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File: 1442779372371.jpg (24.77 KB, 300x400, 19079_100193800013278_3539504_…)

No. 34839

No. 34840

try to go to Japan and call yourself otaku and see what happens Burry. Oh wait she has no money to go to Canada much less Japan LOL

No. 34842

File: 1442779699620.png (68.46 KB, 584x291, Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 4.04…)

I can't even.

No. 34843

Give her some time and she will end up being a koreaboo too

No. 34845

File: 1442780447219.png (236.28 KB, 500x371, tumblr_mazxzliMFz1qg9rigo1_500…)

so forcing them to be a trainee for no salary for 10 years and then throwing them on stage for money are better?

No. 34866

berry, sit ur pinoy ass down.

No. 34897

because remember guys, record companies making easy money off of their artists is only wrong if it's not azn and not super choreographed.

No. 34898

does anyone want to start up the berry twitter again, I know they get taken down, but last time it got so much exposure that it might be worth it.

Or even if it's not a berry truth twitter, what about a twitter account that calls her out on her bullshit tweets. retweet and reply to them?

No. 34909

Perfect everything? Far from perfect. Usually the companies are money hungry and exploit their artists in a variety of ways.

No. 34910

That would be hilarious!

No. 34912

Anyone know what happened to hentaithot? I don't see them up each others ass lately. Pretty sure he changed his un.

No. 34918

No. 34919

he changed it to BUKKAKEDADDY …lol

No. 34925

Lol messy af as usual. I still don't see them up each others ass as much. Probably true she just talked to him as much because he defended her.

No. 34928

I thought she was always a koreaboo?

Also, not sure if she is the same girl, but is she the girl who also had a totes anz fiancee, and he was some jp celebrity or something? Also, either she (or he, the bf) was a vampire?? Berry and the girl (if not the same person), was discussed almost the same time on PULL a few years ago, and were deleted/forgotten about around the same time too.

No. 34942

No she was never a koreaboo per say, she just has this east asian (Korea, Japan, Chinese)>other asians bias so that's probably why she comes off like that.

No. 34972

(Posted by Kristen. Click for more info.)

Nah I'm pretty sure that wasn't her

No. 34978

Idk if it was berry for sure but she did act as if ouji was her fiance and that their first picture posted would be their wedding photo. Ouji also used to go by the name vamprince

No. 34982

File: 1442805190123.jpeg (28.05 KB, 640x264, image.jpeg)


No. 34983

I know what girl you're talking about. Her name was either Yumi or Rumi. She was as equally delusional as Berry.

No. 34989

File: 1442809020355.png (41.49 KB, 637x199, foof.png)

I love you more than Calpico and Pocky, that means it's true luvu.

No. 34991

bruh someone should call her out ouji doesnt even live near her

No. 34992

File: 1442809600411.png (21.4 KB, 744x165, csdvd.png)

forgot pic

No. 34993

File: 1442809757273.png (30.14 KB, 744x237, really.png)

i don't even think she's seen herself naked let alone ouji seeing her

No. 34998

File: 1442810021506.png (569.52 KB, 744x440, fish.png)

probably because you smell like fish

No. 34999

File: 1442810338684.png (81.77 KB, 744x614, lololol.png)

AHAHAHAHAAH look at the last comment

No. 35002

File: 1442811387878.jpg (81.33 KB, 355x474, bootystank.jpg)

is it me or does berry look like she doesn't wipe her ass? she always looks like shes smelling her booty fragrance.

No. 35005

there she goes with that weird ass roleplaying bullshit again… like, she can't be 21….. this all has to be one big joke LMAO please, i'm begging you Berry

No. 35015

Nice face blur

No. 35022

File: 1442822596093.png (36.33 KB, 583x340, lotsoffeelshere.png)

She retweeted these. Looks like she has a lot of feelings.

"I delete most of my tweets because the person I was 11 minutes ago is not the person I am now."

That's her way of saying, "No, you don't understand!! I'm not problematic!!! I'm just always changing!"

No. 35023

Yeah, it's basically her way of getting out of people calling her a hypocrite when she contradicts herself by criticising something one week and then doing that exact thing the next.
It's such a weak and shitty excuse.

No. 35085

how did anyone get the op pic?

No. 35086

File: 1442844679819.png (453.89 KB, 577x577, meme.png)

No. 35093

File: 1442845596879.png (119.7 KB, 200x312, sugoi.png)

No. 35095

File: 1442845986876.png (802.92 KB, 414x646, tumblr_nte3wzm23D1ue5x2io2_500…)

No. 35096

File: 1442846046644.png (895.76 KB, 540x554, tumblr_nte3wzm23D1ue5x2io3_540…)

No. 35145

Rape? Lmao Burry u r so funny. I'd not touch your body even with a fork

No. 35149

File: 1442852753540.jpg (47 KB, 640x400, image.jpg)

Sure, Berry.

No. 35161

No. 35170


Ah yes, because everyone wants a piece of that hypocritical lard

No. 35173

kek I'm sure guys wouldn't even notice or look at her irl

No. 35216

File: 1442867891086.jpg (23.55 KB, 640x198, image.jpg)

She is back at it with her shit

No. 35219

File: 1442868095802.jpg (71.04 KB, 640x409, image.jpg)

You weren't born in Spain lmao
And not even hispanic
She can't talk spanish
google translate doesn't count

No. 35220

Lol her saying she is Spanish. What kind of 'Spanish'??? Mexican? Puerto Rican? Cuban? Dominican? Columbian? Lol. Who on her parents side is from Spain?

No. 35224

did they not get conquered by them though? ergo the similarities in some words.

No. 35227

if she's claiming to be part latina i'm going to kick her ass

No. 35228

she's probably just filipino but included the other two because filipinos have chinese and spanish ancestry

No. 35230

I am korean, my parents were born in korea but i was born in usa. Im still 100% korean and have the right to call myself so. Even if i didnt come from there recently. If she had spanish ancestry, she should be able to say she part spanish, if she actually is..

No. 35232

well, in latinamerica nobody says "i'm part spanish.." when it comes to race, so i dont think is diferent in the philippines??

No. 35233

no, it doesn't work that way. thats your ethnicity, your ethnic background. not the country you came from.

i am mexican and obviously my ethnicity derives from the natives and the spaniards breeding with each other. when shit like that happens, its not a honky dory situation. most of the natives from conquered countries are raped. i would never claim the spanish side. similarly, the spanish are assholes that don't want mexicans to claim as such.

No. 35235

also, you cant considerate yourself part spanish when ur like the 389247 generation lol

No. 35249

yessssssss, that just reminds me of that white dude wearing the "we are all from africa" shirt. lol what are you gonna claim next, neanderthal?

No. 35252

That's not what she is doing though.
That's the thing. They will say I'm Mexican or Cuban etc. Not oh I'm Spanish lol. She can say Chinese and Filipino but not the section of hispanic she is? Lol.

No. 35258

lmaoooooo, this bitch is full of bulshit, i bet she wanted to sound more "exotic" claming shes part "spanish"..people from spain are just plain white people. and shes always saying "thanks god im not white!!" and now she says shes part spanish? sweaty thats make u part white then

No. 35260

Well ( sorry if this skind like a race discussion, but in Latin America, it's kinda implied that the majority of people are part Spanish/latin, come from Spanish dominant countries, or came from a long line of people who mingled with Spainards, or directly spoke the language…. Not counting if you're obviously a different race/ethnicity
Honestly, she could be part Spanish as the Philiphines was conquered by them, and race mixing wasn't unheard of. She should have the right, as snowflakey as it may sound, to pick any race she wants to identify as(if she's mixed with it, because she won't be lying per say.). As long as she isn't hurting herself, or straight out denying her genetic make up, or talking over people who are exactly from that group, I think its fine. Not my life, but that doesn't stop me from laughing at her though.

Ain't nothing worse than a girl who is 1/18 Spanish talking over a girl who lives in a Spanish community, and is fully Spanish

No. 35261

???? Da fuq

No. 35262

i dont wanna be mean or anything but what the fuck did you just say

No. 35263

I get what you mean but I think the reason we are all laughing is because she probably isn't any part 'Spanish' besides any Spanish mixed in with being Filipino way back when like you mention lol. So mentioning it is pretty unecessary.

No. 35264

Is she even any bit Spanish besides the Spanish mixed in with Filipino that's unecessary to mention? Like I'm p sure her dad is Chinese and mom is Filipino. Could her mom or dad be mixed or nah. Because she's been claiming she is Spanish for a while lol.

No. 35265

spanish is not even a freakin race… she should say white??

No. 35270

But white isn't as ~*speshul snoflaek*~

No. 35272

someone should @her and say "so you are part white..?" lol she would be like "no.. im.. im spanish.. you know… like pollo and… jamon serrano. yeahH"

No. 35308

This comment made my night

No. 35314

and tortilla flamenca

someone just twitt her in spanish to see reaction

No. 35315

She might be "Spanish" but she is not fluent. That happens.

No. 35318

File: 1442884499522.gif (483.29 KB, 500x265, giphy (1).gif)


If this were true she wouldn't try so hard to keep up her fake life and looks.

No. 35320

Haha what was this? It's deleted now.

No. 35323

File: 1442884915222.jpg (512.19 KB, 1920x1867, BHHEdAV.jpg)

She is a master at essay writing too! What can't this girl do?!

No. 35327

I knew she'd delete it. She basically was saying how her whole life doesn't revolve around being on the internet. Lol

No. 35330

An essay written in an hour has to be shitty. It'd make more sense for her to spend that hour reading some other essay.

No. 35332

File: 1442886626062.png (335.57 KB, 391x586, Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 9.46…)

Plastic surgeon to a doctor. Don't you mean oncologist? You don't even know what type of doctor you want to be, let alone find the cure for cancer

No. 35333

I nominate this as Berry Thread anthem.

No. 35334

the whole cancer conspiracy is complete bs. I doubt berry knows anything about skepticism and she doesn't have the intelligence to do any further research on a conspiracy about her dream job

No. 35339

File: 1442888310983.jpg (65.64 KB, 752x427, IMG_20150921_221321.jpg)

Here's the tweet she deleted

Here's the text for those who can't read it.

>Why do people have this notion that people on the internet have no lives outside of it? The internet me is only 1% of my life haunty.

No. 35340


No. 35347

lol yeah, you keep telling yourself that korinne :)

she is so delusional, it's actually quite sad.

No. 35367

1% my ass lol

No. 35368

What kinda plastic surgeon is going to know that much about cancer lmao this is golden.

No. 35372

Her boyfriend is online and all her friends are too. She just needs to look so fucking special for everyone and she doesn't care how ridiculous she sounds. She is the type of person to always one up you. Oh you have two phones? Well I have FOUR. Oh you're going to be a nurse well I'm going to be a DOCTOR. But who the fuck is she one upping? No one has any expectations from her. She's just making a fool of herself, honestly.

No. 35384


>Why am I so much like Umaru

Because you steal from the plot of the show when tweeting about your fake life, Korinne.

No. 35466

File: 1442919557262.gif (1.16 MB, 275x275, whatev.gif)

>Why am I so much like Umaru
because like with most things, she's trying really, really hard to appear as though she is.
>The internet me is only 1% of my life
hilarious stuff.

No. 35489

Fuck you anon, this is perfect

No. 35490

I know a lady who is in her 30s and is an oncologist, finishing up her shit, like what makes her think she's just gonna figure out the cure? Like, yes, it was so simple, we just needed a weeb to figure it out all along.

No. 35511

she'll never make it that far, not even close.

No. 35513

Seriously a 21 year old who is in pre-med should know at least the very basics of what they are getting into. She doesn't act like someone who does. Tries to claim what is on the internet is 1% of her life lmao. Even when she was more active during summer the only thing relating towards her major she would say is ohhh I'm so focused on becoming a doctor/surgeon or omg its going to take 15 years!!! :( no links about medicine, new developments, shadowing, internships…lol. Yet she'll post whenever she gets snacks and a new Umaru is out. Like really Berry. If you want people to think you're serious, act like it at least. Don't try to deflect saying oh this isn't all of my life!!!

No. 35599

ot but that gif is gold

No. 35609

File: 1442952331879.png (31.85 KB, 773x110, Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 4.02…)

She really sounds like she's in highschool

No. 35628

I really think Berry is homeschooled tbh lol

No. 35658

File: 1442955662802.png (16.12 KB, 555x109, pero qué elegancia.png)

so classy

No. 35665

She tweeted this at 3PM…she's been in school since 6AM? Lol…

No. 35678

Most highschools start at that time….Not sure when college actually starts.

No. 35680

the 2 colleges that I've been in.. the earliest classes started at 7:30 AM (I'm in NYC)

No. 35684

maybe she's bad at math. She posted a good morning tweet at approximately 9:30

No. 35685


what highschool starts at six am?
and the earliest my college starts is like maybe 7 or 8, but i have had to stay there till like 6pm before (schedules are a bitch)

No. 35686

Yeah most high schools are open at least 1-2 hours before they start and Tom's River high schools start at 7 soooo???
Yeah that time is usually correct. Ain't no class gonna start until 7:30-8:30am at college.

No. 35694

My school starts 7:45, but since it opens its gates around 6:00 you can say that the school starts 6. Maybe she goes early, or leaves late?

Or you know, usual Korinne, wants to sound like a smart well-rounded bookworm/studious student that is also a gamer guuu

No. 35740

File: 1442971325061.jpg (498.6 KB, 1740x1920, zeD7vyC.jpg)

Can't tell if she's being facetious or if she's serious. Also lol at her replying to someone's tweet talking about doctors.

No. 35772

whys she trying so hard to use AAVE and also using it incorrectly oh my god

No. 35774

File: 1442976405072.jpg (110.85 KB, 540x403, mhlzjgiAeP1rbu9nwo1_540.jpg)

@ korinne:

No. 35778

trying to imply that she's like a "really smart doctor"

No. 35798

File: 1442983228061.jpg (123.19 KB, 1024x746, IMG_20150923_003824.jpg)

No. 35799

File: 1442983330052.jpg (31.53 KB, 1024x208, IMG_20150923_003857.jpg)


Sincerely doubt this is her actual dad and she just change the original contacts name to seem edgy.

No. 35800


I really doubt this is her dad… I don't understand why she has to make things like this up. It's so unnecessary. It makes her seem so psychotic. Not only is she problematic, but she more than likely has some mental issues going on as well.

No. 35802


lol she won't survive residency. if she even knows what that is

No. 35804

why do you act like all parents have to act a certain way lol??
news call!! there are actually parents out there that are cool about anything.
kinda ignorant how you're judging someone's parent just because they don't act the same as your own.

No. 35807


Oh dear, it looks like I struck a nerve here. Interesting… It's pretty darn obvious she really doesn't say these things to her family. I find it highly unrealistic and that's simply my own opinion. I find a lot of things unrealistic due to her compulsive lying ways. If you've followed Berry from the beginning you'd see most people here take what Berry says with a grain of salt. That's how much she lies. I find it quite amusing you're calling me ignorant when we're on lolcow. Did you forget where we were for a moment?

No. 35808

u mad

No. 35809

Lol HEY everyone look I'm a cool dad I let my kids call me bitch!!! Get real. This girl clearly is trying very hard to make her parents seem cool. She does it to her own damn self as well and fails at it with those fake ass tweets about her bro asking her if she knew who some kpop boyband was. Also where is op judging the parent? They're judging Berry.

No. 35810

File: 1442987139644.png (53.48 KB, 583x464, theseweeaboos.png)

The weeaboo struggle is intense with these two.

No. 35815


Yom Kippur is tomorrow, so is that why she is up late talking to her animu boyfriend. I can't stop laughing. Ouji suddenly becomes so active when Berry doesn't have school. Doesn't anyone else see through this shit? I'm not questioning Ouji being a real person. It's just so damn obvious she writes and controls his twitter in some ways.

No. 35816

Yeah the high schools are closed tomorrow. Not sure about colleges though.

No. 35817

yeah I mean I wonder what she'll do when she finds out she won't be able to whip out her ~iPhone 6~ to tweet every 2 seconds as a resident, unlike high school
if she even knows what residency is
inb4 she starts tweeting about how tiring residency (or how "easy" it is, let's see how she stretches it)

No. 35834

she is bad at math, despite saying otherwise. but more than likely she's just lying as usual.

No. 35836

she sockpuppets her bf's account, why not her father. what a loser~

No. 35837

File: 1442996727375.png (555.48 KB, 604x748, o.PNG)

No. 35864

Yui taka-something?

No. 35903

File: 1443022414585.jpg (81.61 KB, 1024x990, TMkkWZPh.jpg)

Looks like someone is home from school because of Yom Kippur.

No. 35905

File: 1443022436418.jpg (50.79 KB, 599x796, SWh2GVh.jpg)

Full pic

No. 35910

Says 1 hour ago on the tweet so this wasn't at 7, but 10.

No. 35913

File: 1443022975834.jpg (102.22 KB, 945x1024, ANikqoSh.jpg)


No. 35915

She used her android? It is so grainy? Maybe her sis wasn't home and she couldn't use her iPhone.

No. 35918

she didn't go to classes today but OCC doesn't have classes off today, only toms river high has today off because of yom kippur. is this kid seriously in high school??? LOOOOOL https://www.ocean.edu/content/public/study-on-campus/academics/calendar.html http://patch.com/new-jersey/tomsriver/toms-river-schools-calendar-2015-16

No. 35920

wait for her to make a tweet saying "ok going to classes now bye!!!"

No. 35923

She probably will, maybe something about homework. And that would make it the third time this month she posts school stuff on days where her high school is off despite everything leaning towards her being more in high school than college.

No. 35925

I still find it amazing she claims to have 4 iphones but consistently posts pictures like this lmao

No. 35933

Hey we actually see her ears for once lmfao

No. 35934

She has ears?

No. 35935

way to out yourself as a total dimwit (not that most of your other posts on here are any less ridiculous)

No. 35939


What the fuck is going on with her neck? It looks so long and weird. That's not normal, is it?

No. 35940

File: 1443027723528.jpg (14.93 KB, 298x275, 867543.jpg)

here you can totally see how top heavy she is.
the spaghetti strap cutting into her shoulder fat so much, that it looks like her arm is seperate from her body.

No. 35943

Of course she's a high school student. Her behavior, her posting times, and her views of college itself all show she's just some dumb teen trying to play herself up as a cool adult.

No. 35954

File: 1443029401251.jpg (113.71 KB, 530x664, totallynormal.jpg)


Her neck reminds me of this. It's so unnatural.

No. 35955

File: 1443029546796.png (146.4 KB, 600x785, pads.png)

caption: Training husband to buy pads 101

No. 35989

File: 1443034590943.jpg (388.91 KB, 500x679, large[1].jpg)

It really just amazes me how she has no real life friends. 12k followers and no one from her school? I'm sure she goes about hiding it, but like..people enjoy taking photos with their friends , sharing on social media etc. How come absolutely no one has asked why she is always alone?

There's usually only picture with her sister..that's it. hell even pictures with Ouji who she seems to make people believe he lives close or with her.

ugh it's just mind blowingly stupid how both her and Ouji have twitter and Ouji post pics but never with her. IDK what's the harm in being honest about him living in Indo.

No. 35990

*hell NOT even pictures with Ouji, who she seems to make people believe he lives close or with her.

No. 35994

I think her over-the-top ego personality is just her online personality. I'll bet that she's super shy or introverted and has a hard time making IRL friends.

I keep going back and forth with Ouji being real or not. If he is real, he seems to have some cowish tendencies himself. A few threads back someone linked to an old blog of his and in it he had some weird ass "relationship" with some girl on DA, which I'm pretty sure he was just stalking. But Ouji probably only knows online Berry and believes her lies just like all followers.

No. 35999

I can see the resemblance

No. 36044

File: 1443042738527.jpg (13.28 KB, 201x275, 87J-gdgadrY.jpg)

This is an old photo of her neck. Compare.

No. 36070

File: 1443047652832.png (81.67 KB, 585x457, ssssssssss.png)

No. 36077

her eyes are rounder now did she do something to them? Or is it pure photoshop again

This doesn't seem very post worthy for berry I think its another "humble brag" on her part lel she always wanted a sugar daddy right? So she can mooch off of working people and claim its "becuh they loVe me!!1" who gets off her photoshopped face and bod? kek gross

No. 36078

lol did she delete that?

No. 36087

Pure photoshop since her eyes never look consistant

No. 36089

>her eyes are rounder now

Well, for one, I believe this picture is a few years old, and yeah Photoshop. I won't say if its a lot though since it was pretty consistent with the style she had back then.

Tbh, this was part of her better phases, and I always found this pic pretty, photoshopped or not.

No. 36091

File: 1443050636650.png (367.43 KB, 780x487, Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 7.22…)

She just retweeted this. So i guess Ouji doesn't count as a boyfriend since they've never physically met

No. 36093


But they totally live together, anon!!

No. 36094

File: 1443052186938.jpg (51.26 KB, 1024x600, mCuCNB3h.jpg)

Yeah it seems so, but she posted this and this is still up lol.

No. 36109

Berry, why don't you simply just be straight forward with the shit you want to say. Simply just say "tfw people wanna buy u stuff just cuz i'm the cutest internet fake ever"
Always making other people compliment/buttkiss for you. shiet.

No. 36124


>Jp translation: I love cute things

>Real translation: Anal is courage

>Be careful of internet things.

What is she even talking about?

No. 36160

File: 1443073606384.png (12.97 KB, 336x206, ss (2015-09-24 at 01.43.41).pn…)

why is she so public about her relationship problems

No. 36192

yet posting a selfie with him would be " too much privacy expose "

No. 36195


My exact thoughts. This inconsistent bitch.

No. 36285

File: 1443106937272.png (41.33 KB, 596x270, jeonasseater.png)

Jeonhayen is seriously such an aggressive ass eater. I've never seen someone eat Berry's ass so aggressively as her.

No. 36286

File: 1443106952958.jpg (41.74 KB, 600x800, jeonputabitch.jpg)

The photo she uploaded.

No. 36287

File: 1443107005087.png (37.94 KB, 593x175, asslickersticku.png)

Apparently we're haters for not feeding into Berry's lies and encouraging her Umaru fantasy. :'(

No. 36288

File: 1443107192049.jpg (58.18 KB, 600x800, jeonho.jpg)

Here's a photo of this aggressive ass eater to keep you guys entertained.

No. 36289

Why is this the first thing I see. Oh, Berry.

No. 36326

File: 1443114506890.png (1.17 MB, 389x1600, 3c8.png)

I think Berry is IRL Tomoko, only Berry is not afraid to show her face online.

No. 36327

rlly want to shoop her to look like Berry now

No. 36329

File: 1443115069774.png (1.07 MB, 1242x2208, image.png)

'look at my kawaii tiny feets'

No. 36330

If Tomoko shooped as much as Berry did she probably would.

No. 36340

what's the point in wearing shoes larger than your feet? That makes them seem like hand-me downs

No. 36342

someone said it was because her ankles are huge (because she is fat af) so she can't find tiny shoes that fit her ankles

No. 36348

Didn't she already post this?

No. 36352

File: 1443120943027.jpg (55.33 KB, 341x604, image.jpg)


She has older photos that are the exact same except different socks.

No. 36353

File: 1443120963367.jpg (40.4 KB, 540x390, image.jpg)

Here's another one.

No. 36354


lel does she not have any other shoes? she always seems to wear these. besides the cheap flats she got from walmart. so rich kek

No. 36356

File: 1443121285078.jpg (22.02 KB, 616x268, image.jpg)

More like I'm too fat to fit into Women's clothing.

No. 36360

imagine Ouji using child-like clothes and Berry being a small whale

No. 36361

File: 1443122681261.png (291.89 KB, 579x428, 3b06uhew5.png)

No. 36362

Is this Berry in this video ?? Through the video you can some times see an asian girl in a green sweatshirt sitting on the stars and she just looks exactly like Berry without shoop

Go to 19:27

No. 36364

Oh come on, it can't be THAT bad.

No. 36365

File: 1443123273041.png (1.01 MB, 751x711, Untitled.png)

Nah. Besides, this was done in the southwest US at a college. Berry's in NJ and in high school.

No. 36366

No. 36371

Are these Palladium boots?

No. 36373

I'm like 99% sure those are men's boots. Just how big are her feet that she's stuck wearing flats and men's work boots??

No. 36378

File: 1443125659468.jpg (249.9 KB, 1440x1080, image.jpg)

No. 36383

yeah they are. i doubt they're hers though

No. 36384

File: 1443127045017.png (13.52 KB, 581x88, omg,...png)

she.is.in.college…….. for the love of god

No. 36393

File: 1443128077584.jpg (36.84 KB, 604x341, RhYP6_mpHJA.jpg)

It looks like they're her brother's

No. 36407

Do colleges have color printers?

No. 36408

Is this photo from his fb or something?

No. 36409

They should? But she's not in college, she's in high school, and that's still just as embarrassing.

No. 36411

It's a photo she posted of her and her brother (luke maybe?) standing together

No. 36413

File: 1443132327594.jpg (44.12 KB, 604x341, qTt9yS4nC30.jpg)

here's another foot size comparison

No. 36414

her big toe looks huge..

No. 36430

is it just me or does this sound like a very high-school-y thing to say

No. 36433

def not just you lol half the shit she does and says sounds like a high schooler

No. 36434

what the hell is she doing wearing her brothers shoes and passing them as her own………..??????????

No. 36456

Well she is in high school.

No. 36560

Some time ago some anon on yousei-bitches mentioned that she saw berry in a high school video. I talked to this anon afterwards and she said berry looked the same in video but more tanned with smaller lips and eyes, however she couldn't find the video anymore. I'm dying to see it lol does anyone ever heard of this?

No. 36565

That sounds like a bit of a stretch, although she does have some serious cankles and even her calves from what you can see in >>36352 >>36353 >>36393 >>36413 seem pretty chubby.
Weird how you can tell she's fat just from looking at pics of her feet.

No. 36587

never heard of it at all

No. 36630

Is it just me?? Any long time lurker of yousei-bitches here?
I think it was around the time where anons posted her overly ps'ed pictures there

No. 36631

i never heard of it either, but if the anon could find the video again that would be nice lol

No. 36635

File: 1443204977319.png (14.86 KB, 585x113, okokk.png)

No. 36636

File: 1443205051865.jpg (40.11 KB, 600x774, CPwpZC_WoAApYDe.jpg)

No. 36638

he's trained because he knows if he says another girl is pretty she will flip shit

No. 36642

Why does he have to put down other women to make her feel better? Class act!

No. 36643

File: 1443206845239.jpg (114.85 KB, 987x1024, gSsoGtgh.jpg)

Still faving tweets in her college class? Or did she forget she said she had a class at 2?

No. 36646

She just retweeted something so is she out of class now? I wonder.

No. 36647


No. 36651

Nah she just started retweeting and favving more stuff too. Is she that inactive in class or is her class over? Unless she's still claiming since she has straight A's she can do whatever lmao?

No. 36653

college isn't high school. you can check your phone whenever. why are you reaching so much lol

No. 36654

lmao did you guys literally not use your cell phones or whatever during class? you guys are idiots, grasping for straws.

No. 36655


Professors get pissy about phones sometimes, but yeah if you wanted you could just walk out of class and do whatever. Some professors won't care, and she could be bullshitting around on her computer and retweeting things too.

No. 36657

basically everyone in college just fucked around on their phones/computers during class (if they went at all) but i guess i forget that most of the people into berry are probably in middle school.

No. 36659

I just think it shows how much effort she puts into her classes

No. 36660

I hope you all realize she's a high school student and not in college.

No. 36662

>Implying using Twitter is intensely difficult work and takes a lot of time out of your class to use.

I don't keep up with her thread, but didn't you guys have proof that she graduated high school back in May? Also, you can go to college while you're in high school. It's not just for smart kids.

No. 36663

God forbid Berry pay attention in class since her parents paid $62k for it!

No. 36664

you can use this same argument toward most college students.

No. 36665

Agree he looks like a douche, this isn't something to be proud or brag about burry. What happened to your "feminism" you encouraged long ago (not sure if remembered but back then on timblr I believe she use to claim to be feminist) Then again she is prolly insecure in person so no wonder she likes it lel I think she posted something like this long ago about her boyf putting down other women when sharing pics with him.

No. 36666

These people seem to forget that she is probably lying about everything and still might be in college. Everything that was just posted is invalid considering that.

No. 36667


>expecting the PULL tards to be able to keep their facts straight

No. 36668

I mean still might be in high school. We already found out her pic was posted in a cc. Not university. Lol I think that's already a huge indicator she's full of crap.

No. 36669

There was no proof. Just that she might have written something 'inspirational' on graduation day and wasn't on twitter all day after that.

No. 36670

She didn't graduate nor is she probably close to graduating. She started tweeting about school on the second of this month same time the HS over there go back into session. She only really tweets in the early morning, afternoon and early evneing. Which when she would be getting up for school, going to lunch and after school. During school her tweets are brief or she retweets and after school her tweets are more frequent until she goes to bed. It's been like this since the second. The only time she spends posting all day is during the days school has been closed.

No. 36671

C.C is still college though?

No. 36672

cc and university are pretty different

No. 36673

CC = Community College

It's the place where she pretends to be a super popular, smart and pretty college student and replace the reality she's a dumb, bummy, and annoying high school student.

No. 36674

Still college. And you are certainly allowed to check your phone and shit during a CC class.

You found the list of graduates and her name was on it, am I wrong?

I'm an adult who isn't in school at all and I get up at 6am, have a lunch break, and get off work in the afternoon. That isn't proof of anything.

I know her whole thing is that she exaggerates what she's doing but you guys pick the dumbest stuff to focus on.

No. 36675

More like it shows that she doesn't stay focused in class

No. 36676

No. 36677


C.C is still college. Some of the people in here are saying she isn't even in college, and >>36668 was saying she still might be in high school since her picture was posted in a C.C


I know what C.C stands for, and if she's in one, she's most likely not a high school student. And if she was, she'd be one of the more intelligent ones since she has dual enrollment..

No. 36679

Some people keep forgetting this. Her tweets are really sparse throughout days of the week at the same times typical with the high schools in her area. She tweeted getting her books a day before hs started which clearly could mean she went supply shopping. She also stopped making plush toys around the same time too. OCC started on the 8th and she was inactive way before then.

No. 36680

That website was proven to be false as anyone can add their name when searching for it.

No. 36681

Her talking about school doesn't line up with OCC's calendar. She's been going about school on the second. OCC started on 8th, that was already a big, huge red flag. She didn't have to go attend classes on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. OCC had classes going on that day. Only Tom Rivers HS were closed. So no, she's not in college, it's just another lie of hers.

No. 36682

exaggerate? more like straight up lie. do you read threads at all? also that website you can add whatever you want to so its unreliable.

No. 36683

Exactly, looking at both OCC's calendar and TR HS's calendar is how I realized she was lying.

No. 36684

Honestly, full disclosure, I don't even get why you guys think she's interesting, I just thought it was hilarious that you thought tweeting during class was absolute PROOF that she's not in school and a bad student.

No. 36686

I don't think you get how college works. Most college students who aren't dorming schedule their classes the same way their guidance consulars did in high school. They'll go to class in the morning, and be home anytime from 1-3pm. And if she's at CC, which is likely, her college probably started around the same time as her old high school did. My college started the 8th, and so did my old high school.

And you're forgetting that you may have breaks between classes. Some days i have an hour and a half break between classes, and that's when I'm most active online. I can also bullshit around on my computer during most classes, I'll be behind, but its not like the teacher will do much other than say "please pay attention".

No. 36687

I was the op for that post and mostly what I wanted to show was that her ass is still on twitter in class, that's all. Everyone took it so offensively.

No. 36689

No. 36690

This is already invalid as her hs started on the 2nd and the college in the 8th. I am aware of class breaks but I'm also aware of this chicks twitter patterns and habits. And it still screams high school and not college and especially not university and especially not pre med or med school.

No. 36694

Maybe it's different in the states but in Canada university students have more freedom with their schedules depending on their program. I've seen some students with a day off in the middle of the week and the amount of classes they have varies. Her schedule just seems a lot like a high school student's in comparison

No. 36697

Exactly. Her tweets and even sleeping schedule is equivalent to one of a high school student. University and cc students have more freedom but still could end up going to class five times a week depending on how many classes, but not at the same times…lol.

No. 36699

File: 1443214116994.jpg (67.57 KB, 583x626, tumblr_ntaoz7zZYV1ue5x2io1_128…)

kek thanks for reminding me of this

No. 36705

File: 1443215525614.jpg (108.16 KB, 1024x1004, vjcpS2lh.jpg)

Is she trying to say she has a job? LOL

No. 36706

Didn't she go on a whole fucking rant last month about her parents loving her so she doesn't need a job? The fuck is she doing?

No. 36707

I'm ready to see how she fucks up this newest lie.

No. 36713

Doing what she does best: lie to make it seem like she lives the perfectu lifeu

No. 36717

File: 1443218411608.jpg (154.74 KB, 599x887, CPxpjLMWcAAU5KF.jpg)

She posted this: it fits the scenery of NJ

No. 36719

unless she means she gets her financial aid lol but that would require her to be in college plus who calls that shit payday with no clarification? this reminds me when she said that she said was talking about her 'coworker' in one of her tweets lol like who calls a partner a coworker?

No. 36720

Does her house have trees like that?

No. 36725

File: 1443220481256.png (1.99 MB, 1419x885, Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 6.32…)

In google maps you can see a similar pair of trees right beside her house

No. 36727

this is pretty legit lol hmmm so much for ny

No. 36731

she claimed she worked at an ice cream shop

No. 36732

in NY I suppose? LOL

No. 36735

File: 1443225537651.png (452 KB, 640x1133, tumblr_ntzd8o9Q261ue5x2io1_128…)

I don't know when she did but she sure hasn't talked about that recently. She went on this rant last month and mentioned that she doesn't have a job so I don't know what she is trying to claim anymore.

No. 36736

File: 1443225665937.gif (1.11 MB, 495x498, be149a76a689c1e009cd6f274dfe9c…)

why are you even reading the thread if you find her so boring? i think that says far more about you. hilarious, eh? you're certainly easily amused.

No. 36737

File: 1443227005630.jpg (421.92 KB, 1920x2244, 15-09-25-20-21-05-631_deco~2.j…)

No. 36754

So I get her whole "parents don't want the to get a job because they love me" cause my parents were the same way but they told me my job is to study and get a good degree so I don't end up being a useless piece of shit like she is now. I chose to work anyways.

I really can't agree on her whole "Americans just want to kick their kids out at 18" cause it's different for everyone and she's such a generalizer. It's like she's bragging that people who's parents expect them to not be a dependent leech like her aren't loved by their parents like she is. She's the most disgusting person I really want someone to slap her with reality.

I mean knowing that she's fat and painfully average while spoiled and delusional and friendless means there's some justice but I just want her to either grow up or get crushed.

No. 36757

I think she just means her commissions (if she still gets them) from like uniqso or her recent otakumode bs
but she's just implying things as usual, we all know she can't sustain any sort of job in the real world lmao don't u remember??? she's a rich animu princess who hates everyone

No. 36780

Yeah, my parents taught me how to budget my money, get social skills, have a good resume and get a job so I can be independent. That's love. Not being a leech. She's disgusting.

No. 36782

File: 1443246267652.png (9.79 KB, 507x86, 6565t.PNG)

No. 36783

File: 1443246302563.png (10.67 KB, 497x242, Captureytre.PNG)

No. 36787

she wrote this few times by now, you are boring burry

No. 36795

I like this backpack, anyone knows where can I buy a similar one?

No. 36805

Mossimo Supply Co. Pizza/Hamburger Backpack
no where to find, sold out on every site

No. 36806

She posts about that dumb show so much I feel like she's going to kidnap her and wear her skin like Buffalo Bill. Gawd

No. 36811

buffalo bill is still much better than berry

No. 36828

Normally I'd agree but when has she ever talked about that? She's never mentioned getting paid or her payday or a payout or even why.

No. 36830

after her calling someone her 'co worker' I think this girl is too socially inept to understand how words are typically used.

No. 36849

They sold them at target last year; around the time she took this pic.

No. 36855

Was she ever into Adventure Time? There are buttons on the back pack, what if it's not even hers?

No. 36856

She hasn't tweeted about it lately but then again I didn't follow her back then so who knows.

No. 36858


Thank you, anon-chans! Too bad it is sold-out.
I'll see if I find myself something similiar on aliexpress or something.

No. 36862

I followed her since 2013, she have never been into AV, or at least didn't show it because it was never animu enough.

No. 36872

>GPA isn't even measured in percentages

No. 36901

If you look at her IG bio, her email is bubblegumhime. Hime = princess = Princess Bubblegum. Adventure Time!

No. 36911

Good catch.

No. 36932

File: 1443315750434.jpg (293.33 KB, 1024x1024, IMG_20150926_210142.jpg)

She's claiming to have made this

No. 36933

please someone find the seller
sure it's on Ebay or Aliexpress, below 5$

No. 36935

File: 1443316159992.jpg (26.76 KB, 600x422, CPycfRaUYAEec_o.jpg)

It is the same material as this item she said she made, so maybe she did make it?

No. 36936

She probably did make it. It looks simple. She said that she was making a coat for a dog (which would be complicated) but this is more like a cutesy cape

No. 36938

Making dog coats are super easy, ivr made a few without a sweing machine..

No. 36939

She should use the pillow for a dog bed :D it would match.

No. 36964

Thats a cute idea actually

No. 36970

File: 1443326116472.jpg (71.12 KB, 906x1024, ZHCqzlhh.jpg)

Why did she delete this? Lol

No. 36971

File: 1443326167891.jpg (26.4 KB, 599x337, CP3vCgtUsAAnA0s.jpg)

And this

No. 36974

File: 1443326217325.jpg (38.54 KB, 576x1024, CP3_P0CWsAAcj8w.jpg)

And this??? Like this is totally irrelevant. I will never understand her mind.

No. 36977

That's an awfully ghetto looking mix-match of bed sheets she's got there for a supposed rich girl…

No. 36990

File: 1443330194673.png (15.52 KB, 333x227, ss (2015-09-27 at 01.02.08).pn…)

More of that weird RPing shit

No. 37050

shit taste in tv, not surprising.

No. 37070

man its shit like this that makes me cringe so hard because we KNOW that ouji lives in indo
like, wtf are you talking about burry?
you live in america.
he lives on the other side of the world.
u ok?

No. 37076

File: 1443372827251.jpg (21.4 KB, 599x337, CP7B58iWwAAikju.jpg)

She still stay showing off that TV lol.

No. 37077

So that means they met or w.e on the 27th? Also lol how the hell will he do that from across the world?

No. 37080

File: 1443373162178.png (160.92 KB, 345x222, nerdsnuggle.png)

is that one of those fucking hugpillows she has lying around there? LMAO

No. 37081

a lot of anime hipsters get those ironically now.

No. 37084


Awwww berry I thought u were so rich that you certainly could afford shit like central heating and AC
Or do you just have a window unit in your 2 story house in NY lmfao

No. 37085

>>37080 Those are called dakimakuras, creepy pillows with sexual (mostly) pictures of anime characters so they can pretend they're sleeping/fucking them ;(

No. 37086

Lol is that her sewing machine on the far left and stuff? Looks like her plushie room was needed for idk, actual living? So she prob had to move stuff back to her room lol.

No. 37090

Or she lied and it was just part of her room all along kek

No. 37105

File: 1443378439962.jpg (251.53 KB, 1008x337, Untitled-1.jpg)

Her plushie room was in her room all along.

No. 37108

File: 1443379091595.jpg (69.11 KB, 640x609, 1440950766413.jpg)

Her plushie room was different from her room. Unless she put all this crap on another side to take the photo which I mean she does weird things but I don't think she did that. Its just that in her plushie room she put her sewing machine and clearly it doesn't look like its in there now, so why would she keep her plushies still in there and not the sewing machine? That's what I don't get. Unless it's not the sewing machine there and her comp or whatever back there like here https://instagram.com/p/5sT4eWwyg8/ idk.

No. 37114

And some ppl in the old thread said that could be her sisters room because the sheets look the same. But what the question here is where are the plushies? Considering the picture from her bed yesterday doesn't show them? If she moved her sewing stuff back to her room then wouldn't she have moved the dolls? Fuck I don't know.

No. 37115

Photo not showing up Anon

No. 37117

I'm sure if someone has been following her for a while was here they would give answers. The other room is probably her sister or brothers who moved out or went away or something and she put her stuff there to show off. Maybe the dolls are too.

No. 37123

sorry I can't seem to upload the image but here's a link to the other room https://pp.vk.me/c621223/v621223773/1631b/WMSaQJnG6PU.jpg

No. 37125

"My parents love me they bought me a sewing machine I'm so spoiled"
>has literally the cheapest sewing machine on the market

No. 37129

No. 37130

File: 1443385429846.png (191.43 KB, 483x935, Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 4.19…)

Her sewing machine

No. 37134

Who is this supposed to be?

No. 37135

It's her brother Levin and his kids.

No. 37139

Rollback LOL shit was cheap and on sale

No. 37140

I dont think that's actually levin

No. 37141

Maybe she just used the "empty" room for props and then shortly after moved everything back to her room

No. 37153

I think she moved the dressing table next to her bed and then flipped the image??

No. 37160

The room in that tweet is the room here >>37123

No. 37161

File: 1443396514895.jpg (44.16 KB, 599x715, CP8Mg5_WsAEv45P.jpg)

She is showing her mom kpop.

No. 37162

Don't know whose room that is though. So can't help you there. Sorry.

No. 37163

that video is from 2011, levin kids are now that age. and btw that's not even levin.

No. 37171

Yeah the wife doesn't look the same eiter and they have a video saying go to a Canadian website.

No. 37174

Why does she need to take a picture of this lol

No. 37207


I was watching this video and this reminded me of how Berry take her pictures and makes herself look "skinnier"

No. 37209

"oversized sweaters/ oversized anything and you'll look tiny" That explains

No. 37272

Yeah that's definitely the room. It probably is her sisters or something. Anyone can confirm?

No. 37281

Been following her for years, this actually look like her sister's room. I remember it was small and the bed was located in the middle. Berry took a picture of it once. Her sister probably moved out or something? Can't confirm tho.

No. 37340

Her older sister got the smaller room lol that sucks.

No. 37341

Unless that was Berry's all along and she moved into her sisters when her sister moved out. I know there are photos around with her decorating her room. Maybe that is when she moved in.

No. 37347

File: 1443455580179.jpg (28.96 KB, 580x437, Clipboard01.jpg)

okay then

No. 37357

File: 1443457786213.jpeg (21.44 KB, 613x215, image.jpeg)

whatever you say

No. 37363

She always complains about Tumblr, but right now she's really starting to sound like a Tumblrina. "WHITE PERSON SAW MI EAT RICE N SAID I YOU'RE SO ASIAN WOW PLS BELIEVE ME" "OMG UR A PALE ASIAN I LOVE YOU SAID THIS WHITE HO QURLZ OMGGGG OVER 9000 UMARUS" All her statuses sound like those fake ass Tumblr stories lol

No. 37364


No. 37366

File: 1443459678239.png (375.28 KB, 588x366, qurrlls.png)

baby with large boobs look

No. 37367

probably looking at her nasty stache lol

No. 37372

File: 1443460658604.jpg (77.57 KB, 1024x927, YMR8jFZh.jpg)

That is actually exactly how she sounds. You can tell these are so fake.

No. 37373

Lol Berry goes from 0 to 100 real quick. She hasn't done/said/posted stupid shit like this in a while. I'm enjoying it.

No. 37374

File: 1443461160507.jpg (43.28 KB, 1024x673, NxtvLWFh.jpg)

tfw when u give up modeling to become a surgeon </3

No. 37375

>>37340 Yup, she's reallly spoiled. Her sister bought her lots of things too, whereas i dont remember berry buying her anything.

>>37341 Nope, the room she was decorating was her current room. I remember her sister's room bc it was smaller than berry's and me thinking it was kind unfair lol also her bed doesn't have any frame, kinda just like the mattress with no duvan (or w/e else u guys call it)

No. 37377

Yeah she must be really really spoiled. She said she got her sister an iPhone, that is he only thing I remember her getting her sister, if that was even true.

No. 37378

It's her boob magic trick pictures lol

No. 37389

File: 1443464542268.jpg (687.21 KB, 960x1280, 15-09-28-14-19-03-059_deco.jpg)

No. 37390

how do her eyes go from being almond shaped and going upwards in the top center pic then looking like the bottom left pic
burry plz

No. 37391

File: 1443464684607.jpg (690.42 KB, 960x1280, 15-09-28-14-19-54-541_deco.jpg)

It's ridiculous how her followers can't tell how shipped she is. At first glance you would think this was a bunch of different girls, but they're all her.

No. 37392


No. 37396

Her nose on under the first pic on the left tho lmao. She burned it too much I think she looks better on the bottom right picture tbh even though her nose bridge still looks kinda weird

No. 37423

people be like
>angles and makeup can change da face omg burry u so queen desu umaru LOL

No. 37424

File: 1443469853845.gif (230.11 KB, 500x669, tumblr_mkcrdocn491r3wd4to1_r2_…)

tfw when you forget to photoshop your shadow

No. 37446

I thought half of them is Wylona Hayashi

No. 37448

Has she stopped putting effort in her shoops? Most of these look horrible

No. 37451

lmao this is golden

No. 37453

The only photos she gave a shit on were her 'modeling' photos or older photos. You can see less mistakes in them. Lately she is so messy and puts them through a million filters. The last 'hq' photo was middle left and it was so badly photoshopped.

No. 37458

Jfc that wig is awful

No. 37469

File: 1443482714837.gif (378.92 KB, 470x525, burry2.gif)

had some fun with these

No. 37472

File: 1443482782118.gif (365.71 KB, 470x525, burry1.gif)

this one has the guidelines for her mouth, nose and eyes. I used the last as a guide and tried to place her eyes in the same place in all the pictures

No. 37473

File: 1443482801085.gif (153.05 KB, 470x525, burry3.gif)

minor comparision 1

No. 37476

File: 1443482829878.gif (174.37 KB, 470x525, burry4.gif)

minor comparison 2

No. 37477

File: 1443482846073.gif (175.37 KB, 470x525, burry5.gif)

minor comparison 3

No. 37491

geeze that nose difference

only thing shes consistent about is her brow

No. 37492

Anon posting comparisons is doing God's work. If you ever noticed her photoshop and you line the photos up its clear she must do that herself while photoshopping to make them look similar LOL.

No. 37509

I think you're right but she only does that with the most recent pictures meaning her old pics and new pics start shops gradually start to change without her even noticing

No. 37558

Anyone know that old photo of Berry and her family at the table? Where was the source of that pic? Like who found it and where? Anyone know?

No. 37577

A family member's FB. I believe it was Levine's?

No. 37656

File: 1443559800575.jpg (32.03 KB, 400x400, lA9oWtrU.jpg)

her new twitter pic

No. 37657

No. 37661

She looks awful

No. 37665

File: 1443563096572.png (430.42 KB, 1337x585, humblebrag.png)

Post screencaps anon, this is called an imageboard for a reason.

No. 37676

File: 1443565375069.jpg (31.65 KB, 1024x576, 6ncCKbTh.jpg)

Especially so because she always deletes her shit and receipts are nice.
Look guys she just got home (posted at 5:26 est) omg #collegelife

No. 37677

on most days i spend 13 hours at school.. mostly in the library, but still. does she think this makes her cool? 9 hours? /sigh

No. 37678

File: 1443565671969.jpg (69.33 KB, 1024x1006, ZsdS2yFh.jpg)

Totally believable.

No. 37683

So, she's either dumb and to stay for after school tutoring, or she's a part of a club. I doubt the latter, since she doesn't have any semblance of irl friend. So, I guess it's the former.

No. 37687

If she's in highschool, it's also possible that she missed a test so it was rescheduled to after school

No. 37731

File: 1443579044687.png (243.25 KB, 762x591, Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 10.0…)

Probably because your shoops don't look like you either

No. 37733

Ew, isn't bb like a term of endearment for couples though and not really parents and their kids?

No. 37739

Wylona? Wylona is way more popular anyway

No. 37741


And honest*

No. 37756

And wylona has a life kek

No. 37768

what kind of father calls their daughter bb like why is she pretending to be people

No. 37779

Everyone talking about the bb but where did the gud come from in gudluck? Lol gud is modern lingo… That's like her dad knowing about internet memes.

No. 37782

She's claimed to be in school for nine hours before though. So maybe something else all together.

No. 37784

What is so funny is that people still believe she lives with her boyfriend or something when all she does is post FB messenger chats with him lol. Even if they didn't want selfies together, hm idk other couple stuff? Shadows standing next to each other? Holding hands? Basically anything else??? Like…come on. People are so dense.

No. 37806

it was babycakesisland. She also tried to start a magazine and then photoshopped the magazine cover on screenshots of variety shows so it looked like her magazine was on TV.

No. 37867

I'm really interested in seeing what kind of pillow she bought because if its something she could have sewed herself that's funny.

No. 37874

File: 1443639282848.jpg (29.45 KB, 562x315, FB_IMG_1443289956887.jpg)

https://instagram.com/p/KsKo_Ajk4e/ I see no Tigno here. Anyways. Even if that wasn't her graduation, she still had friends that graduated, or at least aquaintences that graduated, from Tom's River North HS this year. It's safe to say her expected graduation date is/was either 14, 15, or 16. I'd say 13 or 17 but I feel that is unlikely as her acquaintances looked like her age in that photo and I doubt they were far apart in school.

No. 37877

We pretty much already solved this mystery. She was lying, unsurprisingly, about being in college. She's still in high school. What's not known is what grade she's in and when she'll be graduating. It could be next year, 2017, or 2018. I think she'll be graduating in 2017.

No. 37880

File: 1443641367590.jpg (67.13 KB, 228x306, maneater.jpg)

No. 37882

god damnit anon LMAO

No. 37888

I really want someone to send this to her. lol

No. 37912

http://www.crunchyroll.com/anime-news/2015/08/07/pre-orders-launch-for-almost-life-sized-himouto-umaru-chan-cushion maybe this is the neko pillow she was talking about buying. it is the end of september now.

No. 37915

bury me because I have died from laughter. Adios.

No. 37921

Alright, first of all. I used the money converter and according to her "order picture" 24,030 yen is about 200 US dollars. And shipping is approximately 152 dollars. My question is, who the fuck actually spends over 152 dollars on shipping. And I doubt she actually spend that much for shipping. If you get the Umaru cat plushie (I assume she ordered that) from E-bay with shipping it's literally 80-90 dollars. So she's probably just bragging about it.

No. 37922

File: 1443653045215.png (65.5 KB, 530x480, d56d019176d3e438e7a4998b4ba50a…)

No. 37926

I feel like she might have set shipping to the most expensive option like EMS for this screenshot but in reality she's using the cheapest shipping option

No. 37930

Is she using her financial aid money or something lel

No. 37932

because we all know she does not actually work and no way her parents would spend that much on something like that

No. 37935

>financial aid money

She's in high school.

She's more than likely using whatever money she has from begging her followers. Or she just did a screenshot for bragging rights and canceled it in actuality.

No. 37952

Well looks like she is doing something on Tuesdays that takes up 9 hours lol. She is consistent about something! Amazing discovery!

No. 37967

I'm certain it's tutoring. Especially considering how she's not the brightest bulb in the box.

No. 37974

File: 1443659584039.png (754.78 KB, 801x442, lies.png)

Really glad fakemiruku updated, they're doing an amazing job! btw I'm leaving this here in case they want to post these

No. 37982

is this taobao ?

No. 37999

That's Yen money, 24.000 Yen is like = 185 USD
Taobao works with Yuan, 24.000 yuanes = 4000 USD
So I think isn't taobao

No. 38003

File: 1443664443992.png (576.36 KB, 830x1140, Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 9.52…)

Ouji's hair???

No. 38010

its obviously an old photo berry sockpuppetting once again

No. 38019

does ouji have only one jacket? lol

No. 38043

Lol she only posted a picture of the total price for the pillow, but not a picture confirming she paid for it. BURRY YOU DUMB POOR FUCK

No. 38048

That much money for a stupid pillow and the shipping more than double? Wtf? At the very least purchase things useful, like clothes.

No. 38049

He looks a lot more dark skinned here compared to his other pictures. Not shooped I assume.
Berry is probably as dark as him.

No. 38053

File: 1443677391433.jpg (80.12 KB, 382x600, https://40.media.tumblr.com/de…)

Found this pic of berry. No oppai as usual

No. 38067

Looks like she had a neck back then

Could the whole berry and ouji not together and shes using his account be true? Since most people after break ups add on weight plus she seemed to already carried weight back then too
and could sort of explain how big she looks now and her "bewbs" though i think they're still photoshopped to look bigger than they are
and how suspicious ouji and burrys current relationship is

No. 38072

I'm sorry but I have to say this every time because it really tickles my autism when she post her japanese goods.

What's the point in bragging..is $200 really a lot of money for these people. She was posting about a $45 pillow that people were like "oooh so rich" cause it was 5400 yen.

$200 aint shit.

No. 38076

I just noticed for some reason but why the fuck does Berry make the same O^O face in nearly every photo

No. 38079

I dunno man, $200 is a lot to some people, especially to be wasted on a pillow/plushie.

No. 38091

I also want to add, with that being said, I don't think she's rich at all; just dumb with money.

No. 38161

What if Ouji's also really fat and wears sweaters and jackets like Berry but is better at hiding it
Like in those selfies he's just extruding his neck out so he looks skinnier hiding is double chin

No. 38174

Omg never thought of that lmao. Perfect couple desu desu desUUUUUOOOOOO

No. 38178

File: 1443710510181.jpg (1.47 MB, 2560x2560, 15-10-01-10-37-37-350_deco.jpg)

Something about this really annoys me, but I can't put my finger on exactly what it is

No. 38193

>beauty marks (unless they're pimples)

No. 38197

where did his mole go
unles he also draws them in like Berry ?

No. 38206

Jebus, that piss-yellow "I-just-bleached-my-hair-I-don't-know-what-I'm-doing" hair.

No. 38208

I'm pretty sure his moles are in the right side of his face but he always looks and turns his head to cover it or flips the photo to make it seem as if the right side is bare but really that's his left.

No. 38223

It's possible for her to have spanish ancestry, but if she does it goes very far back and she has no connection with the culture.

Why identify with it when it's so minimal and you don't practice or experience the culture? It's so snowflakey.

No. 38269

File: 1443729401670.png (33.1 KB, 794x116, Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 3.55…)

Still trying to act like she's in college

No. 38292

With grammar like that I'm sure she is a 4.0

No. 38311

tbh I didn't get it lol

No. 38343

File: 1443741948801.png (24.46 KB, 589x294, wishlist.png)

No. 38344

File: 1443742235724.jpg (24.86 KB, 547x173, ss (2015-10-01 at 07.29.22).jp…)

she updates her wishlist after someone gives her $100, she has no shame lmao…

No. 38348

That's so embarrassing. Especially when you consider how much she brags about being rich and have lots of money. If she was really rich she wouldn't be posting mess like this and begging her followers for money. They've got to be plain stupid not to notice the glaring inconsistencies in her lies.

No. 38349

How are her followers okay with her using them?

No. 38353

Because they don't think of it as her using them. They think of their 'friend' or 'queen' existing so they naturally would want to buy her stuff. She's manipulating them and she knows it. That's why she befriended people who defended her against the fakemiruku twitter.

No. 38359

she's a little bitch

No. 38361

File: 1443746178480.png (214.66 KB, 549x580, 0347534879834758934.png)

https://twitter.com/PinkMiruku/status/621382016936865792 I knew I remembered her talking about this already! It's the same price… She said here she got this in July but everytime I google it it says that the release date is in September… Caught her in a lie?

No. 38362

Really don't understand how she feels okay taking the money of people she doesn't know and just giving them a 'thank u looool'

Anyone who gives her money is seriously an idiot. She does not give a shit about you, does not care who you are, why are you giving her your cash? Like, what has she done to earn your money? Spend that on people who actually care, or things actually useful, not an entitled self proclaimed 'rich girl' who does not give a centimeter of a shit about you

No. 38363

Pre Order? Either way this is a stupid ass purchase, idk why she's bragging about wasting money

No. 38383

why brag about the price in the first place? lol

No. 38396

to seem rich of course, her whole mentality revolves around her wanting to be uguu perf porn animu rich desu gurl

i still think she is a highschool student with her sort of mentality or a deranged below average college student

No. 38397

good point

her followers are so blind its nauseating. Its easy for her to say things to derail from the truth (she does all the time to desperately maintain her image) and her followers follow. Puppets & they don't even know it.

No. 38400

She's confirmed for high school student. What's not known is what grade she's in.

>her whole mentality revolves around her wanting to be uguu perf porn animu rich desu gurl

dat eigth grade syndrome

No. 38403

Did she really spend $200 on a damn doll…??? Lord. Using her parents money for good I see.

No. 38404

I never see people showing the stuff she got for them. I wonder if she's even done that. I know she claimed to make plushies for Christmas for her friends but we will see.

No. 38485

File: 1443812887752.jpg (39.77 KB, 1024x576, dQXvn5Yh.jpg)

why is she so hung up on textbook costs lol she sounds like such a freshman tbh

No. 38491

File: 1443813403453.png (35 KB, 580x337, okborry.png)

Didn't she brag about having an iPhone a few months ago? lol

No. 38493

She's not even in college. So she sounds crazy. Everyone knows you can sell the books at the end of the semester. Plus, the books aren't useless if you're trying to pass with full understanding of the course. I bet she's failing most of her classes. People who say crap like this usually are.

No. 38495

She is still complaining about book cost even though her parents paid her tuition fully AND then spends $200 on a stuffed animal? Okay.

No. 38496

Two considering she didn't correct her friend when they said she had two. But judging from what she does and considering all her photos have her android phone in the background she uses an iPhone for some of her photos.

No. 38497

File: 1443814531575.png (62.32 KB, 605x467, iphoneandroid.png)

What the fuck is going on with her?

No. 38498

File: 1443814589704.png (16.13 KB, 591x236, problematicassholeweeaboo.png)

At least she admits to being a problematic asshole weeaboo. Slowly making progress here. She'll backtrack soon enough.

No. 38499

File: 1443814821591.jpg (102.84 KB, 1024x978, d707OQih.jpg)

She has two fucking iphones what is she on about saying 'we' like she doesn't claim to have two LMFAO.

No. 38500

File: 1443814948117.png (29.68 KB, 597x282, yourdoghatesyouberry.png)

I feel so bad for that poor dog. She has even lied about her damn dog too. I believe she reposted the old birthday cake photo of her dog to make it seem like it recently happened when in reality it was like 2 years ago?

No. 38501


lmao she deleted this tweet.

No. 38508

>iphone=those who want to look rich

@ burry who is always trying so hard to look rich desu

why is she tweeting so much about a phone dou

No. 38510

> lies about being super rich with two iphones
> goes on about how superior android is

What is up with her today?

No. 38511

she mad she dont actually got an iphone to use or something ?

No. 38537

She's probably rustled that someone she knows got the 6s and this is her weird way of passive-aggresively venting.

No. 38698

File: 1443909054589.png (479.11 KB, 577x485, richkawaiiroom.png)

Look at the room that belongs to a rich kawaii desu girl! xDDD

No. 38699

File: 1443909098398.jpg (34.22 KB, 600x450, CQasuKxWUAAPafa.jpg)

Photo in full size.

No. 38700

So she changed her room around? Compare to >>37076

No. 38701

Those laminate floors just scream "money" to me

No. 38703

That or the photo is flipped. The only thing I see changed is the shelf in the corner. But this photo is sunny and Jersey hasn't seen a sunny day in about a week or more so this is old.

No. 38704

I can't get over the spongebob curtains..

No. 38705

That's an old photo I found it on the vk page. Don't know why she's posting it now because her room looks different now.

No. 38707

Spongebob-san is so kawaii

No. 38709

File: 1443912204615.jpg (33.72 KB, 1024x620, OefjUNkh.jpg)

It's been over an hour and she still hasn't corrected herself or deleted this.

No. 38710

>>38698 Wtf? Why did she say that? That room looks basic af. She has nothing to brag about it.

No. 38712

File: 1443912988406.jpg (65.36 KB, 500x398, 53.jpg)

i wish someone that actually has the life she wanted rubbed it in her face. like rich, kawaii tiny asian, and was actually pretty was like pfft my rooms better

No. 38713

haha yeah someone the age she wishes she was (21) with their own house full of desu anime shit

No. 38716

File: 1443914579235.png (195.2 KB, 580x500, nailstwitter.png)

Supposedly this is supposed to be her hand/nails?

No. 38717

File: 1443914591115.jpg (50.23 KB, 600x800, nails.jpg)

Full photo.

No. 38718


Isn't she 22? I thought she turned 22 this year or? I could be wrong considering she lies as if it's oxygen to her.

No. 38720

she never shows her entire hand

No. 38721

File: 1443914815698.jpg (67.92 KB, 1024x768, IMG00076-20111030-1334.jpg)

berrys real hand

No. 38722



You aren't lying though…

No. 38723

She said she is 22 and there are screenshots saying she is 21 before her bday in August so yeah. I mean she could have easily forgot since it was about a month ago, I do that too, but she hasn't deleted or corrected herself and she usually does that when she writes something wrong lol.

No. 38724

File: 1443914991407.png (586.21 KB, 603x599, fattietigno.png)

Yeah, she really does have a fat wrist. She's really wide.

No. 38725

i feel like she has like 10 extra pounds on her:/ yikes

No. 38726

It is a small room for rich desu girl and seems like she purposely blocked out her AC window thing

No. 38727

She's not even over 18. The girl is in high school.

No. 38728

her twitter "friend"s breadstick and brenda are rich, they have been mentioned a couple times in the threads. If Berry is lying about her age being 20, then they all should be around the same age.

No. 38730

Look at that iphone

No. 38731


but it's not an iphone…?

No. 38732

File: 1443916928817.jpg (57.95 KB, 900x411, image.jpg)

Nice chicken claws.
and look at her android with a similar iphone look to fool people lmao.

No. 38733

am i the only one who thinks her fingers look fat in the reflection of the phone case..

No. 38734


No. 38740

Anyone know what phone she's holding?

No. 38744

Looks like a black samsung galazy s5with a gold case on it

No. 38746

File: 1443920771373.png (311.61 KB, 581x325, poppp.png)

you wish

No. 38751

File: 1443922016511.png (15.93 KB, 578x124, 9932.png)

burry dont do it!! you are going to get fatter and fatter!!

No. 38752

lol why is she talking about prom when she's in college? prom never crossed my mind after mine and i love how she's posting pica of chinese girls when shes pinoy and made fun of mexicans for wearing quinceanera dresses… such a fucking bitch

No. 38763

That's the joke lol

No. 38765

I wish someone would tweet this at her.

No. 38766


>lol why is she talking about prom when she's in college?

She's actually in high school that's why.

No. 38779

File: 1443927086791.png (315.66 KB, 430x570, looooooool.png)

why the fuck she likes to steal tweets

No. 38780

It's a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (you can see the stylus in the pic).

No. 38781

its cus she's a weeaboo chinese/japanese/korean/over all east asian wannabe

No. 38782

To gain popularity or some shit like that we all know she lives off the internet and needs attention.

No. 38783

The wall and cieling reflections don't look like a rich kid house at all kek

No. 38786

Because whenever she posts original content its not even funny

No. 38788

File: 1443928877163.png (38.4 KB, 763x152, Screen Shot 2015-10-03 at 11.2…)

Nah berry you will always have sausage fingers

No. 38789

Her fingers are blurry from her trying to ps them slimmer

No. 38790

Also what person would relate someone's middle finger to their index finger? I have small hands and most people comment on how longer their fingers are compared to mine or how they can fold their fingers over mine

No. 38792

File: 1443930610814.jpg (62.03 KB, 861x511, image.jpg)

No. 38793

if you look at the outline of her fingers it's white..clearly edited to make her fingers look thinner..

No. 38813

One of my friends (who happens to be in a field of gastroenterology and knows a thing or two about waste removal thing in general) said that with this kind of lifestyle and eating habits realistic Umaru is supposed to gain about 50 pounds by now and would've been forced to get one of her kidneys removed by age 25 or so. Include possible liver damage and diabetes.
Just saying, it's not like our princess burry would think about it before her digestive tract will give up on its life.

No. 38883

File: 1443971567519.jpg (111.64 KB, 821x639, tumblr_np19lyF7lv1urk9fvo1_128…)

I don't get it. Small hands with long fingers? Alien hands? What is this? Why do none of her lies match? Lol.

No. 38890

Berrys said she got tan skin because she used to going out often
But doesnt she wear hoodie/long baggy shirt/long sleeves all the time?(even at home) so how the fuck did you get your tanned ass berry if its not from birth :^)

No. 38891

Going outside

No. 38900

>that fucking finger
This bitch is joking. This bitch has got to be joking. She had the AUDACITY. The AU-FUCKING-DACITY to post this goofy ass picture under the guise of it being "totemo muh reel fingur u gaiz, uguu." She truly deserves her own tier on the bullshit-o-meter.

No. 38902

You've got to be pretty fucking chunky to have such pudgy and undefined wrists.
Most people that aren't actually chubby or overweight have somewhat visible wrist bones.
She has no definition at all. Her forearm looks thick too.
If I didn't know this was her wrist, I would definitely assume it belongs to a chubby girl.

No. 38904

File: 1443978365902.jpg (24.81 KB, 453x604, 1517425_360864427443987_874352…)

i feel like this is the closest to her normal face minus the shopped eyes and the weird prolapsed anus lips

No. 38910

File: 1443979113989.jpg (60.21 KB, 300x400, 30930_1270340119197_3696533_n.…)


No. 38912

File: 1443979443811.png (24.83 KB, 470x305, PdrQjYR.png)


No. 38935

File: 1443982575474.jpg (33.94 KB, 353x604, cxuolL3fieo.jpg)

There's also this one which shows how chub her face really is

No. 38943

link to post?

No. 38949

File: 1443984606815.jpg (55.81 KB, 480x847, 10294450_767720083251661_82236…)

old photo. why does her tanktop curve like that lmao

No. 38956

just search koerin tigno on facebook and the post appears

No. 38957

No. 38963

damn so it is her. hahaha

this confirms she's 20 in 2015 then

No. 38965

Well if she said she was 15 in may 2010 and her bday is in august, she should be 21 right now

No. 38966

That chin tho

No. 38967

Then that would mean she's not in high school

No. 38968

She still could have been held back a year or two since she came to america when she was 10.

No. 38969

Or maybe she lied about her age??

No. 38970

Whats wrong with her ear

No. 38971

File: 1443986494175.jpg (26.4 KB, 400x562, tumblr_ntdu862jm31ue5x2io2_400…)

She looks like she's at least 10 in this photo, unless the date on it isn't real

No. 38972

She's just lying about her age.

No. 38973

If this was from 2006 and she was 15 in 2010, she had to be 11/10 in this pic.

No. 38976


It's mostly likely she's around 13/14 in that pic. So she'd be 16/17 now. Also, you automatically get kicked out of the grade school system when you're about 19. Which she couldn't be since she's still regularly attending her local high school with no hiccups. The only other way she could be still in some form of grade school is if she was mental stunted in some way. In which case she would be attending a special education school. Which we know isn't true. Therefore, Berry is currently either 16/17.

No. 38977

Why would you lie about your age only to get yourself like…only a year older? What's the point of that?

No. 38978

You can actually see how roughly she shaved off part of her hair to make her jaw seem smaller. It doesn't even resemble hair, its more like a gritty piece of plastic.

No. 38979

Here's the thing. That Facebook post she made then, she also lied in. She's lying lying about being over the age of 18. She's 16/17, meaning she's in her Junior or Senior year. Judging by how she acts, I'd peg her to be a Junior.

No. 38980

File: 1443987725108.jpg (66.78 KB, 728x353, image.jpg)

Whats the truth ?

No. 38981

File: 1443987775515.jpg (102.55 KB, 401x722, image.jpg)

fuller pic

No. 38983

No. 38984

So basically she pulled a Suzy?

No. 38990

I don't even think she did that much. I've gotten keychains on eBay before and they come with those strings sometimes and not metal ones.

No. 38991

What is this from? A yearbook of some kind of course but what kind? I think if that was found by a user here then we'd know but if she leaked it herself then ofc its prob a fake date.

No. 38992

The original anon who posted it found it on vk. No idea where they got it from

No. 38996

It was from Berry's twitter. She posted it a few months ago as apart of her GloUp challenge.

No. 38997

Then the date is probably a lie

No. 39014

Yep if she posted it its probably a lie.

No. 39016

File: 1443994678847.jpg (72.44 KB, 1019x1024, Bj42lhWh.jpg)

Real life Umaru strikes again!

No. 39022

File: 1443995203781.png (34.87 KB, 583x238, uK51xIS.png)

this is exactly what she wants to hear LOL

No. 39030

this is starting to get really embarrassing

No. 39031

Berry just clean your own room for gods sake

No. 39048

File: 1444005362008.jpg (107.93 KB, 500x337, 1418520309162.jpg)

A while back she posted this image as a comparison. Since she's always lying about her age I'm pretty sure the picture on the left is just her unshooped either in 2013 or only 1 or 2 years prior

No. 39064

that comparison wasn't posted by her though, it was made by some anon

No. 39065

where did they get that the photo was in 2006 then? or did they guess? do you know?

No. 39068

File: 1444014376494.jpg (44.4 KB, 301x604, 0RNAFRqCuKU.jpg)

This is the original that she posted on fb awhile back so she was the one who wrote that the picture was from 2006

No. 39069

>>39068 was meant to be a reply to

No. 39070

so then it was her who posted it?

No. 39072

Yes. I'm guessing the anon made the second comparison but the one with ouji was what she posted

No. 39095


Both this >>39048 and
>>38971 was posted by burry the queenself
I remember this one >>39048 she posted when some people are saying they don't have any confidence or smth like that since queen is suu prettay when compared to them. Burry posted this one as her transfomartion pic sayin' aye you guys can transform too i was like this is 20xx lmao
The 2006 pic was posted randomly afterwards with her saying this was me when i was xx years old, if i can be pretty sure you peasants too
Both posted on twitter

No. 39113

Regardless, both were probably more recent then she made them out to be

No. 39250

File: 1444066463912.jpg (84.6 KB, 1024x1001, 4O40uxih.jpg)

Just a lil humblebrag to start the morning off right.

No. 39258


Who is everyone?

No. 39270

her ass kissing friends lol

No. 39279

Why is Berry so obsessed with photoshopping herself thin? Doesn't she know that "marshmallow girls" are all the rage in Japan right now? She would fit right in.

No. 39293

That's because she doesn't know shit about Japan except manga, Anime and Calpico.

No. 39304

File: 1444082716400.png (376.83 KB, 604x572, burry.png)

>college book

I love how she has the need to say "college" book

No. 39310

Lol, good point.

No. 39322

Lol She deleted the tweet.

No. 39323

>>39304 Wtf? What college student calls their books "college books"?

No. 39326

Someone who thinks mentioning college in every sentence makes them look cool.

No. 39329

Was the word textbook just not good enough?

No. 39330

She pretty much deleted all of her tweets today. She even deleted one saying she was too lazy to be sad and one earlier saying she was going to make some more clay stuff. As well as pretty much all the other tweets posted here today. Lol.

No. 39331

File: 1444091687274.png (9.63 KB, 422x103, toosad.png)


Can confirm. Managed to get it before she deleted it.

No. 39332

>I'm in college look at me guyz COLLEGE even though I have no idea how college actually works because I was never in college and probably will never be

No. 39354

File: 1444102117852.jpg (88 KB, 1024x958, LEpdmX4h.jpg)

She just deleted all her tweets from today again. Including these replies. Seems she plays volleyball in gym class? Lol.

No. 39371

you can make those with shrinky dinks lol

No. 39372

she used to say she played volleyball but sucked at it during her tumblr days

No. 39373

no, she posted this herself on tumblr a while back and said she was 12 in the left picture and if "puberty" can change her like that people don't need to feel bad about themselves or something lmao it was all bullshit

No. 39374

>>39373 was meant to be a reply to

No. 39389

she could got some shrinky dinks if she wanted to claim they were hers lol

No. 39391

I wonder why she deleted literally almost all her tweets today. She only kept a handful up when she tweeted probably close to 20 times.

No. 39396

Probably realized that they conflicted with some of the many, many lies she's told.

No. 39431

File: 1444138323396.png (192.28 KB, 591x593, junkfood.png)

Would someone in college be doing a paper on the disadvantages of junk food? lol

No. 39432

File: 1444138347618.jpg (49.39 KB, 576x1024, CQoyJ3MUEAApfcm.jpg)

Photo in full size.

No. 39433

File: 1444138563052.jpg (19.73 KB, 599x337, miserabledog.jpg)

caption: "Left my dog in bed lol"

Look at that dog. You can tell by the look on its face that it has had enough with Korinne's shit like the rest of us.

No. 39434


Can't stop laughing. She deleted it already!

No. 39435

I don't keep up with anime anymore. Wtf is that orange thing and why is Berry so obsessed with it??

No. 39436


It's Himouto! Umaru-chan.

The series follows Umaru Doma, a high school girl who lives with her older brother Taihei. At school, Umaru appears to be the ideal student with good looks, top grades, and a lot of talent. Once she gets home, however, she reverts into a layabout who spends her time lying around, drinking cola and eating junk food, playing video games, and constantly depending on her older brother, much to his dismay.

No. 39437

since when do titles end with a period?

No. 39438

File: 1444139520302.png (418.32 KB, 582x440, sureborry.png)


No. 39450

do it burry

No. 39456

File: 1444142925971.png (36.69 KB, 612x408, thischild.png)

This Umaru shit is really sickening.

No. 39458

File: 1444143501183.png (15.96 KB, 590x210, lolokthen.png)

She's going to be such a kawaii desu doctor that can watch anime while going through her paperwork. This is the type of doctor we need! Fix my nose while you sip on that calpico. Feed me some of your pocky while you're at it. This is the type of doctor I'd trust with my life for sure.

No. 39467

The level of sheltered child and ignorance this girl exudes is beyond me. She's like a Martian imitating the role of a college age adult. Give me that Steve buschemi pic pls.

No. 39471

File: 1444145328978.jpg (70.42 KB, 960x547, 012840204.jpg)

I got you Anon-san

No. 39473

Yes but looks like it is a minor essay and not a big one. Though I don't know what kind of professor wouldn't mark off that period in the title.

No. 39475

Her high school sends out progress reports today. Good luck Berry.

No. 39488

File: 1444147880332.png (11.23 KB, 440x123, umad.png)

She mad. She real mad today.

No. 39491

This freak has got to be one of the weirdest people I've ever experienced (and I live in California, so that says a lot). The effort she goes to to maintain this fictional life is amazing…

No. 39512

Yep. That's why you photoshop yourself into like twelve different people.
Because you do you.

No. 39514

I'm kinda surprised no one's shat on her for this yet, since "suicide iznt a joke!!!1" Aren't the majority of her fans tumblrinas?

No. 39515

>she played volleyball

anyone know how long she played it for?

No. 39516

No and if they are they make her the exception and give her a pass lol

No. 39518

also, more importantly, myk plays/played volleyball right?

No. 39535

Idk but that whole thing about her prof saying she will be a good doctor is suspicious.so is that saying she actually talks to her professors and they know her well? Because that sounds like some shit a high school teacher would say.

No. 39569

What class is this essay for?

No. 39577

Could literally be anything. Health? English? Science? And thats only high school classes. Way more options for college…if you think she's going.

No. 39579

I wouldn't be surprised if she just wrote that essay, printed it twice and "graded" one herself so she can brag about her good grades again.
Also, the placement of where it's stapled bothers me, wouldn't you usually staple it on the other side of the paper? I'm from Europe though, so maybe it's a regional difference.

No. 39581

Nope, usually it's the other side too. Unless it's different for people who use their left hand.

No. 39583

Why would someone that's lazy go through all the effort to do that lol. The handwriting isn't even close to hers too

No. 39593


I have to agree on this. I really doubt she'd a fake essay on junk food just to show people she's in college. That sounds ridiculous. Does that mean I believe she's in college? No. Not even for a second. But I don't think she'd go to such extremes to fake an essay.

No. 39595

It's usually the other side but maybe her teacher's left handed and prefers the right

No. 39597

It is barely a two page paper you can see the paragraph in the back end only a few sentences in. Third year college girl writing a three paragraph paper. Those things are easy A's unless you're a complete idiot. But here she is still putting a period on the title, my God.

No. 39601

Wow no wonder she deleted it. This is probably the "essay" that she spent an hour writing while constantly posting twitter updates regarding her progress

No. 39609

File: 1444167031078.gif (55.64 KB, 300x250, superthumb.gif)

so kawaii

No. 39612

I'm laughing so hard

No. 39615

File: 1444168126162.png (34.91 KB, 765x132, Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 5.47…)

okay berry

No. 39630

What internet and irl is she talking about. They both happen irl and online lol.

No. 39653

Why are you guys still arguing about her age? It was confirmed many threads ago that her age isn't a lie? And NOPE she said that her birth year is 1994 SOOO many times before. So she's 21 in 2015. She even talked about being legal to drink on her Twitter.
I've known her since 2008-9 I believe. When she wasn't with Ouji and was still going around pages and groups trying to be on their profile picture. There was no way she would have been younger than 13-14 at that time. At least she didn't look THAT young then.

No. 39657

You can't be 21 and be in high school. Clearly she was lying about her age.

No. 39662

This is her first college semester.
Can't you tell she's getting all excited/new about it? I also know her real life friend from school back in 2009 and he was also born in 1994. Does Berry seem like someone who would befriend someone who's a few years older than her? You need to stalk her better. She really does not lie about her age.

No. 39666

She's not in college. It's been pointed out earlier in the thread. She started school before OCC started back for the fall.

No. 39682

No. 39683

In the photo with her friends, if you stalked enough, you'd find that they all graduated in similar years, 2015. So she either graduates this year or next.

No. 39684

Not available.

No. 39686

It's definitely not this year. So either she graduates next or in 2017. Also, I don't why that anon thinks it's impossible to have friends that are older than you. It's a very common thing.

No. 39688

It's been pointed out, but hasn't been proven.

No. 39689

File: 1444181769041.png (72.91 KB, 431x450, trte9595.PNG)

If my memory serves me right she was in a group of friends Noelle, Nick, Dan and they were all her age. She doesn't seem like an out going girl who would befriend seniors in high school. Anywho, take a look at this

No. 39690

File: 1444182110741.png (50.42 KB, 601x725, 48484.PNG)

This was a note posted by her on oct 21 2010, the year she got together with Ouji

No. 39691


>hasn't been proven.

Look at these. It was not hard to put two and two together and figure out she's still in high school.


This reads like something a middle schooler would type.

No. 39692

File: 1444182323826.png (29.44 KB, 541x554, ddd.PNG)

No. 39693

No. 39700

this is so embarrassing, especially the stuff about kisses but yeah this is definitely what someone who's around 11-13 would write

No. 39704

Up until a month ago her graduating in 2015 was "proven" too until the website was shown to be fabricated and you could add whoever just by adding them. Lately all we go on is her tweets, and her ability to fake everything else.

No. 39705

File: 1444183459950.png (13.42 KB, 503x108, dsfdf.PNG)

Btw, as far as I know she's been playing volleyball since 2010.
Somebody asked right?

No. 39707

File: 1444183497746.png (21.21 KB, 463x222, 4584.PNG)


No. 39708

File: 1444183541863.png (26.66 KB, 495x295, fdf656.PNG)


No. 39709

jeezus. she was annoying and still is

No. 39711

I'm cringing a lot, I used to write shit like this on Internet when I was a teenager.

No. 39715

File: 1444184182485.png (87.08 KB, 497x647, ftguyjio5445.PNG)


No. 39718

it looks like the same person talking lololol

No. 39727

He obviously wanted to grab one of her rolls!!!

No. 39739

Fucking hell, this is nearly identical to the way I used to talk/type back in middle school. It's giving me PTSD.

No. 39741

Too much second hand embarrassment help

No. 39753

im throwing up

No. 39755

shouldnt she be using a professional term for a college essay some thing like disatvantages of an unhealthy lifestyle you think someone with her high GPA would have an extended vocabulary

No. 39764

so hentaithot, why haven't you told Berry this? you can keep changing your name all you want but we'll find you again.

No. 39765

Are they still following each other?

Whoever Hentaithot really is they should stop kiss assing burry for the notice because that tweet goes against burry and her weaboo desu self who does not believe in fetishizing kek makes 0 sense why they would follow each other

No. 39767

Well, she's following him. I don't know if he still follows her though. She catches me as petty though if he unfollowed her she'd probably do the same. Maybe he just likes to keep up with her messy ass.

No. 39768

where did you find this

No. 39771

Nah. He tries to preach about sjw shit but he was spreading that fakemiruku sent rape threats to Berry when that's a lie. Idk if she helped him decide to do that or if he did but that's fucked up and he's just as messy as her so they're two peas in a pod.

No. 39776

No. 39792


'' I actually don't accept friend requests anymore~ since i have to focus on Berry only :D''

god, what a cuck.

No. 39871

File: 1444234248348.gif (54.08 KB, 500x282, 1435944859750.gif)

it so totally is.

No. 39892

No. 39920

Give it to her? She probably made it…

No. 40031

Wow she is so inactive today. Maybe she got a bad progress report yesterday and she's grounded :-(

No. 40054

I don't get it lmao. Weeaboos are obsessed with Japan. If they aren't they're Koreaboos or Chinaboos. Since when does weeaboo mean someone obsessed with EA? And Berry doesn't count to them because she's Asian, not EA but SE. Tumblr is already trying to create SEboos because of them not having "enough attention"

No. 40055

videogames or midterms is my guess lol

No. 40085

Bitch those don't exist

No. 40086

File: 1444271226935.png (75.59 KB, 559x532, hopefullytheystayontumblr.png)

They're rare I know.

No. 40104

I have never in my life met a chinaboo. I hope i won't either.

No. 40150

Also, why isn't that paper in Mla format? You're supposed to place page numbers on the upper right hand corner.

No. 40154

I really don't think these people exist? Maybe a handful of people who are just the right combo of extremely contrarian and weeb and hipster?
China is just too gigantic and divided to have a global pop culture. Kind of a shame really.

No. 40207

I don't know if its chinaboo but since kpop was being introduced in China with places that speak Mandarin and Cantonese lots of koreboo and weeaboo kpop and jpop fans have been becoming more into Chinese "culture" somehow I think like you said, China is too big with so many cultures that it's almost impossible to find a chinaboo but boy these weebs are trying.

No. 40266

I was going to ask this too!! but I wasn't sure if her "$60k university" required that.. yeah I thought English papers required it to be in MLA format, and if she's in her 3rd year of pre-med why does she still have to take these basic courses?

No. 40315

I'm not trying to support Berry, but I feel like it differs from professor to professor

I've had teachers who say don't write it in mla format simply bc they don't like it, and then i've had some that even when we're doing a written essay in class they want it

No. 40316

Or maybe she is using apa?

No. 40339

>English papers required it to be in MLA format, and if she's in her 3rd year of pre-med why does she still have to take these basic courses?

Yes, it's suppose to be in the MLA format. Also, she's in high school, but college. When she's honestly in college, she's going to be in for a rude awakening. Especially when she realizes it's not like an anime and she's not Umaru or whatever MC she'll be identifying with at that point.

No. 40370

File: 1444344110654.jpg (60.14 KB, 599x378, CQzo7kvU8AAZ2LD.jpg)

She said she was going to cosplay her. It seems she already has. This character looks like exactly who she tries to photoshop herself into. Lol.

No. 40442

I wonder how long it's going to be before she changes her made up life around to be like Hana's and make Ouji "cosplay" as Kiyoshi.

No. 40443

File: 1444351234667.png (494.71 KB, 774x687, Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 8.39…)

Okay berry. Come back when you get a perf score on your exam

No. 40451

For someone who claimed to have a 115% gpa and is soo smart why is she bragging about this like its her first time? kek

No. 40496

Why is hentaithot still eating her ass? He fucking JUST preached to her about people using the term weeaboo and then proceeded to give her a free pass to fetishize Japan. One step forward two steps back.

No. 40497

what happen did they talk to each other?

smfh this is why burry never learns what is wrong, people enable her they let her do what they think is wrong to get noticed or a piece of her internet popularity. Don't know who is more blind her followers (i think he or they prolly talk about it or secretly shames her) or her.

No. 40537

File: 1444399360354.jpg (67.08 KB, 540x960, hentaithotlol.jpg)


They said this:

No. 40538


No. 40539

File: 1444399397367.jpg (66.71 KB, 540x960, hentaithotlol2.jpg)


Fuck thought I uploaded the photo, my bad.

No. 40540

File: 1444399714160.jpg (24.29 KB, 400x400, bignosethot.jpg)

Hentaithot and Berry truly do deserve each other. He's problematic as fuck and once lolcow found out he probably had a lot to do with the fakemiruku rape allegations he kept changing his twitter name, lol. For such a big mouth he has he's constantly hiding. He never takes a proper photo too. He covers his big nose because he's so insecure about it. I've been following him for some time and that's all the photos I've seen of him. I find it really amusing since he has no problems picking on people and pointing out their insecurities, yet he's very much insecure himself. If you can't handle your own medicine, Hentaithot, I'd advise you to keep your mouth shut.

No. 40550


there has to be something wrong with this vid

No. 40551

No. 40560

File: 1444405122845.jpg (27.82 KB, 598x350, CQ4lTvlWcAA4_lg.jpg)

So she copies the art and passes them off as her own and yet here is the original she bought.

No. 40561


They only last a second, that's cracking me up.

No. 40563

File: 1444406067477.png (2.49 MB, 1438x602, sorichkek.png)

What kind of rich girl gets a cheap ass lamp from Walmart? kek

No. 40564

Ok so like. Is she going to sell the ones she made or something? If she's going to buy the original why make a knock off?

No. 40565

File: 1444406416688.png (974.96 KB, 627x521, smhthot.png)

Found the full conversation between Hentaithot and Berry… Hentaithot is really asking for it.

source: https://twitter.com/PinkMiruku/status/652344941012746240

No. 40566

File: 1444406430351.png (710.17 KB, 606x390, smhthot2.png)

part 2

No. 40567

File: 1444406441136.png (153.46 KB, 588x79, smhthot3.png)

part 3

No. 40568

The original just shows how cheap the knock off she made is

No. 40569


I'm wondering that as well. Only time will tell. I really hope she doesn't try to sell these horrible knock offs to her followers. Because that's a downright scam.

No. 40576

a better question is why is her lamp warped did she really shop her TV

No. 40583

caption: Lets go to wonderland

No. 40584

File: 1444409693935.jpg (58.36 KB, 600x821, wonderland.jpg)


God damn, here's the photo **

No. 40585

Lol pathetic

No. 40588

Everytime I try to find it I find turkey hat lol its not even chicken?

No. 40589

File: 1444410206892.jpg (25.26 KB, 599x337, craft.jpg)

caption: Mom bought me a craft organizer and I got some new clay / mod podge for future stuff

No. 40590


Basically we're going to be seeing Berry make stupid shit (and possibly attempt to sell it to her followers).

No. 40594

such rich expensive craft organizer

No. 40603

I just saw that exact turkey hat at walmart lmao

No. 40607

Lol so rich :)))

No. 40608

Ain't she got a 1pm class on Fridays? She's so active rn! As usual. Amazing.

No. 40615

No. 40627

File: 1444415507984.jpg (72.75 KB, 640x855, image.jpg)

So Berry rich desu.

No. 40632

File: 1444415961611.jpg (75.74 KB, 774x443, image.jpg)

He trynna look like Gd but this is all I see.

No. 40637

Someone send this to Burry

No. 40657

Pretty sure those are women's sunglasses. Lol.

No. 40658

Probably shopped out her reflection in the TV, so we can't see the real Berry.

No. 40660

Maybe they are Berry's since they live together but only talk on FB messenger :)))

No. 40667

>cospalying a character whose main trait is a piss fetish

No. 40670


She's a huge pissbaby so it all works out in the end. Ko(urine)~ ~ ~

No. 40677

ironically she makes fun of daddy kinks community etc when she be retweeting hentai shit 24/7

No. 40683

she lurks so she probably saw that lol
i can imagine her crying because she is fat

No. 40831

What the fuck is this idiot talking about? Weeaboo came from a Perry Bible Fellowship comic, and there was no prominent community of "Wapanese"/weeaboos during WWII.

No. 40842

Maybe they saw it on tumblr loll

No. 40865

File: 1444492113621.png (25.88 KB, 589x228, allowance.png)

I'm a rich kawaii desu girl that buys things on ebay and I still get an allowance even though I'm like 22*~*~*~

No. 40867

File: 1444492330580.png (430.62 KB, 585x241, uruglyborry.png)

I love how she deleted this. Probably because she sounded like a huge bitch. This girl isn't happy with her features at all to the extent she photoshops herself into a whole different person, but yet she has the audacity to call other people ugly? lmao Keep bragging about that android phone, Korinne. No one gives a shit.

No. 40946

File: 1444502409936.jpg (38.16 KB, 630x666, no no no.jpg)

she posted this and then replied to her old over-whitened umaru cosplay so it was fresh on everyone's tweet lists again…

No. 40947

I get that she wants to be associated with the pretty and smart side of umaru but umaru's other side just seems so pathetic and burdensome. What person, especially one who strives to be a doctor, wants to be like such an insufferable character?

No. 40956

you can tell she's like creaming herself over being compared to umaru jesus Christ how pathetic can berry be? Like who's proud of being compared to a whiny slob who stuffs her face with junk food and can't take care of herself and?

No. 40958

Added an extra and lmao

No. 40959

kind of pathetic how she's trying to be umaru as much as possible and it honestly feels like she's claiming ownership over the character. How pissed off would she get if one of her friends cosplayed umaru?

No. 41025

she is umarukin

No. 41033

File: 1444517602959.jpg (36.96 KB, 300x552, image.jpg)

Let her be Umaru lol

No. 41045

her boyfriend changed his hair color? last month was a nasty yellow and now is red again?????? wtf

No. 41049

it's creepy af how a 20 something year old idolizes and cosplays as a teenager online- she's trying to make this title as 'umaru' stick to her it's so fucking weird-

No. 41066

Is there any chance, if her mom is a nurse, that her mom is in school and that paper she "wrote" is actually her moms?

No. 41075

It's an extremely amateur and easy to do persuasive essay which I highly doubt someone in pre-med/med school would turn in. It looks like a introductory level english essay. From what I can see it reminds me of when they first teach you the methods of writing and essay and they make you do the little outlines and then write your paper.

No. 41077

I'm not great at english myself so pardon my awkward sentences but I feel like the paper would be more eloquently written if were someone of higher education.

Not: Junk Food is bad. People in America are fat. Junk Food is the cause….[insert wikipedia quote]

No. 41082

This is totally her sister.

No. 41088

The paper was a page and a half long so I'm pretty sure that it was a high school homework assignment

No. 41089

a page and a half? Sounds really highschool. watch her talk about 5 page essays from now on kek.

No. 41090

I wrote page an a half essays when I was in elementary to middle school. We did have essays this little in high school, though it was only for quick tests. For homework assignments you were supposed to turn in no less than two full sheets.

No. 41092

It probably wasn't an essay and was some sort of homework assignment. I used to have some homework assignments where the teacher was trying to teach us to be concise so we'd end up with word counts of 300-500 words and it'd be about that length. Berry called it an essay to seem smart

No. 41130

File: 1444557254841.jpg (90.91 KB, 845x704, 10592872_847360725287596_34469…)

I think she forgot to photoshop the shadow as well.

No. 41131

File: 1444557332770.jpg (38.95 KB, 500x840, 10653445_845821002108235_10780…)

Photoshop Failure ver. 2 : The Shadow

No. 41155

Not even a half, more like a page and a quarter. You can't even see the words in there back reach half there page lol.

No. 41172

File: 1444578268656.png (87.11 KB, 407x277, home-large-gumby.png)

why she got knees like gumby though
who she tryna fool

No. 41173

File: 1444578767786.png (512.71 KB, 587x585, youdeserveit.png)

Really glad to see people really don't want to deal with Berry's shit anymore. Good on them. She deserves it.

No. 41197

its a bendy lamp, you can move it and stuff

No. 41214

It doesn't look like it's the corrugated material that the bendy lamps are made out of, just looks like a solid floor lamp

No. 41230

File: 1444585251465.jpg (164.01 KB, 600x1012, image.jpg)

who wants to bet its from walmart

No. 41232

File: 1444585299243.jpg (77.85 KB, 640x450, image.jpg)

No. 41238

I find this cute, Wal-mart or not.
Mad reaching.

No. 41264

tbf, most people that are considered rich where Im from tend to spend their money in basic ass stores like any other human. Most dont like to show off their money, and keep it to themselves. Probably say Berry because honestly shes deffo the type to show shit off if she really DID have the money and would get her arse robbed.

About this sweater…I want to too. Gives me this old Christmas vibe when relatives heard you liked sweaters so they bought you those stereotypical ugly Christmas sweaters you'd see on TV. Except this seems to be for Halloween.

Damn, are they ghosts or something? Jfc, tone down the brightmess.

No. 41272

you seem new here

No. 41277

Yeah it is at Walmart, I saw it there.

No. 41278

who cares, it's still cute

No. 41285

No one asked you to care on a personal level, I like it too & don't care its from Walmart, but we are talking about Berry, who shows off fake photos of her richu house, and flaunts her fake med school tuition, and says she doesn't like cheap gifts shopping at Walmart. It's funny.

No. 41314

Why do you guys think this is cute the sleeves ruin it for me tacky af

No. 41334

E x a c t l y !
Especially since she is always like giving examples such as 1D = walmart , Kpop bands = Gucci (She tweeted something like this once)
Like bitch your house is walmart

No. 41862

people make jokes about walmart all the time bc it's funny, doesn't mean they can't go there to buy things or look lol ..

No. 42096

File: 1444668693271.png (19.79 KB, 582x163, what a lil bitch.png)

No. 42100

Please don't be a graphic one, please don't be a graphic one.
Who wants to bet she will never receive it, though?

No. 42104

It doesn't matter, she claims to be hella rich and its still funny because she doesn't visit any high end shops irl and spends most money online lol >>41285

No. 42106

she so rich ;((( I'm jelly!!! I wish my mom spent hard earned money in tablets when I already have four computers and four phones and two tablets ;((((

No. 42107

Tom's River North High School has no school today :) no wonder she is so active this early!

No. 42108

File: 1444670471567.jpg (35.22 KB, 580x408, tumblr_ntbvgnvey11ue5x2io1_128…)

Come on, she needed that tablet. This is nothing! She is a rich girl! Rich girls need electronics to prove they are rich. It's only fair. Stop being jealous, we know you wish you had three iPad's like her.

No. 42113

I feel like it might be

No. 42115

and if she does then she can make less mistake in photoshop

No. 42122

Am I the only one expecting that those people who BRAGS that they're rich should also be owning at least one macbook? lol.

No. 42124


those electronics that burry have looks cheap af.

No. 42126


For sure that tweet would be deleted soon if it didn't arrived :))

No. 42145

Remember on summer when she said she ordered A LOT of stuff and we only saw like some cheap knock off lipsticks and bb cream examples lol

No. 42225

You can get some decent graphics tablets for pretty cheap online. Nothing to brag about

No. 42236

Berry is the #1 try hard kek

No. 42244

lol gross, those look like acer laptops

No. 42280

Probably a $50 Kindle Fire tablet. Lol.

No. 42367

And now, she's getting addicted to shoujo mangas. I hope she won't start cosplaying any of them.

No. 42370

You can get a small nice tablet from Bamboo for as little as $30.

No. 42389

I honestly think this is about me. Some of her twitter "friends" follow and rt me. She tweeted this a little after I blocked her and her friend retweeted me.

No. 42500

File: 1444752172001.jpg (316.91 KB, 1920x1637, 15-10-13-09-01-53-370_deco.jpg)

she deleted this tweet

No. 42508

what I don't get is if she has an allowance, what is the sense if her parents buy her stuff out of the allowance?

No. 42509

sure Jan

No. 42624

Why does berry use an iPhone like phone case for her android when she has 2 iphones and rants about how android is superior? Also similar cases pop on ebay and aliexpress if you search "luxury samsung note case"

No. 42630

(Posted by Kristen. Click for more info.)

What class starts before 7am? Seems like a lie

No. 42639

Twitter times are off by 3 hours when not logged in, she tweeted this at 9 something.

No. 42689

I'm not sure why she chose that case but she buys stuff off of eBay often she took another photo later on of her case that day and you could see the phone case of the phone she took the photo with in the reflection and it looked like it said 'wanted' lol and on eBay there are plenty of 'wanted' phone cases. Maybe she's going for a different aesthetic? Or…we could say it ain't hers? Lol.

No. 42735

deleted because even she couldnt believe her bullshit

No. 42978

File: 1444841482272.png (17.16 KB, 613x125, yellowdiarrhea.png)

This girl is so fixated on being full Asian, she won't shut up about it. She must hate the fact she's Filipino and mixed. If only she was Chinese, Japanese, or Korean! Woe is me.

No. 42980


i'm more concerned at how ugly this child's mother must be for the child to mistake Korinne has their mother kek

No. 42984

>>42978 Wtf anon. That made me laugh haha

No. 42985

Oops i replied to the wrong anon fuk ^^^

No. 42992

this is gold

No. 42997

File: 1444844852213.jpg (39.37 KB, 1024x575, zLapRikh.jpg)

So does anyone know how old Ouji is? Because guys, if she is lying about her age and she's like, 18, and Ouji isn't lying, then…you see where I'm going here.

No. 42998

i love how she's supposed to have 110% in her class but can't even write a proper sentence

No. 42999

File: 1444845039992.jpg (90.97 KB, 1024x643, EpWlnBFh.jpg)

So did she tell her friend where to get this but not her followers that asked? She's too good to even utter the word Wal Mart publicly I guess.

No. 43000

It's hilarious considering she put a period in her paper title lol what a rookie mistake and by rookie I mean high school not third year uni student.

No. 43003

This is so cringey. Reminds me of low income families with tiny apartments who have tvs and pcs is every room.

No. 43022

File: 1444849282212.jpg (57.61 KB, 584x588, 3294uar222435.jpg)

Wish she'd make up her mind about pretending to be super smart or an airhead.

No. 43040

couldn't this just be her brothers and sisters ( or other family members) laptops and she just squeezed them all together to look rich?

I mean she does have siblings? Who'd believe this is all for one person? Well off people are usually in some sense smart about how they spend and invest money.

No. 43041

File: 1444853441803.jpg (20.35 KB, 878x494, 4rdOcQasKart.878x0.Z-Z96KYq[1]…)


>gaming laptop

why couldn't she just a build a nice desktop.

No. 43043

File: 1444854189340.jpg (581 KB, 1920x1392, 15-10-14-13-17-22-844_deco.jpg)

I remember her tweeting something like…if you have a crush on an idol and you're in a relationship… then you're delusional and in a crappy relationship. Does anyone else remember this?

No. 43045

not really, a lot of people have crushes on celebrities and such even if theyre in a really good relationship. its just how it is.
i love how she always talks about other guys but her bf always tells her other girls are ugly and shit….shit is weird

No. 43057


this tweet is funny because i dont think its a good thing a child thinks you look old enough to be their mother kek considering korinne tries so hard to look loli kawaii desu in her photos

the tweet might be another subliminal brag about how """light skin"""" she is

Positive its just all her siblings and her electronics combined lawl i think someone mentioned this in an older thread. Burry is stupid and delusional.

No. 43059

File: 1444858210789.jpg (235.42 KB, 492x961, orly.jpg)

I didn't notice this posted yet, courtesy of the fakemiriku tumblr.

No. 43060

this looks like she just gathered all the electronics in her house and took a picture. i doubt those all belong to her.

No. 43079

so berry used the breakup to go to ouji when he was fucking vulnerable? wow
and he's dumb as fuck

No. 43083

File: 1444862486106.jpg (37.49 KB, 1024x575, E5rkFJ5h.jpg)

So are they NOT together then? I can't keep up with these lies anymore.

No. 43101

I live for Berry's inconsistencies, sooner or later they both post something that blatantly contradicts what they've said before I love it they're so dumb lmao

No. 43104

Pretty much. Though Berry will probably say she never said they were living together, even though she heavily implies it all the time. Nah, she's stuck in NJ and he's in Indonesia. Who knows if either of them will ever even meet. I'm pretty certain her parents don't even know about him.

No. 44073

File: 1444882436949.png (634.49 KB, 837x1119, Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 12.1…)

She needs to make up her mind. One day she is a super genius with 115% GPA and the next day she is an airhead.

No. 44076



No. 44079


Berry is such a "try-hard" & "show off". She's so trapped in her delusional world.

THEY'VE NEVER SEEN EACH OTHER IRL. Period. Don't confuse yourselves anymore. :)

No. 44080

She might just be saying this tweet to get likes and favs BUT she says shit all the time that shows she doesn't make up her mind deciding what to lie about.

No. 44083

So now she's pretending her life is just like that character's life? Jfc this girl is too weeby for her own good.

No. 44085


I wonder when she'll shut up?

No. 44092

Yea, I talked about his ex (Miyuki on facebook) a few threads back. Berry said that when they broke up, she hit him up on msn.

I second this!! I remember her saying this, lol but what do we expect out of her tho

No. 44093

>>43104 Actually she once tweeted about it. Her mom asked her to find a nice husband and she tweeted 'lol she doesn't even know i've been dating my bf for 4 years.' So its confirmed that her parents aren't aware of him.

I wish ouji would open his eyes.. if she's seriously gonna marry him, her parents would at least know of her dating.
Wake up ouji!

No. 44154

on the upper right

is it me or she tryin to look like miyuki?

No. 44155

miyuki was so pretty compared to berryshit

does anyone have her photos

No. 44157

File: 1444923497719.png (393.59 KB, 532x618, ouh.png)


No. 44158


"it was like a fat ugly kitten had wandered into this empty home of mine.
a delusional, evil, worthless fat kitten. I hope she would die without me. she can't do shit, she's dumb as fuck, why cant she just die?"

No. 44161

Wow I know Berry is a snowflake and a liar and all, but that was really hateful. Like she lies but that's not reason to want her to die. Joke or not, that was crusty as fuck.

No. 44163

Does anyone have any pictures of Miyuki? I've never seen her or heard of her until I read this thread.

No. 44168

And this is a future surgeon…lol

No. 44173

Lol how can a hater not be hateful?
But who cares
Ok berry dont die
You are too fake to die

No. 44176

Yeah miyuki's gone until pinksiopo appeared yea shes good at hitting on a man at the right time and when shes got ouji she takes him for granted and use him as a material for her fantasy animu world

No. 44178

File: 1444929144010.png (62.28 KB, 653x485, imsoanime.png)

Look at me, I'm so clumsy and anime!

Bitch can't even drive who is she even fooling? I've never seen photos of her driving at all. Wouldn't that be something she'd brag and take photos about? This transparent bitch.

No. 44191

File: 1444931054881.jpg (71.03 KB, 586x690, 843faset3.jpg)

See this shit right here is why everybody thinks Ouji actually lives with her.

No. 44199

Aaand she deleted it.

No. 44210

Why does this girl feel the need to tweet about every small occurrence in her life?
Oh yeah.
Because she doesn't have FRIENDS to tell these stories to.

No. 44222

File: 1444937396367.png (54.09 KB, 667x417, hippotigno.png)

This is real rich coming from someone that fetishizes Japanese people and puts a period at the end of her title in an essay about junk food. This useless child. Someone please give her a bottle and put her back in her crib. She needs to sleep.

No. 44284

This girl puts periods on titles and didn't know how to spell clique. This is rich (unlike Berry).

No. 44285

File: 1444944352715.jpg (Spoiler Image, 108.25 KB, 720x939, 22.jpg)

This is Miyuki, she used to photoshop herself too. I don't have any photos of her during the time when they're still dating. When she deactivated her account, even though she got lots of followers back then, I searched for her because she was a good friend of mine. Besides ouji and her breakup, her sudden deactivation was saddening. She's a nice girl to be honest. You won't see her bitching around when she was still active. This photo was actually taken like a year ago so its kinda recent. After stalking her account, I saw that she's living a normal life now. Maybe she's over with the internet stuff. She's an actual college student btw.

No. 44287

I think this was many, many threads back, but didn't she make a huge deal out of her "friends" not knowing about some sort of button in her car, but said button was completely normal for newer cars? I agree that she probably can't drive, though. She'd talk wayyy more about it if she could.

No. 44288

….if she's really in college this girl would have gotten an F for this. Actually, this paper would get an F in my high school Adv Comp class.

- period ending title
- double space under title
- missing last name and page number in the upper right hand corner

This girl cannot be in an English 101/102 class.

No. 44290

Do you know how old Ouji is?

No. 44291


te fck? i bet she doesn't even know how to drive, lol. oh you're such a humblebrag.

No. 44294


I heard Ouji's around 20-21 when he was dating Miyuki. Then that makes him 25-26 now? He's old yet he's mind's like 12. Oh, he has to match burry's personality.

No. 44298

Does anyone know what that manga is?

No. 44301

That's pretty disturbing. Berry's, aka Korinne Tigno, graduation class was 2015. So four years ago she would've been 14 and flirting and messaging a grown man across the world. I don't believe for a minute she's 22 like she's claiming.

No. 44304


Pedo alert‼️

"But who cares? Age doesn't matter. In shoujo mangas, its popular to be dating someone 10-15 years older than you, so its nothing." For example, the one she's reading right now: Taiyou No Ie. (source: Burry's thoughts)

No. 44307

File: 1444948953364.jpg (88.38 KB, 587x507, w3er34.jpg)

No. 44308

She's class of 2015?

No. 44309

Jfc a 20 yr old dating a 15 year old…that's not good.

No. 44311


She hasn't graduated from High School just yet. Correct me if I'm wrong, but someone on here decided to dig deeper and looked for her friends that were in that one photo and eventually found their instagrams. One of her friends posted something about their graduation and the photo displayed a bunch of graduates last names but Korinne's last name was nowhere to be found. It turns out most of her old friends have graduated besides her.

No. 44312

File: 1444950298646.jpg (382.01 KB, 1920x1739, 15-10-15-16-00-23-778_deco.jpg)

Lmao, okay? Didn't she tweet "when a guy is 6ft tall ?" and now she changes her mind and says it's stupid. she claims she's 5ft… it's kinda proven in earlier threads that Ouji is short af and she's probably salty because he isn't as tall.

No. 44315

File: 1444950351248.png (14.77 KB, 583x109, burrrry.png)

No. 44317

Wasn't she obsessing just a month or two ago about how short and tiny she is? This child.

No. 44318


This just makes everything even more disgusting… He might be the weeaboo verison of Dahvie Vanity.

No. 44324


Whoever this girl is is 100x prettier than Korinne will ever be.

No. 44325

File: 1444951737643.png (31.67 KB, 669x314, oujipedodesu.png)

Speaking of Ouji and his probable pedo relationship with Korinne… She's now reading manga that relate to her and Ouji's nasty relationship. How sad is that? I remember her saying how she found it disgusting that some girls would call their boyfriend 'Daddy' (I do too) but here she is obsessing over an older man and reading mangas to fulfill her pedo weeaboo fantasy.

No. 44326


After she said that, she then started to call Ouji "daddy" to see his reaction and he was like "ew, no.. call me master"

I dunno if the tweets are still there.

No. 44327


I was about to post that lol! Anyway, ofc its normal that a guy should be older than a girl in a relationship, duh. But how older is she pertaining? The one she's reading right now is a shoujo manga wherein a guy (Hiro) is like 10 yrs older than the girl (Mao). I don't hate shoujo manga. In fact, I love reading those. But relating it in real life, its just disgusting.

No. 44328

File: 1444952236524.jpg (420.23 KB, 1610x1871, 15-10-15-16-36-36-892_deco.jpg)

Oh found them

No. 44330

No, she's either class of 2016 or 2017.

Didn't she make fun of dd/lg stuff before this though?

No. 44332

File: 1444952712159.jpg (401.57 KB, 1865x1723, 15-10-15-16-44-33-055_deco.jpg)

Pt 2

No. 44334

File: 1444953620872.png (761.7 KB, 766x802, Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 7.54…)

She's lurking

No. 44335

She deleted the tweet about guys being older thab girls, lol.

No. 44337

someone should just ask them
I once asked about her on Toms River North facebook page but my comment was deleted

No. 44343

File: 1444956054888.jpg (13.73 KB, 572x75, 765757.JPG)

she had to write ((manga)) to make it look like she doesnt lurk

No. 44346

burry you so funny stfu

No. 44348

Someone's mad she cant get a tall guy lmao…she's probably taller or the same height (and thicker) than ouji.

No. 44349

Maybe i'm reaching but could Berry be going through a shoujo obsession to fill the void from never being able to physically be with Ouji?

No. 44350

Nah, more than likely someone recommended some to her and now she's all obsessed with it. It's just like the Umaru crap. I doubt she'd even heard of her before someone said she reminded them of her.

No. 44358

Seems like she's over with her Umaru fantasies. She now switched to shoujo stuff.

No. 44375

She's still a fat foo

No. 44380

yeah youre reaching.. gtfo

No. 44381

How is it reaching to think that she romanticizes their long distance relationship through her manga reading? Not op but that isn't reaching at all.

No. 44390

I don't think it's reaching either. She posts all sorts of perverted shit all the time. That being said, I doubt the shoujo is because of her thirst for Ouji. It's just another bandwagon for her to jump on. She's posted actual hentai a lot but it's just been recently that she's been going crazy with shoujo.

No. 44392


For a person who was trying to sound smart by criticizing people who can't distinguish your and you're sure doesn't proofread her shit…It's not "Its a joke" it is "It's a joke"

No. 44398

File: 1444975319306.jpg (16.46 KB, 236x284, 1428088109420.jpg)

lmao burry being butthurt that miyuki is prettier/nicer/more successful than her

No. 44399

she's stuck being a weab. it would be hard for her to stop, after all those lies lol.

No. 44401

>>44337 plot twist Berry owns the page so she can delete them
>>44343 lol this is no coincidence you know she lurks

No. 44405

Can you tell me more about her? If my memory serves me right, I was about 16-17 when they dated, and she was older than me. But since she's in college now, I guess she's younger than me..? It's a shame, I adored her and ouji together back then. I don't remember why they broke up.
Ouji is better off with her than berry. He was a nice guy back then, I had a huuuge crush on him but was too shy and coward to actually tell him my feelings.

No. 44411


Yup, he was way nicer back then. I haven't even seen him talk perverted with Miyuki. He respects her. I was kinda disappointed that he turned out like that now. Even if its a joke, its still disgusting the way they talk pervertedly in public (twitter). Like you, there were a bunch of girls who had a crush on Ouji before. Yet knowing he has Miyuki as his girlfriend, they weren't that salty towards her. I also wanna know why they broke up.

No. 44423

Yup! Actually, most of my girls had a huge crush on him too, but he was with miyuki back then and she's a sweetheart so we respected their rl. And even tho he was famous, he'd always took the time to talk to people, unlike the way berry is treating her pollos or whatevs. I think it was berry that changed him the most. The fact that she doesn't allow him to talk to other girls show that she's just too insecure deep inside. I wish the best for him and hope that he'd wake up soon, he deserves& can do way better than berry.

No. 44425

wheres her account btw

No. 44428

funny cause i doubt she's really into either manga or hentai. she never really posts what manga she's reading from what i've seen. feels like she's faking it like everything else.

No. 44444

>their rl

So they knew each other in rl? Someone fucking contact miyuki and find out what happened to ouji and what his actual accounts are (on fb or whatever).
She must have some deets on him, maybe a last name.

No. 44450

File: 1445005345535.jpg (63.32 KB, 640x640, 10393817_790943367639813_75337…)


I know its rude to be barging in her life like this especially when she stopped involving herself in this LONG AGO and living a normal life now, so as for my discretion, I won't be exposing her personal information such as her fb account or her real name. But I'm going to share some few facts about her that you may wanna know… at least? Also, I can't add her fb since we have no mutual friends. Let's give her privacy. I guess all her social media accounts are exclusive only to those she knows in rl.

Anyway, like Berry, Miyuki is also Filipina and she's residing in the Philippines. As for her age, I think she's around 20. I hadn't remembered her bday but I know that she's born on 1995. In the Philippines, the education system is different compared to other countries. So by now, she's on her 4th/last year of college and will be graduating soon. She's an art major student if I remembered correctly.

And the way she was before, let's admit that we've all been in that phase. During the time when we thought that being too introvert or aloof is always cool. When being immature, lazy and slacker is fun. Even me, to be honest, had gone all through that. I guess that Miyuki just realized ealier that locking herself in the internet world would bring her to nowhere. I'm not sure if Ouji and Miyuki still contact each other, but I highly doubt that. I still think she made the right decision on leaving.

I hope she's not choking rn while we talk about her, lol.

No. 44451


they were a friendly couple back then. they're not racist, they don't bad mouth anyone. miyu didn't even forbid ouji to talk to any other girls bec. i guess she just trust him. i guess that what made the people adore the two them. tho past is past, everything changed. the tables have been turned :)) lmao weabs are meant for each other.

No. 44471

File: 1445009397499.jpeg (111.12 KB, 1242x935, image.jpeg)

"Because he could never actually see my entire body or face from the computer screen"

No. 44483

File: 1445012509605.jpg (16.53 KB, 599x337, CRcsEo8WIAA6H7o.jpg)

She got her horrid $200+ doll finally lol.

No. 44485

Considering she got it in 15+ days I think she was just showing off and using the more expensive shipping method for the screenie. She would have gotten it sooner, no? Or is it because of the size that it was expensive?

No. 44490

Thanks a lot, and you've made the right choice to not share her private information :) i'm sure she doesn't want to be brought up in this mess, and glad she made the right choice too. Wishing her a good life!! And burry, miyu is 100x prettier than you, shopped or not! What are you gonna do to your personality huh, photoshop it? :^)

>>44444 sorry, rl as in 'relationship' lol. No, they don't actually know each other irl. My friends actually know him rl, and i've met him in person too. But I don't feel like asking them cuz I fear I might be exposed.

My friends who had a huge crush on him back then were actually drop dead gorgeous! I mean like, taiwanese fei zhu liu kind of pretty, unshopped. They are hella rich too (heiresses to big big companies), pale milky white, basically everything burry dreamed to be. On top of that, they're indonesian as well. Although i have to admit they weren't as attractive back then (hell, we were high school freshmen) ouji would prefer someone who is far, far away who shooped herself to be an alien creature.

No. 44508

I wonder if Ouji's working now? Considering that he's like near in his late 20's? lol.

No. 44529

It's a bootleg. Guess she didn't pay her authentic one that released in September (I ordered it, too and it went from $57 to ~$200 after shipping) and went with a cheaper knock-off.

No. 44534

How so you know its a bootleg?

No. 44537

File: 1445020935871.jpg (46.26 KB, 600x800, nekoronbus.jpg)

She used the official image when she said she was getting it, and look at it now, it's different. Pic related is someone else's that they got in the mail. Notice the differences in the face, head shape, and legs/feet.

No. 44542

no shit einstein, do you want a cookie for pointing that out?

No. 44546

File: 1445022535577.png (1.66 MB, 1019x563, bootleg.png)

I can't believe Berry is that stupid to think no one would realize this is a bootleg, LOL. I can't breathe. The arms and face even looks different.

No. 44566

Someone should tweet this to her.

No. 44568

I wouldn't have cared if she just hadn't claimed it was official.

No. 44572

LMAOOOOOO it's like burry online vs irl

No. 44576

I think the bootleg one is still cute, but yeah it's definitely not official.

No. 44578

you can barely see anything with that filter lol

No. 44582

On ebay the bootleg is around $40-50 including shipping. If she's going to spend that much on a bootleg why can't she just spend more on the legitimate product since she's so rich

No. 44585

File: 1445026026978.png (400.27 KB, 768x726, Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 4.00…)

Here's the full tweet

No. 44587

imo she probably did that. we all know she's not rich and knows how to get cheap things on eBay.

No. 44643


The fabric is also obviously different, too.

No. 44644

imagine one of her followers/'friends' having the actual thing and asking her why hers looks different from their own kek (inb4 berry claiming that she has the unofficial deluxe version or some other bullshit)

No. 44652

I'm as hell with this but I can 100% confirm this is from Walmart. It's very cute though.

No. 44673

so official my sides hurt

No. 44674

i laughed irl LOL

No. 44678


Can we just talk about the fact that her door and the hall behind that doll in the video doesn't match up to the aesthetic of what she claims her house is supposed to look like.

And to think she lives in some fancy ass of a house.

No. 44688

File: 1445055440554.jpeg (36.13 KB, 600x450, nekoronjudgingberry.jpeg)

Not only is it a bootleg but it's such a bad bootleg too in comparison to the actual version…hers has a sideways oval head, drooping ears, eyes & eyebrows too far apart, too big mouth, straight instead of curved whiskers, etc. It looks really cheap.

It wouldnt even matter if she didnt make it look like she bought the legit version and imported it from overseas for 200$ and go all "the OFFICIAL one guys"..!!! Only to show off a bootleg lmao

No. 44760

the head is so badly shaped. what if she crafted it lol

Lord , She looks like an Idol.

No. 45207

Being the idiot she is, she probably went for the cheapest ebay listing without looking closely at the stock photos

No. 45213

besides it being obvious from the photo, she won't even pay for authentic japanese/korean brand makeup, opting instead to buy super cheap ebay fakes. why would she suddenly shell out $200 for a plush? faking it as usual~

No. 45214

no one would, i don't think anyone here really cares about stuff like this. the point, as always, is the fact that she feels the need to lie about such stupid shit.

No. 45215

this girl is super cute

No. 45220

It kinda looks like a dick

No. 45227


waaaant more photos of miyuki

No. 45233

What if she stayed back? Well can see that she isn't too smart. So probably she would be graduating next year at probably….19 at the least?

No. 45234


Plot twist: This is Ouji.


No. 45239

>>45227 Yes please!

No. 45241

Light skin, big dolly eyes, petite build, she is berry's wet dream.

Berry used to be so insecure of miyuki too, it might be fun to pick on that old wound lmao

No. 45242

Just wanted to say you are right about it all except for the friends in the photo being the same people in the Instagram photo of the T-shirt with names. Those are unrelated. The friends in the photo, as far as I can see, and also the photos op on Facebooks friends, have all seem to graduated this year. So that's why I thought (I am the op fo the comment you talking about) she would be graduating soon since her friends have very recently and I personally don't think she did this year, and she certainly didn't in 2012 which would be her graduation date if she was third year in college (like in the IG I posted here >>37874).

No. 45250

Does anyone remember her deal with some Japanese dollar store to make her own line of wigs and T-shirts? What the hell happened to those? Did he lied about it as well?

No. 45251

*she, whoops

No. 45259

File: 1445086163655.jpg (96.84 KB, 640x640, miyu.jpg)

I've got this photo when her account wasn't that private yet. Sadly, she no longer post photos publicly unless you're friends with her on fb. Even without makeup, her simplicity's on point.

Another trivia: besides being an art student, she also sings and plays guitar. I've uploaded her covers which she deleted a couple of months ago. You might wanna hear.


You're welcome.

No. 45261


Its just a pillow burry. Can't you be more immature than that?

No. 45262


im glad she didnt sing umaru op
unlike loser berry

No. 45273

The main difference for me is that the blue spot on his face on the real one reaches his nose and the fake one only goes so far down and doesn't even hit the nose.

She definitely a compulsive liar and I can't wait for the day where her college/school friends find out and she becomes a laughing stock

No. 45288


gosh she sounds lovely

No. 45326


holy crap.
she's a parachute fan?!?!! i love that song "she is love"
old but gold. her voice is relaxing…


that cringing umaru op tho. I lol'ed

No. 45330

; - ;

Ouji hear this shit !!!!!

I like how her voice is sweet and lovely compared to korrine who trys to sound 15 and childish

No. 45332

holy jeez. she's sounds like an angel

No. 45337

Hold up
You have met Ouji in person / real life?
or am i getting confused.

No. 45338

watch Berry reading this and then try to sing as majestic as miyuki. kek

No. 45340

File: 1445096906404.jpg (82 KB, 540x720, oujixmiyu.jpg)

miyu likes purple and ouji used to call her "bunny", so yea, this explains…
this was in his account before but then he deleted it when he dates korinne

No. 45341

You guys brought up ouji's ex after all these years and the funny thing is, she's still more interesting than burry.

No. 45345


No. 45354

I'd date her for real

No. 45357

I really like this picture of her, kind of looks ulzzang-ish??? Idk I can tell she's not wearing makeup but I like her eye shape

No. 45361

I can never imagine if rl miyuki meets rl berry


No. 45364

i still remember the shoops version of miyuki, she looks different with her shoops af

but at least she showed that she could still look pretty without it + nothickmakeup


she is monkey without shoop and makeup compared to miyu :^)

No. 45366

File: 1445102156185.jpg (102.12 KB, 800x494, image.jpg)

Ouji was really desperate after Miyuki break up

No. 45372

and blind

No. 45373


Anon is it really not possible to contact and ask her about ouji ? If she doesn't want to answer no one is going to bother her any further.

So can you ask her If she knows sth about Berry or why they broke up ?

If she doesn't want to answer thats fine

No. 45431

idk I think this is a really rude idea, because they broke up like 5 years ago? I'm not sure if anyone else has an ex they just don't care about anymore and to try and bring it up for what??? berry ?? like that's so stupid\
she's obviously moved on now, and she doesn't know berry anymore so asking her about any milk just seems fucked up

No. 45432


Agreed. This girl hasn't done anything wrong and harassing this poor girl for information on her past with Ouji/Berry years after these events occurred is fucked up. Let her be. I'm pretty sure she doesn't want to be reminded of this mess anyways.

No. 45450


i bet miyuki already forgot their existence since their internet world is so far from reality.

No. 45455

Harassing/=/ asking a question


No. 45458

still, that's like driving across the country to show up at someone's doorstep and ask them a question about some dumbass you want to trashtalk with your friends. it's way too over the top. not to mention that bury provides us with enough milk every day already.

let's just leave miyuki alone.

No. 45490

I agree let Miyuki alone. She moved on and is probably happy.

No. 45557

File: 1445133099884.jpg (42.39 KB, 641x742, walmart chic.jpg)

so pixelated and blurry

No. 45558

File: 1445133199158.jpg (72.64 KB, 600x924, CRkBDV5UwAERRnS.jpg)

here's the full image. what are those pumpkin stickers hiding?

No. 45561

She really can't get the nose right.

No. 45563

she makes this same stiff face every picture. Why doesn't she ever take more natural pictures? Would it be too hard to shoop the wrinkles away if she smiled?

No. 45565

Same dumb face all the time.

No. 45566

File: 1445134329429.jpg (151.6 KB, 900x708, image.jpg)

Something feels weird hmm …

No. 45567

all those junks food has made her extra heavy

No. 45572

She probably fucked up shrinking her arm and tried to cover it.

No. 45582

In that one old picture where she filled in the space between her hair and neck with just black, she sort of did it here too??
I mean it's not completely a black filling, but its super darkened right there

also she mad her forehead taller
her eyebrows look so warped, and her left eye is shapped differentloy from the right and its widdened too much

sorry for spelling mistakes my keyboard is fucked up

No. 45584

File: 1445137332031.jpg (341.27 KB, 600x924, burry.jpg)

What berry probably looks like

No. 45585

and she shaved the right half of her jaw but nor the left side?? it looks pudgier and uneven

No. 45588

She stretched the fuck out of her head. She looks like an actual alien.

No. 45589

File: 1445137920501.jpg (111.75 KB, 600x924, thatfuckingforehead.jpg)

No. 45591

I bet she used meitu's "taller" feature except she used it to stretch her face

No. 45592

File: 1445138316912.jpg (344.11 KB, 623x924, 15-10-17-23-17-34-613_deco.jpg)

I tried my best to fix her head.

No. 45600

File: 1445138637202.png (2.37 MB, 1744x1590, 1444610986693.png)

Hey aren't these the same shirts?
Pretty sure that sweater is from walmart, actually. Expensive taste they've got there.

No. 45604

File: 1445138851629.gif (313.3 KB, 390x600, 144513855526045.gif)

No. 45606

File: 1445139109493.gif (333.96 KB, 390x600, 144513869470903.gif)

No. 45607

They're definitely from Walmart. I was there the other day and saw them on sale for $9.98.

No. 45612

this is a pretty good example of how much she whitens her skin bc in the over lay she has a cupids bow, in the halloween sweater one its completely gone

either whitened to hell or her upper lip is so shooped that she erased it

No. 45616

File: 1445139968176.gif (344.78 KB, 390x600, 144513970119965.gif)

No. 45617

Oh shit Berry and Ashleigh are one

No. 45620

damn, i thought you guys were praising her just because you hate berry, but she actually does have a really sweet voice. i don't find her particularly cute, but i think it's just because i don't like her nose. she does have really "ulzzang" like eyes and a nice jaw shape.

also, berry wishes she was that pale

No. 45626


2 different faces

No. 45627

Her face is 4-5 shades lighter than her chest area. It's obviously true that she's still dark and edits her pics to be pale. This is a fact. That we all already know.

No. 45632


u mean berry or miyuki

No. 45649

Not her best shooped photo
her weight gain is obvious and her lips remind me of grandma lips
nice collarbones burry lawl

No. 45654

No. 45655

File: 1445150197964.jpg (118.17 KB, 600x924, image.jpg)

No. 46216

There is so much wrong with the shooping here that I wonder what the pumpkins are hiding.

No. 46219

So Berry is trying to shoop herself to look like Miyuki isn't she?

No. 46221

Nah, she just shooped herself into a generic mix of a Kpop and kpop idol. The j-idol is the most prevalent look in that pic.

She may in the future though now that farmers are praising her. But I feel that Miyuki have a more homely feel to her that Berry can't emulate no matter how hard she shoops.

No. 46222

*kpop and a jpop idol

No. 46225

her face looks so fat

No. 46226

Like c'mon she may be chubby but not that fat

No. 46229

From what you see here, no. She isn't fat. But she does shoop herself to hell and back so she's definitely fat irl. Stop projecting.

No. 46230

File: 1445160979276.gif (28.66 KB, 138x221, fukdisyit.gif)

No. 46232

File: 1445162465125.jpg (58.13 KB, 598x348, B6xRGcSIUAA4S5d.jpg)

Guys, am I the only one who think she will eventually end up like PT? 30 year old woman, still with her parents who baby her, unable to hold any kind of job despite having a degree her parents bought for her, stuffing her face with japanese junk food while ordering stupid shit online till her card is maxed out, then complaining about something on Twitter, all this while getting fatter and fatter and fatter…
Being unable to do anything herself, still dreaming about her perfect animu husbando whom she will probably never meet, taking selfies than shooping herself till all of her fat rolls and wrinkles are gone and doing the main part - wishing to move to idealistic kawaii version of holy Nippon, which only exist in anime, manga and idol's Twitter accounts.

No. 46237


Berry's nose is flatter and she can never shoop it right.

No. 46246

>cuz I fear I might be exposed.

fucking what? you can just point them to berry's sockpuppet ouji accounts and ask them "wtf is up with that, is ouji aware?" or just contact him anonymously.

No. 46253

…she looks so weird in this, is it just me that it doesn't look like her previous 'forms' lol…? I think it's because the lips are so much smaller and the nose seems wider

No. 46254


Berry please pick a face and try to be consistent.

No. 46258


ROFL my exact thoughts!

No. 46282

File: 1445181302449.jpeg (121.94 KB, 1242x860, image.jpeg)

Yeah 10000% confirmed that the sweater is from Walmart. One of berry's ass kissers actually bought one too

No. 46283

File: 1445181326618.jpeg (267.33 KB, 1242x1423, image.jpeg)

No. 46294

I believe thats a de shoop. The one she posted is

No. 46298

For some reason I actually prefer this more than the original.

No. 46299

Does anyone else think berrykissu is really creepy? She has a weird obsession with Berry. Also if you were in the previous threads she was defending Berry for no reason at all, just cause she slurps her ass. Now she's buying things Berry wears? I understand seeing some clothing you like and buying it, but she's already proved that she is obsessed with Berry I mean look at her username "berrykissu", and she's even copying Berry's typing style.

No. 46368

I agree
It is really creepy
Berry / Korrine picked another sweater lol…
Maybe now this berrykissu is gonna go and get the one that Berry bought so she can be twins
She even bought the same umaru cloak and idk if she wanted to also get those pink headphones berry has

No. 46378

File: 1445194712944.jpg (569.12 KB, 1440x912, berrywhyyoulying.jpg)

She said she "made" these eyelashes. However all she did was change one of the words to shoujo and she might've trimmed the ends

No. 46395

I think you're going a bit far anon. If they're friends it's not uncommon or creepy to share things you find with each other and like the same things.

No. 46458

Braceface isn't a prize either.

No. 46464

wut are you 12 who calls people brace face

No. 46466

Braceface?! Are you still in high school lmao? Obvious Berry is obvious. She's online on Twitter right now too…

No. 46468

Damn, Berry's internal hatred is deep as fuck. It's funny because at this rate she'll never become a doctor and will probably have to live with that sinful face of hers for the rest of her life unless she marries someone rich. We've all seen Ouiji's dirty walls and horrible bleached hair. No way in hell this pedo dude is loaded.

No. 46469


I'm not sure if creepy is the right word for it. But I do agree she's a mega ass slurper. She really loves the taste of Berry's crusty ass.

No. 46471


I'm really amused at how Korinne will never say she bought something from Walmart. She just flat out refuses when pretty much everything on her and inside her house is from Walmart, lol. She still wants people to believe she's rich, but no one believes that anymore. She's lying for no reason now. Probably because she wants to believe she's rich. The delusional struggle is strong with this one.

No. 46479


You're not the only one who thought Berry could be a PT in the making. If she doesn't change her ways after college, then that's where her future lies honestly. She seems too far deep into her lies and destructive behavior. I'm at times still surprised at how much this girl hates herself, it's astounding. Here's to wishful thinking that she'll get her shit together soon (which I personally doubt will happen).

No. 46491

File: 1445204194903.jpg (42.07 KB, 1024x575, 5ofxHFfh.jpg)

So smort yet doesn't seem to know anything about the SAT's. Also I'd like to point out that psat's were this week for hs students. So she sure knows people who talk about it or took it herself :) I would wish her luck but she can eat food in her classrooms and play on her phone because she's so smort, she doesn't need it!

No. 46501

(Posted by Kristen. Click for more info.)

Does anyone know where berry lives exactly? Because I'm pretty sure I live in her area.

No. 46505

File: 1445206234196.jpeg (38.42 KB, 640x279, image.jpeg)

Poor Ouji.

No. 46508

She used different lashes though.

No. 46509

Toms River New Jersey, I think?

No. 46511


Yeah, she lives in Toms River.

No. 46512

(Posted by Kristen. Click for more info.)

Tomsriver is the town the college is in she was at, but that college is a community college for the entire county so if that's what you're going off of that might not be the actual town she lives in.

No. 46514



Pretty sure she does live in Toms River tho

No. 46515

First of all, you can't "fail the SAT". there's no failing to it. it's just low score or high score.

No. 46516

I was thinking that she may have trimmed the lashes or put some gyaru style lashes in. However that doesn't justify her "making" the lashes

No. 46518

She's not a college student though.

She didn't adjust or trim anything. That's a style of lashes you can buy. I bet she got those out of the Halloween section of Walmart too.

No. 46519

She deleted this post. Probably realized that it's something a hs student would say instead of a third year college student

No. 46522

File: 1445208408715.jpg (54.23 KB, 475x536, image.jpg)

So you think this face is better ? lmao

No. 46525


I can't stop laughing. She looks so gross.

No. 46530

There's tons of lashes like that on ebay and of course at walmart but at least she could have shopped both sides of the text on the original package..

Also what's the point in even lying about something like making them, it seems so irrelevant.

No. 46531

Its funny that she hasn't answered anyone who asked where she got her halloween top.

No. 46532

Saying walmart is like saying voldemort for her

No. 46549

File: 1445210789188.png (748.32 KB, 1218x1002, Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 7.24…)

That's why she put a lot of make up and shoop to hell.

No. 46551

>>46378 Lol I have those lashes, I get them from my local Japanese dollar store

No. 46555

lmao what a dramatic hoe

No. 46586

Read the old threads, she is in Toms River. Even her address has been posted

No. 46589


No. 46593

File: 1445216623326.jpg (113.17 KB, 638x600, image.jpg)

No. 46745

Lol cheap 1$ Amazon lashes

No. 46765

This just looks like the shit online stores send you as an extra goodie when your order stuff.
>Dem bb cream samples

No. 46775

Lul it's funny how so many people claim berrykissu is obsessed with berry when you sit here trying to figure out what school this bitch goes to, where she lives and trying to prove she shops at fucking wal mart. Gg guys, such a pathetic life you lead.

No. 46784

Are you not aware of the website that you're currently on?

No. 46795

>One dollar

No. 46813

Those aren't dolly wink but ok nice try

No. 46816

"cuci yours" 4 dollars for 10 pairs of lashes

No. 46823

12 yo detected.

No. 46829

so how was your day Berry/berrykissu?

No. 46837

File: 1445272924868.jpg (575.78 KB, 1920x1078, 15-10-19-12-39-35-005_deco.jpg)

She said she put a few together to make this.

No. 46839

You're keeping up with her and this thread despite not liking it I think that's pretty obsessed too. What's it like having a friend who lies more than she breathes?

No. 46843

No. 46869

She's really rolling with that lie? You can clearly see that they were bought. They're still attached to the plastic tray.

No. 46909

So we all know that she shoops to hell and back, but she obviously also wears a lot of make-up, circle lenses etc

I wonder if she cakes on her face this much every day when she goes to school or outside, or if it's just for the pictures .. She never really seem to take pictures outside of her house anyway

No. 46917

No. 46919

File: 1445286140728.png (71.27 KB, 699x347, Screenshot_2015-10-19-16-16-20…)

A comment from that post. I love how berry ignored it completely

No. 47000

Late as hell but these are so nice.

No. 47015

Her instagram makes me sad. It's either junk in her room, snacks, computer, or her face. Completely devoid of any outside activities or friends

No. 47042

File: 1445306854511.png (14.34 KB, 582x128, eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.png)

are u being serious

No. 47174

Why is she telling people what to do like she is so much better? She loses sleep, reads manga and any other thing just as much as the next person instead of studying. She's one to talk.

No. 47175

All of her social network goes against her claims of having a social life outside of the internet.

No. 47182

File: 1445366978276.png (46.27 KB, 664x343, thislyingbitch.png)

This bitch can't even drive.

No. 47183

File: 1445367058314.jpg (467.99 KB, 1280x624, 485249239259.jpg)

No. 47192

im dying lmaooo!!

No. 47223

lol thats way harsh tai.

but seriously this is 100% accurate for burry hahaha

No. 47298

When it comes to "outside" pictures, her face is always covered. Lmao. OR it's always food.

No. 47299

One day, she will tweet something stupid about her "driving" experiences while driving and have an accident. oops

No. 47301

^^^ that no one will give a fuck about

No. 47332

Just found this thread, and it maybe the best thing I've read in a long time. Lol. So, basically this chick is a fat wannabe Wang Jiayun? Her pics are almost exactly the same. Well, except that Wang Jiayun can actually show off her whole body, without angles, cropping or huge sweaters. Berry's envy is ridiculous. Then again, she looks like a monkey in her unedited photos, so can't really blame her…

No. 47355

omg so important berry omg pls tell us more

No. 47366

Lol theres like 8 other threads on her. Read those too!

No. 47372

Ok but how can you not see the ridiculous amount of photoslop this wang girl does? She looks like a walking icicle

No. 47394

http://fakemiruku.tumblr.com/post/131327177431/it-is-official-ouji-is-back-in-indonesia-we was this ever posted here? He's pretty much saying he is back in Indo. When the fuck did that happen? LOL.

No. 47396

Yeah but she is still skinny irl

No. 47397


lol even though he'd never been in NJ.

No. 47405

wow. seems like berry figured out timezones at last. now she can sockpuppet a bit more convincingly.

No. 47471

Oh yeah, no question about that, she looks as ridiculous as Berry does, face-wise. I just meant (like another anon stated later) that at least Wang is actually skinny in real life, she doesn't have to hide her body. Berry is obviously hiding something that is very different in real life than in her shops.

No. 47473

Lol, I will. Thanks!

No. 47489

File: 1445461335013.jpg (284.08 KB, 1920x1078, 15-10-21-17-01-02-554_deco.jpg)

Why is she taking a nap when she just got up five hours ago.

No. 47491

She deleted a tweet of her saying 'from manga to a boring textbook gn everyone' lol always getting rid of her school tweets.

No. 47527

>>47489 this is deleted now too lol

No. 47534

File: 1445466998958.jpg (405.59 KB, 1920x1173, 15-10-21-18-34-02-563_deco.jpg)

I always thought this was funny. Her follower saying they don't like people who steal content meanwhile in the same breath saying she is hilarious. Berry always takes content and posts her variation of them. She's very unoriginal and when she tries to be funny she sounds lame.

No. 47558

File: 1445469733518.jpg (467.36 KB, 1865x1580, 15-10-21-16-20-59-701_deco.jpg)

She was definitely reading this thread or fakemiruku.

No. 47562

So she finally realizes how embarassing she was like in
How this counts as "cutesy" to her i will never comprehend

No. 47578

She was "15" and Ouji was over 18 :) so cute! Love their relationship.

No. 47579

If by cute, you mean statutory rape, then yes. Lol.

No. 47580

Yes, yes I do. The sarcasm was intense w my comment. It's gross as hell.

No. 47582

Maybe that's why Ouji had to go back to Indonesia (if he was ever actually here), on the heels of a deportation order. ;)

No. 47585

pretty sure he's been in indonesia this whole time

No. 47594

He definitely has been. Anything stating otherwise is a lie. Even if her and Ouji were privatized with their relationship there would have been one instance at least where a photo of them was taken. Anything. Shadows together, hand holding, some sort of couple dynamic. An Anon on here even said she tweeted a while back her parents didn't know she was dating him, and also that's why her mom said to marry someone with a good nose, because her parents might not even know of him. All she posts is chats with him on FB… Like, come on. Doesn't take an idiot to realize they haven't seen each other yet. She knows it too, thays why he is saying he's in Indonesia now because they realize they look like fucking morons saying they live together or near each other but only post fb chats lmfao.. She might be "21" but Ouji is fucking 26. No excuses. If any of her friends believe this they are morons too.

No. 47605

I think it's weird that she says her parents are so chill, but she hasn't told them about Ouji yet. Like why is she hiding it from them if her parents love her so much?

No. 47632


Yep, Ouji's already old af for Korinne. But who cares? It fulfills her desires like those in shoujo mangas lmao

No. 47636

Do you guys think she lies about being older because back when she was underage she didn't want people calling out her creepy age-gap relationship?

No. 47654

This could be a possibility. But if so I don't think that it was the only reason. It probably benefitted her kawaii med school ideal as well.

No. 47695

Pfffft as an Asian person, that's not special, but it is sometimes mutually exclusive. Filipinos are notorious for having shitty, greasy cuisine. If she was east a, then she'd be able to bypass all that shit.

No. 47699

So, how come no one has gotten a decent real life picture of her yet? If we know where she lives and goes to school….there must be someone near there that could physically track her down and snap a quick candid photo. That would settle a lot of the questions about her looks/weight as well as college vs. high school.

No. 47740

By pass what exactly?

No. 47741

Probably because that's pretty creepy.. Especially if they don't go to her school and would be going out of their way to stalk her to take a photo.

No. 47759

Wtf are you talking about? Chinese food is oily as fuck.

No. 47760

Because that is creepy and would be going out of way. Imo someone who lives near by should go look at yearbook photos at the library. Thats fine. But I'd suggest waiting until co 2016 rolls out.

No. 47805


i would do that but

I don't live near her

And taking a pic of berry will crack my camera

No. 47836


Lol… I guess you guys are new to the internet…

No. 47866

I think if someone followed her around and took pics of her because they were actually obsessed with her or something, that would be creepy. If they just did it to get a single definitive photo of the elusive Berry, for evidence, I don't think it would be.

Otherwise, are private investigators just professional stalkers? That's basically what they do too.

Plus, this kind of stuff happens all the time on certain other sites.

No. 47874

(Posted by Kristen. Click for more info.)

I actually go to the college berry claims to go to and live near her town. but the solar lounge that she was seen hanging out with is filled with weird weeaboos and Idt I'd even be able to spot her from the others

No. 47875

Wtf you go that college. Pics or it didnt happen

No. 47879

File: 1445539310461.jpeg (72.64 KB, 640x1052, image.jpeg)

(Posted by Kristen. Click for more info.)

I'm here right now connected to their wifi lol

No. 47880

Yell out "Umaru-chan, is that you?!" and see who turns to look. Lol.

No. 47908

Are you taking about American Chinese food? Cause I hate to break it to you, Panda Express does not even cover the amazeball experience that is real Chinese food.

No. 47910

Being obese. Asian people are rarely fat.

No. 47921

You should ask someone if they know any Korinne lol

No. 47987

Berry's lived in the US for most of her life, she probably eats McDonalds and high carb Starbucks frappucinos more than anything else. That's why she's a chubster.

No. 48018

All she ever posts is snacks. That's probably why. Not saying that it's all she eats, but I'm sure that doesn't help. And I don't really think she's heavy, she might just have large shoulders. She's probably your typical short girl around 120-130. If she was taller she'd look more evened out maybe.

No. 48021

Do weebs always hang there? Lol! Check the library at school or elsewhere for yearbooks :)

No. 48025

so close to her
betcha burry wont be visiting that lounge area for a while

No. 48058

She needs to start posting some salads…

No. 48067

im 5'6 and thats my weight range. Seems kind of high for a really short person dont you think?

No. 48068

That's what I was thinking too. I know a girl that's 5', and 130lbs, and she's pretty "thick". Her ideal body weight would be about 100lbs (according to her, not me). That's a fair amount of extra weight to be carrying around.

No. 48069


She wants to be that cute/petite/skinny girl who doesn't get fat even if she eats a lot.

No. 48070

Lol. Unfortunately, physics does not support her dreams.

No. 48071

anatomy and physiology girl

No. 48111

then plsssss find this bitch and take real life pics of her. i wanna see her without shop and with her chubbiness

No. 48115

Yes yes OMG yes. Please ask someone about Korinne or the Filipina girl. Do you guys have yearbooks?

No. 48120

Real Chinese food is disgusting tho. Oily, salty, rotten eggs, pork elbow, whole fish… Fuck Chinese food. I ate it for a whole month and now I can't even look at 包子 without wanting to puke, and they were my favorite.

No. 48129

It's not like they eat that stuff all the time anon. It's like saying Japanese people eat sushi every meal. Mostly they eat a lot of vegetables with a little meat and steamed rice. Nothing spectacular but at least they use a lot of spices, better than your moms' boiled cauliflower anyway.
Either way, the foods you listed are delicious.

No. 48134

lol you're an ignorant ass shit stain

No. 48135

Real Chinese food? A month of you fast food chain hopping doesn't mean you understand ad naseum the cuisine of a culture.

No. 48138

I don't think that's what anon meant. I mean Chinese food can be a little adventurous, e.g. yeah rotten eggs, shark fin soup, etc. But those things don't really represent Chinese food, especially since it's such a huge country. They're more like delicacies that most people don't even eat. Also I have eaten those and they're delicious ha.
I think it might be because Chinese culture isn't idolized like Korea or Japan, otherwise we would still think eating raw fish and fermented vegetables as really gross too.

No. 48146

I lived in China for a month, so I can't be completely ignorant. My home family ate like shit every day and it was absolutely disgusting. Every vegetable was coated in OIL(!). The restaurants were all horrible. The cafeteria was nauseating. The rest of the students that went with me all agreed the food fucking sucked. (inb4 privileged white shits can't appreciate beautiful ancient chinese culture!!!)

You guys are pretty salty about someone not liking a particular kind of food. And yes, perhaps I was only there for a month, but I still didn't like the food. When I go back, I still probably won't like it. Some people hate French food. Some people hate Japanese food. Bugger off.

No. 48151

I think it depends what kind of weight it is. I'm 5'2 and i'm 120 but I do a lot of running (soccer), marching (i did drum corps) and other forms of exercise. But if it's 120 of fat then that's not good.

No. 48169

File: 1445600927847.jpg (68.6 KB, 435x700, 382654_302132726486110_1172517…)

berry used to say that this girl is disappointing for using photoshop on her face :) i forgot her name though

No. 48180

That's Hwang Jung-jin, a Korean uhlzzang/net idol. Not sure if she's still popular tho

No. 48214

oh god, yes

No. 48351

Not salty about it, it just sounds like a crappy, sweeping generalization of the food when you're talking about your shitty experience.

No. 48354

ok but like if you hate the food just say you don't like the food, no need to continue on and generalize Chinese cuisine as gross and disgusting
which is also insinuating that no one in their right mind would eat this "gross" "oily" "rotten" food that is "REAL Chinese food"
what is with this random diatribe against food of all things wtf how did this topic even arise from talking about berry??

No. 48355

do we have pictures of her saying it? but lmao at least this girl still looks human

No. 48448

So like, someone should post a wnated sign with both berry pictures in it lol

No. 48453

File: 1445658726776.png (478.58 KB, 830x1126, Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 11.5…)