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File: 1527945397639.jpg (147.34 KB, 960x829, 1526020068172.jpg)

No. 600072

Previous thread >>502056

8chan thread

Micky is a disgusting, hambeast, tumblrina who claims be a csa survivor, sexual assault victim, bisexual, and have 10 mental illnesses. She's extremely disliked among her local community because of how much drama she causes and her tendency to lie. She started the "Kawaii Black Girls" page and group, both toxic like her. She's been recently trying way too hard to come off as a hard hoodrat from the ghetto, when in reality she's a scary wannabe valley girl suburbanite.

Aliases: Micky Martyrdom, Micky Moon, Micky Bunnie, Micky Magica, Miki Akemi

Real Name: Mikaila Jones

Notable Things

- Doesn't believe in bathing everyday and only bathes twice a week

- Doesnt like the smell of clean clothes

- Refuses to clean room unless forced

- Tends to smell terribly because of poor hygiene

- Tried to get a girl doxxed by using tumblr simply because she didn't like what she said

- Posts her nudes on 4chan's /b/

- Constantly looks for SDs on /soc/

- Tried selling nudes on FetLife while in a relationship with current boyfriend

- Cheated on every single one of her boyfriends

- Continually starts shit with Amina simply because the latter is more likable

- Tried to play tough guy by picking a fight with Taylor online, only to actively avoid her irl, out of fear.

- Claims to dislike lolicon and ddlg while actively posting both on her blogs

- Only started to claim mental illness when she got into menhera

- Made multiple threads about Taylor and Amina on here

- Whiteknights herself and Himeka very often

- Tried to get her threads shut down by threatening suicide

- Got dumped by her boyfriend for lying and cheating. Now claims he was abusive and racist.

- Tried to manipulate him into staying with her by faking a suicide attempt.

- It's been revealed her mother enables her shit behavior and knows she's had pedophiles for boyfriends. Despite this, Micky continues to claim her mom is abusive.

-Currently trying to sell nudes despite having a boyfriend

Social Media






Menhera blog:

Main blog:

NFSW blog:

https://prettyuglylittleliar.net/profile/51-milk/ inactive

Make sure to screenshot and archive anything you find. She has a habit of going on a deleting spree

No. 600074


I've been following the past threads and…when and where was it revealed her mom knows abt her pedo boyfriends? I don't remember that being particularly mentioned.

Tho she does bitch abt her dad on a couple occasions. Goes from "abusive asshole" to "he's trying 2 b better uwu"

No. 600097

>when and where was it revealed her mom knows abt her pedo boyfriends?

Check the last thread.

No. 600113


Ahh I see now, when that Kassandra girl tried to tell her mother abt Micky's habits and she got told to f off. The apple really doesn't fall far from the tree I guess.

No. 600140

hey micky, try not to use a flattering picture of yourself next time you create a new thread :^)

No. 600161

That's not Micky. Lol

No. 600167

File: 1527958654229.jpg (342.52 KB, 1080x1054, Screenshot_20180602-125659_Sam…)

No. 600182

She's fucking ridiculous. Then she should GO to the derm so she can get a prescription in case this happens again

but no that requires effort whereas bitching on the internet is no trouble at all

No. 600238

There may be worse pictures but I wouldn't consider OP pic flattering in the least.

No. 600324

"Flattering" is being too generous….

No. 600396

Saggy udders stuffed in a fluffy diaper isn't flattering at all, no.

No. 600476

Flattering? This is the worse one by far.

No. 600579

File: 1527996936575.jpg (170.96 KB, 884x1051, Screenshot_20180602-233530.jpg)

the neck lmao

No. 601412

File: 1528074211605.jpg (158.59 KB, 1080x724, Screenshot_20180603-204511_Twi…)

Imagine having a job and a boyfriend but still making pathetic posts begging people to buy you shit you can't fit or use properly.

They were talking about the previous thread's OP image. Which still isn't flattering at all.

No. 601516

File: 1528087760138.jpg (238.91 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_p9s7kkKZap1uctaoto1_128…)


What the fuck is up with that weird ass fupa she's gor going on?

No. 601517

She's fat. Boy that's some bad shooping.

No. 601519

that top looks like the one ginger bronson sold from her "online shop"

No. 601548

More of the same boring face. Yawn.

No. 601576

File: 1528095749925.gif (225.93 KB, 200x150, dgoL3_s-200x150.gif)

>"Similar allergic reaction on my face to the shower gel there"
Is she using shower gel as a face wash?
Her poor skins pH balance

No. 601654

Honestly, I doubt that happened since she didn't go to a psych ward because she faked her suicide attempt. She got a rash because she doesn't wash her face at all and just uses rose water and coconut oil on it.

No. 601670

Doesn't coconut oil clog your pores to hell?

No. 601684

yah it can since it's fatty. but if you properly wash your face some people use a bit as a moisturizer

No. 601773

Coconut oil is found in a lot of natural moisturizers - you have to thoroughly rinse your skin after, though. It has plenty of benefits but only if you are a clean person lol

No. 601935

File: 1528142600511.jpg (517.63 KB, 1080x1504, Screenshot_20180604-155750_Sam…)

You still look sloppy regardless of how many posts like that you share, Micky.

No. 602054

y'all should use your super powers for good like finding the zodiac killer lol. Nah but fr you guys are good at digging up dirt(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 602273

File: 1528184688478.jpg (593.31 KB, 810x1857, Screenshot_20180605-034029_Twi…)

This whole post is a load of complete bullshit.

>And still got cheated on

Micky, you cheated on him. Not the other way around. And you threatened to commit suicide to try and make him stay. Did you forget we have proof in the previous threads? Lol

No. 602277

File: 1528185003568.jpg (512.34 KB, 1079x1788, Screenshot_20180605-034710_Sam…)

She posts this but it seems she forgot there's now eight threads of her talking shit and starting drama with people. And that doesn't include all the shit she says in her group chat with all her shitty "friends".

No. 602460

File: 1528218031716.jpg (255.1 KB, 1080x841, Screenshot_20180605-125922_Twi…)

Sure, Micky. Also, the most desperate thing you've ever done is try to use suicide as a way to get your thread taken down and try to get your ex to stay. People deserve better than you.

No. 602471

File: 1528218466194.jpg (700.28 KB, 1080x1793, Screenshot_20180605-130721_Sam…)

No. 603255

File: 1528286836528.jpg (166.67 KB, 1078x541, Screenshot_20180606-080329_Sam…)


>the abuse I endured

Micky, fuck off with this lie. You didn't endure any abuse or bullying. You've been the one dishing out the bullying and abuse. The only reason you're acting like a victim is so that you can get more followers. It's fucked up.

No. 603477

She literally posts about this like at least once a week. It's like the Amina thing, just let it go Micky. You said your piece about it, if you really want to move on, then do so.

But of course she won't because she loves the attention and ass pats.

No. 603501

File: 1528316301406.jpg (338.83 KB, 1080x1162, Screenshot_20180606-160829_Sam…)


>claims to be assaulted multiple times

Yeah, this is honestly bullshit. I'm sure the person she claims to have done this doesn't even know she's going around telling this lie. She probably only said it because she now hates the person and wants to ruin their lives, as usual. Also, it's shameful she's blaming others for how she chooses to present herself. She constantly makes shit about sex, even when it's inappropriate. She also fails to realize that she can't kept any friends because they see how she treats people who aren't kissing her ass 24/7. Did she forget her drama is always public? Did she also forget these threads, full of evidence, exist and anyone can look up her name and find all the terrible things she's done? If she really wanted better, she would have done better. This sob story is solely for asspats, attention, and an attempt to get people to buy her shit.

Definitely, and I find it extremely manipulative to lie about shit like this just for the sake of attention and fame.

No. 603512

I can kind of see where she is coming from, but if she's able to recognize this as a problem, she should be capable of correcting it if she truly wanted to. You are tired of only connecting with people based on sex? Stop being easy, stop posting your tits on the internet. Focus on cultivating new hobbies, interests, and skills. Connect with people through that. Stop acting desperate and hanging around shitty dudes who are going to use you. Then acting surprised when they do. This isn't even victim blaming, but it's like… if you know the stove is hot, don't touch it.

I would feel bad for her if it was something beyond her control, but she's literally boxed herself into this herself. She's not a little kid anymore. She's responsible for her own actions and needs to stop whining on the internet about things and fix it herself. She can't use her parents and exs as scapegoats to why her life sucks for forever.

No. 603520

File: 1528317389085.jpg (308.22 KB, 1080x1624, Screenshot_20180606-162341_Sam…)

She seems to not realize that romanticizing is a negative thing to do.

We know she won't do that though because the moment she starts to act like an adult, she won't get handouts and won't have any of her "friends" to use as personal army.

No. 603521

File: 1528317439218.jpg (433.09 KB, 1080x1592, Screenshot_20180606-162721_Twi…)

I wonder who Angela and Micky are talking about?

No. 603534

File: 1528318260270.jpg (238.21 KB, 1078x887, Screenshot_20180606-163017_Twi…)

That's not cute at all. It's extremely creepy. Abd she wonders why people don't want to associate with her.

No. 603754

File: 1528334589926.jpeg (836.61 KB, 1242x1651, 093D422A-8089-45FF-8CD3-52837B…)

Whether or not you agree with the asexual thing I just think it's so ironic
>vagueposts and subtweets girls CONSTANTLY
>accuses people of pedophilia, racism, sexism with no proof
>"People are being mean to me!!!! For NO REASON!!!! :((("

No. 603756

File: 1528334614370.jpeg (85.81 KB, 467x960, 364AB4F8-5D49-41DD-80D0-20DDEA…)

Screenshots from post.

No. 603757

File: 1528334624103.jpeg (62.97 KB, 467x960, 797F5E81-6F92-459E-B617-4494EB…)

No. 603759

File: 1528334669387.jpeg (68.37 KB, 467x960, DD25F6CB-D192-4335-ABBF-B4A426…)

Also love how Micky was too stupid to crop out of the profile of the girl who sent her these screenshots. Way to out her lmao.

No. 603850

File: 1528343987286.jpg (176.15 KB, 1080x843, Screenshot_20180606-235723_Sam…)


Imagine being the idiot who thinks Micky is better than Amina.

She honestly deserves all the shit she's getting for this.

No. 603952

>Assault I've endured
Bitch, when has anyone ever even touched you?

No. 603954

I don't get how anyone could find a landwhale like Micky cuter than Amina who atleast had some sort of legitimate idol career. I never understood why all these black girls like tearing her down, shouldn't they be happy that a black girl made it into the kawaii Jap market they so badly wanna be in??

No. 604000

Well, the average black girl looks much more like Micky than Amina, so of course they're trying to hype that look up to feel better about themselves.

No. 604014

Amina doesn’t do callouts, talk about being ~melanated~ all day and isn’t fat so of course they hate her. I just find it funny that the girls dissing Micky in the chat log above were the same girls she got to try and tear Amina down. How come she hasn’t realized that BGAK and a bunch of SJW circles are parasites eating on each other.

Also, wasn’t Amina like…14 when she dated that guy. He apparently hit her and when she broke up with him she told Micky who in return bullied her and spread shit online. Idk how this story of “she was jealous of Micky” started

No. 604090

Micky doesn't look anything like the average black girl, kek. There's a reason she was able to pass herself off as part Asian or whatever for years with no one except farmers questioning her.
Ami got into some drama of her own, despite being the most successful of them. She's not much better than others in the toxic side of that community, just semi-attractive, not a trashy retard who's publicly destroying her life, and not a hambeast. She nearly tried to cultivate something of a black Shoe0nHead persona briefly, but thankfully, that went nowhere. This thread isn't about her, though. What I don't get is why to this day, Micky, Himeka, etc are still pressed and obsessed with her, even though she hasn't acknowledged them.

No. 604103

>black sh0e0nhead persona
lol when?
>Micky looks part Asian
She’s literally just a lightskin Black girl with almond eyes.

No. 604106

Sage for double posting but to my knowledge Himeka and Aminyan were friends in the idol shit but nobody really acknowledged Himeka so she blamed it on Amina. I genuinely think Himeka started shit and tried to ruin Amina. As for Micky I can believe they had mutual bitch drama and Micky still hasn’t gotten over it.
The Amina shoeonhead stuff is shit throwing though. She seems to be close to some YouTubers/alt right fuckboys on Twitter but she seems more like an edge lord than like “anti feminist”. She seems like a boring opportunist imo, and I’m tired of her autistic tirades about ~sex work~ but besides that she’s not nearly as bad as Himeka or Micky. I think they find it easier to blame it all on Amina than realize most people find them ugly/trashy.

No. 604114

When she made dumb political posts on Twitter, lmao. She's pretty quiet now that she has more of an actual life. I didn't say Micky looks Asian, either, just that she passed herself off that way and most people said nothing (because the average black girl in the US by far looks more like Amina than Micky, lmao).

No. 604121

She seems to be traveling and working(?) now. Her politics didn’t really seem that off color unless you’re triggered by everything or a raging SJW. Now that she’s not an aidoru I don’t think politics here and there is that outrageous. Either way I agree she needs to just stfu sometimes. I do think it’s funny she hasn’t mentioned Angela or Micky since like 2014 but they can’t seem to stop mentioning her.

Maybe they should try and get real jobs themselves.

>Micky doesn’t look like the typical black girl

>wide lips
>wide nose
>thick / chubby
>corse hair
You’re going off of skin tone alone. Amina is darkskin but she looks Somali or Ethiopian more than anything. Micky is just literally a lightskin Black girl. Her features are 100% Black.

No. 604143

>Micky doesn't look anything like the average black girl

see >>587105 >>580138 >>594748

No. 604146

>because the average black girl in the US by far looks more like Amina than Micky, lmao
Lmao indeed, nice joke anon!
Quit being so delusional…

No. 604149

she’s always had a thin nose though and fillers isn’t going to completely change the features. yes Somali are black but they have different features than sub Sahara / Micky. Micky has same features as someone from Nigeria she’s just light

No. 604154

Somali/Ethiopian people are still black. Plus, I'm Sub-Saharan African myself, and even if she was darker, Micky still wouldn't look like the "average" black girl. Maybe she could pass for a San person from South Africa mixed with a bit of white/Native American ancestry. Her skin looks darker in some photos, but her nose, eye and face shape are usually off.
Plus, Ami also has all those features except being fat (which isn't a racial trait, kek), though her nose looks smaller now because she's had non-invasive surgery (she talked about getting it done in Japan openly a few years back on Tumblr, IIRC).

No. 604157

File: 1528380209626.jpg (68.76 KB, 500x333, 1425934255445.jpg)

>a bit of white/Native American ancestry
>her nose, eye and face shape are usually off
Why exactly do you think that? She doesn't have one single facial feature that looks even remotely white, anon…

No. 604161

I definitely wouldn't say Ami always had a thin nose. I'd post a picture, but this thread isn't about her, and derailing it to her would be what Micky wants.
And…I'm Nigerian, anon. I promise you people would clock Micky as a foreigner in an instant. Even light-skinned Nigerians (like Igbos) have more obviously black phenotypical features.

You must not be black, lmao. I'm genuinely starting to think Micky only looks "full black to non-black people who are used to primarily seeing mixed people pushed as black in media, and maybe seen 2 or 3 AAs IRL (who are like 20% mixed on average anyway), because the average black girl looking like >>587105 is kind of laughable.

No. 604162

She’s literally just lighter skin. She doesn’t look mixed at all

No. 604164

File: 1528380715827.jpg (580.63 KB, 1280x470, p90goM5.jpg)

She looks very similar to 1,3 and 4, just lightened her pic and wears weeb makeup, that's it.

No. 604166

Her jawline is more square than a typical black person's (usually black women have a round or oval face), the way her nose slopes (being wide isn't the only marker, her nostrils would normally be more prominent), the eye shape (obvious one unless you're claiming she's San/part-San).

No. 604167

She looks like a blend of 1 and 3.
4 is pushing it pretty hard (the West African woman has a thinner nose, slimmer face and just very different features overall, Amina would look like a mixture of 1 and 4).

No. 604168


She looks like Britney venti tbh.

No. 604169

There are millions of black women with wide jaws and just because her nose is a little less flat than yours doesn't make her any less black, jesus…

No. 604176

You asked what about her features don't pass as black, and now you're getting pissy and accusing me of having a flat nose? Lmao. Everyone has a jaw, but on average, black women's jaws aren't as wide. A strong jaw is generally a Caucasian thing (though I've seen some Koreans with it too).
I'm sorry to break it to you, but to anyone who's actually black, Micky definitely doesn't look average. I don't know her ancestry to claim she's mixed, but she does not look like an "average" black SSA girl by any means. Ami would pass better than her in most African countries, and that's that.

No. 604181

Agreed. She could claim to be Brittany's slightly darker cousin or something.
I think some anons ITT mistakenly think looking mixed means looking prettier, so the implication that Micky would look anything other than black annoys them.

No. 604183

Micky and Amina have a very similar jaw shape. Plenty of black women have that jaw shape. She looks 100% Black. She has complete African features besides her skin tone.

No. 604187

>Micky and Amina have a very similar jaw shape.
This couldn't be further from the truth. Ami's jaw is much more rounded. Also, see >>604164 for just four examples of what "African features" can encompass. You probably meant the West African one, but she doesn't even look like that. Like I said, maybe she looks "100% black" if you're not particularly used to black people and have a very skewed, washed out image of what "100% black" looks like as a result.

No. 604190

>why won't you admit that you white girls totez look like Micky?! She literally can't be black! Meanwhile us black girls all resemble 90lbs, no tits or ass jailbait Amina!
Quit being so triggered… I'm not saying all of you are as ugly as her, just that she looks like your stereotypically black girl.

No. 604197

Holy fuck, you sound buttblasted. No one even said white girls look like her or all black girls look like Amina or whatever, just that Micky definitely doesn't look like a typical black girl from Detroit or even Lagos. I'm sorry you were offended that an actual black person bothered to point out the obvious. Amina is darker-skinned, has more West African features and generally looks blacker, even if you personally think she looks like some magical jailbait Ethiopian fairy (it's also creepy how focused you are on her body). Being fat still isn't a racial trait, by the way, as much as you want it to be. What happened to all the starving African kids, kek?
No more infighting, seriously.

No. 604203

File: 1528384203565.jpeg (435.97 KB, 2048x2048, F1280BB7-00DB-4235-BB35-62E5BC…)

So keep in mind photoshop and possible editing but I took selfies of both of them and they have similar jaw shapes. what do you guys think about their features(again don’t say who is prettier or who has different skin tone. Features alone)

No. 604204

>being fat isn’t a racial trait
Is this why most black women are overweight? Stop talking out your ass

No. 604206

Micky’s nose and wide spread eyes is 100% West / sub Saharan African. Stop using this just to keep bringing up Amina for no reason.

No. 604207

They…don't have similar jaw shapes. These photos also look cherrypicked as fuck, and they're angled in different ways.
It would've been better to take candids of both, or stills from videos.

No. 604209

File: 1528384476268.png (152.47 KB, 355x500, 7074DA68-518F-42F9-A256-AD6954…)

This is old but I thought this was interesting. Micky recently said she was 5’5 160 pounds but only a couple of years ago when she was obviously thinner she admitted to being over 170 on facebook. Basically caught her in a lie. So she must be like…200 now at the very least.

No. 604211

In the US, where they make up like 13% of the population. The narrative that goes around about Africa (a continent with a much larger black population than North America, by the way) is that there's a starvation epidemic, so which is it?
You're just embarrassing yourself if you're trying to argue being overweight is a racial trait. I guess that makes most of the UK's very white population black now.

No. 604212

I couldn’t find any videos of Micky. If you can link me please. I tried to find non flattering selfie of both. Micky’s selfies are super photoshopped these days and Amina is known to have any bad picture of herself removed from the internet. Either way they both seem to have wide jaws. Idk why anons ITT are obsessed with Amina being dark skin or Micky looking “mixed”

No. 604213

Um have you ever seen an African auntie in either the UK or in Africa? Most are overweight and fat. Also Micky and Amina are both black American so if we’re talking about weight and body shape of course Micky embodies the average black American woman more.

No. 604219


The average black girl her age is not that big, stop it.

No. 604221

You must be blind if you think the girl in OP has the same nose as the West African woman's picture.
No one's bringing up Amina except for you and the person posting her selfies at this point.

No. 604223

The average black American girl is obese.
That photo is photoshopped. Also I didn’t bring up Amina first. A few anons in here have.

No. 604224

So, middle-aged women who may or may not have popped out kids are now a marker for an entire race (even the young women)? Is this really the hill you want to die on? Because it wouldn't exactly bode well for any race. We've all seen Mama June types around.
Plus, black African features specifically were being discussed before, not just American ones.

No. 604225

Amina's jaw is more pointed than Micky's. But then again Micky is fat as hell so that can fuck with your face shape too.

No. 604227

ITT, white girls telling black girls what they look like.

No. 604229

>The average black American girl is obese.
Do you have a single source to back that up?

No. 604230

File: 1528385240215.jpeg (87.77 KB, 480x640, B1A099F5-732A-44B9-B6D1-AF34B0…)

She has a wide nose. Stop judging her features on over shooped photos

No. 604233

File: 1528385286691.jpeg (47.5 KB, 340x255, 65A1A423-A1AD-44CB-9C76-086FDE…)

>muh White native features

No. 604236

File: 1528385503871.png (8.28 KB, 350x230, AFDFC621-1DFF-4C35-9361-CF1BE4…)

It’s common knowledge but black American women are the most obese group of people in America.
80% of Black women are overweight or obese. It’s stated by the dept of health. Black women are also most likely to die to obesity related diseases.

No. 604241

They’re AMERICAN so stop judging them on black Africans who have different blood. Considering they’re American they’re going to have more white blood than a pure African. It’s idootic comparing them to it. Also most black women are fat. Kids just add more weight.

No. 604244

File: 1528385676940.jpg (79.96 KB, 640x484, 25252521.jpg)

The image on the left still doesn't look like the average black woman. Just because she Photoshops herself to look more mixed doesn't mean she actually looks "100% black".
If she looked like this sans Photoshop, maybe you'd have a point.

No. 604245

You’re literally basing it on skin tone. Show me a black lightskin woman you think looks black. Lighter skin isn’t mixed

No. 604247

File: 1528385811929.png (233.16 KB, 320x450, wa.png)

It really all does go back to "No, if she were mixed, she'd be pretty!!". No sane person can sit with a straight face and say >>604230 looks like this.

No. 604252

File: 1528386050910.png (513.08 KB, 474x567, o.png)

This is a light-skinned Igbo woman. You can tell she's blacker than Micky despite being even paler than her because of her facial features.
If you think they look the same, you can't be helped.

No. 604254

File: 1528386159518.jpeg (342.82 KB, 2048x2048, 0E7E3B55-C191-4B9C-9D07-A05EFD…)

Actually despite Micky’s skin tone and stupid facial expression this photo looks a lot like.she has same wide nostrils

No. 604257

This same study states that 63.2% of white women are overweight or obese, though.

No. 604260

Still more black women

No. 604261

U wot
Her nose bridge is completely different and her nostrils are off. In fact, the West African woman appears to have a slightly thinner nose than Micky.
At this point, I'm convinced you're just trying to derail (and you've succeeded).

No. 604262


You're right but the fact that she's so light automatically makes her not look like the average black girl in the US, who tends to be caramel or darker.

Besides, her jaw and eye shape aren't typical features for a black girl. Even the way her body distributes weight isn't average (black women tend to gain more in their thighs hips and ass, while Micky is a solid apple shape)

Amina looks more like the average black girl, so does himeka. Compare the jawlines of those two

No. 604263

But you've now inadvertently established obesity as a white trait by your own benchmark.

No. 604266

>paler than Micky
lol you’re blind. This photo is over shooped anyway. If this woman is “light skin” so is Amina kek.
Micky is lighter than her and still has BLACK features mostly South African small eyes and big flat nose. She’s obviously not mixed. I doubt you’re black American because there’s plenty of black girls who are light but are obviously black, just like Micky. Amina is also obviously Black and dark skin. But saying Micky looks mixed is straight ignorant.

No. 604267

Himeka is African so I’m not even sure why she’s being mentioned. As for Micky, you obviously haven’t been around actual black people. Her eyes are small. So what. Plenty of black girls with small almond eyes and no ass.

No. 604269

Holy hell, 82% are fat?! That leaves barely anybody at a normal weight, wew…

No. 604270

>u wot
Brit fag confirmed. Black Americans have more varying features due to years of mixing. Stop trying to derail the conversation or interject African shit when the girls at hand are black Americans.
I’m convinced this is Micky or a Brit fag WK trying to get the thread saged on race baiting.

No. 604271


Okay anon now I'm convinced that your eyes and your asshole are reversed.

No. 604272

I'm now convinced this is Micky trying to overcompensate for her days masquerading as part Asian. Time to move along.

No. 604273

No you’re Micky trying to convince people you’re mixed still. You have a flat African face. Be proud girl(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 604276

This makes no sense. Micky has claimed to be mixed for years, why would she come to lolcow to shout about having African features all of a sudden?

No. 604282


I am black and I live in a mainly black community. She doesn't look like the average AA woman


She's only half African


>Monkey emoji

Move along folks, this is just some dumb bitch race baiting.

No. 604288

I'm not British or a WK ("u wot" has been a meme since 2012), I've already pointed out I'm African, and you were the one claiming her face looks West African.
She doesn't look like the average black girl. She looks like a pale mutt (and this isn't meant in a derogatory sense, she just doesn't look 100% black, period). Stop being delusional and let it go.

No. 604289

You’re British. Black British are African. If you lived in America you’d see mixed vs light skin girls all the time and realize they look different. Take Halle Berry, Zoe Saldana, Amandla Strindberg they are all mixed and have completely softer features than Micky.

By the way Himeka’s dad is Haitian so she’s basically African. She’s not African American so stop bringing her up.

No. 604293

>on Lolcow
Oh, so you were just some idiot summerfag who stumbled here from Tumblr, IG or FB all along. It all makes sense. I should've known, now I feel bad for speaking to you like you were a normal user.

No. 604294

File: 1528387378214.jpeg (29.48 KB, 395x600, 0C3043D2-72C6-457C-AB2A-304AF0…)

Do you live amongst Africans or black Americans? If you lived amongst black Americans you’d realize that plenty of us are light skin but still look black. Cory Booker looks very light but isn’t mixed at all. Both of his parents are black. Plenty of black Americans look like Micky which you wouldn’t know because you’re Igbo.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 604305

See >>604293
This isn't really addressed to you, the poster, but to anyone that might read your posts and think there's any point in replying.

No. 604307


>Hatian is basically African

stretch before that reach. And besides isn't one of her parents trinidadian?

To your second point, I can see that you think being mixed= pretty. It doesn't, and I don't even think mickster is half white or anything. The other Anon said it best, she looks like a lightskin mutt. Multiracial if you will.

And you're replying to the wrong anon so yeah, do you boo.

No. 604310

Americans are fat. There are lots of fat white girls. There are still more fat black girls, so it's not wrong to say the average black girl is fat.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 604321

There's been enough genetic research on African Americans to show that there really isn't much "pure" African blood in African Americans and most, to some degree, have European and White genetic markers. The African American population is what? 10-15% of America? Of course you're going to have lots of mixing from the other percent.

No. 604322

So she can keep clinging to "I invented the Kawaii Black Girls movement!!" for dear life. She wants to be a kawaii #woke kween.
I've now rescinded that theory, though. It's some delusional, uneducated summerfag shitting up the thread ("Corey Booker isn't mixed at all"…"Haitian is basically African"…Okay). The best that can be done is ignore them.

No. 604325

This is why I’m saying it’s ridicolous to say Micky is mixed. If we’re going by that logic any light skin black person is mixed. And no I don’t think mixed = pretty. I’m talking about features alone.

No. 604328

Both of Corey Booker’s parents are black. Haitians are the descendants of West African slaves and few have European blood because islands were majority African slave. Whereas America there was more mixing due to black American slaves being the minority. Like…Haitians were brought from Africa. They’re African. Angela is Caribbean and African aka African.

No. 604329

A person who has like 10-30% of their genetics from other races isn't black the same way they're not white or Asian, especially if they come out with features actual Africans do not accept as theirs.

No. 604334

Literally all Black Americans have an average of 15-20% European blood. So you’re saying they’re all mixed now? Are you that daft?

No. 604336

A while ago Amina showed her ancestry dna bullshit and it said like 25% white. Is she mixed now? Oprah is black American and probably has white ancestry. Is Oprah mixed? I saw snoop dog on a tv show going over his ancestry results and he was 10%native 20% white. Is snoop dog mixed even though he has black parents? Your logic is idiotic. By your standards every black American and black South American is now mixed.

No. 604340

Literally? Yes. Some look more black and can pass themselves off as such, but genetically, they are mixed. Deal with it.

No. 604349

So you’re saying ever black American is mixed race. ok

No. 604351

Technically, they are. At least, clearly multigenerationally mixed people (ie mutts) like Micky certainly can't be considered "black". Now fuck off back to Facebook.

No. 604353

It's crazy this thread turned into race science but to the untrained antiblack eye, a bunch of fucking racist weeb nerds who will obviously beat their meat to anything with huge titties and into anime would think that Micky is mixed with asian. Black people arent the only ones with phenotypically with wide lips and nose so I can see how a fucking idiot would determine that from a light skins lies. Anyways Mickey just like has autism face and normal mixed girl features. She definetly looks black, she can also pass to retards

No. 604355

>normal mixed girl features
This, honestly. Some people just can't accept that for some reason, and take it as an attack on white girls somehow.

No. 604358

No you’re saying black Americans can’t be considered black now. Barack Obama is actually mixed but he’s darker than Micky. Is he now now Black but Micky is a “mutt” despite having both black parents? You’re logic is retarded. She doesn’t look asian. She’s black and lightskin.

No. 604359

>mixed girl features
literally what? Both of her parents are black. She’s black

No. 604360

File: 1528391829321.jpg (177.49 KB, 1080x872, Screenshot_20180607-131456_Sam…)


Wait, is she talking about that hoe stories group she made? If so, maybe she's talking about that Kassandra chick. Which makes no sense because she's in a relationship.

Also, I swear most of you should be banned. We have /ot/ for a reason. The thread is to discuss Micky's bullshit.

No. 604362

File: 1528391983686.jpg (201.61 KB, 1080x866, Screenshot_20180607-131834_Sam…)


Yup, definitely about Kassandra. Guess she finally picked her next bullying victim.

No. 604363

File: 1528392066323.jpg (132.17 KB, 1079x763, Screenshot_20180607-132109_Sam…)

No. 604365

>out me to my parents
Wasn't she bragging about how her parents know about her antics and just don't care?

Your IQ is too low for this conversation. Just quit.

No. 604366

If her parents are black then she's black too, why are you even arguing about that?

No. 604369

File: 1528392253911.jpg (261.62 KB, 1080x1052, Screenshot_20180607-132304_Sam…)


Racebaiting isn't allowed in these threads. This was stated awhile ago. Take it to /ot/.

No. 604371

People ITT are saying Micky is mixed because she’s lightskin.

No. 604373

Yall are both fucking retarded if yall think that Mickey doesnt have mixed ancestry. Even if both her parents are black she could have fucking mixed ancestry which she has admitted to. Duh shes fucking black also doesnt mean she doesnt have a mixed look you fucking octoroon police. Have yall ever seen imitation of life? Fucking goofies.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 604387

File: 1528395054243.gif (1.67 MB, 542x293, man_file_1061758_kid1.gif)

>fucking retarded
>fucking mixed ancestry
>fucking black
>fucking octoroon police
>fucking goofies
This is embarrassing to say the least…

No. 604499

File: 1528403316087.jpg (53.49 KB, 394x810, tumblr_p9yxg9D8QE1uctaoto1_540…)


She ignored the fact he said "as you" not exactly meaning her and that he actually apologized, and decided to still post this shit anyway. Also, she doesn't have room to come for anybody with how she goes out of her way to cheat and sleep with other men despite being in a relationship. Gross bitch.

No. 604502

Comments like this must be what she meant when she said guys beg to be with her.

No. 604511

Exactly. The guys don't specifically want her but she just interprets it that way. Delusional.

No. 604520

someone's comment on this post
>lmfao you’re such a fucking snake, post more 18+ content and expect people not to say that shit, you’re fucking retarded
LOOOOOL i love it when she gets called out

No. 604529

File: 1528404711421.jpg (494.48 KB, 1080x1453, Screenshot_20180607-163809_Sam…)

>"why do people view me as a sexual object"

Yet she posts shit like this constantly. Ok.

That tickled my funny bone too. Micky knows she's in the wrong for this.

No. 604532

File: 1528404802004.jpg (394.05 KB, 807x2116, Screenshot_20180607-164902_Twi…)

The fact she tries to hold all men responsible for the actions of a few is pitiful. Yet if a man posted something similar, she would try to drag them. Micky, quite being a fucking sexist idiot.

No. 604534

File: 1528404861929.jpg (515.79 KB, 810x1564, Screenshot_20180607-164934_Twi…)

No. 604603

And she dressed like a whore? What was the look suppose to be?

No. 604632

Her outfit looks embarrassing… I would be too ashamed to spend time outside w her.

No. 604664

File: 1528413522495.jpeg (191.99 KB, 750x2041, E5504FAE-4231-46C5-B26E-6C197D…)

No. 604680

the outfit is bad enough but she had to make matters worse by lifting her skirt in public. how tacky.
does she seriously expect people to believe this

No. 604705

Ofc she still calls Amina despite the fact she was the one doing the bullying and there's evidence to back it. Also, she's fucking gross for even thinking that's ok to post. Wtf.

No. 604719

File: 1528417318733.png (42.61 KB, 781x183, letitgo.png)

I was like "wtf is this" until I saw the tags. Is Mickey now claiming she masturbated to Amina? What the hell.

No. 604804

so she had a hate boner for Amina because she wanted to fuck her? Why even admit you masturbated to her? Why? People were fine NOT knowing this shit.

No. 604817

I wonder how true this is or if she's just acting out because Amina has been ignoring both her and Angela's obsession with her still. Is she desperate for Amina to acknowledge her?

No. 604871

Still its a weird fucking way to get someone to notice you by saying you masturbated to them while bashing them

No. 604936

how has she managed to delude herself into thinking her boyfriend is goth

No. 604959

This is low key sexual harassment to be honest. If a man spent years bullying a woman and said he “fapped to her” it would be creepy and manipulative.

No. 604963

He wears black hoodies lol. Micky also thinks she's a big tiddy goth gf while simultaneously being a pastel pwincess uwu
She doesn't really get what goth is.

Yeah genuinely, it's really fucked up and gross. She's a horrible person.

No. 605078

File: 1528462166983.jpg (120.02 KB, 1080x549, Screenshot_20180608-081510_Twi…)


Why is she still lying about this shit? Micky, it's obvious you don't have that.

You're right, but Micky wouldn't dare admit that's what she is because everything is everyonee else's fault and she's completely innocent.

No. 605130


Her lying about PTSD is upsetting. I have it due to abuse. It's not fun and games nor cute. It gets set off by certain things and I hate how bad it makes me feel.

I hate how Micky tries to act like it's such a Kawaii thing to have. Grow up Micky, realise how ignorant your lying is and do better.

No. 605205

File: 1528474363661.jpg (298.24 KB, 1079x1127, Screenshot_20180608-121243_Sam…)

No. 605223


Holy fucking shit. This bitch really can't take anyone not showering her with compliments and actually trying to give her solid advice. Micky, some things really are better dealt with by not giving them attention or trying to focus your energy elsewhere. Your stinkshit poster menhera ass could really benefit from trying not to come across as a raging bitch anytime someone tells you something you don't wanna hear.

The person in question was trying to give her advice and being asskissy, but they were driven away by Micky being her Micky self. I hope they unfollowed her after this. She's not even trying to hide her true colors at this point. It's always someone else that's being rude, it's always someone else that's being problematique, and she's just an innocent uguu kawaii mentally ill PTSD-queen bbw princess.

No. 605230

Don't forget she's trying to make it seem like Kassandra is at fault when Micky herself ignored everyone telling her to not date a grown man when she was younger. She's her own worst enemy.

No. 605290

File: 1528480722112.jpg (107.89 KB, 1080x600, Screenshot_20180608-135812_Sam…)

No. 605295

File: 1528480923212.jpg (166.73 KB, 1080x441, 20180608_140045.jpg)

Is Micky literally retarde.

Newsflash asshole if you're talking to a guy and he keeps asking for nudes and most of your conversation is sexual, he isn't interested in a platonic relationship.

No. 605457

You're completely right and it's disgusting. Not to mention it's ironic because she's always making posts about the make-believe bullying she's endured.

No. 605484

File: 1528493350870.jpg (85.57 KB, 1080x407, Screenshot_20180608-172757_Sam…)

Why is she trying to talk shit when she's the one who cheated and is a fat, smelly slob? I'm lost.

No. 605486

File: 1528493376830.jpg (81.63 KB, 1080x666, Screenshot_20180608-172711_Sam…)

No. 605487

File: 1528493389200.jpg (399.3 KB, 1080x2092, Screenshot_20180608-172739_Sam…)

No. 605512

Wasn’t that literally over A YEAR ago??? Move the fuck on.

No. 605529

Yes. And took him back. She played herself.

No. 605568

Lmao she already made this post friends only. Pussy.

Emi's comment is gone. Did Micky forget that Emi and her boyfriend are still friends with these guys?
She's talking about Adam (her ex), Adam (the one she was/is obsessed over and still makes posts about), and Jarod (the last one she was trying desperately to impress). She's literally mad that she either couldn't land them, or that they dicked and ditched her.
Emi's boyfriend is friends with them and Emi's best friends with Adam's new girlfriend. Micky's a fucking idiot, surprise.

It's too late, everyone already saw it.

No. 605569

How long until her current bf leaves her ass and she's trying to pretend she didn't care because his dick was so small anyway?

No. 605570

Micky really thinks that thing everyones eyes do at night is hallucinating… she wants to be mentally ill so bad.

No. 605699

Wow kill me please?

Why does she think posting this kind of shit is kawaii.

No. 605715

did she think a smegma looking soundcloud rapper was going for her black obese aeyago-trademarked ass because he didn't have a sadism fetish with a hint of raceplay? lmao.

No. 605767

File: 1528524702309.jpg (378.21 KB, 1080x1056, Screenshot_20180609-020655_Sam…)


>thinking 'nigga' is a slur

>making that big a deal about it

See, it's shit like this that makes her relationships fall to the wayside. She's too worried about the wrong shit. Also, she once again takes a jav at her exes and tries to make them seem like the bad guy.

No. 605768

File: 1528524822406.jpg (246.7 KB, 1080x993, Screenshot_20180609-020302_Sam…)


Micky really should take their advice and fuck off the internet for good. All she's been doing is starting drama everywhere and pretending to be abused and mentally ill. People are sick of her bullshit.

No. 605771

File: 1528524991377.jpg (112.74 KB, 1078x632, Screenshot_20180609-021533_Sam…)

No. 605774

>i've tried taking several breaks
it doesn't count if you're still lurking online

No. 605777

Right? Or leaving Facebook and Tumblr to go post on Twitter for a few hours, like she did last time. If she actually tried to detox, she would have removed herself from everything entirely for months.

No. 605781

She's too desperate for the attention to ever actually leave, and she knows it too.
"Uguuuu my npd/hpd/bpd is flaring up and i'm an internet pwincess and i need everyone to worship me because of my mental illness/because i'm godkin/whatever other excuse it takes to make people compliment me".
When really it's because outside of the internet, she's just a nasty, chunky girl in cheap Aliexpress clothes who prints out pictures of Hello Kitty to glue to her walls.

No. 605792

Holy kek
> being proud and flaunting about being a cluster B

good job moocky you slow minded dope.

No. 605826

Her standards are so low omg

No. 606369

>Implying people believed she was half Asian

No. 606381

>My ex was a nazi
>My ex said he doesn't have the right to talk about black issues because he is white
What a nazi

No. 606444

Wasn't she talking about how "woke" Adam was when they were dating? Guess when she can't play a dude anymore she makes them into a bigot. Also, she said the guy before Adam was racist for wanting to say nigga, but I'm pretty sure he was black. Wasn't he?

No. 606448

File: 1528593841623.jpg (65.36 KB, 1080x456, Screenshot_20180609-212252_Sam…)


>late night feels

PTSD is a very serious mental illness, not a normal run of the mill emotion like being sad or tired. The fuck.

No. 606450

File: 1528594086885.jpg (166.46 KB, 1076x729, Screenshot_20180609-212722_Twi…)

She realistically has a 49 inch waist, so I highly doubt this happened. Especially with a skirt from a chinese seller.

No. 606457

File: 1528594817856.png (72.08 KB, 690x502, jw38rm5.png)

>asmr doctor role play helps her sleep
>crippling fear of hospitals


No. 606496

did she just google ptsd symptoms? lol it doesn't just come on at night and make you feel a bit anxious, this stupid bitch

No. 606574

But she’s a special PTSD case only happens when she needs it to

No. 607490

File: 1528718799014.jpg (898.25 KB, 1080x1933, Screenshot_20180611-080431_Sam…)

No. 607492

>light of my life and fire of my loins

ew, pretty sure that's UTI. Also, what's up with all these white boy trashy boyfriends? Natalie natchan has the same type and I think it's affecting her views.

No. 607500

ignoring how narcissistic this is.. is she taller than him kek

No. 607530

>He makes me feel so valid
Which is why she feels the need to ask people on Twitter if she should start posted nudes and also why she's constantly begging for someone to be her sugardaddy, right? So valid.

No. 607822

File: 1528746748468.jpg (83.98 KB, 1080x535, Screenshot_20180611-155142_Sam…)

No. 607824

File: 1528746827304.jpg (795.23 KB, 1080x1800, Screenshot_20180611-154804_Sam…)

It was so hot that her dresser started to warp into her side in this pic.

No. 607828

Can't wait to see her skullet wearing, pedo looking boyfriend rocking a choker and black nail polish tbh.

No. 607849

>I finally have a boyfriend who makes me feel valid
>I can't wait to morph him into what I want him to be

Especially bc she only likes guys like that for the ~aesthetic uwu~ lol
She just wants to be the kawaii pastel pwincessuuuu to a guy who wears all black so she can take pictures for people to say "omg goaaaaaals" to

No. 608045

File: 1528758910187.jpeg (334.18 KB, 1039x2015, 2EF5F034-551C-4288-849A-DC8391…)

WHAT is happening here

No. 608081

Looks like 0 muscle definition to me

No. 608146


she hiked her shorts so high up to cover her stomach and you can still tell where her muffin top is, kek

No. 608274

File: 1528773275866.jpg (136.51 KB, 1080x513, Screenshot_20180611-231334_Sam…)

And then the whole restaurant clapped.

No. 608432

File: 1528796785385.jpg (281.15 KB, 1080x750, Screenshot_20180612-054348_Twi…)

No. 608433

File: 1528796855492.jpg (162.85 KB, 1080x847, Screenshot_20180612-054536_Twi…)

Nobody wants her crusty ass socks and underwear.

No. 608437

File: 1528797234206.jpg (216.03 KB, 1080x999, Screenshot_20180612-055255_Sam…)

Zero. Considering everyone knows she looks sloppy and ugly irl. She can't even hide behind her janky edits either.

No. 608440

File: 1528797307390.jpg (716.02 KB, 1076x1449, Screenshot_20180612-055135_Sam…)

She's really bitter about her ex and her former crush moving on and dating cuter and better women. Lol

No. 608615

when you're trying to vague about your ex but drag yourself instead

No. 608719

File: 1528826852694.jpg (51.84 KB, 1079x334, Screenshot_20180612-140600_Sam…)


Way to show how caring and loving you are, Micky. Dude needs to dump Micky and find a worthwhile girl who's not gonna force him into shit for aesthetics and act apathetic towards his fears and insecurities.

No. 608912

I feel like she's trying to imply like
>lol can't relate because I've been to the doctors SO many times did you know I was totally hospitalized and had to get ALL these needles in me so I'm totally used to it that sucks!!!

No. 608937

File: 1528839355804.gif (830.95 KB, 330x250, wtfisthisplace2.gif)

Stepping in on her tumblr for the first time


No. 608947

I thought she was referencing her menhera obsession. Boy's gonna get dumped because he can't fulfill her aesthetic.

No. 609196

???? Micky doesn’t look mixed at all. Top kek.

No. 609198

This again? The average black girl isn't some yellow FAS weirdo, simmer down.

No. 609202

Seems like it lel, she also seems like she has a huge head compared to him.

No. 609205

Maybe not but she’s still not mixed nor does she look it at all.

No. 609263

I don’t even want to know what fresh hell they smell like and what germs they are ridden with

No. 609352

File: 1528880236830.jpg (Spoiler Image, 553.21 KB, 810x1953, Screenshot_20180613-045518_Twi…)

Pacifers are specifically meant for babies. Fuck off with this weird shit.

No. 609353

File: 1528880325861.jpg (205.95 KB, 1080x800, Screenshot_20180613-045557_Twi…)

Micky, you can't fool anyone. We all know you're into gross ass ddlg/abdl bullshit.

No. 609392

Why is Micky a grown woman but still working at Olga’s for $7 an hour? Does she want to wait tables for the rest of her life?

No. 609396


what other reason would an adult woman have to be posting pictures using pacifiers if they're not an ageplayer? just admit you're a degenerate and go, micky

No. 609413

No grown ass adult uses pacifiers unless they are sick in the head. Also, ptsd from what exactly, bitch?

No. 609451

To be fair, for someone with little to no qualifications, aspirations or any reasonable career or school history to back them up, any job is better than no job.

No. 609471

File: 1528901788606.jpg (256.21 KB, 1080x832, 20180613_105500.jpg)

I dont know why she's trying so hard to act like she's not into DDLG when she continues to buy shit explicitly associated with children and DDLG "subculture". You buy onesies and pacifiers you can't go "oh but it's totally not like those abdl people" at this point

No. 609557

Not really. She’ll never fully grow up and stop mooching from her parents unless she gets a real job. You don’t even need a university degree to make more than minimum wage. Micky could go to a trade school, take classes for a year then get a decent job paying at least $40k a year with benefits. That’s enough to live comfortably in Michigan without kids. Instead she’s incredibly lazy and wants to blame everyone for it. She really reminds me of PT at this point. Hell she could even become an Uber driver and make more than being a waitress at a shit diner.

No. 609566

Becoming an uber driver would require her to get a license.

I seem to recall maybe last year she made some posts about taking some college courses but I'm assuming she was talking out her ass.

No. 609572

File: 1528909801117.jpg (185.91 KB, 1054x798, Screenshot_20180613-130735_Twi…)

No. 609686


> using the word "normie"

also lmao, even the sweatiest weeaboo scene kid would flinch at the sight and smell of your rotten, smelly, unwashed clothes, micky.

No. 610081

File: 1528941062155.jpg (70.14 KB, 1080x355, Screenshot_20180613-214819_Sam…)

Nevermind the fact she's had opportunities to fight before. This is so pathetic.

No. 610082

File: 1528941084407.jpg (352.49 KB, 1080x1296, Screenshot_20180613-213631_Twi…)

No. 610084

File: 1528941136928.jpg (647.19 KB, 1079x1411, Screenshot_20180613-214925_Sam…)

She must be sad about not being able to fuck her ex's friends. Lol

No. 610108


Wtf why would anyone brag about something as retarded as that, it reminds me of when Chris Chan would make people who upset him into characters in Soul Calibur

No. 610127

The kicker is they fired her once before, but she went in a while later after being unemployed for a long time and begged for her job back.

Yet she shoops herself how many shades lighter? Micky, please.

No. 610193

File: 1528950533431.jpg (177.18 KB, 1080x727, Screenshot_20180614-002436_Sam…)

She thinks she gets that stuff because she's deluded to think she's pretty and pale? Micky, people gave you stuff because you're easy. You even admitted to giving out nudes and sleeping with people to get those things. Lol

No. 610388

File: 1528978196872.jpg (76.69 KB, 1066x406, Screenshot_20180614-080933_Sam…)

No. 610632


"Pretty privilege is real" ROFL how the fuck do these people go outside without having a mental breakdown.

No. 610901

File: 1529017067978.jpg (403.91 KB, 1080x1295, Screenshot_20180614-185618_Twi…)

Except your the toxic friend. So, all you've done is improve their lives by leaving.

No. 610909

File: 1529017314360.jpg (408.71 KB, 1080x1069, Screenshot_20180614-185435_Twi…)

>I'm not interested in competing with other girls

Oh, so is that why you spent all these years trying to make Amina look bad? Or tried to get everyone to bully a girl you falsely accused of catfishing as you? Or how you shit on Angela occasionally?

No. 610915

File: 1529017487698.jpg (480.74 KB, 1079x1477, Screenshot_20180614-185547_Twi…)

Yet she can waste her money on a $60 top that doesn't fit. Ok.

No. 611149

As a waitress she gets less than minimum wage. Also considering she’s part time…she’s like below the poverty line so $20 is a lot to her. If she stopped wasting her money on unflattering weeb clothes and shit food she could’ve moved out or gotten a car already.

No. 611158

Sage for slightly OT but my autist side got the best of me and I decided to calculate it. According to google servers at Olgas(Micky job) makes $3 an hour. Add tips and take away taxes let’s assume she gets about $6 an hour(give or take). If Micky works about 30 hours a week(again, probably more than she does) that only leaves her with $720 a month or basically an annual salary of $8,000 a year. Way below poverty. Considering she’s not paying rent and doesn’t have any university debt, if she was smart she would get a decent job or career while she was living at home. Call centers and basic IT jobs pay more than that measly $3 + tips she’s making. She could easily be saving to move out, higher education or better herself but she’s pissing it away. I see her on welfare still making $3-6 an hour in the future tbh. What a lost cause…

No. 611184

Jesus. If she was intelligent, she'd save up, get a shitty car, and use that to get a real job. Then from there she could move out, and you know… be a real human being.

I wonder how long this girl plans to live off her "totally abusive" parents? Is she hoping one of her neckbeard boyfriends is going to take her in?

No. 611203

It can't be that much if she can blow money on clothes, makeup, and concerts.

>Is she hoping one of her neckbeard boyfriends is going to take her in?

One guy she was dating asked her to move into an apartment with her and she said no. I also remember her turning down offers to live with friends when she my that status about her abusive parents. It seems like she just wants to mooch off her parents for the rest of her life.

No. 611213

File: 1529033480191.jpeg (74.13 KB, 1224x341, DE30C291-5ED2-4CBF-A46E-93CFB6…)

No. 611229

File: 1529034453045.jpg (37.91 KB, 1080x330, Screenshot_20180614-230654_Sam…)


She could easily get a better job. Factory work would give her better money. She's just really content with being an e-beggar.

No. 611635

File: 1529084651851.jpg (137.07 KB, 640x665, cringe.jpg)

Can we talk about her retarded mutual on tumblr nurse-peach who keeps supporting mickey? Anyone got any drama and deets on this bitch because she is so trashy and attention whoring that I don't doubt there's some funny drama behind her. Cows stick together like glue.

No. 611659

File: 1529086522146.jpg (184.88 KB, 1080x782, Screenshot_20180615-134139_Twi…)

"Look at me I'm so ~edgy~, guys!"

She's sad.

No. 611660

File: 1529086600530.jpg (156.29 KB, 1076x751, Screenshot_20180615-134212_Twi…)

Oh, so now she wants to copy Angela specifically. Even though Angela is shit at making herself look that way too. Hilarious.

No. 611680

Is this Liz faeryn or something

No. 611692

File: 1529088742035.jpg (145.97 KB, 1080x443, 20180615_145113.jpg)

"Why don't guys ever talk to me about anything other than sex and ask me for nudes constantly?"

>every piece of social media she has is filled to the brim with shit like this

No. 611697

Lmao and you know shit like this is a total lie to pander to her orbiters. Like she’s fucking smearing makeup all over her greasy face with glass up her butt. Himeka has literallly made statuses exactly (almost verbatim) like this every other week, probably bc of this >>611660

No. 611716

micky buttplugs won't improve your makeup skills

No. 611792

File: 1529095664832.jpg (162.09 KB, 1080x1254, IMG_20180615_164706.jpg)

Is this a fucking joke has she ever seen a human body in her life

No. 611793


No. 611798

File: 1529096456504.jpg (143.27 KB, 1074x1272, IMG_20180615_164657.jpg)

How can you take the time to edit this picture and think yep this looks good?

No. 611812


No. 611816

File: 1529097888443.jpg (16.48 KB, 340x255, IMG_20180615_172419_650.jpg)

No. 611824

File: 1529098407458.jpg (553.35 KB, 1066x1408, Screenshot_20180615-172615_Twi…)

Don't forget the tweet accompanying this mess. Lol

No. 611830

>"I stopped shopping my pics because I'm finally happy with who I am!"

No. 611860

How can you tell it’s photoshop

No. 611892

File: 1529102687868.jpg (105.69 KB, 600x1066, IMG_20180615_184347.jpg)

Because I have fucking eyes. There are plenty of examples of what Mickys face looks like from candids and screenshots from when she does live videos on Facebook and you would have to be blind to think her face in those images looks anything like the non edited pictures we've seen.

Also if you have any idea how human anatomy works you can see how disproportionate she's edited herself to be, for fucks sake look at the size of her head compared to her body. Areas by her braids and collar are suspiciously smudged, more so than other areas that are blurry from her shit camera + filters, the clothes/bedding by her waist looks smudged too, some of the blinds dont line up right above and below her arm.

She also has no consistency. Almost every picture she posts she edits differently. Makes it even more obvious

No. 611911

>How can you tell it’s photoshop
How can you not?

No. 611917

File: 1529104646735.jpg (486.78 KB, 1079x1293, Screenshot_20180615-191214_Twi…)

She could easily just exercise and lose the weight instead of poorly editing her body. Like, she can even zip her skirt up properly because of how fat she is.

No. 611921

File: 1529104795101.jpeg (652.67 KB, 2048x2048, 105C66E0-0010-43E2-B93A-3D2AF0…)

No. 611948

Helen Keller? Is that you? I am so sorry you lost your vision. Water Helen, water!

>haterz will say it’s photoshopped

No. 611961

File: 1529106735219.jpg (271.22 KB, 1074x895, Screenshot_20180615-195038_Sam…)

>I'm proud of who I am and the progress I have made

Bitch, where? You've only gotten worse.

No. 612132

gee, maybe because bitch doesn't look like that irl?

No. 612561

File: 1529179582483.jpg (1.4 MB, 804x3191, Screenshot_20180616-155905_Sam…)


She claims to be "so poor" but she's about to purchase an expensive ass backpack to wear with one of her tacky ass outfits. Ok, sure.

No. 612569

lmao if you're "so poor" that you have to beg strangers on the internet for money so you don't touch your "savings", but you can still think about your next outfit - you aren't poor. You just can't handle money for shit and have a shopping problem.

No. 612612

her face looks horribly shopped but what's worse is the fucked up pixels near her stomach from amateur use of liquify effect, does she think nobody would ever notice that?

No. 612756

File: 1529192131076.jpg (582.43 KB, 2560x2560, 18-06-16-19-34-53-839_deco.jpg)

No. 613013

File: 1529204946848.jpg (76.05 KB, 1080x461, Screenshot_20180616-230751_Sam…)


>the r slur

Retarded? That's not a fucking slur, you overly sensitive woman child.

No. 613040

Again with bathroom pose. Three year olds pose like this when they have to go. This isn’t cute or sexy. She looks stupid or like she is scratching her crusty crotch

No. 613041

File: 1529208250917.jpg (287.85 KB, 1080x813, Screenshot_20180617-000255_Sam…)

Who is she talking about, herself? Because she's been unnecessarily antagonistic towards plenty of people.

No. 613045

Obese people often get those knock-knees. I think it's a mix of that and her trying to pose cute. It honestly just hightlights how she has zero hips for being such a chubby girl though.

Delusional. How are you going to do that working for pocket change at a shitty diner and forever living in your parents house?

No. 613051

>baby bimbo
>butt stuff
>reblogs from shayna
Sex work saga when

No. 613078

File: 1529213575307.jpg (134.76 KB, 656x960, 329d443ff3896d2c20553135472fac…)

Isn't this mostly relevant in Loli shit?
I only see these backpacks in anime when it's gross Loli shit

No. 613080

>Lighter skinned black women like me have pretty privilege over darker skinned women
I love all these fake ass attempts at being a good person always end up with her implying other people are ugly

No. 613085

File: 1529214224512.jpg (156.53 KB, 1024x569, 1228-00180-030h11-1024x569.jpg)

I think kids mostly carry thoes backpacks in japan irl. I wouldnt be suprised if they became another weeby fashion statement

No. 613096

These backpacks go from like $200 up to $600+. Wew.

No. 613196


They already are a weeby fashion statement among uwu loli ddlg trash and it's disgusting seeing as they're literally school backpacks meant for six-year-olds. Micky's gross pedo fetish can't get more obvious than this.

No. 613198

i wonder how long it is before micky turns into a full blown prostitute like angela and amina and teh rest of these black weeb wannabes

No. 613219

Why are anons here so desperate to bring up Amina in random threads. It’s weird

No. 613220

There’s plenty of weebs who go to Japan and actually wear these. It’s cringe worthy and everyone laughs at them.

No. 613228

It's always the same three ugly weebs with a vendetta, just ignore

No. 613230

Most likely because most of the kawaii/ alternative black girl community dislikes her, and they all are super petty when it comes to grudges. Plus shitting on her failure of becoming a black idol makes them feel better about their own failure of not even getting as close as her. (saged)

No. 613240

Micky trying to deflect attention away from herself

No. 613244




No. 613256

I’m a different anon but over the years threads here about her have been banned at least two or three times by the admins because of same fagging and obvious vendetta. I don’t get why we get this cycle of wanting to bring her up or rehash old milk in OT threads

No. 613302

It's probably just Micky or Angela trying to derail again. Literally no one cares about her.

No. 613345

File: 1529253037016.jpg (200.16 KB, 1080x731, Screenshot_20180617-112559_Twi…)

Who is she even talking about?

No. 613417

I wouldn't necessarily say that, considering Amina's PULL is still being updated, unless it's one of them bumping it.

No. 613810

File: 1529295205116.jpg (887.58 KB, 1080x2030, Screenshot_20180617-231234_Sam…)

She looks terrible and the face she's making does not help at all.

No. 613845

I just checked out the PULL thread where they linked Amina's sex work page. The actual page must have gone unmentioned both here and on Himeka's thread because of how much better and more professional it is than anything they could put out. They must be seething.

No. 613859

It was Angela who posted it on 8ch. Sex workers are shadowbanned on Twitter so I highly doubt a PULL anon magically ~stumbled upon~ a website that so happen to be hers. It was either Angela or another sex worker. Either way she’s talked about it openly after she was exposed here for it a few years ago. The reason it was posted on 8ch and not here is because Angela is afraid of getting exposed by the admins again. Either way it’s obvious someone (who may or may not be Angela) is insisting on bringing it up on PULL and here when other users don’t care.

No. 613861

>If it's too colorful unfollow me

Jesus Christ, chill the fuck out you insufferable cunt.

No. 613862

Stop trying to derail threads and force milk. If anyone cared people other than you would be bringing it up.

No. 613863

File: 1529300438588.jpeg (467.09 KB, 1242x1420, 23F6AB9C-D83D-445A-AF31-D728D4…)

No. 613867

damn I wonder what happened between these two

No. 613874

Honestly Adam probably told her what Micky was like as a girlfriend. It'd be enough to make anyone do a complete 180 on how they feel about her.
Not to mention someone trying to wear your skin is enough reason to dislike them on its own

No. 613877

The derailing over Amina needs to stop. Longer bans will be handed out if it continues.

No. 613881

Calm down, I'm not even the person that originally brought her up. Nor would I be sageing all of this pointless bs if I really gave a shit about forcing milk.

No. 613886

No. 613980

lmao why the fuck did she stretch her head like that, she looks like beige carrot

No. 614003

File: 1529326983174.jpg (568.03 KB, 809x1821, Screenshot_20180618-075747_Twi…)

Look at her trying to justify that otherkin bullshit. Bitch, everything in the known universe has a similar chemical makeup to stars and shit. Did you not learn about the big bang theory in school? This isn't special. Also, she was claiming this holier than thou atheist act was her ex's fault but that's clearly not true. She's annoying with this atheism shit. She'd probably explain her claiming to be godkin, demonkin, angelkin, and succubuskin that way too. Oh, and let's not forget her "IDing" as fictional characters. She's trying to hard to seem special.

No. 614005

File: 1529327163120.jpg (595.69 KB, 1080x1818, Screenshot_20180618-080443_Twi…)

It really makes me sick to my stomach to see her keep lying about this suicide shit. We know that in reality she lied to her ex about it to try and make him stay after she got caught cheating, but she continues to lie to everyone else. What a heartless, disgusting bitch.

No. 614013

File: 1529327649526.jpg (117.16 KB, 1080x549, Screenshot_20180618-080420_Twi…)

She's getting a tattoo, but remember she's ~poor~.

No. 614046

She makes no sense. Lots of people have the same or similar beliefs about death, they don't feel the need to call themselves spacekin lmao. Of COURSE you get associated with otherkin when you add "kin" to it, Micky. There's no reason to do so unless you're trying to be a UwU special star pwincess ~

This is going to be embarrassing and trashy and I can't wait. She's not going to spend the proper money to get an actual cute, well thought out piece. She's gonna go to American Pride or some shit, show them some stock art and pay eighty bucks (but she's so poor) to have it etched into her ass forever. She's so dumb.

No. 614061

File: 1529331950645.jpg (330.32 KB, 1080x1824, Screenshot_20180618-092316_Twi…)

So, she purposely ignores her plug just to get twitter asspats from bitter men hating femnazis? Lol That's so fucking stupid.

No. 614063

File: 1529331982809.jpg (154.08 KB, 1079x605, Screenshot_20180618-092443_Twi…)

No. 614263

File: 1529351244378.jpg (43.12 KB, 1080x278, Screenshot_20180618-144538_Sam…)


>a sugar daddy

Bitch you are in a relationship. You posted about how cheaters ain't shit but here you are openly talking wanting SDs in your inbox. Fuck you.

No. 614271

File: 1529351888556.jpg (362.74 KB, 808x1658, Screenshot_20180618-145415_Twi…)

They apologized after this, but if I was them I wouldn't have. Micky is too rude for her own good.

No. 614272

File: 1529351947306.jpg (405.17 KB, 810x2110, Screenshot_20180618-145638_Twi…)

Respect is earned, Micky. But you don't respect yourself or your relationship, so why should anyone else?

No. 614278


Don't know anon maybe her bf enjoys being cucked. some guys do get off by their gf cucking them.
either way wtf is he with her knowing shes looking for a suger daddy

No. 614296

Why do people think this looks sexy? This is nothing like ahegao, this makes you look like you've got a severe mental deficiency.

No. 614305

Puts her input into topics that she has no business being involved in then backs out as soon as she's called out for it lol. Funny how this is the same girl that's so eager to fight people irl when she can't even stand her ground online.

No. 614381

>I love him
Didn’t they literally just meet? Like a month ago? Maybe I’m too serious but I feel like I wouldn’t say “love” until at least three months in.

No. 614403

To spend that much on a backpack for children age play getish reasons is so bad. Has she no shame?

No. 614406

she probably bought the aliexpress version for $50

No. 614411

File: 1529362303149.jpg (227.72 KB, 1080x966, Screenshot_20180618-174946_Twi…)

Micky was just in Angela's thread. Hey Micky, Amina never bullied you. Also, she looks cuter than you and frankentits.

No. 614427

Always bringing her up even though she's always crying about people not letting it go. Also, what picture, Micky? Opinions on her career as a sex worker aside, her photos all looked really good/professional. Meanwhile, you are still living in the same dirty, tiny room at your parent's house. Stuffing your flabby, sausage body into clothes that don't fit, shooping and filtering the resulting images until they no longer look like you. Keep lying to yourself though.

I wonder if she's going to hate fap to the new lewds of her "bully". >>604664 >>604719

No. 614435

she’s in severe delusion. she’s a hambeast, has reported to smell, has a gorilla face and seriously thinks anyone is jealous of her. Amina hasn’t even mentioned her or frankentits in at least 4 years. It’s crazy how they mention her like every week.

No. 614451

Don't forget about her greasy, heavy makeup and ill fitting, dirty clothes she likes to wear all the time. It's obvious Micky is jealous. She wants to be in Amina's position but isn't even close to being eligible for it.

>I wonder if she's going to hate fap to the new lewds of her "bully".

Knowing ho disgusting she is, the answer is yes. It'll always be yes.

No. 614465

File: 1529363941984.jpg (1.23 MB, 1920x2560, 18-06-18-18-17-27-536_deco.jpg)


No. 614477

o god this is perfect

No. 614547

she doesnt seem to realize that now-washed-up-sex-worker amina is STILL much more successful than her LMFAO

also so backwards of her to insult amina’s looks when amina’s at least not obese/gaptoothed/desperately needing photoshop

No. 614680

kinda fucking funny when a washed up idol turn sex worker is STILL more popular than her.

No. 614699

File: 1529378448016.jpg (534.4 KB, 1080x1887, Screenshot_20180618-221553_Twi…)

Ofc, Micky has to make X's death about herself. There's a lot of her ilk out saying their glad he's dead and shit. Despite all the shit they believe not being entirely true. That aside, it's gross Micky is using someone's death to further gain followers and sympathy for shit that never happened.

No. 614700

File: 1529378545346.jpg (256.95 KB, 1080x702, Screenshot_20180618-221739_Twi…)

This is disgusting. There are people who actually have PTSD and are trying to move forward and here she is pretending and shit just because she wants e-fame and sympathy.

No. 614730

Nah, fuck xxxviolentmisogynist. This is the one thing Micky's ever been right about. It's funny seeing black women defend and mourn him when he's said things like "Death to all darkskins" and that they look like cockroaches.

No. 614739

File: 1529381588981.jpg (403.51 KB, 1080x1114, Screenshot_20180618-230813_Twi…)

Sure, Micky.

Anyways, she's really trying hard to push her lies and make it about her. Micky, you weren't abused or raped at all. It's gross you would lie just for clout. You also seemed to have forgotten that you threatened suicide to make an ex stay and when you were bullying Amina you kept telling her to kill herself. Oh, and you threatened violence against her and a few other girls. You don't feel any remorse either and spread the lies that you were the victim of the situations. You're lower than dirt.

No. 614741

>hi [x]
Pretty sure this is against the rules. Farmers are allowed to not like gay-bashing, racist criminals, kek.

No. 614743

File: 1529381781587.jpg (532.43 KB, 1080x1886, Screenshot_20180618-230927_Twi…)

>"Why aren't my favs acting like psychopaths and celebrating this young man's death????"

Micky, not everybody in this world is as fucked up as you and the crazies you agrees with. Hell, even the girl who alleged she was abused by him is mourning his death. Sometimes you need to step the fuck back and let people mourn. Damn.

No. 614745

She's annoying for making this about her feelings, but guy was legitimately a psychopath.

No. 614746

He was actively seeking help though,unlike Micky. She's still doing the same shit as usual. Her speaking ill about him is like calling the pot calling the kettle black anyways though. The only difference is she gets away with her shit because she flips things to make herself look like a victim.

No. 614751

I can't stand Micky, but they don't really compare. Micky's a typical BPD snowflake narc Tumblrina who's a hypocrite and makes everything about her feelings all the time, while x was an abusive, homophobic piece of shit and a hardened criminal who threatened people, attacked them, etc, but people overlooked it because he made emo Soundcloud rap. It's just a shitty situation overall, and it was good that he died before he could hurt more people and get more lenience for it.

No. 614753

No they definitely compare. Like I said, Micky manages to get away with shit because she flips it to make it seem like she was the victim. She called her ex abusive but the glaring reality is that she was abusive, manipulative, and crazy. This girl has been holding a gross, sexual, violent grudge toward one girl she bullied for years now. Let's not forget she tried to send people to beat her up too in all of this. Let's not downplay what she did/does just because someone famous is dead. Her shit stinks just as bad.

No. 614760

wow micky sexualizes abusive shit tho and even said it herself. how come that doesn't triggers PTSD??????

No. 614761

Anon, if you seriously think Micky's dramatic, teenage lying and victim-playing is seriously on par with actually beating up a gay guy for looking at you the wrong way, beating up a pregnant woman (and threatening to rape her with a barbecue fork), sympathizing with a racist terrorist who killed several people at church, and being in and out of jail multiple times, you may not be okay.

No. 614763

Forgot to add I don't mean to downplay any of Micky's bullshittery, but xxxtentacion was a literal psychopath. Being famous and sad doesn't change that. No sane person defends either of them.

No. 614765

It's ~selective~ probably. The girl is full of fucking bullshit. She should have just keep it to herself because she looks like a whole fool.

No. 614766

Not defending him, sorry if I come off that way. I'm just pointing Micky shit stinks like his. But she hasn't worked on her problems and progressively gets worse as the years go on.

No. 614778

imagine micky finds out her boyfriend supports X. Him being a small "soundcloud rapper",,,,, and all soundcloud rappers treating xxx, lil xan, pump, lil peep and all of them, like gods in the community. Im just curious how will she react

No. 614792

She probably already hit him with the same mess she spewed at Drew. The girl can't go a second without being a victim.

No. 614824

File: 1529390203024.jpg (1.13 MB, 810x3954, Screenshot_20180619-013418_Sam…)

It's funny that whenever she's "experiencing" ptsd or mania or whatever else she lies about having, she posts all this edgy bullshit. Like, people who actually have these illnesses aren't posting this dumbass edgy aesthetic shit.

No. 614840


this is like the trademark aesthetic of fat tumblrina weebs who are self diagnosed with everything they say they have, i wonder if micky realizes it just proves she has no idea what she's talking about

No. 614878

I don’t care that he died but it’s cringe that people are celebrating it. Reminds me of when Bowie died(no he isn’t as famous or great as Bowie) and a bunch of Tumblrinas came out to say Bowie had sex with an underaged groupie in the 70s so fuck him. It’s just holier than rhetoric.

No. 614879

Micky has doxxed people and made fake rape accusations. Should we allow people to mourn her when she dies? No because she did bad shit right?

No. 614886

See >>614761, honestly. If Micky did all that shit and people were still mourning her en masse because she made some cmusic, it'd be pretty fucking repugnant. xxxtentacion's fans are brain-dead, and the only person who's really defensible in being emotionally affected in spite of everything is his mother.

No. 614888

I saw it but I’m using the logic that “if someone hurt someone or was abusive we shouldn’t mourn if they die.” In that logic it applies to Micky.

No. 614892

But you're taking it to an extreme. I'd wager most farmers would be like "Lmao, her fans are fucking stupid" if she died and they fanatically mourned her, anyway.

No. 614915

Micky: “This is why victims never reports”
>false accusations

No. 615026

The funny thing is, that if this was Azealia Banks in X's position, she would be crying buckets. Even though Azealia is a know psycho who's racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, and antisemitic. She also murders chickens in a broom closet. Things micky claims to be against. In reality she's ok with the shit and her acting like it's a problem now and going "fuck him, glad he's dead" is really just for clout and blatant hypocrisy. Otherwise she wouldn't make an exception because it's a woman.

No. 615039

File: 1529422966794.jpg (374.32 KB, 1076x1227, Screenshot_20180619-102816_Twi…)

Micky has openly admitted to reading PULL and posting there. Not only that she's been caught posting and reading here as well. Idk why she's acting like she better than her for some reason. This is why she has so many threads.

No. 615048

her tweet about amina yesterday not only proves that she reads angela’s thread but is also up to the minute on refreshing it since she tweeted within like what an hour? after the picture was posted

No. 615049

File: 1529424408844.jpg (224.04 KB, 1080x2220, IMG_20180619_105627.jpg)

No. 615052

File: 1529424623258.jpg (166.64 KB, 1080x2220, IMG_20180619_105631.jpg)

Try a few minutes after being posted. The girl even left post talking about how Amina was "petty" and only did it to get back at Angela and her. Like we wouldn't figure out it was her. Not mention her multiple other tweets about lolcow when she comes her and reads shit. She started the Amina, Taylor, and Leda threads. Pretty sure she started that black girl general thread too. She ain't slick.

No. 615053

File: 1529424635068.jpg (277.24 KB, 1080x2220, IMG_20180619_105633.jpg)

No. 615055

>>"I can't stand people being negative towards me"
Welcome to life.

No. 615056

Keep the sperging about XXX in the Soundclout thread.

No. 615062

File: 1529426285383.jpg (83.61 KB, 1080x475, Screenshot_20180619-103131_Twi…)

Anyway, why is she posting shit like this when she cheats, abuses, and lies to her boyfriends. Not to mention she talks down to her male friends constantly. And her friends are the same way. Plus she knows that if a dude said this she'd jump down his throat. What a hypocrite

No. 615152

She says something rude, gets blocked, SCREENSHOTS getting blocked and says "yikes", then goes and cries to the girl who blocked her?
What do you want Micky

No. 615154

Micky is crazy. That's all that is.

No. 615156

Is she cheating on him?

No. 615160

if she isn't yet, she certainly seems to be trying to.

No. 615162

File: 1529437287798.jpg (763 KB, 809x2137, Screenshot_20180619-143815_Sam…)

>I've been in max ptsd mode since yesterday.

I'm getting real tired of her lying about having PTSD and claiming she was abused. People who've been through this for real do not act like this. They don't prey on others and make shit about themselves. They do their best to grow out of and past the situation. They don't fall into some victim complex and try to guilt people into thinking like them with their issues. Fuck her and fuck her fake ass mental illnesses.  

Yup. Typical behavior from her.

No. 615237

File: 1529441228758.jpeg (42.39 KB, 640x296, 845DEF8E-DFEC-4CE7-A431-7D4DAA…)

Who is she and Angela/Daisy talking about? Micky is such trash

No. 615238

File: 1529441257435.jpeg (62.81 KB, 640x389, 4FED5F69-1FA6-465D-B412-B2FA1F…)

Anyone care to explain?

No. 615241

Is she seriously wishing Amina died? Has Angela said anything back? Angela is probably losing it over the Simon thing. But it's insane they claim she's the bully and are wishing she died. Yikes.

No. 615249

Angela is probably stressed with her monster chest being dragged up and down Twitter, knowing she has no future hooker career due to her gross keloids and Amina and Simon joining forces. This is hilarious.

No. 615250

YO, this is hella fucked up. Especially since Amina spent years being bullied and harassed by her and her "friends". Also, how can she claim to be a good person and shit and go say shit like this. Holy fuck.

No. 615255

Do you have the full tweet? We need to makes sure the date and shit is there for future references.

No. 615259

It’s on her twitter now

No. 615260

Can’t see angela’s Tweets but looks like she’s agreeing

No. 615265

File: 1529442587886.jpg (273.5 KB, 1080x1125, Screenshot_20180619-160342_Twi…)

Thanks. Archived it too. https://archive.is/S3Foj

She really fucked for this one.

No. 615266

File: 1529442651233.jpeg (35.89 KB, 639x218, DCF4CEDE-4F33-4A98-8F29-00B824…)


No. 615270

People like Micky and Angela are the type of people who end up destitute. They always blame other people for their shit lives without taking responsibility. Life long losers.

No. 615278

I really can't imagine being so fucking pathetic I'd wish death on someone who did nothing to me.

No. 615489

off topic but lil xan supports and best friends with Xxxtentacion micky. time to unstan him . but you wont

No. 615596

File: 1529466425186.jpg (122.86 KB, 1080x661, Screenshot_20180619-224333_Twi…)

How about you leave those men alone and pay attention to your boyfriend, dumbass.

No. 615598

Then be a prostitute you thot.
She has a boyfriend. Why would you even entertain other men knowing you have a man?

No. 615599

File: 1529466538998.jpg (542.38 KB, 1080x1358, Screenshot_20180619-224840_Twi…)

More super edited pics of her and her dirty room.

No. 615602

File: 1529466603732.jpg (335.25 KB, 1145x2048, IMG_20180619_224418.jpg)

She's a heartless bitch who doesn't love and respect her partner.

No. 615603

File: 1529466616274.jpg (383.55 KB, 1151x2048, IMG_20180619_224428.jpg)

No. 615606

Did she put the cake slices and hearts over the edge of the mirror to try and hide where she photoshopped herself

No. 615613

is that a fucking funyun on the floor

No. 615621

It is. I just about threw up. What other crap is on her floor?

No. 615628

Did…did she edit herself to look skinny?
Why not just actually eat less and lose weight? Holy shit.

No. 615646

Because that would involve being reasonable and putting in work, which would be a miracle considering this beastly cunt can't even bend her ass over to pick up a fucking funyun off of her floor before taking a selfie and openly talks about living in filth and cum on her keyboard.

No. 615648

File: 1529472452177.png (71.65 KB, 500x425, i-bet-that-slut-doesnt-even-br…)

sounds about micky

No. 615672

File: 1529475932795.jpg (394.26 KB, 809x1462, Screenshot_20180620-012208_Sam…)

Micky, you admitted that you would be glad if a victim of yours died. Fuck off.

No. 615946

File: 1529514152989.jpg (239 KB, 1080x1005, Screenshot_20180620-115837_Twi…)

>finds out Amina is in sex work

"I would be glad if she died!"

>finds out Gemma is in sex work


I swear to god this bitch is beyond crusty with her bullshit.

No. 615949

File: 1529514344524.jpg (125.32 KB, 1080x2094, 34532779_499467593789814_10418…)

Her being annoying in her stories about shit that never happened.

No. 615950

File: 1529514361606.jpg (134.31 KB, 1080x2094, 35328437_176829466340859_74748…)

No. 615952

File: 1529514573355.jpg (621.04 KB, 810x1489, Screenshot_20180620-120732_Sam…)

>I know u wish u were us

Hell to the no. You're a lying, manipulative, cheater and he's the fool getting played by you. Neither of you have anything of value, physically or mentally, that I or anyone else would want. Miss us with that bullshit.

No. 615964

god is she doing menhera kei now? that trend needs to die…so cringy

No. 615972

I don't know where you been but she's been attempting that shit for three threads now. She also started claiming and whining about her "mental illnesses" now that she's in it.

No. 615978

File: 1529516746382.jpg (465.79 KB, 809x1449, Screenshot_20180620-124309_Twi…)

It's funny, she hates Amina's guts but goes out of her way to copy her with the whole "i love teddy bears so much" shit. Before she didn't give two shits, now she's acting like it's been a thing her whole life. Like her lies about being abused, bullied, mentally ill, bisexual, and acting like a hoodrat.

No. 615981

it just hasn't been super obvious tbh.

No. 615985

Probably not 100% editing, just fat girl tricks of using a leaning mirror and squishing your legs together. If you see someone taking pictures like this and their legs are never apart, you know what's up.

No. 616024

File: 1529521798764.jpg (484.26 KB, 1076x1352, Screenshot_20180620-140846_Twi…)

Nice to know her she can't dress her Sims properly either.

No. 616025

File: 1529521818774.jpg (182.22 KB, 1056x2048, IMG_20180620_140856.jpg)

No. 616027

File: 1529521829942.jpg (343.8 KB, 1056x2048, IMG_20180620_140858.jpg)

No. 616029

File: 1529521937955.jpg (129.98 KB, 1080x529, Screenshot_20180620-140909_Twi…)

They would end up being crusty and infected either way.

No. 616031

Why is she playing on the bimbo thing? Its sooooo annoying how she copies anyone and everyone she sees online

No. 616033

Wow we got another frankentits on the way

No. 616042

her nipples are small, un even, and areolas the size of a paper plates. There are uncensored "lewd" photos in the other threads if u havent seen * its too large and wont look good personally

No. 616050

>>616042 >>616029

pancake nipples, ive seen girls who can pull it off. micky aint one of them

No. 616051

The fact she keeps buying followers despite claiming to be poor is hilarious.

No. 616054

File: 1529523505141.jpg (138.33 KB, 1080x2094, 34291465_270134207058643_72860…)

Micky has zero personality if you remove everything she copied from others.

No. 616055

File: 1529523637738.jpg (159.17 KB, 1080x2094, 35616916_249351662489193_31712…)

I'm certain Micky is only doing this because she wants clout from Angela's side. It's sad because Kitty and Angela are basically broke, borderline homeless thots who can barely bring in clientele. So, I don't where the appeal comes in.

No. 616097

Angela has clowned Micky in the past though. Don’t be fooled. She’s only using Micky because they both hate Amina

No. 616106

No one's fooled. It's obvious the moment micky does something angela doesn't like, she'll blast her.

No. 616240

Honestly, cucking always seemed like a psuedo homosexual thing (an excuse for a man to watch another man fuck) and it seems to me like her current bf is kinda.. erm, faggy
Like most straight men don't wear chokers and beg their girlfriends to wear nail polish and talk about dying their hair rainbowy colors (all of which he has said he wanted to do)

No. 616295

File: 1529539467097.jpg (498.93 KB, 1080x1716, Screenshot_20180620-190049_Sam…)


I meant to bring this up earlier but, what is this about? Someone posted it in the last thread with zero context.

No. 616298

Micky fetishizes DDLG, child abuse and such

No. 616300

god her bra is so fucking awful

No. 616310

File: 1529540350907.jpg (52.25 KB, 1080x328, Screenshot_20180620-191918_Sam…)

No. 616416

nice selfpost

No. 616451

That must be the only bra she owns..

No. 616494

File: 1529557354078.jpeg (1.2 MB, 1242x1431, 5445AA99-3892-4191-AD3E-95F889…)

She reactivated her Facebook to try to start ANOTHER group

No. 616573

That's not a self post.

No. 616591

File: 1529567994865.jpg (1.19 MB, 1920x2560, 18-06-21-02-52-13-489_deco.jpg)

Does she not realize that in order for there not to be a drama filled group, that she can't be a part of it? Just the other day she was saying she would be happy if a girl died and talked shit about her. Now she wants to act like she gives a fuck about unifying people and not starting drama? Fuck outta here.

No. 616632

Someone should post that twitter cap on her Facebook(this is cowtipping)

No. 616640

I'm shocked none of her follwers on Twitter dragged her for saying that.

No. 616770

All her followers are bought or scum just like her

No. 616874

File: 1529601453199.jpg (189.36 KB, 1080x719, Screenshot_20180621-121147_Twi…)

That's true. Shame, that could have been some really good milk.

No. 616880

File: 1529601900173.jpeg (91.46 KB, 540x960, E2B03B5B-0B54-4CCB-889A-D394B0…)

No. 616881

File: 1529601909988.jpeg (82.53 KB, 540x960, 23001056-A323-425E-AC6A-BCDEB6…)

No. 616889

File: 1529602833532.jpg (153.82 KB, 1080x923, Screenshot_20180621-121545_Sam…)

No. 616890

wait… so she's trying to be a guy now, or…?

No. 616896

File: 1529603260748.jpg (72.64 KB, 1080x298, Screenshot_20180621-124302_Sam…)


Idk what she was expecting when she tags her stuff as "kittenplay", "nsfw" and "ddlg".

I have no idea, but they claimed to have dirt on her and then in that ask said micky misgendered her, but, I don't recall this happening.

No. 616905

File: 1529603696532.jpg (572.29 KB, 1080x1678, Screenshot_20180621-125303_Sam…)

Ofc this tacky bitch wants to revive it. Still yearning to copy your ex's girl, huh?

No. 616911

I wonder if the "pinning someone else's identity on me" part might be that she thought this blog was run by Amina lol
This person seems a bit off their rocker anyways so who knows.

No. 616922

File: 1529604331504.jpg (148.55 KB, 1080x2094, 35523470_408246412991595_71376…)

So Micky says she doesn't want to start drama and shit because she posted all this shit on her IG stories. Pic related

You know she 100% thought this was Amina. Probably ran to Angela and Kitty and told them it was. The bitch is dumb.

No. 616924

File: 1529604398677.jpg (119.76 KB, 1080x2094, 35616924_236960350225214_70884…)

She calls this girl toxic but ignores all the actual toxic shit she does. The recent tweet about Amina is a real good example

No. 616925

File: 1529604413369.jpg (152.92 KB, 1080x2094, 35449692_216699048944747_97619…)

No. 616927

File: 1529604427552.jpg (159.53 KB, 1080x2094, 35542941_609071972788282_74650…)

No. 616929

File: 1529604439269.jpg (79.57 KB, 1080x2094, 35574784_1095876510562769_5050…)

No. 616930

File: 1529604468195.jpg (88.43 KB, 1080x2094, 34286388_1996283953780358_4433…)

Nah Micky, you're relationship is fucked and you know it.

No. 616946

Oh, and in the screenshot, she says sex work she did 2 years ago, but we have screenshots of her trying to get a sugar daddy and sell nude pics recently. Like, wtf is she lying for? If her boyfriend is smart he'll actually read through the thread and see her bullshit for himself.

No. 616958

What's funnier is it was another "kawaii" black girl she said this about.
The jealousy in this weird "community" is so toxic
It's like if your skinny and not ugly like them they all want to immediately tear you apart

No. 617174

File: 1529615103515.jpeg (166.56 KB, 750x1033, 714EEEBE-B117-4477-B60E-11C95A…)

No. 617185

obese slut kek

her self esteem is so low she has short bouts of euphoria whenever she sees a bad picture of a girl she dislikes, sad

No. 617235

It bothers me that I find some of her shoops really cute. I know that's not what she looks like IRL, but I'm sure tons of people actually thinks that's what she looks like. God she's a pos.

No. 617241

What are the comments like. Also, it's fucked up that she would talk shit like this again, despite the fact there's evidence showing she was bullying Amina and not the other way around.

No. 617254

>cleared my eczema
that would be the meitu lol. start talking once you've cleaned your room, moved out of your parents place, and stopped cucking your fuckboy boyfriend. i don't understand how someone as repulsive as micky can be so stupidly audacious.

No. 617289

File: 1529617509990.jpg (369.71 KB, 1080x1244, Screenshot_20180621-163929_Twi…)

No. 617340

> "i tried to go back on it (…) i gained so much weight"
> "all i did was eat and sleep"

there's your answer, you brainless thot. it wasn't the meds, it was you being a lazy piece of shit.

No. 617349

File: 1529619021571.jpeg (230.18 KB, 1242x1739, 6902A20E-2765-44C3-842F-D1FFFE…)

Never forget that despite all of her positive uwu Tumblr posts, this is what Micky is actually like.

No. 617350

File: 1529619039036.jpeg (398.63 KB, 1242x1436, 6B3CFE46-0368-43A8-B862-4CDE8F…)

No. 617352

File: 1529619068272.jpeg (304.05 KB, 1242x1847, 3CD44847-6120-4E9B-81FF-611B0F…)

No. 617353

File: 1529619090780.jpeg (421.51 KB, 1238x1817, 745024AC-F36D-49C3-B678-3FF1A1…)

No. 617354

File: 1529619106374.jpeg (339.05 KB, 1242x1823, 586F7AA3-2D0C-4B9B-8469-FBEE82…)

No. 617355

File: 1529619115078.jpeg (282.86 KB, 1242x1741, 5EE5D6FD-93F6-4901-BE49-FBC088…)

No. 617357

File: 1529619144874.png (105.06 KB, 478x899, AminaJ1.png)

Lol. I've been waiting for this day for a while now

No. 617367

Oh this is going to be delicious

No. 617375

What does it say that Micky has been obsessed with one picture of Amina for DAYS

No. 617378

Hi people reading this thread from amina facebook post link.
micky is a terrible "leader" and "creator" of black girls is kawaii.

No. 617382

This won’t end well for Micky. Unlike Micky and Angela, Amina actually has proof.

No. 617385


Exactly. Along with screenshots of her wishing Amina dead and sending asks to her tumblr kek

No. 617386

File: 1529620140332.gif (920.54 KB, 300x206, 9DC3eZL.gif)


No. 617390


This callout has been brewing since 2012

No. 617393

people are sharing aminas posts now

No. 617394

Micky is done. Especially after the tumblr anon abuse Amina got.

No. 617395

I can't wait for Micky to lose her shit over this. Esp since there's thread after thread with screenshots and evidence of her being nasty while pretending to be an uwu uguuu kawaii black princessu.

No. 617399

remember when micky mom went after the people she had harassed in fucking messenger

No. 617403

This is the thread she linked, which was moved to snow >>>/snow/21481

No. 617404

>ideal weight is 165

Hold up.. how tall is this bitch? Unless you’re 5’11 that’s overweight.

No. 617407

Is anyone bringing up Micky making death threats?

No. 617409

did micky delete her post about amina? i dont see it anymore on her facebook

No. 617411

People are spreading amina’s post so I think so

No. 617423

I can still see it. Amina's talking about taking her to court, I don't know if it's realistic but I hope it scares the shit out of Micky.

No. 617426

it’s like christmas farmers

No. 617430

File: 1529621761678.jpg (100.36 KB, 1080x349, 20180621_185546.jpg)

If Amina can show proof that the shit Mickey is spreading is damaging her reputation I think she can make a case

No. 617431

File: 1529621763515.gif (960.35 KB, 312x213, itshabbening.gif)

Destroy her, Amina. Take no prisoners.

No. 617434

I think it's legit. Amina can do it too amina is like traveling internationally and Micky has funyuns on her floor. Micky should shut up now and apologize before she ends up costing her parents a lot of money. Like stop being a bpd piece of shit and get a fucking grip on reality

No. 617435

File: 1529621829401.gif (393.37 KB, 250x150, tenor.gif)

No. 617438

It's not going to take much to prove this its not like Micky is the most internet savvy person I bet theres a very visible open trail of data besides shit that already exists actual screenshots of Micky talking about her

No. 617440

Micky quick posted the photo of Amina and deleted it, judging by the comments.

No. 617443

File: 1529622330145.jpg (113.44 KB, 853x350, 20180621_190605.jpg)

Someone talking about being harassed by Micky and bringing up that girl Micky doxxed cause she thought she was the catfish. I hope everyone starts coming out with screencaps and shit of Micky harassing them

No. 617458

micky aint responding lmfao, did she post on snap

No. 617459

File: 1529623511328.gif (924.97 KB, 498x286, tenor.gif)

I'm yelling lmaooo

No. 617473

File: 1529624402809.jpeg (108.36 KB, 1242x290, 944299CF-CFE3-4A0A-A223-655D28…)

Yeah Micky surprise when you publicly post about wishing someone else were dead, it does actually count as a threat. Because if that person were to come up injured/dead, it would be viable evidence against you.

No. 617476

It’s on the archive and twitter.

No. 617479

is this bitch dumb? you legit post on twitter saying
>Hikey if she were to die id be happy
are you that fucking dumb? that counts a a death threat

No. 617480

File: 1529624783338.png (97.88 KB, 512x569, Screen Shot 2018-06-21 at 6.41…)

No. 617481

even her friend telling her off

No. 617483

File: 1529624994603.png (133.59 KB, 516x603, Screen Shot 2018-06-21 at 6.43…)

did we cover where micky said the hard R ????????????? omfg……

No. 617488

File: 1529625398074.png (90.52 KB, 510x412, Screen Shot 2018-06-21 at 6.57…)

No. 617490

File: 1529625457438.gif (904.38 KB, 480x360, giphy.gif)

No. 617495


"i could spend all day trying to dig up screensots and proof but at the end of the day people are still gonna talk shit about me".
she's doing it. she's not even trying to defend herself because she KNOWS amina's got her pinned. there's thread after thread with screenshots and proof about everything amina's accusing her of and more. this stupid fucking bitch is seriously trying to derail a callout post about her problematic actions with "blah blah she looks bad real ppl kno the troof". you're one to talk, you don't even fucking shower and look like a special needs student with saggy double D's. micky can't even bother to be civil and take a hint when she's being called out WITH PROOF about all of her shitty actions and continues to be the retarded piece of shit she's been her whole life. truly lolcow material.

No. 617497

Lmao "I won't BOTHER cause everyone knows what's real"
Bitch!!! It's cause you can't!! Give up!!

No. 617498

That's how you know she didn't have any proof. She might as well shut up and sit down.

No. 617502

File: 1529626362431.jpeg (516.64 KB, 1242x1681, 28511D98-F854-45C7-BD5A-2E5161…)

No. 617505


She was a bitch for that one and yet she get mad when people share shit she posted

No. 617507

There’s literally proof in amina’s Post where she death threat

No. 617510

>detailed post with evidence about the fucked shit shes been doing is going around

>cant even begin to defend herself so she just posts about how "bad" amina looks

I can't tell what's more pathetic: that she thinks that image is even worth posting to shame amina over or that it's still better than almost every thing Micky has ever posted.

No. 617512

File: 1529626885216.jpg (1.15 MB, 700x1056, preview_180616.jpg)

I typed out the link Micky posted, it's this picture. So far her defenses to being called out have been saying Amina's wig looks bad, linking unfortunate pictures of girls she doesn't like (such positivity, much supporting black girls, Micky), mentioning irrelevant things like Amina being a sex worker (as if she didn't put out herself while being in a relationship) and saying she could defend herself with screenshots but won't because "people talk anyways". So far she's acted like a third grader taunting someone in the playground because all she is and all she'll ever be if she keeps this up is a sad, immature, spoilt, rotten brat.

No. 617513

What do u think Micky is going to do when someone knocks on her door serving papers lmfao

No. 617518

If anything this post seems like it help Aminyan more than her? We all know she had any proof of Aminyan bullying her she would've posted it a long time ago. And based on this >>617502 she has time to post an unflattering picture but she can't post not even one screencap defending herself on claims of her being a bully.

No. 617519

This photo still looks way better than anything of Micky kek.
Also it’s a BDSM humiliation site…aren’t the girls all a bit shaggy from being roughed up? Also Amina is serving papers with law enforcement so she claims. Micky is gonna be shook.

No. 617520

and the real shade is Amina doesn't look bad here.Compared to Micky 1001 ageho face selfies and room pics

No. 617521

This makes her look so bad tbh. She looks more like the bully than anything

No. 617526

File: 1529627799728.png (12.08 KB, 484x123, 64.PNG)

No. 617527

ugh this is so great amina’s gonna take micky for everything she has from her shitty part time less than minimum wage job and then some i’m living for this

No. 617535

File: 1529628128602.jpeg (481.38 KB, 1242x1583, 23BA7231-BADF-4E93-A920-7B7F31…)

All Micky and her shitty mob can do is try to pick at bad pictures of Amina because she has everything the will never have.
Yeah, she is a sex worker, and she travels the world and goes out to nice dinners and has an actual, legitimate following without having to resort to over-meitu'd ahegao selfies.
The jealousy is REAL

No. 617536

This. They are so salty this girl is living the high life.

No. 617537

I really have not personal feelings for any of these cows but why do anons always suck amina's dick so hard. I never understood it?
until recently if you even mentioned her name lightly you would get a bunch of people sperging out whiteknighting her over nothing.
can someone explain please?

No. 617538

File: 1529628364538.png (849 KB, 640x1136, F82792D9-4CFD-4223-9D8D-A3BE5E…)

I don’t get why they’re mad? Amina’s edges are bad but actually her fringe is just very thin. Either way she goes to private resorts, Monaco and shit while Micky is at home smelling like skunk weed.

Also who is this girl? she got some nerve lol

No. 617539

I'm lost. What's even wrong with the picture they're laughing at?

No. 617541

I think it’s because the same people came here for years trying to force milk. One of them (Angela) was exposed for this. Everyone can agree Amina is a bit of a cow but for the most part she minds her business and seems happy. It’s more so comparing her to Micky and Angela I think.

No. 617543

Her makeup is crusty irl. She's in the same boat as micky.

Not a thing. They're just jealous.

No. 617547

look a micky dick rider trying to defend micky bullying

No. 617549

micky responding to the threads like usual

No. 617552

Micky is basically asking her non black friends to harass a black girl about nappy hair. How “pro black”

No. 617555

it's not photoshopped into oblivion and she isn't making an ahegao face, that's why it looks bad to them.

No. 617556

i guess that makes sense. I kinda though people respected her more because she didn't do sexwork. But now that her sexwork is out in the open it confused me.
thanks for proving my point

No. 617557

micky has so much nerve when she’s literally posted pictures of her dirty ass room with mcdonalds french fry containers on the floor, greasy lays chips in her bed, funyuns on the floor etc

she goes out in public (walmart) dressed like an obese autistic weeb… how she even justifies shitting on amina in her own head is beyond me

also i wonder what amina thinks of the screencap of micky saying she masturbates to the thought of her .. could help in the case she’s building against her

No. 617560

sage but this has to be a transgender… she looks so big and manly just like micky lol

No. 617562

She also loves lifting her skirt up in public bathrooms. >>604534 She has no room to criticize Amina, but she really should continue doing it anyway. She's only hurting herself and helping Amina's case.

No. 617565

>>great, go back to your woke asf leader

No. 617566

File: 1529629306565.jpg (1.7 MB, 1500x1498, IMG_6221.JPG)

God the comparison, micky and all her friends are hideous

No. 617567

She’s digging a deeper hole

No. 617568

and even if she wasn't jealous of her(which she clearly is) why make fun of a sex worker? at least she has a JOB Micky unlike your ebegging ass.

No. 617569

And she's friends with Himeka.

No. 617571

Armina could be wearing natural makeup but… even without it she still looks better than them

No. 617574

Himeka a sex worker herself
didn't micky said she once masturbated to Amina?

No. 617576

I think micky deserves all the hate she gets, and is a bitchy delusional hypocrite.
I don't think amina deserves hate, I just find it weird that people like you go crazy when anything is said about her.

No. 617578

sage anon

No. 617579

File: 1529629944619.gif (583.4 KB, 220x220, tenor (1).gif)

so let me get this straight, they masterbate to the bitch they hate

No. 617585

someone has to compare this to micky's most unflattering picture lmao. i mean maybe if micky wasn't a slimey landwhale it wouldn't be as embarrassing to watch her mock this picture of amina like she even looks tragic. if micky and her friends had to do the same pose under the same lighting they'd look like cave goblins.

it's pure jealousy. which is kind of funny cos… aim higher? lmao. amina's arguably the only successful black weeb sex worker and the thinnest one, so i guess that's enough for micky to be butthurt and bully her for 0 reason. senseless hatred man it's just meanspirited.

No. 617586

File: 1529630408875.jpg (218.65 KB, 1079x892, Screenshot_20180621-211951_Fac…)


No. 617587

File: 1529630448343.jpg (Spoiler Image, 29.03 KB, 352x960, FB_IMG_1529630410797.jpg)

No. 617588

did she just post this??

No. 617589

so far Amina has proven micky’s death threats, harassment, sexual harassment and lies about Amina sharing her cp
So far Micky has proven that Amina has new growth edges.

No. 617594

File: 1529631533074.jpeg (807.46 KB, 1242x1318, 7BC49BC1-DDFB-43BF-8019-F1FA38…)

Yes, because it's sexual harassment, Micky.

No. 617595

File: 1529631555590.png (40.92 KB, 620x346, 90ac2af308aedfb8a7e63199ff35d1…)

No. 617598

File: 1529631717573.jpeg (139.31 KB, 1242x1189, F1DA8EAE-5D3B-4A8D-AC59-1B5C3A…)

The move of someone completely innocent

No. 617599

She straight up said she had fantasies about Amina…. how is that in anyway vague? And why is she waiting for leaks, can't she just tell her followers herself?

She's acting if being (rightly) accused of harassment is all one big joke.

No. 617602

>all this stuff gets leaked
lmao shes saying this now but theres already a bunch of girls on Amina's post talking about how Micky harassed them too and it won't be long until they start posting their stuff and its going to be 1000x better than whatever horeshit Micky thinks there is on Amina

No. 617603

File: 1529631985025.png (40.09 KB, 639x265, c2hBT9s.png)

No. 617604

File: 1529631990368.jpeg (126.9 KB, 640x730, E649B60A-B729-4C43-9C13-D2A3ED…)

Micky is now making fun of Amina’s miscarriage. This bitch is really digging a hole for herself.

No. 617605

Facebook may have deleted her for abuse

No. 617608

How big of a bitch do you gotta be to do something like that? Bitch at least someone wanted to get her pregnate unlike you and your faggot bf

No. 617612

I don’t understand how not getting pregnant and not getting an std makes you a good person

No. 617614

File: 1529632523404.png (32.67 KB, 632x209, FPmv05f.png)

"haven't been on lolcow in so long"
But she openly posted about this site only a month ago.

No. 617620

i love how she can't even defend herself against amina's claims. she just immediately turns to attacking her appearance, attempting to shame her for having a miscarriage, and lying about her having an std. amina hasn't insulted her once lol.

No. 617621

File: 1529632948584.jpg (129.62 KB, 1077x668, Screenshot_20180621-205957_Twi…)

>the tea

Girl, you are literally digging yourself into a hole right now. Shut up.

No. 617625

Honestly. Saying "I've never had an STD I've never gotten pregnant" when she claims to be sex positive like? That stuff happens to women who AREN'T sex workers too, they're normal occurrences and she's just showing her true colors with these posts
She doesn't support anyone but herself.

No. 617626

If this dumb bitch has so much ""tea""" why cant she just post it.

No. 617630

or somehow makes up for the other shit she mentioned. like ???

No. 617636

File: 1529633728222.png (920.93 KB, 1242x2208, 8870C5C9-AC21-4CAF-B8E5-B2AAA7…)

Just want to put these in as the page owner made an update recently https://suicidebaitwiki.tumblr.com/post/175120758122/leaving-these-here-i-have-more-but-these-are-my

No. 617637

File: 1529633751859.png (1.14 MB, 1242x2208, 8F50B2BC-5FFF-47F4-B52F-45A2B9…)

No. 617639

File: 1529633774455.png (890.27 KB, 1242x2208, B5E590E3-0351-467D-8DDF-5178A9…)

No. 617641

File: 1529633823182.png (856.84 KB, 1242x2208, 228B898A-6FBB-4D2E-919A-B75495…)

Sorry 4 spam

No. 617643

File: 1529633865397.png (367.79 KB, 1242x2208, 289C9AE7-F7DD-4993-A778-6840A3…)

No. 617650

Wait, so Micky tried to claim her own nsfw blog was just a catfish? Even though she posted it on Facebook and said she was going to delete it on Twitter? This girl is dumb.

No. 617654

who the fuck was she trying to catfish?

No. 617657

> "do you really think i'm a bad person that doesn't deserve support kindness or love"

i'm having 2014 era tumblr flashbacks where every mentally ill otherkin goblin like micky was exactly like this. she faked mental illness for the sake of menhera so damn well she's actually mentally ill now. you did it micky, you're a true menhera-kei now.

No. 617664

File: 1529635131312.jpeg (70.52 KB, 749x754, 9FBF72E5-DAC9-46E0-A2EF-33AD05…)

you’ve also never had a real job, moved out of your parents house, or pursued any education greater than high school but ok micky!

No. 617695

her and Angela are such scary bitches. if you have proof, POST it. they know they have no leg to stand on so they keep talking shit.

No. 617697

They’ve been saying the same shit for years with no proof

No. 617699

File: 1529638236876.jpeg (138.74 KB, 640x828, 2F927820-1AE8-465F-88BB-4A2AB5…)

No. 617711

Amina isn't harrassing anyone, Micky LITERALLY STARTED THIS LMAO

No. 617715

>amina is traveling internationally and Micky has funyuns on her floor.
Almost spat my drink out with laughter, thanks anon.

She's still crying about shit that went down in High School? Girl, let it go already. You've had Amina's name in your mouth non stop for years, this is the first time she's said yours in years now.

And she goes right back to showing her true colors and proving Amina's post to be true by publicly spreading her links and bullying her. Way to prove her wrong, Micky.

I can't wait to see how this plays out.

Well, that's a nice start.

No. 617731

she literally has nothing lel

No. 617739

Amina has been classy and hasn’t insulted either of them even when her commentators did. All Micky and Angela did was insult her

No. 617741

File: 1529641193959.jpg (602.88 KB, 809x2149, Screenshot_20180621-231902_Twi…)

Micky's next victim, I'm sure.

No. 617744

Is mickey blind??

No. 617749

She’s only doing this to pretend she likes other black girls

No. 617758

>she's seriously goals/inspo

Only because she's even fatter and uglier than her lol. This is such a backhanded compliment. That dumpy Amazon lacefront, the tits that sag even lower than hers. She'll never acknowledge a girl that actually does what she wishes she could do and better.

No. 617784

She deleted these tweets. Lmao

No. 617803

File: 1529645785231.jpg (18.69 KB, 387x468, 1528512394860.jpg)

I love how a few days ago she was tryna boost her kawaii black girls thing and then immediately goes into a fucking attacking spree on a way cuter kawaii black girl out of jealousy

No. 617807

File: 1529646107444.jpg (79.68 KB, 1078x652, Screenshot_20180622-004055_Sam…)


She could be saving for a car, but instead, she chooses the shitty tattoo.

No. 617812

File: 1529647256006.png (675.17 KB, 598x600, Screen Shot.png)

In a lot of ways, this girl is actually facially prettier than Micky. She better not lose weight or start going for a more conventionally attractive look, or Micky won't be happy kek.

No. 617813

Ah, so Micky purposefully picked a bad pic. Typical Micky.

No. 617864

File: 1529654880958.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1242x1531, CC0C9476-16CB-4801-B05D-50BDE5…)

No. 617868

File: 1529655117405.jpeg (623.89 KB, 1242x1955, 7CDE3DF8-2BD6-479A-B789-32F14A…)

No. 617884

Semi self awareness for once? It's a shame it won't change anything and she's still playing victim.

Micky, get off the internet, get real hobbies, learn real skills beyond "sex stuff", value yourself and make real friends who value you too. Get a real job, get a car, move out, etc. Go to a fucking therapist. We've given you advice a million times and you never take it.

No. 617921

This is just shitty ass damage control. She's trying gaslight to make herself look like the victim instead just coming clean and apologizing. She still calling Amina a bully and lying about being raped and abused. She's learned nothing from all of it. I guarantee she'll just be back at it again on a later date. Fuck her.

No. 617957

I wish so badly she would actually work on herself. I don't want anything bad to happen to her I just want her to stop? Like, admit you're lying about having PTSD etc etc admit you aren't mentally ill and lied for the menhera aesthetic, learn how to apologize WITHOUT playing the victim, learn that you are not the victim, stop with the transparent ego bullshit used to cover low self esteem just STOP.

No. 617970

File: 1529669378251.jpg (188.9 KB, 1074x775, Screenshot_20180622-043943_Twi…)

No. 617971

File: 1529669391883.jpg (640.87 KB, 809x1522, Screenshot_20180622-044022_Twi…)

No. 617981

Why did her Facebook disappear? Did she get called out?

No. 617984

Did you seriously miss this >>617357

No. 617993

I think for you to do this shit to begin with you have very visible mental illness or neglect that everyones ignoring lmao

No. 618006

Before I left Detroit I considered actually being friends with Micky so that I could help her turn her life around and maybe make some moves for her to start realizing her potential as a human being, like she doesnt have to be a delusional weeb slob, she could be a normal cute weeb. I feel really bad for her bc shes clearly dumb as fucking shit and doesnt care. Idk what went wrong in her life besides like the jealousy but it's clear she has some insane weird trauma she should actually he honest about and stop trying to create this weird image and narrative of herself on the internet. Shes from west bloomfield or something I know she lives in a western suburb of detroit. The suburbs of metro detroit arent good environments I think if you are like into things that other people arent into while also being black. Micky should stay off the internet and figure out what exactly she wants out of life and what she needs. Is it fucking porn and dirty plushies and tacky cheap fibers and plastic that wont be en vogue in a decade or does she want a car and not to work at weird minimum wage jobs while white nerds do the bare minimum mistreat her and nut on her for free (her boyfriend looks like all he can offer her is like…mid weed) Or else shes gonna be stuck in her dirty room spiraling more into insanity. You gotta love yourself or else no one will give a fuck about you and she has no concept of that, just fake shit she does on the internet because she wish she was this weird hypocritical contradicting entity. That's another thing about bpd and you can see this in the thread, she keeps like saying someones her inspo and like using direct things taken from something she just discovered that she thinks is cute or interesting and applies it to herself and instead of recognizing this as wrong and seeking out cbt or dbt irl or via a book or free talks online, she'd rather enable herself to repeat the same behaviors cause a trauma loop of fetishizing herself and past trauma, saying someone who will eventually mistreat her, and whatever family and home life situation shes stuck in over and over again. I wish she had anyone close to her to literally get her a fucking grip.

Shes aging like you're 20s are suppose to be about securing yourself some sort of independence and solid ground,stability, actually working through your shit.

Not indulging in like the same fucked up teenage trauma shit almost half a decade later.

That's what himeka and Micky dont fucking get…amina…secured the bag she understood what she was doing and how to market herself, how to take care of herself amina is very much so dedicated to herself and has goals and dreams, sure amina cares about attention just as much as them but at least she has fully figured out an idea of what she wants out of life and like isnt a fucking miserable drain on everyone and isnt fucking jealous.

No. 618007

This fupa shit is another attempt at relating with people for attention since that's what all the body positive people have been joking about recently like her behavior is so textbook and like embarassing how predictable it is

No. 618053

gross. get a kitchen tray to put that stuff on, micky, maybe your bed wouldn't be riddled with chip crumbs and filth if you cared to be hygienic.

No. 618095

File: 1529679198692.png (343.2 KB, 373x674, Screen Shot 2018-06-22 at 9.49…)

No. 618097

File: 1529679215730.png (414.65 KB, 362x671, Screen Shot 2018-06-22 at 9.49…)

No. 618103

File: 1529679561669.png (71.29 KB, 572x293, Screen Shot 2018-06-22 at 9.59…)

No. 618141

Funny how now she claims she wants to start a kawaii black girls group "for other girls" (in an attempt to support her "I'm so positive uwu" narrative) when

> Within the same week she makes fun of Amina, a fellow kawaii black girl, because she doesn't like her. >>617502 >>617535

> Wished death on Amina >>615237

> Posted about masturbating to Amina >>604664 and then pretended not to know why it was bad when publicly called out on it >>617868

These aren't old receipts. This is all recent stuff, so she can't go crying about how we call her out on old milk. Nice try, Mickey.

No. 618167

File: 1529682646219.jpg (189.86 KB, 1080x835, Screenshot_20180622-114809_Twi…)

This is why I feel no remorse for her. She only goes on those long tangents to get people to justify her shitty behavior. Micky, you're still a piece of shit and even more so for straight up lying just so you can continue harassing people.

No. 618169

File: 1529682691797.jpg (153.36 KB, 1080x2094, 35521383_150009132537179_18031…)

She looks just as sloppy as her room.

No. 618189


this has got to be THE most awkwardly posed couples photo i have ever seen lol the hand on her shoulder…..

No. 618267

File: 1529689633228.png (87.16 KB, 505x511, Screen Shot 2018-06-22 at 12.4…)


No. 618288

This is the bitch with the audacity to talk shit lol

No. 618352

File: 1529695139922.png (90.34 KB, 507x570, 8025DC71-8265-45BC-BC2E-AE6B55…)

No. 618405

File: 1529698836727.jpg (607.94 KB, 1080x1532, Screenshot_20180622-161153_Twi…)

Look at here trying get back on people's good side. Micky, it's too late, we know you're really anti-black. She probably makes fun of this girl too.

No. 618423

I really hope micky didn't tell people she has a MOLDY FUCKING DILDO!!!

No. 618428

Is she just deliberately picking girls with bad styling so she feels like she's the "prettiest", kek? This shit is so backhanded.

No. 618444

File: 1529701866334.jpg (451.68 KB, 1077x1065, Screenshot_20180622-171004_Chr…)

Yep, and also unsurprisingly the girls she does this to are actually cute. Pic related, this is the girl from her tweet.

No. 618461

She only praises ugly girls

No. 618497

No. 618511

I'm convinced this is a tranny.

No. 618535

I remember two thread ago a huge black landwhale went to japan to become an idol and Micky was phraising her talking about how she should be successful. 99% sure if amina was a landwhale Micky wouldn't be hating on her for so long

No. 618537

I did. She’s ugly.

No. 618549

File: 1529709946886.jpeg (384.21 KB, 1242x1351, B9821106-FD57-4A5A-A805-4EE1C9…)


No. 618550

no one cares about your vendetta instagram

No. 618551

Sure, Jan.

Isn't this a form of cowtipping?

No. 618555

They’re gonna blame this on lolcow or Amina

No. 618564

File: 1529711593611.png (14.88 KB, 586x131, 545.PNG)

I wonder why.

No. 618568

lmao so she can mock Amina for her looks/life all she wants on FB, but when someone wants to call her out for this behavior the place is suddenly "toxic"? okay, micky

No. 618569

this is literally just micky trying to fabricate a bully she can call herself the victim of lmfao. if anyone wanted to talk shit about her they'd do it here. it's more satisfying and gets more attention. but micky can't screencap this thread without exposing herself as an avid reader. so she's made a fake account she'll be screencapping, never block or delete, and use against amina since her clown ass bragged about screencaps that don't exist.

i mean, she tried. but everyone knows all parties on amina's side are already talking shit here lmfao no need for fake 12 year old level accounts calling her a fat slut.

No. 618573

Oh god, that huge Italian girl, right? I felt so bad for her lol.

No. 618592

She's saying this because she found a new echo chamber and personal army. Too bad for her that all someone has to do is Google her name and find these threads to know the truth.

No. 618693

File: 1529723231885.png (492.28 KB, 451x530, thathairlinetho.png)

How is Micky going to try to drag Amina for her wig slipping when her boyfriend's hairline looks like this though?

No. 618706

Is her bf mentally challenged? i mean it would explain him being with her

No. 618745

Wasn't Micky in special ed classes or something? Correct me if I'm wrong.

This guy just looks like your typical early 30s emo kid burnout. He looks pretty old in the less filtered pics she's shared of him >>618095 and his hairline is receding pretty badly. It's no wonder the guy doesn't take the hat off very often.

No. 618776

she walked around with a man with a hairline like that WHILE wearing matching ahegao tracksuits? lmfao.

No. 618788

You can see why Amina would be jealous, don't you, anon?

I just can't get over that Micky thought she could try to snatch Amina for her sloppy wig when her dude is out here looking like this. Poor guy looks like a skinny Chris-chan.

No. 618820

Jesus Christ what a fucking ugly dude, she can’t score better than that????

No. 618821

File: 1529731530057.png (2.59 MB, 836x810, rip.png)

no comment

No. 618828

File: 1529732129999.png (419.37 KB, 382x279, bye.png)

when you and bae have matching hairlines #couplegoals

No. 618836

She has such an ugly face

No. 618837

Damn, no wonder she keeps that baby hair combed over her forehead. Those braids are making her bald.

Ngl, this is a terrible picture of Amina. Poor girl looks a mess, but even so, she still looks better than Micky at Micky's "best" which is a whole new level of sad. She looks like a ~kawaii~ shrek.

No. 618845

>she still looks better than Micky at Micky's "best" which is a whole new level of sad

pretty much

No. 618851

>Poor guy looks like a skinny Chris-chan

thanks anon I cannot unsee now.

No. 618857

Agreed, Amina looks a little rough but she's still naturally cute. Micky needs three grainy Snow filters and a wobbly mirror to fool anyone into thinking she's actually attractive. IRL pictures speak for themselves.

No. 618875

Can this picture of Micky be the next thread pic, it's too good.

No. 618981

oh my god, she wanted to talk about hairlines when hers is on the nape of her neck? LOL

No. 619077


do you think shes smiling like shes dead inside because she knows this photo is gonna show how bad she actually looks irl?? no photoshop here

No. 619185

File: 1529777948338.png (33.15 KB, 588x125, Screen Shot 2018-06-23 at 1.16…)

No. 619186

File: 1529777968847.png (593.44 KB, 811x600, Screen Shot 2018-06-23 at 1.15…)

No. 619188

File: 1529778056250.png (604.23 KB, 813x601, Screen Shot 2018-06-23 at 1.15…)

"people got some shit to say about me"

thats because you talk shit about others

No. 619195

>dying cute today
She says while her entire face is covered and half of her body is obscured with stickers/shooped to hell and back.

Besides she was the one "talking shit." Everyone else was just providing proof of her bully behavior.

No. 619198

>people got some shit to say about me
me when people point out i have no edges

No. 619244

Micky is the worst kind of obese. All of her fat is in her stomach, back which is super unhealthy.

No. 619249

File: 1529784239361.png (57.1 KB, 479x344, Screen Shot 2018-06-23 at 3.00…)


No. 619294

File: 1529786821343.gif (1.1 MB, 440x300, unnamed.gif)

I hope Micky is shitting herself.

No. 619307

Bahahaha based Amina

No. 619352

Micky and Angela are so fucked!

No. 619369

So wait? she actually filing a police report?

No. 619619

I went to highschool with this piece of work, anyone got the name of the current boyfriend?

No. 619674

Why? and proof?

No. 619676


No. 619682

Why is she reposting the goddamn funyun from >>615599

No. 619707

curious on what loser from my hometown would hook up with that.

No. 619715

you got a year book btw? i wanna know how her real life pics look

No. 619748

So what exactly is this gonna do? Micky gonna get fined or something? I feel like they won't take internet slandering serious to be honest.

No. 619761

File: 1529820071348.jpg (228.09 KB, 1080x953, Screenshot_20180624-020046_Sam…)

No. 619794

they were broken up…

No. 619803

Lol as always this is so fake.
She just had to mention in her fake ass story that the girl absolutely wanted to be friends with her as if that'd ever happen unless they're actually uglier than mickey.
And of they broke up then what's the issue, unless Mickey is just that mad at the girl for dating someone she wanted to hook her hands into.

No. 619872

I don’t think it’s a police report it’s a defamation claim. Micky and Angela claimed Amina spread CP which is serious as hell. Not to mention Micky gave Amina a death threat. Claiming someone is involved with CP is super serious so it’s for sure libel

No. 619875

I wonder why Amina, Micky and himeka hate each other so much. They're all black and they all aspire to make a living whoring themselves to old men. You'd think they'd be best friends.

No. 619887

Some black girls can't stand seeing others do what they want to do better than they can. Amina is cute enough to get minor attention in Japan and be decent at sex work, Micky and Angela are too fat and stupid for all that.

It's why Micky only hypes other "kawaii" black girls who are landwhales like her or ugly. They aren't threatening.

No. 619891

Idk I think Amina looks awful in pictures that aren't professionally taken. I think people over hype how attractive she is. They're all chubby weeaboos who need to get real jobs before they end up become old used up whores.

No. 619893

Difference between micky and amina, is amina knows how to dress. micky is bad at dressing herself

No. 619894

Because they're both competition for each other; therefore, they can't be friends and work together. Jealousy and inadequacy runs deep within these girls.

No. 619895

i mean, look at the outfits she wore to school / photos of her in threads/ and her fucking homecoming outfit was terrible

No. 619897

I feel bad for all 3 because they're all too dumb to realize how much time they're wasting. Wtf are they gonna do when they're in their 30s?they have put so much bullshit online I highly doubt any respectable man is going to want to marry them. They're all gonna be stuck with ugly ass white weeaboos, that's going to be their only dating options.

No. 619898

File: 1529845156731.png (150.1 KB, 371x287, Screen Shot 2018-06-24 at 7.58…)

No. 619899

File: 1529845189298.jpg (260.12 KB, 960x720, 1409504984238.jpg)

No. 619900

File: 1529845277229.jpg (498.1 KB, 1280x1920, 1409528816499.jpg)

these are the things she actually wore to school

No. 619901

You say that like those aren't their only dating options right now. At least Amina's seems wealthy enough to support some sort of lifestyle.

No. 619904

I don't think Amina's bf would ever marry her. Especially considering the fact that he's 100% ok with her fucking other men for a living, he clearly doesn't care that much about her. This is probably just a sexual/sugar baby thing and will end once she starts aging. Well at least unlike Micky and himeka she can speak Japanese, so their might be hope for her in the future. I imagine all of them will end up single mothers in the near future.(derailing)

No. 619909

She seems to make enough money on her own so I doubt she’d need to get married. Even then her boyfriend seems to be public about their relationship and she’s openly a whore. In this liberal age some men may not care. There are worse things you can be than a whore.

No. 619911

When has Micky does sex work(no selling dusty nudes on Snapchat doesn’t count)?

No. 619913

She hasn't now but with the way things are going she probably will in the future. All of them have this weird desire to get validation from old men. Maybe not Micky as much, Micky just seems like a delusional fat weeaboos. I think Amina and himeka legit have daddy issues.

No. 619915

Micky talked about wanting a sugar daddy, but we all know her musty funyun ass isn't going to get one with anything she's got to offer.

No. 619918

Lots of basic bitches talk like that

No. 619922

Didn’t she meet his mom?

No. 619942


Amina is going to school to get her degree (Psychology I think). So, she'll definitely have opportunities when she stops doing sex work. Micky and Angela on the other hand are content on sitting on their asses and begging people for money to spend on dumb, worthless shit

Amina didn't say anything about hating either of them. The problem stems from Angela and Micky having an overwhelming sense of insecurity, jealousy, and unwillingness to change.

No. 619962

The thing is, Micky could do sex work but she severely overestimates herself and what she has to offer. Surrounding her online persona with an echo chamber that tells her how speshul and kawaii she is has distorted how she thinks everyone else outside of that perceives her.
She was trying to become a sugar baby by offering occasional nudes and company. No meetups, no sex, nothing. She doesn't actually want to do the "work" aspect of the job. She expects that people will pay for her crusty, edited nudes.
It's not hard to get people on Tumblr to buy something off your Amazon wish list. But looking at actual sex work communities reveals that she's hardly in high demand.
There are already plenty overweight girls, black girls, kawaii uguu loli girls, any niche she could possibly be trying to fill, who are all prettier, sexier, and who actually try to fulfill the needs of their clients to make money.
She thinks she's "above" all of that because of her very, very miniscule internet presence. She needs a hard slap in the face from life.

No. 619978

Honestly, she would greatly benefit from just kicking her internet additction, getting a better job and minding her fucking business. She's not cut out of any of the things she wants to be a part of.

No. 620133

File: 1529869894228.jpg (307.89 KB, 1079x1123, Screenshot_20180624-154450_Sam…)


>Even past boyfriends made me feel that way

No Micky, you purposefully present yourself that way. It is your own fault.

>today is our two month anniversary

So you've been cheating for two months? God, that's fucked up.

No. 620144

File: 1529870273028.jpg (385.67 KB, 1080x1344, Screenshot_20180624-155346_Twi…)

Yet, she still doesn't understand why keep treating her the way they do.

No. 620165

File: 1529871153875.jpg (58.9 KB, 1080x2094, 35483200_678380262504130_26493…)

She posted her cringy rap to her ig story.

No. 620282

Seems like someone's been listening to saweetie.

No. 620298

damn. you must have a pretty pathetic group of friends.

No. 620373

Anyone notice (somebody) just made a thread against Amina?

No. 620389

i don't think anyone thinks she's cute but compared to the all the black weebs she's obviously the most attractive. but weebs in general aren't that cute so standards in the community tend to be lower.

No. 620392

>Because they're both competition for each other

implying amina would be jealous of either micky or himeka lmfao

No. 620403

File: 1529882991391.jpg (722.15 KB, 1080x1724, Screenshot_20180624-192625_Twi…)

Lol Micky stop reposting thw sane fucking gif. No one care. Also, she's wasting money on more bots for Twitter.

No. 620414

File: 1529883259296.jpg (493.86 KB, 1080x1617, Screenshot_20180624-193237_Sam…)

She's trying to come off as one those edgy, petite, pastel girls but she just looks like a cringy, fat, ddlg weirdo.

No. 620420



No. 620444

Obviously. Not to mention making threads about are against the rules since it's nothing more than a vendetta. It's best to just report and ignore it.

No. 620451

how do you guys even know it micky

No. 620453

File: 1529884583348.gif (2.88 MB, 198x248, tumblr_inline_pauq926xEc1tzbme…)

Here the gif of >>620414

She posted it on here tumblr with the tag yandere. The second hand embarrassment is real.


No. 620460

watch her get mad at the dudes in her mentions. BITCH TAKE THE OPORTUNITY SINCE U IS SELLING "LEWDS" and already cheatin on your 2 month old boyfriend

No. 620471

File: 1529885655141.jpg (137.13 KB, 1064x394, Screenshot_20180624-201112_Twi…)

It's funny she retweeted this considering the tweet and ig post she made here >>618564

No. 620479

Did she think that awkwardly rotating her body in this gif the entire time will make her somehow appear less obese? Oh girl.

No. 620483


this 'aesthetic' only works for really thin girls, what is she thinking

No. 620487

File: 1529887364139.jpg (65.99 KB, 1077x353, Screenshot_20180624-204203_Sam…)

Micky, don't act tough. We know you're scared.

No. 620507

File: 1529888916393.jpeg (124.93 KB, 844x185, F1B2A439-006A-4A72-9692-134036…)

O o f
Micky this isn't a cute little thigh squish
It's just you refusing to admit that something doesn't fit

No. 620516

File: 1529889316923.png (5.51 MB, 1125x2001, 58526DDF-A5A6-440B-A3C7-FF159F…)

Oh hey look what I got :) his name is hunter

No. 620517

she the reason why small and medium sizes outfits are out of stock

No. 620519

i cant stand people named hunter, they got issues

No. 620527

Why did you post this pic, it was already in the thread. Also, your profile pic is showing.

No. 620529

File: 1529890080377.png (1.01 MB, 1125x2001, 3B3E561A-937A-41CF-A561-C7F918…)

I hate When she lies and cries on social media this bitch really wants to be validated

No. 620532

Ur pic is still showing anon…..

No. 620533

This was already posted too. Read the thread before you post. >>617864

No. 620538


lmao hope amina puts this in her report agaisnt micky. she's acting like such a try hard bitch

No. 620539

Honestly I can't wait till her trash ass fucking boyfriend leaves her. I showed him all her 4chan pics this bitch literally cried about the shit all on Facebook and Instagram. She deactivated her Facebook for now.

No. 620540

I just called her out she tryna act hard now

No. 620543

I’m afraid to shit on your name micky. I ain’t gonna hide behind anon bitch I’m right here. So what if you saw my insta pro pic!! What you thought i was gone hide?!?!? Ahahahahah bitch you crazy.(pure autism)

No. 620544

>old milk
>too new to check catalog and find Micky thread, posts entirely new one
>gets redirected to the right thread, posts stale milk again
>profile pic showing
So, this is the power of Amina sending her friends over here in the midst of her lolsuit.

No. 620545

she gonna get mad and doxx you, watch

No. 620546

You're just embarrassing yourself.

No. 620548

Go ahead and put your name down. I wanna see who I’m talking too. You bad right?? Run your mouth bitch

No. 620549

I ain’t embarissing shit. She can get mad. I don’t care. Let her. She ain’t gone do shit except for fake her suicide again and cry.

No. 620550

This is obnoxious.

No. 620551

what a retard. you’re in no place to even talk about micky kek

No. 620553

i just searched you and your actually decent looking.

No. 620555

look at you anon, yeeee

No. 620556

anyways sage yall shit, stop arguing

No. 620558

we know it’s you complimenting yourself, christlyn

No. 620560

This is the bhad bhabie or danielle broccoli song..

No. 620561

you didn’t sage kek

No. 620562

Are your eyes and asshole reversed?

No. 620563

no im a different anon. i mean atleast she aint afraid of micky doxxing her, if so she can take her to court, yeeee

No. 620564

Nah what’s obnoxious is her lying about everything goddam thing. Always wanna be victim. Bitch ain’t gonna one up shit. I got that hoe on hush mode. . What these people said about her last year is true man she ain’t shit. I used to be her biggest fan but now she’s absolute trash to me now. No respect for a bitch that wanna be hard but can’t line her shit up. Always riding dick ain’t got it together…

No. 620566

ignore cow
your just spamming the thread with your bs fight.
keep spamming and both of you guys will get banned from the thread

No. 620568

I ain’t gonna anonymously compliment myself bitch I’m cute and I know it

No. 620571

I’m not spamming people need to see what type of person she really is. Y’all been shitting on her her so why not continue

No. 620574

Uh ain’t killing no body. Micky just fake

No. 620575

guys chill and ignore, or get banned.

No. 620576


No. 620577

thank you and be careful. micky will try and accuse you of things >>620576

No. 620579

>all profiles labeled "Christlyn osborne" are either deleted or have pictures that are extremely filtered/unattractive

No. 620582

Oh I already know. Nothing about micky surprises. I think her real name Is like mikayla it’s just spelled differently

No. 620583

No. 620584

she’s having a whole conversation with herself lmfao


No. 620588

Nah somebody was replying I think it was micky

No. 620589

Micky and her "pro blackness" , would've said that she profits off the black community and racist when, bhad bhabie sorta is,,,, stereotyping how black people act saying in instagram video "i wanna be black".

this shows that micky is a fake pro black, she rather, profit off black girls are kawaii for the clout, retweets, followers, etc

i still wont forget that she is a colorist pig
and said "n#gger bitches"

No. 620590

both bhad bhabie and micky trash, aint no in between

No. 620592

her name is mikaila jones

No. 620594

did you not read the thread at all? her real name is listed in the OP

No. 620595

This girl literally tried to convince people that she has “privileges” just cause she’s lightskin

No. 620596

who micky

No. 620597

No. 620598

i can’t tell if she’s a schizo or a sperg or both

No. 620600


No. 620601

Who’s that’s pic of the girl with insta pfp

No. 620602

>not saging
>sudden influx of samey posts

seems like another calf has come meandering from the shadows

No. 620603

Das Brittany Venti

No. 620604


i think christlyn but honestly dont go after her

No. 620605

File: 1529893216565.jpeg (437.55 KB, 2048x2048, F0DF272D-A64E-4F41-8D01-084C46…)

You're literally just a Micky clone who got mad about the lightskin shit lol

No. 620606

i cant tell if she trying to be satire or serious

No. 620609

this is so pathetic

No. 620610

Whoa there I’m literally nothing like micky. I don’t lie about being abused and antisocial then reblog it for clout. Suicide is real man micky does that shit for attention. Yes Iikw that kawaii stuff. It’s cute I mean who doesn’t? But not like micky. She makes it toxic asf now

No. 620612

I’m sorry but I really don’t believe in privileges y’all. That’s ignorant to me.

No. 620613

atleast you owning up
unlike amina and micky in the threads. they hide by anon

No. 620615

ok that's fine but the board has rules and you're gonna get banned so enjoy getting fucked by some guy who wishes he could be a pedophile or whatever

No. 620616

I literally have nothing to hide. Yes I post half naked pics on my insta but on god I’m far from micky. We used to be real cool but that girl toxic as fuck yall. Y’all real life called her out and she deadass hiding. I don’t like how she lies about the abuse. That shit really pisses me off.

No. 620618

File: 1529894005187.png (25.41 KB, 508x99, Screen Shot 2018-06-24 at 9.32…)

No. 620621

bitch petplay gear prolly smell like moldy cum

No. 620622

holy shit can you please leave no one cares about your advanced level sperging about micky. also yes you’re both cows

No. 620623

wasn't this the girl that Micky sperged out over saying that she was triggered?
you're pretty cringe yourself. Is this really the legacy you want to leave behind on the internet?
tinfoiling but the apostrophes are the same? pretty sure >>620584 is right and this girl is just carrying on with herself

No. 620624

just ignore omg

No. 620626

absolutely talking to herself. every post thats unsaged within the past hour is her

No. 620627

Definitely not talking to myself. People are responding to me.

No. 620640

Are we sure this isn't micky impersonating her to make her look bad or smth

No. 620642

Nah it’s me.

No. 620643

here's your internet medal, stop derailing this thread with your cringey internet slang.

No. 620648

Micky get the fuck. You weren’t saying shit earlier so don’t come for me now. You’re late sweetie.

No. 620649

keyboard warrior

No. 620651

Funny, this is the same knife Shay/Dolly Mattel posted recently. Micky skinwalking her prostitute idols I guess?

No. 620652

making a new thread due to spam

No. 620653

>usage of aint, tryna, yee (and other internet slang)
>poor grammar (your instead of you're)
>lack of sage
pretty sure you should stop talking to yourself, Christlyn.

No. 620655

Micky's not autistic (or intelligent) enough to convincingly change her typing style, edit a screencap to have someone else's profile picture and spam her own thread impersonating some girl no one here has ever heard of for no discernible reason. This is just what happens as a result of Amina publicly mentioning Lolcow's name, causing all her hood acquaintances and friends who have never used a chan board to come "investigate".

No. 620658

Oh no I’m not here to investigate I specifically wanted to speak on micky

No. 620659

holy shit are all the anons here retarded or retarded, just report as spam or ignore

and please do make a new thread, sick of this spam shit

No. 620660

i'm not micky, you incompetent fuck. learn to sage before spamming the thread.

No. 620661

I spell all my words correctly thank you very much.

No. 620662

Bitch I didn’t spam shit

No. 620665

>not saging
>i'm not spamming hurdur
please stop

No. 620669

?? What is with all the weirdly specific vendetta posts here? Did Amina’s post bring all the retards out of their corral?

No. 620673

It's one person that Micky had argued with here. >>616922
She was here before but only started sperging after seeing the newer posts in regards to Amina calling out Micky. Hopefully she gets banned soon.

No. 620676

For the newfags: read the rules, don't shit up the thread, learn to sage, and don't namefag. Anonymity is the key to being a good farmer. Learn to integrate and you won't be banned.

No. 620677

nice find anon, she seems unhinged

No. 620683

so funny how everyone on this thread is anonymous obsessing over Micky. admit it you guys are jealous and giving her the attention for her to grow platforms

1. accused of little mistakes
2. pounce on her past so goddam much + she has change
3. stalks her on everything
4. insult her body
5. defends her bullies being so biased

micky going to laugh at you all for making her big
just like TMZ and drama platforms people get big

so keep talking all this crap about her
she loves jealous bitches making threads of her social media persona(k)

No. 620687

>Lolcow, a Chinese fish-farming forum, is on the same level as TMZ
The delusion is real.

No. 620691

publicly making fun of a girl she hates while claiming to be so "positive uwu", admitting to masturbating to that girl and wishing death on her isn't a "little mistake". take your retarded whiteknighting elsewhere.

No. 620699

Them thinking anyone would be jealous of Micky for any reason is pretty delusional too. It's likely her saying this stupid shit though.

No. 620703

lel imagine actually being this retarded. she's had threads for ages and the only thing big about her is the number she sees on her scale. go back to sucking her asshole on tumblr/facebook.

No. 620735

she cant even actually conceal the knife because her skirt has to be right below her tits to fit wow

No. 620739

why bother lifting the skirt? the knife is already on full display

No. 620755

Mick was right
This thread is so pressed(k)

No. 620766

File: 1529907545463.jpg (538.67 KB, 1080x1167, Screenshot_20180625-021719_Sam…)

How is she ok with people seeing her filthy ass room? I would be ashamed to post that.

No. 620781

The delusion of mikaila and her friends is so fascinating to me. There is genuinely, objectively nothing attractive about her and I know everyone has a different idea of beauty but even besides her looks she's such an ugly person inside. Toxic, a liar, two faced like.. Its so interesting how far people can delude themselves.

No. 621099

The new Amina thread is locked and is on auto sage. This is only going to fuel Micky and Angela’s theories that Aminyan secretly runs lolcow

No. 621137

exactly. she's ugly, fat, unemployed, and has an ugly boyfriend. why would anyone be jealous? people hate her because she's a manipulative bully, plain and simple.

No. 621139

File: 1529949803582.jpg (1.24 MB, 1920x2560, 18-06-25-14-03-14-709_deco.jpg)

Micky retweeted the tweet at the top, so I you know I had to make this edit.

No. 621173

Micky literally had her white friends on this post making fun of nappy hair

No. 621296

The thread was locked because the majority of the posts were related to Micky and Angela. There's no point to another thread when everything can easily be put in one of those two threads.

No. 621377

File: 1529966382317.jpg (188.91 KB, 1070x848, Screenshot_20180625-183750_Twi…)

>I'm too lazy to be anon

Micky, we're not stupid. We know you'd harass someone anonymously here or on tumblr. You've done it before.

No. 621379

File: 1529966460829.jpg (178.05 KB, 1080x790, Screenshot_20180625-183815_Twi…)

Another one of her cringy raps, I'm guessing.


Lol Please go back to your special ed classes.

No. 621397

The highlighter on the tip of her nose makes it look like a clown nose in white

No. 621410

This is why cringe compilations exist

No. 621435

File: 1529970970882.jpg (34.84 KB, 583x438, mirror-pep-talk.jpg)

>go run to the internet and talk ur shit

No. 621594

File: 1529986126322.jpg (663.93 KB, 810x1743, Screenshot_20180625-235330_Sam…)

No. 621601

File: 1529987215989.jpeg (659.5 KB, 1125x2262, 1529944253683.jpeg)

DollyMattels fupa daddy is reblogging Mickey lmao

No. 621611

File: 1529987935550.jpg (1.98 MB, 2560x2560, 18-06-26-00-36-27-965_deco.jpg)


It's just a super stretched out costume. The sizing for this costume is on the small side, even for M/L. Just to show how stretched out and ill fitting it is, I found a stock image of it and put it next to Micky's pic.

No. 621613

File: 1529987958785.jpg (2.06 MB, 2560x2560, 18-06-26-00-19-54-466_deco.jpg)

No. 621619

WELP. also lmao at her being so insecure about these latest pics on the thread that she felt the need to prove she doesn't look dumpy? maybe next she'll start shooping her forehead smaller.

No. 621628

File: 1529989399106.jpg (90.37 KB, 1000x666, ZoczhIF.jpg)

she can't even fit the top of it properly holy shit

No. 621660

File: 1529992184304.jpeg (472.83 KB, 1242x1511, A87439B5-6E4A-4716-B914-66D704…)

When there's a Freudian slip in your sadgirl post

No. 621662

File: 1529992603511.png (1.28 MB, 1045x754, rip.png)

It's so stretched out. You can even see one of the seams starting to tear along her waistline.

Sounds about right.

No. 621686


I just wanna know when she's going to stop hiking up her skirt and covering her vag as if she has to pee. Like who told her this was flattering???

No. 621687

KEK that poor dress has been through so much

No. 621735

File: 1530002318910.png (61.75 KB, 381x779, mickymoo.png)

A gift

No. 621743

File: 1530002929211.jpg (198.09 KB, 1080x831, Screenshot_20180626-044531_Sam…)


Besides this being a very bitchy way of thinking, this is also hilarious coming from her. She's one of the biggest copy cats around. So, idk why she's worried.

No. 621782

File: 1530006863635.jpg (802.01 KB, 810x2888, Screenshot_20180626-052757_Twi…)

Yet, she keeps wondering why people only care about sexually things with her. That's all she presents. She's one dimensional.

No. 622041

She's literally said before, pretty sure ITT that she gets everything from AliExpress lmao. I wish she'd stop acting like she's on the cusp of alternative fashion. Pleated skirts and shirts with slutty sayings on them is hardly original.

No. 622097

look out Sebastian Masuda, there's a new hip alternative fashion style kween in town

No. 622159

File: 1530040517504.jpg (76.55 KB, 1080x360, Screenshot_20180626-151411_Sam…)

No. 622175

That's not even how bipolar disorder works lmfao. Does she think no people with bipolar disorder exist to know she's full of shit?

No. 622177

I think she's full of it if she claims to have bipolar.

No. 622269


Jesus christ micky just go and get off instead of livetweeting your thirst and then complaining that horny fuckboys bother you all the time


Fucking hell, her style is just anything that was trendy on Tumblr 2 years ago manufactured by a shady Chinese company

No. 622376


I'll never understand how she though she could talk shit about amina's wig being pulled back, but her hairline is trying to run away from her face.

No. 622391

that's not even grasping the tip of the iceberg. she wears a care bears costume 4 sizes smaller than her body and stretches it out so much the seam is beginning to tear >>621662. she poses like she's a 5 year old asking to go pee-pee in all of her pictures. she's really audacious to shade amina's looks being the absolute trainwreck that she is.

No. 622573

To go to a public convention with an outfit that is visibly ripping apart. Classy.

No. 622597

so npd isn’t cool to her anymore? kek

No. 622704

File: 1530098057011.jpg (253.26 KB, 1080x1239, Screenshot_20180627-041957_Twi…)

She has a job and a boyfriend she could get money from, but fuck it. She would rather just cheat instead

No. 622705

File: 1530098117758.jpg (335.59 KB, 810x1640, Screenshot_20180627-041856_Twi…)

It's gross she's posting this after being exposed for saying she'd be happy if someone she harassed died.

No. 623063

File: 1530135561383.jpg (238.78 KB, 1080x938, Screenshot_20180627-142236_Twi…)

No. 623066

File: 1530135697007.jpg (462.96 KB, 809x1525, Screenshot_20180627-174103_Twi…)


No. 623080

kek did she think this was a dude or something ??

No. 623132

File: 1530143644472.jpg (213.67 KB, 1080x1080, Screenshot_20180627-195248_Twi…)

Probably. I wonder how long it'll be before she runs off from Twitter and calls it toxic. lol

No. 623226

File: 1530151892875.png (201.59 KB, 1258x732, Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at 10.1…)

No. 623232

File: 1530152398723.png (131.02 KB, 578x276, Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at 9.19…)

she blocked her >>623226

No. 623234

File: 1530152552397.png (166.26 KB, 621x546, Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at 9.21…)

No. 623245

File: 1530153697902.png (69.73 KB, 611x385, Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at 9.31…)

Who do you guys think it is
armina or micky?

i think its armina

No. 623246

File: 1530153784913.png (43.19 KB, 619x278, Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at 9.30…)

more #kawaiiblackgirls tweets

No. 623251

File: 1530154053791.png (56.08 KB, 629x311, Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at 9.27…)


this is days old reply but here

No. 623268

lmao because she didn't go "it's okie!!! UwU we are all learning it's fine btw ur so pretty!!!" like micky expects people to do, she gets blocked for being a Big Toxic Bully
Micky talks so much shit but can't stand being called out lmao

No. 623328

File: 1530160263999.png (155.86 KB, 630x677, Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at 11.2…)

No. 623329

File: 1530160285229.png (121.05 KB, 629x697, Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at 11.2…)

No. 623331

File: 1530160337290.png (39.85 KB, 571x117, Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at 11.2…)

You made your life public and always in people's shit 24/7

No. 623339

Only of handful of people still "look up to her" and support her and she acts like a catty bitch to them. Nice Micky.

You and your bf literally look like this >>618828

No. 623349

What exactly does she have that anyone would be jealous of? She buys followers, most people in her respective communities hate her and find her annoying, she lies about everything, she's obese, her hygiene is terrible, her clothes and room stay dirty, her makeup is greasy, her hair always looks old and unkempt, she's manipulative, and she's a bigot. And that's just off the top of my head. None of that is desirable nor is it worth being jealous over.

No. 623350

She also works for less than minimum wage at a shitty local diner and lives with her parents. I cannot think of one thing to be jealous of tbh.

No. 623353

File: 1530163703131.jpg (342.38 KB, 1080x1078, Screenshot_20180628-012450_Twi…)

Exactly! Like, what on earth does she think she has that we or anyone would want?

She doesn't want drama yet actively seeks it out. Pic related.

No. 623558

you can tell a lot about a person who's only nice to people when they kiss her ass. the girl replying to micky is in the right here and is, like many other previous followers, giving her sound advice she'd benefit from listening to. but i guess you can't be decent to someone if they're not saying something with emojis and compliments.

No. 623675

File: 1530213536570.jpg (651.73 KB, 1078x1793, Screenshot_20180628-151757_Sam…)

She reposted her edgy knife pic. Idk why she thinks this intimidating in any way.

No. 623899

socks and open toes shoes?

No. 623930

And to think that's not even the worst shit she's worn lol

No. 623932

What are you talking about? Birkenstock's are the height of fashion - a kawaii loli must have.

No. 623984

>knaifu chan
Why is this so funny to me?

Are those even birkenstocks? They look like literal house slippers. Also, their nails both look dirty under that filter.

No. 624011

no those seem more like knockoffs of the fentyxpuma ribbon slides

No. 624080

File: 1530250580405.jpg (1.17 MB, 810x3502, Screenshot_20180629-013406_Sam…)

No. 624082

File: 1530250860356.jpg (913.32 KB, 810x2832, Screenshot_20180629-013935_Sam…)

She got called out about her Japanese in the comments. Lol

No. 624143

Why are her Sim's teeth yellow?

No. 624146

there's one set that has a few gold teeth. ofc she used that one. and kek that shitty quality, she probably has to play it with the settings on low.

No. 624151

And then she promptly deleted all of those comments lol, I don't know Japanese but obviously she wasn't all that confident in it.

It's really clear this is based off of her (or, what she thinks she looks like). Oof.

No. 624164

That's the same person who called her out on spelling the romaji of "knife" as "knaifu" instead of "naifu". I wonder how much longer until she finally snaps on this person with passive aggressive twitter posts and backhanded comments.

No. 624239

File: 1530278445998.jpg (215 KB, 1075x876, Screenshot_20180629-085338_Sam…)

She deleted those comments too. She can't handle criticism at all. Also, considering he's male and she's ridiculously sexist, it won't be long before she blocks him. She's so spineless. Lol

No. 624245

File: 1530279143611.jpg (87.46 KB, 1080x2094, 35928135_209371099886903_38506…)

She posted this on her stories. She can afford to go to Warped Tour and buy an expensive Japanese backpack but getting something worthwhile like a gym membership or a semidecent car is suddenly too much to handle? Hell, she was complaining about a cheap ass choker not too long ago. She clearly only says she's poor to try and manipulate people into feeling sorry and giving her money.

No. 624252

That fit at most is $35 on Fashion Nova…

No. 624267

She used お instead of を and doesn't even know how to replace kana with kanji on a keyboard, what a fucking mong. Literally everyone who has taken a single lesson of Japanese knows how to write 日本. Sorry for weeb sperg.

No. 624274

File: 1530284251310.jpg (139.44 KB, 1080x2094, 35986753_1875362139427627_1077…)

Lol Does she really think this is some kind of achievement? I swear her stories are just filled with stupid shit.

No. 624281

why did she make her sim white

who would even be making that very specific search lmfao

No. 624286

Lmao it’s not like some blog or pintrest posted that picture and she’s ~Internet famoos~. That picture on google is directly from her blog and shows up on google because of her hashtagging.

No. 624335

File: 1530291297575.jpg (68.88 KB, 1080x2094, 35574433_218455052211955_23677…)

Ofc Micky the bully would say blackmailing someone into doing something she wants is a "mood". Gross fucker.

No. 624474

File: 1530300802934.jpg (1 MB, 810x2602, Screenshot_20180629-153106_Sam…)


These are laughably bad. The expression, the editing, the backwards skirt that's on button, the too small shirt, the shitty background, etc. This is a masterpiece of bad.

No. 624476

File: 1530300849569.jpg (49.36 KB, 304x600, tumblr_pb3gfrh0Rp1uctaoto1_400…)

No. 624478

File: 1530300872759.jpg (54.47 KB, 308x600, tumblr_pb3gfrh0Rp1uctaoto2_400…)

No. 624479

File: 1530300889419.jpg (90.55 KB, 417x810, tumblr_pb3gfrh0Rp1uctaoto3_540…)

No. 624482

"gonna be late for school"

No. 624488

File: 1530301940705.png (454.32 KB, 545x398, ZV6zxp4.png)

Is that the only skirt she owns?

No. 624496

File: 1530302406078.jpg (681.11 KB, 810x2598, Screenshot_20180629-155805_Sam…)

It's the only normal skirt she thinks she can fit. Her make up reminds me of that shitty eye makeup newbie western gyaru would do.

No. 624569

File: 1530307226747.jpg (495.29 KB, 810x2333, Screenshot_20180629-172035_Sam…)

No. 624618

Sis, your face does not look like that. Who do you think you’re foolin’?

No. 624620

How the fuck is that nanchatte seifuku? It doesn't look like a school uniform at all. This is probably the worst eye shoop I've seen from her, her eyes look like they're melting

No. 624734

She honestly looks like that Raychiel girl minus the T-rex/rotisserie chicken legs

No. 624752

File: 1530316156684.jpg (1.66 MB, 1920x2560, 18-06-29-19-45-38-015_deco.jpg)

The only thing her pics are good for are showing how not to dress for certain styles.

She probably decided to try and copy Raychiel's weird face shoops because it looks "cute".

No. 624834

because muh light skin uwu~*

bitch thinks she legit has that complexion

No. 625029

Her editing is so bad, her eyes are two different sizes and her makeup is all warped out.

No. 625089

Now shes gonna start saying she invented that makeup style and everyone is copying her. clearly gyaru makeup.

No. 625117

But anon, didn't you know? Micky invented gyaru.

No. 625325

That, and that if it wasn't for her, no black girls would ever get into nanchatte seifuku or kogyaru. She invented the entire kawaii black girl movement, don't forget.

No. 625676

she really went and photoshopped her edges cos we pointed out she's bald lmao

No. 625716

File: 1530385241238.jpg (141.2 KB, 1080x708, Screenshot_20180630-145937_Twi…)

Does she mean the same men she lied about her age to? Or the same men people told her to stay away from but she ignored the warnings and claimed everyone was just jealous?

No. 625754

What a great thing for future employers to read.

No. 625764

I wouldn't be surpirsed if she was put on the FBI watchlist already for all the shit she says and retweets.

No. 625847

the fbi must have better things to do than monitor a weeaboo hambeast. she's chickened out of fistfights before, doubt she'd ever hurt a fly, not because she's kind but because she's inept.

No. 625865

I mean, if you say things like she's said, it's bound to happen. Regardless to if she actually follows through or not.

No. 625938

I'm Canadian, so correct me if I'm wrong, but don't they actively monitor for certain words, terms and/or phrases with little to no regard as to whom or where it was said?

Mickey can be just as irrelevant as she wants to be, but were she to make death threats etc., keywords would clue them in to what she said, and she'd get flagged or whatever the fuck it is they do to that kind of thing?

No. 626010

Pretty much. They won't take any action unless she actually follows through though.

No. 626109

File: 1530419166979.jpg (1.35 MB, 809x3716, Screenshot_20180701-002537_Sam…)

I can smell her stank breath through these pics.

No. 626119

her skills with the dodge tool and healing brush are getting worse.

No. 626145

File: 1530423351268.jpg (584.89 KB, 1078x1360, Screenshot_20180701-013153_Twi…)

She retweeted this as if it doesn't apply to her, when it definitely does.

No. 626240

File: 1530441880239.jpg (219.29 KB, 1076x845, Screenshot_20180701-064018_Twi…)

What is she talking about? Her voice is deep. It's probably deeper than before.

No. 626272

File: 1530448117592.jpeg (465.9 KB, 1242x818, C39B9FB9-0F50-401A-A5E9-27EA10…)

Can't touch her savings guys…… Has to buy a tablet for her shitty art….

No. 626311

>I listen to so much anime music I actually became one of the uwu loli vocalists uwu

God damn that's so embarrassing/stupid. Her "new" voice must sound forced

No. 626375

Her face looks greasy with all the highlighter

No. 626461

File: 1530468497824.jpg (490.37 KB, 809x2116, Screenshot_20180701-140700_Twi…)

Idk she just doesn't just block people after the first repsonse. Like, this wasn't worth a whole fucking tweet.

No. 626504

She’s the type of bitch to respond to an Indian asking to see bob and vagene

No. 626515

File: 1530475814759.jpg (148.91 KB, 1080x732, Screenshot_20180701-160423_Twi…)

She says that like she actually had a choice.

No. 626521

File: 1530475971496.jpg (339.74 KB, 1073x1441, Screenshot_20180701-161147_Sam…)

This is not even remotely close.

No. 626537

Replace one of these with asking other men to buy you things online
And another with throwing fits whenever someone brings up your lolcow thread
Then maybe she can say that it's like dating her.

No. 626618

File: 1530484601703.jpeg (2.04 MB, 1242x2055, E0C24751-B2E3-4033-9DED-DA2F00…)

No. 626637

File: 1530486160030.jpg (406.19 KB, 1080x1702, Screenshot_20180701-190239_Twi…)

This is tweet of someone desperately trying to get more followers.

No. 626741

sis..your boyfriend on soundcloud reblogs X musics and praises X

No. 626822

Bitch, you are cishet trash. Stfu.

No. 626829

And yet she praises her bf and all his choices

No. 626833

File: 1530503714169.jpg (340.06 KB, 1079x1407, Screenshot_20180701-225240_Twi…)

This shit is cringy. I would much rather them say nigga.

No. 626837

I rolled my eyes so hard it hurt.

X is absolute trash, I'll agree with her there, but she can't go off on everyone if she's letting her boyfriend slide doing the same shit.

Was it always private or did he just hide it? How tall is Micky again? This dude looks about 5'6" tops and 110 lbs. Not even manlet territory, poor dude looks like an edgy incel. Or like mentioned before a skinny CWC.

No. 626866

File: 1530509715052.jpg (206.22 KB, 1080x938, Screenshot_20180702-013306_Sam…)

No. 626868

File: 1530509768195.jpg (173.58 KB, 1080x986, Screenshot_20180702-013435_Sam…)

No. 626871

File: 1530510331225.jpg (769.21 KB, 1080x1896, Screenshot_20180702-014357_Twi…)

Did anybody here watch this? Did she bring up Amina and the other girl again?

No. 626872

File: 1530510345037.jpeg (117.64 KB, 1242x244, 0A5C02BB-E68D-4AB8-8BB8-84D645…)

She's such a hypocrite. She was saying all this stuff about Adam too, how nice and sweet and perfect he was and then as soon as they break up, he's a racist sexist abusive asshole.
Can't wait for this relationship to end so we hear about how horrible THIS guy was and how he never did anything for her.

No. 627055

File: 1530547018942.jpg (123.41 KB, 1080x521, Screenshot_20180702-115505_Twi…)

So, she can save up to meet some wack ass soundcloud rapper but can't save any money for a car? Lol Bullshit.

Exactly. It's the same shit, just a different guy.

No. 627950

File: 1530638873263.jpg (165.02 KB, 1069x732, Screenshot_20180703-132519_Sam…)


She should really refrain from reblogging shit like this. Especially since she claims to have been "bullied" and "suicidal". Those kind of people wouldn't post something like that.

No. 628004

File: 1530644510427.jpg (399.41 KB, 1080x1751, Screenshot_20180703-150113_Sam…)

No. 628023

she had to pay the girl that draws literally everyone kek

No. 628031

The artist deadass signed her name with the Korn font like it's 1998. Nu kek.

No. 628063

File: 1530648884641.jpeg (576.41 KB, 1241x1862, 0F27AF06-9E06-4CA6-BF51-660D64…)

D e e p

No. 628095


No. 628104

dedgirl6's artstyle looks like a 13-year-old emo's deviantart oc. all her characters look exactly the same. why tf do people hype up shit artists on instagram.

No. 628135

She looks like a fucking sissy.

No. 628170

>Likes being blocked out aka you have mutuals with this greasy troll
For shame, anon

No. 628182

File: 1530656345985.jpg (462.66 KB, 1080x1447, Screenshot_20180703-181822_Twi…)

She's trying real hard to get "queer" followers. Lol She really doesn't care about that shit. It's so obvious.

No. 628196

Don't judge too hard I swear lol. I'm local to her, there's a lot of crossover.

No. 628736

File: 1530724768665.jpg (407.38 KB, 810x1871, Screenshot_20180704-131622_Sam…)

She bought a tablet. Yet, still has saved up absolutely no money for a car.

No. 628784

File: 1530729163763.jpg (387.76 KB, 1080x1384, Screenshot_20180704-142952_Twi…)

Here she goes again trying to justify cheating on her boyfriend. Micky, you already waste money on clothes that don't fit, pricey concerts, and conventions. What difference will it make to buy the other shit you keep whining about? It's not like you're smart enough to properly save up money anyway.

No. 628785

File: 1530729177704.jpg (523.99 KB, 1080x1308, Screenshot_20180704-142515_Twi…)

No. 628818

Reminder that cider_baby is Adam, he has a girlfriend and is just being nice and she throws herself at him like this every time he interacts with her despite constantly saying "stop heart reacting my pics when you have a gf omggggg"

These look like something from aliexpress omg

No. 628842

Didn't even notice that was him. Yikes. She needs to chill. The brushes are from here:

There are similar ones for sell on Aliexpress though.

No. 628843

This looks vaguely traced. Especially in the face and body compared to the outfit.

No. 628848


artfag here but why does this need multiple layers?? lol you don't need anything but two layers for this, maybe…

No. 628858

It's really not that weird to use multiple layers for coloring, shading, sketch, lineart.

No. 628867

This seriously looks like she was trying to redraw internetslutclub's srt or something. It just looks really off.

No. 628868

She may have used a base. Wouldn't surprise me.

This, but her piece doesn't look like it would need more than two. Especially since she obviously doesn't sketch things out first.

No. 628879

File: 1530736656289.jpg (1.76 MB, 2560x1920, 18-07-04-16-34-29-519_deco.jpg)

So I put a drawing she did last year, next to the new one and it's obvious she's trying to imitate internetslutclub's style. She might have been eyeballing one her drawings when she made it.

No. 628938

internetslutclub/Jenny is also kind of a cow and she now draws a lot of gross things that align right with Micky's disgusting interests, so it isn't a surprise at all.

No. 628941

True, funny how people like Angela and Micky idolize her art and call it "goals" or "this is totes me" because it's not surprising at all. It's always "poc" art seemingly inspired by Angela(just speculation) and that Bratgrrl chick fucking old men

No. 629117

This looks like a really bad Bratz fan art

No. 629122

File: 1530760129542.jpg (290.63 KB, 810x1622, Screenshot_20180704-230306_Sam…)

She's definitely trying to be an internetslutclub copy.

No. 629562

File: 1530819039006.jpg (226.15 KB, 1080x1501, Screenshot_20180705-152842_Sam…)


Let me guess, she would rather someone call her a fat, ugly bitch who stinks and doesn't deserve shit?

No. 629698

File: 1530827907338.jpg (137.44 KB, 810x438, Screenshot_20180705-175642_Twi…)

Imagine paying for such shitty art.

No. 629702

File: 1530828236876.jpg (158.95 KB, 1080x796, Screenshot_20180705-175721_Twi…)

So then why do you look darker in candids?

No. 629703

File: 1530828290890.jpg (506.98 KB, 1080x1229, Screenshot_20180705-175601_Twi…)

*catfish season

No. 629716

File: 1530829751291.png (732.93 KB, 1024x600, 91ZHqwuOQiL (1).png)

I wish somebody with a twitter would respond with one of her candids next to her shooped monstrosities.

No. 629747

No. 629749

File: 1530832989627.gif (2.95 MB, 576x304, regina.gif)

stop trying to make that stupid ahegao expression you make in every picture happen, micky, you look brain damaged

No. 629776

File: 1530835166495.jpg (124.71 KB, 1080x2094, 36136481_463711684057315_59378…)

>buying a ticket just for clout

Girl, bye.

No. 629777

File: 1530835222258.jpg (122.34 KB, 1080x2094, 35999179_2136784133207979_2103…)

Who wants to take one for the team and watch it?

No. 629827

File: 1530840379501.jpeg (477.08 KB, 2048x2048, E3E2BFF5-B3DF-4A20-BA7D-17BC36…)

I watched for a second. She and her boyfriend already broke up, she's going to "focus on herself and her drawing, cause that's her new thing now".
She also went on a rant about minors is DDLG and said she was into petplay and being beat up, the usual shit.
And her voice is still as low as it's always been lol

No. 629831

File: 1530840646139.jpeg (475.12 KB, 2048x2048, BDC66C6B-6732-45CD-8050-353194…)

Went on about getting anon hate over her highlight and said everyone who did it was jealous and hated their life.

No. 629832

But anon, don't you know her voice has steadily been getting higher ever since she started singing kawait uguu crap.

No. 629833

That massive tummy roll underneath her too small shirt. "Weird" how she looks a whole mile wider in video.

No. 629837

Shes got to start wearing tops that fit her. She thinks she looks like an anime girl with uguu titty busting our of her uwu too small top but she just looks like an obese cow stretching out a regular sized shirt. Not a good look.

No. 629841

>She and her boyfriend already broke up

I'm fucking dying. Lol Did she call him racist and shit?

No. 629842

i can't fucking wait to find out what kind of alleged nazi child predator this one is gonna be

No. 629843

i heard single

No. 629846

i got the video, where should i upload archive her lives yall?

No. 629847

she saved her live for 24 hours but still by the way

No. 629854

File: 1530842211843.jpg (169.51 KB, 1080x884, Screenshot_20180705-215358_Twi…)

Curious to know if she did this. I'm sure most of it didn't fit properly.

YouTube or something similar.

No. 629882

it wasn't a try on haul or anything but while holding up the clothes and complaining about the quality(what do you expect from aliexpress), she did mention how some of the stuff didnt fit even though she ordered an XL lmao

No. 629903

What was she expecting? She clearly fits a 4X. There's nothing on that site for her. Lol

No. 629974

More cheap quality shit she spent her money on. What a waste

No. 629975

a chinese xl is almost a us size m. even then micky isn't a us xl lmao. 2xl for sure.

No. 629981

File: 1530851710792.jpg (452.22 KB, 810x4334, Screenshot_20180706-003316_Sam…)

Two things, she reactivated her Facebook. Two she mentioned Amina in her live, based on these comments.

No. 629984

File: 1530851793587.jpg (564.14 KB, 1080x1916, Screenshot_20180706-003433_Sam…)

Anybody want to clip together the parts about her bf and Amina for future reference?

No. 629989

i do
i might have to upload them on viemo or something

No. 629992

Go ahead and post when you upload them. Definitely will be useful in the future.

No. 630026

File: 1530855752360.jpg (1.28 MB, 809x3883, Screenshot_20180706-013955_Sam…)

No. 630029

Not surprised Izzabell Arcana is in her live comments. I’m friends w her on FB and she’s like Micky — just as milky and jealous

No. 630164

Damn it anon, I thought you were gonna deliver.

No. 630264

File: 1530893748986.jpg (932.42 KB, 808x2319, Screenshot_20180706-121032_Sam…)


Micky, showing off old pill bottles filled with medications you stop taking because you said they didn't work isn't going to make anyone with a functioning brain believe you have PTSD. You're notorious for lying about your life and this is no different. You're just like that cunt Momokun. Using your fake ass diagnosis to get the heat off of you. It's not hard to lie to doctors and we know you did just that because you post about everything you do. Fuck off with this shit already.