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File: 1441152471481.jpg (66.23 KB, 493x667, 1438109852519.jpg)

No. 20864

Previous thread >>17720

What You Need To Know

- Tried to get Tumblr to doxx a girl who opinion she disagreed with

-Obsessed with Aminyan and hates her guts

-Copies Himeka and Bibi to gain popularity

-Was in Special Ed, but has recently graduated

-Runs the Kawaii Black Girls like page on Facebook. It now has it's own forum

-Admits to getting off on lolicon material

-Bandwagons anything that will make her popular

-Deluded herself into thinking she's a small kawaii hafu

-Boyfriend is 26 years old and has tricked her into thinking he's 22

-Like Himeka she sells her nudes for cheap shit

-Constantly tries to cover up any evidence of being a shitty han being by deleting her pages and claiming the site she's on ~magically~ deleted them

-Fully believes herself to be spacekin

-Purposely starts arguments with others

-White knight herself on here

-Made a thread about another local girl she didn't like but forget to crop her profile picture out of the screenshots

-Hides her shitty hair and makeup under thousands of filters and blur

-Happily tells people that she posted nudes of herself when she was twelve

Twitter: twitter.com/wafuwafubby
Instagram: Instagram.com/sailormicky
Tumblr: kin blog: moon-moons.tumblr.com

main blog: kirakiramagicaldream.tumblr.com

nsfw blog: cuteoppai97.tumblr.com

Make sure to screenshot and archive anything you find. She has a habit of going on a deleting spree

No. 20866

What is it with every black try hard sass girl licking Nicki's ass? the amount of Nicki, pop shit animu music and tacky is giving me a headache.

No. 20875

I think she only likes Nicki to herself seem hood or something.

No. 20877


neither have class so yh

No. 20886

No. 21317

Do you guys think the Himeka and Bibi thread should come to /snow/, too, or nah?

No. 22566

oh god ew

No. 22575

I'd say yay.

No. 23284

File: 1441595530714.jpg (32.03 KB, 512x512, VezpTG8s.jpg)

What the fuck is going on with her face?

No. 23295

shit editing

No. 23440

She should have edited herself a neck.

No. 23492

It's like she edited with ms paint

No. 23511

Yeah, it looks gross. What's even more ridiculous is that smoothed the hell out of her face, but did nothing about her double chin.

No. 23522


She looks like that black ulzzang vivi girl cept fatter

No. 23665

new tumblr
Miki is over the age of 18, ye?

No. 23673


>lolcow keeps finding this blog even though i havent posted it anywhere so maybe i should just delete it :/

No. 23674

File: 1441687652602.jpg (126.04 KB, 570x881, 4df2816612e16ee3112b26b8b06304…)

I totally misread that has velocirapter at first. Kinda of odd but at the at time….I can totally see them as velociraptors attempting to be kawaii.

No. 23676

File: 1441688356500.png (32.35 KB, 474x537, attention whores.png)

Himeka says her piece on the issue
>Friendly reminder that maggots are usually only attracted to shit and rotten trash :^)

No. 23678

File: 1441689019617.png (45.47 KB, 562x382, Screenshot_2015-09-08-00-45-32…)

She's says we terrorized Micky. Kek

Nobody is terrorizing that girl. Micky has terrorized others though.

>Doxxing some random girl on Tumbl,

>Harassing Ami for years
>Purposely picking fights with others
>Creating a thread on here about someone she pretended to be friends with
>Trying to derail her own thread by shitting on other girls
>Spreading CP
>Being flat out gross and unpleasant

Also Himeka calls us gross and what not, but she made a majority of the posts on her own thread. She not only bashed herself but her sister as well. She also has harassed Ami. Did she forget how she spent a good amount of time trying to convince everyone Ami was evil? She also still posts on here. So why is she acting so high and mighty?

No. 23752

it looks like she edited a 240x240 webcam picture on meitu and this is the mess that occured

No. 23886

File: 1441809166926.jpg (Spoiler Image,114.88 KB, 540x720, tumblr_nueb0oewFV1ufyjtjo1_540…)

No. 23955


her eye makeup looks okayish…

No. 23962

Another reason to hate namefags, I swear

No. 25098


>might be starting a waitress job soon! ? ? Super scary but also exciting!

I give it one week before she quits and goes back to begging for money.

No. 25107


ew i would not want her serving my food.

No. 25113

She actually looks super qt with that pink wig, but she should just get extensions and manage her real hair better. Also, lose a ton of weight.

I just have a thing for light pink hair on tan skin. sorry.

No. 25159


By the time she brings you your food half of it will be gone and she'll have remains of it on her face

No. 25161

No. 25162

>#i'll also be working with my sister too!

>#and our friend also works there as a cook!

I feel bad for whatever restaurant hired her

No. 28732

I used to personally know Himeka Williams, Micky and Amina. Back when I knew Amina she had the tendency to be a bit rude but besides that she was nice to me. Maybe the drama was irritating her or her association with Himeka and several other awful people effected her. I'm not sure. I'm guessing she cleaned her act up cause she seems alright now. Still, I'm not sure. Dunno if this has been talked about before but Amina secretly had (I think they're still dating, I recently saw him make a post about her) a boyfriend back then and an eating disorder. I don't know if I'm allowed to link him here. Micky was so jealous of her, and extremely rude about every single thing she did. Even her apparent weight struggles. She also joined Himeka in bashing Yukapon, calling her a "traitor" for associating with Amina, calling girls who take nudes sluts (but look what she's doing now), and reblogged tons of toddlercon. It's funny though cause even after all that she still stalks(ed) her. Even if she does loose the weight, quit the disgusting ageplay thing and fixed her clothing I won't have any respect for her and she'll never look "qt". She's a huge fugly cow who doesn't have a mind of her own (don't think she has a mind at all) and enjoys bashing people just to make herself feel better about her huge deformed face.

No. 28745

So she's basically working in the same restaurant as her sister? Working with family sucks. I did it one time when I asked my boss to interview my sister at my last job and it was shitty working together and then also coming home together, since we lived in the same apartment at the time.

I give Micky two weeks. Three tops.

No. 32709

Get a load of this bullshit


>So I recently discovered I’m an Empath?

>I was in a skype group a couple weeks ago and I was talking about my spiritual awakening and how I can sense other people’s energies and emotions and stuff and they said “oh so you’re an empath?” and I was like “huh? (´• ω •`) what is that?”
>So I did some research and hooooooly shit this is me. I absorb a lot of other people’s negative energy and try to omit a lot of positive energy to help them.
>I actually had to see a therapist about a year ago because I was so on edge I was becoming somewhat violent and my therapist told me that I was prone to stress and I needed to figure out a personal way to handle it because when I become to stressed I shut down.
>Basically like if you fill a bucket of water it becomes very heavy and hard to use. I am the bucket and everyone is filling me with their water.
>I need to do more research on shielding and protecting myself from negative emotions

No. 32733


What's with all these lulzy cunts? All thinking they're special witches and spiritual moon children. They're all delusional as fuck.

No. 32776

she's in a facebook group i'm in and she's such a tryhard every time she comments lol

No. 32824

You should provide us with screenshots.

No. 32832

File: 1442437444308.png (332.64 KB, 455x917, fb2.png)

No. 32833

File: 1442437531855.png (585.79 KB, 998x834, fb.png)

No. 32836

Ugh, I see where you're coming from now. And what's with her attitude about the guy posting that Chiptune tutorial, it's not she makes anything good.

No. 32839

i don't think she genuinely likes the things she claims to like, she just does it for cool cred and to be a "cool girl" that's ~not like those others girls~

No. 32853

Yeah she seems extremely disingenuous.

No. 33215

File: 1442511531567.jpg (699.07 KB, 1280x994, tumblr_nuts4gNNYJ1ucthsmo1_128…)

>ratty wig
>shitty makeup
>super blurry
>terribly shooped contacts

She looks like she's getting bigger. Her shoulders seem wider and her neck is almost nonexistent.

No. 33982

File: 1442683394786.png (Spoiler Image,66.25 KB, 304x360, tumblr_nuximt3mJm1ufyjtjo3_400…)

No. 33984

File: 1442683961452.png (85.98 KB, 351x469, https://41.media.tumblr.com/9b…)


for a fattie she has a small ass.

No. 33991

From the looks of things she is top heavy. So all her fat goes to her gut, boobs, and arms before they go to her butt and thighs.

No. 33996

It looks like she tried to edit her butt and failed so she tried to hide that.

No. 33998

Is she copying that panda chick? Y'know, the one she was fighting with earlier this year? I mean, their makeup isn't special, but she does look a lot like her. (Panda does it better. Lmao)

No. 34005

Seems like she is. She copies every girl that's better looking and more popular than her. That's her thing.

No. 34145


Her boyfriend liked the post. I wonder what he thinks of his girlfriend posting stuff like this.

No. 34777

Probably into it

No. 34781


>MS paint edited smutty pics

Classy as always, Micky.

No. 34782

These are just not sexy in the slightest to me, the complete opposite actually.
I can't help but get the impression her ass is dirty, hairy and stinks.

No. 34931


the granny panties in the first pic are enough to make me go absolutely wild, i dunno what you're saying anon-chan.

No. 34975

(Posted by Kristen. Click for more info.)

Same. Tbh I stopped looking after that first photo I couldn't go any further too nasty as hell.

No. 35211


>#this is really cute omg

I have a feeling she's an actual pedo

No. 35221

>>35211 That's absolutely disgusting people should report her blog. I know people get butthurt and triggered over stupid shit but that is legitimately triggering for victims who were molested as a child.

No. 35231


is she for real? that's nasty af

No. 35236

that actually disturbs me. fuck this shit. drawn or not, that should be reported for CP

No. 35277

wtf i knew she was weird but this is a whole new level

someone screenie this and send to her parents, she needs to be kept away from kids

No. 35279

no that's natural african hair

No. 35288

Well you might not wanna go on /b/ here then, theres a shit tonne of loli pics being posted. Maybe I am wrong but i thought these were sfw boards?

No. 35289

i think she tried to look more asian

No. 35290

>>35277 yes asafuckinp

No. 35292

>shit tonne
there was one loli picture, since deleted. and you are absolutely wrong, these are not sfw boards lmao.

No. 35293

Made the mistake of looking at that blog-very disturbing most of those girls on there look underage. Now I feel sick.

No. 35295

Ok didnt know that-however there isnt one when I saw the thread there were 10, probably more now I have not gone back.

No. 35298

File: 1442877600981.gif (191.37 KB, 500x375, 1441258172233.gif)

himeka just reblogged this too
i feel really uncomfortable
and yet i am usually desensitized by this weird lol fetish because of all the anime i watch
like, this is actually creepy

No. 35346


>someone screenie this and send to her parents

I'm surprised no on tried contacting her parents before about the shit she's done.

No. 35351

File: 1442890114697.jpg (2.05 MB, 1920x2560, 15-09-21-22-47-56-857_deco.jpg)

This is fucking ridiculous.

No. 35371


>#things i would say

The lies she must tell herself. She knows damn well she wouldn't anything like this.

No. 35469

Her eyes are so tiny and spaced out, jesus christ.

No. 35662

File: 1442956038918.png (120.03 KB, 770x847, Screenshot_2015-09-22-16-55-48…)

This is so cringy.

No. 36007

File: 1443037944918.jpg (1.01 MB, 1920x2560, 15-09-23-15-47-56-004_deco.jpg)

Look at the mental gymnastics going on here.

No. 36008

micku-chan no.

No. 36013

I don't think it's too bad. I kind of agree with her about referring to black women as foods like chocolate and caramel does objectify them in a sense.

No. 36019

File: 1443039770617.jpg (18.38 KB, 300x298, 1431900505974.jpg)

>referring to black women as foods like chocolate and caramel does objectify them in a sense.

How about no.

It's just a nice way of describing someone's skin color.

No. 36137

Yeah… I always felt like it was a cute way to describe someone. Everyone loves chocolate & carmel. Plus it sounds better than "dark brown" or "the color of tree bark" or something like that.
Pale women are often described as creamy/milky/peach(y)/porcelain too. People getting offended by endearing adjectives, jfc.

No. 36140

Yeah. Oh, and she argued this for about 57 comments. She's too easily offended.

No. 36155


>You can not speak for every black person.

>You can not speak for every black person.You can not speak for every black person.You can not speak for every black person.You can not speak for every black person.You can not speak for every black person.You can not speak for every black person.You can not speak for every black person.

Not everyone gets ass blasted over a compliment. Some people may like it some may not. Why do SJW's feel the need to declare what is right and wrong. Basic human rights I understand, but whether someone can handle a compliment or not should be up to the individual.

Posting cause I know she lurks.

No. 36375


>Okay I just smoked a bowl and I SWEAR i can feel my cats emotions and my cat feels really sad and idk what to do :(

Is this bitch being serious with this shit?

No. 36400

its okay, its babbys first time getting high. first time i got high i thought it was was the forth of july and my friend thought scooby doo was hiding in the closet ready to rape us.

No. 36423

they think if they are black they can speak for the whole entire race.
It doesn't work like that, i know black girls who describe themselves as chocolate.
Some black girls think it's a cute compliment, just because you don't like it doesn't mean people should stop saying it

No. 36552


>please stop apporitating Japanese culture! It's really offensive when you call it "an aesthetic"

>i know this ask is just somebody trying to start shit with me because you know damn well this blog is filled with stars, glowing stuff, cleancore, and vaporwave.

>If you honestly 100% think that me reblogging laundry detergent with japanese text on it is cultural appropriation you need to go outside, go into the forest, look up at the sky, and really rethink your life choices because you got me 50 shades of fucked up.

Even though both of them are idiots, Micky is the bigger idiot because she's telling someone to stop being sensitive when she made status saying not to call black girls chocolate and got angry every time someone said she was overreacting.

I bet she only made the status because she's envious of darker girls who get called chocolate and cute.

No. 37132

File: 1443385936820.jpg (1.3 MB, 1920x2560, 15-09-27-16-29-52-913_deco.jpg)


No. 37213

File: 1443412550346.jpg (453.66 KB, 960x1280, 15-09-27-23-47-43-862_deco.jpg)

Her latest status full of bs

No. 37215

File: 1443412577812.jpg (456.8 KB, 1280x1280, 15-09-27-23-50-10-391_deco.jpg)

No. 37216

File: 1443412616728.jpg (265.15 KB, 1280x960, 15-09-27-23-51-11-930_deco.jpg)

No. 37217

File: 1443412652604.jpg (269.85 KB, 1280x960, 15-09-27-23-52-16-190_deco.jpg)

No. 37218

File: 1443412670469.jpg (278.81 KB, 1280x960, 15-09-27-23-53-25-410_deco.jpg)

No. 37221

holy shit im so fucking ashamed of being biracial

No. 37223

I don't know why she thinks she's some kind of saviour for black women. It's embarrassing.

No. 37224

Why is she such a fucking bandwagoner? I admit I'm a tumblrfag and the "glitch" thing is the new *~glow~* or pastel grunge (so many fads lmfao) and she jumped right on that train. Is she no longer outer spacey or?

No. 37246

File: 1443419373804.png (82.69 KB, 800x545, Screenshot_2015-09-28-01-43-56…)

She's back to lurking on lolcow again. kek

No. 37247

File: 1443419459582.png (30.25 KB, 800x188, Screenshot_2015-09-28-01-44-09…)

This is so cringy. You can see how mentally immature she still is.

No. 37249

>filled with 'positive moon energy'
>fuck all you bitches


No. 37251

So much for being filled with positive energy

No. 37254

File: 1443421943978.jpg (409.47 KB, 1280x1280, 15-09-28-02-17-07-487_deco.jpg)

Until she legitimately apologizes to Aminyan, I refuse to believe she's being sincere at all. She mostly like made that status because she saw the screenshots on here.

No. 37259

Lmao, she isn't even that light. She's a lightish brown. And why does she want to be mixed so bad? What's wrong with being just black damn

No. 37262

She doesn't feel kawaii as a black girl. Internalized racism.
I want someone to drag her to hell with those old Twitter statuses lmao

No. 37268

She's probably going to claim her blood moon spirit was negative that lol that or a certain Scorpio hacked her >__>

No. 37311

There's often a sort of hidden social hierarchy in black/mixed race culture. 'Lighties' are favoured over darker skinned members, even in families. I know a lot of families and even have relatives who favour children in the family and treat them better because they're lighter skinned.

Basically she's just subtly trying to big herself up for being lightskinned or whatever. Also in my area at least, it's 'cool' to be mixed race, but not cool to be white or black.

No. 37313

Aminyan isn't a Scorpio Micky is so dumb

No. 37315

I know people like that sadly lol. Example my family knows a dark skinned lady who had kids with a really lightskinned black dude. She got mad cause her kids were brown and not light like she wanted

No. 37376

Of course she wouldn't know that, you know she pretends to be interested in things to be popular and cool.

No. 37447

It's the same in Asian culture. Indian dating websites ask for people to describe their complexion. "Wheatish" is the preferred complexion for many, but as light as possible is ideal.

No. 37452

File: 1443478691179.png (36.27 KB, 800x148, Screenshot_2015-09-28-18-10-31…)

No. 37455

File: 1443479543484.jpg (297.19 KB, 1280x960, 15-09-28-18-22-59-870_deco.jpg)

Of course she would think it's ok to do it for popularity, that's all that matters to her at the end of the day anyway.

No. 37463


no one has a problem with black women micky

its just hoodrats and ghetto trash like u

ehe xo

No. 37480


Nah, black women get it pretty ugly. I've heard shit about Michelle Obama and her girls that is just completely beyond the pale. Hell, look at what happened to the Kawaii Black Girls thread.

That said, black women can do a helluva lot better than this flip-flopping, bandwagon ass attention whore-kin.

No. 37757

File: 1443584292161.png (22 KB, 760x136, Screenshot_2015-09-29-22-58-55…)

No. 37771

No they don't. They get a free get out of jail card cause they "dindu nuffin". All the race threads got shit on not just the black girl thread so there was no point in mentioning that. Go away.

No. 37776

CLEANCORE. Do her interests and personal ideologies begin and end with whatever she finds on tumblr?!

No. 37790

Yes, they do. Tumblr and internet popularity is all she seems to care about.

No. 37892

Why are you feathers so ruffled

No. 37944


>No they don't. They get a free get out of jail card cause they "dindu nuffin".

Considering that, as recently as 2012, Northwestern University School of Law released a study highlighting almost half of all innocent prisoners exonerated of violent crimes since 1989 were black (despite making up about 15% of the prison population), surely you have to appreciate the irony in your choice of words.

No. 37966

Hmm yeah, this will be a productive line of discussion, can't wait to read everyone's deep thoughts on race and crime on a lolcow thread. Stop taking the bait

No. 37993

File: 1443662313538.png (77.5 KB, 652x560, Screenshot_2015-09-30-21-15-53…)


>Idk why I wanted to be a server. I mess up a lot and I don’t like confronting people about it :c And everytime I put in an order wrong, I have to get a manager’s approval to take it off the person’s bill. And just ugh. Idk man.

They should just fire her if she's that bad.

No. 38015


Can she stop talking for and about asian girls, and dark Asian girls? You don't need to fucking tell us we're beautiful, we dark skinned asians know that already lmfao.
Ugh, she tries so hard to pretend that she has Asian blood in her it's sooo repulsive. She's just a plain black fugly ass weeaboo. And fucking using the word chink when this fugly cheesy pizza loving SJW bitch knows that a lot of us Southeast and East Asians consider it a fucking slur. Gimme a break, damn.

No. 38027


Looks like >>28745 called it

No. 38064

File: 1443680840586.jpg (96.83 KB, 646x381, 15-10-01-02-09-31-363_deco.jpg)

She's growing a mustache kek

No. 38068

File: 1443681357323.jpg (43.48 KB, 960x540, 12075075_767338706746301_86578…)

Why does she talk about her *~* super amazing*~* her makeup looks when all it looks like she's done is sloppily put on eyeliner and gloss. She looks greasy and smelly still too.

No. 38070


I see nothing.

No. 38071

It's faint but it's definitely there.

No. 38074

yeah, all women have faint hair above their lip. i leave mine alone because it's too damn painful to wax and i just don't care enough. Not a big deal unless you're super dark and visible.

No. 38130


She looks greasy as fuck and wide as fuck

Sad thing is, this is otherwise one of the cuter pictures she's taken. Honestly, if she got off Tumblr and started taking care of herself, she might be halfway attractive.

No. 38141

Her eyes are so small and far apart, she looks like that Quirky drawing a farmer did a while back ago

No. 38169

File: 1443709577333.jpg (1.71 MB, 2560x2560, 15-10-01-02-46-12-595_deco.jpg)

>Honestly, if she got off Tumblr and started taking care of herself, she might be halfway attractive

I don't think so. Going off those pictures from that meet she went to and her videos, she's too far gone. Probably even worse now.

No. 38235

even the instagram pic is bad lmao

No. 38242

You know she's screwed when the left is just as bad as the right.

No. 38261

Her body shape is so awkward… it's so frog like and she always looks bent over…

No. 38340

To each of their own, but….She looks kinda cute in the second pic. Slow but cute. Probably busu-kawaii?

Now the first pic on the other hand…

No. 38346

File: 1443742759003.jpg (1.12 MB, 2560x1920, 15-10-01-02-48-04-012_deco.jpg)

The thing is, she looks nothing like the first pic irl. Second pic is what she honestly looks like Even in videos she looks terrible. She only looks barely ok in her selfies and sometimes not even those.

No. 38354

Oh, I know that lol. The left pic is terrible compared to her right picture. As I said, she looks cute, a little slow, but cute. Probably could be a proper 4.5 at the least if she took care of herself and dressed for her….Unfortunate shape.
She looks high and drunk in the first pic, but I wanted people to fill in the blanks themselves.

No. 38372

They look like the same person to me lmao just different facial expressions and lighting. Is she still friends with himeka

No. 38373

What? No one said that was a different person. She just isn't as attractive as she tries so hard to be.

No. 38377

Himeka was never Micky's friend. Micky copies her very badly, thinks they're friends but in actuality Himeka would talk shit about Micky. Micky was just a pawn to get people to hate Amina because Himeka was jealous.

No. 38381

I think you meant to quote >>38372

No. 39294

File: 1444080037775.png (35.55 KB, 800x297, Screenshot_2015-10-05-17-12-56…)

She's an idiot.

No. 39297

File: 1444080116429.png (40.81 KB, 800x394, Screenshot_2015-10-05-17-12-26…)

They're right, what's the point of saying shit like that? Didn't she claim to be done with causing Amina drama?

No. 39300

File: 1444080544692.png (142.68 KB, 792x1023, Screenshot_2015-10-05-17-25-47…)

Her makeup looks so shitty and her skin is greasy as fuck. Gross.

No. 39377

Her stupid otherkin shit makes more sense now. I mean, she couldn't possibly be serious about thinking she's some *~celestial~* creature while sober… Right..? Surely she's high when she thinks this shit… I hope so… I worry for this girl

No. 39386

File: 1444109593181.png (64.86 KB, 800x548, Screenshot_2015-10-06-01-24-37…)

She's definitely sober when she's talking about that. She also hasn't dropped her creepy obsession with Aminyan.

No. 39399

If I'm not mistaken this all started because Micky talked shit about aminyan.

No. 39415


Why does she have fucking sleep gunk in her eye?

No. 39504

She has poor hygiene that's why.

No. 39740

File: 1444189796016.jpg (65.57 KB, 960x960, 12096195_769494789864026_32068…)

You can see the crazy in her eyes. Also it looks she's trying to be ~uguu kawaii desu~ again.

No. 39813

File: 1444214151885.png (49.8 KB, 800x310, Screenshot_2015-10-07-06-27-00…)

No. 39814

File: 1444214491009.jpg (320.03 KB, 960x1280, 15-10-07-06-40-32-552_deco.jpg)

No. 39828

Does she not own any other wigs?

No. 39832


C'mon anon, can't you see her trying to be ugu desu?

No. 40005

File: 1444256923992.png (95.56 KB, 800x460, Screenshot_2015-10-07-17-52-50…)

No. 40012


What in God's name is the "seen zone"?

No. 40021


If you have an iPhone or use a messaging app, it tells you when someone has read your message.

Seen zone is when someone reads your message and doesn't reply

No. 40024


That's still not a thing

It sounds like the guy who invented the friendzone wanted something else to be butthurt about and extended his insecurity to people who don't reply to messages fast enough

No. 40505

File: 1444377256157.png (110.35 KB, 800x875, Screenshot_2015-10-09-03-47-16…)

She says she wasn't trying to expose her but then why make the tweet in the first place and then say you want her to see it? What is honestly wrong with this girl.

No. 40760


That looks like fifty dollars in tips. Which isn't much considering how long she's been working there. That's actually pretty embarrassing.

No. 40762

File: 1444435990277.png (479 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-10-09-18-03-44…)

Lol, which one of you was this?

No. 40764

I'm wondering that too. And actually I think that might be forty. Either way, that's so embarrassing. Who goes online and stunts with 40 to 50 dollars? Lol I know people who make ten times more than that a day.

No. 41145

File: 1444571258372.jpg (49.22 KB, 540x304, tumblr_nw1mrcoMm71ucthsmo2_540…)

She looks like an ugly tranny. She also needs to stop wear that ratty wig.

No. 41222

File: 1444584913274.png (32.59 KB, 800x316, Screenshot_2015-10-11-13-26-25…)

Her pretending to be a hoodrat from the ghetto when in reality she's a basic scared girl from the suburbs is so cringy.

No. 41228

File: 1444585146819.png (75.52 KB, 800x709, Screenshot_2015-10-11-13-26-08…)

It seems like she's run out of bandwagons to hop on since she wants pastel goth to be a thing again. I just notice she's kind of copying that Taylor chick she didn't like too.

No. 41229

the shooping lmao

No. 41235


She legit looks like a hippo

No. 41240

She's probably around 250 at this point.

No. 41540

File: 1444597674729.png (141.44 KB, 800x1040, Screenshot_2015-10-11-17-05-06…)

Why does she try to make everybody else's personal life and business her own? Isn't she suppose to be waiting tables or shoveling big macs into her mouth or looking for the next trend to go on?

No. 41581


She's got nothing natural to offer, she's too fat and glompy looking so wigs, kawaii and make up are all she can do to try bettering herself

No. 41616

That doesn't work for her either.

No. 42248

File: 1444687902847.jpg (1.65 MB, 2560x2560, 15-10-12-18-10-24-779_deco.jpg)

She's fucking obese. I bet she's like nearly 300 pounds at this point.

No. 42249


No. 42250

I wonder what qualifies her to talk about how people look and run pages about being cute when she looks like this.

No. 42257

Christ, y'all can't estimate weight for shit. She's probably around 250.

Yes, I know it doesn't really matter. She's fat as fuck either way.

No. 42277

Tbh, for all the shit we give her, her face is actually sort of nice. Too bad she's humongo lmao.

No. 42287

>probably around 250

Not currently. Those were from her prom and she looks like she's blown up even more since then. So it's right to say she's nearly three hundred.

No. 42288

Nah you can see what she looks like currently here >>41145

No. 42303

Those photos are shooped though

No. 42308

>Those photos are shooped though

It's not, it's just her terrible makeup. Which does nothing but accentuate her below average looks.

No. 42797

File: 1444808254730.jpeg (66.67 KB, 640x640, image.jpeg)

I found Micky's biological fat older lesbian furry weeb sister's Twitter. @demeterchan

No. 44338

File: 1444954678768.jpg (454.76 KB, 960x1280, 15-10-15-20-14-21-903_deco.jpg)

So she's suddenly into lolita now. Her wishlist is full of replicas and bodyline.

No. 44339

No. 44370

File: 1444963895997.png (604.56 KB, 900x900, ragepepe.png)

>dreamy baby room
>toy fantasy

get out of my fashion you stupid ita ageplayer

No. 44378

>implying all lolitas aren't ageplayers

No. 44382

She's to fat for both AP and most AP replicas, so I doubt she'll ever get fully into the fashion.

No. 44403

I thought she was always into lolita anon? Well Not "into" but knew about it/talked about it.

So Technically, it isn't really suddenly.

I think she was wearing a dress once (I saw this like a year ago so I don't remember), and it was squeezing the life out of her.

No. 44407

>I thought she was always into lolita anon? Well Not "into" but knew about it/talked about it.

Not from what I can tell. If she did she'd know not buy replicas and at least tried to lose some weight before stuffing her fat into chinese indie brand. She also spent more time focused on trying to be like Himeka than anything.

No. 44420

Yeah she's been wearing Milanoo for a while. Guess she thought it was time to upgrade to Chinese replicas kek

No. 44421

File: 1444987998878.jpg (60.03 KB, 604x340, 1443462343036.jpg)

No. 47259


>My sister just had a very violent seizure :( it scared me so much and she was crying and talking all weird but i talked her through it and calmed her down and sat and watched a little tv with her and she’s okay now. I’m so mad because she pays so much for her seizure medication and it doesn’t even fucking work.


>Anonymous asked:

>I hope your sister is okay <3 I'm sorry she has to experience that… has she maybe thought about CBD for her seizures?

>We’ve talked about it but we haven’t talked to a doctor about it yet. In mid november she’s spending a couple of days in the hospital so they can monitor her and figure out what exactly she needs. u.u She’s alright now though.

No. 47584

File: 1445474691486.jpg (118.86 KB, 448x810, tumblr_nwld2ldbG41uctaoto2_540…)

No. 47586

Her legs are so strange

No. 47587

File: 1445474849469.jpg (125.13 KB, 456x810, tumblr_nwld2ldbG41uctaoto1_540…)


That even though it looks decently made, that costume looks really tight on her. She must look a mess in real life.

No. 47590

Honestly, it looks pretty cheap and shitty to me.

No. 47591

i think she could be cute if she lost weight

No. 47592

Her face is about a four, losing weight wouldn't change that.

No. 47593

That's penalty because she has her mirror at an angle to make her look smaller but the only thing it's slimming is her legs. They look normal here >>42248

No. 48417

hey guys its micky. just wanted let you guys know that i'm considering either killing myself because i'll be disgusting, ugly, and fat, like all of you guys have said OR i'm going to run away from home. what do you guys think i should do

No. 48419

what's the point of being alive if i'm a fucking hippo with an ugly face and nobody likes me, right? if you were me wouldn't you have killed yourself by now?

No. 48421

You don't have to die, just lose weight and get better wigs and makeup.

No. 48422

every time i try losing weight (drinking shit tons of water, eating smaller portions, going on walks etc) i go on here to see if you guys have noticed but nope. everyone just says im getting bigger so then i cry and binge eat until i fucking vomit

No. 48425

See, your binging makes you balloon up. I'd suggest you try keto, it helps you burn weight fast. Maybe take up a sport and cut out fast food completely.

Dress for your size, and invest in a quality wig.

No. 48426

my pink wig was $56
how much should i have payed for it

No. 48427

i'm binging for a fucking reason though

No. 48428

Price doesn't equal quality Micky. Either you got ripped off or you arenter taking care of it properly. The ends look bad and it just looks.. cheap.

You look decent with all black, so maybe next time get a jet black wig that stops at your bra.

Also, you honestly shouldn't come here if you want to feel better about yourself, because it will set you back. Believe it or not, I'd love to see you improve (as I do with all black weebs, I was at that stage too lol).

No. 48429


No. 48430


How often do you wash the wig, and do you have a shampoo for it? Is it human hair?

No. 48431

>>48428 i'm not trying to feel better about myself. i'm just letting you guys know whats about to happen

No. 48432

File: 1445653806622.jpg (62.68 KB, 640x480, WIN_20151023_22_25_14_Pro.jpg)

is this really what you guys consider to be fat and obese? do i really look like i'm 300 pounds?

No. 48433

well if you want to throw your life away because of some anon talking shit then go ahead. Just know you have other options.

See ya space coyboy.

No. 48434


you're obese hun. It's a health risk to be your weight at your age. But you're still young so you can fix it.

No. 48435

File: 1445653981506.jpg (62.06 KB, 640x480, WIN_20151023_22_31_16_Pro.jpg)

do i really look obese to you?? honestly and truly? because i'm 178 pounds..(>>>/soc/)

No. 48436

No. 48437

File: 1445654080919.png (1.52 MB, 1366x768, obesity.png)

do i seriously look like this to you?

No. 48438


honestly you do. And I can tell you're suckling in. Not even being a bitch here but lose weight.

You'll feel better.

No. 48439

If you're losing weight and looking to see if anyone noticed, then you're just doing it for attention. All of this reeks of "WAAH PAY ATTN 2 ME ANON :("

No. 48440

i've tried so hard with absolutely no results. i'll be honest with you. i was 210 pounds last year.

No. 48441

No. 48443


If you went down, you did have results. You can't stop here. Just watch what you eat, cut out sodas and get fat burning teas. Also, work on your skin and watch makeup tutorials, and invest in good wigs/weave/whatever.

If you do all of that you can probably be bumped up to a 6.

No. 48454


It's really stupid of you to think suicide is the solution to all your problems. It's not hard to focus on adjusting your attitude, losing weight, and getting better at certain things.

No. 48457


you do you OBESE is a medical term related to your bmi right? its not an opinion/saying you are uglly its just a fact

and yes you are obese

No. 48461

File: 1445660371802.png (87.79 KB, 800x799, Screenshot_2015-10-23-23-42-30…)

No. 48464

Hahahahahahahahahha what!?!?

No. 48466

Wtf why kumicky
Srsly if you were serious you wouldn't post this shit
Stop being an attentionwhore lmao

No. 48467

Use for what? Spreading butter?

No. 48470

Do her parents just not pay attention to her at all? My parents would have stopped and questioned me if I took a knife from the kitchen to my room.

No. 48485

Wait, is that one of those peeling knives?

No. 48514


Kill yourself.

No. 48519


>i kinda wish i was dead and i dont really care if peope would be upset if i died

No. 48547

Honestly, as much as I hate this fat attention whore I think telling someone to kill themselves is too far and not funny at all

No. 48554


Me too, it's just childish.

No. 48568


damn, her hair is a mess.

No. 48577

To be fair, its not as if she's actually going to do it anyway.

No. 48585


Looks like either that or a cheese knife


No. 48687


Still, it would be pretty fucked up if she did

It's kinda sad how easily she's letting this shit get to her. Say what you will about Himeka, she seemed to roll with the punches.

No. 48746


>It's kinda sad how easily she's letting this shit get to her

She's most likely faking for sympathy. If she was truly feeling shitty and remorseful she wouldn't post here. She probably made these posts then went to fake cry to someone saying "Look! See how terrible they are!! They made me do this!!" Kind of like how Himeka tried to justify shitting on her sister in her thread.

>Say what you will about Himeka, she seemed to roll with the punches.

She ran away from home after her mother finally found out everything. That and she still places the blame on her sister for her troubles.

No. 48750

Bibi knew about Himeka posting about her, though. She wasn't being thrown under the bus about it.

No. 48764

No, Himeka did throw her under a bus. She even said it was all Bibi's fault and told people that she'd block them for following Bibi.


That's from her prom, so saying 280 - 300 would be more accurate

Does anyone else find it funny she tried to suck in her gut here >>48435 and here >>48432 and she still looks huge.

No. 48771

File: 1445728567059.png (71.91 KB, 800x582, Screenshot_2015-10-24-19-11-22…)


>using suicide as blackmail

Why does she suddenly care about her thread? She's had two so far and she hasn't responded to them the way she's doing now. Is she afraid people are going to look her up and find out all the stupid shit she's done?

No. 48772

I don't know how tall you are but it's possible you are just overweight and not obese. Either way, I think you should disappear for a while. Get rid of all your social media etc and just stop coming here. You're really gonna regret all of this in a few years

No. 48776

She's stated she's 5'6, so she's obese. She's also sucking it in those pictures.

No. 48777

I actually didn't realize it was her posting when she was banned initially. Someone reported the post, and the farmhand who banned her didn't bother scrolling up. They, and I, wouldn't have banned her if they knew it was her. It adds an interesting dynamic to the thread.

So, to be clear, I didn't unban her just because she threatened to kill herself.

No. 48778

I figured that was the case. Still, I think it's shitty of her to use sucide as a way to try and get what she wants.

No. 48781

I was referencing himeka posting about bibi here, not everything else.

No. 48800


It's those tits that make her look fatter tbh. Big tits on a flabbery body always makes a bitch look fatter than she is.

No. 48877

Even if she didn't have tits she'd still be huge.

No. 48883

Not trying to sound harsh, but that's not really enough. You have to do more.
Drinking lots of water is great, keep at it, but also try to cut out soda and sugary drinks too. You may be eating smaller portions but if what you're eating is still fatty garbage/junk food then it's not really worth it.
Eat lots of vegetables and some fruits. Snack on nuts and stuff if you feel peckish inbetween meals. If you like potato chips, I highly recommend cooking some kale chips. Get some kale, rip into chip sizes, toss with some evoo/other healthy oil and crack on some salt, then put into the oven for just a few minutes. No joke, they taste exactly like regular chips but with a fraction of the calories, plus they're nutritious.
Walking is a good start but I suggest really trying to commit to a set workout routine.
Cassey Ho's Blogilates is a good one. She makes pilates videos on YouTube and releases workout plan calendars each month for free.
I honestly think you have potential and nice facial features. If you got into a good pattern and eating right/working out and lost some weight I think you could look quite pretty. You just need to push yourself and not give in like you're doing now.

No. 48888

>fat burning teas


No. 48917

Well duh

but what im saying is that big tits usually make people look bigger espesh if they're fat already

No. 48918


I know. They're all ago here in the UK at the minute but to be honest, I don't think they're that good. I bought Teatox and it was just like green tea. Green tea is cheaper too instead of shelling out on £8 on some "speshul moon tea" which will help you go from a size 14 to a size 4 in weeks.

No, exercise, eat right, treat one a week or at weekend. Green tea or water with lemon/cucumber/lime or smoothies. You'll soon drop weight.

Fuck the weight loss products, none of that shit never works guys. Y'all should know by now.

No. 48923


Seriously. All magical weight loss products are just pure scam. If you put the work, you will get the results. There are no shortcuts.

No. 49052

Being fat makes people look huge.

No. 49054

I think she's pretty … she has a shit personality and is crazy from what I could see scrolling through but she has a nice face when she doesn't shoop it. She has huge boobs and really nice legs. I'm jealous.

Not jealous of that personality though, hot damn she is a mess.

No. 49059

File: 1445799334581.jpg (49.65 KB, 640x852, 1438109727852.jpg)

You admire someone who looks like this? You need to up your standards.

No. 49068


Yeah but having HUGE FUCKING TITS can make you look BIGGER not your body but appearance.

It's even worse if you're a fat lacker like micky


No. 49070

those overalls seriously make her look retarded
i dont just mean that they're ugly or unflattering i mean she literally looks like she suffers from mental retardation

No. 49072

File: 1445800551290.jpg (74.06 KB, 280x390, 1c6b54ef1d6ba10c41f7e217a2ff22…)


Sophie from Big Brother UK 2009 for e.g

She used to complain and cry at herself in the mirror and say "Omg I look so fat" when she had those big tits. She wasn't fat, she's a glamour model but the tits made her look bigger. Like chest wise, appearance wise.

Not her weight.

But people with big tits like Micky and who are already fat it's worse because it just makes them look bigger than they are.

No. 49073


Fatties shouldn't go anywhere near overalls in general anyway.

No. 49074

File: 1445800835423.jpg (159.06 KB, 800x800, 714062b7540b2932cecc5e1b35cb32…)


Why do fat black women always wear really unflattering clothes tho? Why is it

No. 49101

Again, being fat makes you look fat, the girl here >>49072 doesn't look fat, she just has noticeable big breasts. You clearly see she's small. Micky is generally fat all around and her not having "large" breast wouldn't change that.
>not your body but appearance.

That's essentially the same thing.

No. 49124


because they can "still be cute doe".

anyway, all fatties try and squeeze themselves into unflattering cuts.

No. 49126


>Just fucking kill yourself already.


I wonder what made her decide to act depressed and suicidal. Is that the new trend or something because she hasn't responded like this before and it's weird.

No. 50731

File: 1445854764230.png (170.4 KB, 698x1027, Screenshot_2015-10-26-05-13-34…)

She made another Facebook page. I wonder why.

No. 50732

File: 1445854829157.jpg (162.08 KB, 687x686, 15-10-26-06-10-10-696_deco.jpg)

Her new profile picture is awful. What the fuck is that by her eye?

No. 50733

File: 1445854890073.png (92.12 KB, 552x822, Screenshot_2015-10-26-05-15-17…)

Looks like the people on her friend lists are finding these threads.

No. 50739


Probably caked on makeup or something

No. 50744


No. 50745

They look like bumps

No. 51233


>silly big tittied toddler tumblr warrior wannabe ass


No. 51236

She looks like she smell like wet corn chips and hot burp.

No. 51391

File: 1445970963715.jpg (45.53 KB, 600x600, 1390350276353.jpg)

No. 51791

Did she post Japanese bleach products in reference to her new suicidal/CONTINUING TO REFUSE ADVICE TO IMPROVE HER LIFE attitude?
If so, then that's what I call EDGY

No. 51881

I wouldn't be surprised if that was the case.

No. 51927

10,000 keks

Probably didn't clean up her makeup after somehow messing up that badly like she's got parkinsons.

No. 52717

No. 52781


>theres this girl who i used to try and pose as when i was a scene kid

>but now she's in to kawaii fashion i think shes trying to be like me!

Is that even English?

No. 52968

File: 1446390643623.gif (991.92 KB, 400x225, bye.gif)

This is bullshit. She isn't going to really kill herself. This is a cry for attention. She wants sympathy and just wants this thread removed. C'mon micky you know most black people don't sympathize with people who commit suicide. They see it as a weakness and being a coward. Black kids posting shit like this is seen as pathetic. I know your fam hasn't seen this shit. They would be shamed in the black community. This is how I know she isn't really from the ghetto.

No. 53596

I think it's just "cleancore"(idk..) and the Japanese text just adds to the aesthetic because it's exotic.

If you're so desperate for attention then I think the best way to do that, is to improve yourself and prove to the world you're changing for the better. Just imagine what that feels like. You say you come here hoping that we've noticed you've lost weight, well don't allow the negative comments affect you and keep going. Prove us wrong, show us you have the determination to lose weight. There are people who here who are giving you advice, not to be snide or passive aggressive but because you're still young and have potential, and despite this being lolcow, we like to see people like you improve. I think losing weight would be great for you, you'll feel a lot better about yourself and you won't be facing many weight related diseases and health problems. Not to mention, it does wonders for mental health. Lay off the weed for a bit, too because that gives you the munchies.

Don't give in to cravings of snacks and soda, treat yourself to healthy food, and even snacks. That doesn't mean you have to always eat salad and eat like a rabbit, but cut down on prepackaged food which contain a lot of harmful preservatives. From what I hear, America has a lot of shit in the food is banned in other countries. Food is always healthier when it's made at home, even pizza or burgers. Smaller portions, more frequent. Graze on some almonds or eat a plum if you feel like you need something. Drink green tea if you're craving something. Fish does wonders, it's filed with protein and essential oils which are great for hair and skin. From now on McDonald's and any other fast food is a NO GO. Maybe once a month, but I recommend dabbing the grease with some tissues.

If you're serious about suicide, it would help so much to talk to someone about it. I know the healthcare system is shitty there, but consider visiting a therapist. I'm not assuming you're mentally ill, EVERYONE could do with therapy. And, even though it's hard, try not to visit forums like this, it can really dampen your mood. What's important is that you're happy with yourself but it's evident that even though you say you are that you are deeply insecure. I think losing weight and finding a creative medium will help you, (not necessarily cosplaying but maybe like learning an instrument or gardening, or art). I can see that you're a visual person, you could always get involved in art or film or music. There's so much potential, don't waste it being a lolcow. Whatever you do don't resort to EDs or suicide, they only bring more pain into your life. You can permanently disable your body with suicide attempts. Please think about how it will affect your family when they find out their daughter/sister finished her life at so young.

No. 53597

Also, I recommend starting a skincare routine. I always feel better when I throughly wash my face, you feel clean, healthy and pretty.

No. 53598

I highly doubt that expert

No. 54477

File: 1446714936976.png (109.5 KB, 407x919, 1438194896106.png)


You wasted your time typing that. She only said all that stuff to try and get us to stop posting about her.

Remember when Taylor and Micky were beefed out on Facebook?(pic related) So they saw each other in person finally and Taylor said it went like this. "I stood in front of this bitch at one party and she legit looked up at the ceiling trying her hardest not to look at me."

No. 54542


No. 54645

This picture makes even more sense now. Lol >>37132

No. 55023

I don't care. Someone might see it (let's admit it, a lot of users on here are insecure it's obvious). I might have helped someone else.

No. 55113

>Someone might see it (let's admit it, a lot of users on here are insecure it's obvious). I might have helped someone else.

We have /g/ for that.

No. 55247

File: 1446898638282.jpg (81.73 KB, 480x782, 12107860_1038541246195919_3826…)

No. 55250

In the past I have just randomly scrolled through threads and found something I thought I didn't need. Or I found something helpful and just stored it in my brain.

No. 55281

the choker looks like a roll in her neck

No. 55288

Why is it that she looks constantly filthy?

No. 55397

File: 1446932345427.jpg (107.13 KB, 393x640, 15-11-07-16-26-40-392_deco.jpg)

If you look closely, it looks like it's about to snap.

If the pictures showing her constantly dirty room are anything to go by, it's because she has bad hygine.

No. 55548


>Ppl been trying it with me today. ♪☆゜.。*♡.。

Does she ever consider that if she wasn't so bitchy, she wouldn't have to deal with so many issues?

No. 55785

File: 1447013504145.jpg (49.1 KB, 640x640, 11909270_921111007963692_16766…)


She only posted this because Taylor posted about having 973 friend requests on Facebook.

No. 55823

No. 55889


Why does everything look so dirty?

No. 55917

she has 700 followers and can only get, like, 30 likes or less on a photo?
I think someone bought followers…
(I only say this bc I am lame w/my 35 followers and still get 10-15. Like, shouldn't she be getting a lot more per photo?)

No. 55948

It's 100% likely that she bought followers. She also likes to spam links to her pages on other websites too.

No. 55951

this heifer is so grimey…

No. 58342

File: 1447398426614.jpg (153.35 KB, 1024x576, IMG_20151113_020350.jpg)


What's the point of her buying so much makeup if all she does is apply it sloppily and then hide it under tons of blur?

No. 58343

>Tfw it took you years to love your blackness and then someone tells you it doesn't even matter because they don't see color and we're all just humans

No. 58345

It is now racist to believe that we are all humans and no different from one another.

Wow. We have truly come full circle, friends.

No. 58356

She also posted this



Which was stupid because should be free to love whomever they want to love.

No. 58878


>Taylor Smith still out here trying to say some shit about me when the bitch was too high and drunk off her ass to do some shit to me when she saw me in person.

>Talkin all kinds of thug shit she was gonna do to me when she saw me and all she could do was give me the stink eye. Take a picture, hunty. It'll last longer.

There she goes talking tough on the internet again. She must have been reading the thread. Someone should show her status to Taylor, I bet the response would be hilarious.

No. 59009


Oh micky you ain't that light

No. 59024

That Futurama moment seems to be more relevant than ever now a days.

No. 59025

>all that cheap drugstore garbage

No. 59038

Just read through the thread and oh my god, this shit is so embarrassing. Micky, you're so pathetic. Did you really try to guilt admin into deleting the thread? Threatening suicide to blackmail someone is pretty against the sjw ideals you've apparently adopted (but what am I saying, we all know you're just bandwagoning; you can't keep your vile personality hidden even online). So embarrassing, god. You've inspired me to keep working out and working towards my goals. I would hate to look like you, you desperate soul.

Also, >>48432 you've gotta be over 200. I don't believe that "178" lie for a minute.

No. 59191

It's weird that none of foundations match. I can't imagine how awkward it must be to see her skin color changing periodically because she can't match for shit.

No. 59446

So she deleted this status lol

No. 59451

She dead yet

No. 59520

No. 60183

Remember when she got caught posting about Taylor on here? I wonder if anyone ever showed Taylor the stuff Micky posted about her.

No. 60235

No. 60346

File: 1447797296493.jpg (68.32 KB, 720x1280, 12238214_1122213371124912_6216…)

No. 60367

File: 1447801687851.jpg (65.19 KB, 480x749, Screenshot_2015-11-17-18-01-26…)


Taylor might be have to wait in line

No. 60368

File: 1447801813168.jpg (63.95 KB, 480x747, Screenshot_2015-11-17-18-01-40…)

No. 60370

File: 1447802217765.jpg (80.84 KB, 720x1280, 12271511_10208536393355760_159…)

How much longer do you think it'll be before someone cracks and hits Micky?

No. 60375

I hope Taylor drags her ass.

No. 60377

Taylor is dumb, ghetto and ratchet as hell but micky is a total keyboard warrior.

Micky has lived in the suburbs her entire life and walled lake is pretty trailer park ish. No way she stands a chance

No. 60378

And how are any of these girls more self hating than Micky? Bitch claiming to be Cablanasian and shit

No. 60445

Tbh both Taylor and Micky are in the same boat. The only thing Taylor has going for her is that she's thin. They're both gross, ghetto, weeaboo dumbasses. Taylor talks trash online constantly but (coming from someone who used to hang around within the Detroit anime community) hardly ever gets into any actual fights. Micky is a fat (B.O. stricken) tumblr whore who doesn't even know her old ass bf cheats on her lol. I can't wait to see how all of this turns out.

No. 60510

File: 1447856218502.jpg (1.15 MB, 1920x2560, 15-11-18-09-12-25-521_deco.jpg)

>I've been in handcuffs before for being in a fight

Does Micky really think everyone is that stupid? She couldn't even look Taylor in the eye and tried to get con security to protect her. Lol

No. 60511

File: 1447856307787.jpg (26.39 KB, 720x233, 12250317_10208537667107603_160…)

She doesn't want to fight but continues to tally shit and act tough online. It's like she wants to push folks around with no consequence. She's such a coward.

No. 60535


>The only thing that's really ever made me feel bad about myself is lolcow lmao. So when other people try to insult me its pointless

>Like really? Thats all you got?.

Especially when I can see what the other person looks like.

She's still shit talking about Taylor. Why does she act like she looks better Taylor? Micky looks dumpy as shit. Is she really that deluded

No. 60563

File: 1447872717188.jpg (144.07 KB, 720x1094, 12186714_1122222671123982_3493…)

No. 60570

File: 1447876089944.jpg (80.13 KB, 413x395, 1310483412100.jpg)

>lmfao bitch dont act hard on facebook when u was shaking in yo boots when u seen me at that party u better get yo fat ass own before u get hurt nappy headed hoe

No. 60577

This is the toppest kek

No. 60594

Does that mean she'll actually stop shittalking if we linked Taylor and that other girl here then?

No. 60597

File: 1447883627116.jpg (59.26 KB, 640x640, 11930836_1519643938352316_1212…)



She has all that money and stil looks like shit

No. 60601

>all that money
That is less than $200 lmao.

No. 60606


pfft micky

I got paid £1K today from my two jobs beb

beat dat


No. 60608

I'm not even saying it like she's rich.

No. 60686

She posted this again. Why is she treating this like it's a big deal? That's about 160 and it's obvious she wastes it on stupid shit. Why not use it to get a gym membership, buy some quality skincare products, and a better wig?

No. 60770

File: 1447963277961.jpg (1.07 MB, 1920x2560, 15-11-19-15-00-35-718_deco.jpg)

No. 60773

I don't know much about this girl, bc I don't frequent the thread. But whenever someone posts a screencap, I'll come in and read it; and boy is she the biggest bitch.
I hope that girl beats the shit out of her.

No. 60794

i hate how she keeps using the denko face. is she retarded

No. 60834


Looks like she found something new to bandwagon.

No. 61059


>So at work they decided to make me a hostess instead of a server which i like better, but it’s still kind of hard work. ; v ;

>I have to buss all the tables and do all of the to-go orders as well as the mall deliveries. And on weekends it gets super busy because its holiday season and i have clean table after table after table as fast as I can ; o ; and then when I can’t clean fast enough I have to ask the customers if they mind waiting while I clear off the table for them and they like watch me do it and I feel super pressured.
>Anyways my sister (who is also a hostess and sometimes a server) wanted to take my shifts for saturday and monday and i was like :DD and I asked one of my managers about it and she said it was fine with her, but she asked the general manager and he said I’m the best host they have so he wants me there tomorrow ;-; I need to learn to stop being bad at stuff I don’t wanna do lol

No. 61115

Is her icon a picture of berry? jfc

No. 61116

Berry is this you????

You're not a japanese girl, bug off, you'll never be that cute

No. 61117

Why the fuck would you think I'm that hamplanet?

No. 61132

Yeah, that's definitely a picture of Berry. Lol

No. 63243

File: 1448243483856.jpg (140.63 KB, 1024x576, IMG_20151122_204953.jpg)

No. 63263

File: 1448249676961.png (345.23 KB, 624x557, all of your pictures are blurr…)

No. 63536

File: 1448302942661.jpg (222.7 KB, 720x1280, IMG_20151123_131831.jpg)

Looks like she's trying to go back to being ~uguu kawaii desu~ once again.

No. 63623


You would think her not having a period for four months would be a sign to stop eating so much, but no. She's still doing the same shit.

No. 63627

What's with the heart sticker on her nose? I see some Japanese girls do the same thing too kek

No. 63630


They don't like their noses.

No. 63631


>mucky gets preggo

No. 63765


So instead of buying quality hair that comes in her texture, she just ruins perfectly good hair that's a different texture.

>I can get my hair this straight, but it's unrealistic for me to expect it to stay this straight. Plus I kinda of like having puffy hair more anyways -w-

She admits to being too lazy to take of and properly style her own hair. That's sad.

No. 63876

okay ngl this is actually a good idea for girls who have naturally thick/fluffy hair even after flat ironing. perming and relaxing your hair just to blend it with pin straight extensions can really damage it. but she could have just wrapped her hair in a satin scarf over night to get it a bit straighter.

No. 63887

>okay ngl this is actually a good idea

No it's not, it's a stupid idea. They already sell hair that comes in a kinky texture. All this does is ruin the quality of the hair you buy, meaning you'd have to go out and waste more money to keep it from looking shittier than when originally messed it up.

>relaxing your hair just to blend it with pin straight extensions can really damage it

Damage happens when you don't take care of your hair. If you take care of it, you have nothing to worry about.

No. 64093

when you relax or perm your hair, you're going to suffer some permanent damage no matter what. you're changing your curl pattern via harsh chemicals. No amount of care will stop that.

i'm not saying mickys hair looks good but her idea was a good one for what she was going for. a lot of those kawaii black girl use this method for temporary "natural" looking weave styles.

No. 64102

>you're going to suffer some permanent damage

Again, that only happens if you don't take proper care of your hair. It's not hard to have healthy relaxed hair. Maintence is key. If you don't have the time and patience to maintain it, then get braids.

>but her idea was a good one for what she was going for

Like I said before, it's a stupid idea. You're ruining the quality of the hair. It's better to just buy yaki/kinky hair that's good quality and will last.

I seriously don't get how y'all can defend this. It's blatantly stupid and lazy.

No. 64104


No. 64106


>Anonymous asked:

>Too act as if there is not a constant problem where people on tumblr demand that their "kins" be recognized as their gender is being willfully ignorant. And I'm not referring to the famous outed troll posts that are simply around to mock tumblr. Users like gendermoony will straight up threaten you if you don't refer to them as "moon, moonself, moonselves" and then call you ableist when you tell them acting violent is not okay. Its not a secluded issue, its a common one that insults trans people.

>While it is true that people associate their otherkin identity with their gender, not everyone does that. I fully understand that people who do so hurt trans acceptance and it is insult to trans people, but you cannot assume that because someone is fictionkin that it effects their gender identity.

>I am spacekin, but I am fully aware that I am a cisgender human girl. Not all otherkin think or identify that way, but I do. And I have several other otherkin people that do as well.
>As far as I know, my spiritual identity doesn’t hurt or insult anyone because I don’t associate it with my gender. I feel like as long as there are people who aren’t hurting or insulting anyone with their identity, you shouldn’t call their beliefs silly or laughable.
>And you shouldn’t let a few tumblr users represent an entire community of people.

No. 64107


>kirakiramagicaldream asked:

Ever since I realized that I am spacekin I feel like a happier, more complete person. ♡

>kinfessions answered:

>That feel when I meant to send this on anon. But oh well. (´・ω・`) it was a positive confession.

Pretty sure she was in this thread not too long ago admitting to being miserable.

No. 64116


she claims to be spacekin and is always quoting 'we are all made of star stuff' but does this bitch even know who carl sagan is? does she know anything about astronomy or astrophysics? i've never seen her talk about developments in space exploration or technology or nasa or anything. fucking fraud.

No. 64122

Yeah, it's pretty obvious she's only into this for the popularity.

No. 64350


This girl posts pictures and videos of her flashing money but she buys dangerous bootlegs of makeup she should be able to afford. Hell, Nyx is sold in beauty supplies at a decent price. I guess she won't be satisfied until her skin breaks out.

No. 64603

why does she continue to make such a fool out of herself
clearly you hate yourself and your appearance so do something about it instead of sitting on the computer trying to cover up your insecurities with a fake internet ego and selfies that are either blurred or edited to hell and back

No. 64604

This is fucking stupid, she just wrecked some perfectly good extensions so that they match her fried ass hair instead of just trying to repair her hair and leave it be so it can flourish and be healthy

No. 64732

What's the point of hiding her nose? It's not like she doesn't look like a black girl.

No. 64752

But she's not hiding her nose so people don't think she's black…. She's hiding her nose because it's wide and doesn't fit with her kawaii image.

No. 64979


>I’m I’m am argument with my bf and he used my full name and I said “what the fuck did you just call me?” And I sent him like 5 long ass paragraphs because wtf

>#nobody calls me that
>#my parents dont
>#my teachers never have
>#my employers dont
>#its MICKY to you hunty

That's pretty cringy. Plus, I'm sure their are people calling her by her real name. She just wants to seem super special.

No. 65097


>how to die alone 101

No. 66123


>You ever start crying and then you can’t stop crying and you’re like oh shit am I ok?

>#im not okay
>#they sent me home from work cause i cried too much
>#because i feel very ill and lost my voice
>#and im a hostess so my whole job is talking to people and taking carry out orders
>#but it hurts everytime i speak

So instead of just calling off work and saving herself from embarrassment, she went? Was she expecting them to coddle her the whole time she worked?

No. 66126


>guys pls give me asspats

No. 66869


>I was freaking out last night because my FASFA didn’t cover all my college stuff so I had $400 to pay, but I woke up this morning and my check was $500 and I was like :‘3

Didn't she say she wasn't able to take classes this year?

No. 66871


>this girl on fb just said $6 was too much to spend on the colourpop lipsticks.


She has no right to talk when she currently has $1 knockoffs of Nyx lipstick on her wish list right now. The real Nyx lipsticks cost $6, btw.


No. 66873

File: 1449028837587.jpg (803.79 KB, 1920x2560, 15-12-01-22-55-04-874_deco.jpg)

No. 66875

If you think $6 is too much for lipstick, you shouldn't be wearing makeup. wow.

No. 67338

No. 67375

good god. I dread to think what's in those knockoff naked palettes

No. 67378

her skin is probably bad from all the cheap makeup she uses if you think about it
Also this, I don't even know where to begin on how unsanitary this is. This is completely disgusting

No. 67390

she should stop using extensions and just wear yarn braids

No. 67399

Those yarn braids she did looked shitty. If she goes that route again she should get someone who actually has braiding skills to do them.

No. 67403

yea, she still looked better that way though

No. 67405


…knock off nyx? What in the actual fuck

No. 67407


No, you hair is "damaged" until you grow out the perm. Chemically straightening your hair will damage it. It won't be severe if you take care of it, but at the end of the day if your hair won't return to its natural curl pattern, its damaged.


We'll find out when Micky gets an eye infection. Makeup should be one place where you don't skimp. Even drugstores have good dupes for the naked palates, she could have just got that.

No. 67414

Your hair isn't damage unless you don't take care of it. When you don't take care of it, it'll become damaged. It's not hard to understand.


Yeah, she got knockoffs of an already inexpensive brand. She's a hypocrite.

No. 67418


>knockoff Nyx

>Legit Estee Lauder
>Legit Too Faced

This fucking wishlist

No. 67419

how retarded are you?

is right.

No. 67422

She must be expecting someone else to get the those for her.

I have relaxed hair, so I definitely know what I'm talking about. Not to mention their are plenty of other people who have relaxed hair and it's healthy. Maintence is key, that's all.

No. 67424

I'm not saying all relaxed hair is horrible and unhealthy. but once hair is damaged/it's permanently damaged. Hair is dead. once it is damaged it stays that way until it grows out. You can take care of it and prevent MORE damage or make it look better/feel better but it will still be damaged.

No. 67426

Wonder what degree she's taking

No. 67428

>You can take care of it and prevent MORE damage or make it look better/feel better but it will still be damaged

The only way damage can be sustained from relaxing is leaving the developer in too long. That will make your burn, break off most your hair, and dry out and damage whatever is left. If you can follow directions properly, then you can avoid the damage. Deep conditioning and moisturizing will help keep it in a healthy state too. Now, if you want to keep going about this make thread on /b/. I don't want this thread to derail any further.

No. 67431

Who knows. She hasn't specified. Maybe once she starts she'll talk about it.

No. 67432

different anon but when you perm or relax your hair you’re literally restructuring your natural pattern. you are taking kinky/curly hair and using harsh chemicals to remove the kink/curl (or vice versa).

yes, having your perm or relaxer done by a licensed professional WILL keep your hair from frying, frizzing, and breaking. however, restructuring your natural curl pattern is damage in and of itself.

to keep your hair from getting worse, you have to moisturize, and not get it wet (among other things). it may not LOOK like it's damaged but all chemical processes done to the hair come with a certain degree of damage.

No. 67434

>it may not LOOK like it's NOT* damaged but all chemical processes done to the hair come with a certain degree of damage.

No. 67442

File: 1449179822538.jpg (1.55 MB, 2560x1920, 15-12-03-16-54-28-283_deco.jpg)

How does she plan on keeping her job if she's going to wear these? Also, didn't she use to make fun of people who wore lacefronts?

No. 67524

File: 1449199917768.jpg (96.55 KB, 720x912, 12351558_10208638391345646_200…)

No. 67846


>Anonymous asked:

>Why did you cheat on ant? Why did you fuck ant when he was with ami? How big is is wanker? Questions need answers.

>1. didnt cheat on anthony. not sure what you’re talking about. we did break up twice tho over me being a drama queen.

>2. I didn’t have sex with anthony until August of 2013. Anthony and aminah broke up sometime in 2012.
>3. Tmi warning, big enough to make me cry lol
>4. He really dislikes being called ant

No. 67848


>When I was in 12 I was convinced I was a vampire and now I’m 18 and I’m convinced I’m an alien.

No. 68209

File: 1449408194947.png (86.06 KB, 758x758, scr (1)~2.png)

No. 68211


hence why she looks like she does

No. 68232


Micky plz

No. 68261

lmao you know you fucked up when you can't even handle eating actual fruit

No. 68285

I wanted to say what kind of bullshit is this, but then I looked it up and it's a real thing.

I'm not sure how people get OAS but that fucking sucks if she really has it , she still should't let it make her have such unhealthy eating choices though.

No. 68286

yes is is actually possible to be allergic to fruit. isnt the world a strange place

No. 68287

Ofc it's possible to be allergic to fruit but she's definitely not allergic. She's just saying this so she has an excuse to eat like shit and be fat.

No. 68473

File: 1449466092381.png (23.87 KB, 606x237, doesn't she work in food servi…)

>obviously sick
>chooses to go to work anyway
No one wants to get exposed to your fucking germs, holy shit.

No. 68474


Maybe I'm nitpicking here but it's a huge pet peeve of mine when people go to school/work/etc when they're sick like they're a brave little soldier for not taking the day off when really they're just spreading their illness to other people.

I understand that sometimes people can't afford to take the day off, but Micky lives with her parents, right? It's not like she has bills to pay or something, and as the filename points out, she works in fucking food service, too. Gross.

No. 68498

File: 1449479713119.png (28.24 KB, 637x345, scr (2)~2.png)

No. 68508

No. 68521

>This level of sheer stupidity

No. 68600

Wow. How the fuck did she graduate high school?

No. 68837

File: 1449529785543.png (25.15 KB, 633x300, scr (3)~2.png)

No. 68939

File: 1449545074355.png (92.76 KB, 650x708, scr (1)~2.png)

>save up

That blush is only $32. What is she doing with the money she keeps flashing on Instagram?

No. 68940


Spending it on food

No. 68941

File: 1449545289131.png (41.63 KB, 643x441, scr~2.png)

Why is she so cheap?

>spending $6 is splurging

I would be embarrassed to post something like that.

No. 68950

Maybe for a child?? But doesn't she have a job?

Yeah, that's embarrassing.

No. 68951

HAHA WHAT is this bitch on??

No. 69008

Gee, she's really sticking it to Gen Y.

No. 69010

She does have a job, that makes her tweet more embarrassing.

No. 69342

File: 1449685350335.jpg (155.52 KB, 1017x1280, IMG_20151209_122635.jpg)

She did a bad job at shooping this pic.

No. 69399

File: 1449693771591.png (594.42 KB, 581x520, 999.png)


No. 69418

You must post more of this, it's hilarious.

No. 69423

File: 1449697150109.png (192.88 KB, 386x340, miki.png)

I can't really show in game cause that new update fucked my game up ;( she was about to get in a relationship with a fat old white man

No. 69425

File: 1449697242575.png (318.75 KB, 564x533, kumiki.png)

No. 69429

>she was about to get in a relationship with a fat old white man
Sounds like something she'd do irl. You should make her fatter though.

No. 69440

Kek I fucking love sim parodies. There was an entire thread dedicated to our favorite cows as sims but it disappeared into the catalogue. The PT sims were glorious.

No. 69447

Kinda cute

No. 69461

These are perfect lol

No. 69463

Where can I make these?

No. 69506

Tf, why do I sound like I was panicking >deletes.
>>69463 I hope the price went down but you'll have to buy it. Or get the cracked version (it' a video somewhere on Youtube)

No. 69542

File: 1449708432570.jpg (1.44 MB, 2560x1920, 15-12-09-19-46-15-073_deco.jpg)


She does not look anything close to that. He faces looks bad, almost "ayy lmao" level bad. It isn't even close to looking like her really face.

No. 70148


Why am I not surprised she follows her?

No. 70164

File: 1449821010907.png (291.97 KB, 590x586, pls screencap.png)

No. 72075

Make her fatter with darker skin and eyes a bit more far apart.

No. 72194

File: 1450101187213.jpg (1.78 MB, 2560x1920, 15-12-14-08-50-05-502_deco.jpg)

>lightened skin
>badly shooped on circle lenses
>badly shooped on makeup
>badly shooped chin
>ratty hair

No. 72198

File: 1450101574497.jpg (250.03 KB, 720x1280, IMG_20151214_082756.jpg)


>#mixed girl

>#living doll

So on top of the terrible shooping, she's gone back to claiming to be mixed and being a "living doll".

No. 72203

File: 1450102158227.jpg (54.36 KB, 640x640, 12354118_1064482590250195_6046…)

No. 72300

File: 1450118918948.jpg (1.08 MB, 759x1280, tumblr_nzcda210YT1uctaoto1_128…)

No. 72335


Her eyes are so far apart, holy hell.

No. 72361

Omg, Micky you are not Asian. You keep trying to go by your weird ass eyes, like no your eyes are not tight, they are far apart and small. It's funny this is the same girl trying to talk about how pro-black she is, but will turn around and claim 100 races and ethnicity's and only wants to be black if someone says stupid shit like "wow blk ppl ugli".

No. 72367

File: 1450124714372.jpg (1.73 MB, 1920x2560, 15-12-14-15-22-40-551_deco.jpg)

She was only pretending to be pro-black to gain followers.

No. 72374

She's saying that as if she's the same complexion of Drake. I can see right through her BS; and I can tell she's happy she's tan-colour (and maybe wishes she was a little bit paler). I'm sorry it just gets on my tits when people pretend they're pro-this, just to humblebrag.

No. 72413

>Happy about her skin color
>Makes sure to take a low quality picture that washes her the fuck out

LOL BITCH NO. Who you foolin'?

No. 72426

File: 1450134545136.jpg (1.89 MB, 1920x2560, 15-12-14-18-07-08-597_deco.jpg)

She really must be crazy if she thinks people are going to believe her shitty shoops.

No. 72473

so is she mixed race or what

No. 72493

She's not mixed, she just lies and says she is to get attention.

No. 72497

She believes she is mixed and tries to call her black ass self "high yellow", but at the same time lolblackpowah and lolluvdaskinurin.

I've never seen a bigger hypocrite in my entire life.

No. 72525

even worse than berry?

No. 72555

>that moonface on the bottom right
her twitter handle is befitting

No. 72669

omg lmaooooo what is this bitch doing she's not Asian at all she needs to sit down >>72361
exactly she's full of shit and shes like a fucking frog with how far apart her eyes are

No. 72671

She's not mixed at all. she's nothing but black, black and even more black

No. 72676

She's fake as hell and a huge hypocrite, the beginning of this year she would comment on people's posts that were about reverse racism or making fun of white people and literally go like "NOT ALL WHITE PPL !!!!11!!!!1!!!" or "*some" and now she's making those kind of posts just to gain followers. She was even defending men when someone made a post about how guys complain about the friend zone.

No. 72695

File: 1450208224309.jpg (787.51 KB, 720x1280, tumblr_nzcddgQqod1uctaoto1_128…)


She needs to invest in some quality, not ratty hair, a better camera, better shopping, a neck and then maybe she could be a living doll.

For those of you who are curious, this is the app she's using to edit herself.

No. 72717

File: 1450210658734.jpg (157.89 KB, 720x1280, mickymoon.jpg)

she's really big,huh? There seems to be a threshold of how much long pictures can make you look slim.

No. 72720

File: 1450211056370.jpg (873.45 KB, 2560x1920, 15-12-15-15-22-08-396_deco.jpg)

I just noticed that saggy arm fat she's trying to hide with her hair. Lol

No. 72722

And also lose weight. And magically have her eyes move closer together. Or just not have a face at all.
All her super edited pictures look like shit, I dread to see what they look like unedited.
Also her tits are only so massive because she's so fucking fat. If she lost all that weight her boobs would disappear.

No. 72725

File: 1450211985094.jpg (192.69 KB, 640x505, 15-12-15-15-36-23-957_deco.jpg)

Most likely they look like >>72720 on the right.

I did another verison, this time I brought out her inner ~uguu~ kawaii Japanese girl.

No. 72761

Holy shit she is fat. Please don't try to look like a delicate, slender kawaii Asian girl when your thighs look like they're glued to each other.

No. 72763

>There seems to be a threshold of how much long pictures can make you look slim.

Can confirm

No. 72775

To make eyes look closer set, you simply need to shade the inner corners of her eyes, or darken it, rather then highlight it. I know most Asians have flat faces, but she should start contouring, to bring more depth and dimension to her flatter areas, and it will make her face look less moon-y and fat. And yeah loose weight. A lot. Have some poise, elegance. It's easier to have that when you're of a slender figure. Uh…yeah and that hair. Idek where to start. I guess just throw it all away and start from scratch. Add layers, because then it looks so bulky.

No. 72783

File: 1450222103814.jpg (2.17 MB, 2560x2560, 15-12-15-18-24-57-266_deco.jpg)

We should have seen this coming. She admires people like Berry and Dakota, and their know for shopping themselves into completely different people.

No. 72854

I've been wanting to ask, but who is Berry?

No. 72857

Micky made a Facebook post about how bad Dakota looks now, as if she can talk.

No. 72860


Berry Tsukasa.


No. 72934

Has she looked at a mirror at all lately? She's too ugly to be taking about how unattractive someone is. Especially when she goes out of her way to terribly shoop her own selfies.

No. 72938

lol i work at the same mall as her, its so weird seeing a snowflake irl

No. 72983

File: 1450259995640.jpg (897.73 KB, 720x1280, tumblr_nzftavZulx1uctaoto1_128…)

Does she actually go into your place of work, or does she just walk by?



Nothing about this is remotely close to larme. She's also whitening her pics even more now.

No. 72986


On her Instagram she tagged this pic as both ulzzang and larme. Does she not realize that's two completely different things?

No. 72987

File: 1450261766698.jpg (1.9 MB, 2560x1920, 15-12-16-05-24-07-764_deco.jpg)

Why does she hate her actual skin color so much?

No. 72990

Is she doing some kind of double filter on her images? One minute she's yellow looking, now she looks pale.

No. 72994

Yeah, she whitens her skin and adds makeup using Perfect365, then uses Aillis to desaturate the entire pic, add a whitening filter on to of that, and put stickers on.

No. 72999

File: 1450268720023.jpg (992.3 KB, 2560x2560, 15-12-16-06-53-45-633_deco.jpg)



Here's some advice;

-Sincerely apologize to the people you've hurt.

-Stop acting like a victim.

-Stop being conceited.

-Stop wasting money on junk food and clothes you can't even fit.

-Stop wearing ratty weaves.

-Stop shooping, you're terrible at it.

-Stop bandwagoning everything.

-Stop revolving your life around gaining e-fame.

-Invest in good hair and stylist.

-Actually practice more with makeup.

-Better your hygiene.

-Learn to be truly open minded.

-Take up a physical activity.

-Get out of that gross tumblrina mindset, no one with sense thinks it's cute.

-Quit pretending to be a hoodrat, that shit isn't cute either.

-Get better role models.

-Learn to clean up after yourself.

-Stop using your shitty front camera and use the back one on your phone or invest in an actual camera.

-Cut out the internet tough guy act, we know you're coward irl.

-Stop spazzing out at people for not agreeing with you. You have shitty opinions.

-Eat healthier, it's not hard. You're just being a lazy ass.

-Get a gym membership, they aren't expensive.

-If you feel you're too good for the gym, which you aren't, buy some weights and work out at home. You seriously have no excuse.

-Get clothes that fit you. You aren't small. Shop for your actual size. Go to the plus size section.

-Quit picking fights with people.

-Stop making up sob stories for asspats.

That's all that comes to mind for now. I'm sure I missed something.

No. 73001

File: 1450268857926.png (137.54 KB, 1024x768, scr (1).png)

By badly shooping yourself? Yeah, you should stop while your ahead.

No. 73003

File: 1450268958388.png (136.62 KB, 1024x768, scr.png)

No. 73187

LMAO how the fuck is this larme. Literally none of the tags on her selfies are accurate

No. 73188

File: 1450299618322.jpg (1.53 MB, 2560x1920, 15-12-16-15-52-06-138_deco.jpg)

No. 73189

It's like she's spamming the tags just to get followers.

No. 73191

She seriously needs to lose weight if she wants to fit into the kinds of clothes she likes. She's clearly forcing it and trying to fit into clothes that are far too small for her. When will she realize she could easily wear whatever she wants if she just lost weight.

No. 73192

File: 1450300206699.jpeg (113.24 KB, 540x960, image.jpeg)

her hair…

No. 73194

Her weave doesn't even match and everything looks fried. How does she manage to not feel embarrassed in public looking like that?

No. 73199

Girl needs a deep conditioning and a better flat iron, stat.

No. 73209

lmao, I was thinking she just do a big chop or shave it all off and start all over and just wear wigs until it grows back. It's way too fried.

No. 73214

she'd look so much better if she just cleaned up her act, messed around more with make up and practiced being a good person.

No. 73216


Yeah, but she doesn't even know how to shop for wigs. She should do what i did, just cut it of little by little until the damaged hair is gone.

But she'd need to get a better flat iron, deep conditioning, and over all a better regimen so that the new growth doesn't get fucked up too.

No. 73260

File: 1450326861207.jpg (98.65 KB, 720x719, 10614809_10208723331869106_762…)

No. 73264

Aliexpress Headbands + storenvy chokers = pet play?

Isn't pet play another name for furry, or have I been confusing the two because they involve fur/animals?

No. 73265

Petplay is sexual fetish involving the sub being treated as a pet and the Dom being the master/owner.

No. 73271

But I thought she dissed furries….?

No. 73273

I don't get it.

No. 73288

File: 1450341535337.jpeg (27.85 KB, 720x720, received_1224953877534077.jpeg)

No. 73308

File: 1450356977128.jpg (38.36 KB, 540x960, 12345496_798545396958965_80477…)

Why does she keep putting those shitty fake contacts on her eyes?

Petplay has nothing to do with furries. Being a furry is entirely something different.

No. 73345

Pretty sure you could fit two eyes between her actual eyes

No. 73387

Please someone make this happen.

No. 73388

Oh..well I'm down for both. :D

No. 73418

> :D
>trying to namefag
pls go

No. 73584


>(´・д・`) A lot of men and porn blogs have started following this blog ever since I started posting selfies here. It makes me sort of uncomfortable…. I occasionally reblog a little bit of nsfw content but the selfies I posted weren’t nsfw or anything…idk what to do. Guys have started sending me messages as well!

>ever since I started posting selfies here

Micky,that's not even close to the truth. You started taggging nsfw on your blog, and that's what brought them there. Not your shitty shooped face. Not to mention they're most likely all spam accounts who follow everyone regardless of content.

No. 73628


How the fuck has she managed to have tumblr this long without knowing that when you tag things as #nsfw, porn blogs and spam bots will start following you? Christ.

No. 73670

Nah I think I'm gonna stay.

No. 73776

File: 1450502943295.jpeg (75.98 KB, 695x500, image.jpeg)

No. 73777

She's fucking pathetic

No. 73781

File: 1450503905523.jpeg (79.17 KB, 640x809, image.jpeg)

No. 73782

All she did was buy more cheap brushes from China. She's still at the bottom.

No. 73783

File: 1450506214198.gif (1.26 MB, 320x213, MQzJkR.gif)

She's such a goddamn basic bitch. She's like a female fuccboi.

No. 73833

File: 1450543602543.png (Spoiler Image,144.95 KB, 341x471, f4cdb876b22643332e6dbea344ac47…)


Considering she used to have a porn blog or six, I call bullshit on her not knowing any better

No. 73840


I hope you have fun during strict moderation week :^)

No. 73845


I love when people like Micky and Quirky buy some cheap brushes and mid-range makeup and suddenly they're some kind of makeup guru

Bitch no, you just pissed your money away on stuff you probably can't even use properly.

No. 74035


>The olga’s kitchen i worked at closed down ;v; so i was very scared about being jobless, but i went to another olga’s and had an interview with the manager and now i’m gonna be working there nwn

>so now i can keep feeding my shopping addiction!

No. 74274


>Oh my god this happens to me all the time and I thought it was normal :(

So *~special~*

No. 74282


i agree

No. 74283


They're all off Aliexpress, 2.99 for like 5 I think?



No. 74284


No anon, let her continue sporting the nappy fried semi-straight hair look with ugly weave. I don't want her doing the BC because she doesn't deserve looking cute with curls like the rest of us.

No. 74285


I saw that too… so many people are tagging Larme when it isn't fgs.

No. 74286

No. 74287


To look paler because paler is kawaii and people will think she's "mixed" so therefore it's a higher up.

No. 74290


Mixed girl here, yeah this is kind of the reason why we get lumped with light skinned black women because half the time most mulatto looks more black than white while sometimes mulatto looks more white.

Plus it was a good thing during slavery because mulatto aka white blood in you was a proud thing to have (sick mentality).

Micky is "blessed" with lighter skin than the dark skin chick because "apparently" dark skin is "ugly".

So Micky uses her privilege and is able to shoop herself lighter cos c'mon guys, it's a step closer to becoming an uguu kawaii living doll!

No. 74293


But a butthurt self hating full black person will always say mulatto is "full black" despite having a white parent and Micky, god help you call her "black" and not mixed because she'll just say "yeh well all African Amiricanz is mixed doe! mixed race ppl are black too" cos she's so ashamed to be fully black and sees it as ugly that she knows mixed people are apparently the better race in the black community so she has to be like "if i gotta b black then ur asses do to".

Bet you she'd do that cos most like her type would lmao.

No. 74295


it's because she's a hair hatted hooligan lmao

No. 74500

No. 74620

File: 1450848718269.jpg (88.43 KB, 714x1039, 12400304_10208770741654321_828…)

No. 74621


Why would you have that in your pocket anyway? Sounds like bullshit attention whoring to me

No. 74631

Why do I have the feeling that she probably doesn't bother washing that thing

No. 74660


>Micky are you an idol? I love you so much! You're so Kawaii - I hope some day I can be as cute as you

>haha i would like to be an idol!! but thank you c:

Because she has piss poor hygiene

No. 74669

I was going to ask if there was a thread about her on PULL. There should be one.

No. 74670


>What is it about yourself that you do not want to admit?

>I'm a narcissist

No. 74674

This is bullshit lmaooooo of course she isn't an idol and in no way is she fit to be one at all. she sent this to herself for sure,

No. 74676

Just imagine her trying to defend herself on there.

Isn't it strange how she suddenly wants to be an idol now?

No. 74679


>and in no way is she fit

You could've just stopped there.

No. 74751

File: 1450902803211.jpeg (101.56 KB, 750x1000, image.jpeg)

No. 74752

File: 1450902842704.jpeg (36.94 KB, 638x960, image.jpeg)

No. 74753

The fact she thinks she's so much cuter and better than amina is hilarious

No. 74762

File: 1450904590171.jpg (1.6 MB, 2560x2560, 15-12-23-15-58-26-931_deco.jpg)

Put them side by side for a better comparison.

What's even more hilarious is that people agree with her when it's obvious who looks better between the two.

That dress is really cute. Did she say where she got it from?

No. 74763

She looks nice with brown hair. I wonder what that dress is? It's really cute.

No. 74771

who on this planet would think musty micky looks better aside from maybe the anons she clearly sends herself. so no one really except for her but deep down she knows amina is a goddess compared to her which is why she shits on amina to make herself feel better

No. 74779


You'd be surprised

There are a lot of weebs out there who pick Micky over Ami because she has big tits (and big everything else) and she plays to their ~loli desu ecchi~ jailbait fetish

No. 74816

>big tits


No. 74827

Amina has no tiddies so black weeb guys usually will pick Micky over her.
If you look at most of her comments it's from black girls, white/Asian fanboys and neckbeard Japanese men.
Micky and Himeka even came here to call Amina a stick because they have *~curves~*. But the distinct fact she doesn't have a wide gorilla nose like Micky and Himeka does makes her 10x more prettier by default.
I don't think she wants to be an idol seriously. She used to say she wanted to be a Chiptune idol(kek) but that lasted for like 2weeks. With her weight + bad wigs + nudes everyone has seen its impossible.
Not surprisingly she talks about Amina and Kota(despite having Kota as her default pic.) most PULL users are cows themselves.

No. 74886


Why would someone waste any money on this when you can buy matte lipstick and gloss from safer and better places?

No. 74900

Learn to screenshot. The way you greentext is annoying as shit.

No. 74906


>Thank you for 700+ followers though!

She has 700 followers yet only gets 20 to 40 likes, the highest being 50. She be getting more than that with all those followers. She must have bought them. Wouldn't put out past her.

>practiced being a good person.
Don't hold your breath. She thinks being a shitty excuse of a human being is *~kawaii desu~*

No. 74955

Lighten up guys it's Christmas.(dumb post)

No. 74990

Stop reporting posts like these: >>74900

Continue reporting posts like these: >>74955

No. 74991

Not necessarily. Most people lurk.

No. 75013

Can you guys please screenshot things?

No. 75359

You know I was thinking. Remember when Micky called this mixed girl who self posted a "flat faced gook"….well isn't Micky flat faced herself?

No. 75696

File: 1451273803896.jpg (522.56 KB, 2560x2209, 15-12-27-22-35-13-695_deco~2.j…)

No. 75782

File: 1451326614624.jpg (65.06 KB, 640x640, 12353829_164790283879810_94690…)

No. 75783


I know Japanese models use all those apps beautyplus, snappee ect to filter themselves to death to look all fluffy and uguu.

But at least the majority (Kota is a meh) look like themselves. Micky hardly looks that pale or anything like that.

Plus I love how she's taken this from the side, she's so big she's probably self conscious she'd look huge. I was once a fatty took and in my Myspace era I used to think the side pics were good and hid my fattiness.

Also she MUST get her fake Rilakkumas in the shot and animu. Afterall she's a weeby kawaii negreo chocolate princessu <3 xo

No. 75787


She looks special here. Wasn't she one of the slow kids in high school?

No. 75788

Her eyes are really far apart. I don't get photoshopping yourself to be unrecognizable online.

No. 75818

Yeah she was.

No. 76068

File: 1451369287198.jpeg (108 KB, 640x958, image.jpeg)

No. 76071

She should stop bleaching her hair before it all breaks off.

No. 76074


How about option no. 5 - buy a fucking wig with those colours instead of damaging your already ratty, disgusting hair?

She should definitely go to a salon, but it should be to see if they can do anything for her fried, damaged hair. Not to damage it even further.

You'd think her hair looking like this >>73192 would be a wake-up call.

No. 76338

File: 1451445105353.jpg (944.28 KB, 1920x2560, 15-12-29-21-54-49-341_deco.jpg)

Micky we all know you bought a Chinese knockoff on aliexpress. I don't see why you need to lie about it.

No. 76364


I'm noticing a recurring theme of lolcows/snowflakes buying luxury toiletries and cosmetics to make them feel slightly better until the novelty wears off instead of doing stuff that would really make them feel better in the long run.
Charms, Suzy, Queen PT, Ashley to an extent, it's crazy.

Micky, if you're reading this, I think you'd be a lot happier if you saved up for a salon trip and a gym membership.

No. 76365

File: 1451450774894.png (1.93 MB, 2560x1440, Screenshot_2015-12-29-23-39-22…)

her room looks so fucking gross

No. 76366

It's only twevle for that knockoff on AE. Kek

No. 76367

File: 1451450897926.png (2.28 MB, 2560x1440, Screenshot_2015-12-29-23-39-42…)

Why is her makeup always gross looking too? Like it's not hard to clean your cosmetics..

No. 76368

File: 1451450957264.png (2.1 MB, 2560x1440, Screenshot_2015-12-29-23-41-58…)

Last one

No. 76369

Where did she post this video? Lol

Her eyebrows look like shit and she needs to retire that wig.

No. 76373

in a Facebook group.
it's for kawaii black girls (which is actually kind of nice and the girls are sweet but Mucky is such an attention whore admin)

No. 76374

>but Mucky is such an attention whore admin

She's the admin? Oh god, I can only imagine what her posts are like.

No. 76376

No. 76377

Post a screenshot.

No. 76381


Can't see shit

Post a screenshot

No. 76490

File: 1451515555320.jpeg (129.67 KB, 635x906, image.jpeg)

No. 76493

No, just download the video and post it here.

No. 76494

is this that same pink wig with dark roots? It's so filtered it looks blonde.

And although this took a lot of shoop/filters/and angles she admittedly looks nicer here

No. 76521



1. Why is the video so bright? I had this issue with vloggers like Wengie who whiten the fuck out of their videos. Micky you're black, I can't see what you're trying to show us and please stop being so insecure about your blackness. You're not mixed or hafu asian, you're a light skinned black woman with a terrible wig on her head.

2. I love how she shows her head, she's so fat that if she showed herself normally she'd just look huge on camera. But she'd pull the "y'all can see me beta like dis". Nah you're just ashamed of being large.

3. The music is total weeb magnet

4. The bedroom needs a good clean, seriously why film with a messy background?

5. Winged liner and eye shadow is hardly the new thing

No. 76522


I wonder when she'll join the natural community? Even the lovely ify has chopped the rest of her dry ass hair off in trade of a new fro and tbh it's cute.

No. 76528

File: 1451526399705.webm (12.94 MB, 426x238, 4884a5c148ce935e08495f62727a64…)

No. 76562

This girl is dumb as dirt but something about her face is really cute, the same way how a pug is cute you know? If she could lose maybe 80 or so pounds, and maybe got her retarded life back on track I think she could be attractive-ish. More attractive than now at least. But I'm saying that based on how she looks super faded in her videos. In reality she's probably greasy as all hell and super dark with poor skin quality. I mean if you can leave the house with your hair looking and feeling like feeder hay, I'm sure not washing/caring for your face is hardly a short jump away.

No. 76967

I can't believe I'm only seeing this now! Wow she's so cute! Why even compare the two?

No. 76968


Couldn't she close her damn drawers before filming?

No. 77176

I was thinking this as well

No. 77203

File: 1451782765772.jpg (48.33 KB, 720x401, 12482956_10208859174305082_133…)

Is she going to start identifying as godkin now?

No. 77209


Exactly, tons of black women online are jumping on the trend. I dont see why Micky shouldnt join since she's so pro black.

No. 77220

She actually really doesn't want to be black at all (unless it can earn her Tumblr points of course). She pretends to be mixed all the time and deludes herself into thinking her skin is super light lmao

No. 77313


Yeah but many mixed girls are doing the natural thing too? Lmao, is Micky worried her curl pattern isn't loose enough and that she may actually have tight 'nappy' hair?

Drop the weave and wigs Micky. You're not fooling a soul with it all. We all know you don't grow that shit out your scalp.

No. 77748


>but sometimes she's a drama queen and she goes through phases so fast it gets kind of annoying sometimes.

That's the pot calling the kettle black, Micky.

No. 77918

Okay I'll admit I have a PULL account, though I don't use it as often as most users there (some have like 500+ posts wtf), but most users are so lol worthy themselves, especially the ones who go on it everyday. Not surprised at all that Micky goes on it. Birds of a feather flock together.

No. 78008

File: 1452037797612.jpeg (129.8 KB, 850x691, image.jpeg)

Why does she have to use a momobako song god damn it, I mean she's kind of the doujin singer equivalent of a lolcow but is nothing sacred?

No. 78109

Exactly. You've just summed up

No. 78110

File: 1452065289272.jpeg (109.19 KB, 640x899, image.jpeg)

She knows she would use this though.

No. 78118

Exactly, I bet she's going to buy some the next time she goes shopping.

No. 78119

I don't get what they're mad about. Can someone fill me in?

No. 78122

Is this a real box dye now from Loreal for pastel hair? oh fuck. Glad I went back to light brown. Fucking trendy pastel hair is everywhere now.

No. 78157

Everyone I've seen bitching about it has been saying that the people who use it also probably bleach their hair at home. It seems like it's a weak argument for self righteous cosmeticfags to get all up in arms over.

No. 78175

What's wrong with it? Pastel hair looks nice IMO. Would probably pick this up at a store if my hair wasn't 1) blacker than an ash-covered crow in the middle of a moonless night 2) too fragile to bleach.
Is it the brand? Are they mad because it's trendy enough for L'Oreal or something?
I don't get it.

No. 78217

Because box dye is generally kind of low-quality and gives inconsistent results, i guess. The ones that involve a good amount of bleaching (light colors) especially.

No. 78760

File: 1452235683201.png (26.91 KB, 643x318, scr~2.png)

She has zero class. Why would anyone waste their time on her?

No. 78784

Box dye IS shit though. You can't control the ratio of anything and no one's hair looks good after only one application. Hair dying/coloring is a process for a reason. People who use box dye are obvious people who have no idea what they're doing with their hair. It's also a lot easier to fuck up and fry your hair and dry it out.

No. 78785

That twitter hashtag is fucking gross. If a guy did this to a woman involving sex instead of money, people would be crying sexism, but it's okay to treat men like money bags? fucked up both ways.

No. 78798

I bet that's one of those fake feminist hashtags made up by 4chan

No. 78800


The original hashtag was #WasteHerTime2016 and it was created by guys but girls changed it to #WasteHisTime2016. It doesn't really matter anyways, it's just a dumb hashtag.

No. 78941

no one would even be willing to do this for her

No. 78944

File: 1452318344598.jpeg (63.35 KB, 640x332, image.jpeg)

No. 78945

File: 1452318454971.jpeg (36.7 KB, 640x229, image.jpeg)

why does she always try to act hard lmao she would never do shit

No. 78958

She should at least learn the definition of lowkey before throwing it around like that because she comes off as a tool the way she's currently using it.

I don't get it either. Everybody knows she's a major coward.

No. 79076


I'm pretty sure the 'lowkey' thing is on purpose.
Still retarded as fuck though.

No. 79111

hence why she said she WOULD do that.
it's funny because these are the same bitches who complain when guys are pissed off at them for friendzoning them.
like what the fuck do you expect, guys to just lay down and take it like some beta?

No. 79472

who are himeka and bibi?

No. 79494

No. 79789

File: 1452575492575.png (599.65 KB, 1024x768, scr (1).png)

No. 79799

Lol how can Micky talk shit about Bowie when she dated her older boyfriend when she was 15 and he was 24? Before that she dated a 27 year old. And Micky repeatedly used to lie to older men about her age and leak her nudes and she still is friends with those people. She's honestly just following trends. Bet she didn't even know who Bowie was

No. 79837

how fucking disrespectful
he died of a long battle with cancer and these idiots are just trying to find reasons to talk shit about him for no reason

No. 79852

Wow. That's all I have to say, Mucky.

No. 79861

File: 1452611695681.png (762.3 KB, 1024x768, scr (2).png)

No. 79927


You know, Micky's full of shit on a lot of things, but Bowie fucking a 13 year old girl is kinda skeezy. Of course, a lot of rockers were skeezy like that back in the day (see Iggy Pop, who wrote "Look Away" about a 13 year old he was fucking).

All that said, her trying to act all triggert just comes off as attention whoring. Especially considering the creepy ddlg shit she's into.

No. 79969

>mfw when she ignored my ask because I brought up valid points that exposed her as a hypocrite.

Ok den

No. 79983


Fuck off Mickster, you probably no not even one song he sang. Pfft.

No. 79990

File: 1452638122025.jpeg (50.22 KB, 740x429, image.jpeg)

You wish…..

No. 79992

She's got that who Roy Lee Dennis thing going one with her eyes.

No. 79993


I love how she wants to look like a ton of mixed girls.

dream on micky

No. 79997

File: 1452639235736.jpg (1.84 MB, 2560x2560, 16-01-12-17-50-36-637_deco.jpg)

I was looking up who Kim Johansson was and apparently her and Micky are similar in the fact that they are only black when it's convenient for them. So maybe prior are saying that as an insult, because they do not look alike at all.

No. 80265

File: 1452674511857.jpg (44.19 KB, 528x960, FB_IMG_1452674378853.jpg)

oh my fucking god.
shes so shapeless. what made her think this looked okay? her tits look like they're pulling her to the floor.

No. 80266

File: 1452674542366.jpg (38.97 KB, 528x960, FB_IMG_1452674386375.jpg)

No. 80267

please buy bigger clothes Micky.
you are not as small as you think and it isn't cute looking the way you do. ffs.

No. 80272

She looks so fucking sloppy.

No. 80437

No. 80440

clean your mirror plz.

No. 80454

she needs a properly fitted bra.

also he hair looks much straighter yet still raggedy, what's going on?

No. 80455

File: 1452717499674.jpg (83.31 KB, 422x750, tumblr_o0wbymRfQW1ucthsmo1_500…)

nvm, hair is still p. bad

No. 80459

I…I can't even tell what colors she has in her hair. What is that? Purple, puke green, and what I think is blue? What the fuck was she thinking? Who told her that this was a good idea?

No. 80478

If you look closely you can see she did a terrible job at, not only properly bleaching her hair but, also applying the colors to it too. You can also see split ends, and how brittle the hair looks. Her hair must feel really nasty to touch.

No. 80493


Holy shit, this girl is fucking huge now. Micky plz get a better bra, you're too young for fat grandma titties.

No. 80500

Go on a diet. Stop with the "im so cute all i eat is junk food and soda huhuhu" bullshit. It is not healthy. You are not healthy. It WILL kill you! If you're too fucking lazy to exercise in gym (tbh i was) go for long walks. Look up light "bedroom" exercises that you can do. Take the stairs. Don't cut corners.
Get fitted for a bra by a professional!!!!!!!! PLEASE THIS WILL HELP. Your current bra situation makes you look like you have one singular tit in the middle of your chest. For fuck sakes none of this is hard. None of it. It's like you WANT to look like shit. Despite what your pedo bf and ass kissing ugly friends tell you, you aren't looking too great.

No. 80514

god, even though david having sex with a 13 year old is SUPER bad, cant you wait a week after he died to fucking do a huge outcry about him?
tumblrettes are even harrassing his kids, like jesus christ. Let them grieve abit before you go to them telling them their dead father was evil

No. 80524


No. 80553

omg her hair is absolutely horrendous she looks like shit. she can't think she actually looks good smh

No. 80554


15 year old *

And it remains to date little more than an unsubstantiated accusation. Same girl also one claimed she lost her virginity to Jimmy Page.

No. 80555

File: 1452736027752.png (220.6 KB, 1440x835, Screenshot_2016-01-13-20-45-16…)


No. 80556

File: 1452736055781.png (366.9 KB, 1357x1330, Screenshot_2016-01-13-20-44-01…)

No. 80558

LOL @ her creepy bf cringing at other creeps who are exactly lile his weeb ass. Not surprised that these are the types of guys who like her sloppy ass.

No. 80577

File: 1452740541314.jpg (6.07 KB, 305x281, 12540149_10208897372660017_163…)

He doesn't have the right to say something is cringe when he and his gf send each other edgy cringe shit like this.

No. 80594


No. 80623

She has no room to speak but whatever bowie is dead and if he was a pedophile then idc about him and he is probably rotting in hell. Stop with this omg he just died protect bowie BS. probably the same people who would say that akira was a victim of underaged yukapon who broke his kokoro.

No. 80922

File: 1452820710183.png (160.11 KB, 720x943, Screenshot_2016-01-14-17-15-16…)

How accurate is her " beauty guru uguuu big neesan makeup tips uwu " post advice wise?

No. 80942

gurl, no.

No. 80943

it's the new tumblr trend to hate on Bowie (after his death because they are cowards) and take the word of a groupie whore who changes her story constantly and try to drag his name through the mud. I honestly wish the worst on these types of sjws.

No. 80946

im black and i do that too.
i wish i had a qt tiny nose since you know wide noses arent considered kawaii
its just insecurity

No. 80947

or maybe not everyone is rich and spending 32$ for a fucking blush is fucking stupid and expensive?

No. 80955

What's true: You CAN use a beauty blender to blot away excess oil, but depending on the type of foundation you're wearing (how much coverage) it might take off some of the foundation as well

I would recommend buying a beauty blender from ebay, the real beauty blender is extremely expensive yeah, but just getting the dupe from real techniques is as equally good. getting fake beauty blenders sometimes have bugs in them

If you have super oily skin like me, buying blotting sheets from daiso is probably the way to go - which are huge ones and come in a big pack and they sell them for a dollar

No. 80956

whoops forgot to put down that I don't think she should be giving out makeup tips lmao

No. 80976

File: 1452830582912.png (1.98 MB, 2560x1440, Screenshot_2016-01-14-23-00-15…)

Someone download and post this cringe af video. I can't because i'm on my phone but omg what the fuck????

No. 80977

File: 1452830614017.png (1.6 MB, 2560x1440, Screenshot_2016-01-14-23-00-39…)

No. 80980

File: 1452830810840.png (1.99 MB, 2560x1331, Screenshot_2016-01-14-23-04-55…)

Lmao at her double chins.

No. 80981

where the fuck are you seeing this is it on her fb? i'm looking through her tumblr and nada

No. 80982

On her fb. First thing I saw when I logged in tonight ugh.

No. 81106

File: 1452836629202.jpg (53.39 KB, 960x960, 12548963_815072871972884_48400…)

She drew on freckles and her face looks really weird.

No. 81227

File: 1452876192136.webm (2.88 MB, 854x480, Converted_file_2f31ec60.webm)

She said this is supposed to be an asmr video. Nothing about this is soothing. It actually sounds really gross and annoying.

No. 81384

her eyes are so fucking far apart holy

No. 81395

This is fucking repulsive

No. 81396

File: 1452918005693.jpg (Spoiler Image,43.24 KB, 558x279, Untitled-558x279.jpg)

No. 81439

This is horrendous,the single most irritating sound a human could possibly make.

No. 81440

Proof Micky is mixed and she wasn't lying

No. 81442

why did she chose to make horrible sounds for an ASMR video??

No. 81444

Why doesn't she line the inside of her eyes so she looks like a normal fucking human being. She looks like a fish. Wide set eyes can be super cute but this girl has small beady eyes, so they just look super weird and fishy (not in the drag way either).

No. 81553


>teeth scraping

>that face

That shit is going to trigger a lot of things, but certainly not ASMR

No. 81554

And what's with this dizzy bitch and McDonalds?

No. 81556

can't wait to hear the news when she's diagnosed with diabetes. i'm sure she'll find some way to make it kawaii uguu~~*~*

No. 81706

this. it's so fucking disgusting you can't even watch the first few seconds without shuddering or wanting to hurl I couldn't even watch the whole thing. this prob sounds overdramatizing but her teeth and mouth combined with the slurping. ugh..

No. 81708

true but around that time she was flashing money around lmao and she's been buying a bunch of expensive makeup lately

No. 81709

that's because they are

No. 81716


Its a new trend to draw freckles, makes you look mixed lmfao

No. 81725

how? I don't see a lot of girls do this

No. 81726


Nah there is a few videos floating around on Youtube where black/light skinned girl are doing tutorials and adding freckles…

No. 81769

She looks slow.

No. 81852

File: 1453058446708.png (120.97 KB, 1440x541, Screenshot_2016-01-17-14-17-52…)

She says as stuffs her face with McDonalds. I am ccovinced this girl is retarded.

No. 81854


No. 81856

File: 1453058860761.png (144.71 KB, 1440x545, Screenshot_2016-01-17-14-22-53…)

No fucking wonder you're breaking out and can't lose weight. What the fuck? If you know soda is tearing your face apart, and you know water would be good for you but you continue to drink soda and claim "i get mad when i dont drink soda" THEN YOU DESERVE THE FUCKING ACNE AND DISEASES THAT ARE COMING YOUR WAY. Stop complaining and seeking help when you're make it clear that you don't really want it.

No. 81860

I love doctor pepper, but a glass a day? Holy shit micky, stop.

drink water you fucking cow.

No. 81884

>Drinking soda on a DAILY basis
>On top of scarfing down nothing but junkfood because "fruit makes her throat itchy" or whatever
>On top of being a fat fuck who makes literally no effort to exercise
She's slowly killing herself.

No. 81956

So…it's not a trend then.

No. 81961

And no one in her life even thinks to be upfront with her about it. Not even her bf who's supposed to love her. I would feel bad for her if she weren't so damn stupid and hard-headed.

No. 81987


Micky reminds me of that grandmother out of Nutty Professor

"he makes me moistttt"

No. 81988


She has (had?) a job and no bills to pay yet she wastes her money on 90s nostalgia/DDLG/generic tumblr shit and cheap makeup rather than getting her hair fixed or getting a gym membership.

What really confuses me is how she can say shit like "fruit makes my throat hurt" and "I need to drink Dr Pepper every day or else I get short-tempered" and not see a fucking doctor about that. I couldn't imagine living like that.

What are you doing to yourself, Micky?


Water, Micky. Drink some fucking water. It costs nothing.

No. 81992


Anon, Micky is the typical African American BT1000. Meaning she's ratchet, ghetto to fuck with nasty attitude, pro-black, party popper hair and wigs. Fat, complains and dirty.

It isn't any surprise.

Best bet is to leave these beasties to die out. Let Micky give up on herself.

She's got filter and cute kawaii sisters to patch her ugly up. She's fine.

No. 81993

Oh yeah and I was scouting in the Larme kei facebook community today. I found that Micky has joined that network too.

Someone posted their issue of Larme with Dakota Rose in it and she complained "Omg why is Dakota in this?" and Micky hopped in like "Omg that ps racist bitchhhhhhhhhhh"

and I just laughed to myself. Micky FOLLOWS kota on IG. She's clearly a fucking fan.

Pisses me off. You're hardly innocent yourself you black shrek.

No. 81994


I know, anon, I know. It just fucking mystifies me how someone could do that to themselves. Even if they're ghetto weeb trash.


>you black shrek.


No. 81995


It's Micky, she does dumb shit. Knows no better. If she had a brain she'd be dangerous tbh.

No. 81998


At least Rocky Dennis SEEMED like a nice person despite him looking like ginger ET. Micky is an ass.

No. 82014

File: 1453074318746.jpeg (42.62 KB, 604x335, image.jpeg)

Kooters is also her profile pic on PULL

No. 82039

Not even close, the girl spent her whole life in the suburbs. She's more of your typical tumblrtard who tries too hard be different and edgy. It's embarrassing.

No. 82042

As privileged black girl I have to say that Micky reminds me of myself in my tryhard days. I had a friend that that was a hoodrat and I would always try to emulate how she acted and whatnot. Got into a fight with a real hoodrat and got my ass kicked. This all happen when I was around 15, looks like Micky might be a bit overdue for a beat down.

No. 82054

Yeah, she is years overdue. I think she tries acting liking a hoodrat to impress Himeka and Himeka's friends since they're all rather ratchet hoodrat messes themselves.



Micky it's not random, it's your unhealthy lifestyle beginning to catch up with you. The money you wasted on clothes you can't fit, shit dye jobs, and junk food could have went to things like skincare products, a gym membership, better fitting clothes from the plus size section, getting your hair done at a quality salon, and healthy food.

If she was smart she'd turn her life around right now so that she doesn't become an utterly filthy hamplanet.

That honestly proves just how fake she is. She'll drool and fangirl Kota one minute then talk shit about her the next. She did that with Leda Bunny, Jasmine Blu, and Taylor/Panda-chan. It's a shock anyone still wants to be her friend.

No. 82076

I reeeeeally want to see Taylor beat the shit out of Micky. They're both gigantic messes but at least Taylor is mostly upfront about it.
How funny would it be to see a video on WSHH of Micky's chunky weeaboo ass being tossed around by someone 4 times smaller than her?

No. 82256

Micky has a horrible body. Bitch literally got a ice cream cone shape.

No. 82294


Who cares? She acts ratchet and is ratchet anyway. Whether she moved into Buckingham Palace tomorrow, she'd still be rough as shit. You can't polish a turd.

No. 82295


She's a bit of a late bloomer

No. 82297


Exactly, she obviously looks up to kota and is yet another girl who knows about her drama but will love her yet shit talk her on forums. It's like… hold on a minute Mickster, you hate kota? Fuck off. You admire her. You admire her and wish you could be her like all the other semi-efame weebs and kota-kopies who are TRYING to get sushi people validation.

It annoys me. If you like kota Micky just admit it. There is nothing wrong with that, some girls do like her because she's cute regardless of her bad shoop and past drama with her ugly fucker sister.

It makes me realize how sly some of these 'kawaii-keens' are tbh. They act all cute for cameras, tumblr and videos. But they're all the same.

Nasty little wolves in alpaca onesies.

No. 82503

No. 82534


You need to tone up and lose some weight but a lot of guys would hit it and make you their girlfriend

Women are more catty,pickier, and bitchier, so when I see men acting like this I accuse them of being very affeminate - which is true.

No. 82539


>tfw black but narrow button nose

feels good brehs

No. 82664

File: 1453162369872.jpeg (104.09 KB, 640x792, image.jpeg)

lmfaoooooo in what universe

No. 82692

File: 1453167899566.jpg (1.48 MB, 2560x1920, 16-01-18-20-43-59-379_deco.jpg)

Shit like this is why she's the way she is now. These people need to stop lying to her.

No. 82765

>>82692 maybe the top far left but it's so goddam photoshopped.

No. 82828


Lol, if anything that looks like Panda Chan, with that obnoxious chest tat

No. 82990

right, I never understood why people love to feed the egos of ugly bitches

No. 83001

To fuel them up with false confidence then watch them crash like the Hindenberg maybe?

No. 83009

File: 1453221252508.jpeg (39.54 KB, 639x267, image.jpeg)

No. 83010

File: 1453221274718.jpeg (61.38 KB, 640x502, image.jpeg)

No. 83105

>i have nice teeth too
No, no, you don't. I saw your mouth in that failure of an ASMR video. (Repulsive btw.) Your overbite is not cute and you should fix that gap. Also, from your daily glass of Dr.Pepper, you're gonna get teeth rot since you don't look like you're the type to brush.

No. 83146

File: 1453236918061.png (50.03 KB, 720x310, Screenshot_2016-01-19-12-49-57…)

McMicky, please stop you whale.
The reason why those outfits are shit is because 1. Your fat and nasty ass can't fit into them and you pick sizes that are too damn small to fit into and 2. You order from cheap Ebay and Taobao crap so of fucking course it would never suit you.

Go to the mall and get some legit plus sized clothes. You belong in Torrid sweety, not in desukawaiiloli clothes land. Stop throwing your money on crappy clothes and start investing on your health and body instead so you can look more better overall in your clothes.

Bye Felicia.

No. 83333

anyone have pics of this broad's tits? I want to see them to bring closure to my reading of the past three topics of her

No. 83339

Not unless you're into CP. It's hiding in a server somewhere.

No. 83425

File: 1453290363239.png (82.6 KB, 1024x768, scr.png)

No. 83592

Exactly :-)

No. 83593

Its all that damn junk she's eating. Her pussy prolly stinks.

No. 83707

File: 1453363359220.png (152.21 KB, 1440x640, Screenshot_2016-01-21-03-00-54…)

this lying bitch….

No. 83708

>I may not have a lot of melanin but I love being black
If you loved being black so much why do you constantly lie about being biracial and lightskinned? Why hasn't anyone in that group called her out? I know some of the members are in here lmao and those people seem to be SJWs I'm kind of surprised

No. 83709

>i love being black
So that's why you whiten the shit out of your photos.

No. 83710

Personally I love seeing her make a fool of herself. Someone in the comments (Eteria Drummer) sort of called her out by pointing out that she and everyone else commenting "yes ive had that happen before" all looked black as fuck lol.

No. 83724

I get that some mixed girls look like an entirely different race or white but….you look black, Micky. Sorry if that hurts you? Why are you so ashamed? You don't get kawaii points for being mixed because you have to be "kawaii" in the first place.

No. 84184


This is coming from a mixed race person. Micky, you're full black. You're not really that light you just shoop yourself lighter. You can identify me as black if you wish Mickster but I find no shame in it or saying I'm combined with both black and white. But Micky, you're actually ASHAMED rly lol.

No. 84185


Bad when mixed people are proud of their black side but McMickies loathe it.

No. 84191


That's true, there is mixed race people who look either or neither. It's difficult.

But the problem is that Micky or Mickies the blacks who proclaim how beautiful black is and love it. Yet whitewash their pictures? I can understand enhancing their features, make up or whatever. But Micky actually makes herself not black looking? Or even mixed race looking? It's weird. Too much lightening.

Micky if you really love being black then stop it and stop lying about being race. I get that America's history has mixed DNA due to slave masters and shit. Africans never considering them "full black". But if your mother and dad is black then you're black.

If you want to start making black kawaii Micky then stop lying, start embracing ur "melanin" and support black.

No. 84194

File: 1453420973332.jpg (35.62 KB, 340x255, 10960171_10204001920114382_533…)

No. 84196

File: 1453421041162.jpg (14.86 KB, 240x360, 10960171_10204001920114382_533…)

No. 84197

File: 1453421086294.jpg (472.34 KB, 951x641, 10960171_10204001920114382_533…)

No. 84198

File: 1453421119574.jpg (40.57 KB, 450x561, 10960171_10204001920114382_533…)

No. 84199

File: 1453421185210.jpg (172.46 KB, 630x880, 10960171_10204001920114382_533…)

No. 84200

File: 1453421260506.jpg (79.73 KB, 618x837, 10960171_10204001920114382_533…)

No. 84201

File: 1453421300943.jpg (68.22 KB, 661x927, 10960171_10204001920114382_533…)

No. 84202

File: 1453421342604.jpg (27.67 KB, 500x687, 10960171_10204001920114382_533…)

No. 84204

File: 1453421448353.jpg (82.41 KB, 428x750, 10960171_10204001920114382_533…)


idk guys

maybe she is mixed :^)

No. 84207

Even if she does have some white heritage, it's not to the point where she can plausibly make posts like >>83707. If she's "mixed", then so am I, and I'm fucking African.

No. 84209

Rita Ora isn't mixed race so she's a bad comparison

No. 84210

Yeah it's entirely possible she's mixed race - I've seen mixed girls that look like her - but she's not so white looking that somebody would ever be unaware that she was at least part black.

No. 84227


True but she's still black lol. She just wants to claim she's mixed because she obviously sees mixed people are the most attractive "black". She still puts actual mixed race people on a pedestal and obviously has issues with her race. Even if she was mixed race with two different race parents. She'd probably STILL hate her black side.

No. 84230

Both her parents are fully black, but she claims to be mixed because she's "light skin".

No. 84231

Micky clearly looks part black. The fact she has to bring attention >>83707
to the fact someone thought she "wasn't black" is… all sorts of weird and stupid. Especially when you are posting about it in a "Kawaii Black Girls" group.

No. 84235


Exactly. She's a fucking idiot.

No. 84238

File: 1453424160970.jpg (198.88 KB, 425x650, 10960171_10204001920114382_533…)


god help if micky woke up like this (not that there is anything wrong with dark skin) but she'd end up topping herself

No. 84239

File: 1453424303359.jpg (28.95 KB, 670x377, 10960171_10204001920114382_533…)


Possibly Mickster is mixed along the bloodline somewhere. I mean full black is really like Lupita's tone right? Paula Patton (right) is a mixed race woman. So possible?

No. 84241

File: 1453424445202.jpg (93.75 KB, 960x720, 10960171_10204001920114382_533…)

sounds like Micky tbh

No. 84250


>full black

She looks 65 percent SSA

No. 84253


I want to say maybe 60% instead

No. 84270

>both her parents are fully black
Truth. Micky's race changes daily, one minute she's half Chinese the next she's half white. This girl is black, she can pretend to be biracial all she wants but it's embarrassing. And where's her biracial talk when she's being pro-black? Nowhere. It's just her saying how light skinned she is, not how mixed she is. Though I'm pretty sure she'll start milking that bs again.

No. 84271


full black doesn't have a skintone. if you have two black parents, then you're also black, full stop.

Micky isn't mixed with anything but ugly.

No. 84276

File: 1453430500405.png (34.14 KB, 604x334, thats a step in the right dire…)

She's finally going to buy some bigger clothes!

No. 84279

>huge taobao order
Girl needs to go to Lane Bryant.

No. 84290


Kim Kardashian is Armenian tho

No. 84293

Her mom is white tho. Mixed race I suppose…but then again Nicki's dad has Indian ancestry so technically she'd be considered mixed raced too. But seriously who takes anything Nicki Minaj says seriously.

No. 84450

File: 1453477456439.jpg (17.46 KB, 240x240, 1449675956596.jpg)

I'm sorry but Taobao.. is not a good place to look for clothes for fat girls like her. Nothings gonna fit her.. guaranteed. She needs to go buy some real fucking clothes and start taking care of herself because I can predict diabetes in a few years… Why is she caught up in this fantasy that she is a petite cute azn girl kawaii desu? Delusional? I really don't get it. She looks like a fucking fish brick and doesn't understand how to correct apply makeup quite yet.

I think Micky doesn't like aminyan because Ami is everything that she is not.

No. 84451

also.. kek

No. 84455

No. 84521

my comment >>84293 was about Kim's mom being white. No referring to Micky.

No. 84550

Could someone provide a link to her Facebook?

No. 84561

I don't have a FB anymore, but search Micky Moon or Kumicky Moon in the Facebook search bar. Unless she changed her name.

No. 84591


It's not even because she's black. She lies about being half and pro-blacks when convenient.

No. 84592


Yh but anon even tho me and you think that African Americans and Micky doesnt seem to think so

No. 84702

File: 1453517235460.jpg (Spoiler Image,100.7 KB, 705x1205, FB_IMG_1453517051159.jpg)

Someone explain this.
Spoiler for gross cow tits.

No. 84705


She won't fall flat on her face with those

No. 84736

File: 1453519087243.png (126.01 KB, 1024x768, scr (1).png)

So now she's claiming to be a goddess?

No. 84737

i love how she got mad at that daisy person for pointing out her huge tits. as if they weren't the focal point of the photo.

No. 84743

Right? It's funny because she likes to brag about how big they are but the moment someone else says something about them she gets offended. She was also openly sexist because she only took back part of what she said because daisy wasn't a guy.

No. 84744


And you're shit

Just because you're talking about an ignorant lolcow doesn't mean you have to become one

No. 84745


lmao can we take a moment to cringe about her ghetto ass buying some dollar store fairy lights to take selfies with?

and how tacky it actually looks?

No. 84749

It baffles me how she looks like shes constantly filthy.

No. 84750

Does she still think she's from outer space?

No. 84753

Yes, and she also thinks she's a moon goddess now.

No. 84765

I'm fat and I buy plus size taobao clothes all the time. People used to dump huge lists of plus size taobao shops. They're pretty common. Also that's what "marshmallow girl" means. Plus size.

No. 84857

Lupita is black from Africa which means she probably has no white blood. Most black Americans have been in America for 200-300 years and via slavery no black American is "full black" which is why there's so much variation in features. With that said Micky is black. There's lighter skin black girls who aren't mixed

Sorry to get OT. Continue discussing this mess lol

No. 84858

lol West Indian is black

No. 84898



Okay Micky is black but not as dark as Lupita and her ancestry prob has slave master blood somewhere. Play on the genetics. But has black folks.

End of

No. 84906

Is it bad I find it kind of cute? I mean the picture…minus her boobs.

No. 84912


Idk why McMicky is complaining so much about Aminyan and her sushi land adoration. How about Micky go to Japan, learn a bit of Jap and model for that plus size magazine they have?

I know she black but they could easily just shoop her lighter, like they did do Tiffany Cadillac's pictures who is hafu (black/Jap).

No. 84919

File: 1453573178467.jpg (290.94 KB, 425x597, 240_01 - Copy.jpg)


They could easily do what they did to her. Lighten the shit out of Mcmicky.

No. 84920

She's p cute.

No. 84939

This is what Micky wants to be lmao

No. 84945

Yes, it's tacky and tryhard.

She still has to be skilled at modelling and able fit the clothes, which seeing how their clothes are sized smaller, I doubt will work out in her favor. There's also the issue with her terrible hygiene. Nobody wants someone making their nice clothes smell like wet garbage.

No. 84962


She is very cute, she's actually nice too (i messaged her tumblr a few times). She does freelance modelling and knows Risa Nakamura a little well.

She's half Japanese too so prob has a bit of the upper hand.

But yh, she and Aminan are what Micky strives to be.

:^) If Micky wants it so bad I don't get why she doesn't shed off the pounds and join a fucking Asian modelling agency or something. DO SOMETHING!

Make a change Micky instead of trying to get tumblr famous like kota did. It won't happen for you. Kota was once in a life-time and no one would believe shoop pics like that anymore because too many kawaii uguus do it!

No. 84963


Maybe she could learn? Also make herself wash?


Maybe Micky isn't cut out for anything.

No. 84978

Uhhh Nicki is from Trinidad, and many people there have recentish East Indian ancestry…. I think anon meant e. Indian

No. 84979

Tbh THIS is what I'd expect to see on a page called "Kawaii black girls", not those girls with bad quality wigs and party city costume dresses with bad makeup. Or those tumblr pastel goth black girls (who are REALLY pretty imo but are not the kawaii aesthetic)

No. 85017


Tiff isn't on anything like that. She apparently keeps to herself. I can't blame her for not wanting to mingle with the black weebs of the internet. They're so embarrassing.

No. 85039

Lmao you know people would be complaining about her being mixed I can see it now "oh.. so u put this HALF black HALF JAPANESE girl on here.. u saying black girls cant be kawaii? we have to be mixed to be kawaii?!" bet it'd be the people commenting on Micky's shitty post about people thinking they aren't black

No. 85057

Jelous non-mixed girls tbh

No. 85066

File: 1453615045206.jpg (256.17 KB, 1024x1820, IMG_20160124_005420.jpg)


Nothing about that looks appealing at all.

No. 85067

At least she's trying which is a start… Right?
Gg, Micky, you even DELVED it in DANG OIL(!).

No. 85069

Yes you're right I meant her dad has East Indian ancestry.

No. 85070

This triggers me

No. 85071


Covering yourself in Christmas lights and calling yourself a moon goddess is kinda cute… when you're eight

When you're almost 20, it just makes you look high or retarded

No. 85074

>>84270 took the words right out of my mouth. Both of her parents are black. She's nothing but black. She's not "light skinned" at all. shes not dark but she's really not light skinned either.
"I may not have a lot of melanin"
Like why did she even feel the need to point this out so badly if this is true? She's fucking stupid.

No. 85076

She actually does seem a bit lighter than Micky though but regardless
I can't see Micky ever being this cute.

No. 85714

I feel like a lot of people wanna call her out but you can only imagine how much drama that would cause

No. 85973


So tru

No. 85975


All the girls micky admires are mixed

poor micky

No. 85977


idc if she's got a bit on bollywood in her veins, micky looks like a caramel shrek.

No. 85978


I bet micky had the farts for days

No. 85983

i love the disgusting food on a filthy looking floor done with a cheap camera
but then put pink hearts thinking it'll look cute

No. 85984

File: 1453844306882.gif (169.94 KB, 500x333, tumblr_n22r1kkxh01ryqrrdo2_r1_…)


nor can i

No. 85985

File: 1453844401278.jpg (209.47 KB, 401x600, photo 4 (4).JPG)


definitely not

No. 85986


I know… "fuck it… let me just photograph this shit and throw some hearts on it".

No. 86063

Bowie never fucked a 13 year old.

He was accused, went to court, and was found not guilty. The girl who accused him also accused a few other celebrities of also raping her but it was just another attention whore trying to get rich by shitting all over real celebrities.

It happens.

No. 86115

File: 1453872555725.png (346.76 KB, 1024x768, scr.png)

No. 86151

File: 1453885815703.jpeg (72.7 KB, 640x841, image.jpeg)

basically Micky but lighter

No. 86192


>I'll never forget when she posted the gifs of her humping a teddy and touching herself on tumblr but deleted them cause they got zero notes

That's so pitiful

No. 86199

File: 1453905867806.jpeg (23.56 KB, 204x395, image.jpeg)

>Close my eyes and cross my arms. Put me in the dirt let me be with the stars ・。'゚・‘。・'☆・゚。゚☆

>tagged: #lunarkin #spacekin

No. 86200

Why does she keep adding those freckles and editing her face? Everyone already knows she looks like absolute shit irl.

No. 86248

She has on my favorite shirt. :'( how dare she.
But yea we seen way too many photos of her to know she has not a single freckle.

No. 86260


so she looks mixed

No. 86277


No. 86278

File: 1453927543618.png (404.56 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

So I was listening to Hannah Diamond and…..

No. 86399

File: 1453946475170.png (241.5 KB, 1024x768, scr (1).png)

No. 86415

File: 1453948024004.png (348.87 KB, 1024x768, scr (2).png)


>Someone please help. I’m trying to break up with my boyfriend and now he’s threatening suicide. Please help.

No. 86421

For non-moons|non-Google-Translators: "Today is very complicated"

No. 86426

Honestly it's what she gets. Amina warned her about him and so did other people but she was too much of a bitch to listen.

No. 86437

I just can't spare an ounce of pity for her…I just physically cannot.

No. 86443

Do you know where you are right now?

No. 86444

File: 1453952599965.gif (5.19 MB, 480x270, 1442595843041.gif)

>coochie boy

No. 86445


No. 86460

and I was watching ItsMyRayeRaye…
(or whatever her name is)

No. 86461

File: 1453955333402.png (410.73 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-01-27-18-02-59…)

dropped pic like a fucking idiot

No. 86467

File: 1453955858939.jpg (34.92 KB, 720x484, 12632835_10209047336049008_160…)

I doubt that was actually the case, his post seems to imply he wanted to end the relationship.

No. 86472

File: 1453956689527.png (378.42 KB, 1024x768, scr (3).png)


>I don't know you or your boyfriend so this may or may not help, but if he has dealt with depression and suicidal thoughts before, you may have to assess whether or not he has the means and ability of carrying the action out. if so you may have to notify emergency personnel or keep the area around him free of 'tools' for it if you are able to physically be there atm, i hope that was of some use

>He takes xannax for anxiety and he said he was gonna try to overdose on it but he’s actually out of it right now. I think I'vs talked him out of it but I’m still really scared.

No. 86501

2:25 sounds like Micky's possible future if she doesn't put in the effort to change her diet.

No. 86761

File: 1453997676598.jpg (180.05 KB, 800x1106, 1424134425272.jpg)


This is the second chick this autistic weeb broke up with either before or after they turned 18

Shame, they made such a great couple of lolcows

No. 86768

I think aminyan made the best decision by leaving this prick. He's an autistic man child and Micky should've left long ago. Not that she can do better….

No. 86772

Come on. Yeah we don't like Micky but no one deserves this.

No. 86774

What's the meaning of the picture? What happened?

No. 86799

File: 1454006439806.jpg (33.68 KB, 600x400, dbabd921b54dc088cca4accbcb7199…)

Every time I see that middle picture I can't help but think of this.

No. 86800


>Micky should've left long ago.

She was the one pushing to get with him while he was still with Amina. Him breaking up with her is what she gets for being a piece of shit.

No. 86803

The crazy thing is I used to be fat just like her, I lost the weight by not drinking pop and (switched to Pellegrino and water) lost 80lb, and stopped binging late at night. The body has to go through a fast. Also, she needs to stop filling her body with processed garbage and learn to cook at home or something. She appears to eat fast food regularly. She can do it, but sadly, westerners hate the feeling of hunger pangs and discipline.

No. 86808

Who would want to date this ugly fuck anyway?… Why?

No. 86810

Why is this man so sought after? He must be charming irl

No. 86812

Amina was 14 when he dated her even though he was a sophomore in college. She broke up with him and he pulled the same "I'm gonna kill myself" shit. After that Micky who was 15 at the time fucked his 28 year old friend then fucked him. Amina left the Detroit ghetto animu scene and actually started making a name for herself as the toppu weebu in Michigan while Micky was passed around in the Detroit animu otakus until Anthony got her. He's a cow himself. Typical autistic sanic Gundam fan. Only dates pure lolis. He looks like a hulking black man but sounds like Napoleon dynamite. Him and Micky make a dynamic duo if I must say so.

No. 86815

>He looks like a hulking black man
Er…debatable. Dude LOOKS like a black Napoleon Dynamite.

But yeah sounds like a real creeper. There isn't even anything remotely attractive about this guy.

No. 86819

He's 6'4 230+ lbs he's scary af

No. 86861


i cant believe shes 18

No. 86900

waaait he dated Aminyan too? i dont see a match…and his mouth kinda makes me squeamish

No. 86906

oh wow. and to make matters worse, i stop drinking sodas for months and lost weight feeling good. dont kmow why i got back on it. deffinitely gonna slow down and stop.

No. 86914

No offence but is this an American thing? The drinking soda regularly thing. Where I'm from (Europe), we usually just drink soda if we're eating out or just now and then.

No. 87083

File: 1454043630658.gif (1.17 MB, 215x198, fun isnt hard.gif)

he looks like fucking urkel to me, man

No. 87106

File: 1454048429174.png (304.66 KB, 1024x768, scr (4).png)


>It is natural to still feel scared, so the best you can do is keep an eye on him for a while. The whole situation can make anybody on edge, but you have done well to talk him out of it for the time being.

>Update on the ex boyfriend situation: I think everything is okay now? He changed his relationship status to single on fb and a lot of his friends were there to comfort him and stuff (and none of them bashed me which is pretty great lol. I was scared they would ;A;) But yeah. I think he might be okay (not emotionally but as far as self harming.)

>I really hoped we could still be friends or at least still talk because I do still care a lot about him and I bought him a birthday present and everything, but he told me he didn’t really want to talk to me anymore because I have feelings for someone else so I have to just mail his present to him u____u I really hope he finds happiness soon or someone else starts liking him…

She reuploaded the same picture, but cropped out the shirt and change the caption to different song lyrics.


No. 87116

It's a FAT American thing. I despise soda and pretty much any sweet drink such as juice (which pretty much has the same amount of sugar as soda pop). Honestly, I don't understand how people choose soft drinks over water. Drinking water feels sooooo good. This is one of the reasons why I'm embarrassed for my country.

No. 87281

didn't she break up with him though

No. 87291

LMAO not even Napoleon dynamite. He's way uglier.
>Him and Micky make a dynamic duo
This. Although Micky may be on the start of making something better of herself
by eating steamed vegetables and ditching his ugly ass they're perfect for each other lol
He seems like the type to just look scary though, like he's just big af but he couldn't fight or defend himself for shit

No. 87299

I wonder who's Micky's new man???

No. 87315

File: 1454100939803.jpg (62.52 KB, 480x474, 1412092190166.jpg)

she isn't even japanese, why is she speaking it?
i bet that other person isnt even japanese either and just pretends like her.
i get if you like anime, but jesus christ, we know you don't give two fucks about actual japanese stuff unless its kawaii animu shit

No. 87316


Probably to sound cool and cultured. I wouldn't care if she was actually LEARNING/STUDYING Japanese and talking to a Jap friend. But chances are she's just using it to sound cleva and kawaii <3

No. 87451

File: 1454132852120.jpg (62.79 KB, 540x960, 12654707_822798484533656_59921…)

Her hair looks horrid. Also if you look at the second pic, you can see the blur on her stomach. Lol

No. 87453

File: 1454132967260.jpg (74.55 KB, 540x960, 12644677_822798504533654_58242…)

No. 87462

File: 1454134568514.jpg (41.01 KB, 640x640, 12558340_546334935544443_16531…)


She edited in some contacts for the Instagram post. How sad.

Some of the stuff in her bio is pretty ridiculous too.

>preteen trapqueen


No. 87471

being a trap queen isn't fun

No. 87525

File: 1454169392205.jpg (52.27 KB, 720x634, 12633097_10209065441141624_207…)

I wonder if this was the guy she cheated on her ex with.

No. 87528

with as fast as they got together im assuming shes got some history with him.

No. 87540

>preteen trap queen
Can this girl be less of a pedophilic fuck please? Fucking shit

No. 87543

File: 1454173394985.jpg (108.49 KB, 720x1012, 12636843_10209066104918218_659…)

No. 87544

File: 1454173914156.jpg (118.96 KB, 718x1079, 12633039_10209066287402780_533…)

This is a far cry from how she was speaking about him on Tumblr. She's absolutely deplorable. I bet she only stayed with him for the free meals and gifts.

No. 87548

Anthony is just as cringy as Micky but I hope he gives us some sweet milk.

No. 87554

I know I'm going to come off rude but how can guys settle being with someone who not only doesn't take care of their health, but their hygiene as well? She can't even properly comb her hair. I'd be embarrassed if my girlfriend posted cringy videos..and I probably wouldn't want to date her in the first place if I new multiple forums had dirt about her I could easily look up….

No. 87555

I'm shocked he didn't do it the moment she made that post.

No. 87557

I wouldn't put myself through that either. Especially when you also factor in her bragging about snatching him up from Amina, when Amina was still his girlfriend and her friend. She's gross inside and out. Whoever this new guy is, I'm sure he's gonna cheat and dump her before the year is over.

No. 87561

That's not what happened. Amina dumped him and he threatened to kill himself but she was only 15 and he was a lot older. After that in rebound he got with Micky but still asked Amina to be with him but she said no because she was doing the aidoru shit. Amina also warned Micky about him being physically abusive but she didn't listen. Micky didn't really steal him but rather she was the second option after he couldn't have Amina.

No. 87574


It's been stated before that she was flirting with him and they had something going on while he was still with Amina. She had approached asking her to stop flirting and a Micky brushed her off. He ended up with Micky almost immediately after things with Amina ended. That's when she started bragging about it. Then she and Anthony started harassing Amina and tried to make it seem like she was crazy and jealous.

There's plenty of evidence on her old twitter account. Which is why she locked it. There was also evidence on her old Tumblr that she deleted as well.

No. 87708

It's really not about the nose. You can be super cute without a small nose. Micky is ugly bc she just is lmao. If she had a small nose she'd still be as ugly as she is now

No. 87730

File: 1454209929969.png (236.47 KB, 1024x768, scr (5).png)


She could have at least looked up how to spell the word asphyxiation before making a post about it.

No. 87815

I'm really curious as to who this mystery cute boy is.

No. 87820


>Implying he isn't entirely hypothetical

>Implying Micky could get a "cute boy"

No. 87857

File: 1454257793876.png (415.4 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-01-31-11-28-56…)

Gotta make sure fb sees it too huh?

No. 87928

I deactivated my fb but is it still possible I could access her page?

No. 87932

I doubt it, but you can try.

No. 87950

This girl is actually cute. Too bad about the weight, dead eyes and awful personality. Oh and the pathetic self-hating. Ugh.

No. 88157

please die, like fatties fatties whatever. Soda is a normal fucking american thing, it is cheaper than water in some places and easier to get than juice and there are tons of skinny fucks who guzzle it.

No. 88158

Love to beeing choked? Wtf

No. 88247


>Soda is a normal fucking american thing, it is cheaper than water in some places

Do Americans not have taps or something? What the fuck

No. 88259

Are you high?
pretty much all fast food places have a 'water' cup for either a minimal price or free. That as well as that I'm PRETTY sure all soda fountains also have a water spout. It's not usually one of the big label things but usually on the first spout there will be a smaller button that says 'water'. As well as food stores you can buy a gallon of water for like $2. Yeah it's generic ass waster but you dont need Dasani or evian. I bet you're the type that thinks that eating out all the time is actually less expensive.

Most states dont have drinkable tap water because of all the chemicals and those on-spout water filters are actually pretty expensive but that doesnt stop that anon from being an idiot.

No. 88282

File: 1454345703752.png (140.85 KB, 1440x656, Screenshot_2016-02-01-11-51-11…)

No one believes you mucky.
You constantly say dumb shit even when your updates aren't public, i would know. I seriously doubt you're smart enough to PLAN your status updates lmao.

No. 88318

>I'm only pretending to be retarded!
>Even the nonpublic statuses sound retarded

Micky, you expect us to believe all those public statuses and posts were you "trolling" even though the ones your friends can only see sound just as stupid. These aren't even half of the stupid sounding posts and statuses she makes when she uses the friends only option or she's in a private group.

No. 88329


Ah, that makes sense. Thanks.
Still, that anon strikes me as the sort of fatty who says they "can't afford" to eat healthily.

No. 88335

File: 1454355015646.png (349.65 KB, 1024x768, scr (6).png)


>I consider myself a spiritual person and a lot of my philosophies and beliefs are kind of far fetched , but I would never try to force my views on anyone else or look down on someone for not having the same beliefs as me. How I feel and what I believe are relevant to MY reality and how I see things through MY eyes and MY experiences. <:

>I would never try to force my views on anyone else or look down on someone for not having the same beliefs as me.

This is the biggest pile of horse shit I have ever seen. You do nothing but attack and mock others the moment they disagree or present a different viewpoint. You tried to get someone doxxed because they disagreed with you. There's proof of all this in all three of your threads. Stop pretending like you're not a close minded piece of shit.

Also, look at these tags
>#new age spiritual
>#healing crystals
>#light worker

She's not even remotely close to being anything like an empath or a light worker. Also does she realize being a nihilist conflicts with being a new age spiritual and otherkin?

No. 88348

File: 1454358568251.jpg (39.51 KB, 528x960, FB_IMG_1454358458325.jpg)


No. 88349


That's her natural hair, right? If it was shorter, it'd be an improvement to that fried scene hair imo. It looks like a clown wig with the blue dye in it, though.

No. 88351

It's actually an improvement.

No. 88359

This would be ok if she would just chop off the damaged part.

No. 88360

I think it suits her more than the hairstyles she usually has. The volume of it flatters her features. Straight hair flat against her face makes her facial features look massive, this makes them look more proportional.

No. 88518

You want me to die because I choose to drink water over soda because I'm not a fatty that guzzles 1 liter of Pepsi a day?

No. 88524


her hair looks 10 times better here.

No. 88525

This. But that color has got to go

No. 88532

File: 1454383300707.jpeg (137.73 KB, 640x660, image.jpeg)

No. 88540

Oh shit guys…she's on to us!!!!! Lol

No. 88542

I for one know about dry damaged hair. THIS IS COMPLETELY DAMAGED! And it sucks, she has a good length of hair but sadly it's destroyed. Big chop I hope?

No. 88543

Soda is not normal. it's fucking disgusting and bad for you in every way. Quitting soda or never drinking it to begin with is the best you can do. Unless you live in a third world nation, aka NOT America, you can drink water with a filter just fine. Holyshit, fattie, go somewhere else with your HAES bullshit.

No. 88546

This isn't cute, damn.

No. 88547

Holy fuck, you have to be retarded. Water is easily accessible thought a kitchen sink and a filter. Soda is not cheaper. Let me guess… You eat fast food everyday because you think it's "cheaper", right?

No. 88549

This is the most obnoxious thing I've read in awhile. I'm so happy I didn't have FB as a teenager. (and wasn't a ratchet ho like Micky)

No. 88555

File: 1454386192896.jpg (98.29 KB, 960x674, IMG_20160201_230827.jpg)

She's leaving FB for a while.. :( still got tumblr tho. ;D

No. 88556

It's funny when these kinds of idiots think any social media outlet isn't toxic. And as far as I know, tumblr is worse than facebook anyway. dumb bitch

No. 88560


>Every 10-30 minutes

>sometimes hours later if he's working

Dear god, Micky, how ever do you cope?

Jesus Christ, it's like she has no idea that you can date someone and still have your own separate life without being joined to them at the hip.

No. 88564

Who ever thought dating her was a good idea has really low standards.

>we liked each other 3 years ago

Wtf, wasn't she with her ex at the time? That's terrible, she's definitely going to get dumped before the year is over.

No. 88597

It looks super dry and damaged imo.
Maybe if she styled it? The shape looks weird on her.

No. 88645

It's Jason foote. He was 26 and she was 15 and he bought her Milanoo costumes for nudes. Even lulzier than Anthony.

No. 88670

>bought her Milanoo costumes for nudes
Top kek

>Even lulzier than Anthony.

Holy shit, give us the details

No. 88674

Actually Anthony is a sanic autism fag collects gundams and is a 6'5 black ween so he's pretty damn Lulzy. Jason is a black weeb but he at least has a decent job and seems like an adult. I honestly think he's with Micky just to fuck

No. 88675

You have to be pretty lulzy to want to date and fuck Micky. He pursued an underage girl for sex, that's actually past the point of lulzy.

>I honestly think he's with Micky just to fuck

>with Micky
>just to fuck

Gross. I'm sure there are far better looking, smelling, and just overall better girls he could do that with. Though, I doubt anyone would want him after finding out he stuck his dick in Mucky.

No. 88684

File: 1454422262438.jpg (23.96 KB, 720x278, 12637128_10209087490732850_444…)

She really was only with him for the gifts and free food. Damn.

No. 88685


that's how hair tends to shape itself on black girls.

No. 88688

Hilarious. Guess she got sick of being fingered in mcdonalds(this is a thing that actually happened) and moved up to Burger King. Anthony is as big of a cow as micky

No. 88713

his last name is foot

No. 88777

I'm curious to know what this guy looks like.

No. 88996

How do you know this? Is he on social media

No. 89002

I looked him up and there's someone with the same name that is friends with aminyan, I'm guessing he is one of the guys they both messed with for stuff. I wonder if aminyan is the one spilling the tea.

No. 89004

no theres a lot of us in the Michigan weeb community who hate Micky.
And aminyan never messed with guys for stuff. That was all Micky for Milanoo.

No. 89010


>no theres a lot of us in the Michigan weeb community who hate Micky.

So do any of you have some tea to spill in regards to Micky? We're always looking for something new to cringe and laugh at here.

No. 89017

Amina left and started hanging with white weebs but it helped her image ngl. As for Micky I have a few stories including how she got fingered in a McDonald's and she didn't really work at the maid cafe but other girls at the maid weeb cafe hated Aminyan because she could speak Japanese and was young and cute. Besides that I've encountered Micky at Youmacon a few times. She always is uncoordinated and looks…lost.

No. 89022

>she didn't really work at the maid cafe

>Besides that I've encountered Micky at Youmacon a few times

Tell us more about these.

No. 89023

But there's screenshots of amina doing the same things so I wouldn't be surprised if they met him like that. Anyways spill all the tea, including maid cafe tea.

No. 89032

No Amina never had like a PO box or gift list and I saw those screen shots. If they're real(not saying they're fake) I can't imagine her doing that shit offline. Plus within the black weeb comm I've never heard of Amina dating black guys after Anthony. She was always with white and azn neckbeards at cons. anyways she was quiet when I met her so whatever.i think Amina knows that guy normally. The Michigan anime comm is kind of close knit like that.
>Youmacon and Micky

Oh god this girl. She once wore a party city $20 Halloween nurse costume + her fried pink hair and said she was cosplaying nurse may at Youmacon. She also did a cosplay of Kodomos no jiken. I've seen other girls who have the Loli uguu body pull that off but Micky just looked ……bad
Jason wasn't a sugar daddy but he may be a low key hebephile. I remember he bought Micky a ton of stuff from a wish list(cheap shit) while she was 14-15 and dating Anthony. Keep in mind this Jason guy is like 26 at the time. anyways Micky would go to the maid cafe with these guys and for some reason she was considered hot shit within the otacoons weeb Detroit community because of her fat sloppy body that black men apparently like. They were really loud and would never buy anything. The maid cafe was shitty tier times a million but Micky and her friends would go there for 5 hours and buy one drink. Mucky is 5'8" 200 pounds so if you go to a Michigan convention you'll see her for sure. her voice also sounds like a gay man. I don't know what other stories you want to know. She's pretty cringy in person.

No. 89034

>I don't know what other stories you want to know.
Just tell us everything you know.

No. 89049

>her voice also sounds like a gay man.
Wow. I want to hear it now.
Please tell us more.

No. 89062

I live in Chicago now but went to cons in Michigan when I lived there. There's a lot of assholes trying to be famous in the Midwest weeb scene but when I lived in Michigan Micky went to a lot of meetups. We were also friends on Facebook.

The main reason she doesn't make videos or shitty live streams anymore is because her voice is very very deep and un Loli like at all. She has a horrible body too. Bitch is the embodiment of an anti Loli but thinks she's a small azn gurrrl. She also used to type in a super scene way. Micky is only a weeb by fad to be honest and she used to be a huge scene gamer gurrl

No. 89121

She should just delete all her social media honestly if she really wants to get away from "toxic" people.

No. 89123

File: 1454526137208.jpg (62.12 KB, 396x691, 1451333246813.jpg)

No. 89124

File: 1454526236847.jpg (100.02 KB, 376x333, 2009-11-08-monique.JPG)


She looks a bit like precious's mum

No. 89125

She should chop and get a wig :/ From someone with natural hair that looks damaged and dry tbh.

No. 89127


Buh her natural hair aint kawaii xo
so weave has to do <3

No. 89130

So she is admitting she is stupid?

No. 89151

Or better yet, if she doesn't have the heart to part with her hair (as shitty and damaged as it is) she could get braids or some other protective style, wait for the damaged ends to grow out a bit and then chop that off so she'll at least have a little something to work with. Better than the puke green abomination she has now.

No. 89165

she looks a lot better with that fro

No. 90034

File: 1454760856434.png (716.58 KB, 1024x768, scr (1).png)

Is she starting to miss her ex or something?

No. 90080


Probably just attention whoring

Her Tumblr was full of shit like that when they were still together

No. 90104

File: 1454789548484.png (40.86 KB, 1024x768, scr (2).png)

She said she was done with Facebook, but still has a page up.

No. 90169

holy shit she does lmffao

No. 90234

I just lurked some of her social media, and it's so refreshing to see a hapa that actually seems proud of their black side. I'm sure part of it is just that she lives in Japan, so there's nothing exotic desu about that half to her, but I've noticed that a lot of hapa that have only lived in Japan/whatever Asian country suddenly get really weeby about their Asian halves when they come into contact with Westerners. All that, "omg you're so cute! What's it like being Asian? omg can you actually speak the language?!" goes straight to their heads.


No. 90237

File: 1454819983243.jpg (303.78 KB, 1024x1365, IMG_20160206_233623.jpg)


This looks so fucking disgusting. Why does she keep posting the shit?

No. 90250

probably look decent if she didnt mix everything

No. 90502

File: 1454897168707.jpg (22.88 KB, 400x300, 1445378318954.jpg)

Is that in her bed?

No. 90602


Yeah, she seems to embrace her black side a lot tbh. I just think she gets on with her life without drama. She seems normal.

No. 91067

File: 1455074059417.jpg (1.19 MB, 2560x1920, 16-02-09-22-09-42-917_deco.jpg)


Your girlfriend looks dumpy and retarded, love yourself and dump her for someone better.

No. 91068

How do you even sell nudes? Are there weird ass sites that make you advertise yourself or what ? I mean she's not known so much for people to ask her for them ?

No. 91071

My girl fund, you can sell sets of photos and videos on this site. You name your price, the site takes a percentage of your earnings.

No. 91072

She spammed her blogs with posts of her wish list begging people to buy things. Also what >>88645 posted.

If so many people hate her there, why hasn't there been a big shit storm of them just telling her off?

No. 91122

>she once wore a party city $20 Halloween costume + her fried pink hair and said she was cosplaying nurse joy at Youmacon.

She actually did this because leda did it a couple of years ago and she looks up to leda even though she talks shit about her. She also draws freckles on her face bc leda used to do that too

No. 91123

File: 1455092521910.jpeg (55.41 KB, 500x667, image.jpeg)

No. 91166

File: 1455120808554.jpg (224.79 KB, 1280x960, 1409444780519.jpg)

If you check the first thread someone posted this pic, and everyone was saying her cosplay looked bad. She said she couldn't get the actual cosplay. I guess that was just a shit excuse to cover the fact she was copying Leda.

No. 91174

File: 1455123264794.jpeg (168.55 KB, 750x1289, image.jpeg)

>the tags
LMAO. Who is she to talk about such things. Woww

No. 91177

Did she just forget about the fucking dry hay she calls hair on her head?

No. 91178

do people actually believe that you can fix damaged hair with conditioner?

No. 91181

She'll believe anything that helps her avoid cutting her own haystack hair.

No. 91182

Micky, when you cut that dead shit out of your head then you can talk lmao

No. 91188

lmao the nerve of this bitch

No. 91199

I always ask myself why people think this. Turns out it's just people like Micky that don't know shit about hair

No. 91712

File: 1455221813212.jpg (159.31 KB, 495x642, shit.jpg)

i remember a hairdresser i knew, she would dye her hair all the time crazy colors like pink and blue and green and whatever and continuously change it.
i asked her and she said she did the conditioner thing, but its much more than just using that.
its getting hair masks, specific expensive conditioners and leaving it in for a long time and just a whole procedure of things to make the "conditioner thing" work.
it.s just that bitches like micky think they can just slap on conditioner and done, when the real thing is a whole long pain in the ass daily procedure

No. 91735

File: 1455225437802.png (191.56 KB, 1024x768, scr (6).png)

She cakes her makeup on, yet acts like it's a complete mystery as to why her skin is breaking out.

>it.s just that bitches like micky think they can just slap on conditioner

Micky doesn't seem to use deep conditioner or regular conditioner at all. She just slaps coconut oil on her head and thinks that's all there is to it.

Micky, if you're reading this(like I know you are), coconut oil is not going to fix that rat's nest you call hair. Instead of wasting money on clothes you can't fit and junk food, invest in a good deep conditioner, protein treatment, hair oil, sulfate free shampoo and conditioner, moisturizer, hair mask and a silk scarf. If you can't or won't get those things, you shouldn't be dying your hair at all. Hell, you might as well shave it all off.

No. 91761

I use coconut oil on my hair to give it a bit of shine and make it softer but it's not good for moisturising. It's like Vaseline. It'll only COAT your hair. Yeah it'll make your hair look and smell nice but it's not doing a lot.

Use actual hydrating masks, at least once a week. It's absolutely essential, especially if you style your hair a lot. Leave in conditioners or masks, the one you sleep in and then wash off in the morning are great. I also recommend products made from bamboo extract as they can add some protein and bring that bounce back. It works for me. Hair stylists feel free to correct me.

No. 91829

File: 1455257953835.png (197.72 KB, 1024x768, scr (7).png)

No. 91972

File: 1455317159753.png (193.1 KB, 1024x768, scr (8).png)

Why does she feel the need to butcher terms? It's so cringy.

No. 91997

I wanna see who's calling her a qt

No. 92442

File: 1455389157542.jpeg (28.67 KB, 640x330, image.jpeg)

No. 92448

No. 92451

I wonder what made him dump her. Maybe it was her shitty attitude or how smelly she is.

No. 92522


Well, they had a good run.
A week? Two weeks? That's more than most people have in a lifetime.

No. 92572

Serves her right :)

No. 92592

File: 1455409500445.png (37.06 KB, 511x312, no dump.PNG)

No. 92620

I think she only made that status because she was lurking in here today. She's been dumped but pretending she hasn't been dumped.

No. 92986


>perceiving herself as a human embodiment of the moon, the stars, the void, and everything and anything emitting light. As she absorbs the negative energy and anger from those around her, she tries to emit positive energy in the hopes of relaxing and pleasing her fellow man.

>everything I believe is true for my reality. what you believe may be true for yours. namaste.

This shit sounds like pretentious "fake deep" garbage. Jfc

I guess she thinks because she read a few articles on Wikipedia, she's now deep and spiritual and "the embodiment of light". She needs to get a grip and fact the truth.

No. 93178

File: 1455516067179.png (176.91 KB, 708x520, 1453963496883.png)

she clearly isnt even slightly japanese
why does she do this, does she actually think people think she is asian

No. 93184

Namaste isn't Japanese dumbass.

No. 93190

pretty sure thats what anon wanted to point out?

No. 93218

I don't see the problem.

No. 93296

>>is Asian

LMAO, just go

No. 93378

File: 1455575721717.png (188.04 KB, 1024x768, scr (10).png)

What was the point of her even putting that?

No. 93386

Isn't Namaste a word in one of India's languages?

India is part of Southern Asia.

No. 93449

Meant as japanese

No. 93771

File: 1455652873625.png (196.79 KB, 1024x768, scr.png)

I highly doubt that she is an ENFP.

No. 93784

exactly, it was a fad in anime to say that because japs thought it was cute and she actually thought it was japanese

No. 93805


>exactly, it was a fad in anime to say that because japs thought it was cute

That's highly incorrect. Namaste is commonly heard if you're into Yoga, which is very popular in the west and often connected with New Age spirituality and Hinduism, though the former is more popular. If you're in Asia, you'll most likely hear it as a form of greeting or goodbye, which is common for south and southeastern Asian countries. There's a slight possibility to hear it in Japan too, either from someone who's moved there from the southern or southeastern part the continent or from a Japanese person who considers themselves Hindu.

I haven't heard this term used in anime, but it's used often in the comic Iron Fist.

No. 93814

All that said, I'm pretty sure she only started using the term because it's becoming popular on Tumblr to be *~"deep" and connected with the universe ~*. Not to mention Leda is into that stuff now too, so Micky likes it now as well.

No. 93847

Is it really tho? Because I only hear people into new age or Hindu culture say that? Or you know after yoga. I'm not trying to defend Micky, but I'm sure she knows that it's not Japanese.

No. 93861

No. 94544

She's claimed to have autism, NPD, and synesthesia. Has she ever gone to a doctor to be diagnosed for these or does she just pick whatever sounds the most *~special and unique~* on Wikipedia?

No. 94577


No it doesn't, she has a chemical relaxer.

I am black and this is what my hair looked like when it was relaxed and unpressed. My hair is natural now and it looks so much healthier–no heat no chemicals!


No. 94599

>she has a chemical relaxer.

She doesn't use relaxer. Her hair looks like that because it's fried from all the bleaching she does and lack of maintenance besides slathering it in coconut oil.

No. 94718

Hi guys it's Mickers! A lot of you guys seem to be obsessed with my hair and think that I don't do anything to it except use coconut oil and shampoo or something? That is not the case haha! I actually co-wash my hair and deep condition on a regular basis! I took pictures of most of the products that I use on my hair to show you! Now yes, my hair is damaged because I bleached it and (tried) to use color remover on it, but right now (to me at least) it doesn't feel super dry and it's not like falling out or anything lol. I've actually made a schedule for myself to clip my ends every month and half to slowly bit by bit get rid of my damaged hair and allow new growth. I'm mostly doing this because last year I dyed all of my hair black (which I vow to never do again) and that black dye is still clinging onto my hair for dear life and it's making it very hard to dye my hair the colors I want it to be (hence why it's green)!
Now if my hair appeared super dry and gross looking in pictures, it's most likely my extensions that are looking that way (the blue and purple parts). I bought extensions from an online store a friend recommended to me and they are absolutely garbage. I tried to fluff them up a little bit to match the thickness and texture of my real hair, but they just turned into a horrible tangled mess. So now I HAVE to wear them super straight (which I just realized last night tbh) or else they turn into a tangled mess in my head! So if anyone wants to recommend a good place to get hair extensions that are 180-200g and won't make my wallet cry, I would love to hear about it!
About my current boyfriend: we DID break up, but after talking things out and confessing that we still really like each other we got back together and everything is great now! I'm even hanging out with him today! School is going pretty well right now too and I've made a lot of new friends there. I was really sad and had sort of meltdown after wandering here and reading some things in this thread, but after a bit of meditating and recreational marinana use I reread everything that made me upset before and now it doesn't really upset me!♡

No. 94719

File: 1455894944317.jpg (1.82 MB, 1440x2560, 16-02-19-10-14-04-643_deco.jpg)

This conditioner is God tier. I really recommend it. After I bleached my hair it was reaaaaaally dry, but I used this after I washed the bleach out and I felt my hair become soft again literally within seconds.

No. 94720

File: 1455895198520.jpg (1.7 MB, 1440x2560, 16-02-19-10-18-00-455_deco.jpg)

I use this conditioner to deep condition (because the suave one is only suppose to be left in for a Max of three minutes). I like to mix
Coconut oil and argon oil with this and leave it in my hair over night~

No. 94722

File: 1455895615539.jpg (1.91 MB, 1440x2560, 16-02-19-10-24-27-840_deco.jpg)

And then I use this as a leave I conditioner and to detangle my natural hair. Its not really anything special. (´・ω・`) it does what it's supposed to do, though.

No. 94725

File: 1455896116836.jpg (1.94 MB, 1440x2560, 16-02-19-10-28-23-072_deco.jpg)

And I use this and pretty much everything from this brand is amazing. I've been really into argon oil lately.

No. 94726

File: 1455896206793.jpg (1.68 MB, 1440x2560, 16-02-19-10-33-00-572_deco.jpg)

And this. I also have a jar of unprocessed coconut oil, but it's in my fridge downstairs.

No. 94729

File: 1455896405636.jpg (1.9 MB, 1440x2560, 16-02-19-10-38-57-807_deco.jpg)

I also just started using this heat protection spraa that I forgot I had. It has argon oil in it so yay

No. 94731

Is this a raid or are you just being an unfunny retard?

No. 94732

This isn't a raid! I just wanted to give you guys an update on what's going on in my life and show some of the products that I use on my hair.

No. 94733

File: 1455896732939.jpg (2.25 MB, 1440x2560, 16-02-19-10-42-43-258_deco.jpg)

I'm like obsessed with this spray because sometimes at work I wash dishes when there's no one else able to, and that involves water splashing around everywhere and humidity from the giant dishwasher, but this stuff absolutely keeps my hair straight regardless. It's a miracle spray!

No. 94735

File: 1455897025811.jpg (1.56 MB, 1440x2560, 16-02-19-10-47-44-131_deco.jpg)

This stuff really helped when I had drandruff after I dyed my hair black so I recommend it

No. 94736

honestly people hate you in this thread for some reason but i like you.

No. 94737

I guess I just think it's weird that like….okay I get laughing at pics of me in bad angles, laughing at pics that I've clearly edited, laughing about my weight and my hair, laughing about my personal life and my mental health… But things like >>93378
This person went on my twitter multiple days in a row to screen shot the dumb, random shit I say. Like I can imagine someone doing that to dakota or kiki or whoever because they're popular. They got stuff goin on. I don't have ANYTHING going on. I'm a nobody. There are hundreds of people just like me all over the internet. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only fat weeaboo college girl with fried hair who thinks shes special. I'm not the only one. So why do I specifically get a thread? It's weird.

No. 94740

File: 1455897999932.jpg (1.85 MB, 1440x2560, 16-02-19-11-03-32-344_deco.jpg)

I digress. I also use this stuff and it works reaaaaally well. It nourishes my hair and works as a heat protectant in between washes when my hair starts getting a little bit fluffy. It makes my hair super straight!

No. 94741

File: 1455898338922.jpg (17.78 KB, 275x206, 1449862854537.jpg)

Sometimes I can't tell if I hate this website or love it

No. 94742

File: 1455899142027.jpg (1.8 MB, 1440x2560, 16-02-19-11-10-06-648_deco.jpg)

and last but not least this is the stuff I use on my edges. I rarely use it though because im really bad at laying down my edges lol

No. 94744

>That is not the case haha! I actually co-wash my hair and deep condition on a regular basis! I took pictures of most of the products that I use on my hair to show you! Now yes, my hair is damaged because I bleached it and (tried) to use color remover on it, but right now (to me at least) it doesn't feel super dry and it's not like falling out or anything lol.


No. You need to be actually washing your hair with shampoo, cleansing shampoo at that, especially with all the product you use.

Also, since you weren't smart enough to realize that you can't actually save your fried hair and it needs to be chopped, your hair is still damaged.You suppose to cut that useless hair off so you can focus on the better new growth.

>I'm mostly doing this because last year I dyed all of my hair black (which I vow to never do again) and that black dye is still clinging onto my hair for dear life and it's making it very hard to dye my hair the colors I want it to be (hence why it's green)!

You're an even bigger fool than I thought. You already fucked your hair, and instead of giving it a break and buying a good wig to wear, you further damage it. It's clear you don't know what you're doing and need to stop before you end up bald from bleaching.

>I tried to fluff them up a little bit to match the thickness and texture of my real hair, but they just turned into a horrible tangled mess. So now I HAVE to wear them super straight (which I just realized last night tbh) or else they turn into a tangled mess in my head! So if anyone wants to recommend a good place to get hair extensions that are 180-200g and won't make my wallet cry, I would love to hear about it!

You need to stop trying to buy extensions and get yourself a good wig. They sell them at your local beauty supplies.

>About my current boyfriend: we DID break up, but after talking things out and confessing that we still really like each other we got back together and everything is great now! I'm even hanging out with him today!

You're going to be in for a rude awakening pretty soon. Karma is unforgiving to everyone.

>I was really sad and had sort of meltdown after wandering here and reading some things in this thread, but after a bit of meditating and recreational marinana use I reread everything that made me upset before and now it doesn't really upset me!♡

So, instead of taking a real step back and realizing how you need to absolute change and fix things, you just played the helpless victim to people and ignored the ever growing problem that is yourself. You're friends aren't going to stick around long if your just going to act the same.

It didn't immediately fix your hair, it only temporarily coated it. You need a more penetrative daily conditioner, try more organix products.

>I like to mix
Coconut oil and argon oil with this and leave it in my hair over night~

The fact you fucked up something as simple as deep conditioning is astounding. You're suppose to leave on the deep conditioner in your head. The best course for you in this would be to actually sit under a blow dryer with it on. The oils can wait until after your hair is dry.

This definitely will not work for hair like yours. You need to go buy Fantasia IC heat protector.

you can't possibly be saying that after reading three threads of her bullshit. I'm calling whiteknight on this one.


> I don't have ANYTHING going on. I'm a nobody. There are hundreds of people just like me all over the internet. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only fat weeaboo college girl with fried hair who thinks shes special. I'm not the only one. So why do I specifically get a thread? It's weird.

Did you not read the OPs for these threads? Did you not read what you just typed? Do not see the bullshit you spout in your tweets and statuses? You act like a special snowflake and spend most of time acting as if your some kind gift to the and that everything you say is right and without fault. You spend your days bandwagoning ideas an looks just for popularity sake instead of becoming your own person. Even now, you're providing milk to be used in your future thread.

If you want to actual grow as a person you need to heed the advice here >>72999

No. 94747

Are you going to explode into a million angry little pieces if I don't get a wig?
The fact that you told me I need a "penetrative daily conditioner" really lets me know that you don't really know what you're talking about. Lol my hair would be even worse if I washed it and conditioned it every single day.
And what do you mean my heat protectant won't work I don't like I can't….what are you taking about loooooooool

No. 94748

Honestly and truly you don't HAVE to care about my hair. If I bleach my hair until it falls out I can assure you that it will not affect you in any way possible. I am not that important so you should not care about me that much. If you honestly feel like you're telling me all of this with my best interest at heart then you could should just message me on facebook. I will not listen to any advice from here lol.
And I'm not really sure why you bring up karma. Karma for what exactly?

No. 94752

>Are you going to explode into a million angry little pieces if I don't get a wig?
You're going lose your hair overworking it like you do, a wig will prevent that.

>The fact that you told me I need a "penetrative daily conditioner" really lets me know that you don't really know what you're talking about. Lol my hair would be even worse if I washed it and conditioned it every single day.

That's not what was implied. Ofc you don't need to was it everyday, but when you're not using the deep conditioner you need regular, daily(meaning you use it on the regular, which you're not supposed to do with deep conditioner) conditioner that works just as well.

>And what do you mean my heat protectant won't work I don't like I can't….what are you taking about loooooooool

That isn't made for your hair texture. You have thick, coarse hair. That was made for the opposite kind of hair. You need a product tailored to your kind of hair.

None of this is rocket science, Micky. Yet you can't seem to comprehend things when spelled out for you. The way you approach things guarantee future threads.

No. 94753

re: white knight

>doesn't see the point of talking about a literal nobody tumblr girl from the internet and talking about every little thing she does

>actually respects her coming in here and giving you details about every little thing she does, basically making fun of you all in this thread for having so much time as to screenshot EVERY BORING ASS THING SHE DOES
>"you must be a whiteknight!"

AH, FUCK IT. i don't care if i am a white knight. this website has been going to shit for a long time and it's the stupid vendetta threads like this and the berry thread and allowing them to exist that has done it.

no, i didn't read 3 threads of her shit. BECAUSE IT'S BORING.


wow who fucking cares!

she's boring. it's fucking lame to stalk a nobody this hard because of what is obviously personal jealousy that someone as nobody and lame and boring as she is has a following and you don't.

No. 94754

Don't fall for that utter shit

No. 94755

I second this.

No. 94757

This is you:

>hey guys what should I do to help my hair

>anons give you solid advice

>l-leave me alone! I can do what I want! S-stfu idiots lolol

>Karma for what exactly?

Are you really that blind to all the bullshit you pull and have pulled before?

Too late, they already start going full white knight, here >>94753

Pretty sure it's just one of her dumb friends or her boyfriend. They seem to be the only ones who would be that delirious besides herself.

No. 94760

Micky shut the fuck up. You're a fucking lolcow and you're on the same road as Pixy. Want me to list?
1 You see to think you can work your whole live at a fucking diner and basic tasks such as waiting tables is hard enough for you.
2 You literally copy people to a fucking T. You have no originality and its so fucking annoying. You literally sound like a screeching Tumblr record. Get your own mind for fuck's sake.
3 You think you're a cute small loli and you post anime child porn, but try to be a feminist at the same time. Shit don't work. Sorry.
4 You got fingered in McDonalds. Ew.
5 Your taobao ratty 20 dollar randoseru set with your boyfriend and your Milanoo dress was cringe enough
6 You self diagnose yourself with the stupidest shit. Like those people who self diagnose with cancer.
7 You went from being a men's rights activist to being a feminist because of trends
8 You literally fucking came here to make a thread about Taylor/Panda Chan, Amina, and you tried to dox a girl just for disagreeing with you…
Honestly I want to go on and on.
9 You post pictures of your ghetto ass trailer park messy room. Stop.
10 You don't drink water and your diet makes me cringe. Looking at you I feel utterly disgusted and you should too fatty.

You're literally close to Pixyteri and Chris Chan. How does that feel? You're not 12 or 13. There's no excuse for this bullshit. You let yourself get so fucking out of shape. You need to be harassed until you get the message lol.

No. 94761

The real cringe is how many times you said "Literally"

No. 94762

Oh and let's not forget spacekin, and using /pol/ to find a boyfriend. You're every cancerous thing about the internet rolled up into one fat annoying saw nigger nose weeb. Its not funny, it's not cute nor attractive and it won't get you anywhere. Here's advice:

1. Start selling doobie, pussy, stripping, dark net whatever it takes to get a lot of cash. You aren't the brightest bitch around so I gander you'll go for $10 a pop. Ask himeka chan for advice.
2. Save said money, I repeat save and don't spend on weeb shit.
3. go pro ana and shave head and wear brazilia weave
4. use said cash for a fucking rhinoplasty
5. ???????????
6. proftt?????

No. 94764

fuck you anal licking simian bastard

No. 94766

you guys are sooooooo mad and you CHOOSE to stay mad and its so funny lol

No. 94767

You forget to mention how she dumped her ex for the bipolar pedo she cheated on him with.

No. 94768

Like someone else said, I'm literally the most boring person ever. I guess it seems like i think i'm a special snowflake or w/e because i have a high self esteem and I love myself? But that doesn't mean I'm not boring lololol

No. 94769

Bipolar pedo? You know literally nothing about my boyfriend so don't say random things like you do.

No. 94770

>Are you really that blind to all the bullshit you pull and have pulled before?
Yes I am please enlighten me because I don't know what you're talking about

No. 94778

File: 1455903843089.jpg (9.55 KB, 240x240, 12510471_1035228729863164_8112…)

This thread is so funny. Sooooo much vendetta. I hope youre not too busy telling me what I should do with my hair to do your work! Oh and while you're at it, why don't you buy all the products you want me to use and send them to me!

No. 94781

Anthony is 25 and his girlfriend before YOU has said that he beat her and dated her when she was underaged. As a so called feminist, why do you deny the experience of another woman for your own sexism. cisscum beyotchhhhh.

No. 94783

ur bf is literally a 25 year old autistic sanic fan and only dates underaged girls lol.he dumped you because u got 2old.

No. 94787

You came here multiple times to fuck with people and got mad when it happens to you? you literally doxed a girls address(which we didn't do to you) because you disagree on tumblr lmao. You look disgusting, had sex with an autistic fag in a mcdonalds, and wore a million coord and a hot topic nurse uniform as nurse joy. At least pixy is improving herself lol.

No. 94788

Let's not forget when Micky threatened to kill herself so the mod would delete her threads. comedy gold

No. 94789

>Buy products and send to me
and you will be able to get them for yourself lol

No. 94790

>Picture of weeb trash shit
Micky ur not cool. stop lol. we know you're crying alone in your bed in your trailer park, with only roaches, rats and pizza to keep your fatass warm. didn't u have a cat too? or did u eat that too?????

No. 94791

Lol i think you're confused. Me and Anthony aren't dating and he never broke up with me. I am broke up with him and am dating someone else now.
There is literally no proof that he ever did anything to aminah and everyone who knew her around the time they dated knows that she's a compulsive liar and treated him like shit and cheated on him with the nhk guy lmaoooo

No. 94792

Telling the truth =/= mad
This is really telling how much you lack any comprehension skills.
All this milk says otherwise

He got your nudes from you when you were twelve and you admitted to sucking his dick while you were underage. He's a fucking pedo.

>Three threads of evidence and milk
Yeah ok

You have a job, buy it yourself.


She's acting just like she did in the first thread, pitiful.

No. 94794

When did I dox anyones address? Literally what are you talking about. Are you still going on about the nurse joy thing I did literally 4 years ago?? Is that all you have?? You don't have any NEW shit about me to talk about? Really?