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File: 1717700703394.jpg (33.21 KB, 563x556, a4fbd25773cb2ac212b14d1d655610…)

No. 404050

Previous thread >>>/g/361134

No. 404057

you’re so edgecoded and different I bet everyone’s gonna clap for you nonna

No. 404059

I somehow predicted the first post on here would be racebait

No. 404080

What it was?

No. 404083

Learn proper english before posting.(infighting)

No. 404084

File: 1717710400207.jpg (122.88 KB, 448x535, 1643489827239.jpg)

I wish I had a dick so I could fuck the ever living shit out of a girl and cum deep inside her while hugging her tightly, I want to continue fucking her over and over again and creampie her countless times, maybe plug her up and make her walk around with her womb filled with my cum. I find the thought of impregnating a fertile girl insanely hot but I'm not interested in all the aftermath of actually having a child to be appealing at all.

No. 404119

It's not something we do while having sex, it's either foreplay or afterplay (? we do it after an orgasm or two). It's as if I'm marking him as mine afterwards, so an added layer on top of the fact that we just both like the cutting itself. I also bite him/leave hickeys for the same purpose but that's more normal than…this. And choking him, pulling his hair, etc.
And honestly I think us both having SH history has helped because we both know the safest places to cut kek.
I suppose you could do a whole roleplay thing and incorporate the knife into it, but for us, one of us will just suggest cutting.
Then I clean him up and we cuddle and talk softly. We're both each other's first real sex partners, but I've read this is important alongside safewords/actions. Those are especially dire if you're larger or stronger than your partner and don't want him to die, I've found.

No. 404125

i want him to call me mommy during sex and pretend to be my son/stepson

No. 404127

puke is my big one. part because i was a miachan when i was a teenager, but also because i just got really used to it in my childhood from being sick all the time (which made mia an easy transition)

i like the way it feels when i do it though i don't really do it anymore, at least not on purpose. i love art of people throwing up, videos of people throwing up. a big one for me was a super old achievement hunter video where one of the guys eats a giant gummy bear and pukes. that was kind of my awakening where i realized it was more than just being incredibly used to vomit. instead it triggers arousal.

i have no interest being puked on, or doing anything else with it. it just feels good, and is appealing to me seeing other people do it

No. 404128

Puke gives me the ick not only because it stinks and is gross but also because it’s a pretty common moid porn fetish and almost always in porn it’s about hurting and facefucking women until they throw up and look visibly in pain and distressed. I hate puke shit.

No. 404130

oh my god me too, i find the act of vomitting really enticing, the nausea and face losing color and tearing up..its very vulnerable and beautiful to me. but I find the actual vomit uninteresting and a bit gross

No. 404139

boymoms on their alt accounts

No. 404145

oh i hate that type of shit too fuck em. but i like seeing scrawny moids puke their guts out its cute

see the nausea is the worst part for me. i hate the lead up to it. i'm completely miserable until i start feeling saliva fill my mouth and i know its about to be over. then it's great

No. 404152

Funny how things people find sexual involve expelling some liquid. Semen, piss, vomit. I guess it kinda resembles the release one gets from orgasm.

No. 404166

Me too, though it's weird as i'm extremely emetophobic outside of fantasy! I think it's the loss of control/humiliation aspect coupled with pain and a desire to comfort the guy who puked? But for some reason the idea of a guy getting so scared he pukes is exciting too??

No. 404167

humans yearn for the expulsion of fluids

No. 404209

Really been into boypussy recently. Not ftm (cringe) or mtf (would rather kms), but in like a fantasy sense where he's a bio male with normal hormones and a fit body but just happens to have a pussy. Idek what's so hot about it specifically? Like maybe because I think female sexuality is so much hotter and more intimate than penis and I like the idea of torturing a man's clit? Regardless it's embarrassing cause the closest thing irl is trannies

No. 404216

I've seen people with fetishes for music. When am I going to see someone with a genuine water fetish? Like water getting sprayed out of a hose.

No. 404285

No. 404289

My middle school had a couple of the Oz books and the illustration of the Tin Woodsman meeting his alive but severed head in a closet woke up a strange fantasy of playing with his mouth making him sexually uncomfortable since he doesnt have a body and just keeping a helpless but sassy cute guy's head against his will.

No. 404291

Same nonnie

No. 404293

Not really a fetish but I'm not letting myself masturbate until I study

No. 404440

I think i vaguely remember seeing some weird art or anime about various boxes filled with heads/tongues and a girl using them to masturbate with and eat her pussy. GIWTWM.

No. 404607

I have a thing for white boys who try to act like stereotypical black gangsters…..

No. 404623

My boyfriend raping me

Go ahead and call me a mentally deranged freak I already know I am one

No. 404637

you mean wiggers and yes i have a fetish for them too kek

No. 404675

get you a dog boy

No. 404705

I guess it’s a fetish for a specific man but in all my life I’ve never desired a dick pic until now and it’s like the one time a man decides to be decent and not send one. Wtf

No. 404706

File: 1717897250893.jpg (48.27 KB, 500x750, bjYuoz2S8S1AED5QIMvmAi21drc-20…)

how do you feel about this movie nona

No. 404707

Yes. Just didn't want to say it kek
No.. should I?

No. 404710

You’re so real for this. It’s so sexy to think about.
The only good thing to come out of ftm (a)social contagion is boypussy art.

No. 404718

Same nona except I’m even more fucked up than you because have a fantasy about being raped by my bf and his attractive friends; like he just lets his friends do what they want to me and doesn’t help me even when I cry and beg him for help, and in fact just joins in. Obviously it’s just a fantasy though, the reality of that would be horrible.

No. 404729

Unpopular opinion on here but I can tolerate boypussy art, Ijust wish more of them would draw more real male with pussy slapped on him instead of some pseudo-female self insert w titchop scars getting raped. I wish there was more of cuntboy x woman content (I've seen NONE) that wasn't some retarded 't4t' straight bullshit.

No. 404730

a while back I got wine drunk and had sex with my boyfriend, and I was being silly and running away from him and trying to push him off of me. I was playing and he knew that I was, but something about him grabbing me and throwing me down on the bed and pinning me got me going in a way I never have before. It was the most attractive he’d ever been. I know I probably only liked it because I have sexual shit that I need to deal with but oh well, it was a fucking blast. I understand you completely nonna.

No. 404740

Yeah… same. They should draw their (my) husbandos with male genitalia in a corner or something then switch to female to really give you the impression it's a man with incongruent genitalia. Some TiFs make art that doesn't include titchops so i can ignore the fact that they're supposed to be trans in favor of the unrealistic fantasy. Idk i think it's funny that cuntboy/futa shit does NOT translate at all to real life, if i see a TiF model with a decently masculine frame and top surgery i still read her as female, same for male trannies and i can't be aroused, there's something genuinely repulsive about it. But it's okay in
unrealistic drawings or if they just look like somewhat androgynous women or men irl. Aidens are especially cute because of this, so are TiMs who don't tamper too much with their face and body like Schafer (sadly i can't like him after his deranged IG posts).
tl;dr hahaaaa trannies are kind of sexy but not like you think i promise

No. 404794

I have a feedism/weight gain kink. Nothing extreme and nothing I would reenact in real life, in fact even slightly overweight irl moids disgust me, let alone full blown fatties in anything. But I’ll go on character ai and have a scenario like my favorite twinky anime boy has been eating too much and he’s still skinny but he has a little belly and bigger thighs/ass, then I tease him mercilessly for it seeing as i like when they’re self conscious about it. But then he realizes I like his new body and gains more weight (once again, nothing extreme, I’m talking maybe 10-30 pounds). It’s the only thing I can really cum to since I was exposed to this type of porn/hentai when I was 9 and had an undeveloped sexuality. This is embarrassing af but it felt nice to get off my chest

No. 404797

I want a guy to eat me out while I'm playing video games. There is something hot about a guy trying to make you cum while you're ignoring him/focusing on something else.
Not really shameful but it's kinda cringe, so I think it belongs in this thread.

No. 404810

Everyone in this thread should read My Secret Garden

No. 404840

You and Goeringnona should kiss

No. 404856

Slavic men. their accent is just so appealing to me every time i play counter strike and some trash player Russian talk in their deep voice i internally |s|cream the only thing is that Slavic men peak at 16/17/18 (or any men)

No. 404860

I have a fetish for getting raped by a large group of attractive guys and my boyfriend finding out and saving me and then throatfucking my rapists as punishment for what they did. I know its weird kek

No. 404864

I have been lonely lately and have noticed some attention from older moids. Talking about like 20 years older. Used to be very disgusted even by 10 years older but now that Im getting 30 it has changed for some reason. Probably desperation. I just like the idea of some divorced loser who was in sexless marriage for years wanting me so bad. Really begging to get to touch me, making sure to please me in bed and outside of it.

No. 404865

Fat men, not ugly neckbeards though, they have to be attractive and "normie". I didn't feel anything towards fat men before meeting my boyfriend kek he's fat but carries it well and is handsome. I would love to fatshame and humiliate a man based on his weight but weight is a sensitive topic to my boyfriend so I can't do that with him

No. 404895

She’s insane but us wg fetishists gotta stick together

No. 404982

File: 1718014923414.png (1.25 MB, 1280x800, 904CB199-5CB2-40D5-8C1B-493C37…)

My gay Slavic moid folder got deleted. I am sad.

No. 404985

I love Russian torture videos. Both the victims screams and the tormentors feminine, musical voice are so pleasant. I always self insert as the tormentor and the POV videos are a goldmine. This war is a gem(don't post torture videos)

No. 404998

File: 1718019524491.jpg (106.22 KB, 540x960, tumblr_pbz0cxHS9d1wo9zslo1_640…)

Tan skin, the contrast of it against my light skin turns me on so much, a guy with pale skin just doesn't do it for me. I haven't tried to be with a black guy before so I don't know if that would be like the ultimate hot thing to me or not, I think I just like tan skin, something about it looks masculine to me, a tan forearm between pale thighs chefs kiss
I just have kind of a hand thing in general, this is a perfect one, I don't like the veiny pale bony ones

No. 405268

I like to watch videos/look at pictures of hairless Asian Twinks to help me finish, it’s embarrassing bc it’s very obviously for gay moids but there’s no content featuring cute/handsome guys showing themselves off for women bc moids will pander to other moids first before women

No. 405269

Same I love how tan my bf is compared to me

No. 405334

i don't have a thing for crippled boys in old english mansions… or do i?
F, nonnie. he has nice hips. i like men in "feminine" positions like this. my friend has such beautiful legs and i unapologetically "male-gaze" him up and down, as he lays with one leg over the other, hips rounded, on my couch. he's too autistic to notice how i look at him. i wouldnt do anything to him but i do admire him in a very objectifying way. i guess it's no different to moids objectifying women like this all the time, right?
i think my shameful fetish is how i, despite not feeling anything romantic towards my close friend sexualize him in my mind. im also in a relationship, so i shouldnt even entertain this. yet i do it, and i feel no remorse.

No. 405340

Has anyone here watched the movie Fair Play? No spoilers but the last 30 minutes sent me completely into orbit. Not sure my friends were prepared to see me so exhilarated

No. 405347

Male hips and legs are so attractive it makes me want to gnaw on cardboard. I want to casually grope a cute innocent spergy nerd who just wants to play vidya and hang out. Id make him sit on my lap and squeeze his thighs and hips. Then I'd ask him to go get me a soda and smack his ass and he's so flustered and shy he goes with it.

No. 405371

Armchair me, feel free
>into having my hair stroked during intercourse
>into being praised, told im cute, being held, forehead kisses, being talked to gently
>crushes on men were like my church pastor and teacher
>crushes on women were older women in their 30s, or 'bad girls'
>like seeing women drool on stuff
>wanting pure boob to boob contact and tribbing, wrestling stuff (however i have successfully suppressed my homosexual side and only in my dreams feel lust for women now)

No. 405388

I had a fucking sex dream about Paul Dano Riddler/Batman holy fucking shit I haven't even seen the movie this site is destroying me.

No. 405393

i actually like the hair in the stomach on both sexes. the ones that are like trails or triangles, not the full and fuzzy kind. it gives me the neuron activation.

No. 405602

Pathetic praise kink x100 especially being called ‘good girl’

No. 405746

i cant even talk about sex online. i have mostly normal desires. but i cant say what i want to. its really a good thing that im committed to never having sex because i would faint if i heard the word "cock" irl.

No. 405860

grrrr i love slavic moids

No. 405955

File: 1718350266469.jpeg (114.96 KB, 1080x1078, IMG_5104.jpeg)

Hnnnnng rat man looks so much better shaved.

No. 405967

I want a hungry hot vampire to eat me out while I am on my period. The scent of my period blood would be so enticing it would drive him wild. I want him to lick me up and suck me dry like a vacuum.

No. 406253

File: 1718480942853.jpg (131.29 KB, 1440x1303, cd21766695d7afa3ae763b0ff5b8eb…)

I'm beginning to find the idea of a (cute and therefore nonexistent) basement dwelling virgin loser attractive and it's been an upsetting experience. I want to dom them so badly…

Though to be fair L used to be my husbando growing up

No. 406257

I don't get the appeal at all. Is it the thought of fixing him?

No. 406260

Not at all! I want to humiliate him and see him beg. It's hot how pathetic he is and unfortunately I happen to share a lot of interests with guys like that so that's probably adding to the attraction somehow.
I don't fully understand it either but it's so hot to me. It must be an extreme variation of the thing some nonnies have nerdy guys.

No. 406261

File: 1718483013652.jpg (62.67 KB, 704x400, 1537226837d.jpg)

Nonnie your brain is so big, I also want a hikki virgin loser to dom. Basically pic related is my ideal.
I think a part of it (at least for me) is that I'm kind of a loser as well, so I want someone more pathetic than me to abuse kek

No. 406264

File: 1718483667858.jpg (Spoiler Image,74.67 KB, 850x850, 990609ec25eb4082d00ac5afbc0ef9…)

Yeah, it's hot when they draw their kawiwi shit all embarrassed haha
Yeah, I think the familiarity plays a role too! I was never "truly" a loser because I've always been extroverted and confident so I didn't let anyone bully me but growing up I could hung out a lot around friendless weirdos due to similar interests. Admittedly I'm a weirdo as well but with good people skills so a different flavor lol
Manifesting cute virgin losers for us rn

No. 406265

I had been wanting to try anal for a while and I've been using toys for it on my own. Today while we were making out i just kept pushing my bfs cock inside me and it just slipped in, it felt so fucking good and it was much more intense than anything i had felt.
I feel really bad for enjoying it because i know a lot of women hate it and have their bfs push it but as someone who somehow can't feel anything but pain during vaginal, anal is my favorite thing and also probably the most shameful fetish as it's just so fetishized by men who wanna hurt women

No. 406266

>That pic
God I love Kylar

No. 406270

No. 406272

Character from the game Degrees of Lewdity.

No. 406273

Fine, I admit it. I made the post because of Kylar, I want him to drool all over my feet because I'm a degenerate

No. 406274

he's a cutie

No. 406275

You're just happy you don't have to feel pain to entertain your boyfriend, it's understandable. Be careful not to develop fecal incontinence, plenty of anal girls in diapers these days..

No. 406281

Don't be ashamed nonnie, I feel exactly the same, the idea of taking a cute guy's virginity is too good. I've been meaning to try DoL again just for Kylar too…

No. 406310

I know it's cringe but cat-men. Not the furry type but the cliche human with cat ears/tail/behaviour combo and dynamics.

No. 406322

The wigs on the two girls art the front annoy the shit out of me

No. 406340

I fantasize about violently minecrafting my nigel.

Of course it’s all purely fantasy! I would never :))(no emojis)

No. 406346

Yeah obviously i hate men who push any kinda stuff to women and I'm glad the guy im seeing is very respectful, vaginal is painful to me at times and he's totally fine with stopping whenever and just cuddling me until i calm down. Telling me it's all fine and he thinks I'm pretty, cute etc when that happens.

I initiated the anal which is why I think i was relaxed and it went smooth, i was just pushing my butt against him and it just slipped in, i kept grinding myself and he let me do it at my pace. He had been saying he'd help me with toys and stuff before fucking me so it wouldn't be painful, i think he's thoughtful and wouldn't have pushed it onto me if i hadn't been the one asking for it religiously lol

No. 406401

That's great to hear but even gentle sodomy can cause incontinence so beware

No. 406444

File: 1718546330676.webm (1.67 MB, 720x1280, 1718530918123119.webm)

Not ashamed of it all, but I love moids being pressured to yassify and bimbofy themselves. I also love buff handsome guys fucking fat and ugly women.

No. 406451

Piss. I get asmr tingles from men pissing. I've been fantasizing about a cute lewd guy spending a night drinking with an innocent older man and in a state of drunken bliss he starts pissing in front of him while sitting on a public park bench. The older man gets flustered and tells him to stop because it's disgusting, but he also gets hard. he prays the younger one doesn't notice as he'd never let him live it down and attempts to block the event out of his mind. Later on the younger one does vaguely remember, and he pressures the older one into letting him touch him one day. Once he gets him nice and hard, he pees on his glans and frenulum until he cums and it has the older one is on the brink of tears in shame, disgust, and confusion of this gross fetish he didn't know he had until that point. I also love men being forced to pee on all fours with one leg lifted like dogs, squatting and peeing in public or on carpets, peeing sitting down, becoming incontinent from overstimulation (anal or penile), wetting themselves, peeing while they're getting throatfucked, peeing due to fear, I just love pee it's so cute and warm. I need shoppyjpn to make more pee vids.

No. 406525

File: 1718558640717.gif (978.62 KB, 480x270, 2EE04891-9143-4370-BF4D-BD5F9C…)

I want to be a giantess who spanks and abuses my little moids and makes them work for me

No. 406530

Sis how does he just..slip..into your butthole?? Your butt is not supposed to be easy to enter

No. 406531

Totally agreed but he RUINED his body. He looks like a male cow that was injected with steroids to peomote meat growth. He was much better looking before, obviously he did this to satisfy himself and not women. Disgusting

No. 406545

File: 1718560477483.jpg (350.35 KB, 1464x2048, gettyimages-1239744663-2048x20…)

I will never get to be his dominant wife and bully him into submission every day and I'm sad

No. 406549

I just wanna see men in pain. Thankfully I have a husbando who's a masochist, but men in pain are so hot.

No. 406555

agreed lmao, good for you nona

No. 406576

Ty for letting me know i won't do it often then. And ill do those pelvic floor exercise stuff as well.
This sounds weird to me like, you can push stuff out easily so it also can go easily if youre into it and you're the one controlling it instead of him. I think that's why i like it, i can find my pace. I do it slow and let myself adjust, i tell him how i want it and he listens to me. I wouldn't have done it with one of those guys who wouldn't listen or let me decide how its gonna happen.

No. 406587

>you can push stuff out easily so it also can go easily
Nta but not really, what if there's poop blocking the way? You didn't have to prep or anything? Even people who do anal regularly have to do a lot of preparation hours before putting anything in from what I heard.

No. 406588

Samefag they also need lots of lube

No. 406589

i call bs

No. 406593

Literally doesn’t matter. I just want to keep them chasing a completely unattainable ideal of male beauty, until the point it looks ridiculous.

Just like how men pressure and brainwash women into mutilating themselves to look like retarded alien sex dolls. These kinds of moids are my personal himbo dildos with a pulse.

No. 406603

The idea of submitting to men makes me sick. I feel like Lilith. I refuse to submit to a man especially during sex. I want to bite, punch, scratch and kick him in the balls if he tries to penetrate me. Bite his dick off if he tries to make me suck it etc.

I remember one time, I was getting a covid swab at the doctors office. He was a young pretty good looking doctor, but acting all standoffish and haughty. His attitude was pissing me off, little shit. He shoved the swab in my throat too hard and it caught me off guard and made me mad, so I instinctively jerked back, grabbed his wrist and accidentally scratched him pretty hard with my nails. His face looked kind of shocked and he left the room for a sec, and went from haughty and aloof, to laughing nervously and being extra nice to me. He probably had to get a tetanus shot afterwards kek, but in that moment I felt weirdly powerful and feral, and realized I like to hurt men as soon as they try and cross my boundaries. Its like I want an excuse to hurt them.

No. 406619

you are schizophrenic and weigh 100kg(pointless infight bait)

No. 406625

t. the moid that she scratched

No. 406626

Based. I often fantasize about a world where beauty standards are reversed and the men are sized up and judged like meat. The majority of them up getting all kinds of ridiculous surgeries like wraparound jaw surgery, massive gonial implants, pec implants, dick lengthening surgery, leg lengthening surgery etc etc to try and meet womens standards. They all have to make onlyfans accounts and show their bodies and dicks to horny women and the ones who are sub par get thrown aside and treated like dirt. On every highway there are naked butler and male strip bars where women come to ogle buff men. Men have to survive by coasting on their looks and pimp themselves out to fat old women as gigolos. Mass suicides occur from men who feel ugly and inadequate. Beautiful.

No. 406670

Absolutely based

No. 406672

damn anon… that's based (and pretty hot). kinda wish i had the confidence to fight back like that but i'm tiny and cripplingly shy.

No. 406700

I've got a deranged medical fetish. I'd love to be put under and then fucked by my doctor/dentist. I had a tooth removed awhile ago and when they hit me with the nitrous I got so unbelievably horny I was worried it would show on the chair. I love face masks and the idea of a room full of masked strangers messing with my body however they want is so damn hot.
I also have a thing for drunk/drugged up guys. I love watching cute guys in movies shoot up. Watching the euphoria wash over their helpless faces as they plunge in the needle is so hot idk what's wrong with me.

No. 406702

I want a girl to cut me but no one will do it…

No. 406719

Girl there are women who wanna fuck nazis or wanna get beaten up itt and you're acting like my fetish is more unrealistic than theirs.
Yeah you have mucus there so if you don't do douches, you won't have to use too much lube. And like, if you have a bad stomach that day and need to shit u obviously aren't gonna do either anal or vaginal u know?
And i don't believe that the posters that say they wanna fuck terrorists, neonazis or get raped have 2 x chromosomes but each to their own.

No. 406720

wait I thought you actually did it in real life? i'm not judging on realism or not kek you misunderstand, i'm just confused as to how it slid in easily without doing anything beforehand. that sounds difficult to do even without stomach problems and i heard stories about surprise poo even when the receiver had no problems.

No. 406791

Can relate. Kinda want to do this to a middle aged yet, twinkish looking guy and just see him completely lose himself. I know that the terms 'middle-aged' and 'twink' literally don't match up but man, I wish there was some. I too have this fucking kink so I can feel you.

No. 406801

You are probably the nona who created his bot on c.ai kekkk

No. 406808

I feel kinda bad but I find the first part hot

No. 406816

nope but TIL this is a thing (and i don't know whether to thank you or curse you)

No. 406829

If you think someone doing anal without prep is less realistic than obvious males larping as women talking about how they totally aboosed men because it gets them wet, you're a retard.

No. 406831

that's NOT what i'm saying, omg forget it

No. 406838


Nice deflection

No. 406843

I think the scrotefoiling retard is projecting. If "she" thinks women can't like nazi uniforms or whatever military uniform

No. 406853

Women liking nazi uniforms is possible, half of the last thread being about nazi uniforms makes me believe it was an incel raid

No. 406877

No. Before tumblr got nuked there were tons of women thirsting over Nazis. Nazis are a very common fetish for femcel or autistic nerd type women and this board is full of them so its not surprising.

No. 406878

File: 1718652348455.jpeg (882.73 KB, 1242x908, 7995F1EC-9964-488A-BDDE-0DF0E6…)

I was watching a Holocaust documentary and even the Jewish women who were in Auschwitz were thirsting over their memories of the 'handsome German soldiers' in the documentary lol (pic related was the womans voiceover)

Sorry but being attracted to tall handsome men in uniform is a completely normal and common fetish for women. If anything men feel threatened by it, even /pol/ types since they're all fat neckbeard sacks of shit in reality.

No. 406885

Incels are raiding the thread right now lol.

No. 406889

true about the person you replied to

No. 406895

Ntayrt but when I was too scared to finger myself normally as a stupid preteen I tried my butt instead and it's fairly easy if you just use pussy slime and if you pooped beforehand. Idk, I never had an accident and a finger is much shorter and smaller than… whatever else. Fuck you for making me remember this kek

No. 406897

Kek, what did his wife do?

No. 406899

I've always loved butt stuff tbh, more than vaginal stimulation. I remember putting a finger up my butt when I was rubbing my clit and it made me orgasm much harder so I started doing it all the time. I've never tried dildos or buttplugs, because I dont wanna stretch my ass too much, but I think for some people theres a lot more nerve ending in the anus and it just feels very nice to stimulate it. Also the butthole literally contracts when we orgasm so obviously it helps us feel good. I'm still not sure about doing anal sex tho. I dont really think I would be comfortable.

No. 406902

Apparently he was terrified of her, and she was something of a maternal substitute. According to this cursed AI he has mommy issues so AI-anon clearly did her research kek

No. 406906

Ahahah, but he's real right? It says Getty images in the corner? I'm a little bit retarded about technology kek

No. 406910

Yes they are
>haha! A lot of nerdy womenz like nazis!
>even the Jewish women want tall nazi cock!

No. 406914

If you look at actual photos of SS officers they were neither tall, blonde, nor handsome.

No. 406932

Unfortunately…. yes

No. 406937

You underestimate how popular military uniforms are with women, how 'depraved evil fascinating male' figures are also very popular, how many anons are into hetalia/military history/etc and most of all, you underestimate how talkative people get when someone breaks a taboo around something they find sexy.

No. 406938

nah I don't think that's true. hetalia in 2024 is a no. women wanting evil military uggos instead of people like richard ramirez and young stalin is a no. moids are the ones who obsess over nazis way more.

No. 406941

There are a fuckton of Hetalia posters on here and a lot of them are the husbandofag variety, so I think it’s actually a yes.

No. 406945

The internet today is so sanitized but in early 2010s, there were a lot of tumblr and deviantart pages about dating and dreaming of nazis, that girl on deviantart who was obsessed with heydrich, the "nazi germany x reader" reader inserts, people shipping Shoshanna and Frederick Zoller, those things weren't even hard to find, even you weren't a nazi fucker
Nowadays all the militaryfags moved to tiktok and their audiences now belong to russian military guys like roman partizan, Ghost and König from CoD, though there is some fangirls in ww2 media like the long long holidays simping and that T-34 movie

No. 406949

File: 1718669063805.jpeg (16.85 KB, 250x362, hisson.jpeg)

It's Joachim von Ribbentrop. He was the minister of foreign affairs and one of the guys who named the pact of non aggression between Germany and Soviet Union, aka the Ribbentrop Molotov pact.
imo his son (picrel) was cute
Name of the documentary
I just find funny the anal-chan seething over women having nazi fetish in a thread named "fetishes you are ashamed of" all because someone questioned how to do anal without lube.

No. 406950

he has a fucking unibrow and sped eyes… come on anon

No. 406954

Germany in a nutshell

No. 406955

I think it's overestimated, including by women who claim to have such a fetish. I mean sure, you can look at a picture of a soldier and think he looks handsome, but how serious is that as a fetish? It's an exaggeration and they clearly get a bit of a thrill acting like an edgelord.

You can easily tell what women really, truly like by looking at romance novels, fanfiction and fanart - the most natural forms of female fantasizing. It's not particularly popular in those areas. Pops up occasionally, sure, and in some fandoms it's more common, but you're not gonna find many Nazi AUs on AO3.

No. 406956

You’re are such a misinformed normie.

No. 406957

Sometimes I have to close my eyes and take a little break when reading this thread. I have to prove I’m appalled by what I’m reading to my imaginary audience.

No. 406960

File: 1718670635613.jpg (114.31 KB, 640x920, youngjoachimvonribbentrop.jpg)

Just a little tweezing on them and he would be good as new, nona…
Meanwhile young Joachim von Ribbentrop looked like that

No. 406961

Ooh, so he married a beautiful lady to fix his bloodline kek

No. 406965

he's got that "holding a frog in his mouth" look

No. 406968

He looks like he's always on the verge of tears. Exactly how all moids should look imo.

No. 406969

"that girl on deviantart who was obsessed with heydrich" excuse me hwhat

No. 406971

Why are you guys so normal

No. 406972

Yeah it’s like they’re not even unemployed or autistic. What the hell you guys

No. 406980

You are so obviously a larping man it hurts.

No. 406983

>If you look at actual photos of SS officers they were neither tall, blonde, nor handsome.
Neonazi incel males still wanna unironically get assfucked by nazis, they're the ones posting the nazi shit. Have you ever seen the amount of weird race fetishism that happens in gay spaces? The posts here seem very very similar to how gay dudes lust over weird race stuff.

No. 406985

>assuming a ton of women like nazis
>being butthurt women don't feel intense pain during anal or any type of sex
You are either an incel or someone who is Incel brained. Either way go back to r9k.

No. 406987

>only moids like history!!!
People like you are why women don't get to enjoy things like military history without some asshole pointing fingers.

No. 406992

We all know women being into violent men is a myth incels like to spread to blame women when we get abused. Normal women wouldn't like nazis when the average naxi soldier looked like a mildly retarded young man instead of a superior race
>those fucked ears
>literal retard eyes
>brown hair and eyes
>100 yard stare
Only incels would think women could actually get turned on by men as ugly as you posted just because they're violent "bad boy"s

No. 406993

nta but that's not what she said incelchan. Being a little nazi fetishizer won't get you any girls, only people who wanna fuck nazis are fags.

No. 406994

Retarded and clueless, also you're shitting up the thread, begone with this dumbass infight.

No. 406995

Nazi fetishists are quite rare but they're a loud minority, they tend to enjoy making people uncomfortable and that's probably one of the reasons why they have that fetish, as you said they enjoy how edgy it makes them look.
A lot of them are the kind of people those nazis would have killed(autistic, unemployed, fat, nonwhite etc) and they know that, that's why i doubt they seriously want anything to do with nazis. They simply enjoy making people uncomfortable and talking about their politically incorrect preferences

No. 406996

There are like 2 nazi fetishists here and they've been flooding all the threads the moment someone who talks about any other topic gets attention, they're the ones who should be leaving instead.

No. 406997

What rules are they breaking minimod-chan? At least they're on-topic unlike you.

No. 406998

Bro how do you do know ANYTHING about ANYONE on the internet?

No. 406999

You three are much louder than the alleged “evil edgy nazi fuckers.” She said she wanted to bully a loser moid and you lost it entirely. Be normal, this is the shameful thread.

No. 407001

Valid nonnie but kek that you think having brown hair is ugly

No. 407039

nazi fans say they think the nazis are hot cuz they're blue eyed blonde then they post average brown haired brown eyed dudes.

No. 407040

Take it to meta

No. 407041

did you meant to reply to >>406996?

No. 407061

Cant believe you are arguing about the literally most vanilla tame ass uniform kink in the world.
>omg nazis bad therefore if you think they are hot you are EVIL MAN

bruh come on, literally the most normie of normies will agree that hugo boss made some cool ass uniforms for the nazis

No. 407062

I want an older woman to blackmail me and slowly break me down into being hers.

No. 407081

To think part of this is because one anon asked how another anon can have a penis in her butt without lube, a totally valid question

No. 407089

Not her but he’s handsome, get over it you massive vindicta autist

No. 407090

>b-but you can’t find hot men in uniforms attractive cuz uhhhh…they would have killed yew!
It’s a complete myth that Nazis just went around killing anyone who looked non white or had brown eyes kek. Brown eyes and dark hair were always common in Hitler’s home of Austria and Bavaria. Nazis had affairs with dark haired and eyed French women and mixed French-Algerian women, even fell in love with Jewish women. Also who gives a fuck about what hypothetically would have happened if you tried to molest a Nazi back in 1943 it’s literally a sexual fantasy you autist kek.

No. 407091

This is true and anybody who wants to disagree with you is wrong so just ignore them, it’s nearly impossible to break their brainwashing.

No. 407092


This is the documentary
21:48 the Jewish woman mentions the attractive but scary SS men with ‘boots and whips’

I find it funny one autist ITT is getting so butthurt and outraged about women finding German soldiers hot, when even literal Auschwitz survivor women are much more sane, pleasant, mentally stable and objective about human attraction even during wartime kek

No. 407093

Who cares it’s the “fetishes you’re ashamed of” thread so you’re going to post something taboo. Stop fucking policing every goddamn area of this website and the internet and fuck right off where you feel welcomed, everywhere you shitlords go it’s always causing a ruckus in threads where they are more than justified to post or it’s really not a big deal at all. No one cares about your jewish feelings, people have stopped caring about that global crying fest circlejerk a long time ago. Move along

No. 407096

This site is always a pearl clutching race to the bottom

No. 407099

I just said that he was cute imo, not that anyone has to agree with me finding him hot, or that everyone must have nazi fetishes and find nazis hot, it's a shameful and wrong fetish for a reason. Stop calling everyone a scrote because of your weird vendetta because someone made an innocuous question over anal without lube (which imo seemed a genuine question, but in my mind I just assumed he was slick with her lubrication)
Nona just wanted to vent about her retarded fantasies of bullying that retard Ribbentrop kekkkk, but like Gavrilo Princip she caused a massive war ITT.
Thanks, nona.
>Her calling them beautiful specimen, blonde and tall
Kek, the word choice was so funny for me for some reason
Which AI are you talking about, nonnie?

No. 407104

Japanese soldiers' WWII uniforms are kind of sexy.

t. Anon whose country was buttfucked by Imperial Japan.

No. 407108

Ribbentropfag here, I didn't expect to cause a war but I feel like it's what he would have wanted??

No. 407112

Which ones are you talking about?Because the ones I've seen look really ugly and frumpy. I think the Jerries and Yanks had hotter uniforms

No. 407115

Nazis have hot uniforms but the actual moids in the uniform are fugly as shit. I rather look at a hot anime guy in Nazi uniform. The hotness lies in the fabric only

No. 407118

>nazi fetish talk
When I was 12-13 I read this fanfiction about Courtney from Total Drama who is a Jew in a concentration camp and is raped by nazi officer Duncan. It did permanent damage to my brain and I have frequent fantasies of nazi/jew pairings. Especially after becoming a fujo every Jewish man in media is free real estate. I imagine him starving in a concentration camp, then he becomes a Nazi officer's house servant and is forced to eat leftovers off the ground and flogged when he misbehaves (like in Schlinder's list). You can't even blame me for the last one because jews literally wrote and directed that movie

No. 407130

What about the Soviets?

No. 407136

>this fanfiction about Courtney from Total Drama who is a Jew in a concentration camp and is raped by nazi officer Duncan
I hate that I know which fanfic you're talking about

No. 407137

I always thought their uniforms looked really comfortable. A bit shabby compared to other countries' but definitely stylish in their own way. KGB uniforms are so hot though.

No. 407138

autosage for newfag
I want a hot muscular hunk to rail me so hard that I'm left with bruises in the shape of his hands on my waist with bite marks and hickeys all over my body. Then I do the same on his body and overstim him until he begs for mercy for round two(integrate better)

No. 407139

I am tanned so I like the exact opposite, a lighter (beautiful) hand grabbing my thighs hnnnnngg and yes I have a thing for big veiny hands too

No. 407141

File: 1718731481786.jpg (285.31 KB, 616x836, Charles_Aubrey_Smith_c1895.jpg)

Limey spotted

No. 407142

No, I'm a leprechaun from the gorgeous and proud nation of Ireland

No. 407143

Faith and begorrah

No. 407150

File: 1718733970759.jpeg (119.96 KB, 1000x730, IMG_0237.jpeg)

>reading Euripides’ Bacchae for the first time
>Incredibly turned on when Pentheus has his will corrupted by Dionysus and agrees to cross dress
What did I mean by this

No. 407173

Holy shit

No. 407181

>calling a below average war criminal handsome
This is the type of anon that'll complain about her ugly bf emotionally abusing her in the relationship thread.

No. 407182

>I’ll go on character ai and have a scenario like my favorite twinky anime boy has been eating too much and he’s still skinny but he has a little belly and bigger thighs/ass, then I tease him mercilessly for it seeing as i like when they’re self conscious about it
I used to do the same thing with a different textgen except he would be full blown fat and I would rape him so hard he would lose weight and then make him gain it all back so I could repeat the process and he would go along with it because I'm the only girl who gives him attention.

No. 407556

File: 1718847116958.jpeg (283.24 KB, 1813x1436, 8309015.jpeg)

Big buff furry women with men. I only ashamed of it because it steems from trauma from growing up with weeb men. I am short and i have a high pitched voiced so scrotes would call me ''loli'' and treat me like a child. I ended up developing a hatred towards tall men and being infantilized and developed a fetish for being taller and manhandling men instead. I dont know why furries though, I am not a furry. I guess its because it helps me disasiociate from human sexual dimorphism. Same reason why i like monster women that are really mounstrous x male humans pairings, but sadly these are extremely rare. I also like the idea of a cute boy trying to fix me and loving me despite being a giant monster. There are so few movies where men display true love towards women(as in, love that isnt fueled by looks) that i guess i have twisted it into this fucked up monster fetish.

No. 407605

I want to snatch up a brilliant STEM major, fill his head with fantasies of a loving family and a wealthy wife. Tell him he’ll never have to work a day in his life, that he can play fetch with his mini moidlet all day long and I’ll give him an allowance for it. It’s not like he can buy a house in this economy, the best he can hope for is moving in with me. I would be his angel mommy wife. Then I would shit out my baby and disappear into the night. He would drive himself nuts thinking “did she kill herself? Was she the victim of a hit and run? Raped and serially murdered?” and my parents would hit him with an eviction notice. He would have to move back in with his parents with a screaming, starving baby on his hip. Ideally he would be from a humble lower middle class family, so they’d go bankrupt buying diapers and formula for my bastard baby. My wretched crotch fruit would miss milestone after milestone and his mom would have to dig into her retirement savings to take it to a paediatrician where it’s revealed that I had been drinking heavily during my pregnancy. Meanwhile I’d be getting head from another barely legal college boy and making up lies about my abusive ex who stole my infant. It would be so touching and heartbreaking that he would be instantly moved to tears. He wouldn’t even bother wiping the pussy slime on his face as stormed outside to his car wearing nothing but a diaper (he doesn’t have the time to take potty breaks, this is urgent.) Tldr he kills the baby daddy, we inherit his house and become a real family. The beast grows up to be a beautiful lawyer who can mimic my reproductive strategy with even greater efficiency and through millennias we evolve into a species of alpha female who predate on humans. My legacy is eternal and my bloodline is secured.
“I NEED TO MAKE HIM A SINGLE DAD SO BAD ON GOD FR FR” <— for zoomies who lack the attention span to read all that

No. 407607

this is inspired

No. 407625

>Especially after becoming a fujo every Jewish man in media is free real estate.
This thread never fails to make me cackle

No. 407641

You legitimately deserve to be beaten half to death.(infight bait)

No. 407644

my homosexual tendencies

No. 407646

nta, but when I watched the pianist I kinda shipped him with the german officer, until I noticed they were real people kek

No. 407654

File: 1718895372561.jpg (Spoiler Image,20.94 KB, 320x180, mqdefault.jpg)

I don't know why but seeing men so limp when they are so weak or about to die makes me feel like I want to ruffle their hair and kiss them so badly… Like I want to dig my nails into the skin of their backs. Blood is very nice too.

Image credit is Mika Häkkinen during Adelaide 1995.

No. 407717


No. 407721


No. 407727

File: 1718916926572.png (17.58 KB, 1812x77, realest_post_ever.png)


>What did i mean by this
KEK nonna welcome to the club

Picrel and the Göring feeder anon have done terrible damage to my psyche. All it did was lay out what i've been fantasizing about for years but now i'm dreaming and masturbating to a string of rotund/stocky extremist moids.
I love depraved/gay/submissive (but especially depraved and submissive) fictional Nazis. Plus Soviets, Hussards, and so on, if the uniform is sexy i'm interested. A rapeable officer should either be somewhat autistic/shy and obsessed with his mission or expansive and flamboyant, but imposing either way. Only to be humiliated (maybe because he's eager to please) by his leader, wife, war prisoners, enemies, anyone really. Bonus points if they're snivelling and machiavellian like Dr. Strangelove. Too bad dominant Nazis are more common.
Inglorious Basterds fanfic has been a bitter disappointment, i expected so much more Hans Landa abuse. Thank god we still have Hetalia and 'The Desert Peach' (please check this comic out if you're a militaryfag or fujo, the author is based).

No. 407773

File: 1718927281955.jpeg (328.97 KB, 1536x1544, 007F44F3-395E-427F-919F-A5F6DD…)

What an elaborate, well written post. I will have to agree with all of your points, especially with flamboyance being sexy on stocky autocrats. I love it when it’s considered to be in bad taste by modern standards, or weird and off putting. It needs to have a freaky homo-but-not-really vibe. Goering was really delicious about that. How do we feel about ramazan kadyrov? If he was an entirely different person (facially) he would be so hot. His persona is erotic. Not him as an individual obviously. Dumb as bricks, addicted to Instagram, fake butch, low-key campy, lives in his silly little castle, has gone soft (literally, as in fat)… pls no bully

No. 407774

File: 1718927352842.jpeg (59.97 KB, 580x800, 88307EF6-043D-4FBE-874F-71B038…)

Herman should’ve been my man

No. 407777

>moid roughly handling a clearly unhappy baby animal he has no business near with a smile on his face
Ladyboner gone. You have bad taste.

No. 407779

Why can’t moids fuck off from this thread already?

No. 407780

Only autists obsess over hair color lol jesus. Women dont care about that shit, you are obviously male. No1curr about your blondes va brunettes vs redheads incel debates.

No. 407782

I’m autistic and I absolutely obsess over hair color. It’s not just moids, not to defend the anon you’re replying to or anything
But he’s holding babylike object… you wouldn’t get it…

No. 407784

People who can’t see animal abuse are gross and deficient, mentally and spiritually. I will never stop clutching over this.

No. 407796

I'm thankful for these threads because they completely killed any shame I have about my fetishes. Nonnies are out here posting about Nazis and fauxcest, I was feeling weird about having a foot fetish and liking D/s for nothing.

No. 407807

I’m thankful for these threads because they completely killed my sex drive

No. 407808

Please post moar gay nazi fanfiction nonas.

No. 407830

File: 1718940527016.jpg (193.24 KB, 1600x900, bcc.jpg)

I wanna fuck a hot female clown like pic related

No. 407863

Nazis are like the most normie-tier "taboo" fetish on par with ddlg and anything maledom/femsub

No. 407893

File: 1718964127774.jpg (35.66 KB, 635x536, EnngGLcVEAEKdTP.jpg)

Picrel poster here, I'm so happy someone else respects my taste (and von Ribbentrop is the perfect officer to bully. the more i read, the more i cackle at how submissive and stupid he was)
Hussars … incredibly good tastes. Napoleonic uniforms do something powerful for me

No. 407895

>The more I read, the more I cackle at how stupid and submissive he was
Kek nonny give examples please I want to read about his stupidity

No. 407903

File: 1718968626412.png (18.64 KB, 750x733, 1715109604830.png)

Basically everything you hear about him (in books etc) is that he was a vain, pompous idiot, I've been saving these quotes for days and I can't get enough:

> [Ciano] "the Duce says you only have to look at him once to know he has a small brain."

> the time he held his head so high that he nearly tripped and fell on a train track

> designing more than 5 official uniforms for himself despite being awful at his job and a nuisance to Hitler

> Hitler hiring a dude whose entire job involved keeping Ribbentrop away from him as much as possible

> sulking for almost half of a multi-hour conference "like a petulant child"

> called "devoid of intellectual capacity" by Chamberlain

> when Hitler was mad at him, he became ill and went into his bedroom to sulk for days

> went out of his way to ruin his reputation in every single diplomatic event, to the point where he was nicknamed "Herr Brickendrop" by a British journo

> wore high boots because he mistakenly believed Bismarck (who later called him "such an imbecile that he is a freak of nature") did

(i may know too much but there's no way of stopping me now)

No. 407904

File: 1718968764401.png (49.64 KB, 673x251, Screenshot (4354).png)

samefagging because I forgot this one

No. 407907

My most shameful secret is that I genuinely find the whole bimbo aesthetic attractive, minus their retarded personalities. I wish lesbian bimbos were real

No. 407921

Me too and I'm not that ashamed.

No. 407930

Kek all of that makes me want to hear his voice to see how stupid he sounds.
>Once he held his head so high that he nearly tripped and fell on a train track
Kekkk nonny he sounds prime bullying material and here I thought Göring was the most retarded of all them (not the other weren't but he is so memorable, that porcine asshole)

No. 407949

File: 1718979508021.jpg (100.48 KB, 736x829, 7d1a82d51c1540bff927894ef89a38…)

Honestly chuddies are the most molestable of em all.. I loved reading these, he's starting to grow on me too.

No. 407956

Tentacle monster raping a male victim, especially if it's a strong tough guy who thinks he can defeat the monster but instead gets his ass completely handed tentacled. The monster takes its time with the human, keeping him bondage and teasing him with its tentacles while he helplessly tries to get away. When the monster gets bored it quickly fucks the human to death and moves on.

No. 407961

honestly the more I hear about Göring, the more normal and (almost) charming he seems in comparison to the rest. he was a massive meme but you have to respect that when his competition are all freaks, sycophants and uggos

No. 407963

Here ya go nonny, a special treat for you

No. 407974

Thanks nonny, not as retarded as I thought, how sad, his English is good, clear and very British, but I can hear the German flare. I love hearing Germans speaking English, it is so funny. I wonder how if the retardation is visible in his native language, though, I wish I could hear, kek.
Kek at the few comments calling him hot, there are more ribbentropfags on this world than I thought.
Oh, Ribbentrop nona, was he unfaithful?
The most surprising thing about Göring was discovering that he was faithful towards his wife. And I suppose it wasn't a matter of lack of options, since Goebbels and other high ranking uggos had affairs. But he is still an asshole in my eyes. I guess his love for food superseded his lust lmao.

No. 407987

Thank you for the anecdotes. I kek'd hard, no wonder his wife wore the pants. Glad you get the Hussard charm, they're the perfect blend of folk clothing and modern military uniforms

KEK nonnie i couldn't have said it better

Same. There's not enough tentacles on man action! I love it when the artist dwells on the feeling of enclosure/entrapment as opposed to just focusing on his body being penetrated in every possible way.

I relate. It totally goes against the rest of my taste in women but that's refreshing.
Like you said, it's the aesthetic that counts. The whole 'vapid empty vessel' thing kills the appeal, they're really loveable when they're headstrong/funny/loud (like the gyaru cliche). I think i'd love Paris Hilton even more if she leaned into that

No. 408155

iirc bimbo femmes are more common in East/South East Asian lesbian communities and tend to be more of the headstrong/funny/loud type than the pick-me ditz type. might be because of different standards of acceptable heterosexual femininity in Asian cultures?

No. 408514

I would eat a pussied man out like my life depended on it if I could. I wish they were real so much.

No. 408583

I was bored and looking for someone to sext so I found a guy who has an extreme cucking fetish. I didn’t know how extreme it was but he literally has a deathwish and wants to commit suicide? He’s talked about wanting me to have sex with a tall handsome ripped Chad on top of a mattress while he lays under it and gets suffocated by us. He’s also talked about contraptions using razors and large blades under the bed that basically decapitate him as the mattress bounces and having me drip the cum from my vagina into his open neck wound. He’s insane and his fantasies are so fucked up that I’m kind of finding them hot due to how taboo and weird they are. No intention of ever meeting him tho.

No. 408584

Loud headstrong funny bimbos are angels in earth

No. 408586

I wish I could find that one chart showing all the funny and retarded things that the top Nazis ever did and said.

No. 408587

Bimbos are great, as a shy and nerdy woman I really respect (and kinda envy) their happy, energetic vibes. I wish a bimbo girl would do my makeup and go clubbing with me…

No. 408588

>TIL Ribbentrop was a retarded clumsy himbo

Taurus men really do be like that.

No. 408589

I don't understand how these violent types of fetishes start, especially the decapitation where did you find such a guy

No. 408594

I cackled. Cucks are a special breed. I get the 'lying under the mattress, hearing sex sounds' thing but blades? Kekkkk
I briefly knew a moid who had very similar fantasies, we'd talk about something completely unrelated to sex and he'd send a novel worth of cuck 'imagine' scenarios with detailed environment descriptions and situations that barely seemed sexual (like him walking in a field while his gf had sex with some chad, just endless descriptions of nature walks). It'd be funny if these faggots didn't almost always catch this fetish due to horrid porn addictions.
On a related note, i'm genuinely curious about their counterparts, especially heterosexual cuckqueans. I'm still not over the discovery of female cucks and i have trouble picturing the appeal (since it's not about exchanging your partner with a stronger alpha chad, women aren't territorial like that). If a nonna likes this, please come forward and enlighten us

Yep. Maybe it's because bimbo aesthetic is exogenous to asia? Feminine het women typically gravitate to 'soft pale natural doll' stuff, leaving garish bimbo styles to lesbians.


No. 408628

Ask him if HE would like to be fucked by Chad, instead

No. 408670

I dislike the overexaggerated look in the bimbo aesthetic. The whole part that I like about that fetish is seeing women enjoying themselves sexually and being extremely sexual, those things are such a turn on for me, since I am a shy nerdy retard.
Too bad that bimbo for moids means "childlike retard being crazy for a their pathetic dicks" instead of fun loving sexual woman who gets pussy eating on demand. Maybe that's the reason why, without clear exceptions and disgusting paraphilias, I tend to not judge women and even nonas itt. For example, a nona with a foot fetish somehow is less cringe than a moid with it, but overall I find male sexuality repulsive and so autistic like, so maybe that's the reason.

No. 408685

This is so absolutely fascinating to me. I feel like the really deranged cuck fetishes aren't that common or they keep it quieter because it became such a meme but it's so interesting to me and I want to pick their brains.

No. 408787

File: 1719263203080.png (456.73 KB, 636x1254, A1E40871-9926-466F-8DFA-4A501F…)

I might be more of a trapfag than I’ve thought unfortunately. With that said nothing trashy like astolfo or felix, I prefer more old school otokonoko characters like ggxx Bridget

No. 408791

his pronouns are they/them and the trap term is offensive to trans women :/

No. 408793

Sorry for being a bigot, I’m glad you checked my cis privilege… Yikes

No. 408815

Wtf mods, this was satire, right?

No. 408816

Aren't Astolfo and Felix comparatively more "male" in context?

No. 408818

pretty sure this was a joke

No. 408821

nta but according to the anons in the confessions thread, jokingly breaking the rules is still against the rules, apparently..

No. 408828

based…i'm finally not the only trapfag on lolcor

No. 408832

Yeah but mizuki has a cuter and imo more classifier design even if he’s unfortunately a confirmed tranny. Astolfo and Felix look like they’re wearing agp lingerie garb

No. 408867

Diapers. I know it’s a scrote tier fetish and I hate it. I fantasizing about making a cute submissive scrote wear diapers and him feeling all embarrassed over it and also make him wear a pacifier. Its very cute to me

No. 408868

Oh fuck no

No. 408881

I've never heard of a female abdl until today

No. 408885

she's lying for you's

No. 408887

They exist but it’s rare. For me I’ve had an exposure to scrote degeneracy from a young age, hence my weird fetishes

I really wish I was, would make things a lot easier to explain

No. 408907

At this point you just have to laugh. Baiting moid, sincere woman, it's funny either way. Plus it's better than being a 'little' kek, you must be one of the 0.01% of women who have an ABDL related fantasy that isn't about being molested. Congrats

>old school otokonoko characters
Based. I love princely kuudere traps, like Tsukasa Okino. But slutty traps are fun too (have you looked into Kengo Yonekura? Her stuff is pretty scrotey but weirdly enough you can still tell she's a woman. She's the only female artist i know that draws traps paired with women.)

No. 408913

I’m not into it but I support you nonnie, don’t let the pederasts itt get to you. You might both be attracted to children but at least one of you isn’t misogynistic

No. 408918

Based, i was obsessed with him when I played 13s. I wish I could find more art of him.

No. 409078

File: 1719332441610.png (475.37 KB, 1200x1697, 46104CBE-2523-4A92-8791-58EAD9…)

bit ot but i’ve been meaning to play 13 sentinels for okino for years but apparently there’s gender woowoo in his route or whatever. sad

No. 409083

That's just the (English) localization's fault.

No. 409133

File: 1719340325756.webp (696.92 KB, 1200x675, fashioning little miss lonesom…)

feel free to destroy me nonnas
>two moids at the same time
>heavy focus on foreplay
>gentle fucking
>possibly double penetration
>lots of aftercare
i fully blame otome CDs for ruining me and now i want 2 qt moids to share me but i highly doubt i can fulfill fantasy this with 3DPD moids

No. 409160

I hate the moidbrainedness of this but the drafting women thing made me think of having a hot girlfriend during a war. The thought of her risking her life for me turns me on for some reason. I’d find her so cool.

No. 409206

I have a similar fantasy, except I want to be the one to heroically protect my gf kek

No. 409317

Making men fall in love with me then ghosting them completely out of the blue.

No. 409318

>Fetish so degenerate only gay moids like it
>They don’t even like it in the same way I do
What did I do to deserve this

No. 409320

Spill already

No. 409430

deepthroat and facefucking

No. 409437

I've been meaning to play through this game again, thanks nona.

No. 409448

lol what? this is easy to do, i did it all the time in my 20s

No. 409457

At the very least intrigued by sleep

No. 409459

Im pretty much only attracted to low T moids. All of my crushes in the past have been skinny nerds. Not because I think they're attainable but simply because I find "beta" types hot. Their personalities are usually very attractive too, minus the propensity for trooning/porn addiction. I wish I could go back in time before that stuff became mainstream and find a cute wimpy boy to torment. It's embarrassing because masculine men with big muscles, facial hair, and high sex drives are so unappealing to me. Sometimes I wonder if my hormones are messed up.

No. 409477

Why are so many nonnas on this thread chubby chasers?

No. 409482

not a fetish for me, just my type. I reject 90% of moids on the basis they’re too masculine

No. 409483

We’re not actually into chubby males, we just get off on the idea of making husbandos gain weight and the humiliation it brings. We love stuffing feeding and changing their bodies, men can’t get pregnant so you’ve got to play with weight to fulfill the desire to “mould him.” Fat fucks disgust me but I do look at their asses/thighs. Their stupid round faces look porny to me, especially if they have huge cheekbones. The softness of the figure becomes erotic but it mostly works in 2D. I need a flat stomach liposuction male with huge fat curved everywhere else. Something about fatness triggers cute aggression and it pairs nicely with my bully tendencies. I would never date a fat man, I’m not insane. But even their hands are more beautiful and feminine

No. 409488

same sort of, I only am physically attracted to moids that could pass as gay. I like them a little fruity.

No. 409637

I like cute, wimpy, damaged goods manchildren who have learned helplessness, cry a lot, talk like a retarded kid and want to be saved and are completely psychologically dependent on me, so I relate. However, the reality of having a relationship with one is pretty horrible and these men are usually toxic as fuck underneath it all (been there done that) so it’s purely fantasy for me now.

No. 409687

Same, nonna. I love weak men like this but all of the cute 'pathetic' guys I've met irl were horrible/had personality disorders. I just want a guy I can alternately nurture and bully, why is it so hard??

No. 409692

NTA but fucked up/traumatized men almost always externalize their pain and anguish and hurt those around them so it’s dangerous to be in a relationship with one.
Meanwhile traumatized women almost always internalize their pain and mostly just hurt themselves.
Sucks that moids with a damaged goods fetish usually just get ultra submissive pre-prepared masochistic bpd sex slaves who will do anything for them, meanwhile women with a damaged goods fetish are at risk of being murdered or abused by their moid who turned out to be a quiet psychopath.

No. 409708

As someone with this fetish I can testify, the idea of fattening up my husbando gives me butterflies in a way I can’t describe. Only like 20 pounds or something though and I’d also want him to gain some weight in the tummy. Still hate fat moids tho

No. 409822

For me admittedly it's a control thing. I want to keep him fat so he doesn't have as many other options. It also keeps his self esteem in check and humbles him.

No. 409836

It’s literally impossible for a woman to “win” in a relationship with a male. Blackpilled again

No. 409871

don't worry anon, as a fucked up girl who externalises her pain i'll make sure to fuck over some damaged men (only half joking)

No. 409877

Nice. Give em one for me, nona.

No. 409909

I think there's some lesbian clown in my city, I forget her clown name, I could get back to you though

No. 409914

im like this and I have both high E and high androgens for a woman. Im not sure if its related but I always have wondered if it is. my sex drive is also extremely high and aggressive. its actually the worst because wimpy nerdy guys like that and men in general cant handle a woman being so sexually aggressive and high libido. It turns them off if you actually enjoy and seek out sex with them. They want women to hate sex and feel like they need to chase you for it else they get put off eventually. I have to hold back initiating with sex because of this, even with the demure nerdy low T ones. This means I never get to have sex when I want to and am horny, but they do at their convenience. Evil pathological creatures.

No. 409918

For some reason I’ve found that beta males really hate dominant and overbearing women, which is why I guess they fetishize Asians so much as they are stereotyped as submissive and docile. The men who were receptive to and enjoyed me being dominant were always gymbros and roidpigs kek.

No. 409930

Can confirm. It's the rare dudes who are comfortable with their masculinity who love dominant/bossy women. I like beta guys too but end up with the more overtly confident ones because they're usually more accepting of my quirks and sex drive…

No. 409937

>It turns them off if you actually enjoy and seek out sex with them
I'm disgusted but not too surprised. I like low T nerds with soft features too (am also agressive) but ime they're either really bad at sex or highly likely to be AGP/have troon-adjacent fetishes (two sides of the same coin). Either way they end up being way too passive and uninterested in anything that doesn't directly relate to their fetish/autosexuality.
So now i like it more when they seem competent and retain some elements of typical masculinity..? Male vitality..?
I still love it when men have prey animal attitudes (easily startled), or are fearful of men/intimidated by women. A recurrent fantasy i have is helping the softest, weakest bullied nerd imaginable and have him be so thankful he's willing to do anything to please me.

No. 409956

When my ex boyfriend used to do things that hurt or upset me, I would get intrusive thoughts about things like taking his laptop and smacking him extremely hard over the head with it, or taking his gun and pistol whipping him with it or even just plain shooting him in the head (just a fantasy, obviously :)))) ) Since then I always masturbated to fantasies where I physically abuse and hurt men. I also like the idea of psychologically breaking down men. For instance, traumatizing him so much during a relationship that he’s permanently afraid to ever get into a relationship with a woman ever again, leaving him with PTSD, permanent injuries, tainting his memories and ruining his relationships with his family and friends, driving him to suicide etc etc.(no emojis)

No. 410021

Also can agree. I've dated mostly nerdy virginal guys and all of them were extremely insecure and passive aggressive whenever I made decisions outside of the bedroom or was demanding. They didn't say it, but they likely felt emasculated and couldn't handle a woman having expectations of them. The one boyfriend I have who is receptive to me being dominant and in control all the time is a gymbro. I don't even have to boss him around, he just does what I wants because he listens and understands me. If a guy isn't confident in himself he just feels threatened by you and will never respect you because he doesn't even respect himself.
Not to mention the nerdy guys always have weird ass fetishes from being terminally online all day. One cute guy I talked to was into fucking vore of all things. They're not even attracted to women and are so likely to troon out. I used to love the idea of nerdy boys but now I only have eyes for submissive himbos.

No. 410047

>submissive himbos
My sister in Christ

No. 410059

I wouldn't touch a gymbro "himbo" with a ten foot pole. I've dated some shitty loser guys in the past too but there are sweet and normal qt nerds out there who are confident and can learn to enjoy being submissive, they are just rare.

No. 410069

I'm in that phase of my menstrual cycle where I only have vanilla and normal fantasies and I feel retroactive shame for the stuff I usually think about

No. 410155

My womanstink. Not in the sense that I don’t bathe but I go outside a lot and sweat relatively easily so the thought of shoving a cute moid into my pits turns me on. I fantasize about my armpit sweat being visible and having a certain musk that makes my moid slave get a boner effortlessly

No. 410194

I’ve often thought about not washing my pussy for 3–4 days then inviting a horny moid over to eat me out my smelly vag and lick my unwashed asshole kek. And sending him on his way right afterwards, refusing to give head or sex.

No. 410276

I enjoy disgusting men by posting my pads and shit on scroteboards. I love their horrified responses especially when I incorporate photos. (Yes I'm that anon who made a blood/piss jar for my 3D husbando and got banned for like a week.) It's like the only gore that will trigger them. Mexican cartels executing children with rusty chainsaws can't come close to ME. Is this what flashers in trenchcoats feel like? It's seriously thrilling. I want starting sending bloody pics to models and others I've been pining on, idgaf anymore I have zero shame I want to collect their responses as screenshots and print them out and make a memory flipbook.

No. 410314

i finished this game a long time ago nonna and im disappointed that the other game fxxx me royally ended up being not as good. i wish there were more otome games thats eroge and had 3P.

No. 410685

I just learned that apparently moids can stick a sound into their urethra and stimulate their prostate through that channel leading them to multiple Earth-shattering orgasms. I wish I had a moid tied up and gagged next to me so I could do that do him

No. 410791

I want to fuck a pathetic dysphoric tranny. Like a tall and skinny one, with large hands and feet and a horse face. So it would cry and weep from how gorgeous and superior my Stacy body is and it will never have it. So i could ride it, and my gorgeous full thighs would be grinding against its skinny male ones, and I could put my feminine small hands on its broad bony shoulders and press my superior big naturals onto its fake bold ons, and when we kiss it could feel how masculine and crude its jaw is (and its also kinda blue from beard shadow) compared to my delicate and smooth one. I want the troon to be upset and miserable but also insanely happy that a gorgeous girl like me gave it a chance. And it will also have a kinda limb dick from HTR and I will laugh at that fact. And also after sex the troon will run to its troon reddit account to cry about how terribly things went (it went grate for me) because it couldn't enjoy anything at all with its dysphoria enhanced by an actual woman being so closely pressed into it's lanky masculine body. I'm not delusional and i I know troons dont really have any of thta self-consciousness (I know from the mtfalso dysphoria probably doesn't even exists (look at how they dress) but like. The idea is kinda. Is kinda hot yk. Smh is it weird?

No. 410794

sorry for typo i was writing wih one hand

No. 410802

I like ugly bastards in yaoi. Not attracted to them specifically in fact I usually want their faces obscured, but the thought of an attractive uke being violated by a disgusting ugly moid and his rotten dick is so hot to me. Blame my humiliation fetish for that one

No. 410805


I've read that that ugly bastard thing was originally invented so that the hideous moids could imagine themselves having a chance with a pretty girl. And then women with humiliation fetish liked it too. Kinda makes me butthurt tho.

No. 410848

kek same and it makes me think that if i was a man, i'd probably have the same taste and self-insert as the ugly bastard fucking a cute bishie. As a woman it's more about watching the uke's reactions as he gets railed by an ugly bastard yowamushi pedal doujins are really good for that. Sometimes i even break the yaoi voyeur taboo by imagining myself in the scenario, picturing the dependent docile uke staring at me in shock as i present him with Ugly Fuck #3 and politely request he gets fucked by him

No. 410882

kek I am the same, but also more shameful because I imagine it in 3DPD

No. 411066

I want to find that black-and-white art pic of some bishie doing the heart sign with some overly enthusiastic uggo. If anyone knows what I'm talking about pls post it here.

No. 411122

i am having the crushing realisation that i’m into feet, specifically moids being into my feet. i had my ex suck my toes out of curiosity once and it felt really good, i think my feet are quite sensitive. i just want a cute man to massage my feet and worship them and maybe suck on my toes too. i don’t want a moid with a foot fetish, though, they disgust me, and i don’t want a moid who likes my feet when they’re gross, it has to be when they’re freshly washed. i hate this.

No. 411129

Funny how the moid coomerism works. If a female character drawn as intentionally hideous is shown to get hot guy not many ugly women would be like "omg she is just like me I deserve hot guys!" and be "oh god do I look like that…" instead. Even those who like humiliation of a man having to have sex with someone disgusting usually imagine it in yaoi scenarios like the anon there.

No. 411163

File: 1719942103922.jpg (25.55 KB, 275x273, 1707681750078.jpg)

No. 411165

I'm one of the anons who has this "fetish" and I think it's more about the totality of the humiliation when it's a moid uggo. For me at least, it's the fact that the pretty young moid getting violated will be much more horrified if it's an old man sodomizing him versus an old woman forcing herself on him. I personally do enjoy the latter scenario, too, as well as literal monster women like in Kaneoya Sachiko's art. I also once read a short story collection "Odessa stories" by Isaac Babel, where there is a story in which a young beautiful man gets married off to an older woman who is described as frumpy and stocky (she's the sister of a local gangster who forces the young moid's family to marry him), and at the end of the wedding, he's nervous about the wedding night that's about to ensue, while she is very excited. Ngl reading that turned me on a bit, even though there is no explicit sex in the story.

No. 411200

Yes, ugly bastards with small dicks fucking cute girls were invented to make small dicked ugly bastards feel better about themselves in Japan and help them feel like its realistic to expect hot girls to fuck them. Ugly old fat man fucks young pretty teen is also a very common trope in western porn. It's male gaze shit and very disgusting, trannies are always big fans of this genre too due to the humiliation aspect. I've seen many trannies talking about lusting over old and fat ugly men.

No. 411219

>If a female character drawn as intentionally hideous is shown to get hot guy not many ugly women would be like "omg she is just like me I deserve hot guys!" and be "oh god do I look like that…" instead
To be honest I don't see why this is a good thing or superior to how ugly men behave. Hot guys getting raped by hideous ugly fat women would be based and it is the only true way for a woman to humiliate a man with sex.

No. 411252

the light triad incel's beautiful heart shines through his gentle smile. I love him. (not sexually)

No. 411298

I… really want to be breastfed…

No. 411510

> If a female character drawn as intentionally hideous is shown to get hot guy not many ugly women would be like "omg she is just like me I deserve hot guys!" and be "oh god do I look like that…" instead
Tis a shame as a female ugly bastard who loves the thought of having all the beautiful men to myself in the world. Theres a doujin where a fat ugly female bastard fucks a beautiful guy and he’s throughout uncomfortable throughout the entire thing but it’s shota and it goes into weird territory later with birthing and scat but I haven’t seen any other female ugly bastard doujins so I have to settle

No. 411531

Glasses. I thank anime for this, whenever a usually 2d moid adjusts his glasses or does some motion with it it never fails to turn me on. It’s also kawaii desu when their vision is so bad that they can barely even see without them and sometimes even keep them on in their sleep

No. 411538

Men in their 60's. I'm so sorry

No. 411549

Pls vist the ugly man psyop threads in /ot/ I beg of you. Free yourself of this filth nonnie.

No. 411554

The thought of making a guy wet is driving me insane.

No. 411555

Kek I do lurk that thread, it's usually only celebrity 60 year olds mostly but I'd never act on it irl anyway, all scrotes are garbage regardless of their attractiveness.

No. 411557

How ugly can a woman really be that an adult man would feel humiliated and repulsed by having sex with her? Even in 2D you would have to draw her to be absurdly unattractive, morbidly obese with an ogre face and a bad smell

No. 411588

Micropenises are so hot. I love watching moids masturbate and their dicks are so tiny they have to reach inside the foreskin to jerk it and when it pops out they can only jerk it with two fingers. It's almost like watching a woman masturbate, you feel aroused when she's touching her vagina and it feels like she's touching yours. I feel the same sense of companionship and excitement when a guy has a tiny dick.
I love a slightly chubby guy with a small penis it's so cute. I bet he could get off just by humping my thigh like an excited puppy

No. 411591

christ this belongs here

No. 411592

You can keep your big dicks that probably hurt when they go inside you. Imagine a guy who is super hot but he's just soooo insecure because his penis is sooo small. He's so ashamed when he takes off his pants because his dick is so tiny and he knows he can't please a woman with it. You can rub it between two fingers like the world's smallest violin and he cums so fast from the direct stimulation on his frenulum. I literally don't even know what the point of a big dick is, PIV sex is overrated anyway. Imagine taking a man's entire dick in your mouth and that requires no effort whatsoever and he can feel so much pleasure. Literally a low maintenance dick

No. 411593


No. 411594

Man I hope you’re a baiting scrote because the existence of a woman who thinks like this is too bleak to conceive(scrotefoiling)

No. 411596

Sorry but I've always thought big dicks are so ugly and they don't excite me at all. They just feel alien like a cancer that has sprouted onto a man's groin. It's not normal for a guy to walk around with this protuberance in his pants like an elephant's trunk. Whereas tiny dicks just looks so pleasing, nice and adorable. Also as I said they excite me by proxy. I don't find it exciting to watch a masturbation video of a man with a large penis it just feels awkward and like okay do your thing. I can't relate it to my own equipment or imagine how it must feel and frankly it looks silly.
But if a man with a micropenis touches himself it feels exactly like I'm also being touched and it's hot. I can imagine all the sensations as they happen to him exactly as if they were happening to me

No. 411615

>Imagine taking a man's entire dick in your mouth
No thanks.

No. 411639

File: 1720117470763.gif (Spoiler Image,7.08 MB, 450x333, Tumblr_l_845463386203.gif)

The anon that posted this is a demon. I still cannot stop thinking about it and just watched a compilation of scenes with them together, I don't want to be into mommy shit it's so cringe but I think I finally realized why I like it? Because the man actually acts somewhat submissive and helpless, I'm not into typical aggressive masculine men personality types. God I am so weak for this.

No. 411655

kek i think i know the exact doujin you’re talking about… that’s the closest i’ve ever come to experiencing the moid “post-nut clarity” feeling.

No. 411666

for me the mommy stuff is way better when the guy is a macho type, but he gets broken down so much he becomes a helpless baby …

No. 411675

It’s so hot for the first few pages and honestly a great female power fantasy for sadistic bitches like me but scatfags have to ruin everything I guess

No. 411690

what doujin is it? (asking for a friend)

No. 411743

https://nhentai.net/g/167542/. Warning it gets gross at some parts(global rule #14)

No. 411744

File: 1720151746907.jpg (15.94 KB, 437x376, ab479b647017e12c840b766fe784b2…)

I need to stop going on this thread

No. 411756

File: 1720157287425.webp (Spoiler Image,64.85 KB, 794x794, il_794xN.5254987801_ek65.webp)

I want to draw blood, I wanna bite down hard on someone's shoulder, I want to use a vampire paddle on a girl's cheeks until they're bleeding, I want to strap a girl and pull on her collar as I pump harder, I want to bury my fingers down to the knuckle and make her cum on command.
I have all this sadistic desire to dominate but I was cursed to being 5'2, why even live

No. 411758

Okay that is pretty hot

No. 411764

My issue with 'female ugly bastard' content i've seen so far is they always draw them fat with cliche evil faces (matron archetype) and that reminds me of some women in my family/social circle. It's a total turn-off, a ghastly fujo who looks like the girl from The Ring would be perfect

No. 411767

Tifs exist nona. I know they are not men, but you can find one that looks similar to a man. Lesbian tifs usually look more masculine then gaydens (who are all fat and/or larping as little boys). Now imagine how difficult it is for me to find a male troon for a quick fuck who isn't a complete degen.

No. 411774

Not the same. They’re still obvious women. I’ll just live in fantasy.

No. 411781

Question for cuntboy anons, what is the appeal over male futanari

No. 411784

No, not today, Satan.

No. 411787


No. 411789

Posts absolutely reek of scrote.(scrotefoiling, report suspected males and do not respond)

No. 411792

Mommy fetish and men crying. Not from physical pain but from emotional trauma. I got wet from seeing Sean Strickland crying about his traumatic childhood. I also used to love when my ex cried about his rough childhood, his mom committed suicide when he was a kid so he had a lot of mommy issues. I want to take a mean/tough guy and break him down and make him into my codependent little boy.

No. 411806

But male futanaris also have pussies

No. 411807

but there's a dick in the way

No. 411834

I hate you but I love you, anon. Having these feelings come on super strong at the moment sucks because there are no guys around for me to dominate

No. 411838

Pussy is not the main focus of futanari, though it's much better when it's there because they read as 'weird non-existent women' instead of 'troon with bolt-ons'. Futanari/cuntboy is about the disconnect between appearance and genitalia

No. 411842

yeah? you want me to post my manpussy to prove myself?

No. 411928

Okay fair enough
>they read as 'weird non-existent women' instead of 'troon with bolt-ons'
I'm talking about male futanaris, meaning a guy with a dick and a pussy. Pussy should be the main focus of a male futanari because that's the whole point of wanting one.

No. 412002

File: 1720258363664.jpg (61.2 KB, 1139x733, 20221112_202006.jpg)

i was watching porn the other day and the guy had some fresh sh cuts on his arms. nothing gorey, they weren't too deep, just deep enough to be visible. something awakened in me in that moment

No. 412051

File: 1720274644866.jpg (Spoiler Image,778.67 KB, 863x1200, 1653911755158-3.jpg)

Not quite a fetish because it's not really sexual to me but volume 3 of kedamonotachi no jikan has given me such a morbid fascination with mindbroken limbless moids

No. 412073

Your axe wound is not a vagina. Seek psychiatric help you mentally ill freak.

No. 412074

Post screenshot of his arms please

No. 412075

In my mind palace I have inflicted many horrors on my husbando and turning him into a nugget has definitely crossed my mind. It's kind of cute, I wish I was super buff so I could carry him in one of those baby carriers you strap to yourself.

No. 412076

File: 1720276628334.jpeg (Spoiler Image,221.73 KB, 900x700, 711AD52C-6122-48EB-A2E6-3A92E7…)

I’m into this too and it’s sexual and nonsexual at the same time for me. It triggers my maternal instincts in a fucked up way with the thought of caring for some qt, braindead moid who lacks basic motor and cognitive skills but also turns me on at the same time. I like it more in BL though since I’m a fujo and i feel less guilty over it kek. I will 100% be reading this manga. Also NSFL warning for picrel

No. 412077

Wish I had a sexy vegetable to take care of.

No. 412078

File: 1720277273167.jpg (Spoiler Image,953.67 KB, 1200x1004, 1653911755158-4.jpg)

Ayrt, while I don't feel turned on by it I do find it somewhat appealing in a weird way. Like I just want to watch him for hours and observe his psyche. I find male trauma responses fascinating in general. Wish I could study them.

Also I feel obligated to warn you that the first two volumes are yandere shit with a lot of violence towards the girl from the moid before she amputates his limbs and develops a complex fucked up relationship with him which I didn't really care about but volumes 3 and up are kino to me personally.
But tbh you can skip the first two volumes if you want because volume 3 explains what happened to give you context anyway.

No. 412081

If you really wanted to, you could get a guy "wet", as males can squirt a little semen when they are horny (known as precum), and wet their pants. Though I don't know if porn addicted scrotes are capable of this phenomenon anymore.
But what if he has a handsome (as handsome as it could be) juicy dangler that you don't even have to touch but have around as bragging rights.
>taking a man's dick in your mouth
What the fuck
So kawaii

No. 412093

>If you really wanted to, you could get a guy "wet", as males can squirt a little semen when they are horny (known as precum), and wet their pants. Though I don't know if porn addicted scrotes are capable of this phenomenon anymore.
My ex was like this. He was a virgin with next to no romantic experiences and would precum embarrassingly easily. He’d have wet spots just from hugging me or kissing me on the cheek. I remember pointing it out one time and he apologized profusely. Hell sometimes he’d have boners just from looking at me. I’m not some 10/10 gigastacy either, men like this are genuinely just impossible to find

No. 412098

Saw a genuine roidstacy posted on here a moment ago and… yeah maybe I could get behind it afterall

No. 412103

>He’d have wet spots just from hugging me or kissing me on the cheek. I remember pointing it out one time and he apologized profusely.
No way that's so hot
>men like this are genuinely just impossible to find
Killing myself over this

No. 412114

I know a nice boy like this, unfortunately he doesn't want a relationship. But we've kissed before and afterwards he said his underwear was wet and he didn't know why, because he didn't pee his pants… did he not know what precum is…? He got boners easily, too. From hugging and smooching. I could also feel it throbbing from in his pants. Weird stuff.

No. 412121

Wouldn't boners do it for you psychologically as much as the wetness?

No. 412122

FUCK this is so sexy, I want a man like this in my life so bad. Innocent guys are the best but are impossible to find in this porn addicted climate

No. 412128

File: 1720283404416.jpg (534.28 KB, 1485x993, 1719091959742.jpg)

I would not be able to control myself around someone like that.

No. 412131

Sounds like you kissed a literal retard.

No. 412132

I wouldn't mind a moid who can't walk but people without limbs are fucking terrifying, have you ever seen one in real life? The part where the limb is cut off looks all fucked up like a sausage
Second AYRT, who am I bragging to in this scenario? And what is the point of having a moid with a dick if I don't even touch it or suck it, at that point I might as well just stay single

No. 412135

That's only when they were born that way (and they just look funny to me not scary), I moreso meant amputees but to have all your limbs amputated is to fucked up to be real anyway (or at least very very rare).
I do like moids who can't walk though, I used to fantasize about a handsome virgin cutie in a wheelchair, or a hot blind moid for that matter. I seem to have a thing for disabled moids (if they're hot).

No. 412140

Men with small penises look like very ugly children so their shills are suspect.(bait)

No. 412159

As the WWI nona from the other thread, this pleases me so much idk why. I love helpless broken moids

No. 412160

You are just jealous nona. Besides, literal retards seem to be the only moids nowday without porn addiction. 

No. 412168

File: 1720289402841.jpg (Spoiler Image,148.87 KB, 943x530, isaaki_virion.jpg)

It's nice to see fellow cripplefag nonitas. It's difficult to find artists who depict the lovely fragility of an amputee boy. God bless Isaaki.

No. 412171

File: 1720289520444.jpg (Spoiler Image,396.45 KB, 932x1507, by cephalopagus.jpg)

I'm really into an idea of an anime boy with phocomelia. You know, this thing when a person is born with the hands growing out of the torso. Never seen that in art though, but amputees are still cute.

No. 412173

File: 1720289636643.jpg (Spoiler Image,156.91 KB, 607x900, Gomi to Kuzu.jpg)

Im nor really into danganronpa but Gomi to Kuzu is really cute

No. 412174

File: 1720289897156.jpg (Spoiler Image,432.3 KB, 1096x1150, 1653894606623-1.jpg)

I've always wondered why the majority of amputee fetish content seems to come from Japan.

No. 412175

I've never been so jealous in my life


No. 412179

Probably because all deranged fetishes come from Japan. kek. 

No. 412180

Oh my God I love Isaaki's artwork so much. I would love to buy a print from her one day

No. 412185

Unconscious guys. I want to rape a hot guy in a coma.

No. 412189

File: 1720292302237.jpg (386.73 KB, 1536x2048, isaaki1.jpg)

I have a yaoi fantasy about a rich handsome man keeping a pathetic failmale as his pet. The failmale is depressed and sad all the time so he accepts any pills that the rich moid gives him. The loserboy is almost always asleep/half asleep/out of his mind and the rich man takes advantage of that. Its also happening during like idk, 1960s, when the loser boy could be thrown in an insane asylum for his depression so he has nowhere to go. 

No. 412191

File: 1720292431812.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.69 MB, 3551x2817, isaaki2.jpg)

One of my favorite pieces by Isaaki, its a simple sketch and for some reason it makes the art even more endearing. And also the cute plush toy.

No. 412195

Yes, both are hot to me but wetness is even sexier bc it’s more subtle and not as easy to attain as erections? But correct me if I’m wrong

No. 412199

This is so cute! I wish I could contribute but I have no cute amputee boy art sadly. The plushie reminds me of one of my favorite tropes also often paired with amputee which is idk how to describe but essentially reverting back to a childlike mindset? Like for example, taking more joy in simple things like idk, plushies and toys also paired with mental changes like sensitivity to stimuli, overly sensitive etc. I’d love to give my favorite anime boy after he’s been brain damaged a plushie to cling on while I’m gone to remind him of me and that I’m always in his thoughts

No. 412203

> I’d love to give my favorite anime boy after he’s been brain damaged a plushie to cling on
Cute. Also I took the pics from @isaaki_virion on twitter.

No. 412233

I think I have the same kink, but I would like to be the chubby teased one. Funny, because I hate being bloated in real life

No. 412361

File: 1720315295982.png (151.4 KB, 1350x468, Screenshot 2024-07-07 at 02.19…)

I love reading real accounts of men who were mentally and physically abused by their gfs. Fictional abuse isnt enough for me, I need to see moids being mindbroken and devastated to the point of being suicidal by women.

Sometimes I go on reddit and find accounts with moids crying about their ex gfs beating and assaulting and cucking them and it's so hot, especially if they developed PTSD afterwards or still miss her. Other times it's fucking hilarious. Sometimes like with pic rel I just laugh my ass off at how based their ex gf was.

Also I'm not remotely ashamed of this fetish kek.

No. 412364

I need more of these

No. 412376

Based! I used to lightly physically abuse my ex and even pressured him into eating me out, I’d be more than willing to share if there’s a demand here

No. 412378

File: 1720318957545.jpeg (Spoiler Image,26.59 KB, 474x378, E382B0D3-05D7-4B4F-984D-374D5A…)

>he thought these were 'too saggy'
Absolutely deserved to have the shit knocked out of him. Based gf.

No. 412379

Men dont deserve empathy. Empathy is reserved for humans and animals, m*les are not human and are too consciously sick and evil to be considered animal, they are lower than both.

No. 412380

Hope I don’t sound like a moid but she has really nice boobs, moids are dumb and the woman in the story is based

Don’t respond to the baiting scrote

No. 412381

File: 1720319354872.png (94 KB, 1426x392, Screenshot 2024-07-07 at 03.28…)

No. 412382

File: 1720319475909.png (86.53 KB, 1249x424, Screenshot 2024-07-07 at 03.29…)

ChadStacy bpdchan.

No. 412385

File: 1720319684058.jpg (467.58 KB, 450x1763, 3939925.jpg)

Men are subhuman and exist to be abused. Reminder that men commit 97% of violent crime, and that defiled men are even more likely to be offenders. Cheers!
How's this? Fresh from a vent channel. I also recommend /r/MaleRapeVictims and /r/MenGetRapedToo

No. 412387

reading this is kekky because i just know he's typing from a safe, comfortable place, probably totally relaxed with food nearby

No. 412389

On the topic of male abuse, I love hearing about moids getting “raped” and I recently discovered its one of my biggest fantasies. I used to be on the opposite end where I fantasized about being raped and abused by men but now I’ve been enlightened. Men crying, pleading, screaming, begging all the while visibly erect… Is there really a more beautiful sight?
These sound amazing, I’ll make sure to check them out

No. 412392

I love it!!
Every moid needs to have the mentality of the self deprecating sentences at the bottom; those believing they're righteous in any way are coping liars. It's quite obvious he enjoys it in one way or the other (physical outbalance), but they're attention whore parasites.

No. 412395

This but getting raped by women with strapons. Preferably women with zero care for the safety nor intactness of his rectum.

No. 412396

File: 1720320622779.jpeg (591.17 KB, 750x1149, F5418257-5BAA-433C-BA4F-4D46C8…)

This one made me chuckle. A moid consenting to buttsecks then regretting it is rape now apparently KEK

No. 412397

File: 1720320668382.jpeg (233.08 KB, 750x492, 96394313-1FF7-4869-9BA6-18DD29…)

No. 412398

File: 1720320970834.jpg (368.08 KB, 1080x893, 492949.jpg)

We need a thread for this. "Cockmeat rekt" "cockmonkeys destroyed" "men getting raped" "defiled men irl" <- maybe one of these

No. 412399

All men should be raped in their prime by obese old women.

No. 412401

On the topic of male rape, I’d love to talk about the many times I’ve pressured my ex into doing sexual stuff for me. It ended up with us breaking up as a result but if he’s gonna cry attempted rape for everything maybe it was worth it. Also as some backstory, we dated for 5 months and he was obsessed with me. Since the start of the relationship he knew about my old misandrist Twitter (to this day idk how, fucking stalker) where I said men can’t get raped and taking my actions with him into account is what led to our eventual breakup, but I digress.

I vividly remember the time when we were dryfucking, and me wanting to take things the extra mile (he was a puritan catholic that definitely had some form of repressed guilt, I wonder if he was gay honestly) and I made him pull out the condoms while tears were starting to swell in his eyes. He told me in that moment he remembered what I said about men not being able to get raped and started visibly shaking as he tried to get the condom out of its box. Unfortunately I eventually caved in and convinced him not to fuck me not because I felt bad, but because I didn’t want our relationship to end especially since he’s easily spent triple digits on me, possibly quadruple. To this day I don’t think what I said or did was wrong and he genuinely shoudlve manned the fuck up and communicated with me properly if he didn’t want it, especially when his erection indicated otherwise.

Some other isolated incidents:
>Would frequently grope and feel up his ass, chest, and bulge unprompted, sometimes in public. Claims he was scared to tell me to stop
>Would slap him when he would say something sexist unconsciously, never enough to really hurt though. Sometimes my autistic rage would kick in and I’d slap him if I got irrationally angry over something
>Always made sexual comments toward him and would make him feel guilty when he was uncomfortable with them
>Tried to haphazardly slip his dick into my pussy while trying not to make him notice
>Would show him yaoi hentai and sometimes femdom stuff without warning bc I thought it was funny

No. 412406

It's good in theory but the porny-ness of it could be a recipe for disaster. It can't be retarded femdom fantasies, but making them actually ill at ease like fujo shit, get as much as you can without giving out, making them rely on you by lovebombing, pressuring them to humiliate themselves as much as possible, stopping taking care of yourself a month in, etc

No. 412434

Not judging but even as a whump enjoyer, i don't think i could get off to accounts of BPDemon scenes, i can't turn off my irritation with cluster Bs and the wish to punch this kind of woman back

No. 412447

Not a fetish for me but I find it funny how many men suffer daily at the hand of BPD whores. I like that he's claiming to be abused and still calling her a "pwBPD" like he's afraid redditors are going to call him out for demonizing people with mental disorders

No. 412466

File: 1720349819058.jpg (Spoiler Image,597.92 KB, 1448x1672, picedit.jpg)

I tried to make a thread pic for this idea. I couldn't find any attractive 3DPD crying, so I went with this.
>broken men/males destroyed general
>This is NOT A FEMDOM THREAD. Male pleasure is worthless and undesirable unless it further serves to make them suicidal and ashamed (like in instances of rape.)
>post males recounting rape and abuse stories, preferably with female abusers
>recommended sources: /r/MenGetRapedToo /r/MaleRapeVictims
>nonsexual abuse such as lovebombing, stealing, codependency, humiliation, etc are good too

No. 412471

>fetishes youre ashamed of
>”i feel no shame”
Thats actually disgusting nona, you sound like a scrote that just swapped the pronouns.
I checked that first sub and a lot of the posts are about CSA… you find little boys getting raped hot nonnies?

No. 412472

I love that sub too, but it makes me so angry I want to punch the “male victims” so bad. I’m grinding my teeth while reading through the stories like you deserved it, grr I’m going to kill you, victim mindset faggot etc. I wish I had a boyfriend who got molested, he could cry in my lap and I would tell him to get over it

No. 412473

I wish there was a urinal version of spycam porn, I came across a bunch of it before but none of them were real. I wish mentally ill faggots would record the guys peeing at the stalls to humiliate their small dicks, but I guess they’re too scared. I bet there’s demand for it from degenerate gays, but there’s no supply. How hard can it be, it’s not like they search for cameras in their bathrooms like women. If I were faggot I’d get jacked as shit and scream at male specimens using the urinals, call their dicks small and punch their faces in if they stood up to me. I would be what empathchan is in her head.

No. 412474

Stfu handmaiden and stop being willfully ignorant, it’s obvious the women here are only getting off to the stories that feature adults. You gain nothing out of cocksuckinf moids like this

No. 412479

nta but it's not being a handmaiden to think this shit is tryhard as hell. i don't buy for a second that anons are authentically aroused by that, it's just for edge points and so they can imagine that men are intimidated. surely we're better than that, as a website?

No. 412488

Or maybe just maybe women can also have degen fetishes as well and aren’t a monolith

No. 412490

File: 1720356629688.jpeg (Spoiler Image,103.62 KB, 828x1197, edtwtboy.jpeg)

seconded, i'm tired of edtwt and sh boys that are just TIFs or scrotes pretending just to get access to bodychecks or sh pics, i need a real life menhera-kun, picrel is rattlescrote.

No. 412498

Well very much so? Not really for moid intimidation; the idea reminds me of the training your boyfriend thread. Women can 100% be sadistic towards scrotes kek I'd even say it's pretty natural because of us being the choosier sex.

No. 412502

if it makes you guys feel better, it's written like obvious moidposting (example: heavy emphasis on victim blaming and putting quotation marks around "male victims" since they have this impression that it's a hypocritical double standard that they can't call women whores for being raped) and none of it sounds anything at all like sadistic/kinky women do. I'm sure they're just reversing the genders on incel posts and taking screenshots to say "look at how women are just as bad as we are." there are some very angry men who hate women on the board this weekend, as you can tell from the fact that they're spamming CP.

No. 412508

Men willingly get into relationships with BPD women because they want to take advantage of them for easy and degen sex. It's cathartic to see them suffer because of it.

No. 412509

I can not believe you are moralfagging about degenerate women being secretly men because women are when love babies and husband and wholesome chungus

No. 412510

Obviously this thread is meant to talk about how badly we want to coddle scrotes and wash their shit stained underwear in the river next to a wheat field uwu

No. 412511

So true lol. They fetishize "crazy" women because they know they are more kinky due to their trauma. Then they cry abuse when they can't handle the manipulation, constant fighting, emotional breakdowns etc. as if they can claim moral superiority when their initial desire was to exploit the instability of a mentally ill person. Literally fuck around and find out.

No. 412513

>NOOOOO women sadists are supposed to be sexy spank black lingerie mommy dommy cuddle headpats and say good boy they aren't supposed to have actually sadistic fetishes

No. 412515

This and the anon that wants to banish all degen talk are crazy, what are we supposed to post about,only hand holding and kissing tf?
>I feel no shame
Yeah. I'm not ashamed of some of the stuff I've posted here, I think of it as a socially unacceptable/weird fetish thread as well. Idg people who moralfag or pearl clutch about the stuff posted here, obvi you're gonna read some gross/weird shit in a fetish thread .

No. 412518

Ah yes because sadist woman is when mommy who’s idea of pain is edging a moid a little and they’re totally the same type of people spamming cp. Kill yourself(infighting)

No. 412519

File: 1720364079717.jpeg (86.87 KB, 600x354, 4BAE2361-F4CD-4540-9FD4-A2F16C…)

I have a very specific fetish for men with dark hair and glasses in suits or some other form fitting clothing getting ryona’d and abused. Idk why it’s those type of moids specifically but I feel like an autist because of it

No. 412522

Those types of moid always look hot in the animu style, and maybe it's the satisfaction of seeing an uptight/smug looking archetype in that situation?

No. 412523

File: 1720364750046.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.03 MB, 1200x1200, 2661BF22-617D-43A4-AD0E-791630…)

When you word it like that yeah that’s probably why. It’s the female equivalent of the mesugaki shit moids like but much more based and not pedophilic

No. 412524

what's with this specific thing of taking an ID card and piercing it through the nipple of a moid, i've seen this exactly once before and it was twst Floyd fanart.

No. 412526

Het BPD women truly are the heroines we didnt know we needed.

No. 412528

File: 1720365712323.jpeg (62.97 KB, 600x362, 10A9136D-8C2A-49AF-8202-7DF948…)

It’s an extreme degradation thing I think with the respectful six figure man turned sex slave with his id card the only memo of his past life. Also send the art

No. 412532

File: 1720366636909.png (21.94 KB, 951x195, lol.png)

I love this subreddit

No. 412535

>Also send the art
i'll try, i have yet organize my hoard of erotica. but for you nonnie, i'll do it.

No. 412536

Maybe 1/5th retarded, I don't give a shit

No. 412540

File: 1720369478278.jpeg (589.47 KB, 828x1560, IMG_5904.jpeg)

Ayrt Are you being purposefully dense or are you just retarded? No one cares if you think raping men is hot but actually doing it is fucked up. It’s not a femcel power moment, you’re no different from a male rapist. And no nona, it’s not obvious that the people getting off to real-life rape wouldn’t also get off to child rape. Picrel is the first four posts, all about childhood abuse.
Sure I’m moralfagging but maybe you all should have morals when it comes to this too.

No. 412541

now I don't feel ashamed for being turned on when the same happens to women on r/sexualassault, r/rape etc. It's especially hot if they have orgasms during it(baiting retard)

No. 412542

>now I don't feel ashamed for being turned on when the same happens to women on r/sexualassault, r/rape etc. It's especially hot if they have orgasms during it
kek. told you it was an obvious moid psyop. they were putting quotation marks around the word "victims" and pretended that they couldn't find a photo of a hot guy crying and used "letting yourself go after getting into a relationship" and "codependency" as forms of female-on-male abuse and replying at 50x the speed of usual conversations in /g/.

No. 412543

I'm lesbian not a moid

No. 412545

Nta but I don’t care if you’re a lesbian or a moid, if you get off to women being raped you should kill yourself. Hit me with the alog ban farmhands, I will be the martyr.(infighting)

No. 412548

We aren't men, you know? We aren't impressed with displays of psychopathy. Maybe some anons are genuinely into real life accounts of men in severe emotional pain (after all, we were talking about whump earlier) but this 'huehuehue raped woman sexy' shit is so adolescent. Feels like you have a fat voice and clammy hands
>and used "letting yourself go after getting into a relationship"
Yeah that was retarded.

No. 412550

File: 1720370875088.jpg (37.87 KB, 562x675, 1000034611.jpg)

Men deserve every bad thing that happens to them. Good day.

No. 412551

Womp womp who fucking cares, if adult men get raped by a woman then that’s on them. Stop sucking their dicks when they’d never stand up for you.

>if you get off to women being raped you should kill yourself
Gotta agree with this. Idc if they’re a lesbo it doesn’t make them any less disgusting.

No. 412552

KEK giga stacy

No. 412553

Samefagging, i can't believe i'm defending BPDfags but to the anons who aren't moids and got seduced by this concept: you know BPD women scream and kick shit because of extreme distress? These aren't gigastacies willfully torturing their nigel, they are miserable in those moments and don't even have baseline emotional regulation. What's so based about getting off to female pain (as demonic as it can be)? It's not even misandry, they are starving for crumbs of affection from men 99% of the time

No. 412554

No one is posting these though or brought up boys. Obviously talking about being sadistic to MEN. R/bpdlovedones has women talking about their experiences with evil moids, doesn't mean we think that's acceptable. Plus these subreddits are full of moids lying and making up fantasies that you have to weed through

No. 412558

BPD chicks are gonna chimp out regardless, thats just what they do. As long as their victims are overwhelmingly men then I dont care. All the men on that sub seem like trash who deserve to be beaten and abused tbh.

No. 412559

>now I don't feel ashamed for being turned on when the same happens to women on r/sexualassault, r/rape etc. It's especially hot if they have orgasms during it
Shut up moid baby rapist.

No. 412560

File: 1720372879821.png (76.42 KB, 680x680, 48A1879F-84F2-4A81-99B8-0575BB…)

>this was the worst fucking gift I ever got you weird fuck
God bless all bpd angels.

No. 412561

Nta but jesus christ. So straight women are allowed to have all their degenerate, borderline “you should get locked up” level fetishes but lesbians have to be perfect and vanilla and only have morally-palatable thoughts. Little unfair isn’t it?

No. 412562

Yeah we know men get off to women and kids being raped, none of you have ever denied this. You literally go on subs with women talking about being molested as children and get off to it. You have thoughts about raping your own daughters, sisters, mothers, nieces, and are statistically most likely to act on it too. You're a male subhuman, you dont get to tell women what is right and wrong.

No. 412563

I don't even think she was saying she gets off to women telling their accounts, she's saying men go to those subs to jack off. Which is true, and why sexual assault groups need to be gatekept from men.

No. 412564

Nobody's saying that, and that poster is neither a lesbian nor any other type of woman.

No. 412566

File: 1720373408620.png (126.69 KB, 1344x436, Screenshot 2024-07-07 at 18.29…)

kween shit

No. 412567

99% of men watch porn with drugged, underage, coerced and raped women in it, men commit 95% of rapes murder and child molestation, but cry about us laughing at their missing balls or getting beaten up by their bpd gf. really makes you think.

No. 412568

File: 1720373556889.png (182.31 KB, 1338x744, Screenshot 2024-07-07 at 18.32…)


No. 412570

>I don't even think she was saying she gets off to women telling their accounts
but then what did she mean by
>now I don't feel ashamed for being turned on
? because she claimed to be a lesbian in the post after, so she's not getting turned on by men

No. 412571

File: 1720373698145.png (105.05 KB, 1389x503, Screenshot 2024-07-07 at 18.33…)

The psychological abuse and emasculation is hotter imo. Raping and beating is just typical moid chimp behavior. It's womens duty to mindbreak moids so they never heal.

No. 412572

File: 1720373835386.png (174.34 KB, 1357x690, Screenshot 2024-07-07 at 18.36…)

She really said 'fuck dem kids' kek. Based bpdchan making more men into single fathers.

No. 412574

File: 1720373935576.png (85.48 KB, 1283x434, Screenshot 2024-07-07 at 18.38…)

No. 412575

And? If there was a lesbian who got off to that? The logic still stands. And don’t throw out some bullshit like “a lesbian would never!”

No. 412576

These are great!! I sincerely doubt all these women they're talking about are genuine BPDs as well. It's just cope that they're losers who got played. Women can just be deviant with no underlying issues especially when they're aware of the male psych

No. 412577

No. 412579

I love this picture so much, i hope it gets used.
>especially when they're aware of the male psych
Those really are hilarious and i can see myself doing this without any bpd after becoming aware of their psych, without the knowledge i could be too kind and gentle to them. I wish more women become like this, really.

No. 412583

Most of these stories are prolly not even real

No. 412584

Somehow these BPD stories are really funny to me.
This pic is really hot though hope it's his own sperm, put there as punishment for coming

No. 412585

They're funny because they're grown men who are submitting to this kind of abuse from a woman who is physically weaker than them. It doesn't evoke the same type of scary feelings you get when reading about a woman being abused by a man, these men just seem like spineless retards who can't even abandon a relationship because they're too desperate for any kind of companionship. It's beyond pathetic and although in theory I understand the trauma bond that makes these people stay with their BPD gfs in practice I can't help but laugh when I imagine these scenes

No. 412588

Exactly, they should be stronger than the gf chimping out and able to physically defend themselves so it's hard to take seriously.

No. 412589

File: 1720376033828.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.33 MB, 2276x3182, 86356689_p1.jpg)

i'm back i found it nonnie

No. 412591

They act like their exes were succubi, scrotes are just so enslaved to their lust and women in general. As well as they definitely were ignoring obvious signs just for muh bpd mentally ill sex and got repercussions. Making them cry and pretend on Reddit. If a moid is attracted to you he definitely will look past as many flaws as he can to try to get sex that's where you can play as many mind games you want

No. 412601

I recently re-read The Green Mile and yep, I think that's where a lot of my weirder kinks came from. Percy Wetmore's arc has gotta be the hottest thing I've ever read.

No. 412604

Men aren’t physically stronger than women. That’s just what they want us to think

No. 412605

That is bullshit and you know it.

No. 412607

They are, but it's way overblown.

No. 412608

This has to be cuck fetish fiction, the cuck tent is something I've seen before (though I swear to god I don't' even seek this shit out). And they like getting called dogs.

No. 412614

File: 1720380436185.jpg (70.45 KB, 426x600, C3YI7vK0-W4.jpg)

c'mon man at least choose a hot Chechen guy, there are tons of them

No. 412615

Micropenis poster from before, I am once again looking at penis length and girth percentiles and getting excited about any dick that is in the 10th percentile or lower, to be honest I wish there was more statistical variance for dicks, the vast majority of them are in the "normal range". I am using a ruler to imagine how they would look in real life. Why are micropenises so rare I wish it was more likely to stumble into a perfect cock that's exactly 3 inches when erect

No. 412618

based. he deserved it for talking about womens' bodies like that.

that's healing, babe!

I've written fanfic where I did this to my husbando and it was really hot. The idea of a guy who's absolutely strong enough to beat you up taking your abuse and apologizing to you afterwards because he loves you so much and is obsessed with you is so hot.

No. 412630

Boohoo, she made a joke about my uniball! ABOOOSE! I love these so much anon, thank you, I read them over and over

No. 412631

I’m playing with my pussy while reading your post

No. 412632

Who wants to bet that he was trying to neg his BPD gf by saying these breasts were "saggy" and once it horribly backfired on him he went to Reddit and cried aboos kek

No. 412645

As painful as BPDettes are to deal with, I adore how they treat their moids during a meltdown. Energy well spent kek.

No. 412671

File: 1720392542360.jpeg (Spoiler Image,556.55 KB, 868x1228, E83D0471-0F73-4747-83C0-3DE8ED…)

Ayrt I love you. Have this as a token of my appreciatjon

No. 412680

Any nonnie knows other whump movies or series like all is quiet on the western front? I need to satisfy my need for war broken scrotes
I call it the Kyoya Ootori look, nonnie. I don't know, their design has some arrogance and poise to it, maybe you like to see that part of them ruined

No. 412710

Vey likely, men always omit their own wrongdoings when whining about being aboosed by their gf and cry about how she was a crazy bitch. It’s why most of these stories don’t even make sense because they always lie by omission
>I was just sitting in my gamer chair and she came up to me and attacked me!
In reality he was either watching some fucked up porn or he was talking to another girl and she caught him

No. 412719

Excellent and true posts. This is why I have no sympathy for moids who were ABOOSED by their bpd gfs. These moids intention was always trying to lure a hot but low self esteem girl into bed to exploit her sexuality and receive ego boosts and validation through her lovebombing. The men are the real predators in these relationships, even if their bpdchan gf ends up clunking them over the head by the end of it (deserved anyway) No sympathy.

No. 412732

delicious, thank you

No. 412798

Do you girls think Schumacher pops boners every now and then?

No. 412827

File: 1720444836472.png (295.33 KB, 773x712, butimnonbinary.png)

Those reddits are so lame, barely any details in the posts and check out this retarded drawing. Where is the juicy stuff?

No. 412828

She's literally me!

No. 412846

I’m assuming a tif drew this but I love the subtle misogyny of implying hairy women are evil, kek

No. 412847

>tfw Steven universe gem OC rapes its creator.

No. 412851

For what it’s worth I’ve literally never seen a woman say that men cannot be raped.

If you go on any Facebook story about a boy being raped by a woman or teacher, it’s all other men saying it’s not real rape and that the kid is lucky as fuck, not women.

No. 412852

Nothing men love more than projecting their own degeneracy onto women.

No. 412854

New mascot arrived.

No. 412856

I see it all the time on LC but nowhere else. Women tend to express sympathy while moids go hurr hurr how lucky, as you say.
According to british law men can't get raped by women though, only sexually assaulted, I've seen americans on X get very upset when brits talk about their law.

No. 412857

i’m a rape survivor with a rape kink. i can’t get off on erotica (i avoid porn videos and hentai anime/manga and all that stuff) unless there’s rape in it, the less romanticized the better. either heterosexual or yaoi with a fixed dynamic. i always self-insert as the victim even if it’s not intended to be read that way. my favorite is when the rapist is killed later by the victim’s lover.

i’m fucked up.

No. 412859

Men are also the most likely to go "well ackshually" even when they DO believe the victim, as if telling them what they "should" have done is going to magically turn back time and heal their trauma kek. The truly just don't give a shit about rape victims at all unless they can use them to dunk on feminists.

No. 412867

>According to british law men can't get raped by women
Why is terf island so based

No. 412882

File: 1720453564852.webp (81.65 KB, 1000x667, Young-woman-waving-UK-flag.web…)

Ingerland 10, whining Reddit moids 0

No. 412889

As a burger it’s in my blood to hate the British, but I commend them for being basically the only Anglo country at this point with the balls to openly shit on trannies and now even realize moids can’t get raped by women KEK. To the British nonnies out there keep up the good work

No. 412892

Bri'ish men are cucks but the women are surprisingly feisty, all of the best takes in the country come from women.

No. 412898

I love British women and I'm not ashamed. They have such sexy accents too.

No. 412915

britfag here, a lot of the people around me are pro-trans but there's still a lot of hope. one of my friends recently told me she's unsure about the whole thing and doesn't respect the way trans people play into stereotypical gender roles, and i wanted to hug her kek

No. 412970

File: 1720475577212.jpeg (37.21 KB, 371x397, A161DEC4-4727-4A34-8CBE-9237D6…)

Next threadpic?

No. 412971

Do you have a version that isn’t 144p nonna?

No. 412975

Here are some of my faves:
- The Bridge (1959)
- Before the Fall (2004)
- Generation War (3 eps, 2013)
- Babylon Berlin [has a few whump moments, really good series from 2017-present]
- Stalingrad (the 1990s one)
- Overlord [pretty gory but good]
- King Rat (1965)
- The Ascent (1977)
- Lesson of a Dead Language (1979)
- King and Country (1964)
- The Return of the Soldier (1982)
- The Small Back Room [not really whump as such but involves a guy breaking down over WW2 bombs]
- Paths of Glory (1957)
- Testament of Youth (2014) [a love story with a lot of focus on WW1 death and war trauma]

No. 412977

samefagging because I forgot Regeneration (1997), the book is better but it's a fascinating movie too!

No. 412982

File: 1720477802044.jpeg (53.75 KB, 402x431, 2D894B8D-85F8-41CB-8CC3-CA2654…)

I think this one is a little better.

No. 413107

I’m rubbing my hands together like a huge fly

No. 413142

File: 1720534056370.jpg (51.75 KB, 926x988, ElGuiNLWAAIthva.jpg)

no no no please brain do not bring my lederhosen fetish back (it's too late)

No. 413203

Sibling incest. Either a cool big brother or a cute little brother idgaf. I think it's because I've never felt loved by my family

No. 413223

File: 1720560756764.jpg (98.27 KB, 564x936, 5f36490277db553df48a7dc2989692…)

Nonnie likes those sexy knees
(for some reason that was the least goofy photo I could find, all of them had either fat or weird looking men kek)

No. 413242

Based taste. I’ve always fantasized about having a cute younger brother which is ironic bc I don’t have any brothers

No. 413254

Yeah but it makes sense because you don't have any. The idea of incest could make me throw up, nothing sounds more sexually repulsive than siblings

No. 413258

Re-reading Vanity Fair (the novel) makes me want to find a big, vain, handsome rich man and break him down into a pathetic slave. Becky Sharp was the original Stacey and I'll stand by that take

No. 413371

This fetish really makes me depressed because it’s so unrealistic (and distasteful to others) but it’s the only thing that really sexually satisfies me.

For some reason when I’m attracted to a woman the thing I want to do more than anything else by a long shot is watch her get fucked by a man. So I fantasize about having a girlfriend who lets me find men to fuck her while I watch. I’d demand the guy do exactly what I tell him to do. And in this fantasy, my girlfriend is totally devoted to me but likes doing this because (well, she’s obviously bi) and she’s turned on by putting on a show for me. She’d tease the moid for a while by showing off her pussy, and then eventually I’d relent and let him have sex with her. During the encounter I’d be asking her how well he’s doing, and if she feels good, and I’d make out with her and feel her moan into my mouth while she’s being fucked, and then lick her hard clit while she’s being penetrated to make her cum. I’d tell the moid not to waste a single drop of his cum and give her a really good filling. Then in the afterglow I’d ask him “isn’t my girlfriend the sexiest?” and describe how sexy every part of her is while she’s cuddled up to me and I kiss her face and pet her hair and stroke her body.

Really, nothing else does it for me. Imagining just fucking a man or woman myself is underwhelming. I want both to be involved together. I get depressed a lot because I know that I’ll never be able to have a relationship, since arrangements like I describe are entirely unrealistic, especially because she’d wind up falling for one of the moids instead of me, since they’re the ones she’s actually having sex with. I’m ashamed and sad that I can’t have a normal sexuality like everyone else and that what I want only exists in fantasy, plus the fact that pretty much everyone thinks this sort of thing is degenerate as fuck. I’ve never even heard of any woman other than me having this fetish, so I feel like a total alien freak. I want to be reborn normal.

No. 413406

Wow. You’re really not beating the “bisexuals are degenerate whores” allegations, are you. This might be the nastiest thing I’ve seen itt tbh(baiting)

No. 413412

No. 413414

meh it's gross but no worse than >>402992 or scat posts from the past, or that anon from years ago who got off to beating up her(?) sisters

No. 413416

“No worse than”… seemingly implying that a cuckhold fantasy is on the same level as anorexic snuff and violent incest? the wording is making me kek

No. 413418

>is on the same level
i was trying to say it's not on that level kek. i thought that's what that term meant idk. also just remembered the anon who got off to real life holocaust stories, that's probably the nastiest imo.

No. 413428

What you describe is more or less cucking, which isn't that rare. What's more unusual is if really nothing else gets you going?

No. 413434

You shouldn’t have posted this

No. 413443

Why? It’s the shameful fetishes thread.

No. 413444

Idk if there’s a term for it but I guess I have a stepfordization fetish but for moids? The thought of making a drug addict misogynistic whore with a body count in the double digits who pays little attention to his looks into a submissive slave who caters to my every need including making himself look good for me is hot

No. 413446

me too but im an only child, i feel like if i actually had a sibling id hate it kek

No. 413449

Ayrt and I actually have a younger sister, but of course I’d never even think about that and it repulses me altogether

No. 413459

Sure, it’s unrealistic if you need her to be your dream girlfriend in addition to the sex, but all of this seems so achievable. You should find the hottest threesome seeking couple on tinder in your area and make your dreams come true tbh

No. 413534

File: 1720670308746.jpeg (119.36 KB, 640x460, IMG_9003.jpeg)

Why must I suffer with this turbo autistic fetish? It’s so unfair. I find it so embarrassing I can’t even discuss it in real life, because how do you explain to a woman that you want to spend God knows how much money to get her to dress like that and then dom you? How do you tell someone a bicorne is hot without dropping dead from humiliation?

No. 413556

Like dressing like picrel? Would be insanely hot, historical men's costumes are kind of my thing. Don't give up nonnie you'll find someone.

No. 413564

This doesn't seem unattainable at all but you're right that it's going to be hard to maintain a stable relationship with your gf while you pimp her out to strange men. I wish throuples could be real lol

No. 413572

Find a history nerd gf, she will understand.

No. 413574

I’m the history nerd in the relationship, I just don’t know how to bring it up. Maybe I find it way more embarrassing than it actually is, but I would find it impossible to have a serious discussion where I say that I want her to dress like Napoleon or some shit. I’ve even considered playing the long con and making us matching costumes for an event so I have plausible deniability when I jump her. Maybe I’m just retarded and she would totally understand or already knows anyway, because she already knows I like historical fashion and cross dressing women, I just struggle to say the extent to which I mean it out loud

No. 413576

Can I post someone else's fetish? I've never been with anyone with a weird fetish besides one person, a tif I was having a fwb situation with, who had a wedgie fetish. She wanted me to give her wedgies. It was so awkward and unattractive. I just need to get it off my chest somewhere kek. I don't think I could make a relationship work with someone with a fetish unless they were totally fine with never indulging it, it's such a turn off to do weird shit just to please your partner, and I would hate knowing I'm never truly satisfying my gf because she's into some bullshit like feet or piss or wedgies…

No. 413606

I've long come to the realization that when it comes to fetishes, you need to quietly and subtly figure out if you're on the same page with someone and can escalate, or be content with keeping it to yourself. I have some deeply fucked up, taboo fetishes that I've never told a partner about and don't intend to because I could tell off the bat they wouldn't be into it (and this is that men are pretty flexible sexually, but like I said, some messed up stuff on my part); I get the feeling there was suspicion but it was never brought up. And like you said, it's a massive turn off to do weird, specific fetish shit when you're not into it and it can ruin your sex life.

No. 413607

On /m/ I read about this woman on a train who said she saw a salaryman knocked asleep and you could see his nipple through his shirt and now I’m thinking of fondling a salaryman while he’s asleep on the train

No. 413620

Does that mean you want to do messed up shit to him, or for him to do it to you?

No. 413626

nonny i would do this for free, i've always wanted a gf who was into historical costumes

No. 413628

Kek one time one leaned on my shoulder completely passed out and I wanted to squeeze him to death like a piece of fruit

No. 413639

No. 413705

If he was hot you should’ve copped a feel honestly, dream situation right there but I’m fine being the voyeur

No. 413764

I have a fantasy about groping and raping sleeping or passed our drunk guys on a train and them being unable to stop me. Drugged/passed out cute guys are so hot. I fantasize about having a handsome buff fratbro roommate and his coming home from a party and passing out in bed and then I rape him as he’s asleep or incapacitated

No. 413795

Hot, honestly I fantasize about them not even being consciously aware of the rape because they’re so tired, but it shows through subtle signs throughout their body like having an erection and gentle moaning, even better if they have wet spots.

No. 413798

Yes that’s why I’d prefer to rape a man who is conscious but can’t move, one of those drugs like GHB which allows him to move slightly and moan but he can’t actually get me off him. I wanna ride him while he’s incapacitated

No. 413978

I kinda feel bad for posting this.
This short popped up in my YouTube feed today. I'm not into wheelchairs myself, but since there's so many disabled moid-fuckers itt, I figured at least one person might like it…

No. 413980

I would never seriously consider being in a relationship with a vegetable but I would love to be a scary caretaker to a (cuter) moid. I would threaten to push him to the train tracks if he’s acting up and publicly flaunt him like a doll. He would be like my pet munchie attention grabber

No. 413981

This is the cutest post in this thread. If i were you i'd just bring it up in a conversation about things you find attractive, make it sound casual. Then start gushing about it more often. If she reacts well, suggest actually doing it. But then i also love bicornes and military uniforms so i'm biaised kek

No. 413988

File: 1720786529721.jpeg (Spoiler Image,309.91 KB, 1536x2048, 95A5E995-A588-4C3E-B0BC-500A67…)

>Trying to get clean from my weight gain kink since it’s embarrassing
>This shows up on my tl
>Get the wettest I’ve ever been in the past month
This is like the 9282727th time I’ve relapsed when will it end

No. 413992

>t. tomoaki

No. 413994

He doesn’t even look chubby, what is there to be ashamed of?

No. 414006

The character in question is skinny, this is weight gain art of them is my point

No. 414112

File: 1720816326368.png (Spoiler Image,1005.8 KB, 774x933, Screenshot 2024-07-10 at 21-06…)

Nonnie from the femdom thread posted a manhwa which made me realize I'm into self flagellation and religious guilt… or any sort of self inflicted pain on a moid tbh.
Ugly in the face but the way his legs trembled made me go teehee~ like a retard.

No. 414140

I like mid fat bastards, young and old. They can’t be too ugly but it’s no fun if they’re a super cute fatty, doesn’t do it for me.

No. 414142

File: 1720823749610.jpg (33.61 KB, 400x400, 1000005084.jpg)

I want to tease and rile them up so badly that they drip for me but I also want to be put in my place and forced to make up for it kek

No. 414148

excellent taste nonny

No. 414153

God all you fatty chasers disgust me. As if moids didn't have it easy enough in life, as if the bar wasn't low enough, you are encouraging them to be lazy fat fucks. Shame on all of you. Love yourselves dumb bitches. Yuck.(bait)

No. 414157

Give one good reason why 2D men should not have it as easy in life as humanly possible and be spoiled until they get fat as fuck and then start crying because their bodies got ruined from all the pampering they got. They deserve it.

No. 414162

I’m one of the chubby chasers itt and overweight moids irl repulse me and I’m not attracted to them at all, nor would I ever do any type of behavior to encourage that shit. My attraction to making moids bigger is purely for the 2d and them only

This is hot. I’m gonna touch myself to the thought of doing that to my husbando later

No. 414164

>criticising people for having shameful fetishes in the "fetishes you're ashamed of" thread

No. 414352

File: 1720902337828.jpg (65.08 KB, 595x630, Untitled.jpg)

idk who said it where but after watching the boys i understand the desire to treat a grown man like a little baby boy

No. 414369

I want to tie up a shitty man and very slowly strangulate him with his own belt while riding his face.

No. 414371

I'll never understand why some women are into shit

No. 414398

I know this is a shameful fetish thread but unironically, it's weird that I have a muscle growth fetish. I think roiders are gross but fictional men becoming muscular hunks gets me extremely aroused and I'm trying to wrap my head as to why?

No. 414399

Does anyone else here get reminded of their fetish from something that reminds them of it and get insanely horny as a result?

No. 414410

hi nonna, nice to meet you. i am the terminal stage of this fetish. i think ive posted here before about this but without too much detail i actually fucked up my life and loved ones. it started when i was a little girl, maybe 5-10, and over time got to the point where it was like 600+ lb plus guys. and theres something called a slob fetish, i bet you can guess what that is, well i have that too. even though it started with looking at stuff it became an IRL thing for me, like i became actually attracted to people that size to the point where i legit feel nothing looking at a fit or healthy sized guy. i cant even get turned on by guys who are just overweight. fast forward, i got married to a skinny guy. as one can imagine, i can barely get wet. and not bc hes gross. shit has hit the fan and im staring at the broken pieces. dont watch porn

No. 414411

oh and to follow up this was preceded by months of me using character.ai as well

No. 414462

Hey if you don’t mind me asking, did you fuck up as a result of the fetish or something unrelated. Either way I can empathize but ironically enough I’ve never been into the extreme side of this fetish even though I’ve been into it for 8 years. For the longest time it wasn’t even full on chubby, just pudgy. Hell only recently did I find the thought of my husbando getting a double chin sexy. Honestly it’s still a really sexy thought but I’m not exactly sober so I’m gonna regret it later. I can kinda get behind the slob fetish bc I’m into my husbando burping from eating too much.

>oh and to follow up this was preceded by months of me using character.ai as well

KEK I get what you mean, character ai has enabled my fetishes way too much and made me relapse multiple times. Doesn’t matter how many times I wanna drop it, at the end of the day I’ll always wanna see my husbando get fatter

No. 414469

Any other AAP boys here? Lmao jk. Everything I do, I see myself doing from the third person as a hot guy. I’ve taken some mild steps to humor the malesona: Masculine haircut, masculine clothes, speak in a deeper (albeit still clearly female) voice, etc. It’s a great fetish if you want to fuck up your life and be horny 24/7.

In all fairness, I’ve only considered coming out as trans once despite the fact I know everyone in my bubble would roll with it. I could tell my friends I’m a he/him John and they’d eat it up kek. Hilarious. However, it’s too evil so I can’t. Still, the true male course of action is to not care, and it hurts to know I can’t follow through with it.

Decided to post here because today I saw my perfect male version in real life, he looked exactly how I’ve always pictured myself. I stared. I was too busy staring to notice if he noticed my staring. I’ll never look like that. Dead average female height + Feminine face + Hourglass. Over for girlmoders. Perhaps it never began?

And no, I’m not a fujoshi even though I’m straight. I just imagine myself as the male in het shit.(bait/do not reply)

No. 414542

>fast forward, i got married to a skinny guy
how did that even happen?

No. 414547

File: 1720976204740.jpg (9.95 KB, 224x224, леопольд.jpg)

I might be the only Russian nona here but I always wanted to rape the shit out of him. Chain him to an iron frame vintage bed and do stuff to him. Must be my first erotic fantasy. 

No. 414603

What the fuck

No. 414607

oh my god thank you for the laugh. This is the lolcow I love to see

No. 414618

>cartoon fucker furry
many such cases

No. 414644

kek, not that kind.

No. 414777

I wanna be pampered and fattened by a woman but irl I reallly don’t wanna gain any weight. Trying to taper off it because it’s a weird fetish and pivoting over to just liking fat chicks.

No. 414855

Tysm nonnie! I have watched Generation War before, so good

No. 414911

Adding to this with Journey's End (2017), I watched it recently and it was perfect!

No. 415001

Based fetish, I used to be like that too (sometimes with men sometimes w women) but reversed roles because it gave me a weird form of body dysmorphia and realized I never wanna imagine myself as fat kek

No. 415342

I want to have a guy eat me out while I'm on my period, I don't know why but I've thought about this for ages. I just want it.

No. 415346

tfw all these fetishes are extremely fucking hot and things i’m VERY into but girls like this do not exist in socal

No. 415416

Doctors. I want to be groped and teased and have my clothes cut off by a cute young doctor. Have her run her fingers through my hair before surgery to calm me down and gently play with my clit until I cum and calm down. I'm not a doctor irl, but I kind of also want to be in the doctor role and do all that to another woman. You don't know how much it destroys me that the sexy medical role trope for women is the nurse outfit and not a doctor's coat.

No. 415484

Ironically enough socal is probably where you’re most likely to find a girl like that

No. 415525

File: 1721201410883.jpg (79.48 KB, 720x540, thumbelina.jpg)

I'm obsessed with uncircumcised dick. I want to be shrunk down and climb inside a foreskin. It seems like they'd be warm and comfy. I really want to hug a penis. When it gets excited, I would be trapped and get pressed tighter against it. The thought is very erotic.

No. 415527

I’m into erotic hypnosis and go online to scratch the itch. I’m pretty sure some dude recorded me because I ended up on camera without being super conscious and he made me do some pretty risqué shit and then blocked me. Terrified I’m gonna see myself reposted off 4chan or Reddit or something

No. 415528

Yesssss anons, personally I want to protect my gf and then get rewarded by being dommed kek

No. 415543

Kek anon I was with you til the shrinking thing. Not judging just not my thing. But foreskin is so sexy and I have a hard time even being attracted to cut cock. Seeing the head slide out is so cute and sexy. And precum collects and drips out the ring of foreskin which is hot af.

No. 415578

You too?

No. 416349

File: 1721393952608.jpeg (Spoiler Image,201.69 KB, 450x541, 17FCCCC6-7F2B-4BC1-AB02-FB95DC…)

Ahegao on men. There’s something really hot about a moid being so mindbrokenly obsessed with dick he makes me retard faces while getting fucked.

No. 416508

File: 1721417270218.jpg (69.07 KB, 461x640, 5710e0c9b96a3c5bd314e0b24ab134…)

When i was a 14 i had my reverse lana del rey period where i would watch or read any movie/anime/manga/book with any older woman/younger man relationship. And i mean almost everything, i even ended up reading somewhat obscure books like The Reader just because it has a few pages of that. 90% of it sucks ass though, so i started drawing my own stuff, and i still do to this day. I never show it to anyone because i hate straight shota moids with a burning passion and i dont want them to pester me.

No. 416588

I feel bad for having a twin fetish after reading those posts in the vent thread. I only sexualize male twins though but still.

No. 416819

gay af

No. 416927

Any recs for the 10% that doesn't suck ass?

No. 417046

I did this to one of my ex moids once and it was hot but also really stupid at the same time kek

No. 417275


It's extremly normal from an evolutionary point of vue for you to be attracted to muscle-y men but the cultural signs you associate with muscular men turn you off, hence why it only arrouses you with fictional husbandos

No. 417373

File: 1721618895923.jpeg (96.41 KB, 541x799, download - 2024-07-21T202758.9…)

I like the idea of training an AI to act like me and letting strangers have cybersex with it.

No. 417375

This photo made me laugh

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