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File: 1579132431974.jpg (69.94 KB, 650x559, In_6e23b2_5563189.jpg)

No. 78679

Lets talk about the worst cosplay communities/fandoms/trends in general outside of just the specific costhots and costhotery. Every few months a new insufferable fandom or trend pops up and overtakes the cosplay landscape — let’s talk about some of the ongoing ones.

Some current fandom examples would be:
>Steven Universe
>The Adventure Zone

and current trend examples like:
>TikTok/Roleplay Accounts
>Photoshop Closet Cosplay
>Instagram ebegging/Ko-Fi/Amazon wishlists
>Fake freckles, fake tooth gap, fake stipple sponge facial hair

…or whatever else you find insufferable about the current landscape outside of patreon/costhots/egirls. The numerous previous contenders are far too long to list, but you know the ones. If the phrase “unsealed bodypaint” sends a chill down your spine, then you may qualify for veterans benefits.
>Costhots Thread (for specific cosplayers): >>33300

No. 78681

The nostalgia from that image holy shit

No. 78682

File: 1579133820951.jpg (1.03 MB, 2424x3636, taako2.jpg)

I'll kick us off with TAZ cosplayers. I genuinely enjoy TAZ (Balance and ongoing), but these fucking cosplayers man. Every Taako cosplayer is just a women roleplaying a gay male who dresses like a slutty woman with a painted on gap in their teeth. It's just an ongoing competition to see who can glue the most amount of tchotchkes to themselves and call it "headcanon uwu". There's not a single one that isn't a massive eyesore.

No. 78683

File: 1579134197743.jpg (105.16 KB, 500x667, papasmurf.jpg)

I mean….has there ever been a better image? This was my alternative, but I thought it was maybe too specific.

No. 78689

mfw one of my oldest con friends took OP photo

No. 78691

and you lived to tell the tale? have you seen some real shit anon? Pretty sure none of us would ever say no to some Homestuck horror tales of yore if you've got them.

No. 78692

Is this thread open to general comic and anime convention cringe? I have a few personal stories to share.

No. 78696

I'd say so, /cgl/ used to overflow with that kind of cringe/horror story milk, it was always some of the best milk imo.

No. 78698

God yes, can we please talk about this TikTok shit. I feel so much second had embarrassment I don’t know how people can unironically film themselves doing that and put that shit on the internet. Wish I had a great example to post here but every single one of them is so cringe I can't think of a good one off the top of my head.

No. 78727

Is that where cosplayer fujoshits ran to after the whole tumblr deadening? I swear I see some kind of 'tiktok cringe' with a TIF cosplaying a yaoi character (he/his uwu), bobbing her head up and down to earbleed music while making really unflattering faces, almost every day now.

No. 78781

I can't stand it. I don't know if I'm just too old to see the appeal or what but all the videos are cringy to me. It's even worse because a lot of cosplayers that I know IRL have hopped on the bandwagon. I just can't see how an app that seems to be made for teenagers can be fun for anyone in their 20s

No. 78782

File: 1579215041716.jpg (40.29 KB, 500x534, 888.jpg)

Yeah probably. The ones that always show up in my little…search page area on instagram are those and then the "girls who want costhot money without showing their tits" or "girls who think they deserve to be paid for their quirky personalities". Either way they gotta have a linktree so you can find their ko-fi AND their amazon wishlist

>It's even worse because a lot of cosplayers that I know IRL have hopped on the bandwagon. I just can't see how an app that seems to be made for teenagers can be fun for anyone in their 20s
This. When I see dumb egirls and teens doing it I can at least brush it off as "eh, I don't get it but it must not be for me to get". But when I see my cosplay friends doing it (all of them >20, some of them now in their 30s) I feel so uncomfortable. That always makes me feel like "am I uptight for thinking this shit is stupid and embarrassing as hell?"

No. 78783

File: 1579215919253.jpg (717.58 KB, 1078x1566, Screenshot_20200116-180230_Ins…)

Is slutting up kids characters a known cringe? Because I hate this. It's worse when its costhots who sell sex turn around to do kid cosplays.

No. 78784

Is this a man

No. 78788

File: 1579217033355.png (Spoiler Image,1.25 MB, 1050x704, sdfsdf.png)

Jesus. I'm having Bleedman flashbacks.

But yes, seconding this. I just don't get it. Slutty characters….whatever, we're used to it at this point. Slutty kids characters (who are canonically kids themselves)? Why? Have they run out of pre-existing characters to wear a bikini in? There's 807 pokemon, surely there's some slutty versions they could do there before going for kids instead.

No. 78804

It's really gross and reeks of pedophilia, IMO aging up characters who are supposed to be children is perhaps not as bad as wanting to fuck them at their actual age, but very very close. You're literally looking at a child and saying "DAMN. NOW I WISH THAT CHILD WAS SEXY AND TOTALLY OKAY FOR ME TO WANT TO FUCK/WANT TO MAKE PEOPLE (not) WANT TO FUCK ME."

Anyway, the obvious Homestuck and the like, the ones you listed, but I also think Hazbin is slowly becoming one of the worst for current day. The show is god awful and it's literally "What if Family Guy had "Attractive" characters that pander to people who still shop at Hot Topic." I went to a con this past weekend and there was just so many, all acting embarrassing. To be fair it may be my hatred of the series and the creator, but the cosplayers were acting pretty bad.

No. 78806


oh I was never into Homestuck so never experienced any of it first hand but they were in deep and was one of the "big name" fans for a while iirc. Also met one of the roommates of the infamous sharpie bath person.

No. 78809

What the hell was the sharpie bath incident?

No. 78811

In Homestuck, there's a race called "trolls" and they have grey skin. Basically, a cosplayer at a hotel room during a convention tried make a bath of sharpie markers and alcohol, attempting to dye her skin grey for the cosplay. It ended up fucking up the tub (she had to pay around $700 in damage fees) and she got skin poisoning from it.

No. 78813

One more reason to hate Hazbin hotel I swear

No. 78814

I mean if they’re not hurting anyone or doing anything problematic, just scroll past them? Getting upset over people having fun is just as cringe as the videos themselves.

No. 78817

Oh I know that story it was for anime expo and is hysterical. But the gist is complete weeaboo hambeast is rooming with a group that don't know her well cause money. She is a piece of work and saturday she demands to use bathroom to put on her troll makeup and is in there for 2 hours before they barge in and see her fat ass sitting in the tub naked trying to dye her skin. Funnily enough that's the second known Homestuck ruining shit at a hotel story I know of. Second one is homestuckers ruining a jacuzzi at katsucon with the grey paint. I think the year the gaylord booked it and that jewish youth conference at the same time.

No. 78827

File: 1579237833318.jpg (16.13 KB, 500x281, 69jjdzbzs7mz.jpg)

This feels like a helpful warning. I'd never heard of Hazbin but after googling it I've definitely seen the characters start to creep around on insta, I just didn't know/care enough to know what they were. To be fair though, if I see any sleazy looking male character in a tails suit and a top hat walking towards me? Nope, I don't trust like that. I lived through the hell that was SuperJail AND the Onceler, you're telling me you're throwing bodypaint in on top of that? Nah I'm callin tha police.

GOD this was a classic, a legendary tale. Anyone remember what year that was? Man I miss those types of con horror stories. I always think of the notorious "spitting in a bucket" video. It's no wonder those are the people who went on to make other fandoms unbearable too. Undertale (for obvious reasons) and TAZ. I remember Homestuckers sperging out comparing TAZ to Homestuck and McElroys had to be like "Hey thanks I guess uhhh we literally don't know what that is"

Found the TikTok-er.

No. 78830

I have more homestuck tales cause I'm in Boston and Hussie was from here so our neck of the woods had some wild bullshit. They got cosplay meets banned in the Prudential mall because they would trash the food court/get grey paint everywhere. Often too retarded to leave props at home so there was a fair amount of regular shoppers getting whacked. And because of these fucks Anime Boston went 2 fucking years without allowing cosplayers to walk through the mall to get to the con floor despite the main entrance being attached.

No. 78840

What is it about homestuck specifically that attracted autism in such great numbers
I think I was like 14-15 when I was into it and I never even read it just read wiki articles to keep up with my friends

No. 78850

>notorious "spitting in a bucket" video
that sounds horribly disgusting, anon. what's the story behind it?

no one's upset, it's just embarrassing as hell; that's the kind of fun you grow out of when you're an adult. hopping around on an app for kids when you're in your 30's is shameful at best.

No. 78881

File: 1579279572532.jpeg (126.17 KB, 812x985, E417AA79-5583-4B10-B10D-7467E9…)

In terms of cosplay trends that just feel very pandering and “gotta be the FIRST! gotta jump on that bandwagon asap or else I won’t get MAX attention!”….Hannah Alexander? I don’t even dislike her designs per se, but I think they can look very busy/clunky on real bodies when people actually cosplay them, especially if you’re not the perfectly tall/slender figure she draws. (pic related)

It feels reminiscent of the post costhot “what if every children’s character had every single inch of their body covered in worbla armour except for their midriff and giant titties up to their neck” trend, except “what if every children’s character had a flower crowns and an ombre dress and ruffles and strings of beads and worbla armor on top of that”

Though I suppose at the very least this is one tiddie cosplayers can’t actually do, and there’s a slight gate keeping built in because you can’t necessarily just buy it off of taobo or cover any sins with armor or tits.

No. 78884

File: 1579280527100.jpeg (53.26 KB, 413x550, 99617082-8300-4499-A79C-7BA3A2…)

Also on the “only drawing perfectly tall slender women uwu” she clearly bills herself/her art as “art nouveau” but Alphonse Mucha (essentially the father of the art nouveau style) almost never drew idealized perfectly slim tall beautiful women standing perfectly straight forward in one pose. His women always had double chins and were in dynamic poses that showed movement and life.

To be fair though, I think that’s a point most modern “art nouveau” artists miss when they’re pandering to nerd culture to sell prints and cosplays of people’s perfect waifus. They just see the flower crowns and the fun backgrounds.

sage for….art critique?

No. 78885

Well if you read the 'comic' I use the word lightly it was chock full of autistic shit and 'quirky' youth stuff. Hussie has since gone on to be an autistic fuck on instagram. Plus all the trolls had their own unique 'leetspeak' on how they spoke so that of course attracted all sorts of autism. I had a friend who was so into it she'd actually type like this in group chat "h3ll0 1 4m 7r0ll"

No. 78886

File: 1579282779932.png (1.21 MB, 747x748, Untitled.png)

I can't stand this trend right now. She's a fine artist, but as a designer, all of her stuff is either too busy, or too visually similar to one another.

No. 78894

File: 1579286266327.jpeg (155.4 KB, 800x1200, E3EEBD79-19A2-4ABD-907E-424CA8…)

Glad I’m not the only one. Ugh these are all so awful and busy, especially those She-Ra ones. Also what the fuck is that like….business slacks Elsa? It’s like she tried to draw like “thicc Elsa” but then gave her the worst designs and still made the “skinny flower crown uwu” version the only one that would possibly work.

I mean I guess if it ain’t broke (to her) don’t fix it, people race to be the first one to do her new designs. I think the best example of her “throw an empire waist and some gradient and a flower crown and beads and ruffles” not working is her Sophie Hatter design. I mean I get that the character is like “a grandma” figure but giant poofy sleeves and gaudy costume jewelry all the way up to your neck and a giant gaudy mismatched hat LITERALLY looks like something you’d see a church grandma wear because she made it herself in the 80’s. Might as well throw some glitter puff paint on there too while you’re at it. Surprisingly multiple people have done this design? I think because it’s honestly one of her easier ones and if you don’t have at least one Hannah Alexander cosplay on your resume how can you ever expect to get insta famous?

No. 78895

Her disney and Final Fantasy ones in real life are god awful. Even the most well put together seamster wise look like kids playing dressup with grandma's old clothing. I think because she can't base them around random time period pieces. Since Disney mixes theirs and FF is just a mash up of clothing. So she just throws up random styles that to her are aesthetically pleasing but on a real scale look dreadful.
The problem with this design is the train and shorter skirt bottom it clashes badly with the top. It's not god awful in terms of style but it misses that particular victorian way of styling. It'd be floor length dress with added layers. It's my biggest gripe with her designs really. This just looks like a weird mashup of an 80s prom dress.

No. 78898

File: 1579291153700.jpeg (137.69 KB, 1080x1080, 320D7D7E-55F2-447C-BC11-AE22C1…)

The original design is slightly less offensive, but only slightly. It’s again the issue with all of her designs where they seem reminiscent of someone who learned anatomy from Sailor Moon where the legs and waist are about 3x as long as the torso. It just doesn’t scale to actual human dimensions at all.

No. 78899

This is just strange for the character because Sophie is known as preferring more plain clothes and her character involves becoming more confident through physically becoming more plain through the aging curse. This design looks like Elsa.

No. 78902

File: 1579292285116.png (1.01 MB, 1080x1037, Screenshot_20200117-141427(1).…)

She has no idea about how clothes work at all. Like she can post photos from all the runway outfits she's referencing or taking inspiration from, but it's literally a hodgepodge of unrealistic expectations for them to be replicated on an actual person and to look as accurate as she designs it.

No. 78913

(Different anon) Here's the video, watch with caution. Basically a bunch of cringy teens in bad cosplays all collectively spit in a bucket in busy restaurant. Iirc, spitting in a bucket in homestuck had something to do with having sex or something for trolls so that's the joke?? I could be wrong but I really don't want to confirm myself. I remember seeing this video when it first surfaced and everyone was talking about it at my local con.

No. 78924

Yea a problem she has is her misunderstanding of the art style itself. She's making it busy for the sake of looking busy. Which when translated to fabric just looks cumbersome. I think the worst offenders is her Sailor Moon one here in >>78886 Even as a drawing that looks atrocious

No. 78928

File: 1579304737682.png (1.38 MB, 844x1196, Sakizo.png)

Bouncing off the idea of Hannah Alexander to share my similar pet peeve, which is Sakizo designs. They're busy, they're ugly, and they're an excuse for cosplayers to look impressive despite the actual craftmanship of the costume because they can hide their flaws under beads and ruffles.

No. 78930

that's how they reproduce

No. 78935

I agree. Sakizou designs are a visual clusterfuck in 2D and a hot frilly mess irl.

They make people look…. unhinged? Idk how to explain it but they give me crazy cat lady vibes when worn by real people.

No. 78942

I remember my friend trying to get me back into Homestuck back in 2009 or something. I also read wikis, but never the 'comics.' I remember it being huge on tumblr and at cons. I hated when homestuck cosplayers wouldnt seal their paint and bleed everywhere. I also remember when they would cross over into other fandoms and people hated it.

No. 78943

File: 1579315054112.jpeg (753.79 KB, 828x817, FB356736-4E6B-4768-BC16-00A825…)

I like a lot of Sakizo’s illustrations but quite frankly none of them translate well to real clothes. The only good (technique-wise) Sakizo cosplay I’ve ever seen is December Wynn’s East Witch but the design makes her look stumpy.

No. 78944

File: 1579315307188.jpg (37.5 KB, 474x585, classicsophie.jpg)

This looks so bad! It's beautifully made, but if this is supposed to be Sophie from Howl's moving castle, i think it makes zero sense. I like when cosplayers who do Link or Sophie use realistic materials instead of this mess. It just screams 'PLEASE NOTICE ME' cosplayers who attend Katsucon.

No. 78951

I feel like she never meant them to be literal clothing designs in the beginning, just art, and then people started cosplaying them and she realized she could make money because the only way to get back views and stuff is through her patreon.
Very few of them translate well to real life, and I don't think a lot of people realize this. Even if it's made by an incredibly skilled seamstress, it's not going to look good unless the person wearing it is the size of a literal runway model (very tall and thin).

No. 78956

It's funny how for a long time she drew stereotypical "slim" designs when she started pumping out this Mucha style, then became woke and pandered to the plus size cosplay community when called out on why she doesn't draw more "realistic" bodies once more people started cosplaying as her fanart.

After that she made it about herself and how she wanted to embrace her own body image so she now designs a trio that suits "everyone". Everything about her art is cluttered, same face and cliche. Mucha knew what he was doing, Hannah has no clue, is a fanart sellout and seeing it everywhere on Instagram is a mess.

No. 78958

File: 1579320636789.jpg (90.43 KB, 550x550, u-g-F9000R0.jpg)

Right, but like >>78884 said Mucha was never really about slim perfect women anyways, his were always a lil lumpy and a lil pudgy so she never knew what she was doing to begin with. Bitches just be putting flower crowns on everything and calling it art nouveau. Mucha design-wise was even very minimalist with bulk of the outfits with accessories and the background as the more prominent design features. Literally nothing about her art is Mucha style.

No. 78961

This is “lord of the rings” inspired OC has she never seen Mucha before?

No. 78993

Design wise, I think it works better the Hannah's designs. But a bunch don't translate well IRL.

No. 78997

File: 1579367829849.jpeg (649.6 KB, 929x1847, 1ADADF03-BAD0-4796-9781-CC647C…)

It’s too bad because it basically HAS to be made by a talented seamstress. I’ve never actually seen a HA cosplay that looked poorly constructed or poorly executed (though I’m sure they exist) just poorly designed. It’s now the cosplay equivalent of “look look see! look how good I am!!”

Well, she churns them out so quickly and for so many characters there’s no way she’s actually a fan or has done the research on all the characters she does.
I mean, the only thing worse than her female designs are her male designs. This doesn’t even seem like the correct shade of green for Link, it’s way too cool/blue? How do you fuck THAT up?

No. 78998

File: 1579367960180.jpeg (116.89 KB, 1080x969, 864D0EBA-4C75-419E-BC0D-0BF6A9…)

Her Howls are just a disaster. Should’ve just skipped HMC all together, but she’s gotta get ALL those ghibli bucks!

No. 79026

I see so many cosplayers take Sakizo's designs way too literally instead of scaling things for irl as well. For example, if a character has some really huge gems stuck to their sleeve, cosplayers will cast huge resin gems instead of scaling the gem down.

Holy fuck these are ugly even by HA standards.

No. 79028

File: 1579397170621.jpg (89.02 KB, 621x960, 22467325_2027026447311421_2641…)


Not to make this a VS thing, but I have always appreciated Sunsetdragon's stuff more, because it seems she actually gives a shit/thinks about the characters first? So not everything is the same damn dress over and over and over.

She still needs editing, but I think cause there are so many different choices/clothes you have a beter chance of making a costume that translates well.

Like this is

No. 79035

File: 1579398376026.png (850.32 KB, 960x623, sunsetdragon.png)

>because it seems she actually gives a shit/thinks about the characters first?
are you sure? because I didn't think it would be possible to design something worse than >>78898 for Sophie Hatter, but she appears to have done it. Is this a self-post?

Who is this even supposed to be?

No. 79041


I honestly hate their designs. Not only are they usually ugly, their art is just so 2000 anime. They claim to be cosplay accessible but i have yet to see a design that could be cosplayed competently.

No. 79053


Touche I hadn't seen this sophie outfit and its…ugly. I mainly was only familiar with their disney stuff.

No. 79057

File: 1579411574919.png (3.08 MB, 1182x1178, Screen Shot 2020-01-18 at 9.25…)

Imo all of the artists that jumped on this overdesigned, overbedazzled design trend are just trying too hard to outdo each other. Dessi Desu's art is worse than Sunsetdragon and Hannah Alexander's imo because her art is so stiff and her designs have WAY too many things slapped on in addition to horrible silhouettes.

No. 79062

Ok, without all the flowers and shit and the trains, I could see these actually working as clothing designs in a high fashion kind of way. But ya, the overdone detailing and unnecessary trains ruin it.

No. 79063

Unpopular opinion but disney cosplays aren't "cosplays," they're dress-up.

No. 79069

those Naruto shoes tho why

No. 79072

Why would they be dress up and not cosplay? Though I'm confused what you mean by dress up in the first place; it's a pretty vague term. They're wearing costumes of fictional characters either way.

How do they get these designs from? It's absolutely nothing like the original character. For one thing even the makeup is wrong for Sophie. The only thing remotely like her is maybe the hat.

No. 79141

Uhm…Cosplay is just a abbreviation of costume play anon. Cosplay is literally dress up

No. 79210

File: 1579497832350.png (348.12 KB, 1046x759, Screen Shot 3.png)

Found the Disney cosplayer I guess.

ntayrt but I get what they're saying here. Cosplay is (or used to be at least) more associated with technical skill (making everything from head to toe) than the actual "wearing" of it. There's a difference between that and being butthurt you weren't good enough to be a face character at Disney and buying only enough of a costume to fit inside your TikTok video for your insta followers. Disney draws that particular crowd more so because you don't have to have actually gone through the trials and tribulations of being nerd to do it or have any specialized interests (outside of getting your ass kissed). Literally everyone born in the last 50 years has seen a Disney movie and knows the characters. Also Disney literally has it's own genre of "dress-up"…..called Disneybounding. I think of it this way:
>Cosplay: hours/weeks/months of work → couple hours of wear time at a con and/or pics
>Dress-Up: 10 minutes of buying it online → hours/weeks/months of wear time on the internet and running around at conventions roleplaying as the character all day because everyone NEEDS to know how smart/funny/pretty you are

(or at least that's what I interpreted from op's post. There was a somewhat similar discussion going on in the Costhots thread before this one existed)

No. 79216

It's still dress-up, just different words for it. What did the mouse do to you to feel so bitter? Did a bunch of Elsas bully you at a convention?

While I agree that a small margin of disney "cosplayers" fit your description fairly well, it's definitely a small minority and a huge amount of cosplayers still put just as time and effort into their costumes to make them look as screen accurate as possible just like any anime or video game or superhero comic cosplayer does. They just gain more popularity because every movie and cartoon is so universally known by everyone that it's super recognizable unlike generic seasonal anime xyz.

What, by your definition, is cosplay in the first place and what other things are excluded from it in your humble opinion?

No. 79219

found the disney cosplayer lmao

No. 79246

Ntayrt but sorry that your weird opinion on Disney cosplays is wrong

No. 79254

I don't own any disney cosplay in the first place and I doubt the other anon you've tagged has any either, your opinion is just shit, boo.

No. 79261

File: 1579536206107.jpeg (301.15 KB, 750x1115, BB6BF590-53C5-4D79-A749-84BF8B…)

This cosplayer popped up on my insta recommended and I immediately clicked on her because I was so taken aback by how shitty her wigs clearly were even in the previews. How could you possibly fuck up this bad? With one of the most popular anime characters? In the year 2020 looking like this? There’s no excuse for this you can just buy a less fucked up wig on Amazon sis. She has >67k followers??

…my opinion that those anons are Disney cosplayers because no one else would ever get so immediately butthurt about Disney cosplay getting called out for being attention-whoring? I’m not either of the anons that posted the dress up accusations, so I don’t know why you’re both replying to me.

No. 79266

Seriously, like every Disney cosplayer I've met is an enormous attention whore and only doing the cosplays in order to be recognized and ogled at by as many people as possible because Disney properties are mainstream and requires almost zero investment because it's a fucking kids' movie with a 70 minute runtime you probably saw as a child already. If they gain the slightest amount of recognition they start going on long awkward spiels how much this character ~means to them~ when you know it's all calculated sap to rope in all the autistic adult Disney children. Very often they fall into the "failed actor/dressmaker trying to get in the industry" category.

Excuse my spergout but I needed to get that out of my system. Fuck Disney cosplayers, and fuck MCU cosplayers. They're the same sort of garbage.

No. 79272

god. This. Someone said it. I've judged my fair share of competitions and at every one of them you always get at least one Sakizou cosplayer who's smug as shit about their work, despite the fact that it doesn't resemble the reference picture at all and everything's droopy and half-assed. The original design is so busy and filled with ruffles, beads, sequins etc to the point it'll look impressive to every mid-tier cosplayer without a trained eye no matter how hard you fuck it up. I'm just sick of people using Sakizou designs as some sort of a knock-out trump card at competitions, they're always the type to be extremely assblasted when they don't place with their hot mess of a costume too.

I don't get the point of these redesigns. They're unrecognizable, ugly and I don't understand why people WANT to make cosplays of these. They could work as original character designs but if I saw someone walking around in that Elsa outfit I would guess it's some sort of an anthropomorphized Statue of Liberty.

No. 79292

File: 1579553346075.png (6.82 MB, 2766x1764, 343485.png)

>Did a bunch of Elsas bully you at a convention?
Yeah, they've been bullying all of our eyes with this shit for years. Have you been in a coma? Sorry no one's interested in kissing your ass here, I'm sure your Elsa cosplays are all totally epic and unique.

>If they gain the slightest amount of recognition they start going on long awkward spiels how much this character ~means to them~
>Very often they fall into the "failed actor/dressmaker trying to get in the industry" category.
Exactly this. Fuck off with any notion that they're doing it for anything other than as much attention as they can possibly get because they failed at their dream of being a face character, as if Anna Faith didn't literally write her own entire wikipedia page about how she's famous for being the #1 hottest best ever most humble one and only Elsa who HAD to get her tits done because she was being bullied.

I mean honestly, I'd love to see the numbers on how many Disney cosplayers actually enter/place in competitions vs how many "EPIC ELSA COSPLAY" articles there are. Or how many Disney cosplayers just HAVE to do photoshoots in the parks near conventions so they can blather on about "omg I was mobbed by children in the park it was soooo crazy I just HAD to take SO many pictures with people I couldn't take a single step without someone asking for a picture!! sooo annoying lol uwu"

No. 79293

Could you same fag any harder? No one cares Disney cosplayers exist except your frumpy ass. This isn't even a cringe nitpick it's being a butthurt little faggot with the most autistic opinion ever.

No. 79295

Well, in terms of cringe trends…. I kinda see that.

Disney cosplayers DO have a tendency to market on one character versus the multiple costumes cosplayers usually make. Plus, they're usually always store bought costumes and they go to different places AS that character to get varying photos.

I can see it being a cringe trends but they're still cosplayers. Maybe it's more like claiming one character as their "spirit animal" or whatever is the real issue.

They also usually hate on other cosplayers doing the same character. But I dont see this just as Disney cosplayer sins. I've seen this from MCU, Steven Universe and any super popular anime that lasts longer than a year.

No. 79304

File: 1579567066313.jpeg (532.54 KB, 2000x2000, A7D97C76-9D14-4B1C-860D-D1CA4F…)

Ok, well I’m 2 of of those you tagged, and I’m sorry you’re having a literal temper tantrum because I implied you were a Disney cosplayer. It’s odd that someone who claims “No one cares Disney cosplayers exist” is having a full blown meltdown at the mere implication of being called one and some mild critique of a children’s cartoon genre. You seem like you’re too paranoid to notice that there’s very clearly multiple different people here who share that same opinion, and you’re only proving us right that Disneyfags are the most embarrassing and cringey of all.

>your frumpy ass

>a butthurt little faggot
You’re having this reaction because a stranger on the internet said the phrase “dress-up”. Like, maybe if you take a nap and have some Juicy Juice and put on one of your beloved children’s movies with the bright colors you’ll feel better? It’s just not that deep, fam.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 79314

The only one here who needs to fuck off is you sperging out over this autistic shit. Disney cosplayers are no cringier than anyone else. You just want validation for your hate boner, you're not even bringing anything worthwhile just bitching about Elsa articles. Sorry they beat you in competitions but maybe you just suck anon.

No. 79343

File: 1579590203544.jpg (33.98 KB, 540x473, lolcow.jpg)

Holy fuck I've never seen autism like this before. Who are you even talking to? I'm one of the other anons you've tagged, just because your feelings are hurt doesn't mean we're all samefag. If Disney cosplayers are no cringier than anyone else then why won't you shut the fuck up about it itt? Seriously, just go to another thread if you don't want to hear about how we don't like you? No one is forcing you to stay here but you? You derailing the entire thread by shitting your Disney princess pull-ups™ here because you can't handle not being praised 24/7 isn't convincing us otherwise.

>You just want validation for your hate boner, you're not even bringing anything worthwhile just bitching about Elsa articles.

It's almost as if…..multiple people have brought up the same specific completely valid complaints, explaining in depth why Disney cosplayers are annoying as fuck, but you can't read?
You know Walt is dead right? You can't actually fuck him?

No. 79350

>t. a butthurt disney cosplayer who feels called out
Imagine being this defensive over someone thinking your disney princess larp is autistic

No. 79355

Who remembers the convention hell that was being near Hetalia cosplayers?

No. 79359

Nothing will ever be as infamous as that one photo of the nazi hetalia cosplayers at a holocaust memorial. Thankfully the fandom is dead now, I can't imagine how bad it would be if it was still active today.

No. 79361

People literally talking about Homestuck and Hetalia in this thread reminds me of that one anon who said that the people posting to /cgl/ drama threads are the people who haven't visited a convention since 2011 or newfags who only heard about this stuff recently and keep on going about troll bodypaint and nazi hetalias from 10 years ago. You people need to up your game and get back in the loop, the current cancer are the people online, namely Tiktok cosplayers.

No. 79370

A wHAT now? Please share all these awful photos, i've never really seen historic cosplay tragic photos outside my home country

No. 79374

File: 1579624775231.jpg (87.91 KB, 944x433, ELaWs03WoAA83In.jpg)

Just learned about it a few months ago when people on twitter decided to relive that moment. Hetalia cosplayers here in Germany are cringe and still haven't died out but at LEAST we have no documentation of something as absolutely retarded as this (mainly because you'd actually get legal repercussions from doing a Hitler salute, especially in front of a holocaust memorial).

No. 79378

This thread is a mess post shit that isn't from 10 years ago and stop crying over disney cosplay

No. 79379

But by your logic, why isn't disney cosplay acceptable if it's recent?

Sage your bullshit. There's nothing wrong with talking about the early con shit- literally a treasure trove of cringe.

Not sure why you're so upset? Is it because it reminds you of your own cosplays?

No. 79383

NTA but it's boring because literally everyone else here has already discussed autistic hetalia/homestuck fans to death back in 2010 and it's the equivalent of a 12-year old finding out about Pedo Bear and thinking it's the most hilarious le ebic meme ever. That synagogue photo and the bodypaint chair photo have resurfaced every year and each time someone thinks they're super slick and fresh for commenting on it and the first one to realize that pointing a gun at a synagogue is not acceptable.

No. 79384

Can we please set rules. Between the autistic sperging about Disney cosplayers with no actual cringe besides the I hate them REEEEE and non contribute whining about past cringe this thread is going to shit fast

No. 79393

Just some ideas because otherwise this thread will be an all out sperg session.

>dont try to define cosplay and infight about what cosplay is and isnt [we know what cosplay is, dont be autistic about specifics or that properties from Japan are the only thing thats considered cosplay]

>nitpicking who wears what unless its racial like blackfacing a cosplay [dont derail into race baiting though]
>no political
>nitpicking cosplayer's looks compared to the actual character [pointing out inaccuracies about the cosplay itself, not the body its on is fine]
>no vendettas(minimod)

No. 79394

>dont nitpick about what you think is and isn't allowed to be cosplayed just because you don't think people of certain ages, race, sizes should or shouldn't cosplay certain things [it makes you sound like a fucking moron, ie: disney cosplays because you tinfoil everyone just wants attention vs actually liking a character like any other reason a lot of people cosplay something]

No. 79395

>t. the butthurt Disney cosplayer

No. 79396

I just popped into the thread, anon, and seeing the spergfest that is people saying Disney isn't a real cosplay or shouldn't be is fucking stupid and nitpciking as all hell. Go find a Facebook group to bitch about specific cosplays you don't think should 'be allowed' because you sound autsitic as fuck.

No. 79399

People are saying that Disney cosplayers are attention-hungry, failed theatre kids trying to milk the normies. It's a pretty legitimate point. Unless you're as described, stop taking it so personally. The image here >>79292 is a pretty good example of how cringe-infested they are.

No. 79401

And you guys want to keep dragging it on. We get it. You think a good majority are and probably they are, but its nitpicking and derailing to just keep mentioning it and confirming with each other post after post. Just post the photos and captions about when they act like it. You're just going in circles. Its like every post in the Moo thread confirming with each other she is fat. We know. We get it. Why keep repeating it. Just post the milk. Besides, who cares if someone makes those cosplays their staples and every cosplayer is a failed drama kid. Its just nitpicking to have something to fill the thread.

No. 79405

Agreed, It's not even cringe posting it's just vedetta whining with nothing to show for it. I wanna hear the cringe not your personal dislike for a certain cosplay group.The girl who went viral for 'resembling' Elsa and immediately getting a boob job and playing her at rich parties that's cringe not bitching about them existing.

No. 79415

Honestly they don't deserve their faces blurred out. Every time I see this it pisses me off. A lot of kids growing up that liked German culture or a German character always had this weird obsession with Nazis and sieg heiling here. Like the German club would storm in a room marching and the vice president would order them around in German I'm not kidding. They sieg heiled too.

There's so many dope things about German culture & yet these people only care about the Nazis. You can like the character Germany without being a neo-nazi. But it seems like with a lot of cringe cosplayers who obsess over one character , they have to make it seem like the character has done no wrong. Like they see themselves in that character and thus don't allow critical commentary.

No. 79427

File: 1579660409997.png (73.62 KB, 680x325, jared19neverlearnedtoread.png)

>Agreed, It's not even cringe posting it's just vedetta whining with nothing to show for it.
Stop blatantly samefagging, you’re being willfully obtuse. Closing your eyes and kicking and screaming every time someone has an opinion you don’t like or provides milk you don’t want to see isn’t the same as “not even bringing anything worthwhile” or having “nothing to show for it”. It’s no one’s job here to spoonfeed you the posts that are right in front of you. It's literally not vendetta posting because we're not talking about any one specific cosplayer, here is the definition of vendetta from the rules since you don't seem to understand:
>Do not post about someone who doesn't have any drama simply because you personally dislike them. (vendetta posting)
Who is the "someone” we're supposedly attacking here? Walter Elias Disney? Bob Iger? Elsa? I know you're not gonna wanna hear this but she's not real? You taking it extremely personally still doesn't count as a vendetta.

>I wanna hear the cringe not your personal dislike for a certain cosplay group.

Then why the fuck did you come to a thread specifically dedicated to talking about personal dislikes of groups of cosplayers? According to you we can't talk about groups of cosplayers in a general sense because that too personal, and we can't so much as reference any one cosplayer even if they're blatantly cringey or contributing to the cringe of an entire group because that's a vendetta somehow, and we can't have opinions that aren't explicitly yours because that's nitpicking. What the fuck are we supposed to talk about then?

How about instead of coming into a thread and derailing it with whining and mini-modding because you don't like the content or people's opinions, you post some actual content? Otherwise just leave the thread so we can go back to our discussion? If multiple people dislike a group of cosplayers it's not "personal", it means they're fucking annoying.
cc: >>79378 >>79383 >>79384 >>79393 >>79394 >>79396 >>79401
Either actually contribute something or shut the fuck up and let people discuss what we were discussing before you derailed it all with your whining and mini-modding. This thread was going fine until fucking Bob Iger entered the chat and decided to take it all personally. If you don't like posts about vintage milk that just scroll past them because clearly other people are enjoying them?(infighting, derailing)

No. 79433

Anon, I posted only twice. Nitpicking it against the rules. Stop throwing fits. Nitpicking a specific cosplay genre is still nitpicking and lolcow says keep your personal dislikes/personal opinions off the forums.

No. 79436

Just to add, another anon asked for rule suggestions. I didnt demand these be concrete or anything, so why are you so ass mad? You upset that some anons think the constant nitpicking happening since the start of the thread is annoying adn creating a clusterfuck compared to actual discussion because you guys want to whine over and over and over again about 'how much I hate disney princess cosplays uwu attention whores'. Like, fuck. How many posts do you guys need to jerk off back and forth with eachother for?

No. 79444

homestucks still wander around boston at the pru in the summer when there's no con. i heard some of them, or atleast cosplayers, were hte people who got the sheraton elevators key locked because they would go there and throw ice around on different floors. a lot of them go to city place too now because people go there after cosplay picnic and stuff.

No. 79445

smug sakizou cosplayers are the fucking devil.

found the wannabe face character!

No. 79447

Pretty sure Homestuckers started the main cosplay picnic it just became general when homestuck died down

No. 79482

I actually kind of miss the picnics, Homestuck, Hetalia, or otherwise. Getting into casual cosplay all the time helped me elevate my makeup and wig skills and it was fun to just kind of chill with friends and take photos. I wish casual public cosplay wasn't seen as so cringey now, I have a lot of fun memories from casual outings!

No. 79487

File: 1579685396005.jpeg (48.21 KB, 620x450, 76AB405A-5B94-467D-9AF4-CBE6C5…)

bitch WHERE? show us where “lolcow” said that. this bitch really said “lolcow says keep your personal dislikes/personal opinions off the forums” holy fuck. This entire website is dislikes/personal opinions, what do you think every single thread on this website is? holy shit the autism here over not getting that face character callback, hall of fame shit

No. 79488

I think the ones dragging it on were the people who kept on taking the bait and getting personally offended by muh disney cosplay being attacked. That one anon going on about her vendetta is spergy but good lord these mouse worshipers need to stop throwing tantrums. It's a fact that many people pick Disney characters to cosplay because it's easy clout and the people aiming to be "The" [insert Disney character here] cosplayer often flock to Disney properties. That's cosplay cringe. Making "armored warrior dark princess elsa" versions is cringey and going on tirades about how you TOTALLY are Elsa's IRL doppelganger while dressing up to go milk random children for attention is cringey. These are not limited to Disney cosplayers per se, but the behavior is encouraged by their community especially because a lot of Disneyfuckers are ridiculously autistic.

No. 79493

File: 1579690422481.png (58.35 KB, 480x433, 95107BFE-6D25-47BB-B73A-00C5B7…)

>These are not limited to Disney cosplayers per se, but the behavior is encouraged by their community especially because a lot of Disneyfuckers are ridiculously autistic.
Exactly, other anons included MCU in that group too and no one bats an eye or demands rules against talking about them. I would bet money anons itt were Homestuckfucks much sooner than they’d ever admit, but you don’t see them spitting in a bucket here about us cringing at them. Mousefuckers really be like
>stop bullying my poor lil innocent multi-billion dollar evil monopoly empire with a history of mistreating it’s underpaid employees and anti-semitism, vendetta!!!!!! :((

Disneyfags should be grateful they never got that face character callback, aren’t they kept on some seriously tight leashes? Like didn’t tumblr darling Spieling Peter (Speaking of vintage cringe) get fired for even existing on the internet? Wonder what happened to that dude, he seems like he would be primed to try and make a cringey cosplay comeback off the back of his illustrious career of being a tumblr gif.

You get all the attention of a bona find disneyslave when you’re in public and you get to beg for more attention online 24/7 outside of that and keep those fans. You’re really getting a much better deal this way, but that also means we get to point and laugh at you.

No. 79500

File: 1579696383774.png (784.23 KB, 970x545, deadpool.png)

I cant wait for Deadpool cosplays to die in a trash fire. They're always obnoxious and none of them even understand the character. The mashups are the laziest they can do.

He married the Wendy face character and I think they have a kid that they take to Disney. Nothing actually milky unless you want to open up the issue of people dressing their kid in costume, taking them to Disney and exploiting all the "cute moments" for likes while harassing staff and other guests.

No. 79502

File: 1579697824558.png (511.06 KB, 468x542, wwww.png)

>Wonder what happened to that dude
he got married to another park performer who played a fairy at disneypark, both left disneyland and he got a regular job while his wife still works as an off broadway performer

No. 79506

File: 1579701021191.jpg (68.98 KB, 600x800, Fat Deadpool.jpg)

Please God, I fucking hate Deadpool cosplayers. The last time I went to a con, there were 4 different Deadpool cosplayers participating in the Costume Contest. One of them basically just wore a Unikitty hat and denim vest with 70 buttons over the suit, and that was the costume. Imagine that on pic attached.
Also, Joker cosplayers need to settle down.

No. 79507

I guess I’m going for low hanging fruit here but my hero academia cosplays oh my god.

Look, I get it. A lot are first time con attendees/young kids and are excited because ‘omg people my age that like the same stuff as me surrounded by merch and panels devoted to that thing!!!’ That’s great I’m glad you’re excited. But damn if I haven’t seem some young adults acting crazy too

There’s plenty of stories bigger and more horrifying than mine but my local cons seem to be riddled with them. Crowding artist alley/spending 20 minutes admiring a fanart of Bakugou uwu and not actually buying anything. Blasting music in halls. Making messes and cutting wigs in the centre of the convention etc.

Above all, saying lewd shit to strangers. I have a friend that pulled off a pretty convincing Shigaraki cosplay (for reference sake, she’s a 19 year old girl) and had kids come up and say they wanted her to choke them and that they’d suck her off. Many were disappointed when they found out she’s a female.There was also an Aizawa cosplayer (man in his 30s I’d say) and two thirteen year olds came up and started saying how they were gonna leak his and President Mic’s sex tape. Poor dude was super uncomfortable.

And this might be nit picky because hey, who am I to cramp your style/sometimes the last day of a con is best spent just chilling. But one thing I hate is this whole ‘I’ll just chuck on the character wig I bought off eBay and an edgy or tumblrish shirt and call that a cosplay’.

No. 79509

Joker cosplay is cancer

No. 79512

File: 1579703000691.jpg (2.28 MB, 2736x3648, 1514691112244.jpg)

No. 79514

don't cosplay uguu moe characters as an adult with a mature face…

No. 79529

The girl on the right is kinda cute. Terrible lighting though.

No. 79531

girl on the right is cute and has a young face. a little bit more eye makeup and lenses would do wonder tho

No. 79534

File: 1579716654254.jpeg (632.43 KB, 750x919, 7887B369-B826-4FC6-AE9E-5C59D8…)

I don’t understand why anons are butthurt over talking about vintage cringe here, cause literally same shit different day? The fucking tumblr cosplay rp account or TikToks are just the same shit as the yaoi paddles and “r u seme or uke? xDDD” quizillas and AMVs of yesteryear. Still the same short pudgy straight girls thinking they can pass for >6ft ripped men, and thinking a woman pretending to be a man dressed as a woman makes them special or queer somehow. At least when it was just yaoi and KH shit I never had to look at them trying to cosplay real life people and rubbing their sponged on facial hair with other women with sponged on facial hair in public.

(Before Vendetta-chan spergs about any reference of any cosplay being vendetta, I just went to instagram and looked at the “tonystarkcosplay” tag and picked a random cringey one, because they’re all fucking like this.)

No. 79535

Nothing is as cringy as yaoi Cosplayer

No. 79536

File: 1579716841331.png (268.33 KB, 468x468, BB3623BB-B65C-4657-AF29-7DCAA4…)

Sorry, samefag I literally just made this post but mfw the realization that TikToks are just the new “AMV/EPIC NARUTO COMPLATION XDDD” videos where they take movie audio clips and try to sync them to anime clips and shit really sinks in

No. 79540

This picture , it's like you found something to discripe every german Cosplayer ever

No. 79589

You know, the only German cosplayers I remember are Fahr and NanjoKoji so….that checks out. Did Nanjo ever actually transition?

No. 79600

This is indeed the German experience, especially when going to little "animexx" meet-ups like Chisaii, Chizuru and the like YIKES

They're less feral at bigger cons, at lesst they're less noticeable (or can't afford to go there lol). What's even worse than MCU and Supernatural cosplayers are the swarm of Detroit Become Humans cosplayers. So many poorly ventilated lace fronts and glued on beards YUCK

No. 79606

I don't think so , but we already have enogh girls that transition just to be the perfect real life yaoi boy
Its disgusting

No. 79613


no fun allowed

No. 79614

I went to Wizard World Chicago and I had to stand in a line waiting for a panel next to a Joker cosplayer who would not shut up about Adventure Time. Like this guy was hardcore bragging about the fact he watches this show.

No. 79638

File: 1579797180044.jpg (13.84 KB, 607x332, FB_IMG_1578981012972.jpg)

I don't understand most of it. The music choices some of them choose for their video make absolutely no sense to the character or they just mime to a popular vine that also doesn't make sense to the anime or character.
Seems like just something for people to do while in costume rather than actually thinking about what their character would do. I have local cringe lords that honestly just dress up in front of a bedsheet in whatever my hero character they want to for the day and spam out a million videos.
Maybe I'm just old.

No. 79640

Huh, I would have thought for sure considering the hours she spent trying to airbrush her tits out of existence back in the day

>Detroit Become Humans
Supernatural cosplayers? In the year 2020? Are you guys just now getting that or something? Fascinating. DBH, I can't wrap my head around, I've only seen bits and pieces of that game but….that seems like it would be such bland boring cosplay?

>So many poorly ventilated lace fronts and glued on beards YUCK

Speaking of, is anyone else seeing a lot of Good Omens as well? I can't tell if that's a popular one or if it's just popular among a couple of the ultra-cringey cosplayers I know IRL (that I'd feel guilty if I unfollowed). I actually watched the show because of how much cosplay I was seeing to try and see what it was all about. It's idk….fine? Certainly not worth the amount of fat girls in hard front wigs and poorly fitting suits I'm forced to see on a daily basis

No. 79661

German cosplay culture is just THAT fucking retarded, it's like we're stuck in 2003. If you're not an elitist fucking twat, you're probably a cringy homestuck/hetalia/vocaloid/SPN cosplayer on the other end of the spectrum. It's so different to how you guys are describing cringy con culture and different "types" of annoying cosplayers, we're cringe but… boring, not milky at all. Idk if other Kraut farmers have any milk to spill?

No. 79835

File: 1579981507311.png (912.82 KB, 1381x761, amino.png)

Does anyone here know what the fuck Amino is? I stumble upon it every once in a while if I'm looking for reference pics or something, and it makes me feel like I've been transported to some kind of MySpace/Livejournal/DeviantART/Quizzila/GaiaOnline hellscape in the year 2007.

No. 79843

I suspect a lot of Good Omens fans followed David Tennant there from his time with Dr Who. All the annoying GO fans I know are also into Dr Who and Sherlock and GO is just the newest incarnation of The Wacky Adventures Of Quirky British Men (Who Are Totally Banging). I once read that Tennant warned Cumberbatch not to audition as The Doctor because the fangirls are completely insane. I’m guessing this was before Sherlock took off and attracted the exact same breed of fans because, whoops.

>It's idk….fine?

Film adaptations of Pratchett’s work are always a disappointment IMO, and this one was especially meh because Gaiman was able to mess with it but Pratchett (RIP) wasn’t around to function as a counterbalance.

No. 79872

>Wizard World
That there's your problem. I've only ever been to one WW con and I think I left after about 2 hours and never went back because it was exactly the the crowd you're describing. I chalked it up to me being more on a animu/vidya con-goer at the time, but they pretty exclusively cater to the cringiest of nerd culture. Where else could a >40 year old fanboy meet the washed out D-list star of his favorite 80's childhood show? Everyone there thinks Big Bang Theory is a documentary about their life.

(No shade to the washed out D-list celebrities shilling their glory days and charging grown-ass men for pictures with them. I respect the hustle, certainly no one else will pay them anymore.)

No. 79873

It's a fandom-dedicated website and app. You join, search for your interests, and find groups about or related to your interests where you can then meet other people who like what you like. You can also post in these groups, be it statuses, images, videos, etc. The user base is primarily 9-13 years old and it's rife with "fandom trash" xD" culture that I, too, thought died long ago.

No. 79933

File: 1580029906667.jpeg (219.31 KB, 750x1078, A9A87DDF-C949-4E81-AC27-32407E…)

Does anyone know of this dude? They always show up at the top of my instagram suggestions and they seem like the embodiment of the cringe TikTok cosplayer.
>selling $9 polaroids of a cosplay you did for a tiktok
>basically selling $9 screenshots your TikTok

No. 79935

File: 1580030350466.jpeg (515.5 KB, 750x1177, C90C3D13-40D7-4708-B315-EFA0D7…)

Every single bit of content on their instagram is TikTok…so of course they started a Patreon? They’re really trying to push that they have a fanbase with a name and everything “piglets”. It just all screams bought followers. Usually when I look at the page of any cosplayer >5k or so there’s at least 1 (if not a handful) of users I follow that pop up as following them. Not one single mutual here outside of a contacts store.

No. 79936

File: 1580030588146.jpeg (76.37 KB, 750x869, D2F9F33F-FE4A-4295-84BC-142B27…)

….And despite having 35.7K followers and a name for their fanbase….they have 5 patrons?

No. 79937

People who don't know how to run a successful patreon think "oh I have x amount of followers so I'll get y patrons" when it really doesn't work like that. You have to 1) offer content your followers are interested in paying for 2) at a good price and 3) promote it competently. The creators with the most patrons are not at all the ones with the most followers, and the average pledge varies wildly between creators based on what tiers they offer.

No. 79942

File: 1580042798528.jpeg (531.69 KB, 828x720, A2786DF7-F88D-4201-8EFE-64762A…)

Juvanixx Project's cosplays are good quality, but their faces are absolutely terrifying to me. Literal uncanny valley.

No. 79943

File: 1580042895942.jpeg (808.35 KB, 828x1012, A2A52C07-94D6-4FCB-B609-C5CAFF…)

Samefag but here's another example. Good cosplay, terrifying shoop. The twins are the creepiest.

No. 79956

File: 1580059131779.jpg (34.35 KB, 640x576, IMG_20200109_110908.jpg)

When I was on Amino, the cosplay page had 1 person in charge of it for the massive amounts of people posting in it.
That single person doesn't really do a good job of moderating. Posts that I came across would get super off topic. There were chat rooms that were labeled as "18+ only" when there was never actually a category for adult content and the cosplay page itself wasn't 18+.
Just a wild hot mess of kids posting about how much they hate their parents and who they kin from Steven Universe. There were also no shortages of people joining who had no interest in actually cosplaying or photograhy other than wanting to find their super hot cosplay girl friend.
If you ever try to help with advice, it's almost not worth the headache of stupidity/sensitivity coming from the OP.
If it had more moderation and actually stuck to a set of rules, I think it might be worth going back.

No. 79957

File: 1580059554554.jpg (27.88 KB, 550x365, rachel-jun.jpg)

I never understood face taping. Maybe for a more subtle effect, but usually it just looks so wrong. No human being looks like that, and I don't think Japanese animation was ever supposed to make people think the alien face was actually what the characters would look like IRL. Reminds me of when Rachel from Rachel and Jun went to studio crown to be dressed up as Mami. Rachel is already really pretty. Why the fuck did you mongs have to tape her face like that?

No. 79964

File: 1580063695270.jpg (151.83 KB, 640x603, 20200123_132339_556.jpg)

What irks me more than the face taping (it can look good when done properly) is the abuse of the blur tool. Why the fuck would you want to look like this?

No. 79965

damn snowified adam sandler looks like me

No. 79989

The one on the right literally looks like some inbred kid you might find in the trailer parks.

No. 79991

call’em Lead Paint-chan.

No. 79995

That chick looks EXACTLY like graveyardgirl. The nose/mouth/teeth/eyes. Wow. Crazy.

No. 80008

File: 1580097710406.png (51.01 KB, 406x406, b5536354aa4288b021da12174fe58e…)

They look just like REAL anime characters though!!!

praying 4 u in this trying time anon

I see that, can't know for sure unless we see their bottom teeth though. Shame fake shooped blue eyes tho.

No. 80061

God I hate when people just throw wigs on without cutting or styling them. That stupid long chunk on their nose is always a tell.

No. 80065

File: 1580145601169.jpg (121.65 KB, 756x1080, original-young-naruto-uzumaki-…)

>That stupid long chunk on their nose is always a tell.
Well they're all buying shit off of Amazon prime where the picture looks like it's styled and perfect so they don't bother. Who has the time when they have to be the FIRST to get a TikTok cosplay out?!

My adjacent pet peeve is when people spend all this money buying a cosplay and can't even be bothered to iron or steam it. Drives me insane, every costume would look 1000% less trashy/clearly bought if you just steam it. Some real shake n go shit. Even kids on Halloween. I see a kid wearing a wrinkled ass costume I think "oh so you don't love your kid huh"

No. 80155

File: 1580197497002.png (579.74 KB, 836x615, b1sxulupo.png)

Can we talk about Kelly Kirstein here since her thread died long ago and she's not really a thot? Cause bruh….this looks soooo bad. She looks like someone from an 80's TV show who's clearly >30 trying to play a teenager. Even the fake blood looks terrible and watered down.

No. 80157

I can't handle the comment kek, typical modern day weeb sentence structure.
Her makeup looks like it's suffocating her and the wig looks like it's made of foam.

No. 80165

Isn't she selling sex pics for like $70 on patreon?

No. 80180

File: 1580227643905.png (9.16 MB, 2349x2741, 351ED80E-B0D9-4FC3-8E80-8A4C86…)

Eh, I think they’re pretty mild/pinup style. Checked her patreon and it’s a $75 tier (her only other tiers are $1, $3, and $15) and she specifically says they’re “boudoir only, no lewds or nudes”. And I think it’s just the same one set and she barely ever promos them so I don’t think she’s dependent on them like costhots are. I don’t think they’re in cosplay either, I think they’re just her.

And honestly 99% of her time ebegging for the most expensive possible cosplay commissions and selling ko-fi shoutouts and promos that I still wouldn’t consider her a costhot. Her main bread and butter is SU and you’ll never guess….Elsa! (because how else do you get maximum attention besides Elsa/Disney and SU?) You can’t really do (as much) thotery when you’re basically catering to kids/teens media and desperate for Cartoon Network-senpai and Rebecca Sugar-senpai to notice you all the time.

Plus she was in a pageant 5 years ago!! Representing AMERICA! Didn’t you know? People should be throwing money at her for that alone. Pic related from her dead thread over a year ago, so there’s only even MORE Lapis since then.

No. 80182

File: 1580228682411.jpeg (140.44 KB, 750x738, D9A43D74-B348-436C-BA55-0E5360…)

Also looking at her last thread it looks like she was a dancer at a bar between her pageant career and her cosplay career, so I’m pretty sure she latched on to cosplay in the first place so she wouldn’t have to keep doing thot-things.

Kinda reminds me of Miyu. Ex-“dancer” turned cosplayer, gets a lot of attention because she’s prettier than your average weeb and knows it/milks it. Though iirc at least Miyu made her own shit and didn’t cosplay exclusively attention-whorey things. Seems like she at least cosplayed nerd shit she actually liked.

This does bring up a good point though — anyone know how old she is? I feel like she’s been posting a lot of memes about how she’s older than “the kids” at conventions and shit lately. This is her second engagement too, I would guess…30ish? Not that that’s super old or anything, but too old to be cosplaying teenagersand doing TikTok shit probably.

(We need to come up with a name for these types of non-thot instagram/tiktok attention whore cosplayers. Costhot just rolls right off the tongue tho. Cos…toks? I got nothing.)

No. 80187

I think she turned 30 last year. Her drama is pretty funny if you hear it from the ex friends she left behind when she moved.

She ran a princess party company until she got cosplay famous and she only got cosplay famous by dating a more popular cosplayer and I think they started dating while she was engaged to a dude. Seems to be doing well in Florida bit no idea what she's doing for actual money.

No. 80195

>princess party company
Ah yes, the other telltale sign of the theatre major who moved to Florida after college with dreams of becoming a face character only to have their hopes and dreams crushed when they have to listen to the Tiki room song for 10 hours a day and live in barracks instead. The “Party Princess” is always the stepping stone to discovering cosplay was the real way to get their fix all along! Ideally they can do both so they can call themselves “Professional Cosplayers” for wearing the same rented costume covered in snot and frosting over and over again.

>no idea what she's doing for actual money

ebegging, mostly. I think she’s mentioned going to work occasionally, but who knows. I know she’s ebegged for food for their cat and stuff in the past. “Clod” (which why would you ever want to go by that? Why are SU cosplayers like this?) must have a real job, right? They can’t both be beggars?

No. 80232

I think Clod works at a marine place? I know they were living in Clod's aunt or something and Kelly didnt have a job but it's been a while since anyone in the Michigan scene ranted to me about her. My friend was one of her lackeys for a year so I heard a lot about the drama.

No. 80273

File: 1580282188054.png (598.77 KB, 942x611, ll.png)

….is anyone else kind of tired of Lizard Leigh? Before I get accused of vendetta, in general I actually like her work (I like any cosplayer that actually shows and cares about their costume process, even if I don't necessarily like her designs). But between the 7 months straight of non-stop self-aggrandizing over the Her Universe dress and now this? She's been posting stories for what feels like weeks going on and on about her top secret project for Katsu and today posted a video finally announcing it (because we were all waiting with bated breath apparently) and it's just some….D&D dress? She won't even post her top secret concept art to make it the "announcement" any more interesting or substantive so in the video so she's just….describing the vague concept of a dress? (She hasn't posted her concept because you have to support her on Ko-fi to see it).

Just like….honestly who the fuck cares? Why even bother making an announcement at this point? Why not just show the project when it's done? These instagram cosplayers I stg see that follower number and lose their minds. If I have to see that Her Universe clip on my timeline one more time….like yeah we get it, you've seen one episode of RPDR. Who wants to take bets on some sort of ham-fisted cheap reveal for this one as well?

No. 80277

Oh, is she the one who made the pink diamond/rose quartz dress? I hate seeing that ugly thing on my feed. I don't think it deserved to be a winning costume.

No. 80306

I hate when people do shit like this. You can just see the ego on people when they have SUPER SECRET COSPLAY BUILDS. No one cares to the degree that they think people will.

No. 80331

File: 1580332050702.jpeg (313.4 KB, 750x529, BA4F840B-08CC-41B1-8AE2-AA26AD…)

Has anyone else noticed the trend of certain male cosplayers putting no effort in but still getting big.

This guy is just an example but why can’t they be arsed to shave their face or wear a wig?

No. 80335

Looking through all of her stuff she really feels like a stuck up fashion student who cant make it in the real industry so she tries to make cosplayers care about her craft.

All of her designs are painfully boring, dull, or generic and the only time her costumes look good are when she actually tries to make something canonical.

Her seams and construction are generally clean but that animal crossing dress looks like a dollmaker disaster

No. 80341

Kinda off topic but does anyone remember that site/blog that would post weeb cringe? I never liked anime or cosplayed, but in middle school I would read that site for HOURS for some good laughs. I think it was around 2005-2007?? Unless I'm misremembering. I swear it was called weaboo cringe or stories or something like that.

Please hook a girl up if you still got a link to that blog. I need some good, old fashioned, mid 2000's weeb/cosplay stories in my life again

No. 80345

Thats always been a thing though. Even back in the early 2000s. It is always a joke for most male cosplayers. Especially when they crossdress as a 'male version' of something like the huge Pokeman squad. They get big because people are always like 'support more male cosplayers!' and then always reblog the shitty ones because the only actual names are Leon Chiro and Weebking pretty much.

No. 80346

Blog or forum? I know 4chan had one around that time until the site was bought and the poor loser who runs 4chan now has big mad feels about harassing/discussing bad/cringe cosplays on the /cgl/ channel.

No. 80352

Might have been cosplayfucks? Man, do I miss those golden years.

No. 80447

I know what you're talking about, it was like WeeabooHorrorStories. I remember they had a popular Facebook page where it had like a black anime girl as the logo? There was also a tumblr but i think one or the other got taken down for 'bullying' so it stopped altogether.

No. 80453

>>80447 is right, I think the original one that gained the most traction was the tumblr blog that was deleted for bullying.

OT but does anyone have a link to the instagram of the girl who ran it? I was able to find it once but I can't anymore. She's a black girl currently living in Japan with her husband, still super into lolita and frilly pink shit. I think her username starts with an R and it's a reference to something from an MMO.

No. 80454

OMG YES THAT WAS IT! Fucking sucks that it was deleted, no wonder I couldn't find it.

Do you know if the girl who ran it was bullied or if it was people who were posted about? Tbh some of them deserved to be bullied, like the homestuck spit bucketers or the ones who were harassing/groping any asian they met…

No. 80455

nta but it was probably people being oversensitive little bitches and reporting her blog even though they weren't the ones specifically posted about.

I think she made it pretty clear to not namedrop/no easily identifiable information in the submissions, but some people just didn't like the mean nature of the blog.

No. 80486

No. 80487

www.instagram.com/runemidgarts This one yeah?

No. 80520

oh I can't stand Lizard's Her Universe design, it's not supposed to be a cosplay, it's supposed to be couture, it was straight up cosplay and I can't stand the whole presentation, so much cringe, but agreed her quality is good

No. 80546

File: 1580452148584.jpeg (362.39 KB, 750x742, 85AAE8F1-B6E9-46B9-A8D3-38214F…)

> so much cringe, but agreed her quality is good
Glad I’m not the only one who feels this way.
I think that’s the main problem with it. As a presentation overall it’s a fun party trick for 2 seconds, but individually none of the pieces look good? The Rose Quartz version literally looks like that one JCPenny prom dress 4 girls in your high school wore in 2008 and the Pink Diamond version is lumpy and weird and doesn’t look like any garment anyone would ever wear. The wigs I just don’t understand at all, they’re both bad. Instead of creating one cohesive piece she created 2 bad ones.

I remember seeing her spammed in my feed with this dress when she went to the SU movie and I was so confused what it was supposed to be because without the transformation it just doesn’t look like much of anything.

For what it’s worth, I don’t think she actually won anything? Looking at the other Her Universe entries, hers sticks out as being pretty bad in comparison. There are some like, legitimately cotoure looking entries.

No. 80547

She didn't win anything. If I remember right, the winner was a nice looking Jurassic World look.

Most of her current designs just look really bad, but her Pokemon gijinkas are pretty cute. I wish she'd focus on making nice interpretations instead of being so pretentious and artsy about it. This d&d thing is so obnoxious.

No. 80548

File: 1580452524061.jpeg (540.27 KB, 750x866, 879BD912-DED6-411B-993F-44E9C0…)

Same with her Nebby cosplay. I like the individual elements of it I suppose, but nothing about the actual design looks like Nebby to me? I just don’t think it translates, if I saw that at a con IRL I would never guess that’s what it was. Honestly I would also have never guessed that someone took the time and effort to design/contruct this, it looks like some knockoff of something you’d get on ebay (like that one “galaxy” seifuku every one had) that someone used as a reach in a closet cosplay. Like how her Rose dress just looks like a prom dress from 10 years ago that someone got at goodwill tried to turn into Rose by throwing embellishments on. Constructions good, design bad.

No. 80554

Incoming sperg but fuck I can't stand most male cosplayers in general. If he's not completely hit in the face with the ugly stick he grows an enormous ego thinking he's god's gift to women for cosplaying their husbandos, no matter how badly the costume is done, trying to cope by poo-pooing women crossplaying as the same character because "at least he has a real dick" even if they look miles better. Men are given so much leeway because of the "support male cosplayers in muh female-dominated hobby" mindset and for whatever reason they harbor this autistic hate for makeup and wigs, the things that often make or break the presentation. I honestly can't count the times I've had a male cosplayer completely throw a fit over the mere suggestion of buying makeup or wigs, the reasoning always boils down to "that shit is gay" and "women have it easier because they learned makeup before starting cosplay!". Plenty of girls had to learn to put on makeup for their costumes, fuck your entitled ass. On top of that they often refuse to learn to sew and think they're prop making kings because they can cut a piece of EVA foam into shape, meanwhile a masterfully skilled woman is overlooked.

Not to even mention the male thots who are just as histrionic as their female counterparts but never have to carry the same stigma of being an attention whore, called out for cheating on their SOs, abusing girls or be the target of vitriolic nitpicking of their looks because.. well, that's just how the world is I guess.

No. 80582

Never seen her before now, but scrollin her Instagram, she reminds me of a theatre or art student who's used to getting praised for every single thing they do. Not a lot of modesty here.

No. 80605

Yes!! Thank you so much! I love her style so much lol

No. 80648

Ugh I was so irritated at all the lazy "transformation" stuff in the HU Fashion Show. Anyone can add velcro and rip off a top layer, you never see a well done one like in theatrical productions where they actually make an effort. But everyone is so impressed by the laziest shit that it gets tons of attention.
Her work does look well made, but she was way too full of herself about it. I saw a video of her in front of the theater for the SU movie doing the transformation and had so much secondhand cringe.

No. 80924

Can anyone explain why there are so many danganronpa cosplayers in tiktok. Why do so many of them wear demonias and add so many accessories that make them look like a scene kid. I thought BNHA was the big thing but apparently not.

Fuck that one weird smirk thing too, it just looks so spergy.

No. 81009

Because danganronpa has terrible writing yet nice character designs, which appeals to children who want to act 'xD randum!1!1!1'

No. 81079

File: 1580769781417.png (139.36 KB, 340x340, 06862A1A-7CD0-4B5D-9F4B-4EE907…)

Was gonna say because DR is another one of those groups that require as wide a berth as possible, they’ve always been a cringefest. Honestly I think they missed the boat slightly with TikTok since there hasn’t been a new one since 2017. Most Costoks rely on being the FIRST to do a new character (no matter how shitty it looks) for attention.

I just don’t get it, people always tell me I gotta play it as a fan of Ace Attorney/Layton/Ghost Trick/Zero Escape/etc type games. I’m sure the plot is comparable and I’ve tried a dozen times and I just can’t get past the atrocious art. (That and seeing the way the fanbase acts/Junko cosplayers. The character art is just shit).

All that being said, “Fingers In His Ass” will never not make me chuckle.

No. 81393

File: 1580916803640.png (1.1 MB, 1337x846, elsa.png)

Speaking of wackadoodle Disneyfags….maybe not the most traditional cosplay cringe, but gosh this made me chuckle. (I like to search "cosplay" on Craigslist/OfferUp/etc from time to time to see what fresh hell people are offering).

Imagine you invite some girl from your kid's class because the teacher says you can only hand out invites if you have enough for the whole class and her mom shows up like this. And all the other parents make uncomfortable small talk and ask if you hired her because why else would any grown ass woman show up at a child's party like this and demand more attention than the birthday boy/girl?

No. 81423

I actually think Dangan Ronpa is really good as long as you take it as the avant garde drug trip that it's meant to be, the fandom is just awful and filled with people who didn't even play the games and barely read the wiki pages because they only liked the character designs.

No. 81478

I know the girl who organized and led this photoshoot. She was known for being cancer in the east coast Hetalia community and her constant guilt tripping on LJ. Not to mention cheating on her girlfriend with randos cosplaying her favorites at cons at the time. IIRC she moved onto Dramatical Murder and has laid low since but no one can forget Xaelyn's crimes.

No. 81701

good god the level of attention whore

No. 82179

File: 1581476692280.png (24.03 KB, 276x401, arda.png)

Does anyone know….has there been something going on with Arda? Like did they change their suppliers in the last few years or something?

They used to be my go to (as I assume with most cosplayers) but they've been useless my past 3-4 wigs. I've had one of their color rings for years and have gotten very little actual use out of it because I feel like they don't even offer about 70% of the colors they boast. Or if they do it's either only in very few specific styles or it's out of stock altogether. And their restocks don't seem accurate either? Last time I was looking for wig it was specifically listed in their "[Month] Restock" and it still wasn't in stock even weeks later or the next month. (And it was just a gold-ish blonde. Nothing extraordinary at all, and nothing even remotely close was in stock either)

They used to be reliable for time/quality but they just don't seem worth it anymore. Nothing <$30 for even the most basic style, cheapest US shipping I always see is >$7, almost no discounts/promos and you basically have to order 6+ months out with no guaranteed date for a ton of their styles currently. Their earliest restock is May currently? That's ridiculous. I get that they're thicc, but you'd be better off just buying 2 cheap wigs from Amazon/eBay and sewing them together for half the price and a quarter of the time.

No. 82188

I'd heard that last year half of their factory/warehouse was bought out, but I don't know for certain if it's true.

No. 82211

I'd like to know this too, so many of their colors and tools are unavailable and the restocking times are ridiculous now. 3 months of waiting plus the shipping etc. handling times? Are you kidding me? How do you stay in business this way?

No. 82227


I follow the owner on IG and she mentioned in a story a while back that they got hit really hard by the tariff increases, could have something to do with that

No. 82233

Not only this but their wig quality has tanked. Last wig I got from them (and last wig I'll be getting from them) the wefts weren't properly glued in. All it took was running a comb through it for it to pull out a full weft and leave a bald patch on the wig.

No. 82253

File: 1581530260334.jpeg (190.48 KB, 749x1163, D3725832-6F42-4E95-A000-B8C6E9…)

>How do you stay in business this way?
Especially with most of the biggest cons happening in May/June/July and everyone planning their big cosplays around those? No one’s going to be happy having to order 4+ months out with no guarantee of an arrival date, and no time to order additional wefts or colors if it comes in not what you’re expecting (because lets be real their pictures aren’t even the most helpful), but especially if their wigs are going to involve a lot of work. So many big cons happen Memorial Day weekend they’ll be absolutely fucked if they don’t get that restock in by early May at the latest.

Maybe this is nitpicking but I also feel like if you’re fucking over your customers that much maybe don’t also charge $7+ for shipping on top of that? Yeah your shipping is “fast”….but what difference does that make if at the end of the day it still takes 6 months? It’d be one thing if they guaranteed a delivery date, but to just say “we don’t know, not our fault! we’re like soooo fast though.” No way they stay in business if they keep that up.

Yikes. I have a light colored Le Tigre from them from less than 2 years ago (so, super long, middle part, no bangs). And yeah the wig is “thick” but also I wore it once and brushed it out and detangled it as gently as possible then realized when I went to wear it the 2nd time that you could totally see the tracks at the middle part (vertical) — like the horizontal tracks for the back of the wig (so even more noticeable than if they were the same direction as the part) I ended up trying to fill in the part with makeup day of to darken the roots and hope it wasn’t noticeable. I bought wefts from them to try and fix it but I still haven’t done it because it feels like such a hassle and not worth it. So….it’s not thick where it matters? The only thing the “thickness” did was make it that much more of a tangled mess at the end of the day.

Glad other people feel this way too, they’re so beloved in the community it feels like no one’s called them
out on this and I think they’ve gotten a big head about it (which would also explain why their wigs always feel about 2x too big for my head, even at the smallest band setting). Ok, done bitching.

No. 82257

I've honestly stopped using them all together. I attempted to make a high ponytail style for a character with heavy ariel swept esq bangs for a friend. The Jeanine I was given was dreadful. The tracks showed badly if you remotely moved the placement of the ponytail. It wouldn't curl no matter what method I used. And brushing it even lightly entire chunks would come out. I ended up buying an epic cosplay wig out of pocket and using it to make what I needed. I just told her it was a birthday present. I'm not all that big on epic cosplay wigs by any means but Arda has completely shit the bed. Also I've noticed at cons they seem to purposely have low stock to give the illusion sold out early. Had a friend go to buy a style at the con in the earliest dealer room hours just to be told one on display was the last one. Despite barely anyone had been over yet.

No. 82306

As someone living in Aus, I’ve never bought from Arda purely because the shipping prices are freaking insane/take ages.

Tbh the best quality/colour etc cosplay wig I’ve gotten was one from PinkyParadise during a promotion. Super thick, doesn’t tangle and I liked it enough to actually buy another in a different style. Their lenses are okay too, though admittedly after a full day at con they make my eyes sore. Haven’t had that problem with Ohmykitty4u

No. 82315

File: 1581578568573.jpeg (20.74 KB, 180x350, s3_image.jpeg)

>I've honestly stopped using them all together.
Same. Interesting theory about their booth, I'd believe it. I mean their website is so barren right now how could they possibly have anything in stock to sell at cons?

Epic seems like the up-and-comer. I bought a lacefront and wefts from them a little while ago when Arda failed me. Got distracted by another costume instead so I haven't actually worked with them yet but….color seemed accurate and the shipping was quick (like, ordered late Thursday night and it arrived on Monday quick) so no complaints so far. How was styling it for you?

Huh. I didn't even know PP had wigs, but I don't think I've checked their site in a long time. Aren't they the ones who started requiring you submit prescriptions for every (US) order, even if you were getting 0.00s? And then they had a weird PayPal thing a few years back? Or was that a different one?

>admittedly after a full day at con they make my eyes sore. Haven’t had that problem with Ohmykitty4u

Never heard of them, but what do you think the difference is? I've been wearing cosplay contacts for close to 10 years now, tried multiple different lenses and multiple different brands and suppliers and I don't think there's ever been a single pair I could do for more than a few hours. Every single time I have to:
>put in contacts
>immediately apply something like pic related once in
>wait a good 1-2 mins for my eyes to adjust/dry down
>remember that one article about the woman with the eyeball amoeba while I wait the 1-2 mins, panic slightly
>dab eyes, THEN start makeup
But then I have friends who will full on wear wild lenses for like 12 hours and drink and party in them or put them in as their last step. Does anyone else have this problem and/or are my eyes just not built for contacts?

No. 82335

Don’t want to sound like an ad haha but PP also have some super cute wigs made for like, Lolita fashion as well. I have no use for it but I’m very tempted to get one. Not sure about prescription as mine are Plano/I’m out of the US. I only started cosplay 2 years ago so I think I started buying from them way after whatever the PayPal incident was.

Ohmykitty4u are admittedly a bit on the pricey side, but I’ve never had any issue with them/they often have good sales. Not sure why my eyes are less irritated by them compared to PP. I guess everyone’s eyes are different; I’ve heard some sing praises for Uniqso whilst two people I’ve known have been semi blinded (both are everyday prescription contact users and follow proper care routines).

No. 82395

TBH Epic wasn't awful I've just had issue in the past with them. The hair is a little slick not sure what else word I can use there. So certain styles take a few times to take to the method you want. But if you know what you want it shouldn't be too bad.

No. 82404

File: 1581629714307.jpg (21.15 KB, 350x350, 416zBRIcvJL._SL500_AC_SS350_.j…)

Nta but Visine really doesn't do much for your eyes in the first place, all it does is reduce redness. You need a higher quality drop that's made specifically for rewetting or lubricating contacts (image related, what I use & sell to patients). My docs will literally tell people to not buy Visine because it doesn't do anything. If you have issues with your lenses bugging you, make sure they soak in your own solution for at least a few hours after you get them, and clean them every couple weeks. I haven't had any issues with lenses I've gotten from OMK either, besides the occasional super thick material and that just comes with the territory of a -3.50 prescription.

PP switched over to only accepting credit cards, no PayPal, a few years ago, that's probably what you're thinking of! I didn't really trust it because I don't like using my card number online in the first place, which is why I went to Ohmykitty. PP's lenses were never bad though, but they never really had my prescription in stock for the lenses I wanted anyway.


Their quality has definitely declined, it's so disappointing. I'm grateful that everything on the market is an immense improvement from the days of Cosworx, but if my wefts aren't even sewn all the way down or chunks are falling out right out of the bag? My last couple wigs have been okay but they were shorter styles, but there were also some wefts that weren't sewn all the way down (like they backstitched an inch from the end of the wefts) so whoever their manufacturer is, they're doing them dirty.

I really like The Five Wits, when you get past the awful product photos. Their long wigs don't tangle that much and they're just the right amount of thickness. I think Arda is fine for commissioners who do a lot of heavy styling but when it comes to a majority of anime styles, you really don't need crimped wefts or a massive cap.

I've had one experience with Epic and I was honestly not happy; I got a longer lacefront style and the fibers were really shiny and after wearing it for a couple hours it tangled like a motherfucker. It worked for what I wore it for but if it had been any other costume I would have been a lot more upset.

No. 82966

File: 1581878323793.png (491.87 KB, 949x618, wowowow.png)

This post is from last week, but she was posting videos of her "surprise reveal" AGAIN this weekend. How can she possibly think it's still interesting or exciting after the first time (or the first 50 times)? Does she think people need to experience all 2 seconds of it in person to understand? Sis you've posted that video 700 times we all know how it ends.

No. 82969

File: 1581878684176.png (791.37 KB, 944x609, dnd.png)

Also the big reveal of the D&D "build". As with her other costumes the construction looks good but the design just seems busy and bad and doesn't seem to convey what she's trying to convey. I don't play D&D though so maybe this is a masterpiece, idk.

No. 82974

I play DnD and it doesn’t look like a DnD session. It’s not a masterpiece. Unless that back pack turns into a table, it looks like a traveler in another world. it just looks like look I can use the # to get popular

No. 82978

The sewing is pretty clean but not impressed with that 'backpack' Maybe it's not even supposed to be a backpack? It just looks like a box with a couple things tacked to it.

Also I can't even imagine how cumbersome that must be at a busy con like katsu. I'm sure all the other attendees must be annoyed because there's no way she's comfortably walking through a crowd without bumping people in that.

No. 82993

My problem with Five Wits is their god awful partline and roots for many of their styles. It's partly why the wigs lay so strangely in their photos. It's a shame because the fiber is from the same factory as Arda, and with a little improvement they could create some legit competition.

No. 82996

Katsucon is such a crowded con. that's an obnoxious cosplay for fitting through doorways and not smacking people in the face. It's a kinda okay concept but not executed well.

No. 82997

It’s a missed opportunity she didn’t label her bag “bag of holding”

No. 83006

File: 1581908791433.png (2.35 MB, 750x1334, FA476B4E-93DD-43CC-9BCD-FCA1A5…)

Oof that hairline on the lace front is not looking that great on lizard

No. 83016

File: 1581923533185.jpg (830.96 KB, 2500x1145, Screen Shot 2020-02-16 at 10.4…)

You guys know that pinkyparadise's wigs (as well as wigs from many other lens shops, such as Uniqso) are majorly marked up Taobao wigs, right? I own the wig in top right in a different color and it is super thick, but it's definitely not worth $30.

Wow that wig is hideous. The way it's styled makes it look like she's wearing a hard front.

No. 83060

File: 1581964063984.jpg (35.85 KB, 480x360, 9a4aa48376acac2b197d0a7d7ea620…)

I wish more cosplayers knew that you can pluck a hairline to make it look thinner and more realistic. No one seems to make baby hairs using the front fibers either which can really help blend the lace.
Watch a couple of black YouTubers. They do a lot of those things and it can even make a super cheap lace front look 100x better.

No. 83068

File: 1581973038748.gif (3.03 MB, 480x270, giphy.gif)

Is that a lace front though? I assumed it was a hard front. The wigs are one of the worst part of the outfit imo, you'd think after all this time she's had now with it she's make some improvements and get better wigs? Like, they're both so yellow looking, why? What does that have to do with Pink Diamond?

Honestly, I don't mind so much since most of the time even when they're wearing lace fronts they're doing it for fantasy characters, not necessarily supposed to fool people that it's your real hair. But I get what you mean, about softening it up a bit.

The thing that is so annoying to me about about Liz is that she's just blatantly ripping off tricks from drag, acting like she invented them but then not even executing them well? Because neither outfit is good, neither wig is good, and a reveal is really only a one-time ace in the hole. You can probably get away with it if you never post video of it online and only perform it in person, but once everyone sees it it's not new or exciting anymore and it loses anything that makes it interesting (especially when you go on to post it 700 more times)

One of her pinned stories on her insta is her making a Sasha Velour inspired outfit and the second I saw that it all made sense to me. Not to get into ot nitty gritty (and this is just imo) but Sasha won entirely based on having a good reveal and nothing else. I rewatched that season not that long ago and there are several queens whose personalities and outfits are memorable but I honestly couldn't tell you a single thing about either of Sasha's outside So Emotional. So if that's Liz's idea of success of course she thinks she deserves all the accolades and awards just for having one reveal, of course that reveal includes a wig toss.

No. 83069

File: 1581973903526.png (1.59 MB, 750x1334, surejan.png)

Sure Jan. She kept posting about how great it was she was going to wear her binder with this cosplay which is like…..ok? Literally that has no impact on your costume and no one would have known or cared otherwise, you're not boldly subverting some gender norm. Not like someone's gonna look at that and go
>hey WAIT A MINUTE D&D is supposed to have GIANT TITS WHERE ARE THEY!!!

Sry, samefag but honestly the more I think about it if she's already poorly ripping off drag, why not just fully commit and rip Sasha off entirely? Rose petals incorporated in a similar way would have made perfect sense for Rose Quartz. Like if she'd put them in her weird lumpy Diamond skirt and top so when she opened it up/dropped it to reveal Rose, rose petals would fly out. It's honestly such an underwhelming reveal as it is, at least that would be a cheap way to add something more interesting and exciting.

No. 83081

File: 1581986097223.jpeg (639.79 KB, 750x947, 39C0FBCC-EC91-4CAB-9B35-BB253D…)

I know Traci is old news but I was snopping about Castle Corsetry’s insta to see her non-MooMoo commissions.

I saw this and immediately thought it’s one of the absolute cringiest cosplays I’ve seen to date

No. 83114

The wood texture makes it look like she has really hairy legs.

No. 83135

Omg, Traci is still around?! And she still hasnt learned how to smile or look not insane.


I see it too

No. 83146


You pretty much hit the nail on the head. Male cosplayers are almost always so low effort, but get the same type of praise, if not more than women cosplayers. Cosplay was usually a bigger female fanbase, so it's sad to see so many males invade it, either for attention or being a thot themselves. I see this one male cosplayer on ig who does lots of FATE cosplay and puts almost no effort into his shit, but since he does female characters, he gets praise. Even if his foundation is chakly and eyelashes are falling off. Men live cosplay life on easy mode.

No. 83168

why does she always have evil eyebrows

No. 83176

Any man who wears makeup gets easy mode'd about it and coddled by women who would DEFINITELY criticize actual women for the same mistakes. That D. Va guy couldn't even bother to shave or put on ANY makeup save phone filters. Imagine a tubby, makeup free girl with visible peach fuzz dressed as D. Va, anybody "liking" that shit? So lame and so transparent. Yasss queen slay our each and every unique interest and pretend you invented it, SLAY!

No. 83203

File: 1582061563090.png (250.54 KB, 594x663, jenn.PNG)

It's not cringe (but there doesn't seem to be a non-salty cosplay general thread that I can see), but does anyone know what's up with this? Or what "other stuff that has surfaced" might be? Her Edelgard build was absolutely fantastic and I think it was just bad wording on the award on Katsucon's part, but now I'm wondering what happened since things to seemed to be resolved but now they aren't.

No. 83210

File: 1582064391613.jpeg (304.87 KB, 750x651, 5D1C39C8-4F44-4FD8-ADEE-CC2496…)

some more katsu drama that includes one of momos boys (Kevin) she sure knows how to surround herself with great people

No. 83211

File: 1582064539391.jpeg (268.8 KB, 528x834, BCDEEAF1-B834-4DFE-9D21-4B17C7…)

No. 83238

It's definitely a weird wording, that's for certain. However, calling someone a quack can also mean 'weirdo or quirky' but whatever for this girl, i guess

No. 83240

All these stupid bitches are such petty hos who have to post drama on twitter.

No. 83261

I've never heard "quack" used in any other way aside from calling someone a fraud or a fake.

My understanding is that the no-name judge goes by "Total Quack" for her cosplay, and for some reason Katsucon decided to print the judges' names front and center on the award with bizarre wording to boot.

No. 83266

File: 1582082480435.jpg (27.85 KB, 800x450, graphic_design_is_my_passion.j…)

>and for some reason Katsucon decided to print the judges' names front and center on the award with bizarre wording to boot
Huh, I was wondering if it was some kind of duck related inside joke. But I've only ever heard it used in that way as well. Really just went with the first draft on that one huh? Off to the printers?

Reminds me of the golden days of /cgl/

No. 83333

>printing a cosplayers name on a badge
yeah, thats actually weird. They should have went with judges award because it makes more sense. I'd be annoyed if i was that cosplayer too

No. 83346

I found the cosplayer's flickr account (https://www.flickr.com/photos/totalquackstudio/) and I'm not sure if they're just the photographer or the cosplayer in some of the photos, but irregardless I'm not sure why they were a judge. Shit definitely isn't that great even if it's from 2012, but they don't seem to have any cosplay shit past 2012 anyway, so what qualified them to judge costumes entered into the craftsman/masters level?

They should have put quotations around "Total Quack" so maybe it would have indicated that it's someone's handle and not some shit title.

No. 83368

File: 1582135101386.jpg (27.2 KB, 752x218, BKER5o5.jpg)

Dont want to necro the thread but Knite (tape-eyes-to-look-asian-McGee) isn't coming to ShineCon Vegas anymore.

No. 83456

That motherfuckr is still taping their eyes? I forget they even existed

No. 83480

taping their entire face and wearing 10 different shades of foundation

No. 83497

File: 1582177332838.jpg (244.7 KB, 906x540, 2012snlhousewives2.jpg)

Holy fuck I looked at this and read where you said Traci and thought "huh, not familiar with that cosplayer, seems super cringey though", wasn't until I looked at this post again a day later and saw the name in the corner did it click this was was Traci Hines.

Everything about this is a nightmare. I can never look at her and not see Vanessa Bayer playing crazy. I gave up on Moo drama a long time ago, does she make all of Moo's costumes? She really is the OG Disneyfag

>Dont want to necro the thread
This thread isn't dead…?

No. 83501

File: 1582177810198.png (663.18 KB, 830x627, th.png)

Sorry, op inspired me to look at Traci's insta for the first time in years. This is truly one of the most embarrassing things I've ever seen. Hope gkidsfilms got their money back for this one

No. 83502

File: 1582177861671.png (592.62 KB, 826x614, th2.png)

She's too old for this shit, she was too old for this shit 10 years ago

No. 83576

File: 1582212729772.jpeg (317.51 KB, 828x1468, 7B99B80A-2FE3-4826-B679-37A55B…)

It’s 2020, why are cosplayers still acting like using cgl is so taboo? Ironically iirc I found this girl’s account through cgl.

No. 83622

I don't get it either cgl is so cookie cutter now it might as well be just tumblr 2.0 And most of it is just lolita bitching.

No. 83691

I have to assume that doesn't come from cgl itself so much as just 4chan. 4chan is the still the oogie boogie man. Honestly I can't imagine most of the cosplay community these days was actually around or used cgl in it's heyday? So it's probably either sounds a lot scarier than it is, or they've heard exaggerated tales from back in the day.

I mean like most of the popular cgl cows/tripfags kind of disappeared from the community? Are there any that are really still active? I feel like I can barely remember who all tripped on there

No. 84082

File: 1582502441029.gif (12.62 MB, 526x308, cringe.gif)

Anyone else cringing big time at Riss's ColorPop promo? I wouldn't care if they were just cosplayers promoting the collection but this whole
>no we're the ACTUAL CHARACTERS getting ready but like quirky!!! XDDD uwu
is nauseating. Kelly Kirstein can't do anything that looks authentic ever, it's always that overly rehearsed pageant girl bullshit. I can only imagine she was butthurt that she didn't get free shit and didn't get to be Sailor Moon in the video.

(btw did anyone actually get the collection? It'd be neat to have for collector's purposes, but I don't know if I'd ever actually use it. I didn't even bother checking the website, especially after seeing everyone on insta sperging out over wether they got it or not)

No. 84086

she always looks like a creepy horse when she smiles. Nothing youthful about it.

No. 84093


Skipped this release personally
Packaging was boring imo and the colours were just w/e

No. 84106

i mean, at this point 4chan is associated with so many mass shooters and murderers that i don't want to be openly associated with it either

No. 84116

is there something the matter with this girls nose? whenever I see any photo of her, it looks like it's made of putty.

No. 84152

This was very lazy. You can't even tell what products they used to make a look because they both are already caked with makeup before they even pulled out the products.

No. 84154

File: 1582528432284.png (2.03 MB, 750x1334, screenshot.png)

>This was very lazy.
I know this is probably nitpick, but I was tapping through my insta-stories and actually stopped and went back when I saw this one from KK posting about Venus. I was just so baffled that someone couldn't be bothered to finish the edges on a bow, let alone would show it off on instagram.

I know she gets all her shit from amazon or expensive commissions, but is she really that incompetent that she can't even finish a bow? I assumed she had SOME basic sewing ability

No. 84155

File: 1582528980382.jpg (112.92 KB, 1080x1350, 87104302_3610260322380914_2883…)

Yeah, their makeup style is just….odd. I don't want to say it's bad necessarily, but it seems like the type that would look like absolute garbage IRL. That weird fakeboi shit. Now that I think of it, I actually go to the same cons and I don't think I've ever actually seen them IRL. Or if I did I didn't recognize them? Definitely seen Kelly and her crew around plenty though.

No. 84169

Why do so many girls cosplay Lio only to slut him up? I dont get it

No. 84171


The only tripfag I remember was maguma because everyone was always kissing his ass. He's still active on twitter. I think most of the og tripfags grew out of all this, honestly.

No. 84178

Slight nitpick but I hate it when people do Kim K level countours and instathot makeup for the younger sailor senshis. They're supposed to look cute and youthful, not like they're posting mirror selfies on a sugardaddy sponsored hotel trip.

Jesus christ this is awful.

Because they want to hop on the hype train but actually cosplaying as a male character would make the insecure neckbeard fans go ew gay!! so they need to slut him up to keep their audience. Lio a dignified goddamn man with manners, he doesn't deserve this.

No. 84180

File: 1582559910702.jpeg (89.1 KB, 800x800, AACA8376-D29F-4197-A38D-C4DD7B…)

also….the ‘moonlight’ vs ‘daylight’ lipgloss pairs and blushes look nearly identical? i have to imagine they’re just selling the same thing to weebs twice with a slightly different name and packaging

like the very least they could have done was make one a gloss and one matte or something? nope just 4 identical glosses

but if you don’t get them both then you don’t have the full collection!!

i would never be able to tell the difference on someone wearing these

No. 84181

File: 1582560856073.jpeg (161.32 KB, 800x800, 907C7D67-D607-4905-870F-5894E4…)

i honestly hadn’t even looked at the swatches or names really, but honest to god they must just be slapping together all of their leftover stock of something and putting sm names on them that don’t even make sense

>silver crystal

>not silver, peach

>tuxedo rose

>not red, peach

No. 84182

File: 1582560996236.jpeg (164.64 KB, 800x800, FD72422A-CB7C-4CA9-AFF9-584CFA…)

>silver millennial
>not silver, peach

>every single color


i mean snaps for whoever came up with this from their marketing team i guess they really nailed it in terms of ‘cosplayers and weebs will by this shit’

No. 84184

File: 1582561572039.jpeg (37.59 KB, 600x410, A177C37F-27C0-4569-9D97-225CCB…)

>moon castle
>silver millennium
>mare serenitatis
>peach uwu

how could they possibly get ‘warm peachy gold tones’ out of this? they must have just clicked ‘random’ on the sm wiki or something to get names

definitely just their leftover shit packaged for basic bitch weebs lmao

No. 84187

As people have pointed out a lot elsewhere, the lack of blue is really weird as well considering Sailor Moon's main outfits and the color palette of the show having tons of blue. And the eyeshadows are pretty sheer. I wonder if they intentionally wanted to make the colors extremely safe and entry level for people who don't really like makeup but will buy it for the collab branding.

No. 84207

File: 1582572222684.jpg (119.65 KB, 424x640, O4nHDzP.jpg)

Jesus they missed the mark hard on this nothing here says Sailor Moon, Def agreeing with others this looks like old stock being rebranded for a crowd that will buy anything from a favorite show. TBH why not just do Peach Girl? Sure it's a lesser known nostalgic anime/manga. But it fits way more and would be way more inventive than just slapping Sailor Moon on.

No. 84208

Never heard of Colourpop, is this Sailor Moon set officially licensed? None of the colours fit the Sailor Moon aesthetic, names are uninspired and the packaging is reminiscent of those bootleg Sailor Moon make up sets from the late 90s. If I lived in the US I’d probably get them just because I’m a lifelong Sailor Moon fan but since I live in a Europe I’ll have to pass.

No. 84211

lmao this is like a toofaced palette everything peach.

No. 84214


Don't you know anon? Riss is asexual. They don't know what a sex is and are not being slutty at all. They're just in a cute outfit. /s

Riss is always using the arguement of being ace to justify not being sexualized. Dressed up like a little? They're ace they didn't know better. Goes to a pole dancing party at Katsu where girls were humping the floor? It's an artful dance form.

Like they're roommates with a sex worker and help her take lewd photoshoots. But they keep using the arguement that them being asexual means they don't know better.

No. 84215

File: 1582575699587.jpeg (206 KB, 1080x1080, B68FBAAE-C887-407A-859B-B84F15…)

>I wonder if they intentionally wanted to make the colors extremely safe and entry level for people who don't really like makeup but will buy it for the collab branding.

i mean….i feel like this is giving them way too much credit? there’s a million different fandom collab branded pallets and none of them have ever done that?? and of all the animu culture in existence i would put sm at the very bottom of the list in terms of ‘fandoms who don’t care about aesthetics or don’t know how to do makeup’ like sm is like 80% just girly uwu aesthetics, they literally yell ‘MAKEUP’ to transform

but also they already have a whole peach palette?? and they have all the other monochromatic palettes, why would it have been so hard to pull some blues and reds out of there?

No. 84220

Stop calling her a "they", it makes the post impossible to read. I thought you were talking about both of these bitches at first. It's a woman for crying out loud.

Anyway I have a ridiculous amount of hatred for these people who do slutty shit and try to be ~classy~ because they're genderspecial or __sexual. You're still an attention-whoring thot asshole, don't lie to yourself.

No. 84224

Peach Girl anon, but that's what I was saying. If you're gonna try and cash in on a nostalgia trip why base the colors around something the anime wasn't really predominant with. Peach Girl at least it would have been acceptable to have a heavily peach theme.

No. 84227

File: 1582583597780.jpg (99.26 KB, 768x960, 19800862_1616250898448543_7652…)

>Stop calling her a "they"
>It's a woman
Calm down dude, I just used "they" because it's what I felt more comfortable with, because if I look at a pic like >>84155 my brain goes "we don't know what the fuck we're looking at". Nothing to do with "muh pronouns" or gender identity, everything to do with uncanny valley. Riss just looks so inhuman with their makeup and shoop my brain can't quite compute. I'd call an alien a "they" too if one showed up right in front of me, and that's what Riss looks like to me. I would just assume whatever the fuck this thing is had no genitals at all.

>it makes the post impossible to read. I thought you were talking about both of these bitches at first.

It's a picture of one specific person? Responding to a post about that one specific person? You would really have to go out of your way to misunderstand. It's not that big of a deal.

No. 84228

File: 1582584202769.jpg (317.52 KB, 1500x1500, 81IXvUhH qL._SL1500_.jpg)

ntayrt but I've been a weeb my whole life and I've literally never heard of Peach Girl. Sailor Moon is one of the most mainstream animes of all time and was broadcast front and center for years on daytime US television in English, and an entire generation of women have nostolgia for it weeb or not.

Even with all that clearly no one at ColorPop has seen more than the opening credits of Sailor Moon to have missed the mark so hard on everything. You really think anyone there would have any familiarity with some unknown shojo manga from the late 90s? Sorry anon but you're outta your mind. If I saw a palette with that art on it that said "PEACH GIRL" I would look at it exactly the same as that Rude Anime palette Riley Rose sold or those "How 2 Draw Manga!!" books everywhere of just like "oh this is what corporate America thinks anime looks like".

No. 84245

bratty but Peach Girl is literally one of the most influential shoujo manga…………….

No. 84254

i think this collection was supposed to be what sailor moon wears as makeup, since she's a literal cartoon it would just be neutrals. when she transforms she gets a visible addition of lip gloss and thats it.
i get the exclusion of the reds and blues since it wouldn't be thematic to usagi's character. she's a 14 year old girl she wouldnt wear bright makeup like that.
they could probably make a lot more vibrant color collections with the villains tbh.

No. 84266

It sold over 15 million copies, has an anime, had a fairly recent LA adaption, and had a sequel that only ended last year. Unless you're just not into shoujo I'm not sure how you've been a weeb your whole life and never heard of it.

No. 84287

File: 1582616318742.png (2.44 MB, 750x1334, DC0BDE07-E3FF-4319-95EB-4848C9…)

I know this is a ‘mostflogged’ thing as much as anything else but like why are jjba fans so unbearable?

$450 for this and it doesn’t even include the wig?

No. 84288

That's the vibe I got from the collection as well, which is why I didn't think Riss' promo was too bad

No. 84318

Her and her friends have always way overcharged for their work, moat of the time they can get away with it because of their following. $450 would be one thing if she made this for someone else, but for a used costume? Too high.

No. 84321

that's fucking retarded though, she's a cartoon character who is 14 in japanese high school, bitch doesn't wear makeup. this could be a makeup set for literally any anime girl.

No. 84323

I was gonna say. Am i blind or are these the same colors?? wtf. i hope SM fans dont buy this shit. it's highway robbery

No. 84324

Exactly. 450 for a new commissioned costume is okay, but wtf.. she really thinks her shit dont stink?

No. 84341

Aren’t Riss and Kelly also friends with the cosplayer who was arrested for attacking their roommate with a knife over gossip? Courtwithconfidence?

No. 84366

File: 1582675136476.png (229.25 KB, 950x621, lmaopredator.png)

I genuinely don't know a single thing about "KajiCosplays" (I think I just followed them because I liked one of their costumes or something) so I don't know if she has past milk or anything, but I don't think I've ever seen autism quite like being so triggered by the word "hey" that you do a multi-post PSA and call people who uses the word predators.

No. 84367

File: 1582675492681.png (711.16 KB, 581x2103, 1-5.png)

Posts 1 through 5

No. 84368

File: 1582675925655.png (538.9 KB, 581x1521, 6-9.png)

Posts 6 through 9

How did cosplay get THIS broken that people are literally up their own asses in this way? Like fuck dude just don't respond? You're not being assaulted because someone says the word "hey" to you on instagram, they can't hurt you lmao

No. 84369

Big bruh moment that you're saying you've been a weeb your whole life and never heard of it.

No. 84379

She charged $120+shipping for a basic ass bikini that didn't even have padding/cups and someone bought it and really wore it. As long as people are willing to pay, she will overcharge.

No. 84386

JJBA used to be really chill, but now especially with the release of the anime of one of the most "homoerotic" parts it's swarmed with teens, tumblrinas, fujoshits and whatever.

I used to be really excited to go to conventions and do things in JJBA cosplay, but now it's become kind of a cesspool.
It's either
>obnoxious closeted dudebros screaming overused memes, being aggressive and autistic over details. underage or 25-30 manchild
>demipangenderflux arts major fujo women causing some high school drama or screaming about how x character is trans, other is gay, other is lgbbq and muh ships. usually 16 to 25.

No. 84387

Pretty sure she is refering to the fact that most dudes start with hey to trap you into asking whats up in a DM only to suddenly get swarmed by either dick pics, aggressive behavior if you don't respond.. things like this. Its so fucking common and its not even just in the cosplay scene. This is a little much to put a PSA this long out about it, but letting people who follow you know to add more than a 'hey' isnt really that much to ask for. This is dominantly towards dudes or clout chasers, which are easier to spot because they tend to be girls.

No. 84388

Just to add, this is why a lot of lewd cosplayers or female cosplayers in general only reply to other female looking cosplayers and put in their bios that they don't reply to DMS because the guys and clout chasers that send 'hey' without anything else to add to the convo or just spamming heart emojis on stories really only want one thing out of an interaction and its frustrating to them. I see a lot of cosplayers complain about this. The guys that complain about it are usually prop makers or photographers who get thots hitting them up with 'hey' and trying to get free shit.

No. 84417

There's so many-and I mean SO MANY borderline autistic fans of cosplay in the community who don't understand how to talk to cosplayers or other people in general-so I think over explaining like this is actually pretty helpful and calls a larger than you'd think group out non aggressively. It's a post that I think most people won't get though unless you've experienced it. I can't tell you enough how freaking annoying it is to miss out on genuine inquiries or legit people wanting to make conversation with the hundreds and hundreds of men saying "hey" hoping for a reply for them to just send a dick pick or literally getting obsessive after a response. Can make social media a lot more exhausting than it needs to be and is why more and more cosplayers have stopped checking their dms.

No. 84485

Exactly, sop I can see how this is cringe from someone who has never had to deal with this shit, so Im glad another anon knows exactly what I'm talking about >>84387 and >>84388

I even see other cosplayer bitch about people not wanting to answer DMs because the small few, though overwhelmingly feeling like the majority sometimes, ruins it for everyone and now the person not answering DMs is a fucking bitch.. ect.. Mass reports, images taken down.. Like its just fucking easier to make a statement publicly or post on your page 'NO DMs'. It sucks that this hobby has been just destroyed by people who ae clout hungry and then just fucking asshole perverts.

No. 84491

This person is being melodramatic and spergy as hell explaining this but it's actually a very real annoyance. Anon here >>84387 explained it a lot better. I don't answer to DMs that only start with "hey" or "hi" because like anon described, it's only used as a trick to trap you into the conversation where you'll be bombarded with aggressive and/or entitled behavior. I'm not even a costhot but people be milking free tutorials and advice all the goddamn time and in the DMs you'll be stuck in an uncomfortable 1-on-1 conversation. It's not only limited to cosplay though, it happens EVERYWHERE. At work and in other hobbies.

>It sucks that this hobby has been just destroyed by people who ae clout hungry and then just fucking asshole perverts.
Amen. After over a decade of cosplaying this is what killed the hobby for me recently. I can't deal with it anymore. I'm getting on with my age but still find joy in my autistic dressup hobby, I don't feel like I outgrew it, but the community has been increasingly garbage and based on monetary or sexual worth.

No. 84498

Kaji makes a good point and I respect her as someone that is very talented/has admittedly had to deal with a lot but she does occasionally tend to be over dramatic.

- Made a post saying someone not liking a character you’re cosplaying (don’t get me wrong it’s annoying if people go out of their way to say that) is the same as hating on the cosplayer themself bc they identify with the character uwu

- super snappy to some people. Was putting up prints and did a question thing to see which characters people wanted and someone mistakenly thought this was suggesting a new cosplay and said Ahri. Went on a massive tangent of how they were wasting her time/ putting unnecessary pressure on her as a creator etc.

Far from a cow and I feel her on the DM thing, but she sometimes gets a bit OTT

No. 84516

File: 1582818342470.jpeg (252.15 KB, 750x1071, 5109D64D-1331-4A3E-8E54-B3CD70…)

god I hope someone didn’t actually pay $700 for this shit.

also idk it feels weird to use someone else about to be wearing your costume as an excuse for a big attention-grabby post about YOU wearing the costume? like if I paid $700 to buy a costume that i wanted to do a photoshoot in etc and then the person ran to post showing off all their old shoot pics and make it all about them i would feel kind of ripped off? and to out the buyer in the process? it just all feels gross

if she wanted to promote the buyer’s cosplay she could have just shared the person’ pics in the costume after she posted them instead of making it all about herself??

>$120+shipping for a basic ass bikini that didn't even have padding/cups and someone bought it
ew someone bought a used bikini from her of all people? wasn’t she the one who got her period blood on someone else’s prop or something?

No. 84517

File: 1582818393000.jpeg (407.42 KB, 750x1164, 45354225-4923-43B0-B0B1-F7B95D…)

for reference this listing was still up at the time

No. 84548


>an excuse for a big attention-grabby post about YOU wearing the costume?

Aka just posting normally to your own social media? There's nothing "big attention-grabby" about a basic cosplay post like this. Especially for an older character that most people wouldn't recognize.

Should she never post her own work again after selling it? She used images of her in the costume to promote/sell it, are they suddenly off-limits the moment the transaction takes place?

>then the person ran to post showing off all their old shoot pics and make it all about them i would feel kind of ripped off?

Firstly, it's extremely rare to actually see finished shoot pics from the buyer. Even people who fully intend to do their own shoot rarely get back to you. People have their own lives and timelines and it just generally doesn't happen.

Secondly, the people following mostflogged are not the same group of people following the girl who bought it from her. It's not like they are standing in the same room of people and only one of them can get attention for wearing a costume. When the other girl wears it, she'll have her own pics with a different style, photographer, and model, and it will be fresh content to her followers who have never seen her in this costume. It's irrelevant that someone else wore the costume in the past for a different audience.

If this was a private commission that the maker wore before sending it to the buyer, that would obviously be messed up. But when someone buys something secondhand, they aren't purchasing the rights to be the only model ever photographed in the outfit. It just doesn't make sense.

No. 84583

if you go on her friend's username tag on twitter you can see all the terrible reviews she has on her commissions also
thats why she left twitter
That whole group just posts cosplays for sale at really high price and then 'sells' them around their own group till someone actually buys them

No. 84606


Since this is an imageboard you might want to post images.

No. 84617

Tayla was basically called out by one of her cosplayer ex friends awhile back and she’s been running since. Even before that though she was known for shoddy work on /cgl/. She was also known as the underaged Roxy drinker who vomitted at a homestuck meetup and had to be escorted out. She's got an old thread here.
She used to go by psychedelicpaprika/lovelypaprika and sonofrapbear. P sure she’s obsessed with the ninja turtles right now so anons keep an eye out and don’t commission her lmao.

No. 84620

File: 1582857600854.jpg (97.67 KB, 533x700, mfperiod.jpg)

>wasn’t she the one who got her period blood on someone else’s prop or something?
Yes. Her excuse was that she straddled the prop (a plush carrot) and didn't realize that she was spotting and had bled through her panties.
>pic related, cosplay and prop in question

No. 84637

I remember reading about this so long ago and never realized it was the same person wow

No. 84640

Yikes this is the most blatant self-posting I've seen in a while. Calm down dude, just take your $700 and get over yourself. No one's interested in your sperging.

Yeah yeah hi cow, I know.

No. 84717

Why defend someone who's been full of milk for years? She's vindictive and petty aside from just being a terrible seamstress. I've watched her try to pressure other cosplayers into being more open with their bodies, just because they aren't sex-positive enough for her.

She also famously holds grudges. At one Katsucon she threw a drink onto a cosplayer she didn't like. At another con she put up prostitution flyers with her ex-girlfriend's phone number on them. The ex is JJ Pyropi who could probably use her own post in this thread, but that's a shitty thing to do to anyone.

No. 84725

>Her excuse was that she straddled the prop (a plush carrot) and didn't realize that she was spotting and had bled through her panties
Just out of curiosity, what is the consensus of what actually happened here? Not trying to wk, that just sounds like the exact nightmare we all had in middle school. Is it thought that she did it on purpose? Or that she wasn't actually wearing panties? (Cause it sure doesn't look like she's wearing them in that costume, unless a C-string or something but what the fuck difference is that gonna make on your period)

No. 84739


They're still good friends so this is nothing like mf's Snail Trail incident

No. 84747

I only know mf’s side of the story and this is just what I remember off the top of my head so it might not be accurate- she claimed she was wearing high leg panties and started spotting prior to her period but she didn’t realize she was spotting. But as you can see in the picture, there’s no way she could’ve been wearing panties under her costume with how high the slit is. (She would’ve had to have been wearing a c string or nothing). There’s speculation that she did bleed on the prop on purpose because she and Jessie had a falling out later on, but of course there’s no concrete proof that she did it on purpose.

No. 84756


Did they even have c-strings back in the early 2000s?

At the time cgl and other parties seemed to think the spotting was accidental but that she wasn't wearing any underwear so it was gross because it could've been prevented. MF was famous for refusing to wear underwear and being nasty. At one point she sat on a friend's desk chair and masturbated without underwear, leaving a wet streak

No. 84784

here's the thing

From what I understood the carrot was detached from the costume

if her flow was heavy enough to get on the prop there's no way she wouldnt have felt it, especially walking around a con. Especially Katsu

If her flow was light enough that she didnt feel it she would have had to shove the whole prop really hard against her crotch which would have been gross anyway

But also no matter how you look at it why would she have put the prop UNDER the dress flap when it would be easiest to the the flap between her crotch and the prop? If she had simply put the prop between her legs the stain would have been on her costume and not the prop.

there's a 5% chance that the stars align in a way that this wasnt a purposeful malicious act and knowing MF and just how generally disgusting and petty she is I cant see anything she does as NOT being malicious

No. 84880

I can't fucking believe I have to read about that age old gross ass period carrot drama in 2020.

Anyway I personally believe that she had heavy flow but her underwear couldn't hold in the pad properly and it leaked over and was too embarrassed to admit it so she just said she was "spotting". I really don't think it was deliberate because even if it's MF that's more embarrassing to the one getting it dirty than the other person.

No. 85223

You're talking about someone who would also publicly fantasize about being a futa and other gross shit on all of her public social media. If there's anything to know about MF it's that she basically has no shame. She wouldnt be embarrassed by that at all.

No. 85225

File: 1583385957239.png (778.16 KB, 750x1334, 9A8FE01D-B8C1-4606-8609-0E91D4…)

Riss is going to Spain for a con but she has the audacity to set up a gofundme for debt.

No. 85246


The Spain trip was paid by the con though

No. 85254

I thought she was going to put this cat up for adoption because she couldn’t financially handle it? Maybe I’m remembering wrong

No. 85257

not to catmedfag, but if they had done the surgery when the first blockage occured, the total for the surg wouldve only been half of the gofundme total. cant wait for the day this trend of using ill pets for bonus internet pity cash dies completely.

No. 85418

Kellykirstein is/was her best friend (courtwithconfidence). I haven't seen Ann
associate much with Kelly lately.
>>80187 i would love to know more. Also has she had work done?

No. 85421

> Also has she had work done?

Who, Kelly? Of course, look at her nose, cheeks, and lips.

No. 85864

File: 1584073179775.jpeg (798.21 KB, 1125x1876, E87D3AC1-DA4E-4351-ABC8-42B566…)

Apparently riss is a scam artist and pedo

No. 85874


I expect "pedo means whatever I want it to" from the clout chasing demisexual speshul Tumblr refugees that have destroyed every other platform, but farmers should be smart enough to realize a stupid joke =/= child molestion

No. 85886

You need to post actual proof of them being a pedo. That is an incredibly heavy accusation and you could get in legal trouble for defamation. However, if you’ve got proof, this is an image board.

No. 85893


Yeah, even actually browsing the "proof" on that insta is pretty….not very compelling?

A small sized woman staring at boys undies in Walmart doesn't imply sexualization of minors. She wanted them for herself.

Other than that it's vague "oh she posed as ships with other adults dressed while dressed as teens" (why is this accusation not leveled at akrcos who does this literally all the time?) and liked a crossover fanart where two unrelated, of age characters dressed as JoJo's claiming she liked incest and was a pedo? And of course the infamous bad taste Mina.

It all reads very Tumblr "people will agree with me if I claim they're ______".

No. 85898

>pedo means whatever I want it to

So tired of this being the hot button insult to sling at whatever target people hate, because it carries IRL consequences. Bring the milk without sinking to tumblrina bully levels.

No. 85925

Self post your dry ‘drama’ Instagram somewhere else anon

No. 85933

Christ anon everyone agrees that Riss is a smug cunt but the "she's pedo because she wore a baby bip as a joke/likes a 15 year old cartoon character/ships something I don't like" meme needs to die. Falsely accusing someone of pedophilia is a serious fucking allegation and 100% not worth normalizing no matter how badly you want someone taken down because she didn't reply to your instagram comment or e-begged for money for her hoard of cats she can't afford. Because of spergy underage fucks like you nobody is taking ACTUAL child grooming/abuse accusations seriously anymore.

No. 85996

File: 1584170890551.png (131.12 KB, 563x361, vendetta.png)

This. I'm wondering if this anon is the same anon that clearly has a vendetta for her and tried to start 2 threads with no real milk? Don't get me wrong, she's a whiny fakeboi shoop abuser who ebegs, and imo all jojo cosplayers are cringy at this point and THAT'S fun to talk about. And I think KK and her whole gang of ebeggars are cows – but Riss was clearly not the cow in that situation. It was already talked to death in one of the past costhot threads and clearly the dude that made the accusation (an accusation not to be taken or made lightly) and then whined about being bullied because she had a bigger platform or whatever was the cow

who was that dude again? anyone remember? he was pretty milky iirc

No. 86005

Dude as in that fakeboi bepsiboy? She was self-posting in the Momokun thread recently too. She's pretty well known for constantly starting shit over petty reasons using racism/pedophilia/whatever accusations for shock value.

No. 86088

Those threads were created months ago, around the same time if I remember correctly. The one on the right didn't have any good info and the one on the left attempted to give better proof but both threads died. Personally I don't think that these were written by the same person, and I don't think that bepsi is behind them. There are a lot of people who don't like Riss.

No. 86104

File: 1584238265217.png (106.47 KB, 623x906, 1556818895847.png)

>Dude as in that fakeboi bepsiboy?
Yes, sorry, didn't know she was a fakeboi, I only remembered them having a male twitter avatar in the screenshots posted.

I went back and looked and it's even stupider than I remembered. bepsiboy accused her of being a pedophile and then did one of the saddest attempts at backtracking I've ever seen. This was about 10 months ago so we're almost at 3 years for that pic, it honestly wouldn't surprise me if that insta was her because someone that says shit like pic related would probably still be going on about this pedo shit because "it shouldn’t be out of the question for anyone seeing it for the first time to react similarly"

No. 86105

File: 1584239252361.png (639.64 KB, 980x636, insta.png)

>The one on the right didn't have any good info and the one on the left attempted to give better proof but both threads died.
They didn't "die", they were both locked for vendetta/lack of milk because it was just some anon sperging about how adopting a sick cat was a hate crime or something.

>Personally I don't think that these were written by the same person, and I don't think that bepsi is behind them. There are a lot of people who don't like Riss.

Why not though? What reasoning is there to believe it's not bepsi when we've already seen this exact tumblrina pattern from her? I agree that people don't like her, but whoever made those 2 failed threads is clearly the same person, and is clearly the same person that made the insta because they have screenshots from those failed threads on their insta, as if they actually mean anything. We know bepsi posts here, and bepsi obviously has a hateboner for Riss because her attempts to cancel her over a 2 year old picture backfired horribly and then she threw a tantrum because Riss didn't ignore her very serious accusation. Everything about it makes sense.

Not trying to wk Riss at all, I think she's annoying as fuck but whoever made that instagram is a clearly a nutjob and this bepsi girl sounds way more milky tbh

No. 86108

I’m telling you, two different people made those threads. Go ahead and don’t believe me if you want to, but those are two different OPs

No. 86112

….so basically you're admitting you're one of the people who made a failed vendetta thread? Because how would you know that otherwise?

No. 86113

Let's not fool ourselves. Bepsi probably made one and had her friend make the other. Almost certain Bepsi runs the insta but there are a small couple of cosplayers it could be, as well. Riss isn't as widely hated in the comm as anons try to make it sound, not that she's ba saint either.

No. 86114

File: 1584253229485.png (94.96 KB, 561x403, ss.png)

Right, I have no problem believing people dislike Riss, that whole ATL/FL cosplay community is a hot mess. All of Kelly's "friends" are a mess. I do have trouble believing 2 separate anons within 24 hours of each other made shitty locked vendetta threads sperging about some boring fakeboi ebeggar. If that many people really hated her that much she'd have much more traction here or in the costhot threads or even in the fakeboi threads. imo Kelly's the queen cow of that group and even her thread died due to lack of interest

I just think it's hilarious that the only things we DO know are that
>bepsi hates Riss
>bepsi posts here
>bepsi was posting here recently
>bepsi keeps trying to cancel/callout people
>instagram and 2x lolcow threads are making the exact same tumblrina complaints using the exact same pics and accusing pedo based on a post from almost 3 years ago no one gives a fuck about
and yet completely out of nowhere some "anon" immediately comes in and goes
>no but like idk it's DEFINITELY not bepsi it's definitely other people dude trust me

No. 86119

File: 1584254727167.png (323.21 KB, 796x1307, Screenshot_20200315-023507.png)


Honestly, they don't read like the same OP but the anons are definitely in both threads and if it was Bepsi and her crew it wouldn't surprise me.

The heavier evidence that the insta is Bepsi or the person who advertised it is probably the fact it was created 5 days ago. Right before Bepsi attacked the twins hoping for clout and picked up steam after she ran away to pout.

The real milk here is the Instagram owner and unabashed cosplay followers trying to justify that THEIR WAY of enjoying things is different from Riss doing it.

So many underage fakebois who think it's okay that they like yaoi cuz they're ~actual gay bois~ as if skin walking a gay guy isn't the ultimate gay fetishism?

Also Gravitation is ~problematic~ because of the actually relatively normal age gap? The shit is trash but that ain't why my Tumblr guy.

Most of the posts are this level of petty shit throwing tumblr-esque hot button accusations rapid fire hoping to see what sticks. The first few posts are "race face" then she's fatshaming and causing people to relapse cuz she wore a corset once omg, then vague she's a bully, then pedo, then gay fetishist.

According to the insta she's the ultimate cow, except the only proof is some vague ass picture of Riss' insta and a "see proof she's _____" caption.

No. 86120

File: 1584255628523.png (389.77 KB, 796x1433, Screenshot_20200315-025541.png)

Double post but also the account owners own personal encounter with Riss definitely is peak vendetta lols anyway you spin it.

No. 86126

File: 1584264242921.png (430.41 KB, 949x615, lmao.png)

They're definitely from the same group of friends whoever they are because they keep sperging about facetape, which I still don't understand this issue with. That's like….a thing every single drag queen does? What's the problem?

This one made me chuckle.
I can't even quite do the math on this one. Someone's ableist because….they played music near a dog in a public space? Not saying that's not annoying as fuck but was this the first time this person had ever been to a convention on a Saturday night? Imagine being so fragile you think being in an elevator with someone playing music for what…..30 seconds? is a hate crime against you and your dog lmao. If your support dog can't even support you through basic human functions like existing in a public space for a few minutes….then what's the point? It's almost like these people just put their dogs in vests they buy on the amazon and then force them into crowded public spaces with zero actual training or regulation at all and expect everyone to conform to their "needs".

>The shit is trash but that ain't why my Tumblr guy.

1000% this. These are clearly young sjw tumblr kids who never lived through the trenches of the '00s internet. Nobody tell them about the corn.

No. 86127

>using the term "yaoi" nobody has used in over 10 years
>m-muh fetishization of homosexuals
>G-Gravitation is so problematic!! 18 year old dating a 22 year old is practically pedophilia!!!
Imagine being such a psycho that you make a social media account solely dedicated to ruining someone's life over a petty vendetta and then pretending to be this concerned over the fictional innocuous gay shit girls read.

>Most of the posts are this level of petty shit throwing tumblr-esque hot button accusations rapid fire hoping to see what sticks. The first few posts are "race face" then she's fatshaming and causing people to relapse cuz she wore a corset once omg, then vague she's a bully, then pedo, then gay fetishist.

Yeah it's so sad it's funny, she really went the extra mile trying to throw every buzzword controversy on the table until people pick something up. Someone just has a really autistic personal beef with her while ending up looking much more like a cow than she did.

No. 86128

File: 1584268293668.png (65.46 KB, 796x287, Screenshot_20200315-063130.png)

You ain't lying, they actually attempted to report her to Disney for pedophilia over the boys underwear thing. Imagine being that hard pressed you attempt to get someone fired.

I did note bepsi's girlfriend is a frequent commenter on the account, no Bepsi himself, mostly just young maybe JoJo fakebois.

Except Freckledstardust who is probably going to regret following and commenting with her actual profile if other bigger named cosplayers find this account. Cuz ya know nothing screams positivity and good in the fandom like pic related.

No. 86129

The callout insta is run by medlismelody. She’s not secretive about it.

I do think Riss is milky as hell though. It takes some next level retardation to claim to be disgusted by sex while also going full fujoshi on twitter and tumblr. As it is though the Instagram acct is cringe.

No. 86130

File: 1584269144153.png (253.8 KB, 796x1111, Screenshot_20200315-063854.png)


Then girl is peak cringe. To be this butthurt cuz a person didn't take a selfie with you? Jesus.

But I mean this is peak cosplay cringe. A shitty awkward call-out blog by a bunch of mediocre whiny cosplayers snipping at everything a person does cuz ~problematic~? They're complaining about her carpet being dirty.

>This cosplayer gave me an eating disorder how dare they, so triggered they're evil incarnate pedo lovers.

No. 86132

Not to wk or anything, but you can be disgusted by physical sex and still get off on the idea. They are a fakeboi too, right? There's probably some kind of trauma there. Unless of course they are going around saying the entire concept of sex is nasty and then turning around and postinf fujo shit, then disregard my post entirely. kek.

No. 86136

>the corseted lio post almost made me have a breakdown at work
This made me chuckle. These cunts have 100% no shame. None of them actually think she's being a pedo, a fetishizer, an "ableist" or whatever term of the day they came up with, it's just good old fandom drama with PC labels slapped on. Riss is rude and snobby and they hate it, but calling out someone for bad behavior is looked down upon now because they can default to m-muh anxiety/trauma/whatever to excuse themselves so they need to load their guns with shoddy oppression allegations. Even Riss plays the asexuality card to get a free pass for thotting out.

You'd have to be completely insane and paranoid to think that someone is a pedo because they wanted Disney underwear or triggering EDs because they wore a corset so I refuse to agree that these people have anything but sinister motives behind their actions. They're just good for nothing bullies who get a power trip out of cancelling someone bigger than they are. Like mentioned in the other thread, they're not talented, hard-working or charismatic so they need to resort to other, more brute ways of gaining validation.

NTA but I really do believe she's sex repulsed and possibly has internalized homophobia fueling it but based on my observations she's absolutely not asexual. I don't know why these people just can't say they're turned off by actual physical act of sex instead of trying to make it into some 2deep sexual orientation sort of thing, maybe it's ~problematic~ with the mainstream discourse of sex positivity or something, I don't even know anymore.

No. 86159

File: 1584293357036.png (527.31 KB, 938x607, 2841wdf.png)

>concerned over the fictional innocuous gay shit girls read
You mean the fictional innocuous gay shit girls read a decade ago? Gravitation was cringey as fuck back then too even by yaoi standards.

>I do think Riss is milky as hell though. It takes some next level retardation to claim to be disgusted by sex while also going full fujoshi on twitter and tumblr. As it is though the Instagram acct is cringe.
I mean, no one's saying she isn't milky but this "gay yaoi fakeboi uwu they/them" shit is nothing new, it's just boring at this point. Being a fakeboi especially has been prevalent in the cosplay community as far back as I can remember tbh, all those yaoi cosplayers and Li Kovacs were doing that shit a decade ago. (and again: it was annoying and cringe back then too)

I also agree with and >>86132 that it is entirely possible. The whole making it into a gender identity is definitely ridiculous and probably has more to do with mental health and not addressing trauma but like >>86136 said that definitely has more to do with the zeitgeist than anything else. It'd be one thing if they were claiming gender neutral/ace and then fucking around in the community (like our good friend Holly Conrad) but that doesn't seem to be the case?

Imagine seeing this and claiming it gave you an eating disorder. No doubt Riss does have some ana-chan mentality shit going on (probably some "smol gay bean uwu" shit if anything) but I genuinely had to stare at this for a long time to even see what they were talking about. I always found Riss milky but this is honestly making me feel bad for her, which I didn't think was possible.

No. 86161

Nothing to do with current cringe but is anyone else getting tired of the whining about cons being canceled cause of the virus hype. Like it's a con you'll live. I've seen at least 6 people whine about it then immediately hpe a summer con as where they'll be

No. 86162

Depends who the person is. Artists and shit take a MAJOR blow, as cons are one of their biggest annual income. I also think cosplayers do have a right to be at least upset, not pissed, but upset, as many (including me) have worked on a cosplay for upcoming cons, spending a shitton of money, leading to struggling a bit with the hopeful pay-off of wearing it to the con. We have no idea how long this will last, they're predicting half a year to a year for the vaccine, so summer cons are a HUGE maybe, especially ones like Colossalcon where it'll be human soup and other dangers.

No. 86164


IMHO whining about cons being cancelled during the outbreak is kinda stupid. The only people I feel for are merchants where they had already bought the stock for the table. People barely shower at cons much less wash their hands and 'con plague' is already a common thing, do they actually want it to be something deadly? I would much rather push back cosplans, hope i can get a photoshoot later and avoid the high possibility of a carrier of a potentially fatal illness.

Most people are stuck inside anyway so why not even just take pictures and post them like how artists are having 'online artist alleys'. Make 'Quarantine Con' a thing or something and just post the photos. You can always wear the cosplays to a later con and you have time to wear it around at home, find any fixes that need to be made and make it even better.

Not catching/spreading a pretty severe illness trumps debuting a cosplay.

No. 86173

If you're spending a shit ton on a cosplay just to have your world fall down because con gets cancelled then you're exactly the person that would be whining.

No. 86178

>Being a fakeboi especially has been prevalent in the cosplay community as far back as I can remember tbh, all those yaoi cosplayers and Li Kovacs were doing that shit a decade ago.

Li Kovaks never claimed to be anything other than a woman as far as I remember

Her ex, however went fully back to using a female name/gender somewhat recently

No. 86184

If you look one photo is a closer image [left] and the other is farther away [right]. Dont know if that might give the illusion of a wider torso. Its slightly zoomed, but check the wall.

No. 86200

>spending a shitton of money, leading to struggling a bit with the hopeful pay-off of wearing it to the con
Right, so if you're "upset" you're essentially upset that a world-wide health crisis is being prioritized over you getting as much attention as possible. If you're not an artist or merchant or guest or performer then what kind of "pay-off" would you possibly be banking on from a convention? They're just times to maximize attention on instagram, right?

I get being disappointed, with my group of convention friends none of us live in the same area of the US anymore so us getting together at cons a couple of times a year is literally the only time I get to see them. That's a bummer because I miss them and now I probably won't get to see them for another year, but I'd rather we're all safe and healthy.

But no one should be "upset" as a cosplayer over working on a costume. If your issue is really that you've starved yourself to invest money in your cosplay or travel and hotel for con stuff instead then guess what? You're getting some of that money back and you have nothing to whine about (and also that's dumb as fuck). If your issue is the time and effort into a costume then guess what? The convention being cancelled doesn't rip out all your seams, no one's stopping you from shooting in it, and you you still have nothing whine about. If your issue is that you poured time and money and effort into a costume you were planning to compete with then guess what? You have more time to work on it now

It's a bummer obviously, but people who are legitimately upset and and whining about it online are probably attention whore cosplayers pouting because they won't be able to have unwashed nerds drool over them in person or any new reason to incessantly post about themselves.

No. 86228

NTA but I don't think anyone is demanding cons to not be cancelled over it, it's perfectly understandable to be pissed though. I had big plans too I had invested a lot of money and time in and now I had to cancel everything. It's a nuisance and a disappointment and I can't do anything but bitch about it because it's literally at nature's mercy. I believe it's entirely justified for people to be pissed and most of them can be so WHILE realizing that it's for the greater good. I too live in an area that doesn't have many conventions so even one being cancelled delays my plans for 6 months, of course it makes me sad that a hobby that brings me so much joy is compromised because of something that I can't control.

No. 86246

>Li Kovac

I remember when that bitch swore up an own she was the real life Link. Got on my nerves. now she's full girly girl

No. 86250

I have seen a few of the more fame hungry people I know complain and call it fearmongering and overreacting and insult everyone for ruining their con plans.

But those are, typically, the minority and usually pretty cringey anyway.

No. 86253

I don't think Li ever did shit like that, she was like the only cosfamous person who didn't have a ton of drama surrounding her except for the psycho tranny ex who threatened to kill her whole family or something.

No. 86258

>Most people are stuck inside anyway so why not even just take pictures and post them like how artists are having 'online artist alleys'. Make 'Quarantine Con' a thing or something and just post the photos. You can always wear the cosplays to a later con and you have time to wear it around at home, find any fixes that need to be made and make it even better.
This is a really good idea! I know some artists had put together a virtual artist's alley.


I think I might have exaggerated my feelings. I'm not like, bawling on the ground with suicide plans, moping nonstop and blaming everything around me. It's just a major disappointment, I go to cons for mostly social reasons, seeing good friends who I normally don't see for another like, 4-5 months. I understand this can't be fixed, and that his is all because of an incredibly scary and awful virus. It's just the regular case of having a lot of stuff to look forward to for a while only to not have it happen at all, I don't get why that's not okay to be upset about? Unless my idea of upset is different than other's, it's just a major mood sink, I guess.

No. 86268

File: 1584397028248.png (319.09 KB, 1080x1405, Screenshot_20200316-181410~2.p…)

In the TikTok cosplay cringe file does anyone else get irrationally bothered by this stupid as trend of talking out of half their mouth?

It doesn't look good at all but everyone KEEPS. DOING. IT and every time I see it I just cringe so hard.

No. 86269

i have no idea who this is, just saw it on the front page but wtf is this sleep paralysis shit?

No. 86272

File: 1584407982893.png (1.18 MB, 796x1174, Screenshot_20200316-211542.png)


She's one of those closet cosplaying tiktok kids, and that's just her face.

They think talking and moving their mouth like that makes them quirky and animated, even if that's not how they talk/move in the animation on the show.

No. 86276

YES. I'm pretty much okay with every other tiktok cosplay thing, because in the end it's teenagers mostly and if not, people at least younger than 25. Dancing around, doing janky motions, that's all fine in the end, but that smile/talking expressions infuriates me because it just makes.. no sense. None of the characters' mouths look like that, none are drawn talking like ":y" If anything they should be opening their mouth more? Sticking to different ' :O ' and ' :D ' shapes, as that's how anime mouths tend to look?

It doesn't help it's always girls with no lips at all. Speaking of which, I've even seen some purposely put concealer over their top lip to cover it… it all boils down to Belle Delphine's expressions and shit imo.

No. 86278

Is that how Belle Delphine really moves? Ugh.

I know it's popular for girls to slather their lips with concealer when they're crossplaying because they mistakenly think it makes them look more masculine or anime. It's a big makeup cringe for me because everyone's lips have blood in them, they're ALL pink unless you're dead. Even guys.

And slathering concealer on them doesn't look anime either because it doesn't get RID of your lips just makes them look gross and chapped.

No. 86279

What a punchable face

No. 86286

File: 1584413197639.png (1.2 MB, 750x1132, IMG_3180.png)

>except for the psycho tranny ex who threatened to kill her whole family or something
wat? also that definitely sounds like drama

God honestly I wish this thread could just be "shit that shows up on instagram discover" because every day it's a new fresh hell. Here's one that popped up the other day. I believe that wig is……yarn

No. 86312

>because in the end it's teenagers mostly and if not, people at least younger than 25

Not true. I know multiple late 20s and 30-something year olds trying to chase that dream of being a youthful influencer. It's especially uncomfortable because their target audience on the platform is all preteens and teens.

No. 86319

I don't like yarn wigs, in fact I hate them, but you do have to admit that it took a lot of time to create that, and its pretty impressive. And I've seen so much worse in terms of yarn wigs.

No. 86320

That's almost the case with 90% of yarn cosplay shit.
I respect the dedication. But it looks terrible.

No. 86323

Don’t post minors.

No. 86331

It doesn’t say her age anywhere in her bio.

No. 86345

Yeah it doesn't have her age listed, if she's a minor my bad.

Usually they blast that shit all over social media.

I was just trying to explain the tik Tok mouth fad and she was a good example.

No. 86358

Li married a tranny (female to male) called Sai and "he" went berserk with her, abused and manipulated the shit out of her and threatened to kill her whole family if she left. According to hearsay Sai actually attempted it too. After they finally broke up Sai disappeared off the face of the earth.

This is really old milk though, I'm gonna go and say it happened like 10 or so years ago. Li has been around for such a long time that there are also a ton of rumors circulating that never got confirmed but as far as I know she's always been open about being a female (she has done a number of female cosplays too) and hasn't been involved in any personal beefs or exhibited shitty behavior.

No. 86368


Sai (who now goes by Sabrina and seems to have detransitioned) is like 5'2" and weak/unhealthy despite the T shots so I'd be real surprised if anything was actually attempted it but not surprised at all with threats. From what I heard there were dumb things from both of them (like Li wanting a baby but of course Sai had no sperm so no can make baby Li) but Sai has always been a manipulative person and was really open about it too but had a lot of cosfamous (at the time) friends, most of whom got lives since the mid 2000s.

The milk is so old though and there seems to be no online presence except Facebook these days.

No. 86371

Oh don't get me wrong, they're definitely out there, but if you look through most cosplay tags for things, that's the general age range. I'd say 16 and 20 are the two ages I see the most.

No. 86430

File: 1584546966875.jpg (414.28 KB, 1079x1090, Screenshot_20200318-115507_Ins…)

Owner of the Riss account is @medlismelody on instagram, confirmed by their stories. Another Lio cosplayer and kind of a minor cow in the New England scene.

No. 86449

>This ratchet ass ill-fitting garbage bag Lio costume
A person who has an aggressive callout account dedicated to petty vendettas is a shitty cosplayer with absolutely no talent or eye for aesthetics. How shocking. It's almost like they're compensating for something!

No. 86451

File: 1584564944221.jpeg (162.87 KB, 750x865, 548A23E4-01EA-4810-8D93-57663C…)

Yep. As a fellow ex AB hoe I called it the second the call out account went up. she also reads lolcow religiously, so say hi. Still scarred by this picture of her posing with her vibrator on another callout post she made on her insta

No. 86453

She could honestly warrant her own thread if not for the fact that the NE scene is so dead, shes always sticking her head in drama that she really shouldn't (vendetta calling out people like Riss but also acting holier than momokun, leonchiro etc.) and generaly sharing way too much for what its worth. The fact that she's so dedicated to that callout account alone is telling and wouldn't be surprised if she was behind one of those threads either.

No. 86461

If anything a general thread of NE would suffice I think? We don't really have present drama but we have plenty of BS from the past. One of my favs is that girl that was going around looking for a room at AB a few years back. Wanted enough room for a crib and two kids. Couldn't provide money but "tots bring snacks!" And when no one bit threw a fit about how they ruining her AB experience.

No. 86464

Would absolutely be down for this. The lack of cons adds to so much weird shit that happens around here while we all sit around.

No. 86470

File: 1584584859190.jpg (27.05 KB, 280x406, PicsArt_03-18-08.24.00.jpg)

Who else thinks those god awful trashy Hazbin cosplays look like shitty creepypasta OC'S from DeviantArt?
They're not even demonic (the don't characters even look like demons)
The fact that they're so feminized and infantile makes me burst laughing

No. 86474

Sorry for dumb question but what do you mean by NE/AB? If it was about her I'd tune in cause she seems milky, but it's just going to be discussing old milk though I don't know how successful you'd be. You've seen how some anons throw a goddamn fit if we talk about vintage milk even in this thread

No. 86487

New England/Anime Boston
With all the cons being canceled tho the milk has pretty much dried up.
I’d love to hear about other shit she’s done though - the cringe is immaculate.

No. 86491

File: 1584597170749.jpg (916.9 KB, 1500x1500, pt2020_03_19_01_50_19.jpg)

Okay. Can someone explain why you would get in with a company only to use your primary Instagram to be on a hate page like??? This just seems really dumb on their end cause people are going to find out.

No. 86510

Thirding this - we don't have ongoing major milk but we do have a herd of minor NE dramaqueens.

No. 86580

File: 1584660864019.png (1.9 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20200319-192550.png)

She's also 25 while most the other commenters are like 16-21. She should definitely know better.

Especially since she just posted a huge story about NOT DOING what she's doing.

Freckles, honey, this is gonna bite you in the ass.

No. 86661

I mean, every region has its own community and specific milk and cows, but if there's no active milk I think you'd be better off keeping in this thread. You could ask mods, but tbh I don't think it'll fly. I think someone tried to make a thread here to talk about vintage milk and local cows and it got immediately moved to /g/ iirc (where threads go to die) and caused a huge stink in /meta/ with everyone arguing over wether or not it deserved to be here.

That or you could try it at /cgl/? They usually have region specific threads iirc. I just think the conclusion was that /w/ ≠ /cgl/ but I could be interpreting that wrong. The OP of this one is maybe too specific, but I think this thread is basically the designated "Non-Costhot Cosplay drama" spot.

Not tryna mini-mod or anything, just going based off what's happened here in the past!

No. 86671

cgl is so mainstream now it might as well be tumblr. A lot of people came from there already because of how utterly dull it is. Most of it is just lolita hags whining about brands. cgl is the worse place to have milk on. mods will just shut it down because they don't want any 'mean' comments. They get huffy over uggo cosplay threads as is.

No. 86997

Other than sticking her nose in drama what else has she done? I'm just curious and yeah, I've heard there used to be a ton of drama in the Boston community mostly centering around Homestuck. Nowadays it seems few and far between

Also when it comes to Riss, (not trying to sound like another vindictive tumblrina) the account may be a reach but if I'm being honest I think she deserves it. She's been a royal cunt for years and I'm probably not the only one tired of ebeggers like her being the "standard" role model in cosplay. All of those people are unbearable and honestly deserve any negative attention they get.

No. 87765

Sage since not cosplay cringe but certainly ELG cringe. But Last Week Lolita News put out a video and in the comments her and other lolita hags are peeing themselves over how kawaii Communism is. As if a communist country isn't the reason the world is in a pandemic currently. Not a capitalist shrill by any means but that level of tone deaf is staggering.

No. 87863

File: 1585980591561.png (478.49 KB, 1003x607, strayosamadelete.png)

This boy right here let me tell you. I get attacking Akrcos for what she's doing, honestly. It's squick at best but apparently the irony is lost on attacking her for aging up characters while cosplaying minors from 18+ materials and carrying around a printed out censored dildo for a convention. As if pretending to be a cisboi wasn't enough. Sage cause it's cringe and not really relevant enough but fuuuu.

No. 87890

File: 1586033474663.jpeg (586.41 KB, 750x1103, 17C99AEA-7B12-4BBE-8D0E-B3A7DE…)

I hate these lazy ass photoshop cosplayers who can’t even do a good job at shop. This persons horrible shops make me laugh every time

No. 87919

File: 1586053989938.jpg (570.8 KB, 1080x1735, 20200404_223034.jpg)

Holy shit this. I'm so tired of the stupid fucking photoshop trend. There's a kinda well known jojo cosplayer who started doing it (not that he was the first by miles of course but it seemed to uptick since he caught on), and everyone in his friend group fucking does it too. I can't even browse the explore page without seeing 20 stupidly photoshopped mfs

No. 87923

Post this in the lolita thread, tard.

No. 87924

File: 1586058032787.jpeg (610.57 KB, 828x811, BC2AA084-9329-4986-BEEB-74FCFD…)

Did anyone actually watch the trash fire that is craftchella? It seemed like a decent idea at first but the only people I wanted to watch dropped out.

No. 87926


Some of it has been better than other parts. It's good background noise.

No. 87938

Nobody fucking cares about this tumblr tier "s-she aged up the 15-year old character to be 18 what a pedo!!!!" reaching. You don't realize that this will come bite you in the ass later after you turn 18 yourself, then realize at 25 that you still find Naruto pretty hot because cartoon characters don't age with you. You grow older but Sasuke still gets your heart beating despite being 15. Alas, you have created an environment where people are more interested in imaginary "minors'" rights than yours.

>Calling 15-year old muscular shounen characters "children" in that instastory for shock value

No. 87943

Anon. Just look at fucking Fe Galvão. She has 1.6mil followers and her cosplays are all cheap closet cringy photoshopped shit.
Everyone does it and it's the norm for cosplay now and if you criticise you're being an "elitist". Even pro cosplayers photoshop shit on now.

No. 87944

>the only people I wanted to watch dropped out

Were they white? That's why. I can't blame anyone from dropping after Twitter dragged the participants for not having enough black people sign up.

No. 87948

File: 1586098927138.jpg (574.63 KB, 1058x1462, 20200405_170024.jpg)

No. 87952

Oh I know. I'm just saying at least most thots either put effort or have someone who does into their shoop. The lazy shit like those other 2 is just laughable.

This is the worst thing I've ever seen in my entire life thanks.

No. 87963

Staz IS 20 and going for that "don't pay attention to THIS cosplayer pay attention to ME I'm less ~problematic~".

While also actively shipping Sebastian and Ciel and wanting to do shoots of it. An actual pedorific ship cuz Ciel is actually prepubescent.

That kid is milky af and it's a wonder they're not mentioned more.

No. 87966

>pedophile relationship of fictional characters
>one isn't human at all and is a demon who the kid sold his soul to
>fiction catering to BL readers, not shotacon readers

If there is anything cringe at all is the people who are into the cosplay scene who seriously find fake relationships problematic and claim they add to abuse towards real people when it doesn't. The people already having those mental ideas were going to do this shit anyway. You sound as insane as the people who claim violent video games create real life violence. None of this is real. It is all fake, anon. That's a grown ass adult. Can your brain really not see its an adult playing dress-up? It's not like they are adult baby-ing this shit. Its a costume.

No. 87971

File: 1586112536089.png (939.21 KB, 616x590, 34255343.PNG)

I'm not really into cosplay, but heard this story from a dude who worked as a janitor in a hotel next to a con. He hated con season because Homestuckers would come around wearing pounds of grey makeup and when they washed it off after the con the shit would be everywhere in the bathroom. It doesn't seem that hard to clean till you realize most homestuckers covered their arms/legs too and 2-3 of them shared one room.

No. 87974

Yeah they were white. But it’s not their fault that no black/brown people signed up. It’s not like the organizers went out of their way to exclude black/brown creators since anyone who applied got a slot.

>posting complaints from 2013
This isn’t milk, this is water

No. 87981

So either cough up some actual milk and more screenshots of this literal nobody being a judgemental cunt or stop your vendetta. Shipping the most popular ship of 2008 isn't really big news. Stupid, untalented genderspecial casual cosplayers trying to outwoke each other for clout is hilarious though, but you're giving me strong vibes of being one yourself here.

No. 87983

Actually a number of brown people did sign up, you can see them in the first graphic But according to critics they weren't dark enough to count. Same for their plus sized cosplayers. Most of the originals left because they weren't plus sized enough.

No. 87985

Lmao what the fuck? being extra selectivd and publicly shaming people who didn't cut it for even signing up?

No. 87986

File: 1586122609575.jpg (47.73 KB, 576x1024, EUbEVyYUMAMH4-W.jpg)

The participant in the original list who received the death threats is a plus sized cosplayer so yea.

The entire shitstorm reeked of people who were upset they ignored/missed the sign up.

No. 87998

Yeah genius I get that. I don't give a shit who or what people ship or do. What I'm saying is Staz is whining about Akrcos "lewding minors" cuz of think of the children and pedophilia and social justice. While simultaneously wanting to do pairing shots of a shotacon pairing.

I was pointing out the dumbass hypocrisy of attempting to attack a bigger cosplayer for that social justice clout when wanting to do something that's the exact same.

I'm not even the original poster I just thought it was a funny addition to the cringe. Cuz yeah. Dude's pretty cringe.

No. 88000

File: 1586130800725.png (783.13 KB, 796x1434, Screenshot_20200405-194810.png)

Dropped one of the cringe pics sorry.

No. 88021

File: 1586143193904.jpeg (693.41 KB, 750x1351, 99433838-5CE9-4283-A95D-AF436A…)

Riss had a livestream the other day, check out the two flatscreens and new cosplay. Nice to know that kitty simp money is going to a good place.

No. 88027

Kitty simp money, print simp money, they even got their simps to buy them animal crossing just by mentioning it. But they're "hurting so bad" with bills while raking in 800 a month on patreon as well as all the other shit.

They're also taking wig commissions for the Giorno hair roses and called it their trademark as if they're the only one who's done it. You know that shits gonna be overcharged af because that's what people with clout do. Aka mostflogged and monchichitanuki

No. 88032

File: 1586152317404.jpeg (723.39 KB, 2165x1317, craftchella original.jpeg)

I guess it's not immediately obvious that some of the people from the original lineup are poc just from looking at the graphic. The updated lineup did include more black and brown cosplayers but they also added more white cosplayers.

It's a shame that people got bullied out of the lineup instead of just more people being added. One of the streams wasn't on a unique topic, but the other one was about self photography which is really useful especially now that everyone is self-isolating.

No. 88034

>I guess it's not immediately obvious that some of the people from the original lineup are poc

Yaya Han is white now?

No. 88066

You didn't hear? Apparently Asians don't count as PoC. They white now.

No. 88109

Not immediately obvious, anon. Not that there are none.

No. 88333

File: 1586460555245.jpg (38.37 KB, 415x519, NSU4ALL.jpg)

Anyone catch Kamui being an absolute retard today? Her two non spayed dogs are in heat and extremely stressed out trying to gratify the urges and she thinks it's hilarious and still walk them off leash. But never fear they are totally 'trained to bark at the bad guy dogs! Ignoring the health risks who sits there and thinks two female dogs desperately trying to deal with their instincts is hilarious?

No. 88411

File: 1586552700663.png (370.09 KB, 919x434, arda.PNG)

after arda rides the craftchella drama to try and recruit for their totally original online con idea, they post their panels and it's bottom of the barrel garbage.

arda-wigs.com/ pages/ panel-schedule

No. 88414

Her breasts sure are.

No. 88418

>#blackcosplayers #poccosplayers #blackcosplayer #poccosplayer #cosplayer #blackartist #pocartist #blackartists

Not even a little bit subtle

No. 88427

I’m pretty sure the 2nd flatscreen is their roommates and they just brought it out from her room to put next to eachother to play ac tbh

No. 88439

Wow. Bunch of opportunistic harpies.

No. 88466

She deleted the post. Anyone know why? Was she getting her well deserved backlash?

No. 88474

How do these panels even spread to virtual cons, there’s always 3 or more at real ones and no one even cares about those. Did Arda not have many other options or is it to be progressive?

No. 88476

Arda began pushing their con hard with those tags the day Craftchella was getting dragged for not having enough black cosplayers in their list of volunteers. The panel submission form also called for PoC and LGBT cosplayers to submit. IMO they're trying to paint themselves as progressive and black cosplayer friendly, unlike "that other" con even if it means half their programming is how to be a POC cosplayer and diversity in cosplay.

No. 88485

Quite a few people were on her about it and she was responding. Last one I saw was someone pointing out health issues and how both dogs seemed overtly stressed. Her reply was "My vet said it's fine." Which to me said she's not being truthful to her vet. Doubt country makes much of a difference but if your dogs are stressed and humping each other and objects most vets are going to tell you to fix the animal.

No. 88496

That's really sad considering how much she uses her dogs as promo for her cosplays. She even sells calendars and merch of them.

No. 88501

The worse was her saying they're trained to bark at boy dogs. Excusing how easy it is for an accident to happen a bigger dog could hurt them. Like she was pretty delusional about how it was ever so funny and she just liked making other people smile.

No. 88513

>Midna and Zelda are not fixed, but we trained them to bark all other boys away and to only love each other, ha ha!

What the fuck. "Training" your dog to bark at other dogs isn't a substitute for fixing your pets, nor will that stop a dog in heat from mating. I can't believe she thinks this is cute.

No. 88515

t-minus how long until someone gifts Riss the new ff game? she started really whining yesterday after dropping hints about not being able to afford it (per usual) and then the trans cloud cosplay tonight..

No. 88529

Not to mention how rude it is to purposely train your dogs to bark at other dogs and to take those dogs out in public. They must be such a public nuisance

No. 88539

There's this one UK cosplayer who ONLY does sakizou, always looks frumpy as hell and just hides bad finishing under swarovskis and a tight laced corset. I'll be very glad when these costumes aren't fashionable. Have already started to see a few competitions ban them as entries. They're just boring now

No. 88540

File: 1586700444380.png (1.18 MB, 1067x1300, Screenshot_20200412-095805~2.p…)

I'm really over this "I'm so funny and fun!!" persona she's been posting with. Everything she does now is either manic or made solely to push her books and make money. She's even said she won't travel to cons anymore.

I liked her more before she had to admit that half her work was her husband's and rebrand "kamui cosplay" as two people.

No. 88547

Considering her history of "indirectly" begging for her followers to buy her games, not long. Also don't get me started on her Cloud """cosplay""", the make-up is WAY too heavy for a character like him (or any of the characters she decides to cosplay) and just looks weird.

No. 88551

off leash mind you. She sees no reason her two stressed in heat dogs should be on a leash when out in public. I own a corgi, they are already talkers they do not need to be trained to bark more.It'd be like owning a husky and encouraging midnight howls in the middle of the street.
I think she'll go to Blizzcon since her big build is that Demon Brig. If they have it. I get a feeling even if we get vaccines and such. A lot of major event gather places are gonna hold off until next year since there's word a lot of new regulations are going to be implemented.

No. 88621

Her videos are awful because she’s so try hard with “teehee I’m random and funny too!” In them

No. 88740

File: 1586823057987.jpeg (257.52 KB, 742x1296, 1FFB7059-4098-4FC4-90DD-EC7993…)

Love it when cosplayers prove that they only cosplay for clout and won’t even give the source material a chance. This person has been mentioned in this thread before, and they keep driving home the fact that they are a cow.

No. 88741

>haven't read source
>this character is chaotic right?
>Homestuck in general

Jesus, I fucking hate Homestuck fans and those who pretend they aren't into it just for shit like this. I can't tell but is this a photoshop face pain job It looks way too clean and slightly burned like a brush would be in PS.

No. 88745

Not to wk, but could they be talking about re-reading it?

But why would you leave the gums pink tho…

No. 88746

I'm surprised people still lick Arda's ass. Their wigs aren't great for the price and they keep trying to jump on trends without knowing what they're about (see: their "ita bag"). The only thing they've got going for them is the color matching system, but other wig brands have that too.

Helen Alice? She has decent technical skills, but doesn't know how to make designs look good on her. Every cosplay she's made makes her look short or frumpy.

No. 88747

I’ve followed this person for awhile, to my knowledge they have not read it

No. 88748

This fake woke pandering bullshit era really needs to end. How is this any different than demanding an all white panel or all asian or anything else? People should be qualified for their skill set, not their skin color

No. 88749

Jfc, what a stupid bitch. Get your dogs fixed. I hate people who think getting their dogs fixed is somehow the same as castrating them and thinking it's the same as human sex drive when it's not. do it for their health and safety

No. 88750

What's a good wig brand to support? I've been using arda for a few years but this entire craftchella mocking is really pissing me off, so i'd rather support another company if i can. Arda really is overpriced. their quality has dropped over the years too

No. 88751

i use japanese shops and can recommend some if you'd like! most other western wig shops for cos are just going to be precut.

No. 88757

I like fivewits a lot

No. 88761

>Have already started to see a few competitions ban them as entries.
Oh sweet Jesus how I hope this will become an universal rule. As a seasoned judge who's sick and tired of seeing smug, subpar sakizou cosplayers as contestants this would be a blessing. Nothing's more irritating than having to go through a contestant's frumpy ass pile of drooping ruffles and swarowskis, then having to deal with the aftermath as they pitch a fit when they don't place with their surefire ticket to victory. Sakizou in general is a red flag to me because it screams "I want attention", as they're just designs you don't need to go through the effort of actually giving a shit about the source material and they're so busy normies will have their jaws dropped even if your end result looked like a kindergarten crafts project.

Just order from China like Arda does. Skip the middle man.

No. 88763

Not OP but it'd still be great. Arda is a shifty company and Epic can get pricey, too.

No. 88767

They haven't read it. They also took to an InstaLive to complain about a person copying them by also cosplaying the Warden and dropped his handle to his fanbase and lied, again, about being a CisMale. They're trans but I'm getting Fahr vibes. Might be time to unfollow.

No. 88774

Yeah that's her. I had to judge her stuff once and my god is it all unfinished and messy. She also got caught out photoshopping her references for a competition once. Nobody likes her in the UK community

No. 88779

i'm mostly out of the loop with the Helen milk but i know everyone doesn't like her. With the uk 4chan cgl thread constantly overrun with the AL drama it's hard to discuss anything else.
Is there a tdlr of the bad stuff she's done? sorry for asking to be spoonfed

No. 88780

They admitted to only reading the wiki to the character and to be doing it for the current bump of attention Homestuck has atm cuz 4/13 or whatever.

You know clout chasing. Georgia's full of this shit.

No. 88787

>Have already started to see a few competitions ban them as entries.
>Oh sweet Jesus how I hope this will become an universal rule.

Have to disagree here. It's one thing if a contest is banning Sakizous along with other non-visual media or artbook sources or tightening up what counts as a usable source, but banning something because you don't like them is petty judging. It's easy to tell the difference between a bad Sakizou and a good one, and if it's a bad cosplay just don't award it and move on and enjoy the buttmad reaction when they don't win.

I agree there is a lot of terribly Sakizous from famewhores like Sarah Spaceman and the overall attitude about them being easy wins is bad, but good ones do exist.

No. 88818

I'd also like to know why she's disliked… She seemed nice the times I've spoken to her, but I don't know anything about her history.

No. 88820

from what i could gather on 4chan people only seem to discuss her craftsmanship but that can't warrant for her to be an "infamous" name on there, I've always been curious why so many people dont like her, i might not be looking in the right places tho

No. 88824

File: 1586898836033.jpg (81.66 KB, 1080x1350, 75419835_519963738823287_32117…)

People I know in the US cosplay community love to kiss her ass just because she can make corsets. I remember hearing about her photoshopped reference drama, but I don't remember the details.

I'm not from the UK, so my post isn't 100% accurate but from what I've gathered, a lot of people don't like her because of her arrogance. She went to school for fashion (corsetry, iirc) and acts like a know-it-all on the topic despite her craftsmanship being questionable and her cosplays being inaccurate and ill-fitting. She also considers herself a "top cosplayer" on the same level as actually talented cosplayers like Cowbutt Crunchies.
>pic related. The top is supposed to be an overbust corset, but instead, she's wearing an underbust corset and a bra.

No. 88834

I see nothing wrong with cosplaying a character from a series you don't really know if you like their design or things you've seen about them, but to be so snooty outright saying "I will not ready a page of this series" is so rude to the fandom? That's what rubs me the wrong way about this

No. 88840

File: 1586913286712.jpg (186.5 KB, 1701x634, 51737772_1488371861295187_1267…)

Just looked at her facebook. I think what she posts does look master level, but she makes some bad proportion decisions sometimes. That doesn't excuse arrogance though.

No. 88862

They're not even doing it cuz they like the design or character. Only because Homestuck was getting a lot of views that day.

To be such a shit about never reading it and to only unabashedly being doing it for the views is just…ugh. Like hey, your fandom sucks but like give me those sweet likes and follows sheep.

No. 88863

Not to beat a dead horse but ultimately doing this undermines the entire meaning of cosplay. I personally have no qualms for flavor of the month cosplays or even cosplayers who strictly cosplay popular characters, however my respect for those people immediately goes down the drain when they publicly admit to having no interest in the anime/comic/etc. It just proves that they are doing this for likes and comments, it just comes off as selfish. That being said, people can cosplay whatever they want but under these circumstances I’d definitely be judging them.

No. 88865

I was being hyperbolic, idiot. Of course banning a single source alone would be unfair and petty but I can still dream don't I. Sakizou cosplayers tend to be attention whores who think they're entitled to win competitions just because they were assed to make some ruffles and beading. It's the "eeveelution gijinka worbla armor" of craftsmanship, a lazy idea with a lazy rendition to get easy fame.

Why do subpar corseters always turn out to be a one-trick pony? You'd think being professional they'd be interested in widening their roster of skills but it's always the same corset with the same form as the main piece + whatever thrown on top of it. And they're celebrated as master class seamstresses because m-muh boning so hard.

I think cosplaying characters without knowing the series is stupid and dishonest to begin with because it's insulting to the fanbase and the creator, and I hate how normalized it has become in the past few years. It's almost trendy to pick characters you don't give a shit about because being "too into it" isn't attractive to normies handing out that sweet exposure on Instagram.

No. 88873

I've never met her but i do hear a lot of mostly london/south based cosplayers get really upset over her the past few years especially when she wins. This is the first I've heard about the shooping refs because im so out of the loop but thats pretty bad alone to warrant some buzz around her authenticity.
From pics alone her stuff does look very well made and if i was in a competition with her i'd be intimidated, it makes me think that it's majority jealousy from other cosplayers why she's so hated because being arrogant is like 95% of the cosplayers who have a semi decent following and compete at london mcm etc.

Unless theres more milk other than her attitude being sour and the shooping refs it screams jealousy imo.

No. 88875

Revolving door of best friends, countless personal fights and bitchiness, posting personal stuff about people on cgl, just generally being a cunt to people tbh. She's a mean girl

No. 88877

Ah, see this makes more sense why people dont like her lol
so scratch this >>88873 where i mentioned jealousy

No. 88878

It's mostly personal dramas within the community so not much you'd be able to find online. She's very careful about hiding it all from her public personas despite anyone who knows her knowing she's an awful person

No. 88879

A couple of UK cons have banned her from guesting I've been told, because of her bad attitude and unprofessionalism

No. 88880

I know some UK cosplayers are very good at hiding their drama online so this make a lot of sense.
This reminds me of Kelly Jean and her threads on lolcow that got removed + a since lifted ban of making new threads about her. Majority of her drama was word of mouth and i remember anons out of the loop would get frustrated by the lack of screenshots/evidence when Kelly would do all of her dirty behavior irl so there was no online trail. Her disgusting behavior in her own threads on this site have also been wiped due to threats of being sued. She's smart.

No. 88883

Aa someone who's based in Europe, I can recommend Coscraft (based in Ireland) a lot! Their wigs are SUPER thick (sometimes too thick) and aren't anywhere near as expensive as Arda. Plus their continuously trying to add more colour and styles to their collection (they temporarily closed shop due to COVID tho).

No. 88893

Seconding them. It's a damn shame they only have one lace front style at the moment, but their colour selection and quality makes it worth it to style and cut yourself

No. 88897

>Have already started to see a few competitions ban them as entries.
>I was being hyperbolic, idiot.

So which one is it?

No. 88899

Not the same poster, I stated I've seen comps ban them, someone else said the hyperbolic comment

No. 88925

Which ones and can you provide any of them announcing this besides she said, he said gossip from jealous cosplayers who can't sew decently?

No. 88926

Guessing she found this thread then(hi cow)

No. 88927

You're talking out your ass about something as big as cons banning her, but would rather hi cow than provide anything to back it up. You can at least give the names of the so-called cons that have? If you're going to try to start milk then back it up.

No. 88929

I gotta agree, is there proof of cons banning her?

No. 88931

Literally says in the original comment "was told" chill, since when has this site needed vehement proof for every bitchy thing said about someone? It's not possible to get proof of everything

No. 88932

Even if you dont have screencap proof you should have the names of what cons she's banned from or who refused to work with her. If you can't even give that, it's a rumor, not milk.

No. 88934

Hey newfag. There is a difference between spoonfeeding and then asking for proof when there is absolutely nothing else in thread to back up a claim like 'I heard'. If you heard then you should know which conventions these were rumored at least, so provide something.

No. 88936

You realize those are two different anons, right?


NTA but you're taking this awfully personally. I very much doubt there would be proof like a con releasing a public statement that they're banning this certain cosplayer from competing, most likely it would be done discreetly and more like a blacklist type of thing than actual "ban" and even that would be kept under the wraps. If she has photoshopped reference images she has submitted, I definitely believe she would be disallowed from entering certain competitions.

No. 88952

Don't know about the bannings, but I know she royally pissed off the MCM cosplay team/reedpop when she went on a public rant about not being chosen for the crown championships, and bitched about the judges on the post

No. 88954

While true, if someone claims to know she was banned in the first place, surely they know where she was banned from and maybe even why. It doesn't make sense to know she was banned and yet not know the place she was banned from. "She's banned from some contests but I can't tell you which ones or why" either sounds like vague bs or someone who knows something juicy but doesn't want to incriminate themselves in the drama.

No. 88955

Now this is better milk. Do you have a link/screencaps? I tried looking through her sm but can't find it.

No. 88956

Or like the post originally said, they were just told by a friend that it had happened and were passing on the information. Ask anyone who's ever worked with her anyway, it's widely known in the community that she's terrible to work with or hire

No. 88957

Was on her personal page but at the time (about 2 years ago now) screenshots were being circulated within UK judging friends. Iirc Artyfakes was one of the judges and wasn't happy with the things she'd said about her

No. 88977

I partially agree with this just because a lot of things are said behind closed doors in the community, but I agree with the other anon and that if the rumors are true, there should at least be con names this time.

No. 88997

File: 1587019745759.jpeg (264.94 KB, 733x933, 7A407B7F-0C54-41E3-9BA4-549BCD…)

Anyone know what ever happened to Joanna Bert? She posted this rant and then deleted her Instagram. She had a decent following. She recently remade her Instagram

No. 88998

File: 1587019771783.jpeg (110.86 KB, 750x776, 1BFFCFEF-7386-4AFF-A5A8-DC0516…)

Her new profile

No. 88999

Looks like she just moved on and grew out of the hobby as a main interest.

No. 89023

no idea. I only knew of her because of mutuals with an ex boyfriend of hers from years ago that they had a nasty break up, haven't heard of her since

No. 89118

Is she a anti? You know, that kind of people who harass others for liking "problematic" ships.

No. 89183

Her eyes got messed up and she has to wear glasses or she's blind. She can't perform or cosplay since she's too vain to wear glasses.
IMO she was never super passionate about cosplay, she liked the attention and wanted to drive people to her business. It's probably better for her to focus on other things since she was too focused on fame and followers.

No. 90023

File: 1587940199960.jpeg (792.07 KB, 2048x2048, C601971B-5E18-4712-854F-D3FA39…)

I hate this so much.
Everyone is hopping on the Lore Olympus cosplay trend. The artwork to start off is incredibly ugly and poorly drawn and colored. and the cosplays aren’t any better.

No. 90028

Anon the Lore Olympus "trend" has been a thing for awhile. The artwork is pretty bad (the characters all look like each other, just recolored) so that's why the cosplays are lackluster.

No. 90063

And yet no one brought it up before.

No. 90095

Yes, you’re so special. You did a great job and I’m so proud of you. Either get some actual milk or go back to cgl.

No. 90104

something tells me that this is the same anon who brought up lore olympus in multiple threads in the past two days. it's not a good comic but jesus, calm yourself.

No. 90136

Well, it is a cringe thread and lore olympus closet dumbass cosplays are pretty cringe. I never understood why it only took off this year when the comic has been around for years.

No. 90148

Someone popular probably cosplayed it so everyone started jumping on the bandwagon.

No. 90149

But I saw an upsurge in cosplays recently on my feed is all

No. 90150

They choose some of the worse cosplays from it too from people who actually look like they are poor and can only afford closet cosplays and Michaels crafts. Anon is salty that Lore Olympus got popular or something. Wait until they hear a movie/show was announced last year.

No. 90173

Honestly though the designs from Lore Olympus are simple enough that beginners can cosplay them and add their own spin to it. There is room for artistic liberty. I don't really understand the hate but to each their own I guess. This doesn't seem like a milky topic imo.

No. 90192

I dislike it because of how monochromatic they are? As much as I hate SU, at least people gave it some depth (in some circumstances)

I don't hate that new cosplayers can do it, I hate how cringy cosplayers latched onto it and it became an instant one day closet trash cosplay. Kinda how homesick was.

No. 90473

So I'm not up to date on my wokeness but doesn't this count as blackface?(racebait)

No. 90475

>pink, blue, yellow facepaint
>doesn't this count as blackface
Anon. It's even in the name. kek.

No. 90476

In what universe would that be blackface? They're cosplaying Olympic gods from the webcomic, who are for some reason multicolored. But regardless, they aren't even trying to portray an actual 'race'.

No. 90486

… How?
Even the most SJW of SJW wouldn't think that as blackface? What do you think blackface is?

No. 96999

File: 1590870782369.jpg (201.17 KB, 720x1068, usingblmforgain.jpg)

This cosplayer has been posted in this thread before but on the cusp of cosplayers using the BLM movement for their own financial gain we have strayosama. Who only linked to charities to donate to after merely mentioning George Floyd's name to get more hits on their sale post before editing it (which I sadly missed capping). Not the milkiest thing in the world but e-sobbing about their own situation when called out?? Why they didn't just use that instead of attempting to hijack a movement to move some figures for rent money is beyond me.

No. 97751

never heard of them before, only drama i heard in Georgia is from Sarahspaceman. anyone else?

No. 97770

I have personal experience with Jay, he used to go by @yandereoji (probably spelled that wrong) but he essentially dropped out of high school for cosplay. He also had a friend group who dropped him recently but I’m not sure why, some sort of personal drama. Jay/Staz has a superiority complex and always has to have the best cosplays. I’ve gone on trips with this dude and the amount of shit talking he does about others is insane. I can’t give any photo proof because a lot of this stuff was in person.

No. 97775

That's the problem, unfortunately. So much of the shit I know is in person, as well, and he goes after people for doing the same character as him so I'm not about to out myself. He quit his most recent job after a week (well before the Corona) because it was too hard and still planned cosplay and out of town trips.

No. 98296

File: 1591288981426.jpg (509.63 KB, 1656x1472, 101424780_252348066102474_1219…)

It's gross how weebs are using blm as an opportunity to show off how uwu understanding of Asian-Americans they are. Pic related was posted by someone I follow who is 0% East Asian/Southeast Asian and whose friends are almost exclusively white.

No. 98694

>drama in big name cosplayers and cons being created
>even when literally no cons are ongoing
Big fucking yikes. Absolutely disgusting.
This just goes to show how drama-thirsty the cosplay scene is. It's like a reality pageant show. Toddlers and tiaras, folks.

No. 98698

File: 1591421519769.jpeg (1.02 MB, 2048x2048, 9AABA9EA-DA8C-432E-8FA4-B08129…)

The reason she restarted her account was because at D23 or Disney Expo she and group of Disney princesses decided to do “old” versions of the princesses and they decided to use Cranes and Wheelchairs.

Many disabled cosplayers did not like that because they themselves have issues going to cons because other cosplayers treat disabled people like shit. Everyone was mad that they did such an insensitive thing.

She made a new account that focuses on princess parties for hire. I am not sure how Disney allows that since none of them are cast members but she now keeps her identity private besides her business account @smileandasongprincessparties

No. 98700

She just turned 31 this month. Her and @for_the_love_of_clod got engaged last year in April at DisneyWorld Orlando. They got a Photopass person to take pictures of their engagement so they must have money.

She is no longer cosplaying lapis because her poor ship Lapidot (lapis and peridot) didn’t become canon in the show so now she is salty. Apparently Cartoon Network invited her to the premiere of Steven Universe The Movie alongside with Lizardhey or whatever her name is.

Now that Steven Universe is over she is now selling Boudoir pics and began her “career” on tik tok as any other money begging cosplayers does now a days.

Doesn’t seem like she has a job because she never mentions it, last time I heard was that she worked at a Bar.

Her life seems to be okay but she still money begs but not too much as she used to back in 2017 when she asked people to donate to her so she could buy herself a $5 McGriddle at a con.

No. 98722

I assume you mean canes? For the party princesses thing, they've existed for a long time and Disney has never really acted against them, they know it's not interfering with their income stream and it's actually giving them even more brand loyalty, the kids will want more merch and more park visits, and the princesses for hire are often super-fans who will also buy a ton of merch and go to the parks. It's pretty much free advertisement.

No. 98780

Yeah, Princess party companies are a super grey area because technically they don't compete with Disney cuz Disney doesn't have a comparable product. And no one will mistake the party companies as being affiliated with Disney. They could basically only go after copyright infringement.

If Disney starts renting out Princesses nationwide they'll probably care.

No. 98797

File: 1591486405149.png (1.3 MB, 1080x1584, Screenshot_20200606-192727~2.p…)


More coplayers are capitalizing on
the BLM movement in order to generate more comments and game the algorithm. A lot are posting unrelated cosplay photos with "activism" related comments.
Salted.Fishcakes is just a no name cosplayer who abuses beauty filters but this is the only kind of content appearing in the tag now.

No. 98801

This is such a lazy attempt at engagement. BLM resources are literally everywhere and you don't even go out of your way to look for them.

No. 98816

File: 1591497128083.jpeg (345.37 KB, 750x1188, EC8A38B9-B700-45BF-86AA-2F2DF8…)

Uniglitter has been under fire for advertising the release of their red white and blue glitter combo.

No. 98819

This is so stupid and just another example of the community attacking anyone not vocal enough. They were hinting at their July 4th release, not making a statement in support of the police. Not the smartest move given the cancel-happy public right now but I'm getting sick of cosplayers demand that everyone stop posting, stop advertising your livelihood, stop making money right now.

(Unless you're a thot. Business is as usual for them)

No. 98837

I saw this post on my feed earlier and it honestly feels like she’s trying to be sly about self promoting during all of this. She’s actively asking people to comment (which would boost her reach in theory) about BLM (which would use those key words to put her on more explore feeds) and on top of that she’s asking OTHER people to comment resources on her OWN post. Whether you’re with the movement or not, it’s not hard to see how lazy this girl is. And I haven’t even talked about her cosplay.

No. 98855

It is pretty tone deaf for them to put out a July 4th teaser right now since it's basically "WOOHOO USA #1!!!": The Holiday when there's so much civil unrest right now. I don't agree with the statement that Uniglitters is supporting cops by making a July 4th glitter though.

No. 98949


Even Kamui is guilty of this now, posting a completely unrelated cosplay video with a BLM comment to stay relevant. Then again I'm not surprised since she's been capitalizing on it to boost her up in the algorithm since day one.

No. 98950

File: 1591556871714.png (896.89 KB, 1080x1476, Screenshot_20200607-150452~2.p…)

No. 99140

File: 1591591379808.jpeg (698.4 KB, 750x1204, 15AD254A-422E-49BE-8466-46BD8B…)

Not sure where to post this but didn’t want to derail the homestuck thread in snow. An anon mentioned how it was so typical that Hussie just shacked up with a trophy wife costhot but I looked up his wife and… this?? is the best he could get? Homestuck fandom is garbage but there were still some really damn talented, if not also super attractive, cosplayers and this is who he ended up with? All of her wigs look shoddy, but her 2B is really… did she just pull it out of the bag, hack at it blindfolded, and then stuck it to her head? How do you to through the process of making 2B’s entire dress and then skimp out on the wig so badly?

sorry for sperging lol maybe shes got a great personality or whatever

No. 99188

File: 1591596714713.png (746.61 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20200608-020951.png)

I mean, okay at least they went to protest but the HEY LOOK AT ME I WAS THERE is going to be a thing to this degree?? All because no one would know who he was so he needed to let people know it was him??? The protests are making cosplayers very gross.

No. 99201

This person not only is pulling the “see?? See me?” But they also got a double whammy by not blocking out the protester’s faces.

No. 99202

People who don't want to spam their feed with politics up the ass are hounded for being silent racists even when they're ESL and not American but shit like this gets the pass only because it's ~speaking up and spreading awareness~. It's so fucking obvious they're both playing the algorithm with a topical issue and generating exposure with the comments flooding in. That's a huge ass yikes moment right there. But to be honest I'm gonna give Kamui the benefit of doubt of her just lacking an ungodly amount of tact by posting a WIP of something she's finished but then figuring "oh right, crazy Americans will think I'm an asshole for not addressing BLM, maybe this will do".

How is a red-blue-white glitter combo "problematic" even if it wasn't a 4th of July special? BLM activists still live in the US and are American, that's their fucking country. It's not like they were printing out confederate flags or something for crying out loud.

No. 99204

she’s shelby cragg (artist for homestuck and former bnf from the fandoms glory days, did calliopes art in the comic)’s sister so she’s not completely a random costhot. didn’t know they actually tied the knot though, damn. That’s like a 20 year age difference.

No. 99230

File: 1591619773789.png (435.98 KB, 1080x1597, Screenshot_20200608-083219~2.p…)


I can't blame them for posting these, when anyone who dares to post a nonpolitical post is getting shamed.

No. 99254


Fucking rich considering Silhouette has posted fuck all. Unless somebody called her out on it and she's deflecting.

No. 99256

File: 1591623722357.png (907.83 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200608-093942.png)


>Post regular progress with last minute BLM hashtags


This is all getting extremely performative. What are people who make their living with Cosplay content supposed to do? Sacrifice their career when the algorithm kills their account for not posting for a month?

No. 99261

Well they expect Uniglitter stop posting and producing product so…. Yeah. They apparently do.

When your only "contribution" to a cause is posting links, you need to shit on anyone who doesn't conform to that. Otherwise it makes it obvious how little you're really doing.

No. 99262

>Kissing Kamui's ass this hard
>Throw BLM into normal posts guise, it'll make it totally okay!

This is a bad take and just encourages more performative wokeness.

No. 99263

Always got cunty clout chaser vibes from silhouette, glad they're confirmed.

Why the fuck are these people constantly posting though? Can't they just fuck off social media or something if they want to #just #listen and give space to the oppressed? Why are they posting these virtue signaling takes around the clock? I've been posting normal content and literally nothing about BLM and I feel like that's way more appropriate than on/off activism where your main focus isn't to make things better but shame others and outwoke your peers. You can make a $1000 donation in silence instead of gloating about it.

Bitch would be tearing Kamui apart for the pandering "oh right go BLM" line tagged on her WIPs if she was some no-name cosplayer lmfao. God I'm so sick of pretentious, performative and hypocritical pageant speeches in the cosplay community.

No. 99285

File: 1591633209371.png (488.8 KB, 1080x1626, Screenshot_20200608-121629~2.p…)

>You can make a $1000 donation in silence instead of gloating about it.

Not according to Silhouette and her gang of virtue signalers.

I'm sure they'd lose their shit if anyone flipped the story and told them that tweeting is great but they needed to also donate or call their senators.

No. 99327

I get that but the point was their friend found this pic on a rando site, showed them, so it comes over very "look I was there to at this candid!! I got featured!" This is after they basically did what Kamyi did but more gross and posted about BLM on a sales posts without links to anything and have only started posting about BLM actively since that got posted here.

No. 100235

File: 1592019650125.png (489.69 KB, 750x1334, 1AEA6C7A-2E1A-4288-B2A1-DC4B80…)

Cosplayers in falls getting outed as racists

No. 100236

File: 1592019720095.png (498.63 KB, 750x1334, D5E40F41-358C-42D7-98CE-FFA254…)

Racist humor/meme posts he and his girlfriend posted

No. 100237

File: 1592019749749.png (963.48 KB, 750x1334, 1A454F4B-653C-47B7-A852-283572…)

No. 100238

File: 1592019778728.png (1.11 MB, 750x1334, A8F00EF9-E2B5-44D8-9094-79EA07…)

No. 100239

File: 1592019815962.png (950.63 KB, 750x1334, 0DDCE0B4-AD85-49AA-A8E2-56F19E…)

No. 100240

File: 1592019873956.png (704.47 KB, 750x1334, E2283B60-5506-42BC-B30A-CD54BC…)

Trying to cover their tracts because they are afraid to lose their jobs

No. 100241

File: 1592019969891.png (636.19 KB, 750x1334, 158D95A7-B8CC-49A7-9033-4F6F5A…)

Michael and Lori’s friend circle

No. 100246

Who the fuck even is this? You gotta give us more info anon.

No. 100412

What happened is cosplayers from Dallas have been found to be sharing racist jokes and not seeing the issue with their actions. There was a public call out post by someone named rose that is floating around. These were screenshots from that post. There was more but I didn’t catch it all. But looks like the joke tellers are now worried for their jobs because they got caught

No. 100416

I know I'd be called out to hell and back for this but I let out an ugly laugh at the calculator meme.

No. 100419

File: 1592092305571.jpg (227.93 KB, 1080x1110, IMG_20200614_003943.jpg)

What's happening is that everybody is trying to "cancel" everybody and everyone is fighting over who is more ~WOKE~ and who is more ~OPPREZEDS~ pretending to care about actual issues when in reality it's all about brownie points, followers and popularity.
Even the popular Lisa Lou Who clip of trying to call out Leon Chiro is taken out context and the whole thread is so full of shit. Anyone who knows Lisa and the history between those two knows the real ulterior motives behind that BS lol.
Don't get me wrong, that guy is another narcissistic lying diva, but this is like the pot calling the kettle black.

Cosplayers are just narcissistic cunts with high schooler or pageant queen mentalities. If you can't bully someone else for being ugly, do it for them being allegedly muh racist sexist xyzphobic 100 years ago.

The milk doesn't even taste good anymore, it's just cringey and repetitive over the years.

No. 100498

Can't this bitch go like 1 second without causing drama? Everyone knows she's doing this as a performance and trying to cancel people over nothing just so she can elbow the competition out. Your generic white girl who creates subpar cosplays and relies on sex appeal, only known for stirring petty shit.

"Profiting off racists' money" bitch trying to be all slick when she's profiting off of sexist coomers' money and sleeps your nights well. The ones who throw money at her probably turn around to harass other girls and treat women like meat bags to begin with. I went to take a break off cosplay when the lockdown started and all the conventions were cancelled for the year and seeing people posting spicy takes like this makes me wonder if I ever want to return.

No. 100523

Has she actually even done anything besides post on Twitter whining about what other people are or are not doing?

And does she REALLY think racist white boys wanting to fap are gonna not buy her pics cuz she's pro-BLM? Like honey. You're earning that racist money too. Ya better be getting all your followers and donating that money to BLM causes if you don't wanna come across as a total overstepping tool. Fucking White Savior performance art.

No. 100554

>And does she REALLY think racist white boys wanting to fap are gonna not buy her pics cuz she's pro-BLM? Like honey. You're earning that racist money too.
This. Her simps won't care that she's caping for BLM, they'll still pay to see a titty. If anything they probably get off on degrading a "progressive" thot that sells her body and laugh at her for trying to be classier than she really is. She's raking in that sweet racist money too and there's no denying it, girl wouldn't be anything if it wasn't for the cumbrains following her for the sex content. Pathetic and embarrassing, she needs to sit the fuck down.

No. 101861

File: 1592797580663.jpg (344.22 KB, 1080x1942, IMG_20200622_041731.jpg)

>BIPOC cosplayers
>black, indigenous and/or people of color cosplayers
are you fucking kidding me
I'm poc and even to me this shit is so fucking degrading and humiliating
soon it's going to turn into another LGBTQIXYZABCBBQ+ acronym debate

No. 101879

I was wondering about this, I thought exactly the same thing about BIPOC, only seen white people use the term so far.

No. 101894

I mean considering the habits of black cosplayers to randomly discount other POC cosplayers as POC(Remember original craftchella was only white people despite at least four of them being Asian and another I think Latina.) and activately saying they AREN'T POC I'm not surprised.

It'll at least make it clearer what their complaints are and that's usually that THEY aren't centered not POC in general.

No. 101925

how is it indicative of 'underrepresented' groups when yanks already think racism against black people is the be all end all of racism and when black yanks love to pretend that they're the only people on earth to experience racism? i'm surprised black yanks even oh so graciously allowed the I and didn't just make it BPOC tbh

No. 101940

File: 1592856243727.jpeg (247.22 KB, 750x1286, 195203E0-6539-4BF8-A0DD-50E8E6…)


UWU I’m Trans but wants to be feminine presenting and still be considered a guy.

>Their “trans” icon is Fish Eye from Sailor Moon

>Their assigned gender is female
>wants to be feminine presenting but still be considered a guy
>That’s just being a cis girl
>Has no dysphoria
>calls themselves a “soft boy” or “magical boy”
>Bad example of a transgender person
>The stereotypical “uwu softboi”

No. 101943

Light-skinned POC (East Asians, Latinos, some indigenous people, etc.) aren't POC according to black cosplayers because their skin isn't dark enough. This is the exact same situation where SJW artists on Tumblr had where they would make Asian anime characters black because the show didn't have any REAL POC according to them.

No. 101947

>according to black cosplayers
only shitty "woke" ones.

No. 101954

I thought black people were already considered POC. Why is it black AND Poc? i'm like.. what. this is making my brain hurt.

No. 102009

File: 1592885106066.jpg (483.37 KB, 1080x1636, IMG_20200623_044430.jpg)

>leon cheerio posts he's pro-blm or whatever
>the number one chiro copycat posts this one day later


No. 102010


none of the sane ones bother to disagree, and no white person's suicidal enough to do that

No. 102014

>Actual issues
In the grand scheme of things 90% of their complaints are a non-issue. They're just privileged first world tards who want asspats for a life of adversity they've never experienced.

No. 102050

File: 1592919462432.jpg (1.5 MB, 1242x1854, IMG_7314.jpg)

Imagine having 20k followers and spouting off bullshit like this

No. 102061

saged for ot
as it's been explained to me, bipoc is a more direct way of talking about black people especially when the talk is around blm, since not all poc are just black people.
if you're still confused, i'd suggest talking to others or reading up more outside of this website.

No. 102080

Just because you can, doesn’t me you should

No. 102829

so you think of anniemay characters as real people?

No. 102877

This was already discussed to death >>102089

No. 103233

File: 1593413172308.jpeg (1.73 MB, 3464x3464, E79DF7A1-9201-45C4-8941-4FB6F3…)

Riss Ingersoll, Formerly @A_smile_and_a_song but now @Minteaprince

>Calls themselves a Femboy

>Shows armpit hair with every female cosplay
>Shows binder with every male cosplay
>Wants to be feminine presenting but to be considered a guy
>Thinks every character is trans
>Magical boy/girl
>Is Aro/Ace but sexualizes Lió
>Was “non-binary” then changed into “Trans”
>Thinks they’re uwu soft boy
>Wants top surgery but not T
>Has small chest that has no need for top surgery or binder
>Goes by birth name and she/her pronouns at current job, works for DisneyWorld
>Changed their username from @a_smile_and_a_song to @minteaprince to fill his “soft boi” aesthetic
>There is a whole page dedicated to them because they’re a really shitty person.


Hate account

No. 103234

Damn this cow would be appropriate for the fakeboi and costhot threads, too.

No. 103238


This you, >>103233
vendetta-chan?? Riss has been posted. Stop trying to stir drama because you are jealous as hell. theres no milk on riss.

No. 103240

File: 1593415836955.png (75.67 KB, 250x348, 250px-Villager_SSB4.png)


Verging on nitpick here, but her nose always looked weird to me. Pic related.

No. 103250

Someone always rushes to call vendetta whenever this person as posted. From scrolling their insta they do in fact seem pretty milky, and deserve a mention here or in the fakeboi thread.

No. 103264

No. 103271

I think she’s a flake and wouldn’t be out of place here but she does seem to have a bunch of vendettachans who’ve been trying a bit too hard to start threads on her. I’ve seen at least two threads that ended up being closed or abandoned for having shit OPs and as someone said in the fakeboi thread, the IG hate account seems to be full of the same kind of cosplay fakebois who probably wish they had her popularity. If we’re going to have threads on her I think it’s important to keep in mind that nitpicking someone because you want to be them is not milk.

No. 103274

The problem is that most of her "milk" is boring and repetitive. It's just a generic genderspecial horny fakeboi who e-begs and has an ego on her, people like that are dime a dozen. It was already mentioned in the fakeboi thread over in /snow/ that the people who hatefollow and obsess over her are just likeminded trannies who want to wear her skin and try to cancel her any given chance.

It's probably some newfag who hasn't even realized she already has a goddamn thread about her and keeps posting her to other more active ones in hopes of someone having new material. This literal post >>103233 has been posted in like 3 different threads at this point. The funniest fucking thing is that the vendetta-chan still uses "they" pronouns to address her so that speaks volumes about the previous point of seething fellow troons yearning to skinwalk her.

No. 103289

File: 1593433687775.png (2.67 MB, 750x1334, 76B76FE1-5D48-4C2A-97CD-BDF875…)

Repetitive threads, might seem It’s self posting as a way to gain popularity or pity.

No. 103292


This. Riss is obnoxious, but so is everybody else in that flavor of fakeboi. Being the most popular of a bunch of annoying attention whores doesn't make you milky.

If there's real or recent milk, post it

No. 103347

The only actual milk was the time Riss e-begged to cover costs for a car crash that she caused without telling fans she was the cause of the accident.

Riss e-begs, never posts on patreon, follows momokun and wishes they were the feminine bottom in all their gay ships. There's nothing milky beyond that.

No. 103360

I honestly think Riss is just self posting she seems desperate to stay relevant latey

No. 103377


>Her name is Rissa June Ingersoll.

>She works at Disneyworld at Tony's Town Square Restaurant.

>She egbeggs but since she works for Disney she is getting paid $600 each week because of COVID19

No. 103378

File: 1593480841865.png (2.11 MB, 1080x2220, 75472766_564301144456445_47625…)

No. 103379

File: 1593480949851.png (1.41 MB, 1080x2220, 105809927_203533537568125_1442…)

No. 103380

>We wore masks the whole time
>Photogs literally standing right behind her with no masks

No. 103389

no its been the same instagram gloating anon as the one that made the venus hate instagram. Same off the wall posts and repeating constantly to 'follow these pages for the best info'.

Trying to create milk and use lolcow as an army. Bepsi is unhinged.

No. 103390

or took it off for the photo since they were finished and packing up. They are by their car and not around others but their vicinity.

No. 103410

I don't get it, what's the point of these? Just some nobody that went out for a photoshoot in the middle of nowhere with two people? Is this supposed to be a m-m-muh corona infection risk shaming post or something? I fucking swear this time is a blessing for all the vendettafags who were looking for an excuse to post their nemesis.

No. 103470

vendetta post. no one cares about this person's beach shoot. it's just to shame someone who didn't STAY THE F HOME UNTIL THERE'S A VACCINE!!!11!

no milk here.

No. 103859

I’m surprising enough why no one is talking about Nico Hebe the vegan cosplayer.


> Claim herself as irl Nico Robin.

> Have a massive crush with Trafalgar Law.
> Shipping Nico Robin x Trafalgar Law
> Vegan, always posting veganism to convince people go vegan.
> Patreon, ask people money for her cosplay material and photography.

Those seems normal but this is what the bad things she does :
> Have a very short temper.
> Will attack anyone who doesn’t agreed with her “Trafalgar x Robin” ship while keep complaining about people forcing their ship into her.
> Accused anyone who create a Greek inspired character for copying her friends without a solid proof and instead of apology for her accusation (which she doesn’t apologise) She temporarily disabled her account.
> Wanted to be a famous cosplayer but afraid of people stalking her.

No. 106064

File: 1595343837709.jpg (660.67 KB, 1068x1493, SmartSelect_20200721-110355_In…)

Nope, just a gross clockable woman.

No. 106322

File: 1595480157254.png (990.52 KB, 1080x1234, lio.png)

Honestly the best tea to come from the entire Riss callout drama this week has been the owner of the "callout" account being an even bigger cow than Riss.

She whines that Riss ebegs using kofi and has a coffee herself, and drags Riss for smoking weed and has a video on her own Insta taking a hug bong hit.

She also cosplays JoJos and Lio in shit store bought/poorly made cosplay.

The entire account has always screamed of petty jealousy and looking at her account it's obvious she's made up half of the "proof" posted to the account to feel better about her own bad content.

No. 106324

Is this the loser who kept begging us to hate on them and got defensive because we called out their vendetta postings?

No. 106325

i want to add, damn they are ugly. At least even without makeup, Riss is pretty androgynously cute or whatever term. Hating on Riss when you have a face where you could be related to leather face

No. 106352


Since I don't see anything in the costhot thread, what IS the recent Riss callout drama and how is it different from what's been coming up occasionally for the past few months?

No. 106353

The hate account posted an anon story about Riss sexually assaulting someone when they were 21. Riss then denied it all via insta stories but its now lead to more people posting more stories about Riss being all the negative buzzwords and now Riss has suddenly gone quiet

No. 106373

It has to be. Everytime Riss gets posted here their thread dries up. They are really just a completely average cosplayer drama wise. But for some reason they keep trying.

They posted a story with no proof despite the fact that the person writing the story claims they have photos together. The crazy Bitch running the account is throwing everything at the wall to see what sticks but hasn't posted a simple image of Riss with this supposed 17 year old?

Also, it's not a crime to not talk to someone at a con. I can't get over all these babies posting butthurt stories about how Riss didn't gush over them when they approached to talk and that makes Riss meaaaaan.
Imagine in 2020 trying to cancel someone over a vague story on a page made by an insecure, psycho cosplayer.

No. 106375

Tell me about it. Shit just seems mundane as hell compared to whats happened recently with a cosplayer isaisanisa who got caught kissing a 15 year old when she was in her early 20s

No. 106379

This person is clearly unwell. She's spent months of her time curating an entire account of conflated and blown up details and obsessively stalks Riss's account for any perceived injustice.
The account just reeks of a jealous vendetta chan. If she was really mad about this shit she would spend her time raging about Momokun or someone with actual proven assault allegations from real people.

She deleted her insta account too, so she obviously reads lolcow because this is the only place that I know of that posted her identity.

No. 106385

File: 1595518605885.jpg (251.99 KB, 938x604, Whostheebegger.jpg)

She obviously did not scrub her internet presence well enough and thought deleting her Instagram account would save her.

So she calls Riss a scammer for raising money for a huge unexpected vet bill but has at some point posted her own Go Fund Me for a cosplay space?

No. 106386

File: 1595518720863.jpg (368.45 KB, 925x1212, Wishlist.jpg)

Has multiple posts saying Riss is a scammer for having a kofi and an Amazon Wish list but has both of those thing herself as well?

No. 106391


No. 106392

I think this has gone on long enough. why is anyone still interested in this drama? Riss obviously has some issues, the other girl as well, but at this point it's just a circle. Both parties fighting hard to stay relevant and Riss getting more well known and using the hate page to sob about mean comments & asking for support in form of money again & again.

No. 106393

Hahah, hey Krysta. You want it to end now that we are finding out you're the real cow?

Riss was the only one relevant to begin with and they haven't mentioned money one time during all this. I know that's your biggest pet peeve with Riss so it's telling you'd bring it up trying to play anon here.

No. 106397

idk who either of those people are but what a fucking asshole to insult someone for trying to save their dying cat. she was probably jealous her shitty cosplay GFM did poorly

No. 106411

No fuck that. I think they are sane. Look at the meticulousness of the page they kept up. How often they come back here. I wouldn't even say they have autism. This cosplayer is just a jealous ugly cunt and that's really all there is to it. I'm tired of fucks saying everyone doing something like this has mental illness. How many farmers here are doing the same thing but with proof and have a sound mind fo fucks sake? This person just wishes there was real dirt and like another anon said, they are throwing whatever could possibly stick. It's straight up jealously turned to whatever obsession it is now because they are in too deep with trying to call ut Riss. That's why they come back constantly. Hoping new anons will sign up to their shitty Instagram they keep peddling. Probably the same anon who make the Venus hate Instagram account actually.

Can we get a mod to check on the IPs of the instgram Venus poster and the Riss Instagram poster? I'd love to see if this girl might be the person contacting margo in that case because the instagrammer from the venus thread was doing that. meaning, Medlismelody is a cowtipper.

Man this would be great milk.

No. 106412

Oh, no, no, no. It's just started on Med. We have lots to dig up and the conversation just started. There is nothing on Riss, but someone who selfposts for you to sign up for their Instagram page and constantly comes back to get anons in on a Vendetta is pure, fresh milk. I want to know more about what she's done possibly.

No. 106419

Very true. There's just a lot mentally that goes into making public posts like she does.
Like she's so insecure about her body she has to make up stories about how Riss photoshops their pictures because if she can convince people that Riss doesn't look like that then maybe that will make Riss just as ugly as she is herself.

I wouldn't be surprised if she has multiple hate accounts since she's been spending some time going in on Riss's friends now.

No. 106421

I'll try to find more tonight on them. This is going to be fun. This thread actually hasn't had decent milk in a while except for some pearl clutches and cosplayers doing small scale photoshoots. Not like the tiktok and YouTubers going out and partying. Not that it hasn't been leaked yet maybe.

No. 106427

File: 1595532510264.png (73.03 KB, 2020x503, Screen Shot 2020-07-23 at 12.3…)

Medlismelody was posting on PULL about Riss as well, using her actual username.

Imagine having a hate boner this big

No. 106428

Did she have multiple accounts on pull where she'd reply to herself? lol

No. 106430

PULL is down now so this is just an archived bit of text I found but all the images linked to the PULL cosplay drama thread are the same images later posted to Medlismelody's hate page.

No. 106432

File: 1595535782028.jpg (44.22 KB, 1080x2179, Screenshot_20200723-132252_Ins…)

What a pussy. Her Twitter is still up though

No. 106433

Her insta went down the minute posts about her went up here yesterday.

Can any anons who got caps of her posts laughing about making 40 posts in a day to the hate account share them?

Hi Krysta, I know you're reading.

No. 106437

On a totally unrelated note, does anyone have more info on the guy who's apparently going around and harassing various cosplayers for wearing wigs because he thinks using your own hair is the only right way? I'm not finding his name right now but I've heard of him a few times over the past year and a half or so

No. 106440

So she posted multiple times here and pull all but gave herself away but the moment we remark on this she deletes?

No. 106443

File: 1595538987884.jpeg (59.01 KB, 372x596, CE4979E5-D229-4E61-BCD6-208697…)

No. 106446

Well Riss apologized and Aaron and Eden have been talked to.i think it's over for now! The hate page is not doing anything maybe they haven't seen the posts in Eden's and Ross's story yet. Aobitibaby and aishizaya also commented on it. Some random Cosplayer Accounts too, trying to get a bit of attention through all this drama. Has anyone a working page of this risshater? I only found her Facebook and there is nothing about Riss in the recent days (she posts like 100+ posts a day)

No. 106447

She has two FB and they are both pretty limited to the public. You friends anon?

No. 106449

File: 1595540370671.jpg (371.33 KB, 1080x2057, Screenshot_20200723-170428__01…)

No I just googled her name. It's pretty public I could see most posts but nothing relevant. She has been saying stuff like hating her parents and being pushed off the stairs by her father and moving in with her boyfriend. Whats her other account?

No. 106450

She has one with her real name, you can find it easily but I'm not trying to get banned for doxing

No. 106451

File: 1595540883647.png (377.01 KB, 534x775, Screen Shot 2020-07-23 at 5.47…)

This is cute though considering how much she hates Riss gets more attention than she does

No. 106454

If the person has revealed their name themselves (on an account/profile) and they're of legal age, it's not considered doxxing.

No. 106476

Tiktok is gone too

>Look at the meticulousness of the page they kept up
I don't have the cap from Riss's stories, but Medlismelody as the hate page would also PM users that Riss tagged in stories, to direct them to the hate page and "warn" them about Riss's problematic behavior. It apparently worked sometimes since Riss would post about potential friends bailing over this.

Absolutely calculated behavior with the goal of harassing and isolating Riss.

No. 106490

I feel like I missed something, what's the deal/connection with Aaron and Eden?

No. 106494

File: 1595556402684.png (255.5 KB, 1080x1542, Screenshot_20200723-220520_1.p…)

Tiktok is still up
Insta is still gone though

No. 106514

Scroll or check other cosplay threads on /w/. This person has been spamming all of this for over a year. They have been obsessed. It's spread throughout and I'm not feeling going and searching. It's more fun to know that Medlis is having a mental breakdown and hopefully, with Ross's following, she get's outted and everyone knows that she posts cosplayers on forums and makes hate Instagram pages about them.

No. 106541

>Honestly the best tea to come from the entire Riss callout drama this week has been the owner of the "callout" account being an even bigger cow than Riss.
Shocking. Said it ages ago. I can't stand Riss but the people who are obsessed with calling her out are skinwalkers who want to become her instead of getting rid of her. She's just a smug fakeboi, that's boring fucking drama nobody else cares about but other smug fakebois like her.

Because the person who keeps throwing every piece of drama at her to see what catches on clearly is obsessed with her to unhealthy levels. It's not just "some issues", this person has a fucking Instagram account dedicated to trying to rummage through every single piece of gossip to find the one golden turd that gets to cancel Riss for good.

>I don't have the cap from Riss's stories, but Medlismelody as the hate page would also PM users that Riss tagged in stories, to direct them to the hate page and "warn" them about Riss's problematic behavior.
Holy shit this girl needs to work on her jealousy issues. This is pure lunacy and neuroticism.

No. 106589

Another anon already compiled some of the vendetta chan posts posted here. It's obvious Krysta has been hate posting here for a while and self posting her Smile_and_a_scam insta.

No. 106608

why do you guys hate talking about Riss so much? also why bring her up here when she should be in the fakeboi thread?

No. 106612

We don't hate talking about Riss there's just no milk there. Obviously since Krysta's threads on him failed and her self posts never get traction.
Krysta on the other hand is a full blown cow and that's the only person we've been talking about for two days now.

We know she lurks here and this post honestly sound like Krysta again.

No. 106614

not krysta, just genuinely wondering. everytime she gets brought up no one has ever given an explanation other than “stop vendetta posting” so forgive me for asking.

No. 106615

nitpicky but her wig looks crusty af in her pfp

No. 106627

All her wigs look incredibly crusty. It's always the really mediocre cosplayers that want to drag the famous ones.

No. 106634

Ofc she does the same cos as Riss. Most of these kids do. If you look through the follows there are several people following the page that clearly modeled their giorno & lio cosplays using the same techniques as Riss. They’re just jealous kids looking for someone to abuse.

I wouldn’t be surprised if in a week or so from now we hear this girl crying that Riss sent his “100k” following after her or something. She’s happy to throw the rock but clearly doesn’t want it thrown back considering the deletion of her ig.

No. 106645

Still calling it that she made the venus chronicles one too. Most anons don't spam hate Instagrams. In fact only seen these two ever posted. I wouldn't doubt when the Riss stuff constantly got called out for being a vendetta, that's when she moved on to the Venus as the new hot hate ticket.

No. 106647

No, we have covered why Riss is nothing to be talked about because the mediocre thing they apologized for didn't even need an apology to begin with and she never begs for money except for a cat vet bill that was unexpected. Her cat died, btw.

So yeah. Kyrsta selfposts her hate Instagram accounts to get anons to follow the fake screenshots and reaching that she posts on the accounts about Riss. It's all pure vendetta and has been since it started. This fucking harassment makes sense as to why Riss left for a while. If Krysta has been doing this for this long, holy shit. I hope Riss, now that she is being called out, can file some kind of harassment lawsuit This would be golden. It's defemation and we have all the posted proof because this dumbass would post it all here!

No. 106656

funny bc she would makes posts laughing at Riss when she found her other accounts but then straight up deletes her insta the moment a gossip thread catches wind

No. 106676

If everyone knows it's Krysta and knows she is a cow, how come there are no hatepages against her? Not that I want people to hate on each other. But Krysta openly hates on Riss and other cosplayers and never gets called out. Why not spread that it's just one hateful person?

No. 106686

Riss's cat didn't die, but he needed $6000 of emergency vet care.

Krysta thinks the cat developing urinary tract infections is a sign that Riss neglects her cat to the point of abuse. So in krysta's mind, Riss neglects the cat until it is sick then takes out thousands of dollars on credit to save him? Uh, yeah right.

No. 106691


because she only hates on popular cosplayers…all the other cosplayers in that circle WANT to see the big names called out. It's fun to see that there's "something wrong" with them and go off on telling everybody else to hate them, see?

No. 106716

File: 1595688662693.jpg (613.01 KB, 1080x1224, Screenshot_20200725-074647_Ins…)

Chubbybunny.cos is using her lack of reach to place the blame on cosplayers skinnier than her being fatphobic when really all she does is bedroom looks. Her makeup isnt bad, but the cosplays suck,most arent full body. Just bust shots, making faces in closet cosplays. Like every fat cosplayer hiding behind a screen but then complain about why they dont get attention like armor workers or real seamstresses. Mad they cant even buy ASIAN straight size cosplays. Im tired of these half-assed fat fucks calling everyone fatphobic. Have better quality.

No. 106717

File: 1595688739096.jpg (704.96 KB, 1080x1200, Screenshot_20200725-074703_Ins…)

No. 106718

File: 1595688881349.jpg (344.39 KB, 1078x1214, 20200725_075427.jpg)

If you fit straight sizes, you're fatphobic. What logic is this? Private companies don't have to cater to fat people the same way plus size exclusive stores don't cater to straight sizes

No. 106719

File: 1595688935476.jpg (742.42 KB, 1080x1227, Screenshot_20200725-075549_Ins…)

No. 106720

File: 1595689044965.jpg (794.09 KB, 1080x1204, Screenshot_20200725-075636_Ins…)

Maybe mute certain words like instagram and other sites do so that those comments stop

No. 106721

File: 1595689103608.jpg (1.37 MB, 1080x1930, Screenshot_20200725-075249_Ins…)

Her stuff sucks. That's why shes not popular like a Jessica or OMGcosplay even and extremely unphotogenic

No. 106723

You know hate pages come from obsessive people. Not everyone is mentally obsessed like that to make a tumblr or instagram hate page. That's a special type of obsessive and hateful and usually done personally. Sites like this are easy. So yeah, just no one gives a fuck about the ugly cow to give her her own hate page. Also why would you want a clout page like that, that is easily traceable and not post on a gossip site instead? Thats how she got found put but go ahead and make a hate page to be traced back to you.

No. 106724

>DO NOT mention exercise without asking EVER

No. 106728

Wait a second, isn’t XS also not a straight size? And let’s not forget about the people that are constantly telling skinny people to gain some weight because they are too thin, they don’t count because they can wear Asian clothes?

I just love how most of these statements can be used for really skinny people as well.

If she used that money she’s wasting on shitty closet cosplays to pay for a goddamn nutritionist and a gym subscription, she wouldn’t have to complain about this shit.

No. 106735

Based on this, ya, it's not her size, it's her content.
I'm so tired of these kids thinking they should get endless asspats for putting on a costume from China in their room and taking mirror selfies. Like if you have fun doing so, go for it but don't expect everyone to treat you like some model for it. Maybe actually spend more time than typing in a credit card number on taobao and people will care about your cosplay.

No. 106754

Jesus christ lmfao just put down the fork or get help for your eating disorder. Your doctor is telling you that you need to lose weight because if you keep it up you'll be suffering of joint problems and cardiovascular diseases in 10 years. I used to think that "Don't talk about your diets!!!!" was some sort of a 4chan /pol/ plant idea but I honest to god saw real people screeching about this exact fucking thing, how people celebrating their weight goals and talking about exercise routines is ~triggering~ and you shouldn't do it. The stupidest thing is that some well-meaning people give in to these demands and tag their posts with "CW: Dieting, exercising". This is some fucking clown world shit, fatties literally thinking they're an oppressed class.

If she spent half the time she does on whining about muh fatphobia on improving her cosplays instead she'd probably have that bigger fanbase she's demanding for.

No. 106772

I wish enough people would repot the hate account and get Instagram to take it down. Insta is the only place her Riss hating has gotten any traction and Krysta would Reeeeeeee if it got removed(cowtipping)

No. 106782

Ig won’t take it down. I’ve reported it multiple times and so have others I know, for months. All the reports are ignored. I have no idea why, they clearly break the ig rules against harassment.(cowtipping)

No. 106788

Maybe if we keep reporting it? I think many users have to report for the same reason! I would love to make krystas gate disappear. Such a cow(cowtipping)

No. 106806

Uh, hey mods. It's not cow tipping to report an account for months before the Bitch became a cow, as of 4 days ago.

No. 106839

wouldn’t it just be more fun to just let be? she already knows she’s being talked about here and that we know who she is. if she keeps posting to the hate page then she’s just milking herself at this point.

No. 106851

Just caught up on the thread from the last few days, took long enough for everyone to see Krysta’s potential. FYI, she changed her original Instagram account to kenmacuddles to be a meme account instead of being involved with the “toxic” cosplay community (not because she ran away, guys) while simultaneously reposting her cosplays on ulquiorra.heart.

No. 106875

File: 1595772794971.png (445.03 KB, 2048x657, Screenshot_20200726-101116.png)

hey uh dumbass, coming here to brag about it and alerting the mods to your interactions w/ any cow is considered cowtipping. read the fucking rules

No. 106882

Krista became interesting this week, the account has been harrasing Riss for months. There isn't retroactive cow tipping you fucking walnut.(ban evasion)

No. 106885

File: 1595778644873.jpg (676.58 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20200726_112839.jpg)

No. 106886

its amazing to me how hypocritcal krysta is
she does drugs. she sexualizes minors. she cosplays from something with rpe/abuse. she has a go fundme and coffee.
but shes also created a hate page devoted to calling riss out for doing these exact same things…

No. 106888

File: 1595779721728.png (1.35 MB, 1080x1620, Screenshot_20200726-112300.png)

This is so nasty.

No. 106978

Ew wtf lol and Riss is the oroblem one??? Buy fucking ant spray. Why blame your dad only when ants are from dirty houses and you can buy your own spray. The bitch you live like this is real here.

No. 106980

File: 1595823081345.jpg (531.22 KB, 1079x1581, Screenshot_20200726-210213_Twi…)

Found her cringey deviantart >>106885
But also, cant handle people cosplaying minors but indulges in porn of minors (I hones don't gaf bc its fictional ffs)

No. 107015

How do y'all even know it's Krysta doing the hate page? Have you got any proof? I mean I want to believe you, but how did you know it's her? I think the gate page changed mods. There was a story up with "the old admin was extreme, but I am…" And the newer posts are differently worded as well. Could be that it's multiple people or Krysta just lying. I don't know. Any proof is welcome!

No. 107025

How is it even possible there is more than one stupid, jealous fuck who wants to dedicate so much of their time making up lies about Riss to try and make themselves feel better about their own pathetic life?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 107031

Krysta posted on her Facebook that she was making the account so there’s that as proof. I also saw the post about another mod joining the page so idk if it’s krysta and another person or what the deal is. If there’s another person I bet they’re a jojo cosplayer too kek

No. 107036

No. 107037

It was mentioned up in the thread how she had admitted it in her instastories. >>86430

No. 107042

If there is another mod it's pretty easy to find some suspects by looking through Krysta's follows on Instagram. There are a few friends of hers that have equally horrible JoJos cosplay and I could easily imagine it's one of them.

No. 107055

for all that riss might not be super milky i feel like people have forgotten how flat out annoying they've been in the past especially the whole fugo thing. however krysta doesn't really have a leg to stand on especially in terms of drugs, she even cosplayed a weed themed version of Foo Fighters at AB last year. (she also offered me weed but thats beside the point)

No. 107063

the deflection is real lol

No. 107064

being annoying isnt milky lol Thats called having a vendetta

No. 107297

Anyone know what the deal is with the assault claim on the scam chronicles account? It seemed like Riss disproved it but the page keeps resharing the post to the story the cap also says there have been other grooming claims made against Riss but the page hasn’t posted anything?? If it’s all fake it’s a really fucked up thing to lie about

No. 107314

It's a screen shot of a story with absolutely no proof the person exists or any identifying information. There should at least be proof Riss dated a 17 year old and there's nothing. Anyone can send a dm, why would anyone believe it? Personally I think Krista is sending the cms herself from another account.

The account did this before with the pedophile stuff she made up. She created a false narrative and just reposted it over and over to try and turn people against Riss. It didn't stick so she escalated to sexual assault.

No. 107320

That type of slander, considering Riss does make some living off or cosplay, can actually be held up in court, can't it?

No. 107322

no. she has to prove it directly ruined her business.

No. 107331

It would qualify as defamation of character

No. 107332

File: 1596058663356.png (231.85 KB, 1080x1620, Screenshot_20200729-173659.png)

You don't have to take a loss monetarily to sue someone for making up damaging lies about you.

No. 107335

ah yes this ad google result is definitely valid and not just someone trying to make money. defamation is a very specific definition and is very hard to win.

No. 107336

Literally the entire first 5 pages of Google all say the same thing. It doesn't even say "ad". But ok salty. I didn't say it was easy, I just said the loss doesn't need to be monetary.

No. 107342

Defamation isn't slander though dumbass.

No. 107351

Good job figuring that out. Riss can sue Krysta for defamation

No. 107358

File: 1596071173933.jpg (869.11 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20200729_210236.jpg)

My fucking sides.
Krista needs to stop being so fucking autistic. Imagine getting this butthurt over makeup and writing an essay about cultural insensitivity over Gaara's fucking emo eyes.

No. 107362

Krista is deleting comments on th post calling out what a tard she is. She's spent the entire week screeching about Riss deleting comments from her minions but can't take any heat herself? She's the biggest hypocrite.

No. 107373

Imagine if the barrel you're scraping is so low you have to try to defend the CULTURAL HERITAGE OF A MAKE BELIEVE NARUTO VILLAGE.

No. 107375

I had to brush up on Naruto lore to try and understand what Krysta was trying to be mad about and it didn't help.
Gaara's eyes are supposedly a result of having the spirit "Shukaku" trapped in his body. So I googled Shukaku to see if it was an ancient Japanese spirit or something and it literally says "Naruto Character".

Is Krysta trying to imply you aren't allowed to use another culture to be artistically inspired? Uh, sorry Krysta you can't cosplay Jolene unless you've been to prison and are Japanese. This logic makes no sense.

No. 107382

She's coming off like a tradthot saying shit like makeup is gendered.

No. 107383

Hey, Krysta, these people aren't real and these aren't folklore. Lol. This dumb bitch is just this level of dumb and how old is she? Give it up

No. 107400

"Appropriating characters that aren't wearing makeup" is she fucking serious? Didn't realize people who don't wear makeup were an oppressed minority whose culture is devalued unless it's used by someone outside of the minority. Who would've thought. Also as someone actually autistic, you can keep her, we don't want her.

No. 107451

>Literally claiming it's cultural appropriation to wear a fictional character's fictional sanctimonious being's makeup
I'm in tears holy shit this bitch needs to take a seat and shut up. She's making a complete fucking fool out of herself by behaving like this. Krysta, your obsession with this girl is sick. Get help.

No. 107558

Ngl you bringing up Krista is a little sus. You kind of come off as Riss or a huge fan of them. You kind of also dodged around the whole point that people called Riss out for race facing and then denying the race facing. Also nice dodge of the fact the op even stated they were nitpicking.

Riss has a huge reputation at cons for being an inconsiderate dick, so it’s not surprising that they’ll getting called out more formally for sexual assault allegations (which they made a shitty video for that was the equivalent of literally whining about how “people demand too much of me.”) and then bouncing around and blaming everything but themselves.

Idk the validity of the sexual assault allegations, but I wouldn’t be surprised since none of their dates, attempts to prove it false, and everything else has been disproven by this point.

Riss also has lied about their age which is made creepy for any adult to do, especially one with a reputation of fetishizing minors

No. 107563

No one cares. These aren't real minors. They don't impact real minors. Seeing an adult in a diaper doesn't suddenly make you want to touch kids. Jesus christ, do you hear yourself? You sound so self righteous in the worst possible way. I can't wait for everything Krysta has done to come out in the open. Riss should be dragging her. She deserves it and I know it would end bad for Krysta and not Riss. Not because of asspats or anything, but because people aren't dumb to believe any of the shit that ONLY Krysta is spouting off. What a dumb cunt. Make this bitch a thread.

No. 107564

I'd brush off people too if every time I went to a con I couldn't get across the hall because people kept stopping me. Like fuck off. Ignoring you to enjoy a con doesn't make you a dick. No one owes you their attention and these people aren't actual celebrities.

No. 107580

How does being a dick at a con correlate to it not being surprising there are SA allegations? Lmao that makes absolutely no sense. Being rude doesn’t == being a r/pist. And it’s pretty obvious the accuser doesn’t even exist. They said in their post they don’t want riss finding out who they are but they also named an exact time frame so how could riss not know who they are and you can say that’s just Ross’s way of disproving it but then why haven’t we heard a peep from the accuser. Idk kinda sus.

No. 107593

They’ve called other trans dudes soft little baby boys (a lot of them have been minors) so that’s where the fetishization has come in.

Them being a dick at cons was referring to the first part of the video Riss posted where he justified his actions. He’s fat shamed people to their faces, given them major shit for their cosplay, or flat ignored people who come and say hi. He’s an adult and even I have the common decency to fucking say “hi sorry I’m not in the mood to talk rn” and my following is Just as large and I also have anxiety. Common decency is not hard.

Also nice ignoring the discussion of him race facing coolio Brosky.

Also I never said him being a dick = him sexually assaulting someone dumbass. Literally use some comprehensive reading skills. I’m saying his evidence against the sexual assault claims were extremely weak, and he could not firmly prove nothing happened. So to dismiss a possible victim IS WRONG. And considering his “Taking accountability video,” was him passing on blame for his actions with no real apologies, That’s not evidence either.

Don’t be a boot licker

No. 107595

Also, it’s not sus for a victim to stay silent if they’re afraid of a 100,000 rabid fans instantly going after them. Especially when a bunch of people, like you, are literally calling their account fake.

The statement that was sent in, does not match the writing patterns of any previous posts. Suggesting it is from a completely new person. And Riss has never fully stated ANYWHERE that the statement is 100% false. He’s made random and ultimately baseless statements about timelines (which were disproved). About other people to deflect off of the issue.

This is why victims never come forward.

No. 107611

No one cares about what you heard from someone about something Riss did. Post legit caps with a real trail of concrete stuff that Riss did. Not all this bullshit.

No. 107612

Because none of it was true lol

No. 107616

Tons of transbois and transtrenders call transmen all sorts of variations of "soft boi", "smol bean" etc. That's not a sign of fetishising. That's just that uwu Tumblr trans culture.

Also if your following is just as large as Riss' but you're this obsessed…well you're either full of it or it's not hard to figure out who you are.

Only one of the people relentlessly talking shit on that hate page fits that description. And lemme tell you. Mocking a person for everything from perceived problematic behavior to their FLOOR being dirty? Kinda makes you as big an asshole as you claim Riss' is.

You're just excusing it cuz Riss is ~problematic~ and deserves it.

The dude's a run of the mill transboi attention seeking cosplayer. There's just…not much there. Hence why the threads keep dying.

But Krysta running the hate page and legit making up claims? That's milky as fuck.

No. 107644

>ignored people who come and say hi
This is a very specific complaint and makes it more obvious that you contributed to the hate account. Also even if it's true, who cares? It's one thing to say something outright rude, but if they're busy, don't see you, or just don't want to talk to some random congoer, get over it and move on with your life. Riss doesn't owe you anything and I'm sorry you're so upset a stranger didn't say hi to you when you wanted their attention. This is obsessive.

No. 107711

Lmao no did not contribute just have been in the con seen long enough to see behavior over and over.

And there are plenty of videos too of Riss being a dick too. But that’s not even the biggest issue.

But aight keep sucking his dick, clearly that’s all you fans are capable of

No. 107712

Can you actually prove that or are you just saying that, because literally none of what Riss posted was evidence against it either. It’s more milky to have someone get away with a bunch of shit then someone running a call out page openly

No. 107723

>And there are plenty of videos too of Riss being a dick too

Then link them. If you have all this evidence, put your money where your mouth is and drop literally anything in here. The constant Riss hate here is annoying and stupid because it's all wild claims with nothing to back it up.

No. 107740

>isn’t XS also not a straight size
Dunno about Burgerland, but here in Europe it's widely available in all stores. XXS less so, but you still can find it.

No. 107790

can a mod comfirm krysta keeps replying to gerself? Happened upthread anyway too

No. 107791

post them.

No. 107792

No its not. Lol. We know who the page belongs to. Some ugly, cant pass if they wanted, vendetta-chan. How is that less milky than someone who has no proof against them via allegations? I don't think you understand vendettas vs hard evidence.

No. 107834

anyone else see that people actually went to anime-zing this past weekend? Kind of hilarious.
Didn't even know cons existed in Iowa.but makes sense since this one is run by a rapist.

No. 107835

File: 1596395692738.jpg (667.14 KB, 1080x1226, 20200802_121341.jpg)

No. 107839


>>55035 is the ryan kopf thread

No. 107876

File: 1596448141209.jpg (89.69 KB, 720x1280, 6bfe08fcb1d451f7255dab4a750609…)

I agree anon, I hate seeing these Tiktok cosplayers do that weird smirk thing and lip sync with the side mouth.

No. 107957

File: 1596505255353.png (1.83 MB, 1440x2166, Screenshot_2020-08-03-20-21-47…)

An IG user decided to call out yellowface by citing Knitemaya, Minteaprince (Riss), and Galaxea as examples

No. 107958

File: 1596505295803.png (1.39 MB, 1440x2160, Screenshot_2020-08-03-20-21-53…)

No. 107959

File: 1596505390160.png (1.31 MB, 1426x2172, Screenshot_2020-08-03-20-22-06…)

No. 107961

File: 1596506018526.png (1.26 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2020-08-03-20-19-20…)

This is their justification for using these specific cosplayers

No. 107962

Is this person even using facetape here? Or is angled eyeliner now racist too?

No. 107963

this seems really dumb to me. is it also racist when asians use double lid tape, white eyeliner, and colored circle lenses to give themselves big round white people eyes?

No. 107971

I don't think it's facetape actually, it's just angled liner and the person's face shape.

No. 107976

i feel like it's even more dumb since 3 of those characters aren't even supposed to be asian characters? only the last one is, and as other anons have said it doesn't look like they have tape on. its just someone acting all righteous.

No. 107979


Idk anons, the line on her eyelid completely disappears. We have similar eye shapes and when I tried mimicking what she was doing and I didn't magically grow a monolid. Either she facetuned too hard or something's suspicious here.

No. 107981

This isn’t even yellowface. They’re using tape to create very extreme, exaggerated features, but they’re not doing it to look Asian.

It’s shoop. Tape doesn’t erase double eyelids. If anything, I think it would make double eyelids more noticeable since it would pull the crease out, making it more noticeable.

No. 107993

File: 1596525615743.jpeg (668.54 KB, 2000x2000, IMG_20200804_0001.jpeg)

This Bitch is so low on actual shit to blame Riss for she is now making things up about his family.

So some relative of Riss has ties to white supremacy -no proof he is a white supremacist himself- and because Riss replied to a comment he left once, Riss hates black people now too. This is Krysta logic folks.
Krista's simps in the comment section are even dumber than she is.

No. 107995

This one is definite photoshop. It's impossible to get that eye shape+no lid crease on a caucasian face. Awkward to casually shoop asian eyes onto your caucasian eyes and think that's ok.

No. 107996

This is filed under "reach" and I say that as someone who tires of "it's a reach" comments

I'm sure you could dig up similar about literally every person on the internet.

No. 108002

You can tell it’s face tape since their eyelid disappears completely from being pulled back

No. 108014

File: 1596549299236.png (61.84 KB, 298x260, fpi1o6fi41k31.png)

>I won't shut up about it
kek, yeah sperging about eyes taping really is fighting a good war, absolutely the equivalent of going ching chong yinying and pulling your eyes with your fingers.
Can't wait until she starts ranting about how wearing circle lenses is asian cultural appropriation

No. 108058

This has crossed into obsessive stalker behavior if Krysta / Medlismelody / Ulquiorra.heart is now researching Riss's family members' jobs to dig up dirt.

No. 108059

This is the dumbest fucking discourse ever and I hate it. They're using face tape to get that anime bishounen eye look, not to look more Asian. Whoever started this needs to get kicked in the ass.

>Or is angled eyeliner now racist too?
Ironically yes, didn't you see all the woke outrage about wypipo doing fox eye makeup and how immensely racist it is?

No. 108060

You sound honestly deranged with this spergout.

No. 108077

idk man having your eyes half open seems to get rid of eyelid creases, if you ask me. it’s a really easy trick i’ve seen cosplayers like riss and galexea employ to make their eyes look slimmer and more angled. not to wk but i’ve followed galexea a few years ago and she constantly gets into shit bc people accuse her of yellow face when her eyes just looks like that

No. 108079

Nta but holy fuck this thread has devolved into some pull-tier shit.

No. 108082

Got some pretty hooded eyes and even I can do it. It's not that crazy and people have been using face tape for decades. Not for just eyes, for jaws, cheeks.. The video of Riss specifically has the cheek skin, not so much the eye skin pulled back to the angle and get that defined cheek better. At least use a video where you can grasp at the straws. There's a huge difference between ching-chonging your eyes with your fingers and using tape to create exaggerated looks for art purposes or character purposes. There is nothing here resembling making fun of a race or appropriating a race.

No. 108108

>There's a huge difference between ching-chonging your eyes with your fingers and using tape to create exaggerated looks for art purposes or character purposes.
This. How the fuck is using eye tape to cosplay something like Erwin racist to begin with, that character is literally the textbook example of a white person with his blue eyes and slicked blonde hair lmfao. Most of the time it's also used to pull back your cheek fat to make your face more angular but everything's racist I guess.

Bitch needs to get a life. It's always the shitty mentally ill kinnie cosplayers with bad closet cosplays who do these "callout posts", they're not talented enough to get attention with their skill so they need to stir up shit the other way. Pathetic and embarrassing. This brat barely even cosplays, it's just a generic e-thot looking for clout.

No. 108128

you can literally see in both example pictures that the tape is to pull her eyebrows/forehead into place to look more angular and animu.
do these idiots know how to face tape? She said that drag queens can do this exact same thing but cosplayers cant because "must protec muh azn waifu kinie characters"

Shes not even Asian, why does she care? clout? woke points?

>It's always the shitty mentally ill kinnie cosplayers with bad closet cosplays who do these "callout posts", they're not talented enough to get attention with their skill so they need to stir up shit the other way

sums it up perfectly

No. 108137

idc about face taping bc i’m more excited to see how aggressively these people age and how they can’t pretend they’re uwu little boys anymore when they have trenches on their faces at 30

No. 108154

Yeah, a few years of face taping doesn't actually damage your skin as significantly as beauty experts want you to believe. Especially done for short times and not 24/7. A con weekend isn't long enough to create lasting damage. If you are rubbing your eyes all the time throughout your entire life, that causes lasting damage. Tape now and then for photos or to go to a convention, that doesn't do much harm. Krazy Krysta needs to realize how dumb she sounds, but the idiots who comment and agree with her for woke points as well keep gassing her up. It's so embarrassing. A lot of it comes from biology and genetics. Especially heavy drinkers, smokers, druggies. Face tape alone doesn't sag your skin or melt your skin like people think it does.

No. 108155

This is on par with "if you keep making faces your face stays that way" hocus pocus. This literally doesn't happen when you do it for cons and cosplay shoots.

No. 108156

Look at drag queens outside of drag who don't get fillers. They look fine and not all wrinkly and sagging like a botoxed botch bimbo. Lol. Thinking doing it part time causes lasting effects is hilarious.

No. 108171

no. also there's evidence that certain expressions give you more wrinkles kek.

No. 108175

yes, which makes the original post even more stupid. there is only like 2 (i think?) half Asians in that series lol.

it could give you more sagging and wrinkly skin if used a lot, but they are not gonna look that different if they only use it every once in a while. like the other anon mentioned their actual lifestyle (how much they drink, smoke, what the eat, genetics) will be more likely to affect how they age. if you are so desperate to see a 30 yr old pretending to be a uwu little something [i find it odd you choose the phrase little boy, since the characters that where posted here are old, with the exception of gio] go to Lori's thread instead anon.

No. 108224

i’m not the one who called herself a “fresh faced twink” when she pulled her cheeks back, just saying.

No. 108229

Bruh you make expressions with your face on a daily basis. Cosplayers don’t tape their face every day. It’s not comparable.

No. 108234

not for hours at a time. use your brain.

No. 108236

Jesus Christ I can smell the brain rot from here. You will collectively spend infinitely more hours making expressions than taping your face even if you go and tape your face at every con you go to. It’s not about how long you do something at one time, it’s the combination of time and frequency at which you do it. >>108234

No. 108239

that anon should be ignored. they claim to not care about it, but are oddly obsessed with how those cosplayers will be all sagging in their 30s that they can't understand the basic reasoning behind actual ageing. i am not even sure how many of us have said the same thing already (taping at cons/for a few shoots will not make these people look significantly older) but they are so dead set on it at this point that it feels like bait.

besides, everyone knows that by the time they are 30 those people will either stop cosplaying as much or just start using photoshop a lot more. so who cares?

No. 108265

there are multiple anons itt telling you that you're an idiot.

No. 108272

i mean i see 5 comments about how "face taping causes sag lolz" with people arguing for and then 7 against. and the discussion only switched to that until after most anons agreed that the cosplayers being called out for yellowface was stupid, so idk about that, but if thinking that helps you sleep at night anon go ahead

No. 108287


With Knitemaya this picture goes around specifically because Erwin is a white character she didn't need to do it for.

Because she was also lying about being Asian at the time. She is actually, in fact, doing it to look like her kawaii animu azn friends. She even used to, as a fully fluent Greek Australian, type a lot of her posts as Engrish to push the idea.

The other two no, face tape itself meh most times no, but Knitemaya is for sure trying to skinwalk an Asian cosplay life.

No. 108291

The character, while German, does have very peaked outer corners. Shut up.

No. 108315

i thought riss was a woman?

No. 108320

Riss is a trans guy

No. 108321

you bumped the thread for that? also you guys are really picky over who gets their trans-ness respected and who doesn’t

No. 108331

She is one.

Calling out Knitemaya for completely skinwalking Asians and trying to racefake is appropriate, but focusing on every other subject doing face taping and branding them as racist because one asshole uses it to fabricate her race is stupid. Most people are doing it just so they would have more angular, sharp features for a bishie character or make their face appear less saggy, hell even Asian cosplayers do it all the time despite being Asians themselves. You really think any race gets that super thin fox eye effect and nice chiseled faces without makeup and effects?

No. 108361

Yeah I did bump for that sorry I thought gender is important(newfag)

No. 108363

It's not.

I always felt this way too, most of the time when I see cosplayers using face tape they're not even using it to "look asian". It's also retarded to give anybody gaff for doing to for an AoT cosplay seeing the majority of the characters are not supposed to be Asian.

No. 108413

Knitemaya wishes she was Asian and there's enough evidence of this in her own thread. She wants to be seen as an Asian person even when cosplaying obviously white characters like Erwin.

No. 108466

you need more proof aside from just assuming someone is trying to be Asian. Especially when you add the part about doing it for all characters including Erwin. Makes it obvious its a aesthetic for photos and cosplay and not race related.

No. 108472

Not everyone can pull it off, but this type of photography with women has been a thing for decades. There will always be the same tricks used time and time again because it's so common to do. A lot of costhots are learning to market themselves and are taking what the popular ones have learned works already through their photography and their photographers too. Plus it heightens your thigh giving the illusion of height and length. This is really handy for all these short girls, especially asian ones who tend to be on the way shorter side.

No. 108473

You missed the part where I said there is evidence of her pretending to be Asian in her own thread on lolcow. No point in cluttering up this thread talking about the same things.

No. 108701

File: 1597083058072.png (1.1 MB, 1080x1080, Erwin_Smith_(Anime)_character_…)

This picture says the extreme slant eye is unnecessary bro. Dude's got round eyes even if the corners are slightly upturned.

It's so weird we got to a point where people don't know this shit about KM. Here's the thread the documents her skinwalking Asian cosplayers.


The other two are definitely not trying to yellowface and it's ridiculous to call it such but I just needed to confirm that knitemaya 100% IS doing that. At most you could say they're mimicking KM cuz she was one of the first big western crossplayers to use face tape so much but that's about it.

No. 108740

File: 1597102203735.jpeg (563.68 KB, 2048x2048, Ee15oJWU4AE2m7r.jpeg)

Why can't I just cosplay my best girl without coming across shit like this?? I hate when guys cosplay LL

No. 108744

you can say Rinsenpai, it's okay

No. 108766

At first glance I was gonna make the joke that this is rinsenpai pre edit KEK

No. 108783

I know someone’s going to say “do you know where you are?” but I honestly hate shit like this

Their makeup, wigs, and costume from what I see looks fine? Unless they’re a bad person, why are they being brought up?

No. 108790

Because an older guy cosplaying an anime waifu just looks funny. This is just cgl cringe thread material.

No. 108884

A middle aged man publicly dressing up as underage girls is pretty questionable

No. 109012

>and current trend examples like:
>>Fake freckles, fake tooth gap, fake stipple sponge facial hair
Those aren't a trend or even bad? Stippled on beards and fake freckles have been around for years in the cosplay world.

No. 109085

File: 1597363913164.jpg (32.86 KB, 367x566, CkVp4KJ.jpg)

Found somebody who's obviously addicted to fake followers and fake likes. Also she gets easily upset when people call her out for the terrible editing and warping in her pics. Claims to rarely change something, begs for money but buys nearly 10 new cosplays in a month. Also she likes drama and says that she has haters who hate her for her beauty and fans. Her make up looks somehow always the same and her only true 'fans' are creepy old dudes in Sailor Moon outfits.

No. 109086

File: 1597363945776.jpg (64.91 KB, 505x594, uR1ypeG.jpg)

No. 109087

File: 1597363982536.jpg (24.38 KB, 374x474, dXP0Irn.jpg)

No. 109088

File: 1597364028476.jpg (64.92 KB, 368x644, 6ujSbkW.jpg)

No. 109089

File: 1597364066617.png (331.37 KB, 305x431, akfJj4a.png)

No. 109090

yah totally no editing
and that dude tho.
as anon above already said: A middle aged man publicly dressing up as underage girls is pretty questionable

No. 109091

File: 1597365508426.png (419.93 KB, 906x394, bYXjxkC.png)

>and that dude tho.
as anon above already said: A middle aged man publicly dressing up as underage girls is pretty questionable

this is gross

No. 109095


This is the most lazy Mitsuri cosplay I have ever seen.

No. 109096

post the follow count.. etc. You underestimate the support from bad cosplayers.

No. 109099

File: 1597372280641.jpg (405.25 KB, 1079x1642, Screenshot_20200814-042341_Ins…)

Doubt it. She got more than 1700 followers within a short time with bad selfies. Her commentsections are nearly empty and her Likes are kinda low. Her photos usually don't get even 100 likes besides her Triss cosplay which she boosts with a few hundreds.

No. 109102

her elsa is tragic

No. 109110

Those are legit if that number is so low on follower count. I don't think you people understand how reach works with instagram as well as the fact that a lot of people will follow you and not actually interact at all, even less frequently, comment on things at all. These numbers seem normal for that following. I'm thinking most of them at viral follows and not people who care about her constant posts.

No. 109121

U realize that ur social media wisedom is out of interest? >>109085
Geez her content is awful.

No. 109122

You said she was buying followers and likes when neither is true. That's all I pointed out.

No. 109123


yup looks fake.
beside that, her make up choice for each character is questionable

No. 109124

got the wrong anon, anon

No. 109169

File: 1597428238408.jpg (140.66 KB, 986x570, Lol.jpg)

she should learn how to edit properly. Her silhouette looks like a a bad drawing and the warped pocket is hilarious

No. 109170

File: 1597428826245.gif (1.59 MB, 500x279, IbPGYG0.gif)

Is she even standing there or is that girl edited into the background? I mean, there are a lot worser cosplayer, but I lurked at her profile and must admit that she's denying her poorly editing here and there: 'All natural, guys. Thanks for complimenting my figure, but I don't believe that it's THAT great.'
Maybe she's into fanservice. A Triss with broken legs can't run away from fanboys tho. Other than that I can't explain her leg misaglinment.

No. 109174

post caps under the photo whete she says that

No. 109177

File: 1597431871935.jpg (1.58 MB, 1184x1092, 0LL8pdI.jpg)

She had some drama with other cosplayers, as far as I understood. She claimed that this person/these people called her 'disformed' and raged about it at her page and story.
'I don't buy followers. I am not disformed or ugly!'
There is one post from another person which insists that she's a liar and fake. Literally things like:
'Oh, you thank me for my critics but go rant here behind my back.'
She also deletes negative comments and drama very quickly. Saw a negative comment a few hours ago, but didn't screenshot and now it's gone.
Don't say that you're not allowed to live in your peaceful bubble but she seems kinda odd.
And there is the newest pic where she gets a compliment for her (very obviously) edited body, etc.

No. 109179

is there more ranting?

No. 109180

Didn't see anything else. It's the usual 'everybody is a jealous hater' stuff

No. 109182

File: 1597434792345.jpg (259.07 KB, 268x398, v8zmPJ0.jpg)

don't get that alien hype, srsly

No. 109476

why are german cosplayers always this retarted, this is embarrassing to read.

also peek her fishing for compliments in the upper right. "I don't think my shape looks beautiful but thanks nonetheless" bitch, it's obvious you don't like the way you look if you keep deforming yourself on this scale.

No. 109479

>why are german cosplayers always this retarted, this is embarrassing to read.

but anon, sailor moon and jeanne taught us that jealousy and hate are totally dumb! - that part got me right away. embarrassing indeed.

No. 109831

File: 1598039448679.jpg (4.93 MB, 4096x3072, CollageMaker_20200821_15482717…)

Another day, another "I'm sO sIllY aND QuIrKy" post from Kamui.

The persona she slaps on is so cringy to look at and I don't know why nobody seems to care.

No. 109836

I'm noticing she limited discussion of her dogs since everyone called her out on being a retard about them being not fixed humping everything but were 'trained' to bark at the 'big bad boy dogs.'

No. 109856

jfc, she looks like a frog. Isnt she too old for this cringe jnig face bullshit?

No. 109897

never understood the hype for Kamui, to be honest. Sure a lot of her cosplays are well made, but that's nothing special nowadays. A lot cosplayers create cool stuff, but don't get as much attention as her.

No. 109907

File: 1598109898022.jpg (2.38 MB, 4096x1365, CollageMaker_20200822_11203078…)

5-10 years ago she was exceptional but lately not so much. She keeps trying to coast on pumping out a new 40 page "book" every few months or publishing patterns her husband makes. Doesn't attend cons anymore unless they're paying her. She also finally had to change "Kamui Cosplay" to a duo with her husband, since she couldn't pretend anymore that he wasn't responsible for a lot of what she made.

Speaking of Benni, looks like she's having him go the the TikTok quirky personality route too. Caps from today's video. Weird butt-shaking not included.

No. 109912

Pretty much this. She's the reason worbla took off as much as it did within the cosplay community. She got her start on cgl like most of us did back then. But she was someone who was posting big builds so she stood out.

She's stuck now doing this quirky personality because they make their money on cosplay. But they're never going to make the kind of money the only fans girls are doing.

No. 110117

Being in to comics or anime or cosplay automatically makes normies think quirky usually when talking about personalities. It's just a stereotype, but tbh it's very on, and a lot of people expect that type of personality and it sells. Thats why 80% of thots or designers or vendors do 'uwu random' shit still. It's not even her or Jessica specifically. I think it's dumb to say it's just an act though as I think most people enjoy being goofy and getting laughs from other people is pretty great even if you look like a moron.

No. 110118

Just to add, it probably makes them feel more animated and that's pretty weeb and on brand.

No. 110555

File: 1598655382086.jpeg (258.73 KB, 745x1180, FB7E5942-F3E4-4B17-815A-CA2AE5…)

A white cosplayer cosplayed an Indian deity. Some find it cool. Some find it offensive to the religion. I think it’s just to get clout for doing something controversial

No. 110556

File: 1598655406949.jpeg (127.82 KB, 747x669, 38EAA794-BA38-488C-951F-769F3E…)

And gets bit hurt when people don’t like it

No. 110562

Pretty autistic to get pissy over something so inoffensive. The only cringe I'm seeing is the obvious self posting tbh.

No. 110572

Pretty ironic and tone deaf in consideration how this is the same costhot who went on a crazy sperg how slutty cosplays weren't real cosplays or whatever iirc lol. I mean sure, but don't go on a rant about that and act all about morals then pull some BS like this and act like a costhot yourself

I swear every single one is just the same cycle over and over again of >b-but I'M different!!!

No. 110578

i don't see how it's offensive. she's dressed as a mythical figure with blue skin, not an indian person. people use crosses as decoration and dress up as jesus to be funny and no one spergs about those.

No. 110584

anon i'mma keep it real with you but no one cares about your vendetta. not to mention you're in the wrong thread this is cosplay cringe not the costhot thread.

No. 110609

Gonna go ahead and guess that it's mostly American white people getting mad over this lmfao. It's a fucking deity. This is the equivalent of someone cosplaying their interpretation of Afrodite or Zeus. I'm so ridiculously sick of all these pointless callouts with no real beef in them. Everything is fucking offensive now.

No. 110612

Ntayrt but this isn’t a vendetta in the least

Most of the cosplay community hates her for her hypocrisy and slut shaming

No. 110617

File: 1598702097051.png (1.26 MB, 1080x1339, Screenshot_20200826-131301.png)

Designer Daddy, who's made his fame on putting unhemmed Disney ripoffs on his hot wife, recently sent this monstrosity out as a commission. This poor girl paid 2,500 dollars for this hack job

No. 110618


If anyone remembers the mess he made for Momokun, apparently he just can't fit plus size

No. 110619

File: 1598702179291.png (1.32 MB, 1080x1590, Screenshot_20200826-131321.png)


Dropped file

No. 110620

File: 1598702207012.png (895.71 KB, 1080x1304, Screenshot_20200826-131309.png)


Two thousand, five hundred dollars

No. 110622

File: 1598702378182.png (1.54 MB, 1080x2000, Screenshot_20200829-075827~2.p…)


What it looks like on his social. Nice filters.

He also made her paid through Venmo, so she can't get her money back (she asked several times)

No. 110638

He makes kid clothes. Wtf do adults keep going to him?

No. 110650

File: 1598720054009.jpg (82.95 KB, 820x1024, ec6ada9b9da6ef5f1b090b6816e277…)

This looks horrific even on his filtered Instagram, especially when you consider what it's supposed to be.

DD has always been a hack who can't sew - the only reason he's popular is because he puts pretty dresses on his size 0 wife and kid. His work always has construction problems and he is incapable of deviating outside of the same three dress shapes.

No. 110674

It looks like a highstreet prom dress that got discarded in a ditch somewhere and then fished out, rain-drenched and partially dried into a weird shape.

You could definitely buy better for <$100 and add trimmings yourself to get a better result than this mess.

No. 110677

The dress it's based on is also terrible, but he took it to a whole new level of terrible. He missed small details like the ripped tulle and the cape style and color, which just makes his version look like a tea cozy.

No. 110679

Forget small details, the entire shape is wrong. He stuck a circle of satin fabric on the waist of a prom dress.

No. 110702

Even on the mannequin it looks like garbage. 2500$ for a tulle nightmare that even a quinceanera dress designer would cringe at. And if you've ever seen those dresses you know that's saying something.

No. 110704

Anyone who goes to designer daddy deserves to be scammed

No. 110710

File: 1598738127591.jpg (845.81 KB, 1080x1716, Adwinq4.jpg)

Ehhh, I'm gonna disagree. unless you're someone with sewing knowledge and can recognize the severe flaws of his work. All you're gonna see is pretty princess dress. You have to remember a good majority who know of him only know his filtered as fuck reveals and his viral video of the daughters transforming. Like just because us anons laughed at his use of gaudy lace and trims from Walmart for Momokun's travesty of a Beatrice dress. Doesn't mean his general audience has any clue since his reveal of the dress was pretty far away. He never does close ups for this reason.

No. 110711

File: 1598738174190.jpeg (684.16 KB, 828x1013, 0B2AFF6E-145C-41A5-969F-4F0253…)

This seriously looks like a $50 “prom” dress from China. I’m surprised that ACTUAL cosplayers like the ones in Sheprop can’t tell that DD is a hack who can’t sew or even pick fabrics for shit. How do you look at THIS and be like “oh yeah that’s good work. I should commission him”? Look at the wonky neckline and puckered binding on the dark blue layer.

No. 110712

File: 1598738273999.jpeg (421.89 KB, 766x571, B0DCB9DF-459A-4C01-B9B0-4D9E73…)

Bonus pic showing how fucked in the stitching is

No. 110715


Why do people keep commissioning him? For the clout? The man hides poor as structuring and sewing under ugly embellishments.

No. 110718

It reminds me of fireflypath, but worse (slight ot since it isn't cosplay, but another instagram famous "dress designer" with a very poor finish quality.)

Clothes that only look good from a distance.

No. 110735

Because people are idiots. Any small amount of research can show the severe flaws in his work. I dont get it, but then again disneyfags arent known for being smart.

The crocked ass stitching and cheap looking fabric.

No. 110736

Nah. If your dumb ass is shelling out 2,500 for a freakin dress commission, you better be sure the person making it for you is good. This person clearly has too much money and not enough smarts to understand what a hack DD is. Also, paying through venmo instead of Paypal?? girl deserved to be scammed.

No. 110743

This is 100% made from 99cent fabric. I know the exact shop he goes to in the LA Fabric district. I've literally seen him there. The rhonestones look like acrylic or glass, when they should be swarovski at that price.
I've been saying he's a hack for years, but people care more about followers on instagram than they do the quality.
Firefly Path actually does good work though. It's far from "very poor finish quality". She also uses high quality materials.

No. 110760

Firefly is legit, tho.

No. 110795

Exactly right. You would think an LDS man like himself would have big problems with "magic" and all but not when there's those disneyfags throwing money around.

No. 110813

I just don't know why he never took sewing classes or something within all these years of getting name-dropped and requests. We are in quarantine and you can't even use the $2500 for some skillshare videos on it?

No. 110820

File: 1598807036366.jpg (445.52 KB, 434x671, Inked118491038_101021178201134…)

Anon, he was TEACHING classes. He got slammed on a Disney Cosplay group because he basically scammed people when he forgot to record a class and then proceeded to ignore the customers asking for it for weeks on end. He claims that he refunded everyone and will never take a commission again.

No. 110821

File: 1598807109697.jpg (85.14 KB, 819x427, 118419153_10102117820118409_65…)

His response

No. 110824

>I will no longer take commissions ever again

What a crock o shit. He’ll be back to making shit quality 9th grade sewing class grade work again in no time since that’s all he does. I’m still shocked he even gets clients with how bad his work is. He doesn’t know the basics like shape, texture, appropriate thread, or color. The dude is too lazy to do a blind hem stitch and uses a really ugly 5/8in. puckered ass hem instead and it’s super visible. Everything he makes looks like it’s been made from a curtain and tacky trims that he doesn’t know how to balance. Dude needs to take some classes before he teaches them. I just came off a 6 year sewing hiatus and learned so much thanks to forced social isolation these past few months. Nightmare Daddy is making a living off of this so he really has no excuse aside from sheer laziness and greed.

No. 110828

File: 1598814881136.png (367.45 KB, 724x404, EdxR5R3WAAE1upi (2).png)

This is a closeup from a Fireflypath dress in a Rachel and Jun video.


No. 110829

He actually gives sewing classes online, I would love to see the student results from those.

No. 110911

They even state in video and linked below that it's not her dress. It's another creator's.

No. 110935

Ah I missed that, rather unfortunate that it comes across as by fireflypath. Her own dresses do seem to be more like costume than high fashion imo in construction and design.

No. 110980

i mean they do though, the commissioner posted in the group for advice and most of the comments were shitting on DD's construction

No. 111017

File: 1599018509599.jpeg (654.64 KB, 828x1548, 8F0B1BFC-E2D1-4991-BD75-A7D34E…)

The commissioner is trying to offload the dress onto someone else now lmao

No. 111027

OT, but 2 grand? Can some cosplay anon confirm this is a normal price for at best average dress with crooked hems?

No. 111028

Absolutely not. You can get a full custom made huge armor set for like $1200, this is a fucking ripoff. I think this, considering the cheap materials, should run for around $600 tops as brand new.

No. 111038

She's not going to get this price for this dress. If someone is going to pay $2K for a custom dress done by a known commissioner, they're going to get it custom made, not buy it second hand.

Reselling used cosplay, realistically you could probably get at least 50% of what you bought it for. She shot herself in the foot by posting it in another group and complaining about it. She'll have to reduce this price if she wants to sell it.

You'd be surprised what cosplays sell, but hopefully someone will realize how how bad this looks and not waste that kind of money. He must have something in his contract that he won't take refunds.

No. 111054

This is pretty scummy. She just blasted the dress in three different groups, taking close ups of all the flaws and problems. And now is trying to turn around and sell it for the price she paid for it, using DD's filtered/doctored up photos instead? Any sympathy I had for her is gone.

No. 111055

>"I don't like how it looks on me"

You mean because of the horrible stitching, mismatched topstitch thread, jacked up seams, and horrible glued collar that you wanted about? Amazing that she's presenting this as a perfect dress that she just doesn't like. She doesn't even show her close up or full body photos.

No. 111058

File: 1599075075791.png (1.27 MB, 1080x1578, Screenshot_20200902-152931~2.p…)

The post is gone, so either she sold it to some poor fool or she took it down.

She's also currently trying to sell this for $700. Looks like she has a habit of commissioning expensive outfits and then trying to offload them for what she paid.

No. 111059

"presenting it as this perfect dress she just doesn't like" when even the description is passive-aggressively saying "he fucked up the sizing". It's more like she doesn't realize how owning something custom devalues it.

No. 111072

Both are true. A second hand dress doesn't keep it's retail value, and a dress whose only flaw is it was made for a different sized body isn't the same as a dress with severe construction problems.

No. 111079

She even writes in the post that he’s willing to work with her and make adjustments so why doesn’t she just do that????

No. 111087

Honestly, that’s understandable since Lilyxandra started out as a cosplayer way back in the olden days. She has come a long way though, especially if you look at her old Sleeping Beauty cosplay from 15ish years ago.

Oh, yikes! I can see what she’s doing. Girl is trying to offload this onto one of Nightmare Daddy’s ignorant followers who thinks he can do no wrong. There’s an alarming amount of them that were ass kissing him on his IG post about this ugly dress saying how much they loved and wanted it. Gross. Money does not buy taste, but Disney people buy anything. It’s the main reason why I stopped costuming for the anime crowd and do Disney costumes on the side instead.

No. 111091

Because it's a lie. She said in the she-prop thread that she tried to get her money back and contact him multiple times and he refused/deleted his Venmo. He also said he's quitting the commission business all together.

No. 111092

She's absolutely not going to get anything near what she paid for it, especially not since she very publicly whined about how badly made it is.

Not to play devil's advocate but you do also pay extra for big names to make you commission. $2k is "normal" for a gown from a big name.
Ofc, I've always thought of DD as a hack, but the Disney cosplay community highly values big names (disproportionately so, imo), so he can get away with charging that much for shit work.

DD has said he'll quit taking commissions any time he gets a vaguely negative reaction. He said he would never take commissions again after the Momokun fiasco too.

No. 111095

that is absolutely hideous.

No. 111135

>Not to play devil's advocate but you do also pay extra for big names to make you commission. $2k is "normal" for a gown from a big name.
Anon was asking for a price check on this particular item, not some hoity toity brand seamstress producing actual quality. $2000 would be an understandable price for professional work with expensive materials because that's a standard custom made wedding dress price but for this second hand pile of crap, absolutely not.

No. 111148

Anyone else like to look up Insert popular franchise here cosplay at the mall/any public place? Its cringe but also oddly comforting and nostalgic.

No. 111166

File: 1599148785812.jpeg (845.38 KB, 828x1099, C1ADED6E-FA6B-40B3-A3F7-687EB1…)

>falling for the marketing scam where companies slap “cosplay” on an already existing product so they can charge 2x the regular price
Is there a single cosplay group out there that isn’t filled with tards?

No. 111172

File: 1599150881479.png (573.9 KB, 719x904, Screenshot_2020-09-03-17-31-09…)

Is this eyebrow thing a cosplay trend? I've seen it a couple times and it baffles me- it looks hideous? Atleast with other trends like fake freckles and pink cheeks I can see the appeal but surely nobody wants eyebrows like this?

No. 111173

File: 1599150917354.png (466.18 KB, 720x875, Screenshot_2020-09-03-17-31-30…)

Samefag- another example with another character.

No. 111174

I find it endearing since most are just wondering around in costume and having fun. Was good times.

No. 111178

its an overflow from alt fashion. It's been a 'thing' in goth and punk makeup looks for a while but it's usually done with exagerated eye makeup so it balances out whereas especially on this person it's cringe because they dont know how to balance anything

You can also easily tell they think they can copy how certain artists do blush, not realizing that 2d doesnt always translate to 3d very well. You can look at them and tell they drool over korean webtoons.

No. 111179

Took me a bit to realize that's supposed to be Kyle from South Park.

No. 111180

Massively overpriced. She's not gonna sell this unless someone is extremely rich and stupid.

No. 111187

You'll be even more surprised to find the top one is supposed to be tweek from south park!.. just as a cat for some reason?

No. 111227


She said in one of the threads that she's sending it back to him for a partial refund, so that may be why she took it down

No. 111273

I could forgive the eyebrows if it wasn't for the super red and dark blushing. There are a lot of characters with bean brows and i think it can look cute if done right, but on south park characters? It makes no sense and makes what would have been an average, low effort cosplay into low effort trash trash.

No. 111932

Y'all something doesnt sit right about this video from Promiseofahero AKA Lindsay
And like if you notice her instagram is so weirdly sexual towards the child characters (not news for my hero cosplayers but still thats a full grown adult sexualizing a kid)
Also can we please stop with the shitty no lip trend for anime boys that looks so bad(https://lolcow.farm/info)

No. 111934

Yes! For me I think it's because even if it's cringe, the aspect of having a group of friends to dress up with and just be silly with is fun.

No. 111936

go back to anime twitter chief

No. 112114

lmfao actual twitterfag trying to pull the pathetic "s-she's sexualizing MHA m-minors!!!" stint here. I hope you got a permaban.

the youtube thumbnail cracked me the fuck up though

No. 112427

You guys call people annoying and fat but literally pick apart everything they do just to find a single thing you don’t like about it and then broadcast it to the whole thread like tf kinda drugs you on(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 113371

File: 1600772678533.jpg (113.87 KB, 816x594, IoA7n51.jpg)

I wonder why this girl thinks she's some kind of a cosplay celebrity. It's so emberassing to be a German cosplayer with people like her in our (so or so shitty) community. Guess I'm a Hater for saying so.

No. 113372

File: 1600772999025.jpg (325.21 KB, 777x1169, ml1E90s.jpg)

Also it's funny how she claims she doesn't care about likes/followers, but buys them from time to time or begs for 'love' (likes) in a post right before her 'we are all soo beautiful and social media feedback is not relevant!'-rant.

No. 113373

she really could not have photoshopped in that sword more poorly

No. 113374

File: 1600774065030.jpg (617.11 KB, 2320x3088, image0.jpg)

don't say that too loud… she already did something more poorly (beside the sword, her boobs look awful edited)

No. 113376

of course, if begging doesn't help, you play the victim card. what else?
wasn't her "huge shitstorm" one single random person who told her that she should stop lying and editing herself so badly? wow… what a huge shitstorm

No. 113377

yah one person as far as I understood, but she claims that it was a huge 'gang of cosplayers' who tried to destroy her 'cosplay fame', because they were jealous haters.

No. 113378

she looks so old, but I don't remember her from ye old animexx days. What were her old profile names?

No. 113380

She claims that she's cosplaying for a year now and as far as I can see, she has instagram only. @clarke_cosplay_

No. 113466

I really wish you guys would stop demanding everyone buys followers. Most people do NOT interact with you. Less like and even less ever comment. Most follow due to an obsession with keeping tabs on people or showing support. Also whats the tea on her? Vendetta isn't a reason to post.

No. 113477

you realize that this is a gossip forum? And that we… gossip? She's a cringy cosplayer and we talk about these. You don't need to search for a deeper reason into every little comment. Never understood why whiteknights like you look at this kind of page anyway.

No. 113843

Yaya Han is 40 years old and still cosplaying? Go back to the library old lady