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File: 1614070633656.png (360.43 KB, 1000x562, complaints.png)

No. 20405

Please post all general issues and complaints here. If you want mods to do something, or have some issue with or suggestion for site content, you should use this thread.
>>>/meta/6821 should only be used for technical issues and suggestions (can't load site, site slow, bugs, site feature requests). This thread is for non-technical issues.

If you use the thread to infight or instigate arguments you'll be banned from /meta/. If you come here to make a complaint that could have been handled with a report you will be ignored.

No. 20413

CP still in /snow/

No. 20414

seconding, posted 20 mins ago. is this the same one that constantly gets spammed?

No. 20415

Nta, but that photo is not the same one that was getting posted before. At least the one in snow is a 3d render or something

No. 20416

fucking hell, this is the first time i’ve seen it and i just assumed it was always some weird SFM shit. that’s abhorrent

No. 20425

>same cp gets posted almost every day, by the same scrote using a VPN who clearly wants us to get riled up
>mods continuously explain that they can't monitor the website every minute on the hour, and even if there were 20 or 30 mods there wouldn't be 24/7 monitoring
>cp gets posted and stays up max 45 min
>"OH MY GOD I CAN'T BELIEVE THERE IS CP ON THIS (((imageboard that attracts attention seeking scrotes))) MODS SUCK, WHY ARENT THERE ENOUGH MODS, ADMIN NEEDS TO STEP DOWN (((so a new admin can come and still not be able to predict when cp gets posted))). WHY HASNT ADMIN COMMENTED ON IT?? SUSPECT MUCH??"
>it's clear that captcha wouldn't stop this because it's not a bot, just a regular scrote who can solve captcha
>the scrote that wants to see us panic is satiated by the over reacting anons and does it again the next day

I just wish some of you anons understood that no matter your reaction, cp is not going to be posted any less. So just relax and wait for it to be deleted Suggestions are fine (the one about spoilering after a certain number of reports is fine albeit probably super technical) but seeing anons absolutely lose their shit over cp, knowing they are on an image board of all places where filth just flies on the internet, knowing it's going to attract scrotes desperate for female attention… it's just embarrassing.

I'm not trying to tinfoil but the way the reactions go overboard each times almost seems like it's not regular anons and some visitors (not saying names) just trying to make it seem like the site is totally unvisitable because of a picture that's been posted. If you don't wanna see cp, or if you don't expect some faggot to post unsettling gore and shit, don't visit imageboards. Plain and simple.


nah it's just something I kind of expect coming to a website that is labeled as female only, knowing some retarded scrote hates it. It's just expected. Crying about that is so weird, especially when you come to lolcow. Every hour or so cp was posted on /b/ and it's not like they overreacted every time.

No. 20426

Why was the Shunal thread locked?

No. 20427

>seeing anons absolutely lose their shit over cp

It just means they got some humanity left in them. Cp should disgust people.

What do you mods think about technical solutions to this?

No. 20428

*Shunao. My bad.

No. 20429

It's one thing to react, it's another to overreact. There's nothing wrong with being upset about cp, obviously, but screeching and saying "OMG I NEVER WANNA VISIT THIS SITE AGAIN" is just super embarrassing. It's unnecessary (albeit understandable). But it's exactly what they want and only adds fuel to KF fags fire.

No. 20430

Ok? If this same picture gets posted every day, then it's fair to expect some measures at least against that specific picture. There are programs that block certain pics being posted on your website, so why is it so unfair to expect admin to implement one of those? Admin even said to direct all complaints of CP on here instead of Discord or whatever. I don't see anons saying any one should step down either, just them being disgusted. Is this a bait or something

No. 20431

Sage your posts. Nothing can be done about incel scrotes ban evading to post. Close the sife for a while. Maybe dont keep refreshing to make sure its still up.walk away from the computer, put down the phone.

You have options, anon. Mass reporting wont help and screeching in meta we learned does nothing. What do you want to do??

No. 20432

>Suggestions are fine

it's almost like you didn't read my post. I said it's cool to have suggestions. It's fair to expect those to be implemented. But like >>20431 said, screeching in meta doesn't help.
Those programs would require admin to actually have a copy of the cp on their local hard drive/cloud storage. Do you really think she (or anyone) would be okay with that? even if 4chan mods are? BTW what programs are you referring to, just curious? If you have suggestions, actual tangible ones, leave them here. Otherwise you don't sound like you have fully thought out anything or know what you're talking about for that matter.

"I don't see anons saying anyone should step down" guess you haven't been here every time shit like this happens then. Every time something major happens, anons are constantly saying admin should step down and give the site up "since she can't handle it"

No. 20434

got some weirdos in here getting butthurt that anons are concerned that there's cp on this website. The anger towards them is so fucking bizarre. whats the agenda?

No. 20435

Anyway, in regards to the cp, would it be an option for thread creation to be disabled across boards? When /ot/ was shut down I'm pretty sure we couldn't make threads. Threads don't fill up that fast, so maybe when a new one is ready a farmhand could create it. I know the cp posters could still post in threads, but just a suggestion

No. 20436

How dare people complain about seeing cp and want to stop using the site so they won't have to look at it? Also, this is the most I've ever seen child porn and gore posted here in the time I've been using this site. It doesn't matter what's happening on /b/, it makes sense that kind of content is going to get a more extreme reaction here. Sorry, but not everyone is desensitized to seeing literal cp.

No. 20437

How about mods manually approve threads before they get posted to channels? We dont get massive enough amounts that need closure because most users know to look for existing ones. A scrote will read this though and just go back to thread spamming then.

Like literally nothing can be done.

No. 20438

No one is desensitized but how does 25 posts just yelling 'CP CP CP' one after the other help get mods attentions when for weeks we have to wait every time? No one says you shouldn't bring it up here. We are saying chatroom like replies to it clutter the thread and mods have had to say over and over and over how that spam doesn't make it go away and it clogs up this thread. Mention where it is and alert here, but infighting admins in meta over it and spamming 'ITS STILL UPPPPPP', when they don't have full control over disgusting incels, is fucking stupid and coming to meta and having to weed through those posts to discuss other site issues, is a nightmare.

What do you think they notice first? A spam filled thread or the report notifications when they log in? I doubt they are all clamoring to meta.

No. 20440

>No one is desensitized
>nah it's just something I kind of expect coming to a website that is labeled as female only, knowing some retarded scrote hates it. It's just expected
Kinda funny you talk about cluttering the thread with that long ass post complaining about people who complain about seeing cp.

No. 20442

>Kinda funny you talk about cluttering the thread with that long ass post complaining about people who complain about seeing cp.
kek, that was me, not the anon you're replying to. As if multiple people can't see that your consistent whining here does nothing… anyways, 20 posts about "omg this is my first time seeing cp I hate it!!" is moot. STFU someone has already said what you're saying. We get it.

No. 20443

kek. Myself and another anon made replies offering suggestions and saying that suggestions are fine but consistent whining and anger towards mods is pointless. No one responded, but instead talk around it, saying we're angry about the meta spam. Almost makes me think you guys can't process actual solutions, but would again rather blame other anons/not have actual discussions about actual solutions. Lazy pathetic.

No. 20444

Add HCaptcha to the site. It has a feature that lets you crank up the difficulty during off-hours so at least it can't be spammed as easily.
I hate captchas but it would make the drive by CP posts not be as frequent when no one is around

No. 20445

the cp isn't usually spammed though. It's one guy just posting it like once every day or two. does help with gore spam though but gore is posted randomly at random hours

No. 20446

Anon typed all this just to tell us she comes here for CP, and even that the resident CP spammer needs to diversify his content. I am tired.
CC doesn't have this problem. Why?

No. 20447

Nobody cares about what you have to say. Go to CC since it's so much better.

No. 20448

Nobody cares what you have to say, either, but at least me and the other anons aren't clogging threads first thing with essays just bitching about what other people post for the mods and admin to read.
Remember, this thread is not for you. Complaints about the site are on topic, your "omg guys CP is fine" diaries are not.

No. 20449

and i actually check Meta at certain times to make sure I don't come across gore/cp, so people posting updates helps people aviod that shit

No. 20450

Nta but there is no sage required on meta.

No. 20451

Why do anons care how many times people report cp here? Don't read it then? What a strange complaint.

No. 20452

this. don't come to the complaints thread if you don't want to see people complaining lol?

No. 20453

I dont get this either. I come here to see if any cp is posted and wait for anons to say if it's gone. Why does this make anons sperg out?

No. 20454

Anon, what the hell are you talking about. I’ve been browsing chans for over a decade and the only time I’ve ever stumbled across cp has been here. /b/ is not comparable to here, it is a shitpost board that’s sole purpose is chaos and has always been dogshit. You’re comparing that to a site with small traffic that revolves around discussion about specific topics? It’s a non comparison.
I think most people can appreciate that random attacks can happen which are out of the mods’ control, but this is a pattern and they are upset about that because something needs to be done to manage it. Your suggestion of simply getting over it is really stupid and not to mention weird as hell, most people do not want to browse a site where they’re regularly at risk of seeing something so vile and day ruining wtf. You say you don’t want to see it but you’re also acting like you’re desensitised to it and it’s no problem for you to tune it out? Sorry but most people aren’t and no it is not just a part of chan culture, don’t be ridiculous.
Also, most people aren’t freaking out and are offering constructive and good suggestions that the mod team can implement to improve the situation, people know they are limited in what they can do to some degree and people just want the situation to improve.

No. 20455

>don't complain in the complaint thread
The hypocrisy!

No. 20456

No one said "get over it". It was "stop repeating the same fucking thing that is said every time cp is posted and losing your minds every single time" but I know you all probably have poor reading skills so I understand that I'd need to explain this again.

No. 20458

There’s a sperg in >>>/ot/747531 and
>>>/ot/747535 who thinks this is 4chan

No. 20459

This is the thread to make complaints and suggestions to the mod team, not to other farmers. Literally the first two sentences in the op, and the bold text at the bottom that says to not instigate a fight with other users….which is what that anon did. If you hate this thread being clogged up so much, then maybe don't clog it up by trying to argue with other users, dummy.

No. 20460

I came here to complain in the COMPLAINTS thread about overdramatic anons having meltdowns and overreacting every time the CP is posted, instead of: reporting it and posting about it in meta and then not visiting that board until it's gone, rather than going to every single other thread and being like "THERE'S CP IN PT OMG I'M GOING TO DIE IF IT DOESNT GET DELETED NOW" and being super mad at the mods for the unfortunate thing that I'm sure they probably don't wanna see either.

My ONLY complaint was the overreaction part. I didn't say anons couldn't talk about it, I didn't say they couldn't offer suggestions. I never said it was a normal thing that happens, but I did say that it shouldn't be an unexpected thing. I just said that the spamming over and over again about how it's ruined your day and how "something needs to be done" is just embarrassing. Lo and behold all of the dramatic anons tell me I can't complain in the complaints thread and that I must like the cp if I'm so "cool with it" which literally…. no. Just no. All I said was anons overreacting about it was embarrasing in my initial post. kek.

Then you all want to act like other people here who are saying the same thing as me are ME since you don't believe other anons can agree with me.

>inb4 tldr

don't care, someone did

No. 20461

File: 1614177480476.jpg (58.99 KB, 500x500, 0b492bcd-1489-489f-af0f-bd8d74…)

samefag but I'm definitely going to just stop checking this thread because I feel like I'm arguing with a barrel full of monkeys who literally just want to join in the shitflinging instead of reading like reasonable individuals.

No. 20462

holy shit anon, look at yourself. You're actually blogposting about anons who are just telling the mods that there is cp in threads. youre contributing more autism to this thread than anyone else.

No. 20465

You literally said that repeatedly saying that cp was up didn't help because it's "spam" and makes the thread look like a chatroom or some shit, but do really think sperging like this will make it easier for farmhands to see complaints and suggestions like >>20426 >>20435 (y'know, in the thread where we are supposed to complain and make suggestions to farmhands? like what the people complaining about cp were doing)
>samefag but I'm definitely going to just stop checking this thread
Didn't you complain about anons saying they were gonna stop using the site because of cp? lol. Good riddance.

No. 20467

I like the idea of not allowing users to make threads on /pt/ and /snow/. Most of the time it's shit threads and spam. I thought that's why there's a thread request thread anyway?

No. 20468

Nah, the thread req thread is to gauge other users interest in thread topics I think

No. 20471

Anon, relax. Drink some water, take a nap, maybe read a book. This is not worth getting this upset over.

No. 20473

Yes please lets do it. Just stops threads from being made that are shitty anyway like all those vtuber threads, CG threads.. Threads that invite incel behavior and this can help curve the CP and gore and they make threads for those too, not just image spam threads. That with captcha might be good.

No. 20474

This, I HATE new discussion on my lolcow, fellow farmers. Please also stop allowing to make new posts.

Absolutely obsessed.

No. 20475

File: 1614202011492.png (1.03 MB, 1080x1069, 1612053143477.png)

I'm not trying to be ridiculous but can /ot/ jannies please please (I beg of you) deal with the uptick of very, very obvious males on the board that are derailing threads with infighting bc they're not being redtexted? I know banning them can be futile because moids will evade but redtexting so female anons don't respond would help a lot. Just look here for instance
Male anon doesn't explicitly state that he's male. No redtext. Some anons who don't know better might assume that this is just a pickme nlog. Other anons however notice that this undoubtedly sounds like a fucking man who is crying about male feefees with a piss poor LARP of a woman, truly not even bothering to blend in. Kek at the later mention of equality. One anon (NTA) is redtexted and it's not the moid but one of the many anons who is calling him out on something considered "bait". Even though I think it's obvious he's a moid who is legit saying "what about men though… in the name of true equality amirite girlies teehee :)" on here unironically, what he's saying wasn't outright scrote bait. Even though it's male logic, it can also definitely be mistaken for pickme-ism.
I've already been banned multiple times in the last year for just saying "obvious male logic" not to diss the scrote but just to stop anons from responding to these non-self-identified yet still obvious scrotes. And that's because the op is almost never redtexted by a janny, even a month after I've sent a report.

No. 20476

Not that anon, but it's true. Before someone tries to play it off with the the "not everyone who disagrees is a moid!!" card, lo and behold, like a fucking clockwork:

No. 20477

Please move Pixielocks to /snow/

No. 20478

Agreed with this

No. 20479

>overdramatic anons having meltdowns
I don't know about you anon, but having to see gore and children being abused is a good reason to react the way anons do.
>it shouldn't be an unexpected thing
I think having to unwillingly and randomly see these illegal things because some fucko posts them should be considered unexpected
>anons overreacting about it was embarrasing
I really don't think so, they're free to react to something this severe and disgusting, specially if it's their first time seeing somehting like this, or if they're super sensitive to it, or if it ruins their day. I don't think being sensitive to these topics is a bad thing, quite the contrary.

No. 20480

Let anons yell about disgusting shit
Only desensitized people complain about people who are sensitive to the topic

No. 20481

File: 1614209546912.png (47.17 KB, 1024x292, wow.png)

Oh shit, I remember this exact post this moid made in the unpopular opinions thread
What the fuck?

No. 20482

since there's no way to know for sure if scrotes are here without them exposing themselves, it's probably best if we all collectively stop replying to obvious bait posts like that. easier said than done but they'll only keep coming back and shitting up the board if they're given any attention

No. 20483

This, maybe we should start doing some redtexting like

(don't respond to bait)
So nobody responds to bait anymore

No. 20484

Damn anon you think? That's such an amazing revolutionary idea.

No. 20485

File: 1614223675040.png (9.19 KB, 906x132, 33.png)

you can't tell me this isn't a male

No. 20486

A new fan, thanks!

No. 20487

Please close this thread, the last one was full of dried milk, nitpicks and whiteknights, she's barely interesting anymore, and you can tell it's the same anon over and over again with a weird vendetta because of how they type, this is the most embarassing thread on /w/ of them all, 4 hours in and nobody cares to reply

No. 20488

Can admin remove the "vote for lolcow awards 2020" message? it's not even 2020 anymore and the results are in

No. 20489

theres gore and male nudes/porn in /snow/

No. 20490

Seconding this. Please start giving bans for responding to obvious bait like on CC. Especially if it's an obvious maleposter. In the PP threads I remember farmhands used to give bans for responding to men, that should be a general rule across all boards unless it's relevant to milk or some shit.

No. 20491

Both the baiter and the baited should get a redtext ban, or else it would be unfair

No. 20493

stop sucking the tits of the jannies they obviously don’t care about this website at all lmao

No. 20494

If you took out the "muh feminism bad" sperg, it honestly would be a valid complaint towards some /ot/ users.
Can /w/endetta just be merged with /snow/.
>inb4 covid is the reason why the cows on it aren't very active
No, the board just isn't very active in general, and the cows on /w/ really aren't much different from x random ethot being posted on /snow/ aside from being /w/eaboos.

No. 20495

Late PSA but if you see CP and feel powerless about it you can actually report it here and it's added to the FBI database https://www.missingkids.org/gethelpnow/cybertipline

For those unsure if jannies do anything about it besides take their sweet time deleting it

No. 20496

What’s the mental illness the average poster on /ot/ has? I swear to god not even the most nitpicky cunt on /snow/ is as annoying. /g/ and /ot/ is a board for 30 year old moms who constantly accuse each other of being male. This whole >you must be a male shit needs to end. Why do they keep doing it?

No. 20497


Bringing that up again because it was somehow lost in the previous thread as locking was imminent and then in the CP mini debate.
The MM thread in snow is a constant shit up of anons posting the same repetitive nitpicking comments over and over again, on stuff not even tangentially related to MM. Might be a good idea to consider locking it up for a while.

No. 20498

there's a literal autism thread on /ot/. So there's your answer.

No. 20499

Cluster B

No. 20500

there's currently an ocd fag with intrusive thoughts explaining to an unmedicated schizo that she's not in fact possessed by brain worms
no joke

No. 20501

I don't understand how posts like these aren't infighting but calling someone a man or tranny for sounding like a man or tranny gets a 3-7 day redtext ban within nanoseconds.

No. 20502

Idk how that post even fits here tbh. Why do anons keep using this thread to complain about other farmers

No. 20503

can we do something about the azalea banks stans in the celebcows thread posting every single instagram story she posts just to be like ‘omg so relatable lol’? it’s not milk and it shits up the thread with people blogposting about how much they agree with her or how funny she is or whatever, and it’s getting so boring.

No. 20504

It’s weird the revenge porn in leftcows got left up but they deleted Shoe’s completely censored nudes immediately.

Agreed, every single thing she says doesn’t need to be posted. Sometimes it’s not even recent and they just randomly post things she said years ago. She literally has a thread as well.

No. 20505

File: 1614383373079.png (186.18 KB, 714x597, 1614370055429.png)

Can I remake this thread on /g/?

No. 20506

No. /w/ and /snow/ are different

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