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File: 1610063460260.jpg (101.31 KB, 850x476, 1549754396510.jpg)

No. 19020

Please post all general issues and complaints here. If you want mods to do something, or have some issue with or suggestion for site content, you should use this thread.
>>>/meta/6821 should only be used for technical issues and suggestions (can't load site, site slow, bugs, site feature requests). This thread is for non-technical issues.
If you use the thread to infight or instigate arguments you'll be banned from /meta/. If you come here to make a complaint that could have been handled with a report you will be ignored.

No. 19021

Can farmhands do something about the Celebricow thread? It’s constant race baiting, and Lana vs Azalea sperging. Posting about someone gaining weight isn’t milk.

No. 19022

i agree. i reported somebody for obviously racebaiting the other day and mods didn't do shit, even though i've seen them ban other people for doing the same thing. it's just constant infighting and shit takes from azalea stans and twitterfags. it feels like it's well on its way to autosage tbh

No. 19023

>even though i've seen them ban other people for doing the same thing

Oh so you have the all seeing vision and can magically see every action of the mods or….?

No. 19024

I love how so many posters in that thread can't grasp the concept of simply not posting until something interesting happens that they have to bring up random shit from almost 20 years ago lmao. Honestly everyone there in general seems insane and/or underaged.

No. 19025

Can something please be done about the new Erin Painter/Nina Rose Bellucci thread? Multiple anons have mentioned how shit the thread has become in the last complaints thread, and nothing has been done about it. I recommend autosaging it or locking it. All anyone posts about is sperging tinfoil, every other post is "hi cow", blatant cowtipper self-posts, WKing, infighting, basically everything against the rules. And not one ban to be found. Like everyone else keeps saying – its a shitshow.

No. 19026

Its across the boards. They even go as far as finding a miniscule non-milky post to twist to revelancy from 3 years ago just to bring up old milk discussion again. You tell them its been talked about and they yell WK and "nO FuN AllOwEd"

No. 19027

Not all bans are redtext.

No. 19028

File: 1610097650789.png (101.22 KB, 737x775, banned lolcow azealia.png)

Not a complaint but a question. This was obv last month but just wanted to understand why I was banned for "thinly veiled bait" I mean, what was the bait here i'm honestly confused? Not complaining about the ban just wanna know so I dont make the mistake again.

Also this post was saged so not sure why the admin said this is not new like no shit thats why i saged this? I posted this in the celebcow thread which is where the azealia stuff is so what did i do wrong?

No. 19029

Posting old milk for keks deserves a ban. I fucking hate anons who think taking about old milk when milk is slow is relevant.

No. 19030

Can y’all ban the pedos in the vent thread? Thanks in advance

No. 19031

Will you fucking autists move on to other celebricows? We get it, the lady is fucking schizo or something. We don't need to see literally every story she's ever posted.

No. 19032

This along with the countless unbacked claims ITT that pop starlets singlehandedly caused DDLG e-thot movement and rampant pedos, etc. These people should be banned as they're radical and off topic

No. 19033


Being influenced by popular media is not a thing, all those tards storming the Capitol came up with the idea on their own, etc

No. 19034

Who tf asked you? Are you a mod/admin?

>No fun allowed.


No. 19035

there's a lot of scrotes in the new sam hyde thread on /snow/. would like to recommend autosaging like what was done with the first thread.

No. 19036

anyone for moving celebricows back to /ot/ or are we past the point of no return?

No. 19037

Apples to oranges.
And it's a fucking celebrity milk thread ffs, not a sperg board

No. 19038

I think most regular snow visitors would like that.

No. 19039

Please pin the Kiwifarms thread.

No. 19040

i don't know if it's one person or multiple but there's obvious racebait happening in OT surrounding black people and asians and it's obnoxious as fuck

No. 19041

Can we do something about people who shit up threads with the constant MILKMILKPULL!? MILKKKKKK?!!? posts? Like, it isn't rocket science as to why there are different boards for different types of people. They could easily ignore or hide the threads. They die organically, but that isn't good enough for them and they end up trying to derail it with infighting.

No. 19042

This isn't just happening in /w/, its over in /snow/ as well.

No. 19043

This, for fucks sake. People replying to these posters get banned for telling them they're retarded but the actual autistic baiting gets a pass for some reason.

No. 19044

bring back the snow

No. 19045

File: 1610349206295.png (56.81 KB, 240x240, ysJeS399.png)

Can we also have another friend finder thread on /g/ please-do-not-infight-over-discord-drama-edition?

No. 19046

Seconding! Also kek that image.

No. 19047

why mods so trigger happy on the banhammer these days, genuine question. it's kind of getting out of hand. a lot of under-radar comments are getting straight up bans and it's making this place way more of a fucking clusterfuck than it already was.
can you not.

No. 19048

can you at least give an example of what you're talking about

No. 19049

Let us discuss trans again. Its the most active thread, it was the most active threads in ot. No reason for it to be banned except to avoid hurt fefes in the group of people who aren't allowed to post here in the first place.

No. 19050

Agreed with this ot thread would be nice again especially with bans from reddit for discussion.

Agree with other anons about the spergfest in celebcow. It is a nitpick lana orbiter fest, her being fat isn't milk. Her having a weird album cover isn't milk. Talking about her shoes/ hair change isn't milk. Its derail from actual milk. There just seems to be a hyperfocus on some celebs so when actual milk gets posted it gets left in the dust.

(Also everything Azaelia Banks says being posted isn't inherently milk because shes just unhinged it just becomes her normal. Wait until something good comes up like her calling out a predator or acting more insane than normal.)


Im also down for friend finder.

No. 19051

Just go to asherahsgarden

No. 19052

I appreciate the increased moderation in the leftcows thread it’s been a lot better recently

No. 19053

While I'm a GCfag myself there's still the problem of the GC thread attracting various spergs that leak to other threads with their unintegrated asses. I don't want to see cringy reddit "radfems" shitting up the thread with blogposts and boomer tier GC memes, nor do I want the tradthots who hate trannies simply due to their association with gay people or screechy peaked libfems.

However the GC thread admittedly was one of the most well-behaved threads in /ot/ that had minimal infighting and shared a lot of interesting resources, I do miss it from time to time.

No. 19054

I agree with this. The GC threads on /ot/ were interesting. I think the thread on /snow/ is a good compromise though. The /snow/ threads seem more relaxed and civil, maybe because the thread has a more focused topic or maybe it's because the worst /ot/ spergs don't visit /snow/.

No. 19055

How many anons have suggested we put celebricows back? Are we so desperate for traffic that it needs to be in snow? It’s become genuinely insufferable, I’m in awe nothing has been done.

No. 19056

File: 1610448027268.png (141.82 KB, 828x562, trannyjanny.png)

Not my ban, but purge your fucking tranny jannies. We are all really sick of these nonsense bans in the mtf thread that are obviously given out by a farmhand with a certain agenda.

"Blahblahblah I interview everyone in a phonecall I am sure all my mods are female!". Well. At least one slipped through the cracks, asked their roommate to do the call for them or whatever the fuck, but you need to do a purge.

No. 19057

Agree, the bans in the thread are completely erratic and handed out arbitrarily. Someone might get banned for an identical post multiple other anons wrote without bans. Someone explaining a SRS surgical procedure gets banned for medfagging even when it's on topic. Someone commenting on a lunatic cow's delusion gets banned for blogposting. Someone calling a tranny crazy gets banned for armchairing. A person documenting their real life experience with a lunatic troon gets banned for blogposting even though it's on topic and amusing milk to everyone. It makes no sense. I'm glad at least that planned parenthood anon ranting about the troon psychiatric grooming kids didn't get banned. You get away with more noncontributing posts in cow threads that are about nitpicking camgirl genitals.

The anon in this screenshot wasn't even talking about "her" as a singular person, it was obviously more in the tone of a "women don't have to put on makeup to be women" generalization. I often wonder if the janny monitoring the thread is ESL and simply doesn't understand the nuances of used language or just lacks reading comprehension.

No. 19058

File: 1610460154333.jpg (316.42 KB, 1080x1166, banned for cringe crimes.jpg)

I guess I got banned for it being cringe. That's subjective but okay. at least don't call it blogposting because I clearly wasn't, obviously I wasn't responding on a personal level but making a comment on the fact that actual women don't need to look like clowns to feel validated as women (even if you don't agree with that, ban reason was a bit retarded regardless).

Yeah probably ESL janny, kek

No. 19060

Jesus, the janny who issued this ban really had the need to write both that AND the redtext? Now that's cringe. Are all your mods really over 18, Admin?

No. 19061

How do you think this is some kind of agenda. What /snow/ thread would this not be considered blogposting in?

You get banned for medfagging even if it’s on topic in any thread. Like in leftcows people got redtexted for ‘medfagging’ about pregnancy because one of the cows is suspected to be pregnant. Mods enforcing the normal site rules to the ftm thread is not evidence some special agenda against you. Do people not realise it isn’t an /ot/ thread?

No. 19062

There have been moderation problems in a handful of threads. I don't trust the site owners way of "vetting" people. Too many bad apples slipped through in the past and nothing has changed here consistently to show there has been any positive change, in fact I'd say the moderation has only gotten worse. I can think of at least 2 other threads that are moderated in the same manner the mtf thread. Anyone who talked about it or called the mod out for their shit job got bans. Reminds me of the shit show that spilled over here for days on end from belles thread. Shitty moderation all around.

No. 19063

Momokun's thread in /pt/ is nothing but medfagging about her body and plastic surgery procedures and there are nowhere near as many redtexts and bans, if any.

The Belle thread deserved its bans for the extensive samefagging and mentally ill spergery. It doesn't really work as an example of shitty moderation.

No. 19065

You forgot the classic "momokun is fat, ugly, and unsexy" said 12 different times just worded slightly different. As for Belle's thread, the fact that it went on for as long as it did is where the shitty moderation comes in. Along with the slapfighting that happened here in /meta/.

No. 19066

Because it's not blogposting. It's a reply directly to the post above it.

No. 19067

The only way this wasn't handed out by a tranny-janny is if the farmhand did not even look at the context of the post. Either way they are doing a terrible job. Everyone can look at it in context seen in >>19056 and realize how it was meant and that it wasn't a blogpost.

Whoever handed out this ban should have their fucking ban history looked at by admin. I will bet my ass that almost all of their bans will be ridiculously strict bans like this in the mtf thread. BIG THINK.

No. 19068

Onion's thread needs a huge cleanup. There's a ton of derailing and infighting going on like it's the anti-o thread. Hard to find the milk in all the "Hansen betrayed the girls" shitposts.

No. 19069

Please autosage TND's thread. None of the baseless only fans discussion has any reason to be on the front page.

No. 19070

Only talking about yourself is blogposting.

No. 19071

the Nina rose bellucci thread needs to be terminated lmfao

No. 19072

If you want increased moderation you guys need to report posts more

No. 19073

I always report posts

No. 19074

Sometimes when I post on an older thread (not necro) it doesn't bump to the first page.

No. 19076

Some idiot is repeatedly posting links to tiktok and making threads in /pt/ for personal army. Redtexted as vendetta once, but still spamming threads. I've reported all I see.

No. 19077

So there is the newfag in /pt/ that posts dumb commentary and never sages. They post 2-3 threads in a row without sage and using same retard language. It's happened at least 3 times recently, and is obvious samefag bc all posts are made close together, no sage, nothing worth adding, similar typing etc.

No. 19078

Multiple people wishing Erin Painter death in her thread

No. 19079

Is it at all feasible to change gifs to being static images unless clicked on? Or non looping at least? They're usually spastic eye sores when used as thread OPs and impossible to avoid in the catalogue
(Yeah I'm looking at you new Lori thread in /w/ - sorry OP.)

No. 19080

Can the Onision thread please be autosaged or cleaned up? It's such a mess of people infighting, sperging and derailing.

No. 19081

Anon wasn't responsing on a personal level but speaking for "CIS women" who the tranny in the original post anon was replying to was making fun of for not wearing a full face of make-up every day. Maybe you don't understand nuiance or context, but most of us had no issue understanding what she meant. Blogposting is "Yes so I have PCOS myself and the doctor told me I shoudln't eat carbs, which is why I think it is stupid that lolcow is eating carbs. I already lost 10 pounds cause I don't eat carbs anymore."

Go dilate, tranny janny.

No. 19082

Yes. Turn on lite mode. It's up in the menu.

No. 19083

Yeah, there's some serious autism going on in that thread for the past few days. Admin gave a warning a few days ago and they didn't even bother to listen.

No. 19084

A lot of sperging from someone with the same writing style too. They must not get enough female attention.

No. 19085

so can we permaban the person constantly asking for a thread on their online bully or whatever? tazmah or however the fuck they're spelling it.

they keep posting links to their tiktok in /PT/ and spamming the possible cow thread.

No. 19086

What is it with the bold text sperg that keeps reappearing in the Onision thread? Sorry to call on you again jannies.

No. 19087

Was wondering the same thing, anon. I wanted to reply to them but didn't want to get caught on infighting.

No. 19088

Yeah, I replied before realizing who it was…

No. 19089

Since Tamara's not even in the "documentary" can we make her a banned topic in the Onion thread to help keep the sperg away? I know they'll just keep coming back anyway but holy shit.

No. 19090

I started noticing that sperg trying to derail back when Rag Reynolds and Onision's old forums were mentioned a few threads ago, that seemed to trigger them for some reason. Someone's upsetti spaghetti.

No. 19091

bold italics text sperg is infighting with another anon and those two are seriously shitting up the thread.

No. 19092

Fuck thank you so much anon

No. 19093

File: 1610566921291.jpg (120.46 KB, 903x793, lolcow ban 2021.01.12.jpg)

I caught a two day ban for calling out that ridiculous redtext. there were 4+ other anons who also called out tranny janny on that one post, I wonder if we're all banned

No. 19094

Yeah I was wondering about the red text. It was hardly a blog. It was just one sentence replying to a statement

No. 19095

Meta sperging outside of /meta/ is a bannable offense. There's a thread on a dedicated meta board for moderation issues and you still insist on shitting up the thread. That's why you were banned.

No. 19097

Yeah you should really use your containment board since you don't even know there already is an Azaelia thread and you can't pinpoint the origins of the banners.

No. 19099

begone newfag

No. 19100

No. 19101

File: 1610630278928.png (11.55 KB, 1810x82, lol.png)

Did you really issue me a ban for tinfoiling about a celeb IN the celeb thread right after they do something super milky (sperg on social media)? The fuck is the point of the thread then?

There is absolutely nothing against the rules in my post. I did not nitpick. I did not infight, no one had an issue with my post, yet I get a ban with the reason being "sperg". What kind of newfags are being made farmhands if that is considered sperging? We can't discuss celebs having drug issues anymore?

No. 19102

Could there be a Shiloh containment thread because then maybe the Onision thread could be about - stay with me here - Onision?

I get that their narratives cross over but that's not what's happening and the general anti-o thread seems too occupied with Billie's arsehole rn. It'd be similar to what has previously been ruled on mentioning lainey in the thread.

No. 19103

Tinfoilers are the most annoying posters by far. Tinfoil is always bannable. What gives you the idea anyone wants to hear your half-baked theories? Not every rambling thought you have is worth publishing online. Fucking narcissists thinking people like smelling their brain-farts.

No. 19104

They have a containment thread for that, it's the anti-o thread. Most of Onion's thread now is just about Shiloh and Hansen how they "did the girls wrong". The documentary is about Greg and his doormat but the thread has barely mentioned them in days.

No. 19105

Anons are so obsessed with getting Erin to self-post in her own thread. It's weird as fuck. Mods desperately needed in the Erin thread, it's turned into 80% tinfoil with no real milk

No. 19106

>Meta sperging outside of /meta/ is a bannable offense.
so be it then but am I just dumb or is this not in the rules anywhere? All other bannable offenses are listed. I see anons comment on redtexts in-thread frequently on /snow/ and it never seemed to be an issue before. I'll keep my tranny janny sperging to /meta/ moving forward

No. 19107

Holly Conrad's fans on twitter are planning to come "troll" /snow/ as seen in the thread

No. 19108

File: 1610661778323.jpg (80.96 KB, 765x224, Screenshot_20210115-090108_Chr…)

You're dumb, picrel.

No. 19110

none of those things are meta sperging

No. 19112

I'm super dumb then, I got confused with tinfoiling discussion, but rule 6 in the global rules does say no disrupting or derailing

No. 19114

More of a question than a complaint, but is there any reason why >>>/m/84480 was locked?

No. 19115

Samefag, mobile won’t let me edit my post but I meant >>>/g/84480

No. 19116

probably because is like ED bait lol

No. 19117

suggestion: add "y'all" as a redtext like victim and abusive are. it would allow me scroll past posts from twitterfags/pull users without reading their retarded posts

No. 19118

>inb4 the southerners come in to yell at you

No. 19119

Their posts should be ignored too.

No. 19120

can we bring back the PP threads please

No. 19121

Reign in your fucking tranny janny, we are all sick of it. Whatever mod is responsible for the bullshit bans in mtf needs to go.

we have complained about this issue like 500 times in meta and nothing is done. The moderation on this site is god-awful. Scrotes run wild in June's, Belle's and the VTuber thread, but actual women get banned for the most stupid bullshit reasons.

I like this site because it's the only place free of scrotes who constantly thirstpost and bring their porn everywhere. It's nice to talk to other women who are internet weirdos. But you are making this place miserable by giving trannies positions of power over us.

No. 19122

File: 1610707977012.png (244.18 KB, 640x1136, 45D384E5-FA83-41C8-81C5-D691A3…)

Why are mods banning people for posts that are not there’s? I didn’t even write this 2 year old post that I just got banned for. Tranny Janny has lost their marbles.

No. 19124

File: 1610708521619.jpeg (283.42 KB, 640x993, 974FB6CE-ADAE-45BD-B7C4-23994C…)

They jus banned me for a post I didn’t even make, right after I posted on the mtf thread and said something about PP.

No. 19125

We heard you the first time, ma'am.

No. 19126

Tranny janny and the sperging surrounding the arbitrary bans in the MTF thread is making it unreadable. while anons should to keep GC sperging in the appropriate thread, seems like a lot of the bans have nothing to do with GC comments. Banning women for mentioning that they’re gay ITT is retarded.

No. 19127

This is probably an issue with either being on mobile or using a VPN. The IP you are assigned has been banned in 2018. It has nothing to do with you.

No. 19128

>literally says in the screenshot that your ban was filed in november 2018
>just got banned for it
GCshitters can't be this retarded can they

No. 19129

Extreme newfaggotry. You're ISP is EE (you're supposed to hide your IP dumbfuck) and EE uses dynamic IPs.

No. 19130

File: 1610720442976.png (463.79 KB, 919x2721, Gene.png)

Just to confirm with jannies, this fucking loser has more sock accounts than Onision.


No. 19131

samgefag. Wrong thread lol.


No. 19132

GC is not the only site rule? The mtf thread shouldn't be exempt from normal site rules, stop asking for special treatment and creating unhinged conspiracies about you being persecuted by the mythopoetic tranny janny when you don't get it. No one cares if you're gay in a cow thread. Post about it in /ot/.

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