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File: 1608768573910.jpeg (552.91 KB, 1200x1800, B4299132-24E1-4122-8E36-595073…)

No. 1113746

General Milk
Ashley -

> 23 year old wannabe goth try hard edgy e-thot

> Peaked in 2015-2017
> Toopoor skinwalker
> Drug addicted junkie
> Dated her fair share of insta-scrotes (Tyler, Connor, Simon ect)
> Claimed her ex Simon was abusive
> Started selling nudes to support her junkie NEET lifestyle
> Thinks her OF is worth $40 a month
> Leaked everywhere
> Brags and posts about drugs to her thousands of young followers
> Constantly lurking and self posting
> Very self absorbed, narcissistic, manipulative and influential towards her younger friends
> Gives drugs and alcohol to minors
> In and out of rehab, hospital, psych ward etc
> Enabling mother who seems to support her financially
> Older brother passed away

Maddie -

> 18 year old drug addicted autistic NEET

> “friends” with Ashley
> Lives in squalor with her inbred brothers and sisters
> Only income is OF and ebegging
> Had a serious eating disorder from a young age
> Wears a heart monitor due to ED
> Was apparently kidnapped, robbed and sexually assisted multiple times because she trusts strangers and continues to do so
> Doesn’t do anything all day aside from go on instagram, mix pills, alcohol and make a fool of herself to her thousands of followers
> Ashley heavily influences Maddie and gave her drugs when she was a minor
> basically started Maddies addiction

Recent Milk -

> Ashley gets into a new relationship with an ugly drug dealer psychopath

> moves in with his friends and lives in a traphouse
> Preaching sobriety one day, posting videos of her snorting coke off someone’s ass the next
> MORGUE tattoo on her forehead
> Starts making porn with her ugly bf
> Preaches everyday how ~in love~ she is and found her ~soul mate~
> Porn and drug dealing fund her junkie lifestyle
> Starts to hang out with Maddie more
> Maddie basically copies everything Ashley does
> Hang out once, take 5000 photos, spam everyone with the same photos until they eventually hang out again and repeat
> Ashley is ~sober again~ despite drinking and taking pills
> Maddie is sexually assaulted and robbed because she got in the car with random men, while she was drunk, accepted alcohol on the street and went to their house
> Exact situations have happened in the past due to her stupidity and naivety
> Creates a GoFundMe straight away
> Maddie really starts to go downhill
> Constantly posting throwback pictures and crying over the fact that she’s ugly now
> Bulimia relapses, switches back to full anachan and posts bodychecks everyday
> Gets her heart monitor, wears see through shirts for ~uwu I’m sick~ points
> Ashley apologises to her followers about her glorification of drugs
> Ugly drug dealer boyfriend proposes to her after 5 months of dating
> “BDSM roleplay” goes too far and she ends up in hospital AKA he chokes her out and she nearly dies
> Ashley posts multiple stories heavily under the influence talking about how happy they are in their relationship
> Next morning, boyfriend overdoses while Ashley is asleep
> He passes away
> She starts posting everyday about how she’ll love him forever ect ect
> Heavily defends that NO abuse happened
> Ashley ODs
> Maddie gets robbed by Ashleys friend because of her stupidity (again)
> Ashley self posts to defend her bf
> “Gives up the vivadrag thing” and switches accounts
> Takes a small break from social media but still lurks
> Deletes all the pictures of her dead bf not even a month later
> Switches up the story and says she was “abused, threatened to be killed, around gang violence and given any drug she wanted”
> ~Falls in love~ with a random ex junkie in rehab/psychward and is already wanting to run away with him
> Maddie and Ashley start to hang out again
> They post multiple pictures, videos and stories of them clearly heavily under the influence
> Ashleys ex Simon passes away
> It’s all about him now and it’s all she posts about
> Now he was the love of her life and no mention of any abuse
> Ashley somehow manages to make it all about her despite him having a current girlfriend
> Maddie really starts struggling with her addition issues
> Posts live stories she doesn’t remember filming while slurring, repeating the same things and so on
> Every morning she posts the whole “I’m so ashamed of everything I did last night I want to die wah wah” yet doesn’t seek help, change her behaviour and gets drunk again the same night
> Ashleys old roommates take all her belongings and she cuts ties, yet was okay when her roommates robbed Maddie
> Both constantly lurk, even while hanging out together and directly reply to farmers
> Ashley makes OF content with her old roommates..?
> Maddie shows of her NEET lifestyle by going on omeagle and posting 50 suicidal stories every single day
> publicly displays every meltdown she has (multiple a day) while under the influence then doesn’t remember anything the next day
> So intoxicated that she forgets she’s on live and gets completely undressed
> Maddie tries to sell her @dollltears account but no one buys it
> Ashley is hanging out with new/old(?) friends and posting the same old 3edgy4u content
> Maddie is apparently going outpatient to help with her mental health and addiction issues

Previous Threads

(#0.5 e-girl) >>>/snow/866800
(#1 vivadrag) >>>/snow/567471

No. 1113793

Thanks for making this, they are dayton's finest dumpster fires lmao

No. 1113795

ty for the new thread anon, pretty good summary

No. 1113802

I hope Maddie genuinely gets help. she's young and dumb and just wants to belong i think, and people are taking advantage of that.
i have zero empathy for Ashley. she has chance after chance, will never admit fault for anything, and continues to defend her reckless, dangerous decisions to her young impressionable audience and everyone in her life is just a character for her "uwu tragic gothic girl life" it's all either Dead Love of Her Life, Abusive Ex, or Fellow Junkie. there's no room for anything else, and the roles are subject to change depending on what narrative she wants to spin that day.

No. 1113864


Exactly, I still have sympathy for maddie since she’s got a lot wrong in her life (Abusive mother, genuine mental illness from a young age, fucked up family situation + is diagnosed autistic) and is younger
Than Ashley also not forgetting that Ashley was basically the one who introduced Maddie to drugs and has continued to encourage her usage by doing them together when they hang out not to mention always seeming to be drinking together if they aren’t getting high

Maddie still has a chance to turn her life around, in all honesty she probably won’t but at least for her there’s still hope especially since she’s trying to get treatment herself

Ashley has been given chances time and time again but she hasn’t changed, she’s even dragging people down with her by introducing them to her lifestyle, she’s hung out with someone who stole from one of her “closest” friends, moved to a crackden tier house supposedly to be with her late ex whilst repeatedly posting about struggling staying sober, publicly called multiple people she’s broken up with abusive which obviously made her rabbid fans attack them and lied to her fans about being sober while offering them advice on how to stay clean

Not to mention the majority of ex friends she’s had have come out saying she’s manipulative, mean and selfish

No. 1113897

File: 1608780793180.png (1.31 MB, 1440x1691, Screenshot_20201223-192339.png)

Sage for old / not new milk but here's Ashley's old roommate sapphire snorting drugs off her ass.

No. 1114010

Maddie isnt autistic lol she lies bc now it s a cool alt thing to be autistic xddd

No. 1114014

Maddie went live tonight and was the most self aware I've probably ever seen her. She said she didn't do her homework or try when she dropped out of public school for home schooling,& that her ED stunted her mentally. She made it sound like her parents didn't parent her enough, and that's probably right because I've found it sus that she dropped out so young and has no GED or diploma yet. She mentioned that on the live, as well as that after outpatient a goal of hers is to get a stable job. Good luck maddie. (I don't mean that sarcastically, I hope outpatient works for you because addiction sucks). Weird how they're both talking about jobs and education after we mentioned it here lol, but alright.

No. 1114024

I followed these girls years ago when that sort of alternative look was getting popular and it still had the appeal of a seemingly new/revitalized style. After the previous train-wreck of a thread, I had to check… 200k followers? I am profoundly confused. Can someone explain to me how two tweaking white trash plain-Janes from some nobody town, who would usually end up working at the corner sandwich shop, frequenting the local motels, eventually getting pregnant and having their child taken away by CPS or overdosing, managed to gain a following big enough that they have FAN ACCOUNTS? To even get multiple threads on a gossip forum? Like, I get it, these two have the absolute worst luck in the world on top of being brain-dead, giving us a never ending supply of tragic milk but… how?? Like, how do they even have the money to afford this lifestyle, moving around from different places in Ohio to (someone claimed) New York? Where the fuck does Ashley live that Maddie can stab herself with a safety pin and not raise alarms to the other people in the house? She can’t be living alone, she has no job or stability. Did they just happen to get big because this is just what the zoomer generation finds interesting and their analytics keep them afloat? Is this what the culture of Instagram breeds? Or did these two girls actually do something memorable that I am somehow blissfully unaware of?

No. 1114035

File: 1608800815875.png (9.15 MB, 2048x2048, 182B8D15-A939-4715-B57E-2699A1…)

OP here, forgot to add this pic into the collage so it needs to be posted again for the lolz. She looks so unhinged, banner material tbh.

Sage for no input.

No. 1114052

kek on a live a few nights ago someone sarcastically asked how she gets her teeth so white and she replied saying 'oh i got these charcoal toothpicks and ever since they're just do white'

bear in mind last week she thought she was pregnant bc of a metal taste in her mouth but it was just gum disease lol

No. 1114085

does anyone know what happened between ash and kira? ash has recently hung out with kira's best friend,i find it a bit odd tbh

No. 1114159

I asked this in the last thread. I dont think anyone really knows. Kira is super private these days as far as I know. She fell off instagram. I havent been able to follow her finsta. Was hoping maybe someone else was. I always thought she was too nice to be around Ashley.

No. 1114163

File: 1608828931264.jpeg (486.45 KB, 741x936, 96BE49D9-C822-4251-A9C7-DA7005…)

Well maddie used to be really nice looking girl and ash still is kinda cute and pretty

U dont need anything else beside nice face to become popular

No. 1114258

Sage because this doesn’t pertain to anyone’s points so far but pretty sure Ashley was born in 99, which would make her 21 not 23
Doesn’t make much of a difference I just think it’s hilarious that she looked like an alcoholic mom before she even turned the legal age to drink. Both of em actually kek

No. 1114273

File: 1608838687934.jpeg (514.13 KB, 1857x1472, 0C104FDF-5893-4C19-A16B-6F92B0…)

Ironic as fuck yiiiiiiikes

No. 1114280

Y’all need to stop making your selfposts so evident lmao

No. 1114296

They still follow eachother on twitter but Kira doesn’t follow Ashley back on instagram. Definitely weird, I wonder if Kira’s trying to stay on good terms but also just trying to stay out of the fire

No. 1114300

this is just sad…

No. 1114338

File: 1608845541145.jpeg (105.17 KB, 828x512, E11C7144-AD24-478D-A4B5-C0A5B5…)

she’s making more accounts to satiate her embarrassing internet addiction

No. 1114370

>Super private account

No. 1114598


how do you know she's posting herself? I mean, i'm kind of new in this site i dont understand how can you tell is she who's posting. Btw sorry if my english is bad (my first language is spanish)

No. 1114599

File: 1608881282811.png (148.44 KB, 720x840, Screenshot_2020-12-25-04-24-51…)

and just in case you think im maddie posting herself again asking so she doesnt get caught(lmao), here's a screen from my cellphone in spanish :))(ban evasion)

No. 1114689

don’t worry anon - usually it’s easy to tell through writing style/tone, or sometimes they’ll straight up say it’s them

No. 1114701


Maddie is infamous for coming on various threads that mention her to put herself down for attention.

No. 1114818

Maddie’s brother Liam posted an envelope on his story with their address on it….what. Maddie’s also posted before a video with her step brothers phone number on it and a video where you could see a phone number on her cats tag, why are these people so stupid.

No. 1114823

so where is the compilation of her yellow UK teeth?

No. 1114834

File: 1608924493732.gif (2.46 MB, 255x191, imageproxy.gif)

No. 1115466

File: 1609014249812.jpeg (197.71 KB, 750x1334, AD4BA234-C7C3-47D8-972F-4C3923…)

Maddie spends all day on the internet, yet she doesn’t know how to search Google or Amazon. In fact, she will buy items off other people’s wishlists… so imaginative.

No. 1115506

All she'd have to do is go on amazon and search "goth o ring choker" or dumb things like that to find a bunch of edgy shit. But no I'll have my basic ass following tell me what to buy because I can't figure out what I want on my own. K lol.

No. 1115654

File: 1609040225253.png (163.29 KB, 1440x1142, Screenshot_20201226-193154.png)

Maddie went live tonight I only caught a minute of it but of course she was talking about "being bullied on the internet" when I joined. She's right back to wanting outpatient even though it didn't work before? She was saying she wanted inpatient, now she's saying she is or was in inpatient? Her whole situation honestly has me very confused.

No. 1115657

File: 1609040855674.png (887.75 KB, 1440x1387, Screenshot_20201226-194023.png)

Her white trash mom fucking with her medication is super off-putting to me, idk about y'all. I wouldn't put it past her mom to slip maddie a pill to shut her the fuck up for awhile or something of that nature. I mean she's known about her disorders and hasn't seemingly done much to help her in the last few years. We've seen them have heated arguments briefly during lives, maddie even seems scared of her mom in my opinion. Once on a live her tone changed and she immediately got off when her mom got home. Maybe I'm way off base but switching medications quickly can really fuck with your body and mind. I hope a doctor was more involved with Maddie as opposed to just hearing the mom's side and giving them the pills. Her mother seems like she's very enabling / an unhealthy role model to maddie but that's just my opinion. Thoughts?

No. 1115861

It’s hard to tell whats goin in with her and her mom and whole family??? I can’t tell if her mom is just so fed up with her shit she treats Maddie the way she does and Maddie plays it up or if she’s been a crappy neglectful mother always. She seems okay with her older brother but he also seems kinda unhinged, I always forget she has a younger brother too but you never hear anything about him buts she’s said before he hates her, doesn’t appear to live with either parent. mandy/Andy (?) is her step sibling and they are obviously close, but does anyone in her family actually properly support her or what. Seems like everyone enables her or treats her so poorly setting her up to get worse and worse.

No. 1115875

She’s an adult, she can get a job, earn some money and move out. What more, she can take her onlyfans money and move out. But no, she’s too lazy or maybe she likes to play the victim. Just stop buting ugly ass clothes or cheap beer and move out jc

No. 1115876

Well if she does have a personality disorder most likely at least one or both parents are fucked up. Personality disorders don’t usually just come from nowhere.

No. 1115883

well her younger brother is seriously abusive, she's shown videos of him lashing out and it's pretty scary. i think her mother really tries but with how uncontrollable maddie is i think she's just at her wits end and doesn't know what to do. andy is for sure an enabler, once i asked him if he feels bad about drinking with an addict with heart issues and he laughed. (asked through tellonym or whatever it's called)
her older brother seemed to look out for her a lot but since he moved out and went to college ive noticed shes gotten worse at a faster rate

No. 1115898

Her older brother seems to be the only who who cares it’s pretty sad but at least there’s someone and andy always seemed to be just as bad as Maddie but in different ways, noone seems to really talk or care about andys obvious addiction though. Didn’t know that about her younger brother that’s sad as…does only Maddie live with their mom? Everyone seems to be with her dad and he seems alright but not really clear about how he feels about all of Maddies problems

No. 1115929

BPD is not genetic or god-given, it develops from abusive upbringing, so…

No. 1115931

during the night where she was on oxys and drunk she did a live with mandy and started seriously oversharing about her assaults and making chat uncomfortable. when someone saif she should be talking about this with a therapist not instagram live mandy kept enabling her and telling her she can say whatever she wants, despite maddie being visibly fucking wonky and falling all over the place

No. 1115974

she lives with her mom and younger brother. andy lives at their dads place and i think that house is empty since they're dad is in another state or something for work

No. 1116081

maddie is live on instagram bingeing. she's talking about how much money she spent on food like its a personality trait

so she blows all her money on snacks and then complains about having no money. cool cool.

No. 1116092

File: 1609106105947.jpg (504.34 KB, 1440x1440, photocollage_20201227134850878…)

Her mental illness is at the forefront of all she does kek

No. 1116093

man this is depressing… she's just binge eating and chugging milk with her stray cat on the table and talking about how much she detests herself

why does this girl still think instagram is healthy for her

No. 1116097

File: 1609106503854.png (4 MB, 750x1334, 63BC2C39-F501-4B4C-919B-CC6FE8…)

maddie always seems so out of it during her lives, she's slurring all her words and it sounds like she' struggling to even form coherent sentences. she said she's not drunk though, so i wonder whether she does other drugs that make you braindead like that or if she's actually sober but has already fucked up her brain so much that she can't even speak anymore

No. 1116098

She just literally chundered in her mouth and swallowed it

No. 1116106

File: 1609106917918.png (844.33 KB, 1440x1383, Screenshot_20201227-134252.png)

Breathing nicotine smoke in her cats face .. fuck you from the bottom of my heart ashley

No. 1116125

File: 1609108231016.png (746.97 KB, 1440x1210, Screenshot_20201227-141847.png)

She's on a roll

No. 1116136

File: 1609108747809.png (2.25 MB, 836x1498, Screenshot 2020-12-27 at 10.38…)


No. 1116139

lmao she did this on purpose obviously to show us how ''depressed'' and broken she is

No. 1116142

She’s said before that both her parents are sick of her and her problems, quite a while ago, she was going live after one of her suicide attempts and said that when she told her mom she wanted to kill herself her mom just said “go ahead” or something along those lines bc she’s just exhausted of her.

No. 1116157

this is literally a new mattress and it's already filthy. why do none of these hoes use sheets

No. 1116167

Of course she shops at Dollar General for her white trash snacks

No. 1116172

File: 1609110700752.jpeg (673.29 KB, 749x1330, 95805AD3-B832-493B-8776-A429DD…)

Bored? Clean your gd filthy room of cheap garbage. Learn something on the internet. Read a book.

No. 1116196

I think it was mentioned in the old thread there was an old live where Maddie was live (not drunk surprisingly) just talking to people on her live and her mother came in shouting and physically beating her, Maddies Mother is genuinely abusive physically and mentally she seems to target Maddie the most but the other two siblings have said that their mother has Hit them too iirc

No. 1116207

File: 1609112833168.jpg (432.17 KB, 1440x1440, photocollage_20201227153413216…)

Okay sorry but I'm going to rant so obviously this is saged but I hate when these two act like alcoholics because they are not. Unless you become physically sick from not having enough in your system, you are not an alcoholic! What you are right now maddie is sick and drunk because you're dumb and continue to drink too much. If it were taken from you, you wouldn't need to go to the hospital. That's why they keep doing outpatient for you, because you are not an alcoholic or addicted to pills so badly you need to detox in a facility. She and ashley have said they're addicts, I feel like yes they are but they don't even understand what they're saying half the time when it comes to addiction. Like ashley was for sure addicted to fent but her saying she's an alcoholic in the past is a joke.

No. 1116216

File: 1609113367682.jpeg (291.83 KB, 750x940, 13CF7A5D-1E45-4DAA-8273-0D4EAE…)

at the start of 2020 ashley fell asleep while driving a car, while she was under the influence. she had friends in the car including Kira and maybe Kira’s brother Josh ?
Kira’s dad wanted to get a restraining order against Ashley , for good reason. It gets exhausting ‘being friends’ with a drug addict, she definitely got tired of being Ashelys caretaker and realized experimenting with drugs is only fun when you’re a teenager
Ashley supplied Josh with drugs for years from the time he was 14
pic related from her finsta, dec 29 2019

No. 1116217

File: 1609113409919.jpeg (121.25 KB, 750x637, ED82313C-293A-4BFB-8765-859CE1…)

No. 1116226


If this is true what a piece of shit doing drugs when you know you're driving your friends places

How do you know this Anon?

No. 1116242

Jesus christ I'd want a restraining order too.

No. 1116247

i posted the caps from her old finsta and she sperged a bunch more on her stories back then. this was right before she first went to rehab

No. 1116257

Why does ashley love giving drugs to children so much? That is fucking deplorable, what an awful fucking person

No. 1116260

Because misery loves company, no adult with half a brain is going to try fentanyl or meth to get high. It's probably easier to convince teens or young people to do dumb shit with you than older friends.

No. 1116285

I actually worried about their little brother being around her. And their other sibling (i think goes by Erin or something) none of it felt right and honestly I hope they never go back to being friends with Ashley. Thanks for letting us know about all that anon. Im glad they're all ok. Ashley ruins everything else in her path.

No. 1116305

File: 1609123340198.png (1.64 MB, 750x1334, 88B62C18-F493-40D0-83F3-8EC3E0…)

She just posted Ashley today on her finsta conveniently after we were asking if they were still friends lmao

No. 1116314

She’s definitely trying to make a point that they aren’t friends. The only photo she has bc she looked pretty lmao

No. 1116331

ot but kira’s makeup has always been so fucking good i wish she posted more

No. 1116351

File: 1609129165559.png (Spoiler Image, 521.09 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_20201227-225422.png)

Maddie is the least sexy person like ever

No. 1116353

File: 1609129265312.png (Spoiler Image, 528.06 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_20201227-225427.png)

No. 1116372

ok wtf

why would u just leak an onlyfans lol

you guys bitch about her not having a job and then leak her onlyfans account. hypocritical asf.

No. 1116374

Sex work isn't real work.

No. 1116382

File: 1609132019405.png (154.51 KB, 1440x1537, Screenshot_20201227-205626.png)

This weird trans kid who likes FNAF calling us cringe lmao. I am pretentious though, full disclosure it doesn't offend me.

No. 1116386

Burned in my brain forever now and I'm the only one to blame for clicking on it… Her body isnt that bad but her face.. like bruh, how can that make you nut? When there's free porn of pretty bitches you can get off to?? Lol

No. 1116387

File: 1609132349073.jpeg (63.02 KB, 750x228, 15876585-61B2-4F4E-A1C8-0201B7…)

This reply from her brother’s friend hahaha

No. 1116388

A lot of that shit is already leaked, calm down. People will leak content what the fuck else do you expect from selling your body to strangers on the internet?? I don't agree with leaking her shit necessarily but she's the dumb bitch who leaked into begin with so

No. 1116454

Her dirty gross carpet ew.

No. 1116484

File: 1609150789498.jpeg (129.22 KB, 828x715, 014D9CAF-BEFB-46B5-82E0-61B73D…)

Here we fucking go (again)

No. 1116525


I dont super agree with leaking this stuff lol but her stuff wouldn't be so horrible if she knew how to pose, make better faces or crop hers out. She just looks stiff and awkward. Still don't know how she makes money from this lol.

No. 1116528

Shes had this account since shortly after "stepping away from viva" when Jake died but its just another shit show she posts on constantly.

No. 1116542

Speaking of dangerous driving Ashley just spammed her story filming herself with her phone driving at night to Indiana, multiple angles of the road and herself on the freeway whilst also taking time to post the music she was listening two in said stories,

She’s honestly going to end up in a bad car wreck one day, if passing out after overdosing with her friends in the car wasn’t enough

No. 1116548

I just watched those. She literally gives no fucks about herself (obviously) but shes constantly putting others in danger and just……doesn't care until she can get pity or attention from it. Shes putting long captions and stuff on these stories about her brother. Shes typing (even voice to text would be awful) all that while driving????? And how does she keep getting cars??? Oh yeah, her crusty enabling mom.

No. 1116563

File: 1609162664222.jpg (483.46 KB, 1440x1440, photocollage_2020122853440902.…)

Bitch nobody cares about this dumb shit just focus on the fucking road. Literally I hope you wreck your car since you can't seem to drive it responsibly anyways. Whether she is on drugs driving or filming the road instead of actually watching it, her stupidity never fails to astound me when it comes to things you'd think are common sense jfc I'm so annoyed with this brain dead bitch

No. 1116573

File: 1609163367838.png (611.85 KB, 1440x767, Screenshot_20201228-054048.png)

No. 1116667

File: 1609176012499.jpeg (113.73 KB, 913x538, 08ED3CBB-510C-422F-A121-9AA3EA…)

My god she has the actual body of a 12 year old.
Wtf are those positions?

No. 1116704

ok hol up who took some of these pics

No. 1116714

how is her body healthy

No. 1116716


No. 1116719

not sure why that anon called her 'healthy' bc we obviously know she has an ED and also multiple addictions but i'm surprised that her body actually doesn't look "bad". i definitely was expecting more visible bones/muscles/loose skin etc. i guess she's still young and her body has time to recover

No. 1116721

That was a typo on my part. Not saying she is healthy. Just was trying to say that it is annoying to see body nitpicks considering she at least (looks) pretty normal to me

No. 1116733

All girls i know who used to have ED are shaped like man. And so do Maddie - no waist, no hips. I think it has something to do with it

No. 1116753

File: 1609184732198.jpg (418.58 KB, 1080x1763, 20201228_144529.jpg)

I can agree with her that the dude she posted about is a huge predator and gross. But I think its funny she lies about getting help for her BPD. Like uhhhh no dude you do hard drugs and are forced into rehab???

No. 1116788

Yeah if you start really early your body doesn't develop since it literally does not have the strength lmao she probably has a fucked up period as well. The diseases really will fuck you up forever

No. 1116793

antipsychotics can do that to you

No. 1116824

The other day she was on oxycodone pills and loaded with alcohol during a live, not just her medicine lmao where tf did you learn medication makes you act drunk and high?? I get that it'll make you act and feel different, but they're not responsible for her being so intoxicated all the time lol that's just the actual drugs.

No. 1116831

well a couple posts before that she had said her mom put her on some prescription pills and it made her unable to put sentences together. obviously the alcohol and shit is more to blame, but i wonder what the fuck her mom is giving her and where it came from

No. 1116851

Have you ever been on an antipsychotic? They definitely can make you act drunk/high by themselves. Even benzos can make you act drunk without there being any other substances in your system.

However, it’s already been confirmed that she’s been mixing pills and alcohol so I really doubt her behavior is/solely from anyipsychotics.

No. 1116860

Sorry for the double post I just want to elaborate a bit further. I mean that certain meds can make you act drunk or high, but not the level of drunk/high Maddie is on a consistent basis. So you’re right that Maddie’s behavior isn’t from a sole medication but I think you’re a little wrong about meds not being able to intoxicate you by themselves.

Anyways, it’s so fucked of her mother to give her any kind of medication that isn’t prescribed directly to Maddie. It’s like she’s trying to kill her so she doesn’t have to deal with her anymore. Also let’s not forget how Maddie recently said that she takes like 2000mg of nyquil every single day. No wonder she’s so retarded

No. 1116888

Woah, she’s abusing nyquil? I’ve never understood people who use dextromethorphan aka DPH. It apparently can give you nightmarish hallucinations - seeing spiders everywhere for example is very common. And yeah, the stuff literally rots your brain, it takes a tremendous toll on the body. It’s among the worst drugs to abuse. Heroin would literally be healthier (as the “only” dangers are from OD, contaminants in the heroin and not the heroin itself, and improper administration such as using dirty needles). DPH is something people use when anything is better than the reality they currently live in and it’s so sad

No. 1116892

Your body shape is based on your bone structure lol. Sure it can affect your breasts but there's no correlation between ED and having narrow hips.

No. 1116898

Ashley deleted both accounts on instagram. Let's see how long it lasts.

No. 1116926

saging for the drug sperging but dextromethorphan is relatively fine. It's acetaminophen in Nyquil I'd worry about (unless there's a version with just DXM?), the possibility of it destroying the liver is far greater than Olney's lesions (brain damage) from DXM.

No. 1117026

She's really lucky to be alive if that's one of her main drug of choice because cough and cold medicine nearly killed a bunch of kids from my old school. A girl a year above me was in the ER for weeks for liver and kidney issues. I literally had no idea maddie was using that to get high, that's disturbing as fuck because we all know her mother knows and isn't doing anything about it. Any other drug would be better maddie jfc do yourself a favor and stop.

No. 1117067

For anyone not in the dayton, oh area…its unfortunately a really common choice of drug among the young 20 year olds and I can count at least 5 people I know who have died from it. Dayton is a shit hole.

No. 1117164

File: 1609234744735.png (247.04 KB, 1440x1660, Screenshot_20201229-011718.png)

(old milk so saged) I always wanted to know what happened between ccryme and ashley so while I was going though old toopoor threads I noticed it seemed like they had drama because ashley copied Layla's aesthetic / tattoos and got instagram growth from it at the time. I remember the live where ashley was at the skate park with her friends and they were all shit talking ccryme, being pretty dramatic and petty. I was under the impression they were friends before and had a huge blow out but I guess they never knew each other, figures lmao. Ccryme was Layla's 'manager' at some point so she probably felt like ashley was coming for their brand somehow, I've always thought ccryme looks like an ugly transvestite version of toopoor lol. She was definitely lashing out at ashley as well, and she was an adult posting dumb drama at the time while ashley wasn't.

No. 1117231


It was mentioned in that Myah girls thread but CCryme was caught out saying the N word using it as an insult and then defended herself with the unironic “I have black friends and they let me use it” also she took a bunch of edgy photos of her pointing a real gun at her friend then when asked about it she boasted about it being loaded and got into about of shit flinging arguments with people over it

I’m pretty sure from what I personally remember back in her Facebook famous days when she used her real name Savannah Ross she was very aggressive getting into fights with people on fb, starting drama, getting her followers to attack people and overall just being edgy as fuck

She also met with TooPoor/Layla a few years back it’s posted in one of the old soundcloud threads, she started calling herself Laylas assistant which I’m pretty sure Layla denied after a while so CCryme vague posted about it for ages stuff along the lines of “you offer your help to people and they refuse it + people always take advantage of me” even tho she was the one trying to insert herself into Laylas life, after that happened she started hardcore trying to skinwalk Layla Got her tattoos, started doing her makeup just like her,Styled her hair just like her and started wearing jewellery/clothing that Layla wore It was genuinely blatant

But basically after most of this drama Ashley just dropped Savannah since this was before most of Ashleys drama or her getting into drugs I think she was 18-19 (also I’m pretty sure Ashleys age In the Thread text is wrong I think she’s 20-21 not 23) Savannah took it personally and posted about Ashley being a bad friend even though in this situation it was actually fair of Ashley to drop her since she didn’t want to be associated with Savannahs actions

Also Savannah constantly comments under other Instagram egirls posts looking for “collaborations” or tries to make friends with a bunch of them so I guess after the TooPoor thing she’s still cloutchasing

No. 1117245

Ashleys moms fb says Ashley was born July 1999.

No. 1117385

Damaged nerves still there

No. 1117462

She reactivated it. So less than 24 hours lmao

No. 1117567

DPH is diphenhydramine not dexomethoorphan (DXM). Both cause hallucinations in high doses but diphenhydramine is the one that gives you at delirious nightmarish trip and is never fun to use to "trip".

No. 1117722

Self timer I hope, or… Andy? Kek. Taking nudes with family and friends is definitely a maddie thing to do though lmao.

No. 1117723

it's 100% mandy.

No. 1117729

I agree. Ashley was at her coolest when she was friends with Kira and trying to project the same fashion and makeup styles as Kira. Honestly it's the only time I followed her for anything but laughs.. I think if kira posted as often as ashley she could be way more famous than ashley on the internet. They were a cute pair of friends at the time, but it's probably for the best Kira doesn't have ashley leeching onto her side anymore. It must've been hard to say goodbye to that friendship but I'm sure she gave ashley a lot of chances and it never worked out. I mean if she drove Kira in her car high on fentanyl that's reason enough to cut ties, she should never have risked her best friends life. So disgusting and to me, unforgivable…

No. 1117764

File: 1609297276297.jpeg (108.37 KB, 635x625, C8E9A738-0BE1-48C1-AB45-270AEC…)



No. 1117765

File: 1609297299378.jpeg (244.32 KB, 640x921, C0082CDD-24DA-4594-B184-F66931…)

No. 1117789

The thread says that ashley claimed he was abusive, not that he actually was abusive. Because ashley DID claim that he was abusive once and shared incriminating screenshots from their breakup to “prove” it. The thread later points out that Ashley took it back. It just highlights what a piece of shit she is, she’ll claim someone was abusive when it suits her narrative and she’ll take it back when it suits her narrative. And she did that to Simon!

People are going to assume it was an overdose until someone proves otherwise unfortunately. I’m sorry for your loss, but you really gotta stay off of here for your own mental wellbeing. Nobody was talking about Simon until you said something.

No. 1117853

It was definitely an OD lol at this sad ugly chick pretending like she is some holier than thou angel Simon savior. Bye bitch get with another user dude and watch him die

No. 1117884

She came here after simon died and had a melt down, I had caps but deleted because she deleted here and was honestly going through it. She seems relatively normal and was essentially saying they were meant to be, that we never knew him and he was wonderful, etc. But regardless of what she says I am convinced he ODed as well. He was a fentanyl addict, his friends made posts about how his addiction was destroying him before and after he passed. She doesn't need to save face to strangers when we all know he was sick, like please just mourn away from the internet it's not helping. You are right we do not know him, I don't doubt he was nice and I also don't think he abused anyone. Jake on the other hand …

No. 1118048

File: 1609338621454.jpg (707.2 KB, 1440x1440, Collage_20201230_152959.jpg)

This is such a strange thing to say but I am just gonna say it. Why do her cats look so strange and kind of ugly?(nitpick)

No. 1118050

Her cats look normal what are you talking about

No. 1118055

Your autism has reached alarming levels I see

No. 1118068

Feels like a Maddie self post

No. 1118092

Anon. It's a cat. Get a grip.

No. 1118130

File: 1609348384087.jpeg (263.35 KB, 1242x1804, D01E3A73-041C-4B87-B4A9-D34F40…)

i used to think she got uglier with age but now i guess she was always ugly with a good sense of editing

No. 1118134

ok leave the cat out of this

No. 1118157

The ultimate nitpick. Kek.

No. 1118273

What is wrong with you, anon? Seek help.

No. 1118280

File: 1609366620555.jpg (229.02 KB, 1440x2560, Snapchat-1658123497.jpg)

There's nothing wrong with her cats other than the fact that she's hoarding them

No. 1118315

she literally picks up stray cats (possibly other people's cats) and puts collars on them. several times she's asked on her story what to name a new one she's fed and let sleep on her bed. i think there's like over 5 by now

No. 1118328

That can't be legal, where I'm from if you have more than 3/4 cats or dogs animal services can get involved depending on how the animals are cared for in the home. Based on Maddie's house the cats are living in squalor and sharing litter boxes, food, etc. That's way too many cats for one white trash household jfc they're absolutely being neglected.

No. 1118333

her dog is geriatric also; i mentioned this on the egirls thread back when mods didn't like maddie being discussed on the ashley thread, but she once said on live that she sat in a puddle of it's diarrhoea while wearing a skirt and no panties and some went inside her coochie. on live.

she also used to share videos of her cats bleeding and pissing all over her room, and of them sitting in kitchen cabinets and stuff. disgusting

No. 1118386

She looked like a foot then, she looks like a foot now.

No. 1118398

Reading that took a year off my life thanks anon.. lmao on a real note though imagine fucking sharing that with anyone let alone the internet as a whole. So cringe.

No. 1118417

The age is definitely a major part of it though. Her face the last few years has changed to a completely different face, her peak was before she met ashley and drugs started to destroy her even more then she was already doing on her own because of ED. I can't find a pic rn but it's on the threads. Hopefully y'all know the time I was talking of, years ago I followed her because she was genuinely pretty but it's all been downhill sadly.

No. 1118420

i agree, the first red roots black hair era was prettiest, but even then she facetuned a lot and was super underweight. imo she started going downhill when she started overlining her lips and got a horrible perm

No. 1118520


I thought it was her mom who kept “acquiring” the cats from what I remember Maddie mainly fed them outside and such but she had posts on her story like “my mom brought a new cat home, name suggestions?”
Also I personally don’t think her mother would let her randomly bring cats into her house

Slightly tinfoil but with her mother being abusive/unstable and Maddie having a commonly genetic mental illness I get the vibe that the mom is a horder (from the state of the house) / crazy cat lady type

No. 1118557

The mom house is clean youre confusing the clean house for the crackden that her and Andy lived in with maddys dad

No. 1118613

File: 1609398781277.jpg (19.09 KB, 640x350, holy-water-eyedrops.jpg)

You totally could have totally censored her in these and still gotten your point across.

No. 1118706

File: 1609415366886.png (2.57 MB, 828x1792, 03404A02-8AC9-4B06-A34D-E27812…)

Oh I dunno maddie, maybe it’s delirium tremens?

No. 1118718


Her Instagram says mother of 7 cats lol

Also her doll fears insta is public rn???

No. 1118725


The cats are a Maddies moms house Anon


I would say from these posts and the background of the place on her stories it’s a mess

No. 1118827

That was my first thought as well, since she drinks enough to kill a horse. Drink some water for once maddie kek.

No. 1118839

File: 1609432574779.png (494.86 KB, 1440x1463, Screenshot_20201231-083450.png)

The first one lol. Brush your teeth and seek help for your ED and I guarantee you that your teeth and gums will thank you.

No. 1118910

File: 1609437911326.jpeg (80.88 KB, 750x857, C10654BA-5FBB-4AB4-A772-4D20AD…)

Posting a video of her slapping herself

No. 1119171

She was live once and showing pictures and videos on her phone and one video was her friends literally spitting in her mouth. She’s a disgusting idiot.

No. 1119191

File: 1609456368365.png (906.02 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20201231-151216.png)


No. 1119217

File: 1609458054496.png (1.48 MB, 750x1334, 6CFCE1B4-C1D1-4DF5-826F-0F39FC…)

They are definitely courting, she really loves crusty hairy scrotes. Can’t wait to see this guy’s micropenis on her OF

No. 1119258

kek are we in the 1800’s anon

No. 1119278

File: 1609467525977.png (1.57 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20201231-181239.png)

You can hear ashley talking in this so I assume she is the one recording. They got in a car crash? Everyone seems fine, they're acting like it's funny though which it is absolutely not funny but alright. At least no one died I guess.

No. 1119280

Usually I find men with long hair pretty attractive but he looks like he smells like poopy drain water. Her taste in men has been progressively getting worse since Tyler. Her other exes were relatively cool and normal, this guy and Jake look like they'd fuck your friends and steal your credit cards imo lmao

No. 1119281

The fact that she started 2020 with a car crash and ended 2020 with a car crash, her life is literally a wreck

No. 1119436

File: 1609494154778.png (3.22 MB, 750x1334, 0572E4A7-275E-44FA-9675-3885C3…)

kira’s sister eryn posted this to her ig story and im pretty sure it’s about ashley LOL

No. 1119443

It's gotta be about ashley, good riddance their family is probably better off without her. OT but I once had a friend who did a lot of those things and more, letting that go is so relieving. Ashley is not going to change, she's partying with a whole new group of people tonight. She'll keep friend hopping to find people who'll let her do what she wants it's so pathetic. Her friendships are / were all so shallow besides Kira and ashley fucked that up for good by being an idiot.

No. 1119455

File: 1609498513983.jpeg (689.77 KB, 750x1279, 2BED3AD7-9D29-4A92-BC21-E8B2AD…)

maddie: omg i hate how dry my hair is :// i miss when my hair was so soft

also maddie: bleaches and dyes it 4-5 times a month

No. 1119461

I like the color but the way it's cut on the side there is so.. wonky. Is she growing out shaved sides? It's not a mullet it's more of a bob but it's so layered on the side of her head like she cut it shorter than the rest of her hair.

No. 1119464

yeah, she's growing out her shaved sides but the reason it looks so bad is because she always ties her hair up, so the grown out part is exposed instead of like..just keeping her hair down while it grows out? also she did a really bad job at shaving it, i watched her live when she did it and she was clearly intoxicated and shaved way too much lmao

No. 1119470

File: 1609502261851.png (3.93 MB, 1125x2436, 87426F20-9619-4295-9B45-34D20C…)

No. 1119471

File: 1609502302089.png (1.36 MB, 1125x2436, 943CC978-82C7-41B3-AD31-3CE92D…)

I guess kira’s brother responded?

No. 1119553

it’s probably not about ashley, she hasn’t been around kira and her family at all this year

No. 1119615

File: 1609521491635.jpg (116.6 KB, 1080x696, Screenshot_20210101-121727_Ins…)


Its probably about whoever this fucking loser is that comments on their brothers stuff.

No. 1119616

Did a little digging. They might be friends with Maddie too. So a circle of drug addict losers lol

No. 1119695

File: 1609529236768.png (2.08 MB, 750x1334, 32FE011C-A328-4ABB-8F94-F90BE1…)

It’s about Elaine

No. 1119704

that’s Josh’s girlfriend who is a lot older than him so uhh yea she seems like a piece of shit , calling his sister the epitome of awful?? jesus christ talk about posting toxic on main

No. 1119719

File: 1609533625391.jpg (289.58 KB, 716x1273, 20210101_133632.jpg)

No. 1119750

File: 1609537082318.png (2.9 MB, 750x1334, 11335B32-E4AD-4E98-A507-0AA4E9…)

yeah she's so unbothered and totallly not lurking lol

No. 1119758

happy new year ashley, your resolution should be to get a life, or maybe a job?

No. 1119760

god her hair looks shit

No. 1119763

File: 1609537825007.jpeg (163.8 KB, 750x1092, 8C65AAA3-B8B4-42A4-BE7D-253647…)

they have definitely hung out in the past, maddie posted pictures with her that she since deleted so idk if they're still friends. also in most the videos maddie posted of them hanging out back then it seemed like elaine (?) was kinda irritated/annoyed by maddies behaviour but from those stories she posted i'd assume she isn't any better or more mature than maddie lmao

No. 1119772

File: 1609538535933.gif (778.04 KB, 358x200, 200.gif)

That makes no sense based on the video, I have it idk how to upload videos here though. The video makes it pretty obvious it's a fresh dent in the car, their reactions too help reaffirm that in my mind. They seem pretty surprised, like it's new. Keep lurking ashley lmao.

No. 1119800

Calls Eryn a pussy but its probably because Elaine is repulsive to be around. Yeah dont eat other peoples food especially if it's so obvious they don't like you. Like I'm sure Kira and Eryn aren't saints by any means lol but God how can their brother be ok with the way his girlfriend talks about his sister?? When it's obvious she's the issue. Just another Maddie lol

No. 1119808

> Epitamy

No. 1119834

Elaine deleted her account lol retard.

No. 1119837

Scratch that, changed her handle to something random probably because she knows she fucked up.

No. 1119851

File: 1609543075926.jpg (441.52 KB, 1440x1440, photocollage_202111151725463.j…)

No. 1119888

Maybe you're blocked? Her account is showing for me anon

No. 1119891

File: 1609546462755.png (134.2 KB, 1440x1823, Screenshot_20210101-161353.png)

My bad! You were right. This is what she changed it to lol

No. 1119894

File: 1609546550073.jpg (505.54 KB, 1440x1440, photocollage_202111161546274.j…)

No. 1119906

nothing new , not rlly milky

No. 1119911

Then………..sage ur stuff??? lol. sus.

No. 1119924

hi maddie

No. 1119955

nah i aint maddie i was just saying how its not anything new that she's posting about her panic attacks. its jst repetitive at this point(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1119959

i think elaine is maddies older brother liams friend right? maddie didn't hang with her too often without her brother around back when he lived in town(newfaggotry)

No. 1119982

Isn’t elaine the one who called maddie and ashley out for queerbaiting?

No. 1119986

Pretty sure it was, Elaine is closer with Liam then she is Maddie, and her boyfriend is younger then Maddie I believe. That whole friendship group is just a bunch of low life junkies who will never amount to anything, imagine going off this hard at your boyfriends sister when from her post history she comes off as a free loading piece of shit. We know ash and Maddie both lurk here but soon the whole gang will be on here either defending themselves or talking shit about one another

No. 1120021

File: 1609566283095.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 165.54 KB, 750x817, 8E38DA5E-FFFA-443B-88CB-84095D…)

I’m fully convinced that if Maddie got robbed/kidnapped again by one of Ashley’s friends she would ultimately just run back to her regardless of the situation simply because it’s her. She has her absolutely wrapped around her finger and it’s soooo sad to witness honestly

No. 1120023

Not to mention the fact that Ashley literally groomed her??

No. 1120055

is that wonky shoop on ashley's jaw?

No. 1120056

Either that or she’s gaining some fat in her face from all the alcohol, both totally possible

No. 1120058

Maddie's obvious self harm in her photos here are so unsettling to see. She knows she has an audience, but can't blur that out in the photo? I've heard from other people seeing things like that can be very triggering for relapse if you're a recovering self harmer. (I am one myself as well) I'm just pointing out that if you're someone who self harms; you should know better than to post content with red, angry looking thigh cuts to your following ffffs.

No. 1120061

but anon, without her broadcasted self destructive tendencies, what would make her interesting?

No. 1120070

Do you know where you are right now anon?

No. 1120071

isnt Elaine the one who sold fake coke to Maddie? she called her out and then continued being friends with her lmao

No. 1120074

File: 1609574747434.jpg (92.97 KB, 824x401, 20210102_080531.jpg)

Her male followers are psychopaths

No. 1120081

What the fuck did I just read.. terrifying

No. 1120133

File: 1609588263661.jpg (266.61 KB, 1052x1353, Screenshot_20210102-064753_Fac…)

On today's episode of "Ashley is a retard"

No. 1120138

why is her "humor" literally just her saying shit that makes it seem like she relapsed, like what's funny about that?? i get using humor to cope with your own struggles but that's just straight up not funny and proves that she isn't taking recovery seriously at all

No. 1120143

Yeah she also posted on her instagram story a picture that says "when you open your Christmas card and theres no money because you're a drug addict" like wow haha peak humor, Ashley. I think its a mix of needing attention and actually still doing drugs but wanting to play it off as a joke.

No. 1120445

File: 1609623380421.png (1.72 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20210102-133518.png)

No. 1120447

> Wholesome pooping with friends

No. 1120533

File: 1609628953612.png (1.29 MB, 750x1334, C0163D50-2488-484A-BE1F-41D2FB…)

Lmao in what world because it ain’t this one kek

No. 1120736

Do you think she mentioned that because we were shit talking her crusty hair here? Because Lol girl your hair is so not healthy.

No. 1120761

File: 1609651448981.png (3.7 MB, 1242x2208, 0102374C-59D0-41CE-9B33-1E3B14…)

literally all she do is sit in front of her house

No. 1120787

File: 1609654699629.png (16.9 KB, 411x408, C0163D50-2488-484A-BE1F-41D2FB…)

Am I the only one who thinks she looks high here or. She just posted some videos to her story where her pupils are pretty dilated as well.

No. 1120893


I don’t know if you’d be able to tell since she’s on so many different kinds of medications and her mom possibly giving her non prescribed meds

If she’s really on hardcore meds like antipsychotics and she’s drinking/doing drugs on top of that she’s going to fry her brain completely no wonder she’s always saying she wants to die or feels like shit

No. 1120917

Definitely dilated pupils.

No. 1120975

They're always that big though i think, especially in darker lighting. Might really just be from her medication, since lots of antidepressants do that, but she also said once that she takes dmx (or something similar, i'm not sure what it's called rn) daily so I always tought it came from that too

No. 1121189

Sage for drug sperg but when you're on cough and cold medicine, which she's said she's on, it will dilate your pupils regardless of light. In the pictures and videos she is in a lit room with huge pupils. I don't know a whole lot about the other drugs she is on and how they'll affect her though. >>1120893
If she's got a problem with it she can stop because you can't become physically addicted to it. Mentally yes stopping will be challenging, but I've heard little about people who need help getting off of cough and cold medicine like in a rehab. It's more of a drug you use when you're desperate than anything else. If she's taking it daily she's roasting her brain cells, what little she has at this point in time.

No. 1121220

Well she did say one that she's been taking 2000mg of benadryl every day for years. Like wtf I can't even imagine what that does to her brain, how desperate do you have to be to do shit like that? The trip isn't even fun, the side effects are horrendous (especially in such ridiculously high doses) and you build up a tolerance so quickly that at this point she's just throwing her few remaing braincells out the window. Side effects also include enlarged pupils though, so she's probably still on that shit

No. 1121601

pretty sure shes going to die if thats true

No. 1122225

File: 1609809807747.png (1.07 MB, 1440x1757, Screenshot_20210104-171947.png)

I get body checking energy from a good 2/3 of her posts. This especially, what are we looking at? Your skinny, nearly emaciated back? Eugenia cooney who? Eat a cheeseburger.

No. 1122409

File: 1609831483480.jpg (408.2 KB, 1440x1440, photocollage_202114232358679.j…)

No. 1122454

Jc she’s so boring

No. 1122468

i miss when ashley was up to something, maddie’s life is so pathetic. she never leaves her fucking room

No. 1122507

File: 1609851359136.jpeg (117.05 KB, 750x411, 308FA2DB-0D44-4EA5-94EB-B88F91…)

Anyone else notice how Ash keeps ignoring her dead ex-fiancé’s mom on Facebook? She genuinely cares more about Simon’s death than his. Which I don’t really blame her for, the guy seemed like a piece of shit. But still, seems so disrespectful of her, specially considering she got with Jacob apparently not being over Simon yet. Now they’re both dead

No. 1122528

File: 1609853895357.jpg (1.11 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210104-191611_Gal…)

Yeah I noticed that last night too.

No. 1122594


Uh wasn't he literally in foster care and not in contact with his birth mother due to neglect iirc she was a drug addict

No. 1122883

I don't know about Simon but Jacob definitely had a family

No. 1122897

After he died she posted that she found out he had lied about everything to her. Even the foster story was apparently a lie.

Also I don’t blame her for ignoring the mom considering I cannot for the life of me decipher what she is trying to say about the wedding ring.

No. 1122997


Where did she say that? The only thing I saw and was posted in the last thread was her posting about how rough his life was since he’d been in fostercare almost all his childhood

No. 1123021

Kek I think she's pushing her to get the tattoo they planned together and to wear that dumb ring he got her before he croaked

No. 1123024

Simon had family, I know he's got sibling(s) and both parents were in the picture before he passed. When he died a lot of family seemed to be there and push the go fund me, Jacobs family was posting about him on Facebook that's about it.

No. 1123029

Didn't he dump you for being an e whore? Lmao. He got in a real relationship with someone who wanted him sober, while you moved into your drug den with Jacob to do fuck all lol.

No. 1123040


No. 1123174


that's Maddies brothers Liam ur think of not Asheleys, Asheleys older? brother who I think was in the military committed suicide

No. 1123422

Jacob was in foster care and have two adopted parents who also adopted his biological brother

No. 1123707

dxm is not very dangerous by itself, people die from the paracetamol or chlorpheniramine in the pills

No. 1123768

what she's taking isn't even dxm though, she said she's taking benadryl which contains diphenhydramine (that shit is super damaging in high doses and doesn't even give you an enjoyable trip). like taking dxm is understandable to some degree but what she's doing with the benadryl is just straight up stupid. especially considering that she's always whining about her health and being scared that she's going to die bc of it lmao

No. 1123840

not only does it have harmful physical side effects in high doses but it also exacerbates depression a lot from what i've been told. seeing as how she's already got hella suicidal ideation the benadryl abuse sure as fuck isn't helping

No. 1124003

File: 1609960738151.png (919.57 KB, 1125x2436, 7BB95A91-DF95-4251-A17E-C5E6E8…)

last thread after Ashley came back from rehab she came here and sperged about her and Jake’s relationship being abusive and said she found out from his family his whole life story was a lie

No. 1124005

File: 1609960809924.png (841.97 KB, 1125x2436, A2D247CB-9A05-46FA-8E6E-A33F73…)

No. 1124008

File: 1609960903467.png (1.27 MB, 1125x2436, 61A04E86-255A-418C-8B12-4BBB94…)

No. 1124122

sage and just link the post retard

No. 1124294

she sounds so honest in here but at the same time we all know this “sober attitude”shit never lasts

No. 1124430

posting this much about yourself and your life on an internet forum honestly comes across as attention and pity seeking trauma porn.

Obviously, the girl has been through a lot. Go talk to a therapist, don't sperg about it in a thread full of people who have already decided they don't like you.

No. 1124510

File: 1610006930745.png (63.21 KB, 1440x518, Screenshot_20210106-235456.png)

So she lied about being an alcoholic? Am I missing something here? You can't have it both ways ashley. She's drinking more now than before so I get why what little audience she has now is concerned about it, she's basically switched from one drug to another but
> NoOooO guys she's sober, she's definitely an alcoholic but she can drink it's not fent it doesn't count uwu

No. 1124513

She used to say she has an issue with alcohol and other drugs all the time, now that she's drinking again more publically funny she's not an alcoholic anymore somehow. You're in recovery but your addiction magically vanished?

No. 1124517

well she lied about being sober then so idk why anyone should believe her stories now. her life's a wreck and it doesn't seem like she changed at all lmao

No. 1125244

File: 1610076222784.png (1.54 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20210107-192322.png)

> "I have mommy issues"
We noticed lol

No. 1125459

File: 1610097975137.png (3.24 MB, 750x1334, 5160C966-7732-4371-9636-F63611…)

how tf is everything about this girl so grimey and gross, even her walls are dirty lmao

No. 1125481

I can smell the cat piss in this picture

No. 1126290

File: 1610168465141.png (8.28 MB, 1242x2208, 9CB5E70F-82F9-4866-8AAA-A1D508…)

why do they all have disgusting bedrooms

No. 1126392

she really needs to clean her back camera

No. 1126399

looks like hair dye tbh

No. 1126966

The brown shit stain below it too?

No. 1126971

File: 1610222245970.png (2.26 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20210109-115642.png)

This didn't happen and it's so cute coming from a bitch who can't wear her mask in public, in fucking vegas of all places. The pot calling the kettle black lmao.

No. 1127074

she posts about stuff like that happening to her so fucking often and it always sounds soo incredibly made up lmao. and even if it wasn't, who cares? why would she post about that if it wasn't to portray herself as this great mask advocate when she can't even wear one herself

No. 1127155

She's so fugly here lol, both inside and out yuck

No. 1127177

Her five head is lacking a brain it would seem

No. 1127349

File: 1610252981394.jpeg (117.56 KB, 750x812, 18D5808D-94E5-4B4B-A9E9-CBE2F8…)

“When you don’t want anyone” yeah fuckin right girl you can’t be by yourself for two seconds kek

No. 1127379

lmao sure ashley

No. 1127451

If this is true I'd love another Jake arc 2.0 because we all know if she moves out of her mom's with a romantic partner her "sobriety" will inevitably fail. It's happened at least twice soooo

No. 1127779

i think brown hair dye exists but i'm not sure, seems likely that she put a little drop of shit on her door

No. 1127781

not defending her in any way, that shit should be painted over regardless but i also don't think shes slinging her feces around her bedroom

No. 1127807

Don't be an ass the point is there is a brown substance on her walls she couldn't be bothered to clean up. I'm not saying it is shit I am saying it looks like shit, it's gross. Period.

No. 1128002

Y’all dissect behavior way too hard lmao relax I ain’t Ashley dude. Besides whenever she selfposts she usually says so, or runs to her social media to make it more obvious that she’s been lurking. Genuinely just thought the tweet was pathetic lol

No. 1128004

why does she think this is a flex lmao these are all men who are mentally unstable and immature to think marriage would be a great idea, and talking to an ex again is just something everyone goes through? she's saying this like it makes her sound desirable but in reality it makes it sound like she dies anytime someone, anyone, gives her any sort of validation

No. 1128029

File: 1610330339617.jpeg (145.66 KB, 750x1107, 9C48ADBA-7FE0-402C-994B-2AA57F…)

yo this should've stayed in the drafts. why is she so proud of her shameful behavior?

No. 1128055

um anon i'm pretty sure the "sure ashley" was referring to her tweet, not you.

No. 1128122

File: 1610338544218.jpg (575.77 KB, 1440x1440, photocollage_2021110201244322.…)

Her twitter cringe, a series. Her vivadrag account is gone so I can't post caps but she had a picture captioned "have you seen this girl" and it's a security camera photo of her, in the comments she says she got the pic by "being naughty" so she's not new to fucking up in regards to the law. Just surprised she thinks she's all sneaky lol, ashley you are not incognito at all hun. You're still embarrassing as hell.

No. 1128126

I would love to see this mugshot. Most counties you can see them by looking up court records. Ashley lived in Ohio, illinois, New York, and one other state I want to say? I tried to find it and was unsuccessful. Hopefully she will post it or one of you can dig it up? Considering she was "involved with gang activity" this is nice to hear! You deserve that criminal record you low life idiot lmao.

No. 1128169

File: 1610347640609.png (292.01 KB, 750x1334, 2F555D17-B4EC-4C9B-B262-184441…)

Is it just me or is this SCREAMING “I asked myself this question for pity and attention”

No. 1128178

cut to her literaly yesterday talking about how much she hates her body

No. 1128181

My thoughts exactly, she seems like she either wants sympathy points or to end up on the forum because it gives her some sort of "accomplishment" being large enough online to have haterz

No. 1128285

she lived in illinois over this past summer and i couldn’t find anything using her full name , she probably got detained for shoplifting or something minor and is pretending she went to jail lul
considering she got off the hook for crashing cars several times while under the influence, i can imagine her white girl privilege could spare her from actually getting booked

No. 1128302

She is probably truthful about them not posting it.

No. 1129134

File: 1610425607513.png (1.84 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20210111-202535.png)

"I can't believe other people have tried to kill themselves to asleep by the smiths! I literally carved lyrics on my arm haha" yes that is absolutely hilarious you fucking retard. She was also sperging on live about how hard she's got it and that she wants drugs.

No. 1129224

File: 1610441930177.jpeg (214.99 KB, 750x490, 94BE2E14-B018-44DA-96DC-FC666E…)

going on literally five meds at once sure is gonna do wonders to her mental health, especially since most of that stuff makes you gain hella weight and she will have side effects from all of them at once too

No. 1129230

why is she “venting” to 15 year olds about her self harm and suicidal behavior. did she fry her brain that bad to think this is helping anyone? ashley you are enabling and triggering people, whether you put a “tw” or not. you aren’t doing this for any other reason than to make people feel bad for you, which the only ones who will are young and new to your bs, not the people that matter, or have more than 7 brain cells left. why can’t she just move on from this ‘fame’ and do herself a favor and fix shit. delete all your accounts, go off the grid, go to therapy or something. stop triggering young girls and making a fool of yourself- it’s not pretty and will end poorly. i have a horrible feeling something bad is going to happen very soon, again.

No. 1129868

What the actual fuck is wrong with her that she needs to be on four or five medications at once? Her doctor is a complete quack. One hardcore or new medication should be tried at a time to see how your mental health is doing, how your physical body responds. Jfc it's like she enjoys being sick and on so many pills for some reason.

No. 1129879

Ashley you're mentally deranged. Only a literal psychopath could laugh / brag whilst telling 13 thousand people how they mutilated their body to a popular song. If she's got relapse on her mind that means the alcohol isn't cutting it anymore lol. I figured she'd miss the hard drugs and go back, just not this soon!

No. 1130184

File: 1610525602137.png (2.26 MB, 750x1334, A14395A0-A510-4F5F-8875-FF7E27…)

she's really out there giving life and sobriety tips to her underage fans

No. 1130185

File: 1610525630881.png (2.15 MB, 750x1334, 409922AD-47EA-4E22-99C9-55F761…)

No. 1130289

File: 1610547171195.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1242x2061, D954C2FD-DBA7-4BDE-8C4B-40D881…)

no way she didn’t send this to herself

No. 1130417

File: 1610558520335.jpg (611.39 KB, 1076x1671, Screenshot_20210113-170850_Ins…)

she's legit going to die soon

No. 1130441

File: 1610560177327.jpeg (68.07 KB, 750x329, EEA347D3-4548-4838-9DAB-688480…)

since when is that stopping her

No. 1130835

>Ignore the haters
Very rich coming from her

No. 1130871

Ashley you know you miss drugs you were just saying how close you are to relapsing on live to all your followers. How does that help them? She's probably missing jacob right about now because he gave her free access to fentanyl, ketamine, psychedelics, etc. I hope next time she relapses she pisses away her money on drugs. Life ought to hand her the real junkie experience. Maybe then she'd actually be motivated to get a job or go to school, something other than being a drug addict and an internet whore who hangs around with friends all day and does nothing productive for themselves.

No. 1130882

The emoji she used makes it painfully obvious.
You would think because she's allegedly going to get treatment she would try to not kill herself before then? Or Idk maybe that's the goal she strikes me as someone who says they want to be better till it actually comes down to it. Maybe she sees the day as her deadline to do drugs till she gets sober so she's pushing herself to get as fucked up as possible? Tinfoils but ngl it's definitely one of those two possibilities.

No. 1131219

Fucking stupid idea to go on 5 different medications all at once. Seroquel is going to fuck up her weight so bad. Quetiapine is notorious for making you incredibly hungry and causing weight gain on even the lowest dose.

No. 1131225

someone pointed out the possible weight gain in her comments and she freaked out about it, who wants to bet she'll stop taking the meds and start binge drinking again in a few days

(and then make a gofundme for outpatient bills)

No. 1131242

she claims she soo happy with her body yet freaks out when someone mentions that stuff makes you gain weight lmao. but how tf did she not know this/what kinda shitty psychiatrist doesn't tell their patient about side effects after putting them on that many meds at once?? and no doubt shes gonna stop taking that stuff because the munchies you get from meds like seroquel are reallyyy bad, gaining like 20-40 lbs from it is pretty common i'd say

No. 1131252

>what kinda shitty psychiatrist doesn't tell their patient about side effects
The kind of shitty psychiatrist that thinks putting a patient on 5 different meds at the same time is a great idea kek

You're not supposed to drink alcohol if you're on risperidone. On top of that, quetiapine + lamotrigine + alcohol is going to make her black out. I guarantee she'll quit all of her meds after she realises she can't sustain a wasted bitch lifestyle on them.

No. 1131466

All of this is assuming shes being truthful about being on all those in the first place, rather than just wanting even more attention for being ~*mEnTalLy iLl*~

No. 1131686

File: 1610661155402.jpeg (128.47 KB, 750x280, 76008529-257C-4B97-94E3-031E83…)

this is completely incoherent

No. 1131738

File: 1610663883471.jpg (1.03 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210114-173802_Gal…)

Who gonna take one for the team lmaooo

No. 1132026

> I was drunk
> They were drunk
> It wouldn't have been as scary if I wasn't drunk, did I mention I was drunk?
Jfc your alcoholism is not cute at all girl. You are mentally stunted and so is anyone who hits on you.

No. 1132084

File: 1610688002489.jpg (475.98 KB, 1440x1440, photocollage_2021114211414580.…)

Is this about layla shapiro? If so I love that she essentially sucked her e-clout from toopoor by stealing her style, tattoos, dead druggie bf, etc, and then she shits on Layla on public twitter when she literally groomed a then child to do drugs with her lmao.

No. 1132232

Yeah super rich coming from someone who bullies people and grooms and gives drugs to minors. And almost kills people in multiple car accidents. And is an alcoholic. Liar, thief, the list goes on. Ashley isn't allowed to say anything bad about anyone, like….ever lol.

No. 1132246

Maddie hasn't posted a single new selfie since starting meds, reckon she's already gained lots of weight?

No. 1132329

It's only been like three days I don't think that's even possible lmao. She doesn't post a lot of new stuff in general, I think she mentioned it's because she always feels ugly or something idk. But its kinda funny how she always posts pics that are a few months old and says she used to be soo much cuter then, like girl don't you realise you're gonna say that exact same thing about your current self in a month? I remember I used to follow her for a while when she was like 15/16 and even back then she did this, especially after she shaved her head, just shows how delusional she is tbh

No. 1132339

her entire account is a cycle of posting pics from before and going 'omg i miss this time so much my hair was so nice then' but during the time in question she was doing exactly the same. she completely lives in the past and is constantly looking back on 'the good times' even when they were horrible

No. 1132431

File: 1610734755762.png (Spoiler Image, 1.13 MB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20210115-151847.png)

oh my god

No. 1132494

That could be the reason she's not posting lmao but I am just gonna say THAT'S A HUGE PIMPLE not a ordinary spoiler for ppl that don't like that stuff(lrn2sage)

No. 1132602

no, this is about someone named “awful tune” or however they spell it. they have a song called “sarah in the bathroom (?)” that blew up on tiktok i think, but before that some other e-girl that has a kid exposed layla for being a pedo. ashley enwrapped herself in the drama for literally no reason as it had 0 to do with her. i knew layla back when i was in the e-scene but once i found out i blocked her. at the time she was not out as trans yet, so there may be some confusion.

No. 1132721

Not to boast Ashley's ego because she is gross as a human but the reason her skin doesn't look like this at the moment and yours does maddie is because you do hard drugs and lay in bed all day without washing your face. Take care of your skin and for the love of God keep your gargantuan acne to yourself lol. If you feel ugly you can work on that shit in private instead of asking the internet to look at your massive zit, because I guarantee it makes you appear way uglier showing off your nasty skin. I bet she smells like armpit funk and kitchen grease kek.

No. 1132870


in my perspective as a recovering addict, this advice on its own is legit. but taking it into context with her alcohol use is really concerning. no one can really speak for someone else's recovery experience but she has a large following of people who will copy her. i know so many people who have quit the hard stuff only to become heavy alcoholics. she hasnt posted drunk in a while but i cant imagine there are no repercussions. it blows my mind that she can also get drunk with other literal addicts, aka maddie. it really all boils down to the horrible conflicting image they put out to their impressionable followers that maybe they too can live this dangerous lifestyle. promoting "sobriety" that isnt actually sober just feels so off

No. 1132981

Sage for not milky but ashley said on live the other night she considered starting a GoFundMe because her old roommates took her stuff when she 'died' I actually audibly laughed at the idea it's so absurd.
> Hello internet please help me get my money back my drug dealing boyfriend's roommates took my expensive MCR merch that I wasted hundreds on (that I absolutely don't need) when I put myself in the hospital via my own drug use.
She said she didn't do it because people would judge her and yeah Ashley they would because it's fucking stupid when people have real problems that don't relate to bullshit band merchandise, that's why they'd judge you lmao. It's definitely not a valid cause. She said it's sentimental, yeah I get that but if she got a job it's not like she couldn't get more clothes, what a vain thing to want to start a GoFundMe over. She put herself in that bum ass situation to begin with so I don't feel bad for her.

No. 1133032

His real name is Michael Hoffman and he used to be really popular in the Facebook “community”

No. 1133069

Ashley loves to think she was in "the community" on fb so she can soak up the attention from it. She just talked about it recently on Facebook too. She was still a crusty scene kid being groomed by dayton pedos and friends with Kira at that time lol she will do anything for attention and to stay relevant.


Ashley doesn't have acne like that currently because her mom is buying her expensive skin care lol

Wonder if shes cried to her mom about it and is expecting the money from her. Enables everything else she does anyway

No. 1133402

File: 1610830104886.jpeg (140.32 KB, 749x1085, 83EF3ECF-F5FD-4C51-B6E1-0ACB95…)

Sage for not milky but Maddie seems very obsessed with this night. Pretty sure this is the day her and Ashley fucked? (I’m assuming so because of multiple hinting posts Maddies made) She’s already made like 5 posts about it but apparently that’s not enough kek

No. 1133489

They've said 'they're the same person' lol. Taking loving oneself to a new level.

No. 1133618

File: 1610848273530.png (1.78 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20210116-174434.png)


I fucking hate that ashley and maddie both smoke near their animals. Blow it out the window or put them in another room!! It's not fucking rocket science, and if it's not good for you why expose them? I smoke, have pets, and I do not for the life of me know why they excuse this shitty behavior. I had no issue with this video till the dog came into frame, clearly wanting attention. I'm so done with these idiots this shit pisses me off so much. Your dog does not fucking want to get high with you he is a dog you morons do not deserve animals.

No. 1133875

I might just be dumb but Is that a fucking crack pipe in Maddies hand? It doesn’t look like a pipe for smoking weed

No. 1133914

File: 1610887828776.jpeg (124.39 KB, 364x469, 9761DB3C-3D7F-4C7D-B81A-EBBFD9…)

I'm pretty sure just a small pipe for weed lmao. what really confuses me more is why maddie keeps smoking weed when she mentions all the time how she doesn't like it and it makes her anxious? Also why dont they clean their gross ass bong??

No. 1134176

Probably because she's with Andy and she's got nothing better to do lol. It truly appalls me that they'll smoke right in their animals faces, pretty much in public no less. Makes me wonder what the animals go through behind closed doors when the camera is off…

No. 1134212

Sage for off topic rant but I worked at an animal shelter. Second hand smoke can cause a plethora of health issues for dogs, cats, ferrets, reptiles, birds, and almost all animals kept as pets really. They do not have the same lung strength as people do. A common thing I saw was tumors on small breed dogs who's owners smoked in the same room as them for years, large painful looking nodules are not fun for small dogs maddie! Smoke is not good for pets to breathe. Smoke does not harm us in the ways it can over time harm our pets. It can kill animals more quickly, or give them painful health conditions. If either maddie or ashley are reading this I'm nicely asking you to treat your animals better because they deserve that.

No. 1134263

That bong has probably never been cleaned

No. 1134900

File: 1610981991660.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1242x1747, DABB389D-BF53-40FF-988E-AFD180…)

doing anything she can to make people think she relapsed

No. 1134982

Of course Ashley would turn her new prescription drugs into attention baiting, also I guarantee she's going to abuse at least one of the five things she just got prescribed.

No. 1135043

File: 1610997129334.png (2.52 MB, 750x1334, DC41CF77-91CD-4760-8F68-23BF90…)

she's always been soo quirky and different!!

No. 1135046

File: 1610997209711.png (677.04 KB, 750x1334, CC14CB60-3A6F-46C4-9D4B-025C17…)

in what world is that something to brag about like that..

No. 1135092

oh good lord is that that guy dakota, and please don’t tell me she’s gonna claim she’s in love with him now. pray for all men on instagram 2021

No. 1135234

File: 1611009441539.png (3.01 MB, 750x1334, 38ABF86F-20EA-47DE-A571-734387…)

No. 1135236

File: 1611009465739.png (2.2 MB, 750x1334, 7235BF3F-605C-4D51-964D-E5FBFC…)

No. 1135239

Okay, and?

No. 1135242

File: 1611010259054.png (2.49 MB, 750x1334, A45B673D-40F9-4269-8433-445A5C…)

newfag new just been looking at this thread off and on and all i can say is that they both (ashley and maddie) are both super cringe and i wasn’t even aware of this “spam” community and it’s all mentally fucked
it’s obviously they thrives on likes and reading what people are saying about them on here
please correct me if i’m wrong but maddie is the you get one and is “autistic” idk i work with kids with autism and that are on the spectrum and she doesn’t really show any signs of being on the spectrum
i guess i’m beating a head horse with a stick because i know what i’ve said probably has already been said but i do feel sorry for maddies home life maybe if she idk finished hs or if she did maybe get a fucking job stop making excuses for yourself you just make a bigger hole for yourself but she already probably knows that’s
ashley i really do hope she idk stays sober but with what i’ve seen from her ig and past threads i give her a few months then it’s back to shrooms and xanax if you’re saying you went to treatment and all you got from it was that you don’t need hard drugs but alcohol is totally fine….ummm lol good luck with your sobriety

No. 1135245

Okay, and ?

No. 1135247

maddie's live and has just been doing her makeup over and over in dead fucking silence, like not speaking a single word for 20 minutes. she just keeps staring at the camera it's super weird

No. 1135249

File: 1611010902629.png (3.3 MB, 750x1334, C2CC8013-8A93-4BEC-BA0C-BC0865…)

No. 1135250

She just shoved her earrings in and winced so hard, must still be infected after she did em with a safety pin drunk

No. 1135348

File: 1611018629373.png (982.62 KB, 1355x1354, Screenshot_20210118-170832.png)

Reading that took 3 points off my IQ.

No. 1135379

dakota is a fucking creep of course he's chatting up this dumb ass bpdfag. placing my bets on them becoming a thing and it being a shit show

No. 1135442

ew he's bald

No. 1135445

Her standards keep getting lower and lower kek

No. 1135447

File: 1611028031898.png (2.21 MB, 1440x1828, Screenshot_20210118-194353.png)

The nose chain lmao I can't with these people. What a specimen.

No. 1135450

lmao he looks 40

No. 1135451

File: 1611028188454.png (1.53 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20210118-194919.png)


No. 1135482

Iirc he's almost 30?

No. 1135582

File: 1611049681496.png (2.27 MB, 750x1334, BC88976D-B266-4554-A6C3-89960B…)

maddie got too fucked up again and lost her phone lol

No. 1135583

File: 1611049772164.jpeg (51.47 KB, 750x322, 99B27FD2-BEC2-4E42-AA7C-754D67…)

she should've taken her own advice

No. 1135590

File: 1611050791304.jpeg (299.7 KB, 750x1075, 1EA20179-339D-44E0-99BF-BD9061…)

god all she does is reminisce. also why are her clothes always so dirty

No. 1135783

>>goes live doing a a&a

>>just looks at herself and watched as people start joining
>>only 5 people join
>>ends live

No. 1135872

File: 1611076065683.jpeg (570.88 KB, 828x1321, ED6F72FB-BC01-4BBC-BB28-2EC76B…)

maddie seriously get help. she is never going to outpatient it wont work for her she needs hospitalization for a long time

No. 1135925

jesus christ she's in deep

anon is there any way you can post some milky stuff from her super priv? i didn't think anyone from here would get access

No. 1135931

honestly it looks like she's either completely making this up or she really needs to get proper help and the fuck off the internet. there are wayy too many mentally girls showing off how fucked up they are on social media as if it's cool and they all should have their accounts deleted tbh

No. 1135965

Whore yourself out to a homeless crackhead squatter? How does that even make sense, how do they have money to pay you? Like what did she get out of that for it to be a transaction? She was probably raped or it just straight up didn’t happen.

No. 1135981

Honestly, she probably just fucked the guy for drugs, not money.

No. 1136071

I would pay cash money for access to that account tbh, so much milky shit may be hiding

No. 1136129

I used to be hopeful for maddie but im absolutely tired of her bull. she NEEDS to wake up. its so embarrasing for her.

she needs to stop her whining. im sick of the whole "alcohol changes everything about me and i hate it :/" she needs to STOP her drug use. she always talks about how she wants to better herself, yet cant get away from drugs.

she has absolutely no right to complain about anything if she puts herself into it like its some game.

maddie, if you're lurking, GROW UP.

No. 1136222

am i the only one that wonders how this anon got access to her spam? only like 50 people follow it and i kinda doubt maddies close friends would talk shit about her on here? smells like another maddie selfpost, but then again idk what kinda people she accepts on that account so this might be a reach

No. 1136331

Maddie's craving that sweet, sweet self victimization. She needs her daily fix of sympathy or she explodes.

No. 1136417

prob bullshit

No. 1136588

i wonder why she comes up with shit like this. does she think this makes her life more interesting or something? just say you never leave your house and go maddie, youre not ashley, you dont have a crazy wild life

No. 1136730

honestly half of the stuff she posts on her spam accounts seem to be either spam or talking about what pills she’s mixed while drinking which idk seems to be a common thing (newfag)
but with that post from her “super secret account” that whole paragraph she wrote in her notes while reading it yea like all of that shit sounds horrible but i honestly think she did stretch the truth more than likely
it’s possible that she did wonder off faded as she says and ran into this person who happened to noticed she was crying even tho it was in the middle of the night and correct me if i’m wrong but didn’t she say she also did drink with him or like he bummed her cig so if he gave her a cig and saw her crying let her into the squatting crack house i’m sure he would have just given her the drugs for free
she’s been known for prostituting herself but in reality i’m sure she was just really fucked up probably did more drugs with this guys possibly blacked out the woke up the next morning what happened omg and is now sharing it i guess a year later because??? she needs validation like the child she is who gets higher off the likes she gets even tho she is slowly ruining her life and ashely has ruined her too in ever aspects as well

No. 1136848

File: 1611142768431.jpeg (198.52 KB, 750x997, 56F75591-7C70-4878-B64E-552B9A…)

this is like the third time i've heard her say that, just accept you are desperate for the attention and will never actually quit maddie. also didn't she want to sell that account?

No. 1136947

Love that the mods on here are trying to ban farmers for little shit when others are literally on here leaking Maddies nudes lmao

No. 1136994

At this point im starting to feel bad for maddies mom

No. 1137011

Maddie's sitting i her GED class recording herself on her priv rolling her eyes and not paying attention. Absolute retard

No. 1137244

File: 1611176195786.png (2.17 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20210120-125529.png)

I'm excited to see if she passed or failed her GED at 19 going on 20 lol. Does anyone know of she drives yet? I know she doesn't work but I don't think she drives either.

No. 1137246

File: 1611176291916.png (3.19 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20210120-125518.png)

I personally don't feel bad for Maddie's mom because she spawned this human in the first place, she choose to reproduce now face the consequences of your genetics lmao.

No. 1137619

lmao ashley took the “they/them” out of her twitter bio. did anyone catch that, has that been talked about yet? did she really fake being trans for more attention??? lmao

No. 1137701

they/them doesn’t mean you’re trans
i’m sure she just hopped on the band wagon of wanting to be non binary for a moment and now has changed her mind about it
i’ve honestly never seen her refer herself and they/them so it was all just thing she did for attention

No. 1137737

She has the IQ of a mcdonald's sweet tea. Her mom probably made her go to try and make this change for herself, only for her to just sit on her phone and make horny posts about band members kek

No. 1137756

File: 1611214075745.jpeg (767.77 KB, 1242x1883, FF7E6CEF-1EE8-46F3-9B06-FA2411…)

her mom is “strict” lmao where

No. 1137757

honestly her mother seems like a whole dumbass. how are you so bad at raising your daughter

No. 1137880

imo she's given up on trying to look after maddie. anyone, including a mother, can reach a point where they can no longer try

No. 1137942

File: 1611240498320.jpeg (489.97 KB, 750x1276, A2B80996-967A-4EC3-B2B3-A19430…)

on her tik tok she still has them in her bio (in the cringiest way possible, like even actual nonbinary people hate the word "theydie" lmao) but it really seems like shes only doing it for attention and to come across as even more special and edgy. i've never heard anyone refer to her as they/them so why bother pretending you go by these pronouns lol

No. 1138561

File: 1611275754994.png (1.8 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20210121-163150.png)

As someone who's dealt with a lot body dismorphia and to a lower extent ED, this is just so sad and unhealthy. She just sits in her room, binges, and then cries about it.

No. 1138569

File: 1611276471437.png (2.95 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20210121-163700.png)

She needs an intervention, she's not going to be able to help herself without proper guidance. Without responsible adults. I've thought for awhile now that Maddie's mom has stopped putting effort into her but to me it's so apparent lately. 5 meds? What in the fuck kind of solution.. and I get maybe she's working or busy but your child is sat at home eating,throwing it back up, doing an assortment drugs, maybe even prostituting herself, having mental breakdowns every day, running away, etc. Why have you let it go this far? Where the fuck have you been that's more important than sorting this mess? I don't feel bad for her mom in the slightest because in a way she's made maddie this way by allowing this shit to go on for so long. If I ever pulled any of this shit with my parents I knew there would be consequences, like in the real world. Maddie grew up in lala land because of her parents and it's not doing her a single bit of good in life.

No. 1138580

it would do her good to go to residential, and i think that’s her only hope now. if she did outpatient she would 100% continue her bad habits when she got home, and impatient is usually no longer than 1-2 weeks. residential is super expensive though, but i’m sure maddie could get on really great insurance for free, like medicaid. they have programs for her, they are/can be accessible with the right guidance- but maddie has to want health and rehabilitation. she won’t want it if she sticks with the same people and same lifestyle. i feel bad for this girl, i really do. ashley- i feel nothing, she’s old enough to know and has had countless “epiphanies”. maddie was corrupted by dayton ohio, instagram, and a druggie with too much instafluence. if maddie wants help, she shouldn’t put a gofundme together for cash, but for residential treatment. this is my honest advice if anyone speaks to her regularly or she lurks and sees this.

No. 1138636

lol i’ve honestly never heard that term theydie or whatever and just LOL she’s trying to be edgy stand out but ashley….you’re embarrassing yourself little by little everyday with your online presence get off the internet

No. 1138907

File: 1611311344546.png (2.29 MB, 750x1334, EBB362E6-6975-45E2-AE72-DE2F70…)

Im like 100% sure she made this whole autistic thing up

No. 1139003


‘Tism is the new trendy label being latched onto as an excuse for just being wet-brained and/or completely dysfunctional for these types. It garners more sympathy than just admitting to be a mentally ill/stunted addict who fried their brain cells. Makes them feel more special.

No. 1139160


I wouldn’t be surprised if she was actually autistic, she’s always obsessing over dead/old metal band members and posting 20+ Things (videos,pictures and interviews) on her story about them in the span of a hour she’s definitely got some autistic hyperfixation

No. 1139238

Every teenage girl does that like i know people who are 25yo and still freaking out when it comes to their fav show, book etc
It doesnt mean she’s autistic, she may have problem with concentration but i guess its normal for people who abuse drugs and alvohol

No. 1139273

maddie really does latches onto any "trendy" disorder. i remember last year she said she had tourette's and said that she always had tics and people made fun of her. even did a live with tics while trying to do her make up. that shit only lasted less than a week, never seen a tic again afterwards.
she needs to get actual help

No. 1139420

i like how after this was posted she uploaded a vid of her doing convenient tics that didn’t actually affect what she was holding/doing as if to prove herself

No. 1139648

maddie does not have tourette’s, why the fuck would someone lie about something like that? it makes 0 sense. she may have slight tics from anxiety, but nothing more than that. if she was actually on the spectrum, had tourette’s, or anything in those categories - she could apply to disability. the fact that she’s not doing that and instead is begging for money from her 12 year old ‘fans’ proves she’s completely fine and just doesn’t want to work. even ashley is on disability iirc. these girls literally have the worlds help at their fingertips and are refusing to take it so they can instead beg for cash and spend it on drugs.

No. 1139767

File: 1611373066295.png (916.17 KB, 750x1334, A8418A9D-74D7-489B-B18A-D669D6…)

Oh no looks like Kira is back on the Ashley wagon

No. 1139797

She always looks so ugly in these kinds of photos lol kek

No. 1139828

She looks like a late-30s soccer mom named Shannon

No. 1139936

sage kinda unrelated to anything recent but y'all do realize the only fact that maddie “used to” look good is because she used to facetune her pics 90% more than she does today not to say that she hasn’t declined since her e thot druggie persona comeup though just an observation

No. 1139956

pretty much
she was never beautiful

No. 1139970

I’ve noticed that a lot of BPDs diagnose themselves with autism, I guess they think it will let them off the hook for their behavior because autism is incurable

No. 1139980

i feel like it isn't even mainly the facetune though, but rather the way she poses and does her makeup/hair. like sure, she definitely used to edit her face, but she still wasn't as ugly then as she is now. i think what made her look worse is mainly her ratched makeup/hair but also the weird faces she makes. sure, the drugs probably affected her looks a lot too, but she really only made it worse with the awkward poses, hair that looks like she she cut it drunk with kid scissors and horribly overlined lips and misplaced brows

No. 1139983

File: 1611402792222.png (2.96 MB, 750x1334, 5FE896F8-4862-47ED-AC1F-36D838…)

"i am staying away from my main for as long as possible!!" it's been three days lmao

No. 1140003


I noticed in the videos after this that Ashley was in the backseat lmao im really disappointed in Kira tho.

No. 1140046

Isn't BDP incurable as well lmao. Do they think it gives them extra mentally disabled points?

No. 1140108

Blog, sperg, and I might get banned but I’m so sick of these kids calling themselves autistic when they’re clearly not. I know ‘tism is a spectrum… but this ain’t it. I have two autistic people in my immediately family. One is (almost) completely non verbal, and the other is basically an asexual male with the mind of a 12 year old. People mistake them for being mentally retarded. Like, if you have an irl experience with autism (and not just shit you see about it on the internet) I doubt you would be out here bragging about it to seem quirky. Like it’s not glamorous. My brother is in his boxers 24/7, shut in his room bc all he cares about is TV and video games. He doesn’t have normal conversations and when he speaks you can 100% tell he’s not normal. He will rewind the tv over and over and over again to see the same scene. He completely spazzes out over the smallest things and usually it’s directed at my parents. Like honestly I could write an entire book about all his weird shit. I love him but it’s weird, and Maddie definitely doesn’t have it. I really doubt anyone who says “I have autism” actually has it.

No. 1140147

Stop being a dumbass there are high functioning people with autism who appear normal if not a bit awkward to normal people. Not every person with autism has it bad like your brother lol but that being said I do think a lot of people on the internet self diagnose

No. 1140167

>stop being a dumbass
>doesn’t sage

No. 1140180

Not to WK but autism has been confirmed for a long time to "show" differently in women/girls because of they way we're socialized. Psychologists have been known to be more hesitant to diagnose women with ASD (mostly due to sexism). Notoriously autism is commonly misdiagnosed as BPD or other personality disorders for women which is probably where she got the "idea" of it from. It's still too complex for someone who has no idea what they're talking about to self diagnose however.

No. 1140859

This may be the case for you anon but it’s just not an opinion that’s backed up by science. Like anons above said it shows differently in females, and not every autistic male has issues with pants. Sometimes it’s shirts.

No. 1140910


Not wk'ing but you said yourself autism is a spectrum. I doubt she's lying about having autism to be "trendy" since autism is one of the most commonly mocked conditions, especially online. For a lot of high functioning people it can manifest like mild social awkwardness with a high sensitivity to stimuli like sound and light. This rant >>1137246 kind of sold it for me because why would any other person be so bothered or stressed out about people talking in the same room as her to the point they make a long rant about it.

No. 1140940

that rant made me kinda believe her too, i still think it's super weird to use the "i'm autistic!!" excuse absolutely everywhere for shitty behavior, when it isn't even that severe for her though. like just take some responsibility for your actions instead on blaming it on a disability that isn't even that extreme. it seems like she has troubles with social situations/understanding peoples intentions and general sensitivity to stimuli but as soon as she tells people she's autistic they will most likely assume she has one of the more severe types of it and pity her and i really doubt she isn't aware of that

No. 1140953

File: 1611505825137.jpeg (178.57 KB, 750x665, F77F46A6-F7DF-44DD-AEC2-D3015B…)

Actually it’s really bad here in Dayton, she just doesn’t care because it hasn’t affected her yet. Her friends don’t really seem to care and Kira even works with young children and is going around massless all the time? Sounds like a great way to spread covid to to them all.

No. 1141071

File: 1611515206748.jpeg (258.26 KB, 750x1101, A6BEA562-5006-4228-922B-2BFA56…)

I don’t know him but yes let me get all up on him maskless cuz “pOlarOiD iS cuTe”

No. 1141072

File: 1611515235096.png (774.88 KB, 750x1334, 1D8A9D36-8BC4-4E44-9F6E-8E5075…)

No. 1141078

I don’t think her being bothered by loud people in a small room while trying to take a test confirms that she has autism. If she has social anxiety, which she’s shown that she does, then that makes more sense. Also why wouldn’t she lie about having it? She’s already lied about having tourettes so this really isn’t out if the ordinary for her.

I also have a little brother with autism and have a few friends that are diagnosed as being high functioning, And I’ve gotten pretty familiar with the mannerisms too. The heightened emotions, the lashing out, the hyper-fixation on certain things, the social awkwardness, lack of social cues, etc. And I can personally that I haven’t seen Maddie exhibit any of these behaviors outside of her being fucked up on something. And besides, every time she gets herself into a bad situation where she was like “I just couldn’t read the room” and blames it on her disorders, she’s usually drunk? Like yeah of course you’re not gonna be able to tell what’s going on? It has nothing to do with autism??

No. 1141335

File: 1611533485386.png (1.66 MB, 750x1334, 29A71FC2-74D7-4EBC-B3CF-AFEE71…)

Who is she kidding

No. 1141388

this is something a 14 year old would say this is so cringe to see kek needs to grow up stop pretending that it's horrible to listen to his music he's dead irrelevant and not edgy

No. 1141399

She’s so fucking annoying and out of touch, Manson was not a serial killer.

No. 1141432

Exactly lmao and his music is shit in my humble opinion she will say that for attention uwu I'm so sorry I like a killer guys I can't help it

No. 1141440

For anyone not up to date on Ashley and her retard lingo vivianne is drunk Ashley's name because when she's drunk she is a loud obnoxious whore, so very different from her sober self lmao kek

No. 1141442

What is her dumbass going to do when she inevitably gets covid? Literally I could see her not giving a fuck about others and just keep going out and spreading it at friends houses, bars, etc. Terrifying.

No. 1141501

uhh did anybody else see that video on andys spam where he and maddie are naked in a bathtub together bc im like. holy fuck

No. 1141527

imageboard, newfag. post caps

No. 1141532

File: 1611551285081.png (Spoiler Image, 400.72 KB, 760x1079, Screenshot_20210124-201055.png)


No. 1141562

File: 1611554683185.png (178.19 KB, 1440x863, Screenshot_20210124-220019.png)


No. 1141689

File: 1611579930032.jpeg (411.01 KB, 750x848, D8891E6C-B32E-4AB2-A9A3-689B11…)

those apps also literally just hack your account, i can't believe she already got hacked once because she believed some cheap phishing scam and yet she's still stupid enough to give random apps access to her account lmao

No. 1141725

she also posted a video on her story last night/afternoon asking people to sub to her OF because she needs an oil change…she deleted it off ig immediately sadly didn’t get a screenshot

No. 1141733

it wasn't even of i think, it was just like one video of her in her underwear and "some nudes" for fucking 20$, the fact that she deleted it makes it even funnier lmao

No. 1141818

Her phone background is a picture of herself. Jesus fucking christ that is pathetic

No. 1141905

File: 1611602791196.png (1.95 MB, 750x1334, 32B61EDA-095C-4AD6-9CE2-AE4F7E…)

i literally can’t wait for her hair to fall out how many times a week do you need to change your hair color child by the time your 25 your hair will be ruined do us all a favor accept the bed that available at the nearest mental hospital get off the internet and get help

>>1141818 really shows how consumed/insecure with herself and that stupid fucking face she makes

No. 1141943

File: 1611605126637.jpg (904.93 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210125-200344_Ins…)

kek @ her making a new spam because she lurks hard and saw someone here has access to her super priv

No. 1141959

"probably not using this account anymore" girl u can't even manage to stay off your main for more than a few days, i doubt it'll be more than a week until she craves the attention again and comes back

No. 1141961

How are you going to be mad that “too many fakes” follow the account when you literally let anyone follow it. Idk if it’s still set to private but I remember when it was and she accepted my follow request despite me being a total stranger. LOL

No. 1142315

File: 1611637242318.png (4.75 MB, 1125x2436, A56B95BA-830F-47F3-BB08-C9FB9D…)

ohmygod…you are an alcoholic

No. 1143623

File: 1611780565664.png (144.07 KB, 1440x1077, Screenshot_20210127-124905.png)

Five meds going on six?

No. 1144013

ADHD meds?

No. 1144059

I’m sure Adderall will be SUPER helpful

No. 1145130

lmao damagednerves is public now, needed more attention, ashley?

No. 1145171

Learn how to sage.

No. 1145209

File: 1611935861606.png (1.45 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210129-072856.png)

Yeah Ash, picking at your face is a result from the fucking drugs you abused for so long, not an 'uwu cute anxiety tick'. Jfc, stop trying to cover your shitty life choices with "muh bpd" and "muh anxiety". You just made terrible choices and now there are lasting repercussions.

No. 1145301

that literally looks like she just popped a pimple, but i guess saying it was anxiety is edgier

No. 1145308

Maddie tweaker saga incoming. Doesn’t she have heart issues? Whichever doctor prescribes her adderall deserves to lose their job

No. 1145324

Nah, that's definitely a tweaker sore. Wonder where else she's got "anxiety scabs"

No. 1145487

Ashley I'd find you much less deplorable if you just admitted you influenced Maddie. I don't know about grooming her, but you changed her trajectory as a human being. She's a fucking disaster at the moment while you're doing fine, and you played a role in that by introducing her to certain drugs underage. I can't imagine getting a child into hard drugs while being an adult and then acting like that's no big deal to my internet "fans". I'm an addict speaking from experience, what you did warrants a serious apology to everyone involved. Especially Maddie, she's in need of a friend during this shit. Where have you been? Awfully silent tbh.

No. 1145490

What a monster zit, bold of her to share that. Her and maddie sharing their massive zits is something I never thought I'd come across here but lol they have no shame >>1145209
> It's muh anxiety guys definitely not a result of fent abuse for years lolz. Scratching off my skin is normal for me, it definitely didn't start when I started doing hard drugs like meth and fent. I've just always loved to pick my skin like a fucking drug fiend!!

No. 1146012

lmao so kira and ash are friends again

No. 1146112

I've lost all respect for Kira and clearly she's lost it for herself as well. I'm willing to bet you that ash had sophie convince Kira that she's good and worth being friends with so that's why they keep hanging out together. She has a new "best friend" every week and this week it's Sophie.

No. 1147072

Noone cares, maddie has her own free will, noone put drugs into her veins/mouth. She s just stupid and why someone should apologize for her being dumb

No. 1147092

I think it’s maddie selfpost?

No. 1147534

I'm not even going to dignify this with a serious response. Anyone who reads these threads and isn't mentally handicapped knows ashley giving hard drugs to a minor under any circumstances is wrong, and its had repercussions in Maddie's life. Yes maddie choose to do it but there's a lot more nuance to this than her being an idiot who deserves to be an addict. If this anon is maddie wtf focus on your real life not this cesspool where we shit on you and ash. Hot take here but anything we say on this thread is irrelevant if you're actively working on bettering yourself irl.

No. 1147748

File: 1612148329916.gif (86.76 KB, 220x220, 620C892F-5706-48E8-A084-D67C1A…)

No. 1148560

File: 1612220730020.jpg (593.6 KB, 1080x1469, Screenshot_20210201-230513_Ins…)

Anyone on her new priv know what happened?

No. 1148733

She's posted very little lately so my thinking was maybe she was 5150d.

No. 1148940

Maddie had gone steadily downhill since that first time she met up with Ashley and was given pills. I've been distant friends with her for a while and while she's never been mentally stable she's completely gone off the deep end the last couple years. I don't know if she will ever be able to recover from this but I hope she does…

It's absolutely Ashley's fault for getting Maddie hooked, Maddie is so impressionable and Ashley knew that from the beginning I have absolutely no sympathy for her. How can you give pills to a 17 year old girl who's had a history of eating disorders and drug use and NOT expect her to get hooked… Like seriously.

No. 1149025

she did a short live where she talked about how it was something "very traumatic" that she didn't wanna talk about but it's pretty obvious she overdosed. she mentioned almost dying, her mom finding her in her own puke or smth and also that it wasn't a suicide attempt, so idk why she kept acting like it was too tRaUmAtIc to talk about when she made it pretty clear what happened lmao. there were also people calling her out on going live and explaining things right after saying she didn't wanna talk about it and she ended the live pretty soon after that

No. 1149029

File: 1612252896211.jpg (116.61 KB, 1080x645, Screenshot_20210202_085951.jpg)

Looking forward to that timeline…

No. 1149108

File: 1612262615165.png (872.9 KB, 750x1334, 52EF0E51-BC4A-4ED1-BF36-E2FF36…)

soo she's basically admitting that she never actually got an official diagnosis for autism or tourettes?

No. 1149113

Viva getting OD'd in New York 2: Electric Boogaloo

No. 1149121

Who is surprised that another messy e-hoe is just another cluster b riddled addict mess and not some magical on the spectrum fae autist who just got “involved with the wrong people” kek

No. 1149146

Why is she so proud of it xd like posting this on her ig story asking omg what xyz means…i mean she could just googled it but nooo she wants pity lame as fuck

No. 1149150

why would anyone post this as a flex

No. 1149159

File: 1612267796230.png (529.94 KB, 750x1334, 5B32C8E1-2C13-4942-94D9-E0C89A…)

someone's lurking HARD, it's only been an hour and shes already justifying herself and posting "proof"

No. 1149164

File: 1612268149070.png (789.85 KB, 750x1334, 2577D8A2-660A-4055-81DF-713BC3…)

she even posted a whole screenshot incase nobody believed the cut out thing lmao. also proof that she overdosed and it wasn't actually something "super traumatic" like she keeps saying to make her followers feel sorry for her

No. 1149221

Is it even possible to have that many different illnesses? Isn't one just wrong at some point and the doctor has to change it? How tf do you have aspergers, BPD, bipolar, depression, anorexia, bulimia and social anxiety???

No. 1149888

It really depends on who is diagnosing her, we've established whatever doctor she has is a quack job who isn't taking this serious enough. Honestly I wouldn't put it past maddie to be a malingerer who pushes a doctor towards a diagnosis by knowing DXM requirements. And her doctor is probably too much of an idiot or inexperienced to question whatever she says any deeper, so if that's true she can likely get whatever diagnosis she wants.. besides something ridiculous and obviously not true, like DID. I've studied pysch and it's possible to get a lot of diagnoses at any given time, but Maddie's is abnormal in that there's just SO MANY things "wrong with her" I don't buy it.

No. 1150455

Unfortunately yes. It may have a lot to do with the fact that doctors just want to put a diagnosis on literally everything now a days but yes a list this long is actually more common than you’d think

No. 1150499

i guess it isn't common but it doesn't mean she actually has all of these things. especially if she got diagnosed at regular hospitals or inpatient stays, it's very likely she got misdiagnosed bc the doctors there often don't know you and just diagnose you based on a super brief screening. honestly everyone that's ever been admitted bc of a suicide attempt shouldn't have a hard time getting a bunch of illnesses diagnosed, especially when the doctors don't give a fuck. we don't know which illnesses she actually does have but it's clear she thinks they make her special or something, otherwise she wouldn't post all those diagnoses for no reason as if it was something to be proud of lmao

No. 1150717

i don’t see why its so hard to believe shes autistic lmao she’s 100% socially inept

No. 1150744

Shes not autistic, her brain is fried from drugs and thats all

No. 1150779

Maddy posts so much of her medical history you could commit identity theft I swear to god kek

No. 1150823

maddie if you're gonna post here at least make sure to not use the exact wording as in your stories, it's really obvious lol(hi cow)

No. 1150876

damn i didn’t know im actually maddie. i wonder how i ended up in brazil then

No. 1150906

File: 1612376636905.jpg (49.75 KB, 735x385, kjjj.JPG)

"i feel like i’m really connecting with myself" it shows!

No. 1150931

This is the answer. Drug induced as absolute fuck kek.

No. 1151044

File: 1612381335022.png (603.99 KB, 1440x1508, Screenshot_20210203-113622.png)

She could've worn a long sleeve but the entire world needs to know she recently self harmed, this is on her main. At least she's not showing off the actual wound this time kek, I'll give her credit for that.

No. 1151066

File: 1612382140116.png (2.22 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20210203-115413.png)

She's gonna pull a taylor dean and just stay on her subs forever or till she moves out and relapses on drugs again.

No. 1151091

this is amazing, she’s really making an effort to show her arm and then pretend she doesn’t want to talk about it. what a fcking loser

No. 1151100

File: 1612383290415.jpeg (1.35 MB, 1242x1822, 9A1F1549-629B-4EF0-9ADC-C5818E…)

“look at my arm! i dont want to talk about it but LOOK”

No. 1151252

man imagine if u went to school with this bitch and she was constantly taking timer selfies of her self harm and videos of herself in class.. she lives and breathes social media

No. 1151319

No. 1151483

People will ask about her arm, she needs to accept it…especially if she's showing it off. Either answer questions or fuck off with the bait

No. 1151652

File: 1612420644371.jpeg (665.88 KB, 750x1036, AA51DC25-1A24-4D41-9E3F-185E8C…)

reminds me of when she exclusively wore sheer/low tops when she had her heart monitor and made sure we could all see it

No. 1151795

She is so desperate for attention that it gives me secondhand embarrassment

No. 1151798

File: 1612432889351.jpeg (96.62 KB, 267x376, 79BFCBE8-94E1-45B8-B373-A100DC…)

Maddies back at it again with spamming her whole account with the most unflattering pictures of herself

No. 1151808

File: 1612433805742.jpeg (196.6 KB, 750x948, 575BFC7A-50D5-4681-8533-F2B4C0…)

imagine shoving your bandaged arm into the center of every picture, then act all offended when someone points it out. she wants all the pity and attention, yet "doesn't want to talk about it" because tRaUmA, like girl, if you are so uncomfortable with people showing genuine concern for you, just stop shoving your self harm into everyone's faces lmao. it really is he same shit as with the heart monitor, i bet as soon as the bandage is off she will show off her scars too, as usual. also kek at all of those replies from her braindead followers

No. 1151842

Oh yeah, it’s definitely private info… She can fuck right off with that shit.

No. 1152103

depression and bipolar as well as anorexia and bulimia are mutually exclusive diagnoses. she probably got diagnosed with one, and later with the other. alternatively i think that less knowledgable doctors sometimes code AN b/p as anorexia and bulimia.(medfagging)

No. 1152279

My new sleep paralysis demon

No. 1152293

File: 1612474835412.png (2.27 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20210204-134013.png)

Storing this here for safekeeping lmao, this was posted on ashleys facebook with all her family on it kek

No. 1152298

Maddie sounds like she's had a fucking lobotomy, she can't string a single sentence together. Her lives make me cringe so bad

No. 1153384

File: 1612561889355.jpeg (422.95 KB, 750x1199, 790DAB82-04B9-4B5E-938F-32D9D7…)

maddie complaining about hospital fees on her story. maybe stop taking multiple drugs and ODing constantly? fees are expensive but they are avoidable lol

No. 1153520

I love when she and ashley bitch about how they have no money when they have never tried a job other than sex work. It's clearly not working if you're always struggling for money.

No. 1153523

File: 1612572770999.png (2.2 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20210205-165301.png)

Why tf would you share this lol

No. 1153594

File: 1612579830690.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 442.97 KB, 750x822, 02F78EDC-D209-4FC3-8166-EC2A3B…)

so now maddie is talking ab how expensive her bleach was on her live. wasnt she just bitching about her hospital bills?

No. 1153657

I mean it's not a good idea to share this but it doesn't really show anything either. A lot of people take classes there and it's encouraged by the military to learn certain languages.

No. 1153811

Why tf is she still bleaching it in the first place her hair is straight hay

No. 1154570

File: 1612668847671.png (849.79 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210206-184358.png)

No. 1154571

File: 1612668873488.png (1.35 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210206-184412.png)

No. 1154574

File: 1612669035434.png (1.37 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210206-184420.png)

It's like she has to remind everyone they dated, even though he was dating someone else at the time he died

No. 1154577

File: 1612669145277.png (1.65 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210206-184430.png)

Aaaaand she's out drinking. Big shocker

No. 1154578

File: 1612669203182.png (1.67 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210206-184451.png)

Love how a Heineken turned into a bucket of PBR lmao

No. 1154579

File: 1612669236155.png (1.78 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210206-184507.png)

No. 1154584

bet maddie ain't got shit on this guy's epic arm scar woah

No. 1154632

sage but anon, Invisible Tears is one of Manson's strongest songs, I'd go as far as saying that's his only good song. When you compare it to his more hideous and messy shit like "Look at your game, girl" you will realize that the song is actually pretty well structured, the guitar is decent enough and his low vocals actually blend in nicely
The song is very generic and did definitely not represent a milestone in music history for innovation but it is a genuinely good song, the only decent song that ever came out of Manson's trainwreck of a music career

No. 1154693

They weren't following each other for the longest time either so it's not like they were even talking again till awhile before he died. I do think because he's dead it hits different, but find it so hilarious she's posted nothing about jacob since the week he died lol. Like you said simon was moved on and Jake was your more recent ex it rubs me a bit weird.

No. 1154708

Jesus Christ, what the hell caused that scar? I'm not trashy enough to know whether it's self-harm or drug-related.

No. 1154772

it definitely is a suicide attempt scar.

No. 1154785

Can’t tell if it’s sad or funny there has been no talk of jake since he died, no comment or mention at all, she was more vocal and posted way more of there relationship then she did with Simon (and she posted a lot about him when they dated) but now it’s like that 5 months never happened and so many people watched it unfold, I’d say more people remember Simon they they do jake now because she’s just completely erased her dead fiancé

No. 1154820


… which lends support to the tinfoiling that he offed himself the same evening after she posted about ending up in the ER from his ~kinky sex games~ (deadly shame spiral) and she wants to just pretend it never happened.

No. 1154921

File: 1612715412919.png (791.76 KB, 1080x2057, Screenshot_20210207-092025~2.p…)

What a fucking poser lol

No. 1154960

File: 1612718707413.jpeg (49.17 KB, 827x403, 5489B380-34AF-424D-868B-A1D4DC…)


No. 1154975

sage but did ashley seriously go through all that trouble of lifting her hair to that salmon color, in turn, making the texture look like straight cotton candy, just to dye it black again a few weeks later? you’ve gotta be kidding me. what is it with both maddie and ashley not being able to afford food/rent/whatever they complain to their followers about, but they’re able to buy box dye every other week? remarkable. i thought ashley worked at a hair salon once upon a time, she should know better? also double sage, but i guarantee no one told her she looks like kurt…he wouldn’t wear a bright green top lmao what

No. 1154981

You have to put sage in the email field retard.

No. 1154985

File: 1612720429698.jpeg (166.8 KB, 640x839, 8D669DC8-0E59-43EC-80C6-D732D2…)

closest i found

No. 1154987


>maddie has literally all the mental illnesses in the world so I MUST HAVE EDGY MENTAL ILLNESSES TOO! no doctor has told me this but i want quirky mental illness too!!

what a stupid bitch. also a fucking sociopath? thats so fucking edgy. faking sociopath just cause theres stigma about it so obviously you need it cause edge.

No. 1155011

File: 1612721504705.jpg (9.38 KB, 500x282, lisa.jpg)

No. 1155091

File: 1612725668695.png (117.69 KB, 1440x742, Screenshot_20210207-111659.png)

I feel like anyone who still proudly listens botdf in 2021 doesn't care about what happened to victims. Or at least listen to them them privately but don't advertise it? Dahvie vanity molested many children underage and since ash claims she's an assault survivor posting this is so off base and thoughtless.

No. 1155097

File: 1612726100260.png (281.53 KB, 1440x1606, Screenshot_20210207-111621.png)


No. 1155101

File: 1612726229217.png (147.15 KB, 1440x921, Screenshot_20210207-111631.png)

"for work" she asked people on her story what color she should dye her hair the other day lmao but yeah sure it's for work. Most places don't care if you have dyed hair either so where the fuck does she think she's working anyways? Other than her "OF return" lol I seriously doubt this bitch is going to get and maintain an irl job.

No. 1155123

This is the photo she probably used to base her "fit" off of. She's such an unoriginal 3edgy5life tryhard

No. 1155217

File: 1612734991752.png (846.89 KB, 1080x2067, Screenshot_20210207-145555~2.p…)


No. 1155221

rehab aesthetic! so quirky

No. 1155294

File: 1612741288395.png (867.56 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210207-164031.png)

Same bar, day 2

No. 1155470

Lol even when she was on hard drugs she was less blatant about romanticizing her addiction

No. 1155478

File: 1612753540944.png (2.79 MB, 750x1624, D2FE37AD-2F61-407A-82C3-52FA8D…)

maddie: guys i love my body! fuck all the haters im so comfortable in my own body!!!
also maddie:

No. 1156219

File: 1612819260373.png (2.6 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20210208-131805.png)

Okay lol but complaining about it isn't going to make you less ugly

No. 1156220

File: 1612819318384.png (1.76 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20210208-131811.png)

Lmao kek

No. 1156785

File: 1612865986127.png (1.49 MB, 750x1334, EEA047FB-FDF7-464C-833D-AEC02D…)

what is it with these two that they think their addiction is so quirky and interesting that it needs to be mentioned every two seconds

No. 1157169

I didn't post it but maddie said on her story yesterday she's starting wellbutrin I wonder how many meds she's actually on atm

No. 1157292

File: 1612904550505.png (1.63 MB, 844x1490, Screenshot 2021-02-09 at 9.00.…)

It actually blows my mind that she boasts about how expensive her hair stuff is, spends all her money on drugs and binge food, publicly documents her bpd spending hauls, and still begs. Maybe the answer, Maddie, is to not go into your overdraft in the first place

No. 1157379

"i know this probably sounds ignorant and selfish" yeah it does girl, there's literally a thousand things in the world rn that are more important than you not being able to handle your money. she keeps spending on unnecessary shit, then spirals because she realizes she has bills to pay as if that's something she couldn't have seen coming. then she begs and/or talks about needing a job, yet never actually gets one, before just never mentioning the situation again until
next time she needs money and the exact same shit goes down. i've witnessed this so many times already with her and she never learns from it, it's getting ridiculous. i wonder who's still stupid enough to give this bitch money when it's clear she could literally just get a job/save her money like any person in her situation would. but i guess noo, she's just too special and deserves to get her bills payed by strangers!! work's just too hard for her!!

No. 1157469

File: 1612916087950.png (601.05 KB, 1440x1259, Screenshot_20210209-160408.png)

I wonder if she's ever had a moment of clarity like she's constantly changing meds and also taking drugs, those factors combined are what's destroying her mental health. Also the fact that I don't think she drives so she's always stuck at home.

Kek this bitch, ebegging is her speciality.

No. 1158479

File: 1612995691775.jpeg (512.1 KB, 750x1090, FCD899C3-AEF3-4769-8FDC-F60291…)

surprise! being on five different new meds is actually pretty unpredictable and now she's having unwanted side effects!

No. 1158667

File: 1613009882929.jpeg (1.14 MB, 4096x2730, 815CC89B-5DE9-4F64-99BA-A383EE…)

posted 2 days apart. kek

No. 1158776

File: 1613028216742.png (803.1 KB, 1440x1654, Screenshot_20210210-231601.png)

Maddie shared some messages from a stalker on her private and they're pretty creepy but this one made me laugh
>You are a pain in the ass
>It's not your fault

No. 1158778

File: 1613028756453.jpg (492.59 KB, 1440x1440, photocollage_2021210232946448.…)


No. 1158779

File: 1613028782043.jpg (576.83 KB, 1440x1440, photocollage_2021210233232897.…)

No. 1158783

She loves attention so much i cant anymore with this stupid cow. Every thinking person would block this guy but nooo she loves even when creepy dudes write to her, still better than no attention

No. 1159415

File: 1613086533634.png (4.11 MB, 1242x2208, 5AEEB71E-8AFE-4B6C-8AFD-732CB9…)

No. 1159442

File: 1613088226846.png (4.71 MB, 1242x2208, 2E40DF12-56D6-44E0-AE4B-3D403A…)

the best part is that she never looked like that

No. 1159455

she knew how to facetune back then, now the most prominent features of her face are her crimson chin and dumbass lipstick

No. 1159477

Wtf. Thinking about this old dude watching videos of her at 14 while having a creepy obessesion with her is fucking vile. That guy needed to be blocked yesterday

No. 1159558

God she is so fucking ugly. This is nitpick as fuck but damn idec, she’s the ugliest face I see on this site. The mfs that are ugly af I expect, and they are so delusional or don’t care. But you can tell she really cares, and on that note she’s so jealous of the other one Idk which one is Ashley or Maddie tbh but this one
And I’m not loving on Miss tall and skinny according to some old meth head bitch at Walmart that gives out tacky yoda stickers

You’re both gross.

No. 1159565

Ashley is formally "vivadrag" and now "damaged nerves" and Maddie is dolltears, dollfears, like a few other accounts are also Maddie's.
Her following was suggesting she block him, along with "get a restraining order" among other things lol

No. 1159722

File: 1613121734995.jpeg (355.96 KB, 750x967, F716ACFF-7600-4EFA-849F-434865…)

literally why are they bringing up three year old drama now

No. 1159725

File: 1613122108523.jpeg (334.3 KB, 750x986, 902BA5B1-AF84-4704-80B5-D0C974…)

every single story like this that comes out of ashleys mouth sounds so incredibly made up lol. gotta make sure people know that everyone's just really obsessed with her!!

No. 1160234

File: 1613173164628.jpg (428.99 KB, 1440x1440, photocollage_202121215296836.j…)

I actually hope she stays off drugs and alcohol but I doubt her capability of it

No. 1160722

File: 1613235586195.jpeg (138.62 KB, 750x925, 20A63202-55A0-40E8-8102-0591D4…)

I can definitively say that Ashley is a narcissist. She's also got very many sociopathic traits. Her every move is dictated by the need for validation online and that stems into her being. Look at the shit she posts. She can't stop shaking her ass on instagram for longer than 2 days. And look at the frequency of her posts, either by story or on her feed. I went to school with her and she seemed really nice and disarming. That comes as a shock to see and hear the horrible shit she's done from online and how she literally has no retention, no remorse, no afterthought or guilt about any of the situations. It's all about her life and her. Not to mention the death of her former boyfriend. I truly believe she chose him because she knew that he had suffered from mental illnesses. I'm going as far as to say she is the cause of his suicide and most likely encouraged it. Look at how she discarded him. I can't stand junkie faux sluts like her. Getting Maddie on drugs is a common thing these kinds of people do as well, and she claims ZERO responsibility for it. Maddie doesn't care because she's stupid. She thinks being a druggie and being mentally ill is a personality trait and tries to excuse the behavior with victimism with her whole autism ruse. 'Don't hold me accountable for my actions like a normal adult, I have autism! Not the kind where you look down on me but the kind that basically allows me to do whatever the fuck I want.' Don't get me wrong, she's stupid as fuck. Especially to enter a car with a grown man offering her a ride home and getting kidnapped. She's got a few years at best before she disappears and never comes back. And staying with Ashley after her friends robbed you. If you're that stupid then you deserve to be used and thrown away. Don't even get me started on her money begging lol. That shit makes me laugh. Sluts like them deserve parasitic fates and I hate seeing young girls follow in their footsteps, some shit I have personally seen. Hope they overdose!(Armchairing)

No. 1160750

tinfoil but does anyone think that ashleys had something done with her lips? if you look at her older pics her lips looked way smaller
maybe its just the lip liner and posing which make her lips look bigger but idk
shes always doing the same facial expressions trying to make her lips look thicker

No. 1160754

why do you guys care about any of these two?

you're doing them more harm knowing they're unstable and lurking here

why would you enjoy this if youre not insecure harpies yourselves?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1160798

>he thinks we give a fuck about what he says.

No. 1160803

i'm not saying you should give a fuck, i'm just saying this is unhealthy for YOU specifically and may indicate personal issues you need to work on

no hostility just expressing my thoughts

No. 1160804

File: 1613243431364.jpg (34.41 KB, 567x556, EkziXRaWkAE_Lnk.jpg)

No. 1160805

why the fk are you being like this ?

No. 1160822

Kek do you realize what site you are on lmao the idiocy

No. 1160828

My one greatest wish is for this thread to be autosaged

No. 1160832

It's makeup and the way she positions her lips in pictures I'm pretty sure, I don't think she's ever had the hundreds of dollars to go get them filled. Considering without the help from her friends / boyfriends she's always lived with mommy and had to ebeg to get her money I doubt she's done any cosmetic surgery lol. It's a costly procedure because after you get them filled you'll need to disolve them and refill them to get the same look without spreading of the filler to unwanted places, I just can't see her affording 100s of 1,000s a year for her face when she can barely take care of her car payments on time without ebegging lol.

No. 1160837

She certainly has a lot of narcissistic qualities but I think someone diagnosing her via a therapist would be our only way to truly find out, not via lolcow lmao. She's more covert imo so it's a bit difficult to tell for some people but I definitely agree with you there's a strong possibility that ashley is a narcissist. I mean she clearly doesn't care for others the way she does herself lol, that we've seen time and time again.

No. 1160860

i do, but sometimes the hatred and negativity is too much

No. 1160864

Sage your WK bullshit because no one here cares.

No. 1160872

it's not whiteknighting, it's basic human worry and advice you rancid bitch(no one is forcing you here)

No. 1160903

ashley came to the last thread and wrote a whole ass paragraph where she talked shit about jake and tried to justify herself

No. 1160914

File: 1613251632618.jpeg (335.01 KB, 750x742, 480F9F57-002A-4FA6-AC64-94198F…)

she looks so ridiculously bad, especially next to her friends, like i've never noticed it this badly before but she's literally getting just as ugly as maddie lmao. the excessive drinking really isnt doing them a favor there. also love that she's throwing a party and not wearing a mask AGAIN

No. 1160915

File: 1613251729803.png (3.01 MB, 750x1334, 4C5B75FA-7151-4DF6-AD1A-1C8F56…)

what a look

No. 1160931

to be fair her friends aren’t pretty either

No. 1160933

lmao kira is pathetic, why are they friends again

No. 1160935

her legs are getting so fat

No. 1160953

You a Eugenia Cooney fan? As milky and shitty as Ashley is, saying she’s getting fat is such a reach lmao

No. 1160966

Well u can say whatever u want about her personality but she’s pretty girl
im not saying she looks like an angel but her face is rly nice and cute

No. 1160979

> It's advice
> You rancid bitch
I'm cackling thank you for the whiteknight sperg today anon genuinely funny shit lmao

No. 1160984

I do agree she's gaining weight but I don't think she's "getting fat." She got off opiates and switched to drinking all the time instead so of course she's going to bloat up. Alcohol tends to do that, opiates can too but I honestly think they made her loose weight and alcohol is just giving it right back to her.

No. 1160987

She looks like an undercooked ham to me but go off I guess

No. 1160996

She's in the top percentile of beauty for WalMart shoppers, she even got a sticker

No. 1160999

I first followed maddie for thinspo in 2017 or something, she photoshopped them a lot, particularly her legs, although most of them have been deleted/archived

No. 1161000

how the fuck am i a white knight ??????
ya keep cackling, you're toxic for no reaso ndude get a grip(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1161024

You've been coming back to this site for hours and people still don't fucking care. Your opinion will not change the entire purpose of this website. If you're upset then piss off, simple as that

No. 1161029

i'm not upset, i'm annoyed and rightly so
idc what ppl think of my opinion, but i dont deserve the negativity and being called a white knight, you dork

No. 1161038

>i-I don’t care about other people’s opinions!1!1!1!!!
>continues posting
>is offended by being called a retarded white knight
Ok retard.

No. 1161048

i dont care about your opinion on what how i feel about your negativity, not the part about calling me a whiteknight
even then, idgaf it's just annoying that you call me something that isnt even accurate
fuck off cunt

No. 1161071

Why won't you sage, are you special needs? Is your caretaker taking the day off so they can't read you the board rules outloud, hun?

No. 1161073

File: 1613262873002.png (904.64 KB, 1149x1188, Screenshot_20210213-163409.png)

No. 1161076

File: 1613263103420.png (742.13 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210212-210012.png)

Lmao what a twat

No. 1161080

File: 1613263320805.png (1.47 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210212-210019.png)


Wouldn't surprise me if she had a "friend" who injected her lips at the trap house in return for drugs/a sexual favor lol

They look so big here, hard to believe it's just genetics and makeup

No. 1161084

type 'sage' in the email field if u don't have any new milk

No. 1161085

File: 1613263787745.jpg (180.73 KB, 640x640, FB_IMG_16132637415093966.jpg)

yeah lmao this is what they actually look like

No. 1161090

because ive had a bad week and you caught me in a line of bullshit, congratulations you are so cool
and dont call me 'hun', you're not a grandmother(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1161095

No one here gives a flying shit about your week, sage your bullshit, newfag. How the gell did you even end up here

No. 1161098

>muh bad week
Cry harder, faggot.

No. 1161100

if you stopped being a banshee, you'd realize rules dont tell me how to sage
either way doesnt matter, i rarely post here
Get fucked dumb heartless bitch(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1161104

You actually are simple aren't you? Type sage into the fucking email field you absolute turnip, this isn't some group therapy session for you

No. 1161107

type in 'sage' into the email field you mean??
also- hey, BITCH, you dont have to be such a seeping asshole about it

No. 1161108

File: 1613265382124.jpeg (72.35 KB, 540x490, 8140E16B-97E7-40CF-8D5A-C18942…)

No. 1161112

No one has to be nice to you, nonnie but congrats on the first sage and the upcoming ban

No. 1161118

>I'm not upset, im annoyed
Same thing retard. Anyway let's ignore the nigger so their cries are in vain. Congratulations on giving us a field day with your dumbassery.

No. 1161136

I am starting to see your point, I think she may have had work done on her upper lip. Kek if she did she probably had one of her tweaker friends do it for her like her forehead tattoo.

No. 1161137

File: 1613267811216.png (1.72 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210213-184813.png)

As always, she is lurking lmao

You are so goddamn narcissistic and self-indulgant Ash, coupled with your complete disregard for the consequences of your choices and their effect on others. You've used your influence to glamourize a very toxic lifestyle. I hope you one day have the capacity to feel shame for the people who's lives have been negatively and irrevocably altered by your existence cough Maddie cough. Get your shit together, you delusional sociopath.

No. 1161170

Love that she started with
"I've had people in my dms asking if I've had lip fillers" like lol okay no you haven't but alright love that you're still lurking but remember guys she is

No. 1161225

File: 1613278108459.jpeg (446.14 KB, 750x1096, 1DC9C8AE-4A8A-4197-8906-12FF61…)

Jc such a glow down, id i were her i would cry myself to sleep everynight bc of it

No. 1161232

she facetuned a lot but she also had better taste and went for a more traditional goth look that suited her really good. now she looks like she forgot how to do her makeup.

No. 1161235

Back when I didn't follow her because she was a wreck but because she actually seemed interested to me lol wow it's been a long time since she was actually this pretty. If I were her that would bum me out too lol, because now she looks like she's melting in just about every pic of her I see.

No. 1161254

Not to mention she was only 14 here kek.
Usually people look back and cringe at how they use to be when they were younger but for Maddie it’s the complete opposite how fuckin sad honestly

No. 1161271

because everyone just loves wearing summer outfits in the middle of February in Ohio (I can't tell if this is a shirt or a dress that is too small)

No. 1161276

It's a nightie like actual lingerie. She wore lingerie to see her friends lol.

No. 1161285

File: 1613290490898.jpeg (668.78 KB, 750x1037, B790B60E-AAF9-4321-945A-1F80FF…)

she also just had a better sense of style back then? now she looks like she does her makeup drunk, decides on her hair color by what looks the most ridiculous (like purple/pink and orange??) and shops at the dollar store with the goal of looking as much like a trailer junkie whore as possible. like sure, she facetuned a lot and the bulimia/drugs changed her face but if she only did her makeup like she used to and changed her hair to something else than that fried bowl cut she'd already look soo much better.

No. 1161286

File: 1613290542541.gif (626.09 KB, 498x278, tenor.gif)

No. 1161289

File: 1613290874319.jpeg (642.26 KB, 750x1098, 3C99857A-A17A-4949-AA6C-F67D7E…)

like is she really surprised that her insta is declining when her posts look like this

No. 1161294

File: 1613291574947.jpeg (268.68 KB, 750x819, 8A46C7A8-E329-4714-9CF4-6844F6…)

looks like most of them were wearing some type of lingerie/sleepwear for some reason tho. also some poeple were calling ashley out for being ignorant about covid below her posts but she's just ignored it and deleted everything except for that one video lol

No. 1161355

>>a more traditional goth look that suited her really good.

Sage for maybe nitpicking idk. Honestly she just dressed more like the dark, grunge "Tumblr" aesthetic. It looks good on her but I would say she is actually more "goth" now than then. she could look a lot better if she actually cared about what she bought and took care of herself and her clothes. Everything looks like it reeks of cat piss.

No. 1161371

bruh im not sure if maddie and ash are dressing like shit on purpose or is it just a side effect of their heavy drug abuse but damn their style is just getting progressively worse

No. 1161425

i used to look up to them some years ago because i liked the way they dressed, they knew what to wear and how to style it, now they look ridiculous and ugly. i think theyre trying to fit in with new trends but they just dont know how.

No. 1161529

The Dayton art school kids have been wearing lingerie as day clothing for a while now. They’ve been doing it since at least 2016, it’s just their thing.

No. 1161535

Okay but which one of them actually did art school and was successful lmao they're all a waste.

No. 1161576

File: 1613331664021.jpeg (84.78 KB, 720x841, 1574092090332.jpeg)

Kek when oh when will this girl catch the virus
yawn I'm waiting

No. 1161587

To clarify, by art school I mean Stiver’s which is an art oriented high school in Dayton. So, not REAL art school. A lot of people in Ashley’s circle went there, like her ex Simon for instance.

No. 1161611

File: 1613334057890.jpeg (52.02 KB, 828x359, E5128864-391E-42C2-B0E2-AED7F3…)

She just went on for like 5 stories about her own upper lip, but “it just happens in pics sometimes” to her friend beside her? KEK. Sure, Ashley. We can zoom in and see the time you’ve taken to enhance yourself and practically blur out your friend’s fuller upper lip. She rotates friends and uses them as props with the most disingenuous, saccharin captions. Her vibe definitely attracts her tribe though as they seem equally two-dimensional, vapid, and superficial.

No. 1161613

File: 1613334136527.jpeg (177.83 KB, 828x912, 4506AB06-DEF8-44DD-9178-6021A7…)

aww, you’re so full of shit!

No. 1161639

they look like normal college girls, are they involved in drugs? i wonder if they truly know who Ashley is…?

No. 1161643

idk if it's everywhere but normal looking college girls on the east coast are the worst drug users. just vsco looking bitches snorting coke off their friend's stomach like it's no big deal.

No. 1161731

She didn't fucking blur out her friends upper lip lmfao dumbass people like you discredit any valid criticisms in these threads. Doubtful that she even edited herself much if at all, get over yourself. She's a shitty person but you just sound insecure reaching like this. Shitty people can still be pretty these things aren't mutually exclusive(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1161875

I find it sexually gratifying to see these sluts get more and more unattractive by the day. The degradation of innocence is exquisite.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1161880

Agreed Satan-anon, it's what they've brought upon themselves

No. 1161881

Kira sure switched up fast lmao kek

No. 1161901

File: 1613356607439.jpg (780.65 KB, 1440x1440, photocollage_2021214183423907.…)

No. 1161906

File: 1613356882284.jpg (629.92 KB, 1440x1440, photocollage_20212141837227.jp…)

I don't know how to upload video here but it's hilarious she's ranting on her story about men who don't like her for doing sex work and she really says with her whole breath people don't deserve her, this holier than thou attitude towards people who aren't into it kek. Like okay last time I checked you were ohio white trash with no job or education, posting old pics all the day long because you look like someone's alcoholic nan nowadays but again I reiterate guys
> She's 'sober' she is thriving

No. 1162151

lmao ‘freaky as hell’

No. 1162366

is ashley living in dayton currently?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1162367

why didn't you spoiler this anon wtf it startled me on the recent images

No. 1162395

Disgusting. This isn’t fucking milk, you retard, I don’t see anything saying where the fuck she’s living right now.

No. 1162497

regardless of whether she got fillers, no random junkie just has juvaderm on hand to inject. that shit is expensive, unlike ink for stick and pokes which can literally just be stolen from hobby lobby. im sure she just went to a random nurse and paid $150 for them but do yall really think fentanyl addicts are stocked with cosmetic fillers?

No. 1162520

Yeah, she lives in dayton with her mom. Clicking on that post made me want a lobotomy, thanks lmao.

No. 1162523

"Whoever gets the honor of loving me will be okay with it." Still sitting on our high horse I see lol. You aren't a prize love you are trash.

No. 1162848

File: 1613472387147.jpeg (645.17 KB, 750x1030, 1A6EC64E-D386-478E-BC15-9BFCCF…)

maddie's showing off her scars now

No. 1162849

File: 1613472446157.jpeg (236.49 KB, 750x516, 6B50EF16-6378-42AA-B4FD-D211A9…)

she's so self aware now guys!!

No. 1162894

Being showered in praise for functioning at the bare minimum, kek. She's doing all these things at once and having a manic episode….how long before one particle of the universe gets in her way and she's back to fentanyl?

No. 1163017

File: 1613494551937.png (899.1 KB, 1017x750, vivacat.png)

saged because it's an old post, but i looked at ashley's pets' instagram accounts and her mother looks deranged in every picture she's in. also why do all her pets need their own 'viva' account?

No. 1163260

File: 1613515179658.jpeg (656.32 KB, 750x1330, E272EBFC-C7D2-40D9-9ABC-29FC3D…)

please, show us your wrists more

No. 1163300

File: 1613519443055.png (3.04 MB, 1242x2208, 31118098-B656-4EEE-8E20-D9F603…)

No. 1163301

I thought this was idubbbz gf at first glance

No. 1163353


Is that the ~*mysterious*~ reason she ended up in hospital she couldn't tell anyone about? or did she OD again


can newfags read the rules before posting here? this thread has a shittonne of them

No. 1163376

Did you know you can’t tell who is a drug user just by looking at them? I know, what a crazy concept huh?

No. 1163396

File: 1613528605099.jpg (401.41 KB, 1440x1440, photocollage_2021216182217213.…)


No. 1163397

Her forehead is looking large these days

No. 1163404

>she touches her face
Surely a nitpick, but why even put on a face mask?

No. 1163498

File: 1613539251235.png (1.21 MB, 640x1136, E68CC073-8CED-4B08-BF04-03A32E…)

No wonder Ashley and Kira are friends again, Kira is trying to hop on that sexworker trend and needed someone to boost herself off of

Yikes imagine doing borderline porn with your junkie ex friend who almost killed you in a car accident because she ODed

No. 1163523

They ended it after someone came in and called them a bunch of junkie bitches I was rolling, ashley was so butthurt lmao

No. 1163527

File: 1613544020504.jpeg (362.83 KB, 640x834, 31B44CD0-8285-41CC-8B6F-8542F4…)


Pretty sure Ashley is still reading here they’re still live but most of it was Ashley complaining about “not feeling herself” and ruining the mood, and then she was complaining about her story post promoting the Stream being taken down

Also they keep kissing each other for tips (can you spell gay for pay?) these bitches straight up have covid with all the maskless bar trips and face smushing they do

No. 1163536

Did you get Sophie picking the bodysuit out of her ass? I thought I was recording my screen and I wasn't I wish I got it, pure gold moment Kira was laughing too she was bent huddled over picking it from her asshole. I laughed so hard I nearly pissed myself anon.

No. 1163539


No Anon but I saw that kek

Ashley is laying on the floor out of view if the camera still works complaining also now saying she’s tired

No. 1163542

File: 1613546287810.jpeg (329.83 KB, 640x889, 1F1D9304-037E-4F76-8D75-4E33DE…)


Forgot screenshot these other two look so bored and keep asking Ashley if she’s okay and Ashley just keeps moaning about being tired and feeling shitty

She said at one point she got one of her tattoos when she was on Xanax and so was the tattoo artist also she claims she got “shot at that night”

No. 1163549

it was most likely just alcohol poisoning, she's posted so many hints about it at this point that it's pretty obvious. someone else posted it before but she mentioned not drinking since the hospital visit because she "can't drink anymore after that experience"

also kek at ashley and friends being the worst sex workers ever, i've never seen her onlyfans or anything but this is exactly how i imagined her "content" lmao

No. 1163561

Ashley's been off camera for like the past 20 minutes saying she feels slobby and is tired, so Sophie offered her "something she probably shouldn't say out loud that starts with a K" to make her feel better. Then they both left so i'm assuming she took whatever it was…. oof lol. also kira is shaking her ass.

No. 1163564

sophie just called them ashley's "legal H" and gave her another one

No. 1163571

probably klonopins? maybe someone has a prescription and thats why they are "legal". and god they look really rough, Kira is slurring her words all over the place. I really thought she would be the one to make it out of this scummy Dayton group w/ her makeup skills and especially after dropping ashley this is so sad and disappointing to see

No. 1163589

but why would she not wanna name it if it was just meds, aside from the fact that these types of meds wouldn't make her less tired i think. it wouldn't really surprise me if she's back to k and other stuff, but even if it was just benzos they're stupid as hell for openly mentioning it since ashley is p much know for her past pill addiction lol

No. 1163680

does anyone have milk on this Sophie girl? she seems like a cow too.

No. 1163695

Ugh Ashley posted a video of her and Sophie making out and it literally looks SO bad. Like they're chewing each others faces. Im so disappointed in Kira. She pretty much goes off the grid and comes back looking like she smells like a turtle tank. If she wanted to do SW cool but why with Ashley and Sophie lmao. I dont think there's much milk on Sophie. Shes a loser but in a background character sort of way lmao

No. 1163725

What’s good

No. 1163736

File: 1613569879818.png (1.9 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210217-064918.png)

No. 1163738

File: 1613569978987.png (570.53 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210217-064935.png)


This is an imageboard. Post caps

No. 1163744

Legal h would be legal heroin probably suboxone. So theyre taking klonopin, subs, and drinking all in the same night. Classy girls.

No. 1163756

File: 1613572119991.jpeg (376.26 KB, 640x832, D40EEACE-5221-4BF3-ACC0-9E71BE…)

Dropping some screenshots from the live, someone was trolling them in the comments they kept banning them but they’d come back on a new account, they also kept banning people constantly because they got offended or took something as an insult and then they were complaining they had no views

The girls kept responding to everything the troll was saying though especially when it called them all a bunch of junkies, and that Sophie girl kept saying she could dispute everything the troll said but she wouldn’t “waste her time” kek

No. 1163757

File: 1613572176993.jpeg (408.44 KB, 640x835, 3F1F4010-8810-4773-A61D-0425F4…)

No. 1163764

File: 1613573309605.jpeg (62.9 KB, 828x487, CD30E896-DAC1-42C1-90F1-1DF0EB…)

Not really milk but I wonder what substances shes abusing

No. 1163889

Not to nitpick but jfc those tits are really sad. Small empty saggy pancake tits are the worst.

No. 1163907

Am I the only one who cringes at her being a camgirl? I don't think being a camgirl is inherently bad as long as you're independent and comfortable with doing it but something about her makes me cringe so hard

No. 1163952


Ashleys not even good as a cam girl she kept bringing up her drug use, complaining about how she looked to the point that Sophie girl changed the camera to get her to stop, Rambling about unrelated shit, kept going off camera to get changed and then complaining about what she was wearing and literally sitting off camera because she "felt ugly" but constantly interrupting the other two still on cam to complain

How do scrotes get off to this shit?

No. 1164074

File: 1613596647530.png (3.95 MB, 750x1334, 2B310A5D-7136-43D5-B01F-037C83…)

she really shouldn't be allowed to have animals, i wonder if this was caused by neglect or smth. and even if it wasn't, it's irresponsible af to own like ten cats when she doesn't even have the money to pay her OWN bills, let alone expensive treatment for a sick animal. i'm already waiting for the e-begging

No. 1164156

that video broke my heart. imagine your pet is in that much distress and u just film it for instagram instead of take him to a vet, disgusting

No. 1164191

She thinks shes such a savior for taking cats in.

Heres an idea; take the poor cat to the fucking SPCA.

No. 1164209

I'm willing to bet you that the "cover me in gasoline" disaster on her right arm is that tattoo lol it's next level terribleness.

No. 1164267


It was the big blotchy skeleton in an overcoat one she has on her arm, she said it was a bands album cover but the main? guy in the band turned out to be a piece of shit so she regrets it

No. 1164270

So Kira is a fuckin pill head cam girl that works with children at a Montessori school lmao. Would love for all those parents to find out their children’s caretaker is a whole pill junkie bitch. They all look washed up with saggy ass titties and look like they smell like a bar trash can lmao

No. 1164298

File: 1613615166316.jpg (362.48 KB, 1079x1021, Screenshot_20210217-212422_Ins…)

So fuckin gross. I bet this room smells like hot pasta water, frito dog feet, and mold.

No. 1164307

File: 1613616348427.jpeg (148.49 KB, 750x1112, 99656C3C-CD6F-4A5B-ABA5-CA18AD…)

wtf maddie weighed more as an 11 year old than she does now.

No. 1164330

Post the school & I'll send a tip in anon. Parents should absolutely know who is influencing their children. This ain't it.(cowtipping)

No. 1164398

> Not clickbait
Your description of the room lmao so accurate

No. 1164578

calling bs, an 11 year old weighs like 80lbs

No. 1164654

File: 1613668483955.jpeg (151.85 KB, 828x550, 6BED27ED-A824-40A6-BB51-D4E4E0…)


No. 1164686

>this ain't it
begone underageb&

No. 1164696

KEK, her Olive Oyl looking ass can't handle being called an ugly pill junkie bitch lmao

No. 1164723


Lmao I'll take weird incel over being the crackhead background character that never showers and is literally worthless to society. Enjoy lurking and feeling bad about yourself because you can't get your shit together lol.

No. 1164765



>women only gossip board

Damn these bitches can't read
or they'd rather lie about things to make themselves look like a victim

No. 1164854

after the same troll kept coming back a few times, sophie instantly went defense mode and was like “oh i never get hate, it’s because ashley’s here and a lot of people don’t like her” and kira chipped in saying “me neither, i NEVER get hate” if even though it’s kinda true and people were mainly joining from ashley’s live, it seemed so bitchy for sophie and kira to say and it was a lot of why ashley’s mood changed too(newfag)

No. 1164858

learn to sage retard

No. 1164860

Sage thy shit

No. 1164887

Hahaha, “saged” bitch what?

No. 1164914

I thought Ashley was the pretty one until this. All three look like trailer trash. Not in the ironic Lana way, either. Like musty, sweaty, skinnyfat girls that ask for cigarettes at the bus stop. Very inbred.

No. 1164915

Says the tweaker dayton scum kek. Congrats sophie on being a retard and ugly as fuck. Get a nose job ugly bitch.

No. 1164938

File: 1613691923172.png (764.04 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20210218-154331.png)

Awww cute, looks like she set her twitter to private lol.

No. 1164953

File: 1613692572194.png (1.12 MB, 1440x1381, Screenshot_20210218-155242.png)

Looking like a gas station transvestite. Probably gives out bjs for like $5.

No. 1165028

These bitches both are so annoying due to the fact that they think their "looks" are iconic when in reality they are cheapened re creations of what the think is "different" bitch ashley couldnt even do a good courtney love esque fit instead she wears fugly nighty with low top converse with ankle socks… these bitches so confused ohio must suck man

No. 1165037


Even Michiganders shit on Ohio, and they're like, Canadian-nice lol.

No. 1165337

Nitpick but this just confirmed for me that I haven’t been crazy, and Kira’s nose really has been crooked as hell all along. It looks like someone punched her from one side and her nose just stuck. Such a big, fucked up schnoz, and it’s even more apparent when she’s beside these other girls with smaller noses.

No. 1165340


I know Ashley personally and live around her, Ohio is a cesspool but honestly its sad how Ashley has given up so many opportunities. She used to model and stuff and could have made it big and got out of here. Or at least sobered up the first time with her moms help. Its not like they don't have money lol. But shes wasted her chances time and time again and now shes so gross to look at in person its insane. Shes a loser and she didnt even have to be. Sad.

No. 1165455

literally no need to be this rude jfc

No. 1165457

this pic looks so odd.sophies body looks so small compared to her arms and head what the fuck

No. 1165465

post some actual milk or gtfo

No. 1165499

Pretty sure worse things have been said in this thread but ok

You literally just bumped this thread to the top because you didn’t sage your pointless comment.

No. 1165506

Seriously. You all say horrendous shit about all of these girls and their appearances, and at least one of you even wants to cowtip to try to get Kira fired but I can’t say she’s got a crooked nose? Please.

No. 1165528

Lmao, is this your first time newfag?

No. 1165544

It's probably her lurking

No. 1165603

Lol at sage but this anon actually makes a good point. Like imagine boosting your friend’s shitty camshow and then they just openly blame you for attracting trolls KEK. Tinfoil but I bet those two are so mean to Ashley bc of how much she’s fucked up in the past

No. 1165629

File: 1613768848036.png (1.72 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20210219-130631.png)

She's live, huge forehead beedie little eyes and all attempting a makeup look but really just dancing and passing out because she never exercises lmao

No. 1165639

her nose is ugly af but she’s really good at editing her new photos so for a while i thought she got a nose job or smth

No. 1165641

Anon they are all ugly haggered bitches I'm surprised kira also being ugly is news to anyone. Kira and Sophie have giant noses it's not difficult to see in essentially every pic and video I've seen. They're all Fugly. Tweaker. Washed up. Ohio. Bitches.

No. 1165645

Fuck you anon I never cow tip but I have a child and if I found out these cheap whores were a part of his education I would do more than cow tip irl lol, they'd wish they never fucking met my child. They don't deserve to work around children, actual new developing brains, because they are worthless human garbage with absolutely no prospect of good on their future. They'll be begging for heroin at a street corner looking like a bag of flesh by the time they're 30.(stop)

No. 1165686

We've literally torn Maddie and Ashley to shreds on every aspect of their life, I think Kiras minecraft villager nose can handle it lmao

No. 1165738

god, shut the fuck up, both of you are annoying retards. can we go back to the milk now?

No. 1165739

enjoy your ban

No. 1165754

She’s right, tho(samefagging)

No. 1165755

File: 1613778342462.jpeg (280.17 KB, 1124x1676, 69098BC6-7A38-487B-B88C-3C1834…)

im crying it doesnt look like they did anything

No. 1165759

wait wasnt her hair black??? why does she have pink hair again

No. 1165788

ashley’s manic state is never ending i swear to god

No. 1165802

Never used this website before so if im doing something wrong by not adding any "milk" I apologize. I'd just like to say Ashley 100% manipulates Maddie, every photo of them together kissing or whatever sexualized act leaves me disgusted. I have a lot of sympathy for her even though she complains about shit that is almost entirely her fault I understand she just struggling and I almost entirely blame Ashley, she is a groomer and a manipulator and I wish Maddie could see that because cutting off contact with that evil bitch would benefit her so much. Im scared Maddie is going to be taken advantage of by a stranger somewhere somehow or even worse we won't hear from her. The outpatient won't do shit for her.

No. 1165913


Hi maddie(hi cow)

No. 1165916


She literally looks like a bag of bones. Like, I can legit see the shape of her skull and eye sockets and it's gross asf. She's using a single, dirt-colored shade of makeup to accentuate the shadows of her bone structure, but it really just makes her that much more like a tweaker lol

No. 1165920

File: 1613791889449.jpeg (281.29 KB, 1125x2245, 28F4BA88-5056-47D4-9317-7B71F8…)

Why is she kissing simon’s most recent gf’s ass so much

No. 1165979


cause she wants to insert herself in the "my ex is dead" narrative so badly even though she spoke badly about him, having a dead ex is edgy points to her so she has to keep him in her life post-mortem so to speak

No. 1166670

Funny how she’s chasing clout over her dead EX boyfriend who she also aired some hefty dirty laundry about yet can’t say a word about her own dead fiancé.
Even if the guy was a massive POS she made Simon out to be too for a while, but he still at least gets a mention in her sad heroine chic narrative.

No. 1166696

File: 1613830477258.png (1.01 MB, 836x1488, Screenshot 2021-02-20 at 2.13.…)

more ebegging, this time for her trooned out retard stepsister

No. 1166704


Ashley has a real track record for active like anyone she just broke up with/dated is a piece of shit

She accused her ex Tyler of being abusive and all of her fans started attacking him, he ended up doing a live to clear things up so people would stop

She posted shit about her ex Connor insinuating he was a pedo because he commented on Maddies photos even (Ironic since ended up getting her started on drugs, borderline grooming her and constantly posting photos of them making out) though iirc Connor was closer in age to Maddie then he was to Ashley

When she and Simon broke up she posted messages that looked like they could of been during an argument out of context and started saying he was abusive on her finsta in multiple posts

When her “fiancé” ODed she came onto the old thread to say he was a bad person and he’d lied to her about his entire life

She literally always tries to make anyone she’s dated look like a villain and then her retarded fans swarm the person

No. 1166719


I think its because one of her exes were actually bad and a groomer, and it got her the attention she craves. So now its a convenient cop out to make herself the center of attention when she bleeds these dudes dry.

No. 1166939

Andy is pathetic. I've known trans people who have worked very hard to get what they need throughout their transition, people without "clout" don't have the luxury of not working and receiving money. I don't get why he can't get a job, it's so easy to ask for handouts but less so to work for your goals yourself. Sad.

No. 1167047

Sage but nobody cares abt Andy. He’s just a lowlife tranny that Madelines only friends w for good person points.

No. 1167085

sage but does anyone know connor’s instagram or anything? i haven’t heard about him since they broke up and she accused of him being a pedo . did he just fall off the face of earth or?

No. 1167099

what ex are you referring to?

No. 1167114

No. 1167194

Sage only works if you put it into the email field.

No. 1167254


Im the one who made the comment about her actual groomer ex bf. Its Vinny. He was much older than her and he claims she fucked him but she says it never happened. Idk but so many girls have come forward about what a weird grooming creep he is. His family defends him and its sad. Hes another dayton groomer. And it got Ashley a ton of attention so I'm sure that's been part of why its easy for her to claim how bad literally every dude shes been with is.

No. 1167280

also lying cause that girl’s ugly af

No. 1167416

File: 1613932278414.jpg (278.47 KB, 1075x1795, 20210221_133105.jpg)

This looks like a old Craigslist backpages ad for a $25 meth head lol. Did she seriously put eyeshadow for fake dark circles

No. 1167498

File: 1613937272977.jpg (24.28 KB, 350x500, gimp.jpg)


Still obsessed with Gerard Way huh? she has no personality outside of MCR fan!1!!, Mental illness UwU and being a junkie

No. 1167742

she’s a model and probably more attractive than someone like u who trashes irrelevant Instagram bitches for fun. y’all are sad(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1167776

WAS a model. And hardly. Look how long that lasted for her. She’s washed up and is suffering the consequences of her fucked up actions, look at all the stills/videos of her by other people that she can’t edit - she looks like a deranged meth head. Continue to white knight little Ashley though girl, which Dayton hoe are you?

No. 1167840

they weren’t referring to ashley lol chill that was aimed at simons gf

No. 1167841

kind of a reach everyone has been enhancing their dark circles lately it’s a trend i don’t think that really has anything to do with gerard way

No. 1167975

File: 1614000215573.jpeg (598.31 KB, 640x790, 82505EC1-67F0-47C4-AB5A-01598C…)


>literally has a history of re-creating photos of Gerard Way

>has done her hair like his multiple times
>has done his exact makeup looks
>obsessed with mcr to the point she has two mcr tattoos

Okay anon

No. 1168000


If you're defending Bailey you are also delusional as fuck lol give any overly skinny girl a stupid haircut and you can call them a model. It doesn't mean they're pretty lmao Bailey looks like an ugly dude and Ashley just used her for clout and pity points.

No. 1168217

i don't understand lmao is it a crime to like mcr? y'all are nitpicking this one

No. 1168297


Obviously its not bad to like them lol but its very obvious Ashley's entire life is about gaining attention. So by making MCR a personality trait, she just gets more people up her ass. She did the same thing during her tween Ronnie Radke phase. Nothing about her ever feels genuine. Maybe it's nit picky but who cares lol. She loved the attention from people claiming Jake looked like fat gerard way

No. 1168305

defending for what exactly lol i get hating ash for the shitty things she’s done but simons ex is innocent shes getting dragged in all of this for no reason it’s sad enough that her boyfriends death is being manipulated.

No. 1168314

you do realize literaly every person who’s ever been a fan of or has had a hobby of liking something has done things like this lol? get some actual milk instead of nitpicking her for simply liking something lol.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1168316

learn to sage retard, also your samefagging is glaringly obvious

No. 1168775

chill she’s just ugly, no one is saying she’s a bad person

No. 1168798

She's said multiple times she lost her virginity at 13 and she dated him at 15 I think, so I believe him that they had sex. Not that it's a good thing, he's an actual predator. Jake was an asshole and scammer but simon didn't really do anything imo.

No. 1168799

She could pass for a pretty man lmao

No. 1169097

File: 1614136689535.jpeg (582.35 KB, 828x1410, A69F51B1-12A0-439C-B796-9E8D3E…)

They all really can’t bother to cover up or even give a warning for sh scars huh(newfag)

No. 1169129

a warning for healed barely-scars-in-the-first- place? go back to twitter, fag

No. 1169176

File: 1614148821489.jpeg (626.39 KB, 828x1387, 1FE4B8F8-AD0C-42A6-B52B-E32528…)

B-but uwu muh self harm uwu triggerrrrred!!!111!!!

Anyway, this retard is still out partying every fucking night without a mask, living in buttfuck nowhere is not an excuse, Ashley

No. 1169360


But that's the thing. She doesn't live in butt fuck no where. Dayton and surrounding areas aren't desolate lol. Theres literally no excuse other than shes selfish and a fucking alcoholic loser.

No. 1169461


Its ridiculous. Shes a stereotypical druggie girl… whatever. but then she has the fuckin nerve to party without a mask, see people constantly, etc.

"but im an influencer and i need to make content!!!" boo hoo. stop being so selfish and stop teaching your young and vulnerable followers that its okay to be partying right now.

No. 1169823

look at these shitty cuts, that doesn’t even count as self harm lmao(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1169831

Those scars just look like scratches though? Not even self harm.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1169851

Theyre cat scratches cunt(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1169869

Go to therapy.

No. 1169871

hi mandy("hi cow" faggotry)

No. 1169994

File: 1614235553327.png (856.56 KB, 750x1334, 3E2FE53F-468E-4976-BC0F-CF6325…)

The fact that Maddies on her story bragging about how she can get a person “insta famous” just by shouting them out on her story… yet Mandy’s gofundme only has 25 dollars donated to it LMAO

No. 1170033

andy’s almost more embarrassing than maddie. almost

No. 1170041

kek they are both low life’s who tend to embarrass themselves all the time

No. 1170130

lol theyre kids.leave them be

No. 1170139

lol you must be new here

No. 1170182


No. 1170198

Lol “kids” over the age of 18 one of which has a massive platform that she completely misuses and sees it as a way to promote her romanticized fucked up habits. If you wanna white knight and be concerned for kids how about you be concerned for the actual kids that are following and being influenced by these cows

No. 1170227

File: 1614274085692.jpeg (464.3 KB, 750x918, EE69604A-B102-490B-8D23-913951…)

i can smell this picture

No. 1170265

everytime maddie posts something about andy i remember her crying about being fat and disgusting. i wonder if she finds andy disgusting too cause he’s fat

No. 1170406

Smells like sweaty dirty clothes, cat piss, and moldy cheese.

No. 1170509

Her hair is such a disaster jfc

No. 1170522

awwww it wooks wike Ashwee had her 500th change of heart and deactivated her validate-me-cringefest again

No. 1170537

File: 1614295647370.jpeg (841.96 KB, 828x1541, 3F3175F6-EF0B-4076-ADB1-1BC4DE…)

She just changed her handle etc.

No. 1170791

did she ever reply to the other 2 girls who bashed her after they all got called junkie whores on sex cam and they pretty much blamed her for it. lol

No. 1170868

I can't be the only one who finds the username @fnaflov3r420 both absurd and hilarious

No. 1170928

File: 1614329706364.png (3 MB, 750x1334, 4296973C-6F55-4C00-8E68-DD81A1…)

how tf is she still acting like her drinking habits aren't a problem and shes totally sober when she literally just switched from one substance to another. but i guess because it's with friends she can call it "sOcIaL dRiNkInG!!"

No. 1171119

File: 1614355953328.jpeg (193.68 KB, 750x1204, 847B48D6-1A8D-40E2-9A71-763127…)

newfag here been lurking for awhile it’s funny i’m an ex junkie tried suboxone…….basically the same thing just normally prescribed in a dissolvable strip you take orally. so especially with or what amount/dose she’s taking she’s more than likely she’s fucked up all the time and drinking almost everyday
sorry maybe nitpick newfag but like everyone claims she’s a groomer and uses her addiction and past ex’s (several ex’s dead specifically) are those the only ex’s she has had junkies that have OD lol?? yet she’s the victim innocent i’m waiting for her to get a new tattoo of some mcr thing
maybe even get that god forbidden forehead tattoo she has and tries to hide on that big ass forehead of hers lol

No. 1171164

her lips look different size in every pic lmao

No. 1171277

Maddie just started a live to bleach and dye her hair again and when people understandably said it'd fall out because of how fried it is she started actually crying and ended it

No. 1171353

File: 1614374223513.png (1.31 MB, 750x1334, D61660D2-4E39-4AEF-951C-3340B8…)

begging for money on ig why doesn’t she just make on OF even tho i don’t know who would actually pay n subscribe to her
also it’s obvious who she did the “girl~on girl~on girl~ video those trailer trash friends of hers

No. 1171366

oh shit how is she supposed to have a personality now without changing her hair

No. 1171390

How does maddie manage to always be so fucked up on her lives kek

No. 1171456

You know she doesn't have a bank account, anon. Come on now.

No. 1171458

the funniest thing is that she'll always have those moments where she probably realizes how cringey her whole online presence is and claims she will now totally change her behavior, but it never actually lasts. like how many times now has she announced to be super careful about what she posts/stop posting at all and then like two weeks later she's back to doing the most embarrassing shit on live and sharing every single thought she has with her followers? it's almost entertaining to watch at this point

No. 1171510

File: 1614388293752.png (1.08 MB, 750x1334, F431B96E-D391-406D-BC6D-00AB8E…)


No. 1171529

she says "focus on your own life" like she doesn't broadcast every single detail for everyone to see lmao

No. 1171556

newfag here lol but go figure…..it just blows my mind how she can go out almost everyday, dye her hair ,go to bars, make dumb videos while while driving (nitpicking i know) but how is she paying for things if she doesn’t have a job? i’m guess only a handful of people buy her nudes honestly and the thought of that girl on girl on girl video made me made lose my last brain cell

No. 1171794

Why do these dumbass e-thots always think the only way to remove color from their hair is with more bleach??? Would personally love to see her have to shave her head over live tho because that’s where she’s headed kek

No. 1171857

File: 1614416866680.png (1.02 MB, 750x1334, C69D3CF9-B0A8-4739-8CC0-1C40A7…)

stop sharing every single detail of your trainwreck life then, it's entertaining as fuck lol

No. 1171876


I think a lot of money comes from her mom enabling her tbh. Shes even taken her out drinking. Her mom is obsessed with the whole viva thing and online fame from Ashley. It wouldn't surprise me.

No. 1171896


you realize she already shaved her head because she wanted to right? and that the only way to get black hair light enough to dye it again is to bleach it?

and U realize she already does have an onlyfans? if youre going to insult people for stupid reasons like dyeing their hair and doing sex work, at least have some sort of knowledge so that you dont look fucking retarded.

but sex work and hair dye are literally not drama and no reason to insult someone, huge nitpick and shows how boring your lives must be that you’re absolutely raging all day that someone used bleach on their head or gets stupid ass guys to give them money. who gives a fuck

No. 1171905

Ashley still doesn’t know how to use the site. Sage your shit bitch

No. 1171915

who is raging though? i'd actually love to see her bleach her hair till it falls out/shave her head again just to see her lose her shit over it. don't you remember her absolutely spiraling last time she shaved her head bc it looked horrendous and now she's stupid enough to do it AGAIN? it's literally just entertaining to watch her shitshow of a life, almost like watching trash tv or something lmao

No. 1171921


I feel like people think we get on here religiously and obsess over these losers lol. Reality is that it takes no energy and making fun of them is so quick and hilarious, even when nit picking. Both their hair is crusty. I dont care about sex work but Ashley is so disgusting and a literal crackhead. She ruins everything and everyone in her path and makes it SO easy to make fun of with everything she posts. It sounds like your feelings are hurt and FOR WHAT. If this is Ashley, shut up. Id tell you to get help but your mom has already poured all her resources into that multiple times and you're still an alcoholic and a junkie.

No. 1171933

File: 1614437838076.png (1.01 MB, 1242x2208, 71C56645-1B2A-40EF-A04A-E92B9B…)

why is she always lying about being a virgin

No. 1172092

Out of all the things you’ve been called out for you decide to hop on here when we point out your wack ass hair? Lmao.

No. 1172107

okay well newfag here didn’t mean to offend anyone by nitpicking wasn’t aware she had an OF also i’m not judging or insulting her or anyone that’s a SW or has an OF
just noticing how she hasn’t been promoting it or i’m just a dumb ass and haven’t seen her boast about it in her long manic ig postings

No. 1172134

File: 1614462046702.jpg (85.6 KB, 960x960, EmZuLEcWEAA31Cm.jpg)

Does anyone know the story behind pic related which became a meme among gay girls and artists redraws? I saw a post of it on Tumblr a long while ago, before I knew about her drama. Can't for the life of me find it but I swear Ashley or someone added on that they were dating. Other girl is @clarekatharsis.

No. 1172179

why is this thread always filled with newfags? lurk more

No. 1172193

I literally went through all of this thread, the previous one and the e-girls threads. Like I’m sorry but I tried my best otherwise I wouldn’t post?

No. 1172231

Wtf do you mean by the story behind the pic

No. 1172244

File: 1614471922919.jpeg (485.81 KB, 750x1086, C7BCEDB0-7A3E-4F99-8C23-F1B7AD…)

get a job lol

No. 1172302

Probably the best advice she could ever get currently, but we know she won’t. Bitch is eternally lazy. On a side note, I would love to feel how dead her hair is. Straw tier by now I’m sure kek.

No. 1172393

Maddie if you are reading this… stay in school, and go volunteer at an animal shelter and find some meaning in your life. you're 18, you can still turn your life around. Delete your social media and find something in school to study! I actually don't think she's a bad person, but she seems so lost, lives in such a shitty home environment and I really feel sorry for her.

No. 1172516

I mean if it's true they dated? From my lurking I haven't seen her with any girls. Is she bisexual?

No. 1172517

Bisexual for the money I’m sure

No. 1172556

File: 1614506376789.jpeg (253.67 KB, 750x968, E71ABBA2-ED20-46BE-A7C5-4A52F7…)

$4000 but she e-begs constantly. And I guess her mom is sick of her shit and is kicking her out finally. I wonder if she’ll finally get a job and move out

No. 1172580

she claims she is bi but i don't think she's ever been with a girl aside from making out with her friends for "content" and from what i know she never dated that girl. i've actually seen people on tik tok talk about that picture and call her out for queerbaiting and other problematic shit she's done lmao

No. 1172598

Asking for help from fellow sex workers when she could just… Gee, I don’t know, maybe find a place that would actually take her in to work proper kek. She begs for cash, yet flaunts her gains. If it wasn’t already obvious she is absolutely selfish as fuck.

By the way, stop spending your money on fucking bleach Maddie. Always makes me laugh when people attempt to bleach out color, when all you needed to do was strip it in the first place. Of course this is dependent on color, but where she’s at right now did not require another round of bleach kek.

No. 1172604


From what I know, in that picture they were not together it was just them being stupid and I guess later they found out they both had crushes on each other and there was gay tension between them. But I dont think Ashley likes girls unless it gives her attention. That girl in that picture with her hates her now and refuses to even talk about Ashley lol. Ashley ruins literally everything she does

No. 1172622


She claims to be but she’s the type to make out with her female friends for male approval

She also more recently said she was in love with a girl she met during rehab, she posted about it a lot on her story and spam, people were mostly warning her it was a bad idea since it was another addict for her to date and would most likely fuck up any progress she’d make during her rehab stay

I think she got salty about the advice and deleted a bunch posts about it, though the whole situation was very “she doesn’t go to this school, you wouldn’t know her”

No. 1172794

wait what was the drama with clare and ashley? why doesn’t she like ashley no more

No. 1173674

File: 1614641727211.png (2.89 MB, 750x1334, E03A42E9-AB16-44C8-BC86-2FD62C…)

it's funny how ugly she actually is

No. 1173689

File: 1614642436923.jpeg (147.32 KB, 750x1078, EFB5C7E6-8385-4AA8-A28D-47256E…)

sage for nitpicking but idk if the caption or her hair makes me cringe more

No. 1173691

wow so quirky myspace emo girl!!

No. 1173750

She genuinely looks inbred

No. 1173758

File: 1614646597457.png (3.73 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20210301-165409.png)

You should not have waited till your dog was in this much pain to do this and I shouldn't even have to say it. Use some of your only fans money to take care of your animals, including that cat you have that is probably still suffering you piece of shit.

No. 1173800

Maddie is currently talking about mixing oxy and vodka tonight on brattygothixhoe. If anything happens to her, we know why.

She is not safe right now.(this is an imageboard, post caps)

No. 1173816

does she not realize that she repeats the same patterns that lead her to become more poor and less mentally stable? she says shes doing so much better but everytime she has a problem she goes full mental breakdown and goes back to the same place she was at the beginning

No. 1173849

well then post caps here, i hope she doesn’t do anything stupid.

No. 1173907

not to wk but she said it happened suddenly and i don’t expect her to know what to do. Having your dog die fucking sucks and vet care right now is not normal with the pandemic. i feel bad for her tbh

No. 1173936

I agree. Being dumb and doing drugs is one thing, losing something close to you is another. Unfortunately the two occurrences feed off each other

No. 1173941

Months ago she was talking about how obese and unhealthy her dog is, did the get him help then? Nope. She sat in its diarrhoea for fuck's sake

No. 1173986

File: 1614664959070.png (6.63 MB, 1125x2436, 5818E22C-2926-4E65-AA7B-06F118…)

ohmygid she watches 5 films and suddenly its time to get a film tattooed on her back!!! spittin out A24 like its nobodies business!!! wow such a film nerd

No. 1173988

I'm the anon who posted her story talking about her dog, I get that losing pets is difficult but I don't feel bad for her because she doesn't give them adequate vet treatment. That dog could have probably been put out of its misery weeks ago but her white trash degenerate family don't take their animals when they ought to go, like their cat with a melting fucking face for example. Have we even seen that cat since then??

No. 1173991

File: 1614665240352.png (2.49 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20210301-220705.png)

Lmao this bitch

No. 1174012

File: 1614667141857.jpeg (871.47 KB, 828x1483, 40677E80-FF45-4F39-B694-E665BD…)

Ash is live on insta complaining about how she has gained too much weight

No. 1174040

>including that cat you have that is probably still suffering you piece of shit.

Singular? Doesn't she have like 7 lmao. Nah, honestly I am positive she doesn't even really own all the cats says she has. She probably just picks up certain outdoor cats, feeds them unnecessarily and keeps them locked in her house. Which is such a shitty thing to do since she literally doesn't know shit about the cats health and dietary restrictions. And they just aren't her own. I recall like 2 different cats and mostly just a ugly grey one. She should just leave them alone

No. 1174058

Anyone got stuff of her friend Kkiramua? Heard she sells stuff

No. 1174063

Disgusting. She knew for a while now that dog was sick. Just like her cat, she doesn’t give one singular fuck about these animals well-being.

Apparently she’s a broken record.

It wasn’t sudden at all. If you go back you can see she’s already posted about this dog being sick. Sad, but I’m sure she’s enjoying people feeling sorry for her. If anything, I feel bad for that dog, and all of the other animals she’s taken in thinking she’s doing them such a big favor.

This. Unfortunately it’s not going to make a difference if she isn’t giving these animals veterinary care.

No. 1174066

go away scrote

No. 1174270

Maddie's story is showing off a bunch of new massive hickeys, she must be really torn up about her dog :(

No. 1174281

Looked like scabs to me.

No. 1174355

File: 1614702204270.jpeg (184.78 KB, 750x600, 0FE178BC-1E8F-4857-AD7D-FE3931…)

trying so hard it’s embarrassing

No. 1174416

she/they? so now is she trying to claim being NB or whatever retard term that Gen Z are coming up with these days?

No. 1174418

post caps or stfu. you keep mentioning Mad's stories but there's no pics. This is an imageboard.

No. 1174445

File: 1614708455672.png (2.71 MB, 750x1334, 45FAE22A-4C3A-4F0A-B0C1-F55A9C…)

it really just looks like hickeys lmao. she was talking about really needing someone to distract her in her story yesterday so she probably just hooked up with someone random

No. 1174446

ok sad. I'm the anon who said scabs and i take that shit back. those def hickeys.

No. 1174646

Man she's tweaking all over the place and fucking up her bangs

No. 1174765

File: 1614736771511.png (272.71 KB, 1440x1648, Screenshot_20210302-175250.png)

No. 1174767

File: 1614736826819.png (175.61 KB, 1440x1280, Screenshot_20210302-175157.png)

I hate her lol

No. 1174771

File: 1614736972315.png (258.9 KB, 1440x1566, Screenshot_20210302-175231.png)

She actually could have killed someone but teehee she's a quirky driver who always gets her way!! Stupid fucking bitch honestly ashley you're transperant narcissistic garbage

No. 1174773

Her calling anyone a bad person is rich, she was still harping on about her stolen MCR merch as well.
>Woe is me, my band shirts are gone my whole life is so tragic.

No. 1174815

File: 1614740747002.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 631.67 KB, 750x1099, 0C49FB45-A79E-481D-B303-706C3F…)

It's hickeys.

No. 1174871

Mixing xans, oxy, and alcohol? It's honestly a miracle she's alive at this point, between that and her eating disorder. I don't know how her body handles this shit, it's so sad to watch

No. 1174907

File: 1614749755660.png (645.28 KB, 760x1494, Screenshot_20210302-213327.png)


No. 1174916

free my nigga maddie(this was the gore spammer)

No. 1174920

all of that cause her dog died. she knows the other animals also live in terrible conditions and will prob die too right? get some fucking responsibility for your pets. i swear to god her family is pathetic and disgusting

No. 1174942

who is this lmao

No. 1174946

The horror I felt seeing these unspoilered on the front page…

No. 1174948

Do you know at this point what she's been arrested for?

No. 1174949

Maddie's stepbrother Andy, @fnaflov3r420 on Instagram

No. 1175155


Different anon but my guess is either public intoxication or someone she knows called in a wellness check and they found something on her.

No. 1175204

File: 1614786463184.jpg (645.71 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210303-154540_Ins…)

her story is that her brother gave her a black eye so she ran away from home and got arrested, woke up in the hospital. cops didn't do anything about her brother and no mention of drugs but we all know it

No. 1175248

jesus christ that's sad and awful. she's one of the very few lolcows on this site that I really feel sorry for. She has such a shitty abusive mom and a violent home. Poor kid.

No. 1175254

I know a lot of people that know her personally don't seem to have much sympathy for her but as someone who's just watched the shitshow from the sidelines, I've got to say I feel awful about her home situation. She clearly needs help and has special needs but now she's a legal adult even though she's basically stunted at 13 and can't take care of herself. She needs intervention from someone else and i don't see anyone else in her life who cares enough or has their own shit together enough to do that for her.

No. 1175322


she said it was her younger brother Kevin who did that to her, I wouldn't be surprised Iirc Kevin has had the police called on him multiple times for destroying things and attacking family members he seems to have some serious anger issues

in this case I honestly don't think it was to do with drugs, just her shitty sibling

No. 1175381

Why would she get arrested for running away isnt she a 19 y/o

No. 1175382

File: 1614797290132.jpeg (106.95 KB, 750x426, 4550468C-42A0-408B-90A0-568521…)

maddie does some shit things but god damn, she does not deserve that, especially from your brother. and to have your mother ignore you? no wonder maddie is a mess, look at her fucking household.

No. 1175384

It's not like she's a pathological liar.

No. 1175412

poor girl, i really wish someone would step in and help her. i hope she stays in school and gets her GED and meet some good older role models. her mom seems like such a piece of shit.

No. 1175431

Isn't that her brother that hit her and her mom before? And like screams all the time, yk the fat one?

No. 1175435

File: 1614801422496.png (1.04 MB, 1826x882, Screenshot 2021-03-03 at 7.56.…)

this one

No. 1175440

he looked like that fat fuck Dudley, who used to torture and beat up Harry Potter during their summer breaks…

No. 1175450

pathological liar or not, she clearly did not do that to herself.

No. 1175532

maddies mother is disgusting

No. 1175584

he looks like the fat kid from willy wonka

No. 1175606


Are we really that surprised? this is her mother that was supposedly hitting her in a live before, both she and her other siblings have alluded to the mother being physically abusive so it makes sense for her mom to see no issue with her younger brother taking his Tard rage out on her

No. 1175653

File: 1614823648490.jpg (296.27 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20210303-174526_Ins…)

No. 1175655

Does luna know lurch stole a wig?

No. 1175660

I know its partly the iPhone camera but this is so fucking unfortunate

No. 1176016

fuck that's so sad. i really wish she can move out and get far away from her toxic family. no wonder she's on drugs and so messed up. poor girl.

No. 1176034

There's no need to hope for her. Maddie can play her cards right and use her following to her advantage to move out. She's old enough, capable of finding work IRL and pulling in savings money from her OF. Even if she dropped OF, she has tons of followers who would buy even the ugliest of merch from her. She just has to want it. She needs to want stability and freedom more than she wants to be drugged up online & get pity. She also needs to realize that she's wasting time online by not monetizing properly. If you're going to live blog every dumb thought in your head you may as well make it a hustle.

No. 1176037

i'd love to hear what people who actually know her have to say about her, because sure, she's now acting all "aBuSeD" and like a total victim but i highly doubt that it's not at least partially her fault that her life is so fucked up. also why are y'all just believing her story like that and feeling sorry? i still doubt that police would arrest a 19 year old for running away from home and then not do anything about the fact she was allegedly punched in the face, something about that story definitely is a lie

No. 1176145


she has a history of being suicidal and was officially institutionalized it would probably come under her being a risk to herself

also for the brother thing idk why police would bother with "two siblings fighting" in law enforcements eyes they'd probably just write it of as a domestic especially in Methtown USA


she spends all her money she saves up on useless tat because "muh BPD" she also has no idea how to market anything, I really doubt she'll make it a hustle

No. 1176279

newfag. sage for no milk. Maddie if youre reading this, please check out coolworks (dot) com. Its a job forum that hooks people up with service industry jobs in national parks. They provide housing and usually meals, too. Its a good way to develop a resume and start over and even adopt healthy hobbies like hiking, camping, photography, etc. These jobs are willing to train. Just be honest when you apply. Its an option to consider anyway. Itll also get you out of your shitty home/town/scene. Sometimes a fresh start is whats required. Take care.

No. 1176295

File: 1614892452625.png (2.84 MB, 750x1334, E9AC4985-9F76-4927-829D-FE892C…)

aand here comes the e-begging. i bet she's not gonna go anywhere and just spend all the money she gets on drugs and alcohol again

No. 1176319

donating to maddie is honestly quite a fucking waste. remember all the other COUNTLESS times she had begged for money to get her out of her situation? where did all the money go?

i dont know how she doesnt feel bad for spending peoples gracious donations on unnecessary clothes and $60 magazines.

No. 1176359

Samefag, but plz listen to this wise anon.

No. 1176397


I think the fact that she’s linking her cash app instead of making a gofundme is already enough of a red flag. It’s so obvious why too; she doesn’t want people to see exactly how much she’s getting, or to be able to report on it if they found out she lied. I want to say I feel bad for those that are donating to her but I really don’t

No. 1176449

File: 1614909564919.jpeg (151.25 KB, 750x605, E174BD2A-D3A8-4C00-A257-D6445B…)

Ashley clearly still giving no fucks about broadcasting her alcoholism.

Also pure speculation but I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s relapsed on drugs again. She made this tweet and then retweeted some joke about taking shrooms. Plus that mystery pill she took when doing that livestream with her friends.. Not looking too good. Even if it is “just” the alcohol, she needs to stop surrounding herself with people who enable her. What kind of friends go out drinking with someone they know is an addict every night, and give them pills? It’s like she doesn’t even wants to truly get better.

No. 1176478

File: 1614913858386.jpg (291.83 KB, 899x918, 20210305_031056.jpg)


No. 1176532

File: 1614917173024.png (673.03 KB, 640x1136, C99AAB31-72F3-4177-BA89-020AC6…)

Ashley is like a fucking plague rat, spending all her time going from friend to friends houses and partying at bars maskless, good luck with covid with your smoking since 16 lungs

Also how dysfunctional do you have to be getting drunk every night and then getting drunk on a plane journey, she never got over her addictions she just moved on to showing something more publicly acceptable instead of showing the drugs

No. 1176604

Kek when friends take eachothers looks.. the hair, makeup, fashion, everything here I thought they were the same girl. Your bpd is showing lol get your own identity, the both of you.

No. 1176685

even if she's still "sober", i don't understand why she still makes drugs her whole personality. joking about your issues is one thing but she literally just tweets shit like "hey remember when i took this drug??" as if anyone needs to know? it's so obvious that she still thinks doing drugs is the coolest thing ever and that's why she won't fucking shut up about it

No. 1176741

File: 1614945006799.jpg (1.04 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210305-114822_Ins…)

thanks for donating your money to help me out of a dire situation! as a thank you, i'm going to waste a big chunk of that money on useless shit nobody wants and international postage!!

No. 1176902

fuck me I think this is the low point

No. 1176910

the tuna eyeliner is uncanny

No. 1176934

Gotta keep your parasocial relationships with children strong somehow! I'm sure the donators would love to receive a crumpled thank you note with children's stickers and some quarter machine toys.

No. 1177140

File: 1614982649911.jpeg (184.71 KB, 750x1290, D76E381C-9DAA-4421-9D60-1E72C8…)

yeah she definitely got lip filler; she looks like a duck.

No. 1177165

File: 1614984429369.png (818.37 KB, 640x1136, 640E141D-C47E-411D-BA1E-D12F98…)

So she traveled all that way in the middle of this pandemic after spending as much time possible going everywhere maskless to see a fucking newborn baby, how fucking irresponsible can you get

No. 1177169

it literally just looks like she's posing in a dumb way. tbh i really don't get why the possibility of her having fillers gets brought up here all the time, the only reason why her lips sometimes look different in size is her weird posing/makeup and there's so much stuff about her that's milkier than lip fillers?

No. 1177177

is she seriously going to a hospital, where the most vulnerable people are, when she's been THIS ignorant about wearing her mask and generally just the whole pandemic? she's basically a walking covid infection at this point and i feel sorry for all the people she keeps putting at risk with her dumb behavior

No. 1177183


She's such a dumb fucking bitch.
Also her hair is BEYOND fried. It's completely dead.

Plus she's gaining weight kek

No. 1177240

File: 1614992785912.png (1.24 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210305-175634.png)

This is just so fucking sad.

It's bad enough she literally needs attention and validation from young children, but she's also ignorantly endangering them. Pathetically nfantile and exponentially narcissistic.

No. 1177354

File: 1615003965423.png (1.9 MB, 750x1334, A4C3EFC7-9C90-4097-96F6-45D5DA…)

Broke junkie whoring herself electronically for money. Next step is full blown drug-addicted prostitution. 19 years old with no conception of money or saving in adulthood.

No. 1177355

File: 1615004454666.png (713.67 KB, 750x1334, 72C8AB95-89B3-486C-86F1-9CD374…)

How does this even happen especially while gaining income from onlyfans? She's not paying any bills it looks like. Is it all going to drugs? Her onlyfans couldn't have flopped this bad.

No. 1177408

Buying shit while she still had charges pending? I really don't know. Whatever she did, she did it 4 times.

No. 1177599

File: 1615018282494.jpeg (340.59 KB, 750x1339, 7A3AACCD-DE1B-431E-BC6A-D4FF6C…)

I know she's doing it to herself, but goddamn at this point its just sad to see her having to do this for money.

No. 1177616

This is so bleak, dont do drugs kids

No. 1177778


Endangering them health wise and also putting their faces on an account like this is just sooooo stupid. Children don't belong on social media and I doubt she asked her brother and their family. Theres no way I would feel comfortable having a junkie who has constantly relapsed around my kids. Why are they comfortable with this lmao

No. 1177779


Posting someone else's kids on an account that also posts links to porn and cam sites, nice!

No. 1177828

tragic. poor girl

No. 1177941

Jesus christ. I've said for awhile now in here that I believe she could turn it around but she has to want it. She has to set standards for herself as well, this is gross and sad I can't even make it funny. This isn't the improvement we wanted for you Maddie kek. There's so many ways to make money and this route is the one you take? Make it make sense.

No. 1177954

File: 1615065769094.png (3.46 MB, 750x1334, 369067C6-3343-4819-95A5-21ECBA…)

she's posted a bunch of stories whining about how she's so stressed about the overdraft fees that she's dreaming about it and it's just so painfully obvious that she's hoping for pity and more people to give her money. get a fucking job instead of selling pictures of yourself pretending to take a shit, this isn't even sad anymore, it's just repulsive and stupid

No. 1178191

File: 1615092800008.png (1.1 MB, 640x1136, 864E1A0C-1403-4390-9FEE-B72FE4…)

So Ashley after non stop going to bars and hanging out with all of her friends (not to mention random people she met at bars) all maskless, really went and saw a newborn fresh out the womb baby that has no immune system

I really hope she hasn’t picked anything up even in non pandemic times it’s risky to expose newborns to multiple people, she’s so self involved I’m sure she thought nothing of it

No. 1178213

File: 1615097178693.jpg (461.67 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210306-220350_Ins…)

We're literally insane even though she goes to the bar daily lmao yikes

No. 1178285


No. 1178291

That’s a good summary of her posts. You may feel bad for her, but that’s what she wants. She’s very much accustomed to getting money from her own “hardships”. Why not take advantage of that when you get free cash off of it kek.

No. 1178401


Ah yes the “treatment centre” as if she doesn’t constantly post every moment of every day of her life and suddenly there’s a mysterious “treatment centre”

Also covid tests aren’t entirely accurate and the virus takes time to incubate, she was out at bars literally a few days before traveling

Ashley since you’re reading here again covid isn’t the only thing to worry about giving a newborn they have no immune system or resistance to illness they’re incredibly vulnerable to almost anything and since you can’t stop partying all the time you could carry anything, but so I'm sure you clearly know better

No. 1178456

Lmao is she talking about those shitty “instant covid tests” that the fuckin kardashians use as an excuse to party??

No. 1178618

Yes, and I love her attitude about it like her uneducated self knows the first thing about covid safety. Especially after what we've seen her do throughout the pandemic kek. She truly is the definition of selfish.

No. 1178672

File: 1615150913161.jpg (449.14 KB, 1080x2052, Screenshot_20210307-160057_Ins…)

She's broke but out for a meal

No. 1178716

Her mom is most likely paying for it genius.

No. 1178742

File: 1615154763837.png (3.75 MB, 750x1334, 77820CF9-7B3B-4B7C-B4BC-4F9B4D…)

i didn't think her looks could possibly get any worse but guess i was wrong. wtf is that makeup with those edding brows? and her hair looks like even more chunks of it broke off after bleaching it for the 100th time

No. 1178817

Am I seeing things or does she have a whole ass bald spot on her temple kek

No. 1178832

Sage for tinfoil but what if Maddie did the orange bc Ashley did

No. 1178885

File: 1615172186971.jpeg (657.75 KB, 750x838, DC0681BE-6F83-4BD1-A0FB-6D17C0…)


No. 1178918

Can you spoiler these please wtf

No. 1178919

File: 1615176752143.png (1.48 MB, 2048x1043, Screenshot_20210304-211449.png)

No. 1178920

u ppl are pathetic lol

No. 1178921

File: 1615176803504.jpg (394.54 KB, 1612x2015, 157533076_469234737448850_5661…)


No. 1178924

EW WTF I saw this on the front page I'm sickened

No. 1178926

Yo everytime I get on the front page there's always gross ass porn being posted in this thread KEK. At least that tiny tranny dick isn't as bad as last time. The fuck is happening with vivadrag?

No. 1178931


I’m 98% sure it’s Maddies brother Andy, last time the spam was posted here they posted caps from the thread on their Instagram story less than 10 minutes before

No. 1178945

I guess blood gets thicker when mixed with drugs.

No. 1178946

Ya having fun?

No. 1178950


Andy only smokes weed as far as I know, they just spend all their time obsessing over that purple murderer from five nights at freddies to the point of photoshopping and drawing themselves with the character its incredibly Chris-Chanish

No. 1179045

what was posted? It’s gone

No. 1179123

File: 1615209377715.png (1.27 MB, 640x1136, 98D6BA7F-584D-47D5-A347-75F901…)


Samefag but I was right Andy is the spammer I guess they’re salty about being left out of this thread

No. 1179134


Don't worry Andy, you are a fat ugly social reject trans-trender who never showers and enables Maddie. There you go. Theres your validation and attention you seek.

No. 1179173

andy is proof that maddie and ashley secretly get off to the attention this forum gives them. they're all the same anyways

No. 1179200

Cover that double chin up kek cover it up

No. 1179227

Probably stuff from the retard’s personal porn collection.

No. 1179248

Do u think andy gets angry when maddie posts pics from the era when he was dressing like a lil girl xd i mean u know thats kinda mean move and she keeps doing it

No. 1179254


she only posts ones where she looks good too I think its kinda shady

Also lmao I totally forgot Andys DDLG phase imagine going from that to a Fnaf/southpark obsession/Shipping yourself with a fictional character

No. 1179497

File: 1615234701636.jpeg (180.96 KB, 716x716, 9D9F9857-6F8F-4C05-9CF9-20B3B2…)

Absolutely, and clearly competitive. They don’t even mention each other anymore.

No. 1179654

File: 1615247254624.png (4.27 MB, 1242x2208, 7CC82FF3-3E5D-4063-B5BB-F719A6…)

she’s such a quirky girl!

No. 1179789

when is she gonna stop doing the same face in every fucking pic to make her lips bigger holy shit its annoying the hell out of me

No. 1179918

Nah I’m fully convinced she’s had at least half a syringe put in her top lip at this point her lips look fuckin ridiculous

No. 1179971

did she delete this already? i feel like all of her little "stories" like that are completely made up to make her look more interesting or something (it's not working though)

No. 1179972

Is that line above her top lip filler migration or what? It looks almost too harsh and weird to be that but idk what else it could be, it's clearly not a stache.

No. 1179977

it really only looks so weird because she has pale af lips and makes stupid duckfaces in every picture. looking back on older pictures her lips have always looked like that and in this one it just looks worse because she's pushing out her lip even more tbh. i'd make fun of her for making these weird faces and actually thinking it looks good but this lip filler allegation thing is lowkey ridiculous

No. 1180072

How is it ridiculous? Acting like most e-thots now a days haven’t done it already or at least considered doing it by now? It’s become very normalized. Like I don’t see what’s so far fetched about it lmao

No. 1180078

>looking back on older pictures her lips have always looked like that
Doesn't seem so >>1161085

No. 1180094

it's ridiculous because it doesn't even look like she got anything done? just because her lips looked slightly smaller in one picture when she was like 14 doesn't mean she has fillers now lol. her lips have always looked pretty much the same over the years and i doubt that she has the money to consistently get fillers redone, aside from the fact that doing that for years would've changed her lips way more than that. so i'm just saying that this girl produces so much shit to talk about that it's unnecessary to bring up fillers every time she posts an ugly selfie (especially bc that person doesn't know how to sage) because it isn't even that milky and just seems like tinfoiling at this point tbh

No. 1180126

File: 1615307999525.jpg (618.13 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210309-113358_Fac…)


I get what you're saying. Ashley is a shit show. But its also fun to try to catch her lying. Here's a few pictures of her in adulthood where in the one with her glasses looks like there might be fresh injections above her lips. The other one shows her goofy closed mouth smile without the duck appearance. Just seems shady and stupid. Shes a moron and sold drugs and pussy pics for money, its not far fetched that she would get some backroom fillers and lie about it.

No. 1180127

File: 1615308030287.jpg (511.52 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210309-113612_Fac…)

2nd pic. Hard to do this from my phone lol

No. 1180155

File: 1615311233231.jpeg (430.64 KB, 750x1063, 3D89B707-C663-42F5-B8AE-FF92EE…)

why do they both think their drug problems are so quirky and need to be mentioned at any given chance? also wasn't this when ashley got her hooked on pills and shit

No. 1180169

Can we drop this now,? yes it's very possible but I don't think many people care to the extent you do lol. She got back alley lip fillers most likely you win end of conversation.

No. 1180170

It's the constant mentions of addiction for me(integrate)

No. 1180192

File: 1615314389050.jpeg (514.77 KB, 750x923, C8923637-4227-40F1-99CB-043E2E…)


No. 1180252

ntayrt, but why are you so pressed about fillers? lmao. it's not the fact that she got them, it's the fact that she thinks she can lie about it and nobody would notice. enough whiteknighting.

No. 1180271


Either its Ashley or someone with fillers with their fee fees hurt.

No. 1180323

It's the fact anons keep bringing it up even though it's getting no where & it's repetitive, how is it milky? Or even mildly interesting?
>>1180252 add it to the list of other pointless things Ashley finds it in her to lie about.

No. 1180402

No one is wking stop being butt hurt that no one gives a fuck about your lip filler sperg

On another note I hope Maddie cuts her hair off and dyes it black again the orange is so bad and just makes her look even more greasy

No. 1180492

This is nightmare fuel

No. 1180610

File: 1615350637459.jpg (141.53 KB, 1080x857, Screenshot_20210309-202957_Ins…)

Begging for attention

No. 1180612

File: 1615350834466.jpg (450.84 KB, 1080x1373, Screenshot_20210309-203225_Ins…)

No. 1180633

File: 1615353975169.jpg (531.04 KB, 1080x2052, Screenshot_20210310-002438_Ins…)

No. 1180654

u ppl r mean to her :(("shock" spammer)

No. 1180680

Well….didn’t want that gore image in my Brain(took the bait)

No. 1180702

She wiped her makeup off of her face with a sock from off her dirty floor it made me genuinely sad. Why di you accept living in squalor?

No. 1180729

File: 1615365775678.jpeg (52.49 KB, 309x280, E06440C4-282E-4B58-99F9-E3A4BA…)

her and ashley are the worst "sexworkers" ever it's so funny

i hope she learn how to draw them on properly this time. she's ugly but the nightmare fuel brows make it a lot worse

No. 1180804

imagine going for a birthday meal and all your little sister does is record staring at herself with her phone. what a bizarre thing to spam

No. 1180822

I've never seen someone record themself as much as Maddie does. I don't even understand how it's possible to have as many pictures and videos of herself as she has. I wonder what her camera roll looks like

No. 1180869

Her skin,,,,,jesus

No. 1180962

No milk, but Ashley's new "film buff" identity is the most annoying shit yet. She sounds like a freshman who took an Indie Film 101 class.

No. 1180999

And with JOKER of all things lmao CRINGE

No. 1181326

oh god the nails…

No. 1181337

Baby’s first criterion collection kek

No. 1181358

do you have links?

No. 1181526

Go read the previous thread newfag

No. 1181563

can we make a new thread for maddy? i couldn’t careless about vivafag swrry

No. 1181657

None of these people are interesting enough for their own threads.

No. 1181669

also not as consistently milky, we don't want another PnP thread where it's 90% sperging about ugly selfies and 10% her being a cow

No. 1181916

no, i think they belong together on one thread considering they're both from the same small city and run in the same circle of "friends." it's interesting to follow their exploits. a few people who know them irl comment on here too. it's interesting even though i'm from another state and have never met or talked to them them irl lol

No. 1181954

File: 1615492689635.jpeg (97.72 KB, 828x1266, 6B0FC729-48BF-410A-8382-AB8B35…)

Another change of heart? Or change of screen name?

No. 1182114

Are we having fun Andy?

No. 1182141

this one is hot

No. 1182152

File: 1615502103057.jpg (598.44 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210311-142538_Ins…)

Ugly and retarded

No. 1182159

File: 1615502596806.jpg (1.09 MB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210311-142548_Ins…)

Rough, maybe if you moved out you'd be less miserable. Oh wait. You won't lol.