck pappz hope they got wrecked lmao

No. 1364486

I hope Bread's team isn't going to use info that got leaked during sony incident that outed Angie as a obsessive stalker and a hater over Jennifer.
I mean we know she was just shitposting, but in this case I have zero doubt that the drunk man was abusive to his family, but twitter mob will turn Angie's forum rants into her being a manipulative witch.

No. 1364487

samefag can you fucking sage or at least pretend to integrate?

No. 1364490

No. 1364491

you dont have to sage in /ot/ retard

No. 1364493

I know. can YOU though? you're annoying

No. 1364494

lmao anon

No. 1364510

Someone is still butthurt over simple question on employment lol

No. 1364529

were you thinking of barry jenkins, anon.. ?

No. 1364546

I never watched or read anything by Jordan Peterson and only know him as one of the things that keep being mentioned by the incessant cacophony of the internet hivemind, that's more flattering look than this dragon of chaos shit lmao.

No. 1364553

File: 1664970629809.jpg (47.04 KB, 701x710, WJ0JWKZ.jpg)

Vogue reprimanded Kanye for attacking one of their editors/fashion critics. Between Gigi Hadid and the Supreme creative director making statements, I think this might get him blackballed from fashion.

No. 1364557

because some(i'm being generous) men think women are the root of all their problems. why is their go to for any problem blaming feminism when, in their own words, feminism is useless and has no real impact?
>just that life was better with men in charge and when women had fewer options
kek men fantasize about being in a society where they can suck but still get a gf/wife because women have no other choice.
why is it women can not only cope but be happy single and just having friends. but men act like it's the end of their world.

No. 1364564

Does he have a look at the news occasionally?
I would say wars are chaos and certainly not instigated by women, men are so more competent, hence multiple countyleaders being total corrupt pieces of shit that let everyone else suffer.
The delusions.

No. 1364572

File: 1664972396227.jpg (103.33 KB, 1024x768, 278xmg.jpg)

Gives the same energy

No. 1364573

Here's hoping!

No. 1364576

The bar is so low it's in hell.

No. 1364601

File: 1664973849210.png (321.19 KB, 483x1321, screencapture-coolghostdude-tu…)

How is it vague kek. He went to Peterson's lecture. I find that the shittiest, there's some older quotes from him but nothing particularly outrageous though as the other nona said the bar is in hell


No. 1364604

Nta and that's nice he said that and I wish he would say stuff like that more often, but imo it's not enough to just not dislike women as a whole when he looks at us as inferior and lesser than men. Most of clips that get shared around can be so easily condensed into "red pill" incel rhetoric. Even just the way he talks about his wife Tammy and how he continues to push this narrative that women only wear makeup to get sexual attention from men. But then also stating that one of women's core values to men is to be the "beautiful divine feminine." It's fucking ridiculous and he needs to change his dumb old man way of viewing things before I give him credit for the bare minimum of not hating all women.

No. 1364631

File: 1664975341712.png (79.11 KB, 870x400, 6824290.png)

Tbh ''nothing particularly outrageous'' was very generous of me kek sorry I'm still auto-coping, he called Matt Damon ''the most politically correct person in history''

No. 1364651

He did hawk NFTs for his girlfriend after (rightfully) making fun of them for months. Nothing to be canceled for in the slightest, but a little something that makes you go hmmm

No. 1364670

He should be over his extremely rapey comments he’s made about co-stars

No. 1364676

This is where you elaborate

No. 1364691

He said some women don’t mind rape after working with Hilary Swank on some sequel for starters

No. 1364709

thats…not what he said lol. i think i know the comment you talking about and its was about domestic violence. (sorry i dont remember thr source) he got heat for it years ago.

No. 1364714

not saying it wasn’t bad, but he didn’t say anything about rape. he made a screwy comment about the dynamics of domestic violence

No. 1364719

I lost all sorts of interests in Keanu when he dated that tranny. Urgh, I do not want if he banged a frankenpussy or nah.

>meeting with Ye today
Imagine you have to type that out with a straight face kek. Also, do you refer him as Mr. Ye when you meet him? What a joke.

No. 1364721

>Mads' daughter tells him she'll kill him if he refuses to act in Rihanna's video
>he obeys
>Matt's daughter lectures him to stop saying "faggot"
>he obeys
Hollywood actors' daughters need to tell them to stop being retarded, maybe they'll all listen. Please.

No. 1364727

Sometimes I think the only way to reach men is through their daughters. Since they're "his" their daughters opinions matter more.

No. 1364728

men shouldn't be saying "faggot"

No. 1364732

>I lost all sorts of interests in Keanu when he dated that tranny
wtf when was this

No. 1364734

File: 1664982831266.jpg (582.46 KB, 607x800, Carle_Vanloo,_Portrait_de_l’im…)

OT but historically most female rulers only got their positions cause of theirs father authority

No. 1364737

File: 1664983060937.jpg (145.29 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

it was in 2015 or so, his name is Jamie Clayton.

No. 1364739

bottom left doesn't look like that dude

No. 1364740

File: 1664983215302.jpg (19.08 KB, 640x640, revees.jpg)

some screenshots of a pap video

No. 1364743

oh shit, gross. but yeah the bottom left looks like a woman not a troon, still not him but yeah gross

No. 1364745

im just gonna pretend he was being nice and gave “jamie” a ride home

No. 1364747

File: 1664983511798.jpg (82.24 KB, 1042x478, keanu.JPG)

there were seen together a few times but non of them talked about it. Jamie is apparently friends with one of the wachowski trannies.

No. 1364755

File: 1664984157195.jpeg (736.51 KB, 1125x1546, BAFF76C0-72E1-4E05-A80D-5A3888…)

found the comment, i think he’s a bit autistic

No. 1364758

i’ve seen that movie and i don’t remember a rape scene? but yeah what the fuck

No. 1364792

File: 1664986130586.jpeg (864.81 KB, 1170x2085, 6C281402-8E52-4CE0-9874-89C229…)

Scrotes will always respect other men more than women, and are willing to destroy their own marriage to prove to other men that they can still throw a ball in their 40s

No. 1364795

I thought that said Tom hardy on mobile and panicked as a I love Tom hardy so much.

No. 1364824

What's up with moids not having enough iq points to understand the simple difference between rape and rough consensual sex?

No. 1364832

can someone make a jordan peterson containment thread

No. 1364835

no. its just one retarded anon shlicking to a grandpa.

No. 1364844

Imagine losing Gisele. I wouldn't be able to live with the shame.

No. 1364848

this isn't a claim though? The FBI came with the docs that were originally redacted that had this info, since now there's another court case related to some wine thing between them, those docs are now open and we see what caused the divorce originally…. So I'm 100% with angie on this. The fact her kids want NOTHING to do with him is VERY telling.

No. 1364854

A pile of meat I want inside me and outside of me and all around me

I think they’re heroic and brave and deserve medals

No. 1364878

To play for the fucking Buccaneers too. Embarrassing.

No. 1364881

I hate the comments on that video getting ready for the Balenciaga show. I hate that she is using a black eye as a fashion statement. People are saying how beautiful and iconic she looks, but she looks unfortunate as hell with her hair and shaved eyebrows.

No. 1364882

Newfag, please add context to your posts

No. 1364888

Not a newfag, anon. Do you want me to link the video? I should have done that maybe, but I literally just described what I didn't like about it, everyone knows how she looks right now anyway kek

No. 1364889

Big yikes

No. 1364890

got it, your into ugly vile scrotes who like hobos

No. 1364893

You didn't include a name in your post so it didn't really make any sense. Thanks for linking it anon.

No. 1364895

knew it, fucking called it from a mile away.
dropping this link because I respected her beyond the frothing of russel brand etc. and being a general pickme but I'm sure this hurts more than one keanufag

No. 1364901

oh god oops, I am so sorry, I thought I added her name kek. my fault nona. sorry I am retarded

No. 1364904

It's ok kek. Sorry for calling you a newfag.

No. 1364907

File: 1664991966757.gif (3.79 MB, 498x427, 184BF9B7-EC3A-424A-8F03-4808C1…)

That’s ok nonnie! My bad!

No. 1364931

not a burger but I know that Tom Brady is a famous sportsman, what did he do to make his wife divorce him

No. 1364940

From what I've read, he refuses to retire from football, and Giselle wants him to move on to the next faze of his life and be at home more.

No. 1364942

okay, compared to all the others not that bad and actually pretty understandable on both their parts

No. 1364963

File: 1664994945244.jpg (111.95 KB, 1096x1096, Tumblr_l_23239219054724.jpg)

Overreaction imo

No. 1364981

this is personally satisfying for me because I think he is a grade-a tool bag and asshole. He left his pregnant fiance for Gisele and likes to long kiss his kids on the mouth. Fuck that guy.

No. 1364986

Based Kim K

No. 1364989

He actually did retire, for like a month, then un-retired kek. Brady’s already one of the greatest of all time quarterbacks in American football, won a bunch of Super Bowls, what’s left for him to achieve? I’d be pissed off too if I were his wife. He’s either away training most of the year or playing away from his family. They clearly don’t need the money. Just seems like an ego thing.

No. 1364991

stop caping for kim k just cause kanye's an asshole, she the ultimate supreme pick-me

No. 1364995

I don't like or agree with Kanye on most of what he says, but it's pretty obvious he has the wrong political viewpoints. They can't wait to cancel him.

No. 1365002

These zoomers don't know about world politics, they think Kim K really launched a missile

No. 1365003

Did you even see the post I replied to? Learn to take a joke, anon.

No. 1365014

Seconding for Bella, I've met her once while working at the hotel she was staying in and she left me with a good impression of her, she was really polite and nice to the staff and seemed genuinely grateful when meeting fans.

No. 1365084

i agree that it seems like an ego thing. tom brady comes off as so fucking boring and bland, playing football is his whole personality so he cant let it go

No. 1365119

Males literally have nothing to fulfill them besides their jobs and sex.

No. 1365202

File: 1665004855950.jpeg (809.65 KB, 1279x854, 1DA204B7-BBEC-4901-9BBA-736552…)

No. 1365219

I hope to god this retard doesn't get a brain injury and then kill any women and children later in life.

No. 1365222

I get where's she's coming from, American Football is a violent sport akin to MMA and seeing someone you love just get beaten up tears you up, my brother used to do Boxing and I could never watch a single match of him, seeing him get hurt just made me sick to my stomach

No. 1365236

Better take his bowflex away pronto.

No. 1365264

File: 1665007237287.jpg (23.88 KB, 427x427, Fc0kDwYWAAIyQyt.jpg)

he does already for sure. a study came out that most people who play football for over 10 years have it. that includes non-professional stuff too like when youre in school.

dude looked like a cancer patient at a press-con about a week ago too. just retire ffs

No. 1365315

Halsey apparently has EDS/POTS now. Is she just being a munchie or is it legit?

No. 1365335

idk why but i trust it

No. 1365357

File: 1665013430280.jpg (306.17 KB, 485x523, 4OcSCUY.jpg)

Rihanna will be performing at the next Super Bowl event.

No. 1365362

I'm actually really excited to see her perform again. She's going to have a guest, and I just hope it's someone good and not ASAP Rocky he's ok, just not for superbowl

No. 1365365

> wypeepo, yts, reparations, you’re not retweeting a black person or saying BLM
but also
> I don’t have any social media.

Uh, yeah. You're clearly on social media even if you don't have an SM account to post from and it's glaringly obvious. Honestly, you sound like trannies online who swear people support them, when in actuality people only show tepid support because of the LGB and dating platforms have to punish people for excluding MTFs.

Also, half of hood people are the only blacks that won't ostracize you for not being anti-white? The fuck?? Which hood flick did you watch on an illegal streaming site?… My advice to interact with people in real life is still valid.

> Those people don’t even care, or have to, about black people, shit example.

It's clear you don't know who they are and are assuming they're just run-of-the-mill Jewish people. The Hebrew Israelites are a black male hate group notorious for their anti-white rhetoric.

No. 1365391

File: 1665015869006.jpg (31.23 KB, 828x321, gigi.jpg)

Gigi responded again. Kanye's really getting it this week.

No. 1365394

the boomeresque punctuation makes me think yolanda is trying to get some attention here just like with the Leo PR she set up for gigi

No. 1365400

File: 1665016668414.jpeg (Spoiler Image,771.1 KB, 960x1217, A2EDECA0-0E08-4752-B569-C8DAFE…)

Britney posing nude on Instagram again. Of course people are judging but she’s censored so who cares?

No. 1365402

Nonnie Kim K didn't really launch a nuke over Japan, she doesn't have that kind of power

No. 1365458

ayrt, i should have specified comedy movies - he's not making movies of his sketches or trying to transfer an unrelated talent to screenwriting. he wrote good horror movies!

No. 1365461

i think class matters more than race in most countries and white burgers on the internet seem to forget that idk

No. 1365463

did she ditch her creepy moid[s]?

No. 1365464

good. maybe he shouldn't be chasing women aggressively for a living

No. 1365465

Munchie, there's no way she wouldn't have known she has EDS sooner in life and POTS is the easiest spoonie disease to fake or confuse with something else more benign.

No. 1365468

wow. defend a woman, go to jail. fuck whoever locked them up

No. 1365470

her bodyguard disabled a male who was aggressively stalking her. that's literally his job.

No. 1365472

POTS is the new trendy disease on tiktok. munchie for sure

No. 1365474

christ that pic on the right. a woman who looked like that would have been a guest role in 15 years worth of b-list network comedies before getting her own whitney-esque shit tier sitcom at age 42

No. 1365475

samefag; what i mean is troons get so much for so little effort. a real woman with that appearance would be treated like shit and never have a chance at dating an a list movie star

No. 1365477

i think he got trashed and tried it once, maybe just got a blowjob. he seems embarassed about the whole thing because he never talks about it even now when it could be huge leverage to get woke money

No. 1365478

because theyre rapists

No. 1365481

he's not good enough for her. she's awesome and he's a human triscuit

No. 1365485

he looks like he shitted his soul out of his asshole

No. 1365486

Yeah that's cause it's so easy to fake the symptoms or conflate something like simple anemia, anxiety, even just lack of sleep to POTS. It's like the gen z version of fibromyalgia lol

No. 1365487

File: 1665024163576.jpeg (48.79 KB, 640x427, BD84C0BC-928F-4503-951E-629705…)

First he fucks up Hellraiser for me, now Keanu? I refuse to believe this.

No. 1365490

I was always kinda rooting for them because she’s a gorgeous supermodel and he’s a top athlete. He used to be good looking imo. They just always seemed like a such perfect photogenic match. I can’t imagine why he wouldn’t just retire when he’s at his top game and live a life of fun and luxury with his gorgeous wife and kids.

No. 1365510

Nice thread OP, thanks for using the thread pic I made kek. I made a slightly different version but completely forgot to come back and post it

No. 1365514

File: 1665025526620.jpeg (474.6 KB, 1009x1496, 033633CE-0D5B-468A-9F0E-E9408F…)

This man is so butt hurt and childish. I need Hailey to sick her uncle Alec on him immediately.

No. 1365516

Same with EDS. I swear anyone who is even vaguely hypermobile is claiming hEDS these days it's wild. It doesn't help that there are a bunch of articles/tiktoks/reddit posts sperging about how if have pretty much ever had joint pain ever in your life it's aktually because you have a connective tissue disorder. Totes not because you're completely sedentary and deconditioned af.

No. 1365528

File: 1665026339254.jpg (94.19 KB, 1080x1080, kanye.jpg)

He also posted this.

No. 1365532

File: 1665026485540.png (286.06 KB, 901x389, bella.PNG)

And another. I think he literally only did this to get back at Gigi.
I really think that if Kanye ever gets suspended on Instagram/social media for whatever reason, that's when he'll really go insane. He needs somewhere to publicly taunt people.

No. 1365545

Not sure if it's a stretch to assume but Halsey absolutely strikes me as a pathological liar and someone who will claim anything for validation. Like Jameela Jamil who's basically made similar EDS/POTS claims for herself.

No. 1365562

Tickled by this. I hope the backlash hastens his fall from stardom.

No. 1365591

crazy overpriced??? as if his crap is not overpriced?

No. 1365600

to all the fellow keanu loving nonnies out there, at the time this happened a lotttt of people thought it was a very obvious PR relationship because they were staring in a movie together at the same time and it didn't last long.

ik a lot of peoples first thought might be "keanu doesn't seem like the PR relationship type" but there's also rumors about a lot of the nice guy/internet darling keanu type posts are all his PR team as well

personally i'm holding out hope that these rumors are true cause i'd much rather he be a media whore than a troon fucker lol (but maybe i'm just coping)

No. 1365627

honestly he seems like the kind of guy that would be fine with troons

No. 1365676

youre not tinfoiling nonnie, halsey had the milkiest pull thread, rip. maybe her kiwifarms thread has the same info but i havent looked. her album that trent reznor produced flopped. they paid for one month of radio play and it seemed like on the 31st day it was completely off air.

No. 1365700

>I love Tom hardy so much
Someone who was extremely abusive and scared Charlize Theron on set of Mad Max?

No. 1365705

what has Halsey even done after her baby way born ?

No. 1365708

Seems like a list of male celebs that are not cheaters / creeps / and/or abusers doesn't have any name in it

No. 1365718

She was very much naked in her music videos (toxic, womanizer) yet people are seething now and claiming she is mentally ill because she doesn't fit their skinny girl fantasies.

No. 1365720

its all gone so take this win a grain of salt but she used to be a one direction blogger on tumblr and lied about being homeless for atttention. shes typical rich kid who was always going to get a record deal. but she gets very triggered when people dont take her shit pop seriously. the homeless thing is the thing i remember the mos but eh grimes did the same and no one cares. i feel like its a weirdly common rich indie singer larp.

also HATE fantano but he covered this story well, its not a music review!! basically she champions herself on being the LGBT queen then collabed with homophobic rappers. People critiziced her so she double down doing this super weird takedown on Iggy fucking Azalea. Its WILD and cow like. fantano also has another one where he makes fun of her because she insisted for years on being called an alternative artist when she makes bottom tier pop and always has.

No. 1365726

What does he want from Hailey? What did she do to him?

No. 1365737

cringe, but not necessarily mentally ill. People need to leave her alone.

No. 1365738

there's nothing to take with a grain of salt, i remember all of that drama. it's all real. i remember about her lying about being homeless and i remember the hate song she wrote for taylor swift because she dated harry styles allegedly for 34 minutes, kek.

No. 1365741

people are horrible. she's expressing herself specifically because her family (namely, her father) refused to allow her to expose her body or not wear a bra outside. she has her freedom now and should be able to do whatever she wants. why is there no problem with her being nearly naked when 22 or other women who are young, but she's a mentally ill loon who deserves to have her rights stripped from her for showing off her nice body now?

No. 1365742

Why are there suddenly annoying reaction images itt. This used to be banned.

I’m sick of watching this tard cry on camera.

No. 1365744

I don't remember them being that uncommon personally

No. 1365747

Good for her

No. 1365748

Maybe there’s just an obnoxious influx but unrelated memes used to be banned from this thread and there are suddenly so many, it adds nothing and bogs it up with shit.

No. 1365751

Take thirst trap pics of her nursing, that's pretty much it

No. 1365777

File: 1665049682546.jpg (208.32 KB, 1000x561, Ender.jpg)

also she's very insistent about her(and now her baby's) "POC" identity cause her dad is a light skinned black man and her son is half Turkish, even though the father of the baby is literally a blonde haired blue eyed tall white man

No. 1365781

Ayrt yeah I remember bits and pieces of the PULL thread when I first tried to confirm why she annoyed me so much kek. I think I remember reading stuff about her "borrowing" some sweater off some friend from high school and just never giving it back, being a prick on Twitter because of her being sensitive to any sort of criticism or whatever, allegedly calling herself "tri-bi" then backtracking on it, as well as of course the fake homeless shit. I don't think I knew about the KF thread though.

Yeah I agree. Halsey to me seemed very much a celebricow that championed herself (or at least in the past she did, not sure now) on being some sort of SJW or something but won't ever really own up to any of her past shadiness. I don't hear of her doing much now since she had her kid and maybe that's a good thing. Maybe but I can't say what kind of upbringing she'd be giving that child.

No. 1365783

Same anon, didn't see this >>1365777 was posted when I commented

Seeing that I guess maybe she hasn't changed kek.

No. 1365801

File: 1665052902716.png (621.67 KB, 516x926, jhgvcfderfghjkjhgf.png)

Bold of her to claim Iggy Azalea is too toxic to work with but Trent Reznor, a known sexual abuser is just fine to collaborate with. Seriously fuck this hypocritical pick me so much

No. 1365828

If your ability to derive joy from a sort-of shit horror anthology hinges entirely upon one transgender person you’re kind of retarded. Keanu shouldn’t have been a pwecious cinnamonwoll to you anyways, that’s a grown ass man.

I love when people say stuff like this with perma-condescension, like anon was automatically supposed to know this by default, like we all have our heads three feet up the ass of every celebrity who has ever lived

No. 1365829

Since when was Trent a “known abuser”? The only person who ever accused him of anything was Courtney Love and she ended up redacting her allegations and apologising for it

No. 1365871

Halsey is a proper cow, let's not forget how she acted with Evan peters, it was downright creepy

No. 1365873

She accused him of kiddy diddling (“girls as young as 12” I’m not touching this one you can have fun defending him

No. 1365886

>let's not forget how she acted with Evan peters, it was downright creepy
what happened ?

No. 1365893

Halsey has a Kiwifarms thread?

No. 1365895

speaking of creepy, also bringing up underaged fans to kiss them during shows. she claimed they were consensual but… they were still minors while she was a grown ass woman

No. 1365898

And you are an ultimate supreme dumbass.

No. 1365901

She maybe doesn't know it but I fear it's better for her and her kids when he is not so much around. He would totally lash out or worse because he doesn't feel fullfilled at home.

No. 1365903

TND had "POTS" while being on a day-long meth bender, the stupid cow.

No. 1365906

She was thirsting after him since he was in murder house then she tweeted of finally having her dreams come through when they dated. He invited her over to his parents and she uploaded pics of them and called the paparazzi on themselves several times, Evan looked like he had enough of it. There is more but I don't recall it all atm, its in the threads somewhere here

No. 1365911

Someone has a manic episode atm.

No. 1365912

Fucked if true. I don't want to believe Courtney because she's mentally fucked, but she was the only person brave enough to call out Harvey Weinstein back in the day.
All fucking men.

No. 1365919

If this is true, she seems like a fucking asshole

No. 1365920

POTS is the biggest munchie shit. it absolutely blew my mind when i found out people were claiming they had a "disability" from having their vision go black temporarily sometimes from not drinking enough water. anyone who claims to have it is such a giant cow.

No. 1365939

not even just light skinned but biracial himself, so Halsey is like 1/4 black AT MOST (considering average African-American genetics probably even less)

No. 1365942

He's a douche and a weirdo who demands on the mouth kisses from his children and makes them do it again when the kiss isn't long enough. He also left Bridget M. when she was pregnant so he could fuck Gisele. They're both trash.

No. 1365947

feel bad for the people that actually have it, sounds like hell to deal with

No. 1365974

As horrible as Kanye is, I envy the size of his ego so much. Imagine what you could achieve if you were that narcissistic, entitled, and convinced of your own grandeur. It must feel amazing
The sand on her body makes her look like a baby that just came out of the womb. They tend to have white goo on their bodies that looks exactly like that. I'm sorry for sharing my thoughts
Idk anything about Halsey but that picture of them with their baby is so beautiful and vulnerable to me

No. 1366000

>Idk anything about Halsey but that picture of them with their baby is so beautiful and vulnerable to me
idk the box braids ruin it for me and also her race sperging about her baby is super cringe, he's most likely looking like a white person but she will be insistent that he's "multi-racial POC"

No. 1366003

>them with their baby
go back to Twitter with your pronoun bullshit

No. 1366010

them as in Halsey and her man kek

No. 1366015

Moron. Learn to read and how to grasp context.

No. 1366061

So Elon Musk may have gotten Giselle Bündchen pregnant and that’s why she’s divorcing

No. 1366062

You can't be serious anon.

No. 1366120

you haven't been following the marilyn manson/rachel evans woods drama then. It's been pretty well known from that circle how abusive he is and goes after under age girls alongside MM.

No. 1366135

File: 1665076998922.png (499.42 KB, 580x527, imdeepbabetrustmex.png)

this is weirder considering matty healy aka dankest smelliest shitpopper of tumblr is who she wrote "blue" about. I think she and Grimes have a lot in common when it comes to their lack of talent and reliance on aesthetic to even get a paycheck let alone fanbase. anyone who isnt a terminally online stinky aliexpress user knows halsey is peak cringe nepotism baby trying to sound deep. I cannot fucking stand her knowing genuinely talented people who dont get a chance because this sort of asshole literally takes up a slot

No. 1366157

fuck you reminded me of that godawful song, I remember how popular among DDLG fags for a while

No. 1366165

File: 1665078589992.jpeg (105.68 KB, 426x774, 1AD006C6-6AB1-40C3-A759-168B96…)

>I cannot fucking stand her knowing genuinely talented people who dont get a chance because this sort of asshole literally takes up a slot
Right? Reading about her bullshit only validated why I don't like her kek. Also as mentioned in >>1365720 and >>1365738 I can't forget her roots in being a basic One Direction Tumblr blogger who wrote a hate song about Taylor Swift (who isn't much better of a celebrity but at least never paid any attention to it kek) and lying about or contradicting a bunch of shit from her past. Picrel is reportedly what Halsey said about said song though. Previously thought she never would acknowledge it or her past obsession with 1D but looked it up just now.

No. 1366179

File: 1665079579195.jpg (216.03 KB, 720x1008, halsey-yungblood.jpg)

i've always wondered what really happened between them. halsey controlled the narrative that she broke up with evan but i don't really believe that. and i remember from the PULL thread some people speculated that she cheated on him with that disgusting moid yungblud but who knows

No. 1366182

that "yungblood" dude looks like hairy style but even uglier and apparently also bridish. is this a common bongoloid phenotype?

No. 1366184

>the homeless thing is the thing i remember the mos but eh grimes did the same and no one cares. i feel like its a weirdly common rich indie singer larp.
Didn't Lana Del Rey do this, too? Trailer park obsession

No. 1366189

My tinfoil is that he convinced himself that twaw and that dude was actually indistinguishable from real women (because that's the tranny gospel and troons are the right side of history now), gave the guy a shot, got a whiff of eau de neovagina and bailed.

No. 1366192

File: 1665080109646.png (82.04 KB, 661x508, 5.png)

regarding Taylor, I do think she's genuinely talented but her fans just seem to purposely the fact her father was a multi-millionaire banker, when she was 14 her father purchased a stake in Big Machine, the label to which Swift first signed in btw, How many other artist can say their parents did that? her fans really want her to be this glorious figure who carved her own path

No. 1366194

it's so funny how this obvious HSTS fag usually plays transbians on screen

No. 1366197

He looks like Pete Davidson's lost brother.

No. 1366201

this seems possible. its not like he's dated any other trans and the relationship only lasted 1 or 2 dates, if it wasn't a straight PR stunt

No. 1366203

and all three of them are fug

No. 1366208

File: 1665080784768.jpeg (376.61 KB, 1818x1818, 3B274101-9554-41D5-AF46-23C4E5…)

Just saw this article. What the fuck was going on in their minds when they decided to make this shit movie? I'm neutral on Marilyn but she's been dead a long time, Hollywood needs to just let the girl rest, Christ. Fucked that anyone can take anybody (Marilyn, Pam Anderson, etc) and make movies and shows out of them even without their consent.


No. 1366215

I just think stans delude themselves into believing anything painted in a positive light about their idol to justify the fact they're only glorifying some person who just managed to make their way into the public eye, regardless of how they got their fame

No. 1366216

Pam Anderson isn't even dead! Isn't she actually disapproving of all this?

No. 1366220

This director is so gross. His goal seemed more like rape porn of Marilyn’s worst moments than making a decent movie. He even said he didn’t care for her as an actress, why even make the movie? The casting is weird, Ana looks like Marilyn but her accent is unmistakable. It’s like the director didn’t care as long as it looked good.

No. 1366221

Ayrt, if I remember correctly she very clearly disapproved and expressed upset that they went ahead with the project even though she did not give any consent. I think given that she apparently might offer her own side of it in a different documentary, that whoever was involved with Pam and Tommy probably didn't have her best interests or cared about expressing how she actually felt about it.

No. 1366222

It very much seems that way. Haven't even watched anything about it, no trailers or anything just going off of things I've read, gives me the feeling that it's just trauma porn with emphasis on the pornification. Fuck Netflix for promoting this shit and whoever thought it was a good idea.

No. 1366223

File: 1665081615053.jpeg (363.36 KB, 859x1498, A1CDAC4A-72CF-4664-B677-170111…)

the same courtney that defended manson even when she was on record saying she was disgusted by him? yeah i really trust her on exposing abusive men

No. 1366226

can't she sue over this? is this legal?

No. 1366228

i don't think so since shes a public figure

No. 1366229

It shouldn't be allowed, but I get the feeling she doesn't want to pay too much attention to the fact it exists and would rather focus on her own life and activism from what I've read

No. 1366235

How accurate it even is? If it's inaccurate can't she make a case for libel?

No. 1366236

samefag (ESL), wait would it be libel or slander in this case?

No. 1366246

nta, but i watched series and it didn't libel her at all, it was pretty much a retelling of the sextape scandal. made tommy look bad more than anything

No. 1366247

>I think I remember reading stuff about her "borrowing" some sweater off some friend from high school and just never giving it back,
Being kind of a bad friend in high school is hardly milk, anon.

No. 1366260

NTYRT, But that was a HUGE deal back in the tumblr days kek

No. 1366267

Of course it was, tumblrinas froth at the mouth the very second they hear a famous woman do something even the slightest bit bad because they live for cancelling and beating down women.

No. 1366271

Halsey and Harry Styles. I’m calling it for sometime in 2023.

No. 1366272

bonus if hairy finally theythems out and they (as in hairy and halsy) present themselves as a kweer couple because of it

No. 1366305

The trailer for the Super Mario Bros, movie where Chris Pratt voices Mario, is out

No. 1366310

painfully generic as expected, i am just looking forward to Luigi Charly Day and all the meme material that will bring

No. 1366337

I literally don’t.. and have no concept of it besides what’s on here or kf. I had a Facebook in 6th grade for a month kek. Not reading the rest since you already came off wrong and I know it’s gonna be dumb. This was 2 days ago, get over it.
that grew up with money*
Halsey is a munchie and that’s why Taylor is too. She ski walks tf out of her

No. 1366348

TND for real skinwalks Halsey? What?? That is such a random choice for skinwalking.

No. 1366369

>I didn’t even read up to Hebrew w.e, wtaf. Those people don’t even care, or have to, about black people, shit example

No. 1366381

Right? She has like 2 tattoos dedicated to her too, very odd choice.

No. 1366406

I don't believe it. Where'd you hear this?

> What the fuck was going on in their minds when they decided to make this shit movie?
$, $$, and more $$$$$$. Plus, the opportunity further exploit her for the pleasure of disgusting moids everywhere.

LC and KF are your sources?… Anyway, my last post on that matter was a day ago. If you're sick of talking about it, move on and don't dredge up the discussion. It's clear that you don't know what you're talking about and can no longer defend your 'hot take', so what's the point?

No. 1366410

This actually doesn't look or sound as bad as I thought it would

No. 1366418

Ayrt, I know it's not milk and I didn't claim it was. I said specifically that that's what I remembered and tbh it was funny to read.

No. 1366421

Twitter would be more accurate for that I think. Tumblr is just now full of SJW who will victimize themselves over very specific things

No. 1366428

Yo lmao I was catching up and you commented less than 24hrs ago after 2 days. Yes, they are. I didn’t even finish your last 2 posts, this one as well, because you’re annoying and pointless to have a conversation with. So, again, drop it. Stop Redditspacing and integrate, as well, please.

No. 1366443

nonna you’re on a thread where anons frequently tear down women for not even just minor actions but looks alone. i think a lot of us know the sweater nonsense isn’t milk but there’s plenty of genuine reasons to not like halsey as a person, who herself has gone on an interview and ripped into iggy azalea without prompt or any reason to.

No. 1366444

is that moid who has a video of him licking his hand and running it through his hair on stage??

No. 1366465

she's a massive cow, i love that you can see it in her eyes in literally any picture of her.
that hair bullshit she pulled was pure cringe, i love it.

No. 1366470

nah i think that anon who said he got wasted and tried it once like guys who accidentally buy a tranny prostitute, is probably right

No. 1366472

all you really need to do is put salt in your water bottle if you have it
or buy those potassium tablets with the fruit flavours they have at the bike store

No. 1366480

it’s so clear she did it for woke points kek. just with everything she’s done she really does come off as obnoxious

No. 1366483

>her fans really want her to be this glorious figure who carved her own path
this is so weird to me because taylor isn't that shitty, as far as celebs go, and she doesn't need to be some rags to riches story for her whole "thing" to work. she's been pretty clearly and openly (by her own account) a traditional plant/super-managed/manufactured popstar, and there's no need to be ashamed about that. don't front, you know? at the end of the day she's a big deal and seems to bring a lot of happiness to young women without being TOO toxic (i know that stupid 15 song or whatever it's called is fucked up but that was a while ago. idk if teenagers rn listen to it)

No. 1366487

i hate that i'm enough of a stoner to watch and enjoy this and refer to it as "good" as long as it makes me laugh

No. 1366489

her and jameela jamil are both so un-self-aware that anytime they say or do something it's entertaining. i can't even hate either of them because they've provided me with so much reading material for my lunch breaks

No. 1366497

yeah she has her problems for sure and some are downright iffy but i don’t feel as much animosity towards her for some reason. she doesn’t give off the vibe like she’s trying way too hard to seem authentic while not being that, i think it’s already pretty apparent a lot of her image is curated and manufactured a certain way and she isn’t overly concerned with what people think of her or her work that she’ll, say, jump on critical fans or haters on twitter about it. but i also don’t really follow her much so i’m really only going off by what i’ve seen or heard.

No. 1366505

Isn't hair like that not a good idea for her with her loose texture? Anything so she can larp like a black woman while giving birth to her white baby.

No. 1366506

a cow crossover between the two of them would be mildly entertaining. now if they ever had beef that would be wild. i have slightly more tolerance for jameela simply because she rightfully called out the kardashians at one point for promoting their bullshit teas but is otherwise annoyingly vocal, whereas i can’t think of a single cause i feel halsey really justifiably fought for

No. 1366527

>she isn’t overly concerned with what people think of her or her work that she’ll, say, jump on critical fans or haters on twitter about it.
she did sometimes. but most of the time she addresses any sort of criticism through songs, to the point where it got annoying.

No. 1366532

he looks like a human pig. im not even saying that to be mean he genuinely does. like if pigs turned into humans he is exactly what they would look like.

No. 1366540

File: 1665112965007.gif (Spoiler Image,5.03 MB, 260x461, 6w1frf.gif)

yes, unfortunately, it is. (spoiler bc its fucking disgusting)

No. 1366548

ayrt ah okay. i know about her addressing issues through songs since it’s been talked to death in the media, but i mean as in making big statements on her social media profile through posts. the last few times i saw her doing anything of the sort was when she said she would release her rerecorded songs, telling people to vote i think? and that whole thing with kanye’s song. that said i could be wrong in just assuming she didn’t care too much about how others perceive her but i haven’t seen her engage with twitter stans or anything nor do i see much of what she personally says

No. 1366551

oh my god it's worse than i remember. such a wannabe GG Alin.

No. 1366554

Woah, ot/blog but I didn’t even know what pots was til these posts so I looked it up. I have craved salt since I was a child and pass out when I stand up too quick kek, I should do that.

No. 1366557

The last time I think was when Damon Albarn said that she didn't write her own songs or something like that

No. 1366585

lol thanks for showing why pots is such a common claim amongst munchie retards. pots-like symptoms are extremely common in young women and it’s usually not an actual medical issue requiring intervention. don’t be retarded.

No. 1366605

File: 1665120258687.jpg (201.39 KB, 1012x1140, Tumblr_l_343404602310624.jpg)

Any idea who this could be, anons? I feel like it's somebody from Game of Thrones or Stranger Things.

No. 1366633

Fabien Frankel maybe? Not sure about the second-least popular book by a female author though.

No. 1366671

Jacob Elordi of Kissing Booth fame???

No. 1366676

For the actor I was thinking Dacre Montgomery.
No idea what book it could be though. Tried looking for film adaptations of books by female authors, but they all either had more than one book adapted or had written two or fewer books, and second-least-popular book kind of implies the author has at least three.

No. 1366697

what. wasn't she caught being racist and treating people really awfully in early in her career and now everyone has just forgotten about it?

No. 1366741

I would never claim something without a diagnosis, and didn’t say I did have it, but I don’t go to doctors. Chill. I was interested because I have some weird shit kinda like that and if salt in water helps ima try it, that’s all I said.

No. 1366744

Nta but don't worry about it alot of anons here just want to be mad about something lol

No. 1366752

I'm pretty sure Yungblud is gay.

No. 1366784

He seems like the type to bait for attention imo

No. 1366791

nta but she also didn’t want anyone to watch their sex tape and the actor playing tommy said he watched it “for research”, I think it was posted in an earlier thread. fucking gross
I don’t think there’s anything that could be done legally as they didn’t intend to cause harm/hurt her character and it’s all for entertainment though I didn’t watch the movie so I can’t say if they lied about anything.
It’s more of a moral issue between two humans, if she says no movie about her life, you don’t make a movie about her life. Of course a greedy pig would not care about another person and only see her as an opportunity to make money.

No. 1366800

File: 1665149731821.jpg (60.57 KB, 1200x628, taylor-and-lana-1649089146954.…)

Lana del Rey sure looks different, both of these pictures are recent.

I think Lana was supposed to be the disciple in Homestuck if it was a mondo thing.(namefag)

No. 1366801

File: 1665149769284.jpeg (25.78 KB, 240x360, FbzcD1wWIAE9nZT.jpeg)

:/ Also recent…. ?

No. 1366802

File: 1665149898012.jpg (214.78 KB, 1400x1400, lanaplustaylor.0.jpg)

Idk. I think disabled people have the right to die, not pay extra for things just on Spotify or yt.

Or was this just a problem for furries

No. 1366803

File: 1665149940948.jpeg (925.18 KB, 1668x1243, 65009F8F-95DF-451F-8FC3-A061E6…)

No shit Sherlock. Tinfoil: Kanye is the one who told the FBI where all those boxes were.

No. 1366805

He wanted more stock in Kanyequest.

Baby food stock. Internet stock.

Anasthesia stock.

No. 1366807

Id rather life and everything be controlled by Alice idealism, since nestle now owns the color orange. :/(mental illness )

No. 1366814

i ahte his ugly face i hope he overdoses and dies. a literal monstrosity

No. 1366828

Don't mix Ambien with Lolcow, anon

No. 1366834

File: 1665152708011.jpg (405.42 KB, 1079x814, d8a.jpg)

No. 1366856

late and tinfoil but apparently the reason they're in buenos aires is because it's impossible to get heroin in argentina like there's literally no market for it so it would make sense for cara's addiction to be esp to heroin? must've been really stressful for them to go through the whole pap thing when they're already dealing with cara's addiction but also kind of sucks to beat up someone in a third world country when that pap's same behavior would've gone inconsequential in america

No. 1366863

shut up, harassing women is wrong.

No. 1366992

Is skinny Lana back or are these old pics?

No. 1367051

Maisie Williams (Game of Thrones) did a pretty open + honest interview recently. She alludes to something traumatic happening in her childhood and it was honestly very sad/touching to see her talk about it.

No. 1367084

can i get a tldr…

No. 1367104

very old pics - Born to die/Paradise era

No. 1367112

Halsey is pretentious, but what bothers me the most about her is that she made out with an underage fan during one of her concerts and all she had to say about it was that she won't stop until they lock her up. She has pedo tendencies and I wouldn't be surprised if somebody came forward that she did something creepy to them.

No. 1367126

Oh, Fat Lana is here to stay then.

No. 1367148

The new trailer for hbo's the idol looks like oversexualized garbage. directed by the euphoria guy, the og director who was female got kicked out because it focused on the "female perspective" too much.
a kpop star, the weeknd and lily rose depp? expect horrible acting.
this is what i expect would happen if a tumblr fangirl got to meet evan peters

No. 1367157

Lily rose depp cannot fucking act. Abel!! Cannot fucking act.
I predict there will be no intense discussions without a fight btw. Jennie's fanbase to "The Idol" is what Zendayas fanbase to "Euphoria" will be like. Criticize and you will be punished.

No. 1367209

>the weeknd
>lily rose depp
>"sassy morbidly obese black woman" trope
Certified garbage

No. 1367243


I read her poetry book and a lot of it was recounting her various molestation experiences with disturbing detail

No. 1367251

Right? Glad you get my feelings about those two nonna, something about them is just insufferable but entertaining to make fun of when they contradict the very things they claim. They're so unaware of how ridiculous they seem even though they try to seem woke.

No. 1367255

First ayrt, god that was so fucking gross. And that post he made tagging her in it after she wanted zero involvement. Ashamed to admit I used to like Sebastian Stan. Can't anymore, he just comes off to me like an idiot frat boy now.

No. 1367261

nta but it’s exactly what i mentioned earlier, it irritates the hell out of me that she did/does shit like this. i could be wrong but apparently other people did come out about it and it could have been more than once because she wanted “to help them come out” and “be their first kiss” (gross, overstepping the line) and this creepy woman still has fans

No. 1367263

This looks like a euphoria version of 50 shades of grey.

No. 1367266

Uh, huh. Okay. You can stop responding to me now. Thx!

Oh, god. By now I should know better than to I unspoiler images on this site and yet I still do it.


That makes sense. There's a noticeable change in her waist and face and that isn't easy to accomplish in short period of time.

No. 1367267

could have just ignored those posts anon. you strike me as a newfag

No. 1367268

Then stop unspoilering and complaining about it? Nonna gave enough context.

No. 1367286

File: 1665189759473.jpg (488.01 KB, 551x610, AMT7sbD.jpg)

> She assembled a team of pet detectives, dog whisperers, pet mediums and psychics, and she’s trying to hire dog-finding drones now.

No. 1367287

Not new, just easily annoyed this week.

That was the only comment I've made about unspoilering images, though, and I place the blame on myself for being too curious.

No. 1367293

being annoyed and being on lolcow isn’t a good mix if you’re going to engage with random day old comments to tell them to stop replying to you kek

No. 1367319

i like her. she's so sweet and adorable, ban me for wuluwu sperging but her voice and little face are too cute.

No. 1367320

the weeknd is ugly, drake is ugly, jim carrey is ugly, does canada not have any attractive man?

No. 1367333

justin bieber is also ugly

No. 1367338

Ryan Gosling if you’re into that but that’s basically it.

No. 1367341

File: 1665194892755.jpeg (447.19 KB, 1125x2071, E0410ED8-4E32-4C3D-993C-1699CA…)

i googled for you nonnie, there’s more than the ones in the screenshot but to answer your question, probably not

No. 1367344

this is literally porn without a plot…where is the fucking storyline??

No. 1367348

Sweaty Euphoria Pedo got another HBO show to jerk off to. Nepotism works!

No. 1367349

i’m so sick of this guy and his creepy coomer content already

No. 1367354

Justin Trudeau? Some people think he's attractive but I can't get over his whiny personality and pseudo soft voice with all the forced "uhms" in his speeches.

No. 1367359

I wonder if the same twitter zoomers who love Euphoria will watch this? I couldn't even figure out any of the plot from that trailer, it's all jerkoff material

No. 1367366

The comment section is mostly kpoppies who are there for Jennie.

No. 1367372

File: 1665196968953.jpg (18.25 KB, 300x420, 01-300x420.jpg)

You can tell she's definitely relapsed after gaining healthy weight back in 2018 around the same time she admitted she struggled with an ED previously. Pretty sad.

No. 1367379

File: 1665197444186.jpg (23.38 KB, 300x300, 96903_full.jpg)

donald sutherland was pretty handsome when he was young. his son has a squished weird face though.

No. 1367394

i’m from canada and yes we have a lack of hot men (hot people in general). i think jim was cute objectively when young though (i’m not carreyfag)

No. 1367396

I was gonna say Orville Peck but apparently he’s South African, lives in Canada and sings about the USA

No. 1367398

ryan reynolds and keanu reeves are both pretty hot. also young and skinny brendan fraser.

No. 1367401

>donald sutherland was pretty handsome
>this image
KEK good god is he really? That's incredible

No. 1367403

It’s so fucking disappointing

No. 1367405

carreyfag lmfao

No. 1367409

He’s also a ballerina

No. 1367413

Yeah, a photo of his face is on IMDB and he’s pretty cute. Technically not Canadian though

No. 1367415

ayrt, i think they’re just okay personally. tbf it all depends on what you’re into. keanu definitely looks better at this age compared to his younger years though i think.

No. 1367434

Lol why does it matter? You can only like Lana if she's thin? I like fat Lana her music is better and she's not a pick me anymore.

No. 1367442

The tldr is what anon posted under the video, Maisie never actually explains what exactly happened and any articles on this just rehash the video.

Whatever happened made her really anxious as a kid and one day a teacher asked if she was hungry and Maisie explained that she and her siblings never have breakfast and that after that more stuff came out that meant she didn't have to see her dad anymore but her parents were already split so I don't even understand what any of it means.

No. 1367474

Nonna he looks like he eats brains

No. 1367497

File: 1665208717805.jpg (256.18 KB, 1284x1592, IMG_20221008_071340.jpg)

She really said "k bye black aesthetic" jesus. I wonder if she's BPD

No. 1367503

changing your wardrobe doesn't make you BPD… she has changed her style many times.

No. 1367512

Anon doesn't understand and probably just wears sloppy stained sweatpants and t shirts all the time

No. 1367515

Ryan Reynolds is so generic I almost forgot what he looked like and Keanu only looked good young.

No. 1367529

Once a pick me, always a pick me. Now she’s fat, ugly and haggard so she can’t be an uwu choke me daddy Lolita uwu NLOG anymore
She can’t act and she’s ugly, I don’t understand why all the retarded coquette zoomers froth over her. No one would care about her if it weren’t for her parents

No. 1367531

Not true at all, everyone changes over time, and through lyrics alone it's clear Lana doesn't think the same way she did in her 20's, who does really? Anyway you need to chill out and touch some grass, and stop sharing your spergy opinion on every single thing that gets posted, no one cares.

No. 1367544

Over a female director, no less. Pedowood will pick a male predator over a woman every time.

No. 1367553

File: 1665217661762.jpg (628.96 KB, 1080x1870, IMG_20221008_102437.jpg)

They had another baby jfc

No. 1367560

>oversexualized garbage. directed by the euphoria guy
Gee I wonder why…
Bet its nothing but porn which will try grooming the idea of messed up crap into teenagers minds, just like shitphoria did.

No. 1367564

Is this the new trend among the rich? Elon Musk has had at least 4 in the last 2 years (2 claire, 2 random woman at one of his businesses, maybe another from Amber, rumored to be another 2 surrogate/ivf)

Like at what point do you realize you have too many kids. Half of them don't even look particularly happy to be there.

No. 1367576

40+ yo childless woman moment

No. 1367577


I'd say for most of them it's to do with the social credit of being the Perfect Mother/Father - a bunch of kids but still perfect houses, perfect looks and bodies* and still time for themselves (because they have housekeepers, nannies and the surrogates doing the actual hard work)

for Elon he probably just thinks his genes are superior and needs to spread them as far and wide as possible and/or thinks IVF/surrogacy is just the most effective and cool transhumanist way of creating designer humans without any effort (to him, he doesn't give a shit about the pregnant women)

*only for the women, fucking look at alec

No. 1367578

No, he wasn't objectively cute you clown.

No. 1367583

File: 1665222918431.png (312.16 KB, 646x616, 3.png)

I fear this will further catch on with rich couples(or even just wealthy single mothers) actresses like Jamie Chung, Priyanka Chopra, Sarah Jessica Parker and both Khloe and Kim Kardashian have all used Surrogates for their babies, the logic isn't eugenicist per-se rather that they want kids but don't want to deal with any of the risks of pregnancy and childbirth so they get a poor woman to do it for them

No. 1367586

the freaking micro bag really ruins this outfit for me bc it looks ridiculous

No. 1367588

Nona, I find him attractive too but he admittedly said once that he asked his own mother if he was handsome and she said nope. I wish I had the sauce on that.

No. 1367591

The chance that one of their kids becomes a parent killer hikes up with every kid they get.
You really can see the disparity between rich and normal people's reality. We would consider if it makes any sense to bring another kid into this fucked up world. While they just pop them out left and right.

No. 1367621

Kek she looks like she co-opting the style that Paris popularized

No. 1367624

i guess it comes full circle since she was paris’ assistant kek

No. 1367626

So, we have all the Kardashian/Jenner shit because Kim felt insecure around/because of Paris and wanted to become her.

No. 1367637

The Weeknd is co-creator of this show and I guess the rumours that he's actually not very fond of black women are making more and more sense

No. 1367659

Nta but she changed
>her blackfishing
>took out her implants to get rid of a figure commonly associated with black women
>took out a lot of her lip fillers to have more caucasian features
>started bleaching herself blond
As soon as she broke up with a black rapper. Tell me how thats not her ditching an entire identity she built around Kanye. Sounds pretty borderline to me

No. 1367663

borderline or not, she’s got to be fucked up in some way or form from being in the public eye, not that it excuses anything shitty that she’s done. also i thought i read somewhere kanye insisted on styling her throughout their relationship but i’m not sure.

No. 1367672

Yeah, her fashion. The idea of morphing into racially ambiguity was a Kardashian thing that started with Kim. It's really not that hard to put 2 and 2 together here. She was blackfishing for like a decade, kanye gone, dates a white dude, suddenly takes her implants out and starts trying to be a skinny white girl

No. 1367674

The dog got out while she was moving. I don't mean to be blunt but the dog has been dead by coyotes for awhile now. Someone needs to sit down and explain the reality to her.

No. 1367678

I agree that Kim popularized the whole racial ambiguity look but I wouldn't say she was "blackfishing". No one ever believed this woman was black lmao. She can't even pass for being mixed, even with the tanning and the hairstyles. But she profited off of black culture for sure

No. 1367693

ayrt i wasn’t disagreeing with that completely, moreso that we probably shouldn’t just speculate whether she has bpd or not. everything else i can see your point. i did mean her fashion in the regard of her styling as well.

No. 1367694

i feel like people often conflate the two especially for cases like ariana, which i’m almost certain she was doing. but the kardashian family definitely profited off of black culture like you said

No. 1367705

File: 1665237496266.png (1.71 MB, 1584x884, hjsdfghjkjnbvcdsertyuik.png)

Did Halsey get implants?

No. 1367722

Looks like it, breasts of that size don't stand in a pushup bra pose like that kek

No. 1367725

I was gonna say, it looks like a push-up bra but it doesn’t appear she’s wearing one, you’re probably right

No. 1367732

File: 1665240613165.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.67 MB, 1170x1601, 9EFAA071-EEB1-4CC8-89DF-FAFC96…)

Just got around to watching the Dahmer show out of curiosity. Did they really need so many lingering shots of Evan Peter’s oiled-up abs while lifting weights
>Produced by Ryan Murphy

No. 1367737

i know we’re talking about whether she has implants or not (i’m guessing she did get them tbh) but what is that line on her hand? a tattoo? scar?

No. 1367741

is hollywood’s new schtick rehashing serial killer stories and putting publicly perceived attractive guys in those roles? we don’t need another generation of weirdos thirsting after scrotes who were beyond fucked in the head or even just these fictional portrayals of them.

No. 1367746

Dahmer was an ugly loser psychopath pedophile rapist who happened to be gay but they turn him into this sexy hot kinky gay man just like they tried to pass off bundy as a charming attractive man when he actually took advantage of women’s empathy by pretending to be pathetic and broken legged.
No surprise they are all over serial killers since violence is so immensely sexualized, but actors seriously need to stop starring in those freak movies and shows and we need to stop watching them

No. 1367750

right i’m so tired of the shit being pushed to us right now. like having shows and movies glorifying serial killers that have already had tons of them is somehow totally fine. media made off of women who didn’t give consent is totally okay with them too. hollywood has the weirdest priorities

No. 1367752

not fond of kim but she wasn't "blackfishing", cause her target demographic were colorist black male rappers, so she was specifically going for an ethnically ambiguous exotic brown look, along with big bbl she sorts a rapper's ideal fantasy, now that skinniness is becoming mainstream and culture and trends have changed, she's changing her self once more

No. 1367754

I don't get why so many moids who prefer to date interracially have this fixation on trying to degrade women of their own race. Just leave them alone lol. Pickmes who add to that sort of thing and bash those women for the ego boost are even more pathetic imo

No. 1367757

let's see we've had Zac Efron as Ted Bundy, Ross Lynch as young Dahmer and now Evan Peters as adult Dahmer, I wonder who they'll get play to Edmund Kemper

No. 1367780

>her target demographic were colorist black male rappers, so she was specifically ethnically ambiguous exotic brownfishing
could you post those demographic stats for KUWTK while you're at it

No. 1367833

File: 1665248962424.jpeg (74.67 KB, 1023x681, download.jpeg)

They already got this guy, Cameron Britton, to play him in Mindhunter. I'd say this casting is pretty accurate. Now I'm imagining some show casting a super tall hot dude to play him like Nate from euphoria or something. That'd be hilarious in a fucked up way but I think they'd sooner go for Richard Ramirez or another killer who's already seen as "hot" by weirdos

No. 1367834

So where the fuck are the screenshots? The proof? I constantly see “they’re likeee a creepy pedophile ://“ lately about people that are literally not pedophiles and at this point so many of these accusations without caps have been bullshit

No. 1367836

>everyone I don’t like has bpd!

No. 1367838

Considering that there’s an entire community of gays that enjoy taking loads from strangers for whatever reason they think the rp is some sort of thrilling fantasy. Countless jokes about how they’d want to be his victim in order to get attention on twitter since the movie with Ross Lynch in 2018. Real rape fantasies are more common in gay men because there still is less risk of murder or real brutalization than the obvious power imbalance between a man and a woman, so they clearly don’t take it as seriously. Ryan Murphy is a freak and he’s been doing this for ages to collect spank bank material.

No. 1367862

nta but lol you know damn well most of those colorist black men only watched the sex tape and it was more than enough for them to simp

No. 1367886

I mean it’s been obvious what she’s been doing. I don’t see the point in stanning kim k and acting deliberately obtuse about her methods, it’s actually bizarre how she did a full 180 directly after the public split with kanye. He’s mentally ill as hell but you know she’s creaming herself over the attention and victimization she gets from it. She got the hourglass sucked out of her body and now people are pretending she wasn’t trying to emulate black women.

No. 1367892

its shit like this that makes me believe humans are animals, because if humans actually were sentient beings then they wouldnt be worshipping violent pedo rapist scrotes, especially all the brainless women who are in love with serial killers.
Bunch of animals at the end of the day.

No. 1367895

It’s low-creativity shock farming content pandering to the gay gaze and nothing more. Complete trash.

No. 1367902

ita not just this series though, real life serial killers were always glamorized for some reason despite the fact that most of them were mentally disabled losers acting in scrote rage.
Just look at the amount of fanmail they would receive by their female fans/

No. 1367903

Couldn't be because the trailer was simply shit? He's also a shit actor, too.


No. 1367908

And instead of names like "The Night Stalker" or some similar shit they should name them "Rotten Shitmouth" after they got catched.

No. 1367909

that's really flawed logic, 99% of people think serial killers are disgusting monsters, a couple thousand people out of hundreds of millions isn't some definitive statement about humanity being worthless, and it isn't the redpill proof about women being naturally attracted to violent ugly men

No. 1367910

I had literally had this conversation the other day! I said why would we give them such badass titles like "The Beast of Manhattan" or whatever, why not "The Weak Pussy Scrote With No Balls To Attack His Fellow Men of Manhattan"

No. 1367924

well thankfully serial killers aren't a thing in anymore(at least in the western world) thank to more surveillance and better tracking of individuals

No. 1367928

ive seen fan edits about them literally get hundreds of thousands of likes with millions of views so lets not lie that its only a couple thousand because its a huge community.
what a gross thumbnail.

No. 1367932

Serial killers are still very real. They’re truck drivers and cops. “The FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) states that there are 30 – 50 active serial killers at all times on average. That is only within the United States, though, and does not consider the rest of the world. Looking at the world as a whole, it is estimated there could be up to 3000 active serial killers at any time.”

No. 1367936

Edgy pick-mes do not represent all womankind.

No. 1367939

File: 1665256179551.png (411.08 KB, 682x672, lmao7.png)


No. 1367940

File: 1665256200926.jpg (413.65 KB, 2048x2048, FeZvKFkWYAAHh9C.jpg)

No. 1367947

File: 1665256360551.jpg (330.88 KB, 2048x2048, FeerZdlX0AAxFT_.jpg)

No. 1367948

Oooooh he is absolutely a homosexual

No. 1367952

most importantly he's an attention seeking retard who will just say anything. speaking of homo, could there ever be a possibility of Tranye? how do you think the world would react to stunning and brave black transbian Tranye west?

No. 1367955

Isn't she married to bieber? Did they break up?

No. 1367957

Ye, she's young enough to be your daughter…

No. 1367959

File: 1665256886913.jpg (147.73 KB, 946x2048, FeWkoscWIAAbVRI.jpg)

literal schizo babble lmao

No. 1367962

He’s just gay as fuck. Right up in womens business. Caitlin Jenner came out as a woman and Kanye gonna come out as a hermauxsexul.

No. 1367965

File: 1665257100481.png (480.74 KB, 902x686, lmao.png)

justin bieber has cut contact with him after this.

>According to a TMZ report, published on Saturday, Justin Bieber ended his friendship with Ye because he went too far with attacking his wife, Hailey, claiming she got a nose job. This after Hailey (and fashion model Gigi Hadid) came to the defense of Vogue Editor Gabriella Karefa-Johnson, whom Kanye attacked for or criticizing his controversial "White Lives Matter" T-shirts.

>Earlier this week, Kanye called out Hailey in response and warned Justin to "Get your girl before I get mad" while bringing up Drake and Hailey's dating past in a since-deleted Instagram post. In another IG post, Ye called his wife "nose job Hailey Baldloose."

No. 1367966

look at the date of the article

No. 1367967

File: 1665257208424.png (446.08 KB, 858x731, lmao3.png)

Trash supporting Trash

No. 1367968

File: 1665257230649.png (356.85 KB, 652x788, lmao4.png)

No. 1367969

File: 1665257292698.png (181.16 KB, 576x661, lmao6.png)

rare Azealia and kanye interaction

No. 1367973

He is such an ass sucking dick rider omg. Elon trying to buy peoples approval.

No. 1367984

muskye when?

No. 1367988

Wait?! Where went "lmao5.png" that's far more interesting than Kanye.

No. 1367991

didnt post it since it wasnt interesting.

No. 1368022

not to cap for a celebrity or anything, but it's nice to see Justin continue to stick up for Hailey. Though being friends with Kanye for any period of time is fucking retarded.

No. 1368047

File: 1665264131134.jpeg (205.4 KB, 800x1000, 102030.jpeg)

The person who leaked private pictures that show that Jennie and Taehyung (guy from bts) are dating now have the police called on them by yg, jennie's label.

>We are revealing that we have officially requested the police to investigate the original distributor of BLACKPINK’s Jennie’s personal photos. YG has been continuously monitoring the relevant content, and we submitted a complaint last September after collecting information.

>In order to minimize further damage, YG has refrained from commenting [regarding the situation] and expressing our stance. However, the recent mass production of rumors, accusations, personal attacks, sexual harassment, and invasion of privacy sparked by the personal photos have been occurring indiscriminately, so we felt a sense of responsibility, making it difficult for us to overlook this any longer. Therefore, we want to reveal the facts of the legal action, and we want to correct the situation.

No. 1368062

Nonnie your icon is showing

No. 1368064

not mine, i got this from twitter, but thanks for looking out.

No. 1368065

No. 1368072

There are serial killers in cities right now, mainly committing random shootings and killing homeless people or something. They’re not abducting people off the street anymore, just hiding under the cover of the increased crime and gun violence in metro areas.

No. 1368076

File: 1665266328907.jpeg (1.01 MB, 3071x1937, 43AF9498-1E5F-4554-939B-18B5BE…)

i shouldn’t have to spoonfeed but here’s a compilation from a quick search on google alone. yes these are tweets but there are clearly photos of halsey doing this.

No. 1368080

same anon, not saying she’s a pedo because people often still use it when teens are involved, but it is creepy and at least hebephilic, they’re still minors.

No. 1368086

>I shouldn’t have to spoonfeed
Please with your pearl-clutching acting like everyone is out here touching little kids

No. 1368088

>acting like everyone is out here touching little kids
okay where on earth did i claim that? i even said halsey couldn’t be defined as a pedophile, i just looked up the claims for you anon.

No. 1368099

You should be more ashamed you're caping for a creepy shit tier popstar on a Celebricows thread. Tell me you wouldn't be mad when moids do this shit too because it's not okay for any grown adult to go around kissing teenage fans

No. 1368107

>asks for proof
>is shown photos
>"you're pearl clutching!"
why do anons do this

No. 1368116

File: 1665269005447.jpg (67.43 KB, 640x640, ahsramirez.jpg)

>I think they'd sooner go for Richard Ramirez

No. 1368118

File: 1665269060857.jpeg (897.4 KB, 1125x1400, AF1C532D-29C6-42A3-B156-F4D74C…)

Kanye just needs to stop…

No. 1368126

He already tried this bullshit

No. 1368129

this is how kanye can still win

No. 1368131

Ye is… Based?

No. 1368133

Are you telling me they made a Richard Ramirez movie and didn't cast shadman?

No. 1368164

The funny thing is that she is clearly no any different from Kim. She is a run of the mill instathot with lip fillers and hyper sexual imagery. She does not compare in the slightest to other more striking black models in the high fashion industry and she has no business being in such a space. Also, she is barely black the race card he keeps throwing is getting worn out and crusty. I know he probably will drag Lizzo later on for no reason.

People have been saying this about him for YEARS, I just want the truth from him to be revealed. He is such a messy bitch.

No. 1368166

Did he at least have rotten teeth?

No. 1368186

Kanye is one of the funniest celebrity out there and i love how authentic he is because in the end they're all narcissistic pieces of shit, Kanye is just honest about it and funnier than most, but how dare he mock a woman's plastic surgery when the mother of his children is full of surgery, and even his deceased mother if i'm not mistaken died trying to get plastic surgery (RIP)? Make it make sense a bit, Kanye.

No. 1368205

>I know he probably will drag Lizzo later on for no reason
Oh he already did

No. 1368206

Completely agree with you. I think his antics are hilarious but the love of his life or whatever is mostly all plastic and he lloved that shit. Hypocritical as fuck but tbh I think he’s just bitter that Justin and Hailey are married and he’s not

No. 1368212

File: 1665278913347.jpg (159.24 KB, 960x1350, e7753d47b561a5934cdb7b9335bd97…)

This girl is not barely black. Her mom is black/Asian and her dad is a black man. She's at least 75% black like Obamas daughters and even though she dumbly got surgery. She still looks black. I don't like her for feeding into Kanyes shit by she's like 22 and clearly dumb.
Also, I think she's a very pretty woman and could be a good model (,she's tall) she's just to busy dating older men who use her and treat her badly.

No. 1368216

What the fuck are those edges

No. 1368218

Agreed. She's literally blacker (and prettier) than someone like, say, Brittany Venti (not famous but the percentage thing reminded me of her) kek

No. 1368219

File: 1665279234267.jpg (44.33 KB, 500x703, 1644574-500w.jpg)

She tends to over edit her pictures and she also got work done. But she clearly looks black, if not biracial but not "barely black". I see this sentiment said about her and it's confusing but I guess she causes her own confusion by editing her pictures.

No. 1368220

Whats the purpose of this when they just dump them with nannies? Why have so many kids they probably hardly interact with

No. 1368221

She probably has a kindergarten hair texture but she straightens it or her hair isn't kinky but it's not straight. It looks like sweaty hair and/or leave out on a weave texture that doesn't match

No. 1368222

You can't blame me for thinking what I thought from those edited to hell pictures. Still, the instathot shit is not a good look, neither is being buddy buddy with Kanye.

No. 1368223

She does look different every fucking picture so i don't blame you. Her features stay the same but her skin tone is edited or maybe she tans or some shit. I don't know. Kanye clearly wanted to big up her for a reason. He probably slept with her or something. Yuck she should find better friends

No. 1368234

>but tbh I think he’s just bitter that Justin and Hailey are married and he’s not
Lmao this is so childish this is actually on brand for his immature ass, i think you're right nonnie. He's so funny.

No. 1368235

This, she’s clearly editing her skin light af and has that kardashian ~racially ambiguous~ shit going on. None of the pics after Kanye’s look like the same woman.

No. 1368250

Now do the same for Jordan Peterson

No. 1368265

Does he not have a period button on his phone wtf

No. 1368297

ryan murphy loves sexually humiliating evan peters. peters must be a masochist, he has an abused puppy vibe

No. 1368322

god this thread cracks me up

No. 1368326

File: 1665288665380.jpg (319.55 KB, 3600x1800, manson-vs-real-manson-15669967…)

I really appreciate mindhunter for casting and depicting serial killers as they are, ugly disgusting perverted wierdos

No. 1368327

>she dumbly got surgery
Where and how can you tell?

No. 1368330

i think he’s forgotten that punctuation and (sometimes) lowercase letters exist.

No. 1368337

Mindhunter was actually a really good show for what it was at the time. Obviously not realistic, but entertainment wise it really delivered and did not act like these people were cunning and romantic or edgy. They even made sure to emphasize just how pitiful Manson was in person as opposed to the prolific image people try to give him.

No. 1368342

File: 1665290407516.jpeg (133.45 KB, 1080x1080, C88F77B1-0552-4C97-8653-22AD6C…)

It’s a tattoo apparently

No. 1368361

kek at the edgy 666 tattoo, if that’s what that small one is. so many celebs seem to love getting the dumbest shit tattooed onto them

No. 1368362

Hahahaha Elon says "my friend" cause he can't say "my nigga" hahaha omg that's awkward lol

No. 1368366

He got his twitter back months ago, he caved to the "woke moralists" he's always bitching about and deleted his tweet about Ellen Pages tits, rightfully so he's a fucking creep for talking about her boobs in the first place. I can't wait till that fragile little crybaby of a man finally offs himself.

No. 1368375

File: 1665294976393.png (421.5 KB, 592x659, 1234567897654321.png)

Btw this is the shit he posts now, "muh intellectual" "muh pseudo daddy" he's just like any other gross boomer who can't control his dick long enough to focus on what he initially preached. He gets offended when women get fat, when they cut their tits off, when they don't have kids, when they wear makeup. But if they get his frail little dick hard suddenly none of that matters and he'll praise them, he's a misogynist through and through. No wonder Tammy always hides behind the scenes now. He's an embarrassment to his legacy, a washed up coomer. You Peterson fags need to find a better role model.

No. 1368539

File: 1665317312501.png (111.73 KB, 616x616, FemgC2XXwAAw1j3.png)

Hours later

No. 1368547

Lol that one got deleted for violating Twitter rules

No. 1368550


No. 1368582

File: 1665320884616.jpg (58.63 KB, 966x719, XArR2w7.jpg)

Gisele Bundchen spiritually cleansing her car after leaving Tom Brady kek. Tom's losing football matches again I guess she stopped doing spells so he can win
i miss her pretty ugly little liar thread

No. 1368584

And unironically agree with Kanye on this. I don’t like him as a person that pesters and harasses and devalues his entire family, ex-wife and friends and makes a fool himself shitposting on social media, but sometimes a broken clock hits right once? twice? Technically Jewish people are anti-Semitic as well because of their long history towards arabs and other middle easterners even though they are also Semitic soooo(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1368600

I hope he is sleepy because he finally took his damn meds.

No. 1368619

File: 1665324102300.jpeg (Spoiler Image,70.81 KB, 615x647, A574B767-2CCF-4F94-97FB-55791C…)

No. 1368624

We should have a boomer media figure general where can just lump people like Jordan Peterson, Joe Rogan, Ben Shapiro, and anyone else who is fake smart + generally loved by scrotes

No. 1368652

It would get buried too quickly, they're not milky enough to have their own thread

No. 1368706

He's double spacing instead. Phones have a function where you can tap twice to add a period, so I think that's what he is trying to do. Or maybe it's just the schizo making him type like that.

No. 1368799

What the fuck I just learned the double. Tap. Period. Thing. My life has been changed. Wow.

No. 1368895

File: 1665334704254.jpeg (335.43 KB, 1283x1924, 8FF5F9B9-7DD5-47EB-B2AF-42A86C…)

celebs irl at paris fashion week. sorry for the bella jumpscare

No. 1368898

File: 1665334750360.jpeg (379.33 KB, 1282x1743, 86CFA914-447F-4BD1-BED1-BC65B6…)

gigi looking like aileen wuernos

No. 1368901

File: 1665334825060.jpeg (285.5 KB, 1283x1764, D10EBAB5-5E15-487D-B780-9F9103…)

No. 1368907

Yo my trichotillomania is finally in fashion.

No. 1368916

she looks spanish here. kind of puglike but i think its the angle. i always wonder what she'd look like had she kept her lips natural

No. 1368919

why are women unable to age? you’re either underaged or a seething gay sasfag

No. 1368921

she's just so normal looking… nepo baby aside i don't see how she has managed to get so far. it's not like yolanda was super famous or anything

No. 1368923

she's 26… it's the fact that she's an anachan with too much surgery that ages her, it's not like if she was normal she'd have any signs of aging really

No. 1368961

There's also a guy in Stockton/Oakland CA killing men. He's killed 6 so far & injured one woman.


No. 1368979

kanye is so fucking manic. the trembling voice… this guy is going to kill himself someday damn

No. 1368980

i like these, post more nonnie
I don't follow the Hadid sisters but was gigi always this bland looking or did she gain weight just recently?

No. 1368985

black people are not jews you fucking moron

No. 1368988

Bella looks good but I don't know why people always praise her nose job, it looks so unnatural

No. 1368992

oh brother here we go…

No. 1368994

Of course it looks unnatural they tried to turn that big fat Palestinian schnoz into a little dutch milkmaid nose

No. 1369002

>because of their long history towards arabs and other middle easterners
where did all the jews, ancient persians and christians go when the muslim conquests happened? they just packed their bags and left? no. the prophet muhammed burned down and murdered a jewish village and took a jewish CHILD as a bride. actually learn history instead of getting history from tweets

No. 1369005

seek help, her nose wasn't even big btw

No. 1369022

Explain Ethiopean jewish tribes then.(racesperging)

No. 1369028

she looks older than she is. either way, it’s refreshing to see models looking normal and not in their usual filtered state. she’s obviously unhealthy too

No. 1369048

File: 1665339150458.jpeg (488.6 KB, 1283x2212, 886D9B61-C5C4-40B8-BD66-290691…)

irina shayk looks gorgeous

No. 1369088

Hila Klein looking ass

No. 1369095

they barely look alike

No. 1369100

hila looks so weird now, and nothing like this girl

No. 1369101

Hila WISHES. That girl looks pretty. Hila looks like prince Philip in half her pics with those crypt keeper undereye bags and bugged out eyes

No. 1369107

nta i see it, but she is much prettier than hila

No. 1369111

Gigi was always very bland (and bad at modelling, hence the "talentless nepo kid" reputation), but the pregnancy weight gain + loss has made the work done on her face look off. Before it was really subtle, now it's just ageing her way beyond her years. Both her and Bella had unnecessary shit done to their faces way too young. But can you really blame them? Imagine having a psycho for a mother and a sex predator for a father, kek. I'd go mad too.

I wish all celeb women would stop messing with their faces tbh. It basically never works out right, apart from like.. Keira Knightley's top lip.

No. 1369144

Kylie is the only one who looks horrible to me, the other two just look like how a lot of women look with unflattering "show every wrinkle" lighting like that. They don't look bad.kylie looks botched

No. 1369146

File: 1665343131836.jpg (79.22 KB, 1080x1080, bella.jpg)

Shes been looking so ill lately. I know some of that is from the bleached eyebrows, but most of it is from weight loss. She looks dehydrated and tired.
Why the fuck is this the standard for models? It feels like there have been a million conversations about how fucked up and damaging it is but it never changes. She used to get shit on for being too fat to be a supermodel when she looked like the left, but why can't supermodels have bodies like that? She looked cute and fresh, slim but not sickly looking. They claim it's because clothes look better on emaciated models because they become like human coat hangers but what the fuck. If you can only make clothes that look good on bodies like the right but not like the left, then you are not a skilled designer! Designers should not have an issue making beautiful garments for a perfectly normal looking slim woman.
I feel bad for her. We've seen the fucked up Yolanda clips and Bella used to openly post about her ED on her old Tumblr. This woman is sick and it makes me so sad to see that rewarded and praised

No. 1369149

She looks so pretty in the white dress. I don't really think she looks bad now just clearly unwell. Sure it looks okay on the runway but out and about? No she just seems so sad to me

No. 1369151

Blame the gay male fashionistas who are into thin, underaged boys for hammering that standard down into thousands of girls and women.

No. 1369152

She looks so bright in that first photo.
>They claim it's because clothes look better on emaciated models because they become like human coat hangers
Honestly, I don't even think this is true. Obviously models look good but whenever I see those comparisons of runway models and celebrities wearing the same outfit, I usually think the celeb looks better. Sometimes it takes seeing a piece on a more average body to think it looks good.

No. 1369157

out of my own experience it's just easier to construct patterns for women that are flat, without curves and all have the same body type and if one model doesn't show up, well, the next one in line can wear whatever the other one had to wear, without a seamstress having to change anything. It's not a problem to make patterns for "normal" looking women, the way designer mostly go is just faster, easier and every model is exchangeable. And you don't have to see the person wearing something as a breathing person with feelings, it's after all really just a walking coat hanger, the fashion industry isn't a nice and friendly world.

No. 1369162

I understand that but it still enrages me. I know it's a business at the end of the day, so they wanna streamline everything as much as possible. But with the amount of praise and huge amounts of money being thrown around in this industry, I don't really care about things being "easier" for them. It makes a lot of things a lot harder for women, both in the industry and out in the real world. You wanna be hailed as a genius? Do something actually impressive and put in the work. Clothes are designed for the purpose of being purchased and worn by real people, no?
I'm not getting mad at you btw. What you're saying is true. I just think about how different my life would have been if I wasn't sold the belief that I'll never be beautiful or sophisticated or fashionable if I don't literally starve

No. 1369163

File: 1665344641423.png (525.5 KB, 420x626, Screen Shot 2022-10-09 at 3.43…)

I truly do believe this, it's some weird gay male thing. As much as I have no interest in the world bending at the whim to appeal to scrotes, I do feel that most heterosexual men would think she looked way better on the left, as would most women. It's like they try to shoehorn women into some twink body type. Also I'm definitely not an expert on supermodels or whatever, but Cindy Crawford was a big name and was not emaciated. Did this all basically start being the 'norm' with Kate Moss and the heroin chic thing?

No. 1369164

I've always heard it's because of sample sizes and/or radiating exlusivety.

No. 1369165

It’s so they look androgynous and young. No hips, no breasts, no standard signs of womanhood or aging out of girlhood. People really love it when they look like they’re suffering for some reason too, they act like it means they’re better models or something for being malnourished and depressed

No. 1369167

Same here anon, that thread had a lot and though there are anons saying the sweater stuff isn't milk (no it's not really) and that talking about her behavior is pearl clutching, it did help give some insight into the fact that she's just another person with a crappy personality that made it as a popstar. So weird when these kinds of people get stans and also kek at some of the tweets calling her out as recently as 2020.

No. 1369168

File: 1665345133997.jpg (190.95 KB, 1280x1246, 91e8671c077cecc840e87539c16985…)

Before that there was Twiggy in the 60s, who was so skinny because she was unwell.

No. 1369173

>People really love it when they look like they’re suffering for some reason too, they act like it means they’re better models or something for being malnourished and depressed
I don't get this. Is it some sort of sadism? If models look to starved and unhappy it puts me off.

No. 1369176

i really do think they should have minimum bmi measurements for modelling. like if you are below an 18.5 bmi you cannot model. weigh them like they weigh boxers before matches.

No. 1369177


What do you mean sample sizes? Like expecting models to all be the same size to make it easier on designers?

No. 1369178

I completely agree anon. The fashion industry is brutal.

No. 1369180

nta but i guess it's because many people do think models have it so easy and they're rich and famous "just for being pretty"? not sure how to explain but i think that if most models did look genuinely healthy and happy a lot of people would seethe even more over them?

No. 1369181


IMO its marketing to east asian cultures, especially China, basically they think anything >110 lbs is chunky sadly. Anorexia is a massive problem in China.

No. 1369184

I believe that is a thing in France. I remember seeing articles about it being proposed that models must have a BMI of at least 18. I don't know if it ever became official, though I suppose it doesn't really matter. 18 is still underweight and plenty of them would just lie to get past the rule. Still better than nothing I guess

No. 1369196

In that case they should use more east Asian models then, who naturally are slimmer. Then they wouldn’t also be 6’2. Really models are not a match for any group besides themselves. An Asian girl who is as slim as a model isn’t as tall, and any other race who is as tall is likely not as slim. Not race sperging just stating facts on height and weight…I think its partly as another anon said - exceedingly tall and slim women are rare, worldwide, and give the clothes a real air of exclusivity. Its all “luxury”, I guess? But seen through the prism of gay men.

No. 1369202

she always has this look of sadness to her that makes me want to hug her and kiss her on the temple like I do with my cat

No. 1369207

What is up with her temples??
Yea they want uniform bodies like another anon said above so they can make any model wear anything

No. 1369214

Not a fan of the chemotherapy patient look

No. 1369226

File: 1665348420757.jpg (186.12 KB, 750x1183, Drvz2gSU4AAoox0.jpg)

Lol at the visual anon, but I feel you. I know a lot of people's sympathy for her is limited because she's filthy rich and only has her career because of nepotism but I do still feel sorry for her. Speaking of her old Tumblr, she also posted a lot of stuff about how sad she is. I know it was standard fare for teenage girls to romanticize depression on Tumblr back in those days but I feel like it was genuine for her. Makes me think back to this letter that Yolanda wrote to her. All the things she's talking about here are indicative of someone who's really not doing well mentally.
I've also heard a lot of things about her being genuinely very nice to fans and staff and things like that, so I have trouble disliking her

No. 1369248

The weekend has such a gay voice.

No. 1369265

Honestly, when human - particularly womens' - bodies are exposed to human greed, things start getting extremely fucked up because it can actually be a bit of a traumatizing process being exposed to all that scrutiny and obsession over mms of your body.

No. 1369280

File: 1665351679700.jpg (149.2 KB, 861x840, DMNYDh5XkAEmkkA.jpg)

Women don't owe the world children, and celebrities are horrible parents. Good for her for investing her energy in animals instead of adding to the eight billion people on Earth.

No. 1369282

unironic troon physiognomy

No. 1369284

are you retarded

No. 1369285

they look horrible

No. 1369289

scrote moment

No. 1369295

File: 1665352894474.jpg (257.07 KB, 992x1655, father_of_the_year.jpg)

No. 1369296

ive always thought this and its always made it harder to take his lyrics seriously

No. 1369303

every time i hear a new song from him i think its an unreleased michael jackson song

No. 1369304

>It's full on communism
>Very good relationships with all the others

No. 1369305

File: 1665353780205.jpeg (49.56 KB, 600x600, 1607915322391.jpeg)

why you obsessed with paris having a kid? you aren't gonna be the daddy let it go

No. 1369306

the others arent old enough to leave yet

No. 1369307

He has enough kids to fill a small farming community, of course it's impossible for him to keep a relationship with them, the big obese titty weirdo

No. 1369308

Me and the person I pulled by being an ugly piece of shit

No. 1369309

>full on communism
kek, he's such a fucking fat perpetual victim lying piece of shit. god i hate him.

No. 1369310

Failsons seethe and beg for incel affirmative action because they are undesirable and require the pedaling of propaganda to pass on their parasitic genes kek.

No. 1369312

what is with all these celeb men having 8476847684 kids. have rich scrotes always been like this and i just didn't notice or has there been an uptick in them having huge families? (i say "them" kek, not like they're the ones doing the work of child raising)

No. 1369313

I agree with you, completely, but honestly, the people that are the backbone of the industry don't get a huge amount of money and they are doing all the labour. Most designers are idiots that wouldn't be able to sew on a single button and as long as people praise and worship them nothing will change. Designers have a team of designers doing the research, doing the work and those designers have people constructing the patterns and sewing the stuff, there is just one big ugly head and everyone else sits in the basement, working maximum hours for minimum wage. And I didn't think that you are mad at me, kek, I hate that industry, too, especially as a person that got a closer look into it.

No. 1369375

Could be 999, which is the angel number for love.

No. 1369400

i’m not makeup expert so asking this but did she have her lips overlined here? it looks obvious and bad.

anon please no…

No. 1369402

There's nothing more affirming to a bestial man than getting women pregnant (precisely what matters is getting them pregnant, as opposed to having children, the result of the act is secondary and only matters in that it creates an extension of themselves, further colonizing the world with their genes). It gives them meaning to be chosen by women, to invade their body and incapacitate them for 9 months. It's conquest and it's the most effective way to claim a woman and her body. It has nothing to do with fame, in the sense that this is just their ugly nature and fame just allows for that nature to be fully expressed, by giving them an abundance of power.

Basically when a man does that you know he's the most primal chimp you can imagine.

No. 1369407

I wish this ugly, spoilt, talentless, vapid waste of space would stop trying to LARP as an ethnic woman, this is straight up latina/blackfishing. The whole family needs to be nuked into oblivion
I have a few friends that have worked with Bella and apparently she’s one of the most genuinely humble, kind and sweet natured people in the industry who always goes out of her way to thank others their work and make them feel included. I’d hazard a guess that her evil gargoyle mother who made her grow up thinking she was less attractive (ergo less of a cash cow) than Gigi has a large hand in that. While I have a healthy amount of disdain of nepotism I can’t help but like Bella, also echoing what the other nona said about her seeming sad

No. 1369411

File: 1665365568245.jpg (110.27 KB, 498x811, azealia.jpg)

>hoarding acorns in her cheeks

No. 1369415

Fuck outta here with your racism
As a Christian Palestinian we’ve been getting fucked over ad infinitum from all directions for aeons
Kanye is getting well fat now too, I hope AB shows him no mercy

No. 1369416

Paris looks so beautiful here. I'm glad she's living her best life.

No. 1369418

File: 1665365951440.gif (1.29 MB, 220x264, ezgif-5-43a8df6597.gif)

That's funny, but this is why no one wants to work with Azealia. She comes across so misogynistic and aggressive, also she really isn't one to talk about people "needing" work done when she's shaped like a capital letter P with those bolt ons.

No. 1369420

im sorry i cannot take ms. banks seriously after she went on wild n out and fucking cried when they called her ugly kek. she can dish it but cannot take it

No. 1369425

i don't know why half of the anons on here are obsessed with her. she's a psycho cat killer who cries when someone calls her out. if she didn't have fame she'd be a cow 100%

No. 1369426

She’s fucking ugly as all hell, especially since getting those tranny bolt-one and a bbl which makes her insulting the appearance of others all the more hilarious. I think she’s garbage but I enjoy her unhinged spergs because even a broken clock tells the right time twice a day

No. 1369430

File: 1665367996772.jpeg (517.48 KB, 1283x2117, 1E6FF5D5-0D54-4B88-9D3D-C9987F…)

ana de armas

No. 1369449

Bella makes me sad. She'll spend the rest of her life trying to prove she's not worthless to her horrid mother who doesn't give a shit about her daughter.
Her face looks swollen. Both Hadids look miserable.

No. 1369463

There's something scary about this.

No. 1369471

Forever frozen with Marilyn's expression on her face.

No. 1369474

File: 1665374569177.png (3.65 MB, 1728x2304, C336EF5E-FEB5-424D-A27F-9C667D…)

He’s so controlling kek

No. 1369477

guess she'll have to make do with her millions of dollars

No. 1369492

Sadly enough that’s so true. Unfortunately it’s the modern day so if John III died on the farm the next baby won’t be named John IIII.

No. 1369511

i find her spregs hilarious and entertaining

No. 1369513


Not edgy, just trying to cling to some relevance–Halsey was featured on Juice WRLDs posthumous album in the song Life's a Mess. The whole "999" thing was important to him.

No. 1369545

thank you for the info anon, i didn’t know that.

No. 1369550

Do you know where you are, scrote? kek

No. 1369554

She really is gorgeous, I hope she leaves her face alone and doesn’t botch it

No. 1369589

It’s bizarre to me that Paris Hilton has been given some rebrand as this pure kind person when she was a really nasty awful person with no regard to other people whatsoever and had visible pleasure from treating young Kim K like a scullery maid and said her (healthy, thin but curvy) body looked like cottage cheese in a trash bag. I don’t know if I buy it.

No. 1369592

He was right though ijs

No. 1369596

i think after she came out with the abuse from the camp and then the parents didn't seem too great, people just felt bad. plus nostalgia. but yeah she was nasty and so is her mom. her mom pretends to be nice but isnt.

No. 1369603

I remember months ago an anon tinfoiling that it was indeed a conscious effort to rebrand her by her pr team, anon might or might not, I don't remember, have straight up said that the fangirl posts here on lolcow were planted. I think about it everytime she's brought up.

No. 1369606

Never forget she called black men “disgusting”, racist cow. She’s the reason people started to become famous for doing nothing but being repulsive parasites. I don’t care that she bullied Kim Kardashian because she’s a piece of shit too, all these useless fuckers are a scourge on society

No. 1369640

is that actually real or just a fanedit

No. 1369645

I was unaware of this, but I don’t need context and it checks out for how much of a cunt she was. My only guess is people like her because they don’t know, surely if they were aware they wouldn’t be like aww she’s so sweet and pure uwu

No. 1369646

So it's now fashionable to look ugly? Finally my time has come kek

No. 1369654

>crying because Paris said something mean about the poor Moids of Color
Go back twitterfag

No. 1369659

moids suck

No. 1369661

I hate the media's glamorization of serial killers, most of them were unwashed, average looking scrotes with a huge empathy deficit and average intellects yet movies are portraying them as misunderstood masterminds with model-tier looks. Also I can't believe people buy into Dahmer's 'uwu I just killed people because I didn't want to be alone crying emoji', like why would you believe anything that comes out of his mouth, if you give psychopaths media attention obviously they're going to play the victim

No. 1369662

you really think she has any love for black women?

No. 1369665

I knew someone was going to say that kek, sure she exclusively hates "moids of colour" and it is for totally valid reasons

No. 1369668

Kylie's earrings look like they used her mother og teeth as jewellery.

No. 1369671

Nepo It-girls were always a thing, tho.

No. 1369681

If you wanted to whine about her being shit to someone else besides moids of color then you would have just done that straight off. No one said she is "exclusively" shit to moids of color or why, just that we don't give a fuck about the degenerate moids. End of

No. 1369685

thinly veiled racism. tired of it. paris is just a racist and has been racist many times, it's not just about men

No. 1369689

File: 1665409914767.jpg (35.77 KB, 625x626, d5c.jpg)

Don't respond to baits.

No. 1369690

Cat killer? She's insane, but she did not kill her cat

No. 1369694

Yeah, I'm sure her distaste for black men stem from sympathy for black women and the hardships they've been put through because of the men of their own race, I think it's beautiful that she's using her position to address such a serious and controversial matter and in such an eloquent manner

No. 1369696

Never trust a woman who doesn't hate all scrotes equally regardless of their skin color.

No. 1369713

clink clink to that, anon

No. 1369715

Before we pat ourselves on the back too hard there is the Muslim issue and it's why some people don't trust brown women and I'm sorry but it's a good reason. Their God is a pedophile, the religion is worshipping men, it's fucked in the head for women to follow.
I won't judge a brown woman who isn't Islamic at all but you can rest assured I will never trust any muslim.(this is the celebricow thread, why are you derailing)

No. 1369716

I'd trust a man before a muslim nonnie, you're totally right.(samefagging retard replying to self)

No. 1369719

She looked good naturally, and being flat-chested suited her so much better I don't get why she decided to do that to herself.

No. 1369720

she cooked it at least
you're not wrong but nobody even mentioned muslims kek. that's more of a religion than race.

No. 1369722

Most certainly, I wanted to explain that some reasonable people will balk at someone who's skin is a different color for reasons other than race and remind us all that cultural discrimination is a whole different ballgame than what we usually see.(Which in America is the how white can I look game, which tbf came from not wanting to get shot by police but thats a whole historical de-rail and I'd rather keep to the point).

Being suspicious of others is healthy but racism is not. I used to think the lady at my local small whole foods was racist until I found out, no, it was just muslims she discriminated against because they would literally steal from her because
>Women can't own property so it's mine.

No. 1369723

She’s allowed to post her opinion if she wants to whether you like it or not. No one likes fat Lana nor her boring white trash aesthetic. Her music also got incredibly boring and only fat bitches like yourself like current Lana.

No. 1369727

Yeah, what's stopping them from just being apostates, do they think someone is going to kill them or something?

No. 1369732

In some countries it's illegal to be an apostate and you could be killed by some random people for it without the killers getting in legal trouble. In the West you could be in some huge trouble with your family or community if you're an exmuslim. It really depends on a lot of things though, I'm an exmuslim and my parents don't give a shit as long as I still make them think I'm not eating pork or having sex out of wedlock. If someone knew though you'll hear about me in the news in a murder case so yeah.(derailing)

No. 1369733

As you should Islam is a religion of murderers and pedophiles and have no place in any civilized society whatsoever.

No. 1369736

>as you should
I have no clue what you're trying to say since I just said I'm an exmuslim.

No. 1369737

I'm telling you to get out and into a civilized society.

No. 1369747

I'm already in the West, I'm trying to gtfo of my parents' place asap and it should happen at the end of the year. The issue is that I'm surrounded by other muslims who automatically see me as one of them and treat me like I'm mentally ill or a leper if I tell them I don't fast. Especially at my job, there's more and more of them I kinda want to quit. Sage because it's off topic.

No. 1369750

Yeah you need to move fast and be around humans instead of monsters in human skin.(derailing)

No. 1369758

anon i don't think you're completely unreasonable in your perception of muslims, but it would be a good idea to avoid such harsh generalisation of muslim women. there do exist ones who are critical of the religious texts but were raised as muslims and find guidance in aspects of it that relate solely to seeking happiness and internal peace. plenty of muslims don't practise very much or really follow what you're describing but identify as muslims regardless. but you wouldn't trust them, specifically? your criticism of it can be extended to any abrahamic religion, really. as long as religion is tied to history, it will also be tied to murder, pedophilia, rape, and other moid crimes.

No. 1369770

File: 1665415864360.jpeg (78.68 KB, 624x617, MjAyMjEwYgsgGztZagxvHmNDbwMsVW…)

Imagine getting this mad at someone not hating Lana del Rey. People don't care if you post your opinion as long as you're not an unnecessarily aggro sperg about it.
Anyway…Blue Banisters was good and I like Fat Lana™ because she looks jolly and fun

No. 1369774

Fucking kek, the irony. Her specifying “men” is immaterial, it doesn’t change the fact that she’s racist, but keep being 3edgy5me caping for your uwu bimbo kkkween
I find it hilarious that in all Azealia’s sperging over how ugly other people are no one has retorted by going after her appearance (which would be valid given how busted she’s become) besides that one time Grimes called her fat via DM back when she was tubby

No. 1369776

It's kinda nice to see Lana in her current state as she's clearly just very happy, it's so clear in her newer music too. I love her old stuff, I always will, but none of it moves me the way Sweet Carolina or Thunder do. Bizarre how much people care about her weight and her music no longer being Tumblr fuel. Any time I see people call an artist's new music "boring", whoever it is, I get the feeling that the music isn't boring at all really, it's just different to their old style.

No. 1369788

Fucking exactly. Plus that faggot Ryan Murphy knew exactly what he was doing with this shit

No. 1369817

Azaelia Banks gives me the same vibes as LovelyPeaches (the lolcow who eats her shit and pretended to sell her baby to old men). She has that weird violent energy as a disturbed crackhead you would see in a Soft White Underbelly video, thank God she's famous because I can't imagine what kind of life she would live without her money. The bitch slaughters chickens to win awards like

No. 1369823

neutral towards current lana myself but this is a reasonable opinion

No. 1369826

You stupid ugly bitches that think dehumanizing an entire oppressed (does that word upset you too?) race of people is normal and that anyone who challenges this mindset is a twitterfag are an insurmountable tier of pathetic.

Seeing anyone go up for Paris Hilton is wild to me. Is it a zoomer thing or something? Since they’ve only seen her through her uwu kind sweet posi uwu instagram replies.

No. 1369839

could be a zoomer thing but i feel like the answer that >>1369596 gave may probably be at least one reason. nostalgia is likely a huge thing too, and pr.

No. 1369843

Simping for fat pickmes is frowned upon here, I’m not sure why you’re here.

No. 1369860

I'm here to piss you off specifically(infighting)

No. 1369879

pakianon going on a schizo rant and talking about nothing

No. 1369889

Cry moar(Retard)

No. 1369912

you have to be an adult to post here

No. 1369915

Nobody is crying you’re just ugly

No. 1369919

I actually think this picture of bella is quite flatter, kek. I feel like it's all in the lighting. idk why gigi is trying this edgy look, she needs to stick to normie styling. I strangely think she only looks exceptionally pretty when she is smiling. She also needs dark hair. They both need eyebrows 100%

I like seeing what kylie looks like without filters, but i feel like she is staying into my soul. I wish she would stop with the lips, it looks terrible. She looked better with thinner lips.

No wonder people are thirsting, we need to remind people that it's Evan Peters they want to fuck, not Jeffery. Jeffery probably smelled like cheese. But this looks like something Sam levison would pump out if he was a fag.

No. 1369930

go back

No. 1369942

ryan murphy, sam levison, whoever it was that directed blonde, etc, i don’t get why people outside of here seem just fine with them to pump out this shit. why is media of glamorized murderers and sexualized teenagers and women being taken advantage of seemingly acceptable because it’s horrid. i’m seeing people being thirsty over the actual serial killers, wanting to imitate the girls from these teen shows, blonde sounds like a moid’s rape fantasy, an actor straight up admitting he watched pam and tommy’s sex tape “for research”, what else

No. 1369943

jeffery smelt like microwaved asscheeks and budlight

No. 1369951

Have any of you nonnas heard anything about a plate shape diet? I'm a waitress and I waited on Gigi recently and she demanded her food be sent back to the kitchen so it could be put onto a square plate, and then got it sent back again because the square plate "was too square" (??). Like is this a thing? Or is she just fucking crazy?

No. 1369956

File: 1665428559988.jpg (49.85 KB, 488x362, flkjohn.jpg)

No. 1369958

why is this posted? he's right

No. 1369959

he's not right and he is a hypocrite

No. 1369960

he is right, but how is he a hypocrate?

No. 1369961

he's completely right and this is a shitty milkless screencap

No. 1369966

File: 1665429405181.jpg (814.24 KB, 1689x2048, gettyimages-1240402271-2048x20…)

I remember that when Gigi got pregnant many said that this is likely the first time in her life she really got to eat and that she will use this for never having to return to modelling.
But then she started working again so quickly? And her body looks skinnier than ever now, it's just her face that looks bloated.

No. 1369968

gigi's styling in that pic isn't edgy in slightest, she looks like a midwestern mom. except for the lack of eyebrows i guess

No. 1369970

her stomach looks unnaturally, bizarrely flat

No. 1369974

File: 1665429908019.jpg (40.43 KB, 591x495, 1256.JPG)

this is getting so fucking disturbing

No. 1369976

John’s right. Almost anytime a black male celebrity starts talking about “free thinking” he starts talking about
>>being super pro black
>>blacks should be more conservative and traditional(vote republican)
>>blacks are the REAL jews
I don’t know why this is such a common thought process among black male celebrities. Nick Cannon thinks the same way, as he impregnates half of Los Angeles.

No. 1369980

If he's trying to say the higher ups are involved in the porn industry or what. This isn't anything new. Is he a baby channer or something

No. 1369981

but it doesn't look like julia foxs either, more like she never even was pregnant

No. 1369983

Is he*
My bad.

No. 1369985

Didn't Ninja (of Die Antwood) report the same shit about Kanye just blasting porn in the middle of conversations? He must be pornsick as fuck

No. 1369989

the cumbrain was comparing the president of adidas to a girl in some random porn video. the other guys are were really uncomfortable and told him to stop. i wish i knew how to post vids on here

No. 1369990

Yeah he watching anal sex in broad daylight in the living room and kept asking him if he wanted banana pudding.

He’s so manic he’s having trouble hiding the gay omg.

Yeah people with a lot of money can afford the best pre and post natal care

No. 1369992

why is Kanye so obsessed with anorectal violence

No. 1369993

lmfao christ. Someone should bring up his mom so he loses it and khs.

No. 1369994

I didn't believe that before but now I do kek

No. 1369997

no you retarded tinfoiler, he is addicted to porn and is a pervert, its well known that kanye is pornsick (which is why he married jim in the first place)
hey to post vids here you convert your video of choice into webm and then you post the webm video. This site uses webm as a video format.
I typically use this site when converting videos and you can use it too if you want. https://www.freeconvert.com/mp4-to-webm

No. 1369998

kanyes always been sex-obsessed (like most musicians lets be honest), the people who are shocked here must not know about his past.

No. 1369999

lmao sorry i meant to say kim, kek.

No. 1370004

He wants to be butt fucked. That man GAY gay.

No. 1370007

This on top of the “fingers in the booty hole ass bitch” and using Kim only as a mannequin really makes me think he’s deeply closeted sorry if that’s bad or something

No. 1370010

File: 1665431340010.webm (1.53 MB, 560x360, x-uqtc04-Q_x0cru.webm)

thanks nona!

No. 1370014

but why anus

No. 1370017

what if Kanye really is an agp and he wants to be the (white) woman that gets fucked in the ass

No. 1370018

File: 1665431620355.jpeg (59.95 KB, 610x475, 41F5C582-C05D-44E6-8316-8C53FC…)

You know why.

No. 1370020

this is only yet another example, not an explanation tho

No. 1370021

"Uh, yeah, it does sound similar, you aren't a porn addicted weirdo at all, Kanye, we totally don't wish we were elsewhere right now"

No. 1370027

He wants to be fucked in the ass. Demolished. Prostate milked. Hole destroyed. Does it need to be spelled out for you

No. 1370029

he gay

No. 1370030

File: 1665431792437.gif (19.87 KB, 434x32, glitter.gif)

I can't believe I forgot about this, holy shit.

No. 1370031

File: 1665431801115.gif (6.29 MB, 498x498, neutral-face.gif)

i got secondhand embarrassment when he was shoving the video in their faces.
I cant find it and i cant be bothered but i remember kanye talking in this one interview how he also uses reddit to look at porn (and this was when he and Kim were married, then man is pornsick)

No. 1370033

iirc he also mentioned how much he loves blacked porn live on some talk show? deranged scrote.

No. 1370035

>kept asking him if he wanted banana pudding
what, kek

No. 1370036

He told Ninja that Kim made banana pudding and offered it several times. Really I just think he was hoping ninja would catch on and give him the dick. Deeply closeted men try to signal in the goofiest ways.

No. 1370038


is he austisic?????? who thinks this is appropriate at a BUSINESS MEETING??

No. 1370044

kanye also said on kimmel or one of the late night shows that he jerks off to kim's sisters

No. 1370047

File: 1665432368616.png (211.93 KB, 668x442, lmao8.png)

I dont know if this was posted but Kanye also got banned on twitter yesterday.
I wonder if Elon will try helping him get his acc back lmao.

No. 1370049

File: 1665432422193.jpg (11.99 KB, 235x309, gma.jpg)

mento illness

No. 1370050

he wrote a whole song about it, xtcy

No. 1370053

why the hell do people think kanye was so great? that song sucks so fucking bad holy shit

No. 1370056

Azealia been saying he's a closet gay for ages

No. 1370062

this guy is such a freak. i remember kim saying she walked into him watching porn on their TV at home

No. 1370070

File: 1665432867568.jpeg (759.56 KB, 1139x1497, 64FA2A2C-F615-4C92-A336-F035B1…)

When he said he could “see sounds” it made me feel like he’s on the spectrum.

No. 1370073

Weirdly believable

No. 1370088

i think i remember reading that he was diagnosis as a kid but his mother didn't believe it and told him his different because he's a "genius"

No. 1370101

Kanye is like Drake anyone who been here a while knows what I mean. They both are trying to escape womanhood, one naturally has it the other wants

No. 1370103

>escape womanhood
Dear god please tell me you’re the anon who thinks everyone is transgender

No. 1370105

"Banana pudding= Backdoor Play" I'm not even joking.

No. 1370106

not you again…..

No. 1370109

I don't want to get banned so I'll only say, only some. Kek, I was blessed either another chance on lolcor and I don't want to fuck it up again. I'll just keep the truth to myself this time around

No. 1370111

Kanye is way more likely to be agp

No. 1370112

Exactly!! Men who are DL use the weirdest silliest signifiers to try to put out feelers that they want to be sucked and fucked and turned out

No. 1370114

File: 1665434370264.gif (5.7 MB, 498x498, hotgirldj-drake.gif)

I love you, transdrake chan

No. 1370115

>“How’d you know I’m DL?”

No. 1370118

you're an actual schizo but i do think you're hilarious

No. 1370119

mtftmtftmtfmtftm swag

No. 1370121

I'll never forget seeing a Troon convince a man to film a video with him going, "only people who watch tranny porn will recognize you, exposing you will only expose themselves". Anyway the dude was some local celebrity and it got out anyway via a random Twitter account. Point is, DL men know what to say and those who know what I means pretend to "not know" and meet up at another time.
Plenty of men probably took Kanyes offer to "Banana Pudding" and about 80% of them know what it means. I suppose Drake got a taste as well

No. 1370122

I'm not. I'm perfectly normal in these loverly lolcow streets. I just know a woman when I see one, with Draka I have my feeling and thoughts but I won't go on further. I love my time here and don't want to risk it

No. 1370125

You’re schizo but I support your insanity. Inclusive queen.

No. 1370127

>Clothes are designed for the purpose of being purchased and worn by real people, no?
No, not really. At least not haute couture, which usually has the thinnest models.

No. 1370130

how did you figure out these signifiers? not that i doubt it, just wondering

No. 1370135

File: 1665435294501.jpg (81.85 KB, 606x931, 853115.jpg)

No. 1370138

I told a friend that was Drake, and all he said was "Most dangerous man in Toronto. Drake will never be a stranger to solidifying his status as a crossdressing high-heeled cum dumpster"

No. 1370139

File: 1665435505632.jpeg (315.6 KB, 1471x2304, 9F915771-18F5-4454-9B03-598147…)

The evidence is mounting trans drake chan.

No. 1370147

what a relic of the mac demarco 2016 era. I didn’t hear any allegations predating this so i’m surprised.

No. 1370148

I officially have a reason to feel ashamed for finding him cute.

No. 1370152

those guys all look like hamburgers with a smiley face drawn on

No. 1370154

same reason guys have garages full of 15 exotic cars when you can only drive one of them at a time

No. 1370160

he looks like every college campus date rapist

No. 1370162

I 100% believe certain names should be avoided and men with big round chubby cheeks. If they have wide hip bones, chances of them being DL rise.
If they offer your scrote random foods. Like "Banana Pudding" or

>>"Orange Soda"= Oral Sex

>> anything with Creme
>> Licorice - another code word for oral/back door play but he wants to receive instead of give.

Celebrity scrotes love the idea of soliciting male sex in front of their wives/girlfriends. That's why they will have their girlfriends/wives get the food. Like, "hey brother want some Banana Pudding? It's real creamy and full of bananas! You sure? I can ask Kim to get you some. She made it"

No. 1370167

LSA gayspiracy spergs at it again.

No. 1370168

File: 1665436870467.jpeg (917.56 KB, 1170x1457, A291A493-5D10-44D4-AFE0-5A1904…)

Sorry I meant to post this here instead of the vent thread but this is all just because someone made the comment that she’s clinically overweight. Actual minstrelsy

No. 1370172

I genuinely think all the hate Lizzo gets for being fat is just because she's a woman. There are fat male celebrities that even have restaurants and for some reason no one cares about them.

No. 1370180

im going to defend lizzo on this one, she mind her own business meanwhile all the people who you say called her ''clinically overweight'' is fat rapist male Aries Spears who compared her to shit, unhinged kanye west who said she doesnt fit the standards for modeling and azelia banks the chicken/cat killer.

No. 1370183

Rick Ross, Cedric the Entertainer, and all the other fat hogs should've got the same amount of hate kek

No. 1370186

File: 1665437134818.gif (795.58 KB, 220x124, 533.gif)


No. 1370188

People hate lizzo for existing. There's shit I have criticized her for but she gets hate for being a fat black woman. Even in shaynas thread people were throwing digs at her because Ellen and Shayna wanted to see her. Lizzo doesn't really do shit. Yes her personality in and out of music is about her being fat. But rappers can rap about their cars. Clothes, female rappers about their fake body parts etc.
Lizzo gets hate unprovoked. I don't get it

No. 1370190

I mean…people point out all the time that the I’m fat and black huahuah! comedians aren’t funny in the slightest and Lizzorito essentially does the same thing but in a musicalized over sexual top 20 hit version that can be easily swallowed by middle schoolers and woke mom gym rats. So, she actually gets regularly overlooked/let slide compared to these spats with celebrities pointing out her gross fathood

No. 1370204

File: 1665438053078.jpg (169.72 KB, 749x1225, 285161786_335864325363105_8274…)

Based Draco

>Chatting in a new interview with The Times T2 magazine, Tom drew on JK, real name moniker Joanne, and her mark on the entertainment industry.

>He said: 'I couldn’t speak for what others have said or what she said, to be completely honest, but I’m often reminded, attending Comic Cons [fantasy conventions] in particular, that no one has single-handedly done more for bringing joy to so many different generations and walks of life
>'I’m constantly reminded of her positive work in that field and as a person. I’ve only had a handful of meetings with her but she has always been lovely. So I’m very grateful for that,' he explained.
>Controversial: Tom described the author as 'lovely' while refusing to comment on backlash, after she sparked controversy in 2020 for her comments on transgender people
>His comments come after J.K. Rowling came under fire in early June 2020 for controversial tweets she posted about the transgender community.
>Referring to an article that referenced 'people who menstruate', the auther tweeted: 'I’m sure there used to be a word for those people. Someone help me out. Wumben? Wimpund? Woomud?'
>And following this, which caused up an initial stir, she continued to express controversial views on sex and gender in further tweets.

>The stance even sparked major Harry Potter stars such as Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe to speak out against her views.

>But keeping more to the fence as he refused to express his opinion on the matter, Tom explained: 'I don’t tend to pick sides.
>'I won’t talk specifics but I enjoy reminding myself and others that a lot of my good friends have ways of life or personal decisions that I don’t necessarily agree with. We should enjoy celebrating each other’s differences.'
>Emma Watson weighed in on the 'transphobia' row sparked by J.K. Rowling hours after the best-selling author penned an essay defending her stance.
>The actress, 30, who became famous as a child for playing Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter films based on Rowling's book series, took to Twitter to share her thoughts.
>Emma's comments came just hours after the acclaimed novelist penned a deeply personal essay to address the controversy, revealing she was sexually assaulted in her 20s and saying she still feels the scars of 'domestic violence' in her first marriage.
>The screen star wrote: 'Trans people are who they say they are and deserve to live their lives without being constantly questioned or told they aren't who they say they are.
>Support: Emma , who played Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter films based on Rowling's book series, took to Twitter in June
>'I want my trans followers to know that I and so many other people around the world see you, respect you and love you for who you are.'
>She went on to say that she was proud to donate to charities such as Mermaids and Mama Cash before encouraging her fans to do the same.
>Emma concluded: 'Happy #Pride2020 Sending love x.'

>Daniel Radcliffe also felt compelled to make a statement about the acclaimed novelist, after she tweeted about an article entitled 'Creating a more equal post COVID-19 world for people who menstruate' on Friday.

>Rowling wrote: ''People who menstruate.' I'm sure there used to be a word for those people. Someone help me out. Wumben? Wimpund? Woomud?'
>In response, Radcliffe hit out at the author who made him famous, saying: 'To all the people who now feel that their experience of the books has been tarnished or diminished, I am deeply sorry for the pain these comments have caused you'.
>Taking a stand: Daniel Radcliffe slammed Harry Potter author JK Rowling over her comments about transgender people
>Radcliffe wrote: 'Transgender women are women. Any statement to the contrary erases the identity and dignity of transgender people and goes against all advice given by professional health care associations who have far more expertise on this subject matter than either Jo or I'.
>He continued: 'I realize that certain press outlets will probably want to paint this as in-fighting between JK Rowling and myself, but that is really not what this is about, nor is it what's important right now.
>'While Jo is unquestionably responsible for the course my life has taken, as someone who has been honored to work with and continues to contribute to The Trevor Project for the last decade, and just as a human being, I feel compelled to say something at this moment.'
>Hogwarts alum: He starred as the titular wizard in all eight of the Harry Potter movies, originating the role at the age of 11 in 2000's Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
>Radcliffe also reached out to loyal Harry Potter fans: 'If these books taught you that love is the strongest force in the universe, capable of overcoming anything…
>'If they taught you that strength is found in diversity, and that dogmatic ideas of pureness lead to the oppression of vulnerable groups…
>'If you believe that a particular character is trans, nonbinary, or gender fluid, or that they are gay or bisexual; if you found anything in these stories that resonated with you and helped you at any time in your life — then that is between you and the book that you read, and it is sacred.
>'And in my opinion nobody can touch that. It means to you what it means to you and I hope that these comments will not taint that too much.'
>Not important: He wrote: 'I realize that certain press outlets will probably want to paint this as in-fighting between JK Rowling and myself, but that is really not what this is about, nor is it what¿s important right now'
In December, Rowling discussed the trans community, in a move which earned her the label of trans-exclusionary radical feminist (TERF).

>Her most recent comments were met with backlash from many fans and followers, as well as some notable names like Jameela Jamil, Sarah Paulson, Jonathan Van Ness and more.

>Jameela Jamil challenged her to put her money where her mouth is, tweeting her a GoFundMe link for homeless Black trans women in Atlanta.
>She wrote: 'Hey JK as you claim to support trans rights and this is a historical moment where we are globally discussing the impact of white supremacy on Black People, please share some of your $650million mega wealth with this charity.'
>Sarah Paulson wrote, 'Word. Goodnight and shut up @jk_rowling' while retweeting creative producer Ben O'Keefe.
>He wrote: 'This woman is complete scum. Shut the f up you transphobic f. You don't know or love any trans people if you won't even acknowledge their existence…
>'Thanks for ruining the books of my childhood. Just stop talking. We know you're a TERF. You don't need to keep doing this.'

No. 1370207

He is based. Thank god one cast member is respectful towards her, she did launch their careers after all.

No. 1370208

not sure why but this interaction made me kek

No. 1370211

Thing is he's just being a rational normal human being, this should be that exceptional

No. 1370212

oh no, you can just tell his 15 year old fakeboi fans are loosing their minds over this

No. 1370213

also he was the only one who refused to Harry Potter HBO special cause J.K Rowling wasn't invited, I think he's probably a normie liberal who doesn't use social media and is probably unaware of the current culture war happening

No. 1370214

tbh i agree. i don’t keep up with her (i did hear about the crystal flute thing recently)
whenever i’ve heard of her i’ve only ever seen her just mind her own business and people talking about her performing shows. not as bad as any of the given cows we talk about in these threads.

No. 1370215

Good for him for being so openly vocal about his thoughts, while Daniel and Emma are total asshats about JKR. Watch idiots turn this into 'OMG HE CARES, HE'S FROM SYLERIAN"

No. 1370218

I really think the only controversy she's been in (other than being fat) is that retarded "spaz" thing.

No. 1370243

Not disagreeing with you, but I feel the bigger reason she is hated for her weight is because she talks about it all the time and how healthy and great her body is. If her weight or size is mentioned in her popular songs, of course people are going to comment more on it.
With her touring lifestyle, she probably has a food addiction or binge eating disorder. It's sad. If you're training and touring all the time, you have to eat sooo much food to maintain that size.
But yes, the hate comes on way stronger because she is a fat black women.

No. 1370245

>If they have wide hip bones, chances of them being DL rise.
ooo boyega-chan is not gonna like this

No. 1370256

His name is Rex Orange County??? LMFAO

No. 1370258

File: 1665443745292.jpg (167.4 KB, 670x762, Screenshot_20221010_191400.jpg)

not sure if he's big enough for celebricows, but rex orange county sexually assaulted a woman and is being charged

No. 1370263


I am a big Kanye fan and watched his documentary. He's incredibly autistic and when he was first starting out he would look down and fumble with his fingers when he talked. Pure autism.

No. 1370280

someone who does my cosmetic work has also done it to a person who's worked on kanye's team. they've been around him while he was more than friendly with men, and knew which team members were making the hookups happen, helping him stay on the dl, etc

No. 1370303

>when he was first starting out he would look down and fumble with his fingers when he talked
That just sounds like shyness to me.

No. 1370328

What the fuck? I fucking hate rich people. She sounds like a cunt. The plate was too fucking square?? What? The only thing I've heard that's somewhat similar is using your plate/plate size to help portion food. Maybe she was upset because the corners were too big and too much food fit on her plate kek.

Kek. I'm not into Lana and never was but I'm giving Blue Banisters a listen (lol she's skinny on the cover) bc some nonna mentioned Sweet Carolina and it's kinda dumb. Singing about iPhones and BLM. What a faggot. I kinda want to like her but she sucks. Is there proof she writes her own shit and uses her own ideas? Not saying she def doens't but I'm suspicious of her. Ever since her stupid uwu trailer park interview and the obvious image change her label did when she became Lana Del Rey. Her cadence sounds exactly like some other older artist but I can't put my finger on it. Joni Mitchell? She also does this ugly high-pitched singing that sounds terrible. I think she's kinda based for being fat even though it's gross and she dresses like a retard.

No. 1370333

Ew her bellybutton is disgusting

No. 1370384

Just sit Kanye down in front of a model train set and everything will be okay.

No. 1370400

Imo Joni sounds completely different from Lana.Maybe the lyric style is similar. I know Lana is a Joni fan and is into the Laurel Canyon scene, and a lot of 70's female singers like
Joan Baez and Stevie Nicks. I don't think she has a similar vocal style to those folky type singer though.If anyone I would say Nancy Sinatra. The trailer park thing is annoying.Grimes, Halsey, Courtney Love all did the same thing though. Probably many more.Same with the fake persona many pop stars lie.

No. 1370420

File: 1665464350570.png (427.16 KB, 647x607, Why.png)

>Shay Mitchell, Madonna, and Emily Ratajkowski have all come out as queer in the past week.

No. 1370424

how long until being straigt becomes quirky and unique?

No. 1370425

mediocre moids see themselves in him

No. 1370427

Things that never happened.

No. 1370433

Or, you could stay in the tinfoil thread and sperg there?

No. 1370439

Based. I hope he won't get cancelled by twitterfags, but then again it doesn't look like he needs any attention from the internet, unlike Emma and Daniel. He sounds like a kind and actually rational person, wouldn't mind reading his book.

No. 1370440

I had to Google Shay Mitchell, why is she relevant? Hadn’t Madonna always been bi? Ratface Ratajkowski is basically the white non-munchie version of Jamila Jamil, I wish she’d fuck off forever and stop trying to be the wokest of woketard libfem cringe factories

No. 1370444

Shay Mitchell played a lesbian in Pretty Little Liars and I think she had other lesbian roles too. I too thought Madonna was out as bi for long, weren't she and Angelina dating that butch Japanese model at the same time at some point?

No. 1370452

File: 1665469213889.jpeg (2