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No. 232967

What i take from other threads is, that there seem to be many anons who also don’t buy into the recent kpop craze.

While lots already like to make fun of their cringy fans, 14-year-olds writing “Army” in the comment section of every youtube video in existence and fat american girls hopping around to the tunes of their favourite Oppas, i think now it’s time to take on the root of this evil.

Western listeners of kpop are often well over the age of 20; the stars they’re “stanning” sometimes as young as just 14.

One of the worst problems of the the kpop industry is on the one side the disgusting sexualization of minors (see 15-year-old Tzuyu “dancing” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K9BtHeo8TlQ) and on the other the infantilization of adults; being forced to act cute, still sleeping in a dorm (often just one room shared by over 10 members), not being allowed to date or choose their own clothes, etc. – taking away any rights, but also responsibilities. Especially international fans seem to like to baby and “protect” them.

Other reasons to hate kpop:
1. Lipsyncing to recycled beats from generic american 90’s songs – no originality (and many plagiarism scandals)
2. Ridiculous amounts of plastic surgery + of course denying it
3. “Uncle fans”

Hand in hand with the plastic surgery, whitened skin, perfect bodies, (usually achieve through starvation; which doesn’t stop them from promoting that unhealthy behavior to their teenage fans), drilled to perfection as trainees, starting out even before the age of ten, Korea is trying to sell an image of the ideal country.
First they appeal to the younger generations through music, then fashion, makeup, skin care and food follow.

But why and how did kpop experience such a surge in popularity over the last few years?

> In the late '90s, when Asia went through a huge financial crisis, South Korea's leaders decided to use music to improve its image and build its cultural influence. So the country's government poured millions of dollars into forming a Ministry of Culture with a specific department devoted to K-pop.

> "It turns out that the Korean government treats its K-pop industry the way that the American government treats its automobile and banking industry, meaning that these are industries that have to be protected," Hong says.
> This included doing things like building massive, multi-million dollar concert auditoriums, refining hologram technology, and even helping regulate noeraebangs — karaoke bars — to protect the interests of K-pop stars.
> "They wanted Korea of the 21st century to be like America of the 20th century where America was just considered so universally cool that anything made in America would automatically be bought."

And sadly it seems to work.


No. 232968

Tyuzu's expression in this video are so disturbing considering she is only 15… It's sultry and inviting (yet always with an int of "omg I'm so naive and innocent I don't know what I'm doing" that asian seem to love so much), way too provoking for a teen seriously it make me very uneasy.
I've heard a lot of thoses girls are forced into high class prostitution, I don't know if it's just weird rumors but I wouldn't be surprised about it.

No. 232970

File: 1520627946608.jpg (235.94 KB, 810x807, snout.jpg)

Probably the wrong place to ask, but what should I do with my brother? He's 6 years old, and really likes bts (he knows other groups, but doesn't really care for them), to the point that he wants to be able to dance and sing like them because they are 'so cool'. He's been like this for about a year, and I don't know if I should teach him such things or not, as I don't want to send him down a dark future. Also my parents want him to learn another language, so they want me to teach him Korean
It could just be a phase, but I remember how much I wanted to be a figure skater when I was his age, and I regret not pursuing in it now

No. 232971

File: 1520628219815.jpg (5.95 KB, 150x150, 1488673977085.jpg)

I think it's so fascinating and fucked up to see how k-pop upfront seems harmless but is actually extremely damaging to it's own people

I have quite a few friends that love k-pop and k-dramas but then again most of them are a bunch of lonely people that just want an asian husbando~

No. 232972

why are they forced to sleep in a shared room or dorms? It seems pointless and exhausting to me.

No. 232974

File: 1520629145503.jpg (57.15 KB, 1024x567, bts.jpg)

They all have to live in the same house, due to having very similar schedules. Also it's much cheaper for the companies and the idols to do so, as they can just get a one room flat for them. This only happens to small/new groups though, for instance, this used to be bts' bedroom when they were still training/after debut, but now they live in one of the most expensive penthouses in Seoul

No. 232976

Probably one of the worst dorms, they don't even have their own beds

No. 232977

File: 1520629750569.jpg (33.22 KB, 357x607, D4Z4utR.jpg)

I used to be a former Kpop fan. The music and flashy videos get boring fast and all the groups start to look the same in terms of concepts and styling. Half of the music is bought from abroad, with Korean lyrics slapped over it. Once I found out about the prostitution, abuse and other shady dealings that plague every entertainment industry and took off the rose-colored glasses, I quickly lost interest.

>whitened skin

Most idols don't actually have bleached white skin. You can spot their real skintones up close or in unfavorable photos and it's often a little darker than in severely shooped photos. Korean fans filter the shit out of their idols' skin and the girls wear pale foundation five shades lighter than their actual skintone which looks ridiculous up close.

No. 232978

File: 1520629905388.jpg (126.88 KB, 500x732, 20120402_iu_skintone.jpg)

But for some it's definitely more than just makeup; that can't have happened naturally…

No. 232980

I came across kpop, because i was attracted to SNSD's skinny legs as a diet obsessed teen. In retrospect it affected my body image negatively and i'm sure it's the same for many other young girls.
I was already starving myself and when i read that all these perfect idols do the same, it suddenly felt even more right or at least like this is what one has to do in order to look good.

No. 232981

File: 1520630402098.jpg (85.43 KB, 564x752, 7b62cfc806329e41cf713f098b0f2b…)

Well the Korean government did a good job because this shit is like a cult
I will say that I do like the korean ~aesthetic~ shit with clothes and fashion but jeez

No. 232983

these are cherrypicked tho. the pictures on right are from events and you can't even see her arms up close, much of that is going to be lighting, and the left are screencaps from lives/tv shows.

No. 232984

what the fuck
I like to listen to jpop occasionally and while my friends shifted all to kpop I never saw the appeal. The only group I still listen to sometimes are Ladies' Code, especially the new songs after the death of the other two members.

No. 232986

Jpop is much worse and doesn't even sound or look as good, why not include it in the op you weeb?

No. 232988

cause the thread isn't about jpop.

No. 232991

Most people don't have a problem with jpop because it isn't shoved left and right into your face, like kpop is nowadays.

I didn't create this thread to fight with fans, but to discuss kpop with people who already dislike it.
So please go back to the normal kpop thread and refrain from posting here from now on.

No. 233000

J-pop isn't really much worse especially considering there are many J-pop artists that aren't idols so they don't have to deal with the crap that idols do. The problem is the idol industry in particular. 99% of K-pop is idols vs like 70% of J-pop being idols.

Anyways what freaks me out about K-pop is the sasaeng fans that are literal stalkers that bring harm to their "beloved" idols.

No. 233006

I think hating kpop specifically is kind of pointless. You should direct your hate to Korea in general because these issues are universal there, not specific to one part of their pop culture (with minor but equivalent differences like bad acting in kdramas vs lipsynching in music). And those issues just reflect their culture.

I actually like kpop (though I don't give a shit about any groups past second gen) but it made me hate Korea tbh. I can enjoy it for the occasional bop, the dancing, the concepts etc but it constantly shows how fucked up their society is. Personally my biggest problem is that Korean beauty standards are insane, they are truly the most shallow and nitpicky assholes in the world. Other Asian countries aren't so unforgiving and Hollywood is tolerant and accepting in comparison.

No. 233007

LMAO jpop is still a freak show for pedophiles. Get off your high horse.

No. 233008

He will inevitably lose interest in BTS but it would be great for a kid his age to start learning a new skill, singing or dancing or language learning is not going to send him down some doomed path of being a koreaboo.

I'm honestly a little concerned that you're worried about a 'dark path', maybe you need some perspective - there are far more harmful hobbies than being into boy bands and you shouldn't hold a kid back from things they're interested in.

No. 233011

no kidding, but this is thread is for kpop

No. 233012

ITT: jealous weeaboos who think these issues are exclusive to one niche music genre(baiting)

No. 233029

i think dancing and singing is pretty harmless, anon. He could take singing and dancing lessons appropriate for his age. Where are you from? I feel like Korean might not be a "useful" language for a kid to learn, though kids catch on to languages much faster than adults, plus (IIRC) language-learning gets easier the more you learn them, so if he's still interested in Korean when he's older he'll have a strong basis in a foreign language already and he'll take to Korean faster.

No. 233037

God that Tzuyu video is nauseating. I do like Kpop casually (the only group I'm really a fan of being BTS) but the fan culture is fascinating to me (in a mostly negative way). Korean fans especially, for the most part, seem incredibly nitpicky and image-obsessed, and completely obsessive about their idols' relationships. There's a video of IU's MAMA's acceptance speech where she brings up how she still hasn't gotten over Jonghyun's death, and tells all the idols present that they worked hard to get where they are and to take care of themselves and sleep well, and the fans in the audience completely ignored her and screeched every time the camera panned to their favorite groups. All that plus the infantilization of adults and sexualization of children is fucking freaky to me.

No. 233038

probably glutathione IV drips. Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant best taken through IV, over multiple sessions your skin tone can lighten drastically. At least it isn't harmful, antioxidants are pretty benign.

No. 233097

I get the draw of the fashion and aesthetics even though they aren't my taste but i REALLY don't get the appeal of the actual music. It sounds like any mid-low tier american modern pop music but with even less of an edge. I just really can't relate to people who really think it sounds good and enjoyable to listen to, especially if they don't think other pop music sounds as good. Like…why?

But then again I was into fueled by ramen shit bands and effeminite jrockers when i was in middle school, so maybe kpop obsession is just the latest way to tap into a universal phase in the process of growing up kek

No. 233103

>It sounds like any mid-low tier american modern pop music
a lot of kpop is music by Western producers/writers that was rejected by Western artists. A lot of it really is just mid-low tier American pop with mostly Korean lyrics. I always side-eye people who think that the actual music in kpop is "so much better than american pop!!" and refuse to listen to western pop just because it's not performed by qt asians, thereby basically denying themselves better versions of what they like. I think some kpop is pretty catchy but the idol group songs I don't get tired of after a few plays tend to be the ones with that "korean ballad" sound, if that makes sense, because they don't sound like Western pop that was pulled out of the trash (plus the lyrics are usually less insipid).

No. 233104

sage for samefag but right after posting that I realized "korean ballad" doesn't hit the mark, I really just meant "slower songs with lyrics that aren't just a bunch of onomatopoeias and generic phrases."

No. 233130

To me the americans that obsess over KPOP is no different then when some Americans loved EuroPop eight years ago. It will probably go away sooner or later.

But what annoys me is that unlike EuroPop, KPOP has no unique qualities. Its literally just the same garbage made in any other country, but its somehow cool, unique or whatever for some weird reason.

Tzuyu is beautiful, but I feel sorry for her. Imagine being taken from your family at a very young age and having to do shit like this. We all probably know a bit of what goes on behind the scenes.

No. 233152

If you go to the other kpop thread, there are a lot of anons who say that they aren't even in for the music, but just for their personalities

She's from a rich family, so it's not like she wouldn't have had a different choice. You could rather say she's a spoiled girl who even moved to another country just to be a popstar… That her parents are tolerating that is sick tho

No. 233155

No need to feel sorry for her, she choose this life, celebrity culture is fucked and I genuinely believe that people who want to be famous are severely mentally ill.

No. 233160

I don't even like K-pop but the "reasons to hate it" are literally the same as western music. The problems are the same every fucking where. You might as well stop supporting any entertainment industry since everyone and their mother does this shit. Stop being a dumb bitch and policing what people like.

No. 233162

I agree. There’s lots of valid reasons to hate the kpop industry for the shit they do and the cringey I- and K-fans alike, but pulling a “it’s not as good as REAL music/your taste in music is shit” bitch fit comes off as petty. Every country has shit music as well as good music, and it’s all subjective anyways. Sometimes you just want a vapid cute poppy song to listen to, it ain’t that deep

No. 233164

>taken from your family at a very young age
What a dumb to say. No kid is being 'taken' from their family to be a celebrity. They are desperately trying to debut and get popular because many people, especially young and dumb people, want to be famous.

No. 233166

There is a strong bitterness towards Kpop and anything korean on lolcow, I get it, some fans are extremely cringy and annoying but most people I know who are into kpop are chill about it, but maybe it's because i'm an adult surrounded by well balanced people lmao.

No. 233169

It all has to do with who you hang around. Shit hangs with other shit. I like kpop, and I tend to associate with the people who are chill about it and like the groups and their personalities, and don’t give a shit if they date or party or whatever. But a lot of people on stan twitter/tumblr whatever flock to each other and you know the sayings about vocal minorities?

Even here since moving to Korea I’ve seen that plenty of people here lead normal lives and like at least a little kpop. It’s like living in the west and just knowing Taylor Swift or Ariana Grande songs. It’s their country’s pop music, and they all act like civilized creatures. People here like when forgiveness are interested in korean things, as long as they aren’t wild and disrespectful about it. And even more bizarrely, most of the foreigners here who even put in an effort to learn Korean language and abide by Korean culture are fans of K-drama, kpop, k-music, etc. Other “expats” don’t even bother, so I guess they have that going for them.

A lot of times farmers see pockets of a group acting retarded and decide throw the baby out with the bath water just to have something to act superior about. Kpop fans can be idiotic and embarrassing, and kpop music can be shitty or vapid. In other news, water is wet.

No. 233176

Kpop picks up American/Western trends late and extends them far longer past their expiration date–the releases the past year and a half have been full of (shitty) tropical house. That IS part of the appeal of Kpop. Some people like to listen to a specific sound, even if it's variations of the same song or style. Plus American output of pop right now is very Soundcloud rapper infused, Xanax-lite, and mid-tempo (which isn't necessarily a bad thing; it's just a shift in trends, and is likely going to be replaced by Latin pop, imo), which is why I see a lot of people turn to Kpop for more nostalgic, catchy, diabetes-sweet pop. There's also the element of a triple threat or fully packaged product. It's been a really long time since the West has had a focus on heavy choreography and cohesively styled groups. Fifth Harmony is the most recent one I can think of, and it had mixed results…

Anyway, the impression I'm getting is that Kpop isn't "all that" in Korea, with the general public preferring RnB, ballads, or rock (and they distinguish "idols" from "artists", with very few like IU crossing the gap).

No. 233190

obviously I'm not talking about being ripped from her parents arms and forced to do slave labour. I'm talking about the fact their her shitty parents and her agency just used her for money, when she was a little naive teen. Not just her but so many other girls. Its not right regardless of who it is, which industry and where in the world

No. 233214


>which is why I see a lot of people turn to Kpop for more nostalgic, catchy, diabetes-sweet pop. There's also the element of a triple threat or fully packaged product. It's been a really long time since the West has had a focus on heavy choreography and cohesively styled groups. Fifth Harmony is the most recent one I can think of, and it had mixed results…

Honestly this. I started liking kpop when I met a lot of koreans 10+ years a go, and they all liked dancing and singing, and they would do it to both western and korean songs. At the time, they would dance to the pussycat dolls for example, because they had clear choreos for groups. Nowadays it doesn't feel as common. Again, as you said, not necessarily a bad thing, but I think it's so fun to see a group dancing like that. That's one of the main reasons why k-pop is more appealing to me, personally. I still love Ariana Grande, for example, so it's not about ~unnies~ or whatever, although I must also admit I like korean beauty standards, in general.

But yeah, stupid fans are cringy. I try not to pay much attention to them because I know they are mostly horny children that just realized their sexuality, but it does get annoying which unfunny jokes about them or stupid fandom wars. I wonder if I was that stupid when I was a teenager talking about my j-rock crushes and newly found ulzzang crushes.

No. 233249

It's enough to go on the kpop thread here to see the cult like aspects.
For example >>232809
>Me too, and I can't believe I'm actually jealous of a whole grown ass man but I have never seen a more ethereal looking person. He also just has such a unique, adorable personality.

I doubt that any kpop stars haven't had surgery. Just for the fact that you can make such subtle changes with surgery, and the prevalence of it. If it's seen as such a good thing to do, there's no reason to not use it for subtler changes.

Most of the kpop stars are malnutrition, underweight and they look like they're about to pass out anytime. It is such a sad thing that young people let their companies destroy them like this AND that people glorify them for it.

No. 233252

Welcome to the entire global entertainment industry for the last 90+ if not more years? This is not a kpop only issue. There’s probably lots of idols that are having a really rough time, and I assume some are doing just fine. I didn’t realize anon knew every “Kpop star” personally and about heir happiness/health. There’s lots of western celebrities going through it all too. But no, it’s only the Koreans who have issues. Some people just like saccharine music.

No. 233255

File: 1520767866334.png (274.89 KB, 501x550, 1447089840123.png)

This is a thread about anti-kpop, not the global entertainment business. I was talking the specifics of kpop. Stop trying to justify sick business practices with "but everyone's doing it!".

> I didn’t realize anon knew every “Kpop star” personally and about heir happiness/health.

I said most. For fucks sake, Jaejoong's goal weight, as he himself advertised on his social media in 2013, was 60kg at 180cm. He was voted the hottest kpop male last year. That's a BMI of 18.5, which is the last accepted weight before delving into underweight area. There is definitely an overt glorification of unhealthy habits in the kpop industry. Let's see,

Seunghyun is 182cm and 60kg, that's underweight. Ahn Jaehyo is 182cm and 59kg, underweight. Baekhyun is 174cm and 56kg and BMI 18.5. Jungshin is 187cm and 66kg, BMI 18.9. This is all public information, funny how ALL of their BMI's are literally given out as thin as you can be without being called out on being underweight?

Fuck off Koreaboo.

No. 233258

Anyone who disagrees with you moving the goal posts and cherry picking is a Koreaboo now? I’m not the one who can rattle off idol’s goal weights and BMIs. Come on anon, people are allowed to disagree with the wide nets you cast. Kpop industry is in the shitter, but it’s definitely not the only one. No where did I say it’s “okay” lmao. The Kpop industry is backwards af, but that doesn’t mean every single idol is ready to jump off of namsan tower. Walk the streets here in Hongdae right now and you’ll find teenagers in dance crews dancing on the streets to Kpop to get noticed by talent agencies. The cycle of Kpop will continue, just like Hollywood and the rest aren’t going anywhere soon. Legit no one is saying it’s a good thing, calm down

No. 233264

In the case of the kpop idol anon was referring to, he hasn't in fact had anything. He is known for being one if the rare naturally beautiful male idols, and there are childhood pictures and analysis articles by plastic surgeons about him that prove he's completely natural.

>Most of the kpop stars are malnutrition, underweight and they look like they're about to pass out anytime. It is such a sad thing that young people let their companies destroy them like this AND that people glorify them for it.

You sound fat and American. The bmi examples you gave are fine, especially for Asians. If you've ever been anything remotely skinny you'd know that being that weight at that height (especially with muscle on, which most of these pop stars do have) you'd know that it's perfectly fine. The industry does have its issues and many idols go for the extremes and are very unhealthy, like every music industry out there. But you sound very biased and misinformed.

No. 233269

Why does every kpop stan in this thread automatically assume that everybody who's against kpop has to be a fan of american music (or be american herself)?! Hard to belief, but other continents and genres of music like eg rock music exist too…

The world has realized decades ago that the entertainment industry in the US is absolutely fishy and shit, nobody is denying that anymore.
But nowadays kpop is hip and peope are still too blind to see that it's just as bad, if not worse than american pop music. At least american popstars are ususally adults, usually not as underweight, they aren't held in tiny apartments like cattle, they often write their own songs etc.

If you remember back in 2007 Ashlee Simpsons whole career was destroyed because she was caught lisyncing (and she wasn't even the biggest star out there.
Now imagine every kpop group would be burned for lipsyncing; impossible since they all do that all the time
Twice is probably the most succesful female group nowadays despite regulary lipsyncing or otherwise offering 'gems' like that

No. 233278

File: 1520775313483.jpg (154.78 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

> hurrdurr you must be american!

Please go to the Ana thread and tell me what's the difference

while they only have a few hundred 'admirers' on instagram, have kpop idols a few million little girls who look up to and possibly imitate them

Just look up 'kpop idol…', the first google search suggestion will be 'diet'
And please don't tell me now that they're naturally skinny, because they're asian…

No. 233282

File: 1520776612020.png (380.14 KB, 1242x1620, IMG_2783.PNG)

The thing I really hate about Kpop is when idols do something racist/sexist everyone excuses it and says "Koreans just don't know any better!theyre naive" but then the moment a white person says something racist/sexist towards a Kpop idol fans and Koreans lose their shit…how is it they don't know what racism is when they're treating other people like trash but they know what t is when it is towards them?

No. 233290

Koreans get often praised for their intelligence, because of their brutal school system, yet most of them can barely speak any english at all and they also have no clue about 'world history' in general…

Most racism in asia is excused by them being homogenous - something most white countries aren't allowed to be.

If they want to be the first world country they try to present themselves as, they seriously need to step up

No. 233299

That's a very unreasonable request. Their language is vastly different from western languages.

No. 233300

So is Finnish, Hungarian, Greek etc yet most of them speak pretty good English unless they're a 50 year old politician.

No. 233302

>speaking good english

Lol have you been to hungary?

No. 233304

Yes? I live right over the border. And most people there speak much better English than Koreans.

No. 233313

What pisses off is that many BTS fans say it's "racist" that people want them to learn english. Prefering to listen to music in a language you speak and therefore being able to understand its meaning, has nothing to do with ignorance, it's just natural.
If you want to promote in a certain country, you have to learn this country's language and for america, that language is simply english.
You can't just expect everybody there to give them interpreters etc for interviews.

There are also some celebrities who are originally from somewhere else and still made it there. Why? Because they studied english beforehand.
The standards for a european person's english is even higher, since many simply assume white person = native speaker, so they can't have any accents.

E.g. Christop Waltz started acting in the US and speaking english when he was already over 50 and still won 2 oscars, nothing racist about that

No. 233314

WHY do they wear the super pale foundation? I get that having pale skin is part of their beauty standards, but white foundation that doesn’t even match your neck looks so hideous to me. It makes you look sick.

No. 233324

File: 1520794393470.jpg (20.7 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

>In the case of the kpop idol anon was referring to, he hasn't in fact had anything. He is known for being one if the rare naturally beautiful male idols, and there are childhood pictures and analysis articles by plastic surgeons about him that prove he's completely natural.

Oh I see, kpop thread spilling over. This is why we make fun out of you guys, the second someone criticizes your oppa, you guys show and sperg out. You are autistically screeching and whiteknighting a korean idol after someone stated that his goal weight is bordering underweight. You might want to reconsider what you are doing with your life.

>You sound fat and American. The bmi examples you gave are fine, especially for Asians. If you've ever been anything remotely skinny you'd know that being that weight at that height (especially with muscle on, which most of these pop stars do have) you'd know that it's perfectly fine.

What the fuck do my looks have to do with the fact that they are, by medical definition, at the lowest acceptable BMI and that some of them are medically considered underweight? IF you claim it is perfectly fine and risk free to be that thin, onus probandi, the burden of proof is on you.

No. 233334

File: 1520796657787.jpg (72.9 KB, 600x459, IMG_2784.JPG)

I don't understand why Kpop idol fans edit their fav idols skin lighter if they claim to like them

No. 233335

File: 1520796747118.jpg (64.03 KB, 570x417, IMG_2785.JPG)

It is kek worthy

No. 233339

Kek, there was an entire controversy about a Canadian Korean in a very popular group imitating black women in a ghetto accent and white women in a valley accent (implying that's how those races speak) for the second time recently. You cannot believe how the arguments shifted to defend her now that "Koreans aren't familiar with Western racial dynamics" was off the table.

Fansites want their idols to look at their peak, so they lighten their skin and photoshop away scars/bruises/stray hairs, and will blot out entire faces of other members if they have an unfortunate expression but aren't the focal point.

No. 233340

File: 1520797430061.jpg (37.54 KB, 574x494, unnamed.jpg)

What's even more kek-worthy is i-fans 'correcting' their mistakes

No. 233352

I get that they do it to make their idols look good in their eyes, but it's not working. Both of these people looked better before the edit. The way they've been lightened flattens their faces and makes them look like pieces of paper with faces drawn on.

I wonder why it doesn't get blended to the neck or, if it's caused by flashback, why different makeup isn't used. Kpop idols seem really manufactured and "perfect", so it's weird that something so simple gets overlooked. All the plastic surgery in the industry and yet they can't make their makeup look believable?

No. 233353

I'm just shocked people find the men attractive. They look like ladyboys with all the shitty plastic surgery and feminine styling.

No. 233378

I will never understand how people turn into koreaboos after getting into kpop. I like a few groups but seeing how they're treated by their management and the fans in their own country made me hate Korea a little bit lmao.

I don't see why they should have to make music in English but I agree that it's not racist to want them to learn English for interviews and such. They're an international success at this point and being able to interact with English-speaking fans would only help them. BTS fans fucking love babying grown adults though so any criticism is met with vitriol.

this shit makes me laugh. "whitening is racist! better make this dude yellow instead!" the irony lol.

not really a mystery anon, some women are just attracted to femininity.

No. 233382

This is why I don't understand when people try to frame their hatred of kpop as concern for the idols. I'm pretty sure the majority of young people who try to get noticed by agencies in Korea have a decent idea of what they're getting themselves into. People accept ridiculous things as the price for fame.

Like it's okay to just think kpop is vapid and think people who like it are annoying, you don't have to pretend you're concerned about the idols just because you can't think of a "good" reason to hate kpop.

No. 233395

Rap Monster actually speaks pretty excellent English for a Kpop star. He learned by watching Friends repeatedly, according to one of his English vlogs.

No. 233421

Wow, your Rap Moster learned english by watching TV, tell me more about how he's a genius!…
We all know that, but (or because!) it's an exception.

We're giving these examples, like e.g. the Tzuyu video, so that those blind fans finally get just how shitty the industry is, because they do care about their favs afterall.
We're just pointing out what is awful, nobody's pretended to be concerned.

No. 233429

yeah I'm sure the months he spent living an English-speaking country as a kid had nothing to do with giving his English skills a strong foundation lol. whenever people bring up the Friends thing I just think of weebs who claim they learned Japanese by watching anime lmao.

>nobody's pretended to be concerned.
fair enough, I was speaking kind of generally about behavior I see from some people who hate kpop and not really referring to what people said in the thread, I should've made that clearer, my b.

No. 233432

Actually all korean kids have mandatory english lessons at school, but for some reason most of them still can't speak it…

No. 233433

from what I understand it's because they're taught to prepare them for tests and then they don't use anything they learned once they pass and never use it again. Kind of like how most Americans don't remember any of the french or Spanish they had to learn in school.

No. 233488

That and the courses are designed around rote memorization, which is useless when learning a foreign language.

No. 233492

Take with a grain of salt but I've heard that it's more acceptable among Koreans when the foundation's not blended to the neck. They don't think it's a faux-pas. If you've ever seen young Korean tourists and international students, their foundation looks exactly like that.

No. 233682

File: 1521010150176.jpg (79.92 KB, 640x1116, K__UsA9g_8AzvJTPnPW6QheMEyA.jp…)

To be fair, this thread ignores the fact that 48G actually have the same rules.
>Girls can't date
A memeber got kicked out for dating and shaved her head to come back as just a trainee
>Sexualize young members
There's bathing suit/each catalogues for 12-14 y/o members/trainees
>Older men mostly make up the market for idols
>All the songs have the same poppy Jap idol sound

Also the pic for this thread is ridiculous. Most Asian schools have sweats like that, a lot of groups have been sentai color coded and wearing a nametag? That's a stretch.

But keep thinking the system is one sided.

No. 233684

The one from BlackPink?

No. 233685


No one from BP is canadian though, I think they are talking about Wendy. It's a bit of a reach to call it racist, IMHO, but she apologised nonetheless.

No. 233705

Good points in this thread.

Personally I go through music phases, I pretty much like all genres of music but I have been in a kpop phase for a couple years now.

Bad things:

As mentioned the infantilization of adults and sexualizing of children, the former of which I think might be more of a problem. The aegyo thing just comes off as creepy and sad to me, especially coming from grown ass men. (BTS are in their mid-20s) It's just downright disturbing to me coming from grown women dressing like toddlers or pre-teens.

Crazy beauty standards and I do feel like there is a very unsettling shallow and superficial quality to everything. Like everyone is wearing a mask 24/7 and afraid to be truly genuine.

The strict rules they place upon idols, not allowed to have personal lives.

Good things:

The insane dedication to choreography and imo jaw dropping synchronization in movements. It's like the best dancing I've ever seen. Mostly thinking of guy groups here, not that girl groups aren't talented in this way but they always come off as a little more bouncy and loose.

Honestly I love the music and I find it can be quite varied. I'm into the more edm and upbeat stuff. Really catchy and just fun to listen to while driving or whatever.

No. 233707

You are aware that to some degree, because Asian countries live longer, they also sometimes act younger for longer as well? I think your criticism comes from what's more commonly criticized in the west and NOT what other countries barely follow if not ignore due to culture.

No. 233714

File: 1521018339757.png (494.96 KB, 459x612, 88a.png)

> You are aware that to some degree, because Asian countries live longer, they also sometimes act younger for longer as well?

In case you haven't noticed anon, but all of us on here have internet access - meaning we're not exactly from the biggest shitholes either.
Just because "Asians" will live til 90 and we only to 88 doesn't mean they're supposed to 'act younger' for longer! It's not like 18 year olds there act like 16 year olds in the rest of the world, no, 25 year olds behave in a way, that every 5 ear old elsewhere would find embarrassing! lol

No. 233715

maybe it's just a cultural difference but I hate aegyo too. I don't even think it's really an infantilization thing either (that comes more from fans thinking their 27-year-old faves need to be "protected" and treating them like children) I just personally think it's cringey as fuck lmao. I have to skip past aegyo bits when I watch videos/variety shows/etc. I'm not against grown men doing cute or somewhat feminine things it's just the way aegyo is presented is often really grating to me.

No. 233716

File: 1521020043632.gif (2.23 MB, 320x384, 1515276913653.gif)

OP pic was just used as an example to show their copying.

Anon, i'm a 100% sure you won't find a single jpop fan on lolcow, so nice attempt, but posting a pic of a 'fat/ugly' japanese idol won't hurt our feelings.

The reason jpop is not as hated as kpop is simply because it isn't popular outside of Japan.
If you go on youtube you won't find a 100 recommended or trending jpop videos, meaning it's quite easy to just ignore, something that's sadly no longer possible with kpop nowadays.

I give a flying shit about the wellbeing of idols, no matter if korean or japanese, but it annoys me when fans like you try to push it in my face all day long and whiteknight the hell out of it when faced with just a tiny bit of critism.

No. 233736

That's because most men in korea and Japan are pedos but use their culture to defend it. Go to Japan and you'll see "gravure" dvds with girls as young as 8 running around in thongs and sucking on bananas being sold at your typical DVD store.

No. 233737

First of all, she's not ugly.
Chunk yes.
Secondly, most people like Kpop because it's just a remix of American shit and it's "aesthetic". I think the industry is disgusting but a job's a job.

No. 233738

I teach English to Japanese people and the Japanese girls my own age talk about makeup and Disney, barely have interest in boys, don't dress like an American in their 20's would, but more how a teenage American would.

But that's my own experience.

No. 233739

Irrelevant but what I described a young Japanese girl as sounds a lot like what fat tumblr girls want to be like.

No. 233740

Or trannies…

No. 233943

Yeah its most likely wendy they are talking about and its the second time she does this. So she doesnt have as much of an excuse this time

No. 234016

Kpop fan seems so obsessive and cruel in regard to dating.
I'm not a fan of exo but watching this video genuinely make me feel bad for them, come on, some of them are about to turn 30 and they still can't be in a relationship like normal human being?
It's infuriating the way they think it's endearing in any way "UWAH I don't want oppa to date until he's 50!!! i'm so possessive and cute! UWAH"

No. 234029

watching that gave me secondhand embarrassment, jesus.

No. 234041

K-pop is literally fascist. Read Adorno.

No. 234046

Quick summary of the video:
> 38 yo women wants to be a rapper
> her mom wants her to live a stable life
> V just tells her to get married, because it's her mother's wish

A lot of commenters point out how hypocritical it is that their songs are all about never giving up etc and then they're stating the opposite there.

But of course tons of whiteknights jum in saying "V is such a mommy's boy, he's the dream of every mother, he values family a lot, you don't understand asian culture, his mother's happiness is the most important for him!" Just because it's important to you precious idol, doesn't mean everybody else has to think/feel like this as well…?

There's also another episode there lots of asians in the comment section defend parents hitting their children, by claiming it's culture and how the west is spoiled etc.
There's a reason korea has the highest suicide rate in the world, but of course a kpop fan could never acknowledge that.
And despite koreans treating them so badly, it's always the SEA fans who whiteknight the hardest…

No. 234047

So you think it would be better to advise this talentless very ugly woman to pursue a carrer in the entertainment industry when korea is so focused on look? It's not like she is talented enough to get a pass for her busted face.

No. 234048

Nope, but he could have told her to get a real job instead of saying she needs to marry…?

No. 234050

File: 1521116276615.gif (8.69 MB, 480x270, eEio3zA.gif)

Jesus Christ, the guys faces the whole time. You can see how uncomfortable the two guys are when the girls scream that they should not be dating anyone, ever. You can't prepare yourself for this mentally. No matter how much you want to become an idol, dance on the streets and hope an agency notices you. No matter how much you think you know the realities of the industry and what it takes, there's no way to know what it is like until it hits you.

This is one of the reasons why I feel bad for these guys, even if they are millionaires, this is being a bird in a cage. No wonder that dude killed himself a while back, no wonder he felt so alone and depressed. In a situation like this, I can imagine you feel as if you can't ask for help from anyone and you think there's no way out.

>inb4 koreaboos screech tHat tHey TrUlY & HoNeStLy UnDeRsTaNd OPPA & we are all mean fat american boollays targeting OPPA

No. 234052

I honestly can't bring myself to feel sorry for them; of course to stop pretending and pandering to the fangirls (especially playing bf at fansigns) would mean having to quit, but still…
What i dont get is, why is that only like this in japan and korea? Why can the majority of preteens in america deal with Justin Bieber dating, but 20-somethings in korea not?

No. 234057

File: 1521117374406.png (133.4 KB, 426x224, Disgustedexo.png)

They have some legit micro expression of disgust lmao

No. 234058

At first, didn't Beiber's fangirls throw hissy fits when he started dating Selena? Then once they were together for awhile they got the fuck over it cause they figured he didn't give a fuck what they were pissing in their pull-ups about?

Maybe that's why people are more willing to get over celebrities dating while kpop idols are forced to treat dating like it's a big taboo. It's probably also their managers and produces who want to keep their love life non-existent so they always have the whole "availability and chance to get with a lucky fangirl" factor. Huge selling point for them.

No. 234062

Funny that you mention Jonghyun, he actually had one of the worst dating scandals that made most of the industry stop dating publicly until recently.

He started dating a Shin Se Kyung around the beginnig of his career (https://www.soompi.com/2010/10/27/shinees-jonghyun-and-shin-se-kyung-are-dating/) and the fans harassed him and her so much that he had to apologize for dating (https://www.allkpop.com/article/2010/10/jonghyun-expresses-his-deepest-apologies-to-fans-on-music-bank) and broke down crying in a concert. They had to break up because of all the death threats and harassment from fans.
But of course, idols can't be depressed! they have so much money and their fans love UwU!
I like kpop and been a fan since early 09, but idol and fan culture disgusts me so much. It's even worse when idols are like "you are all my girlfriends" " i will only love you uwu" and promote this toxic sasaeng mentality.

No. 234063

This is something that unfortunately follows Japanese idols and voice actors (actresses mostly) too…God forbid that they find a bf/gf. These girls reacted in a joking manner but it turns darker than this when paparazzi find a person in question is even hanging out with another person of the opposite sex. Hell breaks loose, they're no longer pure, they boycott their merch, slander them on the internet, picture themselves burning their posters etc. Really nasty.

No. 234065

File: 1521118921625.jpg (128.1 KB, 854x1282, gaku02.jpg)

Gackt should give these poor souls some tips. He's been suffering from this possessive, creepy fangirl shit since the early 90s.

No. 234069

But Gackt portays himself as strong/independent and has always dated even though his fans don't like it, while kpop idols give in, obediently do aegyo and tell their fans that they're their girlfriends.

No matter how shitty fangirls are, female jpop and kpop idols probably have it the worst with their disgusting uncle fans…

No. 234074

And again the quesiton arises, why is that so extreme only in east asia?

No. 234076

I guess with idols they kind of have to expect the dating ban and I actually agree with it. Their whole appeal is being some delusional fans ideal gf/bf and most of them can barely sing and dance…why else do they think people give them their money?because they're talented?lol get real. Fans are willing to spend all their money on a idol even if they can barely sing or dance because they like the idol as a person. If they didn't want to put up with this then they shouldn't have become idols.

No. 234178

this thread is about kpop, which is different. if you want to talk about anime/japanese idols make your own thread.

No. 234199

Kpop idols apply to the same rules though. Literal 14 year olds with no dance experience can nail most Kpop idol dance routines within a few hours because they aren't that difficult. Have you heard most mr removed Kpop idol singing?most of the music is garbage too and companies don't even try to find good songs because they know fans will buy it because they're inlove with the idol. even the worst American pop stars can out sing the average Kpop idol, even Justin Bieber is more talented tHan most idols.The truth is people aren't paying for talent they're paying for someone they can fantasize about.

No. 234205

Is like to add that Kpop fans go on and about how amazing Kpop dance routines are and I don't get it. Most Kpop girl group dance routines is just them gyrating like a horny 9 year olds and trying to act like a slutty toddler and the boybands just wiggle their arms around like retards.

No. 234217

no, people are paying for shit american style earworms with a sexy azn tag so they can brag about how their music is totes not like actual murrican music.

kpop and jpop are not comparable because kpop is just like early britney and boy band shit. barely legal or not legal teens doing strip-tease style dances for men, sexy boys for gross girls.

j-idol shit has a creepy innocence to it sure, but much less of the gross sexual aspect that is clearly taken from western music. kpop girls are meant to be sultry and coquettish which is disgusting since they're like 16-20.

sorry, not trying to disagree, i just feel that comparing them to j-idols really takes away from the sexualization aspect of it. j-idols are sexualized, of course, but in a cute innocent animu waifu style way, which is creepy but less objectifying sexually since the idols are just presented in a pure way that obviously people can and do sexualize. korean idols are sexual, they have to be.

No. 234266

>sexy azn tag
So true, put 'korean' in your youtube or whatever title = instant success

At least jpop idols don't train beforehand, but whenever i hear that some kpop idol trained for 10 years i want to ask, what did you do all this time?

No. 234270

I remember an interview where Jhope from BTS said they train TWELVE hours a day, all I could think of is "they should be on the circle du soleil level if they train that hard"
I have no fucking idea what they do all day long…

No. 234273

presumably copy western shit. i was so embarrassed to see j-hope and bts are doing shitty lil jon "turn down for what" style hip hop. it's so cringy.

No. 234274

File: 1521138515151.jpg (77.01 KB, 700x466, tumblr_nlsg7yJjxX1u0guzxo1_128…)

Something that also really bothers me is when international fans try to hype up an uglier idol, just so that they don't come across as ignorant and judgemental as korean netizens.(Or maybe they're really that blind…)
The more unfortunate she looks the more "Slay queen!" praise she will get
e.g. her

I read an interview with a gold winning figure skater (russian,sorry but can't remember her name) and even she only trains 8 or 9 hours, so…

No. 234275

never underestimate people with yellow fever, it's a hell of a drug.

No. 234283

I remembered that as well; i love how he sounds so smug about it, but then the interviewer immediately jumps to the next question (probably also not believing him)

No. 234287

Wall asian are known for putting in an absurd amount of hours but not getting a lot of shit done.

No. 234290

Kind of correlates a bit with >>234046
Koreans live in a sickly strict society, work insane hours, treat children like shit and still are nowhere near on top of any business in the world.
So it's hypoctitical of their fans to defend this behavior, because of 'culture', since we can clearly see that it's not working, so why keep doing something if it doesn't show results?!

No. 234299

I have to assume he was bullshitting, he was a competitive street dancer before he was an idol and he never had to learn to sing so idk what he needs to be training 12 hours a day for. Plus their vocal line have nice voices but pretty much zero understanding of proper singing technique so clearly they weren't training their voices either.

No. 234300

that lady seemed delusional but Taehyung's answer was annoying. I'm pretty sure his family always 100% supported him so saying shit like "oh just make your mom happy uwu" is probably easy for him. I dunno how he can say shit like that when one of his bandmates didn't get support from his parents until well after they debuted. Oh wait, I know exactly how he can say shit like that to a grown woman and not a man. I like that Jessi was trying to give her advice though lol.

No. 234302

But all groups always complain about only getting to sleep as little as half an hour… Of course they have tv shows etc during the day, but they can't tell me they're filming or having interviews at 4 in the morning

No. 234306

Almost definitely just for clout due to their culture. I'm sure they occasionally have days where they work that much but most days unlikely. They'll just be seen as respectable and lovable in Korea if they put out the image of slaving away 24/7 for their work and fans.

No. 234307

V is a country boy from an ultra misogynistic country, no matter how much makeup they put on him and how many fancy clothes he wears he can't hide his foolishness and sexism, poor guy can't even speak his own language properly.

No. 234308

File: 1521145634040.gif (990.21 KB, 245x175, tumblr_mupyz0rgqB1syep3jo1_250…)

>He's not stupid, just dorky!!!
Honestly, if anybody else did that, people would suspect they have down syndrome…
Hate to admit that but he's a waste of a pretty face

No. 234309

this. I do like taehyung for the most part but retardation is not fucking cute, deborah, the man is stupid.

No. 234310

The only reason he is here right now is for his pretty face, they don't even let him talk in interview since he is unable to form phrases, they probably instructed him to play up the 4D dorkiness because they know he couldn't be entertaining by being funny and witty like some other talentless idols.

No. 234311

he's got a pretty nice baritone, too, but it's entirely unsuited to kpop and nobody fucking teaches these dudes to sing so he has horrible pitch control/breathing/etc.

No. 234320

It's not yellow fever, it's pity for the ugly unpopular members disguised as support.

No. 234324

I don't know her but she seems pretty toned, that's a very good body.
I'd put a body like this above a Kim K or a Nicki Minaj anyday.

No. 234326

How is that a bad thing? Should women be pigeonholed into only one body type to be considered sexy? The problem with Korea is that they DO have strict and specific standards (skinny, pale, etc), but it's no better when other countries are the same with different expectations (curvy with big t&a).

I don't know who she is or how she dances, but least dancing is a skill and that's one of the least shallow ways to deem someone sexy, which is a pretty inherently shallow thing.

No. 234328

Ariana? Taylor? Gal Gadot? Zendaya?


that's fuckin weird though

No. 234359

good for you bud, I was just addressing the
>Korea is the only country that will label a completely curveless chick as sexy.
part, because it's not true.

No. 234360

File: 1521164505526.gif (979.44 KB, 500x501, 1521157447953.gif)

Oh god, i'm a big fan of exo and that made me SO SAD. i just into exo regarding kpop, and when i wacthed this i was devasted. Poor boys. But we can say that they could date in secret tought.

No. 234384

Spotted the fatty chan

No. 234397

There's so much crap to bitch about in the kpop industry but I really disagree with your criticism of all the dancing. Well.. I only follow a few boy (actually men) groups and I really think the dances are quite amazing. One of the groups I follow has been dancing on the street for years (actually for most of their 'career' they've only done street dancing for crowds) and they do cover dances better than the original groups. You can really tell they must put in lots of practice. Anyways the group is called a.c.e lol

There's also a group called Speed who do coordinated backflips and shit on stage, iuno that's pretty damn impressive to me

As mentioned in previous post I've never really seen a girl group with terribly impressive dancing though, but Yerin from gfriend sure is adorable.

No. 234401

the boy groups do have pretty good dancing, it's a shame the girl groups usually have such lame choreos. I was into the korean dance scene way before I was into kpop but I remember that Kasper from 1Million Dance did the choreo for Exo's Ko Ko Bop and it was pretty intense, whereas Lia Kim's already fairly tame choreo for Twice's TT had to be further toned down for the group.

No. 234402

*Kasper and Mihawk

No. 234414

KPOP THINSPIRATION| Watch This EveryMorning

Watch a bunch of shapeless skellies dance every morning to motivate you to starve yourself, the video is filled with little phrases like "Imagine if you were this skinny! YOu could wear everything!!!"

I'm convinced theses kpop star's bodies look very sad under their clothes, some of them have to wear buttpad to not look too ridiculous in their short shorts with their concave ass, don't be fooled, I'm sure they wear super padded bra too.

No. 234416

It disgusts me that Momoland's plagiarism has already gained 60 million views
But the worst thing are the comments on the original singers song: "MOMOLAND IS BEST!!!" ugh…

No. 234420

>Just lose weight and your entire face and bones will restructure themselves!
In reality, you'll still look ugly unless you get surgeries like they did.

No. 234421

idk anon electro swing all sounds the fucking same to begin with, I dunno if I'd call this plagiarism. just uninspired.

No. 234422

No. 234432

okay that's pretty fucking similar lmao. somehow the similarity didn't jump out at first even though I've heard that fucking Mi Mi Mi song a billion times but it's hard to deny with them layered like that.

No. 234440

File: 1521204374100.png (465.57 KB, 850x504, EB7E6ED5-6591-40C2-B6E2-CCF2F0…)

I hate the colored contact lenses trend in kpop. It looks creepy and unnatural. It rarely looks good.

No. 234452

Don’t worry, they’ll end up like AOA, with just one member popular and carrying all the weight for the others.

No. 234469

File: 1521206576210.jpg (163.15 KB, 850x1275, bomi-1.jpg)

I hate that they and their fans always deny that they want to look white, despite getting ps for a 'higher' nose bridge, bleaching their skin and hair, wearing coloured lenses etc

No. 234502

Don't worry, of course they date in secret. They also take drugs in secret.

K-pop fans pretend their fav bands are "pure and innocent uwu" but k-pop industry is just like every other entertainment industry - full of drugs, sex (prostitution)and fuckups

No. 234503

They did dance to Mi Mi Mi before they released their own song though

No. 234511

Right, there's no way to deny it
It would be seriously fucked up if their 'version' of it would end up getting more popular than the original one…

No. 234515

It's not uncommon for artists to sell their songs to korean companies, dude.

No. 234520

File: 1521210973531.jpg (35.32 KB, 635x316, momoland_1516848912_1.jpg)

That's the same excuse all those dumb little fans also give 'Samples, guys, samples!'
The original singers themselves pointed out the plagiarism, Momoland didn't pay them a single cent, my dude

No. 234521

They didn't though, Serebro accused them of plagiarism

No. 234525

I wasn't making an excuse, I was just unaware that they didn't buy the song.
It's clearly plagiarized then.

No. 234561

She doesn't look anorexic though?
>You can't be sexy unless big T&A
The absolute state of the person who wrote this post

No. 234577

File: 1521214560963.png (553.9 KB, 788x796, yeonwoo.png)

I don't think she's too skinny but she has admitted to losing weight by starving herself

No. 234591

Yeah man, i just wish that they get not raped or something like that, i am a fan of exo for a long time and it creates a sense of caring in me. Despite that, i really hate most of the kpop fans in general.

No. 234637

File: 1521220331677.jpg (116.78 KB, 596x1030, 5-11.jpg)

She might look fine all edited etc, but never forget that the camera adds like 10 pounds, irl they're a lot skinnier

No. 234638

File: 1521220390036.jpg (146.24 KB, 700x704, 7b4f2ef2842c343031d2ca824c28fe…)

No. 234639

I don't know who she is, so I based my post entirely on that picture and from what I could see she didn't look "anorexic" to me.


Literally who said that EDS are sexy, you sperg? Re-read what I said.
Not a koreaboo nor an anachan - as I stated above I based my post on that picture, and in that picture I didn't see a skelly, and also that basing the whole concept of being sexy only on T&A only is dumb. Then if you think that being thin equals to anachan… well, that's another story and the anon who said "Fatty spotted" wasn't too wrong.

Okay, here I can see the issue. Now this is really skinny.

No. 234640

File: 1521220526879.jpg (70.86 KB, 608x794, krystal.jpg)

And she is always praised for her 'nice' body…

No. 234641

that's not what that phrase means though…

No. 234643

I agree with your criticism but it's hard to take your concern seriously when you're on a site that will do literally anything to consider the people posted to it fat or chubby. Everyone here gets called fat or chubby unless they are posted in the ana threads.

No. 234645

Does she have pics with a top with scoop neckline or something? I'd like to see the bones status on her chest, that's the ultimate giveaway to the spoop

No. 234655

Lizzy from orange caramel was a literal skelly 2 years ago and they still made her perform, someone in such a state souldn't be on stage. She should have been focusing one recovery, seriously it almost look painful to be dancing around with so little body fat.

No. 234659

I was wondering how is it that with so little body fat and bony legs their faces are still so full? Cheek fillers?

No. 234664

I just wanted to ask the same question. Could be bulimia as well right? Since her cheeks are still round

No. 234665


"Proves" as if it's an accomplishment to starve yourself to 43 kg at a height of 1.68…
Of course it's horrible that she's so sick, but on the other hand she's also a terrible role model

No. 234677

K-netizens are really fucking brutal about an idol's weight and it's gross.
Idols get shit if they're healthy and get shit if they're too skinny.

No. 234682

I think it's fillers, bulimia would result in a swollen, moony face and they hate fat looking faces. While with a localized filler you can look like a person at a normal weight even when you're spoopy

No. 234687

File: 1521227839889.jpg (88.61 KB, 540x811, 1446462836_1008998.jpg)

I hate how they put insane pressure on an idols looks while they're looking frumpy as hell. Just compare Lizzy with her fans in the back.
And the sad thing is, some western kids will think that how she looks is the norm for koreans, while in reality they're just as average looking as every other country as well…

No. 234692

The netizen translated comments are just as critical of her size as we are. Korea has brutal body standards but shitty internet comments are indicative of the whole country. Just like how lolcow isn't representive of all women. The internet brings out the worst of people.

There are only a few "normal" idols like Hwasa, I hope the the beauty standards in korea become less rigid for the sake of safety, these girls are starving themselves sick.

No. 234694

Seems like the pressure come mostly from their girl fan since even male idols thirst after shapely women like Hwasa.
You can see them at 0:50 shamelessly chceking her out as she goes up the stage.

No. 234698

A lot of men thirst over women who are curvy and still would rather date/marry a rail thin woman, male thirst doesn't mean anything.

No. 234702

>But anon, most of Hwasa's fans are female?

No. 234706

this thread is so much fun
this dude is a former idol and he spills the shit on all the fucked up things that go on like working 18 hours a day, being paid next to nothing etc. He even went 4 years without seeing his mother

No. 234712

Korean idols must be so sad and insecure. Imagine being told that you're too ugly or too fat and being praised when starving.

No. 234717

I really don't get the purpose of working this long hours and getting no days off. If i work for 18 hours i don't have enough sleep, if i'm tired i don't perform well and so on…

After 3 days of… not eating? wth

No. 234730

There are so many compilations of kpop idols collapsing on yt. It's pretty depressing, but I snorted at the guy who dropped as soon as he got off stage.

No. 234744

it's probably a petty reason to hate kpop fans but I can't stand how they love their rap oppas but don't give a shit about rap in any other form. too many times have I gone to the comment section of a hip-hop song and found a slew of people commenting about how "rap monster did it better!!!" because he used the beat in his mixtape. I mean I like RM but he's not a better rapper or writer than Killer Mike or Pharrell lol.

I'm pretty sure that dude didn't even faint, he was just laughing at something or otherwise fucking around, you can see his bandmate laughing. He's known for starving himself to attain his physique though so I wouldn't be surprised if he did.

No. 234752

In a way giving up control over your life might be conforting for some people, like going back to infancy and living in a way that you are, as it's sold by the kpop industry, succed if you try hard enough.

No. 234755

Does anyone care about kpop rappers except delusional BTS stans though? Traditionally they've always just been pretty faces who get the job of rapper because they can't sing, people never cared about their ability to rap. And BTS stans are notorious for flooding youtube comments and being annoying in general, so they're more likely to invade videos of other artists.

No. 234760

I think BTS stans hype up RM because he was an underground rapper before he joined the band and he's not "pretty" by Korean standards so he's "legit" lol and I do appreciate that he writes his own lyrics and stuff (and that's probably why artists in the actual Korean hip-hop scene are willing to collab with him) but he's definitely not better than Western rappers who have been rapping since before he was born. Killer Mike is a fat 40 yr old black man though so thirsty 14-year-olds aren't going to listen to anything that comes out of his mouth lol.

No. 234762

File: 1521356837505.jpg (27.27 KB, 704x396, bts-jimin-14.jpg)

I don't understand how Jimin from BTS is an idol or considered attractive in any way shape or form, to me he is the ugliest member of the group (and probably in all of kpop too) yet he seems so popular with his "armies" I just don't get it. I genuinely believe RM is more good looking than him, Jimin has the weirdest puffiest eyes, a philtrum a little too long and big fish lips. Even with all the surgery we know Kpop star have he still look like a dressed up shaved monkey.

No. 234765

>unconventionally attractive man is considered widely attractive in a country with very narrow beauty standards
truly a tragedy.
I king of get what you mean though, I know someone who saw him in person and she said he looks freaky as fuck in person because his eyes are too wide and his face is too horizontal kek. Like an alien trying to mimic a human and failing.

No. 234777

File: 1521369441085.jpg (206.35 KB, 720x1151, IMG_8350.JPG)

Many koreans in general seem to have very weak jaws (and Rapmon and Nayeon downright look like rats).
I also don't get why so many people consider Jin attractive, his face is just as soft as Jimin's, which obviously isn't cute on a grown man. Even though they're thin everything is kind of spongy looking, jaw, chin, cheeks, lips, even their noses…
V might be the only exception.

No. 234779

File: 1521370221361.jpg (44.4 KB, 500x333, Jinv.jpg)

I do find Jin handsome but sometimes his face look so soft and squishy that it can be kind of repulsive.
V is lucky to have a nice jawline, it look always super weird when you can't see any distinction between someones cheek and neck kek.

No. 234780

It's because he's the only talented dancer besides the 13 year old looking one. Junkook or whatever

No. 234781

It would be okay if they'd like him for his dancing skills, but they also praise his face which makes zero sense.

No. 234782

File: 1521371474999.jpg (56.41 KB, 640x480, sddefault.jpg)

Where do you love where 13 year olds look like this? I googled him expecting the male equivalent of the super young looking aegyo pedobaits female groups have.

How do you all even kmow so many kpop groups and members by name, and know details about them? Is this just the kpop thread thinly disguised?

No. 234783

Live Know

Fuck me.

No. 234784

File: 1521371771314.jpg (94.22 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)


Was the version of him I was remembering. I haven't heard their name since they all looked like that until they came to america.

No. 234785

File: 1521371800184.jpg (107.01 KB, 530x707, 26.02.2017 - 1.jpg)

I know so many because i was a fan until not that long ago.
His body is very attractive, but his face is definitely too young looking

No. 234786

Eh you have to know about something to criticize it don't you thin?

No. 234788

>Many koreans in general seem to have very weak jaws

Are you sure about that? The stereotype I know is that Koreans have strong jaws but prefer weak jaws (yeah…), hence why some of them get botox or whatever on their jaws or even shave them off.

No. 234793

File: 1521374112783.jpg (69.37 KB, 638x479, korea-two-jaw-surgery-for-jutt…)

True, the average korean actually has a huge flat square face with a big jaw ala mongolian.

Why they decided to make the polar opposite of themselves their ideal of beauty is beyond me. In my country famous beautiful women look like an average person with slightly nicer features, in korea idols look like they're from another ethnic group…

No. 234794


Yeah. Look at the women in these videos. A lot of them have square jaws.

No. 234795

File: 1521374638336.jpg (76.18 KB, 750x486, 526ad0c069beddec4d99f6f5-750-4…)

That's so true!
Of course all Hollywood actors look better than the average American (in my country they actually use legit ugly ones, to be more 'real') but the idols or actors there look nothing like a normal korean person.
But of course young foreign fans fall for that propaganda and think Korea is the perfect country…

If you look at these normal students, they have wider faces, stronger jaws, not extremely pale skin, usually monolids and they're also probably not as skinny as idols. There's not a single place there the difference between celebrities and commoners is that huge.

No. 234797

I don't see the appeal of the doughy, shapeless after-surgery jaw. It just looks like she's missing a hunge junk of her face.

A lot of Kpop idols actually have the same skin color in unedited photos.

No. 234798


A bit of a weird article, but they try to describe why some japanese/koreans have weaker jaws than people in the west (mainly diet, but also language)

No. 234813

He's barely 21, so I don't think looking too young is something to criticize him for.

There's a lot of shit to say about how fucked up the kpop industry is but this thread turned into a place for kpop fans to complain about groups and members they don't like. Which is fine, but I don't think it is what OP intended.

No. 234815

I've always love this video because of the completely different reaction the Korean soldiers have to the American soldiers. I mean I get it, I'd be confused if a group of grown men were fangirling over barely-legal looking girls too.

No. 234817

Thanks anon, that's gold, they're truly pathetic lol

No. 234818

Damn I usually enjoy watching people dancing and having fun but here the cringe is just too strong.

No. 234819

Especially this 'grabby hands'-motion all of them do, as if they're forced to overreact like this.
I know that they're all just young guys, probably leading a tough life; but still, imagine if North Korea sees how 'weak' their enemy is…

No. 234829

File: 1521384959146.jpg (77.39 KB, 480x517, kpop-lol-jimin-meme-bts-meme-k…)

"Aw poor Jimin baby, he hates himself so much, and it's our fault, we need to tell him more often how beautifu he is!"…
I can't bring myself to feel sorry for them; of course they do have some haters who leave mean comments but other than that 1000s of fans always tell them how much they love them.
There might be some kids who get bullied everyday in school for how they look and never get told that they're loved by somebody and they still cope better (plus it's not like a normal person could afford ps anyways)

No. 234831

>comparing someone whose job revolves around his looks and is under constant heavy scrutiny for it while constantly being filmed and photographed -for years- to a normal kid who gets called ugly by the school bully sometimes

No. 234832

File: 1521385215117.jpg (56.24 KB, 564x846, 9bc1a1dde85cfa2d3c229762004689…)

His fans are calling him a "visual god" or say that "Chimchim is slaying with his visual" when he has one of the weirdest face I've ever saw, it feel dishonest and like their overcompensating.

No. 234834

File: 1521385848185.jpg (77.69 KB, 779x1200, wJFwJzY.jpg)

If his job resolves around it, shouldn't he grow a thicker skin? As far as i know students won't get paid in compensation for years bullying…

I think that Kai has a really good body, but it's ridiculous that he claims to only weigh 63kg at 1,82m. Why are they always lying about it, it's bad enough that they are underweight, but even exaggerating on top of it…

No. 234838

Anon, it's his dream to be constantly filmed and photographed - "for years"

No. 234843

File: 1521386679625.jpg (180.1 KB, 640x483, 8dc1c34600fc4c82e65ef60ca672d7…)

And? Anon was saying kids who get bullied don't go as far as that guy did, I said the two aren't really comparable.

Although I agree he should grow thicker skin, I don't think these idols so it just for their self esteem. It directly affects how much work they get and how much they get paid. I think anyone in their place (and with their fucked up minds) would do anything to stay relevant and desirable, including starving and working out for hours like Jimin.

No. 234844

What's odd is that despite being adults, some of these KPop people are expected to be so immature. For example, one video showed all these occasions where KPop idols were talking about embarrassing things, or being "pranked". So you had people in their late teens/20's act as though watching porn or logging onto a porn website was the most giggle worthy thing. I'm guessing it's to appeal to an audience of predominantly minors? In the UK for example we don't really have the same type of game shows for adult popstars, we have quiz shows that are full of innuendo and sarcasm. It must be odd to be a Kpop star and be expected to act so childish.

No. 234847

File: 1521387420185.jpg (10.81 KB, 276x183, images.jpg)

I read that Kim K takes over 1000 selfies a day just to find the perfect one. Feeling sorry for her yet?

Again, he choose this lifestyle, other people, especially girls, also get judged on a daily basis as much as, if not worse than him and they didn't choose this, they're not payed loads, they work normal jobs and nobody is pitying them.
I don't deny that it's unhealthy (although i do think they're playing this up more, trying to get pity points), but still, he knew that beforehand, he wants that and therefore it makes me sick how much his fans try to 'protect' him.

No. 234853

According to anons like >>233738 this is normal, because all azns are pure and innocent kek
> japanese girls my own age talk about makeup and Disney, barely have interest in boys, don't dress like an American in their 20's would, but more how a teenage American would

No. 234875

Agreed, especially when you see him in motion he looks really weird.
While RM to me looks kinda bad in pictures but in motion he's got more appeal.

No. 234879

File: 1521390024659.png (1.23 MB, 1530x1200, kpop.png)

This twitter thread has popped up on my feed a few times now - https://twitter.com/realchimmmy/status/974280961595662337
The industry is fucked up and I can't help but wonder what goes through trainees/idols heads when they sign up for it.

No. 234887

No wonder so many idols are from rich families, since how could an average one agree to this. In the end the parents have to pay, since their kids wasted their youth not studying or working a proper job

No. 234897

No different to any other musician who belongs to a record label.

No. 234906

Do you genuinely hate kpop or are you just a really determined jimin anti stan? because it's starting to feel like the latter.

No. 234914

The kpop stan/anti hub is this way, friend:


No. 234918

seriously, can we stop using stan? i don't even get it and it makes everyone who uses it sound lame.

No. 234919

Imagine getting this pressed over a word that applies perfectly to the anon who keeps posting about jimin and bts. So which one of you was it?

No. 234930

>How do you all even kmow so many kpop groups and members by name, and know details about them? Is this just the kpop thread thinly disguised?
I'm pretty sure some of the people posting here are kpop fans or were, and like having a place where they can criticize idols/the industry without teenagers leaping to defend their oppas from ~intewnet buwwying~ That's why I'm here anyway lol

No. 234931

i'm riveted anon. talk about his philtrum and canthal tilt next

>not working a proper job
a lot of them do work while in training in order to make enough money to survive

No. 234932

It really bothers me how defensive Kpop fans are over their favs. They'd get more angry about someone saying one of their favs songs sucks more than they would if someone called their own mother a filthy whore. Totally pathetic how they can be this dedicated to someone who couldn't careless if they lived or died and as soon as this idol who they love so much loses fame then those same fans don't give a shit about them anymore and move on to younger more famous idols.

No. 234933

File: 1521408126979.jpg (71.68 KB, 610x610, IMG_2822.JPG)

I don't get the apparel. His face looks like someone took a ball of mozzarella cheese and stuck lips and a nose on it. His face is so doughy and unremarkable.

No. 234934

Try going to some company and say "I worked at Walmart while trying to make it as a singer, but i failed. Now i have 100k in debt and would like to work here, please."…

No. 234935

I'm sure Most failed idols just become escorts to make ends meet

No. 234936

lol fair enough, their opportunities (unless they were crazy enough to attend university while training) would be pretty much nil, especially in Korea I'd imagine.

anon please…this is not the Park Jimin Is Icky thread…at least sage your Jimin posts

No. 234937

File: 1521409119586.jpg (47.65 KB, 720x622, rm.jpg)

At least still a bit better than Rapmonster; he's freaky
And why the fuck did he think it's a good idea to take pics like these?!
That just shows how highly they think of themselves. If you were truly self conscious, you wouldn't dare to post that…

Something i also found pretty lulzy is, that as a rookie he thought calling himself Rapmonster is a good idea and now he suddenly realized just how embarrassing it is (and of course all his fans get super salty if somebody still accidentaly uses his old name…)

No. 234940

File: 1521409326465.jpg (20.78 KB, 480x432, RMEGG.jpg)

He looks like an egg.

I don't like being to critical of him since he's one of the few genuinely talented rapping idol IMO, the poor guy has harsh features he just isn't very photogenic.

No. 234941

>If you were truly self conscious, you wouldn't dare to post that…
out of all the members I'm pretty sure he's the least self-conscious about his looks. I think he knows he's not cute and doesn't really give a shit hence the unflattering selfies.

>that pic
I'm wheezing

No. 234943

File: 1521409591979.jpg (137.57 KB, 630x945, 2b6fc7b17ce80d9e1707b7c828562e…)

Sometimes k-netizens take it a bit too far, but i completely agree with them that Hwasa is ugly (maybe even the ugliest female idol out there)

She really looks a lot older than 22, her hips make her legs look short in contrast, she actually has no ass, so it's only her bone structure that makes her look so wide
But of course i-fans praise anybody who's "thicc", has a butterface and dark skin…

No. 234944

File: 1521409797992.jpg (91.9 KB, 800x800, K-Pop-Fans-Claim-TWICE-Nayeon-…)

And some Koreans really think she's more attractive than Kanna Hashimoto…


No. 234945

File: 1521410032061.jpg (48.08 KB, 564x839, d45ee6cd63dd701cb93881ba31818d…)

Yeah her hips are deceptive, from the side she has ZERO ass.

But I think she has a beautiful face and a femme fatale thing going for her.

No. 234946

I don't know anything about her and her group but I saw a clip of one of their performances and thought she was gorgeous, I like her weird cheekbones. Her hips are confusing though.

No. 234953

File: 1521410930492.jpg (77.26 KB, 700x873, DTBG8GRU8AAYSNM.jpg)

Her no makeup face

No. 234954

File: 1521410961135.jpg (360.91 KB, 600x900, Hwasa.full.43301.jpg)

And flat behind

No. 234963

>Anons calling out the jimin fangirl to stop fangirling are kpop fans

The absolute state of this thread

No. 234977

Anyone looks ugly with no eyebrows.

No. 234980

Well, but all normal people usually have eyebrows…?

No. 234999

File: 1521421210172.png (402 KB, 608x532, wendy_1499892100_Screen_Shot_2…)


holy shit this is brutal. i thought this was just going to be some quick before and after pictures and nothing else but no. reading the text about how shitty she was being treated and being called fat and lazy when she looked completely fucking healthy is insane. they only praised her when she looked unerweight, christ.

k-pop fans are on a whole other level, didn't think i'd watch the whole vid. its like a sad ED and peer pressure PSA. when she starts saying that her diet methods are "i watch other members eat to satisfy myself[…]i feel bad if i eat too much" i felt so fucking bad for her.

No. 235003

Yeah, i'm glad she looks healthier now.
Red Velvet is probably one of the better groups out there, all of them are pretty and not too bad at singing (especially if you compare their mr removed with Twice's).

No. 235006

>all of them are pretty

Except yerin

No. 235042

File: 1521457757541.jpg (45.06 KB, 566x619, CVSsXFYU4AAax3I.jpg)

wendy's jawline tho

No. 235043

File: 1521458052782.jpg (229.24 KB, 1000x1000, SMJaw.jpg)

This is the human of the future.

No. 235054

File: 1521460963812.jpg (137.47 KB, 1280x720, 161121_yuta_01.jpg)

jesus christ what did SM do to him??
← there was nothing wrong with him before

No. 235061

I can't be the only one who cringe everytime those girls use a super cutesy aegyo voice? They sometimes sound borderline retarded.

No. 235084

That "Counselling" series is so odd. In one episode there was a woman complaining about her mother leaving leftover food over the house, and one male presenter made a joke to a overweight female presenter about her not knowing what leftovers are (complete with sound effects ffs). Every episode has her making a joke about being fat or eating, or others making fun of her including the awkward audience. Seems like something from the 70's heck even then it wouldn't have been viewed as funny!

No. 235087

This is a tragedy. He looked cute and natural before but now he looks like a plastic monster (sorry). Sometimes less is more and the same applies to plastic surgery.

No. 235099

Korea really is capitalism on crack; people are driven to an incredible extreme with the competition there. Even a normal Korean jawline is now not acceptable in that industry since warping these idols' faces to the point they no longer look like humans is just one more way of setting them apart from the public and turning them into items to be marketed and longed after. If they were allowed to keep normal eyes, normal jawlines, normal skintone, normal bodies etc. then they would just be… people.

No. 235107

File: 1521484440123.jpg (20.23 KB, 410x205, Bzy4CwkIIAAZn9p.jpg)


Honestly I think this is her jaw, but it looks weird when she lost weight. Pics of her in Canada High School, the jaw shape looks similiar but not as weird considering she has a bit more fat on her.

No. 235108

File: 1521484790330.jpg (70.94 KB, 683x1024, 04be9b9ca20c2d24a7954b58413cae…)


Totally agree with this. It's really sad. I think that Korea is probably the most competitive out of the east asian countries, and that's saying a lot.

That counseling show is indeed odd. They are not professionals, they are just comedians and MC stating their opinion, and the eventual celebrity guest, why should they be listened? They are awful, especially when it comes to racial matters. When a black dude went there talking about racism, they dismissed it. It was rather embarrasing. Also when a dude went there to vent how people would make fun of his voice…. the hosts made fun of his voice.

R.I.P, he was cute.


Aw, I think Hwasa is cute :c At least I think it's better that she doesn't starve herself or bleach her skin. I don't think she has an ugly face, btw. A lot of idols don't look that great without make up anyway. Even a lot of "normies" don't lol (me included)

No. 235115

he looks pretty good in the b&w pic though ngl

No. 235116

That's before SM gave him a new chin. He was a very pretty guy imo.

No. 235148

File: 1521498140105.jpg (158.13 KB, 800x1200, DMV60oyUMAAN1cE.jpg)

I think it's ironic that Wendy's shaved her jaw to become 'prettier', yet Irene who's considered the prettiest in their group or even in the industry in general, has a much wider jaw.

No. 235164

I'm not really a fan of kpop, I only listen to BlackPink (since their genre is a lil bit "stronger" than the other ones) and I came up following a couple accounts of KPOP just for them.
Considering that I'm absolutely ignorant about them, I don't wanna go further into the kpop world.
I tried to listen to EXO, BTS and stuff but they're just boring to me.
I wouldnt even follow them for the members, since I don't find them attractive (sorry I just don't like their features, doesn't mean I'm racist, I just wouldn't fuck a kpop idol).
I find this world highly disturbing, since there are SO MANY copypaste groups that make me think they're some puppets in the hands of the managers. it's sad, really sad and I don't want to support this industry but I like some songs….

No. 235173

anon you should try reading the thread before you comment. it says right in the OP that kpop is basically a branch of government at this point.

No. 235175

>regular jaw
It's only regular for a square jaw. Some people have a naturally round jawline without doing shaves, although they don't look as strange as this >>235141.

No. 235183

Yeah, sorry if I don't use my english correctly, I'm not a native speaker
It was a "remark" thing and i tried to give my thoughts on it

No. 235199

Who's that? She's so pretty

No. 235210

That's Chaeyeon from the groups Dia and IOI

No. 235302

File: 1521521122506.jpg (37.55 KB, 370x553, Lo-anh-truoc-khi-ra-mat-cua-Re…)


Yeah, I was still a bit on the fence, cause I was thinking maybe she just had a weak jaw (I know a lot of people IRL that don't have a jaw like pic >>235143 some barely have a jaw/chin at all), but looking at this pre debut pic I think she indeed had a jaw shave.

>I also think she got epicanthoplasty done, tbh she should have did her nose her nose looks so bad on the side

tbh I always think 99% of the idols had double eye lid surgery until proven the contrary. Or if they don't have a double eye lid at all, like Moonbyul.
Also, I really like Wendy's nose, I don't think she should touch it. The K-pop industry have enough of botched nosejobs already, hers is perfectly fine.


I truly think Irene is overrated. Joy is the true visual imo. When they were younger it was different, but Joy grew up to be quite the looker.

No. 235317

he looks like an IRL yaoi drawing

No. 235321

File: 1521523698165.jpg (40.08 KB, 500x382, fe334eaaa47bcdc86633055b8fb9bc…)

soon they're gonna have idols sewin on extra phalanges

No. 235324

hwasa kind of reminds me of meryl streep and I can't help but like her for that

No. 235346

I agree Joy is the prettiest but Korean seem to be obsessed with "bland beauty"? Irene has a pretty perfect face whereas Joy has a more interesting look imo.

No. 235349

Isnt it funny how these idols can colour their hair light, lighten their skin, wear coloured lenses etc and completely get away with it and defended, cos they totally don't wanna look white. But if a white girl desides to do 'k-beauty' she is suddenly doing yellow-face or whatever the fuck americans call it.

I can never imagine myself crushing on someone that does not look like their natural self, not even their own race. Lmao, imagine getting kids with these people. You expect a cute kid but turns out nothing like either of you.

No. 235354

File: 1521530633514.jpg (10.56 KB, 269x187, 89271d54f6e2d6e7d1beb8aa1ff131…)

Even Koreans themselves claim they don't want to look like ugly, fat and 'red-skinned' whites; instead their current beauty trend is supposed to be like the original Korean beauties: black hair, white skin and red lips, when in reality pic related was how they really looked like not too long ago…

No. 235355

Saged for samefag

> 3. If they really wanted to follow how white people looked like, they would've photoshoped freckles on them…

> 4. Just the fact that they claim we're copying the white people proves that they still have the white supremacy mindsetㅋㅋㅋㅋ 

> 10. We're not trying to make them look like white people. We want them to look like they have a milky skin, with jet-black hair, and red lips, that's the look we're going for.

> 13. There are far more Koreans with whiter skin than white people thoughㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Why are they accusing us to copy white people all the time? They have freckles and their faces turn red so easily, plus they age faster than us, why would I want to have their skin?

Yeah, keep telling yourself that…

No. 235357

File: 1521531684628.jpg (634.54 KB, 1920x1080, redvelvetblonde.jpg)

I guess they're trying to honor asian culture by making them look like a bunch of super saiyan then.

No. 235360

File: 1521532910828.jpg (371.7 KB, 1024x724, north korean women.jpg)

>red skin, freckles, age fast….
White people that live in conditions created for light skin does not have red-skin. Some have pink, but that's exactly what K-beauty likes! Pale pink skin. Freckles is not even that common tbh and different races can have it.

Honestly, to se real Korean beauty, people need to go to North Korea. Even North Korean actresses/singers don't look anything South Korean idols. South Korean >>235357 ideals is literally so far from what they naturally are it's hilarious and delutional.

Just look at a concert with K-idols. The singers are all pale, light haired with lenses and caucasian features, while the audience is full of dark skinned, black haired and black eyed people.

No. 235363

File: 1521534117300.jpg (36.09 KB, 610x320, Magu-Asia.jpg)


>Implying that anyone, in any country, wants to look like piss poor peasants even though the majority of the population looks like that

C'mon now… Korean, and a lot of east asian countries base their beauty idols on deities/legends and shit. Of course the poorfags won't have this look, they were/are probably worried about having to feed a thousand mouths and not being killed by the japanese lol

Pic related, Korean Goddess, she had black hair, milky white skin, big eyes and red lips. Nobility tried to achieve this kinda look. And it's kinda the same nowadays, but on fucking crack - people going out of their way to bleach their skin, having surgery to have a small face and big eyes, and starving themselves more than ever… The only thing that's kinda innocuous is having black hair and using lip tint.

No. 235365

File: 1521534787531.png (1.32 MB, 1300x824, 04a89c7386bd827eb9f4037fafd11f…)

But no Korean ever claimed that their beauty ideals stem from their gods/godesses, they always act as if their own ancestors looked like this.

The majority of Koreans were poor and lived exactly like this just a century ago.
Other coutries acknowledge how much of a shithole they used to be, but Koreans don't.

No. 235366

File: 1521534889260.jpg (80.01 KB, 758x800, 20110817012232.jpg)

And pic related is what they want to make the rest of the world believe

No. 235369

>itt: insecure white people

No. 235372

ye cause white people are the ones that collectively change their entire race. piss off

No. 235374

File: 1521536342815.jpg (59.39 KB, 800x448, top-87-1E4E0BAB00000578-.jpg)

Insecure because we're loved and treated nicely by parents, teachers and Co.? Insecure because we can meet their beauty standards without having to rely on insoles, plastic surgeries, bleach, dye, circle lenses etc.?

There's plenty of reasons why anybody, no matter what origin, can dislike korean culture.


No. 235375

File: 1521536784740.jpg (118.35 KB, 500x621, d7d853d2e856e5ca42335c5883b306…)

>inb4 you reply with some obscure YT personality in yellow face.

You don't see Europeans on a mass scale obsess over other Europeans getting plastic surgery to look like Korean people.

No. 235378


The main korean female aesthetic is literally called "the goddess". Also this >>235366 is literally any series ever doing a romanticezed period piece. The trend to portray grittier sides of History is something recent, mainly by HBO and such. This is really reaching.

Also using strawmen like this >>235374 I mean, this one chick wanted to look like Miranda Kerr, she's clearly mental ill. Like that one brazilian dude (also mental ill) that is blonde and have blue eyes and made surgeries to have monolids, changed his name and paint his hair black. It's a strawmen.

For the idols that have blonde hair and shit… First, didn't we already said in this thread that idols =/= normal korean people? You act like all koreans are dying their hair. When idols do it they barely have control on their appearance, it's mostly the agencies doing it for the sake of visual experimentation and to draw attention cause it's different. A lot of these idols also had red, blue, pink hair. It means the same to them as having blonde hair.

This is a real pointless discussion IMHO. Talking about the dirts inside of the KPOP industry, or shitty gangnam unnies, or crazy koreaboos are way more entertaining IMO. Of course I can't stop any of you from making these claims or having this type of discussions again, but they are boring.

Like vid related. Some say the group in question is Kiss&Cry that only lasted about 5 months. The story is horrific.

No. 235380

>A lot of these idols also had red, blue, pink hair. It means the same to them as having blonde hair.
they literally try to look like a nazis wet dream.

It's not really about all normal koreans walking down the street getting plastic surgery to look white. But their ideals and what they look up to seem to be centred around looking white. You just can't deny that. It's cringeworthy as fuck, especially when koreaboos try to deny that fact and turns around and says racist shit to whites while complying to white beauty standards themselves.
So I totally see that Koreans =/= Korean idols, but they are buying into that image.

To me -saying that they're not trying to be white' is just plays into the idea that Kpop is untouchable. When it reality it's just a money-making machine that regurgitates cheap American pop and brainwash Koreans and now non-Koreans as well.

>Like vid related. Some say the group in question is Kiss&Cry that only lasted about 5 months. The story is horrific.

Horrible. Also another reason why I can't stand the Kpop industry.

No. 235381

> idols =/= normal korean people
Yes, that's true. But normal korean people look up too and idolize celebrities who dye their hair etc. Do you think agencies would style them the way they do, if that look wasn't so well received by the general public?

If let's say all french singers started tanning, dyeing their hair black, tape their eyes, do you think normal people there would suddenly see this as ideal? I don't think so.

A few other asian countries and maybe America as well are guilty of romanticising their past in movies, but there are also plenty of countries who are very honest and realistic. (But of course this won't attract teens like kdramas do…)

No. 235384

I am very pale white and years ago my hair was white too, also I was 21. I had a IMO beautiful Korean tutor who had serious vendetta with me and I think it was because of that. I didn't actually know about skin whitening and Asian beauty standards at the time but I had a feeling, just because my appearance is unattainable technically for them. That's why it's the beauty standard so the women don't realize they're beautiful as they are. They must be white like a ghost and blonde hair. I found this out later and it all made sense.

It's funny because in my country having very pale skin is considered unattractive, everyone is white but tan is seen as attractive.

No. 235386

tbh this

No. 235387

Very pale skin is a standard of beauty in korea but blonde hair isn't, their idea of the perfect women has pale skin black hair and red lips. I don't want to be rude but you sound delusional.

No. 235388

Maybe she had other reasons but that was what I thought. I have red full lips, round/oval face, very pale skin, blue eyes, not monolid but that shitty thing where there's no room for eyeliner. I changed my hair to be caramel and wavy and the vendetta continued so idk anon

No. 235392

"If let's say all french singers started tanning, dyeing their hair black, tape their eyes, do you think normal people there would suddenly see this as ideal? I don't think so."

Until a few years ago in the UK, where people with white skin burn rather than tan there was a celebrity influenced trend to use sun beds and fake tan. Having a tan or "a bit of colour" as we would say, was seen as healthy. The trend even correlated with an increase in skin cancer due to people using sun beds and not protecting themselves from the sun when abroad because there was this myth that your skin burns before it tans. For a foreigner to look at how these white folk from the UK used tanning products and burned themselves just to achieve a "healthy" ideal is really no less absurd than Koreans skin trends.

No. 235393

File: 1521544987757.jpg (24.41 KB, 432x358, dunbar8.jpg)

Even though I agree eith the absurdity of both of the situations. The case is a bit different considering being naturally dark is possible for Europeans. Black haired, brown eyed and non-pale whites exist (pic related). Meanwhile blonde, blue eyed Koreans do not exist.

No. 235395


Even though I agree there is absurdity in both of the situations.*

No. 235443

Who is she?

No. 235476

File: 1521558060039.png (89.89 KB, 626x1250, weirdkpop fans.png)

Read the whole wall of text.

What the fuck is this shit, BTS fans have to discuss as to should they buy everything the BTS uses and shills to because of their "Bangtan touch". The person thinks that being associated with BTS is how artists like TINASHE and WALE became popular. Puma and John Cena are brands because, you know, BTS association.

They literally want BTS to collab less, because they haven no impulse control and have to buy everything BTS touches. lmao

No. 235494

File: 1521561732082.jpg (503.55 KB, 1417x709, RapMonsterlyricsarebad.jpg)

I searched after this the Wale mention, turns out they did one single in 2017. BTS fans are hailing Rap Monster's verse as amazing. The delusion they have is incredible.

From the comments,
> Probably one of the best songs I've ever heard…
>Does anyone have this urge to just shout out to those sleeping ARMYs to appreciate this damn masterpiece. Give this man the attention he deserves.
>Why didn't no one tell me about this song???!!! IT'S AMAZING!! WOW I KNOW I'M SUPER LATE BUT I'M PROUD OF HIM FOR THIS!!💞 I'LL ALWAYS BE PROUD!

Considering the comments, I was expecting a decent verse. It was… just bad. I' autistic about rap, a warning. Now I get it's not his mother tongue, but he has no lyrical ability or understanding of any techniques in rap. He is an outright bad rapper.

He does zero themes that carry over, no real referencing, no word play, he can't even ride a beat, no alternating rhymes, no crossing the bar line, no short/ long alternation in delivery, each line has MAX two rhymes at best. He sticks to the most basic rhyme scheme that exists aka single word rhyming. I even made this picture to make it clear as to WHY it's bad. He even makes up his own sayings that have zero context or allusion to them, his best attempt was to try to reference twitter fingers.

Which makes zero sense and has no context, as "twitter fingers" references Meek Mill spamming twitter while claiming to represent Philly?


No. 235495

File: 1521561933688.jpg (191.45 KB, 1200x1061, KwzJjs0.jpg)

>A lot of these idols also had red, blue, pink hair. It means the same to them as having blonde hair.
Let's not deny that blond hair coupled with blue color lenses is meant to copy what Koreans think a stereotypical white person looks like. This blond and blue-eyed foreigner look is like a costume to them. For example, the girls in >>235357 dressed up like white American girls for a music video that was filmed in America but dyed their hair back to black for another music video. Looking like a stereotypical foreigner is like some kind of concept that Kpop idols can change when their company wants them to. It's similar to American celebrities like Katy Perry donning a Geisha or Egyptian queen-look for a performance or photoshoot.

I agree, the double standards are ridiculous. I don't get the outrage about "yellowfacing" or in this case "whitefacing". So what if they look dumb as fuck with colored lenses? At the end of the day, no matter how much they dye their hair blond or edit their faces like this >>235375, they still won't look like white people, kek.

No. 235500

>On the other side, anyone or anything that BTS is associated with now gets a lot of (good or bad) notoriety and following overnight. Line Friends, PUMA, MEDIHEAL, the Love Myself campaign, Tinashe, Roy Kim, John Cena, Wale

They are absolutely delusional… The post has almost 200 upvotes on Reddit too.

No. 235504

File: 1521563117095.jpg (83.65 KB, 627x439, IMG_2829.JPG)

Even though I think many countries prefer "white features" and most people want to look "European" at the same time I don't think Koreans dye their hair blonde and wear contacts to look white. They do it too look edgy/cool, in Japan/Korea having dyed blonde hair is considered "bad ass". This is why most idols going for a cute/pure/girl next door look usually have dark hair.

No. 235505

File: 1521563992687.png (23.3 KB, 794x166, BTS is on the level of KEndric…)

Oh, it just gets better. The same poster compared BTS with Kendrick Lamar and Logic.

Yes, Logic who used his acclaimed album to open a dialogue about being a biracial rapper, domestic violence, and growing up on welfare.

Yes, that Kendrick whoms music is studied in university courses, the one who has expressed dislike for races trying to look like other races (lol), and modern use of Photoshop to make women look like dolls among countless pother things. Kendrick is one of this century's most acclaimed artist by far.

I am baffled as to how this person came to this conclusion, wtf

No. 235506

This woman looks completely normal and surprisingly kept her asian features despite everyone in kpop industry having to do plastic surgery to look more western. You sound like your standards are completely fucked, understandable if you don't interact with real people and watch kpop videos all day.

No. 235508

not to mention that koreans (and japanese) often think their hair can naturally be shades of dark browns/reds because they think it makes them superior to other asians.

No. 235510

File: 1521567085716.png (413.6 KB, 590x550, screenshot.png)

Yeah… This makeup artist I follow was literally slandered and accused of "yellowface" just for doing a Korean inspired makeup. She had to edit the photo description to put a disclaimer because people were calling her racist. Note: she's half asian.

No. 235512

this happens a LOT to half asians. it's like SJWs operate on the one drop law. one drop of white blood and you're a racist yellowfacing privileged asshole.

No. 235521

This really rustles my jimmies. Fuck those people.

No. 235523

She is beautiful. Also that make-up looks like it could fit in ay european country and probably also in the US, so how THAT is considered yellow face is very extreme. I have a feeling that its Americans that got mad at her and not actual Koreans from Korea(?)

No. 235527

Another thing that really annoys me about K-pop, K-beauty is that when people (aka Koreans & Americans as well as Koreaboos) compare it to other things, they always say western. Western makeup? Western looking people? Western culture?
I am sorry, but what does that even mean? Western people do not have a look, nor do the whole west have the same beauty standards or culture.

In the eyes of Koreaboos, Korea deserves this extremely spesific term and if you somehow get any of it wrong or generalise about the whole of Asia you'll get virtually lynched. While the whole west and all the different races, and cultures living there, gets generalised.

No. 235531

>I have a feeling that its Americans that got mad at her and not actual Koreans from Korea(?)
That's always the case, though. If you click on the profile of anyone who makes yellowface accusations, they're almost always American (Korean-American or other POC Americans), sometimes Australian or European. I've never seen a Korean from Korea accusing anyone of yellowface online.

No. 235532

you done?

No. 235536

>It's not like she is talented enough to get a pass for her busted face.
LE from exid gets a pass.

No. 235540

>Even though I think many countries prefer "white features" and most people want to look "European"

Yikes. This thread just keeps getting worse. White people with an ex koreaboo phase and thinly veiled racism really are the worst.

No. 235542

This also annoys me so much; i know this probably sounds a bit arrogant, but there clearly is a gigantic difference between Europe and the US, so don't throw us together, i don't see myself as western at all and i'm sure i'm not the only one who thinks like that. (Africa doesn't even seem to exist in their book at all)

No. 235543

This is dumb twitter SJW politics. Kpop Twitter fans think straight eyebrows and pink lips are inherent to Korea. Once a girl got dragged for copying an "Asian aesthetic" by wearing tennis skirts and other tumblr trends.

No. 235548

File: 1521575095328.png (356.62 KB, 1125x1641, IMG_4915.PNG)

This is the logic behind "asian makeup is yellowface"

No. 235554

>Modern beauty trends in Korea are totally yellowface!!

I don't know what these SJW-ish people are smoking. Ask any native Korean from Korea and they wouldn't even know what this person is talking about.

No. 235556

File: 1521576229727.jpg (95.66 KB, 798x520, GAC_MarieAntoinette-798x520.jp…)

> Flushed cheeks, double eyelids
I can't anymore… as if that's something traditionally "asian"
> High nose bridge surgery
Maybe we were born like this…?

No. 235557

Saged for samefag, but the more i look at her, isn't this exactly the style of makeup they wear there nowadays (besides the eyebrows of course)?

No. 235560

File: 1521577643405.gif (1.91 MB, 500x281, 1515173137613.gif)

>very common examples of asian trends:
>flushed cheeks
>straight eyebrows
>double eyelids
>high nose bridge
So a white person…?
This is just as stupid as the "digital blackface"

No. 235576

File: 1521580783858.gif (2.76 MB, 255x234, 1521083307248.gif)

>having traditionally white features naturally and wearing blush and lipstick a certain way means that you are copying precious uwu east asians and mocking them!!

This person cannot be for real. How sheltered from the real world do you have to be to believe and spew this kind of shit lmao

No. 235579


This is so fucking dumb, especially considering "flushed cheeks" and reddish lips are considered pretty everywhere because it's a sign that you are healthy? I mean, unless the person is super dark skinned, this is being a pretty healthy looking human 101.

No. 235582

File: 1521582242060.jpg (13.32 KB, 198x227, 1426104342809.jpg)

>>The whites are oppressed in the insular-ass koreaboo community!! If anything us white ppl are being true to our features and Koreans are copying us!
>>Acting like the American Jennerdashian trend isn't blackface-lite

Can we just admit that the side effect of globalized beauty is that we're suddenly expected to have the best features of every race… like can we move on

(Not defending the instagram post above which is a reach but the general tone of this thread is yikes)

No. 235588

had to stop going to /r/bangtan because of dumbass posts like that. also it weirded me out that so many of the users there are in their 30s/40s and gushing over young men like teenage girls.

LOL don't worry anon, I appreciate your rap autism. I don't think RM is particularly good at rapping in English either and your breakdown is a good example as to why. His English verses make me cringe.

>comparing BTS to Kendrick and Logic
hwat the fuck

No. 235593

>so many of the users there are in their 30s/40s and gushing over young men

Grown women in Kpop fandoms can be real creepy. I remember some people celebrating Jungkook turning 18 because they can finally be attracted to him without feeling guilty.
On the flipside, I find it just as off-putting when fans infantilize idols, like calling 20-year-old men a literal "fetus".

No. 235613

I've met too many fans who are creepy about Jungkook. I like him because he's my age and I think he's funny and he's into filmmaking/editing and videogames – I just think he's cool lol, but half the time when I talk about him with BTS fans online they're either grown married women lusting after a 20-year-old (and were probably lusting after him when he was underage, too) who just want to talk about how cute his fucking cheeks are or whatever, or 14 year old girls who call him daddy and oppa and write creepy fanfic about him and the other members. I guess that's fandom culture in general, though (only in this case the subjects are real people and not video game/anime characters).

>I find it just as off-putting when fans infantilize idols

While I don't like the infantilization either, the groups/labels bring it on themselves tbh with all the aegyo business and fanservice and giving their members nicknames like "mochi" and "bunny". It's like when Brockhampton complains about obnoxious One Direction fangirls on twitter despite using and encouraging the "boyband" label – it comes with the territory, of course you're going to get an annoying fanbase and clash with other annoying fanbases if you push yourself as a boyband.

sage for slightly off-topic brockhampton rant.

No. 235619

File: 1521590064719.jpg (744.36 KB, 2048x1025, jR8K5fs.jpg)

i find it laughable that people accuse 'westerners' of copying/culturally appropriating korean aesthetics and kpop it is so heavily influenced by hip-hop and pop and western fashion styles

No. 235625

the double-standard is hilarious. I dared point out that maybe kpop idols and korean artists in general should maybe not do blackface seeing as they piggyback off American music, particularly black American music, and I got the "reeeeee korea is a homogenous country blackface doesn't have the same cultural meaning over there!!" spiel, like yeah I know it doesn't, I'm not asking them to start shipping in Africans by the boatload I just think it's fucking lame to blatantly disrespect people whose image you're profiting from.

No. 235626

File: 1521592534353.png (417.69 KB, 640x427, Nayeon_Merry_&_Happy_promo_pho…)

Nayeon is seriously one of the ugliest female idols. I will never understand the hype she and the rest of Twice get over their looks.

No. 235631

She looks cute tf

No. 235633

She looks similar to a rat, but a cute one.

No. 235644

File: 1521597738114.png (258.47 KB, 334x494, nayoung.png)


I think Nayeon is oddly endearing even though she's not that pretty. Like a friend's cute younger sister.

>>234960 This anon is kinda crazy to think she's that plastic, I think she had her eyes done like all other idols and that's it. I don't think their agency would her let her look like that if it was PS lol

No. 235656

I'm in that camp of finding Nayeon to be weirdly cute, even in the most unflattering photos. But I don't get the hype for Twice's attractiveness on visuals alone. Mina and Tzuyu are held up as some of the most attractive faces in Kpop (to the point clone-Tzuyu's are being scouted for new groups), but as objectively attractive as they are, I don't get the immense praise or comparison to godliness they receive. Do they just have that blandly pretty-but-in-a-safe-way look that most people prefer?

No. 235657

File: 1521603283861.jpg (87.63 KB, 736x1045, e60ab97ff66e9d2d56295ba1c3213e…)


I think a lot of idols that are hailed as beautiful are very bland like Yoona of SNSD, who is considered the most beautiful of all the female idols. Don't get me wrong she's with out a doubt very pretty but like mention blandly-pretty.

No. 235658

File: 1521604165681.gif (2.13 MB, 500x259, -Bae-Suzy-kpop-girl-power-4072…)


Isn't Suzy considered the top goddess idol? I personally think she's heaps prettier than Yoona, but I can see how she may not be everyone's cup of tea/people can think she's bland.

No. 235674

File: 1521606137510.jpg (403.48 KB, 1080x1920, sEIuXqQ.jpg)

Yoona's appeal gets lost on me (I think it's the jaw shave?), but she definitely seems to have that girl next door thing going on, plus she's got a rocking bod.
I think they're considered equals, if not Yoona edging out a bit more due to SNSD's impact.

Speaking of top idols, Irene's popularity is surprising to me because of how mature looking her beauty/appearance is. Not that it's a bad thing, just surprising.

I wonder if China banning symbols associated with hip-hop from TV will impact how K-pop acts with Chinese members/fanbases/etc. will lift or imitate hip-hop.

No. 235680


As I said before, I think Joy's is really the prettiest from RV currently (She kinda looked like a puffy fish before, but she had a nice glo-up), but I like that Irene is considered pretty as she is, even though I think it's overrated. Because as you said, she really has a more mature face and doesn't have the perfect v-line. The only thing that I don't like about her is that she never smiles. For an idol that's pretty odd, but meh I guess.

Speaking of Irene, fanboys are really a weird bunch. It's surreal that the industry keeps sweeping under the rug this kind of thing. Also not letting idols date and such. I wish agencies would protect their employees more.

No. 235686

has anyone seen how weird her jawline is?? whoever did her jawline should get fired.

>If anything us white ppl are being true to our features and Koreans are copying us!
lol where is the lie tho?

No. 235690

With the smiling thing, cold beauties (or elite snooty heiresses) seem to be a big hit with the general public, like with BP Jennie and f(x) Krystal.

I think the creepiest male fan scenario I've seen (besides that one guy trying to kidnap SNSD Taeyeon) was 15 year old Produce101 Somi's old martial arts gi being auctioned off, and once the bidding got past $700, the only bidders were 4 older men. She got famous off of a show the creator called "healthy porn" for men, so yikes…
The current P101 boy group accidentally released footage of them complaining about fans showing up outside of their house stalking them, and they've straight up had crazy fans go up to them and draw blood. They're currently the biggest group at the moment, but the company didn't give a shit about giving them the proper sized security detail.

Past posts have covered that the companies indirectly (or purposefully) cultivate saesangs/crazy stans by posturing their idols as pure wife/husband material. It's like, why bother with deterring that sort of obsession when you know these are the same people who are gonna buy 10 physical CDs and buy every piece of merch with their idolfu's face on it. It's a very "don't bite the hand that feeds you" approach.

No. 235701

Have you considered she may have a vendetta against you because she can sense you might be a bit self-centered, as your posts seem to indicate?

Seriously, reread your posts and get over yourself

No. 235721

Did you seriously have to restart this argument?Her post was already from a day ago, people were discussing other things, but no, you need to fight…

No. 235728

File: 1521625547072.jpg (55.98 KB, 1000x545, ioi-jeon-so-mi_1478089816_af_o…)

I guess you all know the site netizenbuzz?
In the beginning, whenever the comments of an article about Somi were translated, it was all "I thought she's 20! She looks like an adult!" etc.

Many of the foreign friends then wrote stuff like "Yes, that's so true, i'm 25 but look like i could be her child teehee"
These grown man are fapping to a child and justifing it by saying she looks old, that's not the right time for you to make your, 'asian don't raisin, black don't crack, whites age like milk' commentary!

The comment section there is full of SJWs, so what to expect, but still, that was infuriating…

No. 235729

*foreign fans of course, not friends…

No. 235736

File: 1521632163243.png (104.57 KB, 1053x404, Capture d’écran 2018-03-21 à…)

Yeah people unironically refert to them has "pouty babies" or "good boys" pic related a conversation about the last run!Bts episode about coffee. I actually thought they were quite rude and had no manners, the guy is a well respected chief and they were pulling disgusted faces tasting his coffee. But I guess this attitude should be acceptable coming from a 21 yrs old guy since he is such a cute pouty baby bunny?

No. 235739

File: 1521633025468.gif (2.76 MB, 300x225, giphy.gif)

No. 235740

>I just want to pull his cheeks when he talks
this is gross. a guy in his 20s is AN ADULT! And should not be talked to like that. What the actual fuck is wrong with these koreaboos?

No. 235741

tbf a lot of those kpop guys act like babies.
like the whole cutesy thing.

No. 235742

Part of it is definitely their own fault. Of course if some mc asks hem to do aegyo on tv they're not allowed to refuse, but even on v live, or at fansign constantly wearing these dumb hats, making 'cute' poses etc.
They could just be nice to the fans in a normal way, but instead they do this.

Btw wasn't there some sort of a snmall scandal of one of them, when a fansite master asked to choose between a phone, a laptop and other expensive stuff and then he really did that? They're wearing Gucci from head to toe, yet still aren't ashamed to let their fans gift them additionally and that's exactly the reason they act so cutesy for…

No. 235743

>lol where is the lie tho?

Based on the current beauty trends alone white women are trying to look more and more like brown women and you know it. Tanning, thick eyebrows, dark hair, curls, fuller figures, lip injections, etc

but sure it's those stoopid self hating koreans who want to be like us the superior white people only!

No. 235745

File: 1521635092049.jpg (57.89 KB, 600x500, 11cdc575-503e-4f9b-9f18-6d6e88…)

The way the Kardashians and some insta thots look represents in no way an average white woman or even celebrities. There are plenty of light-haired and pale actresses and singers out there, who stay true to their original features etc., something that's very rare to see in South Korea.
Just go on /g/, nobody aspires to look like that.
E.g. the currently highest paid actress, see pic.

No. 235746

File: 1521635371759.jpg (116.22 KB, 736x1104, 3c38b867ce14900a58976f9a868851…)

Never understood SK obssesion with plastic surgery…they all end up looking very sameish.

I think a good example is Suhyun from AKMU. Even thought her face isn't typical kpop stars, but she is insanely charming and cute.

Tbh it's stupid when Kfans always accenuate that in korean fashion and beauty looking natural is everything…but then their idols look plastic af.Tbh I don't really see the point in this game of pretend…

No. 235751

File: 1521636284556.jpg (14.18 KB, 220x317, 220px-Penélope_Cruz_TIFF_2012.…)

>Based on the current beauty trends alone white women are trying to look more and more like brown women and you know it. Tanning, thick eyebrows, dark hair, curls, fuller figures, lip injections, etc
I am going to assume that you are American, cause you're ignorant like one.
The situation isnt even CLOSE to comparable. First of all, faking these looks isnt even popular in Europe, where most whites live. Secondly, thick dark haired, tanned, full figured, big lipped whites exist you know.. I don't know if you've ever traveled outside of your little racist American bubble, but have you EVER seen Bulgarians, Armenians, Italians, Spaniards, Caucasian Tatars and so many more white people? Dark Scandinavians and Celts even exist.

If you talked about white people, in Europe collectively admired or copied black peoples looks, made their hair kinky, got black skin, plastic surgery to get African features and copied hip African American culture. Then you'd have something to talk about. But if anything the white women you're talking about, just wanna be another type of white AKA Southern European.

Koreans idols do mimick white looks, and you know it. When Koreans do plastic surgery to achieve those looks its pretty obvious. There is no natural blonde, blue eyed, super pale East Asian. However, dark skinned, dark haired and dark eyed whites with full lips and curvy bodies do exist.

>superior white people

Nobody here has said that whites are superior. Learn to read.

To me it sounds like you're insecure that and that you're just coming here to defend your idols.

No. 235758

File: 1521637422753.jpg (211.89 KB, 397x460, 0e3b5fe60735adff8da9f947b850e0…)

B-but anon, have you never heard of this one village in Mongolia? All asian people can totez have blond hair and blue eyes, too!

No. 235764

Lmao legit. soon they'll be pulling up pictures of nearly extinct indigenous people in Russia that are mixed for example Nenets with Russian or qt mixed Kazahk girls to justify their delutions.

No. 235768

File: 1521643666423.jpg (95.13 KB, 1024x592, n0hVC1L.jpg)

I haven't heard of that scandal but the culture of fans gifting their idols always seemed a bit dubious to me. I understand gifts like sweaters or letters but when fans buy their idols the newest cellphones, laptops and expensive high-end brand products, it seems kind of wrong to me. I can't explain why exactly though.

No. 235770

It bother me when I watch korean tv show how cruels and rude they can be regarding people's appearance. They will straight up say to someone's face that they're ugly or fat and the person is supposed to just take it and smile like they're worthless and don't deserve basic decency just for being born "ugly" it's really sickening. I feel it's so uncivilized and backward, when someone does that shit in my country they're seriously seen as rude and told to fuck off by everybody.
It's even more twitsed when you realize the people they call ugly is usually what the average korean looks like.

No. 235772

I once saw a show where they censored part of a womans face because she had a disfigurement. That was really fucking low.

No. 235777

File: 1521648172445.gif (882.68 KB, 500x217, 8638e0f4c17781febea796e7df283f…)

No. 235789

lol I saw the cheek-pulling comment and thought of this thread, bless. I know coffee is hard to swallow if you don't like it but he didn't have to pull faces like a child. That barista dude was really polite and soft-spoken, too, I felt kind of bad for him though for the most part they were nice to him.

I feel you anon, obviously it's the fan's money and if they wanna spoil someone who doesn't give a shit about them at the end of the day they should feel free to lol but it's still weird. Actually that's pretty much why I don't like it, it seems scummy to accept an expensive gift from someone you can't honestly say you give a shit about. It's different when it's a letter or something the fan put work into, like art maybe, because that kind of establishes a connection to the person giving you the gift, even if you don't know them, and a cheap gift doesn't really have to have meaning, but an expensive gift just seems wrong coming from a stranger.

No. 235794

Are you done

No. 235800

Yep, I don't really use Netizen Buzz, but I definitely see a lot of that, especially when I go into Kpop general threads on 4chan. It's fucking weird that some men seem to get off to how exceptionally young an idol is.

Also, I feel bad for Somi in general. Her dad seems to be a stage dad and doesn't give a shit when she's trounced around in sexualized attire and concepts. He's even pulling in her 7 year old (?) sister into the entertainment business, and says her little sister has so much more star potential than Somi.

No. 235802


Literal ex japanese pornstars debuting. As if it wasn't already transparent enough that most female idols are singers by day, escorts for rich ceo's by night. You just know these girls are being sexually harassed behind the scenes but still choose this path. Really activates the almonds

No. 235803

kpop is really like lady in the streets, sex doll in the sheets the genre.

No. 235805

No. 235806


> [+285, -44] Why should we put up with an AV actress who couldn't even debut in her own country? Are they trying to ruin K-Pop's image? Please go back to your own country.

> [+234, -40] We should be embarrassed that an AV actress is debuting in our country, no????

> This is crazy… why is this AV actress trying to ruin the image of K-Pop idols?

"Ruin" the image of kpop, they're so blind…kek

No. 235808

I really don't understand this cold beauty things, Jennie and Krystal just look like either mean bitches or plain rude people to me, especially Krystal, she doesn't seem to juste have a RBF like her fan says she just always look like people around her aren't good enough for her. I don't get how that image can be attractive for the public, I find it annoying.

No. 235816

Jennie is straight up compared to Regina George in Mean Girls and other archetypal rich bullies in American high school media, all as a compliment. I think Kpop fans are just obsessed with money, hence all the "they're wearing Gucci! my bias is living Gucci!" or the dick measuring contests over sales. It's funny because if it's not an idol the public likes, they get pissed off at them for having nice houses or cars and complain it's unfair for celebrities to be so rich.

Yua's still an active AV actress (and one of the most popular ones), and is rich as fuck. Apparently she's funding a lot of this herself, since she's a kpop fan. I just hope they hired a good team and security detail to stop weirdos from treating them like shit just for being porn stars.

Also the "why are Japanese acts trying to debut in Korea?! REE-" comments are my favorite. A mixture of nationalism and hypocrisy, considering how many Kpop groups try to break into the Japanese market and how some depend almost entirely on their Japanese or Chinese fanbases.

No. 235817

I also have to agree with the korean netizens in this point, Krystal really seems like a massive bitch. There's a difference between being shy and reserved like Irene, who still sometimes smiles, but Krystal only looks arrogant, not scared.
It's the same with Vixx Leo, i don't care if he's shy, he's simply rude and he looks like somebody who'll turn into a serial killer one day…
The only hypocracy is that this behavior is often more tolerated of male idols than females.

No. 235819

Leo actually played a serial killer in a MV once. Blossom Tears, I think?

Also he's not as shy as he used to be, he's come out of his shell a lot in the past year. Still kinda weird looking though.

No. 235820

File: 1521659768180.jpg (140.86 KB, 2048x1365, Leovixx.jpg)

Okay I just googled his face and he look really fucked up. Like he has some form of FAS?
His face is seriously freaky to me, his proportions aren't natural and the makeup isn't helping.

No. 235821

File: 1521660100390.gif (296.4 KB, 500x214, tumblr_inline_ohnt3kV3SY1qglix…)

I was actually a fan of him when i was young (and stupid), but when i think of it, the way he behaves is absolutely unacceptable.
If you're really this shy and antisocial, this is the wrong job for you.
Imagine having to work with him, truly terrifying…

No. 235825

I came to this thread because I thought it would be criticism about the sick k-idol industry abusing young people, forcing them into plastic surgery, starving them, prostituting them and literally killing them by suicide and all sorts of shady shit and instead you bitches are just sperging over how ugly the idols look. What the fuck is the matter with you people.

No. 235826

Thank god I was about to post the same thing. Get over yourselves people and talk about what truly matters jfc

No. 235827

Instead of bitching and crying why don't you start the conversation you want to have?

No. 235828


Or how koreans want to be oh so white. kek

There are some good discussion but oh well. Gotta ignore that stupid shit in between

No. 235829

> literally killing them - by suicide

For millionth time: this is your oppa's and unnie's dream, they knew what they were getting themselves into, they're also part of the problem.
Looks play a gigantic, if not the biggest role in kpop, so of course we're going to talk about them.

No. 235831

*For the…

No. 235834

BBC documentary about the training and (flopped) debut of one of the biggest 2nd gen Kpop groups, featuring crying girls being yelled at.

I thought this was the group that was hit by their managers with sticks if they fucked up, but I couldn't find the scene with a quick scan. Does anyone know which girl group I'm thinking of? I'm just getting unrelated results.

No. 235837

Do you think you're some sort of hero for bitching on an obscure imageboard about how terrible the industry is? You realize we're on lolcow and this place is made to have dumb gossipy conversations? You aren't going to change the world or save your oppa here dumbass so get off your high horse and let people have the conversation they want.

No. 235839

This was posted just yesterday >>235378
> Some say the group in question is Kiss&Cry that only lasted about 5 months.

No. 235841

It's using a screencap from the 9Muses documentary, but it's not the same video or about the same group.

No. 235845

Interviews with girls who were actually in the idol manufacturing process:
>actually debuted in a group intended to have a mixed race gimmick
>was told to act and look more Korean, in spite of biracial background
>talks about how she made less than 20 USD her entire idol career
>ended up self harming and depression by the end of her group's career

>cut out from the group right before debut
>talks about Kpop relying on performance, than artistry or authenticity
>ended up with an ED and dropped out as a result

No. 235846

Then go make a goddamn k-idol gossip thread to get your fix of petty bullshit. The thread's OP was directly addressing all the unethical things about the industry, not omg look what an ugly mongoloid this faggot used to be before plastic surgery!!!

This makes me sad because I genuinely liked 9 muses, they had a really good female rapper and nice songs. I've been a k-pop fan for a decade but I wasn't aware of all the awful things going on until a few years ago. I knew it wasn't roses and butterflies for sure, but I was oblivious to the magnitude of everything happening behind the scenes.

But thankfully not every company seems to be a living hell sucking out the souls of their performers. At least JYP entertainment is taking care of their artists. J.Y. Park, being a huge long-time k-pop grandpa himself probably knows first-hand the sort of pressure the industry puts on you.

No. 235848

File: 1521663933036.jpg (212.21 KB, 453x600, 0bd16beb866aa53a213349e539871d…)

JYP is one of the worst when it comes to the sexualisation of his idols, even minors, e.g. Tzuyu?

I'd say SM is still better in that aspect, Sulli and Krystal also debuted extremely young, but never dressed really sexy.

No. 235849

File: 1521664070968.jpg (72.6 KB, 480x671, unnamed.jpg)

vs. this…

No. 235850

File: 1521664118555.jpg (40.13 KB, 550x365, 1.jpg)

LMAO he looks like one of these fuckers

No. 235851

Interview/AMAs with a male ex-SM trainee (who sounds like he was a potential NCT candidate?):
>shade at Red Velvet Yeri that made me lol
>talks about how SM prioritizes looks over talent
>other typical trainee stuff
>mentions that self harm was prevalent amongst female trainees
The self harm thing surprises me. Considering how many hires, 4K fancammers there are and how short bottoms are now, you'd figure we'd see scars. I know a lot of fansites photoshop blemishes away, but some anti could've leaked photos.

Yeah, I was just thinking of how Hyuna (4minute/THE Hyuna) was part of JYP's Wonder Girls for a hot minute when she was only 14, and did sexy dances in school girl outfits and other shit. Plus the stuff Somi gets into.

I'm pretty incredulous of CEOs who market themselves as a personality or persona (like YG, who is disturbing for his weird groomed idol bride alone). Some of the worst kpop fans are company stans.

No. 235854

>literally killing them by suicide
this goes beyond the idol industry imo. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong but I was under the impression Jonghyung sought help for his mental illness and was told that he just has a shitty personality and that's why he's depressed. Korea as a whole is completely fucked when it comes to mental health, the fact that they have such a high rate of child suicide is heartbreaking.

there are ways to self-harm that don't leave scars or only bruise (slapping, punching, etc.) Sad to think about.

No. 235855

File: 1521664796999.jpg (193.51 KB, 510x416, 200812180493.jpg)

God, i completely forgot about Hyuna, that was even worse…

Also, i can't really imagine the self harm thing, there's barely a body part we can't see (especially nowadays in hd), so at least cutting is impossible.
Maybe harming themselves by withholding even more food or stuff like that


If you're so busy, then please leave

No. 235860

Oh, you're right. It sounded like the two ex-trainees were limiting the scope to cutting, so other methods totally slipped my mind.

Also, is Jonghyung the only Kpop star to committed suicide? I know there's been plenty of Korean celebrities who've passed the same way (most recently that actor who killed himself because allegations about him using his acting classes to harass students came out), but that's the entire entertainment industry, not just Kpop.

The saddest one had to be the woman who was on Boys Over Flowers and had written out a list of all the influential, rich men who had raped and assaulted her, before killing herself. I'm glad the #metoo movement is picking up in Korea, but I hope it has actual judicial impact.

No. 235865

It's good that JYP is considering idols mental health etc. but the company still sexualises their underage idols (Tzuyu) and puts pressure on them to lose weight if he considers them "too fat" like with Jihyo. I find it extra shitty that he did it on public television.

No. 235871

I actually thinks it's worse that he acts all buddy-buddy. (Plus he's a walking midlife crises)

No. 235939

File: 1521678720052.png (136.01 KB, 591x552, dnon8Bx.png)

K-pop fans have zero self-awareness. You see them all the time in twitter and instagram etc. talking about how fucking sexy they find their bias and other hyper-sexual, kinky shit and then pull shit like this:

No. 235945


>puts pressure on them to lose weight if he considers them "too fat"

Literally every agency do this tho, so no surprise there. Hell, even other korean citizens.

No. 235949

>Jonghyung sought help for his mental illness and was told that he just has a shitty personality and that's why he's depressed.

Really? That's so sad. Do you have any more info on this, I'd be curious to read more.

No. 235967

File: 1521688188168.jpeg (74.89 KB, 750x594, B31CE73A-491C-4B63-B594-7EF78C…)

No. 235968

Not OP but I think his therapist gave him a shitty answer like “eh it’s your personality, you’re sensitive”


No. 235976

File: 1521695779306.png (127.94 KB, 217x240, 98934859348593845.png)

jesus christ twitter was a mistake

No. 235986

I though this was kyla from pristin

No. 235988

Oh shit, I forgot about Kyla. I feel semi-bad for speculating, but it feels like she's been shipped off to lose weight.

No. 236053

File: 1521722437919.jpeg (352.47 KB, 641x457, 6CC73B53-00DC-48F6-8470-CF7672…)

Sometimes I feel like a salty grandma waving her cane at the annoying little shits and their wannabe thots and rapper idols.

We had 13 members of fugly (give or take a few) that we thought was the shit

No. 236102


Even Suho doesn't deserve this shit, as much as a beta as he is. Whitening is bad, but recoloring is SJW level lmao

No. 236116


Kinda miss those oldschool days too.
Bigbang in 2008/09 was the shit. They constantly wore fedoras and made a MV on a yacht all dressed in white like some eurotrash motherfuckers.

And now 1/5 is depressed, 1/5 has an ED, 1/5 is a complete fucking hermit and Seungri/Taeyang are doing God knows what. Not to mention The Last Dance tour was a farce from what I heard from people who went.

No. 236117

The idea of a chubby idol ever making it past debut and remaining chubby is blowing my mind. Did Shindong have blackmail material on a CEO or something?

No. 236122

i was in even before that. my highschool korean exchange student friend introduced me to BoA, SES, Shinhwa and all the big names back in the early 2000s. Speaking of BoA she looks soooo different now in her newer videos, wth happened to her?

No. 236125

File: 1521748212982.jpg (102.51 KB, 800x1199, jaejoong-bazaar2.jpg)

Which one has an eating disorder?

TVXQ losing three of its members because of sm's abuse and the lawsuits that fucked JYJ in the ass were the end of kpop for me.

Also, is it just my old self or were male idols 10 years ago more mature looking than current ones?

No. 236126

No. 236129

You know the ones who accused him are the ones in jail, right? Evidence showed he was innocent, the girl was pushed by 2 men to blackmail him.

No. 236135

God, you db5k/JYJ fans are such sheep. I know it's easy and comfortable to believe corporations are evil and idols are poor wittle victims but SM didn't abuse them or pay them unfairly. They wanted out for their shady makeup business and they got it because their contract was too long (something which would be good if you wanted job security, it's not inherently bad).

JYJ fucked homin over massively, they almost ended their careers entirely. Their actions made it extremely likely homin would never have a comeback or be TVXQ again, and took every opportunity to turn fans against them to increase that risk. Luckily they beat all odds and were successful again but JYJ deserve every failure for doing that to them for such selfish reasons.

No. 236137


you seen gd in late 2017 on his europe tour?
talk about manorexic. he was spoopy levels of terrifying

No. 236138

File: 1521750711943.jpg (88.66 KB, 500x750, 20100621_krystal_1.jpg)

I kind of miss the old quirky style of back when the old SM groups + T-ara were the shit.

Originally i became a fan because i saw a picture of SNSD and fell in love with their amazing legs.
They all dressed weird and all over the place, but at least it looked unique and made me want to imitate them.
Nowadays idols, no matter what genre they're going for, all dress in tennis skirts and crop tops, kind of a mix of cutesy and sexy. I also feel like even though the older generation had it probably just as bad as the newer one, they showed it less and seemed a lot happier than the new generation who only talks about their hardships.

No. 236141

File: 1521751904476.jpg (104.18 KB, 711x960, 085.jpg)

Saged for samefag, but especially Yoona and that hairstyle. She might have dyed it, but it's still a lot more natural

No. 236142

Shindong AND Kangin. I'm so bitter they were allowed to be chubby while female idols can never top 50kg.

No. 236144

I remember looking Suju's profile up for the first time and thinking that i would have no idea whom to choose since they're all so fugly (minus Heechul i guess).
Plus i don't get how anybody can forget Shindong's and Leeteuk's remarks about women's weight, fucking disgusting. There's no excuse they were clearly adults already…

No. 236354


ot but is there a reason why kpop groups have so many members??

maybe i'm just used to western groups who normally have 3-5 people in them, but i see a lot of kpop groups have around 10-13 idols or even 15-20. even the smaller ones are pushing it with 7-9 members

i just can't fathom going through the rigourous process of being a trainee only to share the spotlight with a shit-ton of other people. yeah it's possible you'll be a fan favorite/lots of people will make you their bias but a majority probably get ignored or not as much attention.

it has to be frustrating

No. 236356

The current reason for big groups (like NCT must have 20 members total due to its bizarre multi-unit concept) is that there's way too much saturation in the idol market, so it's easier for a company to just put 7+ trainees into one group, instead of cannibalizing its own market by debuting multiple groups.

An additional benefit is catering to different tastes by having a variety of idols in your group, but honestly, I don't know how idols in supergroups like WSJN or NCT are easily individuated. WSJN and NCT feel like they're just a blend of cookie cutter cute and personable, with some standouts like Cheng Xiao. In contrast, Twice's got 9 members, but each idol is unique looking (for better or for worse) even amongst other idol groups.

I don't think any trainees would choose to split their lines, video focus, etc. with 7+ other idols, but it does distribute the debt of training + debuting across more people. So, it's less of a burden if you flop, which is likely if you're from a smaller company.

No. 236358

Forgot to add, but I also have no idea how the substantially larger supergroups in Jpop work. I guess the voting aspect of AKB and its variants plus Jpop has a shit ton more variety work compared to today's Kpop make people more likely to cling to an individual. Jpop fans can totally correct me on this.

No. 236409

Honest question: Are there any "ethical" k-pop bands? I really like K-pop for the music (seriously) and I never really cared about the idol culture around it to begin with, but now I feel extra bad for listening to it because of all the shit going on behind the scenes. Are there any Korean pop bands that aren't put together by shady as fuck production teams?

No. 236412

As a fellow k-pop oldfag I keep cracking up at this post and every time I think I'm finished laughing I lose my sides again.

BTS stans are the fucking cancer of this earth I swear

No. 236437

File: 1521846952242.jpg (17.71 KB, 400x227, N6zNFsUj.jpg)

haha speaking from experience kinda
I'm a fan of BTS's Suga, I don't give a rat's ass about the rest of BTS. But because I like at least one of the members, I've been willing to watch their music videos/live streams/whatever and even buy one of their albums. So as you said it's probably to cater to as many tastes as possible and therefore draw as many people in as possible

No. 236445

can confirm, I got into BTS because of Suga's mixtape (though I do like the rest of them now), and I wasn't even a kpop fan before. Having multiple "personalities" and looks within the band definitely helps drawn in a variety of fans. The groups with 10/12+ members are just intimidating though, I'm completely unmotivated to learn 12 peoples' names, especially if they're all really similar.

No. 236454

File: 1521849944535.png (1.13 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20180128-141446.png)

I'm gonna get a lot of shit for this: but akmu band and BTS(especially the mixtapes and songs written and produced by the members themselves). After a lot of research, those were the only ones I was comfortable listening to with a clean conscience.

No. 236457

This response is so confusing, did you misunderstand what anon was asking for?

Akmu are managed by YG, one of the biggest companies. If they're not shady behind the scenes, nobody is. And I don't know much about Bighit but they sent BTS to do a photoshoot at a holocaust memorial and that doesn't sound very ethical to me.

There is no clean company in kpop, anon won't get a good answer. The entertainment industry is dirty anywhere and korea is particularly socially backwards, you will never know for sure they aren't prostituting their idols or whatever.

No. 236459

File: 1521850615473.jpg (121.22 KB, 639x493, a59be15c65934613f3e37b1cfbe73c…)

Oh and forgot to mention: IU.
Patrician taste

No. 236466

>Like it's okay to just think kpop is vapid and think people who like it are annoying, you don't have to pretend you're concerned about the idols just because you can't think of a "good" reason to hate kpop.
Exactly this. I'm a salty old k-pop fan and I can't stand the current generation groups. I'm also worried about the treatment of all the idols and the impossible standards Koreans have looks-wise for them and force them into celibacy simply to please insane sasaengs. The songs can be cheesy and overuse regurgitated beats. These are all valid reasons to dislike the subject matter, but a lot of "anti-K-Pop" people just hate the whole genre simply because the fandom is fucking awful and it's popular, not because they're legitimately concerned of the people involved.

Additionally being aware and admitting these flaws in the industry doesn't mean you have to hate K-pop. I still love K-pop and K-music in general, but to be fair I like the non-idol stuff the most. Every mainstream form of media, regardless of the country of origin, has a ton of shady shit going on because that's just how the show business is. In Hollywood parties old men groom and drug young boys to rape them. There's a a very thorough documentary on it. I honestly doubt that EVERY k-pop idol is a starving, suicidal wreck, there are also people who take the job as it is and get into the business knowing full well what it's going to be like. However, it's also important to be aware of the industry's dark side and not brush it off as nasty rumors about your oppa.

No. 236490

File: 1521861052339.jpg (63.41 KB, 500x500, 1510813422647.jpg)


There is no ethical consuption under late stage capitalism sis, and i do believe a lot of western groups follow the same shitty things koreans do (and hollywood too). I think boycotting is a bit of an illusion. But I guess you're safer with Mamamoo, IU, maybe Red Vevelt because they are currently one of Korea's super groups (which I guess mean they are being well paid). But I still believe that they suffer from Korean society anyway, like the competitivines and always needing to care for their appearance and not perfomative skills only. Which sucks. I get ambivalent as well, but I don't know if I can do much. Like, do I support more rookie groups so they can grow and live better or do I stop and they starve? Because hardly the industry will end so easily.

No. 236500

Why Mamamoo?

Personally I think if you're looking for idols who are probably happy with their company and are treated well, you just have to go for the high earning ones (ie big tours + lots of cfs) who re-sign and re-sign. You could even stick with groups under companies listed on kosdaq, no comment on how ethically they run things but at least they could afford to, theoretically.

No. 236503


IDK, Mamamoo's company seems really lax about their looks and they actually seem happy about their work. Also they have a lot of LGBT fans and seem to support LGBT rights in Korea and I do believe Moonbyul is a lesbian

Also they are very talented. This is their debut stage.

No. 236504

But that blackface tho.

No. 236506

Moonbyul was literally told not to smile in a certain way by her management. https://omonatheydidnt.livejournal.com/15146909.html

I really, really liked their early jazzy stuff but they went downhill fast and now I find them tedious af. It bothers me that so many of their so called stans haven't even listened to their early EPs.

No. 236513

Didn’t they joke about all the times they had to sneak into the dorm kitchen to avoid the company surveillance cams put there to monitor their diets?

I think they’re comparatively more ‘free’ than other kpop groups as a result of being from a tiny company but becoming very successful, like EXID, but the industrial Kpop complex is inescapable.

I do like that they’re very big with the lesbian community, though.

No. 236517

File: 1521873346913.gif (1.48 MB, 245x321, tumblr_oo1l9cVScd1tp0b8fo2_250…)


What blackface?


I didn't know that. Sad. I wonder if they got more lax now though? Unfortunate anyway
I still really like their songs in general, I love "Yes I am" but their comeback this year is really weak imo


>but the industrial Kpop complex is inescapable.

Yeah, my opinion too.

>I do like that they’re very big with the lesbian community, though.

Yes! I honestly believe Moonbyul and Solar are a couple, and I am not even a shipper

No. 236518

File: 1521874158629.jpg (66.96 KB, 750x452, kpop_mamamoo_blackface.jpg)

No. 236519

File: 1521874297518.png (134.84 KB, 256x384, 1506655056022.png)


Holy fuck! lmao I had no idea, I thought you were talking about the video I posted. Jesus this is bad

No. 236520

File: 1521874538551.jpg (50.23 KB, 334x380, 20140922_seoulbeats_bts_rap-mo…)

the mention of the holocaust memorial photoshoot reminded me of this

No. 236528

File: 1521877835413.jpg (53.52 KB, 549x825, 20150118_seoulbeats_BTS.jpg)

Guess there was no space left inside his IQ 200 brain for learning that the Nazis were the bad guys…

No. 236529

lol whats up with asians loving nazis

No. 236531

It pisses me off that their school system is hailed as the most difficult and therefore the students as the best, in contrast to "the stupid lazy westerners", but apart from very few exceptions nobody speaks a lick of english (or any second language) and has any idea about the biggest events in history.
I bet koreans would lose their shit if foreigners were to act clueless about comfort women.

No. 236533

the majority of their exams is focused on rote learning so you don't actually have to understand it, just remember it for the exam and then you can forget it
most of the exams are multiple choice question based so again you don't need to explain your answer

No. 236539

I think that everybody knows that already by now, but this doesn't change the fact that those Nazi misconducts are fucking embarrassing in a supposedly modern country…

No. 236540

File: 1521886303100.jpg (90.52 KB, 610x972, 3025434_high.jpg)

I know that it's not her fault, but it's insane just how ugly she is (even after plastic surgery).
On top of that she isn't even good at singing, so why did she become so popular lately?
It also amazes me that a girl like her even thought she had a chance as an idol to begin with.

No. 236541

There's thousands of disposable, pretty faces, but there's only a few people who can meme their entire group into relevancy.

No. 236544

I think she is cute and interesting looking. Kpop is filled with boring pretty faces.

No. 236546

File: 1521887704989.jpg (48.98 KB, 800x467, 2018-01-04_07-35-07-800x467.jp…)

I think she's pretty cute! She reminds me of a cat. Also her personality is fun.

No. 236547

idk who she is but she is cute imo.

No. 236548

File: 1521888554642.jpg (16.09 KB, 480x300, DXi5rWeXkAAsj1R.jpg)

>It's so gross how the idol industry forces their artists to have plastic surgery to look flawless and go through vigorous training to become extremely skilled!
>but look at this ugly ass bitch who can't sing lmao

No. 236554

She's not ugly, tbh she just looks like a normal asian girl and of course koreans can't stand that

No. 236561

Some people say the same about white US Americans though… Can't speak anything aside from English and have no idea about anything outside of America.

Afaik, a lot of Koreans do like her. The ones who don't should be glad she looks like this. Because when young, normal Korean girls see her face on tv, they might feel they also have a shot at fame.

No. 236565

File: 1521893938643.gif (2.2 MB, 268x300, tumblr_p3glegXV3p1x15lmpo1_400…)

That picture is extremely edited

>It's so gross how the idol industry forces their artists to have plastic surgery to look flawless and go through vigorous training to become extremely skilled!

The problem is that even with all that training she's still not skilled at all, so what do you think she deserves money for?
Trying alone is not enough.

No. 236567

> Some people say the same about white US Americans though…
Correction: the whole world says that about all americans (because it's true most of the time); don't think you're better or that you'll get a pass, just because you're 'poc'.

No. 236580

Lmao deadass most non-US Americans dont even differentiate between white and non white Americans. They're just Americans.

I am more dissapointed with SK tho than The US because I had expected more considering how everyone is saying that their education system is superior. However nobody has any expectations for the US lol

No. 236583

It seems quite a lot of people in the USA are either ignorant or deny their own countries war crimes, be they historic or current. S. K is hardly exceptional when it comes to such a mentality. How many in the USA could even place S.K on a map, considering many USA folk can't even understand that the UK isn't a country, but a union made of 4 countries and Africa isn't a country either. S.K in comparison to the rest of the developed world though has some major problems in terms of homophobia, and suicide rates which are more worthy discussion than what has been on here lately which has descended into ex fans complaining about how ugly they think a guys fucking chin is!

No. 236584

Ok but how does that make it alright? So there's more than one fucked up country in the world, more news at 9.

t. Europoor

No. 236592

File: 1521903599312.jpg (39.5 KB, 500x617, 2vzNQT4.jpg)

>pic-related does gay fanservice on stage
>is homophobic in real life because muh religion

No. 236593

I just don't understand how you can sincerely stan any idols 95% of them seems to be pure trash. And it's always the worst one that are the most popular too. (cause they know how to hide it well I guess??) Chanyeol and Baekhyun are good examples or really trashy males being ultra populars cause they know how to fake closeness with their fans and play up the gay fantasy their fans wanna see.
Those people also constantly make weird comments about peoples skin tones, Taeyeon with Alicia key being pretty for a black girl or exo members constantly making fun of Kai for his skin tone, Rap monster saying he couldn't see V and Jhope in the dark cause they're too black… Their culture seems so disgusting and backward, how can you stan exo members after all the homophobic comment they made or knowing Baekhyun calling girls from his school "slut" Chanyeol making fun of Snsd members for being ugly barefaced? All male kpop idols are trash I'm convinced of that.

Btw 8/10 korean male admit to abusing their gf so that gives you a good idea of how sweet your oppa probably is.

No. 236602


I think JooE is ugly too, but I like ugly idols. They usually have a more fun personality, and it's better than cookie cutter. (although Nancy is cute as shit and a favorite)

No. 236604

Ah yes, the old "everyone else thinks this idol is ugly so I'm going to be unique and special and call her beautiful for extra unique and special points". Girl. We all know she is no beauty. Good on her though for using comedy to get over that fact.

No. 236611

File: 1521913272213.jpg (43.3 KB, 640x632, vuh.jpg)

The fact that V can choose not to go on a diet and have a tummy, says a lot about the company I believe. The members are also allowed to talk about being drunk, sex, pornography and swear, so they're surprisingly not restricted compared to other groups.
Of course things are not perfect with Bighit, but you will never find a flawless company in any music industry

No. 236616

>We all know she is no beauty.

Who is "we?"

No. 236624

Can you give me links about this exo trash?

No. 236627


A good rundown of the worst of EXO, with videos and screenshots.

No. 236629

Uhh anon, her skin looks clear, she looks a healthy weight and her face is proportional, she just doesn't fit some people's preferences, so its not like her being ugly is a 100% objective fact and anyone who says shes cute is just a special snowflake, the world doesn't revolve around you

No. 236631

>skin looks clear
>looks a healthy weight
>face is proportional
If every person out there who fits these criteria "deserves" to be famous, we've got a problem…

No. 236632

Nowhere did I say this, nowhere, that wasn't even relevant to what I was saying at all
I'm saying if we're using universal beauty standards, idk why you think its impossible for people to find her attractive rather than she simply doesn't meet your preferences

Did you even read a word I said outside of listing universal beauty standard features

No. 236634

Uglier idols are propped up by the de facto visual(s) of their group and bring other assets (including non-talent attributes like charisma) to the table. Jooe saved her group from perpetual nugudom by playing up how weird she dances to match her looks. She's not praised for her looks but for her energy. I don't get why you're so pressed that people like her, regardless of her appearance or lack of talent.

No. 236636

I simply don't believe that having energy or dancing weirdly is something anybody should be getting paid for.
I saw that picture on netizenbuzz and thought that i'll have to agree with them; in her case saying she's ugly has nothing to do with being just nitpicky.
(And what truly saved them was plagiarizing an already popular song)

Besides, you're on a site that even trashes real models looks, so calm down, not everyone has to like her, i only stated my opinion.

No. 236637

Not gonna lie anon, most of this list is really cringeworthy tumblr tier reaching. "Culturally appropriating braids" and "he said his ideal type has pale skin das raycis!!!!" is where it lost all the tiny amount of credibility it had. And I don't even like EXO.

No. 236638

Why is it that so many Kpop, and especially BTS fans, seem to be muslims? Nearly all top comments of their videos will feature a profile pic of a hijabi girl.
(I mean girls in skimpy outfits and guys dancing while thrusting their hips…?)

No. 236639

>(And what truly saved them was plagiarizing an already popular song)

Not really, Jooe's wacky dancing saved them.

No. 236641

File: 1521924203399.jpg (40.94 KB, 480x480, suga.jpg)

I have to idea why they would call out EXO on it, when having braids is actually pretty common in kpop. It's never a permanent thing, but I've seen many groups have at least 1 member do it at one point. Even BTS has done this, with Jhope and Suga, and RM used to have an afro and dreadlocks

No. 236642

People only paid attention to Momoland's comeback because JooE became a living meme:

Sure, the song became viral for its catchiness over time, but plenty of catchy or good songs get lost because there's no drawing factor or gimmick. Crayon Pop's BarBarBar is pretty much the same thing. If the girls weren't wearing those tracksuits and helmets and jumping up and down, no one would've cared. Kpop sells idols, not music.

No. 236643

File: 1521924549258.png (6.89 KB, 555x94, holylmaothisblog.PNG)

Well most of that tumblr consists of "taeyang had dreads" and "g-dragon wore a straightjacket for a music video tw:ableism" bullshit. Pic related is when I started debating if the admin of this travesty of a blog is either mentally challenged or trolling.

No. 236646

>I have to idea why they would call out EXO on it, when having braids is actually pretty common in kpop
because the person who made the list is literally a they/them tumblr tard who thinks problematic behavior is only acceptable when it's from her faves.

No. 236648

File: 1521925263107.jpg (11.15 KB, 320x228, 15535325_1759405711050607_3128…)

JooE is really ugly but I do think she looks better with her hair down. But now they are forever going to put her in twin tails because that was the look when she got meme'd.

But her face really got no saving. I hope she won't let the comments get her too much.

No. 236649

Anon… I can assure you, she will be lucky to get paid throughout her career. Being known =/= earning money.

No. 236651

File: 1521925975111.jpg (42.7 KB, 469x554, k8V0MXp.jpg)

Kpop stylists fucking love meme or "unique" hairdos. I feel bad for idols who get shoved into the short hair role in spite of it being unflattering or not having it styled properly.

Dara probably got the shortest stick regarding hair, though.

No. 236655

I don't see what's so ugly about her

No. 236662

But she has value if you watch the BBOOM BBOOM music video the Tzuyu lookalike and Jooe are the one that stand out the most, one because she is pushed for her visual the other because she has a unique look and flavor.

No. 236667


It's okay anon, beauty is subjective after all. She seems sweet enough anyway.


Honestly is dumb to say "she's ugly and doesn't sing well!!! what is she payed for??" imo, because music in general, and especially kpop, is not only about the music itself, but also the performance. I guess especially after Gaga, that kinda pushed the performative side of it to the mainstream. Is about putting a show and being energetic. Some people don't like some singer because even though they sing well, they are "boring" and have no stage presence/energy, for example.

Not that I think that JooE is particularly amazing, but it does the job for their public.

My two cents, at least.

No. 236679


I remember reading on that blog and already expecting there to be really nitpicking stuff, but that took the cake for me lol; that and the straightjacket thing. Also if you're screeching about non-black people wearing dreads, afros or the like because it's """cultural appropriation""" you're a moronic crybaby. Most of these stupid call out blogs or "your fave is problematic" blogs usually consist of stuff only sjws would cry and care about, while the rest just shrug it off like any normal person and don't take it to mean the celebrity/idol is an absolutely horrible person just because they did this slightly non-perfect thing this one time. It really annoys me how everyone expects their "stans" (I hate that word too, you shouldn't be worshipping anyone like that) to stay 100% perfect all the time. Get a life please lmao

Also, I don't understand why you'd willingly continue to be fans of a group that supposedly offends you so much. If you don't like the members, why not just listen strictly to the music and not really care what they do as people? It makes me think they just wanna stay in the fandom to call bloody murder on the next idol to do something wrong, like they think they're the holy messiah of calling idols out.

No. 236690

Same, I can't really find anything wrong with her? She looks qt to me!

No. 236691

File: 1521946206309.png (158.32 KB, 400x400, 3C0E842B-C981-4D6C-A1CF-A0ABA8…)

She isn’t without the fried blonde hair.

99% of female kpop stars are pale and skinny with a tall nose, small mouth, big eyes, circle lenses, and straight hair. It gets so boring after awhile, no wonder I didn’t see the appeal in Twice.

No. 236694

Selfies don't count, anyone can look good with angles and editing apps.

Here she is on a TV show talking about her plastic surgery and they brought up her predebut pics towards the end.

No. 236695

Twice are quite visually varied though and have a few members people regularly call ugly. I'd say they're one of the less cookie cutter standard beauty groups. But yeah. Personally I find it super hard to distinguish between WJSN members, they all seem to have that ~perfect k-beauty~ look and end up looking more or less the same.

No. 236696

File: 1521947034885.jpeg (95.56 KB, 1024x561, F0067411-56CC-4410-8A30-590747…)

there are certain idols that I seriously never got the hype around…at all

Krystal is pretty but you would think she was a Greek goddess with all the praise she gets

No. 236698

File: 1521947392172.jpg (188.73 KB, 1200x800, VjsxjDH.jpg)

I was about to make the same exact comment, down to even using WSJN as an example of the same cookie cutter pretty. It's not like anyone in Twice doesn't fit the general parameters of attractiveness, though.

Hani's chin is way past the point of knife-territory. It was distracting as fuck in DDD. LE also just got a new round of fillers and I hope they settle soon, cause she looks awful.

No. 236702

File: 1521949720481.jpg (148.26 KB, 960x639, P.O.P Korea.jpg)

Speaking of cookie cutter beauty, when I first saw this I thought it was a joke for a split second. Probably the worst idea when you're trying to launch a new group is to have every single member look the exact same in your teaser photo.

No. 236705

File: 1521952743279.png (604.28 KB, 729x483, Screen Shot 2018-03-24 at 11.3…)

Twice too me is one of the most visually varied groups (as far as kpop goes) imo. Learning their names and telling them apart when I was into twice was super easy relative to other groups. Mina and Momo are the only members that look super similar. While groups like Lovelyz and Gfriend all the members look almost identical

No. 236710

>it's been 7 months since POP's debut and it has less than half the views Honey Popcorn has on their MV
Wow. Poor girls.

And yeah, Twice's management was also very smart about giving the girls unique looks or roles in most of their MVs, with the cliche highschool characters, movie genres, Halloween costumes, and ayylmao powers. It sucks that groups with "pure" concepts, especially new ones, can't vary far from nearly identical outfits and straight non-black/brown dyed hair. It's non-controversial styling, but also forgettable.

No. 236717

wow i am confused. some of these girls look so alike. especially the one girl in the dark skirt to the left and the one in the middle.

No. 236721

B-but anon, it's racist to say that asians look the same!

No. 236725

I hate how obtuse some kpop fans could be. Whenever someone points out that idols look similar they freak out and try to call you racist.

There are like five female kpop stars with really short hair or flat noses. They are barely any of them with square faces or brown skin, either.

No. 236726

File: 1521964662252.gif (1.35 MB, 540x359, g2VHR1u.gif)


>Mina and Momo are the only members that look super similar.

wat? I don't see it. Momo is prettier, btw. (she's looking very good with her new black bob. Very classic)


Oof, she really looked better pre-debut. She has a fun personality though, I can't hate or her ugliness. She also looked better with dark hair. I wish their agency would dye it already, it's so fried…

No. 236727

File: 1521965424470.png (573.63 KB, 850x478, Hhg7dN5.png)

Not the original poster, but one has dark and one blonde hair with bangs, so of course you'll be able to keep them apart. (and that 'destroys' the argument that white people are just as hard to tell apart as asians; different eye and hair colour obviously helps a lot)

I personally think that Mina resembles Sana a lot more though, like pic related.

No. 236728

File: 1521969246391.jpg (50.42 KB, 500x887, bsQoLTg.jpg)

Korean standards are just different. Tzuyu from Twice counts as having "brown skin" to Koreans but to me she just looks a little tanned.

>different eye and hair colour obviously helps a lot
Anecdotally speaking, it doesn't, kek. They still find it hard to tell us apart. I guess it's because they're used to looking at facial features instead of things like hair and eye colors.

No. 236729

File: 1521970456755.jpg (68.72 KB, 500x494, 7hIBQO7.jpg)

nowadays her skin looks whiter than most white peoples skin.

however she probably (definently) lightens her skin cause she was darker before

No. 236730

That's what her fansites who edit her skin would like you to believe… They all lie about how "white" their fav's skin looks like when in actuality, they're not as white as snow.

No. 236751

Agreed, I remember the shitstorm when Jackson Wang wore his hair in dreadlocks. Absolutely embarrassing

No. 236759

i wish there was more of a space for criticism in kpop because the fact that there's no fair criticism that gets accepted means loads of kpop fans think "this isn't their best song imo" is too harsh and mean to their poor unnies while other fans just spout out "her nose is ugly and she's fat and i hope she quits" with barely anything in between. a song has to be fucking terrible for fans on reddit to admit they don't like it, and even then they have to say how great it is that the group worked sooo hard and that after 16 listens the song kind of grew on them

No. 236760

Surely the attraction of Kpop is not the lyrics, or actual quality o the songs which come off as late 90's-2000's cheesy American pop but the overall performance. All that money invested in videos, the styling and dancing which serves as a distraction despite that too appearing dated in comparison to EU/USA music. I'm sure most Kpop fans know the songs aren't incredible, they just are engrossed by the superficiality of it all.

No. 236773

Oh my god, that’s the worst.

>I’ll listen to it 3756 more times, it’ll grow on me!

No. 236782

At least they didn't fuck up a third time with Holocaust imagery.

No. 236783

File: 1522009554443.jpg (7.46 KB, 200x186, muhhomophobia.jpg)


Is… is that Chanyeol? And Baekhyun?
If so…

No. 236786

thats siwon and idk who from super junion anon

No. 236788


TY anon. I reverse googled it and only got chinese sites labeling it chanbaek.
But yeah, figures something like that might come from fucking SuJu of all groups. Think they cemented their status as absolute lowest POS group yet? With DUIs, rape accusations, homophobia, hardcore Christianism and allegations from fans it might be a contender for the title kek

No. 236790

File: 1522011234233.jpeg (114.15 KB, 1200x800, 11BC0B6C-6F9D-4D9D-A384-8E93B3…)

Remember Ukiss? I think they might be the most fail worthy group. I saw some video of one of the members who quit because he knocked up his girlfriend, and it was so embarrassing seeing him to keep up his cute aegyo image while taking care of his infant child.

Not to mention the constant adding and taking away members.

The fact that Kevin was obviously closeted.

Another one of their members getting married and having a baby and still wanting to perform on stage for the small amount of fans they have.

Kind of sad really

No. 236815

File: 1522015052543.gif (1.93 MB, 500x380, 8ba0d3b3ca6ad92fc52005798e52c8…)

I think i already posted this here before, but i still remember just how shocked i was by their living conditions…
They have this one english speaking member, i think he's called Kevin(?) and he always came across as so uncomfortably desperate, and seeing how he lived he probably was…

Another idol that gives of similar trying-too-hard vibes is Vixx N. I can't even pinpont what urks me about him, since he seems to be a nice person, but i can't help but always cringe…

No. 236818


N really gives me the thirsty vibes as well but you gotta admit… he is pretty (ex. at 1:49)

No. 236821

File: 1522015686162.jpg (75.39 KB, 540x570, 7c06a0233a4eb72b554f31720046e3…)

The problem is that he knows that; same with Jin.

Can you imagine an american musician going on tv and saying "I'm the most handsome man in the world!" kek
Nothing wrong with being confident, but this is just uncomfortable…

No. 236829

I honestly don't blame Jin, he's easily the least talented member of the group lol so it comes off as more amusing than arrogant when he talks about how pretty he is because everyone knows it's the only reason he was put in the band.

No. 236841


I honestly feel like Jin is just poking fun at his designated role as the visual. it always came off as self-depreciating and not quite serious.

No. 236850

Imo he definitely comes across as being serious; it's way more than just the usual 'Hi, i'm the face of the group'.
Poking fun at themselves or the role the industry has pushed them into, isn't usually something idols do…

No. 236853


Maybe I misjudged him then, but I always thought esp. Suga and Jin were pretty sarcastic about their roles in the group. J-Hope/Jimin/JK are so faux earnest and ~aegyo~ it pisses me off a little, they can't act that well. V looks like he's mentally challenged. No comment on RM.

No. 236858

I feel most of his camera-on persona is a calculated act. He did major in acting after all.

Him getting papper hearts out of no where during shows and interviews is very cute, if in a corny way.
But it does annoy me a bit when he goes overboard with the over reactions during Run episodes.

No. 236860

>No comment on RM
How can he be so bland? His lyrics and his rap are not really bad, and he's not even that ugly, but the whole package feels so lacking. He comes off as a smart kid but without really much to say besides the "school in Korea is bad" stuff.

No. 236865


He gives me former indigo child vibes. Like he was hyped all his life to be this prodigy and now he's so hyperfixated on that role that he can't be anything else. In BTS Bon Voyage he kept trying to go into those deep topics with Jin and J-Hope and they always kind of went "bro" really uncomfortably.
He's just… bland, yeah.

At least Suga has that low simmering hatred of his surroundings and the fake shit in his eyes at times, lol.

No. 236874

Because he’s an idol for teenagers, it would completely ruin his image to talk about any real issues. Dumb teenagers love it when their fanbase panders to their ‘issues’. Like that song about suicide by whoever that american popsinger is. The message was lame and stupid “I want you to be alive! You dont gotta die today..!!’, but all of the faux depressed snowflakes love the shit out of that song. A lot of these wannabe korean rappers are all the same. Yeah we get it, you had to stay up all night studying. So they either go on about that, or some love story, or how much better better they ‘rap’ then each other. People with real issues like poverty and growing up with a single mother would never get any limelight because even simple things that can just be looked over like having daddy run out for a bottle of soju and never coming back are never talked about. Kids get bullied for having divorced parents ffs.i dont some idol rapper would ever be able to talk about anything ‘deep’. Unless of course another idols kills himself due to depression, then everybody gets on their soapbox for a few days and tries to benefit from a tragedy and talk about how deep they are and totes have depression too while the news is still hot//rant

No. 236875

Well, considering Korea's extreme suicide statistics, it's not a stretch to think the idols saying they are also depressed after a notorious suicide are telling the truth.
But I see your point about the media circus and pandering.

No. 236888

>Like that song about suicide by whoever that american popsinger is.
Logic's a rapper but yeah I almost laughed out loud when I heard that song. Maybe I'm just bitter but I can't imagine a depressed person hearing that and going "ah yes Logic wants me to live guess i shouldn't catch the bus after all".

>i dont some idol rapper would ever be able to talk about anything ‘deep’.

Agust D/Suga is the only instance of an idol rapper writing about anything "deep" that I can think of (but then I don't know if I'd consider him an "idol rapper", strictly speaking.)

No. 236893


I definitely get the feeling most k-pop fans couldn't care less about the songs. I remember accidentally stumbling upon one of those cringey compilation videos they make of groups touching each other and doing fanservice stuff, and so many comments were people saying things like "I'm gonna start stanning this band they're so gay lmao" or "omg why haven't I gotten into this band yet they are so shippable". so I think a lot of kpop fans are only here to watch good-looking asian guys get touchy-feely with each other and screech about how real their ships are with 100% true genuine evidence. It's really gross and creepy and kind of sad seeing all those blogs dedicated to real people fulfilling some horny teen's fantasy.

No. 236900

File: 1522047766563.jpg (56.35 KB, 1024x632, 8367c8c97cfa09e21aa3f2b03780fc…)

All their fans love that fake deep shit.

I still remember when peope found out just how young some of the love yourself models were, they immediately were making up theories that the girls just represent their pasts or whatever.
And then were deeply diappointed when it came out that bts or their agency really thought casting 16-year-olds as love interests of men in their early to mid twenties was a good idea kek

No. 236911

lmao I never knew how young they were that's hilarious. That girl would've been 16 opposite JHope who would've been 23. Thankfully none of their scenes were sexual or even overtly romantic so it's at least not uncomfortable to watch but still kind of weird.

No. 236923

He mentioned in an episode of Bon Voyage that he doesn't really believe he's that handsome, but he knows it makes people laugh and that in return makes him happy. It was in a conversation with RM about what makes them happy. It's kind of the same thing with him blowing kisses all the time. It's as annoying as him calling himself "Worldwide handsome" but it works, it gets him the attention he otherwise wouldn't get due to his lack of outstanding traits or talent.

No. 236925

Especially younger audiences want to feel understood, I get that they'd latch on to that tbh.

Also ot but I'm Real Depressed (tm) and I did listen to that Logic Song while I was feeling suicidal, it's not like it would have stopped me but it's a well-intentioned sentiment and that's still nice. For someone who's young and impressionable things like that can make a difference.

No. 236926

File: 1522065398155.gif (3.04 MB, 512x384, giphy (1).gif)

Still, it makes me wonder how the others can endure being with him 24/7, if a friend of mine did that…

No. 236939

File: 1522070449409.jpg (49.33 KB, 500x829, 4079fb773eaf68b51484cc25986d26…)

That's almost worst. The guy is clearly handsome, he used to model and went viral plenty of time for his good looks, it's really cringy when good looking people act like they're not. If he seriously believe he isn't beautiful he should quit because he has literally zero other value as an idol since he's a shitty dancer and has a mediocre nasally voice…

No. 236948

I don't know him too much but I once saw their child pictures and he used to look… not very good, that could be why? It happens often that people who used to be the ugly ducklings and then became attractive still see themselves kind of ugly

No. 236955

File: 1522077512947.jpg (44.12 KB, 512x268, 2017-07-19.jpg)

Why is this conversation slowly turning from being annoyed by Jin's worldwide handsome + kiss hand, to 'poor baby Jin thinks he's ugly'…?

Besides he's always looked pretty much the same.

The most pathetic thing i ever read was fans 'feeling so sorry that they cried' for him, because he's allegedly insecure since one of his fingers is a bit shorter.

No. 236959

File: 1522078643267.jpg (46.46 KB, 604x459, B8hZIKEIMAEDsZV.jpg)


> because he's allegedly insecure since one of his fingers is a bit shorter.


No. 236961

File: 1522078953291.jpg (25.05 KB, 500x333, d0dade29f6fe081341135e14bd7328…)

Anon is exaggerating, he has genuinely fucked up fingers because of a joint disorder. It looks painful tbh.

No. 236970

File: 1522080558313.jpg (18.07 KB, 300x283, 300px-Hypermobile_fingers_and_…)

>he has genuinely fucked up fingers because of a joint disorder
That just looks like normal hypermobility, nothing wrong with that, many people (myself included) have it.

Bu3t that's what you get from fandoms that even fetishize their Oppars finger's, the smallest imperfection will get noticed.

No. 236971

File: 1522080577503.jpg (454.22 KB, 1358x1988, finger-hyperextension2.jpg)

No. 236972


Damn. That looks like Ehlers Danlos or some kind of hypermobility gene defect like Marfan. No armchair diagnoses, but those fingers are ass crooked.

No. 236974

anon those don't even look the same.

No. 236975


I think these are just examples from the internet, check the file names. But in this case, I'm pretty sure it's something pathological judging by how his fingers are so swan-necked (distal phalanx is crooked forward, proximal is hyperextended).

No. 236976

well i get that, but anon atleast could look for something visually similar to back up their point.

No. 236977

If you do these 'tricks' like in the 2 pics i posted often as a child, of course your joints will stick out weirdly even in a relaxed state.
I don't want to selfpost, but mine look even worse than his even if i try to hold them completely straight and it doesn't hurt, there's nothing wrong and definitely nothing to feel self conscious over.

No. 236978

File: 1522081131144.jpg (15.18 KB, 335x262, mallet-bout-swan.jpg)


I'll do you the favor myself then lmao.

Compare the swan neck one with Jin's fingers, they do look pretty similar.

No. 236980

anon, you obviously feel insecure about other people being unhappy with a condition you have. just get over it, you're not a guy in an industry based on looks. no one cares your opinion about his fingers.

No. 236982

File: 1522081622245.jpg (17.95 KB, 584x201, morelikenoINfighting.jpg)


While I believe there's something actually up with his fingers, let's not derail.

Can we talk about how creepy EXO's "leader" Suho is…? His smile freaks me out.

No. 236983

If you're in the public eyes people are going to make you feel bad for anything being out of place by acting like it's a huge deal, like Megan Fox's toe thumb. Of course if you're just a regular person you can just tell people who make fun of you to fuck off.

No. 236984

File: 1522081683231.jpg (Spoiler Image, 3.93 MB, 5312x2988, 20180326_182415.jpg)

Here you go

No. 236986

Do you have example of him looking creepy? I think he is cute.

I know people complain about us criticizing idol's look but sehun look legit retarded to me. His eyes are empty.
"The light is on but there nobody home" is all I can think about when I see him.
He is also really shit live.

No. 236988

File: 1522082158031.gif (764.85 KB, 244x244, tenor.gif)


Sehun is just… odd. You're right, I always expect him to take five seconds to compose an answer. It doesn't help he speaks so slowly as well. Learning korean and his speech is so washed and slurred, I can barely get what he's saying.

Also, Kai looks like he suffers from narcolepsy and in interviews they always say he's a huge slob and imply he's kind of rude. Why Krystal dated him we'll never know.

No. 236990

According to the koreans fans, both of them are rude and therefore fit together lol
(Plus he does look good…)

No. 236991

Krystal has a reputation for being a really rude stuck up person so it would work between them. Just like Baekhyun and Taeyeon.

No. 236992


> shawty imma party til the sundown

> nevah don't mind about a thing



always crack me up, I cant take him seriously with this BS

No. 236993

File: 1522082670370.jpg (63.91 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)


Some people say Baekhyun looks good too, but I can't get over his shitty ass acting in Exo Next Door. The only person worse than him in that is Suho and Suho went to school for acting, has 3 dramas, a movie and a broadway role and still continues to act like a wooden slab painted with 22 Green BB cream.

No. 236996

Baekhyun is an ugly twink I don't get his appeal at all. Plus he made fun of a girl for not having big enough breast in some forum "is that a woman? where are the breast?" which is ironic since he ended up dating Taeyeon who's super skinny and he himself isn't a big manly guy at all lmao.

No. 236997

File: 1522083111848.jpg (28.55 KB, 480x330, unnamed.jpg)

Never watched him act, but everything about him looks just so tiny, his height/body, his head, his mouth, so i don't really get how anybody could find him hot.
Plus he has weirdly wide hips, so imo he looks pretty feminine.

Xiumin is also short, but at least looks proportionate.

No. 236998

File: 1522083302020.jpg (56.36 KB, 500x613, Suho1.jpg)


Suho is kinda pretty for a dude, but he often acts really awkwardly (fake crying at awards, really obvious cringy fanservice, trying to be ~leader~ too hard while no one's interested in listening to him).
Plus, his mouth is just. So big. Fucking freaky.

No. 237000

File: 1522083832464.jpg (38.39 KB, 600x600, CH_VoyNUsAAqY7T.jpg)

Now i get what you mean anon, he looks seriously 'empty' kek
Same with V; if you're brainless, but handsome, you just need to alternate between aegyo and 'staring sexily' to get popular…

No. 237002

I think you can clearly see that he's from a very wealthy family (no idea why or how).
He already always acts more composed than the others because of this and then trying to be the big leader on top of that…
But i do think he's rather handsome.

No. 237003

File: 1522084381159.gif (1.91 MB, 500x300, b98d37796a1f27a61eaeab0481af12…)

V has one of the worst "resting dumbass face" in the world lmao. I don't get how his fans can find it endearing even his beautiful face can't save that.

No. 237004

File: 1522084429050.jpeg (6.9 KB, 225x225, images.jpeg)


Lmao anon why do they think SM let him debut after being a trainee for 7+ years. He's obviously not talented in singing, dancing or acting, but his parents are rich.

Same with Tao. They wanted that chinabux so they let him debut. Some website ran a whole story on him being sussed out as a kid of some Chinese ultra-rich company owner.

No. 237005

File: 1522084741565.jpg (28.84 KB, 1000x500, EXO-DO_1478034115_af_org.jpg)

It's truly a shame, since he's extremely good looking…

Funny how so many fans think training for a long time = he must be really talented then
Tao always looked kind of angry/rude imo?

What i don't get is, why do so many (especially international fanss i guess) find Do so hot?
He seems just so incredibly bland.

No. 237006

File: 1522085147027.jpg (29.55 KB, 500x750, a56bf2a82d243480171ffc9a0b9c80…)

His face looks so much like a child's that looking at his body makes me feel guilty…

No. 237007

File: 1522085166923.jpg (151.05 KB, 1080x1080, tumblr_otdo56i4bT1rr2y8io1_128…)


I'm not a DO/Exo fan myself, but it's supposedly because he's "real" and doesn't put on much of a show to be some kind of persona (or at least does it subtly). You often see him annoyed with other members of his group and he hates doing aegyo cutesy shit. It also helps he's a slightly above average actor and can sing decently (aside from that other one guy probably the only one in Exo with a singing voice).

Any smidgeon of talent = GOD D.O WITH AN ANGELIC VOICE AND PRESHUS FACE in those fangirl eyes

No. 237008

File: 1522085268828.jpg (59.39 KB, 564x776, cd12d9ef4d656d0810ae5d15c0df41…)

He looks like what the rest of the world thinks an average asian guy looks like. He is way above average in his country since a lot of them have really fucked up faces… I think he is one of the most attractive in the group, to bad he is basically a dwarf kek. I also enjoy how much he seem to be over idol life.

No. 237009

File: 1522085416074.jpg (120.41 KB, 600x1253, tumblr_inline_np0uk5NPlx1tp3am…)

Just looking at him, made me feel like he's one of those people with the personality of a piece of bread…
But it's nice that they like someone for his talent for once.

No. 237010

File: 1522085558712.jpg (91.57 KB, 1199x678, DQTn1DPXcAAK04E.jpg)


DO @ idol life, basically.

But all of them are overrated, except maybe Chen who gets to be out of SM prison twice a year to sing in an OST, receive an indie award and look really dumb with his buzzed bowl cut kek

No. 237011

The most overrated group atm is Blackpink; neither do they look like they did in their promo, nor do they sound that good live.
It feels like 2ne1 fans just needed a replacement.

But the most annoying thing is the contrast between head to toe Gucci- "Slay queen" and constant aegyo voices.
Also claiming to be naturally skinny when they clearly starve themselves…

No. 237015

I love slenderness but they take it too far. Especially Lisa and Rose, they have cute face but their leg freaks me out they have no fat AND no muscle, they should be fit since they're always dancing around. They have to be starving themselves.

No. 237018

File: 1522088684605.png (134.13 KB, 238x786, tumblr_inline_oc30hlJlEB1tru3i…)


Lmao those ribs, inb4 anyone says she's just slender.
Lisa is 100% starving herself and also bleaches to a spoopy degree. She used to be pretty dark but now has really light skin that peels from all the bleach.

No. 237019

blackpink are super skinny but wear a lot of clothes that make them look curvy to hide it and make it seem like they just have tiny waists but are thicker everywhere else, like rosé in really baggy sweatpants or the cut of their shorts in some performances

No. 237021

The said thing is that lots of (pre)teens commented how much 'goals' she is…ugh

No. 237022

It upset me too. They don't realize the reason why those girls look so good is because they have a huge team of stylist, hairdressers and makeup artist making sure they look amazing at all time. (on top of being naturally beautiful girls of course)

No. 237023

Who has the best body in kpop in your opinion, anons? (female and male)

No. 237024

File: 1522089721759.jpg (43.19 KB, 362x692, Yoonabody.jpg)

Obligatory Yoona. Her face is super boring to me but her body is well balanced, it's cute and sexy at the same time.

No. 237026

Dahye of BESTie

No. 237029

File: 1522090396153.jpg (137.62 KB, 500x750, 19897430092.jpg)

Don't know who has the best one but Haeryung has to have one of the worst ones, poor girl starved herself to nothing and she didn't even get a waist…

No. 237030

You know all of them put a persona in front of the cameras right?
Idols can't act like real people when being filmed.

No. 237033

What do you guys think about the Idol military enlistment rules?
I can't help but feel that Korea is being retarded about that, think about how much money they are losing.
They should go harder with world domination while kpop is in vogue instead of trying to muh fairness.

No. 237040

The only thing rm had done was his nose, and that was only to make his nose bridge more defined, it didnt change anything else. Hes just unfortunate looking naturally.

No. 237046

File: 1522095845075.jpg (44.58 KB, 560x747, 4ca55afcd13459c2e0accaa9324485…)

Hyuna probably

No. 237050

File: 1522096512636.gif (7.29 MB, 315x490, 헬로비너스`나라`시구`-2.gif)

Hello Venus Nara (looking at her makes me feel glad to be tall)

No. 237051

File: 1522097128238.jpeg (79.5 KB, 600x900, 4D8876D1-BBB1-41A1-BB22-EE9C1B…)

No. 237052

She didn’t starve herself. She actually spent a lot of time trying to gain weight because people criticized her. She managed to gain a few pounds and look fuller but always lost again while promoting

No. 237053


No, no one of us has EVER considered the possibility that idols have to put on a façade in front of the public. Ever. Thank you for that revelation, it has opened thousands of farmers' eyes on here.

But that aside, the persona itself existing isn't the problem, it's the problem that it's just fucking annoying.

No. 237055

No. 237056


Anon, do you believe everything AllKPop and Soompi say…?

No. 237057

>she didn't starve herself
You don't actually believe that do you anon lol. Poor girl most likely has an ed like 90% of girlgroup members

No. 237063

File: 1522098770399.jpg (64.29 KB, 650x982, x0qyDTh-650x982.jpg)


No. 237065

File: 1522099153948.gif (947.32 KB, 245x389, 65abef19850c6afb138cf1597b608e…)

Yuri's If performance is still the hottest a female idol has ever looked. She's still hot but her body back then was 10/10

No. 237066

File: 1522099243943.jpg (95.16 KB, 607x1023, bf4a8c49997555d979c83587ed7825…)

sorry for samefag but yeah this body

No. 237070

No. 237071

No confirmation about cause of death but most likely suicide. I'd never even heard of him. Poor dude.

No. 237073

I heard from friends that it was from cardiac arrest?? She could be wrong though

No. 237074

No. 237079


Yes, Dahye at her prime was top notch.


Tzuyu is also nice. Momo too.

Joy from Red Velvet.

Yeonwoo also have a nice body. And Nancy. I like anyone with a bit of chub on their thighs and small waist. Abs are a plus too.
A lot of idols have really nice bodies, imo.

I didn't know her but she's pretty hot

Also Hyebin. She's super fucking thin but the way she moves makes her look so curvacious? vid related

No. 237080

And speaking of Momoland, their agency must be the stupidiest out there. Plagiarism and chart manipulation, GG guys.

I feel sorry for the girls though, they are always the escapegoat when this kinda shit hits the fan

No. 237085

her body is awesome and she's very pretty but i dont see how she's considered the most beautiful idol out there? same with irene. krystal, seulgi, sulli, suzy, nana etc are more beautiful

No. 237088

File: 1522105359415.gif (2.33 MB, 291x480, giphy.gif)


No. 237091

Okay sure he might have simply dropped dead for no reason too, it's not outside the realm of possibility. I just put 2+2 together and guessed suicide because Korea.

Because Koreans like that kind of plain face, etc, etc, blah blah. It's been over a decade, let's all please get over why Korea likes Yoona so much. It's so tedious every single time she's mentioned people start the "but x and y is more attractive", yeah it's probably true but we can't change how they feel about her so it's pointless. I'm sure most of Koreans are moving on to newer, younger idols by now anyway. They seem to lose interest in idols once they pass a certain age/a new generation of groups debut.

No. 237102

File: 1522108868438.jpg (140.27 KB, 500x400, -Seulgi-with-Irene-red-velvet-…)

And i don't get why international fans seem to be so obsessed with Seulgi, her face is just as 'bland' as Irene's and Yoona's…?

No. 237108

because of her ~exotic eyes~ so they can virtue signal something about "natural Asian monolids uwu"

No. 237109

damn that sucks, 33 is way too young

No. 237112

File: 1522110840620.jpg (166.62 KB, 800x810, Darling-U10_10.jpg)

Because she has monolids and international fans like when idols are all natural

No. 237114

i love seulgi but her having monolids doesnt mean shes all natural lol

No. 237120

File: 1522112792716.gif (562.21 KB, 200x267, BF9FF72D-73F5-46D8-803C-4A3432…)

Never said that’s what it meant. She doesn’t have the kind of face that screams plastic surgery like every other idol has. You can easily tell when someone’s face has been messed with to fuck. That kind of too good to be true look, Idk how to explain it but you know what I mean. There’s too many predebut pics from when she was a kid to even dispute the fact that she looks natural. As natural as one can look before getting the kpop makeover anyway lol. I’m kinda worried for her though, these days her face has been looking huge. I don’t know if it’s her new hair (those god awful bangs) or some fucking weird korean Botox shit that adds 10 pounds to your face but it’s a shame. I’ve always wondered if she could be bullimic, she’s the thinnest member of the group when Wendy isn’t yoyo-dieting. constantly and during her live performances she’s a stick but her face just looks.. chubby? Doesn’t make any sense but it might just be the hair

No. 237121

File: 1522113221100.gif (1.97 MB, 268x340, sana.gif)

I can't tell if idols these days are faker than 2nd gen idols or if their just more obvious. Obviously they all put on an act, but for some it feels like themselves but exaggerated to fit idol standards and for others it feels like they might be completely different when there's no camera or fans. I get why because the 2nd gen idols who were openly a bit more blunt had people who didn't like it, and I don't like all of them either, but at least it felt a little more real than "I'm our teams sunshine vitamin cutie-sexy mood maker~".

Nayeon and Jennie seem like two idols loads of people agree are probably bitchier than they'd show as an idol but I wonder who's secretly totally different off cam. I can't tell with some like Sana, at first I thought it was an exaggerated ditzy act to get uncle fans who want to fuck a girl who acts like she doesn't know what's going on and I admired the hustle even if I think she's embarrassing, but now I think she might actually just be an idiot

No. 237122

File: 1522113638802.jpg (89.25 KB, 657x989, DZEC6YnU8AA1PhC-orig.jpg)

Seulgi still has her charms but the bangs need to fucking go

No. 237126

File: 1522114098638.jpg (70.47 KB, 1234x702, umji.jpg)

fat fillers? i dont understand why koreans seem to love chubby faces on very slim bodies… it looks off

No. 237128

File: 1522115208586.jpg (565.56 KB, 1701x1272, IMG_20180326_204422.jpg)

good night.

No. 237130


k-pop jumping on that latin pop bandwagon a year late, like they did with tropical house last year

No. 237131

far-left dude's "70s brit rocker caught wearing pajamas to the shops" vibe is killing me lmao

No. 237132

They all look so done with this shit lol who is the third from the left?? I haven’t kept up with sj in like 5 or 6 years.

No. 237137

FIRST OF ALL. There is nothing remotely near to Latino in those clothes, they are gonna get cocked alive inside them 4 layers if they were here. SECOND. God please somebody stop super junior. just. Why. Why are they still around, can't they just retire while conserving the small left amount of dignity they have? they don't have any imo but we all know they have ruined themselves with their shitty behaviour.

Only heechul, donghae, eunhyuk and maybe sungmin (wasn't him kicked out by his own fandom??) are worth something. Yesung is a pretentious and unfunny annoying bitch and that's that.

No. 237139

He wish, heechul looks like a mom in a midlife crisis at this point
That's Yesung

No. 237141

File: 1522117700622.gif (487.25 KB, 180x162, 9FF5BB0F-BECE-48CC-9FC9-C0A510…)

There was a time when 14 year old me thought these men were the hottest things ever. 2008 was a weird year.

No. 237142

This Heyne, she’s 25 years old, sings in a childlike voice, plays with toys and rolls around giving the camera sultry looks.

No. 237143

Lmao are those Persian and Armenian rugs in the bg? It looks like they raided my middle eastern grandmas house and wore and took everything she has (minus the black leather pants).

No. 237145

File: 1522119064744.jpg (50.12 KB, 500x750, tumblr_oqmj18yf3l1rprbmmo3_500…)

I might be biased because Kai is honest-to-god one of the most handsome men I've ever laid my eyes on (and I find him very sweet and interesting and intelligent) but I think he has a great body. I like bodies that you can tell have muscle but it's not over-the-top, just enough to look strong and attractive. Exo is the only k-pop group I like, they have a lot of fun songs, but Kai is the only one I follow lol. Suho and Sehun are handsome and attractive, Ziumin has nice looks too. I never got the appeal of Baekhyun and Kyungsoo, they're good-looking and all but nothing special and kinda bland at times. But Kai? Hooo boy, he blows everyone out of the water. Between him and the others in Exo, for me, there's honestly no comparison.

No. 237146

File: 1522119197384.jpg (59.35 KB, 1034x240, 41dqMVv.jpg)

>I admired the hustle even if I think she's embarrassing, but now I think she might actually just be an idiot
>pic related
I don't hate the idols for being genuinely stupid or playing it up, but the fans are the worst about promoting behaviors like this by calling it ~~~4D~~~. Sana and Momo get away with playing up their ditziness through sheer popularity and cuteness. If they were the girl from AKMU or JooE saying shit like "I got hit in the head as a child so I forgot to speak Japanese and English teehee" people would call them tryhard and rip them apart.

I think the internet (forums to analyze gifs frame by frame, people waiting for an idol to like something on IG, etc.) has made it harder for idols to be less filtered because anything not safe is immediately gonna be picked apart and can snowball into a scandal.

>mfw she's saying that people only think it's ageplay like because she is short and not curvy

No. 237150

>that pic
thanks for the laugh anon that's fucking hilarious

No. 237152

You realize this is an anti kpop thread, right? Not a sperg about your oppars abs like the embarrassing fans we bitch about thread.

No. 237153

Why did you choose a pic of him looking like a rapist lmao?
I agree that he's gorgeous tho, his face has a high fashion quality to it. But he's probably an asshole since he dated Krystal.

No. 237155

File: 1522123072887.png (131.39 KB, 288x275, 55675.png)

I can't get over the stupid face Suho make at this moment (1:33) in call me baby, he look like a perverted old man.

It's part of their job to keep a good face at all time especially in a music video, he is the focus for 5 second and he look weird and dumb. I would have never let this shit pass if I was the director.

No. 237157


Someone asked a question of who had the best body in k-pop, and I answered with my own opinion, simple as that. There's been so much talk about idols' faces and bodies in this thread as well, so why are you singling me out? Also, lmao, just because I'm admiring a Korean idol's body does not make me a k-pop fan, I hate those annoying little shits just as much as the next person in this thread.

No. 237158

File: 1522123648375.jpg (418.61 KB, 737x1200, 1522120942009 (1).jpg)

Sana's profile is absolutely disgusting. No idea why she's considered one of twice's visuals, are overjets ideal now or?

No. 237161

File: 1522124856232.gif (2.33 MB, 450x327, AD64A267-8C99-4FF2-A8ED-30CAAE…)

I hate that cutesy aegyo hand opening and closing thing. Especially from men because its like they are big man babies asking for some tit-milk.

Its also super creepy how people asct like these grown ass men are babies. Fan drawings of them as babies sucking on soothers, plushies of them as babies with bottles, being surprised that they tried a sip of alcohol or coffee. They arent your little mommy ageplay fantasy, they are grown ass men who get drunk, have one night stands, and jack off to japanese lesbian porn. Probably all in one night as well

No. 237162

probably should've made your post as a reply to >>237023 lol I was confused too, I thought you were posting in the wrong thread or something.

holy shit I've never seen her from the side. That's actually a nice nose IMO it just doesn't fit the rest of her features at all.

No. 237163

File: 1522126159466.jpg (98.64 KB, 800x1200, TrdjXj6.jpg)

That's shopped.

No. 237174

kek I should've known better in hindsight. Still a nice nose though, her lower jaw just throws it off a bit

No. 237175

File: 1522132981908.jpg (429.1 KB, 1365x2048, adaf3845de70ae4710671525ec0d87…)

why does this bts nigga look like a minion

No. 237176

Even at 14 I thought Leeteuk looked like a 30 year old lesbian

No. 237177

Because his stylist picked thoses shitty clothes for him? Gogogo is filled with meme dances so they might be trying to be cheeky.

No. 237178

>meme dances

That sounds terrifying.

No. 237190

Damn, she makes every 13 year old jpop idol seem mature in comparison and what kind of shitty excuse is that?!

Video related, you could see how jyp and everybody else in the room immediately realized that she's close to being full blown retarded, but that's what gets uncle fans going, so…

Kai's body and proportions are extremely nice, i agree. But i read somewhere that he claims to only weigh around 60kg, but is over 1.80? There's no way that this can be true

No. 237192


Haha that's alright, I guess it was my fault for not replying to the post asking the question, so my mistake.


Ugh I agree, it's really bizarre and creepy, especially the gif you posted, I honestly could feel myself recoiling in horror. It always amuses me to see dumb ass 14-year-old fans gasping in shock or getting embarrassed when anything relating to their idol's sex life comes up, or when a k-pop song is even mildly suggestive; it's like, what do you expect, these are grown ass men who cater to stupid horny teens like you with good looks and sexual dance routines. I guess it doesn't help that those annoying tv shows the idols go on encourage that childish behaviour for whatever reason. Why do they make them do that shit again? I think I read above a post saying it was to infantile them or something.

No. 237194

File: 1522139815955.jpg (130.9 KB, 525x700, btsminions2.jpg)

JK and RM dressed as minions for a calendar photoshoot so I'd bet on it being intentional

No. 237196

File: 1522139936965.gif (677.03 KB, 320x178, 258ddbfd32fc2266e5068e0c40544e…)

oh it is
>more minion imagery
pop culture was a mistake

No. 237199

File: 1522140537812.png (185.69 KB, 996x403, 4984983904839875039.png)

you don't understand anon it's actually DEEP and SELF AWARE. You understand BTS is a unique kpop group and everything they do is meaningful and profound.

No. 237202

Don't forget that they definitely pronounced the 'yolo' part as 'yalla' on purpuse, just for their muslim fans! They're sooo thoughtful

No. 237206

RM said the song is meant to commiserate with people who spend their money on meaningless trendy bullshit because they feel they have no future worth saving for so this analysis kind of makes sense despite how autistic it sounds, but that doesn't make the choreography any less stupid and cringey.

couldn't possibly be because "yolo" with a long "o" would be hard to sing in that particular verse, that'd just be ridiculous.

No. 237209

File: 1522149796851.jpg (55.11 KB, 602x518, seo-min-woo.jpg)

Anyone hear about this? Apparently this kpop idol called Seo Minwoo has died from cardiac arrest brought on by a suspected drug overdose.

No. 237211

Given the frequency of such idols dying through suicide as well as the pressures of debt and having to constantly reinvent their looks/ get plastic surgery do parents really still see being a "kpop" idol as something their kids should be pushed into? Most idols start training when they are very young, so are idol parents just the equivalient of stage moms and useless too?

No. 237213

Every parent that's okay with not seeing their child for several years is fucked up in general.

It's not like this is Africa there they have to grasp every little chance that could somehow grant a better future for their kid, they would have the option to just work a normal job.

No. 237217

File: 1522153893456.png (75.34 KB, 441x600, tumblr_nedj6xnsdK1tsop7ao5_500…)

I want to marry her, what a beautiful human being.

No. 237223

>Miss Flat Ass herself

The only right answer. The rest in this thread all look the same. Very skinny, no tits no ass, flat soft stomach and long thin legs. Which isn't bad looking, but how can you choose the best body out of a bunch of girls who all have the same body anyway

No. 237226

>they would have the option to just work a normal job
Korea's job market isn't great right now and unemployment is pretty high for college grads, I can understand why young attractive people would consider being a trainee an alternative. As for the parents, this is pure conjecture but they might either a) not have faith in their child performing well enough academically to succeed the "typical" way, or b) they're out of touch and don't realize how overly saturated the idol market is right now (or all of the above).

No. 237228

File: 1522157153366.jpg (91.21 KB, 786x1024, 09bb693675fa1c21534e4f71af09e2…)

c) they are rich af and don't give a damn, since money isn't an issue

No. 237229

well you can't be underweight and have great curves

No. 237230

Jin wasn't a kid when he debuted, "letting" your kid become a trainee when they're 21 is different from letting them become a trainee when they're ~13, but that aside yeah money definitely plays a huge factor.

No. 237236

File: 1522161071547.gif (1.67 MB, 275x468, tumblr_o15xxjJfTr1tf3z4go8_r1_…)


Agree that HyunA has a flat ass and not so many curves in general, but her body is okay.
Now saying DaHye has the same body as many k-idols is haersay. Her waist to hip ratio is great.
Same about Tzuyu, but she's thinner in general. Still amazing waist though.


tbh this thread is clearly full of kpop fans as well that can like something without being totally blind to its issues and people that like k-gossip

No. 237250

No. 237251

File: 1522167679583.png (25.17 KB, 698x366, Spain.png)

Korea's (youth) unemployment rate is incredibly low in comparison to many other first world countries and still you don't see those sending their underage children away from home to basically get abused 24/7.

No. 237253

that's true… honestly it's dark but i wonder how many ''entertainment'' agencies are actually undercover pimps

No. 237257

There's actually a lot of young Korean college grads imigrating to Japan/Canaa/Chine to get jobs at all.
Korea job market is brutal.

No. 237259

I bet Jungkook an V's mothers are huge gold diggers, good for them they got a huge return over their investings.

No. 237260

Isn't going to whore houses pretty common for men there?
A lot of the lesser girl groups must be required to do some "side jobs" in order and after debuting, never mind the failed idols.

No. 237264

One thing that creep me out with kpop fandoms is how much they twist whatever thoses guys do to fit their idea of them, they'll find any evidence to fit their fantasy of course. The smallest gesture can be used to confirm their delusion for example if Jungkook is tired or weak he is "a pouty baby that need banana milk" if he is dancing in a sexual way he is "a savage dom that will choke you with his dick".
One guy doing some cringy fanservice = "omg Baekhyun so want to suck Chanyeol's dick right now!!! What a slut!teheheeee"
They're at the same time fantasizing about thoses guy and totally projecting themselves into them, IMO especially when they think one members is a "bottom slut" who want to be fucked by the rest of the members… I really hate that, it's just to cringy. I know they're playing it up for the fan but fandoms seems to have no self awareness about it, they could just enjoy seiing cute guys being touchy touchy without pushing it so far.
Same with videos of male and female idols interacting like normal human being, the comment section is always filled with shippers who think that two people breathing in the same direction is proof that they're in love or a couple.

No. 237266

I personally am happy Koreans haven't fallen for the giant ass meme/scourge yet. Asses don't have to be huge to look good.

No. 237270

I assume you mean "Spain's (youth) unemployment". I can't pretend to know anything about Spain tbh but they don't have a comparable pop industry to send their children to. Hell if we had idol training in the United States I absolutely believe there would be young people throwing themselves at it.

I used to watch those "(ship name) Analysis" videos for a laugh and they're ridiculous. shippers genuinely think that because a man holds another man's hand or is comfortable falling asleep on him it means they're secretly in love/fucking. Try living/working/training with someone 24/7 for 5+ years and see if you care if they fall asleep on or get touchy with you anymore kek. And they never listen if you try to tell them that growing up in a homophobic country results in intimacy between same-sex friends being normalized. No Oppa 1 looked at Oppa 2 and licked his lips absentmindedly clearly he wants that dick.

No. 237301

Agreed. Better a flat ass than those ugly ass implants à la Kim K that got instapopular

No. 237311

File: 1522185990946.jpg (69.13 KB, 736x588, 505153f51eed12604beec12bf47fc3…)

Most of asians and europeans honestly don't give a shit about butts (and i hope it'll stay that way).
I'm sure everybody's seen this already, but here you go again.

No. 237329

No they meant Korea. To the far right, KOR.

From what I heard from Korean co-workers, they try to get into a few very prestigious firms and everything else is somewhat looked down upon. Just because they have jobs doesn't mean they are good jobs.

No. 237331

File: 1522189272991.jpg (39.96 KB, 480x480, 7822fcfadee644bd528e51df5f3e90…)

No need to use 'they', this is a female site.
Also, having a job that's looked down on (something that also exists in other countries) is still a thousand times better than being literally unemployed and ending up homeless… Korea might be a shitty country, but let's not act as if they have it the hardest (that's already their fans job).

Kpop has made me despise randomn words, pic related, also 'precious' and the likes… ew

No. 237335

>No they meant Korea. To the far right, KOR.
ooh shit sorry I understand now, I was tired and completely misunderstood/misread that post + pic kek my bad.

I'm honestly not one for nitpicking idols' appearances but Jimin's tiny hands kinda freak me out. Like they're not even just small for a man, they're small for an adult in general.

No. 237342

File: 1522190983558.gif (837.8 KB, 268x280, tumblr_of2xxfd9UP1ugi0yyo1_400…)

Agreed, they look really unfortunate…
V is always praised for having very attractive hands with long fingers, but to me they only look average (maybe they're not for an asian…?)

No. 237344

uwu oppa is so smol, protect the baby!!

also it's weird when kpop fans deny that a lot of idols are really short but still lose their shit when one of their faves wears an oversized shirt because 'omg smol and soft'. jpop idol profiles straight up admit if a guy is like 5'3 but kpop idols add like 2-3 inches to a profile height. just admit they aren't as tall as usual standards, people are going to notice eventually when two 5'10 guys are standing next to each other and there's a clear difference

No. 237346

File: 1522191704179.jpg (177.56 KB, 1000x562, 112047084.jpg)

When they're standing next to foreigners you can see just how short they really are.
Makes me wonder whether the SNSD girls are an exception and actually tall or if there's something wrong with those Jpop idols…

No. 237347

File: 1522191855289.jpg (17.85 KB, 300x244, Simon-and-Super-Junior.jpg)

Saged for samefag, i know that Simon and Martina being fat will make them look even bigger additionally, but nevertheless…

No. 237348

48 style groups are specifically usually shorter than other groups for the cute tiny loli girl next door image. There's only a couple of inches difference in average height in Japan vs Korea so I think it comes down to preferences for idol standards instead of just coincidence. I think SNSD has a couple of tall girls but they also wear higher heels to look more model-esque instead of like teenage idols.

No. 237353

For reference, Simon is 6'4" and Martina is 5'7". According to their profiles Eunhyuk, Kyuhyun, Shindong and Leeteuk are between 5'9" to 5'11" which is obviously bullshit.

No. 237354

the japanese are generally much shorter than koreans.

No. 237356

File: 1522196318183.png (21.42 KB, 681x245, IMG_1836.PNG)

Anything else you want to pull out of your ass?


No. 237357

File: 1522196347475.png (19.78 KB, 668x149, IMG_1835.PNG)

No. 237358

While the koreans look like adults, the japanese are very infantilized, as much as I dislike South Korea standards, Japan is pretty fucked with their pedo standard.

No. 237364

Yeah I do have to give Korea some credit for not being THAT obsessed with youth. Sure, they have plenty of young girls in school uniforms and gross childish aegyo, but they also worship the looks of a lot of older actresses and occasionally have 'lolita controversies' that criticize sexualization of youth. Compared to Japan they're not that bad about age.

No. 237380

they're still obsessed in a different way. they want all the women to be alluring and sexy but innocent and pure. aidoru culture in japan isn't all of their music.

No. 237384

JYP is producing Twice’s new song even though Signal was fucking trash

No. 237416

File: 1522227084073.jpg (36.04 KB, 500x500, sugasuran.jpg)

Suga is rumoured to be dating and of course all his foreign fans would be totez okay with it and happy for him, cause after all they're grown men…

No. 237419

File: 1522227949184.jpg (47.23 KB, 800x450, Suga-Suran.jpg)

If he's really in a relationship with her his fans should be happy for him, she is super cute and way out of his league, Suga is talented but in the kpop world he's seriously fugly.

No. 237421

File: 1522229045752.jpg (54.63 KB, 736x1104, yoon2394824.jpg)

I actually think he's pretty cute (albeit in a feminine way) but I agree that Suran is 100% out of his league. I hate that people heard about how he was supportive of her when she was going through a depressive episode and started shipping them because either ~omg he talked to a woman clearly they're fucking~ or ~omg they're both mentally ill~.

No. 237422

Reminder these dating rumors are based on the 2 of them working together and owning the same shirt

No. 237423

Even he is not dating her he still has either a gf or a bootycall, their fans are delusional if they really think they're not dating of fucking.

No. 237427

I think they're both fugly, so they fit together.
The reason i brought this up was because all his fans act as if they don't mind at all (when we all know they actually do) and write stuff like, "They're so cute together, he deserves it so much!"…

No. 237436

No, they only said that they've never hooked up with fans

No. 237437

Is anyone else bothered by fans insisting that an idol isn't straight? It plays into the constant over-analysis of interaction between idols.

No. 237439

Again the i-fans are pushing the Seulgi is a lesbian rhetoric really hard, generally anybody they like or who "slays" must be gay

No. 237447

No. 237449

Idk anon, western fanbases seem ok with dating.
Korean and SEA on the other hand

No. 237450

I get this but I also find it hard to believe that out of all the male/female kpop groups, there are only straight people

No. 237451

Let's be honest here, Suga is ugly.
He's very talented, but way too skinny and with an egg face.
You'd think for someone that cares so much about mental illness he'd avoid pushing starvation as a way of life.

No. 237452

Amazing, they managed to get out a 21 minutes episode of absolutely nothing.


No. 237475

That's why they always have them play childish games or sports, them talking alone is just too boring.
They get most of their songs when they're already finished, same with the choreography, they can't even choose their own outfits, so what could you ask them about?

No. 237480

I really question how talented BTS actually are. The vocalists have fairly good voices but none of them are strong singers. The lyrics of their songs aren't anything special and neither are the rappers. If they do dance practice as much as they say they do, anyone could learn it in that amount of time.
I don't know how their fans have managed to convince themselves that they are vocal/rap gods with meaningful, poetic songs and amazing dance moves

No. 237481

Jungkook voice is so breathy it's distracting, Jimin is a shitty singer and V is mediocre at best, they all sound kinda bad live. V's attempt at acting was pathetic and cringy.
Jhope isn't an exceptional raper, RM and Suga are reasonably talented IMO.

Tomorrow their song the most praised for being deep and meaningful is basically "I'm lost and sad BUT tomorrow is another day yay" nothing groundbreaking and it's not say in a poetic way either tbh.

Their fan also like to say that BTS has something more than other groups when it come to stages performances, but it's pure delusion, plenty of groups have amazing dances, stage presences and charisma.

I actually believe most fan are aware that they're not all that amazing and choose to suspend their disbelief because they can't accept that they're stanning them for their cuteness and not for their talent.

No. 237487

File: 1522266828736.jpeg (175 KB, 750x1286, B148BEFA-0E23-4595-BF14-62DEDD…)

who are they kidding

No. 237488

Tbh for Jhope, at least he is quite good dancer and his personal mixtape was decent atleast.

Suga and RM too, make higher quality stuff when not in the group…Makes you wonder if it would be better if they all went solo.

No. 237493

Considering how bad was Suga audition rap, I doub he would be anywhere near famous today if he didn't join BTS.
In the future, yes, a solo carreer, considering his success producing Wine, would be very feasible.
About RM I'm not that sure, his solo stuff feels kind of dry in a iamverysmart way.

No. 237496

Any milk on Ikon, besides all of them besides Bobby looking the same?

No. 237499

File: 1522268002629.png (20.08 KB, 674x432, 7ae.png)

> Like he's so wise.

He's belongs in r/iamverysmart…

No. 237504

kek they always say "b-but oppa is too busy to date!" They know idols aren't the only people in the world with busy jobs, right? My dad worked two jobs plus university for years and he had a wife and three kids, and there are many people who do the same.

>Let's be honest here, Suga is ugly.
hah I wasn't trying to be charitable I genuinely think he's cute as fuck. The starvation thing is annoying though, I hate it when he blatantly talks about how he needs to lose weight or doesn't want to eat something because he'll feel guilty when he's already skinny as fuck. IMO he shouldn't say that on camera when he knows his young fans might see it, that shit's damaging.

No. 237507

>I actually believe most fan are aware that they're not all that amazing and choose to suspend their disbelief because they can't accept that they're stanning them for their cuteness and not for their talent.
either that or they're really young and don't listen to much music, I can't see any other reason why they'd be that impressed by BTS music-wise. I like them but they're fun, not particularly impressive.

the only thing I know about Bobby is that one time he said, "Hip-hop isn’t just music; it has a culture. Like when you’re simply hanging out with your friends and high-five each other, that’s hip-hop. For example, waking up in the morning and going to school without showering, that’s hip-hop too."

i've been doing it all wrong. I'm never bathing again so I can be hip-hop as fuck

No. 237508

I didn't liked his solo stuff, but the collab with Wale was cool af, I think it would help if he did more of english stuff

No. 237509

File: 1522269773774.jpg (173.82 KB, 865x1300, d8eed595f8792aac1e1d0e4acd3bb2…)

Of course there are some idols with a genuinely fucked up body image, BUT i'm sure that many also only whine on camera about feeling fat for extra pity points. Imo Suga has always looked the same weight.

Slight OT, but i can't help but feel jealous over how attractive thin all of Twice are, every normal person would look fat as fuck in those pants…

No. 237510

I'm more jealous of their thin arms in shirts like that, they sometimes look weird in jeans because some of them have some bad hip pads that show up every now and then

No. 237511

My pet peeve is the overuse of the word dork/dorky (I literally hate that word) and all the slang pulled straight from RPDR/black Twitter. Kings of this and Queens of that, yaaaassss slayyyy, snatching weaves, shady this and shady that, "BOP OF THE YEAR", soft bois and smol beans. Yeah sure, a lot of it is just normal internet slang now I guess, but it's way out of control with kpop stans/koreaboos Idk. You just know that that girl behind the screen is a 13yo white girl from middle America who has no idea what she's actually saying half of the time.

No. 237512

>going to school without showering, that’s hip-hop too
Who knew I was hip-hop all of my senior year.

No. 237513

It looks ugly to me, give the illusion she has a FUPA.

No. 237516

Fugly-ass mom jeans will have that effect, yeah. I just want this "90s" trend to die.

No. 237519

Is were even any "original" trend from the 2010s? I feel like nearly everything is being reused, especially from the 90s…

Saged for OT

No. 237520

File: 1522271221874.jpg (314.07 KB, 2048x1365, xFd4Tdh.jpg)

the obsession with 'concepts' when there isn't really one annoys me a lot. the twice comeback teasers are being called a retro concept and i'm not seeing anything more than the 90/00s influences that are popular right now anyway. the font could kind of be seen as retro but the candy scattered around and the clothes are pretty much the same as past 'concepts'

No. 237521

Are there any idols that you think have a genuinely nice personality or are actually smart or talented?

I feel like the bar for talent is quite low and just by looking at RM one can see how smart those Kpop "geniuses" really are…

No. 237522

Aren't they the most successful group at the moment? Why does the clothes look so cheap?

No. 237523

It's so weird to style a 22-year-old with twin tails…

No. 237529

Seriously that annoys me too. I actually like Twice (pls don't ban me) but they have some incredibly stupid stans.

All of the individual teasers so far have had Gucci, Chloe, Versace etc mixed with mom jeans and shit. It looks a total mess.

No. 237532

File: 1522271987442.gif (1.19 MB, 268x275, a5fba6af82bf4569cbc0f41eed1e1f…)

apparently there's fighting between different members fans (especially tzuyu) over who's getting the most expensive clothes in the teasers

somebody needs to stay uncle bait

No. 237533

Not to be a granny (born mid 80s) but I remember the 90s and everything then was supposed to look ~70s~ for a while. I'd say most decades have some degree of copying past trends but yeah this one really seems to have brought nothing original to the table.

No. 237542

Because kpop is just an outlet for white kids whose parents wont let them listen to actual black rap/hiphop. They want to hear oppa complaining about school and how his raps are sooo much better than -insert idol-. They use all the slang from black twitter, and use their social media to comment on their bodies and their dicks, but hate american hiphop because its not squeaky clean like their pure little squishy baby boys.

No. 237544

>black twitter
Why do North Americans have to segmentize everything by race, that's so annoying.
I'm no Kpop fan, but come on, most real rappers are very sexist and have disgusting video clips and lyrics. Why would a teen girl feel attracted to listening about fat butts and doin drugs with mah gang in jail?

No. 237546

This remind me of the weird sexual lyrics in the demo versions of exo songs lmao. The korean lyrics are cringy and weird too but at least it isn't hyper sexual, I can understand how some teens could be more comfortable with cheesy lyrics rather than the violent shit you have to hear in mainstream rap. Ex "I eat the booty like grocery" that's actually disgusting.

No. 237547

B-but anon, you can't appropriate of black culture without the sexist and objectifying language, wife beating and porn imagery.

No. 237552

Tbf if i was a teen I’d prefer looking at twinky asians than nasty ass black rappers with face tattoos who look like they haven’t showered in weeks

No. 237555


>Because kpop is just an outlet for white kids whose parents wont let them listen to actual black rap/hiphop

this is true, where i'm from we call it "safe hip-hop". a western example is twenty one pilots: a white dude using hip-hop/rap to talk about how depressed he is/life sucks is super appealing to suburan kids who probably hate normal hip hop. kpop is a way for them to enjoy all the fun of rap/hip hop without all the vulgarity. i don't think i've heard a mainstream expicit kpop song

don't get me wrong, a majority of rap is terrible. but a lot of teens use kpop to pretend that they're edgier than they actually are and it's quite annoying

No. 237556

Because God forbid people write songs about their own realities and chose to listen to ones they can relate.

No. 237557

Interesting, anon. I think Suran is quite pretty albeit a bit plastic. Her voice also sounds kinda weird but at least her music is better than anything from Suga's mixtape.

No. 237562

File: 1522276598570.jpg (139.08 KB, 1200x669, DP3ZmD-UQAAjU5m.jpg)

That make sense. I was watching this clip of AKB48 members performing with K-pop girl group members and the disparity in size is kinda noticeable. I thought K-pop girl groups members already looked so small and thin but the AKB48 members were even frailer-looking.

No. 237566

>Why would a teen girl feel attracted to listening about fat butts and doin drugs with mah gang in jail?
plenty do, which is why so many of them get up in arms about kpop fans being "racist" for preferring kpop/idol rap lol. I liked a lot of black hip-hop as a teenager because I don't mind vulgarity in music and I enjoy listening to stories I can't necessarily relate to, but I don't blame people for enjoying the style of hip hop but being put off by the vulgarity of it, especially young women.

you know you're tiny when you make kpop idols look wide by comparison

No. 237568

Makes you wonder what they consume, if even much heavier and healthier kpop idols already claim to live off just one chicken breast a day…

No. 237569

File: 1522277566959.jpg (73.23 KB, 427x640, ZZhKbBv.jpg)

That performance still makes me wonder how Produce 48 is gonna work. AKB84 and similar Jpop groups have totally different styling, visuals, and sounds from most of Kpop, even the most diabetes-tier groups.

Also it's nuts that they're so small that Doyeon looks 'bulky'.

No. 237580

File: 1522280507027.png (115.53 KB, 497x279, twice.png)

anyone fucking hates twice? my favorite part of their fandom is the twenty something male fans who pretend that they listen to them for the ~music~

No. 237581

File: 1522280520386.jpg (284.92 KB, 1364x2048, 4d330bba1203d9d5a7ac01cd75096a…)

Same. Those reasons plus South Korea's and Japan's strained deep-seeded hatred towards one another makes me think Produce 48 is gonna be a shitshow.

Unrelated but I think Doyeon's quite pretty with a cute features and decent body. Retarded Koreans still shit on her though because she looks more naturally Asian than the triangle-nosed, V-shaped idols they're used to.

No. 237583

I frankly do; because i'm madly jealous of the way they look (especially their bodies) and i think their popularity is completely undeserved.
But what truly angers me is the constant aegyo/acting dumb…

No. 237587

File: 1522281485362.jpg (84.73 KB, 1280x720, loa.jpg)

like ooh ahh was an alright concept so i dont get why they regressed into childish dumb concepts. well i know exactly why but it's angering.

No. 237588

None of them sing well, the dances are simple enough you don't need much talent and the visuals are normal. I don't get the hype at all. That being said, their songs are cute but that's the only positive in my eyes.

No. 237589

File: 1522281702747.gif (2.65 MB, 245x250, tVD4Oi6.gif)

I've been into kpop for nearly a decade but I've only ever actively followed 2 or 3 groups at a time. I miss dramatic and stupid rumors because it feels like all there is now is boring dating rumors and idols saying stupid things and getting called out.

I miss Jay Park getting 15 year old Hyuna pregnant so she had to leave Wonder Girls, all the SNSD members fucking all of the SuJu and TVXQ members (Jessica and Jaejoong getting matching couple jaw shaves), Taeyeon straight up hating Jessica. If kpop fans are going to lose their shit over every single 'scandal' then I want them to give scandals better than a guy saying his ideal girlfriend would be pale

No. 237590

Male kpop fans in general gross me the fuck out. Like I'm sorry but there's no way they're genuinely into vapid pop made for children, it's obvious what they're in it for. Seeing/hearing audiences full of grown men "cheering" (more like full on shouting) for these girls sends me into full body cringe.

No. 237592

File: 1522281900870.gif (1.84 MB, 268x375, tumblr_oq9lqwQGLW1w0bqvso1_400…)

I think the girls are beautiful but they have to be one of the least talented girl groups of this generation and it infuriates me the insane popularity they have because their fan base is probably composed by mostly old creepy dudes. That said please someone teach ChaeYoung, Dahyun and Mina how to fucking emote because watching them perform physically hurts me, they always look bored/scared/pissed

No. 237593

I feel you anon, that's 100% accurate. They are so hypocritical about it too. I remember when /r/kpop guys got angry at some CEO saying IOI was healthy porn for men who like younger women lol

No. 237596

File: 1522282317332.jpg (51.93 KB, 635x357, ioi_1460181982_KakaoTalk_20160…)

I can never unsee this.

I don't understand the appeal of Mina. She's beautiful, sure, but she has the charisma of a sack of spuds, her eyes have this cold dead look as if she's being forced into this. Her ballet skills are overrated, her singing is meh, her stage presence is non-existent. I just don't get it. Yeah she's a cute, sweet girl who seems like a nice person, but that's not what I want from an entertainer, I have friends who are like that. Also I think gummy smiles are disgusting but that's beside the points.

No. 237598

Eh, I don't see a problem with teen and young adult male K-pop fans specifically. They sexualize girl group idols to a great extent? A lot of teenage and young adult female K-pop fans do that too with boy group idols. it's gross but not gender specific.

Older male fans (and some female fans) of K-pop are the ones that kinda freak me out. It's a no-brainer that the K-pop industry relies on youthful look and will infantilize performers who are in their twenties. It makes sense to do that when the audience you're trying to reach are also young teenagers. Uncle fans and noona fans seem immature and make me question their priorities.
r/kpop used to be a cesspool filled with male K-pop fans who wanted a safe space because they were triggered by guy groups fans. Now it's become more gender-balanced but is no better than Twitter or even OneHallyu when it comes to discussion.

No. 237607

Its the delusion thats just kind of sad. Like you think this 22 year old guy is happy see your auntie looking ass at fan signs or concerts? Even their fake smiles cant cover how uncomfortable they are to see somebody who could be old enough their mother or father at these things fawning over how beautiful they are

No. 237608

Twice's "visuals" are due to the cheerleader effect. There's one or two members that are above average but take away the styling and I wouldn't look if most of them walked by me on the street. They're very, very plain. (And a few are honestly ugly IMO.)

No. 237626

File: 1522288694147.gif (7.06 MB, 480x270, giphy (3).gif)


Also hate this obsession with "concepts". Just listen to the song/see the dance, stop acting like they are doing something oh so original and new for this "concept" urh The only concepts that I think make sense are cute or sexy.


Eh, I personally think it's cute if the girl doesn't have a super mature face. It would look weird for Seulgi for example.

It's funny, I usually think their MV clothing are not nearly half as good as their stage ones.

What? A lot of performances I see Dahyun is always smiling. But nothing compares to Jihyo, she always looks like she's having a blast at the stage.

Mina is indeed very overrated. I guess some koreans just like the quiet, kuudere type of girl. Seems to be a theme sometimes.

No. 237628

I don’t mind Korean rap but it can be so, so corny, like BTS having “yolo” in their song in fucking 2018 or Bobby saying that not showering is hip hop

If Twice wasn’t praised for their looks I don’t think this many people would insist that they’re the prettiest group

No. 237631

Auntie fans are fucking loaded and any male idol would lose out without them, I can promise they like them better than poor teens who'd rather fork out on stalking them than buying suitcases full of merch. They tend to be less invasive or crazy as a rule, especially Japanese fans who are notorious for being middle aged women.

I mean, no doubt a bunch of young male celebs are assholes about women's looks and age no matter how much the fan spends, but they wouldn't want them to stop coming to their concerts and fan signs.

No. 237632

File: 1522290412475.png (1.08 MB, 984x636, ;kl;kl;.png)

Everyone smiles, the thing about those 3 is that they usually have a range of 3 different facial expressions during their performances and it becomes unnerving after a while. I do find it weird because when she's not performing, Dahyun is quirky and dorky. She's not nearly as bad a Chaeyoung tho.

No. 237637

That's right. I don't think kpop idols are dumb enough to not realize what they do is softcore prostitution.

No. 237646

File: 1522297265032.jpg (100.15 KB, 700x914, Ck1BMnL.jpg)

That's strangely more accurate than Samuel Jackson and AOA Jimin comparisons (before Jimin got her entire face reconstructed). Doyeon is beautiful as fuck, though.

No. 237648

Jesus Christ, stop being so hateful. This behavior is not gender specific.

No. 237663

You can look at the stats for different groups; e.g. BTS korean fans are probably made up by 90% teen girls, and the rest just slightly older. Their screeching is probably annoying, but there's nothing scary about it.

But then you have underage girl groups there suddenly a large part of the fan base consists of 30, 40 or 50-year-old men…
Like these are the fanchants of a show labeled healthy porn, doesn't sound like harmless teen boys their age imo

No. 237666

Reminds me of a family guy episode where the main characters travel to korea and after being introduced to kpop by being shown a Sistar music video, Peter goes "what is this and how do i make the rest of my life about it". pretty sure it's making fun of older men who obsess over girl groups. but imo both genders cross the line into gross fans just in different ways

side note: I couldn't stand Sistar.

No. 237667

Those chants creep me out so much. Unfortunately you have the same thing happening in Japan, with extremely young idols and their old as fuck fans. I wonder how this works in the girls' minds, because they must in some capacity understand that at least 50% of their fans are just guys twice their age jerking off to them? The producers/industry people probably don't give a fuck because they're getting rich off this shit, but to me it's just disgusting.

No. 237668

Sound like a football field lmao. Some of them sound like they're being murdered in this girl's day performance.

No. 237669

File: 1522315352483.jpeg (63.45 KB, 635x673, 85B8069C-CAB3-4514-AAD1-5A993E…)

I couldnt stand the slaaaaaaay queeeeen dark skin yessss praise they get from international fans.Hyorin(?) has such a fug face

No. 237671

File: 1522315622764.jpeg (110.21 KB, 550x1106, 3C505F7C-6C5A-4194-B0EE-417531…)

Hyeri is weirdly attractive to me for some reason. Her face is kind of..off? But she kind of makes it work.

No. 237676

You guys are really harsh with female idols, most of them look at least cute and a lot a straight up beautiful IMO. Can't help but feel like it boils down to insecurity.

No. 237678

I’d kill a toddler for shoulders like that tho

No. 237684

File: 1522322992877.jpg (200.92 KB, 1404x1000, twice-tsb-set-2.jpg)

Twice's first mini album came with photocards of them as babies and preteens. Considering their mostly male fan base, this is creepy af.

No. 237686

Yes some of the comments directed to female idols that are basically just "she's ugly" don't really add anything to this thread. They come off as salty fans rather than offering any criticism of kpop culture and certain social norms from that country as a whole.

No. 237691

There's a few of female idols I genuinely find ugly, but most of anons here are just nitpicky as hell. Okay I know it's an anti thread and beauty is subjective but still. Like someone else up thread said, there's so much to criticise kpop/kpop fans about and here everyone is just ripping on girls for their looks.

That Jimin anti was 100% right though.

No. 237693

That Jimin anti it's probably white and can't stand different face features besides the ones they see on a daily basis.

No. 237694

File: 1522326979292.jpg (41.03 KB, 564x839, f095500193cc56f946e7c51185e11e…)

He is ugly by korean beauty standards too tbh (puffy eyes with monolids, "flat" nose thick lips…). But he has a cute personality and know how to catch eyes when he dances so he is quite popular.

No. 237695

I like Twice and BTS's visuals. Sure they're not as stunningly beautiful as some other idols but they look more normal, they give off a girl/boy next door feel.

No. 237696

> Everybody who doesn't like Jimin is a white supremacist!

No. 237701

Surprisingly enough, monolids are starting to become popular again, probably due to monolids becoming a rare thing instead of getting doubles done.

>thick lips

Sure, anon.

Also styling and make-up plays a big role, it took years to his stylist to figure it out how to make him look decent and enhance his strong points, since his features are hard to work with, again, for not being conventionally attractive and not having a boring plain looking face.

He is also charming like you said, and if his stage presence and personality were gone, he would be a zero at the left, but imo calling him freaky looking is a reach.

No. 237702

File: 1522328711247.jpg (78.79 KB, 800x450, sutradara-puji-akting-d-o-exo-…)

Cute thick lips are attractive for example D.O is often praised for his heart shaped mouth. Jimin's lips aren't really complimented except by international fans I think it's because they're aren't as sharp but more spongy looking or it could also be the makeup or maybe it doesn't compliment his features well? Idk. Faces are complicated.

No. 237704

I think that in D.O case, he looks masculine, and so does the shape of his lips, whereas Jimin has feminine features plastered in a masculine bone structure (ex. his jaw).
There is a Beast member who has similar features, but I don't remember his name lmao. They both look like babies who grew up everything except for their faces, so I can understand now why it could be freaky. My bad.

Jin is a similar case, but worse. His lips and eyes are soft, feminine looking, weak jaw, small face and head on top of a big framed body. Still Koreans praise him for looking like a yaoi character.

No. 237714


If you look at this performance, especially at around 0:45, you'll see Mina's "smile" is way more forced, if you can count that as a smile lmao Jihyo is a sunshine and Dahyun look honestly fine imho. Chaeyoung is not as bad as Mina but still bad.
Anyway, I think that's not that important though, I don't fault them for not being genuinely smiling 100% of the time.

100% agree. I can feel myself recoiling when I hear these grown ass man screaming like maniacs at a girl half their size and age.


Oh, these pics are so cute. Because of men we can't have nice things.

No. 237715

File: 1522333411765.jpg (395.88 KB, 1080x835, Screenshot_20180329-151922_mh1…)

Anyone here ever been to a K-pop concert? I feel like they'd be full of cringy sweaty teenagers doing weird things, dying for some lulzy stories from k concerts

No. 237716


I wouldn't go because I can't fucking stand teenagers. In my country I do believe that there are no uncle fans (or at least, they'd be like 1% of the fanbase at most), and it's only popular with teenagers. I thought it was cringy enough when I was a teenager myself when people were screaming and saying unfunny shit about the j-rockers when I went on their lives, I think it would be death to bare loud horny teenagers as an adult.

But ngl, I'd like to see some groups live out of curiosity. It's always kinda surprising to see the real thing vs through the screen.

No. 237727

I went to GD's concert last year and it was like Tumblr threw up on it. There were hundreds of super fat girls trying to dress like male idols. There was a decent amount of guys there though. The most cringy part was this landwhale a few rows ahead of me who stood up the whole time "dancing" and panting. Ugh, and during his song Middle Fingers Up she literally stood there the entire time with her arms and middle fingers up. I blame GD for that mess though, he enables the idiots who think the middle finger is edgy.

But I'm going to Monsta X's concert this summer and I'm terrified. I already had a girl who's a friend of a friend threaten me because I have the same bias as her and she's one of those people who can be the only one to like a member. She's fucking crazy.

I also have a former roommate who I introduced to EXO and I regret it every day. She was a self-hating asian who thought all asian men were ugly until then, and now she fucking stalks EXO and goes to their concerts and the airport thinking oppa will fall in love with her. One of them like… glanced at her and she took it as him thinking she was the most beautiful thing and they are in love.

No. 237729

Seems more odd to think a performers smile would be "genuine" in the first place though. It's no different to an actor on stage conveying an emotion, or a person in the retail or service industry giving a "business smile". The fact so many fans think what happens on stage is real, be it from performers pretending to be gay for one another to pretending to be happy even though they are exhausted and trying to remember their routines is a bit naive.

No. 237734

you sound so whiny and entitled. if you are ''terrified'' to go then don't?

No. 237739


I worded it poorly, I don't think they are smiling because they are 100% actually happy (at least most of the times). What I meant by "genuine" was like, conveying a genuine smile, like smiling with your eyes and not just showing teeth weirdly. In other words, acting better. But again, I don't need them to be perfect smiling robots all the time, acting or otherwise, so I don't care that much for them smiling on stage (although I do enjoy it better when they give the illusion they are enjoying it as well, ngl. Natural response)

No. 237742

I didn't legitimately mean terrified. Just apprehensive because I haven't had the best experiences with boy group fans, and the fact that there's grown women I know going who will fight people over having the same bias is ridiculous and stupid.

No. 237747

you also are a boy group fan, no need to feel superior to your peers. are you scared landwhales will eat you?

No. 237765

I would feel ridiculous just for being in the same place as, and screaming with, a bunch of teens.
No way I'll ever go to a boy group concert.

No. 237784

File: 1522346669435.png (606.56 KB, 600x690, tumblr_ouaclgLmby1uu4ka5o1_128…)

I can't stand them and I really don't like Jeong-yawn. She looks like a fish with her big eyes

No. 237786

File: 1522346780119.jpg (25.56 KB, 482x500, amberliu.jpg)

this girl is bootleg Amber

No. 237797


The thing is, Amber tomboyishness is real and jeongyeongs is a role JYP gave her. I feel sorry for her, she doesn't seem that comfortable in the boy role and the retarded fans don't help, calling her oppa/hyung, acting dumb when she dresses more feminine and such.
I don't think she's particularly pretty, but I think she has potential with a better styling. I wish they'd let gro her hair, already.

She seemed to like wearing that flowy dress in Chile Music Bank, but maybe I am projecting here lol

No. 237811

I find it weird you're friends with such psychos

No. 237812

File: 1522350435729.jpeg (63.02 KB, 500x700, 89E4DC74-035B-4991-91CE-1F0736…)

She looks prettier with long hair in my opinion

No. 237835

I agree. Long hair suits her so much better. JYP should stop trying to force the tomboy concept upon her and give her a style that fits her personality.

I feel bad for her. I think she'd be a much more popular member if she was styled better and given more lines. TWICE as a whole are god awful singers but she's one of the stronger vocalists. She's basically only known as the boyish-looking member.

No. 237890

I would love to see BTS live because the atmosphere at their shows seems pretty great but I also cannot stand younger teenagers. I'm only 20 so there's a good chance there'd be people there my age but I'd hate to wind up surrounded by 14 year olds. If I could somehow convince a large group of my friends to go then I think it could be a good time.

I wouldn't go to a fansign though. I already have plenty of experience with men in their 20s pretending to give a shit about me kek.

No. 237942

Jeongyeon is criminally underused, she has a much more stable voice than Jihyo and Nayeon tbh

No. 237949

You guys honestly think amber is just tomboyish??
That’s delusional thinking lmfao

No. 237950

do you think she's lesbian

No. 237951

Not the original poster you replied to, but have you ever watched a performance of Kcon in LA? Nearly everybody in the audience is cringy is fuck; not even necessarily very young, but nearly always dressed shit like shit and obese…
I bet when koreans watch this, it'll inflate their egos even more, seeing how unfortunate the average american looks in comparison to their idols…

No. 237995


Is this edited or did she use extensions for some event? She looks waaay better with long hair, holy shit. Cut the tomboy act, JYP, please.

You can be a tomboy lesbian though? Just like you can be a femme lesbian.

No. 238013

File: 1522394838823.jpg (46.08 KB, 577x1024, CSz-c0cVAAAtTE5.jpg)


That's photoshop but here it's her with her real hair long.

No. 238022

I’ve never been remotely interested in kpop but just read through this entire thread.

It is absolutely fascinating and kinda scary how mediocre and pretty young women are considered “godesses” or “ugly.” Like this genre lives in an insane extremist bubble where these handful of (similar looking) women are ranked against each other.

From an outsider perspective, this whole thing (fans and critics alike) is really fucking bizarre. Like one “idol” has slightly larger hips and that’s a major conversation point as to whether she’s hideous because of it or sexy. Another has a slightly larger nose, so she’s totes super disgusting. And that chick with blonde hair, “puffy” eyelids, and a slightly larger nose is a lost cause, idk why she’s even want to be famous and adored when she’s OBVIOUSLY going to get so much hate for being soooo revolting.

Have y’all never seen actually ugly women before or? What a strange community fixation, even here which is supposed to be critical of exactly such harmful and extremist thinking.

This thread is pretty much just as bad as any fandom thread tbh and I don’t see how it’s really a critique of the genre or companies, and is instead a shit fest on ok-looking young women. It’s so damn extreme and in a bubble, I think a lot of the people calling these women ugly need a refresher on what actual ugly looks like lol

No. 238028

I think there is a lot of bitterness and jealousy in this thread. I can understand calling out delulu fans for praising a very ugly person's visual like Jimin but the majority of people called ugly or disgusting in this thread are actually attractive or at least average.

No. 238030

>an extremely ugly person like Jimin

The post was about you. You are the obsessive K-pop fan with a bizzare fixation on one mediocre person's looks.

It's like this entire thread lacks self-awareness

No. 238031

How is it obsessive to say that someone is ugly? Am I an obsessive star wars fan if I say Adam Driver is ugly?

No. 238033

File: 1522407229543.jpg (66.67 KB, 580x824, 14355544_1149943561730468_8314…)

can someone PLEASE explain to me what 'small face' means as a beauty standard? i see it used so often by kpop stans/koreans and i have no fucking clue how someone has a 'small face'.

No. 238034

File: 1522407629106.jpg (80.95 KB, 625x450, 392145.jpg)

A lot of koreans have big square face. They love tiny face because it's cuter and more elegant I guess? I can understand not wanting a big meaty face.

No. 238037

It's just a general east Asian thing, they just like small faces for some reason. I've never seen an explanation for it, it's simply a beauty standard.

I've seen Amber around LA and that girl can't be anything but gay. That's not being a tomboy, that's flat out butch lesbian.

No. 238041

File: 1522411081075.png (202.12 KB, 352x440, zNmM0AK.png)

I think what they mean by small face is actually a small head with delicate face features

When I think of a "small face", I think of this lol

No. 238048

File: 1522415072946.jpg (102.47 KB, 768x1024, LlASgJlarA3dTmm.jpg)

Ideally your head is supposed to fit 8 times into your body. This stems from old greek art, so it might only apply to Europeans.

Pic related is not Kpop, but it shows it really well: both girls are extremely short, but because one of them has a smaller head her body in total still looks rather proportionate.
So if you're really tall, chances are high that your head fits 8 or even 9 times, but if you're shorter, like most asians, having a smaller head is needed for your body to look nicely proportioned.
(Same with eye size or general features: if your eyes are big, they'll still look big even if you've got a bigger face, but if they're not, having a smaller head would be needed for them to stand out more.)

Some people claim that most Koreans are prone to having a more square face/big jaw (i don't know if that's true), but if that's the case, having a smaller face would be even more "special" and therefore desireable.

No. 238061

Holy shit, the one on the right isn't photoshopped?

No. 238066

File: 1522421102677.jpeg (26.33 KB, 569x568, sE4x7wKURY8WZqB_mxsyh_28.jpeg)

sadly not

No. 238067

What is her name? Who is she? How did she make it? I am so happy this exists

No. 238070

Just copied this from here http://topics-on-japan.blogspot.de/2013/03/who-is-kintaro.html?m=1

Who is Kintaro?

Kintaro(キンタロー。) is one of the most famous comedians in Japan now. She is famous for her impression of Atsuko Maeda, a former member of AKB48 which is the most famous Japanese idol group today.
Though Kintaro hardly resembles Atsuko Maeda in face, Kintaro sounds like Atsuko Maeda. In Addition, Kintaro dances to the music of AKB48 quite exactly. Dancing is in her line, because she worked as an instructor of ballroom dance before becoming a comedian in 2011.

No. 238094

Holy crap. The girl on the left has some thing legs. Who is she?

No. 238096

File: 1522430741721.jpeg (72.19 KB, 750x933, 243CD7B1-26B8-4127-A223-54A14B…)

This is the first photo for Jimin that shows up. For those not in the community, you sound delusional and bitter as fuck calling this ugly.

Basically anyone with a mostly symmetrical face is mediocre looking at worst.

No. 238098

File: 1522430888263.jpg (101.03 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I think they were talking about AOA's Jimin, not BTS Jimin. And speaking about AOA's Jimin, what do you guys think about her new face?

No. 238099

File: 1522430926641.jpeg (122.3 KB, 1028x675, B10E6C8D-FD22-4CC6-A125-43D02A…)

This is what an actually ugly man looks like. See the thousands of differences? Yah.

No. 238100

Oh damn, he is so ugly

No. 238101

File: 1522431066091.jpg (78.26 KB, 400x467, ORipGSA.jpg)

There is nothing wrong with being ugly, people are going to react when you call someone with a weird face attractive.

No. 238103

File: 1522431151082.jpeg (129.49 KB, 635x953, D7318016-114B-4EE3-BB84-FF819E…)

Ok so the other Jimin looks like this. A totally average looking woman. Again, youre delusional if you think this is ugly at all. This community is so insulated and circldjerk-y some have clearly forgot what the average person looks like. Unless ugly = average in here?

No. 238106

File: 1522431864911.jpg (85.36 KB, 612x521, 479327002.jpg)

Momoiro Clover Z's Kanako Momota
I think she's just naturally extremely short and petite

No. 238112

It's Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley of Kiss. Kiss and Momoiro Clover Z did a song together.

No. 238116

lmao this is kiss. literal rockstars

No. 238120

File: 1522433763848.gif (1017.24 KB, 500x260, tumblr_inline_mpiqa0r0wM1qz4rg…)

No. 238124

Deleting your comment after you've been "schooled"…

No. 238139

Nah I was talking about BTS Jimin and I genuinely think he is ugly, not as bad as RM but pretty close. Why are people so pressed? It's almost as if this shit is subjective or something. Defending some rando idol like this makes everyone sound like a 12 year old girl who's punching the wall because someone's finding their oppars ugly.

No. 238141


People are “pressed” cause calling average looking guys ugly makes you sound like you never socialize with real people and you expect everyone to look like your “Oppar” kek

I honestly wouldn’t look twice at him if I passed him on the street. He’s not exceptional looking in either direction. You can convince yourself into thinking average people look ugly but you cant convince other sane people.

And being so fixated on him that you constantly come back to call him ugly makes you look like a weirdo.

No. 238143

Not that anon, but I really think Jimin has a exotic look to him and not at all unattractive.
When he was at the MTV awards he looked like a otherworldly elp,weird but attractive.

No. 238144

File: 1522441159566.gif (1.19 MB, 268x312, tenor (1).gif)

No. 238146

Meant to type Elf.

No. 238147

File: 1522441230839.jpg (37.81 KB, 457x447, 1skmovl1vw9ifdo7_500.jpg)

He did look like a mix between a human and a deep sea creature, I'll give you that.

No. 238149

Talk about obsesed.
I wouldn't pay anymore than 80 bucks for any type of concert or meeting event, and that's only if I really liked the group or idol.

No. 238150

No. 238151

Not surprising since plenty of teens want to fuck ugly guys like Benedict Cumberbatch.

No. 238153

File: 1522442152492.jpg (476.93 KB, 550x826, 6ab84325a1e42902df15372eaf138f…)

Well, Jin supposedly went viral too, despite looking soft and spongelike as hell…

Also, why is Vogue suddenly kissing Korea's ass?

No. 238154

File: 1522442352737.jpg (30.27 KB, 474x727, 49aca5188b27ec62621375f0f7017e…)

But Jin went viral in East Asia and he look very good in the picture tbh they contoured his jaw nicely.

No. 238156

File: 1522442546895.jpg (188.91 KB, 1024x1024, DAboZVvXkAAiH9W.jpg)

No, in the US during the Billboard awards

No. 238161

Dude I'm just a lesbian who thinks most men are ugly. It's not that deep. I'm not even the OG Jimin hater ITT, I still think RM looks worse.

No. 238171

I think it's because you're calling other people delusional for not agreeing with your taste. Even before I was into kpop at all I used to see pics of Jimin on twitter and I always thought he was cute, that doesn't make me a "delulu fan", I didn't even know who he was at the time. Like I absolutely understand if he's not to your taste but other people don't need to be "called out" for thinking he's good-looking.

No. 238173

I guess it's because BTS became kinda popular in the mainstream West after Billboard Awards, and CL sang in the Pyeongchang closing ceremony (also a mainstream event). I enjoyed CL's Vogue interview, I'm not very into kpop but I like her.
I remember this one video from 2014 with Rita Ora and HyunA, this was an unexpected one

No. 238176

File: 1522445703138.jpg (147.03 KB, 1267x720, bts-pic-e1495482917879.jpg)

I don't think Jin is ugly but I was surprised so many people in the US fixated on him, I'd think they'd be more into Taehyung. I remember people being really into Hobi, too, which also surprised me (they don't call him j-horse for nothing).

No. 238177

>why is Vogue suddenly kissing Korea's ass?
could it possibly be because Korean music and fashion is in vogue?

No. 238179

J-Hope's face reminds me of one of those Japanese Noh masks

No. 238186

I can see why all those US girls were tweeting about Jin after Billboards, when my sister started showing me BTS interviews and stuff at first I thought he was the most attractive one too. Must be because he's more masculine, while V has a very cute face but he's got more of a "twink vibe"

No. 238188

I guess that's understandable, Jin's face is more feminine than V's to me but he has a bigger frame so I can see why US girls would be more drawn to Jin.

No. 238196

Haven't actually looked at these dudes in a while. They're a lot uglier than I remember from their debut.

No. 238198

File: 1522450678313.jpg (93.51 KB, 1000x749, bts_1373561718_af_org.jpg)

kek All of them looked even worse during their debut.

No. 238205

File: 1522454507777.jpg (77.86 KB, 602x401, main-qimg-6860a43b7ffb2f382714…)

lol Namjoon's afro. Their styling back then was tragic.

I do think Jimin looked better with a tan and some muscle though, terrible makeup aside.

No. 238206

I wonder how they all felt when jungkook started growing bigger and more attractive

Also, V needs to quit that stupid v sign thing he does, what the fuck is the point in hiding his face when it's the one thing most people like him for

No. 238210

pretty sure they're memeing, cos he looks loopy in that pic


No. 238240

I think his company encourage him to diet and not put muscle like he seems to like.
He look so much like a little lesbian in the DNA MV because of his weight loss. He's way more attractive with more fat and muscle on him.

But I understand how BTS is always complaining about being ugly, except V they're really bellow in term of look next to other idols.

No. 238246

Imo Jin is probably the most feminine one (tied with Jimin), so you'd think he wouldn't be considered attractive at all in the US. And aren't they all around the same height, besides Jimin and Suga? So i don't think he's any less twinky than V.
Btw i'd die to know just how high their insoles are when appearing on american TV lol

No. 238252

File: 1522485923387.gif (2.95 MB, 540x287, edc2e0873b327a3089f3837de59781…)

I don't get why many find Blackpink so "stunning".
Twice at least has the cheerleader effect working for them, but they don't look special as a group or individually. The only thing that they've got going is looking rich, but also only because they get to wear clothes that are expensive as hell.

No. 238261

they're the same height but Jin has broader shoulders so his overall frame looks more masculine (which is kind of at odds with his feminine face tbh). I'd also like to know about their insoles kek I've seen people say that they are both taller and shorter than you'd expect.

No. 238266

Because if you arent cutesy and feminine, then the only option is YAAAAAAS QUEEN SLAYYYY WITH THAT GUCCI!!!!! That used to be 2NE1, but since they finally left us, we have to deal with their replacements

No. 238267

File: 1522491517584.gif (1.89 MB, 245x266, 8FE1DF41-1FBD-4701-8DD2-43E699…)

We cant talk about overrated talent in kpop without mentioning Tiffany.

No. 238272

File: 1522497903041.png (112.28 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot (522).png)

Oh Tiffany. I genuinely don't think she's a bad person, she's just not very smart. She's not smart with her singing and definitely not book smart (the whole Japan flag scandal) but at least she tries. She's like a cute, dumb puppy which just can't stop pissing on the floor no matter how many times you try to teach it not to.

I do also think that Taeny shippers ruined the SNSD fandom to a huge extent. The delusion is real.

Pic is of her teenage xanga account.

No. 238281

This one was the first BTS video I watched and I instantly perceived him as the most masculine looking, maybe it was the angle + broader shoulders and longer legs

No. 238288


My gf is a fan (though probably one of the oldest ones) of both Exo and Bts, have seen both live in SK. Jimin seems to be the one with insoles judging on how he dances (don't know how to describe it, his legs arch weirdly?). Suga doesn't look like he wears any. They also have insanely long legs, I always thought especially Jimin, RM and Suga were pretty stubby but they look taller on stage. SuHo of Exo is more handsome/prettier live than on camera, Sehun looks uglier and like he doesn't think too much live.
Sorry for my bad English, second language.

No. 238293

>Suran had to post an apology after the "dating scandal"
That's bullshit, the women can't even post macarroons on her SNS without crazy armys theorizing over them?
Suga must be feeling like shit that his fans were bullying another artist.

Her apology post:

"Hello, this is Suran.

First off, I do want to sincerely apologize to those who became hurt because of me. I had used the phrase "반지르르한 윤기가 흐르는 (shining flow)" instead of shining thoughts. It was my idea of speaking from my heart.

However, the post (that is causing controversy) has a lot more personal stories that you guys know of, has really different storylines. The macaron was provided by a friend, I thought it was pretty, hence the photo.

S in this case meant Spanish, and Poodle puppy was also mentioned because of the shoot for the magazine. I was taken by shock and felt hurt by the amount of assumptions and attacks because I used phrases that weren't commonly used. I have tried to delete posts with a hurting mind, but then, this is also my own SNS, and I didn't write anything that was bad/impure.

I was just showing who I was as an artist with my own sincerity. I am always heading to a new destination in the path of better music.

I only met SUGA last year, where we spoke about music. Our relationship was only about music and nothing more. However, what is frustrating to me is that there will always be people who continue to misinterpret [the content]. I spent a long time thinking on how to resolve this. 365days 24hours.

I ultimately have to be more conscious and think of my peers [when posting], and i think that everyone should take situations in care with everything they post.

I once again apologize sincerely. I will be an artist who thinks things over."

No. 238304


Wow. Shows what insanity evolves as soon as a male and female artist collaborate. That isn't always confined to Kpop/Jpop, but it sure is pretty prevalent here. It's so disgusting that she has to apologize for working with someone and some of her text posts being misinterpreted to mean she's hinting at a dating scandal. And I thought Suga fujoshis were the least rabid of the bunch.
Remember when T.O.P kissed Lee Hyori on stage and no one gave a fuck? What's happened since then?

No. 238307


You're right, he does talk about starving himself/being considered too fat a lot despite something dipping into spoopy levels. it could have something to do with his mental illness, but it annoys me when people baby ~poor little troubled~ Jimin for being manorexic when Suga clearly lost weight drastically over a few weeks a few times over. But nooo, ~he's just a smol boi~ like gtfo with that shit, he clearly starves himself.

No. 238308

Her body is banging. Wow! I'd love to have my figure look this good

No. 238314

my myspace account from when I was 11 is less embarrassing than this.

No. 238315

>his legs arch weirdly
I think I know what you're talking about from performance videos I've seen and I always chalked it up to the fact that he trained in ballet for years lol, would be funny if it's because of insoles though

No. 238316

>They also have insanely long legs
Topkek, the only way you could make yourself sound more like a fan is by adding this
>Sorry for my bad English, second language.
like all those 13-year-olds in the comment section of BTS videos…

Can you post pics? I never noticed that his weight fluctuates?

No. 238320

go back to 4chan, we dont care about your ''gf'' male devil

No. 238322

Even though I actually like Suga's work and all and I completely agree with
>IMO he shouldn't say that on camera when he knows his young fans might see it, that shit's damaging.

I think the main problem is that in the ''idol world'' this shit is seen as normal? Even when fans will obviously worry and try to defend them, these are the ''rules'' that their work has, sadly. Being pretty, skinny, kind of perfect…Even if they talk about mental health and personal problems, most of the times they talk abouut it being in the past. I.e., making a song about depression…That they had two years ago. I know why they have to put it in a way that makes people think that depression is something that can be overcome but I'm sure that apart from the crying in concerts, none idol would cry in front of the cameras telling how sad / anxious they feel almost 24/7.
I like kpop but all the shit behind the scenes is what keeps me from defending all idols blindly, it just seems a big script to me. I think it's problem of the society too. Men in SK tend to be sexist and even if I try to think otherwise about my favourite artists, I know it is what it is, maybe a cultural matter. For example, in some videos male idols are always talking about ''what a real man is / how a real man should act''.

No. 238324

File: 1522525578943.png (1.12 MB, 616x916, suga1.png)

Sorry, these aren't the best pics anon but they do show his weight has changed
(July 2015)

No. 238325

File: 1522525624566.jpg (39.58 KB, 400x600, C4CBcsIUcAEOAEW.jpg)

Jungkook's graduation (February 2017)

No. 238330

Judging from interviews he always seemed the most mature, honest and maybe non-kpopish(?), but his lyrics are so cringy.

>They call me new thang

The recruit is here, to take over everything,
The whole world, concert so sick,
from Asiana Asia
You could be my new thang
I’m different from the hyungs,
That ignore their duties
An uprising of celebrities,
damn only strong ones can mess with me

That's just the first verse and i already want to shoot myself…
He sounds completely full of himself, like every other rapper as well.

Isn't that how thin he usually looks?

No. 238331

File: 1522526491779.jpg (50.63 KB, 400x600, jessica.jpg)

Are you retarded anon? He looks swollen in the 2017 picture obviously because of fillers, his fingers still looked bony as fuck

No. 238332

I know he talked about his depression in the past and said that he hide behind a confident and strong personality when actually he's really insecure but I agree with the lyric thing. As I said, I think it's just the biggest script ever for idols, having to pretend being someone they're not, at least not fully themselves.
Let's be honest, a confident person with a troubled past will always atract more people than one who's depressed and acting all insecure in stage, specially in the kpop world.

No. 238334

That anon might be a lesbian anon.

No. 238339

File: 1522528181225.gif (1.24 MB, 268x295, 94f75e7a6451905861f3f3986a68ae…)

That's him in spring 2017 and his legs are so thin that his skinny jeans fit super loose…

No. 238341

are you retarded? take your own advice and go back to wherever you came from. you're trying too hard, this isnt ur personal male hate site.

No. 238345

Doesn't matter; to me >>238288 also sounded like bullshit, either a minor or robot, who cares what some anon's gf claims to have seen

No. 238346

Maybe because for like 5 years before they debuted yg kept going on about making a girlgroup who is pretty and does hiphop.

No. 238353

Considering he already stated he has some kind of impulse control problems, probably with booze, and that kind of thinking is easily transfered onto other compulsions, Suga getting a ED from living the Kpop life is very probable.
Even if starving is normalized in showbusiness, I guess it's still better than liver damage in the long run.

No. 238354

Another anon claimed that he frequently loses and gains weight, a sign for an ED; but i don't think that's true, so isn't constantly being skinny since pre debut a sign that he's just naturally like this?

No. 238355

If he does have an ED, could the swollen looking cheeks be due to bulimia? Just speculation of course.

No. 238356

File: 1522531540079.jpeg (51.76 KB, 500x500, 62BE088D-2ECA-4303-9D94-FFB18A…)

He was by no means fat predebut but he definitely weighed more

No. 238358

I can't be assed to find them right now, but there's a couple of videos of Suga giving his food to other food members because according to him "he needs to lose weight" as he proceeds to just watch the others eat. Also joking the reason female idols don't get close to him is that his legs are so pretty, aka slim, that the girls are afraid about how they would look in comparison.
Not the best exemple to give young fans in my opinion.

No. 238360

Cheeks might be due lack of sleeping and alcohol in my opinion, kek.

No. 238361

Damn, they looked so healthy.
Why does Korea hate muscles?

No. 238362

File: 1522532256957.png (7.07 KB, 701x56, Opera Instantané_2018-03-31_23…)

unless anon was a lesbian then it violates lolcow's rules

No. 238364

Okay you're right, he definitely lost a lot of weight after debuting.
Rapmonsters face has always been hideous, but if he was still a little more buff nowadays, plus being not as short as the others, he probably wouldn't look so bad.

It really shocked me when Kang Daniel said he wanted to lose weight; isn't his body one of the best in kpop? He's always complimented for it, yet he thinks he needs to lose weight…

No. 238366

File: 1522533010641.jpg (114 KB, 653x654, a7c904ae18bc41c99cac135f32f3e5…)

kind of a shitty pic but this is from October 2017 and you can tell he's put on some weight here, at least compared to how skinny he usually looks.

I'm sure they're encouraged to have certain body types but I also wouldn't be surprised if they just suck at maintaining muscle. They eat a lot of garbage (instant ramen, etc.) because it's convenient and they probably don't work out consistently beyond training/practice.

No. 238367

He looks so feminine, like some pudgy little 'ajumma'…

No. 238371

Suga and Jimin are so problematic with their EDs, flaunting them every chance they get. Jimin used to have lots of muscle but now all is gone so he is not fooling anyone lmao

But then again, they are just the result of their own society. Koreans always talk about weight, and if they see you for the first time in a while they gonna call you about either by telling you are fat or skinny.

They also glorify extremely weight loss without giving a damn if you starved yourself, they will probraly think of you better for enduring and having such a strong mind. sickening

No. 238372

File: 1522535834588.gif (2.51 MB, 268x182, 680892c9bea87a32487a5cb3b6036c…)

It also amazes me how they dont seem to give a fuck when a member of their group starves themself. They're together 24/7, so it's not like they don't notice.

Jungkook has often expressed that he wans to lose weight, so you'd think that Jin who's 5 years older would somehow try to prevent that or take care of him. Instead he even called Jimin a pig in a Run episode.

Korean's see to be just cold as fuck in general and the hords of koreaboos going "it's their culture, you don't understand!" will prevent them from changing to the better…

No. 238373

*Koreans seem