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File: 1611873189527.jpg (1015.19 KB, 3464x3357, PicsArt_01-23-11.56.02~2.jpg)

No. 134956

Belle Delphine the 21 year old professional internet attention seeker. Best known for selling her bathwater, dressing in children's bathing suits and bootlicking any youtuber or lolcow with a following. Recently dumped by her mother belle turned to porn in the hopes of gaining relevance but this backfired now she posts increasingly shocking deranged content to extend her 15 mins as far as possible.

>Meme girl e-thot of "Gamer Girl Bathwater" fame

>panders to pedophiles and neckbeard incels, desperate NLOG floundering
>"hello fellow 4channers" meme humor

Recent updates:
>went to Korea to get plastic surgery to be able to post videos without breaking the illusion of her being a dainty anime girl
>has been guesting on podcasts and talking about her long-term boyfriend for the first time and how her aspirations for the future include being a bougie mom with a mysterious secret
>revealed her chest on Twitter to announce her "hardcore porn" to the screeching of many
>instantly began hiring a lawyer to take down any unauthorized uploads of her content, some leaks have disappeared within 20 minutes of being posted (lolcow remains spared?)
>her porn turns out awkward and borderline bizarre
>endless emphasis on her asshole so she won't have to show her vagina out of fear incels would call her a roastie
>includes random poorly executed "kink" scenes
>sloppy styling when her signature "look" was what made her famous in the first place
>hiding body parts we've already seen
>comes off incredibly awkward and insecure
>Rape fantasy porn posted to Twitter.
>Defended the CNC porn but Twitter removed it anyways.
>Uses her boyfriend Josh as a gimp prop.
>Says she isn't paedo-pandering but has dressed in children's clothing for premium snapchat, edits herself to look younger and lies about her height.
Onlyfans: https://onlyfans.com/belledelphine
Twitter: https://twitter.com/bunnydelphine
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXvKUavCtDOlA8bT1i2tI3w
Instagram: BANNED
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tinkersmell (inactive)
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/belledelphine (inactive)

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No. 134959

Much better OP anon, thank you

No. 134960

You can always tell when pullfags make these threads because you don't know how to write summaries (this one as well as the failed other thread is taken from the thread that was cried over for days because it didn't use a cringy enough OP pic) and you rush to make threads before anyone else does because you somehow believe being a thread OP is a badge of honor, as proven by the old OP from a few threads ago who constantly posted "OP HERE".

No. 134961

good write up anon!

Also it really took that fucking long for twitter to remove her shit? guess twittermods learned from the Twitch school of modding

No. 134962

>good write up anon!

kek the OP is literally copypasted from the hated last one plus 3 additional lines

No. 134965

File: 1611876367014.jpg (Spoiler Image, 86.98 KB, 728x1353, belle_delphine_nude_in_bath_wi…)

Belle has apparently resorted to drinking her own greasy, dirty "gamer girl" bathwater kek

No. 134967

File: 1611876515042.jpg (84.3 KB, 728x1353, belle_delphine_nude_in_bath_wi…)

Also, this face. Wtf.

No. 134969

Tbf we received near max posts notification 7 days ago. If anything it’s taken longer to have a new thread put up because no matter what someone spergs about it not being good enough so no one wants to do it now kek

No. 134975

Nah this write up is amusing

No. 134985

File: 1611882570086.jpeg (593.85 KB, 1242x654, D3B9F078-322D-4022-BF57-9AF687…)

No. 134986

File: 1611883427362.jpg (Spoiler Image, 5.22 MB, 3264x3264, pt2021_01_29_01_14_39_mh161188…)

Belle looks so unhealthy in her recent YT video. Skinny thick where? Her supposed thick ass sticks out like a bone at a 90° angle. These body shots are uncanny and she's so delluded about how she looks from all the editing.

No. 134987

More like wheres her right pupil. It's such a weird photo unless it's from a video

No. 134988

oh my god is it jus to me or is her editing starting to wear off so much you can finally see her adult female face

No. 134995

Where is this from? Don't see it on her youtube

No. 134998

It's clearly written by the anon obsessed with demanding height and filters means she is pedpandering. Let it go anon. The swimsuit was once too. 'History of' kek.

No. 135000

File: 1611887282547.png (804 B, 126x40, 2.PNG)

OP deserves the highest badge of honor

No. 135003

question, one of belle's best friends (featured in her content recently, is also an onlyfans thot) has been having a full on meltdown on twitter and facebook its hilarious, is that ok to post in this belle thread as theyre connected or should it be posted in one of the general thot threads?

No. 135004

Why she desperately wants her followers to think she looks like a child? Only childlike thing about her looks is her flat chest. Her unedited face looks mature, even in photos she took at 17. Her simps argue her content is not problematic because she is an adult woman but she doesn't merely have a childish style, she also photoshops herself and changes her entire face to look like an actual child in her lewd photos. I am glad Twitter removed those.

No. 135005

Pixie, post plis

No. 135006

Because these e-thots for whatever reason love courting the most dangerous, sickest of scrotes. I suppose in some way it is perhaps an expression of hybristophilia? Otherwise I have no idea why so many of them want to look like kids, other than it is what "works" for e-girls. It's trending now, in part I guess because of Belle? Now it's too late for her to change her style. To me though she barely even looks like a child, she looks like an extremely filtered woman trying to look like an anime character, wearing a lot of makeup. She often crosses the line with her clothing, especially that MLP bathing suit, but her face is maybe kinda Toddlers & Tiaras? But it is way too unnatural to really look child like to me. It's just uncanny.

No. 135015

she looked much better in her other video not sure what it is, she couldnt have aged this much but she looks much older in this one?

No. 135018

I think it’s the makeup aging her. It looks like shit there’s way too much blush

Belle really fucked up catering to male fans instead of female fans and not continuing the troll route.

No. 135034

File: 1611902862166.jpeg (31.09 KB, 415x739, images.jpeg)

>The swimsuit was once too

Was it though?

No. 135041

It's literally been discussed since the first thread. I think you are in the minority here.

No. 135042

It'll be well buried now, but she posted once on instagram long before she got banned there about how she often buys kid's clothes because they're "just cuter". Tried to find the post archived somewhere but I can't. It's not even just about the clothes, it's the poses and props she uses too. The filters might be accidental, but along with everything else she does, it looks intentionally childish. She infantilizes herself to a point where it is very awkward.

No. 135053

Unpopular option: i don’t think she’s a pedo but probably has huge issues with aging. So she’s infantilising herself by those filters etc.

No. 135054

File: 1611916503575.jpeg (95.29 KB, 750x545, 684A6F63-6435-42BA-9ECB-BC03E2…)

Why is this story being reported on a constant loop but now with an extra £0.2m added?

No. 135055

Because look at the websites. What do you think brings traffic to gossip level news sites? Lol

No. 135056

Those outfits are also made for adults and often bought from asian resellers because those designs are made for adults in those countries because of the obsession with youth (not kids, calm down) and giddy, innocent women who oh no, submissive uwu. Its also a style preference for modesty and kawaii culture women in those countries seek because they are obsessed with being uwu fun and free good housewife material because that's the culture. It's so dumb to keep this argument when clothing like this does exist for adults and she got it off a site where its sold as cosplay for adults. The only kid thing she ever wore was that MLP swimsuit. Even the Care Bears was nostalgia meme merch by DK

No. 135060

This is exactly what I think as well.

No. 135067

Probably lost some years and wants them back

No. 135068

I think, hear me out, any of these things individually isn’t a big deal. If she wants to be uwu kawaii then she can join every other uwu kawaii girl on social media at the moment. But I think when you combine that with the lolita references, calling herself a loli, asking boogie to ground her, the hardcore sub CNC porn, children’s swimsuits, references to stepbrother scenarios, it begins to get a bit muddy and a bit more pedopanderey.

No. 135070

File: 1611925284183.jpeg (48.96 KB, 730x420, images.jpeg)

It's cosplay of a grade schooler my dude

No. 135073

File: 1611926556093.png (995.88 KB, 721x768, 2.PNG)

I think she changed her nose because of that "age" issue. Her straigh nose gave Belle certain seniority look.

No. 135077

File: 1611927652125.jpg (29.1 KB, 500x271, tumblr_d9de0d79537191b1139b5b0…)

Agreed, if you want to have a youthful kawaii aesthetic maybe don't sexualize underaged characters, call your self a loli or publicly promote ddlg & lolita (Delores). The paedo-pandering crit is fair now put it to rest please. No one thinks she's a paedophile just yet.

No. 135079

She cosplays as underage characters and calls herself "loli" and "Lolita". The captions she use, the props, her outfits and her filtered face are obviously a bait for pedo weebs.

Her outfit in the rape porn which she claimed was a vintage dress is called "Lolita dress" on ebay. We all know what she searched up to find it.

Marzia follows the "kawaii, young and submissive wife uwu" fashion but you don't see people call her pedo-pandering because she does not sexualize children like Belle does.

No. 135083

Does she only brush her buck teeth?

No. 135085

muricans obsessed with teeth-whitening pls stop already
there's so much shit about Belle but her teeth having natural enamel ain't it

No. 135106

File: 1611939592674.jpg (129.72 KB, 695x1024, download (1).jpg)

ironically, getting the tiny upturned Barbie nose on a face that doesn't suit it is only going to give her the voldemort look as she ages.
she'll look like zsa zsa gabor in a few years.

No. 135110

not trying to be that anon but the reason zsa looked busted out is because she got too much shaved and the tip is way too short. she had no nose in her face. it’s not the type of job that’s at fault, it’s the size.

No. 135120

Unpopular opinion: i think her face looks perfectly normal, she don't look like Janett Jackson. The real problem is inside.

No. 135139

No its not. Mods said last thread to stop derailing about it. Just because its a new thread doesn't suddenly mean you can ignore mods previous rules.

No. 135140

File: 1611952065666.png (576.94 KB, 794x489, bellefilterUntitled.png)

Sage for no milk but she goes from 9yo to 25yo kek. Also wtf is this >>134985
supposed to be anyway? Is she selling porn about a middle school sex sleepover?

No. 135141

The dress is also on wish and asian countries label anything like this lolita when its not for marketing purposes. Anons posted the blue dress from multiple sites and it was for adults.

No. 135143

She looks the same, anon.

No. 135144

Everybody knows she has a mature face and uses filters to look younger, she absolutely does not look the same in her older unfiltered images.

No. 135145

That's nice and all, but she looks the same to me across the board, just different filters every time. You don't need to post just to disagree with me lol

No. 135146

there's nothing wrong with how she used to look, her features aren't uwu smol but they went well together before the nose job. i wonder if there's any way she can get it reconstructed when she regrets all of this shit later in life.

No. 135147

In all sites it was titled as "Lolita dress". Stop trying to normalize pedopandering. It's sick to get a lolita dress specifically for rape porn and cosplay as child characters for erotic photos. Not to mention she captions her content with childlike stuff.

No. 135149

Practice what you preach.
Her eyes, nose and mouth look different in two photos. Her skin looks weird in first one too.

No. 135150

don't mind this anon, we don't think yellow teeth are "natural" in europe lol

No. 135156

Its called filters. She's not suddenly not still looking like her. You can tell who it is. She doesn't suddenly look like Jessica Nigri or something. Can we stop nitpicking filters when we know she uses them? She still looks like her but uncanny in diffways. No shit.

No. 135157

Both of those photos are really edited anyway so this isn't exactly a good example to use to nitpick whether or not she looks like herself…

No. 135159

File: 1611957429626.jpg (737.04 KB, 1363x1000, belleunedited.jpg)

"Belle doesn't try to look like a child" kek

No. 135160

Istg this thread always gets wk hard when it’s no longer saged.

>>135159 her chest looks even altered on the right to look more flat

No. 135162


Her teeth aren't even yellow? Plenty of people have slightly discolored teeth from birth; having completely white teeth isn't that normal. Y'all acting like her teeth are the color of morning piss.

No. 135164

File: 1611959547488.jpg (Spoiler Image, 566.84 KB, 955x1280, kanna.jpg)

This is how Belle cosplays an 8 year old child. It's not kawaii fashion.

No. 135178

File: 1611963624303.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.24 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20210129_182821041.j…)

This is from a recent set, she's definitely into the grade/middle school sleepover motif. She's got a training bra and Rugrats PJ's on ffs

No. 135181

File: 1611963783629.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.99 MB, 1920x2800, inCollage_20210129_183621003.j…)

Same set, these "so scared & so innocent uwu" faces she's pulling just make the pedopandering more obvious

No. 135182

This. She was groomed by online anime loli ugu/nymphet tumblr culture because it satisfies underlying childhood issues or is just plain grooming of young girls you see everywhere. Blog, but I was in the same boat when I was younger, and I know others were too. I do not think she is a genuine pedophile, but she likes the idea of being an attractive teenager.

No. 135207

> Me, serene, normal
e-thot wearing anime swimsuit what's new.

> You, in the grips of a nightly battle with your pedo impulses, coldly calculating a situation where you could fuck a child

She is cosplaying as an 8 year old CHILD. it is SICK.

No. 135208

Thing is, too much plastic surgery is a legit way to grow old.
If you're really, really not ok with accepting that you'll look like a budget leather couch just get as much shitty work done as you can

No. 135210

Sage retarded wk, imagine defending a pedo pandering sex worker. Yikes

No. 135211

because some I'm very clearly defending some idiot hoe lol. get some reading comprehension retard

No. 135213

Its a cartoon anthropomorphic dragon and the swimsuit was made for adults. Stop.

No. 135214

Look, whoever is the one that tracked this down, saved it and shared it for all their pedo friends to feign abhorrence over is the one who should stop. I'm here having silly fun with the homies

No. 135216

Kanna is 7000 years old yea but she's literally taking the form of an 8 year old though

No. 135217

what is this dumbass going on about kek? first saying belle doesn't dress like a child and now going mad because people posted photos where she did

No. 135218

I'm a different person, very obviously

No. 135219

The form of an 8 year old, the mental capacity of an 8 year old, the maturity of an 8 year old, other characters explicitly state she is a young child in the context of dragon culture….

No. 135220

Let's not forget she cosplayed Dolores Haze too and called herself "Lolita".

No. 135221

hilarious that i managed to make both closet pedos and sperg lolicons equally mad

No. 135222

you just made a fool of yourself, pedo.

No. 135225

cope. go download more women acting like children to be offended over, it obviously gets you off lmfao

No. 135227


To be frank, Belle has a goofy face which is mostly emphasized in her nose and mouth area. She has a bit of a rat race and sometimes a bit of a horsey face, depending on the filter and whatever extreme angle she chooses to use. Point is, these faces all draw attention to the teeth. And it's undeniable that Belle constantly fixates on her own teeth, she's always licking them and jutting them out, biting her lip, smiling in an annoying and over the top way. I think this is why her teeth stand out, and why people tend to focus on/even nitpick them.

No. 135230

What's up with retarded wks today? Belle's Kanna cosplays were on her Instagram and they are still around online. Anons who posted them here were proving a point to the simps who argued Belle does not dress like a kid. If you see those photos as things to get off to, you are sick. Calm your tits and read the whole thread you moron

No. 135231


She used to look more normal. After the nose job she looks like a whoville citizen with an abnormally long philtrum. Maybe she can fix that with another surgery but I think she likes her filter looking face.

No. 135236

Her nose is literally perfect calm down.
Can we focus on her actions rather than nitpicking her appearance for a whole thread? It's boring af

No. 135237

Report anons who continue the repetitive pedopandering discussion.

No. 135238

She even has tighty whities on..this is gross

No. 135255

Eh, I’d say her nose looks great in pictures but I think it looks genuinely odd in video and it won’t age well. Do we know why she’s had more than one rhinoplasty? She looked fine before. Has she ever mentioned breathing complications or something?

No. 135256

File: 1611987951781.jpg (159.53 KB, 1456x1567, 1593881126044.jpg)

Judging by the after photos on the right that's gonna be a hard no from me

No. 135262


Her nose is botched. She willingly paid for someone to remove her entire nose bridge.

No. 135267

Yeah it can look weird very uncanny valley but totally not botched. I think she just did it for ethos looks. The whole anime perfect nose thing. It’s not overly thinned out like an MJ nose and I can kind of get why having such a long nose might’ve actually bothered her. Lots of girls hate long noses as it lengthens their face.

No. 135268

She still has a long face. That nose made her look weird

No. 135270

File: 1611997704303.jpeg (38.65 KB, 361x400, 90AA4797-1223-436E-8E9A-11DC31…)

her nose job just gave her all the characteristics of having fetal alcohol syndrome kek

No. 135297

Agreed, the nose does not suit the rest of her face at all. A bad decision all around, no wonder she hides her face behind heavy editing and had to wear a gigantic hat/black cloak to make her public appearances.

No. 135312

Absolutely glorious OP pic

she needs to accept she just looks her age and isn't that cute without filter. Still cute but not that cute nor does she look teenage like in the slightest. It's obvious she's an adult woman.

No. 135313

anon pls post is it pixie? that sounds hilarious

No. 135319

I can't unsee this now. She ruined her face just to look younger.

No. 135320

File: 1612027656043.jpg (326.98 KB, 720x720, inCollage_20210130_122557231.j…)

So desperate to stay relevant

No. 135321

pixar smirk with the words GAME STOP next to her… this is next level lazy

No. 135323


She is trying to hide her huge philtrum with angles like this often lately.

No. 135324

why did she get lip fillers if she constantly makes her lips thinner in ps? also they age her terribly tbh

No. 135326

It's hilarious she talked about genetically looking a certain way. Wigs, heavy make-up, filters and surgeries are not genetics. She looks like an animated character.

No. 135327

File: 1612029486290.jpg (357.33 KB, 720x720, inCollage_20210130_122507661.j…)


She's so bad at it. Belle just posted this yesterday, and tide pods were a thing, what? Three years ago? And those shooped eyes are nightmare fuel.

No. 135329

lmao she printed out the letters, no attempt to make or at least pay someone with talent to make a nice edit of her or something

she looks like a sprite bottle

No. 135334


Just the idea of her making the effort to go to the store, look for Tide pods, come back home, do her makeup, set up the trusty ol' tripod…all for a stale, unoriginal meme. Ironically, instead of coming off as younger than she is, she comes off as someone's out of touch aunt trying to fit in.

No. 135335

Like anons always say, its memes. Its not about relevancy..as much as you hate it, she isn't irrelevant and still gets tons of attention. She isn't fading like Moo is.

No. 135339

sorry to interrupt your fantasy but it's more likely she already had the tide pods at home. you know, to do laundry with.

No. 135341

I wonder if she enjoys her fame when most people hate her.

No. 135343

A lot of people mean follow, but she has an actual fanbase. Idc if she likes the ones she's gotten, but she isnt majority hated by her followers anon. That's really stupid to think that.

No. 135345

fame isn't limited to followers, dumbass. of course most of her followers love her. most people who know her dislike her though.

No. 135349


Lots of people use liquid detergent. Not everyone has Tide pods lying around. Given her effort to print out the words "game stop", cut them out and tape them behind her, there is plenty of embarrassing behavior to choose from. So forget her buying the pods for this shoot and pick any of the other hundreds of embarrassing things she has done.

No. 135350

This is amazing. She really doesn't understand the things she references at all.
Yeah lol, she is so out of touch and it sends me everytime.
Tons of attention where though? Strictly on Twitter, sure, she's gained followers and manages to get trending specifically for being annoying. Besides that, she isn't really talked about any more. Outside of Twitter and her OF consumers, as an internet entity she isn't very popular or liked.

No. 135355

True. Most people just know her as the cringy bathwater girl

No. 135381

We've seen the state of her house, dirty clothes in piles everywhere. I'm having a hard time believing she's does laundry at all.

No. 135385

HAH god this is bad even for her. It's becoming more and more clear that her ex was the one behind any of her jokes that landed. She has no personality and no sense of humor

No. 135386

She looks like a creepy and adult version of Vanellope von Schweetz.

No. 135390

File: 1612051825391.jpg (Spoiler Image, 116.23 KB, 728x1353, belle_delphine_nude_horny_puss…)

She can't even be bothered to wear clean shoes for a photoshoot ffs

No. 135391

File: 1612051975094.jpg (117.41 KB, 728x1353, belle_delphine_nude_horny_puss…)

Oh my god…she does

No. 135395

i thought the same thing hahaha based.

No. 135397

okay one, she has another “cold sore” on her lip. It’s obviously not the braces, why does she keep getting cold sores. 2. Someone posted a pic of her vag on twitter and called it meaty lmao whoever said she covered it up 4 fear of being Arby’s anime goddess was right

No. 135416

File: 1612064286257.jpeg (72.42 KB, 600x450, 155B7E5B-8E33-4D31-8885-2E429F…)

Not sure if this has been posted or not but her old photos give away her real appearance more than anything else kek

No. 135426

Maybe I’m blind, but where is the new cold sore? I don’t see one in any of the recent pics posted here

No. 135438

Her Twitter profile is so sad. The amount of likes and retweets of her posts are so low for an account with 1.6M followers and the most replies mock her

No. 135442

the cold sore is in the middle of her lip, towards the left, she’s covering it up in her tide pods pic
It’s shown up in past pics and people claimed it was from braces

No. 135446

I'm getting flashbacks to trying to read Belle's thread on pull where 80% of posts were pulltards screeching about cold sores because they don't know the difference between genital and oral herpes.
Yeah, she probably does have oral herpes. According to the WHO, around two thirds of people under 50 do. It's such boring non milk, and you can't even pass it off as proof she's been hiding her pussy because it's riddled with ulcers and open sores now she's done a full reveal.

No. 135448

calm down I’m not on a witch hunt 4 herps I never met anyone who has them tbh idk what they look like, I just think it’s weird with all the photoshop and filters she does why wouldn’t she blur out the crusty. it stands out so much when her face is so blurred next to it(newfaggotry)

No. 135450

She is at the bottom of a hole of her own making and won't put down the spade. She had plenty of opportunity to earn herself a genuine fanbase and have a solid internet career, but nah.
Oral herpes is really common, this isn't milk. It is weird that she doesn't bother editing it out considering the extent of the editing in everything she posts, but then she doesn't bother to edit other obvious gross things either kek

No. 135482

File: 1612092206317.jpeg (223.28 KB, 1600x900, 5DA48498-94F6-46BD-BDBE-EE69A3…)

>literal stale 2018 meme

No. 135495

"It's not about relevancy"…
"She's still relevant"
You contradicted yourself there, and the bottom line is that belle is not relevant. Seems like she's finally realizing this, and is now acting desperate. Being relevant suggests you are bringing something of value to the table, and to be relevant you need to be admired and closely connected to a particular audience. She's just a desperate cow on twitter and I'm just counting down the days until idiot zoomers realize this.

No. 135516

>"Filters aren't deceptive y-you take that back anon!"

Found the triggered filter user. You yourself posted tho kek. You care.

No. 135532

I know it’s not milk and I’m sorry 4 newfag annoyances but snl shouting her out is desperate. hearing a bath water joke in 2021 was so creepy

No. 135538

>s-she's not relevant!!! she's on her way out!!!
been hearing that for a long time, kek. She just keeps going more and more mainstream as evidenced by >>135532, which will ensure her more opportunities that she'll probably cash in on for as long as she can.

inb4 Hi Belle

No. 135539

Every time she makes a half-assed reference, she gets a ton of people spreading her posts to seethe over how she's not memeing authentically enough and you fall for it every single time. Just like all of those camwhores that post their OF promos under her tweets not realizing that they're ensuring that all of their followers will now see Belle's tweet because they responded to it. Truly galaxy brain operations here.

No. 135551

She's always done shock stuff, anon. Just because its porn now doesn't mean she is desperate. Hate it all you like, but she is still relevant.

No. 135554

nah she is not relevant anymore

No. 135555

I'd really like to believe she's not relevant but this chick is making so much cash it makes me cry with my Master's degree to sleep

No. 135556

Exactly. She has a lot of vocal hate, but most fans even for normal thots just like, rarely comment, and maybe will reblog. Anons assuming they can't see it = she's hated by majoity. Which isn't the case. If anything its a vocal minority and a lot of those comments are also less than the love comments on her posts. Be realistic, anons. You wish she was losing money and getting irrelevant. She's done the same shock and awe, just now its with porn. She hasn't changed and tbh, her #s are growing so..

No. 135567

Check her like dislike ratio on "I'm Back" video. She is not a loved figure on internet. If you think she is you are minority.

No. 135568

All this thread is like Belle's thread on pull. Where is the farmhands?

No. 135569

Learn to sage

No. 135579

This thread is autosaged just like the previous belle-threads.

No. 135589

I love the assumption that any thread on lc is really any different than PULL. It’s all the same except PULL didn’t have anonymity and tried to be oh so nice uwu and pc whilst doing so.

No. 135640

File: 1612140477594.jpg (309.55 KB, 1600x2951, Snapchat-815664083.jpg)

No. 135680

…hence why lc is nothing like pull

No. 135757

If a person never hopped on twitter they wouldn't know who belle is. She's irrelevant, the real world has no use for her. If you see her as relevant you need to get off Twitter. Youtube vids about her? None. Mainstream news about her? Crickets. Who does she influence? No one besides other wannabe e-thots on Twitter and OF. Some of you need to realize what "relevant" means. Just because someone sticks around doesn't mean they're wanted. Of course cooms will look at her shit now, it's porn. Also why is this thread autosaged immediately? What a joke.

No. 135770

Mhm. She has her little dramas strictly within Twitter that now barely get a mention elsewhere on the internet. Gaining followers is normal, especially for someone with a newfound career in porn, it's to be expected. She isn't the hot topic that she used to be.

No. 135816

She did literally get namedropped on SNL the other night though. I’m not saying its a good thing but she’s definitely the most known ‘e girl’ and has had some mainstream attention, if not success. I don’t like her either but a lot of normies have heard the name and the bathwater gag at least.

No. 135845

Drama channels still mention her and SNL just did an on air mention of her, but okay.

No. 135848

Considering she's one of, if not the, highest paid onlyfans creators, top 12 out of the top 15. The argument she's irreverent is from roasties and salties as usual because saying she's getting popular for porn but nah nah she's irreverent is retarded. She's still popular. Even with normies. I don't see where the 'used to be' is when she's been making more money and more fans. I'm not going to dumb anon this. It's fact. Denying it makes you look dumb, anon. I get you can hate her,but be realistic lol

No. 135859


Belle herself is a "roastie", and there is nothing wrong with your inner labia being prominent so stop pushing that. She is the one who stretches and prods it in every pussy pic because she doesn't want to ruin her loli aesthetic for her degenerate fans.

No. 135875

No one even said anything about her vag. Wtf anon.(infighting)

No. 135880

what’s up with the circling over whether or not she’s relevant. she has lots of money and growing fans that’s obvious, but so do tons of terrible people who cater to other terrible people, this is nothing new.
her and her blank stare bf are good at taking money from cooms and self conscious girls, but I hope no one is truly envious of a chick who just absorbs and regurgitates ideas while sticking a fidget spinner in her asshole. ppl r giving her and her nonce fetish fans too much credit honestly. Snl mentioned Logan Paul too, doesn’t mean anyone but his brain dead followers care about him. Both are relevant in terms of the internet, but majority of their fans are 13 year olds and desperate dudes.
She is relevant still, but even her idiot fans r slowly catching on

No. 135881

Catching on to what? You just admitted she's growing continuously. They are all still paying her lol

No. 135883

I assume you replied to the wrong anon lol.
>normies salties roastie retards dumb
Kek anon, chill. I don't see anybody in here denying her success with OF, or denying the fact that she is well-known for an e-girl and is gaining followers, but as an internet figure, she is mainly known for bathwater and isn't as widely known as other internet personalities. Gaining followers and making more money in porn is normal, anon, but insisting that she's "popular" is a bit of a reach after all the backlash and negativity surrounding her. You can't be an infamous, controversial troll and also be well-liked lol, that's kind of her shtick.
My thoughts as well. Being referenced on SNL for a headline from over two years ago doesn't amount to very much, the same buzz isn't exactly being generated around her right now. As for drama channels, they will talk about anything. And yeah, I've noticed too that she has fallen out of favor with the kinds of people who used to like her.

No. 135889

There was a few replies under her tide pods tweet saying that she’s lost her appeal since fully doing porn, and ppl are calling her out for using stale memes.
It’s not a lot but, it just shows how she’s completely killing off her normie “god tier troll meme qween” fanbase with all the weird fetish shit and obvious pandering.
People are getting tired of her, it’s just happening slower because her fans are obviously a little slow

No. 135891


Must be misunderstanding, guess I've only heard "roastie" as slang for outies. Educate me, what did they mean by "roasties" in the post I replied to?

No. 135898

Belle's videos have even more dislikes than Logan Paul's. What a clown

No. 135900

her mouth and nose make her look like a rodent in that video

No. 135912

Her Twitter is full of haters and trolls. I feel bad for her.

No. 135924

Fat ass people, anon. Jfc.

No. 135926

So they actually referenced her when it originally happened. Che writes all those news skits. I honestly see him more so simping for her with a second bathwater mention, but he's also known for being a sexist pos who fights people online, so he might be lowkey insulting her with the second mention.

No. 135933


Never seen that anywhere, thanks for enlightening me, lol.

No. 135995

File: 1612262598367.jpg (Spoiler Image, 100.93 KB, 1074x1194, Es9Cx2rVgAMyUQg.jpg)

Probably an understandable disappointment in teasing porn for over 2 years, then hyping it up to the internet as a game-changing announcement to be greeted with this. Her suggestive shoots were more professional, it's not like she doesn't have the money to direct a hot porno, she's just lazy

No. 136001

i guess it's just light but why does her pubic monud's skin look like plucked chicken…? I really looks fake

No. 136037

She had a nice face and body before she became obsessed with looking younger. That nose job is terrible.

No. 136042

she brought this onto herself. i don't feel bad one bit for her or whatever happens to her

No. 136061

This doesn’t looks real where is this from? The skin looks too smooth and has weird creases or like the other anon said looks like chicken

No. 136076

File: 1612296436423.png (Spoiler Image, 496.19 KB, 580x852, Untitled.png)

was in her twitter replies from someone who definitely lurks here lol, not subbed so i cant say if its legit

No. 136077

It’s from her twitter post, the guy who posted it called her meaty it’s honestly hilarious.
and come on no one should feel bad for her, she knows what she’s doing, she calls herself a loli ffs.
I’ve seen lolicon shit on forums before, and it is fucking disgusting. The little pieces I saw made me feel physically sick. I have no clue why anyone would want to be associated with that retarded disgusting shit. it’s seriously sickening and any woman who encourages it by claiming it as their brand is a fucked up human who deserves no pity or sympathy

No. 136090

Looks plastic, pretty sure that's a realdoll or something. you got played

No. 136092

It looks like raw chicken that hasn’t been seasoned yet this is definitely real

No. 136094

you people are so fucking credulous lmfao

No. 136103

If it was fake, Belle would pick something that looks better and less "meaty". It is a real photo with her usual filters that makes skin look weird.

No. 136104

File: 1612303071120.jpg (Spoiler Image, 231.35 KB, 1188x2208, 001.jpg)

Different angle from same set.

No. 136105

It is normal to have bumped skin after waxing.

No. 136107

What happened to her thin upper lip?

No. 136110

She looks really tall and big here despite the childish clothes she wears. She reminds me of Boh from Spirited Away

No. 136133

She is definitely tucking that shit in

No. 136135


Belle "I can't help that I have pre-pubescent features, one sec while I carefully tuck in my labia and put youthful filters on my face" Delphine(vag sperg)

No. 136147

It's normal to pity her. She's one of the most disliked and mocked internet celebrities and she ruined her life at a young age. She's more sensitive than she looks. She got really upset when someone called her out for wearing the wrong wig for a cosplay. She gets worse things daily everywhere except for her OnlyFans now. Only people who respect her are virgin weeaboos who would pay for heavily filtered photos. Some of them try to stalk her in real life.

Belle irreversibly ruined her life.

No. 136169

yo it looks so tucked in? it just looks wrong and unnatural. either it's tucked in or she's done some weird editing

No. 136173

Right on. She also seems to have a complex about her height and is scared of aging / looking aged, and now that she's being ridiculed for not actually looking as 'loli' and infantile as she marketed herself as, it doesn't seem to help much. She embodies the type of insecurities (wanting to look younger because it's been so drummed into our heads that young=teenage=sexy) that are actually relatable to some younger millenials and older zoomers who are desperate for validation.

No. 136181

the fakest looking e-girl ever. there is literally nothing natural about her looks.

No. 136184

Oh my god, her labia looks tucked in to her pussy lips(nitpicking)

No. 136205

It looks like bloody folded gauze packed into a slit. Her labia really does look like it’s rolled up inside her vagina too.
The blurring on the outside makes the color and detail look fucking weird ugh I wish these hoes would at least not filter their own genitalia.(nitpicking)

No. 136220

Why do her selfies always look like a bad digital painting where the artist has no concept of shading or shadows kek
Whatever filter/editing she uses just makes all of her skin 1 color no matter the angle/lighting, it looks so creepy/fake especially in this pic

No. 136254

I mean, it looks like an unappealing labioplasty to me… Her lips look like they've been whip stitched.(vag sperg)

No. 136322

File: 1612388966196.jpg (Spoiler Image, 413.61 KB, 2164x1188, kl38.jpg)

Hiding in plain sight

No. 136323

There are people who pay for this? kek

No. 136324

why is that piercing so high, must be fake?(Nitpick )

No. 136325

Her face is so filtered that the piercing appears on her cheek

No. 136330

Jesus christ imagine paying for overly filtered selfies barely showing a thing holy shit this is so bright and blurry

No. 136347

You can literally see where her real lip starts. Who underlines their lips??? wat??

No. 136357

She caters to the beta virgin stereotype. Check her fans on Twitter, all pathetic guys.

No. 136360

She started underlining her upper lip when Nyannyancosplay became popular. Belle copied her make-up, her "Hit or Miss" video and said people confuse her for a trap like Nyannyancosplay.

No. 136368

File: 1612401633716.jpg (285.26 KB, 1188x2208, QZBXKV.jpg)

her lips are literally bleeding in her new set… pretty weird

No. 136370


disgusting. her upper lip looks deformed too

No. 136373

Did…did she photoshop her tits smaller

No. 136385

Armchair but it seems like she is suffering from the same filter induced bpd that so many women on the internet end up falling into. Her earlier photos were not this shopped. She probably feels pressure to go further into the anime uwu girl look because of her audience but like?? Real talk do the scrotes that followed her initially still get their dicks hard for this? This is not the same person.

No. 136388

This Whoville look is not even cute.

No. 136391

Probably the catch this time. People seem triggered by 'blood' so I honestly see Belle using 'blood' for sets. That looks like bad kpop stain to look like it with how it bleed a little into the lips and because real blood doesn't sit like that on skin

No. 136393

Scrote pay for the look to jack off tok. They don't care if its filtered. They already have ideals in their heads, so editing to get money from horny idiots makes sense. Guys are literally the fucking most dumb. I agree BDD is probably affecting a lot of girls online, but it's also because simps WILL pay and companies will ALSO pay. It's how digital is now and tbh its going to get more filtered, so I'm not really shocked anymore by shops anyone does. Belle is so low of the shopped scale, compared to people like Usagi, Moo, Bishoujomom, Erin Eevee..

No. 136403

Who cares if it was meant for adults? If she wears adult diapers for incontinence and sexualizes it, is that okay, because they're "adult" diapers? She deliberately wore a dress with mary janes and stockings (associated with children), then lied and said it's supposed to be vintage (vintage toddlers dressed like that), along with lied about being "naturally youthful" when she edits her face to look younger, edits her wide waist and wide hips to look smaller/loli-like, lies about her above-average/tall height and even lied about "never wearing children's clothing." Pretty obvious what she's trying to accomplish.

No. 136409

I mean do you want to complain how rompers were made fir kids too but adults wear it? And mary janes were made for adults in the 60s/70s and is a vintage style not exclusive to kids as well as empire waist dresses, especially in cottage core and mori. Youbare moreso associating colors as only for kids too which is absurd and if you think kids have hourglass shapes, as she edits her waist to hip ratio as such, then thats an issue you have.

No. 136412

Exactly. She tries to dress like a child and her excuses are retarded about it.

No. 136421

if she normally dressed this way it would be one thing, because she could say that’s her style, but she dresses like a modern child/tween, not Korean lolita fashion at all.
even she knew it was a total branch from her usual ugly ass omighty Amazon apparel, so she claimed it was “old fashioned” to try to get away with dressing as infantile as possible. I mean she couldn’t wear a mlp swimsuit, that would be too obvious.
tbh I don’t have a problem with her outfit alone, if she just did a regular vid fucking pickle Rick or her tubby bf wearing it, I wouldn’t care. it’s just when u combine it with kidnapping, the woods, and rape, it’s weird and kind of psychotic

No. 136433

>Replying to a six day old post days after farmhands told everyone to drop the topic

You're not wrong, but you still need to shut up.
Wks filibuster all of Belle's threads by starting arguments about the existence of pedobait to distract from fresh milk and y'all fall for it every time.

No. 136479

File: 1612453921728.jpg (28.28 KB, 554x554, belle.jpg)


Some fans thought Belle was a trap. She looks like a man even with heavy makeup and filters.(nitpick)

No. 136494

File: 1612463596974.jpg (2.96 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20210204_132220536.j…)

She seemed weirdly fixated on her mouth in this set. If it was herpes/cold sore I don't think she'd be so willing to showcase it especially w/o braces. In some pics they even look a bit swollen…tinfoil but I actually wonder if she's insinuating her lip being busted from getting hit by her "daddy dom uwu>>136368
". Can't be too obvious or it would violate tos. Very reminiscent of that post she liked earlier on Twitter, the girl showing off her busted up face? It's not that far-fetched either, Josh seems to have a thing for slapping her in the face, it's shown in several other videos.

No. 136499

she’s just lazy and knows her pervert fans won’t care, I highly doubt she’d ever do something subtle, it would be a good way to take attention from sores though. I think she likes being slapped because of the movie lolita, she probably romanticizes herself as lo and her bf is fat Humphrey

No. 136558

Seriously. It's just trope after trope, using filters just to use filters. Incels will pay anything, even basement 1990s roll film, as long as something (or body part, or person) they want to fuck is in the photo. Trying to nitpick why guys like Belle is a dumb convo.

No. 136559

Looks like a biting/blood set.

No. 136589

sage because maybe i'm retarded, but where did that cleavage come from??
boobs her size aren't able to be pushed together like that (source: am flat chested woman)
so has she been purposely trying to make herself look more flat chested or did she get a boob job?

No. 136600

Yeah I'll say it again, Belle is about as useless and irrelevant as a public figure can possibly get..all by her own doing, making it doubly entertaining. She got mentioned on snl for something she did 2 years ago…that's literally the opposite of relevancy. For the people insisting she's relevant and vehemently debating this whenever it comes up, what's your endgame? Why is Belle's lack of relevancy so uncomfortable for you? Just admit belle ain't shit anymore and join in on the fun of roasting this desperate irrelevant cow

No. 136605

I was wondering the same thing

No. 136608

It looks like bleeding herpes. Her mouth looks disgusting.

No. 136609

Biting/blood set?! This bitch isn't doing a theme, she just doesn't care about even the most basic hygiene. Chapstick, fucking nail care…she probably stinks as well.

No. 136611

She's probably just been trying to make herself look flat chested, that's part of her whole "loli" appeal or whatever. Shooping or laying down, or wearing very tight tops/bras.

No. 136613

I don't understand all the anons worrying about her relevancy either. In any case it's sad seeing her following and likes less than the popular egirls and streamers considering they didnt even have to go to porn or show nudes. And on top of it they can flexibly move to whatever fandom, hobby and interests and bleed into other communities whenever. Thats just a bad loss. Kind of sad she had something so unique that thots would have killed to get what she had, but she had to throw it all away for porn munnies. She coulda had the cash and all of the popularity without ending it this way. Now she's under the thumbs of coomers and body conscious more than ever

No. 136616

Please tell me you're joking.

No. 136666

Name who you mean, anon, because other popular cosplayers dont have her numbers, not even jessica or moo. Streamers are different. You cant compare porn to non-porn, especially when her humbers are higher than a lot of streamers with views like pikemane's pinned post is 10k+ less than belle even though follows are 3x the amount.

You really cant base this off of marginal follower likes/comments. Most people DNI. That's how social media works.

No. 136670

File: 1612543674872.jpg (Spoiler Image, 177.99 KB, 1156x2048, 20210205_084553.jpg)


She forces the cleavage and that looks exactly how skin stretches center when wearing a pushup or silicone bra with small tits. A cups can force cleavage anons, especially when they arent overly wideset because of your ribcage. She's done this before and you can tell the romper is top padded. Shes not reducing her boobs either which another sperg suggested. That's some dumb thinking.

No. 136723

I literally have that exact same romper (am wearing it rn uwu) and it’s not top padded lol


No. 136739

File: 1612557195474.jpg (Spoiler Image, 215.01 KB, 1188x2208, gn22.jpg)

Belle's handbra induced cleavage. Nice nails.

No. 136826

Is Belle trying to have bigger boobs in sets now after she is getting irrelevant with her lolita style?

No. 136828

She really does not care about basic hygiene. Her teeth, lips, and nails are disgusting.

No. 136829

Meant shes padding her top, anon. With a padded bra. She's wearing a bra.

No. 136830

Guys just like anything tits realated squished together, even if you can't . That's actually a big thing to DFC defenders.

No. 136839

Lmao why compare one pinned post when just a day ago pokimane says a simple "have a good day" and gets 69k likes? They can pump massive likes with just saying stupid shit
Same with valk simply putting a schedule recently and getting 40k likes or so. Comparing ratios is retarded too cause belle is also doing pretty bad having 1.5 mil followers and averaging about 60k likes on photos so I don't know where youre going with that? Where egirls like hyoon who has 200k followers, even less relevant- gets about 50-30 k likes on selfies almost as much as belle? it's also unfair doing it only on twitter, when poki also fares even better in insta getting 800k likes per post. It's better to compare them in general for their potential opportunities; sponsorships and collabs with top brands and companies, brand friendliness, overall influence and how the whole internet feels about them and that's the basis I was comparing with. Not nitpicked pinned posts or selfies that ultimately doesnt reflect everything.
And more numbers on it's own doesn't also mean the same as having a good brand or reputation it's like jstar, jake Paul and tana And about jnig, she's well past her prime who's been doing this for years and not as fresh as the other egirls that's more comparable to belles generation.
And ofc I compared her to non- porn egirls and that's the point. They have more or almost the same numbers with the potential of doing more things whereas belle did the dumbass decision of turning to porn raking the same numbers, and limiting her reach. Shes def not PG anymore which is the most important thing limiting a lot of platforms collabs and viewers.
And this is what I mean about people here being concerned about what people think about her relevancy/numbers and feel defensive about it for some reason always starting shit. It's funny cause I feel pretty neutral about her and my post was just just basically loling at her stupid decision.

No. 136841

Belle & Josh are also shady af on their marketing. I wouldn't be surprised if I found out Belle inflates her numbers by buying likes/retweets/views/etc…

No. 136844

She also has one the day previous with 5k. Most people dont interact. Especially if shes pulling the same #s, but has 3x Belle's following with over 3mil. That makes Pokimane have the worst of the 2 interaction from followers.

No. 136848

File: 1612564160502.jpg (Spoiler Image, 241.02 KB, 565x998, SmartSelect_20210205-162807_ri…)

Imagine making 1.2 mil a month doing sex work and not knowing where your clit is.

No. 136849


Her piercing looks so weird with the filters.

No. 136850

Her face is so ugly here kek

No. 136853

It’s so shocking how she went from kawaii to implied lewds to now propping her pussy open smh sad

No. 136855

What piercing?

No. 136856

This is what my lips look like when I can’t stop biting them

No. 136858

File: 1612569479750.jpeg (591.82 KB, 750x986, ABA8C410-62C1-44C4-B59E-EEF645…)

Uh no, have you seen she’s going on Philip de Franco podcast next week? The replies are toxic on his post about it.

No. 136860

I think she buys likes and rts. Sad on my part for noticing. but lately I noticed she only gets around 20-25k likes for the first 1-2 days then it rapidly climbs up to her usual 40k.
If this is what it’s like on Twitter I can only pray her onlyfans is losing interest too.

No. 136862

His fans are so pissed about this kek

No. 136864


Anyone who gives her a platform is as desperate for attention as she is. Unsubscribing

No. 136871

Only video where Belle has mostly positive comments on youtube is her Cold Ones podcast. She wants more

No. 136873

That's odd. Her own videos have too many dislikes and mean comments but her podcasts are full of simps.

No. 136879

Because YouTube fosters that. Every platform will behave differently. Most diverse is Twitter. Wish you anons would understand how socials operated.

No. 136882

her videos are on youtube too

No. 136885

I think that’s what anon meant. Unless they want to share their stats on her OF videos.

No. 136886

I was only talking about Youtube. Same platform.

No. 136894

I’m sick of those giant ass cat headphones they’re so ugly every person I see wearing them looks like an idiot. her sweatshirt is hideous too, with her 1.2 million a month she should hire a stylist.
she constantly looks like she just rolls around the made in China side of ebay and clears out the dollskill clearance section. everything she wears is so try hard and it wears her.
If I was her I would just sell my clothes to the pedos and buy an entirely new wardrobe

No. 136896

I am begging you to learn to sage

No. 136914

Why does she get so much hate? She isn't the first e-thot or first person to use filters. She is not even a "genius troll businesswoman" anymore after she started making porn. It seems like most of the internet hates her without a reason.

No. 136916

AYRT, so basically she's shopping herself to look more flat chested than she really is. YIKES.
i am about what she shops herself to be (flatwards) and there is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY i could force any cleavage like what she has in the previous pics.
while i'm glad she's finally outting herself as having tits and not being flat like a god damn child…
it's still so damn sickening that she even shopped her tits to begin with, to look younger than she is. ugh.

No. 136917

They aren't shopped. No one cares about your tits anon.

No. 136923

I definitely noticed this back when she had Instagram and I noticed others point it out as well. She's been buying subscribers/followers/interaction for a long time now I guess.

No. 136927

I’m not trying 2 be a wk but her interactions r def real u can tell by her video views.
everything about her is fake but not the idiots who follow.
there are a lot of stupid people it makes sense she has a lot of followers tbh

No. 136928

because she is cringe, overhyped and used as clickbait a lot. people are tired of her

No. 136929

She appears on every podcast. Her huge smile for the entirety of podcasts look so fake like she is always posing for the camera. It also looks like she filters her face for the podcasts. Her face looks blurry and her features change. She only looks natural in Happy Hour Podcast.

No. 136935

Her boyfriend taking her naked photos for other men to buy, true love. I feel sorry for her.

No. 136941

the arguments under this tweet are hilarious.

No. 136944

It looks like whatever filter she uses is a bit different in each podcast for some reason (compare Cold Ones to Logan Paul's, she looks entirely different) and it's very obvious that her focus is on her appearance. It's just sad.

No. 136948

How many times do you anons need to be reminded that bought and bot followers are purged extremely fast and you can see when it happens. Look at the vtuber thread for examples of what buying looks like. Belle has actual fans. This retarded tinfoil has been debunked for years after all socials adopted bot sniping. Going to virw count pages, the purge happens daily for buyers in MASS. These get pushed like 1000s at a time.

No. 136949

She was doing this before him and its not like she's actually fucking other guys. I dint care who the thot is, but being comfortable about sex work isn't a bad thing, anon. Not everyone gives a fuck, especially because he's involved lol

No. 136952

He markets his girlfriend's body to other men. Nasty.

No. 136966

Sex workers cant be in relationships is basically what this means and that’s the argument, right? Most thots have friends or their SO help with everything because they are comfortable around them and not working with strangers.

No. 136973

I was clearly replying to other anons and talking about years ago when she had insta, but by all means go off lol. Everyone knows about bot sniping, but people still get away with it, or at least they used to much more easily.

No. 136994

File: 1612659283386.png (541.91 KB, 897x500, delphine.png)

How did she change so much? Can she use filters in podcasts?

No. 136997

jfc her nose looks so bad now kek she needs to sue her surgeon

No. 137006

She's supplying the video feed so she can do whatever she wants with it. The only time she did a podcast in person and didn't have a chance to doctor her footage she looked terrible.

No. 137011

Yes. You can use Snapchat filters through a program for Mac / PC called Snap Camera. They can definitely change your face. You just have to set your video source as Snap Camera. Twitch streamers do it all the time.

No. 137012

File: 1612684648386.png (118.69 KB, 392x205, Etk1JM3XUAsq_Vu.png)

can't tell if it's mainly the hat putting her face in a terrible light but her nose just looks so botched to me in that podcast, like it really doesn't belong on her face at all without using filters or photoshop.

No. 137027

File: 1612704240075.jpg (100.53 KB, 600x600, 1.jpg)

She changed a lot. She always had bloody lips though.

No. 137028

File: 1612704566656.jpeg (71.81 KB, 311x473, 2.jpeg)

She had freckles too. Somehow she got rid of them.

No. 137036

didn't she fuck pixiecat?

No. 137038

File: 1612707551910.png (694.35 KB, 800x800, who.png)

No. 137045

You can still see them on her arms in spots. It’s called makeup and filters. Also being inside most of the time lessens them and sunscreen can help prevent darkening and over time can fade and make makeup hide them completely if you take care of your skin right. They won’t go away, but the appearance can dramatically change.

No. 137079

File: 1612735883717.png (Spoiler Image, 319.76 KB, 608x1080, RusBel.png)

Belle saying 'hi' to Rusty

No. 137080

what's with these girls and communism

No. 137081

Belle is so easy to copy for skinwalkers.

No. 137083

She still has 600 patrons on patreon. Her fans are insane. There were guys who kept their $1000 subscriptions when she was gone as well.

No. 137089

they want commie coomers to mass buy their onlyfans

No. 137092

File: 1612744406574.jpeg (179.17 KB, 815x542, 11.jpeg)

Her old nose and lips looked better.

No. 137096

File: 1612746117987.png (375.91 KB, 1382x452, png.png)

these aged badly

No. 137102

File: 1612748240321.png (581.5 KB, 608x1080, BelaRF.png)

I agree anon, her old nose did look better.

No. 137105

Are you sure this is Belle?!

No. 137106

File: 1612749600826.jpg (57.11 KB, 591x478, 0a5cc021e0.jpg)

Belle looks different every year.

No. 137108

Pretty sure it’s skin walker rusty

No. 137112

Correct. Bottom's Rusty, top's Belle

No. 137114

That's not even Belle, anon.

No. 137128

File: 1612759991194.jpg (Spoiler Image, 54.94 KB, 600x600, mtndew.jpg)

This probably belongs here.(derailing)

No. 137178

File: 1612791271049.jpg (150.41 KB, 707x500, 146488853.jpg)

Top is Belle. It is her old style.

No. 137179

File: 1612791314990.jpg (284.53 KB, 720x959, 129844224.jpg)

No. 137208

File: 1612813316042.jpg (Spoiler Image, 105.64 KB, 814x528, small.jpg)

She has a wide waist.

No. 137234

That's not real, anon

No. 137239

are you actually retarded

No. 137244

how is it not real?

No. 137245

the curves of the tiles and bath for one and belles booty has never been that thick kek

No. 137246

I loathe this cow but at least criticize her for the shit she has done, not pull shit that isn't even her(namefag)

No. 137247

It's one of the old leaks from Patreon days. Her thighs and hips are thick for a skinny girl.

No. 137250

Her fans at leak subreddits thought it was a fake too kek. I can't find any of them now. Does she have any subreddits left?

No. 137255

>>137244 it's from a set she did years ago back when she was overcharging for shit 1/4 glimpses of an asscheek on snapchat, she wasn't doing nude shit then. It's shooped as fuck retard

No. 137260

Post the unedited version then. She showed ass earlier. She also blurred it.

No. 137262

all of her photos are shooped as fuck retard

No. 137265

her arm is super fluffy where she's edited and the bath literally curves upwards around her ass

No. 137267

Since when Belle is known for good edits?

No. 137268

she looks like roddy from flushed away.

No. 137269

She DMCA'd all subreddits, which has driven her into irrelevancy even faster because now there is nowhere for people to talk about her.

No. 137270

Did she take down the subreddits that did not share leaks too? I can't find even one subreddit about her. It's weird.

No. 137271

she has leaks here too. belle probably doesn't read lolcow.

No. 137302

Defranco is such a fucking pick me

No. 137361

Looking at this though, you can really tell how UwU not smol she is, and her skinny fat arms stand out even though the blurriness suggest they've been altered too. It shows how painfully average she is without her filters

No. 137369

this is clearly fake, she didn't release this

No. 137370

File: 1612881376953.jpg (41.56 KB, 512x279, unnamed.jpg)

>anon posts a picture of belle
That's not belle!
>anon posts a clearly fake picture of belle
Yup that's the real belle!

Here's the actual photo. Move on.

No. 137371

A different anon obviously

No. 137373

File: 1612883004331.jpg (123.61 KB, 499x663, Pewdiepie.jpg)

Belle was always obsessed with Pewdiepie. I wonder how Marzia feels about this? Pewdiepie seems annoyed by Belle but uses her as clickbait.

No. 137374

I think it is Sive's editing. His channel is full of Belle too.

No. 137375

Marzia is married to him and she knows he loves her.
ethots like belle will never compare to girls like Marzia imo
i'll never understand why pretty girls do this, is money really the end of it all? hell if i'd have been this pretty i would've been so happy with myself and focus on more important stuff, why do they all become ethots?

No. 137377

Sive doesn't like her. He saved Felix from Belle as a joke. But he helped Belle stay relevant with Felix.

Belle is famous because of haters who make videos and memes about her. Her career started when she had a PULL thread. She is monetising hate like Logan Paul.

No. 137379

File: 1612885199586.png (506.2 KB, 620x620, Belledelphine.png)

She was average looking before the surgeries. Bigger nose fits her face more. Her new nose makes her face look long without filters.

No. 137383

Belle can never compare to Marzia. Marzia looks cute without cheap aliexpress clothing and wigs. People respect and love her. She doesn't have to use filters and a lot of makeup to look pretty. She earns more than Belle without selling her body. She is married to Felix. Marzia has everything Belle wants already. If anyone is jealous, it is Belle.

No. 137392

File: 1612891529983.jpeg (144.84 KB, 828x941, ADA40E1F-7F22-4DE4-A830-7817E8…)

This one? She looks absolutely average if not a bit weird

No. 137393

prettier than belle for sure.

No. 137395

Marzia is completely average and you’re deluded if you think she looks like that irl. Her mouth is uglier than Belle’s

No. 137396

Lmao noo Maria's nose and mouth are even more messed up than Belle's plus all she does is live off of her rich husband who makes clickbait videos

No. 137397


Marzia is average looking. Belle is ugly without the filters.

No. 137398

I don’t understand lolcow’s beauty standards lol. She looks quite pretty to me, and she has a nice style. She is naturally pretty without too much makeup or filters. It’s like everyone is a lolcow reject unless they walk on the Victoria’s Secret fashion show.

No. 137400


British weather is a cruel mistress.

It clearly doesn't take a lot to get them hard, if they're still following Belle. They project their fantasies onto her.

Men can't be pick mes, newfag.

I doubt Marzia cares, given it's clearly one-sided and Belle is out of her league.
PewDiePie is just popular with a lot of people anyway.

Mostly just bitter uggos, I think.

No. 137401

File: 1612895224329.png (466.53 KB, 399x768, Screenshot 2020-12-04 at 12.49…)

No. 137403

Why post this here? This is Belle thread.

No. 137404

Yes, Marzia is definitely pretty and her style is cute. She doesn't use filters or too much makeup like Belle. They can't be compared.

No. 137410

I figured I'd post a candid of Marzia since people are comparing them rn, I'll go back to lurking again.

No. 137411

Most haters of female internet celebrities are also female. Most of Belle's haters are men though. I wonder why.

No. 137415

Because she doesn’t fuck them, she fucks Josh and puts it on the internet?

No. 137429

kek not every man that dislikes belle and finds belle annoying af is seething because he wants to sleep with her. most men (over the age of 15) sexual preferences are women with larger breasts and hips. a lot of men find her annoying because she comes across as a desperate try hard pick me who does gross quirky shit for attention. that and the fact she is overrated causes people to dislike something far more than they would normally if they wasn’t hyped so much, people are sick of seeing her.

No. 137432

I'd like to live in your world where that's considered average.
on what supermodel planet do you guys live in? both these girls are really pretty. They're skinny, cute face, cute hair. Hell, I know I'm not that pretty but i won't be bitter and nitpick for flaws .
reaching, i know a lot of belle haters who are women in their 30s

No. 137434

We ruthlessly criticize the appearance of any cow posted here, it's just business as usual.

No. 137437

that’s not British weather it’s herpes, already been discussed.
and men can exhibit pick me behavior as well

No. 137438

okay lbr most women in their 30s don’t even know who she is.
that’s like saying malu has 30 year old haters, their middle age stalkers are men, not women.
I play mmorpgs and every dude who brings her up, which is extremely rare, dislikes her.
I don’t think it’s a stretch to say a lot of guys don’t like her, I mean not every dude is an incel nonce.
Plus, women with low self esteem are a major part of belle’s fanbase, the older millennial women I see discuss her go on tirades about how if u don’t like her u aren’t “supporting sex workers!!!”.
If anything she’s getting support from them.

No. 137439


Belle has a nice body but her face is ugly. It's not mostly women online who find her ugly, men say it more.
She has many female fans. It's usually girls whiteknighting her on Twitter.

No. 137440

Why did she remove her room tour and makeup videos? Did Youtube delete them?

No. 137442

you can't generalize belle's haters when half the internet hates her.

No. 137443


People who care about sex workers would not support Belle. She stole content of other women and scammed the men who paid for her.

No. 137445

a lot of ppl have no clue about that tbh.
someone linked a video last month of a bdsm worker talking about her and they were very complimentary, even defending the loli baiting.
here it is if u wanna watch but it’s boring tbh and way 2 long, I’m only posting for proof that a lot of “sex worker supporters” have no clue about her history, or maybe just don’t care?

No. 137453

people took ugly screenshots and her looks changed a lot

No. 137454

Thanks for the link. Comments section is interesting.

No. 137455

People don't even know her hamster story was fake despite her filtered mug shot.

No. 137468

Embed your videos. There is literally a field for that.

No. 137503

Yeah, I noticed that since the blowjob vid and christmas porn dropped, men who used to put her on a pedestal or hail her for being based now never bring her up other than to roast her for her bad porn or for being annoying. Her big appeal for them was taking advantage of stupider men, by being able to create a ton of interest for doing something retarded and then directing those numbers to her patreon/OF, without ever actually doing porn. She was a low effort hot girl making a fool out of virgin incels and making serious bank doing so. Now she's giving those very incels precisely what they wanted when she could have just continued milking them without having to degrade herself, and her porn isn't even good. And so, after acting like a retard for attention for so long, she just becomes an attention-seeking retard.

No. 137526

She also begged her fans to keep supporting her on OF after they didn't like her blood theme photos. She was never a genius troll.

No. 137527

Belle is too insecure to do porn. She keeps looking at the camera, filters her face and hides her vagina.

No. 137535


No. 137562

She's been super quiet, wonder if she's gonna leave the internet again

No. 137563

new podcast

No. 137569

another one bites the dust….

No. 137571

File: 1613001675744.jpg (Spoiler Image, 108.61 KB, 1176x1151, of.jpg)

No. 137575

this is actually so embarrassing… imagine paying for this shit

No. 137576

Who the fuck filters their face for a podcast? Her herpes is visible too

No. 137578


This is so degrading. She doesn't troll incels. She does what they want.

No. 137579

her eyes look so weird in this video. is she wearing contact lenses?

No. 137580


No. 137581

Phil told her she looks so young for a 21. I don't think many people notice she uses filters.

No. 137584

This was honestly just sad. Abused as a child, groomed as a teenager, forced into online sex work due to no career prospects and it hurts her because she's famous but people don't like her. It's obvious why she's such a misogynist due to her relationship with her mum and sees men as figures to be worshiped. She should take time to reflect and heal from her upbringing before she has a midlife crisis at age 25.

No. 137585

"But I got successful and a lot of people dislike me." At least she is self-aware.

No. 137586

I'm not sure why that gets thrown around so often, in this podcast especially she actually looks more natural and a lot more mature than in previous podcasts, she has a very adult looking face. You can still see it bugging out on her eyes though kek. Not sure why she uses different filters each time (in cold ones she completely changed her face) but I guess a lot of people are just really bad at picking up on that.

No. 137587

Not many people watch all of her podcasts. Every podcast has a top comment saying they never heard Belle's voice before. She tries to get more popular with podcasts and it works because of content makers who give her platform.

No. 137588

True, when you look at the views and comments they get it doesn't seem like there is a huge amount of interest specifically for her or an influx of fans tuning in, it's quite sad.

No. 137589

Phil actually interviewed Belle Delphine, really embarrassing.

No. 137592

the filter keeps bugging out on her eyes and chin.

No. 137596

"I'm such not an adult it's unbelievable"

No. 137602

Yeah, I honestly just feel bad for her after watching this. She basically just confirmed what I suspected regarding being preyed upon by older men. I've known a lot of adult "lolita" types (the fetish, not the totally unrelated Japanese fashion, obviously) and without exception, every singe one of them was a victim of statutory rape. Thinking of themselves as a "lolita" is a mixture of cope and arrested development not letting them process the fact they were a victim of a predator.

No. 137603

She’s so manipulative.
she spent her entire career using other women for her benefit, and was happy to be a “genius troll” who would never do porn for a nice car like other girls, but now since she realized everyone hates her, she has to use podcasters to make idiots feel sorry for her.
She’s disgusting and I saged I know I’m not adding anything, I just can’t believe idiots fall for her bs.

No. 137604

She will never have a normal life. She should watch Phil's conversation with Mia Khalifa.

No. 137605

Exactly. She did so many horrible things but she still wants the internet to love her.

No. 137608

She's living in a dreamland.
"He does all of the accounting" like BRUH he could be stashing any or all of that money away for himself

No. 137609

It's too bad that her parents are so messed up though, she missed out on their love and care during her important developmental stage, and didn't even get to finish school - no wonder she wants to be taken care of forever and flocks to older male figures, she's permanently stunted and in search of the approval she never got :/ Looks to be dissociating hardcore in that video(:/)

No. 137610

Her boyfriend encouraging Belle to do porn and earning from it sounds so shady.

No. 137611

The part where she said how her mom didn't ask where she was or care at all when she went to visit that older man she met online when she was a kid broke ny heart tbh. Like, this girl is such an embodiment of everything that leads women to choose sex work.

>negligent/absent parents

>stat raped and groomed by several different men as a teenager
>severely socially awkward and too emotionally stunted to have any real prospects
>extremely emotionally reliant on men due to absent parents

No. 137613

I just don’t get how u guys are feeling sorry for her.
Lots of people have shitty upbringings, doesn’t mean they use their hyper sexualization as a means to peddle faux child porn to the masses.
If she just had a few fetish sets in between a “normal” porn career, it would be one thing, but her entire brand is set around mocking and profiting off the abuse of young girls and women.
she can cry in her PayPal account, if she cared so much about “victims” of grooming and sexual assault, she wouldn’t have been such a cunt about her rape set

No. 137614

I don't think it's about her doing it for profit as much as her WANTING to do it to pretend to be younger, she wishes she was 10 again

No. 137615

and so do her onlyfans subs

No. 137616

What the fuck is wrong with this world, 21 IS young, it is basically impossible to look "really young" for 21. What, she looks 18? A whole 3 years younger? Despite the sperging here and her own stupid attempts to pedobait, Belle doesn't actually resemble a child at all, even with filters. She looks like a heavily filtered young adult in childish outfits, that's it. "young for 21" my ass. so retarded.

No. 137619

She had surgeries and she uses filters and make-up to have the youthful look. It is not her natural looks.

No. 137620

Yeah the internet has a really fucked up view of age
Can tell some people don't really go outside

No. 137621

She chose sex work because she was lazy to get a job. It's on the thread image.

No. 137624

She never denounced adults grooming teenagers. Only Phil did.

No. 137625

If her mother truly didn’t give a shit about her, why did she try to stop her from doing porn and ruining her life?
her room at her mom’s place showed she was spoiled af, she could have continued her YouTube channel and gotten big pandering to girls her age, just doing room tours and stuff.
she was lazy, and got off on the male attention, she actively chose this life.
I’m supposed to feel sorry for her because she got everything she wanted?

No. 137626

Was it actually her mom's place though?

No. 137628

Is she talking about Goran? Why would she lie about the age of her ex?

No. 137629

Sounds like she had a ton of exes

No. 137630

im not really understanding why people feel so sorry for her. not to mention she’s probably exaggerating a lot of details. this feels a lot like a woe is me after she literally “sorry not sorry’d” her rape stunt. Im not buying it.

No. 137631

I thought she dated Goran for years. She started dating Josh at 18 anyway.

No. 137635

yeah it was her moms house.
she stated in the cold ones podcast I believe or maybe h3 idfk there’s so many at this point, that there came a breaking point where she was making so much money that she had to move out of her moms home

No. 137637

So she legit lied about moving out of her mom's place? :))
What's with these onlyfans girls and lying about literally everything

No. 137638

Phil was asking questions about things only someone who had her onlyfans would know loool(namefag)

No. 137639

someone in his team probably bought it

No. 137641

Oh of course. Belle lies about everything and stretches the truth. None of her interviews have been consistent with her answers, a lot of them contradict each other. lul

No. 137642

I mean tbf she could’ve moved out then moved back in, regardless she’s definitely embellishing the truth to garner more sympathy, if not just blatantly lying.
I don’t understand what she gets out of lying but, I guess she just wants to manipulate stupid, emotional ppl.
with the poor me route she’s going I wonder if she’s gonna pull a porn ruined my life like Mia

No. 137648

File: 1613019141942.png (39.22 KB, 1254x256, lol.PNG)

Even the commenters are starting to figure it out lol

No. 137649

She's got such ana brain fog lol

No. 137652

Belle is obviously a compulsive liar. Her stories often don't add up and details often change. I think she creates some stories/details about herself based on who's interviewing her. Like…she always has to namedrop the interviewer's good friend…For example today during the interview she had to bring up Philip Defranco's friend Jessica Nigri. All of a sudden Belle's a huge fan of her too. What's the interviewer's favorite food? Oh thats Belle's fave now too! What's the interviewer's favorite game? Oh how funny, it's Belle's new favorite game now. She just creates her persona based on what she thinks people will like. One minute she says in high school she was a shy nerdy girl with no boy friends. All of a sudden it changes to that she was a rebel dating old men. lol You can't believe anything she says.

No. 137653

Mia is genuine unlike Belle. Belle will end up like her for sure though.

No. 137654

Her fans should know she is a liar but they are retarded. She said she doesn't have a boyfriend and then revealed she had one for 3 years.

No. 137655

Didn't Belle say she had a break because she broke her arm? Her first excuse was getting arrested which was a lie too. In podcast she says she had a break on purpose.

No. 137656

marzia is actually gorgeous and has literally everything going for her and doesn't use it to flex. she's an artist and designer and doesn't even need to live off of felix. i don't understand who any of you would actually admit is above average. she has amazing hair, skin, her voice is cute, her style is youthful and put together without showing skin, she keeps her identity separate from felix, she's pleasant and laughs a lot despite dealing with a gamer husband, is skinny because she works out, seems very professional with her work and online presence, and her smile is really beautiful. like seriously what more do you guys want? it doesn't take away from you to admit someone is pretty and has their life together, i really thought if anything people here would think she's refreshing and definitely so in comparison to belle.

No. 137657

reeks of selfpost

No. 137662

lmao marzia wouldn't be on lolcow. no i just saw felix's videos on 90 day fiancé, don't follow his career, but a video of him and his wife came up afterwards and i started watching her videos. why do you guys complain about how belle is a misogynist yet anything nice about a woman is a self post

No. 137664

Like all this makes sense if you’re not a nitpicking sperg who thinks word for word like a constitutionalist (I know she’s britfag) is the end game and no one is allowed to change their views or change their minds. Also a real relationship vs a teen one MAKES sense.

No. 137665

because we don't fucking care about marzia, if you want to eat her ass go do it in a different thread

No. 137668

Begone, simp.

No. 137669

she lies a lot and it’s obvious.
even if it wasn’t, she has a history of lying for publicity/sympathy/money.
like when she had that cat chick tweet pics of her all tore up on the side of the street.
“omg is that Belle Delphine??”
or when she tried to get the girl she catfished to basically apologize on her behalf.
maybe she’s changing but, I mean just last month she basically roasted rape survivors, I doubt she’s had a change of heart

No. 137677

I can't tell if these are gullible dumbasses or wks or both.

No. 137681

Her bathwater stunt was a lie too. She will lie about anything for fame.

No. 137682

She joined every podcast to say she has daddy issues. She wants her haters to pity her.

No. 137687

For some it could mean "not fully grown yet" since 21 is young but adult.
But like.. she absolutely looks like a fully grown young adult.

No. 137688

Lmao no.

No. 137689

Anons that genuinely believe the shit she says about her mum hating her and disowning her are so stupid, lmao. She quite obviously is lying about this whole sob story, like she does with everything, why do you choose to believe this but nothing else she’s said? Wouldn’t be surprised if she encouraged the whole porn thing, remember when she was apparently a ‘model’ and supported her choice of work? Her mum was probably a whore just like her degenerate daughter. How much can I bet she actually has a loving father too? This weird ~poor orphan~ act she puts on that anons keep falling for is so weird

No. 137698

Yup. I'll bet if she hadn't gotten dragged so hard and possibly started losing numbers on OF she wouldn't have done another podcast again. She is a sensitive one and using this podcast to manipulate people into liking her again. She does shit like this every time she gets backlash.

No. 137700

Do people think it is fine to do horrible things if you had a bad upbringing?

No. 137701

What’s sad though is that it’s working.
The comment section is mostly weirdos writing paragraphs about how bad they feel for her. It’s as if she’s homeless and addicted to meth, not a literal millionaire.
I think her entire career has just shown how easy it is to manipulate and take advantage of confused, stupid, selfish people in this world

No. 137702

Even her appearance is fake. All she did online was to do controversial things or lie about things to get popular. People who believe her now are gullible and retarded.

No. 137704

There will always be poor idiots who believe her, more alarming are the swatches of retards who think every single retarded thing she does is calculated and based. After years of taking advantage of simps she's now literally doing porn like she insisted she'd never have to resort to and there are still mouthbreathers calling her a genius kek. These are the two camps of stupid that will defend her.

No. 137705

The podcast already has more dislikes than the average Phil gets.

No. 137712

You can feel sad that shitty things happened to a child without feeling bad for the adult. Whether she stretched the truth or not the single most common reason people do porn is desperation, either for money, validation or limited options. Her upbringing as she likes to describe it accounts for her fucked up world view (still is not an excuse to not address it). Belle certainly fits the stereotype whether she has money or not she was lazy, easily groomed into it (hypersexualised as a child) and now she has no career prospects other than to do porn. If you could stop the paranoid infighting for one second you might realise we are all on the same page.

No. 137713

She's also clearly not very "self-aware" of how messy her upbringing is. She can see the obvious red flags with her parents but dating older guys since being 14/15 she still normalises to herself even in her current relationship. She has poor personal boundaries hence splurging all her personal history onto Phil's podcast and the general internet without hesitation cause shes never known what healthy boundaries are. She's totally naive. Calling her a master manipulator is as stupid as calling her a master marketer.

No. 137715

Guys, having empathy for someone because they were a victim of CSA doesn't have to mean you 100% excuse anything they do. It doesn't have to be so black and white. JFC.

No. 137716

She is a manipulative liar samefag

No. 137718

She lies about Goran's age anyway.

No. 137720

no one groomed her to start posting selfies online tho.
she was posting in fb groups pretending to be over 18, wearing bra and panty cosplays, way before she dubbed herself anime queen.
you guys act as if she was forced into hardcore porn the moment she dropped out of school. so she was groomed to post slutty selfies on Facebook?
Belle didn’t even start doing actual porn til her YouTube channel started getting nuked, she put the pressure on herself in the means of “relevancy”.
children being taken advantage of and not cared about is obviously sad, but adults using those childhood traumas to garner sympathy after they were publicly called out is manipulative and wrong.
I think she’s an asshole even more so now, but I get your point as well I guess too

No. 137721

This. She was already popular before she started doing porn. She could be a Youtuber or streamer. She wanted easy money. She was not forced to be a sex worker.

No. 137722

Marzia has had plastic surgery and changes her voice. Not hating on her, but she’s not natural by any means. Her lack of involvement with Felix etc is cause she gets criticized more than she can handle. She’s prob fine but she does ALOT for her looks.

No. 137724

She is natural and pretty compared to Belle. But discussing her is derailing the thread. Is there a thread for Marzia?

No. 137731

She says "like" literally every other second, never heard someone using that word so often. It was so distracting I couldn't get past the first minute, she can't put one sentence together. She dropped out of school very early on, right? It's sad.

No. 137733

I'm not a samefag, the anon above me was a different person.

Also, I don't believe she's lying because her history is totally in line with every girl I know who is into this type of shit. It's such a common way to unironucally cope with this kind of trauma when you haven't had the professional help to deal with it in a healthy way. It doesn't make it okay, but I still have emoathy for it.

No. 137744

Belle lied about her ex, her mother's house and the reason she took a break from internet in the podcast. Or she was lying about them before. She had lied about selling bath water, being single and getting arrested. She tricked men with other sex workers' content. She is not an honest person. You are naive if you believe her.

No. 137748

I don't doubt that belle's childhood was fucky tbh. She's not master manipulator, she's a liar who probably lacks boundries mixing in lies to make her sound good with truths that she hasn't processed yet. She is a grown woman but shes also only 21, she should no better but any trauma she had in her teens is gonna still impact her behaviour.
The facebook thing is kinda a dumb point, do you think a 16 year old girl posting photos of herself in her underwear is a mentally ok kid? She was hypersexual for whatever reason, but we can't blame a young teenager for that.
Sorry if you had a stroke reading that, I'm shit at writing

No. 137749

>for you guys
Girl no one ever even asked you to do porn. She frames it like she was pushed into this by the entire internet.

No. 137758

I don't doubt that some of what she's saying could well be true, but it doesn't change the fact that she has a history of lying and embellishing on the truth. She will twist anything to her advantage. Why come out with this now? Even if everything she is saying is true, she is clearly using it to emotionally manipulate watchers into feeling sorry for her following all the shit she's gotten lately. She's obviously aware and very sensitive about being so unliked.

No. 137760

Belle became famous because she is an annoying person, she have to cope with that.

No. 137773

I could honestly believe that she was groomed/abused in her teens. She was a spergy kid clearly desperate for validation and she posted a lot of pics and was cute, so it's not a stretch to believe men were manipulating her to get into her pants. Like someone else said, the whole lolita/nymphet shtick is often a cope for when you have been led to believe that your entire value lies in being a young, cheerful sex kitten. It doesn't excuse the shit she's pulled, but it explains some of it.

No. 137774

It's not that deep. She had a boyfriend her age too.

No. 137775

File: 1613085025006.jpg (179.89 KB, 719x500, 26.jpg)

No. 137776

File: 1613085731331.jpg (Spoiler Image, 726.28 KB, 1440x3113, belle_delphine.jpg)

Men roast her more.

No. 137777


Her patrons on patreon increased in number after the podcast.

No. 137783

Exactly the quality, intelligent fans she attracts.
Can't even see she hasn't used patreon in a year and a half.

No. 137791

Honestly sounds like farmers too. 4chan is a massive mix. We've had self posters here before too, so don't be so quick to say it's guys. Show all the comments lol

No. 137792

I mean if youre not an idiot, youd see its all part of her shock stuff she tries to pull.its like how lonelygirl13 pulled that whole youtube stalker situation and people believed it, but if you knew she was an actress beforehand, youd see its fake. She has a schtick. Im surprised people are still surprised. She wasn't wrong in knowing this stuff gets attention. Imo, that's smart on her. Comsumers being taking advantage of when facts are in their face, is all on consumers faults. Not the creator at that point. Again, especially when proof is shown.

No. 137794

4chan is mostly used by men.

No. 137795

Lying for attention is not being smart.

No. 137796

her instagram comments were full of men haters too.

No. 137799

That image is the first result on Google images for "Belle Delphine 4chan" kek. Even the reddit thread of the image is full of men hating her.

No. 137805

She'll pull all sorts out of her ass to deflect whatever criticism or negativity she gets for her behaviour. Taking up an opportunity to do a podcast where she can paint herself as a victim seems straightforward enough. Why people call these decisions smart is something I will never understand.

No. 137806

okay I’m not going into my own pathetic bs because it doesn’t matter, but I was drugged and raped as a kid.
I enjoyed the movie lolita when I was young because of that reason, but I never wanted to sexualize it or make porn sexualizing “nymphets”.
You guys are using her dating older men as a cop out.
I was raped as a kid, and I didn’t ever advertise myself as a loli because of it.
processing your trauma thru art is a real coping mechanism, but any of u who think belle is trying to cope vs trying to make money from pedophiles, you’re dumb.
She doesn’t have to be a “master manipulator” to be manipulative.
if u want to be her fan no one is stopping you.. idk why some of u r trying to convince us to feel sorry for the loli queen.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 137809

File: 1613099187804.jpeg (125.52 KB, 690x402, 9B116C7F-E2C9-4C38-A12A-C9EB6E…)

comments on the Phil podcast video .. no inconsistencies in her interviews whatsoever says this neckbeard

No. 137826

Before this podcast, I've never wanted to simultaneously feed someone a carrot and also pat their back because they are so transparently broken.

No. 137863

File: 1613121545209.png (1.32 KB, 400x400, miss-the-point.png)

No one except belle is asking you to feel sorry for her. Empathy does not equal sympathy.

No. 137872

Can someone give me an overview what the inconsistencies in the interviews are? Kinda don’t wanna watch all her podcasts(newfag)

No. 137876

He scammed millions out of his followers to be a "real news network" and now hes just interviewing hot topics from the net. De franco has always been trash I hope his channel tanks this year.

No. 137898

Watched the first segment of the new podcast - can't help but think it comes across as though all the mocking of her porn and how she's bad at sex and so vanilla must really get to her for her to say dumb shit like "oh, but cnc and rapeplay is actually so commonplace and I thought it was as normal as using handcuffs, I'm just so kinky and desensitized lol!" Everything she says is such tryhard pickmeism, I have a hard time believing anything that she says. The genius and smart comments also continue to get funnier with time. She seems remarkably average, if not a little dull, in what I've seen of her speaking.

No. 137902

what is there to empathize with tho?
she doesn’t even empathize with people who have had rape trauma, but I should feel bad that she got online too early?
most girls who dated older guys as a teenager do not end up becoming a millionaire eventually.
She may be “broken” as ppl are claiming but so are lots of young girls, and they don’t sexualize children because of it.
she’s a millionaire who made her money in the worst ways possible, I don’t owe her any empathy, sympathy, pity, whatever u want to call it.

No. 137905

Yes. In podcast she said her friends dated older men too and it was common where she lived. How many of them ended up like Belle?

No. 137907

this reminds me of people who feel sorry for lainey because she was a victim of onision before. being a victim doesn't make it okay to be a horrible person.

No. 137912

Honestly I was in the same kind of scene as her in the late '00s/early '10s, and she's definitely telling the truth on how normalized dating older guys was. It's a bunch of insecure emo 14 year olds going to concerts and park meetups getting hit on by guys in their 20s. It was seen as flattering and cool to be so special that older guys even liked you.
It was fucked up in retrospect but none of those people ended up like Belle and all of them grew out of it. It presumably takes a very specific combination of laziness, childhood trauma and attentionwhoring.

No. 137913

The candid photos by pixiecat were a lie too. Anyone who still believes Belle after all these lies is a retard.

No. 137914

File: 1613133402683.jpeg (68.96 KB, 594x325, Cringe.jpeg)

Well, Belle's fans are retards

No. 137930

man i legit will never understand how some people can think like this
this is what a genuine simp looks like right?

No. 137955

Thats why its hard to say shes irrelevant. Its not idea for safety, ect, but these are hoards of creeps like this. These are the people who pay thots and will always keep paying for thots. Even losers in Japan did this with Venus. They see something, they pedestal it.

No. 137957

File: 1613155395372.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1242x1606, 03F6F998-35EB-4ADB-B963-483612…)

This belle skin walker is fucking creepy and boardline stalkerish…..(offtopic)

No. 137963

Didn’t she have a thread too? Or? Shocked she’s still going.

No. 137997

File: 1613176104948.jpeg (79.35 KB, 815x541, 5231E2BF.jpeg)

She would take this as a big compliment too

No. 137999

Nah there’s one on KittySophie99 who was another heavy Belle skin walker, but not that one. That copycat literally changed their name somewhat in a beautiful mental breakdown after Belle called out how creepy her skin walking was on YouTube. Obviously she’s still hard core skinwalking, just without the similar name [with cow innit] aside from the Belle part. A copycat thread would be great though so there’s no derailing here from Belle.

Kitty Sophie

No. 138000

Do you have the Youtube link of Belle calling her out?

No. 138001

File: 1613176686921.png (Spoiler Image, 996.82 KB, 1249x870, doritos.png)

Her simps are creeps who pay for this.

No. 138005

File: 1613177547210.jpeg (639.81 KB, 4032x3022, E5DBF326-B8E3-4196-A675-7644EF…)

This reminds me of Belle’s totally not butthurt response to the backlash she got from her first porno/teasers. Kek. “Your hate fuels/turns me on.”

we all knew she was sensitive and insecure lul

No. 138011

File: 1613178305458.jpeg (44.03 KB, 230x500, B458C049-6744-4CA7-AEFA-D05E93…)

The video got deleted In the mental breakdown i think. I have this ss. shit quality, I got it from the PULL copycat archive.

No. 138013

This confirms Belle Delphine is not a persona and it's her "REAL identity".

No. 138021

she's telling her that adopting her look is one thing but even renaming herself to her legal name (identity) is too much. i'd maybe understand your point if BD had named herself Belle as a cutesy nickname but it's literally her legal (middle) name.

No. 138032

I highly doubt that’s about her legal middle name for most of it. Belle’s definitely more referring to the whole persona as an entirety. (No one copyrights a name, lul). That copycat has quite literally copied every single thing Belle has done from clothes, to poses, themes, et cetera. down to the name.

No. 138040


You are nitpicking a comment ignoring the original context.
BTW why people keep posting these old comments and discussions taken from PULL.

No. 138042

Agreed. Anons nitpicking the team thing.. she means the persona and that identity online is more prevalent than her IRL one. Anons being retarded and nitpicking 'real' when they know what she meant, is so stupid. She absolutely referring to the name, antics, everything this blue version does.

No. 138045

I don't think she's serious. Taking her for her word on any posts and thinking it's 'real feelings because she feels guilty for porn' makes no sense. She does this because the other comes who like coddling thots when they are vulnerable, love this shit. This is all so an act and anons thinking she's really 'sad' and 'regretful' is so funny. She's not butthurt. She's pulling another uwu trope.

No. 138050

Belles Twitter is being weird. Someone else want to check it out too? It's there then not there and it's glitchy. I don't even know what exactly I'd screencap, so might need someone to just confirm it's being weird for them too.

No. 138057

"regretful", obviously not lol, but when you look at her overall reaction along with those posts and how she always reacts in general to mean comments she has always been very sensitive and butthurt lel, she has already admitted as much. ofc her uwu responses are an act.
just looked and not sure what you're talking about anon. looks normal to me, she hasn't posted anything that i can see.

No. 138067

derailing but we need a new thread for this bitch ASAP, just checked her twitter and absolutely cannot believe what a fucking skinwalker she is, she's even changed her room to look exactly like Belle's. This shit is on par with skinwalker Rusty falling in love with Goran and flying over to the UK to meet him because she JUST so happened to fall in love with him uwu. What the fuck is wrong with these girls

No. 138072

File: 1613217276963.jpg (58.58 KB, 1080x331, Screenshot_20210213-035506_Twi…)

She had almost 2 mil followers, says she follows 0. I checked all 3 of my accounts, I'm not blocked.

No. 138073

File: 1613217442243.jpg (845.16 KB, 1080x2085, Screenshot_20210213-035646_Twi…)

This girl also closely catfishes as Belle. Name, hair, styling. Even the PFP which is bizarre as that's actually Belle's real photo. I get people shit on Belle for her look, but everyone else copies her at this point, not the other way around.

No. 138074

File: 1613217632601.png (1.47 MB, 1876x1356, alice.png)

alice delish, rusty fawkes, and cow belle are three I can think of off the top of my head. they're the most blatant, anyway.

No. 138075

File: 1613218889075.jpeg (63.18 KB, 600x600, 20E2D428-1C85-45D8-98EF-0C2A23…)

w-what are those yellowed stains on her panties..

No. 138083

Her skinwalkers look like her easily because of how much her looks depend on filters.

No. 138085


Imagine copying a disliked internet personality.

No. 138088

File: 1613222363379.jpg (38.62 KB, 815x451, thumb.jpg)

She said she dated 25-30 year olds after she was 15. Dates don't match up. Is she lying?

No. 138089

File: 1613223287599.png (Spoiler Image, 700.16 KB, 491x1246, gross.png)

Belle's personal hygiene.

No. 138092

r u retarded

No. 138096

File: 1613226722092.jpeg (49.73 KB, 497x500, nose.jpeg)

her nose looks so bad after surgeries.

No. 138107

That isn’t her account. Her account is still active with 1.6 million followers but the one with less followers shows up when you search her name

No. 138108

>uses wrinkled face photo

Her nose looks like a generic manic pixie girl slight upturn. Jfc its not botched and isnt monstrous. This nitpick is as bad as the lolispergs.

No. 138109

She must be shadowbanned then

No. 138111

not sure how the comment you directed at was nitpicking vs the one they were responding to, but maybe you clicked on the wrong one since your response fits that one. Im agreed about nitpicking

inb4 no one cares

No. 138112

Her nose is botched. Are you blind?

No. 138114

She has a long face and a very small nose. It looks weird.

No. 138118

Most people have oval or 'long' faces. Round faces arent exactly the norm with skinny bitches, anon, and she has a basic white nose. It's just average now. I don't get the nitpicking just to have shit to sling.

No. 138121

She has a horse face and her nose is not basic or average. It looks bad especially for her face.

No. 138125

thats just how some vaginas look after waxing (source: am femanon). + lighting is weird + she prob added a fuck ton of filters to be kawaii desu owo loli but it just looks weird on a cooch

No. 138126

it looks like she used a blur tool on her cooch lips or something? no texture on the outside but texture on the inside, weird. she needs to stop trying to make herself look like a child and just embrace that adult coochies have texture

No. 138127

wouldn't be surprised. she tries to look as childlike as she can for her discord mod MAP incel fanbase

No. 138128

after the nose job her philtrum got huge. it looks ugly without the filters.

No. 138129

i had far too much access to the internet as a kid, and now i have to deal with ptsd, sexual triggers, intrusive thoughts, insomnia, and so much more. feeding into the sex work when you have sexual trauma just makes it so much worse (speaking from experience)

i hope belle genuinely enjoys what shes doing and isnt just attempting to get male approval like i once did

No. 138130

File: 1613239625560.jpg (Spoiler Image, 166.51 KB, 1102x2048, Etqzk-0XMAEBpZU.jpg)

>>138126 yeah or a labiaplasty for sure

No. 138132

hate to break it to you but vaginas dont look like that the labia (big skin on the outside) is protruding and is kinda squishy, but belles is flat and nowhere to be seen. vaginas only look like belles through surgery or editing

No. 138134

She's not lying. She's just not telling the whole truth lol.

No. 138137

it looks so weird, maybe just editing

No. 138141

she’s pulling it back a lot too, and also hides the clit. Almost seems like she stuffs the inner labia while pulling it to give it a labiaplasty look.

Belle is an insecure person though who manipulates literally everything. Who really knows? Other than what we can manage to make of things she allows to slip in her “porn”. Hard to edit and manipulate that, minus her hiding it behind everything she can think of and angles.

No. 138149

File: 1613244591771.jpg (7.98 MB, 6113x2506, imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-JMyx…)

>>138074 you beat me to this. Her whole personality is based on how much she can make herself look like Belle. It's hilariously sad how people actually aspire to be like internet degenerates, there's nothing good or inspiring about Belle and costhots like her.

The op says Belle got additional PS in Korea, but I can't find proof of this. How has her nose not collapsed? If she got another nose job, this would be her 2nd or 3rd nose job.

Belle's aBuSe excuses for her bad behaviour and controversy is pretty pathetic. A lot of people in this world has been horribly abused, worse than her and they don't come out to be attention obsessed-pedo catering-prostitutes

No. 138153

Can you imagine being an ewhore and pandering so hard to pornsick lolicon coomers that you know you need to either get cosmetic vaginal surgery or shoop every picture of your vag or else your fanbase will drop you like a hot potato and you’ll no longer be able to ride the simpbux gravy train? Is this really a better life than going to college or just getting a job as a waitress?

No. 138160

She had multiple surgeries. It gets worse each time.

No. 138162

Belle gets mad about people copying her but she used to copy nyannyancosplay at the beginning of her career. She even changed her makeup to have thin upper lip.

No. 138174

File: 1613264289645.jpeg (42.99 KB, 280x427, copycat.jpeg)

Belle copied nyan's Hit or Miss tiktok video. At one point her filter bugged out and revealed her real face.

No. 138175

File: 1613264900515.jpg (55.69 KB, 519x742, EsNFkp.jpg)

rat queen uwu

No. 138176

how does she have a thick ass despite being so skinny?

No. 138177

She doesn't have a thick ass,you blind?

No. 138178

Anon used that photo to convey how it obviously doesn't function like a normal nose anymore, let alone fits her face. Begone projecting your own insecurity everytime someone brings it up.

No. 138181

File: 1613270246066.png (646.83 KB, 843x649, 34439c.png)

she doesn't have a thick ass. she bends her back.(nitpick)

No. 138182

File: 1613270309989.jpg (106.17 KB, 522x422, 9893b068.jpg)

No. 138184

jfc i saw this on the homepage and thought it was an old photo of shayna. kind of believe the music video body double tinfoil now

No. 138186

File: 1613271041353.jpeg (136.93 KB, 279x500, belle.jpeg)

Her old nose fit her more.

No. 138187

File: 1613271416384.jpeg (155.17 KB, 314x500, Copy.jpeg)

She ruined her life and her face for money. I feel bad for her.(nobody cares)

No. 138190

Are you sure these are Belle?

No. 138194

Not same anon, but I believe these were originally on her Facebook.

No. 138195

File: 1613277772337.png (1.35 MB, 1132x800, 22pb.png)

Yeah the old nose was much better

No. 138198

Just like how they mistook >>137392
>>137178 >>137179

No. 138199

She used to look mature and pretty. She looks like a different person now.

No. 138209

File: 1613287986821.jpg (Spoiler Image, 110.29 KB, 1400x788, nh84.jpg)

Not thick

No. 138212

File: 1613288476670.png (Spoiler Image, 400.86 KB, 474x476, 1609312939237.png)

yeah she's thiccums bro

No. 138232

She looks gorgeous here. F

No. 138253

That's her new nose, retard. If you're going to nitpick, get it right.

No. 138267

she had multiple surgeries. that's not her current nose.

No. 138271

We have NEVER had proof of surgery. It could all be editing and no surgery for all we know. Stop nitpicking her fucking nose. It's not milk and we don't even have a timeline of WHEN she mightve done it, anons keep posting the WRONG girl assuming its Belle before her nose. This discussion is retarded. Its like vagsperg again.

No. 138277

What wrong girl? kek

No. 138280

It's not nitpicking. She had surgeries. Stop being a retard everytime someone mentions her nose.

No. 138283

sage for no milk but that shit don't pay bills anymore

No. 138293

back at it again with the most attention seeking videos possible

No. 138296

sage for sperg but she's a fucking idiot to burn that teddy bear in the middle of a room full of cheap chinese shit. the whole place could go up

No. 138303

She looks like she has fetal alcohol syndrome.

No. 138304

Even with the contrast X10 she looks her age in every video she uploads kek

No. 138305

Why does she filter her face in videos now? She didn't use filters in previous room tour video.

No. 138307

File: 1613339476041.jpg (117.64 KB, 627x905, 7aa891ea.jpg)

No. 138310

She needs to burn in hell for using bubblegum KK as bgm

No. 138311

How do her videos get so many dislikes in a short time? Even Logan Paul doesn't get that many dislikes kek

No. 138317

She didn't even age-restrict this

No. 138319

File: 1613340534436.jpg (456.65 KB, 1000x750, 3121105021.jpg)

It was asked before. People posted ugly screenshots and her face changed

No. 138321

These are not “ugly” faces….. they’re snapshots from a normal young girl with facial expressions. What is wrong with her audience, seriously.

No. 138324

Fascinating that people seem to think this is her actual bedroom.

No. 138327

Shes pulling stupid faces. Seriously, you guys claiming thats ugly when shes purposely over-exaggerating is stupid. Grabbing mid screenshots to nitpick as if thats her normal 24/7 resting face isnt doing anything.

No. 138328

She was not pulling stupid faces. Did you watch it?

No. 138329

>996 dislikes

Anon, that's honestly not even an issue here lol The likes far outweigh. This is why I laugh at anons saying her videos have a higher hate ratio. Nah.

No. 138330

are you retarded? no one is nitpicking. it was an answer to why she removed the video.

No. 138331

No one has mentioned the noose. I know it's probably from the kidnap thing she did, but maybe right now isn't the time to show that you keep it hung in your room.

No. 138332

It's still up. The video isn't gone?

No. 138334

She has so many dislikes. That's not normal on her own channel.

No. 138336


she looks like a goblin

No. 138337



>996 dislikes
This is awful for Youtube.

No. 138338

Is she friends with Charlie now?

No. 138339

I dont care. I like the room. I have no issue with this but have issues with stuff like her Delores thing, but like if you aren't a pearl clutching Janny and arent a prude and are actually cool with sexual stuff, all those toys are funny and lots are just niche collecting stuff because why not? Ill take a sexualized thot cave over a man cave any day and its stull cozy. She just has sex toys in it. Cringy but like it would be fun to be like 'what does that one do' type stuff. Someone is going to call this WKing, but its not. Its not even her. I just actually like the thot room.

No. 138342

File: 1613343445779.png (589.17 KB, 660x583, room.png)

Face filter glitch?

No. 138343

anon, no one cares about what you like or dislike

No. 138354

What is it with /w on lolcow that pushes all threads to the trajectory of “yes, she’s cute” vs “no she’s ugly”. It’s a loophole of anons trying to convince other non nit picky anons that the subject of the thread is ugly.
Personally I think she’s fine. Her nose looks okay to me.

No. 138355

It's the samefag calling everything nitpicky here and trying to convince others.

No. 138357

What's the problem? She looks normal.

No. 138358

File: 1613347732213.jpeg (217.02 KB, 1363x2048, 149565229.jpeg)

It made her look mature.

No. 138359

Her nasolabial folds don't look normal at all(nitpicking )

No. 138360

I can see the herpes kek

No. 138371

File: 1613353595520.jpeg (1.18 MB, 4032x4030, 57A88EDC-0CF4-4B4C-B1EE-859056…)

not sure all the arguing about Belle’s nose change when she used to have a bump, and now it’s a ski slope…. the change happened in her long time absence before the pornhub awards, likely her first nose job. The change was noticeable then, especially in photos from Reid and others where Belle couldn’t edit the photos of herself. I’ll need to dig them up for reference but

….this is old proven shit anyway. Pointless argument by a derailing WK anon.

No. 138373

That anon is annoying. She calls everything a nitpick. Belle's botched nose job is so obvious.

No. 138374

It looks like her face is collapsing

No. 138375

she’s doing everything she can to look like her Snapchat filters lul but even those were uncanny and inconsistent. she is destroying the shit out of her face.. old age is gonna suck for her.

No. 138377

File: 1613354751922.jpeg (729.75 KB, 3024x4030, A5813260-3A81-46DA-A111-907EA5…)

No. 138379

File: 1613355152917.jpg (71.23 KB, 859x1024, 746428cf8a2d406d4ad0bf481f69ea…)


omg i thought she looked familiar–she looks exactly like CutiePieMarzia (PewDiePie's gf).

kek do they have the same plastic surgeon in the uk?


No. 138383

File: 1613356071439.jpg (80.73 KB, 1080x632, Screenshot.jpg)

No. 138388

File: 1613356550206.png (58.49 KB, 604x210, 2.png)

They both tried to retcon their heights too.

No. 138390

File: 1613356786719.jpg (31.88 KB, 289x205, teeth.jpg)

she has bad oral hygiene(nitpicking )

No. 138394

Yeah yeah nitpick but why is she constantly wearing left warmers lately?
Did I completely miss them coming back into style or is she trying to hide cankles?

No. 138396

they're trendy amongst tiktok egirls anon

No. 138397

They've been trendy again for almost 2 years. Its like the Vocaloid leg cuffs came back with tiktok and ethottery expanding.

No. 138399

Still struggling to believe anyone thinks they look good but I guess I'll trust you, thanks

No. 138409

Oh ffs nuke this retarded thread to hell

No. 138414

seriously lol some of you anons act as if you've never seen a real live human being before, her teeth are normal. Her nose isn't "botched", she doesn't look like a disgusting freak in any of her pictures. She is a pathetic cow in a lot of ways (the rape and snuff/torture porno shit especially coupled with her pedobaity outfits) and her obvious lying, and Josh's probably complete control over her finances, but her appearance isn't that outrageous. Don't let this thread turn into the Venus thread that is just constantly a back and forth between if she was ever pretty or if she is just the most disgusting golem to ever live.

No. 138417

Mods unsaged the thread for vagsperg and lolispetg anons to bypass getting in trouble by just spamming nitpicks now in between those spergouts. Its the same formula each time. Nothing she's done is milky lately. This thread like all the others is 99% nitpucks "her nose!!!!!!! You should agree its BOtCHed!!!!" and the like. Literally no discussion for 2 threads now.

No. 138427

Does she even brush her teeth? Yikes

No. 138428

File: 1613383039251.jpg (21.69 KB, 739x415, images.jpg)

Those screenshots are still on internet. She should have kept the monetized videos. She doesn't earn from her Youtube channel anymore.

No. 138429

File: 1613383542740.jpg (83.65 KB, 614x674, Belle_Delphine.jpg)

watch her happy hour podcast kek

No. 138430

Why isn't this age restricted?

No. 138431

I'm no YouTube ToS expert but I'm pretty sure it's bannable to put onlyfans urls/links anywhere near your YT channel.

No. 138433

File: 1613385446489.jpg (141.83 KB, 738x369, 1494077.jpg)

She looked more mature but uglier. Her new style is better.

No. 138434

It is irresponsible to post that video without age restriction. Comment section is full of kids.

No. 138448

Retarded samefag WK

No. 138449

she has a horse face without filters

No. 138452

This thread reeks of the same type of libfem twitter uwu thought policing that went on on pull.

The fact she botched her nose is an anotamical reality, it doesn't move or express like a natural nose should and it's odd shape gives it an uncanny quality. Whether you like the botched nose more than her old nose is just down to taste at this point which is fine. I wish "anons" didn't camp this thread trying to sway the general consensus or constantly cry in /meta/ when we could all easily agree to disagree and move on like nearly every other thread does.

No. 138463

She is too young for this kind of collapse. Maybe it is a filter glitch.

No. 138466

Its really retarded the way you guys nitpick. Honestly her teeth are normal, her nose is uncanny and too small for her face, but botched is an exaggeration. She's not particularly ugly, its more of that shes made herself look so non human via her shoops that she ends up looking fucking weird without them. Her whole look is basically a copy of nyannyan cosplay anyway, shes been a clout hungry e thot since her facebook days. She was never a genius, she just catered to gamer, lolicon, scrotes. Its no suprise she started doing porn, there are so many egirls who took what she did and did better. Shes gonna either fade in to obscurity or implode.

No. 138467

Belle's style is not original at all. She buys the popular outfits from aliexpress of kawaii fashion and lolita fashion. So many e-girls do that. Leg warmers are trendy for kawaii fashion.

No. 138468

This is why people think some e-girls "copy Belle" when they don't sometimes. They don't know about kawaii fashion or how popular Belle's clothes are among weebs.

No. 138469

stop trying to convince people her nose isn't botched. it clearly is. if you disagree, move on.

No. 138471

I only agree about nyan nyan cosplay part. If you look at Belle's old photos she looked more mature and her makeup was different. After nyan became popular, she copied her makeup and filtered her face to look round like hers.

No. 138473

File: 1613407008436.jpg (135.63 KB, 1357x2048, belle-delphine-sexy-photo.jpg)

it is so weird to see older pictures of belle from facebook. I'm not gonna say "I miss the old belle" because I wasn't a "fan" then either, but I do remember friends of mine being friends with her and just how normal she was. it's strange to see pictures where she wasn't stuck on this belle delphine pink haired slut character, and was just belle delphine, a girl. don't get me wrong, she was still pandering to men and her goal was to gain a following even back then, I'm not trying to sound like she was all that different of a person. I don't know, it's not sad because she definitely got what she wanted in the end, but. I don't know what I'm trying to say, it just sounds exhausting to me to live like that.

No. 138483

She's not only pushing her OF with this new vid but a "Belle Delphine" branded line of computer accessories: https://ghostkeyboards.com/pages/belle-delphine
Not really sure who the target audience is for this merch as I can't really see her fans buying a pink keyboard and mouse set.

No. 138493

She looked human. She also seemed confident of her tall figure, even wearing heels to get taller.

No. 138494

File: 1613415758596.png (813.64 KB, 772x808, Screen Shot 2021-02-15 at 2.02…)

the horror

No. 138497

WTF is that nose? Looks like a toddler's nose on an adult woman. She looks creepy.

No. 138500

exactly! she looks like an actual woman, and I know she was still posing and making outfits and whatever but she just seems genuinely confident instead of trying so hard, all the time, to live up to this uncanny valley amalgamation of a woman and an anime girl.

this is a terrible idea lol, I get pink, but why pink? the only market are other e-girls, and they're already set with razer quartzes.

No. 138501

I know this is a long-standing nitpick but Jesus Christ the way she draws her eyebrows upturned looks so bad lol, I feel like she knew she had to hide them with a hat in that podcast because it must look very unforgiving in person without the editing.

No. 138502

I don't think her fans are manly men. Check her simps' profiles on instagram and Twitter. Many have girly lolicon profile photos

No. 138517

no one mentions the noose because she's posted a video previously where she's fake "hanging", noose is tame

No. 138529

>her nose is uncanny and too small for her face
>but botched is an exaggeration.
That's exactly what botched means, why the fuck do all these unsaged retards come here to argue semantics? Honestly get help if differing opinions affect you to the extent you have to pitch a tent here and write paragraphs/fanfics about the posters itt.

No. 138530

Its not that deep, I'm a retard and can't express myself quickly, I think she looks fucking terrible but I think that nose is what she wanted for some reason. If anything its just a testament to her weird taste and fucked up self esteem

No. 138537

yes you are a retard. learn to sage you autist newfag.

No. 138543

Her long face, tall body and straight nose fit her very well. Why would she see them as flaws? She looked way prettier.

No. 138545

I don't think she realises how unfunny and tryhard she really is, and that that's why so many people dislike her. I don't think dedicating a video to showing off her collection is attention-seeking, she clearly gets sent a lot of toys, but the way she simpers after male YouTubers like Charlie is physically cringe lol. If she's genuinely kinky, actually into toys and bondage and even as far as cnc then I don't know how she manages to come across as though she's totally unfamiliar with any of it. It's weird, she's like a kid playing dress up or something.

No. 138550

Stop fucking filling the thread up with nitpicking about her fucking nose, you retards. Jfc. No one CARES about trying to convince other anons about your personal taste.stfu

No. 138556

are you an actual retard?

No. 138561

Huh, really? Belle lying about her OF content, posting nothing for weeks and deleting comments? Ya don't say. Sounds like she was too busy preparing for the podcast and for filming the video, and doesn't know how to be honest with her OF coomsumers.

No. 138563

Are you the sperg having an aneurysm in /meta/ over something as inconsequential as an ethot's nose?

No. 138578

It's a butchered anglo nose anon she removed the bridge entirely. If you've ever seen a curved upturned nose the bridge isn't supposed to not exist here it's genuinely fucked compare to a normal naturally curved upturned nose, hers throws off entire facial proportions and makes it seem like it's in the wrong place on her face. To me it looks like her nose is melting down her face, I honestly think they could've kept the illusion of an upturned nose without sawing off that much of the bridge goddamn >>138377 speaks for itself.

She had a great nose but strictly eurocentric standards are falling out of favour and mixed is becoming the new standard. In addition, neotenous features aren't exactly common among europeans compared to asians and africans I can see getting the surgery done in Korea was a serious mistake they sawed her entire bridge off.

She's genuinely hot here it's a tragedy, she could have very well been a popular Instagrammer with sponsorships to rake in the cash it would have been far less degrading than her current hustle and wouldn't have irreversibly damaged her future reputation she should have stopped before she lowered herself to sex work.

No. 138585

Are you one of the retards shitting up half the thread with retarded nitpicking?

No. 138586

Her nose is botched. Cope.

No. 138587

I'm the anon who speculated in a previous thread that she might have had the nose job done in Korea. She said she went there during her big hiatus, and when she reappeared for I'm Back, she practically had a new face. I agree with what you're saying but the nose sperging has been really dragging on now. I do think it's really sad how much she's actually aged herself with the surgeries though.

No. 138593

File: 1613491882528.jpg (154.17 KB, 1530x1298, EuNe7USXAAE04ld.jpg)

Oficially this thread is worst than PULL Belle's thread at it's worst moment. Too much people nitpicking, discussing very old milk and speculating. Belle got her nosejob on a little hiatus on feb or march of 2019 (when people talked about "belle suicide"). Seriously nobody is commenting on Belle's brand overpriced hardware?

No. 138599


Ghost sets are expensive. You are nitpicking. Not the anons who say her nose is botched.

No. 138600

She's ghosting all of her OF subs apparently lol
So lazy, I don't know what else they expect from her
That room tour just shows how far downhill she's gone

No. 138601

It's not the first time she scammed people. Her simps deserve it

No. 138608

File: 1613497676522.png (760.46 KB, 860x612, Screen Shot 2021-02-16 at 12.4…)

imma be real here, why the fuck is she deep throating a LIVING HAMSTER?

No. 138609

File: 1613497802219.png (531.48 KB, 722x551, 1.png)

No. 138616

She's had two nose jobs, anon. The second was during the longer break she took (so, before and after the bathwater crap basically). You can easily see the timeline of this in her videos. If she visited Korea, it's not a stretch to consider that she might have had her surgery there, as it lines up with her change in appearance.

No. 138625

We don’t know exactly when and who fucking cares. Stop the nose derailing.

No. 138629

considering the same WK anon keeps coming in to sperg about her nose not being botched.. it’s a constant issue in these threads and people do care lel. talking about Belles nose isn’t necessarily derailing either..it’s about Belle. talking about her copycats is.

No. 138630

This. No one groomed her. She willingly CHOSE to go online and post lewd selfies. Her mother certainly didn't want her to do that and still doesn't want her doing porn. So who groomed her? The internet? Please. Belle is as bad as Alinity. Forever the victim. The truth is she's a manipulative asshole who can use "grooming" since it's trendy to excuse all her shitty behavior and garner sympathy to help combat the hate. I actually heavily dislike her now. She's a fucking manipulative bitch that just wanted to get rich in the laziest and easiest way possible, but also wants people to see her as this amazing, smart, hardworking genius person and when that doesn't work, she turns to self-victimization. She's scum. She even had the audacity to mock people who simply asked for a trigger warning next time for rape play, instead of sympathizing with them and realizing that none of her previous content was anywhere near as bad. She's a terrible person and a liar using "trauma" and blatantly lying about grooming to excuse her poor life choices.

No. 138631

She's not a master manipulator but she is a liar. It's very convenient she does this self-victimization podcast now, after all the hate, and she lies in it too, not surprisingly. She can't sympathize with others, why should anyone sympathize with her, when she's intentionally using "trauma" to manipulate a narrative.

No. 138632

you should read her guru gossip thread. she's an art thief ("artist" my ass she literally isn't good at anything), liar and narcissist. she also sold her dirty old used underwear while being a millionaire. she's scum.

saged for derail.

No. 138646

I am begging you to stop posting about uwu marzia because you are making Belle look really good.

marzia stole all her designs, lied about not getting her 10 plastic surgeries, lied about her house getting robbed in Japan (when it was in the UK and it was 100% her fault), lied about growing up poor. Her parents openly support fascism and finance Italian neo-nazi groups. If you keep posting about her here, you will make Belle look like a hard-working, decent human being.

No. 138657

Bless the mod who resaged this thread

No. 138662

Quirky points

No. 138665

she’s so retarded I’m sick of watching her use animals and dead animals as props it’s disgusting.

No. 138668

File: 1613563681535.gif (2.18 MB, 435x250, HighlevelSickDanishswedishfarm…)

Kek anons were clearly trying to establish a vague timeline so just let it be lol, they didn't even try to give exact dates anyway.
I think she's trying to imitate Filthy Frank and wants to be associated with that brand of dark humor, but she isn't funny and it doesn't work for her.

No. 138675

Interesting how Belle's life is similar to Marzia. Belle has never had an original idea all her shoots and videos are based on someone else's work. She constantly denies any plastic surgery. She wasn't robbed but she was doxxed twice and it was her fault for posting a video and photo set of her house and the surrounding area for her fans. Her mom was born and raised in Hungary and is Jewish and yet still got knocked up by Belle's dad and had to get married so she could stay in SA to raise their daughter. BTW Belle's dad is a nazi by birth not a convert and Belle was an accident and ended her mom's modeling career.

No. 138679

Are there any pics of her mom, how old is she?

No. 138689

Why do their parents matter?

No. 138692

Ntayrt but I think it's just curiosity, I'm curious too but I guess it's disrespectful (and against the rules) to post family-members here.

No. 138705

belle looks chunky here kek

No. 138737

File: 1613627556416.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 321.12 KB, 1188x2208, E175AA65-3964-4BAB-BCF7-74344C…)

looks like she’s posting pics from last Halloween to her onlyfans today.
I’m going purely based off her influencers gone wild leaks, but they usually have what she posted within hours.
If someone is actually subbed on of feel free to correct me, but I’m not subbing to check.
Is she really that lazy that even a million dollars a month can’t get her to bother to please her retarded “simpnation” with new stuff?
There’s no way these incels aren’t clogging her dms crying about their $35 and how she needs to care more about their micro wieners(spoiler next time)

No. 138738

hey, go fuck yourself for not spoilering this.

No. 138747

Its called marketing past sets or dropped photos that didn't make it in. Thots do this when resell is good (which is always is stfu they pay for this shit willingly) and when they don't have stuff like gumroad for limited timed sets too. Not everything she does is leaked, especially with model DMCA programs online. Old content doesnt make it not new if past photos weren't even in the OG set.

Sometimes I swear anons play this damsel, too stupid to think, pearl clutching trope. This is basic fucking knowledge even if you dont like thots. Welcome to everything being digital and online.

No. 138750

i think shes gained weight, sth about her looks very different but she looks more mature bodywise now

No. 138753

Must be difficult to stay trim when all you do is put on make up and wigs and don’t go outside very much

No. 138770

She uses filters and editing so much that the difference without them or less is really stark. The surgery choices along with the makeup, the wig, and the carebear PJ's aren't doing her any favours either. Very strong cool mom trying to fit with the youth vibes.

No. 138776

Scrotes on 4chan are still saying she's not posting anything to her onlyfans lol, I don't know where you've heard this

No. 138781

According to their source it looks like that's the last thing she posted to her OF. There's also the porn she advertised in her last YouTube vid at the end, besides that I guess she isn't posting as often as she says she does.

No. 138821

She never states anywhere she posts daily and this doesn't include obvious incels just complaining about lack of free content vs PPV DM content. If you're going to say this is being talked about, post the screencaps. What's the point of announcing any of this if you never back up your "inside information says" bullshit. So glad this thread is back on sage and it's easy to tell your samefaggotry.

No. 138822

Watch the podcasts she’s done recently. She says herself that she posts multiple time a day…. search any of the recent podcast she’s been on were not watching it for you

No. 138831

This, lol. She's literally stated that she posts a lot daily. Lurk harder. Anons need to fucking chill.

No. 138843

retarded wk

No. 138856

Where? Even her OF says she just posts, nothing about daily. Don't see it on twitter either, but okay? Post the screenshots from 4chan, anon. Show us all the incels complaining. I don't like her, but these fucking statements without anything ever backing out up is just irritating at this point. It's an imageboard. Post your takes.

No. 138858

Belle is going in another hiatus?
Looks like after these sets in an unknow house she is reposting old content.

No. 138859

>being this retarded about rentals and location sets

No. 138872

Maybe she’s getting a labiaplasty this time since she’s obviously so insecure about it(vagsperg)

No. 138886

Watch them or don’t but stop going off saying she’s never said it. The words literally leave her mouth saying she might not post on Twitter a lot and people think she’s not posting but she posts DAILY CONTENT on her only fans as that’s her main platform. I’m not cutting the clips down for you if you’re too lazy to look for them. Watch Phil Defrancos conversation with her or stfu

No. 138889

1:11:15 in to it since you clearly don’t keep up and need spoon fed

Watch that time stamp on A Conversation with … Belle Delphine by Philip De Franco. I am sure you have the capacity to type into YouTube, search those words and go to that time stamp…

she says ‘I post every day or every other day’‘ ‘I am plummeting out content on my onlyfans’

No. 138896

As for complaints from that she is lying and not posting as often as she says she is and is deleting comments on OF, there is at least one screencap of that in here if you actually bother to scroll up.

No. 138899

Somebody said that her mother comes from a Jewish background, but her father comes from a Nazi family, is that true?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 138912

Can you guys for once fucking post images for all this? "Shes deleting comments" and yet NO anon shows up comments, ever. Fucking POST them. Show the deleted comments. Show the 4chan and reddit complaints. Jfc, post SOMETHING to backup what you keep saying bc just saying it isn't worth shit. Its an imageboard.

No. 138920

She deleted comments on her patreon calling out her inactivity before too if I remember correctly. This isn’t new information. She’s just rinse repeating.

No. 138925

Anons never posted anything of this, just said it happens. That's the issue. Just post caps for fucks sake for once regarding any of these "anon said, they said, this website SAID". Show it. Fucking show caps about anything for once regarding these said things. That's not spoonfeeding, anons never posted these caps to begin with. This is a damn imageboard.

No. 138930

… Are you retarded? I said in the very post you replied to that one screencap has already been provided, just fucking scroll up and read the thread. Here. >>138383
I'm not even the anon who posted it or ever specifically mentioned 4chan or Reddit, so if you want those then try replying the actual fucking anons you're on about. I agree that anons need to post more screencaps but you keep whining about how nothing has ever been posted at all when all you have to do is scroll up and fucking find it yourself. How the fuck is anyone even supposed to "show the deleted comments". Scroll up and pay attention before clogging up the thread with your annoying samefag sperging.
Can you post screencaps?
Idk if it was ever discussed in lolcow but I remember this too. I think it was brought up in the subreddits before they got nuked. I assume she's just in the habit of putting the content on hold while she works on preparing for a YouTube vid or something and she knows she can get away with it.

No. 138970

I’m not sure how you expect people to get a in the moment ss of this happening as concrete evidence? It’s not like people can effectively know + screen comments they know will get deleted or have the time to watch for them like a hawk lel. People know what they scroll on and then is gone. Belle is pretty quick to react and block on her socials too & that I can speak on in experience.

I’m pretty sure previous threads refer to this happening as well in regards to her other SM.

No. 138972

Who woulda thought a girl who chose the life altering career of being a sex worker all because she was too lazy to get a real job / attend school would be too lazy to actually post content on a regular basis.

No. 138973

No one ever posts comments to begin with from her OF. Last time was over a year ago and it was cherry picked messages which anon couldve even been one of them.

No. 138979

With how easily opportunities are just thrown at her I wouldn’t be surprised if she was busy with an Ellen interview or negotiating a fortnite skin event.

No. 138980

Are you retarded?

No. 138987

>new UK virus variant emerges from mutation in hamsters

No. 139013

File: 1613846092308.png (259.41 KB, 2072x1169, screenshot.PNG)

No. 139026

She always used negativity to advertise herself. Internet made her popular by hating her too much. Her second inactivity will not affect her.

She can do anything and still earn money from incels. Her Patreon still has 688 patrons too.

No. 139027

Her fans don't respect her at all kek

No. 139029

People paid for this heavily filtered and censored photo? She looks like a rodent. Her subscribers are just sad.

No. 139030

File: 1613860060788.gif (499.75 KB, 500x280, 298CE5C0-A4DB-4D35-9543-8566F7…)

I wish I hadn’t wasted 30 mins watching that I feel depressed for her. It upset me when she said she went to see a 25 year old man at 15, and she seemed really upset about how her mum didn’t ask where she was…like she probably wouldn’t of been doing that had she had more attention and as a kid. she seems like a very sensitive and intense person who never got the love and attention she needed, hence the ridiculous and embarrassing ploy for attention that is her entire life these days, profitable or not it’s embarrassing.
I feel bad for saying mean shit about her.
Anyway let me play a song for her on the worlds smallest violin.

No. 139042

Who will respect that stupid whore? Is like Nieke from tiktok who believes guys follow her only because she is funny XD(XD)

No. 139056

don’t feel bad for her, feel bad for the underpaid workers who during a pandemic had to crank out gamer girl merch so she could have an omega troll comeback

No. 139060

So what are they posting under if she hasnt had new content in 17 days? Lol post it all, anon. What's the past she made that they are commenting?? One of the comments says FEBRUARY 18. Yet 'yesterday' then todays time.

So this is fucking old. Produce new milk. I knew I was right about anons posting comment bullshit.

No. 139061

Begone samefag WK

No. 139062

You are actually retarded

No. 139063

What's the post she made that they are commenting on if she hasn't posted though? Show the posted OF post.

No. 139064

Just so people know, there isnt some community place on OF to type in like Patreon. Every comment must be on a post, so she posted something and each post says the date.

No. 139068

What? LOL I really can’t tell if you’re joking or not but you made me laugh anyways so ily

No. 139070

ppl going off about how they feel sorry for her everyday in this thread now it’s so boring y’all are straight fans at this point

No. 139118

You can feel bad for someone and still not like them. Calm down.

No. 139137

I’m not that anon but they’ll be most likely commenting on her latest post? No idea I’m just guessing. No one is really calling her out for it. If she isn’t posting regular it doesn’t seem to be an issue, her fans adore her and would probably pay for her to post nothing and just be happy To know they are giving her money

No. 139140

Exactly this and when you sign up it says nowhere about daily postings. She might say that in podcasts, but if these incels arent reading, they are still the issue, not her. I still want to know what this post was since apparently shes 'not posting'.

No. 139145

you're basically falling for what she's doing tho

No. 139146

Its called pity, anon.

No. 139154

I’m not gonna get upset over some moids getting scammed, but it isn’t a matter of them not reading. She doesn’t have a written disclaimer on her onlyfans saying that she doesn’t post daily, so there’s no information for them to read that contradicts her saying she does. If they’re complaining about her not posting daily they’re probably doing it in the comments of the last thing she did post. I think you need to take a minute and calm down.

No. 139166

Damn, imagine defending incels like this.

No. 139187

I simply pity people’s inner child. Especially when they evidently had a worse time growing up than I did.
I still think she’s a twisted, amoral little deviant. Many people have gone through worse and turned out thoroughly decent but that’s not the point.

No. 139189

>I think you need to take a minute to calm down

No. 139196

Unrelated perhaps but does anyone know why belle follows another cow on twitter. That cow being lilboweep. She mentioned in the podcast how she follows people that inspire her, very odd that an anorexic heroin user “inspires her”.

No. 139197

She follows all of the cows that get posted here. Her thread was bumped recently and belle probably reads them.

No. 139198

>because she doesn’t say she doesn’t post all the time means it’s also a scam

This fucking logic. If it’s not written somewhere, blame the comers. I don’t like a lot of thots, not even really Belle, but blaming their pay on retarded incels who willingly give money then want to complain is NOT her fault. If she had it typed ANYWHERE, we have an argument, but just saying she tries to post daily, but doesn’t, isn’t her issue if people still willingly sign up knowing this and reading the content they sign up for. Nowhere on her OF does it say daily postings. Nowhere. If it doesn’t ,t they shouldn’t expect it.

Still waiting on that anon who said she doesn’t post but refuses to show what everyone is commenting under recently. Ken

No. 139199

Most thots follow others because it’s a chance for reblogs and fan sniping.

No. 139201

She advertises her OF on Youtube with daily content.

No. 139205

Maybe they should read her OF. Just checked all the videos descriptions and the about me in her youtube. Says nothing of daily. Not even end credits say otherwise.

No. 139207

File: 1613993001598.jpg (639.01 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210222-032057_Twi…)

I cant even find anything recent where shes told people she does it daily. I'm thinking most of you didnt even finish her podcast because you keep saying she says it constantly in there when she doesnt. Coomers have got to be in this thread and just spamming because they are mad or something. I really can't imagine other farmers being this stupid.

No. 139216

File: 1614002665451.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 161.33 KB, 1184x2107, E989552D-5EE4-4F42-BC82-57201C…)

She finally posted new stuff today, and it’s boring af nothing new or an announcement.
notice within an hour of posting she has 90-120 likes, that’s not in line with the amount of subs she claims to have.
1.2 million a month uh uh sure.
Why lie about how much u make? I’m sure it’s still a lot compared to other girls but, the stats have consistently showed she’s not making as much as she claims.
She’d have to have atleast 30k subs to make 1.2 mil monthly, counting tips, and out of those 30k only 90 like her stuff?
Impossible, unless she somehow stumbled upon millionaire paypigs who drop tens of thousands in her tips each month, which I highly doubt.
she’s been lying to garner publicity to gain more subs, it’s obvious

No. 139217

You can’t see her stats anon and onlyfans adds up really fast, even if you have 100 subs. This isn’t counting PPV which maybe you should show your messages so we can see if you even have past ppvs to assume she Cant make the money. This also doesn’t include referrals, dm tips, all reg tips, sub cost.. her money can add up and it’s mostly news sources who say million constantly. Not even WKing, literally using my brain unlike a lot of hatetrain anons. This is only an hour ago too and you’re getting the info off of what few posts we even see on here, most of which anons don’t get themselves and just take from kiwi farms so we never know what is and isnt doctored as far as comments and cropping go as we already know anons cutoff parts on purpose to have ‘milk’.

No. 139222

I'm wondering if her OF is broken lmao

No. 139223

this isn’t from kiwi farms it’s from her Influencersgonewild archive.
I highly doubt some coomer would be editing her likes before he posts them, what would he get out of that?
I’m sorry but 90 likes in the first hour is fucking nothing, even if it’s just the first hour, shes lying about her sub number.
I already took into account tips, 30k subs is being generous and allowing an extra 10-30k per month for tips, which I rly don’t think she’s making more than that, even with her fanbase.
She barely posts, and when she does it’s heavily edited, I don’t think her losing subs would be a shocker.
Her fans might like her but incels are cheap af and would happily unsub just to find a discord that shares her shit instead.
Cooms r broke asses and finicky af, u giving them too much credit as if they stan her or something, they just use her to jerk off.
Some dudes even sub just to sell her shit on twitter, and u saw the cam chicks advertising themselves. I guarantee a lot of her subs r just poachers

No. 139226


I swear this is old..the set is censored, none of her new stuff has been so far. Unless she's recycling her content?

No. 139230


This set is from 4 months ago..I think influencersgonewild are catching up with their collection haha..check thothub

So am guessing she has not actually posted anything

No. 139234

She hasn't posted anything at all since like the 3rd I believe
That stuff is old

No. 139247

Knew anons were posting old shit. Lol fucking kiwi and pullfags. This thread has no milk lol

No. 139248

>Imagine being the anon who keeps defending incels when they are literally that simple to pay anything for tits, even if you're peacockfeather
>"finiky af"
Anon, guys DGAF. Its not about giving them credit. They ARE this dumb. Take it from someone who has OF experience, fucking retard. This is why its easy to call your bullshit out. You have no idea how money works or adds up properly on there, but you just keep posting old content to pretend its new 'milk'. You're doing great, sweety.

No. 139252

Yes, exactly my point. You believe it.

No. 139254

Pity doesn't mean you sympathize. No one wants pity, retard.

No. 139255

seems to me you’re the retard anon, infighting and pitying a cow lel

what a low

No. 139270

File: 1614040192891.jpg (Spoiler Image, 119.25 KB, 1080x598, Screenshot_20210221-013952_Chr…)

This is from the start of her Christmas porno, Josh dressed as a teddy starts scrolling through her OF. SS'd because 21 likes seemed sus but over 22k messages tells me this bitch is probably easily clearing 1.2m month, and that makes me depressed

No. 139273

And thats not even including the usual sit and wait, never interact, incels which is the majority of everyone who follows thots on OF or any social media.

No. 139278

I cannot be bothered watching any of her podcasts, so the most recent case I know of is this interview from December
>Her subscribers expect 30 to 40 updates a day

She used to do large sets in her snapchat days but I can't recall her ever being 40 photos a day level active

No. 139280

File: 1614049113831.png (32.62 KB, 323x653, 427.PNG)

For the record her onlyfans currently has 427 posts. So, check back in a week and see if the number has gone up I guess.

No. 139281

Maybe the amount of likes is bugged? Definitely seems weird, considering how many likes she has on top of her profile.

No. 139285

Nta but
>Calls anon retard
>Has only fans experience
Pick one

No. 139286

Yeah thats… not a thing. 30 to 40 a day lol wut even simps are fucking crazy to think content works like that wtf

No. 139287

Anon this is old milk and from a video josh shot. Likes aren't bugged. He posted this after they released this set. You really think immediately 2536675 people are going to like it? Most dont interact anyway.

No. 139292

Wait has Belle really posted nothing all month? I wonder if she is finally (unfortunately) having the mental breakdown that was inevitable with the life path she has chosen. She also made a big mistake by actually doing porn, which if you understand coomer psychology, immediately reduces your "value," so she probably lost a lot of subs after that. Considering Josh is an obvious coomer himself, you'd think he'd have known that and made sure she withheld the goodies forever rather than getting his dick out and fucking her on camera multiple times. Unless this was all an intentional effort of self-sabotage, it seems things has gone downhill very quickly for Belle.
mfw you have an internet empire managed by two idiots and fuck everything up.

No. 139299

Anons still haven't shown what she's posted that everyone commented on 3 days ago, so we can't prove she hasn't. You don't have access to her blocked feed unless you subscribe. The posts aren't just grayed out like on patreon, it literally does not allow you to scroll. Anons have been getting caps off of other sites and like here >>139270 reposting december screenshots, from Josh of all people, from December. It's almost March. Unless the anon showing off the comments wants to show what they were commenting on, she's clearly updating snd anon only grabbed the comments from kiwi. Even the comments weren't really complaining.

No. 139315

Easier to callout anons making up bs about OF and not all creators are sex workers, same with Patreon. Its just known for SW. I swear, some of you have got to be scrotes.

No. 139323

Literally WHY are you gaslighting us all lol
she's not fucking posting get over it you dumb whiteknight

No. 139325

Ignore that WK retard. She derails the thread.

No. 139337

Then what did they comment on? Jfc. Anon posted comment but not what they commented on? Asking for more details isnt whitekniting and Im not going to tinfoil out my ass fake facts to pass off as milk. Anon just has to post to prove she hasnt posted??

No. 139368

I'm not even that anon everyone's arguing with. Just calling a sperg a sperg kek.

No. 139384

File: 1614157449220.jpg (68.11 KB, 858x659, Capturee.JPG)

A timestamp from the latest podcast with Philip DeFranco where she says she aims to post daily or at least every other day has already been posted in here recently. She says even though she barely posts on other social media, she is posting a lot of content on OF.
She said at some point in the H3 podcast that she was posting a lot (at least 20 updates?) every single day, but that was months back now. I assume she's avoiding putting it in writing so she can rope in new OF subscribers in podcasts without making a solid commitment to actually posting daily.

No. 139385

Thanks. I was the one who posted the time stamp as I watched the full Philip defranco podcast. She says she’s plummeting out content on of and posts daily or every other day.

But I get the other anons point, if it’s not in writing she doesn’t need to uphold it.. and so many of her fans would keep paying her even if she disappeared offline again for a year, just to feel some sort of connection to her

No. 139418

All these podcast are full of lies no surprise she talks about posting alot when is not true. I was very curious about Belle whereabouts but clearly she is the least reliable source because she wants to embellish all she tell about her life.

No. 139419

No one had pushed her timeline recently. We can't confirm anything. Go complain about not getting freebies elsewhere, scrote.

>wanted to know her whereabouts


No. 139461

she doesn't have to tell the truth she's playing a fucking character

No. 139469

Seriously. Scrotes and other thots can't seperate a person from online persona and think everything they see if how some really acts. This thread is ridiculous because farmers cant handle someone having this stupid internet personality but also swallow that shes a lazy couch potato bitch like most people because it 'humanizes belle'.

No. 139514

okay and I seriously doubt that many are still subbed.
she never posts and her porn sucks, there’s a massive difference between twitter followers and onlyfans subs.
most incel types won’t even pay $15, idc how amazing these guys think she is, if she keeps going without posting she’s going to lose them because they’re fickle af.
She had a massive patreon purge when she first dropped off and lost nearly half the first 3 months of not posting, the 600 loyal ppl she has on there is better idea of who will pay for nothing.
I don’t believe she’s steady making that much monthly idc if that makes me retarded I’ll go grab a helmet

No. 139516

when you’re telling sob stories about your childhood and it’s all lies or embellished it’s fucking weird. there is always someone on here defending her or saying they feel bad or are envious of her u guys r weird

No. 139518

Anyone who is genuinely envious of belle needs to do some major re-evaluation tbh
The patreon pigs she has left probably only pledge like a dollar a month or whatever the lowest sub tier is and just forgot or never bothered unsubbing. Men are sloppy. That's still a nice amount she's putting away from patreon alone, but I agree, I don't think she makes as much as she pretends she does. Screams wishful thinking to me

No. 139520


I was curious, so checked her patreon out..she has 704 patrons, I'm guessing at the £1 tier. Her last post on there was July 2019..seems strange that she may have gained subs since then.
Must be nice to gain money from doing nothing

No. 139550

you don't know if she's lying or embellishing, you will never know the truth or have the right to access that truth. she. is. a. character. believe her or don't, she's a saleswoman and if you're bitter because you bought in learn to laugh at yourself and others that buy in instead of getting angry.

No. 139558

File: 1614322993778.jpeg (691.29 KB, 1125x1603, 8061B518-D213-4921-ABEB-270A75…)

Wait. Did she have 3m followers??

No. 139561

That's not her

No. 139566

File: 1614328707860.jpeg (167.83 KB, 828x1127, 877DA3DD-C015-4169-AAA0-4ABAC6…)

That’s the one from the OP link.

No. 139567

It says 1,6 now. Twitter is known to have hiccups with displaying these numbers.

No. 139714

why do you assume that anon is "getting angry?" Some of the things belle said can be proven a lie or she contradicted herself over the same thing, so obviously both can't be true and thus she is dishonest.

No. 139715

She said she wants to be known for more than "Belle delphine" the character, so it makes no sense for her to go on podcasts and lie so your comment is dumb. you can't excuse her lies with sHe'S pLayInG a cHaRacTeR

No. 139716

Shes too lazy to get a real job so she constantly comes up with the next vile degenerate thing to do in a desperate attempt to go viral to make more money. She'd love to get the negative attention people like jake paul or bieber got back in the day. Such a worthless and embarrassing existence. Go get an education, Belle. I promise it's not that bad.

No. 139720

i feel like her boyfriend is the real reason behind all of this. i wish she'd stop for her sake

No. 139724

File: 1614505516113.png (92.7 KB, 1403x343, belle of.png)

This is her new OF bio, kinda looks like she won't be coming back - buy her OF for her 'exclusive' content rather than new stuff.
Has almost been a month now.

No. 139731

There was the glory hole video but asides from that it doesn't look like she's uploaded anything else to her OF. I feel like she must be working on some project, like another video. It would be really weird for her to make a podcast appearance right before disappearing, especially after plugging her OF and claiming in it that she's frequently uploading tons of content there.

No. 139757

bless ur heart it’s way beyond a persona now. the moment you do interviews about your real life and have no consistency it’s just lies. not a character.

nice mental gymnastics tho WK but can u not
i had an autistic episode trying to reply to this

No. 139792

How does this read she wont be back? Are you the anon who keeos bagging on her for not posting free stuff anymore and you have to buy her OF because of it? That's how the job works and she seems like shes working on a new project like >>139731 said.

No one cares about your blogpost autism, anon.

No. 139804

Retarded WK is back

No. 139812

Anons not being able to seperate persona from person is really embarrassing. Is this really what people believe all social media is now? They see someone and thats their personality off camera too? Next anons will say the Real World shows werent scripted either.

No. 139833


Haha no, I just find it strange that her bio has changed from her 'kinks' to her saying that she has x amount of content available.
It surely doesn't take a month to complete, and she hasn't posted any update since..
Seems odd like shes planning to leave.
Plus, her only update on twitter/youtube was to show off new collaborative merch, which she was more than likely obliged to post.
Though, I guess you could be right, she is lazy, so maybe it does take a month to create whatever new content she is trying to make.

No. 139834

Belle Delphine is lazy as shit, her career was literally handed to her by scrotes who desperately want to fuck a 10 year old girl, u think she wouldn’t be too lazy to let that career go because she doesn’t feel like working? kek
Tbh she’s probably getting abused bad on her onlyfans by blue balled coomers. Everyone on here saw how she reacted after the blood set, imagine how they acting now that she’s not posting.
It’s almost sad but she wanted these fans, she chose to make her demographic the worst type of men.

She barely cleans her fingernails and toes in her photosets, u rly think she’s motivated enough to create an entire persona with a Lolita drama backstory?
Her “character” begins and ends at Ali express wigs, cat ears, console controllers, and heavy eyeliner.
Her “character” has no real personality or even comedic charm, her personality is solely her looks, so claiming she’s a “character” is retarded af.
A character has characteristics, what’s her characteristics? A raw foodist gamer girl who doesn’t game and loves vying for sympathy in shitty podcasts ?

No. 139846

Anon still never posted what >>139013 commented on last week. We cant prove she hasnt posted.

No. 139849

This. She's a thot in a wig who picked a name and ran with it.

No. 139851

She still has 427 posts >>139280
Plus, if you go on other thots OF, it will say if they are online or were active x amount of hours ago. Hers has been blank for a while.
And >>138383 comment from her latest youtube video (obviously cannot prove the validity of the comment)

No. 139853

You must be insanely inept if you see all that text and focus on the blackened part for a “huur durr blogpost.”

could you stretch any further for me WKnon?

No. 139855

You can block your activity status, so even if you'rea fan, you won'tsee when she's active. It was a staple implementation for the site. Man, you anons know nothing about OF, but talk like you do and every time your theories are thrown out as wrong.

No. 139856

>doug mcloud
>totally legit non-profile account
>no way its not some rando pretending to have subbed

No. 139858

Ah did not think of that..her status was on a few weeks ago, but receiving backlash from not uploading is a sure thing that she would make it invisible..good point anon.
As said obviously cannot prove the validity.

No. 139859

You expect him to use his real name when talking about an OF thot he pays?

No. 139863

blocking her status just makes it even more apparent that she doesn’t want ppl to know she hasn’t logged on in 3 weeks…
wtf does her turning off her visibility have to do with anything other than proving she wants to scam even more pathetic incels?
legitimately don’t see how that shows us tard anons but okay.
who seriously judges ppl for not knowing the intricacies of onlyfans kek

No. 139866

even if it is a rando no one needs to pretend she’s not posting, there’s proof that she hasn’t posted in weeks.
if u seriously think her scrote ass fans arent screeching autistic tantrums into her dms then idk what 2 tell u

No. 139867

Most do. There is a slim margin of thots who state they are visible online. Its a safety reason, not a not posting reason.

No. 139880

I wouldn't be surprised if she's sick as shit of her disgusting fans. Most sex workers actually hate what they're doing and who they're doing it for eventually. If I was her I would fuck off too.
The fact that people in here STILL think she's posting, you all are just lowering the collective iq of this thread

No. 139884

File: 1614629126100.jpeg (73.13 KB, 800x701, 5ECFF9B7-45B7-4900-9F18-F203D7…)

I went and did research because I never use onlyfans, but I knew what u were saying had to be wrong.
People who use onlyfans want easy $$, showing you’re online gets u money easier.
Why would anyone who wants to make $$ on onlyfans not show they’re online?
Out of the top 10 earners on there, which are celebrities who would actually be concerned about privacy, only 3 hide their status.
And @ the anons up above who screeched that belle could not possibly be losing onlyfans subs, she’s no longer in the top 10 earners.
She probably realized her major fuck up and is considering nuking everything, I would.
Or she’s filming another shitty angled rape apologist porn vid with her dead eyes boyfriend.
Either way I could care less, this shit it so boring, people defend her and nitpick constantly everywhere I swear if she didn’t retire herself constantly wk anons would make her their god

No. 139898

File: 1614634398873.jpg (214.26 KB, 1080x1502, Screenshot_20210301-132844_Chr…)

Anon, no. Being online doesnt make you more money. You sound stupid being this deep about it. Since you know nothing about OF like you said lol She was never in the top 10. Anons mentioned she was 12th or something the other month and those #s, just like patreon, arent accurate. Lol.

>hurrdurr bell is 3nd on this list

I'm not whiteknighting her by saying that because anons cant post proof of her account postings, this includes the fact that no one has posted DM PPVs even if her timeline is slow. Most models have moved to DM PPVs due to people signing up and stealing timeline content. The fact that most of you just talk out your ass without even understanding the basics of OFs really shows. Even Moo mostly dropsin DMs. It prevents people signing up from stealing the content the day its dropped because if they miss the PPV send-off before they sign up, thats not Belle's problem.

No. 139901

Too add, chargebacks are notorious on OF and this are more easy to chargeback wgen timeline content is always availble vs DM PPVs are only for those who are actively signed up at the time of sending.

Let me tell you something else you probably didnt know, you can pick and choose who those PPVs go to. You can literally select all, everyone signed up to you, but then exclude certain subscribers with a seperate input. This comes in handy if you suspect or know someone is signed up just to steal or if you've noticed a history of chargebacks. OF has a very good system aside from the ways you can make money on the site as well as the posting previews also extending into DMs with the same timeline format if you want.

No. 139909

Doesn’t OF, etc. not actually have an accurate straightforward statistic for who’s actually on top though? I seem to remember this being a discussion somewhere.

No. 139911

Samefag but could you also link where you got your info for that ss? This doesn’t seem OF official as far as “top 10” but more of someone’s opinion as far as top 10.

No. 139915

Are you really calling me stupid just because I researched what you’re spewing kek
It’s not like looking something up on Google is hard, and anyways it was interesting to see how much d list celebrities are making, which is shockingly a shit ton.
Idk who would want to see Bella Thorne and Aaron carter naked but I digress.
Making 2.1 million would have put her on the list but she’s not on it anymore, because she’s lost subs.
She’s not doing ppv, someone would’ve leaked it, she’s not doing anything period, it’s beyond obvious.
Why are you anons insisting on the fact that this self proclaimed “too lazy to work” chick couldn’t possibly not want to work…
Claiming someone isn’t working when they haven’t updated any of their socials in weeks is not a “theory” kek
If she posts a hour long documentary on her YouTube tomorrow that gets nominated for the 2022 golden globes I’ll eat crow anon.

The stats I posted earlier go off of subscribers, so if u calculate subscribers x subscription price you get the total income top earners are making

No. 139916

This. You could have 3 million people in the 0.01% and they will all claim they are #1 lol. Its based on amount of money made and even $1700 can warrent you in the top 20%. There's no good way to guage how those online lists come up with their bs.

No. 139918

Just google onlyfans top earners. Multiple lists with different people. Based mostly on gossip sites speculating who makes what.


This one is from Jan. These lists aren't accurate and never have been. Same with Patreon.

No. 139919

well you just seem like a WK tbh desperate to prove Belle is top dog and not lazy while calling everyone retards..lol. but like, have you seen her dead patreon she blatantly now avoids and ignores, her rooms in her house, her floor, her hair…? it could go on as it’s been overly discussed in every single thread almost. Ur literally not even citing an opinionated source to prove your point. Sorry anon hurt your feefees.

just say youre a WK and leave it at that.

No. 139920

The DMCA services thots use do takedowns relatively quick. Thats why you guys don't see her leaks as often anymore and like I said, you can see who steals your content and, jsyk, OF blocks your bank card when you do chargebacks the same way a bank blocks your card access by reversing patreon charges. It comes up as fraud, so I don't doubt leakers cant access and its not like you can use paypal to subscribe.

Literally do better research. You guys even complain about how yoyr links on here get DMCAd fast. Put 2x2 together.

No. 139926

kek how am I a white knight by stating that she’s obviously lost subs? yes you’re retarded I’ll say it again

No. 139928

She’s not putting out new stuff idc what u delusional anons say she’s lazy and her porn sucks and she finally realized it.

That list u linked is bs r u serious… it doesn’t even have Bella Thorne on it and clearly states that it is an opinion list.
See this is why I call some of u anons retarded I’m not apologizing

No. 139934

Exactly the point. The lists arent correct and are based on gossip sites. You can hide yoyr subs so its not based on subs either. Your list, my list, is based on algorithmic gossip and from amounts thots say they make, not actual valuable statistics. There isnt a way to "hack" onlyfans for these websites to accurately say whos in what top stop. Like I said, you can gave 3mil people in the top 0.01%. The percentages don't matter either. Basing anything off of offsite listings is just tinfoil.

No. 139935

File: 1614648655794.jpg (276.2 KB, 1080x884, Screenshot_20210301-155057_Chr…)


The lists arent legit, never were, never have been.

No. 139937

File: 1614649168789.jpeg (65.4 KB, 800x450, 37F89293-2A29-4BDC-9AAE-9EA6DB…)

calling each other retards like..

hasn’t this convo over subs and shit been rehashed before? Belle’s fucking lazy and isn’t nearly the top. stop being gullible.

No. 139938

File: 1614649219450.jpg (643.91 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210301-174009_Chr…)

Oh look. This one says she's #10.

No. 139940

File: 1614649412827.jpg (655.27 KB, 1080x1773, Screenshot_20210301-174314_Chr…)

This one has her as #2, but these lists are still /legit/

No. 139958

that’s from January, which again, i said multiple times she would have been on the top earners then, but I got called a wk for stating obvio.
You guys can cry there’s no way to “hack” the system but simple math is not hacking kek
this website has cited sources and done research, unlike the “top 10 lists” click bait lists anon keeps posting.
check when last updated, if any list is close to being correct it’s this one,
go here for the stats I quoted, I didn’t just pull this out of some Pinterest corner in January
I rly don’t care enough about this chick or teaching anons how to use google tho to circle jerk this.
You can say I told you so when her epic ppv that some of you anons claim she’s been posting is leaked.
if you right that she has been gaming subscribers and working despite never posting, hiding her status, and genuinely ignoring all aspects of her job, then I’ll happily admit I’m a dumb bitch

No. 139959

>thots should post daily for my convenience otherwise they arent working at all

Scrote logic.

No. 139960

No, you're still a dumb bitch who hasno idea how OF works. Just because nothing is leaked doesn't mean she's not post DM PPV that youre just ass mad we havent seen leaked. Content takes time regardless if anons think her content is worgh it or not. Anon up thread mentioned she's probably doing another video, whether its YT or OF. Lack of proof isn't proof, you sperg. That's tinfoil. Calm down until we get milk.

No. 139961

Isnt this the one anon said was all opinionated? You don't even know what you're posting. >>139898 Same website LOL

No. 139963

> models have moved to DM PPVs due to people signing up and stealing timeline content.

Ok but is this a good business move for new subs to see she hasn't posted in a month, and that they need to pay more to get any new content? After promising, after the christmas porn disaster, to do all manner of crazy content this year, she fucks off, removes her activity status, posts nothing on the main feed which she bigged up to multiple podcasts and newspapers as "posting 30-40 times a day" - oh but most models do this no, that's bullshit. Guys don't want to see an inactive account with seemingly no thot to harass and no new content to feed their boners.

Also you using "models" to describe sex workers gives away you are one.

No. 139964

Onlyfans tells thots to do PPV, they emplore it and advertise the use of PPVs. Have for over a year. Theres literally banners encouraging thots to do them and they advertise this to people who might sign up to thots. You just sound like a mad scrote that you aren't getting free leaks.

No. 139965

Yes. Quote the one time she said that over a year ago while her audience has increased and putting out basic content like every other thot would surely keep the subs. Incels will message you no matter what. Twitter doesnt have an activity status. Think thats stops them? An activity status means mothing and invites demanding scrotes who deem their personality important enough to be talked to and invites scrotes who sit and wait for the green light to turn on to stalk your activity which isnt safe. Hiding your status doesnt matter. Scrotes will try to contact you no matter what and again, tinfoiling without proof tgat she hasnt posted, especially in DM PPVs just because you havent seen a leak, doesnt mean shes not posting. OF imbeds their content. You need a third party rip or screen recording to steal content. You cant just right click.

No. 139966

File: 1614662641496.jpg (187.71 KB, 1080x1037, Screenshot_20210301-212258_Chr…)

Heres how they advertise it to creators. These are placed almost every 4 posts on the timeline to encourage you to do DM PPVs.

No. 139969

Not to hi cow here and blacking this post out due to tinfoil, but this WK anon is seriously sus for how involved and obsessed they are with whatever they want to prove with defending Belle and this OF shit

No. 139970

If you're not a sperg and go off the rails with tinfoil, this is all basic stuff you should know, but most anons know nothing about OF or how it works or what PPVs are. Multiple anons have mentioned that lack of milk doesn't mean you should start tinfoiling out the ass.

No. 139972

>tinfoiling without proof tgat she hasnt posted,

She literally hasn't posted for a month how the fuck is that tinfoil? Do you think the sky being blue is also tinfoil? Why are you so keen to believe she's working the incels in the DMs rather than her modus operandi which is fucking off and taking money for doing nothing? I guarantee it's the latter. She's probably recovering from another surgery and will return with a new "something"

No. 139984

Anon said they were commenting on something last week.

That doesn't equal a month, but they also refused to show the timestamp and what they were commenting on. Anon posted the 472 or whatever number last Tuesday.

I don't understand where youre getting a month from. Its been at least a week. So going off of her twitter posts. Thats not relevant and free content.

No. 139995

Yep plus she was selling her keyboard last month on or around Valentine’s Day so she’s been active online.
I don’t think there’s any harm speculating that she might be disappearing again, but I think it’s just wishful thinking.

If she’s not posting as much it’s because she doesn’t have to, like she has said herself she is lazy and got into this type of work so she didn’t have to ‘work’, so I don’t know why anyone is surprised that she doesn’t post as much as other people do. She really doesn’t have to, her fans paid her Patreon for a year of no content I doubt OF will be any different if she chose to stop posting. I doubt she’ll disappear completely, IF she’s stopped posting on OF she’s possibly testing to see how long she can go without posting while still maintaining an audience.

No. 140000

>she's probably recovering from another surgery
She's in the UK which is only now just beginning to come out of a nationwide lockdown, so probably not.

She said in the last podcast she did about three weeks back that she's putting out a lot of daily content on OF, or every other day. The "30-40 a day" claim was a matter of months ago. She didn't even have OF a year ago. I get your point but at least be on point with what you're saying, these things have been pointed out multiple times in the thread already.

Yeah, I've thought all of this as well. I don't know how OF works but is it possible to move on to strictly PPV content? The comments we've seen could be from subscribers who don't want to pay extra. It's more speculation but there's a chance she is being active on OF. It is weird that there are no apparent leaks whatsoever though.

No. 140001

Sounds to me that either you are subbed to her or a different thot on OF or you yourself have OF.
Do you have any evidence that she has done PPV content? If no, then your argument is just as weak as stating she has not posted at all.
If she is doing PPV content, then surely she would want to advertise it on her main feed? There have been no new posts for a week, which is fact.

No. 140002

I don’t know about onlyfans so couldn’t tell you anything about the ppv side of it.
There’s maybe someone new helping her stop the leaks from occurring at all. It’d be difficult to stop happening entirely so it’s possible she’s taken a break.
I think we should just wait and see if someone who is subscribed to her onlyfans mentions it, it’s bound to happen sooner or later. Maybe on YouTube a subscriber will make a video on her and talk about how she’s not posted, as I’ve seen some people on YT discuss her content

No. 140022

I stopped responding to them obvious wk or camwhore who’s salty because she puts out one photoset every 3 months much like belle pedophine

No. 140024

Omg she’s clearly not posting why is everyone going in circles speculating that she has a hidden enterprise that somehow isn’t getting leaked by the overgrown babies who follow her.
Valentine’s Day was two weeks ago, not a week, so much yoga going on here.
This thread is filled with bsers and weirdo white knights.
Belle is lazy and not working, take in all the context clues and it’s obvious unless you’re a dumb bitch.
She hid her status, hasn’t posted in weeks, and changed her bio description but we’re just tinfoiling okay sure.
If it turns out she’s been working this entire time and she comes back with a Sony collab I’ll eat crow but she’s not doing shit atm I’d put money on it

No. 140027

She probably is taking a break to get more plastic surgery done. I don't know why this is such a wild thing considering she's done it before

No. 140028

also i think it is really underplayed how easy it is to change your face using filters even on cam/video and how a good "filter" is hard to detect. probably why she looks so different on cam/video vs in real life. i recently met a russian girl who basically sells these (they call them masks over there). she custom makes them for people based on their specification and its actually insane how much money she makes from it

No. 140033

Stop saying youll eat a crow. Wtf is your problem? We get you HATE her, but calm tf diwn about how shes gone gone gone. She's not. Jesus. Stop basing her activity on her twitter and she just collabed with a massive custom keyboard seller. It's not SONY, but they don't mass produce her specific kit for funsies? She's not going to do everything YOU want, anon.

No. 140036

Man, you need to wk her more

No. 140037

Belle is like the emo era, forgotten eventually. She isn't that special nor interesting and I give her only a few more years till anime 4D waifus take her spot.

No. 140038

But she did just have a collab. The idea she's not working just to suit your narrative is embarrassing. She does this every time now when she is working on something. Whyd that so hard to believe? It's been that way for months. She did a lot in the beginning but the more crazy the video, the longer she takes to release FREE stuff on twitter just for you, anon.

No. 140041

The collab would be months in the making, the design process etc, I highly doubt the video was made the day before uploading. The company would have asked her to upload the photos/video on Feb 14th to promote the product in time for its release.
She did all that whilst putting out new content on her OF and twitter. Why is she finding it hard to put out content now then?
I doubt anyone here is waiting for the 'free' stuff you are preaching about. It is called connecting with your audience, she can easily write a tweet/post saying that she is working on new content, takes 2 seconds…
Why are you defending her so much?

No. 140049

Her quality vs a lot of thots is way better. Look at Moo, look at Shayna. I dint care how much you hate her, the stuff she posts, especially music videos, arent cheap quality. The editing, angles. Like this shit takes time. Thots arent machines. Why are you obsessed with her not posting daily. This has been her posting style for months as shes gained followers. Id rather a thot take time than curdled up close shots like Moo. At least even her selfie stuff is better quality,but her YT videos take time. Not even defending her. Im just not sperg hating vomit on a thread just bc I don't like her.

No. 140052

No, because she's in the UK lol

No. 140054

File: 1614713740908.png (32.04 KB, 1594x397, 17.png)

She hasn't posted to her OF for over a month. No updates just recycled content.

No. 140062

I get where you are trying to come from, yet she only ever had a few days to a week max. between posts on twitter, even when she was 'training' for her porno, filming it and that video with pixiecat, plus she was doing podcasts alongside.
It is strange for her to be gone from twitter for two weeks, then post an ad for the merch collab, then gone for another two weeks plus..
It is not about hating her?! I am not obsessed with her posting daily, seems like you are.

No. 140063

File: 1614717229770.jpg (Spoiler Image, 48.39 KB, 544x1072, belle_delphine_food_and_balloo…)

…she looks like she's smearing herself with shit.

No. 140065

Filthy Frank wannabe

No. 140066

This is so blurry you can't even see the shape of her hand

No. 140071

Oh good more non proof from anons who can make stuff up on a separate imageboard or discord

No. 140072

Kiwifarms videocapped it

Looks like a cake sitting video

No. 140073

Bc shes gotten more popular. If a specialized keyboard company collabing with her isnt a hint thst shes getting more popular, idk what is. This was after the CNC rape video too,so clearly it's not scaring off companies. Especially weeb companies. They don't care.

No. 140081

Yep and her getting a shout out on snl. I hate to say it but I think she might become more popular. I wouldn’t be surprised as the world loves putting stupid idiots on pedestals.

No. 140084

As a 'business woman' she should capitalize off of this new popularity..? Why be absent now?

Though the keyboard company seems to be linked with Clutch Chairz, so would not be surprised if at some point there is a Belle Delphine gamergirl chair haha

No. 140093

I don’t follow her on twitter I actually have her name blocked kek
I bet her keyboard collab didn’t sell as much as she thought it would so she’s looking for some 10k nobody to steal ideas from.
She said herself in her latest podcast she had no ideas, she’s lazy and lacks creativity I solved mystery yw

No. 140095

editing a 5 minute video takes a week tops, I’m a video editor, and that’s with massive effects being added.
you’re acting like her and her scrote boyfriend are producing scorsese level youtube videos kek

No. 140096

Why do you keep admitting you don't do anything with her, have her blocked, arent subbed, admitted to not knowing how OF works, and yet you keep spouting shit and not contributing anything? No one cares about how much you hate Belle and want to tinfoil.

No. 140097

File: 1614731158256.jpeg (992.23 KB, 1359x2058, 6CEAA209-0291-4D3F-A1BD-9586A2…)

the collab was most likely done way before that photoset came out like do u seriously think they made that merch within 2 weeks of her controversy.
and please, snl is grasping at straws to relate to gen z, they also did a cringe ass drivers license skit. they’re clearly desperate for 18-24 demo and rather than actually be comedic they just drop buzz words.
u fans are so transparent this is where her mainstream fame ends.
look up the tweets of ppl who got her merch they’re all getting roasted
I can post more but I only found like 4 ppl who posted they bought it.
she fucked up with the excessive pedo and violence baiting honestly, it turned her normie fans off.
the only way she’s getting out of this is if she does a #metoo moment and then the feminists will carry her on their hairy backs to the mainstream like they did with Mia khalifa(derail)

No. 140098

That's not a bad idea, tbh. Even a mousepad. Simps will pay for anything and thottery across the board shows. Losers even bought Moos disgusting mousepads and clearstands.

No. 140099

I know enough about onlyfans to understand it, it’s not like posting PPV pics of your asshole is rocket science and I have to unlock algorithms and memorize formulas to “get it”.
selling hole pics via a subscription site is not a hard concept to understand, that’s why even the most stupid people can easily become successful doing it

No. 140100

So again you arent evrn subbed but are sure she isn't posting PPV because no one has leaked it.

Might want to go outside for a while and cool off about Belle or something because you're just saying whatever tinfoil you want because you want to desperately want anons to just hurrdurr shitpost about her. We JUST got a post. What's your issue? Doesn't that mean she's active? Lol wtf

No. 140101

Did you completely miss this >>140063
in your attempt to be ass mad about Belle in general as a person?

No. 140102

She last posted on Twitter Feb 14th about her keyboard setup. Thats a little over 2 weeks ago. Why do anons keep saying its been a month?

No. 140103

she hasn’t posted new content on her onlyfans in a month, the leaks have just been old repurposed stuff. I haven’t seen anyone anywhere in this thread say that she hasn’t posted on socials in a month, derailing.

that set is old af she’s posting old content again if that’s what she recently posted, so she’s still not working kek
unless of course, u consider going thru old Snapchat memories working.
telling ppl on the internet to go outside is such a 2019 insult, u can’t be serious

No. 140127

>selling hole pics via a subscription site is not a hard concept to understand,

Tell that to the proud sex workers in this thread desperately trying to educate us non-sex worker normies who just can't get our heads around the incredibly simple - sorry, I mean complex - format of OnlyFans, because it is the Only Website and none of us would have any experience using or managing accounts and websites online anywhere else unless we were genius thots like them.
We are all just too dumb and normie to wrap our heads around the galaxy brain-ness required to sell pics of your holes to men on the internet. It's very clever. Belle is top thot, so of course she is doing some complex subterfuge when she goes offline for weeks, it all must have some genius greater meaning - instead of just being more of her usual messy, badly run, disaster business.

No. 140150

>you aren’t evrn subbed
>We JUST got a post
Alright, ladies, I guess it’s time to shut it down. How dare we talk about queen belle when we aren’t even paying for her onlyfans? Clearly this genius has the right idea, throwing away $35 a month on an ethot and spamming the thread in her honor.

No. 140166

Anons said stop tinfoiling and you're having a meltdown over it.

No. 140168

nice try it’s not a conspiracy when there’s proof

No. 140182

According to comments she at least last posted on the 18th on OF too. So yeah, its all tinfoil as we still, a week later, anon refuses to show her post that the comments were made under, but somehow has the comments capped.

We have NO proof. Stfu and so being a piss baby about anons calling you out about it. Youre going in circles to prove a point not able to be proven because anons don't have real caps to back anything up. The best we have is social media was the 14th and OF was the 18th according to anon posting latest comments, AGAIN SANS RECENT POST. Having a "she has 472 posts" as the baseline when we can't even confirm activity in the DMs, isnt basis to just tinfoil. Stick to facts. Jfc

No. 140185

If anon was able to grab comments, idk why they cant post what her timeline post was or any possible PPVs, but thats probably because we all already knew these were from scroteland kiwifarms.

No. 140186

*427 posts
All her other PPV/feed content has been leaked even when she DMCA'd the subreddit. I doubt that all of a sudden she has stopped the leaks tbh. There is a high chance that she isn't posting anywhere (as much as you believe that she is, maybe you are wishful thinking). Is funny how you strongly believe she is doing PPV, then admit you have no proof either.

No. 140191

That's the thing. You can't prove that just like you can't prove she isn't posting. Just because you haven't seen it doesn't mean it's because of DMCAs only. That would still leave broken links. I get I have no proof and that's why I'm not saying it's concrete, however because nothing new has come out in general, it's clear she at least posted last minimum on the 18th due to comments another anon posted upthread on OF. Disregarding that because you want so bad to say she isn't posting because you haven't seen the leak doesn't mean she didn't post. If anon would just show what everyone was commenting under, to show it wasn't old or something, that would be beneficial. Even if its old, its posted. Not seeing an activity circle nect to her name means nothing when hiding your status is an option. Even Jessica Nigri hides hers. Just because you and scrotes haven't seen freebies leaked doesn't mean she isn't posting BTS. Again, especially because an anon refuses to show what the 18th comments were posted under. Just let it go. Better to just say she was active 2 weeks ago from the prof we do have than tinfoiling that she's taken money and ran.

No. 140195

This logic can also apply to all thots. Just because you haven't seen a post from a thot doesn't mean they aren't active. You just haven't seen it and not everyone gets stuff leaked and some stuff isn't even worth leaking. Even the NSFW subreddit I was using to post Moo's stuff to her thread got shutdown. She's active, but no one wants to leak her trash as often anymore. Most anyone posts anymore is kiwifarms, selective scrote, posts. You aren't going to get everything from selective scrotes the same way anons cherry pick comments and call those 6 out of 1.6 mil followers the "majority of fans say..". Just use your head >>140186

No. 140200

She DMCA'd all subreddits mentioning herself before she posted her shitty porno, expecting no-one else to leak it.
Thing is with PPV, you would expect it to be good content, as paying $20-30 on top of $35 a month is a lot. It would be the type of content that people would want to see leaked.
Belle is popular, there is no denying that, there are still multiple sites that have her leaked content..ones where individuals upload or the person running the site does, there's even multiple twitter accounts that are dedicated to her leaks..?

So, on the one hand people are saying she is popular and is taking her time making new content and/or selective PPV, then on the other, her content is trash and so people aren't leaking it..? Logic ofc

No. 140211

everyone in the thread is losing brain cells thanks to the retards who insist this lazy bitch is still posting kek(derail, infighting)

No. 140213

How have you retards being talking about whether or not shes posting as if it changes the fact that she's a lazy bitch

No. 140234

Thank god someone finally said it.

No. 140248

Anons have been going around in circles about it for days, it's actual cancer.

No. 140256

It's just a WK samefag derailing the thread.

No. 140285

Is there actually no one who is subbed to her of? I could swear an anon was. Maybe somebody could check so we can move on. No milk here

No. 140321

Is this thread mainly girls?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 140328

No because the anon keeps just grabbing whatever kiwifarms has.

No. 140331

File: 1614878643560.png (1.11 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20210304-122836.png)

Gey lolcower checking in.

No. 140332

File: 1614878699276.png (226.92 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20210304-122844.png)

For further confirmation.

No. 140395

Thank you gey lolcower for finally putting this to rest, her last post was on Feb 2nd.

No. 140396

Wait wait WAIT! This girl has made more money than most doctors and lawyers make in a year doing the easiest job in the world

she also made so much more during quarantine from the comfort of her home majority of people that don’t share her luxury are barely scraping the bottom during this pandemic

Yet I’m supposed to feel sorry for her? I get it she’s human who had a slightly sad childhood but she can afford to save herself and by that I mean atleast she’s not a drug addicted street walker living in a third world country that has zero chance of rehabilitation

She can study, go to school get a normal job quit her online life is she wants to, Belle is still very young she has plenty of time and resources to turn her life around most girls her age who are smarter more talented than her don’t even have such luck

My point is don’t feel sorry for someone who has the privileges of creating a better life for themselves
And before you all come at me and go “but is a overly tragic backstory necessary for me to feel bad for belly delly?”


I’m tired of people pitying famous influencers and youtubers who make more money than they’re fucking parents combined because they bitched about how sad they’re life is on another famous youtubers platform

Nobody forced this bitch to do porn she was already rich and famous before she showed her tits and butthole it’s not like she was starving and about to go homeless and porn just happened to be her only option that would save her.

No. 140419

She’s the definition of a privileged girl who chose to venture into sex work because she was “too lazy” self admittedly and just wanted money from any old simp because putting effort into life is hard and it’s super cool to be a quirky meme girl! Then she was lucky to go viral and here we are.

No. 140425

File: 1614923646837.png (764.82 KB, 717x1005, twit02.png)

Not sure if this has been discussed yet but has anyone noticed that the tweet advertising her PC accessories on Feb 14 is using pics from a set she released over 2 months ago? The top pic is a screenshot of the tweet and the bottom pic is from the "Pink Gamer Girl" set she released on OF just over 2 months ago.

No. 140436

I recognized the outfit and assumed she just rehashed it but I think you might be right. What the fuck?

No. 140450

Wonder what happened.. Maybe her mom reached out to her?

No. 140496

her first music video pretty much is a story of her life. She will burn out like she did before. She knows the longer she waits simps will chase her

No. 140508


Has no one seen this video only 2 weeks ago so we know shes not dead but just deeply mentally screwed in the head

No. 140512

Looks like nobody posted that before. This thread went shit long time ago.

No. 140516

Yes… This was posted and discussed already… >>138293

That's a fair point, maybe she's backing off because she knows it reignited interest in her before.

No. 140525

r u guys blind
scroll up it was literally posted

No. 140532

mods for some reason didn’t stop the circle jerking over whether or not she was posting ppv. It made the thread unreadable for days, hopefully that gets nipped next time when ppl start tinfoiling without any evidence

No. 140537

I feel like she didn’t have a lot of toys initially, then she decided to “get a big collection” and just ordered everything she could find at once, just to make that video.

No. 140541

Yeah basically. She did it to get a response out of Charlie, she got a podcast out of it and for him to make videos about her. I don't doubt she gets sent a lot of toys but it was painfully transparent.

No. 140543

File: 1615032032711.png (520.51 KB, 737x774, belle twitter nov 4 (2).png)

She had her Amazon wishlist linked to her twitter in Nov and at one point also on her OF. Though, I think she has deleted it now as the link does not work.

No. 140564

Oh I assumed she had most of those toys just sent to her. But yeah, she posted that very quickly after Charlie's videos with the giant dildos, and before that he'd been making videos boasting an unmatched sex toy collection, so it was 100% deliberate kek.

No. 140657

When she does comes back after months of not working like usual, she needs to stop with the pity party podcasts.
I’m sick of seeing ppl in comment sections and even anons writing sonnets about a non existent struggle it’s so weird

No. 140660

Why isn't she allowed to break off from her persona online to talk about her actual life, how she started it? You just sound salty. You say the same about movie celebrities, talk show hosts, fake personality cashiers at stores? She's selling a product, anon, but theres no reason she has to be uwu sexy girly 24/7. That's stupid as fuck.

No. 140661

They collabed and seemed cool with each other and already take up the same space. You talk about Charlie like he's a safe haven from her. Most sex workers have tons of toys and Belle isn't even the first person to try to have a massive collection. Idk if you've ever been online before Critikal, but he's hardly the only persin who's tried to do the stupid shit he does with onaholes and didlos. Next anons will say the Joey (TAM) went to the TWNGA store and fucked around with onaholes all because Charlie did it first with playing 'drums'. Scrote stands in here are pathetic.

No. 140663

I didn't say that no one is allowed to collab lol, I said it seems to be the pretty obvious explanation (with all the world record shit and the identical dildos). What is it with belle threads that makes anons so damn salty.

No. 140664

She's missing a lot, so she has a long way to go. Not even Charlie has close. These two are made for each other.

No. 140666

Where are you getting this idea he is distraught about Belle trying to collect dildos? Nothing he has done even slightly alludes to that. You're making up some story to make Belle look like she was copying him lol I don't even know why you're doing that. Crit had his own thread for a reason.

No. 140680

What is her persona?
Give me one characteristic of her personality other than being a “gamer girl” who doesn’t play games and loving raw eggs.
What’s one part of her “persona” that isn’t just bought off Amazon?
She has no personality other than eyeliner and wigs so claiming she’s breaking her persona is a lie.
She’s vying for sympathy because she knows people hate her.
But it’s not gonna work cause she’s extremely unlikable, she made a rape post then told everyone to get over it.
People not liking her isn’t salt, it’s human nature.
Aside from her being an overall shit human and even shittier business person, she is no one to be pitied or even respected in anyway.
She made her millions sexualizing young children, lolicon, animals, rape, kidnapping, and then makes up shit on podcasts for sympathy.
Anons before have already deconstructed her lies up above, I’m not going to derail by bringing it up again.
If you want to see why she needs to stop the cringe podcasts, just scroll up.

No. 140702

nice try wk but she’s not sexy kek
she literally looks like a rat in the above dildo picture, she has ugly beedy eyes thats why she photoshops them.
she’s disgusting, inside and out, and she knows this. that’s why she cakes on the make up and lies in podcasts.
she has no personality, no redeeming characteristics, so she does what the lowest form of humans do.
they try to get stupid people to feel sorry for them, and clearly it worked kek
feel sorry for yourself not belle Delphine

No. 140720

Fake people arent real people, anon. Go after Misty cosplayers with that type of gusto,but literally you guys pick and choose who can and can't be sexy versions of fictional characters. This is why no one actually cares about it aside that its fictional. You guys ignore the other 99.99% of the thots who do it. Lol

No. 140769

this is the most pathetic whataboutism I’ve ever seen. misty cosplayers are extra shit too but this thread is about Belle you autistic moron. The “fake character” persona excuse is tired and not valid.

No. 140778

It is valid and thats why even mods said its bannable to bring up pedopander bs tinfoil because its fiction. Its not real. Your waifu is fake, scrote. Get over it.

No. 140780

When did this thread turn into the belle delphine fanclub? Did all the boiling blood from hating on her for so long go straight to you’re cocks and clits?

No. 140791


So defending Charlie. He even made a video calling out retards who argue like you guys that someone can't have the same idea. Idc if its about diapers, hes an oldfag who doesn't care if Belle has dildos either. They colkabed, more than 1 podcast. Yeah, he seems uPsEt. You guys gotta stop adding subtext to shit.

No. 140801

I’m pretty sure you’re misinterpreting to validate yourself, but there’s verifiable proof of the Pedo pandering. Go off tho ig.

No. 140802

It's a samefag derailing

No. 140866

File: 1615397356188.jpeg (478.08 KB, 1307x1753, EC48D1F7-BDCA-43BF-A19A-0FBE77…)

my bad if this has been posted before but doesn’t belle have a history of following minor youtubers?
I could have sworn she did this before but maybe this was only case

No. 140921

Nta but who gives a fuck about this pick me scrote and what call out videos he posts?
>Underage anon located

No. 140952


>where are you getting this idea he is distraught about Belle trying to collect dildos

lmfao what long arms you have. Nobody said he was upset… he obviously wasn't. Who is defending Charlie in here? No one. Ya gotta stop adding subtext to shit kek.
Yeah it's a non-topic. I brought it up to the anon who said she got a big collection out of seemingly nowhere.

No. 140976

File: 1615496860204.jpeg (1.17 MB, 2293x3210, 7BC9FD64-C729-47A8-ACC3-821272…)

so dream fans had her trending last night, cause both their twitter followbase is mostly underage kids.
was shocked to see she got roasted the entire time though.
The tweets that “stan” her are few in comparison to the ones that make fun of her and her fans.
It’s honestly kind of crazy, I’ve never seen someone become so hated so quickly.
She deserves it obviously but, where are the wk anons who claimed her mainstream fame was about to hit its peak? kek

No. 140989

Fair enough anon, just scrolled up to see the autism and I can see why you posted the scrote

No. 141081

In fairness she was EVERYWHERE at her peak and it was so annoying having to see her face on everything from youtuber thumbnails,articles,memes,reddit,instigram etc.

She had her 15 minutes of fame she’s no longer this shiny new christmas present so I understand why people would get annoyed having to see the same girl trend over and over again for every little bullshit she does for years on end,
it gets boring real quick.

People want new influencers to simp for like corpse husband,tommyinit or whoever is hot at the moment,belle is old news.

And if she was such a smart businesswomen she would understand this instead of acting like she’s still stuck in 2018.

No. 141197

we all gonna forget how " cute " girl looks like in real life tho?

No. 141202

belle isn’t “cute” irl either her head is shaped like a big toe and she has a rat face even with her nose job, actually especially since her nose job.
her body was the only redeeming thing about her and her botched rejuvenated pussy ended up ruining that.
Idk why the doctors who did her plasty didn’t make it look more realistic those beach ball pics she took legit haunt me she looked so gross and creepy

No. 141213

Most people lost interest as soon as she did (gross, unsexy) actual porn since she was no longer "not like the other girls" and lost her USP

No. 141224

It’s so dumb isn’t it? Her whole appeal was that she was the internet’s biggest tease but for some reason she threw that all away
I remember a few pornstars and camgirls hating on her because she wasn’t doing “real sex work” whatever that means I wonder if the hate from them go to her.

No. 141234

It was because her YouTube channel was suspended for like a day and in that time she filmed her little announcement and then couldn’t go back on it kek

No. 141266

File: 1615698901606.jpeg (62.57 KB, 1160x513, 2EE2510F-D90D-438F-8FD6-C7918D…)

more proof that there’s no secret PPV enterprise being hidden under everyone’s noses.
coomers are starting to complain, barely but still, and she lost about 50 patrons.
tbh I’m interested to see what’s gonna happen at this point, but the boring bitch will probably just come back with a sob story YouTube vlog crying about how she has bpd or something. wah the internet “makes fun of me” for being a millionaire pedo baiter :( <\3

No. 141272

It's pretty cowardly of her to just dip like that without a warning

No. 141274

Her body is fine but her face looks horrible even with the filters and makeup.

No. 141275

I don’t want to hear wks going off about “poor belle” ever again after this.
people are paying her money to do nothing and instead of being grateful, realizing how she lucked out by becoming a millionaire basically overnight, she’s probably just feeling sorry for herself.
she did all of this pandering shit for fame and now she has to be judged and ridiculed like the rest of us non meme queens, but we’re all not millionaires like her.
she’s probably on vacation somewhere or buying a mansion. she’s a stupid bitch who peddled her pedophile porn and dips out constantly because she knows it’s fucked up. she can stay wherever the hell she is

No. 141276

I’m not gonna sperg about her vag but it’s not nice.
It’s obviously been under the knife so it looks inorganic, but not in a real doll way in a rotted way.
she has a nice stomach and decent boobs I’ll give her that, but everything else is basic and boring.

No. 141279

It looks weird because of how she edits it. Big labias are normal anyway.
Her face is what makes her ugly. Only disgusting thing about her body is lack of personal hygiene like dirty nails.

No. 141282

big vaginas aren’t ugly, no one said that.
It looks unappealing because either she’s completely tucking it in or she had surgery on it.
I’m not sperging this anymore but I’ve legit never seen a vagina that has looked like that ever its odd looking

No. 141296

I think her nose job made her look more "manly/masculine". Just doesn't fit her long oval face to have such a pointy Michael Jackson nose, would sue whoever did that job lol

No. 141297

She either photoshops it or tugs in her inner lips, that's why she pulls her vagina on each photo she takes , her fingers are constantly pulling up the extra lips to make it look as "narrow" as possible. Don't need to be a professional to see her cunt looks different in each photo. Clearly photoshops, tugs in her inner lips in each photo.

No. 141304

File: 1615752525721.png (564.79 KB, 919x687, prettybelle.png)

No. 141305

with how wrinkly her lips are they should be much more prominent, and it would look a lot nicer and more natural that way.
any girl would look weird af if they shoved their pussy inside themselves. it looks odd but I’m dropping it because it’s nit pick and lbr it’s not like these coomers care anyways they jerk off to literally anything

It rly is terrible looking from straight forward, I’ll admit though, from the profile shot only it is very nice. the slope does give the “anime” effect she was no doubt going for but they fucked up by making it too narrow. doc completely destroyed the mapping of her face. she realized this though, that’s why after that potato screenshot from her first podcast came out she made a habit to have her profile facing the camera.
literally everything she does is so transparent, you can see the thought process behind every action, how can people seriously still believe she is a genius

No. 141332

Every clip I’ve seen you can tell she’s pulling the lips up to make them appear smaller. It’s not difficult to do. She might have had work idk but it’s just obvious she pulls her lips upward so they don’t look as long.

No. 141377

This is what I meant. I guess the other anon is not getting the point of her "tricks" to get the waifu pussy and brushes it off with "Simps fap to everything", sure, we know that but that's entirely another topic. Either she pulls her inner lips up to get a waifu pussy and if she doesn't, she simply photoshops it like a labia plastic surgery so no one sees OH SHIT SHE HAS A GROWN UP NORMAL WONAMNLY VAGINA. I don't think with how her cunt looks different labia-wise in each photo, she had anything done to it.

No. 141400

Nice people haven't forgotten about Belle's "groomer" but wonder why no one's figured out who he is when its so easy when you look at the timeline of events back then.

No. 141412

100%, you’re right, it looks diff in every pic so it’s not been work, it’s just pulled back or photoshopped. What a sad life when you even have to filter your vajayjay.

No. 141416

What's the point of going into porn, if you can't even show your own pussy without photoshopping it? Is rather odd
She is too insecure

No. 141422

I remember seeing her porn video leak and it was so awkward. She went straight to rubbing at her butthole like it was her eye and she was tired. Does she know porn is supposed to be sexy?

No. 141428

File: 1615840827832.jpeg (81.28 KB, 1144x304, CCEE4B54-532B-4115-9681-48AE55…)

okay so I’m ngl I haven’t watched it and probably won’t because comments say he says at the end belle should be an “avatar” for sex workers to be accepted into the mainstream and that makes me want to barf.
but this comment is top kek
belle hat star of the show yet again

No. 141429

why are you typing in caps this isn’t the short bus you don’t need to tell

No. 141446

why do we keep talking about her vagina i really would rather not hear so much about it

No. 141453

Why are you policing how people type, it isn’t school get a fucking life
Also if yous don’t want to hear about her vagina fair enough but yous are the same people complaining no matter what is discussed. Talk about something interesting you want to discuss or stop bitching.

No. 141463

What do you guys think she's doing during her break? Or any idea why she even took it?

No. 141464

She’s admitted she’s lazy she’s probably just lounging around and spending millions of dollars on dumb shit like anyone else would.

No. 141480

because this is a forum not Facebook save the all caps for when u fight with your family

No. 141487

You have nothing else to do huh? Next time we ask your permission on how to write on this thread. Stop derailing maybe with people writing choice.

No. 141489

I'm guessing when she does come back, she'll do something controversial, pretend she got arrested or something of the like..to get herself trending on twitter again. This will probably be the cycle until she realises that nobody cares about her anymore.

No. 141492

or stop infighting with ppl in the thread who don’t care about your opinion on a sw vagina

No. 141493

she needs to go mr beast status and just donate a shit ton of money, it’ll help her rep and make the idiots who follow her love her even more.
If her retarded existence is able to help other people in the end I will atleast tolerate her annoying ass, but she’s probably one of those really greedy rich people who refuse to give away anything they “worked hard” for

No. 141499

She has all of that money but Josh probably controls it seeing as he controls everything else in her life

No. 141523

Patreon doesnt do PPV, retard. Why are you looking there when OF is the place anons were talking about and no one fucking cares about Patreon anymore.its a shitty company and across the board, thot #s are decreased for it. Its not just Belle. You add extra "context," to what she does to prove a wrong point. Its hilarious

No. 141528

Also can we prove the person is even subbed and not just a pos in a discord complaining as most dudes who don't want to pay do and they haven't seen leaks, so their boner feefees are hurt. Why not only take caps of OF? Thats right. None of you have access.

No. 141545

Can mods ban these infighting anons who need a nap already…
It was an image to show that she is falling from the incel’s graces, this is an image board, not your personal diary where u yell at everyone

No. 141546

are the mods belle fans or something?
why are none of these ppl getting put to pasture they’re openly infighting with everyone in the thread

No. 141548

but if he contributes ideas, films everything, edits, and generally helps her create, he is entitled to atleast part of the money, but not all.
tbh she kinda has to stay with him or else there will be a messy lawsuit in their future

No. 141549

and lol at this camwhore saying no one cares about patreon anymore kek
yeah none of the sluts who they don’t allow on there do.
lots of sfw youtubers still use patreon retard, people don’t just pay for porn and solely that on the internet. as if everyone is going to stop using patreon just because sex workers prefer onlyfans kek
infighting camwhore go post ur pussy on twitter no one cares about your all caps rants

No. 141567

I was referring to thots using it. Dont pop a blood vessel, anon.

No. 141568

says the samefag typing in all caps

No. 141571

You realize I didn't type in all caps, right?

No. 141595

no one cares fag

No. 141639

Someone kick that incel out lol

No. 141728

Please let this comment be written by Josh, I'm sure he takes a lot of credit even though he was probably the reason her career has tanked since he ruined her USP and destroyed all the incel's dreams by waving his dick around everywhere.

No. 141731

Fucking hell why did she make those porn tapes. She had managed to become so famous without ever posting full nudes, she could have easily banked off the simps for a very long time and be fine. I didn't watch the tapes but from what I've read they are absolutely vile. She is enabling and normalizing seeing pedophilic appearance and behaviour in a sexual way. Thousands of men fapped to her dressed as a child and being beaten and it makes me sick.

No. 141732

You haven't seen them and in none of them is she being 'beaten'. Wtf, anon, and the blue dress this is literally first image when you tupe in cottagecore dress into Google. Its from Yvestyle.

No. 141749

nta but interesting you chose to ignore this part of their comment, which is absolutely true:

>Fucking hell why did she make those porn tapes. She had managed to become so famous without ever posting full nudes, she could have easily banked off the simps for a very long time and be fine.

No. 141774

Because shes a thot. Idc if she does porn unlike nitpicking retards who don't understand CNC porn compared to real SMUT and revenge porn. The pearl clutching about sex workers and their tropes they milk for money is getting really old the same way nitpicking ewhore photoshop is. Like, photoshop and sex work aint milk anymore. I dint understand why the thread doesn't just chill until new content comes. This whole thread is just tinfoil and SW shaming mostly.

No. 141803

>SW shaming mostly
Found the anon who doesn't belong

No. 141824

Yeah what could ever go wrong with introducing kidnap rape porn to millions of young boys and creepy men online, it’s just CNC don’t shame the sex workers, they need that rape fetish pedo money! Its actually empowering to promote sexual abuse of women to jerk off to as long as you get paid for it!

No. 141837

The problem was more that the CNC porn came from nowhere. She didn't even include a warning, where most SW would give one. She was on the trending page of twitter, where usually people are curious and so will check out why - seeing that before, she trended for her shitty xmas porno and before that a bj video, people weren't expecting to see her in a childish outfit getting raped by her bf in a mask tbh.
Difference is that most understanding SW would give a warning, whereas Belle didn't and made a non-apology instead - kinda backfired as the post got deleted on twitter and thus she deleted the 'apology' with it.
Since then, she has been a bit distant.

No. 141844

a bit distant is an understatement. she dropped contractually obligated pics for her cringe titty mousepads over a month ago, and now is probably 5150’d in some ugly uk cottage mansion

No. 141860

Not milk but incase anyone was wondering none of her ghost merch has sold out since being off preorder

No. 141864

That's what you get when you only advertise it, when it's first released. Is a weird time to go awol - like business woman where?
Pretty sure most people have forgotten about her and her keyboard merch.

No. 141872

Websites like that usually dont sell out. They make them at order which means several weeks of waiting for it to arrive, plus setups like that are not for normies and the ones interested in that setup probably have an existing one that already cost a bunch of money. This is like collector material or idiot simp only. The idea it wouldve ever sold out is pretty funny and this was months ago, so if you think they couldnt restock too, thats kind of stupid.

No. 141889

Ok but Belle is a millionaire now. She probably does stuff like the Ghost collab because she thinks it’s ~cool~ and that her simps will enjoy her NERDINESS. Then she drops it and moves on. Because she already has money so she doesn’t have to focus on actually selleing that shit.

So that’s also probably why she goes awol every now and then.

No. 141890

wk u want a yoga mat? ur doing a lot of reaching

No. 141891

It was on pre order for over a month, pew merch has been sold out for a while

No. 141896

And no she goes awol every time she throws a tantrum, first time when her insta was banned and now because everyone hates her and her demonic porn

No. 141901

You can't compare his numbers to her. Lol

No. 141902

why? they have the exact same fanbase. something should be sold out eventually with her having millions of followers on all platforms, but it won’t be because no one wants to buy gaming gear from a non gamer. except other non gamers and idiot incels

No. 141905

No, his fanbase isnt coomers being pandered too with tits and ass from him and she has a fraction of his following. The numbers alone are why you can't compare his sellout from her still in stock custom set. Thats like comparing a Corola to a Lamborghini

No. 141906

Pew has literally done multiple videos about belle, they obviously have the same fanbase, or there is atleast correlation between their types of fans. I’m not claiming she’s as successful as Felix, just that people who like her also like him. She has a fraction of the followers but, with having supposedly 40,000 subbed on onlyfans, you would think atleast a titty mousepad would be sold out by now.
No one is buying it, because the collab should never hav existed to begin with, she’s not a gamer and never will be.

No. 141908

He doesnt have his face plastered on his gear. Their fans are a ven diagram where the middle joint space is their fans. They have overlap, but his fans are kids, her fans are adults. You cannot compare them.

No. 141911

Lol idk where you get that number but I bet my ass its waaaay more than 40k if we already know Moo is past even that and even Jessica Nigri has shown she has over 200k. Belle is more popular than either of them by name alone. 40k is fucking laughable to assume. Its way more.

No. 141913

she hasn’t posted in over a month and everyone’s broke still from the pandemic I doubt she has over 40k subbed atm

No. 141916

If she does what she did last time she go for a few months, release a come back video again and then shoot back up as a few the other creators will have stopped or some simps may of got a new job so money

No. 141917

this isn’t comprehensible please retype if I’m supposed to respond to this

No. 141919

>>141917 Translation - If she does what she did last time (leave internet for a few months, release a comeback video again and then shoot back up (in popularity), the other creators will have stopped within that time or some simps may of gotten a new job so money(??).

Idk what they meant tbh. Wording was retarded

No. 141920

how can belle have a fanbase of only adults when she is mentioned by youtubers who make videos for kids?…

No. 141921

idk I’m just ignoring them. it’s weird how belle fans come in here defending her constantly, these threads are practically hidden with all the news reports and podcasts. they have to be obsessed to a stalker degree to search this deep and wk as much as these ppl do

No. 141926

it hasn’t sold out because it’s not being sold on her own merch store… if it was she would have rigged the numbers to make it seem more popular than it actually is and sold out super fast, just like she does with everything else. her popularity is smoke and mirrors, just like lillee jean in a tacky aliexpress wig.

No. 141929

What, are you retarded with this question? There are so many creators who collab with each other with massively different fanbases. Men usually have kids following them, thots usually have adult coomers. Jesus christ, anon. Thots arent usually followed by kids and its retarded memeing coomers or literally children who follow pewdiepie. Why cant you understand the basics of that? You can even tell by LOOKING at their fanbases. You dont have people commenting to pewds the stuff Belle gets most of the time.

Of course she'd 'rig it' because it justifies what you assume she'd do. Holy shit,the tinfoil in here is stupid and you can smell the 3 samefags coming up with the most illogical reaches.


No. 141930

Simps want to be the first to see new content even if it means waiting when there is no blip on the radar. They don't massively abandon ship like you think they do. Even girls who go missing for a bit like this can randomly gain followers. None of you know anything about the logistics of incels and OF/subscription services. They are patient. Really pathetic, but patient. I guarantee her #s haven't chaged much and the constant 6 "But these 6 people (even if out of 40k) clearly posting on an off site are absolutely speaking truth about Belle". Yes. Take the word of coomers kek

No. 141931

“Thots usually aren’t followed by kids”
Did you forget teenage boys exist or something

you’re the only one who’s mad at people in the thread, are you the all caps anon again you should buy a titty mousepad I think it’ll help you calm down

No. 141932

assuming someone who hasn’t posted in a month is steadily keeping subscribers is tin foil at it’s best. are you anons on her payroll kek I used to be an “onlyfans thot” before I realized I had a brain, they will subscribe when she comes back, It’s not like they get anything for being “first”. her porn sucked anyways, most probably found a new 18 year old by now. coomers aren’t patient that’s why they go crazy and shoot up places. just because ppl don’t agree with you doesn’t mean they’re stupid or ignorant

No. 141933

Youre trying to compare your failed OF and no audience with Belle. Kek No, you were just ugly and no one wanted you, anon.

No. 141934

find me anyone without a fanbase that had purchased her ‘sold out’ bathwater… don’t worry, I’ll wait.

Sorry she isn’t actually as popular as you think she is, if she was it would have sold out during preorder as preorder exist to ensure you actually get the product if they sell out and it didn’t. Even her ”sold out” cards are being sold on ebay for ridiculous prices but with ZERO bids. Coomers are scammed in to buying items that are worthless because they believe they are so popular and going to sell out, then they are stuck with tacky merch they can’t resell for the price they believe it should have been worth if it was actually as popular as she made it out to be kek

No. 141936

Yeah lol I wasn't agreeing with what they were saying, was just translating for the other anon. I get how it works… but a lot of "simps" get can get bored overtime if they expect a lot.

No. 141938

I really think her boyfriend Josh or whatever his name is just wanted to claim her and didn't give a fuck if it ruined her career, he just wanted the ego boost. That's it.

No. 141939

Please read. Dear God, read, anon. It was never going to sell out. It is a specific kit, few people buy, and her ahegao face is on it. Collectors and incels who need a kit, like Hikkimori type losers, are the only ones who wouldve bought this. It was never going to sell out. I dont know why you keep saying if she was popular it wouldve. She IS popular, but this is such a specific, detailed set. I don't understand why you can't comprehend this.

No. 141940

So, like every fanbase. This isnt unique to Belle.

No. 141941

please tell me this is fake please anon

No. 141942

belle fans are either 14-30 year old incels or the rare ethots that aspire to be as successful as mommy kirschner

No. 141944

Did you buy 1? Or may be even 6 since you’re sucking her ass so hard. Shut up your constant wking ITT and get a job or a hobby fat.

No. 141945

Sorry your reach is ruined by logic and I don't straightup blind myself with hate when discussing topics like how merch work.

No. 141946

If you really think that, then that follows what I've been saying about why her setup never sold out. Kids don't have money to spend on a kit like that and I doubt a parent would buy it for an under 18 or even at all if they were over 18, but had no money to buy it themselves.

You gotta stay consistent with your assumptions.

No. 141947

Is apparently super popular OF millionaire = Fanbase are incels and losers = Set aimed at losers and collectors = Every incel and loser 9/10 has a PC = Doesn’t sell out yet that’s her entire fan base and every single thing she’s sold on her own site sold out apparently immediately. Logic. Keep simping big brain, she might be well known but not well liked.

No. 141948

Yeah. You don't read. Anons already explained why simps might not have the kit. Most have existing expensesive kits already. Her fambase has a lot of normies. Normies dont need these kits. Her face is all over it. Its rare for people to want kits with ahegao/sex just laying around on display. A small fraction of people would buy these. I dont understand why this basic shit is going through your head.

No. 141949

And its a gamimg kit. Most gamers don't use these for casual play. Most people don't use these bc they aren't competitive gamers.

No. 141953

I highly doubt the people who boughtout PDP even use their kits. His doesn't have sex all over it so parents are more inclined to buy if it's kids. They see it as resale mostly which is what a lot of people did by hiking up his kit on eBay. No one wants a ahegao set.

No. 141958

Salty sexworker in aisle three, salty sexworker in aisle three, can a cleanup crew get there ASAP, she's making quite the mess

>thinking men's cooming habits have anything to do with beauty

bless you

No. 141963

I’m not even going to respond to this because I’d rather fail at onlyfans and gain skills in other areas of life kek I did it when I was young af and needed the money to get out of my abusive house, when I got the cash I got out, because I saw what a fucked up life that is. But anyways this thread is about the pedo baiter too lazy to work shouldn’t be a millionaire Belle Delphine, ur the one who keeps trying to turn things around on anons and make it personal. Stay on track, if you’re wanting a fight with people in this thread you’re not getting it.

No. 141964

No1currs about your OF past

No. 141965

duh, as if I think u retards give a shit. I’m not delusional like the anon trying to make everything personal.

No. 141966

If that’s true he’s just as ugly on the inside as he is outside what a chubby little cunt if that was his goal

No. 141967

Unsure if it’s been speculated before but sometimes I wonder if the person who was helping scam scrotes when she was underage with other girls nudes was actually Josh. I mean it would not surprise me, they are always scheming and it’s always been sus she would never name the person who “made” her do it

No. 142003

I didn’t mind hearing about your experience as at least you have some knowledge about OF. Think most have never been on it.
Is it normal for subs to vary heavily, so for example for Belle to maybe make a million one month, then maybe half a mill the next, then back up again, or is there no way of knowing? I know she’s not a typical Of model but for a lot of girls I would imagine subs don’tstick around permanently?

No. 142007

they really don’t, it fluctuates a lot, and it’s not just because of lack of content, or the girl being “ugly” like anon above said. there are many contributing factors, especially with the current economical climate. loss of income, loss of libido from meds, the miracle off chance they actually get a girlfriend, and then there’s the fact that some dickheads just get bored of women eventually. men are fickle, especially cooms. belle taking this break doesn’t surprise me tbh, the ddlg “daddy” guys were always the biggest freaks and assholes.
they know their “fetish” is weird as shit and belle is the first girl to openly call herself a loli, making their kink feel uwu accepted, so the perverted freaks jumped on it. these guys are the scum of the earth I couldn’t imagine pandering to them as my fanbase I’d go insane. I’d feel bad for her but she wanted lolicon fans now she has them. they’re sick fucks

No. 142016

Wtf, girlfriends mean MOTHING in these instances. Wtf are you going on about these stupid "reasons" when you are talking out your ass. " If they get a girlfriend they went sub" Wtf? Are you serious? You don't know anything about how subbers work or the type of people who stick around. Man, you are seriously being put on a pedestal when these fags did this shit


You guys literally had an anon with experience break down how OF works, but THIS anon can talk out their ass with the most ridiculous fucking sympathy coomer bullshit about how they would leave the site just for girlfriends. That's the most untrue fucking statement in this thread LOL Clearly this idiot has never had an OF.

No. 142017

Libido means nothing when men have cash to burn. Most old men with sugar babies have no libido and libido and arousal are not mutual. Jesus, you don't even know basic shit.

No. 142022

Still arguing over how many OF subs she must have? She might be making over a million or half that, that’s how it works with these girls but she’s still popular for her niche. Belle has more of a personality and appeal outside of just making porn so I’d assume her subs would be more likely to stick around even if she doesn’t really do much. That’s why you can’t compare girls that are just used as porn material and don’t hype themselves as uwu anime kinky dream meme girl. It’s not like most onlyfans girls post childish diaries about their lives and feelings, her audience likes her for different reasons.

No. 142027

More like anons who don't understand incel thinking or OF demanding everyone jumped ship because she hasn't posted which another anon mentioned PPVs and unless its a timeline post, these retards think she's 100% awol. No one at all in this thread has posted that they have access, but want to be sure these coomers apparently are leaving in masd. No they arent. She lost probably a few dozen. They have no idea how OF works with real popular girls. Look at Moos quality ffs lol Idk what anons say, its not Hidori Rose levels, but it aint Moo or Usagi and she marketed herself enough to stay relevant. Look how quick evetyone was to ignore her absence last time. Leaves are no big deal to paying chumps. They dont care if they have a girlfriend or if they have to charge their CC. They will sub no matter what. Defending coomers in here is embarrassing

No. 142029

This anon has/had her OF

No. 142031

Nta but the morally superior sexworker keeps embarrassing herself:
>clearly this anon has never had an OF

Yes, it's called a real job. You're delusional if you think having an OF is a point of pride.

No. 142033

Yeah I'm sure broke incels are all choosing to pay $35* a month for literally nothing when all they need to do is hit the unsubscribe button and save the $35. Most OF girls like yourself charge $3 a month, obviously guys will be less pressed about a stray $3, but she charges literally ten times more than the majority. So yeah they will unsub and come back whenever she returns with her new vag/face/boobs or whatever she got done.
Maybe all these nonsensical wk posts are Belle on pain meds, it would explain a lot.

*I can't remember if it was dollars or pounds, but if it was pounds then it's even more compared to the average thot. Too lazy to check.

No. 142036

File: 1616355135985.jpg (193.56 KB, 1080x1556, Screenshot_20210321-122927_Sam…)

Belle doesn't have to mark her twitter 18+. It automatically does this to most thots and pages with previous reported NSFW material, but they do not outright ban you. The anons saying she can't post on there need to realize the website isn't against sex work. Its against overly graphic content (why her CNC was taken down) and kids purposely ignoring that have their parents to blame. Not to Mendon the other thots like that one fat, old, ugly fake titted, leathered sex worker saying how dare she. Lol even these callout femcells don't realize how the mature function works

No. 142046

no offense but you have a weird POV I’m glad I’m not in your head. some dudes will get off on the idea of cheating on their gf, but most can’t afford to do both… I never said they wouldn’t stay subbed because of moral reasons kek it’s because they spend their money on their irl girl instead.. I could really care less if this anon wk thinks I used the website because, the scummiest of the scum use onlyfans, so I don’t want to be associated with it anyways kek. Onlyfans shills are almost as bad as coomers if not worse, they fetishize rape, murder, babies, abuse against women, but it’s fine because it’s for money right? Wooh girlboss, degrade yourself and put out smut that will ruin your life forever definitely no consequences from that.

No. 142049

Sugar baby relationships are not the same as onlyfans subs paying $35..
Do you anons seriously think ever guy subbed on onlyfans has a sugar daddy mentality kek

No. 142052

You are absolutely right, these thots are selling themselves for the same price as a quarter pounder with cheese. They think that they never lose subs because they’re sooo sexy and perfect dream goddess but really they’re just the cheapest automatic payment in the nonce’s account next to Disney plus

No. 142056

>paying for porn is cheating

I'm laughing my ass off. It's this REALLY the logic you guys have!? How OLD are you anon? You call porn cheating is the funniest fucking thing!

No. 142057

Get over the fact she has subs, anon.

No. 142059

Some really pathetic girlfriend getting mad about porn. Paying for porn is a good thing, anon. Especially if its going right to the creators. Most adults aren't assblasted their S/O looks at porn because they aren't mentally stunted by some rando their S/O will probably never meet in person.