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File: 1702892394168.jpg (41.26 KB, 640x853, jeong-goun-QOsrVnj5tz0-unsplas…)

No. 1817934

I thought it would be nice to have a thread for oldfags to reminisce about the good ol' days since the culture here has changed so much. Here's to the days before the 2020 lockdowns began and the internet went to shit. Please share any and every memory you have, the good and bad, it doesn't matter.

Discussion of the history of the boards and cow culture is recommended as well since a lot of the newfags don't seem to know or understand how lolcow.farm came to be.

For newfags: you are welcome to participate in the thread but please do not infight and derail with oldfags. We already have enough fighting and negativity as it is, so can we at least for once, try to get along with each other?

Some examples of stuff we can talk about:

>favorite board drama/reveals/confessions

>favorite posters (most likely that you miss since a lot of people are gone)
>memorable posts
>favorite cow/milk eras
>photos and videos you've saved from the past
>things you miss about old lolcow versus today

…just any and everything that you want to share, even if it's stupid it doesn't matter. We can even talk about /cgl/, maxfag, and staminarose since those sites all basically led to lolcow.farm being born and don't get discussed much. I doubt this thread will get much traction anyway since so many older users are gone but for those who still come here, please post!

Have fun.

maybe this thread could be pinned somewhere like /meta/? idk i am afraid it will get buried and i want to make sure everyone gets a chance to post and share equally.

No. 1817936

This thread is just going to devolve in pure infighting

No. 1817938

i hope not.

No. 1817939

I'm an oldfag and it's very embarrassing how much other oldfags want to stick out like a sore thumb. Crybabies. You're just dividing this imageboard further, old 2015 lolcow was full of gross scrotes, grow up and take your psyop to /meta/
>Wanting to be pinned
Cringe attention whore

No. 1817940

if you say so, anon.

No. 1817941

Obvious bait thread.

No. 1817945

I think you take this site too seriously

No. 1817947

Agreed. I feel weird vibes from this thread.

No. 1817951

I had a lot of fun during the first bunker for some reason KEK I still think of the anon who shared explicit undertale fanfiction and the anime figurine triplets

No. 1817952

i miss gc threads on /ot/. they were so good and they actually made me detroon and hit peak trans. i'm thankful for lolcow for turning me from a way of destruction and mental illness.

No. 1817954

File: 1702894123443.jpeg (57.25 KB, 736x735, 81D65AD7-2754-44C9-9DA4-DA76D9…)

It was a lot saltier then but maybe I just thought so because when I first found this site I was a sensitive 19 year old PULL user, I never liked troons so the talking shit about troons didn’t bother me but the manhating kinda caught me off guard. I’ve just never seen it so unfiltered and without the “ackshually not all men!” replies so it was weird to me. Im glad the site is still like that for a short while, there were some anons who would ask you to chill out on speeding about men or troons, but this is the only site where you can do it without worrying about being doxxed or threatened. When I found this site the pink pill and gender critical threads were in /ot/ it kinda made me feel like I just like uncovered a whole bunch of secrets, I feel regarded saying this but I was mostly oblivious to men and their atrocities. I was sort of a handmaiden in those days and this site opened my eyes.
So I might not be an actual old fag, I found this site in 2019, but a lot has still changed. Farmers threw the n word with the er at the end around, no drawing board or movie nights then, I was on the discord. Some users recommended shota mangas. There was the girl who kept talking about how she liked. Nazis on there. I think there were more edgy users or they matured a bit. I’ve said it before but I get the feeling custardloaf and shoeonhead types hang out on here. It’s weird because we diss pickmes so much but they definitely sit on here a lot, they let their retardation spill out.
It’s gotten a lot more cozy feeling, nona, nonny and anon nicknames are used more often. The drawing room and movie nights feel so chill, even the banners are cutesier, and someone was complaining about it the other day but they said they’ve noticed more tumblry posts and it makes sense. I can’t put my finger on it, it’s just theater kid humoresque quips in posts. “Bloop” energy.

No. 1817956

I've been a lurker since 2015, but I don't have any good memories from back then. Seriously I can't even think of one, if anything I'm a super oldfag because before lolcow I was on /cgl/ for literal years as well and I don't remember that fondly either. I lost too much time on this shit. Imageboards fucked up my self esteem and at least nowadays people seem kinder on here.

No. 1817958

I think a lot of the "good" moments from back then (at least for me) were when the moms of cows or the cows themselves would come to their threads to pick a fight with us kek

No. 1817960

File: 1702894670399.jpeg (525.36 KB, 640x885, 7995F909-5AF3-4201-8BA6-D3E886…)

Samefag and fuck the TikTok anons. They don’t integrate well and they talk like faggots on Stan Twitter, they are also another type of identifiable poster. They’re always talking about celebrities and being a divine feminine., dark feminine energy, adriana Lima, Doja cat, they looksperg, femcels, [insertwordhere]core, they post their faces on here or on TikTok drawing attention not only to themselves but to this site, these users easily piss me off the most besides obviously baiting moids. This wasn’t a thing back in 2019, or it just wasn’t a big thing anyways

No. 1817963

File: 1702894943695.jpeg (79.85 KB, 459x477, 6F25EE33-04EC-4B5B-A107-8EE1DD…)

No. 1817964

we are mainstream now nonnies

No. 1817965

Used to not post at all on here for years but then when I started doing it I became bitter and resentful. Then nonnies became nice and chill and now I'm nice and chill too. Time is an illusion and nostalgia for something like this website is worthless to me. What I found funny back when I was 18, aka berating cows and image board humor, is just not what I want anymore. People grow and become different. That's just one of the many reasons why I think oldfags changed or went away.

No. 1817967

I used to post here around 2016-2018 but then I had a mental breakdown and quit imageboards and social media for 4 years. came back to this cesspool last year, still dont do social media, it's an ok balance but I can feel the toxicity permeating my psyche slowly. at least I dont get social media brainrot from not looking like a certain way anymore.

No. 1817968

I still like the salt in some threads specially here in /ot/, but meh. The other boards are boring shit with zero milk basically. Too much infighting and baiting and trolling. Or maybe I'm just not into cows anymore. I also hate the obvious twitter tiktok 4chan terminally online bitches. The Tumblr humor ones are fine to me.

No. 1817971

>photos and videos you've saved from the past
fuck I actually had a LC folder and I deleted during a schizo meltdown I had when I decided to take a break from the internet during lockdown

No. 1817975

Posters like this give me second hand embarassment

No. 1817984

>I never liked troons so the talking shit about troons didn’t bother me but the manhating kinda caught me off guard.
for me its the other way around. I had no problem saying the most vile shit about men but for some reason troonphobia made me uncomfortable
i hate people who brags about being farmers on social media. I guess it makes them feel edgy and taboo. I used to lurk on lolcow, PULL and e-celeb snark tumblr blogs when i was underaged but it wasn't something I discussed with other people. Many of my friends used 4chan which I only found out years later lol. It's not that we where ashamed of using these sites it's just that edgy gossip sites and imageboards aren't brag worthy. No one is going to think you are more interesting or edgy if you are a farmer.
Modern internet is also stupid and attentionwhoring. What compels someone to attach their face to every statement they make? Specially now where your boss and social group will comb trough your social media. People who read trashy gossip magazines in the 00-10s never attentionwhored like this.
Its not a lolcow specific issue but I miss the stupid "kawaii motherfucker" 2013 internet humor. It was stupid but it was self aware without being obnoxious. Internet humor got really shitty when kpop and drag became mainstream.
Now you either need to take an ironic distance to everything or take everything super seriously. So you are left with people who are desperately trying to appear smug/sassy and celebrity worshippers. And then we have people who think everything is problematic or an personal attack.
Weeb spaces have just become constant coomer jokes. The coom jokes where always there but there used to be the occasional desu joke or burando joke. I know its a dumb thing to feel nostalgia over but i just wanna laugh at weebs, otaku culture and jfashion for being cringey without having to use the word asianfishing.
>I'm just not into cows anymore.
Same. I don't know if i just outgrew cows or something in internet culture changed that made cows less interesting.
Now everyone is airing their dirty laundry on social media and now everyone is faking 6373838 mental illnesses and making up stories about their eccentric behavior. Cows aren't really special anymore

No. 1817991

>The Tumblr humor ones are fine to me
Those are the worst ones tf you talking about

No. 1817994

Agreed. The only thing I miss about the beginning years of lc are the cows themselves and the novelty they had.

No. 1817999

I´m not really an old fag but around since before 2020. I just noticed by reading old threads that back then the nonnys here where so mean to each other. They would react so hostile towards each other, glad it changed for the better.

No. 1818006

I joined here shortly before Venus escaped Margo and I remember following the (now new) Margo thread voraciously, as I had a similar experience to Venus with being shopped around the world by an insane mother. I remember how proud nonnas were of her and how much hope they had for her future, cue the "Good luck Venus" banner. Seeing the Venus thread come back and the state that she's in now saddens me greatly, Margo destroyed her life. Anyway the "I'm going into the river" saga was one of the most insane and hilarious things I had ever seen. I don't browse cows anymore but I like that lolcow is still standing and as female-ran, GC and misandrist as always. This site peaked me and woke me up to many moid atrocities also. Still crazy to think the first admin who created all of this was a moid.

No. 1818013

Actually it's really bleak how half of the old cows devolved. Back when we'd joke about venus and the whole mr.yan saga or how much we had to coddle pt in her comments or jill being hypocritical about lace, would you have thought back then that they'd end up like they are today? I was always interested in milk due to having a glance at how "outlier" people live their lifes but I still wished for them to succeed and get better in the end.

It's also interesting that weeb cows mostly ended up severely mentally ill or into sex work, while the cows like ally or asha completely fizzled into normalcy.

No. 1818024

I think there was a fundamental shift (for the worse) once onlyfans became something mainstream. Momo for instance is the most egregious example, what with being proud that she "didn't do porn". Now literally everyone is doing it. Cows have become darker in my opinion due to the added fact that now almost all of them degrade themselves sexually on camera for moids. With Venus it was very egregious, when she launched her onlyfans it was surely the first sign that things were going down the shitter for her. I think also the fact that most big cows are also millionnaires having their public desplays of mental illness being rewarded with stupid money makes it hard to have the same low-key fondness for them and desire for their wellbeing like people had for PT.

No. 1818038

I find it kind of interesting how much /w/ dried up, like lc started with /cgl/ migrants when drama posting would result in bans, spoony fucking everywhere, so much drama in the lolita fashion community, and now it’s all dead. Being a weeaboo or gamer and buying weird polyester clothes made in china is just another normalfag thing

No. 1818079

It was recent, but for some reason the creation of /w/ was the first that came to mind. I remember being so annoyed because I felt the board was unnecessary (still kinda do) and all the links were breaking.

This isn't a specific event but more of a general feel: I do miss this site being more focused around the cow boards and the off topic boards just playing the backseat. I don't use /snow/ and the likes anymore but it feels like off topic boards are now becoming a main part of the site and I don't think that's a good thing.

No. 1818086

that surprises me too considering that PULL got nuked and it used to be full of weebs. What happened to the weeby cows back then?!

No. 1818108

I miss the cows being funny but I don't miss the retardation and hostility of the anons or the powertripping farmhands. It's a weird trade off now but I suppose I'll take it
I also miss how easy it was to find cows, despite being easier to before to track and document them on paper you have to sign up for a lot of sites or some cows just go on private unless you follow them with an account. Takes the fun out of observing

No. 1818141

>it feels like off topic boards are now becoming a main part of the site
yeah i have noticed this too, my guess is twitter/tiktok immigrants wanting to use image boards but no wanting to go to sites like 4chan?

No. 1818156

You have several anons itt saying they simply grew out of cows and I feel the same way. If anything, the smaller cow threads are where the tiktok/twitter newfags gather in the first place. Which is no surprise, since this is how most people find this website, googling cows or being linked to cow threads.

No. 1818158

File: 1702915556576.jpg (36 KB, 445x530, images.jpg)

>Its not a lolcow specific issue but I miss the stupid "kawaii motherfucker" 2013 internet humor. It was stupid but it was self aware without being obnoxious. Internet humor got really shitty when kpop and drag became mainstream.
Do you mean like picrel? Egirls and ddgl freaks ruined it, I also associate it with early lolcow and tumblr.

No. 1818161

Aw I still have so many similar icons saved from when I wanted to plaster those on my tumblr blog.

No. 1818164

File: 1702915806492.jpg (935.32 KB, 1080x2184, Screenshot_20231218_081110_Chr…)

The glory days

No. 1818168

See that's why I'm not opposed to the overt Tumblr nonnies, it's like they never left. I know we always hated Tumblr here but it's more likely that they just became more comfortable after moids calling everyone "tumblrinas" left.

Another thing I noticed though is that we now have too much fandom stuff. I didn't care at first but now it's really everywhere kek, good for them I guess. I'm personally not a fandom person, too autistic for my tastes, sorry. At least we don't allow kpop kek

No. 1818185

The internet itself has changed, people are more aware of mental illness and for good measure. Some cows deserve healing, some are too terrible and still deserve to be mocked. It depends on the current anons of those cow threads. A lot more innocuous things get a pass. Threads have their own micro ecosystem. Most horrorcows are too horrible to thrive here so they get discussed on the other farm.

No. 1818188

Wow Tumblrina hardly means anything anymore. I’ll never forget the whole 4chan vs. tumblr thing kek too bad both sites are shells of their former selves now. I genuinely wonder where things are gonna go next and how long LC will survive (if it isn’t dying already). The “cows” are so boring now and it’s incredible that threads on /pt/ are still even alive.

Any “humor” past 2020 shouldn’t be welcomed here. Begone.

No. 1818203

Adding to this, a lot of farmers realized they have cow tendencies as well. Anons used to be way more paranoid of becoming cows, it was a huge deal. Once everyone started opening up about their issues, things became less mean. Now we know half the userbase are autistic neets with severe trauma or bpd and it makes so much sense. Wanting to be mean on purpose back then like everyone else was a way to mask it I guess. I myself still gravitate to pixielocks because she reminds me of myself, I know I'm not as bad now, but I know plenty of anons gravitate towards cows that are similar to their own situations.

Unrelated but today I had a dream that farmhands banned me because I said "Imagine not having a job" and the red text was like "but you have no job you autistic NEET bitch" kek. I will always love creative redtexts.

No. 1818212

Unironically a lot more funny and remarkable things have happened over here after 2018 than before 2018. And yes I know pre-2018 lolcow is still important.

No. 1818226

What are your favorite things that happened after 2018?

No. 1818233

Bunker, kpop getting btfo (though that might had been 2017 dunno), movie nights, Katlyn Tiffany or whatever, etc lolcow does not live rent free in my head believe it or not kek

No. 1818240

I agree with these, also the doodle boards.

No. 1818253

The short lived spam community threads were a wild ride

No. 1818262

I mentioned twitter/tiktok specifically because in the chatroom esque threads a lot of people use twitter lingo, although that does happen in cow threads too. But a lot of newfags in cow threads seem to be randos who accidentally stumbled across this site

No. 1818267

>photos and videos you've saved from the past
I still have a folder of reaction images from around 2010 to 2016 that were for general use on the weeb boards of 4chan, SR and early LC. If I posted any of them today I would probably get called a scrote.

No. 1818271

Post 3, I'll be the judge

No. 1818276

What even classifies a ‘newfag’? Like being here for one week? Two months? I found this dreaded place googling Jess Woods in 2020. So what does that make me? Still a newfag? What makes someone a middleagedfag?

No. 1818277

I have been here since day one and I am glad this site turned more radfem leaning. (anons might attack me for that but trust me, way back before when nonnas would post about their scrote mentally abusing them, usually the advice would be "have you tried communicating with him" and would generally welcome moids in their threads)

I miss discussing random internet lolcows that were not really well known but were popular and lulzy in their respective spaces back in 2014-2015. E.g. that tumblr account that larped as an edgy japanese pretty boy who hated all white people (ihatewhitepeople was their nickname iirc) but then had a falling out with another melodramatic cow who wanted to date "him" and then it turned out it was a larper all along who used pics of some taiwanese model. It was pretty fun witnessing drama in real time.
I am older now and following cows does not amuse me like it used to. I have no idea about streamers, newer youtubers, Onlyfans cows etc. I feel people are also much more careful about their image so there is nothing much to discuss.

No. 1818278


No. 1818280

Right! Thanks nonna, gonna find the old thread now as my evening read.

No. 1818282

One time I made a big mistake and hand revealed, good times kek(personalityfagging)

No. 1818288

I've been here since I was 13 and to be honest, I learned about radical feminism in here which saved me a lot of moid-related trouble so I consider it a blessing in disguise.

No. 1818292

I came to this site in late 2016, and bullshit aside, I'm grateful for the insight I've gained from the farms

No. 1818297

File: 1702923837123.jpg (74.97 KB, 240x320, 1342461353587.jpg)

Repost because I replied to the wrong post

No. 1818300

File: 1702923884481.png (8.58 KB, 429x431, 1241419594473.png)

No. 1818308

File: 1702924039654.gif (497.62 KB, 405x228, 1345823789945.gif)

No. 1818313

Kek these are great. I miss these days

No. 1818317

kek this is an old favourite of mine

No. 1818339

13???? The fuck I started using this website when I was an adult
Kek I like the nichijou one. Idk nothing wrong with these, old lolcow energy for sure

No. 1818402

How'd you even find this place as 13 year old? How old are you now?

No. 1818414

File: 1702930111640.gif (343.24 KB, 280x450, 1388559898307.gif)

>Idk nothing wrong with these, old lolcow energy for sure
I think it's because these days anime is heavily associated with trannies on social media and image boards are more about politics than they are discussing hobbies and irreverent humour.

No. 1818429

I cant even remember when i started posting. I know my very first thread was early 2020, but i lurked for quite some time and was a PULLfag and Kiwifag(sorry) since 2018. Seeing creepshow art get pulverized in real time was fantastic.

No. 1818434

Embarrassing to admit this but I came here in 2017 because I had a crush on iDubbbz and hated Anisa for dating him kek. The threads made me realize how shit of a boyfriend he was at the time and I lost my crush kek. I was a Pullfag way before that though.

No. 1818439

I love this lol.. post moar please

No. 1818440

My least favourite type of newfags are the ones that never set foot in an imageboard and think 4chan is le evil kakerman website, when modern 4chan is honestly not different than big social media anymore, sadly.

No. 1818441

I'm almost 21. I was an Onision viewer and found out about this website when the Billie cuddle drama happened.

No. 1818455

I felt bad for anisa before her threads were locked here, the amount of hate she got from idubbbz fangirls was insane. Now she's genuinely shitty all on her own kek

No. 1818468

File: 1702932617136.jpg (116.77 KB, 640x488, 1232804625312.jpg)

No. 1818470

File: 1702932765240.jpg (55.05 KB, 750x600, 1136515499161.jpg)

No. 1818476

File: 1702933005970.jpg (165.91 KB, 600x811, 1251097338229.jpg)

No. 1818480

File: 1702933119568.jpg (35.02 KB, 277x182, 1342292797929.jpg)

No. 1818487

File: 1702933523638.gif (1.16 MB, 854x714, 1403226643895.gif)

No. 1818488

File: 1702933576141.gif (1.08 MB, 480x270, 1524862644206.gif)

No. 1818490

I first came to this site on 2016, but the kaitlynn tiffany incident really gave me a good chuckle. I am just disappointed that she didn't talk smack about us in her article, i would have been thoroughly entertained, might have even printed it out.

No. 1818492

File: 1702933728733.gif (137.31 KB, 180x135, 1156690495839.gif)

No. 1818496

File: 1702933911231.jpg (307.16 KB, 750x850, 1341997808965.jpg)

No. 1818527

File: 1702935130294.jpg (41.21 KB, 507x599, RJ-laura-and-crew.jpg)

I'm an oldfag that's been here 8 or so years now. I remember the very beginning of Taylor R, before she was married and pregnant, the Berry tsukasa days, the fellowship days with haku and her scabby crew. I also remember when RJ was still a fake boi, kek

No. 1818529

Those are the worst, alongside newfags are want to censor words like kill and suicide because they are terminally online, and so used to youtube and tiktok channels doing it.

No. 1818546

It’s just 4chan energy anon

No. 1818554

Yeah it sucks, I've got called tranny a few times when posting anime/weeb gifs in discord servers

No. 1818589

2017-2019 were the best years imo

No. 1818608

File: 1702939241796.jpg (596.77 KB, 1017x1758, Screenshot_20231218_171916_Chr…)

I'm doing my annual pheebs thread reread and I take back any complaints about innocuous redtexts from modern jannies, the shit we used to get away with with no redtexts was pure cancer. Anons redditspacing so bad a single post takes up an entire phone screen, unironic trutrans and accusations of transphobia, bonerattling spillover from the proana threads ("peanut butter is unhealthy! Fiber is unhealthy!") Like Pheebs was the milkiest cow to ever squirt in my book but her thread is unreadable unless you ignore every anon and only look at the pictures

No. 1818676

>annual pheebs thread reread
How many times have you read it kek

No. 1818721

I’m not an oldfag, but I wish I was there for the time Venus left Margot. I read old threads and I can imagine the suspense and excitement. Everyone was so happy for her to leave….makes how she is now very sad

No. 1818728

Yeah, back then we had no idea how hard it was going to get

No. 1818739

Been here since like 2016 I think? I found this place after TND started hoarding animals, I was just getting old enough to realise it wasn't cool she was keeping a zoo in her parents house. Hard to believe she has like 100 threads now.

No. 1818750

I remember tempcow days and how vix baited onision and then came to the board to tell us. Then that started other victims engaging with the site and then it was pure lols when we were getting Chris Hansen involved and finally put a nail in onisions career. His thread is pretty dead these days but its nice to know we've helped with the fact he's going to court now

No. 1818779

I remember those threads about getting Chris Hansen involved. kek

No. 1818780

This is my fourth. I reread it every Christmas as my nasty little treat

No. 1818869

/w/ was an absolutely retarded decision that was implemented by oldmin on a whim without consulting anyone or polling the users. it was absolutely the death knell for this website. then everything else, the chat threads consuming /ot/, e-sex work not meaning anything anymore, death of PULL, realizing that a cosplay wig two shades too light isn’t really that dramatic, internet becoming more panopticon like leading people to monitor themselves more, r/GC/mumsnet invasion, all the screeching about ‘contributing to a thread’ because as we all know gossip is srs business, all the fun slowly being sucked out, add that to indifferent or outwardly hostile admins leading to mass user exodus yeah it’s over. wow sorry I got a bit depressed there…

No. 1818878

Even our personalityfags were more entertaining back then. The ones we have now are just tryhard underage faggots or traumadumping cows, I miss seeing users getting outed for that shit and turning out to be worth kekking over (never 4get Spoony's bf's graduation pics)

No. 1818892

I do not miss the amount of scotes on here back in the day. Obvious scrotes made half the post and were not removed.

No. 1818895

I miss NeSped…

No. 1818901

Hahaha lowkey thought she was a queen up until the incest, the buff retarded man being pimped out fantasy is so funny, I wish it were a movie with graphic sec scenes

No. 1818905

Her manlet retard boyfriend posts were so fucking good idc. Rancefag and the other clowns could never

No. 1818908

His livestreams were surreal farmers were basically in the chat directing what questions to ask how to probe how best to evoke onision. It was all beautifully orchestrated then it got on to TV. All the pressure built up for years and he basically lives in hiding now lol

No. 1818917

A lot of it was dumb and cringy but in the end we did destroy him and had fun doing so. The biggest success farmers have had imo

No. 1818927

It had to be cringe at times to encourage victims to speak up, but it was a success!

No. 1818936

also proof that sometimes cowtipping is necessary and based

No. 1818939

It couldn't happen today though, the threads were already attracting too many youtubers and other tourists at the time. For every successful catfish milk drop there were 5 newfag attention whores like the ones who flirted with Lainey's rapist HS ex. Nowadays you'd have too short a time window until egirls lurking here from tiktok throw themselves at these cows for storytime clout

No. 1819048


No. 1819106

I really enjoyed the Venus threads when she had first gotten away from her mother. People were so hopeful then. She's such a mess now it's so sad. I can't enjoy her threads at all anymore.

No. 1819283

I just miss the horror cows and crazy cows. There's too many boring e-thots and Twitter personalities on here now

No. 1819336

It's honestly crazy how milk standards have changed. A few years ago bad Photoshop and cosplay was considered milk and enough to warrant a thread but now that's tame. At the same time, cows were better a few years ago. What milky cows do we have now? Shayna? That could be a consequence of this site becoming less cow focused.

No. 1819373

I miss cosplay drama so much, anons autistically ripping apart a bitchy dunning-kruger cosplayer's work is like drinking fine wine. It's both satisfying and educational, I learned by taking notes from people doing it. It was so much more interesting and above all intelligent to read anons raging about Momokun's awful costume construction than gawking at her vulva shape or calling her fat again and again like people don't have eyes on them. Yeah she said she's "above porn" which is why it's ironic she's doing it now but that was like 6 years ago, the horse is already buried.

I feel like this happened to a lot of threads about cows in the creative field, it went from anons pointing out all the incompetency and reasonable criticism into just sperging about the cow's looks, ideologies and personal feelings because the userbase went from a nerdy women into radblr refugees and later on tiktok zoomers who lack the attentiveness and passion for developing an actual skill. Most threads are now just racebait, tranny sperging and "look at that bitch eating crackers" style nitpicking.

But to reminiscence a bit, I think one of my most satisfying lolcow moments were when Swimsuitsuccubus and her fake girlfriend were outed for faking their lesbian relationship for clout (I think either one of them was dating a moid at the same time?) and having been vendettaposting in Momokun's thread. I called it years before the truth was leaked because they were never the least bit subtle about it.

They're in /w/ being as mentally ill as ever. Open any jlogger's or e-thot's thread and it's just PULL reborn.

No. 1819384

>tranny sperging
Oh this again

No. 1819506

Not that old, but the amanda seyfried poster and the day admin put her as a theme are memorable to me. I just laugh when I remember it. My favorite posts and moments usually come from newfags like Hall is the blond one.

No. 1819517

I come from /cgl/ and I once also enjoyed cosplay drama but honestly I just grew up and didn't care anymore. Cosplay is just a bunch of weirdos dressed like shit. All of them. Nothing is special anymore. Even all lolita fashion feels weird to me now that I don't care about jfash, it feels strange when I look at it. People in general on the internet either do shit for clout or just cosplay for fun. I think it just became less niche and now everyone is doing it terribly, that's why it's not a bigger deal as it was back then. Both hobbies also got infested with SJWs. I also think it takes more than having a bad cosplay to count as milky now, it also has to do with people's narcissistic personality or whatever.

No. 1819524

I think cows are still out there but they get outed inside their own niche group and get called out or cancelled. Inside discord servers, twitter, or telegram. Then they either double down or disappear. It's also increasingly hard to post anything new over here because all new threads are shit threads or don't have enough out there milk despite cows not necessarily having to be terrible people to be cows. KF has more extreme cows but also allows dumb posts about randos inside specific threads. The internet in general just changed imo. This place was bound to change.

No. 1819540

There’s a weird trend of newfag twitter types complaining about the cow boards and that they should go away kek. I’ve seen these posts in /meta/ and floating around /ot/. They’re bringing the delusional incwusiwity bullshit from social media. I also notice in cow threads that some posters get dogpiled for calling a woman ugly or old for not being ultra supportive of all women. I don’t like how that shit is permeating lolcow.

No. 1819543

I guess I don't look back at the past as fondly as others do because I've always cared more about the classic /cgl/ cows (Venus, Dakota, Pixie) and they had their own fame and special milk days but nowadays they're just sad, empty threads full of nitpicks. When the milk started drying up I switched boards and now I'm here, I like the consoom thread for example, it gives me the lolcow fix that I've been addicted to since I first came here. But it's not the same. I'm also not a teen anymore, I don't care about people photoshoping their face or dressing cringe. I really try not to look at ethots in my daily life so why would I care about their milk. Anorexic cows are just depressing. It's all just shit. Gossip is boring to me now.

No. 1819557

I think people come here thinking that this is a radfem site and want to force other anons to abide by that

No. 1819562

I'll force you somewhere

No. 1819563

Yeah I miss some of the old nitpicking and what was considered milk. This new gen z farmer generation are prone to cow behaviour so it's not allowed to be made fun of. Why tf on lolcow of all places do we get demonised for mocking insecurity? Can't even call out cows getting filler as it's not milky. Yes it is. Cosmetic surgery is cringe and so are superficial vapid cunts.

No. 1819566

Do it, whatever this means

No. 1819607

Nah I'm glad we're at least a little nicer about women's appearance here, all that old nitpicking was definitely half the scrotes we let run free, and half 16 year old girls with seething insecurities. It really grinds away at your confidence to see totally normal looking women get nitpicked for every aspect of their appearance apparently being hideously ugly, I've always ignored or skimmed those kinds of threads just because how bad it makes me see myself. That's probably just me, but I've always preferred the cows who do actually milky shit and bring it upon themselves with the way they act.

No. 1819630

Is it a getting older thing no longer being interested in cows? Or lolcow and gossip overdose from coming here for years and years? Or have cows themselves and the concept of milk changed, due to or alongside the way that the internet has changed in the last 15 years?

No. 1819636

Cows and milk have changed. If tiktok was about when I was a teenager anyone doing the dances and skits would have been bullied relentlessly and mocked for attention seeking. Now there's a generation that aspires to be as obnoxious as possible. There's also the new idea that instead of everyone is beautiful, plastic surgery is ethically correct and it's a human right to be sexy.

No. 1819640

Personally, i still have an interest in cows but they need to be a special kind of outlandish to catch my interest. Most of the cows on this site are incredibly boring imo. I remember being a shayna fag but she bores the hell out of me right now, which tbh is probably a good thing because it means she's enjoying life, even if she is still selling her coochie. I wish i could tolerate kiwifarms but the edgy speak and power leveling throws me off from going there, despite them having infinitely better milk. So i find myself just settling for watching the odd cow video on youtube to get my fix.

No. 1819643

Agreed and I'm an oldfag. Lolcow and /cgl/ ruined my self image for years.

No. 1819653

>I also think it takes more than having a bad cosplay to count as milky now, it also has to do with people's narcissistic personality or whatever.
That's how it always was, just making bad or mediocre costumes was never interesting or "milky" and still isn't. All the cosplay cows were completely blind to their own skill level and considered themselves to be more apt than they actually were, which reflected in their personality. Momokun's initial appeal was her aloof personality and cosplays that were horribly constructed yet she bitched about not winning contests to the point she had a vendetta against one of the judges.

KF threads are literally unreadable due to the amount of blogposting going on in there. You can tell 90% of the scrotes there never had fathers in their lives or any friends to talk to.

No. 1819660

Agree, I had horrible body dysmorphia due to being a /cgl/ regular in the early 2010's. Looking back I was super skinny yet I starved myself because people on imageboards were zooming into even smallest of skin folds calling them "fat rolls" and I internalized all of it. And not just the weight part, if you weren't a filtered photoshopped asian cosplayer level beauty you might as well go live under the bridge with the rest of your kind. I would brush them off as scrotes but you can see the remnants of that mindset in threads like Dakota's where they've been calling her fat for years and it's obviously coming from a place of jealousy and crab mentality. It's not milky and it directly contributes to unachievable female beauty standards, anons who want those times back are probably blind to the damage it caused them.

No. 1819661

>It really grinds away at your confidence
I'm sorry but this just means you're too sensitive and take the posts here too personally. If we got rid of everything just because it hurt somebody's feelings, this site wouldn't even exist.

No. 1819667

Berry's thread was so much fun to read back then, really the good ol' days.

No. 1819681

Exactly. If you get personally offended you're not right for here. This is anonymous. I want to freely comment on society without worrying about someone's feelings.

No. 1819699

Nayrt but where is nonna even making that point? She's just saying that that stuff can potentially affect you, and she was affected by it. She's still here so she's obviously not "too sensitive" nor clamouring to tear down lolcow and 4chan. As retarded as stuff like HAES are it did have an impact on culture because back then, a woman being chubby or fat was equal to relentless nitpicking, as any oldfag obviously knows. Look at how many cows are obese now and still thriving, people are obviously more tolerant of a woman being fatter today. Which back then no one was. Of course that shit can affect you when you're a teenage girl insecure about your weight.

No. 1819700

And people are allowed to disagree with you and call you out for being a vain bitch or viewing women through a scrotebrained lens, this isn't your hugbox.

No. 1819705

This isn't your hugbox either kek

No. 1819746

How are farmers the vain bitch when the cows on this site use their fucking photos to gain an audience? Check your ego at the door

No. 1819757

Agree with you.

No. 1819788

I think you are right. Some people just want to be openly nasty and when someone calls them out they get offended and start projecting their ego fragility on others. It's not about freedom to post, it's about some people only coming here to say misoginystic shit and then sweeping it under the ''it's imageboard culture'' rug. Having a thick skin on the internet is optimal but you actually have to be able to post something else than vitriol, otherwise it gets moid levels of boring.

No. 1819865

File: 1703020105270.jpg (27.87 KB, 480x360, ouhohhhhhh.jpg)

all of my favourite lolcows are dead or got off of the internet. tragic.

No. 1819878

For people constantly going on about "growing a thicker skin" they take anons disagreeing with them real personally and sperg endlessly about having their feelings hurt for being told they're being mean bitches for no reason kek.

No. 1819892

I think the cow boards are overly moderated sometimes which can kill discussion. It's hard to find a balance though because under-moderation can ruin a thread too

No. 1819924

Well said.

No. 1820097

I don't think it is about sensitivity but about self-confidence and self-image, otherwise she wouldn't take it to heart.

No. 1820423

Ambrose vs Lucinda was definitely a good time kekk

No. 1820428

Which lolcows are dead?

No. 1820583

to any oldfags, was amberlynn reid ever actively discussed here? her thread on /pt/ hasnt hit bump limit after like 6 years and i know there has been significant drama on her in that time

No. 1821501

Soren, a handful of proana skellies, Lil Bo Weep, Kadee something. I think that obese woman who wore her dead dad's clothing, had intense facial hair, and faked(?) autism died as well.

Cows who left, locked down their accounts, or cleaned up their Internet accounts that I miss are Shmegeh, haku/Mikhail, and voidchan plus all of their orbiters and skinwalkers.

No. 1821506

Oh!! Sorry for samefagging but I remembered her name, Amanda Baggs, and she even has a Wikipedia page:

No. 1824145

Same. It’s for the best though, they would have been chased off quickly like that amputee fetish tif if they had been found by the current user base.

No. 1824148

I think briefly but I get why farmers aren’t interested because she’s pretty boring in comparison to the cows that were active at the time. It didn’t help that she also attracted the most annoying of users even on kiwi. the haydur nation thread was more active than hers at the time kek.

No. 1824164

The most legendary cow to me is Nemu

No. 1824173

yeah thats kinda what i assumed, the drama in haydur nation used to be so good kek

No. 1824338

discovering the depths of nemu's degeneracy was like peeling a vomit-soaked onion.

No. 1824357

It varies by person. Definitively an oldfag is someone who's been here since the beginning, or close to it (2014-2016). Newfag is really anyone who hasn't yet learned the board culture enough to blend in (integrate), which in itself doesn't have a set timeline. Some users think a newfag is anyone who has been here for less than a year, others think it's anyone who joined in or after 2020. Anyone who isn't an oldfag or a newfag doesn't get called anything kek

No. 1824617

She was my friend when I was a stupid teen on Tumblr. I'm so curious as to what she's up to now. Is she normal now? Did she get help? Or just continue her degeneracy offline? We'll probably never know

No. 1824662

I really don't get the obsession with how many hours you wasted on a chinese gossip site

No. 1824681

Claiming to be an oldfag while complaining about new fags is an innate part of image board culture.

No. 1824683

I miss Soren. We need another horrorcow in that vein.

No. 1824695

Damn, deets?

No. 1824713

I miss her so much, she was one of the most interesting people I've ever seen. Horrific but fascinating.

No. 1824783

>it went from anons pointing out all the incompetency and reasonable criticism into just sperging about the cow's looks
You're wearing rose colored glasses, the excessive sperging about weight, noses and nasolabial folds whenever there is a mildly unflattering picture of a cow is older than lolcow itself.

No. 1824785

We weren't super close but we were mutuals and would message on Skype. I don't remember but I probably found her blog from her Professor Layton art since I was a huge fan and the fandom was kinda small. I liked her art a lot and would get so happy whenever she'd reblog and/or compliment my art. I would send her my art, we would talk about Layton fanfiction, our similar music taste, etc etc. One time she asked if I had a vomit fetish and I truthfully told her no. I asked why she wanted to know and she said she was just wondering because I was almost a mini-Nemu. I was honestly disappointed that I DIDN'T have a vomit fetish because she was my cool art senpai and I would have been so proud and honored to be called a mini-Nemu. Oh, one time I posted that I wanted to get better at figure drawing but couldn't always find good references. I think I said something along the lines of "I wish it were socially acceptable to ask your friends for nude photos for artistic reasons" and she replied saying she'd send me some. When I publicly responded she asked me to delete the post. I did and she sent me some nudes on Skype. They weren't meant to be sexy photos or anything I think she was just so kooky in the head that she didn't see a problem with sending a teenager nudes since it was for figure drawing. If these details seem familiar I posted it a few years ago in one of her original threads and someone screencapped it and added it to kf thread as well. Not too milky, sorry

No. 1824827

always hoping soren isn't actually dead but that's to sick and twisted part of me

No. 1824866

I can't get into the Myah Alanna thread and I think she looks really good even in her bad candids kek

No. 1825186

Damn. Thanks for sharing nonna

No. 1881680

Id say lc originally had bitchy nerd older sister vibes, who slams the door telling you to leave. Now it has drunk auntie ranting about politics vibes, who absolutely won't let you leave the conversation

No. 1890909

File: 1708120653035.jpg (Spoiler Image,44.65 KB, 600x600, tumblr_59602be5b0da0fddbdf7bf4…)

ive been here since 2015/2016 with some long breaks in between and, not surprisingly, the site just isn't the same anymore. but the internet has changed. i miss the time when politics didn't infest everything, onlysimps and tiktok didn't exist, and we were more or less still a secret. according to this thread there's less nitpick now but i can't confirm that since im an ot and g lurker now.
all my beloved cows are gone or have dead threads but that's ok because ive grown out of cow culture for the most part. modern cows seem so boring or completely unhinged to the point i can't stomach them. at least you don't see anons saying Greg's scrotey neanderthal face is attractive anymore or acting jealous because Venus got a Japanese bf so that's a positive.

No. 1891047

definitely agree about the old vibes. I'd say the new vibe is a perpetually offended scolding mother though.

No. 1891048

NeSped never left guys. NeSped is pakichan. She just got slightly better at punctuation and started focusing more on Pakistan.

No. 1891320

I knew it. Most /snow/ users are lolcows themselves. (Being a they/them makes you a lolcow by default)

No. 1891321

It's interesting how the internet progressively gets worse in fases. To OP the internet went to shit during the pandemic, to me it was after 2009-2012ish when social media started catching on and to someone else everything after 2000 is shit.

No. 1891353

I know people have brought this up before, but how do you know? Sure they're both annoying spergs but there has to be something more than that.

No. 1891358

her reddit account (since suspended) used to post about life in Pakistan. same special interest in south asian/muslim history, same retarded typing style, also hate boner for western "fart smelling" feminists, talked about bacha bazi, lots of random capitalization. it was pretty easy to tell but this was back in 2019.

No. 1891377

Me too nonna, I'm glad I got a ban immediately though kek.

No. 1891475

I remember when Onision's threads would get filled up within days. I don't remember exact year I found lolcow, but it was in the middle of the cows heat. So much shit happening, so many active threads with fat archives to read up. Luna Slater, Onion, Shayna, Venus all read from the beginning, every thread so fast-moving because there was constant drama and gossip; even though I can relate to anons saying they outgrew the cow culture - I kinda miss it. As an unemployed NEET student back then, this place was a perfect place on the Internet for me. I loved how angry and aggressive anons were, crass, self-confident, protective of this little girl-place. It was very refreshing to see women on the web from this other, less cutesy side. Constant battles with kiwi, PULL, no tolerance for twitterfags. Cows self-posting, Kiki's post history revealed - chef's kiss.

No. 1891554

does anyone remember april fools day in 2015 or 2016 when lolcow and pull switched domains or something? so when u entered lolcow.farm u were sent to pull instead and the other way around

No. 1892107

From 2015 to 2017 lolcow was so fun, the milk was flowing everywhere, from alt thots, to weebs, ana-chans, sad baby dolls, revolting sick horrorcows, clout chasers. I remember all the k8 drama, how pixielocks was shilling party-kei while becoming fat and ugly, venus unleashing, ginger bronson inventing stories about fucking black guys in traphouses, all the nicole dollanganger drama and the wannabes, I think charms was already camming and no longer a lolita, fucking soren with all the pedophilic satanic abuse story, the anons predicting ashley's death due to starvation and failing, Luna oversharing his junkie misadventures.
god the kiki shitshow was the most hilarious thing

No. 1892110

"neet student"
If you were a student, that's not a neet haha.

No. 1892117

File: 1708225646938.jpg (495.88 KB, 902x2081, 1376543258028.jpg)

Another image from old /cgl/

No. 1892133

Tag yourself nonnies. I’m the hikikomori internet stalker

No. 1892148

Wow what a deeply unlikable artist this was kek

No. 1892175

im the violence-loving superdyke

No. 1892183

File: 1708231261587.jpeg (340.38 KB, 828x310, IMG_6082.jpeg)

I imagine she’d write something like picrel

No. 1892197

I’m the moralfag because fuck pedos

No. 1892205

Hot topic gothic lolita complete with the arm cuts

No. 1892279

quiet /a/ lurker is a dead ringer for me in high school kek
hikikomori probably accurate now

No. 1892282

Are you single? Uh, asking for a friend.

No. 1892284

I used to be the wannabe voice actress but thankfully grew out of it, kek. I tried really hard for a while but I just don't have any talent. My cringe covers are still up on yt, some even have several thousand views. I remember being jealous of all the girls that got professional voice lessons

No. 1892308

This makes me laugh every time I see it because what the actual fuck, kek

No. 1892324

I discovered /snow/ in 2017 because of the Tearzah thread. I remember I fucking lost it when it was revealed her tranny boyfriend was lying about being FTM and was actually MTF.

I miss Soren, too.

I don't know why, but I'm sad to hear this.

No. 1892329

quiet /a/ lurker kek

No. 1892337

I discovered lolcow and crystal cafe about at the same time in the summer of 2015. I wasn't interested in cow culture back then, and only browsed the off topic and hobby boards. I remember leaving because of the lack of a video game board, and going back to /v/ eventually. I was laso disappointed by the fact that all the topics were geared towards stereotypical female affairs (gossipic, beauty, "girls games", etc).
Now you have more videogames threads and not stereotypically feminine interests discussions in general, which is nice, imo.

I got into cow culture via scrote retards like ethan ralph and varg later on, but I must say that I feel like moidfarms and cancel culture killed cow culture. In fact, I feel like you can appreciate cows only when they haven't been discovered yet by farm websites, especially kf and their retarded obsession with doxxing. Now whenever a cow gets a thread here they go into hiding, because they're afraid of being harassed, stalked or even attacked irl. It happened to empath-chan for instance, even tho i can't say that i feel really bad for her. But still, even if she says heinous stuff, it's just an attention-seeking retard rambling retarded shit on the internet. And for the more light-hearted cows, they're afraid of losing their job or irl friends if they get a thread. I think cancel culture definitely played a role into the death of cow culture. Saying stupid shit online, when attached to your real identity, can hinder your life forever now, if not outright ruining it. So that's why doxxing is such a problem now. It's because normies are on the internet.

So yeah, now my favourite cows are found on random 4chan boards or discord servers, and even if I vicariously follow their antics for entertainment, I would NEVER create them a thread on a cow website. Even here.

I just wish we could have our own internet free of normies where we could laugh at cows again.

No. 1892340

CC didn't exist in 2015.

No. 1892341

Just wanted to add, I know that Ralph is a disgusting wife beater and that Varg is a murderer. This is kind of part of the problem : I feel like today, the only cows that remain are horrorcows or people wanting to capitalize on drama (ex: JustPearlyThings). You just don't have random cringe weeb autists as cows, because once they get a thread, they get into hiding. Now the only cows remaining are the ones that have nothing to lose.

No. 1892944

File: 1708290333823.jpeg (15.72 KB, 275x226, 1689955125526.jpeg)

Been here since 2015/2016. I think I found this place trying to find out more about the Onision/Billie drama going on at the time. My all time favorite threads and the only ones I go back and read sometimes were the ones about Nemu. Interesting art horrorcows seem to be surprisingly rare. I used the site most frequently around 2017 or so when the men hating threads were getting attention. It really opened my eyes and was the only place online I was seeing people talk about how horrible moids are. I honestly miss those threads and how /2X/ is just hidden and dead overall now. But I understand the decision based on how many loser moids would raid the board bc they were mad that there was any place at all that would talk badly about them. It's really a gross thing to realize. It's difficult to have one place open to criticizing and hating men but there's so many misogynistic forms of discussion allowed to exist on the internet (and many moids even profit from it). I stopped using this site around 2020-2021 when my life was at it's lowest and I was extremely ill, but came back around 2022 or so. I do wish it was more active overall. I find the normie man-loving, "my lovely nigel husband" posting on /ot/ to be weird sometimes bc that just seems like something youd go to regular social media for and not a miserable imageboard. The most horrifying thing ive seen on here so far is that one nonna that admitted to regularly eating her husband's ass in /ot/ I think. I wish to never see posts like that ever again.

No. 1893204

Not an oldfag, but the normie nigel/pregnancy posts are both annoying and depressing to me. Browsing an imageboard is not something extraordinary but I prefer to think I spend time here with female autists. Also, if I had a mother posting in Shayna’s thread or heavily invested in cows I’d kill myself kek. There’s a time to grow out of this shit and having children while still obsessing over internet losers doesn’t go hand in hand.
And yes, the ass eating debate was horrific.

No. 1893207

I am also sick of the pregnancy posts, I feel in some schizo way they’re linked with the general no fun allowed vibe on this website.

No. 1893248

For real, i despise normie anons, idgaf if they were here since day one. They always cry about anti-mother bullshit, but it just confirms my personal theory i've always had that once you have kids and get married as a woman you just completely lose your soul. They come down and cry about neets or anons being mentally disturbed… isn't that the point of this site? Without neets and people with too much damn time of their hands, this site completely dies, especially the drama side and it's showing so much lately. There are still a lot of cows out there worth documenting, but some rando user with 2 kids and a career isn't going to go out of her way to contribute in any meaningful way, they would rather just tell everyone what to do, make fun of anons for not being boring and dull as their are. I also feel like the mods are too heavy on the shitposters.(off topic)

No. 1893271

yeah women have the entire rest of the internet to talk about how great motherhood is and how everything is so offensive. let us have one thing.

No. 1893285

File: 1708312548492.png (1.67 MB, 1003x1155, themodernwoman.png)

fucking same, I've brought this up before but I always get gaslit by mommyanons
>"what are you talking about there aren't that many pregnancy posts I've only ever seen like one like three months ago it doesn't happen"
>"but also even if they were common (they are not!!!! you are crazy) it would be a good thing because that mean anons are growing up and maturing!"
>"what do you expect, we're all hitting our 30s so babies come next"
Like what the actual fuck. I'm so happy to see you guys talking about this too because I really was starting to believe I was crazy. In particular, now I'm seeing a lot of posts complaining about having to do all the work for the baby/children and the house since they have a useless husband. The other day I saw an anon sad about getting pregnant with her husband's second child even though she resents him. Like, what the fuck. And the one I remember most that came up recently was an anon lamenting how her husband REFUSES TO TALK TO HIS CHILD AT ALL because "it can't understand or talk back" to him so "what's the point" and she was like "how can I convince him to do it because it's good for the baby's development??? help"
like idk I guess I just assumed that anons here would be…. smarter. It's actual torture to be subjected to this on my cozy imageboard now, this sort of shit belongs only coming out of the mouths of my dipshit coworkers.

No. 1893340

File: 1708318150120.png (656.75 KB, 640x651, IMG_1147.png)

This shit makes me wish the childless thread on /G/ was more active. I’m married but we have no desire to have babies. It sucks the baby thread is more popular.

No. 1893351

Damn I also got paranoid, believing it was really only me who noticed that sudden rush of marriage/pregnancy stuff.
>it's normal, anons are growing up and maturing!
I remember being the young one here and older anons definitely weren't like this. If you are like this, why are you in lolcow? It makes no sense. But whenever you question that you get attacked for not allowing married women and mothers to have hobbies. Many nowadays farmers completely deny the original roots and demographic of imageboards which is sad because damn, even in here you now get told off by normies, where else are you supposed to go…

You can't post anything in that thread without anons accusing you of hating on mothers.
Like feeling disgusted by the thought of becoming pregnant is somehow calling all pregnant bodies ugly and disgusting.

No. 1893372

That's because before, there weren't really "older" ones on LC. I prefer them to the weird, foreveralone boomer autists we get because they're creepy

No. 1893388

you are the problem

No. 1893393

I am not a problem because I accept change and don't chimp out about women growing up to become normal and functioning?

No. 1893395

Kiki and her goons spamming Taylor’s thread and Dakota’s will always be my favorite

No. 1893397

Her goons being her split personalities? I literally know with every fiber of my being that Kiki is the only person keeping that thread alive and im soo serious

No. 1893398

is there a lack of normie forums for normies to compare who's more well adjusted?

No. 1893399

nta, but I find it rather troubling your metric of being a functioning adult - in context to the prior discussion - is having a child.

No. 1893402

nta but well, imo, the ""normal and functioning"" women who spend their time wiping up baby spitup while their moid leaves a trail of cum socks around the house can go to reddit, facebook, mumsnet, babycenter, mommytok, social.mom, Peanut, new parenting classes, PTA meetings, or the local supermarket at 11am on a weekday, and stop posting here about pregnancy cravings and morning sickness and their dipshit husbands that they either resent or idolize but let impregnate them either way every 2.5 minutes. just imo.

No. 1893403

>Brownsing lolcow
I'm sorry but no, there are no actual normies in lolcow. The "mommyanons" are the same fringe internet weridos they always were, only now they added "babies" to their topics because they're women and can be pregnant and they wanted and did it. It's werid that anons here cry about "motherhood changing their whole personality" but the fact that they are still on this site proves the opposite lmao.

No. 1893404

This whole thing of "pregnant/married women shouldn't be on lolcow" is ironic because anons (and people in general) will also complain about women who's lives/personality revolve around their family and don't have any past times or interests outside of being a mom or wife kek.

No. 1893406

so frequently talking about being pregnant and having a useless husband anonymously counts as a hobby? I don't get it. sorry, nonna.

No. 1893407

You wouldn't know how frequently anons post about being pregnant or married, because we're anonymous. I swear some of you are larping as oldfags or something. And I also did not say hobby, of course browsing and posting on lolcow is not a real hobby for anyone.

No. 1893408

There have always been 30yos here.

If you're normal and functioning, then be it, enjoy it, but stop expecting a place originally made up of people who are the exact opposite to suddenly become like you too, let us be losers in peace. Normal and functioning people have no need or business for being on imageboards.

No. 1893409

I feel like we are going round in a circle with this because this is technically what we are complaining about, mothers whoses lives revolve around family and their husbands coming to lolcow and shove it down our throats and getting mad at people for criticising them for it. I just wish they would go elsewhere. I wish they would accept this site isn't for them anymore, some of us don't really care to be normal.

No. 1893413

But simply posting about it is not shoving it down your throat or forcing you to do anything. I really have yet to see any momfags try to force anyone here to have kids, and most of the posts I see about having children are in the appropriate /g/ thread. I feel like this whole thing is just an overblown issue, it's like some anons saw some posts about having kids and made up a boogeyman of anons out to make them get pregnant and be normal.
>wish they would accept this site isn't for them
This site is just for anyone interested in discussing cows. No one who browses this site in the first place is normal.

No. 1893421

tons of them go into the childfree thread to bait, immediate scolding about antinatalism and killing the species if you bring up your personal issues with it, lots of whining and moralfagging about cows like pumpy who had abortions, the effina and taylor threads especially are bad for trying to outdo each other with mommy martyrdom, troon threads are full of it (might be better now that they banned politics, idk), doubt a thread like the hartley hooligans would survive today, just yesterday there was an absolutely eye-rolling holier-than-thou post about how she didn't want her TIF sister-in-law to "kill herself after she saw she was pregnant" which like… come on…

No. 1893423

>I also feel like the mods are too heavy on the shitposters
There have been so many obvious, completely harmless non-aggressive joke posts getting redtexted as "infighting" lately. Even actual autists aren't this autistic.

No. 1893427

This site is anonymous so you can't know if those anons are the same ones making a post about being married and having kids in /g/ or /ot/, or if those are just people baiting to cause infighting. If someone goes to the childfree thread to criticize the posters there for being childfree, that sounds like an obvious baiter.

No. 1893429

Fine, I don’t know. I do know there’s way more of them then there was five years ago and it’s getting on my nerves.

No. 1893441

File: 1708327458558.png (403.34 KB, 1030x858, lolcow2026.png)

/ot/ catalogue in 2026

No. 1893442

I'm married (no kids) but I don't see a problem with anons posting about their babies and pregnancies. Annoying sure but as long as they're not derailing child free threads then there's nothing wrong with them. I don't think these things are sign of maturity or getting your shit together but they're part of the human experience for a lot of women and wanting to push them away because you want a chan that can only have neets and shchizos is nonsensical. I am saying this as a mentally ill neet. I know for a fact LC has had mothers and married women posting here for many years, I think it's just the amount of them that has changed over time

not true, there's always been some late 20s and early 30s here since the mid 2010s. There's probably more of them now because some of the old "young" farmers are still around

No. 1893443

kekkkkk absolute nightmare fuel but I wouldn't be surprised

No. 1893444

File: 1708327805792.jpeg (65.71 KB, 406x406, IMG_3011.jpeg)

No. 1893445

Fucking kek nonna. Worst part is you're half right. Mods gonna need to create a mommyboard eventually

No. 1893447

beautiful nonna.

No. 1893451

lol of course you don't see an issue with normies shitting up the boards, you're one of them
lyou clearly haven't seen all the borderline tradwife shit in unpopular opinions and elsewhere

No. 1893453

>lyou clearly haven't seen all the borderline tradwife shit in unpopular opinions and elsewhere
I basically already responded to this in another post, but this still doesn't mean that anons making random posts about being a mom are forcing you to do anything.

No. 1893454

nta but no one ever argued that so idk what you've even talking about

No. 1893459

being married doesn't automatically make you a normie because marriage doesn't make people function, non eccentric and well adjusted but whatever makes you feel special

No. 1893461

The topic was about posts where anons talk about being married and having kids/being pregnant. Some anons said that they feel like it's being shoved down their throat and that anons are trying to make them normies.

No. 1893478

>they said the first thing but not the second, that's your addition, dear nona.
Anons literally did say that others anons want them to become normies. Just read the posts back.

No. 1893479

link the post, I may be blind but I don't see it

No. 1893484


>to suddenly become like you too
>shove it down our throats

No. 1893485

File: 1708332122011.png (17.19 KB, 1593x117, 1384941027432.png)

It's because the original userbase of LC is now mostly in their 30s and maybe even 40s. 2014 was ten years ago. Women don't go through a personality shift just because they get married and have children.

It sounds like some of you want LC to turn into a female version of wizardchan.

>haven't seen all the borderline tradwife shit
Where? Any actual tradwife shit posted gets rightly mocked and then banned. Being a housewife or SAHM does not automatically make someone a tradwife. Tradwives have a certain set of beliefs and behaviours that makes them stand out on LC. It shouldn't surprise anyone that former NEETs would prefer not to work even when children are involved.

No. 1893491

>It sounds like some of you want LC to turn into a female version of wizardchan.
TIL the only alternative to popping out babies for your husband and blabbing about it all over a niche imageboard is….being an incel
Mommynons get so damn uppity and offended the second anons say they’re tired of lolcow reading like a r/breakingmoms subreddit

No. 1893495

Complaining about women having lives outside of a niche internet site does make you sound like a terminally online incel.

No. 1893496

>a niche imageboard
nta but this the site was made to discuss cows, that's it. as long as you're a woman and you integrate and don't break rules then you are allowed to post. nowhere in the rules it's said you need to have 30 mental illnesses under your belt, be against marriage and hate children. farmers will talk about their lives in ot threads and as explained here many oldfags will be married and mothers. cope.

No. 1893502

honestly idc about people posting about their kids but the ones actually married to a scrote are too much for me. i feel that's way too normo for imageboards

No. 1893504

Well great. The SAHM army is upon us now. Soon all the interesting women will leave and this will become yet another mommy venting website with a side dish of insulting camwhores in /snow/

No. 1893505

Your vision >>1893441 for the site is beautiful anon

No. 1893506

I think the baseline for a "girl" imageboard is different from the usual scrotey chans we're used to where the majority is male/people try not to mention their sex/outting yourself as a femanon is a bad idea. Get two groups of weebs or autists, one xx and one xy, and you'll get varied interests and takes. Maybe a dysfunctional weeb farmer is more likely to marry and reproduce than her male counterpart

No. 1893507

>Maybe a dysfunctional weeb farmer is more likely to marry and reproduce than her male counterpart
Unfortunately, which is why we’re now subject to the horrific stories about the degenerate fuckups they chose to mate with

No. 1893510

right. instead if the og weeb and cow fare we're already getting an influx of "who up sniffin they nigels armpits rn" and reddit-ass "hubby wont wipe his ass what do i do" posts. sad.

No. 1893511

No. 1893512

I won't disagree with that because mentally ill introverts tend to make bad relationship choices. Some of the stories here are horrible, but the only way to avoid that is by unironically making a 2x wizard chan for some posters here like >>1893485 said

No. 1893514

with a dash of some "help I caught Nigel looking at porn again"

No. 1893521

How does getting married and having children make an obviously maladjusted woman posting on an imageboard suddenly a normie?

No. 1893525

it doesn't but some anons want to nlog now and we must become a monolith or fuck off for not being maladjusted enough for them

No. 1893526

here we go

No. 1893530

it's not about being maladjusted irl it's about what one chooses to post about here.
no one is going to make you divorce but that doesn't mean posts about nigels are interesting to read

No. 1893533

I've never posted about my own relationship here but I assume these posts are being made in ot. If they're in the vent, advice, etc threads they're in the right place (and if they're not they should be deleted). Why should people only post what you deem as interesting to read?

No. 1893541

you are not really maladjusted if you are married and with children kek some of you really wanna claim quirky points while leading completly normal lives

No. 1893542

>you are not really maladjusted if you are married and with children
Because taking dick and popping out a few children totally does wonders for a woman's mental health. What a based and feminist take that doesn't sound like misogyny at all.

No. 1893544

kek haven't you heard? following a depressing life script = optimum mental health. Bleak.

No. 1893545

File: 1708341193844.png (484.28 KB, 820x857, you will never be her.png)

You are literally living up to the expectations of women, you arent quirky. You will never be maladjusted husbando fag like pic rel, you are a normie woman with normie woman problems.

No. 1893546

File: 1708341511625.jpg (44.3 KB, 850x730, deperssione.jpg)

do normalfags really believe that being depressed and having anxiety is a quirky maladjusted woman thing? if you are capable of scoring a scrote and having babies you arent maladjusted, genuinely dont understand why you want to be seen as one. Those true maladjusted women, unlike you, are actually suffering from the expectations of being born a woman. They are virgins in their 30s and arent interested in dating 3DPD, they have extremely weird autistic coping mechanisms like having anime boy boyfriends, buying fucking reborns to larp as their anime boyfriend human hybrid spawns, some like kirbychan know they have an extremely hard time relating to people and their coping mechanisms are harmful, but they dont have anything else.

No. 1893547

Nta but the expectation of women is exactly to pop babies out and base the remainder of your existence around a moid/s. What point are you making with this unholy image?(derailing)

No. 1893549

Are you really comparing a normal woman with a husband and a baby to some mentally ill woman who had to get a fucking reborn baby to pretend she has a baby with her anime boyfriend? seriously some of you are so in need of a personality, being a maladjusted woman isnt funny or quirky it's sad and it leads to an extremely lonely life.

No. 1893550

I don't necessarily have a big problem with husband/baby talk outside /g/ but it's more like…. why? Why do you need every website to become reddit 2.0? Why not go to reddit or facebook groups or whatever mommy forum for that type of discussion?(derailing)

No. 1893553

you dont get it? they are too quirky and special for mumsnet, they must come to a place that actually has mentally ill maladjusted women who carve voodoo dolls of their husbandos and make detailed infographics about how a kirby sex doll would function to larp as le quirky maladjusted women they wish they were, they are totally not boring wine moms please dont say otherwise or you are a misogynist!.

No. 1893554

Depends on what a normie is because tbh many anons here use different criteria to define what's a normie. Depends on what would make you maladjusted to begin with too and how it impacts your life and thought process too. A shit ton of literal drooling retards manage to get married and have kids and despite their retardation they still somehow manage to be normies thanks to a lot of different aspects of their lives and personalities.(derailing)

No. 1893557

File: 1708342376136.png (435.62 KB, 1080x1734, normalwomanwithahusbandandabab…)

That's what that image was? truly bizarre. I recommend using Mumsnet, possibly ovarit or r/breakingmom for your future discussions. I also recommend checking out the reddit thread for normal woman with a husband and a baby posts. kek(derailing)

No. 1893560

>That's what that image was? truly bizarre.
yeah mentally ill women are no joke, i honestly feel really bad for them. Its not their fault either, men are just trash and the expectation for women are fucking insane.

No. 1893564

I'd rather take this than anything zoomer and alpha women have to talk about. a nostalgia thread with cocomelon and that annoying shark thing sounds bleak.

No. 1893566

>if you are capable of scoring a scrote and having babies you arent maladjusted
do we live in the same world? scrotes will fuck anything that is attractive to them and imprinting a scrote to do your bid as a mentally ill manipulative woman is the easiest shit in the book. bagging a husband was the easiest shit I've ever done in my entire life as a woman. if you can't get a man (decent or not that's an entire different story) it's literally a skill issue.

No. 1893568

File: 1708343380576.jpg (50.89 KB, 800x450, so you agree.jpg)

>if you can't get a man (decent or not that's an entire different story) it's literally a skill issue

No. 1893569

>it's literally a skill issue.
soo.. maladjusted indeed? kek

No. 1893571

>such a normie she doesnt even understand husbandofags dont want dirty 3DPD because men are trash

No. 1893573

being mentally ill doesn't deprive you of skills to make people like you. it's like you don't know what cluster B is. just because your brand of mental illness makes you look like a cave troll doesn't mean that's every woman. sorry for your autism.

No. 1893574

>''sorry baby diaper change will have to wait, mommy is trying to prove she's mentally ill and quirky online''

No. 1893575

you sound underage but you're not required to be chronically single and online to be mentally ill. try going to a mental asylum and meeting real crazy insane retards, a lot people there have families and/or a semi normal social life. being a despicable person that nobody wants to be around is not a requirement for being mentally ill.
I don't have children.

No. 1893576

>you are not really maladjusted if you are married and with children
You guys gotta stop playing around, the amount of extremely mentally ill women with 6+ kids and trashy husbands should tell you otherwise, cut the crap

No. 1893578

sounds like fresh 21yos out of twitter that never had a relationship thinking having one fixes all your issues kekk if anything it only adds more issues if you don't get lucky.

No. 1893579

>wah wah i have mild anxiety i am so special and mentally ill please accept me as your own waaah
go back to reddit with your kind
even those trashy women think weebs are below them

No. 1893582

If I have to be honest, the anons who keep complaining about mom posts are super recognizable and it's starting to annoy me. It's getting to a point where I'm starting to think it's just baiting from people who know it's an easy thing to fight about.

I miss when anons didn't autistically post about the same topic over and over, especially when it makes them identifiable. This goes for infights too. Some may call it censorship but I would tempban some of the topics anons keep repeatedly fighting about (age gaps, for example) if I was admin.

No. 1893583

>wah wah I'm not even diagnosed with anything but I'm weird and quirky and post on imageboards therefore I have authority on what is speshul
you sound like you belong on twitter, all the self diagnosed retards hang out there.

No. 1893584

then why are you dating a 3DPD normie chan? is it because you are following societal norms as a normalfag does.

No. 1893585

Nah i have legit autism and i am on tardbucks lol it's annoying women cant escape retarded normalfags even in niche imageboards. At least stay in the normie gossip sphere and /g/ and leave the rest of the board to women who are tired of hearing about nigels and babies.

No. 1893586

It's very /r9k/. LC has gone full circle and the cows are now the farmers.

No. 1893587

This discussion it's funny because it be the craziest, poorest mfs with BPD + drug addiction hopping through relationships and popping at least one kid to suffer alongside them. I wish wackos didn't fuck and procreate so frequently actually

No. 1893588

>even those trashy women think weebs are below them
being an anime fan is truly the most oppressed mental illness.
because unlike you I am not autistic, have done a fair share of therapy and I crave for human closeness and am willing to open myself to people I feel safe with. you say you don't need anyone but then you spend hours a day fantasizing about a man that doesn't exist to fill a hole in your heart and talking to anonymous people online only to get your share of socializing. I was once like you but I realized it didn't actually made me feel better. it's okay, it gets better.
did you know autism is not the only mental illness in the world? shocking.

No. 1893589

>miss when anons didn't autistically post about the same topic over and ove
I don't think that was ever not the case, especially infights have been about the same 5 subjects for years and years.

No. 1893590

>i am actually super mentally ill and special uwu
>but i am also better and more functional than you autistic chan and i get dick unlike you fat cave troll!!!
>but dont call me normie please i am actually special…

No. 1893592

telling people where to go and being bullies is exactly what normoloids do kekk and I bet I'm way more of a weeb than you considering I'm not a retard on autismbux and can actually afford my weeb hobbies, if we're going to flex being a retard here, being married didn't stunt any of my weirdness, it only amplified because I have the space and money for it now. sorry you're poor and imageboards are the only thing you have to assert your quirkness.

No. 1893593

imagine being mad someone is doing better than you kek stay jealous and seething

No. 1893594

i am not bullying anyone i am just telling that retard she is normal and not quirky like she wants to be. I dont know why she doesnt just accept it. I am not implying i am quirky, i am just saying that being actually maladjusted isnt some quirky label, it's actually depressing. So i dont know why you want to label yourself as that either, you have a 3DPD moid go talk to him about your quirkiness mento illness.

No. 1893596

autists on an imageboard? say it ain't so
honestly there's a bilion websites where you can post about husband and baby stuff, let us have one place where we're free to be weebs, schizos, neets and spergs.
again nobody's stopping you from posting here while married, it's just annoying to read about it.
this place is one of the few internet spaces where you can act as unhinged as you want as a woman. please let's not turn it into a relationships subreddit

No. 1893598

File: 1708344470869.jpeg (28.63 KB, 501x369, GF07ZElWQAA66kj.jpeg)

>I'm not bullying anyone I'm just calling someone retarded because they don't think only autistic people and schizophrenics are allowed to post in an imageboard
lol lmao

No. 1893599

File: 1708344529490.png (210.88 KB, 316x382, 1392615452244.png)

No. 1893600

It's always hilarious how normalfags both want to be seen as quirky maladjusted women but also as mean girls who are better than maladjusted women. Hilarious how once i said i was actually diagnosed autistic they started sperging about their 3DPD moids and shitting on husbandofags because they are soooo much better for being with a disgusting 3DPD. Truly maladjusted women that need to feel better for other women for choosing superior 2D than disgusting 3DPD lol.

No. 1893601

I mean I ain't even mad about it, several anons got musty ass bfs they apparently can't stfu about so why would I dislike married anons in particular?

No. 1893604

You're actually right. For some reason I feel like it happens more now, but maybe I'm just looking at oldcow with rosetinted glasses.
Please, have you never heard autist be used here as an insult? I'm not married and will not be having any children so I really don't know who you're targeting the rest of that post to. I get to post about being a weeb, a husbandofag and being mentally ill and those anons have never stopped me so why should I care.

No. 1893605

they are annoying and cant integrate obviously, they cannot hide their true color and they are the spergs going into the husbando thread asking normalag questions and treating husbadofags or actual maladjusted women as inferior. For example
>you say you don't need anyone but then you spend hours a day fantasizing about a man that doesn't exist to fill a hole in your heart and talking to anonymous people online only to get your share of socializing. I was once like you but I realized it didn't actually made me feel better. it's okay, it gets better.
like they obviously feel superior to us but also want the quirky label, i dont get it. They are admitting they are normalfags but get angry when anons point it out and start acting like victims.

No. 1893606

meeting a scrote and reproducing doesn't make you well adjusted. a lot of mentally ill mothers out there, drug addicts, hoarders, women who beat their children or married to moids who beat them and their children, a lot of mentally ill women get married and trust me being around a moid does NOT solve mental illness, let alone children, but you seem to think the only way to be mentally ill is to get obsessed with some cartoon man, be unemployed and stay online 24/7 and if you dare to do anything that's not being an extremely maladjusted teenagers living with their parents you're probably not maladjusted at all. I don't know how to tell you this but maybe make an imageboard only for autistic people if that's only who you want to talk about. this is a public website. I don't know why I'm even expecting autistic people to have a little nuance guess I'm fucking retarded indeed.

No. 1893607

oh my god stop coping, yes it does. It's literally the ''goal'' of every human. Why cant you accept you are normal and move on? you are so obnoxious i am not reading the rest of your cope

No. 1893610

File: 1708344891239.jpg (Spoiler Image,98.22 KB, 706x630, 1355787955380.jpg)

No. 1893612

I can really tell you never been in any kind of relationship if you think the goal of being alive is to meet someone and fuck. there is more to it than that, you know that, we're not irrational animals. do you think your life would be immediately fulfilled if you met a moid, married and popped a kid? obviously not. you'd still be mentally ill but with more responsibilities on your shoulder.

No. 1893613

File: 1708345111487.png (170.75 KB, 500x533, 1371079504197.png)

No. 1893615

>do you think your life would be immediately fulfilled if you met a moid, married and popped a kid?
you dont get it, do you? i am not interested in your 3DPD shit because i would rather die that let a moid close to me. You allowing a scrote to impregnate you makes you a stupid normie, deal with it. Everyone is mentally ill, you arent special for having anxiety and other normie problems. Thinking all women want to date a 3DPD is peak normalfag behaviour, because you as a retarded normie cannot comprehend how disgusting 3DPD moids are and, worst of all, have to shove your retarded nigel in everyone's faces. No one wants to know about your retarded husbando giving you crabs and cheating on you with his secretary.

No. 1893616

File: 1708345255178.jpg (8.54 KB, 208x208, 1605680858437.jpg)

>complaining about mean girls on lolcow
I think YOU are the outsider. this is a website made to make fun of maladjusted women with obsession for japanese cartoons or otherwise mentally ill. feels familiar? that's because people like YOU are the subject to make fun of, not the audience for this website. you should blend in or get out and visit some more appropriate sites for your own mental health, like wizardchan or uboachan's /hikki/.

No. 1893617

File: 1708345313545.jpeg (30.05 KB, 1080x382, IMG_7716.jpeg)

>these replies

No. 1893618

its not 2014 anymore anon, let it go

No. 1893619

oh, you're one of those. kek

No. 1893620

exactly how a normalfag would respond kek, go be with your moid he's probably fapping to loli hentai while you fight for your right to call yourself quirky online

No. 1893621

unfortunately it's not 2014 anymore and you're not in middle school instead of lolcow. sad.

No. 1893622

I'm sure your blackpill drivels at every thread are upping the quality of this board unlike the people who talk about their moids at the threads they're allowed to. you could just hide those thread but muh autism uwu.

No. 1893623

>and you're not in middle school instead of lolcow
you definetly need to go back to middle school
i dont go to the mommy and nigel threads on /g/ but retards with their nigels and baby problems keep coming here to talk about their stupid 3DPDs.

No. 1893624

Nta, but god you're so fucking obnoxious. Just admit that being married and having kids is the most normie thing ever.(infighting/derailing)

No. 1893625

This discussion it's making me glad I ain't married or having kids, goddamn it feels nice. Every woman in my life got fucked after having kids or interacting with men, the amount of BS I'm evading by simply being a virgin aspie is baffling(derailing)

No. 1893626

File: 1708345655220.jpg (89.69 KB, 720x960, 1372007738753.jpg)

/cgl/ was always a social board because it's topic was cosplay and major part of that was anime cons which are a social activity. The asocial NEETs that never left the house were confined to /a/, /jp/ and /y/.

No. 1893628


No. 1893631

cgl always was autistic women shitting on slightly more autistic women

No. 1893633

it's a normie thing but in no way it cures your mental illness. you're a certified retard if you think meeting a moid and signing a paper makes everything disappear.

No. 1893634

File: 1708345842941.gif (847.95 KB, 400x226, 1707778445867.gif)

>you definetly

No. 1893635

I actually agree with this. Doing normie things doesn't necessarily make you a normie. Many anons have jobs but they aren't normies.

No. 1893637

Just because they are mentally ill doesn't stop them from being a fucking annoying normalfag shoving their normie lifestyle in everyone's faces.

No. 1893638

>moving the goalpost
At least you finally admit it. Hope you get treated for your mild anxiety nonita!.

No. 1893639

File: 1708345985420.png (1022.87 KB, 1373x1027, 1351144421088.png)

No. 1893640

just fucking hide the threads people talk about it, retard. use the fucking hide button and go sperg about drawn men on the fandom thread or /m/. not the entirety of this imageboard has to cater to YOU.

No. 1893641

kek I wish I'm a "neurodivergent" as you kids would call. everyday I thank god I don't have autism though.

No. 1893642

yes you are, stop trying to be quirky and special

No. 1893644

good for you hope you get cured of you seasonal depression you are so brave for having a mental illness like every other human on earth

No. 1893645

You go to /g.

No. 1893646

I'm not whichever anon you think I am kek

No. 1893648

File: 1708346237508.jpg (96.33 KB, 827x408, IMG_4300.jpg)

No. 1893649

doing normie things makes you a normie, specially fucking marrying and having children. Words start losing their meaning because normies want to be seen as quirky and 'normie' is seen as a bad word for some reason, it's not. Be glad you are able to marry and have children and live a normal life instead of having to buy a fucking reborn to larp as a mom like the Ike husbandofag.

No. 1893653

File: 1708346514768.png (222.13 KB, 928x732, Untitled.png)

imagine your only sign of quirkness being the fact you post in an imageboard and shlick to drawn men but the evil normies are trying to take away your imageboard. truly sad and moving. I hope you get over yourself.
I was /jp/ scum too but that's the date I moved all my /jp/ images to a drive I wouldn't use anymore because I didn't want to go there anymore because I noticed it fed into my self destructive behavior. honestly would like to not see the same behavior here, that's the one thing I don't miss from that era, but leave it to young people to commit the same mistakes as the previous generation. you can always do better than whatever you're doing right now.

No. 1893655

i just dont understand why its so hard to admit you are a normie? it's not a dirty word, in fact most retards aspire to be normalfags and live normal lives. Only normalfags want to be seen as quirky uwu maladjusted weridozz

No. 1893657

I’m just gonna say that if the manhate thread was still in /ot/ we wouldn’t be in this mess.

No. 1893658

File: 1708346812544.png (126.79 KB, 400x551, 1476806457405.png)

nah, you get used to the fact weird people grow up and stop having a meltdown about it. if I ever have a crotch spawn I will post about it here just to spite you.(infighting/derailing)

No. 1893664

I too agree /2X/ was a mistake, all the manhate threads should've stayed on /ot/.

No. 1893665

clinging to a quirky label is so fucking pathetic. Dont you have a real personality or hobbies?

No. 1893666

clinging to an imageboard as proof of your quirkiness is utterly pathetic. my mental issues don't go away because I have dick on demand, you seem low IQ. if you aspire so much to be a normie and think that's how it works what's stopping you?

No. 1893668

Its funny how we used to make fun of lol so random ZOMG ecksdee larpers. I guess some of them never grew up out of their attentionw whoring days or developed an actual personality, so they still want to be seen as weird and quirky. We should bring bullying back.

No. 1893671

I never ever said i was quirky, never. I just said that being maladjusted isnt a quirky label and that if you are capable of getting a scrote to put a baby on you, sorry but you arent maladjusted. Develop a personality instead of clinging to your mento illness like some cringy myspace emo teen.

No. 1893674

i thought being normie is about conformity to social norms and expectations.

No. 1893676

being a random ZOMG ecksdee larper was never enough milk to hold a thread here, most initial cows were actually insane losers. you'd know, right?
how much do you know about people's lives to determine they are fully well adjusted solely on the fact they have signed a paper and live with a scrote? being a normie solely on the fact you have a partner is very much a scrotoid standard, but even nowadays, the most autistic men still are still able to find women who look past their retardation (even in this very board, like the nonna with the drawing on the relationship advice thread rn). I will keep saying this, if you think all it takes is a relationship to fix your problems, go ahead and get yourself a moid, if you really think that's going to solve everything, nothing is stopping you.

No. 1893677

Autism is a spectrum and your spectrum is thick and foggy. jesus christ you're fucking DUMB.

No. 1893682

kek why so angry, you should be happy you are capable of being a normalfag. Or do you just really want that quirky label?

No. 1893683

genuinely asking, what do you think makes you NLOG? what makes you too quirky and special to consider yourself a normie even though you are living a normie life with your normie nigel.

No. 1893685

File: 1708347901104.jpg (71.86 KB, 800x600, 1371988788932.jpg)

>honestly would like to not see the same behavior here, that's the one thing I don't miss from that era
I don't either. The internet was better back then but everything else was worse. The best memories I have from that time are laughing at a post on 4chan while I sat alone in the dark.

You're telling /cgl/ oldfags to get out because they aren't mentally ill enough when /cgl/ was never like that. Seagulls always laughed at the waifu and husbando fags on /a/, the incels on /r9k/ and the nihilist permaNEETs on /jp/. /cgl/ was one of the more normalfag places on 4chan because it revolved around drama, anime cons and cosplay. You're the newfag that's out of place. I don't care that there are now fujos and husbandosfags on LC, I just think it's funny when these types of people would have been bullied off of the original /cgl/.

No. 1893687

>/cgl/ was one of the more normalfag places on 4chan because it revolved around drama
so you admit you are a normalfag? finally

No. 1893692

I never said I was a NLOG but I've proven you that I've been in imageboards for over 10 years and just because I've changed my life for the better doesn't mean 1) I'm cured (as far as I'm concerned ADHD can't be cured god so I wish it was) 2) should give space to chronically online virgin zoomers because this is a uwu autism and NEET zone 3) stop posting about anything because you're icky about it. so get fucked and accept older people post here.

No. 1893694

inclined towards normalfaggotry at late 2000s to mid 2010s on 4chan is still more deranged than your twitter cocomelon retard kind that gets triggered over a wrong ship or cries when someone draws their husbando wrong.

No. 1893695

omg you have ADHD so quirkyyyy i bet you stimming and watching family guy compilations as we speak. You are an embarassment to women with ADHD that dont make it their personality. You are a normalfag. Normalfags are allowed to have mento illness(every human on earth does), anons also dont give a shit about your nigel or baby and are allowed to shit on you and your normalfag lifestyle. Develop a personality and stop acting like a cringy 14yo emo on myspace.

No. 1893697

Well at least you are all actual true retards of you think that having a kid makes you "normal", autists are truly disconnected from their genitals & reproductive systems aren't they.

No. 1893698

not cgl though, it was always the 'female' board. PULL was also derranged in a normie female gossip way. Gossip is a normalfag woman hobby.

No. 1893700

>You are an embarassment to women with ADHD that dont make it their personality
I didn't even mention it until you kept insisting I had some seasonal depression or something.
>You are a normalfag
I guess you insist so much I'm definitely a normalfag and you're an inferior human being so you WILL get bullied by my normalfag supremacy and you won't get rid of people like me because we're several here. so cope seethe cry piss and shit yourself idc anymore

No. 1893701

There's degrees of normalfaggotry. Nowhere on 4chan at that time was normalfag friendly. It was all weebs, nerds, autists and probably pedos. J-fashion, lolita and anime cosplay were not normalfag hobbies. LC is a spin off site made for the original posters of /cgl/ because moot banned drama and threads laughing at cosplay cows. LC wasn't the first site dedicated to lolcows and it wasn't even the first attempt at an image board for /cgl/ drama. You're telling the posters that used to post on /cgl/ to get out of a image board for /cgl/ drama because they don't conform to behaviour that was confined to /a/, /r9k/ and /jp/. I don't get it.

No. 1893702

>I guess you insist so much I'm definitely a normalfag and you're an inferior human being so you WILL get bullied by my normalfag supremacy and you won't get rid of people like me because we're several here
I started this conversation feeling like i was another normalfag considering i dont carve husbando dolls or make infographics about kirby sexdolls but you kept treating me as an inferior autist for not dating a moid(ironic).

No. 1893704

crazy we have to explain these things nowadays. this board is so full of retards. we only attract autistic weebs that got shunned from twitter and tradhots now. what went wrong?

No. 1893705

ironic because I never said you were inferior for dating a moid, my whole point was that dating a moid doesn't make you better or even different and it doesn't solve anything.

No. 1893706

Yeah i know all of that retard, i too was on 4chan in 2014. But we are current on /ot/, not /pt/. I still dont understand why they want to cling to a quirky label, it's honestly very cowish behaviour. You are not special for having mental problems, everyone does. The world doesn't revolve around you and you arent the protagonist.

No. 1893707

Yes you did, you were sperging over husbandofags. Again, just accept you are a normalfag, it's okay, you still have a personality that isnt quirky lolsorandum, right?

No. 1893708

I don't know how to tell you this but /ot/ is an equivalent to /b/ and you're trying to tell what content people can post on a /b/ equivalent? you're definitely on the low IQ side of autism.

No. 1893710

We should let anons have babies and get married as long as they keep it contained to certain threads. Both my husband and I are autistic we met on KF kek.(retarded bait)

No. 1893711

i miss the erin painter threads. the name changing, the ed faking, the self-posting, the nose shooping, the fucking ddlg kawaii typing style, the literal shit posting, all of it kek no cow has kept me quite as entertained since

No. 1893712

No, i never said that. I just said that if you are going to post about your stupid nigel you are going to get comments calling you a normalfag(because you are). So it's funny normalfags get angry when they get called out.

No. 1893713

File: 1708349005689.png (326.86 KB, 680x1086, Screenshot 2024-02-19 at 14.25…)

Remember when we had cows and milk…

No. 1893717

If you are maladjusted, you shouldn’t have kids in the first place.

No. 1893718

dating a moid or shlicking to drawn men doesn't make you mentally ill or not mentally ill. in my con days I met tons of fujoshi that held jobs and had friends and even bfs and were still obsessed with manga about fruity men having sex and cosplayed them. your interests don't define you and if you let them do that you're definitely the cow here.
you literally told me go to post on /g/ stfu autistic retard go take your meds and do speech therapy

No. 1893719

we're the cows roaming on a grass full of manure now.

No. 1893720

then why are you obssesed with labelling yourself as maladjusted? just because you have adhd? because having adhd doenst make you unique or special, tons of people with adhd are normalfags, like you for example

No. 1893722

No one posting on an image board is a normalfag because normalfags are too busy posting selfies to instagram and liking jpeg artifact covered boomer memes on facebook. The very fact that someone is on an image board negates normalfaggotry. There's the occasional normalfag that finds their way here and they are usually banned or mocked because they don't fit in.

No. 1893724

I'm going to label myself whatever the fuck I want and you can't stop me. you can say whatever I want but it won't go inside my skull. as long as you keep calling me normalfag I'm going to keep calling you autistic retard. so if you stop, I will stop. you can choose to end this discussion now but let it be known I will never consider myself a normalfag, no matter how much you sperg.

No. 1893726

this isnt 2004 you arent unique and special for using image boards. Tiktok kiddies that have never set foot in imageboards are larping as y2k imageboard users.
kek ok normalfag chan go tell your boyfriend how you got bullied by an evil autistic dickless cave troll

No. 1893727

File: 1708349621470.png (184.88 KB, 1080x615, 7ewfsr.png)

I'm quirky I'm special everyone on lolcow loves my shitposts even the farmhands laugh at it I'm a delight to be around lalalalalala

No. 1893728

It's the cows' and newfags' faults for constantly trying to cancel each other in order to deplatform ridiculous people.
Back then we could just enjoy the spergs sperging and make fun of them comfortably.
Now you have retards making threads unironically saying that someone is a cow just because the retard tweeted the n-word once, tries to raceswap, is a fujo and doesn't like trannies, and the account is dead as fuck because the retard knows that posting about any of le ebil nonos would make her a pariah.
If you make fun of someone for looking like shit, some newfags will be like
>ogüo I thot this was a feminist soite! Shayna doesn't look obese!! I feel bad for Jillian actually! Ugüu
It makes posting kind of annoying, it's harder to find batshit insane cows that won't delete their shit after noticing a few new followers and when they obsessively Google their names and find themselves here, they selfpost to hell and back and then post a bunch of boring ass cows, become newfags and unironically call trannies by their pwefewed pwonouns.

No. 1893729

your boyfriend must be so proud of having an minor internet celebrity quikry gf like you!(infighting)

No. 1893730

yes, I know nonna, it's such a blast.(endless derailing)

No. 1893731

>you literally told me go to post on /g/
And? No one cares about your scrote, go post about your sperm babies on /g. Nothing shameful about it, just don't spread your normalfag talks around the whole imageboard.

No. 1893732

Image boards are dying and becoming less popular because the majority of people can't handle anonymous discussion and need the validation of posting themselves to social media.

No. 1893735

imageboards are more alive than ever. We are featured in a 4 million views documentary, this site isnt some sekrit club anymore

No. 1893736

I was not keen on posting about my nigel or any future babies to begin with but I will make sure to inquire virgin aspies and childless women about things they don't know or care about instead of literally anyone more sane or knowledgable in the internet.

No. 1893743

Topkek I hope not

No. 1893748

File: 1708351383463.jpeg (59.25 KB, 516x680, IMG_7642.jpeg)

I came here several years ago from trying to find more photos of deerhoof because I thought she was really pretty and I still like haircuts like hers in picrel that also introduced me to the band and I still love their music lol I was already on imageboards prior and knew about some cows but didn’t know this place existed until that point.

No. 1893749

I respect that there are family oriented annonas between us but they should stay in their containment boards and stop polluting the rest. Same with extreme radfem posting. Both extremes just kill the fun IMO and are sad and unhealthy.
kek what a nightmare

No. 1893756

none of the posts there sound like Kiki, she isn't capable of hiding her personality or writing anything that requires thought. She's the most narcissistic eternal brat I've ever seen online. But the whiteknighting sounds a lot like the normie mommies mentioned earlier in this thread.

No. 1893760

We should just ban all non-weeb related topics.

No. 1893773


It's an imageboard, not a mental illness contest

No. 1893777

that anon sperging about le quirky label!! and making all the thread about how speshel she is because neetdom is what kills out the fun too. Extremism is killing any kind of interesting discussion and likely a symphthom of current times.

No. 1893778

File: 1708353862741.jpg (101.78 KB, 1266x672, Untitled.jpg)

I hate these painfully unfunny Twitter reactions. And why are they always black?

No. 1893823

I was called a normie on a thread on this board the other day and it made me smile because the goal wasn’t to be a retarded weeb forever and I succeeded. Of course “normies” are going to find the boards too, we have the indie cow, red scare/dimes square, and any other former tumblr girls (like Tuna). Even tho I’m not a weeb anymore and it’s been 8 years since I’ve been to a con, I still like looking at the Lolita threads and going into /w/ every once in a while.

I’ve been following Tuna for over a decade, and I miss the threads abt similar people— Bree McGee, and the tumblrcow thread. I first got on the site when Sunny/Yaya/Embryoe has a thread made allegedly by spacepixie on tumblr, I remember them getting into beef and Embryoe accusing spacepixie of incest??? And stayed because all the criticism of Sunny was spot-on. Reading /ot/ before the hidden board was created peaked me and I’m now an active radfem, like on podcasts, in a band, going to womyn’s festivals etc. Looking at threads from 7 years ago when I first started posting is really wild, the board culture and terminology used was really different.

No. 1893836

Boring zoomer women who aren't black stay using black people in their reaction gifs

No. 1893841

Samefagging but
>”7 years ago when I started posting”
>check when the Embryoe thread was made
>just 2 months shy of 9 years ago

No. 1893843

Please be bait please be bait please be bait plea

No. 1893886

Well that eras over now that everyone on the internet is a cow

No. 1893897

I'm dead. I remember this whole era. This was so fascinating, I remember Depop being relevant back then and it seemed like a lot of influencers moved from Tumblr to instagram. I remember the disgusting checkboard pattern being all the rage at this time period.

I also miss PULL, I didn't love the usernames, but it was nice to see different flavors of cow discussions. I remember how Taylor R had a hatebase devoted to her. Every video or post would result in pages of discussion.

No. 1893904

Haha yes, I remember this.

Speaking of from back then, I always thought that mystery.jpg was a fun cow as were the 4chan tripfags.

No. 1907293

I really hope this doesn't start another infight because it got pretty retarded last time. But it's seriously so depressing that what's happening to this website is a microcosm of what happens to every female friendship eventually- they get a husband and that's all they talk about, then a baby, then you never see them again.

No. 1907296

Shut the fuck up sped(infighting)

No. 1907300

i want to believe its just one baiter. The mommy thread on /g/ is too deserted to have this many ''mommy anons''

No. 1907301

Fuck off retarded baiter.

No. 1907305

it's not really that offbase though. "every" is hyperbole and I haven't experienced it personally but I often hear women losing a lot of their friends during it or that they start just venting about their bf's nasty behavior all the time. at least some are able to keep a good balance between their social life, hobbies, and relationship.

No. 1907308

Yeah some are. I guess it's just depressing that it's so widespread. It's also depressing that life stages barely affect a man's life but for women there's a point where theyre not really an individual anymore. I guess I'll be hanging out in the nlog thread if it survives, lol.

No. 1907311

Based and correct. It filtered as many are even admitting here that it filtered them and got them use to the site.

No. 1907325

it's ok that you don't have the ability to speak like a normal person anymore, anon, I accept you.
I don't recommend feeding too much into it either, there's hope out there. I've had one really good friend since kindergarten and she did temporarily have a bf and it didn't at all affect our friendship.

No. 1907326

we genuinely need a 'virgin's only' thread already

No. 1907340

compliance with what anon?

No. 1907348

phoneposter? anyway, how do you feel about the subject? curious because mostly think the other anon is wrong but you read it as me complaining.

No. 1907349

and all you do is complain about people complaining

No. 1907351

she's a troll, don't engage

No. 1907354

you're right. im glad the bc thread is back in /ot/ at least but we need to go further

No. 1931752

The age of the lolcow is over. The age of darkness has come.

No. 1931764

Talk about dramatic, why are you saying this though? What's up?

No. 1931786

I feel like somebody says that almost every 4 months yet we are still here standing with threads moving at a decent pace.

No. 1931797

Ntayrt but I would guess it has something to do with that one twitter post that resulted in tons of people in the quotes mentioning this site. There has been a lot more newfags than usual lately (and several "moid here" posts a few days ago).

No. 1931799

I keep seeing anons mention a tweet but what tweet are you guys talking about? Lolcow gets mentioned somewhere every so often, it's not gonna end the site or anything.

No. 1931806

File: 1710899856152.jpeg (692.48 KB, 1179x1582, 1710383250023.jpeg)

No. 1931825

I miss the Nemu saga. I loved it when David's porky ass accidentally doxed her trying to be a slick about calling out was posting about her. The good ol days. I wonder if she's still working at Best Buy.

No. 1931828

Personally i think the anti-trans rhetoric is enough to scare a lot of people away. That tweet was not as bad as when the creepshowart situation was at its height and all eyes were on us and the infamous kaitlyn Tiffany masterpiece.

No. 1931830

fucking normie

No. 1931848

File: 1710903623789.png (608.19 KB, 2034x2026, 39837377332.png)


No. 1931851

File: 1710903741947.png (498.5 KB, 434x580, kotakoti.png)

When I think of LC, I think of kotakoti. I was obsessed with her looks at first, then I became a PULL member, but it wasn't enough.
I discovered LC mostly cuz I wanted to discuss Kota.
Back then, she was just "being discovered" by Japan. Fun times.

Nowadays, I mostly lurk /ot/.

I also miss Korean pop critical - in the beginning, where we could really discuss some critical aspects of that industry. Too bad it became a shit fest and how it ended.

No. 1931866

I miss Kpop gen and crit threads a ton, but with the wave of newfags and young gen z coming to lolcow, it could never happen. It was fun shitting on idols and pointing out their plastic surgery in a safe space for a while though.

No. 1931868


The Kpop critical threads during the Burning Sun scandal were so much fun. I remember the nonnie-made media being top tier. I imagine that if mods never shut it down, every thread now would just be tired discourse about Wonyoung, like how Sydney Sweeney is discussed in the celebricow threads. though SM’s new bg, Riize I think, supposedly has had a few bad scandals already despite JUST debuting

No. 1931870

I regret not visiting the thread more, i avoided it because i only have mild knowledge of kpop, the male kpop stars are so fucking milky.

No. 1931874

I felt so bad about myself because I didn't look like her but in hindsight it's so obvious how photoshopped all of her most iconic pics were kek. The pitfalls of being 12 on the early internet.

No. 1931883

Honestly I'd love a cow of the moment thread to contain all nitpicking because honestly it's fun to laugh at the expense of those cows without people getting offended.

No. 1932723

File: 1710967102734.jpeg (62.78 KB, 375x500, 1631484914900.jpeg)

I've been on lolcow since 2014/2015, and the changes over time have been a mixed bag in my opinion.
Things I miss:
>far more explosive happenings (e.g. Onision saga, Venus escaping Marge, Phoebe being herself, Nika and Jaelle though the latter happened while cows were becoming more boring)
>the site generally rallying around a few of the best cows and keeping their threads really active
>more super-niche hobby/scene/lifestyle threads and fewer social media-based cows
>more cows that were memorable, e.g. had years-long lore, were the queen bees of whatever dumb scene they occupied
>less politics/social issues; now it seems like most of the active cow threads are related to a political scene or social issue, which is a shame because the politicization of the internet is a huge part of why it's turned to shit
>late zoomers/gen alpha were too young to find their way here
>generally more interesting things to read and less slice-of-life content
Things I like better:
>much stronger community feel and cozier atmosphere
>non-cow boards are thriving
>more diverse non-cow topics
>generally more supportive environment, despite the fact that half this thread was derailed by someone who can't accept that people's lives change even when their interests don't
>far less insane nitpicking, jealousyposting, and edgelordery
>the bar is higher for cow threads (though vendetta/jealousy threads were my guilty pleasure)
>some of the metadrama has been great these past few years
>fewer scrotes
>(finally) competent admin and farmhands
Things I'm ambivalent about:
>deemphasis of cow boards (the cows have gotten less interesting but how much of that is a function of people using the boards less?)
>farmhands are trigger-happy (a necessary evil but maybe a little too strict at the moment)

No. 1932775

Things like the journalist request thread and the board shutdown threads were top tier chaos I fear we will never outmatch

No. 1932908

One of my favourite Lolcow memories is when anons actually outed Momokun's liposuction. She was trying to attribute her sudden weight loss to drinking a lot of that diarrhea tea everyone was promoting at some point but forgot to edit out the scars from liposuction and some anons recognized them as such. Everyone thought she was a far-fetched theory and doubted if she would be as blatant as to lie about it and then she finally came out and admitted it under pressure.

No. 1933082

lolcow is not and never was "4chan for girls"
I hate newfags

No. 1934131

Reading the old onision threads, where Kalvin Garrah calls out Lainey for being a transtrender and Greg sperging out. Surprisingly, a not so small amount of anons were calling Kalvin male and using her pronouns correctly. Was lolcow more forgiving of TIFs back then? Or was Kalvin attacking Lainey enough to make nonnas respect her a little bit? I wasn’t there back then but maybe things were different?

No. 1934160

The thought of anyone I know IRL discovering I'm a farmer gives me nightmares

No. 1934340

"4ch for girls" yet there's no cp, racism, violent wojaks, glowies, manifestos about murder and inceldom, etc.

No. 1934854

we used to have "real" fakebois on the farms and the old culture was that the trutrans/dysphorics who put in the work to transition were fine because not enough information about the horrors of transitioning even dysphorics had come out then. Back then it was understandable to think someone severely dysphoric might benefit from transitioning because the big exposés about how the suicide rates go up weren't as well known around here (if the research was out then but I think one study was). If you look at the old tif threads you can see it mostly was filled with tifs mocking other tifs not realising they were the same for different reasons at best. The site had a collective peaking a little while back helped by the fact that male troons were always seen as fucked up since agps and fetishists overcame the hsts pretty early on the internet so those threads were always active and finding more stuff. I think the whole JK Rowling situation also caused an intense peaking of the site because everyone could read her words and see how fucked everything got.
Back then a common thing you'd see against taylor was that she wasn't trutrans, now we see it all as a joke but back then was different. I think a few other cows were mocked for trans "grifting" back then kek. Ironic cause now kikomis get more respect for grifting off of those idiots

No. 1938892

Been here a decade, but into internet culture since Encyclopedia Dramatica and DeviantArt drama days.

The culture has definitely changed. Seems like people either are more censored of themselves now, or you have tiktok celebs who will say the most unhinged thing and it's accepted, tolerated and even viral for being funny.

There was just a weird, authentic, niche vibe to old lolcows. Maybe it's the product of "everyone being on the internet now". Pretty much everyone has SM, everyone has TikTok. People have also been "canceled" so much that it's meaningless, while truly egregious things like saying the n-word or manhate on social is so taboo that no one does it. I think there was just a special something about lolcows that made them so facinating. They had just little enough social awareness, but just nerdy enough to be interesting. Now it seems like people are more aware of cringe or more tolerant of it, so the flavor is less niche and authentic, and it's boring now.

No. 1938905

File: 1711405939134.jpg (48.02 KB, 736x679, 0f150d7fa1a8154179179d34e02401…)

Anyone else feels like current anons have poor reading comprehension and are snappy and eager to start fights? Not that LC was ever a ~peaceful~ website and admittedly nitpicking has improved, but there's so much infighting going on. Anon A could just try to re-read anon B's innocent post before making an angry, retarded reply. Maybe I'm naive thinking they just need to learn how to read and that they're not being dicks on purpose, but it's so tiring now. It's like walking on eggshells.

>There was just a weird, authentic, niche vibe to old lolcows. Maybe it's the product of "everyone being on the internet now". Pretty much everyone has SM, everyone has TikTok.
The internet as a whole was much better before when it was for nerds, weebs and losers and normies/corporations weren't on it en masse. It has gradually lost its appeal because of that. Almost nothing is really niche anymore because zoomers believe in aesthetics only. They are chameleons, always changing their looks superficially, and have little interest in subcultures、or getting to know things at a deeper level before partaking in it. Also people were more inclined to overshare in an authentic way in the 00's and mid 10's (not trying to become internet famous due to cringe). Those times are long gone.

No. 1938925

That's crystal cafe

No. 1938934

reading this thread reminds me how much i love stupid weeb shit and the female side of anime and con culture. i will never let scrotes tale away my love for cheesey weeb shit. i have been on this site for so long but i have brain damage so i forgot a lot of things. i do remember old anime reaction gifs and i still love them

No. 1940089

File: 1711505067374.jpeg (302.28 KB, 988x1144, 348358305.jpeg)

when admin had to prove she wasn't a troon.

the ruler, the self harm scars, the fact that she posted this in the pinkpill thread - late 2010s lolcow was amazing.

No. 1940103

I don't understand why she didn't turn her palm face down to hide the scars.

No. 1940110

I'm ESL, so maybe I also have poor reading comprehension sometimes, but I avoid being snappy at others. A misunderstanding can easily be cleared up without jumping at each other. We always had overly agressive anons in the past, but I feel more anons actually wanted to have discussions. I can't tell if I'm looking back with rose tinted glasses though.

No. 1940112

'Cause she was retarded

No. 1940121

A generation raised on short form content and twitter politics have fried their brains and are unable to concentrate for long enough to reach a nuanced comprehension of anything longer than a paragraph. They pick out trigger-words and fill in the blanks. They would rather talk past each other for hours in 280 characters than read something twice. I used to think infighting was kind of funny, but now it's just obnoxious and exhausting as the same few people repeat their points over and over again just worded slightly differently.

No. 1940145

There are a lot zoomer newfags. A new of them admitted to being only 19/20 years old and finding lolcow. It's becoming obvious and insufferable who is here that refuses to lurk or integrate.

No. 1940159

File: 1711509492080.jpeg (51.38 KB, 250x250, IMG_9741.jpeg)

I remember when LC was severely broken to the point where you could only use one of the boards and we spammed some kpoop junglebook type boy making puppy faces while scrotes found the opportunity to start spamming and shit and the jannies are scrambling to keep things in order and it devolved into one glorious massive flame war infighting festival that would rival any kind of gay conversations that done on here now. Then right after that, I think it was announced that the website was gonna shut down because the admin was probably getting cancer-causing stress from running this shitty website and a bunch of wealthy anons donated money. I think it was also revealed the old admin was some cute brown chick that the lesbianons were thirsting after, or maybe that was a hoax? This website is only still up and running because some rich kofi-fag donator put her rent money into this flaming piece of shit kekk. It could have been another male haven adopted by Joshua Moon, but that one anon saved it all. And that’s when I stopped using the site

No. 1940164

remember when someone used deepfake to turn the kpop boy into putin?

No. 1940165

the shutdown announcement + donation happened first before the broken boards puppy guy spam (the former was under oldmin around 2020 and the latter was during shaymin around 2022)

No. 1940171

KEK I wish someone saved them, I’m pretty sure some of them did.

I used to post before that time but because it happened during the lockdown where everything was chaotic it was way more memorable to me especially since you couldn’t access the site for weeks and everyone thought this website was just abandoned.

No. 1940182

File: 1711511271642.gif (6.83 MB, 600x330, 1645835430027.gif)

I still have them, and all the other hundreds of edits like the cartoon sound effects, the coming out of a fortune cookie one, the speedy one, etc. Most of them were in the /g/ bunker threads.

No. 1940189

Ntayrt but thank you for the cartoon effect dog boy video mention as that was my one and only contribution to the dog boy spam. Those bunkers were such a wonderful time (after the fact kek).

No. 1940535

Thanks nonni-e I’m definitely saving this fr, ily

No. 1940552

But these aren't self harm scars. If you've spent enough time around cows it should be obvious. Self harm scars are usually ridges where scar tissue has formed. The "scars" she has are completely flat and it's more likely that it's marks from where she was resting her wrists against a desk to use a keyboard.

No. 1944472

Nah they are. Self harm scars can be flat and smooth depending on how you did it, they don’t all turn into raised bumps (t. Former edgy emo)

No. 1944475

Nah, those definitely are self harm scars, she just didn't cut very deep.

No. 1979730

This was late 2010s pre-2020, so this was oldmin right?

No. 1979732

File: 1714059199205.png (341.65 KB, 489x486, 0c3-3718256889.png)

Same nonna, weeb girls must prosper

No. 1992199

This place so dead now

No. 1992207

It has always been, it has some months where it's very dead, and then a sudden spike occurs. I'm here all day every fucking day like a prison and it gets so boring

No. 1992218

yeah i checked in twice since the dumbass shit shadowbanning

No. 1992219

It also depends at what hour you browse it. I'm using American Central Time and the least active hours are 8pm to 3am. At 3am euros wake up, they start going to sleep around 4pm. You will know that euros are awake because the britbong general and the ex muslim threads get bumped, then later in the day it's more common to see the amerifag thread.

No. 1992220

i spend all day looking on here and its so quiet compared to January. beating down dumbass shit did not do this website any favors

No. 1992225

nta i browse here at all hours and it's still way slower than it used to be

No. 1992242

I've been coping with dead periods by reading and rereading old threads or threads that have a slight overlap with my interests but I'm getting very close to the end of my list. I don't want to wish for a influx of summerfags but I do hope the holidays bring in a few nonas that were otherwise busy. Also want more cows or a rejuvenation of old milk, but I know that's not going to happen for a while

No. 1992387

People have more time to waste in January than they do at the start of May, I think

No. 1992391

File: 1714993662697.png (506.31 KB, 1015x849, 1714679399230.png)

Nah, with the influx of TikTok people it's better that the dumbass shit thread stays dormant for now. It'll come back eventually.

No. 1993353

If by people you mean schoolkids

No. 1996298

More of an appreciation post, but judging by time, I genuinely think lolcow is the best place to discuss online personalities. Reddit snark subreddits are filled with pathetic jealousy-filled boomers/millenials and will milk the most boring cows to death, and so are gossip forums. Commentary channels that discuss less niche cows have comments section made of overly sensitive zoomers, troon pandering obviously, 'uhmm that’s really problematic!!!’ faggotry and the most obnoxious and pitiful blogposts. Kiwi Farms are full of disgusting scrotes. We had some obsessive anons here or unhinged threads, but overall we clean up nicely I think.

No. 1996303

I've noticed snark subreddits and commentary channels also often can't help themselves from interacting with the cows being discussed and it's obnoxious

No. 1996310

What would you say is the worst cow thread on lc?

No. 1996315

Shayna’s is just anons posting her bad outfits and repeating the same things over and over again, with some weird nitpicking about her eating chicken parm.

No. 1996322

This + occasionally infighting with each other for hours over dumb shit unrelated to the thread like ass eating/boobs/pear body types or whatever

No. 1996323

>So I might not be an actual old fag, I found this site in 2019, but a lot has still changed. Farmers threw the n word with the er at the end around
I've been here since 2015 and this was never a thing on Lolcow. Using the hard R has been (justifiably) a bannable offense under the racebait clause since at least 2017 or so.

Cows were ruined by normies. Whenever I revisit old internet drama from around the 00's it's basically two retards fighting and everyone else autistically observing and documenting the events that took place while having a big laugh over it, now it's basically a mass cancellation every other week going from 0 to 100 in a microsecond. If Pixyteri existed today in her 2010 form, instead of being relentlessly clowned on and being made fun of, people would write 50-part twitter threads on how she's a problematic racist white pedophile bitch appropriating and colonizing nipponese culture and sexualizing little children. Arguably it's true if you lay it out that way, but the magnitude of such accusations falls flat when you actually look into the mundane dweeb shit she actually DID do. Also it doesn't help that past the 2016 elections the political field has been so highly polarized that altright /pol/ faggots prey on those disgraced people like a cult, which is why you see people post-cancellation slowly slip into that mindset.

I miss her so much tbh, should've appreciated her more when she was still around. Call it an unpopular opinion but the late 2010's lolcow was the peak of the site IMO.

No. 1996326

>I miss her so much tbh, should've appreciated her more when she was still around. Call it an unpopular opinion but the late 2010's lolcow was the peak of the site IMO
I don't miss oldmin because honestly she wasn't great, but I do agree that her era of lolcow was better. This site just feels too serious, un-fun and political for me now.

No. 1996328

>Anyone else feels like current anons have poor reading comprehension and are snappy and eager to start fights? Not that LC was ever a ~peaceful~ website and admittedly nitpicking has improved, but there's so much infighting going on. Anon A could just try to re-read anon B's innocent post before making an angry, retarded reply.
Yes, and multiple anons have complained about it over the last year or so. It started making sense once some farmers said that they've seen self-identified "femcels" on Tiktok bragging about being addicted to Lolcow, but I also feel like we have underage ESL-chans coming in at their wake who just genuinely don't speak English well enough to understand the nuance in anons' posts and pick a fight over their own misinterpretation as the spergposts they drop read like machine translations. I feel for them because I'm ESL myself, but at least I was an adult when I first posted on Lolcow.

No. 1996335

Or the retarded butterfly mkultra thing going on right now kek. Her thread is pure garbage but it's one of the very few active cow threads. Very bleak. I only read it because nothing else is going on around here.

No. 1996360

A bit OT but care to share any of the old drama you revisit?

No. 1996432

Honestly I was a huge libfem/pick-me when I got into this site. I think it was in 2016-17 but the pink pill and GC threads really made me reevaluate my beliefs and love myself and other women more. It's a shame that the PP culture is kind of gone now. Besides politics, my favorite cow was Phoebe Tickner and how the main milk provider seemed to be vaguely related to her and Harry. She posted so much and the threads were constantly moving. I miss her.

No. 2078664

Sometimes I feel like I hallucinated the shoe and unichan admin drama. I checked the thread again and it made me realize I've been here for far too fucking long. The past month has been the weirdest I felt around here. I know there will always be newfags and eventual summerfags, but this time it hit me hard. I can't pinpoint what I miss, but it certainly lost the vibe it had to me.

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