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No. 136281

A thread for terrible music and music videos.

No. 136283

This one is just amazing chef's kiss

No. 136284

No. 136286

No. 136287

Alvin and the Chipmunks ft Gary the Snail

No. 136288

No. 136289

White rapper with a music video zooming in on random women's asses

No. 136291

No. 136292

No. 136293

Why are mods removing my videos? Pls let me share my collection, they're all saged wtf

No. 136324

Heart2Heart ran so that BTS could fly

No. 136329

get in on this

No. 136336

no idea what theyre saying but lowkey i like this. it looks like theyre having fun

No. 136338

Not the OP but it is a song about sitting on a scooter with your gf, Romana. Zanger Rinus is a well known and loved Dutch handicapped "volkszanger"

No. 136340

So does the “tutte tutte tutte tutte tutte” mean anything, or os it just a sound?

No. 136410

He says "toeter, toeter, toeter, toeter" and it means "honk, honk, honk, honk"

No. 136414

No. 136415

No. 136433

The fact that this was a huge hit in my country … also lots of titty jiggle in the vid for whatever reason.


No. 136434

No. 136442

mi nombre es yasuri yasuri yamile

No. 136443

de dia de noooocheeeeee quisiera tomar mi tetitaaaaaa

No. 136444

a cute song about children drinking beer. Enjoy!

No. 136463

I raise you this, anon

No. 136480

kek I forgot about this gem

No. 136481

so bad it's good

No. 136483

Unironically in a so bad, it's good way, Duran Duran thought covering Public Enemy was a good idea.

No. 136487

jk it's excellent

No. 136492

First song that came to mind

No. 136493

Lance Bass is in this, I love it. This reminds me of the fucking Ryder Ripps boy band KEK.

No. 136494

No. 136516

what a bop

No. 136524

Samefag but fuck you anon. I've got the pizza song stuck in my head now

No. 136531

the fuck, this song is based and an absolute early 00's amv staple

No. 136536

Legitimately one of the worst songs I've ever heard. God help these poor kids.

No. 136578

File: 1618118937651.jpg (11.3 KB, 275x347, 1578093680406.jpg)

Fuck off this is good

No. 136604

This atrocity belongs here

No. 136605

More dutch gold

No. 136625

There are a lot of horrifying songs in this thread, but this… this is on another level. One of the top comments saying "BLINK if your being held hostage" is on point.

No. 136650

anon,why are you so fucking stupid

No. 136651

wtf anon, I feel offended right now

No. 136655


No. 136656

No. 136657

No. 136660

they're still making music, last song was released 10 months ago. three beat slide have a chart topper in them yet

No. 136662

2 million views and no comments?

No. 136671

I notice that it isnt visible on the video without clicking but it is the mandarin version of girlfriend

No. 136735

the legend

No. 136738

i will never forgive zoomers for bringing this shit back

No. 136741

No. 136745

No. 136746

i retract my statement,this version is fucking strange,sounds like shes speaking simlish

No. 136754

No. 136755

God,I know MSI is an edgy band and that's their thing, but what the fuck is this?

No. 136760

No. 136780

>Cinema Bizarre
fuck, now that is a name i haven't heard in a long ass time.

No. 136859

No. 136872

No. 136973

No. 136975

No. 136982

Everything BOTDF has made

No. 137017

I created an entire playlist for horrible music a while back, I added basically every leetstreet boys song to it.

No. 137018

I genuinely will never understand why this band was popular.

No. 137019

No. 137021

No. 137030

same reason as why onion was popular
omg I thought I was the only one who knew them! Loved them as a dumb teen because nerdy content was so rare back then

No. 137032

>omg I thought I was the only one who knew them!
I think they’re actually more popular now more than ever because of people making fun of their horrible music.

No. 137183

I really want to know the story behind this family.

No. 138184

Tis the season, ladies

No. 138186

Another iconic song

FUCK YOU Escape to the Stars was based KEK

No. 138188

No. 138191

National anthem

No. 138193

No. 138382

File: 1618905937327.png (48.16 KB, 300x300, E367095A-D491-4A18-8EFE-A2B306…)

not sure if this is the right thread for it but is anyone really disappointed in marina’s new song purge the poison. it’s not that she hasn’t included social commentary in her earlier releases but i found they were a lot more subtle and meaningful back then in like the family jewels and electra heart era. i cannot stand the heavy handed woke virtue signaling in this song and it’s not going to age well. i miss her old music . i don’t even disagree with the lyrics and the overall message i just hate feeling pandered to.

No. 138412

I checked and wow, those lyrics are pure shit. WTF happened?

No. 138422

The composition and production is good but yeah the lyrics are way too in your face, I cringed hard when she brought up the virus and Harvey Weinstein. I hope the rest of her upcoming album isn't like that cuz I'm looking forward to it

No. 138443

Slap palms on a casino machine

No. 138445

No. 138446

No. 138448

The DS logo reminded me of this hidden gem

No. 138449

Why do I like this

No. 138667

I'm sick and tired of people acting like this is the only horrible music in this game when the entire OST is trash. I can't believe I actually played this shit more than once.

No. 138668

And for context, what I just posted is a remix of this.

No. 138672

It's shit but it's supposed to be

No. 138673

I hate sonic but even I have to admit the music is usually great, just makes this soundtrack even more of a earsore by comparison.

No. 138740

oh, you have not heard the WORST

No. 140373

I am still amazed this song made it into the mainstream charts

No. 140408

I loved this song when I was a kid ngl

No. 140414

Reality tv cast members don't deserve rights.

No. 140434

No. 140441

No. 140442

I want to trash him

No. 140452

No. 140453

I feel uncomfortable when I hear this

No. 140454

if we're including bad video game music, then let me present the only free DLC song for P4D. I wonder why it was free

No. 140466

lmao this made me mad

No. 140469

This shitty song triggers my autism because the hushing and mumbling reminds me of nightmares where people are talking to you but you can't make out what they are saying. Also at my previous job there was this giant Louis Vuitton store across the street, and for some reason they were showing this MV in the big store fronts for around a month, and at that time I didn't know who Sophie was, so everytime I saw it I thought "who the hell is this ugly dude prancing around?" lol.

No. 140471

Can't stand this guy. The most pathetic thing to happen to him was that his PR agents romanticised the fuck out of his death and people kept trying to claim someone else's suicide note as his.

No. 140581

What the fuck is this? Is the the hidden Bogdanoff triplet? This guy doesn't know how to sing to the point where this video looks like a parody. The fake whispering reminds me of this.

No. 140594

No. 140595

Some troon musician who died a few months ago, they tried to pass it of as an accidental death where he "slipped while moon gazing on a balcony", but come on, it's obvious he killed himself. He was apparently one of the main artists in the hyperpop genre, which doesn't make me want to discover it tbh.

No. 140606

"hyperpop" is so fucking ass, just a bunch of trannies shitting out heinous noise music thats mixed with appropriation of both late 2000s 12 year old weeb girl culture and mid 2010s alice glass/grimesfag 12 year old tumblr girl culture because the only way they can cum is imagining themselves as one of the two

No. 140745

Rick Genest’s death was also blamed on accidental balcony slipping. Is there a balcony slipping epidemic or are these suicides by people who perhaps regret some of their extreme body mods?

No. 140802

Terrible on purpose, though the pre rap opera wasn’t that bad to me.

No. 140846

Is it even common for regular adults to accidentally slip from balconies anyway? Unless you're very fucking high or something I guess… But here we have two people with unusual lifestyles who were in the public eye, and God knows what mental illness they might have had. I guess the accident conclusion was to give fans and families some relief even if they don't believe it.

No. 140899

No. 140914

No. 141048

Toronto/GTA anons ought to know

k e k

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