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No. 21012

ATLcomm drama thread.
I'm moving to Atlanta soon and I just want to hear about the dramu in detail for keks

-Give me info about Artemis (Daenarys cosplayer)
-Andrea and AWA drama, and why they don't have Lolita Fashion Show anymore?
-The blonde ita and her weaboo black gf that derailed 2 posts. I want to hear about the new Miya chick. She looks Mexican tbh
-Loki chan

No. 21013

There isn't much drama here, nowadays. A couple years ago, maybe. I miss the good old days.

-I can't speak much about Artemis, she is more into cosplay now. Don't know her well.

-Andrea is a good leader, but AWA just got out of hand, due to a whole host of factors. She got most of the blame because she was most visible.
-It was AWA that cut programming to Lolita/J-Fashion. The comm is try to fix that. Or move all of it to DragonCon.

No. 21014

-The blonde chick and her friend were posted for vendetta by another comm member (the 40 year old lesbian hag someone mentioned.) They are nice, but they make people jealous. They know how not to inflame a pic for drama. Notice how there were no actual replies about what they did.

-Loki-chan is the third girl in the picture. Her sewing skills have improved dramatically, and she's lost a lot of weight. I'm proud of the changes. But you can go search the picture.

I wish there was more drama to talk about, but it's been really quiet, with the exception of a few tumblrinas and Itas.

Welcome to ATL, gull-chan! We're forbidden from CGL.

No. 21015

File: 1438828852664.jpg (277.01 KB, 480x640, 1430924701860.jpg)

Everything you need to know about the blonde chick on the left is on this secret

No. 21016

I know exactly who you are and you're not clever. What is wrong with you, why do you need attention so bad?

No. 21017

Who could it be, anon? Name and shame~ we could potentially ban the attention whore

No. 21018

Why don't you kick her out then?

No. 21019

Good question, we need to alert the mods of the comm. name and shame. fucking tired of this bullshit

No. 21020

I remember this. It ended up to be some salty cunt making up shit pretending to be the blonde-chan and same fagging as victim on btb.

Don't post her please. She already had enough post about someone faking her in attempt to turn everyone against her.

No. 21021

Oh you mean the mods that were elected in that rigged as hell election that was coded by a friend of theirs? He threw out all the votes that he didn't like and then admitted it after the fact. Can we talk about that??
The comm has been dead ever since they stepped up because they don't give a shit about it any only care about their secret 'J fashion club' or whatever.

I'm not saying the previous mods were any better but at least there were a bunch more meets back then.

No. 21022

*anymore and only care
fuck it's late

No. 21023

Oh shit, I want to hear about this.

No. 21024

Can we talk about the fatty-chan that was on extreme couponers? im still wondering why she's not on the lolcow thread because she's always fucking salty to everyone who dress better than her.

No. 21025


No. 21026

Wait, I thought the black chick was Artemis. What the fuck

No. 21027

She isn't Artemis. This girl hasn't been in the comm over a year.

No. 21028

Holy shit, Is she in a lolcow category already?

No. 21029

I don't think so. No one has said anything that she actually did. Both she and blonde-chan are being targeted.

No. 21030


Yeah no, Holly is not innocent and she wasn't being framed by someone else, she has self posted shit on cgl about herself and her own friends, made up lies about another member of the comm, made up stories about another person's fucking child, claimed that everyone and their mom has raped her. I'm so sick of everyone kissing this deranged lunatic's ass, I don't care if she is disabled, she is a self absorbed pathological liar, who has to make everything about herself.

And nobody gives a shit about Miya, I don't why there is supposed "drama" about her when she has never been relevant before.

No. 21031

File: 1438840474433.jpg (76.78 KB, 960x636, 11701148_697134387057899_36048…)

AWA stopped having lolita programming because apparently they were disappointed at the lolita com'ms reaction to the crap fashion show and the crap tea party. Not a terribly smart move since all of the more popular cons in the US have fashion tracks now and popular brands attending.

Then again AWA is clearly being run by people with terrible judgement, they wanted to avoid drama or whatever but then sent Nicolas Cage lookalike and aidoru wannabee Hayrii to Japan for free to participate in some idol festival as a representative for AWA. I guess that they didn't know the fact that this chick's selfposted nudes are all over the internet and she's wellknown for talking shit about other idols and doing anything she can to get attention from the opposite sex.

No. 21032

Miya was probably posted to /cgl/ by Holly in an attempt to drum up attention, notice how she posted that long winded status before Miya even posted her own, and there wasn't even any huge drama either.

In fact, this entire thread has Holly written all over it

No. 21033

I'd agree with you, but she disappeared to get away from all the drama that followed her after the cgl. Holly did say she wanted to make up for her bullshit and apologized for it.

Also, the impersonation accusation started during btb drama. I'm not surprised if there was some attention whore that want to use her name to post stupid shit tbh

No. 21034

No, Miya confirmed that it wasn't Holly that was posting her on cgl. They were both in the same room when they were getting impersonated/posted

No. 21035

I agree. I'd say it was her in the past, but she apologized and seems to be totally sincere. She even got psychological help.

No. 21036

how do you know that much detail about Holly? Even her old CGLgate post doesn't give out that much specific information. What do you know about Holly that you don't?

Just curious; post some stories for keks

No. 21037

Miya's on there because she pretends to be Japanese. It's really cringy to see her make up words and shit to "talk to her mom" on the phone.

Honestly, I don't know why people fall for her scheme, she's obviously not Japanese, obviously underage and obviously not talented enough to to go to SCAD which she brags about

No. 21038

Is this a joke…?
You and >>21030 seem to know a whole lot of information but not much proof.

No. 21039

One of the weird things about Holly is that you can actually ask her about her past bullshit and she'll tell you herself.

No. 21040

Another weird thing is what Holly admitted about CGLgate and what's written on CGLgate is somewhat same, but >>21030 either know more than Holly herself, or is exaggerating.

Who the fuck are you anon? Just curious why you're so obsessed with Holly and know so much about her.

Also; >>21037 samefagging? Clever

No. 21041

Stephanie Barr? She thinks she's a hot shit but she's a Pixyteri-tier ita. She almost scared Miya off from the comm by hitting on her when she first joined last November

No. 21042

I was wondering the same. Thought it was interesting that Holly and her ex only starting having issues once she entered the picture.

No. 21043

hey Holly

No. 21044

smells like samefag

geez change up your writing style and stop posting back to back if you want to be taken seriously

No. 21045

Hey Stephanie! It's common knowledge you are ita :^) I don't have to be Holly to know that

No. 21046

So, who's samefagging? Miya?

No. 21047

>It's common knowledge you are ita :^)
You'd think that your habit of shitposting would help you remember that nobody uses emoticons on this board.

No. 21048

I'm sure miya don't know this board

No. 21049

OP and >>21036 here, but not samefag.
Someone sucks at sight reading.

No. 21050

jfc what is your obsession with Miya

No. 21051

That's too much of a stretch, don't you think? They don't even have a same writing style.

I doubt Holly gives a shit about Stephanie now, and >>OP is just looking to stir some shit.

No. 21052

It looks like Holly just wants to move on and somebody is salty. People can do dumbass shit, apologize and actualy change. Rare, but it happens

No. 21053

or it could be Holly trying to do damage control. is everyone in this comm retarded?

No. 21054

Dude, seriously cut it out. What the fuck you mean damage control

No. 21055

Logically speaking, only ones who are obsessed with Holly being the bad guy is Kia and Stephanie.

They are the only ones who actively trash talk about her like she's a fucking walking tabloid or some shit.

Which one are you exactly? Why are you so eager to pull her back into shit like this? Are mods in it as well?

Holly wants to move on from that bullshit and she's making an effort.
Fucking christ

No. 21056

What's the page of these Lolita secrets? There's a lot of drama with LIW and I wanna read the famous secret about them

No. 21057

…behind the bows?

No. 21058

No. 21059

Yup. Thanks

No. 21060

Soooo you think >>21030 is posted by Holly as well? In that case I think it's easier to call out the mods and drag her out to see if she really did it then?

No. 21061

Artemis n00dz tho… Was she legal when she posted this?

No. 21062

So when is Anon outing Holly about this thread? If t was her, it'll be easier to kick her out and it it wasn't her, the perpetrator of the drama will be narrowed down to Stephanie or Kia.

No. 21063

Frill staff lost a giant amount of merchandise sent by a Japanese guest and then lied about it and stalled for ages

No. 21064

AWA is still having a fashion show, it's just not pandering to Lolitas. Someone is also planning a Lolita related panel so AWA didn't really cut anything. I do know they became more strict on what lolita panels are allowed simply because attendance was not great overall for lolita related panels.

I've met both of these girls in person. Holly does seem sketchy to me but Miya is rather nice and relaxed.

No. 21065

Andrea was the worst leader I've ever seen. She was really quick to throw her team under the bus and failed to actually show up and work when things got busy. She seems to think walking around with a clipboard and harping on people is how you get things done… lol get real

No. 21066

I remember some at cgl was complaining about that. Who's running the panel?

No. 21067

Kia USED to make shit up about Holly, I think they made up or sth. Also I don't think it's her cuz She's in Japan rn

No. 21068

How would you know that it wasn't Stephanie that posted about Miya? I can see her getting pissed off because she rejected her lesbian poly-advances and picked Holly over her.

She did the same shit when Holly refused to sleep with her when she was with Collin, and formed a vendetta against her. it was even Stephanie who encouraged Holly to post about Collin on cgl cuz she thought she could get in then-unstable Holly's pants that way.

At least I know Stephanie knows this board exist while Miya doesn't. Holly might, but I think she would posted all the collin shit here instead of cgl if she knew lolcow existed.

Holly and Stephanie are on the same level of lolcow and really is entertaining to hear them bicker about each other, but I'm just saying that this Holly bullshit probably was all calculated from Stephanie's vendetta.

As for Kia, it's not her this time. She's Japan atm

No. 21069

Was it atlier Pierrot clothes? I think I've heard about that somewhere

No. 21070

There are some group that's planning to bring andrea back for fashion shows

No. 21071

She spent all of Frill posturing and leading people around to show them the convention, despite it being empty as hell. Nothing was organized and she's just a bad decision maker. She definitely has narcissistic personality disorder you can talk to her for a minute without her going on about herself and her wonderful life.

No. 21072

I think we have a 30yr old mlp otherkin in our comm. last year at high tea, she dressed up as applebloom lolita

No. 21073

kia isn't in japan yet

No. 21074

File: 1439080400237.png (306.77 KB, 384x505, tumblr_inline_n8ifaiq3K41satqn…)

Kia's been in Japan for like 3 days dude.

Was that the motherfucking John Deere print girl.

No. 21075

Wasn't she like 30 something school teacher or some shit?
I haven't seen her since though.

No. 21076

I saw Miya at the AWA meeting earlier. I think she's legit when she says she can speak Japanese. She's cute too.

No. 21077

Who the fuck is posting about Miya
Fucking seriously. Stop being salty and don't derail the thread

No. 21078

>Bumping up thread that hasn't been active for half a month.
>Talking about Miya is detailing the thread when OP literally asked about Miya.

No. 21079

anon is talking about Miya taking over the AWA topic on cgl I think.

I want to know who's shitting on her. Is she getting picked on because she's friends with Holly? Or because she's a weaboo? Of both?

No. 21080

Damn how did I miss that, my bad.
I've met her in person and she's harmless really not much of a weeb. I don't know if she's really half Japanese or what.

No. 21081

She is. She was raised in Yokohama because her dad was in the navy or sth.

When you talk to her you can tell because her English is broken sometimes.

No. 21082

that's the joke
it's a meme commonly used on 4chan
maybe YOU are the newfag because i have seen that meme multiple times on this board

No. 21083

it's an ironic emote

No. 22515

A) Holly and Miya is most likely a mistake.
Holly is legit disabled (thought kinda fucked up) and Miya is legit half-Japanese and that's her native language.

Though I may be biased because I have a huge crush on Miya for a while now.

B) Sacha is a flake. She used to cam for "tumblr-feminism" movement, continues to do poorly constructed skimpy cosplay (she's planning to go as Morrigan from Darkstalker for AWA this year).

Miya puts up with both Holly And Sacha, actually make an effort to be pleasant to everyone, and just happened to be involved in some stupid bullshit ATL comm drama.

No. 23809

Why did Miya get kicked out of the fashion show at D*con?

No. 23837

they didn't get kicked out, she and Holly got on stage like everyone else, stop making shit up

No. 23840

I only asked because others mentioned it, you'te whiyeknighting too hard. I'm not making anything up. With that being said I believe all of the shitposting and rumors is being done by Miya herself.

No.one paid her any attention until this point.

No. 24083

where the fuck did they mention it? I'm not fucking whiteknighting her, I am one of the ppl who think she is selfposting. You're the one who asked a question in a threat that was dead for a fucking week. Asking a question that nobody even brought up.

For your info, no Miya did not get kicked out of any show. She and Holly showed up to it extremely late but they were there and weren't kicked out.

No. 24085

Calm the hell down cunt. I simply asked a question about something stated on cgl that no one gave details about.it's been stated several times she was kicked out of a panel at DragonCon.

Get some of the sand out of your dried up vagina.Threads move slower here than cgl so it's irrelevant how long the thread hasn't been active. Jfc.

No. 24184

fuck off

No. 24185

File: 1441872777105.gif (1.57 MB, 250x158, srsly.gif)

No. 33933

Calm, Miya didn't get kicked off from fashion show. She got kicked off from the Lolita panel right after while other Lolita's got to stay.

I doubt those rape threats are self post though.

No. 34935

So… Did one of you guys slashed Holly's tires? Be honest

No. 34974

No. 35003

who even cares about them that much? wtf

No. 37821

Lana goodbertlet and Sylvia thatch.

No. 37953


Wow I went to middle school with Sylvia, what's her deal?

No. 38009

Yeah, what is her deal?

No. 38056

Potential rape/lunch threats along with Lana Goodbertlet & others, slashing tires, etc
Starting shitty rumors on 4chan and then turning around to accuse low-key Lolita for self posting and shit stirring about something that potentially could end her career that she's so passionate about, just because Miya dresses well for a newbie Lolita and is fluent in Japanese. Probably crosses with being best friends with Holly.

No. 38077

Seeing as Sylvia isn't a lolita and has never worn lolita, I highly doubt she knows or cares about Holly.

Literally nothing, she has no connection to the lolita community at all, she's a cosplayer.

what the fuck are you talking about?

No. 38078

Everyone shut the fuck up before you drag random people you don't know for vendetta reason.

Stop posting people who have nothing to do with Lolita.

Holly and or Miya…nobody cares about you, stop posting, the only reason anyone knows about you is because you keep posting yourselves everywhere.

Stop accusing everyone of raping you.

Stop fucking lying about everything, get a job, get a cat, take up embroidery or sudoku but for the love of god get the fuck out and get the hell offline.

No. 38083

If they were lying, they wouldn't open a fucking police case you twat.

What are you concerned about them self posting when they are low key Lolitas to begin with. It's not their fault that other nosy-ass lolitas/cosplayrs are trying to get up in their business so they can exploit what they are trying to handle as adults as "ATL comm" drama.

Stop accusing Holly and Miya of posting and stirring drama. Holly is in hospital and Miya is Too busy to be posting shit on these boards

No. 38084

Not Lolita related; more AWA heiarchy related drama at this point

No. 38085

So who are they accusing of slashing their tires then?
Holly is not in the hospital, she was at Japanfest and AWA.

No. 38086

You fucking idiot can you not count the calendar. She left for hospital right after AWA. She can't shit post for attention because that cosplayer screwed her up to the point she can't walk.

If you think Miya's shitposting confront the mods or talk to her directly. I doubt so because she's pretty confrontational when it comes to shit like this. She would've directly messaged Lana/Sylvia/whoever or gave them names to the police.

As of now, neither of this is happening, which means that she isn't aware of All this shit going down yet

No. 38087

File: 1443688554668.jpg (89.11 KB, 600x800, image.jpg)

Japanfest on Sunday.
Two girls from left seen around Holly's cars multiple times by multiple people

No. 38088

You're going to need better and closer pictures of people if you're going accuse people of slashing tires.
Especially if
A. White girls with brown hair is the most common shit in the world
B. There were thousands of people at Japanfest
C. The parking lot is fucking massive

Does anyone know any of these people, a person named Lana or Sylvia at all? You can't just blindly accuse people of a crime when you don't even know who they are.

No. 38089

I'm messaging Miya about this right now.

No. 38090

I don't know what is going on here but this is Malice. I left lolita a few years ago and I am friends with Sylvia. She is one of my best friends and is a part of the atlanta gyaru circle, she has never been to any lolita event, and has maybe only run into Holly through doing fashion shows for AWA.

Sylvia was not at Japanfest on Sunday, she was there on Saturday and I spent 80% of my time with her and went home with her.

The fact that someone is trying to slander my friend when they don't even know how to spell her fucking name right is really bothering me. So I hope that someone gives me a good fucking reason that her name even got mentioned right now.

No the blurry picture of 3 random girls is not evidence of anything other than the fact that 3 brown haired girls went to the event and happened to pass by.

No. 38105

Why are you googling your friends name? Are you sure you're not her?

No. 38115

The reason she's on there is that she previously tried to start some dumb rumor about Holly and Miya few months before.

And I've seen you follow them around on Saturday and give them silent treatment Malice. Also, what was up with your cane?

No. 38119

Sorry but I did saw Slyvia on Sunday.

No. 38127


Give me proof that she started a rumor about them. I don't even think she knows who Miya is? Where the rumor started? Was is heard from her mouth, who was it said to?

"I've seen you follow them around on Saturday"
Follow who? what saturday bitch? What in gods fucking name are you talking about, are you trying to imply that I was stalking these people? At a public event in a food court that half the vendors didn't take card at, meaning we had to walk around in circles a lot? Silent Treatment? Wow I wasn't inclined to believe bullshit on this message board but how are you going to sit there and act like there are problems where there aren't any.
I have fibromyalgia and a job that works me over fulltime hours, I need it for balance because of the pain in my leg and the fatigue, if you want to verify you can ask several of the people on my facebook friend's list Detective-chan, thanks for helping me narrow who this is down

No. 38163

So are you trying to say Miya is the culprit? Because for fucks sake she sure didn't even try to start shit with anyone.

No. 38195

either you are slow or you have bad reading comprehension. i am going to nip this shit right now. i will personally message Holly myself to confirm whether or not she is accusing her of slashing her tires. i don't care who did what or who posted where, it isn't my business.

No. 38663

So Miya informed me that Holly got messages from Danny(? Whoever the fuck that is, they said) and Miya talked to Malice. Holly and she insisted if they are blamed for the name calling and drama, they'd prefer to be directly informed and questioned, and they are okay with having mods involved.

Also, talking to few more girls, they felt that girls who attacked them but refused to bring it to the mods/police were suspicious. If anyone's interested in who have done that, I can drop some names here after I get a permission from both of them.

No. 48157

I helped with the 2014 fashion show. It was a shitfest. Sorry for bringing up a dead post but it was just an awful experience for me and for the people there.

No. 48187

Well post details then.

No. 48222

Well, I was contacted to help out with the hair and makeup for the fashion show. I don't dress egl but have liked the style for a long time so I knew what I was getting myself into. The emails sent to me were very vague regarding on what I was actually going to be doing. It had seemed as if there were separate people doing hair and makeup. Since they knew I was a hair stylist, I figured I was going to just be doing hair. Not to mention I thought there would already be plenty of "makeup artists". So we get there at call time early that morning and at that moment I knew it wasn't going to end well. There were 4 of us in total helping that day which seemed like enough. At the beginning everyone but myself was busy because they had brought makeup and hair. I did do a few girls but it didn't take me long. In an environment like that its all quick paced. So as I was waiting for someone to come get their hair done, Andrea just so happened to walk into the room and told a girl to come to me for makeup. I said "I don't have makeup because the emails weren't very clear, I can do makeup on whoever if they have makeup with them though." I got cut off and was yelled at in front of everyone, completely embarrassed and was told "you're useless, i don't need you, sorry but you're useless" and kept cutting me off every time I tried to say something and started telling the girls that some other girl knew how to do makeup and go to them. And at that point I had text my friend that I was leaving. After a couple of seconds I cooled down and ignored whatever Andrea had to say after that. I could have yelled and said some nasty things but I was on a "job" and was trying to be some kind of professional. All the while there was a model repeatedly saying "I need my hair done." But Andrea wouldn't listen. Later on I had girls from the group message me through tumblr and facebook about how I was treated and that it wasn't just me but there was a lot of stuff that went on and Andrea upset a lot of people. And I have some messages still saved from it that I would be willing to share to back any of this up along with a more detailed story of what happened. Also, there was one girl who only had brought makeup so it wasn't only just myself.

No. 59514

Apparently there are a group of girls that bullied a girl almost to the point of suicide? Any deets on that?

No. 60353

I feel sorry for you anon

No. 64010

No. 64013

Sorry, phone fucked up and didn't let me finish.
Miya was the girl who almost killed herself I think.

No. 137042

Frill "lost" half the stock of a brand on Andrea and Amber Victoria's watch

No. 139715

Soooo… who are the "drama" peps to avoid in this comm? anybody made a list?

No. 139942

Holly. She has her own page if you go down

No. 310510

File: 1494553130602.jpg (109.65 KB, 634x827, 40318B0600000578-4495222-image…)

No. 310512

File: 1494553440576.gif (2.25 MB, 363x269, gag.gif)

No. 310517

File: 1494553998477.jpg (53.88 KB, 480x720, 14692018_1418816401525789_2987…)

No. 310522

File: 1494554142226.jpg (237.57 KB, 1200x1600, andrea3.jpg)

No. 310530

File: 1494554583837.jpg (73.43 KB, 615x815, PAY-PA-Real-Life-Andrea-Baker-…)

No. 328235

I'm curious, is Andrea even still active with Holly?

No. 328296

Someone please spill the tea on Hayrii

No. 606031

Where can I purchase Plus Sized Lolita Clothing, Dresses, Shoes, Wig’s, etc ?(no)

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