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File: 1643126845634.png (1.56 MB, 1295x975, Screen Shot 2022-01-25 at 10.4…)

No. 1426381

Etheral electronic-alternative hipster musician turned imperialist-friendly space bimbo devoted to whiteknighting Elon Musk and making lame TikToks. Billionaire exploiting his workers and enjoying his cringe celebrity phase.

>Born Claire Elise Boucher on March 17, 1988 in Vancouver

>changed her name to c, a letter symbolizing speed of light
>attendend McGill University with plans to double major in neuroscience and Russian; got expelled for skipping classes
>first began posting music in 2007 on Myspace, released music on Arbutus, 4AD, Roc Nation. In 2021 she signed to Columbia Records, cause „she needs money for her music videos” cause „Elon doesn’t give her money” (despite successfully making videos for years)
>got together with Elon Musk because they made the same cringey joke relating to theory of roko basilisk
>has a child with Elon Musk, they named him X AE A-XII Musk. (Who knows how it’s really pronounced, Grimes and Elon have different opinions on that matter)
>used to have „anti-imperialist” written in twitter bio, removed it after her relationship with Musk went public
>apparently current subject of Elon Musk’s bimbofication process, fills her face with botox, as well as getting countless other pricey plastic surgery procedurers, most probably to satisfy her boyfriend; Elon’s ex wives all mentioned he pressured them into dying their hair blond and getting surgeries.
>wrote on Twitter that Elon illegaly preventing employee unionization is „fake news”. Claimed she „investigated this heavily”
>spends most of the time whiteknighting Elon on TikTok
>walking bilboard for Tesla; starred as „cybergirl” in Tesla ad
>made „Visions” under the influence of Adderall (as well as hunger and cold rooms)
>both she and her boyfriend made public appearances visibly high on something
>made a „pro-climate change” album about goddess of climate change, relishing in human extinction, Miss Anthropocene. „My goal is to make climate change fun”
>Poppy drama: collabed with Poppy but resigned from publishing the song most probably after learning about what Poppy and Titanic Sinclair did to Mars Argo; Poppy leaked song nonetheless.
>the infamous Azealia Banks drama: Grimes invited Azealia to work together on some music. Azealia arrived at the mansion, but Grimes was too busy comforting Elon to care for the guest. Grimes left the house with her inconsolable boyfriend and in turn Banks was left alone and lost in their mansion for the rest of the weekend, later she wrote about everything on socials and posted her private conversations with Grimes, stating Elon just wanted Banks for a threesome. For some reason it took Grimes 3 years or so to react with a song „100% Tragedy” telling a story „how Azealia tried to destroy her career”. Saga continues
>various sources suggested other people write music and lyrics for her
>tried hard to make tumblrina DD/LG and gore lover Nicole Dollanganger famous
>claims she loves hentai

Elon Musk:
>CEO of Tesla and SpaceX
>more celebrity than enterpreneur
>both he and his family build their „empires” with questionable methods, to say lightly
>has benefited from Apartheid
>”Will coup whoever he wants!” Bolivia for example. „Deal with it!”
>exploits his workers; makes them work longer than average and underpays them
>uses kids to mine cobalt for his products
>pretends he cares for environment while actively contributing to destroying it
>Tesla workers report he’s an „awful boss who throws fits and treats people abominably”
>all he does in fact is firing people on a whim or throwing tantrums and calling everyone idiots
>posts lame boomer jokes and memes on Twitter, gets legions of devoted fanboys and whiteknights for being „relatable”
>”he only wants to save the world from population collapse! To set a good example!”
>wanted to save people stuck in a cave in Thailand by sending one of his shitty submarine toys to save them; when people got saved successfully without Elon’s stupid ideas, he threw an epic tantrum calling everyone „pedophiles”
>wants to „revolutionize transport”: in fact his car tunnels are useless claustrophobia capsule/guaranteed death, cause if something bad happends, the tunnel is so tight you can’t open doors and there’s no way for an ambulance/fire engine to get in
>he wants to own Mars too
>wants to air adverts in space
>has countless scorned ex-wives (for good reasons) and countless children he just produces as a side hobby and most probably doesn’t give a fuck about
>involved in various celebrity scandals


Old threads:

Thread #1: >>>/snow/1306047

No. 1426396

File: 1643127452851.jpg (193.57 KB, 750x726, F99C7A13-1616-4E60-864F-C8C36C…)

People have been speculating that Grimes could be pregnant again.

December 28, Grimes posts this photo to instagram. Could just be some art based on her being pregnant before, but a few people speculate regardless.

No. 1426397

Finally a new thread. Was wondering when it'd pop up considering they both deliver cringe on the regular

No. 1426402

File: 1643127608520.png (1.31 MB, 1124x1092, Screen Shot 2022-01-25 at 10.3…)

January 19, Elon tweets this meme about a positive pregnancy test. Could just be nothing, but some people speculate it's him dropping hints.

No. 1426405

File: 1643127863694.jpg (144.02 KB, 750x866, 5C346BBF-9273-4497-8F24-61CCEA…)

I woke up and saw this (posted yesterday) and thought she looked pregnant here. Maybe it's just me. But it pushed me to start looking into this more.

No. 1426409

No. 1426435

What is thissss her head is as big as her bump. Atrocious shoop

No. 1426439

File: 1643129645457.png (2.01 MB, 2612x1352, Screen Shot 2022-01-25 at 11.5…)

They have faved each other's tweets occasionally post-"breakup," but I see they haven't yet in the new year.

No. 1426441

Allegedly, they are still together. They faked a break up because her own fanbase was starting to hate her and pressuring her for her album that she has promised for ages now. She is trying to rebrand and he has side hoes in Texas. She is apparently gonna release music as Tesla earning calls come out.

No. 1426452

She's so pathetic, becoming a billionaires breeding mare while he fucks whoever he wants. One of the main reasons people were turning on her was she wouldn't shut the fuck up and acted like his free PR. If she had just dated him and let him fight his own battles her hardcore stans wouldn't care. But instead she's absolutely obsessed with making sure we know Elon is her boyfriend because I guess she thinks it's a flex?
The truth is all she's done is doomed her kid with an absent father, and he can flex his legal power at any point to remove her from that kids life. His older kids already have to go to school inside Tesla because he refuses to make time for them and that's the only way he'd ever see them.

No. 1426454

How does she look pregnant? That's her hair infront of her.

No. 1426530

One of the most powerful men in the world tweets screencapped memes like a like a karma farming 13-year-old. Also not super familiar with Evangelion but isn’t this chick Shinji’s guardian?

No. 1426582

File: 1643140288901.jpg (39.77 KB, 748x424, E9Q6N1_XsAMGJDl.jpg)

Yup, you're right. Dude is so out of touch posting 2014 era memes.
Wouldn't be the first time Elon and Grimes engaged in pseudo-incest though. Feel sorry for their kid.

No. 1426601

>Feel sorry for their kid.
what was the deal with his name again, was it really some code word for Michael or something

No. 1426615

kek wasn't it Kyle? according to Elon

No. 1426625

File: 1643144105309.png (600.91 KB, 822x978, 2112222.png)

On the subject of Grimes pedo inclinations. old stale milk but totally not surprised that she promoted Nicole's zine full of sexualized drawings of young-looking girls.

No. 1426649

sage for anime faggotry but yeah she's Shinji's guardian and she's at least 10 years older than his 14 years

No. 1426680

didn't she already make a song about elon and how he will always love space more than her, "player of games"

No. 1426745

File: 1643150748785.png (468.66 KB, 527x774, tresh.png)

She mentioned wanting to name an /eventual/ daughter 'Odysseus', she's probably not pregnant right now.

No. 1426749

Yes, and you can tell it was the first time she really took a stab at lyrics all on her own, no BloodPoop and Hana on Zoom to help her along. They read like a tumblr ~IC RP NO INTERACTS~ post.

No. 1426752

Can she just stop. She already has one kid that only got a dumb fucking name and a herd of nannies because his drugged up mother (sorry, his "Claire") is too busy making tiktoks and chasing after Muskrat. Really hard for me to believe she truly wants to have kids for any other reasons other than having some awful anime waifu pregnancy fetish or something.

No. 1426764

She also seems to like pregnancy because it's aesthetically "cool", makes her look like a goddess, and not because she genuinely wants to be a mother. She even said in one interview she doesn't like being called a mom and that she didn't try to teach him that word.

No. 1426765

File: 1643152060278.png (95.36 KB, 920x534, Screen Shot 2022-01-25 at 6.06…)

No. 1426766

anon my sides

No. 1426786

She was a fan of specific anime/loli drawings of a young/underage girl getting pregnant with an old guy. i might've even posted receipts in the 1st thread but i can't remember. bitch is living out her weaboo fantasies of being uwu powerful fertile anime queen. idk it seems fucked up to me

No. 1426826

I get real "never had a childhood" vibes from Elon sometimes. He desperately wants to be a millenial/zoomer Twitter user despite being a middle aged rich white guy with hair implants who buys million dollar steaks after fashion shows

No. 1426856

He didn't have a childhood

No. 1426858

Shinigami Eyes is so fucking lame. This bitch is like 6 years behind even EDM trends. Fucking rocket league menu sounding ass tune

No. 1426866

just saw the player of games video for the first time my fucking sides
>le epic star wars gaming chess game of throne video about my reddit boyfriend

No. 1426903

it's almost every unmarried middle aged man with money lmao

No. 1426905

>got together with Elon Musk because they made the same cringey joke relating to theory of roko basilisk
should be added it was actually her troon ex who came up with this joke

No. 1426964

So what's the deal with Elon? thought they split, but now they're baiting 2nd pregnancy? i don't think she's pregnant but, tinfoil 1: they still date, or at least date on and off but pretend they don't cause Grimes posts new music now and needs to stop pissing off her fandom. Tinfoil 2: they split but still meet to get fucked on drugs as usual

No. 1426983

Aside from semi-recent filming, it seems like Claire and little Bugatti Chiron haven't been far from Musk since their official split. My tinfoil is that he convinced her that their luv is too real for plebs to understand and they don't need a label. Meanwhile, he gets to play with other golddiggers while she drags the child around and films tiktoks. When Elon needs attention, Grimes is only a DM away.

No. 1426993

Wasn't most of her good music actually written by her troon ex? She was in a long term relationship with some tranny in the music industry who's definitely not a household name. I remember reading about it and how the troon produced nearly everything of value and that's why her current stuff sounds so fucking bad i.e >>1426858
I don't remember the troon's name or anything but I swear this was a thing.

No. 1426998

Not to mention Death Note is old asf. Absolutely hate seeing these two larp their 2006 weeby gaiaonline fantasies for the public, hope they both go to Mars and starve because there's no pocky or ramune to eat.

No. 1427031

she's not a pedo, it's just nlog self-objectification. "i'm cool and like loli porn for the aesthetic cause i'm badass"

No. 1427032

she's 26 in the anime, i never read the manga

No. 1427034

devon welsh is the non troon ex and he wrote a lot for her too

No. 1427036

James or something. I don't think i can even remember all the people that either are confirmed or speculated to have ghostwritten music for Grimes. Hana, James, Seb the manager, Majical Clouds, that chick who written My Name Is Dark, i believe there were even more which can be found in the beginning of her first thread.
Not a Grimes music fan nor expert as i literally cannot memorize any of her songs besides Flesh Without Blood or We Appreciate Power. but i really think all the praise she got was undeserved. all her career she tried hard to be the next Bjork and failing miserably. some of her songs makes me think of those tech dystopian future films in which men look at LED adverts of digital waifus for sale, which wear porny clothes and do that stupid myspace era cyber techno dance in tutu and fluffy legwarmers, and Grimes is the computer-generated weaboo filler music. her toddler voice is so jarring, Shinigami eyes trailer is just one big fucking shrill eye-piercing screech, kinda makes me wanna slap her through the screen for doing that voice shit.

No. 1427057

sfg, i meant ear-piercing, damn.
Player of Games is shit too, with that tacky super-strong-slayer-freshly-liberated! feeling of getting back at Elon by swinging around shitty lightsaber replica, especially when you know she either got back with him or will get back. plus she completely ruins the vibe by touching the lightsaber's… blade? idk how to call it. you know, in the movies it would melt/cut her hand off.

No. 1427067

it's embarrassing and disgusting and i don't feel bad for him. manchildren weren't bullied enough.

No. 1427113

This. if this manchild felt he didn't get enough in his childhood (barf) and wanted to relive his youth, he should just buy more of his rich idiot toys on Ebay and play in private in his playroom. not getting a company and playing "who gets fired today" version of blind man's buff with his workers.

No. 1427228

What the fuck, thank you for bringing this up. It's one thing she is having children because of her messed up animu fantasies, but I am seriously worried about their daughter if they actually have one. Imagine being raised by a mother who thinks pedophilia is cute (not sure if Muskrat knows about her taste).

No. 1427245

it seems like she is going for a 2000-2010 revival. Death Note, Tatu, Inna, 1990/2000 EDM. Sorry if I am ignorant about electronic music, but her songs just remind me a lot of the tunes from those times.

No. 1427248

Chris d'Eon. If I remember correctly, he said he build her career because there is not enough female electronic musicians.

No. 1427306

File: 1643206509899.png (80.71 KB, 745x656, ugh.png)

i can't with the cyborg tranny bullshit. ofcourse she's too retarded to understand that the "violence of childbirth" can only be mitigated by improved maternal care. also
>we've mostly eliminated active warfare from men's lives
not caping for scrotes here but this isn't even remotely true. does she think that the military air striking their enemies instead of fighting with spears or some shit somehow "eliminates" warfare? this is so stupid

No. 1427318

oh that makes a lot of sense. makes somethings from her early career make more sense to me now

No. 1427329

god she's a fully fledged retard I don't even know where to begin with any of this. being able to do this is another thing that makes women more powerful, if you lose a close friend to it that's terrible but it's a rarity and a risk with any medical condition or event, which birth is. If you want to have a family without the ViOLeNcE of childbirth, then adopt or use a surrogate rather than trying to further your totally misinformed cyborg fetish fantasy of how society should be, fuck.

No. 1427331

Fight for artificial wombs, Grimes, so your daddy Elon can make an army of child slaves to work for his factories.

Disgusting dumb pickme.

No. 1427349

shes not even skinny or that pretty . idk bish tries to hard. elon needs a woman like melania hot with a great body. not a coke ho

No. 1427353

if you cant take 9 months off your career to have a baby how are you supposed to raise it

No. 1427355

Grimes is pretty, but way too skinny, she literally looks like one of the girls you’d find on pro ana tumblr in 2012. She needs to gain weight and she’ll look 1,000 times better. I honestly think she had an eating disorder

No. 1427357

File: 1643211415487.png (367.76 KB, 745x497, 9F93290C-3BD3-4E80-9C11-BC9A7F…)

i don’t get how she gets her lips and face (skin treatments like botox?) done but forgets to do her wide nose

No. 1427363

What are the cartoons from?

No. 1427364

raise your baby? just buy childcare like most normies. let strangers handle your children. nothing can go wrong there, right nonnies??

No. 1427378

She's either scared of fucking it up worse or has convinced herself she has a cute button nose

No. 1427380

is anyone surprised that a dumb shelter celebrity has dumb sheltered celebrity hot takes? And besides those fake wombs will be implanted into a tranny before they use them for the benefit of women

No. 1427401

she did, she mentioned having ED on her old livejournal. i mean it's visible without her confirmation but still.

No. 1427406

honestly think she'd fuck it up worse with any procedures. she wouldn't look like Grimes anymore without that nose. maybe she'd fall into trap of constantly fixing her nose again and again
maybe Elon told her he likes her nose kek

No. 1427418

Looks like she has super thick nose skin so a rhinoplasty couldn't make it smaller and reshaping it would, like another anon said, change her whole brand. I also think her nose is kind of cute and suits her when she styles herself right instead of this insta-thot lip filler aesthetic.

No. 1427432

The Shinigami Eyes music video is out - I love the director's work, but this one is just kind of…. lame?

No. 1427436

Her nose is definitely part of her whole look. And really, I don't get why her being okay with her nose is controversial lol

Some people fix tons of things on their faces but leave their 'flaws' because it's iconic. Remember that chick from Dirty Dancing who fixed her nose and basically became a nobody bc of it

ngl it's pretty sick. I like it.

No. 1427450

File: 1643218625646.png (422.39 KB, 836x599, devon.png)

No. 1427462

she means male ground casualties which is largely true, fewer males die in wars than ever. also pretty sure she's talking about being torn ass to clit which is something no "maternal care" can fix, along with other lesser known shit that pregnancy does to you, including aging you biologically.

not defending this unwashed retard but top kek @ nonas defending their right to suffer in childbirth

No. 1427466

i can almost hear the vindictoids seething as they scrape up for a "pixie nose job" because they think it's "objectively beautiful"

No. 1427475

this aesthetic is so tired. the song is underwhelming. i feel like grimes needs to lock herself in an isolation chamber and do dmt/ketamine for a week straight so she can unlock something in her brain. her new stuff just isn't hitting.

No. 1427480

the "magical something" that Grimes claimed to have unlocked in her brain with amphetamines was just magic done by producers/coworkers more talented than her. she probably does ketamine all week straight anyway but it doesn't help her

No. 1427487

didn't that happen to Lainey, Onision's wife? She had like a third degree tear or some shit. Just hearing about this shit is terrifying, can't imagine actually going through it.

lots of women have martyr complexes and suffer for the attention it brings, you can't change my mind.

No. 1427495

grimes made a big deal about "not taking elon's money" even when it comes to the care of their son. I'd respect her more if she was at least getting paid to lay under that gtoss old scrote, but she's literally doing it for free and paying for her own botox and shit that elon wants her to get.
She makes a good point and her conclusion is "hurr artificial wombs" because of her ~aestetic~.
sigh. Making another woman take the dangers of childbirth for you is not a solution, that's the rich paying the poor to take the risk. The actual solution is better care, education and resources for pregnant women. But that's not trendy, cool or futuristic enough I guess.

No. 1427497

this happens to most women anon, ass to clit is stage 3-4 tear


sometimes your clit falls off or cannot be repaired btw and you can never experience an orgasm again

No. 1427498

some women do sure, but childbirth is also a really personal thing and I think a lot of women like talking about it? Especially when they almost die or come out of it with injuries. Men rattle on about their wars etc.
I've never given birth but I can see how an experience 100% female is worth talking about and could be traumatic. Some of you just seem like you hate pregnant women? Is this the weird grimes jealousy they were talking about in /ot/?

No. 1427500

>woman tears ass to clit while giving birth
"she's doing it for attention!!!"
you sound like a dirty scrote.

No. 1427503

most women will mention vague "noble suffering" that you must also partake in at all costs, but they will never go into details like ripped off clit or peeing yourself for the rest of your life. same goes for on/gyns who also lie to you about childbirth for the fun of it.

honestly i respect the weeb retard for having more guts than most women to even mention that childbirth is shitty without following up with "but you should totally do this to yourself btw"

No. 1427507

p sure she's talking about shilling it to others and presenting the suffering as something desirable, which is textbook martyr complex for attention

No. 1427510

Thanks for convincing me with a single post to have a c-section.

No. 1427513

Wonder if she knows about Ukraine and Russia

No. 1427515

Artificial wombs sounds like something directed to trannies. We just need better maternal care and doctors actually listening to women would be enough.. because they don't do the fucking basic THAT IS LISTENING TO US

No. 1427520

Wouldn't just giving birth standing up and letting gravity help be better, does that prevent tears? Like just grab the side of a table and push the baby into a basket.

No. 1427523

Literally any position other than laying flat on your back is better for mom and baby. It just more convenient for doctors to be able to look at your crotch without bending over

No. 1427528

>kek @ nonas defending their right to suffer in childbirth
this is the dumbest shit i ever read. do you think women WANT to have severe, life-ruining complications from giving birth? most of them happen because of underfunded and lacking maternal care, like doctors and midwives rushing the birth process and not giving proper postpartum care. but you're probably a retard libertarian just like grimes who thinks good healthcare should be a luxury.

the only people trying to force women to have children are trad nutjobs. seems like you've never met another (normal) woman in your life if you think no one else talks about this except for fucking grimes lmao.

exactly, it's pointless transhumanist bullshit. maternal care is literally one of the most neglected fields of medicine, and it's almost always underfunded if it exists at all.

No. 1427538

I am disgusted and horrified and terrified. Cancel pregnancy and the human race.

Nonny I said many women have martyr complexes in general. You can't deny women do because society grooms women into it with media. The woman who endures the shit a man puts her through gets praised so women subconsciously end up tying their self-worth to their ability to endure mistreatment from moids in relationships.

Women will put up with crazy shit from moids because they also believe tolerating it proves their love/loyalty. I think this is why that sad girl lana del rey shit is so popular. Lana basically jerks herself off to this

>seems like you've never met another (normal) woman in your life if you think no one else talks about this except for fucking grimes lmao.
nta but this talk is a bit taboo depending on your culture and whatnot. Complaining about childbirth and the like. I had this talk with my mom before and she said no one ever talked about the horrors of pregnancy(despite her mother having 11 kids naturally) and if she had known, she would've waited.

No. 1427545

i guess that's your experience then. praising grimes for her wannabe silicon valley stance on this issue is crazy and tells me the bar is just way too low or the poster is a stan in disguise. there are actual feminists out there who are trying to improve these circumstances for women, it's plain ridiculous to think grimes is stunning and brave for milking her presumably bad birth experience to make shitty talking points and push the transhumanist agenda she absorbed from elon in her typical bpd fashion.

No. 1427562

I was reading through the previous thread and saw some anons talking about Grimes borrowing too heavily from other songs. I always thought the intro to her song Circumambient and the song Foil by Autechre sounded really similar. Could just be a coincidence but the first time I heard hers I got
confused because I thought it was the same song.

No. 1427596

Player of games is much better. The song without the visuals is crap

No. 1427622

and women keep having kids with shit-tier moids they've known for 5 months max… 5 years and 4 kids later he still won't propose until you get lucky and he's a "family man". Just let us go extinct

No. 1427634

>"We've mostly eliminated active warfare from men's lives"

jesus christ this might be the most ignorant thing she has ever said. she really is living in a safe little bubble now with her billionaire boo where she gets to be 34 and live out her anime character auteur fantasies forever. i get why she's so deaf to anything anybody says about muskrat not putting his money towards projects of actual worth on this planet. how could anyone expect her to ever encourage him to do anything generous with all that $$$ when she has this clueless of an outlook on the state of the world?

unrelated, the shinigami eyes video appeared on my youtube recommended this morning and almost all of the comments were discussing jennie's 10 second cameo and not anything about grimes. lmao

No. 1427645

i know you're just retarded but id like you to tell me what maternal care intervention besides c-section (which is also a horror show) would prevent your clit from ripping to shreds, or repair it when it happens kek. maybe you can figure out how to shrink a baby's head so you can guarantee a tear-free vaginal delivery? hmu

No. 1427647

File: 1643234206152.png (615.67 KB, 750x452, shit video.png)

she EDs hard. i've seen her when she's not being ana, and she's a totally differnt person. you can see her when she's gained a bit in picrel. her normal weight is way higher than she is right now. that's why her hair has been maybe she's just insecure about her height and thinks being ana chan makes her look taller, idk. she wear crazy high heels all the time.

No. 1427648

her nose isn't "fucked up" and she doesn't need to "fix it" jfc anons. i thought you were radfems. the problem is that she fucked up her face by adding the surgeries. no one needs to fix their nose at all, that what hollywood rapist moids taught you.

No. 1427649

why is this scrote running lose in here like we care what it says?

No. 1427650

you should have seen how badly hipster chicks in 2013 wanted to fuck him and how they fell over themselves to get near him at shows. sad hive mind.

No. 1427652

>many women have martyr complexes in general
ok pick-me. sorry the pretty girls bullied you.

No. 1427656

neither of those people said she had to or should fix it, nonita.

No. 1427658

they're right about everything they said though. go squeeze out babies, good for you, but it doesn't make the other nonnie a scrote because they said some things about the reality of male-female relationships that you don't want to hear.

No. 1427660

lmfao again i have no clue what you're talking about. this isn't about forcing women to have children, it's about lying to women who do want children about what pregnancy really entails, which is ubiquitous in obstetrics AND mommy communities. throughout the history of modern medicine it was normal for you to have no idea you'll tear, but your doctor knows that he needs to give you a "husband stitch".

not informing women about the dangers is literally the very definition of "poor maternal care" you're sperging about, and you're part of the problem by enforcing political correctness regarding the effects of pregnancy. read the mask of motherhood or mumsnet or something bc you have no clue what you're talking about lmao

No. 1427667

Not really, plenty of women here are just logical and based enough to hate tranny politics and coomer culture. That’s not the same thing as radical feminism. If you want nuanced radfem discussions go to Ovarit or something, this is an image board full of mockery and shitposting about idiots in the public eye.

That being said, I agree her nose is one of the least aesthetically offensive things about this woman.

No. 1427672

do you know what imply and infer mean, usa-public-school-chan? jfc.

No. 1427690

all the inferring is on your end, grimesstan-chan.

No. 1427696

correct, pickmes do have martyr complexes and there are many of them

No. 1427727

File: 1643238790229.gif (2.99 MB, 742x684, fD7nESU.gif)

An anime called Oreimo. Its full name translates to "My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute!"

In it, a 17 year old normal boy discovers that his 14 year old fully blood-related sister is obsessed with little sister loli hentai and media.

They slowly fall in love, and at the end, they come out to their friends as being in a relationship and have a marriage ceremony.

No. 1427793

Did I hit a nerve? Pick-mes are the ones with martyr complexes, how is my implication not horribly obvious lol

It's only pick-mes who say shit like 'I let my man anal pound me until I can't shit properly and beat me during sex bc I love him and he loves me and he can do w/e he wants!! he's borderline abusive and fucks other women but muh devotion! I'm a ride or die! oh and he wasn't there during the traumatic birth and also wanted sex immediately afterwards and my stitches tore and-'

Martyrs, the lot of you. For no real cause. Eating dick smegma is not a revolution.

I want…them cancelled. Immediately. And anime needs to be stopped.

No. 1427795

fucking disgusting

No. 1427822

that entire anime is typical moid "she wanted it first i only complied to please her" cope

No. 1427823

the anon you're replying to does sound like one of those moms who got memed into a cunt fissure and incontinence by some other mom, so she made it her life mission to prolong the tradition by lying to as many women as possible
>you just need a good midwife hun! nothing bad will happen! muh healthcare! childbirth is beautiful and soooo worth it! you are built for it! i literally felt nothing at all and bounced back 15 minutes later! good maternal care uwu

No. 1427880

Shes NOT PRETTY and unless u can see ribs shes NOT skinny. Mr.Monastik_Rassvet is alot skinnier than this slut(no1curr, retard)

No. 1427902

I think you'll find yourself at home with the cows here noni >>1420439

No. 1427904

chris d'eon trooned out?

No. 1427906

No. 1427908

men now think that competing with other men in the dating scene is "warfare." it's funny how she thinks her job as a mother is just popping out the kid and not y'know, actually raising it.

No. 1427912

No nonnie, people are getting him confused with James Brooks/Elite Gymnastics/Dead Girlfriends/Default Genders. James was Claire’s live in slave during their entire relationship and basically took care of all her dirty work like reporting loons to the FBI and cooking food kek

No. 1427918

but when you suggest this you get dismissed as a crazy granola hippie home-birther

No. 1427925

she is pretty she just isn’t conventionally pretty because of her wide nose but the rest of her face is really pleasant to look at, you sound mentally insane get well soon

No. 1428037

dog are you fuckin okay take your meds

No. 1428082

File: 1643267969427.jpeg (57.4 KB, 750x563, 5e3d84ebdf2f6619a34b475b.jpeg)

kek bokay

No. 1428098

NTA I still think she’s pretty here. Even with the retarded squiggles on her head.

No. 1428152

Pretty is angular jawline and Kim k not this acne slut

No. 1428173

Ur cringe

No. 1428177

She's clearly not pretty, and anyone saying she is is most definitely coping, but that's honestly not even the point. There are way better things to rag on her for. Elon is even uglier. Why does everyone get offended when women aren't attractive, but just accept it when men aren't?

No. 1428178

I always found her really cute. Not really beautiful like a regular celeb but she is cute with her nose and it fits her whole branding of looking otherworldly. I want a poll for this thread where we can vote if she’s pretty or not kek

No. 1428183

>she is cute with her nose and it fits her whole branding of looking otherworldly.
The most tired cope, kek. Stop trying to force this, it's okay to not be attractive

No. 1428190

Do you understand what Grimes is singing in the new song? I couldn't get a fucking word. The whole time I was expecting a second voice to take over because her voice is almost background music, it never gets interesting enough to pay attention
The video was boring too, as other anon said, there's never a story, only visuals (that in my opinion looks like a someone using the editing program for the first time and going crazy with the effects)

No. 1428191

It’s okey to not look like Kim Kardashian nonny. Can’t believe how some women here fall for the male-gazey looks maketed as ~beautiful ~

No. 1428192

Once and for all let’s decide here:

No. 1428204

I'm not the Kim K anon, I think she's plastic and IDGAF about the male gaze because it's retarded, shallow and based on porn. I'm literally saying you don't have to lie that a woman you don't know is pretty just because you like her art, kek. Unshackle yourself from the bullshit and need to be "pretty", it's really cringy

No. 1428207

I see your point, anon. Being pretty should not be a prerequisite to be paid respect and assigned value. It is however difficult to become unbiased in terms of beauty because humans are so sensitive to it. I like saying that I'm average looking, and when people try to correct it and lie that I'm very pretty, I just get annoyed and say it just isn't true but it also doesn't matter.

Anyway, Grimes' looks are the least of her problems, if we think of the alleged Reddit post (I totally believe that tinfoil) and other tidbits of information that say daddy Elon is not a good person at all.

No. 1428217

nta but I think she's pretty and cute. You sound jealous, not everyone has the same tastes

No. 1428221

skinny waost small tits big ass is ideal. grimes has 0 of these(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1428224

Seriously. A woman could be a literal axe murderer, or cure cancer, and still people will focus on "Ok but is she pretty". There's a thousand more interesting things about her
I remember someone saying she used to bully/harass people back in the early 2010s, and most the people in her Twitter social group at the time got exposed for being creeps or rapists, I'd like to learn more about that honestly

This is the most low IQ reply you could ever make, anon. It's like brainwashed cultist shit kek(infighting)

No. 1428225

found the scrote!

No. 1428237

>Small framed
Yeah, besides her nose there's nothing unconventionally attractive about her, and I'm not even a Grimes fan

No. 1428261

get the fuck out of here coom brain. you only like her after she bimbo implanted herself and looks like a troon

No. 1428263

A lot of people here think she’s pretty. Move on.

No. 1428267

Who the fuck do you know that got their clitoris destroyed from childbirth? That has to be rare. Most women tear in their perineum, if not naturally then through an episiotomy.

No. 1428276

WKanon, here. I have never heard of anyone's clit "falling off" (lol) but childbirth can very very often ruin sex for women. It can obliterate your asshole. It can completely fuck your vagina and vulva up. And it's very common. And rarely talked about.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1428302

there's literally nothing wrong with her face, contour zoomer.

No. 1428310

That post is 5 hours old. Calm down, she's not going to fuck you

No. 1428315

Stop spreading moid-fantasy horror stories about vaginas getting "destroyed" by birth. They are literally made for birthing babies and most tears are very minor and heal quickly. Extreme tearing is VERY RARE. Only moids and incels believe that childbirth can ruin a woman's vagina, same as moids believe having sex wears out a vagina.

No. 1428318

Nobody tears ass to clit, holy shit. Imagine spreading this much misinformation to scare women out of having children you childfree incel freak. Tears happen between vagina and anus not "ass to clit" and 3-4 degree tears only happen in 3% of all births. Most tears are very minor and heal on their own without even needing stitches. Most moids probably blow their ass out during heavy bowel movements more severe than women do when giving birth.

No. 1428347

i got less stitches giving birth to a 10 lb baby than my brother did stubbing his toe. and i had a 2nd degree tear.

No. 1428353

Idk if its tmi to ask but has anything changed since for you like sensations or whatever? Honestly with what you read online you hear horror stories about tears

No. 1428372

0.5 seconds on google


it's "rare" unlike tearing vag to ass, but don't worry, if it happens to you the "maternal care" will totally fix it kek

No. 1428380

it's okay that you're peeing yourself now anon. say it with me, "it was totally worth it and you should do it too!"

No. 1428484

File: 1643312749787.jpeg (53.22 KB, 540x540, 4575584E-7902-46B5-95B2-028034…)

anyways while everyones complaining about vaginal and anal tearing i just wanted to pop in and say grimes is definitely pretty the only off feature she has is her wide nose but she’s actually very pleasant looking, the one scrote in here who said something about angular jaws and kim kardashian or something needs to drink a bit of bleach and call it a day

No. 1428493

File: 1643312976868.jpg (63.92 KB, 683x1024, 865886f2c013923fbc9990afac7252…)

I actually really like her nose. Makes her look more angelic to me. She was the prettiest during the art angels/before elon-era

No. 1428495

She just definitely has some form of anorexia, her body is not at all healthy and it contributes to her face not looking the best it could be. She’s also giving strong flashbacks to tumblr 2012 like the first person you’d see in your tumblr dashboard after coming home from your grade 9 classes. Which is honestly a good throwback. I’d rather her than the dull insta baddies who try to be kylie Jenner

No. 1428501

Bet your mom doesn't think it was worth it.

No. 1428513

peak martyr complex pickme reply. hope you're happy your mom had to suffer grotesque physical injury to have you, freak(antinatalist derail)

No. 1428518

File: 1643314220909.png (217.58 KB, 402x474, 62TeLTX (1).png)

Childfree tards literally have a total meltdown whenever mothers, pregnancy or birth is mentioned. How come? Just don't have kids and leave others alone you bitter freak.

No. 1428527

sometimes it feels like there’s pinching under my labia and my pelvic floor gets sore when i squat down but i’m only 4 months postpartum and I admittedly haven’t been very active since birth.

No. 1428532

She really wouldnt have gotten to this level of popularity if she was butt ugly, only scrotes are "allowed" to be butt ugly and famous.

Maybe anon was exaggerating but lets not act like childbirth doesnt have the capability to be negatively impactful on both your body and your mental state. Just because the vagina is suited for childbirth doesnt change the fact that there are still PLENTY of complications both during and after pregnancy

No. 1428534

File: 1643315866551.jpg (48 KB, 1100x733, photo-1535016120720-40c646be55…)

t. chimps at a cow for saying human childbirth is violent

if you're already hallucinating the childfree because someone thinks that women who want kids shouldn't have to choose between mutilation and procreation, im guessing you don't really think it was worth it either. seethe as you soil your depend underwear kek(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1428536

she was really pretty here too and during the vanessa days, when she had the black short hair and bangs

No. 1428540

I agree that the whole "looking otherworldly" thing that most alt artists pull is very tired. Nothing otherworldly about crazy stage make-up or contacts something, but Grimes simply isn't ugly. As another anon said, compare her to Elon.
I do have to admit that when she wears certain hairstyles/clothes in combination, she definitely looks like she smells. She never uses her wide nose and "quirky alt alien" image in her favour entirely, there is always something that makes her look off.
I agree that her ED stops her from reaching her full potential. She's just too waifish at the moment. But her wide nose and bushy brows make her stand out among the nosejob lip filler botox insta contour baddies that we are seeing way too much right now.
And I agree, her music is shit, as well as the anime-quirky-alt-artist persona she is trying to get across so damn badly.

No. 1428660

If Grimes was ugly, she never would've made it. Famous Uglies all get stuck doing degrading and self-deprecating roles to stay relevant. Except men. Ugly men get a pass.

Is Grimes really that skinny? Bc so much of the western world are fat fucks, it's become hard to remember what's normal skinny and what's anorexia skinny.
Everyone is so god dam fat today, they seethe if you aren't a ham and cry about 'yer ED, ma'am'

No. 1428687

She definitely is too skinny, and you don't have to be fat and angry to notice that. Everything else is just bone rattling.
She eats like shit. I distinctly remember her saying that she doesn't eat vegetables at all because they taste like shit to her.
I think another anon already pointed out that she admitted she suffered from an ED (on LJ, I think?)

No. 1428720

Idk after seeing Eugenia Cooney's slow progression into death and what 'ED thin' looks like, Grimes doesn't look weird to me. She looks model-thin.

But I hear models and actors are all underweight anyway so you prolly right.

No. 1428733

Yeah I think most models and actors have had some form of ed at some point so it's really not that crazy if she does.

No. 1428736

She and Nicole Dollanganger were in an LJ proana community together way back. Receipts probably in a Nicole thread.

No. 1428737

this meme seems a bit like those "how do you know you're talking to a vegan" jokes. projecting. people who don't want kids just don't tak about it until someone insecure about themselves hears and SKREEEEES at you until you agree to have babies.

No. 1428874

Whew the infighting this caused. Not to go all ONTD, but the reaction to this was such a bitch eating crackers moment for some of you. This is actually kinda based. No amount of "we need better medical care!!!!!" is going to fix the ordeal pregnancy can be.

No. 1428947

it's actually pretty standard mommy facebook martyr complex olympics kek. for example, it's common for them to screech at mothers who had elective c-sections because "how dare they not suffer, they're not REAL moms like me because i did vaginal delivery and ate my placenta with my doula in the woods like nature designed me to"

No. 1428949

yeah this is stupid because you can't compare eugenia's ED level to grimes. Eugenia is straight up on another level, but grimes still clearly has anorexia or some kind of ED, she's not just 'model thin'. Look at the music video of her and doja cat and the other girls and you can see she looks way skinnier than the others, in a bad way.

Didn't anyone watch the vogue of her saying how she had a period where all she ate was spagetti to the point she was getting sick because she ate nothing else and had 0 nutrients? And her making some kind of weird looking food that looked gross called 'gloop' or something? I'll post it again but I'm sure most people have seen it. She clearly has ED/disordered eating lol.

No. 1428983

Yep, i swear it was reposted every few celebricow threads. she talked about her ed online long time ago, but even without it all it's obvious. she was vegan too.

on a side note, that spaghetti all year thing is ridiculous. she'd be as anachan as she is just eating vegetables and fruit + rice or something, no meat no sweets no bread etc. just eating small i guess. i'll never understand her saying vegetables (all vegetables!) are shit, wtf is wrong with her. at least she'd have more nutrients than eating spaghetti gloop.
sage for vegetable sperg.

No. 1429111

i feel sorry for her son

imagine knowing your own mother sees you as nothing but a work of performance art

No. 1429171

File: 1643367014522.png (266.19 KB, 2286x1170, Screen Shot 2022-01-28 at 2.49…)

Anon she's literally pro-ana, this happened on Livejournal and everyone figured out it was grimes

No. 1429175

(sameanon) Chairmandore was her username on a few other sites like Flickr back in the day

No. 1429199

What about his father? He seems to treat all his sons instrumentally, as future "genius inventors" like he thinks of himself.

No. 1429271

I like Claire's nose. I hate the work she has done to her face. Plastic surgery typically looks awful

C sections come with their own host of problems. One thing that can be helpful to avoid tearing is not taking any drugs during childbirth. Your body needs to be able to feel what it needs to do

No. 1429285

That picture is edited, look at how small her nose looks. I used to think she liked her natural look, but she photoshops her face and nose often and it makes it seem like she'd jump at the opportunity for more surgery.

No. 1429448

Japan is so… weird…

No. 1429466

Why.. this is so disturbing. Japan is so weird.. why does everyone romanticise a country that literally only banned CP in 2014 and who’s age of consent is 13

No. 1429483

>only banned CP in 2014 and who’s age of consent is 13


No. 1429492

>age of consent is 13
That's not true, each individual prefecture has their own (higher, reasonable) aoc. Better not spread misinfo that could have scrotes going to glorious nippon to rape children.

No. 1429533

File: 1643407569880.png (143.28 KB, 720x849, Screenshot_20220128-170127~3.p…)

Grimes, you're beautiful. Fuck these losers.

No. 1429536

they also had child gravure idols and i literally used to see the dvd covers on sankakucomplex as early as 2012 or so before they got taken down. make with that information what you will.

just to clarify, it wasn't some illegal child pornography that just wasn't prosecuted. it was legally sold in stores for coomer dweebs alongside adult porn/gravure idol dvds. and those weren't even teens, they were prepubescent children. one of the more popular ones i can remember was a white little girl, the there was also an obese asian boy. this is glorious nippon and if you think two nukes weren't enough, im gonna go with ten nukes

No. 1429550

The national age of consent is 13 as set by the penal code

No. 1429563

>i literally used to see the dvd covers on sankakucomplex
>one of the more popular ones i can remember was a white little girl, the there was also an obese asian boy
>make with that information what you will
Yeah I’m gonna deduce that you deserve a visit with Chris Hansen

No. 1429584

File: 1643410987586.jpg (113.27 KB, 614x733, Untitled.jpg)

grimes is ugly and stupid as shit

No. 1429614

Oh my god, this is that stalker schizocow from >>>/snow/1054903 who was obsessed with Arin from Game Grumps

Worlds colliiiide

No. 1429618

>grimes answers complaints about grimes
then why did you make series of pathetic Muskrat whiteknighting and twice as much wk in the comments, Grimes? lol

if the fact that Grimes stans Elon and doesn't care about evil shit he does isn't the instant stan turnoff, then idk there's no hope for such ppl

No. 1430572

File: 1643525500076.jpeg (83.82 KB, 750x270, 3202F4D1-2283-4E81-91CE-0D9A2C…)

Elon Musk’s Neuralink is moving closer to testing brain implants on actual people


No. 1430780

This dude really played Cyberpunk 2077 and decided to take it as inspiration

No. 1430886

He referenced the original Deus Ex game at the start of covid. This brain interface is being done under the excuse of helping disabled people but we all know the Chinese/Gitmo guards would love to wire someone up for wrongthink.

No. 1430954

Something something cycle of abuse

No. 1430955

If you go to Japan and fuck a 13 year old you're getting deported. if you're a native and do it, jail. Anyone who says otherwise is a pedo or trying the "haha Japan degenerate" meme.

No. 1430967

Elon is maybe the least attractive man my mind is willing to give me a brief mental picture of. They should study him for his ability to induce lesbianism.

No. 1430978

It's so bizarre to me that people will call Bill Gates Satan, and while there is likely truth to that, I have not seen the same people make a stink about this at all. Probably because they're too busy guzzling Daddy Elon's dick and balls for crypto advice while jacking off to hentai while their Tesla drives on autopilot right before it mysteriously bursts into flames.

Thank you, nonnie. While there is no excuse for the debauched shit that comes out of Japan, people are not a monolith, and should not mean that "Japanese" and "taboo sexual media" are automatically synonymous. It's like thinking every German person is a Nazi simply by association.

You can even point out the rise in incest porn among heterosexual spaces in the West becoming more popular in recent years; it's a problem within society as a whole. I believe this has to do with heterosexual people having no "taboos" (so to speak) to engage in like queer people do, so they resort to this shit, but I digress

No. 1430992

he has such a blockish face, looks like a fucking minecraft and roblox character. why is his head so big, do you think he fills his entire blockhead up with fillers?

No. 1430996

Regarding the spoilered text, I don't actually believe hetero people are genuinely into incest porn, it's just the lowest common denominator clickbait for porn producers to make, like porn concepts are the dumbest things ever to exist and fucking a ""stepsister"" is equally dumb. I don't think I've ever really seen or heard any genuine fetishisation of relatives from men despite how much it's pushed via porn. Like most sane people would rather fuck a stranger or lover rather than engage with incest. So yeah in summary I don't think it reflects actual hetero interests and fetishes (which from my observation online are just as varied and weird as is humanly possible) but is simply a dumb concept people will click on and is easy for porn studios to write up, act and churn out.

No. 1431047

he’s definitely not unattractive, lots of women go crazy for him and grimes seems to be in love with him

No. 1431051

>lots of women go crazy for him
Totally not because of the money

No. 1431055

File: 1643587173940.png (217.69 KB, 378x374, muskay.png)

minus the hair plugs we can ALL agree that he is fugly

No. 1431059

If he was actually ugly someone as pretty as grimes wouldn’t waste her time because she’s already rich and can get any guy she wants, he’s unconventionally attractive and his children will end up looking good, what does it matter

No. 1431061


just because she is a successful musician does not mean she is rich, the tik toks she has recently been posting look like shes in her childhood bedroom lmao, and as previously discussed here she is weird looking without makeup and has had tons of plastic surgery??? i don't think grimes is ugly but i think we can literally all agree that elon is a weird bloated balding mess

No. 1431062

"If he was actually ugly someone as pretty as grimes wouldn’t waste her time because she’s already rich and can get any guy she wants"
forgetting her huge pick me complex…

No. 1431063

How dumb are you, she’s obviously rich and always was. claire came from a wealthy family and was able to spend time on her music career comfortably as a result and it took off… she was wealthy before elon and she’s wealthy now. She definitely has natural beauty and you honestly sound really angry , like something is up with you

No. 1431064

You sound kinda retarded. Grimes is not a Rihanna level musician in regards to wealth. She saw the opportunity to secure the bag (seems like she mostly fumbled it, but she still got exposure and proximity to some of her interests) and took it. Elon is hideous. I'm guessing you are attracted to him which is how you generated stuch a stupid take lol

No. 1431068

File: 1643588015512.jpeg (117.2 KB, 952x1196, VGxvvXM.jpeg)

>If he was actually ugly
>someone as pretty as grimes wouldn’t waste her time because she’s already rich and can get any guy she wants
The absolute state of newfag stans. Apartheid Clyde and roll of nickels aren't going to fuck you.

No. 1431069

if he was hideous though why the fuck would all those women waste their time on him, he just has unconventional looks and a different facial structure and that’s why unconventional women tend to be attracted to him as well. Grimes was always a millionaire and started off a millionaire due to the wealthy family, she didn’t need elon

No. 1431070

>apartheid Clyde and roll of nickels
Fucking KEK just dropped in here for the first time in months and that laid me out

No. 1431073

nonnie, did nobody ever tell you he was one of the richest and most influential people on earth kek

No. 1431074

Nonnies I have a conspiracy theory,

Elon has gained so much public press recently in the past 5 years and yet his technology is still not at the point where it would really be considered scientifically a breakthrough, now he has engaged in so many public endeavours (Starlink, those solar panel shingles for houses, neuralink, hyperloop) that are so obviously unviable and he makes so much money off of them (most of them are corporate subsidies from the government unfortunately), now all the grimes drama is fake and incredibly orchestrated because its such huge distraction from the huge scientific failure he is, all of his projects are way behind schedule and they have been since before 2017 and almost all of his recent public promises about his companies are a lie, now is grimes in on it or is she really that stupid to hitch herself to the snakeoil wagon for technoclout?

No. 1431076

being vancouver rich vs apartheid wealth rich are VERY different things, also for the beginning of her career she literally looked like an ogre, i don't think shes ugly but her beauty cannot arguably be proof that musk is up to standard

No. 1431077

she was not always a millionaire? you are literally just making shit up lmao, just because you come from a rich family from Vancouver does not make you automatically a millionaire, and by Vancouver standards her family wouldn't even be considered rich

No. 1431078

Grimes actually looks to be in love with him, and every woman he was with was in love with him, u can’t fake this shit. hes an unconventional guy who attracts unconventional women and it works. He doesn’t go for the barbie kylie jenners

No. 1431082

I’m a big fan of grimes and listened to her since she was starting out, she never looked like an ogre, this thread is getting weird

No. 1431083

You sound delusional, he dated Amber Heard - probably one of the few people who actually look somewhat like a irl barbie you just don't want to realize this i guess

No. 1431085

File: 1643588930055.jpeg (116.15 KB, 750x750, cmon now....jpeg)

picrel grimes ogre era

No. 1431086

A bad picture of her doesn’t mean she’s ugly, she clearly was on something and tried to look frumpy as a joke. (Makeup choice, super pale foundation) you guys sound like you’re trying to convince yourselves that these 2 are ugly but it isn’t really working

No. 1431088

nice trackmarks

No. 1431090

im pretty sure you are th eonly one who tries to convince yourself that they are a couple of attractive, amazing people who had some sort of otherworldly dynamic to cope and just refuse to accept that most people don't see them this way. It's okay to find thm attractive I doubt anyone really cares, just stop trying to force your imagination into the real world nonna.

No. 1431091

File: 1643589279698.jpeg (536.61 KB, 3153x2150, ugly and his wife.jpeg)

hasn't literally all his partners been almost clonal to each other? like model esque? everyone in this thread is so stupid trying to argue that a rich persons partner is indication of their attractiveness

picrel says it all tbh

No. 1431092

i didnt say she was ugly you bum ass nonner, this is just PICTURE PROOF OF HER LEGITIMATE OGRE ERA

No. 1431093

this thread is like uncanny valley level weird now and I’m going to defend grimes because she doesn’t deserve to have people nitpicking her or her partner. She doesn’t do anything wrong

No. 1431099

You need to go back.

No. 1431100

“Um… guys? I think there is a lot of nitpicking going on here on this cybebullying forum”

Elon’s PR intern going hard on lolcow these days it seems

No. 1431115

File: 1643592924737.jpg (363.57 KB, 1534x2048, hkurplxajmv11.jpg)

Millionaires love acquiring even more money… I mean, do you really think just bc Kristina basham was already wealthy she didn't want MORE money and she simply married scott adams bc he's so damn irresistible?

No. 1431117

Whatever you say, this thread is just weird. Also that girl looks very boring and like a barbie, while grimes is an artist and different and has a different personality to her

No. 1431130

Grimes spends her days whiteknighting the world’s most obnoxious billionaire. She looks like a bargain bin Emilia Clarke who got cornered by her creepy uncle and developed BPD over it.

No. 1431144

it's male "people" who like it

No. 1431189

>this thread is weird
>boohoo don't bully Grimes she's so pwetty
>Grimes did nothing wrong
>don't nitpick her or her partner!
LMAO are you lost anon? Know where you are? Somehow ignored the thread's long list of what Grimes does wrong? Read again, along with entirety of 1st Grimes thread linked upwards. but to recap, besides stealing people's work and lying she made it all, besides openly being into gross pedo loli porn and incest anime WHILE RAISING UP HER OWN KID, she whiteknights literal fucking manchild billionaire who exploited and exploits countless people and actively contributes to destroying the planet. Grimes knows well what he's doing, but chooses to ignore it, and goes out of her skin to make exuses for him online when he didn't even for it nor care about it.
Grow the fuck up, just because a person appears "pretty" to you, it doesn't mean the person cannot be evil. Pretty doesn't equal good person.

Normally i'd say you're a troll but i've seen you shitting up the celebricows threads tearing up over anons calling Grimes ugly and professing your love to imperialist roll of nickels. go back to Grimes lame discord
Unless you're some stray scrote who arrived just to cry "leave Elon alone!" over Elon "nitpicking". in this case, go back to your Muskrat's boomer memes fanboy reddit

No. 1431195

File: 1643601601742.jpg (17.6 KB, 300x293, elon-musk-before-hair-transpla…)

>why the fuck would women waste time on him
His ex-wives/girlfriends chose him because he's a fucking billionaire, Grimes chose him because she's a fucking pick-me NLOG who just wants 1) more fame 2) to be seen as ~*super cool science space girl who goes to Mars with her power bottom rat prince*~. Grimes isn't in her hipster indie tumblr girl phase anymore. she's an attention whore

>if he was ugly

>if he was hideous
>unconventional looks
sorry for your bald rat fetish anon but Elon won't fuck you

No. 1431197

He used to get bullied badly as a kid and was even put in hospital for it. You’re just childhood bullies who never grew out of the phase. Fuck this thread.(unsaged wk-ing)

No. 1431198

He's a 50 year old man retard

No. 1431199

Omg poor Elon! is that why he bullies other children in his cobalt mines now?

No. 1431200

Calling an artist an attention whore when her job relies on being on social media and putting her music out there to gain recognition for her music.. makes no sense. Nitpicking for no reason, the other cows on here at least truly suck and are nasty, what’s the point to nitpick on grimes whose actually fucking talented. shut down the thread this is shit

No. 1431202

Grimes doesn't gain recognition through music anymore. She gains recognition for fucking Elon Musk.
Grimes is nasty.
either stop trolling or stop reading the thread if it hurt your feelings so much

No. 1431219

nonny getting on the soapbox for a billionaire…
girl shut the fuck up we can bully grimes all we want, remember when she called azalea banks fat? remember that one time she made promises about helping unionize tesla and lied to help little poor bullied Elon get richer and richer? oh wait remember that one time she made a whole fucking album about how global warming is cool? and how her life will never be effected by it because she is rich and got knocked up by the richest person in the world?

what the fuck is up with all the die hard elon and grimes stans today, its milky but its tired at this point

No. 1431227

Azealia banks is literally a true raging lunatic and she should have her own lolcow thread. she was harassing and bugging her and grimes called her fat after harassment

No. 1431230

omg…savage, hilarious, accurate

No. 1431231

azealia might be crazy but at least she's based

No. 1431253

No. 1431265

That girl is a pianist and a pilot. Grimes isn't anymore or any less interesting. You seem to be putting Grimes on a pedestal. Don't underestimate what money does to people

No. 1431275

"calling her fat after harassment"
see this is why these people deserve scrutiny, that's not a normal thing to do idiot

No. 1431318

Grimes is cute. Elon musk is an ugly rat though. The women he dated aside from Grimes were all with him for his money, Amber heard even allegedly abused him and secretly gave birth to his daughter without his permission, most likely so that she could get money from him and ruin his sons only fantasy.
His other wives have spoken out about him being abusive. He even told one woman she was trying to manipulate him because she was crying after she lost her pregnancy, he then forced her to try ivf again. He's trying his best to spread his shitty autistic genes and it's not cute at all what he did to his exwives and now to Grimes.

No. 1431320

Personally I think Grimes is cute in an average way. Everyone's allowed to have preferences and stuff, but sheesh, she looks like a normal if not boring human being.

Elon, on the other hand, looks like someone slapped a skull inside out and stretched skin over it.

No. 1431336

Banks is a wild card. She a BPD retard who occasionally gets Ws by using her dementia for milk rather than evil. Like when she publicly went off on Grimes and Elon multiple times, giving us that magical text exchange where Azelia said Grimes smelled like pennies.

Outside of that Banks is just a self sabotaging one hit wonder.

No. 1431342

Grimes can't carry herself and her "style" went from art ho trashcore to a weird trophy wife/bougie sci fi nonsense. She needs to dress like a normal person and learn how to wear makeup that doesn't make her into a goblin. Her ana tendencies aren't helping her either. She's very naturally petite and ED turns those figures into ghouls.

No. 1431351

Grimes looks like a cashier at a grocery store in the Midwest. Stop derailing with the "is she cute" debate. We've gone over this a million times.

No. 1431425

"needs to dress like a normal person" I will relay this message to her, oh dear conformist, so that she may become just like the collective. Everyone should act, look, think, etc. in ways we consider normal (in our specific part of culture in our specific time). Doing otherwise is a grave mistake; who wouldn't want to live the same monotenous lives which seem to make everyone so content and which obviously fits people of all dispositions.

No. 1431462

are you ok

No. 1431487

File: 1643642213024.jpg (85.1 KB, 675x1200, 18343571.jpg)

Wrong, that was the other way around. Azalea kept saying how Grimes smells and has a drug problem, doesn't have lips or bone marrow and how Elon needs a woman with tits and ass and Grimes replied by calling Azalea fat and that "only the buffet should be afraid of Azalea".
Very telling how Azalea threw all kinds of insults at her - no lips, smelly, ugly, druggie - and Grimes kept repeating she was a "fat fat fat narc narc narc".
Just proves to me how she's definitely an anachan.


No. 1431519

based amber. also literally the only one he simped for and still can't get over kek.

elon loves women who treat him like hot sewage, it's great

No. 1431608

File: 1643656731479.jpeg (32.26 KB, 460x347, a355d681df725e0977cdce74f9a170…)


No. 1431628

File: 1643658618686.jpeg (827.28 KB, 767x1140, 1779067E-9246-4617-964D-7DA6F7…)

“Grimes looks like a cashier in the midwest”
Probably describing your own appearance nonnie. I think you’re gonna have to cope harder

No. 1431629

Why are you proving her point

No. 1431632

She's an LA 4

No. 1431633

Hate when people try to tear down successful people who are above them, it’s just uncanny

No. 1431634

yeah keep coping i guess, she clearly doesn’t want to have the appearance of someone like the kardashians who are basic and typical women and would rather just look unusual

No. 1431636

nta but there's a difference between wanting to look unique and unusual, and looking like you have basic hygiene or at least basic make up skills. Her 'features' might be unique, but she looks like she smells bad, has greasy hair, terrible make up skills (uneven liner/shadow, smudged and not all the way down into her eyelid) and her brows are unkempt like she doesn't take care of herself. I don't think her features make her ugly but the fact she clearly looks like she has 0 basic hygiene is what makes her look gross and ugly to some nonitas here.

No. 1431639

nta and not a grimefag but where do people get this idea that LA is some kind of a motherode of hotness

No. 1431642

I think it's a meme because I swear even movies/shows are saying it. Is it because it's a big city and that's where all the cosmetic surgery shit happens + hollywood actors etc.

It's funny because most major cities are like that, but I guess since burgerland is basically cali/ny… Then all of the midwest on it's own, the 'hotness' of people are around cali/ny because of money to spend on surgery etc etc. OT as hell but that's my guess.

Regardless not a grimes stan but she's unique looking just looks greasy or like she smells like a roll of nickles lol.

No. 1431652

A lot of women are attracted to money very literally, one of lolcow's very own, taylor r is a good example.
The finer things, vacations, pretty clothes, these things counter the disgusting humans they pair up with due to them valuing external things (items, public opinion, access to opportunity and freedom of movement) over the reality of having to speak to and fuck an ugly man with a shit personality.
Couldn't be me, I'm quite the opposite, but Elon doesn't have any mysterious sexy allure like those anons are trying to suggest, it's just those wads of cash and the opportunities they allow.

No. 1431672

also for many women money equals stability, esecially if they have a kid, it's logical that many women will chose a rich ugly man that offers life out of fear for another day instead of an attractive one that doesn't offer them a home, food and everything in the world. Nothing weird about it, Grimes probably wanted the clout and was attracted to the idea of him being a space boy or something like that.

No. 1431710

It took me some time to figure out that wasn't a fleshlight on the computer kek
>secretly gave birth to his daughter without his permission
I wish all his sperm dies and his dick crawls inside him, what egomaniac shitboy thinks a woman needs his permission to birth his kids? Don't coom if you can't handle the consequences

No. 1431757

Can't believe the dedication of Grimesfag of coming back there everyday just to cry over anons calling Grimes ugly and calling her out on her absolutely shitty actions. you seriously think anyone's gonna change their mind due to your cope sperging? who told you this space is a Grimes fansite?

seriously Grimeschan, you should get into fucking Emilie Autumn fandom. you have the right sort of mentality to be brain-rotten stan who whiteknights her despite that she's a known liar and scammer.

No. 1431770

grimes is below average and musty. so sorry to those who are delusional enough to think she’s cute

No. 1431780

Kek nona it's not even that. He and amber froze sperm or something knowingly and she just decided to use it without his knowledge, he knew what he was getting himself into but probably thought he could trap her with that method. She didn't even give birth herself which probably ruined his sick fantasies as well.

No. 1431783

Because when girls who are Mississippi 9s move here to get famous, they find they are not actually that hot. And when ugly chicks from LA move to Kentucky, they're 7s.

No. 1431791

So it's harder to be more beautiful in wealthy big cities where women have more opportunities to groom and maybe even get plastic surgery? I think it's simply common sense.

No. 1431803

>date rich faggot who thinks he can control you
>faggot thinks he'll turn you into a broodmare failson factory bimbo because you're blonde and hot
>use sperm to make a daughter without asking faggot
>don't even gestate it yourself to keep your perfect body free of faggot contamination
>dump faggot
>refuse to elaborate
>faggot still crying over you

gigastacy amber vs becky grimes

No. 1431817

Exactly. It's a proven phenomenon

No. 1431834

but how many A listers are LA or even CA natives tho? really makes you thonk

No. 1431858

You sound like a scumbag scrote. You probably peruse the entire Internet looking for anything to nitpick any girl you can’t get or date. I doubt grimes would ever even glance at you, she has millions of fans, she’s living a great life , is rich af and you honestly sound like a piece of crap who is mediocre and unlikeable in every regard.

No. 1431860

i swear you’re just a mediocre scrote who is angry that you can’t date this beautiful girl. i feel bad for you because it’s clear you’re an angry person who has the short end of the stick in life

No. 1431872

Lol anon you just perfectly described yourself! Grimes won't ever give you an order of #1 whiteknight or a scout nickel badge for your dedication. she won't ever acknowledge your existence either. gasp, she won't ever fuck you.
truly hilarious that you think you are able to offend anyone here. Grimes is still talentless incest-lover who doesn't care her boyfriend exploits thousands of children and adults. oh, and she's still ugly. stay presseed

No. 1431874

File: 1643678457726.jpg (132.41 KB, 600x653, 0YYnCVt.jpg)

samefag, honestly i didn't even think Grimes is that much ugly as far as ugliness goes, just moderately unattractive person. my main problem with her she's an airhead, liar and an apologist of an evil imperialist scrote. but after seeing enough grimey photos… yeah, she's fucking ugly.

No. 1431875

Why exactly is she an incest lover?

No. 1431881

can you read? she and Elon had these incest anime characters as profile pics. she's a gross pedo hentai lover too.

No. 1431887

I don’t think she’s unattractive, that picture has a mustache and unibrow in it so obviously she’ll look crazy. I think she’s in that “unconventionally unattractive” category. She’s got an interesting physique and face and she knows how to dress herself in weird ethereal fashion so shes very interesting aesthetically

No. 1431897

No one cares for the wking stan-chan - take the hair lipped pic to the corner with you and continue jerking off solo over your greasy ‘angel’. She’s ugly inside and out - no use arguing.

No. 1431901

>I don’t think she’s unattractive,
Yes we know. You said that already billion times or so.

Her look aesthetic is pretty much smashing together all those etheral space faerie fantasy girl that was very popular on fanart sections of Deviantart in early 00's. can be aeshtetically pleasing at times but it's nothign special.
Grimes has wide nose and kinda standing out ears, and she can be seen either as good looking or abysmally ugly to some. but imo she should've stayed as she were, i think she botched herself with fillers/ps. another thing is she doesn't know how to apply makeup in a flattering way.

she has pics in which she looks very ugly as well as pics in which she looks fine. ultimately, i can guarantee everyone here side-eyes her for her actions and stanning Elon, not because we're jealous of Grimes "beauty" or whatever. bear in mind some here are ex-fans or active fans of her music, but just bc they like the music, they won't automatically ignore her wrongdoings. that's not nitpicking, that's calling out seriously unfair/ignorant/shitty behaviours she exhibits.

every person will view Grimes differently, so i don't get why you lose your head over people saying she's ugly, or calling everyone scrotes just cause they don't have the same opinion as you. fuck off.

No. 1431986

File: 1643690766866.png (450.65 KB, 707x674, E6sPYtAXEAI9gUP.png)

Bitch is a rich child who pays people to write her pop songs and married/divorced a richer white dude. She's conformist as shit.

No. 1431990

shut the fuck up. just please shut the fuck up, leave the thread and shut the fuck up, none of us care about your thoughts on grimes ethereal fashion making her look prettier in your mind, you have said it 1000 times, now juts please shut the fuck up because we don't care, shut THE FUCK UP

No. 1432009

i buy this tinfoil for sure. either she is completely disinterested now in music because she's too busy crawling up this blobby, affluenza-afflicted elf's anus, or her exes were lending her a hand, arms, and both legs, in creating her songs. i don't see how you can go from visions to… this shit. she is a completely inauthentic person and all of her old stories were fake, her persona was entirely fake, it would not surprise me if the music was mostly not her doing as well.

No. 1432023

The thing is, if you're white, blonde and skinny you'll always be called ethereal or otherworldly beauty when you're not attractive. Her face may not be attractive but her coloring probably makes her attractive to the scrotes who only care about that.

No. 1432044

they had frozen embrios in fertility clinic, Musk wanted them destroyed and sued Amber, she won and was allowed to use embryos. So that's about "secretly" having his daughter without his permission.

No. 1432058

This is seeming more and more true, especially with the deranged WK calling everyone jealous or a scrote for not agreeing she's pretty lol

No. 1432091

File: 1643716243920.png (494.58 KB, 658x1728, qwertyuuyui.png)

the 19yo is savage

No. 1432092

this guy has too much money i bet he could pay for all college fees in the world

No. 1432098

the fact he offered him mere fucking 5000 dollars, as if it was so gracious of him

No. 1432132

>>1432091 Not sure if it's savage or just plain dumb. As much as we think Musk is an idiot, he's top of the food chain in terms of money and influence. And he could use that money and influence to make this guy "disappear" for blackmailing him and not accepting that pitiful $5,000

No. 1432161

What a smart and kind young man, he is doing more for the environment than Muscrat

No. 1432439

He really needs to treat his childhood trauma and get his act together because he has the potential to be a better person, he’s not as evil as other billionaires and has the potential. I think the fact the combination of his dad being a creepy incest pedophile and him getting so badly bullied his entire upbringing did a number on him. Grimes should also be pushing him to do more for the environment as well but I think she’s more focused on living in her own world in her head

No. 1432442

>he’s not as evil as other billionaires
Is that retarded whiteknight again? Shut the fuck up. He literally exploits children in cobalt mines. He's the fucking same as everybody else. Nobody cares about his "childhood trauma". Everybody was bullied at school at least once, doesn't mean we turned into evil fucking billionaires.
Go the fuck away and praise this idiot on Elon fanboy boards instead. Nobody cares about your retarded takes.

No. 1432445

>Grimes should also be pushing him to do more for the environment as well
Grimes doesn't care about environment. Grimes destroys environment by pushing NFTs. get fucking real.

No. 1432450

the cobalt mines weren’t in his control no offende not to be devils advocate here. As soon as the cobalt mines were discovered to have kids in it the operation was stopped, he didnt agree to the cobalt mines using kids.
Grimes is a very good artist but she’s definitely mentally ill & has a form of eating disorder and drug problems and it accounts for her mistakes.
Also again not to be devils advocate but elon was like badly badly bullied to the point of being in hospital frequently. The two of them need to treat their problems

No. 1432460

>As soon as the cobalt mines were discovered to have kids in it the operation was stopped, he didnt agree to the cobalt mines using kids.
Bullshit. He knew what he was doing. Just cause Elon tells something, doesn't mean it's true. You don't know what's going on behind the scenes, this guy can do whatever the fuck he wants. As if billionaires don't fucking lie. what the fuck is wrong with you

>Grimes is definitely mentally ill & has a form of eating disorder and drug problems and it accounts for her mistakes

No, you fucking idiot. Mental illnesses, eating disorders and drug problems aren't justifications for one's shitty actions. (kek, as if eating disorders made people support evil billionaires, destroy environment and so on). All mentally ill people and drug addicts in the world take responsibility for their actions, because surprise, them being mentally ill/addicts doesn't absolve them of fucking using their brains/taking responsibility for what they do.
>Also again not to be devils advocate but elon was like badly badly bullied to the point of being in hospital frequently.
And again, you're pathetic devils advocate, imagine whiteknighting this old fuck so hard. Being bullied doesn't justify destroying the planet/exploiting others/being abusive towards his workers. Nobody cares he's been "bullied badly". Every fucking body gets bullied, and yes there's plenty of people who landed in hospital or got bullied 100 times worse than Apartheid Clyde. Nobody grew up to make decisions such as this fuckup, just bc ~~uwu they were bullied~~.
Grow the fuck up and find better idols.

No. 1432461

My thoughts are that elon and grimes are both mentally ill but have the potential. I feel for both of them , grimes lives in her head with her sci fi art and elon lives in his mars revolution art project and seems to struggle with himself and he honest to god looks miserable. That’s the only reason i tried to understand/look a bit deeper into his story.
I am a fan of grimes for like 10 years, so i got the information lol

No. 1432464

Fuck, i could understand you being a pitiful, brainless Grimes stan who's so blinded that you make excuses for her. But I don't get you feeling sorry/sympathetic to Elon Musk. read about all the wrong things he does. he has no potential to change, he isn't a promising 17 year old. He's an old fucking guy who only knows the reality he's been for years.
Have you fucking forgotten about the way he treated his wives? About rumoured reddit post that allegedly Grimes wrote? He's a heartless abuser. fuck, i never thought I'd see a WOMAN feeling bad for someone like that.

No. 1432465

honestly you sound really angry, not rational, like you’re the one with the mental illness, and you’re taking it out on people without trying to understand them deeper
You said yourself mental illness isnt a justification for shitty behaviour and you’re acting shitty with the words you’re saying

No. 1432467

if he was an abuser it would have been more obvious by now but it seems like he just had failed relationships, which literally everybody has. I honestly think they both need help , elon is mentally ill and lives in his mars takeover project in his head and grimes lives in some weird version of reality in her head. There are worse people like the rockefellers and jeffrey epstein for example.

No. 1432469

I'm lowkey angry how one can think so idiotically, how a woman can think like that. sad.
Words i'm saying are true. it's hilarious how you completely ignore every bad thing Elon Musk/Grimes did that everyone's been listing to you for the last days. whenever someone mentions these facts, you change subject and say Grimes aren't pretty and "you're just jealous", or continue to shit out sentences about how poor Elon was bullied. doesn't mean they're bad people with documented list of bad behaviour. go seethe.
Anyways, i'm out, you only seem to thrive on having these conversations. Sit here talking to yourself. or make a personal blog where you write out love letters to Muskrat. kek, now this is a worst case of mental illness.

No. 1432473

>they come out to their friends as being in a relationship and have a marriage ceremony

what the fuck? no they don't, it ends with the brother asking her not to go to the USA and their brother-sister relationship, which had been fractured by the brother she admired growing up and becoming an unambitious good for nothing, being patched. it stays platonic throughout

you can find it weird and disgusting and whatever, but believing and repeating "they come out and get married" makes you sound like a church lady elon and grimes are complete plebs, they could have used yosuga no sora. that one is porn, so the siblings actually fuck and the girl is basically a loli. sage for weeb spergery

No. 1432484

OT and also nta but if that's the case why is this gif >>1427727 a thing? Is it from the show? Because if they kiss like that in the show I can see why nonny would say/think that way lol.

Not to mention, it's pretty telling that elon and grimes used the screenshot of THAT SPECIFIC SCENE for their pfps…

No. 1432552

Because it’s not fair to judge in a shallow way without seeing someone deeper
I think grimes has produced a lot of great art for society and helped people with said art therefore deserves having people look more deeper into her life and story , and elon seems to be someone with potential to be better but is just really weird and has issues. they have a lot of fans FOR a reason. They do weird shit but it doesn’t mean that they’re lost causes like some people who are just shit in every fucking way and contribute NOTHING to society

No. 1432598

Hitler and Stalin had a lot of fans for a reason too lol

No. 1432735

I don't know why people calling Grimes "anachan" and "too thin" triggers me so badly. I'm (remarkably) thinner than her, and now I feel kinda bad about my body. I know I'm skinny, but I never knew it'd be considered off-putting by some people.
Besides, I don't understand how sperging about her weight and nose is milky at all. I'd rather read about actual milk instead of petty nit-picks.

No. 1432737

>between vagina and anus
>not "ass to clit"
what the fuck else you got down there that these are not the same thing

No. 1432739

no one cares, go cry about it on tumblr.

No. 1432742

Did I hit a nerve?

No. 1432749

fuck, apparently it is from the show and they have a pseudo wedding. from the wiki:
>Sometime later, the Kosaka siblings arrange a pseudo-marriage at a church, where they reveal their genuine happiness for being siblings with a kiss. Kirino gives Kyosuke back the ring, ending their relationship with her request of being a couple until graduation - which last for 3 months - finally fulfilled, and they go back to being normal siblings (she whispered this to him in EP 14).
i did not remember this at all, it's not as bad as anon's description but much worse than i thought kek

No. 1432751

Is that you, Claire? I don't think anyone else is deranged enough to obsessively post this shit.

No. 1432754

They're calling her that because she definitely has an eating disorder. Her video about the stuff she eats makes it very obvious.

No. 1432778

Oh, yeah, for sure she does. She seems to have a very unhealthy relationship with food (I'm guessing because of his father? I think she said something about that–)
I was just surprised that so many nonnas think she's too skinny or that she looks bad.

No. 1432914

i see the WK is still shitting up the thread. Maybe read more and lurk more before simping for a billionaire and his retarded gf who makes shitty music.

No. 1432930

Lol wtf whiteknight-chan is still there? this idiot doesn't care to read sources on documented wrongdoings and abuse of Muskrat and following idiocy of Grimes, but comes here to shit out paragraphs on poor Elon's bullying adventures and how we all need to know Apartheid Clyde deeper to judge him, lmao.
How the hell was that anon not redtexted for whiteknighting? that's the most kind of rabid and whiteknight i've seen here in a long while. not mini-modding, just genuinely surprised.

Anyways, i'm starting to think it's Grimes whiteknighting herself and her oldboy itt cause literally who else would fucking care enough

No. 1432942

Nona if you're ~triggered~ close the tab. It's not about you and you shouldn't make it so.

No. 1432992

I'm not "making it about me" it was a random dumb comment, I won't post something similar again though. I was using the term triggered lightly, I'd day confused would be a better word.

No. 1433011

Please don't post at ALL ever again.

No. 1433028

Lol wtf
Who is she talking about, herself or the guy? If she means she was growing on 4chan then i have certain suspicions about thread's whiteknight…

No. 1433041

nice pfp nona

No. 1433043

I know her fans are all drug addicts and she-weebs and goons, but most normies only know/think of 4chan as the Trump website where a bunch of famous women got their nudes leaked to. Not the smartest move aligning yourself with them kek

No. 1433044

File: 1643829528282.jpg (344.75 KB, 1080x2079, Screenshot_20220202_201825.jpg)

Oh shit lol
I forgot to cut it out

No. 1433048

She wants to appeal to the incels of 4chan, never stops saying how she loves pedo mangas etc
Imagine still being the worst kind of pick me after 30 (and a Child)

No. 1433051

File: 1643830227696.jpg (23.44 KB, 333x416, 8HGFJ5G9F6.jpg)

No. 1433054

It's all about her ego and building up "Grimes" as a persona you can't touch, not about making money. Her whole career is just her doing NLOG antics on bigger stages. 4chan cyber elf loli AI Phyrexian Giger-esque lazer sword wielding Claire does not care about the opinions of normies, she cares about what Grimes thinks. And Elon.

No. 1433063

that's kinda funny cause when you remember her old McGill uni photos from the 1st thread, she was like ABC of normie. piling up on all the 4chan cyber faerie is also the most apparent and desperate attempt of running away from being a normie.

she's just copying manga/anime/deviantart pictures, like something that existed only as a drawing

No. 1433143

>raised on 4chan
Well that explains the loli obsession…

No. 1433171

i doubt she ever went on 4chan until recently

No. 1433195

Write one thing that differentiates him from other billionaires and which makes him good. Grimes doesn't care about environment and she believes he is already a Messiah who uses his money to save the world.

No. 1433246

He invests in personal projects that push some technological advancements in humanity and his main focus is that and always was, like he began his career as just a simple computer programmer or coder not some environmentalist guru who was ready to save everyone.
He seems to care about deeper issues but seldom expresses them anymore. He used to express really interesting things and was unconventional in his thinking but honestly i feel like he’s mentally ill and something sad goes on behind the scenes no one will ever know about

No. 1433254

her music is good though lmao, if it wasn’t good she wouldnt have people going crazy for it. Seems to be a niche audience that’s pushing it though which is interesting.
Anyway no need to worry about the thread’s WK anymore. I think I’m going to see myself out lol.

No. 1433281

this is something someone with less than an even basic understanding of what 4chan is would say, which really begs the question…why would you pretend to have ever regularly lurked/posted on 4chan?

looks like the same weird wannabe edgelord Peter pan syndrome shit Elon says on Twitter

No. 1433291

So your argument what makes him different than other billionaires and actually "good" is "he invests in personal projects that push some technological advancements in humanity"? Wow. Very good and nice of him. pure goodness.
>not some environmentalist guru who was ready to save everyone.
And that makes him good/better than others? just cause he didn't originally set out to be environment guru he's superior? ok.
tbh he ridiculously tries to play on both fronts, which is something you cannot do, as it simply doesn't work. you cannot shill your Tesla cars, telling they're better for environment, but at the same time destroying environment. stop talking to people about environment-saving factor of your products while you don't actually do anything for environment while making your products.
Not a single good argument that proves he's better/any different from other billionaires here.

>he’s mentally ill and something sad goes on behind the scenes no one will ever know about

The sad thing going bhs is him abusing/mistreating Grimes in one way or another.

No. 1433293

>her music is good though lmao, if it wasn’t good she wouldnt have people going crazy for it
By this logic, Billie Eilish is a much better musician lol

No. 1433294

Wanna add that Elon only sits around and gives orders/makes up shitty unfinished plans when it is actually his workers that do everything meaninful. as a thank-you for their hard work, they get fired on a whim, just cause Elon is in a mood to fire someone.
Wanna add that alot of his "genius inventions" were pure shit. remember when those people got stuck in a cave/tunnel in Thailand and he started preaching he can build a vehicle to retrieve them? nothing like talking shit for clout in a comfy chair while people at the area actually worked to retrieve them. in the meantime people freed those kids and Elon got so pissed he called everyone "pedophiles", just cause someone actually saved those people while he made up his fairy tales.
Remember the that aero tunnel? Weird capsules travelling faster than everything on Earth through system of tunnels? super invention, except it was impossible to open/get inside during the ride, so if something bad happened and someone got hurt/got heart attack/whatever else inside the capsule, it would be impossible to get inside and provide help. if the fire started inside, fire fighters would not be able to help and everyone would burn. cool inventions, thinking of deeper issues.
thank god.

No. 1433365

If you're admitting you're the same anon as before WKing all along, I want to laugh at the profound irony of your post here >>1432552
>Because it’s not fair to judge in a shallow way without seeing someone deeper
Meanwhile upthread you post this >>1431117 and judge this woman completely based on her appearance and the funniest part is she can probably play better than Grimes

No. 1433406

>Grimes and Elon have x amount of fans so they must be attractive and talented!
I'm sorry Delusionona, but a lot of people have bad taste and you're a prime example of this common phenomenon.

No. 1433427

his daddy bought him a technology company with his emerald mine money you fucking simp, hes not a technological visionary hes just a rich fucking autist

No. 1433493

LITERALLY everyone who actually looks at the work he is doing now basically all agree that none of his current large works (starlink, the hyperloops, the solar panel tiles) actually work and most of them never will to Elons own ineptitude in running technologically advanced companies he announces some new crap every day to get investors, and it works. I predict that he has at least 2+ more years of credibility before people start getting really mad about his lies. If you were scientifically minded you would know this nonnie, if you did any research into his wild claims you would know that he gains so much financially, nice scapegoat with the depression though

No. 1433500

File: 1643863263057.png (274.46 KB, 376x443, AZALEABANKSEVILEYE.png)

No. 1433667

Plenty of smart billionaires and millionaires invest in technology because it will likely pay off and they want to be a part of something great and revolutionising, they are often interested in new ideas too.
>his main focus is that and always was, like he began his career as just a simple computer programmer or coder not some environmentalist guru who was ready to save everyone.
You just described Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, and John McAfee, to name a few. Every rich person owning a business in technology advances it somehow, they pay engineers to come up with ways to make production efficient and to improve their products. He isn't really an inventor.
>He seems to care about deeper issues but seldom expresses them anymore.
What did he care about? Or what were his unconventional thoughts? I am genuinely asking because he is clearly detached from reality and comes up with quirky, quite useless ideas which consume huge amounts of resources instead of doing something practical to help people, like building a metro. Maybe he was more grounded in the past.

No. 1433781

There’s nothing someone can do to help the world if everythings too corrupt and even the help won’t fix anything

No. 1433783

that’s what im saying he’s really mentally ill at this point which is why grimes and him are both obsessed with each other, theyre both the same. He started off on humble beginnings IMO, but i think he lives in his head and is definitely detached from reality. It’s unfortunate because out of all billionaires he was the only one who could have really done something and it’s shitty as fuck

No. 1433933

Yes, there is. Not contributing/taking part in these corrupt things. He could've found a normal fucking job and lived his life like normal people instead of sending fuel fossils upwards and destroying people's lives. Alternately, could've just sat at fucking home all life doing nothing, because could afford that thanks to his parents.
>out of all billionaires he was the only one who could have really done something
and what makes you think like that? he's not as smart as people think he is, he literally has people to work on his shit instead of him. he never expressed any will to do anything good. I mean, i agree he COULD HAVE done something good to the world if he really wanted, but what exactly makes you think he, out of all billionaires, had a chance to be better? what does Elon have/what does he make that makes him better or different? surprise, billionaires are all alike. they're all rich people who get consumed by their power, and ultimately use it to do wrong, cause they're always greed for more. he really has no interesting ideas, most of his stuff is faulty/unusable. his own workers admitted there's plenty of mistakes in his cars just cause Elon made one shitty decision, despite people warning him against it, and set out an order.
you're just repeating after Elon's fanboys, who are delusional people. he provided nothing important, useful or interesting to this world. wake up. stan Grimes all you want, but stanning Elon just because you pity his bullying phase/mental illness is some unspoken desperation.

No. 1435120

she in fact is pretty , so many gddmn people simping 4 her on that dumass tiktok(sage your shit)

No. 1435171

Grimes is a perfect name for her because she looks like she stinks and doesn't bathe.

No. 1435176

says the smegmoid

No. 1438177

Why do you think we’re here? We’re literally all here to gossip and talk shit lol

No. 1439714

File: 1644512628596.png (83.72 KB, 1372x446, Screen Shot 2022-02-10 at 12.0…)

No. 1439722

Elon musk is a massive retard. Good to know that even though these monkeys mutilated themselves and died from brain hemorrhages he is still looking for human volunteers. He really thinks we live in some sci-fi video game where brain chips can cure every ailment and make humans 'hyper-intelligent'

No. 1439731

Those poor monkeys will be avenged when musk fanboys start getting brain damaged en masse (because you just know they will be, musk is exactly like antivaxx leaders who get themselves and their families vaccinated as their fans who buy the bullshit die). It will be glorious.

No. 1439765

Oh jesus. I don't know why I didn't see this coming

No. 1439898

So only one in 23 tortured monkeys had results good enough to film, the rest suffered and died horribly. Not looking good for the human test subjects. Elon will go down in history but not in a good way.

No. 1439902

I want to a-log

No. 1439903

Anyone who voluntarily signs up for human experimentation with this psychotic scrote didn't have much brain to damage in the first place

No. 1439935

i am so sick of this psychopathic edgelord scifi fantasy larper manchild and the people who think he’s some kind of visionary

No. 1439952

How is it even acceptable to move to human trials after this? Aren’t animal trials a way to test for deadly side effects and when the animal trials fail you go back to the drawing board and start over? Either way only a psychopath would look at these results and think “let’s move onto humans now”.

No. 1440013

File: 1644527981858.png (328.79 KB, 1320x1006, Screen Shot 2022-02-10 at 4.17…)

Bleak lawsuit/story coming out about racist harassment of Black employees at Tesla.


Tesla's statement: https://www.tesla.com/blog/dfehs-misguided-lawsuit

No. 1440017

File: 1644528060324.png (203.53 KB, 1316x644, Screen Shot 2022-02-10 at 4.20…)

Supervisors and managers complicit as well

No. 1440083

This video explains well how Neuralink is ridiculous and another money-grabbing/laundering scheme.

No. 1440146

Can he find a way to launder his shit while leaving. THE MONKEYS. ALONE??????

No. 1440223

Grimes has always sounded to me like a /cgl/-esque nickname for a really unkept, stinky and yellow stained ita who thinks Milanoo is cool.

No. 1440247

defend this one, grimes!

No. 1440285

“My boyfriend actually loveth monkeyth, he’th bringing cutting-edge employment opportunitieth to the monkey community. I juth think ith hard for the mundane peasanth to grathp my boyfriend’th visionary geniuth”

No. 1440302

anon please i'm wheezing

No. 1440313

I'm not sure why you deleted this post, but everything you said is true, anon. This shit is fucked

No. 1440411

File: 1644558421218.jpeg (246.9 KB, 750x1178, E4D85C31-F961-4EE6-BA9A-272DBE…)

Grimes liking Tweets related to Elon and his family this week.

She hasn’t been active in several days though. I wonder if she got a heads up that the animal testing and racism lawsuit scandals would be breaking.

No. 1440415

grimes is so retarded but I love her music

No. 1440418

Holy shit this is dark

No. 1440424

This is so fucking sad and evil. Having studied monkeys this breaks my heart. For those who participated in this retarded, utterly valueless experiment, I don’t know how you can run an experiment like that with your own two hands and ever sleep at night again. It would be one thing if this thing was trying to cure cancer or something, but the product they’re testing is dystopian and bad for humanity. It’s so comically evil I would laugh if it wasn’t so crushingly real.

No. 1440460

i hope elon gets busted like the theranos lady

No. 1440471

Does anyone understand the legalities around animal testing in the US? I'm just floored by if you did that stuff to an animal in your own home it's a crime, but if elon does it in his lab he's fine? I always assumed you could get permission if you needed them for medical trials, but Elon is developing a commercial product that no one fucking wants.

No. 1440474

All this psychotic transhumanist shit needs to be protested. Where is ALF, PETA, etc?

No. 1440492

The worst is that scientists doing this Nazi experiment knew well what will happen once they drill holes or implant electrodes in their brain, even a child would guess that messing with the organ in such a way is harmful. They just wanted to know how long they will survive or what exactly reaction to pain, injury, and implant they will have so they can include these in contracts while looking for human test objects. "You will likely experience these symptoms and more, do you agree". All that suffering and money for an inane gimmick no one needs and to get more money he doesn't need.

No. 1440527

I thought it was going to be used for people who can't walk etc?

No. 1440561

Oh please, there were two different cases of Japanese fathers raping their daughters within recent years. These men were acquitted by the courts until Japanese feminists protested against the decisions.

No. 1440610

No. 1440640

Don't most rape cases in the west get thrown out of court, and isn't Roman Polanski still running loose? It's not just Japan, it's everywhere scrotes reign

No. 1440666

File: 1644598698444.jpg (27.62 KB, 474x266, kvm.jpg)

This is fucked up, but also
>“Pretty much every single monkey that had had implants put in their head suffered from pretty debilitating health effects,” Jeremy Beckham, the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine’s research advocacy director, told The Post. “They were, frankly, maiming and killing the animals.”
Not to make a bleak joke, but I don't think it's unintentional that we're all thinking "Grimes, how the fuck do you defend this?"
Honestly, if you learn about what these brain implants entail and how they're inserted, it's no fucking surprise those monkeys suffered so much. Musk himself deserves to be used as a test subject. Literal brain butcher

No. 1441227

It really is a nazi experiment. Elon is a figurehead that is meant to appeal to a wide range of men with incel mentality, they relate to other “nihilist narcissists” or whatever they want to name their mommy issues that are really daddy issues. Operation paper clip was how the nazi doctors were essentially imported to the states after ww2, simplifying it greatly but look it up because it’s worth it. They’ve been trying to use the internet to desensitize people to torture since its inception. If the Internet was around during ww2 it would be even more of an unimaginable hell on Earth, which already is inconceivable considering the devastation. Technology and pills placate feelings of failure when men stop defending their countries and take it out on women who pick up the slack, then that creates resentment from men who can’t face the truth that they’re getting mind fucked by other men.

The study said that the monkeys would have missing fingers and toes, that was thought to be from acts of self mutilation. If animal rights groups can log off their own social media accounts and getting offended over semantics, they could do something about it. The tests were done in fucking Northern California I’m sure they could have gotten people to participate in some shit there.

Also I still stand by monkeys working safely with their handlers or out in the wild happily, living their damn monkey lives on their own fucking monkey terms, will make anyone happy to watch, happier than anything that moldy rosacea slab of dough with hair plugs ever could and he knows it and had to try to make a whole racist empire about it while enslaving children to destroy the planet to fuel his trash operation. I love all monkeys, especially macaques, they are so fucking adorable but they all are. Seeing people deeply mentally ill and self harming from trauma is hard enough, a monkey who doesn’t have any social reference or comprehension of that doing that is beyond words. I don’t even know how they got to animal trials unless they were bored and wanted to torture animals and then people with the news. Fuck them.

No. 1441299

take your meds nonnie

No. 1441373

No. 1442020

File: 1644728029185.png (415.7 KB, 904x435, Screen Shot 2022-02-12 at 8.50…)

I think Elon is going to be outed somehow as a business conman soon (maybe in the next two years). SO many of his projects basically other than tesla have failed or have just been completely logistically unfeasable. I think grimes will distance and maybe wake up one day but probably not soon. Maybe in an alt reality she double downs on her choice of spergy moon faced men and digs herself a deeper hole

No. 1442023

File: 1644728185015.png (81.28 KB, 661x368, Screen Shot 2022-02-12 at 8.50…)

sage for added milk, all of this has come out pretty recently in a short amount of time, so maybe this is the start of the public being more suspect of his stupid claims

we need more technofags in here… I'm tired of screaming about how grimes is or isn't ugly, elon deserves some cyberbullying too

No. 1442024

grimes will not "wake up", she knows he's not a genius, she's just down for the grif/ride for however long she can. she's despicable and i pray for his downfall.

No. 1442029

he's such a tremendous piece of shit, it's unreal. and yet he's escaping any and all criticism. zuckerberg is a sociopath and gets the scoiopath edit but this psycho gets off scot free and is actively idolized by all sorts of guys and technolarpers. this is so evil and it's so obvious that he's a retard.
i truly hate him. my area is conned by this guy and our politicians are accepting his grifting bullshit proposals to bore into our area that is like 6 feet above sea level and is pure, easily flooded limestone. engineers have said for hundreds of years that this is not feasible and is extremely dangerous but because the politicians want clout and to be seen as technologically open, they're going fullsteam ahead because this fuckstain is trendy. this will be tragic and a waste of money if they go forward.

No. 1442035

i think we are dealing with maybe two possible realities, maybe three.
A) Grimes is too stupid to understand that it is all a lie and has fallen for it
B) Grimes is somehow in on it, she knows its all a lie
C)its all azalea banks witchcraft

No. 1442036

really excited for grimes Elizabeth Holmes era

No. 1442053

praying for the day she's deposed kek

No. 1442110

lol, all that to have a useless, two stations tunnel for Teslas which no one will use? I am so sorry, anonette

No. 1442149

One question. Two questions, actually.
1. Has Grimes starteth to whitheknighthe Elon yeth?
2. Are we really the only ones who care? Where are animal rights people? What are his psychofans saying of this now? I mean, even without getting into further details, even these press headlines imo are enough to change mind on this ugly abuser immediately. People just don't care that he hurt and killed a huge amount of animals just on a whim? When it's Elon Musk it suddenly doesn't matter? what world are we living in?

No. 1442156

Not a techfag or Musk fan but why is it milky that
>SO many of his projects basically other than tesla have failed or have just been completely logistically unfeasable
Because between PayPal, Tesla and Spacex he's clearly not a scammer. Surely the fact he's a billionaire with unlimited resources and an interest in tech innovation, anyone in that position would always have a bunch of experimental projects on the go, most of which fail during testing phase like any business or scientific venture would?
Compounded with his obviously autistic male brain, a lot of the ideas don't pass the common sense test, such as inventing wasteful private transport systems when public transport solves the same problem, that get far into production processes before they fail because he has no common sense himself and is obviously surrounded by yes men.
I think he's a douche but failing at this scale isn't milky by itself imo, happy to be proven wrong because he should be bullied as much as possible.

No. 1442254

File: 1644773790853.jpeg (346.95 KB, 750x702, 3531EFF1-69D6-4692-8A6A-27C636…)

It looks like she is staying offline. Some fans are @ing her on the Elon Musk animal cruelty posts.

No. 1442294

Lmao she wishes she were Charli

No. 1442433

I suspect she was instructed to sit low and not make things worse.

No. 1442534

not even created by elon musk, he was briefly put in charge of the company after a merger with his original company and was later fired and replaced with peter thiel, this is all public information
not even engineered by elon, so many of his projects attached to tesla do not work and are not feasible because the technology is either not there yet or its literally impossible (fully complete autopilot, tesla semi, random cars literally lighting on fire)
SpaceX is supposedly (literally what elon musk said in an email to spacex management) going through extremely hard times financially (like literally on the verge of bankruptcy) because of their failure of being able to launch a reusable rocket, the first reusable rocked was supposed to come out in 2017 from spaceX, and almost all of their satellites launched for Starlink are inoperable because of the solar storm.

so many of elons projects are funded or subsidized by huge amounts of tax dollars, we are talking billions here, its extremely milky the thought of his entire empire crumbling due to his inability to actually deliver any of his wild promise

No. 1447028

File: 1645287069585.jpeg (178.55 KB, 750x864, 32441471-6060-496C-90F6-152F85…)

No. 1447038

File: 1645287526371.jpeg (208.71 KB, 750x1084, 106C2C04-02D6-4D22-AB76-C7A604…)

Natasha Bassett, 27-year-old Australian actress. She’s cute and seems to be doing well in her career.

No. 1447048

File: 1645288480080.jpeg (147.05 KB, 750x485, 44D95AD7-521E-4784-A133-4E7B85…)

Elon unfollowed Grimes 3 days ago. It appears they no longer follow each other.

Grimes liked a tweet of his just 4 days ago.

No. 1447052

i always hated grimes and i hate her even more now. what a pathetic pickme bitch.

No. 1447067

lol get rekt grimes, maybe now you’ll actually make good music

No. 1447069

Ah, another woman to IVF more sons from and then dip. Scrote Generator.

No. 1447077

This university has a track record of killing monkeys for experiments, its a clickbait article nonny.

No. 1447081

>Tfw you're such an ugly scrote even IVF babies with the hottest actresses end up looking like autistic abominations because of your genes
Elon should give up and these women should stop dating him, I don't think how much he supports the children financially is worth the damage to their career when they get spotted with this turbo-autist.

No. 1447087

Does he even spend time with his sons, his first wife has custody of his fist 6 kids and Grimes seems to be the one taking care of AE_X

these kids might have his genres, but they will be raised by their mother's and probably step-fathers, his values and thinking won't pass on to them

No. 1447093

He said he takes a son with him on business trips occasionally on Joe Rogan. But he's certainly not present in the true sense of the word, nor does he seem to want to be.

No. 1447098

kek the way you phrased this makes it sound like he just picks a son at random, doesnt matter which one as long as hes got one in tow

No. 1447105

How long until he gets her pregnant too then dips

If thats true, i feel bad for grimes in a sense even though she stuck by him when everyone was rightfully criticizing her for supporting him. Scrotes are gonna scrote, dont be a pickme for a billionaire unless youre taking some of his money in the process

No. 1447147

damn poor girl, probably not for long

No. 1447171

>Grimes liked Elon's tweet just 4 days ago

So she liked his tweets AFTER hurting monekys came to light, as if nothing happened.
I don't feel bad for her at all. Stupid bitch knew what he's doing and supported him even after his mess went viral.
So much came out of your cyberpunk romance fantasy, Grimes! Elon doesn't follow you now but maybe you still can volunteer to be another ape to his brain implant experiment. perhaps he installs some music device as bonus.

No. 1447243

File: 1645309235670.jpg (7.24 KB, 212x195, b5422a39dfdcca5d168f0c3854b0fd…)

TFW you even need IVF because the Y chromosome becomes even more disintegrated with age, reducing your likelihood of having a son despite all conceptions leaning male normally. TFW they all come out fugly and autistic because all of these male embryos wouldn't be viable without technological intervention. TFW if you're a fugly moid, it really doesn't matter how high quality your wife's genes are, because only your daughters are likely to benefit from them. TFW all subhuman incel faggots only have their daddies to blame for what they are. TFW every time you buy pussy as a fugly incel, you're borrowing against your son's genetic future and he's fucked if for whatever reason he can't buy pussy like you did. TFW son preference is inherently dysgenic for men so as time goes by women will only get hotter while men get more fugly and retarded kek

No. 1448079

File: 1645395130914.png (228.42 KB, 586x576, hjbj.png)

Never saw this mentioned here. He has no redeeming traits, does he?

No. 1448092

why is she poor? she chose him and god only knows why

No. 1448191

I wonder if she will fall into the same trap of bleaching her hair out and getting fillers only for him to drop and find someone else after he gets the IVF baby

No. 1448428

I still remember that. My favorite bit is when people asked him to link the artist and he went into a meltdown about how "everything should be free". Coming from a dude that sells shitty electric cars to 5%ers and wants to turn space travel into a business venture.

No. 1448438

>Elong Musk (b. 1971) is an entrepreneur and business magnate
>Natasha Bassett (b. 1994) is an Australian actress, screenwriter and director
She’s 23 years his junior. Narsty

No. 1448445

Lol didn't take but a few seconds to find that she does yachting and has connections from both her parents. Feel for the girl because he is a POS and she's being taken advantage of but come on… old enough to know better. You're not going to secure the bag with him and are going to leave with horrible plastic surgery and mental scars.

No. 1448453

yes, they all have fallen into it, every single one. she has no chance and honestly she's probably trying immediately for that moneybaby. no sympathy honestly, his entire being is repulsive and it's no secret how terrible he is

No. 1448499

What a moron, not to mention people just liked the art and wanted more of it, no one expected him to pay for sharing it on twitter lol

No. 1448570

all these women end up blonde bimbos with horrible plastic surgery with no baby daddy. yet they all thought it wasnt going to happen to them. no sympathy.

No. 1448662

I’m always genuinely surprised when I’m reminded how many fucking kids Elon has. Is it like a compulsion for him to see how many women he can bust his ugly seed into? Like just another grift among many. You don’t just accidentally have seven kids, you have to try

No. 1448792

>this white collar grifter cow is not too different from other white collar grifter cows, so he's not a grifter cow
don't be retarded.
>get far into production processes before they fail because he has no common sense himself and is obviously surrounded by yes men
yes, that's exactly the problem. he keeps showing up in places >>1442029 and industries that are fine and fucking everything up with his massive funding from investors, then leaving without a scratch once his projects fails, while everyone else has to clean his fucking mess. and while they're cleaning his mess they still need to deal with his attacks and slander because he'll lash out at anyone who doesn't lick his fucking balls - remember how he called the guy who rescued the children that his retarded bot couldn't save a pedo?

the shit musk does is a thousand times worse and more milky than anything grimes could even dream of. she's just putting out cringy songs, this man is actively fucking people's lives

No. 1448942

He had six children with his first wife, then one with Grimes, you made it sound as if he had each child with a different woman. After Talulah Riley he is just searching for a girl able to withstand his terrible personality and satisfy his impossible demands while birthing more kids.

No. 1449626

I feel like "Player of Games" was Grimes' pickme swan song

No. 1450156

File: 1645628050287.jpeg (957.34 KB, 1125x1714, 13385B60-B9F0-4E6D-BF20-69C765…)

Kek yeah sure you like her cause she loves her mom and dad barf

No. 1450157

>all human attraction comes down law of attraction which is essentialy a formula

Yeah and I bet the "formula" is some MGTOW bullshit where it doesnt matter how ugly, disfigured and bald you are as a man as long as you have money while if you are a woman you can't be attractive if you are 30+.
Of course his new pickme coolgirl totally agreed with it.

No. 1450161

I don't even understand. Didn't Elon have a terrible relationship with his own dad?

No. 1450209

I love that he’s flying to LA to get pussy isn’t that the fake reason why he said him and grimes broke up lol

No. 1450229

He's looking for a girl with "fAmiLy vAlUeS" because he assumes it will be easier to bimbofy and knock her up several times so she can stay at home and be the parent

No. 1450896

He just meant his mother and maybe siblings. It's a shame he wasn't "extremely close" to his first wife and all of his children.

No. 1450901

At least she is similar looking to Grimes, maybe he has a new type

No. 1451138

File: 1645724044638.jpeg (127.05 KB, 1084x681, 9F9D3204-07BF-4CDA-8DB5-287BF7…)

They all look the same to me as like they could be sisters

No. 1451401

Justine, Talulah, and Amber were definitely similar, but Grimes looked familiar only after bleaching her hair

No. 1451522

one of them is bald

No. 1451537

every old man's "type" is a young 4/10 guys her age aren't too interested in

No. 1451606

She kind of reminds me of the Quasimodo girl from Game of Thrones

No. 1451608

Kek anon
Elon couldn't bimbofy him successfully cause Bezos was already bald
Girl is thin, brown haired and looks like she didn't do anything significant with her face yet. Perfect formula, perfect canvas for him to destroy.

No. 1451671

File: 1645777097548.jpg (833.4 KB, 1079x1647, Screenshot_20220225-091627_Chr…)

Why is she posing like this in a Holocaust memorial?

No. 1451691

because they're all attention whores

No. 1451705

Doesn't he have a child with amber too?

No. 1451830

She is very pretty, too bad she's a weirdo.

No. 1451866

File: 1645808384099.jpg (23.13 KB, 720x368, da4d1a9d1f7c571607c0dc0f69e55e…)

This actually isn't real. The matching OreImo PFPs were spread around as a meme. However, Elon's PFP around that time was Edward Elric, which is probably what anons are thinking of.

No. 1451890

No Amber used an anonymous sperm donor and a surrogate, pretty much a designer adoption.

No. 1451898

She used a surrogate but she had frozen embryos that she used. She allegedly created the embryos with Elon Musk and he tried to keep them from her.

No. 1451938

you know it's just bs and he was tired of her

No. 1452109

He hadn't really consented to it so it didn't count in my view. Grimes was officially a second woman he had children with.

No. 1452337

>he didn't consent to it so it didn't count
what? People have children by accident all the time, that's such a weird kind of logic. The child exists doesn't it? It doesn't have to be official

No. 1452652

File: 1645909938616.jpg (130.41 KB, 1536x993, Ukrainian-vice-prime-minister-…)

Ukraine asked Elon Musk for help.
Bet 100$ this idiot will ignore. Eventually come back to posting anime memes like nothing happened.
I mean they probably know he won't do anything, so i think it's a way of throwing a shade

No. 1452653

starlink doesnt even fucking work

No. 1452662

Perhaps it's the time the rest of the world figures out that Elon's stuff if bullshit. He'll be fucked if he doesn't help and fucked if he (very hypothetically) sends some half baked bullshit.
hope it ruins his reputation.

No. 1452784

Men consent to children when they blow their loads inside a woman. You can't just use someone's frozen sperm to create a kid without their consent either (see: Sofia Vergara's ex). This isn't ye olde Englund we don't need men to officially reconize a child for it to be legit.

No. 1453029

File: 1645946489710.jpg (102.21 KB, 1242x1207, starlink ukraine.jpg)

No. 1453137

Woah, didn't expect it… i only hope it will be useful for real

No. 1453152

you only need to pay $499 for the hardware kit + shipping and taxes and then $99 per month to be able to use it!

No. 1453193

They didn't have a child by accident, they created embryos to use in IVF, broke up and he didn't want to have children with her. Then she fought over the embryos in court and won.
He has a child with her after they separated and after he wanted the embryos destroyed, pregnancy was her decision.

No. 1453708

can someone please explain to me why these moids don't just go for "trad" women with "family values" to begin with? Like, is it a fun challenge for them to target weird insecure alt girls who are none of the things that they expect their partner to conform to and like…break them or something? Why pick grimes and go for this woman next?

(not wking grimes, there's enough readily accessible info out there about what kind of person and partner elon is and she should have known better)

No. 1457661

File: 1646412945649.jpg (122.75 KB, 690x714, moon-rocket-natgeo.jpg)

lol elon sent a rocket to the moon in secret

No. 1458117

They later determined it was more likely part of a Chinese rocket called Chang'e 5-Ti, but China denies this.

No. 1463029

File: 1646925312297.jpeg (144.42 KB, 750x551, 1443456D-ED28-48E5-896F-DD1202…)

they had a second kid via surrogate

No. 1463031

at least this one has a readable name.

No. 1463035

has major Ebony Darkness Dementia Raven Way vibes tho

No. 1463037

With claires recessive raver genes, elobs aging sperm and a name that reads like an ADHD drug for thots.
Why. Why is grimes a mother again.

a cokeroach exhipster like her doesn't deserve more children and child support.

No. 1463048


How does grimes pronounce the name of the older one? They're gonna get their names changed as soon as they're old enough lmao. I hate parents like Elon and grimes who give their kids bad fanfiction tier names like they don't have to live with that for at least 18 years.

No. 1463050

she calls him ash

No. 1463061

Did they have a contract to fulfil or what? First one birthed by Grimes, they consciously uncouple, second via surrogate? Is it normal to have children with someone you split up with?

No. 1463062

I just can't imagine Elon at sex lol, I choose to believe all his children are experiments.

No. 1463077

Unpopular but I kinda like their dynamic. I feel like they fit together quite well as him wanting a dumb pixie bimbo and she needs to spacey dude to look up to. The new kids name is not too bad tbh. Sue me.

No. 1463081

Exa’s not bad i guess but Dark as a middle name? poor kid. what if she doesn’t wanna be some cyberpunk fairy weirdo like her mom? imagine becoming like, an accountant and having to tell people your name is that.

No. 1463082

File: 1646930090432.jpeg (139.76 KB, 750x800, A00A7BEC-3B33-4440-8F85-205794…)

No. 1463089

Didn't he get a new gf? This is beyond sad.

No. 1463090

It’s all so pathetic. Surrogacy is exploitative. And announcing their new baby, claiming that he’s the love of her life…AFTER he’s already moved onto a younger actress and they unfollowed each other on Twitter (he unfollowed her first)

No. 1463091

Right? Like can you imagine looking at his o face and letting him cum inside you? The thought actually makes me want to die

No. 1463110

she is so pathetic, I can't stand the people caping for her and elon, saying theyre fluid, poly, not tied down and just doing their thing as an excuse for what this really is: a girl who lost every shred of authenticity, self-respect, and character for a rich dickhead. Ironically her desperation probably repels him.

I wonder if she has post-baby body image issues which is why she opted for the surrogacy route. "look at me elon I'm young and tight". Using a financially disadvantaged woman's womb for this farce, I really hate this bitch

No. 1463125

Why is she bragging that she's dedicating her entire life, including her art, to a moid? She's a turbo pick-me. There's no saving her now. She let this scrote convince her to live separate from his own children (including his first batch), and fuck other women. Most men would fucking LOVE that. But it's ok because he's rich?

I feel like the only reason Elon hasn't moved fully on is because she'll do whatever he says. The desperation is just otherwordly. Using other womens bodies for what he old ass bf wants? He was removed from the genepool for a reason. She's going to have a huge wakeup call when he wants to do something with the kids or send them somewhere she doesn't want and she has no control of the situation. Even that Westworld actress was smart enough to marry him and get a pay out twice without any kids kek

No. 1463167

just by looking at his face i can tell he has issues with getting it up, staying hard and/or cumming. that dude dick don't work

No. 1463191

i'm starting to think Grimes only did it for fame cause her only way to go viral is to get a kid with a dumbass name

No. 1463202

Grimes lives her life in a series of "wouldn't it be funny if"s

No. 1463250

someone in ot said that she had health problems during her pregnancy which really doesn’t surprise me considering she was malnourished for a long time

No. 1463255

File: 1646945450742.jpg (5.96 KB, 275x183, download.jpg)

Tinfoil but this( >>1450156 ) and what Grimes just said is the reason why his new relationship screams fake to me, Elon is not in good terms with his family, hasn't been in over a decade, yeah not even his mom and siblings, he didn't live with his mom when she divorced Musk senior and his next move was going to Canada, if it even was Musk speaking in this article he's blantantly lying.
He and Grimes were still together when the article was written, which was what? February at most because it's Book 1 promotion.
Natasha has 0 pictures with him in her very active social media, she never talks about him, they were seen together once and that was it.

I don't think his relationship with Natasha was ever real, probably paid PR.

No. 1463309

File: 1646950165073.png (41.05 KB, 1054x353, re.png)

This whole interview is fucking wild.

>"The best situation here" she says, "is me training the girl and him" - Musk - "training the boy."

>Musk agrees that living separately is wise: “I just don’t like things to be messy and anime.”
>For Grimes, the dent to her reputation has been real. Overnight, a chunk of her core constituency—the internet—turned on her. She was no longer a revolutionary. She was Marie Antoinette.

I just can't with these rich shitheads and their absolutely insane egos kek


No. 1463326

Excuse me for being a newfag but why after 6-7 sons, Elon is now deciding that he wants a daughter?(learn2sage)

No. 1463333

It sounds like Grimes is raising the daughter alone, so maybe she wanted it and he agreed so he can point to it when people call him out for gender selecting his ivf babies.

No. 1463343

Had to complete the Lady Jessica larp and have a daughter to neglect.

No. 1463344

plus I bet it drove her bonkers that Amber Heard had Elon’s only daughter

No. 1463357

I don't get why she wants to have 4 kids, she's the last person I'd think of when thinking of a mother.
Raising is a big word considering she has someone else to take care of her 24/7, in the interview she just let the baby cry while she was drinking beer with the shithead that interviewed her

No. 1463368

File: 1646954826399.jpg (723.74 KB, 1150x1500, amber-heard-3.jpg)

Amber's daughter isn't Elon's, she used a sperm bank and has a girlfriend at the moment ffs.

No. 1463376

Agreed, but remember she is also a rich dickhead (though of course not as loaded as Apartheid Clyde). Always has been.

No. 1463379

I’m really sad after reading about the baby crying like that. She talked about each child so differently. I don’t know if it’s because it was done via surrogate or because Elon isn’t giving any attention this time since it’s a girl, but Claire seemed not bonded and just annoyed.

No. 1463398

Way to make herself sound like the dumbest bitch, and "E" sound like peak psychopath. Eating peanut butter 8 days in a row because…he wouldn't feed her (too busy fucking other women because she's such a chill gf I guess), and she was also somehow incapable of feeding herself??? Cool obvious pro-ana anecdotes about letting your ED make your pregnancy high risk. The writer being so up her bony #girlboss ass makes me want to puke, too. Since when has Grimes ever been able to sound passably "academic"?

No. 1463431

I mean, her other kid doesn't call her mum but calls Elon Dad. I don't think she wants kids at all, it seems to be part of the larp she's been doing since she met him
lol she's back to pretending to be poor. It's not suffering when you can just leave the situation at any point and go home to your rich parents, claire.

No. 1463433

File: 1646959073770.jpeg (108.73 KB, 828x341, 33BC0549-1A00-4B7C-84F6-D020BD…)

this woman is more Cassie than Cassie is

No. 1463450

she literally sounds like a retarded 15 year comparing herself to characters from that show

No. 1463467

File: 1646961531590.jpeg (230.99 KB, 828x540, 1D72003A-CD0E-42C7-8C07-C78A95…)


No. 1463660

like Billie Pirate Eilish

No. 1463663

I wonder how she feels about his new lady being conventionally attractive

No. 1463665

My uterus just clamped up so hard and zipped itself shut

No. 1463673

She's been a 4chan pickme since the 2000s and nothing has changed since

No. 1463683

>Musk agrees that living separately is wise: “I just don’t like things to be messy and anime.”

lol wut

No. 1463684

She used previously frozen embryos that she and Elon fought over in court

No. 1463721

File: 1646978874921.jpeg (316.39 KB, 750x966, 167B682B-0701-4D6C-A405-305A58…)

someone put him on meds please

No. 1463729

the definition of manic pixie dream girl. I’d leave if my bf said this

No. 1463740

He literally doesn't even consider her an independent sentient being. Then again at this point she may well not be.

No. 1463750

>I was a mix of the tranny and druggie character

No. 1463811

File: 1646985939253.jpeg (129.93 KB, 2119x1414, C6808F92-E140-415C-913D-D54FF4…)

Why are they like this

No. 1463813

im so glad they arent together anymore, at least for the moment, because this kind of makes me concerned for her safety around him. if he doesnt even see her as a real person theres no telling what he might do, especially when he already abused his first wife.

No. 1463823

It's so funny how they don't even understand that saying shit like this is embarrassing. They sound like they're trying to be deep after completing Cyberpunk 2077.

No. 1463827

>In other words, she was a hyper-smart, thrill-seeking, gender-exploring time bomb whose hobbies included rejecting capitalism, partying too hard, and dancing until sunrise, though Mac notes she was also an overachieving straight-A student (…)
>She tried LSD for the first time when she was 13 and has lost multiple friends to opiate overdoses.
>She would pay for drugs by doing homework for Taiwanese loan sharks.

>“We keep having this conversation where E’s like, ‘Are you real? Or are we living in my memory, and you’re like a synthesized companion that was created to be my companion here?’ 

>”Anyway, she says, she’s never felt entirely real herself: “The degree to which I feel engineered to have been this, like, perfect companion is crazy.”
>Does she mean the perfect companion for him specifically?
>“Yes. Even just studying astrophysics and neuroscience. And it’s really annoying because people think I’m an airhead who went to art school.” (She actually wanted to, but it was too expensive.)
>Grimes was a musical autodidact who went viral in 2010 with some of the very first songs she made on GarageBand, then spent a decade creating every single note in a male-dominated industry, no matter how much unrequested help men kept offering.

The amount of lies in this interview…

>Covering the floor is an enormous Death Note rug

No. 1463828

Wow, he’s so stupid. With all that money and access, he still has to role play and fantasise about grimes being a robot, instead of creating/commissioning actual humanoid robots like he shills himself as being the type of person to do (and for whom it’s possible). Of course he’d want to design it, so it’d end up going the way of his fragile indestructible window.

No. 1463830

>Doxers and stalkers and paparazzi are nothing new for her—she’s a female pop star in 2022—but these are people trying to outmaneuver the guy who runs Tesla and SpaceX (and founded the Boring Company and Neuralink). They track his private jet and post its location on Twitter. They swarm his factories with drones. Once they find him, they find her soon enough, and then they find X.

A teenager created a Twitter account where he tracks Elon Musk's jet and offered to stop for $50k (when Musk offered him $5k)? They're being stalked and followed by half the world!!!!!

"Are you real? Or are you just an extension of me?" God, that's such a romantic, non-narcissistic thing to say.

No. 1463840

File: 1646990829482.png (555.5 KB, 2048x1044, Screenshot_20220311-032644.png)

No. 1463888


"Hey babe, I think you only exist to be an NPC in my life."


No. 1463915

File: 1647004652843.png (35.2 KB, 671x547, grimes.PNG)

picrel. i hate both of them more and more each day. not only are they horrific but horrific liars.

she hasn't, i doubt she had even been on 4chan until recently. maybe she might have realized she was a /mu/ waifu at one point but doubtful. i think this is all recent. she was never a 4channer or acknowledger prior

No. 1463918

File: 1647005095472.jpg (15.85 KB, 449x346, DPp3XvQWsAAQP2d.jpg)

this is exactly why i fucking hate rich people. they're void of any empathy, they want to put on the mask of being 'below the poverty line' whenever it feels quirky or suitable for them disregarding the fact one of them is a fucking billionaire and the other masqueraded as poor yet has a pretty rich family.
they're trying so fucking hard but no one with half a brain cell falls for this bourgeois shit, why can't they just be like other obnoxious rich people and acknowledge that they have lots of money? isn't that the point of being rich? why would you ever wish to be poor if not for attention and sympathy. we have to share a car and can't even afford a new vacuum and can barely afford our energy bills and council tax, yet poor elon musk has a hole in his mattress uwu.

No. 1463941

What a fucking idiot.

No. 1463955

File: 1647009977529.jpeg (165.8 KB, 750x691, 2D76AE4F-D1BF-483A-ADD9-298E2D…)

I want the annoying Twitter SJWs who are convinced that Grimes (they/them) is simply a hapless victim of Elon to see this

No. 1463957

If what your boyfriend says drives you crazy more often than not, then there's a wonderful solution for this: dump the boyfriend. no compromises.
This is absolute bullshit, no she doesn't have to respond to shit he says, but let's not act like he's an innocent cutie who does nothing wrong. this idiot hurt and squashed thousands of people along the way, and he enjoys inflicting harm on his own workers. as if that was not enough, he also hurts animals in the name of his stupid cyberpunk fantasy. it's not somehting youas a girlfriend just close your eyes on because "uwu he's just a little misguided, but i will fix him!!!"

No. 1464013

Being billionare but larping as a poor man is worse than actually living as a billionare.

>Instead of buying a new one, Musk suggested that they bring over the mattress from her home instead

What in a fucking dumb pickme hell? This is absolutely lowest of the low and Grimes somehow thinks it makes him "totally not like other billionares"


No. 1464091

>richest man in the world
>"tech genius"
>can't stop drones from accessing his properties
But… she makes entire tiktoks simping for him and arguing with people?? She literally won't STOP defending him and it's one of the most annoying parts of her. Her fans she still has have asked her to stop. She doesn't defend herself, but as soon as someone mentions unions she's on their ass. She just lies constantly then says "I wAs TrOlLiNg" when she gets called out.

No. 1464110

No. 1464119

how severly mentally ill do you have to be to willfully date a tranny… i despise her

No. 1464120

File: 1647022966924.jpeg (306.4 KB, 640x816, EBB22EC7-237E-432F-978E-B83F64…)

She’s literally dating a tranny manlet snitch with fetal alcohol syndrome I’m fucking crying. Grimes WHY.

No. 1464127

Oh please let this be false news, imagine being her poor kids

No. 1464141

Didn't she date a tranny who helped her with a lot of her music and thought of the "rococo basilisk" joke that Elon started flirting with her over? She probably deduced that going pick-me for a more "normal" man (Elon) just means she'll be diminished, but being a pick-me for a tranny means he'll likely live vicariously through her and tell her what to say/do to appeal to certain demographics (especially in this day and age)
The anons who were calling her a "based TERF" because she called out Sophie on being a man (before she knew he was a tranny) must be crying now lol

No. 1464145

File: 1647025467969.png (572.47 KB, 762x682, kek.png)

Good timing, she's dating another tranny now.

No. 1464149

i can't tell if it's a downgrade or not

No. 1464163

Somehow I feel like a tranny ex convict is still better than musk. Dude is a straight up sociopath if you ask me.

No. 1464171

Hopefully Azaelia Banks has some words for whatever the fuck this is, because I am speechless

No. 1464228

Manning is a psycho too, at least Musk had money

No. 1464231

File: 1647029552152.jpg (34.52 KB, 480x480, images.jpeg-241.jpg)

She dated him before he trooned out, picrel.
Im sorry but, this seems so fake.
No way this isnt a move to try to get her woke fans back, Grimes literally called Elon her boyfriend three days ago but now she's moved in with a tranny?

No. 1464243

Holy shit her arm looks like Eugenia Cooneys

No. 1464247

Does it really matter if you're dating a rich guy if he won't buy you anything?

No. 1464257

>We settle into a cozy nook off the entryway, the one room she’s had time to Grimes up with some anime-inspired decor she purchased during a wee-hours Ambien-fueled spree on Etsy
Drug-fueled shopping binges, how quirky!!!

No. 1464258

lmfao seriously

No. 1464262

I was a fan of grimes' music throughout college, but this entire era with Elon/ the fights with Azaelia Banks etc really kinda ruined the magic for me I guess. I think I imagined she would be smarter?

No. 1464266

You just know they're the famous version of that insufferable poly couple that always tries to hit on you at the dive bar on indie dance night. "My wife and I noticed you from across the room-"

No. 1464274

>Her space opera’s antihero is a Cymek she calls “the dark king,” the world’s greatest engineer, whom Grimes featured in the video for her recent single “Player of Games.”
>an exaggerated version of Grimes—the dark king’s dream girl, a simulated courtesan who grows weary of being a muse
>Does she mean the perfect companion for him specifically? “Yes. Even just studying astrophysics and neuroscience. And it’s really annoying because people think I’m an airhead who went to art school.” (She actually wanted to, but it was too expensive.)
G O D. All this pickme shit and yet he dropped her ass for some generic pretty face (no offence to Muskrat's newest girl). Pathetic!
I second the anon who hated the interviewer brown nosing Grimes.

No. 1464303

in the beginning of this thread some anonette said grimes has an impregnation fetish + elon asked her so she agreed because she wants to be some sort of slave to him. she probably believes that children don't need much attention from and bonding with parents, there is a nanny to satisfy their needs and that's all.

No. 1464312

I am guessing she meant she doesn't like melodrama, problems, living and spending time together, things that normal couples do.

No. 1464326

"My bro doesn't care if I sleep on an old mattress with holes in it and have nothing to eat, he is so unique and not on the verge of bankruptcy"

No. 1464395


No. 1464423

Why is she saying bro like an absolute fucking retard? Does she think that referring to your significant other as "bro" is considered cool among the common folk? If she is being sincere in this interview, I hate her and her pathetic quasi-religious view of that repulsive one-dimensional autist. She's just a pathetic, Silicon Valley-pandering mess with no solid identity or values of her own, hence why she constantly vacillates between caping for Musk and crying whenever she gets rightly criticized for her pathetic codependent behavior(s) like protecting Elon (who, publicly, gives absolutely no shit about her of course) from valid criticism, pathologically lying and being inconsistent in her stories (e.g. the fucking appalling poverty larping that's supposed to make her interesting/relatable), and acting like a persecuted, misunderstood genius victim whenever she gets criticized for any of it. She also loves to equate receiving criticism online with "getting cancelled" the same way comedians do. The online bullying has prob given her a huge persecution complex, hence why she thinks she's "Marie Antoinette 2077". It's sad that fame, drugs, social media and Elon Musk fried her brain; I really used to like her music at one time.

In this interview, she mentions that her team DDoSed a site that featured a bunch of pics of her on it. I wonder if her team is going to try to DDoS this site eventually, or if they've already attempted to do so. I 100 % believe she's insecure enough to care that much.

No. 1464438

Pretty sure she knew about 4chan early-ish in her career when a bunch of guys from /mu/ were obsessed with her. She wiped a lot of her old accounts/photos as a result, especially on Myspace. You can see some evidence of this in the archives
She was also supposedly in some Twitter community full of weird "humor" accounts (many of the members were later accused of being rapists), and was supposedly an asshole to people, but deleted everything so she could keep a more innocent image

No. 1464485

How could a mattress get a hole anyway? Had he or Amber previously stabbed it?

No. 1464625

i love how in his little brain he's being deep and intellectual. grimes hit the lowest point by saying that she doesn't feel real. sometimes i wonder if she has one working braincel she spews so much embarrassing shit.

No. 1464754

none of his tech even exists. he's such a piece of shit

No. 1464812

He's literally just another rich conman. I sincerely think Grimes is stupid/high enough to genuinely believe him though.

No. 1464863

She definitely used to selfpost in /b and /mu/ in the 2000s

No. 1465202

>She tried LSD for the first time when she was 13 and has lost multiple friends to opiate overdoses.
>She would pay for drugs by doing homework for Taiwanese loan sharks.
No Claire, you were living in a comfy ass apartment bought by your rich parents, so you could loan it to other rich art class kids

>I feel engineered to have been this, like, perfect companion is crazy.”

You're perfect useful rag because he can use and abuse you and you'll come back begging for more. disgusting
>Even just studying astrophysics and neuroscience. And it’s really annoying because
SHE LITERALLY STOPPED STUDIES AFTER 1 SEMESTER OR SOMETHING, she was removed because she just stopped going to uni. Lmao!
>people think I’m an airhead who went to art school.” (She actually wanted to, but it was too expensive.)
>~tOo expensive~
Bitch your mommy is a crown prosecutor/advocate and your daddy is a banker who now works in biotech business. fuck i wanna slap her whenever she says shit like this. I swear to god if someone doesn't call this bitch out, Claire people have google, they can search info you know.

Montreal guys who used to know her should make a group interview and expose her

No. 1465215

no no no it's getting worse. laughing hard at her bro and "Elon is living below poverty line" but also hating them so much now
Ah, a rebound i see? As if Elon is about to care about that

No. 1465344

the bro thing is a south africanism.

No. 1465399

she doesn't need a team to do this. it's cheap to buy these types of attacks. she's just trying to build up hype and mystique around herself and her cringe discord since the musk marriage was such a disaster. her dating chelsea manning is her leaning into her critics' evaluations of her and trying desperately to court a new, younger audience of hyperpop trannies and xenogender-specials since her musk bimbo shit was so alienating to her original arty girl fans who haven't outgrown her. she's getting in so late on the tranny trend, it doesn't even seem worth doing, but really has the potential for some beautiful fallout. it's funny how certain celebs can get groomed by their own audience. who would have guess that the way to undermine someone is to suggest they spend all their time interacting with their most extremely online NEET fans. she's even trying to say she somehow had something to do with the Dune film that came out like six months ago. she's desperately trying everything to remain relevant except make good music. the well is probably dry, if it ever even was her creative output in the first place. she's boomed out and just wants to be famous for doing nothing, wearing shitty cosplay to famous events like an autistic weeb kardashian. it's kind of interesting how her presence undermines the integrity and importance of the events she attends, but it's totally unintentional on her part. anyway, discord trannies ruin another life. hilarious.

No. 1465767

he doesn't like her home decor, described in the first part of article and Grimes quote. She likes cluttered spaces and Death Note rugs. He's embarrassed of that shit

No. 1465988

File: 1647150645713.png (40.1 KB, 515x760, grimes1.png)

saged for not really adding new information but i came across this on tumblr today, blog is adobecreativesuite. i can't find the previous post she's mentioning but if i do i'll post it

No. 1465989

File: 1647150670696.png (15.66 KB, 499x303, grimes2.png)

samefag, another anon relating to it

No. 1466025

File: 1647154266745.jpg (26.24 KB, 551x223, 48674188.JPG)

No. 1466207

wtf does that mean
is this girl planning to hack them or what? i'm waiting but for now it looks like the girl is getting crazy just cause her prophecy/fanfiction (?) GrimesxChelsea ship came true or something. Also
>freegrimes situation
Bitch she willingly runs after Elon, she's a 30 not 5yo. i don't doubt if he abuses her or something, but she should free her own self if she's so "opressed" by Apartheid Clyde and his torn mattresses on the verge of poverty.

No. 1466229

no, I doubt she's planning to hack them. She posted a couple days before the news broke about Grimes/Chelsea being a thing due to knowing a source, so she's probably in the know about some crazy shit.

No. 1466417

it's true, once you hit 30 you can't be abused anymore.
I don't think he's abusing her by forcing her to stay, but your argument is retarded. It's obviously more of a situation where she's obsessed with him and willing to sacrifice her entire self to make him happy. Usually, men that are abusing women to stay don't move out because that's a loss of control. I think she's just a turbo pickme and Elon being an abusive misogynistic moid is seperate from that.

Also Bradley Manning is a fucking loser. He bragged about punching lesbians in the face when he was in the military, and his leaks were mostly trash and dangerous. When Snowdon leaked he went through all the info with journalists to make sure nothing that could endanger the public was in there. Bradley just dumped it all on wikileks, no shits given. The video that came from his leak just happened to be there, he didn't set out to expose it. He also told someone that was already on fed probation what he was doing, creating a situation where the guy either had to A) expose Bradley (which he did) or B) when the leaks come out, go back to fed prison because you broke probation. He is a full on idiot.

No. 1466424

File: 1647196188274.jpg (222.26 KB, 728x547, bait.jpg)

Adrian Lamo also ended up shooting himself in the head over what manning did when basically homeless in Kansas, while manning loves to suicide bait on twitter. Typical attention whoring tranny.

No. 1466474

Wtf Chelsea Manning has FAS. Grimes is dating a literally mentally retarded person

No. 1466550


My own tinfoil hat theory is he's got some sort of pregnancy contract with her for a pre-agreed number of offspring. He clearly didn't learn from the last time he froze embryos with a madwoman

No. 1466582

damn, you are right, I misread

No. 1466949

lmao you are full-on retarded if you think Amber Heard is in anyway worse than Elon Musk.

No. 1467038

If the rumours are true that she beat him up even just once, then she's one of the great heroes of our time.

No. 1467129

probably friction and the hole was on the material covering the mattress, but I think something like that would happen only with a 10+ years old mattress. disgusting.

No. 1467162

File: 1647255671660.png (714.27 KB, 626x1058, 1647251710011.png)

Seems like Elon is seething about Grimes dating a tranny kek

No. 1467164

My jaw dropped at how ballsy he is lmfao wtf

No. 1467166

He’s being based for once.

No. 1467167

Yeah I have to admit my first thought was this is the first time I've seen him actually being based

No. 1467176

to everyone saying this is based; he's literally just lashing out/self-destructing like any moid, there is nothing special about it and he doesn't actually believe it. This is literally on the level of calling a girl a lesbian when she doesn't want to fuck you. Even if he happens to be correct, he's being pathetic, not based

No. 1467180

Hard agree, he is just seething about his 'synthetic companion' property fucking someone else. It's a completely retarded move on his part considering it's the trans tech autists that are his audience.

No. 1467182

No. 1467185

>I'm eating peanut butter eight days in a row
I thought she was a grungy independent commie, is she incapable of ordering in or grocery shopping?
I wonder if it's a cold war, Musk assuming she's after his money and refusing basic home comforts as a power play, her doubling down into being the low maintenance cool girl while grudgingly refusing to go to Trader Joe's on principle.

No. 1467195

In a weird way, something about Grimes really reminds me of Miranda Constable/kanadajin3. It's sort of like what would've happened if Mira had been into music instead of video, and her life had gone in the opposite direction.

I didn't realize Elon forced plastic surgery and blonde hair on his girlfriends. That's weird and culty, but it fits. Countdown to the divorce, and Grimes becoming self-righteous and making music about Elon as her abuser.

No. 1467197

it’s especially hilarious because there’s no way she’s physically fucking Manning. They’re probably sending autistic memes and doing drugs, the other components of the elon-grimes relationship though, and he’s seething at losing any attention at all. From the media or from his manic pixie bimbo nü mom.

No. 1467201

that isnt even true adrian died from an accidental overdose. >>1466424

No. 1467303

Wait, d'Eon trooned out? When? Where? I mean, the name kinda indicates it but I can't find anything about it.

No. 1467327

ayrt, no, i didn't mean that once you're 30+ you can't be abused. i mean it's just not like Grimes has to stay with him and endure the abuse, she has enough fucking money to get the fuck out, get her own fucking house without mattresses with holes in it, heck even a few houses if she wishes. and if not, she has her fucking rich parents to fall back on. of course she won't, because she's obsessed with him and willingly sticks around, refusing to leave and that's a problem here. true, being 30 has nothing to do with anything, i'm just irritated that she's a grown woman who lets this idiot treat her like that.

what i meant by 30 not 5yo is however thatshe's a grown woman and she's the only one that can or cannot make a mature decision. no amount of internet campaign of a random fucking tumblr blogger is going to "free grimes" or "save" her from Elon. it's ultimately her own choice to leave. I'm sure she's been already told by someone, anyone, how this situation looks, heck she even had hundreds of randoms telling her to leave on that Reddit thread. she just won't, so i'm afraid there's no fucking way to "save" her.

No. 1467377

File: 1647275878815.jpg (92.63 KB, 700x700, wrurxv1463884162.jpg)

James/Jaimey Brooks is whom OP meant

No. 1467457

what divorce, he didn't even want to marry her

No. 1467509

Evan Azealia Banks warned her about Elon after he criticised her appearance and made fun of her sexual skills.

No. 1467662

I mean, it's probably a little different to escape an abuser if he's one of the richest and most powerful men on earth, especially if you have children you presumably want access to. I don't assume Elon is abusing her because fuck knows if the peanut butter, holey mattress thing is financial abuse or a poverty larp for attention. It's hard to tell with them.

No. 1467816

its shitty sure, but i wouldnt call it financial abuse when she has the money to provide for herself.

No. 1468042

agreed I mean it's not like he controls the finances, they're not married. It's most likely emotional abuse or something, and the thing with her only eating peanut butter was probs a larp by her to seem like "omg i was made for elon i can't function right without him". It reminds me of when she said she would only eat spaghetti lol

No. 1468048

Grimes' behavior to me also seems like a pretty predictable response to the incomprehensible wealth E has, I imagine that alone could fry the brain of someone who is already a retard

No. 1468066

File: 1647304483623.png (91.54 KB, 972x1176, lol.png)

Lmaoo, because Putin sure is gonna read your shit, Elon. on that twitter that's blocked in his country. but maybe, just maybe there;s a chance Putin has internet in his bunker in Ural and spends his free time hate-reading your boomer memes. he might actually take up the challenge! (well at least Rogozin does lol) 7:30 am in the schoolyard. eventually in the 7-11 parking lot, place up to negotiations.

No. 1468071

Based and hilarious tbh

No. 1468096

Based Amber, there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with milking evil rich scrotes for their money and then beating the shit out of them whilst being a raging lesbian

It's so telling that she blathers on and on about "her precious E" to every interviewer on earth while he barely acknowledges her existence in public, girl wake up

No. 1468147

>I imagine that alone could fry the brain of someone who is already a retard
She is definitely a retard and I would never deny it, but at the same time I always feel like I have to forgive her a bit for Elon related transgressions. How many people could truly stick to their principles, maintain boundaries and retain their dignity when the guy in question is an actual billionaire? I don't usually give people a pass for that sort of bullshit, but I just keep coming back to the 'but like… he's a fucking billionaire'. Of course she's gonna cape for him and fawn over him and totally embarrass herself for his benefit, he's a fucking billionaire.

No. 1468155

oh yeah totally, that's what I meant by it frying her brain. that amount of wealth really does make people crazy even those who are born rich like her, her retardation just made her even more susceptible to its influence. she thinks she's living in a real fantasy

No. 1468164

The bottom one would have been funnier if he didn't dig up a stale ass Le Redditeur meme from like 4 years ago

No. 1468168

lurk more. it's pretty well known he shot himself in the head unless you think his own father lied about that and leaked a fake picture?

No. 1468171

File: 1647309655128.jpg (24.06 KB, 720x720, 16147df9a1e4825128da2826492ed2…)

I am so excited for the next few decades of Musk's life. Any chance of him mellowing out and acting normal as he ages are debunked now and 60-something Muskrat being held together with Frankenstein plastic surgery and getting cucked by the next generation of tech grifters while sperging online is going to be GLORIOUS.

No. 1468172

>How many people could truly stick to their principles, maintain boundaries and retain their dignity when the guy in question is an actual billionaire?
anyone that has actual morals and boundaries and aren't just larping it for twitter likes. Money isn't everything. Anyone that worships money deserves a quick death so they're removed from the gene pool. Hoarding resources is the act of a sick animal, not a hero.

No. 1468252

When he hits 70 I'm gonna constantly tweet "why aren't you dying on Mars" at him

No. 1468273

No. 1468279

>>1468147 do not forgie grimes >>1468172 is right. people morals and values actually won't give them up for money or anything. i've seen it - there are people who won't do free drugs, literally can't keep a secret becaue they think lying is wrong, and who actually turn down $600 to let a guy touch their dick. i mean, power to them, we need good people in this world. i just don't understand living like that.

No. 1468281

i'll bet you he does not want custody of the kids at all. he just wants them to have his name and possibly be in charge of what they go to university for. but in no way does he ever want to see them.

No. 1468284

File: 1647316778384.jpg (30.53 KB, 720x719, tumblr_7a93019e0ca41032255f9fe…)

I'm sorry but do any of you guys think that anything they say or have written about them in these way is not just a giant fictional narrative to keep us 'peasants' engaged? Do you actually think anything they are saying is real? None of you actually know what they're really doing. They're just absurdly rich people that can do whatever they want and doing what they can to keep people paying attention. It's an absurd trainwreck from the outside to merely keep people entertained and watching. Like…these people have press teams. This is all on purpose, a show. A carefully crafted cringe charade. Doesn't get more meta than that. Just my tinfoil of course…

No. 1468289

for sure yeah the grimes and bradley thing is some kind of publicity stunt, but other than that, no she is genuinely caping for elon. her inner knowledge that other people make her music started to eat her up and she's doing weird insecure person shit now.

No. 1468332

Bold of you to assume he won’t have ragequit social media by then because of getting constantly shit on.

No. 1468351

File: 1647322492603.jpg (166.58 KB, 1038x778, 61b65cd9ce902c4fe747c40c_Grime…)

she's unfortunately obsessed with him for real, but everything else you said, true. it's all a show, everything's staged from Vanity Fair interviews and their relationships descriptions and "juicy" stories on torn mattresses, to getting a collectible new Pokemon baby Exit Dark Wood Elsa Danger Violence South West Sidvicious and well-scheduled breakups and making up with Elon, as well as getting fuckbuddies in the meantime just to make that fucking headline, to calling up the paps.
This pic and the story behind is the best indication.

No. 1468452

He already rage quit once when he posted some anime picture without a source and Twitter got mad at him. He deleted it then reactivated it when his 'tism died down. Man is addicted.

No. 1468460

File: 1647337022945.jpg (74.18 KB, 395x395, 376e5af81b49c52cf726c5ce62ba55…)

I wish her droid future tech fairy gamergurl anime warrior larp would doe down and she would go back to just being quirky alt

No. 1468516

stop youre going to make me nostalgic for the past. but her first albums really were SO much better objectively…

No. 1468571

File: 1647350772558.jpeg (357.56 KB, 750x989, EA73BB41-891E-4CEB-B260-AE9CDE…)

Ok the bear pic is admittedly fake but imagine thinking your ugly pasty coke addicted fat fucking tub of lard ass looks good here at all, using a flamethrower that someone else designed and built, compared to a ripped former KGB agent who became the pres of Russia. Delusional

No. 1468629

They’re both fat white men, ripped, kek

No. 1468751

Jfc i hate him. Ofc he can now sit at home and play hero just cause he dared to challenge Putin, and now is giving Rogozin a lip! so brave! except it's so easy to say internet warrior shit like that when you're sitting in America and you'll never even get close to even bordering East Europe countries, not even speaking about Putin! here is Elon waving a plastic sword, taken from Grimes collection! fuck this the war is raging, Ukrainians are dying but this fucking idiot sits here sharing "funny" memes with Rogozin on social media. genius! the real hero!

No. 1468982

I'm not ashamed to admit I'd rather fuck Putin over Musk, any day.

No. 1469299

That you would either…nonna love yourself

No. 1469440

File: 1647397310710.jpg (32.95 KB, 589x375, 20220309_191906.jpg)

If they do meet to throw hands outside the Russian equivalent of Denny's, I hope they both die pathetically

No. 1469540

This pic lmao

No. 1469557


>actual morals and boundaries


lmao bitch please. Not a single one of us in this thread would walk away from a billionaire if we had that chance.

No. 1469759

You might walk if you knew you would never snag the bag. Absolutely not every woman would have his ugly kids and irrevocably make a fool of herself for him for free.

No. 1469770

Oh, alright, I was confused because that's not him in the picture anon posted.

No. 1469772

File: 1647426534931.png (199.23 KB, 328x424, muskytroon.png)

Confirmed, Elon has changed his Twitter name to Elona Musk.

No. 1469804

File: 1647429886309.png (296.14 KB, 856x934, 123123123.png)

lmao, he's not trolling Grimes this time though, he's cat-fighting with Kadyrow.

No. 1469880

Ooh, okay, I stand corrected. I'm a bit disappointed now though, I really thought "this is too good to be true".

No. 1469913

lmfao. he's winning me over lately showing his sense of humor. as if him challenging putin was serious…gosh people are really retarded.

No. 1469925

it's kinda hilarious that he made Kadyrow personally offended. he's fucking stupid and completely unglued from reality, but i say continue doing that shit if that means it bothers Kadyrows units kek
no, you are retarded. how easy is for him to win someone over and make people forget about his wrongdoings just cause he's got a sense of humour! congratulations on elon fanboy logic

No. 1469972

File: 1647443592616.png (54.02 KB, 904x468, 4444.png)

That's why Elon can go fuck himself. Yes, i know "he was just joking", doesn't fucking matter. it was lowkey ridiculous to see Kadyrov and Rogozin even replying to him - the only thing that was funny is that they even fucking cared to reply. Elon's not funny at all. he can continue his stupid internet fight with Kadyrow if he wants, if that makes his less busy giving orders /s But after that, Muskrat should just shut up. This is such a fucking burger standpoint, sitting in burgerland and ~making funny memes about war that doesn't threated you personally~! Fuck them all, Elon definitely included.

No. 1469999

Girl, no. It's not funny to be challenging dictators to fist fights during war time. He was obviously joking but it's an incredibly selfish and brain dead thing to joke about. Hes a retarded old man in his 50's making fun of people dying in a literal war. Fuck him

No. 1470062

yeah agreed fuck them all, it's really disapponting to see anons in here calling him based and humorous when he is literally just a fat scrote sitting in his comfy home making a mockery of what's going on in the world. the fact that even in this thread i have seen a few people support this behavior just makes me want to kms

No. 1470089

Thank you. I was wondering if this thread was getting infested by pol tards, with all the "omg based Elon" simping about his latest trashy Twitter publicity stunt and 2016-tier NPC memes.

No. 1470100

File: 1647449220849.png (53.11 KB, 868x502, zz.png)

i forgot to tell that Elon is not even doing it as his retarded way of "fuck you" to Putin or Kadyrow. read the room. he's doing it to get sympathy and make himself more "relatable", to get ppl like you to think it's peak humour and say "maybe he's not as bad as we thought". this is just that, a publicity stunt. he wants to hear one more "based Elon! slay king". Anyone famous could make "Pootin fite meh!" meme and threaten Russia, and each of them would be equivalent of a 5 year old messaging Putin to tell him to watch out, cause he's going to get him.
not sure if i used correct word earlier but i think the only thing funny or rather "ridiculous, in a bad way, is that imperialist-dictators are having these sort of kindergarten slap fights in the open, publically, on twitter.
As for Elon's support for Ukraine… see this tweet. he literally used those words. you're not on gunpoint, you stupid fuck. Ukrainians are.

No. 1470325

this entire website is already infested with them. you realize people who gossip about celebrities tend to be stupider than the general population, yes?

No. 1470337

r u o k nona?

No. 1470433

Great Minds Discuss Ideas.. Average Minds Discuss Events,.,. Small Minds Discuss People - Albert Einstein

No. 1470446

We have a scrote squad that moves from thread to thread like gypsies. A ton of them are holed up in the Ukraine thread rn

I do find it funny how only a few days ago these tards were raging at anyone who dared hurt Daddy Putin. Now King Reddit comes along and talks shit and every /pol/tard is like YASSS ELON SLAYYY. Reactionaries have no moral compass.

No. 1470623

exactly this, but at least they're better than the people who make fun of the people who make fun of elon musk.

No. 1470626

that's exactly it though, people take him way too seriously, its like watching a sitcom

No. 1470640

Get outta your thread Claire

No. 1470651

you realize that you write like a literal retard who should refrain from ever insinuating that others are stupid, yes?
Great minds post anti-SJW memes on Twitter

No. 1470655

File: 1647470106571.gif (9.38 MB, 350x233, zaUJTTW.gif)

No. 1470685

“Great mindth dithcuth ideath”

No. 1470721

That's not even an Einstein quote, retard.

No. 1470723

And when the greatest moid minds come together all they end up discussing is BBC

No. 1470756

File: 1647475991805.gif (125.61 KB, 498x216, anons saying based.gif)

>being won over by boomer humour / shitty PR
>thinking other people are retarded


"getting"? They were here at the first mention of Apartheid Clyde.

No. 1470847

Kanye vibes

No. 1470869

i dont care about this putin shit but is the elona thing specifically a reference to bradley manning? if so then literally the only petty valuable thing he has done

No. 1470879

no it's not and it wouldn't be valuable anyways. smh

No. 1470902

Getting assblasted over a troon makes you look worse than the troon. It's their big defensive strategy and it works.

No. 1471065

grimes have always loved to troll people even when she was a shitty myspace wannabe artist. She calls herself modern marie antoinette nowadays, I think her current persona is just PR, she just enjoys the attention.

No. 1472393

How is Grimes a troll? She’s unfunny and her "jokes" are just recycled boomer memes that make Elons tuberous tits giggle. People who troll online don’t consistently tell other people how great of a troll they are.

No. 1475493

When she says or does something stupid and then regrets it, she turns it into a joke

No. 1479602

File: 1648100580454.png (194.86 KB, 1051x957, hackergrimes.png)

grimes admits to ddosing and blackmailing the blog hipster runoff in a vanity fair interview.


No. 1481380

Oh my fucking god that dumb stupid idiot, hipster runoff was legendary

No. 1481381

Samefagging, I can't believe it, she actually killed hipster runoff

No. 1489775

File: 1648877434770.jpg (407.65 KB, 1079x1085, SmartSelect_20220402-012336_In…)

Wtf is she doing to 2022 Honda Civic?

No. 1489776

Also she def can afford to get his hair cut by a pro and not subject them to that torturous device

No. 1489781

This is an old photo of her first kid and babies/toddlers hate hair cuts and are more comfortable with their parents doing it than some stranger.
>torturous device
It’s a baby chair for a bathtub….what is this unsaged nitpicking ?

No. 1489853

Underrated joke

No. 1489980

mf acting like grimes is putting X in an iron maiden lmao

No. 1489998

It’s funny that now Carles opened a cafe and brews his own kombucha not that far from where Grimes and Musk have their Texas home. I was down there in Texas for a wedding and tried some of his kombucha and coffee. It’s actually really good.

No. 1490349

File: 1648929547675.jpeg (18.18 KB, 500x278, asdfl;kj.jpeg)

>2022 Honda Civic
fucking lol

No. 1490664

what's his cafe called? i wanna try it

No. 1491545

Amusing how his posting style is essentially unchanged. My friend is a neighbor of his and he took me by when I was in the city, Carles was there and you could talk to him, very friendly guy. Cool little spot.

No. 1491743

Can someone please watch the new Hassan x Grimes stream to make a summary? I really want to know if there's milk but I don't think I have the time to sit down for that. Also, I'd like to hear your opinions.

No. 1492156

File: 1649078199981.jpg (10.82 KB, 300x117, elon-musk-9-2-twitter.jpg)

No. 1493152

i wish he'd ban all the trannies and furries. maybe his relationship with grimes made him hate the anime people. maybe he will ban memes.

No. 1494485

Yeah, the man invested in suppressing any criticism about his dumb cars bought the main criticism platform to ban anime. Great take.

No. 1494500

File: 1649258552065.jpeg (848.85 KB, 1125x1752, 7FA61EFB-6ED8-4DBC-8B8E-A509F7…)

She didn’t even pay her dancers wtf

No. 1495605

Here's the edited cut from the livestream with timestamps. Seeing her trying to articulate political statements with clearly no knowledge or opinion of her own is embarassing. She's also wasted the whole time which doesn't help.

No. 1499493

twitter is already a joke of a platform, theyre probably hoping elon can boost their public image

No. 1503471

Elon got outbid on Twitter. Vanguard has higher now lol

No. 1506842

Let's stop talking bout Elons sad attempts to seem young and quirky, he's an old fart that desperately need validation from Indian preteens that worship his dumb ideas…. It's so tiresome, like let's focus back on Grimeth and HER sad attempt to look young and qirky. Anyone else thinks that Hana also fucked with elon? She's also on this whole blonde pick me gamer girl bullshit… Any new tea?
Also her "fashion shoot" was just so incredible lame, looked tacky af. This whole Albino elven goddess don't suit her Shrek face at all

No. 1507912

>This whole Albino elven goddess don't suit her Shrek face at all

I've always assumed that she changed her style from being an alt tumblr fae girl to adopting a futurist aryan brutalist viking aesthetic to cater to Elon, which is hilarious considering Elon is the ugliest, most toad-like, Minecraft-block-headed person alive. How dare such a hideous man have any aesthetic preferences at all? Anyways, why is she still doing it if he's moved on to someone younger? It doesn't even look good without filters, so why is she insisting on being Elon's perfect 36 year-old girl when he literally doesn't care about her? If he wasn't working non-stop you KNOW he would be diddling so many blonde girlchildren. He is evil because he's hyper-autistic (hence the constantly indifferent autism face and block-shaped skull) and can only view others around him as objects. Sad.

No. 1508747

I just don't get why she'd chose to be this white elven viking girl when in reality she pretty much looks like a malnourished Neanderthal, with her bushy brows and sloped forehead like that.I think people don't see how insecure and depressed she actually is. Can't wait for her to turn 40 to finally realize that her precious E, indeed hates older looking women, no matter how much surgery they get. Bet she hates her aging body, and would do anything to stay a smol teenage girl.Trust me, once she hits 40, she'll go full psycho… Can't wait kek

Also any predictions on Elon in like 10 yrs? Somehow think he will marry a Robot…

No. 1508823

She’s just been skinwalking charlotte free since MA era

I’ve litterally seen her say things word for word from charlotte’s tumblr posts it’s pretty funny actually, and she just slowly and slowly starts to look more and more like charlotte it’s creepy as hell(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1508850

No. 1508913

Her Twitter is almost like charlotte as well.. fairies, anime, AI, space,etc.. same style

No. 1509009

File: 1650664369816.png (493.49 KB, 595x827, 3c6e761681e0edd5bf4b64ca00f6ae…)

This tranny is getting too comfortable and begging for attention.

No. 1509015

Is that the one that fucked her half brother kek

No. 1509046


Who the hell is charlotte. Our questions are still unanswered lol

No. 1509059

File: 1650670195446.png (922.03 KB, 1080x877, Screenshot_20220423-002806.png)


ntayrt but she's a model https://twitter.com/Charlotte_Free?t=U3gfZLSMPNixIQ2iJyEziQ&s=09

she's kind of a cow too, last i heard she was dating her step brother

No. 1509060

Holy shit, she’s one of the main tumblr lolcows the “Freelice” community focused on. The “Free” is also in reference to her. I’m surprised she’s still alive and yea last I hear she was also fucking her brother.

No. 1509077

Wow okay you're totally right, not 1 ounce of originality in you ever eh grimes? Tinfoil af but I wonder if elon showed her his 'type' of girl and it either was a photo of her, or someone who looked like her and grimes decided to skinwalk her since shes such a turbo pickme

No. 1509110

someone post pics

No. 1509122

Her HALF* brother not step

No. 1509145

If you look up her pics it's 100% grimes circa 2010.

No. 1509350

Not sure if this is just something you noticed or if it’s a theory held by a greater community, but I’m buying it.
Just look through Charlotte’s twitter, nonnies… I would provide screenshots but there are too many good examples to choose from. of Charlotte doing everything Grimes is trying to “go for” but feeling way more authentic

No. 1509639

At least Charlotte looks ethereal,feminine and like a elven fairy.
Neanderthal Cler could never…. Not with her autistic face and smelly unkempt looking aura.

Always wondered if Charlotte is pisssed about it… Doesn't look like it tho.. Maybe she's flattered that ex-tumblrinas still use her as an aesthetic.

Anyone saw that elon fat shamed bill gates while having the worst male body in the universe?

No. 1509753

I’ve followed her tumblr since i was in hs, the amount of things grimes has directly ripped off from this girl is overwhelming. Next level borderline personality disorder fuckery on claire’s part. If i wanted to lurk deep and find everything the list would be quite long. I don’t think she is too happy about it because when someone asked her why she deactivated her IG she said something vaguely that alluded to it. I’ve seen other girls with BPD do this where they just want to be a clone of someone else, creepy af.

No. 1509770

imagine thinking Claire or brother-fucker Charlotte Free invented fairies kek

No. 1509800

I had a relatively easy birth and only had one internal tear and did not tear from clit to ass, of course this is just my experience and it varies woman to woman but the idea that giving birth ruins your vagina forever is a sexist scare myth. If a baby is big enough to tear or you're not dilated enough they can either give you a uterine balloon to help you dilate or give you a C-Section. You can even choose to get a C-Section if you plan ahead enough.

No. 1509805

>Anyone else thinks that Hana also fucked with elon? She's also on this whole blonde pick me gamer girl bullshit

Ok I always assumed the same thing too! Especially with how Grimes was trying to be the "cool girlfriend" and invited Azaelia Banks for a threesome. Around that time, Grimes and Hana were basically besties and hung out together so much with Elon and now you hardly see them together. Hana has a much more "conventionally attractive" face and looks way more like Elon's type, I feel like there's no way he didn't talk them into getting high and having threeways together

No. 1509827

>tear from clit to ass
Have you really had a baby kek

No. 1509846

That look isn't anything original at all, but i 100% believe Grimes followed that Charlotte brother-fucker chick. that is because she followed other well-known semi tumblr-famous morons. Obviously she supported Nicole Dollanganger, but she also followed Ginger Bronson. i've seen somewhere that her old tweets all fawning about her and sayign how huge fan is she of Ginger's poetry and "music".
Grimes should come back to Tumblr, the ~+waif bambi anorexic russian trad cocaine messy french croquette+~ scene would embrace her and provide endless material to rip off.

No. 1509847

Hana dropped Grimes because she steals her shit without credit lol

No. 1509860

did she? i didn't know they don't "work" together (i mean Hana works and Grimeth maketh thik thokths in the meantime) anymore
That sucks for her, she probably agreed to this not knowing how this will look like, and eventually kept grinding her teeth but sitting quiet thinking all that nonsense will lead her anywhere and give her some clout at least.

No. 1510014

Hana looks almost identical to Elons second wife Tallulah, especially after going platinum. I always thought that Claire was lowkey jealous of her looks, and only used her for music related stuff. Hana is also dating Bloodpoop, maybe he fucked Elon too.

Also I thought that Hana and Claire were Best friends?? She rarely hangs out with her nowadays makes me think that Claires fragile ego couldn't handle that Elons shrimp dick was more interested in Hana, hence why Claire keeps Hana on a leash made out of NDA's

No. 1510083

You really going to believe some q-anon level tumblr rumor from 10 years ago? Sage your shit retard
There are namely only 2 people who have this specific look, one of them just happened to have it for years before the other one, and is actually somewhat unique unlike pick me bpd claire

No. 1510086

More q anon level spergery. Hana would never fuck that old chode, and her bf? You are really sitting here imagining those 2 dudes fucking? C’mon. I think Hana and BP keep her at a distance cus theyr’e done helping her with little/no credit. I feel like art angels was only possible because of BP and jamie brooks

No. 1510104

Dude, Hana is fucking that fat tranny Bloopoop, no offense, but what makes you think that she wouldn't also suck on that Billion Dollar Dick?

Grimes doesn't need Hana, why would she? She now hires no-name singers from all over the world and producers, forces them into NDAs and calls it a day.
She needed Hana in the beginning, helping her produce and teach her how to sing, hence why her early music was actually good… I undoubtedly believe that Hana reads here, probably a Grimes Hater kek

No. 1510121

what’s the rumor? Charlotte confirmed it herself

No. 1510150

File: 1650785924734.jpeg (268 KB, 1280x855, charlotte-free-dating-half-bro…)

So I've never heard of this person before, but after googling and finding this, ummmmmm. If this is supposed to be her half/brother, uhhhhhhh…

No. 1510157

File: 1650786345817.png (166.02 KB, 1606x706, Screen Shot 2022-04-24 at 12.4…)

(sameanon, I just saw she took photos with creepdick terry richardson AND defended his rapey behavior. I know this is off topic but yikes, ok carry on)

No. 1510463

any more pics of the stolen look you mean? i believe you, but i just googled charlotte free and all i got was some boring pink-haired chick in normie clothes. but maybe i just didn't search enough, gotta find charlotte's tumblr

No. 1510471

she's trust-fund some ex-nodel anthony kiedis fucked and discarded. grimes was doing the anime waifu fairy shit way before she ever was

No. 1510595

File: 1650835036564.jpg (235.09 KB, 1080x1771, Screenshot_20220424_231519.jpg)

Wow this picture of Grimes as Fiona really did make my day kek

No. 1510762


Sources on this? Sage yout shit if your just gonna make shit up(learn2integrate)

No. 1510798

File: 1650852701180.jpeg (48.63 KB, 500x334, 8C09DCA5-B908-4ED1-9643-536C3C…)

No. 1510906


sage bc no1curr but wow charlotte free is such a classic blast from the efagz past

No. 1510930

How do you equate that to them fucking? Are you q anon? >>1510157
She hasn’t been milky for literally a decade and is actually nice. If you want her tumblr its ghostofmoonchild.tumblr.com

No. 1511026

Lol I’ve thought the same thing, i was showing my friend some evidence i could compile some stuff if i wasn’t too lazy she has like a million ig’s and accounts so it’s annoying lol >>1509753
Definitely not the first BPD cow to do this, seems like a common theme of cows on this website. people with BPD struggle a lot with identity so it’s normal for them to do a fair amount of skinwalking(sage your shit)

No. 1511064

Becaus Anthony Kiedis doesn’t put women he’s not fucking in music videos. He’s a whore that’ll stick it in anything. He pumped and dumped her and not you. Get over it.

No. 1511164

File: 1650894932835.jpg (1.62 MB, 2302x4096, InCollage_20220425_065310584.j…)

charlotte free posted a screenshot from her twitter while posting lilith levesis milk and anons called her out kek
tbf charlotte seems cool imo besides, you know, the edgelord (half?) brother fucking

No. 1511313

i thought she was skin-walking sky ferreira, idk it was so long ago that she was relevant. that was when like post hro bebe zeva and allison harvard were trying to establish themselves post their 15 minutes of fame.

No. 1511498

File: 1650920759893.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1170x2102, A732EDBD-E4F5-4173-87C2-392E31…)

She had a boyfriend when she shot that, they even had a joint instagram and were very clearly in love, it was actually pretty weird at the time to have a couple’s instagram and everyone thought they were related at the time so…. 😬 She was also top tier model when she shot that and probably booked it through IMG.. she’s in a lot of music videos, die antwoord for example, you really think she had to fuck anyone at that point? She was in ads for like, every major brand at one point. she speaks openly about having never fucked anyone in the industry and tells girls to never fuck anyone. Stop making up BS. Shes a freak but not a whore. Read her tumblr

No. 1511502

Why do you spergs think that all these women are shameless whores who fuck ugly old men? The only one here who has definitely done that is grime. hana or moonchild would never.

No. 1511549

Because what value do these scrotes bring to the table other than sugar money?

No. 1511594

Bloodpop is an excellent producer, and he and hana have a lot in common, seems like they have a cute non milky relationship. Hana is a sort of a puritan, i follow her twitch and she’s a good girl through and through, reminds me of christian horse girl energy but not in a bad way. elon musk is a genius (i hate him and think hes a pig for the record, but you asked what he brings to the table) and he and grimes at least both have the same narcissistic sperg awkwardness that i can see how they connected over it, they’re similar for sure, they both actually think they are divinity and a gift to the earth. anthony kiedis? They were in a music video together and there is one photo of them together in existence? It’s normal for the girl-of-the-moment models to get booked professionally in music videos. she was in a 24kgoldn video, you think she’s fucking him too? Asking IMG models to provide an it-girl for a music video is normal. The real tea here is, how much has Hana had a hand in the production? She deleted all the evidence from her IG

No. 1511609

fucking a tranny is worse than fucking an old man. have some respect

No. 1511615

Jamie was a James before grime left them for dead with the pitbull

No. 1511616

i'm glad i know who to blame for sour candy.

No. 1511621

But if shes currently fucking chelsea manning.. then i guess ‍♀️(don't use emojis)

No. 1511681

Since anon points out how much of a "genius" Elon is, I've always wondered if there is actual proof of him being a genius, and him not just being born to billionare parents who can buy the smartest people in the world to create things for you?

No. 1511686

Far above average IQ, obviously. But he and C i think both famously ficticiously bloat their achievements, take credit for work of others and then fill in the rest with a bunch of made up details. And both have PR wrapped around their little finger to kiss their ass at any given moment. They operate very similarly if you think about it. Botnets to comment positive things, fake media articles, fake news stories, they are basically the kardashians but theyre trying to fool the world into thinkingthey are actually geniuses similarly to the hobbit kardashian sisters trying to mislead the world into thinking they are actually attractive

No. 1511720

I can’t believe mans bought twitter

No. 1511732

Same here. It's completely crazy. He bought twitter just cause people on it criticize him. And then the company agreed to sell it to him! Well, this is going to be all kinds of wild.

No. 1511755


Women can be seen with men and not be having sex with them. Only scrotes and incels think otherwise

>>1511732 billionaire scrote owning twitter.. what could go wrong?

No. 1511787

File: 1650939178323.jpeg (56.21 KB, 540x239, 6919E2EB-4C31-4DEA-A6B0-A51527…)

Another girl she just completely ripped off…. That whole video looked like a combo of moonchild’s ig and this photo lmao

No. 1511811

It sounded like he did it in a sneaky way so they couldn't tell he was preparing to do so. To stay off the SEC's radar. It reminds me of this dude who tried to accumulate voting rights at LV or was it Hermes? Anyway, he probably neglected or avoided reporting when he passed several thresholds. The news that he pulled that shit was enough to tank Twitter's stocks so much, it seems the sheer panic of the free fall caused them to agree with selling to him.

No. 1511825

> not what he very clearly actually is
You mean a bloated rat in a tin can?

No. 1511985


deadflow is a loli hentai artist who has a recurring themes in his art…. the marriage and impregnation of a young girl . . . Grimes used to talk about how much she loved his art and wud retweet his lolicon . I think she deleted most of it. Imagine her and elon watching lolicon anime together, those profile pics from the incest anime


https://web.archive.org/web/20200810135047im_/https://prettyuglylittleliar.net/uploads/monthly_2020_02/9642F68B-ABB6-4E89-87B2-8CD1A1CD6E1A.thumb.jpeg.4b34477ff39750382d3eceed491b5de6.jpeg(don't use emojis )

No. 1512050

>Far above average IQ, obviously
Not obvious when 99% of what either takes credit for is done by an army of other people. Just watch the live video nickel roll did that he crashed…. they fight over one lispy braincell.

No. 1512051

In everyday real life, yeah but ‘Hollywood’ if far removed from everyday real life. Models get passed around like candy - there’s a reason they’re the flavor of the moment. It’s really not hard to imagine a model and highly perverted rockstar messed around.

No. 1512056

Guaranteed you are either a femcel or a scrote if you think all models are passed around especially high caliber ones. The ones who are down to fuck are pretty openly slutty. Also she was in a relationship jfc. I love lolcow to find milk, and to lol at milk… but i hate when misogynistic scrotes come in here >>1511825
Aren’t pigs her favorite animal? Maybe thats why she likes elon, maybe it made her feel like princess mononoke riding the ancient wildhog

No. 1512058

File: 1650966089196.jpeg (84.08 KB, 1200x625, 77D05323-EF69-44E1-90AE-50C54F…)

You have to admit the resemblance is striking

No. 1512068

> every woman I don’t agree with is either a femcel or scrote in hiding
The state of this site. Go back to reddit.

No. 1512069

… are you not aware of what publicly happened to Miranda Kerr and Noami Campbell? They’re all escorts anon. It’s not a secret.

No. 1512197

literal brother-fucker Charlotte Free posting about herself in the Grimes thread was a fun turn

No. 1512239

lmao is that Charlotte visiting lolcow again? how would you know she's not fucking anyone in the industry? no actual farmer would whiteknight an irrelevant pickme brother-fucker so much, i think we know who actually wrote that post lmao

No. 1512246

File: 1650987240573.jpg (78.44 KB, 353x500, 1629911469169.jpg)

she can delete all she wants, but she admitted she loves hentai/loli and has a secret twitter and insta just to watch "beautiful naked blue-haired girls" and we have screenshot.
she also had an incest wedding anime pic set up as her pfp, Grimes a pic of a sister, Elon a pic of brother.

No. 1512247

Shayna is that you

No. 1512251

>The ones who are down to fuck are pretty openly slutty.
sure, because only women dressed like stereotypical sluts are capable of fucking around! well-dressed good looking it girls would NEVER! no reason to get so fucking defensive, models fuck around for fame. it's fine if she didn't fuck for fame, but you have no proof that she didn't either. you sound like you don't know the reality of Hollywood. you'd be surprised what kind of people did what just to have their 5 minutes of fame.
swear to god, Charlotte is still reading lc

No. 1512406

Just because CF or hana aren’t great whores, doesn’t mean that doesn’t happen all the time lmao

No. 1512415

I just hate the trend on lolcow of accusing every single female of being assumed to be a whore, it’s just “speculative milk” and not actual milk. I used to be a huge fan of C, and am a fan of hanas. i’ve followed charlotte and claire since 2013 era when they were both huge and used to love both of them believe it or not. I don’t think it’s helpful or funny to joke about being a sex worker or to imply all somewhat successful (neither hana or charlotte have much success btw) women are whores. I’ll whitenight that any day, sure. Also i don’t think hana has any milk and probably never will, she is a sweetheart >>1511621
Pretty sure the chelsea manning thing is true. there was a short blonde eating dinner with her and hasan on some IG videos that resembled chelsea. Can someone confirm if her and chelsea are fucking??

No. 1512421

maybe Charlotte's not a whore, but it's idiotic how pressed you are about assuming that a typical model/industry thing might happen in a model/industry environment.
>i’ve followed charlotte and claire since 2013 era when they were both huge and used to love both
ah, well this explains everything. charlotte won't fuck you, she's too busy fucking her own brother.

No. 1512425

the part with the knight sitting there with a little video game controller in his hands fucking kills me

No. 1512429

Is there like any new tea on Elons newest project Natasha? She's very lowkey and don't post that much on Instagram. Do you think it drives Grimes bonkers or is she simply used to the fact that he fucks every white actress that looks like his mom?

No. 1512436

It was hilarious. Nodding this tiny controller for online chess, looks extremely retarded. But do we really belive that big titted Elon and roll of nickels are gamers? Elon always claims to be "the best player" yet never posts any streams of him just simply using a controller. Same with Grimes,she loves to talk about Cyberpunk but I don't think she's that good at it, she's just tooooo pretentious to be good at anything.

No. 1512440

Can u find more sources on this? I know miranda is milky cus she fucked a teen bieber when she was married to orlando bloom… which is nasty but i cant find anything about her being an actual escort. I’m pretty sure the escorts in that industry are just random hot girls from the middle of nowhere and no one to fight for them. Not the girls you see in major ads>>1512415
There was a story on the pussy riot instagram after the hasan streamthat showed what appeared to be chelsea. also chelsea said “vouch” under hasans tweet about Grimeth joining his stream that day. Appears to be true. I just assume anything out of the grime/elon camp to be 50% embellished, especially after that vanity fair article ffs

No. 1512444

I also would not be suprised if there is no actual dating of natasha or chelsea happening, c+e are still together, and its all some kardashian level publicity stunt. Even having a baby is probably just good pr for them. The kardashian cycle is this: cheating, wedding, baby, break up, repeat. Keeps them endlessly in the news. I feel like elon does the same tactics. Sage for conspiracy theorizing

No. 1512462

Also, everytime she is asked about her production she does not elaborate much. I know how to produce music, and use equipment. When you watch her shows, it shows a very rudimentary understanding of the equipment , like an sp404 is basically an ipod, and she barely touches her synths and tweaks absolutely zero knobs. Her guitar playing is usually mimed, and she lip syncs most of her performance (even the ones that “sound” live, are prerecorded and i will post proof) her jimmy fallon performance is good example, her and hana literally pretend to use the gear and it’s all just for show. Whenever she has spoken about production in interviews or streams, i have not once heard her say anything that convinces me she knows much about production at all. She has never actually gone into how shes made any of her tracks, and everything she has released for fun is the same shitty quality and corny sappy sound ie “love” and “pretty dark” i think that was her actually trying to produce something by herself and the results are like if a kindergartner scribbled the song on a napkin and poured glitter on it “look its pretty!”

No. 1512464

This isn't a publicity stunt kek, Grimes would never pretend to be not with him, trust me, she's a turbo pick me and wouldn't allow to be portrait as a single mom of 2, while he jets with other, cuter and younger blondes.
Maybe Elon sobered up one day and realized that Claire is extremely ugly in broad daylight and looks nothing like the albino AI elven loli that she desperately wants us to belive on Instagram. For me, him dating Natasha makes a lot of sense, she's lowkey and won't steal his spotlight away from him.

No. 1512480

her actual live singing sounds like ass, it's hilarious. imagine spending money to see this

No. 1512489

This is old news, everyone on LC I guarantee you already knows this since before she dated Apartheid Clyde. She can't sing or produce, however I do believe Hana is capable of producing music, although extremely shit music.

I remember vividly when someone on Twitch said that they went to a Grimes concert in the early days and said how awful it was. She was said to play deep house remixes from Hana for HOURS, no joke, would mumble a few words here and there and danced obnoxiously to random beats. This streamer also claimed that other concert goers loved the show, prob high on rocks

Also any tea that Grimes is injecting Heroin? I once saw a picture of her arm looking bruised at the same spot someone would inject age.

No. 1512546

I highly doubt c is using heroin. Everyone knows shes an uppers girl. Also her and elon act like they have done way too much acid, i swear they both became 10x more out of touch when they got together

No. 1512632

the pfp thing was a fake meme, it's already been mentioned in itt

No. 1512707

I saw her open for Lana and what you described is exactly how it was kek

No. 1512714

No. 1512726

File: 1651027743081.png (1 MB, 1196x917, Screenshot 2022-04-26 at 22-42…)

I'm nearly certain her priv is @felurian8 based on replies from Bloodpop and HANA.

No. 1512728

File: 1651027895611.png (181.69 KB, 1083x320, Screenshot 2022-04-26 at 22-48…)

Here's what it looked like 3/14/22 on Google cache.

No. 1512854

I really hope Elon pisses all of the Twitter trannies and their rabid defenders off and allows them to be bullied into oblivion. I will make another account if so.

No. 1513054

File: 1651063247344.png (820.53 KB, 1920x1156, russian princess.png)

>mitochondrial Eve to Martial Technocracy
>Lil Rasputina
No, i need nothing more, this wins all, topkek. exactly what you would expect from Grimes. this fucking idiot. brain friend. "lil Rasputina" and ruskaja "Princiesa"

No. 1513288

this is normal for electronic musicians/producers. "live looping" tracks produced in a DAW is incredibly difficult to pull off live, playing a recording/off of a controller is easier and the norm. grimes has spoken about her process in quite a few interviews interviews, there's this one podcast called the anatomy of a song where she spoke in depth about writing kill v. maim and her drum programming process. grimes is a mess but she definitely produces her own music, she's just gotten lazy and has been surrounded by the wrong people for a while now

No. 1513388

And then what would be left of Twitter? Elon's not stupid enough to vacate a massive social media network he has money in to troll le troons ebic 4chan style

He's gonna forget he even owns the shares in 8 months

No. 1513429

Is dat u C?? Welcome to lc if so

i’ve read all of those interviews, doesn’t change anything i’ve said she doesn’t know shit about music production, it’s obvious. i’m an electronic musician, i know a lot of electronic musicians, and no her songs would not be hard to perform live while actually using the gear. she literally pretends to use her gear while there is a backing track and all that gear was always just for show. She can’t perform live and couldn’t even recreate her own best songs by herself.

No. 1513433

>Last day
>writes 'new day' in russian
am I not getting something

No. 1513453

is there a link from the priv to that “Dark” SC?

No. 1513467

No. 1513474

LMAO how the fuck did i miss this gem? has anyone call her out on this? Russian princess my ass
tbh i'm very surprised she's not whiteknighting Putin online for that edge

No. 1513575


I was actually her fan until i saw her set at a music festival, there was a lot of snickering in the audience and my friend and i also couldn’t help but lol a bit before we dipped out to see another act, towards the end of her set, at least the 1/3 -1/2 the audience had dipped too…i mean she has said many times shes not a musician, it was very clear that evening. And this was in 2016 when she was still a darling and not hated by most of her own fans


Thank you. 100% agreed, keep that shit to kiwifarms where there be scrotum, there are enough confirmed whores on lc we dont have to assume that about every one of them, it’s misogynistic af imo.

No. 1513601

no, this is not normal. this is only normal for awful electro musicians who don't know how to use that shiny gear they paid for. believe or not, there are musicians that are capable of mixing music life with a skill and creativity. even if there's a base backing track running underneath, a musician's role is to do the very least add new layers and sounds on top of it. not swaying along to playback, pretending they do anything when in fact they can't even trip a fucking switch, play a fucking note on the keyboard nor trigger a fucking button.

No. 1513899

File: 1651131505533.jpeg (255.42 KB, 1201x1800, 07DF0CFC-FA0C-41D5-AFA0-2C375D…)

No. 1513995

File: 1651145555237.jpg (280.99 KB, 1080x1246, Screenshot_20220428.jpg)

No. 1513998

Based Amber. I don't think any of that autists gfs liked him aside from grimey.

No. 1513999

Based. It's the case with most ugly but rich/famous men which moids don't want to acknowledge so they don't seem shallow themselves going for a women for her looks only.

No. 1514012

mItOcHoNdRiAl EvE tO MaRtIaN tEcHnOcRaCy !!1 we all know that for a variety of reasons, both practical/scientific and those related to elon's complete business empire being nothing but a poorly constructed con, that they won't be going to mars. but let's say they did; yeah, let's have this as the template for the future martian race. They're both already such delusional mutants, could you imagine the spawn after several generations of radiation?

No. 1514014

File: 1651148111997.png (3.8 MB, 2641x1104, Screen Shot 2022-04-28 at 7.13…)


No. 1514024

File: 1651149977171.jpg (901.09 KB, 777x1200, thefutureelonwants.jpg)

We don't have to imagine anon.

No. 1514056

no, i meant what was the connection between the priv twt and the SC page she replied with. the Russian text?

No. 1514156

Not to wk grimes, but doesn’t she have some “skills”? Vidrel. I ask this as someone who knows literally nothing about using this equipment or being a musician. I think grimes is untalented (I think a total of 2 of her songs are listenable), unoriginal, and a huge poseur, but it seems like she knows something. idk how difficult the stuff she does in the vidrel is to do

No. 1514286

Base level difficulty, also this is her most technically capable performance shes done in her career, must have practiced a lot before. Earlier in her career she would use gear, albeit very simplistically, something i could show my 10 year old brother how to do in a few hours

No. 1514304

Unoriginal you can always tell what the reference track is for all her songs…
Some examples: medieval warfare was ripped from birthday cake by rihanna, before the fever was ripped from come down to us my burial, kill v maim is ripped from give me all your luvin by madonna, darkseid some of the lyrics were ripped from another song ( i lost it sorry ) skin was ripped from an aphex track, genesis reference was “on” by him… shes just a pro copycat like madonna. Steals other peoples essence, style, ideas, hair, melodies, vibes etc etc

classic soulless-borderline chick. You can tell from her interviews she doesn’t really have empathy or a conscience. I was done when she is talking about how her childhood dog passed away like she thought it was hilarious or something… shes so damn fake. Shes no real environmentalist or feminist or Elf or anything she pretends to be, shes a bpd hobbit opportunist.

No. 1514478

File: 1651183773173.jpg (Spoiler Image,157.91 KB, 1080x1325, grimes.jpg)

No. 1514479

File: 1651183809610.jpg (74.54 KB, 1080x1338, grimesb.jpg)

No. 1514484

File: 1651184232046.jpeg (170.88 KB, 1080x1350, grimes.jpeg)

new photoshoot

No. 1514505

Kek did she actually glue fake dermal piercings on her face

No. 1514508

Hahahaha based queen tbh

No. 1514516

the little piece of blue bangs glued to her forehead, the hair, the piercings omfg i kek. and i'll never understand why she thinks having her whole ass out is like ethereal or cute she just looks awkward

No. 1514799

Imagine Fyre Festival but on another planet entirely

No. 1515129

File: 1651239837235.jpeg (141.38 KB, 750x1333, 6B66FF59-17C3-4275-BAE1-398831…)

it’s wild how much more talented AB is than Claire (and Elon obv)

No. 1515137

File: 1651240479693.jpg (731.82 KB, 2106x1491, Grimes_Coloring_Book.jpg)

You can tell that Azalea genuinely understands human anatomy and rendering in colour. I wish I could see more of Azalea's art somewhere.

No. 1515223

File: 1651249052594.jpeg (308.26 KB, 1125x2333, 01FFD22E-55CF-4577-A60A-A47BBB…)

No. 1515324

ok but live looping and live mixing was supposed to be grimes' entire thing this whole time. it was touted as her major skill and the thing she did better than all the stupid men who tried to help her. she's hemorrhaging fans because this has been proved to be 100% a lie. it's like finding out robert fripp can't actually play guitar.

No. 1515326

they'd be doing mushrooms, not acid. not going to drug dealer sperg but people jump to "he's on acid" without knowing how to actually tell.

No. 1515328

"lil rasputina" fuck off retarded slavaboo claire

No. 1515331

WHY did she get fillers?? she looks like she's wearing chloe moretz's face over her face

No. 1515332

haha fuck moids. amber is my straight-for-pay life goal

No. 1515354

does she photoshop her head bigger? she doesn't look like she's 5'4" as google says. if that's her actual head she must be short af

No. 1515432

Nonnie they has a stint where they were doing acid every day, don’t claim things you don’t know lmao

No. 1515436

Banks is a huge loser too but I will never stop loving how she's the kryptonite to both Musk and Grimes

No. 1515466

File: 1651264938236.jpeg (700.31 KB, 1170x1448, 2A90ED57-A9AA-4D23-89A0-C850C6…)

Oh man to unpack this insanely self aggrandizing bio. Easily the most narcissistic bs i’ve ever read in my life lol

This is so much worse than any narcissistic tweet of elons this is actually so beyond far removed from reality and i dont mean that in a way like wow shes such an alien, i mean it like wow how can anyone suffer such serious delusions of grandeur? She needs professional help

>playing raves until her 2012 debut

Shes never played a “rave” ever in her life. She played at shitty Montreal noise shows. Shes probably never even been to an actual rave. College house parties and shitty noise shows are not raves. Ask anyone in the canadian rave scene if they remember her, they dont, she was never part of it. Or in usa.

>lived in a crack den

Bitch shut up. You were a landlord back then. Stop the poverty cosplay it doesn’t give u any street cred.

> the 2 weeks doing speed in her apt has been debunked. Sebastian cowan was with her for a lot of it.

> grimes attempted to enter society as a regular human, which has clearly not gone super well but has nonetheless been entertaining.

The fact that an adult woman wrote this about herself in 3rd person…like wow. Just wow. Even if a 12 year old wrote this about themself i would laugh at them and tell them how fucking retarded and narcissistic it sounds. How did she actually think this sounds cool or interesting? Or makes her look like ethereal alien? Imagine someone like bjork saying this about themself and how stupid it would sound. NPD levels off the charts.

> now is moving to the space of corporate surrealism

>final earth album

Please make it stop

No. 1515468


“Experimental eye surgery only available to the upper class”

She’s literally bragging to her fans about being elite and having things they can’t…. Disgusting, even if it was a fake news histrionic story, bragging about having things only available to the upper class does not make you appear cool or interesting it’s just in bad taste

No. 1515473

AB is a true artist. She might act a little cowlike (the way many celebrities do) but that doesn’t suddenly cancel out her musical talents and apparently hand artistry skills. This is legendary kek

No. 1515477

File: 1651265780752.jpeg (388.61 KB, 1170x1218, 1BA13D9A-1B11-4C0D-B97C-C4FA31…)

Technically not “milk” but makes me kek when i think about how he absolutely could do this and the FDA would lap it up like thirsty dogs on a summer day

No. 1515485

to do psychedelics consecutively every day you have to pretty much double the dosage each time to reach the same effect as the previous day, unless you're doing different drugs each day.

No. 1515539

looks like a fucking post-it note stuck on her head lol

No. 1515544

I almost forgot about Azealia's Kali pic, absolutely glorious. Grimes' acid doodles could never

No. 1515655

microdosing is a thing though

No. 1515691

File: 1651279429165.jpeg (385.94 KB, 1799x1548, 8747B767-2FC8-4668-948E-498EFD…)

No. 1515692

File: 1651279457383.jpeg (258.3 KB, 1800x1198, EA60ED49-0C50-4B6B-86FA-A24721…)

No. 1515694

Kek holy shit she looks like that Hunter troon from Euphoria

No. 1515699

New interview: “i accidentally by proxy got like hoisted into celebrity culture”

Full stop Claire.You fucked a fat, old, ugly misogynistic piece of shit just so you could become more famous and promote your album. Stop playing dumb. You know exactly what you are doing. You have his babies and they will be financially supported forever, she is not that dumb and knows exactly what she is doing.

“The avatar of me is so out of my control”

She make histrionic tiktoks claiming bullshit to get pagesix stories, makes up fake shit about biohacking and ddos attacks, every single thing she says or does publicly is for attention and to seem as ridiculous as possible to the media. like she has put SO much effort and time into just this/ more than for her actual music… it’s completely in her control. She does this all on purpose and then is just like “poor me, the media makes me seem crazy”

she staged a fake paparazzi shoot, that is like a new low. Paparazzi didn’t even take the photos!

special snowflake cows.. they are all EXACTLY the same.

No. 1515702

And someone in the last thread was on their deathbed insisting she's conventionally attractive, calling everyone jealous, etc…Damn

No. 1515708

kind of weird the way she talks about her past drug use. ime former heavy users, dealers, or people who just got out of prison and plan to never go back really try not to mention such things. personally i put a lot of work into making my life look a certain way so that no one might think i was a meth addict. she talks about it in the way guys on deadspin talk about their drinking and drug use in college so it seems like she's ugghhhhh appropriating. damn grimes, you made me use that word.

No. 1515709

fillers are worse than crack, don't try to change my mind.

No. 1515716

That photo is before the fillers right?

No. 1515734

no i'm not fucking grimes lmao. all im saying is that a lot of music PRODUCERS opt for playing their music off of a track, performing live and producing music are 2 totally different skillsets and it's absurd to say just because someone doesn't recreate their music they made in a DAW live means they didn't make it is completely stupid. bedroom dj spotted

No. 1515735

i feel like i'm in alternate reality. what the fuck is based about fucking Muskrat? even if she "only filled space", the fact stays that she fucked Muskrat. wwhich is lowest of low
Azealia is that you

No. 1515736

grimes like stated from the get go that she stopped live looping at a certain point because it sounded so bad. i'm not grimes but i'm an electronic musician & i was a huge fan of grimes when i was a teenager (not anymore obv because of her horrible trainwreck downfall) so i've seen all the interviews and shit. putting robert fripp and grimes in the same bracket is so stupid lol, grimes has been open about not knowing shit about music theory and had to learn how to play instruments after visions blew up. if anything rag on her for that, she clearly has hard skill using ableton.

No. 1515739

doublepost sorry but the problem with grimes isn't her lack of skill, it's her inflated ego and lack of self-awareness about her actual aesthetic strengths and what she should be doing. she has horrible career impulses and taste and i believe the fact that some of her best work was produced while she was with jaime brooks does not mean that jaime produced grimes' music for her, but it's like a kanye situation where she was surrounded with the right people who pointed her in the right direction aesthetically. now she's surrounded by weird tech gamer rubes and she's catering to them with her weird trance EDM skrillex garbage. she had good instincts w art angels, she knew that poptimism was going to blow up, now she just completely sold out and doesn't actually care about the state of her own art let alone art in general anymore

No. 1515740

honestly there’s no possible way she could have any bond with that baby, especially if she’s deciding to leave it crying upstairs with the wetnurse while mama claire literally pretends she doesn’t exist. I believe in adoption and everything but, purposefully choosing to have a surrogate and denying a child that she’d like to “parent” of the crucial bonding experience that is living inside your mother, being fed from her, being cared for and touched by her in the first moments after you’re born is just a recipe for knowing that the child just isn’t hers and never will be kek. I also really don’t think they did an invasive egg implant from claire’s wannabe robot uterus into the surrogates, either - especially if she had so many complications just being pregnant. She would’ve had to have been on a ton of different hormones and medications to do that and there’s no way she’d have time for any of it or how ill it would’ve made her kek. No wonder they call her “Y” they’re probably asking why they even had a daughter when they clearly wanted a gaggle of sons

No. 1515746

>performing live and producing music are 2 totally different skillsets
so you think that person might know how to produce music but might not know how to perform live? kek. I'm sure she knows how to make music and use stuff to some extent, but the fact is if she knew how to use her gear in real time to recreate/play along stuff to a basic backing track, she'd have no problem doing this live. if she's so good at using the gear, she'd know well how to use it live. And besides, Grimes isn't that much of an expert at gear, she makes her shit in Garageband. Also there are people she worked with who literally has spoken up that she has other people write for her and then she make them sign NDAs and doesn't give them credits. her early stuff was heavily modified by producers she worked with. her canadian ex friends/producers/musicians said it, Poppy said it, Hana accidentally outed herself online in some way. you can stop crying now, Grimes can't play anything live for shit, can't write without ghostwriters by her side and even when she does something on her own, her music is very derivative. in 1st thread anons listen a couple of songs she ripped off.

No. 1515757

adding that i'm NOT saying Grimes cannot write anything and every single song was written by someone else. i bet a lot of them are, especially since Hana writes melodies for her (or lyrics if you believe speculations), but even songs written by Grimes personally were produced and rearranged by other people. and yeah, apparently there are cases of entire songs being written by someone else and Grimes having nothing to do with it besides scratching original artist's names and signing it by her own name, which is shady af. that's not something you'd expect from a girl that's hailed by media as this incredible technology savvy genius, who's said to be "a genius at live mixing". that's how she was advertized, that her strongest point is her skill at live mixing. that's a bullshit.

No. 1515771

why would she need to learn Logic (an audio mixer/workstation program) for a class in neuroscience

literally what

No. 1515860

>grimes doesn't know shit about music
>grimes has skillz
make up your mind, defendchan

No. 1515863

if she was in a BA program related to neuroscience, there could have been an elective about learning cognitive science principles via some sort of software like Max msp or Logic or Reason.
this class wouldn't be part of a BS in neuroscience (aka an actual neuroscience degree) which is what grimes misleadingly makes it sound like she was in

No. 1515890

she's made her shit in ableton for a few years now, and engineered art angels by herself. there's gear and then there's programming synths and drum machines in ableton

No. 1515896

No. 1516075

Did she though?
… there are plenty of good reasons to believe she didn’t…

No. 1516078

>had to learn to play instruments

What instruments? What instruments does Claire play? She has used a guitar, does she know how to play it? No. Shes used violin, which she even said herself she does not know how to play and used a combination of comping and violin vsts to make it sound ok. She is not a good keyboardist, or synthesist.

So… what instruments? Does she play?

No. 1516170

even if she's not good at it she still learned to use a guitar for the purpose of her music. my point is that her music doesn't require her to be a good instrumentalist, and expecting her live skills to be representative of her producing skills is bogus. her music sucks how but art angels is good pop music - pop music production is not the same as being in a shitty indie band and having to perform live

No. 1516175

what is the "on" by him track btw, i can't find it

No. 1516179

show me one proof that she "learned to play guitar". she doesn't play her guitar live, it just hangs there awkwardly on her arm. artists who actually LEARNED to play guitar can play it live, they don't have to mime. she didn't have to "learn to play for her production in studio". again, Grimes makes songs in Garageband, she doesn't even have to play a real guitar.
even if she wanted a real guitar on her record, i'm sure she has plenty of other people to play for her. but go on, live in your little utopia lmao.

No. 1516214

>robert fripp reference

No. 1516256

You hit the nail on the head with this one, haha

No. 1516272

accidentally by proxy:

No. 1516274

Is it just me or does she put on a fake accent when she sings live? It kind of sounds like she's trying to emulate some kind of asian accent

No. 1516286

she wasn't going to be able to bond with a female child no matter what, she's a pickme narc who will be possessive of her son and jealous of her daughter

No. 1516386

No absolutely, I’ve noticed this myself and there have been posts popping up in the grimes subreddit for years about it (most get deleted though)

What’s really creepy is that C is even looking more and more like her over time. But everything she talks about like biohacking, crypto, worldbuilding, tavern music, like all of those things charlotte was into before her… it goes a lot deeper if you lurk but she has a million accounts but C is a mega lurker of hers for certain

>>1515736 i swear C found this thread. Go watch some videos of her concerts. It’s hilarious to watch her “play” guitar

No. 1516429

No, this is after fillers. This is her most recent interview with Lex Freidman, released a day or so ago.

No. 1516465

no, she doesn't because she very clearly is female while honter shafter is a male.

No. 1516489

she'd take that as a compliment, cause like a total cringe hello fellow kids type NLOG she was lately blabbering that she was "just like a mix of Rue and Jules from Euphoria while in high school" kek

No. 1516496

Grimes did nothing wrong.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1516502

no, nothing at all. pure goodness beauty and the grace of this earth.
I see the coquette whiteknight who sucked Elon's and Grimes' collective dick in the previous thread is back. go back to lurking tumblr.

No. 1516688


Holy shit first 5 seconds of the video and she's already sperging out about how humans have evolved into a new species because of the internet. My brain can't handle the whole thing for 2 hours I don't know how people can stay sane through a whole interview. Stay retarded, Claire.

No. 1516833

yes, that's Grimes. I absolutely buy that this terminal pickme has a Twitter handle based on an ancient sex goddess who orgasmed like never before when fucked by a Gary stu virgin. Of course she would be into The Name of The Wind

No. 1516849

>homo techno

Can not believe Lex entertained her bs and was so nice about it. CLAaaaaiiirree, a new species of human is not classified by a brainscan looking different from a medieval person!! that is a joke and you are not an anthropologist. Thinking you have any good reason to discuss all the bs you dont know anything about (even the stuff you do know about) is nothing but a narcissistic delusion, and has no utility for humanity. We are not a new species of human because we use technology. Like stop masturbating to your ex’s creepy animal abusing shitty neural lace fantasy and shilling his bs ideals (whether you realize that’s what your doing or not)

I would seriously gain a bit of respect for her if she knew to just shut the fuck up and knew her place.

No. 1516887

I love Lex so much but this was a low I didn’t think he would waste his time on.

No. 1517205

>Thinking you have any good reason to discuss all the bs you dont know anything about (even the stuff you do know about) is nothing but a narcissistic delusion, and has no utility for humanity.

THIS. I was her fan but her narcissistic personality is lost on anyone over 25/ old enough to no longer find narcissistic delusions of celebrity fun or interesting anymore. It’s sad to see Lex support her delusions of grandeur and such, but he is such a sweetheart. It’s just really a huge disappointment that he actually is in the shared delusion that she is a smart person. But he only knows her fake, exaggerated, 50% made up narrative! And the media is wrapped around her finger just like elon. They really are exactly the same. Both just craft these narratives and use their money to delude and use the press to spread their narcissistic delusions. Some people are so boring and stupid, maybe most people are, so they think “oh how original and interesting” but anyone educated or intelligent are just left cringing and more depressed for humanity. It’s depressing to actual intellectuals to see someone like Claire on Lex, that spot could have been given to someone actually intelligent. both c + e take credit for other people’s thoughts and ideas all the time, other nonnies have even pointed out she steals concepts and ideas from other girls and just pretend shes some original thinker,

I too have seen evidence of her saying almost “word for word” that was stolen from someone else.

No. 1517603


she didn't express not a single coherent thought during this whole entire interview. this host, I've never seen him before this, but goddamn it does he have the patience of a saint.

No. 1517932

women with anorexia should not be allowed to have daughters.

No. 1517954

No. 1517974

Also we appreciate power was stolen from spitfire by prodigy (play them on top of eachother, it is a very direct rip off) and realiti is ripped from runnin up that hill by kate bush - these songs too also can almost be played on top of eachother, and theres even a realiti/RUTH piano medley, thats how similar they are!

No. 1518006

I feel like people never talk about how anorexics are almost never suitable mothers. Anyone who has been raised by an anorexic can tell you that it's a hellish way to grow up

No. 1518046


Worse yet, an anorexic with comorbid borderline + narcissistic personality disorder. Anyone who has a mom with this combo, my heart goes out to you. My best friend’s mother had this exact combo. It won’t affect the boy as much as it does the girl.

No. 1518313

I almost wanted to say thankfully some rich famous parents kids grow up to be reasonable and normal as a way of rebelling against parents or something. but then i remembered Will Smith and Willow Smith
Those kids will be 100% on drugs hiding from the world, if they don't stray the other way and don't grow up to be on drugs AND pretentious clout chasers hanging around night clubs for rich kids in LA. a girl will likely be ashamed of her body/developing EDs herself. I honestly wonder what diets will they be put on, if Grimes tries to feed them vegan diet of something while they're still kids.

No. 1518408

This interview feels a lot like a teacher asking a student questions for an assignment, kek

No. 1518669

At best they'll be fucked up emotionally but will immediately distance themselves from her when they get old enough to, never mentioning their relation as they go into some sane, non-entertainment industry

No. 1518703

It’s so funny how hard they tried in that vanity fair article to cover up the fact that “bro” is the richest. man. on. earth. And how the pro-elon argument is always “he actually doesnt have that much liquid cash” lol that was never true, especially obvious now that he bought twitter for upwards of 40 billion dollars, yes billion with a B. Funny how people think he has any sort of human saving intentions and isn’t just playing a big game of capitalistic endeavors, monopoly. He’s playing monopoly and selling it to the public as saving the planet or our species, because who can get mad at his megalomania when he’s “helping” the planet… he doesn’t give a shit about conservation or human rights, he just manipulates the public into thinking what he is doing is “good” meanwhile he has us military contracts and his intention is purely to make as much money and power as possible, nothing more. He is literally working with the US military, and helping them with no so holy endeavors. Also heres a thread on what he could have done with that 40B instead of being a power hungry monster https://www.instagram.com/p/CcY5VuDPEku/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=

No. 1519641

does anyone know how Hana outed that she's been writing a lot of stuff for Grimes? i was a huge fan of Visions when it came out 10 years ago. the production skills are pretty rudimentary, but you can tell she produced it herself and it's part of its charm. disappointed to hear that she's not as involved in the process anymore

No. 1519847

theres been rumours for a while but azealia banks 'offically' outed her during her grimes sperg a few years ago talking about hana writing the beats and lyrics for grimes and how grimes needs to find a new person to do her beats/lyrics for her because 'hana is shit' or something. There's old ss's of it buried in the old celebs threads.

No. 1519875

I wish I had receipts for this but there was also a post Hana made where she was talking about how excited she was to be producing/making beats "for a close friend" and then the post was deleted not long after

No. 1520058

Grimes never had track marks, that was surmised by someone who doesn’t know what they’re talking about. That’s just what the inside of pale skinny white women’s arms look like - you can see right thru to their blue veins. Not track marks

No. 1520323

But even for visions, sebastian cowan went in and cleaned things up, added layers to the drums etc. (this is somewhere but has been intentionally buried) she has ALWAYS had a producer adjacent to all of her albums, she pumped and dumped them all. D’eon and Devon Welsh (who she was dating at the time and her only attractive partner she has ever had) helped her with geidi primes and halfaxa (you can literally hear their vibes come through when you listen to their other music and compare) then sebastian helped a lot with visions, then james/jamie, they were together for the recording of most of miss anthropocene, and thats why MA took forever to come out, james was no longer there to babysit and help. Even if she did it herself, she had a professional producer within feet of her at all times, jamie has said this herself. It’s pretty easy to build an engine “by yourself” if you have a professional mechanic as your literal submissive/slave telling you how to do everything, within feet of you at all times. Jamie not only was right next to her the entire time she was producing, but did all the dishes, cleaning, and handling business side of things, because jamie is a feminist cuck who would do anything to prove women are capable ot producing a great record, it’s part of jamie’s deep rooted principles. Thats why she was down to cuck her career for claires, then came out as a woman as soon as they broke up…she really wanted younger girls who look up to grimes to feel like they could do that. If you know anything about this type of transwoman and how principled they are, it would make sense why she would make such a great sacrifice if she thought it would benefit women on a grander scale. When in reality, the true feminist move would be to admit women are better at certain things and men are better at certain things, and there is nothing wrong with having help bringing your music to life from a man.

Anyone else think its weird that Grimes mentioned absolutely nowhere that there is another girl who wrote or helped write “my name is dark” kacey dallenger i think? And that they are NOT following eachother on IG??? pretty weird for 2 women to work on something like that and not even follow eachother- indicative of bad blood between them. Kacey probably lawyered up after singing some bs NDA to make sure she didnt get nda’d out of her writing credits, just as poppy and azalea both have famously claimed being part of claire’s process.

A few interesting observations based on the above:

1. ALL of these people hate her now, none of them follow her, and her ex lover devon has even called her out for posting fascist propaganda after she introduced elon as her “creator” in the single cringiest moment in capitalist history, and thats saying a LOT. Elon is the only ex who doesn’t hate her. How many decent, non-toxic people do you know that are hated by all their old friends and lovers? What does this say about her as a person?
2. She has always dated people who will give her an advantage in her career. Every person she has dated since debuting on the internet has helped her advance her career, and then were left behind, she kept climbing the ladder to the richest man on earth. This is classic sociopathic behavior.
3. All of her ex partners save devon have been conventionally unattractive, which is common for narcissists. Especially when she views their professional skills as competition, them being unattractive always will give her the advantage. The narcissist fears rejection above all else, uglier partners are more likely to simp for her and tolerate her bs. They are less intimidating and less likely to leave, even when they should, because they know they will never fuck anyone hotter than them again. Not the case for Sultan Elon obviously, but he is still conventionally unattractive and provided her the utility of becoming 100x more famous overnight.

No. 1520331

in terms of like…me and my manager Seb went into the studio and then we mixed everything, and he basically taught me – everything is still bedroom, but WE replaced a lot of the drums in the studio, put effects on the vocals. Seb made me…he was like, “we’re mixing the vocals high” and I was like [whispers] “no, I’m so scared…” but now I love it, I just had to get over that fear of hearing myself sing.

Do you think you’ll work together again* in the future, or maybe remix each other?
Grimes: Probably play shows. Remixes would be good. I was going to sing for you…
d’Eon: Yeah, I definitely want to write some vocal music for her. There are certain things that I want to do vocally that I can’t do, and I’d have to get someone like Claire to sing.
Grimes: I like the idea of someone writing a song and me singing it. I do that with Devon, from upstairs – Majical Cloudz

Here is the real tell:

“But I will say that I’ve been in numerous situations where male producers would literally be like, ‘We won’t finish the song unless you come back to my hotel room.’ If I was younger or in a more financially desperate situation, maybe I would have done that.

- admits she has never been financially desperate,
- admits she is/was/always has been working with male producers.

No. 1520340

“i was rarely more than 20 feet away from her at all times from fall 2012 to spring 2018.

it consumed my life for like five years - i wasn't unhappy to be doing that work bc i felt and continue to feel strongly that the lack of women in prominent technical roles in music and other industries is at the root of a lot of the major problems in culture and society and i felt like every success she achieved help put a dent in that problem.

once i got dumped for a tech billionaire she turned heel on me and told me i had been more of a burden than a help and that i didn't deserve any credit for any of the work i had done on her behalf, badgering me to sign an NDA that would have required me to submit all future public statements and creative works to her for approval under threat of jail time and ultimately leaving me with nothing”

All quoted verbatim from Jamie. She has since deleted the post. But this is legitimate and you can find it archived.
She’s a bad person. There is no way around it. She used this person for everything, would be NO WHERE without them, and left them with nothing. And the dog, who she has never seen since. she isn’t capable of human empathy, true love or emotion. She never loved jamie, she never loved that cute dog. It was all just for selfish reasons.

No. 1520388

it's not a good look on you, when all your exes have shit to say about you. you can't always chalk it up to jealousy when there's a repeating pattern like this. the fact that she made her ex sign an NDA is messed up. plus i always thought she was single when she first hooked up with elon, didn't realize her and james were still in a relationship…

i remember a few years back, this was a little after visions came out so maybe 2013/4? there was this reddit comment that was buried under all of these comments (i'm sure you can find it even today). it was written by a former high school friend who detailed how she dumped her for a "cooler" friend group, who were doing a lot of drugs. apparently she was mean and laughed at some kid's dead mother's grave or something insane like that. it's reddit so it could just be lies, but i remember seeing the original post and it seemed pretty genuine. obviously high school drama is petty and always juvenile, but the more shit i read about claire the more i wonder if she's always been like this.

No. 1520391

> When in reality, the true feminist move would be to admit women are better at certain things and men are better at certain things
fuck off, tranny. YWNBAW

No. 1520425

As if a trans would ever admit men or women are better at different things, you missed the whole point retard

Saged for infighting

No. 1520430

Are you saying women can't make music? Wtf am I reading

No. 1520438

Not at all, just that they have different skills 80% of the time, not a bad thing.

There are ppl out there who think gender is performative for 100% of people and that there is zero difference between men or women etc. they will do anything to prove that.

No. 1520442

>calling Devon Welsh attractive but when I Google him he is just another ugly scrote
>calling the troon 'she'
>caping for Jamie's 'excellent feminist principles'
>'the true feminist move would be to admit women are better at certain things and men are better at certain things'
Right. YWNBAW, ugly skirt wearing scrote. And if you're a woman, you sound like you're in your early 20s and a massive pickme yourself.

No. 1520474

Yes but are you saying one of those skills that women are bad at 80% of the time is music? Because that makes you a cretin.
If you're saying
>grimes is a bad musician and needed a lot of help
I personally agree 100%.
If you're saying
>women are generally bad at music
You're a misogynist fool.

No. 1520475

Sure, men are physically stronger, that doesn't mean women are only good at cleaning the house and raising babies kek. Stop defending troids

No. 1520535

No fucking way are you on Lilly jeans lolcow calling trannies principled and claiming that not wearing a child’s dress and clown make up is a massive sacrifice for a man. Do you wanna stop being an absolute pick me for one second and ask female prisoners how principled the men who rape them in cells are?

No. 1520551

>women are bad at music
>the most technically good singers are women
What an idiot. Men are "better" than women in terms of physical tard strenght only, which is also mostly useless in modern times (which is why they're all fatasses). Aside from men being stronger, more aggressive and retarded, what are the differences between the sexes that you speak of?

No. 1520599

>women are bad at music

No one ever said that? Just that they have different skills 80% of the time and that it isnt a bad thing
>>1520474 im saying they have different skills in music. Im not a retard. I don’t think women are incapable of making music. but 90% of music producers are men for a reason, not just because of sexism. In fact, being a girl makes it way easier in a lot of ways. but the truth remains, sure there are women who can produce very well but they are the minority of producers, not cus women are dumber but because they have different strengths 80% of the time, not all the time. it balances out, men aren’t smart in ways women are smart and vice versa (most of the time) and saying that the idea that ‘there is no difference between a man and a woman’ is bs doesn’t make me a pickme. The whole claire made it herself thing isn’t fake because shes a woman, its fake because it was fake, there are several points made in this thead as to why. jamie’s feminist principles are part of proving the point as to why she would be down to sacrifice so much for claire; saying she is very principled is a mere observation to prove a point not so much a compliment >>1520535

Calling Jamie a she is for accuracy, Jamie is trans now so make of that what u will

Ur missing the main points being made, eh?

No. 1520608

File: 1651767865536.jpeg (676.86 KB, 2048x2048, 41A1E33F-9DF9-45EB-8A48-7A58A8…)

No. 1520616

There are plenty of fields where women excel more then men and vice versa, doesn’t make anyone a scrote to admit that. Jeeze.

No. 1520618

File: 1651768170331.jpeg (890.13 KB, 1170x2042, 0B9C88D5-0D64-4B65-AA18-66A106…)

No. 1520650

Grimes wishes she could be Miku and Tupac so bad.

No. 1520686

You must be actually fucking kidding me. There are so many talented women that you think don't excel as much as men do, you know why? Because of the patriarchy we live in, not because of the lack of skill, commitment or 'natural predisposition' (do you also think that men don't have a 'natural predisposition' for cleaning, you doormat?)

All across my working life, I've come across women who worked harder and more dilligently than men, not to mention achieving at the very least very comparable output on average, and receiving less recognition and pay for it

If you try to bring up historical data i.e. let's say classical composers all being male, let me bring your attention to the fact that back then women didn't have many of the rights that we do have today, and there were many women creating beautiful art that never saw the light of day until much, much later, not because the music wasn't beautiful or good enough.

So, in short, fuck you. I'll take a ban for infighting if it means someone like you can shut the fuck up and think for more than 5 seconds before you make stupid statements that have no basis in reality - reality that becomes apparent if you pay attention to what's going on around you.

No. 1520732

Power to you sister.

No. 1520739

>Im not a retard
You are

No. 1520742

No. 1520762


holy shit

No. 1520765

based as fuck

No. 1520788

here here!!!!

No. 1520804

Does anyone remember the good old days of not fucking blogging? Congratulations, everybody, you’re just as uninteresting as this thread.

No. 1520876

This applies to racism too, an idiot could claim that [insert race] are less good at [anything] ignoring the fact they are not, or barely allowed into the [anything] club which means blah blah moronic nonsense.

One thing that keeps girls away from music, and STEM, and many other roles, is the sexual harassment they get from moids from even the early stages such as studying. I remember some tiktok where a girl posted the recording of the men in her STEM class (science or programming iirc) joking about rape while she was the only girl in the room. Of course women will be put off pursuing roles when it's made very clear from the start that they will be sexually harassed or raped as they move further in their careers, never mind excluded and demeaned as a matter of course.
That doesn't mean we lack skills in those areas, it means we are very actively driven from them.
Plus women's relative freedom in the West has only occurred, gradually, in the last century or so, and we're clinging onto it for dear life as they try and make "woman" a dirty word and take away our gendered spaces. In some areas of the world women lack simple rights. But I guess that means they actually have the minds of goldfish and no skills, to morons who have no concept of reality.

Pure retardation from anyone who thinks white men being in power = white men best at everything. Either a handmaiden doormat or a male.

No. 1520882

you lost me at principled transwomen.

No. 1520896

"Needless to say women are at an all-time high in the music world, on stage. But why is the number of female producers as low as 5%? It’s not something new, according to the first female country music producer Gail Davies.
“People didn’t want to work for a woman,” she says. And by “people” she means “men.” Powerful men. “A lot of good old boys balked, and they blackballed me,” she says. “When you arrived in Nashville, women were still barefoot, pregnant and in the vocal booth.”

No. 1520944

She is so fundamentally retarded. Live music will never be obsolete. Technically anyone can make music and if suddenly bands decided to go digital-only there will always be people who are going to play instruments live. People like to see people play music. People like to play music in public. People like having bands play at places, whether they are local or not. Surprisingly, people really like music! I think it's also really insular of her to say considering how prevalent music is in some cultures where live music is just the norm. Grimes' brain can only conceive of two places existing one earth: North America and Japan. Also is she saying this is a good thing? It's like an affront on the soul.

No. 1520946

I know it's off-topic but just wanted to add, Kate Bush is such a genius that for her first album, she fought with producers to have Wuthering Heights be her single and they told her it wasn't going to do well but she fought and they relented, and it topped the charts and became a fucking legendary hit.

No. 1521199

and then she got way more into production and made The Dreaming and Hounds Of Love the genius albums they are. http://gaffa.org/reaching/ro_int.html I'm not gonna fall for the bait and go deep into Kate Bush interviews or other artist examples but I had same train of thought as the non textwall misogynist posters here. Grimes sucks tho

No. 1522383

umm..have you made literally any work of art of any worth in your life, it's completely normal to be surrounded by other artist who will give you feedback and direction and help you with your work. retard

No. 1522627

Whats with all the cuckery and white knighting in this thread? I swear this entire thread is grimes stans now or blue haired feminist ragers. Do you hens actually buy the bs narrative she did it all herself? Jesus christ

There is so much evidence otherwise if you want to WK, go suck her dick on reddit this is a trash talk forum(sage your shit)

No. 1522630

Convinced either claire or jamie brooks is in here posting shit now. your secrets are coming out no matter what tactics you use, not convincing.
these posts should be part of a youtube video or something, this is great milk and becoming one of my fav threads on this website, ignore everyone focusing on the women in music part,like go talk about that shit somewhere else and focus on the MILK , lolcow is not tumblr

No. 1522646

I think what OP was trying to say was that its not a feminist move to lie about having help with production, it’s fine that men and women bring different strengths to music, and it’s unfair of her to claim falsehoods about her production. Her production when she was with james/jamie is completely different than any of her other work, and has a lot of similarities with the production of james/jamie’s music projects, as a producer myself, listened to her entire discography over last few days— and yeah, it’s pretty apparent her style changes based off whatever producer she has adjacent to her at the time. Her solo production works since art angels such as pretty dark and love are examples of what she can make on her own. Nothing wrong with admitting you had some help, and lying about it is not empowering women

No. 1522923

the issue is even thinking grimes was feminist to begin with. the blogposts were clearly from some tumblrina tard in their early 20s. shes used the label for pr and to gather a fanbase, shes a silicon valley shill nowadays

No. 1523371

wish there were less blogposts and fighting and more milk or at least discussion on how Claire actually sucks at music

doesn't help everything's slowed down to a trickle

No. 1523500

> it's completely normal to be surrounded by other artist who will give you feedback and direction and help you with your work

It’s not completely normal for everyone you have worked with creatively to hate you, not follow you, tweet bitter things about you, be forced to sign NDA’s about creative works made together, do all her housework and feed her and be at her beck and call 24/7, none of those things are normal, retard.


>devon welsh
>james/jamie brooks
>azealea banks
>kacey dallanger

No. 1523512

Kate Bush had help from men too by the way, she was just confident in what she brought to the table and didn’t have to lie about it. She doesn’t make her collaborators sign NDA’s, she doesn’t have a trail of people who have worked with her who hate her now. Can not believe you morons would even bring Kate into this discussion, she doesn’t belong anywhere on this website let alone in a fucking grimes discussion, who totally ripped off her song running up that hill with realiti. They are in a completely different league. I swear claire knows about this thread and posts here now.(learn2sage)

No. 1523517

elon musk is a piece of shit

No. 1523535

Sage for being offtopic but nonny come on, a lot of male music producers in the bass music scene have ghost producers and 80% of them just constantly copy eachother. That scene is particularly shitty towards women too, theres rampant sexual harassment and assault and general misogyny. Its a sausage fest feedback loop, women who produce get treated terribly then end up either quitting or fading out bc the bass music scene is full of greasy gamer types. You must be ODing on patriarchy pills nonny you cant be this dumb to think musicality is tied to what sex you are. Use those brain cells and maybe you'll figure out why there arent as many women in a scene that is incredibly misogynistic and full of predatory men

No. 1523539

File: 1652068783857.jpg (292.95 KB, 2048x2048, 20220508_235441.jpg)

Ok more on topic to make up for my sperging

I still do wonder if he's scoping out the next relationship that will get him the same amount of media attention as dating grimes did

No. 1523540

File: 1652068814697.jpg (273.78 KB, 2048x2048, 20220508_235444.jpg)

No. 1523649

File: 1652076363491.jpg (683.96 KB, 972x2225, Picsart_22-05-09_02-01-25-841.…)

Oh boy. He knows somethings up…

No. 1523653

What do you expect from someone respecting an agp's pronouns

No. 1524396

I love the Russia/Ukraine shitstorm because it's completely fucked rightoid compassion grids. They were cheering Daddy Musk for owning Twitter le reddit style and now Elon is posting about the Based Ruskies trying to Epstein him.

I'm sorry, I mean the Double Omega Deep Dish State is using ciphers to silence Free Thinkers in service of ((them))

No. 1524845

tf does this cryptic ass shit mean

No. 1524892

>I love the Russia/Ukraine shitstorm
>Russia/Ukraine shitstorm
>Based Ruskies
fuck off, you sound just as idiotic and tone deaf as Elon or Grimes

No. 1524958

lel are you one of those retards from the Ukraine thread? And how the fuck would you classify the slapfight between the two as anything but a shitstorm?

No. 1525314

Get lost, Russian orc.

No. 1525388

I was being sarcastic with Based Ruskie, nonners.

No. 1525536


it's funny that westerners are so jelly they resort to referring to us as 'orcs' – as if we care if YOU people dehumanise us.
this site exists not as a gossip forum but as a manifestation of the decay of Western society in real time.
you will never be Russian. you will never have a healthy, morale-oriented society.
cope and seethe.

No. 1525546

Blind Item #8

The north of the border singer had to be physically restrained to keep from going on a TikTok live this weekend to talk about her ex. No one wants to endanger the money despite what she wants to say about him.

Shinigami Eyes Lyrics

“Rent-free in your head
Missing from your bed
I know your secrets, everything, oh

This is a celebrity gossip site that’s reputable and has been accurate several times . If you look up “celebrity ceo” anytime they mention “north of the border singer” they are mentioning grimes…

No. 1525559

>Moral society
>DV is legalised

No. 1525576

Illegal under section 116.1 of the Russian penal code.
Lurk more.

No. 1525580

Lurk what? Russian websites?

No. 1525581

>Gossip forum proves western societies decay.
>Is bosting about being superior while posting on said gossip sight, showing proving to be the same as westerners.
Cope. Sorry Muskrat laughed at you.