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File: 1613654404854.jpg (219.56 KB, 3840x3840, square-eyeglasses-tortoise-ace…)

No. 172132

ITT:Discuss unconventional and conversational turn ons that aren't related to kink or bdsm and are mostly Benine

I'll start, having sex with a guy while he's wearing glasses

No. 172141

Smoking after Sex, its nice

No. 172144

Masculine hands and happy trails. None of that punk "omg red knuckles" shit that Tumblr likes.

Also really fancy cologne. btw it's benign.

No. 172147

Why not both, conditioned knuckles can be pretty hot as well

No. 172150


No. 172152

File: 1613662977588.png (1.43 MB, 1822x708, red knuckles.PNG)

I guess I'm less attracted to skinny twink hands with red knuckles lol. I like hardened hands. Thick, muscular…….. rough. The ones I've seen with the red knuckles are usually attached to pale white bony hands.

also lol to knuckles cameo

No. 172156

Yeah I'm attracted to the former,didn't even know people were into the latter but I kinda get it

No. 172157

Him kissing behind my ear, especially my right one

No. 172177

File: 1613676464885.png (Spoiler Image,6.01 MB, 1791x1914, d1zxrudn01d41.png)

my biggest turn on, at least physically, is pretty non offensive. it's just really hairy guys, picrel (spoilered since some people do find hairy guys offensive lmao) I want to meet a really hairy guy who has always been unsure or ashamed of his hairiness and to tell him how much I love it and how sexy I think it is. to encourage him to embrace his natural self. mainly for selfish reasons though cause I get so turned on by it. I love it so much, I'll preach my love of hairy guys until the cows come home

No. 172193

File: 1613679378000.jpg (92.37 KB, 680x680, f5753870a40ccef114a6cb88e7f485…)

I regret looking at the pic before reading

No. 172194

fuck yes happy trails

No. 172198

For context im 5’4 so basically short but tbh I really don’t even like tall guys, I really like guys that are reasonably tall but not small angry guy in that bagel shop small but they also have like a very ectomorphic slender build

No. 172200

File: 1613680334820.png (267.24 KB, 1772x2541, beninxDD.png)


No. 172205

>guy who has always been unsure or ashamed of his hairiness and to tell him how much I love it and how sexy I think it is. to encourage him to embrace his natural self
They're nearly all unapologetically hairy. I feel like you would almost need to turn the world on it's head and switch over how gender roles have affected attitudes towards body hair in order to create a genuinely ashamed hairy guy.

No. 172216

File: 1613689271601.jpg (350.39 KB, 914x909, Screenshot_20210218-165909_Fir…)

Hairy men are so hot im glad I'm not the only one who loves them. Beards are a plus.
Also men with big pectorals, lemme suck on them tiddies it's gender equality

No. 172219

File: 1613690513855.jpg (49.5 KB, 223x549, IMG_20210218_202149.jpg)

Men wearing a full black look.
Any style, can be a suit, casual, rock, business. It just looks so good especially when they get hard

No. 172224

Guys in glasses are cute. Paul Bettany looks so cute in his “human” skin in WandaVision

No. 172228

He looks like he was willem dafoe's goofy religious brother, cute as shit

No. 172258

File: 1613724419470.jpg (45.43 KB, 696x1044, mzz67686_black_xl.jpg)

men wearing chelsea boots like the ones in the pic, but with higher heels please. so sexy

No. 172261

File: 1613726999191.jpg (75.62 KB, 646x263, IMG_20210219_062932.jpg)

I also fucking love it. I am not even a footfag, so I don't know why, but it's so hot to me.
Also black gloves.

No. 172272

I like the thought of having a dick in me but without movement. Just being filled up and cuddled and seeing if the dick can stay hard for a nice session of that

I've never been a fan of penetration, never really had the guts to be honest about that either. But playing around with toys I found that I like being 'plugged' with a toy in the front as long as it's not pulled in and out

No. 172274

YUM. You got taste anon. I swear I've been looking at this picture for ten whole minutes

No. 172278

Samefag, just to add it would need to be a decent size, a small one just sitting in there wouldn't do much as it's the sensation of fullness that I like

No. 172281

it is offensive ewwww

No. 172287

File: 1613750808472.jpg (72.31 KB, 705x900, eb8c0135fe159ca2d3d7e6c3b478a9…)

Ah, a fellow anon of culture. I love those boots on both men and women tbh. The ones with pointy toes are the sexiest!
Unfortunately I can't convince my man to buy a pair, so I'm just wearing them myself lmao.

No. 172289

File: 1613750913630.jpg (51.4 KB, 597x464, Screenshot_3.jpg)

Rolled up sleeves

No. 172299

No need to add details.

No. 172345

Your post made me squeal

No. 172434

File: 1613851621307.jpg (69.69 KB, 640x371, IMG_20210220_170520.jpg)

Undone bow ties.
But undone only.

No. 172439

what is a happy trail? please respond

No. 172442

That path of hair that starts around the belly button area and goes down to the crotch area

No. 172456

I've known of guys who have shaved their chests because they think women find it unattractive but that's about all. I think the only guys who would ever feel ashamed would be those who were made fun of for their hairness? society as a whole isn't really that bothered by hairy men I agree. that said, the level of hairiness I'm into is an excessive amount, the kind of amount I imagine those men would be more likely to be ashamed of

absolutely this all the way

No. 172459

I like sweat lmao

No. 172460

File: 1613870712616.jpg (245.45 KB, 1000x864, vampires1.jpg)

hell yeah

No. 172461

If I had a boyfriend with a hairy chest like that I'd wanna brush it. Wonder if they shampoo their chest hair. Think I would. I shampoo my vag so why not the chest hair

No. 172474

men can't even wash their hands properly

No. 172485

File: 1613896818723.gif (1.03 MB, 245x280, williampowellwink.gif)

This right here is the jackpot combo for me.

No. 172488

My bf shampoos his. It's so nice to bury my face in there.

No. 172729

guys when they have that tired voice after they just woke up. also if they've got a bit of a sore throat and their voice is kinda hoarse. idk why but I love it

I just wanna cuddle with a guy who has a big ol hairy chest, rest my head on it and stroke through the hair. I'd never thought of if they shampoo it, wonder if it'd make the hair softer too.

you're living my dream. does it make the hair softer?

No. 172732

File: 1614040998907.jpg (91.9 KB, 789x1000, 1613686231998.jpg)

Guys doing ballet

No. 172733

File: 1614041045274.jpg (96.86 KB, 1000x667, 1613672593096.jpg)

No. 172744

finally some taste

No. 172780

File: 1614079562799.gif (1.99 MB, 400x210, A204A4BB-7DD6-4FEA-9AEE-10B92C…)


No. 172783

This gif makes me claustrophobic

No. 172784

File: 1614080336764.jpeg (35.43 KB, 500x500, 0CD7D2FD-719B-4A1B-86B4-D8D05C…)

No. 172791

What is this from?

No. 172795

this is a quality kabedon. nice post anon!

No. 172800

If a guy did that to me I'd knee him in the dick.

No. 172822

I like the actor, but not this gif

No. 172836

File: 1614120500539.jpg (56.91 KB, 500x600, f909239c8d1ee74fc8cf72338d0967…)

guys with long hair

No. 172838

You shampoo your WHAT?

No. 172845

australian accent

No. 172847

hard agree, maybe not harry styles specifically but tall man with long hair I will embarrass myself

No. 172865

Big/rounded noses, a weak-ish chin, and a thin upper lip is a combo I've never been able to resist.

No. 172868

Do you have an example of this? Having a difficult time picturing it in my head lol

No. 172870

mustache and mullet combo lmao (as long as they're otherwise attractive obv)

No. 172872

File: 1614136521180.jpg (498.17 KB, 1200x800, OWL20_WK01_HAMMER_D01_142615_P…)

Tbh the best example I can think of is Surefour and I just posted him in the unconventionally attractive males thread an hour ago. Had to resist the urge to post another pic of him here bc I don't wanna sperg all over /g/ about him but I'll just sage this.

I've dated like 6 guys that look like some variation of this. They're even hotter to me if they're tall and just a tiiiiny bit chubby. Idk what it is about the combo. I think it's because it makes them look approachable and non-threatening. Like sweet nerd boys, even tho most nerd boys are anything but sweet.

Sorry for the blogpost.

No. 172887


No. 172890

File: 1614141014578.jpeg (52.39 KB, 640x480, 93023923243.jpeg)

he looks fugly take the tom pill!

No. 172891

NO his weird center tooth and cult scare me. He has shark eyes and is a manlet. Soft weeb bf is the only thing that revs my engine anymore, pray for me anons

No. 172915

I find it attractive when someone is good at video games, especially if I can watch him use a controller, lol.

No. 172916

Omg same anon, i dated this guy who was one of the top players in a game i used to play and i only found him attractive for that reason lol

No. 172937

This description gave me an icky limp handshake feeling lol

No. 172944

Musicians in general, specifically guitar players wowowo

No. 172998

Honestly I kind of like that. I have a thing for guys people tend to think of as losers. If I think he's got a good looking face I really don't care if he's a dweeb or a loser or anything. I find it endearing. As long as he's not socially retarded.
I'm a little awkward and introverted myself but since I'm conventionally attractive people think it's charming. When a guy is popular and confident it intimidates me and we usually don't have much in common. When it comes to weebs and nerds and gamers and stuff there's more common ground.

No. 173058

Anyone the same height as me. I really like that.

No. 173073

Naked sunbathing. It's like the sun is feeling me up lmao

No. 173079

I'll add to this - skinny dipping, especially in a big body of water, like a lake or sea. I feel like a sexy nymph, kek.
I just think being naked in nature is really hot and feels good. God i sound like a hippie.

No. 173656

File: 1614627979080.jpg (22.25 KB, 576x576, hhnnghhh.jpg)

Yes. Came here to post the same things.

My friend's boyfriend has a really nice pair like picrel and they look so good with his legs.

No. 174768

Hey mods would it be possible to rename this thread, Vanilla Turn On's thread

I feel that would be a much better thread title

No. 174793

Agreed but take it to /meta/

No. 174806

File: 1615403222430.jpg (115.82 KB, 930x1110, 3093wvpukmry.jpg)

I really like it when people have sharp canine teeth. I just think its the cutest thing. They look like big lovable dogs.

No. 174807

Why that? That’s really specific

No. 174808


God these are so appealing. I feel like half the reason why I still find Noel Fielding attractive is because his taste in shoes is great.

No. 174821

File: 1615410859370.jpg (36.87 KB, 398x600, 678403248032643287425.jpg)

I actually think this is cute when it's natural too, but I was weirded out when it became a trend people were paying for in Japan. Especially since it's supposed to look "youthful"/childlike.

No. 175031

God, same. Just shorter guys in general - not way shorter than me, but not hulking beanpole height, which for me is about 6'0 and higher. It legit makes me wet lol

No. 175070

I never got the hype for tall guys tbh,
I think it's nice when men are shorter or my height. anyone else finds it weird that height is like a status symbol or something?

No. 175072

There's this guy I know who's only like 2-3" taller than me (I'm 5'5) but very muscular and I find him so hot. Imo muscle looks better on short people since it distributes evenly across the body and looks more compact and thicc. With tall dudes I usually feel indifferent because even if they're strong the lankiness still makes them look skinnier, and it's annoying constantly having to look up at them. Being tiddy height isn't always bad if they have a nice body but since I like being more dominant it puts me off. Contrary to the idea of a Napolean complex most of the shorter guys I've met are also pretty humble and chill. It's the tall dudes that have that condescending smugness, feeling so proud of themselves for having lucked out in the genetic lottery. Maybe I've just been fortunate with the short guys I know but it's a breath of fresh air.

No. 175073

I think it would be really cute to have a bf at my height or have him be a couple inches shorter. However I am 5' and would prefer to be around 5'7 for that. I also really like my height anyway, especially in contrast with my boyfriend who is 5'10. I'm a dom (yeah, cringe ik) so it makes it even hotter when he kneels to me…

I agree with you completely. I think stocky, muscular guys are very cute. When guys get too tall they still tend to look lanky even if they put on a lot of muscle.

No. 175115

When I'm sad, my fiance will get me off while whispering comforting things in my ears. He won't let me reciprocate, just relax. I love it.

No. 175117

I enjoy when my boyfriend tells me how much he loves me, wants to marry me, how amazing he thinks I am, etc. when he's ontop of me having sex.

No. 175118

File: 1615647031831.jpeg (99.8 KB, 960x640, 26881714-BD87-4A7C-B092-DFE7D0…)

Men driving cars are being really good drivers (not flexing) just being in control of the car while making me feel safe is really nice

No. 175152

YES. men not road-raging and instead focusing on getting there safely and calmly. show me that you won't flip shit when someone cuts you off. let's laugh about it and try to guess why they're in a rush instead of spitting and cursing.

once I was struggling to parallel park an unfamiliar car on a busy downtown road. My friend offered to park for me, we got out and swapped seats and he did it quickly and effortlessly. I looked at him differently for the rest of the day. Cool competence behind the wheel is so attractive

No. 175157

I was literally about to post the same thing haha

No. 175213

File: 1615685800095.gif (1.94 MB, 285x364, ww1.gif)

Big butts

No. 175219

Daaaayum. Wish more guys didn’t neglect leg/booty day

No. 175381

Since op mentioned sex with glasses on mine is having sex with socks on (specially on the partner)

Something about the urgency to fuck that makes you forget to remove your socks gets to me alot

No. 175540

Im more just jealous of him

No. 175673

Similar to this. Guys who are polite and good at talking on the phone (with me). I had to call up an exec at a small company today and he just guided the conversation really nicely and had a hot voice. I was weirdly turned on afterwards.

>had to call guy because I needed to pick up something at his office

>misunderstanding, he was apparently at the other end of the country
>offered to drive by my place late evening
>"no it's alright, the door is unlocked because of construction work"
>cute laugh, everything is good

I looked him up on fb and he is so good looking. I regret not taking him up on his offer even tho nothing would have happened lol

No. 175720

God I miss oogling rower's butts in the gym, fuck corona

No. 176130

Fingerless gloves, especially the black leather ones. I don't really know why, I think it's probably because I like hands in general.

No. 176132

I think they're kinda cringe but I like that

No. 176190

the duality of someone. so for example, seeing someone when they hang out personally with you and seeing how someone pulls themselves together for a presentation in work/class. if they are the type that is excelling as well in whatever they're doing that stuff drives me crazy. makes me wanna jump all over them when i see the contrast.

No. 176229

I like a guy with a slightly receding hairline. It just makes them look a little more manly to me.

My fiance wants to shave his head because he's only 26 and the balding is accelerating pretty fast and it feels bad, man.

No. 176231

File: 1616465444580.gif (2.52 MB, 374x200, 1588736603690.gif)

>It just makes them look a little more manly to me.
Is this bait?

No. 176234

File: 1616467605129.png (754.24 KB, 697x520, Capture.PNG)

Why would I bait on an anonymous imageboard?

I just think right looks better than left.

No. 176236

super expensive men's jeans (on men, on women, on me)is my new thing

No. 176239

I feel this or guys with big foreheads. Like unironically my boyfriend has a slightly big forehead I really like it. Hairline on the right is better to me too.

No. 176325

both look like bojack horseman

No. 176624

File: 1616745072051.png (128.69 KB, 505x352, Screenshot_20210326-125112.png)

Men with well devoleped back muscles

No. 176627

same, broad shoulders as well.

No. 176639

File: 1616760274110.jpg (92.64 KB, 929x622, intro-banner-111.jpg)

This is weird but for some reason I find gummy & big teethy smiles super attractive on women

No. 176710

File: 1616786332563.gif (3.43 MB, 480x480, external-content.duckduckgo.co…)

men chewing gum. there's something about them just nonchalantly chewing on a piece of gum that is sexy to me. it gives me a similar vibe to smoking, but healthier

No. 176716

Wtf how is he allowed to chew gum while playing sports

No. 176720

I think we know why you really enjoy it anon… very cow-like.

No. 176724

Oral fixation.

No. 176729

File: 1616791203461.png (3.21 MB, 1314x1318, Screenshot 2021-03-26 at 20.39…)

These colours on men. This whole outfit actually, including the watch. Also dress shoes, like loafers and brogues with short trousers where you can see their ankles lol.

No. 176731

Does a man who does his fair share of the housework count?

Like if my other half did the housework without me asking he would definitely be getting laid lol

No. 176733

If this actually works for you that's cool but I always felt this was such a meme. The fact that a scrote doing typical chores everyone in the world should be doing is so rare it becomes a sexual turn-on for straight women is ridiculous and a bit sad. Used to see it all the time on Reddit. "Ooh it makes me so hot when he does the laundry." Really? For me it's ripped abs and a good dirty talk game but sometimes I forget the bar is in hell.

No. 176738

Haha don’t get me wrong of course I like a ripped man.. and I’m not implying my other half is a slob but if I’ve had a crappy day at work and I come home to the chores done it’s kind of a turn on.
Then again I’m in my 30s so that is probably why, the younger me probably wouldn’t feel the same about it tbh

No. 176741

That's fair, likely just a difference in our love languages or something. I'm 30 as well and while I appreciate my partner taking care of mundane tasks it doesn't get me revved up. But I do get randomly turned on by him doing cute but average gestures like resting his head in my lap or holding my hand. Could be argued that's equally unsexy but I'm big on physical affection.

No. 176760

Exposed ankles? Scandalous

No. 176798

I've been kind of getting into the idea of a MFM threesome as a fantasy, although it'll probably never come true since I'd only do it with men I trust at least as friends, and I have zero male friends now. I don't think it's that kinky since I don't want doube-penetration or some kind of gay-voyeurism, I just want two attractive men to pay attention to me in bed.

No. 176799

>non kinky/benine turn on
Your normal meter is way off anonski

No. 176800

File: 1616853901040.gif (730.57 KB, 268x198, mooooo.gif)

why wouldn't he be? what's the worse that could happen. I see it a lot in pro wrestling actually, they sometimes get the gum kicked right out of their mouth

lmao that must be it

nayrt but I like seeing guys doing domestic things like ironing and washing dishes and I have no idea why. it doesn't make me wanna jump their bones or anything it's more just like, oh what a good boy he deserves some lovin. even though I know that doing household chores doesn't mean he deserves a blowjob or something

No. 176802

Maybe, honestly when people consider battery/choking just slightly kinky, I really don't know where to put normal non-violent sex, but with two people.

No. 176803

The "Turn ons you're NOT ashamed of" thread

No. 176824

File: 1616878627585.jpg (31.76 KB, 500x322, tum.jpg)

I like sideburns a lot

No. 177461

File: 1617282257502.jpg (617.19 KB, 1280x1707, 1498840968026 copy.jpg)

I love it so much when guys have visible sternum bones like picrel

No. 177624

holy shit I was literally just about to post this very thing, I'm a little freaked out kek

I adore sideburns and have never heard anyone else say the same. a shaved face but with sideburns only. your picrel is very cute anon who is he? I remember when this video went viral I thought this guy's sideburns and glasses were such a cute combo

No. 177631

File: 1617404624062.jpeg (531.55 KB, 1055x1200, A246826A-3950-4E89-9874-050442…)

No. 177705

I don't know how many of you girls agree with me but I love nice guys. I don't mean the stereotypical "I opened the door for you now have sex with me", I mean the soft, emotional type who genuinely cares for others and isn't afraid of being geeky and is just himself and doesn't put up a whole facade trying to impress the people around him. He doesn't even need to be physically attractive, just hygienic and somewhat put together. 3/10 for me jumps up to an instant 6.5/10 the second he starts being genuinely nice. I like soft, emotional guys. Not too emotional, but just enough to be outwardly nice and sweet. I just absolutely fucking lose it. There. I said it. I'm just fucking sick of guys pretending to be mega fuckbois and being dicks because they think that's what all girls want.
I also like virgins, all my bfs were virgins.
Maybe I should have put this in the confessions thread but I wanted to hear you anons thoughts on cute boys.
Sage for sperg.

No. 177710

Do they even exist?

No. 177718

I've meet a couple including my ex but they're rare unfortunately

No. 178162

File: 1617745786443.jpg (31.55 KB, 650x366, spread.jpg)

manspreading. I know it was a hot topic a few years back since when guys do it on public transport they take up a lot of space but I find it kind of hot when they sit that way, its manly idk

No. 178163

standards so low it hurts

yes let them balls breathe

No. 178176

nonnies itt have such a weird idea of "manliness"

No. 178177

This pic makes me rage

No. 178185

Standard so low but they're still so hard to find

No. 178193

>virgin hunter
>turns good boys into used goods
Why did you break up with him?

No. 178194

I mean yes but that particular pic is extreme. Maybe if he's between other men then it's a yes but if he's next to other women making themselves as small as possible then I pass dawg

No. 178424

Lol that's so cute poor little bird. In my picture is detective Watts from Murdoch Mysteries

No. 178621

When guys(girls too, fuck) are really good at rhythm games. Those insane difficulty Guitar Hero or Osu videos really do something for me. Bonus points if you can only see their hands and can clearly hear the buttons clicking like crazy.

No. 178659

>tooth gaps/buck teeth/etc.
>cultural tattoos (no other kinds)
>feminine women with shaved heads
>OR really, really long hair
>women's arms that are pleasantly thick but not too muscular or too fat
>soft bellies, but also not too fat
>women who never wear makeup (bonus if they have """"flaws"""" to flaunt like acne scars or a birth mark)
>women who clearly wear makeup for fun (ie. they'll go out with all or nothing and don't care)

Tbh when I have feelings for someone everything they do is a benign turn-on. I'm so easily impressed.

No. 178664

Chewing gum, there was a video I watched the other day with Bill Skarsgard being interviewed and he was chewing gum

No. 178700

We are the same. I go for any tattoo though. I think I just enjoy novelty.

No. 178702

Hey this post was made 27 days ago but holy shit this is what I need. I’ll get this or perish without it. Dead either way let’s roll out, no compromises

No. 178703

Oh god I just sort of samefagged. I am so sorry I forgot where I was.

No. 178711

When guys have black eyes or blood/other marks on their face. A chav in my college class came in one day with a black eye and a cut and he looked super qt, and a guy in another school i went to came in with a black eye one day and he looked very qt too

No. 178712

File: 1618010205305.jpeg (81.53 KB, 600x893, DFCDDF70-BC20-4B81-BF70-8C8D92…)

omg yess

No. 178729

Wearing dark clothes and wearing skinny jeans at the same time

No. 178744

Eskimo kisses, foot rubs, and ear rubs during sex are the best. Manlets, short chubby women, and long fake nails also give me the horny. And I like to giggle and smile at my partner while we do it.

No. 179719

File: 1618537276951.jpg (133.05 KB, 2000x1333, eye-patches.jpg)

Eyepatches are super sexy to me. Kinda ashamed of because people have to use them for actual medical reasons. Blame pirate movies and Majima.

You think this goober would be cute with both his eyes intact? Nah

No. 179848

File: 1618597866948.jpg (10.36 KB, 220x220, 865456775.jpg)

Asian and Native American men with high cheekbones. This feature looks so good on them in particular, almost like it was made for them.

No. 179857

File: 1618601235849.jpg (500.71 KB, 720x1049, 20210416_132434.jpg)

>Asian and Native American men
I think long hair suits them better too

No. 179871

I agree. The perfect mix of handsome and beautiful.

No. 179893

omg it's corpse

No. 180000

it's really attractive to me when a guy is visibly tired. It totally turns me on to hear him fighting back yawns

No. 181939

File: 1619512435631.jpg (240.96 KB, 960x1200, cheekdimple.jpg)

When guys have cheek dimples when they smile. The wider the smile, the more crescent the shape.
Went to look up this hottie from the attractive men I'd fuck thread and I melted when I saw his dimples.

No. 181940

long hair (that's been properly taken care of) and/or jewelry, especially on a slightly muscular body. When done well the contrast makes him look more masculine, I love it. I don't like the rugged I didn't try look.

No. 181951

Chubbyemu = Best medical videos on Youtube

No. 181956

Watched his fibre supplement (overdose?) vid lately, even when talking about 'keeping things regular' he's still cute

No. 182303

White ribbed tank top + black sports bra makes me an instant waterfall. Tank tops and sports bras in other colours are nice too but something about that specific colour combo gets me.

No. 182333

File: 1619626653317.jpg (51.61 KB, 803x732, serimiktoM4G6XR.jpg)

The picture isn't perfect but I freakin love when men wearing suits put their hands on their hips and their jackets move to the side to expose their hip. It's such a small dumb detail but it drives me wild for some reason. I hope this isn't just me kek

No. 182336

File: 1619628195754.jpg (45.23 KB, 736x783, 70de455bc516e07c1b828c0893dd1b…)

I absolutely know what you're talking about and yes, I agree

No. 182337

No. 182515

dimples are so cute, ia!

No. 182873

I like older men and I like it when they wear a wedding ring. I do not actually want to have intercourse with a married man unless he is married to me, I just like the way a wedding ring looks and that it implies loyalty. It will drive me crazy if I am every married, kek

No. 183871

File: 1620277908607.gif (Spoiler Image,1.11 MB, 320x240, tumblr_msgca1t0Wu1rqwhzro1_400…)

sorry anons but your post just made me think of this cursed gif

No. 187242

File: 1621803447280.png (282.15 KB, 386x407, 532495234590345.png)

I love henley shirts. I don't know what is exactly, but there's a certain masculinity to them. When they're clean they look quite smart and when they're dirty there's a farm-boy ruggedness. The fabric is usually soft and shows off their physique.

No. 187250

Yesssss I bought a few for my bf to longue around the apartment in for his bday

No. 187252

It's called a widow's peak.

No. 187273

No it's not. widows peak is triangular.

No. 187284

tfw dating a muscular 5'8 asian nerd guy with high cheekbones and long hair who does more housework than i do and dresses like this sometimes

if he wore suit jackets or henleys i'd have thread bingo

No. 187882

Skinny man with a a bit of a female-ish outline (skinny waist-hip). Most non-chubby guys are still just skinnyfat which usually means they have zero waistline.

No. 187908

I've fucked this dude. Is he half filipino from the UK? If not, congrats to both of us and I'm glad there's more than one guy like this out there

No. 187955

Butch women and tomboys that "manspread". That laid back yet confident aura really gets me.

No. 187963

File: 1622061351125.jpg (75.86 KB, 477x421, AlexPuccioArcoFP.jpg)

kek no, my guy's vietnamese/chinese
good taste tho, nonnie

for my actual contribution to this thread, the professional or even serious amateur rock climber physique on any gender is physical perfection for me, especially if they're primarily boulderers

I've met picrel in person briefly and I just about dropped all my spaghetti in one go
she's also really really nice

No. 187986

Who is this?

No. 187987

I do that and I'm proud of myself tbh! I hate being ladylike

No. 188040

Alex Puccio

She made me proud of my inverted triangle shape, until I got hips in my 20s <\3

No. 188448

long hair, ESPECIALLY on men

No. 190969

File: 1623182851944.png (504.23 KB, 524x398, 48302743027432564.png)

Freckles and also a mole near the eye. I think this got imprinted on me as a young weeb because Keigo Atobe and other sassy ouji types usually had it and I love me a bratty sub. Of course real guys could have any sort of personality but god I think it's cute

No. 190992

guys that treat u like a person first, woman second. yes the bar is that low

No. 191003

On this same sad level, guys that actively stick up for women. Not in a virtue signalling way just a simple "Dude don't be a dick" when something sexist is said. Should be a given but extremely rare, usually scrotes are ready to jump down your throat with a "not all men" or "it's just a joke" instead.

No. 191032

i love ears, i love touching them and licking them

No. 191070

Holding hands in secret, like under the table while there are other people around. Can you tell I'm a virgin?

No. 191077

I find it hot when a guy has one dimple

I don’t know what it is. Two dimples are cute, and one dimple is hot

No. 191095

my ex bf had an mole under his eye. It was the main reason why I really dated him in the first place kek. Too bad he was a man.

No. 191115

A good sleepy smile

No. 191132

I’m jealous anon! That’s great, sorry the rest of him fell short. My ex had the most endearing freckles but suffered from being male as well. They always have to ruin a good thing.

No. 191256

File: 1623309429915.gif (1.92 MB, 350x306, 740324034534645.gif)

Leather gloves especially motorcycle gloves (sporty bikers are a turn-on in themselves to me). I prefer taking more control in the bedroom but seeing these makes me fantasize about lying back and getting teased with the rougher texture against my bare skin while a guy manhandles me.

No. 191257

sorry nonnie but this gif makes me cringe

No. 191259

File: 1623314234270.jpg (149.53 KB, 740x555, 984732984325.jpg)

Well, it makes me horny. Idk I was really into Power Rangers as a kid, maybe that awakened me more than I realized (although I have my own bike now)

No. 191260

NTA but what's cringy about this gif?

No. 191451

I feel like that anon is just more aware and thoughtful of what kind of guy makes these "sexy clenching leather gloves for the ladies" gifs, probably bit of a douchebag, but if you are able to not think about that and only see the gif or if you don't care, then like the other anon some of us can enjoy it

No. 191855

having a boy drive me around is so sweet to me sometimes. it makes me feel taken care of and it can feel so dreamy if its on a nice night, windows down and music playing

No. 191856

i love lighting people's cigarettes or joints etc and the other way around

No. 191888

I really like this one too

No. 191906

ugh fuck anon, that just brought back a repressed memory from my edgy phase in freshman year

i was wandering around looking for someone with a lighter one night because i'd lost all mine and i ended up asking this tall, attractive english guy for a light. i couldn't get his lighter to work so he offered to light my cigarette for me, but it was a windy night so he sorta cupped the cig with his hand against my face as he lit it and i just about died. he was very gentlemanly about it and not creepy at all, and he ended up sharing the last of his cigs with me as we talked for a bit before parting ways.

10/10 turn-on, i quit smoking years ago but i still find that shit weirdly hot

No. 191939

File: 1623616025576.jpg (96.48 KB, 500x442, IMG_20210613_232441.jpg)

trench coats

No. 192322

Guys who cook. Seeing a guy in an apron cooking something is really attractive to me especially if he bakes. It’s nice to see a man who has a delicate side

No. 192992

File: 1624036158026.jpg (17.35 KB, 474x362, 02736a51b2db0bb75fcc131ca09ff1…)

I realized I'm very attracted to soft and fluffy hair. I love running my hands through it and burying my face in it so it's also a turn on if it smells nice

No. 193041

- older guys/guys with greying hair
- southern accents
- fatherly personality (or just straight up being a dad)
- nice beard
- manual labor (esp farming)
- old cars

No. 193055

Black hair. But I feel like that’s a common turn on for a lot of people, so a more niche one for me would be military/commander uniforms. There’s something about the implications of power that comes with that type of outfit and I just really want to dominate someone who’s wearing it.

No. 193085

Military uniforms are one of the most common, played out fetishes tbh. Everyone and their mum is like
>ohhh I don't support Nazis but their hugo boss uniforms!!

No. 193117

i love fucked-up teeth. not super nasty and grimy and rotting, but i think it's adorable if they're crooked and imperfect and they aren't blinding white. i love fillings and crowns. they add character

No. 193124

we r the same, anon

No. 193144

>messy hair
>sleepy/lidded/bedroom/dead/drugged out eyes
>bug eyes but only combined with the above
tbh I only like these on guys that are already cute to begin with or kind of androgynous looking, looks gross on the average joe

No. 193150

Nta but YES this is how I feel about 18+ asmr videos by men. Within the first few seconds I always have an idea of what the creator looks like in my head (thanks to average redditor memes) which ruins the experience. The voices come in two flavors for the most part:
- deep voiced “daddy dom” who sounds like he’s giant (horizontally but possibly vertically as well). as soon as I hear the voice I picture a brown eyed burly/hairy man who is a highkey misogynist and has extreme anger issues. Definitely plays dnd or is into comics or something unattractively nerdy. Probably obese.
- higher pitched voice that belongs to a shorter, skinnier guy but also a coomer (why else would he be making these lol). i imagine an ugly to ugly-cute scrawny beta male. His voice is average and usually he tries to give off sweet bf or “friends to lovers” vibes. Most of these voices are relatively higher pitched than I would like. Even my ex who was like the epitome of this type of guy irl (sans cooming) had a lower voice than the majority of these guys, tragic.
You can tell which ones are fat too. No shade to any one who is into fat guys, I’m not into them. Probably wouldn’t be into them even if I was obese myself kek.

No. 193153

Godammit anon I was just getting into these audios precisely because I could fantasize about an idealized man rather than real weirdos and now I’m going to be thinking about it. Your descriptions were hilarious though so I’m mad but also thanks for that kek

No. 197162

I don't want a boyfriend but I would take one if he had very long hair and sideburns. Please universe do you hear my post, please make it happen.

No. 197184

kek I hate that I know a guy who embodies all of this now. I'll think of you when I see him anon

No. 197196

File: 1625885632647.jpeg (102.35 KB, 451x629, C163A652-97F9-4287-AA26-A34EE2…)

leisure suits on men, and 60s/70s fashion in general. ideal man if there’s a turtleneck, aviator sunglasses, heeled shoes and he has a bob haircut.

No. 197216

I'm so sorry anon that you were born in the wrong time to thrive

No. 197218

Same but bonus points if he was from the 19th century, as well. Preferably a physician or painter. Thank you Santa.

No. 197242

your descriptions are so spot on lmao they really do come in two flavours. now and then I come across one that sits nicely in the middle but they're rare

No. 197273

Anon you and I, we are the same. Men's fashion in the 70s was so slutty and hot. I legit have been wanting to sew a leisure suit for myself for a while.

No. 197292

File: 1625947775790.jpeg (28.3 KB, 492x493, 0F4C0715-956F-406C-A798-C093E9…)

i know :(
great taste nonnie, i’m actually more of a fan of early 1900s clothes on women because i’m firm believer women should be elegant men should be whores

No. 197298

>women should be elegant men should be whores
I like you anon. Don't use smileys though.

No. 197301

File: 1625949701352.jpg (41.42 KB, 632x632, 33f8273d2d621c46411a7437c4d912…)

Not a fan of visible veins on beefcake men but if they're on a tall, semi lanky olive skinned man? Ugh. Yes pls.

No. 197305

File: 1625951563551.png (1.28 MB, 1140x718, Screenshot 2021-07-10 at 21.50…)

Woolly coats, gloves and this pose. I love a wintery, elegant man.

No. 197306

I love men waving from ladders but only when up the side of a tall building. I couldn't find a good pic or gif, sorry.

No. 197313

File: 1625958066473.jpg (360.59 KB, 800x1201, Tumblr_l_3340747685037.jpg)

Being super close up to a person and seeing all the tiny lines and marks and hairs, the stubble where he shapes his beard, scars, that kind of thing. It's just so intimate, there is a whole story on someone's face

No. 197321

This freaks me the fuck out anon. I imagine one papercut and they'll be bleeding out kek

No. 197323

looks like Fupa

No. 197326

Was he in that Fiona Apple music video

No. 197358

Omg yess I thought I was the only one with the vein fetish lol

No. 197409

>this pose
i'm sorry anon but all i can think of is the happy merchant

No. 197412

File: 1626029603837.png (1.51 MB, 1200x1796, imagen_2021-07-11_135334.png)

do you mean this dude? lol

No. 197422

unf same, all of my girl friends get turned on by this too but I can't figure out why it's so sexy

No. 197427

Jeez me too, when I see visible veins on men I get these intrusive thoughts of what it would be like to slice them open with a scalpel, I'm not a maniac I would never do that it disgusts me but I can't stop these thoughts

No. 197522

Same, it looks like they could be hurt easily, it's a bit freaky.

No. 197621

File: 1626182261842.png (Spoiler Image,130.9 KB, 417x241, awwwdsafsfdsfd.png)

when men don't notice their underwear is showing. It's cute.

No. 197625

Big yes

No. 197749

File: 1626219519357.jpg (137.38 KB, 640x640, 5h4ZNmo.jpg)

No. 197764

File: 1626231379286.jpg (66.08 KB, 580x580, m_5caf9300264a55ff976aa624.jpg)

when men wear a short-sleeved t-shirt on top of a long-sleeved t-shirt.
I think it's bc i've seen characters i had crashs on wear it in cartoons, it's very cute.

No. 197765

I remember that guy, he ended up getting banned from future tournaments for this kek

No. 197766

Anon’s man is a protag from an early 2000s cartoon about skater kids.

No. 197786

File: 1626246069365.png (365.51 KB, 749x583, zelda cargo shorts.png)

This meme outfits, especially cargo shorts. Men look adorable in cargo shorts.

No. 197788

be ashamed

No. 197792

For me it's anime/videogame/band tshirt with a flannel shirt and jeans.

No. 197817

Tell me you're joking

No. 197846

This but with tomboys and butches who wear boxers.

No. 197860

Jewish men especially when they’re kind of pathetic and have the whole mommy issues stuff
There aren’t a lot of Jewish people here in the U.K. compared to America so it seems very exotic to me

No. 197862

File: 1626296826704.jpg (34.01 KB, 564x551, 5.jpg)

>liking pathetic men with mommy issues
This thread is such a bizarro world. next there's gonna be an anon like "ohh stinky coomer manchildren are so cute" "wowee i love neckbeards with skidmarks" or some shit.

No. 197866

nta but i will say that the jewish part they said is important, the thimg there isnt what people usually mean when they say mommy issues. The jewish stereotype is that they love & are loyal to their mothers in a very pure way, but it's so much that it can look childish or even creepy to others. Like i had male jewish friends in middle school who would still gleefully run to & hug their moms in public when most guys have already become a lot more aloof by that age.

No. 197867


My boyfriend wears band tshirts and denim shorts or tight jeans and has dorky fluffy longer hair and there's something really cute about it to me, incidentally he really loves oversized hoodies on me so I guess we're the cozy nerd couple

No. 197902

Sadly no

No. 197911

Ah yes, let's decide an entire group of men are great based on their religion. Always a good idea. I knew some Jewish guys who were absolute cunts, and some who were dull as dishwater. Just completely dead-eyed, NPC motherfuckers who had moms who were on autopilot.

No. 197915

File: 1626332745401.jpg (1014.54 KB, 600x896, nosebump.jpg)

Noses that look like this, it's kinda hot imo

No. 197919

absolutely agree

No. 197926

Nobody decided that, calm down /pol/chan

No. 197929

I love unique noses so much, they always seem to fit a person's face. Such a bummer that a lot of people get PS done to "fix" them

No. 198079

Not to get all /pol/ but Jews are a distinct cultural and ethnic group. Lusting over them is no different to Koreans or Slavs or whatever.

No. 198184

File: 1626468449347.gif (1.96 MB, 332x332, tenor (1).gif)

A man who dances. A long as he goes for it with complete confidence it doesn't have to be good

No. 198202

File: 1626478211495.jpg (81.42 KB, 1080x668, 8e73a521660f3c23b3f38a9a90a09a…)

Just guys wearing baseball caps. That's it.
For example, I'm usually not into Tom Holland I don't think he's ugly or anything, he's just kinda meh to me. but he suddenly became very attractive to me in The devil all the time, just because he wore a baseball cap in it.

No. 198216

that video is so hot, same with childish gambino in the this is america music video.

No. 198280

very stupid and wrong opinion

No. 198347

it can be a sign of a low body fat percentage

No. 198579

A man getting slapped. Pretty much just that, even in a normal, non-BDSM context, preferably by a woman. I replayed the moment where a drunk Paul Rudd gets (double-?)slapped by Seth Rogen in The 40 Year Old Virgin probably around 20 times, kek.

No. 198642

That's hot. I agree. Someone post a video of this please.

No. 213553

What face features do you find especially attractive? I find long noses very beautiful, not hooked just straight and long, and very low eyebrows, close to the eyes. And long faces I find them beautiful on both men and women, I think it's because my face is the opposite
Me too

No. 213605

omg agreed

No. 213702

bunny teeth

No. 213720

This but getting slapped by another man. Or getting grabbed by the shirt collar by another man.

No. 213758

Agree with the noses! And cheekbones, not a super chiseled face either but some bone structure, it looks so beautiful and it makes me want to kiss them. Eyes as well, my favorites ones are dark brown eyes that even look black

No. 213860

Men being gentle and pampering. I got a guy to give me a 40 minute back massage on my very first date yesterday (met my previous bfs more naturally) and it was awesome and kind of hot. No one's ever given me a massage for that long either. He would talk softly sometimes and that was hot too.

No. 213868

Omg I find massages to be too erotic even if they’re not trying to be, I could never ask for that on a first date. That sounds soo nice though

No. 213933

It was a little erotic tbh! Mainly bc I didn't really know him and I have been horny as hell recently anyway. Overall, it was relaxing but I'd be lying if I said it didn't give me lusty thoughts lol

No. 214436

File: 1637694493754.jpg (142.05 KB, 1280x960, N0i6Upn.jpg)

masks make me go fucking isnane

No. 214440

Dont care about masks but that guys body… damn

No. 214451

File: 1637698355565.gif (1.41 MB, 640x360, watching-tv-smoking.gif)

I love watching men smoke.

No. 214455

Same, but I feel kinda bad for it. On one hand, nooo stoooop, lung cancer, on the other one, hot…

No. 214456

Yeah I'm not crazy about them doing it a lot but fuck I love to watch!! Ideal is a man who smokes on occasion.

No. 215643

File: 1638430469958.jpeg (313.89 KB, 807x874, 48148568-12A3-4DDD-B35B-E0BC7F…)

manspreading is sexy
it deserves to be repeated.

No. 215644

Men who are at least somewhat attractive being experts at what they do. Watching them work is fun.

No. 215968

I think about this picture when I fantasize about fucking Pyro sometimes

No. 215987

Playing with men's hair, but only if it's nice. My boyfriend has long curly hair right now and is going to let me straighten it while we watch a movie today.

No. 215994

>frying curly boyhair
what a waste

No. 215998

It's the first time! His hair is down to his shoulders so he wants to see how long it would be straight.

No. 216014

incredibly based

No. 216197

crying or whimpering, genuine distress
I got kinda of turned on when Alex Wolf was crying in Hereditary.

No. 216203

unkempt/unbrushed hair

No. 216205

File: 1638775266994.jpg (50.87 KB, 500x600, post-hanfu-male-model-20.jpg)

Long black hair.

No. 218259

File: 1639877830045.jpeg (59.13 KB, 988x426, FB5F91DE-37B4-42EE-BB95-3FDE35…)

This, bulges are hot, straight up dick pics are not.

No. 218286

This is my crack. Jesse from Breaking Bad is a gold mine. Be suffers so much physically and mentally and is so cute doing it. The scene where he’s fighting Tuco in the desert is one of my faves.

No. 218287

This is weird because it doesn’t have to do with people at all but: atmospheric locations. Whenever I see or am in aesthetically pleasing or interesting places, I get turned on and can’t stop fantasizing about having sex there.

No. 218290

File: 1639908065698.jpg (154.96 KB, 1068x1700, depositphotos_224644048-stock-…)

>tfw no buff cook bf in apron
10000% agree

No. 218291

Long hair in general! (On the condition it's beautiful and taken well care of) Men are robbing themselves by not having glossy long hair.

No. 218326

It doesn't even have to be long, it's ridiculous how easily black hair ups someones attractiveness for me massively. ~80% of the world population but only <6% in my country, i want to cry

No. 218683

idk why but i love collar bones for some reason

No. 219238

My non-kinky turn-on, or rather fantasy, is washing a guy's back in the shower, and having him wash mine. Idk what it is about it, maybe I find it sweet and relieving because reaching and scrubbing your own back in a satisfying is hard (if not impossible), and doing it to a partner would feel very intimate and like we're lovingly helping each other out. It can also lead to shower sex I guess.

OP you have godly taste.
I once gave this nerdy-looking manlet his first bj. He wore round glasses, and he was so adorable when he covered his face in embarrassment while looking at me. That has been my only experience with a glasses-wearing guy, unfortunately the other couple sex partners I've had didn't wear them. I'm dying to fuck a glasses-wearing nerd. The frustration is killing me.

This, men with long hair are beautiful and hotter than average to me, even if they're not androgynous. It's just more interesting to look at them idk
I hate shitty hairstyles like this one tho >>172836

I had a dream about this once, an extremely handsome and slightly older guy with dark blond hair in a ponytail just filled me up with his big dick while we were both naked, that was literally it. I still think about that dream from time to time and it's a pretty powerful and vivid memory.

>want to dominate someone who’s wearing it.

No. 219239

my non kinky turn on is gamers

No. 219244

WORD. my bf has bunny teeth and he’s so insecure about them but i think they’re the cutest most attractive and endearing thing ever

No. 219507

Just a big adorable smile! I don't like people who are so cheery to a point where you can tell they're faking, but someone who has a genuine, big grin is always really nice.

No. 220477

Probably mentioned but stretch marks. Not in a cringy "Yasss queen flaunt those tiger stripes!!" way. I really like them and how they flow with the skin. They're always in just the right places to follow them with my hands.

No. 220483

a hot sikh guy with a well-combed clean beard and cool turban? holy moly

No. 220488

kek did someone repost this

No. 220495

Big noses

No. 220509

Why tho?

No. 220525


I mean, I said I assumed someone has already mentioned it. There are only so many "mundane things" about people that turn you on that you can list before they get reposted

No. 220532

The way it was worded was eerily similar. Like copy and paste eerie.

No. 220709

a slightly long and thick neck

No. 220733

I'm not big into piv but I do like oral so weirdly enough a small dick (easy to work with orally) is becoming a desirable thing to me

Ijust wouldn't fuck it though

No. 220808

File: 1641124421636.jpg (112.4 KB, 989x989, Susumu Japanese Gogo Dancer As…)

fundoshi. 'nuff said

No. 220810

File: 1641125209082.jpeg (98.06 KB, 1334x750, Kiryu.jpeg)

No. 220829

File: 1641133894936.jpeg (115.62 KB, 749x936, 00820821-CCAA-434D-98C6-AA851F…)

Big black coats

No. 220952

My fiance gets this quiet, soft and kinda monotone voice when he's getting really into describing something he's passionate about, and just him being super into his nerdy things in general, or makes me so attracted to him, like how much care and devotion he has for art and science; he will even cry sometimes when something is too beautiful, moving, heartwarming, sad or if he can relate to it. He's not afraid to have feelings and show them, he's such a gentle soul while also looking like a lumberjack beefcake, with his beard and muscles. Sorry, now I'm just bragging about him kek. I also have a fetish for guitar players, and he is AMAZING at guitar. I literally find myself becoming hot and bothered just watching him play. He's too innocent, doesn't realize what his manly nerdy ass does to me and my heart,

No. 221384

Long or super curly hair I love

No. 221406

The way my partner talks to other people when relaxed and not putting up any kind of front. His tone is lower and manlier. To me he speaks way softer and it doesn't sound as natural, but I know he's unaware of it. Still prefer the natural voice.

When someone's not trying to be seductive and I'm attracted to them to begin with; wearing glasses. No buts and ifs, I love how someone attractive to me fixes their glasses for example and just exists with glasses.

Also when someone attractive is really focused. Difficult to explain but it gets me going for no reason. So many times I've then started bothering them just because dammmmn

No. 221425


No. 221427

No. 250870

those all black security guard uniforms…

No. 250872

Based taste

No. 250882

this is so fucking stupid but when the guy i like suddenly points out that your shoe laces are untied and then bends down to tie them for you. like cmon man are you not going to suck my clit next

No. 250893

Reserved guys. There’s a fine balance between ‘confident enough to actually approach a girl’ and ‘not so confident that he aggressively pursues’. Most men are either unconfident sad sacks who slowly become bitter, or pushy types who come on way too strong.

No. 250929

Streaks of gray/white hair on dark hair. They look beautiful on women too.

No. 251011

Uniforms in general. Harworking men turns me on.

No. 251035

File: 1647848755814.gif (2.61 MB, 358x500, wss.gif)

Oh my god nonnie… I got SO flustered watching the new west side story because of this. something about 1950s costuming + guys dancing…

No. 251038

No. 251066

File: 1647873606898.jpeg (252.85 KB, 1169x971, 10C663A7-761F-44E7-A8DF-F92929…)

>cute cheeks w/o being fat
>soft spot for me and me only

No. 251937

File: 1648280542305.jpeg (1.41 MB, 849x1830, A1B4027F-B3AC-4966-B4AA-FB7269…)

I like seeing nice man legs, they’re hot and I feel like they are under appreciated.

No. 251938

Samefag dat dick tho, also this guys is a butterface yes

No. 251950

SAME. nice big thighs and calves in tight shorts on a man is so sexy

No. 251963

File: 1648305496968.jpg (24.11 KB, 564x564, f049836a7948246185203c21a51ed4…)

Necks. Necks. Necks.
I just want to run my fingers through a guy's hair while I kiss and suck on his neck.

No. 251964

No. 252173

I like it when men are enthusiastic about and gentle with animals.

No. 252369

Not even sure if this is the right thread but I have a legitimate thing for (high-functioning) autistic men. Almost every man I have been attracted to in my life I have found out later to be autistic or is obviously somewhat on the spectrum.

No idea how this happened. There's just something so cute and hot about aspie guys.

No. 252389

Deep gruff voices, slight muscular build, baggy pants with boots, shaved head on women. Yes ma'am I'll do whatever you want

No. 252392

Nothing good comes of autistic men. They're more likely to have sexual addictions, aka porn, and more likely to have paraphilias such as pedophilia. Don't do it, anon.

No. 252516

listen to this >>252392 anon, anon. autistic men are the lowest of the low and the worst of the worst, especially when they blame all their problems on muh autism, they are pandered to constantly and get a free pass for being retarded, autistic women are still expected to be socially functioning just because they are women. fuck autistic men, ive never met one that wasnt some form of degenerate, a lot of men also get slapped with the autism label easily just for being a failure in life when a lot of them are actually just narcissists, sociopaths, abusive, manipulative and/or lazy shit tier manchildren who cant get their life together. be wary of any autistic men anon

t. professional female social retard

No. 252806

same, but they have to be legitimately high-functioning so (usually) undiagnosed. my boyfriend is this type and has been diagnosed with two other neurodiverse behaviours but he learned to adapt and camouflage early on like women are forced to. probably every guy i've dated is autistic but they were too low functioning to be a good partner or a good friend. it made them selfish, unsociable and rude. my boyfriend had an upbringing that raises angry scrotes (no sisters, bad relationship with mother, mostly male friends) but his autism made him very sentimental and perceptive, more perceptive of other people than anyone i've ever met. since i'm definitely neurodiverse (idk about autistic because i don't clearly fit any criteria like my boyfriend does) i find this attractive and a good match for me.
i agree this is the rule (as someone who knows too many low(er) functioners. most autistic men are vile. mine definitely isn't perfect as he used to have a porn addiction, but i would argue this seems to be an issue among neurodiverse people who have a higher need for stimulation. this actually makes him a good match for me since i'm in that same boat (ex porn addict, high libido) but would definitely make him a poor match for many others.

No. 260195

Lace panties on men. It's the tease of just seeing a glimpse of cock

No. 263293

File: 1652352228007.jpg (Spoiler Image,148.43 KB, 902x1128, cc8a293c014ddd8f79a69e0bba79e5…)

Why do I love black and dark brown hair so much? I love pale skinned men with thick healthy black hair. Especially if it's a little bit long. It is a legit turn on for me

No. 263313

File: 1652363106989.jpg (2.17 MB, 2000x2000, fotor_149411981230180.jpg)

Turtlenecks and formal coats. Like Gong Yoo in Goblin (K-Drama)

No. 263331

This man is so hot, I love that he has a droopy eye for some reason.

No. 263344

I think (slightly) crooked teeth are really cute.

No. 263369

Same. Ever since I found out that <5% of people in my country have black hair though, I've been tinfoiling that if I were from a country where the majority has black hair, I'd have a thing for blonde or red hair instead. Or I wouldn't, and I'd be smart enough to see dark hair as the superior choice it is, still.

No. 263381

No. 263394

Bump don't scroll

No. 263657

it is not gay, retard. just because he looks and dresses handsomely?

No. 264121

I think it's really hot when guys are acting horny, but not in a super masculine performative way, more like, so desperate for pussy it's almost pathetic.

i need it

No. 264127

I got turned on watching my ex eat a bowl ice cream idk why.

No. 264188

I love cute manlets. Those that don’t have napoleon complex and own it. So fuckign sexy

No. 264198

File: 1652654923727.jpg (34.32 KB, 827x646, hnnng.jpg)

Smiles, big hands, arm veins, leather jackets

No. 264335

File: 1652711662625.gif (1.64 MB, 627x347, 480C0E4D-2107-411E-83AB-CB101A…)

I know this has been posted before, but I love watching a guy drive his own car. Honestly I think it’s because I’ve been deprived… Of my three relationships, two of the guys couldn’t drive/didn’t have cars, and the one that did had road anxiety/agoraphobia and was a baby about taking care of his vehicle. Just being able to look over at a confident man’s handsome profile with his eyes on the road and see his strong arms holding the wheel while he takes me out somewhere… is that too much to ask for?

No. 264391

i get it

No. 264423

I get you. Its so hot

No. 264543

Which one of yous misspelled “benign”?

No. 264701

Shut the fuck up

No. 264743

Yes, omg. I'm with someone who loves driving and it's the first time I've felt safe in the car with someone and been able to enjoy the ride. Good shit.

No. 264947

Seeing my significant other doing their job without knowing I'm watching. I felt like a total creep but no one was harmed.

No. 265113

Beauty marks

No. 265207

when a man is good with kids and/or animals

No. 267701

File: 1654185310265.jpeg (355.11 KB, 541x762, 53D223B8-5922-4002-9970-BE2649…)

These kind of pants are so sexy to me they just scream “grown ass woman” and I find that very sexy. I like the way asses look in them too. I’m not into fashion but these just look smart and classy too

No. 267704


No. 267706

Little cuts on the arms/hands, not self inflicted, just from like work or something. I used to work in a packing facility and would get a ton of little micro cuts on my hands, to me it shows you are a hard worker and not afraid of not being dainty

No. 267722


No. 267787

I like to imagine office/professional scenarios where an attractive superior would check up on me & my work. While they do it, one arm would rest on the desk and the other on the back of my chair for leverage as they lower their head nearly too close to my ear and start commenting on my work with a low tone, giving me pointers or praise. I'd stammer while nodding along and they would either be oblivious (then notice it later) or play coy.

No. 268142

Late to the party, but ma'am, go to golder's green in London, you will be in heaven.

No. 268200

Don't know if it belongs in this thread since it's very specific, mother mother's male singer voice turns me on (the song verbatim specially) … Only his voice, I don't even know how he looks like and I don't want to know, that might ruin it for me.
There's just something about his voice plus those lyrics.

No. 268974

I looove male forearms, how they're built, how they look, how they feel, when I see a hot fit male forearm I want to chomp on it, mmmmmm sweet manflesh

No. 269000

ears. the weirder the better

No. 269709

I like calves. Only lanky, thin ones though, those buff actually-never-skips-legday-legs look ugly.

No. 269828

File: 1654977941688.jpg (21.83 KB, 422x422, 9e1c59e352abfd35086a87df54bd93…)

I like nice backs. I just want to scratch and kiss them.

No. 275685

i cant stop thinking about this guy i hooked up with, like my pussy quivers from the thought and/or when I see him on social media. Basically gotten me into pale men who are fit naturally, dark hair, blue eyes, with like a handful of tats. He is a guitarist. I want to text him so bad ive never been this horny in my life.

No. 281813

tough looking Japanese men with strong Kansai accents

No. 281814

File: 1660495717128.jpg (319.51 KB, 1080x1080, Red-mens-dress-sock-with-peach…)

Exposed ankles especially when a guy is wearing fun socks.

No. 281823

When men fall over & preferably on their faces

No. 281835

i’m obsessed with male stomachs, skinny and skinnyfat ones. abs ruin the effect for me. i think i like it because it’s the softest most vulnerable part of the body and exposing it is associated with surrender? i bet they’d make great pillows too. whenever i see a guy stretching and catch a glimpse of belly, or the way it hangs over the waistband i go insane even if i don’t find the guy very attractive.

No. 281838

Kek you reminded me of my mom telling me about this guy who had a crush on her in college, he was riding his bike and tried to get her attention by yelling at her but didn't see the curb, ended up flipping the bike & face planting into the concrete

No. 281841

Good taste, anon

No. 281861

When a person writes "your" instead of "you're". It can be so endearing to me. Also a good signature is super hot

No. 282100

File: 1660620236195.jpg (46.62 KB, 658x877, b94fk74ck.jpg)

Thanks anon. Beautiful hands also really get me.

No. 282370

File: 1660764032096.jpeg (49.23 KB, 525x640, 52d1bce3401d1f9893177e6c75f5ad…)

Riding boots. Part of why I enjoy watching period dramas.

No. 282378

Slenderman, is that you?

No. 282379

Based curb

No. 282393

ayrt but yoooo me too! I become unattracted to guys that I found attractive if I see their hands are ugly

No. 282399

When men are good with their fingers. Like guitarists or gamers but their personality usually ruins it

No. 282400

I relate to that too. Another similar one for me is dark leather gloves with an old-fashioned outfit.

No. 282410

Rapist vibes wtf

No. 282703

File: 1660968391480.jpg (56.15 KB, 500x334, Victory_Day_Parade_2008-9.jpg)

Telnyashka, the undershirt that Russian soldiers wear

No. 282707

KEK i didn't know i also liked this

No. 282708

File: 1660970558652.jpeg (29.85 KB, 542x555, 9908561E-FBBB-4302-8BA3-2C5E3F…)

No. 282776

Soo me except I’m taking a bite of flesh out lol

No. 282815

A cannibal anon?

No. 283006

File: 1661145171251.jpeg (395.23 KB, 1588x2048, 9143073D-593C-4CB2-924B-088569…)

God I have seen what you have done for others

No. 283007

No. 283008

File: 1661146538497.jpeg (1.92 MB, 3024x4355, 1B6746DF-00B1-470B-A54A-C7165D…)

I am really into guys hands but I hate these kind of hands, the long sinewy fingers and veininess are off putting to me, I also don’t like long nailbeds on men, or nails that are even slightly long. I went to the subreddit “manhands” to see if there was a picture example of what I do like, and 99% of the posts are skinny veiny hands. This is the closest I could find to what I like but his nails seem dirty around the edges

No. 283016

hate those bulbous fingertips

No. 283021

seriously ugly hand. what are those fingers.
this one is aight. on the bus, i saw this really skinny, nervous-looking guy with slender, well-cared for hands and it made the guy cuter to me despite the premature balding he was suffering from.

No. 283056

what is stopping you?

No. 283057

Fuck you lol.

No. 283078

Looks like a toddler who has nail biting problems. Absolutely destroyed nail beds. Ugly and stubby.

No. 283079

Spoiler this shit

No. 283080

that looks gay as hell

No. 283089

NTA but wouldn't thicker fingers with shorter nails be better for fingering? Getting touched by long thin fingers seems like it wouldn't feel comfortable.

No. 283109

Why is this thread so fucking nitpicky today

No. 283120

My bf in a north face black jacket is so hot he’s got the broadest shoulders and he’s so tall and the clothes hang off of him really well. I love seeing him walk around in boxers dat ass and his legs are so long. He just is so long and broad.

No. 283176

Fuck you lol

No. 283244

Is this your guy or what's with this reaction lol

No. 283318

I’m joking around. Also I wish.

No. 284893

I second all the anons who said they’re into leather gloves. I was hanging out with the guy I’m seeing and there were a pair of black leather gloves on his counter, just seeing them was enough to get me low-key excited kek. He also rides a motorcycle, so I know the gloves aren’t just for swag but have a practical application as well, which makes them more attractive to me. So far I’m way too embarrassed to ask him to wear them for me.

No. 285515

Male body odor is so intoxicating to me. Obviously not just any guy, but I know there has been research suggesting you’re genetically compatible if you think your partner smells good. I have an ex who regrettably had no body odor and it was hard on me. The guy I’m seeing now smells so good it drives me a little bit crazy, I like to just nuzzle my face into his armpit at all times. At first he was weirded out a little until I explained it’s a thing, then he told me he could bring me his used work clothes that he probably never washes, and I secretly hope he does.

Even as a kid, before I was aware of my sexuality, I would inherit clothes from this boy and would enjoy how they smelled (they were freshly cleaned, but there was some lingering boy scent). Looking back it’s awkward because I realize he was probably some crusty 14 year old. I think used t-shirts, sweatshirts etc. are the female equivalent of panty sniffing, and back when I was a chronically online femcel I couldn’t understand how there wasn’t a «used guy sweatshirt» market for people like me.

No. 285790

The Russian language suddenly does it for me lmao

No. 285796

File: 1662479002756.gif (4.13 MB, 540x340, D4B47BB7-9353-4BB2-9529-F862BA…)

glasses like these (not wearing them all the time though)

No. 285872

Raspy voices, especially in the morning or at night before falling asleep.I also like to hear a cute guy yawn and see him stretch for some reason.

No. 285873

acne scars are so cute in girls idc

No. 285915


No. 285924

So ugly men who wear cheap anime clothes and Harry Styles?

No. 285929

File: 1662520564059.jpg (156.97 KB, 720x720, Bladee720.jpg)

uh maybe

No. 285934

What the fuck, that is disgusting. Me too. They usually are cleaner and prettier than straight moids.

No. 285940

>They usually are cleaner and prettier than straight moids.
not at all, they usually dress like troons or current gerard way kek. no effort whatsoever. and the "queer" ones are larping straights.

No. 285992

Omg what did that anon post?

No. 286111

whats wrong with his eye

No. 286255

About unashamedly liking "femboys" and """queer""" moids. Since it was deleted it was probably a troon.

No. 287091

Men with a mature and slightly sarcastic voice, with perfect pronunciation. Not too deep, not too high pitched, just a voice with a nice inflexion. Extra points if he has a good laugh. I've noticed only smart men have these voices, it's all about the tone. A big flaw in their character is easily spotted through someone's voice and verbal expression. I love some voice actors work for this reason.

No. 287193

do you have examples of this? all the men with sarcastic voices I can think of just sound arrogant and annoying kek

No. 288189

File: 1663189142198.jpg (42.49 KB, 564x564, f588a64b0170c41bf2d1a2ae86450d…)

I have a thing for nerdy and preppy guys, preferably on the submissive side. By "nerdy" I don't mean the autistic vidya gamer type, but rather someone who's book smart and well put together. Huge bonus points if they're chivalrous, makes me want to rip their clothes right off mhhhhm.

No. 288194

Anxious introspective guys. I feel like this is pretty weird but I just fucking love hearing them talk out their thought process wrt social situations and interaction. I think it's because I'm also quite anxious and introspective and I relate a lot to them. When I hear them go like
>I just didn't know what to do in [mundane/awkward situation] because I didn't want so-and-so to think I was an asshole but I also didn't want them to think I was agreeing with everything they said to get them to like me but I wasn't sure if they liked me already so I didn't know if I could joke around with them or…
So on and so forth. I love hearing them say shit like that. In my brain it's like… oh they're capable of thought! And minding other people's moods and opinions of them is important to them! I kind of fall in love on the spot.

No. 315345

I’m thirsting after a guy at work. Nordic features aren’t usually my thing, but something about his face is very attractive to me. He’s got kinda boyish looking, cocky features, like a Pixar character kek. Very tall and lanky with blue eyes and light blonde hair, which is rare when you are an adult. Probably late 20s/early 30s. Anyway I work in adult psychiatrics but not with the actual patients. He was walking around with a male patient who was obviously developmentally retarded, holding his hand and walking very slow. I know scrotes in care professions can be sketchy, but it was simultaneously goofy and adorable to behold. Something about the contrast in having this young fit, energic dude, really a pinnacle of male virility in its prime, having to act all gentle and careful with another grownass man. I also stalked his youtube and the accounts he follow is all fitness videos, cars and Phil Collins. Something about him being a complete normie makes him 100% more attractive. Dreaming about tying him up in my bed.

No. 315357

File: 1678024452775.gif (802.37 KB, 498x398, kujikawa-rise-rise.gif)

Happy trails. I don't know why, they're just really hot to me and despite me being a bottom and submissive, it just feels weirdly vulnerable in a way that's really hot? I don't like hairy men either at all, but happy traills mmmm

No. 315367

>being a bottom and submissive
Gay moids aren't welcome here gtfo. Also what does being a "bottom" and "submissive" have to do with liking hair on a moid's belly I don't get it. Fix yourself.

No. 315368

Probably one of those fugly terminally online pseudo bisexual moids who would never touch a dick IRL.

No. 315372

Chill nigga, i'm literally a biological woman i just word things like an autist. And the vulnerability part was what had to do with being a bottom/submissive.

No. 315376

I don't get it, there's no bottom or top in a straight relationship, even if you are literally on top of a dick riding it. And what does being a "bottom" or "submissive" have to do with happy trails? Whatever corner of the internet you contrived these ideas from, you need to leave.

No. 315379

Kek go back to Twitter or Discord, you loser.

No. 315380

Happy trails look great. Imagine it coming all the way down from a bas-relief sternum-salient chest down to Big Dick on Skinny…

No. 315382

samefag, thanks to the retarded happytrailless fat uggo moid above for highlighting this wonderful subject

No. 315383

i don't think anyone here's hating on happy trails, just the weird "bottom/submissive" lingo which doesn't even make sense here..

No. 315385

I like the very hairy bellies. Copious amounts. Enjoy the feeling of petting the hairs. Sadly current bf shaves his. I'm a woman but have a couple of happy trail hairs myself kek. When I was a young fujo fakeboy I used to hope I would grow more of them, now it's whatever.

No. 315455

tfw no bick dick on skinny bf

No. 315465

File: 1678060285625.jpg (882.8 KB, 2178x3087, aSeimob2ITIjDhjyN8AQ6GKMxa5fBF…)

women with long sideburns and other natural body hair patterns. Kissing her on the cheekbone and feeling the delicate hairs brushing against your lips…

No. 315466

glasses are so hot especially when they're knocked askew. or when you take his glasses off and his eyes get all squinty and he can't see hehehehe

No. 315469

>bick dick

No. 315486

GUHG your picrel… i like it toooooooo much. I am with you 100%

No. 315505

File: 1678076616611.jpg (948.61 KB, 1600x2106, Ayqa_allure_028.jpg)

finally someone with good taste. I find the hairs on the arms so delicate, when you brush yours against her and it tug slightly. The differences of pigmentation on the surface of the skin over the joints…

No. 315513

Yesss, I saw this girl who had posted some pics of herself in body positivity subreddits the other day, (idek what rabbit hole took me there, I don’t even use Reddit) and she had the most glorious, dark and soft looking body hair. I was obsessed. I’ll try to find it again just for you kek.

No. 315516

thank you nonna, give me the good stuff.

No. 315518

File: 1678080123773.png (Spoiler Image,453.59 KB, 661x718, Untitled.png)

spoilered cuz underwear but i think her thigh hair looks so pettable kek

No. 315520

File: 1678080346016.png (Spoiler Image,572.22 KB, 640x853, Untitled.png)

this one is nakie so it's nsfw but its not porn so farmhands dont ban me pls im just an innocent woman who thinks body hair is cute

No. 315526

File: 1678083570935.gif (1022.16 KB, 500x373, giphy (2).gif)

Ugh nonna, I want to ever so slightly brush my hand on such thighs, and the hairs on the belly spreading toward her hips bones. Fuck nonna that some grade A shit, so pretty I can't take it..

The fact TRA want us to think there is no difference between that an a dude with feefee is astounding, never such soft beauty could be achieved by the XY.

No. 315529

File: 1678084993968.jpg (40.32 KB, 426x640, db37c09427d68deed48d44720eedc1…)

idk If you like that too but I find the back of the neck so pretty, and how the hairline get around the ears, it's so kissable. The japanese knew what they were doing when they gave such neckline to kimonos.( it's a senior meiko no worry )

No. 315531

File: 1678085255664.png (331.2 KB, 401x600, depositphotos_85413718-stock-p…)

No. 315532

I love when men are a little bit intimidated by me or desperate for my approval, I don't consider it kinky because I'm not particularly dominant in the bedroom and it doesn't translate to a sexual dynamic. On our first date my ex told me he wanted to ask me out way sooner but he was too intimidated by me. I'm not intimidating in the "10/10 too-hot-to-approach Stacy" way, I'm just surly kek.

>get new boss

>cute and outgoing and the same age as me, with some common interests
>he tries to joke around with and tease me
>respond sometimes but I'm usually dismissive
>only seems to make him want my attention more
>ok I'm starting to like him
>another coworker returns something to my workstation that I didn't even notice was missing
>"[boss's name] borrowed this and told me to return it to you right away, he said to let him know when it's done, too. I asked why and he said he's scared of you."
>laugh good-naturedly and thank her but inside I'm hearing aWOOga noises overlayed with the jumanji drums
>fantasize about him for the rest of my shift

lord in heaven please I do not need this kind of distraction right now I DON'T WANT TO BE HORNY ANYMORE PLEASE.

No. 315570

Yes oh my god, my current celebrity crush has a (classy) undercut right now and every time I see the back of her neck I feel like a wild animal

No. 315607

File: 1678128385647.jpg (45.16 KB, 800x450, C-658VsXoAo3ovC.jpg)

Kek nonna we really are picrel, my celebrity crush has a pretty delicate hairline and it make me go ougabouga, too much beauty

No. 315608

File: 1678128550309.jpeg (116.57 KB, 500x638, Chinese-hair-style-through-cen…)

Kinda like picrel but more baby hair, it's so elegant

No. 315673

This is such a good thread.

No. 315682

File: 1678177334751.jpg (136.52 KB, 1280x827, Glynn-Lunney-legendary-NASA-fl…)

the 60's NASA pin-straight scientist look. just looks so disciplined and elegant.

No. 315888

Plump lips. I don't even like them much aesthetically, but the guy I'm seeing now has very juicy thick lips whereas I'm a liplet myself and my exes were similarly thin-lipped. The difference is huge, his lips feel so nice and pillowy when kissing and I love how I can feel the softness when he's eating me out. I can never go back to making out with thin lipped people and feeling like we're almost mashing our teeth together.

No. 316034

new york accents. never been to ny, and if i ever will i think i would literally explode.

No. 316035

I have the worst yellow fever ever.

No. 316043

god same

No. 316078

File: 1678384265676.jpg (155.92 KB, 2048x1536, DKgDUFrUEAAVOIM.jpg)

This will sound weird but i always feel like a normie who owns a dog is special. (precising "normie" because of internet reasons)
I don't like dogs and i probably wouldn't be able to live with one but the idea that a man decided to adopt an active animal just to care of it and is even able to tame it and show affection just switches some ancient neurons in me, it's so silly.

No. 316168

I love the wikihow pic choice. The idea of a guy adopting a dog of his own volition is pretty cute actually
My bf has a chain that attaches to his wallet and clips onto the belt loop of his jeans. It's to stop people from stealing his wallet but I think it's sexy for some reason… not in a BDSM way either, it's just hot to see the chain hanging from his jeans. Maybe I've Pavlov'd myself into finding it hot because I hear it clinking every time he pulls his pants down

No. 316173

My bf’s hands. I love when he touches my back, like rubbing it endearingly while we stand together watching something or putting his hand on my back while we walk, or walk into a room. I also love when he winks at me.

No. 316303

i like when scrotes are fully clothed except for their dick being out, idk why. guys just look awkward shirtless with pants on or completely naked a lot of the time, even if they are muscular/have a nice body. i need them to be fully clothed or just in boxers.

No. 316305

kek nonny I'm the same. Seeing naked guys is weird.

No. 316316

ugh god my first boyfriend (he was 18 I was 14, yikes) had a wallet chain. I will never like them because he was such a creepy loser and it turned me off when he would make me wait to leave the house while he clipped the chain onto his pants. I'm glad to hear that someone out there finds it attractive

No. 316324

Same. Especially if the guy is in a suit. Or in the case of fiction, armor. I don't know if this would be "non-kinky" though since his dick is out kek.

No. 316387

This is wild to me because nothing looks more awkward to me than a fully dressed guy with his dick out like a weird meat banana.

No. 316557

I also prefer seeing men fully clothed during sex except for the necessary parts, partly because naked or shirtless looks weird and unsexy to me. Hmm.

No. 317183

File: 1679004609166.jpg (273.24 KB, 1062x1440, primitive-eskimo-rug.jpg)

I have a "fetish" I'm so ashamed off, I find every type of women with strong features or big cheeks super attractive, especially if those features are specific to ethnic groups. I get all flustered when I see a beautiful woman who is native american, jewish, medditeranean, middle eastern, east asian, east or west african, samoan, siberian, hispanic…. I'm a giga becky but I only like non becky looking women, the exception is very light haired blond or ginger.

No. 317200

Anon, I don’t know how to break this to you but it looks to me that you just like women who are not average caucasian. It’s not fetishistic, it’s normal, you’re good.

No. 317225

that probably true anon…But since I'm from a super white country I feel like such a chaser.

No. 317337

I love it when dudes have no apparent interest in sex. When they keep their desires very close to their chest. Even better if they're inexperienced too kek.

No. 317340

I realised today condoms turn me on, which I suppose is no bad thing. It's like that moment of anticipation just before things get really exciting

No. 317344

something about sunken temples just gets me, the more defined they are, the better. that or greying or darkening hair in that area

No. 317349

That's one of my biggest turn-ons. It's important that they don't express their desires openly but when it's time to fuck they are very sensitive and submissive, or loving and passionate. Sadly I don't know any men like this irl, they're all open degenerates.

No. 317358

File: 1679099618927.jpg (136.15 KB, 1200x678, 81423033962102.56be49d9ae9d7.j…)

I thought you meant picrel and was confused but intrigued

No. 317372

Half of those are caucasian though

No. 317399

Im bi and I like both men and women with high cheekbones and small eyes.

No. 317479

I kind of like ears nowadays

No. 317848

File: 1679358269649.png (53.94 KB, 438x324, barbara streinsand.png)

Women with a very slight crossed eye are extremely cute to me. I had a bit of a crush on a girl like that and it stuck with me. Picrel is the perfect example. I find it elegant and beautiful.

No. 317859

File: 1679361914357.png (81.32 KB, 620x360, kristen-bell-the-good-place.pn…)

What do you think of Kristen Bell? Whenever I see her in some show I can't help but focus on the lazy eye even if she's really pretty otherwise. It's slowly started to grow on me though.

No. 317860

Yess I'm the same way. I don't mean to brag or blogpost but my nigel is exactly like this, was friends with him for years during which he never expressed any sexual feelings openly, not during banter with other dudes either, just very private regarding sex and seemingly uninterested. Only when I started dating him did I discover this repressed/hidden sexual side to him, which is still very wholesome and loving. Feels like such a rare find.

No. 317861

i have a thing for the inverse of this when the eyes are looking in slightly different directions outwards. realised after noticing that like half of my celeb crushes have it going on, which is weird considering it's pretty rare.

No. 317862

We call this şehla in Turkish, it's considered to be a cute and serene expression

No. 317889

i know this is unpopular but thick stubby fingers. longer 'elegant' ones just sort of creep me out. i also like thick hands in general, and slightly injured ones. i kind of like the idea of a strong franken-hand.

No. 317935

I think she's really cute!

I get it nonna, that also look beautiful, unconventional eyes are the best

No. 318139

File: 1679560323093.jpg (90.73 KB, 800x544, beardneckline-FI.jpg)

I can not for the life of me find a good picture of this, but on bearded guys I like that small line where the beard has been trimmed in order to shape it. The stubble that lies between the beard and the normal skin. The smaller it is, the more alluring (no neckbeard stubble). It's my bf's absolute territory. It only works if you have a jawline though. Semi related, but I've been with some guys where I could clearly see what I think was their external carotid artery pulsing underneath their skin when they lied down to relax and I thought it was so cute in a vulnerable way.

No. 318141

File: 1679564988830.jpg (Spoiler Image,9.67 KB, 236x203, suckyablad.jpg)

>external carotid artery pulsing underneath their skin

No. 321068

File: 1681198209323.jpeg (24.58 KB, 554x554, 11C1908D-2639-4C2A-988F-90A502…)

Super close together eyes are the most attractive thing to me. They make someone look serious and sexy

No. 321103

this looks like if leafyishere and elon musk had a fugly baby together

No. 321107

I'm sorry but these 'serious' expressions men try to do always look silly to me.

No. 321130

File: 1681236496495.jpg (64.45 KB, 1080x815, Charlie Wayne from Black Count…)

The past two men i've been infatuated with have been drummers. So take that as you will I guess.

No. 321725

double dubs say benin :DDD where is the G(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 321767

File: 1681611624289.jpg (401.15 KB, 1822x1800, 9e5d792c7618ed4f8e5aaa0ccbe884…)

I dont like too close together eyes but the guy you posted isnt too bad. When I think of someone with real close together eyes I think of Adriana Limas ex husband. That guy looks like a fuckin cartoon.

No. 322150

File: 1681766790083.png (172.38 KB, 734x766, image-7.png)

Does this look hot to you nonna ?

No. 322159

What the fuck does this even mean and why did it get banned kek

No. 322166

>why did a post with emoticon get banned???
GTFO newfag or integrate

No. 322172

Chill autist. I just thought it was random spergatory. Rulefags are cringe anyway

No. 322174


No. 322175

Bad spelling can be a benine turn-on

No. 322207

File: 1681794341168.gif (1.63 MB, 500x248, IMG_6147.gif)

Not uncommon at all but I love big crooked noses. I’m really attracted goofy looking hockey players, I think it’s hot when they get all disheveled from fights on the ice kek.

No. 322208

File: 1681794412967.png (76.4 KB, 620x349, IMG_6148.png)

I can’t find another photo of this incident but his name is Miles Wood and he’s dreamy

No. 322218

his energy is adorable. qt3.14

No. 322497

Socks on during sex, or like the socked foot ontop of the mattress while the other one stays on the ground. PERFECT, I feel like I'm in a state prison getting railed haha

No. 322500

File: 1681957680311.gif (1.27 MB, 500x269, 68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a…)

Omg Woody. Love him and can confirm that he's even better looking in person.
On that note…when someone's tongue peeks out when they're competing.

No. 322642

really starting to like this Woody guy. i love watching men in concentration.

No. 322801

im having a weird crisis rn because i realized all men ive ever been attracted to have sharp pointy noses and im puzzling over what that means for me

No. 322804

Ayrt, Nona you get it! Picrel is so hot, seeing Nico Hirschier in person at my first NHL game is what initially awakened something in me KEK

No. 322805

File: 1682098724687.gif (1.98 MB, 540x255, hottie.gif)

Nta but that picrel is Nico Hirschier, not Miles Wood! They play on the same team though. Devils fans are so lucky KEK. They're both such qts

No. 322806

File: 1682099349650.png (248.12 KB, 1024x576, IMG_7404.png)

kek same here nonna men in distress are top tier

No. 322821

I have the same fetish for men in glasses and keeping them on during sex. The thing that sucks is that it's SO hard to find porn of hot guys wearing glasses! It always comes up with either gay porn (which I'm really not into) or a GIRL wearing glasses dressed up as a nerd.

No. 322850

Porn is for males and always focused on the woman being degraded, you'll never find anything good there. There are extremely, extremely rare porn videos where the man is attractive and you can see his face but those are so few and far between that you'll never ever find one that's cute and wears glasses.

No. 322967

File: 1682191314557.jpg (90.73 KB, 1000x1231, media.jpg)

I find it really hot when women wear simple black tank top like picrel. It's probably because I used to have a massive crush on this girl who would often wear them

No. 323013

Older (30+) women who are into fandom stuff but it’s kinda outdated or contrasts with their maturity somehow. Like they still use livejournal, type XD, print the fanfictions they like, take days off for cons or new releases, etc. It’s so lame and adorable, it makes me wanna spoil her in every way

No. 323022

File: 1682219859033.jpg (52.11 KB, 564x561, da0e4933c530b94915fb0b5bda3f05…)

Acidental moans. Specially during sleep. What are you dreaming about there?

No. 323052

Dark color tank tops are hot in general (as long as the person wearing them isn't fat, of course)

No. 327412

File: 1683790539529.jpg (55.55 KB, 650x650, 14ff4b53acc135499c1ac3747c00e9…)

men with arm hair/chest hair, just subtle enough to notice or sparse

No. 327433

File: 1683807255244.jpeg (29.19 KB, 650x440, 0EC4A521-149D-4E38-AF63-4FAD6C…)

Broad and big shoulders with a skinny waist I didn’t think I liked or cared about shoulders until I was intimate with a gym rat. He’s not disgustingly brolic but he is muscular and his shoulders are so damn big. when I held onto them during missionary my hand barely covered the surface area of his shoulder. It’s so hot. Meanwhile my hand covers my entire shoulder lol

No. 327437

Minor acne…

No. 327456

me too nona. I also like it when someone has a bunch of acne scars on their cheeks

No. 327483

Same yeah, it adds texture

No. 327492

File: 1683831897567.jpg (65.02 KB, 500x500, b6b6a817010736461fedc2ec709eb1…)

Hooked/alquiles noses. Of course YMMV but I think it makes a man or woman quite handsome/gorgeous, specially when it make them look like a Greek/Roman statue.

No. 327493

File: 1683831967286.jpg (154.71 KB, 1867x1400, 7a01d08ae64e3a753853684839ae56…)

No. 327495

did you mean to attach that pic?

No. 327498

I have a thing for this too. It’s so sexy and idk why. Maybe because it usually comes paired with a long (proportionally) nose and that’s my #1 attraction point out of literally anything else kek. I want to beat to death people who call women with these features “horse faced” and encourage them to get nose jobs. They don’t understand true beauty.

No. 327513

File: 1683836785307.jpg (43.96 KB, 391x564, 3b838e1a4634f8eb8d0a56696169a0…)

That isn't aquiline, although it's a nice noise, this >>327493 is aquiline, and pic related

No. 327551

thats the straightest nose ive ever seen

No. 327590

File: 1683859456878.jpg (212.06 KB, 2070x1380, lucifer-news.jpg)

In my defense (?, the camera angle fooled me. But Tom Ellis fills me with his nice nose. And that nose is sexy too.

MTE nonnie. I wish to tell to all women and men that their nose are gorgeous.

No. 328663

I know it's super normal in relationships and not a kink/fetish/something to get crazy about, but for some reason I get overly excited when a guy I find attractive is close to my age, kek. In fictional characters I like them 10-20 years older as well, but not in real life.
IRL any 5+ year age gap between me and a guy I like (especially if he seemed younger) is a massive disappointment. It especially turns me on when they're about 1-3 years older than me.

No. 328703

Obscure but also relatable. There’s something very cute and charming about 25+ women who are into fandom.

Reminds me of my now MIA Chinese fujo friend who was in her 30s but still ran blogs about Asian dramas and idol groups since the mid 2000s, she could be really mature and sophisticated but also incredibly fangirlish and dorky, I miss her.

No. 328705

I’m the opposite. Men with skinny legs activate my genocidal urges.

No. 328711

Women who are smug. When a woman is better than you and she knows it, that is soooo hot.

No. 328782

men who's eyes are slightly far apart send me feral

No. 329689

File: 1684590080695.jpg (171.74 KB, 1300x1280, biker-smiles-as-wind-blows-his…)

I used to think all mc dudes looked like picrel until I met my bf. Seeing him daft punking it up does things to me.

No. 329690

File: 1684590144739.png (949.55 KB, 760x804, nice.png)

I want him to do me with the helmet and gloves and everything on

No. 331077

File: 1685150272281.jpeg (255.11 KB, 1284x1928, 287C3AF2-28E7-4D2A-AAA6-574E20…)

Not sure how to embed IG, but I found this guy and damn his videos really turned me on. He’s a farm boy that built his own outdoor gym. It’s the being a skilled woodworker, spending time outside, and having a productive hobby that’s doing it for me. That’s rare for moids nowadays.

No. 331779

File: 1685377906012.gif (900.3 KB, 444x606, FxR24VlaYAEK5L5.gif)

I don't know if it counts as benine but men raising the head like that while closing the eyes is quite sexy.

No. 331832

File: 1685386590956.png (48.79 KB, 403x714, backline.png)

i find defined back lines so unbelievably sexy that it makes me feel like an uncontrollable wild beast kek be careful going backless around me because i'll be all up in that crevice. ok i didn't mean for that to sound as creepy as it did. also this sometimes extends to some moids but very very rarely (only once so far) it's just so hot.

No. 331834

Women's backs are underrated, a fancy backless dress is so sexy in a refined way.

No. 331835

>(only once so far)
Now I'm curious.

No. 331837

trenchcoats/loose blouses/glasses/ dark academia studious cute guy in a library that will sperg out about whatever shit hes studying vibe on goooooood i need dark accademia bf now

No. 331845

spot the zoomer

No. 331888

kek c'mon, nonnie, let her have this

No. 332263

i'm incredibly attracted to blonde body hair on women especially the arms and bush but this is the benign thread it doesn't have to be natural. it just makes me crazy, especially the way it looks in the sun and other sources of light turns me on so much.

No. 332268

He has BPES but it just makes him look like Markiplier so it's ok

No. 332303

They don't exist, sorry

No. 332492

let a girl dream..

No. 337468

Men with voices that sound like they're almost over a cold but not quite. Not in a gross clogged up nose way but a sore throat way.

No. 340957

Eye contact with someone that has dark brown eyes. There's something so warm and enveloping about that color, it makes my heart throb.

No. 340971

Guys with darker features. Brown and black hair. A bit of silver or grey mixed in looks nice too.

No. 340990

>Men wearing buttoned up shirts with the sleeves rolled up, specifically up to their elbows
>Men in vests
>a 1940s southern man to call me his babydoll honeypie sugar darling

No. 340996

Prolonged contact with a man or woman with brown eyes and dark, thick, black lashes. Dear lord. Doesn't happen to me enough. I used to say I don't have a "type" but brown eyes and brown hair with dark lashes and eyebrows is the sexiest "type" of person. Especially if they're wearing eyeliner or mascara.

No. 340997

Long haired brunette women wearing anything red, especially red lipstick, a red dress, or red nails. I don't know what it is about that combination but it's so easy on the eyes. Brunette women wearing a half up, half down hairdo, or a high pony tail. I'm obsessed.

No. 341173

i like hairy thighs, specially if they have pale skin and dark thin hair

No. 341360

Guys a few years younger than me, especially when they're surprised to find out I'm older

No. 341377

Let us stare at each other

No. 341383

I find this hot too nonny

No. 341716

I prefer short men (5’3” - 5’6”). I’m also starting to like men with high-pitched voices.

There’s some male listeners that I listen to that can sing very high-pitched (almost like a woman), which I find weirdly hot. I love how rare and unique it sounds… ah! I’d love to date a short man that sounds cute

No. 341717

*male singers

No. 341721

File: 1690221028141.png (Spoiler Image,298.21 KB, 437x367, omg.png)

I like trimmed chest hair on guys. I wanna nuzzle it cause I know it feels so nice and prickly. If this guys hair grew out a tiny bit more it'd be perfect… Bonus points for the trimmed chest hair on big pecs. OT, but do any other nonas find completely bald pubic regions gross on guys? Draws too much attention to their peen I feel. Trimmed is the way

No. 341722

Looking at the pic again I think I might have a thing for little moles too?

No. 341725

Anon me too. I love manlets with high-pitched voices. Bonus points if it's a little bit nasal. The sex sounds are so cute.

I love body hair but prefer natural and not trimmed, except for the pubic area which should be trimmed. I'm ok if they wanna shave it all, but in that case they should have a fit body otherwise it looks revolting. Don't mind a little attention to the peen if it's a nice specimen. The only downside is the scratching if it gets to a certain length.

No. 341741

I have found my people

No. 343727

File: 1691468751363.jpg (11.1 KB, 109x131, anose.jpg)

Long, downturned, or prominent noses. On both sexes. Especially with a slight-to-medium bump in the middle. This might sound insane but the nose itself makes me horny, like I want to lick it and touch it. picrel is an autistically cropped photo of a nose I like

No. 343755

Same, except I want to sit on them. And have one bop my face if someone tries to kiss me.

No. 343888

>I prefer short men (5’3” - 5’6”). I’m also starting to like men with high-pitched voices.
Maybe you're just into women.

No. 343894

File: 1691578029055.jpeg (23.39 KB, 600x600, 13763B8E-848B-40E2-9A43-79E23E…)

No. 343895

skinny shy nerdy men (with glasses or not) who are kinda submissive and have a quite sharp jawline (not necessarily). oh also collarbones are hot

No. 343896

Moles, they are so cute. I like the idea of exploring and finding them in my so

No. 343897

Thick, dark eyebrows, they’re so lovely and beautiful to me. I don’t know why. I also like lovely long eyelashes to a lesser extent.

No. 343901

Based, this is exactly my type as well.
Also I go crazy for prominent canine teeth (or maybe they're incisors, idk shit about teeth but the pointy ones to the sides). My nigel has these really straight white teeth that are quite visible when his mouth is open and the ones on the bottom row noticeably stick out above the rest which is so hot to me. I love looking at his mouth when he talks. I tried to find a picture to illustrate this but somehow couldn't find anything that looks similar enough to what I mean.

No. 343969

File: 1691642008862.jpeg (90.32 KB, 780x438, 0474A27E-DA3D-428A-8795-27C93F…)

like this?

No. 344428

File: 1691958729099.jpg (24.61 KB, 450x370, ee0318c197f40af694e425e3c33d6d…)

Older women hands + masculine jewelry = my ovaries exploding

No. 344448

An underbite?

No. 344614

same. blonde and redhead women are so ethereal and hottt. i love fair hair

No. 344672

File: 1692077769944.jpg (125.45 KB, 1000x664, gl0ves.jpg)

black exam gloves…

No. 350842

happy trails and arm hair (mostly on women). rawr

No. 353813

Guys wearing glasses on rare occasions when they usually never wear them.

No. 353815

File: 1697747424240.jpg (17.21 KB, 374x331, 6a8859bad4e604cad9b9dc45193920…)

No. 353818

File: 1697748309925.jpg (42.75 KB, 564x564, 7e1d43318d1861b7df926804b9e2c2…)

No. 353883

File: 1697794251485.jpeg (537.65 KB, 1266x1590, jamesfranciscustennis.jpeg)

Old pics of actors playing tennis.

No. 353889

This is true, I don't know why but it really is kek

No. 353929

I know kek I don’t know what it is but I can’t help it. I have these saved to my camera roll

No. 354009

File: 1697840103398.jpg (12.55 KB, 259x194, kyaaa.jpg)

i feel like a pervert but fangirls, and especially if they're older/oldfags as in having years and years of experience. it's the hottest most loveable thing to be and honest to god i have gotten into things because i first wanted to get a closer look at/be among them kek. i don't care if that makes me a poser i am that, and a proud one. and i mean the real deal of fanatics not casual fans. doesn't matter what kind 2d 3d yume fujo western eastern mainstream or not, as long as there's true dedication and passion kek. it's soooo attractive and cute to me

No. 354076

You're not alone. I love when women are weird and obsessed with a nerdy thing, it's so unbelievably hot.

No. 354243

this… I love it when people are so into their passion(s)/interest(s) and not on a surface lvl… also to add, women that use imageboards/forums

No. 358718

File: 1699961206213.gif (3.61 MB, 473x473, tumblr_0ffc635055739e02e2f32f5…)

spanish speakers tend to show their teeth a lot when talking or so i have noticed and i personally happen to find it really hot

No. 358757


No. 359980

File: 1700433484437.png (186.02 KB, 900x551, gbrtr.png)

Normally I hate unnatural hair colors on both women and men, but for some reason pink, out of all colors, really does it for me on men. I'm blaming it on the crush I used to have on Natsu lol.

No. 359995

On women: dark and hairy forearms, especially if the arms are thin and tanned. Bleached eyebrows. Redheads. Messed up teeth. Masculine underwear. Subtle hair on the upper and sideburns, happy trails. Having hobbies that clash with their age ( >>354009 you and the other nonnas who talked about this are so real)

On men: Deep temples, idk why i like them so much. When the hair on the temples has a different shade (ie. white or darker). Bike helmets. Sock suspenders. When they get surprised or startled and moan softly. Short, thick and wiry beards. Overly apologetic

Both sexes: German/Russian/Icelandic accents, smugness, older virgins, leather gloves (especially the short ones that don't cover the entire hand)

No. 360230

when a guy tends to type "yes" instead of "yeah". answering a question with "yes", "yes (your name)", adding on to what you're saying by typing "yes, …" it's just very polite sounding and at times weirdly adds a tiny bit of sexual tension. i feel like a pervert for seeing it this way but i can't help it

No. 360241

It is nice when men are decisive and matter of fact, relatable

No. 360308

Agree with this. More generally, it's a bit of a turn on when a guy uses your name casually in conversation with a group. I love it when a hot guy in my class says something like "adding on to what [this nona] said…" It feels just slightly personal and warm, especially when we never talk outside of class so I'm slightly pleased and surprised he knows my name.

No. 369886

I don't know how common this is for others but i had so many people ask me if they could rest their head on my lap and i love it so much… sometimes they'd ask me to play with their hair or run my fingers along their back and that's nice too, but even just having them there makes me feel like i want to smooch them so much, it really turns me on but it also calms me down at the same time.
The only negative thing is that i'm too embarassed to "ask" them to do it randomly since i think it's an odd thing to ask and i've never really said how much i like it.

No. 369889

File: 1703905630440.jpg (69.22 KB, 853x600, 20231217_221235.jpg)

Rubbing a mans temples and over his eyebrows when his head is on your lap >>

No. 374336

men in high socks. mid-calf, under the knee, that sort of thing.
i love that shit.

No. 375393

File: 1706071030885.mp4 (141.58 KB, 500x342, c9LvKZV.mp4)

I have a myopia fetish (aka I find thick glasses attractive). I blame this on my exposure to Western media

No. 394986

I am the exact same way. i always tell my gf to put her glasses on during sex and she gets mad, but god it’s so hot. why is it so hot?!

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