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No. 28304

Good morning / good evening farmers, the last townhall of the year begins in 3 hours. In preparation a room has been prepared for anyone to join anonymously, no registration required (you should also recommend me some videos to queue in thread). I will also be on discord in case anyone wants to privately message me, but email also works. I will try to limit the length of the townhall to an 1hr 30min so everybody can get their questions and thoughts in before the meeting ends. 

If it is your first townhall, don't be intimidated. Feel free to make a cup off tea and join us anyways, unless you actually have something better to do.



No. 28305


Before todays meeting we surveyed anons for topics they wanted to discuss and as a result we have come up with the following agenda:

  • the future of the farms
  • Manson and Friends 
  • new administrator 
  • radfems
  • mitigating abuse and gore
  • new banners 
  • themes and patreon theme requests

No. 28306

lol what

No. 28309


No. 28310

>Manson and Friends
I'm out of the loop, what's the context?

No. 28311

No. 28312

The marilyn Manson threads

No. 28313

yes I get that lol but why are they a topic for discussion?

No. 28315

This is actually kinda exciting
Manson's threads are in /manure/ right now because, iirc, there's no more milk and anons weren't behaving properly. I guess this is to decide if the thread should be put back in snow.

No. 28316

No. 28317

I don't follow it either, can some good soul tell me why it is the only thread to be discussed? Something big happened?

No. 28318

If I were to make a guess, it's because Rolling Stone Magazine dug through the threads for their exposé article on Mansons past and that's actually one of many run ins with wider attention in the last few months, and wider attention is a problem for a few reasons- newfags, more raids, people trying to shut down lolcow, etc

No. 28319

No. 28321

No. 28322

No. 28323

No. 28324

No. 28325

I guess that's the risk with having a site that outsiders tend to harvest when it suits them
If we want to avoid it happening we could opt out of Google's search results but then we will lose the chance of genuine potential users finding their way here
I don't want lolcow to become annexed imo

No. 28326

No. 28329

No. 28330

No. 28331

No. 28332

No. 28333

so is anyone gonna play these or are people just gonna keep posting links

No. 28334

No. 28335

No. 28336

can we talk about how shit the new discord is and how its full of low iq mtfs larping as women

No. 28337

keep posting links I guess

No. 28338

Yes, tell that to admin on the townhall

No. 28339

No. 28340

No. 28342

No. 28344

this video isn't available anymore

No. 28347

No. 28348

No. 28349

No. 28350

already posted

No. 28351

File: 1637522917734.jpg (166.37 KB, 711x960, 1612270552515.jpg)

Play the videooos

No. 28352

No. 28353

CP on /w/ mickey deer thread

No. 28354


Wrong thread!! report it on the right one please

No. 28355

No. 28356

When will admin play the videos?????

No. 28357

admin it's time to come out of the sewer

No. 28358

File: 1637525383285.png (423.59 KB, 614x560, 1624586898134.png)

Come out admin, don't be shy

No. 28359


No. 28360

Elaine won, RIP Admines-chan.

No. 28361

Everyone is there except admin…

No. 28362

Is this where tall hall will be held? Where's admin?

No. 28363


No. 28364

No. 28365

New admin is a shayna thread fan sorry everyone kek

No. 28366


No. 28367

No. 28368

that's not good news

No. 28369

As a frequenter of Shay’s threads, I am saddened by this news KEK

Glad the farms will stay alive for a bit longer.

No. 28370

it's funny though. she said she wanted to step up as admin to make sure the shayna thread (and the website) didn't die kek

No. 28371

Concerning, to say the least. Maybe she secretly wants to sleep with her lol

No. 28372

File: 1637529216143.png (58.81 KB, 300x100, imagen_2021-11-21_151311.png)

admin-sama this is the banner
its just so fucking ugly

No. 28373

i’ll pray that the new admin isn’t some kind of seething twitter whore then, because why the shayna threads of all things? kek.

No. 28374

I second this for a dumb reason, I have that plate and every year depending on whose birthday it is in my family we use it for their birthday dinner. The banner makes me unreasonably sad lmao

No. 28375

Her threads are shit but the roasting keeps bringing me in. The autism is off the charts and the dumpster fire that is Shay’s life is just morbidly entertaining. I can’t help myself.

If admin-sama is bikini barista I will kms

No. 28376

the implication that bikini barista knows how to code enough to run the website is so funny though

No. 28377

Just wanted to thank you admin for all the hard work you’ve put into lolcow. Hopefully the shaynafag admin will live up to you!

No. 28378


No. 28379

People we're still hanging out in the chat here
if someone wants to hang out!!!!

No. 28380

Well we knew no one normal would want to run this site. Will new admin have to deal with Elaine’s autism too I wonder?

No. 28382

As dumb as I think Shayna's thread and those anons are, I feel like her thread embodies the energy of /snow/ right now, and I wouldn't have expected anyone but a Shaynafag to step up to the plate

No. 28383

I actually like that she's a shaynafag, don't care

No. 28384

probably, but current admin plans on exposing elaine's post history before she leaves afaik

No. 28385

I just noticed the shortened rules say "all forms of hate speech are prohibited". How is hate speech defined exactly? Isn't it better to keep it limited to racism?

No. 28386

I agree, the whole "hate speech" sounds very twitterfaggish and will make twitterfags rejoice
Admin said she will keep working on it though, but you could remind her on discord

No. 28387

During the delightful townhall, we came up with an idea of monthly farmer movie nights. Are you guys in and how do we deal with the technicalities (streaming/chat site)?

No. 28388

I am for it and hope more anons will get involved with organizing it. I'm not sure about the platform, but if I come up with anything I'll make sure to post

No. 28389

I actually like this idea a lot

No. 28391

This would be so fun! Maybe kast.gg? I've never used it, but a quick google search says it allows for up to 100 watchers. I'm not sure about the anonymity though.
I've heard of discord movie nights, so maybe we could do it in our new server? The last discord was a mess, but I would be willing to join for that. and obviously youtube and twitch wouldn't be options

No. 28392

Admin said she streamed some movies before on our discord, I don't know how that went but probably ok since it happened more than once.
Some anons were against using it tho, so we'd need to hear more opinions on the topic

No. 28393

Any news on what was decided during town hall?

No. 28394

-new admin will be a shaynafag
-the farms isn't in danger because a lot of people are interested in keeping it going
-the 2X board is open and people can use it (it always has been)
-the website is under new a new system and admin i think is working on bots that can get rid of gore posters, newfags/twitterfags, scrotes
-anons were considering having a captcha to prevent bots, having a thread get auto-delete or auto sage if reported enough, or needing mod/admin approval to create a new thread
- anons were also asking to get rid of banners like daddy's little porkchop, hentai banners, and overall ugly banners
-admin is trying to implement new themes that are cuter, sanriofags are begging for a sanrio theme
-consideration for /w/ and /snow/ to be merged was denied by anons, consideration for kpop threads to be back was denied by anons
-anons are trying to plan monthly movie night to name fag and squirm amongst each other

No. 28395

>(it always has been)
? no it was locked. or am i misreading something

No. 28396

ah sorry for the misinformation. I thought people were always allowed to post on there

No. 28397

I asked admin about it in the townhall. She claimed all the existing threads were locked, but they never disabled the option to create new threads. So any new threads created until the new admin takes over won't be locked I assume. There are already 2 threads there but they're kind of just sitting there.

No. 28398

All the threads were locked at a certain point and the board was declared dead+manhate banned as a topic. That seems to have calmed down considering how much manhate is gently sprinkled across the farms nowadays, but looking at 2X now those threads are all still locked except one.
Thank you for the summary!

No. 28400

what did they say about radfems?

No. 28401

2X is open feel free to post, the older thread are locked though, so create new.

No. 28402


No. 28403

They said radfems can stay, and admin didn't say they are confined to just one board, she said we can use 2x before the site migration

No. 28408

It would be great!
Shitposting with you all yesterday was so fun, I'd love doing that more often, even if my English is poop.

No. 28409

>-anons are trying to plan monthly movie night to name fag and squirm amongst each other
and admin's okay with this? doesn't this break the anonimity rule?

No. 28410

>break anonimity rule

No. 28411


No. 28413

are you dumb? there's an official discord, no one gives a shit how people associate offsite

No. 28414

Don't be retarded, how is the chat supposed to be readable without names? It's just a movie night and also not hosted on lolcow, obviously.

No. 28415

I hope someone can find a platform we can all agree on then. I really like cytube, but there's not a huge selection for movies on Youtube. If we decide to do movie nights on discord, then maybe next admin or whichever janny owns the discord can host it.

No. 28416

on cytube you can link from googledrive and dailymotion and idk what else
check in their homepage how many channels are streaming not from youtube

No. 28418

Lots of good news! I am so excited about 2X revival and I am also happy for the new Shaynafag admin (thread 100 is fast approaching too,) although am not trying to rush current admin out the door or anything. Thank you to Admin-chan for all the hard work, I hope you will have success and that Elaine will not follow you in all your future endeavors

No. 28419

even with all her faults i'd rather have current admin than a shaynafag one tbh. things can only get worse..

No. 28420

You forgot a few things:
>the new board software allows for ranged bans and for SHA bans
>ranged bans will help with the ban evasion problem
>we will have report categories in the future
>admin can add the new banners but the majority have been added to the new server
>Manson threads aren't a bannable offense; if anyone wants to make a topic on Annie it's fine just report retardation
>there have been moderation changes and a massive rehaul of janitors
>Elaine's post history will be exposed

No. 28422

I'm confused.

does "shaynafag" mean she unironically likes shayna, or hates shayna?

No. 28423

I was not at the townhall but I think new admin is a fan and frequenter of the shay threads.

No. 28424

Yes reporting categories! I've asked for this in meta
Although sometimes I'm drunk and would write dumb shit in my legit reports. That open text box is tempting kek

No. 28425

Admin said new admin expressed interest in taking over because she didn’t want to see the Shay threads die and she also has a tech background

No. 28428

Elaine came clean on kiwi.

No. 28429

came clean? not completely. she's still denying that she posted real gore and cp, which she obviously did.

No. 28430

I truly don’t think Elaine is awful enough to post cp. come on now.

No. 28432

Screenshots and link?

No. 28437

there is a thread to discuss her, you absolute baboons. this has been a thing since yesterday.

No. 28444

she def has been posting cp because her ‘master hacker’ plan or w/e is taking down the site for hosting cp

No. 28649

Admin when will the stuff you announced at the townhall be posted?

No. 29016

During townhall a feature was suggested that auto-spoilers/removes images of posts with x amount of reports to combat cp and gore when mods aren't around. Has admin looked into that if that's possible?

No. 29019

this method can be abused by mass reporting discord raids to auto-delete any content they target

No. 29020

If it's just auto-spoilering the image not much damage can be done. The bulk of the posts here don't have attached pics or vids. It'd be annoying but worth to deal with if it means not having cp or gore sitting around undeleted for hours when the jannies are sleeping imo.

No. 29075

Is it technically possible, though?

No. 29077

Admin when will the new Shaynadmin assume the presidency I need new banners

No. 29093

this is especially topical considering there's been gore sitting in /meta/ for hours now, posted by the same low-value failed moid that's been spamming for weeks already and yet STILL somehow hasn't been perma'd. jannies and admin are retarded, and we obviously need both failsafes and verification methods for posters on here to make up for their ineptitude. maybe it wouldn't be so bad if admin actually checked in more than once every 6 months to let us know what she's actually up to.

No. 29133

one day nonas will understand that there's at least one moid and/or pickme femcel moderating this place

No. 29134

this seems believable considering there were past mods who turned ou to be kiwifarms moids and pickmes.

No. 29135

My dream lolcow.farm would have TERF jannies and a TERF admin and they'd stop letting moids into the discord… maybe some day…

No. 29136

sometimes they get so butthurt they reply to you with stuff that could only be known to someone who can see post history btw. i really wish i had saved some of the instances of this that i encountered kek

also inb4 gorefag trancel is a janny

No. 29240

PLEASE! I wish this too but theyre too scared of our power

No. 30496

>sometimes they get so butthurt they reply to you with stuff that could only be known to someone who can see post history btw. i really wish i had saved some of the instances of this that i encountered kek
Anyone got examples of this?

No. 30500

In the years that anons have been saying this, no one has ever posted proof (because it's likely not true and they're likely just schizo), esp when they claim that one anon MUST be another anon simply for disagreeing with them

No. 30502

I've been accused of being other anons but it was never true. Maybe some anons guessed right based on writing style and that's how the rumor started?

No. 33868

Admin you said site migration would occur soon and then you would add new banners on the new site but none of those have happened. I just wonder what's going on and I hope everyone in the team is ok.

No. 33869

>6 months ago and no news or introduction

No. 33870

I don't believe in the Newmin anymore than I do in Bigfoot.
In fact, Bigfoot has been spotted by humans multiple times, can't say the same for Newmin.

No. 33883


No. 59952


No. 59953


No. 59954

No. 59955

No. 59956

so good

No. 59957


No. 59958

No. 59959

No. 59960

No. 59961

No. 59962

No. 59963

No. 59964

No. 59965

No. 59966

No. 59967

No. 59968

No. 59969

No. 59970

No. 59971

No. 59972

No. 59973

No. 59974

No. 59975

No. 59976

No. 59977

No. 59978

No. 59979

No. 59980

No. 59981

No. 59982

No. 59983

No. 59984

No. 59985

No. 59986

No. 59987

No. 59988

No. 59989

No. 59990

No. 59991

No. 59992

No. 59993

No. 59994

No. 59995

No. 59996

No. 59997

No. 59998

No. 59999

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