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No. 746423

previous thread >>>/ot/735611

>Reminder that if you are a radfem/pinkpill/Terf sperg/gendercrit, the "unpopular opinions thread" is not your reverse uno to continue the discourse. Nor is it your general place to try and fight people. Ignore posters you disagree with.

If you are here to;
>sperg about trannies ruining your board, or your conspiracies that everyone who disagrees with you is a tranny - BAN.
>explain in detail why every man is shit - BAN.
>fight people who disagree with you - BAN.
>post vaguely veiled gendercrit posts to try and evade the no gendersperg rule - BAN.
>reply to someones personal experiences because you inherently disagree with their views - BAN.
>discuss your views on racism - BAN.
>have gender crit discussions - BAN.
>try and score twitter cookie points by dunking on the "bigot" terfs - BAN.

If you are here to;
>complain that your boyfriend did x/ you got cat called/ you had a bad day due to a man - NO BAN.
>talk about your personal experience and opinions. - NO BAN.
>HOWEVER, personal experiences and opinions do not devolve into long political discussions nor do they contain your tangent on how all men are scum or how you want to ethnically purge because once upon a time a (((man))) said you are fat.

No. 746444

File: 1614081903712.jpg (48.41 KB, 500x350, Tumblr_l_45199815863862.jpg)

I miss the time when liking or collecting cute asian things (that includes sanrio brand) was not popular and more of a niche, because people prefered something else.

Seeing every random person on instagram surronding themselves with knock off stuff from aliexpress and ties cutesy childhoos characters to muh mental illness (traumacore and such) breaks my heart. I swear, nowadays if a person is overly obsessed with sanrio and overlypink (and/or quirky like that woman from /w/ with dozens of "im bpddidautistic" tweets) aesthetic it screams mental illness to me which ends up being true.

It also feels like as if the community around cute stuff turned into a fakenice circus.

No. 746445

Who'd have thought a hobby based around mindless consumerism of things you'll never use would attract people without personalities?

No. 746446

It was always a fakenice circus. In my experience, women who are into this kind of aesthetic are the pettiest and talk the most shit, and this was way before the traumacore trend. It's even a trope in mass media kek.

No. 746465

Examples of the trope? The only one I have in mind is Umbridge

No. 746469

You're right, and you should say it.

No. 746557

PULL, every lolcow ever who likes uwu cutesy things etc

No. 746564

This is only an unpopular opinion here, but I believe asexuality is real. Libido varies across people so it just makes sense some people don't have one at all. I also believe people can experience complete lack of romantic attraction.

No. 746571

I just think people shouldn't label it as sexuality and scream that they are asexual everywhere.

No. 746580

i totally hear you. i can't stand pop culture stuff i actually enjoyed as a kid be tainted by weird fetish cults online. at the same time, i think adults should all style themselves and decorate their living spaces in a manner adequate to their age. weebs are most often unable to come to terms with adulthood for some reason. probably because japanese culture is completely imbued by pedophilia.

No. 746589

I'm inclined to believe it as well. I just don't believe that every teen (or even young adult) with no or next to no sexual experience who claims to be asexual is actually asexual.

No. 746596

Non-sweet cereals like Cheerios or cornflakes are better then sweet ones like frosted flakes or honey nut cheerios. The natural sweetness from the milk makes those ones way too sweet. Plain Cheerios are perfect.

No. 746597

traumacore is proof of eugenics, prove me wrong anons

No. 746602

>The natural sweetness from the milk
I don't eat cows milk that often, but what

No. 746604

NTA but milk is sweet, what are you so surprised about?

No. 746608

Cows milk has like 11-12 grams of naturally occurring sugar in it. I actually didn't know this until I was an adult, started trying to lose weight, and read the nutrition label. Yeah milk tastes sweet, but I guess to me it just tasted like milk so I never thought about where the sweet taste was coming from.

No. 746609

"oh he just has trouble taking hints"
Aka he's porn sick or not interested. Or gay
"You need to straight up tell me you want to fuck"
Aka embarrass yourself so they can brag to all their friends how you "begged to fuck him", or when you do he plays victim for you coming onto strong or makes a show about how you need to act more sexy

This is what porn did to men's minds - ruined sex for everyone. Stay away from moids ladies

No. 746611

>natural sweetness from the milk

You probably don't intend it but this makes you sound like some kind of bloodhound orthorexic.

Lactose, anon. It's called lactose.

No. 746614

Ayrt, I genuinely don't think milk tastes sweet, but I already don't like cow's milk so maybe it's just me

No. 746615

Asking men out doesnt work because if they dont like you they act like huge assholes. A simple "I have a gf" would work but they always have to act repulsed or really rude. This is why women dont ask them out more.

No. 746617

I have 2 uncles in their 60s that went their whole life with no dating history at all. My mom grew up with friends from childhood that forever stayed single. Any time I ever asked my parents about them there was this tone of like 'hush up, we don't acknowledge that' so I don't know if they were all lifelong repressed gays or just sexless. Strange how it's such an awkward topic for that generation and now young people are the opposite extreme and often announcing it at a very young age.

No. 746620

True or they'll go other places and talk shit about things like "lol this ugly af girl asked me out"

I don't believe men who claim not to be a tell when women are hinting, just sounds to me like they're narcissistic and want to see how far women will go to try to fuck them and sit around crying because most women aren't going to put an insane amount of effort to fuck a man unless they got something really special to offer and if men did they wouldn't need to manipulate women to simp

No. 746623

You've probably got too much sugar in your diet to taste it. It's like how when people start to cut down on junkfood, fruits and vegetables suddenly start tasting (more) sweet.

No. 746640

The kind of girls they want dont need to "make the first move". In they're head they're hoping some model is going to ask them out, not average or ugly looking girls.

No. 746647

Or maybe your mind tastes sugar now that you've read it on the nutrition label lmao. Sweetness from lactose is really not that distinct.

No. 746650

Nah I don't think it's that, I can always taste subtle sweetness (yes, even if it's natural) but I just don't taste it in milk. Like I said, I don't like it so maybe I was just to focused on how gross I think cow milk is to taste the sweetness.

No. 746652

It's not just that because a lot of attractive women have been in this situation to. Or the reddit dude who admitted his wife was a model and would blantantly say "let's fuck" but it was bad because he wanted her to be sexy and seductive even though men always talk about not taking sexy hints. Or then men who claim that it's just other women who did that casually and it's women's fault they can't take clear hints. Yeah like there are women who start stripping and cuddling men casually. A lot of men in this thread as well admitted the girls they "missed" hints from were hot and were upset that they didn't fuck them

I miss when sex and teasing was actually fun. Men will try to manipulate every single chance they get. Men "not taking" hints, most of the time is just simply them trying to get me women to try harder. Men love attention. This is the same reason why men claim to never get complimented even though these same men will get pissy or reject if the woman starts showing interest and complimenting back. Don't even get me started on men who show interest in a woman and then lose interest when she shows interest back

No. 746659

this shit is cute, you describe a group of people who are more focused on surrounding themselves with a certain aesthetic for validation, compared to genuinely liking the shit in moderation and no desire to create a false image to a crowd. i order some cute shit from ali because it's still cute, but i don't use them as props for aesthetic traumacore shots, age regression larp, or some other vawidation pwease mean girl trope.

No. 746664

Good rule of thumb, anything with medical shit like syringes and bandaids like your pic is from the zoomer traumacore med aesthetic freaks and should be avoided

No. 746686

I agree but I think the most vocal asexual people are like that as a consequence of something (trauma, depression…) and it could theoritically be "fixed". Also kinnies who write aroace and use the asexual flag on their twitter bio should be mocked.

No. 746705

File: 1614100094138.jpg (20.73 KB, 480x471, ssh858t4f8lz.jpg)

I hate jokes/memes that are specific to a tragedy where people died. I don't mean like making fun of white men as mass shooters but rather outright referencing what happened on 9/11 or the Rape of Nanking or Columbine. I know I'm on an image board (and that there's degenerate scrotes lurking) but there are decent anons here, so I'm wondering wtf has happened to humanity if this is seriously considered a funny joke. I know this humor has been around a while but it feels like it's gotten worse because of the internet. Anyways it's actually sociopathic if you don't feel any shame for mocking a specific tragedy where innocent people died and I genuinely do think you've got something wrong with you whether it be narcissism or sociopathy. Especially to those scrotes and/or autists who pull out the memes on the anniversary, as if it's acceptable to do that on the same day that normal people honor the lives of people who died. Gonna assume that they're all scrotes if not pickme NLOG or female autist who spends too much time on image boards and might also be a pickme NLOG.
If you respond with an edgy meme thinking I'm going to be triggered just save your time

No. 746710

Well I make those jokes simply because I hate americans and I like to trigger them, but I'm also an autist.

No. 746714

>Rape of Nanking

No. 746722

I don't like it either. It's very edgy 14 year old humor. Not completely related to your post, but I think it's kind of pathetic when an American makes fun of a British person for something stupid and they immediately go to the school shooting jokes. It's also weird that people are willing to joke about stuff like that, but consider other things in the similar vein to be off limits.

No. 746725

I was obviously referring to 9/11. But I also don't like the japanese so I like to reminder my japanese friends on discord about Nanking.

No. 746727

scrotes and pickmes who think it's funny for innocent people to die are subhuman, simple as

No. 746728

I'll make fun of 9/11 until the day I die. Americans bombed my country not 2 years before it and I lost someone very important to me. Now when I mention it to an American, they don't even know it happened, but still have the energy to crow on and on about 9/11 as if they didn't do much worse things in the rest of the world. Eat my ass, yank.

No. 746731

>men who show interest in a woman and then lose interest when she shows interest back
For all their complaining about how women play games, they really are the ones that do this shit.

No. 746734

You guys act like regular Americans are the ones who decide to bomb countries lmao. Be mad at the government and the people in the military. Also, what American is constantly mentioned 9/11? I never hear about it until the actual date is coming close.

No. 746736

So like every year everywhere?

No. 746737

Lmao anon im salty too dont worry, i love "spamming" the 9/11 tag with my country coup backed by Nixon, idgaf, if your forcing me to mourn some nobodies just because your country loves playing hero then I'm gonna force you back

No. 746740

As long as normal, innocent people from these same countries make fun of people from other countries dying, the same will happen to them.
The callousness isn't a one-way street. When I see Americans commenting "Good, I hope more die" on videos and news articles of disasters where I'm from, a couple of 9/11 memes (99% of which are created and proliferated by fellow Americans, mind) seem downright peachy. Also, >>746728 is right.

No. 746748

It's kind of weird how everyone made this post about Americans, when this post wasn't specifically about American tragedies and even mentioned the Rape on Nanking

No. 746751

China isn't innocent, either. See: their treatment of Uyghur Muslims, and the average Chinese person praising/supporting it.

No. 746752

File: 1614102628242.jpeg (392.5 KB, 750x908, 4AA95F6B-7E06-45A1-94EC-A663C9…)

I’m pretty sure you saw the tweet I posted in the shitpost thread lmao

I found it absolutely bizarre that someone would make a joke like that. I also found another one where they were making fun of vulnerable girls at parties and asking people which one you would rape and take advantage of if those women were an album or music artist, it’s really disgusting

No. 746753

i'm american and i never see anyone under the age of 70 talk about 9/11 unless they either survived it or lost someone in it

No. 746754

What does that have to do with my post?

No. 746755

>even mentioned the Rape on Nanking

No. 746756

No, you're just a shitty person.
You really think those Americans supported the US bombing your country? Most Americans I know want to be out of conflict with other countries completely but we can never leave the middle east for instance because of billionaires who are lobbying for the US to keep its hold on oil. Americans already think what's going on out there is horrific, but only the US military knows what truly goes on and how bad it truly is. I've heard about the drones from someone who was formerly in the military and the information is not generally known to the public.
So if you really think you're doing anything, Americans hate our country anyways. The people that we elect never change anything even when they are the better option due to lobbying.
As a burgerfag I agree. A lot of eurofags are super cocky and will make jokes about our country all day. Kind of pathetic considering the majority of young people hate this country and its policies. Only if you're arguing with some delusional conservative or proud American are you gonna offend them.
Except those Americans who are so shitty don't care when innocents die in our country either. You're just being shit people. I can understand wanting those people who demean your victims to suffer.
I just named tragedies off the top of my head, it doesn't have to be US or China. It can be Holocaust jokes, the terror attacks in Europe, the atrocities in the Middle East. My opinion remains that edgy humor of specific tragedies that killed innocent people is disgusting. Making fun or mocking people who died and did not directly deserve it (bc of murder/rape) is disgusting.

No. 746757

Still wondering what that has to do with my post. I'm saying that everyone made it about America when the post was not specifically about America. It's pretty clear OP doesn't support anyone making fun of any tragedies that happened anywhere

No. 746758

>Except those Americans who are so shitty don't care when innocents die in our country either.
This is painfully dishonest.

No. 746759

Cry about it then. People in the rest of the world die because of you and your interests, and you can't even take a little bit of banter? Lol.

No. 746761

You're wondering what something you mentioned has to do with your post?
The point is that people from those countries make fun of or even purposely support tragedies being enacted on others, so it's unreasonable to expect it not to go back to them. I don't know how anyone could be naive enough to not realize that.

No. 746762

Nta, but no it's not actually. Obviously there certain things that gain a lot of traction in the news, but there are still plenty of tragedies and shit that results in people's death that doesn't get reported on

No. 746764

Yeah, the hyper-patriotic Americans who hate all non-Americans and see them as either target practice, collateral damage or vermin in the way of resources they're thirsty for totally don't care about Americans dying.
Enough with these burger copes.

No. 746767

Anything for the chance to anti-burger sperg, right autists?

No. 746768

weed smoke smells 500 times worse than tobacco smoke

No. 746770

I don't like how weed smells either, but jesus, the lies you tell.

No. 746776

both smell awful
pot smells bitter and musty like unwashed balls while tobacco smells like something that can burn off your insides within 5 seconds

No. 746781

No. 746784

I agree. I don't let people some tobacco in my home but weed is fine

No. 746787

You're missing the point so hard and I genuinely do not know how else to explain that to you.

No. 746789

Weed can smell skunky but you’re wrong

No. 746790

Here’s a real unpopular take: they both smell good.

No. 746795

I remember liking cigarette smell as a child and feeling bad about it. Tbh I still like it even if I don't smoke

No. 746797

They really don't. American men for instance will celebrate the deaths of women or people that they don't like because they're liberal or conservative or w/e. Our society is first and foremost individualistic af. Americans don't mourn other Americans because we see each other on a basis of solidarity of being Americans. Only within specific groups (like race, gender, class) do people care for one another. The rest make fun of their death because groups in America have so much tension between each other.
The only exception is politics, where a conservative might mourn someone who served in their best interest (i.e, military personnel, conservative aligned person, white person). They only mourn people to prove a point which I don't consider an actual mourning.
Anyway, do you even live here?
Me and MY interests? Jesus christ you're not even listening to what I said. The only people who are truly benefitting from killing people overseas are the politicians and oil tycoons that are making a shit ton of money off of the resource extractions and don't give a shit about the people dying. What do you not understand about the average person not being able to intervene in that? IMO I think what's going on in the middle east also hurts average Americans because we're paying the price and getting killed by people who are acting in response to the doings of the top 1% of Americans.

No. 746805

I’m kind of edgy (brain damaged) and don’t get bothered by 4chan humor but I keep it to myself. I’m more embarrassed by the pickmes more than anything who, out of all things, proclaim their love for it kek literally girls who laugh at every joke a moid makes. It’s an extra layer of cringe when their female socialization guilt still makes them bend over backwards to justify it instead of just being outright psychotic like men.

No. 746807

Same but I'm a pretentious faggot who believes anons are just smelling low quality and cheap tobacco/weed products.
Fresh tobacco smells great and is even used as a scent in candles and perfume. Certain weed strains smell sweet or citrusy.

No. 746810

When I was a kid my dad left cigs out all the time so I took the tobacco out and munched on it occasionally

No. 746811

I've smoked weed all throughout my 20s and have never had anyone say I smell of it. I never touched tobacco until weed, but I use to love the smell of cigarettes cause they reminded me of a guy I liked.

No. 746813

>I took the tobacco out and munched on it occasionally

No. 746815

I swear weed smells like chocolate to me. I don't know if it's nostalgia or some weird mental trick but every time I get a new bag of grass it smells like the Roses tin you get at Christmas.

No. 746821

How can a 7 year old be a crackhead?

No. 746827

You can literally be born a crackhead. Sorry about your certain brain damage though anon, you could have been normal. >>746807
>smelling low quality and cheap tobacco
So the smell that 99% of people associate and will always associate with tobacco then. It’s way easier and more common to acquire fruity smelling weed than good smelling cigs.

No. 746833

Ayrt, I wasn't trying to say she was literally a crackhead, just saying that that's crackhead behavior lol. Was just a joke.

No. 746856

The twitter jumped out, bestie slay

No. 746863

>Anyway, do you even live here?
Were you paying attention at all to the posts you were replying to?

No. 746876

>You need to straight up tell me you want to fuck
The kind of men who say this shit are usually naive virgins who would have every right to be excited if a woman took the lead. They're too inexperienced/dumb to realize that other men see this behavior as desperate.

No. 746880

>So the smell that 99% of people associate and will always associate with tobacco then
Nah. No need to exaggerate fam. It's okay to not like things but there's plenty of tobacco out there that doesn't smell like dusty Newports. Seriously look up tobacco perfumes and colognes if you think there's no way more than 1% of people could find the smell pleasant. It's pretty popular.

No. 746887

No it's not cancerbreath. Smoking tobacco only looks aesthetic. And only smell pleasant to smokers. Wish all of you faggots would vape already.

No. 746892

Late but when I see things like this, I just think the men are jealous and want to do what women are doing as well. For example there's a genre of videos where black men make fun of how black women do their hair and nails (by actually applying it onto themselves) and it's obvious they wish they could also have hair and nails like that but hide it behind comedy.

No. 746894

File: 1614109791620.gif (413.9 KB, 500x268, 63418208309746284a62a2b4338803…)

I saw I Care A Lot (2020) and I fucking love it. I don't give a fuck what men or normies have to say. This appeals to my female power fantasy. They only killed the main character off so the message wouldn't be """problematic""" anyway lol
>tfw no sociopathic rich bitch, pantsuit-wearing lesbian Rosamund Pike gf

No. 746896

I haven't watched it, but I've been seeing a lot about this movie on twitter and I thought a lot of people liked it?

No. 746908

I'm not on twitter but I know /tv/, reddit and youtube "reviewers" hate it kek
>it's too unbelievable
Seethe bitch

No. 746910

File: 1614110767916.png (54.78 KB, 730x317, helloanon.png)

Anon what is your opinion on pic related? Even though I don't think you should call a suicidal person a coward or selfish person, I also don't think you should refer to suicide as something brave or courageous. A lot of people commit suicide to escape the horrible actions they inflicted on others, but I know there are people who commit suicide to escape the horrible actions inflicted on themselves too. I'm just wondering what opinions other anons have on this.

No. 746912

I don't smoke cigarettes, didn't say smoking was aesthetic, and I'm literally giving examples of how and why tobacco smell is pleasant.

Do you not believe in tobacco perfumes and colognes or something? Google it, it's not a conspiracy.

No. 746914

Ah I see. That's weird cause the same guys who say that are the same ones that worship stuff like Star Wars lol. Movie and tv shows don't have to be completely realistic lmao

No. 746915

What a dumb question when I read between the lines enough of that one sentence you wrote that you probably are not an American because in 99% of cases, race/sex/income/sexual orientation/political class solidarity trumps any solidarity that Americans have as Americans. You could be living in America but not be raised an American.

No. 746918

I only think suicide is selfish if you're leaving behind small children who cant take care of themselves

No. 746920

>suicide is one of the bravest thing you can do
Lmaoooo galaxy brain twaumacore faggot detected, this person is extremely unlikely to complete suicide. Suicidalfag myself and I gotta say: fuck off. Suicide is a mean of exiting a painful situation you can't tough out. I even support assisted suicide but ain't nothing brave about that. Can't image someone truly suicidal to care about how randoms think they're a weenie.

No. 746923

Fucking exactly. I'm sure those crime/heist/mobster movies men like are sooo realistic.

No. 746930

I think weed is stinky but not in a bad way and I feel it doesn't linger as much?
Tobacco can range from bearable to oh god my lungs are decaying as I inhale it

No. 746935

Literature analysis, as taught at university (at least on an undergraduate level, based on experience) is pretty shit and you're better off just reading texts and commentary without filling your head with their shoehorning. There's absolutely no reason in 2021 to learn how to analyze War and Peace from a Marxian perspective, or to analyze Paradise Lost from a Feminist one.

Literary analysis in general is pretty pointless. Genius builds off perception, experience and other literature, and filling your head with how to take literature into a set ideological box just makes it harder. You get the vibes none of those people analyzing literature give a fuck about the book/poem whatever either, they're just stretching logic to fit it all in a Marxist/Feminist/Indigenous/Freudian box.

They train you to scan a text to find the one or two lines that support a Marxist/Freudian/Feminist/whatever analysis, rip out the lines into quotes and then stretch it into an essay. It feels very mechanical and pointless.

No. 746941

The hyper-patriots tend to be conservative spergs though, so they're usually against free healthcare. Also "would do anything for this country" but refuse to wear masks

No. 746946

I think it's neither brave nor corwardly. I don't think you can speak of bravery or cowardness when the decision to suicide stems from an ill mind. I don't know if that makes sense.

No. 746961

I like some Grimes songs, but

I don't think Grimes is that talented as a music artist. Dunno, her music isn't that good. I feel like people who obsess over her just do it for the aesthetic and want to prove how quirky they are. And want to look like they listen to special underground music or whatever, even though she's clearly mainstream.

No. 746962

I also miss when it was niche, but it was bound to happen. You can still like cute stuff and keep it to yoursel though

No. 746968

Literally go back and read >>746740, then think again on whether "Do you live here [in America]?" makes sense to ask. You clearly didn't read, but you typed so much.

No. 746970

Nta, but "do you live here" sounded more like a rhetorical question

No. 746972

They even sound unsure in >>746915, though, like one of those people who assumes everyone on the internet is either American or lives in America on impulse. Peak murrican.

No. 746974

The main reason why I'm against legalization in my country lmao

No. 746975

File: 1614116531465.jpeg (49.37 KB, 1200x628, 34744263-B314-4D5A-B307-8DFA36…)

I think it’s hypocritical and unfair that people hate That Vegan Teacher so much that people came together to make a petition just to ban her off YouTube. Just because she’s vegan and doesn’t agree with other people’s lifestyle doesn’t mean she’s kicking your door down and holding you at gun point to eat a bag of lettuce, she’s simply doing what every political commentary channel or account does by trying to convert people to their ideology, but those people are fine and the people who hate this lady always defend the radical retards who manage to break TOS and get permabanned. Doesn’t she get to have freedom of speech too, wtf? Idc if she said questionable things and you don’t like her, that can obviously be debated because tiktok zoomers take shit out of proportion, but being some edgy retard who eats meat to “own those damn vegans!!” is hilariously pathetic. Even the attempts to scramble up evidence to expose her have absolutely no evidence, no archives, no screenshots but hearsay writing, literally this website can do better fucking research and documenting than these people. If she is a cow, do better and provide better proof

No. 746977

What did she do (or is supposed to have done?)

No. 746978

I'm vegetarian and I personally think she's weird and makes plant-based people look bad, but idk. I don't think she's actually done anything "bad" so I don't think she deserves to be kicked off social media. Even someone like LovelyPeaches didn't get kicked off of instagram and she was doing crazy shit.

No. 746984

The way TikTok will overlook its own grooming problem, but band together to get rid of just one (1) woman who's kind of annoying about being vegan or whatever, lmao.

No. 746991

Cancel culture and censorship is ok when it's a woman they don't like.

No. 746996


The worst thing I had seen was people accused her of being racist and homophobic because she compared slavery and gay conversion therapy to animal slaughter houses

She's annoying and unhinged but in no way deserved to be banned, for some reason veganism really touches a raw nerve to a lot of people

No. 747007

I’m not vegan but it hits a nerve for a lot of people because of the uncomfortable nature of the mass consumption, processing, and distribution of animals that can raise a lot of questions about our own ethics. There is already a universal attitude towards animals that they are dumb and less intelligent than humans which means that we can rev up the fucking fryers and make some burgers

No. 747011

No. 747012

I mean, comparing humans to animals Yes, I know we are animals, but you get what I'm trying to say is a sore spot for obvious reasons. I'm not saying I agree or disagree with it, but it's reasonable. Also, conversion therapy and slaughter houses aren't even close to the same thing tbh.

No. 747025

Yeah exactly, most people don't want to come to terms with them possibly being a bad person for eating animals.

That's also probably why most people make a joke out of it. Like Gordon Ramsay totally 'pwning' her by eating a burger while watching her tiktok about him instead of coming up with an actual defense, because lets face it how can we really deny what we do to animals is cruel.

No. 747029

maybe not an unpopular opinion on here, and this might come across as some kind of cope, but i'm kind of repulsed by shaved body hair. it looks very silly most of the time. i used to always shave my armpits and genitals, but now that i'm a bit into my twenties i've outgrown the habit and mindset of doing it simply because of the unspoken pressure to shave while dating someone. of course stopping hasn't changed my relationship or sex life with my bf at all. and this has made me realize how stupid and weird adult women look with shaved body hair! in fact i realized i don't even like anything on anyone being shaved except for facial hair. i think it looks ridiculous, like a plucked chicken. and it's actually weird when you think about how the only men and women who naturally have no body hair are prepubescent children. everyone knows this, yet it seems to be extremely controversial as the norm rn is to be shaving and waxing everything. at the same time, every woman i know seems to have problems with yeast infections, inflamed pimples and vaginosis etc at some point, because of shaving and excessive cleaning. so it's pretty dumb whenever people are also like "i want my partner/interest to take care of their appearance/hygiene" well it's the opposite of hygienic to shave, especially your genitals. i don't understand the preferance of shaved bodies at all. it's almost as if body hair is a kink now or something instead of the other way around.

No. 747030

This is my take on this. If people can go their way to kick out a crazy vegan teacher, why don't they do the same for predators? But no, predators are always given chances. People just hate opinionated women. Kick Logan Paul and other shitty scrotes out, not a silly crazy woman

No. 747032

i love cute sanrio stuff but i despise the trauma art that has my melody surrounded by pills or boxcutters. so cringe leave the rabbit alone.

No. 747033

Things that are supposed to be "good writing" in fiction seem bad to me. Some of my least favorite characters are the ones that get praised as "realistic" or "relatable", to me they just come off as very annoying or unlikable. I'd even prefer a Mary Sue over that (except for the waifubait ones).

No. 747041

File: 1614119963682.jpg (259.06 KB, 1330x1602, 101107598_136924327972143_3976…)

>get praised as "realistic" or "relatable", to me they just come off as very annoying or unlikable

I think your problem isn't that you hate realistic/relatable characters, but you hate "Wow they're literally me!" characters. The "Literally me" character is only liked because sad sacks confuse relatable with realistic. Since the only thing the character has to be is relatable they are often shoddily written and "annoying or unlikable".

Have you ever seen these annoying realistic characters adored by anyone else besides mid 20 dudes or girls going through a lot of issues?

No. 747048

This is a good point but that type of reaction is interesting. When accused of other issues that are uncomfortable, people tend to argue that they couldn’t possibly be that way. They outright reject it. But just eating meat in response to a vegan’s argument is sending the message of “I can’t refute your points, but I don’t give a fuck”

Haven’t watched this woman’s videos but I doubt she’s any worse than other militant vegans on youtube.

No. 747070

File: 1614122495860.png (62.33 KB, 713x350, letterboxd.png)

Haven't seen it yet, but my unpopular opinion is that these "girlboss" jokes aren't funny and people who say it are sexist. It's annoying how we can't have female villains now without people dismissing them with "girlboss".

No. 747073

> like one of those people who assumes everyone on the internet is either American or lives in America on impulse
My original unpopular opinion was swarmed with responses, I don't normally assume people are American. Personally if I was non-American I would just not give a fuck about our country's politics and events but anon confused me because she discredited something pretty obvious in American society (division) which all Americans are aware of. I subconsciously figured that if she spoke with such certainty then this has to be an American with a different lived reality/experience. Pretty ballsy of an anon from another country to discredit and then imply that they know a country better than the anon who actually lives there, kek.
Now that I've backtracked I'm assuming this >>746968 is the middle east anon who was bombed or the other one who agreed with that anon. Anyway your original opinion >>746758 doesn't mean jack shit if you don't live here. Happy now?

No. 747076

I want a tiny butt

No. 747085

What the fuck does “girlboss” have anything to do with it? It’s literally just a story about a villain who’s psychotic enough to run extremely unethical scams to get rich (Wolf of Wall street helllo???), she happens to be a woman and moids lose their fucking minds. Imagine trying to use the morality of the literal bad guy as criticism of a film.

No. 747086

Nothing us more unattractive than a man who is a gamer over the age of 22

No. 747088

Comeuppance is comeuppance. Good riddance.

No. 747093

I do not mind if he is into singleplayers rather than MMOs, but if a guy is into competitive / survival / shooters, you should run. They are nothing but raging machines.

No. 747094

Anon did you watch that film? The “I Care A Lot” one? Spoilers ahead (kek idgaf I’m going to spoil it) but literally the movie defends her actions and paints her as being some badass for being resilient and confident, like that fucking matters when it comes to her money laundering and extortion. Thank god that woman got fucking shot by some crusty trucker looking MRA guy at the end, which really solidified the point of that film for me. It’s trying to paint a moral grey area to conceal that they obviously agree with their heggin cute lesbo villains winning and getting rich at the end even though that woman got shot at the end, it’s shitty pandering and female villains can be much better. They didn’t even kill off that stupid midget from game of thrones playing as a russian mob boss, it left a bad taste in my mouth until the end

No. 747096

Honestly drown yourself in the expired Ben and jerry’s bucket you’re eating out of while browsing lolcow, anon. You literally have no taste and you’re just as bad as the scrote equivalent who would cheer on a similar male villain. There is nothing fucking liberating or empowering by making woman perpetuate the same suffering and chaos that men do all the time like what the fuck is wrong with you? Die.

No. 747098

Same anon but Rosamund Pike stays getting unlikable female villain roles, I swear. I hated Amy Dunne and I hated Marla.

No. 747099

File: 1614124910421.jpg (127.42 KB, 851x1200, 5e13444e84f4e.jpg)

I've loved Higurashi for 9 years, read the VNs and most of the manga, but I fucking hate the art style in Gou. I rewatch the original anime every June for nostalgia and it isn't that good but I much prefer the old shitty ana-chan DEEN art to Gou's round bakemonogatari coomer style

No. 747102

File: 1614124935381.jpg (500.28 KB, 1600x2263, hetty_douglas.jpg)

I think the bad/hideous art thread should be used to discuss bad modern art that are exposed in galleries and exhibition (please don't see this as me saying that all modern art is bad, I just want a place to mock Hetty Douglas kek).

I don't know I just feel bad about mocking cringy children/beginer drawing, I think it's more fun when they are pretentious adult.

No. 747131

File: 1614126438663.jpg (833.75 KB, 1214x1239, 1390189611779.jpg)

i haven't seen the movie anon is talking about but your moralist seething at a fictional antiheroine reads like a moid tantrum lmao

No. 747132

Why do scrotes always accuse women they think are losers of eating Ben and Jerry's? What's your beef with ice cream?

No. 747136

File: 1614126556718.jpeg (1.24 MB, 1936x1936, 1C610997-5295-40A7-9D29-BE162D…)

ive had this saved in my drafts for months and it finally paid off

No. 747143

File: 1614126910661.gif (1.99 MB, 576x304, 889AED76-462E-46EF-93B2-F0B91E…)

Coming from a fellow anon, toxic femininity really exists.

No. 747161

File: 1614127909483.png (954.49 KB, 800x642, D04D1C9B-DB39-4014-B931-E6975F…)


No. 747166

File: 1614128063359.jpg (235.22 KB, 940x691, philip-colbert-lobster-shark.j…)

Hard agree

No. 747186

That’s called internalized misogyny

No. 747187

How was it defending her actions? It’s told from the perspective of someone who sees nothing wrong with what they’re doing. And was met with repercussions for her choices.

No. 747193

anon do you have more exemples of modern art cows ? I love it, you got me into a philip colbert research rabbit hole kek !

No. 747200

Lil Peep brought us some heat, not even gonna lie.

No. 747201

Idk who this is, but is this the guy that made the fashion brand that has those flowers with smiley faces on them? His art looks similar

No. 747209

Are you thinking about murakami?

No. 747210

NTA but haven't you got a school to shoot up? Go away smegmoid
Because it is a moid, I'm glad someone else noticed. I feel like I'm the only one who notices them here lately and it drives me insane.

No. 747211

File: 1614131434656.jpg (90.02 KB, 600x450, pop_room.jpg)

What did you find anon? I was considering posting Douglas Coupland, pic rel

Yeah I think that's Murakami

No. 747214

The guy in this pic is Philip Colbert, not murakami.

No. 747218

File: 1614132250973.jpeg (68.38 KB, 418x717, 03510993-7E3D-479C-ACE5-18DE52…)

No. 747231

There is no issue with putting your cash app in your bio on tinder. Most guys are only there to fuck women then block them so I dont get why they're on their high horse about it.

No. 747244

Oh, it is Murakami! Sorry lol

No. 747264

My friend did this and got banned and I thought it was stupid as fuck. You're exactly right and you should say it.

No. 747272

I guess it’s to prevent prostitution but of course men think it’s women taking advantage of them lol

No. 747298

Your opinion was worthless from the beginning. Gather your people before sperging at others for not coddling you.

No. 747299

I think it's weird when farmers make comments about how cows are "doing something for them" simply because they've mentioned something before and the cow ends up doing it. Even if the cow is a known lurker, assuming an action they do is directly related to the farms is weird imo.

No. 747301

anime icons are actually cool and good but only when women use them

No. 747312

I really am not bothered by people who hate Americans joking about this, but when I hear younger Americans in my age range make these jokes I can usually assume they don't care about American war crimes and they're just doing it to be edgy, and it really feels like punching down to mock an event you didn't go through in that sense.

No. 747315

I think you're right on the money. Calling suicide cowardly is needlessly cruel but saying it's brave when that person's healthy brain would probably have wanted to protect itself like any animal is just disingenuous and missing what's insidious about suicide and mental illness in the first place. If anything I like to say yes, suicide IS selfish, and that's why mental illness and depression need to be taken seriously – it is not normal for someone's brain to allow them to de-prioritize themselves, their bodies, and their loved ones so much that they would end their life just for the hope of relief.

No. 747372

these are good sculptures though

No. 747373

This is gonna be longwinded and probably not enjoyable to anyone else but writing it is my duty as an academia sperg.
While I agree a lot of attempts at teaching literary analysis can come off as pretentious or pointless for the reasons you described, I think you might have been mislead about the actual reason it's being taught and used. Literary analysis through the context of various ideological frameworks is helpful in teaching people how to critically analyze things from a point of view other than their own, to understand other people's perspectives and how the same piece of media might convey different a meaning to people with different experiences. By telling you to analyze something through one of these perspectives, they're asking you to make sense of and empathize with these perspectives, understand how and why they were developed, and know the thought process behind their conclusions, even if you don't agree with them. It's especially helpful to learn how to see things through perspectives you don't agree with because it better prepares you to argue against them. Teaching literary analysis isn't really about you searching for some ideologically correct true meaning behind the text at hand, it's about you learning to think outside of your own personal conception of the world.
Professional literary analysis through an ideological framework normally uses the original text as a jumping off point for ideas or discussions relevant to that perspective, or to share how the perceptions and experiences of the author of the analysis affect the thoughts and feelings evoked by the text.
For example, an academic discussion over a feminist perspective on the Greek myth of Medusa ended up spreading into non-academic spaces a few years ago, but the point was never that the ancient greeks intended it to be a feminist story. The real purpose of that analysis was that, while most versions say Medusa was cursed to turn men to stone as punishment for being raped and breaking her vow of celibacy in a temple, some rape victims didn't feel like that would be a punishment, but rather a way to protect themselves. The feminist analysis of the myth wasn't meant to cherrypick quotes and force it to support feminism, it was about the powerlessness many real women feel after being raped and the ways they try to cope with it.
I'll finish this rant by saying that almost any analysis you devise based on your personal understanding of something is going to fall under or align with some ideological framework or theory, you might as well learn how to do it on purpose.

No. 747394

This frankly applies to most things

No. 747409

File: 1614154809082.jpeg (721.24 KB, 1536x2048, D68CB80D-E865-4F48-8F94-2F0D43…)

Gals. I’m tired as heck. I really need to stop simping for my family and loved ones. I work a 60+ hour a week job in a Covid positive health care center. Doing all I can to keep my clients safe and my two kids safe at home. Out of compassion for my cousin in law, and her 20 month old, I let them crash on my couch after a DV incident. It was only supposed to be a couple days as I am renting and my landlord is a cow about everything. I gave her multiple opportunities for childcare, employment with my company and a few others. She has blown them off. The only thing she has contributed is food stamps. Which is fine, but she eats literally everything and cooks herself meals and feeds her baby all my kids snacks instead of giving her healthy meals. I’m no Ana-Chan but this beeyotch is large and poor hygiene. She is a full blown alcoholic and I suspect she is secretly using drugs on the weekends whenever she pawns the kid off to the almost-absent father or baby sitters. Every single night she tries to leave her baby with my child’s father (who is a stay at home dad due to layoffs) and goes out with a different hella gross dude every night. She doesn’t do anything to teach the baby when it’s here and she also lets it scream ALL DAY and hit my kids and then blames absent father for not disciplining. I work nights and homeschool my children so my family is on my schedule. She complains that my children are loud IN THEIR OWN HOUSE at night and she can’t sleep and her kid is going to get woken up. She has stolen an unopened bottle of vodka from my partner as well as a full case of beer and tried to blame me. My partner is angry and frustrated because I don’t even drink, I’m literally always working and exhausted. She’s a slob, leaves messes everywhere, always promises to help but never does. Its usually my partner cleaning at night as much as he can while caring for an infant and a young child. And then when I get off work I have to clean up her messes because she is passed out. I’ve had to get up multiple times during the day to feed, change, cuddle her child because she ignores her screaming from in her crib. The baby has been SOAKED multiple times. It’s often she will stay out until 5:30 am drinking and doing coke with random scrotes and come back with hooker money. And blow it on more booze. She’s literally been so drunk she’s fallen off the couch and slammed her face into the floor and kept sleeping. She’s also been sneaking to sleep on my brand new couch when I have asked her several times not to because it literally cost me $2,000. And I’ve never had brand new furniture before. I have a really nice futon that I sleep on sometimes for her and her baby has a crib. She complains about my partner and tries to start shit when he’s not there and telling me he doesn’t love me and he’s using me. And in the next breath will hit on me. Saying she would eat my pussy. Gross. She purposely started a fight between me and him last week and then egged it on and wanted me to call the cops on him. I can’t take it anymore. I’m slaving away taking care of 3 adults and 3 kids. I’m the only one with an income and it’s not anything spectacular. I want her to move out so bad but she’s the type with no self esteem that dates trannies or covert child molester types. None of her family wants her to live with them. I’m tempted to call her mother but I think her mom would take the baby away from her and she would 100% overdose and kill herself. God I needed to vent ive been holding it in for two months. Pic is my kit kit, I miss him so much. I had to rehome him until next year when I buy a house because of my cow landlord who changed her mind about pets.

No. 747445

I'm fine with her ban, not for the fact she was annoying, but because she created a couple alts pretending to be random people. I remember one of the socks was a 14 year old named Jamal. I have no doubts she was harassing people via her alts.

No. 747466

File: 1614165789348.jpg (37.35 KB, 700x524, 3b9f734b-8480-40e6-a6df-3c92ed…)

kek anon I also hate Douglas Coupland, a little bit in the same style I really don't like Ugo Rondinone. Their art just feel shallow.

I also have a weird vendetta against Jurgen Bey's tree trunk bench.

No. 747467

Not sure why you put this in the unpop opinions thread, but I wish you the best of luck and sincerely hope that your situation improves. Hang in there!

No. 747473

I don't know which one is more unpopular, your view or mine, but for me it's the opposite. I don't mind some young person trying to gain approval from their peers by making a dumb edgy joke. Edgy humor is a popular genre for some reason and there's no hatred behind their joke. But the idea of some person actually going "yes, I'm glad my countrymen killed some civilians" is repulsive.

No. 747483

If you can be edgy about it it means you don't care. It's that simple.

No. 747490

Men don't talk about male villains as if they were empowering, but women do it for female villains so no shit, you're going to get backlash.

No. 747492

As long as people keep being cruel to other people (which is forever), I have no fucks to give about animal cruelty.

No. 747493

Someone has never seen men talk about male villians

No. 747494

lmao are you joking, men worship male villains SPECIFICALLY for the sake of power fantasies. The word 'empowerment' is nonsense and only libfems use it, of course that's not how a man would phrase it. Instead he would just talk about how Walter White did nothing wrong and actually Skylar is the bad guy or wear Joker makeup or something.

No. 747500

I've always found people to be sympathetic towards animals to be more sympathetic to humans. Its almost like they're not selfish. Inb4 militant animal right activists that hate humans.

No. 747503

I've always noticed the countries with the worst living conditions for their citizens coincidentally are always the most cruel to animals and livestock too. I just wouldn't know how a country who barely cares how its own people live and survive would genuinely care about the animals it consumes.

No. 747510

>Hur dur animal cruelty is okay
I think you lost your way back to 4chan. The fact that you think bad things happening to humans means it's okay for bad things to happen as animals well says a lot about you. You remind me of those scrotes who demand more physical violence against women because their reaction to men being beat is to "start beating women"… Not that we shouldn't beat anyone. Please seek help for your behavior. No one sane sees animal cruelty and thinks " this is okay"

No. 747514

If that ain't the truest thing. Tyler Durden, Hannibal, Light Yagami, Clockwork Orange Alex, etc etc the list is endless.
I'm gonna watch this to spite men, cheers anon.

No. 747522

I agree that men who say they don't get hints just want you to make a fool of yourself trying to win them over, but I feel kind of hypocritical about it because I am autistic and genuinely don't get hints myself unless the guy is overtly sexually aggressive, which is obviously just scary. In my experience, guys are far more likely to wrongfully assume you're into them than to not realize when you actually are. I'm tired of getting accused of leading guys on for being polite, and then getting accused of "man hating" or playing hard to get when I'm no longer interested in being polite to them.

No. 747541

It shouldn't be that big of a deal if someone comes out as bisexual after having previously identified as gay. Yes, sometimes people are honestly mistaken, they're not always liars or "self-hating traitors" to the gay community who go back in the closet. No, that also doesn't mean conversion therapy actually works. Also the whole "straight/gay with an exception" thing is dumb, you're just bisexual.

No. 747542

I agree with this. I didn't know it was a big thing in the gay community for someone to come out as bi after identifying as gay?

No. 747544

Well, most people seem to think that it never happens, especially with men.

No. 747546

I bet you liked Gone Girl too.

No. 747549

NTA but Gone Girl is literally /ourgirl/ newfag

No. 747550

hard agree. I think that people who makes edgy jokes don't necessarely believes in everything they say but it just shows a deeper problem with empathy and emotional intelligence imo.

No. 747551

I guess her "cool girl" speech sounds good if it's the first time you've ever heard anything vaguely feminist in your life

No. 747567

I love you, anon

This is true, but if you're a normal person there's no point in having an anime avi anymore cause you will just get blocked by accounts when you follow them cause they see anime avi and assume it's a moid troll/a superwoke/a tranny

No. 747587

cool girl speech is good because it’s so accessible and relatable and even if you’re knowledgable about theory or whatever it still hits hard

No. 747590

The 'cool girl' speech wasn't meant to be super deep and advanced feminism. It does a really good job of explaining what the basic problem is to people regardless of how familiar they are with feminist ideology. That's really valuable imo, because it can serve as a catalyst for looking further into these issues while you maybe wouldn't be exposed to them otherwise. Stupid comparison maybe, but a book like Animal Farm is highly valued despite not presenting groundbreaking ideas or details on communism, because the point is to get the basic ideas across accurately while being emotionally engaging. And that it does very well, just like the cool girl speech is a much more effective way to get people to think about feminist ideas than some dry article.
Okay I agree but is it really a thing that scrotes unironically think Alex in Clockwork Orange did nothing wrong? With characters like Light Yagami or Tyler Durden I can sort of get it but you'd have to be seriously mentally ill and unhinged to see Alex as the good guy.

No. 747612

It was also pretty advanced for it's time considering it came out when the "cool girl" issue was just starting to happen.IMO all young girls in school should be shown gone girl

No. 747615

They know those characters are the bad guys anon men love them because they’re psychopathic assholes. But if a woman loves Cersei or Amy Dunne or Villanelle it’s crazy and wrong lol

No. 747619

Nah i witnessed it fly right over all the pickme’s heads.

No. 747621

The message got lost when you make the female lead more unlikable than the scrote psychopath

No. 747626

Wash ur balls("hi scrote")

No. 747629

Wouldn't making the character more 'likable' contradict the entire point? When you make a movie with a 'strong feminist lead' who is also super likeable and quirky you end up with pandering garbage a la Harley Quinn where there's no actual message and ironically enough a lead that often embodies the exact NLOG type that Gone Girl talks about.

No. 747630

shit take

yes, I propose every teenage girl gets shown gone girl and midsommar as a ritual of passing
their 14th birthday sounds like a good idea

No. 747632

The Harley Quinn movie was good though, Suicide Squad is fucked

No. 747634

True. Her character was never supposed to be likable she was supposed to show the mental effects of catering to men and how all coolgirls ultimately lead to a downfall. Whether that be a mental breakdown, cheating, and murder

No. 747643

I didn't get the feeling that you were supposed to like her.

No. 747649

Certain “people” can’t understand that when you “like” a character, when you think a character is good, it’s not always because you think the sun shines out their ass.

No. 747654

I don't want to cause a shitstorm or anything by mentioning it, but to me it's kind of similar to Joker. The character makes mistakes and definitely isn't supposed to set a good example, but the point is to showcase the societal and social problems that push him over the edge.
You can't send a message about how damaging the pressure to have men find you likeable is, while having a character that remains likeable. It just doesn't make any sense. What kind of point are you making if you have her change from a pickme coolgirl into a girl that is no longer a pickme but still liked? It's like having Arthur in Joker safely raise awareness on loneliness by distributing flyers instead of going on a shooting spree.

No. 747747

You weren't supposed to "like" her though. How I saw it the entire point was that she was so frustrated and angered by how the world treats women in general she wanted to take it out on the men in her life, i.e. her cheating husband. That was supposed to be a powerfantasy a lot of disillusioned women could relate to, not something you admire.

No. 747759

The girl power/womanhood undertones of lolcow makes me sick. Seeing "I love you anon!!" and then afterwards seeing a bunch of nasty infighting makes me nauseous as fuck

No. 747761

Ok? And we can still disagree that it's distasteful. I'm so tired of seeing gender fantasies when both of them are toxic, I want to see a movie that deconstructs both the female and male power fantasy as coping

No. 747768

Man some of y’all have no friends and it shows. What? Women have to be a monolith of either unconditional love and blind support or be mean to each other at all times?

No. 747772

Funny how suddenly you want both genders to be wholesome now only after a few toxic female characters pop up.

No. 747774

>B-both genders bad!!!!!
Oh we're doing this again

No. 747775

girl power / womanhood on women only imageboard? scandalous.

No. 747778

You must have autism and it shows. There's a clear difference between playful mischievous banter and then actually brutally tearing into one another just to be dominant in a conversation. I've seen this happen in irl conflicts and online especially here and it becomes so awkward. All of the anons on here don't want to admit that they want to be the one on top, the one who's always right, always paid attention to, even when we don't even know each other at all.

No. 747782

Tell me anon, were you bullied? If people are getting serious feelings hurt on this website then they should log off lmao
Try calling a bitch fat sometimes and unclench your butthole.

No. 747789

>Try calling a bitch fat sometimes and unclench your butthole.
My god I lost my sides, what an iconic quote

No. 747802

>unclench your butthole
Never. Has analviolence tardposter taught you nothing with all his helpful rants?

No. 747805

Power fantasy =/= thinking that it's good irl. Libfems and sjws do the latter because they can't tell fiction and reality apart. I agree that Joker fans are crazy but they're the the male equivalent of libfems and sjws, not normal men.

No. 747812

File: 1614195300649.jpg (78.87 KB, 443x736, eyeopeningtruthaboutanus.jpg)

You learned your lesson, but have you thought about this?

No. 747816

lmao men are actual irl villains though, they clearly don't have too much issue with evil characters doing evil things if they do worse in reality.

Meanwhile women on the internet enjoy Amy Dunne as a character and you clutch your pearls, hmmmmmmmmm

No. 747817

No. 747823

Women may at most get a kick at watching the rare ONE movie with a female villain with some depth.
Men see these kind of movies with male villains like fucking how-to guides.

No. 747825

Calm downfellow female-chan, SJWs aren’t gonna Gone Girl you, but Joker fags will and have killed kek totally the same thoooo

No. 747826

Men actually adopt the personalities of these characters which is cringe. Especially the joker so embarrassing lmao

No. 747830

NoooOOO he is literally me!!!! You must have a very high IQ and a solid grasp on sOciEty to understand the J—

No. 747839

if you want constant hugboxes tumblr is only a few clicks away

No. 747840

There are more than two people on this imageboard

No. 747841

my unpop opinion is that i miss PULL and i am so sad that its over just when i started to enjoy it. Dont get me wrong i didnt like it as much as lolcow but i did like that literally almost every normie youtuber had a thread and it was just fun to see bitter people contort themselves into finding flaws in these otherwise boring and milkless people. This site i mainly just use OT now because snow and all of them just have sex workers as cows and i just dont know who anyone is anymore and i dont care enough to.

No. 747844

I forgot Pull doesn't exist anymore is that why the lolcow user base has become more annoying.

No. 747848

that and the fact that most kids are doing school remotely so they have more time to be annoying (im kidding….a little bit)

No. 747849

File: 1614198211309.png (63.88 KB, 300x337, crying girl anon.png)

Yeah exactly. There are obviously three of us. You, me and the anon that just called us out for being two faced bitches. Hi bestie

No. 747882

Nonny I appreciate your sacrifice but don't bother to explain, the anon is very clearly male if he's that triggered by the "cool girl" monologue.
NTA but are we getting redtexted/banned for pointing out scrote logic for the sake of other female anons when it's not explicitly stated aka 'bait'? The OP is an obvious scrote (kek >>747761 and see above) and not all female anons pick up on that. I've personally seen threads derailed because some scrote is treated like a normal anon, gets argued with by female anons, and the derailing goes on because he's not addressed or else ban. Seems like the jannies don't notice either because these posts are still in the thread even in the cases where I've reported them and not engaged with them despite them being obvious male shit stirrers.

No. 747883

>ideological frameworks is helpful in teaching people how to critically analyze things from a point of view other than their own, to understand other people's perspectives and how the same piece of media might convey different a meaning to people with different experiences.

While I can sympathize with the motivation, in practice I've seen it become simply the beelining towards the same safe perspectives. Race, Gender, Class (but strangely enough theological analysis is increasingly rare, even for something like The Brothers Karamazov or Paradise Lost.) are the go-to, everything else is discarded as superfluous. It seems to more close off their minds and keep them thinking inside boxes. Even your medusa myth from the feminist perspective supports this, they're so obsessed with their own ideological perspective they swoop out ancient myths with slight connections to feminist issues, and go in full force on that one pivot to frame it from that perspective. They have their box and want to pile as much into it as possible.

It's the reason the Great Gatsby is picked out for high schoolers. The class commentary is so on the nose and the symbolism is so obvious it makes it easy to train kids to slap it down in an essay, and makes it easy for teachers to grade off anything that mentions the green harbor light or egg shaped islands.

>I'll finish this rant by saying that almost any analysis you devise based on your personal understanding of something is going to fall under or align with some ideological framework or theory

Right, but texts have more to say than dry ideological framework, and if art was reducible to it, then simply studying theory would be enough to make a masterpiece, but that's not the case. And if you're contending with grand theories that seek to explain wide spaces of the human experience, like Historical Materialism, of course whatever is written can in some form align with it, the same with a text containing a female in any capacity with gender.

Simply keeping an eye out for what the text is trying to communicate is a huge step-up from going off on a tangent about the few lines regarding class/race/whatever. And ironically, the few texts that are actually specifically about class, race or gender are typically mediocre and hammy.

No. 747885

Unpopular opinion, calling me a male won't make me agree with you, retard

No. 747886

Bar soap is better than shower gel
Also, scrubbing brushes are superior to loofahs / flannels. I don't feel clean unless I have lost at least four layers of skin.

No. 747889

welcome to lolcow

No. 747891

Any "hi scrote" remark, blatant or veiled is still a bannable offense. You don't know who is and isn't a scrote unless they outright tell you, no matter how many talking points you think an anon uses that remind you of scrotes. You should report and refuse to engage with bait, not call someone a scrote.

No. 747893

Opinions are supposed to be subjective, but all you said is objectively correct.

No. 747955

What sex accounts for 95% of violent crime across all civilizations, in every time/place, in every society, in every culture?
Hint: Not the Gone Girl fans lmao

No. 748033

File: 1614209626297.png (47.17 KB, 1024x292, wow.png)

Reminder to not take bait from scrotes. Use this screenshot whenever a scrote dares to speak.

No. 748034

File: 1614209655599.jpg (9.17 KB, 181x272, Shadman shows up like quottaki…)

Shadman is no longer a edgy deviant who stands out. I think this is more due to the internet becoming more and more degenerate than him lightening up. Sometimes I check his work to see how far he's follow, judge me all you want, and his work is no longer edgy. Everything he does is basic that i know tons of art around it exists without even touching porn twitter. All he does is
>Shameless nsfw fanart of every character
>Ass sitting fetishes
>the rare piercing or loli
None of this is revolutionary. It was edgy 5 years ago, but now it's basic

No. 748035

I bet you come from /lgbt/ >>748033

No. 748039

Hard to even bat an eye at shitty b& anymore. This board went to shit after it got taken over by pickmes awhile ago, I’m sure old posters don’t respect rules nearly as much.

No. 748042

Kek 4chan newfags are so obsessed with us. Must hurt knowing only trannies and camwhores want to interact with them on their own website.

No. 748045

Follow the rules or get banned. Not that hard.

No. 748104

she is literally shot and killed at the end, right when shes on the up and up. the movie couldn't have been more obvious that she's a bad person if it tried.

No. 748110

Scrotes are obsessed with what the girls think. And with all their logic you'd think they'd understand that we simply think they're over priveleged assholes.

No. 748142

American patriotism is weird

No. 748147

Patriotism is tacky.

No. 748163

What’s the point of an unpopular opinions thread when you’re restricted of many things you can talk about based on the universal rules?
That’s probably why there’s lots of bait and derailment and the same topics keep reoccurring because anything else would just get banned. The unpopular opinions thread isn’t for actual interesting discussion, it’s containment for bored anons who have an ability to rant about something they can’t in other boards, especially if it’s a topic loosely related to a cow.

I mean even the thread description rules out like 80% of interesting shit that can be talked about

No. 748164

If you are triggered over women in two specific movies and then brings up "b-b-but feminism is about equality!" non-ironically to try and shame other women who have are brought up men's violence/crimes against women, then I will suspect you are a man. I won't even suspect, I will know. The reason I often know is because male anons on /ot/ get so triggered by farmers' opinions and lash out in some post thinking they really did anything but expose themselves. When do women act so personally offended by a pink pill-esque take?
Yes I'm going to be bitter and a bit spergy that they're here considering this is where I've come for years to escape the retards of non-female communities. Now the worst members of male spaces (trannies, pornsick 4chan scum) are the ones who congregate here with zero consequences.
There's plenty of communities that are fine with their presence. Go fucking bother the pickmes on reddit and leave us alone ffs. Just when I come on here to escape men I feel like they're all around me again.

No. 748165

Have you ever considered that women are allowed to disagree with other women and the women who disagree probably aren’t scrotes trying to invade the site? Curb your neuroticism, your ideas aren’t protected just because you’re on a female imageboard.

No. 748167

If there's a huge influx of pickmes then it's definitely from PULL. Did PULL have a ton of moids too?
> You don't know who is and isn't a scrote
…I wish that was totally true. I'll admit I don't know all of them but I definitely notice a portion of them here. Lately /ot/ feels so icky because I keep seeing male opinions everywhere disguised as autistic nlogs. For the first time I feel bad for the bitchy autistic farmers. You all are getting a bad rap and it's not fair.

No. 748171

Yeah, I don't even agree with those anons upthread, and they're already confirmed to be scrotes, but acting like everyone who you disagree with is a man is stupid

No. 748172

First of all, sage your shit. Second, that's not even the crux of what I said. It's that some very limited perspectives and some typing styles are just so male-brained.

No. 748181

Ok girlboss, we get it, you want to see women in films and tv run a orwellian mega corporation that funds Congo child slaves to make cute mugs that /g/ anons would autistically obsess about instead of degenerate scrotes who’s doing it for his family as if that makes it any better lol

No. 748182

>Lately /ot/ feels so icky because I keep seeing male opinions everywhere disguised as autistic nlogs.
Huh, example?

No. 748184

>"b-b-but feminism is about equality!"
anyone who believes this is retarded
Also goes for people who say "you don't hate men, you hate assholes" or "women can do terrible things too". I hate men, thanks for asking!

No. 748194

>says I hate men
>will probably get a bf or probably has a bf under some retarded guise of it being empowerment since you’ll be the dominant one I guess
>will probably run to vent thread to bitch about crusty boyfriend doing something stupid

kek this is getting so predictable.

No. 748199

>no sage
>angry about anon stating the truth
>"noo!! nuance does not exist with femoids!!! if you liked the villain in a movie, you support child slavery girlbosses!!!!!"
I'm not saying you're a scrote from 4chan, but lmao. It's a fucking movie, you childish sperg. Do you harass men about liking Fight Club? No, right? I bet it's crickets from you when a dude goes on about how much he loves American Psycho and relates to Patrick Bateman.
If you think women are somehow worse, please answer >>747955 and make your logic make sense. We're all waiting.

No. 748202

god I'm not usually one to say this but this comment is so painfully male

No. 748205

nice bait go back to /lgbt/

No. 748207

File: 1614223563778.jpeg (63.31 KB, 567x496, 59EC49C0-44A3-450E-B923-C8D795…)

Fight club white knights and nerds are just as bad as the anons defending their awful power fantasy Netflix speshul

No. 748210

We get it, you love baiting because you live a sad boring life.

No. 748214

Nah, men are worse because they're entire rapists and murderers who idolize those characters purely because they fantasize about doing what they do.
Women are better because they have actual empathy, an understanding of right/wrong, and see the line between fiction and reality.

No. 748215

I don't get it. If you guys think that anon(s) are males, then why are you still interacting with them? You reply to anons you believe are men and wonder why males would come to this site and bait

No. 748219

If their opinions are left undisturbed, they'll start to think we agree with them, and we'll have more totally legit female posters respond to them with "I agree, fellow woman! These females need to know their place!" until we're swamped with bullshit.

No. 748222

don't try to polize me on who I should reply or not, male

No. 748223

No they don’t lmao, there a women who genuinely believe that some ugly 3/10 male who hits the bare minimum like Adam driver will genuinely be interested in them

No. 748224

Wtf is that image? I get the idea but the characters in there have zero similarity to eachother and are all just different male leads. How the hell do you identify with two different Jokers, the guy from 500 days of summer, Patrick Bateman, and the guy from Shaun of the Dead, all at the same time? What do these characters even have to do with eachother? Is this just bait and am I too retarded to get it or..?

No. 748225

That literally makes no fucking sense. First, it's a against the rules to interact with males and second, by replying to them you are just giving them even more of a reason to come here. They keep posting cause they want reactions and you guys will derail over them. Who cares if some 4chan losers think you agree with them? We know how to detect scrotes so just report

Anyway, I hope mods start redtexting more so people will stop responding to their bait
You definitely missed the entire point of my post if you really think I'm a male lmao

No. 748228

>There are women who believe ugly men would be interested in them
I don't understand what you're trying to say. Men will fuck a coconut if you leave them in a room with one long enough.

Can you prove they're scrotes and not just dumb pick-mes, though? If it's the latter, we should be disagreeing with them regardless.
In the end, it'd be better if mods would just start redtexting obvious scrote BS when they see it.

No. 748229

I agree with this

No. 748230

This is a broad generalization but I think people in big cities tend to be friendlier than people in mid size cities or small towns. That's been my experience at least, and it seems that ppl often voice the opposite

No. 748231

>Can you prove they're scrotes and not just dumb pick-mes, though?
nayrt but why would a pickme want to post on here let alone argue with other women who clearly won't agree with her

No. 748232

The motif is that they're all delusional men who believed they were innocent and in the right for the most part. Even in cases where the characters admit they were wrong, they believe the reparations they pay were adequate when in reality they were not in the eyes of literally anyone but them.

No. 748237

Because scrotes need to die, the least we can do is telling them why they're dumb

No. 748238

Literally multiple anons have been accusing them of being scrotes so why does it matter? You can't prove anyone is anyone. Like I said if you think they are scrotes then why interact

No. 748241

Because she thinks she's right and can BTFO all the "dumb feminazis who don't understand equality", then later show the fat, ugly boyfriend she worships how smart she is after winning that imageboard argument. That logic happens all the time, especially with newfags.

No. 748242

why you delete

No. 748243

Because I wanted to repost.

No. 748244

Who knows if they're actually scrotes? Regardless, why shouldn't we state our disagreement with opinions we find abhorrent? This is an imageboard.

No. 748246

imagine doing that

No. 748247

Ok that sorta makes sense, thanks for the explanation

No. 748249

Because it encourages more scrotes to bait here, dummy. Read >>748033 . I'm honestly just tired of obvious scrotes coming here and fucking up the threads because anons will keep replying to them.

No. 748251

Again, who knows if they're actually scrotes, especially if mods won't just redtext them on sight? All of this would go away if dumbass takes like "women bad", "uhh penis no like fat women", "pick-mes are based, everyone is just jealous of them", etc were just sniped on sight, but that's probably not possible unless the thread is on constant surveillance.
Instead, they're left to sit there like they're normal, sane posts, and if everyone remains silent, it looks like we don't see anything wrong with it.

No. 748257

This. I'm sure many men already blend in and call you a nonny when you're not looking.

No. 748260

Responding to scrotes has always been banned but anons can't help themselves or hold restraint. Look at the old PP threads and how easy anons get hooked.

No. 748262

>who knows if they're actually scrotes even though it's common knowledge that there's been an influx of disruptive male-posters and they admit to baiting?
If you say so anon. Even if they're not male, bait is bait.

No. 748264

Then redtext them. Anons aren't wrong for not wanting bullshit in threads if mods aren't quick enough to shut it down.

No. 748265

>Anons aren't wrong for not wanting bullshit in threads
So don't encourage the bullshit.

No. 748266

No one is.

No. 748281

Taking the intial discussion from meta and bringing it here to repeat the same things doesn't help the situation. Anons who constantly accuse others of being male only give more incentive to bait because they're clearly short fused.

No. 748303

My unpopular take is baiting is worse than ever precisely because PP and hi-scroting is banned. Shit takes before would get met with succinct “kys scrote” replies and no one would interact with them further. Now anons have to write effortposts so our board doesn’t look like crystal.cafe full of insane LARP opinions, but in turn encourages lonely incels to instigate.

No. 748311

dude she created alt accounts and other fake personas and harassed a literal teenage boy regularly this woman is a psycho idgaf if she's vegan she's just a bad person

No. 748313

Bitch please an average Twitter stan does that and more every single day. Deplatform those retards?

No. 748325

this. Hard agree.

No. 748326

This. Mods sometimes aren't quick enough… I see no redtexts here for example, and there's clearly males here lol

No. 748330

I'm a little confused. Do anons ITT think mods have some mysterious, omniscient power to tell who is a scrote and who isn't? Just like another anon said, it's difficult to tell who is one and who isn't by words alone. Unless they explicitly say they're a scrote, it could very well be some autistic woman who wants to start shitty arguments. Who cared what is said over on lgbt? That doesn't mean it's easy to tell who is a scrote and who isn't. I imagine some anons wouldn't be okay if they were redtexted as a scrote and permabanned even if they weren't. I've been in infights with anons that thought I was some scrote so I'm sure some of you all would have to deal with the same thing.

"Obvious bait" what exactly makes it obvious? That's a rhetorical question because a lot of the times it's just a retarded immature anon who likes to bait other anons, as plenty of them have confessed exactly that in the confessions thread.

No. 748331

*Obvious scrote bait

No. 748333

What discussion from /meta/? I was just replying to the whole "Why even respond to dumbass posts?" thing.

No. 748384

I think that (with a few exceptions) anons can tell when a post was made by a woman with an unpopular opinion instead of a man, but they go for the "scrote" accusation because it's more dramatic. Plus you can report someone for maleposting, but not "nlogposting" or whatever it is.

No. 748389

100% agree. I have no idea why "hi scrote"ing was banned because now newfags start debating obvious maleposting and derailing since they don't know it's a baiting moid, and other people try their best to humor because they know they get banned for the slightest implication of if it walks like a male and quacks like a male.

Doesn't really matter if it's actually the pick-me of the year and not a scrote, it's still the kind of user we don't want here.

No. 748397

Anything aggressively based on sexual "logic" and acting egotistical about it is almost always a moid. Dumb to think other wise

No. 748398

idk why saying "dont reply to bait" is such a controversial take for you guys. it doesn't even matter if the posts are made by a male or not, you derail because youre worried about other anonymous imageboard users thinking you agree with one random post? sure, some people just have dumb opinions, but do you really think some of the stuff thats been posted isn't bait? trolls see shit like the mess that happened yesterday and earlier and just want to keep trolling more.
suuure anon. we actually think those posts were made by women, but we were just calling them scrotes as a joke. sure.

No. 748401

Tbh that's not reallyt he controversial part, the controversial part is having mods redtext every "scrote"

No. 748433

a man literally told me he has lucid dreams and can literally do whatever he wants in dreams. i asked like what, you can have sex willingly in dreams with whoever and then he described a sex scene he had of us. i blocked him after that. men are fucking weird.

No. 748446

File: 1614256001949.jpg (86.95 KB, 563x985, vetr1.jpg)

This might be the stock home syndrome talking by I like the weather of Britain. It allows me to wear comfy clothes and eat warm food that I like, but not too cold so I can still eat cold stuff. Springs are sometimes pleasantly warm, and I absolutely detest overly warm weather

No. 748462

>stock home syndrome
KEK good for you though

No. 748497

wait, is stock home syndrome a legit thing or something? i was just laughing because i thought anon misspelled stockholm syndrome

No. 748510

You need to call a social worker on your cousin in law because she is severely failing her duties as a mother. You're amazing in that you're able to take care of your family and deal with the stress your cousin in law is causing you, if she's making your family life miserable she needs to leave your home.

No. 748526

WOW you guys shitted up this thread i am so disappointed.

My unpopular opinion is that citrus teas are the WORST teas. they make me spit

No. 748533

it's so basic but the only tea i like is green tea

No. 748535

she did lol, what made you believe stock home syndrome may be a real thing?

No. 748546

green tea is the superior tea!!
next is oolong
then black
then the rest can go to hell.

No. 748547

Same. And not even 'real' green tea, you know properly made from loose leaves, but only this one very specific brand that undoubtly has the lowest grade of leaves in the bag and probably shit added to it.

No. 748552

Now you’re making me crave some delicious Lipton green tea, it has been such a long while since I had some, I wish it didn’t make my heart go batshit insane.

No. 748561

File: 1614265403075.jpg (196.38 KB, 1500x1500, 81rXsPsyRJL._SL1500_.jpg)

Nta, but I fucking love making almond milk lattes with these

No. 748568

Sounds kinda good. I have these at home. Drop the recipe sis

No. 748571

Unpopular opinion: I considered myself to be an ally to BLM and other racial justice movements but I’ve lost any sympathy for black men beyond the issues of police brutality and racial profiling because of how horribly they treat black women.
I should clarify that I’m a white woman myself. Ik white anons here hate-lurk lipstick alley and screencap black women cursing out “yts” but I lurk there all the time and eventually I got used to it. I even came to understand the anger when black women on there are cursing at white women because my twitter and tiktok are coincidentally very black female tuned so I’d say I engage with black social media more than an average white person does. Not long after becoming more aware of the dynamics within the black community, I just feel so angry at the injustices and the fucking horrible treatment of black women both within the black community and beyond it. And to think that I’ve had times where I’ve thought white men were treating white women poorly by commonly referring to us the most privileged class in the US on shitty subs like r/unpopularopinion. Don’t get me wrong, I think white men throwing us under the bus is one of their ways to distract from themselves being racist but it’s nothing, absolutely nothing, compared to the despicable shit said on mainstream black twitter about black women. All of black men’s disgusting colorist and misogynistic remarks towards black women are fine & dandy and go ignored. Sexism is just straight up ignored all the time. After seeing how prevalent literal MRA takes are in the community, I feel so fucking upset for black women. Then I think about how the racial justice movement is basically focused upon black men who are victimized as victims of racism disproportionately so in comparison to the discrimination and racism that black women receive. I lowkey side eye black men acting as victims in greater American society when they’re so hateful and horrible to black women. Not to mention the statistics showing the murders and physical abuse towards black women and how that’s ignored.
I guess I have to ask that if I’m white am I allowed to say that the way black men treat black women within the black community is fucking disgusting and inexcusable? I’m not trying to racebait. I care about racial justice at its core but bc of what I’ve seen I feel like fighting specifically for black women only. But if I was to say I want to support and uplift black women specifically then other liberals and black men would say it’s racism from an evil white woman/Karen.
Another reminder, this is genuinely not racebait so any racist anons please don’t take this as a whistle to be anti-black.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 748574

I just warm up some milk and sugar together in a pot (or microwave) and let the tea bag steep in it until it's as green as it can get. I kinda press against the bag with a spoon to get more of the matcha out. You can also cook the green tea in water like you normally would, and just mix the milk into the tea, but I think it's richer when you cook the green tea in the milk

Ok tbh, it's not really a "latte", but I got it from a Korean channel and they call everything a latte. I saw a video where a Korean person crushed up strawberries, mixed it into milk and called it a strawberry latte I did try it tho

No. 748575

Men of all colors are trash but god damn do men of color have the added insecurity and persecution complex that they wield like a fucking shield from everything. They only care about women of color when they need to own the whites online, hijacking their women’s success and making it a race thing every fucking time. Disgusting.

No. 748582

I’m scared of special ed people. In elementary school a friend and I were hula hooping during PE and my friend was completely unprovoked attacked by a nonverbal special ed kid who was in our class. He ripped out a chunk of her hair and started full power windmill arms hitting her. He didn’t get any punishment from the teachers or school. In high school there was a different nonverbal kid who between classes would throwing punches at random people walking to class. He once full power punched a friend of mine in the arm and left a huge bruise on her. A teacher actually saw all this happen and very half heartedly told him “that wasn’t very nice!” uh yeah no shit? My public school district was probably just shitty I guess.

No. 748592

That’s completely normal and reasonable reaction to actual retards anon. They exist purely on ID and for some reason always grow to ham planet sizes, they are a danger to others. I’m glad my school pretty much kept them on a separate schedule so pretty much we never have to run into them.

No. 748596

File: 1614267974841.jpeg (64.28 KB, 254x273, BF24B9A8-C6D6-4047-8CF7-58F6A0…)

I’m heavily convinced that autistic people don’t have souls or empathy.
I don’t care about what tryhard shrinks on psychology today have to say. have you ever seen someone in the news who have those soul-sucking, narrow seppuku eyes devoid of any joy or spirit in comparison to downies who look happy all the damn time because god loves them and they’re honestly so sweet and lovable? picrel lady exhibits this it’s so spooky, these people will kill you in the dead of winter and give you those junji ito glare.

sia was sincerely telling the truth about autistic people in her movie

No. 748599

being dumb i guess lol i also googled it and some article about quarantine came up

No. 748600

File: 1614268106426.jpg (120.84 KB, 1200x1200, ef8e3541b2fb943bf3eef0176ca155…)

not to be an elitist but lipton green tea tastes like ass. the BEST matcha green tea has to be the kirkland (but really ito-en if you dont have a costco card) brand of green tea at costco. When i tell you i go through those 100 packs in less than 2 months LMAO.

No. 748601

..some people just have dead eyes and resting bitch faces anon. If you saw me you would definitely think I have no soul lmao

No. 748605

my sister told me a story about this special ed guy who started attacking her dumbass friend because he was triggered by the word pokemon or something. he chased her all around the school during lunch and eventually beat her to a pulp, and I’m assuming the guy got off without any repurcussions.

No. 748606

I wonder if these are sold at Asian markets? I'll see if I can find these anywhere, ty for the rec anon

No. 748611

no anon you aren’t understanding my schizo sperging, there are people who deliberately put on resting bitch faces so no one talks to them but autistic people have vacant, vacant eyes. at least people with RBFs have some kind of energy radiating off of them, some sense of humanity and personality beyond attachment to objects.

No. 748619

I kind of get slut shaming because having sex with a lot of women is good because we have standards and most of us are at least sane. If you are a slut as a woman, you pretty much just let a bunch of denegentates have access to your body and have no self respect. Most of the time you know you arent going to cum as well, so that adds to how mentally ill being a straight female slut is.

No. 748620

Nta, but do I know if I have vacant eyes or just a resting bitch face? I’m worried, I don’t want to be seen as someone that would murder people or something, not when I’m looking for a job.

No. 748621

How do I know* I’m retarded as well, dammit.

No. 748628

>>748596 downies get hype for being sweet and loving but a lot of them masturbate in public or try to grope people, nobody talks about that.

Iceland has almost 0% Downs births because they have mandatory early genetics testing and no abortion stigma.

People cry about it call it eugenics but it's perfectly legal to carry to term, the government doesn't force it on anyone, Iceland women are just based enough to opt out.

If the whole world had the same policy downs would be basically eliminated within a generation and I think it would be a good thing overall. Sure the disability activists insist dIvErSitY matters for its own sake, but the pain and hardship of raising those kids and having them die early or live in full time care, fuck that. Opt out.

Sorry my reply turned into my own unpopular opinion lol

No. 748634

ayrt yes they are!! just look for the brand ito-en and youll find it in smaller packages. i hope you enjoy it!

No. 748637

Don't be an "ally" to anyone but yourself, your family/friends and your group of people whoever they are.
They're not going to thank you or appreciate you, they'll just turn on you for some fakewoke reason in the future. Modern activism burns bridges instead of building them.

No. 748638

File: 1614269446344.jpg (162.12 KB, 592x900, leslie-caron-wearing-a-fox-coa…)

I started to feel this way about winters in the cold Canadian city I live in because I feel invincible in my vintage fur coat. The weather is still shit though. Sure the transition of the seasons is beautiful, but it gets unbearably humid in the summer and the piles of ice and snow are dangerous in the winter. They create flooding later on in the spring. It makes it hard to get around and we value public spaces less for this reason I think. Plus all the road salt and water is really bad for shoes lol. I feel like the climate in Britain is generally more pleasant by comparison

No. 748639

resting faces are fine, but people are always off putted by it especially scrotes because it tells their predatory asses to stay away and don’t bother you. rbfs are counterproductive when it comes to jobs revolving face-to-face customer service especially if you’re a black woman, but anything else it’s reasonable like when you’re on a subway, school, etc

No. 748640

Downies and autists are not the same, one is missing a chromosome and the other mainly does things on impulse and with minimal to no empathy.

Absolutely based take and I agree. Uplift yourself, for your own sake. Remind yourself you are your own safe person and strive to be less co-dependent. Healthy boundaries. The media is out to make society end up hating each other and will turn cherry-picked cases into a whole big ordeal.

No. 748642

God bless your response anon because I completely agree, but the fatass burger libertarians and liberals who love their freedom would stop any measure to implement that policy. They’re okay with abortion but suddenly when you want to prevent any future genetic issues and problems it must mean you want to trickle down to the horrible act of shoving people into a concentration camp when that’s not even the case. People against eugenics always think it will be used to create some super race when that’s already stigmatized here in burgerland. We never want to have a happy and healthy society because there will always be retards who will try to move that goal post and overly question what it means to be “happy and healthy”
Ugh, it should so damn annoying.

No. 748643

honestly i was ready to disagree with you but you are right. I think if we as women gain more confidence in ourselves and try our best to uplift the women in our own respective communities it will help the future generation. i just wish we could all do it together. but i know society isnt set up like that (sad face emoji)

No. 748651

pistachio rocky road and matcha ice cream are literally the 3 baddest bitches of ice cream. The rest of these hoes need to get on THEIR levels.yes even your fave. Get taste whores!

No. 748652

Every autistic person, even the high-functioning ones have no capacity for empathy, and even if they do they’re mimicking what they see from other people, it’s very cormobid with sociopathy or psychopathic behavior. I can just imagine some poor little grandma slipping on the street and some sperg would walk by absolutely doing nothing to help or just looking down with their empty facial expression, monotone voice calling 9-1-1. The gradual increase of autism in the states is becoming terrifying, it’s a clear and definite sign that we need to control the quality of our birth rates.

No. 748653

Agreed, many people especially to family members can’t be trusted especially when revealing your political beliefs. I’ve heard countless stories about family members snitching on their relatives about something they said just for some social brownie points

No. 748688

File: 1614271781374.gif (375.16 KB, 480x480, 4A9EA1DA-236E-4CC4-B00C-E6C50C…)

Anon, I’m autistic was diagnosed when I was like 3 or 4 but I’m pretty sure that I have empathy. What does it mean for me?

No. 748696

some people will just make up lies about family members for clout as well. like i've seen so many posts about people nonchalantly throwing around how racist their sibling is and when you find said sibling, it turns out they're the sane one.

No. 748699

I used to think this too but I dont think its true

No. 748710

That anon is talking out of Their ass, don't engage. It is an attempt to group mild female autism to shit flinging Chris Chans and trannies.

No. 748714

It's weird when people talk about the whole empathy thing because the average person is self-centered too and only cares about their family/friends/partner, which is not a bad thing.
Anyone who screeches if you don't break down in tears because of someone's grandma is deranged.

No. 748724

"""Empathy""" is so fucking performative anyway. It's exactly why narcs latch on to the empath stuff, it's easy enough to shed a few crocodile tears and tweet "my heart is broken for xyz".
Anons calling me a retard for doing retard shit have more true empathy, and are more helpful than all of the uwu heart emoji love bombing headasses combined.

No. 748727

you are right, i stated "little to no empathy" because a lot of autists react to things in a way most people actually want to react

No. 748731

Ever since nerd culture became popularized, the world has gone to shit.

No. 748734

Anons who constantly try to pick out which posters are burgerfags are annoying autists.

No. 748739

File: 1614273568001.gif (815.41 KB, 480x240, giphy.gif)

>"""Empathy""" is so fucking performative anyway
please tell me that empathy IS performative (a conscious choice)
and you are not being sarcastic.
I've always wanted to be an empathetic person but felt like a fraud cause I could never LITERALLY feel what the other person was feeling at the moment. I could put myself in their place as a thought experiment and act in accordance with what I thought would be comforting to them, but I never shared their feelings in some telepathetic way…

No. 748743

File: 1614273616108.jpeg (213.22 KB, 1652x1239, D9308DBA-AD7E-426E-962B-8CE7D0…)

Because you’re autistic and female anon. God has blessed you enough to not be an autistic scrote who are just psychopathic power kegs or troons waiting to happen.

No. 748751

You don't need to share "their feelings in some telepathetic way" to have high emotional intelligence and respond in an emotionally genuine way. That "I can feel their pain" shit is more often a sign of poor personal boundary seen in anxious or traumatized individuals.

No. 748753

You must secretly be an autistic person, no joke, because only autistic people or scrotes say that shit. Only autistic people always think of the extremes of expressing emotion, such as empathy, as being something like bawling your eyes out and being ultra supportive. Empathy isn’t being an autist like you, it’s showing healthy and normal reactions to bad things happening to people, not looking like a straight-face mind-numbed idiot. Imageboard culture and sticking dildos up your cooch must have rotted your brain away anon

No. 748758

Are you serious? Don’t make me laugh because I’m really starting to think you’re the kind of autistic person I’m referring to because you absolutely don’t even understand empathy. You can feel someone’s pain as a psychological response, it’s more of someone saying “I understand your pain” rather than be literal. You have autism, I’m heavily convinced you do, because you’re taking that shit so literally kek

No. 748760

>respond in an emotionally genuine way
What does it mean? I am not being nitpicky, I just genuinely do not know if this is what I am doing or if I am just pretending.
> can just imagine some poor little grandma slipping on the street and some sperg would walk by absolutely doing nothing to help or just looking down with their empty facial expression
This reminds me of how I was so suicidal and socially stunted in high school that when a classmate that I didn't know walked by me and suddenly fell down (she was ana-chan too, as it turned out later) I just kept walking. Not because I didn't give a fuck but because I genuinely thought that I would be embarrassed if someone noticed me falling and I assumed that she would appreciate me not adding to her embarrassment by pretending I didn't notice.
I wouldn't act like this nowadays though.

No. 748761

KEK classic sperg who can't tell someone's feeling if their face isn't looking like your "what are they feeling" cards.

No. 748762

Yeah I agree with this. Empathy doesn't have to be some extreme """performative""" thing. It's just one word to describe an emotion. Feeling bad for other people is normal and when a person hears about something bad happening, they may imagine themselves or their family/friends in that situation. Maybe they've even gone through something that was similar to whatever they're feeling empathy for. That's why we are able to share feelings with other people.

Idk too much about autism, but having no empathy for people sounds like more of an autistic trait than having too much

No. 748763

Nta, but this reply doesn't even make any sense

No. 748768

>when a person hears about something bad happening, they may imagine themselves or their family/friends in that situation
You're right that this is how MOST non-autistic people react to negative news. But is this really empathy? Or a survival instinct in which the negative emotion serves to remind you to be wary of that situation.
That person is assuming that just because someone is facially unexpressive it means they must lack empathy and feelings.

No. 748770

Yes anon it’s called looking for visual cues and then ask them, “Are you alright?”

Some people are more expressive than others, autists just be empty headed or crying and bawling their eyes out and breaking things through sperg rage because they can’t mentally cope with anything

No. 748775

You say that as if the sluts of womankind aren't fucking the sluts of mankind. There are gross people of both genders.

My unpopular opinion is that I hate that woman get called out for not supporting other woman for slutshaming etc. i don't mean shaming a woman that practices safe sex and minds her business, but there's definitely awful woman out there that literally get off on chasing taken men. I hate that I have to pretend that toxicity of insecure bitches does not exist.

No. 748776

Nice backpedaling. So you meant to say low functioning autists and not "all autistic people" like in previous spicy takes. Pick a lane.

No. 748779

As long as you hate those cheating scrotes more, otherwise you're every bit as pickme as those evil homewrecking sluts.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 748784

I hate all cheaters regardless of gender! I just hate that you have to downplay that there are insecure bitches that make a point of going after certain men even if there in relationships. Maybe I'm just bitter cause I've experienced it lol, but these woman made a point to tar me on social media so i have to believe it was more than just scoring lol

No. 748791

>poor personal boundary seen in anxious or traumatized individuals
Can confirm that as BPDfag I can pick up on the smallest hints that someone is feeling bothered. If someone is upset, I immediately feel upset too and try to fix it. It is not true empathy, it's a trauma response. OT but this is why I hate BPDfags who claim they're more empathetic than normals. No bitch you're just scared of abandonment.

No. 748796

File: 1614275673921.gif (124.42 KB, 342x348, FB0FA1A4-00BD-4967-8054-7FBB50…)

This is you autist-chan

No. 748798

I rather have bpdfags than autists in this world. The ultimate unpopular opinion

No. 748802

I agree with you anons so much. I was misdiagnosed with autism as a kid, and my mom put me in a special needs school for a couple of months before they removed the diagnosis and transferred me back. There were no other girls besides me in my grade, and literally on my first week or so a kid jacked off right next to me. I cried so badly when I went home, but I didn't tell anyone. Literal meltdowns over nothing and I got hit a lot when they would sperg out and throw objects or just flail their hands. No concept of boundaries- it's like they lived in their own heads, and were too mentally challenged (not an insult, just the truth) to think outside of their own emotional perspectives. I wouldn't say they're completely devoid of empathy, but it's just they can't see things another way. They know when something hurts or someone gets too close to them, but they'll do it to someone else and see no problem. It was really torturous to go through this as a kid because I would just basically.. sit around and read all day since my teachers (who were basically only educated to keep the autists calm) would be busy trying to calm down someone's meltdown. This is kind of unrelated, but I got held back somewhat because they didn't have coursework for my education level which really sucked, but I was only there for two months to be fair to them. It gave me some perspective, because I felt bad for the kids, like any normal person does, but I saw the burnout and exhaustion from the teachers and parents with my own eyes. I know they don't know any better, they're humans just like us, and probably more capable of hurting themselves than others, but people shouldn't try to pretend like they're completely harmless. It's really depressing and I wish there was a cure for them, not just medicine to keep them calm. Even high-functioning autists have issues and I wish them help too. They might not be sperging out every three seconds, but I know it affects them in a legitmate, significant way.

No. 748803

I'm with you on this. Most BPDfags are women and most autist are moids.

No. 748805

Now y'all making me insecure about my feelings and autism stare.

No. 748806

…this is a brave thing to say anon.

Idk if she had bpd, but my mom definitely had some kind of pd and I can safely say I never want to encounter someone with it again lmao

No. 748808

That sucks anon. Honestly this is why I'm pro-choice, if I have kids and they're ever detected to have a high probability of being a sperge I'm aborting. There's just no need.

No. 748811

yeah i have to disagree with saying autistic people dont have empathy i totally believe that they do its just warped. My coworker used to have to bring her autistic kid to work with her and there was one particularly bad meltdown where he was throwing things hurting himself and spitting. And when his mom tried to retain him he said "why do i have keep having breakdowns like everyday i hate myself" and i literally had to fight back tears. That shit is heartbreaking. Autistic kids are annoying as fuck and i be wanting to punt them. But it put so much into perspective like they know what they are doing is wrong but they literally can not control it unless they are on heavy drugs. I felt so bad for the mom though but thats a different topic.

No. 748812

File: 1614276291293.png (129.15 KB, 360x450, Sanrio_Characters_Bonbonribbon…)

Pic rel, she's cuter than all the other sanrio bitches except for maybe My Melody or Shiro Usa

No. 748815

I hate speds but kind of weird that we're pretending like bitches who like anime are the same as violent retards.

No. 748824

The problem is also parents and the resources that are available. There aren’t a lot of places where you can actually get decent therapy to correct or minimize their harmful or maladaptive behavior. No one gives a fuck all about mental health in burger country, we’re told to have patience, compassion, and accept who they are when they’re still harmful even in their neutral presence. I don’t give a flying fuck that they have some intellectual or development limitation that stops them from understanding, they still aren’t exempt from consequences. This is the same logic troons use when some pedophile or rapist who’s trans should still be called by their preferred pronouns because muh humanity, they lost their humanity and should be castrated. I’ve heard the “they can’t control it they’re born this way” excuse a million times and I deeply understand that, lots of people shouldn’t have been born and are certainly shit streaks made on this planet, but no one wants to prevent their inexcusable behavior with family planning because that wouldn’t be too accepting or diverse would it? Tiresome

No. 748829

idc she should have aborted, I thought women were smarter than this

No. 748835

File: 1614277196676.jpg (51.71 KB, 612x380, 1c8.jpg)

No. 748836

Heavily autistic and schizophrenic kids like that should be euthanised

No. 748841

Anon, I do understand what you're saying, but I'm curious how your view applies to children. If a child does something harmful, should they get a consequence as severe as an adult would? What about an autistic adult? I mean, there are autists with a mental age of a toddler, but they still have the body of an adult. I don't think troons and autists are comparable, because even though they're one of the most mentally ill types of scrotes, they aren't retarded or anything. You can build a case for why they should face the same consequences, but you wouldn't be quick to do the same for a toddler.

No. 748851


yall so mean but yeah i understand what you mean too. But i think she just really wanted kids but couldnt naturally have them so she did IVF. which i lowkey thinks contributed to the dudes major autism. Like the shit she tells me im like "sis are you good??" her husband doesnt even help its just this 5'2 italian woman getting beat tf up by her 14 yr old.

No. 748870

I think the same, anon.
Mostly because there’s just no way to solve such heavy-rooted mental problems.
Like, I have a friend who is the older sister for her 3 siblings, the second brother of hers has a terrible case of downs.
Not only it’s awkward to visit her home, which she can’t leave, btw, she actually can’t move out even if she wanted to, why? Because her brother is actually fucking aggressive and it makes my blood boil more than the core of earth itself.
He rips her hair and her little sister’s hair off out of boredom or when something minuscule isn’t exactly as how he wants it, he pushes people around and he’s HUGE fucking huge, like 2 meters tall, a ball of meat and grease that could even push his also fucking tall father to the ground.
He almost broke his mom’s arm and he’s constantly terrorizing my friend and her other two siblings who, at least, ended up being normal.
He’s on pills that he takes every single day, he can’t speak and he drools everywhere.
My friend wishes he could just die, and I understand her so much, it’s just so fucked up having to live with a literal abuser because of something that could’ve been solved with an abortion.

No. 748888

I love the style of the new higurashi (specially the way Rena looks) and if you disagree you have shit taste
>inb4 the anon who calls them greasy comes and argues with me

No. 748898

Agree for the most part. The old anime ugly as sin. But new Keiichi is fug too.

No. 748899

wtf there's a new higurashi??

No. 748905

Lmao for an individual who is considered "empathetic" compared to these filthy autistic people, you're sperging out and speaking out of your ass. I can't imagine what it's like for autistic people who are reading this shit. Not that it would matter much to you because you think that somehow autistic people can't possibly feel shame and self loathing. I realize this is an imageboard but holy shit you bitches are both unfathomably stupid and nasty sometimes, it's surprising.

No. 748914

Nta but I'll never be empathetic towards a highly mentally ill individual, if they're ruining everyone's elses lives by merely existing
>nooo they can also be good people!
I don't care

No. 748915

> not racebaiting
> still gets banned and redtexted……

No. 748916

they were racebaiting though

No. 748917

Probably ban evading.

No. 748922

No. 748923

Just saying "not racebaiting" doesn't protect you from a racebait ban. Just like saying "not to offend, but fuck you" doesn't mean I'm not trying to fight you.

No. 748925

Even anons who are brown talk bad about their own brown men experience get banned for racebaiting. White anon never had a chance.

No. 748927

I didn't know you could put a space in between the arrow and it'll still greentext
> test

No. 748928

It's no longer surprising to me. I've noticed a lot of anons on here (or the same anons over and over again) are incredibly egocentric so they have a habit of laser-focusing on anecdotes that are confirmatory to the stances they have while also feeling personally attacked by ones that don't, so they respond personally and especially nasty.

No. 748929


>I considered myself to be an ally to BLM and other racial justice movements

>but I’ve lost any sympathy for black men
>I should clarify that I’m a white woman
>I lowkey side eye black men acting as victims in greater American society

Her post is all about race and it's just a big block of sperg out

No. 748931

Example? I haven't seen this.

No. 748933

>there's definitely awful woman out there that literally get off on chasing taken men. I hate that I have to pretend that toxicity of insecure bitches does not exist.

Agreed so fucking hard

No. 748940


If you're referring to autistic people, autism like ADHD and tourette syndrome are not mental illnesses. Regardless there is nothing that I can say to change that mindset so stay blessed anon. To each their own.

No. 748941

I mean a recent example itt would be anons bringing up circumstances where they know someone with an autistic child who's violent, so they use that to confirm their stance that autistic people should be aborted if one could test for it while the embryo is still in the womb or they use it as a reason why they believe no autistic person is capable of the same emotions people without autism are. If a different anon were to bring up that they know someone who is autistic or they themselves are autistic and they don't behave under the schema the previous anon used, their testimony is usually discredited with insults.

No. 748949

If in the US the 15/hr wage passes, and that will be considered the new "poverty" wage, I'm absolutely going to get a job at that level and allow welfare benefits to make up for the rest.
Does that make me a shit? Maybe, but I also share the same air with CEOs who make thousands of dollars per hour and no one ever asks if they work as hard as we do for their money, so.

After a decade of work and two college degrees (with a good chunk of student debt), I've only just this year found a job that makes 20/hr. I'm considered too rich for any kind of help or aid even though I can't financially survive without roommates. Still can't afford a house or a family. I'm just not a person anyone wants to pay a higher wage for. Doesn't help that I'm a woman going on 30 and people are still shocked when I tell them my age, because they think I'm still in my early 20s and so clearly aren't taking me seriously and don't assume I need money. I'm frustrated and done. I have all this responsibility at my job and work super hard, and yet it doesn't get me nearly as far as people who had access to better opportunities, made better connections, or plain got lucky. I've worked abusive, grueling jobs that affected my mental health for 15/hr. I don't believe I deserve to be paid more than anyone else, but if I'm not going to be paid fairly ever (or if I eventually do, would have worked thrice as long and harder to have obtained it) then I might as well not try so hard. If there's better incentive to be lazier then I'd be fucking stupid for spinning my wheels. Other people would be wise to do the same and I'd completely have their backs. Fuck this shitty system.

No. 748951

A majority of abusers are non-autists but nooo high functioning female autists are the devil for not pretending to care about everything and everyone. I'm 100% sure it's bait.

No. 748956

File: 1614283966892.jpg (99.36 KB, 720x682, ErVT08bW8AI0IdR.jpg)

>inb4 hurrr he's 140 years old hurrr he's possessive and controlling
STFU he's not real, Team Edward master race. Only dogfuckers disagree.

No. 748976

File: 1614284919577.jpg (39.89 KB, 758x397, agumon.jpg)

No. 748986

This is so uncanny to me because I don't have a college degree but just trade certs, and I'm barred out of anything PMC/office because of "muh degree". All my friends have associates or a single bachelor's, and they just coast doing 3-4 hours work a day and get paid $80,000 a year, it makes me jelly.

The entire economy is a meme and I fully support your decision.

No. 748990

File: 1614285903703.jpg (31.7 KB, 426x512, straw.jpg)

No. 748991

Nta but I must say, this is such a big brain take.

No. 749001

Jodi arias did nothing wrong

No. 749004

She left lots of evidence behind, she made up weird stories in court and kept changing her version of events. Even if you support her killing whats-his-face…she didn't plan it out well.

No. 749010

which all indicates she had no intention of doing what she did and was driven to it out of desperation; nothing wrong

No. 749011

Autismo chan no one cares lmao

No. 749012

She must have been an incredibly insufferable pick-me ass bitch. But the scrote got what he deserved for fucking with her head, promising relationship and marriage while pumping and dumping her constantly. Men always want crazy nymphos but can’t handle getting knifed? Weak.

No. 749013

Agree, they both seem a little off to me

No. 749018

he liked her being pick me as long as he could (ab)use her sexually. He stopped liking it when it was time to actually give something back and commit. He can rot in hell tbh. I hate two-faced degenerate scrotes that front as ~good men of faith uwu~

No. 749024

This is my parameter
Anyone with medium high to high functioning autism or adhd: Good, should be incorporated into normal society, I don't mind their quirks
Anyone with any other kind of autism or mental illness that doesn't work in society: Let them die in the woods, I couldn't care less, they cause harm to themselves and others.

No. 749034

I went through a phase of watching everything I could find on the case. I think I left with the impression that she made that long trip out to him with the advance plan to seduce him and take him out. Nothing that I heard about him made me particulary empathise with him though.

His life was a lie. Every person that came out to vouch for how great he was.. had to face that they didn't truly know him. My fave recording that they played in court was him saying
>You sound like a 12 year old having an orgasm, that's so hot, like a little girl
Normal thing to say mid phone sex

No. 749080

based, Travis was a stereotypical woman using pedophile scrote, Jodi may a crazy ass but thanks to her, there’s one less moid out there breeding more moids. Free my girl

No. 749094

File: 1614291106657.jpg (75.73 KB, 302x319, brigitte_bardot_melody_mpp_600…)

i know she is problematic but i absolutely love brigitte bardot. i'm currently reading her memoirs and she is such an interesting, honest, amazing, humble and misunderstood woman. no one compares to her she's the best imo

No. 749096

Why is she problematic?

No. 749103

Its amazing how she wasnt that generic looking and had "weird" pretty features but still came off as plain at the same time

No. 749104

What’s problematic about her? I love her stuff.

No. 749107

racist and anti immigration views despite bonking a black man in the fifties

No. 749108

I think she said something racist

No. 749112

Oh was that not expected? Who wasn’t racist in her time and social caste.

No. 749121

she was racist after her time and also the fame of josephine baker just eviscerated that argument

No. 749135

File: 1614292641416.jpg (83.57 KB, 600x900, 86bb9d901fa77b1a79a6c6b1343ea8…)

bitch did you really just call Brigitte Bardot fucking plain

No. 749148

I'm autistic and unbothered because empath-chan has to be trolling or they're an even bigger sperg than me.

No. 749150

Her cheekbones and eyes really pop out in photographs but in motion they become far flatter, especially her cheekbones. I think her eyeshape is attractive but her bone structure isn't gorgeous to me. I prefer rounded high cheekbones on a womans face as opposed to flatter ones tbh, which is why I find Monroe or Loren more attractive.

No. 749153

>after her time
Wait what does that even mean
>Josephine Baker
What about her? Just because she was black and pro-black doesn’t mean she couldn’t be prejudiced against other groups. You wouldn’t know. Even today I see BML people say some dumb ass shit about asians and hispanics, almost in a weird competitive dynamic. I simply do not believe anyone lived in certain times and certain environments can truly be not racist.

No. 749155

Her pout is amazing though.

No. 749156

Negging cringe. Suddenly comparing different women with different appeals based on personal preference then passing it off as objective is sweaty ngl.

No. 749160

No. 749162

I don't like how people are glorifying y2k fashion/media right now. Especially Twilight when it just glorified a toxic relationship and pedophilia lmao.
My bf and I are both high functioning autistic. We never fit in with the speds and too autistic for normies. We have feelings, empathy for others and laugh at the autistic lolcows. Both of us have friends and can blend into society. Never in my life did I expect to date an autistic man for obvious reasons but I'm glad I opened up.

No. 749164

Nobody said it was objective? It's just my opinion and comparing actresses from the same time is fair game. You would think "to me" signals that but I guess I have to say it three times more times because English speakers need to be reassured in differences of opinion.

No. 749171

File: 1614294774227.jpg (120.04 KB, 650x650, recogido_novia_bardot_1z-z.jpg)

>she isn't the most gorgeous type of woman to me specifically so therefore she can be described as plain
terminal lolcow brain disease

No. 749172

She's not unattractive and she has that look for the time but her bone structure is just.. not for me

No. 749173

Nta, but anon…this is an opinion thread

No. 749178

idk if i'm overreacting but i don't like when people say a woman looks like a man/troon. it comes off weirdly misogynistic and whenever i see who they're talking about, they obviously look like a woman but they're just ugly and that isn't the same thing as literally looking like a man imo

No. 749197

I agree with this, and I also don't like when people make fun of trans for having masculine features (being tall, having a wide build, a square face, etc…) that women can also have. I admittedly don't see much of the radfem community on the internet cause I'm not one, but I've also seen radfems do this and it's kinda hypocritical to me

No. 749206

File: 1614296704489.jpg (337.98 KB, 1069x1138, IMG_20210225_234405.jpg)

I love her cheeks

No. 749207

Meh there's a clear difference to me between making fun of hulking non-passing trannies and calling boldly scupted woman a male. The former is is true and hilarious while the latter is wistful tranny psyop.

No. 749215

Nayrt but it’s not just a lolcow thing, it’s an everywhere thing. Everyone is exposed to masses of beautiful people on the internet and through media, and even average people looking beautiful through using filters and flattering angles. People are so used to seeing extremely attractive people that nitpicking is inevitable as they can’t be criticised for having whatever major perceived flaw.

It fucks me up that I often find someone new on youtube, watch their content for a while before realising they are beautiful. They just register as plain/average because so many women online are very attractive.

No. 749217

It always makes me feel better to go someplace common anywhere, like a grocery store or mall, and see perfectly below average and kinda dumpy people walking around in large numbers. Really puts things into perspective and is super grounded.

No. 749228

People just be mogging themselves with shoop, kinda crazy they manage to go outside knowing they just look like the filler-bloat taxidermied version of their ig pics.

No. 749232

Sweater Weather is a boring ass song and I cannot for the life me understand why gen z bisexuals consider it an “anthem.” Also soft indie pop rock needs to go.

No. 749233

No I love vintage beauty the most especially the 70s to 80s but I just don't like bardot much. I find the current beauty standard plain old hideous

No. 749234

>thinking sweater weather is a gen z song

No. 749235

it's not just that she was racist 'in her time', it's that to this day she repeatedly makes comments about gene mixing and foreign invaders with their savage genes and so on
to the point she got like 4 hate speech convictions

also her mannerisms were v sexy and that's what make her attractive more than her face imo
but she always had boring-ass sexpot roles, though i suppose that's mainly on the scrote directors who employed her

No. 749236

Nta but I had to look this up and holy shit it's been a decade.

No. 749237

I know it came out in 2013, but they made it into a bisexual thing is the whole point

No. 749246

I can't fucking believe out of all of The Nbhd discography, that fucking song made it. And tiktok had the nerve, reeee.

No. 749250

I’m gonna go listen to Wiped Out! in my car and cry over some scrote for nostalgia sake.

No. 749286

What this song?

No. 749323

File: 1614302839455.jpg (595.13 KB, 1920x1080, 1.jpg)

I think people who didn't play the OG animal crossing for the gamecube shouldn't be the ones who determine the future of the franchise
I know the charm of the original is completely gone, it's not about living in a small rural town while trying to be friends with your neighbors anymore, it's more like a building simulator like the sims and everyone is way more gentle. And to be completely honest I am glad we can do more stuff inside the game now, even if I see neo animal crossing as a completely different game. But the way new people who jumpled
onto this game in quarantine behave is ridiculous, and now animal crossing is everywhere and everyone loves it and it became as popular as mario. But man the way people act towards this game is disgusting.
(and to be honest the DS one was the peak of animal crossing for me, with the stars in the sky looking beautiful)

No. 749354

I agree, we need to gatekeep animal crossing more

No. 749360

I'm a blackanon. Yeah, if you say most of these things on Twitter or whatever, you'll literally just get mobbed by pick-mes and scrotes lmao. It's already hard for black women to speak out on the bullshit without getting gaslit by others, and the automatic response to a white woman doing anything outside the status quo is "racist racist karen karen".
Gives me hope that some other women do see this shit and understand, though, ty anon + sorry you got banned + fuck scrotes of all colors ♥

No. 749370

I tried the newest game on my friend's switch and it just made me feel.. anxious? That might be stupid but there are so many new features and the crafting feels so annoying. Maybe it's because I was obsessed with the DS, Wii, and 3DS ones for a while and all you had to do was relax and just pay your debts off and nostalgia n shit but the new one just feels off. Even the villagers felt weird, maybe I'll open up to it soon idk. I haven't played the original but it looks really fun, though I'm too lazy to find a good emulator and rom yet sigh

No. 749377

Mayo is so nasty, bro.

No. 749378

>the DS one was the peak of animal crossing for me
This is the correct take, we should have built on Wild World, City Folk would have been a decent step forward had it retained the dialogue and friendship system of WW, New Leaf was the beginning of the end

how dare you

No. 749385

Its only acceptable form is chipotle mayo. I hate when I order a burger and they sneak the bland version of it on there. Ruins the whole sandwich! It tastes like phlegm.

No. 749389

I am hurt, I am unwell, my jar is empty

No. 749393

Good. Stop while you're still ahead, anon. Abandon the beta mayonnaise jar and invest in the alpha bottle of ketchup instead!

No. 749395

oh well now you're just causing a scene, this is blasphemy, obscenity

No. 749571

THIS. One of my least favorite things on lolcow is when anons say stuff like "a woman would never" or "this [insert feature a woman could have] is an obvious giveaway". Thankfully, it's mostly contained to the mtf thread, though sometimes it spills into other threads.

>in b4 "tranny detected"

No. 749584

99.9% of the time, makeup does not look good in real life. Unless it's something very simple, like slight eyeliner and lip balm, makeup is something that only looks good in pictures and on film.

No. 749586

Why the hell do people take care better of pets than their kids?

What’s wrong with western society?

No. 749587

I am glad that you got banned. You’re actually a horrible person, and anyone who agreed with you is too. I remember I saw a post on here in the lipstickalley thread where an actual black femanon warned us that white women on LSA are the ones who talk trash about black men. Get help, sicko.

I am not black but they were right about whites and their obsession. I want to puke.

No. 749588

There's no pressure for people to have pets just because it's their duty and they're supposed to, Jesus etc etc. Plus pets are a lot cheaper and easier to take care of, and most people don't plan for kids financially, they just want 'a baby' and don't think past that stage.

No. 749592

Honestly, imo it's to do with lack of emotional availability, understanding of their kids emotions, and expecting their kids to be exactly how they want them. I've noticed a lot of narc types (for lack of a better term) love their animals more because they forever shower them with love, can't talk back and can be trained. A kid is only a baby for so long like >>749588 mentioned, beyond that, children are demanding and time consuming. Plus many people are dealing with unresolved issues due to their own bad parenting.

No. 749597

Pets are less demanding and less unpredictable than kids, so it seems easier to take care of an animal that you might not even need to take out of your constantly controlled space that’s your home.
People don’t seem to get that when you have a child, you need to take in consideration the issues that might happen even if they won’t happen.
Like, what if they break a leg? What if they try to bite a rock? What if they decide to get up and leave when they’re too young? What if they suddenly tell you that their hate your guts because you didn’t let them go out with their friends?
Not everyone is ready for such things, they don’t even think that it might happen if they do the basics of childcare, so when such things happen, they’re not ready either emotionally, mentally or financially, so they lash out or freeze, letting things get out of control.

No. 749605

This is a response to an unpopular opinion I read in a news article.
I feel like its unpopular unless you lived in new york.
As a proud og nyer, CREAM CHEESE IS A SANDWICH FILLING YOU IDIOT. When you order a bagel you order a bagel expect atleast a slab of cream cheese, I know in california you do some sort of weired overly complicated toast spread for your bagels that includes avacodo, but here in ny we use a simple system cream chease+additives like fruit or lox+ bagel. Its a simple easy eat delicious breakfast that will go with you coffee if you have no time, the cream cheese is protein while the bagel is carbs, if your npt getting a mouthful of cream cheese than you aint doing it right. As a nyer, if anyone comes to judge our delicious cuisine cultural hertage formed by jewish immigrants from poland, then stfu or gtfo because cream cheese is a sandwich filling and just because its simple doesnt mean its good, nyers on average dont have the time to sit down to avacodo toast, no we grab a bagel loaded with cream cheese and coffee and go on our merry way.

No. 749608

Why Western society specifically? (White) Western couples are just about the only people in the world that will deliberately not have children if they're not in the right financial position to have them.

No. 749612

File: 1614344721813.jpg (184.59 KB, 1700x1284, 0729_carter.jpg)

agree and also michelle carter did nothing wrong. inb4 femcel yadayada.

No. 749617

Disagree jodi knew she was being strung along for about a year and killed her lover in a jealous induced rage, she may have not meant to outright kill but she did something wrong, no self respecting woman would kill over a man especially if she had other suitors she was crazy and desperate and stupid, she could easily just gotten a man slaughter charge if she said she didnt intend to kill but did in a moment of passion, but instead had to pull condeluded bullshit and left evidence of preplanning, if the guy is a legit fuck boy then move on instead of being used theres plenty of fish in the sea.

No. 749622

Nta but (some) Westerners treat their pets in a way that’s largely unimaginable elsewhere - calling them ‘furbabies’ and holding them on the same level as their actual children; spending thousands on vet care; dressing them up; buying expensive food; providing a place for them to shit indoors; allowing them to share the bed; even stuff like building catios and wheeling around disabled or elderly pets. Not every Westerner is like that but it’s far more common than in the rest of the world.

No. 749624

Most people that hold their pets at such high value just don’t want/can’t have children so they treat their pets that way because they’re defenseless and cute.
I mean, if they got the disposable income for such things and are aware that having children is more complex than feeding and petting, it’s not such a big deal.

No. 749627

If a guy/ex/bf regularly texts you that he's feeling suicidal and then he leaves your messages unread for long periods of time afterwards to let you worry about him…then always comes back alive after you've been fretting away. Look after yourself and just hit block.

I know that's easier said than done but I've read enough similar stories on here where anons got into online relationships at 17/18 and scrotes did the same. Being young they pulled their hair out not knowing whether to call authorities or what you're meant to do in those situations. They didn't want to get the guy sectioned or in trouble. Well if he's doing it on repeat you block the fucker

No. 749629

unpopular opinion: you are allowed to hate people for their disabilities

No. 749631

>Implying this behavior isn't fucking rampant in upper middle class in Asia

No. 749633

>unpopular opinion:
You don't have to declare that. I think people will know by the thread title

No. 749644

> largely unimaginable elsewhere
> it’s far more common than in the rest of the world
If you think upper middle class Asians aren’t a minority in the non-western world, I have some shocking news for you.

No. 749645

People who disagree have never had an autistic scrote try to beat/sexually assault them

No. 749647

I had some frightening experiences working at a tard barn and now I am wary as fuck around mentally disabled/autistic men. Would you call someone a bigot for avoiding a crocodile?

No. 749665

at that point the hate should be directed toward the tard wranglers who don't handle a sexually violent tard to keep other people safe.
the problem with most tard wranglers is they think disability=no sex interest what so ever. so therefore they neglect to instruct their tard in how to behave appropriately with their sexuality causing situations like acting out aggressively.
Not all autists are on the level that the need tard wranglers, and saying that all autist bad because some one neglected to do their due duty in educating their tard in life skills that are essentiall in this day and age is like fucking gross, theres a reason aspies dont want to be lumped into autists because of that shit, even if identifying as aspie means nazi.
Point is the sexually agressive nature of low level tards results froma long societal belief that tards dont need sex education because some how they dont have normal human desires, therefore because of this overall ignorance it results in tards acting out in ipropiate and some times violent ways, if we brought back sex education for trainables then it would be easier for tard wranglers to prevent issues like these.

No. 749680

Nta. I've gone over my stories here before so won't repeat the full stories but high functioning fully employed autist males are ime still terrible for using harrassment as a form of 'flirting'. Then when you need help nobody steps in to help cause it's meant to be endearing when an asd scrote mixes up the two and refuses to leave you alone.

They can work the same job as me (so not a drooling idiot) but can't understand 'leave me alone' or 'stop telling me about your masturbation habits' High or low functioning.. it's a male issue.

No. 749685

gonna let out my middle school unpopular opinion, the olympus serious shouldn't have been made, some of the main characters aren't that memorable or enjoying to read, especially piper and jason. there's too many characters, too many sideplots. too many things happening at the same time that i don't care about and ended up stopping halfway into the third book.

and while i'm kinda annoyed that rick decided to write the same thing but with norse mythology (and i know he did the same with egyptian mythology) i'm impressed.

my opinion might have inaccuracies but at least i finally have an outlet.

also heard that his book is getting adapted into a disney show and im not optimistic about it, i'm sure it's gonna be a episodic with a mediocre to sad looking art style.

No. 749689


No. 749690

You must be very empathetic.

No. 749691

let people express themselves jeez

No. 749692

File: 1614354676810.jpg (21.33 KB, 896x855, EvGjffFVcAIfchC.jpg)

This is the worst opinion I've ever seen on this website. HOO is nowhere near the og series but you can't shit on it like this. Especially not when Annabeth got her well-deserved spotlight in The Mark of Athena
>i'm sure it's gonna be a episodic with a mediocre to sad looking art style.
Imo, doing the show as episodes instead of a movie is better. That way they won't have to cut as many details.

No. 749696

The books he wrote about the Norse mythology were kind of nice.

No. 749697

Let me poke fun

No. 749699

i'm kinda honored to hear you say that, anon. i like annabeth but i don't get why it took so long for her to reach her spotlight after having many books written with her as one of the main characters.

and true, episodes would be better especially with how detailed the whole world is, they won't have to rush and cut corners to shove a whole ass plot in one or two hours. i just wish if ever the cartoon would be out it'd be plot oriented and not just a episodic nonsense of half bloods kids getting trouble in camp. that i hope that they got a really nice art style to match with the story.

i heard that it's great and im impressed that rick managed to make a simple formula to something so enjoyable for readers who have read his other books and was familiar with his style.

No. 749701

As an aspie female, the problem though in most situations sexual education and basic etiquette though is not taught to classically autistic people even the non instituntiolized ones, there fore the harassment is basically a result of non education. I get it, its a wrong behavior, but chalking it up to all autists bad isn't solving the problem, its just casting blame to a problem and doing nothing productive about it. therefore not solving it and making it possible for others to endure that kind of harassment.
The common misconception when it comes to special ed is they ignore despite the disability there is still a human with basic desires like food sex etc., therefore because of this all the education in regards to disabled people and sex is not to be preyed on and no where is it taught on how to appropriately express desires. Can we say harassment is bad? sure but blaming a disability for lack of appropriateness is wrong. Disabled people are still inherently human, and by ignoring a fact about being human i.e. an interest in sex because someone is tarded only leads to situations where other people are harassed for sex.
its not an autist issue or male one its a societal one that is not only irresponsible but dangerous because idiots think being tarded equates to not having basic human instinct, parents who have disabled children need to teach them how to behave properly in every aspect of life otherwise we get shit like this.

No. 749705

>As an aspie female
>its not an autist issue
>its a societal one
Aren't you bound to be a bit biased though?

No. 749707

>they may imagine themselves or their family/friends in that situation
LMFAO this is nowhere close to empathy, this is some BPD tier projection

No. 749709

Has the series been confirmed to be animated? I always thought it was gonna be live-action. I mean, I guess making an animated series would be cheaper cause it's less cgi, but I hope they do an (accurate!) live action
Do you not understand what empathy is? I just said that that could be a reason for why someone is able to share the feelings of another person.

No. 749711

File: 1614356446932.jpg (126.95 KB, 1710x900, 1.jpg)

I think it's a year too late for that, but I agree so much

I completely understand you! it also makes me feel anxious. One thing about it making me anxious is that now you have to literally make the landscape all by yourself, and pretty-fy everything, even if you don't go twitter levels of autism (seriously, those towns look toooooo cluttered for my liking). Before you would just go into a town and see the layout and go "ok cool guess this is my town now". It had a sense of adventure. Now it's just The Sims but with animals.

And the villagers don't feel the same… people are really picking up the prettier ones and literally sending death sentences to the ugly ones. What's the point on that?
Before, you would have villagers of all personalities, and the harsher animals would soften over time with you. And in a way, the felt equal to you, you all were neighbors in the same town. Now all villagers feel more like pets, tiny animals to take care of, than people to talk to.

Do you know of the trope where you have a perfect town, everything is happy and smiley, and that makes it go into the uncanny valley territory? That's how I feel, it's unnerving the way everything must be perfect and happy and cute all the time now. Plus, idk the island is kinda ugly loool

Also, I hate how sanrio bimbo kpoper egirls have pretty much appropiated the series.

No. 749713

I can tell you're autistic because you keep infighting about muh autistic empathy and you haven't stopped since yesterday
Deep breaths, go eat something nice and yummy, maybe an icecream, and put lolcow to rest

No. 749714

it was confirmed to be animated by disney, afaik. when the news happened i remember twitter going wild and a big percy fan i know was posting in her instagram stories about it, sadly that was all the information, nothing else afterwards.

No. 749715

Preach. Not sure if it's that much of an unpopular opinion on here but if anything they're worse because of the shameless unwarranted self importance. I've had a lot of experience with high functioning autistic males, in part because of weeb hobbies that attract them but even outside of that they seem to flock to me. I'm a pretty unintimidating person and used to be too polite to tell them to fuck off so I guess that's why. And the shit these scrotes try to pull, it's insane. I get that they don't have the social skills to realize it themselves but how the fuck have they lived their whole lives without being taught that telling random girls about their fetishes and guilt tripping for physical contact is not ok? Honestly I'm pretty sure a lot of them know that their behavior is gross but just lack the empathy to give a shit. They're also the most horny fuckers ever, I haven't ever met one who wasn't obsessed with sex and I'm not sure if it's because of the tism or if all men are just like that and the non-autistic ones are better at hiding it.

No. 749717

Yes I am very emphatetic! thanks for asking, I would never want extremely mentally ill people near me, my loved ones, and I would never want another woman having to raise an extremely mentally ill scrote ever again, they ruin lives

Anyways, will repeat myself
Anyone with medium high to high functioning autism or adhd: Good, should be incorporated into normal society, I don't mind their quirks
Anyone with any other kind of autism or mental illness that doesn't work in society: Let them die in the woods, I couldn't care less, they cause harm to themselves and others.

That sounds nice, I'm happy for you! I have a very light adhd myself and my goal has always been to stop feeling sorry for myself and integrate into a society.

No. 749720

Thinking about how you would feel in someone else's situation is a very selfish reason.

No. 749722

>They're also the most horny fuckers ever, I haven't ever met one who wasn't obsessed with sex and I'm not sure if it's because of the tism

It's the autism, belive it or not. One other thing you should also be wary of is that they don't look that strong but they can chimp out and pull out some heavy hits out of nowhere.
It's also the fact that society coddles them more (MORE) than regular men, and parents are usually too tired to deal with everything at the end of the day. Like I said, kill autistic children, leave them inside the woods, eugenics are good and we shouldn't feel sorry and society shouldn't pressure women into having these kids because muh maternity

No. 749725

Ur so strong and tough

No. 749726

That's fine if you feel that way. Like I said, it's just one reason for why someone might experience empathy and I even gave another reason in my post. I don't know why saying "empathy is a real thing and isn't always performative" is so bad.

No. 749728

Yeah the retard strength is unfortunately a very true meme.
Just curious, but do you dislike autistic women as much as autistic men? I don't have as much experience with them so I don't really know.

No. 749732

Selective empathy is not true empathy and true empathy does not exist. However, this exists:
>In social psychology, collective narcissism (or group narcissism) is the tendency to exaggerate the positive image and importance of a group the individual belongs to.[1][2] The group may be defined by religion, social class, race, political stance, language, nationality, employment status, education level, cultural values, or any other ingroup.[1][2] While the classic definition of narcissism focuses on the individual, collective narcissism extends this concept to similar excessively high opinions of a person's social group, and suggests that a group can function as a narcissistic entity.

No. 749736

Empathy, simpathy, concern, love, and group narcissism are completely different things

No. 749761

no because alot of nts thinking its strictly autism to blame when in reality its fucking possible to train retards not to be sex weirdos in public but many don't because they dismiss the fact that behind the whole disability thing there is a person who craves pretty much the same things as regular human beings. You dont even have to be mentally retarded to fall in to that line of thinking, being born physically disabled or getting disabled due to an injuiry is automatically equated to disabled=no desire for sex what so ever.
I am not saying its right to be disabled and be a fucking sex pervert that harasses females for sex, but its wrong to say its strictly the fault of autism when in society the disabled whether tards or cripples are automatically dehumanized to such an extent that were either seen as miracle savants or fucking babies that cant possibly know what sex is or want it. the blame is always on a society which extends to parents who either refuse to teach their kids about sex and how to be apropriate because how can a tard not get horny? or refuse to see tards on the same basic level.
its wrong to place blame on a disability as whole when in reality its the parents fuck up for not teaching their kids to express their sex desires in more apropriate ways, and to respect boundries, its wrong for an autistic person to be a sex pervert but not all autists are and its like judging a whole fucking race of people for blms antics, or being antisemitic, its wrong for people to have disabled kids and not taking apropiate responsibility but not all autists are born to irresponsible parents, and its biased to think that way.

No. 749784

I see your point but retards gotta retard all day all night

No. 749792

>its wrong for an autistic person to be a sex pervert but not all autists are and its like judging a whole fucking race of people for blms antics, or being antisemitic
What in the fuck am I reading?

No. 749796

Unpopular opinion: the gossip boards suck because they're full of vendetta and underage people. There's barely anything juicy anymore

No. 749800

Empathy is fake, everything is fake. That is my unpopular opinion, now let me be monkey please.

No. 749804

>disabled people are still inherently human

anon I don't think so, move it along

No. 749805

File: 1614362399326.jpeg (185.33 KB, 1242x695, D8F46DC6-8FEF-49FC-AF46-5408A8…)

No. 749806

People can have disabilities that don't affect the mind, y'all hate people that can't walk?

No. 749807

I think you underestimate the amount of old people still stuck in 2010-2017 here, there are plenty of actual irl oldfags and you can usually tell by their beliefs and sperging about zoomers

No. 749809

It's a bit like love. Most of the time love is conditional and if it's conditional is it really love?

No. 749811

Empathy is fake only if you believe it is

Nta but I think disabled people are still human, but as humans we should kill them as soon as they show signs of bad mental disability so they don't hurt themselves and others

people with physical disabilities are normal and deserve to live a beautiful, plentiful life

No. 749814

Give me an example, what kind of opinion strucks you as living in 2010-2017? genuinely curious

No. 749815

Exactly, but even people who have mental disabilities are not automatically bad people (or not not people at all, since so many anons here seem to think you're not a person/human if you have a disability). Disabilities can come in a very wide range. Some people are extremely disabled and some are so high-functioning you may not even know they are disabled, hell, even they may not realize it. Imo, it's not right to make blanket statements about all disabled people like so many anons in this thread have been doing. Imagine if someone said some of this stuff about mental illnesses.

No. 749816

Yes yes yes but then again
High functionality: GOOD SHIT, they deserve to live
Low functionality: BAD, time to inject a saline solution into their bloodstream

No. 749818

File: 1614363016536.jpg (39.51 KB, 500x500, artworks-wxgOBPLxmBh3v3hT-CBzI…)



bitch go back to twitter

No. 749819

I check /snow/ and /pt/ whenever I stop by the farms and I agree with this, it actually makes the threads hard to read so I don't keep up with any of them closely

No. 749820

They didn't specify so everyone assumed they meant aggressive tards and rapey aspergers men. That's where my mind went too

No. 749821

what is nts? lol

No. 749822

File: 1614363100815.jpg (79.84 KB, 750x468, 20200714_222235.jpg)

Yeah imagine if someone said they didn't want to associate with people that bought into the psychiatric industry's bullshit of pathologizing reasonable responses to our shitty society as mental illness to get us permanently addicted to mind-altering drugs. Wouldn't that be nuts

No. 749823

Non spergers

No. 749824

They can't let go of their dry milk from that time period, they can't accept that someone like lovelypeaches is more milky than some cosplay girl from 2017

No. 749826


No. 749829

Tinfoil: people use "empathy" as an exuse to sell expensive pills to the parents extreme mentally ill patients for hopes they can get better and integrate into society
There's a reason why we killed those children not too long ago, nobody likes them, only big pharma houses loooove mentally ill faggots and that includes the ones on hormones

KEKKKK that's the funniest shit I've heard all week

No. 749830

This neurotypical shit needs to die

No. 749832

What do you think controls our motor and social functions? Our brain. Someone disabled in a wheel chair probably means they have damaged nerves that won't allow signals to send to their brain to tell them to walk properly. Everything is regulated by the mind

No. 749835

Oh god this is some weird reasoning. People can get their bones and muscles attrofied too or their entire limbs cut, are you nuts?

A physically disabled person will never be the same as a highly mentally ill faggot

No. 749836

liberal racists and sexists are more annoying than people who are just straight up racist/sexist.

No. 749837

neurotypical means not being an ass, not being a rapey scrote, not some "autistic" female who probably has social anxiety disorder

please tell me anons where you've seen a female autist go into a school and shoot young innocent kids or people trying to watch a movie without psycho sperg coming to be joker, please tell me

there is something deficient, dangerous and violent with males to begin with but having autism despite high or low? they absolutely, n matter how much therapy or cbt they get will never be able to accept "no"

No. 749839

bitch did someone leave you in the woods as a child because you sound mentally ill

No. 749840

You're overwhelmed, please rest, your sensory overload is high.

Also yeah fuck scrotes

No. 749841

File: 1614363713468.jpg (12.1 KB, 480x360, knife.jpg)

On that note, the whole psychiatric industry is legalized terrorism. Just look at the venomous way people tell each other to "seek help". Normalfags can't brainwash me with their mental health empathy positivity bullshit into taking that as anything other than an insult, especially considering the fact that most mental health professionals stand to profit from diagnosing you and putting you on medication to make money. Try your cbt on me I'll cbt you FOR REAL

No. 749845

this person thinks girl interrupted is on the same level as al queda and isis

No. 749846

lovelypeaches is a next level horrowcow but her thread doesn't even move. Idk, I don't think we can chalk it up to millenial farmers being fixated on cosplay cows from 2017 because the most popular cow threads tend to attract people from twitter and ig, so I think op has reason describe the gossip boards as being filled with vendetta and underage posters.

No. 749848

No. 749850

>lovelypeaches is a next level horrorcow
Oh wow, why though?

No. 749856

The female autists I've met have been ok

Male autists…I wouldn't take the risk of befriending one. I've met 3 through school and work and I always get either mildy stalked or I'm asked totally innappropriate questions and they never learn to stop being invasive or dropping hints that they think about you naked all the time. The last one I had to work with seemed like the type to hide a camera in the work bathroom. He took my picture without my knowledge a few times and then showed me several shots of the side of my face saved in his phone. When I said that was weird he quoted laws to me stating that in a public space he can photograph anyone without consent needed.

No. 749857

Peaches went to jail recently (vid rel, it wasn't even cause of her knowingly spreading stds, or abusing her daughter. It was cause she sucked her dogs dick or something. I mean it's still bad, but why was it that), but there's still stuff to talk about from her past. The thread will probably just end up dying again though

No. 749863

As a 30 year old farmer I agree. There are so many milky tiktok people and youtubers but people only wanna focus on boring people with no milk. They're so concerned with hating people for "moral" reasons and have completely forgotten what milk is, it's supposed to actually be funny and entertaining.

No. 749867

>eating her own shit and tampons
>hiring someone to rape a 15 year old tiktok star
>abused her own kid and animals
>claimed to have killed said kid
>claimed to have sold said (8 month old) kid into sex trafficking
>showed her pussy to underage people live

No. 749873

it's so disturbing how zoomers keep laughing at her disgusting antics too, like this is what happens when you allow minors on the internet they can't handle the amount of power they have

No. 749884

I hope you get the booty juice someday

No. 749888

i wonder if maybe her threads don't get bumped because she's too disturbing even for a lot of farmers? there have been a few horrorcows here who have good milk but i can't look at their threads without losing all hope for humanity and spending the rest of the day in a bad mood lol

No. 749929

File: 1614369054922.png (334.23 KB, 637x397, wap.png)

I think it's a year too late for that, but I agree so much

I completely understand you! it also makes me feel anxious. One thing about it making me anxious is that now you have to literally make the landscape all by yourself, and pretty-fy everything, even if you don't go twitter levels of autism (seriously, those towns look toooooo cluttered for my liking). Before you would just go into a town and see the layout and go "ok cool guess this is my town now". It had a sense of adventure. Now it's just The Sims but with animals.

And the villagers don't feel the same… people are really picking up the prettier ones and literally sending death sentences to the ugly ones. What's the point on that?
Before, you would have villagers of all personalities, and the harsher animals would soften over time with you. And in a way, the felt equal to you, you all were neighbors in the same town. Now all villagers feel more like pets, tiny animals to take care of, than people to talk to.

Do you know of the trope where you have a perfect town, everything is happy and smiley, and that makes it go into the uncanny valley territory? That's how I feel, it's unnerving the way everything must be perfect and happy and cute all the time now. Plus, idk the island is kinda ugly loool

Also, I hate how sanrio bimbo kpoper egirls have pretty much appropiated the series.

No. 749930

Why did you post this twice, friend?

No. 749937

because people were too focused on the killing autistic children talk

No. 749939

File: 1614369766789.jpg (5.45 KB, 184x184, images.jpg)

>she admitted to doubleposting for extra attention

No. 749946

So profound, you had to say it twice. I see you!

No. 749985

yeah the stuff she does is just disturbing and vile, not entertaining.

No. 749991

The hate for Lena Dunham online is overblown

No. 749995

Didn’t know who this was and looked her up. First pic on her Instagram is just her shit in a toilet, and it gets worse from there. Thanks anons, I’ll be scrubbing my brain from that and the other stuff I just read about her. >>749888 I could see this from like one visit to her profile.

No. 749999

As a heterosexual bitch nothing feels as good (sexually) as penis in vagina sex. Masturbation, Vibrators, dildos, fingers, tongues are all underwhelming for me. God I've tried everything and nothing competes with boring ass missionary. Kek.

No. 750001

bruh she called herself a child predator and stuck rocks in baby's vagina
I understand that she was a child at the time, but that was how she described it as an adult, that's fucked up yo

No. 750012

I always confuse her for Amy Schumer

No. 750016

not a westerner thing more a too much money thing.

No. 750017

File: 1614375964312.png (56.28 KB, 922x281, Screenshot_20210226-124336(1).…)

I kind of agree with incels when they say ethots/onlyfans girls live on eady mode. I find it fucking hilarious when people actually try to argue that doint OF full time is as hard as having a wage slave job.

Sorry but looking cute, finding good angles/lighting and pimping yourself out on twitter and reddit all day is not as hard as being on your feet for 8 hours straight, dealing nonstop with asshole customers and managers, then barely getting paid at the end of it.

No. 750023

Day labourers and people in heavy manual labour jobs are the ones underappreciated and underpaid, to an absurd degree. The law of supply and demand fucks out here too, because 80% of the working age population would be physically incapable of doing their job. It's absurd that it's minimum wage work.

A truism I've noticed is that the people that whine the most about their position are the ones that are actually comfortable with lots of benefits, and they cry and whine in order to cover for this. I find it absurd that high school teachers, that make a middle class wage with all the school holidays off, that recycle the same lesson plan year after year, can get away with marking every non-graded assessment with a "good job" sticker, can flat out talk about their personal lives for 50% of the lesson, cry and whinge about how hard they have it. All the while there's some poor sod shovelling two tons of dirt where a digger won't reach, or someone moving a ton of steel over the course of a day down five flights of stairs.

The general consensus is that they're uneducated, dumb or whatever and therefore deserve to make chump change for the shittest work, but the hidden fact is that most of society can't actually do what they do day in, day out without falling apart. While poor teachers and nurses are uwu perfect and so gifted and hence deserve more money.

No. 750024

If posing, buying shit, editing photos and posting on social media is hard work for them, how long would they last if they had to do actual work?

No. 750027

Eh, incels believe all girls live life on easy mode, they don't discriminate, lol.

No. 750030

It'd be "easymode" if the average woman actually made money from degrading herself on there, but she doesn't.

No. 750034

Getting nude for ungrateful misogynist incels comes with a huge mental stress though. At 30 they will only have mental health issues and nothing to put on their resume.

No. 750035

In that case all the YouTubers and streamer bros live on easy mode too. They don't even get their career prospects ruined like cam girls do.

No. 750038

Getting rich and famous from screaming at videogames like a baboon must be the ultimate privilege.

No. 750041

Exactly, being a YouTuber dude bro who is always sitting on his ass editing retarded videos to make screenshotable content is technically easy, the hard part is having luck and a decent enough personality for a bunch of retards to follow them, hell, they don’t even need to be attractive or healthy because people are there to listen to their regurgitation of already said ideas about useless bullshit.

No. 750043

Cheese sucks ass. It overpowers everything that it gets put in, it stinks, and it’s too salty. I really don’t get why everyone loves cheese so much. Like if I put it in a burger, I can’t taste anything but the cheese. All the flavours from the meat and sauces are overpowered by the cheese.

No. 750048

very true, i only like parmesano (?) cheese. i hate cheese burgers and when im eating pizza i cant think about the fact that im eating cheese or i'll start to gag

No. 750053

Sure, it's not a gender issue.

No. 750056

If it was easy, everyone would do it, including incels - they always conveniently forget gay men exist when they bitch about women profiting off their bodies. But nobody does, because sensible people know it's a terrible way to make money.

Prostitution and porn are soul sucking whether they admit it or not. Even if lying around taking pics/vid is physically easy, being degraded and used by entitled moids who've purchased access to your body sounds mentally and emotionally draining on a personal level. And I can't imagine dealing with the stigma of a job most people would be ashamed to tell their parents about, or the fact that there's no future in it, and you can't put it on your resume. I'll take my shitty office job any day.

No. 750062

Me too, anon

No. 750079

File: 1614382132038.png (193.93 KB, 484x791, slurpuff.png)

slurpuff is underrated

No. 750080

i prefer carpet to hardwood

No. 750095

Spinel is fucking retarded and that whole movie felt like some 13 year old girl won a contest to make her fanfic a movie.

No. 750096

oh my god. it hurts because its true

No. 750099

File: 1614384714838.jpg (Spoiler Image, 32.83 KB, 500x500, crie.jpg)

I thought mid-movie reveal was pretty touching but the first half was ham-fisted and the second half of the movie was sloppy writing.
No real consequences for Steven/PD which is the actual fucked up thing about it.

No. 750113

she just has bpd

No. 750114

Youtubers and camwhores are the same kind of stupid easy-mode asshole that shouldn't exist, but camwhores have it worse because it's women selling their body. I despise both though.

No. 750115

People who call other women scrotes in here probably have a twitter where they overreact to everything

No. 750118

File: 1614388167429.jpeg (82.53 KB, 659x354, D7FB9CDE-3B69-4114-9F12-9599EB…)

You dropped this, Queen

No. 750119

PLEASE do not tell me there is an actual shop in NY that sells these. I'm not even a NYer, but my bagel loving heart can't take this

No. 750121

Yeah, that movie felt like a boring ass long episode. Stephen Universe sucked so much, if only they had a different team of writers, it would have been better.

No. 750133

File: 1614390067284.gif (2 MB, 394x423, 8K8A.gif)

Slurpuff is beautiful I wish her plushie wasnt ellusive as all hell

No. 750142

as someone who never bought into the steven universe autism can someone please explain the appeal? maybe I'm just too old for it but I couldn't get 5 eps in and continue to want to watch su in the first place

No. 750144

I personally liked it when I watched because I thought the show was cute and fun, with appealing characters and an interesting enough storyline. Tbh, it's hard to explain why you like a certain things. If you just don't like something then you probably won't understand why other people enjoy it

No. 750150

I hate men more every time I am reminded that literal hentai ugly bastards like Esfand and Asmongold are rich doing nothing. They don’t even have good personalities. You can count on one hand objectively attractive chad male streamers. Meanwhile all the female streamers with any amount of following are hot, no exception. On top of getting sexually harassed, stalked, doxxed and threatened everyday.

No. 750155

I liked it because the first episodes had something interesting to tell, what they told you was mostly in the backgrounds of the show, I liked those little details of stuff that made me want to know more about the lore and such.
I also liked the music of the episodes that focused on the fusions of the main characters, except ruby and sapphire’s, those were boring as fuck.
There were lots of nice ideas that could’ve been really interesting, but then they focused too much on absolute who’s that no one gave a fuck about and that didn’t do anything interesting to add to the d e e p e s t l o r e which was shown to the viewer before.
It got insulting when they added white diamond and “volleyball” fuck that shit.

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