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File: 1613605729057.png (479.98 KB, 760x462, Illustration.png)

No. 128522

Remember when VH1 allowed audiences watch in fear as women competed for Flavor Flav's affection? Or when a new generation of adults were exposed to Brett Michael's washed out diabetic career?

This thread is for discussing the golden era of Reality TV–back when contestants weren't overly contoured and unscripted (for the most part)

>Flavor of Love, which brought us milky spinoffs such as Flavor of Love 2, I Love New York, Real Chance of Love
>Rock of Love, the alcoholic cousin to Flavor of Love. Which gave us Daisy of Love
>Bad Girls Club: From popping off to throwing beds into pools we all learned the phrase "im not here to make friends"
>Jersey Shore: RAAHN STAAAPH.

Related Links
Talk of Love, a video podcast by Lacey from Rock of Love interviewing many castmates from VH1 reality tv. Was cohosted with fellow costar Heather until Heather decided to be jealous.

>Hints of girls being abused and set up by Badgirls Club Producers. Girls on BGC sleeping with producers to get a better edit in the show
>Castmates on BGC being withheld their Bi Polar medication by Producers
>Castmates being unable to speak to family members to further isolate the girls on Bad Girls Club

No. 128523

Highlights of Abuse on the set of BGCs
>S5 There was actually a pretty BRUTAL fight at the strip club in the first episode between Kristen and Erica. (Kristen Wins.) If you look at the supertrailer, there's a clip of Erica saying "She said she wanted to stab me." and another one of an officer talking to Kristen saying "Do you want to go to jail?"
>it's said that the producers told the other girls to "Push" Morgan over the edge, in hopes of evicting her. The night of her "eviction" the producers allegedly forced Morgan, Cat and Kristen to leave the club early.
>Cat didn't leave the note when she left. She left the show because she STABBED a male stripper in the face.

>Sydney was addicted to crack, and that's why she left and came back.
>Jessica was fined $500 for not doing or saying what they wanted her to

No. 128524

OP here. This is my first thread. I hope I put enough down. Its hard to encapsulate this whole era

No. 128525

You did great op! I don't have anything to add right now, but if anyone wants to watch any episodes of these shows I'm sure they're up on soap2day

No. 128526

They’re also here !

Has all of Jersey Shore, all seasons of BGC, and uncensored VH1 shows including I Love Money

No. 128528

Wtf? I bookmarked this and when I tried to go, it was spam so I didn't actually believe it.

I guess it's real then… Thanks nonnie

No. 128562

I hated watching them kiss Flav, I remember Tiger didn't want to kiss him because his breath was stank, she didn't say it, she just offered him gum.

She then made an excuse like, "i don't wanna kiss you after you been kissing all these women!!"
You could tell by her face his breath was stank as fuck.

And he was always talking directly in their faces.

No. 128563

File: 1613633878661.gif (604.19 KB, 500x284, ddd.gif)

Also can we talk about Love and Hip Hop?It's trash now but way back when New York and ATL were like somewhat scripted hood dramas.
Joseline Hernandez is probably the most trashy bitch that I'm ashamed to ever liked.
Until her later seasons, but like 1-4 she was hilarious

No. 128574

Just wanna bring attention to this iconic moment.

No. 128575

File: 1613642101119.jpg (36.38 KB, 480x468, EuNc-gQXMAUJUQq.jpg)

Joseline really is messy as hell lol. She just did pic rel on Valentines day

No. 128577

File: 1613645280473.gif (487.06 KB, 500x250, tumblr_md1c225Rha1rfduvxo1_500…)

Got kicked out on her first day

No. 128578

File: 1613645316207.gif (2.22 MB, 320x240, bsg1.gif)

I'm still mad about this shit.

No. 128579

File: 1613645363359.jpg (609.51 KB, 1000x1000, outfit.jpg)

Im also still mad about this outfit

No. 128580

File: 1613645507404.gif (1.41 MB, 498x278, tenor.gif)

and even though the clemonts look like living trans sex dolls now, I still like their trashy problematic disgusting asses.
I hated how they got kicked out when their shit was ruined.

No. 128581

File: 1613645869694.jpg (135.48 KB, 800x800, Flavor-Love-Most-Memorable-Con…)

This is my last one, I love this thread and old trashy reality tv. I loved Deelishis on FOL. I know she got a lot of work done, I know she filters, but she doesn't even look the same.
She keeps a man with money though and seems to be doing well.

No. 128587

File: 1613649029046.jpg (54.12 KB, 624x674, Celebrity-Rehab-tragedies-imag…)

Fantastic thread, OP! Does any one else remember Celebrity Rehab?

No. 128609

File: 1613663813174.jpeg (52.39 KB, 625x464, 4E433422-C8EB-4DAD-B4A5-107703…)

Fuck yeah, Ashley from ROL season 3 will always be me underrated fav. What a skank.

No. 128615

You know this bitch was trolling. She had to be. I hope.

No. 128639

I'm pretty sure she was trolling, I remember when I learned she graduated from UPenn I was totally taken off-guard because of how she acted on FOL, one of my favs.

No. 128648

I just want to know if Hottie is…. self aware.
I keep remembering when New York keeps saying how fuckin bad Pumpkin's breath smelt.
I never saw the season or episode but I remember reading what they went through and how tf was that allowed?? Also didn't the girls give their puppy laxatives as a JOKE?
"People who eat basil are LAME

No. 128650

The smarter women were trolling and it was sometimes such a thin line where no one could tell. Tiffany Pollard still baffles me to this day honestly, she's fucking whip smart. Might as well add Hottie to the list.
>Celebrity Actress SCHATAR SAPPHIRA

No. 128651

File: 1613684459538.png (993.26 KB, 960x1040, Screen Shot 2021-02-18 at 3.35…)

I'm reading about how the girls were treated in BGC and holy shit??? Im glad I didn't get on (I applied bc I thought it looked fun)


No. 128652

File: 1613684525848.png (980.67 KB, 980x980, Screen Shot 2021-02-18 at 3.36…)


No. 128653

File: 1613684635381.png (1.25 MB, 992x1060, Screen Shot 2021-02-18 at 3.37…)


No. 128654

File: 1613684734032.png (981.02 KB, 988x1286, Screen Shot 2021-02-18 at 3.39…)


No. 128662

File: 1613687153512.jpg (8.74 KB, 183x275, 12312313.jpg)

Anybody remember how this bitch pretended to be bi just so she could be on reality TV? Apparently she's a trump supporter now and thinks homosexuality is sinful.

No. 128663

she also had a nazi phase

No. 128664

Is that tila tequila? I’ve heard a lot of stuff about her being a nazi sympathizer, probably why a bunch of sad and pathetic /pol/fags really believed she posted on their stupid board.

No. 128665

File: 1613688077760.jpg (38.03 KB, 500x375, tsl.jpg)

i was so obsessed with this show and that playboy bunnies one… i think i watched both before i was 10 and my mother and i watched the bad girls club together.

No. 128666

File: 1613688176511.jpg (855.18 KB, 2604x1892, oof.jpg)

samefag. the playboy bunnies one was "the girls next door" and kendall was my favorite

No. 128667

The one with the Mickey plush looks terrified

No. 128669

Well she is next to Hugh…

No. 128671

Of course, Holly was under a lot of pressure to make sure she was top dog.

No. 128709

I loved to watch this!! My favorite was Holly and Kendra(?) I never understood were they all poly or? Just kinda under contract with him?

No. 128711

felt bad for the one in the lightest pink, forgot her name but her gross husband cheated on her with a troon and it was all over tv.

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