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No. 81890

Discuss kpop.
>Who's your favorite band/group? Who's your bias?
>Any comebacks you're looking forward to?


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No. 81891

Mixed up the general and critical thread in the OP–my bad.

Previous Critical thread >>72907
Previous General thread >>78171

No. 81892

love this gif, nice pick op

No. 81920

Any 2nd gen song recommendations? Preferably girl groups.

No. 81926

not a girl group but i've bopped to this for days now

No. 81928

cheesy but it’s my first kpop song

No. 81931

9muses’ best song imo

No. 81932

No. 81938

File: 1586119989758.jpeg (136.18 KB, 822x1223, 8D79ABA2-AB09-490C-9D06-EA5E58…)

Is v like 120 pounds or something

No. 81940

No. 81943

official weight published is 137lb, i might believe that since there's no way i'm believing that he's actually 5'10"

although he's part of the younger group who all seem to be shedding weight so who fucking knows

No. 81946

He looks that slim he’s probably 5’9 at least tbh no shorter
People are always surprised at how skinny bts when they aren’t wearing loose clothes

No. 81963

I’ve been following this thread from the beginning and haven’t seen this video posted yet. Just the kpop industry keeping it classy and age appropriate as always!

No. 81964

imagine how many of these idols have circumsised dicks

No. 81967

the concept reminds me of some gen 2 groups

No. 81968

At first I was like "Eeeh it's not THAT bad" until they zoomed when she twerked what the fuck ???
I still have nightmares with that performance of "Side to Side" the youngest girl in IZ*ONE did, so fucked up

No. 81969

the rate is about 75% for south korean males aged 14-24

american influence strikes again

No. 81971

Girdle posted a teaser… Thoughts?

No. 81972

the aesthetic of the video is so well done (lowkey looks like a satanic ritual so far but i dig it), i know this is gonna be one of my favorite mvs this year, but i feel like the song is going to be shit since soyeon did most of the work in it.

No. 81977

Great taste, anon - I like to listen to that song whenever I feel like it as well!
Because of You by After School is also pretty good

No. 81980

This is painful to watch. She’s singing about being curvy but she is a literal child, she twerks and then we’re treated to the reactions of gross old men watching her… wish I could forget this existed.

No. 81981

What do you guys think of the new song? I think this is the only one I like from G-idle. Soojins hair is ugly but her overconfidence makes up for it i guess

No. 81982

this is okay but the chorus is kind of annoying.. i also don't really love the latin sounds kpop sometimes does

No. 81983

isn't this girl mixed, if i recall she's half swedish? she's gonna get fetishized to hell and back while underage, then netizens will drop her and call her an old hag once she's legal. assuming the poor girl under debuts and leaves the yg dungeon

No. 81985

I really like creepy vibe of the video, found myself captivated to the end even tho I didn't really care for the song. Minnie is the only member I know (besides soyeon) and I find her gorgeous, at least she stands out to me.

No. 81991

soyeon needs to stop giving herself most lines… her voice is so hit and miss (mostly miss) that it can really break a song

No. 81992

File: 1586174212197.png (30.22 KB, 713x615, 1586092464-jj.png)

17 years after their debut Jaejoong and Changmin still win in terms of attractiveness according to japanese netizens. Do you think that in 2030 anybody will vote for Jimin, Jk and Co.?
While I was a big DBSK fan when I was young, after Yoochun's toilet scandal, Junsu not paying his staff and now Jaejoong's "joke" there aren't many unproblematic members left but nevertheless I don't think that anybody could ever reach that level of success again, not even BTS. Being invited to american shows because inclusivity and kpop as a whole are trendy right now is nothing against the huge impact they had back then.

No. 81994

I like the concept and the haunting beginning and end (basically only Minnie's parts) of the song but I don't like anything between it because it sounds similar to "Seniorita" at times which ruins it for me.It had potential though,if Soyeon didn't always include these oriental sounds from their previous releases (except for Uh-Oh )

No. 81995

File: 1586180652716.jpeg (305.08 KB, 828x742, 169E2E46-4D84-4A4C-ADC5-380279…)

I’m glad Natty eventually got to debut. It’s fortunate the cards fell so that she’s debuting at an older age than she was in Sixteen (though she’s still quite young rn.)
Yep. I’m still petrified at the comments Somi got under her high school graduation pictures.

No. 81999

DBSK/TVXQ status in Japan will never ever be topped by another k-pop group. They are just untouchable, no matter how problematic the members get. The remaining two TXVQ could pack up in Korea and only promote in Japan and the money would never dry up.

DBSK/Kara/BoA had more impact in Japan than any other group/soloist. I can't see the likes of BTS even touching Kara's status even though they aren't a group anymore.

No. 82001

The whole album is great imo.

No. 82002

Do you guys have that one disbanded group that you just can't let go?
For me it's spica. They were like a better version of mmm (minus an annoying "rapper"). They had amazing vocals, great concepts and were also quite pretty imo.
I sound bitter but i wish they had made it instead of mmm.
At least then we wouldn't see hwasa's bare ass everywhere, along with other cringey shit they've been pulling lately.

No. 82003

Sounds like a mix of LION, Senorita, and Blow Your Mind and I'm "here for it"

It's currently #9 on YT trending and was #10 about 30 minutes ago so it's being well-received. I bet being one of the last groups to have prepared a full MV and mini-album comeback before everyone went low/no activity since March is helping them a lot. Hopefully they gain more of an audience in Korea from this

Minnie is gorgeous and thick by KR standards

No. 82004

I'm gonna ignore the mmm slander bc I love them and say that I miss 2ne1 a lot. I'll never stop being bitter about it. If YG wasn't a piece of shit they would still be topping the charts, maybe Bom wouldn't have ended up looking like she does and boring ass BP wouldn't exist

No. 82005

soyeon always looks gross like she doesnt wash her ass lmfao her weird ''psycho'' expressions are so outdated

No. 82007

Has anyone heard Changmin's new song/album? I'm still confused as to why it took SM a whole 17 years to give him a solo album.

No. 82008

probably the fact that he shouts throughout this whole song

No. 82009

JYP didn’t deserve wondergirls

No. 82010

bom looked like a half inflated blowup doll before the scandal leaked, and she looked like that while yg was still paying to cover it up and stopping it from hitting the media. him going broke and not being able to pay to hide it after 3 years wouldn't change that. do people seriously forget that part of why her scandal was such a big deal was the coverup she got because she had money and fame to hide it, unlike in other cases where legal incidents would be revealed the same week? if the airport stuff had come out as it happened she would've had to do the usual "reflection" idols have to do and she'd lose fans and people would've brought it up anytime there was other negative news about her, but it wouldn't be career ruining the same way it ended up because it was a reminded to the public that idols with powerful backings can get away with things that would ruin regular people

No. 82012

I was talking about her image issues and how she or actually all of them were treated, being called ugly and fat by yg and so on, but sure.

No. 82013

Same! They were a better version of mmm and not being in blackface is a plus. I feel like their company mismanaged them. I liked Fiestar too when it was the original line up.

No. 82015

thanks i hate it.
these kids and txt annoy me to no end, but mcnd is the worst.
its like kids who stringed words and melodies together made their songs fucking awful and the aesthetics give me flashbacks to 2015

No. 82021

they're so young, I feel bad for them. Being an idol must be such a fucky way to grow up.

No. 82022

song kinda sounds like shit but I enjoyed the gay-sounding lyrics and the Silent Hill Nurse-looking dancers lol.

No. 82027

Wonder Girls and After School

No. 82029

Is it me or are all these new groups (mostly boys) ugly as fuck?

Who the hell is MCND are they popular or nobodies? Never heard of them

No. 82030

I'm obsessing over this song again

No. 82033

I feel like this song's kinda polarizing in that there'll be a split between people who like it and people who dislike it. I think this is their most interesting and stylistically-pleasing promotional track yet. Also agree with some anons about liking the lesbian, cultist vibes.

No. 82061

He's been SM's dutiful servant for over 15 years now and THIS is his debut song? What a joke.
I hate the song, otherwise I'd vibe with it.

No. 82065

>He's been SM's dutiful servant for over 15 years now and THIS is his debut song? What a joke.
All those years means he gets some creative control, he would've picked it himself from a catalog. His taste in title tracks is shit apparently, but I'm liking the rest of the album.

No. 82656

I also think that boy group members are particularly ugly these days. I hate the heavy makeup and general styling like those stupid harness outfits. they’re either really too young or just styled too young/weird to feel attracted to. I’ve heard the “girls like sweet non-threatening flower boys!” argument a lot and I’m not gonna try to counter it because it rings true for many… but for those of us who like manlier, older, natural-looking men, I wish another group like 2AM (closest example I could find) could debut.

No. 82665

To be fair, as an anon who prefers the sweet nom-threatening flower boys- I still think most boy groups nowadays are ugly. The guys all look uncanny looking and the same with all the makeup. I think standards are much lower now and idols are quantity over quality.

No. 82666

I agree cause the thing is these dudes aren't even pretty anymore. SHINee back in the day was pretty and so was many other male kpop groups. It's like these companies don't know what a pretty boy is anymore so they are putting a crap ton of filler in their faces and shaving their jaws in an attempt to make a bunch of uke, yaoi type boys but only koreaboos and Korean tweens think that that's cute. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks most of these boy groups are fugly now.
NCT were fine pre debut all they needed was just the stage make up and crap and now a lot of them don't look right anymore. They looked normal in person a few years ago when I ran into them one time when I was walking around in Seoul but now, oof. The same goes for almost all of these new boy groups. Why scout attractive people only to botch them horrifically? Is it like a control thing?

No. 82668

Wonder Girls just had a disappointing end. The only disbandment which I remember having nice closure was Sistar

No. 82670

File: 1586279913866.png (24.23 KB, 567x206, BgOmLpS.png)

Holy shit armys on Twitter are going rage right now using the example of an NTH room operator being 13 years old as a reasoning why the 11 year old that posted online comments should be sued by Bighit lmfao
They're actually retarded lol

No. 82671

>They looked normal in person a few years ago when I ran into them one time when I was walking around in Seoul
Which members did you run into?

No. 82672

wait what? Did bighit try to sue an 11 year old? I do not keep up with army drama.

No. 82680

apparently a 12 year old was helping a bunch of bts anti trolls trend a sexual assault hashtag saying that bts assaulted someone (armys keep giving different stories so who knows if it’s even real). they’re saying that bighit sent her a cease and desist or just straight up sued her (again conflicting stories all over).

if this story is real, it is not comparable to another 12 year old operating a chat room where people his age are raped and exploited. kpop has rotted these people’s brains

No. 82686

The hashtag started because Jungkook hugged someone from NCT at some awards I think and their fans started saying it was sexual harassment. Just another day with mentally disturbed k-pop fans with too much free time.

No. 82687

No the hashtag started trending because Jungkook playfully slapped nct Jaehyun's ass during an awards show

No. 82689

Yes, it was at Inkigayo tho

No. 82690

Didn’t stray kidz fans do the same retarded thing to Somi?

No. 82691

File: 1586295652747.jpg (82.63 KB, 1080x1339, closer.jpg)

The song, and the album are pretty much what I'd expect from him. The vibe, and all is very him. Piano is 100% what I'd expect, and want to see from him. The only criticism that I have is that the album does show his vocal power, and range. There's no high notes, and big ballad. That was a bit weird for me. I'm pretty sure he wrote the lyrics, for Chocolate, so it's not like he was forced to pick some song SM had laying around. I think it took him so long to put out a full on (Korean) solo, is bc he probably wasn't interested. Dancing isn't really his strong suit. Not that he isn't good at it. He just usually flails his arms, and strips during his solo songs.

No. 82692

What a dumb thing to be upset over but they'd drool if he did this to Jimin or Taehyung.

I hope this won't make things too awkward between him and Jaehyun. JK's mental health would benefit from having more friends,since the rest of BTS have alluded in the past that he seems more like someone who prefers playing video games instead of socializing.

No. 82693

I highly doubt Jaehyun hangs out with JK on an average basis

No. 82694

Whatever unit has the most members. One of them had blue hair at the time. I don't really know most of their names cause I only like one song of there's.

No. 82696

They seem close enough for him to be comfortable tapping his butt tho

No. 82701

one time i heard a kpop song and i swear one of the lyrics was bitch nigga want it

No. 82702

Lol anon, ‘naega’ means I and ‘niga’ means you in Korean. Good ear though.

No. 82703

during psy's peak in the US i heard 2ne1's "i am the best" played on the radio quite a few times and they'd always censor naega in "naega jeil jal naga" because it sounded like the n word lmao

No. 82707

iirc they did the same thing with BTS's "Fake Love".So unnecessary.

No. 82736

so they smashing then

lol but fr I’m glad junglebook isn’t in his room watching hentai all day

No. 82741

Why do you guys think they’re not close friends? I don’t really know either of them, are they fake people?

No. 82744

There isn't really a way of us knowing how close they are,but they seem comfortable around each other based on their body language,so I'd say they're probably more than just colleagues (I mean that in a platonic way) but probably not best friends either.

No. 82747

Don't know what the fuss's about, koreans do mad gay shit with their male friends

No. 82749

arent jungkook and jaehyun in some 97' line gc together ? i assumed theyre friends bc of that

when i first heard cl rapping in the beginning of Falling in love i swore she said the n word kek looked up the lyrics and apparently its not even anything close but it still sounds like it to me

No. 82763

Yeah they have been friends for years actually

No. 82768

what do you guys think about gfriend?

No. 82773

I know the general consensus here is that they're botched, Umji is ugly and all their songs sound the same/like shitty anime themes, but I like them. They moved past the oppabait image and their latest comeback was really good Imo. Also Yuju is one of the best idol singers atm.

No. 82774

File: 1586375720258.jpeg (109.93 KB, 817x1136, EVFCrlQU0AAgdIX.jpeg)

Taeyong is too good for nct and his artistic potential is being wasted there. He has the perfect face, amazing versatile dance skills, a unique rapping and singing style, and all these unreleased tracks he produced himself sitting around waiting for a solo album while he's forced to prance around with the rest of those fools in that flop group

His unreleased tracks:https://mobile.twitter.com/moonwalkwithten/status/1247946600674144256

No. 82775

Is this a troll

No. 82777

My god his rapping makes me cringe so fucking hard

No. 82778

hes also great at scamming! truly a multitalented king, anons i think we have no choice but to stan

No. 82779

I think him being a bully in school is worse than the scamming thing tbh
he also has no friends in nct so I would guess he's not a nice person now either

No. 82783

Taeyong has the stage presence, the face, and his dancing, sure, but he's not great at singing, his rapping has him sounding like he has a perpetual head cold–Mark, while ugly, has clearer diction and is leaps and bounds better in his execution–and his personality is hot garbage. And besides all that, wanting him to fuck you, anon, isn't enough of a qualifier for a solo. Go off, though!

No. 82784


I think he's a great dancer and a decent (not great, but good enough by idol standards) rapper but he can't sing well and his variety skills are nonexistent thanks to how quiet he is. I thought Doyoung was NCT's leader for ages because he does all the talking for Taeyong whenever I see them on music shows or shows like Weekly Idol.

No. 82785

>he also has no friends in nct so I would guess he's not a nice person now either

this just isn't true anon. you'd have to be blind not to see how close he is with doyoung and he seems to get on well with jaehyun too.

No. 82787

I must be the only one who thinks he’s odd looking? Everyone’s piling criticisms on his talents (which I’m not sure of but probably suck) but leaving his visuals be. I think it’s the tiny head that gets me. What a stupid beauty standard.

No. 82794

he looks too much like jaejoong

No. 82795

File: 1586385760968.gif (Spoiler Image,1.85 MB, 308x500, 1577069127185.gif)

he has been /ourguy since this.
you must be new.

No. 82796

File: 1586386281539.jpg (308.89 KB, 2048x1092, 1585079894322.jpg)

odd looking yes.
how did you come to the tiny head conclusion though? its not as bloated as others, but in comparison….despite the bad contouring to make his head look diamond shaped….its not tiny. pic for reference

No. 82797

File: 1586387914229.jpeg (Spoiler Image,68.49 KB, 500x700, 555DF10F-39C6-491D-937C-709B23…)

You’re probably right. I barely know anything about NCT and might’ve just come across weird fan edited photos of him like pic related. I think it is the contouring now.
LMAO but I do feel bad for that fan

No. 82799

top post! best in long time!!!
i laughed tears. thanks anon.
if there were awards i would nominate

No. 82801

I think that might just be her natural chin anon.
I can never make my mind up about Taeyong he confuses me a lot. I really can't tell if he a decent guy or a scumbag.

No. 82802

This is a petty rant and beating a dead horse but…

I wanted to listen to this song because I’m having an emotional time right now, I like reading comments because people often share their own stories etc. in the comments of this kind of music.

But holy fuck EVERY single comment is someone saying they came because of Jimin from BTS, why do they need to spam the whole comment section and drown out anything meaningful that was in there? Great, this is your idol’s favourite song, you don’t need to repeat that fact, it is irrelevant and redundant beyond the first comment pointing that out. I didn’t understand people’s animosity towards beliebers and directioners at their peak, but now I share their frustration.

No. 82804

Ugh, same here. I was listening to some underground-type Korean music and pretty much every comment was like "Who came here from RM?!?? XD" It wouldn't be so annoying if there were only a few comments, but why does everyone feel the need to type the same exact thing?

Btw, I hope things get better for you, anon.

No. 82806

It’s debatable but I personally don’t think beliebers or directioners were ever as bad as armys

No. 82816

I love Taeyong too anon! I agree with you that he's awesome and he's my ultimate bias. I do like him in a group though, I think it's good for him to gain more experience and it's better for his image right now considering his past "scandals" (I really don't care he was kind of a shitty teenager, don't try to prove me wrong I don't care). I totally see him doing more solo stuff in later years like U-know.

I wanted to share a nitpick unrelated to that. I was watching a reaction to G-idle's Oh my God (which I really liked although the arrangement was not the best) and I've noticed some people new to kpop are always so confused if they are seeing one or multiple people. I don't get this, I never had that issue with asians before lol like they look COMPLETELY different and sound completely different? Are people just dumb? Anyone else annoyed by this?

No. 82818

Wdym…Taeyong straight up sounds like a garbage disposal in some NCT songs
I just needa ask how is it that some of you anons can love people who are confirmed bullies? Like I tried getting into The Boyz and I can't even watch a performance now bc that kid Eric straight up disgusts me.

No. 82819

kek u wished, taeyong akgaes are really something else.
While he is a great dancer and has a nice face, his voice and rap are average at best and has not variety skills whosoever. gp hates him and he probably will keep getting dragged in scandals bcs his bully past.

No. 82830

hard agree. the most directioners did was spam the trendings on twitter

No. 82831

Army’s might be the worst fandom ever

No. 82832

the only time I've been impressed with taeyong's dancing was that one part in cherry bomb where they almost do the splits, and the robotic move at the beginning of kick it. I wouldn't call him a great dancer, he's stiff as hell

No. 82833

thanks anon

No. 82834

imo haechan’s dancing is at least on par with taeyong’s, and he has a unique style to boot. I think SM is priming him for a solo in the future, he’s the youngest in NCT 127 but shows a lot of potential.

No. 82836

haechan, mark and even jaehyun can compete with taeyong in terms of dancing. he just gets more praise cause he's pushed way more than the the others

No. 82837

I don’t get why he’s so pushed when he’s probably the most hated non burning sun idol along with jennifer the flat booty lazy how

No. 82838

Because he resembles Jaejoong and Jaejoong = money. I think with NCT's constantly changing lineups SM originally wanted to find out the most talented and popular members in an attempt to recreate the old glory of DBSK (and quietly drop the others or put them into a "funny" group like Suju), but it obviously didn't work out.

No. 82839

He apparently hadn’t danced before joining SM, so if he trained to that level that must have warranted some status as a “favourite trainee”.

I don’t know why he is favourited to this extent though; I understand that a group needs a centre, (e.g. Kai is a centre, not necessarily being favourited but just fulfilling his role,) but that doesn’t explain why he has been allowed to do solo features, always has large verses in songs, is in almost every NCT U song etc. I like NCT but I can’t help but get salty at the fact that most members feel like backup dancers/singers when I watch their performances. Honestly if SM could find a way to put him in NCT Dream they would.

No. 82840

I swear they planned to do changing lineups with suju as well, why do they keep trying these gimmicks? NCT’s concept just feels like they wanted to debut loads of trainees in groups at once instead of having to wait another 5 years after 127

No. 82841

Not trying to defend him but as somebody who knows absolutely nothing about nct, he's one of the only members I can recognize. Johnny too, because he looks like an old creepy uncle and Lucas thanks to the spammer. Since Yuta got his chin fixed he also completely blends in with the rest of the dozen other members, there's just nothing remarkable or unique about them.

No. 82842

From a dancer's perspective I'd say Ten is the most skilled dancer. Taeyong is a good dancer but you can tell he's trained as an idol dancer specifically because his lines are focused on looking good in still frames, while Ten extends his entire body into the gesture and movement. Taeyong has good control and precision though.

No. 82845

That makes total sense, when I first watched NCT music videos he was the first I would recognise too, though I think that again has to do with how he is pushed. I don’t think he’s untalented or really undeserving, it’s just a baffling choice on SM’s part to push him so hard because it seems like it’s only harming the group overall.

No. 82847

i guess cause he has stage presence.
thats the most important skill for performers
see clip

agree that ten is that groups best dancer
quite a few new ones coming up that (imo) overshadow the current famous ones though

No. 82848

Thank god Yuta got rid of those chin implants though.Idk what SM was thinking letting him walk around like that.

No. 82851

Hah they did that shit to him 100% on purpose

No. 82852

I think it might have been SM's idea. He never seemed to like them, he wore a mask around the lower half of his face (sometimes not even covering his mouth, just his chin) constantly.

No. 82855

File: 1586431168640.jpg (49.28 KB, 750x716, de2e2ce42a5f9382c148a8edf55db5…)

I kind of think so too, any other explanation just doesn't make sense, that was more than just accidentally botched (and he didn't even have a weak chin to begin with like e.g. Johnny). Is it because he's japanese? Or was it some odd punishment for something he did? It's like they wanted to sabotage him from becoming more popular. But why damage your own goods? He's probably beyond relieved that they managed to turn him back to look more or less the same as he did beforehand.

No. 82856

ten is miles ahead of taeyong in terms of dancing.
i'm glad he's in wayv now cause he deserves to have the spotlight on him instead of living in taeyong's shadow in nct.

can a nctfag explain to me why is yuta such a loner? he only seems to get along with mark but everyone loves mark anyway. sorry if this has been discussed before

No. 82857

Seems like SM realized that botching him up like this only brings bad attenion to the group.Correct me if I'm wrong but to me it seems like he participates more in their variety stuff and Vlives too ever since he got rid of the implants.I feel like SM kinda hid him for a while so fans and antis wouldn't ridicule them for having someone this botched.

Agree,idk why Taeyong gets praised as if he's some dance god.But as someone already mentioned,maybe it's because he came a long way from where he started.Didn't his company say that he was practically useless as a dancer in the beginning?I still think Ten is heaps better and what I would actually consider a dancer.

No. 82858

SM and Korea in general like small pointy chins. Yuta has a wide chin naturally. They wanted to make him look more like an anime pretty boy, so they tried fillers but those only really work well if you have a short chin, and Yuta's chin is already pretty long on top of being wide so it looked like shit. At least they realized it looked like crap and got them removed eventually I guess.

No. 82859

>can a nctfag explain to me why is yuta such a loner?

He's just an introvert. He actually does get along well with Jaehyun, Taeil and Doyoung too, and recently he's been very buddy-buddy with Jungwoo. But pretty much all of them have said he needs a lot of alone time to function. Even sometimes in Vlives he seems to switch from very animated and chatty one second to completely uninterested and ready to go home the next. Not really sure why SM hasn't trained him to be better at disguising that but it's very clear he's a hardcore introvert.

No. 82865

or, my favorite tinfoil, he knows his group's music is shit, he knows he's one of the least popular members and he knows mark and taeyong get special treatment. so he is salty.

No. 82868

Jaehyun too. I noticed there relationship has not been same since Taeyong was announced to be in SuperM. In their recent varieties you can Jaehyun giving Tae nasty cold looks or blatantly ignoring him.

No. 82869

>Jaehyun giving Tae nasty cold looks or blatantly ignoring him.
Or, maybe scammer and bully Taeyong whose behavior hurt the entire group's reputation is simply a shit person and therefore it's natural that the others don't wanna be his friends?

No. 82871

nah, he was quiet even back in the smrookies days. his personality hasn't really changed after debut at all.

No. 82872

taeyong had special treatment even then

No. 82874

Sounds juicy, give us an example video or screencap.

No. 82880

almost all the members in nct seem to act fake or cold with taeyong, maybe except doyoung.

No. 82883

absolute suicide fuel how these ppl are so highly regarded in every aspect of kpop
second beatles my ass they're not even up to par with culture vultures nsync and backstreet boys

No. 82886

Solar's solo looks cheap af

No. 82887

Lol I don't think they're bad performers but that intro is so cringy I had to skip it why do they had men in their twenties in rabbit costumes ffs

No. 82890

File: 1586448256575.jpg (50.44 KB, 640x426, 8tq0jc1z4tr41.jpg)

this is an image board.

No. 82892

What kind of "graphic design is my passion" poster is this oh my God
Hwasa is bringing in quite some money surely RBW can afford decent designers

No. 82893

Is it just me or did she lose weight?She looked healthier when HIP was released.

No. 82898

she always looked like a skelly to me

No. 82902

she works out quite a lot

No. 82904

File: 1586455594626.jpg (143.34 KB, 688x507, mmm.jpg)

She's starting to look like a bobble head though.She obviously lost weight for the solo because she wasn't this thin during HIP.

No. 82907

Their company has favourites

No. 82908

Looks like mamamoos company is spending all the money on hwasa solo international promotion. Are there solo stans in their fandom cause that sounds like their company has a bias

No. 82910

she honestly looks the same to me, she sometimes wears hip pads cause she has no actual hips of her own, that may give the illusion of a curvier body
>>82908 no solo stans in the fandom but lots of people (ratmys) outside the fandom who only care about hwasa and shit on the other members

No. 82911

>haechan, mark and even jaehyun can compete with taeyong in terms of dancing

Lol no way. According to one of their choreographers, Ten, Jisung, Taeyong, Yuta, and Jeno make up NCT's top 5 dancers.

No. 82913

I meant nct 127, which ten jeno and jisung aren't a part of.

No. 82915

File: 1586464366397.jpeg (93.02 KB, 710x1065, B4C818E6-32F9-4E21-83B5-16FFA4…)

Is it just me or I hate this face pose whatever’s it’s called it’s so smug and annoying

No. 82917

nitpicking level 3000

No. 82918

I'm surprised Yuta's there instead of Mark. Yuta's definitely a good dancer and in the top three in 127 but he has a tendency to underdance sometimes since he trends towards smooth rather than powerful movements. Mark's surprisingly versatile and good at both styles.

No. 82919

“Face Pose”. Also the extreme nitpicking lol

No. 82925

Tbh I get what anon is saying that open mouth pose is kinda weird ngl

No. 82931

They got rid of the implant but he's still ugly. Is it the botched nose job? Imo Yuta was really cute on Abnormal Summit; he definitely didn't fit the Korean ideal though.

No. 82933

File: 1586478177468.gif (2.44 MB, 480x480, ewwtf.gif)

Jungwoo's face confuses me bc there's not anything wrong with his features but I find him really unattractive. I can't identify what it is. In some pictures he looks like he's had way too much filler but I don't know if that's the reason why I think he's ugly.

No. 82941

File: 1586478760015.jpeg (168.59 KB, 709x1200, F328E0D6-7904-49DD-96A3-B23CDF…)

I agree he looks better here, I can’t pinpoint what’s different now (apart from him going through the chin ordeal).

I agree. Technically nothing wrong and he doesn’t really look botched or anything, but there’s something uncanny about him.

SM have really got to stop fucking about with their trainee’s faces (never forget what they did to Wendy).

No. 82954

The company barely promoted hwasa’s feature on dua lipa’s track lol as someone who likes mamamoo, the company sucks at promo. Hwasa is the cash cow for sure, but Solar and Wheein both had attitude controversies way before Hwasa blew up, and Moonbyul….anyways, Hwasa is the only one who’s bringing any buzz to them.

No. 82956

File: 1586484236696.png (60.49 KB, 689x311, wonho.png)

I expected this after that dispatch interview. I was surprised dispatch published that kind of PR from an alleged criminal that had no label at the time. idk why starship kicked him out just to let him back in but at this point they should just let him back in monsta x since I can't see his solo career going far.

No. 82957

I read that they are going to promote hwasa internationally and the collab could not be promoted because of the pandemic but they are postponing it. Is moonbyul also a flop in the fandom cause her youtube video is only 3 million views.
I wonder how much longer mamamoo will last. I see a miss a situation happening.

No. 82959

No. 82960

Wow I kinda feel bad for the guy

No. 82963

Most moomoos have Moonbyul as their bias. A lot of the Korean fandom are lesbians, and obviously Moonbyul is a huge draw for them.
In the fandom popularity goes Moonbyul >Solar>>>Hwasa>>>>>Wheein, and for the general public it’s like Hwasa>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Solar >> Moonbyul >>>>Wheein

No. 82968

I don't know a whole lot about kpop but was wondering if anons have recommendations that sound mature like vid related

No. 82971

No. 82973

No that's wrong wheein is more popular with the gp than moonbyul. The gp doesnt even know her and forgets her name. Her songs doesnt even chart and falls off really quick. Hwasa is the least popular in the fandom. She has the lowest number of fansites, but she has lots of solo stans and armys that only akgae her but they arent in the fandom.

No. 82975

yeah, moonbyul is way more popular than the others within the fandom. she became the 3rd highest selling solo female artist with her solo album, youtube views mean nothing.
anon before me doesn't know what they're talking about

No. 82987

for a second (ok, bit more) there, i thought the dude in the pic top left was oli london…..

No. 82989

File: 1586505731907.jpeg (344.58 KB, 1536x2048, F18A0A30-CB6D-43B9-AB69-445C2E…)

Is Kai txt in heaven

No. 82995

Because SM wants to make the group name bigger than that of individual idols, like a brand of some sort like AKB48 or Premier League football clubs.

It's also a way SM can exert control over members and just dispose of them when they demand basic human rights, since nobody cares about NCT members the way they did when the EXO or TVXQ members left.

I know they're bitter than Jaejoong/Kris/Jessica/Luhan went on to have comfortable careers off their names alone that SM had no control over

No. 82997

That actually makes total sense. SM loves Taemin because he’s totally under their control, exclusively their cash cow; that also explains why they mistreat their Chinese idols a lot, they’re worried they’ll gain too much traction and be able to make it on their own.

No. 83023

File: 1586534054858.jpeg (61.16 KB, 386x461, A1105BC1-4B7E-466A-94A6-9233E1…)

“Mamamoo natural qweens”

No. 83025

That’s Wheein?

No. 83044

you do know snow is a thing right

No. 83045

i didnt know snow gives botched nose jobs

No. 83047

Yeah idk. For example I was watching this dance rehearsal uploaded today and it's obvious that Mark exceedingly surpasses the other two in skill

No. 83053

File: 1586551509168.jpg (430.01 KB, 3264x2173, z34ixqd.jpg)

Yeah no its not a filter, she fucked her eyes, nose and chin up

No. 83064

idols visit dr kim? color me shocked.
tbh though, quite a few of em wont have any other choice.
they diet themselves railthin. that excessive dieting affects the face. so they get fillers to not look sick. fillers lead to more fillers (and pillow face, no they dont naturally have puffy cheeks. those dont look like that). to counter the early signs of aging they get surgery.

No. 83065

File: 1586557669713.jpg (212.21 KB, 800x1075, 01-24-45-ps-3-wheein.jpg)

looks mostly the same to me. obv she could have had something done and most idols get fillers anyway, but I don't see it in that pic.

and yes you can change your whole face on snow lmao

No. 83070

File: 1586559158862.png (761.08 KB, 675x768, pVmmoWO.png)

Seems most idols have the goal of just looking the same now its so boring. I miss when idols could have unique features. I feel bad for people who started following groups post like..2014.

No. 83074

Idols all look like webtoon and video game characters now

No. 83075

it's those soulless eyes lol

No. 83076

Eunhyuk was definitely the best, tho.

No. 83077

Shes been getting plastic surgery since that time so many idols were taking breaks due to anxiety. When she came back she looked botched liked park bom but it healed or she fixed it idk. It's crazy shes trying to look like every other idol. Shes already really boring, boring personality, boring presence and boring songs. Shes making herself even look boring. Her eyelids got fucked up and looks unnatural. She got forehead implants and her chin looks weird.

No. 83078

You say that because Eunhyuk isn't dancing as hard as Mark–they just have different styles. If you observe a dance class and watch a choreographer do the same routine as a student, it's the same affect where the instructor has more flow and isn't dancing as hard as the student who has a lot of tension and force in each movement.
This 'style' of putting a lot of tension in every movement makes the untrained eye think "Wow this is really hard" whereas watching someone like Eunhyuk makes it look easy, which is where observations like your own come from. Point is that you can't really say that Mark "exceedingly surpasses" someone who is technically better. Look at 0:53ish and watch the arm wave. Mark's technique is sloppy but since he puts so much tension in his arms, his execution looks tight to the untrained eye. Whereas Eunhyuk
executes the movement perfectly but makes it look super easy because he's more fluid and relaxed in his motions.

No. 83079

You're either blind or delusional

No. 83081

Fei's song was a good response too.

No. 83082

File: 1586564071254.jpg (332.31 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20200411_011433.jpg)

Why does she always make faces to look ugly

No. 83084

> Is it the botched nose job?
What did his nose even look like before? Because I can't find any pre-smrookies pictures of his online

No. 83099

So when is Song Hye Kyo finally going to stop going for her costars and go for a chaebol instead? I kinda want jealous k-nets to fume. A rich foreigner would've done the trick, but she can't speak English, so…

No. 83101

Is that a new pic? Definitely eyelids, nose, and chin for sure like the other poster said. Her nostrils look like a little like slits. But it's not that bad of work.

No. 83102

Lol you guys know she has quite a few chaebol sponsors from when she started out her career?
Probably the reason why Joongki got fed up and left, I don’t blame him tbh

No. 83103

The only angle and grimace that can make her look like her face isn’t drooping

Poor thang

No. 83110

whats this about?

No. 83116

We've reached the point of insanity. There's a Youtube channel for learning English and there's going to be a video called "How to speak English like a native with BTS".
Even educational channels are selling themselves for ratmies' views.

No. 83117

What is it about East Asian culture that attracts weirdos? Kpop and anime were mistakes

No. 83119

Honestly, they have so much power it's scary

No. 83123

File: 1586619787581.jpg (188.98 KB, 620x900, NRcSPky.jpg)

txt is ranked below verivery, how unfortunate :/
Im beginning to think TXT will end up flopping, they havent even been invited to major tv shows in korea like itzy has/did in their first year lol

No. 83127

File: 1586625956874.png (20.53 KB, 365x572, brandrep.PNG)

Why not post the english translation? brand reputation doesn't really mean anything, but i don't think they'll be very successful either. the only member i can pick out is the white one and it's not for good reasons.

No. 83136

File: 1586632815900.jpg (511.99 KB, 3264x3181, 5KtINN8.jpg)

ouch, the fact that the dude you r talking about fans have to reassure that he will grow into his looks say a lot
Hes 18, he will only grow up to look worse
Actually scratch that, entire of TXT are unfourtunate looking, not even talnted to make up for their looks and even doni and coni was like ''I didnt know bts had a junior group'' when they came out on Idol Room
the worst thing is they think they're hotshit these days, i watched some v lives and they were talking them selves up like ''my singin has improved'' or ''im so handsome these days'' with 5 minutes of them staring @ their face on the monitor lol

No. 83138

File: 1586633673318.jpeg (70.8 KB, 739x416, 621E569D-16AE-46BD-9216-0FECB8…)

Itzy are so damn ugly. I didn’t think kpop’s standards could get any lower.

No. 83139

tbh yeji is ok, but man is that pic unfortunate

No. 83142

Who's the official visual of Itzy? Not necessarily the center, but the visual. Is it Ryujin? If she isn't, she should be.

No. 83143

soobin looks decent and not botched

No. 83144

It's Yuna

No. 83146

This is a really good analysis btw, and the points you made are even more obvious in this Eunhyuck focus of the actual performance. He isn't as loud as Mark but you can see that his movements are all controlled and well executed while Mark gets sloppy sometimes.

No. 83157

I will say vocal wise they are better than bts tbh

No. 83158

File: 1586645172939.jpg (467.75 KB, 3264x2552, Eq5ExY2.jpg)

That sloth creature that always side eyes people? Nah pretty sure it’s Ryujin
I feel bad for Yuna, she aged 10 years since she debuted…. Botox is not even gonna save her when she hits 25. I’m not gonna sit and lie but she was cute when she debuted, unfortunate looking before debut and she returned to that stage lol

No. 83162

no official it’s yuna. they only made her the visual cause she’s the jailbait

No. 83164

Gross lol does anyone have the screenshot where she was on v live with a school uniform and said “the fans… are gonna like this outfit” lol it was on an older thread kek she knows she is jailbait

No. 83171

File: 1586649338447.jpg (68.96 KB, 574x322, tumblr_punhnvLybV1y5gei7o5_640…)

If you want know how idols really look like unedited and in motion
>Since they don't edit/filter their videos, I think that you can clearly see the guests' visuals on it. For celebrities who always looked pretty or handsome (especially idols), when they appear on Knowing Bros, their image on screen comes out so realistically that sometimes, I go "huh?… is that how the XX I knew look like..?" Especially idols, when they appear with their weird hair color.. On stage, the images are all filtered and they have stage makeup on, they suit their hair but when looking at it realistically, their visuals decrease a bit… Personally, I think that Twice and Exo are the ones who looked the best.
And imo Itzy were by far the most shocking. Even their uniforms seemed cheap, they really looked like a bunch of weird fangirls in a school talent school. Of course their skin texture is still smooth because they're super young but a couple years of idol lifestyle will transform that and their hair to shit too, on top of their already (below) average bone structure.
I also found all of Seventeen and many in Wanna One really ugly but I haven't seen all episodes, so maybe there are more (or even worse) groups out there.

No. 83178

File: 1586649949715.jpg (27.58 KB, 400x540, YJQngLy.jpg)

Samefagging but Ryujin was jaw dropping gorgeous during Dalla Dalla, nowadays she looks bloated

No. 83185

Thank you. I think the habit of dancing as hard as possible has been a huge practice in recent years because one way to distinguish yourself in the industry is to have a challenging dance along with your song. Imo kpop is to the point where the dancing is more important, or at least just as important, as the music.
Personally I am sick of the emphasis on dancing. I've grown up a dancer for all of my life and initially got into kpop because of the dancing, but kpop being this 'package' of singing, dancing, and visuals ended up giving more importance over time towards visuals, concepts, and dancing as opposed to singing and music. The industry as a whole is devoid of any personality for me because of todays' generic music, strict reliance upon choreography & lack of natural showmanship(?), and the oversaturation of groups and releases.
I now can see why Koreans haven't regarded idols as musicians and have a stigma against them. Even a group that started out self-composing like BTS ended up buying songs from Western producers and becoming extremely generic over time. Idols fundamentally will never be actual musicians imo because their personas and catalogue are tightly controlled by the company. Slightly OT personal story but I was in a lecture where a professor of a famous Korean uni said that Lee Sooman has some two-hundred page guide to creating and marketing groups to different audiences/countries across the globe. I've since looked it up and I think NCT and the concept of Neo Cultural Technology is basically built around this (but NCT fans might have differing opinions). There's no doubt in my mind that other companies would do the same if they had the ability (money) to do so.
The only thing that might restore a bit of hope in me is more bands and artists who improv on stage with little to no choreography. I'd try k-indie for something more refreshing but the majority of it bores me to tears.

No. 83188

honestly i thought this stage was really good?? kick it was underwhelming as a title track compared to previous title tracks but i like the vibe of the whole album, but i think regular/irregular was alot better than neozone. i thought the album packaging itself was pretty good, theres lots to look at and use comparing it to other groups packaging. the nctdaily channel has alot of good content, i think its basically the only thing im looking forward to these days. jungwoo has gained alot of confidence after the hiatus?? i wonder why he was on hiatus that whole time actually. yuta looks really pretty without the whitewashing, it goes well with the light hair. although his nose is a bit …. weird in some angles LOL. i think johnny and doyoung are the most attractive members. jaehyun isnt bad visually, unrelated but i think his singing goes really well with other members.

No. 83194

sage for possible OT but when i did hi touch with txt i thought soobin looked worse (puffy/bloated?) irl but the rest looked ok, beomgyu looked unexpectedly good
but i havent followed them in a very long time so i dunno

No. 83195

I've read about SM wanting to create a pop group for basically every country, also, you made remember that creepy AI hologram of Wendy that SM created, was it released to the market?

No. 83196

The itzy girls arent drop dead gorgeous. they just have decent faces and idk why jyp wants to make them look worst with piss blonde hair that doesnt flatter their skin color.

they shouldve just sticked with dark brown and added highlights. besides, it fits the ~girl crush concept~ better.

No. 83197

Kek. The guy on the bottom left looks like taehyung and jimin (but not in a good way

No. 83200

Lol BTS often joke about that and make fun of him

No. 83202

>even botox wont save her by the time she is 25
whatcha mean? not seeing what you apparently are.

No. 83203

File: 1586685731040.jpeg (59.07 KB, 400x505, minhyorin_main.jpeg)

she looks like min hyorin

No. 83204

File: 1586685901867.jpg (55.03 KB, 380x338, somi.jpg)

So whats the deal now is Somi trying to get a Kardashian style reality show to try and build her brand now?

No. 83205

I remember coming across the 1st ep. Man, that whole fake crying at her school(like when you're truly crying your main priority wouldn't be holding the camera filming how moved you're) and acting as if she's the most important one there was so annoying.
I used to be neutral towards her but that video really changed my mind.

No. 83208

I feel bad for her, everything in her life is fake, she can never have a normal life with her weird stage dad breathing down her neck.

No. 83209

Do people (like the general population not twitter spergs) even care about her anymore? I feel like to me her hype has run its course.

It seems her solo getting delayed 8,000 times only for it to be released and be extremely lackluster was the final nail in coffin.

No. 83212

Seems like her videos (which are essentially just vlogs) get 1M views within less than a day, that's more than many idol groups could dream of getting for a music video. Plus she also stars in commercials, so she's probably making good money but she's not at the level of fame her dad wants her to be.
I also feel really sorry for her. The same fate is probably awaiting Wooyoung and that new underage halfu girl too. Never happening but I wish there was a law banning minors from working in the entertainment industry.

No. 83214

This video confirms my initial thoughts that Taeyong should absolutely not be a rapper. Not only is his rapping tone grating on the ears but his singing tone isn't all that bad. With some proper training he could be a decent sub vocalist and actually give Jaejoong vibes like he did in this video (and like LSM intended when casting him).
Also, I'm not a fan of NCT in the slightest but every song feels like Mark and the boys jfc. He's really not that talented to warrant him getting as many lines and as much screen/center time as he does. There's plenty of SM idols in other groups who aren't pushed as hard but are more talented than him imo. Can someone tell me what even is the cause of him being the favorite? He's kind of ugly and short tbh and his dancing is overrated as I've explained here: >>83078. I'm pretty sure it's not due to money alone because Chenle of NCT Dream is wealthy af but Mark still was the favorite from what I've seen when he was in Dream.

No. 83216

Is there a chance for the NCT Dream lineup to be in a fixed group? Tbh I think this is the most consistent/cohesive group that I've seen among the NCT units and the whole 'graduation' system is going to fuck it over.

No. 83226

I totally agree. Their group chemistry and potential is the best out of the NCT subunits so far and I can’t imagine what it will be like when all the 00 guys leave. Mark leaving was already sad. Their singles have more variety and every member is a great dancer/performer, especially considering they’re still young.

Thinking about NCT’s trajectory in general, they really didn’t use their initial momentum to its fullest. I hope 127 revisits that Limitless concept, and I want more interesting U singles with less utilised members (but that will never happen…)

No. 83231

No, they're just gonna be put in another NCT unit. No group separated from NCT or anything
Sm isnt planning on satisfying fans LOL
They want this project to work, fans dont be as stupid as to believe SM listens
They've wanted this unit/rotational/graduation concept ever since Super Junior came out.

And from what I know SM is planning on debuting a separate BG soon.

No. 83233

File: 1586715536441.jpg (936.72 KB, 3264x2859, 9Ghcjdt.jpg)

Shes aging real hard for her age is what Im saying lol

No. 83237

Everyone thinks that Sunmi and Hyuna are already hags when they're not even 30 yet (heck they're younger than Irene) because of how early they debuted - the industry chews up and spits out young girls like crazy

No. 83243

File: 1586724373996.jpg (24.97 KB, 512x222, unnamed.jpg)

This. Irene is literally the same age as SNSD yet considered a "goddess" while the latter are getting called has-beens since 5 years already (meaning since they weren't even 25 yet). What's so wrong with letting people debut at 20+? Agencies should just stop releasing idols' ages and you'd have people unknowingly fangirling/fanboying over 30+ year olds. As long as you're not so old that you can no longer dance properly it shouldn't matter.
They're just way to obsessed with the concept of being a student. On that note, since Song Hye Kyo was mentioned >>83099 I recently read that she and a bunch of other big actresses basically only got famous because they were known as "ulzzangs". People would even come to their school to take pictures of them.
>The earliest known use of the label has been attributed to a group of three high school girls Song He Kyo, Lee Yu Jin and Han Hye Jin who collectively became known as the "Eun-Kwang Ulzzang Trio", named after the school they attended together in 2000. All of the three eventually went onto pursue modeling and acting careers.
I always thought that at least actresses and actors in Korea would start out normally, like through theatre or acting school, yet even the highest paid and most prestigious celebrities only got their career thanks to their looks.

No. 83244

They're all so plain looking….
Least they could be is good actresses for all the hype the get.. some effort plz.
>They're just way to obsessed with the concept of being a student.
Noticed that, look at all the hype Wonyoung gets despite not even having entered High school yet.
South Korea suckz, their lookism issue is real and terrifying.

No. 83246

Well the left pic is very fan-edited. The right one was taken by the paps so it's a little less edited. That may be the difference you're seeing.

No. 83248

are you dumb…why are you comparing with photo on the left is extremely edited and whitewashed. also she’s only 16, debut only a year ago. the bleach blonde hair is what makes you think looks like she’s “prematurely aging” but take that away and she looks her age. quit nitpicking anon

No. 83254

File: 1586730612088.gif (1.32 MB, 512x414, unnamed.gif)

Since your favourite song etc. was asked quite often already…anons, what's the worst kpop song / group / idol in your opinion? (excluding Seungri and all the other criminals of course, otherwise the answer would be too obvious)

No. 83256

Oh my god this is his own live? +2 million people connected to this dude's live? Really?

No. 83257

It's definitely not the absolute worst kpop song ever, but it's the worst one I've ever heard next to any NCT song that isn't baby don't stop. the mv is god awful too

No. 83258

No comment necessary.

No. 83260

That gif is from a vlive he did with Tzuyu, Chaeyoung, and Dahyun a few years ago.

No. 83261

This song boils my blood. I think it's the pedobait concept and the shitty mixing.

No. 83262

I've heard a lot of bad songs, and this still tops my list or worst songs, or at least worst debut song (which sucks because they were one of my favorite groups)

No. 83263

On, idol, bwl, bts first two albums simon says, kick it umpah umpah
Jimin, namjoon, jhope, jungkook, taeyong, lucas, taeil, irene, joy, jennie, taeyeon

No. 83266

Which Taeil? Taeil from nct?

No. 83267

Yup. He seems like an asshole

No. 83269

How so? He's always seemed like one of the nicest idols to me.

No. 83271

they're obsessed with the concept of being a student because students are the main consumer base of idols, and the point of idols is being relatable. school kids can't relate to 20 year olds sucking and fucking and drinking.

No. 83274

ok you might hate these ppl
but the only contender for objectively worst idol on that list is taeyong
and only for his shitty behavior too
like theres too many nameless, talentless background characters jumping around to consider

No. 83282

I have mixed feelings about him…there was that video of nct getting mobbed at an airport in China when a child got mixed in the crowd, and although the manager was screaming about the kid Taeil kept walking on without bothering to help the kid out or even move out of the way. I honestly didn't expect that of him at all.

No. 83288

Agree. I feel all the idols I baned are trash but if i was to rank them it would be taeyong > Lucas > jimin > namjoon.
Taeyong is a horrible person that keeps getting special priviledge from sm even though hes ugly, untalented, big headed and has a horrible voice

No. 83291

I don't know if this counts because the group is so off the radar that hardly anyone knows that this song ever existed but here.
Funnily enough this song failed to gain any attention so the group underwent a complete transformation to sell sex instead.

No. 83292

Later, in 2019, ripping off Sistar's Alone in cheap slutty clothes from the shadiest street market.

No. 83298

Cmon don’t come for Lucas not his fault that he’s slow

No. 83305

I don't know many of the newer or less popular groups, so I can't judge them.

>worst song

You >>83258 beat me to it lol. Also Mr. Taxi and Idol. You could probably name all of Super Junior's discography too but being weird is their brand, so…

>worst group

U-Kiss, Lovelyz, Oh My girl, Twice

>worst idol

Shindong, Sunny, Kevin, Amber, Hyerin, N, Ravi, Hyuk, Jin, Jhope, Ratmon, Whasa, Yeri, Umji, Dahyun, Chaeyoung, Johnny, Sohye, Shuhua, Chaeryeong
Their groups would be better off without them. An idol's job is singing, dancing, being pretty, thin and charming. Some are so entertaining that they can get away with not having any talent, some are pretty enough to cancel out their lack of talent and personality and some are so talented that people don't really care about them not being attractive but the above don't have any redeeming qualilities. Some are simply useless and some might have it all but are so obnoxious that you still hate them.

No. 83308


i dont think any song in the world can top this monstrosity

No. 83315

File: 1586779611323.png (111.31 KB, 360x360, EVU1EBGVAAAyv8A.png)

Haechan and Doyoung in background of NCT dance practice lol.

No. 83319

I think what’s so atrocious about Banana Allergy Monkey is that OMG isn’t some nugu group and their company is decently well off compared to most others. You see groups with no chance promoting stuff like this >>83291 and >>83261 and you kinda expect it out of them, but you’d expect better from B1A4’s sister group. (Well, that and everything else about the song and MV.)

No. 83327

What's going on here?

No. 83332

File: 1586786311168.jpeg (96.13 KB, 750x747, 66446D8C-60D9-4A81-9DF0-36E605…)

Literally just haechan being haechan

No. 83334

fuck, i keep trying to forget this atrocity.

No. 83335

dude lol why are you in your feelinga
there was literally a picture from 4 months ago where she looked 22 and im the one nitpicking lmfao
if i was nitpicking i wouldnt submit photos its a critical thread bro

No. 83338

File: 1586787818573.jpg (857.74 KB, 3264x2793, 2KD4J1g.jpg)

yuna debut > yuna 6 months later
>the industry chews up and spits out young girls like crazy

No. 83342


I'm a vixxfag and even I'm ready to admit Ravi is one of the worst rappers in kpop, sometimes his voice works well enough but in worst cases his parts sound like a completely different, much worse song had just started out of nowhere. Vixx never would have needed a rapper imho. His solo music is abominable too. I can think of maybe 2 songs worth listening but rest is garbage and every song sounds the same, and it doesn't exactly help he autotunes his voice to hell. I've seen even other vixx fans complain about it. As far as kpop rappers go his personality doesn't seem to be that awful, he seems like ok guy who just has awful taste in everything (his yolo tattoo is a good example) but the standards are not exactly high there. He's a pretty good dancer and has a hot body so I guess he's got at least that, but so do many other idols lol.

But why N and Hyuk though? I thought N was among the fans one of the more popular members, is undeniably the best dancer in the group and has stage charisma. He can't sing at all but he has pleasant enough voice so no one seems to care. He used to be obnoxious when he was younger but you don't really see that from him anymore, now he's one of the more likeable members imho. His looks don't fit to the sk beauty standards at all though, I'm not familiar with how the sk fans feel about it but at least in the western fandom you only see people complimenting his caramel skin and talking about how hot he looks in drag lol (I agree). I think he's gotten more handsome with age, which for idols is rare. I guess he looks like a basic twink who grew up but that's kinda my type lol

Hyuk on the other hand is one of the blandest idols I've seen both looks and personality wise + he's sometimes rude to other members so I kind of get it, however I personally think he has a pretty good voice that should have been better utilized when they were at their prime. He's an ok dancer too so I wouldn't call him useless.

If I had to name another close to pointless member in Vixx it's Hongbin, he has the face that perfectly fits to sk beauty standards but that's literally all there is to him, he's weakest member talent wise and seems to loathe being an idol. Wasn't at all surprised when he got drunk and insulted idol music on livestream. He has done close to nothing with his life but one crappy pepsi commercial song and livestreamed video games since Vixx hiatus started, I guess his plan was to become a full time streamer before that scandal happened but now he can't do even that. I kinda feel bad for him cause he seems like a very unhappy person, he's said he's aware he's the weakest member and feels bad about it but couldn't he just find a normal job and leave then. He wasted his youth in an idol group, he could have become an actor with that face if he had gone that route, he's been even in some dramas I think but now I don't see him getting any roles for a while.

it's my first time posting here so yell at me if i fucked something up, i just see so seldom anyone mention vixx here so i had to vent lol

No. 83344

and i did fuck up by mentioning a post i didn't meant to, ignore that upper link to nct photo ugghh

No. 83348

File: 1586792821769.jpg (44.57 KB, 640x557, C1zCeOzUsAEhdKe.jpg)

nta but she looks completely fine and her age, blonde hair just makes most kpop idols look shit and washed out in unedited pics

It's entirely because he looks like jaejoong's alien twink brother. I hate how kpop replaces their popular idols with walmart brand versions of them, yg and sm are the worst at this

No. 83355

File: 1586797778044.jpg (84.87 KB, 720x960, simply punchable imo.jpg)

I was a fan too in the past and I pretty much watched all shows/interviews they participated in but even back then I basically had to force myself to like those 3. I think the main reason that sums up my dislike for them is because they're pathetic.


Pretty much for the same reasons that you wrote. Did you see him on Show me the money? That was so hard to watch, he acts as if he's tough shit but he just doesn't have any talent whatsoever. He also seems angry most of the time, which combined with his lack of skill makes him appear even more arrogant. Plus I can't stand his face.
Also arrogant, seems like a petty bitch. He can't take jokes and talks way too highly of himself (maybe him saying he's the best/the most attractive is just a joke but it doesn't come across as charming at all…) He acts so desperate for approval, it's just really offputting. Example: when they went to Jeju island and he was pissed because the owner of the restaurant they visited obviously didn't know them, that was so cringy to watch, why would you ask for free food when you're basically a nobody? I also find his face creepy because it's so small and round.
He's pretty much the opposite of them but also absolutely not likable. I remember that the members got asked about solo activities and when it was his turn he just laughed awkwardly, because he's got nothing going for himself. Imo he's one of the useless idols. Neither goodlooking nor overly talented nor an entertaining personality.

Ken acts obnoxious at times but so do many idols. Leo is weird (maybe even an ass irl) but he attracts fans meaning he does his job and Hongbin just never stood out too me in a positive way but he acted serious most of the time, so he's at least not annoying. My opinion about him vastly changed tho after that drunk rant, pretty pathetic too. I agree with you about him being unhappy, all of them probably have huge regrets, they likely will have to work normal jobs in the future. Many wonder why Vixx never really succeeded despite their bodies, interesting concepts and good vocals, but imo it's because of the members itself, mainly their personalities. I don't even think that the way they act is something that was assigned to them by their agency, it's just that they themselves aren't likeable enough to get a big fanbase, they simply lack star quality. Sad because the songs weren't bad, but they just weren't meant to make it, they were doomed right from the start.
I didn't keep up with any of them after their disbandment, what are they doing now? Ravi makes "music", Hongbin streaming and the others?

No. 83356

File: 1586798040107.jpg (23.78 KB, 408x612, gettyimages-1183590818-612x612…)

He honestly looks like a hag. How come people find him attractive. Fuck it, most of nct looks like shit.

No. 83358

Plain awful, he absolutely humiliated himself.

No. 83365

he strangely resembles a frog lol

No. 83368

i dont see it. where exactly has she aged hard?

No. 83370

File: 1586802501065.jpg (47.98 KB, 1024x706, DehKuZvVQAEw6p9.jpg)

I don't think he's as horrible looking as many on lc make him out to be? There are many uglier members, at least he looks like a man

While we're already talking about nct's looks, Lucas without makeup looks easily a decade older…?

No. 83372

the makeup they do in sk really is impressive.
they go fro looking like in your pic to flawless.
either its really the make up (cause they still look good abroad on stage away from asian filters) or they get stuff done by doctor kim before going abroad. (maybe one of those botox+filler injected everywhere in face in micro doses)

No. 83373

File: 1586803340320.jpeg (262.33 KB, 570x593, 2FE33B24-0071-4A38-877E-7E1211…)

Why do idols always want to look like everyone else

No. 83374

cause beauty standards?
who btw is that?

No. 83376

She used to be cute now she looks weird.

No. 83378


No. 83379

Huh, I didn't know Lucas looked like that without makeup. You got any pics of other members barefaced?

No. 83382

File: 1586807251135.jpeg (34.52 KB, 283x392, D5773483-3F08-4A7B-B336-FDA5A0…)

Nta but when sperm did a show in vancouver one of mark’s canadian friends posted this

No. 83383

Too bad the pressure got to her too. I thought she looked fine before but i don't blame her, really.
I wonder how she feels about being the least favourite member in mamamoo despite (imo) being the most talented one. She's too much "the girl next door" and too introverted and awkward compared to the others (ok maybe not moonbyul but she has the lesbian fans).
On top of that, her bff is the most popular member with a bunch of cf offers, tv appearances and a successful solo.
I'm sure that kinda makes you doubt yourself so insecurity probably caught up to her…i might be totally wrong but i feel like hwasa will be like the cl of the group and even leave eventually to go solo.

No. 83384

Both of them are Wheein?!

No. 83386

Wheein has anxiety and never liked being in the spotlight. mmm's agency asked her to promote her solo on shows and she refused, she's rarely on vlive/fancafe or whatever, even the members say her vibe is more like that of an indie artist.
mamamoo is one of the only groups I believe are actually close, like Wheein and Hwasa have been best friends since middle school. So I don't believe that Hwasa's success made her feel insecure and get ps, it's most likely some other reason

btw I'm this >>83065 anon, I didn't believe it until I saw her in motion with no filters on, and now I agree that she got something done to her chin and eyes. Too bad, I always thought she was the cutest one. Hopefully she stops now while she still looks okay

No. 83388

Did his lip fillers reabsorb? Good, they were tragic.

No. 83389

It’s from a 2018 video

No. 83390

lol that stache

No. 83395

File: 1586811096554.jpg (36.52 KB, 512x344, unnamed.jpg)

>the makeup they do in sk really is impressive
Yeah it is, I want to know how they do it. There are many idols who look quite a bit older without makeup while in the west it's the exact opposite. There are also many idols who fooled me into thinking that their skin is smooth af, until you see how acne ridden they actually are. Korean makeup is supposedly so much less than western makeup but I think it's actually be the opposite, tho it doesn't look cakey either.

I'm sorry but to me he looks unfortunate with or without makeup.

No. 83396

File: 1586811119589.jpg (278.52 KB, 972x1200, 1576212190907.jpg)

was posted few threads ago.
posting again to get barefaced all together (to avoid future going through all threads)

No. 83397

lip fillers?
sure its not just the makeup (and lip lining)?

No. 83398

File: 1586811564440.png (121.74 KB, 735x368, npenjbjlzajtrqaae0l1.png)

Nobody can beat incel Chanyeol kek

Yeah why would a male idol get lip fillers, is that something fangirls care about?

No. 83400

File: 1586811813776.jpeg (374.04 KB, 984x1296, 85E9E496-5B01-466D-988F-6D768F…)

On the topic of nct and makeup, i don’t understand how their stylists managed to make a normal looking teenager look this busted

No. 83401

are there any idols we know for sure got lip fillers? (before after pic that evidently shows different lips and isnt due to makeup)

from when are those pics?
why incel?

No. 83405

Yeah it's lip lining and that duck-lip pouting he always does for some reason
It does look cakey but but also very greasy on top
Lmao wtf he's so ashy. And that blue eyeliner is a huge no-no

No. 83406

File: 1586813072571.jpg (112.11 KB, 1080x1163, d668211084eebd52d7c0a1f3a5bcaa…)

I mean unless they're doing too much too fast like Hyuna it's hard to tell because of makeup. I simply have a hard time believing that this is what the natural lips of asian males look like. Monsta X Hyungwon's "sassy" drinking gif also always reminds me of Kylie Jenner having to drink with a straw because she's lost all sensation in her lips thanks to too many fillers…

>from when are those pics?

2013, when he was in that jungle reality show.
>why incel?
Because he looks looks like a greasy basement dweller?

No. 83407

Idk some people just have weird lips naturally. I can't see why a male idol would get lip fillers unless he had nonexistent lips in the first place

No. 83408

File: 1586813803707.gif (1.94 MB, 550x350, tumblr_nkmcfgwmQY1up7pdvo2_128…)

Getting lip injections has only been a very recent trend amongst some gangnam unnies, most idols still have smallish mouths, so it's a weird coincidence that more than one guy in a single group has gigantic ones, especially since they're known for copying black trends and pandering to the US. Also there's a huge amount of western guys who are "gay" for Jimin, so him having bj lips is even more suspicious…

No. 83410

Sadly Hyungwons lips are real
They look so nasty and weird lmfao

No. 83411

who else has thick lips?

No. 83412

File: 1586816004595.png (568.21 KB, 582x580, hyunafood.png)

what happened to hyuna totally trying really really hard to gain weight and her posts with her weight or diet were just her showing this for fans who are concerned? she doesn't have the super tiny waist that makes other idols (like blackpink) so noticeably skinny, but how does hyuna still get away with this with so little concern? is it because her fans would defend any of her moves just proving how carefree and unique she is? the amount of them defending this saying it's a completely healthy meal for an adult woman, or that she probably eats 6 or 7 of these in a day is embarassing

No. 83413

Jimin and jins tragic lip fillers pisses me off. It's so disgusting. Idc if guys get lip fillers at least do it well

No. 83414

I'm 100% sure jimin is a narcissist

No. 83415

mmh if you look at baby pics/predebut (i know im a ratmy blah) they always had big lips. combined with lipstick/gloss doesnt look like lipfiller at all
also their stylists keep concealing them to make them look smaller
lip fillers arent even that popular with female idols, koreans dont dig the jessi look

No. 83416

File: 1586817307887.jpg (594.33 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200413-233443_Gal…)

No. 83417

File: 1586817993744.jpg (278.7 KB, 2896x2896, 20200414_004332.jpg)

idk looks pretty thick to me
im just saying that koreans dont prefer kardashian lips and generally have fuller lips than westerners
ive also seen kpop girls having concealed lips which, to me, seems like a weird stylistic choice

No. 83418

No one is saying he had razor thin lips before, he clearly had some type of lip plumping, whether temporary or not after 2017. He had fillers on his nose as well, what will stop him from lip fillers that dissolve anyways lmfao.

No. 83419

also reminds me of the whole 'small mouth' preference when male idols describe their ideal type

No. 83421

File: 1586818575011.jpg (31.16 KB, 289x388, original (5).jpg)

pre-debut jimin

No. 83423

File: 1586818646186.png (145.2 KB, 306x306, tumblr_inline_o2arbpwnRi1tnbn7…)

No. 83427

>small mouth preference
never heard that, when, who said that? maybe just one or two?

>describing preference

arent those pre-determined by their agency?

No. 83428

jimin was cute until 2016. he really ruined himself after bst era

No. 83429

File: 1586819256003.jpg (119.6 KB, 1200x1200, 0454b25a628356e481374835b54e77…)

No. 83430

i think it was exo mainly and others i cant remember

No. 83431

Kinda ot but since you guys know something from plastic surgery, do fillers really really dissolve or do they fuck up your face and skin?

No. 83432

File: 1586819457463.jpg (22.63 KB, 320x320, c2d19729ce6bcd75afaca1f4f1b615…)

No. 83433

they dont fully dissolve
if and how much they mess up the face depends on various things such as ability of injector and individuals biology which will determine if and how the stuff will migrate and dissolve. or not.
you ll have to be a bit more precise if you wanna know something specific.
there are also reports that they start dissolving bone. there was a korean youtube vid on that.

No. 83434

File: 1586819673414.jpg (28.79 KB, 400x488, fe307c89d312f9c86fd4f4d396c840…)

No. 83435

Bet that's what happened to Yuta's chin/jaw

No. 83436

File: 1586819879830.jpg (17.61 KB, 301x400, dbf18cef35b0c5c036d7d84549738f…)

No. 83437

cant find the vid atm.
anyway, with all the kpop craze and the related ps there are lots of people including doctors uploading vids on it.
in one a doctor said that fillers on chin and nose can lead to it starting to eat into the bone. china has published a paper on it in 2018.
if this is due to bad quality material isnt mentioned.

>yutas chin

it seems as though fillers are more popular than surgery. fillers do dissolve.
not sure what yutas chin looks like atm
anyway, the intended injection doesnt necessarily stay where one wants it, it can migrate.
worst part is, you need to dissolve that stuff rather quickly. it can bind with tissue (can, doesnt always). when that happens, its gonna stay for a long long time.

No. 83438

stop posting jimin here, go to spam thread.

No. 83440

File: 1586820314892.jpg (13.28 KB, 392x165, 4ae986b79967a3608c0b38243fdf5b…)

No. 83442

File: 1586822006610.jpg (22.95 KB, 384x640, 63373d840f0db8c907709d725ba7ff…)

>>83440(ban evading ratmy)

No. 83443

you're that ban evading ratmy again arent you?

No. 83444

File: 1586824372105.jpg (31.56 KB, 400x400, AmEun035_400x400.jpg)

I don't understand how this is 'bad' aside from the intentionally silly lyrics/concept. If there were average lyrics and a safe concept this would be a decent song imo.
YooA from Oh My Girl is the only one I can think of but I'm surprised there aren't more bc lip filler is big among the Gangnam Unnie crowd these days.
Tbh Jimin is cute without the kpop styling. But I definitely do think he's had something done to his nose after seeing these pictures.

No. 83445


as that girl hasnt got her mouth closed, it could be an upper lip lift.
those reshape the upper lip and make it larger. can lead to constant open mouth though

No. 83446

File: 1586824650801.png (770.46 KB, 1312x920, Screen Shot 2020-04-13 at 8.10…)

An Asian Youtuber pretended to be a trainee on IG and apparently some thirsty kpop stan sent this to someone in reference to his fake account. Made me think of the children who go to kpop concerts barely clothed because they think that oppa will notice them and make their Wattpad fanfics come true.

No. 83447

Video is here for those of you who are curious.

No. 83448

arent those 'fans' his subscribers who are having a laugh participating in the cringe?

No. 83450

Is he gay koreaboo like edward

No. 83451


No. 83456

This guy is so fucking ugly and boring but i appreciate the scam.

No. 83458

It's decent but definitely pales in comparison to I'm So Sick and %%. Glad they still have a career, though.

No. 83459

Only a matter of time before his botox explodes. Hes so ugly now and looks like a gangnam aunty

No. 83461

File: 1586837639358.jpeg (179.92 KB, 827x1327, EVhvnSIU8AA8ebv.jpeg)

Lol your prayers were answered anon. Looks like Mark will be back with dream now too

No. 83462

Samefag but it's over for 127 now LMAO

No. 83465

They meant a redebut, not SM fucking up another unit system.
The graduation system was perfect, too bad whiny stans ruined it.
Damn bunny boilers lmfao

No. 83473

This makes no fucking sense.
So all those new trainees are going to be added to Dream?
Fuck my hopes for a new GOOD bg from SM then.

No. 83480

I don’t know what makes dream so unique for sm stans to be crying over it graduating. It would have been better if it was over for good, one less group to the unending nct units.

No. 83482

Yeah. Jaejoong's face shape is bigger for the longer eye thing in general. His face proportions in general are better for the ps he gets but his doppleganger… idk man. Even Taemin is starting to look like Gackt and IDK why that's a trend.

No. 83483

Nct fans are insufferable.

No. 83485

I wanted SM to stop the graduation system, I didn’t want them to sink all their new trainees into another rotation group. The NCT concept is just getting messy

No. 83486

File: 1586854072571.jpg (169.1 KB, 549x400, 2011030109472910011.jpg)

I always thought Jaejoong's face is very slim and v-shaped for a guy but Taeyong takes it to another level, he looks downright gaunt (like The Scream). Plus Jaejoong and all the other "originals" (the guys SM uses as inspiration for NCT's ps) already looked a least a bit like their nowadays-selves naturally, they weren't given a completely different face.

>Fuck my hopes for a new GOOD bg from SM then.
You realize that they'd be born in 2005 or even later, right? Stanning the current NCT Dream is weird already but being excited for an even younger group…

No. 83489

No, that's the opposite of what's happening. SM has explained this really badly.

What's happening is this: NCT Dream will now have fixed members (Chenle, Jisung, Renjun, Jaemin, Haechan and Mark) but those members will rotate based on the comeback. So one comeback might just have Chenle and Jisng, another might have Haechan, Jaemin, Chenle and Mark and another might have all the members. No new members will be added to Dream and no members will leave.

Basically it's just SM trying to get around not always having Haechan and Mark in the group when they're busy with 127 promos.

No. 83490

Here goes another failed project.
This is somewhat what happened back in the day when Elf’s refused a rotational unit (think in 2006 ish) and SM had to comply because the riots went to far.
But this time SM fucked up because they could’ve just created a different unit for those old dream members and kept the Dream graduation concept.
It’s a good way to introduce kids into Nct.
Dumbasses took it as they would make the kids leave permanently lmfaooo.
Sm is failing.
Investors are mad as fuck rn probably.
Prepare for NCT’s downfall next year.

No. 83491

she was never trying to gain weight. those posts were always just a way for her to boast about how thin she is, she just made up the "i'm trying to gain weight!" story to have an excuse to post scale pics without being accused of encouraging anorexia. which, incidentally, is exactly what she's doing.

No. 83492

>You realize that they'd be born in 2005 or even later, right? Stanning the current NCT Dream is weird already but being excited for an even younger group…

I guess people can't like music for MUSIC then? I don't even stan to the younger groups cause its weird, but I enjoy their music.
I loved Shinee and EXO. All I want is for SM to create a new group that has listenable music again so that I can extend my spotify playlist.

Oh then I guess my faith is restored lmao thanks for explaining!

No. 83494


No. 83495

very fucking boring

No. 83497

Hwasa tans. It was pretty obvious because sometimes she looks really orange. Like them british girls

No. 83499

Immediately reminded me of MONSTA Xs 'Beautiful' when I saw the beginning

No. 83502

hwasa, hyuna, lots of idols tan darker when they’re doing a sexy concept. it’s weird because then fans boast about they’re such natural melanin queens, when really they’re just using old ideas that darker women are sexy and wild, because suddenly when it’s a less sexy concept they’re about 3 shades lighter. it’s not the biggest deal, they’re not strutting around in blackface, but it is annoying that they get complimented for being so progressive by… following old stereotypes

No. 83504

File: 1586866119311.jpg (96.93 KB, 748x1012, unnamed.jpg)

Does anybody else also think that Taemin has an eating disorder?

He debuted super young, so at that time the "naturally skinny" excuse might have valid, but even back then the group talked about dieting. Later for his solo debut he went down to 57kg.
>“I have the tendency to gain weight easily and I can’t really do any diet at all. My trainer made me try dieting and exercise but I think somewhere along the line, it was miscalculated and I ended up losing a lot of weight.”
How can you miscalculate that? Just stop if your weight goes too low?
In Sperm he's "in charge of dieting" in the group and Baekhyun even told him he has to eat.
There are so many eating disorder rumours about people who are much heavier than him, yet he always get's away with it despite being open about restricting. The most bullshit excuse I heard was "He prefers being skinny because dancing is easier this way!"…

No. 83505

File: 1586866324223.jpg (155.32 KB, 600x911, lk1.jpg)

Now it's slightly better but a couple years ago his arms looked worse than Lisa's and Rose's.

No. 83507

the way i see it:
in order to be in the business you gotta have a certain look/features.
having a defined face seems to be one of the main things for guys.
taemin puts on weight in his face fast.
so for shoots, comebacks etc he will try to get low in bf (hence loose the weight he put on during japan touring or whatever) and ending up very skinny but showing jawline.

btw. there was a post about him seeing depressed in an ig post. was that real or a fake?

No. 83508

here they talk about taemins weight loss. for cb

doubt its ed, just industry standards being met.

No. 83510

But why should the industry standard be so much stricter for him than for all other idols? He makes even the skinniest girls look big next to him.
Plus farmers constantly worry that X female idols or Jungkook whose weight is completely within the normal range are anorexic, so I just wondered whether that might be the case for much more skelly Taemin too.

No. 83514


you didnt read what i wrote.
its not about a number on the scale.
its about visible facial features.

he genetically gains weight quickly in the face. in order to get a jawline (to look good for cbs etc.) he needs to go low.

he aint ana. he just adhering industry standards.
and this pic >>83505 must be more than just a few years ago. his body couldnt reach that/look like that. he has aged.

No. 83515

File: 1586870370439.jpeg (59.8 KB, 658x439, 134622343.jpeg)


see pic
beginning of first sperm tour he had a full face. he eats. he likes eating. but industry doesnt like big/fat faces. industry wants jawline.

No. 83517

That pohoto is over a decade old, he was 15 there

No. 83518

>he aint ana. he just adhering industry standards.
why are you speaking like that? and those arent mutually exclusive, brainlet

No. 83519

File: 1586872889195.jpg (68.42 KB, 947x533, want_yoo_hee_yeol_s_sketchbook…)

>he eats. he likes eating.
Said every stan about every idol ever. Doesn't matter that Taemin himself says that he doesn't. Also fillers are a thing (especially on him) and idols constantly lie about their "fat" faces to justify the fact that they're starving.

His arms are a bit better now, but overall not much. He's still much more skelly than thin female idols (or that idol trainee in this pic). He collaborated with Hara and Sunmi who are both know to be amongst the thinnest yet his legs were still skinnier than theirs.
If his weight is considered fine acoording to you, then so should be all other idols too and we never need to have the weight/ed discussion ever again.

No. 83520


i dont care about idols weight.
talking less about ed would be a plus.
for all idols its either: ed or confirming to industry standards. their face (and body) is their money maker anyway. so in the end…..why bother discussing it. i find the topic lacking milk.

>fillers are a thing

i find that topic way milkier. please continue.

No. 83522

I agree with you anon, but I do think taemin is one of the few idols that actually enjoys food when he gets it. (I do think he has fillers in that pic though)
do I think he has an eating disorder? yea, but I think it's also him trying to adhere to that weird androgynous body type he's working with rn. We know he's already bound to have a smaller frame because he's dances but I think his schtick (?) is what's keeping him so thin.

No. 83523

File: 1586875607040.jpg (130.33 KB, 1080x1920, 70f6e405e04907b617880571c83824…)

Nah, those are/were 100% fillers.

No. 83526

Anyone else watch this nugu group's MV? They look more plastic than LOONA and all their costumes/concepts are blantantly recycled, which intrigued me. Looked them up and sure enough, they are all failed trainees passed around from other labels. The majority of them are former members of the group Good Day. Any other groups you know composed of the "best of the worst"?

No. 83527

got more pics or comparison?
that one looks as though it could be angle, lighting and makeup…..
(it does look ducky though…)

No. 83528

But new nct units will include the dream members? So that means that new units will be formed consisting of the new trainees and random dream members (and ofc Mark and Taeyong lol)

No. 83530

I actually think they don't look too plastic and I can appreciate them not being all skelly.
The song is better than their debut too.. but it's kind of obvious they're gonna be nugus forever

No. 83531

Jyp made this song, hope it doesn't end up like eclipse

No. 83535

thats way worse and seems to be a something they're luring fans into
Make them believe the original members will stay, keep it for 2 comebacks, put new trainees into the unit
make the original members slowly leave then BOOM
Now they're goo goo gaga over the new trainees

No. 83536

File: 1586883209461.jpg (48.87 KB, 520x692, HYi1wrI.jpg)

he has always had lips like that

No. 83537

Any new NCT units formed won't have the Dream name. The current members + Mark will be the only ones who will be listed as part of NCT Dream, but they can also be shuffled into other U-style units if needed. At least that's what I understood kek.

It's a mess regardless and absolutely nowhere near as efficient as the AKB system; if SM really had the balls they'd hold a Senbatsu and give center to whoever sold the most covers instead of shoving Markyong everywhere (Taeyong has lots of fans so he probably would still get center, but it'd be fun to watch Jaehyun/Ten/Renjun/Winwin's fandoms fight too)

No. 83539

File: 1586883945250.jpg (481.92 KB, 3264x2054, eAHG1WJ.jpg)

Anyways some milk on a new gen group member, Seo Woobin from Cravity
I saved this picture on the left a while ago, just incase it'd be buried, its when he just joined Starship ent and they started filleting his face so he'd fit beauty standards
Its sad how there are barely any natural faces on new gen idols despite them debuting so young.
Txt members also had hella plastic surgery but thats another post

No. 83540


but holy crap it shows how good some of those dr kims are.
im really curious how the aging is gonna go…
they seem to do more and more to their idols. tech is getting better and better…but skin is still skin….

please post the txt ones!

No. 83541

why is she even posting this? shes seems like an annoying anachan

No. 83542

Most Ateez members got crazy transformations too

No. 83543

which ones had the most done?

No. 83544

File: 1586885938965.jpg (441.05 KB, 3078x3264, 1kbX9wO.jpg)

txt is actually a case where they looked nice before debut
terrifies me what bighit did to them
atleast give them a natural job :/
they were only 16 ish when they debuted.

No. 83545

looks like
1 maybe nose
2 eyes

No. 83546

File: 1586887295451.jpg (593.12 KB, 3264x3264, mqsJiWf.jpg)

yeah i looked at several pictures, beomgyu had his buccal fat removed, fillers for flat nose, eyelid surgery and aegyo sal, all that accompanied with extreme weight loss (he's 53kg at 170 ish)
Taehyun had braces and his teeth laminated, eyelid surgery, nose done especially around his nostrils, buccal fat removal as well (explains why they look gaunt)

No. 83547

File: 1586888583683.jpg (113.65 KB, 686x800, bISOO9Z.jpg)

Guys, Nct Dream will disband… lmfao.
They'll disband after their comeback on the 29th.
I dont get anything, its giving me aneurysm.

No. 83549

Why is the Johnny’s formula that LSM so desperately wants to replicate not panning out in Korea? The graduation concept is obviously working in Japan, and it even worked for After School, but for some reason SM keeps trying it and failing with their male groups.

No. 83550

Because LSM is also hellbent on pushing Markyong for whatever reason. AKB and Johnny's groups also have extremely popular members like Rino Sashihara, but even she hasn't always won center positions every year the way Taeyong has. Also they're not afraid to demote or bench members - the girl who shaved her head was pretty popular, but she got pushed to an obscure unit as punishment (fucked up thing to do imo) and had to work her way upwards again.

In NCT's case LSM would rather slit his own wrists than stop pushing Mark and Taeyong for one hot second; if he wants NCT to be a brand bigger than its members he needs to give other members a chance to do shit in songs and promos too

No. 83551

File: 1586890846632.jpg (1.85 MB, 308x500, E7X3zVp.jpg)


No. 83552

File: 1586890929406.gif (395.03 KB, 220x146, tenor.gif)

I'm so confused. Who said that first part in the screenshot?

Well. I actually liked some Dream releases so this is actually disappointing.

No. 83553

I don't think so, I think it was some desperate kboo who actually fell for it.
I prefer this to the new GGs that are painfully trying too hard to do the badass girl crush concept. Not only are they being smart by moving from a fleeting male fanbase towards appealing to the female demographic, but they're also doing it in a respectable way, not resorting to the typical girl-crush or sexy-concept. Imo they're a success story among older groups who fail to keep the momentum & hype going surrounding new releases–whoever has designed their last three comebacks deserves a ginormous bonus.
I'm the original anon, FUCK YES I'm so happy. I'm not happy that they'll prob be in 127 or WayV from time to time but it's a smart decision because if they get moved to bigger sub-units they'll have hardly any lines. Though it kind of sucks that Mark is going to be in Dream again bc the other members finally got the chance to shine after he left.
It's only weird if you stan based on age (aka you're a pedo) or you expect to have a crush on the members. I don't 'stan' groups like that personally so I have no issue with being a casual fan of Dream. It's not weird to appreciate talent or music, and NCT Dream is the most listenable of all the subunits. I'm a fan of Shinee and they caught my eye initially because they remind me a lot of Shinee. NCT Dream is the only NCT subunit I have any faith in like >>83492 said. Every other unit has deadweight members and tragic releases.
How is the 'fixed' NCT Dream worse than a graduating unit? Kfans were already petitioning for them to be a fixed unit. The graduation system doesn't work in Korea, see: After School and Nine Muses who had so many lineup changes that their group promotions became obsolete.
Eh I feel like the number of fans for the kids who were on PD X 101 is going to outnumber the fanbase for the other members. That name is awful as well.
A slightly OT question but does it ever turn out that a group with members who were on a show like PD101/48, The Unit, etc gain fans for the members that were not on the show? I've only seen these groups (CIX, Weki Meki, gugudan, etc) regarded as "[famous trainee's] group" which seems like it works against the group as a whole.

No. 83555

Honestly love it, love that it actually has a chorus and its not a shouty mess like every other song this year.

No. 83558

I know there's a shit ton of NCTzens in here based on how many of you sperg about 127 so can one of you all pls answer my question about why Mark is the favorite? This shit is ridiculous, esp with him being shoved back into Dream again when the members got substantially more lines after he left.

No. 83559

Has anyone seen this new kpop dance analysis + ranking channel? I'm cracking up at all the Haechan stans in the comments trying to cope with him getting placed at no. 6

No. 83560

That first part isn't even written by SM. The bottom part is the translation; is someone just fucking around with ifans?

No. 83562

this is great. pity so few groups have been done so far.

No. 83564

I've learned not to trust 'dancers' who critique kpop groups on Youtube because the majority of them are kboos who teach themselves kpop dances and maybe go to the occasional hiphop workshop. I actually knew of a girl who went to some hiphop classes in Korea at 'famous' studios seen on Youtube; she was actually really good to watch but knew nothing about other dance styles or technique.
On the other hand, even if they are classically trained (10% chance that they are), I also grew up as a company dancer and I knew of girls who danced alongside me and made it to the pre-professional level despite not being pleasing to watch. IME some people that I trained with were technically dancers who had danced for a long time, were capable of difficult skills, but weren't good for whatever reason. They could do the same thing as this person, say that they made it to the pre-professional level, and convince you that they have the authority to decide who is a good dancer and who is not meanwhile they're not that great to watch themselves. Given that, I'd need to see this person dance before I consider their opinion as anything valuable.
How would Taeyong win center positions consistently though? From what I've seen of non-Pann comments, he has a terrible character and reputation in Korea.

No. 83565

I probably should also add that a lot of companies are based on dance mom 'politics' and money, so even if someone is at the pre-professional level, it could be largely attributed to their parents' money and/or relationship with the director. So tl;dr: don't trust a 'dancer's' opinion without some video proof that they're talented themselves.

No. 83566

>trusting youtube commentators

not anon that posted vid- its not about youtubers validity for me (i totally agree with your point though) but rather more watching fans have a meltdown cause their fav isnt high enough in 'ranking'.

No. 83567

>if SM really had the balls they'd hold a Senbatsu and give center to whoever sold the most covers
I'd love for that to happen, it would be a brutal reality check for all fans who coddle these adult males and think having a favourite in a group is mean and should be forbidden lmao

No. 83568


isnt the japanese one just girls?
i dont see that concept working with guys.

No. 83569

there are many male rotational groups in jpop
they just dont apply an akb48 graduation thing.

No. 83570

File: 1586897862037.jpg (119.31 KB, 812x1200, ETUPDmSXgAEb0S2.jpg)

taeyong was tied with lucas and ten in superm's cover album sales, he definitely wouldn't win

No. 83571

heeeeey… hwak mudeo

a sarangayyyyyooo!!
1:42 you will not regret it

No. 83572

Lol. But Jaehyun would 100% win, he has a lot of fans in and out of Korea

No. 83573

File: 1586898085224.jpg (72.8 KB, 680x680, bcLmPdN.jpg)

apparently the cravity kids copied, 3 exo MV's….

No. 83574

lol shut up froghyun cant even land a solo magazine cover

No. 83575

File: 1586898493397.png (171.78 KB, 480x854, sperm sales.png)

that was early stage of buying.
see pic for sales
no name is in black is group album


No. 83576

I don't get why she (or bp in general) have so many female fans, that's not even normal aegyo anymore, she straight up talks and acts like an obnoxious retarded 5-year-old. What's appealing about this to teenage girls, wouldn't they prefer somebody who's actually funny but also a bit mature to look up to? She's by far not the among the prettiest idols either?

Everybody has heard this already.

Why would they think that nobody notices that?? Gravity is also an Exo song, their group name sounds like a mix between that and cavities, what a genius idea…

No. 83577

>How would Taeyong win center positions consistently though
That's what I'm saying, if SM really ran NCT like AKB he'd be shoved aside too. Center position wouldn't be a guaranteed thing for him like it is now.

The song was straight ass, what would they gain by doing this?

No. 83579

If NCT held a senbatsu the winner would basically always be one of the WayV or Chinese boys (probably Renjun or Ten, they're the most popular in China) due to sheer numbers.

Limit it to Korean votes either and I guess it'd be between Jaehyun, Taeyong and Jungwoo each time.

No. 83580

He's getting there, he's had magazine features every month for the past few months. Anyways his covers always sell out first in both korea and japan


No. 83581

this has been explained in the thread already. they're not disbanding, they're just getting rid of the graduation concept and restoring the original members. it's not really that hard to understand.

No. 83582

welp whats hard to understand is….. why did they do this when no one asked
sorry nobody except nctfags understand this retarded concept

No. 83583

NCT dream fans have been asking for this since Dream's debut though.

No. 83586

they asked for another fixed unit with the graduated members.
korean fans who are their target audience are really mad rn
nobody asked for them to stop Nct dream fully???? wtf.

No. 83587

File: 1586900806945.png (329.63 KB, 480x480, download (10).png)

As far as I understood, this is their debut song? Meaning they started out today? Yet they already have crazy stans spamming their videos… Feels like kpop stans are getting worse and worse.

I read some of the comments regarding the mv issue and so many kpop fans are too dumb to understand why plagiarism is a bad thing
>leave them alone, they just debuted
How old does a group need to be for others to be allowed to criticize them…?
>nobody owns [insert whatever] concept
>so what if they took X as inspiration
"Taking inspiration" without asking is simply a crime, it's not like in school there you can quickly copy your friend's homework, somebody put genuine effort into something to get paid, you can't just take that.

G-idle also very clearly copied but fans don't get the issue. Same with Momoland and that russian group back then.

No. 83591

OMG so that's where that scene was from! I knew I'd seen it before! Ripping off FKA Twig's smh…they're so shameless and low

No. 83592

anon, they are not stopping dream. stop relying on pannchoa's shitty translations, she routinely mistranslates stuff and this is another example of her getting shit werong.

dream will continue as a fixed rotational unit, which basically just means sometimes haechan and mark won't be involved in promotions because they'll be doing 127 stuff. that's it. that's all this means. it's not hard.

No. 83593

NCT Dream aren't disbanding, Pann-Choa just can't read Korean and is bad at translating.

People who actually can read Korean have already explained that all that is happening is Dream will be continuing with the original members and there will no longer be graduations, i.e exactly what the fans asked for.

No. 83595

>Every other unit has deadweight members
If you aren't "stanning" groups than why does it matter if they have deadweight members? If the music is consistently good (it isn't tho) than what difference does that make?
And lets not act like all the dreamies are extremely talented, they just work really well as a group.

No. 83596

File: 1586902930065.jpg (838.04 KB, 3264x2440, conspiracy.jpg)

Ok conspiracy time for the crazy ones
Apparently, the face on the ball from ''cast away'' is under scrutiny from various conspiracy sites.
There is a theory involving that (warning)
Many high ranking politicans and celebs were involved in the skinning of a childs face, and they use the Wilson ball as a nudge towards each other like a ''joke''
There was a picture of Jay z, Ellen wearing the wilson face on a hoodie, some talk show host had the wilson ball face on his wall.
Now you might be thinking what it has to do with Kpop but…..
Lo and behold the intro to Woosung ''Face'' with the Wilson ball.
''I like your face, your red stained cherry lips''
Yall think KPop be into this shit? Theres a picture of LSM at a free mason thing (You can search it up easily) and the whole YG having underage prostitues…..
yah enough posting for today.

No. 83599

Stanning imo involves becoming interested in the personalities of the members. Not all of them are exceptionally individually talented but I appreciate the group and the cohesion they have as performers; I also prefer to look at a group with 5-6 members instead of however many 127 has. I don't think there's any exceptions to a group theoretically not 'needing' anyone beyond 7 members. Any number past that is redundant, not that there aren't deadweights in groups of 7 members and below. But generally deadweight members muddy the performance, can't sing/rap so they're unpleasant to listen to, and get camera time that could otherwise be utilized on the more talented members.
A good example of this is The Boyz, who I wanted to like because I think a handful of members are attractive and decently skilled, but the seven other members take up the majority of camera time and detract from the time that the potential-star members could have in songs/videos/variety/etc. I genuinely think this holds back a number of large groups and that a majority of the groups would be better off with seven members at most.
I've reduced LOONA down to five members before in a theoretically ideal line-up (though my opinion doesn't mean shit lmao) and I could probably do the same with The Boyz and other unnecessarily ginormous BGs as well. The only exception to the seven member rule might be Seventeen, but I don't know much about them.

No. 83602

Hmm I see your point. So what are your theoretically ideal line-ups?

No. 83606

Does anybody know what the former SNSD members are doing now?
Taeyeon has her solo, Tiffany is failing to make it in the US, Jessica does various stuff, but what about the others? You don't hear anything about them at all anymore. I accidentally came across Sooyoung's yt channel but she doesn't have many subscribers. What do they live off? Did they make enough money to laze around for the next 70 years of their life?
Also, Taeyeon has gotten so ugly now…

No. 83608

This isn't related to the dreamies but imagine listening to a song you like and that member with the bad voice's part comes on bc they're part of the lineup based on something pointless like their visuals or variety or whatever. It really ruins the musical experience.

No. 83610

SHES not even ugly you’re overreacting lol
Even if she was she still has a successful solo career and talent
Not many can say the same
Also Snsd is crumbling except for Yoona with her acting gig and China, Sunny is LSM niece she’s set for life and Tae

No. 83611

christ, what an asshole

No. 83617

Excuse you, how dare you insinuate that that was intentional? He was obviously shoved by the invisible bodyguard behind him!

No. 83619

ok, enough of the repeat posts.
for next thread (in 700 posts) lets use that gif and make it a 'scammer is ourguy' edition
then its settled.

No. 83620

i thought that was a caucasian (left side) in the pic before reading your comment…….
is that the theme for the makeup?

No. 83621

How does he survive on his schedule? I need some of this energy

No. 83622

White people match asian beauty standards better than Asians do

No. 83623

File: 1586910264061.jpg (53.19 KB, 677x677, IMG_20200414_192243.jpg)

Jimin got a headache from (barely) stirring coffee and sugar… how anemic and weak is he? Lmao it reminds me when I was anorexic, even though he said in a recent Vlive that he is eating so much because muh Corona virus, pandemic, eat healthy!!!!

No. 83624

this is depressing. I really feel like BTS’s members could start spiralling if they don’t address their problems, it’s not like they don’t have the resources to do so. Maybe military will help them

No. 83625

you that ban evading ratmy again?
the one that loves to talk about this jimin dude. go to spam thread.

No. 83626

? I'm not, why does it makes so many people mad that someone wants to talk about bts instead of ntc lmao it's not like they are some obscure nugu group, obviously there are a lot of anons who are interested in them.

Anyways back on topic, I don't know how he manages to pull out concerts when he is like this. He also said that he keeps on getting weaker and weaker every passing year… ok anachan.

No. 83627

Yikes. I havent watched this, but you figured they'd be eating better during this home quarentine. he's 25 now, right? this is some sad teenager eating disorder behavior, especially when he proves he can have muscles as a dancer. Makes no sense to be so low energy when you're rich and can eat well.

No. 83628

>getting weaker and weaker
thats called aging….kek

No. 83629

He’s 25…

No. 83630

Yeah cause at age 24 you get tired from whisking coffee and water
He’ll be in for a shock when he enlists then
Better blame it on “aging”

No. 83631

yeah…they are on ana diets and at are worked hard. (thats why idols are on fillers.it hides a sunken (mainly due to diet) face.)
aging sets in earlier.

No. 83632

You got lost on your way to vigilant citizen

No. 83633

I don't think it can be applied to every idol or every member on bts, clearly this is a specific problem with him and it seems to be the worst case in the whole group, RM who is older and has been on the same schedule and I guess the same diets, did the thing in 1-2 minutes and way faster.
Jimin was the most muscular member, now his legs and arms look like sticks, worse than suga's. He barely has any muscle now.


No. 83634

My bad
Lemme go back to where I came from

No. 83635

File: 1586914691834.png (730.73 KB, 720x866, Screen Shot 2020-04-14 at 9.35…)

For Loona: Kim Lip, Heejin, Hyunjin, Chuu, and then the last member is a toss up between Choerry/Jinsoul/Olivia Hye.
For The Boyz: Hyunjae, Younghoon, Juyeon, Juhaknyeon, Sangyeon.

Hyoyeon is under fire atm for putting her apartment double its initial valuation after she appeared on some show. Idk what she even does, I think she does some projects with SM the Station but that's it. Yuri hasn't been in a drama since 2018 and she had a solo over a year ago that literally nobody asked for. I have no idea what Sunny's doing but her face looks off to the point that I immediately thought "holy shit she has a whole new face".
Imo it's rare to see a celebrity truly 'retire' because the majority like the attention and aren't content with money like we assume. They want the fame to continue which is why so many of them become cringey past their career's prime.

No. 83636

I can tell the anons ITT are uninterested but I also know a lot about conspiracy theories and believe that LSM has ties to secret societies. I feel like YG isn’t necessarily into occult or Masonic stuff and his case is more gang relations/garden variety criminal. JYP has already been outed as a sketchy cult member iirc but it’s just one of those weird Christian ones that are all over Korea.

No. 83637

File: 1586916115734.png (906.48 KB, 1072x472, Screen Shot 2020-04-14 at 10.0…)

Sorry for the terrible screencap, this is what happens when you take a screenshot of an IG video on your computer. Here's a better view, it's sad that they've fucked with their faces so much. Sunny definitely had a buccal fat removal which took any charm she had away and now she looks like Raina of After School.

No. 83638

File: 1586916200502.jpeg (5.59 KB, 287x176, images.jpeg)

She also had her nose done and did something to her eyes as well. Definitely had a jaw shave but that could have been the 'before' picture I used. Shame because I used to think she was so cute.

No. 83641


No. 83642

Taeyeon has been falling behind these past two years. In 2015-16, she was making the most. Now I'd say Yoona is doing the best in SNSD.

Yoona's last movie did pretty well. 3rd most watched domestic movie of the year. It made $20 million more than the movie she did with Hyun Bin. She also had a drama set for this year, but it's postponed obv. She's still doing Innisfree + Chinese CFs, hosts MBC Gayo, owns a building in Gangnam. Loaded.

No. 83643

Wtf is a Qanon

No. 83644

File: 1586919731385.gif (554.44 KB, 268x200, C9F4C291-BCA2-4602-A044-78D70F…)

Found this on AKP
I’m disturbed
Explain Wonhofags xx

No. 83647

you couldve kept this right tf on there but you didnt. You didnt even have the decency to spoiler it. Youre a disgusting human being!

No. 83654

My pussy just dried up

No. 83657

I just realized theres no photo of IU and BoA in the same shot, aren't they in the same company?

No. 83658

No lol BoA is from SM
IU is from Loen.

No. 83659

Lol this has to be the most random comment

No. 83660

Good videos, on white background and isolated like that the difference in talent is really easy to see, so nobody can really argue about the uploader just being biased. But all the comments I saw were only happy that Yuta got ranked high, nobody being salty…?
I wish they did Bts and were brave enough to put Ratmon and Jin in the F rank lol

Lol but I get why you thought that, since IU usually hangs with SM artists

No. 83663

I didn’t even realise this was sunny until your reply, christ.

idk about this tinfoil specifically but I swear there must be so much more dark shit like burning sun happening right under everyone’s kpoppie nose. Some of these idols are definitely getting sold to sponsors or something…

No. 83666

The bar in Kpop has gotten so low these days, retards are now praising Itzy for sounding like squeaky toys! KPOP never change.

No. 83668

>>83666 I don’t dislike the song itself (Wannabe) but the Itzy girls have horrible voices. Their b-sides are also beyond shit. Wtf is JYP doing with them, I have no idea. The only reason they are so popular is because half of the members were from different "reality" shows. Otherwise, I don’t see how they can be as popular as they are.

No. 83670

Their dancing/performance is good, but the singing clearly took a backseat in training. Apart from Lia they all seem like dancers trained to “sing”.

No. 83673

It's so astounding how she is the only one who can sing, but gets the most amount of hate for being "untalented" (she can't dance tho).

No. 83695

Sunny looks like every other Korean entertainer now. I know people may say that she was ugly but at least she looked unique. When will people realize that putting 'ideal' features on yourself doesn't always improve your looks? Faces have a natural harmony but apparently Koreans don't understand that when they ask Dr. Kim for Jennie's eyes, Kim Tae Hee's nose, Sulli's jawline, etc. Then again I suppose Westerners aren't much better with the Kylie lips and fillers to the cheekbones.

No. 83697

there's nothing to explain this is standard wonho behaviour lol.

No. 83698

what is he doing?

i liked her pre dr kim look.
and i agree, in the west its the same. just check out LA. mega boobs, bimbo blonde etc. its a look. i call it the LA look

No. 83700

>buccal fat removal

why would anyone do this? it makes no sense to me. rip

No. 83702

to get that 'model' look maybe?
see bella hadid. 'how to look mid 30s when you're in your 20s'
oh well, they all got the money to do whatever is necessary to age 'gracefully'

No. 83707

I wanted to get that done for a long time, it's for people with big cheeks or "baby face", it'll give you instant visible cheekbones and a defined face structure like a model or a Hollywood actress (because they all got it done) but it'll also age you faster and give you wrinkles in the long run

No. 83709

I wonder why the companies aren't sending their male idols to the military considering they won't be able to tour until 2022 and that everything in the entertainment industry is kind of motionless. Maybe they can't rush it like that?

No. 83710

I mesan, is anyone in enlisting with the virus going on right now? it would be really dumb to send anyone

No. 83711

why? countries will be locked for a while. no promotion oversees can be done. shoulda sent them months ago (military)

No. 83714

Finally. So we can get NCT U back?

No. 83718

Exactly. Apparently South Korea is controlling the virus quite well and people are even in the streets so it seems smart to send them, they won't be able to promote properly for a while

No. 83720

File: 1586977421678.jpg (66.14 KB, 644x514, Joy.JPG)

To look more mature? I suspect Joy had this procedure done, even after weight loss post-Happiness she used to have a round full face until Peek-A-Boo era happened

No. 83727

Joy looked better before surgery in some ways. Getting veneers fucked with her mouth proportions and the hairline shave was unneeded. I guess the buccal fat removal helps achieve a more mature look, but the sexy-cute concept always felt forced and she's better at projecting a cute vibe any way.

No. 83728

Very interesting video, also nice to see that many fans at least seem to level-headed enough realize that they're also guilty of doing that or rather that they too feel victim to their marketing scheme. I tried to summarize it because it's very long.

"Why is Blackpink so popular although there's no music?"
>you get no personality content, personal questions are always very calculated, so how can you say you love the girls?
>individual members are promoted over the group, you never see them together -> actually genius marketing, super low effort
>they're not selling music or personality, but the ultimate self-insert fantasy
>theory: they never intended for BP to be a long lasting group, they instead cash in on the influencer wave by selling a fantasy: they're pretty, wear brands, party in luxurious places, don't sleep in usual idol dorms
>they have different archetypes and this business model only allows for one of each to be there
>Rose: indie girl who sings and plays guitar, raised in Australia, long blonde beach waves
>Jennie: Blair Waldorf fashionista with an attitude, some hate her but fans love her because of that (people get furious if you say she's not that fashionable because that would mean you take something very essential away from her)
>Jisoo: visual-next-door unlike the others she appeals to the korean audience
>interesting: many Blinks are also Ariana Grande fans and what is she known for? many impersonators
>they're the most popular thinspo atm, body image issues amongst fans
>explanation for the popularity of "Liskook": shipping is also part of self-insert-fantasies, but usually only within groups
>when it comes to BTS fanfics it's usually Jimin (because he's sm0l, loves to cry and starve) who serves as self insert for girls with Jk as the love interest, the latter's part is usually the bad boy turned good guy
>why is Lisa the best self-insert? she's a foreigner, more "relatable" because kpop stans also aren't the most popular in school, young girls are usually insecure about their looks and experiencing their glow up through Lisa, she's also quirky but people praise her for it. She's also badass and wears boyish clothes, she's not like the other girls, but she also does aegyo, meaning the best of all, she's every girl. Her real personality is very ambigious, she's clearly playing a character, never shares anything personal on instagram, no captions, lots of blank space to insert yourself into. Everything you know about her is that she loves dancing, the rest is up to your individual imagination. The girls don't follow anybody, not even each others, you don't find out anything about their actual personality or interest.
>But! by buying their product (often not music related), you can feel closer to them
>people love to complain about YG, but why would they change the strategy if fans keep supporting anyway?

An interesting comment:
>I’d argue that Jennies favouritism also gives a self insert aspect to Lisa. It gives a “mean girl” to Lisa’s “underdog”, even though Lisa’s the most popular member as long Jennie continues to be favoured it gives Lisa stans more to relate to.
Would explain why the favouritism is so extremely blatant and continues even after repeated critism.
Others also pointed out that Jennie stans love the idea of her only acting lazy because she's supposedly depressed - and the glorification of mental illnesses is a huge problem nowadays amongst many teens on the internet.

No. 83729

I would think that buccal fat removal isn't a thing in Korea because Koreans like soft faces/not-angular faces. People don't get cheekbone filler but rather filler into their cheeks–I've never had filler so don't ask me for any more detail than this. I'm shocked that Sunny even had buccal fat removal but she probably was trying to get a 'smaller' face overall bc she's so tiny.
It's a thing for people who want more angular faces but imo it's useless unless you have an angular face already. Baby-faced people have softer faces because it suits their natural facial harmony and procedures that go against that will fuck up your face.
This picture makes me sad because until now I'd forgotten how she was genuinely so cute and beaming with 'joy' (pun intended) when RV debuted. She suited the cute maknae role really well on stage; Yeri being added probably made her cute maknae act obsolete but Yeri definitely pales in comparison to the energy that Joy had in their debut.

No. 83732

>But all the comments I saw were only happy that Yuta got ranked high, nobody being salty…?
My bad, I watched that video when it was first uploaded so ig the top comments changed by now. If you go to newest comments I'm sure you'll find the saltier ones.

No. 83733

Saw this video weeks ago and it's perfectly explained. It really is spot on and it makes you understand how these fans' minds work

No. 83735

I know we're not talking about her right now, but look at Wendy's old face here. Whoever planted that seed of doubt into her (cough SM cough) that she wasn't visually appealing needs to be cursed for all eternity. She was easily the prettiest member back then.

No. 83740

>>when it comes to BTS fanfics it's usually Jimin (because he's sm0l, loves to cry and starve) who serves as self insert for girls with Jk as the love interest, the latter's part is usually the bad boy turned good guy

true. i wish kpop fans understood this. they are being played. and yet they always fall for it. it's so obvious with these 2 stereotyped members in particular. i just dont understand how people cant see it. we literally have people on this site who think jimin/jungkook is real. like what the fuck?

No. 83744

File: 1587001966859.jpeg (165.66 KB, 698x956, 3CEF2FCC-33C3-43DF-9E60-1C9EA2…)

Lol jikook stans are delusional as always they refuse to see the reality that taekook is real unbothered, slaying, and thriving.

No. 83746

They look insufferable.

No. 83747

File: 1587003800841.png (608.76 KB, 1001x563, 1578335004-1-21-screenshot.png)

I love 2NE1 but Bom is looks straight up like current Tana Mongeau here. :(((

No. 83748

Same OP, I meant *straight up looks like current Tana Mongeau here

No. 83749

File: 1587004460311.jpeg (180.11 KB, 1413x1830, EVpq4b5UYAInVWk.jpeg)

lmaoo today armys were mad because some fic writers decided to post about the members worst traits. they even created blocklists with everyone who joined the bandwagon.
no one is allowed to criticize bts or say anything negative about them. they're perfect beings and if you don't agree, armys are going to report you to bighit so they can sue you lmao.

No. 83750

Lmao these are all so accurate

No. 83751

File: 1587005019411.jpeg (266.4 KB, 1242x1254, EVpq4dSVAAIXTpJ.jpeg)

maybe that's why armys are mad

No. 83756

File: 1587010166933.jpg (88.06 KB, 640x491, 20200416_010438.jpg)

when are stans going to understand that they never actually treated them as humans? they're either worshipped as gods that do no wrong and are honest with the way they're presented to the public or are reduced to their fans' fantasizes and seen as fanfic characters

No. 83758

File: 1587010662535.jpg (178.3 KB, 640x728, 20200416_010448.jpg)

same anon
this is just plain weird, maybe if you simply enjoyed music you wouldn't be debating over feeling connected or disconnected to people you don't know? fuck companies that promote and encourage this alienation and fans that follow it like sheeps

No. 83762

i mean i personally think you have to be really pretentious to write lists like this about people you dont know and then excuse it with ' i was talking about their fictional personas not their actual personalities' without explicitly stating that in your original post

If the title had been 'how i like members to be portrayed in fic' or smth the backlash wouldnt have been there

idk self-proclaimed cynical psychoanalysts like this annoy me even more than delusional fangirls
if this was posted on here, no big deal
but claiming to stan someone and then continually picking their public personas apart and feeling superior to anyone falling for company propaganda
all while amassing their following by exploiting said manufactured romanticized image in their slash fic…not exactly what id call enlightened

No. 83764

Lmao what variety charisma does namjoon have; not even his fandom likes him let alone the average person. He's just remembered for his leader position and english fluency.
As a matter of fact Jimin doesn't have a good variety personality either. He fades into the background in Korean variety. And those cringey American hosts give him the spotlight just because their producers told them so; they're fed all the retarded inside jokes the fandom has like mochi and whatever.
Tldr; all bts suck at variety and fans remain dumb. Iaw >>83762 these type of fans trying to come off as sound and sensible are as – if not more – insufferable as the delulus

No. 83765

the 'i actually listen to the music' bs in kpop is so tired. what are you trying to prove lmao its all shit

No. 83766

its always the 30+ crowd thinking they are so much more mature than the average fan because they stanned the bsb in the 90s and have gained insight into the industry shenanigans
but theyre still mouth breathing on twitter.com

No. 83767

The only member with a semblance of variety charisma is Jin. Suga is the worst imo bc the only thing he knows how to do is roast the other members and thinks it makes him funny.

No. 83771

exactly, why are they acting like they'd still be interested in kpop if not for the flashy music videos and lavish clothing and catchy dancing and pretty idols? half the time r/kpop loves to talk about how they pay attention to only the music, but 90% of the time the music takes a backseat if the members have appealing images (see: Twice's success)

No. 83781

Armys only stan bts for the delusion bighit created. Bts are the most manufactured group in kpop and it's funny armys want to remove bts from kpop cause kpop is manufactured. Bts are the most accurate presenting idea that kpop is manufactured. Their personas are thoroughly set by bh, their fake woke pretentious concepts. Their whole image was perfectly curated. And that gets a bullet through it when the stupid members jimin, Jin, jk, taehyung gets asked about their concept, when money is involved eg the SA government funded concert, when the members dont even know their mv, rm being forced to read a book he couldnt finish cause it was too hard to understand and them not actually talking about social issues and being hella vague about it to use for their concept. They even said they dont talk about politics. It's so funny lmao.

No. 83783

Lmao are you really siding with the ratmies who need block lists because this triggered them too much?
It's not like young fans admit that they like them for things other than their music either, you have preteens "analyzing" their every move, thinking their lyrics and mvs are truly deep shit and they'd of course never ever admit that they see their oppars as love interests…
All ratmies always act higher than thou yet think exactly the same "i like them for their music" but at the same time also "i get offended if anybody says they're not the soft babies i want them too be

No. 83787

my main issue i have with the tweets is the weird excuse of 'Im talking about their personas! Not their personalities!'
like if you criticize someone on your public account, stand by it

you cant run your mouth on twitter and then defend yourself by stating that youre only analyzing them as fictional characters, that doesnt make any sense since fictious persons can be molded after your own ideals anyway, e.g in fanfic

imagine ppl sperging about idols on here putting a disclaimer like *im not talking about them as a PERSON, but as as a CONCEPT kek

also blocklists are just an easy way to bully accounts you dislike by putting them on a list with the "actual offenders" even when they are not involved in the issue at hand

so enough twitterfagging, i'll see myself out

No. 83788

like a year ago (maybe two? whatever) when bts were doing western interviews there was some british publication, maybe the guardian or nme or something, that was a bit more critical of them. not actually properly critical, the interviewer just pointed out that the only one who seemed to be able to talk with any degree of intelligence or knowledge instead of just regurgitating what his pr agent had told him to say was suga. anyway, ratmies went absolutely crazy and accused the interviewer of being biased and racist and all the usual crap and then someone pulled up other stuff the interviewer had written for other groups and all of it was way harsher and those artists' fanbases hadn't freaked out the way ratmies were.

No. 83789

remember who it was?
please post link?

No. 83790

File: 1587034040556.jpeg (412.67 KB, 640x1031, 5023FA20-7186-4C47-8124-C5B0C3…)


I think it was this one, I would post a better picture but you need a subscription to actually read the article

No. 83791

Here’s the actual article in full, you’ll just have to zoom in to actually read the text https://twitter.com/israat_chan/status/1048511038373732352?s=21

No. 83792

File: 1587036530882.jpg (357.13 KB, 1070x729, 20200416_132656.jpg)

this part was the main cause for the outrage
saying he lacked intelligence for speaking broken english

No. 83793

also insinuating that his high IQ was just part of fandom lore

No. 83794

I mean I wouldn’t want people to deem me as stupid because my English isn’t that good, so I get why someone might consider it a rude comment.

No. 83795

that's true.

there are many other reasons it's clear he lacks intelligence.

No. 83797

is that high IQ a confirmed fact?

No. 83798

It's something he's stated, so I guess in that sense it's "fact". But funnily when he brought it up on a variety show and he was asked if that was the score he got when he joined MENSA, he said he had never joined MENSA and the score is from a test he took in high school.

No. 83799

i saw this on twitter. the whole thing is hilariously cringe on both sides. armys never fail to deliver on the unintentional hilarity. the "i'm criticising their fictional characters" doesn't really fly when one of the criticisms is "knuckle tattoos" which the dude literally has in real life. i also think this debacle reinforces the fact that the widespread normalcy of publishing rpf in kpop fandom is unhealthy and just plain weird, but that ship has well sailed now and its not like they are ever going to stop.

as an aside, i hope kook continues getting the worst tattoos possibly so that judgemental armys heads eventually explode from cognitive dissonance. funny how people were always desperate for him to get tattoos to fit his image/persona/fantasy and then when he did, they were the "wrong" ones.

No. 83801

the best part of it all is the:
worst personality trait = knuckle tattoos
as though tattoos are a personality trait. topkek

No. 83805

That basically meant that he has no personality and the only interesting thing about him are his bad tattoos lol

No. 83808

Even if you don't believe in this, it's creepy nonetheless.

No. 83809


No. 83810

He really does have no personality and looks and acts like an airhead.

No. 83811

File: 1587049747277.jpeg (68.82 KB, 828x828, EVp202_U8AIWkdJ.jpeg)

>looks and acts like an airhead

No. 83812

From what I've seen
Jimin is a narcissist that hates not being the center of attention and craves empathy from fans
jungkook is a hollow ball, no personality, no brains, his life revolves around armys that will eventually turn on him
Rm is really really pretentious and hes not as smart as he and bh wants people to think.
Suga is an asshole that thinks being mean is a personality trait. He hates armys.He and rm think they're better than everyone.
Jin is boring and insecure so uses corny humour to mask it. If he left the group no one will notice. The most useless member and he knows.
Jhope fake as fuck, cringy, annoying 100% sure he hates his members especially the maknaes
Taehyung wants to be an edgy artist so bad but his art is trash. Hates his group, hates his fans, hates being an idol. Will probably leave the group soon.

No. 83813

Also rm is so unlikeable, theres something about he guy that is really dishonest. In pretty sure hes still a mysoginist racist asshole and bh formed a whole "I'm a changed now woke person" for him. Dont trust the guy.

No. 83814

> sure he hates his members especially the maknaes

seriously wondering what makes you think this

No. 83815

File: 1587051012316.jpg (110.89 KB, 597x892, ohmyplasticsurgery.jpg)

Although I think YooA is stunning now (in my opinion), her transformation is absolutely insane. She needs to give her doctor's info to the rest of the kpop idols who have been botched.

No. 83816

so it's BS as far as I see it. Thank you for explaining this to me!

No. 83817

Still looks botched af, especially that double eyelid surgery imo it looks way too high up. Her lips were always plumped now they look like they’re gonna explode. she looked so pretty before

No. 83819

i'm not much into kpop now but are there any idols you'd think as a feminist icon nowadays?

No. 83820


No. 83821

she’s clearly gorgeous. why do people here throw around the word “botch” so much….

No. 83822

She looked better pre ps.Her lips look like a proplapsed asshole now.

No. 83823

File: 1587055949137.jpeg (95.6 KB, 750x872, B1313D50-EA2B-41E0-946B-7A331F…)

All this sperging about hyungwon & jimin apparently having gross fillers but yooa’s lips are just as bad

No. 83824

from which clip/video is this?

No. 83825

Jesus I didn't realize they're that bad.You can clearly see the filler build up on top of her lips and where her old lipline used to be.

No. 83826

Nana from AS needs to give names too.

No. 83827

She went from the doll look to the sex doll look jesus

No. 83829

I'm OP who said she looks stunning but I can understand why you all don't like her eyes or lip fillers. Tbh she doesn't look Korean anymore, she looks like a Chinese/Taiwanese actress (mainly her eyes).

No. 83830

File: 1587057708207.jpg (1.59 MB, 2000x2999, 0000068229_001_202004160856453…)

To further add to my opinion that she doesn't look Korean at all. If I hadn't seen this picture and someone said that this is a Chinese actress, I would believe it, no question.

No. 83832

File: 1587058325167.jpeg (52.89 KB, 497x497, 8BC99B42-97F8-4745-AD33-EC9F82…)

yooa’s band mate is giving her a run for her money in the lip injections department. everyone looked good in this teaser except for mimi (who’s pictured). i think her hair looks great, but her lips and colored contacts don’t suit her imo

No. 83833

I never get why people have to be so ridiculously mean when they criticize idols. Like, what makes it more likely that RM is a stunted narcissist rather than a guy who tries to do his best while being pigeon-holed into an artsy """intellectual""" by BH and forced to repeat the same anecdotes 24/7? Is it because the fangirls insist they are all absolutely perfect? Is it because it's more fun that way?

They're all probably ok-ish dudes, no Seungri in the making, but (obviously) nothing more than regular male idols.

No. 83839

Hatfelt is the only one that's really said she was

No. 83840

have you ever heard the man speak

No. 83842

i think jhope is the most normal of the bunch tbh

i dont think he hates anyone in bts probably.. he seems happy to be there most of the time. He puts the most effort in. I think he probably has a bit of resentment since hes the ugliest member

No. 83844

I noticed that too, it seemed like everyone else was natural for the most part up until now except for Yooa, but Mimi must have tagged along to the clinic with her. Hopefully Jiho and Arin don't get anything done.
Korean men react horribly to feminists which is why there are no openly feminist idols. It could be career suicide if an idol were to be revealed as a Megalia user for instance. Some have been in controversies for exhibiting suspicions of 'feminist' behavior–Naeun with her "Girls can do anything" phone case and Irene who read an extremely popular "feminist" book surrounding a Korean woman's depression and experiences with sexism (which has since been made into a movie because it was so popular). Jihyo was in a controversy used the term "oong aeng oong" a while back which is supposed to be the sound of a mosquito but recently feminists use it as a term for when men speak (lmfao). People who want to witch hunt assume her usage comes from the latter and now label her as a feminist, the same way that a celebrity might be haunted by some phrase they used that Ilbe users might say; an example is like if a man positively mentioned terms like "sexual market value" and "Jordan Peterson" you'd immediately recognize them as a member of the manosphere. But obviously being a feminist isn't as bad as being an ilbe user, esp considering how poorly women/girls are treated in SK–men are just so out of touch that women who want basic human rights and equal treatment seems like oppression to them.

No. 83845

File: 1587061487522.jpg (287.38 KB, 1866x1428, IMG_20200416_142319.jpg)

they used so much photoshop theyre not even human anymore..

No. 83846

Did they use some baby-like filter on their faces? Just terrible…

No. 83847

what the FUCK did they do to jungkook ahahhahhahaa

No. 83848

is that real??? lord…

No. 83849

what?? is this a cover band or something?? i tried to google this and nothing that explains it comes up

No. 83850


No. 83852

uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….. what is the context here?

No. 83854

are there any others with noticeable blow up lips?

No. 83855

jungkook looks like joy from RV

No. 83857

Sulli was but between whatever was happening to her personally and the abuse Korean men gave her for calling out racism and sexism along with the lack of mental health care in Korea she's no longer with us. That's why many female idols try to hide their political views.
And speaking of variety skills the last groups I've seen that can do a variety show well are Exo and some of the members of Red Velvet and I don't think it's entirely the idols fault. Companies told idols to stop acting silly and to focus on being "pretty" instead. Sooyoung from SNSD got told to stop making fun of the one white lady who spoke Korean poorly on a TV show even though it was a popular gag to do back during I think the Oh era or the Gee one. It seems like companies are more strict with their idols behavior starting around 2014-15. NCT wouldn't have been glared at by their staff on V Live if it was like 2009ish rn.

That's a part of why Blackpink's and Oh My Girl and many other groups variety skills are summed up to "I'm cute". I can't see them doing what SNSD used to do like distorting their faces and putting on ugly make up for a laugh. The gag was that they were pretty but look how silly they can act/look.
Of course the personalities of recent idols also attribute to the lack of variety skills. Exo Showtime still makes me laugh and I haven't been into them in years.

No. 83858

my bad I meant to say that snsd was already being scolding pre-2014 but it just went downhill a lot in 2014 sorry.

No. 83860

mamamoo act silly like that and get made fun of netizens and called try hards so i see why companies don't want female idols trying to be funny anymore

No. 83861

I think that that's more a result of other groups not doing it moreso than it being the audience causing it. Like it used to be normal but now it's not normal so now idols get called too silly for doing it.

No. 83863

File: 1587067918077.jpeg (475.73 KB, 828x1092, DBFA0ED7-0AEB-4793-AE29-081E17…)

Definitely no icon but I think Seolhyun is a closet feminist. It makes sense after years of objectification as an idol who had a lot of pervy male fans.

No. 83866

I think the retreating of idols into VLive and Youtube bubbles for company-produced shows is a major factor; earlier idols appeared on TV shows watched by the general public like Star Golden Bell or Strong Heart and felt more free to mingle with fellow idols.

Now companies can just force a group into its own bubble on a Run BTS or Blackpink House, where they don't have to step up and improve their social/variety skills & can just stay in their cocoon shut off from the wider Korean variety show scene. It's why BTS seemed funny on their own shows or Bangtan Bombs but were total duds on Knowing Brothers where watchers aren't clued into fandom in-jokes.

No. 83867

Makes me really, really sad that women idols get massive shit for even hinting they have feminist ideals, such as not being discriminated against for being a woman.

No. 83869

>Korean men react horribly to feminists which is why there are no openly feminist idols. It could be career suicide if an idol were to be revealed as a Megalia user for instance. Some have been in controversies for exhibiting suspicions of 'feminist' behavior–Naeun with her "Girls can do anything" phone case and Irene who read an extremely popular "feminist" book surrounding a Korean woman's depression and experiences with sexism

Korea has barely any human rights and female idols are literal objects that have to dance, sing and starve themselves for men. It's honestly depressing that they cant even speak out against being mistreated. The whole SOPA (school of arts) issue that blew up a year ago says a lot with female trainees being booked for men's meetings and military outings. All highschool girls made to 'act sexy' and not getting paid for it. Kpop industry exploits so many women and is modern day slavery.

No. 83872

twice does that stuff tbh. nayeon even has this embarrassing skit on hiding farts lol.

No. 83874


No. 83881

File: 1587073467920.jpg (105.11 KB, 640x479, img5de3fb5daee087.63399599.jpg)

Im a moron and new to kpop and I feel in love with the cheeriness and peppy vibes of ITZY, but now I see they aren't that good, mainly just average honestly, do you guys have cheery energetic girl group recs?

Bboom Bboom also had such great vibes too but as far as im aware momoland just got worse afer it.

No. 83882

File: 1587073507549.jpg (21.46 KB, 456x457, EVspViaU8AAsF6o.jpg)

Reverse search gave me this https://twitter.com/_jimintoday_/status/1250580099667070977
Seems to be a real add kek Did they run out of money?

No. 83883

File: 1587073529290.jpg (22.03 KB, 493x493, EVsptluU0AEr1W_.jpg)

No. 83884

Ten is not popular anywhere outside Thailand, and Renjun isn't terribly popular at all. Lucas is most popular in China but Jaehyun is by far the most popular in the group. If I had to guess the top 5 ranking I'd say
1. Jaehyun
2. Taeyong
3. Lucas
4. Mark
5. Jaemin

No. 83886

Orange Caramel's early stuff was really fun. I dont know what happened to them though

No. 83887

Winwin is the most popular in China, followed by Ten. Take a look at literally any WayV CF and this becomes instantly obvious.

No. 83890

What CFs do WayV get? Look for things like their merch sales, individual magazine cover sales, Chinese idol BR or search rankings, and who's getting offered brand deals and variety gigs vs who isn't instead of basing it off whose fans can screech the loudest in comment sections.

No. 83891

>Renjun isn't terribly popular at all
Wrong. I'm not even a Renjun fan but he has a large and extremely loyal fanbase in China which contributes to the majority of NCT Dream merch sales (Renjunbar).

No. 83892

Fromis_9 would be your cup of tea, I recommend their songs Love Bomb and Fun

No. 83893

>It seems like companies are more strict with their idols behavior starting around 2014-15.
Which is interesting because imo companies in general became more lax in regards to looks, weight, training etc. I think that back then they simply assigned every idol a more individual "personality" than they do nowadays and had them practice that. There's an old SNSD interview in which they said that SM trainess have to come up with one new talent every single week, so that they do well in tv shows. They just focused a lot on that and it paid of because it gave idols the chance to shine individually and get their name out to the general public. For example Heechul would be a nobody if it wasn't for the dozens of variety shows he was in. I think the girls of RV are definitely not bad personality wise, but if you compare what SNSD, Suju etc did back then, to Irene saying her hobby is ironing…it's just a lot more boring. And like >>83866 said because of V live and Youtube they can still make money and keep the fandoms happy with much lower effort.
I hate the cutesy act of many idols nowadays, while girl crush concepts are absolutely trending, it seems that many of them took a step back, I haven't been able to finish a single BP video because their voices and fake shy/pure behavior is so grating. "Human Chanel" who supposedly dated an Exo member shouldn't giggle and hide behind her hands when somebody mentions kissing, that's just unrealistic.
A couple years back it was also considered normal and a-okay for female and male idols to be on shows together and to interact with each other in a friendly manner. Just imagine if a variety program put BTS and BP or Twice in one room…their fans would go beyond mad. Idols of different genders being friends became unheard of too.

That's because they're "ugly" and therefore them acting funny is seen as a cope. People only accepted SNSD and the other 2nd gen girls because they were pretty, ugly girls will get hate no matter how they behave.

No. 83895

they literally released a Skechers CF yesterday, plus Winwin had 2 individual CFs (for sunscreen and some makeup artist thing) and another lipstick one with Kun I think. Lucas also has some deal with Burberry which is why he went to Fashion Week last year

Just because you're not looking out for wayv doesn't mean they're not getting anything

No. 83896

He might be the most popular Dream member in China but no he isn't popular there in general. I think idols like Lay and Luhan created a stereotype that all Chinese idols grow these obscenely large fanbases in China out of thin air and Kpop fans buy it because they're ignorant to Cpop but it's not true. Taeyong and Mark have bigger Chinese fanbars and they don't even promote there.

And that's not much. They've only had about a dozen since debut counting all the individual members CFs. Also, as far as I can remember Winwin has only gotten one solo CF, the makeup CF was part of something all four members who weren't already with Carsian were in.

No. 83900

It's no surprise that NCT isn't more popular when all their fans do is fight with each other. Not even the approximately 3 stans on lolcow manage to get along, how obnoxious. You can prefer one member but shitting on the 50 others is doing the group no favor.
Why don't you just look at their individual instagram accounts to see who's most popular? Lucas has the most followers, followed by Ten and then Jaehyun. And on Weibo it's Winwin, followed by Lucas and then Ten. NCT dream has 300k on Weibo, while even the least popular WayV member has over a million. Conclusion: both Lucas and Ten are popular with the western and the chinese crowd. Problem solved.

No. 83901

>implying follower counts are a reliable way to judge popularity
>on a site so notorious for fake followers even government officials have gotten in trouble for it https://www.abacusnews.com/digital-life/fake-it-till-you-make-it-fake-followers-boost-chinese-celebs/article/3014536
There was nonstop infighting on Weibo for weeks because Winwin's fans bought fake followers when Lucas started gaining new ones from Keep Running lol. Cfans are insane, and buying votes and followers for your idols is very common over there, it's an open secret.

>Lucas has the most followers, followed by Ten and then Jaehyun.

Jaehyun made his account a month ago while Lucas and Ten have had theirs since October…

Taemin has less followers than both Ten and Lucas on Instagram, does that make him less relevant than them?

No. 83902

Who are the deadweight nct members to you?
Imo it's only Johnny, every other member has something to offer musically or dance-wise but him. I don't know why they gave him so many lines on their new album because his voice is cringy and monotone

No. 83903


why does someone ask this exact same question every three days?

No. 83904

Anon, if you want to know so badly and aren't happy with any explanation, then you'll have pay some industry/marketing expert to do extensive reserach on them for a year otherwise you'll never find out, but please please stop shitting up the thread with "I think X is the most popular because…" "Uhm no?! Actually Y…" It's so annoying. Same with angry discussions about who's the most/least talented. All of you have a fav and are trying to prove that he's the best, you'll never come to an agreement.

No. 83905

When did this become a Nctshitty thread

No. 83908

i think in jennie's case she acts cutesy like that because of her bad girl image. she doesn't want people to think she's actually snobby and rude. we've seen in the past that every female idol who puts on a sassy attitude for the cameras gets attacked by netizens when in reality they were just joking around. it's safer to act cute and innocent.

No. 83909

File: 1587091668403.jpeg (424.92 KB, 1125x1107, B6A72785-27C7-4CF3-BE19-54F334…)

i like her and aoa so much. they seem truly kind and i like how they aren't awkward about some of their members leaving. they're one of the only groups who don't feel the need to show off their friendships but that makes their group dynamics seem much more genuine. not to mention them openly supporting feminism and lgbt. stan aoa anons

No. 83910

idk if he's a stunted narcissit in real life, but I can see why people come to that conclusion. Raised in a well-off family and has been in the idol industry for years, so it's likely he's a bit out of touch, and he was also a well-performing student who rebelled against academia to study the arts, which in my personal experience is a perfect recipe for narcissism. Not to mention always being seen as the underdog and defy-er of labels.

No. 83911

File: 1587093414411.jpeg (75.9 KB, 610x914, C9D5A5E2-BE89-4A99-8901-628C99…)

No. 83912

You guys…
It looks like those female Jungkook edits armys be doing I’m actually crying

No. 83913

File: 1587094243193.jpg (103.96 KB, 540x872, y.jpg)

No. 83914

This is supposed to be Jungkook, right?

No. 83916

Bowl cut head ass

No. 83917

File: 1587095828302.jpg (501.01 KB, 1207x1440, IMG_20200416_225900.jpg)

Who are this people? They look exactly the same

No. 83918

File: 1587095983912.jpg (103.24 KB, 1200x794, ef5260cea7595e746e357f830f0c11…)

Their faces are distinct while their bodies are blurry. There is an app that does that & messes up with people's faces sometimes lmao.

Pretty sure that's what's happening there.

If the company's the one that used the app though it'd be sad.

No. 83919

I think Red Velvet's Irene and Seulgi? I dunno them, but that's what the text says.

No. 83922

File: 1587105993164.jpg (96 KB, 520x649, heechul.jpg)

21 year old Heechul approaches you at a nightclub, what do you do?

No. 83923

Wonder why I’m in a lesbian nightclub

No. 83924

File: 1587106759347.gif (462.64 KB, 268x176, 97C38510-4969-447E-B15C-8C071C…)


No. 83925

be glad a cute lesbian approached me

No. 83927

File: 1587107834636.png (1.13 MB, 734x920, skellyhito.PNG)

Hitomi looking dangerously skelly and of course all the insta comments are praising her "abs".

Abs are not literal crevice-line indentations in your stomach that are signs of physical deterioration and starvation. Incredibly sad for Hitomi.

No. 83928

did she collapse after that shot?

No. 83929

I miss shinee

No. 83930

shinee choreography is my favorite in kpop

No. 83932

Gross what the fuck

No. 83933

i don't even want to think about the number of young girls and women who will see this and the ab comments and use this pic as goals…k-pop is so bleak and those idols probably don't realize how fucked up their """"casual workout"""" pics look

No. 83934

they might look similar in this picture but they look nothing alike usually.

No. 83943

imagine stanning a man who is into underage teenagers. The users here are more milky than the idols.
Dedicating a so called ''kpop critical'' thread where you sperg only about the same 1-2 groups and nitpick to hell while the idols you stan are literal garbage filled with shit.

No. 83946

File: 1587117552850.jpeg (335.07 KB, 1152x2048, 3263E9DD-EACE-4153-8973-17AA37…)

man his jaw just freaks me out

No. 83959

File: 1587119680267.jpeg (72.34 KB, 424x749, E99DBB75-5282-4589-A7F9-1ECADB…)

They could’ve just used botox to make the muscles a bit smaller instead of sending him to Wendy’s surgeon. This kind of major jawbone reduction was way too drastic and now he will have to keep getting shit done to his face to stop it from sagging.

No. 83963

File: 1587119976984.png (1.1 MB, 900x1139, 1.png)

he actually used to look like his brother which is crazy cause now they look so different

No. 83982

more than her stomach I noticed her horribly shooped legs. She's like 5'2 they've never looked that long in her life

No. 83983

It’s a joke love.
Ur the only one sperging, atleast detect their sarcasm fool.

No. 83984

His face was already small before, SM did the opposite and gave him a horse face

No. 83985

File: 1587126430348.png (246.22 KB, 594x576, jjwdbcjhvw.png)

i had to laugh

No. 83987

Omg right? I just rewatched Unpretty Rapstar 2 and thought it was so cute how the members were found in the audience supporting Jimin during semifinals.
Seolhyun could’ve gotten cocky with her popularity and being considered “Suzy’s rival” but I honestly think she seems so sweet and down to earth like the other members.
I have to add Jimin’s “I don’t wanna be a wilting flower, I’m a tree” on Queendom was so powerful and I think related to feminism but I don’t wanna tinfoil in a language I’m not native in. Again I’m not saying she’s an icon but I think about this a lot lol.

Sorry for the AOA sperg but they’re not mentioned here a lot and I love them

No. 83988

It's time for them to retire. Cant stand jimins "rapping", the only talented member left and their music is ass now. Seolhyun only gets roles cause shes pretty, she cant act for shit. Most idol actors cant act anyways. The only one that I know is actually good is D.O.

No. 83989

Taehyung is addicted to nicotine. No wonder his voice got worse and he looks like shit and has a shitty personality nowadays. Hes aging so bad and getting uglier.

No. 83990

knetz are so fucking pressed over a bald cap, i can smell the femcels from way over here kek

No. 83991

Lmfao it's literally just for a concept why is anyone making a big deal about it. People saying shes breaking barriers and people complaining about it are both stupid.

No. 83993

File: 1587131113219.jpg (542.05 KB, 2171x2962, 1.jpg)

Ratmys are so delusional when it comes to their oppars' plastic surgery. Remember when everybody joked that V must be Baekhyun's little brother? How come the latter still looks similar to his younger self while V got a completely new face? Your chin and jaw at 24 won't be thrice as wide as when you were 18-20 while your nose shrank, that's not how aging works (unless you lost or gained a significant amount of weight, which he didn't). It's not like he debuted as a child and is 50 now, he only went from late teens to early 20s. I don't understand why it's so important to fans that BTS are natural, can't they just be content with the way he looks, plastic or not?

No. 83994

Not sure what SM’s aversion to jawlines is.

No. 83995

i dont get why…???
what is it supposed to achieve?

No. 83996

a smaller face, however a lot of the times the face just looks longer

No. 83998

Worst thing, he made himself known by calling himself the son of Baekhyun and Daehyun.
Calling “Baekhyun sunbaenim hurr durr” his mom and Daehyun his dad.
It was the most bizarre thing.

No. 83999

Really? He said it himself? Ughh, they totally used each opportunity out there to leach off other groups' popularity to get their shitty group out there.

No. 84001

i know bts fans use the “they struggled sooo much” spiel over bts getting plagiarism controversies early in their career but they definitely tried clinging to other boygroups like bigbang and exo in the beginning, talking about looking like or wanting to be like members and using memes and challenges from those groups, one of their early youtube videos was them all singing taeyang’s eyes nose lips. it’s really not a big deal but it’s annoying that armys are too delusional in thinking it never happened, so any rookie group saying they admire bts or posting covers are just clout chasers to them. if another group posted a video all singing a bts song in stupid voices or being really dramatic they would have their career ended, but bts doing it to taeyang is cute and them being innocent fanboys

kpop fans in general talking about idols struggling is so dumb to me. i don’t mean the genuine abuse that goes on, i mean fans whining about “they didn’t start off popular!!” when within 3 years a group is doing arena or stadium shows. there are so many musicians who will never get any real recognition after 5+ years, but to kpop fans it’s heartbreaking if a group doesn’t win a meaningless trophy or get whole variety show segments to themselves after a year. not being popular is a dark past or a struggle to some of them, it’s laughable. it makes sense when they prioritise popularity over anything else but it still comes off as a fake sob story so you won’t criticise their poor oppas who had it so hard

No. 84002

They would tag the big groups in their videos back then. They even said it was an honour to be accused of plagiarising exo and sm lmao. Bts used other groups to climb to the top as well as exaggerated their struggles and pretended they were all poor and they had no fans to get to the top. Even though they were pretty popular during their rookie years and work all their rookie awards. Even had concerts then and had fans following them.

No. 84003

File: 1587138439582.jpg (62.88 KB, 598x428, ENvVsXpU4AAjPjW.jpg)

Oh, I didn't know that, I thought fans came up with it, but I found the source.
Ironic that nowadays ratmys say that calling Jin "mom" as a joke is hurtful, meanwhile V simply says it about his senior.

No. 84004

>>84001 I've seen armys do this with several rookie groups. It doesn't matter that they covered other groups as well, they only need to even mention bts and they're called clout chasers.

But when it's txt randomly having bts members in their vlives and shit, it isn't an issue, it's just that bighit family bond uwu

No. 84006

File: 1587140615388.jpg (242.38 KB, 1080x1052, IMG_20200417_122019.jpg)

Looks a lot like this before/after pic of a Disney star that got jaw filler

No. 84007

File: 1587140797219.gif (3.04 MB, 280x247, vixx2.gif)

I remember that they had so many controversies and media play back then…

>Ikon's Bobby releasing a track and Rat claiming he's dissing him, all netizens say it's obvious that the song is not directed at him and that Rat is only trying to get clout.

>Rat winning a best rapper poll and even back then people said it's because ratmys are always spamming. But the ifans comments are all about how amazing BTS is - in 2014! Meaning their suffering and nugudom really didn't last long.

>Saejagi accusations because their sales exploded in just one night.


>when winning against Exid V sang Big Bang's Loser and apologized by saying it's his fav song and that's why he sings it all the time

>when Vixx won they tried to get screentime by making "funny" faces
>at the Ladies Code memorial V sang and danced while the girls were close to tears

And when BTS won…
>1. [+6,017, -1,843] Yes, next sajaegi
>2. [+5,248, -1,343] Where are the digital points~~~~?
>3. [+5,050, -1,345] Sure now show us your receipts~
>4. [+4,139, -1,060] Congratulations on winning but please show us proof that your albums aren't sajaegi.
>8. [+1,338, -282] Don't even know who they are but sajaegi
>10. [+1,208, -364] Sajaegi BTS, show us your receipts!
Fast forward to Rat making grand speeches about some groups cheating while they win fairly…

Besides, they debuted in 2013 and just one year later already placed 3rd in most sold kpop albums of the year, beating out SNSD, JYJ and TVXQ. The "nobody came to our concert" story they always tell was probably their very first which is completely normal. Only BP and TXT were famous right from the start, other groups even from the big 3 also struggled in the beginning.
They basically did everything they now accuse others of doing.

No. 84008

I really don't see the resemblance between Daehyun and him. And he only looked like Baekhyun from like one angle that made his chin appear pointer and smaller.

>at the Ladies Code memorial V sang and danced while the girls were close to tears

Did he? That's disgusting wtf makes me hate him even more

No. 84009

The nobody came to our concert was fake. The one where they were giving tickets for free. The concert was full they only gave leftover tickets that werent sold. Bts were never struggling. They just use that as a marketing ploy. The only reasons some producers blacklisted them from the show was because of bang pd and the glam scandal. Armys and bh have rewritten everything to seem organic and an underdog. Remember their scandal where someone was about to expose bh and bts and blackmailed them then bh paid them off to keep quiet then they later reported him and he went to jail.

No. 84010

Wow what a dickhead

No. 84011

Speaking of plagiarising SM, their forcing TXT to interact with BTS in awkward vlives is such an obvious attempt to recreate the "SM Town" marketing.
Most SM artists generally are comfortable with each other (within the group is another issue, but as a whole SM groups get along with other SM groups) which further attracts company stans & Big Hit wants that slice for themselves too

Sadly most armys only pity stan TXT and they have very little public recognition so BH is stuck because they can't mediaplay interactions between two successful "brother" groups

No. 84012

File: 1587142943485.jpg (165.34 KB, 453x617, 20200417_200221.jpg)

This is fucking horrifying.

No. 84013


Anyone got a source for this? As much as I dislike BTS I genuinely can't believe their members would do something so horrible..

No. 84014

im guessing its for a specific target audience

No. 84016

what's going on on the top of her head though

No. 84017

File: 1587145052685.gif (2.39 MB, 286x225, image.gif)


I was curious too, so I looked it up. It basically isn't true. It's from a random post on allkpop. Apparently Sistar won MCountdown the day after Ladies' Code's accident and he was just stupidly congratulating them. It wasn't a memorial or anything like that, no one was crying, he wasn't even really singing or dancing, just jumping like a retard. It was the day after the accident, so there is that.

The Loser thing was a much bigger scandal, which should tell you something.

No. 84018

I remember this show and the attitude was definitely very solemn, so this was pretty inappropriate.

Nowhere near the same thing as dancing around at a memorial though.

No. 84019

The "BTS got accused of sajaegi!" shit is so dumb honestly. Literally any group that wasn't SM or YG got accused of sajaegi around that time. Off the top of my head I remember it happening to SISTAR (multiple times), Infinite, Teen Top (multiple times), VIXX, B1A4 and Block B.

SISTAR got way more and way harsher accusations than BTS ever did.

No. 84023

whats the loser thing?

No. 84025

Fromis_9's best song is DKDK though
To the original anon >>83881
If you like ITZY or any girl crush group you're best off going back to the OGs of the concept aka the original "ugly" BlackPink, 2NE1. 2NE1 has the best catalogue of upbeat, catchy songs imo, but they might sound a bit dated/obnoxious if you're not above the age of 15 and/or familiar with late 2000s/early 2010s pop music. I also like f(x) for upbeat electropop.
I'm not a fan so I'm not biased towards one member nor am I super familiar with them. But from my observations, U is rotational I think, but Dream is fine, best lineup is the current one with Haechan and no Mark. Haechan should be kept in Dream imo.
That only leaves 127 to judge, and my opinion is that a number of the members are literal eyesores so much that their 'talent' does not make up for it. See: Taeil (good singer, awful dancer), Mark, Jungwoo (even though he's supposedly a visual?). Yuta might be included but I think his dancing is one of the best in the group and his singing is decent enough, and his face can be rescued with some revision work. Then you have Johnny who is just there (aka untalented, no purpose) so he gets the axe. Lastly, huge controversial opinion but Taeyong should be eliminated as his past of bullying and scamming reflects a huge character issue that harms the group. That leaves: Jaehyun and Yuta (only maybe after surgery), then Doyoung (I suppose but he's also a horrible dancer and kind of freaky looking as seen in >>83946).
So that means NCT needs to be filled in with at least 2 to 3 members. This isn't that bad because SM should have access to packed global auditions where they can find guys who have visuals and then hone their vocal skills. But since this is what NCT looks like, clearly that ain't working. SM's best bet is to beg that guy at Cre.ker Ent to come back and promise him a bonus and a raise so that they can scout and train actual visual members. I refuse to believe that tiny ass Taeyong is the best 'visual' of this generation; they can do better. LSM just has some weird obsession with him and Mark (who is ugly as sin and is a living, breathing contradiction of LSM's past quotes about visuals and 'pretty kids').
It's because this thread is full of NCTfags. How is NCT 127 even so popular that we have a number of obvious NCT fags? They're ugly af for the most part and the only actual visual member is a manlet. And NCTfags–don't respond like "b-b-but Jaehyun!!" because that side profile is wretched and you know it.
Shinee is and has been over tbh–love them but we're better off accepting the truth.
Jaw shaves can look good on some people like Hyoyeon and Jessica but non-Asian tourists who go to Korea need to stop w them.
I was an ARMY back then (for like a year) and fans did come up with it, but he used it to clout chase afterward.

No. 84026

Perhaps Baekhyun oppar shaved half his jaw whereas Taehyung just grew older? I don't know what ethnicity are you anon, but most men DO change a lot physically from 18yo to 24yo, his jaw just followed the normal path of growth, so did his shoulders and neck lmao learn basic biology

No. 84027

heechul isn't into underage teenage girls there is no way in hell that man is straight. his relationship with momo is the fakest i've seen in kpop and i have no idea what momo did to deserve that old man attached to her name like that but they are not dating that's for sure.

No. 84028

the main mandible growth occurs in males 16-18, from 18-20 still a bit but def slower. you wont get a very noticeable change in a guy at age 24

No. 84029

he lusts after underage teenies just like some of his sj compadres. he has been filmed doing this.
stop your cope.

No. 84030

You will, it's not rare for a man to get manlier features after school. Also each body is different, one can't hold them by the same standards by saying only during this age the changes occur.. again, all his body changed not only his jaw.

No. 84031

File: 1587152663611.jpeg (67.44 KB, 1448x2048, EVubxshXQAALNAC.jpeg)

No. 84032

File: 1587152756431.jpeg (335.63 KB, 1448x2048, EVubxtmXgAAuhgj.jpeg)

No. 84033

File: 1587152859869.jpeg (266.15 KB, 1448x2048, EVubxuLWsAMNF4q.jpeg)

No. 84034

this is total crap.
badly written.
…..that someone even bothered……

No. 84035

jesus, which twitter autist made this. im not reading a literal essay

No. 84036

please learn how to google and actually read papers on topics before voicing off your opinions.

No. 84038

i did, its must have been written by a pre-teen. its terribly written….. please dont call it an essay. that would be an insult to essays

No. 84040

File: 1587153780064.jpg (100.39 KB, 750x625, kim-taehyung-3.jpg)

Did the bone structure of Taehyung's nose magically undergo a complete transformation too? I wasn't aware turning 24 could transform a wide bulbous nose tip to a small pointy one.

He's had work done. It's very obvious.

No. 84041

even if heechul IS sus, this is so poorly written, shit arguments/evidence

No. 84042

no way, mandibles grow in your early 20s enough to change your face, and noses shrink. everyone knows this! and eyes sometimes enlarge!
not to mention that cheeks become even puffier (while overall bodyfat is reduced). its the salt! its definitely not fillers. that this happens mostly to south korean idols and they live in the country with the most plastic surgery is totally coincidental. correlation doesnt mean causation.

No. 84045

please read the whole 3 lines.

No. 84046

both baekhyun and v got shit done like everyone else in the k-entertaiment industry, end of discussion

heechul is definetly a pos that thirsted over 15 years old sohee (also didnt sunny say he made gay rumors about himself to get closer to female idols or was this a fever dream of mine?) but wtf, anon

No. 84047

File: 1587155558754.jpeg (79.06 KB, 402x600, 8F4747A4-EA15-4302-87F1-B7040E…)

Nah Mark shouldn’t be eliminated. He’s SM’s best case right now: good dancer, rapper, decent singer, untainted reputation, english speaker. He’s not ugly at all. No top tier visual but at least his face is characteristic (big eyes juxta chiseled cheeks, you don’t see that often in kpop males rn) But they should really stop giving him weird bleach hair colors and light pink foundation

No. 84052

Maybe he did predebut but even if, so what? SM is known for plastic surgery, it's no big deal, their fans aren't the ones covering their ears while screeching that Bigshit will sue anyone who claims that their rat kings aren't 100% natural while they walk around looking like mini Michael Jacksons lol

No. 84053

i don’t know if anyone confirmed it, but to me the not denying gay rumours things was pretty obviously done as a way to get close to girl groups. every time a female idol talked about how he was so trustworthy it always felt sus. isn’t this the man with loads of figures of asuka from nge, plenty of the more suggestive type? and then he starts dating a japanese woman in her early 20s, who he’s known since she was a teenager and he’s on camera drooling over her pedobait aegyo routine

No. 84054

love western pics. shows just how filtered asian ones are.
mustachio needs thicker eyebrows drawn….

No. 84056

horribly written anon
you need to cite claims you make to academic sources, and you also need to rely less on rumor posting
biggest flaw are the serious gaps in logic you make and your fundamental misunderstanding of the word pedophile, as well as the word grooming

No. 84057

His skin looks really good tho?
I wish he tried gaining a bit weight, his cheeks always look way too sunken in for such a young guy

No. 84058

thats makeup, you can see a couple blemishes but yeah skin is good.

No. 84059

File: 1587162257571.jpeg (182 KB, 1366x2048, 93C5369B-6EE5-4D9F-8178-0B3B40…)

I think it’s just how his face/facial bone structure is? He seems to have always been at a normal weight

No. 84061

How are you going to write this 3 page nonsense about Heechul being a pedo and not even include the fact that Heechul had a crush on Soohee from the wondergirls ever since she was about 15?

No. 84064

File: 1587164939644.png (917.98 KB, 831x679, rs.png)

the skin blurring that goes into kpop vlogs is fucking embarrassing. they all have it too.

No. 84068

File: 1587166204436.jpg (18.48 KB, 604x340, IMG_20190624_015843.jpg)

his nose looks the same

No. 84069

lol they are both millenials
gen y starts in early 80s ends in mid/late 90s

dont even want to read further after that

No. 84071

Lmao I didn't write that shit…I saw it on twitter and posted it because it's hilariously retarded

No. 84072

The “everyone got accused” argument is dumb because there was clearly an influx of sajaegi in the industry around that time.
Some big ones just didn’t get caught and those who didn’t got huge flack.

No. 84076

To summarise, if heechul hadn’t become an idol he would be a creepy weeb basement-dweller. I don’t get people calling his relationship with momo ‘cute’ ;
13 year age gap
Momo had clearly been a kpop fan for years, she probably knew of/admired suju at a young age
Heechul repeatedly shows he fetishises Japanese girls
Heechul is known to have had a crush on wonder girls’ sohee, she’s also 10 years younger than him

etc. etc.

No. 84081

Lmaooo anon I know you didn't write that my comment was towards the op. No doubt Heechul is sketchy but that…er..essay was shit.

No. 84085

lmao, i love how jk's is just the knuckle tattoos.

they look so bad… they used so much photoshop but they look quite old and it's just not doing them any favors. only v looks semi presentable….

No. 84086


it’s an app called remini fans have been using as a joke. it’s not the actual photo lmaoooo

No. 84094

File: 1587201650974.png (106.48 KB, 1189x671, Screenshot (10).png)

They're so delusional, absolutely mental. One comment also said "Your ribs showing is actually healthy"???

No. 84095

What idols do you know or think hates their job?

No. 84096

do from exo is the first name that comes in mind

No. 84097

V BTS lately I dunno he seems depressed

No. 84098

Muh depression is a pathetic excuse for an arrogant millionaire who no longer does his job properly because he thinks way too highly of himself

No. 84103

Hey I know it’s unrelated but I recently heard that johngook said something about dating someone 7 years younger than him? Can someone refute this so I can stop throwing up?

No. 84104

he never said that. theres shit all over the internet saying BTS would date people aged from 1990 to like 2006 which is stupid and obviously started by kids.

No. 84105

>>84097 when did he start acting like this? I've always disliked V so i never noticed when he exactly started acting like a depressed douchbag

No. 84106

So stan twitter's archenemy Lana is joining the Chinese version of produce? Can she even speak Chinese?
Can't wait for her to get worshipped there and cause twitter to explode…girl is persistent to make it in east Asia for some reason. If that fail too, she has Japan left lol

No. 84107

As if he’d say something so controversial publicly either way lol

No. 84108

I can’t shake the feeling that it’s all an act, the new role that got assigned to him. The tortured artist, the aloof fuckboy.

No. 84109

wish they'd assign jhope a new one…..

No. 84110

If she can’t speak Mandarin I’m gonna get so much second hand embarrassment… it’d remind me of when that guy Eddie tried to do a Korean show without knowing Korean. If she does know the language I don’t see a problem with it, though.

No. 84115

File: 1587216917499.jpg (42.09 KB, 524x813, EVzZQ7WWoAEmIEf.jpg)

Jb fucked up his hair. Btw i hate how some fans treat their idols like "uwu baby, he/she baby",it's so annoying. Bambam said today he saw some negative comments about his new hair and a bunch of fans be like "oh poor baby don't send him hate comments pls".

No. 84116

whats the obsession with those squirrel pelts/beaver paddles?

No. 84117

they're doing a romeo & juliet concept. cheesy shit

No. 84118

completely fake
taken from a made up list in 2014 where jin was 22 and the list stated he would date 2002 liners- aka 12 year olds

No. 84119

so romeo wore an ape drape?
thats news to me….

No. 84120

File: 1587219069810.jpg (95.58 KB, 1200x630, naeun.jpg)

i figured out why naeun gets to keep her black hair.
she has a large head and other colours will emphasize a bobblehead.

what i dont get yet is why she keeps proclaiming to be into 'manly men'.
can anyone solve this?

No. 84123

Random question:
Which foreign idols are the most fluent in Korean?

No. 84124

Sana is definitely one of them. She has accent slip ups but her use of the language is very "mature" if you know what I mean. She doesn't just stick to the basics.

No. 84126

Kyulkyung/Pinky is also said to be pretty fluent, she came to Korea at like 10-11 so she has a near-native accent apparently (I can't verify because I don't speak Korean)

No. 84131

I'm watching these behind the scenes youtube videos of the bon voyage 2020 and both V and jhope refused to take pictures with fans. are they just refusing or are they not allowed to? it seemed so rude to me. it was awkward as well.

No. 84134

Idols generally don't take pictures with fans

No. 84135

i think stan twitter is jealous of her for having the opportunity to even debut in korea, but can't admit that so they hide behind "colonization

No. 84136

Yeah I definitely agree, this also happened with the girls from UHSN. There are also people who take the opposite side and say “no guys Koreans actually love her and think she’s so cute!” When in reality they tend not to give a shit either way because foreigners aren’t relevant enough for them to love or hate.

No. 84137

they're not allowed to on bon voyage bc they're technically working.
Honestly, I think they just can't stand seeing non-asians in kpop.

No. 84140

>decent singer
nta but I agreed with everything in your post except this. A decent singer is someone like Jungwoo, Mark is below average and has a hard time staying on-key

No. 84141

File: 1587247575076.jpg (1.03 MB, 2048x1536, nct mark edit.jpg)

It's weird how SM couldn't get more decent trainees so they didn't have to shove Mark around the units. I really don't understand it since SM is popular and you'd think they have a lot to choose from.

No. 84142

JB just wants to look as ugliest as possible. He's willingly pushing away his stans.

She looks like Michael Jackson here wtf. She was so cute in WGM

No. 84146

Rather than non-Asians I think it's white people (and particularly white women, because EXP got mocked but they didn't get the sheer vitriol Lana gets). Alex from Rania was treated like some sort of sacred cow by international fans.

No. 84147

Their intention was never to make Nct famous from the get go.
I guess the original members are supposed to be a test version for them.
To see what fans like.

Wonder if any of the Nct members slept around with sponsor since they aren’t that famous they must have some loose money outside of Nct promotions?

No. 84148

File: 1587249497420.jpeg (86.27 KB, 640x988, 2B9E9445-D4F9-4CB2-8EB7-A453B4…)

Lol no, she’s pretty in every hair color
I mean before she got a nose job to look like Haneul Lee lmfao

No. 84150

File: 1587250998154.gif (1.61 MB, 340x192, 1586067150506.gif)

I assume Yuta does nowadays.
Aside from the race component (bc Lana is half Korean), they're more jealous of a girl because she could potentially come in contact with their biases and ruin their self-insert fantasies. Tbh it'd be hilarious if Lana did actually meet male idols and exposed their thirsty asses because a number of Korean men will become absolute animals around foreign women.

No. 84151

Anon, Lana isn't half Korean. That's why everyone has a problem with her; She's 100% Russian/Tatar

No. 84154

They’re so confident it’s embarrassing
(Can’t find the OG YouTube link sorry guys)

No. 84163

Alex got called racial slurs and was made fun of by jealous international fans. Articles created for pr don't count.I don't understand why some of you want this narrative that everyone is ~uwu jelly of the pretty white girl in Korea~. There's some fans using her as a self insert, some fans are jealous, some fans think she's just ugly and other people are neutral. Same for Alex. This thread gets super race bait-y whenever Lana is mentioned.And it's weird cause Lana isn't even popular in Korea so I don't understand this weird projection when it comes to this girl.

Sometimes it sounds like the people who self insert want everyone to be jealous of her to further the fantasy.

No. 84168

umm no, she looks terrible in that pic despite a ton of filters.
is that pic before or after nosejob? i cant tell

No. 84169

if she is in the industry she wouldnt 'expose' people from it.
those guys have more than enough foreigners fawning over them to care.

No. 84170

Russians and Tatars are not the same thing at all though, the latter are muslim and asian.That's why the whole twitter rage is stupid as fuck. I mean isn't it obvious from her looks that she's not fully white? The stan twitter is even claiming she's had plastic surgery on her eyes to look asian, what are these people smoking?

No. 84171

File: 1587258905452.gif (1.83 MB, 241x320, 59FFE903-F6F6-4BA9-91FC-146F76…)

Are you jealous or what?
The delusion and nitpicking is real

No. 84175

People are always saying "Yeah she's from Sakhalin but she's still from Russia which makes her white!!11!1!" Which is just… Ridiculous. It's like these people have never been to Russia or something.

No. 84176

File: 1587264107691.png (Spoiler Image,459.54 KB, 693x607, 2020april.png)

they look just as bad as this photo posted on one of the company's official instagram though…

No. 84177

>It's like these people have never been to Russia or something.

I'm pretty sure most people have never been to russia indeed

No. 84178

That's a fucking lie. Alex was called racist shit online.

No. 84180

Yep, new KPOP stans are really in denial when they say Alex didn’t get racism online
Not from Knetz, most Knetz were like “Why is someone as pretty, yadayada as her trying to make it in Korea’s horrible idol industry” but she got shit tons from dumb I Netz
Not saying Lana deserves it, but like…. wasn’t she saying how she purposely made her eyes more asians but slanting them for photos?
Girlie has some serious Koreaboo issues

No. 84181

Isn’t Lana a political science major in a Korean university?
Why is she doing this stupid mess lmfao

No. 84186

Tbh Sakhalin is now majority Russian invaders, so…

No. 84192

Tbh I thought YooA was Chinese/Taiwanese when I first saw her and I was surprised to find out she's Korean. She doesn't look very Korean imo.

I don't think she speaks Mandarin. She's a koreaboo who's hyperfixated on making it in kpop, so why would she know Chinese?

No. 84195

Anyone know what happened to Samuel? I pretty much haven't heard anything since his father died and he tried to leave brave ent.

No. 84201

I've always had such a soft spot for her and Seolhyun. Both are so pretty and sweet (without being annoying), never had any scandals (Naeun never dated in 9 years since she debuted) besides falling for a predator like Zico or getting death threads because they did something slightly feminist (imo Seolhyun definitely is tho lol). They would have deserved being in a group like RV with nice concepts and many female fans and not being lusted after by "uncles" before they even turned 18…
And I think Naeun still looks pretty (a lot fresher and younger than your average male idol her age who debuted that long ago). You have to keep in mind that the makeup style for idols completely changed, back then during "We got married" they were allowed to be a lot more natural and tan, now they're stark white with red lips, of course she's bound to look different.

The argument of non-Korean East Asian or SEA idols being a-okay but not non-Asians (or halfus like Somi) because "kpop is for Asia" is flawed since kids in Korea or other Asian countries don't need Asian representation because most people in their countries are Asian anyways. Nearly everything they see on tv is Korean, there are hardly any country there natives have so much representation. The people complaining about this and hating on that Russian girl are Asian Americans who probably have no idea how living in Asia even is like. They're only bitter because they think they "deserve" being an idol and meeting their favs more than her. Besides, if Asians are allowed, then what about people from e.g. India or Israel? They look probably even more white than Lana but hey at least they're fully Asian? If you say this they usually claim they meant only East Asians. So what about Thai idols like Bambam or Lisa?
The idea that different Asian countries are somehow an unity who all share the same/a similar culture is actually more racist… Most Koreans dislike other Asians but tolerate Japanese, Chinese, Korean American or Thai idols because at least they look somehwat similar (the latter only if they bleach their skin), that's literally it, there's no deep connection between them because all Asians gotta stick together or some shit lol. If anything, people from eastern Russia probably share more similiar values etc with Korea that somebody who looks the part but grew up in the US.

No. 84218

>never dated in 9 year
oh lord, are you one of those delulus that believes that?
she has been with plenty guys.
APink has a rep as the girlgroup that gets around. probably the most vocal reputation in this cause it goes against their sweet and innocent concept.
>fresh and young
she and jennie give similar vibes
naeun just plays up the innocent part more.

No. 84224

She never publicly dated or had any other scandal, you dumbass. Compared to your BTS oppars or whatever who manage to fuck up multiple times per year that's definitely a feat considering that her group has been around for nearly a decade.
>she has been with plenty guys. APink has a rep as the girlgroup that gets around.
And you know that because…? When they debuted all but one of them were underage, how about we don't assume that all female idols must be secret sluts when they've never done anything to provoke that accusation?
Maybe some Apink members are in a relationship but they're smart enough to date quietly, they've never been in the news for being rude or doing saejagi or anything negative, their biggest crime is an unlucky nose job, there's hardly any group less deserving of such criticism than them.

No. 84225

Lol they just uploaded another of those videos and you can see how rough some of them look without makeup. Jaehyun has great skin tho

No. 84228

File: 1587305001589.png (208.5 KB, 344x402, Screenshot (13).png)

I say it again, there's no way that Johnny is born in 95, that's not how a 25yo asian looks like. The only somewhat goodlooking member is Jaehyun, the rest looks tragic with and without makeup. I don't get why they don't just use a filter or slap on some foundation, is that really so difficult for men?
>Jaehyun has great skin tho
I was waiting for his skin care routine but apperantly its all genetic, he doesn't do anything.

No. 84229

>that's not how a 25yo asian looks like.
Some people just age like milk, Asian or not.

No. 84231

>looking bit rough there
i dont see it, they look like normal mid 20s (with good skin or good skincare)
this isnt shot making it look natural(got some blur), res isnt high enough for that…still, even irl they ll look normal and not 'tragic'.
maybe your standards are too high? humans will be humans. or maybe you have been believing the filtered images too much?

No. 84235

>never had any scandals besides falling for a predator like Zico
Really though, I’m still so pissed it had to be golden phone headass Zico. Idek what she saw in him. Ik it’s not my business but she racked up all that criticism over him.

I also love Naeun and am impressed by Apink’s durability in the industry, I think we have similar taste

No. 84237

i find it so frustrating rating how knetz said that naeun was flat-faced for years, and then once she gets nose surgery, they complain about it looking bad. she looked perfectly fine before, they gave her a complex, she tried to fix it, and they still complain. the standards & expectations are just ridiculous

No. 84238

how tall is bts truly? Is namjoon actually tall? Or is he just 5'8 and the rest are 5'4

No. 84240

He keeps claiming to be 6 feet, but most guys who do that are usually 5'9 or 5'10 . I wish there was a definitely way to tell. They arent that much taller than James Corden, who is a manlet irl.

No. 84241

Ok maybe they're not that rough but the video definitely shows how ugly most of them are

Johnny, Taeil, Yuta, and Jungwoo are such eyesores

No. 84249

when is jin supposed to enlist? it must be soon right? Im so ready for something big to happen to these dweebs so they can take a step down from their pedestal.I wish more would have happened with the jk tattoo/girlfriend thing.

No. 84250


No. 84254

if he was born in december 1992 he has until the end of the year

No. 84265

Silence nctzen

They're just ugly, filter or no filter

No. 84266

I think given the situation he will be allowed to finish one more tour or at least do a few tour dates. But that won’t be scandalous or detrimental to them cause he’s not the most popular member? I think Jimin is

No. 84267

RM is 5’10-5’10.5 Jin is 5’9 Jungkook, V, J-Hope are 5’8-9, Jimin and Suga are 5’7-8

No. 84268

There are idols born in 1991 who haven't enlisted yet though (Suho from EXO comes to mind)

No. 84269

>>84266 i wish they'd all enlist at once, or at least the older ones together and then the younger ones.

No. 84271

Suho is enlisting in May.

No. 84272

NTA but Apink has quite the reputation for the opposite. They’re known as the longest running group to never get into dating scandals. The only dating scandal that did happen with the group is that one with 1 girl and an X1 member that was BS, and that other scandal where they apparently played LOL or something with the Exo members when it was proven to be a streamer.

Where’d you get the notion that they’re supposedly known for dating around?

No. 84278

it's sort of an open secret in vixx and apink fandom that leo and eunji dated. i don't think anyone from either fandom really minds it though.

No. 84279

91 liners were allowed to postpone until this year since the law was set last year.
Jin will definitely not be able to promote overseas this year and he will enlist the latest June next year.
I've seen dumb armies say he can postpone his enlistment until 2022 but it's not ttrue lol.
Even Suga will have to enlist next year.
Thank God.

No. 84280

Xiumin and Do will already get discharged at the end of the year (honestly didn't feel long at all), meaning once Baekhyun and Chen enlist they (and Suho) can work as main vocals and cover their lines.

But in BTS the only good singers are the 3 youngest, what are they gonna do when they enlist? Have Jin sing everything? Only rap songs? Jimin and V enlisting early and Jk late would be the smartest move.
My prediction is that BTS sans maknaes will lose all relevancy, disband and after the military Jk will go solo.

No. 84281

Welcome to K-pop, where people bash on idols for having naturally Asian features but then call them plastic monsters for getting noticeable work done.

No. 84282

I think Exo will do fine with solo activities
Once Xiumin is back this year he will probably continue with some musical auditions, Kyungsoo will be released December but he only enlisted for his acting career, so he could film the AWTG film series.
The remaining members not enlisting (excluding Lay) this year will go on and do a temporary sub unit I hope (the SKY unit please lol).
I think Exo is past having to continue to do 9 member promotions.

No. 84284

I think because of the unprecedented situation they could give them some extra time, they’re supposedly exceptional lol. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if this happens

No. 84286

They need a scandal for that to happen. Even after they become less popular they will act like royalty and their fans will act all uppity

No. 84288

File: 1587330752266.jpg (528.22 KB, 640x960, 1S38BB6K37_1.jpg)

I came across this pic of G-IDLE's Soojin and almost didn't recognize her. She looks so much better with less heavy makeup and plumped up lips. Unfortunately I feel that she's being turned into another Hyuna, and is continuing to go towards the direction of trying to look sexier even if it doesn't suit her.

No. 84289

Even after so many years into kpop this has to be one of the most repulsive styling I've seen. So much make-up and terrible lenses and he looks so malnourished. Idk, but this one is just disgusting. I've looked him up outside of the mv and he looks so much better. I wouldn't even say they are the same person.

No. 84290

Idk who this is but the styling, music, and dancing are all shit

No. 84291

Exo's fanbase is also more spread out, while BTS's fanbase overwhelmingly favors the youngest three. Exo has Baekhyun, Chanyeol, Kai, Lay and D.O who all have very big, enthusiastic fanbases, so they can afford to promote without a few members. But BTS's fans basically favor Jimin, JK or V, and it's very obvious. They should be OK while the other four enlist, but when it's time for the youngest three to enlist they're going to be in trouble, assuming BTS haven't already fucked up by that point.

No. 84296

Remember when BTS got to perform an entire album while other groups got their 1 song cut in last years MAMA (and other year end performances)? And ratmys excused this because "muh big 3 privilege, the most popular groups always got favored and you never complained, our boys suffered in the past now it's their time to shine"?

The highest amount of performance time Bigbang ever got was 20 minutes but usually only 10-12. Exo got between 7-13 minutes and even during their Growl era they were only allowed to perform 2 songs. 2ne1 got 8 to 13 minutes and SNSD had less than 4 to 15. Twice is really big now too and yet they also only got to sing 2 songs.
Meanwhile BTS got 5 minutes in 2013, 10 in 2014 and 2015, 12 in 2016, 18 in 2017, 20 in 2018 and fucking 40 in 2019. When was the time they were supposedly so disrespected and mistreated…? TXT are the most spoiled rookies ever to get 15 minutes just months after their debut.

No. 84297

Yes they get extra privileges cause fans wanna see them more and I guess awards and shows want viewers and don’t care about what’s right or wrong these days. About txt maybe it’s a bts demand? Like bts will appear at your show if you do this and that.

No. 84298

I went to GDA this year and it was almost like their own show, I didn’t think it was gonna be this way. It was my second Kpop experience, first was lotte and it was more balanced. It wasn’t what I expected.

No. 84307

This fancam of Hitomi is a bit disturbing to watch. I'm glad the comments are calling this out at least.

No. 84309

they look like normal mid 20s guys.
who ever said idols were pretty?
its just hyped up with the vast majority.

No. 84310

its well known.
i am the anon that has posted in older threads about heechul and taemin being well known playboys while others were actually arguing that they were gay.
talk with some industry people. apink having plenty lovers is not a secret in those circles. girls talk ALOT. please dont tell me you actually only go with what discord or the occasional angry fan burps up?
its such an open 'secret' there was at least one blind about them.

No. 84313

they are clearly very gay and dating

No. 84316

File: 1587345141505.jpeg (36.97 KB, 679x382, EV_gdNfU8AA9Gtw.jpeg)

Was checking out the #ShallonLesterIsOverParty (crazy bitch is finally getting exposed) and saw this bullshit in one of the top posts. Who's "our" lol? Soft/pretty boys were always around in pop culture till about two decades ago and it's finally making a comeback due to numerous factors

No. 84320

Well Asian men are getting looked at as attractive now. Before they were protrayed as asexual beta nerds

No. 84323

He has a nice nose…and that's about it.

No. 84324

This needs to be shown to each and every foreigner that wants to be an idol–let them get out now before it's too late.

No. 84325

They are not allowed since Jungkook went yo Gangnam and took a bunch of pictures with fans… jk, most companies don't allow it unless you paid for it

No. 84329

File: 1587355181490.gif (1.58 MB, 180x320, 37814057-0132-4DC5-A8EC-9B8EFC…)

No. 84334

Is it just me or BTS and latest music sounds one directiony lol

No. 84335

I won't comment on her body but she seems so dead inside, poor girl. I don't follow IZ*ONE, how old is she?

No. 84337

File: 1587359085373.jpeg (35.72 KB, 500x500, 83805AE4-AF03-4776-827C-93E91E…)

Imagine Jin in the military…. he won’t survive lbr probably goona do public service
I would too tbh

No. 84347

damn this is tragic, she's only 18
her body is ana chan tier, im suprised (and glad) that kpop stans arent acting like the usual retards

No. 84349

Most of BTS will do public service not active duty

No. 84351

I am not familiar with Korean military or any military for that matter. I'm assuming that public service must be really cushty lol

No. 84353

I mean, most idols aren’t actually that good looking and they look like any other korean on the street. Their impressive make up (not so impressive sometimes) helps cover that up.

No. 84355

You basically get an office job and can grow your hair back

No. 84356

If I was a Korean man I would 100% go for public service

I would lie about being depressed if I had too

No. 84357

i mean if you’re overworked average Korean guy you probably already are depressed……..

No. 84359

Haechan got into a scandal for fucking around and hooking up with his own fansites pretty early into NCT's debut, so I doubt it.

No. 84360

give us more, anon. tell us who all the industry sluts are.

No. 84361

I presume Jungkook will take active duty in the military service.

No. 84362

yesss more slut talk please. I'm very curious to know.. I wanna know who parties a lot as well.

No. 84364

not that anon but please do tell more.

No. 84365

It was about a year after Dream's debut if I remember correctly. A fansite got upset and leaked DMs he'd shared with her after he sent another fansite presents. There was stuff with him saying he didn't like Taeyong in the DMs, him flirting, telling her his schedules, and so on.

Then a bunch of other fansites and a few sasaengs got angry because he'd been fucking around with them too and telling them it was just them. Someone released recordings of phone conversations she'd had with him and though the actual conversations were pretty boring it was definitely his voice.

No. 84370

It actually has some melody, not just noises

No. 84374

Lol my ass he will
I bet these guys will postpone it til they cant no more.
There are many idols that have gone public service and kept their image
No doubt they would do anything for a easier service and Armys would defend it cause "muh South Korea number 1 boy group!1!1"
Jin, RM and Jhope will probs be the ones serving well

No. 84375

You think jhope? He blacked out on a roller coaster once. Him and jin are big babies… but they have a lot of pride so maybe they'll suck it up for the military.

No. 84376

Yall think SM will drop Nct once the BG slated for later this year debuts? Or if even the new GG show good results?
I'm honestly so tired of those fuglies.

No. 84378

i saw some people defending her in the comments, but i was relieved to see most people concerned. a lot of fans were saying she probably wanted to get rid of her chubby cheeks, but i have a hard time believing that. she could’ve done buccal fat surgery like joy if she really didn’t like her cheeks. in an industry where you have easy access to surgeons, i doubt she would lose so much weight JUST to get rid of her cheeks. i hope she gets the help she needs.

No. 84379

Wait, what? I thought that saesangs hated him the most because he is always telling them off. Oh well, if that is true, that's fucked up as shit.

No. 84380

not for the new gg, but maybe for the new bg. honestly, i think sm is gonna have a hard time getting rid of nct. wayv is fairly popular in china, nct dream is public-friendly in korea, and they have been trying to make nct 127 into bts 2.0 in america. even if they don’t chart well, they still sell a lot of physical albums, merchandise, and concert tickets, which means money for sm.

No. 84381

It's Doyoung that tells sasaengs off. Sasaengs got really mad at him a while ago for spotting them waiting outside (for Mark, I think) and going back inside to snitch on them to the manager.

Yuta apparently swears at sasaengs and flips them off pretty often too.

No. 84382

Can some sectors of NCT disband while others stay promoting? I’m not a fan so idk specifics about profitability but I’m pretty sure it’s time for NCT U to stop promoting and 127 to rethink itself

No. 84383

He was also like 15 or 16 when he was fucking around with sasaengs. It's surprising it didn't become a bigger issue, but NCT were even more nugu back than they are now so I guess nobody outside of the fandom cared.

No. 84387

I heard that the saesang that posted that admitted that it was all a lie. But it still doesn't erase the fact that just like Taeyong, Haechan is shady as fuck.

No. 84392

SM loves them too much to do that. He ditched EXO's promotions to promote them even though they are way more popular than NCT ever can be.

No. 84393

The voice clips one sasaeng posted were definitely real, so at the very least he was very friendly indeed with one sasaeng.

No. 84394

Ratmy begone

No. 84395

no lmao

No. 84396

Sm needs to stop their obsession with Nct.
They already ruined it when they turned 127 the SEOUL TEAM into some fucking stupid Bts wannabe group.
They are 5 years into their debut. Shit like this wont work in Korea … they shouldve targeted Nct in other Asian countries and atleast made a sub label for them because their stupid promos are messing w other SM artists

Cant believe Sm's 20 year old reign was ruined by Bully & company

No. 84397

I actually get annoyed with the recent obsession that companies suddenly have: to break into the US market. That too by making weird music that no American will ever listen to, lmao. Who tf will ever listen to shit like kick it and Jopping?

No. 84400

>recent obsession
bitch where have you been for the last 15+ years?

No. 84402

Have people all of a sudden forgot the English songs Soshi had and JYPs fixed obsession towards the US which led G Soul to train for 15 years for an overseas debut

Ppl think it just started w Bts
Gee and Nobody had a weird niche success in the states as well
I'm from Europe and Kpop was deffo a thing around 2010 until it faded

No. 84406

File: 1587395314528.jpg (390.83 KB, 1080x1290, IMG_20200420_210654.jpg)

Jhope's sister is quite pretty so how tf did he end up being so ugly.

No. 84409

different surgeon

No. 84410

Whoever did her nose should have done Jhopes. Or they should have left his alone since there was nothing wrong with it. Kinda sad

No. 84412

to me its obvious she has had her nose done too… so i would guess she just got a better surgeon

No. 84413

It's definitely gotten worse lately. There's a difference between giving a group an english song and sending Baekhyun, Taemin and Kai to basically debut in the US despite not knowing a lick of english. Chances are that SNSD's korean fans also listened to that english song, that's not a lot of effort, the Sperm debacle on the other hand… Monsta X interviews/performances are also hard to watch, it's obvious that they're only seen a second, less successful BTS. And Red Velvet in their cutesy uniforms in the US… lol just weird.

I don't get why LSM didn't just go the same route with NCT as he did with EXO: japanese fans are so loyal and China has endless money, cater to them instead of America. By saying WayV is the chinese NCT subgroup they basically blocked all the other members from having a legit career and earning money there.

Creepy af eyes, the same filler stuffed cheeks as him and a piggy nose…? I don't even want to know how she looks like unfiltered.

No. 84417

i think politics get in the way of promoting in china and japan too much. unless you’re already established in those countries (like tvxq in japan) or have members from that country (twice’s japanese members), you’re probably not going to be too successful. in my opinion, the best business plan is to promote/market yourself to SEA countries. just look at how popular got7 and blackpink are in that region because of bambam and lisa. super junior are washed-up but they still promote because they make a lot of money in SEA

No. 84419

i think shes ugly too lol

No. 84423

Only psy has broken into america not even bts

No. 84424

He broke into america as a joke for white people to laugh at though.

No. 84428

I’ve been enjoying SM’s downfall to be honest. Watching them push NCT so hard just to see them fail every time and not even win music shows is so satisfying. SM is a terrible company who mistreated SNSD and fucked over exo.

I feel like SM has really missed the boat over the last four or five years. Twice, Blackpink and BTS have been enjoying massive success both domestically and internationally while SM is scrambling in the background to get some action. Yeah Red Velvet is popular but not like Twice or Blackpink.

No. 84435

He became too greedy and ended up with nothing. He should have used Exo and SNSD's success but he didn’t. He is struggling to stay in the game.

No. 84438

File: 1587400689561.jpg (112.45 KB, 1124x1250, ELCpa_eUwAAqnA1.jpg)

On the one hand I agree but I also doubt that they'll ever change the way they treat them. If anything, if SM goes down completely they'll take the idols with them.

Remember when Taeyeon started crying because she was groped on the airport due to no bodyguards? Meanwhile NCT has probably more security than members… https://twitter.com/ngocanhle258/status/1215897399316475904 This always makes me wonder how rich/influential nowadays idols' parents really are.

Lately I read somewhere something about Exo fans only being annoying because they really never get anything and thinking about it, that's so true. The only variety show they're sometimes on is Knowing Bros and their own show was 7(!) years ago. And then you see that all NCT subgroups constantly upload vlogs, have interviews in the US etc. Baekhyun even made his own yt channel (filming himself this his phone…) but because unlike for NCT this is not included in his schedule, so he hardly gets time to do that on top of solo stuff, Exo and Sperm. They might joke about NCT getting treated better but I'm sure that they actually feel quite bitter about it. It's no surprise that BTS fanbase is so big if they get content nearly on the daily and excessive promotions. Especially teens who could potentially become new fans really want stuff like lots of selfies or personal videos.
I don't really know that much about RV but if Twice has so many comebacks every single year on top of hardcore pandering to male fans, of course they stand no chance. And while BP wore only the most expensive brands since predebut, attracting lots of little girls, Wendy has to walk around wearing a carpet…

No. 84442

File: 1587402195519.jpeg (572.67 KB, 2048x1264, 8D3CC286-F9F6-4635-A7A6-530B45…)

Is Itzy considered to be a successful rookie group? I’m curious how they’re doing as the successor to Twice’s smashing popularity. Their videos are popular on YouTube and stuff but are they actually selling well, developing a fandom, making a good place for themselves in the industry etc?

No. 84443

honestly i’m pretty sure most of these idol’s parents own a few buildings or are successful doctors and not ultra rich. what type of rich person would allow a company to make their child to wear a bright green bag as clothes and have no body guards.

if sm cashed in on the interest i got a boy and call me maybe had, snsd and exo would have stronger western presence and exo couldve possibly blocked bts from gaining many international fans. nct has no hits that stuck with the gp meanwhile exo and shinee we’re making double their numbers in their second years after debut. if lee soo man wanted an akb that bad, they should’ve turned nct 127 into korea only and made a whole new american unit that had native speakers and mixed koreans.

i feel like jyp buys bots for their music videos and do a little sajaegi or however you spell it, but for the most part they are doing well. twice didn’t make it huge until cheer up and tt, so itzy is doing amazing with icy and wannabe sales. i just wished they knew how to sing, then they’d be the whole package lol

No. 84444

Yes they are successful. All three of their title tracks have charted in the top 10. Not sure about album sales, but they’ve won a load of music show awards etc. I thought they would be overshadowed by Twice the same was fX was overshadowed by SNSD but that’s not the case

No. 84445

Then again SM idols have more longevity with their talent and GP popularity.
I think that's better than being a flash in the pan "nations group" that gets replaced every generation.

No. 84446

They let the reins loose once they are out of Korea.
Goes without saying: YG idols are the biggest sluts. Yes, that does include BP. Especially Jenny.
Then what follows is the rest of companies. The majority sleep around a lot. A LOT. The boys more than the gals. Mostly cause the boys sleep with their groupies and I have not heard that from the gals. I am not talking about the screaming groupies you see on TV. It is the star fuckers. If they are famous, they will be sought after. Quite a few are models.
Take exo: no surprise here, Chanyeol is famous. Baekhyun doesnt mind getting hands on. Sehun has mixed rumors. Some are saying he might not be exclusive to men. I am using the word rumors here as I have not heard of first hand confirmation. The rest is confirmed.
Suho is a total sweetheart and his manners are more refined. Xiumin is famous too, gets around.
What has been said in ex-idols vid, the thing about it being a zoo is true. They have sex with many other people, often industry related. Most are one time hook ups. The part of them having multiple girlfriends and sometimes boyfriends is also true. Some, very few, have recurring hookups in certain cities. Others screw someone new each time they are in a city for a concert.
Having no layover time and a tight schedule, they use blacked out Escalades to screw in. Go to LA, the need for black Escalades for Kpop boygroups is well known in the industry circle. Being exclusive with their current girlfriend is not a common sight.

No. 84447

i'm curious about how you know all this?

No. 84448

wow.. who's the sluttiest out of EXO and BTS?

No. 84449

for enough money everything can work out in the companies favor.
Be very critical of such incidents. They are ore likely true than false. Most things never see the light of day. Saseangs have the list of fuck buddies the idols have. Most will never be posted.

No. 84450

it says in what I wrote
Sluttiest is always a bit open to definition and can vary. From what I heard I would say Chanyeol and Suga.

No. 84451

what video states that 'it's a zoo'

No. 84452

Are you the same anon from another thread that said Taemin had a thing for foreign groupies and the milk was from an old tumblr page filled with lies lol
Get Outttttt I beg lol
The Korean industry is dirty but what you're saying isnt true. Well to some extent ofc but.
Atleast spill real milk
Dont come in here with fanfic material

No. 84453

Lee Joon said that.
He said the Korean industry is an "animal kingdom"
Think it's on Netizenbuzz

No. 84454

Taemin, Baekhyun and Kai can hold a basic conversation in English. Taemin's English gets better when attractive women are involved.

No. 84455

how is SM failing? They are bigger than ever.

No. 84456

Late response but Wikipedia says she's 18. I don't doubt that whatever she's going through right now is gonna fuck her up for the rest of her life.

No. 84457


So who's NOT a slut? Or is sluttiness pretty much guaranteed when you put male idols and easy stalker pussy together (unless the idol's gay I guess)?

How about idols with weird tastes? You always get Western celebrities with weird shit like they can only get off if two women are taking a dump on them or something so I assume there must be idols with weird shit like that too.

No. 84458

Have anybody noticed how even more than before
Teen female idols are catering more fan service to uncle fans?
Its creepy
Someone please pull up the picture of Yuna saying her fans will be satisfied from seeing her in a school uniform lol
One of the few idols that look disgusted with uncle fans is probably Irene but then again they switched from her to younger girls since she is an "old feminist hag

No. 84459

I would find it disturbing fucking that many people all the time… I would never be able to fuck a fan either.. too risky. I'm not really one to casual fuck anyway so idk.

No. 84461

I know Suho isnt
He seems pretty thirsty and shit but he is pretty religious
Also Exo members seem like the few idols who dont sleep around except for a select 2 members
Probably because they dont need sponsorships and stuff in exchange for selling their body.

No. 84463

Isn't Suho a Buddhist though? Ime Buddhists aren't massively fussed about sleeping around (unless you're a monk) so long as you're not an asshole about it.

No. 84464

Jay Park. The ex JYP rapper. Heard he is a creep and has no bed skills.
Obviously Seungri is a creep too and has no bed skills.
I cannot remember any fetishes at the moment. I have not heard about the sort of wild stuff western celebs get into, sorry.

From the groups and names I mentioned I would say Suho is the least slutty one. I heard DO and Chen are not as bad as the rest either.

No. 84465

suho just seems insanely clean in general. zero attitude scandals, no dating rumors let alone actual scandals, despite the fact that he must have dispatch on him all the time. either he's got some killer self control or he's a master at keeping his shit locked down.

No. 84466

They are not the screeching fans you see on TV or in youtube clips. These are well connected people that like having sex with famous people.

No. 84467

Dont wanna go OT but no
Fornication (sex outside of marriage) is a violation of the 3rd precept of the 5 precepts
Some say sex outside of marriage is ok but casual sex isnt idk

Suho doesnt seem like a religious nut tbh so he is probably not a virgin but deffo not like Chanyeol sleeping around lol

No. 84469

not the same anon but i've heard from both korean friends and western friends who live in korea that a lot of sm and yg dudes will basically have sugar babies on call. they keep them hooked up with gifts and in return the girls keep their mouths shut, since the money they'd get from telling dispatch wouldn't be anywhere near as good.

apparently it's not uncommon for these girls to be non-koreans (of all nationalities but a friend said eastern european's pretty common since a lot of eastern european girls in korea are in the sex trade anyway) since it means their korean won't be as good and running their mouth to the press will be that little bit harder.

No. 84472

I can confirm this.
Some also have sugar babies abroad. Those are the regular hook-ups when touring. At least for that specific city the girl lives in.
I am that anon: >>84446

No. 84473

Wow this is so tmi but I would never be able to fuck a celebrity/idol. To be real (regarding men) most of them probably have poor bed skills due to selfishness/not having to put in effort and all of them have bloated egos. The people who sleep with them probably don’t get anything out of it unless they’re the type >>84466 that just get a kick out of star fucking. Then again I’m also not a casual sex person…

No. 84474

did your friends tell you anything else?

No. 84475

Same anon. As we are on the topic. There are a lot of rich Chinese girls about. The Chinese Exo line gets invited to paid coffee dates which they attend. It is just coffee. Those girls pay just to talk to them. Easy money. I was not told how much they make per date.

No. 84477

Chinese Exo line?
There are only 3 Exo M members left
And 2 of them are no longer promoting in China and have relationships wo who are you talking about?
Former members? I can see Kris doing that shit.

No. 84478

job comes with a lot of stress.
One way some try to handle it is with sex.
>poor bed skills
Most guys bed skills are nothing to report home to. Some have managed to get a good reputation but you never know if a girl gave the guy a good review because she is a fan or not.

No. 84479

nothing juicy, they said most of the big bang guys were regulars in clubs and had several girls on the side but that's not really a surprise or even news i guess.

i know a girl who took korean classes with some some cube trainee who was on produce (neither of us watch produce so i couldn't tell you which one it was other than that obviously he wasn't korean, sorry) who apparently said next to nothing all semester and then asked her out at the end even though she'd never spoken to him. she said no though so it's not a very interesting story. i guess the only semi-interesting bit is that she's pretty sure she was at least five or six years older than him because he was in his teens.

No. 84480

Miss when the milk used to be real and not fanfiction?
Me too.
Korean translations blogs dont even do blind items anymore because of the retarded new fans sperging about "privacy" lol
I think Big3 are the only ones engaging in this foreign groupie stuff. And probably even making some top tier idols fuck political public figures.
Doesnt the national pension service own 9 percent of SM?
They got that old money connection deffo.
So their sponsorship are off the roof probably

No. 84481

i can imagine most idols stroke game weak

No. 84482

Lai Guanlin?
Lol you have to be JOKING

No. 84483

Lai Guanlin learnt Korean from a private tutor
Atleast make it believable.

No. 84484

i don't know, anon, how many non-korean cube trainees have there been on produce? i could check with her and get back to you but it was a long time ago she told me the story.

No. 84485

Basically go with: Are they Chinese? Yes? Then they are being asked out by rich Chinese girls.Irrelevant if Exo or another group. Exo has been the most targeted though, due to their popularity in China.
>They are no longer promoting in China
I have little patience for this. Please use your brain. These girls are loaded and are free to spend as they wish. Such time is also spent as holidays, whenever they please, in Korea.
ALL of the Chinese Exo line

No. 84486

The Chinese line all left 6 years ago except Lay.
Stop being retards and if you're gonna spill fake shit here make it believable.
Only Lay promotes in China
And Chen + Xiumin are both clean plus in long term relationships.

No. 84487

Legit only Guanlin lmfao.

No. 84488

I am that anon: >>84446
The noona fetish is a real thing for more than just the occasional idol.
>>84457 Sorry, forgot about that. Talking about dumping on someone made me discard it.

No. 84489

You got anything on newer groups like red velvet and nct?

No. 84490

I don't have any cool hooked up friends with industry details so I don't have any cool stories to share. I do have an uncool one though.

The one time I went to Korea I went to an EXO fansign and it was fun, I enjoyed myself. I stuck out a bit because I'd dyed my hair bright blue. Anyway the following day a friend and I were walking around Seoul looking for somewhere to eat and we walked right into Baekhyun and his manager and he must have remembered me because of the blue hair and clearly thought we were sasaengs because he gave us a "WTF?" look as we walked past. But it was really was just a coincidence and I still sometimes think about this and get embarrassed all over again.

No. 84492

Closest I have heard is that Kai likes celebrities. I have not heard of any political figures.
That trainees and idols can/are sold off is true. I don't have names.

No. 84493

>>84481 There are so many that I think this about lol. I think Suga would be actually terrible in bed lmao.

No. 84494

In that video of Taemin with those foreign girls he couldn't talk to them at all without Hara's help. The things they said while with Sperm are all rehearsed, same for BTS talking bits during concerts. "I love you fans!" does not equal being able to hold a conversation.

Seriously all of you bitches are thirsty af. Somebody claims that idols are willing to fuck around and you immediately jump on it. How would anon know? Sehun being into women and Suho not being a stuck up prude is only wishful thinking on your part. BTS can likely fuck around when overseas but they'll only choose models or discreet expensive prostitutes.

No. 84495

Ok for RV
Yeri has a thing for more masculine rapper guys. She went on several dates with Yang Hongwon. She doesnt like idol guys and she tries hella hard to be edgy and different. Shes rude when she is around her close friends and a queen B. Other members rarely get into it so theres not much on them other than what's common knowledge.
But expect a scandal soon.
Doyoung is a huge dick and is dating Taeyeon. Hes a try hard. Taeyong is really disliked by many idols and that's why he has this weird "awkward cutie" persona. But he is quite reckless BTS.
Haechan tries to get with nugu idols his age but fails because of his looks.
Jeno is really bitchy towards WayV members and acts like hes superior from other Nct members.
Jaehyun is really desperate to flaunt his friendship with top tier idols and really into his looks. Some might call him self absorbed.
Alot of them are disliked BTS.
This is common knowledge from insider Twitter.
Pretty lighthearted though. I'm not into industry secrets

No. 84496

ion think jimin is fucking 5'10 models haha

No. 84498

i've heard the thing about doyoung and taeyeon before. it doesn't seem to be based on anything other than him covering one of her songs once but idk, taeyeon seems to have slept with half of sm so i could believe it.

No. 84499

It was mentioned that Red Velvet members are dating rich business men. No idea who and how many.
NCT: Not really. Taeyang, Doyoung and one other struck my friend as dumbass juveniles.The one other I cannot remember, it was not Mark.
Nicest down to earth groups were named as Ateez and Monster X.
I am that anon:>>84446

No. 84500

It's easy to debunk because this shit has been debunked over and over
No one is saying that they dont fuck around
We know they do
But these claims of "I know so and so and they told me this happened and that so and so management gets him groupies" like??
Two anons got caught in a lie rn
Yall need to stop this fake rumor spreading that's been on the net for 7 years.
Its agitating
Dont say your spilling milk and come here with shit that's been on "Kpopsecrets" retarded ass tumblr blog

No. 84501

The fact that a twitterfag like >>84446 got you guys believing a rumor from 3 threads ago that got rehashed from Kpopsecrets
I'm gagging

No. 84502

I am that anon:>>84446
The opposite is reported. Enough for me to say it is legit.

No. 84505

File: 1587409962767.jpg (2.81 MB, 3749x3086, vogue(1).jpg)

So ugly, she can't even model anymore… Who thought this was a good idea?

No. 84506

damn she looks like she's balding

No. 84507

her dog is getting more magazine covers than rosé and jisoo lmao

No. 84508

I don't believe most "I have a Korean friend who told me all this gossip" stories because I DO have a Korean friend who went to school with Cha Eunwoo (but in the year above) and all he said when I asked him what Eunwoo is like was "Idk, I never talked to him."

Korean people don't have exclusive access to some Korea-excluive gossip trove, they're mostly as clueless as the rest of us.

No. 84509

jin from bts can only orgasm if the girl wears a pillowcase with bang pd's face on it and refers to him as worldwide handsome

No. 84510

>Taeyang, Doyoung and one other struck my friend as dumbass juveniles
Lmao how and where? All this shit sounds fake

No. 84511

I would actually believe this.

No. 84512

He went to a performing arts school right?
Yeah most idols dont even attend school. They just come for entrance ceremonies, graduation and pictures.

No. 84513

Getting fucked I could see

No. 84514

this sounds about right. I feel like jhope and jimin cant cum unless they are staring at themselves in a mirror above the bed.

No. 84515

Jimin seems so insecure that he'd be the type to throw a fit if his partner wanted to have a light on during sex.

No. 84516

Cause it is lol
If yall want to find out about gossip be it fake or not just go to old AKP threads.
Or go on the side of Twitter filled with unhinged Korean sasaengs

No. 84517

he seems insecure but also a narcissist so not too sure. I couldn't imagine fucking jimin. sends shivers up me spine.

No. 84518

You fake tea spilling anons should at least try to make your rumors sound more believable. You're better off finding an audience for your fanfics on Wattpad.

She's lucky to be well-off with industry connections. No doubt that's helped her become a model over much more glamorous-looking Asian girls.


No. 84520

Yeah, it's some arts school. Apparently there's a bunch of idols who go but my friend couldn't give me any juicy gossip because he wasn't friends with any of them. He only remembered Cha Eunwoo because he debuted just after my friend graduated and he was surprised because he hadn't heard he was a trainee.

No. 84525

Their whole strategy and vision for NCT completely failed.

No. 84526

Why the fuck do these anons come in here with their fake gossip and "tea" ? How much time do you guys have on your hands?

No. 84527

It's honestly wild to me how different they all look compared to a lot of other groups/girls who all have the same plastic surgery and the only difference is styling or hair colour. Though it's more noticeable among boy groups imo.

I've been looking at a lot more 'rookie' groups and it's such a noticeable thing

No. 84528

Really? He’s the only one in BTS i would wanna fuck, just out of curiosity

No. 84529

He may be good in bed but idk his face is so scary. Why are you curious?

No. 84530

suga, jin, rm and v would be shit in bed. i can just tell. Jhope and Jimin could be ok.. and JK.. idk about him. Seems like he'd just lay there kek but he may be the only one in the group with a dick bigger than 3 inches.

No. 84531

If >>83623 is anything to go by I don't think jimin's stamina would be very good lol

No. 84532

I actually don't mind that.I know they get flack for not having any proper visuals but I'm tired of these cookie cutter Dr. Kim clones with their creepy 1000 yard stares and botched noses.

are you ok?He's probably the type who couldn't even get it up because he's so insecure about everything, especially if he turns out to be as small as his hands.Guys who act like they're hot shit usually don't have any skills in bed and I wouldn't be surprised if he's one of those guys.

No. 84533

Ha. Don't know if any of them would last longer than 5 minutes so stamina isn't even an issue lol

No. 84534

I think he’s a freak somehow, like he pretends to be sweet and fragile but I feel like he’s a little crazy bitch lol

No. 84535

Why V? He seems like he could have an above average dick actually.

No. 84536

v genuinely reminds me of a special needs person. I do not want to think about his dick.

No. 84537

No. 84538

>>84537 lmao who is fucking suga haha

No. 84539

I think suga jin jhope and jk have big dicks. the rest are small.

No. 84540

This thread has gone off the deep end… stop thirsting, or at least sage

Honestly I think there really is something unusual about Haechan, Mark and him have both been in the limelight a similar amount of time but Mark seems well-adjusted. Haechan is kind of off, the fact that he was supposedly talking to all these fansites with older women when he was a minor…

I feel like there should be some regulations about all these minors being thrust into the idol industry. It really fucks with them.

No. 84541

my bad its been a while

No. 84542

can both the suhofag and muh korean friend anon go post their fanfictions somewhere else? along with every anon that believes their bullshit
i know idols sleep around for sure but its autistic how they just namedrop this and that idol
i could also say that jungkook sleeps with women 20 years older than him and technically it wouldnt be any less than true than those anons' tales

i know we merged with general but get your kpop gossip somewhere else

No. 84543

Suho being clean is for real tho
He doesnt seem to indulge in bogus stuff

No. 84544

It has been confirmed.

No. 84545

She's not ugly but she's very lucky to be a Blackpink member, with her baby face and 5'2" height she wouldn't ever be allowed near high fashion otherwise

This is absolute fucking bullshit anon, come on you can make up better stories than that.

- The Yeri and rapper rumour + all the other shit was made up by salty Pann bitches because Yeri dared to talk to their oppars. Her not being able to sing doesn't mean she's a horrible person who hates her friends or something like that, stuff like this is what led to Sulli and Hara leaving this earth.

- Jaehyun doesn't even mention other idols in public and barely takes pictures with non-NCT members, how on earth is he "flaunting" his friendships when they mention him first? Are you implying Big Hit is being paid by SM for Jungkook to talk about Jaehyun or something?

This Kpop "gossip" is so shit it made me defend fucking NCT, and I hate NCT!

No. 84546

I wish there was an actual insider on this thread.

No. 84547

Actual insiders keep among themselves,they'd never spill tea without some financial compensation lmao.

No. 84548

where could you find these insiders?

No. 84550

Korean sasaengs do have actual info, but you'll have to pay good money for it and know enough Korean to converse with them (if it's free or cheap it's probably old news or fake).

Their most accurate info is pretty mundane anyway - mostly about comeback dates/concert tours info. Dating news and contact info is a 50/50 thing on accuracy

I never bought any info myself but a friend (I'm so sorry kek, but this time it's true) bought Blackpink concert tour info off a sasaeng, who told her the correct dates a week before the official announcement

No. 84551

also that straddling picture from the nct video apparently isn't haechan, its apparently junguwu from the pants which isn't surprising at all considering he's always crawling all over his members

No. 84552


anon please

No. 84553

File: 1587416354400.jpg (358.08 KB, 1080x1952, IMG_20200420_225655.jpg)

Change of topic you delulus

Pic related, how can anybody brainwash themselves to such a degree??

No. 84554

>>84>>84553 i may be psychotic but i don;t actually think anyone in bts is ugly lol. not even rm or jh.

No. 84555

It's definitely Haechan.

No. 84556

If they looked horrible they wouldn’t be idols

No. 84557

Ofc you are look at how u type

No. 84558

girl i do not have the energy to not make grammatical errors but u right i am psycho

No. 84559

File: 1587416680155.jpg (536 KB, 680x453, LHXvXn9.jpg)

Well Chungha is being called out for cultural appropriation

No. 84561

i mean anyone would look half decent with jhopes melted ass face next to them lul

No. 84562

File: 1587416804064.jpg (119.56 KB, 1000x1000, KV8hjKZ.jpg)

No. 84563

anyone else been reported to be good?

No. 84564

Let’s all thirst after Yoongi now lol, what a joke

No. 84565

Rm and J-Hope planned to debut as a rap group though right? Looks wouldn't matter there but I guess Bang PD got delusional after signing better-looking boys like V and Jungkook on

No. 84566

Special needs people have libido too anon

No. 84567

seriously….where are these thirsty ratmy coming from

can we get these fake insider fanfiction writers back to ao3 please

if you wanna sperg about your oppa being good in bed just go to ao3 or wattpad

No. 84568

I would help him with that…

No. 84569

I am this anon: >>84502
Zico, Mino, Yongguk, Xiumin…
have not heard anything positive about the NCT boys so far.

No. 84570

the people constantly complaining about what people talk about on this thread will forever be a thousand times more annoying than people “thirsting over their oppars”

shut up man

No. 84571

ahh i see.. anyone reported to be bad lmao

No. 84572


there were others were the gals did not seem impressed. Not enough to warrant a 'crap' label though.

No. 84573

When is zico gonna get busted for being a pos… or is he immune?

No. 84574

I think it's funny that it's always "slaying queens" who end up doing shit like this kek

No. 84575

Bang Si Hyuk is really delusional
He casted all of Txt for their visuals but they legit look like Jhope prototypes except for Soobin but that dude is plain as vanilla can get

No. 84576

heard that playboy Taemin is supposed to be good. cant say if this is established or fangirls being fangirls.

No. 84577

considering his new song trended so hard because he got some "woke queens" to dance with him gives me little hope that he's gonna be treated like the POS he is

on another note did anyone see that toilet yoochun is charging 70 USD to join his new fanclub lol

No. 84578

i mean chungha literally did a dance with golden phone zico and everyone ate it up…she aint as woke as she tries to make herself out to be

No. 84579

70usd? a one time payment or each year?

No. 84580

no one cares about wokeness. its about $$$

No. 84581

apparently is 66,000 won annual fee

No. 84582

what a steal.

No. 84583

he’s ass ugly to me lol

No. 84584

imagine paying 50 usd to see pictures of an old ass balding methhead with a tattoo of his ex fiance on his arm lul

No. 84585

I read that txt doesn't have any positions because they were trained to be good at "everything", can any of you pedo txtfags confirm this? What kind of bullshit is this supposed to be? Of course all companies try to teach all idols everything but nevertheless every person (yes, even bigshit idols) has a speciality. No idol was ever known for being just good, they have fans because they're either good at dancing or singing or rapping or being beautiful (and that doesn't mean that they have to be completely shit at all the other things). How arrogant to think that they're above all this.

Somebody should take one for the team and see what's included in this kek

No. 84586

beenzino was going to debut with bts when they were a rap group but bang sihyuk apparently wanted him to get plastic surgery. not sure why he would expect beenzino to get ps before debut but let jhope and rm debut looking how they did. the only reason i could think of is beenzino being older, but when has age ever stopped agencies from forcing their artists from getting ps?

No. 84587

wait, he got a pic of her on his arm? do pics of this exist?

No. 84588

I also think it's refreshing but the amount of times I catch myself thinking they're 'ugly' because they don't 'conform' to the expected look is really concerning.

No. 84589

File: 1587419691286.jpeg (117.34 KB, 758x1356, E9DD86F4-F1F8-48F0-910D-D19B51…)

best i could find, im sure there's other pics out there

No. 84590

what the fuck happened to this thread? is this onehallyu now?

No. 84592

cause yeah, we know how well getting tattoos of you significant other turn out. no regrets. topkek

No. 84593

omfg stop whining

No. 84594

I believe he wanted to cut his jaw into a V-shape and make be some aegyo shit type rapper. BH is a really repulsive company, I don't get it how those ratmies don't see it.
I'm glad Beenzino didn't agree upon in. It has a really nice face, how could you even think of destroying it like that??? But we have TXT guys who have agreed to look as plastic monsters so there will always be much easier and ready to do everything sellouts.
Really funny how BTS whole motto is "Love yourself" when they have done ps and can't even lead a normal life since they have to be filmed almost 24/7. Everything is pretty normal, right?

No. 84595

we getting raided or what

No. 84596

Are you retarded?
Beenzino was already a respected solo act by 2011
He’s a SNU graduate, top rapper and everyone 8n the industry respects him what would he gain by joining Bts.
Stop your stupid conspiracy theories in the thread,

No. 84597

it's no longer kpop critical ppl can post whatever as long as it's relevant and doesn't break the rules.

No. 84598

File: 1587420497837.jpeg (299.33 KB, 1200x805, 4B7B32FA-0CFB-4D23-A474-FAB82F…)

Beenzino said Bang Pd approached him to join his label if he got a jaw reduction surgery (ironic seeing how fugly Bts are)
But here was his response

“During my underground days a producer came to me and said this
If I work with him all my wishes will come true
The last thing he said was the punch line
I could join him if I just got jaw reduction surgery.
I don’t need your bullet proof
Like that, I declined to be your boy”

He never intended on debuting with Bts and Bang Si Hyuk thinking he’d accept the offer is even more hilarious.

No. 84599

exactly.. so anyway jhope has a big huge monster cock.

No. 84600

thats honestly horrifying "take off half your face and i'll make you a star

No. 84601

i'm talking about the weird gossip and talking about who is bad in bed and has small dicks
suga and jimin are like 5'5-5'6 maybe even 5'4

No. 84602

bighit doesn’t sound so cool now does it ratmy

No. 84603

I'm going to be sick…
Speaking of new GG, did pictures come out yet? Does the group have a name, are all they still under SM rookies tier?
It's getting so bad that I'm starting to see kpop on local news channels. Shit has got to stop, no one watches it except boomers on their way to taking their kids to school.

No. 84604

Nothing's even wrong with his jaw to begin with.Idk why BH thinks looking like a flower boy makes someone a convincing rapper lol.

No. 84605

I can’t see jimin and suga being 5’5-6 they look about an inch shorter than jungkook who is 5’8 probably

No. 84606

dude looks absolutely fine as far as im concerned, jaw surgery would have turned him into a plastic monster

jhope has a small build, if anyone has a monster cock in bts its probably V

No. 84608

There are multiple kpop sites for you guys to talk about stupid rumors or useless BTS things. Why come here and detroy the thread?

No. 84609

Sm is still debuting them
But they’re keeping everything under wraps
For hype I am guessing

No. 84610

girl, they live in insoles

No. 84611

I swear I saw this shit here before, rehashed nonsense. Proof are gtfo

No. 84612

its crazy that BH is going around promising established musicians all these dreams if they just cut up their face

imagine the pull they have towards desperate kids and who think cutting off their face and pumping them full of fillers will make them a star

also where are the parents of half of these trainees, like what half decent parent would let an agency cut into their kid's face for a chance to be a star…its honestly so gross

No. 84613

wasnt there proof that sm gave a nosejob to that young kid in nct dream or something when he was like 15

No. 84614

File: 1587421031221.jpeg (103.43 KB, 960x649, 3977C976-3F47-452F-BEB8-EB88F2…)

To rest the height debate
Here is Bts next to 180 cm Bae Yong Joon

No. 84615

File: 1587421076403.png (87.84 KB, 953x867, Screenshot (18).png)

Beenzino might be a little ugly facially (definitely not an Rat's and Jhope's level tho), but he's very tall and a lot more manly looking than BTS meaning they would've looked like shit next to him.

In the end he's the one winning: kpop is mostly listened to by literal kids, while him and other rappers are the most popular amongst young korean adults. He's probably more known to the general public than individual group members but also not to the point there he get's mobbed. Plus he can date in peace (even a foreigner), he always only get's the most positive comments. When have you ever seen mid 30s men writing something so positive about a person who's not an underage female idol? lol

No. 84616

I mean atleast SM doesn’t cut up their trainees faces or tell people they’ll cast them if they agree to go under a jaw shaving surgery.

No. 84617

Good for him because he's got decent facial structure.
Why do so many Koreans insist on hacking up their faces? Their natural faces are so much better

No. 84618

Yeri will be the first to start scandals in Red Velvet, I am not suprised.

Also not suprised the rest of the girls will be dating rich business men, they wouldn't mess with male idols as much. 100% Irene will eventually marry/ be caught with a chaebol.

No. 84619

i agree if benzeeno is telling the truth bh is bordering on predatory the way they try to reel in talent

but sm making their underage members undergo ps prior to their facial bones even settling through puberty is also super fucking skeevy…not to mention they probably need parental consent for that right, so that means these kids have some fame hungry parents too

No. 84620

File: 1587421426451.jpeg (76.12 KB, 530x594, 69F733FB-7F10-45C9-AABF-D225B7…)

Samefagging but the fucking audacity for him to tell a good looking young guy (Beenzino was a hot thing during his underground days trust me) to hack his jaw off when he looks like the humanized version of a snot

No. 84622

lol what a human pile of lard
there were pics of him waddling around with some gangnam golddigger 1/2 his age…must be nice flaunting the money his plastic herd is reeling in for him

No. 84623

File: 1587421734409.jpeg (422.23 KB, 931x622, 34535DF8-9C16-4682-B5F7-3AFD99…)

Sm never made an underage idol go through PS
It’s true they do force their idols (often guilt tripping them and lowering their self esteem for them to agree with going under the knife)
But Jisung have a nose job Is stupid
His nose looks different depending on the angle but if you know Jisung his