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No. 1166255

For discussion around breeders/kennels(backyard breeders, puppy mills, mlm breeders), exotic animals as pets, wild caught pets, dangerous breeds, husbandry, pet training etc.

General pet youtuber thread: >>>/snow/831551

No. 1166259

File: 1651776986347.png (581.72 KB, 788x625, ec0dcf10dbbffbd30a8b860d3a_69d…)

Some peak dogs from the other thread

No. 1166262

File: 1651777012219.jpg (142.35 KB, 527x774, SmartSelect_20211004-031850_In…)

No. 1166264

File: 1651777127489.jpg (115.36 KB, 526x663, SmartSelect_20210924-163108_In…)

No. 1166267

My day is ruined nonny, this is terrible. Poor animals.

No. 1166273

File: 1651777270382.jpg (138.9 KB, 814x639, 146d27e0ba9d632a94ee5f7c9_867b…)

And the freaking "bully-cat" my god

No. 1166274

Horrifying, wtf is wrong with people to breed these freaks

No. 1166275

What exactly is the goal of these dogs? Like is frog-looking an aesthetic goal? Or does it have some dog fighting purpose?

No. 1166278

File: 1651777493428.png (1.56 MB, 1211x958, toadline.PNG)


What's sick is this is some sort of like flex culture. People will spend thousands on these things, and they have this weird gangsta aesthetic to appeal to trash. What's even the point? I know thugs will get vicious pitbulls to seem tough but these things are so deformed they wouldn't be able to maul a child out of a paper bag.

No. 1166290

purely aesthetic, but they’re horrifying to look at so

No. 1166309

File: 1651778132628.jpg (27.82 KB, 1280x720, my_eyes.jpg)

oh my fucking god that is an abomination, this asshole would have to bred deformed cat after deformed cat for generations to produce to that monstrosity

No. 1166310

From what I understand (correct me if I'm wrong) this type of breeding stems from breeding fighting dogs and pit bulls in particular. The bully/toad look gained popularity there and is caused by these crazy overdeveloped muscle which makes your dog look meaner and possibly stronger? I don't know if it actually makes them stronger. I imagine the deformity causes at least a limited range of motion for the dog. But I digress, the look comes from that, and now they're breeding different dogs with the same deformity to appeal to wannabe gangsters who want to have a tough looking dog but can't handle a large and dangerous beast. It's all about the aesthetic of the dog looking mean without the challenges of the poor creature lashing out at them and potentially killing them, because they're POS who have no respect or empathy for animals and will undoubtedly mistreat them.

No. 1166315

Holy shit the OP pic makes me so fucking sad and angry

No. 1166320

File: 1651778411495.jpg (246 KB, 440x498, 100_6261_30.jpg)

why don't they get some german shepard mix then, my nan had one and he was very loyal but also would be aggressive if it seemed like she was in danger, ideally if you want to appear tough but want a dog that isn't aggressive towards you, wouldn't that be an ideal option rather then these deformed frog looking things

No. 1166322

They are literally downs syndrome dogs…

No. 1166327

Isn't it funny how people do what they can to avoid having children with birth defects yet they breed extremely fragile and retarded animals on purpose like they're toys

No. 1166334

File: 1651778767638.jpg (55.29 KB, 533x400, main-qimg-b240170bc458298a670b…)

I hate how some german shepherds look. I always see one in my town similar to picrel and it looks so uncomfortable when running.

No. 1166341

I think the thing you have to understand about the market for these dogs is that they aren't looking for companions or working dogs. It's all a flex. They will be fed the worst garbage kibble and be left outside most of the time with a pronged collar. They don't want a dog like a shepherd who is intelligent, active, and requires training. They don't even really want a dog to protect them. They want a dog they can ignore until it's time to show off how "mean" it looks to their friends and laugh at when it humps someone's leg or when they feed it beer.

No. 1166361

File: 1651779409052.jpg (76.3 KB, 640x480, MastiffPunjab.jpg)

that's rather interesting cause a concept like that wouldn't exist in my country, I'm from a Muslim nation where dogs are hated by almost everyone in the cities, however the country folk all have dogs who are mostly meant used for either hoarding or to scare away predators, the idea of a dog for just "aesthetics" just doesn't exist, event the concepts of "breeds" are rare, breety much every big snouted dog is called a bully and some rich farmers get german shepherds and that's about it
picrel is the average farm dog here

No. 1166454

The website design looks like they're selling drugs.

No. 1166964

Because they literally behave like a cartel

No. 1166965

why are dogs hated in pakistan? I saw your filename says punjab.

No. 1166971

In most Islamic countries, dogs are considered filthy, on the same level as pigs. Idk if that's a Qu'ran thing or what but I just know that's a major cultural thing there

No. 1166985

It’s a Qu’ran thing because back then people used dogs as garbage disposals just like how most people in other places used pigs as garbage disposals.

No. 1167082

File: 1651803566488.jpeg (117.48 KB, 1600x900, B221D6A3-108C-4A4A-A6DA-EAD932…)

No. 1167084


No. 1167111

I wonder what would happen if someone bought (if anyone actually even buys them) one of these animals and took them to a vet. I can't imagine being a vet and seeing something like this, fucking horrifying.

No. 1167112

File: 1651805937313.jpg (107.06 KB, 720x544, brick_dog_house.jpg)

what said >>1166971 here, the claim is just the bark of a dog scares away the angels from one home so Islamic societies tend to have a negative view regarding dogs, that said dogs are still a necessity for the people in rural regions, so the solution is just to love and care for their dogs like most western dog owners but never allow them in one's home and create these cool looking brick dog houses for them, my rural family relatives had like 4 or so of these dog houses made for their 4 dogs

No. 1167121

File: 1651806277995.png (21.72 KB, 920x97, 5.PNG)

Forgive my ignorance, but is this standard practice?
It sounds so wrong to say you can just return a living animal like it's an object. I get it may be better than an animal living in a home with an owner who doesn't want it, but I don't think these particular breeders care that much about the wellbeing of these dogs.

No. 1167163

Why are like 90% of bird and rabbit owners literal retards? I've had both birds and rabbits but everyone else I meet just somehow manages to take the shittest care of them even though they're comparably low maintenance. I've had my bird since I was 5 yrs old and I'm 23 now, never got sick, never made her fancy homemade bird food or got an xxxl cage yet somehow people manage to prematurely kill birds??? And ofc it's their own retardedness like "oh dog ate it" like if you have rodents or birds and you bring dogs or cats around it you're literally a retard, no amount of "ooo little Charley wouldn't do that" will erase the fact you're putting a predator around prey

No. 1167167

Thanks for the explaining, that just makes me want them mauled by an actual dog more. People who teach their dogs to be aggressive or use them as fighters deserve hell.

It's the comic sans font that gets me. Not sure whether they're cheap or trying to appeal to retards, but either way it's murder on my eyes

My mother let her cockatiel out the door when she left it open and was too lazy to chase after it. After spending $500 on that bird or more including cage and the bird itself you think she would've cared more. Instead she put a post up on Nextdoor. When I was a kid, we had birds and she'd do the same thing and force me and my sister to chase them. I don't get her

No. 1167170

>shittest care of them even though they're comparably low maintenance
I feel like that's probably the reason. People get them hearing "lower maintenance" and assume that means they can just treat them like a household decoration rather than still needing to provide basic care to a living creature.

No. 1167180

>7 day health guarantee
Even they know their little cripples are not actually meant to live longer than a week kek

No. 1167271

Those bullfrogs remind me of this thing from the simpsons. I could only find the full clip in Spanish but basically it says “please kill me” and “every moment I live is agony”

No. 1167279

File: 1651817565855.jpeg (16.18 KB, 286x176, F53FD761-4BB5-48C2-94E4-44B4FC…)

These are the overbred versions of German shepherds, approved my the kennel club. Bred to be deformed. Most don’t look like that, especially not working breeds and thankfully standards and opinions are changing because it cuts their life expectancy and gives them painful hip dysplasia.

No. 1167282

holy shit so this is why they're getting hip dysplasia like 100% of the time? i didn't realize they keep breeding them with fucked hips, i thought they were always fucked up. that's insane. they look horrible and that looks so painful. i just really hate breeders, anons. really, really hate them.

No. 1167284

Everyone involved in the creation of these things is going straight to hell the second they die.

No. 1167293

File: 1651818163885.jpeg (445.08 KB, 640x933, 5C2AC99B-E255-4D6C-95A1-468929…)

Yes. Literally. Dogs that come from working lines or ethical breeders don’t have this issue. They have normal straight backs because they’re supposed to be fit and healthy. Show breeds are bred for aesthetics and end up with shorter back legs. They are breeding all the strength and agility out of them. They would rather one of the parents be sick and deformed due to congenital diseases than one of the parents being “impure of breed” because all they care about is money and prestige. Being “impure” is a good thing because it means the dog has a wider gene pool and it’s dna isn’t being crippled by inbreeding and congenital diseases and deformities.

What’s even worse is what they do to Rhodesian ridgebacks. They deliberately breed spina biffida into those dogs and then if puppies are born without the stupid ridge, they are killed. Drowned or otherwise “humanely”’put to sleep.
It’s not just small dogs being overbred and turned into freaks. http://pedigreedogsexposed.blogspot.com/2011/09/ridge-too-far.html

No. 1167295

Wtf they’re trying to Frankenstein cats into looking like inbred sausages too? This is awful, I wonder if that poor cat has trouble jumping.

No. 1167326

File: 1651820454073.png (206.53 KB, 1019x674, 1651820101574.png)

I can't even comprehend why people do this, maybe its my personal opinion but I really think that working/farm dogs are the cutest looking dogs, plus I have seen how well they behave towards humans and have had relatives who can attest to stories of dogs protecting their farms from wild boards and burglars

No. 1167332

File: 1651820907041.jpg (45.13 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I can't stand looking at munchkin cats for this reason. They make me want to cry. They're cute but abominations and I feel bad for them. I doubt they can jump either. I always look at these breeds with stubby legs and get scared how they wouldn't survive a moment in the wild if they somehow got outside.

No. 1167333

I had no idea this was a thing, in my country german shepherds look normal but then again over here breeders are usually very ethical and concerned about health issues with their dogs due to the long tradition of working dogs and appreciation of natural features.

>They deliberately breed spina biffida into those dogs and then if puppies are born without the stupid ridge, they are killed. Drowned or otherwise “humanely”’put to sleep.
This is awful. How can anyone do something like this?

No. 1167337

Lmao this is the EXACT scene I thought of, in yesterdays dog/cat thread when someone said these dogs look like they don’t want to be alive

No. 1167341

>I had no idea this was a thing, in my country german shepherds look normal but then again over here breeders are usually very ethical and concerned about health issues with their dogs due to the long tradition of working dogs and appreciation of natural features.
I only see this shit in america and the UK, I don't know if this happens in other countries but I think most countries would usually have dogs bred for function rather then aesthetic
not only can they not jump but they can't climb trees and can't fight to defend themselves, it would be like breeding a race of short limbed dwarfs who are helpless in every way

No. 1167344

>I only see this shit in america and the UK
Explains why so many anons sperg the fuck out about breeders and conflate them with puppy mills on this site. Never made sense to me because every breeder I've met here has been extremely dedicated to the health of their animals except very few unethical cases that have actively been ostracized by the community for breeding sick animals.

No. 1167348

File: 1651822286463.jpg (87.35 KB, 750x728, jbqy9qt6ccz41.jpg)

Rottweilers are also suffering from pugification. I love this breed, I just don't understand how anyone can look at this powerful, beautiful, functional dog and be like "yeah, but you know what would make it better? Pug".

No. 1167383

This is so sad but i cant stop laughing…

No. 1167390

what the duck why? rottweilers are so beautiful and majestic why would you purposely make them ugly

No. 1167392

File: 1651823929431.jpg (647.04 KB, 1909x768, chow chow evolution.jpg)

reminds me of what happened to the chow chow, originally used by nomadic northern peoples in china as hunting and herding dogs, but in the modern day they get bred for their apparent cuteness rather then functionality, so now they have coats that are too big for them and actually block their vision and mess with their eyesight, constantly in risk of overheating again cause of their unnaturally developed thick coats and legs too small to support their massive bodies

No. 1167412

File: 1651824793336.png (308.32 KB, 850x281, The-phenotypic-spectrum-of-the…)

I keep telling people I don't agree with noticeably deformed "aesthetic" breeds such as pugs and bulldogs and they flip out on me because "they're cute, how could you say that!!!" sis they can't even fucking breathe properly, it's cruel.

I accept some level of weird looking breeding when it serves a purpose and/or doesn't harm the dog, like how dogs with extra skin helps them not get hurt if they're bitten when they're hunting. But taking it to the extreme still shouldn't be allowed. Picrel A-C showing a typical American shar pei, and D is how the original Chinese breed looks.

No. 1167420

I've never seen a german shepard looking like this in person (and it's a pretty common breed here), but I know people here insultingly call them "shrimp-dogs" because of the curved backs

No. 1167428

Pakianon why do you always flip the conversation to a cultural thing? Its so annoying. Like i get it discussing cultures can be interesting sometimes but theres a time and a place and you do it all the time

No. 1167433

File: 1651826356556.jpg (59.26 KB, 830x467, 1628123908534.jpg)

Nonna, can you shut up? I like hearing about Pakinon's culture. Don't be such a burger

No. 1167434

it's actually amazing the way pakianon turns every single topic back into a conversation about pakistan. that anon is right tho

No. 1167437

I’m literally brown and i know why she does this and its not a good mindset to be in. Trying to speak some sense into her life thats all

No. 1167438

KEK pakianon are you pulling a romanianon and white knighting yourself?

No. 1167442

For more pakiwhore lore go to lolcow caps and the other threads she derailed. She kept saying weird stuff, then blamed it another namefag, also said she wanted to fuck weird swedish nazis and that's why she keeps asking if she passes as white, which she definitely doesn't, lmao.

No. 1167443

File: 1651826887087.png (55.32 KB, 799x223, Earcrop-1.png)

I hate ear and tail docking in dogs. It literally has no purpose other than making the dog look "scary". It impairs hearing, balance and the ability to communicate with other dogs. The ears are often cut way too much and then tightly bandaged (though I've known people who just used tape) so that the ear can take a pointy shape. It's an illegal practice in a lot of countries but this doesn't stop backyard breeders from doing it themselves with some scissors or knives.

No. 1167444

File: 1651826910191.jpg (47.01 KB, 400x400, In4x0DQd_400x400.jpg)

sorry If it seemed like that, I didn't try to mention Pakistan but I was just talking about how dog breeding was done here compared to the horrific way it seems to have devolved into in the US/UK

No. 1167445

She has been doing it in the last few threads. She also comes out and outs herself when she gets mad enough, just like romani-chan. At this rate I'd rather have romanianon because she doesn't put on a nice facade and act fake nice like paki does just to turn around and screech. She acts fake-nice to Romanianon whenever she's around but keeps blaming every controversial post of her on onto romani when she's not around.

No. 1167446

Stop using cute cat pictures to try and divert. You're so annoying.

No. 1167447

romania pls

No. 1167448

they're always online at the SAME FUCKING TIME HOW

No. 1167449

Stop using third person to defend yourself, pakiwhore. You're a whore because you're simping for a literal white supremacist

No. 1167450

They’re both terminally online thats why

No. 1167451

kek, romanianon please

No. 1167453

The sound only one who does that is you like you literally just admitted lmao

No. 1167454

I think you should forgive her

No. 1167457

I'm not romanianon. I'm the user from old threads who pointed out paki's logical fallacies. She literally made posts blaming romani for stuff she admitted to posting.

She also made a weird thirstpost and when called out she said we can't ""cancel"" her, whatever that means.

She also attacked American women when they spoke about abortion laws and said it's not bad for them while mocking them. She's a misogynistic tradthot who's anti-abortion.

No. 1167458

romanianon is online literally 24/7, she's bound to collide with pakichan

No. 1167459

It really doesn't help that romania thinks everyone who calls her out for her seething is paki whiteknighting herseld like romanianon actually does.

No. 1167461

lmao right

No. 1167462

File: 1651827349777.jpg (15.58 KB, 320x220, 1639310970014.jpg)

the image I posted was a Gujjar dude and my question wasn't whether he was white or not rather that could he pass as a local in their countries, cause gujjars tend to have a somewhat ethnically ambiguous look
I am a pothwari Jatt and am aware of the fact that I am brown, I' am actually browner then most arabs even cause my mother is sindhi, I have no delusions that I could ever "pass" for white or even arab cause as sated I am aware that I am very dark brown
like do you at all even bother to read through my posts

No. 1167464

I'm literally not romanianon. You can check out old threads if you don't believe me, I have posts there and I'm just tired of a name-fag fucking every discussion to act like she has it worse.

Are you really defending some one who proudly admitted to supporting a nazi? Someone who mockery American women for being worried about abortion laws?

No. 1167465

i don't think anyone should simp for nazis but i don't think calling her a whore is going to get her to not like nazis, if she does. just a tip

No. 1167466

Then why did you make a post saying you wanted to be a live-in wife to a nazi man? Also that dude wasn't ambiguous even with the whitening filter, he looked like a basiv Afghan dude.

No. 1167467

I can see why you’d bring it up here so that was an overreaction but it’s concerning how much you talk about the ethnicities of pakistan a lot and bring up race a lot. I think you should reconnect with some of your childhood thinking patterns before people who hate themselves filled your head with these ideas. Just be normal, just focus on making money and living a decent life and love yourself despite your background

No. 1167473

So you're mad because she has more money than you and also gets attention? Pakistan seems like a worse shithole to live in than Romania.

No. 1167475

I'm not trying to stop her, I called her a whore because I was angry she was using her cutesy act again. I apologize but still, her hiding her misogynistic racist self like this and anons buying into it is annoying.

She admitted she wanted to be with a nazi. She mocked women for being upset about abortion laws. She keeps saying controversial weird stuff that reveal her racist misogynistic self but she never even owns up to it and still has her ~uwu~ so sad and oppressed personality even though she's going to live in US because of her wealthy family's connections, something most brown women can't even dream about.

No. 1167478

I'm not romanianon but I also live in a Muslim country. It's not a competition, she can have it worse but it doesn't mean she gets a free pass to mock American or western women who are genuinely worried about laws which are literally limiting women's freedom.

No. 1167480

yeah i don't disagree. just the "whore" namecalling isn't good in general. agree though, there is some manipulation there but i don't know what her actual character is. unfortunately, a lot of women fall into weird white supremacist shit and simping for them once they get on the chans and stuff, even if they're not white. i'm not surprised. it's not cool at all though and she should know better. she's smart enough to know better.

No. 1167481

he was a Gujjar not an afghan, there are some gujjars but only a small minority, gujjars are what we call gypsies here
I mean ethnicity and race is a daily reality in Pakistan, like we are on constant verge of civil war cause our nation was founded by a bunch of anglo cronies, plus despite being both my parents being Pakistani I am mixed race, my parents are from very different ethnic groups who speak different languages and have different cultures and valuers
hoe many times have I had to explain that I am quite literally fleeing for my life, only my cousin is helping with this and I am likely never going to be in contact with my paternal and large sections of my maternal family ever again

No. 1167485

I was fucking shitposting alright, I don't actually simp for Varg

No. 1167487

I understand, but you shouldn’t be obsessive about it. Its not normal. You do realize most people live their lives not really thinking about their race because thats something only mentally ill people and racists do

No. 1167492

what if your nation is on constant brink of ethnic civil war and there were 2 period of ethnic genocide less then 50 years ago, one state sponsored and the other being mostly death squads killing other and mostly civilians(this was in the 90's)
its wondering why people in apartheid south africa would be thinking about race daily.

No. 1167493

I'm brown myself and I hate it when brown men or women buy into white supremacy. It's retarded and sad. That's why I was so angry.
You weren't shitposting. You were very serious but you're backpedalling because you got scared now. Please either stop acting like you're the most oppressed person ever or actually change that racist misogynistic personality of yours for the better. You're saying your country is bad for women but you also get angry when western women stand up for theirs rights, you obviously have some issues.

No. 1167495

Nta but your obsession with race is obviously different than that and more aligned with American racism, which is probably because you picked it up online in 4chan or from a other western website.

No. 1167496

Pretty sure the abortion posts were Romania's judging by the unhinged way they were typed and by the fact that she said nice things like Americans deserved to get nuked on a weekly basis.

No. 1167497

what if your nation is on constant brink of ethnic civil war and there were 2 period of ethnic genocide less then 50 years ago, one state sponsored and the other being mostly death squads killing other and mostly civilians(this was in the 90's)
its wondering why people in apartheid south africa would be thinking about race daily, there was an ethnic motivated terror attack like a week ago, its very common for these ethnic attacks to happen every couple weeks or so

No. 1167499

No. Pakichan owned up to the posts in I think vent thread and said the people who were angry at her were delusional burgers while using the same weird cat picture method she did here.

No. 1167500

>calls random farmers, including paki in this case, whores constantly
>calls other misogynistic

No. 1167501

Please just shut the fuck up and fuck off with the vendetta. The post she made was perfectly on topic and it was hours ago. It isn't necessary to constantly derail threads because you have a raging hate boner.

No. 1167502

I only saw her saying the varg post was hers, not-romania

No. 1167503

man, those ones were really, really weird. it has to be romania for those unhinged angry ones, and the rest of the retarded ones denying that theocratic governments can be created elsewhere were her

No. 1167504

again read my posts there, I never once claimed that american women shouldn't fight for their rights over this, what I was actually offended by was the idea that this would lead to some nightmare christian theocracy like the handmaidens tale, also comparison to Iran and Afghanistan just prove that they were idiots

No. 1167505

KEK they are both so fake it’s hard to tell who’s who. I also tinfoil that Romania comes along and goes “I prefer Romania! Pretending to be someone else” could be wrong though.

No. 1167506

Aren’t you escaping? Isn’t your country oppressive towards women? Why should you care? You’re literally fleeing. As i was saying i think you should free your mind from this because its useless baggage acquired from a self hating society (most colonized countries and banana republics are self hating) you should see the bigger picture of your reality as a woman whos pakistani rather than fixate on these issues that quite frankly you can’t fix and have nothing to do with you. You’re not gonna fix your country, they think you’re a baby making machine whos worth half a man so its pointless i really want you to see what i’m seeing because i know when you fixate on things like ethnicity and race it can be really detrimental to your mental health

No. 1167507

Sorry paki, seems like you're romanianon's next victim of jealous obsession no matter what you say. She's probably going to spam gore next and try to blame it on you.

No. 1167508

i have said that about her, i'm not romanianon. have said it bc i like when she gets angry at rwers and white supremacists, kek. i like her anger sometimes but she's a bottle of absolute concentrated crazy and you literally never know what you're going to get with either of them, actually. it's so bizarre.

No. 1167510

I'm not pakianon and I'm not romanianon either, but I don't think I'm terminally online enough for this sleuthing shit kek. I don't really know much of the schizoposting that they do I just like seeing people talk about their cultures in an unfiltered way

No. 1167512

Yeah, that's also my thoughts.

No. 1167514

tbf i don't think her varg posts were shitposting but everyone is entitled to evolve and change their mind and come to realize they've been simping after a decrepit, literally defective murdering piece of shit that is not only hideous physically, but even more hideous in personality

No. 1167516

I have no issue with her, in fact I think if we sat down and talked we would find a lot of common ground
my country is misogynistic asf and the vast majority of women are treated like subhumans but the issues are way complicated then the way your presenting it, so many factions against each, religious groups, ethnic groups e.t.c the country is only kept together due to the many military dictatorships otherwise we'd be Yugoslavia times 100
also again it can take some time for me to escape, I'm still in the process of acquiring a work visa

No. 1167519

The thing is she didn't change. She literally said in the thread that they're hers but it doesn't mattered because we can't "cancel" her. She's acting sweet but in reality she's an edgy 4chan pickme.

No. 1167521

>was actually offended by was the idea that this would lead to some nightmare christian theocracy like the handmaidens tale,
But it can. It's a step in that direction.

No. 1167522

File: 1651829153538.jpg (26.71 KB, 620x620, Doge.jpg)

me coming here because I wanted to read about pet ethics

No. 1167523

>I have no issue with her
You literally tried to blame your anti-abortion and pro-commie posts on her but reatracted when you realized she's around, kek. Stop acting like you're some nice innocent girl, we all know how you act when your facade comes off.

No. 1167525

Not again

No. 1167526

no it won't you Idiot, name me one actual christian theocracy in the west in the last 100 years that wasn't just a handful of retards on a commune, you are not in any civilizational level danger
I never did that

No. 1167529

File: 1651829405987.jpg (25.89 KB, 480x763, 1651094276650.jpg)

>then simps for varg

No. 1167530

Romania please, you have been making commie posts for months now.

No. 1167532

File: 1651829489371.jpeg (90.46 KB, 800x450, FBA53952-5F90-4BB5-8A47-8F6399…)

No. 1167533

You did in the last vent thread and now you're denying it like you did to your verg thirst post. Why do you do this?

No. 1167535

She said communism could save muslim women or something as if it's not their men oppressing them, kek.

No. 1167543

i won't get into that rn, but i find it funny because varg literally has said 10000x that he killed euronymous because "he was a commie that deserved death" and that he wants to kill communists, and that he'd do it again. he's a tremendously disgusting piece of garbage. i guess the pro-commie posts were just a LARP to "relate" with romania when she was angry bc she knows romania is left wing

No. 1167550

I thought this thread was about pet breeding…..

No. 1167556

I was shitposting
it was until a bunch of vandetta burgers wanted to make baseless claims about me

No. 1167557

report and move on

Is it rude to tell pet owners you don't agree with the ethics of their pets breed? I told a friend who had pugs (because she asked) and she was definitely offended lol

No. 1167562

See? This is how you really think. Anyone who disagrees is a vendetta burger, when in reality you just came and screamed at women for daring to object to anti-abortion laws. You also weren't shit posting and we both know it. Now stop and go outside.
It's rude and they'll be offended because deep down they know they're guilty of supporting that industry.

No. 1167568

She was talking about communism in this post >>1162966
>Communism was the only hope for muslim women and americans and the british fucked it all up,

No. 1167570

move on

No. 1167580

>it was until a bunch of vandetta burgers wanted to make baseless claims about me
It has literally all been romanianon and her 1000 personalities + one or two actual farmers.

No. 1167593

I ageee, I hate seeing beautiful dogs mutilated. Its often done on muscular, powerful breeds too, and they have such beautiful strong tails. They look retarded with stubs, not intimidating imo.

Making the chow cuter was such a dangerous move. They aren't teddybears at all, they don't usually like children or cuddles. No wonder they are so high up on the dog aggression list.

No. 1167820

The pug face truly is a disease for both dogs and mentally unwell people. It was kinda cute the first time but now this is getting dangerously retarded.

No. 1167829

How is this in any way good development? They look like it hurts to be alive

No. 1167842

File: 1651842909572.jpg (18.21 KB, 350x231, downloadfile-2.jpg)

>Rhodesia ridgebacks have Spina bifida

Holy shitttt
>Yes, Rhodesian Ridgebacks have ridges. In fact, ridges are this breed's most known feature. The ridge consists of a line of hair running on their backs in the opposite direction from the rest of the coat. Discover why these dogs were blessed with such feature.
This is not blessed this is fucking torture

No. 1167844

>I was shitposting
This is not the shit post thread

No. 1167851

I agree. Also wtf happened in this thread.

No. 1167856

She was literally on topic and someone did ask about Pakistan and dogs.

No. 1167859

File: 1651843625765.jpg (519.16 KB, 1280x960, 1280px-Harzer_Fuchs.JPG)

Here is an Altdeutsche Hütehunde, the original dogs that german shepherds have been bred from.

No. 1167864

>I'm brown myself and I hate it when brown men or women buy into white supremacy. It's retarded and sad. That's why I was so angry.
This sounds like a poltard cope

No. 1167867

Stop using the word whore if you hate mysogyny so much.

No. 1167887

How cute! The coat look lovely

No. 1167925

interesting to see the origins of the breed, thank you for your knowledge nona. such beautiful eyes!

No. 1168018

What a pretty dog!

No. 1168041

>The dorsal ridge of inverted hair found on the Rhodesian's back is such an important feature in this breed that a ridge-less specimen is considered a serious fault and means for disqualification in the show ring.
Why don’t these people have ethics? It’s like horse racing. I really feel like this culture of exploiting animals and treating them like objects doesn’t have a place in modern society but I guess it continues with the likes of frog-dog where it’s the same shadbelly British high society nonsense but make it American gangster.

No. 1168429

His stomach touching the ground while he’s standing

No. 1168549

petition to breed their color to match a german shepherd and have those be the new german shepards without the health problems

No. 1168915

Nona didn't you learn anything from this thread? It starts with color and ends with severe malformations in the name of aesthetics.

No. 1169885

File: 1651900190879.jpg (51.24 KB, 504x451, 1910chow.jpg)

I don't know if this is an unpopular opinion, but the original chow chow looks so much cuter then the weird fleshy teddy beard current chows chows have devolved into

No. 1169887

horse racing has no ethics either. there's just no ethics in the inherent exploitation of animals.

No. 1169888

My god its so cute…way better than the squished face one

No. 1169904

So I was looking up pug health issues and I found this medium article by someone who knows how fucked up pugs are and yet still defends owning one

>On the Ethics of Loving a Dog That “Shouldn’t Exist”

>Does owning a pug make me a bad person?

>I don’t know how to say goodbye to my dog.

>I don’t know when the “right time” is or how other families decide that they’re ready to let go of their furry best friends.
>With Emmitt, things were simple. He was a miraculously healthy pug who had lived his younger, scrappier years as a stray before choosing my dad as his human. We never needed to take him to the vet for anything more than a routine checkup. Then, when his time came, he went quietly into the night.
>Things are more complicated with Bianca.
>On Easter Sunday, we had to rush her to the emergency veterinary clinic because something had gone wrong with her right eye. My mom had accidentally scratched it when trying to wipe away some of her eye gunk. The vet informed us that Bianca had dry eye, a chronic condition that would require that we regularly lubricate her eyes with artificial tears. A week later, at the follow-up appointment, we would discover that her right eye would need to be removed entirely.
>The surgery would involve a significant amount of risk. When a fifteen-year-old dog goes under general anesthesia, there’s a chance that she may not wake up again. But we loved her so much that we were willing to take the risk.
>I’m happy to report that she’s now fully recovered from her eye surgery and living a good life for a pug her age. She’s just as cute with one eye, and we don’t regret the choice we made. But seeing the difference in the general health of Emmit and Bianca at the same age range has forced me to reconsider the ethics of pug ownership—something that I’ve avoided for all my life.

>“Pugs are just walking vet bills.”

>“Oh, I could never own a pug. I’d feel too sorry for it!”
>“Pugs shouldn’t be allowed to breed. It’s unethical.”

>Until recently, comments like these didn’t bother me all too much — the condescending tone made them easy to dismiss. But coming face to face with the health issues caused by vanity breeding in my dog had made me seriously consider their stance.

>Pugs tend to be a bit of a punching bag when it comes to arguments against selective breeding.
>Pugs originate in China and have been kept as companion animals since ancient times. They made their way to Europe around the 16th century and can be seen in paintings sitting upon the laps of royalty.
>The pugs in these paintings are typically around the same size as contemporary pugs but have a more pronounced snout. They appear a bit leaner and more terrier-like than pugs today.
>Over time, humans have bred pugs to have flatter faces and wider “globular” eyes. Institutions like the American Kennel Club encourage this type of breeding by specifically mandating these traits in the “standards” for the breed.
>There are many good arguments against the continued breeding and selling of purebred dogs.
>Inbreeding is a necessary component of maintaining a “pure” bloodline, resulting in major health risks for these animals. According to the BBC, pugs in the UK are so inbred that the genetic diversity among the 10,000 pugs in the country is only equivalent to that of 50 individuals.
>It is utterly mind-boggling to think that every dog is a direct descendant of the gray wolf. Our interest in breeding dogs has created breeds like the Brussels griffon, which looks so unlike, say, a German shepherd that aliens would think they’re a different species entirely.

>It’s easy to point to pugs and call them gross man-made monstrosities for how they look. But the truth of the matter is that all dog breeds are a product of human intervention.

>People have a lot of harsh opinions about pugs and whether or not they should exist. My least favorite take on the pug issue is anything calling for something akin to a doggie eugenics program. The breeding of pugs in their current state is cruel, but surely they deserve some chance at recovering their past features?
>Certain breeders are now crossing pugs with Jack Russells to create what they call a “retro pug.” These mixed-breed doggies look a bit more like their ancestors seen in old-timey paintings.
>Being half-Jack Russell means that these retro pugs have proper snouts, smaller eyes, and leaner bodies while still looking like their pug parent. Thoughtful cross-breeding can allow greater genetic diversity in pugs and thus reduce risks of eye, skin, and respiratory issues.
>However, if there comes to be a “standard” for mixed-breed dogs, they have the potential to become just as inbred and unhealthy as any other pedigreed breed.
>Perhaps the kindest thing we can do for dogs is to push down our aesthetic preferences and eliminate the concept of breeds altogether. All dogs should be mutts. But that isn’t very likely to happen.

>The way my dog looks has a significant impact on our relationship.

>Her smushed face means that traveling with her, especially on planes, is a near impossibility. Maintaining her health was always a bit of a struggle because pugs are naturally prone to weight gain. She loved going on walks, but we had to be mindful of the time of day to avoid heat exhaustion in the relentless Texas sun.
>Being a pug owner comes with a laundry list of responsibilities. Giving your pug a long healthy life is takes time, labor, and money.
>I want to believe that I’m an ethical pug owner.
>We’ve spayed and neutered our dogs, take them to their regular checkups, and prioritize their health. On top of that, we’ve only ever adopted our pugs. But even with all of our efforts, Bianca is left with only one eye, and her pug myelopathy makes simple tasks like going to the restroom difficult for her.
>I can’t make any bold claims that I’ll never own a pug again. But when it comes time to adopt another dog, I’ll need to have a good, long think about the potential health risks pugs face and weigh other options.

No. 1169916

File: 1651902519504.jpg (117.72 KB, 1000x500, ezgif-2-feeb440228.jpg)

I skimmed through the text, too long, but what is she supposed to do with her current dogs exactly, put them down? At least she's adopting them too.
Picrel is the retro pug, looks so much better than the poor things most people own.

No. 1169933

File: 1651902968550.png (333.11 KB, 540x324, tumblr_eb6cebcaff966835626bfc4…)

Samefag, my pic showed a slightly chubby/wide chested retro pug, here's a fit retro next to the pug.

No. 1170029

they look markedly more healthy but even slight brachycephaly in dogs doesn't seem healthy

No. 1170094

File: 1651911093993.jpg (90.71 KB, 1030x620, flat-faced-dogs.jpg)

i agree with you, but realistically people will never stop breeding and buying these dogs. best bet is to have laws and standards so it never comes to the extent which it has with the pug.

No. 1170358

I think pugs are so fucking cute and used to wish I would grow up to have one as a kid, but it's so sad and creepy that they have to live fucked up painful lives for human enjoyment. I will never be the lady with a pug from my own childhood imagination because it is just too sick.

No. 1170458

File: 1651928725314.jpg (287.94 KB, 1500x1000, sergey-semin-6TiFuD_1q4o-unspl…)

I wonder if Persian cats and similar have as much issues as pugs? Their muzzles are also very squished.

No. 1170617

File: 1651938757318.jpg (94.82 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

they do, yeah. We had a persian from a friend who couldn't take care of it anymore (their kid developed cat allergy) and it died of weak heart, they often have heart or muscle issues. It lived to 8 years but it wasn't nowhere near of a healthy life as our mutt european cats, who outlived him and are still going healthy and playful at 12. The worst case we dealth with was a siamese though, her poor intestine fell off every time she tried to poop and she needed breathing treatments, she couldn't play because her crossed eyes ruined her focus (they were like pic rel) and she barely made it to 7 years, siamese are made by a long line of incest.

No. 1170917

Same. My aunt always owned pugs and persian cats and I thought they were cute. Now I'm just seeing how fucked up the reality is. The fact they're paying top dollar for animal suffering too

No. 1171045

Those cats are funny

No. 1171629

Pugs are extremely cute and people who say they look like gross abominations are cringe in the same way as people who say McDonald's tastes bad. Something can be unhealthy but still tasty, or in the pugs case, still cute. I own a pug just by chance, I didn't seek one out particularly, and I chose the one in the litter who had a less squished face. She has zero trouble breathing, no eye popping out problems etc. She's actually super athletic and healthy
All that being said… Pugs are adorable dogs and I don't agree with people who say they should just be eliminated from the gene pool, I think instead we should breed pugs ethically by only matching dogs which both have healthier features like longer snouts and normal eyes, to avoid creating pancake faces.
Also dogs like shih tzus, pekingese and some others I'm probably forgetting have squished snouts but don't get as much hate as poor pugs, which doesn't seem fair

No. 1171636

My girl looks pretty much exactly like the one on the left because I don't feed her to obesity lmao and she has long legs and the same facial structure as that dog (which may still not be ideal tbh, but is better than the dog on the right). So maybe I'm biased because I got lucky with a really healthy pug but it sucks seeing people hate them when she's the most precious angel to me and helped heal my heart after my previous dog (who was a mutt and should have been healthier) died young due to health problems. I see pugs living til they're crazy old and grey and blind all the time so the health issues thing seems sort of random

No. 1171640

I'll stop samefag/dogfagging after this but I totally agree, completely pointless, I wasn't even willing to tape my pugs ears as a puppy to have them grow into the "proper shape" just seems retarded

No. 1171648

>On the Ethics of Loving a Dog That “Shouldn’t Exist”
Too long didn't read but my legit stance on this is we should just let some breeds die off naturally (not mass murder them of course) because they were sadly manmade and bred for a single purpose and it's our fault, not the breed's fault, it's unnatural and it shouldn't had existed anyways. That said, the process should be slow with lots of love for the animal. I'm basically thinking about the bulls used for Spanish bull fighting or whatever it's called. They were bred only for that purpose and if the """""sport""""" dies, so do they. But if the "sport" dies, no more animals will be killed for the entertainment of an audience. Do you get me? Things aren't so black and white. It's complicated I think

No. 1171657

I hope all involved in dog breeding that caused this noble animal to miscegenate to disgrace and unhealth will meet the same fate as racemixers: an eternity in hell.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1171661

File: 1652011327507.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 108.06 KB, 933x948, 1648753995011.jpeg)

No. 1171695

File: 1652015357980.jpg (20.37 KB, 390x280, cute-pug-dog-breed-lying-260nw…)

What's cute about this? This is the third result on google images if I am typing in "pug", so I am not cherrypicking here. (Btw the 8th result for me is a legit retarded specimen with bent feet!)
To me this is the face of suffering. The pug itself looks like it is cringing at its own sad existence. I can barely look at it because it looks like it is grimacing in pain. They absolutely are abominations and they shouldn't exist in the same way that people with severe disabilities shouldn't exist in a perfect world but they do, so we deal with it and try to prevent birthing any more by doing in-utero screenings. The dogs that are there should be able to live the rest of their lives as well as they can given their physical circumstances but we should absolutely strive to not bring any more into the world. They should be banned. While trying to breed them into versions with longer snouts etc there would still be generations of pugs with the same bad features as it takes time and many attempts to change the genetics. Do you like the feeling of not being able to breath when your nose is stuffed? No? Why would you punish a dog to living it's whole life that way then? Vets say their gums are blue until you plug them onto the breathing machine while doing surgery, only then they have enough oxygen to turn a normal pink color. The dogs do not want to get off the oxygen. What more proof do you need that they are aware of their suffering?
I wish people like you had some kind of accidents that made you brachycephalic for wanting to breed more of these poor creatures.

No. 1171991

>we should breed pugs ethically by only matching dogs which both have healthier features like longer snouts and normal eyes, to avoid creating pancake faces

Ok? No one in this thread is saying otherwise

No. 1179418

Bump Scrote spam

No. 1179419

File: 1652432420213.jpeg (327.45 KB, 672x632, 326301AF-C660-478B-8EBB-5BC575…)

No. 1179436

Pugs are ugly as hell and mcdonald's tastes like puke, you can't change my mind.

No. 1179441

You have tasty puke

No. 1181930

File: 1652617797445.png (998.34 KB, 800x1430, download.png)

No. 1181946

File: 1652619204194.jpg (24.01 KB, 480x360, 28d6cfa28d44fc8189574ee752d8fc…)

This made me think about the other extreme, lc's favorite pup, the borzoi. Apparently dolichocephalic dogs come with their own sets of issues relation to their long snouts.
They're 2,5 times more likely to develop nasal tumors. Other than that, they can have other issues like the oronasal fistula (a hole at the roof of the mouth) and aspergillosis(fungus), but all dogs can develop those problems, but because they have more area there, it should be monitored more carefully in those types of breeds. Generally this extreme is much healthier, since the snout doesnt cause any direct problems to the quality of life for the dog.

No. 1185542

> I think most countries would usually have dogs bred for function rather then aesthetic
nah, people keep dogs as pets literally everywhere, it's just that that doesn't necessarily mean aesthetics at the expense of health. in my country rich people nowadays mostly keep both ethically bred dogs and total pedrigreeless adopted mutts, because our activists did a decent job shaming and persecuting puppy mills that it's considered totally low status to get unethically bred dogs, and very high status to not care about aesthetics and adopt a mutt.

one of the few instances where ~virtue signaling~ is 100% a force for good

No. 1185726

no one hates the dogs, anon. we hate the breeders and the people who keep the breeders in business

No. 1186534

Eugenetics before Nazis turned it into a mass murder program was about sterilization and while of course is terrible to do in humans I don't see why not allowing shitty breed to continue to exist is wrong. Pugs can't even give birth naturally.

No. 1186540

Sometimes I can tell someone is just bringing up the pug issues to try getting under my skin because they learn I own a pug. Shittalking my dog and insisting that he is "constantly in pain". It's such ridiculous hyperbole it just makes me laugh.

No. 1186554

File: 1652886391479.jpeg (170.62 KB, 750x926, 13750CB0-2295-45C1-B79A-E0D4A9…)

Aw man I used to love browsing old tumblr blogs with terrible horse confirmation, this pic isn’t as bad as it gets but is a good entry level into the pure hell that is commercially acceptable backyard American horse breeding

No. 1186564

fugly horse of the day was so good, and then she got her own fugly horse and kept it a stallion. what a dumb bitch.

No. 1186566

>my pug seems okay so pugs are okay
what do you pug anons think about
>my pit bull is okay so pit bulls are okay

No. 1186570

Dog equivalent of "Not my Nigel!"

No. 1186574

not a puganon or a pitanon but one is known for having genetic problems which causes harm onto itself while another has a predisposition for causing harm onto others, so not exactly comparable.

No. 1186581

No. 1186582

do you think that pit bull's genetics are not responsible for their aggression? are they all raised poorly? the poor things.
i rescued a pit and i am under no delusions that, although he is sweet with me, he has and will kill other animals (birds,) therefore it's my responsibility to make sure nothing ever happens. to think that your pug is healthy because you just feel it in your heart is retarded and unfair to the dog.

No. 1186586

i'm sure you can find more somewhere but here was her blog about him: https://verylargecolt.wordpress.com/
basically she got a big buckskin qh colt who she thought was something special, but she couldn't really train or ride, and he wasn't. no reason for him to keep his balls but oh she wanted him to have them.

No. 1186590

Oh man he is very mediocre in confirmation like he looks functional but not breeding quality at all. Europeans tend to let horses keep their balls wonder if she had that influence ugh

No. 1186591

she would've bred him before his ~soundness issues~. if you recall she was a proponent of having all stallions gelded unless they were really something. i wish i remembered the colt's registered name.

No. 1186594

I own a pug and he has seen multiple different vets over the course of his life and he has a clean bill of health. He was just there a month ago for his check up. It's pretty funny to try to assume you know better than my dog's vet. If he were constantly in pain I'd know, if he's even a bit nauseous he's a huge drama queen you can see it when his lip curls and other body language. I was saying it's asinine when people glibly comment on my poor, suffering dog when he's not either of those things. Also, don't compare pits to my adorable intelligent dog ever again

No. 1186596

I think my favorite breed to hate on is Friesians, the only people I’ve met who are obsessed with them are either adults who never got out of their fairy goth phase or real barn cunts who think their high stepping movement is just gods gift to the horse world while ignoring the fact their horse is built like a limo. Terrible genetics all of them.

No. 1186598

idk, i wrote 'predisposition' and not 'genetic' for a reason. not sure if it's just another myth but i heard that after dogs are bred for fights for generations, it takes a few generations of them not being bred for it, to 'clean' the aggression out of them. sounds a bit hokey pokey tbh.
regarding your dog killing a bird, dogs killing/hunting small pray isn't unheard of in non-aggressive breeds. adult male dogs are known for being aggressive towards other adult male dogs. same is with females, however it a less degree and mostly only during heat. many dogs are known to be scared/wary and aggressive towards adult men (based). problem arises when owners are negligent. always use a leash outside, don't take your dog to the park/remove yourself from a situation using judgement, simple as. so many accidents/fights can be avoided if only owners acted responsibly. i had my dog attacked by a husky in a park, because the husky's owner was shit, not cause the husky had genetic problems.

No. 1186603

just because he has a clean bill of health it doesn't mean he's healthy. if i have cerebral palsy but i'm in good health, does that mean i should procreate and pass it on to my children?
obviously the things we bred into dogs take a long time to breed out. the same can be said and seen with horses that have "cow sense." it is possible, but we bred these dogs to act this way. "terrier tenacity" was something that used to be shown off in the show ring. we made herding dogs herd. we made all dogs the way they are.

No. 1186606

i felt the same way about "gypsy vanners" and "drum horses" when they were all over the place like a decade ago. $50,000 for a fat pony with a lot of hair. go adopt a pony with cushings you idiots.

No. 1186608

Nobody is talking about reproduction except you, I think it's retarded to breed your dog period unless you have paperwork for it going back generations. He's fixed, on no medication except flea meds and heart guard, and has no health problems or difficulties. That's about as healthy as a dog can get especially at 9

No. 1186614

do you think your dog just magically appeared and wasn't bred?

No. 1186628

first time i hear about horses with 'cow sense' interesting!
well yeah i know that much is true, but again, not sure about breeding those things out of the dogs, or how long would such a feat really take. take any working breed type dog that has been only used as a pet for generations, would all the characteriscs that made that breed what it is only boil down to aesthetics, or will that not happen considering pets are usually sterilized/spayed, and the 'true and proper' specimens of those breeds continue the blood line, so you always have next generations which excel in what they're bred to do. that obviously doesn't count for fighting type dogs, as those don't have paperwork and can't be monitored in such a way. responsible owners of such dogs only adopt them, not buy, and sterilize them of course. does that mean that the aggressive type dogs will always stay that way?

No. 1186637

it could absolutely be bred out just as it was bred in. you get aggression by breeding the most aggressive dogs; you remove it by breeding the least aggressive dogs. it would take many generations. i don't think that all aggressive dogs stay aggressive, nor do i think all aggressive dogs are aggressive due to genetics. but, like with pugs, there are things that have been bred into certain breeds that are detrimental to the breed. breed standards have been thrown to the wayside now, so i don't foresee things changing for the better on a massive scale. but again, there are good breeders, like old-type pug breeders, who don't breed squashfaced monsters. there are just too many people, and people suck, so we will keep ruining animals.
the quality of this video is shit, but it is a great example of cow sense in a horse, so neat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cReoBXA-Jm4

No. 1186641

samefagging, here's a better quality video

No. 1186659

that was really awesome! i assume the horse is able to pick up on physical ques that the dummy shows that it's going to turn around. that in combination with really fast reflexes. what a good horse!

No. 1186708

This. I don't understand how to some people it makes perfect sense that a retriever would like water and have a soft "carry" bite because of breeding but then if you speak about pitts having a strong killing instinct because they were bred as fighting dogs, it makes no sense to them?? There are even a couple of dog breeds who have a very particular way of herding, things like those are because of breeding and therefore genetic.

No. 1186738

YES the gypsy horse and friesian people have a huge crossover most people who own one will own the other and eventually they always get a wild hair up their asses to make a fluffy hybrid abomination. The Irish horse breeders were really onto something when they started exporting their ugliest stock to dumbass Americans

No. 1186745

Bullfighting is cruel and I don’t care for it but the Portuguese bullfighting horses are of an absolute insane caliber. The horse in the video has been gored before and I believe did some more bullfighting after recovery and then retired. Basically horses with bloodlines chosen for work not looks always end up the best. There’s other videos of even Arabian horses in a pen with a bill and chasing it as well

No. 1186750

speaking from my experience, it's because when it's your OWN pit they're lovely. they are incredibly cuddly, goofy dogs. but they are strong dogs with aggressive tendencies and need to be trained and handled appropriately. there are probably just as many if not more poorly trained retrievers, but they are just made to do different things so their behavior is different.
tl;dr, everyone should have mutts and be forced to take a test to own them/take them to training or they can't have a dog. same with babies. amen.
bullfighting is cruel, but "cow sense" is used for horses that are used to herd or cut cattle. basically, they are the ideal of a horse a cattle rancher would use to help keep a cow away from the herd so it could be worked with.
bullfighting is disgusting and should be outlawed everywhere. bullfighting horses are amazing.

No. 1186763

That cow sense came from these traditions, vaqueros prefer QH Spanish hybrids for a reason. SOME horses with “cow sense” are also just going through the motions of what they’ve been repeatedly trained to do and will just act like a mindless drone very similarly to horses that dump their owners and complete a barrel race pattern on their own but that doesn’t mean they were born to specifically see a barrel and know they gotta run around it

No. 1186775

i agree with you completely. it's like herding dogs: some have the instinct bred in, some have to be trained to get into it, and some are the oddball out. i would say cow sense is much much more tenuous in horses than herding is in dogs, though.
on your second point, is there anything sadder (i know there is) than a trail horse who has a strap connecting the bit to the pommel and some asshole slapping around all over their back, yanking on their mouth, while they do the same thing every. single. day? i feel so bad for them.
also, pivot, carriage horses. i volunteered for a rescue that focused on carriage horses and before i went there i didn't realize how terrible carriage horses lives are. if they exist around you, i implore all anons to reach out to their legislature about it.

No. 1186792

File: 1652895847812.jpg (39.46 KB, 809x540, Czechoslovakian-Wolfdog-1-809x…)

What do you anons think of wolfdogs? I am biased because my family adopted one unknowingly (previous owner we adopted him from didn't disclose and he's low content so he didn't immediately look like a wolf to us). He's the sweetest boy, he's very headstrong because he's smart but he loves being pet and is very affectionate. He has a strong prey drive but so does my malamute and he's very respectful of other dogs. I don't think they're for everyone because they're very stubborn and need so much exercise and space to play but mine is a very good boy.

No. 1186796

shouldn't exist. dogs and wolves behave in completely opposite ways. high percentage ones are almost always very unhappy because they have a lot of internal conflict and inappropriate care, which leads to increased shyness and aggression. a lot of people also lie about having a wolf dog or get them because it's a cool flex. if the average person shouldn't own a pit bull, almost no one should own a wolf dog. there is no justifiable reason to produce the cross.
that being said, i'm glad you have a good boy. it sounds like you do a great job caring for him.

No. 1186797

this makes me wanna cry, cats are elegant and agile creatures by definition, what's with people's obessions with making short and buff inbreds, they all look like shit, poor souls

No. 1186815

If wolf behavior was conducive to human lifestyles they wouldn’t have been bred into dogs in the first place.

No. 1186877

It does take a long time to breed out traits, but not impossibly long. You only need about 2 years until you can breed a new generation, so in 10 years you can already be 5 generations in.

Altough what is percieved as aggressiveness isn't always true aggression in the dog, any dog can be provoked to be aggressive, or "accidentally" raised to be aggressive through abuse. A good owner can keep an aggressive dog* calm at all times, and if the owner can't do that they're in over their head and shouldn't have that breed of dog. But to be honest the only really aggressive dogs I see in person are small lapdog breeds of owners who don't give a fuck about thier dogs wellbeing other than it being a smol cute pet lol

*Any kind of wolf mix negates this. Wolves are wild animals who don't act or think like dogs, they have entirely different instincts, ways to communicate and behave. Even lower % mixes are too much wolf to be a pet without suffering, and they're too much dog to live with actual wolves without suffering. They're sadly abominations who shouldn't exist. The only "good" thing is that people lie about how much % wolf the dogs are to gullible buyers who then breed it and unknowingly keep the lie alive, so people think thier 20% wolf dog is a half dog/wolf breed.

No. 1186985

I like them, my friend had a few for sled dogs and they were great, but normies really shouldnt own ones unless they're prepared for a lot of care and stimulation. Really sick and tired of seeing smoothbrains live in tiny apartments with big dogs that they don't have the means to take care of. Srs is it that bad to have a small, low maintenance dog if you want a dog so bad?

No. 1186997

>>1186792 i guess you live in a rural setting with forests and a cold climate and you get your wolfdog there or close enough. In that case, is safe to asume that dogs and wolves have been breeding with each other for a long time, since they're compatible and is very possible than the line between wolf, dog and wolfdog blurred a long time ago in your local wolf population, making your wolfdog more apt to live with people. Still a risky bet, the average person has no business owing a wolfdog, especially those "50% pure wolf, 50% dog" atrocities.One thing are as wolfdog as a result of accidental breeding/the coexistence between human settlements and wolf packs, and another thing is to go and provoke it on purpose. I'm glad that your boy have a good life with you,it sounds like you love and respect him a lot.

No. 1187012

Horse anon here, nothing wrong with the wolf dogs I’ve met but it’s really not necessary to breed them as I know people breed them pretty much for looks only. And having the wolf tag can put your dog in danger of being seized or stolen in some places as well. There’s currently a Zorse trend in the horse world purely because people like stripes and people wanna play magical horse girl by trying to train them and failing miserably and then they have a thousand pound animal that can’t be trained or touched to get proper vet or hoof care in the long run the animals quality of life is affected. Wild hybrids in my opinion are ego breedings because wild animals have prettier or better colors or whatever ( goes for cats too)

No. 1187018

Wolfdogs are cute but for the love of god they're going to be worse than pitbuls because they're literally half wild animal.

No. 1187026

File: 1652906037249.jpg (2.51 MB, 4032x3024, 20220124_103826.jpg)

His previous owners did a pretty good job socializing him, he loves both people and other dogs. The only thing that sucks is that his previous owner brought him on custom home jobsites and so he has zero fear or cars or trucks and we always have to tell him to stay off the road. Scariest thing he's ever done is bark at horses wanting to play with them or snarl at my malamute for getting in his face. She's not scared of him though, she barks and softly growls at him all the time and gets in his face to play and he's never hurt her, at most he gets annoyed and gets up and goes somewhere else.
It's funny you say that because we adopted our boy because his owner lost his custom home job and was moving into an apartment and realized there was no way he was going to be able to keep him there. He was kept in a dog cage for several hours there and ended up being able to bend and break even the strongest dog cages. We never keep him in a cage now but I highly doubt he'd ever willingly go back in one.
We only found out he was a wolfdog because we got our malamute/husky cross to be a playmate for him since he did occasionally get bored. We were told he was a husky but he is significantly bigger than a purebred husky (about 110 pounds) and has much bigger paws and ears. When his previous owner came to visit we flat out asked whether he was crossbred with something else out of curiosity and the guy admitted he got him from a wolfdog breeder on the west coast.
We live in a rural cold climate, yeah, we have a fenced in two acres and a horse field beside our house that our neighbours let us bring our dogs into for off leash walks since the horses are all used to dogs. He's definitely not a 50/50 cross, he's at most a quarter wolf and even that's not likely.
Luckily it's legal to have wolfdogs here, but we still never brag about it. We just tell people he's a husky because that's what he mostly is. Zorses seem so unfortunate, people already neglect the hell out of normal horses and it's horrible to see.

Minor dox risk I guess but here's my boy.

No. 1187048

Not a horsefag but literally what/why. I guess anon isn't from a place where zebras natrually live so you're telling me that retards are trafficking wild zebras to breed with horses now, god i want to die.

No. 1187109

wouldn't they just be trafficking the sperm? you don't need the whole zebra

No. 1187127

>>1187109 you still need a zebra in captivity to get their sperm. I don't think that scientists and legit animal rehabilitation centers are selling zebra sperm to the public to create wild hybrids, and zorses are all sterile so you always will need wild zebras to breed them.

No. 1187143

Shouldn't purposefully be bred and the ones who exist should only be handled by people who knows what they are doing

No. 1187166

That horse has so many conformation issues it is not even funny. Should never be bred. From a few pictures that I saw, I spotted:

>fine boned

>front legs camped under
>short, steep hips and shoulders
>downhill back that looks a bit too short
>super short neck
>tiny, short face
>mjeh movement, strange knee action

He also seems to have some splay footing it seems? I can't tell from the photos I did see.

American horses are the worst inbred disgusting things to ever exist. The worst and ugliest horses of Europe get exported there and the sellers laugh as they sell a 15k euro horse with splinters and soundness issues down the line for 45k USD. Americans should not be allowed to be in charge of breeding anything. In Europe you have to get your horse approved for breeding and for it to be in a breed book of some sort for anyone to have any interest in it, let alone to get someone to borrow their stallion for it. Meanwhile, in USA the hillbillies are proud their amazing and perfect homebred troglodyte morgan-mustang-quarter horse- shetland pony hybrid has a parrot AND roman nose, pidgeon toes, swayback, and two gaits. They also deem this horse should stay a stallion and be bred, because their owner is so proud of it not dying in the process of being in their care. They also deem this horse to be sound and have good temper, because its rearing and temper issues are endearing to the hillbilly who calls their frankenhorse 'SASSY LIKE ME, THEY DO BE SAYING Y'ALL THAT A PET IS LIKE ITS OWNER HAHAH!'

No. 1187225

You can own many different types of wild animals in the US depending on the state I just looked up zebra horse stud and it’s very easy to find:

How do your own farts smell?

No. 1187309

Spotted the hillbilly backyard breeder.

Fact is that USA has a lot of fucked up breeding tactics and breeders. The big lick is not real and is the result of actual torture. USA horse racing industry is based around torture, two hall of famer coaches got animal abuse charges just this year. One got caught on video whipping a horse on the ground. One of the big races winner got caught amped up on drugs attacking a ground horse and it's rider. Let's not even go into the breeder scandals that have surfaced in 2021-2022 in the USA when it comes to horses.

No. 1187408

Yep. My sister has a pitbull/lab mix she rescued from meth addicts who use to beat the dog. Unfortunately the dog stays in the cage 12-18 hours a day for 5 days a week along with her mom's shih tzus. Nobody who lives in the house bothers contributing to the care of each other's animals which is a huge problem I've seen for families that own big dogs "oh that's x's dog I'm not taking care of it!". Don't get dogs if you know for a fact you're going to be the only one taking care of it, and secondly don't get dogs if you work most of the time and know your parents or whoever you live with won't give a shit

So glad I still have a senior small dog with no health issues in my early 20s, she's practically a cat and naps all day and I take her on walks in the morning and night. I've had ex boyfriends try to blast me for owning small dogs but like, you have nothing and if you tried to get a big dog you'd have no time or money for it. People need to stay in their lane when it comes to pets

No. 1187428

I live on a farm and our neighbour has a wolfdog. The dog is kept in a small enclosure and tries to go on walks with us or escapes and runs around our property. Dude doesn’t give a shit about his dog and let’s them sit in the enclosure all day.

No. 1188334

Looks exactly like the gsd x snow dog cross I used to have. Strangers would insist he was a wolf dog on sight when I knew for a fact he wasn't. He had a lot of the phenotypes that wolf dogs are supposed to have but so do a lot of dogs that don't even look like wolves.
I tend to doubt a dog has any wolf content at all unless there's proof. Where I'm from it's such a common lie that people would have you believe the majority of dogs are 25+% wolf.

No. 1223555

File: 1655108377497.jpg (461.09 KB, 647x1225, Screenshot_20220613-101642_Fac…)

"Pitmommies" are insane and care more about proving the internet wrong about their sweet velvet hippo pibbles than their own children

also unintentionally hilarious that they call them velvet hippos, considering they are the deadliest large land mammal and kill hundreds each year

No. 1223558

I legit knew a mom who would harp on and on about how pit bulls are harmless, and how chihuahuas were way more aggressive and her daughter was literally attacked by her dog as a toddler, they had to put the dog down and the little girl had to get stitches and such. Her and her husband still argue fro pit bulls and call people who say that they are literally bred to be aggressive “dog racists”

No. 1223564

There is a subset of people who get chihuahuas or other small dogs who have no idea how to raise a dog so the dog ends up constantly nervous and aggressive, barking and biting at everyone they can. The owners don't care because "it's small and can't do any harm". Particularly common with older ladies where I live.

No. 1223572

What does anon think of small dogs in general? Is it cruel to have a small dog knowing they often feel scared/intimidated and can have aggression to compensate for their size? Or is that just a matter of training them properly?

No. 1223583

File: 1655113371402.jpg (83.92 KB, 1024x576, ceskoslovensky-vlcak-v-lese-10…)

Not really cruel but i think is stupid just to get any random small dog. I think the dog should have good genes from parents who weren't agressive. Small dogs i met that were expensive weren't agressive but the dogs that were just mutts from somebody's backyard are nutcases no matter how well they tried to raise them. I think people need to be extra careful with breeding small dogs and focus on their psyche more than anything.

Late but just to add to the wolfdogs, they are very popular these days in my country. Czechoslovakian wolfdogs, it's a breed and a lot of people have no idea how to train them, they just get them for their look and keep them in small flats sometimes. It's annoying. Insecure men get them way too often to pick up chicks.

No. 1223588

With proper training and exercise they're great.
They usually have a strong rat-catching instinct that needs to be addressed by playing some games that simulate it.

No. 1223598

They manhandle them and ignore their obvious distress until they learn that the only way to get people to stop touching them when they don't want to be touched is to bark and bite. Then they get a bad rep. It's hard being a small cute dog

No. 1223604

i fucking hate when people do anything like this with their newborns and dogs regardless of breed. what if the doorbell rang right then? even the dog sneezing could make it accidentally hit the baby in the head. why would you put your dog in that position if you actually cared about it.

No. 1223606

Well, its still a tiny ass chiuhahua. Pibble mommies comparing a literal rat sized dog to a straight up murder machine are delusional.

No. 1223748

I prefer small dogs to big dogs, mostly because it's all on the owner to train it. If it's well trained and behaved, any dog is fine. If it's a nightmare dog, the bigger ones are so much more worse to deal with due to their size.

There's also the fact that a big dog equal bigger poops, and most big dog owners in my area refuse to pick it up because they can't be bothered, even if we have free dog bags hanging on poles around every corner as an attempt to make these people, usually lazy ass men with some alpha complex, to pick up their dog's remains.

No. 1223990

I wouldn’t mind if these beasts ate their moid owners but I feel like they’re gonna eat and maul random unlucky children.

No. 1224390

Anons what are your thoughts on cat cafes, do you think they're ethical? I used to like the idea and visited one once years ago but since getting into my current job (I work with cats and dogs) I've learned more about how they might be a stressful environments for cats, especially if there were lots of them in a group, and afaik the people who usually run these places don't have qualifications in animal behaviour or anything relating to animal care

No. 1224414

NTA but that wasn't the issue here, of course people neglect raising their small dogs due to their size but "pit mommies" acting like Chihuahuas are worse have no sense of proportion. I've been bitten by a large dog and a small dog and I can tell you that I'd rather get bitten by a chihuahua and get a bleeding gash at worst than get mauled by a pitbull and die.

No. 1224543

I think most animal cafes are gross and unethical. When I was in Japan I saw one for just about every animal you could imagine. Capybaras, raccoons, you name it. I think cat cafes are a bit more ethical because cats are more socialized to humans but you're right in that the workers probably don't know shit and are just there because omg kawaii. I refuse to patronize them and I hope eventually people open their eyes to how stressed animals can get

No. 1224770

No. Cats don't socialize like that naturally with a bunch of total strangers. It's as stupid as dyeing a dog pink and putting it in a tutu. It serves only to please humans at the expense of animals.

No. 1224791

I have a small dog (Chipin) and he's sweet as can be, not agressive at all. From what I've observed people can be very cruel towards little dogs, not respecting their boundaries, tormenting and alienating them to get a reaction out of them (barking, trying to attack people) and laugh at them.

No. 1224798

I think it's cruel to make cats run a cafe, they are bad with numbers and can't make a cappuccino without thumbs

But seriously, I think it's a nice idea but can be executed poorly. Some cats love human attention and if there's enough space and cats with a good temperament, it's pleasant. But I went to one that's a cat rescue cafe, and they apologised because there weren't many cats in the cafe area, because rescues hide a lot and all theirs were up for adoption. Apparently some people would complain there weren't enough cats? I guess for photos or something. They're not props!

No. 1225089

The cat cafes i've been too were great. I don't see a problem, cats were chilling, if they didn't want to see people they can hide and they have a chance to get adopted there. They had good socialized cats and a peaceful enivironment. It's a good thing if they do it correctly.

No. 1225333

What I didn’t like about the one I went to was that you have to pay to get in, and then if you buy food cat hair gets in it pretty easily and the food was shit quality and overpriced anyway. It also smelled gross, I don’t think they kept it clean enough, and there were kids in there screaming and harassing the cats. I feel like a better experience would be a cozy adoption center with free roaming, no food, and a rule against kids of a certain age being there.

No. 1225352

Nta and not whiteknighting an unhygienic cafe but of course you should be paying to get in? Idk it just seems like a good precaution, as would be not letting snotty brats near the cats but everytime you mention about something being not for wild kids, someone gets pissy. Shitty cat cafes sound horrendous, feel bad for the cats.

No. 1225627

File: 1655247776369.png (707.39 KB, 1341x564, el goblina.PNG)

Community my ass. I wish these people the worst

No. 1225720

they just opened one in my city on valetines day, and I think they do a pretty good job. They have the restaurant separate, you have to sign up in advance to go to the cat area and only so many people at a time can go, and there is a separate area for the cat area. The cats can also go hide if they want, and they are adoptable. You also had to pay a small fee which helps pay for the cats.

No. 1225739


There's one in my area, they're pretty strict i.e. you have to book a time so that there's not too many people in the cat area at once, "rest hours" for the cats, areas off-limits to customers so overwhelmed cats can hide, and iirc they require everyone to be 16+. All the cats are up for adoption and they've been very successful. They basically operate as an arm of one of the local rescue shelters. As long as the people involved know their shit they can be fine, but of course there's plenty of irresponsible people out there.

No. 1225777

That place doesn't sound very welcoming. I'm sure their intentions are good but sometimes with rescues especially it feels like people with not many qualifications on a big power trip

No. 1225781

How do you react when someone close to you gets an unethical dog?

An online friend got a teacup dog and they have commonly terrible health issues. One of those commercial products that are cruel to create and shouldn't exist. But she already has the dog and she doesn't know and is happy about how cute it is.

I don't want to normalize it, because other people think it's cute and want one too, but I also don't want to completely shit over her dog and basically make her feel evil for supporting what amounts to animal torture.

No. 1225834

maybe try to warn her about the health issues in a kind, concerned way. like, "hey i know these dogs are prone to having x issue, so just keep an eye out to prevent longterm issues and suffering" etc, and that should open the conversation to a deeper issue, potentially. just try to make it like an "i'm looking out for you and the dog" thing that might open her eyes the further you get into the convo.

No. 1226172

I've visited a cat cafe before. It was quite nice, cats were mostly sleeping and people were just observing them. Eventually a mother with her child entered and they proceeded to go from cat to cat, prodding and poking them awake. It made me realise that there was no staff watching to make sure people aren't acting up like this, and I started feeling really bad for the cats. Not really into the idea anymore.

No. 1226398

Nta but I disagree. All you have to do is book a free spot. What else could you do to not have too many people in (for the cats' sake), turn them away from the door?

No. 1227083

Thanks, I'll try that.

No. 1227211

>pretty strict
>require everyone to be 16+
>As long as the people involved know their shit
>they can be fine

Anon, just the way it's written (from an anon who views it positively, no less) gives it away.

No. 1227442

Any fellow ausfags noticed a massive influx of

- Pitbulls (marketed as ‘Americans bully’ or ‘red nosed staffys’)
- Dingo hybrids in suburban families

I know staffys are popular here and I don’t really mind them but the amount of pitbulls being walked off leash under the guise of being a staffy x at my local dog park is insane. People seem to think that just because they’re restricted idiots won’t backyard breed them/have them as ‘rescue’ pets. I don’t even hate them I’m just well aware that certain breeds are not suited being handled by inexperienced handlers/everyday people. Seen them on our version of craigslist where they won’t mention the real breed until the very end of the description to not get in trouble.

Dingo hybrids are becoming so common as well. People get them expecting a big, skinny, slightly more aloof shiba or cattle dog.

No. 1227445

Any half-decent cat cafe will have a back space where cats can go when they don’t want to be around people.

No. 1227533

Not ausfag but in mainland europe, and our rescue sites seem to have massive influx on "terrier mixes" aka pits. And it is honestly terrifying me. Where the fuck those beasts came from in last couple of years?

No. 1227552

It did have one. Why allow disturbing animals when they aren't hiding from the guests?

No. 1227555

In the UK I've also seen more ''staffordshire terriers'' aka pitbulls. I was at an outdoor market when I realised something is snorting and making pig-like sounds at my feet. I looked down and it was some abomination pitbull built like a barrel. These dogs are banned here, I felt so unsafe with this thing roaming a market full of the elderly and kids. The authorities never get rid of these things unless they maul someone.

No. 1227678

In europe we have a lot of Pitbulls but they're called "Staffordshire Terriers" or "Amstaffs". These are actual Pitbulls with a different name, they're not mixes.

No. 1228015

Okay so you are saying it should be run by people who don't know what tf they are doing then? How is that positive and welcoming?

No. 1235869

Anons ITT, what are your favorite and least favorite dog breeds and why?

No. 1235874

Favorite: american eskimo, border collie, anything but pits
least favorite: pits, anything mixed with pits
why: you know why

No. 1235881

File: 1655955252387.jpg (43.99 KB, 736x920, 12f750c5319a9a05bdaf82b1827747…)

I don't have any dogs myself, but I really like dobermans. They're just so beautiful and cute to me, and they're good protection dogs. I also like cane corsos for the same reasons. Won't be owning either anytime soon though.

I don't really have a least favorite. Maybe pugs? Not because there's anything wrong with the pugs themselves, it's because what people have done to them is so cruel. Their quality of life is so poor and I feel really bad for them and other breeds like Frenchies and English bulldogs. I've heard some breeders are trying to reverse what has been done to them and take them back to their old form.

No. 1235909

File: 1655959229188.jpg (158.67 KB, 1200x1200, ea078321b4b8.jpg)

My favorite are golden retrievers. My family had a lot of them when I was growing up and they were always very sweet and patient companions. My least favorite are bulldogs (for obvious reasons).

No. 1235910

Not much of a dog person but if I had to choose
Favorites: Huskies if they're well trained, pugs even though they're abominations and I'd never breed one, St. Bernards, corgis

Least favorite: shitbulls, chihuahuas and most yippy toy breeds

No. 1235913

I grew up with a St. Bernard and I miss him so much! They're so big and can be drooly, but they're so gentle and sweet.

No. 1235984

Not a dog person at all but if I had to choose a breed for myself I'd choose a Doberman. They were bred for human companionship and protection. I've had some experience around them and think they are some the best dogs. If you look at attack lists, Dobermans will be on there,but more often than not you'll see a little asterisk or excerpt next to it that specifies the bite was in protection of its owner. I hate pits and pugs. I think huskies should not be owned by most people but especially those living in the south

No. 1236018

File: 1655970809624.jpeg (80.84 KB, 630x420, 29B99B0E-F07F-4F27-8625-114FF1…)

Spaniels. Any kind of spaniel especially springer. They win IMO in looks, personality and they’re also pretty intelligent. Full of character and usually absolutely hopping mad which adds to their unique character. Very loving and friendly dogs. I could sing their praises all day.

No. 1236020

Samefag: least favourite is shitbulls. You know why. I’m not really a fan of bullly breeds in general but American pitbulls should all be put down, I don’t feel bad saying that at all. Only scummy people get them.

No. 1236075

Favourite: Border collies and other shepherd dogs (German Shepherds not so much though) because they're intelligent, patient and often very caring and sweet. I also love how rustic they look.
Least favourite: Pitbulls and mixes for sure. I'm not fond of Bulldogs either, they look so uncomfortable.

No. 1236089

Why don't you like mixed breeds? Idk if you are one, but I never get why dog people seem to have such a bad view on them

No. 1236094

NTA but depending on where you’re from “mix” can be code for “80% pitbull with some other stuff thrown in.” My parents have a mix that quite obviously has some pit in him, probably not 80% but he’s the only dog we’ve ever had in our family with severe aggression issues. He’s sweet most of the time, but he’s attacked 2 other dogs seemingly out of nowhere, and I’m talking breaking-the-skin attack. All of our other dogs growing up have been purebreds and have never had behavior issues. When you’re buying a specific breed, you know what you’re getting. Again it is area specific if your local animal shelter/rescue or what have you services a trailer park or ghetto area mainly. It just is what it is. I think that’s why some people are put off at mixed breeds.

No. 1236101

fav: molosser breeds, bully breeds, and mutts
least fav: little white dogs, the devil's knickknacks, molosser breeds, bully breeds
why: most people shouldn't own them, never mind breed them. i have an awesome old-type pit who loves people, other dogs, my cat. he is the most snuggly dog i have ever met. he's gorgeous.
e also is leash reactive, fence reactive, and kills any animal, including a cat, that comes into my yard. he is so much stronger pound for pound than my other dog who is twice his size. when i got him he was a year old, unsocialized, mouthed nonstop, didn't know dog body language. the rescue almost adopted him out to a family with young girls. people are scared of us when we walk, or there are always skeevy guys who ask if he's a fighting dog or if he's got his balls (no.) 3 years later he is a great dog, but it took so much work, and he still has the unbreakable terrier drive which is scarier in a pit than in a jack russell.
i'm really good with dogs. i love my boy to death. i will never adopt another pit.

No. 1236106

> Kills any animal including cats
Hope your dog gets put down ♥

No. 1236108

thanks, he won't

No. 1236111

Having an aggressive dog is nothing to brag about

No. 1236112

if you think i was bragging and not telling a cautionary tale you're retarded.

No. 1236115

The only thing that’s retarded is people owning pitbulls or “pit dogs” kek

No. 1236120

ia with the other anon, your dog should be put down. that cat was a part of somebody's family and your dog murdered it.

No. 1236144

File: 1655984834440.jpg (175.32 KB, 1024x768, aed4b83a05879ddc71fed8c691fac7…)

Practically any spitz breed melts my heart

No. 1236147

Favorite: Golden retrievers, chihuahuas, pugs, terriers
Least favorite: Bully breeds and any pitbulls, yorkies or other dogs with human-feelings hair, huskies, labs

No. 1236150

File: 1655985690715.jpg (133.43 KB, 1500x1000, schipperke-in-der-natur.jpg)

Schipperkes, they look like insects and I think that's just the cutest thing I've ever seen. They are healthy, athletic and intelligent and their name means little sailor.

Least favorite probably pugs. I used to live close to a park where lots of old ladies would walk their pugs, you could hear those poor dogs before you could see them. I remember one who had to take a break every ten steps, the 70+ year old obese owner repeatedly had to wait for her dog to catch it's breath.

No. 1236170

omg I love them, why are they all so cute

No. 1236563

I don't fault you for loving your dog and I honestly don't have the same attitude towards pits/bully's as the rest of this site, but being so defensive and calling other anons retarded after admitting that your dog's breed is dangerous, killed a cat and that you were telling a cautionary tale just makes you look…well, retarded.

No. 1236564

I like terriers, no one else seems to though.

No. 1236577

File: 1656018840433.jpg (104.14 KB, 737x745, 1473972389433mceclip1.jpg)

samefag, I forgot my reason.

i like them bc they're small but not super frail and have a lively and charming personality. great character actors lol

No. 1236587

This anon is talking about Wishbone for the browsing fetuses

No. 1236615

Tbh the only people who brag about their dogs killing cats are moids or sociopaths (usually both, but that's just redundant kek)

No. 1236633

File: 1656021103088.jpg (119.1 KB, 800x532, image.jpg)

Omg Wishbone! I loved Wishbone as a young child and wanted a dog just like him. Reminds me of when Fraiser came on and everyone wanted a wire-hair jack russell terrier like Eddie.

No. 1236709

File: 1656022850719.jpg (106.1 KB, 741x1024, cfb17b7ba0ddccb4d9e2fb374739b8…)

i always thought these little terriers were the perfect adventure dog! It does make me happy that they're relatively unpopular and not subjected to these freakazoid breeding mutations

No. 1236843

File: 1656028349495.jpg (61.87 KB, 439x699, 97f2fd26df2607d6e039e538b13f79…)

I love greyhounds, whippets, and most other types of long boi. They are very polite. Gentle and affectionate and not noisy at all. Also they give you incredible swag when you walk them and make your pictures look like noblewoman portraits but that's just a small bonus on top of them being sweeter than words can express, although mine was also retarded and gay

Besides this blatant "this was my first dog" bias, I love most spitz breeds too.

And I dislike pitbulls, like many other anons.

No. 1236845

That pic is like shorthair borzois

No. 1236862


No. 1236890

Be glad the poor cat’s family didn’t come and shoot your little monster’s brains out. You people are demented.

No. 1236905

i called her retarded for thinking i was defending the breed when iw as doing the opposite. i'm not bragging about my dog or what he did. i'm not defensive about it either. it was one of the most fucked up days of my life. i just thought i'd give a realistic perspective of the breed but people are too virulent about it.
the cat was part of a feral colony that lives around here. i buried it in my yard and now flowers grow over him. i also put a bell on the outside of my door and ring it so any animals in my fenced in yard can get out of it before i let my dogs out. i do the best i can with what i have.

No. 1237255

What are you doing in dog LOVE thread with DOG FIGHTING breeds?
You don't love dogs, you love the DRAMA a bully breed and poor handling them will bring, the fear of other owners. YOU are a bully.
You clearly have never thought why you are like this, and its time to grow up now and stop pretending to be a bad bitch with dog bred to KILL other dogs.
Hope your dog kills you.

No. 1237341

I hate dog fags so much

No. 1237355

its not dog fags, its pit fags.

Trust me dog fags also hate that anon, because pitbull fags always have their violent monsters go and attack other dogs too.

No. 1239509

The pitbull anon is extremely retarded but the anons getting angry at the cat bit (and everyone who has cats) need to understand that things like that are why you don't let your pet wander around other people's yards. And if it's not an aggressive dog mauling them, it's going to be a car running over them or some lunatic killing or poisoning it. They are your pets and they should stay in your house for the same reason you don't let dogs or rabbits or whatever wander around the streets alone.

No. 1239620

People should lock their fuckin monster if it’s a threat to other animals, how can you excuse this?

No. 1239702

he was in my fenced in backyard, as he always is. he has never been loose.
he is not dog aggressive, but i would never put him in a position where he could get into a dog fight. it's part of being a responsible owner.
it's the pet ethics thread.

the cat was feral; i know because i do trap/fix/release for ferals in the area. that doesn't make it better. it's interesting that i've given an honest account of owning a maligned breed and the hazards that come with it yet all the nonnies can do in here is wish death upon me and my dog. i literally said i would never own another pit because of how tough of a dog he is to own, i don't think i'm cool for having him. i adopted an animal i would think was challenging, like i always do, and he is the most challenging animal i have ever had. as i stated before, they are not dogs that should be available to people outside of those doing things like wild boar hunting.

No. 1239703

samefag; he isn't ALWAYS in my yard. just when he is out, he is in a fenced in yard. and i am out with him, always.

No. 1239803

File: 1656159263422.jpg (64.77 KB, 750x696, funny-shiba-inu-ruins-group-ph…)

Favorite: SHIBA INU 100% Because it has the best personality for a cat person like me. It's the perfect size and is not very smelly. To me big dogs smell too strongly of dog and small dogs smell like shit, shibas never smelled much like anything to me.
Least favorite: Yorkie and all yorkie mixes, most of them are kinda vicious and their teeth are needles

>>1236150 absolutely adobrable doggie

No. 1240474

But the anon said that the dog WAS locked up in her own property. The cat got in and sadly the dog was able to get it. That's how things work, do you demand that people don't use cars because then may run over animals? If you live in a rural town, do you want coyotes or foxes to be locked up so pet cats can wander around safely? What if the cat gets into a yard where the owner puts down rat poison or snail bait, the cat could eat it and die, do you ban that too? If you care about your pet, don't let it get into other people's property where it could get hurt and die. And both cats and dogs are predators, both are a threat to other animals but many people refuse to keep their cats in their own houses.
Let's say I keep tiny rabbits, baby chicks or even some small reptiles as pets in my yard. Another person's cat somehow manages to get in (as they do) and eats one of them, I guess I would be justified to "shoot the little monster's brains out" like some of you well adjusted people like to say, right?

No. 1240614

Idc about anon, I was replying to your post. You extend so much for 0 reason. I only said that if your pet cannot behave and is a total threat to others, it shouldn’t be allowed to roam freely.
I’ll stop there to prevent infighting.

No. 1240719

Do any other anons in this thread work with animals as part of their job? I'm a veterinary assistant and kind of interested to know what other people's thoughts are on some of the topics ITT. Also, are there any animal jobs you'd never do?

No. 1240726

I really admire people who work with animals. I love them in theory and would even like to have farm animals in the distant future, but irl I've always been nervous and jumpy around animals (especially dogs).

No. 1240757

I thought Shibas were very hard to take care of and rambunctious? If you say they're good for cat people then maybe I'll have to reconsider. I think they're so cute but wrote them off because I assumed they were high maintenance and destructive

No. 1240759

File: 1656213789394.gif (1.83 MB, 280x200, 78C73006-9F86-48E3-AE44-CC7DDD…)

dog owners only say they’re hard to take care of because like cats they don’t necessarily like being bossed around and are independent doggies. they’re not a breed that tyrannical helicopter dog owners like but they’re so fucking cute oh my goodness

No. 1240936

And I wasn't talking about that, so why did you even reply?

No. 1243640

When they are younger they are a bit wilder like all dogs, but if you train them normally they are great. Sometimes people say this and that breed is hard to train… i feel like it's hard to train only for dummies. Normal sane person can train any breed no problem, if the dog doesn't have some kind of psychological problem that is.
To me shiba is like a cat because it's not so in your face like a border colie or a german shepherd would, they like their own space, are okay with chilling on their own but they still love you the same, they just don't have the need to lick you constantly. Don't know how other shiba's but mine also liked to be clean and didn't step in mud or water. And it's a very good hunter, my shiba hunted all types of rondets around my house way better than cats could. She would listen to the sewer for like a week to catch a rat. So i guess it's good if the dog has some task they can do from time to time to avoid it doing something naughty out of bordem, but i think she wouldn't be naughty anyway she was very zen, just laying around enjoying life.

No. 1244537

Rescues do often like to go on power trips and brown-nosing for no reason probably won't help you when you try to adopt and they ask for 69 acres of land and a 420 foot fence

No. 1244541

File: 1656472567374.png (1.47 MB, 1088x640, toypoodlered.png)


I love my toy poodle so much! My grandma and mom both had toy poodles when I grew up and they were the sweetest and smartest dogs I've ever met. But again with small breeds you really have to do a lot of research into breeders. I made sure to check the parents' temperaments and vet records before even considering the breeder I chose, Poodles are so smart and relatively easy to train if started earily. He's in perfect health and doesn't have stubby legs or fucked up back also was easy to train the barking at everything out as a puppy, if he wants something he just presses those buttons that rings my phone to take him outside. absolutely love these dogs. I also like bouviers they're not that common in the states but I've seen a few.

absolutely hate pitbulls. I was walking down the street with my friend outside a starbucks and this random old white dude's pitbull lunged without any warning or promting and bit into my leg. Took the owner 10 seconds to pry its fucking mouth off and then told my friend and I "its not that bad" lol. I hate pitbulls so much with dogs you really get what you pay for, weither that be proper breeding, expensive training classes or both. I can't imagine what would happen to my small dog if it got into a pitbulls mouth. any random mutt owner that thinks 'my dog would never its such a sweetie!' should also be put down.
a dog is a 14-18 year long commitment, you're going to be spending the same amount of time with it as a child so why would someone not be willing to foot the bill to have a pet with known pedigree and also pay for training.

No. 1244543

Golden nugget lookin ass

No. 1244546

Nona this is a chicken tender…?

No. 1244559

File: 1656474165764.jpeg (33.68 KB, 232x319, 1D4C9F42-A41D-413A-A80B-7BEDBC…)

Why is dog grooming so retarded

No. 1244569

This haircut was historically because poodles were used to retrieve prey from cold water and leaving the fur specifically on the joints was meant to keep them warm without weighing them down entirely. Now I think it's sorta tradition?

No. 1244570

File: 1656475176122.jpg (17.83 KB, 292x350, 010d998cddbb3ff9c488c5d461262e…)

Favorite: Mini schnauzers, very loyal (and cute) breed.

Least favorite: pugs.

No. 1244571

File: 1656475269914.jpg (130.03 KB, 1200x1266, jCubeDog.jpg)

I remember reading that poodles were originally bred as water retrievers and that's why they have such puffy hair to dry off easier, & it was groomed with the puffs around the joints to supposedly keep them warmer in cold water. Nowadays though there are standard show cuts and other wacky shit people do to dog's hair. It's crazy to think poodles look like normal grey dogs under their coats though

No. 1244572

File: 1656475303092.png (176.24 KB, 500x500, 3E5EB873-C1B7-4CB3-B85F-62FCE6…)

I think poods definitely can have temperament issues if they’re not trained well and I’m not sure how much of that is genetic, but I have known some pretty mean and pretty dumb teacup poodles that came from shit breeders. I think the more demand there is for literal teddy bear dogs, the more you’re going to get people breeding blind teacups with no teeth and collapsing airways, which is sad.

They are so cute though. They don’t even look real.

No. 1244616

My goodness that's a beautiful animal

No. 1244643

I had a mini schnauzer when I was a kid, he was very patient for putting up with my antics. He was very loyal, as you said, and a great "sick dog" for when we were sick in bed. He was a good poochie.

No. 1244793

Fucked up pic

No. 1283947

File: 1659236355768.jpg (62.93 KB, 367x466, 1659236318792.jpg)

Wtf did I just find on AliExpress

No. 1284068

A scrote will buy that and use it as a fleshlight

No. 1284070

You’re evil

No. 1288167

File: 1659555540900.png (1.11 MB, 883x567, 1bully20.png)

what does shitbull actually refer to for you guys? I don't actually know if they're inherently more dangerous than like a german shepherd, since they aren't actually a breed but just any dog with a square head and boxy chest.

No. 1288171

Anon, german shepherds are one of the worst biters but they’re not bred to never let go no matter what so you don’t hear about them too much. All guard dogs are bite-prone, but that’s their job and they rarely kill babies.

No. 1288172

ugly small insect eyes

No. 1288174

File: 1659555754727.jpeg (590.33 KB, 1901x418, B6AB8724-51BB-4426-99EE-F79AEA…)

No. 1288202

pitbulls and bulldogs are a landrace in the same way a sighthound or terrier is a landrace, anything with that retarded dan bilzerian jaw is a pitbull/bully and bred for killing with a strong jaw and a deep chest for shaking and digging in. If it looks like it's bred for mauling, it's bred for mauling, in the same way a sighthound looks bred for speed. APBT is the most well known breed, pitbulls and bullies are a landrace. Those are all pitbulls or bullies.

No. 1288351

is it really fair to hate them that much though when they were bred for dogfighting which is the fault of the breeders and owners? it's not like pugs and french bulldogs ask to be born with a flat face that makes it hard to breathe properly.

No. 1288353

I still hate them because they always bark and snarl at me whenever I’m on a walk and they are so scary. I always think about people who’ve been mauled and had their lips and noses ripped off.

No. 1288367

Same but with any dog. NTA but again, outta the owner's fault that the dog is so aggressive and scary. Where I am from, most dogs are like that.

No. 1288373

Yeah but when a chihuahua barks at me, it’s annoying.
When a big ass aggressive dog with tiger like jaws and that is statistically dangerous and rips people’s faces off barks and jumps at me it is literally scary.

No. 1288379

getting big isn’t gonna stop a dog mauling you with its teeth, goober-chan. with that said i’m fine with pit bulls in general as long as they’re not being bred though, because if they’re raised right there’s usually no problem. the problem is that most pits are shelter dogs from crises though. and ofc even some properly raised dogs can lash out and the result is just worse with strong dogs. people still breeding them are sick in the head.

No. 1288384

surprise surprise the schizotranny zoosadist is bragging about killing animals.

No. 1288658

File: 1659586480099.jpeg (186.99 KB, 1437x1032, FPwDw1HVEA0AuBP.jpeg)

Best dogs are dachshunds. I love these little hot dogs, but the community suffers from idiot breeders obsesed with double dapple genes. I want to see more of a return to the standard size instead of trying to make them smaller and smaller.
Whitney Chewston is thankfully a creme and not a double dapple. I am also partial to boxers, but thats another breed that has been bred into the ground. Its heartbreaking to see how many cancers and defects they develop, and how squashed their faces have been bred.

Worst is huskys and dalmatians. Most people who own them should not and do not properly train them. I cannot stand how loud huskys are(ironic as doxies like to bark) and find it cruel how they are kept in desert climates. Havent met a good Dalmatian, all the ones I've encountered were dumb and mean. But thats just me.

No. 1288659

Why was there a coyote in your house? If your cat was outside, you are at fault.

No. 1402085

File: 1667883208303.png (1.35 MB, 1932x1034, 1667830479828477.png)

why would you create something like this

No. 1402098

Money, and no regard for the suffering of living creatures as a means to obtain that end.

No. 1402106

File: 1667885627896.jpeg (437.57 KB, 1488x907, EB07A9C4-98D6-4B7C-862F-366097…)

No. 1402165

File: 1667895207870.jpeg (96.83 KB, 640x480, 3DF21F6C-2F00-4FEE-BB04-4404EC…)

I hate reptile breeders.
They keep thousands of animals in tiny tupperware containers their whole lives and breed them into rainbow colored abominations.
I am thinking specifically of leopard geckos. There’s a deformity called enigma syndrome that fucks up their brains and spinal cords. They don’t know how to eat and they spend their lives walking in circles and stargazing.
Funny how it’s called “enigma syndrome” since all of these backyard breeders are too dumb to know they’re ruining these animals. Yeah, what a fucking mystery what’s going on.

Reptiles are just abused in general. Shit conditions, shit breeders, and they’re usually sold to little scrotes who abuse/neglect them. Literally seen a gecko shot with BB pellets, tortured until they drop their tails, and so neglected they are sad little skeletons.

I know reptiles aren’t intelligent but every living creature should at least be treated with dignity.

No. 1402231

I am glad this thread was bumped, because i saw a bullfrog dog irl at the mall a couple of months back. it wasn't as bad at some of the ones shown here but the defining trait it had was bad muscle distrophy. The dog looked so tired of being alive and kept sitting down. The man hauling this poor dog around was handing out flyers promoting his business, if i wasn't social anxious i would have went up to him, asked more questions and gotten a flyer but he was too busy hitting on Instagram esque looking women whilst peddling his failed abortion, so i think he would have been annoyed if i talked to him. Plus, i don't think i would have been able to hide my disgust.

No. 1402304

Unfortunately my family fell victim to the wishbone-induced jack russell craze, but my parents were unprepared to properly keep cats (and continue to be, ugh) let alone extremely prey-driven, energetic dogs. I cringe whenever I remember how much we neglected him.

No. 1403817

>I know reptiles aren’t intelligent but every living creature should at least be treated with dignity.
People shouldn't be able to own any wild animals as pets. If I could ban it, I would.

No. 1404818

What's sadder is that typically leopard geckos are very hardy and survive in pretty bad conditions for a long time, so they end up suffering longer instead of just dying. And they aren't the most difficult to care for, I don't even know how the gecko in that pic got to that point unless they were willfully being stupid and feeding it only pelleted food.

I've thought about breeding my own leopard geckos with good genetics but the sad truth is the market is so over saturated with them already. Same with ball pythons and over breeding of morphs that give them neurological issues. I guess people don't care as long as they can brag about having a pretty animal that they slide into a drawer.

Reptiles are more intelligent than they get credit for, mine will recognize me when I go up the enclosure and look up at me (usually expecting food), and are noticeably more comfortable with me handing them than strangers. Of course they're not the same as mammals but still deserve a nice home with enrichment, any creature would go insane when there's nothing to do

No. 1405385

Imagine asking people to pay tons of money for something you literally say is inbred in the post

No. 1420718

why would you admit to that

No. 1421652

File: 1669432754671.jpg (114.85 KB, 843x1024, 1668686364938096.jpg)

why don't people like this get a hamster or something if they just want an animal that lays about at home all day

No. 1421661

File: 1669433237186.jpg (39.79 KB, 536x401, fbdff402d4121dcc70d243bb0907f9…)

same energy

No. 1421687

>I don't care if my dog can exercise, have a good quality of life and care for itself
Also, does this motherfucker think dogs only run out of necessity? That stuff is stimulating for them. Piece of shit. Exotic doesn't mean they shouldn't be treated like every other animal.

No. 1421695

I'm starting to notice a pattern with the "creators" of these sad abominations

No. 1421708

File: 1669435027760.jpeg (28.04 KB, 567x567, 1591296464580.jpeg)

I know the pattern.(racebait)

No. 1421966

Cool racebait but you'll have to explain all the other deformed dog breeds like pugs and German Shepard a now.

No. 1422013

Oh good, you also caught on that they're all scrotes. Glad we're on the same page.

No. 1422031

File: 1669482679282.jpg (119.92 KB, 1500x1000, breed_profile_germansheperd_11…)

The sloped backs on German shepherds bothers me so much

No. 1422088

They look like they’re going to hump something constantly it’s so fucking ugly. I hate dogs in general but god

No. 1436228

File: 1670438925855.webm (1.82 MB, 320x570, 1668983460852358.webm)

and this is what bullfrogs are like in motion

No. 1436389

I feel so bad for these animals

No. 1436400

same, like they seem like their in horrible pain

No. 1436439

Imagine having a head longer than your legs. I would jump into a pool and let myself sink if I were that dog.

No. 1436444

I think it's worrying from an ethical standpoint that disabled pets have virtually become a trend (notice how many followers people get just for posting their eyeless or legless pet on Instagram, the more crippled the better). I don't think a cat that's paraplegic and can't fulfill its natural need to climb to higher place or a rabbit that drags its legs and can't hop is able to have a good quality of life. In some countries such as IIRC Sweden animal welfare laws prohibit dog wheelchairs as inhumane. A lot of these animals are kept alive just for the purpose of virtue signalling and tickling the owner's narcissism.

Also another thing is animal rescues letting pregnant cats or dogs give birth instead of spay-aborting. What's the point of producing more homeless animals, especially as most of these people get mad at breeders for breeding?

No. 1436548

>dog wheelchairs as inhumane
Too far, a dog with degenerative mylopathy and other conditions that need those wheelchairs or supportive harnesses generally otherwise healthy. It's like when I see disabled people online and comments say "I'd kill myself if it was me" (like with Loren the forklift accident guy), like it's not fucking you and clearly they want to live. It's just not right. I am with you on aborting pregnant animals though, I don't get why that's even controversial, same as behavioral euthanasia. But on the other thing I really think it's up to the vet and the owner knowing their dog and his quirks, dogs aren't people but they do vary a lot. I mean some people even help their dogs when they become incontinent and help them go to the bathroom by massaging their stomachs but the dogs are otherwise healthy. It's really not so clear cut

No. 1469057

File: 1673387544106.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1559x1806, 19D52A3A-F69F-4752-8C7A-F7AE24…)

Look at this ugly SOB

No. 1469061

What happens when you let a barren vessel (man) create life. Vile and twisted.

No. 1469064

Literally HOW does that dog function with such a tiny head? He barely looks like a pug he's so deformed….

No. 1469090

File: 1673390658930.jpeg (81.35 KB, 450x319, tufts.jpeg)


Not to be that anon, but I have a "show quality" Persian I adopted at 1 year old from a respectable breeder who was retiring. He's currently 8 with no health issues or breathing issues. He doesn't even have such bad teeth which is like the hallmark of Persians, DNA testing was done to breed out kidney problems long ago in her cattery as well. Sometimes he blows snot out of his nose and makes snorty noses but numerous vet visits basically ended up with " uh, there's nothing wrong with him, except he needs his teeth cleaned"

I'm not caping for this breed, honestly it's very easy to fuck them up, fuck up their jaw alignment, fuck up their nasal anatomy. The majority of Persians people see online with weird faces are from unprofessional backyard breeders who don't know how to breed correctly and end up with owners that aren't ready and willing to take care of their grooming needs. But I just want to point the difference between Persians and pugs/bulldogs/other squishy dogs. It's basically impossible to have these dogs not to have health problems whereas with Persians and Exotics it is possible.

No. 1469481

it's nice that your cat is healthy but what happened to the rest of the kittens from its litter? most professional breeders just euthanize the ones that come out malformed to protect their reputation. there is no way to breed animals for a specific appearance without regularly producing some that lost the genetic lottery.

No. 1471285

File: 1673573443072.jpeg (16.7 KB, 327x257, persian.jpeg)


Based on the records of that breeder, she has literally hundreds of cats registered on the last 10 years with CFA, pictures of large litters, and only limited breeders (When I got my cat she only had one male and 2 females that wasn't fixed).

again I cannot speak for everyone, just what I have seen. If you look at old 19th century paintings of Persians they already had short snouts/faces and big coats, if you look at paintings of pugs it's like a completely different animal just over a 100 years

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