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File: 1485555571296.jpg (42.82 KB, 480x480, tsuruko.jpg)

No. 240880

Who is this bitch, and why are all these dumb meme pages thirsting after her?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 240887

No. 240888

Bad thread but anime dweebs always pick on cute feminine looking dolly girls to make stupid trap memes about. They did this shit to anzujaamu too. They will spam a girls photo on boards over and over obsessively for years sometimes. Current animu girls I see them spam are this tsuruko chick, alterhacker, anzujaamu and mirukawa.

No. 240893

i know her from gaia she dated some weirdo on there and then they had drama and someone made a video on it lol imo she's not that kawaii uwuu sweet personality wise

No. 240898

is this a self post? why are his eyes so droopy? looks like theyre melting off his face

No. 242013

Because she's kawaii azn desu. She said she is 1/4 Chinese, honestly she isn't cute at all lmfao
>potato nose
>no lips???
>flat, boring hair

No. 242019

>being this jellyfat
you need to lower your salt intake anon it's not good for you

No. 242026

I think she looks cute. And she looks pretty asian for 1/4, I thought she was 1/2 or something at first (but idk if that's cause of the poses/make-up/filters).

Btw from her looks and behavior I'm assuming she's the same age as Venus. They also both have the typical way of talking of weebs in that age group.

No. 242047

You sound so jealous and bitter, it's almost funny.

No. 242055

>I thought she was 1/2
She looks white as fuck to me

No. 242059


ok? lol I just don't find her attractive, she reminds me of ahripop. she looks more like a white girl trying to look Asian than someone that's actually asian. idk how that means I sound jealous but okay

No. 242062

File: 1485786397849.png (165.93 KB, 320x350, Screenshot_2017-01-30-09-24-14…)

dropped pic, sage for samefagging

No. 242067

She doesn't look Asian to me either. Not in her colouring. She looks more like Bjork here but with thin lips.

No. 242073

this girl's neither a lolcow nor a dumb special snowflake. Ripping apart her looks just makes you look pathetic.

No. 242080


No. 242100

>"Potato nose"
Gosh, I'm seriously wondering what's a non-potato nose for some people on here. It's like a broken record.
Milk or gtfo.

No. 242106

File: 1485791663855.png (485.13 KB, 795x585, tsurukos cringe friend.png)


i think she has a good cute nose tbh. ahripop is the one with a potato nose.
is this skyleigh posting tsuruko because she's jealous tsuruko actually has some sort of asian blood in her?

tbh she's nothing special, but she doesn't seem harmful/ a cow. literally just a girl being cute and cosplaying.
i find some of the edits by her thirsty weeb boys funny but most of them are cringey and unfunny. it's like when /b/ was posting that autistic asmr girl and calling her their "Autistic waifu" like just leave these girls alone.

she has this chinese friend tho who literally wants to be a meme and posts pics like this

No. 242118

just because she doesn't look chinese doesn't mean she isn't

No. 242121

Well I guess it's all about perspective, Björk also always looked really Asian-ish to me. And this comes from an actual 1/2 Asian. Btw I do agree she looks a bit like Björk, kinda a younger cuter version lol.

No. 242135

younger cuter? what? she looks like she was pressed out of a pig that fucked a rabbit or something

No. 242140


well damn. I know I said she wasn't cute but she isn't hideous or anything. she doesn't really have any milk either. Not even worth having a thread.

No. 242142

She's not actually ugly or potato-nosed or whatever. She has pale skin, big eyes, and is into weeb stuff, so it makes sense that lonely betas would thirst over her.
Anyway, someone provide milk or fuck off with this shit. Probably a self-post. And what's with all the salt ITT, anyway? She's done nothing to garner this much autistic screeching or even general attention.

No. 242143

>read the comments
>literally all these cucks are from memecenter and 9gag
>she's not even "top tier" enough to be a 4chan waifu
Jfc. Fuck off, OP. You're part of the problem.

No. 242158

I don't find her cute, but she's not ugly. Also, looks white (like anon said, she reminds me of Ahri Pop).
>lol at Today's weebs saying they're 1/4 azn
And no, she doesnt have a 'potato nose' but the thin lips make her nose look bigger.
Overall she looks ok and seems to be nice, OP you r so salty sis

No. 242159

I don't mean she made up the 1/4 asian thing, but I don't think it's needed. If she looked asian, ok. But she doesn't. It's like Kiki saying she's 1/4 German 1/4 English or the fuck she claimed to be

No. 242161


tbh her eyes are definitely not white to me. she's in a weird spot to me because she doesn't look like your stereotypical asian or even haffu, but she just doesn't look white to me? it's so weird. i think her eye makeup helps accentuate it, as does the hair. maybe her asian genes dominated those two traits of hers but the rest is white so overall she looks more like it.
her mother is half chinese and looks it, maybe if she wasn't so ghostly pale she would resemble her mother more.

it's weird, i feel like for 1/4th asian she looks more asian than every 1/4th ive seen. my best friend is half thai and you can only really tell with his eyes, the rest of him looks white.
sage for blog post and boring info

No. 242163

Just another whit girl trying to look asian by doing korean style makeup, dying hair black and pandering to weeb neckbeards

No. 242164

she has hooded eyes, they're really common

No. 242168

She posted a picture of her eyes in /g/ (eye thread) some time ago.

No. 242171


i don't remember that, i just remember an anon posting a picture of her saying "hi tsuruko" but i looked and she wasnt in the thread previously.


im pretty sure i have hooded eyes and it doesn't look like that. i personally believe she has some sort of monolid eyes because they look different than most white people's eyes

No. 242175

I did not expect her to have a lisp.
Shes pretty dolly cute though

No. 242179

the constantly greasy hair is killing me

No. 242189

A photo of her mom was posted on pull or something before, she's asian. Get over it who cares.

No. 242199

? Except that she was in the thread
Check again

No. 242204

File: 1485811278754.png (304.77 KB, 656x1119, Tsu.png)

This is Tsuruko's original post in the eyes thread.

No. 242213

She recently created a YT channel, so yeah, maybe.

No. 242220

my thoughts exactly. you go on her ig and it's promo after promo from livestreams to sponsors to announcements of upcoming videos. it's painfully obvious selfpost, especially with the lack of actual tea or receipts from the op. just a casual, "hey pay attention to this mysterious person none of you have heard about with no actual drama? :0" lmao

No. 242228

I know right? She's a flake, super rude and catty cosplayer, actually Venus started cursing a lot too since she's friends with Tsuruko.

No. 242234

File: 1485815634080.jpg (33.41 KB, 474x473, IMG_2075.JPG)

This whole thread is fucking garbage and reeks of manure.

No. 242235

LOL HI Tsuruko!!!

No. 242236

ah yes. the tryhard wannabe tsundere trying to profit off her betafag fanboys by doing half-assed reviews and shit videos she puts 0 effort into but still expects people to watch.

No. 242238

It's so nice of Tsuruko that she posted in the eyes thread, admin sama can you check if Tsuruko chan is here with us?

I wouldn't be surprised if she were a regular user bashing other cosplayers.

No. 242239

i mean she's a rude cunt fond of mocking people for edge points so i'm sure the spirit of lolcow is right down her alley. she did make her own thread, after all.

No. 242241

watched a couple minutes. her attitude is repugnant.

No. 242243

she acts like kota in her first edgy q&a days which… she put a lot of effort into deleting from the internet because everyone was dragging her. and this girl proudly puts it up on the internet for everyone to see?? someone spends too much time on 4chan.

No. 242247

Isn't the point of these sponsored videos that you're supposed to kiss ass and give good reviews so you get more free shit? She's just cursing and calling everything gross.

No. 242250

Tusurko and all her catty friends, and Venus is now in the process of becoming like her.

Besides having a sailor mouth all of them have a lot in common:

The filthiest bedrooms and bad hygiene/ eating habits.

No. 242252

her hair is absolutely filthy in every single photo ewww. it's so stringy and oily.

No. 242254

>ultimate dream weeb face
>disgusting hair, utterly talentless, terrible personality

Can't have it all, folks.

No. 242257

Should've stayed with insta only. I think she's got a really cute face, but her videos are boring as fuck.

No. 242260

seems like venus is the one who got her into youtubing especially with the eating thing, since they're now apparently buddies morphing into each other. lmao at how venus magically dyed her hair black and switched to being a weeb after befriending tsuruko.

No. 242261

That edgy 'Cash me outside' attitude just proofs they are still in an extend of their puberty stage. I guess they will notice just how cringey this attitude is when they are real adults.

No. 242269

Oh no no anon, remember it's "dark brown" not black (pfff) and that she is totally not trying to look Asian also Manaki likes literally everything Tsuruko posts.

No. 242271

I hope she throws sade to Venus so we can have good milk. Pls admin sama, check it

No. 242275


No. 242281

>also Manaki likes literally everything Tsuruko posts.
this tea

No. 242293

Tsuruko and her group definitely post in Bonbon's threads, I remember when Tsuruko sent her friend to defend her ass in PULL.

It will happen eventually.

No. 242306

how old is she? does she have a job?

No. 242311

if she really is posting here, isn't she underage? correct me if i'm wrong

No. 242319

Don't find her attractive at all. Her appearance is like if Mira and Venus mated.

No. 242329

why is she so negative? and who the fuck kept bumping this shit thread?

the cut looks like she chopped it off with a lawnmower

she posted in the eye thread in /g/ some time ago but i doubt admin knew or gave a damn who she was at the time

No. 242337

I even find Ahri more attractive

No. 242340

The OP description is shit but the thread is OK, anons already know her anyway.

>why is she so negative?

Idk all these flakes have the urge to talk about their problems in public.

No. 242437

File: 1485835454096.jpg (725.56 KB, 1104x1534, pt2017_01_31_12_58_21.jpg)

They're hooded. Not monolids at all. You can literally see the crease in her eyelid in every picture/video, including this one. There are different degeees of "hooded" eyelids blogpost I have the same thing and am white af. They're pretty common. Jennifer Lawrence has them, Taylor swift, Emma stone.

Pic related monolid vs hooded eyelid

I live in Asia and wouldn't even need a second glance to know she's not Asian. I don't know why everybody here has such a hard time determining of somebody's asian and if thry are, which nationality. It's pretty simple.

No. 242443

Not all Asians have a mono lid though?

No. 242448

File: 1485837805106.jpg (76.36 KB, 1080x1349, 15801918_1654141464886099_7617…)

she's literally 1/4 asian that top pic is from a full asian. hooded eyes are deep set eyes the crease goes along the nose bridge and under the eyes. she has raised skin all the way across her nose bridge her eyes are not deep set at all. she looks pretty asian to moi in this pic.

No. 242488

she is asian, cry harder.

No. 242503

She's only 1/4 Asian, so obviously she's not going to have a monolid going on. If you look at the tear ducts, you'll see that she has an Asian thing going on there, that's not what white people's eyes look like.
I too live in Asia, which makes me a total pro when it comes to eyes /s (at least I know that not all Asians have monolids kek)

No. 242550

who gives a flying fuck if shes asian or not, really. The only annoying thing is IF she keeps pushing on about it, if she barely has the blood. It's like having to deal with dweebs who are like 15% Irish/or w.e but are so nationalistic and prideful about it. Tbh she can make a pretty decent d.va, just cause d.va is super fucking white washed, she has the face for it I suppose

No. 242551

File: 1485856667244.jpg (753.4 KB, 2008x3000, Jackie-Chan-Wallpapers-HD-youn…)

One way to actually distinguish many Chinese from Japanese.

No. 242581

her face shape is so weird, it's like a bean

No. 242598

File: 1485868392022.jpeg (43.98 KB, 740x389, becky_news.jpeg)

>I live in Asia and wouldn't even need a second glance to know she's not Asian. I don't know why everybody here has such a hard time determining of somebody's asian and if thry are, which nationality. It's pretty simple.

Because I'm half Asian, and I know what mixed Asians look like? Most if not all mixed Asians have double eyelid. Take Becky for example. Sure, to Asians it may look White, but in the average White country, people will still call you "that Asian person".

No. 242638

No. 242657

Yet another weeaboo cosplay hoe on Instagram. Doesn't matter if she's part Asian or not - who even fucking cares she's boring.

No. 242673


but aren't literally 95% of weebs/cosplayers on ig boring? most don't even make their own costumes and it's just the same selfies over and over again.

how old is she again?

No. 242691

she's obnoxious and rude and lazily promotes all the free shit she gets while acting completely ungrateful. she's also besties with venus, and there's tension regarding the fact venus is desperately trying to look asian again while manaki likes every single one of tsuruko's selfies. tsuruko is also taking up youtubing and seems to be looking to grow an audience, this doing more shit for us to see.

she's a cow. the milk will come.

No. 242721


ngl if there's milk i can wait for it. for some reason weeb milk is the most entertaining to me.
i feel like she's toning down her personality, is hiding it to not seem weird or she's just kind of boring.

am i the only one who liked when she shaded bonbon?

No. 242762

How did they meet? I think Manaki was Tsuruko's fan or something then Venus started following her too, correct me if I'm wrong.

No. 242888

not disagreeing/agreeing but lmfao what the fuck are you trying to prove you can see like five pixels of her face in that pic

No. 242965

Ikr? Maybe anon is the other girl in the picture.

No. 242970

why does she look balding with that hairstyle?

No. 242977

sans the eyelid tape, makeup and filters she has obviously asian features. she has asian monolids not hooded eyes. hooded eyes are deep set and she has barely any deep shadowing around her eyes. seemed clear to me. shrug.

No. 243004

it's because she already has a big forehead and long face and the bangs she has are leaving an open spot on the side of her forehead exposed, making it look even bigger and bald

No. 243230

Those are not monolids. If >>242204 is really tsuruko, she has Asian hooded eyes.
Western hooded eyes are deep-set but when Asians have hooded eyes, it has something to do with the fat in their eyelids or so.

No. 243936

File: 1486115667961.png (340 KB, 1041x1592, 2017-02-03 20.48.14.png)

I went through her pull thread a bunch of real life friends are on there and when her thread was started a whole bunch of "new accounts" started and defended her and were upvoting each other lol also a friend posted a comment in the past that tsuruko goes to friends houses to cover her ip wouldn't be surprised if she's the one self posting herself everywhere (I'm also going to post a few pics from the thread sorry)

No. 243937

File: 1486115749280.jpg (1.05 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20170203_204656.jpg)

She def photoshops 1

No. 243938

File: 1486115815809.jpg (1.18 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20170203_204737.jpg)

Sorry last one

No. 243946

that forced asian smile she does makes her look like a fas-y gorilla. also she looks like mira on the upper right here

No. 243949

i think she looks good here either way

No. 243951


nothing like her photos tho

No. 243955

She's cute. I like her freckles.
She's what Suzy wishes she looked like. Really similar features except this girl actually pulls it off.

No. 243989

Is it weird to say she actually looks cuter in her non-shooped pictures? She also looks cuter on video than on pictures imo.

No. 244298

To me her eyes+forehead and hairline make her look a bit downs but she seems ok other than being pretty boring and pessimistic.
Actually now that i'm looking at this shit she looks closer to FAS than downs in the upper left pic kek.
In saying all this I still think she's cuter than a lot of the cows on here probably because she's not really a cow ergo this thread shouldn't exist. Snow is shit but i'd think not self-post worthy level of shit.

No. 244753

how would anyone "track her ip" over instagram though?

No. 244761

>she looks like mira on the upper right here
I was about to post this lmao

No. 244764

does anyone know how venus and her became friends

No. 244957

There's no info on how she and Biinasu became friends afaik. My guess is that Venus found out about her since Tsuruko is Manaki's latest obsession and then Venus started following her too.

No. 244967


agreed. i also looked nothing like my cosplay pictures when i was 11.

but seriously the pic of her on the side compared to the front looks the same except she smoothed out her face which i've seen her mention a while back. i'm glad she can actually admit it but in her eating snack videos her skin looks fine anyways so it's not like misa tier shooping by any means

No. 244968

no i think she just worried of her ip being tracked in general not just insta, she constantly posts here & on pull

No. 244981

They all post here and/or on Pull.

Bonn did, Margo did, AnneDere did, Sky(Ahri) did, Kaka still probably does, Mira does, Sarah Onions 16 yr old friend did … ect ect ect ect ect..

I never understand why they even try to deny it or pretend they have no idea this site existed when half of their views come from here. This chick is no different and probably spends half her day coming here to shit talk about other girls.

No. 245635

File: 1486337961421.jpg (109.88 KB, 1080x1080, 16110361_1245539915535689_5566…)

without photoshop that stupid lip purse gives her the most unfortunate nasolabial folds

No. 245638


I thought we were over the nasolabial folds meme

No. 245640

File: 1486338164579.png (37.75 KB, 141x137, 0.png)

No. 253788

File: 1487409502211.png (73.59 KB, 640x557, IMG_1612.PNG)

Is she laughing at venus?

No. 253790

Don't mean to bring up irrelevant info but the girl Tsuruko tags used to have this fan page that mysteriously vanished. Which I'm pretty sure was just her self posting just to get more likes. Like I have no clue how she and Tsuruko are close but they're definitely close considering she tags her in a lot of things

Sage for useless info

No. 253792

So what's the difference with this weeb and that other Skyleigh weeb?

No. 253793


p much Tsu is the less chinky version of how Skyleigh shoops her self to look

No. 253812

Fuck off Venus

She desperately seeks asian approval constantly

No. 253820

She's reacting to barrage of attacks in the past 24 hours that are related to some blm girl 's page. All non-Japanese girls screeching about yellow facing on Venus' IG.
P.s. Japanese IN JAPAN are not oppressed and they don't cry about gaijin weebs buying anime and looking terrible in kimono. They don't care. Only Americans and non-Japanese Asians project their cultural problems onto Japan and want Japanese to get offended.

No. 253899

tsuruko is actually 1/4 asian (specifically Chinese) while skyleigh pretended to be

No. 253902


theyre friends irl.

but yeah himeaa is actually really ugly and shoops hardcore. she's one of those potato moonface asians and is jealous tsuruko has gotten fame and has been made into a small meme

No. 390796

File: 1506047558327.jpg (73.17 KB, 281x500, IMG_1018.thumb.JPG.590396a944f…)

So Venus is promoting her patreon.

No. 390797

File: 1506047602282.jpg (63.12 KB, 281x500, IMG_1019.thumb.JPG.c4cd86d07d2…)

No. 390802

File: 1506047896946.png (390.25 KB, 815x528, tsuru.thumb.PNG.466b6aad37545d…)

And here comes Margo

No. 390804

File: 1506047949199.png (2.84 KB, 280x80, Captura.thumb.PNG.294d76146069…)

No. 390848

KEK, she makes it sound like venus is some sort of hitman. if v really wanted to see tsuruko crumble then why would she actively promote her patreon? smelly kappa should go back to her river already.

No. 390902

fuck the nasolabial folds, she has complete white girl lips, I hate the expectation that all asians should either look like ball jointed dolls, jav porn stars, or exotic, tan, with big thick lips and a perfect jaw and smooth thick hair, but I don't see how anyone buys it, her hair is white girlish and doesn't look a hint of asian, her nose looks fine but still looks european, but telling from this girls head shape as well as her lips, she MAY have some asian blood, but waayyyy down the line, not 1/4th

No. 613154


I know Himeaa IRL too, she is not ugly and not jealous of piper. She may PS alot but she still looks the same(namefagging; whiteknighting)

No. 616943

She has a really dirty mouth for someone that wants to be ~ kawaii ~ and all that jazz

No. 681011

LMAO. The salt in this thread is pathetic.

No. 681215

>necroing a thread with less than 200 replies for the sake of white knighting

No. 890084


No. 890143

She recently moved to Japan and was greeted by Mikan Mandarin. This was the first time a lot of people got to see her face without the filters. A few days ago in another Mikan video, Mikan mentions how Tsuruko found out she doesn't like being on camera much so there'll be no future videos with her in them. More likely than not she doesn't like videos not by her because she can't control how her face looks.

No. 890293

Idk who she is but it looks like she intentionally filmed the friend from the floor/unflattering angles and the friend still looks adorable

Friend: 1
Mikan: 0

No. 891790

File: 1573475169099.jpg (251.68 KB, 1080x1351, Screenshot_20191111-225311__01…)

Mikan tries to be subtle with her shade towards other women but she really slipped up with this vid kek. She'll put it down to her edgey ~British humour~ that's her favourite defence. Pull only just stopped circle jerking her after she showed up to do damage control multiple times, suspiciously quick. She's the type of cow who takes what people say about her and uses it to better her facade, but it's thinly veiled lol. I don't think she's milky enough for a thread here though, just anther two-faced weeb who treats her followers like cashcows.

Tsuruko is definitely aware of what she did judging by the fact Mikan had to explain in a newer vid Tsuruko won't be appearing in anymore of her vlogs because she's "shy" kek.

>Here's a pic of pre ~uwu internet famous persona~ I don't think I have to spell out the irony

Saged for off-topic

No. 896842

Her foul mouth is normal for Australian standards.
She seems like a fine person. Isn't her fault people act all obnoxious about her. Chinese isn't even a desirable nationality to pretend to be lol… Additionally, there are a FUCKTON of Chinese in Australia.(necro)

No. 896943

i don't know how much people here care about mikan but she used to be friends with a lot of people in the "facebook community," she and her female friends were exposed a while back for having a private female group chat where all they did was make fun of other girls constantly. it was really bad. she also lies compulsively about her life, plastic surgery, sex, etc. all to appeal to orbiters

No. 896946


I'm not a tsuruko stan and I don't keep up with Mikan outside of venus's threads but is anyone uncomfortable at her mouth shape and the way mikan speaks? I haven't seen her outside of IG pics but the way she moves her mouth is very bizarre. It also seems very mean the way she's talking about one of her "best friends"? Like the part where she mentions tsuruko doesnt do anything with her life despite being the same age.
I've heard that tsuruko is a stay at home weeb and whatnot but I'd be fairly insulted if my best friend spoke about me in that way? Mikan seems to constantly put her "best friend" down.

No. 897268

So this Mikan girl was online friends with Tsuruko for a while? And then moved to Japan and set up a day to hang and meet face-to-face? And brought her camera and recorded her friend without asking? For the whole day? And Tsuruko (what is her real name?) allowed this behavior, then later on privately asked not to be in any more videos?
Did I understand correctly? This Mikan chick is a cunt and this makes Tsuuko come off as very gracious. Imagine being treated like that by a friend, as if they are paparazzi trying to trick you or catch you off guard for their own benefit/gains. Tsuruko looked really cute in the video, too… better than her IG photos - she makes herself look generic with the shoop.
Thanks for the drop of milk whoever necro'd this thread

No. 897282

File: 1574619803170.png (1.06 MB, 1080x1620, Screenshot_20191124-102145.png)

Think she's referring to Mikan?

No. 897505

She is, they're no longer following each other on social media. Welp for "best friends" that sure didn't take long… Tsuruko mustn't have anything Mikan wants kek.

Good for Tsuruko, I've seen the way Mikan's spoken down to her for years now. I even caught her calling a fan of Tsuruko's ugly/won't amount to anything -because she stuck up for Tsuruko when Mikan was using her passive agressive British humour to publically shame her (as usual). It honestly sounded like she thought she was famous and the girl who confronted her was trash by comparison? This was all in caps with multiple replies mind you, but she caught on after 5 minutes and deleted it before I got a screenshot.

>I still think about the milk that got away with that one :(

Although I do sleep well knowing that after the barrage of insults from Mikan, that girl appealed to her superficiality. She brought up the fact her face pics weren't getting half the engagement the ones where she hides her face were. Fucking kek I know she hit a nerve with that one.

No. 897532

She literally has no space between the end of her nose and top lip, that's probably what you're thinking of. The nose job makes it more evident, especially in motion.

No. 898119

Sage for useless info but someone on PULL called Tsuruko Piper. Maybe that's er real name. It's cringy to keep calling her some weeb name

No. 899551

File: 1575081806683.jpg (73.62 KB, 236x500, Screenshot_20191129-172026_Ins…)

So what we've been saying has been pretty much confirmed. I'm mean the speculation Piper cut ties with Vina, and of course Vina's personality in general kek. Image dump incoming (1/3)

No. 899552

File: 1575081872717.png (211.03 KB, 281x500, C7B98DA6-B07F-4F30-AE5C-CCDC89…)


No. 899553

File: 1575081980569.png (104.26 KB, 231x500, 63DCBA1B-5184-47E1-ACDA-CF31F5…)

>I'm gonna be a grown up

No. 899572

You already put this on PULL and /w/ quit spamming.

No. 899632

Actually, I only acquired the info from pull and had no idea it was already posted on /w/… That's some real solid sleuthing you did there kek

No. 899684

>put down typa person

So Mikan spent the whole day insulting her and filming intrusively and expected her to want to stick around?

No. 901149

Yeah and it’s funny about not wanting to be filmed but recorded a group of girls fighting and can see their faces clearly, to her Instagram

No. 901209

Yeah Piper has always had a problem trying to be a "I'm not like the other girls" meme queen, but all she managed this time was cutting herself on all that ~edge~

No. 901470

I’m surprised they didn’t notice and fight her instead

No. 925207

Definitely her IRL name, but why call her anything but what her main moniker is? I like her youtube name better (pipuko) but idk…
You could tell by the end of the video that she was on the verge of crying, she was already tearing up a bit.
I'm not fond of either girl but they can't both be wrong. Just because Tsuruko is an hypocrite doesn't mean Mikan is anything less than a jerk (which should be evident by now, tbf).(necro)

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