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File: 1613654404854.jpg (219.56 KB, 3840x3840, square-eyeglasses-tortoise-ace…)

No. 172132

ITT:Discuss unconventional and conversational turn ons that aren't related to kink or bdsm and are mostly Benine

I'll start, having sex with a guy while he's wearing glasses

No. 172141

Smoking after Sex, its nice

No. 172144

Masculine hands and happy trails. None of that punk "omg red knuckles" shit that Tumblr likes.

Also really fancy cologne. btw it's benign.

No. 172147

Why not both, conditioned knuckles can be pretty hot as well

No. 172150


No. 172152

File: 1613662977588.png (1.43 MB, 1822x708, red knuckles.PNG)

I guess I'm less attracted to skinny twink hands with red knuckles lol. I like hardened hands. Thick, muscular…….. rough. The ones I've seen with the red knuckles are usually attached to pale white bony hands.

also lol to knuckles cameo

No. 172156

Yeah I'm attracted to the former,didn't even know people were into the latter but I kinda get it

No. 172157

Him kissing behind my ear, especially my right one

No. 172177

File: 1613676464885.png (Spoiler Image, 6.01 MB, 1791x1914, d1zxrudn01d41.png)

my biggest turn on, at least physically, is pretty non offensive. it's just really hairy guys, picrel (spoilered since some people do find hairy guys offensive lmao) I want to meet a really hairy guy who has always been unsure or ashamed of his hairiness and to tell him how much I love it and how sexy I think it is. to encourage him to embrace his natural self. mainly for selfish reasons though cause I get so turned on by it. I love it so much, I'll preach my love of hairy guys until the cows come home

No. 172193

File: 1613679378000.jpg (92.37 KB, 680x680, f5753870a40ccef114a6cb88e7f485…)

I regret looking at the pic before reading

No. 172194

fuck yes happy trails

No. 172198

For context im 5’4 so basically short but tbh I really don’t even like tall guys, I really like guys that are reasonably tall but not small angry guy in that bagel shop small but they also have like a very ectomorphic slender build

No. 172200

File: 1613680334820.png (267.24 KB, 1772x2541, beninxDD.png)


No. 172205

>guy who has always been unsure or ashamed of his hairiness and to tell him how much I love it and how sexy I think it is. to encourage him to embrace his natural self
They're nearly all unapologetically hairy. I feel like you would almost need to turn the world on it's head and switch over how gender roles have affected attitudes towards body hair in order to create a genuinely ashamed hairy guy.

No. 172216

File: 1613689271601.jpg (350.39 KB, 914x909, Screenshot_20210218-165909_Fir…)

Hairy men are so hot im glad I'm not the only one who loves them. Beards are a plus.
Also men with big pectorals, lemme suck on them tiddies it's gender equality

No. 172219

File: 1613690513855.jpg (49.5 KB, 223x549, IMG_20210218_202149.jpg)

Men wearing a full black look.
Any style, can be a suit, casual, rock, business. It just looks so good especially when they get hard

No. 172224

Guys in glasses are cute. Paul Bettany looks so cute in his “human” skin in WandaVision

No. 172228

He looks like he was willem dafoe's goofy religious brother, cute as shit

No. 172258

File: 1613724419470.jpg (45.43 KB, 696x1044, mzz67686_black_xl.jpg)

men wearing chelsea boots like the ones in the pic, but with higher heels please. so sexy

No. 172261

File: 1613726999191.jpg (75.62 KB, 646x263, IMG_20210219_062932.jpg)

I also fucking love it. I am not even a footfag, so I don't know why, but it's so hot to me.
Also black gloves.

No. 172272

I like the thought of having a dick in me but without movement. Just being filled up and cuddled and seeing if the dick can stay hard for a nice session of that

I've never been a fan of penetration, never really had the guts to be honest about that either. But playing around with toys I found that I like being 'plugged' with a toy in the front as long as it's not pulled in and out

No. 172274

YUM. You got taste anon. I swear I've been looking at this picture for ten whole minutes

No. 172278

Samefag, just to add it would need to be a decent size, a small one just sitting in there wouldn't do much as it's the sensation of fullness that I like

No. 172281

it is offensive ewwww

No. 172287

File: 1613750808472.jpg (72.31 KB, 705x900, eb8c0135fe159ca2d3d7e6c3b478a9…)

Ah, a fellow anon of culture. I love those boots on both men and women tbh. The ones with pointy toes are the sexiest!
Unfortunately I can't convince my man to buy a pair, so I'm just wearing them myself lmao.

No. 172289

File: 1613750913630.jpg (51.4 KB, 597x464, Screenshot_3.jpg)

Rolled up sleeves

No. 172299

No need to add details.

No. 172345

Your post made me squeal

No. 172434

File: 1613851621307.jpg (69.69 KB, 640x371, IMG_20210220_170520.jpg)

Undone bow ties.
But undone only.

No. 172439

what is a happy trail? please respond

No. 172442

That path of hair that starts around the belly button area and goes down to the crotch area

No. 172456

I've known of guys who have shaved their chests because they think women find it unattractive but that's about all. I think the only guys who would ever feel ashamed would be those who were made fun of for their hairness? society as a whole isn't really that bothered by hairy men I agree. that said, the level of hairiness I'm into is an excessive amount, the kind of amount I imagine those men would be more likely to be ashamed of

absolutely this all the way

No. 172459

I like sweat lmao

No. 172460

File: 1613870712616.jpg (245.45 KB, 1000x864, vampires1.jpg)

hell yeah

No. 172461

If I had a boyfriend with a hairy chest like that I'd wanna brush it. Wonder if they shampoo their chest hair. Think I would. I shampoo my vag so why not the chest hair

No. 172474

men can't even wash their hands properly

No. 172485

File: 1613896818723.gif (1.03 MB, 245x280, williampowellwink.gif)

This right here is the jackpot combo for me.

No. 172488

My bf shampoos his. It's so nice to bury my face in there.

No. 172729

guys when they have that tired voice after they just woke up. also if they've got a bit of a sore throat and their voice is kinda hoarse. idk why but I love it

I just wanna cuddle with a guy who has a big ol hairy chest, rest my head on it and stroke through the hair. I'd never thought of if they shampoo it, wonder if it'd make the hair softer too.

you're living my dream. does it make the hair softer?

No. 172732

File: 1614040998907.jpg (91.9 KB, 789x1000, 1613686231998.jpg)

Guys doing ballet

No. 172733

File: 1614041045274.jpg (96.86 KB, 1000x667, 1613672593096.jpg)

No. 172744

finally some taste

No. 172780

File: 1614079562799.gif (1.99 MB, 400x210, A204A4BB-7DD6-4FEA-9AEE-10B92C…)


No. 172783

This gif makes me claustrophobic

No. 172784

File: 1614080336764.jpeg (35.43 KB, 500x500, 0CD7D2FD-719B-4A1B-86B4-D8D05C…)

No. 172791

What is this from?

No. 172795

this is a quality kabedon. nice post anon!

No. 172800

If a guy did that to me I'd knee him in the dick.

No. 172822

I like the actor, but not this gif

No. 172836

File: 1614120500539.jpg (56.91 KB, 500x600, f909239c8d1ee74fc8cf72338d0967…)

guys with long hair

No. 172838

You shampoo your WHAT?

No. 172845

australian accent

No. 172847

hard agree, maybe not harry styles specifically but tall man with long hair I will embarrass myself

No. 172865

Big/rounded noses, a weak-ish chin, and a thin upper lip is a combo I've never been able to resist.

No. 172868

Do you have an example of this? Having a difficult time picturing it in my head lol

No. 172870

mustache and mullet combo lmao (as long as they're otherwise attractive obv)

No. 172872

File: 1614136521180.jpg (498.17 KB, 1200x800, OWL20_WK01_HAMMER_D01_142615_P…)

Tbh the best example I can think of is Surefour and I just posted him in the unconventionally attractive males thread an hour ago. Had to resist the urge to post another pic of him here bc I don't wanna sperg all over /g/ about him but I'll just sage this.

I've dated like 6 guys that look like some variation of this. They're even hotter to me if they're tall and just a tiiiiny bit chubby. Idk what it is about the combo. I think it's because it makes them look approachable and non-threatening. Like sweet nerd boys, even tho most nerd boys are anything but sweet.

Sorry for the blogpost.

No. 172887


No. 172890

File: 1614141014578.jpeg (52.39 KB, 640x480, 93023923243.jpeg)

he looks fugly take the tom pill!

No. 172891

NO his weird center tooth and cult scare me. He has shark eyes and is a manlet. Soft weeb bf is the only thing that revs my engine anymore, pray for me anons

No. 172915

I find it attractive when someone is good at video games, especially if I can watch him use a controller, lol.

No. 172916

Omg same anon, i dated this guy who was one of the top players in a game i used to play and i only found him attractive for that reason lol

No. 172937

This description gave me an icky limp handshake feeling lol

No. 172944

Musicians in general, specifically guitar players wowowo

No. 172998

Honestly I kind of like that. I have a thing for guys people tend to think of as losers. If I think he's got a good looking face I really don't care if he's a dweeb or a loser or anything. I find it endearing. As long as he's not socially retarded.
I'm a little awkward and introverted myself but since I'm conventionally attractive people think it's charming. When a guy is popular and confident it intimidates me and we usually don't have much in common. When it comes to weebs and nerds and gamers and stuff there's more common ground.

No. 173058

Anyone the same height as me. I really like that.

No. 173073

Naked sunbathing. It's like the sun is feeling me up lmao

No. 173079

I'll add to this - skinny dipping, especially in a big body of water, like a lake or sea. I feel like a sexy nymph, kek.
I just think being naked in nature is really hot and feels good. God i sound like a hippie.

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