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No. 1131138

general thread for egirls and eboys, proving to be the most annoying, and chaotic thread. type sage in the email field, read the rules and lurk before posting.

1- >>>/snow/866800
2- >>>/snow/1005403 (created by @babivampire)
3- >>>/snow/1047741
4- >>>/snow/1079162

>Discuss these other cows in their individual threads

Nina Bellucci/Erin Painter thread- >>>/snow/1117932
Dead9irl/666faerie/ Angie Jaslow thread- >>>/snow/1118504

previous thread:
>anons find sug4rfairy's self posts on 4chan >>1079835 and leaks of her nudes >>1079932 including cringy ahegao >>1079855 and Lilith Levisis level of shooped body pictures >>1079780
>sug4rfairy's leaked sex tape with her husband is attached to her legal name Arisa Vurr on scrote forums >>1079933 which exposes her true body and boxy shape >>1079943
>Arisa Vurr has what appears to be shit in her inflamed butthole along with lots of ass acne
>Cowtipper notifies Arisa of the OnlyFans leaks and she spergs on twitter to her orbiters >>1080106 She takes this opportunity to virtue signal and say acne is ~normal uwu~
>Dead9irl aka Fridge9irl makes a sock account @thegothkids1 on twitter to troll Arisa by reposting her acne ass shots >>1080161
>Sug4rfairy tries to make amends with D9 >>1080339
>Babivampire is still consistently lurking and most likely still posts on lolcow >>1080436
>Farmer finds D9's nudes on another scrote forum >>1080496
>Babivampire begging for $20 on her instagram story despite getting aliexpress garbage and a tattoo >>1081287
>Ang3lThigh still won't admit to her waist shoops and depop scams >>1088077
>Erin Painter returns and now goes by Nina Rose Bellucci the Italian loli artist
>Arisa admits to shooping her body and is trying to ~practice self love~ >>1089277
>Pretends that never happens and goes back to photoshopping her box body. >>1090189
>Squidwardthighs shooped picture goes viral in a twitter meme >>1091436 she gets a tiny amount of clout when Billie Eilish reposts the meme on her story. She says her body is all natural with no surgeries which causes minors to feel bad about their bodies.
>Fridge9irl gets jealous of Squidwardthighs' clout and spergs about how she's not emo/scene on her second account >>1091650 >>1091774 >>1091853
>Fridge9irl's hateboner for scammerthighs grows as she interacts with Squidthigh's exposing accounts >>1093139 >>1093142 >>1093148 >>1093151 >>1093158
>D9 continues to sperg about how tiktok girls are appropriating emo culture even though she used to be a normie/prep >>1093141 >>1092311 >>1092025
>D9 licks a toilet for scrote attention on each of her socials to larp as a try-hard Sasha Grey (sorry fridge you will never be her kek) >>1095994 >>1096186 >>1096646
>Scrotes call D9 fat >>1096691 after she made anachan tweets >>1096448
> One of D9's thot friends exposes how she really looks >>1110830
>Haley Babivampire is gaining weight and still being a deadbeat mother >>1111413
>An egirl (@iamdollbb) who called out Ang3lthigh for scamming her but deleted her statement once ang3lthigh replied to her turns out to be a scammer in her own "shop" as well (@dollysdreamhouse) >>1112791 >>1112808
>Retarded ddlg shop feud along with some selfposting
> Dollbb cries rAciSm uWu when called out for having bad customer service >>1113046
>Ang3lThigh still pedopanders with her braces and lies about her height saying she's 4'11
>Also begged her underaged followers to purchase her men's sissy clothing off her amazon wishlist >>11148854 >>1114866 >>11143936

Recent Milk:
>Arisa spergs on twitter about how Haley/babifat is stalking her and is crazy
>Still shoops her waist and cucks her husband by giving ugly scotes attention
>Dead9irl starts a gofundme to get out of an "abusive household" She posts an outofcontext video of her mother screaming at her
>D9 in a poly relationship with her "daddy" and "sissy" barf
>Suicidebaits on her second account
>Ang3lthigh gets an atrocious twilight tattoo and spergs when another girl posted about wanting the same one.
>Babivampire/Haley seems to be MIA but is most likely on a sock account posting her ahegao bikini mirror selfie for the thousandth time and begging for reposts

reposting for the third time because links didn't work, I tried to make it as well as possible, kek. I don't normally create threads

Links to notable people:

No. 1131139

File: 1610606365485.jpg (405.52 KB, 1242x1726, 1:2.jpg)

No. 1131140

File: 1610606413412.jpg (238.89 KB, 1236x873, part2.jpg)

No. 1131143

File: 1610606635238.jpg (739.8 KB, 1242x1574, deadbeatmom.jpg)

Haley is still trying to get scrote attention by larping as a smoll anime girl instead of being a mother to her child

No. 1131144

File: 1610606656377.jpg (178.6 KB, 933x934, babifat.JPG)

No. 1131149

File: 1610606982361.png (1.17 MB, 1242x2208, igstory.PNG)

No. 1131150

File: 1610607016627.png (2.9 MB, 1242x2208, tattt.PNG)

squidwardthigh's new tattoo

No. 1131244

At least it seems like she doesn’t have custody and can be a deadbeat in peace

No. 1131262

File: 1610628226351.jpg (2.31 MB, 3264x3264, jsnssjshhzz.jpg)

Not the previous anon but here's a screenshot dump I managed to get

No. 1131263

File: 1610628254245.jpg (402.69 KB, 1080x1920, askddidkek.jpg)

No. 1131400

File: 1610640895975.jpeg (231.83 KB, 1242x676, 5F7E2CDC-BDF8-4B27-9F65-705568…)

No. 1131401

File: 1610640934022.jpeg (855.36 KB, 1242x1487, 36B85841-FE7A-4356-B051-807CDB…)

Shoopfairy explaining how she can’t get a real job:

No. 1131411

It’s easy to find nanny jobs right now if you’re good at it and searching kek but she’s a lazy NEET thot, why even complain if you’re going to turn around and say “b-b-but-”

No. 1131511

Ah yes, the only 3 jobs that exist: onlyfans, nanny and working with customers

No. 1131520

Why doesn’t she become a store stocker ? You just stock food and supplies during the night. No customers.

No. 1131871

literally she can work at a warehouse. theres no talking to people and they pay about 10-14 dollars an hour plus its temp work

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