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File: 1442432651520.jpg (45.84 KB, 720x720, 1976906_10205717276264560_8742…)

No. 32772

funny how this white trash piece of shit is always calling people out for their; weight, make-up, even their skin colour (she goes sjw on every white person ever even though she is paler than casper)

this bitch is the fattest, most lolcow worthy bitch ive ever seen

also she is certainly no one to judge about makeup hahahah

No. 32775

Finally someone made a thread for her. Too bad OP types like a fucking retard and probably is one.

No. 32784

Why does her face look like she's smelling dog farts?

No. 32793


sorry that my quick typing made you think im somehow mentally deficient ?

i didnt know how exactly to convey every point i had about her so it all came out as a jumbled up mess :-(

No. 32795

I've been waiting for a thread on her too, she's such a hypocrite (e.g. she makes fun of people's appearance, whilst simultaneously preaching that it's rude to make fun of something someone can change easily like eyebrows/clothes) and she's so up her own arse.

She wasn't so bad as SNAR but I think the e-fame-by-proxy went to her head and she thinks she's the fucking queen.

No. 32796

honestly, generally speaking, the only people who hate her are the people she calls out for being racist or sexist or generally shitty. she never calls people out on their weight, heather is super against that because she had an ED anyway, so that's a redundant argument.
not to mention she's aware of all her faults so there's not much point to this thread because she doesn't rise to the bait. there's no milk to be had with heather.

No. 32798


i almost feel bad for her, like she actually thinks people care about her and her opinion but we never will if she keeps acting this way tbh

No. 32799


hi heather

No. 32809

wait a minute .. i thought junky said that when the file name shows up as it does on this post (its just numbers instead of being saved from tumblr) that means that its the ORIGINAL picture..

meaning that the picture of junky must have been uploaded from HER OWN computer…

im confused

No. 32810

Well, she's in /snow/ so not really a lolcow anyway, we're just discussing her, no one needs to argue about it.

If she's so aware of her faults then I find it interesting how she used to post a lot of stuff calling out Ember for posting thinspo (she's a p.o.s. too) and interspersing that with runway pics of very very thin models… what's that all about?

No. 32811



No. 32816

?? You know everyone does this on lolcow right?

No. 32819


yes we are aware, why's it so wrong to give the fat whore a taste of her own medicine?

No. 32820

i'm really not heather lmao

i did think that was kind of sus but i think it was a manifestation of her pre-tumblr ed days, and i think because the high fashion models aren't fake skinny for sympathy like ember it's a different kettle of fish

No. 32822

ember pls

No. 32835

there was a sort of anti-Heather blog like a few weeks ago that posted screenies of her Instagram, where she'd upload shit like: picture of a bottle of alcohol "when you're hungry, just drink."

so basically this stupid fucking wannabe cunt actually does almost all the same shit as ember does but fails to even check herself.

No. 32838

Jesus Christ, ember is clearly not the only person who thinks JB is a twat. don't be ridiculous, there are clearly a lot more people involved than just ember.

No. 32863

I can't stand this bitch…nor the side of Tumblr she subscribes to. She's just an old hag that rags on lame ass little girls with idle hands and too much money they didn't work for. I'm honestly glad ember continues being such a shit head just because it proves that their calling people out doesn't do anything but embarrass them for a minute. Like you being 29 and going on tirades over stupid shit everyday is what's embarrassing.

No. 32889

I agree, but after finding out embers bf is old I don't think she can claim the "adults harassing a child" shit anymore

No. 33025

oh calm the fuck down ember, heather hasn't even been active in forever. what EXACTLY did she do?
also she is a recovering drug addict, recovering from bulimia and she's bipolar if i remember correctly, not actually a surprise she has bad moments.

No. 33026

what is her insta?

No. 33081

holy fuck yet again ember isn't the only one who dislikes Heather. shut the actual fuck up, you sound like Heather right now.

No. 33082

is that meant to be an excuse, then? we can just shove all her shitty behaviour under the rug because wittle baby can't handle her shit? this bitch is like 30. she fucking knows better.

No. 33102

(Posted by Kristen. Click for more info.)

I can't stand this girl she was ABSOLUTELY horrible to that poor kaylee mullenix girl she seriously chased that poor girl off tumblr it was so sad I felt so bad for kaylee

No. 33104

(Posted by Kristen. Click for more info.)

Omg I remember that!!! Poor kaylee I hope she's doing ok:(

No. 33105

(Posted by Kristen. Click for more info.)

Omg kaylee was the best remember how hard she used to drag heather on her truth blog? I miss her she was the only good truth blogger

No. 33108

Sure hope this is troll shitposting and not samefag self-posting/white-knighting…

No. 33123

unfortunately, it looks like the latter. :(

No. 33131

lmao try harder.

This thread is a mess

No. 33135

(Posted by Kristen. Click for more info.)

Oh my god I hope that's a troll and not kaylee posting

No. 33146

They only thing kaylee drags it's her fat ass into the kitchen to eat more.

No. 33167

No. 33320

the way this thread kinda died really cements the samefag. oh well, time to go searching for some milk.

No. 33364

Kaylee practically needs a thread of her own.

No. 33500

File: 1442591673870.jpg (65.46 KB, 750x619, image.jpg)

You're same-fagging is so obvious, fucking stench of it is stronger than your low tide smelling pussy.

No. 33502

Embers bf is old? How old? I didnt agree with that adults harassing children shit, I just think it's fucking retarded to start shit with these dumbass kids when you claim to be so grown and have so much big girl shit on your plate—then you can't handle it because coddle the wittle drug addict. Her age group didn't have the opportunity to broadcast every stupid, self important, politically incorrect thought that this generation has. Let them make fools of themselves, stfu, and enjoy the milk.

No. 33507

No. 33508

Lol older than her does not make him old. Who gives a fuck, it's not like her raggedy ass looks 12, reach harder.

No. 33520

File: 1442593388874.png (18.28 KB, 1040x918, yeah.png)

No. 33781

please explain he reason why it was necessary to post this in a bunch of different threads.

no, I'll wait, I'm sure it's not retarded as fuck.

No. 33911


hey , OP here! Am not Ember but if you wanna keep thinking that, thats fine by me

No. 34152

yeah Ember totally created this thread. Heather isn't a lol cow at all IMO…. Heather just seems pretty normal to me. she doesn't even blog anymore. Lol, OP, sorry but no. I come to lolcow to laugh at bad make up, bad photo shop and attentions seeking instagram accounts from fake ass proanas.Heather aint any of that so NEEEXXXXT

No. 34153

yeah no… ember is 100% trash. that is no where near embers level of pathetic cringe-inducing behaviour.

No. 34155

this thread sounds like the same person talking to themselves.

No. 34163

That's what I thought reading it, too. Lots of samefag.

No. 35534

i cant get over heather's shoulders in the pic uploaded by OP , they're so manly eek

No. 35592

(Posted by Kristen. Click for more info.)

She talks so much shit about white people but she has the smallest lips ever. Also, I would love to see what her teeth look like there must be a reason she never shows them

No. 35648

maybe that's why she never shows them, because they're horrible and it'd ruin the image she pretends to have where she's super super solo successful n rich n smart!!

No. 45230

File: 1445074984812.jpg (136.86 KB, 640x897, image.jpg)

Heather is finally the biggest hypocrite of all time.

No. 45380


Heather is cringey as fuck, honestly. She's had abour 5 of her shitty tumblr accounts deleted. She's on a self-indulgent crusade to tear on underage girl and call them ugly/sluts (she's 31 years old) in a desperate attempt to salvage her self esteem.

She really only picks on younger, skinner girls and insists that they're too unrealistically pretty to be unedited. Totally lulzworthy.

No. 45382

But she's not successful. Someone doxxed her and found out how she lives - on minimum wage.

I bet her $400-dollar-a-month apartment that she shares with her sister and nephew smells like dogshit and mediocrity.

No. 45383

Heather Crader is the kind of bitch who no one would care if she died. The several people who would feel obligated to show up at her funeral would probably be pissed off and leave as early as possible. She's nothing and I hope she an heroes on smack or something. What a fucking waste. 30 years old living in a shitty shared apartment whos' greatest value is to serve me ice cream at her $7-dollar hourly job. Pathetic.

No. 45384

stop replying to this thread. we all know full fucking well heather made this and that she's revelling in the attention.

No. 45385

Stop trying to make this thread happen it won't happen. Everything in here is completely wrong and if you actually followed any of the "blogs" that were deleted you would know that.

And heathers in her 20's you fucking fat retard Eboni "Luna"

No. 45387

Mods can you delete this thread, it's obviously the same sperg same fagging over and over again

No. 45394

How does she even live?

No. 45395


She got her name legally changed to Luna lmao suck out

No. 45396

D'aww hey heather!! The wittle baby can't handle shit :'( boo fucking hoo

No. 45398

Off her sister while pretending she's raising her child.

No. 45402

Lol heather. Stop begging the mods to take this down.

Hope your future boss looks you up and sees this.

No. 45404

Ok Eboni whatever you say

And this isn't heather, I'm not even on the west coast fatty.

No. 45405

Holy shit. I remember this bitch. I'm all for calling girls out but this bitches blog is something special. Didn't she/it call someone's parents and bitch to them about their daughter and they called the police or something.

No. 45406


her name isnt Eboni are you retarded

No. 45408


Future boss? like she has any actual career prospects ahahahaha

No. 45409

lol Eboni stahp you're seriously embarrassing yourself now

No. 45410

Fuck off heather. I highly doubt luna/ember/kaylee or whatever underage girl that you attempt to 'drag' even cares that much about what your fat ass is doing. Stop samefagging

No. 45411


holy shit heather i wrote that comment and im actually not Eboni, although its obvious she's here lmao

No. 45412

Says the the autist sperging all over this nobodies thread.

No one knows this person. It's why this thread died and stayed dead until some tumblrina came with a grudge and kept posting over and over. Literally no one but you cares, and you care a lot since you just can't stop trying to make this thread happen.

No. 45416

>thinks "autist" is a real word

No. 45418


Doesn't regularly post on lolcow, too busy on tumblr

No. 45420

Oh my god. This girl is a total attention seeking cunt, like a real mess. She acts mean and tough online but in real life shes probably soft spoken and weak.

No. 45435

How come this thread was suddenly resurrected the moment heather started posting about Libby? coincidence? nope.

No. 45489

lol i remember heather from her lj days. she's the same shitty person she's always been. always trying to prove she's more punx than you, more ndn, more fucked up~

No. 45501

You're right, I smell Libby in here and it stank. Libby, you are too autistic to come off as anything but your retarded self. Bless.

No. 45515

What's heathers tumblr these days?

No. 45544

Heather Crader. a 31 year old who's run countless gossip blogs about people half her age. works at rick's dessert diner as a lowly ass waitress. looks like pepe the fucking frog.

she is my anti-rolemodel.

No. 45547

lol this information is so wrong it embarrassing.

No. 45549

Since when is 31 year olds born in 1989?

No. 45552

proof she was born in 89?

No. 47076

I hate to revive this thread but I would die to hear old dirt from livejournal. Heather is not a lolcow, but she is a special snowflake who calls out other snowflakes to pretend she isn't one.

No. 47081

I think her blog got shut down again. It's coming up as Not Found, and the URL isn't available to re-register. Huh.

No. 47114

No. 48291

File: 1445628191527.jpg (87.58 KB, 640x821, image.jpg)

I knew this ho wouldn't have the ovaries to "call people out" when off her Tumblr throne. The big bad bitch loooves confrontation…..on the internet with teenage girls who don't know enough to realize what a loser she is.

No. 48352

Well she's not insta famous so that must be a friend/relative

No. 48353

Also, is she private?

No. 48356

you're so creepy anon

No. 48364

This is literally what everyone does in every thread. Get the sand out of your pussy.

No. 48366

File: 1445645959614.jpg (45.14 KB, 255x223, 1429998283887.jpg)

>this thread

No. 48370

Holy fuck, this thread reminds me of that forum were all 40000 threads were done and replied by the same person again and again for years. Some bizarre shit right here.
You're pathetic OP I don't know who this basic bitch is, but your own desperation to make this thread a thing makes me cringe harder than any tumblrina ever posted.

No. 48380

pls more info on that forum

No. 48384

it's the princess doll thread

No. 48386

sorry i had to go find the thread number >>30665


No. 48391

I seriously wish an Admin would expose all of Embers self posts tbh. I'm sure this site is littered with comments she has made about herself and other's.

No. 48445

Sorry to burst your bubble but there are more than a few people who can't stand Heather.

No. 49167

Admin sama did but not on this thread????
I'd be fucking tickled pink if she never posted in this one.

No. 81218

File: 1452874441965.png (18.22 KB, 594x195, 47594u_4854.png)

Something going down between her and libby?

No. 81219

File: 1452874576298.png (15.74 KB, 603x178, fhr8554_475.png)

wait nevermind, there's something going down between her and everyone lmao

No. 81222

Why does she care if Libby is lying… she lies about everything, discovering a new fib will not be groundbreaking news.

Anyway, the admin confirmed Eboni made this thread. I don't know why she is second guessing his judgement. She is obsessed with petty drama.

No. 81223

If she keeps this up, her blog will be terminated next. She is giving people a lot of shit to report by continuously posting hateful/vindictive shit.

No. 81229

I get the feeling she was planning some tumblr callout for libby and wanted some evidence or something, idk. If I were her, I'd just ignore Libby.

No. 81231

You want heather to ignore drama???? Do you legitimately think she is capable of such an act?

I wish.

No. 81232

File: 1452876735779.png (193.83 KB, 580x509, ember vs blond chick.png)

She posts stuff like this in Ember's tag and Ember is always running to tumblr to cry and report every tiny little thing so I wonder how long it will be until tumblr is just sick of their fight and deletes them both

No. 81235

She might have to start soon. How long can somebody argue with tumblr teens? At some point you just have to log off

No. 81237

We all hate Ember but not a single anon in the proana scumbag thread acts as immature as Heather does. That post is just… cringey and embrassing on her behalf.

No. 81238

Isn't Heather 29? There isn't an age limit or anything but I would assume that someone who has a child and is almost in their 30s will have more important things to be worry about, than some ugly ass 19 year old wannarexic's haircut.

No. 81240

File: 1452877445107.jpg (60.7 KB, 430x492, at least she doesn't have the …)

No. 81241

She has a kid?

No. 81247

Yeah, he's blonde as fuck and around 2 or 3 years old.

I only mention his hair color because Heather swears she is Native American but is "white passing" since she bleaches her hair.

If she was really an Indian, I feel her son would have dark hair, y'know?

No. 81248

File: 1452878334852.jpg (274.5 KB, 1080x1080, 12244768_10206659081809110_516…)

No. 81257

lol why is every tumblr white girl native american??

No. 81262

File: 1452879246724.jpg (51.26 KB, 508x228, lmao chill heather.jpg)

I cut out the pic because Ember got it removed anyway but lol at Heather getting pissy because Ember thought 3000 was expensive. Out of all the things to drag Ember for, she went with this? The bitch is probably only getting minimum wage, not shelling out that money is probably the smartest thing she's ever done.

No. 81263

For a teenager, $3,000 is expensive if you consider the average weekly income for those in that age group is $446.

This woman is in her late 20s and has been given a lot more opportunities to put money in her savings account, so she may have 3k or more readily available (She should at least). And If that is the case, I can see why she thinks buying clothing with a 4 digit price tag isn't expensive, I guess.

But to me, she is acting like an entitled, vengeful brat. Ember is a fucking cunt and I'm not sticking up for her, but Heather's arguments and call out posts have became incredibly shallow and weak.

No. 81268

She should be the last one talking about bad hair cuts. Her fucking ends look like plastic

No. 81276

The kid is her nephew or some other relation, she looks after him full time. I forget the reason but she was always quite keen to point it out to make herself look like a saint

No. 81293

IIRC her boyfriend cheated on her but she's still with him

No. 81299

How do you know that? Seems like the kind of thing she'd keep under wraps, since she's trying to give off a "take no shit" vibe

No. 81302

Nah, she was all high and mighty about how he cheated emotionally (dont remember if physically too) and she loved him and was SO mature that she moved on. their relationship is still pretty shitty I think, him being an addict. Don't remember well enough, she wrote about it back on junky-business.

No. 81309

File: 1452888526718.png (19.87 KB, 624x285, 486.png)

Don't tell her that, she thinks she knows everything.

No. 81311

My biggest issue with her is that she has absolutely no sense of humility and assumes everything.

No. 81312

File: 1452889332216.jpg (25 KB, 453x302, 37584h_3648_e.jpg)

Why do her lips look like they were drawn by whoever did as told by ginger

No. 81314

File: 1452889946464.jpg (15.1 KB, 193x259, lolk.jpg)

No. 81345

File: 1452899242416.png (296.53 KB, 563x621, Untitled.png)

Heather, the saint.

It's so wild seeing a truth blogger, who mocks other snowflakes for posting indirect replies to the shit truth blogs say, reply indirectly to us.

No. 81349

File: 1452900675548.jpg (72.15 KB, 505x344, deepbreathsheather.jpg)

>Is tweaker mommy gonna put down the pipe?
How is she going after embers mom when her family is an obvious shitshow as shown by >>81345 and she was an addict herself?

No. 81351

& why is she talking about ember making minimum wage and no tips when she was the dumb cunt that thought ember was ridiculous for not buying Chanel. If you know the bitch is poor as shit, how are you gonna try and drag her for not dropping thousands on a stupid purchase?

No. 81356

This is such an obscure ref

No. 81357

She's trolling Ember, are you taking the bait too fam

No. 81369

Jfc so much samefag going on in this mess.

No. 81371

Feels a bit like you're reaching with this one. She did update SNAR/jb about her nephew quite a bit before, so it might not be an "indirect response". Though it'd be hilarious if it was.

Heather seems to be a bit too involved with Ember's shenanigans though.

No. 81437

I love that this thread was only revived after she made fun of Emily for being tragic, ember for being a chubby fake and some other fat scene kid called libby for starting it.

Gee I wonder which vendetta chan is samefagging it up today.

No. 81447


For real. Who else is really going to go all the way back to like page 48 of snow just to drag Heather out of the wood work?

This reads like Emily having a conversation with herself.

No. 81453

I don't give a fuck which snowflake revived the thread, I love reading the petty drama regardless. I'm a sucker for this type of catty bullshit. it's lulzy milk before bedtime.

No. 81531

I think she does have naturally dark hair, she just bleaches it. I think she's said that on one of her old blogs (why do they always get deleted btw? I feel like she's always getting taken down even though there are worse blogs out there). Her eyebrows and roots are dark.

No. 81569

Its fucking sad tbh, especially when is be willing to bet $100 Heather doesn't give a rats ass about it.
I've spoken to her a few times, she's chill af.

No. 81572

I'm naturally blonde with dark eyebrows though.

No. 81573

Her eyebrows look light brown here.

No. 81579

She's not the one that checks lolcow, is she? I thought it was the donut one

No. 81601

It's mostly just OD.
Others probably do but I'm pretty sure heather doesn't bother with it.

No. 81722

Why is heather special? Is she some kind of celeb?

No. 81742

No, she ran a few truth blogs were she openly scrutinize people like Felice Fawn, Wylona, johanna herrstedt, you know actual ecelebs, but slowly turned her entire focus on Ember Whann over the past few months, along with a handful of other teens that no one has ever heard of.

She only has a thread here because one of the tumblr snowflakes got upset because she wouldn't blog about her (Eboni Eden) and thought posting about her here would be the perfect revenge.

No. 101026

These are the cringest posts I have ever read.

No. 101045

It's even cringier to revive a dead ass thread like this one

No. 101047

At least bring up the bullshit story of her relapsing that was in the attention whore/Ana thread.

No. 101051

i missed these the first time around. deja is such a loser lmfao.

No. 101249

you'd think that someone who spends so much time calling out fake anas would know to not lie so obviously about weight loss. "I've lost 25 pounds" like lmao no, you haven't.

No. 104556

Heather was the first truthblogger to post a link to lolcow on Tumblr, are you dumb?

No. 104558

oh my god stop bumping this thread

No. 104562

>Heather was the first

That isn't true but she does have a crazy sense of self worth. She believes her opinion trumps all and if you have an opposing point of view, you're moronic trash and she doesn't even have the time to explain why you're wrong but will drag you through the mud regardless. (Especially when it comes down to anything related to Native Americans)

Heather thinks people should just KNOW they're wrong and because of that, she really believes people are doing dumb shit out of spite, not blatant ignorance, and she has ever right to shit down their throats instead of informing them exactly why they're in the wrong.

No one should have to hold anyone's hand while on he internet, but she has really turned out to be an insufferable, miserable cunt when she used to be quite resourceful when dealing with uneducated tumblrinas. Nowadays, she desperately tries to act all tough but I'm at the point where I just cringe everytime I see her reply to anonymous hate. She's not as big of a bad ass as she thinks and she is beginning to remind me of one of those moms who try to use popular slang to relate to her rebellious teen daughter.>>104556

No. 104568

File: 1457799125966.png (51.35 KB, 552x476, sss.png)

Um yeah, no shit anon. She didn't lose 25lbs, SHE LOST 27LBS

No. 104570

File: 1457800075434.png (451.72 KB, 560x938, sss.png)

I adore that after this anon called her fat >>104568 she posts this selfie (where she is very obviously leaning forward with her arm twisted around so her elbow sticks out, as a poor attempt to make her arms look skinny) and then some other (or the same idk) anon tried to point how that pose is the same pose many proana chicks (like Ember!) use and all she could do is laugh at elbow bones instead of reflecting on what exactly she did.

Funny how she can dish out criticism like it's going out of fashion but is utterly incapable of receiving it.

No. 104798

I feel bad for her giant head and unfortunate topheavy build. No matter how much she starves herself she'll never look skinny.

No. 104816

I hate that lipstick but I like her eye makeup. Her eye makeup is always pretty good (though maybe not when she's taking pictures at the angle on the left)

No. 104817

Do we have a before and after pic of the weight loss? I don't know how big she was before. Is it possible she did lose 25 pounds but that it wasn't enough to make her super small?

No. 104875

File: 1457888555091.png (1.92 MB, 1425x1254, 1457029595645.png)

left image was taken December 2015 and right was posted February 26th 2016

she is clearly lying about her weight loss, for reasons i do not know, but this is getting pretty lulzy

No. 104877

File: 1457888784913.jpg (13.79 KB, 304x405, _77517139_kielrexfeatures.jpg)

She looks like she could take a punch or two.

No. 104878

>IDGAF what anons say, I'm a babe
>proceeds to give a plethora of excuses as to why she still looks fat.
Ok heather. Just accept that you'll always be a porker and have zero self control. The only reason your drug use is in "control" is because you're using another drug.

No. 104882

File: 1457890620519.png (35.61 KB, 544x382, 1457029595645.png)

I cannot get over dumbasses who say that kind of shit.
"hurrrr I don't care but I am going to type out a full paragraph anyways! BUT DO NOT THINK I *CARE* BECAUSE I DO NOT!!…. foreal.. idc.. not even a little bit.."

pic related made a laugh though. Her lack of self awareness is disturbing. Does she really believe that she hasn't become one of those "elitist" who judges everyone?.. because that exactly what she has turned into. It's funny seeing her rag on 18-22 year olds about how they have no life, because when she was their age, she was sitting in some heroin den, shooting up junk on a dirty, piss stained mattress, trying to forget about her past woes.

Heather genuinely thinks she is better than the people who shit talks, as if she didn't ruin her own life when she was their age. At least the girls she drags aren't heroin addicts who would later become methadone addicts that run a truth blog where they pick apart 17 year olds lmao.

No. 104883

How old is she?

No. 104893

I think 29/30?

No. 104896

Maybe blogging about all the proana girls gave her a skewed perception on weight

No. 104899

File: 1457892624335.gif (1.48 MB, 400x270, truth.gif)

She said in >>104568 that the only recent body pic was in a warped mirror. Maybe the funhouse mirror is hiding her true and skinny self

No. 104900

File: 1457892862024.png (12.63 KB, 576x121, fatorexia.png)

Jesus christ and she still runs a fucking truth blog on Tumblr, exposing bad teenage behavior?

Maybe it's a case of reverse body dysmorphia, where sees herself as skinny.


Public mirrors are normally slanted back towards the top which normally makes the person's reflection look skinnier than they really are. So, she is actually fatter than she appears in those selfies?

No. 104905

Ember Whann has had 2 or 3 of Heather's truth blog terminated but she keeps coming back regardless. I wonder how many more years she will invest in being a social justice warrior on Tumblr before she realized that she has wasted her late 20s, obsessing over people in their late teens lol.

No. 104909

Didn't she used to have an ED or am I thinking of someone else? She might be stuck in an ED mindset where skinny = best so she talks about dropping weight for asspats

No. 104910

I wouldn't be shocked if she claimed to have an eating disorder.

>inb4 she answers a self sent anon about her struggles with binging/purging 0w0

No. 104916

Kek. So much truth.

No. 104918

Stop bumping this thread. There is a reason it died. Take your vendetta back to tumblr

No. 104919

She knows no other way to be. She wasted her youth on drugs, a crappy education that she doesn't use (like to actually make real money because you ain't doing hair as a waitress in a restaurant), and a shitty bf. I'm sure being online is just an avoidant way to get through her crappy life.

No. 104920

How about you stop telling us what to do? There's more than one person here, excluding yourself.

No. 104925

Didn't her boyfriend cheat on her but stuck with him because she's so forgiving and loves him so much?

If so, how is she able to get over that type of betrayal but has been permanently fixated on girls lying on the internet?.. Maybe she transforms all of that ill will she feels towards her partner and takes out all of that hatred on chicks on Tumblr.

No. 104926

Just ignore them. It's always the same anon that gets butt blasted and appears like fucking Bloody Mary any time you mention this fat cow.

No. 104928

>tells everyone not to bump thread
>bumps thread

No. 104929

I remember her mentioning it. It's so weird because she kind of tries to give off the idea that's she's tough and doesn't take bullshit but she stuck with some loser that cheated

No. 104930

Didn't she say something about her boyfriend missing an eye or something?

No. 104931

I refuse to believe this, no matter how much I want to.

No. 104932

Wow no wonder she acts like little miss billy badass on the internet. While she taking out her frustrations on Tumblr, her boyfriend is walking all over her in real life.

No. 104933

Pretty sure the story was something like her boyfriend got into a bar fight and was stabbed in the eye with a broken piece of glass?

But every single story she tells has this weird overtone to them. Like she tries to make herself and those around seem super edgy punkers who don't take no shit but then she goes and get her panties in a bunch iver someone calling her fat? lmao.

No. 104939

Does anybody have screencaps of this? I can't believe even Heather would think "my boyfriend can't duck" is an edgy story

No. 104945

Ember managed to get her old truth blogs deleted and idk if she ever reposted the story on her new account.
I personally dislike Ember a lot but I give her props for actually getting Heather blogs removed. You know that shit pissed her off so much hahah. I remember when Heather came back the second time and was like "EMBER YOU WILL RUE THIS DAY! YOU DO NOT KNOW WHO YOU'RE FUCKING WITH. I TASTED YOUR BLOOD AND I WANT MORE" and then a few days later, her new blog was terminated too. Heather is pyscotic.

No. 104947

File: 1457898125765.jpg (338.11 KB, 1280x1280, tumblr_o3g4j659OF1ujsll8o1_128…)

Her eyeliner and eye shadow are cute but why does her lipstick always look like crayon? It's the same in >>104570

No. 104949

I love the amateur dramatics when tumblr blogs get deleted tbh

No. 104956

File: 1457899032346.jpg (422.12 KB, 1280x1707, 3.jpg)

Her eyeliner looks great when her eyes are closed but look really uneven/wonky in the right picture..? That's odd.

I see what you mean about her lips. And to think she makes fun of Victoria for doing the same thing.

No. 104957

File: 1457899324067.png (99.63 KB, 447x283, 5.png)

It legitimately looks like she photoshopped a thigh gap in? The fucking shadow curves with her inner thigh. I cannot believe that this cunt has the audacity to expose people for shooping yet posts photoshopped images of her thighs with cuts on them to her personal account.

Heather really is a lolcow.

No. 104964

This picture was attention seeking as fuck anyway. It's the exact type of pose she used to complain about Felice doing.

No. 104968

her panties are like 5 sizes too small

No. 104976

I know my vag is screaming looking at them

No. 104977

Eh the picture doesn't even show a thigh gap. Her knees are way apart. Everybody has a gap between their thighs like that when they post with a considerable gap between their knees

No. 104985

Look at that FUPA

No. 104994

True which makes the editing she did look ridiculous. Her right thigh looks twice as big as the left and it looks like her inner thigh fat is melting upwards into her vagina.>>104977

No. 105002

File: 1457903108705.png (21.38 KB, 551x255, cringe.png)

No. 105005

The more I hear about this boyfriend, the less I understand why she stayed with his cheating ass.

No. 105008

File: 1457903276933.png (19.32 KB, 549x281, cringe.png)

samefagging but good lord, heather is delusional. even if she dropped down to a normal BMI, all she would ever be is a butterface.


No. 105010

File: 1457903461239.gif (2.62 MB, 446x252, killme.gif)

Why do the tryhards always act like they could have any man they wanted but can never back it up with a decent and functional relationship with a normal guy?

No. 105013

File: 1457903751942.jpg (36.27 KB, 549x237, HEY.jpg)

OKAY so I think I figured out why she stays with her boyfriend.


It's because she is emotionally attached to his sister's kid and if she leaves her boyfriend, she won't be apart of that kid's life anymore and she won't be able to brag about what a saint she is for taking care of him. This whole time, I thought that the child was her legitimate newphew but nope. They're not even relatives.

(She said the kid's father is a murderer but knowing Heather, that's an exaggeration)

No. 105017

heather is so quick to point fingers but yet so hesitate to take responsibilities for her fuck ups

>everyone around me continuously fucks up but thank god i exist to clean up everyone's mess. i love me so much right now, not only am i a bangin babe who could steal yo man, i am also on tier with mother teresa. wee life is great when you're always in the right!

No. 105049

For a tumblr sjw I would expect her to hate mother Theresa

No. 105444

this girls thirst is crippling.

No. 105855

She used to be bulimic when she was younger and even underwent medical treatment for it. As far as she says, she's recovered with the occasional slip-up.

No. 110893

File: 1459005325074.png (57.34 KB, 564x494, hshout.png)

Anyone else think Heather is starting to become overly paranoid?

Ember hasn't updated any of her accounts, public, personal, and private, in almost a month and though she has faked documents in the past, the recent images she has shared(like the snap of the entrance of the IP center that is 5 hrs from her home), exhibiting what she did in order to get into an IP center, seem very legitimate unlike before.

All of the proof she has that Ember isn't where she claims is all debunkable.

>statcounter reveals hits from rochester, must be ember!1!!11

Ember isn't the only person in that region who is keen to her internet presence.

>she filed DMCA claims against me

You can't prove someone didn't just use her name while filing a DMCA claim with the intent of making you think it is her.

>she's blocking/unfollowing people she previously followed

Ember followed a ridiculous amount of proana scumbags, so it's pretty safe to assume that they're either a) being terminated by instagram staff b) deleting their account or c) blocking Ember for some unknown reason.

And the bit that reads:
>ember isn't smart enough (…) to trick a mental health professional into believing her perfectly healthy body weight and BMI (…) makes her slightly eligible for invasive inpatient treatment
yet she is smart enough and has the will power to fall off the radar completely?
This is generally very ironic and contradictory coming from Heather. Sure, Ember has always been a disgusting little bitch but she definitely has some sort of mental illness that evolves food. Not one of us attended any of her appointments which lead up to her "going to IP", so who knows exactly what she said to these doctors. I'm not really understanding what makes Heather believe it is difficult to get help if you suffer from a mental illness. I mean, yeah, you have to wait for a couple weeks/months to get an appointment/bed but as long as you're willing to actually get help, there is help for you. It's not exactly easy to prove someone isn't routinely troubled by disordered thoughts.

No. 110932

I just find it sad that she's that dedicated to such a loser. Like god damn, has tumblr not tried and tried to forget her? Let it go.

No. 112281

File: 1459267470943.png (579.5 KB, 562x846, oldbish.png)

>I’m still not thirty ?

.. says the 29 year old who looks like they're in their early 40s. The way she is touching her face with those fatass ham hocks she has for hands is disgusting.

No. 112286

At first glance, her gray hair and heavy AF eyeliner made me think this was an actual photo of someone's grandma.

No. 126899

Sorry to bump this pathetic thread but I noticed that junkys cover pic is of sid and nancy. For someone who calls out others for being 'problematic' she sure is problematic herself. Sid and Nancy aren't something that should be romanticised. It was a fucked up relationship based on herion, not love, and ended in murder.

No. 126906

She's pretty much always been like that. Buried in this thread are the instagram posts where she was acting like one of the snowflakes she blogs about. She's not consistent enough in her shitshow to provide frequent milk though.

No. 126918

You'd think at thirty she'd have enough shame to suck it up and delete tumblr.

No. 126920

shes.. still..not… thirty…

No. 126926

she's not thirty and even if she was what even is your problem. no milk here, this thread is as dry as the fury road.

No. 126942

Whenever this thread gets bumped it's like a 50/50 mix of "this fucking bitch right here" and "omg she's not even doing anything" lmfao

She's irritating but I like her eyebrows

No. 127083

Found Heather lol

No. 127085

She is thirty. Her records are on a us people finder and she is thirty.

No. 127099

File: 1462255376957.jpeg (62.69 KB, 638x350, image.jpeg)

No. 127181

Still, she's old enough to know that targeting random teens online is sad and pathetic for a woman her age

No. 127217

Eh, I mean. There are a lot of people here her age, myself included if we're talking 25 plus, but I see what you mean. Thing is, the tumblr call out comm kinda died out after they discovered lolcow. What I find funny is how all of them trashed this place in the beginning and now it seems they're all here with us. Not that sensetive & PC after all.

I bet a lot of the golden oldies, like Felice, starpowerrr & especially shmegeh are amongst us as well. Michelle used to love efagz and the like, Felice is a bitch and I can't be the only one remembering Tiffany on that livejournal rating comm.

No. 128358

This cow was dried long ago. Good to see she's still taking the time out of her 8 hour working days to contest DMCA claims on tumblr though.

No. 128372

I could definitely see Felice and Shmegeh being here. Felice would post in every thread from the migrants to the pro ana one.

Tbh I'm surprised she has the determination. If I kept getting DMCA shit, I'd probably just give up. She knows people like Ember will just keep making them anyway.

No. 128378

I think Shmegeh has posted here before.

No. 128403

I haven't been on tumblr in a while but I love knowing that that shitty comm died. We all knew they were full of shit anyway.

No. 130099

I'd honestly kill myself if I lived a sad ways I agree that this blog is probably a way to escape her dead end job. She probably doesn't have friends.

No. 130276

I remember reading about Michelle being a member of efagz, but never got access to the site myself. What kind of stuff did she post, what was posted about her, ect? I've always been really curious to know since shmegeh's past was so vague once she became her emaciated trash persona.

No. 130291

I am a member of efagz [now called ediotz], and shmegeh was hardly ever posted about, IIRC.

No. 152468

Hah. Another fat whore truth blogger who pretends she's above the other snowflakes because people pat her ass for details on them because she's too lame to have people want to write about her.

No. 156845

Hey, guys, back off! Heather may be a banal and mediocre writer, and she may enjoy making sexualized advertisements about the teen subjects of her "journalism," and she may relish fantasies about violence against people she disagrees with, and he may pen legal threats that creep out people on all sides of the spectrum, and he may derive satisfaction from threatening that people will lose their kids if they don't do what she says, and she may fly into disturbed rages when people criticize her or even "like" a post criticizing her, and she may relentlessly indulge in misogynist imagery to insult people whilst calling herself progressive and a journalist, but what you're completely ignoring is you know I lost track of where I was going with this.

No. 156849


No. 156858

Ever since proof of her being in her 30s, working as a waitress and getting fired from various Sacramento waitressing jobs over her behaviour online I've always wondered how she lives a fulfilling life and how she's not changed her behaviour.

Why the fuck does she not prioritise work over drama? Does taunting teen girls on line really mean more to her than being able to pay rent. What a sad way to live.

No. 156867

Is she still taking time to counter-claim DMCA's and remake blog after blog?

No. 156903

Wait, what happened? Usually this thread only resurfaces once in a while when something is happening. We need links or screnshots, anon!

No. 156918

Where is that proof? I thought she just turned 30 or is only 30, not well I to them.

No. 156920

Somebody said they found her records once and it said thirty but everything I've seen says she's late twenties.

No. 156945

Milk please anon, I would not be surprised at all if her job etc is not all she makes out to be to one up the teenagers she bitches about. Same goes for her bum chum ourdonut.

No. 156976

Earlier in the thread somebody said her job was minimum wage at a diner but that could have been one of the ol' wannarexics popping in with some bullshit.

And >>156858 said she's a waitress to so I'm guessing there's at least some evidence somewhere.

How does everybody know this stuff but not have screenshots?

No. 157123

Woahhhh steady ladies!!! I'll get the screenshots proving it in a few mins hold on just a min.

No. 157128

File: 1468931815130.png (239.73 KB, 1058x678, Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 13.3…)

No. 157130

File: 1468931914616.png (163.46 KB, 1204x642, Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 13.3…)


No. 157133

File: 1468932173519.png (136.83 KB, 1193x641, Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 13.3…)


No. 157134

File: 1468932324083.png (283.92 KB, 862x591, Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 13.3…)


No. 157136

Okay, so basically, Heather used to have "Works at: Rick's Dessert Diner" publicly visible on her Facebook profile. She also has her real name and location still up on her Facebook, and it so HAPPENS that when you look up directions from the Address listed on Heathers' whitepages, that Rick's Dessert Diner is 21 minutes away. Sacramento is BIG place, as is Cali. It's obvious because of the close proximity of the address to the workplace, that the information on the whitepages belongs to Heather, and that she is in fact, around 30 years old.

Not only this, but she is a waitress, as she stupidly advertised on her Facebook.

A few days later, after Ember had reported some of Heather's actions to her workplace, Ember found that this listing was removed from Heather's facebook entirely, which means that it is safe to assume that Ember got Heather fired from her job as a waitress.

These truthbloggers bring all this shit on themselves, to be quite honest. They make it all too easy to figure out who they are. It was so fucking stupid of Heather to have her EMPLOYMENT LISTED while she bullies and harasses SO many girls who she claims are "stupid, entitled bitches". Maybe Ember is an attention seeker and seems to enjoy drama, she clearly isn't stupid if she managed to get Heather fired.

No. 157158

Tbf I think there needs to be more dirt on the other "truth bloggers" aswell while we're at it, good job anon

No. 157188

Her and Ember are so alike and they don't even realise.

Maybe I'm thinking of a different blogger, but didn't Heather do makeup? Did she start doing that after she got fired?

No. 157197

Heather went to cosmology school, but never got her license officially cause she never finished properly. Some shit like that.

She never hid the fact that she worked at a restaurant, but maybe she lied about her role there? As in she may have inflated it. And I'm pretty sure ember never succeeded in getting her fired, heather mentioned that she tried though.
I honestly don't give a shit what she does for money, so long as she's not shutting on someone else for making money the same way.
Ugh, I got sick of that fat bitch ourdonut too. That bitch is such a try hard. They both make it seem like they don't give a shit, but they desperately want validation from people younger than them.

No. 157216

Nah I disagree. I think working at a restaurant at 30 but violently slut-shaming girls and contacting their parents to try and ruin their lives makes you a bit of a fucking loser. Like fair enough if she was a good person who didn't criticise others' lifestyles, but she does so it's too hypocritical.

And also I think that Heather definitely get fired at the hands of someone she was bullying/stalking.

No. 157218

I'd really like to see Heather get a fucking asswhooping from the police for cyberstalking.

Some of the stalking she's been involved in have been especially shameful and scandalous, particularly with underage girls when she actually went as far as to contact their parents and create problems in their family home.

No. 157220

This is so hypocritical!! I highly doubt she can afford Chanel clothes at $7 an hour working at a fucking diner. Come on now, Heather.

Also I don't think Heather will be getting another job soon now that this thread is in the results for her name.

No. 157237

I find ourdonut evenmore insufferable than heather, the way they asspat one another over their perceived victories is tragic. OD is heather +1 when it comes to hypocrisy but at least she knows to hide her fat ass when ripping on wannarexics

No. 157239

File: 1468952549971.jpg (18.14 KB, 694x240, ohplease.jpg)

This is the kind of im-so-damaged type flaunting she calls tumblrinas out for, yet she's always doing it herself on her blog.
I'm cringing for her old ass.

No. 157242

-unanimous groans-
If she's 30 and not yet grown out of tearing into teenage girls as if it's Mean Girls or something she never will. She'll be a wrinkly, even fatter old lady who spent her life alone bullying girls online.

No. 157249

>implying she doesn't eat solid food
ok heather sure ur weight is from 'orange juice'

No. 157327

this is the type of response that she would have complained about had anybody but her typed it

No. 157348


when are the other truth bloggers gonna realise she is a wanna be snowflake herself and start blogging about her? pahah

No. 157353

Then where do we disagree? That's what I basically said. She's 30 and works at a restaurant and isn't a hooker, that's a respectable way to make money. The fact that she hated on ember for doing the same without her GED was fucking retarded. I would feel more stupid if I was heather. Ember has her whole life to get her shit together and she never dabbled in hardcore drugs. Heather actually tried to get an "education" (albeit only a shitty vocational one), failed, ruined her life with drugs that she is dependent on, still works the same dead end job as a waitress, and she's done nothing to improve any of that. It's never too late to turn your life around, but she doesn't do jack shit except shit on girls that have what she yearns for, their youth.

No. 157354

That's the disease of the truth bloggers. The more airtime they have, the more snowflakey they become. This shit happened with the second generation of Felice truth bloggers. It takes a special kind of insufferable cunt to be a truth blogger.

No. 157360


ahahah remember when people cared about what heather had to say … nah me neither

No. 157364

what's her and ourdoughnut's current drama tumblrs? I can't find them. Also is there any truth-bloggers still active?

No. 157375

I think Heathers is shoutatthadevil (complete with cringey blog descripton about the streets raising her kek), not sure about ourdoughnut

No. 157376

ourdoughout is now c4tf4ncy

No. 157379

thanks anons!

No. 157380

well i wouldnt say being a hooker isnt a respectable job as long as its done safely.

No. 157381

Different strokes for different folks anon. Let's not derail over it.

No. 157383

File: 1468984488366.png (39.11 KB, 769x277, Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 04.1…)

Is this what it's come to? Also BODY SHAMING

No. 157384

File: 1468984624169.png (76.33 KB, 725x397, Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 04.1…)

Also using BPD as an insult?

No. 157385

Also she criticses Emily for not posting candids of her our with friends having fun which seems vastly hypocritical. I highly doubt Heather enjoys her life either. Honestly I feel sorry for her more than anything else

No. 157386

BPD is an insult.

No. 157387

It's not. It's a debilitating mental illness.

No. 157396

Stfu, this isn't a fucking hug box.
If you want to point it out as something she's being hypocritical about, show us a screen cap where she has expressed moral outrage over shit like that.

No. 157421

Awww are you triggered, anon? And Heather is always spouting SJW shit which I'm sure includes making fun of mental illnesses.

No. 157449

File: 1469009713393.jpeg (21.95 KB, 280x223, image.jpeg)

"Online behaviour" - ah so her blog isn't 90% bawwing at others online behaviour and another 10% posting shit that she hopes will give her the same attention other snowflakes

No. 157477

File: 1469023607373.gif (716.28 KB, 245x187, image.gif)

Clever. You must be triggered by the fact that nobody gives a shit.
I'm just asking for receipts, lest this place turn into an even greater shithole full of baseless sour milk and accusations.

No. 157485

Are these anons farmers or is she just sending shit to herself?

No. 157486

There probably isn't a specific screenshot. I think anon is just going by the fact that she's into social justice or whatever

No. 157493

Reverse it. I'm pretty sure they are tumblr fags that followed the ember/Libby/whimsical/deja drama, ended up here, and only contribute to said threads. No farmer was ever that rabid over their hate for this snowflake.
They post to get validation for their hate because for whatever reason, most people on tumblr that are in that circle are ok with heather, on the surface.

No. 157516

Thanks, u understand me anon

No. 157517

All the drama mentioned here has died out, except for Ember possibly.

And I imagine a lot of tumblr users hate Heather but are too scared to speak out on tumblr lest they suffer the wrath of Heather's followers basically bombarding them.

No. 157518

Heather complains of "sloppy" drug users she's seen on television/intervention.
Drug addiction is not a competition, but she enjoys making everything about how she's so much better than everyone else.

No. 157521

It has but there are a lot of bitter fags that refuse to let things go. Just like Heather won't let go of her beef with Ember.
The only sjw thing I'm aware of is her
>take off that culturally significant war bonnet Becky! stop shitting on my culture whitey.

No. 157533

She always reblogs SJW stuff which isn't bad, but still is contradictory. She also said once that you shouldn't use the word 'bitch' because it's sexist. I sort of agree but surely she shouldn't be using BPD as an insult, photoshopping herself thinner and doing all of this stuff she condemns on her blog.

No. 157534

Anon, you come in here opening a can of worms. Please tell me you have the receipts for the Photoshopping, I will fucking die.

Contradictory indeed. Okay, bitch isn't one of those words (like nigger) that carries the same connotation everywhere for everyone. I fucking hate people like that. Gotta take up arms over every minor thing. Must be exhausting to be so angry and offended all day.

No. 157537

File: 1469037267660.jpg (145.89 KB, 640x897, 1445074984812.jpg)

This was already posed in this thread, but there is a sort of curvature in her wood flooring which is otherwise completely straight. Also one thigh is fatter than the other. Someone also ran it through fotoforensics and posted it here.

No. 157540

The proana pose is also redundant when you have no waist and your panties are too small, are those SH cuts or just were her panties cut into her?

No. 157541

No. 157543

is that the only one? I'm not a fan of her anon, but that isn't exactly earth shattering evidence.
Honestly, that just looks like a shadow + low quality pic.

Also, fucking kek at her gathering her shirt with her right hand. For what purpose?

No. 157546

Not my fault, there is limited photos of her available. She keeps most of her fat, hammy photos of her ugly mug private so that she can continue to call teen girls who possess that beauty, thinness and youth, traits she wished she had, ugly and criticise their looks.

No. 157549

I reckon she's keeping up with this thread.

No. 157553

File: 1469040940056.png (38.32 KB, 719x251, Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 19.5…)

This ask was poorly written and harsh but true. I think she's jealous of Emily and Ember's youth and weight.

No. 157557

If she isn't, OD definitely is. I'm pretty sure heather was involved in one of the wannarexics threads. One of the other ones that pats her ass was that "spooky" girl who pretty much used to try and drag/be ember and I'm pretty sure she lurks, she used to reblog a lot of their ember dirt, vice versa, seemed to want to get up their asses, which is always so nice for heathers insufferable ego

No. 157559

You sound like Emily.
Heather never really gave Emily too much shit—only now because she's a desperate attention whore that got outed here. Safe to say that nobody is jealous of that horsefaced try hard.

No. 157563

Now we know where the anachans went when admin banned their thread.

No. 157578

I'm not Emily, I just can't think of any other examples and even if I could I'll be accused of being them. But practically EVERY teen girl Heather has ever bashed is really pretty, which seems to be her main motive for bashing them in the first place. E.g. emily, victoria, ember (well prettier than Heather at least) that sophie girl was pretty cute, Luna, Allie, Hatelyn (could almost pass for average looking, but I think the main jealousy on Heather's part was the notes her selfies got, which she accused of being false. Although she is photoshopped).

But you get the general idea. All the girls she tears into are either pretty or significantly prettier than her.

No. 157580

Its a reflex. Emily always loves to tag her name to Ember's in the hopes of getting attention since nobody ever wanted to talk about her.
(btw, "Luna is butt fucking ugly and the rest are average looking at best, with the exception of Victoria)

No. 157590

>with the exception of Victoria
I'm still kinda surprised by how pretty she is. The makeup and photoshop really led me to believe she'd be hideous.

I think she wants to be little and skinny but I doubt she's jealous of Ember and Emily.

No. 157629


>inb4 "Hi Luna"

luna is pretty cute imho. theres no need to make statements as if they're objective facts

No. 157670

sage advice mom. do you really think your statement needed to be typed out and submitted? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, that goes without saying.
there's no need to police other people's statements unless they're race baiting/derailing.

No. 157836

Does she think shes fooled us? She makes it blindingly obvious she keeps an eye on this thread.

Can admin please expose all the posts on Lolcow here that've been made by Heather?

I can't help but feel like she made the Alex Clark thread.

No. 157853

File: 1469123288813.png (30.97 KB, 733x198, Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 18.4…)

this also she has sid and nancy as her facebook. romanticising the most notoriosuly abusive relationship ever

No. 157862

Before I got sick of her whining and unfriended her she'd "rescued" a pit bull puppy she "found" and was taking the scrawny obvs not well thing to dog parks at the pet store and then had to put it down all of a week later due to parvo. Nevermind that she exposed how many other animals, give her asspats because she's saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad.

No. 157874

Jesus what a dick

No. 158142

Considering she likes to act like she's above other snowflakes who do drugs (because she's on methadone not heroin, that makes her a much better person) she sure does like to bring up drug references without any prompting.

No. 158147

I thought her cheating boyfriend was still on drugs anyway?

No. 158148

To be fair, taking in a stray isn't a bad thing and even well looked after dogs can get parvo if they're unlucky.

It should definitely not have been at a dog park or a pet store until she was absolutely sure it was healthy (no risk to other dogs) and it had been immunised (not at risk from other dogs) though.

Btw I'm curious about you writing "rescued", did she not really rescue it? I didn't see the original posts about it tbh

No. 158161

As far shes stated about his drug taking he's been off crack cocaine for 7 years, someone posted the ask further up the thread, but I doubt he's completely drug free, especially if she's on methadone and popping Xanax around him.

No. 158499

She's such a lardass lmao. The way she shits on better looking skinner girls is so typical of a fat girl like her.

No. 158621

Oh wait but you're forgetting she could be skinny anon, (bulimia) but she's so much better than having an ED like the girls she tries to drag, pfft this bitch probably ate something bad, got sick and THATs the extent of her "bulimia" experience.

No. 158751

She's trying sooo hard to emulate the pretty little liars lifestyle. It's really sad

No. 158757

What's that supposed to mean?

No. 158769

like by creating this weird, drama-filled, detective work ridden subcultre

No. 158812

I remember her insisting this girl's deceased father was still alive, for some weird fucking reason. She becomes obsessed with her victims.

No. 158819

Right? She's obsessed with Emily and Ember. Why does she think she has the authority to be calling others ugly looking the way she does

No. 158820


This post where she compares herself to a high end fashion model is so fucking cringey. She's deluded.

No. 158886

Clicked through and holy fuck she is not subtle when it comes to blowing smoke up her own ass on her tag. A fair few shmegeh pro-ana poses too, she called out Emily for doing the lip thing and is doing it herself, constantly tries dragging ember for ana poses. Is she deliberately being a massive hypocrite for Internet attention?

No. 158918

She just wants validation tbh. If everything in this thread is true (cheating boyfriend, dropout, minimum wage, drud addiction) then I don't really blame her for clinging to her blog, which is probably the only place where she can get the positive attention she craves.

No. 159081

Too true tbh. I feel like she uses tumble to escape her sad, fat miserable life. She seems like one of those sadcases with shockingly bad lived that are made into a
channel 4 documentary.

No. 159083

@ Admin / Mods can we have a Posted by Heather highlight? We both know the jealous little fatty created the Luna & Emily threads, and possibly more and heavily samefagged them up as well as the Kristen thread.

No. 159097

Weren't Luna & Emily selfposters? I remember they got their posts labelled. I thought admin only did that for selfposting, but idk.

If Heather posts here, I bet it's non-PC stuff because she can post the PC stuff on her blog easily enough. I wonder if social justice heather is actually worse than she pretends to be.

No. 159099

Oh my god imagine if she was Racist-chan ™

No. 159110

Emily isn't a self poster presumably becaus I've never seen her posts here labelled. But I desperately want heathers posts labelled as I'm sure she made her own thread. I'd let her to be exposed for the sad little prick she is, just like Kristen.

No. 159111

I don't know if she got her posts labelled but the old admin posted which posts were hers. She posted about herself iirc but I can't remember if she started her own thread

I wonder what would happen with her tumblr if that was the case. I feel like her blog buddies are too deep to call her out.

No. 159116

Admin already exposed Luna for making this thread he just didn't label her comments because he was done. It's happened during hell week.

No. 159124

Sage for forgetting admins post link


No. 159677


i thought she was 18? surely she isnt a minor

No. 160549

Luna isn't a minor, but Heather has been known to pick on and make threads about girls as young as 15 all because she's a jealous fatty boo boo

No. 160747

why are you all still even humoring her by calling her Luna LOL, little shit bucket doesnt deserve to be humored

No. 160764

Go back to your thread "Luna", nobody cares about your shitty sheets here either.

No. 160846

clearly emily still lurks here. please gtfo. new admin can still get your shit from the old admin. your slate isn't wiped clean. its shown in the ana threads how much emily posted about herself. she was always the first to bring herself up and in tandem with ember's name being brought up. old admin never tagged her posts cause she posted so much. its all in meta. let us not relive this shit storm again.

No. 161004


heather stop trying to deflect attention away from yourself you old saggy bitch…. face it no one fucking likes you anymore, your content is as irrelevant as your entire pathetic life babe. Needles are your only friends and at this point people respect emily and ember WAY more than they respect you. bye bitch

No. 161114

True. I feel like Heather is keeping an eye on this thread and is possibly commenting.

No. 161130

I think she's definitely keeping an eye on the thread, an anon pointed out she occasionally indirectly answers things brought up on here, she does deflect, I kinda feel she's a shittier person than the people she bitches about because she tries to pretend she's above them and their antics, yet goes and pulls the exact same shit. She's a fat junkie with a god complex. Also, laughed my ass off at her claiming to be a beautician because she "practices on herself everyday", doesn't everyone? There are 14 year olds that are more skilled than her.

No. 161231

True, true. The actions that disgust me most is that she's stalked 2 different 15 year olds and apparently contacted their mothers in an effort to ruin their lives. And for what? What exactly is her agenda? Her jealousy and vendetta obsession seem to control her. She craves this positive attention and reinforcement, but I doubt it's even good for her. She seems to be angry, infuriated wen by girls who are significantly prettier and younger than her but can't even admit it.

I definitely would like to see her posts marked here. I reckon she made about every other post in the Luna thread.

No. 161234

Also, for anyone who didn't know Heather Crader 's tumblr is http://shoutatthadevil.tumblr.com

No. 161236

I think she must have had a shitty high school experience in some way, so now she's trying to make up for her teen years by acting like a snowflake and harassing teenagers. That's pathetic, teens pull some stupid shit online but you can be about 90% sure they'll have called it a day way before they're in their late twenties. I'm curious to what she's like at her work, she strikes me as one of those retail managers with a superiority complex with nothing else going for them.

No. 161249


I doubt she's a manager of any sort. She's most definitely a waitress. Ugly tats + low self esteem + superiority complex + heroin = shit job and minimum wage.

There's no way a 30 year old who insults prettier girls is successful in any way. Don't me wrong, I know a few select lolcow users are extremely jealous of some flakes posted here (and theyake themselves obvious) but her type of hatred, particularly for teen girls, is particularly staggering. She makes it personal and takes it upon herself as some sort of reverse vigilante to "call out" teen bloggers for "photoshop" and no proof, and make blogs dedicated to stalking her victims, sending them anon hate, calling them ugly and shitting on their make up, people who view her blog using statcounter,
and finally by encouraging others to tear apart her victims and taking to lolcow as her personal army/to samefag up in her shitty vendetta threads.

She fucking flipped out when this underage kid posted a picture of her in her underwear and called the police because it was "child porn". Honesty, who is that obsessed? She needs some kind of jealousy counselling.

No. 161251


think the best thing for heather to do would be to leave tumblr for a while, clearly it has made her a bitter toxic person and if she ever wants to heal from that then she should take a step back. i wouldnt be surprised if her hatred and bitterness could cause her to relapse on drugs, i know a few people who have turned back to that crap when they feel this way

No. 161252

It's a really cringey mistake that she managed to link her real name/selfies to her nasty truth blog persona. When you google her name this thread and all her antics show up.

Better not lose your current job, Heather.

No. 161253

Yeah, I agree. She should delete tumblr and own up to lolcow admin and ask them to remove some of the shit vendetta threads she made and spammed up.

No. 161260

not that she ever will though, she absolutely lives for all the drama

No. 161278

Exactly, she'd just be a boring waitress. The ass pats she gets from dragging teens are just too delicious for her to want to put the fork down.

No. 161284


literally her only online friend is OD and i think even soon SHE will realise what a twat heather is

No. 161285

Exactly. So funny when Kristen betrayed her by posting on this thread about her. People are probably scared to confront her and pretend to like her to avoid being "dragged" on her shitty pathetic blog

No. 161287

Most of this thread reads like Ember talking to herself

No. 161288

LITERALLY, everyone is nice to her face but they 100% hate her

No. 161296

Yo Heather.
I bet you'd like to think Ember is the only one who hates you. But the fact you think that is laughable. You have some serious denial problems.

No. 161298


Total same fag vandetta thread

No. 161300

Jesus, it's painfully obvious.
>I agree with insult. Here's another.
>I agree with that insult, here is also another.
>I agree
Nobody here gives a shit about heather or these dumb ass girls being mentioned here. You are flailing to keep this shit thread alive.

No. 161305

No. 161306

Sage for being dumb but agreed


No. 161320

OD is a twat in her own right, I'm kind of surprised she hasn't got a thread when she comes out with shit like "are you stupid coming for me, I have dirt on you that could ruin your life". The mutual ego rubs would mean it'd be hard to tear them apart

No. 161324


Can we have heathers posts marked already? We know it's you. Kisses xxx

No. 161328


No. 161486

I hate all the truth bloggers but imo OD stopped being as bad awhile ago. I remember the idiotic post you are talking about but I'm pretty sure it had something to do with that cow Kaylee trying to doxx all the truth bloggers, not just some random threat. OD seems really self-involved, but that's it, and so is everyone on tumblr. All these tumblr threads belong in manure.

No. 161509

Heather has such a violent and angry personality. I can't wait for her to finally reach breaking point and call the police over this lolcow thread or something. Bet she's fucking fuming reading this.

No. 161815

I've noticed she barely posts on tumblr anymore

No. 161827

You simpletons have the same illness across all threads. If you can't say "hi xyz!" You resort to some other shitty passive aggressive statement.
You're clearly not assimilated so gtfo. Otherwise you'd know the actual reason for marking posts retard.
You don't even bring new content into the thread. Fucking die sour cunt.

No. 161941

She has an ED? Wouldn't notice by that weight.

No. 161947

You do realize there's more than one ED… right?

No. 161970


Don't fill in the email field dumb dumb. Learn to imageboard.

No. 161971

You know you aren't supposed to put your details there right? Why do you faggots refuse to lurk and integrate before spouting dumb shit?

No. 162011

She's claiming to be non white again, just look at her blog. God heather . Stop

Also someone's submitted stuff about Eboni to her

No. 162263

Ahh time for a reshuffle of the oppression cards I see

No. 162507

It's really sad. I think it's beyond oppression cards at this point, (-also the asks are obviously self sent) I think she's creates a fantasy world for herself. Isnt there some kind of name for this condition?

No. 162537

Which asks do you reckon are self sent? I cringe too hard at her posts to thoroughly lurk anymore XD(XD)

No. 162651

"XD" ??

Probably all of them

No. 163277

I feel as though Heather is revelling in the attention this thread is getting her.

No. 163320

Why does she go by "Junky"? Why is she so fucking proud of the fact she's a drugged up degenerate scum?

No. 163326

She's either trying to make a Johnny Thunders reference or a King of the Hill reference.

No. 163475

No excuse. Her clear glamourisation of heroin is really fucking disgusting. I'd like to see this fat worthless bitch dead or behind bars. Isn't taking herion illegal? Can't we report her to Sacramento police and get her jailed?

No. 163569

I don't think she does drugs anymore so there's no point reporting her. Bit extreme to want her dead fam

No. 163571

If she's distributing yeah go report her. But they don't really care otherwise. Don't be stupid

No. 163617

File: 1470498014089.jpg (3.16 KB, 125x124, 1465484691008s.jpg)

Hey, hope you're getting help because it looks like you have some real problems that should be addressed.

No. 163619

omg, is that Johnny Albatti from Angela Anaconda?

No. 163621

You feeling ok anon? You're sound a little rocked by this person. You also don't understand how us drug laws work but please call the police and tell them you THINK a person from the Internet is using drugs. And record it. So we can laugh at you.

No. 163752

You okay heather? Sounds like you're a little rocked by this thread.
I'm sure a nice dose of Heroin will calm you down

No. 163767

Kek. You're a flaming histrionic fag ain't you?

No. 163824

But heather saying Fag isn't PC

No. 165324

Any new milk on this cow?

No. 165920

Her "wah wah wah I'm ostracised for my weight so the world owes me especially pretty teen girls so it's okay for me to harass them wah wah" attitude she's internalised for years is probably the reason she's stuck in fast food employment

No. 166131

I understand that it's hard to be conventionally unattractive but she'll never grow from it if she continues to bully and become obsessed with prettier girls

No. 166696

She's tattling on Emily to the girl she's copying now? It get its a pathetic thing to do, but at the same time inserting yourself into high school "looks she's copying you" drama isn't exactly mature now is it heather.

No. 166714

It was ember that told Lilith about Emily

No. 166716

She seems to have laid off ember a little now, interesting that she's still keeping tabs on her though. but still, why is she finding a way of inserting herself into this high school drama

No. 168298

She's telling people to pick up a vogue but she can't afford an of the clothes in vogue on her waitress wage.

At least we know Emily has the opportunity to amount to more than a measly waitress who taunts younger girls and can turn her life around, unlike Heather who's wasted what sounds like years bullying people.

She's also still claiming to be native.

No. 168342

I bet she shouts at her kids in public

No. 168348

Guys, she follows the thread. She just made a reference to something posted here on her blog.

No. 168349

Wow. Heather is a bigger lolcow than every girl she's ever targeted.

No. 168350

Of course she does. I have a feeling she posts too, in this and in other threads.

No. 168353

She's made quite a few manure level threads and samefagged in them to try and feign drama and make vendettas seem like cows. You can tell which posts are hers because of similar spelling mistakes and a combo of "she's ugly and photoshopped and fakes notes" when none of them are true. She's projecting

No. 168617

She's obsessed with Emily. What normal person cares that much.she made about five posts complaining about her nails. For fucks sake what has the girl actually done to her for her to be so obsessed? Emily should file a restraining order against her

No. 168620

Just like Lilith against Emily lol

No. 168640

honestly who cares that emily is copying lilith. why cant heather just ignore her? she's not causing any harm, and id find it flattering if someone copied me.

No. 168643

No, it's creepy as fuck.

No. 168653

Emily, stop fucking talking about yourself. Nobody in the history of lolcow ever gave a shit about you. You're posts are so fucking obvious. You're trying to block the sun with your thumb and looking retarded AF. You look fucking desperate AF for attention by posting in this nobody's thread. I hope you're enrolled for fall semester you bored ass bitch.

No. 168690

Oh my god Emily. I can't believe you're still self-posting. Go shoplift yourself some pride.

No. 168696

Emily you're a desperate cunt who thinks they're more important than they are. Maybe if you didn't message all these blogs anonymously to talk about yourself they wouldn't talk about your ugly ass.

Sage so no one has to read about your dusty ass

No. 168726

Aren't you supposed to be in rehab Emily?

No. 168768

No. 168782

For anybody that is confused:

>Emily's nail colour changed to copy some other girl's nails and then changed back again

>Heather makes a whole post about how this proves she wasn't in hospital
>Nobody wins in this war of drama whores

No. 168788

Hey hun. Brush your teeth. xoxo

No. 168955


Quite obviously samefag. When is lolcow staff going to mark all Heathers posts?

No. 169158

Probably around the time you stop attention-seeking online, Emily.

No. 169290

They're all different people. Settle down there, captain.

No. 169434

Well clearly fucking not. Anyway what do you know you prick

No. 169440


No. 169476

Well there goes the theory that it's one person with a vendetta, that's gotta hurt the ego a tad. I'm curious what people's experiences are with her IRL and how much of a farce the "take no bullshit" front is.

No. 169487

No. 169490

Are you trying to be funny? Farmhands can tell if it's one or more posters.

No. 169641

gtfo newfag
Are you confused, illiterate, or just stupid?

No. 169776

Wait, Heather tried to claim that this entire thread is one person with a vendetta? That's barbaric. She's massively hated, and delusional to choose not to see it that way.

No. 169835

Yeah she thinks it's that Megan/whismical chick. Her proof being that every time the two have it out, her thread here is bumped. Which is believable because Megan is crazy and while Heather is an obnoxious drama whore she's really not worth talking about? She's a cow to her nature but she's also fat, 30, and irrelevant. Like if she didn't have a thread here that kept getting bumped, I don't know who would chose to talk about her. "Old cow thinks she's thin and harasses the same teenagers we harass." Eh.

No. 169836

Shoo summer shoo.

No. 169880

Oh my god, she really is deluded to think its Megan.

Megan is fucking crazy dint get me wrong.

Megan was the one dedicating hours of her time to reblogging someone's posts hundreds of times to make it look like they used fake notes.

She's fucking crazy and needs help. Honestly who tries that hard to bring someone down. It's a little too much effort. She also backed down when said person called out and asked her to stop,

No. 169882

Yes, Heather. Megan truly is the only one who hates you. You totally haven't alienated half, if not most of the drama community by going out of your way to harm underage victims by publishing ear personal info, lying to their parents, and fabricating barbaric lies about 'much photoshop' and 'fake notes' to validate yourself.

This whole website is Megan. In fact, Megan created lolcow. Megan made the internet. Megan invented electricity. Everything is Megan.

No. 169883

Remind me why Emily hasn't taken the initiative to call the police on Heather?

The constant screen caps of her online activity, the number of photos of her she just have saved, her threatening demeanour when talking about her.

This absolutely comes under the legal definition of stalking.

If Heather was a dude she'd be on a sex offenders list already.

No. 169893

Lol ~hello police? Someone's mean to me online.

Get the fuck outta here, Emily is a non topic on lolcow so stop using this thread to talk about her.

Sage because this is garbage

No. 169898

File: 1472584639900.gif (639.34 KB, 478x344, tumblr_n9ps65UokS1teeilto1_500…)

saw this thread was still existing kind of shocked me. was there ever just a drop of milk here instead of people accusing each other of being ember/emily/megan/kristen/idek? gosh, let it die guys. this is just the venting thread for all those people who ever had an argument with her, no milk here.

No. 169911

>aw come on guys lay off Heather

Hey Heather. Incase you haven't noticed you're one of the plumpest, milkiest lol cows on the farm.

Can mods please ban or mark Heathers posts? Her self posting is frighteningly obvious at this point.

No. 169914

mhmyeah,thanks for proving my point.

No. 170752


Who made this thread in the first place? I heard a few different theories, some say ember and most people say it was Libby and eboni together ?

No. 170755

She was funny for a little while when she was playing the edgy druggie and doing all the shit that she called other people out for. Nobody really cares what she's doing anymore because she's only relevant in other people's drama.

No. 170992

Admin-sama revealed that it was Eboni. I feel like Emily who is more accustomed to lolcow lingo would be a bit more, well, lolcow lingo savvy in the description.

No. 171030

Yeah, if there's one thing I'll give her is that emily is a pro and copying and mimicking shit. She's like a human ditto.

No. 175342

File: 1474371065829.png (Spoiler Image, 726.04 KB, 584x615, disgusting.PNG)

i think its disgusting that this "woman" has called out multiple tumbl girls for glorifying drug use etc but then she will happily post pictures like this? hypocritical much? i think i might make a new thread based purely on the hypocrisy this "woman" has spouteed from her vile toxic mouth

No. 175370

Wasn't Heather also one of the bitches who flipped out over Ember taking photos in her doctor's office?

No. 175377

Yes. She tried pretty hard to disprove Ember actually being in any medical setting but it turned out she actually was that time. Something about it being impossible for wooden floors to exist in a doctors office?

No. 175415

I feel like every flake and cow that gets talked about here has a medical-related photo. I wonder if doctors and nurses ever feel the urge to slap phones out of attention whores' hands.

No. 176600


imagine bragging about being an ex heroin addict though, like heather thinks its okay to attack other girls for sharing posts about their addiction problems but then she will happily show off that she ruined herself with smack… what an idiot

No. 176615

Heather has posted numerous photos of her Methadone/Xanax doses too, posed them with her packs of cigarettes, et cetera. Her stock response to being called out for it is "I'm not glamorizing anything because this is my real life, I haven't taken a shit in three weeks don't do drugs see I'm just educating people".

No. 1647830

why is heather's thread bumped

No. 1647874

scrote cp or porn spam that got deleted most likely

No. 1648001

File: 1663175962102.png (1.49 MB, 922x975, Screen Shot 2022-02-20 at 10.3…)


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