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File: 1645961669887.jpeg (462.29 KB, 1814x1976, CACFD8A1-C153-4C8C-8D43-3C5801…)

No. 186492

We can return to the Genshin Impact General #5 and abandon this thread when /m/ works properly again.

> Genshin Impact is a free-to-play action role-playing game developed and published by miHoYo. The game features a fantasy open world environment and action based battle system using elemental magic, character switching and uses gacha game monetization for players to obtain new characters, weapons, and other resources.

>Redeem codes without having to log on https://genshin.mihoyo.com/en/gift
>Check your spiral abyss data https://webstatic-sea.hoyolab.com/app/community-game-records-sea/m.html
>Wish simulator (feat. old banners) https://gi-wish-simulator.uzairashraf.dev/
>Wish counter with some pull statistics
>Damage calculator https://genshinimpactcalculator.com/genshinCalc.html
>Build simulator https://www.gscale.cc/
>Database filled with pretty much everything found in game https://genshin.honeyhunterworld.com/

No. 186494

File: 1645962383455.jpeg (500.16 KB, 2048x2048, 197F75E2-3A98-4B34-98AE-785EFA…)

Welcome back genshinfags. As per oldfag tradition here is some things to discuss.

>Thoughts about Ayato and Yelan?

>How is your Enkanomiya event exploration going?
>Opinions on the new story quests?
>Thoughts about the new Chasm leaks? Is there something you are excited about?

No. 186508

I honestly don't like either of them. Ayato's hair and face are fine but his outfit is just too much white to me. I wish he looked more like a samurai. Yelan is a mess, but if her bangs were straight her face would at least look pretty. It's just too much going on. She looks like an AI generated combo of Eula, Mona and someone else. I think character designs overall got worse with Inazuma and I can't help but wonder if the main character designer is even the same person anymore.

No. 186513

I pretty much agree with everything the anon above me is saying. I like Ayato his sleeves and the purple but it's too white and I don't like how western it is. I feel like his suit is just to similar to that of Zhongli. I will probably skip him for now and go for kazuha constellations instead.

Yelan had so much potential, i actually really like her hair cut and face. When you look at the front model at first glance it looks very cool. But then you see the side view and you notice how they expose her skin from her thigh to her chest. I don't get the anon who was saying back in /g/ that its not the side that is a problem but her front? Maybe it's a cultural difference but i don't think exposing a bit of chest area is that bad. It's just the ridiculous gaps at her side that's so off putting and looks trashy to me.

I wish her coat was a bit bigger and i also don't like the front and back flaps(?) that she has like many female characers. I think however if the sides where covered from her thich to her chest i would't dislike her design that much.

Also I did the new story quest for Raiden and she's like written less stupid maybe because of the backlash they have gotten? But it was kinda boring and it was the first time in genshin that i actually skipped dialogue. I still feel like the whole story with the electro archon was very dumb and i dont think they can redeem inazuma story wise anymore.

No. 186514

also sorry for the samefag but
>I can't help but wonder if the main character designer is even the same person anymore.
Wasn't it said that Eula was designed by designers on the honkai team way back then? I'm not sure if this was just a rumor but i remember people saying that it was a diffrent team that designed Eula just because of the stark contrast between her design and that of other characters. Also the fact that she appeared out of nowhere. I feel like many female characters now have many elements of Eula and that makes me sad. At least we recently got Yunjin tho who actualyl has a very pleasant design.

No. 186519

Agree with you all anons. I’m still pulling for Ayato, even if his plain white suit is an eyesore, since I have no male dps yet. Kek Yelan really does look AI generated, could not have said it better myself.

Raiden’s story quest was so confusing. Not that it was complicated, I just didn’t understand what it wanted to achieve? If Sumeru is like this I think I’m dropping Genshin. There is something in me feeling like Sumeru is gonna be good though, since it’s a less weeby area. I wish mihoyo could find the charm of the Mond archon quests.

No. 186525

I actually really like Ayato and I'm saving up for him. The white with the big sleeves makes him look like royalty to me. I like Yelan's colors but her design seems random and out of place. Isn't she supposed to be a Liyue character? She looks like she's from somewhere else.

Still waiting for Heizou leaks.

No. 186534

File: 1646000027802.jpeg (330.42 KB, 2048x2048, C662D5B3-D443-468B-8C96-EB8542…)

> Still waiting for Heizou leaks
Same but at least we have leaks of Ayato’s ass

No. 186540

File: 1646001650575.jpg (149.59 KB, 690x980, 007OhlLkgy1gc0iks8tajj30u016m7…)

what's leaking out of his ass?

I like those westernized sword boy suits a lot, but ayato's looks very funky compared to what you'd see a touken ranbu dude wearing. at most he could pass as a botched colonel sanders inspired sword for a kfc collab. would've looked better if they tried something more like picrel. his face is also ugly as is the case for a lot of genshin characters, he's got a pea head and his forehead is weirdly small too. he looks fun in battle but I'm never using him over xingqiu so I won't waste my gems. the adult male characters in this game don't look half as good as the shotas.

yelan goes without saying

No. 186551

I feel the same way, his and Zhongli's outfit look too similar. I don't mind the white color of it, but the shoes ruin it for me, they should have been purple or something because even though there are brown elements in the rest of his outfit, it just looks too dark in contrast with the mostly white pants. I'll still pull for him though, I like his face and kit.

Nta but I almost forgot about that! Now all the comments I saw about Yelan looking like a Honkai character make sense, maybe it really is that team working on it? Iirc the reason given back then was that they wanted Eula to be out quickly to have something in a filler patch and they even used a Diluc animation to cut development time even further? Wouldn't surprise me if they let Honkai designers do a lot of the work so they can push out a new waifu every two months. I hope the next region will have outfits with more exciting designs and sillhouttes, I feel like every female Inazuma character looks the same. It's a top half that's too short to be a dress but too long to be a shirt and the stupid thigh highs

No. 186558

> If Sumeru is like this I think I’m dropping Genshin. There is something in me feeling like Sumeru is gonna be good though, since it’s a less weeby area.
I feel exactly the same way nonnie. Even if the story is still shit, I hope I'll at least enjoy exploring Sumeru because it has promise. As things are looking, I may just only pick up Genshin when a new region comes out and drop it again when I've finished exploring.

No. 186570

At least already know that Sumeru will bring us Dendro and so possibly Baizhu and Cyno.

No. 186579

File: 1646057720781.jpeg (472.19 KB, 2048x2048, DAB2FA9B-5920-4957-B4F4-CB4613…)

Bennett’s birthday! The only male except Itto who is wearing slightly revealing clothes with his back window and boob window. Best boy Benett

No. 186582

File: 1646069206503.png (209.17 KB, 400x592, D52EAEFC-373A-4D82-A6CB-EB331A…)

Heizou leak by Lumie!! Another anemo boy

No. 186583

I love him AND his tummy window. But it's not Bennett's 'real birthday' until 2024, because he was born on a leap year!

No. 186584

File: 1646071610780.jpeg (186.5 KB, 960x747, D49CFB6B-99DA-49E5-AA90-779193…)

No. 186585

Fuck another anemo boy?? I'm glad we'll have another cute boy (hopefully) but we already have so many anemo characters already.

They don't make characters with long skirts, wide pants or long flowing hair because of "clipping issues" which doesn't make sense because you CAN make a model like that while avoiding most clipping stuff. Sometimes I think that maybe Mihoyo's designers and 3d artists are underpaid or inexperienced. They can't even be bothered to tweak a model to have abs (but they sure can add a curve for Eula's squished thighs for the coomers), so they're probably just lazy.

No. 186586

Yelan needs to wear her coat. I can’t stand how they’re baiting armpit gags with this design. How tf is her coat being held?

No. 186590

I really love Ayato despite being disappointed with his colourscheme but Yelan is just Shenhe 2.0. Gigantic tits, half of what she's wearing is see-through or fishnet, weird holes in her tights to show more skin and fully bared back, sides and armpits. Looks like a shit Honkai reject.

Another anemo boy? I'm so disappointed, I was totally waiting for him to be electro. Why the fuck are all the male characters either anemo or geo?

No. 186592

File: 1646081120956.jpg (117.08 KB, 988x1200, f1b22e300cef2c743af2350a2bebd6…)

Gorou doesn't deserve to be forgotten like this, anon.

No. 186594

File: 1646081374894.png (202.9 KB, 595x471, image_2022-02-28_134616.png)

This cute friend is apparently going to help us light the way in the Chasm.

No. 186595

I want to keep him forever

No. 186601

I can't believe Ayato stole all of the fabric for Yelan's clothes

Genshin actually posted a video of the design process for Yunjin where it says that she was initially created really early on into the game's development. The same goes for all of the other reasonably well designed girls since Inazuma like Kokomi and Ayaka.

He is such a good boy.

No. 186603

Yeah Yunjin was one of the earliest leaked designs, IIRC her model was leaked even before Albedo's was.

Kokomi was leaked at the same time, but her design was more lewd on release. She still looks unworthy of the 5 star rarity in both iterations to me.

No. 186604

This is so bizarre but if it helps climate change I’m okay with it. Hopefully they spend just as much at improving the game

No. 186606

File: 1646092819075.jpg (19.36 KB, 236x370, 825f12f0044df88e96f82978e600d2…)

genshin's male designs are really lacking imo. they need to start putting out sluttier male designs instead of covering them from head to ankles like medieval women we also need some long flowing hair

No. 186608

This. We need more electro boys. Maybe Scara?
Based taste

No. 186621

God fucking damn it I want him to puncture me with that collar

No. 186631

Apparently we’re getting Diluc and Fischl skins! Do you think they’ll change Dilucs ugly hair?

No. 186632

I hope so, but they didn't really change anyone's hair so far, right?

No. 186634

ayato is bland like everything else from genshin. i'll still roll buy yeah, not a very inspired design
yelan is EXTREMELY ugly. horrible character design, i can't believe this is a 5 star
i mean, are we really expecting anything good from this game? were most of characters have the personality of a white bread?

No. 186635

They did do a small change on Keqing. Her cat hair buns changed for her skin!

No. 186636

I wish, but I doubt it because they never change the hair for skins. That's why the skins are so boring to me. Jean always has her ponytail, Barbara and Keqing their pigtails etc. let them wear their hair down or in another style! I hope Fischl's is gothic lolita inspired, or princess like as she is a prinzessin afterall.

No. 186637

I thought Yelan was confirmed to be a 4 star

No. 186639

Sorry for twitter link but I swear Mihoyo is just lazy. Eula reuses Diluc's animations, Hu Tao reuses Xingqiu's, Bennett with Kaeya's and I'm sure more I don't know.

No. 186640

No she’s a hydro 5 star

No. 186644

Itto’s voice actor really put a spin on his character.

No. 186645

I love how Max Mittleman sounds like he's just talking normally

>It's because of lore!!
Maybe in some cases, but otherwise they're just lazy. Isn't Eula's face shape also the same as Jean's? But what can we expect from a game that lifted assets and animations from BOTW and Nier Automata.

No. 186649

Ningguang and Keqing both have minor hair improvements in their skins, so it's possibly Diluc's hair will be buffed. Not extremely optimistic but it is possible.

No. 186650

File: 1646163630164.jpg (1.2 MB, 1700x1280, FIoiGGLUcAI3Zdv.jpg)

It won't happen because Mihoyo refuses to make even taller character models but I wish Enjou would become a playable character. He could turn into his full Lector form in his burst and have ridiculous ratios. The Lectors have catalyst animations, there's no reason we still don't have male mages.

No. 186653

Man I wish we could have a character tall and big like a Lector or a Herald. We have the tiny ass lolis, I don't know why we can't have bigger charas.

No. 186655

File: 1646169842750.jpeg (156.32 KB, 1624x750, 692EAA60-636A-4092-9D68-CF59D5…)

The pyro abyss lector is so fucking hot but I do wonder if his super casual dudebro almost twitterfag way of speaking is an “English translation taking too many liberties again” thing.

No. 186656

Somewhat. I'm the weeb who plays with the jpdub and in that one he definitely has this laid back playful way of talking but I thought the English texts were pretty over the top. Especially that "yikes" part made me cringe kek

No. 186660

File: 1646174372705.jpg (102.68 KB, 850x638, sample-3d90a9091dcacf415fb40c2…)

I thought it was funny how casual he was compared to the other super serious Lector lines, it made him seem like he really wasn't used to fighting and recon. Maybe I'm just cringe.

No. 186661

That's a great idea for the burst and would make for an interesting character but like you said, Mihoyo is lazy. I wish they focused on quality over quantity, other gacha games do and I prefer that. I'd rather see a character I know and love get new and improved forms than get a new character who you can tell hasn't had much thought put into them. Maybe I'm in the minority though.

No. 186666

I’ve never seen this much thirst for such a forgettable character. Husbandofags have no limits kek

No. 186668

Smells like scrote in here

No. 186670

have you not seen the amount of monsterfuckers in this fandom

No. 186671

yeah sure what is mirror maiden? let people thirst for a cool monster

No. 186672

And how many "[insert booba here] actually has really deep and interesting lore, fellow girls!!" have you made in the past year? Cuz he was a more interesting character than the any of the waifus they've been dropping kek

No. 186673

File: 1646197140068.png (732.91 KB, 606x600, cb39d15c18b6dd0e2961f610234f74…)

Meanwhile moids simp for the Cicin Mages, Mirror Maidens, and the generic as fuck fox mask shrine maiden and evil snake lady, then get triggered when someone likes the tall hot fire mage.

No. 186675

I just wanna know if these abyss guys have faces under the masks, or if the masks are their faces.

No. 186680

I was thinking that maybe they dont even have faces.As u can see in the pic here >>186655 , the neck looks like a tube that's the same from bottom to top and the mask just hides that. Idk if it's deliberate or not,but I can't think of them with with faces unless they have a human form like Enjou did(which was basically an npc)

this is so cute

No. 186837

File: 1646323749999.png (294.42 KB, 540x405, tumblr_49f0322c5525faeb6897d8f…)

I think the mask is their face there isn't much room where they could be hiding a face if you see >>186655
It is confirmed that they can shapeshift so them having a human face and lector body isn't out of the question like the fanarts here but that "mask" is most definitely their face. Is it the same thing for childes foul legacy? Do you guys think he has a face underneath his "mask"?

No. 186868

File: 1646342099463.jpeg (3.24 MB, 4032x3024, 8DCFB447-1ADA-4111-964C-0C7659…)

My Arataki Itto mousepad arrived at my bf’s house and his reaction opening it was priceless. He was like “why are his nipples erect?!?” Lmao men will never understand.

No. 187076

Kek nice anon

Anyone played the new domain event? Easiest primogems in a while but it’s genuinely soooo boring. Feel like we’re stuck in filler patches until 3.0

No. 187080

I'm bi and Enjou is way more memorable than even some of the playable waifus imo.


Is the chasm coming out in 3.0 or before that?
I think this event is cute, but I would not be so okay with it if it had more than the 5 premade levels to complete. I'm really excited for the drink mixing event that's coming out soon-ish though.

No. 187085

Chasm is next patch, 2.6.

No. 187140

File: 1646449293598.png (3.74 MB, 2364x1773, yoimiya.png)

Just a few more days until Kokomi comes home!!! I already have Yoimiya and can't wait for her to get censored!!! I'm going to get characters scrotes hate.

No. 187143

I think this character is singlehandedly gonna make me interested in Genshit.

No. 187144

I don't need the mora and books so I just speedrun each stage for primos (god bless kazuha, venti, and albedo). if coins were mandatory to get primos this event would piss me off, but as is it's just very empty. this is the epitome of a boring primo grind patch. did you see that yae had rough sales too? who would've thought even the scrotes would get sick of all the weebland milking


who even told you scrotes hate them, underage friend? yoi is a favorite among jap moids and reddit moids are shilling kokomi now because they don't like ayato for obvious reasons. might want to consider snagging the sexy shrine maiden foxgirl instead because they're shitting on her way harder than kokomi.

No. 187145

Its soooo boring I have only done the tutorial so far

No. 187147

metafags hate her and she sold poorly. I'm rolling for Ayato and Itto when they're out. Also, I'm 28 next month kek.

No. 187160

It would be wierd if he didn't considering he's supposed to be a normal human right?
I'm more curious about the little mage guys.

I think it's sorta fun, I like the chill obstacle courses.

No. 187164

Her kit is flat out bugged, her stupid statue things prioritize hitting animals and sakura petals over enemies. Not that anyone should even be fighting Dvalin anymore but her pillars don't attack his claws either. Plus her burst needs a ridiculous amount of energy. I don't like the character but she was done dirty and Mihoyo doesn't seem to care.

No. 187166

File: 1646459683922.jpg (1.02 MB, 4093x2894, FM_JXKtaAAMCNgO.jpg)

Good luck Nonnie, he's buried in the second chapter in an entire separate area.

No. 187168

File: 1646463766674.jpg (1.27 MB, 1772x1772, hilichurl.jpg)

>metafags hate her and she sold poorly
same can be said about yae, but metafags don't hate kokomi anymore since m-muh cryo waifu needs 82827U of hydro asslickachun and dies in one hit

kek, they must not
>IF YOU WANT HER TO BE META SO BAD just get her c1 and then a c2 raiden right after, filthy peasants [insert doritoface contraband here]

No. 187177

have you guys seen the drama about lilyglazed? what's with the genshin fandom and people weaponizing their mental illness. i've never seen someone play victim better than her, i need to learn some tips kek
for those who don't know, apparently she got "death threats" from twt lesbians, but afaik the truth is just that lesbians were gosipping about her on their private accounts and only made fun of her beikazu ship. someone told lilyglazed that lesbians are talking about her and then threatened to commit suicide

No. 187188

File: 1646472461764.jpg (123.93 KB, 1050x1200, Ezkl9CmXEAYqow3.jpg)

It seems leakers are saying next patch reruns will be Ayaka and Venti or Kazuha. I think im gonna save and try to grab a constellations for kazuha if he reruns.

Good luck with pulling for Kokomi!
>I already have Yoimiya and can't wait for her to get censored!!!
Me with Ganyu kek. Though I think that Yoimiya already looks a lot better then Ganyu. If they make her skirt longer, actually give her shorts and shows less cleavage her design would be great. Ganyu's whole outfit is just so lame and bad tho. Like i really hope her censored outfit looks a lot different.

Never heard of this person but just sounds like regular twitter behavior. Someone says something you don't like? Just threat to kill yourself easy. When searching her username to try find art of her i found pic related. For some reason i cant find any art on her twitter account but damn this looks so scuffed.

No. 187192

Don't get a character hoping for her to get censored. Mihoyo won't censor all characters. Just look at the new released Shenhe and Yelan. They haven't even censored the most slutty outfits like underage Fischl in lingerie.

>I don't need the mora and books so I just speedrun each stage for primos

Same that's what I do. This might be one of the worse patches, it's so damn slow and boring. The drinks event seems cute just because we can make drinks for Kaeya.

Yeah her sales are low because she genuinely doesn't work properly. Even her biggest scrote fans aren't pulling for her. I feel like Mihoyo really needs to learn to fix characters even after they're released. But they won't, they never do. Which is why Thoma, Xinyan and Mona still have issues.

If it really is Venti and Ayato in 2.6 then I'm fucked. I never got Venti and really want him. The ultimate best boy. But I do need a dps like Ayato because at this point I'm playing Support Impact. Fuck. 20k primos won't be enough for both right?

No. 187194

File: 1646475899817.jpg (156.75 KB, 1080x1517, t.jpg)

>damn this looks so scuffed.
Yeah, I never understood how she got so popular to begin with. Her way of coloring is nice, but everything looks so lazy and yet she pulls insane numbers for simple headshots in white voids. I considered following her a while back, but looking at her art it's so painfully straight for no reason. Xiao x Hu Tao, Kaeya x Amber etc. no thank you kek her personality and constant tweeting are annoying as fuck too

No. 187198


Moids hate Kokomi and Yoimiya because they're not DPS carry waifus like Ayaka, Eula or Ganyu nor Mommy Milkies like Raiden, Yae or Shenhe either. Scrotes threw a chimpfit over Kokomi when she was released because her kit was based on support and not dealing tons of damage and condemned her loudly for it, on top of that she doesn't have her tits or ass out either so her worth to them is a big fat zero.
>they're shitting on her way harder than kokomi.
Kek how? I haven't seen any moid bitching about Yae besides the homophobic ones who hate her being paired with Raiden. All of them are begging the sideboob honkai fox waifu to trample their testicles.
>reddit moids are shilling kokomi now because they don't like ayato for obvious reasons.
They're getting a 5-star half naked hydro waifu with huge tits right after Ayato, why would they give a shit about Kokomi anymore?

No. 187202

what are you on about? yoimiya and eula are at the same exact power level, both carries, and they attract the same breed of unhinged male simps who fight with metafags. bringing up shenhe as if she wouldn't have had worse sales than both of them if she didn't share a rate up with xiao… lul.

>on top of that she doesn't have her tits or ass out either

she literally runs around in a low cut top and panties like an idiot, the only reason you can't see her tits is because she's an uwu flattie. are the lolis based and pinkpilled now too? hu tao had the highest banner sales without a top up reset but she's one of the only girls who actually doesn't have her ass and tits out, is she stil the crux of coomshit? shenhe??? I really don't understand the metric contrarianons use to measure which waifus are kosher and which aren't. all in all the vast majority of each and every one of their individual fanbases is male so why does any of this matter.

No. 187204

i don't think any artist deserves to get harassed but i'm tired of her playing the uwu innocent disabled person act. she literally begs for money by pretending to be poor and then uses the money to gamble on genshin. not to mention that she's still friends with that scammer abbystea

No. 187205

>yoimiya and eula are at the same exact power level
Literally what the fuck are you talking about? Also hu tao falls in the DPS hypercarry category, I think it was pretty clearly implied that a female character needs to either be an abyss run slave or an oversexualized waifu to be popular with moids. Kokomi or Yoimiya are neither. The only reason even some moids are waiting for Kokomi's rerun is that people figured out how to utilize her in Abyss, during her original run they got angry because she wasn't a DPS because that's the only form of utilization their monkey brains can figure out. But like Hu Tao, despite being a powerful unit she's still not waifu status, someone like Keqing gets her absolute shit of a kit forgiven because muh cute tsundere catgirl.

No. 187209

i want him as a permanent pet wtf he's adorable!

No. 187210

yeah, eula is the same strength as yoimiya and kokomi is in the meta freeze team as well that other one with sucrose. if you think an anime girl with her entire buttcheeks out isn't sexy enough for scrotes then I don't know what to tell you. read the last sentence of my post again. those two ain't any more based and scroteproof than the others, weirdo.

No. 187216

File: 1646491584504.gif (2.28 MB, 480x270, 27AEA347-6FA8-4E62-B515-9C0957…)

Anons can we please have a thread without arguing about which characters scrotes want to fuck? Scrotes want to fuck every single female character in Genshin, they literally sperg about wanting to cum on Kokomi's belly. No female character will be the feminist icon you want in a gacha game that depends on horny scrotes for income.

This is the only place where we women can talk about Genshin without men interfering. So can we stop talking about the very men we’re trying to avoid?

No. 187219

True, it's annoying when the thread gets derailed literally every time an anon mentions how they want to pull for any female character. But there also isn't much else to talk about, the current patch is really empty and there haven't been any interesting leaks

No. 187220

Instead of Yelan I wish we got leaks for an upcoming male character instead or at least two for one. Ayato doesn't count.

No. 187221

sorry forgot to sage. Meant to add to this but Heizou is supposed to be which element? Like most, I'm ready for the next region

No. 187224

silly anon, before you are allowed to enjoy anything you first must convince yourself and everyone around you that it's BWASTE and OWNING THE SCROTES. you'll find that the validation it brings is the true source of joy.

anemo unfortunately

No. 187230

>but looking at her art it's so painfully straight for no reason
I noticed that to kek. It's not like straight ships bother me, however she chooses such weird straight ships? It's just funny to me how people who ship gay characters have to write an essay and explain why they ship them but with straight ships the straight characters can have like no interaction in game and people don't complain.

Yeah harassing people because of there ship is fucking dumb. I don't have much insight on the situation so i might sound stupid but can't she just block those people? Unless she is actually getting doxed or something like that i would just ignore what random people say online.

Another male character that is anemo. Atleast there will be a high chance he will be fun to play like many other anemo character.

No. 187242

I think it’s fun and calls back to when we had to track Venti with elemental sight.

No. 187244

Ffs you don't need to sage on /ot/ or /m/

No. 187249

It looks nice and simple. Not every art has to be 100% effort put in, most normal people who aren't artfags don't care. And I don't know what you mean "for no reason", it's because she likes those ships and artists draw what they like, that's a reason.
This thread talks about real scrotes more than the ingame ones I swear. Why do so many anons here care this much about scrotes and what they like?

No. 187251

I don't want to start a retarded shipping war here but a lot of artists have been making weird ass straight Genshin ships just to fill a niche and pander to everyone who's unironically homophobic and finds gay ships disgusting, and seeing how much Genshin offers f/f and m/m ship pandering almost all of them besides traveler included ones are complete crackships. Shit like Kaeya x Amber is borderline predatory seeing how it's an older male in a position of power and a naive teenage girl but people will lap it up only because they want anything but Kaeya x Diluc or Eula x Amber. You constantly get a depressing amount of people acting like victims for some 16-year old Raiden avatar twitter lesbian making a meme about straight ships being boring. Remember when people were openly admitting to shipping Yae and Ayato just out of spite because of Yae's relationship with Raiden and Ayato with Thoma? It's ridiculous.

>not to mention that she's still friends with that scammer abbystea
God damn of course she is friends with that crazy cow. I literally thought about her when I saw her work kek

No. 187256

I agree, I don't care about ships either way but it seems like a weird cope to only draw strange crack ships as long as they are straight instead of at least considering the popular gay ones. Like the earlier posted Childe x Sucrose thing is so random. The hate on het stuff is weird too though, it leads to people posting shit about feeling opressed by the ebil gay people online kek always funny to see

If he's a cute four star and a niche support like Gorou for Itto but for Venti or Kazuha I'd be happy, but I kind of want a tall male Anemo already

No. 187267

That's the weird thing about these ships, it's not that they're het but they're always completely out of character. I absolutely loathe Itto x Sara but at least they have some amount of interaction and chemistry with each other so the ship makes sense no matter how much I hate it. But these totally random or borderline creepy hetships involving characters from popular gay and lesbian couples sound like complete copes for people who feel disturbed by the idea of gay characters and need to get rid of them.

Related vent but something like BeiKazu (which this lilyglazed person seems to be fond of) gets to me personally because Beidou and Ningguang openly flirt with each other, they're always portrayed together, they're heavily implied to be intimate in a romantic sense with a long history together, they have amazing energy yet Beidou gets reduced into another big booba mommydom bangmaid for their straight shota fantasies despite Kazuha having a dead boyfriend himself. Let the lesbians exist for once..

No. 187276

Eh people should interact with the content they like and ignore the rest. Beigguang is as canon as Mihoyo can portray them but people like to break canon ships all the time, fandom is about that.

Of course, the idea that the poor straights are under attack is ridiculous tho

No. 187282

venti and kazuha already support eachother better than anyone else could, I mean they themselves are the two best anemo supports in the game

No. 187284

I like BeiGuangg but these are fictional characters who Tf cares about other people's ships. It is never that serious.

No. 187286

I don't want to defend this ship at all because it really is random as fuck but Kaeya is 22 and Amber is 19, you're making it sound like he's 32 and she's 14 kek.

But yeah, I'd take even my most hated yaoi ships over shit like Hu Tao/Zhongli. In a lot of cases it's probably just yume's self inserting into the female character, but then they might as well just make an OC.

No. 187287

to be fair other than a couple of characters nobody has a confirmed age at all so that's just anon trying to find something morally wrong with the ship when it is in fact completely fine to just not like it

No. 187292

NTA but yeah, Eula is in a higher up position and is probably older than Amber too but I think they're cute together. It doesn't matter. I'm glad no Genshin characters have official ages because they just make retards sperg over harmless shit.

No. 187293

File: 1646523860372.jpeg (387.38 KB, 2048x1995, B16DBE9D-EC42-41AE-9091-E1274A…)

Yeah at most Heizou could be a niche anemo support for Xiao. He won’t be a support for support characters like Venti. But he’ll probably just be another mediocre anemo support like sayu

No. 187294

Some characters that are in the webtoon have official ages, Diluc and Kaeya are 22 (so is Jean most likely since she's their age) and Amber is 19 by the time the game takes place

No. 187301

File: 1646527256950.png (2.15 MB, 1080x1920, 1644982084455.png)

This is what Yun Jin should have looked like

No. 187303

Seeing this makes me so grateful that she's wearing covering clothes for once. Yelan's design was so terrible I've lost hope with all the upcoming female characters, seeing how Yun Jin was one of the first upcoming characters mined after launch and the last of the original female characters who didn't look like strippers.

No. 187307

Yelan's design is so bad it's comical. Truly the bottom of the barrel

No. 187316

So it seems like 5 skins are paid and 4 are free but if they switch it up I'd be surprised. I wish that Genshin Had an artbook with the proto designs of the cast before they were given their finalized design. I don't know if it was posted here but Fish had a proto design of her in an actual goth lolita ourfit.

Looking at a picture of all playable characters I didn't realize this game had so many playable female characters until I actually saw the chart. I want to see some more electro and cyro males, new weapon types too.

No. 187321

tbh at least the colour scheme looks way more harmonious than shenhe's original fit

No. 187329

Kek you even made the retarded see-through parts more visible, congrats

No. 187332

Maybe buff would have been a better word to use than support, but I meant that it would be good if he could buff EM or something like that. Similar to how Gorou's DEF buff is more beneficial to Itto than Bennett's Ult. Though it feels like the recent characters have all been a little useless, so maybe you're right about him being mediocre. I'm really curious about his design though, if that stupid mustache "leak" is right I can't believe anyone would want to pull for him

No. 187339

people defended her by saying that she only interacted with abbystea before her scandal, totally unaware of the fact that abbystea was called out TWICE for being a nutcase and the first time her own followers told her that she's problematic. and guess what, a few months later she was still interacting with her and abbystea loves her so you get it

No. 187342

I don't know why she's even trying to make up excuses, they're clearly birds of a feather flocking together. Might as well be open about holding hands with an openly homophobic scamming schizo who has a high probability of being a troon faking being female.

No. 187374

i found it hilarious when she tried to make that sad emotional venlisa comic and then she put venti's head in between lisa's tits, coomer brainrot to the maximum

No. 187377

sucrose does exactly that and she's far worse venti support than kazuha and vice versa, even if they changed it so that her em buff did work on the latter. venti and kaz make eachothers cc more powerful and have the best abilities for exploration, and those are the only reasons you'd need more than one anemo on a team unless you wanted a battery for your xiao. i don't see them giving a 4 star op cc but who knows

No. 187404

Honestly even for Xiao I don't see a 4* support outclassing his synergy with Jean since he really wants heals and battery.

No. 187421

he doesn't need either, his synergy with jean isn't that good unless she's c4. all he really wants is a shield, anemo res or def shred, attack boosts, and off field sub dps.

No. 187492

File: 1646616446384.jpeg (93.73 KB, 800x800, 2A776778-A673-4E99-A6D2-4F422F…)

Venti Nendoroid pics dropped a while back.

No. 187493

I will put him in my microwave

No. 187496

I stopped playing a while ago but Venti was my first character and I love him, this is a very cute little figure I will eat it

No. 187506

so cute!!!! I want to crush it so bad! the only reason why he's my favorite character is because of how cute he is. the only alcoholic I'll ever tolerate

No. 187515

Soooo cute, he’s honestly the best character by far in Genshin

No. 187835

File: 1646759103623.jpeg (98.86 KB, 680x666, 084CE58F-D484-4B2A-9456-4F8A1B…)

Kokomi is coming home in 6 hours!!!

No. 187852

File: 1646766119569.jpg (131.73 KB, 1289x2048, 20220217_175429.jpg)

preordered for both kawaii and scalping purposes

No. 187896

holy fuck that pic I'd die for Gorou

No. 187924

File: 1646782533068.png (1.59 MB, 1318x740, kokomiwestan.png)

I got her!!!

No. 187957

File: 1646790186907.jpeg (29.69 KB, 240x240, B2BFD6A1-5AB3-47E3-BC98-A97091…)

I’m dying, I need this.
I seriously love Venti, he’s one of my main boys and my second 5 stars, the only alcoholic loser I would ever love.
I honestly like the idea of childe having a fucked up face under his mask when he’s using all of the power of his delusion, I mean, he’s strong but he has to suffer a bit, right? I’m also a tiny bit into anime guys with deformed faces
I want to fuck him.
I’m annoyed with how the guys are often covered with their abayas, not even showing some ankle, I hope this just means we will get slutty skins for them. Who am I kidding? that will never happen

No. 187967

File: 1646794358858.jpeg (18.18 KB, 212x238, 29762F34-0A0C-4EF7-8DD9-4EE6C3…)

diluc ruined my pity again. the c in constellation actually stands for cockblock.

No. 187978

It's excruciating holding on to all these primos, waiting for a husbando that's taking forever to be released. When is Sumeru coming again?

No. 188032

probably after 2 more patches, the one with yelan seems like more filler akin to this one with its enka exportation event

No. 188056

After 2.8 so around August I think.

No. 188093

This is really funny. They changed Yae's pillars in beta to make it so no random enemies get targeted but only the one close by. Now lots of people are whining about how they got c2 for no reason now.

Congrats anon!

>I’m annoyed with how the guys are often covered with their abayas, not even showing some ankle, I hope this just means we will get slutty skins for them
Yeah it's really silly when you compare the outfits of the men compared to the girls.

Are you holding on your primos for Cyno and/or Baizhu?

No. 188099

>I’m annoyed with how the guys are often covered with their abayas, not even showing some ankle, I hope this just means we will get slutty skins for them
I know what you mean but a lot of female fans prefer to see them covered from head to toe, like the typical bishounen prince

No. 188135

>Cyno and/or Baizhu
I’ll take whichever comes first tbh.

No. 188150

File: 1646836175770.png (1.23 MB, 1000x1265, AC08D790-7AB9-451C-8DD3-291A1F…)

What if Baizhu is already complete and they’re just waiting for the right time to release him?

No. 188154

>a lot of female fans prefer to see them covered from head to toe, like the typical bishounen prince
Myself included and I'm literally degen. It'd be one thing if the adult male body models were good but they're not and as much as I like Itto as a character, I hope they never design another guy like that ever again.

That being said, the ones in stiff suits aren't much better. Every guy should strive to be more like Kaeya.

No. 188161

File: 1646838727607.gif (2.72 MB, 268x415, kaeya.gif)

I agree stiff suits suck but Itto doesn't look that good either. Kaeya is perfect design wise. I do think that Xiao's look would look great on a tall male model too. Very tasteful backless top.

No. 188163

Then wouldn't there be more code about him to datamine? Right now it just says catalyst.

No. 188164

Sara’s trial was so underwhelming, you know a character sucks when the supports are better than the supposed character you should be amazed by. Lisa did more damage on her own by just charging her attack than Sara with her whole ass elemental burst.

No. 188175

sara is a support, anon… lisa is not

No. 188179

File: 1646842452199.jpeg (67.83 KB, 540x490, 8DCCDB21-670E-406D-B1FF-1109B1…)

A girl can dream

No. 188208

File: 1646851066757.jpg (415.3 KB, 1920x1042, gshimp.jpg)

Is there a website where you can input all the characters that you have and it'll help you build a team? I've thus far just been playing with characters I like, but it seems obvious as I go that I need better elemental resonance.

No. 188271

I personally like to use the Game8 walkthrough guide and gamewith for possible team comps!

No. 188627

File: 1646973051185.jpeg (5.48 MB, 3442x2446, 866D6409-DF83-43BB-B4EF-E786BA…)

this drink mixing event is so cute, i love the characters bantering with each other! man. i almost forgot how much i miss mondstadt events.

No. 188708

File: 1647004297855.jpeg (54.7 KB, 720x720, B39E7EA0-6E41-4FA7-94A2-E7512B…)

Yes! Me too, looking at Diluc smile has made my whole month, everyone is so fucking cute. I never expected to be able to mix drinks at Genshin impact of all games though.

No. 188731

File: 1647012310476.jpeg (71.52 KB, 1024x576, 24F4CF82-A87C-4FF9-BC3B-3D9B13…)

Don’t get me wrong i do love exploring teyvat but monstadt will always be the best region. It definitely looks dated but I love the characters so much.

No. 188741

I’m starting to hate how they’re making the girls’ voices so high pitched in the Japanese dub.

No. 188746

Same! It'll always be home base for me.

No. 188751

Same nonnie. Mondstadt is home, not only because it's the one we started with but it has the most welcoming environment and best characters.
That's mostly why I changed to English, but I really wish we could just pick which language characters would speak individually

No. 188764

File: 1647017658859.jpeg (909.64 KB, 1069x1172, B12ABE9A-D849-4877-986F-E73131…)

Holy fuck! I was sitting on 35 fates and thought “well I was saving these for kokomi and I already got her. Might as well roll again and see what happens” I got a second Kokomi right after. HELL YES MY GIRL SITTING AT C1!!!

No. 188766

F-chan has now a Genshin general thread so if any of the rotten nonnies here are interested please join the discussion there!

No. 188796

newfag, what does that mean

No. 188800

I haven't played Genshin for like a week, but this post reminded me of how cute this event sounded. I can't wait to try it out when I have time.

I've tried a couple of teambuilding tools, but haven't found any I liked. The general rule is that you want a main DPS and three supports. Typically one shielder/healer, one sub-DPS, and one flex (often a battery or someone to trigger elemental reactions). The top right corner of the team building menu tells you what bonuses are available for having two of a certain element on your team. The bonus doesn't go up with more same-element team members, so usually you're better off putting in members with different elements to trigger reactions, with the exception of mono geo teams. BTW, if you don't know, a battery is a character of the same element as your DPS that can spam their elemental skill to generate energy for your main DPS's burst.

No. 188809


No. 188958

File: 1647110269900.png (594.54 KB, 2000x2000, 2FBA5770-6D4D-4046-9CD1-70EB29…)

shenhe's in the drink event. she's such a nothing character that i have to be reminded she exists in the first place.

No. 189040

the only character i like in this event is kaeya and he had to share his day with the dead hooker nun so meh. can't say i wouldn't prefer a liben event.

No. 189067

I usually don’t give a fuck about what these bait YouTubers say, specially this one who is particularly obnoxious, but do you really think there’s going to be a French dub? Because I honestly would love the change.

No. 189073

Yeah isn’t it confirmed that a French dub is coming and also Italian and Turkish subs.

No. 189075

File: 1647185928575.jpeg (129.45 KB, 898x705, 1F5A7526-354B-4023-9427-94F89C…)

Weird how Venti isn’t in a bartending event.

No. 189080

right?? it makes no sense. at least he'll be in the next major event..
the main party I've used since the day I got kazuha is in it (albedo xingqiu kazuha venti), they did it for me !

No. 189089

File: 1647195563309.jpeg (108.24 KB, 640x360, 9434873C-3EA6-4C12-ACB4-EAF2BD…)

I agree but they're saving him for the 2.6 event.

No. 189102

File: 1647202229838.jpeg (81.59 KB, 496x600, 1BB0423F-94FD-4985-88CD-C2B4D0…)

Love this event but wish it was more to do. It feels kinda empty. 2.6 can’t come sooner

No. 189107

File: 1647205589894.jpeg (98.31 KB, 749x475, 8334699C-6C87-46CE-9E14-58E05D…)

REEEEEEEE when are we going to get Ayato? He has to stop taking the bus so he can come home quicker.

No. 189179

File: 1647231978229.jpg (790.27 KB, 2500x2500, kaeya.jpg)


No. 189191

Eh it's not his bday… It's white day

No. 189200

File: 1647242757604.jpeg (148.2 KB, 857x1200, 1F3D1874-6DE0-4770-A90B-83BCF3…)

Everyday is his birthday with him.

No. 189205

>tfw no white day art
Childesisters how do I cope with this

No. 189207

Wanna put my face in his cleavage

No. 189216

File: 1647248974585.jpeg (571.02 KB, 2048x2048, 17D0F36B-AA19-4E8B-88C7-BA7761…)

I’m surprised mihoyo gave a fuck about us, makes me happy. So the scrotes got Eula, Jean and Noelle art on Valentine’s Day but we got Thoma, Kaeya and Zhongli? Feel like we got the better characters! We got one character from every nation at least.

No. 189225

I want to pretend I will eat the cookie and then put my face between his pecs while holding his hips.

No. 189258

It'll be ok… maybe next year

No. 189273

File: 1647275190885.jpeg (40.82 KB, 671x457, A3698C7F-6862-42CB-B410-2FC9B3…)

I wish Mihoyo fixed Yoimiya’s kit tbh. It’s fun to play as her but some things need to be fixed.

No. 189402

I did it anons, 100% Liyue exploration. It was fucking hell.

I'm in Inazuma now and my god, I feel the same feeling when I was exploring Liyue and Mondstadt for the first time. It makes me fall in love with this game once again.
I got to Tsurumi Island and tried to fight with that flying dog. My fucking God, this fucker.

I need good healer for this fucker. And here is my question, should I level up my Kokomi or Barbara? Who's better? I have both without a constellation.

No. 189424

Kokomi is a tank and I love her. Barbara is good at c6 cause then she revives. The flying wolf is easy if you stay along the sides.

No. 189434

File: 1647309783676.jpg (396.57 KB, 2048x1260, FJr4qY3VcAA5G-2.jpg)

Do you have Ningguang, anon? She's really good at destroying the wolf's stupid shield dogs if that's the part you're struggling with.

No. 189518

Ningguang helps with the shield dogs part as >>189434 said, but Yun Jin's skill is also good at getting rid of them quickly, my friend found that out while she was gathering mats with me.

No. 189536

I have both, so which is better? Ning or Yunjin?

No. 189537

i say go with ningguang because her normal attacks are already just geo, which makes it a lot faster (although tbh i never used yun jin for the wolflord since she's only lvl 50 right now)

No. 189562

File: 1647360872827.jpg (114.22 KB, 1280x891, albe.jpg)

I really want him for my team and hope his banner comes around soon

No. 189593

You literally just missed it? He’ll be back again in December

No. 189597

I started playing right after that.

No. 189600

Nta but I’m so sorry nonnie, I think he may be back in December at best.

No. 189646

I've only fought this wolf once, these shield dogs aren't that hard, but the quick hp loss of all my team members is a problem. He's an easy boss (even with my shit team) but that blood loss was surprising, even Zhongli won't help me with his powerful shield kek.
I ran away from boos area but blood loss was too serious, I only heard Beidou last words before her and rest team members died kek.
I think I'm gonna level her up then, I got her accidentally when she came out so it's her time to shine.

No. 189648

File: 1647379015966.jpeg (190.09 KB, 828x808, 47C18F49-074D-4D13-92FE-84B048…)

2.6 first banners confirmed! Nonnieeees who do I spend my guaranteed on? I love them both so much

No. 189651

Ayato if you want a DPS and like auto attacking and Venti if you want this game to be extremely easy. I used Venti for everything in the beginning, but now that I've gotten other 5 star characters he's been benched for the most part, I just use him to quickly farm ley lines. If you like Kazuha too, then wait for him, I think he's become more useful than Venti with newer Abyss layouts

No. 189672

Venti is amazing, and if you already got Zhongli, the game gets 99% easier, specially on Inazuma while looking for the electroculi.

No. 189704

Venti because he's cute

No. 189724

I say wait until Ayato's next banner. We don't know if he'll be broken kek.

No. 189773

File: 1647421609402.jpeg (79.54 KB, 1295x745, 3EF153C3-99F5-4149-A08A-70A757…)

Thanks nonnies! Kazuha is a bit boring looking to me, I prefer Venti even if he sucks at the abyss. Ayato looks really fun to play and has a gorgeous burst animation. But yeah I agree, maybe I should wait for a Ayato rerun instead. Hopefully he won’t be tied to the Inazuma festival like Albedo and Xiao is to Dragonspine and Lantern Rite.

No. 189778

File: 1647422673723.jpeg (Spoiler Image,171.91 KB, 982x481, 0DB45B5F-ACC4-4857-B16B-DEC881…)

Kek wtf maybe there is hope for you anon. 2.6 promotion art spoiler

No. 189779

he isn't rate up, he's just in the event with venti, kazuha, ayaka, and xingqiu.

No. 189784

I love Venti but Ayato looks so handsome to me so I must pull for him. Got 25 wishes already and 11k primos, some pity already and I hope I win 50/50 so I don't have to spend them all.

No. 189792

Based on the fact we got a Kokomi and Raiden rerun so soon, do any nonas think we'll be getting an Itto rerun soon?

No. 189796

Yeah, tomorrow.

No. 189813

File: 1647450563712.jpeg (951.2 KB, 1423x1500, D231A83E-5B19-4CC0-B941-903052…)

Kokomi’s voice actress is going to be at the city’s convention I’m moving to. Should I get her autograph? Also I know that everyone likes to theorize that Kokomi is the reincarnation of a bathysmal vishap. I think her bloodline is just evolved vishaps because Enjou said they called the shots in enkanomiya society.
Inazuma characters are hits or misses. Definitely made that mistake when I got Yoimiya.

No. 189815

>Should I get her autograph?
Sure, why not? Also that's some lovely art nonnie.

No. 189816

how much longer until the inazuma terrorism ends? i haven't touched this game in momths

No. 189817

Good, another banners to skip and save primos.

No. 189820

File: 1647452976641.jpg (80.2 KB, 805x812, ac47d8a62d412387e559ace6f52de4…)

why skip best boy unless you have him already? waifushitter?

No. 189822

File: 1647453061683.jpeg (148.44 KB, 1013x1154, ACE3411D-1FB7-41FF-B1BB-BB9814…)

The next patch, 2.6 is the last Inazuma patch. It's an Inazuma festival (yawn). I agree, they've dragged out the Inazuma plotline way too much.

No. 189825

File: 1647453359058.jpeg (183.89 KB, 975x742, 2ED67371-57F6-4570-B15D-968A59…)

Oh come on anon I love Venti too but not every girl will want to pull for him. Don't assume that she's skipping Venti for waifus, he might simply not be her type. I know you're just joking around but this will cause infights.

Here have a cute drunk Venti

No. 189826

I like how triggered you are kek.

No. 189831

File: 1647454386326.jpg (319.25 KB, 1416x2142, 202.jpg)

No. 189832

Oh no not the oneeshota artist again

No. 189834

We should have seen it coming with the >>189820 Boku no pico Venti edit (cp hentai)

No. 189839

my bad, i forgot lolcow's sense of humor curled up and died in 2019

No. 189840

Because he isn't best boy he's annoying as hell

No. 189841

NTA but I agree. Idk what it is about both Liyue and Mondstadt that are so much more enjoyable than Inazuma. Hoping Sumeru and Chasm will be good!

No. 189842

Posting edits of some pedo hentai isn't humor anon

No. 189847

File: 1647459100518.jpg (32.03 KB, 400x400, froglet.jpg)

t. graduated from high school on zoom

No. 189849

I think Venti is cute but some people just don’t want the cute drunkard and that’s valid, I’m particularly pulling for Ayato and if I get him and still got more primogems I will try to get Venti’s constellations.

No. 189850

File: 1647460134729.png (711.77 KB, 600x736, E1CA013C-80A3-49B6-BE1D-41AA02…)

life hack: date a gf who already has venti and play co-op so the two of you can tear up everything in your path together. problem solved!

No. 189854

wow i didn't now abbyshitea posts here

No. 189857

No. 189863

I hope we get him on the second part of 2.6 because Im really low on primos and I dont wanna spend money but knowing my self i probably will pray for me nonnitas

No. 189868

nta but I need gf (or at least friend) who plays genshin. That would be sweet.

No. 189872

t. is into degenerate men fetishes teehee

No. 189873

playing co-op with a friend (or gf) makes genshin a lot more fun, even if all you're doing is wandering around killing random shit with stupid meme team comps. one time we had a full heal squad with barbara, kokomi, bennett, and jean and it was so fucking sweet.

No. 189875

Sounds nice, I'm jealous anon.

No. 189879

File: 1647464582593.jpeg (121.65 KB, 750x750, 193A3A8D-0A35-4C82-85D4-AF0E4B…)

If my internet connection didn’t suck I would’ve told my best friend to join me yes or yes.
>mfw I ask my best friend to join me.

No. 189880

File: 1647464646280.jpg (307.55 KB, 1303x2048, 16440135451425.jpg)

ruh-roh, zoomer fun police gonna shoot me for posting a Silly picture of an anime boy online

No. 189882

Nonnie, you will get banned for avatarfagging.

No. 189889

in all my time of posting here i have not even once seen a person get banned for avatrfaggin.


because i hate anemo and shotas. kazuha is the only exception because i didnt choose him, he decided to show up in my rolls

No. 189890

Stop being retarded already, and stop consuming scrote porn. Also you must be 18 to post here.

No. 189891

File: 1647465614932.jpg (36.95 KB, 626x508, kazunya.jpg)

no u quit being a massive faggot

No. 189892

File: 1647465628066.jpg (109.27 KB, 640x636, rfpn9guu4cx61.jpg)

If I pull for Venti I will have all the anemo boys!

No. 189893

i will shit up this whole thread with anemo boys i dont give a fuck

No. 189895

And it all started with one anon that doesn't want to pull for venti kek.

No. 189897

File: 1647466343761.jpg (110.25 KB, 680x631, E2Oh_c7X0AEF1H2.jpg)

No. 189898

Ventifags are so annoying

No. 189899

File: 1647467405175.jpg (268.49 KB, 1396x1574, lessthanthree.jpg)

No. 189901

How absolutely cringe.

No. 189902

You could try to add some anons off of here maybe?

No. 189903

No non-annoying person would like Venti. If I were a Genshin character I would beat Venti 1 on 1. I would plummet that faggot 6 feet under. That is all.

No. 189904

No. 189905

I don't think it's a good idea honestly. Befriending anyone from ib sounds like bad idea for me.
I had one person from my country add me on genshin, but she behaves weird.
I don't fuck around with co-ops, I don't like the idea playing with mean zoomers.

No. 189908

Nta, I would give it a try but I honestly never play co-op unless it’s some co-op event to avoid getting suddenly disconnected from the game and then gathering the hate of a bunch of strangers.
So far I’ve never needed help tbh.

No. 189910

File: 1647469887601.gif (2.09 MB, 498x280, venti-venti-genshin-impact.gif)

seethe, cope, dilate, kaze da

No. 189911

says the one that likes the tranny femboy pandering character kek

No. 189913

File: 1647471284599.jpg (167.58 KB, 1423x2048, 444483432.jpg)

hes not pandering, hes just a cutie. one of about 6 well designed and decently written genshin characters.

No. 189914

File: 1647471402535.jpeg (274.92 KB, 983x1508, 8BE2E353-00EB-4D9F-9F43-79403F…)

Nta, but now that I think about it, isn’t it weird how trannies haven’t tried to claim Shenhe as their representation? Since she’s got such a coomer design and is so utterly autistic.

No. 189915

Don't respond to her, just report this faggot.

No. 189916

I'm none of the Venti spergs above but absolutely fuck off and do not disrespect my best boy like that, I'm letting tranny femboys claim him over my dead body. Stop being so triggered over the spammer and stop replying to her instead of taking her bait like a retard.

I don't think autistic troons even play Genshin, they refuse to play anything that has any amount of bishie male characters. They're more into western one player AAA titles and cheap indie games you find on Steam, not gacha games that require either a long time effort or a fat wallet. Neither which they can provide.

No. 189917

amber, eula, raiden, yae, and noelle have gotta be the most popular among genshin trannies. i also wonder what the tranny IT factor is and why shithe lacks it. best guess is the lack of yuri ships.

>reported for posting genshin fanart in the genshin thread
my sides kek when was the last time anyone got banned on /m/? the mods dont even care enough to restore the threads, shut up

No. 189918

File: 1647473934359.jpeg (296.17 KB, 681x379, 74B48A0B-3D59-420B-8365-FC3578…)

I think they’d be best friends

No. 189920

Calm down shotafag, yes mods ban for infighting and retard posting.

No. 189921

File: 1647474665096.jpg (294.68 KB, 1755x2048, 20210821222628.jpg)

heh, not unless it devolves into racebait. believe me when i tell you the meltdown youre having in the report queue over a couple venti shitposts that rustled your jimmies is getting bulk dismissed as we speak.(no it isn't)

No. 189926

>in all my time of posting here i have not even once seen a person get banned for avatrfaggin
The lumine avatarfag eventually got a ban.

Maybe its because of her personality and story? She got a super waifu pandering design but personality wise she's just ok. Like i totally forgot shenhe was a thing until she appeared recently again with the drinking event and i already forgot what happened. Eula tho, that was cringe and i guess thats why she's more popular with moids

No. 189929

NTA but I completely forgot about Eula, she was the girl everyone was headcanoning as a trans woman because she was a legitimately autistic tsundere with a big weapon and coomer thigh spillage. The cringiest girl is the most popular with troons, no surprises there.

No. 189940

Right, I also forgot about Eula, even though I did the barista event it’s like my mind just put her away, she seriously is extremely forgettable.

No. 189947

I'm so ready for the chasm and sumeru. Still got things to do in Inazuma, but that map sucks the soul out of me, I always end up chilling in liyue. Never going to finish those ugly islands

No. 189973

anyone else bored asf? i have 0 hype for chasm, and the game hasn’t been fun for months now. None of the leaked future characters interest me. Maybe I should take a break

No. 189990

Same. I'm insanely bored. I think this is normal before a new area like Sumeru. There's gonna be fillers until summer/august. So we could probably take a break until then.

No. 190002

Trannies prefer lolis because then having no curves makes them easier to self insert onto. Of course a man could never even look close to Shenhe, that's why they'll never claim her. That's my theory.

No. 190003

Me too me too. Inazuma sucks

No. 190008

The lolis are sexualized too though, have you seen their hips

No. 190023

Yeah but that's nothing compared to Shenhe

No. 190025

not at all really, as anons above have said eula is more popular with trannies than any loli. pedo trannies like lolis because they're pedos, not because they somehow make more realistic self insert material…

No. 190027

wow she's ugly

No. 190114

Me three. I only log in to get primos so commissions, events, and abyss no more no less. Don't plan on pulling or playing beyond that until Sumeru. Inazuma gave a lot of players terrible burnout.

No. 190153

File: 1647545705647.jpeg (735.8 KB, 1200x1052, 23E823DB-6B3F-4E5C-B68F-2102D0…)

Based farmhands kek
> Inazuma gave a lot of players terrible burnout.
Oh really? I had the impression that everyone loved it, made me wonder if I was crazy for hating it so much

No. 190156

File: 1647546245268.jpeg (48.24 KB, 749x505, 99B7EF50-1AF3-401A-8BB0-631C85…)

Inazuma as a region was annoying to play, it’s too dark, so you have to put the brightness of your screen at the highest level, the thunder at the beginning is annoying as fuck, the spicy water is annoying too, and the stupid dogs that drains your hp made me want to set the computer on fire while going gan gan woo.
And sure, you kind of get used to it and learn how to do the obnoxious puzzles and the sorts, but I always feel like running away from Inazuma so I can rest at the other regions. If you think about it, they did a great job at making Inazuma as unwelcoming as how Ei was, but they couldn’t find a way to make it feel welcoming after helping her and becoming best friends with her.

No. 190167

I felt tired playing the game to the point I uninstalled it for a few days and just came back to get the primos for the events and even with the new patch coming up I can't give a shit. Idc about fomo from getting a 5* anymore I just wanna play the game for the plot which I forget with all those inbetween filler patches.

No. 190168

>yfw both ayrt were me
ehe, tranny jannies only showed up 10 hours after the fact to make themselves look less lazy. didnt even walk away with a ban, only the redtext kek.

>I had the impression that everyone loved it

It was shilled more heavily and did attract some loud new players who get hard over nip aesthetics, thats probably why. Beyond the shilling its recieved more criticism than the other two regions for all its bad puzzles, character designs, writing, and the way it dragged on so long. So many people including most of my own friends who were really into this game before Inazuma ended up dropping it after, granted Genshin does a poor job retaining old players compared to other gacha games in general imo.

No. 190203

File: 1647560717280.jpeg (55.62 KB, 681x453, 42791949-2634-481F-B845-C42732…)

I think most people love Inazuma too, so I'm happily surprised there are other anons here who dislike it as much as I do. It just isn't fun to explore for me, I much prefer Mondstadt. I love Mondstadt's European architecture and wide green plains. It's basic but I love it. It makes me so happy. I also love the starting area in BOTW for the same reason. I want to run on beautiful green grass with blue skies online and offline. Liyue isn't bad but I hate how it looks eternally Autumn.
Yes yes, maybe this is autistic but I also hate how purple Inazuma is. I get it, Raiden is the electro archon and all that, but it's just too much. Too unnatural for my tastes maybe.
Inazuma being unwelcoming is also why I dislike it, I love how welcoming Mondstadt is. Again I get it, it works with the story, but I just don't want to be in a place like that. I want to be in a brainless happy fairy tale world I admit it.
It's also loved simply because weebs are going to weeb. And new and shiny. I wish there was more endgame in Genshin but most gachas don't have endgames and I'm not smart enough to come up with any ideas myself tbf. Right now, at least to me, it just feels like artifact stimulator and I've given up on getting perfect artifacts for all of the characters I mainly use. It just isn't fun.

No. 190210

File: 1647562879597.jpg (71.52 KB, 564x988, 58d8947eb475bb9b70eacf9e41b556…)

love you fellow ventifag

No. 190213

File: 1647564253528.jpeg (334.35 KB, 1000x621, 8B768931-F29F-4D3B-B910-A15A88…)

getting two consecutive regions based off of east asian countries was what burned me out. if it went like mondstadt-liyue-sumeru-inazuma then it would've felt less redundant in a way, but i guess they gotta fish for those weeb bux.

all the purple got on my nerves too, i'm glad someone else feels the same way. it really isn't a colour that shows up in nature a lot so to go from lush greens to warm yellows to moody purple took a long time for me to adjust to. not to mention it felt hamfisted. just because ei is the electro archon doesn't mean the rocks, bugs, crabs, and birds have to all be purple, we got it the first time.

No. 190227

> getting two consecutive regions based off of east asian countries was what burned me out.
Okay yeah that's a really good point and I agree. I also agree that Sumeru before Inazuma would have made it better for the reasons you mentioned. I have high hopes for all the next regions though. Even the very little we know about Sumeru so far seems a lot more interesting to me than the closed off miserable Inazuma. Don't let me down Mihoyo!!

No. 190237

File: 1647574504145.jpeg (45.06 KB, 600x320, 98248582-DA80-4380-8F72-AC238D…)

samefag, i uninstalled today, will come back in a few months when there is actual new story and we are done with the weebfest that is inazuma. See u nonnies then.

No. 190248

I love all the purple in Inazuma though. Enkanomiya and Seirei Island have such a cool vibe.

No. 190251

Seirai is my least favorite though. Way too hostile environment. Watatsumi had a cozy vibe and I do like Enkanomiya too. Although I'm sad to see that The Chasm will look like Enkanomiya, being underground and dark. Felt like it was a nice idea if done once but I'm not excited to explore an underground area again.

No. 190263

Once you do the quest to get rid of the big thunderstorm, it's just sort of solemn and chill. I love that one music track with the shakuhachi and the sunset.

No. 190320

2.6 stream codes

No. 190324

File: 1647610982709.jpeg (277.24 KB, 1200x808, 9CE817B0-9E73-4378-88F7-E33751…)

Thank you!

No. 190327

File: 1647613761232.jpeg (2.49 MB, 2732x1527, C180BC38-6EC2-4577-B641-016FCA…)

What the hell an Archon quest in the Chasm? Then what’s gonna be in 2.7 and 2.8? Maybe Sumeru has been moved to an earlier patch because aside from a Mond festival there’s gonna be nothing left to do for months??

No. 190330

I’m glad we get to see Dainsleif. Well, I guess that means we get to go outside and interact with real people for the next few months or something.

No. 190332

File: 1647616084605.png (709.06 KB, 754x685, wtf.png)

Is this a bug? I'm done with Inazuma archon quests…

No. 190355

based ventisperg-chan

As for Inazuma, I don't think anyone was pleased with it. The story was a disaster, most of the puzzles were lazy or nonsensical, the map was desolate and depressing sans Watatsumi island. Getting rid of the lightning storms was stressing me the fuck out, you had to do those long fucking puzzles just to be able to explore the map and world quests. It felt unfair and I can imagine how overwhelming it must be for those who are just starting the game and only want some local specialties to ascend their Inazuma characters.

In my opinion Enkanomiya was a huge improvement in terms of playability and immersion. Nevertheless I did enjoy Tsurumi a lot and so did almost everyone else who was otherwise disappointed in Inazuma.

I'm guessing 2.8 will be a summer event map again, as for 2.7 maybe it'll be a new story quest and/or a weekly boss since it seems we're not getting Windblume festival this year.

No. 190371

Yeah that has to be a bug nonnie

No. 190403

File: 1647634657283.jpeg (147.56 KB, 1079x1112, B2935C85-23B1-4D56-9210-3A7A41…)

Turns out it’s The Chasm split into two patches like Enka. Fuck that’s boring. But Heizou 2.7 is possible at least

No. 190439

B-but what about Baizhu

No. 190446

nobody cares about that tranny

No. 190450

what about that nobody?

No. 190456

one day he'll come home, anon. one day.

No. 190474

Don’t worry, nonnie, he will come home after they release at least 10 new waifus.

No. 190482

File: 1647649400223.jpeg (114.81 KB, 1080x736, 32062DC7-57CA-4069-9D3D-8EAA1A…)

I’m hype for the new lorelief quest kek. Chasm gonna be lit as fuck.

No. 190487

Isn't Kuki Shinobu supposed to come soon? If she and Heizou are both 4* I wonder whose banner they're going to appear under if we're not getting new ones until 3.0.

With due time, nonna. Be patient, the wait will be worth it.

>that image

No. 190501

Who's due for a rerun? Yoimiya and Childe maybe kek

No. 190502

Here’s how you play Yoimiya.

No. 190508

The ones who've had the longest time for a rerun now are Klee (3rd run but it's been a long time since her first rerun) and Kazuha. I expect they might run Yoimiya and Kazuha together because Yoimiya originally did badly and my guess is they rerun a character not expected to sell well with a character expected to sell a lot (like Shenhe and Xiao, Kokomi and Raiden, and now Ayato and Venti). No way they'll run Klee alone though, her rerun numbers were awful even though her first run did excellently. They could run Itto again before Sumeru, or third run someone else.

No. 190591

>they rerun a character not expected to sell well with a character expected to sell a lot
>like Shenhe and Xiao
>now Ayato and Venti
wut? do you mean they run normal banners with reruns they expect to carry them as well? xiao carried shenhe's sales and venti will carry ayato's too.

No. 190614

File: 1647697855648.jpeg (79.55 KB, 612x526, 4CB3F584-1E05-402F-B4F6-20B081…)

Dude I might get a C1 Klee. I main her and it would be excellent to have a constellation.

No. 190633

File: 1647707455895.jpeg (55.21 KB, 480x360, 386E2959-B665-46B2-B66B-4C11FB…)

Anyone else feels like you got meme’d into thinking a character was worth the time and mora to level up? I feel like I wasted my time leveling up and giving Yanfei and Yoimiya good artifacts and leveling up their talents.

No. 190658

Nta, but I didn't think that Ayato would need Venti to boost sales though. And it's strange to me that Ayaka is alone in the second half, I know she's meta but I never see anyone ask for her rerun tbh

Do you dislike Yanfei? I think she does really good damage, even with subpar artifacts and talents at 7. I've let myself get convinced into leveling up Ningguang and even though I like her as a character, I just hate the playstyle and how slow her animations are.

No. 190660

Maybe you did? the only reason to use either is if you love them dearlyand I don't know why you'd feel so strongly about characters that were more forgettable than most npcs but to each their own.

No. 190669

I think they have a strategy here. Put 2 popular male characters in the same patch, get high sales and you can show the higher ups that it's worth it to release husbandos, not just waifus

No. 190679

I honestly just read a lot about how they were the ultimate meta characters that would make your experience in the abyss amazing (tm) and got disappointed.

No. 190681

you were trolled, anon

No. 190684

i think yanfei is quite fun, even if her kit relies on constantly burning up stamina if you want to get the most out of it and we haven't gotten a stamina limit upgrade since liyue

No. 190685

File: 1647720724983.jpg (299.79 KB, 1080x1378, il_fullxfull.3315116711_30cn.j…)

Yes, that's exactly what I mean. They knew Shenhe wouldn't sell alone, so they put her with Xiao so his sales would carry her. Same with Kokomi and Raiden, apparently Raiden's rerun banner pulls were 3x Kokomi's even though meta shills keep screaming about Kokomi being meta and must-pull. Itto was on the lower end of sales despite all the hype around him, my guess is they don't think husbandos sell.

Ayaka sold really well so they're likely not worried she'll sell again. She's meta after all.
I tripled my Yoimiya. She was the first 5* DPS I managed to roll (apart from Keqing, who I hate in terms of both kit and personality) and she might be generic empathic girl next door but she shreds through everything in the overworld and I find her fun to play.

Of course now I use Itto way more than her and am going to triple him too once I have an abundance of mora, but I don't regret my Yoimiya investment at all.

No. 190690

How do you even get convinced to invest in characters like Yanfei, Yoimiya and Ninguang? They’re known to be shit but have a dedicated community that tries to make them not shit, like Keqing. But everyone knows not to invest in them if you’re going for meta, it’s almost common knowledge at this point.

No. 190691

Somebody was taking the piss because they're both mid at best, really bad for domains, battle events, and spiral abyss. Yoi is broken but not in the good way, she will never not be a waste of resources unless you really like her.


No. 190692

>xiao carrying her sales
or shenhe carrying xiao's sales

No. 190693

nobody pulled for her other than ganyus coomers and ayaka metafags, don't be ridiculous

No. 190695

forgot about the japanese coomers and shotafags nona. she had great sales in japan

No. 190697

do you have any numbers for that?

No. 190699

so did yoimidya, doesn't matter when japan is behind both cn and us in sales and they sold like shit in both of those countries.

No. 190709

I saw these soyjack videos with Yanfei and Yoimiya doing some crazy numbers, that’s how I thought it would be worth it.

No. 190711

File: 1647730054191.jpeg (1.26 MB, 4239x2956, 3463FFE1-F3BB-4651-BCEB-10A788…)

I think they’re both fun to play. Bennett and Xingqiu are boring because everyone plays them.

No. 190715

File: 1647731856346.jpg (684.12 KB, 1388x1580, cq.jpg)

Yeah every character has those. High refined weapons can make any character do big soy numbers, very misleading.

Bennett and Xingqiu are fun because they're cute shotas with cute shota bfs, and they're so OP even scrotes have no choice but to use them as they seethe over Xingqiu's little shorts and frilly sleeves.

Some characters are unpopular for a reason, anon.

No. 190716

TBH, I gave my Bennett some amazing artifacts and a great weapon so now he’s helping me carry my abyss team.

No. 190718

Do any nonnies here play Genshin on phone and if so what phone do you use and how does it run?
Going to have to move around for a bit but I don't want to miss out on my dailies.

No. 190719

I played on my phone for a while, but mostly to log in and log out, my phone is an iPhone 7 so you may guess how annoying it was to play even if I had an amazing internet connection. My phone was burning.

No. 190720

I think Yanfei is fun and decently strong. There isn't even anything in Genshin you need to be strong/meta for aside from maybe Abyss and some events, but I just don't find Abyss fun anymore. Even then it's not like you need 'good' people. Yanfei feels very fluid and smooth to play. I'm not shaming metafags I just don't understand the appeal of meta in a game with no PvP for myself

No. 190721

I just want the cute little card for my profile to change it after a few days for another one.

No. 190723

>unironically posting a picture with inflated balloon tits Yoimiya
Your opinion on anything will never be valid kek

No. 190724

Who has your favourite card
I like Kokomi's

No. 190725

File: 1647734886584.jpeg (41.49 KB, 627x305, 3AA65ACE-B5FF-4A7D-9D21-FB8CAA…)

I love Xinyan’s and Diona’s cards, they’re adorable, but also Gorou’s because it has a puppy.

No. 190734

i play one a oneplus 6T with the highest graphics settings. it gets hot after a couple hours in co op, but normally no problems.

hide and seek card with the kitties and the unusual hilichurl one are my favorite. for characters…diona, klee, albedos including his bp cards, and kaeya. yaes is good too but i dont like her so ill never have it, sad.

No. 190735

File: 1647740319284.jpg (72.09 KB, 762x706, bweh.jpg)

>lost 50/50 to kekking

No. 190736

Truly the worst scenario.

No. 190740

File: 1647742786773.jpeg (289.9 KB, 1242x1077, 8F01A44C-A83C-4DB7-8600-AC1BDE…)

Same, it’s just so painful.

No. 190743

File: 1647744262049.jpeg (269.7 KB, 2048x2048, E81F7E99-686F-42F1-99D1-F7C52F…)

i know how that shit go. my deepest condolences, anon.

oh jesus i have a lot because the art is so gorgeous. i wish they were available as full sized images so i can use them as wallpapers.
>events/achievements/bp rewards: liyue: in the clouds, mingxiao, liyue: stillness of stone, chalk, moonchaser, awakening, binge vessel, hero

>characters: jean (dandelions are my favourite flower judge me harder), beidou, kaeya, lisa, kazuha, itto, yun jin

No. 190752

I wanted one with both of the characters I was talking about. It wasn’t about me thinking the art was good kek.

No. 190776

>all these 4chan waifu memes
the fuck have we been invaded by moids?

No. 190790

it’s the FBI trying to integrate with what they think is board culture

No. 190803

Tbh, all Raiden memes should be considered a bannable offense.

No. 190818

Is there a rule that only male characters can be posted

No. 190840

File: 1647785117379.jpeg (51.09 KB, 720x780, 03E9778C-D24A-44EE-A674-74FDCD…)

>acknowledging that female genshin characters exist means you're automatically a moid now

No. 190847

welcome to the lolcow genshin thread kek, if you even dare mention liking a female character you’ll immediately be accused of being a moid, because god help anyone who dares like a female character over the ugly as fuck bland male characters everyone itt gushes over

No. 190849

>posts cringe waifu memes
>reeee why do people assume i'm a moid

No. 190851

i literally didn’t post a single one of those memes kek but okay

No. 190854

and this is? literally straight out of the genshin 4chan thread

No. 190856

File: 1647790866896.jpeg (138.6 KB, 1200x900, 04FE9C73-8EF9-4155-A9CF-EA8DF9…)

I don’t think the male characters are bland just Xingqiu and Bennett are overused and I’m bored. I actually unlocked Bennet’s final constellation so I wouldn’t use him in the future kek.

No. 190859

I seriously hate the moid who did those crying anime little girls comics and I hope his pedo ass can’t use the internet in the near future.

No. 190860

I love bennet c6, its fun to try out silly things with it like zhongli pyro dps. I don't use any physical dps characters anyway so c6 bennet imo is very fun

No. 190862

reeing about the characters actual women like too
>muh beautiful, brave and stunning waifus don't deserve this slander, there is nothing bland about the smell of my workaholic waifu's stockings after a long day in the office umu

the only character who really goes bad with bennett c6 is eula

No. 190867

File: 1647793009321.jpg (1.05 MB, 880x1200, 93196657_p0_master1200.jpg)

i have no idea why anons in this thread have such a superiority complex because they like the male characters.
bennett, xingqiu, chongyun, diluc, razor, gorou and thoma are all boring as fuck with generic personalities and stories. the only reason i'm not adding kaeya to this list is because he has an interesting backstory but his smug sadist personality is nothing special (yae is basically inazuma mommy kaeya, let's be honest). the same can be said for many of the other male characters, too.
a majority of the men are only a fraction better than the shitty overworked waifus and still extremely bad if you compare them to actually well written characters from other media. most characters are only interesting once you read their character stories, and this goes for both the male and also female characters. genshin is just shit all around and incapable of showing instead of telling.

No. 190869

based and true

No. 190871

File: 1647794447293.png (476.37 KB, 620x680, A37B6FA0-8201-4051-B238-0CE898…)

Males that are interesting: Xiao, Zhongli, Venti, Childe,Baizhu, Kaeya, Itto, Albedo and Kazuha. Only downside is most are 5star characters. At least the 4stars are fun to play.

No. 190877

actual women can like whatever characters they want, theyre not a hivemind. this purity checking shit must be exhausting when youre constantly on edge about who's a TRUE and HONEST female

No. 190881

This. And I’m sick of letting men dictate what we’re allowed to like because that’s what you’re doing when you say “only scrotes/troons like that character!”

No. 190896

I'm begging of the husbandofag anons to join the genshin thread over at fujochan to cleanse their lives of the "ree how dare you insult my autistic workaholic waifus" discourse once and for all

No. 190904

Honest question, why is it that letting a character get a certain number of constellations makes them shit, when it should make them stronger?

No. 190905

why don't you go to reddit or stan twitter or literally any other genshin cesspool where waifus are asskissed nonstop?

is fujochan alive?

No. 190910

i didn't even say i like female characters in my post, schizo-chan kek

No. 190917

I’m a husbandofag, but I can answer this. It’s because those scrote communities sexualize the female characters over everything else. It’s disgusting, but especially so when it’s the child bodied characters.

No. 190920

To add, no one here is sexualizing these characters, and are advocating against it most of the time.

No. 190922

How do you even play genshin without being in a constant state of rage if mere pictures of the female characters piss you off this much?

No. 190923

Does anyone notice how whenever they release a new character and they have an artifact domain tailored to them and their banner goes up it’s nearly impossible to farm good artifacts for them? An example is Raiden who’s artifact domain was available before her but within a few hours or a few days I was able to get pretty decent/good Emblem artifacts for her but now it’s nearly damn impossible to get anything good not just from her domain but others. They seriously need to fix that shit, I understand it’s gacha but it seriously really isn’t fair at all and bad for long-term gameplay

No. 190927

not really, i couldn't care less if a shallow gacha character created to make players coom is being sexualized unless it's some really disgusting fetish shit. i come here because i don't want to interact with horny scrotes or obviously underage children, it's as simple as that.

i have owned some characters for months and still don't have a single decent artifact set for them, and i can't be bothered to farm for most of them anymore. i'm not a metafag, so i just came to terms with the fact that all my characters are forever going to be doing very mediocre damage. it's not like crazy numbers are necessary anyway, this game isn't hard at all.

No. 190929

>it’s nearly impossible to farm good artifacts for them
sis for me this is impossible for every character

No. 190937

File: 1647811180932.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1447x2048, cutie.jpeg)

saged for bring irrelevant but what would y'all recommend me to pull for since i have a guaranteed 5 star rn within 30 pulls and I lost my last 50/50. I've always wanted venti since I started playing just cause he's cute but I'm also stuck with wanting raiden because I don't have any electro characters.

No. 190938

File: 1647811282473.jpeg (279.87 KB, 1742x1113, E70A0ADE-C7BF-401D-B2D8-7A394C…)

This whole argument started because this anon posted a 4chan meme by a pedo male artist. Not because husbandofags are against your shitty waifu. Literally nobody cares about who you play but you will be questioned for using pedo waifu memes.

No. 190940

File: 1647811635732.jpeg (1009.75 KB, 2700x4000, 59442C5B-1F1E-4E50-872A-17D996…)

I’d say pull for Venti since you like him, there will be plenty more electro characters that you can pull in the future, Raiden isn’t gonna be the only good electro character. Scaramouche for example. There was even a rumor that Cyno is electro. I personally enjoy Fischl and haven’t felt the need for more electro characters than her. Venti is of course nerfed since his CC isn’t effective against most new enemies and bosses but that could happen to any character in the future too.

No. 190941

I'm the one who posted that picture and I didn't find it on 4chan. I also have no idea nor do I care who it's drawn by.

No. 190942

Yes, there's a thread in /bl/ about Genshin.

No. 190946

>vichan in 2022
>a gazillion different boards diluting the already abysmal post rate
Spend less time shilling and more time fixing your shit and I might consider using your site.

No. 190951

NTA but god I hope Cyno is electro. The sandstorm animation he had in the travail trailer thing is making me very scared we're getting yet another geo dude. I love that we currently have the characters making a good all male mono geo team possible, but that also means we don't need any more, at least for a long time. Also, I see a lot of people treat electro unit scaramouche as fact, and while it obviously makes the most sense, I'm feeling suspicious and concerned that the husk set which is about scaramouche is a geo set. Idk, it just seems with all the other sets intended for a specific element, the original owner of the artifacts was also a user of that particular element so I'm worried they might pull something stupid in the story leading to geo playable scaramouche, hopefully that's just me tinfoiling instead of anything likely, though

No. 190963

I'm not even shilling, I'm just tired of dealing with the constant infighting caused by someone planting obvious "your waifus are ugly and you're a scrote" bait and the retarded waifufags bite every fucking time when there's an alternative to coexisting with them.

>I'm feeling suspicious and concerned that the husk set which is about scaramouche is a geo set.
Please don't say this anon

No. 190975

File: 1647820750467.jpg (94.84 KB, 1234x636, dv.JPG)

yeah it makes sense to go for the character I actually like and you're right about how in the future there will be more electro characters. thanks anon for reassuring me

No. 191038

Yeah I have those concerns too. Especially since we have a new Geo boss in Chasm. Every boss has a character that uses it. So who the fuck is gonna be geo if Yelan is confirmed to be hydro and she’ll be the last new five star until Sumeru. Yaoyao and Baizhu are dendro.

No. 191046

>another 5* geo male
yay great, so when are we getting a new 5* pyro, electro or cryo male? oh right never, because for SOME reason the elements are gender assigned

No. 191099

It might be for Heizou/Yelan/Kuki Shinobu(?) and similar to how Xiao uses the Vishap material for no reason other than the boss being released alongside him. Which was really annoying, because it meant you had to also farm the Anemo Hypostasis for Crystals or convert them into anemo ones.

The gender ratio is really strangely skewed, maybe it has to do with the specific preferences of any archon kek. But I can see Cyno get pyro, electro or geo, there's no real way of telling yet and no reason to despair

No. 191132

File: 1647888150584.jpeg (159.32 KB, 659x548, B5C4B455-1931-45DD-B7A8-6608D5…)

Shit you’re right, the boss element doesn’t always match the character. Then Yelan might use it since we’ll meet her in the chasm. Praying that Cyno and Heizou aren’t geo.

No. 191151

>maybe it has to do with the specific preferences of any archon
Raiden confirmed pinkpilled manhater. I bet she'd be a farmer.

Sometimes the artifact sets' descriptions don't match up with the characters they actually work best for. Like retracing bolide matches Yoimiya's appearance and talks about Inazuma's summer festival, but the mechanics are all focused on shields rather than anything actually in her kit.
It might be that they just wanted to shit out a set that would be BIS for Itto by his release date and that was the only set that was close enough to being finished.

No. 191152

File: 1647892878672.jpeg (126.18 KB, 749x1053, 2CEAC724-566D-48B6-B75B-8ACADC…)


No. 191154

ei likes furries, duh. that's why she's friends with miko and made an exception for razor.

No. 191155

File: 1647893129566.png (2.27 MB, 1323x916, Untitled.png)

Well, this is an annoying bug. I can't get this electroculus now.

No. 191159

That's because Razor is best boy and Ei knows it too

No. 191160

A friend and me use a Samsung10+ and SamsungNote10+. It runs very good, only gets warm when you're charging while playing.

No. 191161

she'd be a troon with a mommy milker kink. hiding away in >her dilation chamber for eternity.

jokes aside, it's already been confirmed that archons have no real control over who gets a vision.

No. 191199

>The gender ratio is really strangely skewed, maybe it has to do with the specific preferences of any archon kek
Zhongli and Venti confirmed lusting for men, I'm fine with this theory

No. 191806

Ayato's teaser and character details are out. It looks like we are getting our first overworked husbando kek

No. 191807

File: 1648118386153.jpg (231.39 KB, 709x281, IMG_20220324_091509.jpg)

I'm surprised we actually got some thomato crumbs

No. 191819

they've been teasing the ship ever since ayato's voice reveal though

No. 191839

File: 1648129081309.jpeg (905.64 KB, 1752x960, FCF6C5F6-BA43-4CAF-84B4-8B70D3…)

About time tbh.

No. 191925

File: 1648159237403.jpeg (68.96 KB, 800x720, 06236A36-4566-416F-9D7C-CC592B…)

Do nonnies think this is accurate?

No. 191928

File: 1648160552907.jpeg (190.99 KB, 1242x1179, 99DC1C45-6BDF-4015-9387-9678DB…)

Zhongli’s ass is too in your face to be wearing diapers. Pic related is definitely more accurate, Zhongli is a slut.

No. 191929

File: 1648160923860.png (927.06 KB, 895x1375, FF9208F7-C025-403C-A676-8C272B…)

And samefag to add pic related, he either doesn’t wear underwear because it isn’t efficient enough for combat or is a master of fixing his own fundoshi.

No. 191930

Why would childe be wearing a jockstrap

No. 191936

So he can fight better

No. 192073

For anons pulling for Ayato, are you happy with the 4 stars for his banner? Sucrose, Xiangling, Yunjin. I'm pleasantly surprised that they didn't put Barbara in it.

No. 192074

File: 1648208402462.jpeg (525.02 KB, 1407x3401, F549BDE4-6B9E-44FA-9DB6-3A0D86…)

We’re getting more male characters! One named Djajeet

No. 192075

Not really, I don't need any of them kek
Maybe some Sucrose constellations but eh, not really

Noo I need to save primos!

No. 192076

>2 new male characters
so just cyno and one more guy while waifufags will get at least new 6 girls kek classic mihoyo. oh and expect them to be released very late like ayato

No. 192077

File: 1648208758037.jpeg (154.38 KB, 750x900, 1B5FC52E-70A2-419D-A76B-6EA961…)

I’m glad they put Yunjin, I was thinking of leveling her up, the other two I honestly don’t care about them enough to feel like I’ve been blessed by the gacha gods or something like that. I can’t wait to get Ayato.

No. 192078

I don't mind that, it's still very early to know but Cyno and Djajeet + male 4 stars is okay with me as a f2p. As long as we get some pyro and cryo dudes.

No. 192079

I'm also a f2p and it kinda sucks to wait one yr for a character that might end up having a mediocre design like ayato

No. 192080

also this hack ubatcha said he heard from his insider friends that while the dendro archon is lolishit sumeru will have more husbandos. obviously it turned out to be bullshit, and i'm still mad we'll never get another male archon….

No. 192084

The girl characters in this game are shit, I'd rather have a few well made and written male characters than brainless filler waifus. I'd rather have more male characters too but gotta look on the positive side of things. At least we can collect free primogems between banners.

No. 192086

I already have Xiangling at C6, so I wish they would’ve had someone else instead of her. I feel like she’s been on a lot of banners lately. Plus she was a reward for like 2 events.

No. 192089

>lots of new female characters
yeah we figured kek. anyways i hope these sumeru guys are cuties! and i hope they're dark skinned because we need more brown pretty boys like kaeya

No. 192090

i love him

>Dj Ajeet
this is such an ugly name

No. 192091

Does my reading comprehension suck or does it sound like we are getting 4 new male characters at least? This leak says that there are 2 whose names are unknown and then Cyno and Djajeet. 4 male characters for one patch isn't that bad considering this is Waifu Impact, I expected worse.

No. 192093

Fuck yes, I want more brown pretty boys and girls, that’s all I want.

No. 192094

aside from xiangling who i already have at c5, i'm pretty satisfied since i only have c0 sucrose and not a single yunjin

No. 192100

File: 1648216480514.png (397.99 KB, 640x820, B90CA8D3-F95E-45EF-A24C-D80485…)

cheers, anon, for having truly patrician tastes.

No. 192108

File: 1648219836470.jpeg (54.88 KB, 1024x576, CF251C7E-32E6-49A1-B383-E305DD…)

Same, don’t want to sound like a twitterfag but I hope they don’t make Cyno paler than his skin color in the manga. I love his tan skin

No. 192112

File: 1648222174367.jpeg (89.91 KB, 1920x1080, 217C6810-0A07-43F8-AF85-C5A3EA…)

I’m really looking forward to some desert terrain. We’ve really only had mountains and forest. It would also be really neat if random oasis things popped up while roaming around in said desert terrain.

No. 192120

File: 1648226300423.gif (2.89 MB, 500x300, 1033935D-A1E9-4CC0-A358-CBA173…)

Yeah time to shake up the game.

No. 192134

Yeah that’s what I’ve been waiting for too. I remember a leak of Sumeru a couple of months ago that showed this city with mosque-like buildings intertwined in trees. So I think it’s definitely a mix between a forest and a desert. The OST is what I’m most hyped about, I love middle eastern music.

No. 192174

Ayato doesn't appeal to me at all but those 4 stars are stacked and I'm tempted to risk my guarantee on them.

Homoverse has no faith in him selling well by himself lmao

No. 192176

Nah… Sucrose is useless to me now that I have the better anemos, don't care about whatserface or her constellations, and I don't use Xiangling either. If his bf was on his banner I'd pull but now I'm having second thoughts.

No. 192286

We will 100% get Baizhu. They can't delay Dendro anymore, we're going to Sumeru in 3 patches.

No. 192308

Well, he probably won't be as meta as his sister and unlike Yae he hasn't appeared in the story at all, so anyone who hasn't kept up with social media won't have a clue about who he is. They also didn't feel like giving him too much of a personality, as it is he's likely going to be very forgettable. Which I'm saying as someone who's considering spending to guarantee getting him.

No. 192405

File: 1648329763646.jpeg (56.37 KB, 555x666, 6A3E8A7A-A3F8-4F3C-AE78-885E16…)

This is a leak of Scaramouche from the inazuma festival. So maybe it’s a bit of a tinfoil but did they redesign him because his hat didn’t work out as a playable character? Does this mean we’ll get Scaramouche soon

No. 192412

I thought he was going to be the first Genshin boy to wear a skirt but those are just extremely puffy pants. The hat still looks a bit too big and the dangling stuff looks like it hey will clip too much.

No. 192433

adorable! I like it even better than the old one! so grateful for this tiny king to be our one actually cute and semi accurate inazuma character design

No. 192446

samefag, according to the leak, in game this picture of scara was drawn by none other than albedo! my two favorite artificially created boys get another crumb of fanservice!!

No. 192452

That character is supposedly Kunikuzushi (Scaramouche's actual identity), a character in a story portraying him. Not a redesign.

No. 192550

i think ayato might be the first male character i will not get. Unless he is super fun at the trial im just not that interested in him.

Only two male characters sheesh. I don't have high hopes for the female character designs from sumeru. Im sure they will sexualise them a lot.

Aren't the npcs from sumeru we have seen pale?

No. 192568

File: 1648393368190.png (97.54 KB, 216x263, 2oggpjzswtp81.png)

Same, xingqiu will always be enough

No. 192570

yeah mihoyo is 100% gonna go for the belly dancer look instead of an actual creative middle eastern fantasy design

No. 192575

File: 1648394888797.jpeg (58.35 KB, 480x720, 979F988D-237E-4775-B8DB-65548D…)

I will allow it if only the males get that treatment.

No. 192583

why can't I find anyone to do domains with that knows what the fuck they're doing? co-op matching is a crapshoot

No. 192599

because 99% of the people who do domains in co op suck and need to be carried. what do you expect?

No. 192600

This thread reminds me of how much i hate straight women lmao

Claiming to be radfems while you attack real women over a shitty game for not liking your plain, boring looking husbandos and simp for fictional dudes to hell and back. I can tell how most of you simp for men irl and how you treat the women who have to deal with your femcel pickme retardation just from the tone of many of these posts.

This is all it takes to expose most internet "radfems"s true nature, some pretty boy pixels. Dick deprived behavior at its finest.(bait. no1curr, stick to thread topic or gtfo)

No. 192602

the only reason why i do co-op is so that the enemies have three other targets to attack. it helps me avoid the urge to throw my console out the window in domains like that witch of flames one lol

No. 192604

I'm a lesbian and I'd still throw every female genshin character in a fire, no exceptions. It's just a game. If you want to write fanfics about the anons here being pickmes irl because they like some pretty anime boys, we could easily do the same about you being a libfem pickme larping as a sapphic irl since you only like the boring, hypersexualized waifu characters that were specifically designed to appeal moids I guess.

No. 192606

Don’t reply to bait, nonnie.

No. 192617

Women can like sexy female characters kek
Sexy women >>> sexy men. Radfems are cancer

No. 192619

Yeah, I’ve figured that out. I’m just desperate because I have no friends and really want some actual people to play with. Sad, I know. It’s kind of lonely playing by myself all the time.
That domain is driving me crazy, in particular. I’ve tried doing it on co-op and holy shit, no one even tries to pick a good comp?

No. 192628

you should seek out people to play with online instead. genshin's English-speaking playerbase is full of literal children, like 10-14 year olds. if you want to hang out in a virtual McDonald's playplace, just go to roblox. it absolutely washes genshin in the fun department.

No. 192630

Damn mods here are retarded husbandofags? What happened to this site?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 192632

What other themes do you want to see in upcoming designs? I want to see a female character in a Sari. Or a male in a turban.

No. 192638

i barely know anything about ancient middle eastern culture, tropes from their fictional works, or fashion, so i'm open to whatever! imo a mathematician scholar or coffee farmer/shop owner would be interesting (i know it sounds super lame to like everyone else but at least it's not the tired belly dancer shit like what other anons mentioned. yes i am desperate for something new)

No. 192640

I want a cute scholar girl with dark skin wearing a frilly skirt and glasses, she would be a super cute dendro catalyst or maybe an hydro catalyst with green and blue clothes.

No. 192641

File: 1648414856488.png (717.92 KB, 1104x685, iasan.PNG)

I think Natlan (the pyro nation) is supposed to be where all the darker skinned characters are located in (see picrel, Iansan is the only revealed Natlan character), Cyno is actually quite pale. As far as I know Sumeru is based on middle east and Natlan is a mix of African and South American lore.

No. 192643

File: 1648415528752.jpeg (2.32 MB, 1351x1552, CEDD5E65-559D-4978-B65F-2C1FC9…)

If you’re a waifufag you’ve never actually been welcome on lc, you know that right? That’s how we have been weeding out scrotes from 4chan for years
I really want some Ottoman Empire inspired clothing. It would look so pretty. I really hope mihoyo tries new colors combinations in the character designs for Sumeru since these cultures have such gorgeous vibrant clothing

No. 192657

>If you’re a waifufag you’ve never actually been welcome on lc
I joined LC back in 2014 and don't remember this kind of animosity back then.

No. 192675

Ayato voice line on Itto

No. 192676

File: 1648427965104.jpg (372.64 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20220327-213801_Twi…)

Lol I will be saving primos in the 2.7 ver

No. 192692

File: 1648432497841.jpg (195.62 KB, 2400x890, flex.jpg)

it was a given 2.7 was going to be shit. new area will be stale same as how enka was this patch and the 5 star is a honkai reject hoe they pulled out of their asses a la eula. at best we might get a kazuha rerun, but I ain't touching that unless they give him a cuter 5 star sword.

No. 192716

>with a bit erotic design
at this point it's more noteworthy when a female character doesn't look like that. christ.

No. 192726

>Little girl character
>Erotic design
Ah yes, mihoeyo has to feed the pedophiles

No. 192733

File: 1648451020612.jpg (Spoiler Image,391.28 KB, 969x4317, UyehyVhceY7omeQyxjHOKK-Ze5FsAD…)

>3rd rerun soon
Damn it I'm not ready yet

No. 192734

>ANOTHER fucking electro girl while 1,5 years after the release we sitll have ONE electro boy
>sexy design when we just were cursed with Shenhe and Yelan
I'm honestly about to quit this fucking game. I wish Mihoyo never baited me with husbandos in the beginning, I would've been spared from this bullshit.

No. 192740

File: 1648454176588.png (Spoiler Image,1.17 MB, 960x960, kukishinobu.png)

Her hair reminds me of Yoimiya

No. 192741

her design isn't as bad as i expected it, i like the mask

No. 192742

>The Male Character mentioned in the previous post is someone who holds a position of relatively high authority in a specific organization
Damn, I just saw a theory about how each region has had seven 5 stars so far, with Ayato and Yelan increasing it to eight, which means a new Mondstadt character should be coming. Varka in 3.0 finally?

>We will meet a Fatui Harbinger sometime soon

So maybe Arlecchino who was mentioned in a 2.4 overview leak?

True, I see the resemblance. Her color scheme makes her look like a cicin mage, but over all not as bad as I thought. Her outfit isn't even as bad as Yanfeis and some parts are kind of cool

No. 192743

all the armpitfag shit is just repulsive. I fucking hate scrotes.

No. 192744

Didn’t except these color choices at all? Grass green hair and all. She looks cool

No. 192745

Just saw someone title those character leaks "Armpit Impacccc!", makes me sick. There's no way anyone's actually into that, right? It seems like some meme they just keep mindlessly repeating because they've never actually touched a woman

No. 192750

no, it's one of the most popular jap scrote fetishes right now so intl weeb men are adopting it too. depraved men sexualize every single inch of womens' bodies. them and the amount of fanservice shithoyo does for them is what makes me want to quit playing.

No. 192751

armpit fetish is a very real thing unfortunately especially among incels
not varka, he's a completely new character from sumeru apparently

No. 192753

File: 1648456866725.jpg (Spoiler Image,822.29 KB, 1000x1000, 2nz3xe97s2q81.jpg)

I like the color palette, the mask and jacket are cool. She does have super tiny shorts but so do almost all other female characters.

>Varka in 3.0 finally?
Ubatcha says its an unknown character.

I didn't know armpitfags where a thing before playing genshin and i hate it. But they are actually into it, like i just saw a moid commenting that if she shows her armpits during her burst he will make her ER 300%. I'm still very bothered about how Yelan's jacket just seems to be glued to her back

No. 192755

Not a fan of the colors, but it's not too bad.

And here we have another stripper for the fetishists, just like Shenhe and Eula.

No. 192756

File: 1648457197111.jpeg (536.11 KB, 2892x4096, 37ECF8E0-1CF5-494F-908A-5C15EB…)

> not varka, he's a completely new character from sumeru apparently
If they nail the middle eastern look this might make me skip Ayato, because the design will be 100% better than a weeby suit. I’ll end up having 0 inazuma characters then kek

No. 192757

i'm still not keen on her hooker pants, the obvious armpitfag bait, and how she isn't actually wearing that cool coat, but tbh the illustration is much nicer than her in game model. from the waist up she looks really pretty, and i like her confident vibes.

No. 192758

I agree with >>192757 , her artwork looks a lot better than her model but the armpitfaggotry gets too disgusting when you know it's for fetish purposes. The hooker pants look terrible too. If I wasn't so burnt out by Shenhe with the coomer mommy milker designs I would probably like her a lot more. It also feels unfair that scrotes get a 5-star hydro waifu just after Ayato when we still haven't gotten a 5-star male cryo, electro or a limited pyro character.

No. 192763

i like older lady characters so i don't mind how we've been getting a lot of them, but it is starting to feel a little repetitive, esp when entire parts of their outfits were clearly modified to get coomer attention instead of just letting them look cool or elegant. i'm still uncomfortable with how fucking tiny yae's skirt is even though she's. you know. a shrine maiden.

No. 192766

honestly kuki shinobu is one of the least coomerish designs i've seen in a while. yeah she wears generic shorts but other than that her design is pretty tame and the mask make her look more covered

No. 192767

the short girls get some pretty varied designs from hutao who looks boyish to yunjin who is fully covered and has a cute lolita skirt to ganyu and yoimiya who are actually coomerish
meanwhile the older taller girls are all the super sexy onee-chan trope, no variety there. fucking lame, and they all make me uncomfortable

No. 192768

She would look a lot cooler if she wore the coat instead or having it hanging on her back somehow. Though now I can't unsee how odd her tits look in the artwork, drooping like that in an outfit that seems pretty rigid…

No. 192770

Did you have no interested in any of the inazuma men? I still really like Gorou and Itto's design but that's also because they are the only male characters that actually show as much skin as female characters. I got kazuha more so because i loved how pretty his burst was.

It's often that the art work looks better then the 3d model which is sad. I think her hair looks a lot better in the 2d art.

>the older taller girls are all the super sexy onee-chan trope
Yeah its annoying, Lisa and Jean are the only ones which i dont have such an issue with. Especially the new Jean outfit looks a lot better imo. I wish we got some more elegant or cute looking tall female characters.

No. 192775

ayato's voiceline about yae makes me want to not pull for him anymore but i already farmed his stuff and i promised my friend i'll roll on his banner while my friend rolls on venti's banner ugh

No. 192777

most of his voicelines suck, honestly. he's kind of an asshole, and not even in the sexy and fun way

No. 192779

Why? It doesn't seem that bad to me

No. 192780

File: 1648464052106.png (2.11 MB, 1666x885, ayato.png)

What about his voice line? He practically says that he and Yae can't stand each other and only tolerate each other due to it being necessary due to their positions. People interpreting this as them being lovers are overdosing on copium hard kek, of course it has to be love when you admit to thinking that the shrine maiden is a bitch you're using just like everyone else in a position of power in Inazuma. Never forget that Ayato x Yae is literally a meme ship pushed by salty hetfags only to piss off Yae x Ei and Thoma x Ayato shippers.

Apparently the English translation completely botched his voice lines from the original Chinese. It isn't the first time they're completely changing the character according to their own bias and interpretation.

No. 192784

yeah they're obviously not lovers but it looks like hyverse was trying hard to give their shippers some crumbs and it's kinda annoying. even weirder considering they added actual eimiko fanfic in the story, so idk which writer is trying to push them for no reason
i'm not very impressed with his character so far either. doesn't make sense for him to act like an obnoxious brat considering he was forced to lead his clan from a very young age and dealt with severe trauma, ayaka doesn't act like this and she should be the more spoiled one

No. 192786

why are you so bothered by the yaeyato crumbs when literally everything else makes him sound thirsty for thoma

No. 192787

>it looks like hyverse was trying hard to give their shippers some crumbs and it's kinda annoying
They literally didn't. They're two characters that have to work in close proximity but both have headstrong assholey personalities, it would've been weird if he didn't outright talk shit about Yae and brag about being irreplaceable to her position in his voice line. He's literally way more affectionate towards even Kazuha in his voiceline about him kek

No. 192789

it's the rivals to lovers tension

No. 192790

Please stop coping, he considers her a hindrance at best.

No. 192798

When fujos do this shit people call them out, but when people ship a male and a female character who can't stand each other but are forced to work together it's "rivals to lovers tension uwu". He doesn't even seem to be the tsundere type, he's just annoyed by nearly everyone beside Ayaka, Kazuha and Thoma.

No. 192804

His comment of Itto apparently is far more friendly in the CN version. The only thing that bothers me is his comment about Sara (even if I don't really like her either) just seems super callous out of nowhere. But since the English version seems to have its own spin it's hard to know on what level of assholery he is.

Either way I decided to pull Venti before trying to get him. His design is just not very exciting to me even if I would like to have some cute ayathoma scene is my teapot. Genshin character design seems to go downhill with every new version

No. 192817

Like >>192643 said, I would absolutely love a male character (maybe with the teen model) with Ottoman Empire inspiration. Though we know mihoyo doesn't know what good design is anymore.

No. 192818

>Genshin character design seems to go downhill with every new version
It hurts to admit it, but it’s true.

No. 192819

This. Yae has already been established to be loyal only to Ei and wishes to protect her in a very affectionate way while Ayato is talking about how Thoma is the only person he fully trusts and their mutual respect has already been made quite clear. Ayato x Yae shippers are embarrassing themselves with the "t-t-they're just tsunderes uwu s-stop taking it so seriously they're only pixels!!!" cope, especially when they're literally in hysteric damage control mode over their spiteful crackship sinking but still telling everyone else to go touch grass.

No. 192834

File: 1648478537913.png (100.59 KB, 256x256, A1EFE8CA-50CC-4244-8BB8-1D0C2D…)

I was the anon who hoped Ayato was an asshole. He just needs to be mean to traveller and we’re set.

No. 192836

ayato's personal quest has a part where the traveller goes on a boba date with him, so i'm very sorry to tell you that he is kissing their ass just like every other character

No. 192837

Dude I would too because Traveller kicks ass and saves the nations.

No. 192838

Tbh, the fact that he’s an asshole makes him better than him being a goody-two-shoes who gets along with everyone.

No. 192845

Makes sense why he made Ayaka public relations. He was self aware enough that he’d come across as an asshole.

No. 192852

I want more Egyptian god designs like Cyno = Anubis. Give a Horus and a Sekhmet at least.

I'd also like some more dark-skinned characters, maybe some NPCs from Natlan studying in Sumeru. We know so little about Natlan right now, we've had lots of Fontaine NPCs already so it's time we get a little Natlan knowledge.

No. 192853

Turns out it's shitty voice directing and translation. The Chinese version makes him sound a lot nicer and playful

No. 192854

so it's just xiao 2.0? great.

No. 192855

>he's just annoyed by nearly everyone beside Ayaka, Kazuha and Thoma.
He's actually really cool with Itto, but the translation is so botched he sounds like a prick. He likes that Itto has no idea who he is. Why else would he continue to play card games with Itto if he hated him?

No. 192858

File: 1648484783692.jpg (1.03 MB, 971x3123, Screenshot_20220328-112428_Twi…)

Samefag but here is what Ayato said about Itto in Chinese. It's a stark contrast to the arrogant fag in English.

No. 192859

File: 1648484942108.jpeg (611.25 KB, 893x805, 5C051FC8-DAB0-4748-BC21-779B42…)

The only Yelan I’d accept

No. 192863

One can only dream.

No. 192864

That's actually a lot cuter! I love that he doesn't tell him who he is and Itto just doesn't realize.

No. 192865

Ayato is a fucking Angel.

No. 192935

File: 1648501585031.jpeg (315.12 KB, 1320x1320, B3D87A69-D0E1-432B-8F46-742A2E…)

Gonna level up Xingqiu so him and my albedo can hang out

No. 192938

File: 1648502282829.jpg (272.01 KB, 1280x808, tumblr_d1858b0de52b45fb1752278…)

>harbinger not featured IN-GAME
>position of high authority in a specific organization
>sumeru native
Dottore confirmed?

No. 192940

File: 1648502557122.jpg (405.77 KB, 1111x865, FEOHdZ3XoAAKlpy.jpg)

at least use a nicer image of him damn

No. 192941

File: 1648502939790.jpeg (187.79 KB, 1242x843, 8DFE6EFA-1164-431F-9B59-8AC7A3…)

No. 192943

It better be, poor Dottore-anon has waited for a year

No. 192950

File: 1648506236573.jpeg (272.56 KB, 1024x1024, C8E4EC0E-65A6-4C0B-9B4A-A60883…)

Fuck it, I’m pulling for the boy. I don’t care if it’s shallow, Ayato’s suit is ugly.

No. 192954

I'm going to wait pulling on the weapon banner till i know which weapon mitsplitter will run with. Elegy would be nice for venti and i believe the sword is pretty good for other characters.

Good luck with pulling nonnie!

No. 192958

Does anyone know when the Ayato/Venti banner releases in Europe? I'm retarded and don't understand if it's on the 30th or tomorrow

No. 192962

very early on the 30th nona!

No. 192965

File: 1648509431128.jpg (473.25 KB, 3256x3465, FOiozsFUYAk9rSQ.jpg)

Nice, thank you. I wish all fellow Venti wanters good luck!

No. 193006

me too, I don't know what that anon is talking about, we used to have a waifu thread pre-/m/assacre that used to be more active

No. 193008

>but it looks like hyverse was trying hard to give their shippers some crumbs and it's kinda annoying.
Rent free

No. 193009

Ayato's trailer dropped

No. 193011

she kind of reminds me of akali from lol

No. 193019

File: 1648531550274.jpeg (173.4 KB, 600x1012, 501A2C9F-958D-4BE5-A8A6-0A7986…)

I just love how he looks like a Touken Ranbu boy, that’s why I need him. Kind of sad that he doesn’t have clothing damage

No. 193032

they didn't even try with his trailers. compare this to ayaka's trailer, he's an aftertought

No. 193033

kek at the way they had to add plot to his demo because the inazuma archon quest was badly written and there is no good explanation for why he didn't appear at all in the main quest

No. 193035

that part of the plot was obviously written with him in mind but for whatever reason decided to not include him anymore. was it really that bad if they revealed him earlier? were they afraid he will overshadow characters like kokomi?

No. 193053

File: 1648546382038.jpg (648.24 KB, 1000x1000, 20220329_103216.jpg)

What makes her even worse: look at her hands. That's right, we're getting a FOURTH hydro catalyst.

No. 193054

she's a bow user nona

No. 193058

I know he's supposed to have a deep-ish voice (like his chinese va) but Akira Ishida just fits with how he looks

No. 193060

That's what the leaks say but with no datamine yet and the fact most characters pose with their weapons in their art I'm suspicious. Leaks also said we'd get a Kazuha rerun and hydro claymore Ayato and look what happened.

No. 193070

File: 1648549068718.jpeg (287.3 KB, 1748x885, 43C98779-5A87-4C04-AC5C-199162…)

But we literally see her character model with her new weapon?

No. 193074

>most characters pose with their weapons in their art
it's not always a hard and fast rule. for example, zhongli's splash art doesn't show him with a polearm, and xinyan's doesn't give her a claymore.

god. her art is so pretty and then her actual in-game model is just pure crust. what the fuck happened here?

No. 193077

Lately the models have been shit. They'll never make a 3d model as beautiful as Kaeya's again.

No. 193080

Yunjins model is pretty good. I think they just struggle the most with faces and hair.

No. 193082

I have to disagree, I love Ishida but I feel like he's the least fitting of the voice actors sadly.

No. 193083

Oh thank god. Not pulling regardless, already have Childe. Thanks anon.

No. 193109

yunjin's model was leaked before albedo's kek

No. 193142

File: 1648574130181.jpeg (50.14 KB, 960x500, B753737D-19E9-4219-8603-1A7DB9…)

Yelan should be a 4star hydro bow tbh.

No. 193162

It’s not even lately, mihoyo is always inconsistent. Yanfei looks like she’s retarded, Albedo looks like he has FAS and then there’s Kaeya and Dainsleif who look a lot more polished

No. 193233

File: 1648596694008.jpeg (523 KB, 1984x2048, 30D026D3-B763-41AD-A960-79F15A…)

I hate maintenance time. Worst part about playing Genshin but at least there’s freemogems.

No. 193243

I don't play enough to notice when it happens anymore. Is Ittosara being replaced by an equally boring and tropey ship?

No. 193244

I hope not
Ayaitto is where it's at for me

No. 193245

What character designs do we actually like then

No. 193248

Everyone is trying to ship the himbo retard with any female character as a way to show the ebil fujos that they’re always wrong.

No. 193249

I think Barbara is actually cute, also Yunjin, Qiqi, Klee, Hu Tao even though I think she would look cuter with cropped pants and most of the boys.

No. 193251

So, how good are pulls immediately following maintenance…? Are we superstitious here?

No. 193252

Why can't we have a "adult woman" model that isn't sexy? Doesn't make sense how the smaller characters are "cute" and meek but the tall ladies are confident and sexy. Is this because scrotes can't control older women but can control the meek small characters?

No. 193254

I’m not really superstitious, I just pull and that’s it, the system is quite clear, every 50 you get a 5 stars, every 90 you get the featured 5 stars.

No. 193255

Don’t you know? Women have two types of personalities, uwu cute and mommydom.

No. 193256

File: 1648605923121.jpeg (306.29 KB, 1280x1600, 3C2E79C8-F9E3-4D2E-960D-618FDD…)

I like pretty much all of the boys designs. Out of the girls, Yun Jin is easily the best. I think the cultural references are cute, I love her hat, and it doesn’t feel sexualized.

No. 193258

File: 1648606550161.jpg (1.39 MB, 2160x3840, kokomi.jpg)

Kokomi. She's got excellent lore and is a Vishap reincarnate.

No. 193264

I got Venti AND C1 in one pull! So excited right now

No. 193268

i like cohesive elegance so ningguang and diluc are some of my faves. ganyu would be on the list too if her body sock wasn't vacuum sealed to her tits, but besides that i think she's still rather pretty. same goes for jean's redesign; it was so perfect until we found out they kept those stupid armpitfag vocaloid sleeves.

No. 193270

Fuck yes, I fucking got Ayato! No more ass flashing from Mona!

No. 193272

lost venti 50/50 to jean, sobbing and pissing

No. 193273

Congrats and fuck you

No. 193274

What the fuck, how high pitched are they going to turn Xiangling’s voice? There’s a clear difference between the original Japanese voice and the new one, they’re using both voices for her attacks, it’s obnoxious.

No. 193278

File: 1648611440881.jpg (550.29 KB, 1770x2455, ventea.jpg)

No. 193284

File: 1648614721111.jpg (Spoiler Image,262.97 KB, 717x855, TEam.jpg)

I need help team building. Anyone want to make a suggestion? I think I want to put Yae to use. Kind of sad to have a 5 star character that I don't touch at all. She was an accident, though.

No. 193285

Lost 50/50 to Mona(again, I really wish I could get Qiqi or Keqing, but they hate me), so no Ayato for me. Guaranteed Kazuha now, so that's fine.

No. 193296


maybe try yae fischl xingqiu and venti/sucrose for taser? thats very meta in abyss rn

if not then maybe mono geo with noelle yunjin and gorou with a flex that you can put a healer like bennett, battery like traveller or cc like sucrose/venti again

No. 193299

there's no need to use her over fischl (and there's no need to use fischl either). fish was always the better of the two, but yae is even worse now that they've changed her targeting priority. if you want to thats cool but you sound like you feel obligated to because she's a limited 5 star.

No. 193302

Glad I got another Mona when I Yolod for Xiao who I didn't even really want.

Ayato in 70 rolls. I don't even really care about him that much, but I really don't want Childe.
1 Sucrose, 1 Yunjin and 3 Xiangling who I already had at C6.

Hope they give enough gems to get another guarantee before the next guy I want comes out. I do love how this game is a lot more generous than other gatchas in that way.

No. 193304

Why are people pushing this dumb fan theory as canon? She doesn't even have the vishap eyes and the lore said that there's no proof of "vishap people" ever existing because it was a red herring to throw everyone off from trusting the snake eyed girl.

No. 193305

Ayato nonnies should I waste my guarantee on Ayato?

No. 193310

I hate this trope so much, as if ittosara wasn't annoying enough. why does every single female character in this game besides yoimiya treat itto like garbage?

No. 193312

All male 4 stars and Klee, Yunjin, Barbara.

No. 193319

Because it's funny kek some of you like >>193248, >>193243, >>192784 see a female character mentioned by a male one and immediately go on about how you hate that ship when no one even said anything like that. I dislike random het ships and the over sexualised designs too, but Kuki being a little mean and standing up some male characters doesn't mean it's intended to be romantic, what the fuck? Can you turn off your fandom-fried shipping brain for one minute?

Try him out first! And maybe give it a week or two before deciding. I wanted him because I like auto attacking and physical damage dealers, but he's obviously meant to be used only when his skill is up. His auto attack multipliers are lower than Kaeya's, but I also haven't farmed his new set yet. I gave him a 4 piece Heart of Depths for now and if you use his skill first he will deal decent damage even after it's up. I think he's fun to use over all, plus there likely won't be a new male 5 star any time soon, so enough time to start saving again

No. 193329

No. 193330

Damn I want both Ayato and Venti, I hate these double banners

No. 193349

New primo code MS7C3SV8DMZH

No. 193350

Guess who lost 50/50 to Jean, got Ayato in 20 pulls and won 50/50 with Venti

No. 193351

File: 1648644581685.jpeg (19.07 KB, 454x250, 477DCD9D-F59B-4041-B7CC-69D8C9…)

Kek well guess who lost Venti 50/50 to Jean, pulled for Venti again and got him in 50 pulls. Pulled for Ayato 60 times and didn’t even get him and now have 0 primos. I’m in pain

No. 193352

My condolences anon, but you got Venti at least! To be fair I had to buy wishes from the store

No. 193353

So lucky! Hope you're happy with both of them!

I feel your pain so much. I had almost 200 pulls saved for Ayato and his weapon, had to go to hard pity and lost the 50/50 to fucking Mona and went to hard pity again for him and couldn't get anything but a few 4 star polearms on the weapon banner. Now I'm really considering spending for him, even though I usually hesitate to spend as much as 10$ on actually real things… I hope you manage to get him from event primos and the shop wishes once it's reset in april though! Have fun with Venti in the meantime!

No. 193371

Yunjin is so beautiful, if I could be bothered I'd make her my main simply just because of her design. Her animations are pretty too.

No. 193372

I had to switch to eng voices because so many of the jp voices are too high pitched for me

No. 193383

I got ayato now i'm saving for the new sumeru husbando

No. 193390

Yeah, I do feel kind of like I have to. What would be your suggestion from what I have, then?

No. 193391

File: 1648665201676.png (Spoiler Image,948.22 KB, 544x867, jjjjjjj.png)

VENTI C2 AND JEAN ahhhhhhh
I wish I could share my luck with everyone here. I'm sorry.

No. 193396

File: 1648667402487.jpeg (458.47 KB, 1638x2048, 89BB031D-15FE-4E4B-A92E-440EF5…)

>I hope you manage to get him from event primos and the shop wishes once it's reset in april though! Have fun with Venti in the meantime!

Thank you nonnie, I should be able to hit hard pity this patch with the chests from the Chasm and events, I just hope I’ll win the 50/50. I was also really close to spending money this time, but I keep reminding myself that it’s just pixels in a gacha game that doesn’t even care about my demographic (women). So ultimately I feel like it’s not worth it to stop being f2p for Ayato.

No. 193398

I'm honestly a bit ashamed to show my account to strangers nowadays because all my limited 5 characters are men but at the same time I feel like if all my 5 characters were girls no one would bat an eye

No. 193400

File: 1648668425321.jpg (337.04 KB, 1929x1447, 03080712172022.jpg)

depends on what you're doing. for abyss, 10 or so decently built characters can get you 30-36 stars. you can try building bennett, xingqiu, venti, xiangling, chongyun, kaeya, and sucrose if you don't plan on pulling kazuha and then pick and choose who you need depending on the enemy line up. the other team can be noelle, gorou, geo mc, and yunjin.

kaeya may not seem very useful at first glance but hydro abyss heralds show up a lot in high abyss floors. it can take an excruciatingly long time to break their shields with only one cryo character. high energy recharge support kaeya alongside chongyun helps break them fast, and yes that niche alone makes him worth raising to at least 60+

No. 193401

literally nobody would even notice or care, anon

No. 193402

>I keep reminding myself that it’s just pixels in a gacha game that doesn’t even care about my demographic (women)
this. I have had my fair share of moments of weakness in gacha games… but never whale in genshin. it's scam scam. whale in a game that actually gives a crap about its female players and doesn't look like a college student's botched unity project.

No. 193412

File: 1648675143408.jpeg (659.65 KB, 1200x675, 79BBDD58-3890-435E-8D07-6BE1A7…)

I just finished the story quest for Ayato and sorry for being a sperg but Thoma is literally his housewife I love their dynamic. Mihoyo posted pic related on twitter too, look at Thoma blushing and everything

No. 193422

Is anyone else really disappointed by Ayato? I usually enjoy most 5 star husbandos but he's just so… dull, compared to what was teased before his release. Even his demo sucked. Basically the only thing he's got going for him is that he's pretty and hyv keeps baiting his and Thoma's ship for the fujos.

No. 193423

Why would you be ashamed? All of my girl characters are stuck at level 1, I'm not going to waste materials and mora on them just to keep judgmental waifufags happy.

>Basically the only thing he's got going for him is that he's pretty and hyv keeps baiting his and Thoma's ship for the fujos.
You're saying it like that's a bad thing kek. His playstyle is also great and he's capable of dishing out really good damage, I'm extremely pleased with him as a character both story and playwise.

No. 193424

Except Thomato is kind of shit and Ayato comes across as a straight guy that is just taking advtantage of Thoma. The copium is strong.

No. 193425

>N-no, you're the one who's coping!!!
Don't care about your opinion. Thomato nation remains victorious and I love it.

No. 193426

how in the world does he come across as a straight guy

No. 193427

Is it even that bad? You weren't at pity.

No. 193428

You show random strangers your genshin account?

No. 193429

What coping? I stopped caring about Ayato weeks ago and am very happy with pulling Venti, who is actually well written and has a personality beyond yaoi and bubble tea kek

No. 193431

you said he comes across as straight and now you say his personality is yaoi, make up your mind nona

No. 193434

Those two aren't mutually exclusive though? He comes across as a straight guy that uses Thoma but fujos see two males interacting/talk about each other and they immediately stop caring that neither has any kind of personality. Happens all the time, and also happened with Ayato.

No. 193435

Are you a Ayato x Yae shipper or pissed off that he's more in love with Thoma than the self insert Lumine or something?

No. 193437

my god you anons always say the same shit, always the same accusations its getting old

No. 193438

Neither, and I also would've thought Thomato would have been a cute ship if Ayato wasn't a letdown.

No. 193439

File: 1648681227554.jpeg (1.09 MB, 2480x3508, B73CF6C3-05BB-4483-AE2B-A6FCA5…)

While I wish the story quest could have explained why he wasn’t involved when his country was in a civil war and his boyfriend Thoma was hunted by the Shogun, I think it at least showed Ayato’s personality very well. You could really feel how powerful and intelligent he is, while also getting a glimpse of how he cares for those he loves (sending Thoma some boba). His expressions are also so charming, the way he raises his eyebrows when he’s having fun is adorable. Idk it’s nice to see a gap moe male character in genshin. I’d say his one of my favorite male characters in genshin personality wise.

No. 193442

If you went into it expecting they would have a cutesy fuzzy domesticated relationship then you were setting yourself up for a disappointment all along. Ayato, even before his release, had been described in voicelines and other lore tidbits to be manipulative and ruthless, not a goody-two-shoes dream husbando. I actually like that he treats Thoma as his little housewife while also caring about him deeply and it made the ship instantly more interesting. We were missing an unapologetically ~problematic~ male character like this.

No. 193445

>We were missing an unapologetically ~problematic~ male character like this.
nta but did you forget about every single male fatui harbinger that existed way before

No. 193447

Please anons, spoonfeed me because I'm fourty minutes into his personal quest and can't be bothered to read novel length dialogues about two NPC's marrying each other anymore. What makes him manipulative and "problematic"? So far he hasn't done anything particularly interesting/gap moe other than reveal that he gives Thoma his shitty cooking. I know about the assassin leader thing but is that ever actually brought up or shown other than in his rushed demo?

No. 193448

>itt people arguing over bland cookie cutter ships in a gacha game

No. 193452

Childe isn't really an arrogant, snobby asshole by his personality per se, he just has an autistic obsession with fighting due to the trauma he suffered in Abyss. He's actually quite friendly to the people around him if you think about it, even Xinyan warmed up to him during the labyrinth event because he has a likable personality. As for Scaramouche, not that much has been revealed about his actual personality besides that he yells at his subordinates like any generic villain would.

A lot of it has been implied, not explicitly shown. NPCs, profile texts (even one straight out mentioning that he's hiding darker thoughts behind the smile), his character story unlocked by leveling up your friendship with him and voicelines have described him to be cunning, capricious and known how to get his way through underhanded means and pulling tricks on people. His own voicelines show this kind of a personality as well.

No. 193454

He tells an NPC that loose lips sink ships.

No. 193455

All this yume/fujo shitflinging would be funny to watch if it wasn't clogging up the thread.

No. 193456

This is my problem with Genshin characters. You barely ever actually see the interesting parts of their personalities in quests, instead you have to go digging in the voice lines and character stories. If it's not shown in the game but forces you to sit down and read a bunch of text where it's kind of, sort of implied that there is more depth to them than is actually shown then I barely even consider it as part of their canon personality. Otherwise even some of the shittiest, most boring waifus could be considered interesting, too.

Was it a villain NPC or just a random, actually innocent one? If it was a villain then Ayato is just as moralfaggy as every other playable character.

No. 193459

>Was it a villain NPC or just a random
Villainous NPC. Since he sort of manipulated the marriage in the first place so they could move up the totem pole once NPC girl leaves. Ayato does do a bit of projection at the end that comes off as him being a goodeygoodey.

No. 193460

I don't know what to tell you if you want to move the goalposts from "tell me what makes him manipulative" to "well the story quest didn't explicitly show it". It's true that Genshin's story quests are chronically shit because they're almost always errand runs for NPCs without a real focus on the characters themselves, but for the time being the lore is there and laying down the foundation of his character. I'm looking forward to him appearing in future events and learning more about him as a character.

No. 193463

File: 1648683797658.jpeg (187.31 KB, 570x713, 3769533C-4FB9-45D0-9433-1F9FA4…)

Venti is home!!! I’ve always wanted him. More than Zhongli and Ei that’s for sure.

No. 193465

Alright spoilers for the story quest. I kinda skimmed through the dialogue at some parts so I might have missed something or misunderstood something.

>Yes. We get to see the ninjas that he uses from his assassination group.

>He acts kind towards important old men to then catch them in a strategic plan/trap.
>He talks about cutting off tongues/threatens a dude.
>He tells the scrote who wants to marry the Hiiragi girl that she shouldn’t need to be protected by him and that their marriage is a shitty deal for her.
>And he says this (in the jp dub not in en) in a kinda elegant but blunt way which kinda shows this two-faced characteristic. (in the en dub he’s just blunt, doesn’t excuse himself elegantly)
>He talks about his hard upbringing to convince the Hiiragi girl but then admits to the traveler that he actually doesn’t give a fuck about the girl and the scrote’s feelings. He just cares about what’s best for his clan and family.

No. 193466

Thomato is shit, I agree! But Ayato is a cocksucker, namely for his second husband Itto

No. 193468

Thanks for the summary. It sounds like the localization once again butchered a character, because the entirety of the English translation just makes him sound like a guy with a stick up his ass.

Holy kek at least Thomato has a foundation for their ship. Depending on the language and translation, Ayato either thinks Itto is mentally retarded and doesn't want to be around him or he thinks he is mentally retarded and just barely tolerates him. They aren't even really friends.

No. 193470

No problem anon! Yeah I feel like the english dub failed to use the formal language he uses in the Japanese dub. When he delivers his blunt comments with formal and respectful language, it fits his two-faced personality. As I mentioned, the part where he says that Hiiragi shouldn’t be protected is completely different. “I apologize for my rudeness,” was translated as “But frankly,”. So it goes from shit this calm and composed clan leader said something surprisingly blunt to wow this dude is an asshole without a filter. Sorry for the pragmatics sperging kek

No. 193473

There's nothing in the CN or JP version that indicates Ayato barely tolerates Itto. If anything he is amused at his retardation and that he has no idea who he is. English version is generally mistranslated and badly directed. ENG Xiao is a victim of that too

And hey, I did say "second husband." Ayato can have two beautiful men as his husband.

No. 193475

>ENG Xiao is a victim of that too
Wait, really? How is Xiao actually like?

No. 193477

I thought Ayaka was eating her fan for a sec

No. 193478

Xiao in English is an edgy loner circa early 2000s emo scene. The actual Xiao in Chinese is a quiet, but thoughtful guy and is nice.

No. 193479

>only woman he interacts with is his sister
>"C-cope kek"

No. 193491

Does anyone here use condensed resin? Like, should I be? I’ve been using regular this whole time, so I hope I’m not missing out.

No. 193492

How faithful to the original is the JP translation? I heard it takes a bunch of its own liberties.

No. 193494

Bruh you should always be using them for domain runs

No. 193498

Condensed resin is really useful in case you don’t feel like killing the same set of enemies at least 8 times. You can use it in the little plant cloud things that gives you money and experience, also in the farming domains like those for artifacts and talents, it really saves you time and makes farming less annoying that it can be.

No. 193516

I'm really pleasantly surprised by the chasm. I wasn't expecting to like it at all, but the surface level is so pretty and the puzzles are pretty fun. I'm so glad they gave us new places to explore 2 patches in a row. I'm not sold on Ayato or Venti, but oh well. I guess it's a chance to save for Kazuha's rerun.

What AR level are you? If you're over 45, use it for domains, because it guarantees you a 5 star artifact or upgrade materials. Otherwise save it.

No. 193517

>voiced by akira ishida

No. 193520

he actually likes itto because he's simple minded, that's why he spends time with him lmao

No. 193521

>Otherwise save it.
How do you even save it lol you're only allowed 5 max

No. 193523

5 star artifacts are always guaranteed in the highest level artifact dungeons, condensed has nothing to do with it. It cuts farming time in half but the rewards don't change.

No. 193525

File: 1648704695278.jpeg (53.47 KB, 900x506, 828A75BE-0746-4070-96A6-8C46CF…)

>>193516 lmao I just came here to say I’m annoyed by the chasm spurlunking quest

No. 193527

his chinese va is also known for voicing a dude in a bl so lol

No. 193531

>the VA has voiced gay characters in the past
>therefore this characters is gay too
Can't tell if bait or if the fujo brainrot gotten to you.

No. 193538

Yelan gameplay leaked. The dice and effects are cool but idk she’s a 5 star Xingqiu.

No. 193539

You don't think it's reasonable to make the connection when his character is deliberately being marketed to fujos?

No. 193542

She looks kind of cool, but her animations look so ungraceful kek what the fuck is with that jump during her auto attacks, her legs are going everywhere

No. 193543

>take throughly well designed male character
>turn him into armpit waifu
>slap on limited 5 star pricetag
all in day's work at moidhoyo

No. 193549

Being marketed towards fujos doesn't mean he's canonically gay.

No. 193551

This, people who went off with their "lmao ayato hates itto!!!!" lack reading comprehension so hard. He's definitely more amused by his pure mind than annoyed.

NTA but what is this petty fixation with muh canon? It's obvious Ayato and Thoma are fujopandering and there's no denying that Mihoyo is giving a bit of a nudge and a wink with that, but they're never going to make it official because first of all they can't ruin the Lumine self-inserters' fantasies, secondly because Chinese censorship laws prevent it and thirdly because the moids in the development team wouldn't allow it. None of the ships in Genshin are canon and they never will be, but trying to act like something like Beigguang and Thomato aren't constantly being alluded to and that Ayato isn't meant to be read as potentially gay due to the fujopandering in form of how his character is written to be appealing to fujo tropes and dragging a seiyuu well known for voicing BL roles is a useless hill to die on. Nobody believes that Meehoyo is coming out tomorrow confirming his gay marriage to Thoma, that would be borderline retarded to expect, but they sure as hell know what they're doing.

No. 193555

> she’s a 5 star Xingqiu.
Well if she is, then she’s gonna be completely broken and meta. I hope she isn’t because that would be so unfair to us husbando collectors who just pulled for a hydro character.

No. 193556

The only people I see fixating on canon are you retarded fujos further up in the thread, which is why I made mention of it at all.

Good gay ships are fine and I have a couple of my own, but none of the ones in genshin are compelling. It's just sad to see fujos so desperate that they start shipping the instant they see two attractive male characters within the vicinity of each other (e.g. childe/zhongli).

No. 193559

Ayato's the meta for mobile players.
>hold attack

No. 193560

Okay? Honestly I have no idea why you're so damn miffed about a bunch of women shipping a couple that's framed to be bonded by deep mutual respect explicitly stated in the story. You're first bitching about "retarded fujos fixating on canon" and then instantly follow that up with "It's sad to see fujos so desperate that they start shipping crack ships". Which is it? Fujos describing how the couple makes canonical sense or fujos just making shit up?

No. 193561

Frankly I don't care if you personally ship ayathoma or not, I'm just puzzled as to what gives you the impression that Ayato is straight specifically. My point was that if his character is clearly fujopandering and his voice actors are known for BL, it makes more sense to read him as potentially gay than otherwise.

No. 193562

at least thoma/ayato have actual backing unlike childe/zhongli kek stop seething, you are the one who started sperging about fujos out of nowhere. also they're fictional and no ships will ever be canon so what's the point of speculating about their also fictional sexuality, none of them are gonna fuck yoi

No. 193570

Are you both confusing me for someone else? Just because I don't like your ship doesn't mean I have a rival ship you schizos.

Why can't it be both? I don't give a rats ass whether my own ships are canon but I see quite a lot fujos interpret the smallest amount of interaction between male characters as the creators in support of their delusions.

No. 193575

they're trying hard to make her look super cool and badass because that is way too much movement for a bow user's normal attack. it reminds me of tf2's old crazy legs bug.

No. 193576

You "don't give a rat's ass" if your ships are not canon yet you bitch both about fujos shipping "any two attractive male characters within the vicinity of each other" but also hate how they "fixate on canon" and that they're delusional? Just because some anons said that it makes sense for people to headcanon Ayato as gay rather than straight because it's obvious to anyone that he and Thoma are being shilled as a ship? Just answer >>193561 's question, why do you act like you don't care but still sperg for multiple posts about how Ayato is canonically straight? Literally nobody has said that "oh yeah, Mihoyo totally confirmed Ayato is a homo and that's that" but rather "It makes sense for people to ship him with Thoma because of these reasons" yet you're here throwing a tantrum about retarded fujos not agreeing on your personal viewpoint despite apparently "not giving a rat's ass" about canon yourself.

No. 193577

we're being realistic here. it's obvious mihoyo is pandering to both fujos and yurifags so why not enjoy the ship then? of course the creators support the ship kek they're the one who shilled it in the first place, don't be obtouse

No. 193581

>you are the one who started sperging about fujos out of nowhere
I see, so we're gonna pretend all the seething and coping in response to >>193424 (before you go on to accuse otherwise that's not my post) doesn't exist, let alone is ongoing lmao.

Like I said it's not the shipping I'm bothered by, it's the morons who keep shoving their ships in everyone and their moms' faces and insisting they're canon.

No. 193583

you realize the only reason why anyone paid attention to that post is because the nona called ayato straight and then refused to elaborate…

No. 193585

File: 1648718824526.jpg (801.52 KB, 1242x1229, 1605824601256.jpg)

Damn, I didn't realize I'm talking to exactly the type of moron I was just complaining about.

No. 193587

>Like I said it's not the shipping I'm bothered by, it's the morons who keep shoving their ships in everyone and their moms' faces and insisting they're canon.
Kek like you're doing with your "Ayato is straight" headcanon? Yeah it's annoying I know.

No. 193588

I just said that was someone else, please finish reading the post ffs

>"Ayato is straight" headcanon

lmao are you for real

No. 193590

Tbh, Genshin characters are so shallow that whether they’re into someone or not is a headcanon. They’re always too autistic to care about relationships.

No. 193591

>why do you act like you don't care but still sperg for multiple posts about how Ayato is canonically straight?
>you're here throwing a tantrum
Oh, the irony.

No. 193592

I don't even know what this anon is so mad about anymore. Some anon made an obvious tongue in the cheek statement about how he can't be straight due to being voiced by Akira Ishida and sperg-chan took offense to it saying how "being marketed to fujos doesn't mean he's canonically gay", but then somehow shifted that to "actually fuck canon" and "fujos are delusional about canon" simultaneously. I swear this thread wouldn't have the notorious "fujo sperging" if certain anons didn't literally lose their minds over one gay joke and accuse the sheer presence of someone enjoying the ship and explaining why they do so as being "forced down their throats".

No. 193593

>no I'm not mad, you are!
This is getting old.

No. 193601

File: 1648721506353.jpeg (850.75 KB, 1242x995, 2BFD4ED5-5005-4A8D-9B88-65F7A9…)

Anons we all agree that mihoyo is Fujo-pandering with Ayato and Thoma. There’s literally just one anon who’s been sperging for hours. At this point it seems to be bait.

No. 193602

I almost fainted when I saw this voiceline ngl

No. 193603

File: 1648721765725.jpg (186.6 KB, 1981x915, FPK2A6PWQAYXfE2.jpg)

me too nona, me too

No. 193608

>There’s literally just one anon who’s been sperging for hours
No matter what I say you simply won't accept that I'm a different poster from the one hours earlier huh

No. 193610

Same kek
Okay so stop trying and shut up then. You’ve been derailing the thread and caused infighting.

No. 193611

>fujos sperging out because they cannot handle any dissenting opinions turns around to blame others for derailing
Sorry, but nobody else is responsible for your lack of self-control.

No. 193612

tired of this argument
now let's discuss, did the fujos at mihoyo intend ayato to be a sadistic top or a power bottom? i can see both of them making sense as long as he's in charge

No. 193615

no idea what the fujos at mihoyo intended but i like him my thoma wife on bottom so ayato is a sadistic top to me

No. 193616

Sadistic top is my bet. Since he mentioned liking obedience

No. 193617

Ayato smells like a top kek but maybe not really sadistic? I can see him being strict but sweet to Thoma.

No. 193622

Ayato, go back to work.

No. 193627

I absolutely see him as a sadistic top. I wasn't sure at first but after his release I definitely lean towards that option.

No. 193649

I’m AR 48. Thanks! Damn, I can’t believe I’m behind on this one.

No. 193651

Just so you know, that anon is wrong. At ar45 you get access to level 90 domains, THAT is why you get a guaranteed 5 star artifact. What condensing resin does is that it increases the amount of drops you get. You get waaay more artifacts, talents books etc when using condensed resin. So the amount increases not the rarity of what you get. The rarity is tied to the domain level.

No. 193652

Oh, I see. Yeah, I’ve been doing the lvl 80 ones just because I didn’t think I’d be able to finish the lvl 90 ones in time since I’m not able to ascend over lvl 80 characters yet.

No. 193654

When is teapot maintenance going to be done? There’s stuff I need to move around.

No. 193666

Thoma is such a white bread character though. He's blander than most Genshin characters

No. 193674

is it just me or is ayato NOT doing any damage at all?? i admit i didn't get him an usable echoes set yet but i tried with a 4pc glad set and i feel like his damage is too low in comparison to my itto. his skill only does like 4k-5k with the burst buff (also that's with no benny or yunjin or kazuha buff)
my 4pc glad set has 48% crit rate and 145% crit dmg, i know the stats are low cause, as i said, i don't have any good artifacts for him right now but i'm kinda disappointed. i wanted to build him as dps and now i see that ugly ass yelan has a way better kit…

No. 193683

Put a 4-piece heart of depth on him and up your crit rate and elemental damage until you get better echoes artifacts. Ayato is an amazing damage dealer if you build him right, absolutely don't get discouraged. Everyone who rolled him has been amazed by his damage output and playstyle.

No. 193685

what team comps do you recc? >>193683

No. 193686

Is he not supposed to be a weeaboo?

No. 193688

Metafags are something else, I do 6k with my "best" built characters

No. 193690

If I understood correctly there’s teapot maintenance this whole patch.

No. 193691

Anything that reacts with hydro and focuses on elemental mastery tbh. Pyro and Anemo should both work.

No. 193704

Nta but Ayato’s best teams are with supports like Fischl, Bennet, Yunjin, anemo characters.

He’s not a hydro applicator to the level of Mona or Kokomi so don’t put him in teams centered around that.

No. 193727

A lot of leakers and beta testers are shilling Yelan as one of the strongest unit now but they did the same thing with Yae and Yoimiya and while they're fine i don't think they're like groundbreaking. Anyway I lowkey can't wait till she is out of beta and people will cry about how weak she is and how mihoyo somehow nerfed her like with yae/raiden/yoimiya/kokomi. The genshin community is truely full of metafags and clowns.

I tried Ayato out in his trial and while his E is so satisfying I really can't be bothered to build another new character.

Congrats nonnie that's so lucky!

I'm not sure about the faithfullness but a lot of the female character in jp have that very exaggerated animu voice. CN has the best voice acting in my opinion and after that EN.

No. 193734

If Yelan turns out to be some powercreeping bitch released just as an apology to moids for giving women a new 5-star male DPS for the first time in forever I will riot. But then again moids love to shill any upcoming female 5-star hard as a cope, everyone who rolled Yae was pissed off at how useless of an unit she is despite all the hype and Shenhe was forgotten almost instantly.

No. 193736

goddamn i love the chasm. the music is so gorgeous and i feel like i'm getting paid to urbex an abandoned mine kek. the weird gooey shit reminds me a lot of amnesia: the dark descent, which is weirdly nostalgic too.

No. 193747

I legit forgot about her which is why i didn't mention her. I remember people shilling her as the best support unit for ayaka and ganyu but now i barely see anyone even mentioning or using her.

No. 193748

Which domains are you running? Most of them can be cleared even with low level characters as long as you have a strategy. For example the Anemo one is extremely simple if you have Venti and Sucrose and just ult and e the whole time and the Pyro one is also really easy if you just focus on one enemy after the other and have a shield.

Mine does similar damage right now, but I also haven't leveled his talents past 6/7 yet and haven't done the last ascension. I feel like those numbers are pretty good when you consider how many slashes he does during his skill. What weapon are you using on him? Concerning artifacts, 4 piece Gladiator and 4 piece Heart of Depth lead to very similar damage outputs, one ups his normal attack damage and the other his skill damage, just choose the one that has better stats until you get the new set

No. 193800

More Yelling gameplay leaks this time it’s against enemies

No. 193807

I finally got Ayato, man almost forced me to go to hard pity

No. 193810

The thing about white bread is since it's so bland, it's easy to pair it up with whatever filling you like, I do feel like they lean on that quality with a lot of characters to attract shippers. Although his relationship with Ayaka honestly seems pretty barebones when compared to Ayato, I wouldn't be surprised if it was deliberate.

No. 193814

File: 1648799565502.png (Spoiler Image,1.79 MB, 1778x972, Untitled.png)

paimon being right for once kek

No. 193816

the writers are shilling ayaka x traveler (and also a hint of ayaka x yoimiya for the yurifags) so they made their relationship painfully platonic on purpose, which i don't mind anyway we don't have enough platonic m/f in the media
there's also the fact that thoma is probably way older than ayaka since he is closer to ayato in age so it makes sense that ayaka would see him as an older brother figure

No. 193818

tbh i don't think the age gap between ayaka and thoma is that big so it probably really is just that mihoyo chose to shill different pairings for each of them

No. 193820

I assumed that thoma was like 13 or 14 when he first met ayato 10 yrs ago (according to the official lore) so ayaka was probably like 9 or 10 at most, so maybe he still sees her as a child in a way. but you're right, if they wanted to they could've painted their relationship in a romantic light

No. 193822

Moid players already had a gigantic meltdown over a mistranslation/misunderstanding of Ayaka's leaked voice line from before her release that implied that she had a fiancé, of course it turned out to be bogus but for a moment waifufags were put on suicide watch. No character in Genshin will ever have a canonical m/f relationship because the self-inserters, both male and female and especially the Chinese ones, would fuck up Mihoyo something bad if they lost their waifu/husbando of choice. Hence why everyone only flirts with the traveler who's supposed to be our self-insert. The m/m and f/f relationships are shilled much more because fujos and yurifags love them and others can easily interpret them as just being "close friends" as same sex relationships often aren't considered real relationships.

However Honkai already established some lesbian lovers so it's not like Mihoyo hasn't done it before, even if it's just horny waifupandering I'm up for any canonical m/m and f/f ships being confirmed kek

>i don't mind anyway we don't have enough platonic m/f in the media

I agree about this to be honest, I'm a Kaeluc shipper but I really like the idea of Kaeya and Rosaria being platonic coworkers who get to the pub to get drunk and bitch about their duties and talk shit about everyone.

No. 193828

Same anon, if Ayato turns out to just be a balanced and average character and Yelan becomes the broken meta hydro character, then I’m done with Mihoyo. They’re soooo scared of making a male dps powerful to the level of Ayaka, Ganyu and Hu Tao.

No. 193829

No. 193830

You have to take them anon

No. 193831

Kazuha, Venti, Zhongli, Xingqiu and Bennett are some of the most powerful units in the game. Yes, they aren't fat titty DPS waifus but they are honestly even better than those because every single team needs them while you could swap out any DPS for another. And while the 5 star male damage dealers aren't as completely broken as the strongest female ones, they are at least all still strong and not complete shit like Yae. We just recently got Itto who is currently one of the strongest DPSes, too.
Stop doomposting about male characters, it's really not that bad.

No. 193832

What do you mean? Broken meta-changing DPS waifus like Ayaka, Ganyu, Hu Tao and Eula get released at least 4 times a year while male characters only serve as supports or at least require a very specific team comp to function properly. It's a fair complaint. We still don't have a 5-star male DPS that's either cryo or electro while there are multiple waifu options for them, and for pyro there's only Diluc who was included in launch and he's been severely powercrept by other characters.

You're absolutely right about those characters being one of the most powerful units in the game but it's also a fact that they're not DPS characters. I get that supports make the game but I would really like to have more male DPSs, and while Itto is a hypercarry he needs the monogeo team including Gorou around him to unlock his full potential. Ayato and Xiao are probably the only male DPSs that are adaptable to multiple comps while when it comes to female DPSs you have a huge array of options. Agree that doomposting about male characters is stupid, but there's room for reasonable criticism too.

No. 193836

the truth is this is a waifu company, so waifus will always be their first priority unfortunately. I'm glad that at least ayato has amazing sales, maybe they can see that there is a market for husbandos

No. 193842

>waifu company
That's not really true, Tears of Themis is a big franchise of theirs and that's an otome game based around husbandos. Honkai has handsome male characters as well and the new spinoff game (Star Rail) actually makes them playable, and Genshin despite leaning towards waifus has a surprisingly good male to female 5-star ratio and the existing male characters are obviously made to be attractive to the female players. I'm not buying into the idea that players wanting more husbandos should just accept their fate and stop complaining but instead demand more. I'm hoping that Ayato's popularity will send them a signal that there's a market for male DPS characters, I can imagine Chinese female players dishing out their entire salary for him and due to being a sufficient damage dealer metafags are rolling for him too. Yelan is still a bow user and a sword DPS always wins over that.

No. 193844

sorry but from the leaks we have so far, star rail has very few playable male characters in comparison to the huge amount of female characters

No. 193845

And? Tears of Themis is still a very successful franchise and nearing Honkai in popularity. If they wanted to go full waifushit they would be producing shit like Azur Lane instead.

And either way, what do people suggest to remedy the shitty DPS gender ratio? Go play another game? Which one? There are no adventure RPG gachas with a fair 50/50 gender ratio, the best option we have is to tip the scales in a game that isn't full on coomer moid garbage.

No. 193846

File: 1648812147874.jpg (62.64 KB, 640x853, 1539736871820.jpg)

>aaaaaaa pander to me or I will riot!
You're both behaving exactly like deranged waifufags except with the genders reversed.

No. 193848

>Tears of Themis is still a very successful franchise and nearing Honkai in popularity
Uh, source for this? I've heard of HI3 before but never Tears of Themis.

No. 193849

Defective chromosome at display again. Please return to /vg/ or whatever hole you were bullied out of.

No. 193850

It's a very basic observation that anyone with an above room temp IQ can make, yet it's already set you off. For the love of god, please take your fucking meds.

No. 193851

honestly tears of themis sucks

No. 193852

File: 1648814805750.jpeg (323.37 KB, 1200x848, B6346434-52A0-4D5C-8827-ED0F30…)

I’m in agreement only because the husbandos aren’t remarkable at all. They look so bland.

No. 193854

Oh come on anon, when men complain it’s retarded because they’re already always pandered to. You can’t do the scrotey gendered reversed argument here

No. 193855

this, boring kusoge with shit husbandos. need receipts on its popularity.

No. 193856

>Moid can't make a good argument because of defective y gene
>Just says "take your meds" on repeat instead

This is the blandest shit ever.

No. 193857

they all look like stock background characters except for white haired guy, holy shit. if you enjoy tears of themis more power to you but damn these guys are as generic as you can get.

No. 193859

it might be appealing to the super normie crowd because of how safe and sanitized the game is

No. 193861

who else got c6 yunjin from the banners

No. 193862

Thoma has the personality of a waifu and the looks of a husbando

No. 193863

When do you anons think would be a good time for a new player to start? Just whenever a character they're interested in has a banner?

No. 193864

I feel like this thread is one of the most infighty threads on lolcow my god

No. 193866

Just start whenever, characters come back so it’s not a big deal if you start and waste your primos on a banner.

No. 193867

Just start whenever you want. The game gives you buttloads of primos and materials. We ready had this question probably 6 times already here in previous threads

No. 193871

File: 1648824418577.png (1.81 MB, 2271x2740, C796E9E1-1452-497B-816F-03D29B…)

without a doubt. tbh i don't even know why half the anons here are still playing genshin when they're clearly miserable.

No. 193877

File: 1648826326547.png (1.06 MB, 700x1002, 05F28F58-E09D-483E-9699-6F8CC1…)

Just took on Signora's boss battle in co-op with a Bennett, Ayaka, and Ayato, and my Ningguang was the last one standing. Bow down to the true Geo archon.

No. 193885

I think I’m retarded. Why can’t I get the first picture in the event right? I use Sucrose’s skill and it checks all the boxes, take a picture and exit while it’s still in the green. Wtf. I’ve tried it so many times, even Venti’s idle of him floating doesn’t work.

No. 193888

File: 1648828513599.png (2.57 MB, 1920x1080, 20220401084721.png)

Is this not good enough?

No. 193890

Does it work with your mc anemo character?

No. 193897

I just can't get into Thoma. I wanted to but he's just meh

No. 193901

Thoma is that one character that everyone else just forgets just like Sucrose and that's why I like them the most

No. 193906

first they take /m/ and now they take the teapot. what is the point anymore

No. 193909

I warned you that I wanted you a great player, you troll the players and you fuck the players I warned you that I would return here to GENSHN by my next presence We're helpless Nothing comfortable You're doing nothing You're not doing anything You're not using anything You're not using anything You hurt us you are the worst than you are the worst I want to go home, and I want everything to be normal again, and it unleashes my hellish world, I still feel like I'm back and there's nothing yet please please please please please please please PLE Correct the eyesight I'm begging for you please give me GIVE US SERENITEA POT BACK MIHOYO WHY DO YOU LEAVE US HALF DONE WHAT IS THIS JUST REMOVE THE TEAPOT IF YOU CARE SO LITTLE YOU RUINED MY APRILS FOOLS DAY ALONE AND YOU RUIN EVERY SUBSEEUQNET DAY SINCE THEN CORRECT YOUR MISTAKES AND RETSTORE THE TEAPOT TO ITS GLORY ITS NOT RIGHT ITS JUST NOT RIGHT

No. 193923

File: 1648834675678.jpeg (181.99 KB, 1200x827, 394380F2-13EC-43DE-8AC8-343B59…)

He’s meh but get’s less meh when he’s with Ayato
This is a new level of autism

No. 193927

the real autism is not realizing that it's clearly a copypasta

No. 193929

File: 1648835779525.jpg (21.87 KB, 401x456, 19723c26fba77d49afeb7cf8f25439…)

fuck the teapot. can't place more than 3 pieces per furniture and a single tree per area without it bitch squealing at you. lazy recycled asset "furniture" + bs limitations made with potato co op players in mind when no one has entered another person's teapot since its debut patch. it's up there with fishing as the most pointless filler content they ever shat out.

No. 193944

Not really, I love working on my teapot and I love seeing my friends teapots. Whenever I don't have any resin left I go in there and play Sims.
>bs limitations
You just can't put any companions/animals/plant fields in the areas you want to heavily decorate. Using a lot of the same furniture also helps. The load limit is annoying but it's not impossible to make very pretty builds.

I really hope Mihoyo isn't removing the clipping bug because that's what makes decorating the teapot fun.

No. 193945

File: 1648838579058.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.17 MB, 1904x1234, original_94d0a71e0f1d4dcddc782…)

The Chasm is so much fun to explore, I liked the upper part a lot, I'm mostly just happy to be back in Liyue again. The underground part is a little annoying because it's so dark, but earlier I found this cave that has one easy puzzle, a hint to Sumeru and some Dendro slimes and nothing else. The sudden color change was a pleasant surprise, it makes me hopeful that Sumeru will be better than Inazuma which I still haven't completed most of. Couldn't find a better screenshot of it though

No. 193957

Sis have you been to /ot/?

No. 193964

LOL, I co-oped a childe boss fight on my ar35 alt and a Japanese player brought a lvl90 electro lumine. Were they trolling or what were they thinking?

No. 193981

File: 1648841379565.jpeg (Spoiler Image,226.39 KB, 1234x528, 688A910F-2C9C-4A30-8416-B85CAE…)

No sperging about the fucking teapot of all things with shitty copypasta is unfunny and autistic
I love the upper part too, gives me the same vibe like when I first started the game! Love being back in Liyue, it’s a lot less unwelcoming as Inazuma.

I honestly don’t want to go back to Inazuma at all for the festival soon. Maybe for the Scaramouche crumbs but other than that the chasm has officially made Inazuma irrelevant to me

No. 193987

I love it when idiots bring characters that are less than useless and predictably eat shit halfway through. Just a few hours ago I played a domain in co-op that specifically tells you not to use Pyro characters, and what did the host do? Fucking went in with Yanfei and Bennett. It was real special.

No. 193989

File: 1648842363096.jpg (1.75 MB, 3150x2480, FIxDateWUAIYHAe.jpg)

Psst secret you can do whatever the fuck you want with Itto, sure mono geo is good but he still massacres Abyss with just himself and Zhongli. I know because my go-to for floor 12 is Zhongli + Itto + whatever the fuck freeze units to get rid of shitty Lector shields.

No. 194004

File: 1648843748594.jpg (317.78 KB, 1080x1792, ittokazu.jpg)

this is true too, me 36 star on first try with weird teams for this rotation

>Ayaka, Ganyu, Hu Tao and Eula
none of them are broken. eula is bad. your complaint about the lack of 5 star cryo and electro males is valid but "wah boy dps are weak waifu dps are strong" is spergy and untrue.

No. 194028

File: 1648848891535.png (127.42 KB, 500x415, when-you-have-to-complete-a-gr…)

my c6 level 90 xingqiu in every team

No. 194055

File: 1648854091415.jpeg (104.22 KB, 1080x564, 93DB68C9-8075-43DD-BD32-4D76D3…)

Itto event for the next patch leaked! We’re definitely getting an Itto rerun for 2.7 then! So congrats to the nonnies who have been waiting for him!
Yelan is aso in 2.7 since she’s in the beta right now, so it’s only Yoimiya, Kazuha and Klee left for a rerun.
My bet is that Kazuha and Klee will appear at the golden apple archipelago in 2.8. But if hoyoverse still does the double banner thing, who else do you think will also rerun? There’s a rumor that Xiao is coming back which is surprising

No. 194062

That Itto event sounds cute, I hope it isn’t just doing errands, maybe it will be like windblume but instead of playing the the lyre, we will play the drums.

No. 194133

I'm currently doing the Chasm quest. The thought of a world where Gods cause so much suffering feels so much deeper than humans being the problem… I genuinely feel agony for Teivat and the so many endearing people in it.

I really like how the main story is developing and it's pace, I just wish the patches came faster lol

No. 194196

I'm so fucking tired of these major npc centered quests there is way too much dialogue and the fact that they try to give them an actual "personality" even though they all have the same design. I don't give a shit about any of them and their problems, its one thing to have npcs for worldbuilding but genshin really tries to force way too much interaction
you can tell they don't want to flesh out their actual playable characters and don't want to spend too much money on the voice actors

No. 194210

I think it's interesting to talk to normal people and not just playable characters with their one-note personalities but sometimes they really miss. I like Zhiqiong from the big chasm quest because she's interesting and stubborn but that guy who died during the war quest back in Inazuma was really boring. Don't know why they are so against putting playable characters into the world, it's so empty without them. They got so much feedback from that first lantern rite event that they at least started putting them into event quests, maybe they can be bullied into making use of everyone more often in other quests too. Because I honestly keep forgetting some of these characters are even in the game due to them never appearing anywhere. But of course they only care about advertising what they have current banners for, anything else would be a waste and might make people want to save their money

No. 194213

this so the same reason why the inazuma archon quest sucked, they had to fill a quota for the banners. and it's also the same reason why they didn't reveal ayato earlier, to make sure the players don't skip less hyped characters like yoimiya and kokomi
by the end of the game dain will probably end up being the most complex character, solely because of the fact they took it slowly with his development and backstory

No. 194214

I would actually enjoy these quests more if the featured npcs had at least a little bit more quality or uniqueness to their design. Like why can't they use the same-ish style they use for the playable characters? Maybe I little less flashier, but the face features should definitely be better (or at least not look like other 10 irrelevant npcs in the game). It's like they want to give non-playable characters some story (which isn't bad) but can't bother to actually make them stand out in any other way. No unique features at all. Some of the enemies are more carefully made than these npcs I'm supposed to care about. Also am I the only one kinda annoyed by the stark contrast between playable characters and npcs in the cutscenes? It's so odd to me.

No. 194226

File: 1648927059191.jpeg (49.96 KB, 640x508, 54F6D748-1886-4736-A110-56CE5D…)

Just like this.

No. 194265

File: 1648935943426.jpg (58.01 KB, 640x469, tumblr_e11acbb88ed39c98e8f5612…)

True, I was really surprised when I first saw images of Takuya pop up on social media, I thought I had missed some leak about an upcoming character kek. He has way more detail than other NPCs, but I don't think he appears anywhere outside of Itto's quest? And the guy that faked being an Adepti was also quite memorable, maybe only because of his mask. I wonder why they won't do the same for other NPCs. Sometimes I can't even tell who they are and wether or not I've seen them before and all the names get confusing

No. 194280

I'm guessing it's going to be like Taiko no Tatsujin, the same kind of rhythm game as the lyre from Mondstadt but with drums.

No. 194291

I kind of wouldn’t mind if he got released as a playable character because he isn’t overdesigned and honestly was a nice character, I wish mihoyo did this with plot-relevant characters more often.

No. 194293

I know why they don't, but I wish Mihoyo gave out more info about upcoming characters and banners. I lost the coinflip on Kazuha and decided to just save the guarantee for Xiao, which ended up being like 6 months later. In the meantime I pulled Childe, just to feel something. Now I'm debating on pulling for Ayato constellations or his weapon and even paying for gems because I don't want to wait that long for a rerun again and there have been no leaks of any 5 star males so far outside of that cryptic 3.0 rumor and Heizou who should be yet another short model anemo. Just so frustrating, I can see how people can sink thousands into this game when the highest option is 50 pulls for 100$ and you need 180 when you have shit luck but want a character

No. 194294

Agree. I'm seriously not interested in most of the stuff these generic NPCs say and I find myself just skipping through the dialogue all the time, every now and then there's a NPC that actually has interesting lore (such as Ruu, Takuya or Enjou) but most of the time I just wish it was an actual playable character instead of some random person we just came across and somehow bonded with. If they included the playable characters more it would definitely help their personalities develop because for the time being you're lucky if they even get a tiny role in an event probably just helping Keqing out once again kek. Why would people want to roll for characters they know literally nothing about?

No. 194304

File: 1648945406207.jpeg (139.64 KB, 750x750, 3726C0DF-DA47-4B9F-BB2E-4491AE…)

My Ayato has done things that the Mona I have couldn’t even dream of, this is why you have to have rich people in your team, can’t do enough damage while starving.

No. 194321

File: 1648953657976.png (77.48 KB, 360x360, 273D0B94-E76A-4495-BA32-6707F3…)

the new floating fungi enemies are so fucking cute. i feel horrible fighting them because they're just bouncing around and having a good time, it's not fair.

No. 194337

Mihoyo needs to open a plushie store, so fucking cute!!!

No. 194338

File: 1648960864019.png (338.89 KB, 1076x772, 2CBB04A4-4AF6-4681-B901-6FB0BF…)

that archon quest made me feel bad about fighting literally anything. the truth about the hilichurls’ masks was so sad

No. 194341

Nta but yeah, I feel like an asshole even more than before, I love it.

No. 194351

File: 1648964007201.jpg (991.31 KB, 2480x3508, 1646261911188.jpg)

I still can't get over how ridiculously gay itto's outfit is. like this man goes out in a full stripper bdsm outfit, god bless his heart

No. 194359

To be fair, Mona isn't a DPS but a support that should buff the rest of the team. But I like Ayato's damage output too, even more than Childe's kek

No. 194364

They already have an official merch store, only in China tho.

No. 194369

i will never forgive mihoyo for this

No. 194411

and i assume they don't ship internationally? i really hope they expand the store's availability to other countries because i'm a disgusting consoomer and i wouldn't mind using some of my fun money on genshin merch.

No. 194419

File: 1648995183866.jpg (Spoiler Image,308.27 KB, 1885x1060, ttan0u4otdj81.jpg)

As a latelet I just want to vent that after trudging through the snoozefest mondstadt and liyue world quests this hit me like a truck. Kind of embarrassing how lame the main quest is in comparison.

No. 194420

File: 1648995362521.jpeg (134.51 KB, 675x1200, 4168F764-3B02-4D0D-9A6D-0E4720…)

I want to rub my face on his abs and then between his pecs. I also want to give him plenty of belly rubs I bet that dick is huge

No. 194430

What about the quest did you particularly like? I think I've only done the first half and started the second, but I just remember it being the usual stuff with abandoned family members and ghosts hanging around. Having to collect those leaves was also very bothersome

No. 194436

You can get their official merch from various resellers. Supposedly genshin.shop is pretty legit, though I'll warn you that they raise the prices of everything by quite a lot. I've had success with ordering things like the official buttons and acrylic stands off of aliexpress, and got them for prices about the same as the official merch store charges

No. 194462

File: 1649007306462.jpg (217.18 KB, 1200x1200, E7J86vKX0AIxBKV.jpg)

Nonnies i at first didnt want ayato his E is so nice. But i really want to save for kazuha cons why do i have to suffer like this. We also will get another 5000 currency for the teapot thing. I wonder why theyre taking so long to fix it? Some people are saying its because of the goverment but idk

Omg it's so cute why did they make it an enemy i want it as a pet.

I love itto and gorous outfit!

NTA but the story is pretty good I recommend finishing it.

No. 194463

also samefag but i know the image is not related but i saw there was gore so i just wanted to bump and post an image.

No. 194465

Imagine if the samurai enemies had this face. Good face, ripped body and fucking tall (I wished Itto was taller and bigger than all the other characters too). I would want to fuck them all.

No. 194478

Same nonnie, I felt so bad for the little kid. That shit was fucked up

No. 194495

File: 1649015234264.jpeg (188.41 KB, 1206x574, 3A78EB71-EECB-4C75-9E61-712A11…)

The current Ayato/Venti banner has in less then a week become the most sold banner in Japan. Definitely sending mihoyo a message that husbandofags do spend money too

No. 194496

I can't really explain without spoiling but I'll say it does depart from the usual family abandonment stuff and ties into the genshin lore a fair bit. I agree with you that the quest was super frustrating though, consider watching a playthrough on YouTube just to experience the story perhaps?

No. 194497

File: 1649015492295.gif (729.23 KB, 356x200, 200 (1).gif)

stop tempting me to pull that sword faggot, goddamnit.

No. 194499

Link to source pls

No. 194510

i didn't know ayato is so popular in japan wow

No. 194530

Look at the picture again. Bottom right

No. 194534

I saw that, but it hard to navigate the moonrunes. Anyway, I found it now https://game-i.daa.jp/?%E3%82%AC%E3%83%81%E3%83%A3%E5%88%86%E6%9E%90%2F%E5%8E%9F%E7%A5%9E&yyyy=2022

Itto and Kazuha still flopped so I don't know if there's a message to be sent.

No. 194536

Kazuha is being held back patch after patch because his sales are projected to be really high now that people understand how broken he is. I wouldn't worry about him selling on his rerun.

No. 194543

Okay, so metachurls might swipe for him. They aren't husbandofags though.

No. 194544

Itto is not a ikemen tho. I know that he is popular in the west but his design is not very appealing for your regular husbandofag, he looks like some straight moid fantasy

No. 194562

Exactly, the Japanese women that I usually watch streaming Genshin didn’t pull for Itto because they didn’t like the “muscle guy type”. He’s not a pretty boy ikemen. Characters like Zhongli, Childe and Ayato do insanely well in Japan, because that’s what the gacha girls like there. Itto and short boys get low sales but the tall pretty slender men beat a lot of waifu sales in Japan (Childe beating Ayaka for example)

No. 194564

>he looks like some straight moid fantasy
nahh he is the closest we have to real gay moid bait, it's very blatant with how muscular he is, the leather outfit, his fiery temper and strong thick eyebrows. obviously the genshin artstyle has some limitations so he looks rather mild not hardcore (like in some fanart) but even his cow ushi is depicted like a mini furry bara caricature
personally i absolutely adore him but i understand why jp girls might not be attracted to his rougher manly type. they usually like pretty ikemen, ayato-style. as for boys like kazuha well… they go in the shota territory which is a niche

No. 194647

I don't see him as a straight moid fantasy, in Asia (and coincidentally with western weeb men) the ideal for male self-insert is more similar to Diluc being the handsome, cool brooding hero. Itto had a bromantic story quest, he's nice to his foster mom, he has a cute himbo personality and has a muscular but not a roid monster type of body with TM Revolution voicing him in the Japanese dub. It might not be the most popular husbando type but he's definitely popular with women. Not everyone is dead set only on the beautiful prince-like ikemen characters, at least in the Japanese BL scene characters like him have been really popular for the past few years while otome has been more about characters like Ayato.

No. 194691

Itto is appealing to different people, I've seen male streamers say that they'll pull for him because his personality and playstyle are fun and/or because he looks "badass". His personality is great and the VA really sells it. imo the face isn't that good though and ruins the rest a little, so I understand how some people would prefer characters like Ayato or Childe. His numbers would have probably been way higher if they had given him the bigger model that the Nobushi have

No. 194909

File: 1649159227470.jpg (186.24 KB, 946x1426, 0404455.jpg)

genshin shippers are so fucking weird

No. 194913

File: 1649160732857.jpg (262.61 KB, 1300x919, FHDo0G4UYAA-KOn.jpg)

Damn I didn't know we had a new thread, I thought the old one was just dead. I've been enjoying Ayato, though pretty bored of the game overall. Chasm felt way shorter than Tsurumi, even if it's split in 2 parts I'm a bit disappointed (and I rolled Elegy so I wish there were more chests and puzzles). I'm really pissed about the teapot maintenance and how little compensation we're getting, paired with the lack of transparency about what they're even doing and how long it'll take. It sounds like it's going to last the whole patch, so I'm missing out on precious primos that could have gone toward Haran.

Cons like c6 Bennett and c6 Zhongli aren't necessarily shit, the problem is that it makes certain comps less or unviable. Zhongli especially, because he's popular in comps with Hu Tao and his c6 heals her too much. Bennett c6 is actually pretty good (15% pyro damage bonus) and the comps it ruins aren't that popular (phys keqing/razor, eula?) but for me the biggest problem is that we don't know if activating it could ruin comps with future unreleased characters. I wouldn't put it past them to be planning to soft-nerf Bennett by releasing meta characters that absolutely can't work with his c6. That's why people are asking for an option to turn cons on and off (which Honkai already has). I don't have Childe but apparently his c4 is also a thing.

No. 194915

>Characters that canonically hate each other
>Characters that haven't interacted once in-game
>Characters that are both strongly associated with a same-sex relationship
>Yae's honkaiverse equivalent is literally a lesbian
>An absolute nutty crackship born out of the petty jealousy of fujos and himes being pandered to
>uwu thank yoo fow uw support minna-san!!! it's so tough being a hetshippew… we desewve respecc!!!
Is this a joke? Looking into it the account apparently got mobbed by himejos for legitimately lesbophobic takes and now someone is sitting on the username with an EiMiko account kek. Genshin is the one fandom where hetshippers are the most cancerous and delusional class.

No. 194920

I think it's because genshin's western fanbase is infested with actual normalfags not your typical weebs

No. 194921

They're also most likely literal children. I doubt an adult would run cringe hourly X accounts like this, especially for shitty gacha ships.

No. 194923

I know what you mean but i've seen cringe accounts like this one being run by adult people also it doesn't have zoomer vibes

No. 194925

they try really, really hard to victimize themselves and it's so obnoxious that if i see a het ship on my feed i get that kneejerk cringe reaction. which is fucking stupid because it's just a drawing, but you never know if it comes with an extra side of "IT'S SO HAAAAAAAAARD ALL THIS FANDOM CARES ABOUT ARE GAY SHIIIIIIIIIIPS"

No. 194929

It's funny because there are some hetero ships that can make more sense in-game but they choose the shittier ones where the characters hate each other and have never interacted.

No. 194932

yae and ayato do interact (for business purposes) but what's funny to me is how extremely incompatible they are as a couple. the reason why they can't stand each other is because they're way too similar

No. 194940

I've literally never seen this shit before Genshin and it's absolutely baffling, it seriously must be because of all the normies playing baby's first gacha game like >>194920 speculated. Multiple people shipping a totally random hetship and acting like a bunch of victims writing pageant speeches about how they need support too and toxic mean lesbians are boolying them. In the en they always get outed for being homophobic in private or even in public, like that "hourly M/F Genshin ships" account that proudly mentioned in their carrd that they "don't support LGBT but respect their humanity" or something equally retarded.

It really is telling when they always pick ships with characters involved in a widely popular same sex ship (Yae, Ei, Chongyun, Xingqiu, Diluc, Kaeya, Ningguang, Beidou etc).


I actually laughed out loud at this picture, he looks like the king of simps kek. Of course a terminally online chinless weeb moid stuck in owning the libz mode would be involved.

No. 194944

anyone who proudly wears reddit merch needs to be flogged into a bloody pulp

No. 194946


That's one ugly motherfucker, jesus.

Genshin fandom is just too big to be normal honestly

No. 194968

But I love him. He's a lot more masculine than most of the tall boys and his personality is fun. If Mihoyo weren't cowards, he'd have a bigger bodytype too

No. 195047

Holy shit I can't believe what I'm reading, are we really going to pretend that genshin fujos don't have way bigger of a persecution complex and aren't bigger bullies than the het shippers? Frankly I've barely seen any of what you described but plenty of times where someone gets accused of being homophobic for not liking a gay ship and artists having to lock their art behind that cancerous popiko site due to the harassment.

No. 195048

>Characters that are both strongly associated with a same-sex relationship
Does Genshin have this now? It's been months since I last played.

No. 195049

It honestly depends on what you consoom.

No. 195050

Two sides of the same annoying coin. Het shippers are worse though

No. 195051

>strongly associated with a same-sex relationship
By fujos, mostly. I can't even think of a reason for Ayato to be seen as gay other than looking gay, just like 90% of Genshin's male cast.

No. 195052

>>Characters that canonically hate each other
>>Characters that haven't interacted once in-game
Lmao you speak as if these aren't the fujo favorites.

No. 195053

There are a grand total of two same sax pairings in genshin that have a leg to stand on, neither of them are overwhelmingly popular with fujos.
>beidou ningguang
>xingqiu chongyun

No. 195054

You can pretend Ayaka is lesbian if you play with Lumine.

No. 195056

File: 1649199594741.jpg (Spoiler Image,356.47 KB, 2500x1500, 7ef9a6d9100af4e4cb357e237d1a4b…)

>just like 90% of Genshin's male cast
Why are NPCs the only exception?

No. 195061

You can pretend most of the girls are lesbian if you play with Lumine.

No. 195062

you have actual faggot taste if you find that hairy bara shit attractive.

No. 195063

Well, it depends. It's hard to find men who can pull that off, but I would refrain from calling you femcel or pedophile if you liked other Genshin characters.

No. 195070

kek normal girls like pretty boys and don't like bulky old gorilla men so I guess that makes majority of women femcel pedos. the bear aesthetic only appeals to fags.

No. 195071

>every girl who doesn't like soft twinks is a male

No. 195073

You couldn't have a worse take even if you tried, anon.

No. 195074

>access imageboards
>thinks you're normal
Please, I ask you to show male Genshin characters to Stacies and 30yo women +, maybe your mom or grandmother.
>are they gay?

No. 195075

I don't like bara shit either but chill

No. 195081

eimiko literally have an ingame novel where they kiss and yae is promoting that said novel i know you want to side with the yaeyatos but come on

No. 195082

like you honestly need to be in denial to not see how mihoyo is heavily shilling eimiko

No. 195092

razor/bennett got a lot more traction after last year's windbloom event, and i would figure it's just as if not more popular than bennett/fischl

No. 195097

>ingame novel
You mean those books? What's the name?

No. 195099

Ganyu's model looks like she should be tall. She looks stumpy af

No. 195102

it's gonna be released in the upcoming festival

No. 195120

>Het shippers are worse
Let's agree to disagree

No. 195123

File: 1649218070121.png (1.35 MB, 720x1769, NPC_Zhiqiong.png)

I'm so sick of this stupid bitch

No. 195131

This camera event has been pretty cute. Love the idea of using Barbara as a model for a fierce fighting pose.

No. 195137

Honestly they can be equally whiny and degenerate.

That trope got a bit old among fujos now. Meanwhile some of the most popular hetero ships in genshin are about the characters hate-fucking each other like Childe/Lumine, Childe/Ganyu, Yae/Ayato and Itto/Sara and I've seen questionable shit like Razor/Lisa or Venti/Lisa. It's like they don't know how to ship characters that actually have chemistry.

No. 195142

People ship this shit? And don't forget about Scaramouche/Mona which is disturbingly popular, I swear all of the common hetships are based on hatefucking or oneeshota and characters not knowing each other or having any chemistry or interaction with each other.

No. 195145

>all of the common hetships are based on hatefucking
i guess it makes sense if all you've seen in your life are your parents hating each other and being miserable

No. 195153

I seriously hate Venti/Barbara, Venti is too retarded and autistic to be shipped with anyone, just like Itto, Barbara, Zhongli and Yanfei, they’re too busy with their special interests to give a fuck about fucking anyone. Looking at any ship with them makes me feel like I’m looking at a retard in a mental facility falling in love with their caretaker.

No. 195159

Kek. If you and the previous poster can actually muster a response that's more just a nuh-uh that'll be great. Otherwise no shit the fujo antics appear less irritating to you since you're fujos yourselves.

Also you're really grasping at straws with those pairings you mentioned and you know it. Chilumi is the only het ship that has traction in the fandom and most of their fanart is fluff. If you wanna go down that schizo route then I've got a childe/diluc doujin cover I came across just yesterday for a counter-narrative.

No. 195162

At least fujos put some effort into their ships and support couples like Diluc and Kaeya that have an intertwined history and develop each other's personalities while spergy hetshippers just pick their kinnie character X and their waifu/husbando of choice to ship them together (such as with Diluc x Jean, the most popular ship with moids) even if they never spoke to each other in-game and call it canon just because muh 98% majority sexuality. And acting like the most unhinged people "bullying" hetshippers aren't always underage EiMiko stans getting mad over Yae being headcanoned heterosexual and instead pin everything on the fujo boogeyman is just being obtuse and biased. If you can even call it bullying when it's them calling out someone unironically acting like heterophobia is a thing.

Hime/fujoshippers can be annoying but schizo hetshippers literally write corrective rape fics in f/f ship tags and try to spin the narrative so that disliking m/f ships is actually "biphobic" and "erasing bisexuals" which is pseudo-woke mental pretzeling literally on par with transbian girldick nonsense.


You're absolutely blind if you think Chilumi is the only straight ship that's gained traction. And if you want to get technical Childe is a homicidal maniac that's threatened and attempted to kill her multiple times so yeah, that's some "I can fix him" brain damage. The one benefit fujo ships have is that even with the problematic ones it's men abusing other men instead of young girls.

No. 195166

True, scaramoucheXmona is really popular and it’s basically another homicidal maniac, but this time he hates the guts of the girl he’s supposed to be in love with so the fluff art is basically
>haha we hate each other which means we’re just tsundere about the other

No. 195168

The fuck is this spergy shit? Is this supposed to be an argument or are you trying disguise the lame ass goalposts moving as one?

That aside I'll never get people's moral outrage over childe, do you have an emotional breakdown every single time a villain appears in a piece of fiction?

No. 195170

File: 1649241733265.jpg (296.88 KB, 1500x1981, FOV73LaVQAIZ6HP.jpg)

>all of the common hetships are based on hatefucking
Are you aware that the most popular yaoi ship in Genshin is about two brothers hatefucking each other?
Only scrotes ship that because they are pedophiles.
>characters not knowing each other
I've seen people in one of the past threads on here completely seriously ship shit like Diluc/Zhongli and Childe/Diluc, come on anon.

A big reason why gay and lesbian ships are more popular/viable than hetships is because all the characters are supposed to be head over heels for Traveler anyway, and it's less threatening to self insert players to see two same sex characters flirt with each other. We all know how much scrotes chimped out when they thought Ayaka and Thoma might have been in a relationship.
Basically, the hierarchy of how canon each ship is MC x Character >>>> yaoi and yuri ships > hetships. Even Ningguang had shiptease with Traveller in her hangout, even though her and Beidou are constantly almost scissoring each other while they're on screen together.
HYV clearly knows that fujos and himes are going to gobble up even the shittiest, most boring same sex ships because it's pretty anime characters fucking each other.
I say all of this as someone who enjoys some gay ships in this game, but let's not act like anyone here is superior for what bland ship they like. At the end of the day, we are all into shitty gacha ships that exist to make money off of us kek.

No. 195171

>two brothers
not this shit again
>seriously ship shit like Diluc/Zhongli and Childe/Diluc, come on anon.
You mean that schizo that was doing it to piss off Kaeya x Diluc and Childe x Zhongli shippers and got banned for baiting and samefagging? kek

No. 195172

I legitimately forgot all about Scaramona and I'll concede there. You being so adamant that the hatefuck dynamic is out of fashion with fujos on the other hand is so laughably dishonest.

No. 195173

i mean some people do genuinely have unhinged ships without trying to piss anyone off, i know i do

No. 195174

I couldn't give less of a fuck if they are brothers or not, it's just ridiculous to act like Childe/Lumine is somehow more "problematic" than Kaeluc.
And I have no idea if that person was just trolling or not, but I also personally know multiple Genshin fujos that ship the most random shit on earth and even write long winded fanfics about those ships.

No. 195176

And what am I supposed to tell you? What you say is simply bullshit, we can literally make a thousand examples and you'd still go "you're just saying otherwise because you're a dirty fujo yourself!!!" because you're either a retard or a moid.

There is a pretty known doujinshi of Childe hate fucking Ganyu and tearing off her horns while fucking or something. People find it hot.

It is though, you simply don't know what you're talking about. The most popular gay ships are all about being fluffy, fun, unproblematic or "spicy". The literal hate fucking is going out of fashion, you can see enemies-to-lovers or rival ships though but the fujos generally don't have a meltdown and act like victims if someone says they don't like them.

How is KaeLuc problematic? They canonically made up and they're not brothers. Meanwhile Chilume fans love to see Lumine (of course) trying to fix the psychopath.

No. 195177

When the hell did Diluc and Kaeya make up? Is it it in that awful webtoon?

No. 195178

File: 1649243421321.jpg (89.42 KB, 828x911, m4labc9ipnj81.jpg)

While on the subject of people taking their ships too seriously, I stumbled upon this cringe shit so now you'll have to see it too. They say that it's just for fun in the thread title yet the comments suggest otherwise.

To add on to this isn't it weird how there's so much screeching about how problematic chilumi is as lumine is "underage-passing" yet there's barely a peep about it when it's chiaether? I'm amazed by how blatant fujos are with these double standards.

No. 195179

File: 1649243619889.jpg (37.48 KB, 620x445, 1512424439959.jpg)

>but the fujos generally don't have a meltdown and act like victims if someone says they don't like them.
Says the one who's currently having a meltdown.

No. 195180

So you go to a shitty reddit for faggots of all places, go look up an autistic thing made for fun, ignore that it's made for fun, and come back here to call it cringe.

Yes, making two posts about ships is literally the same as making a twitter post thanking everyone for the support got after being "bullied" by the icky himejos and the evil nasty fujos. Fucking retard.

No. 195181

Can you please cut it with the endless bullshiting? The childe x ganyu doujin you're referring to is drawn by and for scrotes and is only infamous because of the wtf factor. Hardly anyone said that it's hot and the few that did are almost all edgy memesters.

>And what am I supposed to tell you? What you say is simply bullshit, we can literally make a thousand examples and you'd still go "you're just saying otherwise because you're a dirty fujo yourself!!!" because you're either a retard or a moid.

Literally just provide 2 counterexamples where fujos are better behaved than yumes/het shippers.

If you're going to make the distinction between ~spicy rivalry~ and hateships then Scaramona is distinctively not a hateship.

No. 195183

I'm just saying you're making it pretty apparent that you're extremely emotional right now. I'd call it a meltdown lmao

No. 195184

another case of hetshipper seething because hyv isn't pandering to them enough as if kokomi/gorou (unironically the blandest ship in the game), jean/diluc and itto/sara (straight up garbage) don't exist and weren't shilled to some extent

No. 195187

File: 1649246867088.jpg (75.36 KB, 930x1024, Et7zabuVcAIX1bB.jpg)

This ship infighting just reveals how many underage newfags post here

No. 195189

>calling anon extremely emotional
Yeah, it does smell like balls in here.

No. 195194

>Literally just provide 2 counterexamples where fujos are better behaved than yumes/het shippers.
Aside from right now, this >>194909 and Luminefag are the first that come to mind. Also Childe/Lumine shippers saying that it's "the best ship" and Jean/Diluc fags saying that it's literally canon. Haven't seen fujos (adults, not 12 year olds) being as deranged.

No. 195196

I thought the same anon. This is underage insanity. Embarrassingly autistic newfags. Why care about what an anonymous person ships? Literally who fucking cares.

No. 195199

True, there's no point to it. At least discussing ships would be more interesting than discussing the people shipping those, literally who cares about all that. Some anons always get so riled up about fujos, it's embarrassing how often it happens in these threads

No. 195219

>There is a pretty known doujinshi
Tf I've never heard of it before, where the fuck are you hanging out online anon…

No. 195235

>Hero Hei

No. 195294

Did everyone get the primos from them fixing Yae’s targeting issue?

No. 195311

It seems like they just gave primos to everyone. I didn't even pull once on her banner and I still got the primos

No. 195323

No. 195347

>two brothers hatefucking each other?
The moment you said brothers, your entire argument was invalidated

No. 195350

i don't know about you but i'm having fun because at least it's free entertainment. i feel like i'm watching two homeless guys fight each other on the street over a dollar bill kek.

No. 195357

>Also Childe/Lumine shippers saying that it's "the best ship" and Jean/Diluc fags saying that it's literally canon.
… Is that really the best you got? Holy Kek you're burying your own argument.

>Haven't seen fujos (adults, not 12 year olds) being as deranged.


No. 195361

There's literally a general dedicated to reddit on /ot/. Get off your high horse.

No. 195402

It's seriously annoying how much of a shit people here give about ships in a fucking gacha game of all things. Like who gives a fuck if someone is shipping Albedo/Yoimiya or Sara/Lisa. There needs to be a shipper salt thread or some shit.

No. 195421

the characters are VERY bland so it's easy to project on them and their ships, that's why the fandom is so insane about it

No. 195447

>Y-your examples d-don't count!!
>LMAO c-checkmate fujo haha

No. 195449

Kek this

No. 195455

you mean the fucking reddit hate thread? kek

No. 195460

Anon please try to hide that you’re a newfag. We have a Reddit hate thread on /ot/ not a general. Of all things, try not to protect Reddit on lc. You will be called a scrote

No. 195465

Personally I wouldn't give a shit about people shipping things that I find out of character or even gross but hetshippers in Genshin peeve the fuck out of me because a lot of the louder ones are unapologetically homophobic (such as that hourly yaeyato account admitting on her own discord that she hates eimiko because it's a lesbian ship) and a lot of them act like they have the moral high ground compared to m/m and f/f shippers despite, as mentioned before, shipping a ton of questionable couples themselves. Not to mention the recent "acsually you're biphobic if you think jean and diluc aren't bisexual icons in a straight relationship with gay exes" development in their rhetoric which blows my mind in its stupidity. And of course the anons in this thread losing their minds over anyone saying that their hetship is bad or any slightest mention of fujos, even f/f ships are somehow spun back to bitching about fujos being degenerate incest lover bullies. I have nothing against hetships and in my previous fandoms they definitely weren't a problem but I just don't know what it is about Genshin that brings out the worst of the worst. I guess it's the overall larger than life size of the community that makes it harder for people to mind their own business.

No. 195478

it's just an incredibly normalfag game and normalfags only ship m/f, no matter how nonsensical it is

No. 195497

for a second i kind of felt bad for normalfags because they're so constricted to boring, predictable shit, but then i remembered they choose to be like this.

No. 195503

I guess it's because it's the first gacha game for a lot of these people and they're not used to the self-insert idea i.e. particularly female characters flirting and bonding with the traveler instead of the other characters. Coincidentally plenty of them also outright admit to not playing the game or played for three hours and then ditched their account at AR 20, but stayed in the fandom because it's a popular franchise despite knowing nothing about the characters and the lore. And then we have the moids who want every single character to be straight or they'll have a meltdown.

No. 195517

I hate the most when moids project on male characters like diluc, itto, now ayato like please fuck off don't identify as my husbandos

No. 195526

File: 1649339232993.gif (Spoiler Image,5.15 MB, 498x301, 47ECE8DD-BAB9-449F-B4F2-BAA7C1…)

Yes omg the Itto-moids are the worst! For some reason they really identify with Itto and post so many out of character ships where Itto acts like a reddit scrote. Like Tectone, the neckbeard misogynistic YouTube-scrote. He went on and on about how he relates to Itto and how his underage fans think they’re alike. Seriously how delusional is he to think that pic related has any resemblance to Itto

No. 195531

She just ragequit or is she dead?

No. 195534

So, since they’ve changed the outfits of Mona, Jean, and Rosaria, does that mean all women are getting new outfits? Yanfei needs it so bad. Her outfit doesn’t fit with her character of a serious lawyer type at all. At least cover her some.

No. 195535

>Tectone is an Itto kinnie
What the fuck lmfao how much self awareness does this stupid scrote lack? Itto is a wholesome, fun child-at-heart who makes friends with everyone and makes an honest buck by doing actual work whenever he needs money. Tectone's a spiteful, bitter drama-addicted attention whore who was cucked by a 2D anime man, he legitimately got jealous when his wife was simping for a bishounen in another gacha game and campaigned for him to be removed from it. And he literally looks like the IRL wojack meme while Itto has a handsome face and the body of a lingerie model. Gamerbro moids are so pathetic I can't take it.

No. 195538

We don't know. I think they just changed those outfits to calm down the Chinese players and now they're going to ignore the rest since things have calmed down. Shame, because I really hate seeing Raiden's underwear out all the time.

No. 195539

didn't they use a different raiden/ei model for her boss battle promo video? i was seriously looking forward to it being implemented in the actual game since it's slightly more respectable looking for a character who's supposed to be a veteran warrior goddess.

No. 195551

I think the outfit changes will only keep happening if the Chinese players keep pushing hoeyoverse to change them. I want Xinyan to get a better outfit, also Sucrose, Lisa and Yoimiya and what the fuck? I was looking at her since I have her and the bandages are panties?? It’s so fucking stupid, who the fuck goes out wearing gauze underwear? I thought they were like bandage shorts or something equally retarded but less stupid, I was wrong after all. I guess it was trying to be a fundoshi but looks extremely retarded. I hope they give her some actual pants or at least some biker shorts.

No. 195570

>itto gets released
>have to deal with constant ittosara spam everywhere i go for itto content
>ayato gets released
>obnoxious eimiko vs yaeyato wars
I can't deal with this shit anymore, can this crap ass company release ONE new husbando who isn't tied to another female character. i hate that i love the worldbuilding and exploration aspect because everything else, the designs, the characters, the retarded fandom and the unhinged shippers have been nothing but a pain. it's not something that you can just ignore unless you decide to not follow any genshin-related content anymore

No. 195583

Ahh I just want some Heizou leakss

No. 195587

>he legitimately got jealous when his wife was simping for a bishounen in another gacha game
Isn't he the one who made a top 10 waifu list, and ranked his actual wife second?

No. 195595

>obnoxious eimiko vs yaeyato wars
These are particularly grating to see on the timeline, especially with the new event going on. Both sides acting like the other just skinned their cat. You got one side being homophobic, and the other racist, and both just being insufferable. Weird thing is, it's only eimiko/yaeyato stans going at it. I hardly see any Thoyato stans in the crossfire, almost like they just mind their own business.

No. 195598

Why are the eimiko stans racist?

No. 195600

I hate how ayato must be dragged through this, frankly he's not even my favorite and i won his 50/50 without spending money so i can safely say i got him very cheap but it's still annoying to see. I want to see cute fanart of him and ayaka and thoma, not yaeyato fans shitflinging at eimiko fans. Like before his reveal no one shipped him with yae and the only drama was ayaka fans being mad because people are more hyped about him

No. 195602

And the worst part of it is that i genuinely don't give a shit about smug yae and her autistic gf, he's now associated with two of the most annoying inazuma characters

No. 195604

I haven't seen EiMiko stans being racist, they're just the edgy underage polilez type who actively pick fights with everyone and can get unhinged as fuck during twitter bouts. Thomato fujos are annoyed at the delusional, homophobic hetshippers but keep to themselves, yet they always get blamed for the demented shit EiMiko stans do despite the latter usually hating all male characters and wanting them dead.

No. 195607

I'm the same, but with Yae, but what makes it worse is she's associated with this mess AND her kit doesn't even work like it should. So it's like getting kicked in both the shin and getting spat on as well.

No. 195608

File: 1649363626867.png (1.62 MB, 1920x1080, Archon_Beelzebul_Raiden_Ei_Kag…)

They pulled the skirt texture down to hide her underwear, but her base outfit hasn't been changed at all.

I'd really like to have her Kagemusha outfit, I'd swap to it in a heartbeat over her current one.

No. 195616

I know why they're threatened, it's because m/f ships are always more popular than f/f and they're afraid of yaeyato overshadowing eimiko solely because ayato is a man she interacts with. However what they do not realize is that by throwing tantrums and engaging with the other crowd of delusional "muh aesthetic pink blue team rocket ship uwu" they only brought more awareness to the thing they dislike. So now you have hacks like lilyglazed making fanart of it just to support her poor victimized friends and people shipping it out of spite

No. 195617

File: 1649364532072.jpeg (554.12 KB, 1448x2048, 2B06698E-2C08-4E4A-98A8-418E82…)

I just started the inazuma festival event. If Albedo will meet all the characters for the Kasen art, does that mean we’ll get to see Scaramouche? Was there any mention of a Scaramouche npc in the patch leaks? Pic unrelated

No. 195619

Should I go through each story quests for this event? I know that I don't need to complete these story quests, but will I lose a lot of event content because of this?

No. 195620

There's some scaramouche lore at the end

No. 195622

File: 1649365112613.jpeg (343.59 KB, 1800x1200, 51B86D5A-A206-4160-B10E-45D90D…)

Yay now I’m hyped, thanks anon

No. 195624

It happened just as the yaeyato shit was starting to be a thing and they started shit talking Indonesians because a couple of them were into it. Should've seen the writing on the walls, that these two would continue to be at their necks once the character actually got released.

No. 195642

Debating returning to the game when/if Scaramouche comes out as a character because I've been waiting for him for so fucking long that I just didn't want to play anymore. Ugly character after another ugly, boring character. Give me pissy hat man, NOW! I got Venti on his first banner on my first day, I got Albedo on his first day, now I need Scaramouche on his advent please, so my collection will be complete.

No. 195662

Loud annoying men like loud annoying men

No. 195663

If you use twitter you're just asking to see shit content tbf

No. 195766

and where else do you find fanart? i'm not chinese so i can't use lofter (i wish i did cause it has a great tagging system) and majority of artists nowadays use twitter, even the jp artists who used to only post on pixiv have switched to twitter. then you also have the discords who are usually pure cancer and the youtube fanbase who is made up of 12 yr olds and moids like tectone and co

No. 195767

why don't you just blacklist some cancerous pairings and words?

No. 195778

i blocked so many accounts and sometimes they still pop up on my timeline because a lot of people DON'T tag on twitter

No. 195793

I think the problem is you anon. I literally don’t see this shit on Twitter because I make sure to follow fanartists that aren’t batshit insane. And if I do see that shit, I scroll past it and don’t let it bother me. Maybe you should touch some grass.

No. 195795

File: 1649421097705.png (419.37 KB, 600x437, fae.png)


Not only that but it was so fucking unnecessary! Mihoyo will keep churning the eimiko, they're as official as they can get! In this case there's no way yaeyato would become popular at all. But they loose their mind when someone doesn't respect the sanctity of their uwu lesbian representation.

No. 195802

>uwu lesbian representation
It's fun to see how the "LGBTQ+" community gets happy with this. It's not like they want to represent them, they just think that women together is hot and interesting. There will never be any gay relationships in Genshin, just like Honkai has canon lesbians and many heavily implied lesbians (or bi women), but not a single gay man (which I don't think it's a problem, since I'm straight and don't feel a thing with non-straight relationships, tbh).
That said, this is a retarded discussion, just like every part of Genshin's fanbase.

No. 195810

honkai has like 4 men

No. 195814

File: 1649425115995.jpg (91.01 KB, 803x903, lyle.jpg)

wait i forgot about this fruit
>calls male mc his soulmate

No. 195818

Also because they find waifus more interesting.
Sorry to talk about a shitty game like League, but if you ever played, "people's favorite characters" data in the west and east would explain this well. West: cool and interesting characters, east: 90% pretty girls and some cool looking dudes.
Since the game's owned by a Chinese company and gets more money with them, they'll stick to the latter. I know League has one gay character, but Riot actually panders to the LGBTQ community sometimes.

No. 195822

I'm pretty sure mihoyo would go full fujo if the ccp allowed it and if they didn't have such a large male fanbase

No. 195824

If they could do whatever they wanted even Klee, Diona, Qiqi and Sayu would be having sex.

No. 195826

how is that related to what i said you creep?

No. 195827

File: 1649427938587.jpeg (34.06 KB, 480x472, 1648336353656.jpeg)

Absolute artistic freedom isn't allowed, and that's a good thing.

No. 195830

Fucking scrote why would you even write this

No. 195831

>seething so much because of my fujo comment that he would retort to lolicrap

No. 195851

Mona's ass got covered up and you were left seething

No. 195858

They would have to release more male characters if they wanted to go full fujo.

No. 195864

Not to sperg too hard anon but League has a few lesbians and no gay characters. They flat out refuse to include gay characters and bully women writers who try to include them out of the company. Varus does not count, Varus is the Darkin. Valmar and Kai are shittily-retconned window dressings that don't even have voicelines. Lesbians are only allowed to exist in League because men coom to them, end of story.

No. 195875

File: 1649437474354.jpg (2.94 MB, 4096x3276, 220408_2004009.jpg)

we got some star rail leaks and this is the female mc, left is the concept art and right is the finished design
one of the biggest downgrades i've ever seen, went from a cool classy fem mc to generic short skirt shoujo protag

No. 195885

File: 1649439603078.png (1.61 MB, 1242x1242, F1634D47-E91D-44A7-ABB2-F80409…)

Am I schizo or did they pitch Albedo’s voice higher?

No. 195888

in which language?

No. 195890


No. 195892

Damn long skirts are not allowed at mihoeyo, what a bunch of incel virgins

No. 195899

Both skirts look like shit. They should have just given her pants.

No. 195904

Yeah that's disappointing. I love the long skirt on a younger girl, feels very feminine and pretty. The short skirt is so boring. Star rail is a waifu game after all, so I don't expect good designs anyway

No. 195906

Let's be real, they would've given her false jean leggings instead.

No. 195907

damn, i wanna pick up this game again just for this man. Is he a himbo too?

No. 195908

Yes, he's a huge retard and really fun. His rerun might actually be coming next patch so you're really lucky if you pick up the game again soon anon!

No. 195909

No. 195910

File: 1649441202935.jpeg (165.1 KB, 1000x501, 6CE906A1-4FA2-4E39-9C3B-D48E3B…)

It seems to only have 5 playable guys if you count the main character.

No. 195916

Time to redownload on PS4. Thanks nonnies. I want him.

No. 195918

God those waifus look so boring and bland, everyone is ridiculously overdesigned too. The male characters look fine but all the waifus literally look the same with the same vibe and expressions except for Bronya who's just ugly kek.

Good luck nonnie! Itto's one of the best damage dealers in this game too so he's worth the shot.

No. 195919

Yeah, the waifus are seriously boring, I would get the game just to make a team of only husbandos like I’m doing on Genshin impact. Regardless of what kind of challenge it would be, it looks like a waste of space of a game if the girls look boring as fuck.

No. 195922

File: 1649442699388.jpg (235.83 KB, 1568x905, IMG_20220407_212355.jpg)

this new guy is cute but the male female ratio is already terrible and it's not like the designs are particularly guy, they have that basic mihoyo style

No. 195923

*particularly nice

No. 195930

i'd argue he's the only character in genshin who actually fits the classic himbo definition: beefy, sweetheart personality, and dumb as a box of rocks. and best of all his burst damage scales off of his def so getting him artifacts isn't a whole fucking ordeal, unlike most other characters.

arlan's a cutie but that's all i can really say, and that's just because i'm a sucker for brown skinned pretty boys.

No. 195931

eh itto still needs a good amount of crit dmg and crit rate, i'm still working on his artifact set

No. 195940

File: 1649450984830.jpeg (137.16 KB, 750x1116, 2AF18D79-7566-441F-9879-139FD3…)

I guess it makes sense.

No. 195948

true, i'm just happy i don't have to grind for pure attack stats to get decent damage out of someone for once. i was trying to improve my diluc a while ago but it's like the fucking domains can tell when you want something specific, so i gave up and resigned him to a ghetto lavawalker set.

No. 195986

File: 1649458733402.jpg (223.83 KB, 993x1833, Imagepipe_0.jpg)

Yes the reddit hate thread is posting stuff from reddit to mock/seethe at. What is the difference here, pray tell?

Bit late to the drama but the official subreddit got caught flairing/deleting male banner sales/abyss usage posts while keeping up the females.

No. 195987

that official genshin subplebbit is nothing but softcore porn. surprise surprise it's run by degenerate scrotes who want to drive out the few remaining female posters who aren't costhots shilling their $5 onlyfans. you honestly shouldn't expect anything more from reddit, that's how the whole cesspool of a site is.

No. 196016

What a weird world we live in. It's common for people to lose their minds and precious time discussing bullshit, all this fandom thing of course is also bullshit, but this surprises me. I can't even think of a logic (from a human being) behind this.

No. 196025

do you have two x chromosomes? if so, moid logic will never make sense to you.

No. 196055

Just how petty can scrotes get? I know this is something to be expected but it's still unforgivable that the official sub would play favourites so blatantly. I've had so many people sperg at me that "husbandos just don't sell" to defend constant waifushit yet turns out moids in charge actively attempt to suppress the numbers behind male character banners whenever it doesn't suit their narrative. My god I hate men.

Basically what >>196025 said, male defective chromosome chimping will never make sense to women but it's just them seething over female-targeted characters bypassing their empty waifus and seeing how money directs decisions they're on suicide watch about mihoyo possibly implementing more than 1 husbando to every 5 waifus.

No. 196089

Ugh why am i not surprised. I read a comment that the mods will also delete any nsfw fan art of male characters but so many coomer art gets posted of the female characters.
Even though im not pulling Ayato myself im very glad he's doing so well in sales. I hope every male character banner will go super well to anger moids even more.

Ah that's such a pity i really like the design on the left. >>195910 I can't wait till we get a game like genshin which focuses on pleasing the female gaze. I want to have good designed female characters and a balance of the amount of male and female characters.

No. 196130

It’s kind of shitty how it really isn’t that difficult to appeal women in a game, just make the girls have a personality other than an autistic fixation on a single thing, give some of them actual pants plus comfy shoes, and make hot male characters with decent personalities that won’t act with MC like “hey -chokes her-“. Is that really that difficult? They can still make sexy girls with panties for pants and skirts for panty shots, boob windows and armpit fetish designs, but if they added at least 5 adult or teen girls that aren’t sexualized to hell and back, it wouldn’t be such a bad thing that “would never sell”.

No. 196140

Yes there is a no-shirtless male characters (as Fanart) rule amongst the mods at the main Genshin subreddit. Some girls that drew fanart of make characters were complaining about it on Ayato_mains. There’s so much softcore porn art of female characters but almost none of male characters for a reason on the Genshin subreddit. They delete it.

Another fun fact is how that source that showed how Ayato is a bestseller in Japan was flared as unreliable but other extremely unreliable sources that ranked Raiden highest weren’t flared as unreliable.

No. 196235

Why is yet another quest just boring ass politics again.
I'm the traveler who lives in a teapot and eats wild boar, I don't give a shit about the government practices of these various countries.
That's were it gets really obvious this is a Chinese game I feel. JRPG's don't usually get that deep into the formalities.
Wonder what kind of boring tax talk or government strife will inevitably come up in Sumeru or beyond…

No. 196245

It will surely be about the trafficking of wildlife outside of Sumeru and how it affects the economy of Sumeru (more tax errands yip yip hurray yippee) since we kind of got a peek at the idea on the chasm. Either that or about how the academia is either actually evil and against the archon, so we have to clear up the misunderstanding while some anime girl with huge tits wearing a belly dancer outfit who is actually the Vice President of Sumeru helps us doing uwu and awa.

No. 196609

File: 1649682770760.png (587.68 KB, 595x590, 4657584.png)

It's so funny how whenever I come across a post that mentions Baizhu everyone just shits on him for being an ugly tranny. I saw this post on Twitter and basically all the quote retweets are insulting him and saying that he doesn't belong with the other actually good looking men kek.
Are there any people that actually like him? I know that there are maybe five players in the entire fandom that are obsessed with him but that's about it, isn't it?
I feel like the only reason most people ask for him is because they are desperate for dendro, but once other dendro characters come out barely anyone will even pull for him because he looks like a faggot and has a shitty, creepy personality. Yumes won't want him, self inserter scrotes will hate him, husbandofags also won't want him. Who's even left at this point?
The only ones I could imagine pulling for him are fujos with bad taste or, if he ends up being strong, metafags and streamers that pull for every character.

No. 196613

File: 1649683378341.jpg (35.46 KB, 512x512, d87.jpg)

i can't see why anyone would like him. He's just creepy, his english voice sounds faggy as shit, his crop top and yoga pants look retarded and hes suspicious as hell for keeping qiqi around just to cure whatever crippling disease he has. i hope he just dies from it and leaves her alone. They shouldn't even bother making him playable because the banner would be a huge flop. That's what i think kek

No. 196616

File: 1649684265699.jpg (122.76 KB, 736x736, 20220411_103647.jpg)

Who hurt you anons

No. 196617

Kekw I bet the reason why you don't like him is because you're scared he will outsell your favorite. Let me guess, you're a husbandofag who thinks Zhongli is the best character ever when he's written like garbage. All he does is stay mute and talk about rocks. If you wanna shit on Baizhu then at least do it correctly you piece of shit.

Nobody gives a fuck about a retarded child.

YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS anon! Show them husbandofags!

No. 196618

It's just so funny to me how you thought you ate with this. Did you win? Are you happy now? Are you aware that he's such a well written character but you retard cannot understand it at all because Baizhu is so good. You probably think Childe made it interesting when in all the scenes he was in, it was boring and boring. But Baizhu was there for a few scenes and the entire story took such a huge toll on its greatness. Fuck you

I hope Baizhu dumps her stupid body in a trashbag

No. 196619

If you wanna talk shit about Baizhu then do it properly like I said before and none of this whining. I know you're jealous that he looks good in comparison to your favorites. Calling him a faggot is mad projection KEK

You know who is a faggot? The entire male cast. Look at Ayato looking ugly in blue, Diluc looking ugly in red, everybody else has the ugliest color schemes going on but Baizhu looks the best because he was created and designed in such a good way. You can tell the devs put all that effort into him.

No. 196620

keep defending your ugly faggot tranny pedophile husbando, nonna. it looks so good on you. Qiqi could beat him to a pulp anytime

No. 196622

File: 1649684801705.jpeg (168.08 KB, 749x948, 0B372DC9-A4FF-4920-B9C8-5AD64C…)

People hate him? I think he’s pretty, and I like that he’s actually shady like Ayato, it’s nice to have playable characters that aren’t just trying to become pillars of justice or something like that.
And if he looks faggy to you because of the crop top, then I guess you also don’t like the male traveler, bennet, Itto nor gorou. If it’s because of the color scheme, I don’t know, I think it looks nice and the shoes are cute.

No. 196624

File: 1649684924849.gif (274.96 KB, 90x90, brooke-lynn-hytes-ru-pauls-dra…)

All I'm hearing is jealousy because Baizhu is winning and your fave is not

No. 196628


Who knows, moids hating him is par of the course, husbandofags hating him is news to me and I'm pressing doubt on that. And fujos will love him lol I just think some anons are having a moment here

No. 196629

this! i felt disheartened when i found out a lot of people don't like baizhu because i've been waiting for him to get released ever since i first saw him in liyue. he's a frail weirdo fag, but he's my frail weirdo fag and i'm interested to see how he'll play in-game.

No. 196630

>you also don’t like the male traveler, bennet, Itto nor gorou
Aether looks retarded, Bennett is like 12 and Itto and Gorou don't look faggy at all to me. Baizhu just has everything I hate in a male design - ugly glasses, ugly crop top, no abs at all, long hair and I also don't like his shoes.

Kek average Baizhu fan

I don't know a single husbandofag who actually likes him outside of this board, honestly, and I'm friends with a bunch. And as I said, the only times I see him get mentioned on social media is to rip into him.

No. 196632

Lmao shitting on Baizhu while liking Itto and Gorou I can't

No. 196633

Now in English please.

No. 196635

lmao shitting on ugly tranny faggot pedophile while liking two respectable characters with actual lore and presence in the game that arent 2 cutscenes. what the fuck do you see in him he looks like something a man would design when thinking of gay people

No. 196636

>fujos with bad taste
i mean he doesn't even have a ship, the only character he interacts with is qiqi… maybe they'll reach and try to ship him with zhongli

No. 196637

But when is he portrayed as a pedo? I don’t get how are people jumping to that conclusion. He isn’t fawning over Qiqi or something like that, if anything he seems like a parent.

No. 196639

He’s getting shipped with Zhongli.

No. 196640

I don't think anons mean it seriously when they call him a pedophile. She's just the only character who he interacts with and she really dislikes him.

No. 196641

>tfw there are so few liyue husbandos that baizhu won't even get a pair
looking at it, xiao doesn't have a pair either, besides aether/lumine. it's just xingyun and zhongchi

No. 196642

and childe isn't even from liyue, holy shit the absolute state of the male female ratio in genshin

No. 196643

A retarded man child who has no presence on the main story and a little furry shota who leads the most nerfed resistance army with no impact whatsover. Right.

No. 196646

File: 1649687219698.jpg (242.51 KB, 1048x1048, FGzvMTSUYAQJyoR.jpg)

This has to be bait or the biggest cope I've ever seen holy kek. Itto and Gorou still have more scenes, a bigger following and nicer designs than a faggy lanky twink with no story relevance at all.
Even if Itto didn't appear in the archon quests, he still had one of the most fun personal quests ever and actually has a unique personality and story. Meanwhile all we know about Baizhu is that the only person he ever talks to is a little kid that hates him because he's insincere and creepy, that he is sick and he has a dendro vision. You're being disingenous if you think he is actually more interesting than Itto.
I hope you're aware that once Baizhu becomes playable, he is also going to stop being "morally ambiguous" and will kiss the Travellers ass just like every other character. You are not unique for liking a mediocre NPC that has appeared in one scene whose only fanbase is faghags and maybe a handful of actual scrote faggots.

No. 196647

>actual scrote faggots
those 2 boys you just posted appeal better to scrote faggots than baizhu kek

No. 196648

File: 1649687566047.jpg (7.72 MB, 2781x4498, Genshin.Impact.full.3505927.jp…)

Yes, but a ton of actual women also love them. Seethe, I guess.

No. 196649

I'm not seething, I don't like baizhu either

No. 196651

i'm not the same anon?

No. 196652

We’re all the same anon, nonnie, it’s just you, that anon and me posting.

No. 196653

nta but wow take your meds

No. 196654

How is that post unhinged

No. 196658

>going on a long tangent trying to justify how two ugly faggy overly designed characters are so much better than another ugly overly designed character because anon can’t comprehend that some people may have different tastes

No. 196661


>released characters having more content than unreleased ones.

Yeah that's how it works anon kek I don't have any high expectations on Baizhu's story since I know Mihoyo is pretty shitty at that, I care that he's pretty enough for my taste. But if you actually think Gorou and Itto are well written characters then good for you anon you must be really happy when you log in to play

No. 196663

Do you know where you are, anon? You are in a thread that exists to discuss the game and its characters. I don't see what's unhinged about writing more than twenty words in a stupid imageboard argument about which gacha game characters are better than others.

I don't care about Gorou at all but I think Itto is well written considering what game he is in and how much screentime he has had, yes. I really wonder why some of you even play Genshin if it makes you so miserable.

No. 196666

>you must be really happy when you log in to play
a person actually enjoying something that they intentionally seek out and engage with instead of bitching about it for cool kid points on the internet? quick, call the presses!

No. 196679

What the hell? Almost everyone I know likes Baizhu or thinks he's "okay" at worst. Where the hell do you hang around at, anon?
>he looks like a faggot and has a shitty, creepy personality.
You say that like it's a bad thing kek, those are the best parts about him

Shallow husbandofags hate anything that isn't artificial, engineered, carefully calculated generic princely beauty. They need all male characters to be like the bland ass otome VN dates because they think wearing anything else than a suit or a sweater is too spicy and embarrassing. And then we have the self-insert power fantasy scrotes who hate Baizhu because he looks too gay and makes them insecure.

It's a moid, anon, don't bother with him

No. 196682

Anons… stop replying to bait

No. 196683

but what if I'm bored, anon?

No. 196695

Kiss me then.

No. 196709

this thread is