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No. 772649

verb; give free expression to (a strong emotion)
e.g.: "we vent our spleen on drug barons"

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No. 772653

I procrastinate even the things I genuinely WANT to do. I'm ridiculous

No. 772655

No. 772661

I spent most of last night awake crying and slept for 3 hours before working both my jobs today lol I’m going to take an addy and try to avoid fucking killing myself

No. 772662


you can do it anon, life is tough but keep living!

No. 772664

I'm ugly…

No. 772666

File: 1617108779648.gif (127.08 KB, 481x270, 5aa0e3ef594fc5bd1dafda61cfe0f9…)

I guess I have to go back to pretending to be a boy in videogames so people would fuck off.

I keep wanting to find nice teammates to play and develop friendship with, just to always meet mentally ill smurfs that would automatically proclaim you as their gf and treat you like their property.

No, I do not owe you talking on voice chat every second. No, I do not owe you making kissy noises or telling you I love you because I got a damn partner. I do not owe you to answer to your message the second you DMd me as well, so please stop spamming everywhere like an idiot because I am a damn human being.

God, I am so happy that I discovered a long franchise with a fascinating story in which I can waste thousands of hours in instead of playing competitive videogames. But Jesus, this treatment from men fucking sucks.

No. 772671

>God, I am so happy that I discovered a long franchise with a fascinating story in which I can waste thousands of hours in
What is your game of choice? Sorry about retarded scrotes. They never change

No. 772674

>message work chat that I will be late due to a flat tire
>male coworker last minute messages he won't be working today because he's been sick all night
>omg feel better soon!!!!!!

Wish I were male so my fake excuses would land better too.

No. 772677

Im building my pc and it's so fucking frustrating, my brain hurts and I feel retarded. I feel like I already fucked everything up

No. 772679

Kek. I always thought I was the only one who did this so it brings me great joy to see I’m not alone. I’d literally rather be screamed at and berated for being a squeaker than have to deal with the kind of shit you referenced in your message.

No. 772693

why why why why why why why can't I just have normal human habits…I hope god destroys the internet soon.

No. 772711

I was literally about to post about this, wtf. Currently have some school work that I genuinely enjoy doing, but I'm still not doing them.

No. 772713

Maybe this is the new normal, anon.

No. 772745

My mom's stupid fat dog is eating my cat's food so now I have to make sure to shut the doors to my bedroom so that fat blob of shit doesn't devour everything. I was curious why my cat was eating so much and it's only after a few days my mom admitted that the bitch would sneak into my room which was off limits. God I hate dogs and I hate that stupid lazy piece of shit. I hope all dogs die.

No. 772749

my brother and I don't talk. We haven't for like, 3 years now. We simple don't get along, I think he's a massive bastard and if you asked him, he'd say I'm a massive bitch. For the most part my parents have accepted this, but every time one of our birthday's roll around, they both get upset when we don't wish each other a happy birthday. They say it's just petty, and to a degree I understand their point of view, but it's really just that we don't care for each other and won't put on a performance just to please our parents, so they can convince themselves we'll 'grow out of it' or something (my brother and I are fully grown adults). Idk, it annoys me they keep setting themselves up to be hurt when my brother and I made this decision and we're both happy with it.

No. 772754

I drink way too much now and can't stop. Last night I was soooo drunk I was having a hard time breathing. I passed out eventually. Woke up for work today after a terrible sleep and just felt like I am going to die. I can't explain it. I just feel like I am going to die very soon. I can't tell if I'm tired. I don't know what's wrong with me. I gained so much weight because of rona and life just really feels like a mess. I have the worst work attendance ever and I always used to be so reliable but I can get away with missing days since it's so slow here. I have a therapist and I try with her but my anxiety makes me think super hard about what im going to say to her etc. she never sees me spiralling like this. im basically screaming for help and no one can hear me.

No. 772755

I don't get why adult, out of the house people "need" to stay in contact with their parents' other kids. What the hell do your other kids have to do with me, parent?

No. 772760

When you are talking to my dad he lets there be a long pause in between what he's saying…

So I-
-and he abruptly picks up where he left off in the middle of your new sentence
I literally hate speaking with him

No. 772770

File: 1617118332738.jpg (107.91 KB, 1242x1216, c41c014d3328f2633e2663cb2e9407…)

I'm the same way, anon. My job is incredibly slow so work from home sometimes feels like sitting around doing nothing. This eventually lends itself to a lot of unhealthy habits, ie. alcohol addiction. I can't say I've exactly overcome this but I've found that the best thing to do is make a schedule for yourself despite being home. Every morning you wake up, have a shower, get dressed, eat breakfast. Separate your "work" and "play" areas. If you're going to drink, try to limit the time frame. For example I try my best to start drinking after say…8pm, that way I know I won't over indulge because I'm more likely to just fall asleep. These are changes you can make right now. As for your therapist, you need to be honest with her. There is no value in paying her if you won't share all the intimate and gory details. She can't help you fix what she doesn't know.

You can try /r/stopdrinking as well. It helps me guilt myself into not drinking sometimes if you keep up with reading stories and updating your badge. I believe in you, anon. Corona-chan hasn't been very good for anyone's mental health, so don't kick yourself too hard. You can do this.

No. 772773

why do I feel like you’re a famous twitch streamer who weirdly lurks here

No. 772774

File: 1617118644966.jpg (28.94 KB, 316x400, 4b9ce4b271b146e00e4e11382ab1f0…)

Fell in love with an amazing woman and she's married to a short fat ugly scrote.

She's fucking amazing, so beautiful. A goth without the "flashy goth" stuff. Just black hair, red lipstick, shellac skin. Sharp nose, dimples and a lovely smile. Her laugh fills me with joy. She's way taller than me and her voice is deep which I really like. She has the cutest freckles. She just made my heart stop whenever we were in the same room.

I know it's creepy but at our sorority sleepover, when we were on the beach, I pretended like I was taking pictures not the sunset but it was actually of her. sigh

please don't post this in copypasta thread, I'm genuinely embarrassed I feel this way about a taken woman plus adoring someone from afar like this
picrel, imagine a woman made up of all the vibes in this picture. That would be her.

No. 772775


this is the first time someone ever responded to my vent on here. thank you so much for your words. it honestly helps to know I'm not alone. I will be checking out that subreddit and I will be making a schedule. Thank you for your thoughtful reply. honestly means more than you'll ever know. I'm sitting in a room with two other people rn who just think Im fine and inside im dying.

No. 772776

I hate my life, I can’t keep living like this.

No. 772783

Sometimes I thought that my fucking unfortunate situation is not worth a day and then I saw the update from my interests or some funny glitch in the matrix shit that made me thought maybe.. maybe I should stick around for a while to see how unpredictable and ridiculous humanity is.

No. 772807

I've recently broken up with my boyfriend and my friend won't fucking shut up about her boyfriend. She tells me everything good about her life. I usually just put an emoji to let go of it but she won't fucking stop talking about her great life while I'm sad, is she fucking autistic?

No. 772810

I can’t relate, I’ve been depressed for about a decade now. I can barely hide it in my mannerisms when I try to improve. I’d off myself if I wasn’t scared of fucking up and becoming disabled kek

No. 772815

I feel so isolated and I can’t deal with it. Whenever I go outside I feel like I emit some sort of energy that disgusts and offends everyone. I feel like everyone hates me and I freak out so much. I haven’t had a friend or talked to anyone in months and I feel like I’m truly going insane, I’m
only 18 and feel like I’m the only person like this, everyone else my age seems so happy and okay. I feel like I’ve been shadowbanned from life.

No. 772818

been in my dyke feels and lately i've been wanting a funny and cute gf to spend time with but this morning i realized that if i ever get serious with any girl that at some point she's gonna hear me fart. god dammit. i don't know why that freaked me out like it did but honestly considering never seeking romantic relationships with women ever so there's never a chance that they could hear me fart lmao.

No. 772820

Lol anon I’m kinda going through this with my best friend as well, you either have to resign to letting it go or move on from the friendship if it’s something you’ve already talked to her about. I’m sorry about your boyfriend and your friend. It’s hard. Wishing you the best.

No. 772821

Not even a witch or whatever but casting into the universe that she’ll wise up and love you back anon xoxo

No. 772822

I don't even want to pretend to be a scrote anymore because even if I make friends that way, it's all fake. I just want to make friends with other women. I've been playing Final Fantasy XIV a lot, and every time I think I meet another woman it's just a moid playing a female character. Every fucking time.

No. 772825

If my acne doesn’t go away soon I’m going to commit suicide

No. 772828

Finally stopped talking to my ex, took me long time to accept not because she's sometimes is nice doesn't mean she isn't an asshole for a lot more.
After some time of not replying to her messages I felt like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I never realized how toxic it was for myself to keep in contact with her until she left my mind. It's incredible to realize the grip someone can have on you and your mental health.
Even though I feel really stupid for letting this go on for so long while being fully aware she wasn't as nice as she think she is just because I was afraid of completely losing her,today I feel lighter than ever.
I'm never again going to make excuses for someone's bad behavior only because I love them. "It's who I am" won't cut it as an excuse anymore. A jerk is a jerk no matter how much time they spent putting makeup on their flaws.

No. 772831

Anon I’m glad you posted this bc I needed to hear it too. I’m really, really happy for you but will be hard at times even with your feelings now, but it’s for the best. Good job.

No. 772832

this doesnt make sense. they wish him well because he is sick, do people have to wish you well when your tire is flat?

No. 772834

I really need to do it too.
I'm so happy for you anon!

No. 772838

anon as much as I like to shit on men I think you're overthinking this one lol.

No. 772840

File: 1617124254681.jpg (168.65 KB, 1024x748, 3582295782_d836948e0f_b.jpg)

Not to be like those 13 year old girls who claim to be 'born in the wrong generation', but i genuinely feel i'm only attracted to people from the 80's/90's. if i'm daydreaming about doing cute stuff with a dude (yes, i am that sad and lonely) they are always from that time period and i only ever imagine us doing something in that period like watching a movie or something. people were so much cuter back then idk why, and there wasn't things that make people cringe like social media, discord, reddit etc which would put you off someone as soon as you found out they used it. the only factors were the music/video games/movies/books etc they were into, idk if i'm describing it terribly but people weren't cringeworthy like they are nowadays is what i'm basically trying to say. people also dressed SO much better, now you see guys just wearing fucking basketball shorts, sneakers and a t shirt, it looks fucking awful compared to back then when guys worse jeans with converse and a jacket or something. please can i just time travel back to then and get me my qt goth/punk husbando??

No. 772850

I've been friends with this girl for years that just annoys the fuck out of me with her attempts to be, like a social media influencer I guess? I invited her on a European trip when we were in college and i got super sick on our tour with an awful cough I couldn't help. She was such a bitch and would tell me to keep quiet when I was coughing and go to the hotel lobby bathrooms to get ready in the morning. She never apologized for making my dream trip nearly miserable at times and to this day thinks I was the inconsiderate one. We've agreed to disagree. I guess I was supposed to just tip toe around her and not cough.

Now she is a flight attendant and thinks her layovers in various places are travel adventures but she literally has no personality and just posts pics of herself posed and doing the same shit over and over. Her personality is she is obsessed with playing pool and dogs and herself. Never any culture posted and she's in her early 30s and hangs out with old people for blues concerts. I like the blues too but that is her ONLY music.

She also brags about her boobs constantly and always shows them off when she comes to visit. She got a breast reduction. I get so tired of having to say how awesome they look or seeing them. In fact it makes me uncomfortable.

I feel like she is always competing with me in some way because I have gone to some amazing countries all on my own hard earned money and enjoy taking photography and telling stories. She literally paid a social media travel influencer to go on a group tour to India which basically was the group leader taking photos of them modeling in various locations for their sm profiles. She isn't interesting at all and she gives me shit if I don't like every single thing she puts up on her page. It is the same thing everywhere she goes!

No. 772853

never know if i should feel guilt over venting so much about my parents. so many people have and had way worse relationships than i do (so many are suffering worse than i am) and whenever i reflect on how…mad i've been over the petty shit they've done i feel bad kek

at least i don't bring it to them, i guess?

No. 772866

I don't know how to tell you this but 80s/90s movies aren't real life.

No. 772876

I've actually never watched any 80's/90's movies besides like toy story and a few disney ones. i base it on personal videos/pictures i've seen from around then, it's just factual people dressed way better and were way less cringey. for example, a punk back then would have been a real punk, a 'punk' now is a teenager who goes by 'they/them' pronouns, buys all their shit from aliexpress, spends all of their time on twitter getting triggered at everything and thinks listening to the sex pistols makes them quirky. nobody is genuine anymore§

No. 772878

I just took two shots of vodka to manage my anxiety over a HAIR STYLING APPOINTMENT

But to be fair, the anxiety actually stems from problems both at work and at home, but I'm trying to dull the urge to just spew them at my stupid bitch hairstylist who does not need any more personal info about me than necessary. I get that I want attention, so maybe I should get a therapist instead of unloading on friends and people who are just trying to do their job. Damn, wish I had more vodka in this uber.

No. 772882

Grew up in the 90s and I remember people having less money, kids and teens all wore handmedown clothes and adults dressed like shit too. Renting a movie from blockbuster was the highlight of your week and the rest of the week you just argued with family because you had one TV in the house and nothing else to do. In my memory it was dull and everything looked cheap.

No. 772890

I guess i'm pretty odd because that kind of thing is comforting to me, spending time with family and a small treat like that being the highlight of your week is super comfy to me. i basically just really wish i at least didn't grow up with the internet, it's done nothing but negative things to me throughout my childhood when i should have been doing things like that, arguing with family over the tv. i guess it's subjective anyway

No. 772902

I relate, I'm 25 tho but I have crippling anxiety which translates to me being incredibly meek and awkward. It's always been that way. And it's literally always noticed/pointed out. At this point I don't even really enjoy talking to other people because apparently I make everyone else feel awkward and uncomfortable with my social retardation. I hate this life. I wish I was born extroverted, or all the shit I went through as a child to make me this way didn't happen. Literally want to kill myself sometimes because of how difficult connecting with other people is for me

No. 772908

grandpa almost got assaulted by a man with a weapon. He's uninjured and the guy is arrested but it scared me shitless

No. 772909

I'm a sociology major and everyone in my family is saying that I will end up being homeless and that I will never find a job or make a decent amount of money. It hurts because I really like my major but I am also feeling helpless and depressed about the future and.the comments of other people.

No. 772914

My brother always complains about being ‘ghosted’ when he has talked to some girl online for like 2 weeks and she stops responding. How is that being ghosted??? I see this with so many other people too, they get invested way too early. Even when you tell someone you’re not interested, stupid guys will ask something like ‘Is it because of my looks?’ yeah no one wants to date an insecure dumbass

No. 772920

A professor I really respect got a sociology degree along with his drug & alcohol certifications and he makes really good money teaching and also works at an ER working with the drug & alcohol patients. I'm a sociology major too and I'm planning on doing drug & alcohol counseling as well. Not a lot of money in it, but…
There are definitely career options out there for you with your major. I'm sorry they're saying that to you though. It's a pretty common thing to hear… Just prove them wrong!

No. 772921

Anon I recently started playing ffixv, what server are you on?

No. 772925

I was a preteen in late 90s and graduated high school early 2000s. Idk how younger generations deal with all the internet stuff now and social media. Hard enough then. We used to go to concerts super early and hang out in our group in line and shoot the shit and meet bands if they came out. We'd sit at Dennys late night all dressed in black talking and smoking clove cigarettes. Those were the great parts.

I kinda feel like I see a lot of people dressing with a little 80s retro flare though these days? Maybe you just need to find your people. Go to shows and get involved in post punk/ synth bands. You'll find your dude there.

No. 772936

I had a second interview for a job today. Then I went to LinkedIn and found out the position was reposted last night. I wonder why they scheduled me for round 2 if they knew they didn't want me? I have a degree and four years of experience and I've been rejected from more than 200 entry-level jobs. It was totally worth the economic shutdown to save the retirees, though.

No. 772940

I'm sorry anon, I've noticed a lot of guys play and pretend to be girl characters in FFXIV. On the other hand, almost all of my friends who play FFXIV regularly play guy characters if they're girls, including me. I hope you can find more women to be friends with in-game, we are out there!

No. 772945

FUCK that’s a mood anon. I’ll be sitting in my gay little thoughts, enjoying my fantasy of having a stable loving relationship and all of a sudden I remember my body functions like a human body and not a cartoon character that doesn’t need to eat or shit or be vulnerable unless it’s as a joke or punchline.

No. 772952

I'm on Mateus (Crystal), but I think we can visit each other as long as we're on the same data center!
Thanks Anon! It's sad, but if someone tells me they're a woman, I'm more likely to believe them if they're playing a male character. My best friend and I are guilty of it as well, kek.

No. 772961

File: 1617135136561.jpeg (97.17 KB, 500x772, 788F0B2D-FBD5-4D68-8DE3-E861F8…)

I’m meeting an old friend whom I haven’t seen nor talked to in 11 years and who happens to be my sister’s sister-in law. I’m super nervous about meeting her as she’s probably doing a lot better than I am atm and I feel so embarrassed for myself.

She used to dress Lolita-style like picrel except more toned down because school dress codes and last time I saw her, she was selling Lolita items and I bought a corset-style blouse with stolen change money from my parents yet ended up five dollars short which I still feel bad about to this day because I wasn’t trying to swindle her or anything. I only got to keep the blouse for a few days because two of my sisters fucked it all up while supposedly cutting off the sleeves because they we ugly according to them.

No. 772962

I dont really care about the opinion of a few mentally deranged troonies, but all the sperging in the Mtf thread is another reminder that people will legit think negatively of me solely because of my race and it's like damn– that's life I guess

No. 772967

Honestly, even if you have friends scrotes can kind of ruin it by only approaching the cute girls or white girls in the friend group. Its awkward to go out with friends and guys are constantly hitting on your stacy friends and ignoring you. It's not awkward because I want their attention it just makes me feel like im the dead weight/loser of the group. Scrotes literally have to fuck up everything. Cant even have cute friends. They could at least act like decent humans and try to converse with me as well like I'm a person lol

No. 772971

File: 1617135763461.jpg (112.88 KB, 1920x1080, 20210330054609_2.jpg)

Aw I figured this might happen, I'm from EU so I play on Chaos. Best of luck tho anon, to you and me both lol.

When I first got into MMOs a long time ago, I used to play male characters too, but I can't be bothered anymore. I'm so angry with men taking everything from us, even playing as a cute girl, I refuse to let them win.

No. 772972

File: 1617135845021.jpg (25.64 KB, 500x375, original - 2021-03-30T222300.4…)

I hate being poor and mentally ill and constantly comparing myself to other people in their 20s and seeing how far they are in life in comparison to me and getting fixated on leveling up in social hierarchy. I want to become middle class so bad and I want to be around people who care about art. Not to say that working class people don't care, of course there are such people, but they often don't have enough time and energy to develop their skills because their shitty jobs suck the life out of them, I've seen it so many times. No one in my family took anything art related seriously and I was always discouraged from pursuing art, only some people at school told me I have talent. Anyway, I wasted too much time already and now I'm afraid it's too late. I'm ashamed of starting university late and I know my retarded brain will constantly compare myself to others and the impostor syndrome will kick in again. The worst thing is, I can't take pleasure from art anymore, now I see it more as a ticket to a better world, and I know that mindset won't take me far

No. 772973

>I'm so angry with men taking everything from us, even playing as a cute girl, I refuse to let them win.
Absolutely based

No. 772978

Ah that really sucks, you sound pretty based. Good luck with your search though!

No. 772980

I know this sounds cliche but its never too late anon, seriously. The fact that youre in uni now is already a step in the direction you wanna tread. If youre pursuing something you truly want, keep pushing through! Youll thank your future self

No. 772985

Anon, I am so sorry. That should not be a part of your life and I honestly hope mods will be heavy-handed with bans to any kind of racist sperg considering how many poltard tier posts we have witnessed lately. Wishing them a very quick 41%

No. 772990

File: 1617137802012.png (162.63 KB, 740x640, AA2C10AB-F54B-4A2C-B997-F953F2…)

Everyone I know / meet finds an amazing boyfriend within months of looking (or not looking)
Starting to feel like Good Luck Dumbfuck.

No. 772992

>Love women but never had female friends, always too "masculine" in all aspects.
>Don't like males at all and haven't been friends with one since middle school.
>No place IRL nearby where I can find other butch women to become friends with that hasn't been overrun by trannies and woketards
Guess I'll just be friendless forever

No. 772994

You both sound super pretentious.

No. 772997

i saw people making fun of some chick in the lolcow discord for wanting to talk to other femcels and they were saying how it's impossible for a woman to be one etc but she was totally right in the fact that men place beauty over everything and if you're ugly then you will never find a happy fulfilling relationship
girl if ur reading this, i feel you

No. 772999

This is so wholesome. I hope you guys can eventually get closer once she realizes she's married to a troll. sending positive vibes

No. 773001

Can someone post the study on ugly women evoking even less empathy/sympathy in people than ugly men? I can't find it now

No. 773004

People dont get that men will cheat on their pretty gfs with not conventionally attractive womenOr hangout with them for sex/attention but they want the hot girl on their arm to flex on their friends and other dudes

No. 773005

File: 1617138562526.gif (1.78 MB, 400x279, 0EC89C0F-2551-4927-89F0-56E401…)

My fucking older step-brother just told me that my younger step-brother jerks off to me. We lived in the same house since I was 13 and they were 18 and 11.
He was so cavalier about it like it was only natural. That made my whole life flashed before my eyes. My older brother used to insist that we cuddle to watch anime and sit in his lap to play games. I …feel like I was involved in something gross. What the fuck????

No. 773006

my dad travels pretty constantly for work but he typically texts daily. I was getting a little worried because I hadn’t heard from him in a few days and my texts wouldn’t go through but it turns out he’s just on vacation with his other family HAHA

No. 773011

I'm so sorry anon. That's legitimately disgusting and I hate that he said it so casually. Men are disgusting.

No. 773016


No. 773022

I hate the daily, viral tweets of people leaving my country. They're always accompanied by the typical passport picture and some shitty i'm-so-superior reflection on the country and its people.
See, I understand wanting to leave, but you, and all the people celebrating your shitty endeavors, are fucking insufferable and annoying. It makes me so mad

No. 773023

Every single day I inch closer to just losing my fucking mind and signing up for coding bootcamp

No. 773028

are you a burger

No. 773030

File: 1617141111866.jpg (84.95 KB, 563x694, shrink.jpg)

I shaved my hair twice within the past like, 2/3 years, and I loved it so much, but now I'm letting my hair grow back out and I regret it so much. I miss how my hair was before. I just want to have length again. I'm sure I will be able to grow it longer than I had it, but I hate that it took me like 30 mins to shave something that's going to take me years to grow back. I'm not even good at haircare and can barely style my own hair. What a dumbass

No. 773033

No, from latam. It's funny because a lot of them are moving to the US, from where its own citizens also want to get out

No. 773034

Posted last night about my cat slowly slipping away. Finally had to take him to the vet because he could no longer eat. It felt so wrong leaving him behind even though I know logically he’s dead, I didn’t want to leave him there alone with all that noise and no one to stroke him and talk to him.

This feeling sucks, it’s so terrible. I don’t know what to do with myself. I can’t stop crying. I just want him back in my arms or to hear him in the kitchen meowing at the top of his lungs that it’s lunch time.

I don’t even know what to do with myself right now. Even breathing hurts.

No. 773035

I'm so sorry. Just remember your cat had a very loving life with you. I wish I could hold you nonny

No. 773039

File: 1617142445726.jpg (59.98 KB, 343x320, 216-2161876_pepe-meme-rarepepe…)

do it you wimp

No. 773050

fuck my mom should have been home 30 minutes ago but she's still not here
she had to go to the pharmacy on her way back but I dont think it could take that long. we live in a kinda dangerous neighborhood so I'm so scared

No. 773059

I’m crying anon and I’m holding my cat close. I’m so sorry.

No. 773060

i’m extremely adverse to relationships yet i crave the love, attention, and companionship even when it’s not physical. this is definitely a product of covid however i can’t help myself from wanting mutual attention and to be liked by someone sometimes

No. 773061

I’m so sorry for your loss. The depth of your grief is a sign of how much he was loved and cared for in his life; please try to remember that he loved you just as deeply, and that you made his life a happy one. I won’t say it ever stops hurting but it does get easier. I talk to my boy sometimes now. Remind him that even though I have new cats, he’ll always be my special baby. Ask him for help when I’m having a bad day. All that corny shit. I have a ring made with some of his ashes and I wear it every day. Grieve as hard and long as you need to, okay? I’ll be thinking about you.

No. 773063

File: 1617144488089.jpeg (192.25 KB, 842x842, 8A88E29C-79D5-4C49-BF7E-F99770…)

Cant entirely relate but I wish id found someone before social media and dating apps, now nobody talks to anyone in person. Why would they? Apps.

No. 773074

File: 1617146329883.jpeg (650.81 KB, 1125x1257, 7FF8081A-02D3-4DA0-8E39-8CD923…)

I was literally thinking this same thing today nonny. "Born in le wrong generation" shouldn't be cringe anymore at least not as you describe it because this generation is fucked up and cringe at the moment. I want to live in a time where we weren't so brain damaged by technology yet. And yes, people dressed better too. They still dressed casually and whatever but every time period has different fashion and we happen to like that particular one.
Shit I want to be your friend so bad… I thought I was the only one who noticed and hated this so much. Punk really is dead or at least all these subcultures that used to be cool and genuine are being beaten with a fucking stick as they're "revived" by uncreative people who only like the "aesthetic" copy their peers and embody the very opposite of their chosen identity. Consoomer is the new punk, it's laughable. Picrel on wikipedia surprised me earlier by describing exactly what you and I notice. Anyway I want to meet more people like you. I don't care that it's frowned upon to feel this way. I know those other times weren't perfect either but I hate how we're pretending to revive the nostalgic parts while butchering them and even ignoring the bad. And I've already met enough peole with weird internet pastimes, it's like a secret other life unless they are open with it early on and it's still a disappointment. I wish we could all be closer to the same page like you said and that page not being fucked up internet communities and memes everyone repeats temporarily until it's uncool when the next one comes. And if you aren't online enough to know any of their interests/references somehow there's something wrong with you and you can't be friends. People act like having your own interests is boring when what's boring is doing everything in droves based off what's currently in

No. 773076

I'm unemployed and it's 2 am and I'm listening to online radio it said it plays blues but all I'm hearing is jazz and I don't know what I did to be like this

No. 773077

File: 1617147041724.jpeg (85.46 KB, 1200x900, 39622424_1595797520535637_r.jp…)

So my work called me earlier and said they had been accidentally overpaying me and now i owe them 600$. Lmao fuck them, i already dont make enough money. And now theyre going to cut my next few paychecks to get it back.

Also when they called me they were like "thats money you didnt work for". Lol like hell i didnt, all the asshole manager does is come by once in a while and scrutinize us. I work harder than he ever has. Just fuck them.

No. 773082

I'm pretty sure they literally can't do that
unless you're working illegally you can hang them out to dry on that

No. 773095

Thats what i thought, but he was like "we have paperwork if you need to see it" or something

No. 773096

bruh im in my early-ish 20s and my dad has been terminally ill for 2 years now. i saved his life basically when he was on the brink of death with 40 tumors in his brain at the beginning of his diagnosis (he has lung + brain cancer). he was fine for a lil while after that and even survived covid but lately he is completely deteriorating and idk what to fucking do. he has no siblings, parents, relatives, significant others; i’m his only next of kin (brother is underage). endgame is approaching and i feel so selfish for trying to avoid being around him (even though i have to, to help him piss for example jfc), but it’s so traumatizing to see such a relatively young man act like a 90 year old. he doesn’t talk anymore, just cries, doesn’t remember shit, completely bedridden, gotta help him do basic shit like drink water or tirn to his side in bed… i’m a streamer so i have a lovely community to help me out emotionally but i constantly feel so alone in this thing. there’s so much pressure from the rest of the family (mom and her side) and i rarely receive any real empathy, if at all. i fucking hate pity parties and i know this isn’t about me, it’s about my father, but jesus christ i can’t do this anymore; even though i’m grown i still feel like i’m too young to be single handedly dealing with a terminal patient on my own. it’s heartbreaking and whenever i come home after helping him i feel like crying and hanging myself kek

No. 773111

I’m so so so sorry you don’t have much support rn, I don’t know how much it would help but maybe you could find a caretaker support group over zoom? Local hospitals/hospices often do this, it may be nice to talk to people in similar situations and you may be on the younger side there so I’m sure a lot of the people will have a lot of sympathy for you + may be able to help in ways you didn’t expect. That sounds so hard, wishing you the best and you sound like a really wonderful daughter for doing all of that.

No. 773115

That's so hard. My father's last stretch with cancer was only 2 month long and it was fucking horrible watching him, I was too young to do much. Can't imagine 2 years.
I think it's so painful and traumatizing in a primal way to watch your parent figure become so small and helpless.
Perhaps your community can help you crowdfund some professional care for him while you take a break for yourself? I'm absolutely certain your dad wouldn't want you to hurt yourself because of him.

No. 773117

File: 1617151837023.jpeg (748.14 KB, 677x906, 518B3E66-232B-4361-8E90-CB9162…)

Disagree with people who think that stepping away from their technology or phones will curb their psychological problems or issues, it won’t. It’s like Pandora’s box, once you open it, it will forever be there and can never be fixed, that’s the thing with knowledge and addiction, even if it’s hidden in plain sight away from you your brain still knows that social media and technology will always exists. Stepping away from the internet is basically slapping a bandaid on the problem of technology, not getting into the root problem of it. Society at first is mostly intolerable, technology became cheaper and a bit more accessible for many people, and the need for escapism. There is no getting off the internet and I absolutely hate the retarded simplistic “once you get off your phone then everyone will get along like kumbaya and all social ills will vanish!” solution. It’s like some suburban mom taking their phone away because it was causing their child’s depression. The internet didn’t cause these problems, it was a tool that accelerated it

No. 773120

Stepping away from the screen is the first and crucial part though. Any change starts with putting down the crack pipe.

No. 773126

>that one scrote who always has to point out the difference between pedophilia, hebephilia and ephebophilia
shut the fuck up shut the fuck up shut the fuck up

No. 773128

Won’t happen, addictions are hard to break

No. 773129

I'm so crying right now too. I was thinking about this last night and it's gotta be the hardest thing. I'm so sorry.

No. 773131

File: 1617153590093.jpeg (86.7 KB, 500x590, 6CCFEB38-316E-48FB-B220-1AF42F…)

stopped caring about my looks and now I look like a goblin but in my heart I secretly wish to be those popular white girl alternative cultural fashion icons that are so oversaturated on pinterest. i will never be free, my people will be free, women will never be free

No. 773134

I'm feeling very sad and hopeless that my life keeps on being swayed by the whims of my problematic parents.
I feel so alone, I wish I had a partner to share the weight with or go full no-contact without feeling guilty.

No. 773141

I'm in the same boat, anon. Tired of this shit.

No. 773152


I would absolutely be losing my mind. You're very brave for taking on so much responsibility. Maybe there are home health agents or hospice care to help? You don't have to do it alone. You are a good person no matter. Take good care of yourself during this time.

No. 773230

File: 1617165754404.gif (1.06 MB, 640x354, 20201215.gif)

why the fuck is there no therapy specialized for people with chronic illnesses
why the fuck don't normal therapists understand how fucking hard this is
why won't anyone help me

No. 773245

Ah I'm sorry anonita, it sucks to hear that chronic illnesses aren't being taken into more consideration in therapy.
Also is the gif from a show?

No. 773247

I’m so sorry about that anon, that’s scary and I’m really glad he was uninjured. I hope the guy gets what’s coming to him via karma’s fists. I hope you’re ok too, that’s stressful to witness a family member go through something like that. Take care of yourself and I hope things turn out well tenfold for you and your family.

No. 773248

it's Yolo Crystal Fantasy

No. 773249

no I'm wrong, it's from Smiling Friends

No. 773250

I'm coming to the realization that I might be a lesbian and it's just really fucking lonely. I'm in many servers with mostly straight women or women who are more interested in men and I'm starting to realize how I just can't relate to them in any way. I thought I was bi and I thought I had shit figured out and I just feel so alone right now. Being in lock down doesn't help and I'm really not a fan of lgb spaces cause it's almost always focused on gender shit and not sexuality. It would be nice to be around more ladies that prefer women

No. 773253

Thanks anon. Gonna try watching both of those. Also, have you tried shopping around for therapists and asking upfront how they deal with chronic illness?

No. 773256

I'm not lesbian but I feel really bad for lesbians right now. I've watched a few popular lesbian youtubers like sarah schauer and pretty much all of them subscribe to gender bullshit which is kind of baffling to me. and the ones who don't get demonized for it like arielle. I can't even imagine trying to date during this time.

No. 773257

yeah, unfortunately my insurance is pretty shit, they only cover three different facilities within five hours of me
none of them have any care for chronic illnesses
I feel like if anyone I tried would just do that tv shit where they have you lay on a couch and go, "That does sound hard," that would help at least some, but for some reason I keep getting dummies that think I can control organ failure with a better diet or cinnamon capsules
also one woman who insisted that I was traumatized as a fetus and that I wasn't actually upset about the illness, I was upset about repressed fetal memories and she would have to hypnotize me to be able to help me

No. 773260

File: 1617169199798.jpg (5.77 KB, 236x193, A109j23.jpg)

I was searching for desing ideas for a female school uniform but the majority of them were sex roleplay/porn costumes.

I know that there's a way to avoid certain words to appear in my searching results but it just upsets me to know that I have to specify that I don't want anything sexual while looking for female uniforms of any kind, even elementary school ones.

No. 773261

Yeah that's unfortunately the norm. I usually try to stay in more normies spaces but then it usually ends up being mostly straight people (which is normally fine) I'm just feeling particularly lonely lately.

No. 773264

I feel panic settling in. Every day.

No. 773268

I hate sharing online spaces with men. I just went on a non-99%-women sub for the first time in probably half a year, after only going on tumblr, lolcow, fanfiction sites and this one secific sub, and I've got enough male interaction for this life time. Scared of change in your life nonas? Don't worry, I'll forever stay here, this one will never change, let me be your constant.

No. 773271

it really disturbs me how "sexy/naughty schoolgirl" is such a popular costume, like how do so many people think it's okay to sexualize underage girls

No. 773282

My "friend" is actively avoiding me lol, she always thinks she is the smartest thing but she is fucking obvious. She prides herself on being courageous but is afraid of the slightest confrontation. Way to go ex-tie.

No. 773283

File: 1617173797674.jpg (65.23 KB, 564x752, nanchatte.jpg)

I highly recommend using pinterest for this sort of thing. It can be buggy as fuck on desktop, but nothing beats it for gathering reference. I found plenty of cute stuff searching 'school uniform style', and no porn.

No. 773284

i hate myself for knowing basic information on recent IP2 drama.
IP2 is entertaining to learn about just to know that it exists, but it definitely felt like a "stare too long and the abyss stares back" kind of thing. it's pure degeneracy mixed with terminally online bs and i don't want to know more about them. i want to pull myself away from KF and LCF a bit. do other more fulfilling things.
pandemic is fucking me up.

No. 773289

File: 1617176791795.jpg (75.61 KB, 596x800, Swim Art Print.jpg)

This is so dumb, but I waste so much time on this site and I kind of hate it. I've been using for the past 3 or so years, and when I start to think about it, I feel like I'm not getting anything from this site I couldn't get anywhere else, and I don't really like imageboard culture so I wonder why lc is so addictive to me

No. 773294

Ask to see it, chances are they’re bluffing and even if they aren’t getting a lawyer wouldn’t be a bad idea.
I love this image, also I know what you mean. I love the anonymous aspect and the culture especially on /ot, but sometimes it fills a void that real connection could if I gave it a chance.

My vent is that I’m at work after eating a whole pineapple as a meal today because I lack self control so now I’m taking the most fibrous shit of my life that I’ve had to get up and leave the toilet to do work and them come back and continue my gut churning shit. I can’t just carry around witch hazel discreetly for my hemorrhoids and I can’t remember what thread but another anon said she uses her pussy juice to make sure her buttholes clean and it resonated with me. On that note I leave everyone with the mental image of a fibrous pineapple shit that takes up 3 bathroom breaks. At least I feel clean. Sorry if you saw me delete and repost this four times I’m on mobile and kept messing up format.

No. 773295

Somewhat of a meta rant but whatever
I'm glad racebaiting is seen as something bannable here, recently I became a part of some woke website due to nostalgia and the amount of racetalk is sickening because it's all twitter wokies pushing this weird american view of race while constantly shitflinging at eachother
After seeing the annoying racebaiting in the /snow/ mtf thread I just got reminded of how refreshing it is to see any type of baiting race talk bannable because I'm so tired of seeing it everywhere online.

No. 773300

File: 1617178770762.gif (1.32 MB, 360x202, sleepy.gif)

I am just tired of that anon (or anons) who always start rambling OT about their race. I am pretty sure they are the ones who shit up Artist Thread and brought boring people into celebricows to a point where both of these threads become unreadable.

I miss me some artcows, not neverending arguements about nothing and pointless discussions, or shit like 'UH DIES ARTIST GOT A LITTLE GIRL X SOME OLD ASS VAMPIRE OC AND HE DRAWS SFW ART OF THEIR LOVE'.

No. 773301

Possible, it seems a lot of twitter newfags love to shit up discussions with that kind of stuff.
It's a shame, but at the very least I'm glad they're experiencing some pushback unlike on other platforms.

No. 773308

I fucking hate this "friend" in my friend group. She's still obsessed and pining after this guy also in the group. They've been broken up for longer then they ever dated. The guys is finally moving on, has a new s/o but this fucking bitch won't let the new s/o come to meet the group. She's called her a bitch without ever meeting her, while call her ex her "soul mate". She has breakdowns over the fact that the guy has moved on and is seeing someone else.
She LOVES to make every situation about herself. Case in point, my best friend and his fiancé came out to the group about how they were mourning a poly relationship they had with another guy about a year ago who ghosted them after a year of dating. She stared at her ex and kept interrupting them with shit like "Hey, (ex's name) wanted to go poly but I said no. But I think I could handle a poly relationship!" "Hey that's what me and (ex's name) did!" or "(ex's name) and my relationship was like that!". She kept making THEIR relationship about her and her ex's and it was super fucking comfortable.
She acts like she's best friends with another girl, MtF (who is the sweetest, kindest girl I've ever met. She's legitimately a fantastic human being.) but secretly goes on about how "she's the most insufferable, stuck up bitch" ever since she came out. This friend she's talking about drop EVERYTHING to help her. She'll bake her brownies, buy her a tv cable (ugh, that fucking saga still makes me mad) and in general will basically shove aside her own needs to help this girl out no matter what.
She doesn't see us as friends. She sees us as ways to get closer to the guy she's still wanting. She only goes to hang outs if he's there. She only goes into discord calls when he's there.
She loves being depressed because she "likes the way it makes her and others feel".
She's an all round manipulative cunt. And every time she gets a clue that maybe her behavior isn't fucking ok, her ex and MtF friend tell her no, it's alright, it's not like that at all. You're not a problem at all.
She fucking is, she's made everyone miserable and no one can talk about anything like music without her turning it into a pity party about her. Fuck her. I want her to quietly leave the group, but she won't. People are afraid to tell her that she's a cunt because she cries at the drop of a hat and immediately runs crying to her ex, even when he's at fucking work.

I just fucking hate her.

No. 773311

File: 1617182048642.jpeg (125.87 KB, 828x736, A01F09E9-0292-4614-8417-A9D9E6…)

Another friendship lost due to people not being fucking adults. I’m never having straight couple friends again, they always want a threesome and then suspect me of wanting to fuck their respective significant other just because I’m bi. We’re in our late 20s/early 30s, y’all need to work on your relationship together. I’m not a fucking therapist that fulfills your sapphic and perverted fantasies.

No. 773314

same, i miss the good old milk about crazies and hypocrites without discussing the okayness of the most stupid inconsequential stuff like a fictional character's skin color

No. 773315

I fucking hate that it's Troon Visibility Day and I'm going to have to pretend to be supportive to keep up appearances, kek. As if I'm not unfortunately reminded of their existence every single other day of the week. I hate pandering and I hate being a fake bitch, but I'll suck it up just to avoid drama if i don't. Really feels like trying to avoid being witch-hunted.

No. 773316

she's home now, right? we demand an update i hope your mom is okay

No. 773320

> Polyfags
> another girl, MtF (who is the sweetest, kindest girl I've ever met. She's legitimately a fantastic human being.)

No. 773323

At least TRY integrating ffs

No. 773330

Is this bait?

No. 773335

File: 1617187367167.jpg (425.92 KB, 1042x1082, Screenshot_2019_Firefox.jpg)

Dude comes into dms, instantly see where it's going, tell him I'm not dating men. Dued says that he might be intereting, ask him how so, tells me to ask him some questions and find out.

What kind of high school level bullshit is this. I'm not going to interview you either way lmao pathetic

No. 773340

My head hurts so much

No. 773357

What a loser. Refusing to take no as an answer and then begging for attention. It is fascinating but not in the way he’s going to like.

No. 773363

I hate that the two friends that I have live so far away from me, so we can only rarely actually hang out. How is it so hard to find other people, who are alike. I just want to have a friend close by that I can do stuff with sometimes like even just walking around outside lol

No. 773369

The fact that you’re still friends with this insufferable person is more on you than her at this point. Simply don’t hang out with/talk to her, like clearly you’re very uwu tolerant but tolerating an annoying retard is completely on you after this long and more than one “saga”.
>inb4 the group dynamic though
Leave them too and be normal
sorta kidding sorta not but regardless, you don’t have to be friends with everyone else’s friend. she obviously understands and acts on that. at least you’d have a reason.

No. 773371

She is also friends with an MtF, there is no hope for her

No. 773376

This is because the twitter shitters took over with their crap, wish they could return to their shithole

No. 773377

I don't care if you say "FtMs are just misguided women that hate their sex" I still think they're as bad as a MtF and they push their agenda even futher. I have an online friend who hates troons yet can excuse her FtM friend and uses the correct pronouns and shit. You can't be hypocrital like that. It's not like women aren't capable of being abusive, manipulative, violent and crazy too. Being a troon is a mental illness no matter the sex. Women should also get accountability.

No. 773395


No. 773396

I really miss my past self specifically when I was 20 years old I am 25 years old now and it's funny what 5 years can do to a person. I was so care free didn't care about anything in specific I was in pure happiness I went to the gym , got a high GPA and waited for the future. I really don't know what happened or how did I become this dull and careful about things that meant nothing to me in the past. Nothing satisfy me anymore I never was like this . I feel like a total loser , No job no relationships no nothing. I hope things get better soon

No. 773400

>I become this dull and careful about things that meant nothing to me in the past.
Like what?

No. 773401

I wish men would stop inserting themselves into conversations and giving their two cents when nobody fucking asked.

Yesterday my friend was choreographing a performance, was using a mashup of multiple songs and asked me to look at the lyrics from a layperson's perspective and pick out the ones I thought didn't quite match up with the moves or seemed to stick out. Anyway I started writing down the parts by writing down the section of lyrics and one of them was "give me a god I can believe in" and this absolute dimwit of a coworker who I have barely said two words to sees it and starts telling me "maybe try believing in yourself? Stop putting all your faith is skydaddy!" I told him what I was doing and said he should keep his unwarranted opinions to himself and he wouldn't stfu whining about how snappy I was.

Can there be a PSA put out to all men that their opinions can just stay inside their heads?

No. 773403

you are yourself being hypocritical, anon

No. 773409

I want to beat up your coworker so bad.

No. 773410

Well anon count with me.
Physical appearance, materials, romantic relationships, what others think of me, people's expectations and validation and so many other things that I would like to keep to myself. But I hope that gave you an insight.

No. 773412

Why do you think this is an issue now and not when you were 20? What has changed?
Do you think it has to do with the fact you use lolcow? Because I'll be honest, when I was 20 and started using lolcow I started worrying even harder about those things mentioned. I already had a bad self esteem but it made it worse.

No. 773419

>It's not like women aren't capable of being abusive, manipulative, violent and crazy too.
Not to the same magnitude as men

No. 773421

Men as a whole are disgusting but ftms emulate men and that's disturbing too you know?

No. 773422

I started using lolcow only months ago. I used social media wisely when I was 20 tbh. Although it affected me sometimes I still could take myself out of it. So no it's not the internet. I believe when I started university I began to take some bad decisions and I met people I wish I didn't. I wish I just kept going alone. After all this time I figured out that I have no luck with people in general and it's not any body's fault it's just how I like to live. I have only one friend and I'm content with her she's amazing. But there's one point in my life where everything just fell down I can't point it out. This feeling is getting worse by the days and I'm really hoping to save myself.

No. 773428

>when I started university I began to take some bad decisions and I met people I wish I didn't.
What exactly happened nonny?
>I'm really hoping to save myself.
You will, I believe in you

No. 773432

Anon thanks for being invested in my venting you're amazing.
Well what happened in university is that I changed my major because " a friend" told me to she said I looked unhappy with my current major and that I need to study sth else, tbh I wasn't happy with that major but I was great at it needless to say it had a better job opportunities than the other one. She convinced me that I was miserable and I started to believe it, it's unbelievable how someone can have a grip on your mentality anon be careful. I believed her and I started to have breakdowns every time I was in class until I changed my major and now I'm unemployed because of it. The other thing is BOYS I never ever in my life cared or wanted attention or wanted to be in a relationship with anyone before university. I met a group of girls and they all had boyfriends and love stories and crushes and I had none and I didn't give a damn but they started to make me feel less for being like that they looked for males attention all the time and I'm a human anon I fell into it and I feel low because I would have never chased a boy to love me. I know this is super long and maybe stupid but I needed to say this sorry.

No. 773434

Don't worry I'm here to listen!
What was the other mayor and what are you currently studying?

I think you are very easily influenced, but, tbh, this is easy to fix: just ignore those people. Put yourself first always and foremost and trust your intuition, like, you need to doubt people a little more. I also think you need better friends, I hope your current friend is nice to you.

No. 773436

>another girl, MtF (who is the sweetest, kindest girl I've ever met
>This friend she's talking about drop EVERYTHING to help her. She'll bake her brownies, buy her a tv cable (ugh, that fucking saga still makes me mad) and in general will basically shove aside her own needs to help this girl out no matter what.
This is a literal orbiter, not "just the sweetest friend ever uwu". This "friend" wants to date/fuck the girl you're describing.
>multiple people in friend group are into polyamory
And you're surprised that there's constant drama, manipulative behavior, etc etc? Please post updates soon.

No. 773437

He sounds like Onision.

No. 773440

>sweetest MtF ever

Women should be banned from having male friends

No. 773441

File: 1617199906094.jpg (99.18 KB, 720x960, tumblr_2c7d7470fe7303ed2d16fd2…)

I feel ideologically homeless. I wish I could go back to being a blissfully ignorant career-focused normie but I feel too blackpilled about the state of the world to truly have that mindset again.

No. 773444

I graduated anon, I like to keep my major private just in case.
I think I'm easily influenced you're correct. But it's easier said than done so I'm trying.

No. 773449

>ideologically homeless
This is good and it means you are sane

No. 773452

I'm pissed that the majority of any given doctor's visit is about ~45-80 minutes of waiting and perhaps roughly 10 minutes of consulting with an actual doctor. I'm a burgerfag though, maybe in other countries the situation is less shit.

No. 773453

Also burgerfag, not to mention the 10 minute consultation is “you’re fine, take some OTC medicine”

No. 773454

lol if you describe yourself as "blackpilled about the state of the world" you aren't ideologically homeless, you're solidly a doomtard, and you should consider recusing yourself from serious conversation until you grow up.

No. 773458

Maybe I misused the term; I didn't mean blackpilled in the conspiracy/incel sense, I just meant I see suffering happening in the world and I feel helpless and guilty

No. 773462

I follow someone who is a Munchie, she gets so much attention it makes me so jealous. She picks and chooses whatever mental disorder she wants and the amount of validation and money and friends she gets is insane. I'd even suggest a thread on her if she wasn't a non-English speaker. I don't know if this is an emperor's clothes situation, but it's pure insanity how much people validate her and want to be friends with her. It makes me so sad, I too can pretend to be genderspecial with 32 mental disorders and get lots of money and friends. But I'm just a normie, so I'm doomed to loneliness, admiring the hugbox from outside.

No. 773463

i have ruined everything. i've lost him. i've lost everything. i've lost my way of life. don't get into the wrong circle

No. 773464

samefag but the only thing i've gained from dating this fucker is a mild coke addiction and exposure to shit one should never see

No. 773467

I've been kind of wanting to reach out to a guy I had a bizzare online friendship/fwb kinda thing that fell apart due to my extremely poor mental health (that the relationship made worse, basically because I couldn't get what I wanted and felt worthless compared to girls that he simped for). He cut off contact with me saying that we will continue once I get my mental health in check. The reaching out, of course, being up to me. Before that, we developed an overly intense bond due to being lonely individuals in need of love, attention and kindness. I no longer care about him in any romantic or sexual way, but I'm curious how he's doing. He was seriously ill in a way that made him hombound and impossible to recover. I guess it's a need of closure and curiosity striking me. Every now and then, I have dreams about different ways his life could have gone on since we stopped being in touch. At the same time, I do not want to give him the validation of being important to me, or the idea that maybe I still wanna fuck him (I'm in a loving relationship). I don't even want to be friends again unless I could have him clamoring for my attention that I won't give, just so he knows how that felt to me years ago kek… but nah, that's not really a serious thought. I just kinda want to know how life and the general covid shit has been going for him. This thought returns to me every few months and it would be nice to cross it of my list. I tried stalking him online, but sadly got zero info. I still have some way of contacting him, but this may not be possible in the future. At the same time, all this shit may be more trouble than it's worth it so IDK

No. 773472

I loved XIV with my whole heart, but the amount of ERPers and creepy troons makes me sad. I used to be in a clan few years ago, where we had only one troon who targeted all the mentally disturbed men (eg heavy depression or literal autism) and he would turn them into fetishy trannies because he can't stand being the only one who is a troon. He also used to hit on our GM who literally has a boyfriend and plays with him. Last time I checked up on him was that he gave up on always screaming about how much he wants to date a girl while having a dick and started dating a troon. Still, I feel horrible over how his last target was a schizophernic+autistic guy who even wanted to dye his hair colour to mine and change his IRL name to mine (because of the troons advices), that's when I left.
Anon-chan, your life isn't over just because you broke up with someone! our brain always loves remembering only all the 'good' stuff about our relationship in order to turn us into masochists, but trust me, it gets better. At the end of the day you will also be able to spend good time on and with yourself.

Tbh i dont think it's worth having a friend who would cut off contacts with you over your mental health. He will use you and ditch you.

No. 773474

>Tbh i dont think it's worth having a friend who would cut off contacts with you over your mental health. He will use you and ditch you.
I wish I could agree with you but I was acting like a BPD mess over him (I'm diagnosed with a different personality disorder with BPD traits), so he was in the right. I was 100% horrible. At the same time, I guess he was kinda using me while whining about girls that wouldn't give him a second thought. I was constantly suicidal and tried to hurt him back with my pain. I wanted us to spend as much time as possible, but he preferred to look for more relationship and come back to me to whine/report how that went. I was 100% horrible tbh but I feel like he was partially to blame for that. IDK the whole thing was a mess.
Oh my God, now I remember the biggest red flag was when I was supposed to visit him IRL and he lost his shit over me wanting to have a hotel room to return to. He was offended that I did not trust him enough to let yourself be locked in his flat (with his parents, but still!). He seemed to understand why women feel unsafe around men otherwise, was okay with feminism (yeah, I know the one stonetoss comic about predators proves it doesn't mean shit, but let's ignore that). so it really came out of the left field.

No. 773477

Ugh i dropped out of college last year as i couldn't keep with the pay + depression, the pandemic etc. I emailed last week asking if I could rejoin this year but I haven't opened my email to check it, I'm so afraid they will them me I'm late, I can't do it because I missed a,b or c paperwork or anything else. I know I should just open my account n see but just thinking about it is making me freeze and have anxiety. I wish I wasn't like this, i know it's a easy and quick thing to do but I feel so hopeless.

No. 773478

My boyfriend is convinced that getting back into Buddhism will cure his art block, but claims he can only get into zen reading if I'm not in the house. So I planned a lil trip to my mum's house for a few days, but she just cancelled. How the fuck am I made to feel like I'm in someone's way in my own house? Grow up. He's trying to find somewhere where he can sit and read now since I'll obviously be destroying the zen.

Meanwhile my art just got approved to feature in a magazine. I didn't need "zen reading time" or even a fucking desk for most of it. I feel like he's coming up with excuses to stop painting, which is fine if he wants to actually stop. But I imagine these are excuses to not have to hold a brush anymore.

No. 773479

I deleted his number and messages today. We are not communicating lie we used before. He was impressed with me when we first met because I come from a different background everything about me is different from what he's used to and now after he got bored with me he cut me off and barely talk to me. I am not courageous enough to block him just because I want to see if he will text me again. I know I sound desperate but it's hard to feel unimportant to someone you like anymore.

No. 773480

just do it!

No. 773498

why do i always date actual criminal losers. should’ve listened to my parents and married a doctor.

No. 773510

Nah I'm from an EU country with free healthcare and it's the same shit. You get an appointment, you arrive early, have to wait an extra hour and half the appointment is them writing something down without paying any attention to you. They also will fucking ignore you unless you're literally dying, I had to come to emergency with extreme pains 4 times in a month before they took me seriously and found out I had a gallbladder about to rupture. Then another time I took a blood test, found out I have very low platelets count (80k), so they scheduled me for an extra blood test to "make sure", and by the time I had the results, my platelets were down to 30k and I had to be rushed to emergency. Hey at least it's free though, I guess.

No. 773512

have someone do it for you while you're on the phone with them or use teamviewer

No. 773525

not burgerfag anon but weirdly enough when i used to live in an ok sized town with enough doctors i'd still end up waiting an extra 15 minutes at best, or an hour at worst.
now i'm in the EU, lived in two major cities and all my doctors have been on time…i once even got scolded for not being 10 minutes early because the doctor was done with the previous patient.

No. 773532

Everytime my doctors were late for appointments it was because they had to deal with emergency earlier in the day that changed their schedules at the last minute. I've had issues with planned hospitalizations though. Once I was supposed to be hospitalized for 2days when I was a kid because I had to be tested a lot to see which treatment I needed and they didn't even have a room left for me so I was bored out of my mind the first day, had to go home for the night and then had to go back to the hospital very early in the morning the next day.

No. 773567

I was just lamenting the same thing Anon, we've got all the same problems. And I have the same hair texture as picrel too. I hope it feels better to know you're not alone, at the very least.
On a similar note, I'm feeling mega jealous of girls with naturally straight or wavy hair. Curly hair, too. Anything but this afro that sticks straight out. I'm looking like a clown every time I go outside. I wish I could just put my hair in a ponytail or use a cute hairclip and be done like other girls can. I can't even wear bangs! It makes me so sad sometimes.

No. 773572

It’s the same where I am (europe) if you can even get an appointment lol. The worst time was waiting 3.5 hours in a hospital for an orthodontist appointment which took 5 minutes. I read a book about the Cold War cover to cover. Another time the orthodontist accidentally punched me in the face. Fuck braces.

No. 773580

if women show decency and mushyness toward men, the men get their egos fed and all sorts of problems begin. men literally don't know how to act when women like them a lot and show it.

when i like a guy, i want to be lovey dovey with him. i want to be sweet when i feel like it and in love. i can't fucking put on a mask and act half disinterested, cold, etc just to keep HIM interested.

i fucking hate gender relations and i wish i was aro ace because of this

No. 773581

anon…where do you find these kinds of idiots…

No. 773589

File: 1617210434262.jpg (68.66 KB, 870x507, again.jpg)

I'm a couple of days away from completing my last courses at grad school and I'm so all over the place that I forgot my father's birthday. I feel so fucking guilty and it's not like I can pretend it didn't happen or put aside this mountain of work I have. Never have I been this exhausted before in my life

No. 773600

File: 1617210794719.jpg (38.11 KB, 622x384, IMG_20210302_181605.jpg)

I hate living in a world where you need a collage degree just to live and not end up in wage cuck retail fast food hellscape. I hate college and I'm not a natural student I wish I had been born a trust fund kiddie or is hot enough to bag a rich old guy and have my life set. Before anyone mentions getting into programming, don't. STEM is boring.

No. 773602

Same anon same

No. 773603

>aro ace
this isn't tumblr

that said, I completely understand

No. 773604

anon, jobs like plumbling/electric/other vocational/technical jobs dont require a degree and often give you paid training. you should look into those. I was interested in CNC machining and the jobs I looked at were all advertising paid training. Plus you can always move up from there. Nowadays I feel like my degrees are useless.

No. 773614

Thanks for the reassurance anon I was just up in my doomer feels for a moment. I'm actually planning on going back to school for a two-year degree on a job I'm interested in. I feel there isn't as much care placed on kids who aren't AP/honors. I'm pretty stupid and remember being screamed at by a tutor when I was kid for struggling at math. My school was shit though so my case might be as prevalent.

No. 773615

*not as prevalent

No. 773620

Same anon. I've been fucking around trying to complete a CS degree for like almost 5 years now (I live in a country where it's basically free). But I think I might just throw in the towel. Through all this time I've never gotten to a point where coding is enjoyable to me. Once I know how to do something it's a massive chore to write it all out. And being stuck on something is endlessly frustrating. The only classes I like are the math and logic related ones.

Now I'm in a complete twilight zone trying to think of something else to do with my life. I never thought of a plan B.

No. 773641

I just remembered his absolutely shit taste in scrotey media. He can rot with his waifus. Fuck nostalgia and fuck worrying about scrotes that don't deserve it.

No. 773675

File: 1617214115262.png (182.71 KB, 1080x1584, cuckgirl.png)

Can't stand this dumb bitch I know who's been posting stupid pickme shit on her IG lately. Talking about how feminists have daddy issues or how other women don't deserve high quality men. Bitch everyone knows Jay is cheating on you you stupid pickme ass bitch. Everyone knows that when you get drunk you cry about how you only agreed to the "open" relationship because you can't live without him. Everyone knows only he's sleeping with other people because you have such low self-esteem no one else wants to fuck you but you claim it's because "you're just not that type of girl". Talking about how you're such a "bad girl" for being in an open relationship bitch shut the fuck up. You're a cuck and you cry yourself to sleep because you can't break up with your cheating boyfriend. High quality my ass.

No. 773677

i hate how narcissistic some TIFs are.
you can tell which ones transitioned because they felt like they could pass a cute twink (kind of).
constantly posting thirst traps and selfies.
i hate people who constantly act like they’re hot shit but when it’s girls who have nice cheekbones depending on the angle of the camera it really grinds my ass

No. 773681

i want to burn this image

No. 773687

post her in the tradthots thread lol

No. 773691

idk what just happened btwn me and my gf. her best friend made a video project for class on how great my girlfriend is and it included topics of my gf's addictions along w photos of her from that era. i told her she always looked good when she thought she looked busted then and was 60 pounds heavier then. i said she was always beautiful and i meant it and she said that made her want to kill herself, makes her feel like shit about herself, and she's not gonna go outside today, she hates that i said she always was beautiful. but im not discrediting the pain she went through and im acknowledging her growth and reassuring her on how she looks better now.

No. 773700

This entire post was a constant what. That's sounds draining nonnie, has it happened before? You could reassure her you were just saying she's beautiful in your eyes, no matter what but I'm assuming you've already explained yourself. Maybe just leave her alone for some time now

No. 773701

yeah she's threatend to kill herself three times now and that she'd rather recall all her rapes

No. 773715

This relationship doesn't sound too healthy, anon

No. 773716

I hate how my teeth are a testament of me taking terrible care of myself for a very long time.

No. 773723

I realise this isn't an option for everyone, but to me it sounds like she needs professional help. Threatening with suicide is not okay, not healthy and also not something you should put up with. Especially not if she's not doing anything to improve her mental wellbeing.

No. 773731

>her best friend made a video project for class on how great my girlfriend is
what the fuck
>and it included topics of my gf's addictions along w photos of her from that era.
Did your girlfriend agree to that? Still it feels very weird to me to make a presentation on an non-famous addict that you are friends with. That friend sounds underage and/or like a simp but maybe it's normal in your country to do things like that for a class.

No. 773735

i might be making excuses because change scares me, trauma bonding, etc.
she says shes not mad at me or the friend who made the project and that it's not my fault. i've given examples from the past that contradict how i feel about her looks pre and post addiction. i've previously said she looks healthier and she looks the best she's looked right now when she has showed me pics of phases she's gone through. and what really gets me is that one of the photos in the video project was one from her tinder profile. so i thought it was fair to compliment she's always looked good

are there any anons who can relate to how she feels and what is best to say right now?

lol they go to a big art school where they can make anything so i was surprised too. i've seen countless video submissions and they're all like this. to be fair, they're filler classes that don't pertain anything to do with their major. the name of the school is just prestigious

No. 773739

I just started working full time this year and I feel so depressed. Not that my life is bad but I feel like my best days are behind me. I work a really easy job but I feel like I have no energy at the end of the day. Now I am just anxious my life is going to be like this forever. How do some people juggle a full-time job, a relationship, social lives, exercise, and hobbies?

Also my landlord is making me and my roommates move our stuff out of the kitchen. But guess who will be the only one actually doing that today? Me, hahaha. Fuck them.

No. 773747

idk my guess is she feels like you saying “you were beautiful then”, when she didn’t feel beautiful and was probably objectively way less so, makes it less true/objective that you think she’s beautiful now. like “oh ofc my girlfriend would think that but that doesn’t mean i’m REALLY beautiful, if she thinks i was beautiful when i was that ugly then it means i’m probably still ugly now”. you feel me? idk what you can say about that though. honestly she sounds fucking nuts and she probably needs a ton of therapy before she can be in a really healthy relationship, just based on what you’ve told us

No. 773767

File: 1617218937072.jpeg (83.9 KB, 720x1280, AF191634-181E-4086-91E0-661D20…)

B r u h. So I got hired to do artwork for a cartoon pitch and one of my hiring directors is a full blown SJW. Like, I told my colleague alongside him that I refused to draw anything that could be seen as a joke to anyone and he got mad at me for refusing to draw a woman who looks like… well not a woman haha!

I’m not even into SJW BS, I’m just the artist and well, goddamn y’all. Abby from TLOU2 really gave people boners. Why SJW gotta ruin the fun man.

No. 773770

I'm so fucking frustrated right now I could cry. Why is everything inconveniencing me? I can't get anything done. I'm so fucking tired

No. 773773


Tell us more anon. This seems like the safest place on the site to let it out, so let it out boo!

No. 773808

Incoming sperg about porn art
Troon art is fucking gross and I hate how I can’t go anywhere without troons popping in their heads just to start up debates about it. Even on the damn yaoi board (where it’s against the rules to post vaginas) people can’t contain their autism and continue to post cunt “boys”. Then it gets shat up by faggots complaint about how women and how vaginas are gross. Or it’s Aidens complaining about transphobia and “TERF rhetoric”. I know there’s probably good money in doing troon art because these people live for being validated, but you don’t have to shove it into literally everything.

No. 773813


update:"I'm actively working on myself" "I apologized i don't know what you want me to say"

a couple weeks ago we had a conversation that started by her asking why i don't want to have sex as often as i used to, and if it's because she gained weight. i never noticed a gain in weight. i have been tired and overwhelmed (i was visiting a big city where she lives) and just haven't been horny lately. she says she hasnt eaten in days and it's partially because she's starving herself. she says it would make her more attractive, but she's not proud of herself for doing this. the fact that this came after asking why i don't want to have sex because she doesn't feel hot anymore is directly because of me not being horny, right?? is that wrong of me to imply? again she says it's not because of me, just like this stint that was pulled where i made a comment and it fueled into self-destructive thoughts and behavior. am i crazy for thinking that? she denies it but i don't see how these can't be related? she was literally asking if i like sex with her still, that she feels like she's fat, she'd starving herself bc she claims so was hotter when she used to starve herself therefore it would correlate that she starves herself to be hotter for me

i just now asked her to see a therapist and she said she would

No. 773856

File: 1617228629100.jpg (3.18 KB, 125x118, 1607854511180s.jpg)

I wish I could express my opinions around my friends, but I'm scared of being instantly labeled as a terf and getting "canceled" by everyone I know. Alost half of everyone in my daily life happens to be a he/they enby (class of art students) and I would be instantly ostracized. It just so happens that one of my friends is a TIF and I'm getting really tired of hearing her complaining about the same things I struggled with in the past (feeling disconnected with or even repulsed by your own womanhood as well as a whole lot of internalized misogyny and lesbo-phobia). I wish I could help in some way but she's still my friend and I would feel like an asshole telling her that her entire identity isn't valid or whatever.

No. 773858

A few years ago I was so insanely depressed I couldn't go a day without killing myself, making plans, actively harming myself, writing suicide letters and even made a couple of attempts, this spanned from start of december until roughly around this time of year.
I tried within my limits to reach out to people around me, and even though I felt I was as clear as I could without feeling like a burden it probably went over people's heads or they simply weren't in a place themselves where they could deal with a mentally ill friend. In the end an acquaintance told a close friend that hey anon will most likely not be around much longer unless you or anyone else get their shit together soon. Said friend and another one started calling me each day to check in on me, and that relief from my loneliness was just what I needed to gain the strength I needed.
However I later on, by mistake, learned that people were aware I was in an extremely bad place. That my friend had created a chat group where she asked them to help out supporting me without anything actually happening. Because of that whenever I remember how bad I was then I get filled with this resentment and anger, both because of how incredibly abandoned I felt due to everyone's indifference and also at myself for being angry because they aren't obliged to support me just because we're friends. They had/have their own issues to deal with too.

Tl;dr: I'm mad at emotions.

No. 773860

I wish I could find some platonic female friends who would be cool with just watching scary movies with me while drunk and we pass out in bed

No. 773861

I feel you anon my entire friend group from college turned into this (also artists)
It's hard to find art spaces that aren't full of this shit I am also tired of it. Hang in there anon

No. 773867

Samefag and yeah my friends wanna go skating but I wish these bitches would just come lay in the bed and watch tiktoks in not a gay way.

No. 773868

A friend of mine just died yesterday of sudden death while she was sleeping. We saw each other one, twice every few months but I still felt she was a close friend. We used to work together and I was notified by a coworker that didn't even know I was still friends and that didn't know what had happened. I just feel so empty, there's no wake, no contact with anyone that knows her. She's just gone, and I feel so scared and sad at the same time. I've always been scared of things I can't control and I'm a massive hypochondriac, so besides feeling awful because I lost someone dear I also feel scared that this will impact me really negatively and make me even more paranoid and irrational.

But all in all I just feel really really sad. She was a great person and she deserved fucking better. Rest in peace, I'll always cherish our small coffee dates and endless conversations about life dear friend.

No. 773870

Aw, sorry for your loss anon. How old was she? I heard sudden death is very rare and sort of genetic

No. 773871

Wish I could be your friend anon that sounds like fun

No. 773872

I believe she was 37. I only know she had some sort of cervical pain but not too serious and then she died. But I don't really know if it's connected because maybe she had that prior to yesterday. I don't know because I only talked to her cousin's husband, so he knew very little and didn't talk to the family yet. I told him to let me know if they hear anything else.

No. 773875

Damn this sounds amazing

No. 773878

I am so sad mane. I almost wish I was suicidal so I wouldn’t have to get up and give god this pathetic performance every day.

No. 773882

File: 1617230308255.jpg (168.37 KB, 1080x1080, t.jpg)

I hope we're both able to reach our hair goals anon! That hair texture is so pretty, it looks so fluffy and soft to me. It feels so unsatisfying to know my hair is not at the length that I want it at, but on the bright side, it's a easier to run my hands through it since it's short lol also, it's funny you mention bangs because one of my goals is to be able to straighten my hair and give myself bangs

No. 773891

going though the same thing right now with my male friend group that has has one newly nonbinary and old newly transwoman dude. For now it's fine and I'm just hoping these two feel better somehow, but if this feminine=girl logic continues I have to find some way to distance myself.

No. 773892

I just had a grown ass adult woman tell me that because she was religious that Hello Kitty and Sanrio were somehow satantic, and she seemed completely serious. Then she followed it up with, "oh honey, you didn't know Hello Kitty was evil?" and I started slowly backing away from her. I answered one more question for her as a customer serviceperson should before basically telling her whatever item choice she opted for was good (since it obviously wasn't SATANIC KITTY), and sending her to the register. I then went into the backroom and started cackling my ass off. What a psychopathic bitch

I swear as a retail worker for nearly 5 years I have seen some levels of crazy but I don't think I've seen this level of crazy that has simultaneously made me both want to gouge someone's eye out and laugh in their face

No. 773896

It just gets worse too. You get fat or fatter. Back pain. I'm tired all the time and feel great after I make it to a workout but consistency isn't there. My career is sitting all day at a computer and trying to figure out how the fuck I'm supposed to save for retirement and also pay off student loans. Dating? Phfft. Who has energy to deal with some idiots problems on top of your own.

Best to stay debt free and not get weighed down by stuff. Including a mortgage. Work less and experience more. This full time slavery is BS.

No. 773908

Hang in there anon. I just (drunkenly) had my first "debate" about JK Rowling and thankfully everyone listened and it was cool in the end. Granted it was with three scrotes, but no one walked away angry.
I asked the one who called JK Rowling a TERF how he would feel if a "girl" he brought home had a penis and would he be willing and eager to do something with "her" penis.
Legit all he could say to that and my other points about female infanticide was "You're making good points, but it depends on the context." AKA I won.

If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for everything.

No. 773914

where's my fucking insulin, Joe
where is it

No. 773917

So i've been depressed for quite sometime now and just this year i decided to get into therapy, my mom had tried to get me help four yrs or so ago when i was 17 but i fucked off once i turned 18. anyways she's always been judgy about my hygiene and it would work, because i get up and shower/brush my teeth. I was doing good pre-covid, not skipping showers and brushing my teeth. But after covid they sent me home to wfh, i couldnt for the life of me get up and shower/brush my teeth, and i even lost my job, because i felt too nasty and pathetic to do it, i still have no idea what that was. This was my cue to get help and I've been showering and brushing my teeth, minus the putting nice clothes on and makeup. The problem is my mom straight up lies to my aunts about me, tells them i don't shower, or brush my teeth. I don't understand why she's lying, it doesn't keep me on track and i actually can't talk to my aunts anymore because I'm so ashamed. Some of the things she's said are true, like me not clipping my nails until a month later, but i have been on top of myself starting this year! so it's not true anymore! Just now I was eating soup, and i heard her talking on the phone and made up a lie, said i water down my mouthwash because i "hate anything clean"……. i just got up and poured my soup down the toilet. I've been trying to gain weight, meeting my therapist through zoom, actually showering and brushing my teeth, yet she keeps lying about me. Doing all of these things are already difficult on their own. She almost seems to be bragging about how clean she is, telling whoever it was she was talking to about how she showers and brushes twice a day. I dont understand

No. 773920

File: 1617235839551.jpg (20.75 KB, 400x400, Maisie.jpg)

I don't understand the attraction to maisie williams.

She looks like a poorly assembled goblin.


No. 773921

File: 1617236050878.jpg (93.7 KB, 643x452, be20bf041144e03c12da20526f598f…)

pour my heart out in a post I spent an hour typing out about things I actually care about?
>thread is suddenly dead for several hours despite normally being active
make a mindless 0.2 second 5 word shitpost?
>at least 3 (you)s

No. 773926

I bought a terrarium for an animal I ordered, and I just realized it has a crack at the fucking top. The pet I bought climbs up the sides of it, so there's no way for me to just ignore it. It's just a minor inconvenience, but it's a minor inconvenience that makes me want to kms

No. 773937

Kek we’ve all been there. Sometimes i just don’t have the emotional or mental capacity to respond thoughtfully so i opt to shitpost. Sorry bby

No. 773938

i'm so mad that i always pretended my ex boyfriend was good at sex. yes he turned me on and i enjoyed the time spent but he absolutely did not know how to do oral at all, and he had no patience with it either. it was actually painful because he'd just tongue punch my box. if i told him to focus on the clit, he'd just fucking suck on it and it was uncomfortable. i hate that we parted with the knowledge that he thinks he's good in bed

No. 773944

Sometimes I feel bad when I see a post no one responded to, but can't respond myself cause I can't answer the question or have the experience to give advice lolol.

No. 773951

img going to be so broke like no networth having ass got commissioning an artist like 100 dollars worth of an anime bust, kinda worth it but fuck

No. 773954

Lol anon you've done all his future women a disservice. Hopefully someone else will knock him down a peg.

No. 773960

I just want to be able to draw lesbian shit without dick and NB bullshit being involved.

I'm so fucking tired of this shit.

No. 773962

just draw it homie, no one can stop you

No. 773963

Sameee, I sometimes feel bad about everyone ignoring an anon but I'm like, idk tldr plus don't really care tbh but good for you sis or too bad it happened

No. 773973

In my experience all men think they are amazing at sex by default, regardless of what you tell them. I once had a guy insistently ask me "best sex ever?" like..in the middle of doing it. Like idk dude you tell me

No. 773974

I was washing the dishes and watching a video and a sad moment came up and I cried on the dishes. I LITERALLY washed the dishes with my tears

No. 773976

What were you watching?

No. 773977

Towards the end of my last relationship, the sex was only lasting like fifteen minutes, tops, and then he would cum and I'd just be there thinking, "Seriously?"
He never asked if I came, and I doubt he cared. I felt like a breathing, living fleshlight.
I hate myself so much for putting up with this and other bullshit in our relationship, ugh. Tragic.

No. 773984

File: 1617244941169.jpg (72.47 KB, 1071x866, Screenshot_20210331-184349_Ins…)

No. 773992

It's something on my native language.

No. 773994

I love fka twigs. but FUCK Shia Labeouf with his abusive and shitty behavior. And on the same note, fuck robert patterson, he did jack shit when fans ragged on her and said racist shit. Hurt my heart when I heard/read her retell what she went through.

No. 773995

File: 1617246392495.jpg (122.05 KB, 640x800, XSsrPidoYS_P6JzXYNJMJpJf-0A8LB…)

Took the day off work to knock out a bunch of self-care. I actually felt heard when I went to my doctor and dermatologist today.
Got to see my primary physician for the first time in three years since I lost my health insurance from my ex job. She was super flexible and even mentioned my ~controlled substance~ medication that I tried briefly but couldn't afford at the time. I'd love to be on legal speed again now that I'm in a financial spot where I can afford it. I might take her up on it if my referral & lifestyle changes don't work out. When I was uninsured I tried to get that med from a clinic which I paid beaucoup money for a visit, only for this snooty bitch physician to scoff at me and say "you're not going to have it easy just like that." ??? Then tried to push metformin on me because she was shocked pikachu that my levels were high from a blood draw after eating fast food an hour prior cause I wasn't told to fast cause I wasn't told I'd be having bloodwork.
Clinics that take uninsured people tend to have fucking hacks on power trips. Anyway.
I'm going to be starting spironolactone for my acne in combination with a topical. This was a new derm cause I felt my old one wasn't very good. For once a dermatologist didn't fucking take one look at me and try to push me towards isotretinoin or an antibiotic. I also got a nasty neck mole removed, one less reminder of my shitty mom since she has the same gross one.
Went and got my nails done too. I feel seen in a way that's hard to describe.

No. 774006

I am visiting my ldr boyfriend in a few days for a week. I keep having this strong urge to break up with him and I'm so nervous to even go and see him.

No. 774009

Spironolactone worked really well for me, I wish you the best of luck with it anon!

No. 774010


FKA Twigs is so much more than they are. Small, ugly little men. She deserved more than that. Fuck those fuckers.

No. 774011

Experiencing extreme anxiety right now. holllly shit.

No. 774013

File: 1617248898843.png (Spoiler Image, 107.01 KB, 500x537, hemdi-hey-itshemdi-kendal-jenn…)

my hips are wide and i have a decently small waist, but i have absolutely no ass like hank hill and i feel like i catfish men online into thinking i'm thick, but i'm a SCAM

No. 774015

I can't get a job, have literally nothing in my bank account and must depend on my gf for everything financially. It has been a year and I'm still unemployed. I just can't see things getting better.

No. 774017

Watch some cartoons anon, it'll make you feel better

No. 774018

switched over to planet coaster but i might actually do this, thank you anon.

No. 774019

I look like Shayna from like two years back so I get having no ass. It fucking SUCKS!

No. 774020

feelin' better, thanks anon

No. 774026

Amen anonita amen. Small, ugly little men is my new go to insult now.

No. 774032

I'm in 50K student loan debt and I have no idea how I'm gonna pay it off. It took like 8 years for me to graduate college and I fucking hate debt and my life. My former internship boss believes that I should become a marketing coordinator, but I can't see myself working in marketing or communications because it's too much pressure and I'm sick of being "creative" to be honest. I'm really not sure what to do with my degree though.

No. 774053

Why do I keep letting my dumbass boyfriend make me cry while I'm at work. I don't like him anymore. He's not sweet anymore. He never seems to care and acts like I'm disgusting when I cry or get anxious. He's such a liar too. He told me he hated judgmental people and that he would be considerate to my mental health because we have the same problems but he isn't and he's the most judgmental person I know right now. Why do I always have to make him feel better, why can't he do that for me for once? I just want to feel loved and cared for too. Please make me stop crying.

No. 774055

The worst thing with losing weight is how long it takes. I'm completely fine with going to bed a little hungry, I don't mind not eating junk food or sweets anymore, I don't have problems with weighing my stuff out. I just hate the fact that it'll take four more months until I'm at a weight I'm comfortable at, and then another month or two for the few vanity pounds. Makes me consider fasting all over again (I won't, I won't).

No. 774057

get rid of the pest and don't look back

No. 774064

There's this little girl, she's like 11 years old and I am pretty sure she is getting molested, my mom and I are trying to get her coward, greedy father to send her back to her mom so she can be safe but her brother and her father literally do not give a fuck that she's suffering, they just see the (miniscule) amount of money she's bringing in. She works at this house, small tasks like vaccuming and washing dishes whatnot, so why are they keeping her in their house till fucking midnight? Who has work till midnight that a little kid needs to be there for? Why aren't her family doing anything, I can see myself in her, when I got molested almost regularly I was the same age as her and I know how scary it was, I changed completely, never told anyone, I was so scared, she's changed so much, nothing like the bubbly, annoying kid she was, since the literal week it has been since her father started sending her in that house to work in. We tried talking to her mom, to come pick her daughter up. The place she spends her whole literal day in belongs to some affluent family. I can't believe how little her family gives a shit about her, only two other women in her family are concerned about her and so we've been trying to get them to convince the men of their family to please, let that kid not go there anymore. It's insane. It's so out in the open, no one cares. I hate this country, I hate it's people. I am trying to get work so I can maybe send them enough money so they can stop making that girl work, I don't know if it's the right solution. I just don't know how I can help when her family doesn't even bother

No. 774069

Do it anon, feign ignorance if anyone questions it. We need more real lesbian art from non-scrotes.

No. 774076

I'm doing Angela Yus web dev bootcamp, I'm 50% done with it and the lessons just keep getting worse and worse, both quality and explanation wise. Not to mention the video quality. Idk if that's a problem on Udemys side but it's a pain in the ass since I can't see shit what she's typing. The whole course also hasn't been updated since 2019, they just change the name… lesson learned I guess.

No. 774096

there are bugs everywhere and i just want it to stop i hate them so much

No. 774102

File: 1617267842844.jpg (122.97 KB, 1000x580, greenery 3 Sticker.jpg)

There is the worst smell in my house, and I cannot figure out for the life of me where the fuck it's coming from. Floors were just placed down in my house, so I know it's from the area where the work was done, but I cannot find the exact source or figure out why it would be making that smell. It's gotten worse as well for some reason. I'm gonna try to mop the floors, but if this doesn't work I'm burning the house down

No. 774103

Uh sorry about your floors but I love that art style in the drawing, it's pretty but not overly tumblr.

No. 774108

I know I'm basically preaching to the choir but I hate how tranny shit has permeated every corner of the internet, especially fandom places, I can't look at any kind of f/f content without seeing some "don't forget that trans women are women too!". Half of female artists have turned fakebois or themlets and the other half put pronouns on their bios and create troon OCs to show how good little handmaidens they are, this is inescapable.
Only good thing is that I've managed to peak trans my brother, at least I won't be alone in this madness.

No. 774111

Such a pretty drawing! I must have watched way too many horror films, but the first thing that came to mind when I read your post is that there must be a dead body in one of the walls somewhere kek

No. 774113

File: 1617269252389.png (694.04 KB, 527x900, Login.png)

I hope this doesn't count as avatarfagging, but here's another drawing! I thought it was very simple and cute and yeah, at this point I'm convinced there is some kind of dead animal or something underneath the floor. Like, how the fuck could the scent be getting worse if that's not it? I was hoping it would just air out in a couple hours, but it's spread to my room so I have no choice but to take action

No. 774126

God I feel so much better and freed after telling my dad I know and see what a sexist man he is. He was so surprised and insulted and acted as if I was completely wrong but I won’t fall for obvious gaslighting when I clearly see my reality as the only other female member in my family besides my mum ever say.

No. 774127

I'm not a doomer, but man, there's really no future for twitter shitters huh? the internet is just ruined and since everything just melts down into an irl mess then it means nobody is safe. I'll just ignore and move on.

No. 774128

Does the smell come uniformly from the floor? Or are there spots where it's stronger?

No. 774134

Do you have a child protection service in your country you could contact?

> I am trying to get work so I can maybe send them enough money so they can stop making that girl work, I don't know if it's the right solution.

Don't do this. People who will make a young girl work like that will take your money AND still make her work.

No. 774136

"Wow so and so celebrity just got canceled by sjws. When will the social media machine stop its tyranny against free speech?" No. No, they didn't actually. They are still very rich and this "scandal" will have no real bearing on their record aside from a possible Wikipedia entry. Canceling household name celebrities is not going to be done by Twitter users. It's all an individual's decision whether or not they stop supporting someone. Regardless of if you think other people's opinions have influence or not. You could still privately support them and no one would know. I have no idea what you're talking about.

No. 774142

File: 1617274316891.jpg (20.98 KB, 350x230, yoxww.jpg)

I was asked to handle a complicated case at work this week. Was given a short powerpoint-presentation about how to do the task, then directed to some handbooks with guidelines on how to do it.

My boss told me today that I had prematurely made a payment to a client before sending some approval forms to our financial department. I was just following the instructions from an old handbook we had, but after questioning a colleague about it and getting to know that the process changed, I quickly called the bank and asked them to withold the payment until I got the approval. I apologized, but made the point that I had been told to follow this handbook and "ask questions if needed", no one told me about the change during training. My boss told me I still made him and the team look bad, even though I managed to stop the payment in time.

I was fine taking the blame for that, but then he made the point that I had sent the approval forms to the wrong e-mail. I showed him the training material again where it said to send the forms to that e-mail. Turns out it went to a folder that had to be approved by HIM before HE sent the forms further to the financial department. "Right, but I never do that anymore and no one ever checks this folder, so you should have forwarded this yourself."

Again, I wasn't informed. Everyone just keeps telling me to "ask questions", but if that means I have to question every instruction I got during training to see if it's still the way we do it, they're wasting both my time and their own.

Seriously, fuck corporate jobs.

No. 774145

You still managed that greatly nonny!
Actually it's their fault to give you serious tasks without supervision

No. 774146

It is strongest at one corner of the little hallway leading to my room. It could also be in the bathroom, but the hall and the bathroom are right next to each other so I can't really tell. I mopped it and used some drops of essential oil to try and overpower the smell, but had no luck. I'm gonna try to use either rubbing alcohol (idk if it'll work, but isopropyl alcohol solves all my issues so might as well try) or baking soda to soak up the smell next.

No. 774147

I hate pickmes. You can't escape them. You can't. And they're overwhelmingly the majority. I'm in southern europe if that matters but there's just a bunch of them and they can't NOT bring up their pickme thoughts even though there's no need to. Maybe it's because they're so fucking dumb that they realize they're not fit to be anything more than a scrote's cocksleeve. God I hate them.

No. 774156

I fucking laughed at "themlets"

I know this feel anon. You're not alone though

No. 774177

I set up an appointment to see a doctor for the first time in years and I set up this appointment almost two months in advance. While I’m on the train I get a text inviting me to a video call and I noticed the office’s logo and my doctor’s name, but I was on the train anyway so it’s not like I could answer it. I get to the office and they’re asking for my information before letting me in because of covid precautions and they can’t find my name. I mentioned getting a text and they tell me “oh that doctor is working from home, you were scheduled for a video appointment. AT NO POINT WHEN I SET UP THIS APPOINTMENT WAS I TOLD IT WAS A VIDEO APPOINTMENT??? It was never mentioned and I never asked for it. I had to go out to call the internal medicine department and I’m so frustrated like NO I don’t want to reschedule for another fucking video call, I wanted to see my doctor in person! If she isn’t available for in person visits then tell me that! I’m so frustrated because I wasted so long coming out here ugh. I don’t know if I should call back when I get home and pull the “let me talk to a manager shit” but FUCK!!! What a god damn waste of time!!! I waited two months for this appointment UGHHH

No. 774182

File: 1617285309577.jpg (53.67 KB, 452x453, IMG_4gnla9.jpg)

I just want to give up.

No. 774185

Don't do it anon. No more Kaneoya Sachiko hobos for you then. It's not worth it!

No. 774186

File: 1617285989406.gif (1.89 MB, 177x177, B898AF4E-DE35-4E5B-BCED-597C67…)

I cannot tell you how much I hate college. I’m in community college majoring in a degree I have no hope for in myself and the industry and I’m reluctant to change it because I really have no other skills that I know of yet. Between juggling my suppressed emotions and trying to express myself to other people it gets lost and I’m just so fucking tired. Don’t even get me started with scrote professors, because of COVID classes are mainly offered remotely. I was not having it this morning, I was super tired and stressed out finishing my project because I embarrassingly want validation and attention from my peers from the things I do and it always backfired, no one really cares. I had a class and ofc be called on me and I was having issues with my mic and getting situated for privacy because I live in really tight quarters with a family member I absolutely hate and can’t wait until he’s placed somewhere else, so I had to go back and forth back and forth trying to adjust my microphone and the scrote professor was like if you’re not willing to talk to me, blah blah, was so freaking impatient (and not to mention always rushing through the damn course), he’s a decent and sociable person but like seriously calm tf down. I got so overwhelmed I literally just muted myself, wait a few minutes and just left completely from the class without notice. Why do I even care that much about a college that is full of just old people trying to get more certificates to advance their careers? I’m just so scared of doing something else because what if there isn’t anything else for me, what if this is at my best, at my potential. I just want to quit it all and it’s fucking community college and not even hard I’m just lost.

I wish there was an easier way, sorry for sperg

No. 774187

I was just thinking of how I need to buy some stuff for my home, but then realizing that stuff will wear out and I need to buy replacement and felt like giving up too. Having kids is also associated in my brain with the thought of admitting that there's nothing interesting in life and it's a last ditch effort to anchor yourself. But I know it's mostly just depression talking.

No. 774190

No. 774216

I am so fucking embarrassing why can’t I be normal. Literally everyone can sense there’s something wrong with me.

No. 774234

I'm 24 and on my right leg I have something that looks like developing varicose veins, there are three visible veins and one of them starts to bulge every time I take a walk. my legs are heavy and painful and I often have this tingling sensation in them at night or after walking. I'm slim, I don't drink and I don't smoke, I'm just paying the price for being a shut-in and spending my entire youth in front of my pc and in my bed. god it's so fucking ugly. I'm sitting right now and my right leg is almost completely numb from the knee to the foot. I hope it's not something more serious

No. 774238

i know it isn't much but i can really empathise with you on this nonnie. it's really fucking hard, especially with all this bullshit online stuff and especially when you don't have your own space, but at least summer break is almost here and you can take time to yourself and relax as best as you can. keep sticking in as best as you can, but please remember to take care of yourself too. go for walks or journal or whatever helps clear your head if you can. i hope you get through this, i'll be rooting for you!

maybe you should try and see a doctor if you're able to anon, i'm really not sure that's supposed to be happening at all and the numbness sounds quite scary. i hope it's nothing serious and that everything's alright though!

No. 774248

I'm so sleepy but I want to take a shower and do my hair but I'm sleepy aaaahhh

No. 774250

File: 1617295347494.jpg (489.63 KB, 566x799, 909538.jpg)

This is technically an "opinion about cows" post but it's also a vent post so I'm posting in the vent thread. I hate it when LC posters patronizingly tell people to stop hating themselves and also make it clear that whatever it is is worth hating yourself over, especially in LC's culture. The hypocrisy is astounding and what you are saying is: "we/the world hates you for [insert trait], we all agree that it is the worst thing ever, but YOU are not allowed to hate yourself". You are in no position to tell people how to feel and you have issues if you think that behavior is normal. Stop being retarded control freaks and get help.

No. 774252

My friend is super immature, and I feel guilty because her immaturity in turn; makes me feel really upset. It feels like I’m talking with a teenager even though she’s a full grown woman. The behavior she shows me is like that of a 15 year old, I do not understand it. Furthermore, she sets this front of being this nice person (towards everyone) but then she is very snappy at me for some reason. I don’t even want to confront her because I have more important things on my mind then dealing with a childish adult woman. My mom knows her mom, and they’re on friendly terms so I feel iffy about this idk. (Childhood friends)

No. 774254

See a phlebologist before it's too late anon! Also it may be not fully your fault, these things tend to be genetic. I'm fairly active and have visible veins everywhere because it runs in the family. OFC you're not helping yourself by not moving but even the simplest exercises should be enough to keep the pain at bay.

No. 774263

File: 1617296658393.jpg (36.71 KB, 500x481, Y2KYJ5R.jpg)

I don't have any advice to offer but anon I just want to say you're not alone bc I'm 100% in the same boat. It's unbelievably difficult and isolating to be doing all this shit in front of a computer monitor for 6+ hours with no real interaction with anyone else and every day I pray I get hit by a bus just so I can check out of life for a bit. But we'll get through this somehow!

No. 774271

File: 1617297111447.jpeg (30.35 KB, 748x421, EehcW9oX0AEHZlQ.jpeg)

> v*uberfags from 4ch started mentioning lolcow again, so the amount of spam and trannies will get increased…

No. 774280

They haven’t stopped mentioning us in every, single, thread for months

No. 774301

File: 1617300662383.jpeg (32.37 KB, 540x543, 80FCC5BA-0AB3-4507-A63F-7AD964…)

my eyeballs hurt from the huge amount of stress I am. also the pain of trying not to cry because I can’t be vulnerable in this horrible horrible world that needs to just go away and rot already. as a woman you can be vulnerable but once you cry you’re a childish dumb attention-whore bitch, it’s like I’m living as a man while it doesn’t fit me in this society. I’m not a man one way or another something in me is going to break and I’ll stop putting on a stoic exterior.

No. 774313

I worked in the morning and the entire time I felt dizzy, but didn’t have a temp or diarrhea. After getting home I took a sinus pill and made a big cup of coffee and hope I’ll feel better in the next few hours because I have a two hour night class. I kind of wish I was one of those people that can just make themselves nap anytime

No. 774322

I think I might be the cause of the rapid covid outbreak in my country. Last month I prayed to god to cancel the exams since I procrastinated and didn't study - and they really did get cancelled - but because of the covid cases rising. I was happy first but it is getting worse and worse with covid and I started feeling really guilty because of it. Just bc I didn't want to take the dumb exams more people are dying rn. Should I try doing reverse prayers every evening and present offerings? Maybe then god will take covid back and less people get sick.

No. 774324

Anonita just know that there were probably other people praying for their exams to get cancelled too kek. So if anything it was a group effort lol.

No. 774335

No anon, covid cases are rising because people won't stay out of the way of other people. That's just not in our nature. Those are independent choices people make, not god-controlled choices. Don't worry.

No. 774347

What the hell is going on with the guru gossip discord. The owner Morgan seems to be going manic and insane and is deleting and locking channels and he is calling people who ask him why he is deleting ''trolls''

No. 774351

File: 1617304524220.jpg (36.82 KB, 410x550, e2e0516c-c1f0-5748-b4e8-55a3da…)

fucking shit I hate construction noise so fucking much, I hate land developers so fucking much, and I hate every single stupid fucking person that is going to live in those stupid fucking houses so fucking much.

No. 774357

It’s ok, anon. All people are to blame for God’s wrath.

No. 774362

File: 1617305226613.png (34.59 KB, 827x506, Exxehx2W8AQQjow.png)

I was up all night feeling sick, and having auditory hallucinations (something I get if I don't sleep properly.)
I woke up today kind of late and was desperately searching for an uber to work, called into work telling my manager that I'll be a bit late, because I'm trying to get a ride and don't feel well, he was totally cool with it, and then I realized I was just getting sicker and sicker so I called in again, told them the situation and how I genuinely felt like I was going to get sick at work, again they were super understanding but then said they'd call back in like 2-3 minutes to let me know for sure it's all taken care of, and this was at 2:40, it's 3:20 now.. I'm beyond paranoid around it and just feel real fucking guilty. We get a lot of call offs at my job that leave us scrambling to do shit, especially since I was supposed to close tonight, and that's our biggest problem rn with understaffing.
I know, like, logically, I needed to call off with how sick I am and that if I WERE to work, I'd be needing to frequently go to the bathroom, be too dizzy that I'd be messing shit up, and whatnot, but guilt is eating the fuck away at me, and making me feel even worse. I don't want to lay down because I'm afraid I'll get the call back as soon as I fall asleep.. I'm just a paranoid shithead and I hate creating any sort of issue. Already had multiple anxiety attacks over it.

No. 774377


(Sorry in advance for sounding like an motivational poster)
I'm 18 and I'm in the same situation as you guys. I haven't had a friend in 5 years and don't talk to anyone except my family once a week via phone because I live alone far away.
It's normal to have no friends. A fifth of American adults report having no friends at all. I know it can feel alienating, but stressing over it will only make you feel miserable. It's better to accept that you don't have any friends, and focus on the positive sides of not being burdened by friendships (for example, no annoying friends, you don't owe shit to anyone, you have more time to hone your skills or invest in hobbies etc…). For every good side there is to having a friend, there's also a good side to being alone.
You both seem to be well articulate and self aware (at least over text), so I think it's possible to make friends if you want to. It's probably going to be a bit hard, but by continuing to try and participate and join in social gatherings, you'll get better at socializing.
In any case, I wish you both good luck on whichever path you choose to fix this problem.

No. 774388

anon i was praying for the entire semester to be set online because most of these courses aren't courses i need for my job. guess what happened thanks to BASED covid

No. 774393

My boyfriend texts me that it’s 4pm and he’s starving himself because he doesn’t want to see his roomates. He gets along with all of his roomates, no problems with them, he’s just such an antisocial retard that he’d rather make me upset by telling me that he’s starving himself instead of sucking it up and making conversation for two fucking minutes while he makes a sandwich. I can’t make him food to bring over and I can’t force him to eat but I swear to god it’s like I’m with a uwu so depressed egirl sometimes. It’s just really upsetting and whenever I express that it’s upsetting/not normal he just shuts down like “I’m fine” “it’ll be fine”. Then why have you been texting me about how you’re starving yourself??? Idk if he’s aware I’m getting over an eating disorder but that makes me more upset than anything and I don’t want to whip out the “can you stop talking about starving yourself, I starved myself for 7 years and I’m just now learning how to feed myself properly” cause I can’t make it all about me but I feel like such a fucking fatass for eating a veggie burger and baked beans for lunch now that I’ve heard that my delicate bf doesn’t even feel hungry enough to force himself to make a sandwich at four pm lest he has to say hi to his roomates. His roomates are perfectly nice and they’ve been friends/have lived together in some combination for almost 3 years now.

No. 774404

What is your degree in?

If not for my loans I'd be doing pretty good. I'm at nearly 80k now for a bachelor degree because it took forever to get to a point of paying on then and interest nearly doubled it. Don't do what I did and put it off. At least cover the interest. I feel so fucked sometimes.

I pay $600 a month now for 20s years payoff. If I had a dual income it would be easier. Can't count on that though as it seems marriage is quickly becoming a fantasy I'll never achieve because I refuse to lower my standards or settle.

No. 774408

I’m super high energy and keep dragging people into it that I see whether it’s my flatmates or my coworkers or strangers online that I hyperfixate on because mento illnes luv x. Part of me loves the fact that I experience euphoric mania because it’s better than the dysphoric mania I grew up with, and the other part of me is convinced she’s a physically intangible paradoxical god who holds divine judgement and whos energy has no bounds.
The part of me that holds the latter views is very sexy but she gets me in so much trouble and she thinks shes smarter than she is when she’s thinking faster but really she just uses big words wrong and seems like the GED holder she is and she really is just too much for me some days but days like these I feel like she and I could collaborate on something that would leave this planet with one less human life.) I hope I’m someone’s personal cow from being such a schizo, at least someone should be getting consistent enjoyment from this shit. My mind is a helix, it looks together from certain angles but that shit is split.

No. 774409

I hate how cucked lesbians are. I live in a europoor shithole and the national LGBT activism is mainly lead by lesbians. Whenever it is reaching out to press, organising events or taking part in them, changing laws and doing political activism, it is all done by lesbians. Dozens of homosexual women showing their faces and names to homophobic public. Yet who benefits the most from their activism? Faggots and trannies. Who is the centerpiece of the community even in this shithole? Trannies that tell lesbians to choke on their dicks. Fuck this gay earth and get the L out of here

No. 774416

I'm so stressed rn cos waiting for my new landlady to send my tenancy agreement through so I can finally start moving out of the shithole I'm currently in… the new place is a few floors up so I need to book a moving company but cannot do so without having a date for moving, which I don't without having the agreement. Its so annoying how landlords just have all the power over you, and I say that even without being a a commie fag

No. 774417

I hate how it's impossible to make friends now a days,I only socialize with my family members and that's literally it,proves how friendless I am and I hate how I literally have the urge the contact an old classmate of mine only because I saw him in a few dreams.fuck.

No. 774429

File: 1617312213155.jpeg (118.03 KB, 1200x797, enough.jpeg)

There's a TA that's been marking all of my work for one of my classes and every time I look at the grade she's given me I think she's being excessively harsh. It's clear that I put a lot of effort into my assignments, I even reach out to the prof/TA with direct questions to sharpen my understanding of the material. The quality of my work is good, especially under the current zoom school circumstances. I know for a fact that the TA's english skills are limited and I wonder if the language barrier is influencing her evaluation. I'm too shy to consult either the professor or the TA about these grades because I get the impression that they don't really care. Even when I've come to them with research questions they haven't been helpful. If you're not going to dedicate much of your time and effort into a class, how can you justify being so severe in your grading method? Btw I like the thread pic a lot.

No. 774433

lmao thank anon, this made me laugh

No. 774444

this is why i hate academia so much in a lot of ways - it so often feels like despite how much effort you put in and how much you interact with the readings on the course and your professors, a harsh, inconsistent, bs grade is exactly that and there's nothing you can do about it. i would recommend trying to bring it up to your professor, maybe by framing it around your own concern for your grades/understanding if you can? either way, i hope it's resolved!

No. 774462

Thanks anon, you make a good point. I should give it a shot. It feels particularly unfair because even with grants and stuff I'm still paying so much money in tuition. There are a lot of aspects about studying that I love, but I hate the way the system is structured.

No. 774473

File: 1617318812697.jpeg (131.62 KB, 640x779, A6DF034B-813E-475E-A026-5A3295…)

‘Ate the bitches on here acting like they’re cute and hot shit making fun of mentally ill people and ugly people, exclusion of lolcows and other gossip subjects

also guarantee you wouldn’t say it in front of people’s faces because you know your ass would be beat

Post pics or gtfo honestly

No. 774475

I’ve been acting completely delusional these past few months for no reason (there is a reason, I’m stressed on an existential and realistic level). You know when you think of a situation, then plan out all the outcomes, and from those outcomes some more outcomes and then freak out about that? Just a bunch of hypothetical situations that haven’t taken place yet? Good god I need help.

No. 774476

Do you know where you are

No. 774477

Yeah I know what you're talking about. I don't see it as a bad thing tho, you have to be prepared for anything.

No. 774482

>muh y-you wouldn’t say it irl!1!!
Because there’s something called being polite, I bet you don’t tell someone that they’re ugly as fuck and that their body looks like a double fridge the moment you meet them. If you do, post caps and let us know, retard.

No. 774486

>Post pics or gtfo honestly
ok, you first ♥

No. 774490

Just did a job interview and im paranoid now that they are going to call my current employer

No. 774492

File: 1617321542397.gif (1.75 MB, 356x200, B9B22B44-1673-4E78-A564-3D7B9B…)

>there’s something called being polite

It’s called being a white, shriveled, timid pathetic old lady. Now go post your casseroles and talk about your dense boyfriend with the unwashed ass bitch because that’s all you’re worth for, kek. You disgust me, puttana(racebait)

No. 774498

>muh white boogeyman
Okay retard, don’t you have some people to tell they’re ugly irl? Oh right, you can’t because your scrotish ass is too afraid of even making eye contact with a decent human being, kys.

No. 774499

>give a guy literal rim jobs
>he still didn't want an emotional connection with me
>we broke up
i know sex can't buy love but jesus fucking christ i only did that for him because i felt some way about him

No. 774502

I hate people who fight in the vent thread, gtfo, you ruin the mood.

No. 774508

File: 1617324007448.jpeg (104.23 KB, 819x381, 0C21A9EF-8E0B-4AA1-B37C-7DFD9C…)

What is even going on anymore?
>have scrote cousin and uncle
>both are like street cats
>would prefer to sleep on a couch than go back home for some reason
>uncle is drunkard
>cousin is touch starved and thinks he’s cool
>they live with my grandma
>both catch covid
>cousin is asymptote
>uncle can’t even breathe
>grandma is okayish
>uncle is self-proclaimed best doctor at detecting covid
>denies he’s got covid
>gets sent to hospital because he fucking needs oxygen
>he rips everything off and walks back to my grandma’s home
I mean, what? He even got there with his lips fucking purple, how the fuck is he even alive? Is he taking drugs or some shit? Why does he has to do this to my family? My grandparents were amazing parents, like, they always did their best to take care of my uncle, aunt and mother, they never even lifted a finger to hurt them and they always protected them from anything that tried to harm them. Why the fuck is my uncle being such a motherfucking asshole?

No. 774515

Not that anon and idk what the discussion is even about but
this should be added to the list of things I want nonnies to call me from now on (like anonita, nonita, nona, nonu, nonna, nonnie, nonny, anita)

No. 774552

>ask bf if we're having dinner with his parents for Easter
>I ask because it requires food prep on my part as his folks are elderly
>"Only if you want."
…No, I don't want to but considering you're not estranged from your parents (unlike me) and they are old, I thought it might be within our interests to appease them and entertain them on holidays especially considering you're going to beg them for a down payment on a house soon.

I'm not even religious anymore, this is all just performance and tradition for me. I'm just gonna make pierogi and kielbasa. His mother won't eat meat but she loves my pierogi.

No. 774554

>be me
>break up with guy I'm living with because he is emotionally immature
>he keeps asking for hugs and for me to be his therapist
>be too tired of his shit to care and get angry at him
>constantly leave my apartment so he can mope around by himself
>please move the fuck out asap so I can finally give myself an orgasm thank you

No. 774562

omg anita is my nickname, if I start seeing that here I'm going to shit myself everytime kek

No. 774565

Why do scrotes ask for your instagram in dating sites and then don't try to talk to you? I'm not here so you can put me on reserve dude, fuck you

No. 774570

File: 1617333170467.png (207.18 KB, 327x295, Screen Shot 2021-04-02 at 06.1…)

i know it's irrational but i've had a bad fear of aging since i was 15 and now i'm 23 and i'm terrified i've let my youth slip away. due to shitty mental health issues i didn't get those "normal" childhood/teenage experiences and i didnt get the "college experience" and i feel like i've already missed out on everything.

No. 774574

This fuck on a dating app barely made a sentence before asking for selfies. Then he gave me shit when I was like why the fuck would I do that? Basically because he advertised his sm profiles and twitch he felt i owed him I guess? Dude makes a living being a livestream gamer. He was a whiney ass fuck incel and I told him he was a scrote incel for saying I was "full of shit" because I lowkey said I "stalked" his insta before swiping and gave him a compliment after he gave me one. He advertised of course I checked him out!! So apparently I owed him one. Gross.

Maybe I should make him a personal cow.

No. 774576

Had some bad anxiety attacks today after having my brother kept shouting due to our internet acting up after we replaced the modem. Got it fixed eventually but holy fuck all the shouting…I just laid in bed and tried ignoring the fact I couldn't really breathe because of how tight my chest felt. I kept trying to do breathing exercises to calm down but with all the shouting it didn't work at all. I'm also kind of annoyed that when I was able to calm down and play a game to relax more my game decided to crash and I lost a good chunk of progress but I figure I can replay that chunk tomorrow if I feel up to it.

No. 774577

Wow you are just getting started believe me. You can do college still top. You're a baby. Now you just need to make some moves. You're so lucky you have your whole life ahead of you. Get out there and make shit happen!

No. 774597

Whats your pierogi recipe? Pls share

No. 774603

I dated a guy in college in high school (like a retard, I know), but broke it off almost 2 years ago now, and blocked him everywhere. He is still finding ways to message me insisting he wants to talk "one last time" and it's all starting to make me paranoid that he has something on me, even though I know that's probably not the reason. He ruined my time in high school and it's pissing me off so bad that he won't just accept that I don't want to talk to him ever again. Wish I could just sic the FBI on him but I know it would go nowhere

No. 774629

ive been quiet for so long it's driving me insane, but i cant carry a conversation for shit.

No. 774650

I only got to shave one side of my pussy because my shower runs out of hot water super fast. This is about to be a four day process of trying to remove my genital hair.

No. 774651

You will usher in a dazzling new fashion in pussy hair, anon, I believe in you

No. 774654

File: 1617345211577.png (234.75 KB, 400x376, 48B549A0-AC2B-4EDE-9C64-8DF8A9…)

How do you not break under it all? How can I stop my heart hurting and wanting the world to end when it's like this for us? Sometimes I can find peace by staying offline, looking away from it best I can, being selfish I guess and focusing on what's immediate. While it still slips through because that's life as a woman, I can be pretty carefree most of the time. Is it selfish?? Why am I so fragile I get headaches every time I try to catch up on reality I get physically sick thinking how bad it is. I'm tired

No. 774661

File: 1617347354769.png (219.29 KB, 640x360, 0969D9A3-0AB3-4AFD-899C-4812F6…)

This is true to an extent but I think everyone on the planet has some/many forms of unconscious and artificially manufactured biases against themselves and various neurosis due mainly living in our established postmodernist neoliberal society.

It still hurts and I sympathize with you and this image you shared .. but the problem of being unable to conceptualize yourself without filtering through various societal lenses is a very human problem.

My personal advice is to practice mindfulness because just having this insight is a transcendence of self.

No. 774662

Just wait. The older you get the more invisible you become. Both men and women are afraid of that but personally I think that is something to look forward to. Think of all the things you can get away with.

No. 774664

I meant the image as an extra thing but my post wasn't very coherent sorry. I am upset about misogyny in general anytime I think about all its forms.
But still your replies are helpful to me so thank you. I get overemotional sometimes

No. 774665

File: 1617347753033.png (260.45 KB, 458x522, 4658965048356435073485.png)

>Sometimes I can find peace by staying offline, looking away from it best I can, being selfish I guess and focusing on what's immediate.
While the internet is great when we think about its ability to connect people, share knowledge and foster growth, it can be a real shitshow when it comes to creating tech addiction and a need to doomscroll. Terrible things have been happening all over the world to people and especially women since the dawn of time, but that doesn't take away from the fact that we've also made outstanding progress. Just a few centuries, even decades ago, we wouldn't have had the right to own property, legally protect ourselves from partner abuse, get an education, work legitimate jobs or vote - assuming you're living in a relatively progressive country. And even if not, this interconnectedness is allowing women all over the world to see their own potential and create more opportunitiesfor themselves. We aren't meant to take on all the struggles of the world at once. Being mindful and in the moment is precisely what we should strive to do, that's the very essence of life. Being. And if you can focus on what you want for yourself, your goals and supporting other women along the way, then you aren't doing half bad for yourself. Don't let external opinions, biases and prejudices haunt you. You and your connection to the world is what matters. Don't let the bastards grind you down.

No. 774666

I fucking hate my brother's ex-wife. She is a narcissist and haven't handled my niece's coming out as bisexual last year too well and has kept harassing her with "do you like men or do you like women? MAKE UP YOUR MIND" and when my niece recently accidentally dropped to her that she is depressed she called me and was scared that her mom didn't love her anymore because she was ignoring her calls (my niece goes to a boarding school). And honestly? Knowing the ex-wife, the fear is pretty valid. She is the kind of person that believes that anything that isn't considered "normal" is up for ridicule. While she most likely won't stop loving her kid completely she will definitely not care for her or respect her as much as she used to. Hell, she might even pull her trump card and guilt my niece in one way or another. I'm so pissed for my niece's sake, and I wish I didn't live 7 hours away from her. She knows she can drop in at my place and stay in my guest room any time she wants, but I wish I could give her a hug right now.

No. 774670

File: 1617348832751.jpeg (80.89 KB, 640x640, 8F1AC585-2176-45D5-B10B-490EEB…)

Thank you so much anon I am way too sleep deprived to give a proper response but you're right and I'll try to think about this as I fall asleep. Really well said

No. 774677

My pleasure nonny, I hope it helps and that you get some good rest. You've got this and you deserve to be happy.

No. 774740

Found out one of my childhood friends was on TV to talk about her sister's mental health, and was going on about how hard sister's life was, how misunderstood she is and people are needlessly afraid of schizos. But I still remember the times when her sister almost killed her, once via poisoning, because she was compelled by a greater force, so I'm mad on her behalf, even though it is her right to choose to forgive. It still felt really misleading to leave out shit like that.

No. 774754

File: 1617365882444.png (868.76 KB, 1354x784, FE8DF1B7-D88B-4C0F-9EE5-BAFD9B…)

How can a scrote mentally and physically abuse you for years, then be pic related when you tell him you don’t love him anymore? Like, yeah, we had some “good” times, but those were ALWAYS in between huge fights, him physically hurting me, spitting on me, mentally terrorizing me, etc. I was financially abused for a period because he wouldn’t allow me to work (jealousy issues.) And NOW he’s acting like a fucking crybaby because I said what I said? I loved him and have stuck by him through a lot, but I’m tired of taking his constant shit. It’s like he’s completely oblivious to how he’s treated me.

No. 774755

It's called gaslighting sis and scrotes use it as their love language. Don't fall for the "I'm going to kill myself if you leave me!!!" shit either. And now for the obvious…dump him, get a job, move out, key his car etc if you haven't already done all these things. He doesn't deserve you and you can do better.

No. 774757

anon he doesn't care. do. not. stick. around.
"but it's been years-" "but he said he was gonna kill himself" "but he's so sad" "but i love him" doesn't matter, if he actually kills himself then he was going to eventually anyway, doesn't matter either and no you don't.
let him go, find a safe place to stay.

No. 774759

Because scrotes think they're hot shit and over estimate how much you love them and think they will be able to get away with ahit forever

No. 774761

What the anons above me said. And do it ASAP. Please. Seriously. Get out while there's still pieces of your own life to pick up and put back together. If he's gaslighting you about this he's probably done so about other things and you're going to have a world of shit to work through, don't give him more time to do worse to you.

No. 774762

File: 1617368066993.png (738.79 KB, 552x786, ALL OF THE WEIRDEST ANIMAL CAF…)

How many times will I get a fucking uti this year

No. 774763

Samefag. I just got water in my phone screen. I can already tell today will not be great

No. 774769

File: 1617369739844.jpeg (142.66 KB, 734x636, 9460AB9B-E40B-4A99-9D9D-252B53…)

I get it. When it rains, it pours on days like this. Take some azo until you can get to the doc for antibiotics so it doesn’t hurt so bad. Sorry anon, hugs.

No. 774777

>that pic
NTA and now I need to vent. I feel like doing your nails is such a waste, unless your job requires it. It's crazy how much women allow society to meme them into spending money on bullshit that doesn't really benefit them and that needs constant upkeep.
>but it's cute
Yeah I get it, but is it really worth it? I'm not immune to pretty stuff, in fact I love wearing nice clothes, but shit like make-up routines or manicure seems horrifying to me. Especially since manicure is either expensive or relies on underpaid Asian women working in unsafe conditions… and even if each session of manicure is cheap, the costs add up. Meanwhile scrotes cannot be arsed to upkeep their long hair and wash their face with something else than 4-in-1 showing gel.

No. 774792

Girl you sure did extrapolate a lot out of an obvious meme meant to make someone else laugh/feel better

No. 774793

Literally no one is forcing you to get your nails done. No one is forcing girls who get manicures to get their nails done either. I’ll go for 3 months, take 3 months off, and then go back when I have another special occasion. This was a really weird sperg lmao sorry nail polish hurt you.

No. 774794

I always tip the lady a fifty under the table

No. 774798

File: 1617375454128.png (340.47 KB, 593x517, gorlz.png)

I know right?! Now me personally, I am not like other girls, I am cool and don't care about my nails. I also love to eat pizza with the boys and fix motorcycles so I got no use for silly colorful nails like those dumb girly girls get. Women are really so silly, I just can't empathize with them. All my friends are male and they tell me I am cool like them.

No. 774801

Seems like you hit a nerve with all the nonas sperging at your vent kek

No. 774803

File: 1617375795150.jpg (19.13 KB, 500x607, EJGdvQ-XYAA4Es6.jpg)

oh my god FUCK men

i was chilling on a bench, wearing a turtle neck and a skirt, and there was this weird looking guy nearby. he was talking to a teen (ew) but i assumed it was just his cousin or something.
well probably not because he came up to ME to tell me he was like my big brother and that i should dress properly next time because if anything happens i'm just tempting the devil. rambled some more about how he's "tired of hearing the phone…hearing on the phone that fhsjfghs got raped…whatever if they dress like this then of course fghjsgfvjd" just typical rape apology bullshit mixed with whatever drugs/alcohol he's been consuming. he was slurring his words and not making a lot of sense sometimes.

i replied a little to try and end the "conversation" (like saying i wasn't his little sister and to have a good day, sir) but he kept talking, taking two steps away then coming back. i was looking the other way and i got scared i was about to get swung on for not listening to my "big brother" (i think he thought i was muslim…so sorry for all the muslim looking girls who have to hear this big brother nonsense on a daily basis jfc)

nothing happened and i stayed on the bench a little longer then i went home. i'm so tired of being scared because some drugged up scrote wanted to ramble at me.

No. 774804

OP's vent seems weirdly out of left field but saying
>no one forces girls to get their nails done
is a very tone deaf observation in response.

No. 774806

I hate it when exes come slithering back trying to be "friends." I yeeted you out of my life for a reason. It's like they just want to come back with the lower standards of being your friend, so they can extract time and attention out of you like you're back together already while giving absolutely nothing back. Go. Away.

No. 774814

File: 1617377398338.jpg (38.58 KB, 500x353, 465a52c34305bf3dd02c841edef55b…)

I'm currently writing a book (not intending to publish or anything, just for my own hobby, it's like my own lil world i wish i lived in) and how the hell do you fill chapters instead of it being just 1 page of all the important stuff? i know it's weird to just skip scenes to the juicy parts and i want the chapters to be way more substantial, but i have no idea what to write about in them, eugh. any writer anons relate? tips would be gr8ly appreciated

No. 774816

Agreed, but the
> out of left field
Thing is real and happens all the time. Once I asked if I should get coffee in the stupid questions thread and it turned into a fat derail kek it’s just retarded how it happens

No. 774825

I’ve never written a book, but I think that’s usually how the process works. You don’t have to have everything completely fleshed out. By getting your big “juicy” parts out of the way, you can go back and add substance to the chapter. I think very few writers sit down and write a book from start to finish without having to go back and fill in holes. It’s good to have a general idea of the story and major plot points, then you add in the information as you go. I

No. 774827

Why are you projecting the cool girl persona on my post?
>Meanwhile scrotes cannot be arsed to upkeep their long hair and wash their face with something else than 4-in-1 showing gel.
Cause that's TOTALLY something that a pick me would say. Seems like I hit a sore spot there.
Maybe I was unclear or phrased it wrong, but I am more annoyed with the concept of womanhood as make-up, nails, following fashion etc. than individual women who do that. I have nothing against them. I just wish all that aesthetic bullshit wasn't thrown on us, or at least similar upkeep was mandatory for scrotes kek.
Absolutely based
It's a vent thread. My vent was triggered by the meme but completely unrelated to previous posts.

No. 774830

Reread and study some books you like to see what they do for the filler. Remember that it’s also an important part of the book - if it wasn’t, world renowned novels would all be a page long lol. Work out how to make it important, like often the “filler” in crime novels is full of details that only appear relevant at the end of the book unless a reader is paying close attention. It’s also useful for pacing, character development and creating suspense. There are probably a lot of free online resources out there to help with this, as well as books and workshops.

If you’re really struggling then maybe you could start by writing it as a short story so you have something to work with.

No. 774833

You hijacked a post that was trying making another anon feel better with an obvious joke to sperg about nails. It’s a little out of left field/unnecessary, especially as something that’s talked to death here every day in multiple threads—here now included. We got it in for the day, good job anons.

No. 774838

Just completed my yearly tradition of buying easter chocolate for people, then eating it all and having to replace it (repeat steps 2 & 3 if feeling extra spicy)

Why am I such a fat cunt I swear I've been like this since I could reach a cupboard it's like my brain is wired wrong ffs

No. 774842

File: 1617379339187.jpg (4.85 KB, 224x224, (2).jpg)

Sorry if you didn't like my nails vent. It's not gonna discourage me from further venting, no matter if the topic has been brought back before or not. Guess you will have to live with it somehow.

No. 774845

I’m killing myself as we speak

No. 774849

File: 1617380042078.jpg (304.25 KB, 1600x1171, Holodomor-Great-Famine-Ukraine…)

I've heard about it before but today I read more details on Holodomor and I'm like. What even is humanity. Why do we still exist. Nothing good we ever did can compare to the scale of suffering humans inflicted upon each other.
And not to racebait, but it bothers me that the world still doesn't talk about things like Holodomor (3-12 millions of deaths) or the Armenian genocide and sometimes doesn't even treat them as genocides, just because the victims weren't jewish or poc I guess. Some people still deny it or lie about it. Wtf

No. 774850

File: 1617380151023.gif (1.73 MB, 499x361, 1167266577happy-easter-cute-bu…)

> tfw I won't celebrate Easter with partners family second year in a row and I wanted to know more about their culture and experience the way they celebrate it in this country, because it sounds so fun compared to my homecountrys celebration that is nothing but eating

It's pretty dumb but I feel bummed out by it. I was very excited. Fuck lockdown and a BPD-chan.

My partner is not a person to celebrate events like this (or any events but Christmas and Birthday), so there's not much I can do. And stores are already on a break until Wednesday.

I know it's a stupid vent but I just miss celebrating something with family IRL. We would always celebrate it no matter what, and it's also the only holiday which I haven't celebrated with partners family yet. Though honestly, I do not think we will celebrate anything but Christmas now, because SIL is a munchie like Pixielocks who hates me because she is insecure about herself and doesn't like women in general, the type to always go "not all men", and brag about doing nothing but being a NEET in her 30s, edating a child and playing videogames only with men, because women ~ bring drama ~.

No. 774851

bitch i know this feeling too well. it's a miracle i'm not eating myself into an american size lmfao
if there are snacks i actually really like around i'll just eat all of them. i'll skip dinner because eating that pack of oreos sounds better. i don't know how i didn't devour the snacks i'm keeping for a friend. are we doomed?!

No. 774855

>just because the victims weren't jewish or poc I guess
this and it took place in the USSR which nobody in the west cares about because it doesn't involve them

No. 774871

File: 1617381961444.png (1.49 MB, 1422x1079, 4E9F6887-4834-40FF-8040-C3376C…)

i don't know where to meet guys. i'm from the balkans and the country is so small, but i didn't grow up here so i barely know anyone. i'm in uni but there's no guys because they're all muslim (private uni) and no way in hell is that happening. i'm basically in my mid 20s now and i wanna kill myself because i literally can't meet people.

No. 774890

File: 1617384186967.jpg (544.24 KB, 1280x795, bothme.jpg)

I swear some days I feel beautiful as hell, like I have a face similar to Lisa Bonet's. And then I have those days where I feel like my face looks like John Candy's.
My body image just can't make up it's mind.

No. 774905

File: 1617385294724.jpg (149.1 KB, 1080x1440, 7aad923d7b03433be00d2d4866db64…)

Ayrt, thank you so much. I appreciate your response and I'll get some cranberry pills and probably will do my nails today. If If I'm not feeling lazy as fuck I'll try to do pic. I'm sorry that anon was being such an asshole

No. 774921

when i was a kid and fought with my mom she threatened to cut off her fingers/body parts and kill herself. she would also give me the phone and tell me to call the police so they would give me a new mom

No. 774934

Shit anon, that's traumatizing as hell. I'm so sorry you had to go through that. My dad always told us to leave the house/family every minor fight/inconvenience.

No. 774964

I don't get my nails done bc I'm too autistic to let a stranger touch me like that but I fucking love painting my nails myself and you know what anon, the reason why having your nails done rules is that you get to look at them all day and enjoy the aesthetic as you do things with your hands, unlike makeup.

No. 774965

Same. Some days I look like Audrey Hepburn and some days I look like meh.

No. 774969

File: 1617394287485.png (413.83 KB, 624x692, a604rad7j4651.png)

it's going to take me 6 years to finish undergrad instead of 4, and that's assuming i don't fail out. i feel like such a loser, i didnt even make friends for the years ive been here, i just felt ashamed and lost in my coursework. the other day i looked in the mirror and noticed how aged my face was. i used to take comfort/base my identity around being good at academics because i'm bad at everything else(mannish/ugly/sperg) and now i don't even have school. i'm going to die alone, in poverty, and with memories of constantly suffering

No. 774974

File: 1617394676804.jpeg (258.27 KB, 835x1048, 50D4E729-AFED-42D2-8E79-3E16A0…)

KEK anon why are you insulting yourself twice? Do you also look like this blockhead(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 774976

>t. Delusional.

No. 774989

pretty sad anon, i hope it will get better

No. 774995

File: 1617396552337.gif (4.04 MB, 540x456, 5f56d6789d4406fd4ef11a64926db4…)

I mean if you consider this an insult….

No. 774997

File: 1617396937722.png (636.45 KB, 531x550, 1615780299377.png)

I don't think I want to be in a relationship again. I feel so emotionally drained and I don't want to feel this again in my life it's exhausting. I don't cope well with breakups and I obviously tend to attract the worst men. I also don't know if I want to have kids or not. I don't want to die alone. I'm just so tired of thinking about the future.

No. 775003

You arent attracting shitty men. That is just how most of them are.

No. 775005

Whenever something in my life is too good, it doesn't matter what, I have to either:
>try to make it a little bad because if it's perfect there is something sketchy about it
>almost ruin a different good aspect in my life so that there will be a "balance" (same reason)
Do I have the tism? I have an enemy and it's none other than yours truly.

Cute pic

No. 775006

What >>775003 said, and also: It's okay if you don't want to be in a relationship anon. We're taught that and having kids is supposed to be the most fulfilling thing in life, but there are so many other exciting paths to take. Women who have families have still died alone and alienated, women who have remained single and childfree (happiest subset of the population btw) have been surrounded by friends and people who enjoyed their presence by choice rather than obligation. Just focus on enjoying your day-to-day life and cultivating things that will make it better. Create relationships (platonic) that build you up, give back to the community through whatever means you prefer. You can even adopt if you really end up wanting a child, and they'll have a loving life thanks to you they likely wouldn't have otherwise. If a rare, decent man comes around then great, but letting romance go as a focus is hugely freeing in itself.

No. 775007

I think nlog haters are worse than the nlogs themselves.

They'll berate and blame women for not fitting in, gaslight them regarding their experiences with other women, and then turn around and be the biggest cunts in the world when someone realizes their mistake and tries to come back to the gurlz club. I always want to reach out whenever I see someone make an ex-nlog post and get dogpiled, but it's either too late or mods have already started handing out bans for infighting. So if any of you happen to read this, I don't think you deserved it, it's just that the dickheads are the loudest.

No. 775008

File: 1617398772373.png (432.54 KB, 686x526, tfw.png)

I'm pretty sure my neighbour has been hosting a child's birthday party today. All afternoon I've been hearing adults and children laughing and hollering at each other in our shared hallway. Finally I had enough. I had my airpods in on noise cancellation mode and I could still hear people being loud as fuck. I opened my front door to see a bunch of people in the hallway without masks on, and one woman was even barefoot. This is supposed to be a luxury building. Our region is locked down because our COVID cases are out of control and hardly anyone has been vaccinated. I've had to attend law school online this past year and have made so many sacrifices and it feels like it's all for nothing because careless idiots ruin it for everyone else. The irony is that my neighbour is an old retired woman who is well-known locally for being a women's rights activist. I guess she doesn't give a single shit about her neighbours' rights to health and peace and quiet, even if some are women. I feel so trapped in my apartment. I can't even go to a library to study and this bitch is doing whatever the fuck she wants as loudly as she pleases with as many people as she feels like. Fuck the world.

No. 775009

I relapsed in my eating disorder very badly recently. I purged for the sake of feeling control over anything happening to me and I didn't even eat a lot, just something I thought was unhealthy. This guy is pressing me to take new pics for him and I just don't want to. He's partly why I relapsed. And my mom doesn't give a fuck about me and ignored my requests for her to stop buying me candy for holidays. Not only am I miserable due to the fact that I can't resist eating the candy and then restricting the rest of the day, I have to deal with my teeth feeling like shit when I eat sugar. I just want to look good. why is it so hard

No. 775017

A lot of times they're not even going after actual NLOGs, they just hate anyone who wears alt fashion or has fun lmao. Even though the original meaning was about superiority complexes they ironically end up like that themselves. I'll never forget that anon who thought giving a dog a silly name was "nlog behavior" even though nearly everyone does that.

No. 775019

I will never understand men who date when 10 years or more younger and then complain the woman is broke/immature. Yes, shes going to be stupid, shes 19…yes she's broke, she just graduated high school. They want a 19 year old with the personality of a 40 year old mom and is magically rich.

No. 775024

I hate it when people want to talk about feelings and emotions.
It makes me feel so uncomfortable. I can barely even open up to my therapist. I haven't even cried in any funeral I've been to because expressing things makes me feel gross. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a sociopath and I do feel sadness and other things. And I can express happiness just fine. I just hate to talk about them and sometimes I'm unable to express them. And it feels even worse when someone wants to share those feelings with me and talk about it.

And yet almost every single person I'm close to wants to have some big talks where they express their sadness about things and want to know what I'm thinking or feeling. And I feel sad for them. But I can't say that because just saying "I'm sad" is either too damn difficult to say or it's seen as cold and indifferent and people think "Wow why aren't you using more words, you must not actually care about me at all"
Do sometimes I don't respond at all because I have to think the most socially acceptable way to express what I'm thinking and then people get even more offended.

No. 775036

i wish i could turn off my emotions. i hate that im so sensitive and cry over the smallest things. my boyfriend called me batshit crazy yesterday because i cried over something small. i hate myself so much. i try to be by myself when i cry but sometimes i cant hold it in. im just trash

No. 775037

I would just be honest about it and say you're sorry for what they are going through but that you aren't the best with communication in emotional situations. Maybe not in quite that order so it doesn't come off as if you're trying to blow them off.

People don't necessarily want their problems solved, they just want someone to listen and validate them. So usually just saying how awful they must feel or whatever can help.

It's why we have this vent thread!

No. 775039

the fact that your bf called you batshit crazy for crying over something small. Anon, there's nothing wrong with being sensitive, people be built different. also your bf is tresh, throw the whole man away.

No. 775040

Fuck him. If he freaks out when his girlfriend is in emotional distress that is HIS problem not yours. Sure it may get overwhelming for him at times but if he resorts to calling your crazy then he's just a fucking dick who needs a lesson in maturity and emotional intelligence. Guys are such idiots.

No. 775043

>doesn't even want to comfort you
That's literally just a dude you're having sex with. You deserve better, anon.

No. 775044

Right? As an older millennial the dating pool is getting slim because these idiots married too young now they are getting divorced and dating younger. Sure there are some young guys looking for women in their 30s but usually just because we're more sexually experienced and also they want to mooch off our hard earned incomes. I'm soooo not attracted to men in their mid to late 40s let alone older….and the ones in their 40s are looking for younger than 30s too. Leaving a lot of men in their 50s going for my age group.

Thing is like you said anon, it doesn't usually work out for them too long because of boredom and gold diggers. They just waste their time. Would be nice if Hollywood wouldn't fool all these guys into thinking this is normal.

Apparently I got triggered by this vent and also had to vent on this subject. Kek

No. 775045

ordered a side of noodles from a chinese place (cost $1.49) and it's unseasoned noodles. i had no fucking idea or i wouldn't have gotten it. glad that i didn't pay too much for this gummy tasteless shit

No. 775052

My mom has a bowel obstruction and might have to have surgery tonight and I’m about to have a panic attack. If you guys could send “good vibes” or whatever the fuck I’d really appreciate it

No. 775053

File: 1617405326410.jpeg (165.32 KB, 1050x815, 1578275796282.jpeg)

I finally accept that it was never me, it was never anything I did or didn't do, my dad just isn't capable of loving anyone very much
There was never anything I could have done to make him act different or change his mind
I don't have to feel guilty anymore
Some people just don't care about family, and that's not necessarily the fault of their family, and in this case, it isn't my fault
This wasn't my fault
Thank god, and now I am free

No. 775054

sending them your way, anon

No. 775056

I'm sending you good vibes; that's usually a pretty simple surgery when it does have to happen, she'll be okay
some times they can even just flush the bowels out

No. 775057

Sending not only good vibes to you but an extra healing vibes to your mom, hope she's feeling well soon!

No. 775072

is that really such a big deal kek it's only two more years. that's basically nothing in the full course of your life, and it's not like you're bumming.

No. 775073

I think people just don't like when nlogs insult other women. That's why they hate them, imo. I don't feel like ex-nlogs or anyone who doesn't do that kind of stuff is bad though.

No. 775078

Samefagging again. I thought I was maybe being overdramatic when I said today was not going to be good, but I was not. My phone and card dropped out of my back pocket into a walmart toilet. A Walmart Public Bathroom Toilet. The bathrooms were disgusting as well, one stall had splatters of period pee on the seat. I have multiple small wounds and two pretty big cuts on my hand, and I had to reach into the toilet to retrieve my items. I'm a poopoo hands ass bitch. I'm going to fucking kill myself.
In all serious-ness, will I get a disease from this? Maybe this is herpes-from-a-public-pool tier irrational fear although it's not that irrational, but I'm going to be beyond pissed if I catch something because my phone decided to fall into a public toilet.

No. 775079

Definitely ditch the dude. No way will he turn out any good in the long run. Even if he's just for fun. Your reaction is a sign from your intuition.

No. 775089

I've seen many posts like these and very few that got dogpiled were insulting other women. They mostly say they got bullied by other girls for being different.
Of course, most posters here are ironically too autistic to understand that different in this context doesn't mean they think they're special, but that everyone else thought something was wrong with them or they didn't fit in.

No. 775102

Lmao I’m sorry anon. I’m having a bad day too. Your luck will balance out. Just wash your hands and stuff with antibacterial soap. You’ll be okay.

No. 775104

it's also annoying to me because men use the behavior of nlogs to make points like "hey look this woman hates feminism and think's it's bad, so you're just uptight" and to justify their surface level views of feminism

No. 775106

File: 1617411806838.jpg (10.09 KB, 225x225, 1553765302397.jpg)

For the love of god in heaven, free Cyntoia Brown

No. 775110

File: 1617412331164.jpg (69.12 KB, 720x523, Screenshot_20210403_040406.jpg)

When I was a kid I used to watch this show and the opening song was very sad to me although it's not but they show the mother leaving the house in one of the episodes and it always made my heart drop in fear of my mom doing the same. I really love my mom she's perfect and I've always been afraid she'll do the same if things become tough because she's a human too. Idk why today I felt nostalgic and wanted to watch that show again,and when the opening started my heart dropped at the same shot as it used to do when I was little. I can't believe we can feel the same way after all this years. I immediately hugged my mom and stayed in her arms for a good 10 minutes she's so precious.

No. 775111

Didn't she already get freed like a year ago? I'm gonna be mad if she's still in jail lmao

No. 775113

File: 1617412824521.jpg (87.35 KB, 828x943, Evr_6v7XcAA5LqK.jpg)

Samefag, she's already out! Here's a recent pic of her from her twitter. She got married the same year she was released.

No. 775116

holy shit jesus christ thank god, this poor fucking kid

No. 775121

Disgusting wojak, I hope that bitch and you too die just because you posted this shit.(then be gone)

No. 775124

anons i feel like i'm at an all time low. i just spent an hour trying to open a vape pod. all i've done is poke myself with a needle and screwdriver. the pod is mangled from desperation. fuck dis. maybe now is the time i give up nicotine

No. 775134

My period is gonna start soon so my emotions are out of wack. My boyfriend is trying to be understanding but I can tell I'm getting on his nerves because I getting upset because a package I've been waiting for hasn't updated in a few days and it's just sitting at the distribution area since the shipment arrived but my package hasn't been processed. I was going to call the post office but I can't figure out how to get to speak to a human being since it's all automated. Everyone is just telling me to chill because I'm like "what if someone took the package or it got lost?" But they're forgetting this is the first time in years I've spent money on myself and it just doesn't make sense it's taking so long to scan. I live in a small town. I can understand a day or two but this is just annoying.

No. 775136

My fiance is literally making me move from a state with perfect weather, where all my family and friend live, where all my work connections are; to state that gets below zero, everyone is rude, I know no one, and I overall just don't like it, and he won't even let me choose the house. I found my dream home but he doesn't want to live there because the park isn't nice enough to run around. Literally going to kill myself instead of move at this point.

No. 775137

just kill him instead

No. 775138


No. 775140

Como se dice, dump his ass

No. 775141

fuck him anon theres almost 8 bil people in the world

No. 775146

isolation is the number one tool of abusers

No. 775160

My thoughts too

No. 775162

File: 1617418556574.jpg (69.5 KB, 622x800, 紙魚丸 - hand.jpg)

I had to move back home to my country due to Covid. And each day I want to tear my hair out, because I still can't stop thinking about a guy I met abroad for a few weeks during quarantine last summer.

He was passionate, creative, sharp as a tack, fiercely principled, and didn't give a shit about what others thought (or was good at hiding it). And a cynic like me. Like many others I was convinced the kind of romance you saw in movies couldn't truly exist - after all, there's no room of writers to set up the pieces in real life. But with him, I was living and breathing out of a script. From 12 hour desert road trips to effortless verbal sword fights that somehow never felt cliche or derivative. Even the mundane, kneecapped aspects of pandemic life could be squeezed for a stupid amount of entertainment.

Of course, he was beautiful, too. My bedtime ritual is pouring over the photos and videos we took on our adventures together, trying to recall how his ridiculously chiseled, stubbled jawline felt under my fingers. Or the warmth that bounced off his firm muscles during a night over. Or just how the smoky timbre in his voice could give way to a surprisingly airy, gentle laugh. I like to think he tried to commit me to memory as well, after it was understood I wouldn't be staying for much longer. Drinking me in with his eyes, before thickly muttering to himself that "This is going to be a problem." After spending close to a year hopelessly pining, I think he was probably right.

Though the initial efforts were valiant, long distance communication dissolved into nothing after a few months away, and I don't blame him. Where we formerly danced in-step, timezones literally forced us into night and day. And tepid texts just can't compete with burning hot physical presence. There's a chance of rediscovering it, as I'll be returning from my country soon. But the thought of seeing him again fills me with nauseating anxiety. If this shit is going to play out like a movie again, god I hope it has a happy ending.

No. 775165

This reads like some fanfic, ngl, but I'm living for it, I'm loving it and I hope you can find your dream man again.

No. 775167

File: 1617419322549.jpg (43.82 KB, 540x540, 8c37d94ac0_5aeb58b9_540.jpg)

Watching very old videos from over a decade ago because I hate the present.

No. 775169


where did i see this? the brag thread or the pasta thread? tell me more about this horseshit

No. 775173

Thanks anon. It’s cringe but therapeutic to write it that way, I wanted to relive how romantic and special our time felt in the moment. We’ll see what happens.

Not sure if it was me you’re thinking of but I did write about this guy before in a vent thread months ago, I’m just in my feelings again.

No. 775174

I enjoyed your writing. But please, tell us more about this magic dream man.

No. 775177

File: 1617421118255.jpeg (38.4 KB, 574x622, AD4326BB-C578-4300-A88C-1A9045…)

I absolutely admire people who are just existing. They don’t constantly explain themselves they’re solitude in this world they are what they are. I’m jealous of people who aren’t constantly looking to explain their existence, they are just there yet still useful and worth something. What I don’t appreciate is just wastes of space (which 99% of scrotes are) but I feel really awful talking shit about men lately and I don’t know exactly why, but it’s like my female socialization is on overdrive when I’m on my period.

No. 775181

File: 1617421845717.jpg (255.62 KB, 430x570, 51-datewithdorris.jpg)

Dude I'm watching fucking TV shows from the 60's and 70's, get on my level.

No. 775187

I hate this party and I want to kill myself

No. 775188

I want to hang myself on one of the chandeliers

No. 775192

New doctors office form had a “what are your pronouns” section. I’m gonna find a new doctor

No. 775193

File: 1617423597127.gif (783.02 KB, 500x356, giphy-2.gif)

>she watches post-code content

No. 775195

The Prisoner was so good

No. 775211

File: 1617427054001.jpg (52.38 KB, 827x641, 12290666.jpg)

just broke up with my bf
he cried very quietly and I petted his hair for about an hour
he didn't do anything wrong, he's just too young for me and not ready for all of this yet
it's very sad, I feel very sad for him
I was recently psychward'd, which is mostly why I'm breaking up with him, I'm moving far away now, and, on the bright side, I am so loaded up on pharmaceuticals I feel like a Pink Floyd song

No. 775218

I just want to reminisce not go back to ancient times

No. 775253

My cat came home at like 2am with a bunch of cuts and bruises from fighting so my dad tells me to dilute dettol and put it on his wounds. My fucking dumbass doesn't check the label and puts a small amount of diluted dettol on his head and neck, and I think a small amount got into his eye but I rinsed it with water. Only 10 minutes later when I'm prepping for bed i read the back of the label and find out that it's highly toxic to cats. He probably ingested some while cleaning his face by the time I wiped off the rest. He seems fine right now, he ate food and is now sleeping peacefully on my bed, but I am so mad at myself for being so fucking careless and just taking my dad's word instead of checking the fucking label beforehand. I don't even know if we'll be able to get him to a vet in the morning because its easter weekend and the clinic we use doesn't take drop ins anymore bc of covid restrictions. Ugh how could I be so stupid.

No. 775268

Why are you and your brother not close with each other?
Your post is horrible.
>What the hell do your other kids have to do with me, parent?
Siblings are family members, to most people family are some of the most important people to them.

No. 775272

never eating a beefy fritos burrito again

No. 775274

File: 1617438022717.jpeg (18.15 KB, 275x212, 2305C3B0-7AEC-4B0E-99E9-4E6A4A…)

Spill the…beans… on why, anon.

No. 775306

File: 1617442087290.jpg (64.29 KB, 500x375, 1497803978495.jpg)

Argh I'm so fucking depressed. I hate that feeling when you can't imagine feeling any other way. Please just pass already, I'm tired of fantasizing about dying and masturbating to trauma. I'm scum I'm scum I'm scum I'm scum.

No. 775312

Update: I didn’t kill myself so I just hid in the vip room and listened to heavy metal on full volume to block out the blaring Mexican music until mother forced me out then I had a few drinks and shamelessly danced my ass off not caring how bad I sucked cuz everyone was rooting for me!

No. 775320

It WILL pass anon, and soon you'll see that there are so many opportunities and options you can take in life. Also, feeling bad doesn't mean that you are bad. What is that image from btw? It has an interesting atmosphere

No. 775321

File: 1617443692553.gif (576.74 KB, 275x150, 1537190823258.gif)

I dreamed about school (again) not only it was the usual shit but the setting was an old catholic school I don't get it

No. 775332

There is a fucking cp thread in /ot it’s worse than usual hand it’s still up almost 20 min later I’ve reported it and posted about it in meta it’s still up

No. 775333

Thanks anon ♥ it's this guy's photography https://tamazo2.tumblr.com/
I've seen it posted around lolcow tho

No. 775337

I hope you’re ok nonita, I know that any of those things can be stressful alone but all at once I’m sure is a lot to handle on your own. Don’t forget to take your time and be gentle with yourself through this process, you can’t spend all your empathy and kindness on others, you deserve some of that goodness too. Best of luck navigating your new chapter in life, or new book or other side of the leaf, however you view the change in your life.

No. 775365

I fucking hate urban outfitters I feel like an ogre. Actually ordered some clothes because I'm trying to overcome my BDD & not wear potato sack shit every day but I swear everything they sell looks awful unless you are <5'5 with no tits. I HAVE A FUCKING HOURGLASS FIGURE & 17 BMI WHY DONT CLOTHES LOOK GOOD ON ME REEEEEEEE
Only my retarded brain could make me feel unfeminine for having boobs I'm gonna kms

No. 775366

File: 1617451857042.jpeg (394.24 KB, 1125x1106, 4C7CFA85-B377-4D13-B6AE-9CF90F…)

I haven’t been able to stop my dermatillomania even though I want to and I’m trying. Literally just start picking at my skin without realizing it until I’ve been picking for 5 minutes.

I feel disgusting especially since I’m OCD-chan.

No. 775375

Anon you have a perfect body shape!!! Especially if you know what to wear. You can try ankle length dresses that fits around your waist you'll look gorgeous

No. 775385

File: 1617454548653.jpeg (92.26 KB, 700x933, A2D3BD75-C51C-415A-B0BD-A92FC9…)

why do productivityfags always ruin everything for people?

>lol you want to be paid above minimum wage

>no that’s just called laziness
>ok fatty
>yes downtime is okay but quick get back to work and work for the rest of your life
>didn’t you know some sperg wrote a 1000 word manifesto that has stolen ideas that’s become a best seller when they were laid off their job? you too can be some lucky genius too

shut the ever living fuck up and let me vibe and relax in peace scrotei, not everything is a public jeff bezos get rich competitive ponzi scheme simulator, acting like one slip up from anyone is going to break down capitalism and bring in communism. god burgers are so damn ridiculous with this shit

No. 775391

I'm so fucking tired of gay scrotes making "ew smelly vagina hahaha" jokes, you literally fuck poopholes shut the fuck up, I swear to god I'm becoming more and more homophobic with each passing day

No. 775395

17 BMI is very low, are you okay? Stay healthy anon.
And I'm sure you look great, it's just your BDD messing your mental image up.

No. 775399

I kind of wish I was an effortfag though, instead of being someone who could spend months lying in fetal position and not feel guily about it.

No. 775416

I wish there was a term just for male homophobia, I never want to offend a lady.

No. 775420

File: 1617458614416.jpg (93.63 KB, 600x318, yoko - amanecer.jpg)

It might be cliched after all, but we met in Los Angeles. He works in film/TV as a PA and AD. Still a little green, but he was made for it: direct, assertive, and a natural organizer. Most times, I found that refreshing. Other times, grating. Thankfully, with both of us being adept communicators, any ruffled feathers were quickly smoothed out. It seemed that as I grew tougher, he grew softer.

I was taken with how even in his personal life, he would thrive outside of the spotlight doing thankless work because it had to be done. On the night before I left, just as the BLM protests took off, we went and stocked up on bandages, burn cream, and antiseptic, because he wanted to help anyone harmed by the state. But he was quick - much quicker than I was - to see how the movement was doomed to devolve. Past his bleak realism he was at his core, a disappointed idealist, perpetually caught between giving up and fighting for what he believed in.

His heart and mind was shaped by film, history, and philosophy. Poetry too - some of which he read to me in his native tongue on our first phone call (which lasted a captivating 8 hours). He was also a red-blooded man with a taste for sports, punk, and the outdoors. Where I was considerate and careful, he was reckless and free. Whatever flavor I wanted, familiar or new, he had it. I think he saw the same in me as well.

And to be frank - he was great in bed. I've got some notches on my belt, but he was somehow the first to ask me what I liked and how to do it. He also refused to sleep with me after our first date because I had been drinking and took me home instead. Maybe it's depressing the bar is this low for scrotes, but man that was nice.

No. 775433

Anonita I love your writing and now I'm wondering where is he from if his first language isn't english. Hopefully you'll see each other soon and share beautiful moments again

No. 775434

This reads like a fucking Lana Del Rey song

No. 775442

I don't have anything to contribute, but I just want to say I love the way you write.

No. 775445

i was thinking about something earlier; most people tend to raise concerns about people who say things they may disagree with or are unfamiliar with and are pent on putting an end to these ideas, based on the notion it may eventually hurt someone. my argument is, covert narcissists say things most people would agree with and stand behind them without even batting an eye, but behind closed doors someone is getting hurt by them.
i don't know what im really getting at, i just think it's useless to try to prevent something based on a hunch, because in the end you're just prideful in knowing others are aware you're bothered. i guess this would be considered virtue signalling or concern trolling.

No. 775448

The casual use of "I'm going to kill myself" is really annoying. Why?

No. 775472

my pussy tastes like pepsi cola

No. 775496

im under so much stress and im crying my skin mask off.

No. 775498

I got into the habit of saying it whenever a cringe thought pops into my mind. Why? Well, I literally want to die and restart my life to forget about all of the shit I've done.

No. 775505

Why do scrotes think this is funny? I would divorce this manchild. I hate videos where men pull pranks on their girlfriends/wives

No. 775509

It’s annoying and it’s worrisome when people close to you/irl use it. Like I never know when to take it seriously if someone is texting me about how they want to kill themselves

No. 775510

ok so my mf cat ran away?? Like bitch WHO gave you permission to disrespect me in my own home like this?? I found her as an abandoned kitten outside of my work and snuck her into my home even though I couldn’t have more pets?? Risked eviction, nurtured her to health, fell in love with her, and now she’s has the audacity to run away!!!!!???? Like the fuck who raised you?? Outside of my home there is a lot of construction going on and I know she’s scared but really… like we live right next to a coyote infested WOODED area that I know she just had to run off to, like bitch?? You want to get eaten??? Waste my time.., smh I’m worried sick. I literally cannot stop pooping and feeling nauseous over this damn cat, I’ve made a fool of myself publically trying to find her!! And everyone’s like lol we haven’t seen your dumb cat. Like is she dead or alive I need to know wtf

No. 775515

I watched some stripper memes and now TikTok algorithm feeds me SW stuff that has strong propaganda vibes. I thought only kids use this app?

I saw a clip where a girl (in her early 20s maybe) said that she became her high school classmate's dad's sugar baby and how this was an "epic comeback" because the other girl was mean to her?
Every comment was very supportive "yass kween" and other retarded shit teens say.
I don't want to be a grandma yelling to kids in tiktok so I need to vent.
Nobody asked why the middle-aged guy is dating a girl who is the same age as his own daughter?
Do you really think that he does not imagine fucking his own daughter when he's having sex with 'the sugar baby?

I have thought of myself as a liberal-leaning but now I feel like the biggest prude.
I'm so fucking angry that the next generation of girls is told that sex work is empowering.
Teenagers are still experimenting with their sexuality and they don't know how to keep their boundaries. I remember when I was 16 and had to learn some very hard lessons about men.
There are MANY scumbags who will test your limits and money makes it more difficult.

Sex work is not a career. I know some "happy hookers" and respect their choices AS ADULTS. It's grooming when our culture encourages young girls to "try out" sex work.

Yeah, I would have made better money as a sugar baby than I did in property maintenance.
Still, I can't put SW in my resume.
In the perfect world, your boss does not care when he sees your nudes online. But your boss is very likely in his/her 50's. In the real world people judge you, I'm not making the rules but I know how the world works.
it's UNFAIR that teens are manipulated thinking that SW is cool and easy money. Your boss is not thinking the same way as your peers who are also young and stupid.

You are stupid if you think that sex work is easy money. And it's not their fault that they are stupid because they are teens.

It's not a career it's the opposite: it will ruin many career paths for you. It's not fair. Life is not fair.
Yes, I'm a prude grandma but i'm NOT LYING TO YOU.

The woke circles are virtue signaling how totally validating and empowering SW is but the world does not work that way.

Scrubbing toilets isn't the most glamorous job but it keeps you afloat.
Please please please do not believe them when they say it's easy money

No. 775519

Ever time I’m depressed I come on this website to let off steam but god damn some of the bitches on W can’t hang. They call autistic web but literally all are the autistic weebs. Sometimes I’m a retard on here but fuck haha

No. 775525

how long have you had her before she ran away, also was she a fully indoor cat?

No. 775528

File: 1617473521748.jpeg (86.67 KB, 600x800, 1611885955-a2801fa4-ea17-4b9b-…)

Ran across these cute as heck boho sets on a stupid instagram ad. The site was obviously sketchy, and I can't find the original seller. It's irritating the shit outta me.

No. 775534

File: 1617474147353.png (1.52 MB, 1200x900, Image_created_with_a_mobile_ph…)

Just want a cute fucking bf with long black hair and beige skin and ugly but cute and skinny and metalhead that i can kiss and cuddle and love and feed duckies with i'm so fucking lonely fuc k i have no one

No. 775537

SW tiktok is something else. Everytime I see a "get ready with me before I go to the club!" video the comments are full of underage girls saying "I can't wait until I'm old enough to do this!!" The sugar daddy tiktoks are even worse, at best its just annoying showing off and at worst its like you said, just straight up propaganda. I don't know when the cultural shift happened that sex work is easier than getting a hostessing job at applebee's or something, especially when girls with mental illnesses talk about how stripping is so much easier on the mental illness than their waitressing job was. Absolutely what you mentioned, they're really reeling in girls who are too young to understand the significant consequences of showing hole online/that the larger culture is still not okay with that stuff and probably won't be for a very long time. Sugar daddy stuff especially bothers me because all you are doing is being pretty (and probably fucking the guy, tbh), unless he's marrying you you have NO stability, he could drop you at any moment and cut off all of your financial support. Idk why depending completely on men who have no real obligation to you is "Getting that bag sis!!!"

No. 775542

theres this subreddit where others help you find fashion, or try reverse image searching

No. 775544

Thanks anons. I never thought of myself as much of a writer but waxing lyrical about this guy is very cathartic. I try not to burden my friends with the details. Maybe I’ll update with what happens when/if I see him again.

No. 775547

anon i hate that the angle makes it look like midget legs i'm like unreasonably losing my shit
anyway here ya go cutie, next time try google image search https://brosage.co/products/1212511-floral-print-wide-leg-pants

No. 775549


I posted in the subreddit and reverse image search was no help lol. Hopefully I get lucky and Reddit pulls through!

No. 775550


I had found this site, too..but thought it looked like another sketchy scam. I'll look into it more; thank you!!

No. 775552

you're right now that i take a second look at it. i hope reddit gets it right and you can have your hot summer outfit!

No. 775562

The internet has created a scare-culture, on- and offline. I can't wait for that bubble to burst.

No. 775572

File: 1617476442078.jpeg (78.66 KB, 516x767, 1E934B6C-9CBA-49C2-9D89-22621B…)

THIS, i don‘t even use tiktok but stumbled upon something similar called kinktok and it‘s basically edgy teenagers parroting shit like „choke me daddy“ and „vanilla sex is so boring ew“ and it‘s fucking terrible. i was a naive teenager with an abusive father growing up on tumblr where lana del rey and ddlg was very trendy, (i also watched way too much porn there) and it ruined my view on sex and relationships. i thought i was the baddest bitch for letting scrotes way older than me use and degrade me. it made me unhappy and feel terrible but i never made the connection becazse everyone said it’s so empowering!!! yaas girl!! be a slut do whatever u want!!! i participated in so much shit that was completely normalized on tumblr like bdsm, choking, being hurt during sex etc. and deep down i never liked it, i mean who likes being hurt? i’m so happy i was able to reflect on my self destructive behaviour and stop participating in it, but i fear many girls won’t realize they are hurting themselves by letting scrotes get iff on their degradation. seeing girls as young as 12-14 being the biggest pick mes ever online talking about „call me a whore and spit in my face daddy“ breaks my heart. that shit is not normal, if you have younger sisters please talk to them about this. i hate how liberal feminism normalized degenerate and degrading male fantasies. i truly hope this trend goes away sooner than later.

No. 775578

the number of random men hitting on me and generally being nicer has gone up exponentially since we started wearing masks. i’m convinced my mouth and jaw ruin my face

No. 775586

You have to realize that also it truly isn’t fair that you’re punished career-wise for what you do outside of your job. Companies love to say that they are passionate about giving their employees a “work-life balance” while also firing and choosing not to hire someone because of an economically dire situation they were in a few years ago that made them a sex worker at the time. It’s also important to denounce sex work but also have to get the root issue, it isn’t easy to get a job and it’s certainly difficult to integrate into the real life for anyone. My criticism of radfems when it comes to their opposition of sex work is that it borderline insults the women who decide to become SWers or delegates them to helpless, pitiful bimbos who need to be guided by people more intelligent and rational than them. They dangerously adopted ideas that I’ve seen socially conservative scrotes use when it comes to sex work

No. 775591

I've wasted my fucking 20s and now I'm 30 and have no idea what I want to do with my life still. I've been working for the same company for 8 years and I hate it. I have no future plans and I've come to realize that I won't be happy until I commit to something. I can't fill the void with "going to the gym" or "doing archery", I need to work on something for the future. But I have no idea what I want to do.

I know graphic design, I have a small degree as a pastry chef and I love cooking asian food which is rare in my country so it could be seen as "interesting" (probably not on other places). I live in a third world country and it's hard to leave, but sometimes I feel I should just try to but its really hard and I don't know what to do, I also don't want to leave my two cats and the trip would be really hard on both of them (I think I can only bring one with me at a time). One of my cat is kind of fat too and I think she exceeds the limit to bring to the plane, fuck all these awful rules you have to keep to bring a pet with you. It's just two cats1

I like cooking but I hated selling online, so few people ordered and I hated the grind of constantly promoting/selling myself on Instagram and pushing "ads" down people's throats. I'm afraid of working on a restaurant/bakery too because I feel the money would suck and it would be super stressful. I like seeing people eat my food and enjoy it, I don't want to work in the back like a monkey and not get any recognition because it would be the bakery's sweets not mine.

I'm constantly jealous of everyone and I hate myself so fucking much. I really thought I was going to be someone as a teenager, I guess I was wrong because I clearly don't have the balls to do anything. Nobody is looking for me to work for them, I pratically don't exist on my company either, I'm just a drone doing the same menial tasks over and over and over. What the fuck is wrong with me?? Why can't I do anything? And why can't I realize what I like and don't like, I seriously have no idea. I've been standing still for 10 years.

No. 775592

Ffs every time I go to the dumbass TA for clarification on an assignment she fails to actually offer any insight and it's pissing me off. It's just so discouraging. Her responses are brief and cryptic and she doesn't even advertise her office hours for further discussion. I have a lot of sympathy for TAs because I know they're very busy and they have to deal with incompetent people, but I actually engage with the materials and put a lot of effort into meeting class expectations, so I expect some engagement in return. I scheduled a meeting with the professor, I hope she'll be more helpful. I might mention my issues with the TA in passing but I don't wanna stir the pot because I know they've worked together before.

No. 775594

I've been craving cigarettes badly these past few days, I'm fighting the urge, but I know I'm going to eventually give up. I've been good for some time now but quarantine has left me no much to look forward and a smoke sounds kinda nice.

No. 775596

File: 1617477974551.gif (5.73 MB, 260x227, 95f629977a5f3859b4a5ef9d3d4e91…)

>mfw whenever I see other women peak
Perhaps there is hope for the teens after all. I personally can never take SW seriously especially with how fucking awful they are to each other lmao.

No. 775597

I feel like such a womanlet, I look like a fucking kid and people always think im some random teenager, it makes me wanna die seeing high schoolers who look more mature than I do

No. 775601

>Scrubbing toilets isn't the most glamorous job but it keeps you afloat.
OT but for whatever reason in the jobs I've worked, I've always heard talk about how the cleaning crew got paid massive bank. Maybe it's just because the places I worked had hired cleaners who were part of a union, but at the retail job I worked I heard they earned about a 90k salary. The next place I was at was a nice small office where the cleaning lady came twice a day and lightly cleaned the bathroom (people generally did not make a mess since it would be easy to call people out) and I was told by the exec assistant that she was paid really well too. It seems to be like scrubbing toilets is really where the money's at kek.

No. 775602

Same, I’m 23 and people constantly think I’m like 16. Having a baby face will be a good thing when you get older though

No. 775604

My entire life, this is all my dad watches (+ Star Trek)

No. 775605

Same anons, I’m 24 and get asked for ID when I want to buy a scratch card. Hopefully as we get old it will be for the best and we will be grateful to look young

No. 775608

I stink of vomit, my face is acnefied beyond compare and my head is pounding. I hate this.

No. 775620

Why are you vomiting? Are you ok anon? Vent more if you want

No. 775636

I'm not even short, I just have a derpy round face, freckles, a big ass forehead, and a childish sounding voice. Cutting my hair in a more mature style and getting rid of my horse girl hair has made me look older by a little, at least, but I'm still carded all the time

No. 775644

> horse girl hair
anon sorry that make me laugh, that’s a start!!

No. 775646

File: 1617481628850.jpg (191.63 KB, 1280x1289, tumblr_o20bciNaiq1s7fwo7o1_128…)

I want to play that FFXIV game, but I don't have the time or the money or a decent enough PC to do so. Being poor is such a fucking bummer.

No. 775649

I’m back on my bulimic bullshit, I’m just having a really awful time right now with everything in my life being so destabilised, I lost my family and I have no friends and I don’t know what to do. I’m really falling apart. I’m not okay at all.

No. 775665

I hope this is staged, because this seems like a miserable coexistence, they even have kids that will think it's fine to make mom jump for funny reactions because of their retarded father.
On a personal note, my father sometimes had this kind of humor, like he'd swing the knife or pretend to stab me because he knew I was very scared around knives in the past. To this day, I can't find the humor in it.

No. 775673

This game is a nest of weeb ERPers and trannies, you are saving yourself tbh. Unless you wanted to play full-solo.

No. 775676

File: 1617485171068.png (173.24 KB, 337x324, peepee.png)

I can't afford hearing aids and I don't qualify for assistance of any kind. Fuck my sad deaf life

No. 775682

Off-topic, but i love the pic you posted.

No. 775685

Ever since I came out as lesbian I lost everything. It's 21st century and you'd think it's no big deal but here I am, completely alone and with no friends or family anymore.

No. 775702

Both understandable.

I guess considering I've actually thought about killing myself irl (long time ago) it makes me cringe everytime I hear/read it. And yeah you never know who to take seriously about it.

No. 775733

fuck. i don't know anyone here and covid fucked everything social. i cope by simply not thinking about anything that requires having friends or acquaintances.
but my neighbor is having a party and it makes me want to fucking die. i'm at a point where my own laugh startles me.
i was supposed to glow up socially in 2020 but it's the worst it's ever been and it's not even my fault. fuck this

No. 775749

I wish I'd die and get reincarnated in one of those isekai fantasies where I can be best at something without effort. No matter how hard I try no matter what I do I always fail at everything and become a laughingstock while everyone else does it better with less effort. What's even the point in living.

No. 775751

you live in a conservation country?

No. 775805

I don't believe humans are designed for "true love" in the romantic sense. It isn't logical on a biological level and from my personal experience/what I've witnessed I find it hard to believe people experience it "truly", vs delude themselves or conflate things.

I am willing to believe this is a result of my own emotional failings, however. Ie. I simply lack the emotional depth to understand other people's feelings in this matter to their full extent because I do not have them. So it may just be me.

I believe after a certain amount of time in a relationship, everyone eventually falls out of romantic love. I think this is still often replaced with the kind of love you might have for family or a very close friend or what have you, which many people still enjoy and find comfort in.

I wish "open relationships" made more sense and actually worked in practice how they do in theory, as I keep getting into relationships of 2-4 years in span, thinking they're who I'll spend my life with, then feeling deep dissatisfaction with being "stuck" in them. I feel care but no love for these men in the later parts of my relationships; I don't wish to show affection or anything of the sort - I feel no desire to. I often force "I love yous" and such because I believe it's just what you're supposed to say, but I do not feel any romantic love for them. I don't kiss, hug, cuddle, etc. There's simply nothing in it for me at that point. I imagine for other people they still get some level of enjoyment out of physical affection with other human beings, but I've never gotten anything out of that really - I like sex because it feels physically pleasurable, but I don't want even that any more. The thought of my "partner" in that way revolts me, even though it's not like they've let themselves go or become physically unattractive. I just can't fathom having sustained romantic interest in a person, even though the passion/excitement of the honeymoon phase in relationships sometimes leads me to believe so. The only time I do is when my partner is the one to "fall out of love" first, and I assume if they hadn't I eventually still would.

Perhaps someone like me simply is not meant for relationships. My mother dated/married and divorced many men and I think whatever "problem" she has is similar, and either through genetics or from growing up with that I've come to face the same issue. My father always had long term relationships, though didn't end up remarrying and having another kid until I was in my teens, so maybe this is all a result of not having fully stable relationships to witness growing up?

I don't know. I still feel frustrated for it, though. I hate feeling stuck. I want in relationships when I'm single and out when once I've started getting content in one. I think perhaps I don't really want relationships at all and maybe I am the one conflating something with what I get out of being in them.

I don't really self reflect naturally so I appreciate this vent allowed me to come to this conclusion. Thanks, vent thread

No. 775819

File: 1617494895582.jpg (33.45 KB, 540x528, tumblr_pjc1vfViKo1v85t1f_540.j…)

>move to campus
>ok, i'm going to make female friends this time!
>pursue two girls from class
>we hang out once and then they slow ghost me
>fast forward two months
>get a message from one of the girls today
>get excited
>she's trying to get me to join a MLM scam

kill me. it seems like ppl only like me when they want to have sex with me. i'm literally getting an autism screening because this has been an issue my whole life

No. 775826

I swear to god if one more man says some "you deserve better I'm so selfish and horrible" crap while breaking up with me (and not owning up before when I had asked them if they were losing interest in me because I felt something was off in the weeks preceding it) I am going to scream. This is the second time in a row this exact shit has happened and I'm beginning to wonder if I'm defective or some shit lol like am I incapable of having one long term successful relationship?!

No. 775830

>conservation country

No. 775833

It's deflecting because they don't want to "hurt your feelings" with the real reason. It sucks, I'm sorry. It may not even be your fault, he might have an ex in his life, or he's a shithead afraid of commitment, etc. In any case it's not your responsibility alone to try and make it work, if they do this, they're not worth it. A respectable person would tell you straight-up that the relationship wasn't working. I advise just cutting them off when they start distancing you.

No. 775837

File: 1617497069365.gif (1.88 MB, 500x383, 1616685270674.gif)

I'm sorry you have to deal with shit men anon, for your own good next time your intuition tells you something is off, try distancing yourself and see what happens. Always think about protecting yourself and your feelings first, that's what men do. We really do notice when things start to change, we're just used to ignoring it.

No. 775845

File: 1617497810237.jpg (394.47 KB, 1250x900, 55542012_22435195390.jpg)

I don't get excited when I see his messages anymore. I don't care if he remembers me or not if he cares about me or not. I think I'm better off alone. The past year taught me a very tough life lesson that I won't forget ever. Gratitude is a blessing and I won't take any thing for granted anymore.

No. 775852

My only advice would be to beat them to the punch next time. You're smart, perceptive, and you know that you want a successful relationship. Combine that together and that makes it so you're above some lukewarm dude with waning interest in you. Leave at the first sign of low interest next time–and trust your gut at the first sign of fire–which I know is hard to do as we women are gaslit about how we have to try ~*~CoMmUNiCaYsHuUn~*~ first before we're allowed to be mad and leave. But anon, women don't win trying to play by the scrote's rules, I would know. These guys are losers and aren't taking you seriously, a lapse of interest is an insult after you gave their ingrate asses the time of day. It's hard to feel a different way, but don't let how men treat women have you doubting your worth. Men fuck over models, celebrities, literal queens of countries, etc. so clearly a selfish scrote's actions bear no reflection on anyone else's worth except their own.
You are worthy of the things you want.

No. 775854

anyone who comes into my shop and is rude or tries to flex on me before they even pay for their damn drink is getting decaf, deservedly so, its just cosmic justice. it actually blows my mind that people will be rude for no reason to someone who is literally just there to provide a service. like do you want a tasty beverage? or a 5$ cup of hot garbage? the public is fucked up man, I hope you girls all treat your baristas accordingly.

No. 775864

File: 1617500797477.jpeg (70.22 KB, 622x572, 1610409252717.jpeg)

>friend's non-milestone bday is coming up
>she got jealous of a different friend's milestone bday because we went all out for her due to her being depressed cause of covid
>friend wants us to put on an equal effort even tho her bday isn't a milestone cause she feels her milestone bday years ago wasn't as nice
>well okay I guess?
>make a separate gc so we can plan the party
>since I bought and paid for the cake of the last party, group decides to assign me in charge of cake again
>well okay I guess?
>actually, that isn't fair but who am I to rock the boat if my friends want to act selectively poor while buying $100 Shein hauls and having husbands who pay for everything in their houses?
>all I ask is feedback on what kind of cake to design
>seriously this is gonna run me between $80-120 on top of my gift
>the least they can do is offer input
>no one is giving me feedback
>"it's up to you anon!"
>okay, so you guys are useless
>go as far as asking friend's husband and he literally doesn't give me an answer and says she's on a diet bc he's being a trolling toolbag who doesn't wanna admit he doesn't know his own wife

This shouldn't be this fucking difficult! And I don't get why nobody wants to help me with this??? I guess they figure I'll take care of it either way, but it's one of those situations where if the cake is good they'll ALL take credit for it as part and parcel to the party, but if it's a poorly received cake they'll hiss in each other's ear like "Well it was all Anon's idea…"
I'm so mad.

No. 775869

why do men have to break up with you and try to beg for you back after. its so stressful.

No. 775874

My ugly fat neighbor is sitting in her car blasting rap music again so loud my windows are vibrating. I hope she has a heart attack

No. 775894

>look for cute dress up games on picrew
>find tons of hideous western art with fat characters holding up stupid flags
Wish I could block tumblrfag art from my eyes, jfc

No. 775916

> woke up with my period
> ovaries hurt like they never do
> can't focus on studying
> had problems with my lunch and ended up eating what I didn't want + wasn't that much either
> had to clean my dog's shit vomits 4 times
> burnt my dinner
K now I'm going to sleep, what a bad day nunas

No. 775921

I feel for your friend that is jealous. Why aren't all people sharing the cost of the cake? The fuck

No. 775924

my best friend dropped me like a month ago and im so lonely and i dont know if im a bad person or not and i dont know if ill ever have a true best friend again and i dont know if ill ever be in love and im so lonely all the time lol i just really want ot be close to someone and have it not be a dramatic horrible shitshow i wanna be in love

No. 775926

File: 1617508066018.jpg (40 KB, 500x586, tumblr_7c0aaccece8c8613090ff83…)

Good vent: I'm getting older (twenty-two this year) and my body is finally filling out. I'm gaining some curves, and while they're not hourglass tier they do make me look markedly more feminine so I'm happy.

Bad vent: I have a friend that passes herself off as some grunge thrift shop hopping fairy despite being stupidly rich and spoiled; stupidly rich and spoiled the point of being able to dial up her parents whenever and get them to send her to fucking France for a year, on vacation, if she wants it. It kind of pisses me off to watch her on insta because growing up I HAD to shop at thrift stores (not that I ever minded of course) because of poverty (still do because I'm thin and people toss out so much good shit and i'm BROKE) and here she is treating it like some cutesy lifestyle.

I feel like ultra scum though, because I swear to fuck I'm only friends with this girl because she buys me expensive food whenever we go out together…and I'm a fatass deep down who hates spending her own money. She seems to genuinely like me too, but I complain about her here all the time.

I understand I'm just insanely jealous that she doesn't have to lift a finger ever in her entire life, but goddamn.

No. 775934

File: 1617509443691.png (21.72 KB, 102x128, punchy.png)

I'm so fucking stessed I feel like crying so much but I just can't.
I'm so overwhelmed.
Please let me vent.

>fat, trying to lose weight

>gotta take pills for prediabetes
>diagnosed with pcos
>trying to pay off my car (got $1200 left)
>had to go to the dentist for several teeth infections (had to pay $1000 so far)
>trying to go back to school so I can change my career
>got a weird fucking blister near my coochie and i think it's from sitting on the toilet for so long
>tonsil stones
>bf being a punk bitch sometimes
>mom just borrowed over 1,000 dollars and i took that out of my savings
>owe ~1000 on debt
>need to find time to actually do my hair
>anxiety about seeing my family this summer

I'm finding it so hard to be happy, every day is a stomach ache of nerves and fear. I want to cry and scream.

No. 775939

told my boyfriend about th extremely traumatic experience where I got blackout drunk at age 16 at a party and got raped by 23 year old and someone recorded it and posted in on snapchat, which I didn’t find out about until weeks later! and he just told me “oh don’t be ashamed of being messy, I’ll share a messy drunk story of mine” and proceeded to tell me about the time he got drunk and threw up in a toilet. he seemed to completely miss the fact I was sharing my story of being raped and having people film it and post it for everyone in my town to see. maybe I’m wrong and I’m actually the fucking messy one, sure it was my first time ever being invited to a party and I wanted to impress all the 21+ year olds by how much I could handle shots, but maybe I should’ve stopped myself. I just feel embarrassed now and like a stupid bitch

No. 775941

I'm frustrated because I can't exercise before work because I'll tire myself out too much but it also feels impossible to muster up the energy to exercise after work because I'm tired from running around and lifting heavy shit all day.

No. 775942

He sounds like someone who has no sympathy for women who get raped at parties and might operate under the logic that you deserved it. He heard you anon. This is what he chose to equate that situation to, "messy" like throwing up in a toilet. Don't you feel you deserved some empathy? I wouldn't date such an uncaring ass.

No. 775949

either your boyfriend is a piece of shit or completely retarded. if this a trend in his behavior and how he reacts when you ask for support leave him.

No. 775953

my internet addiction is getting worse again. coming back here out of boredom. feel out of control when i do bother to think, and then feel tired of my life and trapped.

No. 775961

I was watching the glow up diaries and the comments were talking about how she had an eating disorder or that the video was triggering etc etc. This kinda pissed me off. Like damn can't a girl lose weight without anachans getting triggered. Bet if she was obese no one would say shit. Apparently if you sometimes binge or like to eat food or have a modicum of discipline by not eating as much as you should by ignoring hunger, you are proana and have an eating disorder. So I guess intermittent fasting is proana too, I really hate teens using the internet.

No. 776010

picrew got ruined the second twitter got a hold of it

No. 776012

File: 1617522150434.jpg (67.84 KB, 683x683, 1537431819726.jpg)

I'm stuck between pursuing a possibly fleeting fwb and enjoying myself for once (living in the moment) or continuing to hold-out, endure my loneliness, insecurities, and depression in the hopes that I'll find my hopeful LTR somehow… I'm in my late twenties now, and I'm sure most men my age hardly care about virginity, but I don't know if wasting my time with a fling is any better for myself than waiting and searching longer… I want to enjoy myself with someone for once and experience that intimacy and bliss, but deep down I know what I'm doing is wrong and goes against what I've always wanted for myself. Maybe I'm changing but I hope it's not for the worst. I just want to finally experience some sort of mutual affection and attention… I don't care if this will end in hurt or not because I'm already hurting.

No. 776019

this might not be easy but you should try and bring it up to him again, saying how you were telling him about a very dark moment in your life and you didn't feel heard by him at all.

No. 776038

My best friend and her new fiancé are trolling for a threesome and thank fuck just (temporarily) moved to the other side of the globe. I have a feeling they're gearing up to ask me because he keeps texting me flirty jokes, and describing benign things I say as jokingly "kinky". I'm not a prude but it feels totally uncomfortable, but I'm also not sure if I'm just reading into it too hard and the act of bringing it up might make me the fuck up. She does not at all give me these creepy coomer vibes, she's very respectful in how she speaks. But this dude just gives me a weird feeling. Their marriage proposal was really fast, and the dude('s parents) is rich as fuck, and he's an ER doctor who pays for everything in their foreign country. I just worry for her. The dude is ugly as fuck, too. Stale and unfunny. Just looks reasonably stinky. She's such a cute, sweet and bubbly blonde chick, I have no idea why she's with this stick in the mud. He's wearing her skin too, and despite not once meeting her friends, he's absorbed them digitally as if he's known them forever and adopted her religion. Just freaks me OUT. I talk to him in such unsexy, plain english. You'd have to already have your dick in your hand to misconstrue anything I'm saying as "kinky". Like I've never met the dude and he feels no issue messaging me about random shit, like he has no idea how hard I would stomp his neck into the floor if he dared go any further than this, even if I have to pay for a plane ticket to accomplish it. I'm like a half-foot taller than him and I feel like he has no idea. I am so willing to immediately jump into violence. Just don't want to lose my best friend.

No. 776046

holy fuck I just want to fucking kill myself. Just die already. I'm a fucking disgusting disgrace and I want to die.

No. 776056

My advice…. go get your virginity taken by a one night stand first. There’s no hard feelings, your first time won’t upset you and make you wonder why you let a man who then hurt you even more later after you have become attached take your first time and leave you with those bad memories.

I did this with my own virginity. I signed up on seeking arrangements, because my type is an older man already, met a very very handsome man, and he fucked me. I was in control of my feelings because I knew where we both stood from the beginning. So when it was done, and it was great, and he left.. I felt proud. I felt good and ready to start looking for a real relationship without the fear. Also fwbs suck unless you think you can truly not fall for him.

No. 776059

>my type is an older man
Opinion discarded, not that it was very appealing to begin with.

One night stands are appallingly risky and maybe you got lucky that he wasn't awful, but most men do not give a single solitary fuck about the women they have ONS with. Sure, you might not catch feelings and get your heart broken, but that doesn't mean they can't hurt and degrade you.

No. 776060

I hope you are ok anon, please don't kill yourself. Is there anyone you can talk to? or like a suicide helpline in your country?

No. 776065

Anon, that's not good advice. Don't fuck someone you don't know for your first time, op. You have no idea where they've been and what they could have. You don't even know if they could turn out to be a rapist or some shit. Be safe out here.

No. 776068

The switch for the furnace on the breaker box in my house keeps getting hot and turning off and I cannot stand it. It's too damn cold at night for you to do that, bitch! I wanted to fix my sleep schedule, but if I don't stay up all night and keep turning it back on, then who will?

No. 776069

When I was 16 I made friends on an internet forum for a popular (at that time) french otome game. We added each other on facebook and had a chat group and talked with each other on skype. I was so happy to be able to talk to girls my age who actually listened to me and not get bullied or made fun of. I think that was the only time I had real friends. The whole thing turned sour when I was going through a rough breakup, went completely mental and pestered everyone with my problems about this shitty dude 24/7. I think I annoyed all of them and they eventually made separate friend groups with other girls and moved on without me. Sometimes I see them talking to each other on facebook and my brain just gets flooded with all of those memories and I feel kind of regretful and jealous to not made a better effort to stay in contact with any of them. One of the girls even reached out to me a year or so ago but I stopped responding because I was so fucking ashamed of myself. It is esp. bad around the easter time since that was the time almost 8 years ago when I registered my account on that forum. If anyone of that friend group ever reads this I am deeply sorry for being such a tard and not being a better friend. You all deserve the world and to be eternally happy for what you have given me even if it was short and sweet. I am sorry.

No. 776078

Okay. Uh. My own first time was with a one night stand, on a whim, both intoxicated. It went fine. I did like that I didn't have to deal with any awkwardness afterwards because he was only visiting the city.
But this could've gone extremely wrong and pretending this is good advice is harmful. Anon clearly struggles with all kinds of things including related.

No. 776082

>My advice…. go get your virginity taken by a one night stand first.
Worst fucking advice ever, worst fucking choice.

No. 776084

Anon-chan…I think I know which french otome you are talking about…

No. 776092

Yes that one lol

I was super addicted to it when I was in my teens. I spend probably more than 200€ on it.

No. 776093

I loved it a lot too! Started catching up to new arcs just to find out that my fave's arc is possibly the roughest one of them all, which is kinda weird.
He ends up getting addicted to drugs and some other weird stuff is going on while he studies to be a cop…
I feel bad how after HS arc they completely ditched the rest of the cast, especially the Lysander, his ending is half-assed.but at least during beta test they decided to change it from "he got married to some other girl" to "he works in a farm now".

No. 776102

This honestly sounds like a scrote's advice.
Really bad and stupid advice.
Your first time should be with someone you care about and who cares about you.

No. 776104

File: 1617538486888.jpg (99.33 KB, 307x732, processing.JPG)

I was on a group project during college with a girl who not only wasn't doing her shit properly but was also the dead weight of the group by constantly changing plans, cancelling shit last minute and would never follow the tasks we were supposed to get done. She was the group leader and the project had no sense of direction, we lost so much time because she took decisions without consulting us, and like idiots we were nobody suggested to kick her out of her position.

2 years later I still feel the exhaustion caused by this bitch don't be like me open your mouth when you spot shit.

No. 776136

Reeee I hate family dinners. Everyone is talking and I'm sitting quiet, no idea what to say, scared someone will ask about my personal life

No. 776145

So weird to see my aunt post pictures to facebook of her dressed up, going out or whatever, writing in the captions that she is so blessed and that god loves her, meanwhile in real life she was a total bitch to my grandma (who passed two years ago), yelling at her, neglecting her when she needed care, and leeching all money she could get from her in her final years

No. 776156

no offense but that was totally retarded behaviour on your part and what were your parents doing letting you go to a party with 21+ year olds?

No. 776158

This is horrible and no, you're not the one at fault. Also, your bf is retarded

No. 776164

In my country the cleaners don’t get paid much.

Otherwise I enjoyed the actual cleaning part. It’s very useful skill. I have never been in better shape physically. I have done manual labor but cleaning is the only job that made me super fit.
I lost 10kgs that summer.
My workmate tracked once had pace counter with her and she pulled crazy numbers.
It’s basically a fat camp you get paid and you have to work your ass off to not get fired.

No. 776166

She was 16 you dumbass. Do you really think girls that age know anything about how harmful men actually are?

No. 776185

Why is not thinking you're going to be raped at a party an unreasonable expectation…

No. 776202

File: 1617555074325.png (298.62 KB, 582x429, THE.png)

I realized a few days ago I have this giant plothole for a situation that I already decided on months ago. The end result absolutely has to stay the same, which means I'll either have to change crucial details about his past, OR I could take the lazy way out and make him act totally OOC but still in a way you could write of as youthful stupidity. The latter is dumb, but I've been stewing over it for the past few days and I just can't seem to come up with anything, especially since I'd really prefer it to be something that reasonably connects everything. Life is pain.

No. 776217

File: 1617559476252.jpeg (64.79 KB, 567x567, 9C9D5638-74E0-47A6-937A-452827…)

I feel so sorry for chihuahuas (pic related), they are skittish, squeaky and just tremble. I saw a woman with a chihuahua on a leash walking and it’s tiny legs were going so fast like a blur to keep up. It was like a squirrel on a leash and I wanted to cry. Why are we like this?

No. 776222

no kidding. i've done it once in my life for like four months and i had literal musculature. not to mention if you find a good place to do it like the other anon said it can be easy/not completely disgusting

No. 776223

Some bitch stole something from my mailbox within' a few minutes of my package being delivered. I wasn't in my living room when it happened. While the value of it was $10 it's the principal that annoyed me. I went to confront her and chase her down and she fled on her bike. She had a bag full of shit and since I'm a petty bitch I filed a police report within' the 10 minutes of it happening. If she stole more than just one item it'll be worth having her description in a report somewhere. It gives me peace. I figure since she has a whole bag of stolen items, someone somewhere must've had something of more value stolen.

No. 776229

I'm trying to start dating again but mostly everybody is awful. I thought this one guy was pretty cool but now he won't stop negging me on stupid things. For instance I told him that I started learning how to drive when I was 18 and he wouldn't stop making fun of me for it. Who the fuck cares, I'm so sorry that I didn't take my driving test during covid. Why are scrotes so dumb to think that I would waste my gas money on them anyway?

No. 776232

Why is he negging over a perfectly normal age to get licensed?
Meanwhile I know scrotes approaching or after 30 who still can't drive, but women can't say shit about that lest we're mean gold digging bitches expecting grown men to own a car and drive it.

No. 776233

The whole dating scene has gone to absolute shit for whatever reason. I usually end up deleting the app after 1-2 weeks because finding a normal person on there is impossible.

No. 776244

>since I'm a petty bitch I filed a police report within' the 10 minutes of it happening.
That doesn't make you a petty bitch at all
Hope the thief gets what she deserves

No. 776251

Stealing people's mail is a federal crime. I hope she gets what's coming to her. What a bitch.

No. 776258

File: 1617565198337.gif (1.42 MB, 320x240, A40D348A-7511-483A-A233-61B793…)

Both of the girls who made my life a living hell in highschool are so mediocre now. They're overweight, one has the shittiest skin possible and is always covering it up with makeup, and both are already pregnant (we're all like, 21-22) with babies from ugly ass men. They're also materialistic as fuck so of course they're drowning in car note debt and always bitching about it on Facebook.

It's not like I'm doing utterly well and perfect myself (and they're partially to blame for this!), but at least I'm not turning out like they are. Fucking whores I'm so glad they're not worth shit

No. 776279

File: 1617567886664.jpg (114.76 KB, 700x700, 889614393525bf121b508617404f3a…)

I don't know how many of you guys are going through this but I feel really lonely and a very strong need for affection and love. I don't live alone I live with my family and they're amazing and I have a friend and we communicate regularly but she lives far away and it's difficult for us to meet from time to time. I've graduated recently and still unemployed although I was a very good student back in uni, every job I applied to never called back. I sometimes feel that studying took all my time and I never acknowledged my emotions and need for love so I never wanted to be in a relationship but now that I see every girl I know is in a relationship I feel like I'm missing something. I want someone to care for me and ask about me every day someone to talk to without feeling like I'm being too much. I've been approached by guys when I was a student but now I don't go out of the house anymore and it's impossible to meet anyone. I also don't know how to spend my leisure time I have no hobbies I only been good with studying.

No. 776284

I’ve had her for a year and a half, she was fully indoors

No. 776287

My cousins dog died :(

No. 776303

File: 1617571119374.jpeg (836.74 KB, 1125x1088, 1615508789548.jpeg)

Extremely fucking lonely and nobody to talk to so i tried going on omegle for the first time ever, put my interest as vidya and whenever anyone saw that i was a girl they skipped me instantly, wtf? everyone skipped me after like 40 minutes on there so i didn't even get to talk to anyone, and they were all ugly fucking scrotes. guess i'll just be lonely then, sigh

No. 776306

You're looking for somebody for a LTR and that really loves you, not some scrote that fucks and dumps you and leaves you behind like trash. >>776056 is bad advice

No. 776309

Do you have any subjects that interest anon? Something that fascinates you? Study that subject in your leisure time then see if there is anything around your location related to that topic to experience it. Best of luck to you!

No. 776321

Wash your labia with SOAP. I can not believe farmers were discussing this. Grown ass women. No we're not supposed to wash our vaginas. But the outside? Soap. I was genuinely shocked by this. You dirty ass bitches. That's the same as a guy never washing his dick. I'm upset.

No. 776324

I hate myself, I hate my life. I feel like I’m never going to be happy no matter what I do. Being positive and hopeful is a struggle, all I want to do is scream and break things but instead all I can do is sit here and try to distract myself and not feel anything.

I feel like I’ve ruined my life with my defeatist attitude but I don’t know how to stop being like this. I feel fundamentally broken, like something in me is just wrong. I don’t know how to fix the things I’ve ruined or damaged, least of all myself and my future. I’m just so tired.

I wish I lived in the middle of no where so I could just find a field to scream in.

No. 776326

File: 1617573500883.png (562.58 KB, 941x901, pb_wash_1.png)

Poor anons. Personally I use this peach vagasil. Great stuff!

No. 776328

Yeah, I can’t believe there’s some anonas out there actually thinking that they can’t use soap for the labia, like, what? They must be either a scrote or underage because there’s no way a grown ass adult woman would say that with a straight face.

No. 776330

I hope you're using vaginal wash, not regular soap. I don't care what anyone says, I'm not purposefully putting bar soap near my vagina.

No. 776340

Why not normal soap? My mom has always been against pussy soap and says normal soap works the best

No. 776341

nta, but your flaps have a significantly different pH than the rest of your body, some people are sensitive enough that they can get dried out or even get infections from using regular soap
not everyone, but it's worthy of note

No. 776342

Damn, ive always just washed between my upper thighs and thoroughly washed my vageen with just water. Tbh I dont feel comfortable even putting the "special" soaps on my vagina.

No. 776344

You can just use those super soft soaps, like the ones from cetaphil which are for sensitive skin and such, I particularly haven’t had any issues by doing so and my skin is really sensitive.

No. 776345

My mom actually taught me the opposite lol. But yeah, what the anon above said is correct, I don't wanna risk an infection.

No. 776357

Just so we're all in the clear, soap is fine everywhere except on/in/whatever the hole where blood and babies come out, right? Like, soap between the folds on the clitoris area and all is all fine and dandy, yes?
t. linguistically and anatomically stunted

No. 776358

That anon is saying she only uses soap on her outer labia. Do not use it anywhere except that, and definitely do it put in on the actual inside of your vagina lol

No. 776360

I feel guilty for saying this but I'm resentful towards my friends and family getting vaccinated early on while I'm still not eligible in my city. Almost everyone I know is obese and I'm jealous that they get to travel, eat out and live a bit more normally essentially because they lack willpower. I even had a friend tell me that he convinced his chubby friend to gain a bit more weight to meet the covid high-risk BMI requirement for where he lives and it made me pretty triggered. A lot of this resentment comes from the fact I feel like everyday is a battle with food and it's such a constant effort for me to stay a healthy weight and essentially if I had put in less effort I'd have a vaccine in my arm right now. Of course at the end of the day I'm thankful I'm healthy and this is just me being petty and wanting to go to cafes. I'm thankful my loved ones are vaccinated and I'd rather they have the shot than not, but I guess I can't help but feel a bit of envy.

No. 776363

don't be jealous of fatfags nonny. you can wait a bit longer to get that vaccine; losing weight is difficult

No. 776366

File: 1617578628749.jpg (45.83 KB, 540x605, c385ddf8-8b53-4d3b-81b8-cf2248…)

i hate how anxiety makes me feel like i have low or high blood pressure or like i'm having a stroke all. the. time.
i can't even do anything because this bitch makes me feel like i'm dying 24/7

No. 776370

How is a normal experience with a roommate supposed to go? Mine are lonely and constantly try to spend time with me and always run down when they hear noise in the kitchen. They also constantly talk about roommate bonding activities like?? I just want to relax when I come home from work not spend time with people that I don't consider friends

No. 776381

File: 1617580578896.jpeg (116.18 KB, 640x406, wqedDCSXfjshfwuehf.jpeg)

Probably because he's a retarded rich moid. I didn't learn for a while because of stuff like car insurance and trauma from an awful car accident I was in as a kid. He was expecting me to drive to him which was 50 minutes away, I would actually rather die.
EXACTLY! I'm just trying to find a good person, another guy I was talking that I thought was relatively normal literally told me 2 calls in that he had fantasies about me leaving everything I have behind to move with him and his discord friends to this (extremely expensive) state and us working together and etc etc.. and he keeps trying to convince me to join him. Are men's frontal lobes not there or something? Is there no logic involved in them?

No. 776382

Depends on the preferences and agreements made between the roommates. Some people go into it with no interest outside of splitting the bills and having their personal space respected. Others prefer to live with people that they can develop friendships with because they wanna create a familiar home environment. It's really important to discuss this stuff before moving in with people so that you can avoid misunderstandings and have a better sense of each other's boundaries.

No. 776385

File: 1617581456755.jpg (38.73 KB, 908x780, 81mMHEhkuUL._AC_UY780_.jpg)

I'm so grateful that I can finally move but I'm uneasy because nothing has been signed yet until some more paperwork is done. And overall, everything good feels too good to be true. But I'm still happy about it and excited and grateful.
And I realised that even if I update my address everywhere, mail can still be delivered to my old address here in this nightmare shithole of doom and it could just go to the shitty shared flats with turbo douchebag habitants. I might get some very delicate and embarrassing letters soon and it might just get delivered here. Random mail always lands in the stairwell, too. The thought makes me extremely uncomfortable. The positive however is that I'm finally getting out of here one way or another and if shitty neighbors open my mail, so be it. A year or so more and I'll be free completely.
I'll also just make a nice printed sticker saying "[My name] moved, please return to sender, thank you" and slap it on the mailbox. Update address everywhere, check with the landlord and the next tenant every now and again if mail arrived, maybe inquire about uncomfortable mail at the uncomfortable office, do push-ups, scream into a pillow, vent to my boyfriend … lol.

No. 776388

I think I'm getting gas and the shits from cheese, possibly dairy. I've always been able to eat dairy products without this problem. At least I think so…i cut out cheese and drank nondairy milks for a few years to eat more healthy. Theres already a huge food allergy i have i dont want to deal with more food problems where waiters glare daggers into me for saying my allergy even if I always cook at home or go to allergy-free places….I wanna fucking order food whenever I want like normal people do. I'm so jealous of that from others.

No. 776389

So there's this scrote I know who acted like my friend and seemed like someone I could trust ( ik, my first mistake ) but then tried to put me down every couple of days out of nowhere.
He gets especially cold towards me when another friend of his is in the group chat ( an older married woman, I've also been told she was snooping around about me ).
I'm distancing myself but quite literally wtf is this behaviour.

No. 776395

I just want a girl best friend who also likes tamagotchis. I have a small collection and I've yet to buy two of a kind lol

No. 776397

I don't do it because the soap gets inside me regardless of how I stand/sit and I end up with a uti

No. 776398

If you think you're developing a lactose intolerance, take some lactaid when you eat shit like cheese and ice cream. I've never used it but it's supposed to help you process dairy easier

No. 776400

I hate modern technology. I just picked up my phone and the green camera light was on. Shit like that is creeping me out

No. 776402

Yeah, that's what I've always wanted but I find it harder and harder to believe that I'll ever experience love. Maybe I'm being too much of a negative pessimist, but past experiences leave me feeling down in the dirt and hopeless. And as far as that advice goes, one night stands aren't my thing and never will be. I want someone who gives at least some modicum of a shit about me. You can argue a fwb won't but there's more of a foundation of interest and care that I want to almost take and run with. Hope that makes sense.

No. 776406

File: 1617585175886.jpeg (158.62 KB, 640x640, 9D0137FD-E228-4DFF-8303-FE3CF8…)

spending your time online is like living in a vacuum. it ignited my anxiety a lot without even knowing it. will these strangers ever recognize me or acknowledge me for saying autistic shit all the time? it’s guessing and constant speculation it’s the potential that keeps people here and not that we really give a shit about progress. my body is literally melting in pain my mind is confused my body hurts I want t to end end end end end my pain already

No. 776409

File: 1617585911170.png (4.69 KB, 1120x881, EyGPNtnW8AAlS7A.png)

why do you post that

No. 776412

Next time someone tells me they think they're constipated, I'll ask to see their eyes to check for signs of constipation.

No. 776416

No. 776420

A literal feral, homeless man tried to break into my home via my window and I had to fight him out. This is the most fucking insane shit I've ever dealt with, I live on like the third floor of an apartment building.

I was just chilling in my small room, listening to music and on my pc when out of the corner of my eye, I see a flash of darkness fall off a roof that my apartment over looks and sort of fall onto this metal grate that secures the small area outside my window that is sort of trapped between the other buildings around me (to keep the birds out). I assume it's a pigeon since I live in the city centre but whatever it was, created enough gusto to blow my window open slightly. I thought this was weird, but just returned to looking at my laptop for a few seconds until I just felt something was not right. I turn my head to look out my window and I see the filthiest, dirtiest fucking homeless man I have ever seen. He looks like a demonic version of the Flying fucking Dutchman from Spongebob and he's pushed my window fully open and is making his way into my apartment. I start screaming and bolt to my windowsill and start pushing this motherfucker out and he GRABS me and starts saying "NO, DONT SCREAM!" repeatedly but I was screaming and pushing him but he kept holding onto my shoulder with one of his hands and using his other hand to keep my window open. Finally, my sister hears and comes in and I'm like "there's a fucking homeless trying to get in" and seeing her I muster up the strength to just haul this guy of of me and onto the grate. She runs up to me and we slam my window shut and at this point I'm in hysterics and my sister is screaming and pushing the window shut but at this point, she can see the metal grate he was supporting himself had fallen due to his weight, and he was hanging on for his life. We called the police and while we were on the phone to them, we hear a yell scream "NOOO!" and he goes falling to ground and then we hear so much screaming. The police come and it's all being dealt with but the next day, I find out the dude has two broken ankles and is in hospital but he is already known to the police. My sister always says she swears she seen people living and climbing the roofs and always used to call her crazy, but she was fucking right. She was fucking right. The police think it was either been an attempted burglary or rape. I feel unsafe in my own fucking home. He looked so fucking scary and otherworldly, like an actual monster. I cannot believe I had to fight a feral fucking homeless man who lives on roofs out my fucking bedroom window.

No. 776422

Holy fuck anon, thats terrifying as hell. I am so sorry you had to go through that. This was a hell of a read. I would be scared to sleep in that bedroom after this. Did your apartment complex do anything to make sure you and the other tenants were safe after this incident? I hope there aren't any more people living and climbing the roofs…

No. 776424

I tried so hard to have a good night with my family and my sister brought up a really sore spot and knew she hurt me but didn’t say a word to negate it afterwards. She’s one of those “I’m just being blunt, that’s how I am” people and she manages to stick a knife in whenever we’re together as a group, I don’t understand it. She’s a dick but she’s not oblivious. Idk anons I’m really hurt, I hope you all had a nice night

No. 776427

Holy fuck forget my bitch sister, anon I’m so sorry this happened to you. Please tell me police will be doing a full sweep tonight/tomorrow and doing patrols? Home invasions are my biggest phobia. Please get the police to take this seriously, harass them. I’m worried for you. I hope the creature never has functional ankles again.

No. 776444

File: 1617592274528.jpg (37.07 KB, 419x630, upward spiral.jpg)

I know it sounds like a meme but try reading pic related. It helped me a lot.

No. 776454

File: 1617594097424.jpeg (26.27 KB, 338x499, C5E84F55-66CE-4C40-A828-7AED27…)


Also recc this, kinda saved my life for the time being

No. 776456

File: 1617594121196.jpeg (344.21 KB, 750x685, 9F74E559-489F-4207-85B3-34634B…)

I’m in so much pain and I don’t know why. It’s like weird psychogenic pain I feel so fucking uncomfortable and in pain mentally it’s making my body so inflamed and I hate lying down and I just want the pain to finally end it’s so uncomfy. There is nothing or no one to vent my frustrations to and it feels like my head is going to explode

No. 776460

>>776456check your blood pressure anon?

No. 776478

File: 1617597492408.jpg (73.93 KB, 700x812, Biblical #2_.jpg)

I ordered an animal about a week (?) ago, and it still hasn't shipped. I know the seller is probably waiting to make sure the temperatures are perfect or something before she sends it, but I want my baby so bad

No. 776480

what kind of animal? you can mail animals?

No. 776482

It's a snail, but yeah you can buy stuff like reptiles, fish, insects, and I think some mammals online. They have to be mailed fast though, for obvious reasons.

No. 776485

Where can I buy snails online omg

No. 776488

Oh god, this is some of the craziest shit I've ever seen on this site, anon. Stuff of literal nightmares. I'm so so sorry you had to experience that… Honestly I'd sleep in the same room as your sister and keep a weapon or something for peace of mind. Maybe you could talk to your landlord and request either better security for the roof, bars on your window, I don't know, something? I'm not sure but please advocate for yourself and your safety. Ugh this was particularly horrifying to read since I live on the third floor in the middle of a city as well kek. Hopefully he was just out of his mind and thinking he could get in to sleep or something less nefarious. Was this at night? Also god damn you are brave for fighting him off I would have darted out of the god damn apartment. Sorry for rambling this is just insanity.

No. 776490

File: 1617599134959.jpg (52.3 KB, 500x625, tattoo.jpg)

Just look around for shops in your area. Please make sure do to a lot of research if you actually decide to buy one! They're very sensitive creatures. Even stuff like what kind of water you use is important. The snail subreddit is actually pretty good for research, imo.

No. 776513

I wish it was easier for me to make friends online like it used to be. I'm a quiet person but it feels like people don't want to get to know you unless you're obnoxious and borderline rude for the sake of humor or spend all your time criticizing media you're into especially on platforms like twitter or discord. I don't feel like morphing into whatever personality trait is popular just to fit in, but then I get accused of not participating despite being otherwise supportive and speaking up regularly. I know this is lolcow but it would be nice to have a circle of friends who weren't always trying to bond over how much they hate something.

No. 776527

Jesus christ anon, glad he got two broken ankles for his trouble. Agree with this anon >>776488 about asking your landlord to improve your security, bars on the windows are needed for sure.

No. 776538

So many of my acquaintances have trooned out during the pandemic, all female. I swear at least once a month someone makes a twitter post coming out as either a nonbinary or a trans man and they're all in their late 20s/early 30s too, not just easily influenced teenagers following their friends. They're doing it because they don't want to grow old as women whose "expiration date" is set arbitrarily in their late teens and they're expected to "settle down" and stop hanging out with other women, stop wearing fun clothes and focus on breeding and being "adults".

It makes me depressed and lonely because all of them are also gay and currently I'm the only cis lesbian left in my circles watching my adult friends be welcomed into the cult and have their identity based on misogyny and self-flagellation "celebrated". You assholes keep going on about womens' rights but don't have the fucking guts to identify as one and leave the rest of us struggling for acceptance. Sorry for gcsperg but this really fucks me up and I need to know that I'm not the only one out there.

No. 776540

Suddenly all the mangas I read stopped updating. I’m sad. This happened just after I got back into reading manga and found so many good new titles.

No. 776548

get well soon sisters
woosh I'm sending good vibes your way and rooting for you

chiming in to say my vent has nothing on yours like that other anon said, too.

it's safe to say we're all proud of you for fighting back like a badass.
take care and don't stress too much about what could've happened even tho it's a horrible situation and a close call to who knows what. easier said than done I know. focus on how you handled it and try to replace the fear and rumination with happy or confident memories. you're capable and strong and a survivor anon. if you struggle with the event, confide in your sister and friends

No. 776554

samefag and unasked-for advice but please take away from this, too, how strong and capable you are. the world can be so shitty and dangerous but you fought so hard. sorry that this happened at all.

No. 776556

Jesus, that must have been terrifying. I'm glad you and your sister are okay

No. 776563

Wondering if I should take one perc and smoke, or down a bottle and od

No. 776564

my dad sent an Easter mail with the usual pseudo-deep pathetic lonely old man rambling. guess that is something that's happening now and there is some reaching out. I'm repulsed to say the least and kindly forwarded it to my bin. I almost joined a zoom call and online board-game with my overly docile relatives and him in winter but maybe I can live my life without dealing with him again after all.
fuck, it makes me mad. mad at my relatives and my mom for enabling him and exposing everyone else to him. mad at being pressured to move out by my brother-in-law and made to cry instead of being helped and being stuck with the confusion of all that. mad that my grown-up sister denied my ed as a teenager. mad that every time I tried to self-preserve and protect others and protest he told me what to think about it and sent me down the vortex of pseudo-enlightened-accountable-mature-actually-narcissistic insanity. mad that nobody ever calls out anything in this spineless family but everybody always has excuses and sobering words ready to keep the peace. mad about how other people cope I guess. mad I never got to form my own opinion on anything back then. mad my mom fucked off and I felt bad. mad I wanted to save my siblings and mom as a kid. how do they not recoil at the thought of this gross, dirty pervert that desperately slided into my mails again today? I only talked about him being a hoarder and pissing in buckets in the living room the other day in therapy and one group member struggled to shake the images.
I'm not everyone's cup of tea and I feel intensely sometimes but I'm proud of the person that I've become. I'm a fucking tough, strong, beautiful cookie. Maybe I come across as naive or dumb sometimes, but I have not lost my spark and my innocence completely with this family and I still own it and I made the most out of it all. So happy Easter, me!

No. 776565

glad you're out of there and getting help anon!

….option C?

No. 776571

Thanks guys. This dude was absolutely crazy, with broken ankles ha managed to still walk around and break some windows in the area he fell to and also police had to sedate him to arrest him. They've swiped my room for prints and it looks like the police want to take him to court but the landlord has done fuck all to see if we are safe or address our concerns. I live in one of the safest areas in the city so I don't even feel like I'd feel safe moving. It was during sunset, so it was still light outside. I think he had really bad intentions based off of how he grabbed me and how he saw that was inside of my room before he decided to let himself in.

Thank you, that's exactly how I'm trying to think of it. Thankfully, I am not hurt and was able to fight him off but I keep thinking what would have happened if it was an elderly lady in the room instead of someone who could at least fight him off.

No. 776573

I'm gonna have a panic attack at work. Currently silently sobbing, does anyone have any tips on stopping an incoming panic attack?

No. 776575

File: 1617622831713.jpg (1.08 MB, 3000x2250, image.jpg)

Take deep, slow breaths while counting, and try to eat a small snack or sip on a beverage

No. 776582

i really need to move out but i'm literal years away from being able to get a job that allows me that. i love my parents but i feel as though i need to be more independent.
it's a struggle because if i drop out and by some divine miracle my parents don't murder me in cold blood for it, any job i could get now is worth jack shit to afford rent in my area, or any sort of expense. but i'm also going insane, i feel as though i'm ready to take on living alone but it's always, always years away from me.

i don't regret changing majors or having tried out different things before deciding on this, but sometimes i wish i'd straight up stuck with one and i'd have graduated by now. i also hate how most of my friends are on the same boat (we don't live in burgerland, it's normal to live at home while in college around here) so i can't even pull a friend aside and suggest we both get jobs and split the bills+rent. FUUUUCK I WANT OUT!

No. 776586

File: 1617624144587.jpg (98.94 KB, 660x495, sleeping-puppy5.jpg)

The left click on my mouse isn't working properly

No. 776588

Idk self harm and ruin all my realtionships

No. 776589

anon i'm proud of you for staying true to your convictions. you don't owe your shitbag family anything, nor do you owe your father a reply to a rambling e-mail.

it sucks when family disappoints you and isn't there for you, but you're an adult now and you deserve to stay true to yourself before anyone else.

No. 776590

File: 1617624606547.png (120.55 KB, 417x303, 47f.png)

How'd you post this then? Riddle me that, anon?

No. 776612

File: 1617631173493.png (11.42 KB, 509x411, TxdsXJMroLgNz07DB_lbeYxNun-W2r…)

I'd really like someone's input on this, especially if you've experienced something similar, because it's becoming a more common phenomenon.

So my mom is a boomer tinfoiler bordering on having a mental illness. Believes in Annunaki aliens, Q, Hollywood satanist rituals, antivax, completely distrusts doctors - all that good-good. Honestly, she's right about some things - 95% of Hollywood is probably populated with pedophiles - but my mom goes above and beyond with her beliefs. You name the conspiracy, she probably believes it. I can't listen to music with her, because I don't want her to turn it off without my permission because she deemed it 'made by illuminati satanists' - that's just an example of how far her belief of this wacky shit goes. I can't even have a conversation with her without her having to tell me i need to marry a Kazcynski fanboy and immediately move to the countryside with her and have 10 children "so we can help on the farm". She says she'll be dissapointed in me if i vax my kids or take them to a pediatrician, too. And she genuinely thinks Armageddon is coming, she's actually buying a summer cottage 'just in case'.
It's giving her plenty of anxiety, and she's getting more and more depressed because of this shit. But she gets even more upset that I just 'haven't woken up yet' when i tell her I don't need to hear her inane shit because i have responsibilities. If I tell her to shut the fuck up about ancient aliens, she'll scream saying "I'm tired of people not wanting to hear all the horrible shit that's really going on because they're 'too busy'! Do you know how important this is?".
Yeah, I still live with her, but I'm planning to move out ASAP. I love her, she's actually a really great mom except for this one thing. So I want to ask a couple of questions: Why do people get into these rabbitholes, and why is it so hard for them to leave? What can I do to tell her the world wont blow up any day tomorrow? Can she still believe these things while being mentally well? Is it possible to get her out of this state?
I'm just worried, guys. I want my mom back. Feels like I've lost her to the most retarded shit possible - it's kind of funny, but I also want to have normal conversations with her again, you know?

No. 776616

im graduating in fall and asked one of my professors for an incomplete and he is so reluctant to give it to me. i made it known that i had many health concerns arise that i could not have predicted, am falling behind in my work, and cant afford to fail. he just referred me to the official school rules for getting an incomplete. other professors in the past have gladly given me one and even offered

i fr feel like im going to fail this class. before i sent him this email, i sent my advisor one about how failing would impact my gpa and graduation bc i was so sure i wasnt gonna pass. she hasnt replied to me and i sent it thursday

No. 776617

idk what’s wrong with me, i was never really able to form healthy female friendships, especially now in my early 20s. all of my friends are dudes and they’re quite wholesome and chill but i crave that close female friendship where i’d feel more free and less judged i guess. i do have girl friends but they’re so often on edge with me and it’s like they feel as though i have some evil ulterior motives just because i tend to be more enigmatic with them since i’m always scared i’ll fuck something up. also every girl friend i have claims to have either bipolar or BPD for some reason? so they often say some dumb ass hurtful shit and then blame it on that undiagnosed bullshit.
>get better friends durr
i’ve been traveling around the world since i was 15, met a bunch of people and i’ve always had this problem. i feel like a fuckin incel lmfao
2 days ago i had a good male friend over and we drank a bottle of gin, did a bunch of coke and smoked weed when we woke up. i didn’t feel uncomfortable for a second, there wasn’t an ounce of flirting and we were able to talk about real life shit for 12h. why can’t i have this with girls, it would have been so much fun. i predict anons are gonna say it’s my fault (and it might be idk) but deadass i’ve tried so hard and some shit always happens where they drop me out of nowhere or claim i’ve done something i can’t recall doing

No. 776618

lol advisor just now replied, she said i can find a good gpa calculator online and recommends i try my best, what the fuck

No. 776622

File: 1617633024439.jpeg (185.53 KB, 1024x683, EfsCF4eXsAAuSkf.jpeg)

all my love to you, anon. i'm in a nearly identical situation and i understand exactly, exactly what you mean. no one in your family might be able to say this but i see what you're going through and i respect the hell out of it. you're incredible and you're making your own family little by little elsewhere in this world.
cheers and chin up bb

No. 776627

File: 1617633940505.png (249.26 KB, 400x401, 09A90C65-8A95-478B-9521-2C4ACC…)

Oh, hey there! I didn’t know you would come here today! Did you know people catch covid when they go out and interact with others while not wearing a mask and sharing drinks and shit?
Well now my family knows!
Crazy, Huh? Who would’ve known that a virus, which mutates from host to host, would affect a person even after they got vaccinated?! Well my cousin and my uncle didn’t know and now they gave covid to my grandma, crazy!
honk honk kek you’re supposed to laugh with me! Specially now that I can’t even go out to buy the groceries because shit’s fucked outside, like seriously, there’s way too many cases, and hospitals and clinics are overflowing with patients, what the fuck, are we going to die or something?

No. 776628

File: 1617634137179.jpeg (10.37 KB, 259x224, DA98FB0D-1289-4E5C-88B4-D9FFC3…)

I live in a very shitty environment. No abuse, I’m fed, given money and I live with my family however I absolutely despise my disabled brother. I’m a very pessimistic person but lately, I don’t know if it’s my manic episode or what but I’ve been trying to be hopeful for the future. I can’t ducking wait until I can move out on my own and honestly I don’t even care if I have to be homeless just to get independence, I absolutely can’t stand being at my house anymore because of him and it has shattered my emotional state and coping mechanisms. But damn do I feel so fucking hopeful that he’s going away next year into a home or if that fails I don’t care. I don’t care for the fear anymore of being poor. I just want some freedom and peace of mind, is that alright??

No. 776633

I fucking hate work, that I need to do it for another 30+ years, and the anxiety it gives me.

I swear at least once a week I convince myself I have COVID because of the fatigue, nausea, and temperature changes I get in the morning from anxiety.
I don't give a shit about any of it. I want to be an hourly worker somewhere where I don't have to use my mind/creativity and have people tell me exactly what to do all day, but jobs like that don't pay a lot so I'm stuck in the corporate hellscape until I save enough to retire. Kill. Me.

No. 776657

I fucking hate it when they do this shit. Considering the cost of education it feels really insulting when professors and the university bureaucracy seem to act in bad faith when you reach out to them for help. They want to run these institutions like a business and then treat their clients like garbage. The education system needs to be restructured. Sorry your going through that anon, I hope it gets resolved in your favour.

No. 776683

I absolutely hate how I'm trying to find someone I haven't seen since high school which is ludicrous because they probably don't care about me and I'm sincerely wasting my energy and time finding them on social media which is useless since I couldn't find him or anyone who knows him at all,dammit I know I shouldn't be doing this but I'm doing it anyway!

No. 776688

exactly, and i can't even use the facilities on campus. well, i could now since they reopened (we're in a big city so idk why that's allowed) but i don't want to pay for a semester parking pass just for a month and risk covid just to go sit in the library since all my classes are remote learning. it's fucked that my tuition is so high and all I do is lay in bed and read and my only workplace is on my front porch given the weather is nice. i see other colleges giving lots of leniency in regards to tuition and coursework. i can't even get an advising appointment until the 19th, when my semester ends in May. It's not worth it to even schedule that so I have to figure out myself if I even have enough credits to graduate on my own when the user interface is so completely inaccessible. you'd think that this is pretty high stakes regarding money, my GPA, and graduation. i'm trying to hook myself up with a job in my field that requires my degree which will be based on things my advisor can't even answer the phone about. advising has fucked me over in the past and that's why it's taking me so long to finish, giving me unnecessary courses and shit.
I just have to power through and rely on stimulants honestly

No. 776693

The loneliness is starting to hit me like a train at full speed. I feel so depressed, i spend the entire day daydreaming about dating a cute boy, especially scott the woz. Sadly, i live in a third world shithole and cute nerdy boys like him are near non existent. Fuck, i am starting to realize i might die alone and a virgin and that hurts. I feel a mix of loneliness, hornyness and rage. 20 years and a virgin, friendless, worthless neet. Please kill me, i am sorry mother.

No. 776697

I'm sorry you don't have a ripe selection. i didn't lose my virginity until 19 and that's not an age to be ashamed about. people would probably be baffled that you're a virgin still, but for different reasons that are flattering. do you use dating apps? i've used them for friends too

No. 776700

I have never tried dating apps, but i think i might try them, which ones do you recommend?.

No. 776705

i'm not sure which are in your area. Tinder is how i found my roommate, flings that turned into friends, sand an opening to be friends with mutual friends i've had, and well as my current gf. I think my friends have moved onto Bumble now. they're a big source of validation from desperate men. i dunno if anyone uses OkCupid anymore

No. 776729

I'm very expressive when I talk irl, like I use my hands a lot of faces, and apparently some people find that part of me weird. I already heard that some of one of my friend's friends find me off-putting because of that and that I try to learn to know people at parties instead of just doing small-talk.
I'm aspie, so I'm having a hard time seeing what the problem is. I like not taking myself too seriously - depending on the subject and person I'm talking to of course - and I don't understand why you go to any kind of social event without trying to learn to know new people? Oh well, at least I don't have a stick up my ass and I have a pretty big social circle anyway so it's not like I'm missing out not having them included.

No. 776752

I agreed to proofread something my boyfriend wrote and FUCK!!!!!! HE’S SO BAD AT WRITING

No. 776755

Lol what types of mistakes is he making?

No. 776756

thats so embarassing ngl..i'd feel weird about him

No. 776761

I'm not an autist, but I do this, got other mental problems that probably cause it. I can't sit still, I'm very gestural, like to move around, I probably need adderall or something but I'm not getting that anytime soon. I've never found that people consider it super weird for me, maybe a little eccentric, but they don't think it's retarded or anything

No. 776764

I wish I could have my virginity back. I know it’s just a social construct but the fact that I lost it to rape is something that always bugs me. I’m tired of feeling shameful and dirty

No. 776766

do you think you should count that as your virginity though? it wasn't a choice, you choose to lose it

No. 776783

File: 1617652771110.jpg (202.35 KB, 1268x1277, cutecute.jpg)

I heard someone say that you should count the first time you willingly had sex as losing your virginity, instead of your first sexual contact. I know that that might not be too helpful and it's easier said than done but maybe by redefining virginity it can give you at least a bit of peace
I'm really sorry to hear that that happened to you anon and I hope you're doing better now

No. 776798

I've never heard of that, but that sounds like a great way to reframe how people view virginity. I've always thought that it's so stupid how much emphasis people put on virginity. Like so what, its a thing that happens. I wish it was just that, a thing that happens, then maybe incels wouldn't whine so much about about being incels and femcels wouldn't whine so much about being a virgin. The fact that men literally go to prostitutes to lose their virginity boggles my mind. Why is that even a thing? Its all so unnecessary.

No. 776801

ok so you live with this person but as soon as they say they wanna talk you tell me to wait… i mean ok fine… but why’d you say "i’ll call you in 40 mins" and an hour and a half later you’re not explaining yourself or anything?
that’s rude

No. 776802

File: 1617655328376.png (64.34 KB, 1148x463, Capture.PNG)

Someone in the celebricows thread mentioned Lena Dunham molesting her sister and I looked that up because I had no idea what they were talking about.

I found this article https://www.vox.com/2014/11/8/7157065/dunham-child-abuse and it's so infuriating. As someone who was abused as a child by her sibling, picrel is one of the shittiest things to say to someone who went through that, it invalidates children's experiences. It normalizes abuse by throwing the "sexual curiosity" blanket term over it

Maybe I'm too sensitive about this subject but the sheer ignorance of these psychologists is flabbergasting. Fuck them and fuck Lena. It's not "conservatives coming for her", she literally diddled with her sister. Keep blaming "conservatives" for the well-deserved criticism.

No. 776812

samefag. and then you tell me "i sent you a message you didn’t see it"
>20 mins ago
cool beans. that’s still 40 mins after the previous 40 mins… like come on is it retardation? thinking that someone doesn’t care enough to do things with you so it doesn’t matter? selfishness? unsuccessful rudeness?

No. 776822

File: 1617657278737.jpg (9.45 KB, 275x275, 1573615983667.jpg)

Aaah I miss my ex so damn much. He was emotionally unavailable asshole who probably didn't even love me and he tried to be 'friends' right after our breakup. He doesn't even want me back, he just wants me to be his emotional tampon while he finds someone else. But I miss the version of him that was good to me… Miss saying that I like him, sending him cute shit, hugging, making jokes and spending time together. Fuck I'm lonely. It's been a month and I think about him every day. I don't know why, it's just not gonna happen. I've invested 2 years in him and I just want to skip all the dating shit, it's so tiring, I hate having to meet people and try to impress them. I wanted a family and I feel so old now. And I can't even meet anyone else because of covid. I don't want to first learn to spend time alone I want company and love…

No. 776826

File: 1617657814871.jpg (54.24 KB, 827x571, EuACPaDVcAQaWge.jpg)

I haven't cut in 5 years and I just accidentally nicked myself and holy shit I still want to do it so badly. I didn't realize how much I missed it. The logical part of my brain understands that it's an addiction and that it will never really go away but I guess I thought I was mostly over it.

No. 776867

My stepdad, the most casper milquetoast-esque white man of the working class, now larps as being woke and caring about black issues all because he's dating and footing the bills for a younger black woman who isn't even taking him as anything but a paypig and maintainence man for her house and kids.
And don't get me wrong, he deserves to be taken advantage of (like how he financially and domestically rode on the labor of the white women he was married to) but the fact that he only now cares about black issues because he's dating her is so aggravating. He's fucking fake. And of course he's still kinda racist and has stereotypes of asian and latino people. He doesn't give a shit about anything that doesn't suit him.

No. 776869

File: 1617663550783.png (471.22 KB, 1062x1280, 71C08BC2-E86D-46ED-B014-6B048C…)

Like 8ish months ago, I went to treat myself to a spa day and got a haircut and got bullied into a much shorter cut than I wanted…I feel childish but I can’t get over how mad I still am about it! My hair used to hit my waist and now it’s grown out just past my breast, but it was seriously at my collarbone when it was first cut. The lady didn’t know how to do curly hair at all, insisted on only cutting it soaking wet, didn’t account for it shrinking up, just pulled it taut and chopped straight across. She styled it super ugly with a deep side part and crunchy gel that made me look like I had ramen noodle hair. I got home and showered away her awful styling and cried. My boyfriend didn’t realize how much was gone and said it was beautiful, but the next day at work everyone was shocked and kept asking what made me go so short. I know it’s so stupid to be upset about something that will grow back relatively soon, but what the hell? I give myself trims and have hairdresser friends to help with the rest, so I never go to the salon, does this happen often?! I feel dumb for tipping so much, too…

No. 776894

File: 1617667600774.png (96.2 KB, 860x449, Sad mood.png)

I hate that all the men I've been interested in dating (which is some of my close male friends) have all friendzoned me. I hate how sexually attracted they were towards me even though I liked it at first since it made me feel attractive. but even after all this I appreciate them because they are such good friends.

>"I dont want to ruin our friendship anon"

>"you're an amazing person anon"

Will there ever be someone who would actually want to be with me without feeling im too good for them or friendzoning me. I also hate seeing my friends brag about their relationships on social media and doing photoshoots, I don't need to see that in my life.

No. 776914

i'm this close to being toxic and withholding affection and sex from my bf to punish him
not being a bitch, not being cold, still being myself. just withholding affection and sex
i'm not bpd but i damn well understand them in this moment

No. 776916

i'm so sorry anon. i hope you find someone that loves you soon

No. 776934

It does, my hair isn't even curly, it's just thick (voluminous) and wiry. Every single time they try to give me layers for volume which ends up with me looking like coconut head. I've resorted to self-trims which are a massive pain in the ass but at least I can only blame myself if anything goes wrong, though I unironically always do a way better job.

No. 776952

Part of the problem is that shes probably constantly engaging with people/media in those circles. Your best bet is to try to keep her away from that shit as much as possible

No. 776956

You don't have to keep fucking or coddling him if he's making you upset to the point that you don't feel like doing that.

No. 776977

I hate that I still get self-harm cravings. I haven't done it in like 5 years and I'm never going to do it again because I know it makes me look bpd, adults don't cut. I feel pathetic and cringy for thinking about it and talking about it. I hate that I started doing it so young. It like imprinted on my mind as The Coping Mechanism and even alcohol and drugs don't compare, like weed makes me happy and it's a good distraction but it doesn't feel cathartic. I hate that cutting is a meme and people just let kids do it to themselves because nobody wants to take it seriously. I was a girl with cuts all over me and adults KNEW but like cutting was just a bratty emo kid thing so they ignored it. You can't ignore it when kids are self harming. I think it really fucked me up and traumatized me. I know I did it to myself but also fuck you I didn't CHOOSE to do it to myself of my own free will, like I was literally a child when I started and I think it's really sad and messed up that I was like 11 and trying to medicate my panic attacks and insomnia with self-harm. Trying to be a good girl and not have meltdowns or be annoying in public so I'd cut myself in private. That's too heavy for an 11-year old. Self harm is fucked up and it's fucked up that when kids do it to themselves everyone just dismisses them as bratty attention seekers. I feel like I'm always gonna crave it because I started so young, like I really feel it permanently did something in my brain, that I'm always going to be stuck associating pain with comfort and safety. And I'm fine and like I'm not actually worried I'll do it again, I know I'll never do it again as long as I have the option to go smoke a joint and watch a movie instead. But I just have so many feelings about it and I feel so fucking angry.

No. 776980

I wish finding lesbian bdsm stories were easier. I use ao3 and all of the good stories on that topic are sparse. The other ones are just very weird and degenerate. My favorite authors don't even upload that much

No. 776988

no one care me no one love me i want to die

No. 776992

File: 1617675949993.jpeg (78.31 KB, 431x604, D175D11A-6DE0-4B64-81AF-D9C288…)

I love you anon.

No. 776993

>I fucking hate work, that I need to do it for another 30+ years,
put some honest, bloody effort into researching the stock market/crypto and invest what you can risk losing. you might be able to retire in 10 years rather than 30 – less than that if you get crazy fucking lucky.

No. 776995

File: 1617676103370.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 111.95 KB, 700x911, 763D7ACE-5996-4F8C-94D6-5DB16B…)

This is stupid but my fiancé binged through a series we’ve been watching while he was at work and it really hurts my feelings. It’s not like I can catch up quickly either. Now it’s incumbent on me to catch up on an entire season of an hour long show. I don’t even want to. Watching it together was half the enjoyment for me

No. 777011

File: 1617679269728.jpeg (138.49 KB, 640x570, nicecats.jpeg)

my therapist scheduled me to get tested for bpd soon and i'm very scared to admit that i'm pretty sure i display many of the symptoms, i never overly say i have anything (not even depression) until i'm 100% sure by professionals but.. the signs are all here and i'm at my worst at this point. ever since i got a new therapist and started being honest, because in my head i thought that if i WAS honest she would hate me and leave me, i've come to realize that my emotions and the way i think is not normal at all. the addictions i deal with, the anger, the stress, the trauma, having the complete urge to end my life whenever i do anything a little bit wrong, having to mask who i really am everytime i talk to someone, talking to people i don't even feel attracted to and stringing them along to feel liked, obsessing over one singular person that assaulted me and depending my emotions on if they text back or not even though it's eating me ALIVE, etc etc. i'm just so scared to get a diagnosis because that just sets the fact that i'm different, that i might not be liked by others. the obsession wanting to be loved by strangers walking down the street, obsessed with trying to lose weight ever since puberty because i think it's the only way somebody will want to talk to me. it's so scary to open up to my psychiatrist about this because she's known me for years and i've always hidden it, i want her to think i'm normal, but i have to do this. fucking hell i'm so scared, sorry for the retarded rant i know the way i act is awful. i wish i could go into the future and could get surgery in the brain to change the way i think completely.

No. 777012

this is crass but my bf's dick is thick and i have a strangely narrow vaginal canal. i might have vaginismus? but tampons are fine… anyway it doesn't hurt when i'm on top, but being on top sucks. and when i let him do it any other way, it hurts so much after that i vomit and just need to be alone for like 20 minutes to let the pain pass.

i basically dread sex and i feel so bad about it but the PAIN. i don't know what i can do about it.

No. 777013

is there any amount of lube that helps?

No. 777020

Your boyfriend is still fucking you knowing that it gives you severe pain? He sounds like trash.

No. 777023

I was talking to an old high school friend and it has me remembering all the times adult men would hit on me when I was a teenager. I remember going to her house and some friend of her dad’s was there, he was drunk and telling me how lonely he was, how he owns a big house, how he needs a nice woman, how he can buy me a car, etc. He gave me his number and tried to kiss me goodbye. It’s so absolutely bizarre looking back at this. We just acted like he was some poor lonely guy, but he was flat out trying to get with a girl young enough to be his granddaughter. I mentioned this to her and she was just like “lol yeah you know how old guys are haha,” like no wtf. I can’t believe how many times shit like that happened. We all just acted like predatory adult men was a fact of life, not something deeply wrong with our culture. I hate these excuses.

No. 777024

Dudes I just had Popeyes for the first time yesterday afternoon and it gave me the worst food poisoning ever. Like shitting and puking at the same time. Don't ever go there it's gross. I want to die. Boyfriend is also very sick. I always thought it looked gross anyway but a part of me thought fried chicken, cool, but no… huge mistake I've never been this sick before. Praying for death to stop the nausea. Fuck Popeyes.

No. 777025

Omg… I had popeyes today too and threw it up a few hours later. wonder if we live in the same area.

No. 777028

sound like you should be with a skinny dick man, a lil breakfast weenis man.

No. 777031

I've been looking it up online and apparently Popeyes regularly makes people sick. Wish I had known. Take care, anon. Stay hydrated.

No. 777033

My boyfriend just does not understand that my depression and general mental illness is making it beyond hard for me to enjoy and put effort into the hobbies and interests I had before. We bonded over the game FFXIV and it's what all our friends are heavily into and I just… can't bring myself to log on and do content that has nothing to do with the story and such, I don't find that kind of content fun and before I was able to just power through it to do stuff with him/our friends and I just can't do it right now? Not to mention I work 32-38 hours a week now and that takes a huge toll on me. He's blown up at me several times and gets passive aggressive at me and has even said that I feel like just an accessory in his life. It legitimately makes me want to relapse into self harming.

No. 777041

File: 1617682231499.jpg (143.79 KB, 800x450, ourexpectations.jpg)

history repeats itself yet again, my grandma just told me that my father has gotten some girl he only knew for a month pregnant + he was secretly seeing her behind his current girlfriends back. this shit show really mirrors how when i was a kid and my mom kicked him out after filing a PFA against him and he got some psycho knocked up, months later coming back into my life with a baby brother. me and my mom of course love my brother since he wasn't in control with how things played out but not that long after we left for the better. i kept in contact purely because of my brother and feel so bad that he has had a revolving door of woman come in and out of his life and now has to go through this weird process of finding out they're gonna have a sibling because their dad doesn't know how to keep it in his pants. it's especially worse since my 9 year old brother had a hunch my dad was cheating on his current gf because he overheard him calling some other girl babe on the phone. that and the fact that now apparently he's gonna uproot his whole life and move across the country with some girl he barely knows to Florida on a whim because she's pregnant. my dad is always proving me wrong on how much more of a deadbeat he can be :)

No. 777044

I'm so fucking depressed. I'm on meds but the past 6 months have been hell.
I wake up and can't stop thinking about how much I hate being here. I'm either crying or I feel an extremely annoying sensation all over my body.
I don't even know how to describe it, it feels like I'm constantly on the verge of having a panic attack without actually having one.
And I cut myself after 10 years, so that's great.

No. 777048

Plenty of people work more and make their lives work

No. 777051

Hopefully your family leaves you with nothing, given you have no solidarity to your own flesh and blood(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 777052

I get that, but I also have severe depression, adhd, and several other things. This is also my first real job, I'm just not used to it. I probably would be having similar issues even without working so much. I'll probably get to a more stable point later on as my mind and body adjust more to this type of thing, and also, my job has me working often from 2 PM to 11 PM, and then due to medication, I have to sleep around 3 AM, which doesn't give me a lot of time to even do stuff like that.

No. 777053

What's your issue anon? You know if you have something going on in your life, you can always vent about it here without being an ass to other anons for no reason.

No. 777054

I've got cold sores for the first time and god it looks disgusting. At least I think it's cold sores. It pisses me off that I got it from drinking from a random cup because I was in a hurry in the morning and now this. Ew ew ew, fucking kill me

No. 777078

File: 1617685581168.jpg (Spoiler Image, 193.27 KB, 804x637, herps.jpg)

Ugh that sucks. I started getting them in my late 20s and it fucked me up for a while, thankfully I only get one or two a year now. Taking lysine is your best prevention, and applying coconut oil and licorice root to the sore can help. Good luck, nona.

No. 777083

It's very normal to just naturally lose interest in a game after a while also lol. Especially if theres no story/new content going on…like as an adult I dont have time to be an mmo freak anymore either, I have limited free time and I'm not going to spend it on "grinding" or "dailies" cause that shit is like a job to begin with. Subscribe for/play the new content when it's there but dont do the autist shit is my personal rule.

Tough situation because when people are addicted to a game like your bf is, you saying you're bored of it is kind of like you asking why they're still wasting so much time on a stupid game (true). But they dont want to admit the game is a waste of time because then they have to reckon with the fact they're wasting their life on not just an mmo, but an old dying mmo. So they would rather get mad at you for bringing it up. Idk a lot of men especially get stuck in this teenage "if no work/school, play video games" default behavior that they consider just normal when it's really very immature, especially when it's just autistically grinding mmo shit or nonstop league playing all day. But if you even say they should be more moderate and you want to do other stuff they immediately go into babyrage and call you hitler for trying to infringe their god given gamer rights.

No. 777096

I'm a bit sad and its over stupid shit. I ordered myself some games I've been wanting and I wanted physical copies because I don't have a lot of space on my switch lite. USPS has it stuck as "shipment received - package acceptance pending" for the last week. I've tried calling the post office and they never pick up; tried calling the customer service and they basically told me they couldn't help me other then telling me that tracking said it was going to be here the 5th and surpise…it wasn't.

I was having a really stressful week and I wanted a bit of respite from it so I was really upset about my tracking not updating. So now its just a waiting game if the place I ordered from will actually email me with a new tracking number since they said they'd send me replacements at no charge. I just don't know when that will happen.

No. 777112

I wish people could reply to me on here more, but I feel it's because my replies aren't relatable enough or they're too stupid to reply to. No matter how hard I try I struggle to socialise with females.

No. 777113

Don’t worry nonnie, we can be autists together

No. 777114

I'm so fucking gross. I'm already 23 and I've hit the wall pretty hard. I see my boyfriend for the first time in a while due to covid and I've starved myself because I have depression and now I'm this weird amalgamation of "too fat" and "too skinny" and I'm very scared for him to see me.

My hair thinned last year and it's not grown back. I check myself in the mirror every 15 minutes to convince myself that it's not that bad, but it is. I spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars that I don't have on clothes to make myself feel better. It works, temporarily.

No. 777115

What are you saying in threads? Regardless I promise the lack of replies are simply because you’re not “relatable” enough, a lot of things said on here don’t get any attention at all even if anon said something interesting. I can’t speak for everyone (or anyone but myself, really) but when I see something on here I’d want to reply to, it doesn’t mean I actually will. Sometimes people like what you said, they just don’t want to respond to it. Don’t let it get to you, especially on an anonymous site where no one is obligated by an @ to acknowledge anyone else’s presence.

No. 777118

i laugh at a lot of things on here and/or agree with a lot but i don't say anything unless i feel very strongly about it
assume i have responded to many of yours posts in spirit

No. 777122

You should change your mindset
I actually always think most of my posts will flop so whenever I get a (you) I am pleasantly surprised (or just surprised)

also i say this with love, please avoid using "females" to talk about women because it can be seen as a bit dehumanizing and scrotish. Godspeed nonnie

No. 777130

i can't relate to anything to do with parents. bio dad died when i was 4 and my mom ignored the grooming her next bf did for a decade. i hate the need i feel to talk to someone as fucked as me.

No. 777135

Thanks anon, to be honest I sometimes worry about replying something stupid and offensive.
Yeah that's totally understandable and it can help me think in a mindset that someone relates but they just don't feel strongly enough to reply. In the threads I was just saying how much of a sad loser I am but I probably need to take a break from being on social media.
thank you for letting me know and I apologise for how I came across

No. 777136

No no no oh my god anon ata I mean’t it’s NOT because you “aren’t relatable”, I’m so sorry. Please don’t beat yourself up over this shit.

No. 777140

I won't, I just think my social anxiety mix with social media is getting the best of me. It has been reassuring to talk to you all though.

No. 777151

I feel so uncomfortable whenever I want to go outside because I’ve been catcalled and harassed by men so many times. Even when I wear the baggiest clothes, men will still comment on my body and it makes me feel disgusting. Like that one time when I was on a walk, dressed up in all black clothes, this 60 year old creep pulled up in his car next to me to ask if I want to go with him and have some fun. Or my aunt’s new husband asking me if I have a boyfriend and after saying no, telling me I shouldn’t let my youthful body go to waste. It’s also not just comments but the stares and no matter what, you can’t escape them. Idk if it’s the area where I live or if men are just that fucked up everywhere but why can’t women just exist without being constantly sexualised? Honestly, I wish I would never have to go outside again.

No. 777159

File: 1617700179181.jpg (83.57 KB, 600x560, mewtual-support-hugs.jpeg.jpg)

While both are really gross. Its so crazy to me a man you are related to is even so braindead to think and say something sooo disgusting.

And I get you anon, currently delaying going to the store because I don't want to deal with the possiblity of it happening

No. 777167

So i wanted to watch some cute videos before i go to sleep, so i went on youtube to search "kitten falling asleep" but one of the autofills was "kitten fall death". Wtf? Anyone who searches that needs to be fucking euthanized

No. 777173

yuck yuck watching cute videos eventually got me recommendations for weird videos like that. it got really suspicious when i noticed they were all coming from russian animal rescue channels.

No. 777176

Oh anon! I searched cats eat ASMR and a video of a woman eating a cat appeared and that was traumatizing

No. 777183

stop reaching

No. 777186

Lol at my sister for acting like making fun of her manchild boyfriend is blasphemy (when she totally does the same thing behind his back) like sorry I don't think too highly of your porn and anime addicted fatass arrogant prick boy toy

No. 777196

File: 1617708920881.png (37.46 KB, 369x323, 1581481730315.png)

Some scrote was acting awfully tough about women being more able to deal with pain, brought up cancer for some reason. Bitch, I have both, I can do both and you would never know you ugly piece of shitfuck. Who the fuck brings up cancer in a "debate" like this when they haven't gone through that shit, especially after someone mentioned periods.

No. 777199

i keep thinking about suicide,ive lost interest in things that usually made me happy and i dont see anything working out for me in the future to keep going.I fucked up so much and i just feel like a burden and a chore to be around.i havent talk to my friends in days because ive convinced myself to believe they're sick of me.Ive binged so much to the point i think i developed an eating disorder.i both feel so old and immature.ive told my mother about my issues and just says im faking it all.i wish i could change but i feel like its too late.

No. 777206

>He's blown up at me several times and gets passive aggressive at me and has even said that I feel like just an accessory in his life
Who cares how he feels!!!! You're the depressed one, he should be supporting you and not whining like a little wimp! I'm sorry you have to put up with this garbage, anon.

No. 777211

File: 1617712148476.jpg (435.88 KB, 1080x788, Screenshot_20210406-140718_Fir…)

Anons I really need some advice, or at least a hug because I have no idea what to do and at this point I'm getting scared.

I'm 25, shitty job, no friends and still live with my family that are more like roommates. I'm scared that once my mother dies I'll end up on the street or walfare.

I have no idea what to do or where to start because I lack the money, education and connections. I'm 100% fucking lost and have no one to ask for help or advice, even online because I'm a balkanfag and there aren't many of us online (at least adults).

I can't hold down a proper job to save my life. Had like 2 "serious" ones but got fired because I "didn't fit in" and wasn't performing well. I got fired from all the jobs I had so far and most likely will be fired from my current one too. The only reason why I'm still at my current job is because I'm not supervised. Most emplyers described me as "lost, slow and absent minded", whatever that means because I really did try my best. Guess my best is other peoples minimum. At this point I think I might be too fucking stupid to hold down a job, especially without social skills.

This year I plan to relearn to drive and try to see if I have some kind of mental illness but other than that idk what the next step would be. I have no education, can't afford it since most of my money goes to bills (and some saving) but I also don't qualify for any kind of college or whatever anyway.

Just… what the fuck do I do? I seriously regret not killing myself at 16 because every year just keeps getting harder and harder. Is the answer so obvious that I can't see it? Or am I just too stupid? It kills me to see peers buy a house, have a family, car, travel etc while my stupid ass is stuck in the same place I've been since high school.

Why am I so stupid holy fuck

No. 777212

Have you considered opening an OnlyFans?

I'm just kidding, but don't you have some kind of passion? Hobby? Interest? Anything you could turn into a job?

No. 777219

Sadly not. I like fitness but it's not something I can do in my country and actually live off of it. The majority of personal trainers I know all have second jobs to help them stay afloat.

I'm kind of trying to code but I really suck at it.

Wish I had some kind of talent but I guess not everyone can have one.

No. 777224

Children owe nothing to their selfish parents who weren't nice to them. Seethe.

No. 777228

An ex I dated for a few months was super controlling and abusive. One of his hallmarks was forcing me to play video games that I had no fucking interest in and throwing a mantrum if I dared suggest we do something else, or if I played without him.

Scrotes like that take it as a personal affront when you don't want to play their games because they see it as you being critical of what they enjoy/are doing with their time. They can't fathom how it isn't all about themselves. At best he's being selfish.

No. 777232

File: 1617715872617.jpg (161.49 KB, 1125x1500, 91HiqSzRYwL._AC_SL1500_.jpg)

I'm getting so horny and just want to meet and use a man just to fulfill my needs without putting in any effort or caring about their needs but I'm pretending to be interested in conversations rn with men I'd probably find lame otherwise. I guess it's the closest I can get to being inside a scrote's mind. I don't even want to fuck, I just want someone to kiss my body, caress me and get me off. I also know it also wouldn't be the right way to handle this, and that it'll probably pass in a day, but it feels so shitty right now. I really need some kind of motivational poster about "short term gratification = bad, long term goals = good" in my room.

No. 777233

Anons have gotten so incredibly obsessed with having some sort of gotcha moment towards troons that they harp on any woman that either aren't conveniently attractive or doesn't have stereotypical feminine traits.
>Boxy body shape
>Low cheekbones
>Deep voice
>Wide shoulders

Seriously, calm the fuck down. Do you never go outside and see actual women?

No. 777251

he's cheating on you

No. 777253

We have home surveillance cameras and the boring bastard read for the entire time. The most shocking thing he did was spill his coffee and have it all go under the couch and take an extra half hour of reading before getting up to clean it. It actually did make him paint later so I feel badly for ranting on here, I was also upset that my mum cancelled on me but we just met up later anyways. Alls well that ends well.

No. 777263

is it so fucking hard for males to pretend to even care for you? everytime i am in a depressive and horrible state of mind i just wish to feel cared and loved for. everytime it happens i become more and more quiet and start crying silently because i feel so bad that i cant even spend time with him and have to ruin everything and and hope for a message from him but he really doesnt care to even text me. everytime he comes crawling back after few hours since he is bored and asks for forgiveness and that he truly cares for me and that this wont happen again. i dont even count anymore because it just makes me feel more lonelier and unloved. he comes back crawling calling me his mouse (sounds so fucking ridiculous in english but makes sense in my language) and is saying stupid lovey dovey shit trying to make me forgive him. but its always the same thing since i told him that i dont need any fucking space for myself and feel lonely without him and just want to feel loved by him. he always says that it wont happen again but here we are again.

No. 777267

I've been an RN for less than 2 years and yesterday I dealt with my 3rd patient who is an outspoken prolifer, just had an abortion, yet is still outspokenly anti-abortion on social media. Not violating HIPA to call them out publicly is honestly one of the hardest things about my job so far. I was venting about it to a far more seasoned coworker today, who laughed and told me that I was going to have to get used to that kind of hypocrisy, not just with abortion but moms who are antivax on social media but come in and vaccinate their kids for everything, or religious men that protray themselves as "family men" who come to pregnancy ultrasounds with their secret mistresses. She said this is just part of being a nurse in a small town where everyone knows everyone and you get a peak into the window of their secret lives.

I hate this. I want to live in a big city where I have no connection to almost any of my patients outside of work. Ulg.

No. 777269

You can't make someone care about you, anon. But you can dump a loser who pretends to care about you to get what he wants.

I wasted so many years of my life on men like that, it's not worth it. There's someone out there who knows to appreciate you and who truly cares about you and you're not gonna find him wasting your time on some loser.

No. 777270

Do you not own a good vibrator or satisfyer? If you are really just horny then a toy will do you better than any random hook-up who probably doesn't even care about you getting off.

If you want intimacy and validation from an encounter with a man I can understand that, but if you are really just horny you can do better than a man.

No. 777276

Trying to join a friend group of women and they keep being subtlety rude to me and using that sort of tone where I can tell they think I am dumb/uncool/???. Like there is an air of distance and superiority in the way they respond to me. Pisses me off but they can either kick me or tell me directly they don't like me I'm going to keep acting as normal and just write it off as me taking things too seriously. I know I'm probably right though

No. 777278

I do not, as I live with my parents at the moment, and my mother has a problem with respecting private space and property. I didn't even hear about a satisfyer until this day. But it's not really a huge deal to get myself off by hand, I've already done that multiple times today.
I realize that men who do hookups usually also only care about themselves, but since I was already talking to some "lamer", shy guy I thought he might be more eager to please. And I do realize how bad this makes me sound, but I'm not actually going to propose anything anyway. I crave intimacy and specific thouch, like I can't kiss myself on the nape or anything like that.

No. 777284

>I crave intimacy and specific thouch, like I can't kiss myself on the nape or anything like that.

Make sense, only someone else can do that. But don't rely on scrotes to give you an orgasm, most of them can't do that for you.

If you still live with your parents you might want to decide that you really need an electric toothbrush to get that deep clean on your teeth. (don't use the bristle part, but the other side)

No. 777285

It's amazing how scrotes have managed to ruin every pleasant aspect of my life. Recently I got some really pretty friends and I dont care but it's annoying hanging out with them because, guys will be hitting on them and just treating me like I'm not even human or being rude because I'm getting in the way of them getting laid. So, yeah thanks scrotes I cant even have friends without you fucking it up.

No. 777290

anon, have you been to a doctor? Instead of vaginismus it could be an unusually thick hymen. They can fix it right in the doctor's office in easier cases

No. 777292

I have this same problem, so I hope someone responds to you with some advice, anon. sorry you're experiencing this

No. 777295

Sorry you had to deal with such a smug bitch, she really doesn't deserve access to abortion and I wish there was a way to deny people for interfering with another person's access to that healthcare.
Just goes to show that humans justify anything when it's their ass.

No. 777298

"She's doesn't want you."
"She's not going to fuck you."

See how mad they get, kek.

No. 777300

I am so frustrated with my social life right now. I moved to this small town 6+ months ago to start my full time job and I haven't made a single friend. I know there's the pandemic going on right now but a lot of my coworkers have made a lot of friends since getting here. I felt like I had a pretty good social life in uni even if I didn't have a core "friend group." I just have no idea what I am doing wrong or if this is a sign I should just give up having friends as an adult forever.

No. 777301

I think I might be on the verge of possibly developing an eating disorder, and I feel like I can't really talk to anyone about it. Not because I don't think I would get any support and love, but because I'm scared of possibly triggering someone and I don't want to drag someone down with me.

No. 777304

File: 1617725568414.png (37.49 KB, 275x202, 1602795004387.png)

I wish I could adopt a cat. I really love their company and I find all of their idiosyncrasies so charming. I adopted an older cat when I was a teenager and the experience of bonding with this weird little animal was so heartwarming. He was so sweet. It's incredible how they can provide a comforting presence when they sense that you're in pain too. I've been moving around a lot in recent years and I don't want to take in a cat until I settle down somewhere more longterm, it seems stressful to relocate with a pet. Kind of makes me sad though, I really miss my old cat. I'm glad that I could give him a good life in those final years.

No. 777313

Watching documentaries about rape always sends me into some kind of day dreaming loop of imagining what would happen if my friend finally went to the police over what her step-father did to her. I also think about seeing him irl, what I'd do. Or if he'd try to kill her if she ever did go to the police. How would either of us fight him off?
It's hard not to hate men.

No. 777325

File: 1617727433933.gif (483.74 KB, 300x225, 1614839638672.gif)

>mfw all these grown ass adults complaining about build a bear only making tom nook and Isabelle
Even if they did make other villagers these retards would still complain. Be lucky they collaborated at all

No. 777331

NTA but how is that reaching? Is it asking for too much to hope your partner takes your own discomfort into account, especially if it's so bad you start throwing up?

No. 777337

I am SICK of this attitude from Nintendrones, I can't make a single complaint about anything revolving around Animal Crossing without somebody screeching that I should be grateful. It's a fucking product, I'm not being GRATEFUL for shit, I will complain all I fucking want

No. 777338

You're making the best choice. My mom made me take my cat when I went to college and moving her around a lot / trying to find spaces that allowed pets was definitely stressful. You will be the perfect owner when it's time.

No. 777345

File: 1617729113949.jpg (60.04 KB, 640x640, 618648_n.jpg)

And I'm sick of you faggots screaming about shit that was made kids
literally shut the fuck up you stinky piss drinking woman child(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 777347

File: 1617729212504.png (39.39 KB, 415x434, 1603411478427.png)

No. 777352

I struggle with the same thing anon, I'm 30 and the craving for cutting is insanely strong sometimes and I gave in a couple of weeks ago and nothing really can't beat the feel of relief it gives you. It's fucking awful that no adults around us realized that we didn't do it for fun and gave us the help we needed before we developed this life-long addiction. You'd think seeing your kid harm themselves might be a good opportunity to check in on them and how they are doing. Hell, might be good to check what's up even IF they're doing it for attention/fun because then there are still other issues that need to be taken care of.
Stay strong anon! I'm proud of you for staying away from it and found better coping mechanisms!

No. 777353

It's a corporation. They'll be fine, despite costumers complaining about how ridiculous it is to not include the one villager that makes sense with their brand (i.e. Stitches). What's there to feel lucky about? Tom Nook and Isabelle may be "the faces" of AC but that doesn't mean we don't want a little variety? Also, let's not act like Build-a-Bear isn't making like 100 different Pokémon plushes. Unless Nintendo refused to negotiate for licensing, Build-a-Bear can eat my shorts.

No. 777354

File: 1617729654964.png (35.64 KB, 415x433, hm.png)

Uh huh

No. 777363

Sometimes I hate when the women on here complain about feeling old when theyre only like 25 or something. Like WHAT!? I know its not completely their fault because theyre probably internalizing too much of what they read online, but come on guys, youre smarter than this.

No. 777380

Imma be honest, Ive done both being rude in a friend group and had rude friends. The fact of the matter is they don't like you. You're the joke of the group and unless one of the friends in the group is nice and you get closer to them, the whole group is a waste of energy. I usually end up finding 1 other person in a friend group to get closer with and just talk with/hang out with them. And if you bring it up to them they'll just gaslight you and say its just a joke and not to take it seriously. If you're fine putting up with that to have "friends" sure. But personally im fine being by myself than having shitty friends.

No. 777393

I'm just going to pretend I didn't read this and keep assuming the best of them. I think it's my rejection sensitivity acting up

No. 777394

I agree, but I also understand how they feel. I think it's really hard for women in their mid-20's because they care more about what men think (whether they want to admit it or not) and haven't quite figured out how not to internalize the opinions of borderline pedo-tier men.

No. 777398

what an inconsiderate jackass!

No. 777400

I hate people who say cats can't love because they don't produce oxitocin and any affection they give you is for food. My cat waits outside my door for me, demands affection, and when I assume he wants food I will give it to him and 90% of the time he ignores the food to cuddle/get pet by me even when it's the morning and he just went 12 hours without eating. He will also rish to my side when I'm even the slightest bit emotionally distressed. My cat is every bit as affectionate and loving as my dogs.

No. 777412

File: 1617733823714.jpeg (52.73 KB, 500x562, 37F5D7B4-456B-4630-A673-698882…)

Holy fuck bpdfagging is the most embarrassing behavior. Can I please stop trying to wear the skin of persons whom I completely idealize for no reason? How have I not kms already knowing that every aspect of me is superficial lmaooo every action is a performance. I am simply not there type beat.

No. 777416

After some time in hiding, sweet innocent Ken decided to return to Smol and face his enemy. Ken's return to Smol was cut short, for the worm had awoken and sensed Ken's presense. The hammer fell without mercy and crushed poor Ken in an instant; without a whisper, Ken was gone for good.

No. 777418

>pay £19 for 9 'high-quality' teas
>try out a supposedly sweet tea
>brew it
>tastes like nothing
>'oh I've must've done this thing wrong'
>rinse and repeat 4 fucking times
>still tastes like nothing

Idk if I should try the other teas (and that this specific one is just a dud) or if I should just stick to my cheap Tesco tea

No. 777420

I genuinely wish people hadn't allowed the loud mouth asexual community to bully their way into being considered elgeebeetee. No, you are not oppressed in any way shape or form for not wanting to fuck. Demisexuality is not a real thing, there is no spectrum and you blatantly stole that and the terminology from discussions on autism/adhd.

No. 777422

File: 1617734131060.jpg (42.51 KB, 540x540, 1615651628659.jpg)

Yeah I don't doubt my decision at all, I consider it a pretty big commitment and now's just not the right time. Every time I see anons post cute stories about their cats it makes my heart melt a little bit though lol. One of these days.

No. 777426

like a million little black bugs have appeared out of fucking nowhere in my apartment and i'm so stressed. i don't know when our pest control guy comes by (and even if i did, i don't have his number, my dad does – and my dad is out of town and the pest control dude only comes around once a month FUCK I'M SO STRESSED)

to top things off i can't find my key. fuck

No. 777428

you got fleas? mites? its breeding season so dont leave them to multiply.

No. 777431

samefag but noonies am i in the right of being angry at him for not caring while i left the call crying? he just texted me after 6 hours and i feel bad for being angry at him? i mean it happened countless times and he is still doing it and i am fucking tired of it. am i allowed to be angry? i am so confused

No. 777435

they're long and skinny. i might call a pest control person myself and get it checked out

No. 777436

Yes you are in the right. And the fact that you're asking if youre allowed to get angry is fucked up. OF COURSE youre allowed to get angry at the fact that someone who supposedly "cares for you" doesnt actually care about you. Anon please love yourself sincerely and learn to be happy without having to vie for the attention of some scrote who could care less if you were literally dying unless it affected him somehow.

No. 777438

File: 1617735381360.jpg (45.21 KB, 500x500, btjmos.jpg)

I hate it because they always lowkey direct their internalized misogyny at other women. I'm gonna be 30 in a few years and it has never bothered me, nor have men ever told me I'm too old for this or that, but people here use almost 30 as a downright insult and then turn around and cry that they're old at 20/25.
At that point it's just what they deserve, they're so annoying and I don't feel bad for them when the same women will call me grandma and feel superior for being younger of all things. Wallow in your own mental illness I guess, you get no sympathy from me.
It's the same as women who tell me they wish they'll look as good as me "at my age". What age is that exactly? I know they mean well so I bite my tongue but I'm so tempted to say "don't worry, you won't". Comes off as such a backhanded compliment.

No. 777441

Before ruining myself on the internet I thought that 25-30 was young and that you didn't turn old before you were 50.

Now I feel old at 23 due to scrote pedos and pedopandering girls

No. 777449

nta but that’s a good impulse, it’s not common in my experience for shunning to happen like that, and I’ve wrecked many friendships by reading too hard into things that later I’ve looked back and realized that it was in fact just me being sensitive to any type of outside opinion criticism or even just input and seeing difference as rejection… maybe choose one woman in the group you feel you want to be closer with and try sensing out the dynamic from there? I wish you the best of luck navigating that nonita, you sound considerate and kind so I’m sure they enjoy your presence, and if it turns out they don’t there are others who will! In my experience with being friends with groups of women usually people are very straightforward, but everyone is different and so is everywhere, so take my reassurance with whatever weight you draw from it.

No. 777459

My sister is back at living at home and the soap or makeup remover she uses smells so much, it has that faint nail polish remover smell that I hate and it permeates all the rooms around, I want to die.

No. 777460

Anon, do you think torturing yourself by keeping this butthole in your life is doing you any favors? It sucks, but you should overlook your negative thoughts towards dating and put yourself back in the game. It may be a time waster, but you're certainly throwing away good time by putting it into an ex that's giving you mixed feelings. Also, it can be pretty exciting seeing all the options that are out there. My two cents.

No. 777464

Samefag and of course since she's a normie her main hobby is watching Netflix, she's stealing all the internet connection, help.

No. 777477

Termites? Watch out.

No. 777514

i'm so worried about my life. everything costs money and i'm broke. i hope i'm able to move into the dorms next semester and i hope i get a fellow social autist so i can avoid being lured out to bbq on the quad and other stupid shit

No. 777517

have you tried talking to her?

might be termites, yeah. told my dad and he said he'd send a picture to management, so fingers crossed.

i'm also hoping they aren't termites, because some of the shit i've read about termites online where apartments are concerned makes me think they're a Huge Ordeal fuck

No. 777520

I wish I could have dreamless sleeps. Being concious 16 hours a day is plenty, I don't want to live the weird shit my subconcious comes up with at night.

No. 777555

Nah dont hold back, tell em whats up

No. 777557

Your body will tell you when a man shouldnt be fucking you. I wouldnt be surprised if you have tons of issues outside of the bedroom that you ignore.

No. 777564

File: 1617749418400.jpg (270.73 KB, 1920x1080, 1504020_screenshots_2021032718…)

Every time you forgive him after he's done something like that, you teach him that it's okay to keep doing so. You gotta stop for your own good and leave him, especially if this same scenario happened so many times. While you're settling for someone who doesn't give a fuck about you, you're wasting time you could use to properly heal and find a decent guy.

No. 777575

My boyfriend acts really weird around other men. Idk if it's something he does in a backwards way of trying to impress me, like maybe he gets insecure? or if he's gay or something and he's trying to make me not become suspicious of him, ironically now I'm even more suspicious. Just today we went to hang out with his friend and said friend had a friend over, and i don't remember what we started talking about, but basically my bf asked him to bark like a dog, "bark for me" or something like that……….it was really awkward …….. and yes that guy barked. They all laughed like normal though so maybe that's how men joke around? idk man

No. 777579

File: 1617751745473.png (Spoiler Image, 72.09 KB, 268x177, tub.png)

I hate that I always feel super hungry after naps even if I eat beforehand. Never after a full night of rest, just naps. I just woke up from one like 10 mins ago and I feel like I'm starving.

No. 777599

Why do men have to lie. I tried to break up with my boyfriend a few days ago because he keeps refusing to comfort me when I cry and he begged me that he would change and that he would do anything for me. That he'll comfort me anytime I needed it. Then today I am crying he just tells me "this is awkward. Why are you asking for comfort? I can't comfort you when you're crying" he literally fucking told me to ask him if I needed comfort and he swore he would comfort me no matter what. And now I can't stop crying over a stupid guy omg

No. 777635

File: 1617760297029.jpg (35.88 KB, 720x540, 20210329_114801.jpg)

I haven't had sex in two years. I took a break, now I'm having really intense urges for intimacy. My period just ended so maybe that's why I'm unusually horny, idfk I just feel like crying now. I miss getting kissed and held and feeling wanted and all that. I miss that shit way more than actual sex.

No. 777637

File: 1617760679080.png (422.94 KB, 480x480, 1558319793307.png)

I just want to end it.

No. 777638

dont we all. nonexistence sounds blissful.

No. 777641

Leave him and start writing in a journal when your feeling like crying, it will help ground yourself.

Sorry you're going through that anon, you deserve comfort. Toxic masc strikes again

No. 777666

File: 1617762942692.jpg (33.33 KB, 400x524, 879738170723545088_1.jpg)

>Finds small youtuber doing cute DIY/hauls
>wants to support her
>checks her socials
>ahegao selfies, Onlyfans, they/them
What the fuck is wrong with libshits

No. 777670

Felt that

No. 777688

One of my friends(? idk if I can call her that since we're close enough to be above acquaintances) has been crying to me over texts for 3 days now because she got dumped by her boyfriend. Normally I'd be sympathetic, but her fucking 5'4" manlet ex broke up with her BECAUSE SHE ASKED HIM TO STOP DOING COKE MORE THAN 3 TIMES A WEEK. She doesn't live with him or share financial responsibility, so she can literally leave whenever. I'll never understand straight women.

No. 777700

My PTSD is so fucking annoying, any time I feel loving feelings for my boyfriend and we talk about our future this little goblin in my brain starts going "he hates you he wants to kill you" for absolutely NO reason. Then I start feeling like maybe my brain is actually right and I'm deluding myself into thinking he loves me or something. I can't stop flinching at the smallest noises and I hate it I hate it I hate it let me love my boyfriend god damn it brain goblin

No. 777709

Tea has a ton of variety, and it'd be a shame to give up on it without digging deeper. I can try to give some brewing tips/tea reca depending on what you're brewing, or if you're looking for a specific flavor in a tea.

No. 777720

File: 1617767609873.jpg (4.96 KB, 228x221, UXG2z1n.jpg)

Sometimes I feel like if I would have rather been born male.

I know that my family isn't pleased with me; my brother keeps avoiding me to be with his male friends, my father compared me with prostitutes for many years everytime he had the chance, and my mother felt disappointed that I'm not femenine enough and that I didn't feel comfortable using make up or heels.

I just wonder if they wouldn't be so harsh on me if I were born male, if they could like me more if I was born differently. I would probably have different career, because I already know that my dad never liked that I became an artist.

I don't hate being a woman, I don't want to transition or take testosterone, that won't solve anything. My family would still treat me the same way. I just want them to appreciate me as a daughter or sister.

I'm sorry, I just feel too emotional right now.

No. 777721

NTA, but I would love your recommendations anon! I’d love to find a good herbal tea to drink at night (something with no caffeine). I love green tea and matcha but they’re not well suited to my midnight tea craving. I’m enjoying some basic chamomile right now and it’s delicious. I tend to prefer earthy flavors to fruity ones.

No. 777734

Same feelings here anon, I enjoy being me but I shudder to think how much better I would've been treated by everyone in general had I been born a male with my same qualities.
Male favoritism is absolutely a thing in families, especially where there's a patriarchal religious tone.
When I was a kid I used to roleplay through toys as male characters, because even I could see how loved and cherished boys were if only they had the sense to say the right things and act decent. Whereas girls were expected to as a default. I thought it was so unfair that I couldn't act and behave like the guys. My family coddled the fuck out of my only male cousin, and because of that he grew up to be a troublemaker and sociopath. My mom complained to me how she used to get the most shit for being eldest and taking care of her two spoiled brothers, but she just went full circle and was extra hard on raising me so she learned nothing.
I also know had I been born male my academia and career pursuits would have been taken more seriously, and my average talents amplified as something extraordinary. Would be getting paid more too.

No. 777739

Sure! Although, I have to admit I don't have a much experience with herbal teas. I do however know that Yunnan Sourcing has a decent selection of straight herbals, and a black tea/chrysanthemum combo that I got as a sample awhile back that was pretty damn good.
It's still got some caffeine, but the black tea has a malty, spicy taste that blends well with the sweet floral taste of the flowers. I still have a bit left and usually use it late at night and it hasn't kept me up yet. Also, whether using gong fu or english brewing, keep the water just below a rolling boil as the flowers get a kind of bitter more than sweet taste at higher temps.
It might be worth checking out the Himalayan Buckwheat too. Probably nutty, cheap, no caffeine, and you can eat it afterwords.
Oh, and if you're looking for earthy flavors in general, you should try hei cha sometime. Doesn't get earthier than those. Essence of Tea has some good kinds (specifically liu bao, but holy crap they sold out of all their more economical stuff!) and YS has a nice selection too. Hope this helps!

No. 777741

File: 1617769744563.jpeg (104.2 KB, 500x468, D9B80872-B8A4-45BD-8488-915864…)

I'm so tired of people assuming I'm trans because I don't get periods, can't have kids, and didn't fill out my bras really until 2 years ago… literally my own sister told me she thought I was a trans woman for the longest cos of this and the fact I look haggard compared to other women my age due to smoking i quit now but it took its toll on me.

No. 777744

Exposed some bitch for lying and scamming via discord and she’s now deleting all damning evidence messages. So now I don’t have proof and look like I’m trying to cause problems for a mod team. God dammit I hate when I try to do the right thing and it backfires

No. 777745

I just want to feel ok. I just want the past to stop creeping into my thoughts every day no matter what I'm doing. I'm so tired. I want the people who care about me to get sick of me so I can disappear.

No. 777749

My feelings on my mother are split so sharply I swear to god sometimes she's perfect and giving sound advice and other times she's going on about gooks and cracking retarded dick jokes and yelling at me until I cry. I wish I could get away from her or at least have the side of my mother that isn't an awful bitch 24/7

No. 777750

Hate to sound generic but NEVER FUCKING accept your flaws as "just the way you are". Get help anon. Go get yourself checked out, maybe you have a chemical imbalance or a blood issue or something. Buy a self help book. Struggle to the upmost to improve before you lay down and give in
Just do it man

No. 777751

File: 1617771637830.jpg (28.71 KB, 960x706, H88dqP8h.jpg)

Idfk how I became such a coomer this quarantine I feel awful and disgusting I can't even concentrate to study because I'm constantly horny daydreaming about being dicked down and I spend like two hours mindlessly fingering myself until I fall asleep because I can't reach vaginal orgasm and my clit is fucking broken from so much flicking
Sorry for the gross post I'm just going insane

No. 777752

How are you using lolcow and still don't know how important screenshots are anon

No. 777756

Wow, thanks anon! Just the recommendations I was looking for.

No. 777766

Having a 5head + thinning hair + extreme widows peak is a fucking nightmare. I wonder if I should give up and start wearing a hijab

No. 777792

File: 1617774257818.jpeg (74.96 KB, 512x640, 4B40E2EB-F4CB-402A-A403-9F5BEC…)

What do you think of styles like this? Or hats, or wigs
(just saying btw nonny I never noticed a 5head or disliked widow's peaks until this website started ridiculing them, maybe it's not as bad as you think)

No. 777820

I need to stop falling in the habit of drinking and restricting at the same time. 900 alcohol calories and 400 food calories? no wonder you feel like shit ya dumb bitch. It's not even like the weight comes off faster than if I ate 1200-1300 calories of healthy foods.

No. 777821

also not an ana-chan, just really short and struggling w/ life

No. 777823

noooooo anona that's gonna age the shit out of you! Stop ittttttt like for real STOP

No. 777831

I applied to a course that supposed to "help" women to get into IT. It's only 5 hours per week blah blah blah but they're giving a free cert for it and since it's free I hope it'll help me put a foot into the field and make it look like I'm trying (without counting the 1-3 hours or studying I do on my own)

Idk if I'll even pass the testing phase or qualify but fingers crossed.

No. 777832

>mfw people are okay with people calling radfems "ugly old lesbians" only because trannies (men) deem them unfuckable
>mfw the last of my cis lesbian friends trooned out and everyone is celebrating them abandoning womanhood currently being held in the claws of AGP fetishists
>mfw everybody around me is supporting self-identification
>mfw asexuals are unironically claiming they're just as oppressed as gay people and that we should be "better allies" to them i.e. sit there and quietly listen how "hard" it is for them
>mfw adult straight people I know unironically label themselves demisexuals and act like they're being discriminated against when people call them out for their snowflake bullshit
I want off this ride, nobody gives two shits about gay people and the whole movement has been completely co-opted. At least gay men have their thriving community but lesbians are up shit creek paddling with their bare hands.

No. 777861

We got into this mess cause we are too empathetic and caring, trying to please every idiot with attention-deficit disorder and letting a lot of bad behavior slide. We need to stop letting troons and genderspecials step on us and stop enabling them as well.

Gay men don't have the same issues cause they just tell ftm troons to fuck off and don't care if it hurts their feelings and lesbians need to start doing the same thing.

No. 777879

How though? We literally will get shot in the face.

No. 777894

When you're hungry and about to go to the grocery store but then you open Instagram briefly….nah nvm I'll have a work out for breakfast kek

No. 777898

That's disordered fam, starving yourself just sets you up to binge and ages you in the long run
Look at healthy food inspo on Instagram instead, find a thing to copy, go get your steps in by walking to the store for only those specific ingredients
Be good to your body

No. 777899

Nta but skipping breakfast isn't the same as starving yourself lol

No. 777901

just so tired of men

No. 777911

I lurk my country's most popular forum-like website (it's not reddit) and I got depressed when I saw how many of them openly stated during a discussion about equality that they wouldn't hire a woman between two equal candidates because of the costs in case she gets pregnant and so on.

No. 777918

I hate being touched, it's been over half an hour but I can still feel it on my skin, even though it was through a layer of clothes and a fat blanket. I don't think I can ever be touch starved like I see some people call theselves because it seems like a single touch fills my share of a year as if I'm some weird kind of camel or something.

No. 777924

They'll say that, and then be angry if you say you don't hire too many men because you don't want a high rate of workplace sexual harassment.

No. 777925

There was a huge public discussion about an open letter/article in my country like 7 years ago that was written by some entrepreneur about how he won't hire women for the same reasons (they get pregnant, they care about spending time with their little kids), and that it's the most rational for someone business-minded, and even a lot of my female aquaintances were falling over themselves to agree with it, even mothers. The pickme mentality is insane.

No. 777934

Yeah but to those capitalist bootlicking suckers sexual harassment is absolutely okay because they don't leave their workplace. And no one takes women complaining about sexual harassment seriously. If the woman who's harassed isn't modelesque you often get comments how "she should be happy anyone wants her".
> and even a lot of my female aquaintances were falling over themselves to agree with it, even mothers. The pickme mentality is insane.
Exactly the same scenario happening right here. I feel so fucking alone in my frustration. I mean, I never wanted to be a mother but I doubt that even ripping out my uterus would change anything. And it's stupid that women who do want to be mothers are getting discriminated like that at all.

No. 777935

it's wykop right

No. 777937

Nope, sorry. I'm not surprised the same discourse can be found elsewhere.

No. 777998

I worked out on the elliptical for the first time in a year yesterday and all I could do was 20 minutes.

Disappointed but I guess I don't care as long as my chronic back pain goes away

No. 778049

20 minutes of exercise after a year of not working out is GREAT achievement, anon!! Especially with back pain. You should be proud!

No. 778070

Im so fucking maladjusted, I just had a slightly awkward encounter at my apt buildings' office but it was mortifying and my first thought was getting back to my apartment as quickly as possible so I could coot myself over it.

No. 778071

Lmao I thought exactly the same

No. 778072

thank you nonny, I'm going to try to work out every day!

No. 778075

this is less me being angry and more me being curious as lately some lesbians are coming out as nb or transmasc these days. Noelle just came out as bigender today which ironically makes she-ra less impressive now that technically a dude made it.

No. 778078

I'm meeting my mother on the weekend and I'm dreading it. With her I think I'm always gonna feel like a helpless little girl and fear her judgment. I never felt like I could open up to her without being judged and she always finds a way to make me feel inferior. When I talked to her on the phone I lied about still having a job and I'm afraid that she somehow found out and will be angry. And I KNOW the whole thing is just fucking ridiculous, I'm a grown ass woman being afraid of an old, objectively unintelligent, narcissistic woman who perpetually feels like a victim and happens to be my mother. I don't want to feel like a helpless little girl anymore for fuck's sake

No. 778086

Why do you still meet with her?

No. 778089

I cut her out for a year and I feel bad about it and want to work on our relationship

No. 778090

Kek no anon technically a woman still made it

No. 778096

Lmao what the fuck is this post, this would be top tier tranny larp

No. 778100

I hope it works out for you

No. 778101

nta but those are all shitty things a real woman can go through and I'm sure being told that doesn't help anon feel any better

No. 778103

retarded but sometimes i think of the way lolcow called me a lescel and bullied me for saying i was sad about a girl i like falling for a chad
shit had me so mad i almost stopped browsing this place fr

No. 778104

anons I have a job interview tomorrow I am so anxious my tongue is swelling, my social anxiety is peaking ahead of time. it is an industry related to my degree and also an industry I love but I am so scared I am not confident enough to do it, I am a NEET since I graduated last year

No. 778106

I have um a little over 7k in the bank right now, and no job (because student and crashing with parents) and I'm so worried I'll lose my healthcare. Praying that I won't because I still have health issues that need to be solved that haven't fucking been solved

No. 778107

thank you, you're kind

No. 778109

>my sister said she thought I was a transwoman
Doesn't sound like something anyone anywhere woudl actually say. Unless she meant something like an underlying intersex condition, which is different. I assume your own sibling knows that sex you were born as.

No. 778110

I don't know what to do, I've been dealing with depression for 10 years, I'm too anxious to even post on anonymous boards because last time I tried to have an online life some 20-year-old scrote doxxed me and bragged about wanting to find me and assault me when I was 15. I even saw him irl near my busses 1.5 years ago and that made me even more scared of anything negative coming my way online. I don't know how to deal with it besides trying to post this without offing myself or something. I just wish I wasn't a NEET and had decent female friends or something. Sorry if this isn't a good place for this I'm new.

No. 778114

this site has gone way downhill in terms of moderation and userbase. if /cgl/ is allowed a friend finder, something is wrong. it's also way more strict here for no reason, this board especially should be full of autism and sperging, yet infighting is considered a huge problem. how stupid.

No. 778115

you sound fucking 5 years old holy shit.

No. 778118

The mods here have a strict 'no fun allowed' policy

No. 778119

You could make a burner email and join the discord if you want, plenty of people in there

No. 778121

Um, what makes you say that?

No. 778122

You on the other hand sound like an edgy teen with a mean response to someones heartfelt vent.

No. 778126

File: 1617815090542.jpg (28.34 KB, 320x240, 1402462738919.jpg)

god I honestly need to a long break from the MtF thread and other places that discuss the troon craze because at this point it just causes nothing but depression and sleepless nights. I just hate where the world is heading and how so many people are ok with that. I also do not see this shit stop at any time soon.

No. 778135

I empathize, I am in a similar situation. I just feel safer without an online presence even to my social detriment

No. 778143

File: 1617817413483.gif (1.98 MB, 336x248, DF509B4D-4E00-44D9-BC70-DB0644…)

So I went to that interview and of course it was at a shitty retail store too big for anyone to care. I had to wait awhile before I went to the cashiers so I can have my interview and some dumb disabled scrote told me to go to the back but didn’t go with me to help me. I was lost and ended up in the employee lounge (kek) asking around and of course retail employees are zombies who don’t give a single shit about anyone but themselves so I had to walk up to some old lady and ask her about the interview. I was standing there awkwardly and then finally some tall foreign-looking scrote guided me to another back room and then I finally had the interview. At that point I was almost about to break down into tears and I eventually did when I finally left the damn building, I just felt so worthless and this has been my millionth interview. It’s like I’m fucking cursed and everyone can miraculously fit in this chaotic world

No. 778154

Thank you for your kindness anons, I'll look into making a new discord account and get out of this mindset.

Me too, I only use social media to lurk anymore and am heavily contemplating deleting everything so I have at least one less thing to worry about.

No. 778159

don't you have some cows to judge bitchy anon?

No. 778160

My bf didn't like my art posts on instagram but I know he's seen it bc he looked at my story promoting it

Shitty shitty moid

No. 778162

god this is such a fucking disgusting gif

No. 778165

break up with him

fuck scrotes and fuck humans

No. 778169

I don't like that the only 'relevant' mentally ill people are annoying and bitchy
I wish I could explain why I can't make eye contact with people and get scared by loud noises and don't talk without having people thinking I'm an annoying bitch

No. 778171

I honestly feel broken. My ex cheated on me multiple times and I (like an idiot) took him back multiple times. This time HE broke up with ME over his inability to be a functioning adult and clean his own house, do his own dishes, or take care of his own pets. I've been doing that 100% on my own but my depression got so bad I couldn't take the trash out for a week.

I'm moving out end of the month but I'm just so angry/upset. I don't want him back but I don't know how to move on. I feel like I'll never fall in love again (I've only been in love twice my entire life, dated a lot of guys). I find most men pathetic and spineless and rarely if ever end up finding one I legitimately like. This time around it feels like I won't find anyone I actually like that likes me the same level back. How do you reassure yourself you'll be in love again if you rarely find it?