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File: 1444245611631.jpg (578.42 KB, 598x530, satansface.jpg)

No. 39939

Can we finally give this horror it's own thread?

Delusional obviously ED Bible beater/ Jesus freak, concocts "unique" recipes universally agreed upon to be inedible, only takes "silly" selfies because apparently regular ones are "vain"…

A goldmine of lulz
Post about the ShitSatanMinger here!
(Screencaps appreciated, I'm not an instagrammer and I think she's private currently)

No. 39940

She looks so healthy and happy (and has such a normal facial expression) in the left picture. It's sad to see the comparison.

No. 39943

oh god is this that chick who made that vegan "ice cream"?

No. 39947

I think so, was it the one made of frozen cauliflower or something?

She also put cut up raw vegetables in a bowl with (almond?)milk and cinnamon, called it "vegan cinnamon toast crunch!"

And she puts stevia IN EVERYTHING, like twenty drops of it

No. 39950

File: 1444247929900.png (941.62 KB, 935x596, 3432wg5y6.png)

Nah it's still public.

She exercises obsessively. Running, ice skating, or gym. They type of food she eats would never give her enough nutrients for all the work she does. That assuming she even eats it all. Recently she's been complaining about back and hip pains too.

No. 39953

I think someone mentioned in the Aly thread that ol' gingey had to have her joints examined by a doctor recently, mentioned something about an incision (?)


No. 39954

No. 39955

File: 1444248710946.gif (1 MB, 350x191, ohlawdy.gif)

No. 39956

File: 1444248843960.jpg (45.18 KB, 360x480, blogger-image-1203699166.jpg)


"Raw Vegan Cinnamon Toast Crunch"

Does anybody know how to screencap instagram posts? My computer won't let me for some reason, or save the images.

No. 39957

not sure if there's a better way but you can use your computers snipping tool by searching for it in the start menu. Then you can select the portion you want to copy on a page.

No. 39958

File: 1444249197905.png (49.9 KB, 318x362, cookbookwhat.png)

Guys! You can pre-order a copy of her cookbook for only $30!

No. 39963

File: 1444249360268.jpg (5.28 MB, 4566x4566, collage_20150727202421027.jpg)

Gurl is fucked up

No. 39966

Why would anybody pay for content which has already been released online for free?

No. 39968

Ewww her skin is a disaster. I thought raw food vegan orthorexics were supposed to GLOW!! like the other one, the banana bitch, looking blotchy af

She needs some bangs, some eyebrows, and some mascara for a start.

No. 39976

File: 1444251814318.gif (582.11 KB, 500x330, jesus help me.gif)


NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! All these…these…pictures of the Ginge in ONE THREAD. I need to look away…I can't look away…hnggggg farmers just…just…aaaaaaahhhhggggg

No. 39978

I sooooo want to draw her eyebrows on!

No. 39983

>some eyebrows


No. 39999

Eugh, those soulless ginger eyes….

No. 40004

jesus christ she looks like a horse.

No. 40006

A dead one

No. 40016

My sides, anon.

No. 40036

She reminds me of Will Ferrell in Elf.

No. 40037

I feel like she shouldn't look so hideous (in the before) but she does. Is it really all just the lack of eyebrows and eyelashes?

No. 40039

Somebody with skills (not me) should try shooping some eyebrows onto her

No. 40040


yeah, brows and lashes would have made her pretty alright looking

No. 40044

i wonder what caused her to become obsessed with food and her weight? i might be stepping into gomi armchair shite here but there must be a reason?

No. 40045

File: 1444264948455.png (1.02 MB, 937x600, clovenhooves.PNG)

Thanks for telling me about the snipping tool, prepare for a horrifying ginge dump!

Those feet are horrifying, but some of the tags she uses make me want to physically hurt her

No. 40046

File: 1444265054971.png (964.59 KB, 935x600, gingerdad.PNG)

Not sure, but I'm gonna guess it has something to do with low self esteem, probably mocked for her hideous gingerness from childhood.

She mentions her dad visiting, maybe her parents aren't together?

His face tho, channeling Aly's dad harcore

No. 40047


Did they get lost looking for #thinspo?

No. 40048

File: 1444265174489.png (843.96 KB, 938x600, stickbug.PNG)


Nope, looks like plenty of that here after all! Dem legs

No. 40050

File: 1444265280829.png (681.12 KB, 936x603, whoppingthreeoutoften.PNG)

I hope she finds this thread kek

No. 40051

File: 1444265387107.png (763.32 KB, 938x600, totesnotanorexiaguys.PNG)

Nope, nothing unusual about this being your daily intake.

Her food almost looks like she already purged it.

No. 40057

I think he was visiting because she's at university

No. 40059

File: 1444266713806.jpg (106.1 KB, 595x596, ginge4.jpg)

Someone please photoshop a dick here, a veiny one please

No. 40060

that jar looks like something that would come out of a rotting corpse
also that's a packet of baby food that shes holding

No. 40062

Well this looked so much like a dick when I scrolled past there..

No. 40063

You have some weird requests anon, what's the deal?

No. 40064

File: 1444267249989.jpg (88.69 KB, 593x591, ginge5.jpg)

what's with her post running selfies? Why does she pose like that? Open arms, facing up to the sky, orgasm face WTF!?

No. 40066

Because that's how GREAT GOD IS, Anon! #christianselfie #veganselfie #absforjesus #godisgreat

No. 40068

Oh i'm sorry, i thought that this was lolcow. My bad!

No. 40069

She didn't even start university in the end, think it says on her bio now that she's working to save money for it, though I'm sure she didn't start cause it would take away from her obsessive exercise and bizarre food. And now she's asking for ten grand to publish a cookbook on gofundme. I really think she believes she's some kind of vegan guru who doesn't need uni cause she's harnessed the power of Jesus Christ as rancid cabbage farts.

No. 40070

She kinda has bulimic cheeks

No. 40071

HA *and
Though maybe Jesus has returned in the form of gas? Who could say…

No. 40072

This thread reeks of gomi

No. 40073

because GOD IS SO GOOD and taking a NORMAL picture of yourself is vain! praise god

No. 40074

File: 1444268733717.jpg (127.92 KB, 453x290, large_unity mlive.jpg)

That's just how Christians pose.

No. 40076

Orgasm faces everywhere…

No. 40080

No. 40095

File: 1444272512266.jpg (243.07 KB, 595x596, 1444266713806_mh1444272451842.…)


No. 40097

It looks too real omg

No. 40099

Omg that's perfect!

No. 40101

Wow, Ginge really has no tittage whatsoever.

No. 40111

i might order this. i want to see her writing style and lulzy "recipies".

maybe there will be some bonus content or shit she hasnt shared on her blog too

No. 40114

Dante and him are prob priest friends

No. 40115

Holy fuck i love you

No. 40116

So now someone needs to take random objects in Gremlin's pictures and censor them out. The more penis-like the better

Or play a game of porn or not porn

No. 40117

Pls staph

No. 40119

Now I know why people say gingers don't have souls.

No. 40121

File: 1444279801332.jpg (287.28 KB, 727x900, topjew.jpg)

because people who follow jewish religion always turn out to be fucking insane.
pic related: definitely a virgin

No. 40122

lol, those baby food things were recommended on MPA around that time…that flavour specifically was lower in calorie. hmm.

No. 40168

How old is she?

She looks 12/14

No. 40169

File: 1444294340246.jpg (136.11 KB, 566x282, 12088127_1025778624139581_7283…)

She looks like some kinda Dr. Seuss character

No. 40180

I think she said she turned 19 recently? She usually tags herself as a #vegankid too, kind of like Aly being a "blondie happy child" because they all seem to be infantilized weirdos.

No. 40199

I was just about to mention that she looked like a Who in that Horton Hears a Who movie.

No. 40206

i think she tries to present herself as younger because being that skinny can be normal if you're like 12

No. 40223

File: 1444311061714.png (Spoiler Image, 902.44 KB, 600x601, ffffffffffff.png)

No. 40226

Damn anon, I'm glad you put a spoiler on that.

No. 40244

how can someone be that ugly

No. 40309

File: 1444327269174.jpg (48.43 KB, 304x586, omfgwhy.jpg)


No. 40314

How does she think she's not still vain as fuck?
Her whole obsession is extremely vain, but she tries to make it about "health" so she doesn't have to admit that she's going to hell according to her own beliefs.

No. 40332

File: 1444331664933.jpg (18.76 KB, 460x310, wndwlckr.jpg)

All I can see.

No. 40336

File: 1444332582472.png (1013.94 KB, 934x598, vomit.png)

She gets very defensive when people point out how ugly her food looks. You would think someone trying to put out a cookbook would want to make the photos as appetizing as possible, but those shitty food pics she posts are what she's actually putting in the book.

No. 40337

File: 1444332905441.gif (481.19 KB, 476x203, aphex.gif)

Srsly got to petition admin to force spoilers on Ginge pics.

No. 40428

Wild guess but probably due to her figure skating?

No. 40430

File: 1444348779534.jpg (57.76 KB, 360x480, blogger-image--1398000518.jpg)

She's been figure skating for a long time and only started displaying signs of an ED last year. Her story is that she had some vague "health problems" that she "cured" by eating only stevia, rotting veggies, and zero calorie noodles. I really think she is a classic orthorexic instead of your typical ana who wants to be the thinnest fragile bonespo skelly angel.

She never mentions her body or her weight, only her health. She seems to genuinely believe that eating 20 pounds of low calorie frankenfood per day and overexercising is good for her. If she thought her behaviour was unhealthy, she wouldn't obliviously post her recipes and skeletal body all over the internet… even the most disordered anas still realize that they're ana and tag their shit with #recovery or #thinspo

To make up for this armchair psychoanalysis, here's one of my favourite Ginger recipes:

Summer Tomato Dijon Spaghetti with Fresh Mint. Vegan, Gluten-free. Serves one.

1. One serving spaghetti noodles of choice, cooked according to package instructions and set aside. (note- i'm quite sure those are 0 cal shirataki noodles in the pic)
2. 2 T Dijon mustard
3. Pinch stevia
4. 1-1/2 T water
5. One large Roma tomato, chopped
6. 2 fresh spearmint leaves, chopped
Sweet tomatoes, tangy Dijon, refreshing spearmint…what could be better?!

No. 40432

She likes to use condiments a lot as sauces, especially Dijon mustard. Makes me gag just thinking about it. Of course, you can't forget the stevia.

No. 40465

Wouldn't she notice that many of her followers are anas? Shouldn't that bother her?

And the low cal babyfood packet above that anon said was being discussed on MPA, could be just coincidental, but very suspicious.

No. 40483

File: 1444366556124.png (434.06 KB, 669x677, idk.png)

Eh, I think it's interesting how she posts pics of that watch with the calorie count on it feels like she does it intentionally just to show the calories burnt imo and she's talked about food having no calories as if that's a health benefit she needs/seems to go for low calorie food even when it's not really that healthy or beneficial in any other way compared to other organic food.

And let's not forget about her doctors who apparently say her weight is ok and she doesn't overexercise at all!! And her mystery food allergies which are probably bs

No. 40487

File: 1444367055941.png (11 KB, 287x95, wtf.png)

Side note, scrolling through her insta was borderline traumatic. Her ugly (not vain!) excessive selfies are so obnoxious and her food looks so gross. I'm trying to imagine what she's like irl, she must be so damn annoying

No. 40494

idk I could let the watch one slip, if the results are all on the one screen she can't really show off her workout without the calorie count being there incidentally.
The 'no calories'/'low calorie' crap could also just be that she obviously has a very limited idea of what healthy is, and (like a lot of people who are into fitness but know dick about nutrition) thinks that less calories = better eating.

I agree that with all of this together, though, it doesn't come across looking good.

No. 40727

Ginger (like Aly) does NOT have bulimia cheeks. A lot of purgers use their fingers to purge and often have nicked up fingers. Neither ginger or Aly have auch an issue.

No. 40745


No. 40794

I'm going to feel sorry for the poor bastard that will encounter her emaciated dead body on the side of the road after her heart gives out on her during one of her running for the Lord workouts

No. 41124


>posting from Middle Earth

>we found Gollum!
>it died as it lived, in the pursuit of presciousssss

No. 41837

im guessing she has or had bulimia? she's so thin and holy fuck does she have some b/p teeth

No. 42043

bulimia would explain why her food is always so mushy but she has so much spice and mustard in her food it must be hell coming back up?

No. 42044

Mushy? She does eat a lot of weird protein sludges but she also consumes huge amounts of raw veggies. Wouldn't want to puke that up

No. 42045

Yeah I don't think she's vomiting that stuff. If anything, she overexercises to get rid of the calories.

No. 42333

File: 1444702264792.jpg (216.38 KB, 910x521, fuckingfinally.jpg)

Guess who is finally giving her emaciated body some rest?

No. 42357

Let's hope she eases up on her morning runs and gym visits too.

She's got to be suffering from undernourishment and malnutrition with the stuff that she eats and the amount the exercises. Her bones are probably all sorts of fucked now.

No. 42493

File: 1444750672691.png (970.91 KB, 573x584, ginger.PNG)

I'm betting the doctor called her out on being seriously underweight. I wouldn't be surprised if she has osteoporosis too.

Does she actually have many ana followers, though? She doesn't post in ED or skinny related tags, doesn't post pics of her body that often, and her aesthetic is extremely unappealing. Most pro ana/thinspo IGs try to look ~tragically beautiful~ and like ~omg so fragile troubled angels~. She intentionally tries to look ugly and comes off as really awkward and weird.

The baby food thing is really suspicious though.

Anyway here's another spread of Ginger food
>#raw veg plate; #salad with romaine, tvp meat, Roma tomato, nooch, spices, and balsamic; xl lavash spread with @vega_team protein frosting and stuffed with Napa cabbage and frozen bloobs; tofu noods with mustard; gala apple; cinnamon swirl #oatmeal; and yes, that is another pint of @winkdesserts that I plan on demolishing COMPLETELY ?

Holy shit stop eating noodles with mustard. And that Wink ice cream is 100cal per pint, of course.

No. 42608

It's those tofu shirataki noodles too, which are maybe 40 calories for an entire bag. All of her meals are pretty strictly portioned, girl is definitely counting her calories. I have no doubt she probably has some ED followers but they probably don't comment a lot.

No. 42628

What I meant it that figure skaters are expected to be lean yet muscular (much like ballerinas) and that's why it would be easier to develop some sort of disordered eating over time.

No. 42669

She looks like Jason Mewes if we became albino and vegan.

No. 42695

She probably uses a hideous amount of mustard because a) strong flavour, and b) she's craving the salt because of her general low sodium levels from starvation and overexercising that fucks up electrolytes and shit.

No. 42910

File: 1444830488854.png (1.01 MB, 934x600, 34at49gt.png)

She hasn't been able to workout for a day and she's really broken up about it. I think this confirms her addiction to overexercising. It's really kind of sad.

No. 42912

That looks healthier and more diverse than what I see most disordered eaters consume, to be fair.

No. 42918

This is possibly the most normal meal I've ever seen her make, actually. See >>39956 and >>40430 for an example of what made her famous

No. 42919

Indeed. The problem is that most of the stuff she eats is very strictly portion controlled and low calorie. With all the exercising she does it's impossible for her body to actually fuel itself properly. That's probably why she's having bone and joint pain now.

No. 42927

>pita sanwich triangles with tomato paste inside

D: D:

No. 42929

Yeah I imagine she's having huge protein and iron deficiency right now.

Her fitness stats are pretty impressive though, considering her state.
>8:58-9 minute mile for 5-6 miles
I can't even do that.

No. 42930


Supposedly she has a problem with eating fats, but then she goes and eats stuff with coconut oil and whatever, which duh…is a fat.

One of her followers brought that up and she got super mad and defensive.

No. 42934

Finally found the bit about not being able to eat fats:

"I have a very severe fat intolerance. I cannot digest anything that has a high concentration of fats. I haven't been able to enjoy peanut butter or any nut butters/nuts/seeds in a very very long time except in very small quantities and only as a treat (most of the time it's not worth the consequences), so yes, I was very excited to be able to enjoy peanut butter again without vomiting"

She also says eating high carb low fat vegan helps her migraines, and something about how a doctor once told her she was losing her eyesight at 16, and decided that vegan was the way to go.

What a crock of crap.

No. 44273

File: 1444942356769.png (33.12 KB, 861x274, ghghghg.PNG)

I was browsing reddit's pro-ana sub for horrorcow material and found this (terrible) post. I wonder if this is how Ginger found out about her "fat intolerance".

No. 44477

File: 1445010325293.png (126.86 KB, 720x723, Screenshot_2015-10-16-17-18-28…)


No. 44560


No. 44646


No. 44687


leopoldjung has a ton of mutual ig friends as me…but also seems annoying

No. 45211

Her "intolerance" sounds like galbladder
But you don't get migraines from gallbladder ://///

No. 45212

Another delusional vegan bites the dust. Good.

Having steak tonight to celebrate her demise.

No. 45237

What the fuck. Just found out someone I knew is friends with Ginger. I don't even live in the US, I'm all the way here in Europe. Small world.

No. 45319

It really is disappointing to see people who feel so committed to health (apparently) yet are actually doing the opposite of promoting health. With how little calories she appears to eat in relation to her exercise routine, her body must be a catabolic nightmare.

No. 45494

lol read this and thought she died for a sec

No. 45579

File: 1445136087993.jpg (231.84 KB, 1280x640, 9k=_副本.jpg)

I'm probably in the minority here but I really don't think Ginger is ugly, she's just an average-looking girl that manages to find every way possible to make herself look more horrific than she is. Whenever she puts up a photo where she's not being manic I think she looks fine, just that she could benefit from some more visible hair, better skincare, and less emaciation.

(Inb4, I know the eyebrow color doesn't really match, but Meitu only has Asian eyebrow colors.)

No. 45580

File: 1445136578599.jpg (139.11 KB, 1280x640, 9k=_.jpg)

After trying to Ginger-fy her eyebrows a bit.

No. 45602

i agree, she has the potential to look like an average or fairly attractive girl but seems to do everything in her power look like a manic ugly gremlin 12 year old. I'll never understand it

No. 45619

She kind of looks like she could be kin with Katherine Marion.

No. 45624

Me too. Holy shit I don't want her to die, though. I just want her to realize that her diet is incredibly fucked up.

No. 45633

She has so many doctors appointments. You'd think one of them would say something like "hey you weigh 73 lbs and have all of these vitamin deficiencies from eating nothing but mustard, rotten tomatos and stevia, go to the fucking hospital"

No. 46324

>>45580 she's pretty there wow

No. 46355

WHAAAAT? Shit! That's pretty amazing tbh.

No. 47089

File: 1445343277810.jpeg (188.19 KB, 917x981, image.jpeg)

Making ginge less creepy is so fun.

No. 47108

Oooh much improved. Shouldn't the eyebrows still be a bit gingery though?

No. 47211

GET THE DEETS! Is she as crazy in real life as she is online? Does she have any awareness at all that what she's doing isn't healthy, or is she 100% delusional? Does she know that there are at least two distinct forums dedicated to kvetching about her, and if so, why does that not deter her from continuing with the crazy?

No. 47229

It doesn't deter her because she's delusional and Jesus loves her.

No. 47523

Its maddening that she chooses to be so ugly. She doesnt have to look like a freak. Ginger girls can look so gorgeous, and she's no exception.

No. 47524

She's honestly pretty in some photos without makeup where she doesn't make that hideous face.

No. 47528

File: 1445466723824.jpg (122.17 KB, 480x360, south-park-s09e11-ginger-kids_…)

No. 47529


Surprisingly honest. Good Lord, dem legs!

No. 47530

meant for >>40048

No. 47541

That's what half of vegans look like.
The other half weigh 300lbs because who needs vegetables when muh oreos and potato chips are vegan too

No. 47675

File: 1445486346092.png (1.08 MB, 1049x768, ginghands.png)

these fingers have definitely been down her throat more than a few times

No. 47676

File: 1445486642590.png (476.08 KB, 588x429, russellssign.png)

This callous disappears and reappears throughout all her insta.

No. 47904

She could just be a thumb sucker, but I'm not bulimic so…

No. 48094

GUYS go look at the medical saga she posted on her latest selfie. She's fucking insane.

No. 48098

This bitch is the complete opposite of ash. Is underweight for like a year and ruins her fucking spine. Definitely not going to overthrow our Ana queen and will probably be dead in a year.

No. 48106

>So happy and thankful to my good lord! He led me to Ann and I am SOOOO INCREDIBLY THANKFUL!!! #GODISSOGOOD
legit read ann as ana and did a double take lmao

she's an idiot. ofc no mention of the dr telling her she needs to gain some fucking weight or that her weight and diet/over exercise had anything to do with it…. would god approve of your dishonesty ginger?? :/

No. 48107

That's assuming she's not just making this up. None of the medical shit she posts makes sense. She's previously claimed that "her internal organs are out of place" and she needs surgery for a "misaligned pelvis" and she has a "fat allergy" and mysterious headache problems and GI issues and whatever. And even if she does have a herniated disc she's being extremely dramatic by calling it a "spinal cord injury". She really just seems like a Munchausen's case.

Like if you look at that post she's crying about how she will need spinal injections and surgery and the damage will never heal, but then her fucked up spine is immediately cured by a massage. I'm guessing the doctor just told her she might have sciatica and she should lay off the exercise and gain 20 pounds. The rest is bullshit.

No. 48109

Yeah all of that was bullshit, it sounded like she was making it up as she went along. She's so bizarre I s2g…. also someone commented saying they had a similar problem caused by their ED and she deleted it lol

No. 48248

Hi, Saving Men From Their Dicks! Moved here from GOMI?

No. 48276

shit though, I'm a thumb sucker and you'd have to be engaging in some hard-core thumb sucking to make a callous like THAT. Also anytime I injured the skin on my thumb from sucking it was at the base of the thumb and not the joint where her callous is. Unless she only sucks half the thumb.

No. 48316

The biggest liars and storytellers I know are Christian, and Gingler is no exception. Her "doctor" told her to do two hours on the elliptical. Yeah okay.

No. 48329

Would bulimics use their thumb to purge though? It's the shortest finger and it's kind of awkward to get it it your mouth

No. 48347

She could be using all her fingers to purge including her thumb (would be pretty awkward) but idk her hands could also be so busted from all the physical activity she does. Some of her meals do seem like binges though, with the size and randomness of them so it's pretty suspicious.

No. 48412

She could be using her thumb and first two fingers and jamming those in her mouth. Her hands just seem like they've been places…

No. 48413

Pay attention to the darkened skin on her second knuckle. That's Russell's Sign.

No. 48716

I wonder if she masturbates.

No. 48720

Probably… Like any other person alive.

No. 48725

That's slander. Ginger is a good Christian girl who would never commit the sin of sexual impurity, and her reproductive system has definitely shut down by now

No. 48727

File: 1445719134690.png (978.65 KB, 580x570, gg.PNG)

Tasty bowls of dirt… I mean "protein #zoats with coconut porridge"

No. 48731

Why does the fucking apple need its own bowl? Why?

No. 48736

Something I've noticed with all these ana girls is that presentation is a big fucking deal with them. Even though Ging is the antithesis of anas like Aly, she still has some pretty similar traits such as the apple in a bowl, arranging the food in a certain way, etc. It makes me wonder if they all have obsessive compulsive disorder.

No. 48749

File: 1445722661030.png (769.36 KB, 938x600, 1444265387107.png)

I feed this shit to my 9 month old.

Ana's love baby food.

No. 48783

My son just ate one of those not too long ago. There's sonething definitely wrong with someone if they're eating baby food.

No. 48784

No they don't. Never ate baby food, not even at my worst.

No. 48785

It's like perfect ana food.
They all love it.
I'll admit i like the taste of some baby foods but to go as far as eating it with a meal or as a meal? ridiculous imo

No. 48786

I'm wondering if the baby food is just quick and easy to eat on the go or something? IDK. Ginger's weird and we all know that already.

No. 48787

Yeah I mean baby food is like the least weird thing she eats. Lmao.
Maybe I should have said most. Idk I see it a lot in the ~pro-ana~ community

No. 48788

Yeah, I'm sure some of them do but ugh….baby food is so gross. I feel bad giving it to my son but it's good for him and he seems to like it.

No. 48792

HIGHLY doubt it

No. 48803

Fuck. Baby food stinks.

No. 51462

Anyone preorder her book? Ngl, I'm morbidly curious.

No. 51464

I'm sure there's not enough lulz for it to be worth actual money. She already posts tons of recipes on her blog. Allow me to predict every recipe from The Fit Vegan Ginger cookbook:

- 3 cups chopped vegetables
- 1 package zero calorie noodles
- 3 tbsp protein powder
- 150 drops of Stevia
- 1 cup Dijon mustard

No. 51472

Why do certain ana chans look so much more dry and crusty than necessary? This girl reminds me of that oeut sad tumblr thinspo queen who shaved her widows peak. Her lips are always absolutely parched and her hair looks like strands of golden barnyard hay. Just looking at her makes me itch. I know it's partially to do with not getting proper nutrients but do they just not ever moisturize?? LOTION.

No. 51475

anachans think lotion will make them fat. no joke.

No. 51503

malnutrition and dehydration mainly.

No. 51508

Lotion DOES make you fat, imbecile!

No. 51832

File: 1446070121793.png (895.4 KB, 908x567, p.PNG)

this is so depressing

No. 51852

>baked potato smothered in ketchup

brb guys, I'm going to go vomit.

No. 51868

That doesn't look like ketchup. Ketchup is thin and liquidy, it doesn't have lumps likd that does. It kind of looks like jam.

No. 51871

I'm guessing it's tomato paste… maybe with added stevia. Ketchup is far too caloric for Ginger.

No. 51877

File: 1446072924563.jpg (35.08 KB, 429x430, Gollum.jpg)


No. 51894

This looks like good ketchup, ie not Heinz.

No. 51902

i had to hide the image, i felt the vomit in my mouth

No. 51920

Not that ginger isn't gross, but has no one else ever microwaved a potato and put ketchup on it before? I thought that was pretty standard lazy stoner stuff.

No. 51922

Man I've been stoned to hell and back but even stoned me wouldn't touch that

No. 51926

Cheese is where it's at. I'd rather eat a dry potato than one smothered in fucking ketchup.

No. 51928

Her face is just ugly shaped in general but at least with the fixes she doesn't need spoiler images. Seriously, I don't browse snow while I'm eating because her face is the grossest thing ever posted on this site and some assholes don't spoiler it.

No. 51929

I agree with >>51922 , but also, if you're going to do that you just do it alone in your apartment and feel ashamed afterwards. You don't post it on Instagram and claim it's your new vegan recipe

No. 51972

Umm, no. I've smoked hella weed and if I was going to make a potato I'd put butter and salt on it if I had nothing better in my fridge before I'd use ketchup.

No. 51975

Baked potato mashed up with a bit of malt vinegar and some fresh ground garlic sea salt – yum yum!!!

Oh crap, now I'm hungry…,

No. 51985

"is that vegan ketchup?" heinz ketchup is vegan

No. 51992

All ketchup is vegan, also baked potato tastes good with ketchup fuck ya'll

No. 52024

This sounds so white trash

No. 52035

Did the ya'll at the end throw you through a loop

No. 52043

Respect yourself and dress your potatoes with lemon juice, olive oil and a tiny bit of vinegar. Salt and pepper mandatory. Ur welcome

No. 52092

I'm surprised she even needs to use her fingers tbh. Her food is just so gross that it alone should be able to get her to barf.

No. 52111

true southerners spell it y'all tbh

No. 52271

Anon who knows someone who's friends with Ginger here. I want to ask about her, but I barely talk to our shared acquaintance anymore. It would be too strange and out of the blue. I'm not sure I want anyone to know I'm a salty bitch who enjoys reading about shitty people, either. Here's Gingers facebook if you guys didn't find it yet, though. https://www.facebook.com/lilgingersk8s

No. 52272

File: 1446154332612.jpg (48.76 KB, 480x480, gremlingoddess.jpg)

Sorry for the double post. Spent some time scrolling through her facebook after I sent the link and…

No. 52273

File: 1446154653577.jpg (80.6 KB, 1280x917, article-image-57.jpg)

Holy Fucking christ

No. 52276

The black eyeliner is so fucking jarring.

No. 52277

That coupled with the seeming lack of eyebrows

No. 52279

File: 1446155575049.jpg (11.89 KB, 236x354, 3d8cbfdfce72290f2dfe5c545c6e96…)

Samefagging but it reminds me of the "black eyed children" thing

Happy Halloween! ?

No. 52280

looks like she was experimenting with scene girl makeup. not good

No. 52281

in her earlier days, before she started looking hideous on purpose 24/7, she used to do the full-circle raccoon liner pretty much every day. it wasn't a good look but tbh it's better than the "just escaped the institution" look she's sporting atm.

No. 52283

I'd love to give her a makeover, Cher Horowitz style. She'll never be Gisele but if she got her hair cut and styled, got a good moisturizer, had a light and coloring-appropriate makeup regimen, and wore clothes that fit her correctly and were age-appropriate she would look over 9000 times better.

It would just be fun to see the before/afters. Can someone in the Delaware area please kidnap her and make this happen? Drag her into a Sephora and chain her to a chair and let the most hardcore of their makeover guys go to work? Thanks.

No. 52285

I'd argue that she looks batshit insane either way. She needs to get help, in more ways than one.

I didn't know she was homeschooled instead of going to a regular high school and that her father is a pastor or something. Explains a lot.

No. 52286

can the photoshop anon exorcise the black eyeliner and lack of eyeliner from this image many thanks.

No. 52287

she grew up in the town where Liberty University is…that should explain a bit more.

if you aren't familiar, that's the school founded by the guy who came up with that theory that the purple teletubby is gay propaganda. also students there (college students…so age 18-22) have curfews and get "demerits" for violating the uber-conservative code of conduct. guys aren't allowed in girls' dorms and vice versa. i knew a girl who went there (she's normal, only went because she had an athletic scholarship) and she wanted to move into an off-campus apartment with her boyfriend. the school basically MADE THEM GET MARRIED, because otherwise that would be living in sin.

cool place.

No. 52291

She looks like asparagus.

No. 52292

Oh damn. I went back on her instagram and in her graduation photo 72 weeks ago she mentioned going there to study in fall.

No. 52301

File: 1446160769295.png (293.35 KB, 624x352, 3588_4_screenshot.png)

I thought she was the ugly ginger from Run! Bitch Run! at first glance.

No. 52310

File: 1446163301136.png (134.63 KB, 169x500, 4240fd47-f02a-4fab-af40-d0964e…)

She looks like a fucking cancer patient

No. 52311

I just wanna smother her lips in Chapstick tbh. So flaky and ugh.

No. 52319

Oh lord, did I try. I did the best I could short of drawing her new eyes lol.

No. 52320

File: 1446165118988.jpg (80.43 KB, 480x480, 1446154332612_副本.jpg)

Dropped the pic, goddammit.

No. 52323

Definitely way better. She just has unfortunate features

No. 52324

you're doing the lord's work, anon

No. 52325

Her hair is almost gone wtf.

No. 52329

actually doesn't look as spoopy here, but GOD the MAKEUP. WHY

No. 52330

this makeup screams "homeschooled figure skater." It's that heavy "stage makeup" look they all cake on their faces to try to make their expressions more obvious at a distance or something, but it just always looks really terrible. A bunch of ice skaters taught her how to do makeup so she winds up with tight-lined raccoon liner. An d she looks like if she stopped arching her back the dress would fall straight off her chest.

She has been losing hair for awhile, it looks like.

No. 52331

She does look spoopy though… Her collarbone sticks out like an inch and you can see her sternum

No. 52332

File: 1446166881415.jpg (150.2 KB, 640x640, 2015-10-29-20-56-44-245.jpg)

used >>52320 as a base and i tried to improve on her features

No. 52333

File: 1446166918453.png (669.39 KB, 960x719, steviadidthis.png)

Wow you can really see how much weight she loss, the first picture (L) was a great weight on her.

No. 52334

yeah she definitely looks spoopy here. Not Aly- or Ash-bad but I might question if she was sick or just a late-blooming skinny teen.

No. 52336

Honestly, I think she could look nearly like this if she just gained like 20-30lbs.

No. 52337

Jesus. And she wonders how she's fucking up her bones? There's no way she's totally ignorant to the negative changes happening to her body, just look at how her bun shrunk from the time of the first image to that of the second one.

No. 52339

You tried anon, sorry but she's still ugly af. I guess photoshop has its limits too

No. 52351

A while back someone found her old figure skating page, and it stated that she was 5'2 and 95 lbs. This was BEFORE she started losing weight.

So imagine how much she weighs now.

No. 52353

File: 1446170038614.jpg (175.35 KB, 480x480, unspoopmyheart.jpg)

>tfw you have to paint an entire new face to make her somewhat decent looking

No. 52354

This is some freaky uncanny calley shit but hey, you tried

No. 52355


No. 52356

File: 1446170244646.jpg (18.77 KB, 328x352, Anna_Frozen.jpg)

No. 52357

Might as well just shoop someone else's face onto her entirely lol

No. 52358

It's creepy but I think anon made the only one ITT where she is tolerable looking. I think it looks cute. It's not just the eyebrows her face is so fucking oddly shaped.

No. 52359

>>52333 The pic on the left is someone else.

No. 52360

photoshop anon here

would have been much faster tbh

No. 52361

Oh man, this is worrying.
I know that God is taking care of her and all, but I wish that at least, she'd opt for the full-cal version of products. She must recognize that always getting the diet, low-fat version is disordered in itself.

No. 52363

Not surprising. She as a teenager in this photo (and still is, iirc) and teenagers make questionable fashion/makeup choices all the time. It's part of growing up I think, and it's just how they roll.

Hair loss like that happens a lot when you keep your hair tied back in tight buns all the time. She should really just chop it off and stop pulling it back so hard and maybe (if she ate almost normal like Kooters, other girls on this board dealing with hair loss, etc) her scalp would have a chance to heal and her hair would grow back. I really don't like to take the piss out of any young girl losing hair, because that's got to suck for them, especially since long, thick hair is really femme. To have that taken away when you're young and really trying to be pretty has to be really fucking awful.

This breaks my heart. It was something she clearly loved, and I read earlier that her doctors advised her to stop skating because she's so unhealthy. Having something like that taken away… so sad. Maybe stuff like that will motivate her to get healthy again. We can only hope. #prayforginger, etc.

No. 52364

Perhaps if we pray to the Jesus he will help her consume more calories.

No. 52366

no, that's anna–it's from like 2 years ago.

No. 52370



I duno though, cos I pray to Catholic Jesus and I know bible belt christians like Ginger think he's a heathen. So uh. Yeah.

No. 52376

File: 1446174578152.jpg (86.83 KB, 480x481, 1638.jpg)

yo she is legit ugly even PITU can't help much

No. 52377

File: 1446174583840.jpg (72.69 KB, 480x480, egg.jpg)

I'm horrible at PS, just tried this for shits and giggles.

No. 52392

I think this looks pretty…

No. 52394

I agree. This does look pretty. Was it photoshopped or no?

No. 52396

Fuck, I looked at this and thought she has a chance.. then I scrolled up and saw the original - she looks like a fucking orangutan in the original

Jesus fucking nightmares

God bless you anon, this is amazing all things considered

Fuck can anyone else imagine the unshooped version dragging itself towards you at night the Grudge style?

No. 52399

>Was it photoshopped or no?
Really, anon?

No. 52400

It's bait dont take it

No. 52443


No. 52471

File: 1446214729567.jpg (64.05 KB, 360x480, blogger-image--89886375.jpg)

No. 52488

going to start a petition to put all of ginger's pictures under spoilers


No. 52891

Well. I know what I'll be seeing in my nightmares tonight.

No. 52892

File: 1446347168120.png (890.61 KB, 565x555, 2w.PNG)

>#Halloween themed #vegandinner ???? I HAD to go all out…it's my favorite holiday! ? #raw veggies, pumpkin pie soup, "chocolate spider" for #thefitvegangingercookbook, "Jack-o-Pepper" stuffed with "bloody baked beans", "brains" (tofu noodles with homemade marinara), smores #oatmeal, and baked apple stuffed with maple cinnamon skillet gRAWnola, both for the cookbook ? #whatveganseat #veganfoodshare #veganfood #yum

All of this looks so fucking sad
At least wash your celery before taking a pic

No. 52894

Happy Halloween, anon!

No. 52897

The dirty celery makes it extra spooky! B00!

No. 52903

omg that braid

No. 52904

I didn't know Christfags celebrated Halloween. I expected her to hate the idea.

No. 52936

it just looks like vegetable rust tbh. i usually trim those bits of tho.

No. 52938

I once knew a super devout Christfag, and she said she didn't celebrate Halloween because she and her church believed it was "the devil's birthday" (kek)
I expected her to have something of the same belief tbh. Maybe it's her favorite holiday bc all the orange motifs match her firecrotch

No. 52950

the comments on >>52892 omfg

No. 52957

File: 1446384441825.jpg (48.35 KB, 600x300, anna thinning hair plait.jpg)

Her hair :(

No. 52960

What a huge, terrible difference. Obviously her hair is/was falling out due to undereating and overexercising.

No. 52989

That's awful. She needs some protein in her diet.

No. 53010

As a fellow ginger, please, all ginger ladies, eyebrows make ALL the difference for your face. You can use black eye makeup, but you have to balance it out with some decent colored in brows. Ash brown does me a lot of favors.

No. 53011

I always imagined that she could look pretty if she put some weight on, but her face still looks fucked up at a normal weight :/ That's unfortunate.

No. 53016

Eh. She wasn't so bad, as far as gingers go. Kind of mousy, but not repulsive like she is now.
Looked like the type of chick who would end up on Jerry Springer because someone took her man, and then it'd be revealed that she and the cheating boyfriend are cousins

No. 53039

I wouldn't say her face looks fucked up. She just looks like an awkward teenager at that stage, like she could be pretty in her 20s. Of course, she's almost 20 now and she's made herself look butt ugly, but she's not naturally uggo.

No. 53045

in this "before" picture specifically i think i would even go as far as to say she looks cute

No. 53056

Same, I think she's quite pretty in the before picture! How sad.

No. 53150

File: 1446432209344.png (455.35 KB, 375x501, aaaaaaaaaaa.PNG)


No. 53151

Why does she wear such baggy clothes?

No. 53156

Maybe trying to be modest for Jeebus? Plus hiding her weight loss.

I noticed she's been posting a lot of full body pics recently… a while ago she would post them like once a month, but she's put 5 up in just the last couple of days. Must have hit her #goalweight

No. 53157

File: 1446432755416.png (893.55 KB, 559x595, f.PNG)

Nice sternum, Anna

No. 53175


I want to punch her face SO badly.

No. 53176


No. 53192

Holy shit she looks like Amy schumer

No. 53261

She says on her website that she's a certified personal trainer. Does anyone else find that mildly terrifying?

No. 53268


No. 53272

me too, something about her fucking mouth in that one… yikes

No. 53333

File: 1446474972251.png (354.15 KB, 800x637, anna back.png)

Another picture of what she used to look like. Ngl I don't think she was bad looking in her pics from 2 years ago. Just get the right makeup and hairstyle and she would look nice.

No. 53356


fortunately she doesn't seem to ever have trained anybody. she used to teach a really small yoga class (with like three students, all were middle-aged women and tbh they probably all saw her as some kid they were being nice to by going to her "class") but she never talked about any personal training.
thank #jesus

No. 53617

…. I eat baby food sometimes, only the fruits that are in the tubes though.

No. 53676

It all looks yum apart from the celery. I hate raw celery.

No. 53689

File: 1446557877788.png (679.1 KB, 572x599, sdr3453b.png)

The more I look at her fingers the more I'm convinced she has dermatophagia. That damage isn't from purging, she's obsessively picking and chewing on her skin.

No. 53690

Even so, does it also cause the finger to look red/purple?

No. 53697

Yes, depends on how much she picks and chews at it. I have dermatophagia myself and the portion of my fingers that I pick at the most can get discolored and raw. But I also believe part of her red/purplish coloring is due to her malnutrition. Her circulation is probably shot to all hell. Anyways, I just thought it sort of goes hand in hand with her eating disorder since it's an OCD.

No. 53738

she is unbelievably unfuckable

No. 53786

Sometimes you just need to take one for the team…

No. 53792

Her hair makes me depressed…

No. 53907

I'm surprised she's so careless about showing these blatant symptoms of bad health or possibly neurosis (not even talking about food which she seems to think is healthy, but the skin damage and coloration on her hands and fingers). Is it some kind of subtle, even unconscious cry for help or pity or attention, or is she just really oblivious to the fact that it's a red flag?

No. 53909

File: 1446610063130.png (638.6 KB, 740x659, Screenshot 2015-11-03 at 10.07…)

Is it weird that I'm so jaded from Ginger I see stuff like this scrolling through the Internet (not necessarily a lolcow, just another health blog I found through Sprout) and it didn't even hit me that 'concrete, it looks like she's drinking fucking concrete'?

No. 53917

>milk with green tea
Fucking what.

No. 54307

I'm gagging just looking at this. 100% unappetizing.

No. 54311

I can't even look at it, shit makes me so angry like wtf are you doing
She deleted that one so fast too lol

No. 54330


why she eating a smoothie out a bowl

No. 54334

All the instagram vegans eat smoothie bowls

No. 54502

This! Oh man, I used to be the ugliest bitch ever when I didn't use makeup and didn't do my brows. Brows SERIOUSLY make a huge difference, and since a bunch of gingers (like me) have blonde eyebrows (which are nearly invisible if you're white), they're crucial. It's pretty much impossible to look good without visible brows, haha.

No. 54692

This reminds me of that chick in Breaking Bad who ordered chamomile tea with soy milk. Blech.

No. 54697

Fire five! I hope she ditches this god shit and invests in some eyebrow dye, an angled brush and some shadow. Eyebrows are the window to the soul.

No. 54745

File: 1446769270037.png (438.11 KB, 772x238, leggings.png)

It would appear that ginge has reached the level of spoopiness at which only leggings will fit as pants. Soon she'll be into Ash's toddler-sized legging territory

No. 54746

File: 1446769376923.png (Spoiler Image, 299.49 KB, 234x472, ew.PNG)


No. 54755

Can she at least wipe out her eye crusts before taking her horrible hideous selfies?

No. 54756

i just puked a little

No. 54758

Brushing my tongue makes me retch, I can't do it.

I was looking at TONGUE ANALYSIS. That crack down the centre is supposed to mean she has spinal problems.

Can't figure out which one is hers, but her tongue always looks unhealthy. I don't think it's just plaque/bacteria.


No. 54759

DON'T google image "furry tongue with line down the middle". You'll be hurling all night. Ack shiiiiiiiit.

No. 54762

Well she does have spinal problems, so maybe it's accurate.

No. 54774

this website seems…less than scientific.

No. 54775

I wonder if the teeth indents that make the edge of my tongue wiggly would go away if I spent all day with my jaw relaxed..
I think it's just due to the shape of my bite.

No. 55017

Oh my god why would she post this

No. 55953

File: 1447049079934.png (340.63 KB, 722x564, Screenshot_2015-11-09-00-58-43…)

so i found this while looking through random apps… look familiar?

No. 55956

If only I were on my laptop, I would replace the eyes and mouths with Ginger's.

No. 56146

File: 1447104701560.png (67.42 KB, 274x214, what have i done.png)

No. 56153

Oh Jesus, haha.

Fortunately I've got the Talking Tom app, so don't need to delete it.

No. 56177

she's posted a shit ton recently

No. 56320

Yeah, she's on a super happy posting spree. Just a few days ago she was in the depths of depression. Cycling much?

No. 56322

Maybe Jesus popped out to the shops but now he's returned HALLELUJAH! Can't wait to get her recipe book gifted to me at Xmas. Woo!

No. 57182

i feel like ginger isn't quiiiite enough material to have her own thread but a liiiitle too much to piggyback off of somebody else's

No. 59033


No. 59146

File: 1447532138614.jpg (50.76 KB, 500x321, 1447316373050.jpg)

No. 59306

File: 1447547339996.png (746.89 KB, 528x521, fdsasdfghjkl;.PNG)

this is a nightmare

No. 59324

I didn't know either until today…

No. 60103

File: 1447735819365.jpg (90.68 KB, 921x529, Capture.JPG)

Ging has a diagnosis apparently, which totally absolves her from having to think about whether she exercises too much or has disorderd eating habits.

And apparently someone has made a mock IG of her? I've never seen, please do link if you have it.

No. 60104

Just wiki'd it and the symptoms are hilariously similar to ED symptoms. I have a feeling that her neurologist failed to make a differential diagnosis outside of his/her field.

Excessive fatigue
Excessive thirst (polydipsia)
Lightheadedness or dizziness, often associated with orthostatic hypotension (abnormally low blood pressure on standing), sometimes resulting in syncope (fainting)
Rapid heart rate or slow heart rate
Blood pressure fluctuations
Difficulty with breathing or swallowing
Shortness of breath with activity or exercise
Distension of the abdomen
Mydriasis (abnormal dilation of the pupils) leading to blurry vision
Urinary incontinence or neurogenic bladder dysfunction
Gastroparesis (delayed gastric emptying) with associated nausea, acid reflux and vomiting
Excessive sweating or lack of sweating (anhydrosis)
Heat intolerance brought on with activity and exercise
Sexual problems including erectile dysfunction in men and vaginal dryness and orgasmic difficulties in women

No. 60105

Jesus even when she isn't making crazy manic faces she still looks horrifying

No. 60108

File: 1447736659811.jpg (29.25 KB, 495x361, scut.JPG)


She looks like Scut Fargus

No. 60165

No. 62983

Bumping so folks can stop giving ginge updates in the Aly thread

No. 63005

So what? Its not like she lives in france. What will her knowing do or change?

No. 63031

File: 1448206490665.jpeg (63.43 KB, 360x480, image.jpeg)


Peanut butter and sauerkraut sushi.

Peanut butter. And. Sauerkraut. Sushi.

Just damn.

No. 63034

It looks like some kind of horrible turd. And knowing what it's made of doesn't make it any better. Peanut butter, seaweed and SAUERKRAUT? That's even more disgusting than her favourite combo of shirataki noodles and mustard

No. 63037

So much sushi is vegan….this crazy bitch is like a little kid 'making' grown up food for her parents. The issue is she thinks she's the next big chef…
when she does something normal like her yam salad recipe, then she either boils or microwaves the ingredients. Such chefing.

No. 63132

_healthyrecover4life_ is probably the best troll i have ever seen.

bravo, bravo

No. 63139

Her taste buds really must have fucked off a long time ago.

No. 63206

File: 1448234481176.png (747.27 KB, 927x572, Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 3.54…)

Someone needs to tell Ginge she has definitely has Orthorexia, which is an ED, so yes she does have an eating disorder.
(I accidentally posted this in the Aly thread my bad)

No. 63211

Why cant she just eat rice? Oh right too many calories.
Also i thought she cant absorb too much fats. This roll has 4T peanutbutter. Thats ~400 calories

No. 63217


It's probably that powdered peanut butter shit, there's no way she would eat the real thing.

No. 63237

yeah she only eats powdered peanut butter

No. 63522

File: 1448300052283.png (207.98 KB, 285x291, oooooo.png)

Anna plz.

No. 63524


Someone needs to tell her to google orthorexia.

No. 63531


I just eat shirataki noodles with mustard for the lolz and run millions of slow-ass miles because I'm a serious #athlete! I definitely didn't weigh 50 pounds more than this two years ago! Praise #jesus! My health problems are all unrelated to my obvious caloric deficit and overexercise!

No. 63553

sounds like an interesting combo actually

maybe it's good, I won't knock it till I try it

No. 63558

File: 1448308758437.jpg (94.89 KB, 704x960, 12279058_10153295595328182_169…)

Her thumb looks like it's about to fall off!!

No. 63565

She's in the Aly school of smiling while holding food she'll never eat.

No. 63567

she looks vaguely like dane cook here.

No. 63570

This bitch is faking a disorder I have, POTS. And I'm raging right now because I've lived with this for eight years so far and last month I had to have minor surgery to have an implantable loop recorder because I was sleeping and I went into ventricular tachycardia at the hospital I was admitted to.

Now I have to freaking do an electrophysiology study tomorrow and I'm dreading it.

Anna pisses me off because I've had countless hospital visits and I go to a cardiologist every 3 months, plus see the electrophysiologist as needed, and yet Anna is self diagnosing. I know that for a fact because I asked her if she's had a tilt test and seen a cardiologist and she never answered me.

No. 63571

A lot of people with EDs have POTS though. I don't think she's faking this but I think she's ignoring the cause.

No. 63572

Lemme know how that works out for you.

No. 63575

What? how is that possible? POTS is damage to the sympathetic nervous system. It's not caused by an eating disorder and before you're diagnosed with it 1. you need to have positive tilt test which means a heart rate increase of at least 20-30 beats or more within a certain timeframe and 2. blood work is done to make sure there are no other underlying conditions like electrolyte imbalances.

So for example, my resting hr was 120 bpm laying down and the right at the second of tilting, it was maxed out at 200. Hence, I had a positive tilt test and since then I've found out I actually have hyperadrenergic POTS because my norepinephrine level was 1200 pg/ml during the combined tilt test and catecholamine blood draw.

No. 63577

Also Anna is full a crap because nobody with POTS is running 7 miles a day. We don't have enough energy for that and it would cause so much pain.

No. 63581

Butternut squash + pumpkin soup and a cookie?

No. 63582

Idk, I'm not going to argue with you (I don't really care) I do know a bunch of people with chronic cases who have it. I'm just relaying anecdotal experience. POTS is pretty poorly understood; there is no one cause.

No. 63583

As far as I know the only known cause is a viral infection, which is how both me and my friend got the stupid disease to begin with. My friend had mono, I had pericarditis.

I don't see how anorexia or bulimia could cause physical nerve damage to the entire sympathetic nervous system. Maybe the people you know have had viral illnesses and just never made the connection, and the ED is just a coincidence.

No. 63584

I just googled and found this:

>What Causes POTS?

POTS is a heterogeneous (meaning it has many causes) group of disorders with similar clinical manifestations.1,4 POTS itself is not a disease; it is simply a cluster of symptoms that are frequently seen together. This is why the 'S' in POTS stands for "Syndrome." Since POTS is not a disease, it is fair to say that POTS is caused by something else. However, figuring out what is causing the symptoms of POTS in each patient can be very difficult, and in many cases, patients and their doctors will not be able to determine the precise underlying cause. When doctors cannot pinpoint the underlying cause of a patient's POTS, it may be called Primary or Idiopathic POTS.1 Idiopathic simply means "of an unknown origin."


Site also mentions vitamin deficiencies and anemia as being associated with POTS

No. 63586

I doubt doubt that Anna's heart races when she stands up, but when I was severely underweight it happened to me too. It resolved when I gained weight.

No. 63587

Also, vitamin B-12 deficiency can cause permanent nerve damage.

No. 63588

Symptoms of POTS:

> fatigue, headaches, lightheadedness, heart palpitations, exercise intolerance, nausea, diminished concentration, tremulousness (shaking), syncope (fainting), coldness or pain in the extremeties, chest pain and shortness of breath

God Ginger just admit that you have an eating disorder.

No. 63589

Yep, which is why a dr needs to order blood tests to correct that stuff. I've had electrolyte imbalances ruled out before having the tilt test.

Dr. Blair Grubb says that fifty percent of POTS patients develop it as a result of a viral illness.

Also I'd like others to note that you don't just get a tilt test. To even get to that point you get blood work, numerus ekg's, holter monitors, event monitors, etc.

And if anyone else here has POTS, then you know how terrible the tilt test is and passing out during it is a blessing.

No. 63591

Yeah, clearly for Anna it's her eating disorder and not POTS. Like I said, no one with POTS is running 7 miles a day. Our bodies couldn't handle that kind of stress.

No. 63592

Sorry ya'll, I'm just stressed out about tomorrow and having to take yet even more time away from my son to have the stupid EP study/ablation while Anna continues to fake something that's a serious, disabiling disease.

She can't admit to having an eating disorder so she probably went on WebMD. I asked her what kind of dysautonomia she had, she said she had no idea. Then I said I have POTS and what do you know…she says she has POTS too.

No. 63593

I'm sorry you're going through all this shit. And I can totally see why it's enraging that Anna is claiming this as a way to keep her fucking orthorexia going instead of just admitting she's fucked up in the head and sorting herself out.

No. 63596

Her whole goddamn life revolves around food. She works at a health food store, constantly creates food, constantly talks about food, photographs food, etc. Why doesn't she realize how unhealthy it is to be that obsessed with food?

No. 63597

POTS is just a constellation of symptoms. I guess I'm not seeing how she's "faking" what sound like legitimate ED symptoms.

No. 63598

She's not faking it, she's self-diagnosing herself with something that could be better explained by her diet.

No. 63600


Yes, I agree. If she ate normally and weight restored, she'd probably be "cured."

No. 63601

Well she said she had dysautonomia. I asked her what kind, because there's POTS, NCS which is fainting, and other things. She said she did not know. I told her I have POTS and then the next thing she said was that she had POTS. So she's def. self diagnosing and does not have the disorder, because I also asked if she had seen a cardiologist yet and had a positive tilt test. She chose to ignore that comment.

No. 63603

Thanks, anon. Usually I don't let things bother me but after coming out of the hospital after a week in and then needing to see more doctors and have more tests and being away from my son, I just don't have the tolerance for Anna's bullcrap.

No. 63607

This was after she said she needed pelvic reconstruction surgery and some other crap that came as a result of some fall during ice skaing or whatever lie she came up with.

No. 63611

Six weeks ago, Anna said she had to stop skating due to an injury. She said it's too painful. So she has an
MRI of her hip, which shows nothing. Claims to be in so much pain that she can't top crying.

Five weeks ago she claims the pain is getting worse, that she has a misaligned pelvis, achilles tendonitis and GI problems.

Four weeks ago, she claims she has to have pelvic reconstruction surgery. She also says her leg is numb, that she was crying in pain at work, leg was swollen, etc. Went to the ER and was told her pelvis and hips are fine and that she has a spinal cord injury. Decides to ignore doctors advice and do myofascial release, which she claims helped.

Now she all of a sudden has POTS and dysautonomia? bullshit. She has Munchausen's.

No. 63612

Meant to add that despite all these outlandish medical claims, she's been working and running 7 miles a day the entire time.

No. 63614

Is…her face that bloated because she um purges alot? I know the stomach acid can fuck your face up pretty bad.

No. 63615

She also at one point claimed her spinal issues were causing her organs to become shifted and not in the proper place.

No. 63616

I like the cut of your jib, anon. Sounds right to me.

You're welcome. Hugs to you, it must be stressful enough for you without bitches like Anna co-opting your life like "OK cool but I don't have to change anything such as my severe calorie restriction and ludicrous over-exercising."
I know we're all supposed to be bitches to each other here, but I'm just not feeling it tonight.

No. 63618

Plus Anna recently said she was done with doctors after her parents visited. Anna needs to be put in treatment for a while and get help for her constant medical lies.

No. 63620

People do that actually its not different look it up.

No. 63622

she looks so damn smug

you're killing yourself, you moron

No. 63654

File: 1448328251454.png (941.74 KB, 943x615, ging.png)

pretty old but i can't get over how sad this whole post is.
she looks terrible, even next to an elderly woman she looks haggard and old.
the elderly woman being her "best friend" means she has no peers, or none she speaks of.

her dead little eyes and pallid cemetery wax skin; it's all terrible and a huge bummer.

No. 63659

>pallid cemetery wax skin; it's all terrible and a huge bummer.
she's ginger, do you want her to wear fake tan or something?

No. 63661

healthy levels of iron and a good moisturizer should suffice.

No. 63662

Is anyone else curious how her wedding night would go?

>poor, equally shelteted, virgin hubby accidentally puts it in her asshole gap and wonders why it doesn't feel good

No. 63667

I just think about how sad it is that her whole life as it's displayed on Instagram is nothing like a normal 19 year old's. A normal 19 year old would have pictures of them with friends their own age, going to parties, going to restaurants, going shopping, etc.
Anna has pictures of her nasty-ass vegan concoctions, her #running4jesus at 6 AM on the track, and grinning crazily or body-checking herself in a tilted full-length mirror.

No. 63672

Even a normal SHELTERED 19-year-old would have pictures of something aside from food. Church friends, Jesus expos, something other than eating.

No. 63674

Like Anna go see a Christian rock band or praise the lord with some friends plz.

No. 63677

1 like equals 1 prayer
ignore for satan

No. 63689

Did she actually attend any classes at U of D, or did she intend to but never enroll? Because I wonder if attending a secular school would be hard for her. It's SO easy to get praise in sunday school and religious ed classes, all you have to do is learn the lingo and parrot it. Having to put it in real critical thought beyond "God did it" might be overwhelming for her. I wonder if some of this is in reaction to avoiding having to evaluate her worldview thus far.

No. 63698

I think she's lonely, and she's found a way to revel in that loneliness via her ED.

No. 63713

LOL @ "Jesus expos"

POTS anon: she also said her doctor told her her POTS was caused by a tailbone injury after she fell. It flexed her tailbone and gave her POTS which is the cause of her "digestive issues."

It has NOTHING TO DO with eating mass quantities of raw carrots & cabbage daily.

No. 63722

>Jesus expos

I was sent to one of those (a whole week) under false pretenses when I was in my teens. My best friend's Jesus freak mother believed I needed saving. It was like being stuck with 100s of incredibly mentally ill people (which in fact, is probably the case).

Has Ginge ever mentioned "speaking in tongues"?

No. 63734

Kind of ot? Idk. Anyways, I'm a baptist and that speaking in tongues bs is incredibly strange and half the time it's so do just looking for "church" approval/attention

No. 63755

File: 1448353976258.jpg (223.85 KB, 590x603, 20151124-990081275.jpg)

First time photoshopping. Was pretty fun.

No. 63760

Aww she looks nice.

No. 63767

Aside from that gigantic schnoz.

No. 63770

Nah it really isn't that bad buddy.

No. 63781

Ahh yea.. I was focusing more on her pointy ice pick chin.

No. 63794

Well yeah big nose and pointy chin is bc she's skinny as. But if she had the weight back on, and this 'makeup'… it would work.

No. 63797


i really think you two are over exaggerating her features.

No. 63800

where is this pic from?

No. 63802

"back the crap off"

No. 63870

That's because the thread is full of people from gomi, like "colorscheme" and "saving men from their dicks" hence, all the recent concern-trolling. They come here, shit up the thread with petty stuff, and then run back to gomi and talk about how horrible lolcow posters are.

No. 63871

Gomi posters are way fucking worse, with their armchair psychology and pretending they are following along to see people get better, and not just enjoying the shitstorm. Faux concern is more malicious. I would like to have a ginge thread here though cause she's my fave nutter.

No. 63939

i dont mind erading gomi on occasion but i do feel they are older women. and they call us young catty bitcheslol

No. 63985

such vulgar language coming from a god warrior

No. 64063

Yes, I am colourschene, But I don't post crap about lolcow cause I actually like this site.

No. 64064

I also very rarely post to GOMI, I only started doing so because I was raging with Anna claiming to have POTS.

No. 64065

What a liar. The tilt test is the gold standard for dysautonomia.

Her parents should stop funding her lifestyle and make her go IP instead.

No. 64099

File: 1448429391249.jpg (74.88 KB, 360x480, blogger-image-364660233.jpg)


Holy crap, Ginger, this looks edible! 10/10 would eat. No stevia. Pretty basic, but can hardly believe this is on the same blog as veggie cereal.

No. 64103

I hate this cunt. PB sprouts & sauerkraut together is one thing but she thinks she's some kind of master chef when she doesn't even know sushi is only rice with vinegar not this mess

No. 64112

nah son

No. 64199

needs mayo

No. 64229

Cinnamon and sweet potatos? Still kind of weird

No. 64230

Oh also I'm surprised she used maple syrup in this… Probably some 0 calorie Walden Farms bullshit tbh

No. 64241

She hasn't used the dysautonomia or POTS hashtags in a few days… maybe she knows people will call her out?

No. 64254

I think she made "cereal" with raw veggies and milk. Yeaaaah….

No. 64255

Good. I think people have been questioning how she's been able to do so much exercise since she has been complaining of health problems for months.

No. 64361

wtf no cinnamon and sweet potatoes are delicious

No. 64460

Uh oh she discovered walden farms. Tell us again about how you don't have an ed, ginger

No. 64474

Ooh some real talk amongst the comments. I'm glad almost everyone told her not to try the sauce.

No. 64490

Anna's hair is so damn thin and scraffly, she might as well just chop most of her hair off. She used to have much nicer hair before she became a skeleton.

No. 64491

I don't understand why Ging asked about it instead of just reading the ingredients.

No. 64493

Attention? validation? It makes no sense because she exercises and tomato sauce isn't that high in calories to begin with. The only thing to watch out for is salt but they do have no salt added cans of it anyway.

No. 64504

Yeah but the cinnamon's just there for some ana appetite-suppression shit. She doesn't GAF how it tastes.

No. 64550

She's been lurking today. She mentioned POTS along with her 'digestive issues' in a recent post. What a lame ass liar.

No. 64555

Also, digestive issues don't stem from POTS itself. They are just another part of Dysautonomia (what POTS is classified as). She pisses me off to the extreme. Whine whine, whatever, but POTS is debilitating and in some cases can be compared to things as severe as congestive heart failure aka RUNNING IS IMPOSSIBLE.

No. 64569

i wonder how many anas know that the common variety of cinnamon is toxic as hell in even small doses.

No. 64573

File: 1448524581861.png (628.83 KB, 935x609, postmania.png)

post workout crazies.

No. 64574

Whoa, what? How will I ever eat a donut again?

No. 64621

She also calls it a disease… my understanding is that it isn't a disease. Wouldn't someone who has that know that?

No. 64623

IDK, I'm the POTS anon and sometimes I call it a stupid disease when I'm frustreated. I guess disorder or condition is a better word for it.

No. 64626

I agree with that assessment, although the thing to remember is that dysautomoia can have periods where you feel somewhat ok, and periods where you feel totally crappy. For me, I feel the absolute worst in summer.

Then there are some people who always feel crappy so it really varies from person to person.

No. 64630

Tiniest strand of hair.

No. 64641

don't consume more than a tsp a day.
most cleanse drinks use about that or more, and ignorant people may drink more than one a day.

Cassia cinnamon is highly toxic and the cheapest/ most commonly used.
Saigon is a little less toxic and used about the same.
Ceylon is the least toxic and used in higher end products and garnish, (that i've seen).

A few donuts wont hurt you, no worries.

No. 64676


I'm the other POTS anon and I don't personally call it a disease but I don't mind when people who genuinely suffer from it do. She doesn't. I want to punch her in the chest.

No. 64678


Yeah, 'other' POTS anon again; just saw your reply–I'm one of the people who feels crappy more often than not.

No. 64715

So its thanksgiving… and Anna ran a 10k.

No. 64717

She's in so much pain guise.

No. 64720

She was even able to shave 3 mins off her goal! PRAISE JAYSUS!

No. 64729

me too! the only difference is I didn't post it on instagram or follow it with a sauerkraut peanut butter nori wrap

No. 64730

you just posted about it on lolcow though, that's even more pathetic tbh

No. 64731

your sarcasm detector seems to be broken

No. 64742

Oh well in that case you seem way less disordered. You win.

No. 64759

Just curious, did you have an EP study? I had mine and ended up with an ablation but the doc told me that he could only burn a little bit of the pathway or else I'd need a pacemaker.

I had mine two days ago and I'm still recovering and in the end the doctor said all he could do was burn enough tissue that my heart rate can't go to 240 anymore.

And he said I'll always have POTS which I figured since you can't ablate the sinus node.

No. 64764


my IG is mang0swithsalt; request to follow me and I'll message you?!

No. 64767

Ok, sure!

No. 64768

No. 64782

I honestly think Anna thinks that she doesn't have an eating disorder, and that's why she gets so offended when she's confronted about it. Maybe in the back of her mind she knows, maybe not though…

No. 64880

Yep, in Aly-speak, she's delved in denial - I reckon she really doesn't get it yet.

No. 64888


Yeah, the denial is super strong with this one.

No. 64889

Is the parody account of Anna a farmer?

No. 64891

What's the parody account name?

No. 64895

No, a GOMI'er.

No. 64896

The first parody account was from a GOMI'er but then got reported and deleted so a second parody account was created by the same person but without pictures of anna's face so it can't get deleted again.

No. 64897

xanthipppeee on IG

No. 64898


No. 64907

She looks like a cancer patient.

No. 64930

#backoffhun killed me

No. 64975

File: 1448655176220.png (1.74 MB, 1872x1200, Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 3.09…)

right, because that would be so disgusting compared to everything else she eats…

No. 64984

whoa whoa whoa
bit risque there, ms. ginger

No. 64994

someone shoop a dick pl0x

No. 64996

File: 1448658189304.png (819.08 KB, 932x576, Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 1.00…)

Oh, look - in addition to Walden Farms, Miss Ana for Jaysus has discovered peppermint tea! For her 'digestive issues' and 'pots disease'.

Aren't you becoming the best lil anorexic around!

No. 64998

Hmm, is peppermint used as an appetite suppressant?

I've thought of it as an appetite stimulant in that it gets rid of nausea/indigestion that might make you not want to eat.

No. 64999


God, this needs a TW. Why does she insist on making herself look so hideous all the time. Where the fuck is her hair?

No. 65001

The replies! As if cinnamon and Stevia stuffed cabbage is out of the realm of possibility for Ging.

We've seen her sauerkraut crimes.

No. 65020

File: 1448660870041.png (Spoiler Image, 1.53 MB, 1872x1200, 1448655176220.png)

No. 65030

Omg, bravo anon!

No. 65061

Peppermint makes everything else taste gross. In my ana days, whenever I got hungry I'd brush my teeth amd chew mint gum.

No. 65080

OMG anon – I love you!!!

No. 65088

Doesn't she pretend her diet is all about health? Why would she eat toxic goo like Walden Farms? Bitch is in fucking denial.

No. 65098

No. 65105

Man, I find it so insane that she wanted zero calorie TOMATO SAUCE. Tomato sauce is already low in calories unless you dump a bunch of sugar in it. Even the sugary grocery store crap is <100 calories per serving.

Can't wait for Ginger's delicious spaghetti recipe with shirataki noodles and zero calorie pasta sauce. And mustard, probably.

No. 65108

Anon, you're Christmas come early. Gracias!

No. 65113

Careful, guys. anna doesn't seem like she'll take well to being trolled. don't scare her away.

No. 65117

File: 1448689026155.png (2.43 MB, 1856x1180, Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 4.34…)

Classic sexual fvg moment…

No. 65120

Okay, she is doing this shit on purpose.
I wonder why though? Such a weird way to seek attention.

No. 65121

I honestly don't think she's doing it on purpose. She's just that naive.

No. 65123

That cucumber is literally resting on her clit though.
I mean, maybe she is that much of an idiot but I doubt it.
It's so strange and out of character idek

No. 65126

Ginger I hope you have two beautiful children and then you have to watch them die of cancer

No. 65130

File: 1448695187325.png (3.79 MB, 1854x2372, Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 4.34…)

Slightly less saucy but she's still having a little fun. "Say hello to my little friend…"

No. 65134

>my famous cuke in a bag
Is she just kidding or does she actually think putting a cucumber in a plastic bag is anything worth praising

No. 65153

why does it always look like she's using a death grip when holding shit?

No. 65183


seriously, what the HELL is this girl up to? i feel oddly aggressive because of this picture. mainly due to the usage of the word "cuke" (FFS ANNA YOU'RE NOT SEVEN) and because she's EATING PLAIN FUCKING CUCUMBER OUT OF A PLASTIC BAG and acting like she's the Fresh Prince of Vegan Gourmet Shit. w h y???

No. 65190


She use the 'my famous' description on a few of her foods. I don't think she understands the meaning of famous lol

No. 65194

Can't tolerate fat but peanut butter goes down fine?

Wtf is she trying to pull? Why not say that's powdered PB and therefore fat free?

No. 65198

It definitely is powdered PB. She would never eat something as caloric as real peanut butter

No. 65200

File: 1448719285154.png (658.27 KB, 917x583, 9aPME6a.png)

Holy shit this looks like something an archeologist would dig up

No. 65203

Ew her fingers are gross

No. 65206


Just no. Onion rings are meant to be gluteny and deep fried and delicious. That is disgusting.

No. 65207

Ginger is now claiming she has a severe gluten intolerance. Anything to restrict more hey Ginger?

No. 65208

I lurk this a lot, and honestly the only reason I can see for doing any of this shit is to sabotage food so you won't eat it

No. 65222

I've seen that Walden Farms stuff in stores and I couldn't believe it existed. How does calorie free jam exist? That stuff must be horrible.

Don't forget the stevia.

No. 65233

Man, her cuticles are soooo dry. I guess she's another that believes lotion will make her fat…,

No. 65237


Did she just go to the beach and wrapped them in sand??

No. 65284

Probably a cat's litterbox.

No. 65289

Is she lying about running several miles at a decent speed every day? Every anorectic I know can barely stand up. And she clearly does have anorexia or is at least starving herself to an extent that her body simply does not have the calories to achieve these physical feats she is bragging of.

No. 65291

I don't think she's lying about that.

No. 65293


I'm sure all the pain she complains of is because she's actually running that much. Her pain and issues probably have nothing to do with pots/dysautonomia/flexed tailbone/squished organs or whatever her disease of the day is. Its probs entirely ed/over excercise problems. The question is how long can she keep it up

No. 65295

What scares me is that her small pool of followers might buy into her diet and hurt themselves.

No. 65544

POTS itself doesn't cause pain, so clearly her pain is a result of overexercising and undereating.

No. 65546


Me neither. But I wonder about that she is doing it every day.
I weigh ~95 pounds and am 5´8 and I am able to run 7 miles, that is possible, yes.

But AFTERWARDS I´m nearly dying of pain. (leg cramps, exhaustion etc)

No. 65548

Yeah, I mean, for someone in good shape with proper calories and nutrients to move and heal it's very possible to run that much at that speed every day, but her nutrition is horrendous. I could definitely believe her trudging through a shitty jogging pace at best with that kind of intake, but she said what, a 9 minute mile? That's not bad; at least not what I'd expect of a deprived person.
If she is actually running exactly what she has claimed, she must be a really sick kind of self-imposed torture artist. It can't actually feel good to do that level of running on an undernourished system unless she has extreme starvation high going on.

No. 65549

*Nine minute mileS, for like 7 miles, I mean.

No. 65551

It must be similar to the high you get from cutting yourself.

No. 65565


And a quick glance at her followers shows a few suffering from eds themselves. Yikes.

No. 65582

Who would follow her unless they are disordered themselves? She's perfect thinspo and making a cookbook on how to look like her.

No. 65583

Fit Vegan Thinspo Cookbook!

No. 65585

Ging looks like she has potential to be attractive. Like an anon mentioned if she filled in her eyebrows it would make a difference, but also if she wore a soft colored mascara. Too bad she's orthorexic af and kinda crazy :/

No. 65597

You fucking genius
How … how can you see a photo of yourself looking like that and not shit yourself with disgust then cry about it, let alone post it to social fucking media? She's so far gone now that she just needs to be put down.

No. 65598

File: 1448783417578.jpg (61.32 KB, 837x362, lol.JPG)

I'm dying

No. 65618

Why is her head giant

No. 65631


a farmer?

No. 65638


No. 65653

anna is ACTUALLY wearing normal clothes for once! they aren't falling off of her

No. 66155

File: 1448867931351.png (44.67 KB, 332x446, gin.png)

Wait, when did this gluten intolerance develop? I know that she doesn't always eat gluten free pasta or bread, so I'm guessing it's another BS, ana excuse or she's just that clueless.

No. 66187

Ewwwwww… That "oatmeal" thing she posted 2days ago. >.< Even a vegan version doesn't have to look like that. That's so disgusting!
Looks like my dog's vomit. Ewwwwwww!

No. 66193

> >.<


No. 66245

Oatmeal is vegan to begin with. It's oats and water. Anna is dumb.

No. 66271


I was wondering this as well. She used to eat lavash wraps alll the time.

Come to think of it, she's switched those for nori wraps lately. But i suspect this is a calorie issue as opposed to a gluten issue.

No. 66314

Anna! Stop diagnosing yourself!

No. 66318

She's just trying to sneak around that by having lower calorie options, and she's making herself look like a fucking idiot in the process. Most things can be made vegan by switching one or two ingredients for something else, (milk for water) but she's really reaching for vegan fame by trying to invent the most "creative" vegan version of something.

No. 66349


> by trying to invent the most "creative" vegan version of something.

or the ugliest!

No. 66354

Well she's stupid. And even stupider for coming out with a "cookbook" that pretty much no one wants.

No. 66356


for bulimics it might be help

No. 66365

I bet it'll sell.

No. 66366

The pasta sauce thing baffles me. Why doesn't she just make it from scratch?

No. 66372


Right? Pasta sauce is relatively easy… especially for a self proclaimed 'chef'

No. 66375

File: 1448918112389.png (345.67 KB, 1536x2048, image.png)

Lol @ TFC latching on to TFVG now that ash and Erica are irrelevant.

No. 66376

File: 1448918393151.png (924.08 KB, 1536x2048, image.png)

Lurking hard TFC heh heh

No. 66377

File: 1448918431642.png (885.87 KB, 1536x2048, image.png)

That midriff showing isn't very modest 4 Jesus.

No. 66384


Background on that chick?

No. 66390

Because…calories. Using real ingredients = calories. Walden Farms = calorie free crap

No. 66412

She almost has a figure.

No. 66446

Now that she needs to stop skating, my guess is that she's finding ways to cut calories out of her diet.

Does anyone else find it odd that she doesn't eat out ever? Or that she doesn't eat her family's cooking? I understand that being vegan can sometimes make this hard, but, as a vegan, I also know that you can find something almost anywhere. Her family seems pretty supportive with her father eating Tofurky an all, so I can't imagine that they'd refuse to cook her something vegan.
Oh right, because it has nothing to do with being vegan–she has an eating disorder. She's in denial.

No. 66454

I'm sorry, but she is hideous.

No. 66480

>>66377 >>63654 >>54745

I really do think she has orthorexia if anything, but the way she stands in every selfie is just such a typical thinspo pose that anas do… Feet together, thighs held as far apart as possible (even though they're already far apart enough to never touch)… I refuse to believe that she's 100% oblivious as to why her lifestyle rubs people the wrong way. Not to mention, she sees the comments people post about how she looks like she's deathly thin and she just ignores them, doesn't even delete them. That just seems weird to me.

No. 66481

File: 1448942875339.png (437.6 KB, 933x464, Clipboard04.png)

Like when she puts up pictures like this, surely she sees what's wrong with it. Sometimes I honestly think she's trolling and is trying to provoke people.

No. 66483

File: 1448943336146.png (492.32 KB, 933x598, Clipboard08.png)


No. 66579

She also has/had another IG, called happyveganginger or something similar, and the thinspo poses on that were even more pronounced - lots of tensed-neck-collarbone shots and stuff.

No. 66588

Jfc her breastbone is visible and is it just me or do (what little) of her breasts look like they're just sagging off her ribs?

Pronounced hipbone is pronounced.

No. 66598

Does she squeeze her pictures?

Her phone looks weird

No. 66600

Yeah..I used to think that she genuinely thought her fucked up diet was healthy and the weight loss was just a side effect, but her thigh gap poses and pics like this make me think she knows what she's doing. No one would look at that pic and think it looks attractive or healthy, the only reason you would post it is as thinspo/body check

No. 66601

Also her legs look extremely photoshopped here

No. 66613

This is some piss poor trolling tho.

No. 66615

So much shop on her legs in that photo. Just compare both body checks And her legs look totally different.

No. 66623

File: 1448987088237.gif (884.29 KB, 512x360, laughingasfuck.gif)

I agree. She is deff shoopin. Damn, as expected as well.

No. 66628

Doesn't look shooped? Look at the OP image. Leg shape is the same.

No. 66632

My bad, good call, I am dum dum

No. 66633


How can you see who her followers are? I'm trying to right now..

No. 66641

You have to be on mobile and click on the bumber of followers on her page.

No. 66642

She just has natural cheetoh legs.

No. 66651

From her dinner:
>mashed cauliflower topped with sautéed onions, shrooms, and lentils smothered in my new pasta sauce

Cannot imagine what this tastes like. The onions and mushrooms with the pasta sauce can't be bad. The lentil and cauliflower….???cannot compute.

No. 66656

I take back what I said about vulnerable young girls copying her. If they're stupid enough to eat this, they deserve to wither away.

No. 66681

That actually doesn't sound that bad… except for the fact that she's using zero calorie fake "pasta sauce"

No. 66682

She got rid of the zero-calorie sauce and bought oil-free sauce.

No. 66846

File: 1449024128743.png (946.59 KB, 595x601, worrrrmssssss.png)

What the fuck's wrong with her apple?

No. 66849

File: 1449024303709.png (55.7 KB, 313x518, godworksinmysteriousways.png)

Jesus was "teaching her a lesson", obviously.

No. 66850

File: 1449024408796.png (492.13 KB, 598x599, filthylaptop.png)

No. 66863

Of course she's typing her cookbook out in comic sans shudders

No. 66868

I was so tempted to post a comment on her instagram letting her know that comic sans is so 2002 but I decided it's better this way. Now, if she ever actually publishes it, I have even more incentive to buy it. A "cookbook" written in 2015 in Comic Sans. it's basically art.

No. 66879

lmao of course there's no ingredients listed

No. 66884

The first ingredient is ~*faith*~

No. 66897

I think she stretches them vertically. I have the same phone…hers looks longer. Very weird.

No. 66898

Gluten free, nut free, taste free, soul free

No. 66913

oh GOD it's in comic sans

No. 66917

she's private now?

No. 66919

File: 1449060757237.png (854.25 KB, 979x979, img1449060636990.png)

Ya, She eats So well she grows super fast

No. 66920

She's bending the mirror as well as everything else.

No. 66933

Is she using those cheap shitty mirrors which are like something you'd find in a funhouse?

No. 66942

lmao I got blocked by Anna for pointing out the hole in the apple ahahahahaha

No. 66943

yeeaah she has to be using a stretching app or photoshopping… those pics are only a few days apart and she looks way spoopier in the second one

No. 66947

The second mirror looks like it it's thinner than the other one, which would most likely distort the person to look taller and a little slimmer. Or as another person said, it could be her phone stretching the picture.

No. 66948

File: 1449073110101.png (161.58 KB, 361x640, IMG_1735_zpsy8gp5ns1.png)

No. 66949

And now she's private.

No. 66962

No. 66975

There was more later on, but I didn't bother to take a screenshot before she went private. A lot of it was jj99 fighting with her followers over anorexia and Jesus.

No. 67060

I'm pissed off that she's private now. Stop engaging with the cows and spoiling the milk.

No. 67202

According to this page: http://partnersearch.ice-dance.com/profile.php?id=890

Anna is 5'1 and weighs 91lbs, making her BMI 17.2. It's worth noting, though, that she's only 7lbs underweight.

No. 67203

File: 1449123250425.jpg (135.45 KB, 934x599, ss (2015-11-26 at 09.44.14).jp…)

She's itty bitty. I wonder if she's gone through puberty yet.

No. 67258

i mean, she's 19…

No. 67265

That profile was last updated in 2014 though. Chances are she's lost weight since then.

No. 67272

this. I would guess she actually weighs 75-80

No. 67297

I just found the GOMI thread about Anna. I can't believe it's 337 pages long. How is there that much to discuss about this chick?


Also, I have a feeling that Anna is about 20 now.

No. 67314


That's because gomi is full of armchair psychiatrists who are very eager to jump all over each other to diagnose her with every mental illness under the sun.

The wild speculation is hilarious in that thread.

No. 67331

It's an entertaining read for sure, but some of these speculations seem way off base.

No. 67513

So what's Ginger been up to since going private?

No. 67520

Maybe this thread is entertAining but that site is a warning against unchecked self-post hugboxing and fantasy speculation. I find some of their cows give good milk but the threads are unreadable garbage.

No. 67525

Agreed. 337 pages about how maybe her family life is unstable and maybe she was abused and maybe this and maybe that. I can't even imagine caring about some weird teenager's personal life -that much-.

No. 67526

What weirds me out about GOMI is that most of the posters seem to be middle-aged. I hope when I'm 40 I'll have better things to do than bitch about random weirdos on instagram all day

No. 67550

File: 1449205497401.jpg (1.33 MB, 2400x3000, how-fuckin-old-is-brun5150-any…)

I shamelessly stole these screenshots from GOMI.

No. 67551

File: 1449205662577.jpg (60.62 KB, 360x639, s3dd00.jpg)

And this one wouldn't fit in the collage. I hope that satisfies everyone's curiosity.

No. 67555

File: 1449205964853.jpg (54.64 KB, 640x640, brun.jpg)

Oh, and this is Anna's biggest fan, Brun5150. Disturbing.

No. 67559

File: 1449206084672.jpg (90.55 KB, 640x640, snot nosed canadian pedo.jpg)

No. 67611

this guy reminds me of the dude from despicable me

No. 67612

That looks incredibly uncomfortable

No. 67638

Anon please my sides can't take it…

No. 67647

What is the deal with joltography? She seems to love all the disordered IGers.

Conrats Anna, your followers are just as disordered and weird as you are.

No. 67648

I think she's just a kid.

No. 67659

She's in the Ashley thread and she's not a kid. I think she's in her mid-to-late 20s

No. 67662

She lurks here. She follows whoever we talk about and makes herself their personal counsellor.

She thinks she's autistic and I must say, I agree.

No. 68098

I just love how she wrote in her Bible about getting IG hate. "God, please protect me from the wicked people saying my food looks gross on social media."

No. 68113


>"Now let it come to them. Let burning coals fall on them. Throw them into the fire or into pits from which they cannot escape."

>So fitting… IG hate

A bit overdramatic, lmao

No. 68116

She's sheltered as fuck.

No. 68124

She had to take an ig hiatus for almost an entire day you guys

No. 68125

File: 1449364584729.jpg (116.26 KB, 618x742, looksthesamegoingoutasitdidgoi…)

shit forgot the photo

No. 68127

This looks like my daughter's first bowel movement.

No. 68128

Straight up diarrhea

No. 68147

File: 1449376932874.png (219.53 KB, 360x639, ht9ufd.png)

No. 68150

She needs to stop making food that looks like literal dogshit.

No. 68151

nice play doh food

No. 68156


I think this might actually have calories in it.

No. 68477

What in the world is that? Why does the "cheese" look like it has a cooked dough consistency?
Maybe she's not vegan at all. Maybe she things veganism is the work of satan, so posts really disgusting food to dissuade anyone from trying veganism.

No. 68478

File: 1449467789795.gif (1.71 MB, 245x166, Gordon-Ramsay-GIFS.gif)

No. 68483

>Why does the "cheese" look like it has a cooked dough consistency?

I thought it was a huge plop of festering mustard or something. It's nice that Ginger's food pics always lead to guessing games.

No. 68611


The 'meat' of this burger is absolutely vile. It looks like a big ole turd. I feel so nauseated right now….

No. 68615

Everything she eats looks like barf, when there are plenty of awesome vegan burgers that don't use mock meat.

No. 68617

It's not just veganism. She's fat free, oil free, gluten free and vegan. Heaven forbid food have calories.

No. 68620


I´m a vegan, too and I hardly eat "cheese" ´cause there are not really good alternatives.

Imho the whole "fake cheese" thing is just fooling

No. 68651

IDK, Daiya is pretty good in mac and cheese and on pizza.

No. 68679


dunno, I´m from Austria and fake cheese is so expensive here…and only available in special organic shops

No. 69089

any updates on ging's recipes?

No. 69112

Some people love Daiya (I love the spicy types of it) but some people hate it, prefer other brands like Chao or whatever, homemade cashew cheese, or just don't like any type. But yeah it is still usually a rare treat if anything especially since it is expensive as has been noted.

No. 69113

Also samefagging but whatever kind she has in that burger pic there looks like congealed puke.

No. 69186

In case you guys want to try this out yourselves, here's her recipe:

Spicy Pumpkin Pinto Burger. Vegan, gluten free. Serves one.

1. 1/2 cup pumpkin purée
2. 1/2 cup canned pinto beans, drained and rinsed
3. 1/2 tsp cumin
4. Onion and garlic powders to taste
5. 1/8 tsp chipotle powder
6. Vegan hamburger bun
7. Burger toppings of choice (I used my "Basic Cheeze Sauce" on the blog and broccoli sprouts)
8. 1 T flax seed, ground

1. In a medium size bowl, mix pumpkin, beans, spices, and flax until combined.
2. Form into large patty and place on parchment-lined baking sheet.
3. Bake, uncovered, at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for 25 minutes.
4. Remove and let cool before enjoying!

No. 69187

File: 1449630738893.jpg (27.75 KB, 360x480, blogger-image--1201809756.jpg)

Lentil Mocha Pudding

1. 1/2 cup canned lentils, drained and rinsed
2. 6 oz. silken tofu
3. 15 drops liquid stevia
4. 1 T pero coffee substitute
5. Dash of cinnamon for garnish

1. Blend it yo. Then EAT UP! Done.

No. 69188

Pumpkin and beans? Ugh, that must taste awful.

No. 69189

That's like ~44% of RDA of dietary fiber in the burger alone. Count in the raw veg she usually has at every meal…no wonder she has GI issues.

No. 69190

She probably has the most rotten farts imaginable.

No. 69191

That's really nauseating. How would this even be considered palatable? I wonder if she really thinks this tastes good or if she's deluded herself into thinking it's edible.

She's got serious issues with food. I'm reminded of that guy who invented Soylent. He's wacky too and seems to have some kind of eating disorder.

No. 69194

This is by far the worst I've seen from her. CANNED lentils, SWEET canned lentils. Sweet canned lentils WITH COFFEE SUBSTITUTE.

This is a PUDDING. A LENTIL pudding. I'm scared. Hold me.

No. 69209

Honestly, when you're starving any and everything tastes good.

No. 69361

File: 1449689563798.png (365.58 KB, 640x401, f597x3.png)

No. 69362

File: 1449689579559.png (232.65 KB, 639x403, 55qxs8.png)

No. 69363

File: 1449689598501.png (421.37 KB, 639x400, 14y71pj.png)

No. 69364

File: 1449689642251.png (401.23 KB, 639x406, 29zo7ef.png)

No. 69365

Her hands…

No. 69366

So she drinks her breakfast now?

No. 69376

Looks like an 8 year old wearing her older sister's clothes. And that braid is horrific

No. 69378

Looks like someone who is a patient in a hospital and wearing their own clothes….

No. 69381

File: 1449692473811.jpg (30.86 KB, 340x340, raynauds-phenomenon-s4-signs-s…)

Samefagging but what the hell!? I missed that before. I think she might have https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Raynaud's_phenomenon, pic related

No. 69412

She could, or the lack of circulation can be caused by her raging eating disorder.

No. 69417


i think it's partly that she uses some really shitty filter that just oversaturates. her skin is probably a little red from being cold/irritated, and her having poor circulation, but then her stupid saturate/contrast filter makes it look insane and she doesn't notice visual details (see also: hideous food photography).

the pictures of her on her work's facebook page show her skin and hair color as pretty different than it looks on her instagram. partly lighting, i'm sure, but she appears to have very sallow skin and not ~super blue~ eyes etc on their pics. i think she thinks washing out her skin with contrast and brightening her hair/eyes/lips with saturation is A+

No. 69478

Yeah, her circulation is terrible. There's a pic of her doing a mirror selfie in shorts and it looks like she's wearing bright red knee socks. I'll post it when she unlocks her account. I mean, there's a reason why so many people on ED units wear compression socks…I'm genuinely worried that no one is going to intervene before she suffers some horrible medical setback. I wonder if her parents have tried to intervene.

No. 69497

File: 1449705005206.png (887.54 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Someone explain her leg???

No. 69498

File: 1449705040077.png (957.36 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

This pic?

No. 69511

ok this one doesn't look TOO bad.

No. 69513


No. 69528

Her lower legs look like socks, but they're not. YIKES.

No. 69532

…I thought those WERE socks

No. 69533

what the fuck

No. 69535

wait…. these aren´t socks? damn

No. 69537

Why does she wear XXL tshirts?

No. 69538

I'm scared, how is that possible

No. 69545


Yeah, that's the pic. Her weak heart is why she probably is experiencing all of the symptoms of POTS. It's a SYNDROME, not a disease. I don't think she's faking that.

>Patients can develop a reddish purple color in the legs upon standing, believed to be caused by blood pooling or poor circulation. The color change subsides upon returning to a reclined position.


No. 69554

She is faking it. No one with POTS is running miles and miles and miles every single day. And yeah, my legs get reddish-purple when standing for a bit thanks to POTS, but Anna's legs and hands are probably a result of her ED, not dysautonomia.

She probably has an electrolyte imbalance which is causing her symptoms. She can't have POTS without a positive tilt table test and she said she refuses to go to anymore doctors, so….

No. 69557

>POTS is often diagnosed by a Tilt Table Test, but if such testing is not available, POTS can be diagnosed with bedside measurements of heart rate and blood pressure taken in the supine (laying down) and standing up position at 2, 5 and 10 minute intervals.

>Some patients have fairly mild symptoms and can continue with normal work, school, social and recreational activities.


No. 69571

Um..pretty much every electrophysiology lab is equipped to do the TTT. And the diagnosis has to come from an EP to be legit.

Also one usually has more than one tilt test. I had one to confirm my diagnosis, then a more comprehensive one a few years later at NYU.

No. 69573

Kay well you obviously don't have the disorder because most people who have it are in fact, disabled. I've yet to meet someone who has a mild form, because usually POTS comes with other issues. Gastroparesis, high or low blood pressure, fatigue, etc.

No. 69576

Anything to look smaller and smaller ig, she looks like a 9 year old girl lmao

No. 69595

You guys are too easy to bait.

And here is a runner with POTS

No. 69597

>Some patients have fairly mild symptoms and can continue with normal work, school, social and recreational activities.

This is the biggest crock of shit I have ever read. I was told this by my doctor FIVE years ago and nothing has changed.

No. 69663

It's possible that she has POTS because milder cases do exist (search FB groups, etc.) however, not at all likely. Her hands look like those of someone who has Raynaud's Syndrome which can go hand in hand with an ED.

No. 69665

Has anyone tried looking into the rest of her family? I think I read that her sister has an IG and that she's 'normal'. It bothers me most that she actually blocks anyone who suggests she has an eating disorder or even those who make comments like 'please take care of yourself'.

No. 69852


yes, her sister is a few years older and seems completely normal for a woman her age. there's no indication anna and her sister don't get along, either–anna commented on her sister's IG pretty recently and they interact on facebook.

her parents are conservative and religious (i think anna posted that they're both pastors, but her dad definitely is). anna and her sister were homeschooled, probably for religious reasons, but it really doesn't seem like the OTT "praise jesus" bullshit was imposed by her parents, bc her sister doesn't do it at all and anna didn't act like that until around the time she started losing weight and making weird vegan slop.

essentially her family seems pretty normal for a conservative religious family in a rural-ish southern area. and she was not like this pre-ED/whatever.

No. 69855

Yes, mom and dad are both Methodist pastors. They are assigned to different parishes and do not live together.

And it's hard to say how much religion may have been a factor in Anna's parents' decision to homeschool. The public schools where they lived were not very good.

No. 69861

POTS does not cause red hands. It causes legs to be discolered, but not the hands.

No. 69862

LOL right? I've had it for eight years now and it's actually gotten worse over the years, not better.

No. 69863

It says that the doctor is ninety percent sure, though. Does she mention a tilt test for a positive diagnosis anywhere?

And I NEVER heard that most people with the disease are blonde haired, blue eyed people. That is waaaaaay false.

No. 69891

tbh what makes the POTS "diagnosis" unbelievable isn't even her activity level or anything, since there's a range of severity. it's that she literally was coming up with a totally new ~*serious*~ problem like once a week for several months this summer/fall and there was NEVER any indication of a doctor dxing any of it. she'd have a random appt and then a new "disease" that had nothing to do with the specialist she saw, and the new thing wouldn't match the symptoms she was supposedly seeking help for. and then every new dx would suddenly not be mentioned at all after the next big thing.

i think all the "omg munchausen's" speculation on a certain other site is ridic, but she's definitely jumping from one thing to another to try to justify her physical problems and rationalize her gross diet, when it's all obviously just an ED.

No. 69892

What makes you say the public schools aren't good where she is? Granted I don't know anything about her exact area, I'm not sure where she lived or what the demographics are, but in general Virginia has really good public schools. I think the state is ranked second in the US for overall quality of public schools, although that may be old data (I'm an education major but read the study with that data ~2 years ago).

No. 69941


No. 69950

Historically, Anna has been very casual with her personal information. Being not only bored, creepy and autistic, but also losing patience with rampant breathless speculation about Anna being raised in the Church of the Holy Basement by insane fundamentalist parents, I looked up the particular schools she would've attended on the VA DOE website.

They were not the worst of the worst, but not very good, either.

I could believe that normal parents might decide to homeschool under those circumstances, but as to Anna's parents' actual motivations, there's not much to go on.

No. 70053

File: 1449789725708.png (69 KB, 179x318, x2o4jq.png)

No. 70062

File: 1449790055611.jpg (48.48 KB, 400x400, 1418661469495.jpg)

No. 70064

File: 1449790204031.jpg (77.65 KB, 750x750, 12346015_447270935473536_81407…)

No. 70070

Damn she kinda looks like shmegeh here.

No. 70072

File: 1449791622173.jpg (95.22 KB, 599x900, ginge.jpg)

I was thinking more this, but the animal's actually cute.

No. 70081

She looks like she was sucking someone's dick… She has a lot of photos in which she looks like she's doing that, tbh fam.

No. 70087

File: 1449793346447.jpg (37 KB, 292x293, perv.jpg)

Intentional or not, it's perv bait.

No. 70105

File: 1449794599864.gif (1.61 MB, 280x296, puke.gif)

Male recipient…looking down…sees that face

No. 70133

>>70087 This creepy old guy has been following her IG for months, liking/commenting on her pics and complimenting her on how good she looks. ewww

No. 70134

This actually disgusts me… For some reason I can look at all kinds of uggos and fatties on here and be neutral or amused but this nauseates me. Why does she post shit like this? More importantly, how the fuck are so many people choosing to sign up to see this mess on their feed every day? She looks like a retarded turtle somehow fused with a human in an experiment gone wrong.

No. 70135

The police car behind him isn't an omen of any kind, no way.

No. 70146

I used to hide the header pic of most of the cows on snow and pt. I'm more tolerant now and I've only got Ginge and that obese girl with acne hidden.

Ginger's face AND the stuff she calls food literally prevents me looking at her feed. I'd like to look at comments and her captions but she honestly makes me feel really ill. That's quite an achievement when she isn't even trying to be disgusting.

No. 70158

I bet he likes to imagine himself in Anna's dick-sucking-mouth-photos.

No. 70159

File: 1449817384963.jpg (57.57 KB, 500x375, Yuck.jpg)

Everytime I see them it freaks me out, it's like those toy monkies with the cymbals

No. 70162


Thank you for beautifully articulating a comparison that I so desperately was trying to place. Holy shit.

No. 70190


I don't think very many of her "followers" actually give a fuck what she posts. Most of them are just random vegan or fitness blogs that seem to mass-follow everyone who uses whatever hashtags, in an attempt to get follow-backs. Some of them "like" her photos, but there are hardly any comments that aren't generic spammy "looks so good! check out my vegan recipes!" (and even fewer since she went private). She just has a handful of people who appear to ACTUALLY follow her and pay any attention to her shit.

You could see this kind of spammy hashtag action going on when there were those parody accounts with pictures of moldy food and whatever. People were liking them and commenting about follow for follow or whatever. The thirst is real.

No. 70192


Samefagging because I forgot to say that the likes/follows on the obvious parody accounts demonstrate that these serial follower/likers are literally not even looking at the posts or images. They're just going through the #vegan tag or whatever and liking every picture to get traffic

No. 70201


Is it spit?
Is it tears of joy?

No. 70218

Jesus juice.

No. 70224


A lot of her followers are ED sufferers. "Omg how did you get so thin?? Have you been IP? What do your parents say about your weight? How can I get thin like you?" Of course Ginger deletes/ignores all these comments though.

No. 70263

File: 1449856823288.jpg (24.22 KB, 446x500, topkek_meyveli_not_vegan.jpg)

No. 71647

This is a huge assumption but… does anyone else wonder if she's been molested/abused? Part of the reason I developed my eating disorder was because I was terrified of being perceived as "sexy" or "asking for it" (in other words, having a mature woman's body). It would explain why she deliberately takes ugly selfies, wears huge shirts, etc.

No. 71650

I wondered that too, but some women just have trouble being viewed as sexy regardless of their past. Personally, I didn't start developing until I was 12 and I wasn't okay with it until I was about 19-20. I wasn't molested, but I wasn't comfortable with having a mature woman's body either.

No. 71653

Why are vegans always crazy? damn

No. 71654

Raw vegan is so fucking stupid.
like, just say you don't know how to cook.
man, even people in middle ages knew how to cook better than her

No. 71655

My theory is got pumped and dumped by a boy her own age and she thought it would end in marriage since she's a Jesus freak. I doubt she was "milested" since there's pics of her wearing heavy eyeliner and strapless prom dresses at like 18. Then she does all the phallic food and blowjob pictures as a way to seem more innocent because "see! I don't even know what this means!!!"

No. 71656

Take that shit back to gomi

No. 71658

File: 1449970639785.png (754.29 KB, 907x541, Screen shot 2015-12-12 at 5.35…)

Sorry for neglecting you all for a couple days, here's some fresh milk from Ginger's insta

No. 71659

File: 1449970660491.png (646.29 KB, 917x538, Screen shot 2015-12-12 at 5.34…)

No. 71660

I'm pretty sure most of eating disorders have nothing to do with rape lol

No. 71661

File: 1449970674271.png (503.54 KB, 928x490, Screen shot 2015-12-12 at 5.34…)

No. 71662

Take that shit back to gomi

No. 71663

File: 1449970688791.png (681.4 KB, 942x545, Screen shot 2015-12-12 at 5.34…)

No. 71664

File: 1449970702568.png (140.31 KB, 316x309, Screen shot 2015-12-12 at 5.34…)

No. 71666

Did… Did she scoop this out of a cats litter box ..?

No. 71667

She looks like a cancer patient

No. 71674

Her hair just keeps thinning.

No. 71678

Fucking joltography, the bastard follows almost all of my cows.

No. 71680

how does she not see anything wrong with this?!
i guess she might think her emaciated body looks good because of her ED, but when you're a 20 year old girl with the hairline of a 50 year old man, you'd think you would know something's wrong.. or at least not take a picture of it…

LOL it really does look like fake cat poop that you'd make for a Halloween party or something.

No. 71753

aside from the obsessive amount of dijon, these don't look that awful, tbh. kind of saddness-plates for vegan meals, but not horrific.

No. 71767

Alternatively, she does it because vanity makes Jesus cry, so making herself gross is proof that she's a Jesus warrior and not some secular bimbo (while ignoring the fact that posting 9001 pictures of yourself on IG is, in and of itself, really vain), or she thinks she's ugly and is hiding her ugliness (big shirts) and exaggerating her ugliness (deliberately taking ugly selfies) so she doesn't have to admit that she couldn't be good-looking even if she tried.

The big shirts can also be possibly explained by her wanting to hide how thin she is. It's really common for anorexics to do that.

No. 71796

File: 1450023780793.png (797.53 KB, 946x608, ginger1.png)

More photos of her hair

No. 71797

File: 1450023829587.png (507.68 KB, 944x599, ginger2.png)

No. 71799

File: 1450023902295.png (929.19 KB, 944x582, ginger3.png)

She truly looks like a child here.
And can someone explain what that eye crusty thing is that's always below her eye??

No. 71804

I know what those are, but I can't remember the name of them. my younger sister has one, too. it's just a little hard bump on your skin and you can't really get rid of it.

looks like Anna has discovered the world of curling wands. she looks a lot better when her hair isn't a single rat rail, but a decent looking curly ponytail. maybe she's lurking here?

No. 71813

Could be a Milium ? I get those around my eyes sometimes. You can pop it and get it out but it tends to leave a mark.

No. 71820

Arbitrary question but is that an elliptical? Assumed it was a treadmill but it has handlebars in front of the screen which I see on ellipticals all the time but never on a treadmill. I feel like given all her pains and lack of nutrition it would make sense for her to have to switch to the elliptical since it is low impact and also takes way less effort to use.

No. 71821

It's an elliptical.

Anna's hair is fucking ratty.

No. 71822

She looks like she's asphixiating.

No. 71825

looks like she just took her standard rat braid out, she doesn't seem like the type to wash herself often…

No. 71839

Wash you vagina Anna.

No. 71865

No. 71869


don´t cut your hair.
better save the money- it will fall out anyways

No. 71885

File: 1450040331672.jpg (70.19 KB, 640x640, 1446911459645-1.jpg)

I love how she's so obsessed with being fit and healthy, but hasn't touched a barbell, dumbbell or any sort of weight training equipment in her life. Instead she's obsessed with killing her gains and joints via cardio. Whatever floats her boat, but she shouldn't claim to be a fitness nut.

Image related, an actual fit girl. She could probably snap ginger in half and eat her for breakfast.

No. 71898

There are different kinds of fitness, anon.

No. 71900

I see this weirdo posting pics of thick/fit girls all the time, she always derails threads, just ignore her

No. 72472

Being a skellington that eats a bag of carrots and calls it a day is hardly being fit.

No. 72496

That girl is very shaped but unless we see her on a treadmill we don't know that she's got any fitness. Technicalities.

Ironically, FVG is probably 'fit'. Still killing herself though.

No. 72498

Shit sorry, I just saw this and should have heeded you.

No. 72619

I don't derail threads? This is literally the first time I posted this and it's v relevant

Ginger is NOT fit, she's a skinny dying twig and will never make it in iceskating with her low energy levels and muscles eating themselves

No. 72647

File: 1450192746643.png (214.87 KB, 640x405, 15znpmw.png)

She has an 8 year olds body.

No. 72652

I like a bit of ugly furniture generally…but yikes, is this her place? Do you think she moved in with her BFF gran who buys her jeans for her?

No. 72659

Not to defend Ging, but she's 19 and this is her first apartment. She's probably gonna toss that shit when she moves.

No. 72663

My first sofa and chairs were fug and ancient. I just tossed some throws to cover that shit. LOTS of throws.

No. 72674

Did she…did she set up her camera on timer to get a pic of her "spontaneously" dancing?

No. 72688

She seriously has such a sad existence, it seems. No pictures of hanging out with friends her own age, no going out to eat or to movies. Just working, exercising and hanging out alone in her apartment making disgusting concoctions. What a wasted life sge lives. So health guru, much inspiration.

No. 72697

She's not alone. Jesus is with her. Always.

No. 72699


Real talk, for sure. I've never even seen anything about her going to church - I mean, even interacting IRL with other Jesus Freaks would be better than being as isolated as she is.

The fact that she set up her own camera to "catch" her in the act of dancing, is sad.

When a friend of mine was in the deepest part of her ED, she also isolated: she couldn't meet up because she needed to be at the gym for 4 hours a day. And she couldn't go out to eat because she had "a bread allergy" and "glucose problems" - completely ridiculous shit which everyone saw right through - in reality she couldn't bear eating anything that didn't have the calories count on the package (I have no idea why ana-chans think they're slick, everyone fucking knows).

That situation reminds me of Anna. Oh, sure, you have "sensitivity" to gluten, fat, and sugar (no such thing; you have an allergy or you don't). And you choose not to eat anything with animal products. Even though your body is falling apart, the only way to fix that is more exercise. You're a raw vegan, and every day you eat processed zero calorie (hashtag miracle noods! Miracle rice! With zero calorie mustard instead of sauce!)

I wish she did have some friends, so she could get real talk in real life. Instead, I'm sure she does the internet equivalent of the instagram block, so she can continue to be delusional in her quest to meet her boyfriend, Jesus. It can't be long now.

No. 72700

She has disordered little girls and creepy old men for company.

No. 72708

Even Aly has pics of being out and about and seeing friends. And I think Aly is a cunty lying liar and also has a sad life. But at least she doesn't isolate herself so much. Gingers life legit gives me the sads

No. 72713


tbh i think most/many ana-chans know everyone knows, but it's not like you can say, "hey, i can't go out to eat, i'm anorexic" because that's not socially acceptable and also most people will then be even more likely to stage obnoxious interventions like you're some dumbass who doesn't know there's something unhealthy about puking half of your daily 100 cals and weighing less than a toddler

No. 72721

I was going to ask if she had any Jesus friends. When I shared this massive house with a bunch of born againz, they were always out at Jesus social clubs and Jesus societies. I suspected a few didn't even feel the Jaysus for real, but they were lonely damaged people who were accepted by other God bods so played along.

Don't know if that's what born into xian family people do, but a childhood friend's mum was always busy with the local Methodist church.

Maybe all she needs is deodorant and some shower gel.

No. 72724

I definitely think churchy shit is one of them main ways a lot of people integrate into new communities, and one of the reasons campus ministry groups are so big. My university is not very Christian (it's a big "party school") but the CRU meetings are fucking huge and terrifying. My Hindu roommate is part of it literally just because she likes meeting people and there are tons of people who go.

And yeah, non-fundies at normal non-fundie churches (let alone crazy fundies) get super involved with church activities because it's a really social thing. That's why all those mega-churches have so many sub groups for like, 30-something parents who enjoy LARPing and speak Tagalog or other ridiculously specific shit.

No. 72743

I can't tell if joltography is a wannarexic or just really fucking autistic. She sounds so thirsty always

No. 72749

I think she hates all of them and is trying to do damage by encouraging their ED behaviors.

No. 72758


No. 72781

File: 1450221973965.jpg (53.61 KB, 360x480, blogger-image--698002479.jpg)

Microwaved protein powder in a cup. She's so not disordered, guise.

No. 72784

….what is this even pretending to be?

No. 72789


No. 72828


No. 72875

No. 72876

Damn, she could really pass for a twelve yo.

No. 72939

Does anyone else get the impression that Ginger has a severe case of ADHD going on?

No. 72940

File: 1450245490207.jpg (76.83 KB, 640x480, blogger-image--1639583230.jpg)

Protein Mugcake

1. One scoop protein powder (I used vega!)
2. 2 T brown rice protein powder
3. One packet stevia
4. 1/2 cup water
5. 1/2 tsp ginger, ground
6. Dashes of cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice/cloves
7. 1/2 tsp baking powder

1. Mix all dry ingredients together in a small, microwave safe bowl.
2. Stir in water and mix well, ensuring NI clumps remain.
3. Microwave on high for 1 min 30 seconds. Let cool, sprinkle with ginger, and enjoy!

No. 72941

File: 1450245665313.jpg (67.6 KB, 360x480, blogger-image-2023783110.jpg)

Harvest Protein Stuffed Peach. Vegan, gluten-free. Serves one.

1. One XL peach, preferably overripe
2. One scoop vanilla protein powder (a protein with pea protein works best)
3. 1 tsp raw unsalted pumpkin seeds
4. Cinnamon for garnish

1. Slices around top of peach and scoop out inside and pit using a spoon.
2. Place protein powder in a small bowl and mix with water until a "frosting" forms. Spoon into hollowed out peach.
3. Top peach with pumpkin seeds and sprinkle with cinnamon. DONE! Easy peasy!

No. 72948

this looks like a compost pile…

No. 72961


She has some abs but the rest is pornstar fake boobs and horse butt, not a great example of "fitness girl" really

No. 73024


does she not comprehend what the fuck the "ohs" in that song are

or what "they always wanna come but they never wanna leave" means

or that her SO MUCH ENERGY HAPPY HAPPY shit is not fooling anyone or making her look any less like the sad spoopy mess she is


No. 73025


I think joltography 100% wannarexic but doesn't even have the slightest disposition to ED and can't even restrict for one day. She sees the positive and negative attention these cows get and wants it but can't achieve it because so not ana.

ideal career goals = renfrew attendant

No. 73027

I'm deficient in imagination so i have no idea what any of this tastes like. What does vegetable protein powder taste like?

No. 73038

It tastes like powder and vague vanilla or chocolate depending on which type you get. You have to mix it with either almond milk or put it in your smoothie, otherwise it tastes like sludge.

No. 73039

I think I remember something back in the Erika days about her having bulimia, but I might be remembering wrong.

She's incredibly sheltered and she probably doesn't even comprehend what the "exes" are. She probably thinks it means hugs and kisses.

Haha. I used to pretend to be religious in high school so that I could go to these Jesus events. They were actually a lot of fun if you could stomach the preaching. I'm really surprised that Anna doesn't seem to be involved in a group like this, but most outings involved a lot of junk food. If Anna hung out with normal Jesus youths, it would be harder for her to maintain her eating disorder.

No. 73042


Here's her dancing video if anyone is interested. I bet she had to sit down after this.

No. 73043

File: 1450280959640.jpg (41.6 KB, 360x480, blogger-image-939906851.jpg)

Who the fuck eats whole cranberries?

No. 73062


Gross. There's no way she ate that. Whole raw cranberries are disgusting. No matter how much stevia she uses, it's not enough.

No. 73066

I do. They're nice.

No. 73067

How? They're bitter as fuck.

No. 73085

I like snacking on super bitter stuff. I eat lemons sometimes, I don't think I'm the only one.

Kinda weird that she's having them as a proper meal tho

No. 73086

It tastes similar to non veggie protein powder- gross and kinda like eating calcium, but they add flavours to it so it's more bearable

really depends on which brand you get

No. 73104


omg she looks even skinnier in videos
so damn skeletal

No. 73108

File: 1450288413760.png (429.23 KB, 360x480, 1450221973965.png)

a sign

No. 73110

Someone should take one for the tram and jump her bones.

No. 73154

I like them. They're tart and juicy. Then again, I used to eat choke cherries as a kid.

No. 73175

that protein powder shit literally looks like my cat's vomit

No. 73183

Her dancing is so cringey. Especially that song.

No. 73184

Cringe doesn't even begin to cover the level of second-hand embarrassment here.

No. 73193


late to the game

No. 73203

It was worth a second watch.

No. 73221


What. The. Fuck. First of all, I'm still embarrassed for her, and I shut that thing off like 10 minutes ago. Second - she looks even worse in motion than in photos. It must be legit terrifying to see her walking around at work and the gym - she looks like her next steps could either be her last, or that she's going to shatter and break at any second. Like, I think bumping into her might break her tiny arm. Much fitness! Such healthy!

No. 73227

spooky scary skeletons send shivers down my spine

No. 73245

the amount of protein powder she consumes is nauseating

No. 73257

It's probably the only thing keeping her muscles from devouring themselves tbh.

No. 73585

anybody want to try to get her to go public again? she can't share jesus' message if her account is private.

No. 73920

File: 1450579917151.jpeg (613.3 KB, 2048x2048, image.jpeg)

Purging confirmed?

No. 73921

Her cheeks do look puffier than usual. I'm not sure, though.

No. 73928

honestly i dont really think she looks sick or emaciated i dont mean that in an ana-chan way she just looks like a 10 year old

No. 73934

I don't see anything there that looks like purging. Her cheeks don't look puffier than normal. I don't think Ging purges, I think she just eats really really low calorie food and exercises like mad.

No. 73935

she is really skinny but I think the fact that she was probably always underdeveloped looking makes her look like a really skinny kid instead of a spoopy woman. She's still too underweight, though, even for a "naturally" slim person.

No. 73937


I think that she wants to present as a child.

No. 73941

She's a loner and her family probably only wants to talk jesus. She started skating to late to make a true go of it. Childhood probably looks more appealing to her than adulthood right now.

No. 73942

Me too.

No. 73947

I would imagine. I bet she's pretty sad right now.

No. 74023

Has she mentioned hyperthyroidism at all? It would explain the bulging eyes, the spoopiness and the seemingly endless energy.

No. 74032

Her eyes aren't really bulgy, but she has mentioned having a thyroid condition in the past.

No. 74119

She wasn't, though. There are pictures of her from like 2-3 years ago where she is a very normal weight, normally developed, and presenting in an age-appropriate way. She never looked weirdly young until she lost the weight and started the obnoxious self-infantalizing baby talk and #vegankid hashtags.

No. 74120


eating disorder would also explain all of this including the quasi-manic (or faked to prove "health") energy.

thyroid was only mentioned recently, ex post facto, in the same way other dubious webMD conditions were thrown round. it's a load of shit, just another thing she's trying to deflect ED questions and rationalise her spoopiness

No. 74123

Why does she post selfies where she looks like a homeless person?

No. 74271

That's so fucking drying and gross and how does your body not react in gagging? The pure smell alone of cooked protein is nauseating. It would make you feel incredibly lightheaded.


No. 74481

File: 1450816881879.jpg (74.61 KB, 614x762, 55268451.jpg)

No. 74566

I like to imagine she's taken a squat right there then just popped up to snap a pic.

No. 74634

I can't imagine her purging up all her raw veggie shit. She seems like one of those orthorexic "muh nutrients" types.

No. 74644

Why isn't this thread merged with the ED Instagram snowflakes? Ember doesn't get her own thread but Jesus freak, boring-ass Anna does?

No. 74645

how old is this girl? Has she actually done a single thing wrong? Y'all tearing her to shreds. This is just straight up bullying.(hey y'all, paula deen here)

No. 74646

>Ember doesn't get her own thread

When's the last time she did anything worth discussing? She's a nobody.

No. 74665

She has some interest in aspects outside of being ana. Ember did nothing. The only people who care about her are people with jealous hateboners. Keep crying.

No. 74677

She's almost 20. She's a woman, not a "girl," and there's no need to pander to her self-infantilizing shit.

She's a cow.

No. 74688

File: 1450884527639.gif (839.26 KB, 250x320, kek.gif)

>Ember did nothing. The only people who care about her are people with jealous hateboners. Keep crying.

No. 74689

File: 1450884605350.gif (951.66 KB, 500x681, kek_intensifies.gif)

>This is just straight up bullying.

No. 74695

nah, it's true. the only lulzy thing she's done is selfposting and her thread is full of cancerous myproanafags

No. 74703

Ember has done nothing worth a fuck but her entire existence is wrong.

Bet you think Hitler did nothing wrong either.

No. 74716

She forged inpatient papers, self-posted on here talking shit about herself and her so-called friends, begs for likes and followers on Instagram, begs companies for free shit and giveaways, photoshops herself to look emaciated when she's really not, and posted cringey videos of herself stripping. Whereas Anna overexercises, is in the process of creating a vegan cookbook on Microsoft Word, and her best friend is an elderly woman. I don't get why you think Anna's so fascinating, please elaborate?

No. 74717

Anna's recipes and general diet are full-on horror. If it looks like baked shit in a ramekin, it can be coated in dijon mustard and posted on IG.

That's fascinating to me.

No. 74721

Can whichever anons doing it NOT talk about Ember here. She hasn't got her own thread. Deal with it. Talk about her in the general proana dickhead thread. I'm so sick of her fucking name.

No. 74722

Sorry that your fave is shit. Get over it and go back to her thread.

No. 74728

Anna is too disgusting to put her with the pro-anas. I can tolerate the self-harm and the photoshopped bodies, but God, Anna is too fucking much.

No. 74733

Look at her selfies

No. 74737

she regularly abbreviates the word "tomato" and that's enough for me

No. 74756

Ember go away

No. 74810

File: 1450920494974.png (446.14 KB, 639x407, 25zifkx.png)

A fucking zucchini in a bun with mustard

No. 74817

That sounds disgusting.
Her meals never look appetizing. AND WHY DOES HER APPLE REQUIRE A BOWL?

No. 74819

so "many" quotation marks. "What" the hell, just "call" the "food" what it is rather than "something this food does not resemble at all, in quotes"

No. 74820

I want to know what her "Coke" is. Probably sparkling water with stevia.

No. 74838



No. 74839

But they have too many calories!
I still don't understand why she makes her own """"coke"""" instead of drinking diet coke, it's not like whatever she's making is any more natural or healthier

No. 74950

yeah, or buy like Zevia or something. It's like she HAS to make every single thing from scratch

No. 74957

I hope her family stages an intervention while she's home for Christmas.

No. 74969

i am absolutely enchanted by the idea of her just slapping a whole zucchini into a bun and blasting it with mustard.

No. 75103

oooh home for christmas? post screencaps

No. 75109

Like… did she cook it at all? Or is it a goddamn raw zucchini?
(Im'm not rly a fan of zucchini myself, so I can't tell if it's raw or not. It looks a little dark I guess?)

No. 75126

The colors on everything else look strange so it's probably just the IG filter.

No. 75130

File: 1451071410297.jpeg (236.73 KB, 1271x1478, image.jpeg)

I have a question, is this an 'Ana pose' standing in the mirror with legs crossed but still showing off that gap? I see her, Parismelody and several others taking countless full body selfies like this, & it kinda irks me.

No. 75137

Some weird variation on contrapposto. I guess it's to show off the thigh gap? Her mirror in the apt must be bendy because this one (in her parents' home) makes her look almost normal.

No. 75261

The bend is definitely there in other pics.

No. 75262

Does she have any full body candids?

If that's a light switch behind her, this photo is definitely edited.

No. 75280

I assumed it's to show that "even with my FEET CROSSED u gaise, I still have thigh gap!!!" not sure.

No. 75383

File: 1451178252320.png (620.74 KB, 910x513, Screen shot 2015-12-26 at 4.53…)

Look, she discovered how to make "pancakes" out of what looks like rice cakes, covered with 0 cal "chocolate sauce", and has acquired "oatmeal" made of that fucking miracle noodle shit

No. 75384

File: 1451178305232.png (344.84 KB, 926x495, Screen shot 2015-12-26 at 4.54…)

So, did she shoop her leg big; is the mirror warped; or does she shoop her legs smaller?

No. 75385

File: 1451178332746.png (616.27 KB, 929x506, Screen shot 2015-12-26 at 4.55…)

More inedible crap

No. 75386

File: 1451178420183.png (606.06 KB, 921x509, Screen shot 2015-12-26 at 4.56…)

She made dry toast cut into strips, and is calling it french toast sticks because she dipped it into a tablespoon of syrup.

No. 75388

File: 1451178470485.png (459.48 KB, 923x510, Screen shot 2015-12-26 at 4.58…)

No sister, no father… looks like sis has negotiated a way to never be in the same room as Ginge.

No. 75389

File: 1451178539538.png (402.16 KB, 927x503, Screen shot 2015-12-26 at 5.00…)

Last one that isn't repetitive - I wonder if having her mom and Aunt be overweight is what drives Ginge to her psychotic levels of "healthy eating" and "good exercise"

No. 75391

File: 1451178584403.png (503.67 KB, 922x506, Screen shot 2015-12-26 at 4.58…)

No. 75392

This was her Christmas dinner. :( I almost feel sorry for her.

No. 75394


If she wanted to eat something else, I'm $100% sure her family ate food on Christmas that was not what she posted, and that she was welcome to eat what they had.

Can you imagine how insufferable she must be as a guest? "Oh, you made vegan veggie dishes? Can't eat it, sorry, it has olive oil!" "Oh, you're drinking natural apple cider? Can't have that, it flares my joints right up!" "Oh, you made tofurkey for me? Nope, teehee, I just try to avoid gluten! No, no allergy: a SENSITIVITY."

Just stay home and leave your poor family alone, Ginge. You don't get to force them to participate in your deathwatch.

No. 75402

File: 1451182179182.png (853.08 KB, 979x979, img1451182140601.png)

Looks like shopping to me

No. 75404

Nah ginge wouldnt know how

No. 75407

I think it's a cheap mirror that bends because it's propped up against a wall

No. 75411

>>75404 she clearly does here

No. 75415




No. 75423

What in the hell is miracle noodle oatmeal

No. 75440

Looks like a kind of simple rice pudding? It's low carb at any rate.


No. 75444

Miracle noodle brand shit is all zero calorie. It's basically like a plant fiber that fills you up but has zero nutritional value. I think you can see why an ana chan would be obsessed.

No. 75445

That sounds terrible. And Anna would never use heavy cream or butter, so god knows what's actually in there.

No. 75447

Probably just boiled water. Blech.

I feel like it would be a good base then, if you add in fruit and stuff. But that's not what ana-chans do…

No. 75449

Her dried out celery sticks always give me the sads.

No. 75480

Those things are gross. Once I tried tofu shirataki noodles for the hell of it and yeah…ICK.

No. 75521

See Ginger being her own foods to family gatherings reminds me of this scene from THIN (starts at 1:28:15) where a patient talks about bringing her own meals to thanksgiving and the shame it brought her when she thought about it years later.

No. 75527

No. 75648

she's making her cookbook in msword. i don't think she has the computer skills to shoop anything, even badly.

and vanity shoops make #jesus cry

No. 75651

File: 1451262592772.png (115.84 KB, 431x695, Screen Shot 2015-12-27 at 4.27…)


Why is everything she makes vanilla / stevia? For fucking vegetables?? Does she have ANY followers who have actually attempted her recipes? All of her food sounds like something you wouldn't eat if you were starving (which she is - so is the point to make it unappetizing?)

No. 75654

File: 1451262815930.png (100.81 KB, 852x525, Screen Shot 2015-12-27 at 4.31…)

Lol, Ginger's sister went private, too. Did someone here try to get in touch? Just surprising as Sis works in media (traditional media, not a soshul media queeen)

No. 75660

I think someone on gomi did something since they were the first to notice

No. 75662

Hasn't stevia been proven dangerous or something? I thought studies had recently shown that human bodies can't digest it properly or something.

No. 75683


It's yet to be approved as a sweetener by the FDA as a food additive, because of the side effects and questions about its safety.

No. 75834

Probably just the way her leg is positioned. Legs generally look wider from the side. Generally.

No. 76923

File: 1451682275691.jpg (602.91 KB, 793x588, 15wgocw.jpg)


No. 76925

How is she so thin with NO visible muscle whatsoever? Running alone creates a six pack if you are slim enough.

No. 76936

When your body is running out of fat to burn, it starts to consume the muscles.

No. 76938

This, she's eating at a calorie deficit and isn't getting much fat or protein from her diet.

No. 76958

File: 1451697890912.gif (430.16 KB, 213x213, lol jolto.gif)

>jolto's ab fantasy

No. 76985

File: 1451711699540.gif (607.78 KB, 595x591, brian2.gif)

>your abs look fantastic anna…

No. 76992

File: 1451713805958.jpg (26.11 KB, 517x453, Jesus-Cries.jpg)

Such vanity!

No. 76994

Your rubs look Fantastic!! Ana.

No. 76995

> rubs



No. 76996

Freudian slip because we all know what Brian wants to do with her.

No. 77022

so true… that gif.

No. 77613

I guess im alone on that one… but atleast Ginger seems like a nice person.

I wish she got a boyfriend and job to give her some direction and a slice of young-adulthood-life.

No. 77615

File: 1451911260969.png (786.23 KB, 925x584, ss.png)

Her family is so stupid… being a pastor should give it away… but here are the christmas presents for the underweight daugter

No. 77617

She has a job.

Are these from her work?

No. 77621

It's funny. Ginger follows and always comments on the pics of one guy on Instagram who I follow and writes things like "I LOVE YOU!!! ???????" underneath his selfies and stuff. I think they've probably know each other for a while because he mentioned skating, but it's funny cause he hardly ever replies to her comments. Desperation. That's probably the closest thing she has to male affection.

No. 77622

I would certainly hope so. Nothing but food for Christmas from your family? Even if that's all she asked for it's classic ana behavior to be so obsessed with food.

No. 77744

Ha, she got more Walden farms stuff from her family!! Remember how she didn't get asspats from the other hippies when she asked about their zero calorie sauce, so she claimed to have thrown it away? But here we see it in a bunch of stuff she clearly requested for Christmas. Hmm, the ana plot thickens.

No. 77757

How many calories do you think there are in all of these things combined?

No. 77760

She probably got a gift card ans chose these things herself because I find it hard to believe that her dad would know exactly what to get

No. 77776

File: 1451953772627.jpg (935.17 KB, 2530x759, 188841.jpg)

I'm really bored so…

The Walden Farms shit is 0 calorie. Zevia is 0 calorie.
Simple Girl barbecue sauce is 5 calories per 2tbsp (~30ml), so that 360ml bottle is 60 calories.
Nature's Hollow maple syrup is 57 calories per 60 ml. I'm not sure what size that bottle is - probably around 350mL. So ~330 calories.
Lily's chocolate is 56cal per serving, 18 servings per bag, 1008 calories.
Both brands of ice cream cones are 14 calories each, 12 in each package, so 504 total.
Gem wraps are 25 calories each, 6 wraps in each package (she has 2 packages), so 300 calories there.
I'm not quite sure what that Amberlyn product is. If it's a chocolate bar, it's 170 calories.
Sandwich petals are 100 calories each with 5 per pack, she has 2 packs, 1000 calories.
Idk what Sami's bakery product that is. I'm going to assume she chose the bread called "Slimmer You" because ana. 50 calories a slice, total 1000.

Total = 4372. Enough to sustain an athlete for like, two days.

No. 77777

jesus christ wouldnt a family give major side eye to their daughter for this haul
even if you ARE actively dieting or need to lose weight, these things are not the way to go. all this artificial shit is digsuting. so are the vegans who eat it. being a vegan is supposed to mean eating whole nourishing foods, not Frankenstein food

No. 77779

Nice get, and yeah I can't imagine someone looking at this and thinking there's nothing wrong. She can't even pull the excuse that she's trying to eat clean or whatever - no one would consider soda, sugar-free chocolate and Walden Farms crap "healthy". She just eats whatever is lowest in calories.

No. 77783

Her parents probably know nothing about nutrition and had good intentions when they bought this shit for their daughter. They probably just bought food that they thought she'd actually eat.

No. 77804

Can't wait to see her blast a mountain of mustard into those ice cream cones.

No. 77806

Walden Farms is DISGUSTING.
They haven't made one product I've liked (I have BED, so I buy low cal products to minimize damage).

It tastes and smells like chemicals, kind of how rotten milk tastes imo.
Ginger is fucking crazy into an ED, she's like Jesus Camp meets Freelee level denial.

No. 77859

Off topic but as I was searching for healthy rabbit treat recipes for my bun I found this site.http://www.cooking-with-us.com/rabbittreats.php#axzz3wMSNKJM2
It reads like stupid stuff Ana would say and honestly would probably eat.

No. 77872

didn't she already denounce walden farms after followers gave her shit? and now she has the EXACT SAME product again after shit-talking it? wtf??

No. 77877

She's simply trying to fit an image for her followers. But we all know that she's actually an ana and will continue to eat in a calorie deficit until something drastic happens. I just don't understand what her parents must be thinking. Maybe they are actually worried about her health and weight loss behind the scenes, idk. It's always hard to tell with her chipper Jesus loves me postings. In some ways she's like Aly except she's still hiding her eating disorder.

No. 77926

literally lmao at those "abs" oh my god

No. 77927

FVG's brand of orthorexia/exercise obsession is the kind that flies really easily under radars. At the surface, it seems genuinely healthy- oh, eating lots of vegetables and being active, that's good! But it's literally taken over her life. This is ALL she does. And her body is falling apart because of it.

No. 78544

File: 1452182048088.jpg (287.87 KB, 639x407, 2dw95pk.jpg)

#whatveganslooklike - 8 year old boys
she's been posting so many body checks lately

No. 78546

Welp, this is the best day of Brian's 2016 thus far.

No. 78548

Where did that sudden definition come from? >>76923 was only a week ago.

No. 78585

I may be imagining this, or it could just be her fucking about with angles/different mirrors … but does anyone else think she's put on a bit of weight recently? Comparing this photo to some of the ana pose ones (crossing her feet to demonstrate that her thighs STILL don't touch unlike the other fatties), she looks a bit thicker, idk.

No. 78586

File: 1452198799370.jpg (309.36 KB, 929x580, 2wqwqr8.jpg)

I don't think so. There are other recent pictures where she looks even thinner than normal. Different mirrors and different poses can make you look really different.

No. 78587

File: 1452198866679.jpg (319.19 KB, 639x406, 2z6f0wi.jpg)

Is it just me or do her legs look badly shopped here?

No. 78594

just you. I don't peg Anna as the shooping type, tbh.

No. 78595

she's paler than I am

No. 78598

File: 1452200627663.jpg (106.5 KB, 455x589, IMG_20160107_150144.jpg)

She is type to shop kek. Just not as often as ember

No. 78599

She might just have weird legs paired with poorly fitting pants (the strange lumps and dips on the inside of her thighs and under her knees do look suspicious to me though).

No. 78608

nah that's just normal bone and muscle structure

No. 78669

I think she's gained a bit too.

No. 78814


She's "showing her abs" and feels the need to lift her tshirt so high up you can see her fucking bra. WTF

No. 78815

File: 1452273213032.jpg (9.63 KB, 300x300, $T2eC16R,!zQFIb2j C4IBSeFDclL-…)

She just has no fat and those lumps are muscle. Pic related, bad example but was only female I could find lel

No. 78832

I meant how the pants are wrinkled weirdly

No. 78836

THIS! OMG…this is my first time looking at Gingefug's posts and I can't deal. Legit just threw up a little in my mouth and having revulsive shudders. I can't… retch

No. 78841

She's putting on a show for Brian.

No. 78845

File: 1452283985618.jpg (286.93 KB, 639x325, 20hvzmx.jpg)

>dinner for one

No. 78849

Why does everything have to seperated, if she portioned out her meals into one plate for dinner and one bowl for dessert then it would seem a lesser/more normal amount. A little bowl for a non cut up apple, why bother.

Also agree on being appalled by the manic grinning selfies that look like the Aphex Twin.

No. 78859

File: 1452287761709.jpg (21.73 KB, 400x396, MI0000123384.jpg)

>Also agree on being appalled by the manic grinning selfies that look like the Aphex Twin.

lmao you're right

No. 78983

File: 1452354484895.png (1.07 MB, 1878x1218, Screen Shot 2016-01-09 at 10.4…)

oh my god, you guys. Look what I found.

No. 78984

File: 1452354692056.png (701.33 KB, 654x976, Screen Shot 2016-01-09 at 10.4…)

Also, old pic from a defunct twitter

No. 78985

That is probably her intention, making it look like she eats heaps more healthy food than she actually does.

No. 78987

Wtf her hands. At first I thought they were gloves. Holy shit.

No. 78995

she looks like a demon what the fuck

No. 79002

File: 1452360008736.png (249.63 KB, 500x362, she is One.png)

No. 79013

File: 1452365010765.png (565.19 KB, 600x763, FitVeganTerror.png)

No. 79018

i am SO confused about ginge and walden farms. Like, first she's in love with it, then she hates it, now she wants to be an ambassador? wtf?

No. 79024

kekking into outer space

No. 79030


Hehhhh! Ginge really is creepy pasta material.

No. 79033

Top fucking kek

No. 79053

File: 1452375232271.jpg (25.93 KB, 228x275, image.jpg)

No. 79065

I think she secretly likes it because it's calorie free, but doesn't want to admit it because then it would cement the idea that she has an ED.

No. 79106

File: 1452387465744.jpg (34.62 KB, 500x324, gummo-01v.jpg)

She looks like a character from gummo

No. 79108

Since she got dropped from skating she's been floundering for a purpose. Maybe since she won that one online contest for a bread company, she wants Walden to tell her she's the best starving ana vegan of all. She's desperate for approval from someone for something.

No. 79118

File: 1452394383640.png (690.79 KB, 921x578, spoopy.png)

I almost hate following this bitch because she posts heaps of shit at once.
But then she posted this.. gem.
I will have nightmares for a week.

No. 79119



No. 79122

Ya'll sure this isn't a dude?

No. 79123

She looks like Mr. Clean's emaciated five year old brother.

No. 79124

There's no way she isn't trolling us all wtf
>Tasteful nude for jesus

No. 79125

Show 'em yer belly, Honey Boo Boo Chaild! Show 'em yer belly!

No. 79250

Fuck, I want to tattoo some brows on her so she looks somewhat human.

No. 79251

She would just look like Ashley Finch.

No. 79253

If Ash tried to make a manic Ginge face I think her skin would tear…. cries

No. 79254

File: 1452400562791.jpg (348.59 KB, 1024x576, Seed-Of-Chucky-seed-of-chucky-…)


Dis bitch look like Glen.

No. 79280

File: 1452432422803.jpg (145.05 KB, 447x583, Untitled-1.jpg)

No. 79286

She doesnt care what she looks like. I can respect that.

No. 79287

Nice find anon! Thought she hated them and didn't care for low calorie food tho?

No. 79297

that's 100% her denying her obvious ED tho anon, already been discussed

No. 79349


No. 79433

File: 1452477163184.png (372.54 KB, 375x521, youregonnadie.png)

Cinnamon Bun Pancakes with Peanut Butter and Apple Butter. Vegan, gluten-free. Serves one (makes 3 pancakes).


1. 1/2 cup gluten-free flour of choice (I used oat flour)
2. 1/2 tsp baking powder
3. One packet stevia
4. 1/2 cup plant based milk
5. 1/2 tsp cinnamon
6. 3 T peanut butter (I used powdered peanut butter)
7. 2 T Apple butter (try to find unsweetened)

1. Heat a nonstick skillet over medium high heat.
2. Mix flour, stevia, baking powder, and cinnamon, and add milk to make a smooth batter.
3. Cool each cake 3-4 minutes in a heated skillet.
4. Stack pancakes and top with PB and Apple butter. Add a cinnamon sprinkle for flair ;)

No. 79438

She should try editing her photos a bit, increase contrast and brightness, get a colour curve going on. Also make it look less messy, maybe have a picture of just the fork in the pancakes, with no slice taken out? Slice taken out doesn't look good here

No. 79439

File: 1452478818959.png (1.12 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-01-11-03-19-19…)

No. 79440

this. she´s the complete opposite of Aly´s foodpics

No. 79441

This is the most normal thing I've seen her make, wow.

No. 79458

Most normal face we get from her is a reflection in her fork?! Lol

No. 79462

File: 1452482556545.jpg (28.78 KB, 600x401, angela_sleepaway_camp.jpg)

Getting Angela vibes from Sleepaway Camp.

No. 79468

File: 1452484747924.jpg (341.12 KB, 639x404, 30c0h1f.jpg)

No. 79488

she always looks so dehydrated and sick.

No. 79489

Looks like an unathletic teenage boy in that awkward stage where they suddenly shoot up into gangly beanpoles. If she just dressed herself in clothes that fit and put on even a little average makeup sometimes she would look so much better though. It's not like she's really ugly or anything just doesn't take care of herself

No. 79510

Jesus fuck. That arm.

No. 79514

I dunno, she's pretty fucking ugly.

No. 79518

She looks like a baby that's just squelched out of a vagina, but with teeth.

No. 79534

All around me are familiar faces
Worn out places, worn out faces
Bright and early for the daily races
Going nowhere, going nowhere…

No. 79540

File: 1452541361116.jpg (35.73 KB, 360x480, dyingcatbarf.jpg)

Sweet Cabbage Cream Pasta; Vegan, gluten free. Serves one.

1. One serving spaghetti noodles of choice, cooked
2. 5 oz. silken tofu
3. 10 drops hazelnut stevia
4. 1/4 tsp cinnamon (plus extra pinch)
5. 1/3 cup finely shredded raw green cabbage

1. Place most of cabbage over cooked noodles, reserving about 1 T for garnish on top.
2. In a mini food processor, blend tofu, stevia, and cinnamon until smooth. Spoon over cabbage and top with remaining cabbage. Serve! Easy peasy, deliciously creamy!

No. 79543




No. 79544

What…what made it pink

No. 79547



No. 79548

That looks pink to you? looks light purple to me.

It's probably the combo of white in the tofu, red in the cinamon and the green of the cabbage.

No. 79549


No. 79675


The image file is named very, very appropriately.

And I still fail to understand this trick's need to add sweet / Stevia / cinnamon to everything, including veggies. Not only does she have no friends; she lost her tastebuds long ago.

No. 79678

I wonder if it's a condition or what. I thought people liked sugary stuff less and less as they aged. She's like a 5 yo making make-believe food.

No. 79703

Oh god the vaguely pink/purple fetus smoothie. Everything she eats looks like a horrible disease

No. 79713

wtf it looks like a lifeless brain blended onto her pasta. why not just use tomato sauce… is nasty stevia tofu gunk really necessary

No. 79718

Add roughly chopped pieces of brain to your food processor (I like to use fresh brains from people who say I'm not healthy) and blend with a half gallon of stevia until smooth.

Pour sweetened fools brains onto bed of hate-spaghetti, garnish with goat blood to taste.
Voila! SpoopyVeganAntichrist pasta is ready to enjoy.

No. 79723

You're killing me!

No. 79737

The dark master gingler will be pleased.

No. 79774


*the no-cal hate-spaghetti of your choice

No. 79790

File: 1452576124425.jpg (334.94 KB, 640x403, htdwz9.jpg)

No. 79791

File: 1452576154436.jpg (308.18 KB, 638x395, 24yqvlv.jpg)

No. 79792

File: 1452576179456.jpg (286.15 KB, 640x404, 14ctx0j.jpg)

No. 79795

Choccie syrup!!

I want to punch her so bad

No. 79801

Of course the syrups 0 cal, I don't know why I check anymore tbh

No. 79803

Aren't cucumbers basically just water?

No. 79828

jfc I can not stop thinking about how her farts must smell like rotten deer carcass with all this shit she eats. No wonder her dad didn't look too happy in the car with her

No. 79829


No. 79830

surely at some point she has to realise how fucking disordered she is?? like it's one thing to actively pretend to have a disorder but this chick legit seems to have brainwashed herself into thinking she's just fine. it's sad, really.

No. 79831

At least the photo is nice this time. She should try adding some chopped spring onion or pepper on top to cover the beige. It doesn't look appealing.

No. 79858

She gets more and more childish every day… ice cream for breakfast is such a 5 year old thing.

No. 79874


I bet they're dying to ask her to stop hashtagging them.

No. 79875

Her account is private, so it doesn't matter whether or not she hashtags things.

No. 79890

Oh, I didn't realize she was private. Thanks.

No. 79953

the #801010HCLFRV tag…thats the diet a girl I went to HS with was on when she died (pf pneumonia, officially, but she was skeletal, I'm sure her ana weakened her enough to make the pneumonia deadly).

It's basically eating a shitton of fruit.The guy who developed it is apparently a chiropractor, not an MD or nutritionist.

No. 79955

Did she change her name? I can't find her

No. 79984

File: 1452636616709.png (1.46 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20160112-160754.png)

Check out those decalcified teeth.

No. 79986

ugh.. I really can't stand her face with the psychotic sanpaku eyes and unsettling lipless smile.
I've never wanted to punch someone in the face so much in my life.
It legitimately makes me feel queasy to look at her.

No. 80008

do you think they make vegan nose pore strips?

No. 80015

Those are horrible for you and make broken capillaries, the "blackheads" on the tip of your nose are sebaceous filaments and if you rip em out they just fill back up within a day

No. 80313

this may well be the one person on earth who could benefit from the kylie jenner lip challenge

No. 80334

No. 80348

File: 1452703287971.jpg (686.03 KB, 928x585, 35cfwxj.jpg)

No. 80349

File: 1452703337771.jpg (841.3 KB, 921x580, vh6pud.jpg)

No. 80350

File: 1452703474063.jpg (771.88 KB, 917x575, awfeo2.jpg)

She wants us to believe she ate this AND this in the same day. Okay babe.

No. 80352

File: 1452703539668.jpg (591.02 KB, 917x586, 16beb1l.jpg)

No. 80353

It's not a stretch, it'd be different if it was pasta etc

No. 80357

her hair looks like it belongs to a very old woman, not a 20 year old.

No. 80367


Sry, but don´t her "meals" seem like quite big amounts alwyas? actually that´s a lot of food (not kcal)
Doesn´t her belly hurt afterwards?
Am I the only one who does think this way?

No. 80369


anyone that says "cuke" for "cucumber" needs to put a fucking gun in their mouth

No. 80399

It seems like a binge. I don't know how anyone that tiny could fit all that in their stomach at once.

No. 80404

Sometimes I wonder if her ridiculous veganism is her way of controlling her binge eating disorder.

No. 80407

The way she puts every bit of food into a separate little container makes it look like a lot more food than it actually is though.

No. 80408

I agree…a lot of anas do that because they actually are hungry af and want to fool themselves with eating SO MUCH but actually not

No. 80496

I really worry about this girl, I worry about all the people with eating disorders.
She's Christian, I think someone should tell her that God doesn't want her treating herself like this, in a unhealthy way.

She's just kinda emaciated and she's not eating healthy food, if she keeps this up she can either get very sick, or die right away.

No. 80503

People have told her. Iirc, she screamed that her relationship with God was none of their business and she does NOT have an eating disorder!!!1

No. 80510

But I just want to help her, even if she "doesn't" have a eating disorder. I hope she comes to her senses.

No. 80518

Nah, historically Christianity is really big on starvation. I wouldn't be surprised if her religion was a big part of it for her.

No. 80532

Befriend her then, although don't count on her being receptive.

No. 80640

File: 1452753104337.jpg (622.48 KB, 927x579, 35cfo5i.jpg)

No. 80642


>Female athlete triad is a syndrome in which eating disorders (or low energy availability),[1] amenorrhoea/oligomenorrhoea, and decreased bone mineral density (osteoporosis and osteopenia) are present.

No. 80693


This girl really needs help. she looks like she's about to disappear into nothing at this rate

No. 80700

Her thighs look much bigger

No. 80706

You never have desser for breakfast? You sound boring.

No. 80714

I was going to say this looks like her before picture

No. 80795


when you only look at her trousers in the right pic above you easily could believe it´s a man
furthermore: camel toe alarm

No. 80894

that's a lot of fucking tomato

No. 80900

I was reading an article written by a survivalist about Chris McCandless, and he said that most people, used to the availability of energy-dense foods, have no idea how much low calorie hunter-gatherer type food is required to maintain body weight.

her meals have no animal proteins, and hardly any fats or starches. the only root vegetables she ever seems to eat are carrots.

I don't think she's obsessed with maintaining a low body weight. it seems she's obsessed with eating this ludicrous diet, and she has to eat an absurd amount of food to survive.

she's basically ignoring every significant advance in the history of the human diet: hunting to obtain meat, cooking of food, domestication of cereal crops, for example.

No. 80964

File: 1452827691325.jpg (811.06 KB, 917x580, 73mlwk.jpg)

Those carrots look drier than her hair.

No. 81119

What's this sudden obsession with having abs and being part of the #fitfam?
New year, new Anna?

No. 81165

Someone needs to tell her that you need to actually eat to be #fitfam for now she's with #skeletorfam

No. 81167

I'm pretty sure she's just a plain old orthorexic. She's gonna be hanging out with Jesus pretty soon if she doesn't get some fucking nutrition though.

No. 81170

Im sure the meals she posts is her breakfast and lunch for the next day and her dinner.
Theres no chance in hell she buys food somewhere, its also way too much volume for one meal.

She cooks everything in one sitting, snaps her pic and puts half the stuff in the fridge.

No. 81179

What kills is that she really can't get abs eating at a deficit and burning off everything she eats. You need a surplus to build muscle. She only has "abs" because of her low body fat.

No. 81187

It's a possibility, but if she's working out for hours every day this isn't a lot of food

It's not a lot of calories, the amount is just to throw you off

It's different for Aly who pretends to eat pastries and pasta all day every day

No. 81300

Wouldnt she cook the weird recipes more often, if they really are "OMGGG DELISHHH BEST DISH EVERR" Instead she eats walden farms, winks and samis bakery and her weird noodels with mustard all the time. Shes a lying little weasel.

Do you guys remember her vegan cinnamon crunch? That chick never made that stuff again. What a little liar. Shes ugly as hell too, cant say that often enough!

No. 81450

She usually screams, "BACK OFF hun, you're WAY out of line!!!1!!11!" at people who suggest she has an eating disorder, or say things like, "Wouldn't God want you to nurture your body by giving it good nutrition?"

No. 81607

Her foods are so low-calorie that even if she ate it all, it wouldn't be anywhere close to enough food for an active person. Whatever the actual merits of the diets, HCLF vegans usually eat tons of fruit and actual rice or pasta, and raw vegans eat lots of nuts and seeds for protein and calories. All of her stuff is the low-calorie substitute - cauliflower rice, zucchini noodle, Shirataki pasta, shitloads of stevia those awful Walden Farms products. It doesn't honestly seem like orthorexia to me since I think most health nuts would be afraid of calorie-free frankenfoods like Walden Farms syrup.

No. 81630

I really fear for this girl's life and health..how soon do you think it will be until something bad happens to her?

No. 81701

if she is to be believed, everything bad has already happened to her. she's a walking medical file.

No. 81723

Yep. She's bordering on anorexia already, I have a strictly vegan friend, and she manages to eat normally. She just has to eat a lot, we even make fun of her for it. Ginger is eating so little, I'm amazed how she's alive, she's running on fumes. How long until her body starts eating her muscles?

No. 83035

She's gone full thinspo and sent zevia to one of her followers.

No. 83461

>ooey gooey

She types like she's homeschooled.

No. 83596

you type like you think she wasn't

No. 83621

Anna's sister is fairly normal and keeps her distance. I doubt they were both homeschooled.

No. 83697

The family are fundies though, and FVG did go to Liberty for a minute. I'm 50/50 on homeschooling, otherwise I think some looney christian school.

No. 83699

File: 1453357505408.jpeg (217.38 KB, 750x1097, image.jpeg)

That thumb though….

No. 83701

It already is most likely. It looks like there's been some wastage in her thighs and calves for sure.
Probably some in her trunk and arms as well.

No. 83713

I bet she sucks her thumb. Constant thumb-sucking, especially when combined with thumb-chewing, can result in calloused, cracked skin. That would explain why her thumb looks so much worse than the rest of her hands.

No. 83714

Can anyone decipher her chickenscratch? I know it's just inane ramblings of a Jesus freak, but I'm curious nonetheless.

"Lord, let me ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ to what you want me to do than doing what I think you would want me to do. Speak to me. Live through me. Amen."

No. 83715

It's "Lord, let me be more focused on listening to what you want me to do"

No. 84170

That makes the most sense to me.

No. 84298


I think she's a compulsive skin chewer/picker. Her thumb always looks chewsd-up and callused. The disorder is in the DSM-IV and is related to OCD and trichotillomania which many of these anas have.

No. 84385

File: 1453462864503.jpg (21.36 KB, 600x531, image.jpg)

there's two churches in a mile or so radius of my home that do churchwide fasts. it's really rather triggering

No. 84531

File: 1453490526891.png (737.31 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

lol who the fuck do you think youre fooling anna?

without even looking up what that marshmallow dip is made of, i already know its garbage. its just as much garbage as actual marshmallows. just eat the real fucking thing because it makes no difference how bad it is for you.

No. 84534

File: 1453490705854.png (1.24 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

double post but since i follow quite a few dog instagrams, i actually thought at first that one of those instagrams posted a picture of their dogs shit lol

its such a contrast from all the delicious food i see on my feed… its almost surreal how disgusting her food looks.

No. 84536

she responds to "starved rose" yet insists she has no disordered followers whatsoever

No. 84537

Er, mashmallows aren't vegan. They're made from gelatin. I'm a vegetarian and avoid gelatin. But there is ricemallow creme which IS vegan.

No. 84538

>is on lolcow at 4:30 in the morning
you ok, anon?

No. 84539

wait, low carb pancakes? I thought she was HCLF?

No. 84544


No, carbs have calories and Anna will have no truck with calories. It's just strategic tagging for more followers.

I don't know if she was ever truly HCLF. Maybe in the early days.

No. 84549

i stayed up too late by accident but i still couldnt fall asleep… so here i am lol…

No. 84562

B-but it has calories! Don't you know that ginger cant have calories??

No. 84601

True. Heaven forbid Anna eats something real.

No. 84629


No. 84633

It reminds me of my cat's vomit - it even has that matte finish it gets when it's old, thanks to kitty leaving his secret presents in hard to find places.

No. 84636

I found a dried out hairball/vomit left by my cat, looking just like this when I last vacuumed.

No. 84663

All her fucking followers are disordered or taking the piss.

No. 85020

>calorie free alfredo sauce

I don't want to live in a world where this exists.

what the everloving fuck is it made out of?

No. 85021

File: 1453592821072.png (37.26 KB, 252x576, no cal sauce.png)

I think I'm going to vomit

No. 85022

File: 1453592973039.png (33.79 KB, 251x574, no cal marshmallow.png)

No. 85023

Cheese flavor
Vegetable fiber (???)
More flavors and spices

No. 85044

Artificially engineered imitation food products, from the lab to you.

No. 85080

b-but anon!! it's vegan, it must be all natural and good for you!!

No. 85087

"better option than … sugar and fat loaded products!!"
I suppose that depends on your perspective, Anna. Fruit and veg has sugar, avocados and nuts have fat, and these things are mostly classed as good if we want to, you know, stay alive - particularly if you want to fuel a healthy lifestyle.
If, however, I had some kind of ED, I'd probably share your opinion. But you totally don't have an ED, do you Anna? I suppose Jesus is telling you sugar and fat is bad, huh?

No. 85091

>*Contains trace calories

Oh noooOoOOoOOo!

No. 85111

In the "about me" on her blog it says she's a "certified personal trainer and yoga instructor" but surely that can't be true? If she was she would know that she is destroying her body and above all she could make more money that way instead of being a cashier.

No. 85119

Who would hire her? Why would you want to train with her? The only reason you can see any muscle at all on her is because she starves herself and there's no fat to cover it. She looks like she has the size muscles as a chubster, it's just that hers are more visible.

No. 85126

>Vegetable fiber (???)

Think cardboard anon.

No. 85129

And as a vegan myself I could easily come up with nutritious wholefood recipes to replace a "marshmallow" and "Alfredo" sauce, simple ingredients like cashews a bit of nutritional yeast would do but that ofcourse wouldn't make it ana point "calorie free"

No. 85153

I wasn't saying anyone WOULD actually hire her. I just find it hard to believe that she'd rather be a cashier if she had any other means to make more money. She is supposedly saving up for college after all.

No. 85158

I don't understand her… it's all well and fine being vegan, but her major obsession seems to be eating "food" substitutes that have zero calories.

How does she not understand that's an eating disorder she has? She'll end up going for a five mile jog one day and collapsing due to heart failure, athletes need energy-rich foods to keep on enjoying their lifestyle. She's not even putting on any muscle mass… it's just the same she's always had since her figure-skating days except there's no healthy bodyfat there to smooth it out.

No. 85162

It's sad that Ging is letting her young adulthood go to waste like this. Exercise is great and so is watching what you eat because it's common sense if you don't wanna blow up, but what she has is fuckn anorexia and/or orthorexia because it's her whole damn life.

No. 85206

Well, I mean… She seems pretty lonely. Her orthorexia is the only thing she really has. She needs some friends.

No. 85285

She…she went for a 6 mile run outside today. In 14 inches of snow. Also yesterday, in a blizzard.

That line between dedication and obsession has long been crossed, and now we're in the land of straight-up wtfery.

No. 85295

Kek ash is on the case now on ginge, trying to get her fingers into another saviour bff

No. 85316

What? Is she commenting on ginge's IG? Please tell me what she's saying (I'm blocked so I can't see it)

No. 85317

Screenshots pls
I wanna see how this plays out, especially considering that Anna thinks she's perfectly fine and healthy.

No. 85326

File: 1453686014195.jpg (58.36 KB, 1005x608, meh.JPG)

Her comments are innocuous, I don't see any drama ongoing. This is one of maybe 3 comments I've seen.

Btw ginger's IG is public again, enjoy

No. 85331

Lmfao. I hope Ginger sees Ash and is scared into recovery. It'll be like seeing her possible future if she doesn't get her shot straight. It's doubtful, but I can dream. And besides, Ginger doesn't think she has an ED.

No. 85344

>certified personal trainer

what exactly does that certification entail?

No. 85345

Weird, its like watching a crossover episode.

No. 85349

you can get away with a lot using plant-based proteins and food chemistry magic, but you're right, it would actually have food energy, because it would actually be food

No. 85350


No. 85351

it's like Suzy Berhow/Sheena Duquette

No. 85352

Holy shit can you imagine if they actually met up? Ginge would fly down to Orlando to take Ash to Disney and Ash would gush about how she had found her kindred spirit and hint about being in love. Ash would tumblr a pic of them in the taxi to Disney and one of them at target, covered in stickers and emojis. Ginge would instagram a body check from the target mirror. Ginge would go home and Ash would moon over her going. A week would pass with silence from both ends. Then Ash would tumblr something passive aggressive about being disappointed by phonies and used/betrayed by everyone. Ginge would post a passive aggressive bible verse. Ash will come to lolcow and claim that the truth will be revealed in time, that Ginge isn't as she seems. Ginge's sister will come in and say Ginge spent her life savings on and tickets and Disney tickets and buying Ash binge food. Ginge will maintain silence on her end but increase the amount of miles she runs on her treadmill. One day a comment shows up under a pic of Ginge's cat vomit food: "stevia makes you fat."

No. 85356

File: 1453691567144.jpg (16.7 KB, 275x263, image.jpg)

10/10 anon

No. 85366

File: 1453695489904.jpeg (36.37 KB, 313x368, image.jpeg)

No. 85367

File: 1453695521225.png (328.08 KB, 1091x693, FVG power balls lol.png)


No. 85369

I can't imagine that having any taste to it at all

No. 85371

This was a great read. Too bad there are many flaws disabling this wonderful and lulzy scenario:/
Ash wouldn't be happy because Ginge can't eat the shit that Ash eats Bc it's not vegan. No binge buddy there. And I think Ginge would be the enabler in the relationship, saying shit like "Mac & cheese?? Do you know how much fat cheese has and how bad it is?!? And doughnuts are sooo bad for you!! All that fat!!".

No. 85380

File: 1453703055509.png (Spoiler Image, 431.85 KB, 769x664, Eviscerated lungs or fruit puk…)

Jesus tapdancing christ! I think I solved FVG's manic-ass selfies! She's not vegan, she's a zombie, who slurps rat lungs in a foamy cup of Walden Farms mallow-crap (with stevia I'm sure)! This is why all the rest of her food isn't really "food." She really gets nutrition from the guts of small animals.

No. 85403

wait, how? screenshots? how did she… like, move?

No. 85406

she was able to do it with the power of jesus, anon.

No. 85409

In one of the Ash threads, someone said Ash eats vegan except for binges. IDK how true that is.

No. 85411

I can't stand these fake ass bitches who say shit like that. No honey you are NOT FUCKING VEGAN if you eat nonvegan food–whether you puke it up or not! Ugh! >:(

No. 85412

Hey, I'm with you. I was just bringing up what I was told.

No. 85415

No I know, sorry anon if that read like it was directed at you. I was just responding to the idiocy of Ash's sick 'logic.' She does think that way and so do tons of other bulimics who think like this too. Like really? So it's okay to pay for, consume and then waste animal products? To me that is an even worse thing than eating animals in the first place. At least meat eaters keep down the food. There was a chick on 'Starving Secrets' who was just like that ("vegan" except for her binge/purges). FAIL on every level!

No. 85416

What's really gross is that Ash cries about being poor all the time and tries to get people to buy her stuff, then brags about buying $70 Japanese binge food which isn't vegan, and then makes a joke out of purging. It's gross.

No. 85426

he CAN walk on water, so maybe she could run on snow?

No. 85480

No. 85537

>page 393

No. 85571

Actual video footage of Ginge's blizzard run:


No. 85572

Page doesn't load for me, what's it say?

No. 85577

Ashley has apparently been posting on her IG

No. 85604

File: 1453761864440.png (805.46 KB, 932x599, ruhroh.png)

Looks like Ash is trying to find a new bestie.

No. 85624

Lmao why does it feel like these crazy broads all live in VA. OC, shmegeh, and now these two. Jesus.

No. 85637

lol I used to macerate mouse organs in a lab, that's pretty much what the result looked like

No. 85638

Chris Chan is from Virginia

No. 85717

I find it a little sad because Ash is really lonely and wants a friend (though she's not exactly the best at friendship). Jackie was a great friend, but that friendship was demolished. ANYWAY, back to Ginger

>inb4 "Go back to the Ashley thread!!!"

No. 85759

IKR? I have zero words for how absolutely abhorrent and wrong on every level that is. I honestly can't comprehend her excessive fucktardery, selfishness, entitlement and greed. I know she is ill but damn dude. She's over-the-top batshit crazy!

No. 85760

OMG DIES LAUGHING!!! That is brilliant! It's on par with the fake skellie aly spoof account on Insta! Have you seen it?

No. 85761

Thank god I am not the only one who made that visual connection. Even the color is spot on! retch

No. 85763

No. 85767

File: 1453788714808.png (618.62 KB, 941x600, Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 1.36…)

No. 85769

File: 1453789061902.jpg (821.89 KB, 916x575, 2a5130n.jpg)

No. 85770

File: 1453789157399.jpg (859.9 KB, 910x579, eaipti.jpg)

No. 85771

Does she have autism?

No. 85774


Could @download_incomplete be another of Ash's accounts? I just looked at it - no face pix, a bunch of anime and plush and kawaii shit, which she likes. But what really makes me think of Ash though, is the hands in the pictures. They look SUPER fucking emaciated, like Ash-level emaciated. Maybe she's worried the account with her face and body photos will scare Ginge off so she's trying a different approach?

No. 85779

Why is joltography so obsessed with all of the ED accounts? I see her literally everywhere.

No. 85780

She's a creepy brown noser looking for e famous friends and asspats.
I think she's kinda simple like Jackie from ash-chans drama.

No. 85782

I'm 95% sure thats Ash because I think I remember ash posting her hand with that pasta sauce before, plus shes following jackie

No. 85783

It's just irritating I guess. Like, WHY accounts with EDs? People with self harm, blahblah could give her just as many asspats? Just curious is all.

No. 85784

I don't know jfc anon.
Maybe she's a spoop, maybe she's a fatty wannarexic and is trying to communicate with her thinspo.
Maybe she's a creepy freak who thinks she will save them from evil farmers and their starved-stupid decisions.

No. 85785

This is so obviously Ash, jfc.

I wonder how many 'secret' accounts this cunt runs.

she's a wannarexic who thinks that if she sucks the assholegap of all the instanas hard enough, one day she will become skinny too.

No. 85791