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File: 1441807828989.jpg (140.79 KB, 750x1334, 1441748188848.jpg)

No. 23880

AKA sunworship91. The crazy bitch who has a hateboner for Kiki and has been shitting up her thread. Seems to use her real name?

>tags Kiki first in a lot of her pictures and videos despite not being friends with her

>was blocked by Kiki for this
>assumes this is because Kiki is racist against latinas, even though we all know Kiki will block you no matter what race you are.
>Proceeds to shit up Kiki threads talking about how jelly she is/we are and so on.

>>>/pt/176153 is her first post in kiki's thread. The rest of her posts in the thread are pretty obvious and usually have Anonymous R or Rima in the name field.
>I fucking hate kaka I tried to be friends with this skinny cunt on Instagram and Twitter and I tagged her in a food I made which I was steak n it said "mmmm my man loves when I make dinner for him" n this bitch blocked me maybe she's jelly I can fulfill my mans need unlike her ugly ass she tries so hard to b pretty but she's below average fuck this cunt weeaboo

Claims to be simultaneously Latina, half Lebanese, and half Russian.

youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRtJL6cFeAazkw2GJqQDs5Q
twitter: https://twitter.com/rimamachhour
insta: https://instagram.com/rimamachhour91/

No. 23881

File: 1441807968290.jpg (210.1 KB, 750x1334, 1441764439556.jpg)

No. 23883

File: 1441808066055.jpg (89.32 KB, 640x604, 1441762259329.jpg)

No. 23931

Cringe to the max.

No. 23932

>half lebanese, half russian

that's not latina.

No. 23935

bless this thread
Thank you OP

No. 23938

No. 23939

File: 1441823603416.png (676.9 KB, 581x771, Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 19.3…)

Those eyebags, yikes.

No. 23940

her nasolabial folds are OUT OF CONTROL.

No. 23945

No. 23946

when did she change from arab to latina?

No. 23947

this bitch is so dumb jfc.

No. 23948

No. 23949

I appreciate this thread but she probably loves the attention we are giving her. She is some attention seeking idiot.

No. 23950

that can be said for every other person on this website just sayin.

No. 23952

Omg this bitch is a prime example of "open your mouth and remove all doubt."

Why the fuck does she talk like every statement is a question?!?

No. 23953

Nah, she gives it all that retarded 'yo mama', 'I don't care lololol' attitude but she won't like seeing herself being ripped apart really.

No. 23977


Does she only have the one top or did she have some kind of mental breakdown and film/photograph all this tryhard shit in one go? Holy fuck

No. 24027

bitch must have finally gotten banned

No. 24037


Unfortunately nope
She's still in the keekz thread using /pt/ as her blog

No. 24039

i spoke too soon :/
the fans kiki attracts sure are winners!

No. 24041


It's kind of hilarious though
Imagine there actually being someone out there who makes Kiki look somewhat sane in comparison

No. 24042

i can't believe anyone is dumb enough to actually post their face……
my faith in humanity is lost

No. 24047

The thirsty know no boundaries anon.

No. 24050

it's funny she hasn't found out about this thread yet even though it's been posted right in her face

No. 24051

Lol, that's cause she probably wants to be on the front page of /PT. that and she doesn't have two brain cells to rub together.

No. 24054

holy shit she's fugly. Like jesus her fucking tiny ass head and huge neck in >>23931 made me think of a giraffe

No. 24055

she looks exactly like the kind of person that would get bullied at school
her face is so punchable
i'd imagine she's just as annoying in real life as online

No. 24057

i'd block her too if i kept getting tagged by her, she's fugly
kaka fans are so obnoxious

No. 24058


So… is anyone going to link her to this or are we all just going to laugh at a distance?

No. 24059

i want the insults to pile up before she sees it and then cries and then leaves and never comes back

No. 24061

It was already linked. She's too fucking stupid to understand how things work here. I'm surprised she found it at all since she seems better suited for PULL. At least they could give her ass pats while she shared her tragic story of disrespect.

No. 24062

maybe if we talk enough shit she'll be an official cow. The milk will come to us! But, god… how pathetic do you have to be to care about what kiki kantgetajob thinks of you?

This bitch looks like she legit never had a friend in her life.

No. 24065

yes i'm so thirsty for some milk anon :( we all are

No. 24066

she'd probably take it as praise at this point, since we aren't bashing her to high hell and back anyway.


It's been a long dry season anon-chan. But we can make it..

No. 24069

pretty funny when we hate the ~crazy stalkerz~ as much as kiki does

No. 24071

Ugh she reminds me of that jessicka girl from PULL who had a hardon for kiki.

No. 24075

File: 1441852653803.jpg (289.56 KB, 750x1334, image.jpg)

This girl has no tits and is shaped like a fucking plank, jesus

No. 24076

dear lord are those tattoos

No. 24088


No. 24089

Nice insults haha I wonder wat u guys look like let's see if u guys looks any better than me lol

No. 24090

File: 1441857954697.jpg (80.27 KB, 750x560, image.jpg)

ur attempt to hurt me feelings? hehehehehe

No. 24091

The only reason I took in interest in Kiki is cuz she also recently been dating Asian guys I watch Rachael and Jun for the same reason so u all can suck a fat one if it wasn't for that I wouldn't give two shits about that white bitch

No. 24092

I bet your all a bunch of 40 year old obsessed with Kiki and don't have shit to do You bitches don't know me and should know that beauty is skin deep and someday you bitches will be old and ugly and 6 feet under and only then will u remember wat I'm telling u now u cunts >>23881

No. 24093


No. 24094

lol she mad

No. 24096


No. 24098

If you cant handle the heat, get out of the kitchen.

No. 24100

stop embarrassing yourself

No. 24101

the autism is strong with this one

No. 24102


No. 24103

l m a o

No. 24104


No. 24105

posting your face to an anonymous board is fair game to discuss it

No. 24106


No. 24107

Especially the way she was begging for attention.

No. 24108

She's literally just talking to herself…

No. 24109

Seek professional help

No. 24110


>calls tits useless fat bags

>is fat


No. 24111

File: 1441859961150.jpg (45.03 KB, 600x325, image.jpg)


No. 24112

it looks like you lol

No. 24114

It's like watching a show live. I need to get popcorn.

No. 24115


No. 24116


No. 24117

Hope your name real name isnt attached to your user name online. When a future employer googles you and they will see all the crazy you have to offer including these boards. Then again you probably are that stupid, lol.

No. 24118

oh is she your goal

No. 24119

this is so hilarious omfg

No. 24120


No. 24121

you introduced yourself to us

No. 24123

You call out the people on the board for making fun if you yet you started off making fun of kiki on her thread…doesn't work like that. And you are the one who had to post her instagram several times on the kiki board to be noticed. Can't talk much shit when you out yourself in this postion.

No. 24125


No. 24126

When I saw this on the kiki thread I honestly thought it was really weird. "I want an apology" really? it threw me off but now seeing this thread. It all makes sense.

No. 24127

Um.. lolcow is an anonymous site, if you attach your info to a site full of anonymous people who trash others can you really expect them not to do it to you?

No. 24128


No. 24129


No. 24131

Alright this thread is boring now.

No. 24133

half of the ppl on this site are self hating anorexic weeaboo trash its very funny

No. 24134

Bwahahahahaha banned to snow bwahahahahaha

No. 24135




No. 24136

This girl's kinda pretty though.

No. 24138

Lmfao wow way to sperg out. No one said she had looked downs, but lol now that you mention it, a downs person would be way more attractive.

No. 24139

Everyone self hates it's a part of life it's a duality that we all must over come… When I was 17 or so I went thru a lot and now looking back I wish I had better common sense… Now that I'm older at 24 I wish I never self hated cuz that's exactly wat the bullies wanted… And years later down the line the very bullies that made my bus rides to school hell wanted to date so there was no point at all in the self hate and insecurity because I hate to admit it they Won the battles but I will win the war because I'm still alive and standing and if that means standing alone that's fine too since I'm an only child that's wat I'm used to anyways I can't live any other way…. I want wat any other human being with a good heart wants and that's to live in peace and not worry about homelessness

No. 24141

This bitch gone & lost her mind. Seriously, maybe go back to sperging out on kaka since you have such a boner for her and your wittle feelings are getting hurt here ?

No. 24142

I'm not hurt I'm angry there's a big difference I lost my job today at a place I hated n now I have to worry about money again I'm having a bad fucking day I really should be going to bed but I'm angry

No. 24143

But you hated the job so shouldn't you be relieved in a way? Go find another job you enjoy a little more and stop whinging about it on the internet like a retarded cunt. This is going to solve nothing.

No. 24144

Easy for you to say u don't know how shitty it is in Detroit, Michigan. The economy here is horrible and hard to find jobs. >>24143

No. 24149

Ok but instead of losing your shit on an anon board you could be sprucing up your resume and job searching. Why the fuck did you willingly come here for abuse. GTFO and go do something productive because from the looks of it, you've been here all day.

No. 24151

The economy is horrible and the job market isn't any better, but a lot of people aren't going on anon boards to bitch and whine and make a spectacle of themselves. You're the only one doing that. You look like the dumbest bitch alive.

No. 24156

File: 1441868268127.jpg (32.96 KB, 320x242, image.jpg)

>Goes to an anonymous forum to shit talk someone she doesn't know because she feels "offended" by them blocking her for being creepy
>Ignores anons telling her to just be anonymous and posts Instagram account
>Tries to be an Internet tough guy and "lol I'm so much better than Kiki anyway"
>Backfires and anons start talking shit and laughing about her
>Spurgs the fuck out
>Fails to see irony
Welcome to lolcow, Rima, and thank you for the entertainment.

No. 24161

Has to be a troll.. Right? This can't be real.

No. 24164

File: 1441869278161.jpg (150.7 KB, 750x1334, image.jpg)

I'll never understand how these cows make it so easy to find them.

No. 24165

1991? She looks like she's in her 30s

No. 24167

Excuse u bitch

No. 24169


No. 24170


No. 24174

Lol how do you study at a career center? Wtf

No. 24175

lol Oh wow, she's only 24 and already looks that busted? This just keeps getting better.

No. 24179

I have a suggestion, stop doing acid or getting lost in the dust…you drone on like you on one.

No. 24192



No. 24193

lmao what

No. 24200

Lmao I bet I look better than all of u in person lol I take really good care of myself

No. 24201

I don't put on facebook my place of employment or actual school for privacy so go eat a dick

No. 24203

Facebook is a medium for me to collect photos

No. 24204

She reminds me of Laura Southworth, that girl that claimed she was the real Kiki Kannibal and was actually insane.
It's kind of funny how Kiki always attracts the most crazy and obsessive "fans".

No. 24212

LOL 24?? by the way she was acting i thought she was a busted looking 14 year old.
i went to sleep last night while she was still posting and shes STILL HERE

No. 24213

Hey braintrust, you could condense all of this into one post instead of three in a row.

No. 24231


LMAO nice jailhouse tats u ratchet bitch

No. 24242



No. 24243

Lol i seroiusly doubt you got a job that quick. You cant fool us.

No. 24244

Report report report

No. 24245

She got a job on the street corner, what a perfect job for her

No. 24249

File: 1441911605474.jpg (48.23 KB, 500x375, image.jpg)

Anyways I'm too old to be bullied lol I'm not a lil girl so unfortunately for u freaks I wount be responding to the negative bullshit it's been fun bye bye now I just got a new job as a BANQUET SERVER* I'm going to work at a wedding Saturday and in happy see u never xoxoxoxoxo the job called me two weeks ago n I declined but I called them n they still wanted to hire me cuz I live close to airport and downtown area

No. 24252

you talk and type like a child though

No. 24256

i thought so too initially, or that someone is setting the girl up.
but the videos and the other accounts indicate that it really IS her sperging here.
plus, apparently she's never been on a chan before.

No. 24260

Lol who goes from being a "cna" to a banquet hall server? Nice use of your for profit "college" education.

No. 24264

Congratulations, you're still a retard. xoxoxoxo

No. 24265

File: 1441919338652.jpg (66.67 KB, 440x507, image.jpg)

>>24260 my CNA course was 500$ and my last job payed only 9$ I'm tired of rude cunt nurses and demanding residents that think your their maid when I u got 10 other people to also take care and old people screaming 24/7 (WHERE AM I WHO AM I WHO ARE YOU!) its back breaking and mentally exhausting the job as a server is 10$ and it's better for my mental health

No. 24266

>so unfortunately for u freaks I wount be responding to the negative bullshit it's been fun bye bye now
What the fuck are you doing now?

No. 24267


>and old people screaming 24/7 (WHERE AM I WHO AM I WHO ARE YOU!) its back breaking and mentally exhausting

Man, I hate how inconsiderate scared, confused, mentally ill people can be. Dementia patients are so rude smh

No. 24275

i've worked as a server in a retirement home and it was not that bad you're just a pussy
also i'm sorry your education was all for nothing because you can't even spell or use grammar properly

No. 24276

but i thought you 'had a lil something'

>I thought Japanese men are obsessed with boobs n she's a skeletor I mean damn he must be really booby deprived not to say I'm super busty myself but I got a lil something cuz I eat well n workout etc

No. 24277

i can't believe i fucking missed plank-chan have her breakdown.

No. 24278

emphasis on the "lil"
her tits are about as small as kaka's hahhaa

No. 24282

Did Kiki ask lolcow to take down her thread cuz it's gone…. Good for her I already know if i ask u to take this thread down you'd tell me no…. And CNA means that I give people showers, brush their teeth… Hair and shave their face which I'm terrible at

No. 24284

you got banned from it
god you are such an idiot

No. 24287

I'm actually working on having this thread deleted or I'm gonna work day and night to have this site taken down

No. 24288


Good luck with that

No. 24290

No. 24291

Keep giving us tasty milk, you fucking retarded cunt

No. 24292

Lol you are so butt hurt from being banned from Kiki's thread. Keep dreaming that you will get this thread taken down you disillusioned bitch.

No. 24293

>says she won't post on thread anymore
>continues to stalk thread and reply
Starting to think she is mentally ill

No. 24295

File: 1441926533236.png (234.01 KB, 1390x742, reports.png)

>I'm actually working on having this thread deleted or I'm gonna work day and night to have this site taken down

You're gonna have to work a little harder than that. Good luck.

>By violating a global rule, you also waive your right to anonymity as well as privacy of reports you send.

No. 24297


my fucking sides.


Maybe she'll copyright her ugly mug like her goddess Kaka

No. 24302


>Reason: Abuse


No. 24310

Your parents are brother and sister aren't they?

No. 24311


No. 24314

No. 24315

Sorry. Uncle and niece then?

No. 24316


>Yes because race has everything to do about being an inbred


No. 24318

You guys pulled that on kanadagin3 but it's not gonna work and yes being from separate race (Arab/white) means they're not related you cunt

No. 24319


damn u are one salty ass sand nigger

No. 24320

Except they could both be of the same mixed race too.

No. 24326

>>24320 how is this statement at all logical like do u think before you type read that and tell me that makes any sense

No. 24327


lol like your grammar and sentences make any sense.

No. 24328

You're lebanese and russian, yes? Your uncle-dad and mom could both be mixed lebanese/russian so you would be of the same mix as them. Race and inbreeding are not exclusives. People who have parents that are the same race aren't automatically inbred just like having parents of different races doesn't mean you're automatically not inbred. You need to go back to school because you learned jack shit in school.

No. 24329

>>24328 my dads generation are all Lebanese and my moms generation was another part of the world and she grew up there man do I really have to spell it up to you if anyone is casting the first stone on bullshit like that it only means you are Avery unattractive white person from Kentucky or Ted buddy pick your poison

No. 24330

Please keep your retarded theories to yourself I don't have the patients to read shit like this on my thread BE GONE

No. 24331

By the way I consider myself very attractive the only think I don't like about myself is some of my tattoos i wanna get laser on other than thAt I love myself and no one can change that

No. 24332

Anyway I wount be responding anymore and I'm reporting this shit for child pornography so it can get shut down

No. 24333

you've told us this so many times yet you keep coming back

No. 24334

File: 1441937060116.png (244.86 KB, 595x842, smug.png)

>and I'm reporting this shit for child pornography so it can get shut down
Good luck with that.

No. 24335

<no patients>

Yes, clearly you have no more patients since you're out of a job. Rofl.

No. 24336

The point I'm trying to make is clearly flying over your greasy inbred head so let me spell it out for you. Your parents were brother and sister so you're a slow reetee abomination that shouldn't have lived in the first place. Is Ted Buddy some kind of action figure or anime character I don't know about?

NO ONE CARES. You keep making this worse for yourself because you keep replying you dumb bitch.

No. 24337

He's a serial killer anon

No. 24338


I think she means Ted Bundy. This bitch needs to go back to school.

No. 24339


No. 24340

I tried to type Ted bundy and my phone autocorrected ok

No. 24341

File: 1441937969865.jpg (63.75 KB, 480x415, 0cfe6632c7c55cdf1f9a1f9826298b…)

No. 24342

Idk, you look pretty inbred to me.

No. 24343


Sure whatever you say inbred.

No. 24344

I know, you helpful anon.

Say hi to your uncle-dad!

No. 24345

File: 1441938127391.jpg (65 KB, 500x230, image.jpg)

No. 24346

How can one person be so far and not have ANY tits? You trans rima the rimmer?

No. 24347

Unless u posts Picts of wat u look like then I'm pretty sure I look better than u and if u look better than me than I'll just stab your face to make u ugly

No. 24348

How about I cut ur tits off and superglue them on my chest ?

No. 24349


See you flat chested inbred dumb bitch what makes anyone here better than you is that we have the common sense not to post our information on an anonymous picture board. Key word here is anonymous, but it's clear you don't understand the concept.

No. 24352

Your rage only makes this sweeter.

No. 24353

File: 1441938997856.jpg (299.78 KB, 1536x1060, image.jpg)

Anyways I'm bored bye bye I know ur gonna miss me muwah

No. 24354


You are just gonna lurk, don't lie.

No. 24355

File: 1441939178237.png (336.68 KB, 624x352, IDyXUFWnCY1.png)

You'll be back, inbred.

No. 24356

U must be kanadagin3 you are Aren't you >>24355
Your the fucking inbred

No. 24357

How many times has she said she's going to leave and not reply? lol You'll be back. You clearly have nothing to do in Dearborn and care about what anonymous meanies on the Internet are saying about you since you were on here posting until at least 4am. After Mohammad punched your obnoxious face in, you probably just live with your parents until Arab daddy arranges another abusive marriage for you. Just keep crying, Rima, I'm sure you'll find a Nihonjin purinsu to come save your flat, shapeless self and whisk you away to Japan.

No. 24358


You wish Kiki or Kanadagin3 would give you the time of day. You are nothing to them.

No. 24360

I actually never dated an Arab Lolz and my dad is in another country u stupid cunt I swear I'll shoot u in the face

No. 24361

>Ok bye bye for real now
>I actually never dated an Arab Lolz and my dad is in another country u stupid cunt I swear I'll shoot u in the face

Poster child against inbreeding right here.

No. 24362

File: 1441939728254.jpg (82.64 KB, 800x600, image.jpg)

Bye bye and i can take myself anywhere in the world and btw I don't care about Japan it's too expensive so eat a dick

No. 24364

I hope u bitches burn In hell bye now

No. 24365

Damn girl how many times are you going to say bye.

No. 24366


See you in 2 minutes bitch.

No. 24367

>"I can take myself anywhere in the world"
>Calls Japan expensive
>Chooses to stay in inbred, Arab infested Dearborn
Confirmed delusional aspie.

No. 24368

too bad your phone can't autocorrect your punctuation or grammar

No. 24369

File: 1441940532209.gif (960.66 KB, 245x250, ruined thread.gif)

Hey guys, why's this thread pinn– …oh

This is pretty glorious. I love when the butthurt ones find their page and tard rage for long periods of time, most of the time being the only poster for several minutes.

No. 24370

File: 1441940546158.jpg (147.36 KB, 750x1334, image.jpg)

He probably cheated on you because you're a shapeless, brainless board. At least escorts can hold intelligent conversations before they suck a dick and can manage an independent job. Pity you can't do either.

No. 24371

Hm. You still live at that address, Rimma? :^) Do you like pizza?

No. 24372

>sad girls club
>"i'm sad indeed"

No. 24373

anon-sama please.. please do it

No. 24374

Dear God, I think she's my new favorite cow.

No. 24375

i feel like we have been blessed with some milk during a loooong long drought :')

No. 24377

For anyone not up to speed

Her first post in kiki's thread

The rest of her posts are pretty obvious and usually have Anonymous R or Rima in the name field.

No. 24378

>I fucking hate kaka I tried to be friends with this skinny cunt on Instagram and Twitter and I tagged her in a food I made which I was steak n it said "mmmm my man loves when I make dinner for him" n this bitch blocked me maybe she's jelly I can fulfill my mans need unlike her ugly ass she tries so hard to b pretty but she's below average fuck this cunt weeaboo

No. 24379

If you wanna send pizza to a Walgreens then go ahead I'm not gonna stop u

No. 24380

>rite aid


No. 24381

rite-aid…. Walgreens… whatever they're both pharmacy I use

No. 24382


Your home address is on the bottle, too.

No. 24383


Inbred, we can see your address too.

No. 24384

What about the address under that?

6529 Heyden St.
Detroit, MI 48212

No. 24385


I thought you were gone boo?

No. 24386

6529 Heyden St
Dearborn Heights, MI 48127

No. 24387


Cat got your tongue?

No. 24388


Maybe her pizzas arrived and she's shitting herself.

No. 24389

LMAO, gosh I love this thread

No. 24391

Nah, I didn't order a pizza. I got distracted. Haha.

But seriously tho… can we send Mormons to her house?

No. 24392

The milk fountain is running over

No. 24394

File: 1441942447439.jpg (56.75 KB, 480x640, image.jpg)

No. 24395

she did mention detroit.. so we know for sure hahaha

No. 24397

File: 1441942655001.jpg (36.96 KB, 400x250, image.jpg)

Blah blah blah yak yak yak have fun at rite-aid or Walgreens

No. 24398

welp, i hope i wake up tomorrow and see someone has sent something to her door step
don't let me down farmers

No. 24399


Are you that dense you don't realize your address is on the bottle. I really hope someone does send you a bunch of pizzas.

No. 24401

The Rite Aid is on Schaefer Rd. and you live on Heyden St.

No. 24403

File: 1441943099296.jpg (254.93 KB, 750x1334, image.jpg)

Sure looks like a Rite Aid to me.

No. 24404

why is the zip code different?

No. 24406

File: 1441943404103.jpg (13.64 KB, 480x274, image.jpg)

Ok and? If anyone come on my property I have the right to shoot them out of self defense so if ur trying to scare me it's not gonna work

No. 24407

Rimmer's got a gun. Oooohhh weeee, we sure got us some grade A hillbilly ass inbred here farmers.

No. 24409

File: 1441943485533.png (63.1 KB, 896x290, 23_54.png)

lmao she double posted but dropped the picture the first time

No. 24410

Lmfao you posted this twice just sonyou could use that retarded image? Are we supposed to be afraid!!?

No. 24411

No one wants to come to your inbred infested shithole.

No. 24413

Inbred? How am I an inbred if one: my mom is RUSSIAN and B: MY DAD IS LEBANESE ???????????????????????

No. 24414

Lol imagine this inbred was sent by Kiki the hick to distract us from her master plan of….taking over the world with her bug sack colony?

No. 24415

And then they made you, the inbred Latina wannabe. Jesus does make miracles happen.

No. 24417

Pizza party time!

No. 24418

Yes praise Jesus for sending us this tasty inbred Lebanese-Russian milk

No. 24419

Hon, I don't wanna go anywhere near Detroit.

Like fucking seriously… how does Russian + Lebanese = Latina?
What the fuck is wrong with you? lol.

No. 24420

File: 1441945248849.png (1.43 MB, 1366x497, lolhick.png)

Confirmed for inbred hick. This place is disgusting.

No. 24423

lmfao the ignorance haha

No. 24424

Trashy inbred retard ignorant hick with a plank body.

No. 24426

Blah blah blah eat a dick bitch

No. 24427

So much for not coming back. This girl needs to up her anti-psychotics prescription.

No. 24428

What base do you let your brother get to?

No. 24429

You should do fetish porn. I'm sure there are people out there who like inbreds with no tits. Rima Rimjob could be your porn name.

No. 24432

I like rima the rimmer, but yours is more to the point. Mine sounds like a wrestling name.

No. 24433

I'll say every warm hole in her body

No. 24435

File: 1441949518780.jpg (84.56 KB, 1020x689, image.jpg)

No siblings…. I'm guessing you do tho why don't u tell me more about your incest experiences that's your subconscious is trying to reveal

No. 24436

This replying back and forth gives you no justice, but make yourself look even more retarded.

No. 24437


No. 24438

It's almost 2am in Detriot, Rima, shouldn't you be getting some sleep for your new food service job on Saturday?

No. 24440

File: 1441951782476.jpg (43.79 KB, 450x360, image.jpg)

You want fries with that?

No. 24441

Who is this man?

No. 24447

Seriously, this actually belongs in /pt/ and that's rarely said.
This bitch is more lulzy than half the cows on there without a doubt.

No. 24449

Looks like this girl finally got what she wanted, a thread about her..

No. 24476

I pray to God in heaven that this is just some incredibly dedicated troll. This is too much.

No. 24478

to be fair latina/o is an ethnic group, not a race. you can be white and latina, black and latina, native american and latina, or even Asian and latina (this is very rare however)

No. 24479


possibly. before she actually got one. i think now she knows what it means to have a thread here.

afterall she did say she was new to this site.

No. 24499

How is her attempt to get lolcow taken down for cp going?

No. 24504

Yeah but she literally said >>24106

No. 24508

i think she has some kind of mental illness

No. 24510


did the image of the pills she posted on Facebook give it away?

No. 24513


No. 24514

Mental illness? Please elaborate

No. 24515

do you ever leave

No. 24516

The prescription is actually Xanax yes the very Xanax u guys take on the weekends and buy for 4$ a pill

No. 24517

Shouldn't you be looking for another job?

No. 24518

Who the fuck even buys Xanax? Most boring drug evvveeeerrrrr

No. 24519

Aren't inbred Muslim lesbians suppose to cover their faces?

No. 24522

What's an exciting drug then…..

No. 24523


No. 24524

You must feel so badass for needing medication just because somebody cheated on your ass. Maybe if you actually loved yourself like you claim you do, you would get off of here, work out to lose weight, get some sleep to get rid of those god awful eye bags, go to school to bump up your low IQ, and follow a fashion blog so you can dress your age.

No. 24525

Do me a favor and go jump off a bridge

No. 24526

Yes, I wish she'd cover that fug face

No. 24527

I'm fucking beautiful and always will be lol ur the ugly one

No. 24528


Wow you are a rude ass bitch.

No. 24529

U guys are actually bring bad luck on yourselves by trying to hurt me

No. 24530

Is that why you got cheated on? I'm sure

No. 24531

you're the only one dumb enough to post of photo of themselves

No. 24532

Lmfao, and you think you can tell people to go jump off a bridge?!?!? God you are stupid. Bad luck doesn't exist you Muslim bitch.

No. 24533

You don't get anywhere in life by calling people ugly and making fun of people's struggles.,. I feel sorry for u people u must really hate yourselves to gang up on me when I never did anything personally to you call me ugly all u want but I know I'm beautiful smart and better than everyone I know

No. 24534

you don't get anywhere in life by being up kiki's ass and not leaving this thread

No. 24537

Let me guess…. U have a hatred for Arabs? And assume they're all Muslim?

No. 24538

>>24532 I swear to fucking God I wish u were here now so I can fucking slit ur throat

No. 24539

Savage ass Muslim. Go suicide bomb your sand nigger homies

No. 24540

Well I guess I have a hatred for white trash and find them nasty so I guess we're even

No. 24541

"I'm fucking leaving this thread"
>back two minutes later

lol this is too good to be true. Must be a troll. Has to be.

No. 24542

>>24539 why don't ur white trash ass go shoot urself that all white people are good at is hating on other races and committing suiside lol

No. 24543

Well good for you except I'm not white, but you'll never know that since I'm not as retarded as you are, an idiot who posts their pic and info on an anon board.

No. 24544

Hey, if you kill yourself by swallowing all of your tylenol prescription, will you at least livestream it for us?

No. 24545

Being half Arab I seen the faults of Arabic people but Atleast were not catching herpes every change we get and star in every disgusting porn there ever was and invading countries and killing the natives

No. 24546

No. 24547

Then why don't u enlighten me on your nationality…. Let me guess…. Either a retarded French guy in his 30's or from England…. Fuck I hate British people more than anything

No. 24548

Sounds like you are describing towel head terrorists. Ever heard of a little place called North Africa?

No. 24550

You go first I'll watch n take notes lol

No. 24551

White people invaded Africa how should I know wat the fuck u are

No. 24552

Nah, I'm not stupid enough to post my face on an anonymous image board, lmao

No. 24553

So I'm guessing ur black… Are u having fun making fun of me?

No. 24554


> You are bringing bad luck by hurting me.

>proceed to threaten people with silting their throats

This must be a troll.

No. 24555

How does it feel to gang up on someone? Does it give u a boner? A teeny tiny boner?

No. 24557

Going through her instagram now.. guys, I swear she is actually retarded.

Any looks like she had a fling with some asian dude to try to live in Japan. Maybe that's why she has such a hateboner for kiki?

No. 24558


I'm a girl so no boner, but it does make my nipples on my larger breasts super hard. Something you have no idea about since you are flat as a plank.

No. 24559

It's private now ;) good job

No. 24560

File: 1442008949361.png (822.75 KB, 1037x627, weeabootrash.png)

Too bad I got screencaps!

No. 24561


Like it matters? You were dumb enough to post your personal information.

Also people have screenshots so it doesn't matter it's private.

No. 24562

File: 1442009022663.png (754.7 KB, 975x623, ew.png)

Damn gurl, you ugly as sin, eyeliner cant fix that. Maybe try out some concealer.

No. 24563

Lmfao, he looks like a Downsy hand puppet. Do you have your other hand up his ass rima rimjob?

No. 24564

Ewwwww I fucking hate females u bitches are the worst get off my thread already if anything in this world annoys me n that's a bitch I thought I been arguing with guys this whole time go shit talk to someone else bitch cuz I ain't try a hear it also if u were here I'd still attack u n beat ur ass I'm 5'9 so um pretty sure being tall and 156 pounds I have an advantage and no cigarettes in 3 years so I definitely have an advantage or I can come to Africa and shoot u in the face n come back to America n be on time for southpark and cold beer ;)

No. 24565

Those star tattoos…seen them on every thot ever

No. 24566

Wow you're into the same shows a 12 yr old boy is into, that explains a lot. Yeah, keep guzzling beer to maintain your beer gut you Sasquatch.

No. 24567

haha omg lmao. you're sperging so hard, this htread must have gotten under your skin.

No. 24568

I'm beautiful and u know ur too ugly to even post pics

No. 24569

>156 lbs

Jesus Christ, you're fucking fat as shit and still don't even have tits. Disgusting.

No. 24570

Nah, I'm just not stupid enough to post pictures of myself on an anonymous imageboard dedicated to talking shit.

No. 24571

If ur a female and shit talking I have one thing to say to you: bitch if u were here I'd kill you only guys are allowed on my thread bye bitch kiss my ass

No. 24572


No we are just smarter not to post pictures of ourselves. And I am not going to leave while you provide such delicious milk. And how are you going to make me leave? report me? Bitch please

PS- About 95 of this board is female :)

No. 24573

Look bitch I don't like u get off my thread your not welcome here

No. 24574

File: 1442009426731.jpg (5.44 KB, 130x184, 11709251_10206772220454727_308…)

This thread is amazing. Ladies and gentleman, we have our very own Robert Wayne Stiles.

No. 24575

As a guy I'd say you are the best anti-fap inspiration. You are so disgusting, I wouldn't fuck you with my enemy's dick.

No. 24576


she's back!

Damn gurl what are you even saying? I don't speak inbred alluh akhbarnese

No. 24577

Well I'm pretty sure your hideous…..

No. 24578

And I'm sure your so fucking ugly I would go blind from looking at u go eat a hamburger u faggot

No. 24579

And the spamming begins here we go

No. 24580

File: 1442009585655.gif (28.92 KB, 309x279, camping.gif)


Nah I think I will just camp here, k thanks.

No. 24581

Fuck off

No. 24582


you know this thread is for people to talk shit about you… right?

No. 24583


Why you mad brah?

No. 24584


No. 24585

Fuck off

No. 24586

Just because someone has standards and won't fuck your ugly fat ass doesn't mean I'm a faggot. How about I beat the shit out of you like you Muslim hoes are used to?

No. 24588


Is that your phone number Rimma?

No. 24589

Haha omg, this bitch is going into full retard overdrive.

No. 24590

Like anyone is gonna fall for that…puffy you fucking infant

No. 24592

Never go full retard rima

No. 24593


Needs something heavier, like a paper bag.

No. 24594

Why you hate white ppl so much rima? Did they not want you after your ppl did 9/11?

No. 24595

>>24586 fucking try me ill shoot u in the face

No. 24596

Lol bitch needs a hazmat suit

No. 24599

239 is Florida area code…..wat?

No. 24600

File: 1442009904547.jpg (45.79 KB, 402x599, image.jpg)


No. 24601


You dumb bitch do you even know who that is….you are so dumb.

No. 24602

File: 1442009949763.jpg (18.03 KB, 200x200, image.jpg)

I'm destroying this thread with dumb random pictures

No. 24603

File: 1442009968612.png (1.1 MB, 1013x623, wow.png)

Are those emoji tattoos on your arm, Rima? How tacky.

Also, I'm loling at your pictures from the Mummy on your instagram. How old are you, 12?

Oh wait, you're a 24 year old fatass sperging out on an anonymous imageboard. How is unemployment going for you?

No. 24604

poor rimjob doesn't even realize that the more she posts, the more we make fun of her. Even if she is a troll, she's a failtroll.

No. 24605


You sure you wanna do that, you might get banned. Spamming a thread is a bannable offensive.

No. 24607


Can you even form a sentence? Are you that dumb?

No. 24608

Wow, yup. Really destroying this thread, not at all furiously trying to cover your tracks.

No. 24609

File: 1442010104271.jpg (35.38 KB, 375x500, image.jpg)

Oh Look it's ur mama lol

No. 24610

It was Kiki the whole time…

No. 24611

At least I don't have grocery bags under my shit brown eyes like you, sandnigger. Still upset that 9/11 didn't work like you planned?

No. 24612


You sure it isn't your sister-aunt you inbred?

No. 24614

You're half Russian bitch.

No. 24617

at least even mama june lives in a better house than you do :)

No. 24618

File: 1442010359510.jpg (46.92 KB, 400x272, image.jpg)

Oh look it's North Africa bitch lol not car boyfriends got there? U must have aids lol

No. 24619

File: 1442010367782.jpg (221.24 KB, 1024x768, scarlett-johansson1.jpg)


Oh yeah man all white people are fat and ugly…

So tell me does it piss you off I am a female and still here?

No. 24620

No one here is from north africa. I was just reminding you that stupid sandniggers came to that continent and forced people to assimilate into Islam or be killed, you ignorant slut.

Grow some tits. You are seriously the most retarded person I've ever seen, lmao.

No. 24622

She reposted because apparently her super clever and kewl comment wasn't good enough the first time. Blow up another building, you disgusting inbred poverty stricken mangy lookin arab.

No. 24624

Lol! You do realize that Egypt is in North Africa, right? And that movie you like so much is supposed to be in Egypt?

Keep sperging, it's fucking hilarious.

No. 24625

She is so fucking retarded she can't get it through her thick ugly skull no one here is from North Africa…lol.

No. 24627

she just keeps digging this hole deeper and deeper lol
do you have a tumblr rima rimjob

No. 24629

>only dogs go for bones

Must be a troll.

No. 24630


You seem so salty because we called you an retarded ugly fat sand nigger. Can I have some your salt, I need it for a margarita.

No. 24632

I'd stick my dick in a wood chipper than ever get it near you lol

No. 24633

File: 1442010886578.jpg (43.76 KB, 500x667, image.jpg)

I think I have more Anaspiration for u

No. 24634

Pretty sure your a bitch pretending to be a guy or a tranny

No. 24635

File: 1442011001768.jpg (55.71 KB, 416x416, image.jpg)

Shakira Is half Lebanese and so is Salam Hayek so u bitches ain't got shit on them

No. 24636

what exactly are you trying to accomplish with all of these proana pics?

No. 24637

I'm completely convinced she lives alone and no one actually wants anything to do with her because she's obviously fucking nuts. Mommy and daddy must've shipped her to America the first chance they got and let themselves be bombed in Lebanon to avoid having to deal with her ever again.

No. 24639

But they have tits and are gorgeous. What's your excuse?

No. 24640

File: 1442011125511.jpg (Spoiler Image,838.57 KB, 2092x3000, image.jpg)

U wish u white bitches looked like her

No. 24641

>implying you look anything like either of them.

There are hot white people too, you realize?

No. 24642

File: 1442011180767.png (565.96 KB, 977x617, peacockfeather2.0.png)

>Salam Hayek

Confirmed for retarded. Can't even spell.

Can you take pictures that look like they were taken with anything other than a calculator?

No. 24643

File: 1442011283414.jpg (1.03 MB, 1997x3000, image.jpg)

This girls name is also Rima and from Dearborn was was Miss USA keep talking your shit about my people you sorry excuse for human beings

No. 24644

File: 1442011328754.jpg (64.74 KB, 512x334, image.jpg)

No. 24645

The difference is she's actually really pretty. You're not. This thread is about your ugly mug, not hers.

No. 24646

So you are Mexican?

No. 24647

File: 1442011408341.jpg (60.38 KB, 399x600, image.jpg)

U Bitch u wish u were Lebanese keep talking shit about my people you trash

No. 24648


Yeah but that women is beautiful and has a nice pair of tits where you are ugly as sin and super flat.

No. 24649

File: 1442011465256.jpg (294.18 KB, 1200x1407, image.jpg)

If anyone is ugly it's u

No. 24650


It has nothing to do with hating Lebanese…just hating you boo.

No. 24651

Look at all those hot white girls.

No. 24652

but you look nothing like her.

No. 24653

Again, someone WAY prettier than you who is actually shaped like a woman and not a prepubescent boy. You're only showing us how much uglier you are in comparison to other Lebanese women.

No. 24654

Hate yourself cuz I think I said wat I wanted to say I'm out

No. 24655


Ouch baby that hurt.

No. 24656

File: 1442011616716.jpg (45.43 KB, 300x360, 10219bc8fbd16a62729d7cd1d28b66…)


Aka lurk.

No. 24657

Except you're not "out" and will be back not even five minutes from now because you have nothing better to do on a Friday night since no one wants to hang out with or fuck you.

No. 24658

See you in five minutes, bae! Don't let the door hit your disgusting cottage cheese ass on the way out.

No. 24660


So Rima what pills are you taking tonight?

No. 24661

Lmfao anon…calculator…

No. 24662

Farmers, not only do you till the soil, you birth greatness.


No. 24663

>ur the ugly one
>You don't get anywhere in life by calling people ugly

You really are my new favourite cow.

No. 24664

Lol you start ranting that looks aren't everything then sperg out and post a bunch of girls that you look nothing like to prove an empty point!!!!!!! You're just so salty that nobody else will post their pics huh? You're the only stupid one here rima.

No. 24666

How is this girl even real???? This is hilarious. It's like watching someone shooting themselves in the foot over and over again.

No. 24667

The sad part of this thread is, it would be dead and forgotten about if she had stopped responding or didn't respond at all.

No. 24674

Further proof she's an inbred hick. Aunt Mom and Uncle Dad made her a slow in the mind. That's the only way to explain that mug and her apparent retardation.

No. 24675

Oh girl… there is no hope for your mental health.

No. 24676

10/10 would lel again

No. 24677

File: 1442016723603.gif (1.88 MB, 290x163, OHHHHHH.gif)

No. 24679

Wow, aren't you just a little ray of sunshine! People must looooooove you irl too!

No. 24681

File: 1442018174362.jpg (68.18 KB, 625x483, badass.jpg)

No. 24690


bitch you fucking live in Detroit you're not better than anyone

No. 24737

File: 1442033720590.jpg (283.39 KB, 750x1334, image.jpg)

Can't even commit to keeping your account private? Confirmed for loving the attention.

No. 24738

we have to do absolutely no work for this milk. Wonderful.

No. 24740

>>23880 i made a youtube video showing how shitty this website down so ppl take it down

No. 24741


No. 24743

awesome! please link us to it so we can see how awful this website is :^)

also, good luck trying to 'take us down.' this website isn't even based in the US, so American laws don't apply here. I'm sure based admin find this hilarious.

No. 24745

lel you brain dead cuntwad, this isn't based in fucking Hicktown. your bullshit Murrican laws do not apply here. free speech forever, cry bout it hoe

No. 24747



I watched the video. Listen if you want this thread to die then just ignore it completely. You seem sincere about not wanting to hurt people. Just stop responding with threats and ignore us.

No. 24750

You do realize you have to have some influence or popularity. 10 views won't get you far, especially if it's from us.

I would believe it's sincere if she didn't rage with shitty replies for the past 2 days

No. 24751


Lol you have to be fucking retarded. How did you not know Kiki was vegan?

Also learn how to shoot a video…jesus watching this video made me dizzy.

And you really shouldn't have put your instagram on here when your address was in there…just saying.

No. 24752

File: 1442036973617.jpg (228.93 KB, 1480x1529, image.jpg)

I'm inbred Russian-Lesbian Muslim , I'm gonna shut this site down

No. 24753

No. 24757

It's amusing how you want the site taken down, when there are receipts you've posted on here against someone else, and the responses to your thread.

If it was possible for this site to be taken down, it would've happened by now.

No. 24760

Jesus Christ that crazy Muslim is going to suicide bomb the server

No. 24761

You're up at 2am on here trying to take down Internet meanies again? So much for that new job tomorrow. If you really want this to go away, shut your mouth and don't come back. It really IS that easy, Rima. The more you respond, the more you just entertain us.
As for posting your address, YOU had that information on a public Facebook group.

No. 24763

Anyways i hope my video reaches a million views n have this site taken down

No. 24764

you should be tested for psychosis.

No. 24765

File: 1442038566977.jpg (150.54 KB, 750x1334, image.jpg)

Um…I don't see any comments? Guys, I think Rima is legitimately psychotic.

No. 24766

You can hope in one hand and shit in the other, guess which one will fill up first?

No. 24767

The only way that vid would reach a million views is if you found a half naked good looking girl to be in it

No. 24768


> You seem sincere about not wanting to hurt people.

Don't kid yourself, anon. She came here to talk shit about a cow in the first place. She was fine with that. She only changed her tune when the tables turned on her because she outed herself like a dumbass.

Do you honestly believe you're the first person to take issue with this site and want it taken down? You're on the pipe.

No. 24769

If you bat shit crazy idol kaka couldn't take this site down what hope do you think your jobless inbred Muslim ass has?

No. 24770


No. 24771

lol She deleted the post about the person who supposedly commented on her video. Trying to bait us into showing our faces? We're not that stupid, Rima.

No. 24772

This is a gossip site. No one gives a shit to try and shut us down except the people who are gossiped about. Even if the domain was in the States, no one is breaking any U.S. laws by gossiping about public information posted on the Internet. Had you just stuck to gossiping about Kiki without being an attention whore, none of this would've happened. YOU came to a gossip forum to talk shit about someone, YOU posted your name and face, YOU posted your prescription drugs online and didn't hide your address, and it is YOUR fault people here decided to laugh at you.

No. 24774

e way she laughed after saying she wouldn't stab anyone and then gave that dead eyed look to the camera… what the fuck those are some sociopathic expressions if I've ever seen them

No. 24776

Lol, that video was some of the weirdest shit I've ever seen.. get a life plox.

No. 24778

File: 1442043453189.png (911.38 KB, 696x1171, fuck.png)

>Ewwwww I fucking hate females
>"i actually avoid people as much as i can"

confirmed for having no friends.

in the video you can tell she has been crying.

i seriously think, she might be a candidate to an hero.

No. 24779

>dat anime in the background

confirmed for troll

No. 24780

Finally watched the video and I really think she is stupid. She couldn't sit still, wasn't the least bit serious, didn't show/say anything that was said on the site, laughed and giggled when talking about the insults.

No. 24781


Don't forget the way she tried to spin it like she was so innocent and didn't do anything even though she went psycho on Kaka first.

No. 24784

>I hope it gets a million views so the site gets taken down

If you really want the site gone, I suggest taking after Amanda Todd

No. 24788


You're such in the head

No. 24803

Pretty sure you mean "You're sick in the head", so here are her death threats alone.
>I swear to fucking God I wish u were here now so I can fucking slit ur throat
>why don't ur white trash ass go shoot urself that all white people are good at is hating on other races and committing suiside lol
>I can come to Africa and shoot u in the face
>bitch if u were here I'd kill you
>fucking try me ill shoot u in the face
>White ppl are so disgusting hope u all die from The plague
>Nope it's me and I will kill u bitches

No. 24805

i want someone to rescue the poor kitty. bitch might end up hurting it. hopefully kiki will send some soothing thoughts to the cat and a mental image of a map to an animal sanctuary or something

No. 24806

Seriously, the evidence is damning. Everything she's said about lolcow/on lolcow says way more about her than it does about us. And it's actually one of those rare cases that that sentiment rings true (usually lolcows are the ones to bring it up when talking about haterz). She needs help.

No. 24810



No. 24811

lel wow you sure regretted that quickly, huh?

No. 24813

I did regret it. I realized it was stupid and unnecessary and I made a bad decision because it's late and I'm an idiot. I thought it would be funny, but really it was just incredibly embarrassing. Sorry about that, everyone. Won't happen again.

No. 24814


This whole thread exists because of one person's bad decisions. Please learn from them and take care of yourself.

No. 24816

I understand and I'm sorry. I'm sorry for being a disappointment and and idiot. I will go back to lurking. I'm sorry.

No. 24818

No. 24820

Just some dumb video of some bitch reading off a post from this thread. You didn't miss anything good, anon.

No. 24821


No. 24822


No. 24830

I am in awe.
I wasn't 100% sure on her being for real and not just a very dedicated and elaborate troll up until now.
Just, wow. I don't even know where to start on this video.
I agree with the anons saying she seems mentally ill or not all there.
I was about to write the exact same thing, anon.
Jesus Christ, she is a creep.
Fucking kek.

No. 24831

File: 1442066028983.gif (1.37 MB, 480x270, rimmer.gif)

No. 24832

There's so many parts of this where she sounds so totally out of it. She's either high or nuts.

No. 24834

the most pathetic part of it is, that she's trying to be like kaka so hard

No. 24838

She reuploaded and it says "full video"

No. 24842

I don't see it in her videos

No. 24845

It looks like it was removed.

No. 24846

Its there i just saw it

No. 24847

This bitch is nuts.

No. 24849

No. 24851

Yeah, like she speaks as if she's drunk/high (slurred and slow speech and ranty af) but her body language doesn't quite show that but something else I can't quite put my finger on.

Although, her constantly checking the viewfinder and fixing her hair reminds me of Kaka's Tokyo videos (like the one of her and Taku looking around their Hiatt hotel room).

No. 24852

Haha, I think she deleted the original and reuploaded it to get rid of all the dislikes it had.
Nice try, Rimmer.
Thumbs down.

No. 24853

File: 1442076574216.png (31.73 KB, 565x642, not inbred.png)

u guys are just haters I would never hurt anyone, I don't understand why ur all so fat and jelly

No. 24854

The cat killing story is actually something that happened to kiki back in her myspace days

No. 24855

fucking kek

No. 24856

File: 1442077545228.jpg (63.49 KB, 750x1334, image.jpg)

Shes half russian And shit talks white people…….

No. 24857

File: 1442077957254.jpg (251.96 KB, 750x1334, image.jpg)

Nice art she got there O.o

No. 24858

el oh el cow.farm

No. 24859

I think she's on drugs or something in this video.

One of the prescription bottles here looks like it says Clonazepam. She sounds like she's hopped up on that or some other benzo.

No. 24860

>posted 11s before screenshot was taken
>iPhone with AT&T, 3 bars of reception, same as >>24597
Rima…is that you?
Does this confirm troll?

No. 24862

>posted 36 minutes ago
>1:11pm in screenshot
>1:48pm in Detroit right now

No. 24871

That is one crazy attention-deprived bitch.

No. 24875

holy shit she's psychotic
no need to look for cows, the cows come to us

No. 24879

>smack Uhhhhhh smack Ummmmm
>They're meeeaaannnn
Why are you here?

The apologies are nice, I guess…
but the giggling makes everything sound fake.

Also, just be careful about what you post on the interwebz. Basically, this is a huge reason most of our cows end up here. They put stupid shit up, get called out on it.

No. 24882

Made a new video for you guyzzz hope u love muwaaahhhhhh ;)

No. 24886

No. 24890

why does she do this, oh my god
i was so sure someone was posing as this girl to make people send her nasty messages on instagram, but she's actually just really stupid

>i would be good at making beats because i'm already good at art

No. 24892

Yeah, everything you said about their "haterz" can be said about you. You did shit talk Kiki on here after all - like we do. You're not innocent so don't even try acting like you are.

Also, why whiteknight them now after Kiki has shown she is repulsed by you specifically? Is your self-worth that non-existent?

No. 24895

>>23880U kiki retweeted my tweets untill i showed her meat pic

No. 24896


You got to be kidding me….Rima I am pretty sure you were shit talking Kiki a few days ago.

No. 24897


> All white girls

BUHAHAHAHAHAHA bitch you didn't even know this website was all women until someone on here told you.

No. 24898


Why were you not an abortion?

No. 24899


Are you fucking retarded…Kiki over exaggerate about being stalked and harassed. That isn't why she left the country…and you call yourself a fan.

No. 24900

File: 1442090121595.jpg (203.73 KB, 750x1334, image.jpg)

There u go check for urself

No. 24901


I thought you had a new job, lol.

No. 24905

>if I can get this camera to stop being shaky
Fucking put it on a table and sit in front of it, how retarded are you?

No. 24906

But you first found this site because you wanted to shit talk Kiki?? But anyone else that has anything bad to say about her is jealous and you can spend 8:32 talking about that. Regardless that some people here have had bad experiences with Kiki firsthand.
Christ, this girl is insane.

No. 24910


Hey now she's inbred. Give her a break.

No. 24912

… in case anyone was waiting on absolute confirmation of her address to pull anything on her:


No. 24919

LMAO if anyone does anything please let us know!

No. 24926

Waiting for Rima to come tell us it's a Walgreens again.

No. 24927

this bitch still did not leave?!

No. 24941

I lol'd thanks anon

No. 24984

God, she's fucking mental.

No. 24985

why does she smack her lips between every fucking word
what a fucking cow

No. 24991

Did she an hero?

No. 25001

File: 1442131329182.png (157.93 KB, 1324x1274, rimmerrimjob.png)

here are some of the posts she made in the kaka thread. she kept posting as "Anononymous" as well as "Anonymous R" after that.
Ridiculous that she thinks she can suck up to kiki now and get on her good side.
Bitch is talking like a crazy person. At least our shit talk is reasonable.

No. 25008


Fucking lel at her being pissed Kaka never told her where she got her jewelry.

No. 25020

Da fuq did I just watch?? Seriously, that was just a mess of pointless, senseless jibber-jabbing I've ever seen.

I want that 8.5 minutes of my life back, you hypocritical psychopath.

No. 25041

Anyone find info on her Japanese boyfriend?

No. 25053

Pretty sure it's just a long distance thing since there's only that one picture of them and he cheated on her with an escort lol

No. 25057

How do you know that?

No. 25058

>>23880 me EX was hmong n hes the one i found talking to his EX so eat a big fat dick bitch

No. 25060

>>23880 U uncultured racist white bitches prolly have no idea wat hmong is… And my current boyfriend isnt a trophy and i dont need to take a million pics of him to prove anything to anyone…. And i dont only date japanese if u would have watched my other videos im interested in other countries too like thailand etc so get a life and stop making assumptions about my u no life having bitch im gonna win this internet war u watch bitches

No. 25062

She's baaaaack!

No. 25064

File: 1442162589574.jpg (34.29 KB, 375x375, 1407400770076.jpg)

>my current boyfriend
His name is Bob, right?

No. 25066

Noone online is gonna ever find anything about him including his name i took this precausion for personal reasons… And now i see its working for my benefits so go fuck yourselves

No. 25067

Yeah, okay. I'm sure he's very handsome and super rich too!
So, which relative is he?

No. 25068

>replying to OP
And here I was thinking you'd managed to figure out the simple imageboard system…

No. 25070

This is the same argument Kiki makes about Taku but expressed in a more retarded way. Do you hate her because you're so alike, yet you never even had that tiny taste of efame?

No. 25080

Lol war you say? Btw how are you doing on getting this website taken down? I see you have made no progress what so ever.

No. 25102

I tried reporting thiz site for child pornography hoping the gov would find something but so far its still here

No. 25104


you have to call Nasa in order for this to get deleted. Trust me, the Jane Does here won't even know what hit them.

-xoxo kiki kannibal

No. 25105

File: 1442175055151.png (69.54 KB, 300x169, The melancholy of haruhi suzum…)


Hahahahaha anon that was great.

No. 25120

Rima Machhour, you're disgusting. I hope any future employer googles your name and finds this thread and the things you said.

I'm glad you got fired from your retirement home job. If some posts on an image board can make you flip like this, I don't want to imagine you in a high-stress situation such as caring for old, weak, possibly disabled or demented people.

Psychotic, racist, low-life bitch.

No. 25123

She took precaution for personal reasons because her boyfriend is also her brother. Continuing family tradition into the next generation.

You can't just say a site has cp on it and expect it to go down. There would have to be an actual investigation and since this board is for talking shit, not distributing cp, I think we're in the clear. You lose again you dumb inbred hillbilly.

No. 25125

White trash bitches go do wat u do best and suck a Dick on camera like the rest of white females in the world infamous whores

No. 25126


What makes you so sure everyone here is white?

No. 25127

Rimjob, you're half Russian. that means you're half white. you're trailer trash.

No. 25128

So ur a either a nigga or a mexican lol even better to make fun of

No. 25129

I feel kinda silly to be arging with a nigga lol why have i been wasting my time haha thats just hilarious

No. 25130


A "nigga" who can communicate in a far more educated manner than you. But maybe I'm actually yellow like the dick you thirst for.

No. 25131

Racist to her own kind and racist to everyone else.

No. 25132

All this self-hatred ain't cute Rima! This is proof that all of Kiki's self-love preaching is falling on deaf ears.

No. 25133

Hmmm a racist asian girl who resents caucasians….. Dont hate the player honey hate the game yes i do love me some asian loving wats ur point

No. 25134

I bet u still dont know wat hmong is lol silly rabbit

No. 25135


Just to make sure her employers (if she ever finds a job) finds this thread.

No. 25136

Yeah do wat u do best a wreck lives bitch thats all u good for… You will suffer just because ur sitting behind a screen and typing hate doesnt mean ur inncocent karma will punish you dog

No. 25138

You're wrecking your own life, hunty.

No. 25139

I guess you would know huh. Karma is such a bitch when you are.

No. 25140

Like I said before, this thread would be dead. It wouldn't have so many posts, it wouldn't have all this info on you, IF YOU WOULD STOP RESPONDING. Just keep digging your grave.

No. 25141

I laughed so freaking loud kek

No. 25143

Im bored time to go watch rachel and jun

No. 25144

Rima why did you stop typing R after anonymous? It's okay because it's not hard to figure out which are your posts. They reek of ignorance.

No. 25145

File: 1442188943967.jpg (41.55 KB, 407x635, image.jpg)

Sounds like a personal problem tisk tisk

No. 25148



No. 25154


Keep proving how retarded you are. You'll never know about who is posting here because everyone else gets the meaning of anonymous.

No. 28559

Fucking hilarious when she can drop the R and you can still tell what posts are hers. Anonymity doesn't mask inbred retardation.

No. 28729

To the person who keeps making racist inbreeding jokes: your not funny and stop being so obsessed with me its annoying ur prolly banned from /PT thats why ur all up in my shit all the time

No. 28730

Poor inbred Muslim, Kiki thinks your are a nutcase

No. 28731

File: 1442207851823.jpg (23.99 KB, 245x150, image.jpg)

No. 28733


Rima you're the only one being racist.

No. 28734

File: 1442207960627.jpg (44.29 KB, 500x313, image.jpg)

Inbred but my mom is white and my dad is tan yeah ok you fucking retard you getting on my nerves BE GONE bitch

No. 28735

Literally, RIMA KASSEM MACHHOUR, you have been pretty racist. Would you like us to get those receipts too?

No. 28736

I guess tan is an ethnicity now.

No. 28737


Rima is the retard who doesn't know her thread has more than one poster on it.

No. 28738

Poster? Wtf does that even mean? And call fucking retard one more fucking time u cunt

No. 28739

>Inbred but my mom is white and my dad is tan yeah ok you fucking retard you getting on my nerves BE GONE bitch
>Poster? Wtf does that even mean? And call fucking retard one more fucking time u cunt


No. 28742

Lmao they called you a retard again, now what?

No. 28743

File: 1442209264548.jpg (37.88 KB, 250x220, image.jpg)

Bye now off to b/g u go

No. 28744

To get rid of this thread you should post it on your instagram with a link.

No. 28751

File: 1442209741589.jpg (40.66 KB, 500x228, image.jpg)

No. 28753

I swear you're the only dumb af cow to actually continuously post on their thread.

No. 28754

RIMA MACHHOUR , the cow that milks itself.

No. 28756

File: 1442209996179.jpg (69.1 KB, 500x276, image.jpg)

No. 28758


No. 28761

File: 1442210209179.jpg (147.25 KB, 960x955, image.jpg)

Father= lebanese……. Does not equal inbred besides my genes are superior to urs im sure cuz im very tall and well built #blessed so bitch bye

No. 28763

We've seen your A cups and shapeless plank body

No. 28764

Im pretty sure i look better than u

No. 28765

You should go make a 30 min YouTube video on why you are an inbred retard

No. 28766


Pretty sure you don't look better than anyone since your boyfriend banged an escort. No Asian ruv for you!

No. 28771

File: 1442210690748.jpg (75.49 KB, 640x640, image.jpg)

Ur boring me get on somewhere ur not gonna win

No. 28773

File: 1442210826894.jpg (67.04 KB, 550x550, image.jpg)


No. 28774

Win or lose you're still retarded.

No. 28775

Alright you guys, you win. I am an inbred, retard, and I'm so obsessed with kiki that the minute she rejected my love for her I went nuts.

No. 28778

File: 1442211019313.jpg (64.58 KB, 468x680, image.jpg)

R u done? Bye now loser

No. 28779

Also send pizzas to:

No. 28781

I feel so bad for myself though, I constantly check a hate thread dedicated to me. I respond insulting other people for posting on a hate site and being negative but when I do the same thing.. yikes right?

No. 28782


No. 28783


No. 28787

Really? Seriously? Are you serious.. any proof?

No. 28788

Never bothered clicking on this thread when it first popped up a few days ago but now I'm glad I did. This is fucking hilarious I haven't seen someone this fucking retarded in ages, holy shit I have no doubt her parents are related and that her mom drank bleach mixed with cigarettes when she was in the womb. How else do you give birth to something this fucking stupid


Forreal? Any proof? That'd be hilarious

No. 28794

File: 1442212935192.png (5.45 MB, 2815x2110, 1433029003858.png)

>very tall and well built

Except you have wobbly mommy arms, flat tits, and you're shaped like a potato. You have a fucked up face with a nose that could rival Snape's, bitch the bags under your eyes must've just went grocery shopping because they got bags too. Did you draw your dark circles on with sharpies?

Your skin is dull, your hair looks limp and damaged, and you look like any other stumpy hambeast. You have a strangely overinflated ego, especially for how unintelligent, two faced and abhorrently average you really are.

Oh, and congratulations on the backpedalling in your latest video. You were trash talking Kiki worse than the rest of us, and now you're trying to get on her good side? You're a fucking lunatic. An inbred, drugged up, ugly fat greasy weeaboo lunatic. I know you appreciate us "obsessing" over you, because you are obviously starved for attention and the only way you are getting it is making a complete ass of yourself on a relatively small anonymous imageboard.

No. 28795

That address isn't working out for me..

I'm actually having a tiny bit of trouble pinning down her address. According to >>24370, RIMA MACHHOUR is at"

6529 Heyden (?)
Detroit, MI 48212

Now, there is a
6529 Heyden St
Detroit, MI 48223, however, the zip code doesn't match up. This address (on streetview) corresponds to a ghetto looking shack, which is where I would assume this bitch lives.

There is a 6529 Heyden
Dearborn Heights, MI 48127, however those tiny little houses are still too nice for an AIDS infested, inbred hick like RIMA MACHHOUR to live in.

I'll try looking further for her real address, because this bitch needs a million pizzas delivered to her pancake ass.

No. 28796

Most likely it's the Dearborn house. This is probably her dad. Notice that the address number is the same.

No. 28797

Does she still live with her parents? How embarrassing.

No. 28798

Hi question, pretty new to this thread, and I only noticed it because I saw a long are address, but why are we(you) doxxing this chick? Did she do something wrong? I would read the thread but I'm where to start. Did she threaten anyone herself or something? Because honestly, arent we the ones against this shit, and said the only acceptable time was with the thieving Tumblrinas??
Jesus this is one of the most intense threads I've read in a long time. Slogging and doxxing all in one.

And as a note, I'm not defending her since I don't know what exactly she has done other than being annoying. And I'm not saying what y'all are doing is bad, because idk what is going on.
But I'm just curiously poking my head in, I'm sorry!
I'll sage even.

No. 28799

Maybe you should read the fucking thread then? Jesus. Also, lolcow isn't a hivemind, no one said we were on a moral high horse and against doxing. She's 24 and has consistently made a complete moron of herself, has threatened to ~take down lolcow~, and has posted her own pictures and instagram into threads on /pt/. She posted a picture of her own pill bottle containing her address on it on Facebook. Some of us are just trying to figure out if that address is correct so we can send her pizzas.

You should probably read the thread before posting your moral crusade, newfag. Also, you can't sage a pinned thread. Dumbass.

No. 28801

>i would read the thread
>one of the most intense threads I've read in a long time
Make up your mind anon

No. 28802

It was an address from one of the links someone posted. So I'm not sure.

No. 28817

Sorry! I read some of it, but I still couldn't understand what exactly was going on. I did read a few responses upward and saw a lot of posts that weren't exactly the norm of lolcow, so it just took me a bit aback. Nothing to care about much though.

I'm not on a moral crusade. I just wanted to know the reasoning behind the doxxing. All I got from part of the thread was that she was annoying and kept posting on her thread making herself look stupid. Jesus anon, calm down. Usually, I know that most consider that there are..strange people out there so they refrain from doxxing. But either way, if I was on a moral crusade, that wouldn't stop y'all anyway.
I also don't think lolcow is a complete hivemind, so sorry if I made it seem that way.
Then again, it isn't a doxxing of she puts herself out there first

On the other hand, I'm not a newfag, and I've been here on imageboards/lolcow for years(depends on when you stop counting someone as a newfag). It was like 3 a.m., and I didn't notice/forgot that the thread was stickied. Sorry for the trouble I caused I guess?

No. 28820

>well built

No. 28832

>I'm not a newfag
>Sorry for the trouble I caused I guess?

No. 28844

Only ugly people judge peoples looks…. Im pretty sure i look better than u if not on the outside then on the inside ;) peace i feel like jesus being cruisified its all good tho cuz by end of day im still better than u

No. 28845

File: 1442244919727.jpg (73.94 KB, 472x600, image.jpg)

My looks dont matter to me n i never cared wat people thought of me so therefore your desperate attempt to "shame" me is failing so i hope ur happy being miserable and pathetic and pure evil peace and love to u even tho u showed me hate u know who u are and i hope that when u look in the mirror everyday u see urself for wat u are: an evil vile corrupt sad excuse for a human being

No. 28846

File: 1442245275895.jpg (74.36 KB, 500x375, image.jpg)

And you people are indeed more beautiful than me im not at all jealous because im a happy person overcame things that most ppl couldnt imagine and also i have wonderful parents that will sacrafice the world for me and im also in a good college and have a good new job so by the end if the day im the winner … Happy people dont tear others down n look thru their facebool and find personal photos of me and personal information i feel sorry for u u have a heart of stone and thats nothing for me to envy even of you are good looking and the epidomy of beauty… Not the answer u expected huh? Im not hateful person i have anger issues n thats it but im not hateful i cant say the same for u

No. 28847

Don't worry, it's not only about your looks, you're deeply stupid too.

No. 28857

Now taking bets on how many times Rimmer will say bye from now before she actually leaves.
I'll say about 10.

No. 28859

yes, you are right, rima. i am one of the people you're talking about, with a heart of stone and i am an ugly fat girl inside.
while reading this thread i have tears in my eyes. it's unreal, what's happening here.
so tell me, what are the hardships you had to overcome that have made you so strong?

No. 28860

>overcame things that most ppl couldnt imagine

Inbreeding is hard to overcome. Congratulations on facing your struggles. You're a modern day Antigone.

No. 28862

>>28860 i feel very sorry for you….. I hope that u can overcome whatever issues u have that makes u feel its ok to bully other people and make insensitive remarks

No. 28864

Did you forget all of the bullying and insensitive remarks you made in Kiki's thread? The same remarksthat have been screencapped here for your convenience. Your attempt at condescension really holds no water here. Might as well go back to being the rage-filled sperg you are.

No. 28867

Are u a personal friend of kiki? What i said about her was nothing compared what other people have said… Lets not forget that ever race and nationality is guilty of interbreeding including white people so plz dont single put arabic people especially the lebanese…. And if u love her so bad why dont u cuss out all the other people that are on there saying pretty nasty things about her… I know i said mean things about kiki but i still think shes pretty and a genuine good person thats been hurt by the internet and im glad thats shes hasent commited suiside like countless other do…

No. 28869

This is exactly something Kaka would say.
You really did idolize her. No wonder you got so upset when she blocked you.

No. 28874

Its because its emotionally exhausting to keep hating people like i said im not hateful i just have a very bad temper that is hard for me to control after a few days on here i see im not accomplishing anything by being aggressive so im trying to be rational. I cant spend day after day month after month spitting hate into the world like u guys i simply dont have it in me the stress is affecting my immune system. Im a firm beleiver that your thoughts influence your life and i dont want a life if hatered.

No. 28875


The only inbred singled out was you. You're just too stupid for lolcow. Go back to kissing Kaka's pancake ass.

No. 28876

>>Happy people dont tear others down
If you really believed this you wouldn't have done that to Kiki and you also wouldn't have gone on this hateful rampage against lolcow anons or have you forgotten 99% of what you've said in this thread already? No point preaching what you don't do yourself.

So if you're starting to point fingers here, make sure there's one pointed at yourself too.

No. 28877

>>28875 my observation from speaking to you is that you are a sadist. You enjoy seeing other in pain and so u abuse because it gives u a euphoric feeling. Theres no drug or treatment in the world to fix your personality. Atleast after my anger tantrums i feel somewhat guilty… You seen to enjoy taunting me even tho i expressed that you are annoying and not welcome to speak to me let alone harass and if there was a block button on here you would have been excused a looooog time ago. I feel sorry for whoever ends up marrying you. I will pray for them tonight.

No. 28879


LEL Thanks for the analysis Dr. Phil. Go back to cruising for Asian dick so you can be just like your idol Kira Kira Princess from Mars. You're already doing such a good job of imitating her. If it bothers you that much just. stop. posting. How have you not figured this out yet?

No. 28882

In fairness, you came here guns blazing. People didn't come to you and harass you on social media. If no one contacted you on your social media, then that isn't harassment (harassment is in the form of contact - no one contacted you as we can't even be sure it's you as this entire board is anonymous - you could be anyone pretending to be Rima) - you don't have an account on here and nothing is forcing you to stay here. Sure there has been plenty of verbal abuse thrown your way, but not harassment.

No. 28899

>I came here to bitch about someone, but that's ok
>your bitching is evil though, u sadist!!!!

Yep, ok then.

No. 28907

File: 1442258322389.jpg (36.44 KB, 600x450, 1431412836829.jpg)

*Yellow Fever~~*

Probably because he doesn't exist.

This needs to be a banner.

Did it have ham on it? Muslims supposedly go to hell if they touch dead pig or something, idk.

Yeah, the inconsistency is why I didn't jump to ordering pizzas or anything.

We did the doxx to try and teach this inbred a lesson.

Dumbass, if you had not tried to make Kiki's thread about yourself, this wouldn't have happened. It's not about who flung the most shit about her. It's about you derailing it.

Welcome to lolcow.farm
We are all sadists here.

No. 28910

Her real address is the Dearborn one.

No. 28921

File: 1442260308773.jpg (230.82 KB, 863x752, THE_RIDE_NEVER_ENDS.jpg)


>You seen to enjoy taunting me even tho i expressed that you are annoying and not welcome to speak to me let alone harass

Who are you even addressing? That one anon, while EVERYONE's making fun of you?
Plus, you still want to treat this site like your personal blog, like you did initially in the kaka thread.
With that kind of attitude pic related applies.

No. 28923

Your all pathetic and sorry excuses for human beings and nothing will change that have fun hiding behind a screen and spitting hate into the world u should be proud of yourself

No. 28925

We've already heard that song. Sing us another one!

No. 28926

Are you not behind a screen yourself?

No. 28937

>spitting hate into the world

Gurl you are literally defining every single post you have made.

No. 28942

I can't believe this bitch is real.

No. 28948

I call troll on this cow. she just can't be for real, this wouldn't be the first lolcow to milk itself but probably the dumbest of them all

No. 28950

File: 1442265026475.jpg (204.6 KB, 750x1334, image.jpg)

Yeah sure im not getting fucking harrased

No. 28955

File: 1442265200802.png (1.81 MB, 1169x1500, heyden.png)

I can't believe I took to the time to do this, but at least it'll settle the debate - confirmed for 6529 HEYDEN ST, DEARBORN HEIGHTS MICHIGAN 48127

First pic is Streetview. Ignore the number in the top left being wrong, it's incorrect for every house on the street. You can just about see the number is 6529 on the flowerbed.
Look to the left and you'll see that white house.

On Rima's imaginatively titled 'Scary cat climbing door scary cat scared' video, you'll see first that she has a blue building outside (the garage) and then that the next house over is the very same white one.

Her 'Sunny' video also includes a pan across her parents' beautifully maintained property.

No. 28956

Bitch i have a shotgun come on my property and see if i give u a warning shot n i probably will not a bullets straight to the face ill make it rain on you and lace u up youll remember it after 10 reincarnations wat ill do to u come try me u fuck with me u fuck with my whole hood bitch u dont know me

No. 28957

Bravo anon. A little creepy but now someone send pizzas, take out, whatever.

No. 28958

Oh yeah sure, as if anyone wants to visit your ass..

No. 28959

File: 1442265579879.jpg (182.61 KB, 750x1334, image.jpg)

There ya go lol are u embarrasef yet u tired looking garbage

No. 28961

are you like for real? or are you just that good a troll? nobody wants to come to your run down neighbourhood, we're just trying to imagine what shitty life you have.

No. 28963

What happened here?

No. 28965

How is this even relevant.Why do you post so much stuff? Why do you provide so much milk for the farmers?

No. 28966

lel as if any of us live even remotely close to such a shit neigborhood

Most of us aren't stupid enough to reveal our real identities on sites like this, or anything related. Your spilling all your personal info is what caught our attention in the first place. How do you not understand this?

… or do you still believe it's one person doing all this?

No. 28968

guys this gotta be one intricate troll but it's hilarious nontheless

No. 28969


No. 28970

Rima why do you even have an instagram account, you have like zero likes on your pics…

No. 28972

File: 1442266104064.png (86.86 KB, 552x451, Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 22.2…)

Yo, Cameron seems a little… odd.

No. 28975

Think its her "boo thang"
If it is, she is so stupid.

No. 28976

so who's worshipping at your altar rima?

No. 28979

lel no one on this site even types like that. sounds like some inbred you have beef with from your part of town but go ahead and try to blame lolcow for that. good job reverting back to death threats you insecure twat.

No. 28980

Yeah you clearly insulted her judging by her response and she insulted you back. How does this prove that you're being harassed because of lolcow? Oh wait, it doesn't. Try again, sweetie!

No. 28982

can we just finally move this to /pt? she has proven herself enough worthy of being a lolcow by now

No. 28987

She is definitely a lolcow, but she's banned from posting in /pt/ which'd take away a lot of the fun.

No. 28989

Yeah better not let her on /pt/ cause she will feel like she has finally reached her idol kiki in fame and glory. She doesn't need that kind of validation.

No. 28993

File: 1442268529306.png (902.08 KB, 918x826, fish.png)

D-did she drape necklaces all over her poor fish or is this an optical illusion…?

No. 28994

FB link?

No. 28995

Don't let Kaka find out.

No. 28998

And BTW its not a fucking pan its a wagon

No. 28999



No. 29000

they're saying you panned over the property with the camera, dumbfuck.

No. 29001


Do you mean:
>a pan across her parents' beautifully maintained property

What's a wagon got to do with it?

No. 29002

The anon was referring to a camera pan.

No. 29005

this is a whole new level of mental retardation

No. 29006

The lurker said there was a pan in my yard it was a wagon

No. 29007

Wtf does panning the yard mean? This is fucking america we dont use lame terms such as "panning"

No. 29009

Um you should reread it. I just checked and she meant pan as in panorama.

No. 29010

well now you are being an obvious troll. thanks for ruining the fun

No. 29011


No we do, you are just too retarded to understand what the anon meant. Everyone else knew what they meant.

No. 29012

What's a wagon? The car?

No. 29013

We still dont use those terms in america speak english u brits

No. 29014

I'm from California. If you use a camera or a smart phone, you use that term.
I think she meant the wheelbarrow.

No. 29015


Everyone here knew what the anon meant, you are just too stupid and inbred. I bet a good portion of anions are Americans too.

No. 29017

… you could have at least gone for Ebola

No. 29020

Ebola aerola watever she not worth talking about

No. 29021


Wow the I detect a large amount of jealousy dripping from that post. Could you be any more obvious.

No. 29023

I hope she is just a cow and not a troll. Then again a troll wouldn't give up their address.

No. 29025

Lmfaoooo you're so retarded how did you pass a college program

No. 29027

>creates a thread about the girl
>not worth talking about

Also, jesus christ you're supposedly at least a basic med student and you don't know that it's spelt 'areola' and it's not 'the nipple'.

No. 29028

You are such a fucking retard!

Not worth talking about because she doesn't push your claims that you're being harassed by lolcow? How does it feel to be busted in your lies?

No. 29029

Jealous of u? Nah im genetic gold honey my moms family are decendents from czar… pretty sure u dont know wat that is lol

No. 29030

Stop pretending to be two different people ebola gawd ur so fucking annoying

No. 29031

are you not the same person who didn't know what "pan" "panning" meant?

No. 29033

I think she has a personality disorder.

No. 29034

I for one am completely russian without any sandnigger mix like u are, but what has race to do with u being stupid?

No. 29035

There's more than one farmer here right now you fucking idiot. You can't be genetic gold because your parents inbred you. Nice eyebags.

No. 29037


lol, I am different anon but then again you are too retarded to realize there are multiple people posting. You wish you were a descendant….stop trying to hide the fact you are white trash.

No. 29038

Who's accusing you of being jealous of them…? No-one.

I just wrote out a post on the 'Ebola' thread (thanks for stealing my nickname btw) about how I don't think Rima's trolling but goddamn. No-one can be this delusional, can they?

No. 29041


I would tap that ten times over before touching you with a ten foot pole Rima.

No. 29042

Someone is inbred and salty as fuck. That girl is a qt - no comment on her man friend though lol.

No. 29043

вы чертовски сука я не знаю , кто вы думаете, вы плохо иметь и знаю , что плохо убивать вас , не думая дважды продолжать говорить шлюха!

No. 29044

where is the ebola post though?

No. 29046

She is probably an innocent follower. You're really a shitty person.

No. 29047

Girl don't lie. You're not getting any IG followers from lolcow. I see you being jealous of a girl with Asian dick though.

No. 29048

amwf tags… god no

No. 29049

No. 29052

Can someone alert this poor girl that she is being attacked by Rima on here.

No. 29053

I went and checked, she's not even following her?

No. 29054

Tried, but the only active place seems to be Insta and I don't have a throwaway/anything I'd risk getting stalked by Rima account on there.

No. 29055

I fucking blocked her

No. 29057

File: 1442272386752.gif (389.09 KB, 250x175, tumblr_static_cnlac5m81uogkskg…)

>I have some problems controling my anger but now I'm ok and I see there's no point arguing with you, I have people that care about me, a job, studies, but you are just haters hiding behind a screen bye again.

No. 29058

Get a life faggot

No. 29063

I may not be beautiful but ill fucking kill anyone without hesitation noone fucks with me or my family

No. 29064

how many have you killed so far?

No. 29065

How are we fucking with your family?

No. 29066

Calm down terrorist. You are beautiful no matter what they say. Words can't bring you down.

Except they can and are.

No. 29067

So after the past few days of you saying "I'm better looking than all of you" you're now saying you're not attractive?

No. 29073

Im a scientologist and i have elite knowledge and thats wat makes me better than you

No. 29075

Does nobody else think that it's getting ridiculous? More so than usual?

No. 29076

Yeah, the beginning was like "wow what's wrong with this chick" now it's at the point where I think she has a mental disorder.

No. 29078

Right there with you, anon. This has gotten too easy and very sad.

No. 29079

Slowly losing interest in this cow

No. 29984

getting rid of dat evil 666 for u Rima!!!!

No. 29988


Anyone else notice in the Ebola thread she said the girl gave her brother herpes and was trying to start a career as an escort? Her ex hired an escort. Brother-boyfriend confirmed?

No. 30000

File: 1442284821863.jpg (47.49 KB, 1036x768, image.jpg)

No. 30008

>>29988 im an only child so no
Brothers nice observation there i can ur brain cells are working tonight

No. 30016

File: 1442288314723.jpg (78.15 KB, 663x586, 1436057763673.jpg)

>check em

Rima confirmed for Satan?

No. 30021

Im 50 shades of fucked up ;)

No. 30023

She's got the nose!

No. 30033


No. 30059

Enlighten me with your scientology.

No. 30065

Definitely, it's getting really stupid now.
I pretty much stopped believing here >>24860
>>24862 when she pretended to be someone else posting a screenshot of her own instagram picture (also note that in the screenshot it proves she is in her own profile/gallery from the button that takes you to your own profile [on the bottom right] being pressed, if that makes sense).
I reckon we've been had, farmers.

No. 30068


if you are genetic gold, how come you type like someone with down's and look like someone who's mom was raped by a horse?

No. 30071

What OT level are you on?

No. 30077

>Shit grammar

Nice google translate. Тебе не стыдно так разговаривать?

No. 30084

File: 1442318890291.png (12.97 KB, 436x225, I'M NOT LATINA.PNG)

No. 30107

I'm confused as to why you would post this. You've said worse things on that message to Ebola-chan than any of us have said here.

No. 30413

No. 30416

She should play Elmo's Short Bus that game would be more her speed

No. 30424

This girl is a caramel creme and a molasses chew short of a full assortment.

No. 30469

… does she have a floral top in every colour?

No. 30471

I don't recall admin being 'very nice' to Rima in the chat… They weren't outright mean, but everyone in the chat was clearly mocking her.

No. 30474

it's astounding how retarded she can be.

No. 30481

I feel like I lost brain cells listening to this.

Dying at the 'l-o-l cow' though.

No. 30497

File: 1442369062091.jpg (108.42 KB, 729x715, image.jpg)


No. 32016

File: 1442374798483.jpg (91.48 KB, 550x550, image.jpg)

Lol nah they wouldnt cuz i would shoot em up lol

No. 32017

Post pic of your guns though?

No. 32547

File: 1442376325675.jpg (138.48 KB, 720x960, image.jpg)

There ya go sweetie ;)

No. 32558

Rima, I just wanted to comment on what you said about layers making your hair look thinner. When you go to a salon, ask them to give you long, volumizing layers. There are layers that can get rid of bulk and there are layers that can give bulk. The angle that the hair is cut is what helps that. Of course, its completely your choice if you just don't want it, I was just going to throw that out there for you.

(Deleted and reposted due to errors in explanation)

No. 32560

lel stay inbred trash

No. 32561

File: 1442377743397.jpg (34.54 KB, 345x350, image.jpg)

>>32558 yeah my hair is fine but high density and ive had long layers before but when i out in pony tail it looks weird :\ i think one length is cool i wanna look like this lady

No. 32572

U keep repeating yourself anon from her videos her mom is white so shes not inbred are u slow?

No. 32576

File: 1442380686435.jpg (16.23 KB, 200x251, download.jpg)

>posts own screenshots
>posted own info on anon thread
>made videos to gain views
>constantly responds and checks thread

let the thread die.

No. 32577

Rima u are the only one who types like this u slow turtle. There's more than one anon calling you inbred. If it bothers you so much here's how you can shut down lolcow for good.

First write lolcow.farm over and over on your arms, on a piece of paper, and possibly the wall too.
Second, become an hero. Drink bleach, take a bunch of pills, slit your wrists, or even use one of your guns to shoot yourself in the head.
Third, wait for someone to find your body. When they do they will find your lolcow.farm notes and hopefully find this thread. Then they can rage about it, hire a lawyer to sue the internet, and lolcow will go away forever.

You'll have died for a truly noble cause.

No. 32579

Everytime I watch that movie, I always thought she was gorgeous. Her hair, makeup and body is just…wow!

No. 32580

File: 1442381068947.jpg (62.88 KB, 460x475, image.jpg)

Ill go with the second one lul

No. 32582

>doesn't know what lolcow is

I suggested the same thing (not as specific) 2 days ago.

No. 32583

Yes <3 i love that movie :D i used to have a crush on the guy i forgot his name lol

No. 32584

All of the above. I so wish I could be you.

No. 32606

Lmao, anon, that's dark.

Oh look people, babby's first samefag!

No. 32618

She's not ugly though

No. 32637

The bitch is busted as fuck

No. 32656

Unless your a victoria secret supermodel (and I'm sure your not) then you don't have any room to talk. Rima is pretty :)

No. 32660

>not one compliment since thread has been up
>rima posts pretending being another anon

obviously Rima

No. 32665

>>32660 stop being jealous and get a life loser… Rima is beautiful :)

No. 32686


> Same writing style as Rima.

You arent fooling us, we know it's you Rima.

No. 32695

File: 1442422887546.gif (1.37 MB, 320x240, rima be like.gif)

I found this looped and like..

No. 32708

Lol hi Rima. You can't hide behind anonymity here.

No. 32715

Rima must be very flexible to keep rimming her own asshole like this.

No. 33033

>>32660 for someone at her 30th > she do look beautiful. how old is she again?

No. 33046

Still think she looks good?

No. 33121

That is fucking busted.

No. 33179

(Posted by Kristen. Click for more info.)

This girl is fucking busted my god.

No. 33425

She really does look pretty busted to only be 24 years old. Holy shit, she looks older than someone in their mid 30s.

No. 33444

>>33046 ah sorry my bad i thought she was on her 30-ies. and yea… nope she doesn't look really that good

No. 33463

No. 33474

File: 1442580324082.png (737.29 KB, 1062x822, eyebags.png)


No. 33604


Tragic as fuck.

No. 33969

>CPR Dummies can't say no

No. 34019


Rioma found a bf.

No. 34769

can the admins maybe find out if rima has been self posting all along like princessdoll has? because it actually would make sense

No. 34776

I thought it was fairly obvious she was self posting all through this thread. She even put "Anonymous R" in the name field a lot of the time.

No. 34786

yes that part was clear, but the rule is that no cow is allowed to post a thread about themselves, and I feel like the thread itself was created by her!

No. 34827

Nah, I made the thread. You can get Admin to confirm if you want but really just looking at the OP, it's far too well-written to have been written by Rima. Even when she was pretending to be other people it was obvious it was her.

No. 34857

Rima's too retarded to understand lolcow. Look at the thread she made for Ebola and then look at this one, they're not really the same. I'd die laughing if she had made the thread but it seems pretty obvious she didn't after the batshit rage she went into.

No. 82571

rima should get her thread back for sucking at catfishing…
why are you even emailing other cows?

No. 82582

Deets? This sounds delicious

No. 82594

File: 1453155814994.jpg (519.06 KB, 1198x966, 20z4nir.jpg)

Rost got deleted but this is from sere's instagram. Rima admitting of having been a stripper

No. 82632

Bitch probably quit because her flat ass wasn't making as much bank as the other girls. So she's a drugged up slut living with her mom in bumfuck Dearborn getting catfished by her "long-distance boyfriend" and somehow thinks she's better than the girls she's harassing? lol

No. 83176

Dang. She's a real whore, or did she just make shit up to go along with Sere?

Did anyone save her weird twerking youtube video? She deleted or made it private. I thought I would post it here, but I forgot.

No. 90245

File: 1454825986290.png (159.25 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Apparently Rima is still harassing chicks on Instagram, and I'm 100% convinced she needs to be institutionalized.

No. 90246

File: 1454826064466.png (1.06 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

I'm guessing she targeted this girl because she looks kinda like Kota? Bitch is unhealthily obsessed with Kiki

No. 90247

File: 1454826151060.png (1.13 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

Last one I have for now. If anyone wants to check Rima's Instagram, she's public again

No. 90255

File: 1454828639342.jpeg (144.37 KB, 640x1078, image.jpeg)

Dat ass.

No. 90341

Where tho?

No. 90346


Wow, that's a tragic case of Hank Hill ass.

No. 90394

Is that "russian" part of her is actually a "russian armenian"? I have some friends who are armenian and she looks just like them. The only difference is that unlike her they all have awesome body shapes.

No. 90430

LOL what a cunt. Does everyone who doesn't look like a caveman have herpes then? Righto!

No. 90575

File: 1454924536148.jpeg (15.6 KB, 482x305, image.jpeg)

I can't find an ass, and this flat bitch spends her days on Instagram attacking other girls' appearances? lol

No. 90766

File: 1454973673315.png (1.04 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

Holy shit her boyfriend is ugly. And he cheated on her with an escort? Guess sex with Rima is so bad he has to pay someone else to fuck him.

No. 90774

A lot of white girls who get involved with actual Asian guys from Asia often don't realize how it's just accepted for married men to go to brothels there every so often. I remember reading 40% of married Korean men go at least once a month.

If you're cool with that, that's fine, but if not then you're going to find it to be a massive culture clash because the guy literally expects you to put up with it if he's the main breadwinner.

No. 90777

I guess that explains why Rimmer is posting pictures of herself in her underwear on Instagram now. If he can have a side dish, why not her too? Still pathetic, in my opinion, and I really believe she's mentally unstable if she's threatening random girls on Instagram like this >>90245

No. 90778

She just seems mentally ill, I'm not a mean-spirited person so I feel sorry for people like this more than anything else. This is what happens when you prioritize silly racial fetishes above love.

No. 90805

Why is this leb insulting latin@ women while claiming she is one?

No. 90886

I don't think she ever actually claimed to be a Latina, just some out of context comment she used to bash white women or something.

No. 92195

File: 1455376786193.jpg (173.69 KB, 566x600, rima.jpg)

Shit. This bitch is really everywhere (so am I lol). Found this on https://www.instagram.com/p/-AFYiWgvqp/

No. 92212

She just put her account on private.

No. 92561

Did ya ever read the whole thread?
She has claimed to be half russian half lebanese and half latina

No. 92566

bitch can't math

No. 92567

Tattoo removal in a mall! Laser purchased on eBay! What could go wrong?

No. 158885

File: 1469388325673.png (5.69 KB, 370x46, ok rima.png)

No. 158891

I'm sure you could buy a tattoo laser removal machine, but would cost THOUSANDS. Either way, i'd rather pay a medical professional to do my sessions.

No. 158897

Thanks for bumping this thread. That was great. This ugly bitch is crazy

No. 158905

How'd you guys find out it was her who shat up the thread anyway? Or did she first sperg all over insta?

No. 158932

honestly had forgotten about her until these comments on my fb feed about how often she's done crack. i saw her thumbnail and instantly was thinking 'WHO IS THIS COW'

No. 158936

I came to lolcow for a quick stroll and ended up wasting an hour reading through this thread, fuck.

I don't even have words, what a stupid, insecure bitch. it's SO fucking obvious how every random anon post that called her inbred or ugly affected her. she was probably crying and coughing while typing out most of her posts.

No. 158962

She posted screenshots and stuff herself first, probably didn't really realize how stupid that was.

No. 158975

I still follow her on Instagram. She's very boring and her pictures never get more than three likes. She pretends she's a trap qween who is into vaporwave and totarri in love with her Asian bf.

She is still here on lolcow. She was caught posting in the plastic surgery thread on /g/ about her gigantic sand nigger nose.

No. 159036

I thought she might have been the lowercase anon that was sperging out in defense of Kaka but a good case was made for it being Kaka herself. What a shame she deleted her L-o-l cow video. Come back to us Rima.

No. 159144

U ppl have a serious nose fixation are u really that insecure about ur own features that u have to put other ppl down that u dont even know?

No. 159158

You just have a weird nose.

No. 159164

U must be weird as shit too if u on here

No. 159169

you stuck around here for 2 hours waiting for a reply lmao

No. 159171

I was just like u guys at one point lookinh down at ppl in my school that did drugs n was like "im perfect unlike these ppl ill never be a bad girl" but shit happened .. Shit i couldnt handle like the economy collapsing.. A new war.. My dad going into the military… My neighborhood got really bad… And there was no job opportunities in my area… Shit happens that forces us to change

No. 159172

What the fuck? The economy collapsed and you started doing drugs?

No. 159173

Rima. stop using lolcow as a personal blog, no one gives a fuck

No. 159174

Everyone reacts to stress differently being high made me feel less alone

No. 159179

File: 1469472739337.gif (877.8 KB, 400x227, whatever.gif)

No. 159259

Well now it makes sense why she looks so haggard at such a young age - bitch is literally a crack whore. This just keeps getting better and better!

No. 159274

You need therapy not crack. You have some deep, deep issues you need help for.

No. 159384

File: 1469500970359.jpg (26.09 KB, 398x208, image.jpg)

Pretty sure u dont look better boo try again

No. 159386

Oh and i never tried crack nice photoshop job there >>158885
U really have nothing better to do lmao

No. 159390

File: 1469501613387.jpg (25.94 KB, 848x477, image.jpg)

This thread is pointless im letting it die now

No. 159568

Don't start this again. We know you're ugly inbred trash who does crack.

No. 159570

>U really have nothing better to do
this thread started 10 months ago and you're still coming on here DAILY lmao

No. 159586

I bet a MILLION DOLLARS that if u ugly fat bitches saw me i real life u wouldnt say that shit to my face u cowardly nobody hoes

No. 159589


Go back to your bando Rima we've all seen the shitty crack house you live in

No. 159591

Stop bumping my fucking thread stupid hoes sick of this shit

No. 159593

U can say watever u want about me i still dont give 2 fucke cuz i know u bitches would never DARE say it to my face fucking EMAIL AND SET UP A DATE TO MEET AND ILL SHOW UP 30 MIN EARLY but you fucking wouldnt cuz u bitches hide ur fat faces and ugly personalities behind a computer screen

No. 159594

>stop bumping my fucking thread
>5 minutes later bumps the thread

LMAO Rima you stupid cunt

No. 159610


Lmao pretty sure all of us have social media Rima, we just don't whore ourselves out on lolcow or share our profiles with literal crackheads

No. 159614

ew, you're so ghetto and trashy. your only arguments are death threats and threats of violence. you're trashy and retarded. hope you get taken out of the gene pool soon.

No. 159620

Email me and set a meeting place if ur not about it then shut ur fat mouth

No. 159621

This is my first time posting in this thread and I'd just like to say I'm cuter than you

No. 159625

N there are thousands of girls cuter than you try again

No. 159626

I cannot believe how fast you reply hahaha And thousands of girls cuter than me out of billions of girls in the world? I'll take that as a compliment

No. 159629


you look like CL!

No. 159630

File: 1469553468312.jpg (72.27 KB, 500x347, image.jpg)

No. 159636

You're like a real life Beetlejuice. It's so easy to summon you for shits and giggles just by posting here

No. 159638

File: 1469554120773.png (1.07 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

such beauty. much thin. so vaporwave. wOw

No. 159646

File: 1469554381093.png (1.22 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

Get a bra that fits you fucking slag. I'm sure the hospital you work for wouldn't like to know you're a drug addict

No. 159654

File: 1469555408554.jpg (16.84 KB, 300x300, image.jpg)

No. 159657

This bitch

>Calls lolcow users fat ugly bitches

>Lurks and posts here for months

No. 159661

U ppl need to stop commenting on my thread n bumping fucking kiki is back go bother her not me i dont have any milk for u

No. 159666

This thread is about you… It doesn't belong to you. You're really weird for not understanding that

No. 159668

are you still single and unemployed Rimus?

No. 159674

Speaking of Kiki, it's really funny how you're trying to copy her with your Asian boyfriendo. Is he still fucking prostitutes Rima? Hope he's wrapping it up!

No. 159683

File: 1469562733640.jpg (94.75 KB, 622x428, image.jpg)

I been dating asian guys far before kiki

No. 159684

Give my sympathy to the asian men

No. 159689

This thread is one of the best ones yet, thank you fellow farmers

No. 159708

File: 1469567211666.jpg (18.82 KB, 236x214, image.jpg)

U have my permission to eat pixelated dicks anon enjoy

No. 159745


Once inbred trash, always inbred trash. Post your gun pics some more you skeezy cunt.

No. 159749

File: 1469575797930.jpg (55.63 KB, 500x281, image.jpg)

Ur repetitive insults r lame like ur personality

No. 159750

Still inbred.

No. 159758

Im mixed race unlike ur racist ass eat a dick

No. 159763

How does inbred = racism? You dense fuck. This is why you have an uncle dad.

No. 159766

Bitch my mom n dad are from two different countries you fucking retard im white lebanese fucking die sonewhere cunt ur annoying me u must be an inbred since thats all u talk about u must have fucked ur brother n have fond memories cuz u wount stop talking about inbred do u fuck ur dog too? Retarded cunt ur argument is invalid

No. 159770

>"you talked about inbreeding so you're inbred!"
>talks about fucking a dog

Well now we know what you're into…

No. 159772

I guess Uncle Dad never made her to go to school.

No. 159780

Bless your poor illiterate inbred heart. How's the pan in your yard?

No. 159798

>still not getting there's than one person on this board
this is solid scientifically proven evidence you're inbred.

No. 159830

I know theres atleast 3 retarded far bitches here and im not fucking inbred you dog fuckers

No. 159853

It's very obvious you are inbred, though.

No. 159864

It's obvious u have no life cuz u sit on lolcow and pull prolly is like 40 n old asf hatin on younger girls

No. 159869

You do realize that with smartphones there's no reason to "sit" on lolcow all day? Everybody can call you inbred while on the go. The more you deny it the more obvious it becomes. Inbred ghetto trash.

Did you think this zinger was so good you had to come back and get your jabs in? I understand you're a slow in the mind because your mom knew her brother too well.

No. 159910

Ur still a loser so eat a dick n die

No. 159928

it's clear you're too stupid to even explain how stupid you are, but I can't help it. you literally answer ever post within half an hour or less. you're the one with no life who "sits on lolcow" all day

No. 159936

Rimjob I know you're too inbred to understand this but if you just stopped sperging out and responding it would end. This thread was dead for months until you decided to have illiterate meltdowns again. Thanks for the milk, inbred!

No. 159940

Ur doing the same fucking shit for all i know ur probably kiki herself thinking im the one talking shit about her looking haggard on her thread when i dont just cuz im someone u could physically identity as a "hater" when i was never a hater but a fan dont mean im talking shit on ur threads so fuck off commenting on mine im gonna comment till the thread sages and no longer accepts comments that is my fucking goal

No. 159949

Someone should email the hospital she works at her ig profile I'm sure they would love to know what a lovely person this girl is

No. 159956

I hope karma gets u one of these days for fucking with me so much when i did nothing to u cunts it was between me n kiki

No. 159960


ooft! the edge.

No. 159962

I hope you don't have access to any medications at the hospital "painkillergirl" that you would be tempted to divert, filthy crack head

No. 159963

Because you're still flipping the fuck out. Go ahead and tell me I'm a retarded far bitch dog fucker again.

When the thread sages another will just be made you dumb cunt. As long as there's milk, which you endlessly provide, we'll keep going. Do yourself a favor and block lolcow since it's causing you so much distress.

You're the one who came here and made yourself obvious in Kiki's thread because she blocked you. If it was between you and Kiki you should've kept it there. You're such an inbred.

No. 159971

careful don't cut yourself anon. this board is fucking razor sharp with all of rima's quick sassy comebacks.

No. 159972

I'm confused how poorly fit this bra is. Like, how do you botch your size this badly? Band-size and cup-size… it's all wrong.

No. 159980

It's the result of being a dirty inbred ape.

No. 159991

Oh ur done fucking ur dog huh? Did he last long this time? Did u have to keep applying the peanut butter on ur cunt oh let me guess.. U ran out ay? Ahahaha

No. 159993

Ok since theres so many of u i will invite my legit schizophrenic friend online who can type 1000 words a minute while drunk

No. 159995


>im fucking laughing im not in distess cuz im entertained with all the inbred comments

>proceeds to respond three fucking times in a row

Tell us again it doesn't hurt your inbred feelings.

No. 160005

im bored n i can fucking respond whenever u fucking want when im done youll know cuz ill get bored… Anyway bitch the fun has just begun

No. 160013

Rimjob, do you think making death threats on lolcow makes you more like Yuno? Because you're a little more like Joffrey from GoT with your inbred ass.

No. 160017

U ppl have no idea how much I miss this i have been literally blocked from every group i ever joined for arguing so im nowhere near being fucking done

No. 160021

Sorry i dont watch game of thrones i rather watch the same korean movie 30X which i have done before

No. 160023

I have no problem believing this, inbred ghetto trash.

No. 160030

Go buy some more peanut butter to put on ur cunt to orgasm off ur dog sick bitch

No. 160034

File: 1469590688266.jpg (230.69 KB, 772x359, reema.jpg)

>im nowhere near being fucking done

No. 160041

I wasn't asking for your show preferences. I just wanted you to know that you're:

1. Inbred
2. Psychotic
3. Ugly

No. 160042

That's a nice pic. Was it taken before she got ugly?

No. 160044

>sick bitch
>Go buy some more peanut butter to put on ur cunt to orgasm off ur dog


No. 160047

Thanks for taking the time out of ur day to make this retarded shit i feel honored.. Really i do its fucking beautiful XD

No. 160050

God u bitches must be 12 cuz ur insults fucking suck calling me ugly isnt doing shit…
"Oh boohoo some person i never met thinks i look bad boohoo" yeah ok ahahaha if u dont have anything funny to say fuck off

No. 160055

Well then, Rima, say something funny or fuck off.

No. 160060

>"Oh boohoo some person i never met thinks i look bad boohoo"
you've spent this whole thread calling a bunch of people you've never seen a picture of ugly.

in fact your last one was 13 hours ago lol

No. 160061

File: 1469591422632.jpg (97 KB, 1216x668, image.jpg)

Retarded dog fuckers.. Is that why u find me ugly? Is it cus THIS is ur sexual preference? Oh poor u.. Does this makr u wet for some peanut butter filled fun? Oh i bet it does! U naughty naughty women! Hehehehehehe

No. 160064

>tells same joke multiple times
Liven up that standup routine

No. 160068

Im trying to get my schizophrenic online friend to come play but hes too insane.. He asked me for a nude then said if thats how i wana spend the last days of my life then left.. Im working on it.. Give him time

No. 160070

Why do you know so much about bestiality? You're projecting a little here

No. 160074

Because I used to watch it..i watched a vid once of a man fucking a hen n the hen liked it so yea

No. 160076


Tell me this bitch isn't a retarded inbred.

No. 160078

Rima has a bestiality fetish. Let that be noted in the next thread's description

No. 160080

lmao I've never seen the accusation of projecting confirmed and accepted so casually on lolcow

No. 160084

How do you know the hen liked it versus not liking it?

No. 160087

i didnt confirm anything… Alot of ppl stumble across beastiality porn so dont act all innocent

No. 160088

Cus the hen was smiling if u want i can find u the video

No. 160090

>Alot of ppl stumble across beastiality porn
No…they really don't…

No. 160092

you're a sick nasty fuck. and, no joke, your IQ sounds like it's in the 70's.

No. 160093

Uh no they don't? I haven't and don't want to.

How the fuck does a hen smile? Their mouths are beaks.

Inbred ghetto trash watches bestiality and confirms projecting. This thread is fucking golden.

No. 160095

Ur fucking boring fuck off god ur annoying as shit

No. 160099

File: 1469592696465.jpg (72.79 KB, 1000x562, image.jpg)

Well since one of u messaged me on facebook once i searched ur name n saw a video of u fucking a dog so ur still a dog fucker.. Sad u

No. 160101

File: 1469592708101.jpeg (25.63 KB, 467x315, image.jpeg)

Jesus, this thread is gold. I never thought I'd see this white trash chimp out on here again, it's beautiful.

No. 160104

Sure, that happened.

No. 160105

If she continues this sperging I think she should be moved to /pt/.

No. 160110

this is the most entertaining thread on lolcow. it should be on /cream/

No. 160111

>on an anonymous board with lots of posters
>yus I def searched your name I totally know who you are

No. 160121

File: 1469593217050.jpeg (126.03 KB, 750x985, image.jpeg)

Meanwhile everyone actually knows who she is, where she is, and who she works for. Such a sad existence for you, Rimmer…A boyfriend who cheats on you, no friends outside of the Internet, and drug-induced delusions about some sort of Demonatta.
>mfw Aeon is just a retail company in Japan

No. 160132

Not that i care wat u think but…
1– MY EX was talking to his ex not not current boyfriend

2–im pretty happy n i have it better than ALOOT of people actually so im blessed
Lmfao god ur fucking annoying get hit by a bus somewhere ur existence is sad asf
U have serious hate for me lol i dont fucking know ur obsessed with me

No. 160137

File: 1469593757730.jpeg (17.92 KB, 381x254, image.jpeg)

>ur obsessed with me
>keeps bumping the thread and replying

No. 160138

U seriously have problems u got alot of hate and bitterness in you like i been thru alot of shit n i dont sit there n bother ppl like u

No. 160147

File: 1469593968061.jpg (48.85 KB, 595x77, reema.jpg)

No. 160148

Yea i said that but i still think shes pretty?

No. 160150

But you're not hateful or bitter at all, no.

No. 160152

You know it's really easy to just leave and not come back here, right? No one was posting in this thread for MONTHS, people forgot about you, but here you are giving us what we want. The only one who loses in this is you, Rimmer. The angrier you get, the more we're entertained. But I bet you actually like it, because it makes you feel like people are paying attention to you. You're a little circus monkey to us.

No. 160154

I am when im angry… But whenever i do bother ppl i get bad karma thats why i dont post in threads anymore n thats why i dont get banned again…. I liked kiki tagged her n i got mad i got blocked for tagging her in a meat photo which i understand was rude n I apologized to her about it…………

No. 160155

Yeah my typing sucks i know k

No. 160157

How long until you realize Kiki doesn't and will never give a fuck about you?

No. 160158

Anyway kiki… Im sorry k i know u been thru alot so i hope u leave me alone now

No. 160160


No. 160162

sirs question, do you have a lesbian boner for keeks? your emotional fixation on her (love/hate) are abnormally strong.

No. 160164

You really think Kiki has been harassing and bullying you? Holy shit lmao
>But whenever i do bother ppl i get bad karma thats why i dont post in threads anymore
Okay but you have no problem bullying young girls on Instagram just for disagreeing with you, right? You're just as bitter and ugly inside as the rest of us, Rima.

No. 160165

Im not a lesbian i just liked her music

No. 160168

Um…anyone? Your Facebook is easy to find, all your information is here. I found it in three seconds by just searching your name.

No. 160170

U must be the blonde girl who came to rachels defense i already knew u were in this thread all along n u even posted pictures of your fucking face on here

No. 160175

lmao girlllll you're dumb as hell.

No. 160176

I dont like kiki like that anymore I like grace neutral now

No. 160179

Actually, no, but I AM the person who posted her pictures here and I even befriended her. Gave her all your personal info too in case she decided to file a harassment suit against you for threatening her, since she's a minor and you're an adult.

No. 160181

Nah its you nice try cuz noone knows that girl she had no friends

No. 160183

U even changed ur name lmao but i blocked u tho

No. 160185

HOW did u know who i was even talking about unless its you?? Damn hahaha

No. 160189

File: 1469595031355.png (1.29 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

I'd like to know how I'm a 17 year old in Pennsylvania when it's almost 2pm where I am. Peek-a-boo, I see you! By the way, SoftBank is a Japanese phone company. Still think I'm her?

No. 160210

Girl ur digging urself a grave… If ur friends with her send me a pic of her profile.. Oh and if ur in japan shouldnt u be out living your weeaboo dreams n being hounded by jap boys? Lmao

No. 160231

File: 1469595752346.png (139.59 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

You DO know there are other things to do in Japan than be surrounded by boys, right, and that not just weeaboos come here? Not everyone has yellow fever.

No. 160236

You're going to get yourself banned this way, you dumb twat.

No. 160237

Eat sushi and go to karaoke? Are u asexual or something?
And ahaha well she shouldnt have messed with me..

No. 160246

File: 1469596043781.jpg (39.63 KB, 750x296, image.jpg)

Why are u whoring urself out on MY thread? Lmao

No. 160249

File: 1469596105064.jpg (146.82 KB, 750x897, image.jpg)

Ur obcessed with kiki

No. 160250

Which means it upsets you, which we all knew. That's why you're such a great cow. You provide endless milk!

No. 160251

Holy shit you're dense. I just showed you I posted her here AND had a conversation with her, and you STILL think she's here? Great detective work, Rimmer.

No. 160255

Shes a lolcow user obviously or she wouldnt know wat the term farmer meant

No. 160262

File: 1469596356813.png (896.13 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

lol, this dumb cunt

No. 160264

>Reaching this hard

No. 160267

File: 1469596432714.jpg (122.35 KB, 750x1334, image.jpg)

So this must b u ? Lol such a weeaboo

No. 160268

File: 1469596433644.jpeg (94.23 KB, 750x598, image.jpeg)

Why you so bitter and hateful rimjob

No. 160269

File: 1469596455616.png (930.65 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Protip: I've been following you on Instagram for months. I see everything you do. You're a pathetic piece of shit. Good job

No. 160272

Well hello fan nice to see u joined our party please do help urself to some dog shit covered strawberries I saved for u to snack on

No. 160274

She's really cute. I bet that pisses you off more. Having girls easily 10x more attractive than you roasting you all through this thread.


No. 160277

File: 1469596655031.gif (405.52 KB, 400x250, image.gif)

Still not me. Just because I'm in Japan, doesn't mean I'm Japanese. But keep hunting, I'm sure you'll find me one day. Maybe.

No. 160278

File: 1469596697110.jpg (19.31 KB, 413x310, image.jpg)

Mmmm u like that?
Aaaand like i said i have NOTHING against cute girls just dont get it my way in real life…

No. 160282

File: 1469596767242.jpeg (644.5 KB, 2048x2048, image.jpeg)

>U have zero likes lol

Your pathetic bra pic has less likes than her fully clothed lmao

No. 160287

File: 1469596811618.jpeg (101.48 KB, 540x960, image.jpeg)

And it's not me, either~

No. 160290

And how did Fauxre "get in your way" by just disagreeing with a comment you made about Rachel? And the other girls you threatened and bullied on Instagram? You're so full of bad, angry vibes, you should let it go ~*

No. 160292

And btw theres no roasting going on u bitches basically repeat the same 5 name calling n its starting to bore me i might have to stop responding soon cuz i dont havr the patience

No. 160299

She shouldnt have messed with me.. And god u have a hard-on for this girl or what? Do u want to fuck her or something?

No. 160304

and she even tagged boobs lmao

No. 160307

File: 1469597107383.jpg (23.85 KB, 750x176, image.jpg)

Atleast i have more followers than Im following!! Ahahahaha

No. 160309

shame none of them care about your boobs huh

No. 160310

U guys can talk all the shit u want since its harmless but if any of u ever got in the way of my happiness in real life it will not end well … Just sayin

No. 160314

File: 1469597261936.png (1.55 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

But you're also mentally retarded, inbred, and living in a trailer in Detroit. Your life is sad and pathetic.

No. 160316

You can't even hit the right keys on the keyboard fam.

No. 160319

LMAO i wish i had my own trailer! Hahaha wanna buy me one!

No. 160326

You're the only one in the way of your happiness. You keep coming here, making yourself upset, and screaming at walls that will never move. Why do you care so much what we say if it really doesn't bother you? I feel like you come back here because we say the same things your little negative voices tell you about yourself, and you want to defend yourself because you don't want it to be true. We admit here that we're catty bitches, you're the only one in denial.

No. 160335

So you don't even have your own place?

Rima the inbred, jobless, homeless, animal fucking thug from Detroit!

No. 160342

Aren't you like 32 or something? And you still smoke crack and live with your parents?

No. 160344

Too bad she didn't fall in the lake and drown. Is that a fucking scrunchie on her arm? Who uses scrunchies in god damn 2016?

No. 160346

Haha yup im a thug from detroit u finally get it lmfaoooo

No. 160348

Anything else u guys wana ask cuz im not coming back (^___^)

No. 160349

when did you first realise nobody cared

No. 160350

File: 1469597885240.jpeg (108.26 KB, 560x423, image.jpeg)

See you soon

No. 160359

File: 1469598076106.png (948.42 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

so how severe is your Down syndrome?

No. 160362

Why? You going to shoot up some people and fight them via Instagram?

No. 160365

No, you wish you were a thug. You're just an inbred ghetto trash cunt.

No. 160376

File: 1469598687103.jpg (58.89 KB, 500x414, image.jpg)

No. 160381


No. 160401

Come fite me!!

No. 160404

File: 1469599277819.jpeg (44.73 KB, 405x363, image.jpeg)

Couldn't even last five minutes. Such a reliable cow.

No. 160407

Don't lie to us. We're all friends here.

No. 160438

You admitted in this very thread you did drugs. >>159171 >>159174

No. 160439

I have tried vicodin n weed but never hard-drugs like the photoshop suggested

No. 160442

But you said that when you were laughed at for being a crackhead.

No. 160452

When in living hell did i say this bullshit

No. 160458

So you admit you stole Vicodin from elderly patients at your job and got high on it?

No. 160466

Stealing medications from patients is a felony and so is slander.. I really hope karma gets u.. Ur a seriously evil person

No. 160470

Do u people seriously get off on bothering people with life issues? Cuz thats a level of fucked up and evil iwill never reach.. U people are pure evil.. Karma will get u in the end

No. 160471

Does this girl ever sleep? It's in the early AM hours in the States right now, right? Those huge bags under your eyes are going to get worse, Rima.

No. 160472

Scroll up and read the damn thread? Your deleted posts don't count as it never happening.

No. 160475

>Do u people seriously get off on bothering people with life issues?
You keep coming here and bumping the thread, no one here actively harasses you anywhere else. No one posted here for months, and you started this all over again yourself. Just admit you like the attention, since you keep coming back.

No. 167994

This inbred bitch is still at it, making an asshat of herself in Kooter's thread. >>167700

Hey Rima, you're still trash.

No. 168046

>I am really tempted to to make a second account and tell her to start working out
lmao Rimus look at yourself first you cow

No. 168052

File: 1472051615088.jpeg (6.03 KB, 256x143, images.jpeg)

Holy shit this whole thread is a rollercoaster & I'm so glad it was bumped. 10/10 would read again.

No. 169682

File: 1472527453370.jpeg (158.91 KB, 750x1068, image.jpeg)

An inbred-looking husbando, too. Weird how she's just as paranoid, delusional, and try-hard as Kaka and has the same shit taste in guys.

No. 169698

His face doesn't look terrible from the side, but wtf is going on with his hair and the skinny-fat gut?

No. 169700

File: 1472534227872.jpeg (128.77 KB, 750x1033, image.jpeg)

Maybe it's just because I don't have yellow fever or find Asian men attractive, but this guy is painfully average if not borderline unattractive.

No. 169701

I don't have any racial preferences. He's not awful looking by any means, pretty average looking, but not ugly. His hair is pretty unfortunate though and he seems very skinny/fat. I more so wonder how he handles all that crazy tbh. Maybe he's looking for a visa? Or is he American?

No. 169705

File: 1472536409982.jpeg (135.04 KB, 750x1095, image.jpeg)

lol, the tag. She must be refreshing this thread every 5 minute.

No. 169707

Racists? I said I have no racial preferences and the other anon said they simply didn't find Asian guys attractive. Keep it crazy Rima.

No. 169709

File: 1472538090848.png (1.47 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

Guess my 6-year-old niece is a fucking genius then

No. 169716


Is Lebanese white?

No. 169755

No. 169763

what the fuck is that mess even? Rimjob must have been feeling extra creative after smoking her crack pipe

No. 169766

I forgot about her rants about smoking crack, but only on occasion, so it's no big deal. Sometimes I miss her.

No. 169820

Just follow her IG. It's almost as annoying.

No. 171311

She tries to be Kaka so hard with her yellow fever and posting inspirational quotes thinly veiled at the haters. Sorry Rimjob but you're not exactly putting out "positive vibes" when you come here and threaten everybody with a gun like the inbred trash you are.

No. 172289

File: 1473365600336.jpeg (153.78 KB, 750x1198, image.jpeg)

lmao she tagged this #bigboobs and you can see she's using her arm to lift her tits together! I thought big boobs were useless, Rimmer? You really are just a sad, pathetic, spineless attention whore. Did the messages from those desperate Instagram guys make you feel better? You know, since you constantly need validation from boys to feel like you have worth? It's funny how you're just as bad, if not worse, than the people you come here to mock, you board-flat hypocrite.

No. 173133

File: 1473603767804.jpeg (119.5 KB, 750x1188, image.jpeg)

I wonder how her boyfriend feels about her whoring herself out on Instagram. Nice nip slip, Rimmer.

No. 173137

File: 1473604916735.jpeg (35.16 KB, 224x219, image.jpeg)

No. 173151

File: 1473608975878.jpg (14.15 KB, 333x251, 2016-09-11 08_43_14-Rima Macho…)

Something tells me she's actually a patient. Also I'm slightly surprised she hasn't gotten in trouble for threatening to decapitate people.

No. 173164

What disappointing tits. Those tags… Between that and this thread being up there when her name is Googled, I'm expecting her future prospects won't be so bright.

No. 173230

whoring yourself on instagram for 18 likes.

No. 173249

File: 1473634809075.jpeg (21.39 KB, 489x301, image.jpeg)

She DOES know that when you're barely a Bcup, the "B" doesn't mean "big," right?

No. 173371

I counted at least three nip slips, at one point you see her whole tit. I'm sure her boyfriend is proud.

No. 174243

Any chance someone saved this video since her IG is private now?

Hey Rima, stop fighting the urge and come back to us.

No. 198399

File: 1479165079164.png (236.07 KB, 1152x392, Screen Shot 2016-11-14 at 23.1…)

Oh Rima…

No. 198400

Hahahaha holy shit, is this legit?
Where did you find this?

No. 198403

No. 198415

>Hi boo anyway to the Michigan anon u can comeover n bring a date we can go to dave & busters
don't know why this comment nearly sent me into hysterics but lmao

No. 198416

File: 1479166769136.jpg (35.76 KB, 640x852, 581a80a0d37e8e420f4956cbe.jpg)

Why would you post this picture on an escort site?
Yeah, nothing attracts a horny straight man more than a woman dressed like an early transition ftm that binds their tits down.

No. 198417

Lmao whoring yourself out for crack money now Rimmer??

No. 198420

File: 1479166945351.png (354.16 KB, 700x884, autism.png)

Well, this seems like appropriate work for her.

No. 198423

I'm fucking dying

No. 198424

Someone made fake profiles almost 2 weeks in advance of your return? K, Rima.

No. 198425

File: 1479167133587.png (1.18 MB, 1440x1715, Screenshot_2016-09-10-09-21-57…)

Time for a photo dump!

No. 198426

U bitches have no life why would I escort if i have a job?

No. 198427

File: 1479167166918.png (1.71 MB, 1440x1910, Screenshot_2016-09-20-16-08-27…)

U can tell she works out guys

No. 198429

File: 1479167212561.png (1.51 MB, 1440x2120, Screenshot_2016-09-10-09-24-07…)

Nice food baby Rima

No. 198432

Fake, of course…
I wonder what happens if we call that number?
What was it again…(586) 533-4245?

No. 198433

File: 1479167317459.png (1.48 MB, 1440x2109, Screenshot_2016-09-10-09-23-17…)

First you gotta do the truffle shuffle Rima!

No. 198435

File: 1479167532248.png (1.77 MB, 958x646, capture_006_14112016_150202.pn…)

fuckin lel

No. 198436

Ugh, at least try to match the bra with the panties.
And is she wearing two pairs? A g-string underneath a different pair?

No. 198437

Yikes. 6:02 for the lovely part.

She also talks about a tattoo she's already had removed and another she's planning to get rid of. Sounds like a responsible adult and healthcare professional to me.

No. 198439

Wow, I remember seeing her tell other girls skinnier than her on IG to stop being lazy and start working out.

No. 198441

File: 1479168235109.png (1.64 MB, 926x617, capture_007_14112016_150354.pn…)

> beautiful boyfriend

oh rima honey no you don't have to lie to yourself

No. 198442

Not to WK Rima but… at least he's still better looking than Taku

No. 198448

Damn, he makes Taco look attractive.

No. 198539

Nah, he's definitely worse than Taku, though the facial hair kind of helps I guess? Both of them have fucked teeth tho.

No. 198611

So nice to see she's still dirty inbred trash. I guess that good job she had didn't work out.

No. 198624

>"People are crazy online."

No. 198626

Why is she so awful at matching underwear?

No. 199017

File: 1479238833152.png (64.79 KB, 388x658, ironique.png)

How ironic. Just a couple of weeks ago she was bashing the lifestyle of well-known scammer/stripper Kirsten Amanda.

No. 199211

lmfao, this girl is a riot. i love to see the shit she posts because it's so unwarranted. i can't even remember how she got here. wasn't it because she got spurned by Kiki and then completely lost her shit?

No. 256881

File: 1487918563204.png (1.8 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170224-013702.png)

Here's her new Instagram

No. 257002

You guys realise the word inbred is actually triggering her? She loses her shit every single time. fucking kek

No. 331709

File: 1496979059595.png (1.41 MB, 750x1334, IMG_5252.PNG)

So I know this counts as necroing a fairly dead thread, but holy shit has she spiraled. Lately all she posts is her inhaling NOS from balloons in her car and she looks absolutely haggard. The next Luna, maybe?

No. 331725

File: 1496980377267.png (910.87 KB, 750x1334, IMG_5254.PNG)

One of the videos shows this guy leaning into her window, saying, "Hey, gimme a hit, mama." I wonder if she's still escorting to buy her fix.

No. 331778

I don't see any changes other than her bags becoming more pronounced. It's a shame, because if she were to lose some weight (give or take some toning) and turn her lifestyle around, she'd be a lot prettier.

No. 333268

Tbh the videos of her inhaling nos out of balloons in cars made me hella sad, it sounded like someone got in her car in one of them and in another it sounded like she was talking to someone. i hope she is careful, Detroit is so dangerous

No. 333428

She had those escort ads for a while, so she's probably doing that to pay for the nos. It's definitely pretty sad how much she's spiraled, though I suspect she was on her way to that before she ever posted here anyway.

No. 333440


Did she changed her name again? I can't find her.

No. 333461

She's xanaxgirl1991 now

No. 333646

I thought the same thing, tho I also wonder if she is doing lyft or uber as she had a gps on in one of the newest videos.

No. 333647

I definitely think she is escorting tho. I feel like in one video at the end, she says like 'huh??' And then 'oh I orgasmed that good huh?' I stg thats what I heard. It is the video where she keeps accidentally flipping the camera back to herself

No. 333658

That video confused the fuck out of me, I couldn't understand a word she said, thanks.

No. 334286

I wonder if that's what she went to jail for. On one of her pics someone told her the car she was driving sounded bad and she said something about getting locked up three months before. That's how I took it anyway.

No. 334621

I googled her and nothing but this thread really came up lol and like her pof profile and other dumb shit and voter id but i d k

No. 341500

Necroing again. This girl might be worth keeping tabs on though. She seems pretty lulzy. Look at this video where she's doing her whip its and talking about being on probation, then shouting out that she needs followers. She sounds like that walking on sunshine girl from intervention.

She also brags about doing xanax and did a live stream where she had a breakdown and cried. She doesn't have a lot of followers clocking her spiral but she's kind of a mess.

She's got a new IG where this goes down. https://www.instagram.com/sadgirlloves/

No. 341520

From the sounds of her recent IG posts, I guess her boyfriend dumped her and she's working at a Motel 6. All that medical school wasted. Glorious.

No. 343464

File: 1498759967448.png (113.61 KB, 750x1200, IMG_5397.PNG)

She actually flashes her tit in one of her Instagram videos, sells her Snapchat like cam girls, and seems to be trying to be like Too Poor and Lil Peep with her burned out druggy aesthetic. Goddamn she tanked quick.

No. 343488

File: 1498763267620.png (1.44 MB, 974x1244, Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 15.4…)

is she doing some sexual streams? In instagram she has some screenshots but I don't get where are from or maybe just doing vlogging?

No. 343504

I think she's camming, but no idea what her username is.

No. 343756

That's from live.me. Not surprised if she's camming or doing sex work though.

No. 390198

File: 1505961143862.png (1.65 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2017-09-20-15-04-27…)

Rima FINALLY got a pair of matching bra and panties so you know I had to document the occasion

No. 390200

File: 1505961286558.png (1.92 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2017-09-20-22-26-49…)

Also this because why are you camming in an unfinished house whith an empty bed frame Rima lol

No. 431793

Her boyfriend got deported while she was in jail

No. 431821

She’s on probation in 3 different cities n her car got smashed n almost died

No. 463930

File: 1515299598975.jpeg (160.61 KB, 750x1200, D26463E7-D1BB-45E1-8FEE-B9F032…)

Sorry to necro but Rima is still my favorite snowflake. After her boyfriend got deported, she upped her escorting and drug addiction, works as a stripper and is dating a girl from work, posts videos on her Instastory of being in hotels with clients and hanging with her friends doing cocaine…It’s a trainwreck I can’t look away from, and now it seems she’s a Nazi? I don’t know if the symbol is also associated with Satanism and why she’s tagging it as witchcraft, but it’s just bizarre watching her slow spiral since she sperged out here.

No. 463940

Wicca phase springs eternal is a rapper

No. 463943

Doesn’t explain the Nazi emblem, though, unless the rapper uses it?

No. 463954

not as far as I know which makes it especially weird…I think she’s mostly just out of her mind.

No. 463999

what is with these retards wearing swastikas

No. 504507

She an infinite supply of milk if u guys follow her snap : sailor_confused

No. 504509

Apparently she’s stripping up make enough money to go to Japan to marry her nipponese boyfriend that got deported n live there n work as an English teacher kek

No. 506102

File: 1518882591977.png (104.65 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0360.PNG)


soooo apparently this bitch got for charged her drug habit lmfao

No. 506135


Please proofread next time you make a post.

No. 546532

Sorry to necro but She hasn’t posted anything anywhere in over two weeks since like March 15 I hope she’s locked up and not dead. I can only find that one arrest record

No. 555760

Her Youtube is still active… This was updated on the 13th of April.

No. 555848

she changed her ig name to sadbeauty91 and posted a bunch yesterday. she was probably locked up for a while. i wish her thread was more active.

No. 555983

Yeah I found it yesterday and same about the thread being more active I think she’s definitely hooking because she will posted a picture from a hotel in downtown Detroit was a bunch of cash this girl does some really risky shit

No. 556130

File: 1523798334069.jpg (Spoiler Image,32.25 KB, 463x587, lol.JPG)


Damn this girl is just pathetic. She is doing all this for the druggy insta aesthetic or what? She sounds like a crack addict in her latest videos lmao. What a train wreck of a person.

Also classy videos of her being slapped in the face https://www.instagram.com/p/BejyBPanOm-/

No. 556719

It's not just for aesthetic. She was doing whipits hard for a while then she stopped. She's been doing Xanax a lot then she whines about wanting to run into cop cars for the times she gets in trouble for all the shit she does. But she was up in this thread trying to threaten farmers with guns and act like she's a hardass better than everyone. She's a drugged out prostitute.

There was one video on her IG, not sure if she took it down. She was in her car doing her drugs and this old ass man was parked near her and she was talking to him. He was definitely a client of hers from the way he was talking.

No. 587324

it doesn't bump the thread if you sage right? I check up on this chick every so often and she hasn't posted in like a month again. I always want to assume she's in jail but I'm always low-key scared she's dead in some ditch or hotel room or parking lot in metro Detroit somewhere

No. 884303

No but all my other friends are dead tho thanks for your concern farmers(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

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