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File: 1617902619581.jpg (117.2 KB, 960x960, 163919731_103180868536055_6172…)

No. 144354

You know her.
Recent updates:
No new milk from this cow.

Onlyfans: https://onlyfans.com/belledelphine
Twitter: https://twitter.com/bunnydelphine
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXvKUavCtDOlA8bT1i2tI3w
Instagram: BANNED
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tinkersmell (inactive)
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/belledelphine (inactive)
Previous threads:
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#5 >>>/w/134956(shit thread)

No. 144372

What a garbage OP made by a "FIRST!!" mentally sperg kek

No. 144375

>3.2 Do not share names, pictures, or social media of people unrelated to the drama being discussed, for example family members, friends, or coworkers


Belle is active, might not be milk, but you guys are messed up to bring her famy in to it, even against the rules.(take it to /meta/)

No. 144377

I don't think is her mother. There is some legal documents showing Belle's real mother had a health care business, hard to imagine she changed her surname and jumped to artsy craft business.

No. 144386

Fuck off about her mother and legal documents. This isn't about Belle and shouldn't be posted.

No. 144388

Yeah she isn't active but she is following people on twitter. that IS technically active, just not active with her "fans" lol

No. 144389

>>144388 2/2 she was following like 239 people before, it's 241 now

No. 144395

That's not being active

No. 144396

No new milk, accounts inactive, fuck doing an OP … what a quality thread. Obviously very needed, too.

No. 144398

If Belle lied about her mother being a model, she probably lied about other things too. I don't think her mother neglected her.

No. 144401

I'm OP and i don't think so >>144396

No. 144402

The other thread filled up with no milk because all these fags do is bring up her family, nitpick old milk, and post how fat they think Josh is. They ruin threads tbh

No. 144403

you ruin threads. fuck off

No. 144406

if anyone is confused about PULL in the last thread, they have a backup after the site went down

No. 144414

your op is shit and i hope you cop a permaban for it you retard

also leave her mother alone. she already has belle for a daughter she doesn't deserve to deal with you retards on top of that. What do you think she's going to do? Give you milk? Losers. Get a hobby.

No. 144415

Why are you so upset anon? Complaining here and in meta protecting dear Belle.
Belle has a mum with a generic name who is not a model, so what? I wish there was a thread on you, because you are hilarious

No. 144416

Backseat modding or said cow here. Calling it. Stop spergbitching and report then, this isn’t pull haven for your sensitive complaints and topic policing.

No. 144417

samefag as above, forgot to reply to this ^
actively following on SM is not considered feasible activity. Posting would be activity. Following people does not. She’s inactive and not providing any paid for content, much like on patreon. It was also proven by a OF support member that she’s inactive on OF. She’s therefore dead engagement wise as far as that goes. Following doesn’t necessarily count towards that gage.

No. 144419

You sound like an angry scrote. No wonder you complain about Josh so much and go after her family.

No. 144421

Lol this samefag gymnastics like another anon pointed out.

No. 144424

I’m not sure what you’re talking about as if I’m another anon, but gtfo and report. Stop clogging the thread with your bitching, Belle/Josh.

Not even same anon. But your replies are sus. Hope mods check this out.

No. 144427

Belle is the one putting her mother in spotlight with all those podcasts.

No. 144438

Digging around for who her mom might be and posting her isn't the same as being involved. Wtf

No. 144471

File: 1617944740698.png (804 B, 126x40, 1611887282547.png)

That means i dont get my Sans Pareil wings? :v What kind of PULL is this.(:v)

No. 144473

File: 1617947802500.jpeg (100.52 KB, 960x720, E6CE5F07-DB4F-4988-AC3F-604FFF…)

Josh is a fat tubby cunt. We are allowed to talk about him as much as we want because he is an adjacent cow.

He has a small cock and he can’t fuck to save his live. He fucks like a Chernobyl radiation survivor with liquidated bones.

Deal with it. However ALL pictures of belles mother should be deleted immediately and she should not be discussed as an individual.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 144475

Because belle is a POS who doesn’t respect anyone, not even her own mother, so why does that give you a free pass to not respect anyone? Stop posting the poor woman. She’s no contact with belle anyway.

Josh is a fat cunt though. And he’s short,

No. 144478

If we are allowed to talk about lainey in the onision thread , Kyle in the shayna thread, Matt in the p&p thread and even Elizanis mum then we are sure as hell allowed to talk about the “brains” behind belles ugly, hideously milky porn, and that happens to be Josh.
JOSH IS AN ADJACENT COW. Deal with it. Stop sperging on meta every single day about “waaaah he’s not a cow!” Yes he fucking is. If he didn’t want to be talked about he shouldn’t of showcased his pathetic cock, fat belly and non existent shagging skills all over the internet.

Now he’s a laughing stock for life

No. 144480

samefagging troll

No. 144482

This thread is gonna be autosaged in no time when you’re all acting like this

No. 144483

I like to go straight to meta when I open the site to determine the cp risk, and it’s so annoying seeing people whinge about Josh every fucking day because someone made fun of his saggy bitch tits. I have NO interest in belle as a cow and wouldn’t come here if it wasn’t for that. As if no other cow has people making fun of their bf. Josh is directly involved in the milk so what’s the problem. Stop fucking whinging on meta and maybe people will leave your shitty thread alone.

P.S Josh is fat

No. 144487

File: 1617958203804.png (Spoiler Image,131.85 KB, 294x257, hairy josh.PNG)

I wish there was a thread on Josh, but sadly he only uses his girlfriend as a shield whenever there is backlash for his nonny ideas. And he is hairy

No. 144489

Have you never seen a real man naked? You are sad

No. 144491

I have. Most guys have hair. Josh has fur

No. 144499

Why would a 21 year old woman lie about her mother's job? WTF

No. 144500

File: 1617970173624.jpg (21.69 KB, 739x415, 1613383039251.jpg)

To keep her anonymous? She probably at some point (or initially, whatever) didn't want to drag her mum into this degen shit, but then she forgot put effort into keeping it that way all the way because she's a bitter chaotic cunt who likes to talk smack about her mum idk

hypothetical and a guess on my part, and I might've misunderstood stuff about her relationship with her mother anyway so

Lying about her mom could've been a haphazard way to conceal private family stuff as well as background

No. 144501

And she picked a model for it? She could have said a teacher and no one would be curious

No. 144502

Probably because it sounds cool and would convince more simps her edited features were real. She is not very bright

No. 144503


but she's stupid

No. 144504

Yes and they usually have gorgeous shoulders stomach and chests even if they don’t really work out. Just lean and fit. Not tubby little gremlins like Josh.
She did say that she has a thing for “ugly people”

No. 144505

She totally could, or she could be lying about it either to herself (as a cope or moral grandstanding) or buffering for her audience ("""genius""" marketing1!)

either way, benefits her

No. 144507

Now that you used the word "gremlin" I am reminded of the fact that Josh' physique kind of looks like that of Greg (Onision)

No. 144510

File: 1617979303280.jpg (718.34 KB, 2880x2880, Vee1eye bff of belle.jpg)

Does anybody remember Vee1Eye? He used to be an emo youtuber, but he "reinvented" himself as Vee3rdEye after he was found guilty of rping an underaged girl. He even admitted to it. The fact that belle is friends with him on both her private as well as her public facebook is quite telling of her character.

No. 144513

I’m not surprised in the least. She pedo panders. People who have a lot of likeness tend to come together.They’re both toxic and horrible people. So telling.

No. 144523

>they usually have gorgeous shoulders stomach and chests even if they don’t really work out
2d yaoi boys aren't men nonny, please stop simping. josh is quite ugly though, but so is belle so whatever

No. 144524

Go make a thread for him and Destry. They aren't relevant for these threads.

No. 144531

What the fuck is going on ITT?

No. 144533

Belle has no milk, so anons are shitting up the thread by stalking anyone who they can find that her facebook is friends with and doxxing them. They mention multiple times that they are a group from PULL who share a discord to post here. The thread sucks.

No. 144534

Belle is losing her last braincells over people calling her bf fat and finding out that she simps for rapists again

No. 144535

this isn’t even remotely true. stop clogging and derailing this thread up with your WK + PULL nonsense. Many threads on LC talk about people so long as they’re related. If you have a problem take it up with mods. Not all over the thread like a newfag.

No. 144536

Just knowing someone doesn't make them on topic with Belle. Same way her talking about her mom wasnt a reason to desperately look all over facebook to find her and post her full name, where she lived..

Chill out, anon. Stalking isn't cool.

No. 144539

Belle has millions of followers but she leaves comments on her mother's PUBLIC profile?

No. 144541

That someone is a rapist pedophile. Stop derailing the thread by crying about other anons you clown

No. 144542

Turns out Belle had a point when she talked about older emo guys being pedophiles. She seems to like them though.

Belle is a horrible person.

No. 144546

Then go make a thread on his ancient milk, anon.

No. 144551

Are you actually retarded?

No. 144554

"ancient milk". So it is not important he raped a minor and Belle is friends with him because it is an old new? You are disgusting. Begone WK

No. 144555

His actions have no bearing on this thread so if you guys want to talk about him and all his milk, go make a thread on snow. What's wrong with that? Suggesting it because its not on topic with Belle. She's not an accomplice or something.

No. 144557

Anon showed he is friends with Belle. Fuck off already.

No. 144559

How is she involved? You're trying to paint a narritive that doesn't exist. If he's such an issue go make a thread for all this milk. What's hard about that? His actions have nothing do to with her.

No. 144560

Only you think it is okay to be friends with a pedophile rapist. Yikes!

No. 144561

can you even read?

No. 144562

No one said that, anon.

No. 144563

Is that all it is? She's friends with him? Some milk.

No. 144565

Yes and it's disgusting, samefag WK.

No. 144568

cry in /meta/

No. 144572

Mods PLEASE deal with this backseat WK that’s likely cow/s of this thread. Jfc. They’re also derailing and infighting with their autistic sperging to trash the thread.

Major cow vibes.

No. 144573

Fuck off to meta or stop crying in your own thread Joshelle Delphine.

(Hi cow)(hi cow)

No. 144579

No. 144617

Demanding a thread be made about some rapist incel who was mentioned once and thus creating way more posts about the topic as a failed way to divert attention from the shitscrotes Belle follows. Weird to mention destery in here >>144524
As there was another moron posting the exact same make a thread stuff in Nicole's thread.

Cows really try too hard to divert the conversation from their uncomfortable associates.

No. 144619

Because their actions aren't involved with them.

No. 144630

But it clearly is, lol. Belle is legitimately friends with them. Much like out relevant it is to point out how Corpse Husband follows a shitstain like Belle on Twitter.

Stop backseat modding and topic policing convos.

No. 144643

That's not relevant either. What's the milk beyond that is what I'm asking? Like, okay..and? Belle isn't out there touching kids like this sicko is and following him doesn't endorse or promote it. This is a strawman take.

No. 144656

And you can take your bitching to meta. Problem solved.

No. 144666

AHAHA well you guys really scared her off
I love the chaotic vibe in this thread honestly "let's just post her family member's photos because there's nothing else to do" it's great

No. 144679

I'm not bitching. Wtf is wrong with you guys? I'm asking what's the milk aside from friends on Facebook? Their real life pedophilia has no correlation to her work. Just like she has no correlation to Corpse's work unless they start interacting more. I don't know why you're trying to fight with anyone trying to discuss why something is milk or any milk at all that isn't this nitpick stuff.

No. 144682

Stop samefagging

No. 144684

Do you think someone being friends with a known rapist while they themselves have been accused for pandering to fcked up coomers and trolling its victims is relevant?
Is it easier for you to understand when I ask questions? So you can finally come to the conclusion yourself?

No. 144685

I don't endorse it, but his stuff was years ago compared to her. That's all I'm saying. It's not deeper than they just have each other added. You're just making it sound like this is one giant glass of fresh milk.

No. 144703

So no one knows why she hasn't been posting? I am not subscribed to her onlyfans (anymore, for a long time) I think it was mentioned a while ago that her last post had "brb" on it or something?

No. 144704

^ I'm not a simp, or a fan, I honestly just loved her makeup.

No. 144711

She might have fucked off for 6 months again, if the world is lucky , forever.

No. 144713

You sound like you know something we don’t, a little sus if you ask me?

No. 144720

If you want to know how I found out about them being friends, he liked her pf on her not so private facebook. That picture is only liked by 4 people including pixycat. I assume if only 4 people liked that picture she didn't add many friends on that account. If he is not a mayor bff of hers, like pixycat is, why add him and potentially get your account exposed? I am pretty sure they are at least good friends

No. 144721

Why are so many anons here defending this monkey lipped bitch what did she ever do for you that makes you want to defend her honor every second on this thread?

Her following some weirdo who used to mess with children is fucking weird or am I missing the memo and it’s totally normal to associate with child fuckers on social media.

No. 144722

many anons or one seething Joshelle Delphine

No. 144725

No, people are calling out retarded posts like her mom and friends >>144375

No. 144726

one mom with a public profile, 1 rapist friend with a public profile. You're acting like her whole extended family got doxxed

No. 144731

Or don't doxx anyone at all and they aren't public profiles just because you can look them up. Everything actually milky is locked behind add friend security.

No. 144733

Nobody has been doxxed lol. Cry in meta

No. 144737

Anon, you known doxxing isn't just private information, its sharing identifying information. At least learn what doxxing if is your going to say this wasn't. Its a case of the latter.

No. 144746

You’re either pixie or Joshelle and exceptionally new to how LC/doxxing works. Please stop derailing this thread with your crying.

No. 144749

This means posting full names/real names when someone goes by an alias. In simpler terms, if Daft Punk never face revealed, it would be like posting their faces.

No. 144758

Here's my guess as to what happened: a bunch of incels subscribed to her onlyfans for the porn, she made bank, but then the incels and/or her loyal fans then unsubbed in masses because wimmin are h0les and sent her a shitton of hate because that's what incels do best, she couldn't take it and pced out :>

I mean that's what's gonna happen when you cater to the worst group of people though. Internal misogynism can make you think that other women are out to get you, but when it really comes down to it men are capable of much, much worse shit.

She just needs to connect with a better group of female friends (pixie or whatever her name seems like the fakest bitch ever) and live her life, forget trying to appeal to a group of losers online who are never gonna accept you simply because of your gender.(:>)

No. 144768

She has millions of followers and she interacts with a public profile. It's not doxxing to share the PUBLIC profile.

No. 144779

why mods ignore the wk trolls in belle threads?

No. 144780

She looks like a goblin here

No. 144783

They might enjoy the milk this thread brings. I for one find the idea that belle is spending her "mental recovery" argueing with anons and seething over people finding out she is friends with a legit rapist quite milky

No. 144785

I bet it is. Nobody is //that// invested for days to a week.

No. 144818

Is there a way we can prove that she has been self posting? Like we did with ember, Kiki, Erin and countless others? I really think she’s been constantly whining here and the /meta thread. Will be so funny if we can reveal that.

No. 144819

In meta the wk revealed that her mom was a model for "products". I guess that is information nobody could have known before she revealed it, because in podcasts she only mentioned her mom being a model. The wk also only posts during European times. Still not complete proof, but indications of it really being belle

No. 144820

Belle already knows internet hates her. Why is she surprised lolcow isn't an exception?

No. 144822

File: 1618132266567.jpg (28.89 KB, 302x450, Princess belle.jpg)

Because she can't accept it. She can't allow people not worshipping her

No. 144823

Probably another lie. Her mother doesn't even show up on Google, too much for a model

No. 144825

I wonder if Belle started talking to her mother again thanks to the anon who posted her facebook. I doubt her mother was reading lolcow.

No. 144826

File: 1618134523522.jpg (Spoiler Image,53.19 KB, 500x625, lip-enlargement-with-local-ana…)

That was not a lie. Her mother was appearantly a model for this plastic surgery company. But she was not an A or even B-lister model, as Belle would like us to believe

No. 144827

Basically she had surgeries and allowed her photos to be used by a clinic? What else did she "model" for?

Belle said her mother was open-minded because she was a model. And her modeling was just this?

No. 144828

could be under a pseudo name maybe but this whole situation is bizarre af. if she never threw her mom under the bus in podcasts no one would even know she existed. as I’m the anon who is extensively discussed in meta for whatever reason, I have to say that the dude who was complaining all week needs to chill or leave. compared to other cows belle has it easy. I genuinely don’t believe she is lurking though, but whoever is lurking for her is being annoying af. If she really is on here, she’s pathetic and needs to get a hobby with her millions of chomo dollars.
anyways, it seems like belle is behind all the marketing and josh just throws her scrote concepts and ideas right? her “marketing” is the worst part of her “career” imo. I never understood how dropping merch could be someone’s entire brand. she literally sold snow in Alaska to freezing pedophiles and then somehow destroyed the vile market she created.
she’s like a shitty unused marvel villain who vowed to destroy all innocence of children. okay awaiting my red text or 3 paragraph meta post now for my derailment/infighting/etc.

No. 144829

If you are famous, you should know people will check your friends on social media, especially if they have public profiles.

No. 144831

Belle used to read PULL, she must be reading here too.

No. 144842

People who said she fosters peadophilia were right all along. She is friends with a rapist one. This is disgusting.

No. 144869

sperm brows

No. 144873

She had photos on the FB page, profile photos that you guys posted, of her standing next to bus stop installations. She did modeling anon. You're reaching saying she had photos used just bc of surgery. Can we stop talking about her mom now? She's not even relevant to Belle aside from wow, she has a mom.

No. 144874

No one shared such photo

No. 144876

Like mother like daughter both have had surgeries lmao

No. 144877

Just go back to the FB and scroll. Don't be this retarded.

No. 144881

Who posted a photo where she was "standing next to bus stop installations"? Retarded WK

No. 144882

>go back to the FB to see it

Are you really going to be this hung up on wording? I said where you can view it. I'm not posting her mom.

No. 144886

So you saw the photos because you stalked her mother? kek

No. 144887

"No one shared such photo" was right, retard. You found it yourself (if it even exists) and you talk like it was posted here.

No. 144888


>don't stalk her mom on fb you freak!

>please stalk her mom more to find the totally professional modelling pictures

You are confusing

No. 144890

No one posted the FB link. You searched for her so you are also a stalker. Unless you can prove she had photos of her modeling on bus stop installations, stop derailing.

No. 144891

It’s Joshelle Delphine. Only thing that makes sense. lel

No. 144893

File: 1618164913235.jpg (54.84 KB, 472x675, Belle.jpg)

Even her "normal" profile photo is edited.

No. 144901

>Have you never seen a real man naked?
God I wish I didn't they're all horrific creatures

No. 144944

if josh was a real dom he would have actually tried to protect her instead of encouraging her to ruin her public image kek

No. 144949

He did it to degrade and humiliate her because he hates her. He’s made his claim to her in the most degrading way possible. What he was doing to her was the human equivalent of a dog pissing on a lamppost and that’s one of the reasons it was such shit porn. All he was thinking was how much of a man people would think he was, banging the slut that everyone wants. He’s just as filthy and disgusting and cowish as she is but he knows hes too ugly to be in the limelight.

No. 144954

What do you expect from a cuck that takes his girlfriend's OnlyFans photos?

No. 144955

Probably true. But I think Josh always covers his face not because he knows he is ugly, which is a shame, but because he doesnt want to ruin his own reputation. He probably wants a normal carreer after this otherwise he would have stepped into the limelight long ago. He uses belle to make money and out of sadistic pleasure. When he is sick of her he lost nothing while she could never be the "bourgouis wife with a secret". If she did not throw every person, and especially women, under the bus I would feel sorry for her

No. 144956

Okay hear me out, I don’t think the porn was Josh’s idea. Belle said herself she wanted to do “hardcore porn” because her YouTube channel was temp perma’d. She said she wanted to do it while she was on top vs when her fame faded, which doesn't make sense but whatever.
I think her reasoning and explanation sounded like one from a sheltered 21 year old, no real sound reason, irrational, impulsive. Definitely seems like reasoning that an inexperienced person would be able to justify, and her idiot man child boyfriend jumped at the opportunity.
The quality however, I believe was all josh. I think he got cocky like u anons said and believed that the idiot incels would buy anything as long as it had her in it. I guarantee you they didn’t even care if the quality was good, they genuinely thought her “star power” was going to blow everyone’s minds. it’s kinda insane how much this backfired on them. I don’t think they need to be in hiding though, so many idiot incels still love her, they’re being dramatic af imo. But, on the other hand, if belle really is the one freaking out in last thread and meta, maybe she should hide because she clearly cannot handle the “persona” she attempted to create.

No. 144959

Yeah her fb photo is photoshopped too. Anyone wanting to know how she looks without edits and natural, your photo reference from the podcast is 100% accurate and real after all.

No. 144964

What are the chances of her doing HC with an actual studio, very low right? She "did" make all that money, unless most was just smoke and mirrors…

No. 144966

In Happy Hour Podcast she said she made porn because she wanted to have a family in the future. Seeing her hiding skills, her poor kids will get bullied growing up. The kids will also have a mother who has a rapist pedophile friend.

No. 144967

She made porn beacause she wanted a family in the future? Don’t normal people usually avoid recording themselves getting railed for the public to see in order to avoid controversy in the future, is she retarded?

No. 144969

she clearly lied about the family thing because she’s a nlog. It was funny to me when she also said she wasn’t “doing it for a new car” like other icky pornhogs, but you can clearly see a brand new Range Rover upholstery in her rape set kek
her lies never make sense she knows people are stupid so she just feeds them what they want to hear

No. 144971

She risked everything for porn and people hated and mocked it all over the internet. She won't have a normal family life and she won't be the teasing but innocent e-girl ever again. She ruined her life completely for money.

No. 144994

she really must be an attention whore and just expected everyone to worship her. she acts like she’s in it for the money but I think she loved the attention more, that’s why she’s hiding and freaking out on forums.
if she was really in it for the money she would’ve kept shilling shitty out of the bag cosplays and pedo porn, milking it dry. she was in it for attention, she never even really needed the money I’m sure. her mom’s house was massive and her room was filled with tons of ugly pastel shit and outfits.
sex work is demeaning af and meant to be a last resort, anyone who wants to uses it to attempt to “get rich quick” deserves the blowback. there are women being forced into sex trafficking and this bitch willingly chose this life, because she’s lazy, then she shit on all the women being raped and trafficked. she’s legit retarded, I don’t think the egg stuff was mean to be ironic I think she’s seriously mentally challenged and finds that shit she did with the eggs and dead animals funny

No. 144997

File: 1618251590428.png (402.37 KB, 558x599, 1618205362322.png)

It's possible but results will be awful. I think she had to be more honest with herself about being too awkward to do porn. Many people before noted her clumsiness trying to act sexy or dancing, that was a red light and she ignored that signal. Belle's fan art is improving :v(:v)

No. 145081

lolling at this line anon,

>What he was doing to her was the human equivalent of a dog pissing on a lamppost

That is exactly what it was, like none of her scrote fans even liked her porn. It was just a power move by Josh to suddenly stick his dick in their faces and make them watch him fuck their waifu.

No. 145094

whats the backup?

No. 145103

She should do herself and every young girl a favor and disappear from the internet. Not like it matters what happens to her, she is a pedophile and pedobaiter herself but her young audience shouldn't follow that ruining lifestyle for 600$ dolls kill money.

No. 145107

There's a discord

No. 145131

Belle is gone and internet moved on except for lolcow. Give it a rest.

No. 145152

Bro she's literally been lurking here lol read the thread or gtfo

No. 145153

The only reason I still actively participate here is because she does. It's really entertaining

No. 145156

ok Joshelle. Close the thread and move on then, complaining isn’t contributing either.

No. 145161

Is she really lurking here? If that’s true then she must have no life of her own whatsoever no hobbies other than onlyfans, no irl friends, no family just stuck with her ugly boyfriend and piles of money in her mansion typing away on her computer trying to low key defend her dignity on lolcow of all places.

No. 145178

I mean the internet did move on tbf, you’re right about that. I’ve never seen someone become so irrelevant so fast other than Shane Dawson, a fellow pedo adjacent weirdo. teenage girls and incels are still clinging to the fake “gamer girl” aesthetic though, so if she did decide to come back next year as a streamer or something I guarantee some idiots would eat it up regardless of how gross she is

No. 145224

Are you guys going to actually talk about Belle or should this thread just be ignored in general? 100 posts and no milk. What's the point of this thread besides using it as a general chat?

No. 145229

Well considering there was just milk that Belle is personal friends with a child rapist, that was milk that got intentionally derailed by Joshelle Delphine to take eyes and discussion off of it? Among several other discoveries/milk that sadly got derailed. I’d love to revisit that milk in detail.

Still waiting on mods to see if it really was Belle/Josh or Pixie. They’re clearly lurking the thread. Now THAT would be great milk.

No. 145233

I'm an NA, anon. Calm down.

No. 145252

why are you coming in here being so combative kek this last week has been amazing to watch unfold tbh it just cooled down and we still haven’t fully figured out how close Belle is to the pedophile youtuber yet

No. 145267

Can you guys STFU about that streaming shit? One prick mentioned now everyone believes that is her next MASTER plan. I don't think you need to have a break for 6-12 months and lose more relevancy by that time just to come back to play games lol, stop tinfoiling

No. 145277

Belle’s youtube videos are mini commercials for products she wants to sell to her fans while she lip synces to songs she didn’t even make herself
On twitter she either kisses up to other youtubers bigger than her or she spouts out memes like a bot
Her “collabs” are just youtubers reviewing her merchandise or buying her onlyfans/patreon.

She has never spoken or expressed herself and she is always very hesitant to do so which is why she changed her mind on playing minecraft with pyro for a video.

Like cmon her entire existence is one giant product nobody really knows her aside from her bath water gimmick atleast with some streamers and youtubers they have a personality that stands out whether you like them or not who is belle other than one girl who sold her bath water and has an onlyfans.

This streaming shit would never work for someone like her.

No. 145285

No shit. Who uses youtube and isn't marketing something as basic as merch shirts? Why is that even a bad thing? I dont understand why youtubers can't shameless market themselves when the monetization sucks ass on the platform. If people are willing to buy merch, what is the problem? Youtubers reach out to her too. Normally interviews are because these content creators ask her to be on their show. Tinfoiling about why she stopped playing certain games because "she rarely streams" is retarded. She never indicated she was a gamer like other twitch streamers. It's just like Moo, she used it for more traffic to her main pages and that's why people even watched her. What else do you think she's doing aside from selling a product on every platform she can? People buying from her are doing it willingly.

No. 145292

I never said it was a bad thing don’t put words in my mouth without properly reading my statement I only brought this up because it’s obvious she’s not interested in streaming or doing content that requires something a bit more than simply just shilling out her shit all these anon saying she should stream don’t make much sense because of that do you get it now or should I spell out each and every word for you?

No. 145298

She literally calls herself gamer girl.

No. 145300

She is selling gaming gear on her website an she does indeed call herself a gamer girl every chance she gets.

No. 145303

You know she became famous with "Gamer Girl Bathwater" right?

No. 145308

You guys take everything literally. Everyone who is a thot calls themselves a gamer girl. It just marketing. That's all she is. Tropes to market and gamer girl is the biggest incel draw.

No. 145312

Gamer girls need to game end themselves

No. 145314

Maybe as women we should stop normalizing “pretending” to do things and just do them. I really think this fake gamer girl thing is setting us back in history. It’s not like playing video games is hard.. it’s literally just smashing buttons. How pathetic are we as women that we have to lie about doing something as simple as pressing buttons on a controller? lying about your skills isn’t normal or something “everyone” does, only psychotics who demean human intelligence blatantly lie about the things they can and cannot do.

p.s. I’m not letting the fake gamer girl derailment take focus off the fact that belle is friends with a pedophile

No. 145320

I'm pretty sure Belle is probably in Korea right now getting plastic surgery. Since she got a nose job, and her saying she wants to be a real life anime girl, I think shes pulling a Pixee Fox.

No. 145346

She definitely has body dysmorphia. I blame filters for it. She got famous for her edited face and now she thinks she is ugly without them.

No. 145349

No, because she's in the UK. They've been in lockdown for three months and non-essential international flights won't be permitted til after May 17th at the very earliest. Even rocking up to an airport can get you fined thousands.

I would kind of expect that she is taking a break because of all the backlash she got for her porn and attention-seeking antics, and all the mean comments about her appearance. We all know how sensitive she is and she got ripped apart for her "I can't help that I look like a child" cringe with people calling out what she actually looks like. She's been stuck in this pattern since she started going by Belle Delphine: do retarded thing for attention, milk it hard, retreat and cry, rinse and repeat. I doubt she's fucked off for good.

No. 145354

She will more than likely take time away, hope people forget about her porn stage and then do a music video again.

Failing that she could just be living off the money she got and will never return

No. 145366

she fucked herself by going into hiding. she will have to stay away for atleast 2-3 years in order to have her third comeback be accepted again. and she will have to come back completely changed, not doing sex work, and actually contributing something. whether that be streaming or YouTube or whatever, I don’t think she’d be a good streamer either but let’s be real she’d be perfect for that incel subset. so many people defended her, I can’t believe she’s such a softie after calling rape survivors pussies lmao
okay I take back what I said before, knowing she’s in lock down and can’t leave her house I 100% believe belle has been lurking the thread 24/7 now

No. 145383

All her videos promote the porn and she doesn't take claim for singing in them since it's not her voice. Makes no sense to say she will come back with a video, but not porn. All the videos are, are marketing for her porn.

No. 145384

>"has to be belle, its UK posting times!!!!"
>when every anon is up combating the comments a few minutes or an hour later

Don't you see how dumb it sounds to keep saying Belle is for sure posting? You guys are just as active. Lol Maybe you're the ones in UK time

No. 145401

She could legitimately schedule surgery as a business trip, though, since her appearance is her job. I think she got surgery in Feb and has been losing her mind on pain meds and crying for the last two months, since obviously surgery takes a long time to heal, especially under stress (pandemic/being an infamous meme whore/the porn going down as badly as it did). Look at prettypastelplease's video about her nose job for a good example of what the healing process can look like.
Belle still wants that scrote money for sure but obviously can't make content while recovering. I can't see her turning down the money that's still available, so I reckon the break is for the same reason her last one was: surgery recovery.

No. 145409

Your tinfoil sucks. She's still in the UK. Business expense or not. COVID doesn't make her the exception to travel no matter if its written off or not. Pain meds? Come on. And PPP was before COVID. Her videos are uploaded now, but were months old when filmed.

No. 145410

Pain meds aren't suddenly addictive and make you "go crazy" anon.

No. 145412

Cosmetic surgery is not valid reason for international travel. Even for work the UK clamped down on those traveling who are influencers as they not business critical

No. 145413

File: 1618487578758.png (328.52 KB, 1440x1933, travel.png)

You're allowed to leave the uk for business. You fill in a short document, get it approved and you're good to go. You think all business trips have been cancelled? It's only leisure which isn't allowed.
You seem rather keen to dismiss the most likely scenario which has even happened before with Belle.


No. 145415

Getting plastic surgery isn't a business trip, like >>145412 said.

No. 145420

when did I say anything about posting time dumbass stop derailing it’s obvious her or josh is lurking.
are you guys seriously describing business trips vs leisure so boring there has been literal proof of her being friends with a pedophile that should be what’s being discussed

No. 145431

Discuss it then lol.

No. 145433

Ah yes the UK is going to open up they’re flights just so Miss Delphine can get her cosmetic surgeries and reassure her online johns that she is indeed a irl animu waifu.

No. 145434

I mean she has the money to get surgery in the uk too at this point, I'll tag y'all in these posts when she returns with her new face/tits/vag or whatever it is she got done. She also knows she cannot appear in any mainstream porn content without her trusty filters so if she wants to continue the porn route, she "needs" surgery to match her filtered self.

No. 145442

Cosmetic surgery is only now starting to become available again because of the three month lockdown. She hasn't been getting procedures done during her recent absence because 1. she can't leave the country 2. cosmetic clinics have been shut since late December.

Can we stop with the ps tinfoiling already. Maybe now she will go on to get more ps done, maybe she already had some procedure booked ahead of time and the specific clinic allowed her to go through with it, but it's highly unlikely she's been getting ps any time this year during her break. Stop.

No. 145451

Seriously, these tinfoils suck. Careful anon,you'll trigger them to bring up."BUT SHE'S FRIENDS WITH A PEDO ON FACEBOOOOOK" as if his issues are hers because of it instead of making a thread about him.

No. 145455

File: 1618510338159.jpg (44.44 KB, 405x638, Belle pedophine.JPG)

Except for the fact that she pedobaits

No. 145457

She looks so much like Emiru with filters.

No. 145470

okay so I looked up his Facebook and he’s friends with multiple teenage girls, how old is this dude? Is he a dealer or something why is he mutuals with so many fresh out of high school chicks. one of them has her boyfriend tagged and he literally has a picture with his friends in the mall. these adults are so infatuated with looking like and being surrounded by literal teenagers, it’s so weird. I’m confused how he’s allowed to have Facebook without being monitored after raping an underage girl? are laws different in the uk or something? I thought internet was monitored after you committed a sex crime against an underage person.

No. 145471

how is associating with a known child rapist not a big deal kek

No. 145476

Make him his own thread. Jesus christ. You guys are desperate for milk. He has nothing to do with her aside from they have each other added. Jfc, there's no milk here.

No. 145480

I mean, he does look like a caricature of a stoner. Just because they are added on social media doesn't necessarily mean they've even had any interaction though. Belle is kind of massively retarded and clueless so it doesn't surprise me that she might casually associate with a known rapist on Facebook. Probably thinks it makes her look based and redpilled tbh.(offtopic, derail)

No. 145482

The only other interaction I found was this cringy bit. The only interesting thing is that he doesnt do react videos often at all, so it might be a hint that they are friends?

It is still weird she has him added on her private facebook, because she only shared that one with a few people. Or only a small portion of them like her photo's, but I doubt that

No. 145483

File: 1618531188856.jpeg (35.21 KB, 695x180, 3F52D488-4374-4A08-8E81-9ABAFC…)

hm this was one of if not the only reaction video she commented on once she made her return. so much so even viewers noticed. I wonder how close their relationship really is. quite odd that she didn’t reply to imallexx but did to this guy. I think they’re closer than just Facebook friends.
And to all the anons saying it doesn’t matter, her being friends with a pedophile matters very much I’m not going to explain why

No. 145490

Shut up. You sound like the fags in the Nicole thread claiming Nicole is in on Destry's pedophilia too. Jfc.

No. 145511

If you have nothing better to add, complain in meta, Joshelle Delphine. You’re doing nothing but infighting and derailing from what might possibly be the most interesting milk involving Belle rn.. which tells me that anons are getting pretty close to hitting the nail on the head.

No. 145515

How is being close friends with a rapist pedophile “not milk?” If it was ANY OTHER COW nonnys would be discussing it freely. For some reason, the rules in this thread have to be different? No, we are allowed to discuss her fat ponce boyfriend and her paedophile friends, get over it.

No. 145516

We aren’t making him his own thread, he’s an adjacent cow. We will continue to post him as well as any other pedos she’s friends with, as well as her fat ugly Bf. We can even talk about her stupid hamster if we want to do fuck off x

No. 145521

But what else IS there? What other milk is there to this? They have each other added.

Okay. What else? She commented once? What else? There's nothing here and you guys are trying to make it seem like it's more nefarious than it is when it isn't.

No. 145522

kek anon you could do that "so, WHAT ELSE?" every drop of milk on any thread on this site. Momokun filters her face and is getting liposuction? uhhh SO, what other milk is there?!

the point stands that being friends with a pedophile on her personal Facebook is Belle milk. why is she close enough to this pedophile to have him added to her personal facebook account? its obvious belle doesn't care about courting pedophiles with her content, and being friends with this guy shows she doesn't care about courting pedophiles IRL either.

No. 145524

Anon, Moo does more than that and we dont just nitpick her photoshop. Lol I'm not even saying she shouldn't have him in there. Im saying what else to this is it? There's no more milk backing it up. You guys just keep screaming hes a pedo and hes added over and over and over. You have nothing else. Its a deadend narritive youre thing to make seem more than it is when its just that she has him added. Okay.

And? At least Moo keeps putting out milk and its not derailed about useless stuff like this. That was such a bad example on your part.

No. 145525

>courting pedophiles

This is real retardation. You guys are so obsessed about "taking her down" that you are seriously acting like an adult woman, who pedos are not attracted to because she is an adult woman, is out there picking up pedos to fuck? Do you hear how stupid this sounds?

No. 145526

From 13:37 this guy talks about the rape, but instead calls it "drama". He continues to feel sorry for himself and tell us how horribly he was treated after it happened. He is clearly not sorry for the young girls that he traumatized. He also makes clear in the video's he has trouble keeping friends. This is a complete psychopath that will definitly do it again. If he and Belle are friends, this reflects on her

No. 145527

File: 1618561863467.jpg (32.92 KB, 625x626, 936.jpg)

No. 145528

don’t you think it’s strange a random on YouTube nine months ago even pointed it out? since I’m being called out for tinfoiling I’m just gonna go for it and say he could be her dealer, editor, or maybe something more creepy (hopefully not). this is all just more proof her being apart of this industry would have been extremely dangerous for young girls. luring them in with “anime cute uwu eggs!(x” she’s honestly terrifying. belle made enough dirty money now she can go get an eye lift and leave humanity in peace, so young girls can strive for actual careers again one day. there’s plenty of retarded degenerate desperate “women” like her, the world doesn’t need anymore furry freak archetypes fucking up our evolutionary progress as humans.

no one needs to “take her down” she does it to herself. tbf the mom Facebook was digging deep kind of but, she should have never kept a Facebook page with direct ties to her family. that was irresponsible of her and she put her mother’s life at risk for the sake of clout, lowlife behavior for what? club penguin memes? kek

He’s not just a pedo he’s also a rapist don’t forget

I have said it before and I’ll say it again, belle hates women. how many more times does she have to show that? she only deals with them if they are doing something to benefit her. psychopath behavior but I’m not going to armchair because retarded

No. 145529

She's not luring kids in. What?? Parents need to be held accountable for what their kids consume. Her audience isn't children.

No. 145531

anon you're really out here trying to defend scrotes that want to see women dressed in children's clothes get fucked with "well ackshully she's an adult so they're not pedophiles" technicalities? kek its like when guys make a big point of clarifying pedophile vs hebephile. I don't think she's picking up pedos to fuck, that's a weird takeaway from what I said. I think she's showing that she has further evidence of her shitty morals by befriending a pedophile. Really does this even need explaining? Being friends with a pedophile is fucked up, end of.

No. 145533

File: 1618563010241.jpg (155.08 KB, 844x1720, Belle followers.jpg)

A random screenshot of her followers. I don't know if a majority are minors, but as you can see many of them are

No. 145534

File: 1618563069335.jpeg (196.97 KB, 1282x454, 8688EFC0-1CBA-4A05-B340-DCA9C7…)

“She’s not luring in kids” then why are all of her videos age restricted by guidelines and not herself? Even the ones where she’s using sex toys. She gets millions of views on her videos and most are soft core porn, yet she age restricts none herself.
this not being age restricted with a link to her porn account was an oversight? She’s borderline grooming underage kids. I’m sick of these bitches getting butt as naked on YouTube and not age restricting it. As if keeping porn on pornhub wasn’t the most decent thing they could do now they have to post porn on YouTube. Literally making jerk off material for tweens it’s disgusting

No. 145537

That’s exactly what it is, whether she wants to admit it or not, it’s porn marketed to tweens and teens. I guarantee that a vast majority of her simps are underage.

No. 145538

Intentionally "luring in kids" specifically, I get where you're coming from and you only really have to look at the "i'm doing porn" promo vid she put out on Youtube for a good example of this. Her whole persona and style of content looks intentionally as immature as possible. We already all know she portrays herself as a child. Her Twitter didn't even have any restrictions until after the cnc drama. She is completely irresponsible considering she's so aware that she has such a large following of minors. She acknowledged this in a podcast before going straight on to do porn… any time I look at Twitter replies or Youtube comments on any posts of hers, they are overwhelmingly from minors. Honestly, going into porn was the worst and most stupid decision she ever made.

No. 145566

What if belle retire’s by becoming a “madame” and she opens up some online egirl business where she and josh lure young girls who have been fans of hers by promising them they will become the next belle delphine if they let her direct them and get a percentage from they’re earnings.

And then one day josh tries to cheat on Belle by getting with one of the girls but Belle just lets it happen because she has no spine and then one of them decides to expose how creepy both Belle and Joshua are.

I know this would never happen but that would still be such an entertaining thing to watch unfold.

No. 145568

File: 1618578857965.jpg (7.08 KB, 196x185, bellend.jpg)

stop giving these pre-dystopian sex weirdoes any extra ideas anon

No. 145570

Maybe that’s why she’s friends with that rapist she’s hoping he will hook her up with some 18 year old onlyfans wannabe models in the future for her brand new pimping business.

No. 145578

That's the parents issue

No. 145579

You don't know anything about youtube, huh? You have to go out of your way to mark that your videos are kid friendly, not the other way around. If kids watch her videos, that's the parents fault. All videos are automatically not for kids unless you check a box saying it is. This has been active as part of upload culture since youtube said they would fine people. She isn't marketing to kids. Regardless of what she wears. You thinking people make porn for children is fucked up.

No. 145581

Darling, you clearly know nothing about youtube yourself. Yes you can select the option "made for kids", but that is a different option than age restriction. The first option relates to kids channels specifically. Those video's have to adhere to more rules than every other video. The "age restriction" option can be selected by the video creator.

No. 145584

Samefag, but "made for kids" is targeted at todlers and young children, while non-age restricted content could be viewed by anyone under the age of 18. Her video's are aimed at this group of between 12 and 18 with her super funny ligma pewdiepie tier memes

No. 145587

The fact that you refuse to blame parents for the kids accessing porn with a sinple google search too,but you'd rather blame Belle, is ridiculous. This isn't her problem. This is absolutely parents not monitoring kids. Most of you probably googled when under 18 too, but want to blame Google for allow porn to be a search option for kids? This is all parents. Reaching to put the blame on a KNOWN 18+ creator is dumb. Her content was never for kids. She's alwats done lewd shit or adult stuff (like using guns as props).

No. 145588

Just because kids indulge in the content, doesn't make it the creators fault. His stuff hasnt been for kids in years. Calling this baseline humor "for kids" by attributing memes to kids only, is such lazy finger pointing.

No. 145591

You have to go out of your way to turn off restrictive mode and even then kids can still watch the videos. I don't get where you're going with this aside from just blaming Belle. Her content is adult. Its not for "12 tO 18, AnOn". But any reach to peddle your "sHe FiLmS pOrN fOr ChIlDRen To jAcK oFf To".

No. No one is doing that. Wtf.

No. 145593

I know you are a samefag because you initially abuse the spacebar and then remove your comment and post a new comment with less spelling errors and less spacebar abuse. If you wanna samefag just post you are a samefag

No. 145596

Samefagging is replying to yourself, trying to pass it off as a different anon. Learn2integrate even a little bit, pullfag.(samefag, derail)

No. 145602

They literally are doing that though

No. 145609

File: 1618592553367.jpeg (25.56 KB, 635x150, 814F1B4D-2A8F-49F2-9668-D04F60…)

No it’s not I have a YouTube channel I upload to and marking a video 18+ is one button. Belle Delphine literally makes porn for underage kids.

Okay if it’s made for adults only why doesn’t she mark her videos 18+?.. even the dumbest asmr hos do that.

fine I’ll show you a restricted video from my own account. this is what it looks like if you age restrict yourself. she has never done this, yet it’s easy af, literally one button

No. 145615

Anon, all her videos are age restricted and always have been. You'd know this if you knew to drop down the bio. Kek

No. 145616

I think we should just start blatantly ignoring the derailers and infighters. ever notice they get the angriest and try to throw us off topic when we bring up facts and screenshotted proof? we’re 100% right, so they’re resorting to attempting to confuse and fight us kek save the interference for the government weirdos, no one is buying the shit you’re spewing.
Also off topic but she over plucked her brows so fucking much in the thread pic, they look like shit.

No. 145620

File: 1618593646920.jpeg (103.46 KB, 949x412, 87279A9F-BEDC-4A81-A4E8-EA7E68…)

age restricted by community guidelines.. meaning YouTube themselves age restricted them. she has never age restricted any of her videos, she didn’t even 18+ the one where she put a gun in her mouth and slashed her tongue with a razor blade. I’m not engaging with you anymore you’re literally retarded and talking out of your asshole

No. 145623


No. 145624

Anon that's not what that means lol

No. 145626

Are you retarded

No. 145631

File: 1618600935096.jpeg (736.39 KB, 1170x2220, 5E32342D-1978-4064-8CB3-73F3F0…)

Wonder if Belle is having the same “I’ve heavily damaged my life being an e-prostitute and there’s no going back” moment of discovery like her bestie Pixiecat now is and that’s why she’s AWOL. Ow, the sad ballad of a “sex worker” kek

No. 145632

File: 1618601365624.jpeg (1.15 MB, 4096x2731, A2A24965-31E9-4A5A-8223-908646…)

Wonder if Belle is having the same problem and realises she won’t be that "bourgouis wife with a secret" she always dreamed of kek(this is belles thread)

No. 145637

File: 1618602424330.png (40.22 KB, 605x264, B2DC7293-8704-400F-B980-461D18…)

Just change your name or whatever and stop going on the internet. That’s it?

No. 145639

These ewhores brag about the amount of money they make doing the bare minimum while insulting people that have to work for a living by calling them “wage slaves”

they shamelessly compare themselves to doctors and entrepreneurs.
and they show off on twitter how men with girlfriends and wives pay to see them naked while said girlfriends have to put out for free.

And now I’m supposed to sympathize because nobody wants to hire someone who has done nothing but sell porn for the past few years instead of developing skills that would be useful in positively representing they’re future occupation of choice.

Fuck em.

No. 145650

how could she not get a mortgage or rental? phone contract bRO literally they don't do background checks for that..
even if it did impact those things chya I agree just change your name

No. 145654

idk if youre young and never lived in the real world, but you have to prove income to get a mortgage or rental. Many places might say no based on the fact women in porn have a very short shelf life. The money has dried up by 25 which isn't true of any other industry. Sex work is the only industry in which lack of experience earns you more.
Phone contracts run credit checks, not bg checks, and if she cant get loans/credit card/a mortgage she cant build credit.

Changing your name doesn't work. Do you think the government are stupid? They just let you change your name to escape your past? Any search on the new name will bring up the old name and whatever is attached.

The problem isn't people reporting her accounts, the problem is onlyfans isn't legitimate work. if it was it would build credit instead of actively harming it.

No. 145657

These post look really bad for Belle. She was like a manager for Pixie, looks like things is not going well with Belle career advice.

No. 145658

Onlyfans sends out 1099s. That's a legitimate tax form. You have to file your own Section C. It is recognized by the IRS and the website has nothing to do with credit. Not paying bills effects credit. Ive never heard of a business effecting credit unless its an MLM which OF isn't.

No. 145659

For clarification, everything I said is the same except in the UK they get a VAT statement. Still, OF does not effect credit.

No. 145682

Just remember she is in the UK so American rules do change. She would likely be putting it though a business or self assessment tax returns. Also shocking news. OF is a British owned company as well.

It is likely belle is just trolling as normal. When ever she does a come back she earns a lot of money just to go again.

No. 145697

All gig work is self assessment.

No. 145743

She actually already apparently has a similar business where she trains people how to succeed on onlyfans (or something of that variety) and takes a cut of their earnings. It was mentioned in a prior thread.

No. 145744

This is the first time I've seen a SW be honest about the risks, I feel like the tide is turning and all the pro sex work stuff is lessening as all the girls who got into it last summer have learned the pitfalls by now.

No. 145746

why is there no red text on my ban, this post got me banned for 12 hours kek

this was actually really good milk yet they’re banned for it? pixie is only known for being the girl Belle did porn with, and she’s actively friends with her, how would this not be related? the retards sperging about tax forms are free to carry on, but a girl who she did porn with comes out saying porn is evil and it’s off topic? the mods are being retarded. ready for my ban and I’m not taking it to meta because I don’t give a shit about this. I just want mods to know they’re basically worthless for allowing infighting/derailing/tinfoiling while simultaneously dumbing down the conversation in this thread when it finally got good after months of nothing.
so annoying if I wanted to circle jerk about thots tax forms I’d go to stripperweb

link? where did you see this. if true needs to be looked into because this basically backs up the “grooming” shit she is attempting to pull.

I’ve been warning stubborn chicks on twitch and Instagram who fight with me when I say you have no rights online. once you post something on a porn site it is no longer solely yours, and anyone can do whatever they want with it. I guarantee you online sex work will destroy countless lives, if not an entire generation of girls who bought the hype. young girls choose to trust strange men online vs people who have nothing to gain from warning them of the dangers of online sex work. they chose wrong, hopefully they’ll all get back on track as they progress into adulthood.(here's your redtext)

No. 145751

Radfem, go away. No one cares about your failed onlyfans career.(infighting )

No. 145757

They’re not wrong tho. What are you contributing to the convo aside from infighting?

No. 145771

I agree with you. Pixie info is very related with Belle, she is more an Belle's employee or costumer than mere a friend. Pixie whereabouts tell Belle career stalled in all aspects not only in her OF. Belle Delphine's "franchises" aren't working as intended.

No. 145774

Tinfoil but I am curious if maybe there was a falling out (Belle/Josh/Pixie), business related or otherwise. You'd think Belle would at least be posting to OF behind the scenes, especially right after advertising her page to be so active. They could have broken up, or the porn is failing and they're brainstorming new ideas for rebranding kek.

No. 145859

This is such blatant bullshit, anon. Whatever you post, you are still the absolute copyright holder. It doesn't disappear because you post online. It isn't just for actual artists either. You retain your rights to your work of anything you post. Thats why DMCAs are still effective for all forms of art posted, including photos of yourself. This is basic knowledge for creators. Yes, its online and it won't stop theft, but you still retain 100% of your products. This goes for customs content too. If you guys are going to talk and complain about legalities, at least get them right. Copyright for images/videos is automatically applied when online. You don't even have to file anything unless you really feel like you should and thats usually high, high profile people like TIMES photographers. This has been around for decades.

No. 145874

It's no about legal issues is about real world. Expecting your OF content will never be leaked to your relatives is delusional. Looks like some girls open an OF and believe they can maintain a double life and that is not realistic.


No. 145875

I'm talking about anon saying you lose all rights to your content.

No. 145897

this is the last time I’m discussing this because I have explained this to you retards in 2 separate threads now. once someone buys a video or photoset from you they have fair use rights, as in they can legally share what they bought with friends or on their own social media. they can even legally post pictures of you on Reddit, as long as they’re not using said photos to profit or disparage your character. you cannot legally tell someone what they can and cannot do with something they purchased from you, unless you state beforehand “your rights to sharing are relinquished” and even then, they can still share to their personal social media tbh. Coomers are legally allowed to make a cringe comp on YouTube of your weirdo porn, they just can’t monetize it. I have spoken with lawyers about this topic extensively, I know what I’m talking about.
If it is repeated behavior and they literally leak everything you post ever, you have a small case, but otherwise it’s bleak. Do you even know what type of lawyer you would contact for a case where some incel was spreading your nudes online? Very little lawyers will take a case like this, because there’s no money in coomers. Maybe now with so many dumbasses being e thots it’ll be a more lucrative line of law but, it’s still going to be difficult to find someone to work with you. you’d have to pay thousands out your asshole and for what? to prove a point to some loser who lives with his mom and works at Taco Bell and can’t afford to pay you anyways? okay kek. it’ll literally go to collections and you’ll get nothing but a big ass lawyer fee and “satisfaction” I guess? Im not going to argue you because you clearly are not educated on the subject matter and have never formally spoken with an attorney in regards to said issue.

Why does this thread always have so many retarded sex workers who don’t realize once they post their asshole on onlyfans in exchange for money it’s not longer a “private” photo? just because you’re naked doesn’t mean that buyers don’t have rights to share what they purchase. that would be like saying I couldn’t share a cameo I bought on my Instagram because mike Tyson owns the rights…
sex workers are either worshipping Belle or using her to make themselves feel better because you only do “step daddy” porn and not actual implied age/rape play for millions of underage kids like this cretin.
All I can say is if you’re a sex worker get out ASAP, learn skills. The market is already but even more so about to be over saturated af and you’re going to be screwed.

okay now ready for my text format and derailing ban

No. 145900

Why do you keep bringing up how you failed after jumping into sex work too? Sucks to suck anon, but no one has pity for you and no one cares how jealous you are that Belle has succeeded where you failed.

No. 145901

It's not fair use. That's not how that works.

No. 145903

When you buy their videos it almost is renting it without out renting it. Most sites she just submits a DMCA take down notice and they just remove it as they do not want the crap that comes with one leaked video. Not worth losing their site over. If the site owner does not take it down she just go for the hosting provider who will take it down

Great >>145897 you dumb anon, Belle is in the UK so you go talk to your American lawyers. Oh you know so much yet forget she is not in the crazy land.

No. 145915

It's internet rules anyway. This is a universal thing for posting content. Anon is just an angry ex OF creator.

No. 145916

Just to clarify, what I mean by this is that majority of countries have treaties and laws that basically have made this copyright issue a international copyright which is a simplified version of what the US has. UK has these rules too, so anon >>145897
is still wrong

No. 145922

File: 1618794896816.jpeg (46.92 KB, 640x578, 3F42B44E-746E-4FD9-A820-96900B…)

No. 145945

I feel sorry for anyone who would be jealous of a sex worker.

No. 145952

File: 1618821397213.jpeg (38.13 KB, 630x466, 69F5B976-2AEB-4F9A-A6C2-393965…)


No. 145972

I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure that's a rumor that was never backed up with any proof and anons just ran with it.

No. 145989

This is people shouldn't tinfoil. She's never made a Jake Paulesque seminar page for sex workers. She's mentioned giving advice before, but not some scheme to get money from other girls by giving it out.

No. 145991

>Belle doing anything for free

No. 146010

A few threads ago I remember someone posting about being in or some semblance of its existence.

No. 146012

I wouldn't take anything without proof. Anons word of mouth is useless about stuff like this considering how out of control the tinfoil is there and here.

No. 146094

belle has an American lawyer even though she’s in the uk, proving just how difficult it is to find a lawyer who would take on a case like that.

yeah I’m angry that dumb chicks won’t listen to my advice and are perpetuating societal downfall where no one attempts to gain skills or educate themselves while simultaneously ruining their lives

how does me explaining fair use equate to me being jealous kek if I bring up the second amendment am I jealous of aoc?

I’ve worked with major magazines modeling, I quit because it’s a pathetic existence. Who tf would want to be sexualized 24/7 in exchange for money it’s depressing and demeaning. I’m not infighting, you want to be mad at facts, be mad.

This thread is dead af may as well just be a sex workers suicide hotline at this point.
Only speculation is belle is a madam…maybe? anon who brought up madam thing should link, or I’m assuming it’s just a lie. We know she’s friends with a pedophile, otherwise she’s silent rn.
Mods shouldn't have banned anons for discussing pixie, I come back after two days and everyone just infighting over whether or not I’m a whore. so fucking boring. ignore what I said, continue posting hole pics for coomers and assuming nothing will ever come from it. you right so smart me just jealous whore know nothing wish could be smart like smart anon and genius market belle delfine

No. 146105

Why do you guys care about her surgeries so much? How is it a milk?

No. 146108

Issue again with this surgeries is its soya milk. Not propper milk as they got no proof she actually had it done

No. 146112

It is obvious she got surgeries but it is still not milk

No. 146114

It's all unconfirmed too.

No. 146116

Where the hell do you get this "she has an american lawyer" stuff? No one gives a fuck about how you used to be a sex worker and boohoo no one listens to your "good advice". No wonder you're in this thread trashing Belle and making up so much stuff about her, bringing her mom into this… You are jealous. She's not even a madam. You sound so retarded, anon.

>i worked with major magazines

>this work is depressing and demeaning

You realize that your experience isn't everyones, right? You clearly didn't go as far as Belle did with her sexualization and you're mad for lewd and easy stunts didn't get you anywhere or that money.

No. 146117

You sound like a scrote who's larping as an ex sex worker. Lol

No. 146118

There is no milk. A rich woman getting surgery is not problematic or interesting. This thread got more boring than Belle's porn.

No. 146120

A group of pullfags have been raiding the thread and samefagging nonsense and bringing up anyone Belle knows or has added to her FB and trying to pass it off as milk just because she hasn't produced milk herself. It's pathetic. This whole thread is just nothing about Belle and its 200 posts in. Surgery and use of filters aren't milk at all.

No. 146127

File: 1618960830860.jpg (62.85 KB, 526x500, 8746fd87fbcfc742497956b1f46663…)


Oh hey Belle is it you? Or is it one of her basement dwellers?

Her surgeries are obvious and still relevant because those are botched af. But Belle still hides her ratface behind filters/Photoshop like she does since the beginning.
The thing is everything about her is an illusion and as fake as her nose.
I'm pretty sure it's one of the reasons she's gone absent again. Her Body dysmorphia is obvious when you look at her (every second) changing body. It must be exhausting to keep this shit up, edit every part of your body and not get mentally ill.
Don't you dare to cry about "but this is no milk". It's nothing new yes, but a few people just don't seem to get it and want to be delusional.

No. 146128


Interesting to see how she fucks herself up. Belle tries to look like a child but fails and uses photoshop lmao

No. 146129

I agree that, especially in Big Belle's case, cosmetic surgery and body image buffoonery is milk, since she sells her whole pedobait schtick by pretending to have the body and face she doesn't have.

The fact that she feels insecure about looking like a normal woman of her own age is milky af. The way she's spreading the hurt [of growing up in this hell world where women might as well be corpses as soon as they turn 25] is interesting. It's almost as if she's triggered by the fact that she's 168cm tall and has a lush adult facial structure. It's hilarious and grim.

No. 146138

Failed surgeries aren't milk either.

No. 146153

This whole last paragraph makes no fucking sense. You're the one who is equating her face to children. Knock it off already. It's embarrassing. Her edits aren't so different from her face in podcasts aside from lighting and basic bitch smoothing light every single thot or anyone with a social media uses.

No. 146166

File: 1618982831534.png (313.96 KB, 489x494, b437b3387c5327eb84fa66f470016c…)

Fuck off if you think she looks like her edits.
Either you Photoshop yourself also into oblivion or don't know how humans off the internet look like.
It's pathetic.
Also never heard of video filters?

No. 146169

NTA but it was posted before she uses Morrison Rothman LLP which is based in the US and does the DMCA takedowns for all the eprostitutes.

You're about 4 threads too late newfag. No one is talking about that anymore kek.

No. 146178

Are those fanart?

No. 146213

>no one listens to my sex worker advice (pixie complained about the same thing)

Probably pixie being asshurt no one cares what a failure she was at porn and couldn't get that sweet coin. No wonder you're so mad no one gives a fuck about talking about pixie in this thread. She's shittier than Belle and ugly as fuck compared to her. Belle may have a mouse face, but pixie is literally every thot trying to be Belle and failing and who drops out because they can't handle interacting with scrote degeneracy and dumbing yourself down to bimbo actions and hentai tropes just to get money.

No. 146214

>not some rando taking $30 for advice
>im just spreading truth

You cannot tell me this isn't >>146094 >>145897 >>145746 Literally repeating Pixie's " this is the truth" type sentiments. This is pathetic. No wonder this thread was made with little to no bio and the reaches about who she has added on FB and doxxing her mom makes so much sense now. You want Belle to lose everything you have. Lol. And your niche isn't going to stop you from getting a loan or a house. Wtf midset is this? Without the wigs and shit, you both look like basic bitches. A few million or for you, thousand, people aren't the billion+ of the population. You're not some celebrity, neither is Belle, who everyones knows the face of and shit. Especially with the use of aliases. Dumb bitch thinks one porno means the whole world knows who you are. Kek

No. 146247

So few people know about video edit filters but they are big in Russia/China/Korea right now, called "masks" and people in China pay like HUNDREDS if not thousands for ppl who are good at creating these "mask" filters for videos to make them specifically for their face. Basically there are programs that allow you to map a face & then make adjustments to the face etc. technology is wild

No. 146253

She's not using those and it would be obvious if she was. Just stop your retarded tinfoiling. Its not even good.

No. 146262

Totally agree and it's a thing since the purikura machines in Japan to look totally different,
"kawaii" (or alien)

Belle couldn't use filters more obvious why are you so butthurt kek

No. 146270

File: 1619049627957.jpg (27.9 KB, 857x556, Bellerealface.jpg)

Because belle cant accept that she so boring that people stopped engaging in her thread, so now she tries to stir it up again. She can't live without getting any attention, whether it is positive or negative. That is why she does these obnoxious "stunts" and baits her simps with pictures of her home. Her life is just that empty. Her parents are not in contact with her and she got an ugly fat boyfriend that uses her to feel any form of accomplishment and power over his life. She also doesnt seem to be able to keep friends, except for some pedo it seems, because of that horrendous narc personality of hers. It is really sad.

Picrel is belle's real face just to remind belle, josh or any of her simps what she really looks like.

No. 146289

that's still photoshopped anon lmao

No. 146316

This doesn't look like her

No. 146317

It is belle in her facebookdays. 17 years old probably. Very high angle to look the most uwu, but it is at least closer to her real face than the "candids" she posted herself

No. 146318

She looks really cute. Cuter than her filtered face.

No. 146319

She looks ugly and plain

No. 146320

How is that ugly? She is a solid 8.

No. 146337

I'm genuinely confused that you can't see the obvious shop/filtering anon

No. 146342

She looks like the asian girls who try to look white.

No. 146373

Who cares if its shopped and on an almost 6 year old photo. Filtered or not, Belle isn't some Moo or Usagi looking chick. She IS decent looking aside from mid video grabs anons pick out or bad lighting in videos they grab. She uses filters, we get it, wow, amazing, what a catfish.

No. 146389

She is a catfish though. She doesn't just use filters, she abuses them completely in almost everything she puts out. She couldn't even do a podcast without filtering her face to a level where it's weird except that one where she couldn't and funnily enough chose to wear a massive hat. Whatever individual anons think of her actual looks is irrelevant, and this conversation is old and irrelevant since there are no new pics of her.

No. 146390

Aww are you butthurt you’re queen isn’t as gorgeous as she made you believe she was?

“W-Who care if she uses photoshop guise! I-It’s not like it matters OR ANYTHING!1! SHE LOOKS DECENT GUISE I SWEAR!1”

lmao cope, I love a good cup of salty tears from disappointed fans in denial.

No. 146452

File: 1619118055029.jpg (11.44 KB, 275x184, Birdbelle.jpg)

I wouldn't call this decent looking. With that retracted chin and convex nose she looked like a bird. Don't know if the plastic surgeon fixed those things already, since her chin seems bigger since the podcast where she wore the idiotic hat. We already know that she turned her nose into a banana

No. 146487

Why do you keep posting old photos when she doesn't even look like this anymore?

No. 146494

Because she didn't edit her old photo's that much, which makes them the closest to what she might look like now. You can see her fucked up facial structure, which is something that is difficult to adjust. Celebrities that get surgery done look amazing, because they were already pretty to begin with. It is really difficult to make something like Belle's face look good. It is also proof for the wk's that she indeed had work done: the nose, for example, is clearly different. But if Belle thinks she doesn't look like that anymore at all, maybe she could start posting on her onlyfans or facebook again. Just to prove us all haterz wrong

No. 146507

What's the point though? We get it, but she doesn't look like that anymore. These were already discussed.

No. 146515

File: 1619133221304.png (332.12 KB, 461x741, traumacore.PNG)

I don't know if someone else saw this as well, but the Myah facebookpage likes "Traumacore". It is interesting, because Belle doesn't seem to be a traumatized person at with her twigger wrwaning at sexual abuse victims. Also looking at traumacore when traumatized is kind of self harm in a way, because ideas of being worthless are further enforced in those images. I wonder if she just likes the idea or ~aesthetic uwu~ of being traumatized or if something really happened and that is why she does what she does

No. 146521

Traumacore involves the broken ass BDJ makeup and cosplays too, including medic lolita. You're retarded. Why don't you understand that she trope panders. Its just checking off hentai tropes for men to pay for. You're so triggered by it lol CNC is such a popular porn trope. It doesn't somehow make it okay. People watching these know its fantasy and stop trying to spam her real name everywhere stalker-chan. Jfc. You're mental.

No. 146523

You're British.

Private fb with a different name, but still trying to do her job of pandering to pedo's and children on there? Does not add up, sorry lass.

Rape porn will never be normal.

No. 146543

You really think mental is a UK term only? Your vendetta is showing. Stop hi cowing everyone.

No. 146544

No1currs if you don't like CNC, anon. Its a legit trope that's existed since porn existed. You're not the demographic clearly.

No. 146559

It's a private Facebook. Where are you getting that she's trying to hook up or promote using it? Maybe lay off her private account, stalker. Really coming off as Pixie at this point. No one else would be looking for her this extensively except a failed sex worker like her who is jealous that Belle didn't get her famous or a scrote. Everyone else knows not to do this creepy shit here. Most of us know not to post irrelevant people like her mom.

No. 146600

Call it what it is: rape porn.
Nobody wants to be famous like belle. She’s a laughing stock. Pixie is better looking, takes better photos and is more interesting.
The same shit happens to all the cows here. Get over it. Belle isn’t special. We can gather milk from her private Facebook all we want.

No. 146602

gross hope you have a therapist

I agree with you, big kek @ anons claiming anyone who dislikes belle or sex work in general is either jealous or a raging feminist. maybe some people just don’t want to get naked for millions of low life “men” and teenage boys. strippers kept their hustle on the dl for literally decades, camwhores blew everything up and basically ruined their own industry

No. 146617

It’s a gigantic cope. You couldn’t pay me enough money to publicly do the disgusting things she has done.
I’m sure most of us criticising her are confident that they could also make money from porn and onlyfans. In fact, that’s why we criticise her, because she’s absolutely rubbish at sex and so is her fat ugly bf.
Not to mention she is so looked down on, even scrotes make fun of each other for praising her or interacting with her pics at all, they think she’s gross and cringe.
These days her copycats look better than her, take better photos that aren’t filtered to hell and back, and give better performances than sexless asexual belle who can’t take a dick.
Belle is nothing but a gimmick, and she isn’t even the best at performing her own goddamn gimmick.
The truth is most men prefer a full busted woman with a curvaceous waist, which she doesn’t have. Most men prefer a woman who acts womanly. She’s pedobait, and she’s going to age out of that very soon.
I don’t see anything to be jealous of. I’d rather be any number of porn stars who are richer, more attractive and more respected.

No. 146623

File: 1619182217895.jpg (79.39 KB, 720x925, Screenshot_20210423_134606.jpg)

Her company figures last year shows she is rich but not that rich as she makes out. FYI not doxxing but she is registered as a UK business so details are on companies House which is public

No. 146626

Good find anon.
I get second-hand embarrassment how she bragged about her "millions a month" kek
I'm sure she already has debts for her house and cars. Would explain her extremely cheap fashion choices

No. 146637

"I actively hide the proof but trust me, I'm making a mil a month"
It was so obvious that she was lying kek. I'm guessing she hit a million one month and really wanted to brag about it, besides it made for effective clickbait.

No. 146639

She will have to file it again this year then the truth will come out. I think she thinks simps won't find her company. Easy to find out her real name in and the words companies house

No. 146641

No. 146642

No. 146656

File: 1619194330800.jpeg (Spoiler Image,453.65 KB, 640x792, 62841D9F-1C94-4FBA-8060-D04964…)

Who tf wears a T-shirt like this? She is absolutely horrible. Literally spoiling because the mods can be a bit overzealous about banning gore even if it’s drawn https://www.instagram.com/p/CJj1e3MhR2F/?hl=en

No. 146670

OT but it’s amusing she’s possibly named this account after that myah alanna who used to cloutchase under all her IG photos

No. 146675

It was already discussed in the previous thread that this was probably her response to the Bianca Devin murder. Belle is sick in the head

No. 146703

You retard. These are investor numbers. How fucking old are you to think these are her company numbers as is for gross income? KEK

No. 146704

No1currs failure-sexworker-chan

No. 146706


Bianca Devins was murdered a year and a half before Belle posted this but ok.

No. 146713

Hi Belle(hi cow)

No. 146720

She has no family, she has no friends (apart from her boyfriends sex offender buddies), she has no future, she has no education, she has no interests. All she has is a short, fat ugly bf who fucks like a prototype sex robot and a filthy house full of useless crap.
Whoever you are, why oh why are you so bent out of shape over this niche website, that nobody even knows exists? Are you trolling, trying to make us all think you’re belle? You’re the only milky thing about the thread atm. We will all lose interest if you fuck off cos she’s not doing anything at the moment.

Does anyone else think that belle posted on prettyuglylittleliar when she had a thread? I never heard her doing anything like that.

No. 146729

Her boyfriend at the time, (the one Rusty Fawkes acquired to perfect her skinwalk) definitely did towards the start of her thread. Run-of-the-mill wking until he/she was outed.

No. 146745

lol her wks are pathetic they all regret it eventually it’s so sad, maybe grown adults need to stop worshipping humans who don’t give a fuck about them.
the anon who’s calling everyone a bitter sex worker needs to go watch some of their coping mechanism freak porn and chill. no one wants belle’s life… not even belle clearly kek why else would she be in hiding? literally no one is jealous of someone who has built a fanbase of pedophiles. If I woke up one day and found out that my entire career was based of sexualizing prepubescent kids I’d probably jump and be happy to do it

No. 146746


This retard admitted to failing at sex work and how poor no one listens to her advice and she keeps mentioning how she couldn't do half the stuff Belle did. >>146094 Is not tinfoil. Pixie has been outting herself

No. 146747

She she's just like Arianna Grande kek

No. 146748

>Belle posting on PULL
Like other anon said, Goran did WK her during the threads inception, I don’t think she did (she has other people do it for her imo), but I remember Josh’s fb being posted there and it being locked down within 24-48 hours. So they definitely hardcore lurk their threads and pages. It’s probably easier to post here than on a forum based platform though. More anonymity.

No. 146751

File: 1619230800157.jpeg (1.34 MB, 1191x1883, 1A1494AC-4494-47A2-B6F4-BF64ED…)

okay ready to be banned for bringing up pixie but, she’s going into streaming. no doubt because she realized being solely an adult model makes it harder to get loans and whatnot. It’s honestly a good idea, more camgirls should get vanilla side jobs so they don’t box themselves in. the tin foilers who said belle is taking a break to rebrand and come back as a twitch thot may be right

I’m not going to respond to someone who is getting offended that an adult is trying to inform young girls instead of using them to profit via disgusting fetishes and kink porn kek. yes I have tried to dissuade people into joining the online and irl men’s industry, I want to help people have a better life than I did. Skills and education are far more valuable in this day and age than an onlyfans account and a modeling contract. If me realizing I didn’t like the route my life was going makes me “failed” or “bitter” then so be it. Life isn’t black and white, just because you’re going down a path doesn’t mean you have to stay on there kek. Hopefully belle realized this and it’s why she’s going on a break, I really do think she’s coming back as a twitch streamer though.
Everyone says “oh but she has no personality she can’t even play games” but look at sssniperwolf. Boosted in overwatch, boring content, but people watch because she’s “pretty”. Personality means nothing in this day and age, everyone just wants to watch ppl who are attractive and “relatable” (gross).

No. 146759

>yes I have tried to dissuade people into joining the online and irl men’s industry, I want to help people have a better life than I did.

No1currs pixie

No. 146768

Pixie has autism I guess, I highly doubt she reads this thread if she does

No. 146774

Lol what does having autism have to do with reading these threads? She basically outted herself mutiple times.

No. 146779

a symptom of autism is difficulty dealing with conflict retard the only way she would be lurking is if she hated Belle now and wanted to watch her downfall. your tinfoil and infighting is just egregious at this point, no one has “outed” themselves on this thread, someone did have a tantrum in meta a few weeks ago tho

No. 146785

The tinfoil desperation to somehow prove she’s not making as much money as she says is retarded. That anon was right, those numbers in no way represent her income. I don’t expect everyone to know what a balance sheet is but come on. Just accept that she does make a lot of money, it’s not that hard to figure out a small fraction percent of girls make it big by going viral.

No. 146788

If she returns with a new, non-collapsed nose, I will believe she is rich. Nose revisions are incredibly expensive and difficult

No. 146792

You'd guys complain about any nose, so whats it matter? She has an upturned nose right now anyway, so where are you getting this collapsed thing from? Man, you just sound bitter as hell.

No. 146795

Her bridge looks collapsed, but it's whatever, her nose has been talked about enough at this point.

No. 146796

NTA but I do now wonder if she’s disappeared to have more plastic surgery like she did last time she disappeared and went AWOL as it healed

No. 146802

Very likely no as its non essential. It not a reason to leave the UK and she can not argue its for business

No. 146823

Someone knows if Belle's husband will go to this event? https://thetab.com/uk/2021/04/21/josh-fight-meme-april-24th-202825

No. 146830

British people are weird

No. 146857

those places have all been closed for months in the UK, jfc

No. 146860

its in nebraska

No. 146861

are you getting paid to reply on this thread 24/7 or something, seriously are you okay? do you need help? are you being held captive and being forced to write these uncanny comments? you can put a hidden rose emoji if you’re in danger

No. 146862

Anon, Nebraska started this stupid trend. It's not exclusively a UK thing. Did you really dig around just to find a UK news version of an American meme gathering? Kek

No. 146863

okay I misread I guess but British news still weird for reporting on some random nothing happening in Nebraska that would be like Michigan posting about schnitzel eating contest in Switzerland

No. 146865

this is derailing af tho I keep falling for bait. I swear anons in this thread gotta be getting paid to take attention off this bitch, either that or they just straight up have no lives. hopefully they getting money cause wking belle Delphine for free would be bleak as hell.
that one anon who claimed belle was trying to poach girls into industry needs to link otherwise thread dead rn

No. 146878

… what? who are you talking to? my last reply was an entire day ago you fucking autist
i don't know why these retarded derailing comments and the repetitive debunked tinfoiling are all getting passes in this thread either

No. 146908

Calling out stupid tinfoil and retarded hot takes isn't WKing. Lol you're just mad people aren't bandwagonning on your posts.

No. 146978

Her nose looks fine. Stop being jealous of e-sluts' looks.

No. 146994

There's absolutely no milk here because this ex sex worker anon is just so jealous of Belle and nitpicking whatever she can lol its so pathetic to watch pixie freak out that people are getting tired of her shit. No wonder people hated her compared to Belle. She has such a shitty personality

No. 147035

Why are you guys discussing pixie here?

No. 147057

File: 1619357897426.png (38.8 KB, 1523x246, pixiecat bathwater.PNG)

Your queen and Pixie are still friends, so why are you bashing her? I am pretty sure you are a scrote larping as Belle just to troll.
I'm gonna ignore this thread untill Belle comes back and does something milky (we all know she will)

No. 147061

I wonder if Josh will ever cheat on Belle? Or is he too financially dependent on her to mess around behind her back.

No. 147070

Okay,so you're either her or subbed to her as a scrote lol

No. 147071

Definitely possibly a mad scrote, but its really coming off as self posting, the constant WKing of how pixie is "better, prettier, and more talented". Kek You can't even say Belle's name in the Onlyfans post. Show the whole post.

No. 147073

File: 1619369063329.jpeg (7.18 KB, 168x300, images (3).jpeg)

Pixie is on the table for discussion now since anons only want to bring her up to say how much better she is than Belle, but then get mad like >>147035 if not praising Pixiecat. Especially if you're calling some guy on her Facebook good enough to talk about, but not someone who actually got nude to shoot with her. Lol So pixiecat, welcome to the thread.

Why did Belle shoot with her anyway? She's ugly as fuck compared to Belle with her bulbous nose and bloated jowels. Definitely hit her prime when Belle shot with her. All her stuff after Belle is ugly blurry shit like this. Belle may be crazy, but Pixie has always looked like deadpan Momokun in everything she does.

No. 147074

File: 1619369278243.jpg (109.03 KB, 881x1175, Pixiecat-thotseek.com-55afa808…)

Pixiecat wearing a "childs swimsuit" just like Belle did according to anons who say this type of suit is only for children and is considered pedo-pandering. Again, deadpan too lol

No. 147075

File: 1619369490106.jpeg (4.63 KB, 160x315, download (1).jpeg)

>belle edits so much

And Pixie deletes her jowels and chin anytime she can. Lol Belle's photos aren't even this bad

No. 147076

File: 1619369562493.jpeg (Spoiler Image,7.91 KB, 194x259, images (4).jpeg)

Sucks off fatter dudes than josh

No. 147077

File: 1619369640403.jpg (Spoiler Image,84.31 KB, 551x1024, belle_delphine_nude_collab_pix…)

Small tits and already saggy lol her photos around the time with Belle are the only good shots she has

No. 147078

File: 1619369820432.jpeg (51.96 KB, 275x265, 1610560126972.jpeg)

At least she endorses the CNC porn because she's not an idiot and knows its just a trope, but comes off more like defending for clout.

No. 147079

She's wrong about the SA thing though. This tends to be a power dynamic, a sub and dom thing mixed with BDSM. Basically "oooh nooo… dont do it." type of lack of control. It's not just about "they get off to rape" or just a trauma cope. Porn isn't black and white like that.

No. 147080

I'm not subbed so the picture is invisible, but I can still see the text associated with the post. I just wanted to add to the conversation that they are probably still friends, because some people - belle simp - keep derailing that they had a falling out, without any proof of that. Pixie also has a second instagram where she shared a throwback post in April of her "best day ever" or something and it was a pic of the belle photoshoot. Either they recently fell out, or they are still friends. Let's stick to proof.

I did not know about her pedopandering shit, mainly because I didn't know much about her apart from her belle collab. Explains why she sucks up to belle. She is gross.

People like this should consider therapy.
I once read something about people who had been raped by their dads and who could only get off fantasising about the experience. You can imagine they did not feel good about that and wanted this to change. People who have been raped should be the last ones looking at rape porn and I am pretty sure they are not even the demographic for it.

No. 147082

The thing is those stories are small that you hear and don'tspeak to a majority of people who also consume this content. People watching monster porn don't actually want to get railed by a monster and vore lovers can'thave vore. There's a lot more to what arouses people other than "must be trauma". There's zero reason to even argue who or why someone does or doesn't like CNC. Anons just want to be mad that something thats not for them offends them or bothers their morals.

No. 147084

looking at above comments and rape discussion

This thread got dark fast huh

No. 147092

>some guy on her Facebook
A known rapist who she interacts with regularly after posting CNC with no spoiler or warning

No. 147107

Who has less to do with her than someone who she actually hangs out with, or hung out with, and got nude with. The relevancy is so drastic between the two people. Calm down, sex worker anon.

No. 147108

>interacts with regularly
>only has him added on Facebook

Sure Jan. Show us all the candidates of them hanging out constantly. Lol

No. 147147

I don't know why you guys think he's relevant to her besides they are added. He actually has his own shit and it has nothing to do with her and nothing she does has to do with him. Go make him a thread.

No. 147154

Being Facebook friends with a rapist is weird af and basically proof that she herself is a predator. Also everyone who consumes cnc needs to undergo extensive cbt. Idc if you’ve been raped, I have so I've been there before. Sexualizing and rping rape, especially your own, is self harm. You don’t need to “replay” a tragic moment in a sexual environment to get over it. You don’t see people rping the day they found out their dad died. Love yourself, cnc and bdsm in general in leu of therapy is self harm

No. 147155

I’m not a sex worker KEK. What gives you that idea?
Sorry that your favourite buck toothed, sado-masochistic e girl has been exposed as a shitty human being with loose morals. You can sperg about how ugleeeee pixie cat is compared to belle all you like, I think it’s interesting how you have so much vitriol towards her right after she spoke negatively about her experience with prostituting herself online.

No. 147157

Because he’s literally friends on her public AND Private fb that’s literally restricted to a more closer circle of hers. That indicates it’s a fleeting closer knit friendship.

No. 147160

She pedo panders too according to your logic. She's no better.

No. 147162

File: 1619416694270.jpeg (74.83 KB, 861x555, 908E10E8-58D7-41E1-81FE-BEDCF0…)

The more you shit up this thread, the more entertaining it is to post here. You actually think you’re doing her a favour? You just make people either think she’s posting in her own thread (I don’t believe this) or they get frustrated with her pathetic white knights who think the sun shines out of her ass and refuse to allow any negative outlooks, meanwhile we aren’t even allowed to be fans of anya Taylor joy or Adam driver without being shouted down about how ugly they are. Belle actually is ugly to a lot of people, not just le jealous failed e girls! That’s a cope.
She’s literally a common e whore covered in makeup and filters. She traces peoples art, she has no friends, she has no education, she was too stupid and too fucked up to even finish secondary school and her fan base is predominantly sexually deviant tween boys. But yes she’s such a genius business woman for doing something that women where doing before belle was born “: selling bathwater, selling spit, selling dirty socks and underwear, making millions off of whoring herself out. I couldn’t bear to trade places with her. Her life just seems hollow and empty.
Ps your face e whore also deletes her shitty jawline.
Pity she didn’t inherit her mothers good looks. Must be why she hates her so much and can’t stand to be around her. Her only value is her appearance.

No. 147164

File: 1619416838787.jpeg (291.25 KB, 640x864, FD9E52E2-E73D-4D16-8E2C-69DB8C…)

I hate all e whores so you’re preaching to the choir.
Fanboys ITT need to go back to Reddit to post more shit takes like this.

No. 147166

can the anon who unfailingly talks about CNC as a "trope" shut the fuck up forever, the term trope is used 7 times in this thread alone, Professor Porno. No one cares.

No. 147226

Anyone think this thread is just Belle and Pixie shitposting about each other knowing the other will read it?

She should have taken this more to heart ref: career sabotage in December

No. 147235

Why is this thread full of girls who are jealous of pixie now?

No. 147238


Pixie's looks are not related to this thread. Her face and body look fine too. Stop crying.

No. 147247

Nah,she looks constantly bloated in the face and has downy expressions like Momokun. The thread isn't about her, but don't kid yourself that her boring copy/paste egirl photos with deadpan looks in every single one, is pretty lol

No. 147248

>not related to the thread
>shot with Belle
>but let's totally doxx her mom

Pixie is the only person aside from Belle's boyfriend who is worth posting about because they have actually shot together. She's as on par with him. She's absolutely on the table to discuss. Belle has no milk and other anons have been bringing up random shit like some dude she has added, but literally nothing outside of that. Bit Pixie has been nude with her, shot with her, was her friend, tons of photos together.. She's totally on topic.

No. 147249

Are you actually retarded?

No. 147250

Lol, the fact that you go on constant paragraph spergs about all these random reasons why you hate Belle, really proves just how salty you are. You really keep outing yourself sexworker-chan.

>I couldn't bare to trade places with her

You just sound so mad and you've said already before how you could do what she does for money. That's you're problem lol Stop self inserting in the thread. No one cares that you couldn't do what other thots do and you boohoo tried to warn all the girls. Stop vendetta blogposting.

No. 147251

Belle having a pedophile friend is milk. You disliking the looks of a girl whom Belle posed with isn't. Pixie looks fine and you sound bitter as hell to discuss her looks here.

No. 147252

Because she's more relevant than her mom and the dude on Facebook because she's actually interacted with Belle several times and we have proof and photos of it? Even anons posting that she still brings Belle up on her Onlyfans? Where's the not on topic here?

No. 147253

Another e-slut took photos with Belle and you are jealous of her. So?

No. 147254

Cool. Post all their interactions aside from she has him added. No one has and no one will. They just want to bitch about how she had some dude who had drama not related to Belle, on her Facebook. His milk isn't related and just having him added isn't enough to sustain any convo. This is all you guys say about him. What the fuck else though? I don't care about his pedophilia, that doesn't somehow make Belle a pedophile. This logic is so stupid. It's such a desperate reach for milk.

No. 147255

If Belle has no milk maybe you should stop posting instead of discussing other e-sluts here.

No. 147256

Where'd you get I'm jealous? Kek the anon posting their personal feefees about not doing degrading porn is the jealous one. They are the only person self inserting.

No. 147257

being friends with a pedophile rapist is milk. you sound retarded.

No. 147258

>Stop posting

Tell that to the OP sex worker who made the thread with no summary just because they wanted to post and doxx her mom.

No. 147259

Then bring more milk about it instead of only repeated that exact thing over and over that she had him added.

What else??

No. 147260

having a pedophile rapist as your friend is enough milk. why are you mad people don't agree with you?

No. 147265

You may think it is acceptable to be friends with child rapists anon but we don't. Go cry somewhere else.

No. 147266

What else? Where's the more milk? That's somehow more milk than a girl who shit nude with Belle repeatedly who we have actually stuff to post about? Lol not even close. Go discuss his pedo shot somewhere else. Amazing, she had him added, not a good look, but thats exactly where that milk stops. We've been over this but already. Now it's Pixie's time to be talked about. The desperation to not talk about anyone else aside from this dead end "she has him added" which is the only thing anons repeat, isn't interesting after that.

No. 147268

Why are you trying to silence people who discuss Belle's child rapist friend and try to make this thread about Pixie?

No. 147269

Bulbous is the right word lol She looks just like Momokun

No. 147270


we would talk about belle being friends with pixie if pixie was also a pedophile.

stop derailing.

No. 147271

And why won't you post more about it aside from complaining about adding to prove she has interacted with him as much as Pixie who shit with Belle for months, six that's actually postable? That's nice and all, but that's exactly where the topic stops.

No. 147272

She dressed as a toddler too and pedobaits. >>147074

No. 147273

Belle being friends with a pedophile isn't milk but Belle being friends with an e-slut you are jealous of is milk? kek

No. 147276

Samefag anon is trying to derail the thread and make it about Pixie. Just ignore her.

No. 147279

She's on topic and no one is whiteknighting her, they are trashing her too. She is on topic tho as far as the loose strings of milk about her mom and the dead-end she has this guy added, goes. There's more milk between the two of them than either of those.

No. 147282

God damn Belle hasn’t done shit in months or even been active but people are still sperging over the dumbest shit and creating conspiracies out of nothing. And now suddenly it’s the pixie show bc she’s tangentially related so discussing her is somehow on topic. Yawn

No. 147283

Exactly. Really shows how anons wanted a thread just for reaches sans lack of any OP all because the other thread got filled with no milk too. That's why this is autosaged. Even mods know there's no milk and just conspiracies are grabbed out of nowhere and then there is stupid shit like >>146623 where it's an anon looking up anything they can just to be wrong lol and these posts >>146641 are just attempts as "GOTCHA" and it's not even UK related, anon just wanted to shoehorn in Josh's name.

No. 147285


Do you ever not go on jealous "I couldn't do iiiit" spergs?
>worked with major magazines
I bet you have sexworker-anon. Gotta warn all the kiddies about what you didn't want to do. That's why the people who do do those things, like Belle, makes money on it. It's not glamorous and not everyone wants to do sex work, but a lot of girls do like it. Don't use your failure as a measure of what others should be. Go be a puritan somewhere else.

No. 147292

ur weird lol I’m probably one of the few anons in this thread who doesn’t judge/hate or infantilize/worship sex workers. I view them as people, nothing more nothing less. wanting to stop young girls from getting into a vicious and dangerous industry does not make me a puritan lol why do u keep trying to turn the thread back on me and other anons? this thread is about Belle not me and my FAILED modeling career kek there you wanted me to say it I did omg I’m so hurt now. I was a failed model and went to lame ass parties in la, with shitty djs, and it made me realize my life was nothing and I just wanted my family and dog and to be somewhat wholesome again. can you drop it now and discuss who the thread is actually about or does it hurt your feelings to see so many randoms tearing apart your loli chan kek(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 147294

No1currs, sex worker.

No. 147295

Belle Delphine isn't relevant anymore. Internet isn't fond of her anyway. Let this thread die.

No. 147299

are you legit retarded

No. 147326

Anon keeps mentioning how they are a worker.

No. 147330

File: 1619478716238.png (1.46 MB, 985x918, z.png)

she look just like a pixar char, esp her nose

No. 147331

Don't forget Remy the rat.

No. 147332


Even reddit is aware she is not relevant anymore.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 147346

Anna is cute, sooo lol

No. 147350

wasnt meant to be a huge insult, she looks close to pixar than anime. i think she should sell that image instead

No. 147352

Unless you guys plan to go after existing disney thots who do porn, don't suggest it just to "muh pedo princesses, Ariel is 13!!"

No. 147356

wtf r u talking about literally everyone in that thread is commenting about her like “uwu anime genius”. people are even claiming that she’s the Metallica of the sex industry kek this wasn’t a good example to use if you’re claiming people are over her

No. 147358

are you guys on crack I legit don’t understand how you all see cartoon characters when you see her.. she’s just a chick smiling, no wonder she manipulated people so easily into making them think she’s “uwu cute anime” humans so dense kek

No. 147384

She erased everything but the very tip of her nose from her face and edited everything to look appealing to the lowest denominator of coomers lmao that’s why she looks like a freaky cartoon. I do think she’s pretty as a normal girl her age instead of trying to be some quirky youthful anime porn icon

No. 147390

People are talking about how her hype died out.

No. 147394

This isn't the Belle appreciation chat and she doesn't look like that. Go post these on your "uwu geniuses" reddit page. Belle looks and acts like a rat and would step on you if she gets the chance

No. 147423

Literally everyone on the thread talks about how she is gone and irrelevant

No. 147425

File: 1619539091430.jpg (119.73 KB, 463x557, belle.jpg)

No. 147427

I love how you guys only post bad lighting photos. You know she doesn't look like this 24/7. The hat doesn't look good on anyone wearing a wig. Can you do anything but nitpick because she hasnt been active? No one cares that you think she's ugly. You're not persuading anyone who thinks otherwise.

No. 147434

No one called her ugly but you just admitted to it

No. 147437

Bad lighting doesn't change the shape of your face. Also it's from a 13 minutes long podcast.

No. 147439

File: 1619542409484.jpg (147.69 KB, 960x960, djm3gjs7o3261.jpg)


but she looks like her filtered photos? retarded wk

No. 147443

File: 1619543304328.jpeg (11.08 KB, 99x125, 4D216629-8C8B-4CA9-9255-C7749A…)

You sound a lot like belle with your bad spelling, poor volcab and frantic narcissism so
Why don’t you go retake your GCSES you stupid whore KEK. Go shill some more of your traced art for those coomer shekels, you’ll need it for when your tubby bf divorce rapes you in your 30s and hooks up with another 18 y.o. You’re literally the zoomer Katie Price and will end up with nothing except illegitimate children, shame and debt.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 147445

She looks ugly without filters. Even heavy make-up and wigs can't save her. Cope.

No. 147451


>imagine calling filters milk

No. 147453

No one called them milk. Why are you so upset about Belle's filters?

No. 147460

You want some chamomile tea anon?
Belle is a cow but like wtf was that rant about, calm down

No. 147464

Not that anon but just because she doesn’t look like her filters doesn’t mean she’s ugly. She looks fine, if I saw her in passing I wouldn’t think she’s some hideous aged beast with wrinkles or whatever people were saying before.

No. 147468

She doesn't look aged and wrinkly but she looks ugly.(Nitpicking, cope )

No. 147470

Good for you. Not everyone anon thinks so. I think she looks pretty. Cope, as you keep saying.

No. 147473

Anon didn't even call her ugly kek. She doesn't look like a Pixar character.

No. 147474

She looks pretty only with filters.

No. 147475


>imagine calling pixar comparison milk

No. 147477

are you the anon who cries in meta about others calling belle ugly? calm down.

No. 147480

why she wears a hat/covers her forehead hairline in interviews? is she insecure about her hairline as well?

No. 147481

The Facebook link on Belle's OnlyFans belongs to someone else now. She stopped updating and checking OF completely.

No. 147483

File: 1619553772976.jpg (109.61 KB, 1200x1200, 5e88dd0b9e269.image.jpg)

you cant change my mind.
Watch Jodi interviews, they move their mouth and talk in a similar pattern.

No. 147486

No. 147488

File: 1619554559985.jpg (43.87 KB, 642x263, jodi-arias-e1596907068413.jpg)


they both have similar features and move their mouths the exact same way when speaking.

Yes I'm implying Belle talks and charms people like a sociopath (ie: Jodi)

No. 147492

This is so retarded.

No. 147494

File: 1619555427070.jpg (314.64 KB, 1080x1679, Bellepod.jpg)

Why can't we use the hat interview as a solid perspective on what belle really looks like? If the light was the only reason she looked so bad there, why did the interviewers themselves look good? Just face the fact that your queen is not this ethereal fae-like beauty. She is just an avarage looking woman that has some rodent features and that is okay. Her true flaws are her narc behaviours: hurting people around her and not being able to accept she is at fault (stealing and selling someone elses art and nudes), lying about her life, craving attention so much she promotes dangerous behaviour to her mostly underage fans (they are and you know it, picrel), etc. She is the female onision, except that she has not groomed her fans yet, but she probably will in a few years when she returns.

No. 147498

Jodi is prettier and is actually a good artist.
And she’d defo make a better porn star.

No. 147500

Without makeup and filters she’s extremely unremarkable. That’s a fact. She is also subjectively ugly with her ratty little face and deep nasolabial folds. She’d be nothing without filters.

No. 147506

Cool, even more autistic sperging about whether she's ugly or pretty.

No. 147521

File: 1619568006906.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1124x826, 628479EF-DA7D-45E6-B36D-1E6FC9…)

pixiecat is still friends w/ Belle. Recently posted on her fb. so tinfoil that they’re in some spat in the thread was wrong.

No. 147522

Onision level dangerous because she posts old memes and quirky nudes? Literally how do you assume she’s going to be an abusive groomer when she’s transparently just a run of the mill privileged online whore who rides waves of viral fame and then fucks off when she gets enough paypigs. She doesn’t even care enough to post anything or make content consistently, she’s probably just laying around all day with her boyfriend.

No. 147523

Good find!

Why does josh always look like you could smell him from a mile away?

No. 147524

Belle being the only one wearing a mask in case she's recognized?

No. 147526

Go fuck Josh, anon. You're creepily obsessed with him.
>good find!! high five

You sound so autistic.

No. 147528

Only Belle wears a mask kek

No. 147529

Pixie looks much better in this than she does in her filtered photos.

No. 147531

Belle does the right thing. Others should have worn masks too.

No. 147535

>"i'll make the face when i'm about to sneeze when he sticks it in me, that's how you're supposed to react to getting dicked, right?"
all stupid assumptions from a pornbrain, she is sexually inexperienced no matter the amount of men who took advantage of her low IQ, can tell from the videos of her and her hobbit BF fucking that they do not love each other and don't really have much sex, much less enjoy sex.

that's what making sex your "job" does to your sex life, it no longer is a thing at a certain point because now it's your "job". stupid fucking bitches get what they deserve.

No. 147537

holy shit even with the filter she looks like an old hag(Nitpick)

No. 147539

No one cares, this is “the wall hits at 30” style retardation

No. 147557

Isn't it weird how in the picture Pixie uploaded, Josh isn't sitting next to Belle? Pixie and her man are comfortably close meanwhile Josh rather sit next to the couple than next to Belle. It seems they have 0 chemistry, the way they have sex says it all too.

No. 147561

That's not how that works. If you reposition his feet, he's sitting next to Bell.

No. 147566

She looks like she’s gained a lot of weight

No. 147568

She’s wearing a thick baggy jacket lmfao please, the only part of her body you see is her stubby hand

No. 147569

Her face looks a little wider than her other unshopped pics but it could just be the mask and expression. I don’t think we can really see enough of her in this pic to say.

No. 147571

She's wearing a puff jacket, how can you even tell? Your upper face doesn't gain weight. Unless you mean Pixie. She always looks bloated and fat though

No. 147572

And her fat face and chubby cheeks and wrinkly eye bags kekkk

No. 147573

No I mean belle. She’s fat and washed up. Pixie looks fine.

No. 147575

Pixie has those same fatty undereye bags and so does her boyfriend. That's literally what people are born with.

No. 147578

And where's the source?

No. 147583

So everyone has them except belle, who looks like a magical Disney princess?
No. Why don’t you go do something else, you have been bickering in this thread constantly for 12 fucking hours. Whoever you are, im guessing your life isn’t going so well either.

No. 147584

No. 147586

They literally meant that everyone has them, not that Belle doesn’t. you’re pulling arguments out of thin air, chill out.

No. 147587

That's not what was said at all.

No. 147589

Get a fucking life. The more you white knight, the more people are going to come here and bait the shit out of you. Clearly it works. Your autistic screeching is fucking hilarious.

No. 147591

All I said was they misrepresented the comment to strawman that someone was being a whiteknight. Not sure how that’s autistic screeching but calling someone fat based on their eyes is just silly bait. Oops I’m so embarrassed lol no this thread is just trash and probably always will be because of people with hateboners.

No. 147592

Fuck off then. Hide the thread, go do something else. She has clearly gotten fat. Baggy clothes can’t hide everything.

No. 147594

>she has not groomed her fans yet
but wasn't there a rumour that she groomed an underage boy online a thread ago?

No. 147620

That was a rumour.
Another rumour was that she was running like a training class for e thots and charging them money KEK.

No. 147630

while most of the posters itt are shitty posts and seem new or from twitter or something,
>bad porny cosplays when you dont even watch anime or play video games is not milk?
>literally basing your whole identity on getting male attention is not milk?
>filtering your face to look like a childish rat is not milk?
>making bad porn is not milk?
>catering to coomer pedophiles is not milk?
>getting plastic surgery and ignoring how shitty it makes her look is not milk?
>acting like she was never gonna do porn to suddenly putting out horrible porn is not milk?
she has no consistency in her actions, i dont think this bitch even has a modicrum of personality. i dont think she is as ugly as some anons put it but the filters and surgeries make her look creepy and ugly.
sure a lot of posts are just guessing but it's obvious what is going on in her life and she is just pressed she can't hide everything. this is only a fraction of what she's said and done. she is exhibiting behavior most girls who have threads on this site are as well.
if she isnt defending herself here, her "friends" are.

No. 147631

it's so obvious she does though?? nearly everybody who even has snapchat does. what about the belle wannabes who literally use the same filter she does to look exactly like her? and im not shitting on her real appearance i think she is decent looking without the filters and pedobait shit.

No. 147632

this bitch looks disabled.

No. 147646

she has actual chipmunk cheeks probably from all the self induced vomiting.

No. 147648


No. 147649

what do you mean the wall hits at 30?? isn't this girl probably 20 or 21, heh

No. 147650

?? no he is not.
agreed. we may not know what exactly the issue is, but nobody in relationships where one of them is selling nudes is happy. all couples like that are broken. they have no chemistry at all, not even in the bedroom. its painfully obvious. she has no personality and when she admitted in that one interview that she "used to be the simp" really drove that point home for me, kek, she really still is a pickme/simp for men, huh?

No. 147652

No. 147656

Stop projecting your insecurities. There are so many stable relationships that involve sex work. You're having random arguments out of nowhere. You're so ill-informed and sound like you're 12.

No. 147659

Not that anon but not everyone respects prostitutes. It has nothing to do with insecurities.

No. 147674

im not OP, i hate this op because it fucking sucks and has no summary

No. 147675

i was at work and was fucking bored! fuck u.

No. 147677

>There are so many stable relationships that involve sex work
yeah? name a few, im waiting retard. hell, i know people that broke up with someone because the person they were dating had an onlyfans. you're making random statements fucking nobody would agree with.

No. 147685

Yeah maybe if the guy is also a sex worker, gets off on seeing his girlfriend as an object, or for the money perks if they’re actually successful. OT blog but I know a few sex workers and they never have stable relationships, they’re always pushing the line of comfort for long term partners until they inevitably break up and go full force into porn and start dating pornsick guys who love degrading them and uploading every sexual interaction for the world to see because all they see is an attractive girl to have sex with. It’s bleak and sad, most people would be uncomfortable because it’s basically crossing the line of cheating despite it being a “job”, I’ve never known of a sex worker (doing porn, not just vanilla instagram tier nudity) who seems to have a healthy long term stable relationship.(Blogging)

No. 147710

chubby ho-bag enjoys splash around shit tier UK theme park

No. 147812

Belle denied having a relationship until she made porn and she flirted with youtubers and her simps. She fucked Pixie too. No one thinks she is in a healthy relationship. Josh is a cuck.

No. 147826

You don't have to tell people youre in a relationship.

No. 147831

She was under no obligation to disclose it. Yeah, she actively lied about it and hid it, but so what? That was always her choice. She has lied about far more substantial things, idk why people are so pressed about her lying about her relationship.
Josh isn't so much a cuck as someone who just doesn't give a fuck beyond making easy money

No. 147832

Not talking about it isn't lying.

No. 147838

I agree that doing sex work qhwn you have an S/O, even just selling photos and videos online, screams unhealthy relationship.

I don't care how badly degenerates want to normalize it. It is not normal or healthy and never will be.

No. 147851

Iirc she did address it and said she was only friends with the guy who took all her pictures. She also described herself as single more than once. She was always allowed though, her relationship was her own business.

No. 147861

Omission of truth is technically a lie though.

No. 147867

Just because someone asks doesn't mean you have to tell and that doesn't make it a lie. Anyone's private life isn't suddenly a lie because "they didn't say so". You're using the same logic people use to say not telling partners you're post transition is tricking them. Fuck off.

No. 147883

Haha, you must be lost anon. NTA but lying by omission is lying, particularly about birth sex, it's even a crime in the UK covered under called "rape by deception," with a prior convicted case of a cis woman not disclosing her gender to her female partners.

But scrotes thinking Belle was single was definitely a white lie, her big mistake was doing a 180 on that lie and starting to show videos of her boyfriend fucking her/her giving BJ to him.
I remember the devastated scrote comments, they really were gutted. She dropped the ball big time.

No. 147887

Anon, no. That's literally straight stupid to say. She didn't lie and has a right not disclose if she dates. Everyone does. And that UK thing is shitty and full of angry men who feel tricked, but were willing to fuck regardless. That's OT though and GC isn't allowed.

No. 147888

>devastated scrotes

Yeah. Feel bad for sad, pathetic men who would've never met her or fucked her anyway. Who fucking gives a shit if incels saw someone online who they wanted as their girlfriend and her million of followers and having about 40 caps of sad, sad devestated scrotes, means nothing.

No. 147891

You can't change the definition of what is a lie on your own whim, yes she lies but in this case telling the truth is what cost her. She should've kept lying and kept Josh out of it.

(If you improved your reading comprehension, you'd realize I was saying the lie was a good thing for her and she fucked up by telling the "truth" e.g. unveiling her scrote.)

I don't feel sorry for them in the slightest, but devastating your core audience of paypigs who saw you as the untouchable waifu was clearly a bad choice. They're not gonna pay to see someone who made them and their penis sad.

No. 147895

That was seriously a bunch of whiney children. They weren't gutted and destroyed and their lives in shambles over make believe relationships in their heads they had with Belle. She only gained fans after her porn, so I don't see where having Josh involved ruined anything. This idol fantasy mindset to never be allowed to have relationships or if you do, keep it private because of the uwu dreams of simps, is so fucking retarded and yeah, they are paying. She's making money. You don't have to like it, but saying she isn't is just as dumb.

No. 147897

File: 1619753835080.jpg (89.55 KB, 1080x422, Screenshot_20210429-203649_Twi…)

She's been active on Twitter.

No. 147913

She’s patreon 2.0’ing right now. Any sources on if she’s still inactive on OF?

No. 147949

Her popularity nosedived after she released actual porn because it was a massive disappointment. She had to claw her way back up with heinous shit like CNC and fake snuff videos. Now all her engagement is just people posting memes. She’s a meme. Most of her “fans” just want to further humiliate her.

No. 147950

Let’s face it belle would be hard pressed to make money any other way because she’s literally not even finished secondary school. She’s not done her GCSEs. She has potential for creative careers like interior designer but she doesn’t have the people skills and work ethic. She can brag about how uwu rich she is in her own threads, and to The Sun newspaper all she likes but what else does she have to offer the world? Nothing.

No. 147951

It's just a samefag WK who thinks that. Josh is a cuck.

No. 147953

People found her porn boring and bad. They were curious of it but they didn't like it.

Internet doesn't like her. She admitted it in podcasts herself. If you think she is a loved internet celebrity then you hang out where incels do.

No. 147954

No, he’s a ponce. There’s a difference. He’s trying to make money off of her pussy, not getting off to her being fucked by other men. If he gets some pussy along the way then that’s a bonus. He will leave her for a uwu pure Madonna virgin when/if he wants to settle down.

No. 148162

I hope belle keeps getting plastic surgery, she needs all the surgery for that mug of hers. The results really show when she still has to rigorously photoshop her face and parts of her body even after getting PS done.

No. 148195

based af

No. 148308

File: 1619984202979.png (2.4 MB, 750x1334, EC46B13C-D1B4-427E-B297-C7867E…)

Is this myah alias real then?

No. 148309

Post the rest of the profile lmao

No. 148310

I can’t sorry! I should have said I seen this on Reddit I am pretty bored today! someone posted it asking if people think it is really her
I just wanted to share as I seen a fb profile shared here of her using the name myah also

No. 148311

This has to be a catfish lmfao, no way is this actually Belle!

No. 148312

yeah you’re probably right! Just wanted to share to see what you’s thought. Like I said only shared as seen a fb profile with that name Myah and her photo. It could be the same catfish I suppose!

No. 148314

Why’s it verified tho?
It’s obviously not her but why

No. 148315

She looks so normal here.
If this is a catfish where tf did they get these pics because she never posted them publicly.

No. 148317

Why the fuck would she be on tinder? Makes 0 sense unless she’s sick of being an e whore and sick of being a paypig for a fat ponce.

No. 148318

File: 1619985445690.jpeg (216.77 KB, 750x1236, 48BF8526-08BA-424B-91E0-24F1B5…)

So this is the post I seen it on if you’s want to go and have a look. That’s a good point where would they have got the photo from it’s not one I have ever seen either.

No. 148319

Feels like thats really her trying to be a "norm" girl to fit into public, throwing away her ewhore career

No. 148322

Yellow teeth

No. 148323

What Nightlife? I thought she preferred staying at home.

And failing.

No. 148324

I wonder if Josh convinced her to be in a poly relationship like ArmouredSkeptic did with Shoe0nhead. If that's the case they are soon destined for a massive breakup. Anyone into poly relationships has a very disturbed, perverted, and selfish mind imo

No. 148325

She used to go to parties and mini conventions and local meetups all the time before covid

No. 148326

File: 1619989274505.png (12.86 KB, 667x94, reddit.png)

How did they find this photo? And they know her alias too.

No. 148339

Maybe she and Josh broke up kek. People use Tinder a lot just to find new friends and people to hang out with, which is exactly what her bio looks to suggest.

I like the effort on photoshopping the face yet leaving the teeth to look like that. You can't convince me this woman is rich when she won't even get those bitches whitened. I'm sure this is a catfish but no idea how they got the photo

No. 148341

I have it feeling it's real. She's using her fb alias, and a private pic with the same hair color as her fb alias. She's prob looking for a new daddy to use for her upcoming porno vids, or trying to find someone to have a "real" relationship with (gl on tinder) so she can start a family since Josh wouldn't settle with her.

Tbh I don't think anyone would be dumb enough to have children with Belle, she's laughably uneducated. I'm still laughing my ass off over her using the word plummet to describe pumping out content on the Phillip DF Podcast. She's stupid as fuck, and is proud to not have finished high school. Belle likes people to believe she's intelligent when she's far from that. She's just a puppet being controlled and fed lines by Josh, and she can't do anything by herself since there's nothing in that head of hers.

No. 148355

That's DEFINITELY her on the profile :p wonder if they broke up or are in an open relationship..(Integrate )

No. 148359

Did she honestly think no one would recognize her if she squinted really hard? Maybe people would have a harder time recognizing her if she went with a unphotshopped picture

No. 148361

Could be a catfish. And where is the person posting it located? Link the post.

No. 148362

Why do people assume all women want kids? That's just such a tinfoil and retarded as fuck. Calm down.

No. 148365

How is it an assumption if Belle actually said that herself? You can't call others retarded when you're the biggest retard here. You're the dumbfuck WK that declares everything as tinfoil without actually looking into it.

>inb4 asking for spoonfeeds, go watch Brittany Venti's vids on Belle for proof.

No. 148368

Wouldn’t she be more worried about privacy and stalkers if this is real? It wouldn’t take much for some incel to scroll through and recognize her, she attracts a dangerous crowd and has dealt with people going to her old house.

No. 148372

>bourgeois mother at the schoolgates with a secret

was what she said in one interview last year, so yes she wants to start a family.

No. 148373

Well IQ has never been her strong point, she's "undercover" with an easily discovered alias Facebook, appearing in friend's facebook photos with her new hair, and a tinder profile, all with photos nobody else has access to or has seen before, confirming it's her.

I doubt she would actually be meeting people anyway, imo this is her experiment to see if she can go back to normal life without being noticed.

No. 148374

It looks like she wants to be noticed with her new alias. She still wears fake eyelashes and photoshops her face the same.

No. 148378

Only you have to calm down retarded WK(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 148379

I think both her and pixie seem to go different directions and distance themselves from that ethot career. I think it can get exhausting to photoshop each of your photos on daily basis to satisfy neckbeards out there to look underage and shit. She probably reached a mental exhaustion point from it and wants to be forgotten if not quick but slowly with time.

No. 148383

She still uses photoshop

No. 148384

She keeps talking about having a family in the future, retard

No. 148386

So do mormies and stop saying photoshop. Most of her shit is app based. No1currs if she shoops.

No. 148393

She needs a teeth whitening app

No. 148407

People besides her neckbeards care. Her photoshop is horrendous and makes her almost a Catfish. Normies don't try to look like a cartoon

No. 148425

Anon needs to post a link to the post.

No. 148426

File: 1620056047270.png (931.42 KB, 745x697, belle.png)

>spit straight facts about Belle

>cAlM dOwN

Belle fans really can't take the truth.

An oldie collage of Belle. Belle looks like a normal adult before and after her plastic surgeries, it's pathetic how she insists she looks like a child and ~there's nothing she could do about people mistaking her for a uwu underage kid~. She's so far up her own ass over this lie that she truly believes it, after she photoshops her pic she goes "yes, this is what I truly look like".(ban evasion)

No. 148427

Did this dumbass really think her hair was pink?

No. 148429

Calm down.

No. 148431

Where did you get that idea?

No. 148432

You do know comments like yours are the reason people like her drown themselves in filters? She looks completely norm, not a beauty but ok. Not like it matters what that pedobaiter feels, yet to all girls out there : You're fine the way you look like man

No. 148433

Belle fans really can't take the truth.

No. 148435

They said she dyed her hair. It was brown to begin with.

No. 148437

Someone told the WK to calm down once now she keeps using it herself kek

No. 148438

Who said that?

No. 148439

Most people don't give AF about filters. It's nkt even about being a fan, anon. It's the nitpickery and how autists sperg out about anyone saying "eh, she looks fine". No shit she uses filters, most normies do too. This dragged out complaining about it is retarded and its the same collage posting anon too every time. You can still tell these are all her, edits or not. Just calm down.

No. 148440

Retard, follow the convo.

No. 148442

She looks so different with filters.

No. 148445

No one said she dyed her hair retard

No. 148446

File: 1620057009046.jpg (47.47 KB, 1080x204, Screenshot_20210503-084915_Red…)

Account made 10d ago, confirmed female 22.

No. 148447

>You can still tell these are all her

Some anon on previous thread got red text because mods thought she posted someone else. It was Belle's old photo.

No. 148448

This was not what you replied to retard.

No. 148449

Probably someone in the thread considering the amounts that emoji specifically has been redtexted.

No. 148450

Why are you so hostile? Jesus, anon. It's not that big a deal.

No. 148452

Don't backpedal now after calling others retards for your own mistake kek

No. 148453

NTA, wtf.

No. 148454


she is really rich. she just doesn't care about personal hygiene.

No. 148456


Definitely someone from the thread, her fans wouldn't know anything about her aliases

No. 148457

It might be authentic, but also a UK based friend catfishing too. This whole name thing makes it suspicious. If Rusty Faweks can do a face like this, she'd look like Belle too, so I'm taking this milk as an up in the air situation. Tbh, uf she wants to have a life outside of porn, good for her. Most people won't recognize her without her pink wig unless its like a fan or something. I'm curious what other photos were apparently on the profile. Its weird they only saved that one part which is why I'm skeptical. Did she only have 1 photo? Doesn't seem likely.

No. 148458

File: 1620057850945.jpg (98.46 KB, 720x923, 20210503_180228.jpg)

Kinda weird how a'fansite' goes with her newest name now

No. 148459

Only lolcow talks about her lately anyway.

No. 148460

Link it.

No. 148461

They probably read lolcow too.

No. 148462

Probably a lurker who stole the OP photo. So cringey.

No. 148463


search that username on instagram? kek

No. 148464

Probably the "autistic sperging" WK anon.

No. 148465

Why do anons keep refusing to link? This happened with the reddit one too. Just link it since you found it.

No. 148466

Why do you cry in meta every time anons talk about Belle's filters? You are obsessed.

No. 148470

She can have a normal life if she stops using her old filters for normal photos. No one would recognize her without the wig and filters in real life.

This is just another stunt by her. People don't care about it though.

No. 148471

File: 1620060731658.jpg (44.25 KB, 301x453, 20210503_184141.jpg)

Belle was known for her horseface at Priestlands School in Lymington.
You guys would be shocked to see how filthy and retarded she's even in real life.(nitpicking)

No. 148473

This isn't Belle.(ban evading)

No. 148477

Why are theyre so many “sex workers”coming here trying to defend e whoring? Nobody gives a shit if you like being a whore go brag about it on reddit.

No. 148478

File: 1620063701698.jpeg (425.73 KB, 640x879, 864B27AD-CC70-4451-95C5-4905BB…)

I don’t think it is her account. It’s a very dedicated catfish.

No. 148480

She is so fucking ugly

No. 148481

File: 1620064157970.png (638.64 KB, 1514x855, belle of activeish.png)

She was on OF on Apr 29th, though no new posts. Wonder if she added a comment to explain her disappearance or something?

No. 148483

Because she’s a washed up failure

No. 148484

Probably doing PPV content off the timeline like anons have mentioned. You can do free content posts in DMs too, so it's not all PPV. Could explain where someone got these recent Tinder photos too as they aren't posted anywhere else and the Myah FB account is all privatized now

No. 148486

Maybe, but that still slightly doesn’t make sense. Belle craves attention. I doubt she would only be doing ppv..something is really fishy and screams stunt here. I’m not sold that this is a catfish. That fan account on IG isn’t Belle and is obviously not her, but that tinder is suspicious. I don’t believe the “catfish” hot take.

Somethings amiss here kek.

No. 148491

Her scrote fans were disappointed she wasn’t single and was fucking some schlub in her bad porno so maybe belle and josh decided to open belle a tinder account to get people to think she is now single and so people can talk about her again kinda like how she faked a paparazzi photo shoot with her friend pixie.

I feel like this is another one of her “eccentric” stunts to get attention again because nobody seems to give a shit about her anymore.

No. 148492

Yeah she can't live without (negative) attention.
I also heard people talking about this profile being hers (or rather Josh's) and since her absence the user changed the pic and name into the octopus.

https://steamcommunity.com/id/B3LL3D3LPHIN3(Imageboard )

No. 148495

NTA but that is literally her kek.
Oh where is OF anon to please update and enlighten us.
I also reckon it's an attention-seeking stunt/experiment. If she didn't want to be recognized she wouldn't keep using the same filters and editing.

No. 148498

To be honest no one cares if she disappears or not, besides few simps and lolcow thread. If this was a stun, it was pretty lame of her as same as her porn.

No. 148501

Same as her “arrested stunt” tbh. It was clearly dumbly faked.

No. 148512

Do you know where you are? This is lolcow kek.
By the way you do know that the only reason people start nitpicking her appearance even more is because people like you compare belle to an ~uwu pixar princess~? If you would stop doing that and call everyone who disagrees a retard, maybe others would be kinder to her. Or not.

Retarded tinfoil: belle/josh/pixie is a farmhand.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 148516

Samefag, but lets just focus less on her appearance and more on her actions? I know the wking is annoying, but reading through post after post of

> she is a bweautiful pwincess uwu~

> no- no she is the ugliest thing i've ever seen!!1

is annoying as well. I rather just wait for some real milk, like the tinder thing

No. 148517

No they weren't. It was a small amount who complained and not really crushed, just to complain.

No. 148518

No. 148521

Those are not all the same anon, anon.

No. 148524

Wtf is wrong with you retard? Are you that butthurt when anons criticize you’re precious fungus water queen?

No. 148525

Riiight and that’s why she was crying on her twitter because people said her porn was shit and she tried to own them by saying humiliation is her kink so her fans should keep insulting her or some dumb shit like that.

No. 148527

I’m not the anon you’re thinking of, literally only pointing out her fake arrest stunt..

No. 148536


I was >>148512 and >>148516 . The other posts were made by other anons. Stop tinfoiling

No. 148538

Like she would've posted a relatively human looking face pic on her sex worker account, come on now.

No. 148563

she was on just to check out the money she made. An OF employee confirmed this. She hasn't responded to any messages or anything

No. 148564

I don't doubt it, but source for the OF employee confirmed this - was it online or someone you know?

No. 148568

some anon in the thread.

No. 148570

Yeah, not buying this. This sounds so incredibly stupid.

No. 148572

I agree. I woke up permanently banned this morning for an unspecified reason. Luckily they’re a fucking retard and don’t know how to properly IP ban.
Either way imagine having all that embarrassing porn attached to your name? I’d KMS. Plus we all know how truly ugly she really is.(Ban evasion)

No. 148574

If I was belles dad I would just pretend she never existed in the first place she is such an embarrassment seriously. She will forever be known as herpes laced bath water girl.
Fucking hideous

No. 148576

How would they even know she was on “just to check the money” like did they track her eye movements lmfao

No. 148580

Farmhand is a Belle WK

No. 148584

>She used to go to parties and mini conventions
Well from her old pictures she has been to MCM London comic con but I can't imagine her partying at a convention

No. 148592

Yeah I really don't buy this either and with zero proof

No. 148618

Anons are just saying whatever tinfoil and hoping something sticks so that fake milk gets passed around. Idk why they don't just wait for actual updates. Instead we have people making this up, the OF "person works for them told me" which is obviously fake as hell, the doxxing.. Like damn.

No. 148650

she looks so pretty with brown hair. she can become a streamer with this new look and alias. it is probably her plan.

No. 148651

she has parties at her house, she mentioned one in a podcast about the hamster story. she probably doesn't like conventions anymore.

No. 148652

If she had a party, like the ethots normally do, there would be a bunch of "I WAS AT THE BELLE DELPHINE PARTY" posts from that time from the party. I highly doubt she's an avid partier.

No. 148653

from what we saw, all her friends are famous on the internet. they probably didn't need to announce they had been to her party for attention. maybe belle asked them not to make posts as well because her address could get doxxed again.

No. 148660

Anon, her famous friends would've taken photos. Unless something comes up, it's just more tinfoil. She said she had a party, but now sounds like a social gathering rather than a Team 10 bash.

No. 148661

She looks ugly af with yellow rat teeth

No. 148662

>taking something Belle said in a podcast seriously
>taking anything a notorious liar says seriously
Anon please

No. 148663

Right she is so pretty, and carpets can fly

No. 148898

File: 1620295560332.jpg (524.71 KB, 4032x2266, image0.jpg)

True and also she looks her age if not late 20s in RL.

No. 148901

File: 1620296045789.png (985.58 KB, 660x583, 1613343445779.png)

'I'm so petite'
'It's your fault to think I look like a child' uwu

Adds literally 1000 Filters

No. 148909

Imagine having not 1 but two sets of nasolabial folds? I’d KMS. She’s so puffy faced and ugly.

No. 148910

File: 1620300063090.jpeg (168.15 KB, 509x579, E730BBAC-2716-4800-9702-221F17…)

Like she is so fucking wrinkly

No. 148916

I'm surprised she doesn't use circle lenses when she isn't using all the usual filters. She looks very different and mature.

No. 148920

I'm new here, and I read she has Bulimia ?? How do you guys know? Has she ever discussed it?

No. 148922

Ig it's a tinfoil some people made up. But her russell signs, yellow teeth, bloated face all add up.
She followed some ED acc too

No. 148935

as a southern UKfag, can confirm that she was horrid at school. said something along the lines of she was envious of make a wish kids bc they got to go to disney for free

No. 148942

Her 2nd rhinoplasty looks really unnatural, it's obvious because no one has a nose curved that upward naturally. Her 1st nose job was good, and looked natural even.

I don't understand why belle's mum never got her a tutor or got her into alternative education program.

No. 148944

I highly doubt you went to her school and just living in the area isn't any indication how her schooling was personally.

No. 148947

Why don’t you just give up? You’ll never stop people talking shit about belle. It’s more than one person ITT as much as you’d like to believe it’s 2 nonnies with a vengeance. Nobody likes belle she is ugly and washed up.

No. 148951

Belle tried her shot at going viral again by pulling another stunt since her other stunts worked (Being an annoying whore on tiktok, selling bath water, fake arrest, porn). It failed because no one cares about her anymore, and she's been already replaced.

Belle makes me feel uncomfortable just by looking at the pic, I get strong uncanny valley vibes.

No. 148957

File: 1620322094732.jpg (281.07 KB, 1144x1112, rt08.jpg)

so puffy and wrinkly

No. 148958

Came from the homepage- she looks cute in this pic.(don't wk)

No. 148963

Is that supposed to be an own? Not only is it filtered but she still looks wrinkly, puffy and ugly.

No. 148964

KEK so true. She’s washed up now. She doesn’t even have fucking GCSES so what’s she gonna do when Josh divorce tapes her and takes all her money? Also she has one of those baby faces that ages horrendously.

No. 148965

>several wrinkles under her eyes
>two sets of wrinkles around mouth
>is barely even moving her face
Yep, she’s doomed.

No. 148967

I bet this is photoshopping too, some act here like they never seen her podcast candids

No. 148969

File: 1620325043820.jpeg (531.11 KB, 1242x1375, 713B9449-8677-45D3-8B9A-796C70…)

Horseface Delphine s active

No. 148976

It's been mentioned she logs into her OF. So thats active but not really active lol

No. 149004

looks much better here than in her “egirl” persona, shame, wasted potential. could have been a normal pretty girl
that is really odd! i wonder if it’s from unnecessary fillers/procedures/plastic surgeries?

No. 149012

Not mentioned anon, but I definitely think it’s from unnecessary fillers/procedures. I think if she hadn’t messed with her face so much and so early she would’ve grown nicely into it. So now she has weird double smile lines. OR it’s just shitty editing. Either way.. it doesn’t look good.

No. 149015

It could be bad editing, I've never seen someone with swiggly folds

No. 149024

Double smile lines do exist.

No. 149053

File: 1620364200593.jpg (71.62 KB, 665x663, 0a.JPG)

It's an ss directly from her dong collection vid. I think she does edit her videos but I don't think that's what's going on here, if anything it looks like she hasn't edited her face and that's why we can see those weird lines.

I second bad procedure tinfoil because even natural double nasolabial folds surely wouldn't be so fucked up and crooked.

No. 149071

I never considered she got cheek fillers before, but that would explain that line - a bunching up of more rigid tissue around the injection site. Not a medfag but have observed what these injections do to young faces and it checks out.

No. 149118

Those aren't fillers in her "cheeks". They aren't filters at all. Double lines like that are natural and I honestly have only one side on my mouth with double lines. It's literally about facial expressions and genetics. It's not from being old or surgery, it's literally what people have. This is so retarded. Not to mention she does have dimples right there too. This isn't a botox issue. It's actually not anything besides big mouth girl makes constant expressions.

No. 149120

File: 1620403167357.jpg (44.74 KB, 800x600, Effective-home-remedies-to-tre…)

It's just something people have.

No. 149121

File: 1620403229438.jpg (25.68 KB, 300x300, smilelines_side.jpg)

Super common right at the mouth corner because it does run against the nasal lines.

No. 149131

File: 1620406116739.jpg (37.94 KB, 1280x720, Belle-Delphine-Cat-ears.jpg)

But she didn't seem to have those lines before. Maybe she filtered this older video idk, but her cheeks do look a lot different

No. 149133

According to anons, its filters. Lighting matters too. These can take time to develope. Those aren't formed from any kind of injection and she absolutely has them visibly on the left side of the photo.

No. 149136

Looking at it again, its on both sides of her mouth here.

No. 149142

It's the crooked line that looks unnatural, but that's fair, it could just be her face. I don't think anyone in here is retarded enough to think that double folds alone are unnatural. Regardless, her cheeks look way bigger than they ever did in her early days.

No. 149144

Probably just age and constantly doing exaggerated expressions. Robin Williams is a goodexample of how a face has fat migration and muscle change even though faces aren't the same muscles as say a bicept. Chins especially due to their weird dotted fibers.

No. 149159

File: 1620418818830.jpg (333.44 KB, 1600x1070, Jim-Carrey-How-the-Grinch-Stol…)

>>149053 i was reminded of jim carrey's grinch

No. 149161

maybe. I think it’s partly due to her filtering her photos vs what she really looks like that can throw people in thinking it’s “unnatural.”

No. 149178

You described everyone ever posted here and how anons think using filters is milk. I don't see comments obsessing over a corner mouth line on her posts. This is a lolcow nitpick thing, not a "how people react" thing.

No. 149182

I think there’s a major difference between “obsessing & nitpicking over filters” and pointing out the ridiculousness of her over editing and pretending she’s real and NaTuRaL.. when in fact she’s not?

No. 149191

Unless its like Juliette Michelle who lies about working out to get her shape and blames weightloss for her breast inplants, I don't see Belle claiming she's natural and aside from maybe lips, there aren't really any other telltale signs of surgeries on Belle. Its just anons assuming and comparing teen photos to her 5 years later. Nose was a good surgery, she looks better without a Vamplette and Mikan nose and I'm not about to get into the nitpickery of anons bitching about her nose again.

No. 149211

Oh, so you’re WKanon. Got it. I believe this has been hashed out in detail in previous threads and I won’t waste time spoon feeding it to you then. I stand that her nose looks awful, but everyone has their tastes and nitpicks.

No. 149217

No one is even whiteknighting. Wtf

No. 149227

She has fillers all over her face that makes her in videos like a ballon. Not only she had 1 nosejob but twice. If anything she did claim she just looks "childish" therefore denying the fact she had any job done. Point is she always "acts" like she is naturally what she looks like and everyone can see that. No need to make up new words like "Mikan" nose. You seem pretty bitter that people poiint out facts so go either back to your basement or be quiet thanks.

No. 149230

Hey, newfag, its referring to another cow named Mikan. No one is making up words and your rant makes you sound like the bitter one.

No. 149236

More like anons comparing her looks one year or even months part but OK kek.

No. 149238

Wow,some of yall need therapy.

No. 149252

Tries to wk lowkey kek

No. 149268

Stfu her nose looks like shit.

No. 149269

Spot on, she does look a lot like the grinch with the whoville ski jump nose.

No. 149271

Belle's second rhinoplasty is straight bad. She got that type of nose because she wants her nose to look like a child's nose that's why >>149159 thinks of Cindy Lou. Belle doesn't look like a kid here >>149131 and she was a teenager during the time of that video. When is she going to stop the "IT'S NOT MY FAULT I LOOK LIKE A CHILD" narrative? She deliberately makes herself look like a child through photoshop, plastic surgeries, children's clothing, and having children's items and furniture in her photos.

No. 149281

Just saying she supports dollskill clearly. Her carebear onesie is from there and one of her older outfits in blue written "babygirl" on it. Tinfoil but supporting that brand says a lot about someone.

No. 149302

Anyone with common sense or has seen enough bad rhinoplasty who has noticed would have the same opinion, but her nose and pickme childishness has been nitpicked enough kek. Will there ever be any true milk again to discuss.

No. 149309

Nose-chan and vag-chan. Hi.

No. 149327

File: 1620545445313.jpeg (330.03 KB, 1280x1280, E02CD704-76EA-4A00-A6D5-674C99…)

She didn’t say she looks like cindy Lou, she said she looks like the grinch, which she does with her wrinkly mouth.

No. 149328

She supports Lolicon and rape porn nonny, I think that says a lot more about who she is.

No. 149330

KEK those women are in their early to mid 30s. Show me a 21 year old with wrinkles as deep as belles. She has such an unfortunate bone structure.

No. 149335

Please god no.
Looks like this is the outcome of making retarded faces for a living.

No. 149346

Even babies can have it, retard.

No. 149354

Yeah, ugly ones.

No. 149397

They’re not wrinkles. It’s just what happens to someone’s face based on the skin and fat distribution so if you smile or move those muscles it’s going to create a crease like that. It gets more prominent with age but it’s not a wrinkle lol

No. 149407

File: 1620628634879.jpg (27.38 KB, 652x94, wr.JPG)

You just described a wrinkle lmfao. Whatever age you start having them doesn't stop them being lines or creases on your face. This is such a weird nitpick to drag out.

No. 149409

If infants have them, why are you complaining about photos of 30 years old with it? It's literally a muscle and fat there. It's not a wrinkle in that case. Dumbass vendetta.

No. 149410

Stop derailing this thread with fold bullshit you morons

No. 149411

You're all retarded, we already established her face is fucking weird. Wrinkles aren't milk

No. 149457

Idk the one thing about her is her sense of style / diy stuff is really cute and I say that as someone her age. I don't understand why she doesn't do that?

No. 149479

Instead she steals and traces art. Yikes.

No. 149494

she doesnt do it because shes fucking lazy

No. 149502

No1currs about your obsession about old milk, Discordfags.

No. 149504

You're a happy go lucky gal aren't ya

No. 149534

eh, she could invest in crypto

No. 149594

idk who you mean but i wish the pullfags and now "discordfags" would stop projecting that everyone interested in a dumb ho's bad porn is from the same sites. i only use imageboards and i go to these threads because i was sick of seeing her stupid-poser-fakeweeb-filtered-normie face getting shilled everywhere.

No. 149595

she is too stupid for that. i would guess maybe her boyfriend has but he is just a dumb hobbit brit so i doubt it.

No. 149600

Except that crypto is not a viable way of earning money. OT, but investing in anything else usually garantees profit since it is based on something (dollars are connected to the price of gold for example). Crypto is only based on speculation and popularity. It is kind of like winning at gambling: you win once, but if you invest again you could lose everything.

It would be funny if she did invest in crypto, because she is too stupid to pull out in time before the "dump". Her online spergs afterward could be milky

No. 149641

No1currs about your hateboner for pullfags or discordfags either, WKnon. Now either you can stop nitpicking discussions yourself, or actually fucking contribute. For kek sakes.

No. 149643

oh my god will all of you shut up(no u)

No. 149708

TIL brits aren't investing in crypto

No. 149746

honestly i think this is another attempt to go viral on her end. i dont think it worked though.

she is cute here. much better than her internet persona.

she has a shit mom probably. shitty people usually, unsurprisingly, have shitty parents.

i dont understand why she edits. she looks fine on the left. right is so creepy and weird.

agreed. its crazy how some of these obsessed weirdos project onto imageboard users who just want to discuss how fucked her life is and they think nobody else is amused by how bad her porn is. as far as i know, this is the only place now she is discussed. not all of us are obsessed with her, just intrigued by how bad she has fucked up. sage

No. 149748

its just that i doubt he would actually understand how it works or he would fail miserably at it.

No. 149756

NTA but nice try
I think she's just extremely insecure and therefore trying to market herself to the worst crowd of degen edgelords. And yup, WK in this thread are wild, as if we're not all here to watch the same shitshow. It's like they stumbled on this site and still don't understand where they are

No. 149770

Maybe if you stopped tinfoiling and bringing up old milk, anons wouldn't call you out.

No. 149796

they call me out for shit they aren't even right about though. posters like you have this thread likely bookmarked and assume the same 5 people post itt. i agree its probably not many people but we aren't all from pull or discord. some people are from other imageboards and like to rag on her because she got shilled so much every time she came back to the internet. i got so annoyed seeing her and was glad there was a thread about her and the milk was decent when she came out with her "porno" and then literally disappeared from shame. it's funny, anon, some people are interested in her bad life choices and are amused by it. we arent all psychos obsessed with her.

No. 149799

No1currs fag

No. 149939

You're 100% the same unsaging sperg. You're obvious AF.

No. 150015

File: 1621017140359.jpg (20.93 KB, 499x238, C-658VsXoAo3ovC.jpg)

No. 150077

Is it true belle got her asshole bleached? some ppl on another thread said she did

No. 150117

link the thread. and I doubt it, she edits the fuck out of her genitals so there really isn't a need

No. 150161

Stfu vagsperg. No one gives a fuck or believes this. It's a fucking filter retard and it's all over the photo, not just her vag.

No. 150188

Lol are you genuinely retarded or what. Of course nobody believes this or cares… Which is why I said no to shut it down fucking mouthbreathing retard. Of course the entire pictures are filtered, if I said she edits the fuck out of her face would you be ragesperging about that as well? Stfu with your annoying and pointless autistic freakouts jfc

No. 150217

Anon is referring to a legit Vagsperg that posts in Belle's threads. Jfc. That is their argument and the exact thing they bring up constantly "Her vagina is edited". Mods have even pointed it out. If you're going to try to play "Gotcha" with other anons, read the threads to gain context at least as to what they are referring to.

No. 150422

File: 1621193163443.jpg (116.98 KB, 828x1222, rd.jpg)

There’s always comments like these on Youtube and Reddit, they always say the same thing over and over “she’s nice!” “Nothing bad about her” “she’s so smart”

This is what happens when sex work is normalized to kids.

No. 150462

Sex work is normalized adult work. No1currs about your moralfagging.

No. 150475

>Sex work is normalized adult work
So sex work is normalized sex work? Or do you think being a prostitute is a "normal" adult job with no repurcussions or harmful effects?

No. 150483

Sex work has a demand. People want porn. I don't think she deserves demeaning cos shes a sex worker, i dgaf. She deserves demeaning for literally everything else, like how bad she is at her job. Theres milkier shit than her showing her tits on camera

No. 150493

There is also a demand for crystal meth, but that doesn't make it normal to produce/use. Both are dangerous for their producers and consumer and stem from poverty

No. 150517

Back to onlyfans with you two no1curr

No. 150538

Sex work is older than some civilizations and your morfagging and pearl clutching doesn't change that sex sells and has always sold. Not even an onlyfans thot. Get good milk to bitch about and not just "She does porn oh my oh my".

No. 150556

Since when was sex work a respectable job? No matter which angle you look at it, it's not a good or normal profession. She should be met with criticism for promoting sex work and making it seem like a good thing to the gen Z kids. I'm not saying Belle should get death threats or get verbally attacked for being a prostithot. She does not deserve any praise and congratulations for having a degrading and shameful occupation, Belle should just be ignored and forgotten.

No. 150572

It is in other countries. Westerners/Brits have a strong christian/catholic anti-sex no-no thats sin thats been engrained into children and governments and movies/tv of those societies demonize it and perpetuate that sex work isn't real work. It is, it has been, everyone consumes porn. You cannot watch porn ever in your life, but still carry the idea sex work is bad. Its a literal black and white issue. Get your moralfag ass out of here.

No. 150573

Boohoo the kids. BLAME THE PARENTS. Stop projecting personal decisions on someone who doesn't hide the fact that they do sex work. She openly makes it clear she does sex work. Its not just Belle who is 18+ and does this and kids can follow the accounts. Its millions of girls, more TEENS on social media post to tiktok half naked and Belle isnt even on that platform. This isn't a Belle issue. Youre just nitpicking sex work to nitpick it.fuck off.

No. 150578

Keep bringing in the triggered sex workers.

No. 150584

why is her face much smaller now?

No. 150588

File: 1621293152875.jpg (31.65 KB, 530x297, unnamed.jpg)


video cameras has filters on them nowadays, its filtered.
a good example is cloudyapples aka Gloom, check her vids out, tons of filters

No. 150612

she's made millions but I wouldn't be surprised if she was a druggie. Expect to see her in a year or two on some rehab show or homeless with a gofundme

No. 150670

>defending the porn industry which is founded on theft, (of content) coercion, people trafficking, and child abuse

Belle stans do be like that.

No. 150692

Well the good thing about onlyfans is it gives the creators control since the porn industry tends to be really toxic. I think theres an issue with the glorification of sex work and a lot of people making onlyfans acc when they turn 18. People consume porn and that won't change, so giving the creators a safer platform isn't a bad thing

No. 150698

Keep drinking the coolaid to belive only 18 year old can set up onlyfans accounts. It's been proven they barely check the ages of people on their ID

No. 150703

Blame the fucking patents. Blaming consenting over 18 adults for what parents should be controlling what their own kids look at, is fucking stupid. Get off this narritive that Belle is to blame for kids looking at her content. If they are looking at her content they are looking at anyone's adult content. Google exists. This is a parents problem, not the people in the industry. And if the person makes enough money that their adult content IS glamorous or boogie, good on them. It's not pretending a sex work job is glamorous if you happen to get lucky with simps like Belle or Mia. These kids going in to it only see the girls who make good money. They might not even get close if they try it themselves, but the consumption of the content is on the parents, not the sex workers. Plus they see it on tv and in movies, books.. its not just these social thots. Its an allover media consumption issue. You don't just look at one person and suddenly you want to be a sex worker.

No. 150732

"sex trafficking isnt anyones problem because its the parents fault for letting their kid go to the mall with their friends, maybe if the parents went their kid they wouldnt have this problem"

No. 150734

Sex trafficking is not the same as self proposed sex work, dumbass.

No. 150808

Wtf is this thread

No. 150809

Dude calm down it's not that deep

No. 150829

No because anons say blame Belle when if the kids are going to try sex work, they will do sex work. Belle isn't the only poison inspiring these already sexualized kids. Agreed, put blame on the parents. This is a retarded narritive.

No. 150831

You cant tell me you cant see a pattern of minors who are trying hard to emulate belle delphine. Girls will get confused seeing Belle getting so much attention, they tunnel vision on what she does and copies her. It does not help that Belle posts things on Tiktok that 14 yr old girls can watch/attract those underage girls- Belle knows this, and now shes doing full blown doing porn.

No. 150840

Genuine question why are you so overprotective towards Belle? Or is it the sex workers you are so protective over? I mean you got so offended when people criticized this line of work as if they have no right to thinks it's a sleazy business

No. 150850

Because sex work is work. If you're in here just to shitpost your moralfagging, go to OT.

No. 150851

Maybe parents should take away phones from kids so they don't look at R rated content that is off Tiktok too. They just gave to google.

No. 150852

Can you guys go moralfag in off topic? This isn't relevant and just something to bitch about with the loose reaches of using Belle as the only thot to say "kids" get into sex work. Just fucking wait for milk for once.

No. 150865

Lmao stop pretending you give a shit about sex workers I swear the bitches who sperg about "muh sex work" the most are either middle class bitches who just started onlyfans for fun or retards who wanna show off how woke they are notice how it's only the online sex workers like belle and not the escorts,hookers etc. that get the most social protection? Something to think about..

No. 150868

No, its called not being a retard and shaming adults for consensual sex and sex work. Not everyone here has puritan views.

No. 150887

Sorry but we are allowed to think she’s disgusting for publicly posting her rape porn on to Twitter, and then backing it up with MRA esque statistics about how 70% of women enjoy rape or something. We are allowed to point and laugh at the girl who thought she was too pretty and smart to need to do sex work, and then ended up doing it anyway in the most cringeworthy way possible and making a fucking fool out of herself. She deserves every bit of critique she gets on these threads.
Also sex work isn’t work any more than burglary, drug dealing, pimping or grave robbing is. It’s nothing but sleazy, easy money.
Why don’t you stop relentlessly bumping the thread and just wait for milk?

No. 150901

Cool but your opinion isn't milk and you're just moralfagging to have something to post.

No. 150902

The thread is unbumpable, retard. Its autosaged.

No. 150903

And your opinion on sex work isn't milk either this isn't twitter nobody gives a shit if you think sex work is totes cool the hookers aren't going to appreciate you or be your friend for your "brave" opinion that nobody gives a shit about we were having a fun time making fun of this british girl and you had to ruin it by sperging like the retard that you are

No. 150905

Belle white knight needs to get a hobby. So pathetic.

No. 150906

Throw this thread in the trash already. She's been off the internet for how long now?… you all just circle around her looks and obvious photoshop. There's literally nothing to talk about unless she makes a come back.

No. 150908

We like pissing off the white knights.

No. 150909

>when if the kids are going to try sex work, they will do sex work.

Imagine writing this out and thinking you have a good opinion about anything. Children are influenced by their surroundings, we don't exist in a vacuum, and acting like famous ethots didn't popularize sex work with teenagers over the last few years is absurd.

No. 150920

You are repearing what the 70s and 80s and 90s people said. Media has been doing this for as long as possible. Putting the blame on one person out of millions is cringe as hell.

No. 150925

This isn't even milk. Why can you guys wait for milk. Jesus christ. This thread is a broken record because of vendettafags.

No. 150953

File: 1621555371503.jpeg (312.47 KB, 516x747, 563D744E-0739-404D-B751-557E3D…)

while you guys moral fag and argue, Belle is out having fun. Spotted on pixies tiktok and friend pages at a party.

No. 150958

Wtf is she wearing

No. 150962

what's her TikTok? I can't find it

No. 150974

Her tiktok is suspended. Idk what anon is talking about. Both of their tiktoks.

No. 150983

File: 1621575311614.jpeg (660.41 KB, 625x1119, FF0E6359-5074-4AF2-B3C0-EC6087…)

Originally got info from
I can’t plug the video I saw her in on the tiktok from tho. “Unknown extension” no matter what I do.
>>doesn’t know what I’m talking about.

No. 150984


Belle is cut out of all the pics on that tiktok account, that I can see.

No. 150987

Omg that nose is dreadful.
She looks so ugly and blotchy. Her hair looks absolutely fried as well.

No. 150988

> "I-I'm actually 5"2 you guys, uwu"
She is the same height as that Tayzea girl she did that colab with, who seems tall

No. 150997


link to the video with belle

No. 150998

File: 1621592187118.png (12.22 MB, 1242x2208, 2BE93D6D-BA19-4937-AEF4-ACD2B7…)

No. 151001

File: 1621592587808.jpeg (294.59 KB, 1242x1231, 20D87DFE-C44D-46F5-8647-D775F5…)

belle eating with josh

No. 151003

her thigh looks fat

No. 151004

She looks almost 25-28 in these pics. Photoshop is one hella tool lol. Her legs are gorilla size

No. 151005

she looks like a cute rat.

No. 151017

Why does she look so much bigger than the other girls? Like 2-3 times

No. 151035

where’s this pulled from? She’s cropped out of all the tiktok videos I saw kek. Wonder if the weight gain is from her becoming a lazy porkchop or did she go AWOL to address her ED

No. 151041

This looks like something from Shameless or Trainspotting, ugly brits be bleak times. Her hair makes no sense, is she trying to go blonde or what? The two streaks have now become the entire front section platinum, it seems like some other parts are slightly bleached copper and the rest is dark. wtf is this hairstyle.

Like if you want to go blonde just do the whole thing at once, it's obviously a home dye job too despite her ample funds.
(inb4 some sexworker complains I'm nitpicking)

No. 151043

File: 1621616802288.png (153.38 KB, 1228x712, Safe Consensual Sex Work.png)

I don't know how internet poisoned you need to be to think Britney Spears inspiring little girls to wear fluffy hair ties and do front knots in their school shirts is in any way comparable to ethots inspiring teenagers to post videos shoving dildos up their asses to audiences of thousands of strangers, but it sounds pretty chronic in your case, maybe look into that.

Clue: one of those behaviors has absolutely no real world consequences, dangers, career damage or other ill effects, the other can lead to shit like this:

No. 151045

Dude, Brittany was forced into sexualization by adults as a teen. That wasn't in her.

No. 151054

File: 1621620746083.jpeg (726.43 KB, 1125x1072, DBCE53BC-C309-4484-9116-063F02…)

The fb accounts of the people from that party. I’m not sure why she was so cut out though lol

No. 151056

sexworker best friends kek

No. 151096


can you post the videos?

No. 151104

Nta but they never said otherwise kek

No. 151127

File: 1621667843558.jpeg (291.75 KB, 1024x1144, DDD6DD6C-6107-48D7-A0F5-999D97…)

She asked them to so that nobody sees how ugly she truly is
She looks like peppa the pinhead more like
KEK where are you getting these pics? Are you a close friend of belles? Or are you belle? Cos those pics look like they’re from Snapchat
That girl next to her mogs her so hard

No. 151129

Why do they act like children.. and what’s up with her hairline, it looks receded.

No. 151157

Anon always crops and never shows sources.

No. 151159

It's people having fun. Is this like anons gatekeeping the Josh thing that happened in Tennessee or wherever, where anons are above having fun with other adults and the thing to call it is "childish"? Sorry you're boring as fuck with your friends, anon. Must suck not running around outside because you're trapped on your hamplanet scooter.

No. 151160

>she asked them to

Unless you're backing this up with something, don't tinfoil this stupid shit.

No. 151184

>maybe when you were 15 at most

Damn, must suck thinking running around outside doing stupid shit with other adults is only a 15 year old max activity. Sorry not everyone over 21 thinks you have to be at dinner parties or drinking at clubs. You just sound retarded.

No. 151191

You just sound bitter at people having fun outside and pussy deleting your comments so no one calls you out on how retarded playing outside gatekeeping is. Sage your posts.

No. 151192

I sound retarded for not running around a field at 21? That’s fine by me, you go out and roam those fields.

On another note, fuck this thread. Seriously no one can make a comment without yous going insane. I think I might go stan Belle at this point, would be less toxic.

No. 151193

No1currs, newfag

No. 151199

Bye oldfag

No. 151248

I'm actually glad she's going outside and having fun with other people she should do that more often it's much better than sitting at home all day like a neet and posting snuff porn on onlyfans

No. 151255

Who is the girl next to Belle? She looks stunning.

No. 151258

Does she even post at all? She’s not active anywhere else on public social medias, she’s probably been spending time doing dumb shit with her friends these past few months instead of making content.

No. 151334

No1currs, it's not her thread

No. 151338

please go back to twitter or pornhub, whore. nobody cares about your defenses for a degenerate "occupation" that is ran by evil money grubbing men who ruin the lives of women who fall for the "porn is a job" meme, lonely men who can't get laid, impressionable youth whose sex lives are permanently ruined by stumbling across it and getting addicted, and most of all sex trafficked women and children who never had a say. just because "sex sells" doesn't make it okay. >>150493 has a great point.

No. 151339

because they practically are children who were groomed by internet coomers that they should have gone into porn the second they turn 18, which they nearly did gradually by the time they were 19-20. this pic is normal behavior for her as a 21 year old.

as much as i dislike belle, she isn't ugly like many people here seem to nitpick on her looks but she is retarded as fuck and i hope she leaves the internet porn scene for good and just tries to be normal and hang out with her friends. how can she hang out with these girls (presumed) boyfriends knowing they have probably seen her naked and masturbating poorly? so weird. she will never be normal but i hope she doesn't return to OF or anywhere to make her bad pedo porn.

No. 151349

>moralfags herself

No. 151374

Tbh I wonder if always having to keep her face and body perfect just stressed her out too much.
Like the amount of filters she was using, having to stay super thin for picky moids..

No. 151393

She is ugly. She has an ugly shapeless body, ugly tits, ugly nose (that went from rat-like to collapsed grinch-like) , ugly buck teeth and overbite, ugly puffy face, long FAS philtrum, beady little rat eyes. I see nothing cute or attractive about her face or her body. If you look at old unedited pics of her she looks like a horse.
She’s not only ugly but fucking retarded too.

No. 151403

No. 151405

You're bringing up random other topics to shoestring into your argument. Sex work is work. Get the fuck over it and I'm one of those anons, dumbass. No1currs about how much you hate sex workers.

No. 151408

Sex work is work but no one respects a prostitute.

No. 151410

Sex work is not work

No. 151411

To be honest, all these stated are true. Without filters she looks not even in a average range with that botched grinch nose. No one to blame but herself for getting influenced by pedo men who think a woman has to look like a anime character for the rest of her life. She will start looking worse the more she ages, wait for it.

No. 151415

I think she is ugly but cute. Like a rat.

No. 151422

File: 1621770461643.jpeg (Spoiler Image,176.13 KB, 1187x746, 92D569C6-7B52-4162-8CB8-A68170…)

She isn’t cute though, she’s grim. Her whole schtick is tacky and morbid (and not in a good way) her personality is contrived and cloying, she radiates narcissistic energy in every podcast as well as a deep seated insecurity. There is nothing innately cute about her.
Look at this shit: she publicly posting this to Twitter without warning. She explained afterwards that she’s “not sorry” and that “most women enjoy simulated rape”. She absolutely sickens me to the core. She could of posted this shit to onlyfans, but she decided to very publicly post it on Twitter, to show all the neckbeards that she’s cooler than the other girls, because she’s ok with degrading rape and has a victim blaming mentality (all women enjoy rape, they’re just ashamed about it)
I think she realises she went too far, and tryats why she doesn’t post anymore. It was never about money for her, it was all about the attention and adoration.
Nobody finds her cute anymore. It’s obvious that everything she does is for attention because her parents don’t want her anymore.

No. 151423

If it weren’t for editing and filters she would be nothing. What are the odds of someone with her looks being spotted by anyone before the ages of filters and airbrushing? She has no fundamental beauty. She looks like any old rat-faced chav from England.

No. 151424

Samefag, no1currs

No. 151425

Well you clearly currr very much, since you lurk the thread every single day, arguing with every single post. Get a life.

No. 151426

File: 1621772829143.jpeg (88.26 KB, 460x573, D0D2C31B-5098-4323-8D14-E79E15…)

You can’t convince me that she isn’t straight up evil for this.

No. 151429

Agreed with this, she should never return tbh and just enjoy her life.

No. 151430

Agreed completely with this post. It's like a cult recruiting members and choosing to overlook all the child abuse, trafficking and societal damage

>but muh sex work is work

Nobody said it wasn't work, we said it was a shitty, damaging form of work.

No. 151431

I never read this, and still won't, but love the subtle roast she gave gross Josh in the last line:
>Best sex I've had for months

No. 151433

How shocking a women with an incel fanbase who is affording her lifestyle making rape porn is going to tell women who are bothered by it to fuck off

No. 151434

I wish these sex positive feminists cared about the women and children that are being trafficked into sex slavery and are forced into prostitution due to poverty because almost 80% percent of sex work worldwide is exactly that as much as they care about some onlyfans whore getting mean comments calling her a whore (oh boohoo the opression sEx wOrK is WoRk!!!!)

No. 151442

This is old fucking milk.

No. 151443

Trafficking isnt the same as an adult willingly doing sex work and on their terms, on their sites. Stop comparing forced sex work to consensual sex work. There is a massive difference and if you guys actually cared, you wouldn't keep saying an adult looks like a child. That's fucking dangerous to children. Children are children,not an adult wearing an adult babydoll dress bought off an adult clothing site. You clearly don't give a fuck about what you're talking about it. Normies see black and white without actual work in the field and immediately think sex work = trafficking.

No. 151450

Lmao you sound as if you taste like cum extra saltyyyyy

No. 151451

Hey look anon if you think sucking dick for money is fine than cool I personally don't care either but you have no right to ignore the women that are suffering from the same industry you want to protect because they are former sex workers who would like to speak out about the fucked up stuff that happens in the industry but unfourtanetly they are silenced by spergs like you who unfairly dismisses them as "people who don't know anything about the industry" because no they know more than you ever wish you could and you should shut up and hear they're voices

No. 151496

i bet she's pregnant I'm calling it

No. 151509

What an embarrassing tangent and derail lol

No. 151510

If that anon cared they wouldn't ever compare an adult like Belle to children because it insinuates the sexualization the anon has towards children. It's fucking creepy as hell. Who looks at an adult doing porn and thinks kids? Wtf.

No. 151511

Stfu with your bad takes already your arguing with yourself at this point I will tie you up and force you to watch me fuck your husband if you don't shut your pig mouth up

No. 151514

File: 1621799608559.jpeg (741.78 KB, 1242x1794, 6414CAAB-C5EC-4F28-8888-3E5BEB…)

her old nose

No. 151517

i hate her too but idgi, what is so ugly about her face or body? i dont think she needed any surgery and i think filters made her actually uglier if anything, the filters made her look like a rodent to me. her natural face though has generally balanced, symmetrical features. not a moid, just dont understand. if i saw her walking down the street i would either find her average or somewhat pretty. post who you find to be attractive, anons lol

No. 151518

>hard-core porn
belle please. that is such a funny reach, nothing edgy about your porn, its badly done and both you and josh seem to be inexperienced as hell. no wonder why she quit the internet again. or is she getting even moar work done lmao

No. 151520

not the same person

No. 151525

Each taste is different but majority will agree she looks below average with the current botched face she has. Past is past why are you bringing up her past appearance? Are you some wizard or time traveller? Her current visage is her own fault. Sad to hear the truth for sure but she ruined her face completely.

No. 151533

You clearly don't know what botched surgery is.

No. 151535

Ew horse nose. Good thing she lifted the tip. Looks better now.


No. 151536

>promoting sex work to middle class white women and teenagers and giving them the strongest voices in the community dilutes the fact the vast majority of sex work is survival sex work, coerced or trafficked victims
>There are moral issues with kids going straight from school to sex work, because they think it's "glamorous" and Belle had a significant role in promoting to that audience

This Anon's brain:
>doo doo doo doo dum doo doo no correlation

No. 151540

Dude, that's not on Belle. You have more people following after the tiktok and youtube thots like Bella Thorne who made the site known to white girls (beyonce for poc due to MtS song) and Tana Mongoose. Belle exists but again, they are also all promoting sex work through personal means, not sex trafficking. Kidnapping girls and women is on men. I dint understand what you're trying to grandstand here when Belle isn't sex trafficking or promoting sex trafficking. Wtf is wrong with you, anon? Movies and tv promote this more than any of these social media whores. Guys promote it, urge it. You're blaming the wrong fucking people who are doing sex work on their terms, not through pimps or child slavery. Jesus christ.

No. 151609

Next you'll say Nikki Minaj having one and Beyonce name dropping Onlyfans is selling to children and not adult women. Retarded take, anon.

No. 152376

i wouldnt call her botched personally, just more that i think she only got facial surgery because she had a lot of cash burning in her pocket and just decided to try to look more like one of her filtered pics or something. again i wouldn’t consider her botched.

No. 152379

Without filters she looks ugly-cute but filters make her look weird.

No. 152388

she literally posted them on patreon once but ok

No. 152393

A botched nose is considered botched? Not sure how a grinch nose isn't. In my opinion she looks not ugly but rather weird and awkward, "plastic" due the nosejob She should sue however done that to her lol.

No. 152434

She needs to get her jaw shaved next if she's getting plastic surgery to look like her pics

No. 152470

There’s no such thing as ugly cute. She’s an ugly catfish

No. 152477

Is Belle a feminist?

No. 152513

Are you trying to be funny?

No. 152639

She says she agrees with “80% of what shoe0nhead says in her videos”

No. 152685

Why would anyone takes anything she says seriously when her whole gig is marketing towards dudebro neckbeards? That's literally her whole schtick.

No. 152689

So exactly like belle than

No. 152693

It's hard to say how she actually feels about anything because she knows cameras are rolling. She's staged arrests, anon. Anything meme related or 4chany, I just ignore because its most likely talk to get scrotes.

No. 152698

I know we like to make fun of her but technically unlike other cows Belle sort of won in a way I mean think about it she made a shit ton of money from doing the stupidest shit on the internet and gained a big audience from it in such a short time at the age of freaking 19

all the popular YouTubers spoke about her and made several videos on her how many other lolcows who post nudes and cosplays have made it this big? idk maybe I'm speaking too soon and shit will eventually hit the fan for her but for now she seems to be doing alright

No. 152705

She's a literal exception to other thots just like how Jessica, Moo, and Yaya got lucky.

No. 152708

lol no. the only thing she has going for her is her looks and likely temporary cash stack. iirc her patreon was deleted, insta and youtube banned, and onlyfans are not even used the past few months. what does she have left? snapchat/tiktok? does she even use those to make money these days?

she never "won", the internet hates her and even though she has walked away with money it was at the expense of her dignity and even though it got her desperate ass attention it wasn't the kind she wanted. not to mention she said the porn stuff made her and her mom very distant.
meanwhile scrotes and other women can make just as much money, even more, without the world seeing them poorly masturbate and have bad sex with a person who is just using them for their body and income, lol. a person who does what belle did, is not a winner in any sense of the word, just because they made money.

No. 152709

Yes they can make money, but top tier like Belle and other thots like Tana, did get lucky. Just because the market is saturated doesn't mean she isn't one of the lucky name dropped ones. Yes, Avengers has tons of actors, but only like 3 are legal name dropped because the rest are know as the heroes names. Market saturation doesn't dilute the fact that there are big names in the business, better known, who make more money like Belle.

No. 152711

>sex work success isnt REAL success

Damn you're salty lol

No. 152712

Imagine being mad and sad for the cucks lol

No. 152721

I think she will keep on being able to make alot of money she is like the PewDiePie of ethots unless something goes wrong or another future egirl takes her spot and she does still get alot of love I mean look at the comments on her podcast interviews I'm not trying to jerk her off or even white knight her but these are simply the facts it is what it is

No. 152723

There are way more positive comments or meme bandwagon comments than there are negative ones. She is successful, but anons want to use her content as why she's not, but its her content that made her successful.. They just hate her to hate her and don't like sex work like most farmers. It gets stale when this is the "milk" at this point. Its like the vagsperg and nosespergs. They don't have anything new to add aside from not liking her because she's famous and gets paid for stuff they don't like. That's why they are getting creepy and stalking any pages they find of her family or friends and posting them, scrounging like cows themselves to find her real social medias and tonfoiling out the ass.

No. 152726

No you idiot you completely missed the point her content is garbage it's overly filtered and edited shitty cosplays with censored out nipples and pussy and most importantly her porn was unsexy and boring I've seen better ammatuer porn between couples and yet belle is supposed to be the "professional" one

My point is her marketing was genuis the pornhub stunt the batherwater shit the mugshot thing these stunts are what put her in the spotlight and got the media and YouTubers talking about her and naturally people got more interested in her

No. 152729

And keep this in mind people liked her because she didn't do full on nudes why do you think the pornhub stunt was so well received by everyone?

The fact that she wasn't your stereotypical camgirl that showed everything is what made her unique to neckbeards your average sex worker can't pull that off because they can't afford to tease they're fans otherwise they will lose money but belle managed to pull it off

She was a cosplayer that teased the idea of being a camgirl not the other way around

No. 152736

Its like how people flipped out when Jnig started showing nipples in December. The long tease is a hook. These other thots go straight to it and they don't build that fandom. Even guys who complain about her still consume her content lol Its easy cuckbucks and she managed the consumer part really well.

Now I'm going to have anons complain she's "not a marketing genius!! She's just a WHORE!!" Yeah, a successful one.

No. 152738

Obviously the stunts got her somewhere, but I'm talking about as far as getting money goes. That tease, the blurring to make people go to your page over and over and stay subbed in hopes they see uncensored content is that smart thing she did. That's how you build a paying audience, not just the virality. She's taking advantage of not being a guy like PewDiePieb for a reason. No one wants to see a nude dude, they'd rather pay a viral star who's a girl.

No. 152742

Is this her praising thread or what?

No. 152745

In fairness we don't know if she is the one that's the the "marketing genius" it could be her boyfriend Josh or maybe a third party who helped her get to where she is I highly doubt she's doing this all alone since most e celebs have a group of people helping them behind the scenes

No. 152746

I mean her success and money doesn't change the fact that she is still a vapid whore just like the millions of other vapid whores that are trying to make it big like her

No. 152758

She is Logan Paul of ethots. She is hated and mocked but she doesn't care because of the money she makes.

No. 152760

Wow anon, calm down.

No. 152762

Why do you cry about this thread in meta daily?

No. 152774

You complain so much but contribute so little. I mean..imagine if WKfags like you actually productively contributed rather than ALSO clamming this thread up with derail and consistently bitching on Meta to get your precious Belle’s thread closed or about some of the spergs hurting your feelings in place of Belle.

(Inb4 no1currsfag)

No. 152778

She did this before him. Dint give this cuck credit.

No. 152779

Take it to meta, fags.

No. 152789

No1currs WKfag

No. 152811

This all because an anon said comparing what Belle does to human trafficking is stupid from earlier? There's more than one anon calling out the obvious non-milk posts just to nitpick and complain about hating sex workers.

No. 152817

Looks like Michael Jackson here kek

No. 152845

Is that really her? Looks nothing like her. Where’s the rat nose? Where’s the overbite? Where’s the malformed chin?

No. 152846

There’s no such thing as a “successful whore”. She’s a global laughing stock. Everyone thinks she’s fucking gross. She’s currently in hiding because everyone laughed her off the internet because of her shitty porn.

No. 152847

>she is the Logan Paul of e thots
Yeah, ugly and amoral

No. 152849

Anon, your hugbox isn't the globe lol

No. 152850

You have such a bleak idea of success, it’s fucking depressing.
Also we all know she doesn’t make half as much money as the daily mail claims she does.

No. 152852

She is literally a joke, a spectacle, a LAUGHING stock. Everyone you mention her to just cringes. “That’s that weird, gross, braces girl from tiktok who made embarrassing porn and pedo-rape baiting publicly on Twitter” is the general consensus.
The 15 year old scrotes posting memes in your Twitter replies are YOUR hug box, they are not the globe.
You are so depressing. You realiSe the vast majority of women DONT aspire to be a whore in any capacity? Seems like you struggle to understand it.

No. 152853

All she is going to be one day is a washed up, penniless, uneducated, talentless mouth breather (because of her collapsed nasal bridge) probably divorced from fat Josh, a single mother to a child that she will emotionally neglect, just like she was, and she will be completely depressed, living a meaningless existence, as the only value she has is her pedobait image (which in itself is smoke and mirrors). Imagine being such a parasite that you refuse to have any sense of a true purpose, yet insisting this equates success?

No. 152856

She is right. Belle herself said she is hated and she is envious of other internet figures.

No. 152857

She will always be known for being a whore. She can't even use her real name now, that's sad.

No. 152858

You know Belle Delphine isn't her real name, right?

No. 152861

I do. Do you think she can hide with Belle Kirschner?

No. 152868


No. 152879

Is that why she calls herself Myah Lewes now?

No. 152906

Lol, got enough fake pages that no one knows her real name.

No. 152918

Everyone knows her name is Mary Belle Kirschner

No. 152938

are you actually retarded?

No. 152956

Then why were anons bothering to post the Lewes facebook pages?

No. 152957

File: 1622057840173.png (148.58 KB, 1215x518, myah.png)

from artfinder

No. 153010

Okay but like why do we have to dig up every single thing
I don't think the art stuff really matters

No. 153012

She definitely has gone full circle with this name change though
Does she ask her friends to call her Myah now..? How strange

No. 153016

what's this from? depop? it looks familiar. almost thought it was yelp for a second lmfao

No. 153079

It proves she uses Myah Lewes everywhere now.

No. 153107

Not really. Shows she uses the name, but not everywhere and it still doesn't make sense about the Mary Belle name either then. She could be using an alias still. It doesn't even matter though

No. 153111

Some anons also said it was a catfish. This post has nothing to do with her real name (Mary-Belle Kirschner) though.

No. 153126

Idgaf about her really name, trying to find it is just stalker behavior. She's known as Belle Delphine anyway and with pink hair. I don't think she's going to be 100% known unless you do a couple double-takes to a stranger unless they were even familiar with her. 3 million people isn't the globe. My mother doesn't even know who she is. She's not this Beyonce level celebrity. Not even tiktok or youtube influencers are. Her fandom is small as far as name recognition goes for a celebrity. Trisha is probably the only person I can think of who a lot of people might recognize, but throw her into a crowd of blonde bimbos and you wouldn't pick her out easy if you didn't know her face and just stage name.

No. 153127

Calm down, that's off topic

No. 153129

No one is trying to find her real name, it is known already. Stop reaching.

No. 153141

Anons were just saying how her real name can't even be used because of who she is. She's not known from her real name and her notoriety isn't as influential as they think it is. >>152857 mentioned it

No. 153200

Imagine going to a party with your significant other (belle delphine) knowing all of your friends have seen her shitty nudes and porn lmaoooo

No. 153211

Her fans and haters know her real name (Mary-Belle Kirschner) and can find her with it. When you google her real name Belle Delphine comes up anyway. Myah Lewes has almost no results.

No. 153227

Eh.. I think only the more obsessed ones if both those categories know her real name. It's weird to look up someone's real name. That's not exactly common just because someone is famous. Lots don't know Angelina Jolie's real name, not to mention her dad, abd she's an actual global celebrity.

No. 153234

She could not hide with her real name. You are derailing.

No. 153237

Anons clearly are split as some keep insisting its Lewes. Lol calm down

No. 153252

She is using Lewes an alias

Her real name is on wikipedia, it's not hard to find lol, even just typing 'belle delphine' into google brings it up

No. 153263

We should include Myah Lewes to Belle's next thread title.

No. 153264

People told YOU to calm down though lol

No. 153266

Belle is not recognizable in real life. Girls like Kitty Sopie can skinwalk so easily because of how heavily Belle's looks depend on filters. Her fake name was either a failed stunt or a failed attempt at privacy. Either way it is really sad.

No. 153269

the tinder thing was sad too. i think that was her attempt at a new stunt, yet no one really cared / found out

No. 153290

When? I'm not the one replying except that post?

Why if its fake? OP sucked to begin with. No information or updated info.

No. 153291

Not because of filters,lol wut? It's more about the name and how without her wig and get-up, she's basic looking.

No. 153304

She looks different even with the make-up and wig in others' photos and happy hour podcast

No. 153305

Because it is her alias now, newfag. Do you only visit this thread on lolcow?

No. 153309

No one cares about her alias.

No. 153314

Your WK'ing is getting weak

No. 153315

File: 1622224913064.jpg (331.43 KB, 2581x831, belles.jpg)

Belle is so basic anyone can look like her, that's why no one cares about her 4th disappearance

No. 153316

File: 1622225011074.jpg (412.87 KB, 640x960, alice.jpg)

And it's hilarious how Alice looks more like Belle than Belle herself.

No. 153320

She does. Belle looks different in every photo kek

No. 153321

one ratface is enough(stop)

No. 153326

??? What are you talking about? I'm calling out how dumb it would be to include it when most anons agreed is a catfish from months ago damn

No. 153332

I don't think she looks like belle, seen a tiktok of her without that retarded ahegao faces. That alice delish is a skinwalker but belle looks different and more ratty compared to her. Not everyone with a pink wig looks like belle lol.

No. 153333

It is not a catfish, it is Belle. No catfish would spend thousands of dollars on paintings lol >>152957

No. 153334

Which ones are not Belle here?

No. 153337

First one.

No. 153339

You can tell that's not Belle though from how lankier she is alone. The eyes too.

No. 153347

If anyone thinks first two look like the last photo, they get glasses on the house. Feels like sometimes skinwalkers come here to post "look how much she looks like belle js" out of the blue to prove a point or some shit.

No. 153357

File: 1622236593449.jpg (281.44 KB, 1750x831, SA.jpg)

For all the people who couldn't tell
>left Sophie right Alice

No. 153365

Second one looks so much like Belle

No. 153366


I've never heard of Sophie, who is she?

No. 153378

Stfu, this isn't the copycat thread. Fuck off

No. 153391

They do this every time milk isn't happening. They begin these derailing nitpick comparisons. Everyone who isn't a retard can tell Belle apart.

No. 153422

Ironically Belle has more filters kek

No. 153428

Kittysophie and Alicedelish are most likely the ones who bring up themselves on this thread lol never seen other copycats getting mentioned only these two who try ridiculously hard to look like belle.

No. 153430

imagine looking like a rat on purpose kek

No. 153432

Wow you Americans are dumb as heck. Her real name is on companies House as a director. She hiding with a different online name.

No. 153446

No1currs bucktooth-chan

No. 153457

I'm not either of them, I'm just pointing out how easily people can replace Belle and not bat an eye. I didn't put out their user names so thanks for giving them attention to their profiles.

No. 153461

They are worthless thots. Who cares if you namedrop them? Anons were fine doxxing Belle's mom for fucks sake kek

No. 153462

Remember when belle trolled pornhub and so many people thought she was a genius for it but then she goes ahead and does porn anyway? It was all pointless in the end

No. 153468

so many incels*

No. 153469

It was good marketing though lol It hyped her up outside of her twitch meme niche. Kind of like the bathwater stunt. These were both good publicity stunts within the community and out if it briefly.

No. 153475


Probably 70% of the guys we would consider "incels" are not self aware at all

No. 153477

Yeah I get it, it was good marketing but it aged pretty badly considering she shows her boobs and openly fucks Josh in her porn video anyway so in the end the incels got what they wanted

No. 153482

That seems like where she was going with this. Unlike other thots, she actually made sure she had as big a following as possible before dropping real nudes and doing porn. Even her sticker covering editing was smart because idiots would sign up and just wait and wait for a real uncovered drop. She did this the smart way. That's why there are so many failed copycats.

No. 153489

funny sophie is mentioned when i havent heard of her in ages, funny that shes just now posting again. hmm.
her tiktok is kittysophie and she posted last on the 19th.

No. 153492

her porn failed though

No. 153494

How is it a failure when she made bank off it? This argument is so old.

No. 153557

yes, she made money, but the porn was bad. in all those podcasts she described it like this fantastic hard core porn, when it was very bad in reality. if it didn’t fail, then why do you think belle went poof again?

No. 153568

You aren't the audience. She made bank off her audience. Men actually like shitty, amateur porn over high production. If her target buys and that was the point, again, she didn't fail at her objective.

And she goes on long hiatus before too. I wouldn't say the two are mutual. It's the same thing she's done before. I'm not here to nitpick her porn because you didn't like it. In the literal sense, she did accomplish her goal. She marketed herself accordingly before doing the full sex porn reveal. She did things the right way vs other thots giving up everything within a month.

No. 153571

File: 1622386624210.jpg (573.55 KB, 1079x1079, 20210530_105618.jpg)

Belle's real face in case anyone forgot

No. 153576

So you are saying without filters? She looks cute here, anon.

No. 153595


Looks pretty to me. Belle hasn't had milk since this thread started. Looks like she was trying to get away from her Belle persona and live her life.

When she had milk it is fun to rag on her, but fuck's sake let the girl live. She's clearly trying to do her own thing.

No. 153598

Just repeated nitpick complaints and not drama either.

No. 153599

Lol Belle's simps have definitely invaded this thread
This isn't the right place to praise your qween neckbeard(Nitpicking, cope )

No. 153600


F*ck off Belle.
She looks nothing like her filtered persona and will never do.
Most would guess her (minimum) 5years old in the grim reaper pic.
She wants to keep everyone who criticizes her quite so she can make a comeback once again.

And talking about her face was or is milk tho. Dumb people really thought she looks like an Anime Loli in RL so it's relevant.
But also old milk lol

No. 153601

*5years older like, late 20s or in her 30s

No. 153625

Just a heads up for some of you in this thread: not shitting on someone for zero milk and also calling another woman pretty isn't WKing. A few of you regulars come off as needing therapy.

When Belle paid someone to scoop her nosebridge out, it was milk for like a day. When she lied about the hamster thing, milk for a month. Lying about breaking her arm, yep that's milk.

A young girl trying to find her style and spend time with friends is not fucking milk, losers.

No. 153633

Honestly its kind of creepy how the girl they get the photos from isn't even in any milk. They are sitting on anyone's profile they have in hopes of getting a glimpse of Belle to post. Call them what they are, stalkers. You're right, her running around outside isn't milk.

No. 153646

is it only me but anyone notice how someone will post a pretty pic of Belle and then call her ugly? I'm betting its often a white knight troll looking to make people here look bad. Theres plenty of pics where she looks fugly but they always pick the decent ones. lol They are baiting people into defending Belle. They did this on so many of the threads.

No. 153653

People called her porn boring and only her incel fans liked it.

No. 153660

File: 1622439676740.jpg (206.64 KB, 2400x1800, h66wo8npc9261.jpg)


No. 153661

She’s cute but her overbite ruins it for me, kek.

No. 153665

Sage your autism. The photo on the right has been debunked and posted already several times. It has been edited to remove her makeup and make her look worse.

No. 153669

Some of you are slug wk's, fuck off until new milk comes

No. 153673

hasn’t some of the parties she’s attended been a direct violation of COVID mandates where she is? That in the very least is slightly milky.

No. 153678

No they not a party, they are a funeral for her sex porn career. Your allowed up to 30 people that point. They there to morn the loss of her last strip of dignity.

No. 153679

She looks normal with very heavy make-up.

No. 153682

To the people telling what others should say or think about her: If someone doesn't find her attractive, doesn't mean they need therapy lol. No shit sherlock but maybe don't waste your time here to identify which people need therapy and do something else. Might suggest "hobbies. This is a thread about her bullshit persona and how much she filtered the shit out of her face. You think people find her pretty "natural" if she was hiding behind overphotoshopped photos for years? Kek

No. 153685

The amount of scrotes on this thread is ridiculous

No. 153689


I can’t believe people fall for it too. It’s obvious that’s what they are doing. Its easy to find ugly screencaps or pics of Belle. There’s even ugly pics of her in that reaper costume yet they choose the prettiest pic of her in that costume and comment how ugly she is. Wouldn’t be surprised if that’s part of her shady ass marketing.

No. 153690

And what parties are those? She hasn't gone out like Tana or Nikitta or other influencers and we've seen her out with her mask on at a theme park, but what big bash was she at during pre-vaccine?

No. 153691

File: 1622475642029.jpeg (175.7 KB, 1049x1170, A149B192-9F53-49DE-B157-39C22A…)

First video I found while searching her name. First shot I randomly chose.

No. 153694

File: 1622476014107.jpeg (21.86 KB, 236x295, 8119EC48-5779-488E-852D-89F21F…)

Belles totally real ugly face. Look how big her nose is and how fat she is. She looks so ugly here. Wrinkles everywhere.
Now cue all the people falling for my trap to tell me how her nose is small and that’s she’s not fat. Let me derail this whole thread once again so people can’t talk about what a shitty person she actually is.

No. 153705

she's not fat. are you stupid anon?

No. 153710

You're all retarded. She's not fat and her wrinkles are not bad.

No. 153716

Bell Dolphin is fat and I would not have sex with her

No. 153718

You fucktards didn't understand this anon is acting like those other anons posting pretty pics of her and call it ugly so we all get brainwashed she looks "pretty" being ugly

No. 153723

File: 1622489590934.jpg (8.37 KB, 363x174, IMG_20210531_213044_149.jpg)

This is so silly, it's hella photoshopped
Like always

Left is edited, right is her less or unedited. Keep und mind both are from the same photoshoot lol

No. 153724

File: 1622489611582.jpg (24.19 KB, 563x344, IMG_20210531_213042_339.jpg)

No. 153740

Nobody was saying that the old milk wasn't valid, more that you all keep posting the same shit and rehashing it. It's old. Move on, you come off as creepy stalkers.

No. 153741

When did filters become drama lol

No. 153746

I don’t think it’s about using filters honestly. It’s just the fact that she uses them so much that she looks like a completely different person.

Personally I don’t give a shit about using filters and whatnot unless it gets to that point. Kek

No. 153748

This is edited to make her look ugly.

No. 153749

I wonder if she will use Myah Lewes when she returns.

No. 153774

No it’s not. It’s literally a straight screen cap I took from the video at a random moment.

No. 153790

File: 1622529528515.png (20.12 KB, 234x255, playlist.PNG)

she updated one of her playlists on her YT channel today


No. 153793

Sure Jane
Someone is stuck in the illusion

No. 153830

she looks so bad that a wk is assuming someone edited her…lol…. You can watch the video on youtube dumbass.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HBZvs4nqOUg

No. 153843

Hey stupid and retarded, that anon was being sarcastic

No. 153981

I can't believe everyone responded sincerely to your obvious satire post, the people ITT truly lack reading comprehension.

No. 154005

File: 1622641891922.png (647.41 KB, 715x826, Screenshot_20210602-164956~2.p…)

Found this on pewdiepies reddit his fans don't seem to like her all that much

No. 154007

Belle was mocked on Pewdiepie's reddit when she tried to contact him and send him a mystery box. I am surprised they still care about her.

No. 154012

They probably secretly have a crush on her

but what I find the most bothersome is how belle kept trying to flirt with pewdiepie and she made several sex jokes with him despite pewdiepie being married to marzia

Belle doesn't seem to respect her or they're relationship so why should they're fans respect her?

No. 154013

How do you get that from her and pewdiepie joking around? She's not trying to be with him lol Do you guys see fake drama and actually think it's real? It's like the Charlie thing again, anons said stupid things like "He hates her, she's trying to be better than him" when they both dont fucking care and he also has a girlfriend. Reel in your bad tinfoil. There's so much to debunk it.

No. 154014

You do realize sex workers like belle do try to get with semi famous married men because it can cause a scandal and it will give them tons of clout and it works everytime

All her stunts were calculated to get her clout why is this one all of a sudden just "innocent joking around"?
you have to be very dumb if you genuinely believe she was just messing with him even his own fans started thinking if they were secretly fucking

No. 154015

And lets be honest it's not just belle alot of thots would definitely take the opportunity to fuck him and be known as the homewrecker who ruined the wholesome relationship of marzia and felix

Think of all the publicity it would bring I'm sure belle wanted that but pewds is too much of a pussy to actually do it

No. 154026

Being faithful to his wife is being a pussy? Tell me more

No. 154039

>They probably secretly have a crush on her.
Not every guy is an incel.

No. 154040

Pewdiepie actually told Belle to stop reaching out in his video. He doesn't care about her but his fans got mad for some reason. They think Belle disrespects "the queen Marzia".

No. 154047

Yeah…by flirting with her husband

No. 154051

Felix never flirted back, he just made fun of her and told her to stop.

No. 154055

Why do you care? Belle is in a relationship too so if we're gonna feel sorry about partners being "disrespected" you might as well shed a tear for his mooching ass.

No. 154097

Don't try to gaslight me there is nothing ok about some stranger flirting with your partner while being aware they are taken it's very disrespectful

But I guess according to you it's ok as long as it's the Queen Belle thats doing it

Marzia should feel honored that Belle's beautiful perfect existences gets to take a special interest in her husband I'm sure she appreciates it very much

No. 154098

The wk here is so obvious I wonder if belle is paying her friend pixie to defend her

No. 154104

What Belle did to Felix is called harassment. It is disrespectful to keep making sex jokes about a person who is uncomfortable with it. If Felix did that to Belle people would call him a creepy pervert.

No. 154124

She wasn't flirting, what? Just because she's the opposite sex doesn't mean they were flirting. Can you really not tell the difference between content creators fucking around vs then actually being serious? Just because you want this to be true doesn't make it true lol

>don't gaslight me

Anon, you don't even know what that means, clearly.

No. 154127

File: 1622697407385.jpg (721.59 KB, 1080x1743, Screenshot_20210602-220902_Chr…)

They are on good terms. Jesus, you guys make up the most dumb shit. He wouldn't keep collaborating with her in all these multiple videos, if his wife said for him to stop talking to her or if she was 'harassing' him. They just haven't made content in a while because she started doing content with Cr1tikal instead. They aren't serious about this content war thing. PDP and some other dude even made a NSFW mystery box to send to her during the whole dildo collecting thing. There's no milk here.

No. 154133

What a dumb nitpick? Shopping from them doesn’t make you a bad person. All companies steal designs from other companies and designers to make profit off trends. it’s all the same shit. it’s called being smart. Stop being a moral fag belle is disgusting but her shopping there isn’t the reason why

No. 154137

That was before their 2020 BLM idiot stuff and a lot of thots, including POC, still shop there. Weren't you guys crying about the onesie being for children anyway, but now you're concerned about it being from an adult brand? You keep just manufacturing milk with tinfoil.

No. 154138

Those are not collabrations. They never made a video together, Pewdiepie just mocked her content and replied to her. Watch the videos yourself, anon.

No. 154139

He did ask Belle to stop in his last video.

No. 154153

You can't tell a fake tone from a serious one? Do you mean in the LWIAY Belle must be stopped video? Anon, get awareness

No. 154155

Watch the video anon…

No. 154156

Imagine making sex jokes about a married person who is uncomfortable with it. She was lying about being single but she was dating Josh at the time too.

No. 154157

He never collaborated with Belle.

No. 154168

When she still had her Instagram she was openly thirsting for him talking about how she was his biggest fan and how she wanted to one day shoot a porn with him
And she wore pewdiepie merch captioned bro fist me ;))
and she titled one of her porn videos as pewdiepie goes all the way inside me she even begged on twitter because she wanted to contact him and not to mention she has a cardboard cutout of pewds

But yeah sure it's just harmless fun nothing weird about any of this at all