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No. 4098

Gender critical and radical feminism define gender as sociological (feminine/masculine) and sex as biological (female/male). Woman is defined as an adult human female. Radical feminists seek to abolish gender as it is used by patriarchy to oppress women socially, reproductively, and financially. They strive to preserve women's spaces (such as restrooms, locker rooms, and health care providers) and areas of artistic and intellectual expression separate from men.

Trans ideology posits that one's gender is self-determined based on one's feelings and defines woman as the characteristics and behaviors traditionally ascribed to females by society. Increasingly, transactivists are conflating gender and sex and asserting that a person can self-identify both gender and sex.

Gender critical feminists strive to maintain the distinction between gender and sex. The conflation of gender and sex erases the biological reality of women, eliminates women-only spaces, and disestablishes women as a protected class. Existing laws and legislation currently being passed around the world allowing for self-identification on legal documents do not differentiate between gender and sex.

The acronym TERF (Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminism) is used primarily by transactivists and their allies to denigrate radical feminists and other women who express gender critical ideas. Transactivists portray TERFs as violent oppressors by virtue of their ideas alone.

Posts of related news and web articles are welcome. Posts of photos, videos, and blogs of transactivists for the purposes of discussion and critique are welcome. Please refrain from derailing, infighting, and ad hominem attacks. This thread is not intended for the general discussion of feminism, sexuality, misogyny, or misandry.

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No. 4099

We've already noticed how contradictory TRA ideology is, but can we compile all of the ways they contradict themselves? For example
>anyone who currently identifies as [gender] is [gender]
>gender is fluid and may change
>always respect people's gender identities, they know themselves better than anyone else
>detransitioners were never trans to begin with
>"MTFs were never male/FTMs were never female"
>"[trans-identified criminal] is not actually trans!"
>the entire concept of "eggs"

No. 4103

File: 1643128413158.jpg (40.5 KB, 442x960, 164008030_149895290348440_4993…)

No. 4104

File: 1643128687422.jpg (265.75 KB, 1080x1080, 271544493_113465747873515_6502…)

No. 4105

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No. 4106

File: 1643128776516.jpg (32.87 KB, 500x518, 1631945150182.jpg)

No. 4107

File: 1643128799588.jpg (527.97 KB, 3432x1929, E-cWTOsWQAQ3VGy.jpg)

No. 4108

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No. 4109

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No. 4110

File: 1643128989846.jpeg (61.54 KB, 736x487, 1622137214171.jpeg)

No. 4111

File: 1643129057549.png (500.97 KB, 865x1806, 1624235619856.png)

No. 4112

File: 1643129255139.jpg (75.64 KB, 750x750, 9skz765w6s371.jpg)

No. 4113

File: 1643129316029.jpg (109.16 KB, 1057x771, tumblr_49e518de12a175429dda6fb…)

No. 4114

File: 1643129533332.jpg (52.41 KB, 500x455, 1621414558402.jpg)

No. 4115

File: 1643129667474.jpg (70.54 KB, 672x840, 182498996_10225348884970818_90…)

No. 4116

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No. 4117

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No. 4118

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No. 4120

>a lesbian that doesn't want to date a MTF or a gay that doesn't want to date a FTM, are "genital obsessed" and transphobic
>TRAs want to implement terms such as "uterus-havers", defining people by their genitals

>TRAs and trannies are proud of being trans whenever it is convenient, for example calling others transphobic, begging for representation, or acting like a disadvantaged minority.

>TRAs and trannies do not want to be seen as "transgender" or different at all, and insist that they are biological women or men. Do not want to be separated into trans-specific sports or bathrooms, want to invade women's spaces instead

No. 4126

There was an anon on one of the tranny threads who said someone would call her autistic for not supporting trannies and I feel similar to her. What can you even do when you disagree with them and are forced to be in trans friendly spaces? I'm autistic too which makes everything worse, everyone will default to tacking being unsupportive of trannies to just another one of my weird behaviors instead of a normal reaction.

No. 4127

It's as another anon in that thread put it: if this were happening years ago, you'd be labeled "hysterical," but that's frowned upon now, so you're called autistic for caring. They're gonna find a word to discredit your feelings no matter what. It means they don't care what you have to say. If it's someone you care about you can try to reply calmly and present facts to them, but if it's someone who doesn't give a shit about you then you're probably better off just disengaging. People who are worth talking to most likely won't pull that with you, because your concerns DO matter.

No. 4128

I think you could call it ableism at that point if they think your opinions and feelings are solely caused by autism. If tranny autists can mutilate themselves and are not questioned for it, it shows that they do think autistics are capable of thinking for themselves and are not mentally retarded like everyone seems to think.

No. 4141

>Nonbinary people don't owe you androgyny
>Androgynous people owe you nonbinary

(By which I refer to GNC men and women constantly being asked if they're nonbinary/trans or being pressured to identify as such)

No. 4143

File: 1644168670557.jpeg (128.49 KB, 542x415, FF4D32CD-69AA-4AC0-A489-AADB57…)

Parents File Lawsuit After 12-Year-Old Girl Attempts Suicide Twice at School After Secret Meetings


After a 12-year-old girl attempted suicide on school property twice after months of secret meetings with a school counselor, her parents have filed a lawsuit.

On Jan. 5, Wendel and Maria Perez received a call from Destiny Washington, who identified herself as a school counselor at Paterson Elementary School (PES) in Fleming Island, Florida, part of Clay County District Schools. Washington told Mr. and Mrs. Perez they needed to come to the school immediately. Washington said it was about their daughter, a sixth-grader, but would not reveal any further information.

When the Perezes arrived at the school they waited in the lobby for 20 minutes before someone came to escort them to a room where Washington, PES Principal John O’Brian, Vice Principal Courtney Schumacher, and a Clay County Schools Police officer were waiting. Mr. and Mrs. Perez were instructed to sit down. According to the federal lawsuit obtained by The Epoch Times—filed Jan. 24 by Child and Parental Rights Campaign, Inc. on behalf of Mr. and Mrs. Perez—Washington told the Perezes the reason they were called to the school was because their daughter “had tried to commit suicide by hanging herself in the school restroom.”

Washington then informed the parents the reason why their daughter tried to kill herself was “because of her gender identity issue” and the fact they would “would not be in agreement with these changes” because of “their Christian Catholic religious beliefs.” As the Perezes sat reeling, Washington stunned them again. The Jan. 5 suicide attempt was the second effort. Their daughter had also tried to hang herself the day before. Without explaining how the child survived the first attempt, Washington insisted school staff was not aware of the first attempt prior to the second.

According to the complaint, the daughter sought guidance from the counselor because she was being bullied. She liked video games, which is something her peers say boys do. A friend “confided she thought she was transgender,” and the girl thought she could be transgender as well because “she wanted to be strong and free ‘like a boy.'” When the child went to speak to Washington, she saw “a lot of posters, literature, and other promotional materials related to LGBTQ ‘pride’ in Washinton’s office.” The girl “thought those materials were ‘cool’ and asked Washington if she supported transgender people.” Washington said she did, at which point the child told Washington, “In that case call me ‘M’ and ‘he.’”

Through weekly private meetings over the next few months, the complaint alleges Washington endorsed the belief that the child “could be a boy” and called her by the male name and pronouns. Washinton promised she would not tell the girl’s parents. However, the promise of confidentiality did not extend to the child’s peers. Washington began addressing the child by the male name in front of her friends without the girl’s permission. The child was humiliated. The bullying, for which she sought help from Washington, escalated. As the child became more confused and depressed, Washington told the girl she would get all of the teachers to start calling her by the male name.

After being told their daughter had tried twice to hang herself on school property because their Christian Catholic beliefs conflicted with her new identity and being told they had been kept in the dark about the months of private meetings because of “confidentiality issues,” the Clay County Schools Police officer then informed Mr. and Mrs. Perez that their daughter had already been placed in the back of a police car and was going to be transported to a mental health facility under the Baker Act, regardless of whether or not they approved.

According to the complaint, Mr. and Mrs. Perez “were not given the option of transporting their traumatized daughter to the facility or even traveling with her to provide comfort. Instead, their suicidal 12-year-old daughter was taken in a police vehicle to an emergency room, where she stayed until 4 a.m. when she was transferred alone, without the comfort and/or support of her parents, to another emergency room and then admitted to the behavioral health unit at Wolfson Children’s Hospital.”

Named in the lawsuit are David Broskie (individually, and in his official capacity as Superintendent of Clay County District Schools), John O’Brian (individually, and in his official capacity as Principal of Paterson Elementary School), Courtney Schumacher (individually, and in her official capacity as Assistant Principal of Paterson Elementary School), and Destiny Washington (individually, and in her official capacity as counselor at Paterson Elementary School). Twelve causes are outlined. A jury trial is demanded.

The Father’s Story

“This counselor said we were there because our daughter tried to commit suicide,” Wendel Perez recalled of that day to The Epoch Times. “The counselor alleged that it was because of her gender identity issue, and they knew we would not be in agreement because of our religious beliefs. We’re Catholic Christians. When I asked why they didn’t notify us about these surreptitious meetings with the school counselor, we were told by an administrator that confidentiality issue prevented them from telling us about them.”

“Confidentiality” was the same reason given to January Littlejohn after she discovered school officials in Leon County, Florida, held a private meeting with her daughter. As reported by The Epoch Times on Aug. 23, several school officials met with her daughter in secret to draft a “transgender gender nonconforming student support plan,” which was used to record her child’s new non-binary status, “preferred name,” and “preferred pronouns.” The 13-year-old child was even allowed to determine she would “be comfortable rooming w/either sex” on overnight school tips without the knowledge or consent of the parents. Staff also decided the parents would not be informed of anything involved in “implementing this plan,” and staff were instructed not to “include gender-specific pronouns when speaking w/parents.”

Perez said when he and his wife arrived at the hospital, they were under the impression their daughter was going to be with someone. But they discovered their daughter had been by herself the whole time. More disturbing was when she was moved into the behavioral health unit, where one of the staff members called their daughter by the boy’s name used by Washington. Perez said his daughter immediately corrected the staff member, saying that was not her name and she told him her real name. What Perez wants to know is how the hospital staff member knew to address his daughter by the fictitious name in the first place. “Who was in charge? Perez asked rhetorically. “We weren’t allowed to go with her. The school was in charge. The school provided all of the information to the hospital. The school coordinated with the hospital.”

She was away from us for a week, with limited access to family,” Perez said. “Then she was released to us on January 12, and she’s been with us since then.”

Asked how his daughter was doing now, Perez said “she’s doing great. She’s a happy girl like she was before. She is relieved she isn’t at the school anymore and she does not want to go back. She is getting her schoolwork from her teachers and doing her work from home.”

No. 4144

What the fuck, that poor girl

No. 4146


No. 4155

You put it so simply and beautifully. It's been bothering me for some time now.

No. 4158

I follow bodyful on snapchat because I thought it could give me easy workout tips and such. I didn't use snapchat for a long time but now that I've returned to it due to excruciating boredom I find it has become absolute garbage. There's too many clips of men just groping and harassing women at the gym. Clearly staged, or at least I fucking hope they're staged but what the fuck?? Even though the clips seem to condemn the men it seems gross and so wrong. Who the fuck makes that content? And the clips really have no context. It's just a woman working out, minding her business and out of nowhere comes a man and gropes her.

No. 4160

File: 1644841270939.png (80.96 KB, 345x474, 1641806125234.png)

I wish I had friends in my country who do not worship the feet under troons. I lost my previous friend group of almost 10 years at least partly because I could not keep my fucking mouth shut about my radfem views. It started with me being naive and thinking saying "hormones should not be given to kids" is a normal view to have - that triggered my friends nonbinary girlfriend to have a panic attack and crying. Other friends best friend is a FtM Aiden who brags about all the dick they are sucking and what kind of pocket pussies they have bough (for what purpose??). Well, it's been a couple of years now, it doesn't matter any more.

I don't know if I would fit into any legitimate feminist groups either, since my humor has been tainted my years and years of image board browsing, and I tend to laugh at some non-PC jokes occasionally.

It's just frustrating. I wish I knew this before accidentally stumbling upon gc thoughts. I would have closed my eyes, kept my mouth shut and kept repeating TWAW in my head

No. 4161

I feel you. My friend is slowly coming out of the closet and got offended when I called him a man. I gotta be really careful not to out my terfy views because he's woke~ and so are everyone else around me. I wish I had someone irl to share my feelings and views about all the tranny bullshit and all the manhate I have inside of me. I just wonder, when did people become so fucking sensitive that mentioning a fact, their biological sex that is VERY obvious to EVERYONE, make them feel unsafe and uncomfortable. Go to fucking therapy maybe.

No. 4162

File: 1644843942715.jpg (25.57 KB, 321x377, tumblr_8e088a90110289715c26b49…)

Oh god, my condolences anon. Must be fun trying to be a little handmaiden for his delusions and smile along (that sounded derogatory, I was not meaning that sorry lol).

Funny that you mention therapy - from observing one of my only remaining friend's journey through psychology university degree, therapists are "brainwashed" into the gender speak already in school. It is very much libfem central over there, even though the people that get into the school are very intelligent, as they only take in like 1% of applicants.

I recently started a genetics course in my university, I almost burst out laughing at the professor talking about intersex mutations. He just described them as flat out abnormalities and how some, like XYY, are more prominent in prison population since it causes aggressiveness etc. It was such a different approach to what I am used to in social media. (I'm all for intersex rights and shit and I don't think they are freak or anything it was just so shocking)

No. 4163

I'm sure that's the case with therapists in here too. They care more about money and their woke image rather than trying to help for real I think. Worst case scenario they'll reinforce his delusions and he'll actually start properly identifying as a nonbinary or even a female.. For now it's "I'm not comfortable with my sex being pointed out" and he has called himself femme and queer. I just cringe on the inside and try to not say anything bad. It's really hard though. I almost snapped when he said he'd totally wear a bra. I questioned why he would since he's a _man_ and doesn't _need_ them and he almost flipped over that.

No. 4164

File: 1644848563830.jpg (120.48 KB, 828x827, tumblr_29be8dde81759f80eb29234…)

I don't blame the therapists, I believe some want to seem woke just out of fear. I has (or is proposed to become?) actually illegal to become anything but affirming, since it is "conversion therapy". They could lose their job they have spent years and god knows how much money getting. I've seen some reddit screenshots of people complaining they were not cleared for HRT, and wonder if they should report the doctor / therapist for mistreatment…

Lol the bra thing makes me think of a twitter post I saw recently, something about women deserving comfortable bras or go braless. OF COURSE some fucking brave and stunning fat scrote was in the replies telling how putting his moobs in bras make HIM feel so euphoric and feminine uwu :3c At least some women told him to fuck off. I have seen some rise in pushback towards these fuckers, I hope more people come to their senses.

No. 4165

Trying to force lesbians to accept "girldick" and gays "boypussy" is conversion therapy if anything. We live in a sick, dark era.

No. 4166

I hope all this tranny pandering dies out soon. I'm sick of it. I'm physically nauseated that it has spread deep into my peers.

No. 4167


No. 4168

oh ok so /2X/ isn't broken

No. 4169

What's with the other boards?
I've been trying to vent in ot but it just won't let me but glad this fits here too. I had to tell a bra size calculator if I was afab or amab and it felt like a slap in the face.

No. 4170

We 2X posting today girls~

No. 4172

Interesting. Was just coming to check this out for myself. Too bad it's so dead here.

No. 4173

Ew, wtf.

No. 4174

This feels like the secret, elite board

No. 4176

YWNBAW, 41%, all trannies should hang

No. 4179

File: 1645146009851.jpeg (598.53 KB, 1170x1555, 58F944CC-62E5-4C6A-801D-9337F1…)

You will only lose… your blind faith in trans ideology!

No. 4180

The fuck? Ot still not working? 4 days? #spoiler hi nonnies #spoiler

No. 4200

Damn, I was gonna post this in the mtf or the ftm board on /snow/. They're so cult-like it's insane. Public opinion pleeeeaaaase pivot quickly.

No. 4232

Bleak but, I used to be a pickme mra antifeminist retard before the trans thing blew up. It finally opened my eyes to the reality that males really do hate all women and that I wasn't special or different, just a useful idiot. I told myself I was nlog to protect my ego from the crushing reality that we actually do live in a fucking patriarchy and that feminists were right all along. I'm not sure that would have happened if I didn't see everyone bending over backwards to protect obviously mentally ill degenerate coomer scrotes. It was in looking for a different take on the trans issue that I started reading things written from a woman's perspective. I had been subconsciously avoiding anything created by women because I had been so conditioned to think "they" (we) were inferior idiots, and that only by reading and watching men could I become better. I was actually shocked by how articulate and reasonable women are. The lies of the mra movement became so embarrassingly obvious I couldn't believe I ever entertained them. In a fucked up way I have to thank the trans movement for waking me up from that nightmare, and I feel like I'm not the only one. This may be overly optimistic, but I feel like the women's rights movement will only get stronger. The sexism inherent to trans ideology is so blatant that it works as a litmus test to see who actually has compassion for women and who is just pretending for social cred. It forces you to confront the most comical, overly exaggerated textbook form of sexism, and watching people fumble with this concept is the blackest pill. I will never be able to go back. I will never unsee the truth. And I don't think I'm alone. I sense a rage bubbling beneath the surface, a class consciousness beginning to form. I see it in comment sections, in tiktoks, in passing remarks. I have hope for the future, the more oppressive trans ideology gets, the more undeniable feminism becomes. We may be too scared to speak publically at the moment, but that only stokes the fire in our hearts. From each and every injustice those small fires will quietly but steadily grow until someday becoming an inferno; and when that day comes, I don't think men will be ready.

Sorry for the blog and fanfiction.

No. 4244

>The sexism inherent to trans ideology is so blatant that it works as a litmus test to see who actually has compassion for women
Well said, absolutely true

No. 4252

I think it is especially blatant how sexist everything still is because left leaning men accept transgenderism. After accepting that sexism and stereotypes were bad, they now completely embrace it as long as it is seen as the correct thing to do by other progressives. They would probably parrot that a womans place is in the home if other progressives began parroting it, even if it's against what they've embraced previously.

No. 4279

File: 1646067123542.jpg (384.1 KB, 1080x2096, Screenshot_20220228_084732.jpg)

I feel a little better seeing that the news in my country don't pander to degenerate troons.

There was this news article about a TIM who abused a minor, and the article always refers to the abuser as male, only using his "female name" in quotation marks.
In the past year there's been a chunk of the teenage population that's been pushing for all this gender special bullshit but I'm glad to see it's not catching up where it actually matters.

No. 4300

File: 1646473619802.png (23.64 KB, 613x204, a.png)

On the one hand I appreciate he came out and said him turning transgender and then non-binary was all stuff of his fucked up psyche, but on the other hand, how could he be stopped when the only person who did refuse to his delusions was fired and then "cancelled" by him? Most of the people on his way were afraid of that but he also accuses them of not doing anything. It's a weird situation which played a huge part in the non-binary shit we have today.

Despite "accusing" people for not stopping him in the whole article, at least he doesn't victimize himself in the last sentences.


No. 4302

i see more and more moids accusing feminists/women in general of allowing trannies to take over women's spaces. what's the basis of that line of thinking?

No. 4303

They think everything they believe is SJW is the same, so a women supporting feminism must also support intersectionality, which became intersectional feminism which involved trannies. Basically, they think feminists want to be men, and not want equal treatment in fields where sex is irrelevant/almost wholly irrelevant sans evo-psych retardation, denial of it being always relevant in their mind is denial of sex at all. Like people thought women wanting the right to vote was about being men, and not literally just having fucking freedom to affect the country the same as men are allowed.

No. 4304

They see it as punishment for disagreeing with them on/fighting womens oppression. Ironically they ignore mens hand in it, even the republican party voters and non-feminists, etc. Some are against it on both the right and left (sometimes for the same and sometimes for different reasons) and some are for it on the right and left (again for different reasons, left for acceptance and right for fixing homosexuality). They believe being against stereotypes is being against the existance of sex since they stereotype the sexes as things which have no biological basis (women liking pink, having a certain personality, etc). Feminists deny and fight against stereotypes so they believe they deny biological sex since they think sex stereotypes are inherent. In the end the real culprit is Big Pharma and the government pushing top down to make money since the government runs on donations from businesses which benefit from the trans movement.

No. 4306

Most moids literally cannot grasp the concept that gender roles are not the same as biological sex. They think women not wanting to be domestic sex slave barbies is the same as denying the existence of x any y chromosomes.

We are being "punished" for rebuking our contrived, subservient role because that's all the see women as.

No. 4309

>Most moids literally cannot grasp the concept that gender roles are not the same as biological sex
Absolutely this, it's just their XY mental disability

No. 4311

This line of thinking has been brewing for years. I remember way back in the gamergate days incels were salivating at the mouth over the thought of feminists "getting what's coming to them". Videos of women getting beaten "feminist gets a taste of equality!" were popular. Moids on the chans fully supported trans just to spite the uppity bitches who told them their videogames and porn were gross. It also coincided with red pill picking up steam. It's just a revenge fantasy for them, if you're not a virgin trad wife then you must be a liberal roastie slut who is going to bring about the collapse of society. Even normie males conveniently ignore the fact that the problem wouldn't exist without pornsick scrotes because that would require self reflection.

No. 4312

This really fucked me up. I have had multiple liberal male friends tell me to literally shut up for saying that the trans movement feels a little sexist. They didn't even try to have a conversation, just straight up told me to stop talking or shout TWAW. These people who used to be so relaxed and chill all of a sudden care SO MUCH about trans rights. One of them I'm certain is a closeted tranny, the other idk. I'll never see them the same way again, not even if they change when it stops being popular. They are no friend to women.

No. 4316

They're referring to the handmaidens and libfems who opened the floodgates in the first place. This is why only women can put a stop to this, we are the ones who relaxed our boundaries and let it happen. We gave TIMs an inch by initially referring to HSTS as "she" and now we're legally being erased from our own language, privacy, protections, and freedom of association. When we never should have given TIMs an inch. Moids are laughing at us because they have a strong sense of class consciousness and women generally don't. In fact, it is class consciousness that makes moids indifferent to or accepting of TIMs, because they see TIMs as men and the trans movement as another branch of men's rights. Moids know exactly who they're supporting when they parrot TWAW. Meanwhile, women still can't agree on who is a woman and who isn't. And while we were busy fighting among ourselves, TRAs made it a hate crime for women to speak the truth, which is why so many of us don't. Which is why moids now get off on feminists "eating each other."

No. 4317

File: 1646696021521.jpg (292.86 KB, 1042x1899, Tumblr_l_100034498090408.jpg)

More proof its all misogyny

No. 4318

No. This fucking cannot be real.

No. 4320

If I hear the words validation, safe space or anything related to educating people about pronouns again I'm going to flip. First of all the tip posts about pronouns and how to correctly use them with your friends are incredible patronizing. This one post started with "safety first!"
>ask if it's private information
well no, how about you fucking tell me if it's private information from the beginning. It's not my job to coddle you. Then they suggested practicing using the pronouns. Do they think we're retarded? There's too many guide posts on how to coddle the gender specials. Make it stop.
And the constant need to validate them.. Validation is needed with everything, it's gone beyond this gender crap with a few of my friends. They need to be validated for the tiniest things and I am done. They also say they do not feel safe when I don't comply with their whims. How are you unsafe when you are at the privacy of your own home many many miles away from me, completely alone? Your own bullshit ideas are the ones hurting your feefees, not me. I am not an unsafe person if I refuse to go along with your validation and gender shit.

No. 4321

File: 1646762615989.png (414.09 KB, 871x707, garbagio.PNG)

Hey gc anons, I am coming from the regular vent thread in /ot/ because I think my vent was so heavily gc related that it probably fits better here. So my longtime friend who I have known literally since we were both babies shared this tweet and said it was a "good point" and it made me so upset I almost went off at her in dms, even though we never fight and she is generally a very sweet person. I was so furious that someone could see surgeries women are often pressured into by men's expectations like BA and cosmetic labial surgery as "gender affirming" as though looking like a porn star caricature somehow makes you look "like a woman." It's only "gender affirming" in the sense that it does work to legitimize and affirm the bullshit concept of gender identity, but of course that is not what the poster or she meant in spreading this idea. I am also deeply disgusted that such a line of logic could be used to justify stunting a young girl's growth and giving her a life threatening mastectomy to remove healthy tissue, as though the only options for a young girl to see in her future are being a bimbo or a surgical imitation of a man. It's just so wrong and I am incredibly disappointed, I don't know how an otherwise intelligent and caring person like my friend came to believe something like this. I'm glad in the end I decided not to confront her because she would probably just hate me forever for being a terf, but either way I feel like we can't be as close anymore. We already grew apart a bit because we live in different cities now, but after this I just need to distance myself from her overall. It sucks.

No. 4322

Samefag, and even the things on here that aren't cosmetic procedures are just fucking healthcare, not "gender affirming" anything. Postmenopausal women are not men. I hate when they are used to leverage gender ideology so much.

No. 4324

I lost too many braincells from reading that tweet.

No. 4334

This gender bullshit is seeping into my interests slowly but surely and I'm getting quite miffed. One photo post literally was tagged with just "GENDER GENDER GENDER GENDER GENDER", like what the fuck? I am utterly confused and fucking fed up with this bullshit. Yeah he looks good, sure you'd probably want to look as good as him too but liking the way this dude looks isn't making you a man nor handsome. I hope to god none of these girls spewing this crap think that taking testosterone is going to make them as handsome as some guy from the fucking 80's.

No. 4335

I was watching Repzion's video about Trisha because I wanted a recap of her drama, but I had to laugh at the trans part.

Trisha said she feels like she's a gay man because she's "attracted to men, but not as a woman, as a gay man" or something like that. She says she's more attracted to gay men than straight men and doesn't like men looking at her and sexualizing her as a woman. She doesn't like wearing makeup or sexualizing herself. Daniel is freaking out and saying "you can still be a masculine woman! you can still be a feminine man! not liking makeup doesn't make you a man" etc. except THAT'S LITERALLY WHAT THEIR LOGIC IS and they try to say that women who aren't super feminine are actually men. He says how she's trivializing what it means to be trans and acting like it's just a costume or something. But if you listen to them they always mention makeup, like when Blaire White had a video about why he's trans he literally said that "making himself look pretty for men" is a natural female trait. Not to mention I've seen hundreds of troons saying how they're actually women because they love wearing high heels and being objectified etc etc.

Yet she got a ton of backlash from the trans community? K. Lmao. It would make more sense if they just called her out for being hypocritical (that she wears a lot of makeup a lot, has sexualized herself quite a bit in the past). Trisha a shit human, but still.

No. 4338

I think she's trolling this way on purpose kek

No. 4369

Just wondering, are there any trans characters in recent media portrayed in actual same-sex relationships (TIM/TIM and TIF/TIF couples also count) anymore? The only examples I can think of are from the 90s or early 00s, while in recent media literally all trans characters with relationship arcs are shown in opposite-sex "same gender" relationships. How did the trans community evolve from mostly self-hating homosexuals to mostly narcissistic heterosexuals?

No. 4370

Have you seen the commercials for the new season of "ex on the beach" ? It's supposed to be a reality TV show where exs are put on a beach together but the commercials only show the tranny and his boyfriend the whole time, they are clearly going to be the main focus on the show. It was disgusting too because within the first few seconds they have his bulge on full display in a woman's bikini.

No. 4404

hey girlies i was wondering if anyone has any podcast/audio based media recs? i assume they're not gonna have radfem/terf/GC in their names to prevent being harassed by random TRAs so I haven't really been able to find anything myself

No. 4415

>The Mess We're In with Graham Linehan, Helen Staniland and ArtyMorty
>Feminist Current by Meghan Murphy
>Suffragette City Radio (don't have recent stuff but some good older eps)
>You're Kiddin', Right? by Karen Davis (Youtube channel but they're basically all audio-centric, she's great)

No. 4420

thank you so much i love you!!

No. 4425

Hi anons, apologies if this is the wrong thread for this sort of thing. I just want someone who can relate, I try to talk to my boyfriend but I don’t think men can understand things like SCUM. I’m reading the scum manifesto and I wanted to figure out a way to distribute it throughout campus (I’m thinking of a QR code sticker that links to the pdf because I’m an ecofag and don’t want people throwing away a bunch of printed zines) and I thought of all the TIFs who might read it. I thought it might be empowering to them to realize there’s no shame in being female from Solanas’s point of view, since women are all positive attributes: sincerity, individuality, empathy, strength, independence. It got me thinking that maybe girls transition to male/non-binary because they can’t relate to the male-created theory that women are all things male: passive, insecure, timid (from Solanas’s point of view). So they transition from women (negative attributes) to men (positive attributes) because societal implications of their sex don’t align with how they see themselves. Essentially their internal misogyny becomes externalized as they reject female pronouns and potentially female hormones. Just my autist take on things. I’m going crazy reading Solanas and having nobody to talk to about it too so I wish I could just pink pill my whole liberal campus.

No. 4428

I love your idea! It would be nice to make radfem theory more accessible, especially since a lot of the books are out of print and mostly found online as pdfs, and it feels like a lot of people just don't know it's out there. I love SCUM too, although I'm not sure I would use it to introduce people. A QR code sticker sounds like a good bet though, if you can get some printed. I used to have a link to a collection of PDFs of Dworkin's work too, I could try and dig it out of my bookmarks if you're looking for any.
It's honestly a shame how repressed their writing is, because I feel like Solanas and Dworkin and so many other feminist authors had such a viscerally beautiful way with words.
If you're looking for a slightly less anonymous community to discuss this stuff, I really suggest making a Tumblr and connecting with radfems on there. We have a pretty big community, used to have some issues with drama but I don't think it's nearly as much of a problem anymore.

No. 4430


Drop some usernames to follow, nonny, I haven't been on Tumblr for years but would join for sisterhood

No. 4431

Yes, amazing! I would love the file of pdfs. Also would be down for those tumblr URLs. I was thinking once people read “society for cutting up men” they’re going to roll their eyes, do you have anything that’s a more gradual intro to radfem theory? I just recently bought Intercourse by Dworkin so I’ll see what I think of that. blog: I love my boyfriend and he’s a very man’s man - I love that he’s protective and helpful. Reading radfem theory almost makes me feel guilty that I’m not a politilez though, I cry

No. 4432

>Getting japanese news recommended to you on yt since you've been studying
>Suddenly this shit
Ugh. Literally no scape. Feel bad for his daughters.

No. 4438

I hate how passively accepting Japanese people are of troons since they believe in shit like "female souls" or "female brains". Lmao if this was in South Korea people would drag that troon for filth.

No. 4439

>How did the trans community evolve from mostly self-hating homosexuals to mostly narcissistic heterosexuals?
Honestly, handmadens giving AGPs a platform and trying to snuff out HSTS
The more that happened, the more AGPs joined in and now there's fuck all HSTS in comparison
It's really a shame because I'd be okay with the existance of HSTS (maybe not even sharing spaces with them. okay trama-nonies?) but AGPs should be having every move they make monitored, not being emboldened

No. 4442



Links to pdfs of radfem books:

Also, being a political lesbian is really fucking stupid. Don't do that.

No. 4444

This, also the internet let's people be more narcissistic in general and men are exposed to porn constantly now, meaning higher rates of objectifying women (leading to AGP/developing bizarre fetishes. It's a combo of narcissism, porn addiction, and lovebombing from online communities.

No. 4467

Oh gosh, I meant to check the board to see if anyone wanted links but I forgot, thank you for your service! I think that's where I got my pdfs too.
For an intro, I really love Cordelia Fine's Delusions of Gender. I feel like she's a little more low-key, and while it was published in 2010 and the "woke" language has changed quite a bit since, it's not the kind of stuff that would immediately turn off a casual normie TRA type. It breaks down the myth of brain sex and goes into how socialization affects men and women, but particularly women. It even discusses a study on how it can impact (passing, old school HSTS mostly) trans women, and it's a pretty good deflection against TERF accusations without pretending they're actually women. It's been a little while since I read it, but I also remember it being pretty funny and easy to get through. I don't think it really hits you over the head with the radfem theory, but I do think it would be hard to read and understand it without coming to those conclusions yourself. I think I got my pdf from the same blog the other anon linked, but if it isn't there I could try to figure out a way to post it.
Other anon's recommendations are great, I'll add a few of my own. Some are strictly political but a few are just funny gals or also talk about their cool hobbies, it's nice to have a mix so radblr doesn't feel like doomscrolling.

No. 4483

Exulansic is one of the most important and articulate lesbian voices on this subject right now. She has been permanently banned from YouTube. Despite the retarded nitpicks about her penchant for medfagging in the MTF threads, she is still dangerously based and was generating mass peakenings at an alarming rate until she met the banhammer. She makes compelling arguments about the trans movement operating like a new age cult, and she regularly blows the whistle the medical and psychological harms concerning frankendicks and rotpckets using troons' own testimonies. Highly recommend checking her out and supporting if you can.


No. 4484

Yes, I also love how she compares the gender cult to a religion. It totally is. They literally believe in a gender soul that can only be 'freed' once they mutilate their bodies, and shun the non-believers like heretics. Luckily I'm on TERF island but if I ever get some genderfag coming up to me asking me about my pronouns or whatever, I will say "Oh, I'm not religious".
I'm pissed she got yeeted from Youtube though. I worry the likes of Posie Parker and Karen Davis will be next. I know Posie isn't necessarily radfem but she is still based nonetheless, and I see her getting more radicalised as time goes on. I also fear Magdalen Burns will have her treasured channel removed one day too. Even beyond the grave, she continues to peak people daily.

No. 4493

It’s so disheartening taking my kiddo to the park and having everyone think she’s a boy just because she likes dinosaurs and I don’t make her wear pink and pigtails. Like my kid is two stop trying to assign gender roles to her. It’s always the parents with their girls in really feminine tutus and hot pink clothes too.
My mother is now kept away because she makes comments too. My own boss is talking about how people are going to want to transition my little girl one day because she’s not “feminine” enough. Fuck all these people and this movement.

No. 4494

I'm so sorry for you and your daughter.

Your boss is right, though. She will get pressure to trans, and it probably be from her peers and teachers. You need to get ahead of it and talk to her about this. I mean, not now. But like once she starts elementary school, especially if your school public school system is in thrall to gender identity. Read Irreversible Damage and books like that so you can be aware of the arguments that will be used to try to convince her to transition. Also, make sure she doesn't spend a ton of time online. That's a huge gateway for this.

I'm so sorry you have to go through all this just because your daughter is tomboy. The world is so fucked up.

No. 4499

thank you anons! and thank you about the political lesbian comment ily

No. 4522

there's so many trannies joining a discord i'm in. a few ugly ones got their photos deleted from the selfie channel and then they whined and bitched. not our fault you ruined your body with hormones that weren't meant for you and now you look like a fucked up emo creature with a pedo stash. one of them said she was "scared to post here" because "i'm like… trans hot. iykyk." YOURE NOT HOT JUST BECAUSE OTHER MENTALLY ILL FAGS WANT TO HAVE DISGUSTING "SEX" WITH YOU!! if we say you're ugly, you're fucking ugly. live with it, you did it to yourself. and the discord isn't even terfy, it's mostly straight female faghags and gay men. we just don't like ugly people. i really think that as they get weirder and weirder, less people are going to be "uwu you're so valid and gorgeous/handsome" because they're objectively not the slightest bit attractive to anyone besides other genderfreaks. rant over, i can't expose my views there unfortunately.

No. 4529

>They also say they do not feel safe when I don't comply with their whims. How are you unsafe when you are at the privacy of your own home many many miles away from me, completely alone?
kek so true though. I like how sometimes they'll just say BLOCK ME BLOCK ME BLOCK ME

No. 4562

Not sure if this is the right thread, but do any of you nonnas have tips for finding out if someone is gc or gc-adjacent in real life without outing yourself? I want more real life gc friends but I'm scared of ruining friendships with otherwise lovely people because they think I'm a bigot or something. I'm gen Z in a pretty liberal area so it isn't possible for me to cut out everyone who believes in gender shit, there's way too many of them.

No. 4564

I guess you could just casually slip in some TRA rhetoric into ur conversations and see what their responses are. Like yesterday I was talking to a girl and eventually Lia Thomas came up and I said that maybe he has an advantage since he went through puberty as a man already and is much bigger. She agreed and said maybe transwomen shouldn't compete with women at all. And as the conversation continued we opened up more and more with a little more controversial opinions until we realized we were both gc.

No. 4575

Generally I'm just very open about feminism and if they're TRAs, they'll whine and derail with moid gender shit. If they don't do that, you'll eventually end up at the truth that misogyny oppresses female people for being female, and then you've basically got your answer.
They could also be conservative but tbh even conservative women hate men half the time. They'll cushion everything with "I'm not a feminist, but-" and "Of course not all men, but-" but half the time all they need is another woman who's safe to share their real thoughts with.

No. 4625

I have found that most women that aren’t blatant handmaidens are at least doubtful about it but often feel they are in the minority, once you get them one on one and make it clear they won’t be judged for their views they usually are relieved to express themselves. I’ve always been the sort of person not to judge people openly, so people tell me things anyway, but the way I did it was to say “I know it must be really hard for trans people, and obviously they need to be protected. But, I’m just not sure if what the activists are asking for is always compatible with women and children’s rights.” They are either clued up or ask for more info and by the end of the convo they are fully converted and will be crypto with you

No. 4644

I vented about this elsewhere but I hate that the grad school program I am about to join has too many trannies. Students are being asked for their pronouns and I am going to start refusing to give them my pronouns. It makes me feel embarrassed and ashamed of attending this university and I think I am starting to get depressed over it. I really need friends who are gender critical.

No. 4645

There's often a lot of discourse in these threads about why society is obligated to entertain the delusions of trans people but not schizos or ana-chans. It all boils down to dick good, woman bad. Society must ALWAYS cater to whatever makes dicks hard, which is why no meaningful discourse about porn is ever allowed. Porn is the epitome of dick good woman bad, as it gets dicks hard and violently degrades women. The trans movement is an extension of dick good women bad; moids get to gratify their sexual desires 24/7 and women get turned into 5'1" pepperoni-nippled incels who primarily serve as handmaidens for the Most Oppressed Women On The Planet (troons).

No. 4650

It always comes back to “but some women enjoy it” or “everyone watches it” as if it’s then ok for most females that are involved to be abused and the wider impact it has on society. They really think because the woman they are watching fakes an orgasm and gives a monotone detached interview about how she doesn’t mind afterwards, that the porn they watch is ok. It gets confused with being anti-sex as a whole if you are against porn. Men’s pleasure is always seen as more important than women and girls basic human rights. If laws get brought in then it will probably just go underground but at least there will be some safeguarding in place.

No. 4695

i simply cannot wrap my mind around how so many people have come to think "pay to change your body with harmful hormones and surgeries because you look and act a certain way" is well-adjusted, normal and rational and "maybe we just shouldn't have gender stereotypes" is the radical, hateful, fearmongering, brainwashed pov

No. 4696

I hate to sound edgy but gender ideology to me just shows how easily people can be brainwashed. They don’t want to think too deeply about these issues and just accept the simplest and least conflict-filled narrative.

No. 4697

it's edgy but i have to agree with you. what else could explain it?

No. 4709

File: 1649668715469.jpg (106.36 KB, 1804x899, trans identification by birth …)

I'm planning on doing some amateur data analysis using data from some surveys the U.S. government has been doing to assess how the public is faring during Covid. In it, they ask for age, birth sex, identified sex, and myriad other things. I intend to use data they collected between July 2021 and March 2022 (over 675,000 responses) to try to calculate trans identification across different demographics.

Unfortunately, there's not data for minor sexual/gender identification, only for adults.

Source for my data: https://www.census.gov/programs-surveys/household-pulse-survey/datasets.html#phase3.4

Note: One interesting thing about this data is that you can choose either "male" or "female" as your birth sex, but for your identified sex, you can choose one of four options regardless of your birth sex:
1. Male
2. Female
3. Transgender
4. None of these

This means that males who say they identify as female are recorded separately from males who say they identify as transgender.

On the graph, the top line includes people that identify as neither "male," "female," or "transgender." However, I wasn't comfortable assuming that all these people actually are trans, since I'm sure some GC types would tick that box angrily. The bottom line represents people who explicitly said they identify as the opposite sex or as trans. The actual % of trans identification likely falls somewhere in-between.

No. 4710

File: 1649669551568.png (82.67 KB, 1326x1235, hsts vs trans vs nonbinary.png)

A funny artifact of separating out people identifying as the opposite sex vs identifying with the label "transgender" is that you can see a strong divide in their sexual orientations.

There's an official Tableau visualization of LGBT data for the overall adult population here:

The former group is very straight relative to the latter, which is overwhelmingly "lesbian" and bisexual.

No. 4711

Same, but as someone who grew up without any religion but could see others partake in it I already knew how easily people blindly believe made up shit for no reason. I didn't think people would fall for new lies so quickly though, it's scary.
There is literally no way to look at the current gender movement as anything but a religion. It's a blind belief that goes against reality and science that can't be questioned or you're an evil terf "sinner". Just like buddhism you don't need a god to worship and instead strive to be the "true version" of what your "soul" tells you to be.

No. 4712

Final samefag for now.

There's some issues with this dataset. People born in 1933 and earlier are all grouped together under that birth year, and there's bizarrely high reported rates of being "transgender/non-binary." I don't have the number right now, but if I remember correctly, it was around 20%, so I'm chalking that up to an artifact of bad data collection or management or something.

There's also a serious lack of young adults answering the survey. There were 4-5x as many answers per birth year for people born in the 40's-80's than there were per birth year for people born in the late 90's. Out of the entire pool of respondents, about 1.0% were binary trans (see official government infographic), but this calculation was made without controlling for the fact that there were disproportionately few young respondents, who are disproportionately likely to be trans.

No. 4729

interesting video on a detransitioner…he talks about sissy porn and all that, I wanted to post to ovarit but too lazy to get an invite code

No. 4779

haven't watched yet but I have been really wanting to hear the perspective of male detransitioners

No. 4826

File: 1650228816878.jpeg (767.23 KB, 1242x1826, DA979DF6-19DF-4CC2-B15A-F285F4…)

Idk if right thread but
I know picrel is wrong but I’ve always had trouble putting a coherent argument together because that’s just not my strong suit. I get too flustered and annoyed and I feel it on the tip of my tongue but it’s like I have brain fog. Anons, how do I argue against this shit. I need a cheat sheet.

No. 4849

I use a twitter account for lurking and I've noticed that recently it's become acceptable for the normie users to make fun of pronouns, non-binary, etc. and sometimes even go viral for it. I feel like people are becoming tired. However TIMs/TIFs are still untouchable.

No. 4910

File: 1650812306662.jpeg (246.91 KB, 1920x1920, D7D7B6FE-AC4B-467B-BF92-5E275C…)

They are a special kind of evil. If every other letter in the alphabet people is uncomfortable but you, maybe it’s you that is the problem.

No. 4933

First, don't argue with troons because they fetishize any female attention. They'll say you're jealous or something. Second, they think any woman above 5'3 who doesn't have D cup breasts, huge eyes, tiny nose, and other very stereotypical characteristics are men. Although they also argue you can't tell if a woman is trans even though they already have listed a huge list on tips to help them do just that.

So they're both saying trans women are no different than real women while also saying there are "women who could be trans" as in, they do realize that even if those women have masculine characteristics, they definitely aren't trans. Also most people don't stare at women and them trying to figure out if someone is trans would be considered transphobic, even.

No. 4934

File: 1651068416963.png (191.64 KB, 552x520, janeclarejones.png)

No. 4939

File: 1651081379526.jpg (570.34 KB, 1080x1080, 20220427_193945.jpg)

I just saw this today and found it hilarious.

So without the T the lgbt would be cohesive, inviting and more serious but with the T it' an absolute clusterfuck

No. 4958

They really think being gay is just an aesthetic for weirdos.

No. 4962

they really think putting "cis" or "white" in front of blatant homophobia or misogyny makes it woke

No. 4998

File: 1651405554564.png (86.69 KB, 1178x372, downtown.png)

Statistics Canada released the results for the 2021 census recently. There's some interesting (and predictable) stuff in there, like that people who identify as non-binary are more likely to live downtown in highly-populated cities, skew younger, and suffer from mental illness.

On their website it says, quote:
"Generation Z was born in the Internet age, and millennials came of age during a time when the Internet was changing the way we gather and process information. The Internet, along with social media and web-connected personal devices, may have contributed to the increasing awareness of gender diversity—especially among younger generations—by providing transgender and non-binary individuals with virtual support communities."

What a gentle way of talking about it…

No. 5004

damn, it's almost as if homo/bisexuality is nothing but a normal sexuality, something completly mundane, and not some demented fetish larp to make up for not having a personality or to invade same sex spaces.

No. 5018

Ugh, one of those "largest proportion of trans" cities is mine. I hope they 41% off a bridge.

No. 5019

Surprised Vancouver isn't the top city. That seems like the epicenter of troonism in Canada.

No. 5022

File: 1651527915442.png (85.78 KB, 887x382, BC.png)

The previous pic is just the top cities for the amount of nbs living downtown. The census also says that a higher than average amount of trans and nonbinary people live in british columbia.

No. 5023

File: 1651528305727.png (73.17 KB, 1177x611, numbers.png)


That said, Nova Scotia had the highest.
I'm intrigued by Nunavut having the lowest amount while the Yukon has one of the highest. Seems random.

No. 5029

How can we have the data right in front of us and keep pretending it's not just a deadly and potent mix of social contagion and mental illness?

No. 5031

File: 1651592282110.png (43.41 KB, 641x721, Capture1.PNG)

>Breastfeeding community educator Jacquie Ducat said she did not take issue with such language changing as she realises desexed terminology still includes her.
Well, yeah, of course "non-men" includes us, but that's not the point. (Correct me if wrong.) I know I menstruate, have a uterus, could give birth, am not a man, etc. I don't feel excluded by that language.
I feel dehumanized by that language. That language rejects my very personhood. I don't get to be a "mother" anymore, I'm a "breastfeeder" or "birth-giver." You know, like a fucking dairy cow.
This kind of shit is what they're calling us in the scientific and medical literature. There's no way this won't have an impact on the treatment we get from the medical professionals who are being trained currently. They'll see us as talking versions of the corpses they practiced procedures on.

No. 5044

File: 1651630840484.png (75.63 KB, 895x217, nb.png)

No. 5053

File: 1651665739053.png (123.15 KB, 1200x527, biological essentialism.png)

No. 5062

I know it's too late to reply but I feel you so much nona.

No. 5068


Nonnas, tinfoil time but I can't shake the theory: all the troon encouragement is some kind of psyop that started after the Women's March. There were pornsick AGPs before that, but it's exploded since then, pushed on easily infiltrated online spaces like 4chan and reddit. Somebody saw Women uniting as a political class for the first time in ages and decided to break it apart by introducing dissidents by manipulating men.

Since then enough of them have trooned out it's become self sustaining and is working better than they could have hoped.

Like I said, it's tinfoil, but the same thing happened with Occupy and idpol groups "showing up" to derail it.

No. 5102

File: 1652065029923.jpeg (649.65 KB, 1170x1713, 32D75EDA-D240-45FD-945D-F9CB7E…)

Idk where this goes, but I loved it so much, I needed to share.

No. 5238

The absolute state, that's surprisingly a lot

You want them to go with the MacKay or MacDonald?

No. 5246

what an awful timeline to live in.

No. 5256

Just watched this video by a Chinese YouTuber who mostly talks about tech. There are a lot of parallels to how TiMs describe gender dysphoria in her experience. The tl;dw is that she was raised and treated as a boy because of China's one child policy, but she was never tomboyish and it didn't feel right (she doesn't blame her parents for it, and doesn't want them to be bashed). She's also a lesbian. She always admired hyperfeminine women, and as she grew older, she leaned heavily into looking/feeling as feminine as possible. She feels very out of place and depressed in conservative clothing, and has a harshly negative reaction to being seen as "boyish" in appearance. She doesn't even go by her birthname or show childhood photos because she doesn't see that person as her anymore. She maintains that she and other high femmes don't present the way they do for male attention or for sexual gratification, but others have a hard time understanding it, so explaining is hard. Her breast implants are actually prosthetics, which she describes as "gender-affirming top surgery", and she states that many lesbians in Asia get top surgery to remove their breasts for the same reasons, hers is just the other way around. She describes her way of dressing as a "10 year old's idea of a sexy lady" (hence the cutesy touches to her outfits), and though it can give a bad first impression, she's not hurting anyone, despite having "some glitches" in her gender expression

What do you guys think? My first thought was "Lying troon" when she brought in the dead name aspect and admitted she didn't even have breasts before going in for prosthetics (she claims many Chinese women don't) but she doesn't read as male to me, and she has a very butch Uyghur girlfriend, so I don't know. She said she supports anyone who's "trying to be their real self" (aka trans people) and that many people must have had it "much harder than her", but I can't help but feel that she might be heavily projecting her own experience onto TiMs. Like, in theory, it's similar, but what's the relation between a traumatized girl who was raised as a boy growing up leaning into all the things she was denied as an adult (whether it might be over the top or not), and a western boy who's (at most) a little wimpier than the other boys, then grows up, fries his brain on porn and tries to live out a literal porno fantasy of what he thinks a woman is? It's annoying to think of AGP transbians who are also into tech/programming being like "Omg she is literally me". It's sad to me that there might be a significant amount of actual women with this very particular, hyper-specific experience of being forced to live as male, but it's still white men with fetishes who get heralded as "the face" of it

No. 5260

File: 1652273289630.webm (776.07 KB, 576x1024, Cigarettes out the Window by T…)

These people are so annoying. My god. She's 20 too.

No. 5264

I've seen my fair share of racefaking troons (both timmies and tiffies) and liberals always call them out on racefaking while still respecting their "gender identity". I remember that "non-Asians pretending to be Asian" thread on PULL which had a rule of not misgendering the tranny Asianfishers. The cognitive dissonance I s2g

No. 5269

>though it can give a bad first impression, she's not hurting anyone
Except she is. I'd in fact argue she's hurting herself the most because as you say she's
>a traumatized girl who was raised as a boy growing up leaning into all the things she was denied as an adult
I don't see her coping with this by having surgery to physically turn herself into a living sex doll as healthy. If she wanted to heavily lean into stereotypical feminine expressions like dresses, makeup and painted nails, that would be one thing, but why is her concept of femininity so sexualized? Why can't she have just accepted her natural body and dressed girly but not pornographically? There is clearly more going on here than only being treated as a boy when she was little. I don't think she should be diminished for how she dresses, but obviously she knew the sort of objectification and male attention she would garner by presenting herself this way. She seems like she's in denial about her real reasons to me.

No. 5275

I'm annoyed at the people who were insisting that TRAs don't believe in HRT for children and that they only wanted to allow blockers, like ~2 years ago. Today, the "trans kids" debate is circling around both. How did you not see the writing on the wall? Why would you expect them not to lie?
I think we know what's coming next if they actually get their way on this, but if even one person says it out loud, even on Lolcow, the same people from 2 years ago who insisted HRT for kids was considered "off the table" will start yelling about conservatives and tinfoils.

No. 5276

File: 1652363574275.png (226.61 KB, 598x733, Joe_1.png)

reminds me of what happened to Joe Hawley, this incident happened over a year ago but its still perfect example of why you can't ever win with TRAs, Joe Hawley the former frontman of the 2000's Indie pop rock band Tally Hall(the one's that made the Ruler of Everything song) got DM'd by an underaged nb Ayden who asked him if he could put his pronouns in his bio, he politely refused and got into argument regarding non-binaryism and pronouns and in this conversation his "problematic" views were revealed
see like most normie libs he thinks trans people are "valid" and believes Transphobia is real, but he doesn't buy into that Idea that anyone can be non-binary, he also believes that children don't have the mental capacity to know if their trans or not and shouldn't allowed on hormones and referred to some "trans affirming" surgeries as multination(which they are) and that got him cancelled, like the whole of woke twitter fucking hates his guts now for views that aren't even remotely offensive and likely what the average normie lib believes in

No. 5277

File: 1652428451924.gif (2.43 MB, 498x266, 1649421652453.gif)

I was wondering if someone could explain to me in detail why exactly MtFs are so attracted to lesbian. Is it really a porn induced fixation? or is it also that they dont want a typical dominant male position in the relationship because they are too weak to be someones rock to rely on.
just confuses me becausse lesbian relationships do have butch/femme dynamics but thats not always the case. ive known butches to date and marry and femmes to date and marry.
i just dont understand why exactly it is lesbianism that they are drawn to. holy grail of "nobody stuck her dick in her" kinda possessive fixation? is it truly the most unattainable thing for a guy and their drive to deserve and aquire everything driving them to do so? i am just so desperate to understand nonnies

No. 5280

File: 1652447132541.jpg (120.82 KB, 720x592, Screenshot_20220513-065704_Chr…)

My autism can't tell if this is a humble brag or a joke after the "totally cool Stacy" part. Anyone else find ovarit difficult to enjoy because it's filled with grifters and 40yo pickmes?

No. 5281

Kek this has to be satire. I got tired of Ovarit being 95% troon complaints. Like yes it's an issue but feminism encompasses a hell of a lot more than that and I got bored reading about delusional men instead of ways to actually help real women. And yeah, you get a whole span of people on there from hardcore radfems to confused libfems. Worst part is allowing men though.

No. 5283

same here nona and after they banned notable radical feminists for seemingly no reason I just got bored with the site and abandoned my account. Also the constant troon shit. I hate trannies but I don't want to read about it 24/7. Ill never accept their excuses of allowing men

No. 5287

There’s been some push back on the men recently and I saw some actual complaint posts not get deleted so it seems like some of the women over there are starting to get fed up with it too.

No. 5288

It’s a few things off the top of my head, but I can deep dive if you want.
To start men fetish lesbians because they view them as unattainable and untarnished women. They’ve in their heads never been with or belonged to another man so they can get their virgin fetish and weird power leveling from that. Because sex between two women could never “be real sex.”
Porn pushes lesbians like crazy so they typically end up developing a full on fetish manipulating their sexuality into more severe obsessions. Porn addicts also lower their own sensitivity, sperm counts and give themselves Eds and require more stimulation seeking out more severe forms of their fetishes like men raping lesbians and conversion porn. Or tranny and lesbian porn etc.
It’s also a validation thing like they’ve tricked the truest of terfs and women and it makes them better than the other trannies. Etc.

No. 5318

I will never be able to understand making a website invite only, contacting hardcore radfems to get the word out to other radfems, only to ban them and let men in anyway?! What the hell is wrong with PickMes? I wonder if they have brain damage from all the strangling during sex.

No. 5320

File: 1652814174660.png (465.31 KB, 1080x1401, Screenshot_20220517-115923.png)

Apparently requiring women on corporate boards is "unconstitutional"

No. 5328

File: 1652881381649.png (28.83 KB, 1140x257, 456789.png)

This is from _rational_ wikipedia. Idk how rational it is to just say something is false without telling the reader what is correct then. Funnily enough the rational wiki seems to think otherkin is bullshit but trannies and sex changing over the course of a human's life is totally possible and real.

No. 5331

Nayrt but idk. I check ovarit front page often just to see what’s going on but I can’t stand reading the comments or any meta conversation they have. There are so many pick-mes and even women who have more trad beliefs and are just there for trans stuff. And the infighting is so annoying to see. I wanted it to be a good place but it’s always just women talking about their nigels and giving brownie points to men who make one single intelligent remark a day. Annoying as hell.

No. 5332

Why do TRAs think humans are on such a pedestal that wrt to biological sexual we are any different than any other mammals? They remind me of conservative christians who think humans are so special and not just another animal that evolved in a specific way. TRAs will deny bio sex in humans and would compare transitioning to things like certain fish being able to actually change their sex (something they evolved to do that we cannot). It’s like no one lives in reality any more.

No. 5334

kek RationalWiki is anything but rational, it's obviously heavily biased, with bullshit sources liked Cracked.com to uphold their schizolib opinions, it's a total joke.

No. 5335

Reading more and more I noticed that, very biased and they even insult the people they don't agree with. At that point I realized I wasn't reading a rational wiki at all. And of course my libfem friend was the one who showed it to me.

No. 5373

Does anyone else find it funny that so many transbians go on and on about how lesbians love them and hit on them all the time? Lesbians are a very small percentage of the population, and many don't even hit on other biological women because of all the stereotypes about "predatory lesbians". Are they just LARPing, or in true autistic fashion, mistaking tolerance/basic niceness for flirtation?

No. 5375


I think its a heavy dose of delusion and narcissism. Very much standard male thinking, or if i'm being charitable general tism mistakes but these are men that think a woman smiling at them is flirting, and that if a woman flirts with them it means she owes them sex.

No. 5406

File: 1653229409625.png (643.56 KB, 895x741, 77.png)

>Retired doctor wrongly prescribed sex-change treatments to patients as young as nine, tribunal hears
I have no words. This is just disgusting.

No. 5434

I was on FB and almost spit out my tea when I saw this skit and one woman commented
>You can't even escape to the loos these days. Gender neutral.
Normie women are peaking!!

No. 5435

I don't really give a shit on social media anymore, I love just blocking troons every single time one follows or interacts with me. I couldn't care less if they call me out from behind a block or something.

No. 5438

File: 1653338562071.jpg (112.48 KB, 720x670, Screenshot_20220523-224126_Tum…)

Some people are so close to getting the point yet still so far away

No. 5499

File: 1653739093929.png (43.07 KB, 1141x517, manipulation.png)

I have just made a post about the wikipedia Dianic Wicca article and decided to compare some past versions of it. Is anyone else not only extremely tired but also worried about twannies editing wikipedia articles pandering their bullshit.

No. 5513

Yes I’ve been buying all my old witchcraft books for my own library. The consumerism and anti women pandering is disgusting. Remember my friends men are dead inside and can’t practice magick of any kind and plastic fake rocks won’t cure cancer.

No. 5694

File: 1654296462001.jpg (96.57 KB, 821x1382, Tumblr_l_23694758711052.jpg)

No. 5695

File: 1654296565065.jpg (76.45 KB, 828x1174, Tumblr_l_23697685540242.jpg)

No. 5696

Nice of them to honor Jack the Ripper in their ovarian cancer description. Ffs

No. 5698

File: 1654344543293.png (215.83 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20220604-130651.png)

No. 5700

Didn’t Scotland last year realize stonewall was lying and deleting women from law without any evidence is a horrible fucking idea that makes you look stupid? Did Ireland learn nothing from that clownery?

No. 5708

File: 1654373105442.jpg (405.52 KB, 1079x1467, Screenshot_20220604_220308.jpg)

Kekkk, had a breakdown on main. Might've cried a little there but fucking hell.

No. 5716

>trans friends, family and partner is nb
This isn't surprising. Some people aren't just blind because they don't know any better, they make the choice to remain blind out of misguided love. They don't ask questions because their personal community follows a very specific mindset, and going against it has been framed as "literally killing" people. Even if all the things you said rang true to them (and they probably did), you're asking them to shoulder the pain of knowing their friends and family are making a terrible mistake, and they can't say or do much about it. It's the sort of knowledge you just can't go back from, and if you're liberal or left-leaning surrounded by similar people, the stakes are so much higher. Most people aren't brave or brutally honest enough for that. There's also a more twisted aspect of feeling like you're a "good ally" for discarding people for wrongthink. It's a messed up psychological punishment/reward system that preys on people's guilt and empathy
I'm sorry this shit happened, I've also had friendships end because I didn't want to swallow the BS. Now I keep most people at a safe, polite distance if they seem too "woke", and I can tell it kind of bothers them, but I know once you get too close, it's either you live the lie with them, or what you posted ends up happening. Unless they're literally in love with you, like ready to risk it all, the best you can do is drop a few peaking questions or statements and just let them think it over themselves. I know this post is 6 hours old, so I hope you're feeling better, nona. One person isn't the end of the world, you can and will make better friends who don't have those sorts of attachments (or at least won't place them above their bond with you) ♥

No. 5728

I can't thank you enough for your thoughtful message, it really helped. It is simple in the end.. They can't force me to accept swapped genders, I can't force them to understand why. I just deleted him. We've been friends for ten years.. It is devestating. I should've kept my damn mouth shut, but by now I also don't want to..

It was about another friend of mine calling me a nazi. I'm from Austria. Our nazis are a whole lot different. So I had a full break down on my main Snapchat about that. That I simply believe that people can't change their sex, and that made me a nazi in someone else's view. Which is truly hard, seeing where I come from. Our nazis will break your fucking arm or leg for fun. In some states we have brotherhood watches made up of nazis because they believe the police aren't doing enough against rape and thievery.

That's where I come from. So yes, I wrote a very thoughtful piece about people calling me that, what I truly believe in.. As in.. Respect for every single person, health care, psych care, etc..

It fucked me up being called a nazi. It truly did. My countries nazis aren't that nice or commendable. They're not based. They're truly, truly awful and violent.

Thank you though. It truly helped me understand and also be okay with it. It simply is. Friendships pass and there is no failure in it. Thank you.

No. 5733

my boyfriend brings up tranny shit sometimes and i told him ok, did you know trans people have more rights now than women? he cares about troons because of a tim childhood friend, but realizing how the self-victimization of trannies is mostly twitter attention whoring rather than real problems, shut him up quick.
the conversation started about how wholesome it is that hormones and surgery support are now available to trans! to which i replied, great, when is full bodily autonomy will be available to women?
i hate the oh poor trannies, we are teh most ohppresseth people in the woooorl, plleeehs send me millions of dollars to trick my pornrotted brain into achieving my full on fetish transformation!

No. 5734

Burgerland and terf island are also both having HRT shortages for women with actual medical needs while trannies are getting theirs.

No. 5794

File: 1654700979121.jpeg (274.76 KB, 1563x1992, 82AFDBAE-6A56-4C02-86C0-B7B328…)

No. 5795

File: 1654701004592.jpeg (288.24 KB, 1080x834, 1F14F7EB-50F8-4525-BC5B-538A97…)

77 K likes

No. 5796

File: 1654701075962.jpeg (99.88 KB, 639x565, 44ACB125-FF14-427A-8F55-67CDF3…)

No. 5797

File: 1654701104749.jpeg (105 KB, 634x611, 3ED88717-E748-4EB2-AAAE-9D6691…)

It’s just fucking sad

No. 5799

File: 1654718488149.jpeg (464.07 KB, 1080x3699, DFF6D256-A796-4F6E-AE47-F1B564…)

Nothing like threatening violence am I right? Ffs

No. 5801

My god these poor wittle lambs are soo oppressed

No. 5803

>ugly ''catgirl'' with male hands and fryed blue hair
>a couple of skinny clowns with dresses a la Francine Smith from American Dad
>a fakeboy with the body proportions of a dwarf/manlet
Seems accurate

No. 5829

I can imagine, I lost my friend group of 10+ years for coming around to the trans bullshit. Which is sad in retrospect because I supported my best friend in hs through her transition. I was just young and naive and didn't know any better at the time. I can't imagine what being off and on T for nearly a decade has done to her body and mentioning that to her made her go apeshit. We use to have genuine talks if this was the right decision but she's so indoctrinated into the ideology these days I doubt she'll ever come around to detransitioning. I miss her dearly though. Seeing all our old friends come out as enbies and trans is just maddening, I had to get away. It's nice knowing a site where like-minded women exist, I thought I was crazy for feeling the way I did. Good luck to you.

No. 5848

File: 1654932514123.jpg (127.16 KB, 1080x866, Tumblr_l_252917194223482.jpg)

No. 5854

Pubic hair also helps protect you and is important for long term health. Despite what media will push.

No. 5857

Moid acquaintance who is bisexual comes out as nonbinary and immediately starts wearing skirts. Why does it always go like this? Why do people think they must be nonbinary if they want to dress gnc? What tickles my funnybone is the bisexuality, he acknowledges that he is binary while claiming to be nonbinary.

No. 5858

File: 1654971239733.jpeg (135.72 KB, 1900x1425, fa266137-8c88-4d8d-a94f-cec53f…)

I'm from Norway and people know I'm a terf and they'll tell me "but this girl completely passes its impossible to tell". It literally looks like what it is, a little boy in makeup?? Like I don't get why he is hailed here as the perfect passing tranny, I see boys looking like him all day every day sans makeup

No. 5859

>a little boy in makeup
I feel like I'm the only one who fucking notices this, even in the MTF threads, most TIMs who were transitioned when they were toddlers, just look like stunted 12 year old boys in heavy make up

No. 5860

I definitely smell less and it feels nicer. I shave my armpits and trim my pubic hair.

No. 5864

Shaving and trimming are a bit different though. Shaving irritates the skin but trimming doesn't so I'd opt for that too. Especally during periods. Haven't shaved my pits for months though and surprisingly enough I don't smell bad like I thought I would. With shaved pits I got smelly in a day but now that issue is gone. Can't explain it.

No. 5867

to me this one passes pretty well, I would have thought he was female. but just wait 10 or 20 years, he will end up like kim petras. seriously, try and find a 40+ year old troon who passes this well, or at all.

No. 5880

To be fair, people from the country the troon comes from recognise them more easily as their true sex.

No. 5925

Oh yeah with the smell I was talking about my public hair.

I feel like armpit smell is the most random thing. Sometimes I don't shower for days and there's nothing, sometimes I smell 5 minutes after leaving the shower. I shave them because I hate the feeling of having hair there and the hair keeping them moist. I generally have sensory issues with things on my skin though.

No. 5968

I gotta say I really appreciate Maria Mclachlan (Peak Trans) on Youtube, she's really well spoken and I wish her videos got more attention

No. 6000

Is she that same woman who was assaulted by a troon for speaking in public a few years back? She is very well spoken in this video, good contribution

No. 6012

can nonnies please give me some sources on how porn addiction causes hairloss? im trying to find some atm but could use some help. thank you

No. 6016

I am a frequent /osrs general/ lurker on 4chan and now since they are turning their game into a woke one the general thread is full of delusional trannies while it used to be barely alive before they announced the woke changes and pride event. Jesus.

No. 6017

So I don't know if this is the place to put this but I guess I'd be trans in an alternate demension where I believe being trans is possible. I know I'm a woman, i will never and could never be a man.

I want to want to be a woman so badly but I can't. How do I do it? What makes you want and love being a woman?

No. 6019

File: 1655930406155.jpeg (356.74 KB, 828x1057, 13209F97-C412-40D6-9B84-8BF910…)

Trying to find some for you. This one talks about one of the theories why but disagrees with it.

No. 6020

File: 1655930619030.jpeg (191.41 KB, 828x624, D43D198B-C985-4FD8-9DAA-4202E7…)

There’s a lot of nofap men that talk about it.

No. 6022

What do you not like about being a woman?

No. 6023

File: 1656007094593.jpg (140.33 KB, 1134x266, artfight.jpg)

Surprisingly, it was trans people that made me really appreciate being a woman.

Unrelated, I was looking up this thing among artists called Art Fight that starts next month. Lo and behold, the very first rule mentions transphobia. Not homophobia, not racism. Nice to know where the priorities are. Noped out of there real fast.

No. 6025

wrong thread

why "in an alternate dimension I'd be trans" and not just "in an alternate dimension I'd be a man"

No. 6026

hi fellow mmorpg anon. i'm in an off period with old school atm but ever checked the wow generals? full of em i tell ya, full of em

No. 6046

File: 1656228299693.jpeg (94.9 KB, 827x845, 3A04FAA8-31D0-4FC4-AA41-177E18…)

found this in the comments of a youtube video for a womens only capsule hotel in japan
there were a ton more gc/terfy comments too, it gives me hope

No. 6107

A woman I know just came out as a demigirl because when reading about it it really resonated with her, yet she could not explain to her followers what a demigirl is and told everyone to just google it. I'm amazed. She probably just looked up all the different made up genders that there are and just picked one that wasn't icky cis woman because she was having an identity crisis. I'm speechless.

No. 6419

File: 1660844948611.webm (3.11 MB, 540x960, ftm butcher.webm)

saw this video on tumblr and i found it suspicious and of this dude has a track record of medical malpractice. Tifs found this tiktok hilarious while the evil Terfs found it concerning and they were right as there were links about his malpractice and people who sued him. but despite that, there were still supportive comments




No. 6504

File: 1662707582417.jpg (100.11 KB, 1080x577, Tumblr_l_52586285326348.jpg)

"female brain"

No. 6505

File: 1662707633338.jpg (273.41 KB, 1080x1614, Tumblr_l_52588175716347.jpg)

No. 6506

File: 1662707764191.jpg (270.61 KB, 481x2048, Tumblr_l_52591201948575.jpg)

No. 6507

File: 1662707879805.jpg (256.61 KB, 411x2048, Tumblr_l_52593434609189.jpg)

No. 6508

File: 1662708009769.jpg (249.46 KB, 447x2048, Tumblr_l_52595520540418.jpg)

No. 6509

File: 1662708146369.jpg (249.14 KB, 444x2048, Tumblr_l_52597850049840.jpg)

No. 6510

File: 1662708251904.jpg (279.92 KB, 474x2048, Tumblr_l_52599876778223.jpg)

No. 6511

File: 1662708344370.jpg (242.4 KB, 416x2048, Tumblr_l_52602067282837.jpg)

No. 6512

File: 1662708521749.jpg (227.3 KB, 417x2048, Tumblr_l_52604221416681.jpg)

No. 6513

File: 1662708560296.jpg (236.39 KB, 422x2048, Tumblr_l_52606170658449.jpg)

everytime i think ive climbed to the top there is another higher peak

No. 6514

Wow reading those messages… I hope she's okay.

No. 6515

Never mind I checked her blog.

No. 6516

Wow that's sickening. This world is terrifying.

No. 6517

Everytime a TRA says "we mean no harm" someone should send them a collage of these replies

No. 6524

nonnies, how do you find other GC feminists irl… i currently live in seattle. most people here are liberal feminists or TRAs. i can tolerate them but sometimes i wish i could talk to someone with likeminded views irl. i feel like every space i go to has some pronoun shit. whether it be work or niche hobbies. maybe seattles just a lost cause.

No. 6525

I moved out of Seattle because it legitimately is a lost cause. I went back for a visit in January, and while I was having a conversation with someone at a bar she randomly interrupted me mid-sentence to ask what my pronouns were. To say nothing of the crime there, it's not a safe place for wimyn in many ways. I used to talk to a homeless womyn there and she told me about how she spent nearly a year chained to a mattress in the homeless camp called the Jungle. Nobody is doing shit to protect wimyn in that town. Stay on your guard nonna, come join me on the other side of the state or at least carry some serious pepper spray.

No. 6535

I wish I knew, nonny. I’m in the same boat as you. One of my best friends is a he/they woman who I’ve known for years and I love her to bits but I’m constantly worried that one of these days I’ll out myself as an evil terf and she’ll drop me. I think I’m the only gnc person I know who doesn’t identify as trans/non-binary. It’s so stifling. I wish we could all meet in real life somewhere.

No. 6545

It seems hard to find actual GC feminists in my area too, but I've noticed normies, especially old people, will talk about this shit. I've gotten into multiple conversations briefly at work with older customers who talk about how ridiculous this all is. And while its nice knowing normies out there also hate this shit, I wish I could find other actual feminists. The only thing I know is look online, even though Twitter is shit, theres lots of GCs on there. And look and see if any speakers corners are in your area. If one comes near me, I'm going to try my best to go.

No. 6568

What sucks is that most of these older normies are anti-troon because they're socially conservative or religious. Finding another young, progressive woman who is a legitimate TERF seems impossible. (I live in NYC.)

No. 6596

I’m in SF lol, honestly I think there are more of us than we realize but we’re all forced to hide it. If you went to school or work with me you would not guess I’m a terve. I don’t go out of my way to support anything but if pressed I’ll use pronouns to be polite rather than deal with a meltdown. I just try to avoid the topic entirely. Wonder how many women like us out there

No. 6605

i just feel so tired of this city sometimes. the homeless situation is depressing. i get harassed by homeless men while i wait for the bus. they scare me. i carry pepper spray with me whenever i go home after class.
my friends are well meaning. i think theyre not that involved with politics beyond what they see in major news events. Or their trans friends appear mostly relatively normal and aren't the most degenerate kind walking outside with cat ears. I wonder if we had someone like the boob teacher in canada it would peak people here…
Yeah. We both dislike it, but they mostly dislike it because they think women should act a different way and we dislike it because we dont believe in any of this gender personality shit. I dont really want to hang out with them either. I honestly wish I could find other women who agree with me at my college but we would probably get harassed out of school.

No. 6627

File: 1664807835876.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 6.58 KB, 203x249, 9876543456.jpeg)

Everything feels so bleak right now. Is there a way out of genderism that preserves women's rights? Or are our options going to be Misogynistic Mormons VS Misogynistic Troons? It feels like over the past year people using the GC and radfem label have veered sharply to the right. I'm predicting that the right is about to appropriate the language and theory of feminism to push their own agenda, just like how TRAs appropriated feminism to push their agenda. I think it's going to follow the exact same pattern. Any true feminist organization will be infested and overwhelmed by trad misogynists who will use feminist aesthetics and terminology to pursue anti-feminist goals.

No. 6683

genuine question, if i were to purchase harry potter merchandise, would jk rowling get money? the hp world is a big part of my childhood. i won't let it be erased by terminally online trannies.

No. 6684

i used to think these threats and wishes of violence were only from disabled trans people stuck on their computer but i recently had a trans looking teenager spill his drink on me. i did not do anything to warrant this. served all customers including him and his friends smiling and with the same tone. i brought back the orders individually as soon as they were ready, in the order they got ready. this is where it must have gone wrong as he might have assumed i did not serve him before everyone else to be a microaggression. when i handed him the food, he brought the drink back for some reason and spilled it on the counter, pointing the drink towards me. some of it got on my uniform. i don't know what the problem could have been besides him being trans and assuming hostility. this has never happened before, not even with a customer who had tourette's.

No. 6706

was anyone else abused and scapegoated while their male siblings were treated like kings? it seems like a common dynamic on social media but i dont think people realize the gravity of it&remember being a child and constantly wondering what it was about your character that your parents hated? it was sex-based. the reason your parents would be way more affected if your male sibling died? sex-based.
(not sure if this is the right thread but it's everyday sex-based opression and it looks like there's no general misogyny thread)

No. 6712


This imageset makes me want to alog so much. May these pedophiles experience everything they are threatening this child with, and much worse.

No. 6716

so let me get this straight, satoryuga - a korean woman who is not even a confirmed radfem - blocked a troon male or a few troon males who were sexually harassing her, then the trannies doxxed her and got her assaulted/beaten irl by korean moids while also writing out graphic detailed racist rape and killing fantasies about her all because she blocked/didn't want to be sexually harassed by troon mra incels
what the actual fuck? how can anyone want to associate with an ideology that is supportive of this disgusting behavior?

No. 6826

I'm clearing up my watch later list and I had her vids up before I peaked.

She mostly got the terf beliefs right (19:57) , except the part that 'non binary people have no agency' but I guess she staunchly believes in pink blue brains that she cannot correlate that misogyny is born from gender expectations.

but I have a pipe dream that she's peaking people by even introducing radfem even in a negative light because it feels so hopeless otherwise kek

No. 6827

nevermind, she's braindead. And so am I for prematurely linking this. At the very least I got to see where the terf = nazi argument came from.

No. 6872

All the trannies I know irl all had very easy lives, they either come from money or are spoiled regardless. Trooning out just gives them something made up to complain about

No. 6903

File: 1670102914105.jpg (1.09 MB, 1440x1440, gncwomen.jpg)

Sorry for blogposting about the obvious but I guess something just hit me today. I was trying to find a list of gnc woman to share with a friend who is questioning if she is an enby. I have tried subtly peaking her and she “sees my point” on a lot of stuff but is still quite far into the gender ideology and thinks it’s a positive thing.

Today I find out that, according to google, “gender non conforming” has now been completely replaced with non-binary, as a term. And all gnc people throughout history are now described as enbies, such as Grace Jones and David Bowie. I always thought those two concepts remained at least somewhat separate so am quite upset to see that’s not the case. How can you be gender non-conforming when you either don’t have a gender or change your gender to accommodate the stereotypes you conform to? How can you, as a woman, think so little of women as a whole that you identify out of womanhood (your material reality) because you didn’t want to conform to made-up stereotypes? How is that a cool or alternative thing to do?

When lesbians and feminists have historically been gnc - rejecting mainstream female beauty standards and stereotypes, these same women-centered women are now not women at all! I'm so sad about what this means for the future of women.

No. 7009

Just thinking about the fact that I need a long list of short concise texts debunking the most common trans arguments. They have to be simple enough that people understand it easily and factual enough to be credible at the same time.
It all just gets so muddy when all their arguments contradict each other and you try to walk on egg shells to not offend them too much so you have to pick and choose which of their lies you believe in at the given time so they'll even listen to you for 5 seconds.

One example I've run into is their attempt to still their cognitive dissonance by redefining sex and going from saying
>You can't change your sex, but gender is separate and different
to instead saying
>Actually sex is a group of things like phenotypes, chromosomes, social roles, and you CAN change those so that means your sex has changed
And it's so easy to fall into the trap and try to refute them point by point, when at the bottom there is no reason to accept that that IS the definition of sex, or that it "should be". Changing your sexual "phenotypes" basically just means appearance, like "I chopped my boobs off so my chest is flat, which is phenotypically male = therefore my phenotypical sex is male".

Adult human female. It truly is the ONLY acceptable definition.
Adult = the fully grown form of a living being
Human = our species
Female = the sex that is developed around producing the large gametes aka eggs (whether or not this production is functioning or not doesn't ever matter - if you unplug your TV, it's still a TV. If your TV came in broken, it was still made to be a TV. A female child or a post menopausal woman are still both female and at no point in history has that ever been questioned.)

No. 7016

What is the point of distinguishing male from female? Why do we even care? If gender didn't exist, then we could all be free to be and do whatever we want, right? Wouldn't that be better? There isn't an answer that isn't either sexist or terfy.

No. 7020

Because women have different medical needs. Because our sec decides those needs. Because male doctors operating on female patients have a 15% increased risk of death. Because biology itself is a terf. Gender is bullshit. Sex is real and impacts our physical needs of care and there’s nothing wrong with that. We deserve cars that are built to our skeletal frames so we don’t have a 26% increased risk of dying in car accidents or serious injury.

No. 7021

Same day but politicizing and throwing opinions into biology and medical care is what the fuck is wrong.

No. 7024

>answer that isn't terfy
why do you need an answer that isn't "terfy"? are you lost?
Sex is innate and immutable and not only makes a huge difference in our physical bodies, but changes how we experience the world. On average, women are smaller and not as physically strong as men, 95% of rapes are towards women and 1 in 3 women experience sexual assault in their lives, we have the ability to get pregnant which not only puts us at risk but prevents opportunities and freedoms afforded to men, we bleed every month which can result in pain, health problems and stigma. Note: not all women have ovaries and wombs but 100% of those that do are women. Women are more likely to experience poverty and we own only 2% of the world's land. In some countries we have no freedoms based on the fact we are women. Some women are denied education, forced into sex slavery, FGM and other kinds of abuse. These things don't happen because they wear dresses and like lipstick. It's because they are women. From the moment we are born, we learn to fear rape and male violence. We also learn to protect and care for men above our own needs.

SOME women will experience very little or perhaps next to none of these problems. These will mostly likely be rich or knowledge-class women who are well protected, educated, healthy and comfortable. They don't have to experience much of "the real world" as it were. Most of us don't have this luxury. It will always be the women at the bottom who will pay the highest price.

Gender is a bullshit made up social construct that equates womanhood with femininity (eg, dresses, make up, being polite and agreeable) and men with masculinity (being strong, confident, aggressive). The reality of being a woman has fuck all to do with femininity. Believing any different is incredibly sexist and regressive.

Don't you ever wonder why we have single sex spaces in the first place? don't you wonder why girls and boys have separate physical education/sports?

>Free to be whoever we want

This is the lie being sold. Don't equate female empowerment to "Women are like men". We are not like men. We have our own power. We have different needs and desires. What is good for men, isn't necessarily what is good for women (and very often is the opposite).
However, we can be what kind of women we want. We can be strong, we can be tough, we can be smart etc. but we are not men. To pretend we have the same opportunities or lived experiences is not only delusional and doing us a massive disservice but is actively destroying our hard-won rights.

No. 7025

Are you lost? If the entire world suddenly ID'd as non-binary tomorrow, half the population will still be oppressed on the basis of sex. In a patriarchy, men will always know who the woman is. This whole current TQ shit proves that–male trannies/enbies are still richer and in positions of power. They are still molesting and raping girls and women no matter what they label themselves. You can't ID your way out of the patriarchy. End of. It will take a whole cultural value shift and end of the patriarchy to finally reach feminist goals of gender abolition. Sorry that's too terfy and sexist for your twitter retardation.

No. 7026

it makes me laugh seeing the TIFs discuss TIM's behaviour in a way that is almost indistinguishable from women talking about their male oppressors but they're literally just swapped the names around.

Also how transwomen are suddenly dominating sports now they can play with women, and transmen don't even want to compete in male categories because they know they wouldn't stand a chance. strange, huh.

No. 7029

Sis you completely misunderstood my point kek. I was answering the post above me (my phone ate the reply indication but I thought it was obvious enough), it's a concise question you can ask tras that they won't have an answer to, as demonstrated by your replies. I am on your side and agree with everything you have said. I guess this is a case of parody becoming indistinguishable from reality.

No. 7040

don’t worry, nonnies here really struggle with things like reading comprehension

No. 7041

one of the ayrt. sorry but i didn't relate it to the previous post at all. i did wonder how the fuck someone clueless about sex differences ended up on 2X though kek

No. 7269

File: 1672575886066.jpg (69.72 KB, 540x571, 62af1e3cda6c77ad52f8893104615e…)

No. 7275

kek hilarious
But i hate this "what about transwymyn?!?" dumbass argument so much.
>TIMs are welcome in every single fucking other shelter except one that JK made
nothing is stopping them using any of the others that pander to them, at the expense of women in need
>Even if there weren't any other shelters, why don't any of these huge million-pound funded trans orgs or TRA celebs make one?
why don't they take a leaf out of jk's book and actually support their community as they claim such support is so desperately needed. no one is preventing any of them from creating trans shelters.

No. 7372

>why don't they take a leaf out of jk's book and actually support their community as they claim such support is so desperately needed
Was about to say the same thing. It's not that I really want to watch as proportionately way more donations are made to trans shelters than women's, which is what would happen, but it would make way more sense than all this impotent moaning. TRAs constantly whine about not having their special needs met by everyone around them but they only seem interested in using that to erase the needs of women, rather than actually setting up specialist services for themselves.

No. 7390

this is one of the things that really stands out to me. they could just set up their own services, groups and spaces but the fact it always has to be women's is a huge red flag that more people need to wake up to. they will (and have) actually closed down women's rape shelters for not including men, before they even think about building their own. it's not about trans people having these things (which they already have and could make more of, no one is stopping them) it's about correcting women's behaviour towards them. so tired of it.

No. 7392

Nta, but yeah, it's the same as the men who say men are actually oppressed and not women because men don't have a lot of male exclusive domestive violence services, while refusing to create their own like women do, or saying that because women don't create services for men they aren't for equality but superiority, when men don't create womens services, women di.

No. 7419

idk if this is the right thread, but I kind of wonder if some TRA women really truly believe in the bullshit they spout. I have a couple of friends that are extremely "woke" but they never really have independent arguments from their own minds and just parrots whatever is said on twitter and it really feels like they're talking out of guilt/fear. One of them found their old, really nicely blinged out, Gryffindor patch and she moaned about how she couldn't use it anymore because she "didn't want anyone to think she supports JK Rowling" and it all just felt like posturing to me. I have a couple of other friends that I discovered are secretly gender critical but don't really want to be all that vocal about it, but instead refuses to take part in anything trans-related (interestingly also is that my woke friends are all bisexual, while my gc friends are lesbians). What do you anons think?

No. 7447

Reminds me of a trans (man) student in a highschool or university and the women were uncomfortable with him wanting to be in their locker, so they made him a separate locker for both the women and men and he still complained it was discrimination. I hate men. they just want to invade.

No. 7472

I think they do really believe it because TRA rhetoric parrots other legitimate liberation movements. Like SRS, the original ideas are butchered into a crude imitation and upon inspection you can easily see that but the social pressure is so greatly against really interrogating those ideas. So they follow along assuming that second guessing it would be like second guessing if homophobia or racism is wrong. The whole game has been a fantastic bit of jiu jitsu, using people's goodwilled desire to live and let live against themselves until they're cornered into going along with preposterous and regressive ideas.

If you dare to try to wake them up, it helps to point out the double standards that still privilege males, like TIMs being the social media reps for tampon companies instead of TIFs, or headlines erasing the word "woman" but using the word "man", or how male transphobes are pursued less aggressively than so-called TERFs when the latter is far less dangerous to trans people than the former. Or you can play dumb and ask questions to try to understand the ideology until they inevitably end up in knots.

No. 7534

It's a common cope to deduce that casual TRAs don't actually believe in what they're saying, but the real problem is more likely that they're simply ignorant about the issue. Most of them write off demented AGPs as not True Trans and their conception of a trans person is the meek HSTS minding his own business or the chill FTM from their friend group, why would they be compelled to think that they should be critical of it? They see the best of it and most of them never having experienced gender dysphoria before don't understand the path of sexism and homophobia that leads down to it and thus are rarely able to deconstruct it like, for example, detransitioned lesbian FTMs are. For a lot of them gendercrit activists look quite literally like fear-mongering bigots because the waters are muddied by all the conservatives who some GC activists even ally with just to have someone on their side to sympathize.

No. 9249

>the real problem is more likely that they're simply ignorant about the issue. Most of them write off demented AGPs as not True Trans and their conception of a trans person is the meek HSTS minding his own business or the chill FTM from their friend group
This is why when you want to peak a TRA/handmaiden friend you have to start lightly by showing them those AGP troons under the guise that it's the "bad" ones who ruin it for other (real) trans people. They will only listen if they think it helps the poor innocent (real) trans people, so you have to cherry pick some (plenty to choose from) diaper fetish AGPs and act like they're disgusting for trying to turn being trans into a fetish, just like those bigoted right wing conservatives are saying they are!!!
Then you move onto the sexist and fetish ones "a REAL trans woman wouldn't be so sexist to (cis) women", "a real woman wouldn't send cis women rape threats" etc. Gotta lightly guide them to peak without telling them directly what to think.

No. 9349

Christ, what a trainwreck. Did anyone else watch this?

No. 9354

I'm ten minutes in and i'm already finding it funny how dumb some of those women are. "It's such a conservative mindset to say, 'I don't understand, explain it to me'" had me pause the video just to breathe for a second.

No. 9359

what a waste. it should be a prerequisite that people within these "debate" settings can actually articulate their arguments. so many of the anti-feminist talking points would be so easy to plainly counter but half the "feminists" are just getting flustered and not even responding with concise counterpoints.

No. 9368

isn't that why they pick them though? They don't want the feminists to have good arguments or women might start to think for themselves!

No. 9372

This is agenda of modern media.

Appear to support feminism, but in reality make it work against women. Make it look like feminism focuses on unimportant issues, make it sound illogical with bad arguments and most importantly, make it include and be dictated by men (trans). Meanwhile try to portray actual feminism as hate and extremism.

On the other hand, appear not to anti-feminism, right wing and conservatism but still make it look more sane than "crazy illogical feminism".

And then boom, you have abortion rights being taken away in USA and men are getting control over women, again. Meanwhile VICE gets dumbfucks to represent "feminist" side of debate and supports women by constantly warning women to know their place and that men in dresses come first, always.

No. 9385

The main cringe in the first part is justpearlythings falling over herself to say her edgy "girls have it easier, feminism is a supremacy movement" schtick as much as she can. I don't see this panel so much as stacking the deck against feminism as much I see it selecting retards to watch them fight it out.

No. 9395

So retarded when they started talking about abortion. Like the anti feminists really made a strawman argument that there are seriously women out there who think abortion is an empowering thing to do where they can just casually get an abortion like they're walking into a nail salon. Wtf. No one is doing this especially when it is an incredibly painful, traumatic, and inconvenient process. I know troons like to joke about abortion like they're going to be the first transwoman to get one, like it's so easy for real woman, or whatever but troons gonna troon. Also this is the first time I've seen that rapist Eli Erlick in motion. Christ, he looks like such a fag. Why are they still platforming him.

No. 9530

the fucking nerve of the fat tranny to be pro-life and not pro-choice…unbelievable. all TRAs hate and subjugate women so much. no uterus, no opinion, you asshole. also that rapist Eli's voice makes my ears bleed. how obnoxious that they let these smug moids speak over women on women's issues.

No. 9534

and notice how Eli gets quiet and starts to look nervous when they bring up the Me Too movement because he knows one of the women he raped killed herself and he's to blame

No. 9633

"Trans exclusionary radical feminists" implies there's a sort of radical feminists that are trans inclusionary. Do such ideas even exist? What would that even look like? It sounds like nothing but an oxymoron.

No. 9635

I've heard some women claim to be radical feminists without being trans exclusionary on places like reddit. They say that they're still against things like porn and surrogacy, but they're trans inclusive UwU… HOWEVER, I do think there are some radical feminists that are TERFs who say they are trans inclusive just so they can have women 'get their foot in the door' to radical feminism, so to speak. For example, if I want to convince a normie to switch to radical feminism, you need to drip feed them the content or it feels like it's too much to swallow all at once for them. So really, while I think radical feminism is inherently trans exclusive, I think lying that you are trans inclusive to try and make your point without being banned is not necessarily a bad thing.

No. 9655

Many women there are forced to be "inclusionary" because their subreddits and accounts will get banned if they express exclusionary thoughts. Who knows how they think in private.

No. 9656

SWERF and TERF are redundant. Radfems are TERFs and SWERFs by default.

No. 9667

Radical feminism isn't trans exclusionary because sex cannot be changed. They started calling us terfs because it doesn't make them look good to criticize feminism. That's why calling yourself a terf is a self-own. Just call yourself a feminist. Transgenderism wasn't even a thing before, it was called transsexualism. They are constantly redefining themselves and feminism to control the discourse.

No. 9705

File: 1675474768580.png (256.26 KB, 474x377, b81.png)

How do you terfpill your friend completely? My previously SJW friend has started to realize how shitty troons are after we joined a discord server with a bunch of misogynistic TIMs and started calling them troons kek but she still defends "the good ones".

No. 9708

Just give her time, she'll come around on her own. Nothing peaks people like simply listening to troons speak for too long, the cognitive dissonance always becomes too much to ignore.

No. 9776

File: 1675738358982.jpeg (14.16 KB, 275x201, 1584840380821.jpeg)

Not trying to incite a flame war or anything of that nature, but how do you guys respond to the "have empathy" sort of arguments? I'm a rational person, I understand what biological sex is and know that a man can never be a woman BUT I still find myself sympathizing with people who claim to suffer from gender dysphoria etc. They all are so obviously mentally ill and unhinged. I don't think any of their trans shit makes any sense, but I also don't feel like it's that big of a deal sometimes to support their delusions. I call them by preferred pronouns etc and just smile and keep my true thoughts hidden. Sometimes being "transphobic" just feels like kicking a small, ugly puppy. I'm still stuck in that era where trans shit was classified as a mental disorder and just like with people with depression or psychosis, I feel sorry for them (the ones who aren't harming anyone, anyway).

No. 9780

Because the small puppy that's actually getting kicked is the future you're allowing for the next generation of girls and women.

These males are counting on women's empathy and they literally get off on every "you go girl" you give them. Even moreso when you're uncomfortable.

No. 9786

Turn it back on them, ask them to have empathy for you, for women in general. It's not going to win the argument because there's nothing to reason with, but the response might help you see hollow the hypocrisy is.

I feel sorry for drug addicts. They are suffering and are just looking for relief, even if it's in the wrong place. I'm not going to go out and buy them meth and tell them their scratched up skin looks nice and encourage them to keep poisoning themselves. They need rehab. But if you suggest that trans people should be counselled to love themselves in the body they're in and to rethink gender roles, TRAs label that conversion disorder. Voice training, costumes, cosmetic surgery, recruiting other people into pronoun use, somehow that charade isn't conversion therapy but self acceptance is. Do you think that's really empathy?

No. 9787

*conversion therapy, not disorder

No. 9797

First of all what >>9786 said
>ask them to have empathy for you, for women in general
Why is it that YOU have to deny biology and science, pretend you really think men are women, and allow them into female spaces even if they're convicted rapists. Why aren't you allowed to say "sorry, it's ok that you wear a dress and I support your right to wear it but I don't think you should change in the female room when you have a dick and many women here have been sexually assaulted" and if you do say that, THEY might get violent and punch you and the whole establishment will still think it's YOU who should get kicked out and banned from coming back. When has denying science ever been a good thing?

Now imagine the most "innocent" kind of troon, a man who is shy and autistic and clearly just not that understanding of social roles, so he thought thinking dresses are pretty and not liking sports makes him a woman. Do you think little 5 year old girls should have to see his dick in changing rooms? That they should be trained to think men having their dicks out around them when they are undressing is something they must accept, and if they're alarmed or uncomfortable in any way they are evil and bigoted? And that shy autistic man should be allowed to look at these naked 5 year old girls, because… he's shy and autistic? Or because maybe he's gay and that makes him "safe"? And when a non-trans convicted pedophile comes in with his dick in his hand they wouldn't know a difference, he could just be a transwoman.

And may I also remind you that the vast majority (85%+) of transwomen are both attracted to women, and will never have the sex-change surgery. Meaning they have functioning dicks that get hard when they see women or girls they find attractive. Now imagine a 13 year old girl in the changing room, she's on the heavier side and hit puberty a few years earlier and her size makes her look a little bit older and curvier. She's bled through her underwear and has to take off her bloody panties in shame, she doesn't know what to do or who to ask. He's watching it all. But she still has to change, and in doing so expose her developing breasts to this man, he gets to see all of her developing body really. He is autistic and socially unaware, so he stares. And she notices. She knows he's a man and she old enough to know about sexual assaults, and that she can't say anything because he's trans. But what if he wants to hurt her? Or touch her? Is he going to pull a Dylan Mulvaney and approach her with tampons? So he can tell her how to insert them into her underage vagina, like we've seen countless troons fantasize about? Even if all he does is stare in silence, she's scared and traumatized. She's hates her female body now, if only she had been a guy this wouldn't have happened.

I have empathy for mentally ill people. Which is why I don't tell anorexics that they're fat and should lose more weight, that their bones poking out are beautiful and valid, that not eating at all for 7 days is brave and stunning. Because actually playing along and affirming their delusion is cruel and hurts them further. And every little girl watching me praise the anorexic would start to feel they're too fat as well, that they also shouldn't eat for 7 days, and now I'm complicit in spreading the mental illness to everyone around us. It hurts everyone.

The ONLY "good" reason to affirm troons is for your own safety, because they are mentally ill males and they could turn violent if you say something they dislike.

No. 10296

File: 1676653490108.jpeg (122.48 KB, 663x1000, 14C38EB5-E59A-4947-820D-DF6862…)

Any nonas here who read that “controversial” book? In terms of my views, nothing changed since I peaked a few years ago, it was mostly things I already knew but it was good to read anyway. I like that it might lead some more people into questioning the trans thing, especially in regards how it targets girls and women. Some most talked issues are discussed here, such as social contagion or a reference to TIMs getting into women’s sports.
I still found this book lacked some things for me. I wish there was more about Tumblr and especially how social media promote transness in fandom spaces (such as by headcanons about characters from various media), the issue how the trans crowd is targeting autistic girls (and how one branch of people celebrating neurodiversity lumped it with queerness and degeneracies like trans), why some teenagers become trans because they come from abusive families and have severe trauma in regards to body or interpersonal relationships so the trans thing seems like getting a new, better identity for them.
Once or few times I think I was confused why the author seemed to connect being tomboyish/not being stereotypically feminine with lesbians. Like, I appreciate she wrote about how the erasure of the word “lesbian” is a problem, how young girls seem to connect that word with porn and how they escape womanhood via transness but I felt like orientation and style/behavior are two different issues. For example, I consider myself tomboyish but I’m not a lesbian. And not all lesbians have to be tomboys or butch either.
I feel like it’s a topic that can give much more material to be discussed, many things are still left to describe but at least it seems like a good thing to start for some. I hope this book will gain attention again and people will be able to read it without prejudice.
I read a PDF of this book and today I had a crazy thought, what if I could get a few copies of that to redistribute to some places in my city, like bookcrossing shelves?

No. 10297

Sage for samefag, I also forgot to write that another topic, perhaps complex enough for another book, is to investigate who and why promotes trans stuff. Why mainstream research about this is the way it is, why there is a push to equate opposition to transness with pseudoscience or conspiracies, who profits from writing about “trans being something natural” and all stuff like that, who were actually the influential figures behind the trans movement and so on. It’s a deep rabbit hole.

No. 10298

anon you should write that book, seriously! you already have a better grasp of it than the author of this book

No. 10325

NTA but on the topic of writing, I was thinking about writing a book about my experiences notably on my autism and the trannies I've encountered in my life who have sexually assaulted me such as my trans identified brother when I was younger. I never even thought about writing it, but with how things are today, I think this is my calling.

No. 10335

I’m a radfem but I don’t consider myself a SWERF. I hate porn but most sex workers are victims and should not be excluded from feminism. If you disagree that’s fine but I think there is a place in feminism for all women. I’m a TERF because men are not women and never will be.

No. 10338

I honestly thought that this was a core tenet of radical feminism?
SWERF to me means that you reject sex work, not the women that are victims of it. Realizing now that this was a misleading assumption

No. 10341

SWE stands for “sex-worker exclusionary” so I have understood it as literally excluding them from Radical Feminism. Some really do feel that way bc they get hung up on the morality of it and allow themselves to misplace blame onto the women instead of men and porn-sick society

No. 10359

Yeah I thought the SWE in SWERF stood for "sex work exclusive" not "sex worker exclusive"

No. 10360

i'm pretty new to radical feminism so please dont take this as bait - do most of you guys feel that gender should be abolished entirely, and that we should focus on biological sex only in terms of thinking about things like women's spaces etc? is there ANY merit to gender identity? furthermore, wouldnt it be impossible to remove the idea of gender, bc we inevitably will link certain traits with each sex?

No. 10380

SWERF is a boogeyman term to ostracize and shame feminists who are against sex work itself. There are women who are awful towards sex workers and shame them or call derogatory names, but actual radfems acknowledge that they are victims of misogynistic industry and treat them like any other women.

No. 10383

>we should focus on biological sex only in terms of thinking about things like women's spaces etc?
>is there ANY merit to gender identity?
>furthermore, wouldnt it be impossible to remove the idea of gender, bc we inevitably will link certain traits with each sex?
The 'idea of gender' is literally just sexist stereotypes and gender roles (or fashion styles, judging by the way themlets and TIFs talk about it). It was only ever meant to be a synonym/euphemism for biological sex, gendies have taken the term and bastardized it.

No. 10389

I mean 90% of gender traits are performance but the 10% that matter are what defines the human race

No. 10416

I don't consider myself a radfem tbh, just gender critical

>do most of you guys feel that gender should be abolished entirely, and that we should focus on biological sex only in terms of thinking about things like women's spaces etc?

Gender the way trans ideology defines it simply doesn't exist. They say everyone has a "gender" that is separate from their physical body, your sex. If they match you're cis, if they don't match you're trans. This gender can mix, be fluid, change, be several at the same time, you can be also be agender and not have a gender which means that IS your gender… anything goes in trans ideology. All is valid. So it's exactly like a soul/spirit, meaning their "gender" is a religious/spiritual belief.
It doesn't matter to them that the people they call cis in 99% of cases say "actually no, I don't feel I have a gender at all, and I do not define myself as cis" (despite them also accepting agender as trans) trans people just don't accept that. You have a gender and you're cis no matter what YOU think. Just like a religious person (let's say christian) just considers a non-believer to be a lost soul and that they need to find Jesus. They don't understand or respect that the atheist and buddhist simply don't agree that their god even exists. The christian thinks you are wrong, despite there being no evidence of anything they say, because they "feel" it's true so it must be. Trans ideology thinks that gender exists without any proof, if you disagree you are a lost non-believer.

The other thing gender means (the way normal people use the word) is really just a substitute for the word "sex", as relating to male and female. Trans ideology actively rejects this original use of the word, so to them this version of gender doesn't exist. "What gender is the dog?" is just less crude in English than "What sex is the dog?" and that seems to be the only reason why it exists. My native language didn't even have this distinction and had to make up a word for gender to be woke lol

What sex we are matters. Even in a perfect ideal society where we are all treated equal without any oppression, our bodies will still have different functions. Your sex is programmed into every single cell of your body, you can't ever change it. The natural variations within the 2 sexes, or the fact that a small number of people are born with sexual developmental disorders, doesn't change this whatsoever. A woman who is born without a functioning uterus still has a body designed around the function of giving birth and will still be affected by diseases exclusively for females. This is still true even if you pump her full of testosterone and try to make her appear more like a man. Likewise a man born without functioning balls still has a body designed around producing sperm. The 2 sex split is way older than humans, even plants are male or female.

>wouldnt it be impossible to remove the idea of gender, bc we inevitably will link certain traits with each sex?

"Gender" in the original meaning of the word, as a substitute for sex, was perfectly fine. We can just go back to that. Sex exists without gender, it's gender that is dependant on sex to exist because it's based on stereotypes of the 2 sexes. When people say that the statement "pink and dresses are for girls" is a " female gender stereotype" it really just means it's a stereotype of the female sex.

No. 10657

not really sure how to explain this, but has this just made anyone else more skeptical in general of any public narrative or cause? i never even cared about any of this and think people should be able to live their lives however they want but i'm just floored by all of the twisting of the truth, gaslighting ("no one is saying that/that doesn't happen"), and demands that everyone else alter their realities, and anyone who even slightly disagrees about SEMANTICS are deemed genocidal monsters. it makes me more cautious when taking something that seems like a noble cause at face value. seems like everything that at first seems reasonable is being controlled by narcissists with their own personal agenda

No. 10683

I know what you mean

No. 10693

yes. this, and what it says about the entirety of the medical industrial complex along with a handful of unrelated topics/issues have made me realize public narratives are just that: narratives, someone pushing something is usually total nonsense.

in general there's absolutely been a crisis of loss of public trust. evaporated in me now from things like this and living my life.

No. 10700

Like the nonna above I'm also mostly just gender critical but interested in other parts of radical feminism that don't just have to do with that
>do most of you guys feel that gender should be abolished entirely
I do agree with this but think it would be impossible to maintain for very long on such a large scale. Maybe I'm just pessimistic.

>is there ANY merit to gender identity?

"""Gender identity""" is literally just personality traits that anyone could have. Like >>10416 said, in gender ideology everything is a goddamn gender, and gender is separate from genitals. Isn't that just called… having a fucking personality?
But according to their logic, what otherwise would've been considered a normal personality must be a magic essence, like a soul, that is tied in a way (matching or not matching) to your genitals, or sex. So they already contradict themselves there. They say your body doesn't determine your gender, but they still use terms like "cis" or "trans" for whether your personality "matches" (in their sexist minds) your body (actually just sex stereotypes). Meaning that, for them, biological women are genetically predisposed to develop a personality that makes them wear tons of makeup every day, buy tons of cute shoes and exclusively like pink kawaii shit. And when a biological man does any of that, it means he has the magical soul of a woman. It's almost as if they took the very same stereotypes and traditional gender roles that say "you're a woman, you can't do anything other than this" or "women are all stupid, vain and childish", and re-interpreted them backwards: "if you're a man who likes pink stuff, you must be a woman." Transactivists seem to take things way too literally, you can see it in everything they say.

"Cis" and "trans" are both made up terms for a condition that doesn't exist. You'd think cis just means being comfortable in one's body (as I thought before peaking), but no, it means that you feel that you match the stereotypes associated with your sex, and if you express any doubts as to whether you're gender non-conforming, that means you're trans and should probably take hormones even if you're ok with your body. But if you don't believe in that sexist crap, the term loses all meaning as there can be no real category or identity such as cis, because not conforming perfectly to gender norms is not a special, biological or psychiatric condition, it's something perfectly normal because sex stereotypes and ideal male/female standards were largely made up by human society, and no one ever perfectly matches that standard. In troon logic, that would mean we're all "trans", and that's where you realize that gender theory is retarded.

There is no biological basis for it. It's only based on stupid and purely cultural sex stereotypes that have only limited every aspect of our lives for millennia. To believe in gender theory is to reinforce those very same opressive sexist rules. You can go against cultural gender norms to different degrees, and hate those gender norms to death, but that won't make you "cis" or "trans", or the opposite sex or no sex, or any particular "gender". You're just you, with your own traits that are unique like everyone else's, you have things in common with some women but not with others, in a female body that automatically makes you a woman, which is a category that doesn't have to affect your personality, but affects your role in sexual reproduction, among a few other things that are strictly biological and unchangeable. Gender ideology believers refuse to acknowledge any of that.

>SWERF is a boogeyman term to ostracize and shame feminists who are against sex work itself.
Exactly this, something that libfems and porn/prostitution supporters who pretend to be progressive have always done, is conflate criticism of sex work with hatred towards prostitutes or sex workers, who they don't see as victims of misogyny but as normal workers engaging in sex work in a completely voluntary and harmless manner (because they want sex "work" to be treated as normal and not something vile and degrading). SWERF is a very disingenuous term that implies we hate those women, and for the same bullshit reasons religious or conservative people do, when in reality we just had the gall to say that prostitution and pornography are bad for them.

No. 10778

I want to preface this by saying that I'm not GC or a radfem in the slightest, but get called a TERF a lot by MtFs because I hold the sentiment that lesbians don't like penises, and gay guys don't like vaginas and what have you. I'm more of a "transmed" I guess, which is only critical of certain aspects of gender.
I recently had an unhinged MtF in my Tumblr inbox calling me a TERF because I said the idea of having sex with a male revolted me, and he tried to use a bunch of fuckin insane leaps in logic to harass me. I don't believe in respecting pronouns other than "he" or "she," but site culture and the lack of GID from this moid makes me lean on "he."
I don't think I will ever peak, because I have been treated like shit by people who have, and other personal experiences. But my god, do I hate MtFs most of the time. I've met a couple chill ones but most are the most perverted, insane "people" I have ever met. I run a (now dead) Tumblr blog where I used to larp as an incel but now I think I need to target MtFs instead

No. 10802

File: 1677310845679.png (119.94 KB, 623x392, FpLZDEwX0AAU1g3.png)

not saying correlation is causation but this is interesting, a lot of insecure over socialized young women/girls with access to the internet would take up some new identity to feel better about themselves

No. 10811

Sorry if it's already been talked about, but I recommend watching the video "A Record of Our Dissent: Violent TRA Assault on Women at the NYC Let Women Speak Event" by Skirt Go Spinny (pretty sure the username is ironic since the channel seems to be gendercritical). It shows unedited footage from the #LetWomenSpeak protest and how violent troons got towards them.
I tried to share it but I got an error, but here's the link

No. 10919

File: 1677593102470.jpg (260.13 KB, 1000x1000, two spirt.jpg)

"Enlighted" third genders be like"
>feminine men kicked out of the male sex
>women treated as celibate pseudomales because their family didn't have any sons for inheritance
>little boys dressed as women that were being raped by male nobles
>eunuch court officials
So progressive and forward thinking

No. 10920

the male redskin still has an Adams apple

No. 10929

The term two-spirit is racist in itself as well, it was invented in the 90s and the reason the term is in English is because it wasn't actually a thing in native cultures. So woke!

No. 10930

Yes it's the same old phenomenon. Young girls always fall for the current socially contagious epidemic. Eating disorders, cutting, trooning out etc. Girls are uniquely vulnerable because they socialize by taking on the pain of their peers.

No. 10931

>I don't think I will ever peak
>I'm not GC or a radfem in the slightest, but get called a TERF a lot by MtFs because I hold the sentiment that lesbians don't like penises
>I don't believe in respecting pronouns other than "he" or "she,"
>I hate MtFs most of the time. I've met a couple chill ones but most are the most perverted, insane "people" I have ever met.
Nona… you literally have gender critical opinions. Curious why you think you'll never peak when you call mtfs unhinged and insane, is that you just still think they're women? Or do you just not care if they hurt others with what they do so it holds no weight for you?

No. 10946

File: 1677629884079.jpg (200.63 KB, 1080x1269, Tumblr_l_392705082626038.jpg)

Trannies are acting like we're devastated by this, but it's literally the first time I'm hearing about it, and my response is just… so what? She's a cool person with one dumb opinion. I still respect her even if I don't agree with all of her positions. That's a thing you can do. Absolutism is retarded, and you'll go insane if you refuse to listen to or support someone if they disagree with you on just one thing.

Dworkin was also sympathetic to troons, but I still enjoy her writing and respect her. Her overall philosophical matters more to me than her take on a fad that was in its infancy during her life.

No. 10951

I agree. I’d bet probably all of my favorite female celebs and artists are handmaidens to an extent. Don’t really care. It’s the status quo these days so why should I expect every woman to go against it just because I chose to? Being openly gender critical puts you at great risk for all sorts of things that aren’t worth it to most women. I’ve said this many times. JKR can do it because she’s literally one of the most successful women ever and has the security to say how she feels without worrying about losing much.

No. 10965

I don't care too much either, I know they're still just ignorant like we all were before peaking. The left is rabid when it comes to shunning people and never talking to them again if you even dare to question something they say. The right is (surprisingly) more open, which is the complete opposite of what I would have believed. I've seen right conservatives reach out to talk to trans people, but the leftist handmaidens would rather die than hear a word of what the right says.
I also know I have to lie about it myself to internet mutuals and pretend that I think men are women for my own safety, so I'm not ruling out other women being secretly peaked too.

No. 11000

Still makes me sad. She escaped from one of the most sexist and violent religions out there. She's definitely braver than most women, but I seriously wish more women would speak up about women only issues. trans people do not count as women and they are only an issue because they invade our spaces and reenforce stereotypes.

No. 11311

Can somebody explain to me why Simone Beauvoir's take on gender became so twisted in modern culture? Didn't she define gender as the submissive behaviour taught to women by society?

No. 11317

I feel the same. Plus, Malala has placed a very large target on herself by speaking publicly about what happened. If she were to lose the vast majority of her followers and supporters by saying the truth about troons, she would no longer have the money needed to protect herself from the Taliban. It's better to eat shit once in order to keep spreading your message of educating girls, rather than tell the truth and lose them funding at this critical time.

No. 11351

A laugh for you all, this was written unironically and it's hilarious


No. 11355

So Andrew Tate said something vaguely construed to be "pro-trans" back in 21, and it's getting trends on twitter. It's the same old joke that men ask themselves if they'd rather fuck an ultra-feminine bimbo troon vs. an ugly and/or muscular woman. The whole Blaire White vs. Buck Angel thing, and of course, Tate picks the bimbo because he has no critical thinking skills of his own and goes on to rant about what's "gay or straight anyways?" Which TRAs love even if it's from the worst person they know and can see aside the point that he's a terrible human being anyways. Then over here in the radfem corner, women get crucified for vaguely agreeing with some other conservative moid for pointing out that sex is undisputable and real, and the thing is, no sane radfem actually agrees or calls these men based for having more than two fucking braincells. Jesus Christ, I hate these idiots so much.

No. 11383

I was watching some random alt girl’s live on tt and she kept referring to herself and other women as “non-men.” Like, wtf? Is that a new “progressive” thing? To just erase the word ‘woman’ from your vocabulary? Fucking disgusting.

No. 11395

Nah, they've been erasing female words for years now nona. Non-men is so stupid, it even includes "cis males" like little boys and I think they don't even realize it.

No. 11398

The term "non men" disgusts me so much. Sounds like incel speak.

No. 11976

Is it normal to think Ovarit is just filled with pearl clutching out of touch retards? There are a select few that seem to be decent users, but for the most part I feel like I'm surrounded by over-dramatic middle aged white moms who don't care about feminism and just wanna bitch about trannies. I swear every time I go on there I see the most self victimizing braindead take while they larp up whatever Matt Walsh tweets as long as its anti-troon. Yesterday I saw a commenter say that it "seems" like rich women are more oppressed than women in poverty unironically. Even the mods seem retarded and have blatant biases. Especially the UK posters seem to be the most retarded for some reason. I don't know how many times I can roll my eyes at the "karen is a slur! cis is a slur!" discussion like who gives a fuck? I don't give a shit about "Karen" being a slur. It's just some flavor of the month insult thrown at any person by some 12 year old that is just easy to ignore. Idk nonnies I can't stand that site sometimes.

No. 12179

File: 1679643556195.png (125.11 KB, 995x1711, cvbnkkjhgfdsdfghjk.png)

Holy shit I just found out about this and I'm so fucking pissed. Screenshot is the wiki article where I learned about her so you can see the retardation for yourselves.

Amelia or "Amelio" Robles Ávila was one of many women who took part in the Mexican Revolution, not (just) as a passive housewife, mother and prostitute from the sidelines, but as a soldier in the frontline. These women that participated in combat were called "soldaderas" or "Adelitas". Some of them disguised themselves as men so they'd be allowed to fight and to avoid discrimination from their male peers. Some of them became famous for their feats in battle and amazing combat ability, and eventually revealed their real sex, but few of these got the official recognition they deserved at the time, due to the brutal sexism in a culture of pure machismo.

But Amelia didn't just disguise herself as a man to fight. She was a lesbian that grew up as a tomboy, learning to ride horses and shoot, which were considered strictly male-only things at the time. Sadly, she was a TIF. After she started to crossdress, she would get aggressive when people called her "ma'am". She was and is still officially recognized by the army as male due to her dedication to her "male" identity, and some people think this is good and progressive instead of horribly misogynistic.

It baffles me how people can seriously learn about her and the rest of the soldaderas and still support erasing her from Mexican women's history by considering her a man. She was only given her well-deserved recognition by the army AFTER she publicly changed her name and gender, while other female soldiers who fought for WOMEN to be recognized and acknowledged as competent warriors and as heroes on par with males were treated like garbage (for example, Petra "Pedro" Herrera). If you support this shit, you support the explicit (not even implicit) misogyny in it.

>Ooooh, the first trans person to be officially recognized in Mexico! So heckin' valid!! They totally supported LGBTQIA+++ rights, so heartwarming!!

All I get from her story is that women faced such brutal misogyny at the time that she loathed everything about being a woman, in part because she wasn't allowed to be female and do what she wanted, which happened to be "for men only", and no doubt because women were seen as inferior too, even worse than in the present, and most importantly due to the sexual assault that she faced during the war. It's not hard to see why she'd want to be a man, and perhaps she didn't have a choice back then, but recognizing her as a man and celebrating her self-hatred and complex trauma as a result of the oppression that she and other women were victims of in that era, requires a special kind of cognitive dissonance. And the worst part is that society, even her own family, and so-called "progressives" then and now, readily accepted her as a (fake) man as if being a woman who uses firearms, wears pants and is attracted to other women was somehow worse than a woman hating her own existence, as if they were congratulating her for wanting to be "the better sex", instead of giving her the respect she deserves as "the inferior sex". Like they were telling her "you're one of the few good women who deserve to be called men". That's literally what happened when she was decorated by the army because she had a FAKE birth certificate that said she had been born male. The army would've hesitated or refused to honor her properly if she hadn't been so desperately trying to become a real man in the eyes of others, let alone if she had demanded to be respected as a woman.

I'm glad the CNDH (National Human Rights Commission of Mexico) still refers to her as female in this article, at least before the part where she "came out", but on the other hand they still do the stupid "assigned female at birth" bullshit. It's like they still have a bit of common sense and aren't sure if it'd be better to support women or support gender ideology: https://www.cndh.org.mx/noticia/nace-amelia-robles-avila-lider-revolucionaria-quien-se-le-reconoceria-como-el-valiente

Also, what the hell is this? From the English wiki article:
>Robles was not alone as a person assigned female presenting as male in the Mexican army at the time. Maria de la Luz Barrera and Ángel(a) Jiménez also adopted male identities during the war
Was it really necessary to use this roundabout troon language to describe women who were definitely not TIFs? It's so fucking annoying.
They only use these unnecessary terms for two non-troon women because they're being mentioned in reference to the subject who is a TIF. So in a way whoever edited this shit is acknowledging that the TIF in question is just like the other women, a woman pretending to be a man. That's kinda funny.

No. 12180

I actually have read about her story, the one interesting detail TRAs leave it out is the fact on her deathbed she be asked to be dressed as a woman in order to commend her soul to god and that she be given full military honors
I don't think she can be compared to a modern TIF, she grew up in a very religious environment and probably believed that she wasn't "allowed" to love another woman as a woman and had to take the role of a man

No. 12211

I saw the troons talking about this on Twitter and while I didn't read her story it was so obvious that this was, yet again, just another case of a woman trying to be respected in society and liking "man-things", so she decided to become a man because women were considered incompetent garbage. How can troons not understand shit like this. A woman who becomes a man so that she isn't repeatedly raped and wants to fight as a soldier isn't a man, she's just trapped between being treated like an animal as a woman and being treated like a person as a man.

No. 12469

There is a reason why this pracitce
died out, save for a few remnants.

>Although there are no exact figures, it is estimated that there are only 12 burrneshat remaining in Northern Albania and Kosovo.

No. 12470

>but how do you guys respond to the "have empathy" sort of arguments?
How does that benefit me?

No. 12533

Furthermore, it doesn't even benefit the troon. It is a cruelty to pretend what they have done to their bodies is anything other than horrific.

No. 12581

>It is a cruelty to pretend what they have done to their bodies is anything other than horrific
This is so true. It's so easy to compare to eating disorders when it comes to the troons who actually do have gender dysphoria, because it's the same base condition of body dysmorphia. They're just different expressions of the same kind of mental disorder.
Imagine someone with a severe eating disorder, who's all skin and bones through starving themselves. You know they're hurting, or at worst even killing themselves through this.
They hit a new low goal weight, "don't I look so much better like this than when I was fatter?" they ask.
It would at first seem cruel to be honest and say "No, you look terrifyingly sick and it's kind of repulsing. I wish you'd stop and get help." But it also wouldn't be kind to say "yes, you look better now, you're going in the right direction" because you are then pushing them to continue to hurt and kill themselves. Only one of the options allows for the person to get out of the disorder, and the other pushes them further into it. So which reaction is REALLY the empathic one?

No. 12611

We already have a framework that works pretty well when it comes to people changing something they're insecure about. If a man is wearing a toupee, it's considered rude to come out of nowhere and call him bald. However, if he starts talking about how lucky he is that he never went bald, someone will eventually rightly call him out. Typically it's a sign of deep self-esteem issues that cause people to be in denial and lie like this and the compassionate choice is to help them accept what they can't change. Except these expectations don't apply to troons and thats why it bothers us so much. We don't particularly care that some man has deep unresolved issues about not being able to change his sex and is doing his best to feel better about himself but when he lies we're expected to affirm him, no matter how offensive it is. "Having empathy" is the normal course of action we already naturally do when it's obvious an older woman dyes her hair or gets her teeth bleached. What troons expect is abuse.

No. 13347

Filling out small surveys then:
>Choose male or female
Filling them out from 2016-2020:
>Do you identify as man, woman, or other
Filling them out now:
>Choose your pronouns

Kek what changed? Couldn't be all the TiFs saying they ID as amorphous clouds

No. 13357

Nonnas this post is a two parter because I have to blogpost somewhere, one of my roomates is subletting her room for a few months and the person moving into the room next to me is a they/them woman tattoo artist that posts pics of her in dresses with her cleavage out but… she wears t shirts sometimes
Is they/them just the new version of NLOG? Like you feel that you’re too dynamic and interesting to be a boring dumb girl? But also
How can i not put up with the inevitable troon shit without getting kicked out of my fucking house? I get the whole “have empathy” thing but sorry I’m in my house I’m not playing along with this girl’s delusions

No. 13401

>Is they/them just the new version of NLOG?
yup, always has been.

No. 13402

>Nonnas this post is a two parter because I have to blogpost somewhere
the peak trans vent thread accepts spamming and venting and is fairy active and supportive so you can always go there

No. 14548

What does /2X/ think about this video? Please watch in its entirety if you're going to comment.
This is a physicist I'm subbed to, but she's very strict about the scientific method in general. In the video she talks about whether the uptick in TIFs is a result of social contagion, and dissects the validity of studies done on the success of puberty blockers and testosterone in girls. It's quite information dense towards the end.

No. 14549

File: 1682950345805.png (74.52 KB, 624x590, data says.png)

kek I love her deadpan german humour. just subsribed.
glad to see the consequences of transitioning being spoken about openly and honestly, with decent data to back it up. and I also like that she brings up the social contagion element. there were one or two things that rubbed the wrong way in the first half though, like:
>transgenders are stigmatised around the world, being forced into a strict masculine - feminine binary
umm those are gender roles that everyone is unfairly subject to. and trans people reinforce them. I think she is confusing gender nonconformity and transgenderism here.

No. 14584

I'm the nona you're replying to, thank you! I don't know if I'll wrote a book about it (I thought of writing books but on different topics). When I saw your reply (sorry for not replying earlier) I thought it inspired me to make a gender critical Substack though. So far I don't have any posts yet but I have some drafts. I will certainly share it here when it will be ready.
I plan to write posts based on my observations and some of my irl experiences with troons.
I will write it in English, which is not my first language but will be better for larger audience.

No. 14587

Well the first part of the video she lays out how the DSM defines the disorder, that's not necessarily her personal opinion. She didn't go after the general psychiatric consensus, only after bad studies. That's as much as a physicist can do as it's not their field.
She does go HARD after issues in particle physics in her videos as that is her field of study. I love her critiques of how "bro physics" negatively impacts science.

No. 14810

I think I have heard about involvement of former Nazis in the gender surgery shit. I am aware some Nazis were burning the books related to that (early trans research) but I feel like I heard of other Nazis involved in promotion of that years later (not Mengele himself but think of Mengele-tier medical experiments, sadists etc.). Nazi or non-Nazi, can anyone give me some useful sources about the individuals involved in this field and how it evolved? John Money is a famous example of course (non-Nazi) but I need to learn about more such "people", find sources and arguments to peak others.

No. 14890

File: 1684597109006.jpg (175.01 KB, 1080x1173, Screenshot_20230520_162153_edi…)

Saged for ot but I was randomly scrolling through Facebook and saw a mass peaking event. Woman exploded at genderfag for saying women never have to feel unsafe, there were 400+ comments and almost all other women commenting were agreeing with her. I like seeing the normie peak kek 1/2

No. 14891

File: 1684597142621.jpg (242.86 KB, 1080x1832, Screenshot_20230520_155125_com…)

No. 15032

Regarding sports, in the 90s and 2000s, there was a pop-feminism trend focused on proving that girls are physically equal to boys and that anyone opposed to girls and boys competing against each other is a sexist man who needs to change his ways. I remember in TV shows like Hannah Montana, Degrassi, Proud Family, and Lizzie McGuire, all had episodes where female characters were not allowed to join a team with boys but did anyway, defeating sexist males easily, and at the end of the episode, the coach realizes he was wrong and changes his stance. This may have led to the idea among some young woke women who never actually did sports and are adults now, that there is no significant physical difference between male and female and anyone against boys and girls competing against each other is just sexist.

No. 15046

I've seen older feminists than me with this idea and it's only harmed them in the long run to realize women are physically smaller and weaker than men. Which to us who weren't sold the same lie over and over… well duh. There are even some nonas on here who will flip a table over if you try to say women and men on average have brains that differ in how we think and it's simply biological and not "fe/male socialization".

At no point has denial of biological reality helped humanity.

No. 15117

File: 1685339979105.png (50.72 KB, 1290x688, Screenshot 2023-05-29 at 06.58…)

The redditors on the small subreddit r/Jazz Jennings seem like they are slowly peaking. 1/4

No. 15118

File: 1685340039155.png (75.3 KB, 1352x1186, Screenshot 2023-05-29 at 06.58…)

No. 15119

File: 1685340154176.png (85.81 KB, 900x1002, Screenshot 2023-05-29 at 07.00…)

No. 15120

File: 1685340247316.png (53.41 KB, 892x852, Screenshot 2023-05-29 at 07.00…)

No. 15187

I'm glad to see a pro-trans place say "there is no way a kid at 2 years old knew they were trans". That would have been considered transphobic hate-speech just half a year ago

No. 15473

>real trans people transform after their surgery
lol isn't that just convenient

No. 15696

Sage for blogpost but wow thanks husband for your confirmed moid behaviour…
Was already GC and probably considered a TERF.
Explained to him why i am likely a TERF he did moid behaviour excusing with 'remove gender, not all men.etc
Like fuck off with your behaviour.
Then did typical moid behaviour apology for a later incident.
By blaming me and my feelings.
Am BPD. But I know bullshit when I hear it.
You being a man doesn't make you perfect and me being female and mentally ill due to a messed up childhood doesn't make me wrong.
Fuck all men

No. 15697

KEK tifs shitting on MTFs are my favorite kind of trannies. Of course mtfs are gonna be insufferable like hello, they’re men!

No. 15701

Just took a look at that data set to see how it changed. It seems like trans identifying has increased in the past year, especially among the 2001-2005 born young adults, which now stand at around 7% trans compared to 4% on your graph…

No. 15702

>I don't think I will ever peak, because I have been treated like shit by people who have
Late reply, but that's because you told radfems to get raped

No. 15722

File: 1686620192715.jpg (44.27 KB, 763x302, tumblr_99d8901a07f496e1a2a93f1…)

I hope they all 41% themselves

No. 15732

>"they're just ftm repressors because look at how masculine they are"
Literally homophobia adn sexism in one, attacking women for their natural appearance… which no troon should ever feel the confidence to do the way the lot of them look even after millions of dollars spent on procedures

No. 15735


Can't wait to rear a dysgenic brood of FtM repressors

No. 15829

File: 1687193108823.jpg (784.97 KB, 4096x3276, GridArt_20230619_094337686.jpg)

Old news but how much of trans discourse and talking points are a result of Russian chaos agent propaganda kek

No. 15833

My greasy, 35 year old autist tranny brother hasnt responded to my dad about my grandpa’s death because he misgendered him or wont accept him or whatever the hell. It’s been like a week. I cant believe that being a rebellious woketard is more important to him than his fucking grandpa dying. Holy shit. These people have no fucking empathy, no sense of community. Nothing. Its all just a game of having the most brownie points to them.

No. 15836

Kek wow anon, good find. I wonder if this topic could have its own thread?

No. 15841

File: 1687240894537.jpg (624.5 KB, 4096x3276, GridArt_20230619_230116434.jpg)

It definitely should have its own thread! The chaos agent blogs generated an insane amount of buzz on their posts so one could still find some of them by googling their usernames.
The nevaehtyler blog has a decent amount of popular posts against "white feminism". If their goal was to sew discourse and divide people, then I find that quite curious given how people online today think white women don't experience misogyny and TRAs and leftist moids label radical feminism as white feminism.
Most of the blogs operated between 2016-2018. Similarly, I really wished I saved this but there's a graph out there indicating that so many LGB news sites exploded in articles about troons all of a sudden around 2016. Any other nonnas interested into digging into this psy op?

No. 15843

I'm definitely interested. Perhaps it could be a thread in /ot/ especially to try and pull in more engagement?

No. 15847

This reminder of an old r/GC discussion, tinfoiling that tumblr and tumblr were being used to destabilize feminist and leftist movements by promoting trans activism and inner-hatred.

No. 15856

This is incredible. Please make one. I have some insight into this, too.

I'm also convinced the LGBT's T was actually originally harmless, but infiltrated by outside sources to destroy gay, lesbian and bisexual's progress. I am not sure who (conservatives, russians, government) but it was an outside source with a ton of money.
T was actually very quiet when I originally joined and I remember discussing this with gay men and other lesbians and bisexual women that it was kind of like an orphan we took in because it had nowhere else to go for representation. I think malicious outsiders waiting in the shadows saw this and artificially pumped it (notice all the sudden support and push for it, corporations backing it) out of absolutely nowhere. I know this is hard to imagine, but trans people used to be very humbled to even be in LGBT when I was first apart of the community. They were nothing like what you think of the trans community now.

One theory I have was T was infiltrated and pumped up artificially by NAMBLA (the pedo organization. lots of rich billionaire pedophiles) who has been trying to insert itself into LGBT every single decade. Every single decade, we kick them out. I think they were aware of this, trying new tactics and decided to go for the weakest member of LGBT. Notice how aggressive they are with trying to make kids trans, when it used to be only for adults. What even is a "trans kid" and who started that phrase and push? Who's putting these gay, trans, and lesbian explicit sex books into schools? It's not us, that's for sure.

Now T somehow rules over and is destroying the safe spaces of LGB, especially for lesbians. It was definitely done on purpose and is malicious. The LGB is more hated than ever, aggressively pushed on straight people and families when that is not what Pride or the entire movement was supposed to be about.

No. 15872

File: 1687374897466.png (1.14 MB, 1280x1125, NLISAP-20210624-Pakistan-Afgha…)

I believe the Russians probably just took advantage of it, Its just one of the many things they promote to sow division in the United States, however I do agere with you, I think the issues of troon activism were likely started and promoted by pedophiles, if you look up historical examples of societies with pederasty, it seems they preferred feminized young boys above all else, most likely trans-activism is just a way to normalize and achieve their fetish.

No. 16112

Just skimmed this list and thread. Its a bit weird that a lot of those usernames are 3 words, kinda the same way Reddit started those auto generated 3 word usernames a little while back. Wonder if its related.

No. 16119

Tumblr has auto-generated usernames now and IIRC they consist of three words.

No. 18620

I don't understand why some trans identifying women are misogynistic although most of them literally transition because of misogyny or abuse/trauma caused by misogyny.

No. 18621

Many tifs transition because they hate women and they hate being women. In their eyes, being a gay man is better then being a straight woman, being a straight man is better then being a gay woman, being a feminine man is better then being a feminine woman, being a masculine man is better then being a masculine woman, and so on and so forth. Women are vapid and 2d when compared to moids in their eyes. They've been told that women are week feebleminded creatures that lack nuance, and instead of growing up and realizing that women can be gay, straight, masculine, feminine, and have interests and feelings they internalize their self hatred and start to think since they identify as male they must make up for their sin (being female) by acting like an Elliot Rodger clone. Sad but true

No. 18634

Because they're stupid as fuck. They grew up hearing women are weak, vapid and stupid, and instead of going "hang on a minute I'm not weak, vapid or stupid so they're idiots who are spreading lies" they instead incorrectly think "hang on a minute I'm not weak, vapid or stupid so i must not be a woman like them".

A person (male or female) can't be a troon without misogyny and narcissism.
Tims think women aren't really their own thing and don't respect women enough to realize he can't ever be one. He sees women as "weaker men", and thinks that he can become one himself by becoming weaker.
Tifs think other women are weak and stupid and want to escape from being one. The ones who want to escape womanhood because they're scared still live under the illusion that all other women enjoy being oppressed and seen as stupid sexual objects, and that they themselves are special because they don't want it.

They're all mentally ill, there's no mentally stable troon. A mentally stable person simply don't live under the delusion that they're a different gender or sex than what their physical reality is. And mental illness causes depression in a lot of causes, and depression causes a high level of self-indulgence and narcissism (it's a pretty natural reaction, because when you're doing badly your body and brain tries to keep you alive by focusing resources on yourself). So even people who aren't "true" narcs become more and more narcissistic the more trans (mentally ill) they become. Doesn't help that trans ideology rewards narcissism and is built around it.

No. 18642

Thanks for the explanation, anons. I've never spoken to a tif before I entered online spaces so had no idea why they were behaving like pseudo-incels but the internalized misogyny explains it well.

No. 18648

Your post is perfect at summarizing rationales of TIFs and TIMs but a part of it is a bit iffy.

>because they're scared still live under the illusion that all other women enjoy being oppressed and seen as stupid sexual objects, and that they themselves are special because they don't want it.

Media and other women certainly depict this as not the case. Libfems and Libfem lites are the majority of all women after all that occupy social movements, media and influence and hold the most political/capital power and they do enjoy being degraded. "Awoken women" (whatever you consider this as) are aware of the ruse of degradation, male violence and are often female separatists, and female exclusive women etc. but you're being disingenuous arguing most women are against degradation. Most women are meagrely spineless supporters of this degradation by their silence and lack of deference, and most if not all as libfems are avid supporters. "Radfems" (the label doesn't matter) aka critical women with spines that question male violence, female humiliation and degradation are far less common and that makes TIFs even more bleak and resolute in their decision to troon out. They certainly suffer from mental illness to actually think anyone can change their biological sex but it's an entirely rational response to an irrational women-hating world. Internalized misogyny and self hatred is the only response to the current state of being a women in the world.

No. 18650

>Most women are meagrely spineless supporters
>it's an entirely rational response to an irrational women-hating world.
You honestly sound like the tifs described nona. You also sound like an autist who needs to get out more, and I mean that in a literal way and not as an insult.

No. 18654

Your childish cattiness aside you have to wonder why there's not a lot of outcry over these things though, no? The majority IS willfully ignorant and spineless handmaidens, you can't just say "go outside" everyone participates in society and is exposed to handmaiden self humiliation whether they want to be or not. There's no point to the autist spam gaslighting catty and petty moid insults, contribute something to the discussion. I'm giving my theory on the phenomena of TIFs, what's your explanation as to why there isn't? And do you disagree with majority being soft Libfem- and spineless, have a meaningful response.

No. 18656

Personally I wish I were self hating because that would make dealing with female pigs so much easier. if I was a self destructive person I wouldn't be even bothered by porn or by being in the female inherently submissive(to men) role. I would have been a normie like all other women aka I would fit into the society/human relations because to fit into them as a woman you have to be a prostitute mentally. But I'm not a normie therefore I can't like porn or can't not have a severe phobia of heterosexuality and heterosexual acts women commit because they are a pigs to men that are one with men especially through their hetero desire, they are one and hetero sex and men define who women are, it's not separated. Women are designed as the receivers of male sexuality. I am not that mentally therefore I have a gender dysphoria and rather be the male energy then submit to the male energy. If I hated myself I wouldn't mind all the female socialization, sexuality/body and female behavior, I would never complain about all of it ever in my life. You're in denial and (all of you) are engaging in female socialization. Denying the inherent patriarchy yet punishing us for not fitting into the natural order of things (patriarchy)? It's sending a mixed signal. If someone who is especially a heterosexual woman and isn't mentally capable of being submissive to men aka having het sex and sees it as degrading then they have a dysphoria or are repressing something which isn't true in my case. I wish I could just start hating myself (I actually fear falling self hate because long time ago I realized that it's impossible to be a woman and not be a masochist and it fucked with me severely when I tried to prove it wrong but couldn't). If I were a male I wouldn't have to be enslaved in all the female socialization and femininity that doesn't let me express my real self or be loved kek dumb fucking anons. I hate it when humans speak about all of this shit because the patriarchy just comes out of them and it becomes so apparent. You could just become a fucking Christian bible preacher talking about how god created women to be in a certain gender role and that female only purpose is being a good servile person who submits to men. Bye you're completely exposed in my eyes and you're shaming tactics don't work on me, you're just like the rest of the world and the patriarchy but disguised as something as else. Atp you could just agree with me about things anons but it isn't that acceptable to just tell women that their gender role is this and that inherently and if they dont wanna be that and hate it then they are evil kek

No. 18672

>And do you disagree with majority being soft Libfem- and spineless
nta but i disagree, you're talking about a specific and smaller demographic of women. Most women are too busy living their lives and tackling their own personal problems to think about shit like dismantling the patriarchy but if you actually talk to them they'll agree that it's all bad and should be changed.

No. 18673

>you have to wonder why there's not a lot of outcry over these things though, no?
Where do you live where there's not an outcry of these things? At least in my country it's a common political topic both for and against

No. 18677

And 5 minutes later they will have a cock in their mouth anyway. You're just sitting here fantasizing but if I showed you real life it would be seen as a ragebait anyway, you can whine and much as you want at me but the reality stays the same and all women end up in the same bad fate. Then they hide under men and "patriarchy" actions to avoid taking accountability for their spinelessness and anyone who tries to speak the truth they perceived esp through noticing all the patterns and seeing the big picture then they get shut down and nobody ever believes them. Have some critical and logical thinking skills which is often rare in women in this context and the proof of it is women engaging in het relationships like a dumb prey. And then ppl wonder why I'm so angry after all what is done to women like me and after me seeing for years that all my predictions come true and the circumstances women create for us with their spineless nature are their own and not men/patriarchy creation(moid)

No. 18694

>but if you actually talk to them they'll agree that it's all bad and should be changed.
Then why is there hardly any talk of this? Most are unquestioning and continue to go about their daily lives in acceptance of truly vile shit that barely lives under the surface of daily life. No lobbying, no attention paid to it at all. Most women are libfem lites in the anglosphere as they've fallen for the left/right doctrine in these countries and aside from a few outliers, most of the western world is like this too.

>Where do you live where there's not an outcry of these things?
NZ, but isn't this the norm of the anglosphere? Am I somehow missing the swaths of women protesting, lobbying, and vocalizing their dissent against this? Barely any women are critical of troons let alone the inhuman treatment of children and women. How long can it keep being said that these women ignoring human trafficking simply aren't aware of this?

>but if I showed you real life it would be seen as a ragebait anyway
Please do, 'female pigs' anon.

No. 18705

Stop replying to it.

No. 18706

This. It's the blowjob fetishist.

No. 18999

Thank you mod for banning the moid.

No. 19426

File: 1692908358828.jpg (133.29 KB, 1192x600, large-tfjTOqErJVZbt6kDzG71ysHc…)

Rósisín Murphy has said something fairly reasonable about puberty blockers and her fag fan base is absolutely malding.

No. 19446

I never followed her on social media and only knew one song of her and today I learn about it. She's super based.

No. 19555

Trans Insurrectionist Calls on Marjorie Greene to Help Her Avoid Going to a Men's Prison. Jessica Watkins was charge with sedition for his role in the January 6th protests.
He founded and led a small militia in Ohio. He's like Republicans to help him serve his time in a women's prison. Marjorie Taylor Greene said no.


No. 19740

File: 1694122182395.jpg (264.44 KB, 1022x690, Q4Msbs9.jpg)

I see a lot of people despairing about how long it's taking for the public and for leaders to allow and embrace scepticism towards the trans movement's claims, but it makes sense it is taking so long. The trans movement wasn't built in the day. The modern day trans movement dates back to the 90's. This book from 2013 positively talks about TIFs at Smith college (all woman school) including transgender issues into the Lesbian Bisexual Alliance club in the 1990's. It took them decades of convincing academics and college students to get to this point, it will take decades to move on.

The most important thing is to talk to other college students. Zoomers, especially nerdy zoomers, are beyond obsessed with gender. They're going to graduate and control future institutions. Those of you still on college campus, you need to find each other and start networking, talking to each other, promoting actual feminist theory and feminist action.

No. 19745

I think the best way to peak people is to point out how deranged it is to put literal kids on experimental puberty blockers that we KNOW hurt them permanently in terrible ways, and then point out how they all blatantly lie and call them "reversible". If they truly and honestly wanted to help "trans children", why would they deny how harmful they are when they only hurt trans children? (Not that they're a real thing, and detransitioners who they hate exist too but in their TRA eyes they are only given to real trans kids and only 0.01% detransitions and it's because of transphobia).

The only reason kids are given these experimental drugs in the first place is because transition for adults did NOT work. They only theorized that "well maybe if we started earlier they'd pass better and be more successful" and that led to puberty blockers. That's so fucking dumb, it's like saying "well the lobotomy didn't work on adults so let's do it on kids too to see if it works better then". It doesn't, it's just even worse!

Why wouldn't they if they actually cared about trans kids instead admit the flaws and advocate for safer blockers to be developed? Why wouldn't they be outraged that such unsafe drugs are used on trans children? The simple answer is that they're so far gone they can't admit that they've been loudly and aggressively WRONG this whole time. They would rather keep hurting more kids than admit to being wrong - because it was never really about the kids for them. It's about protecting the ideology at all costs.

No. 19781

File: 1694368069194.png (87.16 KB, 787x691, e36996f25d706baa76cc02d8af358f…)

i just like this post and wanted to share it somewhere.

No. 19785

it actually started in the 1970s with martine rothblatts zine

No. 20036

What is this fucking bullshit? I just looked up "Intersex" on Wikipedia:
>Intersex people are individuals born with any of several sex characteristics including chromosome patterns, gonads, or genitals that, according to the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, "do not fit typical binary notions of male or female bodies".
>"do not fit typical binary notions of male or female bodies"

>Its just one of the many things they promote to sow division in the United States
While they undoubtedly used this and many other things to their advantage, Russian intelligence is not alone. The American elite also has many ways to sow division among the normal population to keep them distracted and loyal, especially if it's profitable in some way as is the case of transgenderism. See:
This was definitely not just a "tinfoil", it was definitely the truth. They do it on imageboards too, we have proof that the feds used 8chan. They do it on any website that's big enough. They've done it countless times in real life too.
Think about it, aside from those Russian or whatever agents there was already an American pro-troon agenda funded by tranny billionaires and their corporations. Besides, gendies also exist in Russia so it can't all be a big Russian conspiracy, trannies over there were able to change their legal sex, get surgeries and everything, and now that they're apparently banning SRS it's being used in western propaganda to attack Russia. It's a global phenomenon, and I believe it originally started in Western Europe (though pedophilia and autogynephilia are just male nature).

No. 20062

So a fembot is simultaneously the ultimate male fantasy, but also a perfect metaphor for trans women? Interesting. Love when feminists try to be inclusive but say the quiet part out loud.

No. 20127

File: 1696151910295.jpg (9.58 KB, 261x209, TNGO.jpg)

No. 20128

>on Wikipedia
Nona wikipedia will allow chaging of a child rapists pronouns the second he says he's just a little girl like his victims. They've also scrubbed articles about how like half of male serial killers in the US were also cross dressers and similar things that make trans people "look bad" no matter how true it is. It's not new, wikipedia isn't as good and honest as they claim to be.

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