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edgy ass 15 y/o tranny who runs a shitty discord cult called "diceorg", goes by Mortis, if you ask the right people you could find out their real name. Not gonna put a lot of info in this post, if ya'll are interested ill talk some more about this little shit. Anyway, there's a video of them fucking their dog and theyre a "proud zoophile", also supports groomers and MAPa, has nudes of a 12 y/o and other young kids. Their shitty cult is a fucking dumpster fire. The entire point is to get other edgy kids to Paypal them. There's also some old dude who funnels insane amounts of money into it, my working theory is mortis supplies him with kiddie nudes for it. anyway, i can talk more about this fuck if yall want.(shit thread)

No. 863921

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youtube is MORTiS, instagram is @necro.filic or some variation of that. pic unrelated

No. 863924

Read the rules before making a shit thread newfag.

No. 863941

the other 15 year old animation meme youtubers have already made a shit ton of videos about diceorg a year ago. the situation is not milky imo, it's just another sad reminder that parents should not let the internet raise their kids. not gonna bite your head off about the shit thread b/c tbh i'm pretty sure you're like 15 too :/(:/)

No. 864009

Mods, lock and ban.

No. 864020

If CP is involved, you need to call the proper authorities and report it.

Then gtfo and don't post minors.

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