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File: 1704447728788.jpeg (277.18 KB, 1200x1158, IMG_5303.jpeg)

No. 1839828

Featuring the Hindu cow goddess Kamadhenu

Have you found out that if you express anything about a cow inside their thread you get banned or dunked on? Well this is the thread for you!

Do you want to rant about how much you hate a cow without disrupting the thread? Go ahead!
Do you want to sympathize with the cow and talk about how it's not too late to change? Do it sister!
Do you want to talk about your life (blogpost) and compare it to the cow in question? Here's the place?
Express yourself etc. Have fun!

Post your pessimistic, optimistic, negative, controversial, rude, or relatable takes.

(Also this is not a thread to complain about threads, bans, or mods, do that on /meta/. However you can complain about the fanbase of the cow or the people who dislike the cow here.)

Previous thread: >>1539480

No. 1839830

Which cows do you think would be fun to get drunk with?

No. 1839831

nonnas are the most nitpicky with the cows that most resemble them. When i see posts overfixating about some trait the cow has i assume the poster is insecure about that exact same thing

No. 1839833

Vicky, I would listen to her drunk stories

No. 1839876

It drives me insane how anons complain how cows like Jill infantilise autists while doing it themselves to even worse degrees. I know why they do it in the Pixilocks threads - they know she is lurking and will probably use their words to double down on her breadcrumbing and make herself look like an even bigger fool. But the way anons talk about autists make them all sound like they all are retards that can't handle makeup, bright colors, sounds or even anything touching them which gets infuriating to read. I can only roll my eyes so much.
>inb4 "anons on /w/ are all nitpicky retards
Yeah but this behavior isn't isolated to Jill's thread, it happens all over lolcow.

No. 1839891

Isn't the main point those anons make that the rainbow colour aesthetic, cluttered with accessories wearing women don't even have the tism to begin with? They badly fake tism to be quirky just like they dress to be quirky

No. 1839962

Empathchan is not milky and her thread reeks of scrote

No. 1840534

and self-posting

No. 1841151

All these years I have thought Moo’s last name was Mallard. Like the duck. I’m a bit dumbfounded now

No. 1841161

They also put them on a weird gatekeeped pedestal and say famous people can't be truly autistic, for instance saying elon musk is too narcissistic or nefarious to be autistic when there are SCORES of extremely narcissistic evil autists that do bad and seek to grift. I don't take it seriously.

No. 1841182

I could fix grimes

No. 1841189

Sit me down with grimes for one hour and I could give her all the tools to rebrand and find her passion in making music again frfr no cap

No. 1841227

can you do it for nonnies? make a thread

No. 1841419

Both yes and no, but no matter what point they're trying to make they're acting as if people with autism can't handle too many bright colors at once or have anything touch their skin. A lot of (actually diagnosed) autistic women I've known in kawaii circles through the years are obsessed with the rainby aesthetic and cakes on makeup, since it's a spectrum they have other things that might cause sensory overload instead or might not have as strong a reaction to it as others.

No. 1841554

Jillian gives me a different type of cringe because I’m a psychfag, have a degree in psychology, and have talked to women who have actual dissociative disorders in seminars. These women go through absolute hell. One woman was trafficked as a toddler, repeatedly sexually tortured every day from age 5 to 15, and she ended up with about 6 alters for all the trauma she went through. Jillian has 8+ for her feelings being hurt by cyber bullying. I hate DID larpers in general, but the fact she gets away with it and is unironically seen as one of the “voices” of the disorder is just awful. Dissociative disorders are already super controversial in the psych field, and I think larpers like Jill make it harder for people who actually have the disorder to be taken seriously.

No. 1841578

This is an earlier cow and not relevant on lc anymore but Dakota Rose. She never did anything outrageous really to grant her cow status. Just a weeb with photoshop access.

No. 1841597

And 100% of the times the people who hated on Dakota used photoshop or were not good looking.

I just read the shayna threads and I was actually shocked, why in the hell would real women give a shit about shayna?
When you’re a sick incel or femcel your hobby’s will be talking shit about internet nobodies unfortunately. But would lolcow exist without petty incels and femcels?

No. 1841633

Same I love grimes. Let’s all get together and give her an intervention. Also in answer to >>1839830
I would love to get drunk with and do drugs with grimes and then smoke a blunt with azalea banks (but on separate occasions since they’re fighting)

No. 1841636

anon, do you mind mentioning any pshycologists who has written about DiD? Its one of those disorders I can't comprehend and I wanna learn more about it but the online stuff i find is written by larpers. Of course I don't expect to get a deep understanding of it but i was wondering if there are any reliable sources on it

No. 1841648

The origin is a long hoax by a psichiatrist that abused a schizophrenic woman for years. Its always been fake but Hollywood and crappy anime made it stick in pop culture

No. 1841651

Idk where else to post this but when people post candid pics of cows compared to their filtered/shopped selfies and go she looks like THIS?? I find it stupid. Of course people are going to put the best possible version of themselves online where they have full control over it.

No. 1841656

DID is and always has been a man-made device. Its earliest "evidence" is in the 60s and 70s, when pedophiles who abused children systemically would train them to access different identities for different occasions, obsfucating the abuse and stripping the child of credibility. There are interviews with a sexually abused child in the Dutroux Dossiers I believe from the 70s that details this.

No. 1841667

I have a few sources, these are some. They’re from a classmates

These are all from credible academic sources, because while it’s a very controversial disorder, i still think it’s real because of the studies and evidence

No. 1841671


Sorry to medfag but it’s been around longer than that as a theory, it just wasn’t delved into for a bit. The first full description was from Pierre Janet (1859–1947) in his medical thesis L’état mental des hystériques in 1892.

No. 1841940

There was a 2001 study done at Swinburne University that showed clearly different brain patterns between the DID host and each personality or alter, a finding which could not be reproduced by professional actors emulating the child alters.

No. 1842039

It drives me crazy too and I don't think its milky at l, especially because the irl photos of them usually look fineand normal. Of course people (especially women who make money off of their image online) are going to edit their photos, also who cares if they're tricking moids?

No. 1843166

I’m not religious at all but I hope reincarnation is maybe a thing so that Lucinda gets a chance to have a normal family and doesn’t destroy herself. She’s actually pretty funny and her pma despite her reality is a little inspiring. I think about her sometimes when I’m having a rough time and gotta remind myself that if she can smile and make jokes despite being a dead girl walking, I should be continue being grateful for all the good things in my life even if my health is shit. I’ve never posted in her thread because I can’t help but feel sorry for her and don’t want to derail or annoy other anons bc her behavior is still pretty reprehensible, but jeez… I don’t know how she can smile with her body and family being such shit. I hope there is a god and it gives her a second chance to have a happy warm life without being riddled with mental illness. If there’s a heaven I hope it’s got unicorns. Sorry life failed you girl.

No. 1846645

I’m still annoyed about that retard from the grimes and Elon thread that was trying to shill monkey torturing bug eyed pickme Shivon. Some anons will hate a cow so much they end up stanning people who are even worse just to spite them.

No. 1846652

Seems like completely bogus science. Also 23 years later you'd think if thats the case the standard would be to use a brain scan first before diagnosing someone but it isn't, the same as they don't do brain scans on TiMs to see if they trule have female brain as they believe.

No. 1846654

And you're that retard who is obsessed with her eyes, you stand out like a sore thumb lmao.

No. 1846660

You retards who desperately try to create personalityfags in every thread are the ones who “stick out like a sore thumb” (a phrase you are obsessed with) you’re all retarded newfags who can’t handle anonymity and should fuck off.

No. 1846691

I didn’t get the appeal of Shayna as a cow until very recently because I can’t get the video of her shaking her ass to The Beach Boys out of my head

No. 1846732

I can't imagine anybody shitting on the anas in the anachan thread other than other ana girls. I am in good physical health and I feel like it's painful to look at them, they only elicit pity from me.

No. 1846803

File: 1704909539768.jpg (112.79 KB, 513x1024, 1702298326503825.jpg)

Empath-chan unfiltered.

No. 1846843

Honestly empath is one of the only genuinely ugly facewise cows I've seen on this site in many years. Most "unattractive" cows are just below average, which I don't really think counts as ugly. Sure she's not hideous, but she's quite similar to Projared in terms of looks. The only uglier woman I've seen has been Caroline Ellison. Anyways I don't think she's very milky either, just an annoying attentionwhore.

No. 1847769

Since you hate the entire site, and just certain threads, why are you here?

No. 1848105

I know enough people on the Altcow thread are bored of hearing about her, but Kaya reminds me so much of my good for nothing, ex-marijuana addicted sister who's been stuck at my Mom's place doing nothing (not even chores), with attempting to do jobs for three weeks and giving up as soon as some challenges arise since I've left back in 2017. She even got herself a black cat that reminds me of Sebastian. Apparently my sister has seen a therapist in the time I've left and decided to cut her and her bullshit off.
And that therapist told my Mom that my sister is really 10 years old in her head, and it feels so close to how Kaya is living her life, between being a house goblin that can't clean for shit and can't motivate herself to go through any tiny challenge in life, and then clubbing in London for instant gratification, doing nothing to evolve, mature, find at least some meaning in life to wake up in the morning.
It's such a waste, in both cases because they're profiting off of people's/my Mom's charity, donations etc. when other people in need, in real need and with drive to get a better life are struggling. It feels very unfair.

No. 1849831

Jill looks really pretty in her new video and now she's not bringing up the DID shit so much her videos are super enjoyable to watch.

No. 1849876

File: 1705083509676.jpeg (867.01 KB, 828x1658, IMG_2076.jpeg)

>jill looks really pretty
does she now
>and her videos are really enjoyable
it's the msot braindead kind of consoomer slop. go read a book

No. 1849885

Why does it make you so upset that I like a cow? I think she looks pretty in the pic you posted too.

No. 1849899

kek love the expression in your pic. she looks like she's barely holding in a secret or failed to hold in a fart and is trying not to laugh about the secret or the fart

No. 1849950

i'm not upset i'm just disagreeing with your opinion in the opinion thread
excuse you this pic is not of jillian but of her old man alter. he/him pronouns uwu

No. 1851886

I hadn't kept up with her in years but I just found out that Lauren Southern had a hapa baby with an egoistical Asian christcuck fed who lost his job because of her and ended up living in a trailer and it's the funniest fucking thing ever. I feel bad for her (or at least her kid) for ending up as a trailer park single mom after an ugly divorce but it's poetic justice if I ever saw it, she got what right wing conservative pickmes have all set their course towards. You think you're on top of your grift but conservative men will fuck you over eventually and you'll be completely blindsided.

No. 1852268

she looks like a wise old frog

No. 1853839

File: 1705241105953.png (1.77 MB, 1056x1590, 1603609574354.png)

My favourite thread of all time is Vicky Shingles thread #15 from 3 years ago.

I go back and read it once or twice a year because it without fail makes me laugh out loud everytime.
That incel Cameron guy's weirdo posts and how much he needs to lift and how he almost fucked Vick but outs himself as a creep and then farmers just roasting the shit out of him. There is also this image that makes me laugh everytime too.

Honestly fuck antidepressants, if I need a laugh that thread will always be there.

No. 1855602

File: 1705334279551.png (222.96 KB, 1080x779, IMG_20240115.png)

I'm not a Shayna wk but in general, nonas tend to make everything women do about "hating other women" or want to see competittion where there probably isn't. It's a bit self-centered because the anons make it about themselves, but for example, Shayna thinking she's creative is not about you, it just means she overestimates herself. If someone thinks they're good at a thing it doesn't mean they think everyone else is bad.

No. 1855619

It's because her thread largely consists of other camwhores and pickmes who see her as competition.

No. 1856091

File: 1705359125539.png (56.4 KB, 300x100, IMG_2561.png)

This banner makes me very sad when I see it because i actually had some hope for Venus when she first got out of Margo’s grasp. She moved to her dream country, had a husband, she could’ve lived a nice, quaint and humble life in Japan, but she went so fuckibg deranged. I’m not saying she wasn’t already cowish, she was, but her milk wasn’t as bad. At first, ppl excused it for her not knowing how to integrate into society, which is reasonable. She was in an unfamiliar country, and just escaped from abuse, she’s bound to mess up. But she just kept messing up more and more, deeper and deeper, until all we could do was watch her drive her life off a bridge

No. 1856096

They always talk about how working at McDonald’s is so degrading. It is way better than being a damn whore, it’s like literally 5 castes above whoring

No. 1856101

Shayna's threads consist of e-whores, IRL whores, non-sexual sex workers who don't like being called whores, and men. Sometimes also farmers. You go to the Shayna threads to laugh at the posters as much as the cow. It's the last place you'd go to find posts made by humans with functioning brain cells. Every time you see a steaming hot take like this, remember that it's very likely made by someone who sells ageplay porn for the price of a cheeseburger and thinks it's empowering. Shayna threads are where bottom of the barrel Onlyfans thots go to convince themselves that they haven't hit rock bottom.
Sorry for explaining this to you like you're a retard but you don't sound like you know who actually posts in that cesspit of a thread.

No. 1856112

Why didnt she just stay with him? Did she just get duped by her Splenda daddy because it seemed like manado was the better deal even if he was a weirdo.

No. 1856126

I’ve been following the Venus threads for a while, I have no idea why she left him. I will agree that it’s very creepy that he simped for her as a minor, but he was her ticket away from Margot. There’s speculation, but no actual proof of his abuse. If anything, he seems to care about her quite a lot, cause he didn’t want her to get that risky intestine surgery, and she cried abuse because of it. I’m still rereading the threads, but there’s never been a reason

No. 1856161


The start of their relationship is definitely eyebrow raising, but he was able to collaborate with Venus to get her away from her deranged mother and a lot of his behavior after makes him out to be like a person who was genuinely trying to help her. He gave her her own bedroom, was upset over the freak surgery, has bailed her out of shit tons of times, tried to help her with her channel even when he was clearly uncomfortable with it … I really hope he wasn't abusive, from an outside perspective he seemed OK. Venus just didn't like him as a spouse and maybe no matter how nice he might have actually been she felt trapped? Who knows.

Maybe things could have turned out better for her had she managed to get medicated much sooner but I kind of wonder if she had an innate personality disorder that just needed age to manifest itself. I feel like its too late for her now.

No. 1856179

Back then in the cgl days of yore, the criteria for being a cow were lower stakes compared to today so Dakota and her “catfished my way into a modeling gig in Japan” was a big ass deal for weebs. Around the turn of the 2010s, influencing and other forms of social media stardom only started to mature as a viable career path so Dakota being successful understandably attracted a lot of scrutiny. Back then there were also no filters - she had to painstakingly photoshop every photo and video frame by hand - so the commitment to the catfishing was even more obvious. Nowadays, using filters is industry standard for influencers, cosplayers and the likes so no one cares. But yeah, I agree that her milk has long since dried up and the people who keep her thread alive probably bear some kind of grudge (like the people in the Venus thread). Compared to the old vanguard of cows (Pixy, Venus, Kiki, Felice Fawn, Lori etc) Dakota ended up relatively fine so I’m glad she had an opportunity to escape her batshit household.

On a side note, speaking of cows of yesteryear vs today, it’s crazy how comparatively wholesome the OG cows were. Pixy was just doing dumb weeby shit and throwing tantrums, Venus was making cringey videos, Felice Fawn was scamming people and pretending she wasn’t posting thinspo.

No. 1856200

something about this pic reminds me of raven symone

No. 1856409

File: 1705375249416.jpeg (60.62 KB, 233x313, DEB62CFE-277B-400A-BBF5-0EB142…)

No. 1857306

I never regularly followed the Shayna thread but occasionally I do scroll through it. IDK if I will be doing that anymore though, I just get so grossed out and horrified reading her thread. How anyone can put themselves through that amount of degradation without even getting rich off it is completely beyond me.

No. 1857806

I kinda see it ngl

No. 1858730

File: 1705510365218.jpeg (125.65 KB, 1280x720, IMG_3189.jpeg)

Jillian Vessey drives me insane because she had it made and she threw it all away to larp mental illness. Why the FUCK didn’t she just make soap????

No. 1858739

She makes me so fucking mad with her dumbass thinly veiled larp, I hate how stupid the Internet is for even entertaining the idea that she has multiple personalities that are all heckin valid, including being a cat, while she sits and smokes weed all day. And I hate how she gives alt fashion girls a bad name

No. 1858741

we've been over this. she has always been a lazy bitch who refuses to put effort into anything. she would have made one batch, given up, and talked about it for the next ten years.

No. 1858939

These soap designs are very cute. I might recreate them for fun

No. 1860536

Completely agree about earlier lolcows being generally more innocuous, and the bar for cowdom was much lower in the past. Newfags don't really have that context so they won't understand why certain old-school cows have threads despite an apparent "lack of milk", they just see that the threads are old, dead, and milkless.
Jilly looks uggo in this pic but in some of her other pics (i.e. the ones where she has less makeup, was thinner, etc.) she does look pretty.
Glad there are other anons who believe that DID is iatrogenic/made-up. I think this sentiment is more prevalent on KF than it is here.

No. 1861367

I don't know much about Shoe, but I just saw a clip of her reacting to the Ghostbuster Movie, where that milo dude was harassing the black actress, making fake tweets etc.
I saw her and her disgusting boyfriend say,
>Oh it's not that bad
>you can't control your fans
>he did say she look like a man
>Ugly boyfriend "She does"
>Yeah thats not racist, she's just ugly
>yeah she's ugly
Its hilarous that a woman thats weirdly a TRA, will call a black woman a man, but would get mad if someone calls a TIM a man.
I really hate her, I'm sure there's so much more to her disgusting pick me ass. I don't wish people bad, but I already know her dumb ass is going to end up with bad anyway.
She's a very disgusting person, a huge pick me.

No. 1861409

When I first discovered tuna I really wished that lurch would overdose because I couldn't see a world where she could get better when he was in it. Now I'm worried it's way too late. Even if he did die Tuna probably won't ever see him as the evil addict slug who stole her away as a child "bride". Just see it as an extension of her desire for a tragic kk/cl relationship and either live the rest of her life as a "sad widow" or latch onto another junkie.
I wish she and her mom could undo their damage somehow but it sucks that her mom basically abandoned her and they'll probably never repair anything together. Just badly support if anything. Honestly didn't feel the most mad when her mom relapsed cause she's the one that helped get tuna addicted and let her go live with lurch in the first place so it felt more like karma. Though it lead me to believe tuna was fucked cause even if she lived with mom alone they'd probably just push each other to use.

No. 1861428

She actually called Leslie Jones a gorilla, she's revolting. The left forgave her most of her antics when Vaush took her under his wing while trying to include her in his freak circus but dropped her after she did her old thing of retweeting right-wingers. A lot of them consider her 'a bit dumb but with an ultimately good heart' but she's just a stupid bitch.
Also I'm not going to go out of my way to call her ugly, but this insecure Whoville resident could really shut her mouth sometimes about other people's looks. It's not like her ex and part of her fanbase didn't drop her for 18-year-old Boxxy skinwalker 2.0, kek.

No. 1861572

Does she have any friends that aren’t men who are orbiting her

No. 1861573

She looks cute in that pic, idk how to explain it. Like a nice old grandma.

No. 1861594

No. she's genuinely a hikineet whose only achievement in life is being 8chan's sweetheart 10 years ago. I find it hilarious she's 30+ and childless while her leftist libfem counterparts like Linsay ellis are married to rich guys who love them and has a child. Pickmes never prosper. Her new husbando apparently deleted all mentions of her and stuff, so i dont see much future to this thing.

No. 1861620

I’m currently reading Tuna (not very far in, I’m at thread 12) but christ, I agree with you. I think that maybe as a teen, it’s easier to feel bad for her because she’s obviously been groomed by lurch, but she’s well aware that he’s not good for her, and she has been aware for years. She chooses not to leave at this point, and she can’t blame it on being young and stupid anymore.

No. 1862606

Shoe may be a dumb bitch but one sort of satisfying thing about her is how she milks low-tier moids while also sending them into downward spiral of depression and alienation. She offers them no real solutions, just pats them on the head and further convinces them it's all evil feminists fault, instead of telling them what it is - that they're boring and useless in a world where women can choose their partners freely. And they eat it up straight from her hand, I recently watched a video on male loneliness by a moid, who was more critical towards red pill spheres, and they all hated it, recommending Shuwu's video instead. I know she's a pick me at heart and loves this shit, but I believe she knows deep down that these men are absolutely pathetic and that she can make easy money off them by showing them constant Twitter ragebait.

No. 1862854

Ngl it drives me crazy seeing how some farmers won't let certain cows die off. There are more than a dozen on the site that don't do anything at all milky, yet their thread gets bumped and it's always the most nitpicky, dumb social media shit.

No. 1863059

I'm so sad about Venus nonnies if she actually is dead.
To put things simply, she is a few years older than me and I have followed her since she lived with her mom and throughour her jpurney and becoming a cow. Following her on PULL and hoping to be as dolly as Venus before finding out about her mother. I found it really surprising and I found it relatable- I had my own mother who I was living with who did similar things (livestreaming me when distressed as a tween and teen, npd mother who cared about looks, etc.) and found Venus inspriring how she grew and was able to stay positive. I think the long term effects of abuse got to her hence alcoholism, drugs, suicide, the messiness.. and it was so sad. Suffering and struggling with abuse is hard but disheartening watching someone go through the turmoil online and you can't do anything about it, and she forgot how to live at the very end. So sad. I just hope she's alive.

No. 1863211

I think Lori is pretty, and her body is great. I don't really care about the fact that she's a bitch to her dweeb boyfriend, and it seems like her main milk is that she's old, skanky, and had some issue with Moo ages ago. I don't really understand how she's a cow with her own thread. Tbh I don't understand how 95% of /w/ cows are really worth of threads. Venus maybe, Jill for sure. Other than that it's just lots of weebs who abuse filters and aren't good at cosplay, I guess?

No. 1863277

Agreed, it's the influx of newfags who don't know what milk is. Sometimes cows come back in full force, like our queen Pixy, and years-old threads revive, it's magical. It's such a bummer when you find a hilarious thread on the front page only to see that a brainlet's necroed it with a spoonfeeding request or a screenshot of the cow's Starbucks order or some other equally retarded non-milk. Fucking zoomers thinking we're their personal army doesn't help matters either.
Lori was a much milkier cow during her Sailor Moon days. Her body and face aren't bad, but she's always been obsessed with being anachan-tier skinny and eternally youthful, hence the endless sperging over her weight and 'haggard' looks. She's always been a scummy leech who used her friends for clout and cash, hence the endless sperging over her retarded boyfriend being a nobody with no money. It's a shit thread unless you were there from the beginning.
99% of the cows on /w/ are ancient cows from ye olden days when /cgl/ and livejournal were overflowing with milk.

No. 1863523

Lillee Jean isn't really as ugly as anons say. Opening her eyes wide like an insane person doesn't do her any favours but apart from that she just looks like an average overweight girl tbh. I don't think she's hideous like her threads make her sound.

No. 1863533

It's her teeth and the overexposure I think. This could be said about a lot of people raved about online.

No. 1863628

It's just her awful face expressions and teeth. With good makeup she looks from average to cute.

No. 1863630

/w/ is so retarded everyone on there would be 10 pages down on /snow/ where they belong if this website were run normally

No. 1863638

99% of /w/ thread kek I check on a single cow there because the rest have been dry for over an year.

No. 1863957

File: 1705887265629.jpeg (162.13 KB, 750x1042, 1704117037860.jpeg)

I keep thinking this is shayna.

No. 1863985

the one thing shayna has done in her life that's sensible is not get pregnant. I rue the day she realises she's aged out of porn and tries to babytrap a john

No. 1864023

That goes for most of the cows on here honestly

No. 1864117

I really don't ever see her becoming a mother at all. If anything, maybe she will just get addicted to drugs. But i am glad she is smart enough not to have children right now, it could have easily happened by now. She would probably try to leech clout from her children.

No. 1864191

Most of her milk has dried up but Ask a Mortician's videos are fucking unwatchable now. I found her because of that buzzfeed article and really liked her video structure. She used to convey lots of information really well but now her editing is extremely obnoxious and has meme edits literally every 10 seconds. Her Lake Superior video was really good because she wasn't trying so hard every sentence. She was a tolerable level of millennial adorkable in her older videos and now she's basically flanderized herself and is exactly the type Gen Z shits on.

No. 1864198

Has she ever even been milky? From what I've seen the only people who dislike her are zoomers who think any mention of death at all is scary and disrespectful but I don't think just being sorta annoying without having any actual internet drama is milk

Yumi until the divorce was one of my favorite milk-less cows until she started producing though. Her videos were so cringe and I think everyone was just waiting for the relationship to blow up

No. 1864202

Thankfully years of fast food hopefully made her infertile

No. 1864217

She has some threads in /snow/ but they've been dead for ages. She was apparently really shitty and vindictive at the beginning of her career but there's nothing super milky about her anymore. I used to really like her but apparently she has a reputation in the funeral industry but I just couldn't be bothered to unsub and occasionally watch her stuff still kek. Her newest video was grating though.

No. 1864449

megha from tradthots thread isn't ugly at all, she looks fine to me. maybe unflattering styling choices but that's it. everything else about her though. well.

No. 1864502

Some people ITT think she lurks, and since they hate her they want her to read it and get her feelings hurt. She’s not some otherworldly beauty sure but she is somewhat attractive. There’s a lot to insult her about that doesn’t involve her looks (like every single life decision she’s ever made, every thought she’s ever voiced and her brain damage kek)

No. 1864614

We only have like 5 genuinely ugly cows. Tradthots are badly styled most of the time. She's so broad she can look good if she went for a sporty girl look but she would never since it's not ultra feminine

No. 1864646

File: 1705953522318.jpeg (22.55 KB, 299x168, 1D54C46B-3818-44EA-87E3-FACA6E…)

She’s super botched
Ew. Binkie Jess had a baby and made diaper porn, she posts in her own thread, she doesn’t Sage and she obviously white knights saying she’s not a pedo because she’s never done anything illegal. She has stepdaughters and had given birth to a baby girl and she decorates her infant daughter’s room with stuffed animals she used as props in her porn videos. She’s so sick and her husband who has daughters seems questionable because he probably gets off to her porn where she acts like a little girl.

No. 1864658

Her weird nose edits look ugly to me, but her original face is fine.

No. 1864683

I miss the Raven threads so much. They were my introduction to lolcow. I understand why the threads stopped but she was such a fun cow to follow.

No. 1864685

Who are the genuinely ugly cows?

No. 1864693

her styling and whatever she says makes her a very ugly person but personally I find anyone who does more than corrective plastic surgery disgusting looking, alien and most likely mentally ill and obsessed with their own looks. like people with PS think they look natural but anyone can clock it and it always looks uncanny valley. also she skinwalks being a white woman which is top cow behavior.

No. 1864698

Maybe it’s just me growing older but cows now versus then were felt so much more wholesome too. CWC then was just making tard crossovers and making a fool of himself online, now he’s committing incestuous rape. Pixy then was making unflattering cosplay and harboring delusional weeb fantasies, now she’s destitute and homeless (or at risk). I stopped following the cow threads regularly because very few interest me now but Catherine McMahon / The Park Avenue Pinup becamd an instant favorite since she acts like a classic cow: milky because of her delusions of grandeur and utter lack of self-awareness, but otherwise not harmful.
Lori is dried milk by now, her threads became nigh unreadable due to all the bone rattler-tier nitpicks about her weight and her appearance. She’s not ugly by any means - she looks exactly like an average woman of her age - but the way anons talk there would make you think she’s a shriveled hag pushing 60. But I will admit I kek’ed the first time farmers compared her vagina to a Lego hand. That, and I lol heartily whenever I see her banner.

No. 1864704

File: 1705957893702.jpg (663.79 KB, 1080x1609, Screenshot_20240122-205747.jpg)

>Has she ever even been milky? From what I've seen the only people who dislike her are zoomers who think any mention of death at all is scary and disrespectful but I don't think just being sorta annoying without having any actual internet drama is milk
I don't know much about her, but I joined a Facebook mortician group a few years ago out of curiosity and they absolutely hate her in it. They have a rule against even saying her name and refer to her as "Bangs." They dislike her for apparently spreading misinfo and fearmongering for views, and for critising funeral homes making a profit even though her sensationalised youtube videos, expensive book, and advertising her own services to her viewers are behaviors designed to make a profit. Picrel is a screenshot of an admin in the mortician group claiming that she's exaggerated her work experience greatly

No. 1865615

You're thinking of Pearl, not Megha

No. 1866164

Pixyteri's thread is so bleak. Best case scenario she gets medicated, gets a social worker, and moves out of her parents' house, but that's a huge ask for a woman who can't even tell what reality is right now. I just hope she doesn't end up murdering her parents like people ITT keep saying.

No. 1866238

lori has exhibited some awful behavior over the years but i don't care how she treats the moids in her life either. any man who enters a relationship with a woman with as many red flags as lori just because he finds her attractive deserves what he gets.

No. 1869935

File: 1706428278926.jpeg (608.84 KB, 828x1628, IMG_9023.jpeg)

Kek I randomly came across this loser last month. I don’t think her thread has been active for a while and She’s looking even rougher these days. I’ll never forget her desperate attempts to appeal to that retard shadman. All while having a husband and kid.

No. 1871660

Xiran is milky for stirring shit all the time but i think it's kind of cute how autistic she is about french history

No. 1871680

Holy fuck, I can’t believe how far she’s let herself go. Is she still bragging about how she doesn’t charge $ for porn?

No. 1871875

I used to be in the french history "fandom". Most women active in history fandoms study/or have studied history. They usually do get cutely and autistically obsessed with their chosen history field and start making fanart and cosplays. Xiran is the first history "fan" I have seen who got internet famous for something non-history related so I do think it's cool that she still talks about french history even though fans follow her for her books and her videos about chinese culture's portrayal in pop culture.
I'm seeing more and more genderspecials who are into the french rev and the american rev. I don't remember there being so many a decade ago but then again I didn't really pay attention to gender and kweer stuff back then. Tumblr has a big french history fandom so there have always been snowflakes and fujos involved in the history fandom but now when I scroll trough a random anime blog run by a genderspecial I will randomly see a post where they talk about the french rev.

No. 1872041

File: 1706630452802.jpeg (88.89 KB, 840x525, IMG_0208.jpeg)

I only really like troon cows. that’s how I ended up on this site. truthfully, I sometimes just want to vent about how much they piss me off because I can’t say these things openly most places. but there’s something about them that is also just so amusing to me. I sometimes wonder how much of my interest in troon cows is justified because they’re degenerates. is it wrong to feel smug when someone throws away their entire life for delusion and clout?
>my personal cow
although not often mentioned on here, and maybe not classically all that milky, one of my current favorite cows is kris tyson. this retarded moid was wealthy, conventionally attractive, with a beautiful wife and son. he threw it all away, for what? the coom? fucking kek

No. 1872043

Does he have any relation to Tyson chicken wealth or is that just a name coincidence and his wealth is from YouTube?

No. 1872044

not as far as I know. he has/had the reputation of being a “country” guy who made it big on youtube

No. 1872189

The cows on this site bore me to fucking tears.

No. 1872196

File: 1706640842716.jpeg (207.18 KB, 1600x1144, IMG_0210.jpeg)

then get farming, nonna!

No. 1872202

Now that anons tore into Jill's "special interest movies" being mainstream kids' movies I'm hoping for an art movie connoisseur saga. C'mon Jill, namedrop Battleship Potemkin or some obscure French movie, I'm waiting. Not holding my breath though, I can't see her to pretend to like any other than kids' movies with her three second attention span and inability to grasp any concepts that aren't presented in Bluey or whatever the current trendy kid show is.

No. 1872224

File: 1706644344248.png (Spoiler Image, 2.62 MB, 640x1136, DBA0ACEB-691D-44A0-BBAD-1AC559…)

I’ve grown a soft spot for Gorlock, he’s kind funny and chill and at the end of the day I feel bad for some HSTS troons. He’s one of the uglies you feel bad for and not just disgusted at

No. 1872268

Definitely, he knows he looks ridiculous and just jokes around about it. I enjoy how much he pisses off moids though, moids can't stand the fact other moids will stick their dick in anything that walks

No. 1872639

I've been thinking about how to phrase this to not sound so rude. So let me say, I'm a fattie and I'm ugly so I feel I can speak on this.
Do you think if Xiran was attractive that she'd act differently? She acts like a spoiled rich girl already but the woke type.
It's like she feels she can't get attention for anything but her "talent" and constant meltdowns call out. I'm not saying being super woke is equal to being unattractive.
I just feel like it's some kind of cope, or guilt she feels maybe? That she's not only rich but she's not the rich pretty girl? Maybe this is just my retarded projections. I feel like some woke people try to "uglify" themselves more than they are. She's not ugly, but I feel like the non-binary shit and how she dresses may be to somehow make herself seem like she isn't even trying to be attractive.
I know she could afford surgery and it's actually cool that she hasn't. Her horrible attitude just makes her looks stick out more to me.
I feel like such an asshole even typing this out.(integrate)

No. 1872650

There's pretty woke women out there, so I don't think so, no. I do think her not being conventionally attractive is why she calls herself nonbinary though, the logic being that "if I can't perform womanhood correctly than i'm not a woman" (rather than just realizing that gender norms suck and it's okay to do whatever you want and still be considered a woman because that's how being female works)

No. 1872651

doubleposting but i'm in /ot/ so sue me. I'm actually really fascinated by xiran and thankful for the book thread in snow. She's special to me for being a female cow who's milky for reasons that have nothing to do with pandering to men…to be quite honest i picked up iron widow today from the library to see if it was actually THAT bad(doubleposting. read lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1872659

I'm interested in her because she reminds me of Shayna but without the sex work, she doesn't let things go and rants about it in a word vomit kind of way. You can tell she's entitled and thinks that she will always get special treatment because she's SO special and she'll stop at nothing to make those "pay" who do anything that changes that.
I'm very jealous of women like her and Shay, at least Xi actually did something, she wrote a book. She doesn't seem dumb. I think she has potientally to do something great.
She just seems like such a nasty angry person, but in the most normal way.

No. 1872660

same anon- I'm jealous because they come from people with money and while Xi actually took advanage of that somewhat with getting a house, I can't imagine having two parents with money, who could help me in my adult life get jobs or whatever. The idea of paid college is like a dream to me. Or being given a house? I'd think I'd died if my mom even joked about that.(doubleposting. read lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1872664

While being rich definitely helped give her the time and freedom to write a book during and immediately after college, I can respect her for actually managing to get it published seemingly on her own accord. She references shopping her book around to agents for years before one bit, and I don't think she's lying-as far as we know neither of her parents are in the publishing industry.
I agree that she's probably an absolute nightmare to work with though.

No. 1873156

I hate history fandoms so much. Full of a bunch of delusional autist libfem (or pick-me) spergs though maybe it’s because I get territorial over my history husbandos kek
You can always tell they don’t know much about history outside of an extremely narrow time frame, thus they cannot contextualize a lot of the shit that would have happened then. The Polar RPF section on AO3 is literally like 200 stories written by the same five people, most of whom can’t write for shit.
You need to go on KF for the ultra-milky/spergy cows.

No. 1873800

Chris Chan MUST have more wrong with him than autism. He must have some other form of retardation. I've never met an autist that acts like him. I know his parents are also to blame for indulging him but I still think he has some other form of developmental delay.

No. 1873818

Autism is a spectrum and the more severe, the more mentally delayed you are, yeah.

No. 1874063

people with autism have messed up empathy centers and can seriously struggle to see others as actual people vs essentially npcs. Chris is what happens when you mix male entitlement, being an over spoiled autistic boy not given any actual resources to curb his issues, and probably some of the worst "everyone is an npc in my life" syndrome ever. the fact that he creates cwcville versions of people in his life to then control or violently harm is the biggest indicator of his lack of empathy and understanding of people. especially women

No. 1874182

He's just barely intelligent enough to initiate communication with other people. If he had been born just slightly more retarded he wouldn't have been independent enough to get himself into trouble. 1 step below Chris Chan are the ones who act like toddlers their entire lives, and can't conceive of anything more complex than a toddler does.

No. 1874314

Micky Moon is milky but I feel like it got really weird for me when a lot of nonas accusing her of lying about a rape/rapist.
I don’t like her, but caping for a moid, even indirectly was jarring.
Also it seems to be the same person updating on her over the years and you can tell from the post style (screenshot of Micky’s post + link to the post)
I’m not trying to whiteknight bc I’ve gotten my fair share of laughs at her but recently it’s just gotten too real/sad.

No. 1874322

I tried to read her thread for the first time in a while the other day, but the doc anon who was spamming and all the white knight acquisitions at anyone trying to have a discussion discouraged me from ever bothering to check it again. Her new milk is buried beneath seethe and expired milk and it seems like it’s been that way for at least a year.

No. 1877254

There's a vendetta poster in her thread who keeps confirming they are a vendetta poster and know her irl and apparently has all this insight to the comm since they are a part of it. You can't read a thread when it's like that. Like you both said, you can't even discuss the milk because some anon is hellbent on this cycle when it's no different from everyone on Earth who manics, apologizes, and moves on until something triggers them again. They are so obsessed with with "right" about Micky that they have destroyed their own thread and people even caring who she is.

All I know is she was raped/manipulated as a child, under 14, to send nudes to some scrote online who then leaked them and anons blamed HER for it. And something something mad at a con for not banning the rapist and then she got banned for being overdramatic.

Her thread is terrible and the milk is terrible to read. There's clear vendetta posting and someone keeps trying to feed her info about posts on here and then there's the document anon who linked it to her and is a poster. That's fucking cowtipping. Her milk isn't even interesting. She's like the Nicole cow that anons made so many threads for but who also doesn't do anything and everything that bad happened to her is FaKe.

No. 1877477

>the Nicole cow that anons made so many threads for but who also doesn't do anything and everything that bad happened to her is FaKe

No. 1877539

>Lori was a much milkier cow during her Sailor Moon days.
Fully agreed. I spent hours reading her drama in like 2006-2008 and it's still entertaining to look back on the milk she had back then but now it's just "haha look at the old hag in her e-girl clothes". That's the kind of shit you glance at, chuckle, and move on. This bitch was a compulsive liar exploiting and abusing everyone around her and larped as an anime moon princess, that was milk. Not her posting filtered phone selfies.

No. 1877543

Ugly or not, at least she does something. Maybe I'm reading this wrong but you're implying that beauty is better than talent, or having talent is useless if you don't have beauty. But I think she's better than influencers who don't write or don't do anything really.

No. 1877903

Exactly. There's so many cows who literally have no milk and are pure vendetta. A good chunk of Micky is just an anon who knows her personally.

That's why anons on /w/ have started reporting ethot posts and random things as nitpicking. When all you have left if criticizing clothes, there's no milk. That's just nitpicking and being desperate.

No. 1877928

it's pretty normal to discuss what people wear kek. That is a feature of any site.

No. 1877944

It's in the rules not the nitpick and no one is saying you can't discuss clothes in general, but when that's all you are able to post for months/years on end, the cow is dried up. Clothes alone aren't drama or milky. That's something anons can't seem to grasp milk=drama for the most part. Just posting stuff to laugh at isn't milk.

No. 1878292

it's not nitpicking, you're really overthinking it tbh. Some of the best fun on this site was when Kiki went to Japan and dressed alternatively in "angelic" white or lingerie and fashiony bdsm shit, then claimed everyone was looking at her. That was funny. I'm sorry you can't enjoy classic fun like that. This isn't a journalism site or a national news site. It's a place to shoot the shit and let off steam.

No. 1878449

It seems that anons like yourself don't understand the difference between nitpicking and milk. A thread is deemed slow when it's boiled down to months and years of the same talked about points regurgitated in new posts. Saying the same thing about a new outfit isn't actually new or milky. That's why generals exist for that, but cow threads have always required milk. The rules existed before and we had lazy farmhands. Anons are just mad that we have active ones now and for one, I'm glad. There's so many threads that have no purpose, but to be a handful of anon's personal archive for the most uninteresting things posted by cows. That's not what the threads are for.

No. 1878581

I think we have to agree to disagree about what "milk" is and how "serious" it needs to be, anon. This thread isn't about "anons like myself," it's about what you think about cows. Cows' clothes are frequently funny, it's also something they can change so easily unlike facial features or stuff like that. sorry you don't agree, plenty of cows do the same shit over and over but it's still funny. Again, I wish you could join in the humor but if it's not your thing, you can close the thread.

My real opinion on Lori is that it's very funny she's never worn the suit that Kevin peed on again. That suit disappeared off the face of the earth after they had a fight. I keep wondering if she'll ever replace it or if there are just too many bad memories.

No. 1878862

I have a soft spot for ellie/shirousa in the egirl thread. I think some of her outfits are cute and her anime consoomerism makes me think she's irl kikomi, which is kinda funny.

No. 1880421

I fully understand why Jill's thread makes people want to alog so bad, even if you would for some reason give her benefit of the doubt she is still being extremely distasteful with her breadcrumbing. Especially since they sync up with what kind of holes anons poke in her claims. You don't even have to be a csa victim to see how infuriating she is being.

No. 1881262

Can't believe Jill is blaming her UTIs on PTSD, it's so fucking funny.

No. 1881280

I want to be friends with Leah Tverly. I love the way she coins terms and then says them like they're a real thing. I love her aggrandized sense of self. I love her autistic fixations and how she maintains the same energy whether she is radfem sperging or anti-vegan sperging or Steven Speilberg sperging. She is so bizarre but also so funny and smart and I think we would vibe.

No. 1881966

People like you encouraging her to stay in Japan above and beyond any other consideration are why she became a broken mess. She should have gone back to Europe. Instead her weeb fanclub encouraged her to pursue a marriage with a man who was fixated on her from 13 years old.

No. 1882066

I never realised this person is a troon. I guess it's kinda hard to see any gender defining features under all that lard but now that I know it seems obvious though

No. 1882347

There's nothing there for her in Europe. What's wrong with staying in Japan? Also no fans aren't the ones who convinced Venus to go to Japan and get married. Manaki had been watching her for years, made Venus and her mother think it would be a good idea to visit Japan. Turned in to Venus being proposed to and it was her escape from Marge. Fans didn't know about the 13 year old thing until Q&A videos after the fact.

What exactly is there for her in Europe that's any better than in Japan? Not like she'd get better mental health and drugs are way, way more accessible there and not as heavily watched for like in Japan. She has resources in Japan that would be doing the same thing over there. No one telling her to leave ever gives good reasons to.

No. 1882355

Still making the same arguments you did five years ago for le kawaii nipponjin boyfriendu.

Weebs are incredibly fucking sad. Vicariously ruining other people's lives for the sake of their mythical shangri la land. Asian men are not the prize you think they are.

>Why should she go back to Europe?

Now it's too late, but back then? Shit, I don't know. A proper fucking education you retard?(infighting)

No. 1882376

imagine venus in germany or switzerland kek she would be shooting heroin at this point already. in a way it sucks alcohol is so insidious in japanese society so she finds it difficult to treat her alcoholism but it could've been much, much worse with harder drugs.

No. 1882377

I don't think you read margo's threads while it was happening otherwise you'd realize the only way venus was able to escape from her mother was the fact she did get a visa to stay in japan but her mother didn't. if she went to europe she wouldn't be able to get rid of her leech progenitor neither would margo allow venus to get in touch with her family or go to europe for an education to begin with because margo was dead set on selling venus to some rich asian man in exchange for a visa instead of ensuring her daughter would have a decent future. except she didn't expect to be booted after venus found someone to marry. she was up with the plan of marrying venus to a japanese man at the very last moment until venus told her to fuck off.

No. 1882429

I don't know why you're infighting. Anons have been discussing this for years now. Who is this singular 'you'? Manaki is a creep, Margo is a pos, and Venus is somewhere that she currently has a residency for and no way to leave. No passport that likely renewed, no money for somewhere to stay, or travel, or bring all the stuff she's accumulated.. I don't see the issue. She was going to have these mental and health issues regardless. She was going to try to get surgery, regardless. All she knows is life online. She grew up being paraded around online by a mother who forced her to not have a normal childhood, gaslit her, abused her mentally, used her. Damn. I swear, some of you do not read the threads or purposely have some unhinged vendetta without using your actual brains.

No. 1882453

Yeah. Couldn't be the totally alien environment and zero friends and still shit tier language ability that impacted her mental health. Couldn't be that dropping the weeb shit and living among people she could actually communicate with might have actually led to a proper formal education.

Weebs have some weird fixation over wanting messy broken people, particularly vulnerable broken women, to stay in Japan. Remember these were the same people who treated her marriage to a man who had been attracted to her since was 13 as an epic win that was bound to lead to a good end. Then again these are the same people that are envious of Kabukihoes so draw your own conclusions from that.

And the saddest thing is you people have been defending bad decision after bad decision simply because you have a racial fetish for Japanese of your own and see yourselves in her.

No. 1882457

>able to escape from her mother
Past the age of 16 her mother has no legal right to compel her to do anything. It's funny how Margo is always wrong except when it came to wanting Venus to stay in Japan forever and marry a flagrant Japanese pedophile. Then apparently she was right? You weebs are fucking insufferable.(infighting)

No. 1882459

Wait so Margaret scouted Manaki for Venus?

No. 1882463

How many times do anons need to say that Manaki was a fan of Venus since she was 13. They knew him from him interacting all the time. He wasn't scouted. He invited them to Japan.

No. 1882464

She corresponded with him at first and he encouraged them to visit iirc. I like to compare Venus to Beckii Cruel, because the latter had normal parents who were eventually like "god damn all these grown Japanese men sending a 14 year old girl gifts is kind of fucked up" and encouraged her to give it up. Now that British girl is a normal person with a normal job and some normal Brit husband. According to weebs it would have been better if she'd have stayed in Japan for…. reasons, I imagine.

No. 1882525

No one is saying she should stay there because she's a weeb and no one who is a weeb is saying that either. You're comparing her to cows that didn't have the same circumstances too. There's threads of anons explaining why. Don't be oblivious just because it's easy for you.

No. 1882534

This low-key gaslighting is funny. Manaki was worshipped as a kawaii UwU Japaneseu prince when he appeared, and plenty of anons warned you all that it wasn't a good decision at the time despite this. They just got drowned out by the cringe weeb vicariousness of the nipponjin in shining armor narrative. It's an anon site so we can't conclusively prove either way, but consider the userbase and put two and two together.

Granted this weird viewpoint was more prevalent on PULL but even back then PULL had big crossover with Venus threads.

No. 1882542

you can literally go read the threads and quote whatever you think is evidence right now if you think anyone is gaslighting you? yes, people did believe manaki would be better to venus than margo but that was a very low standard in itself. I don't think the lolcow mentality on venus being in japan was good thing because she was in japan but because she was far from margo. PULL opinions literally don't matter and they never integrated to this day though.
you don't really understand how abuse works and venus was made to believe she wouldn't be able to live on her own without margo. in a way this was set up to failure anyway because venus was never taught how to live independently anyway and never got any adult skills and that's why she is the failure she is now.

No. 1882549

I really don't think anons understand abuse like you said. The constant meltdowns over unregulated emotional fatigue and not understanding healthy coping mechanisms [sometimes takes people a few years to stop self-sabotaging/self-harming/learning to not meltdown due to triggers or suddenly relapsing in a state of failure and freeze for days due an overwhelming sense of no self-worth]. Even with medication, she would still need to work on and practice a lot of things she wasn't properly taught as a kid. I think a great step was her taking a step away from social media right now. People coming up with all these tinfoils around it is insane. Instead of just taking it at face value as just a personal leave.

No. 1882553

>be victim of abuse
>marry random pedophile in Japan
Please explain how this is any better.

No. 1882554

>but because she was far from margo
I think you're ignoring the weird hero worship of Manaki that occured around that time.

No. 1882555

>be victim of abuse
>fall for someone who treats you slightly better than the abuser
this is extremely common? people who suffer abuse from their parents often jump onto abusive relationships, the same relationships they used to escape an abusive household.

No. 1882556

there was no way people could've known manaki was a bad person because the fact he was observing her since she was 13 was not disclosed also people genuinely thought he liked her because of the way they treated each other in public (unsure if it was fake or not but it made everyone believe it was a genuine relationship even if both of them are autistic af).

No. 1882559

if I recall correctly venus got diagnosed with autism. so margo never gave her the chance to grow as a person because autistic people require even more attention to learn how to self regulate. she never had a chance to begin with. thinking venus being in europe where people spoke a language she spoke would make any difference is naive because it wouldn't fix her autism. maybe things could have gone differently if she got support from her father's family but that's a possibility I just dont see happening because margo walled her from them her entire childhood.

No. 1882560

I'm not trying to pretend I'm some prodigiously intelligent or perceptive person but every interaction they had on camera gave me those sort of fake JP saccharine "romance" vibe.

No. 1882561

every interaction venus had with people at the time felt like that so it could be easily interpreted as genuine.

No. 1882562

Venus's behavior is understandable. I wouldn't criticize her. People on here incessantly claiming it boded some wonderfully auspicious future for her is what annoyed me.

No. 1882563

No I mean Manaki's behavior. It was that typical j-dude "I learned about romance from three western movies" vibe to it. People familiar with living in Japan will know exactly what I mean. Shit feels fake.

No. 1882564

no, I get it. it's the general fake sweet JP vibe. like you know they're being nice because polite not because they actually care. but honestly in general JP moids give that vibe, they are very robotic and don't really show what they feel. I think rachel's jun is the only japanese man I've seen anywhere that shows some genuine emotion.
people thought she would get mental help and keep growing as a content creator of some sorts. truth is she stopped trying altogether. we all know how it went now but back then nobody had any idea of what was going to happen.(racebaiting)

No. 1882579

Not to mention more ill-faithed people she run in to in Europe. Most people are pretty decent in Japan, regardless of who Venus is. Most of them, if not pretty much all, don't even know who she is, but they aren't going to go out of their way to fuck with her on purpose. That pimp she has will though. I know he's not actually a pimp, but I don't care to remember his name and he's just as gross, if not more.(derailing/racebaiting)

No. 1882580

And even then, Jun is still reserved unless he's only with Rachel. He smiles more than most at most around others.

No. 1883134

It pisses me off how Methel Cain larps being redneck/white trash, being from the Deep South myself. I'm a relatively normal person and I get called hick and cousin fucker just because of where my family is from. That's not something regular people from the South are proud of and want to be reminded of constantly. I'm not ashamed of my background, but I just really cannot conceptualize the idea of anyone sane wanting to romanticize the absolute worst parts of Southern culture.

No. 1883138

And needless to say, but I can't stand him larping as a woman either. But trannies are dime a dozen, it's much rarer that I see a hick larper.

No. 1883235

File: 1707527425534.jpg (1.45 MB, 1280x1920, lilliee jean.jpg)

I think Lilliee Jean actually looks really pretty in her new headshots. I think the dental orthodontics really made her smile nice. If her mother and her weren't so batshit crazy, I think she could have a decent happy life.

No. 1883251

Oh wow, I haven't been keeping up and didn't know she got her teeth fixed. Huge difference, she looked short of a chromosome before. Good for her.

No. 1883260

You remind me that Rachel and Jun used to be friends with a YouTuber called Texan in Tokyo who was also an American woman married to a Japanese guy. They had made a fundraiser to produce a book back ten years ago that I backed up and I never saw even a digital copy of that book ever, and the couple was never called out for it, they just stopped making YouTube videos and ghosted everyone. Would they have done that only five years ago or now, they'd have been cancelled for sure for the E-scamming.

No. 1883357

If she and her mom weren't insane, I could see her working somewhere in NYC as a makeup artist, which is too bad.

No. 1883376

Now she only has to learn how to smile to pass for a normal person.

No. 1883436

Oh my gosh, when did her teeth get longer? Her new teeth has improved her appearance so much
It always freaks me out how Lillee Jean "aged" in reverse. I don't feel like going back and finding the pics, but I remember when those old pictures of her were posted and she looked much older than she does now. If she would go back to that makeup she would look really good, and probably could really have a shot at being a makeup influencer like she wants.

No. 1883542

Texan in Tokyo brought her husband back to Texas. Apparently there was a lot of pressure in their marriage because he'd mock her Catholicism constantly. I sympathize with her but I also don't understand why she didn't just marry another Catholic. There are also some people who claim he was a cheating fuccboi (for some reason western women in JP always seem to end up with the earring wearing fuccbois and claim it's because they're "more westernised").

I feel like a lot of the in-Japan cows and milk is a result of naivety over international marriage more than anything.

No. 1883590

She should be a glasses model, her eyes are interesting.

No. 1883675

She has pretty eyes but tends to make them look bad by opening them as wide as she to make them seem bigger (and exposing the whites). Maybe she's learned that her eyes look better relaxed

No. 1883809

oh yeah, I almost wrote something about how they should also show her how to pose and crop out any psycho smiles, but it was a genuine comment. Her irises are very pretty. That sounds creepy kek.

No. 1884507

File: 1707635680858.png (612.72 KB, 400x619, ten years same shit.png)

Jillians mom is a real victim.
>have first daughter
>love her unconditionally
>support her weeb theater kid shit
>you beat cancer
>daughter dyes hair attention whore colors and dresses in eccentric pricey clothes
>proudly take professional photos of her "style" so she can brag on deviantart
>find her suicide letter. shes still a teenager!
>support her, get her to a good therapist
>she has bpd and ED
>gets treated from a young age
>she gets popular online
>support her made up job
>she quits halftime job
>sill take her to expensive trip to Japan
>support her fashion "degree" she's never been good
>get her a townhouse in a nice area so she can live with her bf and make her own life
>she comes back, smelling like weed and fatter
>she says she has DID a rare illness from childhood trauma
>blame yourself. you had no idea!
>cry your heart out wondering if the pedo teacher did something to your sweet daughter
>claims repeated sexual trauma on social media for everyone to see
>get her expensive MCR tickets
>shes fatter than ever
>she says shes autistic now
>wears a fucking autism lanyard on public
>this is news to you… who raised her and was always her best friend.
>check her social media again
>shes saying she has amnesia and pstd from all the abuse she endured and blacks out
>shes saying this publicly
>your dear daughter
>you always protected her and she is making you look like a negligent parent
>suffer wondering if you failed her and ruined her life from the abuse you didn't know about
>suffer wondering if shes just making this up publicly when all your family and friends know shes an influencer
>wonder what you did to deserve this
>you're now a victim of your own cow daughter
>there's no hope. she never changes
>everytime she visits there's a new illness and she stinks

No. 1884532

She is pretty but in a scary way. Not a bad thing but she should play with different styles

No. 1884534

don’t disagree but she has been subtly pushing back on her (weed shed, Montreal trip) and is more harsh behind the scenes.

No. 1884577

she looks EXACTLY like my coworker who pegged her husband. she was a sadist and went into extreme detail. during lunch or smoke breaks when we were alone. it was my first job I didn't think much of it
very unpopular opinion!!(blogpost)

No. 1884659

jillian is a cautionary tale of what can happen when you coddle your daughter too much. i feel bad for jillian's mother but this is the result of her own parenting. she spoiled jillian and now she's grown into an absolute retard who doesn't care about anything beyond her next dopamine hit and how she can make everything about herself. if she was a moid she would be a monster.

No. 1885769

I honestly wish I could be friends with Jill. She’s a nutcase, sure, but so am I. Her antics are amusing. I’d like to smoke weed with her and encourage healthier habits especially in regards to eating and drinking. Coffee needs so much half n half and sugar to make it taste sweet and if I introduced her to roasted maté that shit only needs a little sugar and milk to be yummy and the caffeine doesn’t hit you in a way that makes you all anxious. Plus I’d encourage her to drink this Polynesian drink that would probably really help her anxiety. That combined with maté and her Wellbutrin and I bet she’d lose weight while being my friend. I think we’d be great codependent besties honestly.

No. 1885773

Weird and parasocial

No. 1885799

there are thousands if not tens of thousands of jill adjacents on instagram

No. 1885808

Welcome back, kava sperg.

No. 1885810

kek you know damn well jillian wouldn't be interested in anything you had to say. the second you offered her a word of advice she'd turn on you and screech to her followers about how abusive you are and blame you for setting her back mentally and now she has to go get high to cope with everything you just put her through. she's willing to throw her own mother under the bus to further her trauma larp, what chance do you think you'd have?

No. 1885823

We’d make soap together and it would fix her soul nonnie I just know it

No. 1885847

I'm begging you to go outside and make a normal friend. You really think you could put up with Jill "switching" for attention or talking about precure with a baby voice or her questionable hygiene?

No. 1885870

I feel that she's passionate in a super autistic way that's unfortunately very relatable. She's definitely the kind of radfem you can be unapologetically autistic and schizo with. Feels kind of hard to find women like that to vibe with outside of this site kek.

No. 1885887

she's not radfem at all, what are you talking about?

No. 1885937

Nonna, I’m being mostly hyperbolic, kek. I do think she’d be fun to hang out with because she seems really lazy and I would be fine cuddling her cats and witnessing her shenanigans and getting blazed. But you’re right, she’d end up canceling me cause suggestions are totes abuse and then forming a new alter bc of the trauma it caused her to receive a suggestion.

No. 1885960

I honestly feel like if Laur hadn't intervened she could have been a fairly successful real beauty influencer. She used to be good at makeup and editing, it's mind boggling and just sad how much she's regressed.

No. 1885967

Anons refusing to actually watch Taylor Rs videos about her infertility are insane, hands down. There's proof of her eggs/embryos not being successfully retrieved more than once or not developing properly and she has PCOS. I don't know what more proof anons need that her body is fighting her on getting pregnant and it's not even her fault. Unfortunately, she got a terrible hand dealt to her as far as biology goes for having kids which is the whole point of IVF. Tom may be old, but old ass men can still impregnate women past 90. We'd have heard several times by now if it was due to Tom's sperm. Anons are just so obsessed with the fact that she's with someone 10 years old and tinfoil it's a fetish. I swear, this thread will be ruined with tinfoil just like the Jvloggers threads were, but I guess anons like fucking around rather than discussing cows.

It's very easy to tell when a cow stops being a cow and it's threads like this one. Trying so hard to make her milky is pretty hilarious to keep watching and every time a ban comes it's a nice little kek. I really wish admin would purge /w/ and merge it.

No. 1886056

Without Laur keeping her inside all the time, she probably would have done a beautician course at community college and gotten a job in a salon or something

No. 1886350

I don't know shit about momokun aside from her being a crusty costhot, but her lolcow banners have endeared her to me. The Christmas one especially, when it shows up I always stop to watch it and mimic her stupid face at the end. I know if I read her thread I'll be disappointed, so I just imagine she scammed a ton of money out of thirsty moids and is living her best life.

No. 1886355

She sexually harassed men and women, stole content, stole copyrighted works, lied about collabs… endeared? Shes one of the few cows whos never done anything good for anyone.

No. 1886605

Anyone still posting in her thread is insane honestly. She's so painfully boring at this point

No. 1886630

never forget all leftists are hypocrites and white leftists/tranny lovers push tranny shit as a covert pro-white dogwhisyle. They love how gender gives them a tool to punch down on anyone they hate. Fuck trannies and fuck tranny lovers

No. 1886778

Gold digger + race fetishists couple would produce some truly fucked up children so honestly, maybe it's for the best?

No. 1886783

>Most people are pretty decent in Japan, regardless of who Venus is.

Correction. Most people are pretty polite in Japan. That doesn't mean they're more "decent" and they're actually far less likely to stick their neck out for you than a westerner is. There's a total indifference to others in Japan beyond your social circle. I've actually had more occasions where an entire trainload of people would leave me at the foot of a long flight of stairs with my suitcase not offering to help than I've had in Europe for example. Wish people would bother to understand the distinction between politeness and warmth, I have never, ever found Japanese people to be particularly warm.(derailing)

No. 1886865

I’ve followed her since the first few threads and to be honest I’ve always had a soft spot for her. I don’t know why, because she’s a brat with few redeeming qualities. I think she’s just kind of an idiot who didn’t know how to play the game, had zero self-awareness, and was quite ignorant. But I never really thought she was a bad person. All the people who were accusing her of stuff seemed like lolcows in their own right, especially that Nana or whoever.
Lately she’s been stepping into her reputation and has stopped trying to firefight against people who call her out, which honestly I kind of respect her for. It’s just refreshing after all the twitter cancellation stuff, the insincere apologies, and her apparent bewilderment and hurt at being turned on by others. I’d rather see her being an unapologetic bitch than grovelling to a bunch of equally shitty cosplayers who were never going to accept an apology or self-improvement anyway.
I am sorry that she and Vamp parted ways, because I thought in a misguided way it was really sweet of Colette to stick her neck out and defend Mariah. I don’t think Moo has had that kind of loyalty and care since then, from what I’ve seen.
Bunny and Susu were bigger cows to me tbh with that fake girlfriend shit and I’m pretty sure they’re responsible for most of the moo posts when her threads were at their peak.

No. 1887278

I think that's a lot of nonsense to be saying they are a fetish couple. Why are users in that thread like this?

No. 1887394

You're not entitled to help from strangers.

No. 1890343

I think it's because her husband is genuinely ugly in a "it must be a racial fetish" kind of way, but I agree with you. They're more just a generic gold digging couple. If Taylor could have found a wealthy white guy back home she'd have done so. Her MO probably from a young age has been to find a wealthy husband irrespective of race or anything else.

No. 1890348

He's repulsively ugly and old, the only thing he's got going for him is money, she is/was a pretty blonde girl who easily could've scored an attractive guy in her home country. The two of them can barely hold a conversation let alone one of substance. It really isn't that farfetched to think she's with him for the money and he's with her because he fetishizes white/blonde women.

No. 1890378

>easily could've scored an attractive guy in her home country

Attractive but not necessarily wealthy. That's why I think people like Taylor make up their minds at a very early age what they want from a husband. If they're happy enough to reconcile themselves to a loveless marriage, infidelity etc (Tom is HK Chinese, all HK Chinese dudes with money cheat or even have second/third families), then I think it's fine.

It's when they grow older and realize there's zero intimacy, desire and romance, and resentful of the cheating and become bitter that I lack sympathy. Not justifying the cheating, I just think it's crazy naive not to anticipate this stuff.

No. 1890384

>proof of her eggs/embryos not being successfully retrieved more than once or not developing properly
Not true, she had a successful retrieval with 29 eggs and almost all her eggs were high quality. idk what you're talking about, maybe you need to watch her series again bc this is flat wrong. Dunno what you're talking about with eggs "developing properly" either, she has a ton of frozen embryos that are fine. Finally a woman's body will terminate a pregnancy if there's a serious issue with the embryo, and that's not the "fault" of the woman or her body, it's to avoid wasting energy growing an unviable fetus. There are tons of natural miscarriages every day because of normal errors in cell division or chromosomes. It's good that our bodies sometimes know when an embryo won't be viable and stop the process.

No. 1890392

>Attractive but not necessarily wealthy.
Yeah duh that's why I said she's with him for his money.

No. 1890541

I don't think that was their point though. It's that Japan is hyped up as an incredibly friendly place by others when people are even more indifferent to strangers than westerners are. I'm more curious about where the stereotype came from myself.

No. 1891207

File: 1708151069600.jpg (54.68 KB, 680x513, Ff7H8gSXEAAZx3m.jpg)

I am not about to catch a ban for medfagging/armchairing on Pixielocks thread, so I am posting here.
I genuinely don't think she has BPD either. I think the only mental thing going on with her is narcissistic personality disorder to the extreme.
I used to watch her in her lolita days and I stumbled across lolcow at all while looking her up years ago. And all she ever does is just make me seethe with rage nowadays. It's not even fun hatewatching her. She's a braindead narc and I hope she never gets help and gets worse, so others can finally see it and stop giving her asspats, so she's eventually left all alone with her fake brain friends she invented because she couldn't keep an irl friendship to save her life.

No. 1891214

KEK that picture perfectly describes Jill. But Jill would probably love it because it features Hello Kitty. I agree with you in that I also think her BPD is a misdiagnosis. I don't know if she had NPD obviously but she is definitely very self-centred and ego-centric. I'm in the same boat where I used to enjoy her content years ago when she was still living on PEI, but after I matured and my weeb phase ended I stopped watching her because all her shit was boring. I started following her threads on LC right before the DID saga started and I'm forever glad I clicked on the thread link since then because it's funny to watch everyone crack jokes at her expense and realize how shitty of a person she is.

No. 1891491

i think you'll have your wish. she's painted herself into a corner with her mental health larps and it's just a matter of time before it implodes on her. theoretically she could get better if she quit chasing validation through the internet and went offline but that's unlikely to happen. she's similar to shayna in that they both share an addiction to attention that has become increasingly destructive over the years and had an overwhelmingly negative impact on their lives

No. 1892142

I'm the retard who posted it to the wrong thread last time and glad others agree. Maybe her province is different, but ime in Canada if you go to a psychiatrist you'll get very short and widely spaced (like months later) sessions and so misdiagnosis is really easy to get initially. The ideal situation is you see a psychologist (ideally a non shit one) regularly who can give the psychiatrist enough info to work with and a LOT of trust is required that the patient is truthful about their experiences since they don't get as much time with you. Normally you go through years in the system before the right diagnosis is found if you have something more complicated than chronic depression or blatantly obvious things like schizophrenia. Something like borderline is often the first label given to women and girls with more serious issues that isn't obviously bipolar, especially as there's still stigma around giving girls any other cluster b aside from borderline until they present rather obvious. So say someone scores on the tests enough to be a narc or even histrionic but has enough overlap to technically be diagnosed with borderline, they'll start more often with "borderline with narc overlap" than the other way around. On the flip side there are women who are not cluster b at all but have ptsd or other issues, but that's not Jill kek.
Jill has not been to any professional long enough to really trust the diagnosis, and I've found she implies quite often that a therapist or psychologist can diagnose a person which is blatantly not true in Canada for very good reason. This really makes me question if her diagnosis was actually a diagnosis or another impression done by a psychologist. Working diagnoses for therapy aren't the same thing as being actually diagnosed but Jill regularly conflates the two much like Amberlynn Reid. I feel at best it was a psych-theorized diagnosis that a psychiatrist was willing to move forward with to start but Jill never followed up with it because she was happy with the diagnosis and didn't want to get better.
As an aside, I wish Amber's thread hadn't died but I think everyone vacated to the other farms like a lot of Onision posters did during a trash season on the site.

No. 1892150

File: 1708228946556.jpg (2.09 MB, 2730x4096, 1707333559062.jpg)

Sometimes the insults towards someone's appearance and I genuinely don't get it. Picrel was posted and people were calling her old, haggard, heavy faced, masculine, jowly, etc and it is making me feel insane. Is she really that ugly?

No. 1892155

Weeb women are jealous and crazy. Have you seen spoony? You're looking at confessionals from women like that

No. 1892156

I think she looks good for her age.

No. 1892162

She does. I don't think for one second the same few delusional clingers who make collages of her naked and subscribe to her onlyfans and seethe about her are even normal looking people, I cannot imagine them as anything but gross.

No. 1892186

No she looks normal. Like that other anon said, weeb pickmes are insane.
I never thought she was ugly even when i ended up stumbling upon her thread years ago.
She probably does have some cowish scandals or drama if she ended up getting a thread, but lets be honest even if she is a cow the anons in that thread care more about nipicking her appearance, her age or her dating a younger man than they care about milk

No. 1892239

I think so too and am baffled by the anons who call her haggard. She would be much prettier if she didn't do that ugly makeup and retarded facial expressions.

No. 1892289

I really think some threads with cows that don't produce milk anymore deserve to have their threads locked. It should be a seen as a symbolic cow graduation ceremony, if you will. There's also just no need for people to sperg about people like Taylor R, Dakota Rose, and various other J vloggers types when there hasn't been an inch of milk in years. Obvious vendetta threads should also just be deleted when the person isn't milky or has under a certain amount of followers. I feel bad for random egirls that get posted just because another egirl just has a hate boner.

No. 1892397

i think lori is attractive, she just doesn't look like her heavily filtered selfies. she's exhibited some rather nasty behavior towards women who didn't really deserve it (i don't care what she does to her moids or other shallow weeb bullies) among other terrible acts when she was younger but some moid-brained nonnas are far too invested in discussing how saggy and ugly they think her pussy is

No. 1894730

People (I think especially women) are very affected by how much they like a person to be "attracted" to them. That's why girls insist all their friends are genuinely super cute and perfect, because she actually loves them and thinks they are. And also why they call stunning celebs average or ugly simply because they dislike them. It's not really a lie, it's a social reaction to find someone you dislike repulsing.
Kind of like if you hate licorice and see a licorice cake you'll go "ew, that looks disgusting and I can't believe anyone would ever want to eat that" while a licorice lover would obviously go "holy shit that looks so good it makes my mouth water".

No. 1894733

I think Jill will end up starting an onlyfans eventually when she gets more desperate for views, maybe even an age-regressive one

No. 1894854

i certainly hope not but it's more likely to happen than her working at the mall again

No. 1899526

Belle is a boring ass cow.

No. 1900012

Anons are acting like scrotes every time they nitpick someone's appearance like this.

No. 1900854

This is definitely an unpopular opinion but I don't think Pixielocks qualifies as a NEET. Even if her views are tanking I feel like if you're still making money primarily off youtube and patreon you're not a NEET in the same way someone who works 2 shifts at McDonald's a week is not a NEET. That being said I would bet everything that she's being primarily supported by her parents right now because it seems unlikely she can afford all her living expenses herself.

No. 1900973

File: 1708858356273.jpg (60.96 KB, 600x600, il_600x600.4885414098_evb0.jpg)

Not technically a cow but I kind of adore soap-chan from the Jill threads. She grew on me in her earnest desire for people to start making soap. I'd want to spend a day making it with her, I feel like she'd make some cute designs and I'd love to hear her talk about all the different ways it can be made and customized

No. 1900979

Kek. I also came here to post about soap-chan.

No. 1901010

It's not a specific cow but the radfem cows thread is terrible. The vast majority of cows discussed are not radfems and have never presented themselves as such. It's a really weird thread overall and I honestly never get what they're even yelling about.

No. 1901106

I think Jill has a very pleasant face and she can be very cute.

No. 1901112

Kinda same, her comedic timing and occasional genuine frustration with Jill is just so funny (gets too much when other spergs try to join in on the meme though and ruins the moment). One of the very few personality fags I don't mind.

No. 1901192

I don't personally. It just shits up the thread, especially since jill isn't doing it and making soap. She wouldn't be able to anyway. The dumbass would fuck up the ratio to lye and be too high to finish one batch.

No. 1901245

Glad I’m not the only one who thinks this. Feel like only bitter libfem nonnies are in that thread

No. 1901630

Jfc, I opened Venus thread for the first time and it’s true that her anons are actually psychotic.

No. 1901654

Radblr is, or at least used to be genuinely milky (the 182827 gossip blogs, pretendbians, constant infighting, schizo orbiter Laura Morais and her drama with aristocat, ancient milk like toppdyke or larps) and there are psychos like Leah Tverly, but this thread is kinda all over place and anons occasionally post unrelated cows like RFH who is obviously not a radfem. Personally I’m sad that radblr’s history is not better documented, I started lurking it in 2021 but there was plenty of drama before. The more time you spend there you realize these people are truly retarded.

No. 1901971

File: 1708927380925.jpeg (210.57 KB, 1200x899, IMG_9482.jpeg)

What happened to Dobson? I remember he’d get mentioned from time to time on other boards years ago. I still remember his terrible comics kek

She’s genuinely one of the most boring cows on /pt/ and I only assume it’s being kept alive by other costhot vendetta-chans.

No. 1901975

he got forced to get off the internet by his parents. I think if they didnt he would be troon by now

No. 1902679

I'm now totally convinced Jill's thread is made up of a ton of tranny/nonbinary malingering leeches. Had this nonbinary bpd girl who refuses to get a job and pay rent mention Jill to me and it blows my mind someone could have that much of a cognitive dissonance. She'd be Jill if her numerous tries at internet infamy took off. It's insane.

No. 1902702

It's well known that cows are followed by community members e.x camgirl and Shayna threads being full of sex workers. I've seen some confused people defend trannies in Jill's thread so I'm not surprised kek

No. 1902716

There's very obviously several people talking about soap making as it's become a thread in-joke, not just one turbo autist constantly sperging about soap.

No. 1902768

I can confirm this as I have made soap jokes before despite not being OG soap-chan. It's never the main point of my post though, I think it's obvious I'm just making a reference to the thread meme

No. 1902888

"She's a terrible person and a liar so therefore she doesn't have trauma" is one of the more braindead takes I've seen on this site considering we witnessed her abuse in real time. Cows can be shitty people and have legitimate trauma at the same time.

No. 1903554

Venus is so obviously messed up from childhood and trauma, it's weird that anyone tries to deny it. The trauma is often the direct cause of cow behaviour even!

No. 1903883

Its just a bunch of vendetta posters, some of them from jvloggers and belle delphine's thread. They do this on purpose, they don't care about the milk and even edited venus to look fatter or pregnant before. Just constantly report them. That seems to work. Venus obviously has cptsd. No one has said she's incapable of growth, but the constant backpeddling due to trauma is so specific to trauma. Some anons clearly don't have cptsd.

No. 1904390

looking back, i honestly don't think dobson's art is that bad as far as art cows go and i think he's better than many current shitty art youtubers. it's just that his style is dated and fucking ugly

No. 1905525

File: 1709156146606.jpeg (205.31 KB, 828x441, IMG_6558.jpeg)

This makes me laugh, I had to share this from Luna’s thread.
>they live in a filthy one bedroom
>he dated her mom first then underaged luna
>they grift and shoplift together
>get high and obese together
TrUe LoVe that we will never know

No. 1905719

File: 1709168630886.jpeg (22.37 KB, 640x480, 4zivY5kgaWM.jpeg)

Grace and Ben Thorp are genuinely horrifying. I rarely get disturbed by cows these days but they really take the cake. I feel bad for Grace and I hope she can escape her father.

No. 1905727

>The trauma is often the direct cause of cow behaviour even!
Ok, so let's defend all cows. See how ridiculous that is? Trauma is just an explanation, not an excuse.

No. 1905929

I would rather be single for the rest of my life than be in the same room with a ugly, old druggie bum like Lurch, this has to be one of Tuna's 'friends' kek

No. 1906238

We will have to agree to disagree. There is only one Soapchan and there are a few imitators but they can't live up to her influence.

No. 1906293

also i would add in ex-fans that tried to help her and then got burned when she turned on them.

a lot of anons have a hard time separating their dislike of venus and her shitty personality from their criticism of her behavior and overview of her life. too much black and white thinking. yes, she was abused by her mother, and yes, she is also a shitty person who is out of control and going nowhere fast. all of these things can be true at once. i also don't think people realize that this is what the fallout of abuse and shittiness really looks like. most victims do not grow up to be kind, saintly individuals who heroically rise above their trauma to become joan of arc like figures - that's what society expects and wants from victims of abuse and trauma. most people spiral, self-destruct, get into some form of sex work or another type of exploitation, and cope by drinking and taking drugs until their bodies eventually give out and they die. they also hurt others who try to help them and lash out constantly, which we've seen with her more times than one. she's not a nice person, but most people who have been abused in some way aren't until they learn how to deal with their issues and accept what happened to them.

No. 1906301

the absolute rage I feel when reading about him. cannot interact with anything about him online or it would just be me alogging lol. If I had a magic wand he would be a spec of dust.

No. 1906325

File: 1709210597344.jpeg (95.6 KB, 500x440, 0E0DEEA9-D378-4085-BD9F-4A53DD…)

The old Dakota threads are so nostalgic. I’m like 99.9999% sure these pics were taken at Silver Springs back before it was a state park, which is also nostalgic for me since I’m from Florida and remember visiting in this era. Kiki’s dress is awesome here too kek. Crazy to think that once upon a time most of us were coming here from cgl and how so much happened in the first few years of the website vs how little has happened in the past few years.

No. 1906330

Modern influencers have it so easy, yes they can get hate and be snarked upon but it is never on the level that these past influencers were receiving. Honestly dakota, kiki, venus etc all ran so modern influencers can run.

Also looking back makes me realize alot of the hate they got was unwarranted and blown out of proportion.

No. 1906333

Reading through old threads is insane, we were so fucking hard on these poor bitches kek. Even Dakota’s most egregious shoops that legit had me malding at the time is just so blown out of proportion in retrospect. Like honestly it’s hilarious that she catfished a major international modeling agency who were so up their own ass that they just went along with it for years after the reveal to save face, using her heavily shooped pics as her headshots and booking her with major labels. Nowadays my attitude has definitely shifted away from REE and I’m more like, yknow what, good for her.

No. 1906367

they both had nothing but contempt for anyone following them, and lied without shame constantly. Then ebegged for shit while Kiki sold the story of being a poor innocent MySpace queen to some idiot at Rolling Stone. It was wild, I think they deserved the blowback after the way they treated other women especially. Their hatred and insults were always peculiarly focused on girls and women until Kiki switched to talking about alleged sexual assaults as a pity ploy.

That said, my unpopular opinion about Dakota is that she deserves praise for learning Japanese. Sure, it is much easier because she was immersed, but many expats don't learn at all. I do remember when she used to write bad auto-translate Japanese but these times are in the past. She is obviously far smarter than braindead Kiki. It's sad she spent much of her life in the Ostrenga kettle of hate and mean superiority. Hopefully she grew out of it and has stopped lying about dumb shit left and right. Hard to see evidence one way or the other.

Their parents were arguably the milkiest cows for antagonizing and DMCAing minors. One even got a legal threat sent to her via voicemail by Scott himself. I wonder if it is still online, he was raging

No. 1906374

File: 1709214414668.jpg (394.02 KB, 820x624, 1330734919557.jpg)

I have such a soft spot for kota nowadays.

No. 1906440

same, I took a quick look at kota's threads this week and they're so nostalgic. I don't think I was ever as hard on her as the average farmer, but looking back now who gives a fuck if she catfished an entire country kek. It's actually hilarious. I don't think she's been a lolcow for years, assuming she ever really was, because being a teenage edgelord doesn't automatically makes someone a lolcow imo. I hope she makes good life choices and lives happily.


Her situation is so dire that I don't think she will make a comeback and her life will end in a tragic way. I hate typing this because I've followed her since the living doll era, so I hope she will prove me wrong. I believe the relationship with Manaki was legitimate, but marrying him when she did was a bad idea because everything felt too rushed, however I understand that it was the best for her at the time. I hope she can find stability with another man and that he can guide her and put her life back on track because she won't succeed on her own imo. A lot of people with similar upbringings will need some kind of caretaker and she frankly does as well, especially if she has autism like another anon pointed out. Since it's ok to blogpost itt I will admit that I see a lot of myself in her because I had an extremely shitty upbringing with very little stability as well and I moved far away for love + escape my family, so I can't help but to root for her, even when I'm running low on pity. We've witnessed how leaving her to her own devices is a bad idea, she can't make any good choices on her own, so someone has to intervene.

No. 1907081

I think the whole family deserved the criticism, but most of the rage I saw back in the day on /cgl/ and early lc was shitting on Kota's insanly edited photos, which is laughably minor compared to the other stuff and Kiki's behavior. I tend to think that Dakota grew out of it all since she chose not to engage with the online criticism, which I always found impressive considering where she came from. I also find her Japanese skills impressive as well, it's not like she's perfect but definitely put effort into learning the language, which a lot of influencers in Japan do not do.

No. 1907269

Dakota definitely grew out of it. She's been unfunny for several years now. The most anons keep going on about is her haircut and her reposting old modeling stuff for nostalgia's sake. Also it is a form of marketing because the algorithm works in favor of uploads, regardless of the content.

No. 1907503

The kota hate is even more out of proportion when you realize most models are catfishing anyway. I've known people that did high fashion modeling and they tend to look really malnourished and ill and real life but beautiful in photoshoots. It's obvious in recent threads that it's just anons losing their minds over the fact she's had the opportunity to live and work in Japan and they haven't.

No. 1907682

I’ve been rewatching Frienemies and I think Trisha is correct in all 3 of the huge blow up fights. It is really cunty that Hila didn’t want to be talked about on the pod. And it was fucked that Trish was super open about pretty much everything and Ethan pretty much just used her for lols.

No. 1907688

Haven't watched since it all went down, but I remember thinking that everyone looked bad in the blow outs. Trisha has a hard time communicating when she's angry even if it's justified, probably due to BPD. But Ethan definitely kept her around because it made him more relevant and rich than ever

No. 1907691

Not sure if this is the right thread for it? And it's kinda unhinged lol but I think it would be so much fun to befriend Pixielocks. Imagine having Jill tell you something and you make a concerned face to tell her "Jerrick told me the opposite yesterday. Actually he confessed he even wondered if he was really trans anymore, and it was a really heartfelt moment - did he not like tell you as the host about it? I thought you guys were usually co-con? Maybe he- uhm maybe Jerrick prefers she/her now? so maybe SHE didn't want to upset you or something" and just make up random shit to see how far she plays along.

I'd start lighter than that thought, just reference conversations that I had with Flora that never happened at all and see if I can either "gaslight" an excited Jill into thinking she really has DID and memory issues for real, or if she'll be seething that she has to play along to keep the act up.

No. 1907696

Yeah Trisha was in the right even though her defense was usually nonsensical at times. Her being so emotional and Ethan seemingly being sensible for sure made it look like she was in the wrong.

No. 1907789

Things were different when she posted prolifically and lied all the time about literally everything. Including having leukemia while being the most active she ever was as a model/talent. No one is talking about the present, she doesn't post and probably has a normie job. There's nothing wrong with having an opinion about her hair or what she does post, but I don't see any hate at all anymore.

No. 1907827

>Even Dakota’s most egregious shoops that legit had me malding at the time is just so blown out of proportion in retrospect.
Agreed entirely, looking back at me from 2012 I find it so stupid how much I was seething over her shoops and sperging the fuck out over how it's circle lenses and not her real eyes and how she's editing her videos frame by frame and whatnot. After all is said and done, it was a big fat nothingburger. Yes, she photoshopped her photos but that's really an industry standard by this point and everyone does it, most of the other drama she was involved in was when she was a literal teenager being dragged around by her mentally ill older sister and I absolutely believe that her leaving the US to live in Japan on her own away from her bonkers family was the best decision she could've made in her life. Sometimes I scroll past her thread on /w/ and shake my head at all the anons still bringing up drama from like 2010 like it happened yesterday. It's time to let go.

>That said, my unpopular opinion about Dakota is that she deserves praise for learning Japanese.
Agree about this as well, there are so many expats in East Asian countries who refuse to learn the language even after years of living there and only know the very basics at most because they spend all their time in their expat bubble, but she actually learned a new, really difficult language as an adult which is an impressive feat.

No. 1907838

Was there ever any proof of her faking her leukemia than anons in her thread claiming so because she didn't look like a dilapidated cinematic cancer patient?

No. 1907983

I think it’s weird to obsess over cows who are much younger than you, it makes sense to be more interested in cows similar to your own age or older. I’m well into my 20s now and the thought of raging at some of the cows posted in /snow/ feels so off. There’s no shortage of teenagers pouring into this website, they can do the digging and seething over underage cows. I know that back in 2015 I was a seething retard over Pixielocks and now it’s only fun to follow her and other cows around my age like Xiran.

No. 1908170

I love this nonna

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