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File: 1720481574431.jpg (223.78 KB, 2048x2048, wp4628558-2803458873.jpg)

No. 399019

A thread for media that lolcow unanimously hates and media regarded as bad by the majority of farmers. Post things you think apply or discuss why you think everyone should hate the thing you posted. It doesn't need to be offensive or problematic to be bad. Please refrain from infighting, this is not a thread to defend shit. Don't take anon's posts too seriously, if you like something posted in this thread you do you.

No. 399021

There’s no lolcow “unanimous” hated media, we’re not a hivemind newfag

No. 399022

This is 99% going to lead to infighting.
My bet is either roidpog psy op vs. husbandos or "all mahou shoujo is actually for pedos".

No. 399025

>Made in Abyss
>Saya no Uta
>Super Sonico

No. 399029

File: 1720482298055.png (26.98 KB, 1729x154, sonicofag.png)

Plenty of people here like Madoka, including me.
I've even see a couple of Sonicofags in the past.

No. 399030

File: 1720482387592.jpg (69.36 KB, 1080x1080, s-l1600.jpg)

I foresee this thread being deleted. Anyways, I like Super Sonico. I know these are incredibly low bars to cross, but it's anime…
>legal adult
>marine biology student
>not anorexic like 99% of anime girls
>some of her outfits are pretty cute, picrel
>2000s anime coziness
Come @ me.

No. 399031

I don't think I've seen anyone defend the following, and tbh you wouldn't be missing out on much:
> Isekai as a whole
> Uzaki
> Kobayashi's Dragon Maid
> Magical Girl Site
> Highschool DxD
> Any Life is Strange game except maybe the first one

No. 399032

I dont really give a fuck about the author, Made in Abyss has a killer soundtrack and the visuals are cool.

No. 399033

That VN that Rancefag likes lol

No. 399034

KEK don't invoke her wrath (you're right tho)

No. 399035

File: 1720482672847.jpg (709.26 KB, 1000x1412, Kyo.Kara.Maoh!.full.3564921.jp…)

>Isekai as a whole
I'd agree with this if Conrad x Yuri art wasn't so ero

No. 399038

File: 1720482740722.png (186.72 KB, 700x394, I wish he was my niichan.png)

>Magical Girl Site
Also the niichan in this anime was god tier.

No. 399039

File: 1720482826795.jpg (216.91 KB, 1920x648, 1000004894.jpg)

No. 399040

>Please refrain from infighting
>Post things you think apply or discuss why you think everyone should hate the thing you posted
Do not mix. Wtf is up with all these shit threads popping up recently? Summerfags everywhere

No. 399041

Ok this is actually accurate but I don't think anyone likes this game.

No. 399042

Legitimate fucking jumpscare omg. Eh, the scenes where he gets gooshed are pretty kino but apart from that he's just a typical animu edgelord.

No. 399043

File: 1720483005098.jpg (67.05 KB, 1024x576, ew.jpg)

No. 399045

Very true.
I will amend my point to "isekai for moids."

No. 399046

File: 1720483134956.png (1.25 MB, 1366x768, d2s7Sl3.png)

>Legitimate fucking jumpscare omg
The manga version legit spooked me a bit.
>but apart from that he's just a typical animu edgelord
He's so over the top that he just becomes god tier to me, his voice also really helps. That scene where he gets a guy to kill himself while he's wearing his idoru's panties is some of the funniest shit I've seen in anime.

No. 399047

I don't remember anyone liking this show when it came out. So weird how it has unironic(?) zoomer fans now

No. 399048

>I will amend my point to "isekai for moids."
Konosuba can be funny sometimes, but yeah basically.
I think it's half people who liked it all along for the shitpost energy of it that made it fun to watch and then also just general edgy twitter types who liked it for the cutter loli and the tranny mahou shoujo.

No. 399050

Why the fuck did /m/ become the newfag magnet? Go shit up /ot/ like you're supposed to.

No. 399051

> gets a guy to kill himself while wearing his idoru's panties
KEK I SOMEHOW FORGOT ABOUT THIS. I wish there was a version of the show without the pointless and horrible loli ryona because then it would unironically be perfect.

No. 399052

I liked Madoka when I saw it in middle school, the blue girl is best girl.
Stahp, she retired from Rance, she's evolved.

No. 399054

> blue girl is best girl
This is Kyoko erasure.

No. 399055

File: 1720483530242.jpg (44.81 KB, 753x1000, 61ZQLBUD3KL._AC_UF894,1000_QL8…)

Finally another sayaka appreciator on this godforsaken website.

No. 399057

File: 1720483586985.jpg (27.97 KB, 260x385, 1000004895.jpg)

Everyone on here hates this movie kek

No. 399058

File: 1720483593144.gif (82.14 KB, 482x353, kizami and kurosaki.gif)

They should have just made it about niichan being unhinged as fuck because everyone (aside from maybe yurifags) agrees he was by far the best part.
In general I'd love to see more characters like him since they're fun, I guess another example would be Kizami.

No. 399059

File: 1720483593434.png (706.45 KB, 740x860, 5h5h870432.png)

I still disagree

No. 399061

I love all the Medukas, they are all good girls.
Except for Bebe she's just kinda there.

No. 399063

File: 1720483786615.jpg (2.9 MB, 2480x3507, 1000004897.jpg)

The fact that not even the ryonafags liked this one should tell you everything you need to know.

No. 399064

File: 1720483815478.png (1.72 MB, 960x960, 56oyx0bah3181.png)

No. 399066

The scene where he threatened to fuck her with a fire poker had me screaming 'NOOOOOO'

No. 399067

File: 1720483991841.jpg (106.94 KB, 1200x800, ew 2.jpg)

No. 399069

File: 1720484035870.jpg (55.53 KB, 625x1000, 1000004898.jpg)

How have we gotten this far without mentioning Onion's books?!

No. 399071

I don't read anything without pictures, sorry

No. 399072

shit thread

gineriella or whatever her name was reading these was peak cozy bg noise. other crappy youtuber books wouldn't be as naturally entertaining as the rambling of a delusional npd edgelord.

No. 399073

File: 1720484228262.png (983.65 KB, 900x593, welcome home.png)

>inb4 someone with a weird fetish proves me wrong

No. 399075

Why did I never notice he spells it like that

No. 399076

Horrifying image.

No. 399077

He always called her abby (abbi?) in the book kek

No. 399078

>not anorexic like 99% of anime girls
Tell me you’re American without telling me you’re American

No. 399080

File: 1720484496010.jpg (80.44 KB, 625x1000, 1000004899.jpg)

Samefag, I'm pretty sure this was his worst one kek

No. 399081

What is this shit? Trans muppets? Someone explain

No. 399082

File: 1720484591626.jpg (22.45 KB, 233x300, god he's so fucking ugly.jpg)

Not the game specifically but I don't really know anyone who likes Takara.

No. 399084

File: 1720484649682.gif (823.74 KB, 320x320, chewing-madeinabyss.gif)

I like Fnaf and other zoomer stuff that everyone in here hates, also gross and toxic bl

I like Made in Abyss

No. 399085

>gross and toxic bl
I mean duh

No. 399086

File: 1720484753779.png (160.83 KB, 1348x739, welcome home plush request.png)

Pretty much, it's an attempt at an horror ARG sort of thing but they immediately say that it's an ARG and it has very little in the actual horror elements.
Mostly just exists as a tumblr fandom for people who want to fuck the main muppet (which makes the creator mad since she made him to be her husbando)

No. 399087

I love the vibe of these two threads so far kek please keep going

No. 399088

File: 1720484806378.jpg (132.42 KB, 265x377, 1000004900.jpg)

I haven't watched this or read the manga but I'm pretty sure LC hates it.
He looks very unnerving for some reason, which VN is he from?

No. 399089

>which VN is he from?

No. 399090

File: 1720484883367.jpg (102.07 KB, 640x602, A16782-1155513867.1443320365.j…)

Probably one of the more hated anime, but goddamit, I like it. I want like 20 sadistic vampire boyfriends. I said what I said.

No. 399091

I wouldn't think so many people would hate it since theres farmers here who coom to men getting abused and beaten up

No. 399092

Kanato a cute autist

No. 399093

And of course she's already posting in here. Her and that other girl get peer pressured into liking and things based on what a handful retards on imageboards think so easily kek bpdfags are pathetic personality leeches

No. 399094

I wanted to like this, but my god I just couldn't get over how stupid the protagonist is kek

No. 399095

I wish but from my experience nonnas actually love Urobuchi here.

No. 399096

File: 1720485095952.jpg (233.12 KB, 1280x1280, 6e5306ebdd453fc790c0803c1097b2…)

I like this album of hers I'm very sorry it meant a lot to me
I picture myself getting cancelled every single day because I follow her on instagram
I'm genuinely sorry

No. 399097

File: 1720485118954.png (1.29 MB, 959x1080, tumblr_050a369eebb9538f5e22f51…)

God I wish it was a hentai. We need more female-oriented hentai jfc. We've been played for fools.

No. 399098

File: 1720485158804.jpg (7.2 KB, 188x268, images(4).jpg)

IDK if hate is the right word because a lot of nonnas actually do keep up with it even if it's not necessarily respected. I think it's lovehated in the way you lovehate a cow kek

No. 399099

More of an assumption but…

No. 399100

File: 1720485170384.jpg (74.62 KB, 841x1100, 1000004901.jpg)

Speaking of celebricows.

No. 399101

No idea who this is but his face is so disturbing.

No. 399102

I remember seeing an animated short for an isekai one, but it wasn't really my taste.

No. 399103

Fuck same nona i like her music too

No. 399104

It's Justin Timberlake, and that disturbance you feel is just your survival instincts tingling in the presence of his rancid aura.

No. 399105

do most anons really hate it? I feel like no one cares about her anymore. the mask thing looks goofy but the music is not hateable outside her occasional troon pandering moments. it's generic at worst, I can't think of any melanie song that I actively hate but I'm not a close follower so maybe someone who is can pull up something really shitty.

No. 399107

File: 1720485462062.png (6.73 MB, 1800x4200, 1000004902.png)

This site has a dysfunctional love/hate relationship with him kek

No. 399108

File: 1720485552303.png (18.77 KB, 752x229, pagesix.png)

kek the young cop who arrested him didn't recognize him either

No. 399109

File: 1720485556918.png (846 KB, 1600x1600, tpd37lwtijg91.png)

No. 399110

Hypersexual rap

I still like this song for the kraftwerk/afrika bambaataa sample, the video is hilariously bad amateur dance class

No. 399111

KEKKKK I see what you did there

No. 399112

File: 1720485770723.jpg (48.12 KB, 500x400, 1000004783.jpg)

> that entire screed
I love husbandofags so much kekkk

No. 399113

I've seen nonnas pretty sad about what happened to him.
I wouldn't wish such a fate on anybody.

No. 399114

File: 1720486023910.png (1.03 MB, 947x700, FeQPNaeaYAEbVBz.png)

Post tranny Bridget is what I meant
I'm not that into him though, I like Bedman more.

No. 399115

File: 1720486140122.jpg (74.13 KB, 735x797, 2933db08f52cc4b5517457585e952a…)

The rape allegations by her BPD ex friend and "ddgl aesthetic" of her previous eras
Me liking her current music feels like an easy way to get cancelled

No. 399117

File: 1720486529272.webp (489.21 KB, 1742x2200, IMG_5705.webp)

No. 399118

Man, this still annoys me. Especially since his redesign is actually super cute imo, but they just had to ruin it by trooning him

No. 399120

yeah but who cares about her cow ex here. I think abby brown's cry baby phase would ruin her more than any of that would for farmers kek.

I rewatched all of her old stuff not long ago and she was less subtle with the ddlgfag than I remember. I want to hunt down and reread every post about yungelita here, all I could think about during k-12 was
>holy shit it's that butterface switchblade girl from tumblr
in the end my conclusion on melanie was meh but I see the appeal. she has a few good songs, and I feel she earned her spot in the early 2010s tumblr hall of fame unlike halsey.

related, I remember this video getting talked about here. I kind of like her tbh, but not princess nokia.

No. 399121

What? And who's that other girl?

No. 399122

The final boss of LC lore.

No. 399124

File: 1720486991436.png (781.26 KB, 791x1024, 1000004910.png)

YouTuber books in general don't go over very well (with good reason)

No. 399125

Ironically, she's not into Rance anymore.

No. 399126

Wish I was there to see it live but I quitted lolcow for like half a year and now I have no idea what's going on with Rancefag kek

No. 399127

This point in time was so rock bottom. TGFbro were carrying the culture on their bare backs.

No. 399128

The Joey Graceffa one looks like the ready player one movie cover

No. 399129


No. 399130

Even when I listen to them I hate them.

No. 399131

>yeah but who cares about her cow ex here. I think abby brown's cry baby phase would ruin her more than any of that would for farmers kek.
Wouldn't that's still mean I would get cancelled for liking MM though? It doesn't matter what era I'm into (Portals is fairy themed for context) if I support a woman with a rape allegation I will get cancelled

No. 399132

Shane Dawson's movie as well

No. 399133

File: 1720487368641.jpg (181.43 KB, 930x1280, mafumafu and rushia.jpg)

No. 399134

Rushia’s my queen

No. 399136

No offense but why?

No. 399137

God don't even remind me of that creepy piece of trash.
> the dungeon master never gets with the princess
is probably the cringiest line of dialogue I've ever heard kek

No. 399138

File: 1720487539548.jpg (111.55 KB, 1200x1200, ew 3.jpg)

No. 399141

Oh please, it should be someone like Spoony

No. 399143

Not Linkara?

No. 399146

File: 1720487844568.jpeg (36.32 KB, 980x980, IMG_5707.jpeg)

No. 399147

File: 1720487850371.jpg (6.62 KB, 300x168, 1000004911.jpg)

And when they're not good girls they're based (gigastacy Kyoko threatened to break all Kyosuke's limbs)

No. 399148

>neet bpdfag and massive attention whore
>linked here from 4chan
>likes a bunch of pickme edgy visual novels
>spammed /m/, /g/, and /ot/ about one genghis khan serial rapist character from one of them called Rance
>sends nudes to r9k users
>says she's a minor to get people to feel sorry for her and take them down
>pulled this card and the mental illness card on our own mods after spamming her own nudes here
>it worked, but she ended up permabanned anyways
>is back and has since moved on to BL
>says she only likes it for the edge factor and because it's more socially acceptable here on lolcor
>spams /ot/, /g/, and /m/ about shota and shitty bl visual novels like the nitro+chiral games and paradise
>only friend is another bpdfag who is also obsessed with shota and torture porn visual novels including hetero scroteshit
She's blaine if he was a sad real woman and was even worse at shitposting basically

No. 399150

It will always be a battle between kiki and the queen. Fuck all attention whores like spoony, blaine, and rancefag.

No. 399151

File: 1720487961388.jpg (63.28 KB, 640x480, 1000004912.jpg)

No. 399152

For some reason I don't hate him, probably because I find a lot of the people who complain about him far more obnoxious.

No. 399153

I do hate him because I think he's a creep with skeletons in his closet, but his detractors can be very obnoxious. Either way it's generally agreed here that the game sucks kek

No. 399154

File: 1720488109218.png (1.29 MB, 1003x1116, IMG_5708.png)

No. 399155

>if I support a woman with a rape allegation I will get cancelled
i dont think anyone here believed it lmao lesbianons DO play about lesbian abuse allegations(baiting)

No. 399156

It's so hilarious how people went from loving him to hate him within a matter of months.

No. 399157

Melanie admitted to raping Timothy

No. 399158

Literally someone just pointed out that he was old and everyone else was like "oh yeah" kekekek

No. 399159

Spoony was an infamous catfishing 4chan pickme that made something like 12k posts on lolcow before she was doxxed + permabanned

True, trying to dig through old posts just made me realize how similar they all are. Image boards do a great job at stoking mentally ill attention whores

No. 399161

Creepshow Art needs to be a secret boss kek

No. 399162

The only good thing about YandereDev is that he continues to be a lolcow and occasionally provide new milk for a decade now.

No. 399164

What’s the other thread

No. 399165

> tfw yandev is faster at updating the milk than the very first rival of his game

No. 399169

No. 399170

File: 1720488697463.jpg (14.57 KB, 220x313, 1000004913.jpg)

The author is still unforgiven kek

No. 399171

She didn't admit it though

No. 399172

File: 1720488805722.jpg (211.17 KB, 1360x1920, 0663a53a315f9bd3d6eb1ea246292b…)

The art is good so it's hate but a bit "if someone else was writing I'd check it out" or "why can't she write the fake anime she makes up instead"

No. 399174

This one, single page looks way more interesting than the synopsis of the actual plot.

No. 399175

File: 1720488939328.png (823.56 KB, 750x938, herohei.png)

No. 399178

For a second I thought that was Projared

No. 399180

Projared also counts.

No. 399181

File: 1720489112825.jpeg (111.23 KB, 852x1150, 96841FB7-B6E2-48D1-A9B7-3D53EF…)

Not even posting his femboy getup? Makes me hate him even more

No. 399182

Christ I did not know he was doing this nowadays

No. 399183

File: 1720489167511.jpeg (443.86 KB, 1200x675, E4C455BE-A578-42AB-B32F-3E276E…)

over 50 characters and not a single one of them has an actual personality. plus the plot is autistically edgy.

No. 399184

No. 399185

File: 1720489226809.jpeg (183.88 KB, 1228x410, IMG_5897.jpeg)

It's not a bad series at all but everyone always flips out when he gets posted

No. 399186

based, kusoge.

No. 399187

KEK I fucking love it when he gets posted, it's like a grenade that was specifically engineered for fujos. I will never be as cool as the nonna who husbandos him.

No. 399190

File: 1720489610176.webp (380.41 KB, 1360x1920, Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi wo sur…)

Too bad it's all inverse cosplay.
That being said I wouldn't be surprised if people get more lenient with this compared to the other cosplay show coming out, 2.5d Seduction.

No. 399191

Can someone explain me the context of this man?

No. 399192

File: 1720489883186.png (1.66 MB, 1080x1080, 1000004916.png)

I get the feeling that nobody really likes the new generation of MLP. It looks ugly so I don't blame them.
These types of shows all want to be Hetalia so bad.

No. 399193

He's just a deeply autistic old man from a BL manga who isn't very bishielike, especially not compared to his hot love interest kek. His baldness in particular offends the fujos.

No. 399194

File: 1720490170724.png (1.44 MB, 1500x638, 1000004917.png)

I don't know if these are HATED here as such, but they are divisive.

No. 399195

A bottom who's charm is his gap moe, patheticness, and his desperation.

No. 399198

I wish but a lot of people here love it for some reason
>These types of shows all want to be Hetalia so bad.
Only in the sense that it's a joseimuke with a large cast, it's kinda like saying every moid series with a large cast wants to be Idolmaster

No. 399200

I don't think most people full on hate it, there's a fair amount of enjoyable aspects in it despite it's flaws.
It's shit, no saving this one.

No. 399201

Everyone hates Mamiya because he's ugly and bald in the context of the manga he used to be cute but after getting raped he became a barely functioning alcoholic and he's obsessed with the MC because he was the only person that was nice to him. But he's so fucked even the MC just stays with him out of pity (and he can't leave his house)
Also he's not old, he's 29 kek

No. 399202

He's like 28

No. 399204

File: 1720490609941.jpg (Spoiler Image,212.05 KB, 844x1200, 1000004918.jpg)

Speaking of gap moe (spoiler for mildly NSFW crime against the senses)

No. 399205

29?! Absolutely no way kek that poor guy

No. 399206

File: 1720490715350.jpg (26.36 KB, 600x338, this scene made me cry btw.jpg)

This is why most historical BL just give the characters bishounen haircuts with ponytails.

No. 399207

I like this one but yeah, it caused lcfujos to riot.

No. 399208

File: 1720490856294.png (244.36 KB, 434x1055, mari sue.png)

No. 399209

I think the main difference is that Hazbin's female characters are more involved/have more agency than HB, which is just Vivzie's sadboi fanfic but animated. Also HH has Alastor in it.

No. 399210

File: 1720490864109.jpeg (573.87 KB, 1199x1670, IMG_1212.jpeg)

No. 399211

Even the scrote evafags she was created for don't really give a fuck about her kek

No. 399212

File: 1720490999694.jpg (925.42 KB, 1080x1440, brak's mom.jpg)

True true, I don't get people who husbando Alastor though he's fucking ugly and cringe.
I actually vastly prefer the female characters in hazbin even though I'm a fujo.

No. 399213

They went from not caring about her to hating her kek (same goes for most people though).

No. 399214

I haven't seen it but I think the female characters have vastly better designs.

No. 399216

>No ones posted pitbulls yet

No. 399217

File: 1720491438953.png (338.15 KB, 749x1070, 1000004919.png)

No. 399218

Makes me sad he's voiced by Hiro Shimono…

No. 399220

I dislike their eyes so much. What I liked about the g4 eyes was that they at least had some variation with the eyelashes somewhat unique for each character. They look as if they’re trying to emulate the look of disney so bad.

No. 399221

File: 1720491745258.jpg (Spoiler Image,44.61 KB, 567x768, MV5BMjE2OTIwMzE0MF5BMl5BanBnXk…)

are pitbulls media?

No. 399222

File: 1720491794581.png (288.64 KB, 3714x7790, 1000004920.png)

Here's another character that absolutely no lolcor poster likes kek

No. 399223

File: 1720492501106.jpg (233.31 KB, 2036x1354, 1000004922.jpg)

And its evil twin, youtuber/influencer poetry kek

No. 399227

I only liked her when she was supposed to get paired with shinjis mom

No. 399229

nonas posted memes about him on here a few years ago

No. 399233

what a retarded thread kek

No. 399234

I've seen people raving about this, what happened?

No. 399236

File: 1720494796167.jpg (197.88 KB, 898x1280, 9781626923539__94066.jpg)

All of the characters are boring and bland and by the end of the story I couldn't even tell you what the main characters liked about each other. I feel like the only demographic who unironically likes this are troons.

No. 399237

It's not gay enough.
The mc is gay, the monster dude feels love but doesn't understand what that means so people are pissed at that.

No. 399239

File: 1720496211651.png (403.69 KB, 743x523, MASSACRED.png)

Never played GG but a lot of the redesigns sucks ass especially Testament. Traps, femboys, trannies/gender specials and those who lust after them deserves to get shit on.

No. 399240

he isn't gay anymore and she made it so the monster boy can't feel any sexual attraction because the series became popular with moids, so all the BL aspects were removed.

No. 399241

Huh. He literally confessed his love last chapter, it's been pretty gay even with the monster no-homo angle.

No. 399242

Facts. The state of yuri is tragic

No. 399243

Tbh there should be a thread for anything in general that lc hates, there's so much stuff that mosts farmers hate that i like and i want to be a nlog about it

No. 399244

just use this one or the one in /ot/

No. 399245

there's docs about saving pitbulls (the animal) so I'd say yes

No. 399246

File: 1720499080291.png (Spoiler Image,2.89 MB, 1600x2275, Hikaru ga Shinda Natsu - Vol.5…)

I don't think moids really give a shit about that distintion. Any moid would think this is pretty gay.

No. 399248

I'm sorry nona, I love a realistically flawed female character. Real life Pink Diamond would be such a great cow: misbehaving rich brat who goes off on a SJW arc before settling down with a moid to be a tradwife/mother. I imagine lolcow would be one of the places online where farmers would tinfoil about her different online aliases being the same person.

No. 399250

He's already been proven to be a pedo, check his thread on /snow/. The skeletons are all out in the open, he didn't even try to hide it lol

No. 399255

File: 1720505574844.jpeg (87.97 KB, 750x590, D2A6B1B5-0B67-41F4-BA31-9EB5BB…)

I like certain edgy “scrote” memes because some of them can be funny.Especially the tranny ones. Obviously I don’t like the women hating ones but if anything I just edit them to use on males. Edgy memes do sometimes trigger anons but naturally it’s going to happen with how normies have taken over the site.

No. 399256

File: 1720506189479.jpg (1.21 MB, 2560x1920, 7730382bf4459ad9f445f7a7fe5b81…)

i watched like one episode of it and the show already tried to make me sympathize with a fucking pedophile. its gotta be pretty hated, right?

No. 399258

I almost want to bet that the sequel about his kid is going to have really good fujobait, simply because I think that idea of such a filter would be really fucking funny.

No. 399260

>plus the plot is autistically edgy.
How so? I know the fandom is shit but I don't know much about the story, just that it takes place in a high school.

No. 399261

File: 1720508495859.jpeg (82.26 KB, 1370x820, image0.jpeg)

the fourth jumpscare of the apocalypse

No. 399262

File: 1720508740568.jpg (53.99 KB, 283x352, This_Man_original_drawing.jpg)

he's uncanny like picrel

No. 399271

File: 1720510928286.jpg (461.15 KB, 1080x1875, Screenshot_20240709_004144_Fir…)

No. 399273

That just proves Russian lit is chuuni af

No. 399278

File: 1720514296264.webp (13.73 KB, 250x170, Nyon.ReferenceSheet.jpg)

OMG its captainhowdie art. Anybody heard of them? They created Randfren and like it its so random

No. 399280

File: 1720515592526.jpg (36.44 KB, 736x736, 91d2c0b6a23df934752406e9409fcd…)

>Scroteshit anime
My Dress-up Darling
Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid
Komi Can't Communicate
Kiss x Sis
Love to Ru
Highschool DxD
Mushoku Tensei
Sword Art Online
Shield Hero
That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime
My Hero Academia
Chainsaw Man
Fire Force
Highschool of the Dead
Monogatari series
The Quintessential Quintuplets
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
Bunny Girl Senpai
Kill la Kill
Spy x Family
Kodomo no Jikan
Boku no Pico
Interspecies Reviewers

>Scroteshit games

The Coffin of Andy and Leyley
Blue Archive
Goddess of Victory: Nikke
Stellar Blade
Dead or Alive
Nier: Automata

No. 399285

Yes we have heard

No. 399286

There’s a weird brand of summerfag that I feel has been popping up this year who really want to find some sort of sense of community in lolcow, and they stand out like a sore thumb. Wtf do you mean “lolcow’s” hated/loved media kek, we’re not a monolith and it’s only the obnoxious, unintegrated tiktok fags who will “ew” and “yikes” and “umm…” you when you post something against the grain. True nonnas infight to the death

No. 399288

>Chainsaw Man
>Kill la kill
I've seen anons liking these

No. 399289

The summerfag tinfoil will never not be funny.

No. 399290

100% REAL.

No. 399292

Wasn't there a Re:Zero husbandofag somewhere around here?

No. 399294

File: 1720518075685.jpg (40.9 KB, 736x1104, 44643485441258309a95ae1b2c28d8…)

No. 399295

The episodes the focus on Kuroneko are pretty good
I like it
>Boku no Pico
It's good enough meme material that I don't really hate it
Peacock and Umbrella are pretty cute and had they continued with male characters like Beowulf I don't think I would hate it.

No. 399312

File: 1720525158343.jpg (203.07 KB, 1548x1797, 20230725_040122.jpg)

I hate that such a cute design was wasted on a actual piece of shit

No. 399313

go back to meta with your shitty discord toddler drama

No. 399314

nta but didnt she beat and abuse that scrote? that was pretty based

No. 399315

i'm hiveminding on this one, looks like pure shit lmao

No. 399316

Read the fucking op
>this is not a thread to defend shit. Don't take anon's posts too seriously, if you like something posted in this thread you do you.

No. 399317

Its the only anime for women i actually like because i feel the personalities and designs are actually interesting, unlike in stuff like free where the characters are just boring tropes. No other franchise fulfills my priest fetish.

No. 399318


No. 399319

its idubbbz, he used to make good funny videos in the early 10s but then got an only fans ethot wife and now he's a cuck

No. 399320

As long as they don't infight who cares.

No. 399322

Unfunny joke and it's an embarrassing zoomerism to still look back on his old videos fondly. I unironically started respecting him more after staying with pear through all the backlash. That's commitment. I still dislike them both but I will always hate Sam Hyde and his shills most of all.

No. 399323

you dont need to take a joke this seriously

No. 399324

They posted it here

No. 399326

I already said it's unfunny and that means I can do what I want

No. 399328

but he looks so much like idubdbz, the artist did an excelent job potraying how modern men hit the wall and turn into sex offender look alikes before they even hit 30

No. 399329

Ranfren isn't even that underground lmao. A fair few nonnies love captainhowdie here

No. 399330

File: 1720527983167.jpg (2.18 MB, 1800x1200, 1000004925.jpg)

The popular opinion here seems to be that he sucks. I don't think his ENTIRE discography is terrible but he's gimmicky and overplayed as fuck by this point.

No. 399332


No. 399334

The Enstars boys are going THROUGH it goddamn

No. 399340

File: 1720532460878.jpg (60.14 KB, 1000x1000, d88dd2de5b93541fdc45a052356224…)

I think most farmers would hate Kim Petras' music slop even if he weren't a troon. His lyrics give off Shayna vibes.

No. 399341

Sam Smith is also relevant to this thread.

No. 399344

Re:Zero is genuinely a lot of fun tbh. There's plenty to dig into, and it doesn't hold back if you like dark and edgy but also cute chivalrous guys. Honestly, I'm surprised more of the male characters don't have husbandofags or fujos around.

No. 399345

i don’t care about bridget or guilty gear tbh i just don’t like that trannies have such major sway over western nerd culture. it really is like if feminists could get tifa in a suit or sweats or something non-sexy, but ofc that will never happen as nerds and males won’t bow to women. but even iconic franchises like guilty gear and mario and fire emblem will. it’s a bit scary tbh

No. 399346

**will bow to trannies

No. 399350

Ham Smith is as hated as Tim Petras. I know I wasn't the only one writing paragraphs under paragraphs about how gross that pig is. Sadly you get a ban now for sperging about him, they call it autism but I'd say not hating Ham Smith is the real disorder. Gross music, shameless display of his fatty features and fucking ugly mug. Thank God he is gay, may his disappearance from the media be swift.

No. 399352

i hated him as soon as i realized he was a boy back in the mid 2000s and i hate him even more now that he's a tranny. i also hate how many figures he has compared to the other characters. garbage character for moids who pretend they're not fags.

No. 399354

how is SpyxFamily scroteshit, it also appeals to women with the fake family angle.

No. 399355

because its
angle that appeals to otaku scrotes.

No. 399356

Didn't he also successfully campaign to get the women's category removed from some British music awards show? He's scum

No. 399357

This might just be a rumor but I heard that it was basically propaganda to get Japanese zillenials to have kids. I heard the same thing about Darling in the Franxx.

No. 399359

To Love Ru is an encapsulation of everything wrong with anime.

No. 399364

Yeah that too, and became nonbinary because of some nonsense logic aka just reinforcing gender stereotypes, he is the same as Tim Petras but without cross sex hormones. Wish he'd get his dick chopped.

No. 399371

File: 1720543937028.jpg (84.89 KB, 1200x900, image-1200x900.jpg)

I've watched the anime, not read the manga tho, and I think it's a pretty cute and wholesome representation of family? Here's my defense. Keep in mind that it's still anime, so it's generally not going to be some 100% awesome and feminist and liberal piece of media, but
>none of the child characters are sexualized ever. The kids act like cute little kids.
>yes, Yor is hot, but she's a cool and talented woman imo. Any skin shown in any of her outfits is honestly minimal compared to most anime. More of her 'fanservice' comes from her being cool and throwing knives around
>Loid is a good husbando, always loyal to Yor and cares about her feelings
>'don't you want a cute family and a cute apartment and a good job' is a pretty mild fantasy compared to most anime imo
Sure, there's a few moments where I think, "Okay, that was mildly pander-y", but they're far and few in between. It's basically only Pokemon anime levels of fanservice. I like the theme of found family. If a male watches it and it causes coomer impulses in them, that's more on them than the anime.

No. 399372

doubleposting but your mileage may vary still. Anyone who doesn't watch anime probably won't understand why it can be shocking to see an anime that DOESN'T sexualize the children to some degree. If you don't like anime, or you don't like the genre/plot/characters, that's fair. But don't knock it based on what male fans are doing imo. Of course they will ruin everything they touch.

No. 399374

There's a bunch of anime and manga about hoping the Japanese can reproduce, basically if they show the characters ever planning on having a family, touching babies/kids, helping babies/kids/ or even living with them, it's 100% most likely baby making propaganda.
The most blatant ones are about kid's being kids, cute but retarded characters being retarded and cute anime girls being retarded and taken care of by a responsible character.
So it's kind of a scale, but in the end most of them are just baby making propaganda, even stuff like straight up Shonen can have it, like dragon ball or Naruto.
So it's like, from most obvious baby making propaganda to more about how you read it:
>oh no! Humanity is at the brink of extinction! We better fuck!
>kid being a kid, retarded character being retarded, animal being an animal
>adult character taking care of retarded character/child/animal
>young character taking care of retarded character/child/animal
>Oh the joys of being married!
>"it's almost like we're a married couple"
And there's probably even more stuff but I haven't watched too much anime in a while.
And you may wonder, what's the appeal for moids? The idea of skinship and the possibility of fucking the child, also the whole "Oh you're so responsible and protective!". For women it's more like, the babies are cute and whimsical, or really smart or just plain adorable and a bunch of manipulation of the heartstrings.
It's kind of funny how none of that has helped at all and their birth rate keeps declining because moids are retarded and too pornsick to be people.

No. 399378

>coffin of andy and leyley
It's just a 2000s loledgy throwback game. It's not all that scrotey.
Extremely tame for anime even if it is an attempt at family propaganda.

No. 399385

>Scroteshit anime

No. 399386

not all scroteshit is full frontal tits and ass but also only stupid women base their likes and dislikes off of male opinion

No. 399388

>kill la kill
I don't think I've ever seen anything really negative about it here. I've seen much more praise for it sexualizing the male characters alongside the females.

No. 399389

Exactly this! I really liked the anime and how the characters are build

No. 399391

scroteshit in that its breeder propaganda propagated by old scrotes aiming to meme japanese women into settling down with ricecel scum to salvage their declining population maybe?(racebaiting)

No. 399396

File: 1720546936459.jpg (92.21 KB, 1000x1000, homestuck.jpg)

No. 399397

>breeder propaganda
This is one of the most autistic permaonline terms I've ever heard, as if having families was somehow some sinister deep conspiracy and not the most normal thing ever, do you have this same reaction every time you see a western family sitcom? Getting worked up over SpyXFamily is silly, it's such an inoffensive show that even grandma could watch and follow along.
>ricel scum
kek getting racey aren't we.

No. 399398

there's a few fans, most will definitely hate the fandom and post-comic content but have mixed feelings on the comic itself

No. 399404

File: 1720547826591.gif (7.74 MB, 1920x1078, tumblr_f47515654429a7394d155c4…)

>I'm sorry nona, I love a realistically flawed female character.
i still think the pearlrose storyline was one of the best we ever got out of cartoon network. it's genuinely so tragic. i wish the show was better written/handled by more capable crew; it had so much potential imo…

No. 399418

It started as a joke but people really think every single case of an anime even mentioning family or romance is because it's family propaganda.
Not that that isn't the case at times, but it's also because Lone Wolf and Cub was fucking huge and romance is a general global storytelling thing.

No. 399420

>fumbled show with huge potential
Many such cases.

No. 399425

File: 1720552109315.jpeg (70.22 KB, 550x800, hideous.jpeg)

i like that sonico figure, but the rest of them are absolutely hideous. Her proportions are incredibly retarded and the hideous hooker clothes they give her would make even shayna cringe.
>not anorexic like 99% of anime girls
she's unrealistically thin with huge tits and ass, which is ten times worse. She makes the average haremshit love interest look like a nun in comparison with her hideous hentai monster proportions.

No. 399428

File: 1720552472889.png (746.42 KB, 785x464, 69154f_f0bb6dfe9b2d43268fa4550…)

Okay I am going to be that guy but I genuinely like Welcome home. I enjoy the art and the strange esoteric nature of it. I just wished clown didn't ruin it with all the troonery and lame gender shit. Other than that when you ignore those factors and just implement creepy religious esotericism on it it makes for a lot more interesting story.

No. 399432

Real. Also Rose/PD is one of my favourite characters in general, I still think about her sometimes. The fact that she's got actual flaws and a story arc that we go through backwards makes her really stand out among many, especially female characters in media.

No. 399470

So many indie projects online nowadays have so much potential just to be destroyed with modern gender shit that no one cares

No. 399488

That concept in your picrel is so fucking funny I'm so fascinated by the random shit coomers come up with.

No. 399495

File: 1720555833379.jpg (63.68 KB, 532x800, PVC14482-1.jpg)

you should see the figure where she's running. Peak retardation.

No. 399501

File: 1720556455295.webp (Spoiler Image,66.01 KB, 1080x1349, IMG_2222.webp)

Sonico fans are always like “finally an anime girl who has fat on her like a real woman” meanwhile sonico looks like picrel

No. 399508

Honestly the best breakdown of rancefag's character that I've seen.

The hate I have for this is unfathomable, I feel like punching a wall every time I see her. It gets worse when you remember it was made by a woman.

No. 399511

I hate Sonico so much and the brainrot it's done to men and pick mes

No. 399514

do you have screenshots of the latter or are you just calling everyone you dislike rancefag like all schizos do?

No. 399516

File: 1720556931293.gif (4.55 MB, 374x211, tadc-hydraulic-press.gif)

TADC and their weird misogynist creator Goosetranny. Overrated soulless garbage with unlikable characters made for cringe and coom content. Same with Murder Drones.

No. 399527

All of that stuff is slop for terminally online children

No. 399530

I love his songs though!
You put it down like New York City, I never sleep wild like Los Angeles, my fantasy hotter than Miami, I feel the heat oh, oh, oh, oh girl it's international love

No. 399538

How scrotelike are you nonnas? Here are some of these I like
>Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid
>Komi Can't Communicate
>That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime
>Chainsaw Man (my favorite manga)
>Spy x Family
>Helltaker (love it)

No. 399540

My list
>Boku no Pico

No. 399543

yeah you probably also think the second part of chainsaw man is actually peak manga. i fucking need to leave this shitty website already.

No. 399545

File: 1720558106694.png (1 MB, 2000x1135, Jaspis.png)

I loved Jasper and Lapis too

No. 399547

Not Pico to Chico?

No. 399548

It's not like I've read all of it. I haven't even gotten to the part where Makima was revealed to be evil. I only know it from spoilers. But I really like Denji and Power.

No. 399556

File: 1720558582453.jpeg (Spoiler Image,76.21 KB, 196x2048, IMG_4364.jpeg)

We have a thread for it even if it's dead. I enjoy how autistic the story is though it's beautiful kekk

No. 399571

yeah you love it because you are probably also autistic(infighting)

No. 399574

Some crimes can never be forgiven, anon.

No. 399581

>Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid
>Mushoku Tensei
>That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime
>Monogatari series
>The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
>Kill la Kill
>Spy x Family
>Boku no Pico
>The Coffin of Andy and Leyley
>Nier: Automata
are my "fuck you, I liked it"

No. 399584

File: 1720559645266.png (15.21 KB, 700x380, guess_ive_got_brain_problems.p…)

>Shield Hero (not the series itself but I follow the small female fan community for it because the dedication they have for it is really nice.)
>Re:Zero (same as above, but I also read it and its worth checking out if you can handle reading something that fucking long and are okay with every character being canonically mentally ill)
>Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (I loved it as a kid, I ate that 2deep4u shit up.)
>Monogatari series (its pretty, okay)
I do read some of the romcoms listed but I can't say I like them as much as "This is a random romcom I can waste time with for the next hour". I usually drop them after a while.

No. 399587

NTA but Chico is hideous, the only kinda passable part was Mokkun with short haired Pico and even then it was too male gaze for me.

No. 399593

I will defend Chainsaw man because I think Makima is so, so hot. Yeah she is Fujimoto’s fetish but she’s also MY fetish so it’s cool. Other mommydommy cumbait characters cant compare to her. I love that they made her voice not a traditionally sexy voice she sounds so good as a calm and collected woman.

I also played The Coffin of Andy and Leyley. Highly edgy? Yes. Fun dialogue and premise though.

I can’t think of anything that is collectively hated or loved by lolcow except for trannies and even then I’ve seen nonnas go to bat for HSTS.

No. 399594

>Monogatari series
>The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
i watch anything with sakuga, my apolocheese

No. 399595

How the fuck did this thread turn into anons bragging about how scrotey their tastes are?

No. 399596

It's more like confessing

No. 399598

I don’t like Pico because he looks way too feminine, Chico is at least an actual shota and he looks basic but cute and still somewhat boyish while (sadly) crossdressing

No. 399599

you are embarrassing

No. 399600

yeah and thats not even what the thread is about, go on 4chan if you want to talk about how much you like coomershit

No. 399601

>It's not like I've read all of it
>(my favorite manga)
Kek wtf
Average chainsaw man fan.

No. 399602

and who are you to decide she’s embarrassing? some fat autist on an imageboard? poor nonnie

No. 399603

No. 399604

its impossible to have pristine non scrotey lolcow approved taste because 90% of media is made by moids for moids, and even stuff for women can have scrotey stuff in it. Its better to be cringe and free.

No. 399606

i can decide myself who i find embarrassing and who not, but thank you very much my lovely fat autist sister kek

No. 399607

I've never seen a singular post hating him, where did you get it from?

No. 399609

File: 1720560791693.jpeg (397.41 KB, 2047x1008, Skullgirls.jpeg)

Real shame the stylization is so coomery. Some characters look pretty cool.

No. 399610

The threads OP was ignored from the start, sorry.

No. 399611

Why? If anyone is baiting it’s the anons who say they like Pico

No. 399612

yeah but then atleast choose something better than fucking shitsaw man. that shit is unironically so fucking bad, like so BAD im actually starting to think the authors head is infested with some kind of brain-eating worms

No. 399614

KEKKKK most underrated post itt
Probably because the thread's OP is impossible to work out, as was stated by the first anon.

No. 399620

>can’t come up with her own insult
now that’s embarrassing

No. 399621

i dont like chainsaw man though, i am not that anon

No. 399622

I haven’t kept up with chainsaw man in ages I just want Makima to sit on my face and call me a good girl. Is that too much to ask?

No. 399623

not really, i wish i could sit on gojos face honestly.. so im actually just as embarrassing

No. 399638

I am learning this exact moment that these are two different shows

No. 399651

Whichever newfag decided to ruin /m/ with these garbage threads will go straight to hell when they die

No. 399660

>Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid
>Highschool DxD
>Mushoku Tensei
>That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime
>My Hero Academia
>Chainsaw Man
>Fire Force
>The Quintessential Quintuplets
>Interspecies Reviewers
I don't like all of these shows, but I've watched them

No. 399673

File: 1720568073672.jpeg (46.85 KB, 450x579, 9556022f-43b4-87d0-c87e-efdf91…)

Boku no Pico, aka the classic anime for men to "recommend" because HAHAHA SO FUNNY LITTLE BOY RAPE, and then turn around and cry "Why isn't male rape taken seriously?!1!? Women are disgusting!"

No. 399674

Nonna I am with you don’t be discouraged there are some of us!

No. 399684

You sound like a troon

No. 399691

File: 1720571227882.jpeg (886.06 KB, 1243x1920, 7a866180c019ddb88ac21638ba6216…)

Also gateway to shota degeneracy, trap femboy porn and troonery

No. 399694

>trans colors
Pretty sure over half of those characters identify as male kek.

No. 399699

>Spy x Family
How?? It's one of the few anime that doesn't have a bunch of toxic shit.

No. 399703

Only Bridget doesn't, no?

No. 399704

nta but ruka (guy in the shrine maiden outfit) is canonically trans. he's of the "boys can't love men ergo i am a woman" variety though

No. 399705

he detransitions and realizes it was a mistake, though.

No. 399706

This is absolutely true. When I was a 10 year old with unmonitored internet access I was told to watch boku no pico and would replay it constantly to the point where it was an obsession (it was the first thing I ever masturbated to iirc)and I think that actually did irreversible damage to my psyche. Be careful who you recommend meme anime to

No. 399707

Doesn't he give up on that and stays a gay guy?

No. 399708

File: 1720574449376.png (671.41 KB, 1024x576, Link_of_Corruption_and_Rebirth…)

nah in his route (good end) he ends up a woman. honestly i said he was trans but he's more a straight up genderbend, never does he take hormones or anything

No. 399709

Is this artwork from VN? Looks bad

No. 399710

I can unfortunately relate except for the masturbation part,I did watch it but don't remember much of it.the only thing I remember is seeing gifs of it on Gelbooru I saw a lot of fucked up shit there too.

No. 399711

Idk if this is too specific but we need a trauma thread for people who grew up on weeb internet in the 2000s

No. 399713

Please, no more threads

No. 399716

All vns are uggo

No. 399719

File: 1720577673100.jpg (122.29 KB, 1280x720, Steins;Gate.full.648655.jpg)

Ngl, Huke (Steins Gate artist) might be one of those people who's good at drawing 1 specific thing, and that 1 specific thing is drawing geometric pattern-y abstract people from a head-on angle. Anything beyond that looks a lil derpy, unless there was a team helping out with the art.

No. 399725

I remember seeing his black rock shooter art and back then i thought it looked cool and stylish. I knew he drew for Steins Gate, but i never saw these CG lol.

No. 399726

It's pretty retarded to say that lolcor hates a piece of media when there's literally a dedicated thread for it. Anons are pretty clear about disliking post-canon, Hussie, and his herd of calfs, but the comic itself seems to be viewed mostly with nostalgia by people who read it a decade ago or whatever.

No. 399727

File: 1720582687660.jpg (49.04 KB, 440x600, justitia_van-heemskerck.jpg)

Turning your animu waifu brand mascot into Justitia when she has literally nothing to do with justice is already a weird move (it's not exactly a "sexy" costume the way a cat or a demon is) but they make it even weirder by putting her tits on the scale, which are attached to her headphones for some reason? Couldn't have she just been sitting coquettishly on a scale or something? Or just holding one? Also the implication here is that one tit weighs more than the other, which I guess is realistic on an anatomical level but it doesn't make for a very sexy visual imo. This honestly looks like the kind of thing an alien would design based in what they think humans find erotic.

No. 399728

I was about to say that maybe it was supposed to be a zodiac sign kind of thing but then I read the weird crown and now I feel extremely weirded out by how the fuck the designers even thought that any of the elements of that outfit made any sense in any shape or form.

No. 399729


No. 399730

File: 1720585412772.jpg (Spoiler Image,77.15 KB, 397x800, 0000000163852_hnVzTVw_1080x.jp…)

Her proportions never seem to stay the same

No. 399731

File: 1720585992387.webp (39.7 KB, 714x679, IMG_5710.webp)


No. 399740

it's called libra sonico, learnt it from the addy thread kek

No. 399777

Honestly this one may be the one everyone hates, but I know there's idiots on LC who like this shit too

No. 399802

i’m the biggest trapfag here and even i don’t like bnp

No. 399807

File: 1720619821804.webp (32.89 KB, 640x640, S93a778a517144fd8945b1780adae1…)

Super Sonico was obviously always coomer-y but the artist has gotten way worse in that regard over the years, early art and figures are very tame in comparison to newer ones like the ones posted itt

No. 399809

pretty much everything has gotten more coomery so it doesnt surprise me. even miku is being sexualized now.

No. 399810

File: 1720620590079.jpg (115.94 KB, 1600x1200, 360 View (2).JPG)

I still think some of these figures are cute, and I still relate to this body type much more than your average spindly anime girl. Ofc it's unrealistic, it's animu. Fight me.
This isn't even anymore skin than your average anime girl like Miku shows.
Was a vocaloid fan back in the 2000s. Can definitely confirm men have been drawing her with leeks up her butt since her inception. Nothing's new on the internet. Probably just easier and more widespread to purchase figures or access hentai outside of Japan compared to then.

No. 399811

File: 1720620806922.jpg (86.28 KB, 1000x1000, x_gsc94950.jpg)

men will always sexualize everything, but what i actually meant is that miku is now also sexualized in her official media stuff. picrel is a figure from 2023.

No. 399812

File: 1720621184051.jpg (82.75 KB, 600x477, FIG-MOE-0466_06.jpg)

Yeah, that could be true. I love vocaloid and grew up with it, but let's all be honest for a second. Miku is canonically 16. Rin and Len are meant to be 14. Picrel is cute at first glance, but there's definitely hints of coomerishness, especially with Rin's pose. I feel like the unfortunate reality of anime is that there will almost always be a hint of pandering. I don't think Sonico is the most egregious example of this, at least she relatively resembles an adult (for anime)

No. 399813

File: 1720621289647.jpg (144.99 KB, 725x1024, 1720479658751.jpg)

>they gave Miku a skin tooth
Nagatoro and it's consequences have been a disaster for the human race

No. 399814

>I still think some of these figures are cute, and I still relate to this body type much more than your average spindly anime girl.
Ok addy

No. 399815

File: 1720621613877.png (170.74 KB, 694x625, GQPiCIaWYAAJx73.png)

Nagatoro has one of the top 10 most punchable anime faces.
Speaking of which, I hate how 'tomboy' in anime has become synonymous with a girl who's tan, has a short haircut, a fang, and usually wears minimal clothing.

No. 399817

File: 1720621862390.jpg (276.55 KB, 936x1000, F51250.jpg)

>it could be true
sadly it is true. they even gave her an official freeing bunny figure

No. 399818

this isn’t tumblr you don’t have to justify your attraction to something with “ummm i just relate to it it’s my comfort subject”

No. 399819

>I still relate to this body type much more than your average spindly anime girl
I still don't see what the difference is, I'm not even trying to be rude I genuinely don't see it. She's still thin with huge boobs like every other anime girl

No. 399820

vocaloid don’t have canon ages the whole point of them (and what’s “canon” according to yamaha corp copyright law) is that they can be any age, it depends on the producer. but also she’s just a voice bank who gaf

No. 399825

>@ me
Back to twitter. NOW

No. 399826

File: 1720622886861.jpeg (214.99 KB, 650x800, 1E0EC535-64C1-4D7C-8733-F94899…)

God I fucking hate this ugly ass figure and this trend of making anime girls “thicc” especially when miku has always been petite. Her racing figures have always been somewhat coomery but this takes the cake, fucking disgusting. The artist of this figure is the dude who drew for atelier ryza iirc who of course inserts his fetishes into everything he touches. Anyway eyebleach.

No. 399829

I think that's someone mocking Addy Harajuku

No. 399830

>I still relate to this body type much more than your average spindly anime girl.
Says every fat girl ever(*bones rattling*)

No. 399831

>and I still relate to this body type much more
kek i doubt so

No. 399836

Are you new?

No. 399837

I'm an anon who defended sonico in the thread and I regret it. Now the thread is too much infighting with half people insisting she's skinny and half people insisting she's fat

No. 399839

That's what you get for ignoring the OP lol
>this is not a thread to defend shit.

No. 399841

No one cares

No. 399842

File: 1720624709582.webp (80.95 KB, 400x596, 14790_400.webp)

i know some women here husbando jjk characters, but does someone actually still read the manga? it has become so fucking braindead that im willing to post it here.

No. 399844

JJK husbandofags are the husbandofag equivalent of buying from shein; cheap, low quality mass produced males designed to appeal to the lowest common denominator

No. 399846

nah that’s mihoyoslop husbandofags

i dropped it shortly into the tourney arc with the angel. if gege weren’t retarded or otherwise being pressured by editors he would’ve turned jjk into a political drama about the clans rather than endless fight scenes

No. 399849

There's an exhibition about the manga in Japan right now with lots of info on what the story was supposed to be before it got published and according to the people who visited it, I wouldn't be surprised if this could have happened if JJK weren't published in the Shonen Jump of all magazines. Everything I dislike from the beginning of JJK are shit that were the editors' ideas like the school setting. Allegedly a lot of things were simplified or changed because editors were like "but what about the 12 years old boys reading our magazine? They won't want to read the manga if it's too complicated" but in the end it's popular with all age ranges anyway.

No. 399852

Are you? In years of posting here it's always been the same consensus outnumbering the few "ewwww icky coomshit" tards who didn't even exist on lolcow until around 2018.

No. 399889

Meanwhile if a real Japanese woman actually had those thighs they would bully her into losing weight.

No. 399890

File: 1720633561084.png (292.48 KB, 680x437, IMG_9448.png)

>all vtubers
>most twitch streamers
>All Disney movies
>Genshin impact
>league of legends
>Kingdom hearts
>harry potter
>stranger things
>van life vloggers
>stand up comedians
>my little pony

No. 399892

I have a soft spot for Kingdom Hearts because of how earnestly and soulfully retarded it is kek

No. 399893

why my little pony?

No. 399896

>most hated media
>half of these things have fan threads here

No. 399897

>all vtubers
as someone who actually works with these asstards, i cant agree more. i miss when vtubing was niche enough just to be used for visual novels

No. 399899

>all vtubers
I'd say most vtubers. Usually the degenerate and problematic ones. Though some of them are loved like Ao-kun. Even the vtuber thread has her kabedoning Elsie.

>All Disney movies

It's mostly modern Disney/Pixar movies that sucks nowadays with the overuse of 3D CGI and how soulless they are. They should bring back 2D animation.

>Kingdom hearts

I never seen any nonna dislike it. It's pretty well-loved.

>harry potter

C'mon nonnas here love the Harry Potter even terf queen J.K. Rowling. She's also on the one of the banners too.

>my little pony

The series itself very loved except for the new generation. Also we hate bronies and those who sexualize the characters.

No. 399900

I'm gonna use this thread as a "my personal most hated media/anti recommendations list".

>marvel schlop

>vtubers, all of them
>isekai in general
>honestly most anime/manga because the country has such a huge issue with misogyny and child sexualization
>anything overtly stuffed with lgbtq+++ troonshit

No. 399901

TIL the entire country of America is media

No. 399902

File: 1720635782438.gif (1.5 MB, 500x250, scarlett-johansson-sensible-ch…)


No. 399905

To be fair Miku doesn’t really have a consistent design, that’s why there’s figures of her with pink hair and short hair.
I’d rather they just make more Luka figures if they want a curvy girl though.

No. 399906

its kinda sad that luka, kaito, meiko, rin and len get basically no figures.

No. 399907

it's the truman show but make it a nationality

No. 399911

File: 1720638124062.jpg (9.94 KB, 209x176, f43g.jpg)

Plenty of people loved it though, if only for the wrong reasons.

The only correct answer.

Boku no Pico has been used for recommendation trolling longer than you are alive.

No. 399913

File: 1720638160722.jpeg (33.57 KB, 600x400, image0.jpeg)

>truman show
ew no

No. 399914

they're just her backup dancers. barely anyone uses them, only rin and formerly len. other vocaloids like gumi and flower also have barely any figures despite their usage actually rivaling miku's.

No. 399916

File: 1720638475097.jpeg (380.83 KB, 1080x1434, they all have dollfies though.…)

Rin and Len actually have a fair amount, the others don't have much though.

No. 399974

I think that's what bothers me the most about coomer shit in japan that really emphasize softness but irl they would bully and call those women fat. Kinda reminds me of 4chan scrotes who call "thicc" or "chubby" women slam pigs you fuck and dump while you marry the thin woman. Pretty sure it's Madonna whore complex in action.

No. 399976

This isn't recent. It's been happening for awhile.

No. 399979

It's also because they're uwu insecure about being boolied by other scrotes for dating "fat" women, they crave the validation of knowing that their friends would fuck their date (gay as fuck but that's moids for you kek)

No. 399980

True, they are obsessed with what other men think of them. That's why thicc now would have been called fat whales in the early 2000s.

No. 400020

Hello Addy, go back to tiktok

No. 400031

>your average spindly anime girl.
That's literally what she is. She's just a skinny anime girl with gigantic tits. One boob is literally wider than her waist. You have been memed into enjoying plstic consoomer trash for porn-addicted scrotes.

No. 400034

All of this could have been avoided if you just had better taste.(infighting)

No. 400036

Admittedly I love their music but I would never try to defend them here. Also I don't find them attractive at all, and usually when anons criticize them it's because of all of the blind zoomers who thirst over the uggo moids in the band.

No. 400037

At this point anons are just confusing this thread with "thing you hate" in /ot/

No. 400039

I love maneskin's music, what's the problem with them?

No. 400049

her taste is fine you fat bald retard(infighting)

No. 400052

File: 1720653367003.jpeg (112.77 KB, 1920x1080, IMG_2506.jpeg)

Sonico has zero personality. People collect her figurines because they’re cheap. Whenever I see Sonico I’m reminded of that scene in Akira where tetsuo loses control of his powers and becomes a blob.

No. 400054

File: 1720653905958.jpg (424.63 KB, 750x1080, Hataraku.Maou-sama!.full.14734…)

What about reverse isekai?

No. 400059

No. 400069

It’s ok anon

No. 400085

>The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

I don’t see too many people hating this one tbh. I was obsessed with the dance when it came out kek and I imagine most people like it for the nostalgia. Even if it has “scrote” anime qualities, that dance was extremely popular with female weebs.

No. 400101

only fat bald retards like sonico

No. 400141

Besides being the most bland rock band currently in tour with a popularity disproportionate to their talent, nothing really. Most of the hate comes from the attention.

No. 400145

What an absolutely shallow understanding of the world

No. 400158

wouldn’t “Media You Hate” or something like that work better as a title? this thread makes it sound like everyone is going to agree on something when obviously that’s not true which I feel like invites more infighting

No. 400159

File: 1720663531396.jpeg (Spoiler Image,556.47 KB, 2048x1317, 2805020.jpeg)

Aside from Sonico, we also don't tolerate other scroteshit figures like bunny girls, Nekopara, or any other coom material pandering to moids not matter how "cute" and "aesthetic" they are. Things like picrel is disturbing like if a woman ever collects them then she's a porn rotted pickme or exposed to porn/molested at an early age and this is her way of coping.

No. 400161

It reeks of newfaggotry and twittardation. Anons are not a monolith, there is no "we" except basic things we do to integrate. Everyone posting ITT like DNI Sonico enjoyers!!111 is stupid as fuck.

No. 400163

Ngl, everyone telling each other 'You're allowed to enjoy this' and 'You're not allowed to enjoy this' gives me scrote vibes.

No. 400164

If you've been here for quite some time you can see the same anons complaining about the same shit over and over though. The infights get so annoying

No. 400165

Nah I like this thread as it is.

No. 400166

>Media You Hate
That would be yet another pointless thread when we have the things you hate thread in /ot/ and at least here we have fun discussion.

No. 400167

File: 1720665287531.png (1.71 MB, 849x1200, 29_mahoako_anime.png)

I hate how popular this disgusting moidslop degenerates call a magical girl show has become. Whenever I see another woman online claiming to be a fan, I pray that she's actually a troon because I can't imagine any self-respecting woman liking this kind of shit. I hate other edgy "magical girl" series like Magical Girl Site and Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka too. Men love ruining everything they touch and need to stay far away from the genre.

No. 400179

>the most bland rock band currently in tour
This would only be true if Imagine Dragons didn't exist

No. 400180

File: 1720668658000.png (1.19 MB, 647x862, rapist.png)

>Bunny girls
While we're here, I think we can all agree that Playboy is a plague on humanity and Hugh Hefner was a serial rapist who got away with it because of money.

No. 400186

Absolutely agree, there isn’t a single good aspect of this show. The premise being oh teehee it’s actually another middle school aged girl who likes sexually assaulting her peers is so male brained

No. 400210

tbh /m/ and /ot/ posters aren't 100% the same people

No. 400212

Still pointless because we have this thread

No. 400213

When some anons on lolcow say they hate Madoka because it's scrotal I imagine they have confused with this shit.

No. 400221

I have to assume that those anons are uncomfortable with the concept of "cute girls being tormented" on a surface level. I can see where they're coming from, but I think Meguca justifies it as a creative decision with its writing, unique visuals, etc. Same with PASWG– the art style and it being a self-aware comedy makes me more tolerant of what is otherwise an extremely coomery premise.

No. 400222

Jfc you anons openly admit the kind of shit they couldn't waterboard out of me.

No. 400223

File: 1720679593123.webp (348.14 KB, 1000x2186, Nyantype_04_2011_Madoka_Illust…)

madoka is yuri loli shit, so yes you could say its somewhat scrotal. its basically the tame version of that ecchi magical girl show.

No. 400224

She is 14.

No. 400225

so? doesnt mean she cant be a loli kek

No. 400226

File: 1720680024981.jpg (43.19 KB, 720x401, cs89vmqu3s891.jpg)

UFC is boring

No. 400227

loli/shota has always been about the character's design, not actual age (or else "she's really 18/4000 years old/etc characters wouldn't be called loli). we had this debate in the fandom thread months ago especially regarding the weird double standard when other characters the exact same age as her get labeled as loli/shota despite looking older than her but that's for another time

No. 400228

Calling Madoka yuri is like Calling Tiger and Bunny yaoi.

No. 400229

then yuribait

No. 400240

File: 1720686896471.jpg (317.32 KB, 1705x1050, lucky star.jpg)

1. She doesn't even look like a child (limbs too long).
2. This is a loli show according to you.

No. 400243

How can you say that you enjoyed this shit with a straight face when you can watch prime horror puppet media like Don't Hug Me I'm Scared anytime

No. 400244

I agree with this entire list. Madoka isn't terrible IMO just super overrated. I never connected to the characters.


No. 400250

File: 1720695088332.jpg (15.77 KB, 300x300, FpLiOYqakAAvXPg.jpg)

A lot of this list feels like people who either don't watch anime and thus assume it's horrible, or people who base their opinion of anime based on what the male fandom is doing. Some of the anime listed here make sense but some are a stretch.
If you assume all cute female characters are associated with misogyny or you hate stylized art, anime just probably isn't for you.

No. 400253

File: 1720695936601.jpg (308.38 KB, 1172x821, 2eafdc3bb09dd3bcccf95f83842c8f…)

This ain't been about critics, not about gimmicks, not about who the greatest
It's always been about love and hate, now let me say I'm the biggest hater
I hate the way that you walk, the way that you talk, I hate the way that you dress
I hate the way that you sneak diss, if I catch flight, it's gon' be direct
We hate the bitches you fuck, 'cause they confuse themself with real women
And notice, I said "we, " it's not just me, I'm what the culture feelin'(wrong thread)

No. 400254

Someone said spy x family is scrote shit and that's such bullshit. That's one of the few good ones. The female characters are all treated with respect.
I've considered watching Madoka but I really can't tell if it's creep shit or not cause I see some nonnies love it and others say it's pedo shit.

No. 400256

> I've considered watching Madoka but I really can't tell if it's creep shit or not cause I see some nonnies love it and others say it's pedo shit.
As a fan of Madoka, the tv show doesn't have creep shit outside of 1 moment in the opening song. However, the merchandise is full of pedo loli shit. The show itself is quite nice though.

No. 400259

File: 1720697911399.jpg (333.09 KB, 1200x1579, GLFpHSMbwAA3XEU.jpg)

>Limbus Company
Mostly due to the controversy from a year ago; The female CG artist was fired due to scrote outrage over swimsuit designs she didn't even draw.

No. 400266

File: 1720699814231.gif (2.55 MB, 343x612, ooooh maiiii gawwwwd.gif)

Not the drummer though he's hot as fuck

No. 400267

File: 1720700080280.jpg (95.76 KB, 1000x600, s-l1200.jpg)

I don't go in the video game thread much, so I don't know the consensus there. But damn I love Project Moon games… Interesting female characters, some of whom are older ladies, and no one has sexualized designs. Also some of the male characters are cuties. Not super familiar with the controversy but I'm gonna keep playing anyways.

No. 400270

lucky star is a loli show. The joke of some characters is ''lol this 30yo old woman actually looks like a loli''. Its even acknowledged by the show several times that konata's father is a lolicon. I like lucky star, but dont kid yourself. Its a show made by men for men, ofcourse they are lolis.
Everyone involved in the creation of Madoka, the Magica Quartet, are openly lolicons. Some of you need to learn to just accept this is a world run by moids for moids and that pretty much everything is made with a male audience in mind and it's therefore degenerate, but that doesnt mean you cannot enjoy it.

No. 400271

You could make the argument for Spy x Family that Yor is a pretty stereotypical "wife" character and that her outfit is sexualized and that it's promoting the typical het dynamic, but yeah, it's definitely a reach to claim it's on the same tier of scrotal as other things. I don't like the show that much but it just feels like a basic family friendly show that both men and women can watch hence why it blew up even with normies, and they never sexualize Anya which is a big plus when anime always sexualizes the lolis. As for Madoka, it doesn't really have any fanservice or whatever in the actual show so honestly I don't really give a shit if the creators are lolicons or not personally since it's not like I'm buying any merch.
I hate this shit so much. It made me disappointed (even though I expected it) that moids I talk to and were generally less coomer-y still liked this shit. It's like even when they're less of a coomer they'll still always have that moid brain in them. It was one of those moments where I was like oh yeah you're still a moid, I forgot. It's even funnier when it's troons liking it and then pretending they're "female brained" when this is the most scrotal shit I've ever seen and no actual self respecting woman would like it as you said.Even I as a long time anime fan who has seen loads of things anons here would consider problematic or scrotey still didn't want to touch it, so that's how you know it's bad.

No. 400272

File: 1720702904663.jpg (119.56 KB, 1507x618, 4bd4fa08bd13737fd681148ff95a2c…)

>Some of you need to learn to just accept this is a world run by moids for moids and that pretty much everything is made with a male audience in mind and it's therefore degenerate, but that doesnt mean you cannot enjoy it.
That's how I feel, especially about anime and weeb culture. I feel like if you're gonna enjoy anime or JRPGs, almost 100% of the time there will be some level of perversion, even if it's barely perceptible.
Look at pokemon, probably one of the top children media franchises of all time, and the way the girls' shorts get shorter each generation.
It's always there. Everyone just has a different tolerance level.

No. 400278

File: 1720703759444.jpg (30.11 KB, 589x557, 4bd647385185dc262bf43d27459934…)

I read it for myself and I still don't know how it got an anime adaptation. All of the characters are cookie-cutter, all of them are lolis or barely legal, all of them are aggressively lesbian and there's a fuck ton of bdsm everywhere. It's porn with a plot and I curse every single coomer who elevated it to anime adaptation status when there's thousands of other manga and literature out there that is leagues above it.

No. 400289

Yeah. I wouldn't mind the lesbian thing if it wasn't so moid-like, and the designs look awful. I'm the type to consume anything as long as the girls are cute or it has a nice aesthetic but it doesn't even have that yet I constantly see praise from moids for it. It's like even I have standards, I can find >>400272 cute even if it's made by moids or has underlying lolicon-ness behind it but when it's that brazen and the designs don't even look good? No way.

No. 400293

No! You take that back! He is best boy! jk anon, I understand the hate. I love him but I can understand why most ppl hate him.

No. 400297

>Yor is a pretty stereotypical "wife" character and that her outfit is sexualized and that it's promoting the typical het dynamic
The main joke is that Yor ISN'T good at being the 1950s housewife that the time period they're in expected. Loyd literally does all the cooking because she's bad at it. And her dress is not sexualized at all. Her clothes look like what normal people would wear. Im just a bit over defensive because I'm hyper critical of anime and avoid 90% of it, and this one was a surprising breath of fresh air. Yeah it has a few cliches but nothing that makes me sick like pedo or oogling shots.

No. 400298

You should watch eizouken and mob psycho

No. 400301

like the other anon said, they're canonically considered lolis in the show itself (and often tagged as such on other sites). you same retards denying this then proceed to call the guys in Eva "shota" despite their limbs being twice as long

No. 400304

Even if the lesbianism was normal and natural all the other shit that happens (e.g. MC turning one of the few adult characters into a loli specifically when she's punishing her or the alice in wonderland loli forcing the Madoka rip-off to act like a baby) would void it out. Moids will praise anything that makes their cocks hard to the nth degree, designs and aesthetics are meaningless to them.

No. 400306

>Some of you need to learn to just accept this is a world run by moids for moids and that pretty much everything is made with a male audience in mind and it's therefore degenerate, but that doesnt mean you cannot enjoy it
First based take I've seen on lolcow in months

No. 400307

Please just go watch The Office if you hate anime that much. There is no shortage of non-anime content in the world,, why do you people insist on shoehorning yourselves into somewhere you don't belong?

No. 400309

>you same retards denying this then proceed to call the guys in Eva "shota" despite their limbs being twice as long
that is not true at all, what are you even basing this on

No. 400310

Lolcow infight lore

No. 400311

that begs the question, just how many infights defending shota and loli have you been in?

No. 400312

I don't know. I hate the people who are into it, but I also hate the moralfags so I end up playing both sides.

No. 400314

>Reee you only watch anime you like stupid normie
Stfu faggot(infighting)

No. 400316

SpyxFamily is literally a committee generated anime carefully constructed to appeal to the lowest common denominator possible for widest reach, even the mangaka himself hates his own work. It says a lot about a person if that soulless corpo slop is what they consider good anime.

No. 400319

as a shotafag shota shinji truther who has been involved in several is shinji a shota infights no one who believes shinji is a shota thinks that the lucky star girls aren't loli.(personalityfagging)

No. 400320

I mean she is in the sense of like, just being a "nice" girl without much of a personality, not in the sense that she's really good at housework or anything. She was pretty boring until her arc in season 2 (I think?) where she got a little bit more focus but even then she's kind of a meh character. Also her black outfit is meant to be sexy like I'm sorry, and the second the show came out you saw nothing but moids thirsting over it. Not that it's like super out there either, but yeah.
Yeah, I don't think it'd be reedemable even if the lesbianism was normal too, I agree with you. I think it's retarded how moids have such low standards then act like you need to match (insert their arbitrary standards) to be good looking as a woman when they like any shitty low hanging fruit anime if it has coom material.
nta but she has a point in the sense that people here act like the only media you're allowed to like is boring shit made for normies

No. 400353

I can understand liking something and simultaneously having criticism for it. I have some anime that I love deeply, but there's also so many parts of weeb culture I hate. Some anons seem to be the same.
The problem is that some anons in this thread seem like they don't even like or watch anime, which is fine, but it's kind of boring and lowbrow to sit here and go "this anime has a woman with breasts, therefore it's pandering disgusting slop" for run of the mill family friendly anime

No. 400366

File: 1720715249419.png (474.73 KB, 853x1066, Yor_Forger_Anime_3.png)

Doubleposting but anyone who's deeply offended by this outfit will probably dislike anime in general. I think the point is that it's femme fatale but in a family friendly way. I don't think there was ever any upskirt shots or jiggle physics or anything like that. Half the female pokemon trainers posted earlier are less covered.

No. 400372

its ugly and retarded, who cares what people say about spy x family? even the creator himself despises it.

No. 400394

Nta, but it's wild to me how anime portrays women vs. men. The guy in the anime is wearing a normal suit and the woman is wearing this dress and boots I've never seen anyone irl wear ever. She looks like a genshin character, and he looks plain and normal
>inb4 There's a super special in depth lore reason for her to wear a dress full of straps that doesn't seem to fit the universe
I don't care. It looks so weird and out of place, especially when all the other characters are in plain clothes.

No. 400398

File: 1720717204947.jpg (107.41 KB, 640x999, 82qxro97ok271.jpg)

Yes, he's a spy currently undercover and she's a super assassin in her assassin outfit.
She wears normal clothes too.

No. 400401

File: 1720717584304.jpg (14.5 KB, 650x400, Nurse_Joy.jpg)

I think it's fair to wish anime would just put women in pants more often, or make the female and male characters wear the same outfits. I'm just surprised at the people on this thread acting like this anime is somehow a huge example of misogyny and pandering in anime. As far as anime goes, this is pretty mild and looks like your run-of-the-mill mildly attractive female character that's meant to charm middle school boys. See: Nurse Joy.
That's why I'm wondering how many anons here just straight-up don't like anime. I'd be surprised if you could name me an anime that doesn't have at least 1 female character in a mini skirt or mini shorts.

No. 400403

…does Uramichi oniisan count?

No. 400406

Never heard of it, but it looks cute. Okay, you get a gold star.

No. 400423

>inb4 There's a super special in depth lore reason for her to wear a dress full of straps that doesn't seem to fit the universe
>she's a super assassin in her assassin outfit.
Jesus christ… like I said, I dont care. I don't even hate spy family, it just boggles me how off she looks in that outfit. I'm sure she could have an assassin outift inspired by real clothing and not some v tuber dress.
I don't think it comes close to being nearly as bad as many other anime. I just don't like the disparity of their designs. Take veil as an example, she makes her character dress in cute, sometimes sexy outfits that fit the universe the story happens. If the assassin outfit followed the rest of her plain clothes I wouldn't think anything of it.

No. 400426

I don't really care if you don't care.
She wears more than one outfit, he does too, and this is a forum where more than one person reads through threads.

No. 400428

I understand both anons. Yor has some cute outfits, but it's also okay to wish for anime that has down-to-earth looking female characters. I think my overall point is that anime as a whole has some big issues, and it's odd to me that some anons in this thread are fixating on Spy x Family. But tbh this entire thread is probably a mistake. It's inspired too much infighting.

No. 400431

Idk, you seem to care. I bet none of his outfits are v tuber tier outfits either, I wonder why.
>this is a forum
That was my first post on spy family tbh, I don't have a strong feeling about the show as a whole. Seeing her picture made me share what made me not want to watch it. There's plenty of bad anime out there that I genuinely hate. Spy family isn't one of them. I like anime with stuff I'm critical about, we pick our poison when it comes to anime. It's fine, what bothers some may not bothers others. This thread was a magnet for these discussions from the beginning tbh.

No. 400432

I personally agree with "disparity of their designs" anon. When i firs saw Yor in this dress i thought it was her undercover outfit for a party or something. It doesn't look like an assassin fit. And it's like a fair critique and not hate.

No. 400434

File: 1720721112613.gif (247.05 KB, 300x300, golden_handshake_agreement_lg_…)

Anons acting reasonable on this thread I am shooketh. Thank you all.

No. 400437

>this is a forum
Wait, is it not?

No. 400440

>spyvfamily shill is also a newfag

No. 400441

>nta but she has a point in the sense that people here act like the only media you're allowed to like is boring shit made for normies
Where was it implied that YOU couldn't watch whatever anime you like? It's literally a thread about media you don't like. I don't like most anime. This isn't even a thread for only anime so why do you autists have to act so superior cause you watch anime with 10 year olds in bikinis because the story is "deep" but want to judge others for not liking the weirder shit.

No. 400443

File: 1720722131686.png (1.2 KB, 52x52, Htt.png)

Well, that fell flat.

No. 400449

File: 1720723649214.png (1.03 MB, 1232x1576, yor-hair.png)

Yor's hairstyle vexes me. There's no way this could work.

No. 400462

And to encourage Japanese Zillenials to get married and have babies.

No. 400469

>even the mangaka himself hates his own work.
He never said that, only that he didn't like some of the final designs.
>It says a lot about a person if that soulless corpo slop is what they consider good anime.
God you people are so insufferable and full of yourselves.

No. 400472

I tried it and your ears and crossing over can not just secure that much hair without bumps. I don't get why she couldn't have side tails

No. 400475

I saw a TikTok where a girl with very long hair tried the criss-cross and it sort of worked, definitely didn't turn out as long as Yor's but it could be doable with a long-enough wig

No. 400486

has this man ever spoken to a woman

No. 400593

File: 1720745338401.png (505.43 KB, 780x975, 0d4f92e6-bb31-4b05-9e83-0da918…)

Don't get me wrong dhmis is a million times better than this crap but enjoying it in my own way and ignoring the faggots who made it makes this shit a lot more enjoyable.

Also I want to fuck the caterpillar.

No. 400594

but why he doesnt have a personality and there are bishies out there who also dont have a personality but actually look cute

No. 400596

File: 1720746265328.jpg (367.16 KB, 2000x1000, Yu-Gi-Oh-Yugi-Yusei-Jaden-Yusa…)

Nonsensical hair is a staple of anime and manga

No. 400599

File: 1720746822467.png (1.07 MB, 750x750, Howdy'sHolidayHullabalooCover.…)

>Trans Atlanta accent

>Old Hollywood charm and super jolly

>Has a job

>Hates the tranny Frank guy and his faggot mailman bf Eddie.

>Snappy dresser.

>Is a family man who is good with kids.

>Has a interesting design and is super cartoony

He's literally the only tolerable character next to the star chick and the dog.(integrate)

No. 400600

He's a mangaka, so no

No. 400602

File: 1720747493787.gif (278.68 KB, 400x400, 247045f320152b26a5204ffe457246…)

ITT: Anons encounter anime hair, fashion, and anatomy for the first time

No. 400603

Ew get out,you have shit taste.

No. 400609

Don't listen to them, anon. I don't understand your taste but it's charming.

No. 400618

>Trans Atlanta Accent
come on now

No. 400621

This makes me wish they didn't lock the unconventional fictional crushes thread, it could've been fun

No. 400661

File: 1720759828681.jpg (278.29 KB, 844x1200, 1698639613787.jpg)

I know this post is two days old but you would probably like Shiga Hime, the vampire lady is shockingly similar to Makima, though be warned this manga is way coomier than CSM.

No. 400728

It stands out to me because everything else in Spy X Family is relatively hitting the 1960s - 1970s Berlin aesthetic. Anya's got pink hair but that's more strawberry blonde in the colored manga. I think one of the kids also had a dumb hairstyle too but it's generally grounded.

No. 400729

It's hard to ignore the faggotry in the fandom when the source isn't much better. I'm honestly surprised that Don't Hug Me hasn't succumbed to Twitter weirdos.
Also does anyone else hate when anything scary nowadays has to have a big disclaimer at the start warning about spooky themes? It completely ruins any sense of immersion.

No. 400731

File: 1720772518450.png (524.98 KB, 564x840, 1712762680363.png)

>Has a job
Has the bar has sunk that low…

No. 401487

File: 1720981786665.jpg (134.46 KB, 251x376, Wonder_Egg_Priority_key_visual…)

Wonder Egg Priority. This anime singlehandedly killed the "edgy magical girl" genre for me forever and made me see it as the voyeuristic moidfetish that it is, maybe if I watched magical girl site that would've been worse but this did it for me. Someone said it's like a shitty Madoka fanfic with the names changed and that's seriously what it feels like, the plot framework and aesthetics are clearly drawn from it (weird non-human guys take advantage of young girls' emotions for their own gain by giving them magical girl abilities in return, trippy symbolic monsters trying to rip off Inu curry's iconic style and failing horribly at it, a shoehorned implied lesbian undertone), but fails completely in its quest to be even a tribute, it's just bad, bad, bad. Bad.

To add insult to injury, it unapologetically fetishizes the mental suffering of young girls and instead of addressing the complex reasons for their anguish, it just turns it into a "lol it's a spooky AI monster that makes these girls commit suicide, not a misogynist society pushing them over the edge!". Like fuck, it's so, SO bad. It suddenly shifts gears in the last third and starts making absolutely no sense and falls apart for good not giving the viewer any conclusions, and I hate how this is probably going to become one of those "cult classics" people will list on "top 20 most underrated animes from the last decade" in some years just to be contrarians. Even the people who like this anime admit that it's like 60% garbage.

Also the character designs are all uncanny and ugly as fuck.

No. 401490

> it just turns it into a "lol it's a spooky AI monster that makes these girls commit suicide, not a misogynist society pushing them over the edge!"
Fucking hate when le edgy and deep shows do this. Sorry for the sperg but this also seems like further misunderstanding of Madoka (not saying the writing there was perfect but it at least ACKNOWLEDGED societal baggage, like Sayaka confronting the misognyists on the train and the fact witches target people who are already depressed.)

No. 401494

File: 1720982495891.jpg (100.09 KB, 1200x630, egg1.png.jpg)

Kek I love hearing reviews about this because it was just, so bad in such a bizarre way.
I remember when it was airing moids were even calling it misogynistic.

No. 401496

Thank you for saying this because all I remember was trying to watch the first few episodes back then, but I quickly became bored of it. Sometimes sensing topics were portrayed in a lackluster way but I guess they were supposed be profound and I sort of tried telling myself they were because I kept seeing people praising it.

No. 401504

Kek hearing how much people hate this anime gives me so much pleasure you couldn't imagine because I watched this shit when it was airing and dropped it around 9 episodes in because I hated every single one of them, I later on came back to check how it concluded and realized I had dipped at the right time unless you count witnessing one of the worst anime endings of our time as an important cultural moment.

I watched it because someone on Lolcow said it was good and I still want to punch that anon for making me waste my time. I'm glad that everyone forgot about it after it stopped airing so I don't have to hear of it ever again unless people want to rant about what a disappointment it was.

No. 401513

i really hate this show because their problems weren't even legit, outside of the blonde girl.

No. 401601

File: 1720995819067.jpg (134.68 KB, 1024x722, 962c5-clannad2bgals.jpg)

I hate anime where it's apparently soooooo deep and profound and groundbreaking and sad because of muh cute girl dies. How many of the most 'tragic' anime of the past 2-3 decades have the ~plot twist~ of zomg the cute 15 year old girl the protagonist wanted to bone dies!1!!
I am ready for tragic anime that deal with something other than cute girl dies. They need to make an anime about friendships falling apart, or dreams not coming true, or coping with being average. Literally choose any other topic to make a tragedy anime about.

No. 401603

those huge fucking eyes are so uncanny

No. 401610

File: 1720996863195.png (1.24 MB, 1920x1080, e500606da612715bec49883619b9c6…)

Speaking of its character designs why tf does the main girl look like Coraline? Very unoriginal and the characters look like they're ai-generated.

No. 401611

Funny enough the mc's friend's death wasn't even profound at the end. Turns out she wasn't depressed or anything, she was trying to seduce their teacher. When he refused she threatened to say that he had raped her and then threatened that she'd jump off the school roof of he didn't go out with her. She fell off on accident.

No. 401614

the heterochromia makes me sick to my stomach

No. 401622

This is basically just "anime hate general" at this point

No. 401773

File: 1721038367332.jpg (2.7 MB, 2000x3000, MV5BMGM2MzA5YzYtODc0Ni00ZjU4LW…)

if we are talking about anime we hate can I nominate this piece of shit

No. 401783

the fact that /a/ practically worships this anime tells me so much

No. 401786

File: 1721042839402.jpg (263.75 KB, 922x2048, my-discovery-about-sylphys-out…)

I like her design ngl

No. 401869

What's the deal with this one? Why is /a/ worshiping another flavor of the month fantasy set isekai bullshit?

No. 401957

Season one was very pretty and had a unique opening for each episode. There's also the worldbuilding, magic and sword style system, and the fact that the series is actually meant to be a prequel to the actual "chosen one" fantasy story leaves a lot to discuss.
That being said tldr it has waifus and a main character that has sex and fucks.

No. 401976

Scrote hands wrote this post. The problem the majority of the nonnas in this thread have with this series is not that the main character “has sex” it’s that he’s a LITERAL PEDOPHILE who uses his reincarnation as a young boy to prey on young girls. Its such a slimy thing to add no amount of amazing world building will ever convince me to give it a chance.(scrotefoiling)

No. 401977

you forgot to say that the mc was a pathetic, ugly pedophile in his past life, so ofc all the /a/ otaku losers indentify as him kekek.

No. 401980

Do you think I'm trying to recommend it or something? The main character is a pedo, I figured that was obvious enough that the nonna wanted a better answer than just that. The question given was why it's popular, not why nonnas hate it ffs.

No. 401981

uh yeah i figured that one out, i just said its also popular because the target audience (male otakus) indentify with the male mc, since most of them are pretty ugly and pathetic themselve.

No. 401982

Is it that weird that I figured nonna was asking why this one in particular and not say, any of the other shitty lolicon fat otaku series out there?

No. 401983

I’m sorry for going for the jugular out of the gate I only have my own poor reading comprehension to blame.

No. 401986

uh no but i honestly dont know many isekais in which the mcs were actual fat otaku pedophiles, thats why i mentioned it. but i barely watch any isekais so thats probably my fault, so im just gonna apologize.

No. 401988

File: 1721082669102.gif (98.59 KB, 220x124, IMG_20240528_133805.gif)

I accept your apologies.

No. 401990

File: 1721083967771.jpg (144.72 KB, 512x512, unnamed (1).jpg)

Zero redeeming qualities

No. 401992

File: 1721087658266.jpg (146.52 KB, 600x679, 236199-cffec.jpg)

The figures are pretty

No. 401999

>Zero redeeming qualities
You can use it as a weapon to blind your enemies.

No. 402002

the anime was such an eyesore

No. 402010

I don't really understand how is that pretty, at all.

No. 402012

File: 1721098977285.jpg (Spoiler Image,138.02 KB, 800x550, barf.jpg)

I totally forgot this anime existed. An absolute eyesore with scroteshit fanservice especially with a loli sister.

You sure about that?

No. 402022

>Hair is pretty and has a nice movement to it
>Base is nice
>Comes with cute chibi figures to go along with it
Never seen the anime but I can aknowledge a pretty figure when I see one.
I pretty obviously wasn't talking about that one.

No. 402028

File: 1721107002464.jpg (1.06 MB, 1000x750, Kurami.Zell.full.1686725.jpg)

The story may be trash, but the art is pretty and I like the character designs.

Then you're not autistic, which begs the question of what you're doing on this site.

Can't be a coincidence.

Moeshit will always be more popular than something like Tatami Galaxy.

No. 402029

Idk, nonna, all I see is
>clashing colors: socks don't go with the uniform, face doesn't go with hair color or even uniform color, crown has random gems
>random chibi characters that I don't even know who the fuck they are supposed to be, so you NEED to know the source material
>chibi character design is all over the place and you don't know why they have those expressions, why they're there or what/who are they supposed to represent
>chessboard floor for some reason?
>random chair behind her
Like, it's something you can only truly like if you watched and actually enjoyed the anime somehow, with a horrible all over the place color palette and shittily designed characters.

No. 402032

Figure hoarders have supremely shit taste

No. 402035

File: 1721108158774.webp (21.34 KB, 1080x607, IMG_5193.webp)

God I love Tatami Galaxy and Night is Short Walk on Girl, I should rewatch them

No. 402038

>Then you're not autistic, which begs the question of what you're doing on this site.
You make no sense

No. 402062

The hair looks scraggly and stringy, it's gross.

No. 402105

I've just noticed how much of a visual headache most of this show's promotional material is.

No. 402120

File: 1721145211463.jpg (165.77 KB, 1000x1500, 1000005273.jpg)

Most le edgy and self-aware deconstructions are hated on here. This one had SOME funny moments but I'm still mindboggled at how the creator thought he was supposedly proving a point against visual novels kek
Holy shit they didn't even bother to change the location of her hairclip.

No. 402181

File: 1721153195414.jpg (462.25 KB, 753x1000, 4935228288823_figure-shiro-dre…)

Unfortunately I have to agree. The main girl's rainbow hair makes for some really striking figure designs. Shame the design is wasted on an underage incestbait moeblob. A character with hair and eyes like that should be some kind of fairy goddess or something. I've never watched the show, but isn't she just supposed to be a nerd? I have to give Kuragehime credit because that manga actually knows how to design a nerdy female character.

No. 402188

Whoever designs these figurines seems to think that her outfits should COMPETE with her elaborate rainbow hair instead of complement it. This could have been really pretty regardless of its source material, but the dress and pointless accessories ruin it (also why does she have a knee brace on kek)

No. 402199

The books seem like they're trying to going for full clown/game world aesthetic so silly accessories like that are a part of it.

No. 402217

File: 1721158445582.jpg (75.01 KB, 515x721, 1000042639.jpg)

It's weird, it's like they're trying to make some sort of goddess madoka but colorful, but they added stuff because madoka's design is simple, therefore they needed to add random accessories.
Like in this case she would need some socks instead of random school-like shoes with a short heel, the card tied to her thigh is gross tbh, and the knee bracero should be on the other side to balance stuff a bit.
But I honestly would just change the whole thing and give her a whole new outfit, the dress is somehow too boring but at the same time too busy and clashes horribly with her hair, the legs just make no sense.
For a ridiculous game setting she would look better wearing something like a puffy short dress or even puffy shorts and a cute top, literally anything than whatever that weird little mermaid old sails dress mixed with ultimate madoka's dress mess is.

No. 402223

I agree, the outfit should be one or two colors and much less detailed to make that beautiful hair stand out. It looks like a mess

No. 402246

why do so many westoids hate visual novels and feel like they need to make hit pieces criticizing them? these fags wish they had half the talent ryukishi7 does.

No. 402261

File: 1721164498647.jpg (234.7 KB, 1080x1080, 1000011062.jpg)

kek i think absolutely no one here likes this slop

No. 402270

i hate it but as a Live2D animators i cannot help but salivate at how smooth the animation of these ugly hentai monsters is

No. 402271

File: 1721165141208.jpg (52.08 KB, 572x717, wiik3nzqs3ra1.jpg)

aw sweet an opportunity to post the hag of sex again

No. 402272

ew he's ugly as sin

No. 402274

KEK I was just about to mention there's someone who schlicks to the one male character in the game.

No. 402275

the mc should be able to fuck him too, would be absolute based kino

No. 402276

Hot but why is he drawn in a completely different art style kek

No. 402277

File: 1721165338084.jpg (289.69 KB, 1024x1024, 1000011067.jpg)

i admit some of the male characters are kinda sexy but its still china slop

No. 402282

File: 1721165707367.jpg (729.8 KB, 1200x1600, 1000011068.jpg)

ofc im also gonna post this abomination

No. 402285

File: 1721165943909.jpg (103.83 KB, 640x1422, topless-commander-andersen-str…)

it was baited for an april fools day joke

No. 402286

File: 1721165975208.jpg (1.99 MB, 3508x2480, __commander_and_andersen_godde…)

…but they didn't go all the way with it, such heartbreak

No. 402287

Everytime you think hoyo can't get any shittier they find a way, ZZZ is complete garbage

No. 402288

This game is literally just a middle finger to their female playerbase. Any woman who still bankrolls them after seeing this is a cuck.

No. 402289

I've seen enough people want a genderbent version that there's something to the general idea.

No. 402291

How would that even work?

No. 402293

The only thing I have seen about this game is that people ship the two mcs together

No. 402295

nta but the same as the original?

No. 402296

Well they're siblings so that tells you all you need to know about the fans.

No. 402298

They don't look anything alike

No. 402299

Same eye gradient.

No. 402300

Hot guys with fat asses and revealing military outfits shooting guns at robots?

No. 402302

I don't care about Nikke, but I want a male BA

No. 402313

File: 1721167471212.jpg (214.35 KB, 1240x698, 1000011074.jpg)

posting gacha games is just way too easy kek

No. 402316

File: 1721167709425.jpg (89.68 KB, 480x720, 1000011076.jpg)

it had to be posted

No. 402317

Ashamed to admit I used to play this in my pickme days

No. 402318

File: 1721167861698.jpg (1.36 MB, 768x1138, 1000011080.jpg)


No. 402322

I am glad there is a S2 announced. I havent finished the anime because its boring as entertaining as watching paint dry, but doing studies of the sakugakino helped me immensely to get better at art. Praying Imamura puts his animation skills into good use someday.

No. 402323

as far as i know there is no season 2 is announced (which is good because the show is not only pedo but also tranny shit).

No. 402324

File: 1721168220897.jpg (187.53 KB, 1200x675, 1000011077.jpg)

did someone actually ever care about this show?

No. 402325

i am pretty sure its getting a season 2 imamura has been hinting about it on shitter plus the anime is insanely popular in japan

No. 402326

I don't think this is hated here, nobody can hate when no one has watched it kek

No. 402327

File: 1721168287913.png (494.92 KB, 554x554, images.png)

I gotta be real with y'all, I wished most gachas were aimed at women. I'm tired of every husbando only game having the most rudimentary gameplay known to man while kusoge like hi3rd gets absurd with it's character combos.
Same nonna. Glad I left that game when I still could. Fuck it's fanbase too. Their latest entry is rearing up for the most asinine hive of degenerates and I'm hoping to god it sponges them away from the wider gaming sphere.

No. 402332

idc what some rando moid is hinting about, but i do hope every guy who unironically enjoys this show bites the dust

No. 402335

Yeah it’s so funny and embarassing looking back now. I really thought it was normal and cool to play waifu games just because they were popular (note: pickme-chan didn’t realize they were only popular with coomer moids). Happy we are both past it now and have united on lolcor
>Azur Promilia
I see a lot of drama surrounding this game because apparently its CN playerbase are mad about the female mc existing. They even had to clarify that there will be no male characters rollable in the game kek. This is the pathetic and entitled audience they cultivated and now they’re paying the price for it.

No. 402336

he's not a random moid, he's the animation director of the anime and head of the studio

No. 402338

hes still a random moid to me kek

No. 402341

It's not really worth hating on the grandscale of what's out there. There's fanservice yeah, but its just… there.

No. 402343

File: 1721169489816.jpg (84.01 KB, 500x713, 1000011082.jpg)

thanks i hate it

No. 402344

>There will be no male characters
As soon as they said that, all interest went out of the window for me.The cow guy was cute at least. Some days I wished he was in a better game.

No. 402345

Animecore bitches who buy figures of school days are fucking hilarious, such posers that they don't know the reason it got "popular" was because of how utterly horrible it was.

No. 402347

File: 1721169929362.jpg (72.35 KB, 602x851, 1000011087.jpg)

rebuild destroyed pretty much everything that made the show and characters unique go begin with, truly a horrofying way to end your franchise.

No. 402348

I remember thinking this show was such a crock of shit kek. The nice boat meme was funny though

No. 402349

Yep, even the plot twist was bad and it got memed to death because of the "nice boat" thing kek. The only people who liked it were particularly retarded yandere fetishists.

No. 402350

I still mourn the day I lost to this piece of shit. For some reason however I feel somewhat tempted to rewatch it.

No. 402351

>Thought he was proving a point against visual novels
Wait I'm curious, what did he say? Unless I missed something in the game. But I agree with >>402246 I'm tired of western devs making "ironic" not-like-the-other-VNs without even enjoying the medium or ever having played one.

No. 402352

i love it simply because i miss the edgy anime era.

No. 402357

File: 1721170871479.png (48.4 KB, 720x258, 1000005303.png)

See picrel, and it's definitely coming from a place of bad faith because the creator has sperged about such opinions as "anime is racist because the characters don't look Asian enough" kek. I think it's funny that their big plot twist was having a ~sociopathic~ protagonist because there are literally countless VNs whose protagonists are way worse than Nicole, and most of them aren't even obscure!

No. 402363

>anti vn
>manipulative protagonist
I don't play vns but wasn't part of what denpa vns were about?

No. 402364

File: 1721171993927.png (72.54 KB, 720x475, 1000005306.png)

Samefag, this interview is a good example of how pretentious this guy is. Apparently Japanese people making VNs about Japan don't count as depicting a lived-in culture unlike his sooper realistic South Park ripoff kek. Also there's a very very cringe paragraph about the "mEaN" emo girls from his high school (who have clearly lived rent-free in his head ever since) and some weird stereotypical potshots at gamers because they don't respect his genius comedic timing or some shit.


No. 402365

YIIk vibes.

Too lazy to find a pick but yIIk should be in here too, or at least it would if anyone cared about it. plebbit: the game. they might hate it because they hate seeing accurate depictions of themselves but if it was made by a japanese scrote in an anime style they would never stfu about it.

No. 402370

I can't hate Y11K, it had such funny reviews that I rewatch even now.

No. 402373

knowing the creator is on the streets being just as big of an insufferable npdfag as the mc disturbs my peace

No. 402374

This is why doki doki literature remains the only western vn that isn't shit, but that's not saying much when the competition thinks it's holier than thou. Why do these people feel the need to be avant-garde despite making the most bottom of the barrel trash? I don't hate the Class of '09, but the number of NLOG vns has soured the atmosphere and made it harder for upcoming oelvens to make an impact when they speak incoherently like this.

No. 402376

File: 1721173687076.png (42.72 KB, 548x855, 1691602688738.png)

>why do so many westoids hate visual novels

No. 402378

The ED theme songs are good tho

No. 402379

Ah yes, the VN where the main character is the ultimate Stacy beloved by all girls as the ultimate badass queen and hit on by all guys for being so hot while being a mega bitch who can make guys kill themselves for her because she's so sexy and has multiple endings where the entire school becomes members of the KKK accurately depicts American culture.

Issue with class 09 isn't accurately depicting shit (though it doesn't do that either) the issue is that it's a comedy VN that isn't even remotely funny.

No. 402380

>This is why doki doki literature remains the only western vn that isn't shit
It's mediocre at best, there's okay EVNs out there but it feels like the only one that consistently gets brought up as being good is katawa shoujo (which I never finished so I can't really give my thoughts there).

No. 402385

>doki doki literature
shitty totono rip off

No. 402386

katawa shoujo and that one vn /v/ made to piss of the tranny dinosaur high school game devs are honestly really good

No. 402391

This made me realise that '09 is basically just My Immortal with delusions of grandeur kek

No. 402397

File: 1721176084566.jpg (264.46 KB, 616x353, 1000005311.jpg)

Ask and ye shall receive. YIIK, aka the writer and his obvious Asian women fetish kek

No. 402400

File: 1721176348744.png (135.22 KB, 720x1127, 1000005313.png)

You know when moids make it very obvious what their favourite flavour of MPDG is

No. 402401

weezer fanmoid simulator

No. 402402

File: 1721176565475.png (737.37 KB, 1658x862, chrome_eVNHwl2ojB.png)

Snoot Game! I watched a fag play this and his tranny mod was seething at the misgendering

No. 402406

Except it was written by a guy who wanted to fuck the type of girls who wrote fics like that in highschool kek.

No. 402409

>Class of 09 will be the most accurate depiction of that until another game cares to top it
Kek, you can 100% tell he never got over the emo girl he had a crush on
>some of the most wild scenarios you might ever find in a video game
It's about as 'wild and edgy' as a 90s episode of South Park. There's a reason why most of the fandom are guys who want to fuck edgy girls and 13 year olds who watch hazbin hotel.

No. 402410

File: 1721178424644.png (79.61 KB, 1309x366, it's wild how pretentious he i…)

>The only time visual novels attempted humor it would always be some basic irony-fest by a bunch of introverts or just plastering memes from 5 years ago all over the dialogue and branding.
So like, exactly what you did then?

No. 402412

File: 1721178514456.gif (1.62 MB, 638x358, tumblr_o5y1gh5mtX1s53pxbo3_640…)

Yiik is hilarious just because of the memes and content that spawned from it being terrible. I had a phase where I would obsessively listen to multi-hour youtube deep dives of Yiik. I just loved hearing people trash on it and try to find some deeper meaning in it.
Btw never played Doki Doki Literature Club. Does it accomplish something beside 'muh cute waifu game secretly dark, waifu dies'? I'm unironically asking. I never see anything about the game except that one girl hangs herself, and another girl masturbates with the protagonist's pen or something. If those are the grand plot twists, that's been accomplished in japanese VNs for decades now.

No. 402414

I think the guy who made DDLC had only played tsukihime at the time, I've also heard he's played subahibi but I can't really find a reference for that.
>Does it accomplish something beside 'muh cute waifu game secretly dark, waifu dies'? I'm unironically asking
There's some interesting programming effects in it that you don't see in a ton of visual novels so they're fun to check out at points but I can't think of any reason to play it instead of Totono.
>and another girl masturbates with the protagonist's pen or something
This isn't really a twist, it's just randomly mentioned because 'wacky yandere girl woah!'

No. 402419

File: 1721179395217.jpg (194.94 KB, 1920x1080, cover1.jpg)

Tbf, the player character looks exactly like who you'd expect to fetishize a dead Asian woman who probably died in tragic circumstances.

No. 402420

File: 1721179529495.jpg (99.6 KB, 900x900, WANNAWATCHMEJERKOFF.jpg)

Doesn't really look like he'd try to kiss Rory though.

No. 402421

File: 1721179717240.png (99.72 KB, 1293x438, moids talking about their shit…)

I rated this game a 1/10 before reading this article and now I feel even stronger in my reasoning for doing so.

No. 402422

File: 1721179750948.jpg (234.67 KB, 1000x1492, 1000005321.jpg)

Scrote movies.

No. 402423

File: 1721179807226.jpg (76.61 KB, 576x1024, 1000042714.jpg)

Doki Doki is boring trash, the twists are
>happy go lucky girl kills herself regardless of your answer to her love confession
>tsundere girl is abused by her father
>quiet girl kills herself in a gruesome way
>leader girl actually knows she's in a game and locks the game in a bad end where you can only interact with her
>all genderbends suck ass

No. 402424

anti-american post
file hidden
file hidden

No. 402425

Why can't he be proud of his game without putting down literally every other game? Tf? Just say, 'I thought it'd be funny and unique to put visual novel cliches in a USA high school.' It's not that hard…
It sounds like I expected. It's fresh and shocking and unique… to people who have never played anything from the genre, ever. Anyone who's watched more than like 2 anime or played a VN is familiar with all of these tropes.

No. 402427

>Why can't he be proud of his game without putting down literally every other game?
Because he's the typical pretentious scrote who thinks they're the most original person on planet earth despite putting out poorly drawn and written slop.
>I thought it'd be funny and unique to put visual novel cliches in a USA high school
The game isn't even really that since there's no visual novel cliches in it, the closest thing to it genuinely is someone trying to badly ripoff south park.
I played it with two other people and the only time we laughed was when the game broke down because I pirated it.

No. 402436

File: 1721182074657.webp (900.28 KB, 1200x1200, Zenless-Zone-Zero-Ellen-best-b…)

I've actually been playing this, and I enjoy the battle gameplay, the urban feel, and the way the MCs are kinda just normal people with a freelance job, but the other nonna calling this a middle finger to their female player base is right, this game is so much worse about it's tittywaifu character design. There's actual ingame illustrations (might be the actual splash art) of the shark girl where you can discern the shape of her nipples on the outline/shading of her boobs, and there's at least two characters that are very blatant lolibait (and walk around in crop tops and booty shorts). Out of the 16 characters only 4 are male, only one of them is and looks human, and the only one that qualifies as a bishie isn't even the human it's the actual furry.

No. 402440

This is one of the funnier scrote comedies
Knocked Up is much worse, with the added bonus of misogyny and making the female mc keep the baby. I couldn't even finish it the last time I tried to rewatch it

No. 402444

File: 1721183489352.jpeg (235.95 KB, 1500x989, b95d58d54fea6773abf72eccc960bd…)

the artist is a lolifag. I honestly expected the lolibait to be miles worse considering this is the most popular character he's designed.

No. 402449

>I enjoy the battle gameplay, the urban feel, and the way the MCs are kinda just normal people with a freelance job
ZZZ's gameplay is legit a worse version of WuWa's, if it had came out before it it might've been mid passable but cuz WuWa it's just bad. The story is twice as long and sucks shit harder than any other story I've seen in a gacha. Then throw in boring AI ass aesthetic, furry bara, and coombait girls. I cannot be more of a hater of this game and not because of the lack of husbandos, even if it had them it would still be peak hoyo slop. This is the game I'm enjoying solely for all the videos of people shitting on it right now. Finally hoyofags have gained the reputation of being the lowest bottomfeeding coomer demographic out there.

No. 402450

File: 1721183909680.jpeg (1.5 MB, 2480x3508, FTMU5y4UEAAOsFG.jpeg)

I'm going to get flamed to hell and back for this but I would actually like this character's design a lot if it was toned down another 20%.
I have a certain guilty fondness for female characters who look like they woke up and decided to dress slutty and bitchy.
Anons please don't reply to me about feminism discourse. I get it but this is still my guilty pleasure. Wish I had the confidence to dress more daringly.

No. 402451

i feel like it's going to be 2045 until salaries even out between males and females and companies understand that pandering to women can work. because i feel you: i want to play gacha games as well, it's just that even with my high moid tolerance i can't get into it if there aren't any cute guys as it makes me bitter. why can't my fetishes be catered to as well? i have money. why should i toss this money at something that's going to give guys 10 million cute girls with (sometimes) interesting designs and women 5 boys who are all wearing different suit cuts.

the one gacha game i was happily whaling on ended up being explicitly anti-feminist though (limbus), i'm still mad about it

No. 402452

Same I have a guilty pleasure for those designs but that one looks so lame and sloppy. Moids don’t know what sexy and sensual is and they certainly lack fashion sense

No. 402454

American Pie early 2000s sleaze scrotepig type shit yesss

No. 402455

File: 1721184325784.png (Spoiler Image,1.36 MB, 1836x2480, Agent_Von_Lycaon_Portrait.png)

The wolf man would be so my type if they had just made him kemonomimi instead of furry. I want an edgy wolf-eared human male butler…

God, I want an otome game with good art, an interesting plot, and sex scenes so bad. I would happily drop $60+ if such a thing existed translated into English. I don't even know if there's anything that fits my criteria, at least anything I'd be able to access without extensive digging and torrenting and patching.

No. 402460

South Korea is a shithole and any media there that wasn't exclusively made by a woman or team of women will be anti-woman garbage poisoned by subhuman males. Getting invested in South Korean media that's been touched by men in any aspect is hopeless.

No. 402474

File: 1721192270322.jpg (35.29 KB, 260x475, MV5BMTE5OTYyMzUwNV5BMl5BanBnXk…)

This movie alongside all the other 90s/early 2000s teen girl seduces old scrote movies

No. 402477

Samefag but I hate how many coming-of-age movies have an old scrote taking advantage of a teen girl as a plot point. I feel that trope has been done to death and is gross.

No. 402491

100%, even if it's depicted as being bad people still romanticize it anyway

No. 402508

If they'd just made the dress and accessories black then it would have been passable kek

No. 402509

Eh, I've seen it about 3 times now and personally I don't get the hype. Plus I absolutely hate the fat one.

No. 402520

>The wolf man would be so my type if they had just made him kemonomimi instead of furry.

I'm going to hell for this, but I frankly find lycaon pretty attractive but I respect your preferences nonna. hopefully with seth on the horizon we might get more attractive male characters in the future.

No. 402530

Sick of seeing this character everywhere. I don’t play the game but seemingly there is no reason she has a giant fat anatomically impossible shark tale. Like it was added to try to make generic anime girl less generic or for the coom. Then I saw the exact nipple thing you mentioned.

No. 402531

File: 1721210432659.webp (124.52 KB, 971x728, IMG_5578.webp)

Dang they kinda aped my husbando there

No. 402534

nta but what would you have liked instead?

No. 402541

I respect it nonna, honestly there's been too many farmers shredding each other to pieces for liking something slightly out of the norm recently.
I just do think it's kind of weird and telling that they'll be very experimental with male designs, like full-on furry or wearing a full-face mask, but the most experimental they'll be with female designs is a shark tail on a big breasted high school girl.
They're too cowardly to make any actually really weird and out-there female designs.

No. 402542

>she has a giant fat anatomically impossible shark tale
this is such a dumb nitpick, theya re animus they have cat ears and tails and two of them are talking animals but for some reason the girl with a shark tail offends you?

No. 402556

If his background is in filmmaking he could've done some interesting things in renpy using film techniques with the sprites and backgrounds. Things like certain characters being closer to the screen to make a cool composition like in a film. There's actually a lot you can do with static images. Instead they just stand there all lined up in the most boring way possible. How do you drop the ball that hard

No. 402617

A cool noncoomer female character
Girl look at the tail, it’s like growing out of her asscheeks, looks ridiculous

No. 402618

>hoyotards don't know female characters don't have to look like uggo azure lane bootlegs
coom aside, hoyo girls still all look like shit

No. 402619

File: 1721232446537.jpg (105.6 KB, 1340x670, 1000005350.jpg)

Family channels.

No. 402622

consindering persona literally went from having a female mc in the first game to removing her completely in its remake, i doubt things are going to get any better in the future..

No. 402623

File: 1721232968123.webp (333.36 KB, 1644x1932, Agent_Ellen_Joe_Portrait.webp)

To be fair the tail placement is really fucked.

No. 402624

File: 1721232975052.jpg (21.47 KB, 277x277, 3_FaqoxQ_400x400.jpg)

Ntayrt but do you mean Persona 3? Persona 3 only had a female player character in the PSP edition. But I definitely want more female-pandering gaming.

No. 402625

yeah but atleast it had a female mc, they could've have easily includeded her in the remake but choose not to for some retarded reason. not to mention atlus also planned to let you date boys in persona 4, but then again we get nothing, i really fucking hate that company.

No. 402626

design would have looked a lot better without that weird tail

No. 402661

I actually love the male characters in Genshin and Star Rail but there's literally no redeemable qualities in this fucking game and I'm sickened by female players turning furry to cope with the game having only one female-pandering male because he's a full on anthro character. This shark maid girl with her nipples poking through is like 16 too btw, I know nonnas aren't going to believe me but Genshin despite having some pretty coomerish characters wasn't as bad as this shit that they just put out.

I would like this if she didn't look like she was 13. That's the problem with ZZZ's female character designs, they all look extremely underage with the babyface and short, petite limbs and torso but with big boobs to avoid loli accusations. But the main artist for the game is an open lolicon so that's to be expected tbh.

No. 402696

Agree. I don't know why people were so hyped for the last part and whined about Anno sitting on it for years, personally I knew it would be a piece of shit and ruin the last of what was left of the franchise and guess what I was right. Everyone fucking hated it and it was clear that Anno made it precisely to piss every kind of NGE fan off because he notoriously hates his fanbase. Rebuilds were garbage starting from the first part, the original TV anime and EoE were lightning in a bottle that can't be replicated, not with fancy modern time big budget animation or by any other means.

No. 402697

File: 1721242955687.jpg (293.97 KB, 2048x2048, GSpxOzEW4AA2XiJ.jpg)

Thought anons here may enjoy this, regarding the current discussions.

No. 402704

how i long for character creators like the sims 4. you can do whatever you want but at a baseline the toon is male (no breasts) and female (breasts). i specify breasts as genitals aren’t really visible through clothes

No. 402706

Would be better if the male one was sexed up and the female was realistic

No. 402726

>for some retarded reason
because it wouldn't have been easy to just include her, the company is cheap, fujos are easily baited, and pandering to yumes isn't worth aside from the offhand valentines merch. you can be upset about it but any fan could've seen this coming a mile away.

No. 402755

Because ZZZ is made by a pedophile.

No. 402763

It wasn't as good as the original, but I liked it just fine tbh.

No. 402765

EoE is one of the best anime films ever made, but the original NGE series is kind of a mess. I think people tend to only remember the good parts of it and forget all the shitty episodes in the middle. There's literally an inflation fetish episode ffs.

No. 402767

There are so many better edgy animes from that time period anon. This is like defending Trout Mask Replica solely because you enjoy music from the 60s.

No. 402768

>Genshin despite having some pretty coomerish characters wasn't as bad as this shit that they just put out
ATA and I also was thinking that. The way Mihoyo has a disproportionate amount of characters with exposed armpits might make it obvious someone at the top has an armpit fetish, and their obcession with giving all female characters tigh highs and thigh bracelets is defenitely targeted at coomers, but those are more subtle and more suspicious because they're a pattern. Star Rail and Genshin (IIRC) were never trashy to the sheer level of having in game art with the character's nipples poking through.

This actually made me think: didn't a Genshin character get a separate skin in China because the Chinese goverment said her design was too trashy and Mihoyo had to change it? How can ZZZ get away with having characters nipples poking through?

No. 402784

File: 1721254072165.png (472.22 KB, 1080x1203, 1000042925.png)

Yeah, a few characters had to get obligatory skins in china, I think they look better than the original designs. The more covered up ones are the skins and the more skimpy ones are the original designs.

No. 402785

I wonder how they were allowed to release some of the newer characters when jean was deemed not appropriate before

No. 402787

AFAIK It was just lip service they paid to appease CCP officials when female players got so mad over Shenhe's coomer design that they mass reported them to the government for obscenity. I'm guessing that after that they added that ridiculous mesh fabric on every new revealing design to make them look "naked but not really" to avoid such accusations.

No. 402788

I really want to know what Class of '09 would have been like if it wasn't made by a wigger with above-average filming skills and instead made by a woman who actually went to high school in the late 2000s. Maybe Nicole wouldn't be both Max's type and self-insert. Am I being hyperbolic about the self-insert part? I swear Nicole's dialogue is almost exactly how SBN3 talks.

No. 402805

Kek, I wonder if there's any discourse about ZZZ's coomerism between the Chinese female fans

No. 402812

I miss old nerdom, when it was less connected to SJW stuff

No. 402826

I feel like i would have wanted to cosplay these characters if I was a teen, especially with the uniform on the far left

No. 402905

And how exactly is pandering to yumes "not worth", but to male coomers is? Women buy more merch of their husbandos and are much more loyal to them, there is absolutely no reason to chose waifufags over them.

No. 402908

File: 1721290200379.jpg (1.53 MB, 3840x2552, trash.jpg)

Adding to other hated figures, Funko Pops are ugly as sin, soulless and mass produced garbage. Moids are usually the ones collecting them and some would even cost hundreds of dollars which is fucking stupid.

No. 402913

>when female players got so mad over Shenhe's coomer design that they mass reported them to the government for obscenity.
gigastacy move

No. 402920

I doubt it because ZZZ is an unapologetically coomer moid game, it's not a mixed sex gacha like Genshin is (or rather was). Genshin's Chinese fandom has a lot of tension between female and male gamers and the gender ratio between players is around 50:50 so there's bound to be a lot of head butting, female players got really mad about Shenhe's design due to some tensions peaking back then and decided to strike back for once. In response, Chinese gacha incels doxxed some women who were loudly protesting against the design and started harassing them in real life. It was a whole thing.

No. 402924

The Chinese incel playerbase sounds so milky. I would love to have a thread dedicated to them.

No. 402933

>incels doxxed these girls
Such scumbags. I just don't get it how do these scrotes justify themselves. And why the fuck does society tolerate them, they aren't powerful or valuable, i just don't get it. They are just genuine human garbage that has nothing to lose

No. 402935

Mihoyo only tolerates them because one of them walked to their headquarters with a knife and the intention of stabbing the CEO. Literally being held hostage by homicidal rape apes.

No. 402992

in general i’d love a milk/documentation thread on eastern fandoms. surely there are farmers who can read chinese/japanese/korean

No. 402995

>when female players got so mad over Shenhe's coomer design that they mass reported them to the government for obscenity
Based chinese sisters

No. 402996

Most of the CN fandom shenanigans (and occasionally KR) of note get lengthy writeups on subs like r/gachagaming if you're interested.

No. 403002

No, they activelly pander to them because über coomers that get parasocial with any shitty tittywaifu are seen a profitable consoomer base. If they were only tolerating them they wouldn't be making ZZZ even more targeted at them than their other games.
I had no idea about that stab guy thing tho. I had no idea chinese fandoms were this milky kek, you're making me wish I could read chinese

No. 403004

A lot of Chinese social media websites don't allow foreign IP addresses and you need to have an account created with a Chinese phone number so the drama we do get is pretty scarce and given mostly by Chinese-speaking foreigners who get the gossip from their mainland friends, sometimes a rare English-speaking mainlander leaks information like when gachacels started posting cat murdering videos to shock female players who liked a male character closely associated with cats (Scaramouche/Wanderer). What's hilarious though is that both Chinese and Korean incels get extremely mad and embarrassed when their insanity gets exposed to foreigners because they're desperate for foreigner validation kek.

It's a real thing too, some incel got so mad over his waifu's honor that he outright set out to kill the CEO. In an event in Honkai Impact the 3rd global players got bunny suits but the Chinese server didn't, so he became jealous and lost his mind. Honkai waifufags are genuinely insane though, the game has multiple male characters in the story but when they asked in a survey if the players would be okay with one of them becoming playable they rioted to the point Mihoyo had to issue an official apology for even daring to ask the question.

No. 403015

Ohh I second this, so much untapped milk

No. 403032

File: 1721321026456.jpg (1.14 MB, 2048x3244, customize1.jpg)

No. 403039

kek, nice work anon

No. 403041

No. 403047

Bottom right is barely changed

No. 403065

since the dev team is also full of incels I expect the complaints over this to play a part in why they don't even bother trying to pander to women anymore. they're probably alienating them on purpose.

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