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File: 1437697502312.png (968.28 KB, 1020x606, 1424416827858.png)

No. 13467

Because there seems to be milk from this girl.

Audrey Theresa Maddison Hayashi
>Modelfag from Canada.
>Lived in Japan for Japanese language study, then for work.
>Got hated by the Monstrengas online through Twitter because of what she wrote on her old Tumblr account about Dakota. (If you remember KFC's "Dakota's jealousy erupts" thread on PULL, the girl is her.)
>Married Asian husband 6 months after meeting him.
>Someone named Tiger was stalking her back then. Went on to delete her old Tumblr akifuuu and denshahime. http://emiii-chan.tumblr.com/post/66078707061/akifuuu-not-on-tumblr-more-as-some-of-you
>Super SJW. Used to get into fights on Tumblr. http://indulgingabstinence.tumblr.com/post/62416029573/akifuuu-reblogged-your-post-clit-or-miss-replied
>One more: http://wisdomofthewilds.tumblr.com/post/97900397709/oh-my-cant-reblog-so-ill-post-it-here
>Had an Instagram account (mh_audrey) but it was deleted when she got posted on Taylor's thread.
>Moved from Japan to Hong Kong because of her husband's work.
>Decided to model in Hong Kong
>Rode on the coattails of HK model Andi Autumn
>Instagram followers increased.
>Posts about her husband with the tag #amwf
>Alien baby photoshops
>Tries hard to make friends with Taylor R so that they can weeb together
>Mentions her Asian husband any chance she could get, like Kiki and Taku but they're really married
>Upon being mentioned on Lolcow, she bahleeted her Instagram and private Twitter, changed her Facebook name from Audrey Hayashi to Audrey Theresa.

>I forgot the URL of her Blogspot.

Feel free to talk about amwf (Asian Male White Female) relationships.

No. 13468

Finally found it - https://web.archive.org/web/*/http://fnsundeiru.blogspot.com/

Have some fun with some dancing. She's on the far right.

No. 13469

File: 1437698572595.jpg (55.3 KB, 864x576, Bu7qWZJCMAAlTnt.jpg)

No. 13470

File: 1437698904538.jpg (108.85 KB, 678x960, image.jpg)

Her real face creeps me out

No. 13471

File: 1437698921587.jpg (101.32 KB, 678x960, image.jpg)

No. 13472

I was visiting her Instagram profile yesterday, so she definitely deleted it because of the name-post in Taylor's thread

I guess she has been reading lolcow all along.

No. 13473

File: 1437699165706.jpg (136.54 KB, 1000x1500, 10514304_10152239612603715_466…)

No. 13474

She could have choosen a hotter asian

No. 13475

File: 1437699435084.jpg (112.4 KB, 1000x1500, 10560448_10152255228193715_318…)

I forgot the link of her agency's website in Japan, but in Hong Kong she was under Models International Ltd.

More pics

No. 13476

File: 1437699597641.jpg (349.71 KB, 800x1202, 1420435997500.jpg)

No. 13477

File: 1437699634988.jpg (118.76 KB, 1024x1024, CKcWjSOUAAEo7Mm.jpg)

No. 13478

No. 13479

File: 1437699850821.jpg (246.08 KB, 979x657, screencap1.jpg)

Luckily I had her instagram open last night and didn't close the tab so.
In some pics you guys have posted she doesn't look so different from her edited selfies, I suppose. But I'm kinda dumb with that stuff.

How old is her husband?

No. 13480

File: 1437700135997.jpg (51.87 KB, 960x652, 7968_559416990763360_293263750…)

She taught English here.

No. 13481

File: 1437700151841.jpg (137.15 KB, 697x960, image.jpg)

She's been modeling for how many years…?

You'd think she'd know better than to do the most infamous no-pose as a model. Lol

No. 13482

File: 1437700186854.jpg (28.35 KB, 306x306, image.jpg)

No. 13483

File: 1437700252340.jpg (178.65 KB, 744x746, image.jpg)

She's pretty, I followed her too. Seems pretty over processed though.

No. 13484

File: 1437700276954.jpg (36.04 KB, 306x306, image.jpg)

No. 13485

File: 1437700405035.jpg (36.54 KB, 320x320, image.jpg)

Looks like she must be a good friend of Rachel.

No. 13486

File: 1437700429297.jpg (20.85 KB, 320x320, image.jpg)

No. 13487

File: 1437700533323.jpg (103.12 KB, 640x640, tumblr_nc6murNEoH1qbrbjzo2_128…)

No. 13488

Now compare these to >>13470

No. 13489

File: 1437700674640.jpg (89.06 KB, 640x640, tumblr_nc6murNEoH1qbrbjzo1_128…)

with Andi Autumn

No. 13490

How about you post something interesting instead of a bunch of selfies?

No. 13491

File: 1437700690535.jpg (129.36 KB, 640x640, image.jpg)

She looks really different from her unedited self.

No. 13492

File: 1437700766306.jpg (22.67 KB, 600x450, audrey.jpg)

Her old style

No. 13493

Audrey's watching this thread and deleting EVERYTHING, kek

No. 13494

This is the best part of her DA account, when she freaked the fuck out on someone criticizing her use of "daisuke" instead of "daisuki".

No. 13495

Her twitter is gone too now, lol

No. 13496

File: 1437701258331.jpg (110.71 KB, 1000x1500, 10515330_10152315806948715_902…)

No. 13497

She claimed back in 2009 to have studied Japanese for 6 years, now it's 2015 and she doesn't know how to speak it?

I don't buy it. Lol

No. 13498

File: 1437701585384.jpg (44.25 KB, 347x562, 99f3e06d0f4995e3749e470aa94738…)

No. 13499

File: 1437701762635.png (25.07 KB, 793x111, reddit.png)

No. 13500

All her reddit comments are like this:

"I live in Japan"
"My husband is Japanese"
"I'm a model"

She also said she's 5'9".. While she's only 5'8"/173 on the agency website.
While agencies can be inaccurate, why would her agency make her out to be SHORTER than she is? Lolol

No. 13501

File: 1437703863931.jpg (302.91 KB, 1936x1014, image.jpg)

…did she just contradict herself?

No. 13502

Same here. I visited it right after it was posted and it was still up at the time. She got rid of almost everything.

No. 13504

File: 1437704834018.jpg (90.3 KB, 1936x436, image.jpg)

I like how she can't decide

No. 13506

Did she just delete her reddit too?? dang

No. 13507

Whatever, I already went through it and got the juicy stuff that I posted here.

It wasn't interesting, just her bragging about living in Japan and having a Japanese husband.

No. 13508

>start of the thread
"Oh she's pretty"
>scroll down to this picture
>"Holy shit, she's the definition of average"

No. 13509

Not even average, imo. Something's really off about her face, maybe it's the cleft chin.

No. 13510

I always see her and tanpopo3 (another weeb in Japan) commenting to EVERY snowflake's Instagram, licking their asses in hope to get noticed from their followers. Especially people like Taytay and b4by (kittyphina).

No. 13511

Forgot to screenshot it but on Reddit she said he met her husband on the street… her friend and her were walking when two guys came up to them started flirting.

So basically she married her nanpa. lolol

No. 13512

No. 13513

Kek private. I have a copy. Will upload all the videos later.

No. 13514

It's hilarious how much shes really feeling herself on this low budget shoot its like she thinks its on the same level of a high fashion editorial for Harper's Bazaar.

No. 13515

I like Andi Autumn because she stays in her lane.

No. 13516

File: 1437725270308.webm (6.98 MB, 202x360, first dance Aug 2014.webm)

No. 13517

File: 1437725625550.jpg (81.55 KB, 640x960, 10436203_668256319895070_50158…)

Touch my jaw technique from Dakotakoti School of Modelling

No. 13518

File: 1437725819562.jpg (22.83 KB, 320x320, 11327168_719123954879773_18892…)

No. 13519

She would do this A LOT in photos taken with others, since it's harder for her to hold the camera in her own favor, she puts a hand on her chin instead

No. 13520

She wasn't even that interesting until she overreacted and deleted her Instagram tbh


No. 13521

File: 1437728138133.jpg (154.96 KB, 640x637, Audrey-M-Model-Interview-iLHP-…)

No. 13522

Her nose…..

No. 13523

she looks like Mary Elizabeth Winstead's uglier sister

No. 13524

File: 1437729550745.jpg (306.27 KB, 600x900, audrey_m-342.jpg)

No. 13525

File: 1437729619436.jpg (377.47 KB, 600x900, audrey_m-312.jpg)

No. 13526

File: 1437729664034.jpg (400 KB, 600x900, audrey_m-252.jpg)

No. 13527

File: 1437730324853.jpg (253.14 KB, 1000x1500, 17_fizzy_magazine_lauren_engel…)

No. 13528

File: 1437730692495.jpg (132.71 KB, 744x746, image.jpg)

More, since she baleeted everything.

No. 13529

She is only interested to be friends with "known" foreigners.
Isn't she back in japan now?

No. 13530

File: 1437732200996.jpg (27.23 KB, 320x320, image.jpg)

No. 13531

File: 1437732349995.jpg (31.02 KB, 320x320, image.jpg)

No. 13532

She's friends with J-vloggers like Rachel and Jun and Sharla.
Yes she is in Japan now.

No. 13533

File: 1437732413282.jpg (59.85 KB, 400x400, image.jpg)

No. 13534

File: 1437732500703.jpg (24.75 KB, 320x320, image.jpg)

No. 13535

Yeah, they moved back to Japan because of Aki's job. I think they were in HK for less than a year.

No. 13536

File: 1437733190399.png (137.25 KB, 851x388, puahate.png)

No. 13537

i can't stand her ugly husband

No. 13538

No. 13539

File: 1437736310058.webm (10.91 MB, 480x360, Audrey Explains Renji's Fail.w…)

Some anime shit

No. 13540

No. 13541

File: 1437739157452.jpg (176.56 KB, 975x639, amfwlovecouples.jpg)

Finally thread about Audrey :D

You can find much more pictures of her in #amwf tag than in "mh_audrey


No. 13542

File: 1437739441013.png (141.92 KB, 1024x610, Audrey's comment lol.png)

Audrey stalking Taylor 1

(note: they have never met)

No. 13543

File: 1437740187632.jpg (144.12 KB, 640x924, I saw you.jpg)

Audrey stalking Taylor 2

No. 13544

File: 1437740392188.jpg (206.85 KB, 1366x768, kimdao.jpg)

I have a better picture, from Kimdao's video.
Audrey's caked no photoshop face

No. 13545

File: 1437740471489.jpg (260.18 KB, 1024x663, trying to be otaku.jpg)

Japan is so weird you guise

No. 13546

File: 1437740754931.jpg (192.64 KB, 1024x610, ---.jpg)

"Without makeup I look like a sleepy 12 year old"

No. 13547

File: 1437741093029.jpg (60.22 KB, 960x543, 10411792_10152157789398715_368…)

This doesn't look like a sleepy 12 year old.

No. 13548

This dancing video is so awkward, they look like they are forced into marriage and dancing. Nice choice of music

No. 13550

Didn't you post this yesterday? I swear on my life I've read this before.

No. 13552

I just recalled that she also used to go by the Tumblr username oppajjangg. I think she posted about Dakota on Dakota's tag there so Kaka found her.

No. 13553

Kaka's previous goal, tbh.

No. 13554

kek i noticed that a lot of geeky girls have that deep-ish voice accompanied with a slight lisp. those two sound identical.

No. 13555

Audrey, please delete this, too. Thanks.

No. 13556

File: 1437745243220.webm (12.43 MB, 480x360, Glasses and Stanley.webm)

No. 13558

I guess this was before she catched her Asian kawaii toy

No. 13559

omg nooo her followwwers

No. 13560

>Fun Audrey fact #83837: I am super loyal and protective of my friends. If I'm scrolling through my feed and see people being rude to my friends under the guise of 'it's just my opinion (that her makeup is bad/outfits are bad/hair is bad/etc) omg!' I will absolutely swoop in and say something. What you're doing isn't nice– it's catty and mean. If you don't like someone's style, instead of telling them that maybe unfollow them or discuss it privately with your friends or go watch YouTube videos of dogs or eat a bagel idk.

But you're anon on lolcow and have most likely shitposted on some threads yourself. Ok then, eat a bagel.

No. 13561

She was once stalked before online, I guess this freaked her out again

No. 13562

No. 13563

her biggest fear is that people will notice how not cute she is

No. 13565

File: 1437748690550.webm (9.77 MB, 480x360, Practice Hare Hare Yukai.webm)

No. 13566

No. 13567

how old is this girl?
she looks like she's going to age really badly. the skin on her forehead and around her eyes is kind of…uh. maybe too much makeup?

No. 13568

I wish this drawn on eyebrow trend would stop. It looks so unnatural and just like someone smeared marker or poop where their eyebrows should be. Eyebrow pencils are for filling in sparse hairs not drawing on yourself like a canvas. Bitches look ridiculous like they got a chola tattoo lmfao

No. 13569

she is 26 i think

No. 13570

They're gone now, kek

No. 13571


Audrey, since you're obeying, can you please talk more about what is sex with your husband like? We didn't see enough

No. 13572

It looks fine….some people actually don't have alot eyebrows or different eyebrow shape. Looks better than those line brows that seem to be acceptable for some reason.

No. 13573

176 cm? That's funny, because I clearly remember a blog post where she said that she was measured at the agency and that she was shorter than she had thought. Like 172 or 171 cm.

No. 13574

What is this? Can somebody do a screenshot of it? I can't open..

No. 13575

File: 1437768538933.jpg (70.5 KB, 684x960, 10407099_795567843823910_90060…)

It's pretty ridiculous how she went on a deleting spree. She only attracted more attention this way. It also confirms she lurks lolcow seeing how she deleted within a few hours after her link was posted and keeps deleting links that anons post here. Pathetic.

Just a gallery of a photshoot. She looks so different!

No. 13576

File: 1437768567225.jpg (255.05 KB, 1037x717, ss (2015-07-24 at 04.05.55).jp…)

No. 13577

File: 1437768671284.jpg (113.37 KB, 640x640, 10413859_264729187046520_15351…)

Just posting a few pictures of hers I had saved.

No. 13578

File: 1437768708668.jpg (69.69 KB, 612x612, 0a68ddd0edb711e29a8222000a1f8c…)

No. 13579

File: 1437768739861.jpg (86.28 KB, 612x612, 1b862730446611e2baac22000a1fbd…)

No. 13580

File: 1437768806320.jpg (50.08 KB, 500x500, 1406831055982.jpg)

No. 13581

File: 1437769204913.jpg (85.3 KB, 682x960, 10849947_795567527157275_44513…)

No. 13582

File: 1437769278805.jpg (68.38 KB, 675x960, 156025_795567897157238_3620952…)

No. 13583

yeah that anon was trying too hard

No. 13584

these clothes and all the one shes modeled are so hideous

No. 13585

nah it does look terrible. i wish for it to stop as well. like they said, eyebrow pencils and powder are for filling in.

>waah an anon has a different opinion than me!!@1! they were trying too hard and are just edgy!!!!!!
go away. you literally don't make any sense. no one is trying hard on an anonymous image board. angry tumblr sharpie brows detected.

No. 13586

Don't think you know what trying hard means. Nice block brows

No. 13587

whatever, old lady chola brows.

No. 13588

File: 1437777421810.png (150.73 KB, 655x521, height.png)

No. 13589

File: 1437777608898.jpeg (372 KB, 1228x850, image-53.jpeg)

No. 13590

Audrey-sama, remove this, onegai shimasu.

No. 13591

I can still see these two pages.

No. 13592

File: 1437777864097.png (105.63 KB, 646x469, take my clothes.png)

No. 13593

File: 1437778205911.jpeg (174.88 KB, 801x1280, image-15.jpeg)

No. 13594

File: 1437778377883.png (76.65 KB, 651x261, shrinking.png)

No. 13595

Why are all of these bitches from Canada?

No. 13596

File: 1437778582307.jpg (76.4 KB, 500x500, tumblr_mpymx7LpQx1ruucvjo1_500…)

>akifuuu: This is my engagement(top)/wedding ring(bottom). On my finger. Right now. I am wearing them now. Oh my god. I never expected to meet my soulmate, my other half, the love of my life when I set out for Japan over a year ago. I love you?

No. 13597

It's just a heart emoji after "I love you", not a question mark.

No. 13598

Also, it's so fucking easy to get a modelling gig in Japan. My father actually suggested I go there with my inheritance and go for a career. He knows so many people who went there and got gigs.

No. 13599

File: 1437778711619.png (131.99 KB, 923x170, recipe for disaster.png)

No. 13600

Emojis don't work on Lolcow

No. 13601

Because she is so speciaaaal

No. 13602

Lmfao wow what a bitch. "For me it's okay but no one else will ever be as in love as we are"

Your husband looks old and ugly Audrey. No one is jealous of your ~~pure love~~

No. 13603

uh, block brows are chola brows. why did you just insult yourself

No. 13604

What a cocky idiot she is omg

No. 13605

File: 1437785799071.jpg (68.11 KB, 500x500, tumblr_mjy73g7xRY1ruucvjo1_500…)

No. 13606


Seriously, without seeing her whitened up fit for an old asian guy with fetish and kawaii, she's literally just as average as any British girl I would see walking down the street.

No. 13607

No. 13608

File: 1437786776514.png (247.56 KB, 484x464, exxx.png)

No. 13609


Same, I absolutely cannot stand /swirl/ tags. If it's amwf/ambw/awbm/awfm I just loathe it. It's always desperate girls who want to marry or have some asians baby or use some asian for fetish or use an asian for marriage aka visa. It's so embarrassing.

On tumblr, I get its people reaching out and shit cos it's "rare" apparently and you DO see happy genuine couples but your love/relationship doesn't have to be a fucking tag guys c'mon.

I'd say the amwf/awfm would obviously be popular.

Asian guys clearly love the idea of having a white bright kawaii girl (if they like them then cool) no matter how ugly she is, as long as she's foreign and white, then it's ideal I've noticed. Weeb white girls, they just want an asian to show off to their fans and friends, to climb that "kawaii competition" ladder and show just how "asian" they are. They're that asian, almost near asian because they're dating an asian and therefore, they are asian. Not all the time but most of the time via weebs.

White guys who date asian girls (again not always) but otaku fuckboy types just seem to want them to fulfill the kawaii school girl fetish. Asian girls, some just want them because again whiter skin, will give her love ect

It's a gross tag.

It's all about point scoring and asian awards half the time. I mean, I think Rachel & Jun are pretty genuine. But other couples… not so much. Kaka & Taku for e.g just… yeah.

Kaka would have never batted an eyelash at an asian guy before her sister went to Japan.

No. 13610

No. 13611

No. 13612

Kek, she told me she was 175

No. 13613

She said her dad used to be in the army for 30 years. I found his Twitter but I honestly don't see the point of posting it/involving him

No. 13614

I think she also used to hang out at efagz. Pretty sure she knows about Dakota and Felice.

No. 13615

File: 1437790017068.jpg (122.13 KB, 612x612, 11325441_877127055682309_11710…)

With Akifumi

No. 13616

She looks so much like a gold digger. She's no better than the devilish Japanese housewife who takes control of the husband's salary to buy herself brand clothes and accessories.

No. 13617

Don't have to post it. True, it's irrelevant. And I can easily find it myself, kek.

No. 13619

More milk pls, Co-worker-chan.

No. 13622

HAHAHA hello multiracial ojii-san and obaa-san

No. 13623

Pretty obvious that was her.

Especially considering it happened just at the same time as we posted about her + she deleting

No. 13624

Plot twist: Coworker-chan is Andi Autumn

She knows more about Audrey than any coworker would, and if she said "friend", it would be too obvious who she was

No. 13625

She's not hiding it though, she's doing the opposite. I have no interest in seeing her family whatoever, same a anybody here probably, but cool info. Maybe that's why she is so prominent in occupying Asian toy - that sounds like a military spirit tbh.

No. 13626

They really look so old… does anyone know how old is Aki?

No. 13627

My guess is 32ish

No. 13628

Oh god he is so ugly
If he would talk to me on the street i would ran away

No. 13629

I think her ex was Korean. I remember she said that her tumblr name Oppajjang was a reference to him.

No. 13630

File: 1437819431151.jpg (148.19 KB, 640x832, 1.jpg)

No. 13631

Aki is one of rare people who look better in purikura than in normal picture hahah

No. 13632

No. 13633

Tf how many accounts does she have?!

No. 13634


No. 13635

why do gaijin always get with such ugly nihonjin guys

No. 13636

Hahahaha thank u

No. 13637

everyone should make instagrams with all her real face pictures with variations of her name like audrey_mh, audreyhayashi etc. lololol
i think her back up IG is audreylee_mh

No. 13638

I haven't read the thread yet, but I've been mutual e-buddies with her for a long time and she's never seemed as anything other than sweet to me and she was the one who started following me. I'm kinda ugly so it would kinda make me feel good when she commented/liked my selfies because I do legitimately think she's pretty, but maybe that's how she gets her fans I guess haha.

Anyway, I'm fond of her and don't want to whiteknight too hard. I'll actually read the thread now so I can make some proper judgement about everything. Disappointing if she is a cow. =(

No. 13639

I actually found this thread by happenstance, too and happen to be a e-buddy of hers for about 5 years, now and have never experienced hateful or rude things from her. She's really accepting of others and has been nothing but kind.
I also don't really understand the point of this website. If you don't like someone its fine, but the more you point out someone's flaws, the more you show your true character and end up being worse than the person you're trying to put down. Beauty is subjective, what one person thinks is attractive isn't the same to another person. Every time you put a girl down you're just showing how insecure you are of yourself and your looks or personality. This whole website seems like a waste of energy that could be spent bettering yourselves and how you view yourself and other women.
If you don't like someone, fine. But picking them apart and calling them ugly just shows how ugly of a person you are. Please love one another and try to lift women up, we get put down top often by others and self esteem shot because of what one person has to say, let alone a gaggle of girls shutting down anyone's self confidence.

Not to mention, if I was her I would absolutely have the right to be upset. The whole point of sharing information online is consent. She chooses to share what she wants, but when someone else does its a violation of privacy. That's like lifting a girls skirt to see her undies just cause she's wearing one. She may have an open bottom but she didn't consent to you seeing her underwear.
Please find more constructive things to do. I know you're not bad people, but doing things like this for the sake of boosting your own ego for a brief moment doesn't help anything. You're just being bullies and I'm sure you know how it feels, so don't do what others have done to people for so long that has done nothing but cause hurt and discomfort. Its not becoming and I feel like a lot of you are better than this.
Love yourselves, y'all.

No. 13641

Oh hey there Audrey! What you don't understand are fail to see is you've done the exact same thing that's happening to you now. Karma's a bitch huh? I remember you on eFags hating on other girls about their looks and picking them apart. You ripped Dakota apart sooo many times on your countless accounts and now the same shit you dished out is happening to you and you don't like it. Cant take the taste of your own medicine huh? You bash people behind the scenes then play the innocent card. gtfo.

No. 13642

Yeah, not Audrey. She's a lot more colloquial than I am. Im just tired of seeing yall put down someone you dont even know.

And I know she might've had a time where she was mean towards people. But to judge someone on past actions and act like a crusader of justice isn't really your place. How would you feel if someone took your past bad experiences and only judged you on them? If this was happening to you, you wouldn't like it. But since you're in a place of power with this, it feels like you're doing some sort of good by punishing her. Its not your place nor is it the right thing to do. It just feels good cause its like rectifying anytime someone has made fun of you by putting someone down to feel a sense of power.

People are always in a state of change. You don't know her, only what one coworker who frankly is really salty had to say about her then you run with judgment and feel like a vigilante for putting down this "bad person". But its not your place. And acting like what you say that person did is just stooping to their level, showing you're not much better.

Please find a better hobby, girls.

No. 13645

Also I'm not going to post anymore. Its not my place to change everyone's point of view. I just felt I needed to step in and say my two cents so I could leave.
It's a shame this website even exists. Its just a place for sad women who have low self confidence to put others down so they don't feel bad.
Blame society, not other women.


No. 13646

Could describe*

No. 13648

You had no point or the right to post it tho. I've hated coworkers and I could've doxed their info and complained anonymously but I'm more mature than that.
The only reason you posted this was to get her attention and bring some kind of "justice" to her actions. Her life still keeps going on tho and all you've done is shown how immature you are. There's no point.

K seriously I'm done.

No. 13649

Okay Audrey.

No. 13650


No, I'm >>13638 but I'm not >>13639. I post and lurk here all the time and I'm not going to get all defensive and butthurt like the second person. I realise these people are multi-faceted and display different personalities depending on the situation, and I'll also admit I met her on efags so I'm not going to act like she's above us and soooo sweeet or anything. Her low key cattiness was something I liked about her tbh.

No. 13651

I think it's just funny that she decided to bahleet everything, including her Instagram account with thousands of followers she mostly earned from milking Andi Autumn's internet success. Too much work gone in a second! She probably doesn't care anymore because she's back in Japan, and Hong Kong is so behind her (similar story to her beloved weeb idol Taylor cheeks desu). I bet this thread is going to die soon because there's no more new milk to be had but I don't care because it is not going anywhere.

That parody Instagram is too much for me though.

No. 13652

Hahahaha comparing this thread to lifting skirts k

No. 13653

What a condescending megacunt you are. This isn't the only thing we do all day. And as if it's so difficult to look for her information online. You're not much better either with your preachy shit.

No. 13654

>crusader of justice

HAHAHA, try again sweetie.

Some of us just like to laugh at stupid cunts. Who said we're trying to bring justice to anyone?

>Dig up shit

>Whatever happens to the person happens

Oh well.

No. 13655

Hi Audrey.

No. 13656

File: 1437881067680.jpg (49.46 KB, 604x404, 1910064_107611888260_8341965_n…)

This whiteknighting makes me want to post more photos. Thank your e-buddy of 5 years for making it worse, Audrey-sama.

No. 13657

File: 1437881098711.jpg (108.31 KB, 640x640, 10544245_847864105233283_19299…)

No. 13658

Oh shit, you're the stalker guy, aren't you? What drives you to follow Audrey-sama online?

No. 13659

File: 1437881230867.jpg (62.01 KB, 453x604, 10401106_31331022471_1457_n.jp…)

No. 13660

File: 1437881319628.jpg (230.55 KB, 1152x2048, 1397543_10204255358896945_3259…)

No. 13661

File: 1437881375901.jpg (47.65 KB, 720x960, 557919_269196649860506_1777406…)

No. 13662

File: 1437881414957.jpg (37.52 KB, 604x453, 1929919_37439980611_8062_n.jpg)


No. 13663


I offered her $10K for one hour of sex. She accepted then changed her mind for some unknown reason.

No. 13664

Bullshit. Proof or it didn't happen.

No. 13665

Details plz

No. 13666

Am I the only one noticing how crisp, dry and damaged her hair looks? It's always the first thing I notice in her photos.


It's just as bad as Kiki's

No. 13667

Ugh, read the thread

No. 13669

I think it's just her own doing. She reacted once her full name was posted on Taylor's thread.

No. 13670

Audrey, I need you.

No. 13671

If she doesn't want her name out there, then she shouldn't have put it out there. srsly

No. 13673


No. 13675

You mean, this is place for Audrey.
Yes, it is, agreed.

Now ~love yourself~~~~D

No. 13676

I also want a rich japanese guy. But aki is too ugly

No. 13677

File: 1437922841975.jpg (69.75 KB, 690x550, 1233496_597349386970120_352815…)

No. 13678

File: 1437923764919.jpg (135.12 KB, 718x450, A - Top 1.jpg)

No. 13679

File: 1437923801404.jpg (33.06 KB, 718x450, A - Top 3.jpg)

Audrey-sensei desu

No. 13680

File: 1437923981432.jpg (79.91 KB, 480x300, A - trial 2 - 2.jpg)

No. 13681

No. 13682

File: 1437925687632.jpg (41.19 KB, 750x417, image.jpg)

Kek, video froze here.

Something is really off about her bottom face, I can't put my finger on it. I think it's her cleft chin?

No. 13684

I think her face is off because she has a wide chin and no cheekbones

She also does sameface in all of her shootings, trying so hard to be high fashion desu

No. 13685

File: 1438010901123.jpg (174.57 KB, 1026x609, nofilter.jpg)



No. 13686

File: 1438012638133.jpg (196.86 KB, 1024x612, more amwf.jpg)

More #amwf vloggers whose asses she wants to suck for fame

No. 13687

File: 1438036045993.jpg (102.39 KB, 1226x1226, 472957_10151560065924906_19397…)

No. 13688

Does anyone have pictures of Audrey's feet?

No. 13689

Take your fetish elsewhere

No. 13690

File: 1438067182045.jpg (820.94 KB, 1080x1529, Screenshot_2015-07-28-00-01-15…)

I wonder if she ever successfully made friends with her younger clone, Emily? I saw a some comments between the two on IG, but not much else.

Their character backstories are too similar.

No. 13691

Never heard of her. Summary?

No. 13693

She met her guy when she was on vacation in japan. She went back after a week. Few months later emily returned to japan and married that old guy. They live in a tiny apartment

No. 13694

No, because her thumbs look unpleasant - so long that all her sandals are too small for her (the thumbs are always protruding out of sandals), nobody wants to see that, but nobody can not notice

No. 13695

Okay, and is that supposed to be a bad thing?

No. 13696

well they married after seeing each other about 2 weeks in japan

No. 13697

You mean they instantly married after she went back? lol

No. 13698

>her thumbs look unpleasant
another zinger for my 'shit the internet says' book

No. 13699


No. 13700

Her feet are ugly.

No. 13701

Oh yes, I remember that, I used to follow Emily on IG. It looked like Audrey was the one trying to befriend Emily licking her ass in the comments, idk she sounded thirsty, but I think they didn't met irl.
Tbh, Emily and her husband look like an improved version of Audrey and Aki lol I mean, he's not so ugly and she's waaaaay prettier than Audrey.

No. 13702

Audrey is a 7/10, Emily is a 9/10. Emily looks like she's a better lover, too. Her husband isn't bad looking; I think he does some acting.

No. 13703

…how does someone look like a better lover and why is that even relevant?

No. 13704

Audrey just looks like she's bad at sex and her husband looks like a beta faggot who doesn't worship her feet or eat her ass.

No. 13705

I'm sure Audrey doesn't let her husband put it in her butt. The only sign of true love is when a girl lets you put it in the butt.

No. 13706

File: 1438122886045.png (54.09 KB, 872x203, banker.png)

No. 13707

File: 1438123000963.png (46.43 KB, 710x173, exoticise.png)

No. 13708

Would Audrey fuck a nigger?

No. 13709

Lol I can't believe she would write that considering her yellow fever.
Although maybe she's with Aki because of the money.
Either way, she's gross.

No. 13710

It is him.

No. 13712


But she didn't. Mr coworker posted her full name from work and that's what started this all

No. 13713

She was a lolcow since long time ago. Mr coworker might be a trigger, but definitely not a reason.

No. 13714

And the fact that she freaked the fuck out not even an hour after being posted proves she lurks here, or at least in the Taylor thread. It's fucking funny, because she spent so much time sucking up to Taylor on Instagram, while being on lolcow and probably contributing in all the shit talk.

No. 13716

File: 1438314091413.jpg (87.17 KB, 640x640, tumblr_nme5nqrsE91qeekf1o1_128…)

No. 13717

They posted her name but errased it after. I saw it in comments twice, and they erased it later (I think 2 different people posted her name), and it's explained why, in comments on Taylor's thread.

However Audrey should expect that if she posts her pictures, pictures of her husband, make public every work she's proud of, talk about her moving and leave comments of who she saw where while she was stalking them, somebody will find her full name.

And yes, she is constantly stalking Talyor and everything about Taylor.

No. 13719

No feet no fap.

No. 13720

An anon posted her full name, so I quoted it and added her middle name (which is like first result on Google), but I deleted it after.

So coworker-chan didn't, it was a random anon.

But like you guys said, she did put her own info out there and made it VERY easy to find. Didn't even have to dig around. Even her Instagram nick…. audrey mh, mh_audrey. Then she was dumb enough to use the same nick (akifuuu) while posting private stuff like her husband's job and shit.

All coworker-chan did was to share experience with her personality. The rest is on us/other anons.

No. 13721

File: 1438330671543.jpg (123.43 KB, 768x1024, image.jpg)

Is that her home?

No. 13722

Again with the dry and semi-greasy hair

No. 13723

Uh what? That's not Audrey

No. 13724

I know
We talked about her in the same thread

No. 13726

No. 13727

It was already brought up, but yeah, "look at me, I'm so special"

No. 13729

File: 1438357717822.jpg (123.11 KB, 919x613, whitebread.jpg)

im lolling that her full name is "audrey maddison"

No. 13730

File: 1438357922898.png (578.29 KB, 627x553, Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 11.5…)

also she hangs out with all the other white bread in tokyo

this girl goes to temple university and married a japanese guy.

i wish these girls would stop deleting because i like seeing daily life in japan - even if they are weebs

No. 13731

i love this girl too! lovelymilky
her name is emily bergos or something
i found some old language exchange accounts or something online once. she seems a bit weeby, worked at a susshi place in miami, and possibly married a guy just to stay in japan.

No. 13732


audrey is pretty in like a goofy heidi montag surgery way.

No. 13733

I wouldn't worry about it. Audrey is obviously too scared to do shit anyway

No. 13735

Well she got her "evidence" of gossip and we go ours (that coworker-chan didn't post it), so good luck to her.

No. 13736

I think about cumming inside Audrey every day.

No. 13737

>>13736 stop

No. 13738

File: 1438734081012.webm (1.72 MB, 640x640, andi.webm)

No. 13739

Face editing video app

No. 13740

stupid shit. can't watch

No. 13741

Asians started this crap

No. 13742

File: 1439198016058.png (383.69 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-08-10-10-12-23…)

She's back

No. 13743

Thank god her followers are still there

No. 13744

Oh, I didn't know you could disable/re-enable accounts

No. 13745

okay so its already been proven audrey regularly browses lolcow and shes made a near-threat and replied in a nasty way last time
anyone else find it suspicious that this and a thread that had not been active for ages is updated at the same time, almost immediately after she reactivates her account?? cmon, do you really want the attention again so bad?

i wanna know what nasty shit youve said about people on here anonymously cause obviously youre on here a lot

totes late reply, thought this thread got deleted but finally found it in the catalog

No. 13746

Holy shit you girls are even more autistic than r9k

No. 13747

Agreed. I think she wants the drama.

No. 13748

Thanks to all the mass immigration such a name is becoming exotic anyway. I don't see what's so exotic about being black or Asian since they make up most of the world population.

No. 13749

Not really , not at all.

No. 13750

thinking the most basic name in the world is exotic lmao

No. 13751

Are you trying to argue that the white population is not dying out? Because that's objectively incorrect

No. 13753

>most basic name in the world
implying that north america = world

No. 13754

File: 1439803819411.jpg (186.22 KB, 746x927, akifoamy.JPG)


No. 13755

File: 1439803857895.jpg (194.84 KB, 727x974, akifoamyy.JPG)

2 of 3

No. 13756

File: 1439803880967.jpg (211.95 KB, 740x1011, akifoamyyy.JPG)


No. 13757

He's not bad, better than penus Angelics ex anyway.

No. 13758

he must have a lot of money

No. 13759

Nah he looks ok

No. 13760

Reminds me of Yandyman the candyman.

No. 13761

I had to puke

Also i noticed that foreign girls only marry ugly guys for visa

No. 13810

He should, since he's an older bankar from Tokyo who even got moved to HK and then moved back. He's a worker, should have decent money.

No. 13860

why is the last comment deleted

No. 15189

He probably is loaded. After they got married and moved to HK, she basically just spent time with friends taking awful selfies and doing a few shitty modelling jobs. She got away with slacking off for a whole year and lived off his money, I think she even travelled to Singapore and Korea during that time too, courtesy of her ~Japanese~ husband.
But it seems her agency has dropped her (she's no longer featured on their site) so she's teaching again to fill the void.

No. 16573

at least she has a nice body

No. 16590

okay but where's the drama? who cares who she marries?

No. 17464

The guy way up there in the red leaf shirt is indeed her ex. I personally know her from her time in Canada. She cheated on him with her current husband. I guess him being Korean wasn't Japanese enough for her.

No. 17474

there is no real drama. that's why this thread is here now.

No. 17509

>I guess him being Korean wasn't Japanese enough for her.
you made my day hahahaha

No. 17524

oh god what a bitch

No. 17525

seems like yukapon also wanna be friends with emily

No. 17542

File: 1440602729317.png (510.37 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-08-26-11-21-24…)

Literally her admitting to cheating. The "few minor differences" being that her "Ralph" was waiting for her in Canada and NOT also having an affair.

No. 17543

File: 1440602896311.png (116.46 KB, 1079x496, 20150826_112705.png)

No. 17548

is there anywhere a picture of that Ralph?
I browsed the thread but I've only seen her with her current husband

No. 17549

how can you be with a guy you're not attracted to? it sounds like an arranged marriage

No. 17565


Her and her ex. Aka "Ralph"

No. 17567

She needed a spousal visa to stay in Japan and continue her weeb life yo

No. 17568

nooo they are special

No. 17569

I just want to clear up some facts, she cheated on her boyfriend while she went away to teach English in Japan. Her boyfriend was not having any flings with anyone so I don't know why she said that, probably for her to feel better about being unfaithful. She went behind his back and broke up with him on CHRISTMAS day.

Secondly, when she posted bout marrying her husband, she stated all the facts as to why it would benefit her, that his company would only support married couples and she can stay longer etc BEFORE even stating anything about loving him. To be honest, if im going to marry someone I'd tell people the things about that person that make me want to marry him instead of all these superficial reasons that benefits her for staying in Japan, and admitting his company will only support them if they're married. So looks to me they're married for the wrong reasons and once their honeymoon stage is over and her hubby figures out who she is, she'll be divorced before she knows it.

She also posted publicly about her ex break up and bitching about him not talking to her, after she cheated on him. Not sure why she is so naive, but the world does not revolve around you, Audrey.

She is only a model in Asia, because she's white. Come back to North America and try to be a model, you won't because you'll get too criticized for your looks. You don't have the look here. You can't call yourself a model, unless you're getting paid big bucks.

I also don't understand why she needs to post about people hitting in her. Welcome to a woman's life, where that happens to most women but we don't go posting about it online because we're not seeking attention.

She says she doesn't care about what people think about her but yet she goes around defending herself and posting things as a cry of attention. This girl has a lot of insecurity, I mean it's pretty sad you have to put a million filters on your picture because you're not confident enough to post how you really look.

No. 17585

Ahahaha I remember her bitching about her ex not talking to her afterwards. Like… 1) you cheated on him and then dumped him. 2) you don't live in the same country as each other anymore. Wtf is the point of continuing a friendship? She LOST HER MIND when he deleted her from Facebook hahaha.

I also find it funny that she started e-stalking him as soon as he got a new girlfriend. Jealous much? She's clearly not over it.

And you're right 100% about every woman EVER getting hit on. No one walks around bragging about it (or complaining for that matter) but Audrey is a special snowflake and OBVS this only ever happens to her.

No. 17606

She's the victim.

She probably also paid for all her Instagram followers with her husbands $$. How on earth could she have so many followers. There's nothing different or unique about her from anyone else.

No. 17616

Pls let this be Andi

No. 17714

File: 1440708975211.png (1.15 MB, 1076x1361, 20150827_014223.png)

Think this is their way of X-ing Audrey out of their lives? Posted around the same time as the thread started

No. 19033

those white girls look like asian girls who are trying to look white LMAO

No. 19034

It's not that deep, yo.

No. 20186

File: 1440731077698.png (48.25 KB, 732x258, hatesites.png)

Found this on Manon/strawberyskies's tumblr. I wonder if she was talking about Audrey

No. 20209

On the issue of using the amwf tag…
Reading over this thread I am so split on it. Like it's clear that some people are obviously just turning it in to their weird fetish/not appreciating their partner past their race.
But at the same time, as a white girl with an asian boyfriend, I really kind of appreciate seeing other couples like us, because it has been a bit of an uncomfortable situation at times - white guys making fun of asian guys, or people from both sides of our social circle making jokes about our respective races, like it's weird for us to be together or something. I don't know, it is kind of uplifting to see other amwf couples when people act like it's so unusual sometimes.

No. 20214

OT but I've always wondered why people used amwf. Because I've mostly seen white girls having a weird obsession and fetish with Asians under this tag. They treat them like an exotic pet or expensive handbag. Good to see your take on it too.

No. 20216


I too am white with an Asian boyfriend and I'm happy that mixed race couples are accepted. It's also good to see that it's not always the stereotypical white guy who dates an Asian girl.
My other half is of Vietnamese decent and i feel like the few girls who use the tag, use it to show of their trophy Nihon boyfriends like they've unlocked a special item or something.

No. 20218


It's more accepted than ambw (asian male/black women) though. Again all due to the pale skin, lighter hair and eyes thing.

No. 20219


Yeah, same in the ambw tag too. Blacks treating asians like they're prized trophies. It's sad and sickening. It's all because of this kawaii train trend going on at the moment.

No. 20259

Sorry, I know Audrey IG since she had less than 5000 followers, and it was not growing rapidly, I'm 99% sure she didn't pay for followers.
She was just actively commenting on many popular wannabe living dolls Instagram, and all those people have absolutely no life except on the Internet so they follow back since Audrey was very active on IG before this lolcow tread, and she was posting her face a lot and cute outfits, and her face was often very very nicely edited.
It's normal she has many followers.

No. 20336

Yeah, I agree. The massive boom in followers happened after And I Autumn tagged her in some photos.

I follow other girls like this on Instagram and Audrey is always sucking up to them in the comments.
I remember on one of Kiki's photos last year, Audrey complimented her Japanese. It seemed really odd considering the Monstrenga's harassed Audrey online.

She seems to be featuring in a few J-Vloggers videos too. Never does anything herself, always riding the coat tails of her famous friends.

No. 20362

I found her in the liz lisa tag years ago, back when she used to tag her pictures like craz,yI think she had like 600 followers or so (it was less than 1000). It wasn't until after she became friends with Andi (I believe a year or two ago) she gained followers faster.. she also kept religiously commenting and licking ass on other snowflake's photos to get noticed by their followers

No. 20363

We're all here to just "follow drama" tho, so whoever she is talking about is no better than us

No. 20365

Nah, I actively talk shit.

No. 20404

File: 1440891657941.jpg (162.19 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

Why she suddenly doesn't look cute and young like usual? Did she forget how to shoop since she stopped posting regularly? :/

No. 20414

she used to self post a lot on cgl too

No. 20434

The only difference I see is no circle lenses and her blush is on her cheeks where it belongs and not beside her eyes. Still super photo shopped and filtered though.

No. 20631


this doesn't look cute and young?

wow anon you must have some high standards.

No. 20633

do you have screenshot=?

No. 20654

Not cute because bitchy plain face. Which feature could be called cute? Even no spirit, no facial expression.

If a general standard is that everything under 30 years old is young, then she looks young.
If young means her usual style of shooping pictures, then she really doesn't look young here. In this picture she looks like she's 25+, which is not old, but consider she has makeup, filters, strong brighteness and this is picture that she chose.
If she looks here like 25+, I think her face usually also looks older.

But the biggest problem is lack of expression/ failure of wannabe kawaii bitch face.

No. 20655

She looks pretty and fresh faced in that picture to me

No. 20739

are they still friends?

No. 20740

No this used to be in the outfit threads. That is how I found her tumblr in the first place.

No. 20752

it is definitely her chin. I actually really like her nose (I have a thing for unique noses), but her chin just ruins everything. It is too flat/wide and the cleft isn't helping either.

No. 20777

Audrey herself would agree with you on this as she's always covering it when someone else is holding the camera.

No. 20818

Because she is filtered to death?

No. 22764

File: 1441371467157.jpg (140.59 KB, 812x1072, Screenshot_2015-09-04-13-54-40…)

Audrey's wearing less in each new photo she uploads… Obviously still lurking this thread.
She looks quite manly here, it's not a good look, even with all the filters she's used.

No. 22765


Am I the only one who thinks shes average as hell? She's pretty but just "meh nice" kind of pretty?

No. 22766

Her personality is the most meh thing about her. I guess in japan her looks make her stand out because dirty gaijin piggu

No. 22768

Since she's in Tokyo, being gaijin is not that special, she stands out because her body is big

No. 22783

Yeah you wouldn't look twice. Average.

No. 22788

She's extremely boring looking

No. 22850

No. 22881

It's like the only lighting she looks good in is so bright that it erases her nose. She must have fucking awful skin. Even her waterline is super red in that recent one.

No. 23691

her eyebrows are terrible and bad painted

No. 23694

They're not bad at all…I see much, much worse on the regular.

No. 23704

Yeah. I actually really like her eyebrows.

No. 23708

They look okay on most photos, but she's doing what asians tend to do to fill their brows and it looks unnatural on her.

No. 23813

There's excellent photos of her trying to hide her chin in the "photos of" section of her insta.

No. 23861

She hasn't received much attention or sponsorships from online/instagram shops since leaving Hong Kong, which confirms that her popularity was all Andi.
Unless she finds a "friend" in Japan of equal success, she'll fade back into random white girl in Tokyo who posts nothing but food and ootd's.
No wonder she's stalking Taylor R.

No. 23863

File: 1441803180678.jpg (202.38 KB, 980x1066, Screenshot_2015-09-09-13-21-26…)

just a tag along and plain af

No. 24081

She's just so bland and those aegyosal aren't doing her favors.

No. 24084

>>Unless she finds a "friend" in Japan of equal success

I've seen her in the comment fields of other KAWAII girls who live in Japan, saying she wants to meet and hang out with them

She's trying so hard to stay relevant and put her name everywhere by riding everyone's dicks

No. 24739


She seems like a real bitch.

No. 33543

File: 1442597722842.jpg (152.61 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

The edit… I'm speachless.

No. 33612

she edited her eyes bigger lol

No. 33889

And wiped off a good 85% of her facial features. She looks like a gyaru voldemort.

No. 33892

Its so weird seeing this compared to her modeling photos.
She even edited out her cleft.

No. 33973

File: 1442680816905.jpg (298.25 KB, 1076x1520, Screenshot_2015-09-19-17-38-12…)


No. 33974

File: 1442680904735.jpg (194.4 KB, 1078x1472, Screenshot_2015-09-19-17-38-26…)

Audrey's back in HK and is ruining photos again.
Seriously, Mary is so cute and then there's Audrey looking wrong and desperate.

No. 33979

File: 1442682165711.png (1.07 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-09-19-18-01-32…)

stop it audrey

No. 33980

I'm interested in seeing Andi without a wig

No. 33988

She's so boring in comparison to Andi
Pretty sure that's her real hair.

No. 34008

No she posted a photo on Instagram that was a box of wigs. It's since been deleted.

No. 34011

File: 1442686517599.jpg (104.53 KB, 1080x720, Screenshot_2015-09-19-19-13-06…)

definitely not real hair, it looks like plastic in all her photos

No. 34021

Doesn't look like synthetic hair but I can now see how it's not her hair.

No. 34048

File: 1442693078140.jpg (305.75 KB, 480x640, sailorbuns_by_cake_injection.j…)

I think her bangs are real while the rest of her hair is fake.

old picture of her for refernece

No. 34065

I prefer her natural face. I think its lulzwurthy shitting on her real face since she is on the higher end on the attractive scale. Maybe I'm just outgrowing my weeb phase.

No. 34066

>>13469 (Edited but not by her)
>>13517 (Edited but not by her)
>>13527 Glasses are hideous but she looks cute
>>13544 Foundation is too cakey but still cute
>>13662 Cringey teen phase, but nice features and hair
>>13716 Hair is gross, but it happens. Still cute face
Whiteknighting done, but I found all of these attractive. I just wanted to pop the bubble of having to look 199% all the time. wtf why would anyone post candids on insta. Everyone that is vanity conscious only post the perfect selfie out of 50. But if people posted candids like hers I wouldn't mind tbh.


All her edits are ugly af compared to her natural look. These are the only I found at all attractive although super unrealistic (apart from the no makeup one, that could pass if we didn't have candids)

No. 34068

Ah, the typical "hide chin with hand because I'm insecure about my face" pose she always does

No. 34076

>people who somehow looked good pulling this dumb emo/scene kid shit
All my jealousy

No. 34082

………what the actual fuck happened to this persons eyebrows? I'm dead inside.

No. 34113

This killed me. So true

No. 34124

File: 1442709594160.jpg (64.19 KB, 586x576, wtf.JPG)

Different hair texture and color, it's a lace wig + her real fringe. Also, wtf her mouth!

No. 34143

God, this is so gross. Her real face isn't even bad, why would she shape-shift herself into this monstrosity?

No. 34738

I find her cute, the eyebrows threw me off though. I know people do that so they can fill it in easier but she doesn't do that..

No. 34752

File: 1442741771777.jpg (125.05 KB, 1078x1056, Screenshot_2015-09-20-10-32-57…)

I started following her when she was posting pictures like this (about 1 1/2 years ago). She looks gorgeous here, I don't know why she's morphed into this weird and melted, China knockoff, inflatable sex doll.

No. 34753

Isn't the only reason they're friends is because Andi did a meet and greet or something and classic Audrey latched on in her attempts to have a popular kawaii girl in her selfies?

No. 34764


Am I the only one who thinks her and audrey look basic? that the only thing makes them stand out is pastel hair, lenses and accessories or?

Not being salty I just cannot see what the deal is.

No. 34789

nah it's just audrey. andi can actually model and is versatile, looks good in pretty much any thing she wears. that's why she gets sponsored a lot.
Audrey is basically and as plain as they get. a white leech.

No. 34802

I don't think andi is as versatile as she was when she was cake injection. all she wears is retro kawaii shit.

No. 34825

File: 1442777319455.jpg (118.92 KB, 1080x720, Screenshot_2015-09-20-10-42-58…)

This photo is hilarious. The chemistry. Andi and Mary leaning in together and Audrey hanging on the sidelines.

No. 34833

I also think Andi is pretty basic. I followed her on IG before but she posts waaay too much. If she just posted an interesting picture or two once a day it'd be fine. But having 20 a day became boring.

I think aurdrey is naturally MUCH prettier than andi.
Andi's mom comments often on her pictures, so you can see lots of older pics on the mothers profile.

No. 34856

Do you know her username?

No. 34862

File: 1442783618857.jpg (220.34 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-09-20-22-11-38…)

She edits like any other flake, she's nothing special

No. 34895

I think you guys don't know the meaning of being basic.

No. 34968

File: 1442801059538.jpg (151.42 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

I wouldn't notice this is Audrey if it wasn't on her ig.

No. 34969

She looks like her old self

No. 34970

Damn that's just embarrassing

No. 35597

(Posted by Kristen. Click for more info.)

She looks so much better without the photoshop

No. 35847

File: 1443000195144.jpg (178.67 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

I was not sure if the girl in blue shirt in photo is her.

No. 35848

File: 1443000296000.jpg (137.05 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

Since she's posted on lolcow, looks like she noticed that she can't become famous with her normal Photoshoping because nobody's buying that, but she tries to go to the extreme PS way.
Just like Andi.
And Taylor.
Bravo Audrey

No. 35926

Her head is tiny in the first pic and huge compared to the other girl in the second pic.. does she edit her head smaller?

No. 36065

Here she did. She went crazy with PS.

No. 36086

Shes actually quite ugly, no wonder she loves asian bangs. Her forehead is fucking huuuuuuge! And she has a big head and weird chin. I feel so sorry for her, poor you.

No. 36222

Her forehead, chin, nose and eyebrows are awful. 90% of her face.
Her skin's good I guess, but her eyes are always covered in makeup/wears lenses and tape and her lips are average.
How did she get a modelling gig again?

No. 36260

Being white in Asian and not too ugly and too fat is waaay more than enough. I swear.

No. 46757

I think we've scared her off. She's posting like once a week, and the past four weeks hasn't been of her face.

No. 46767

Briefly appears with Sharla here. I'm still dreaming of Taylor/ Audrey collab. Or Mira… that'd be glorious.

No. 47347

File: 1445429075794.jpg (152.4 KB, 1074x1051, Screenshot_2015-10-21-13-03-20…)

No. 47353

is that a wig or she get hair cut?

it looks better whatever it is

No. 49062


Yes she stopped posting after this thread was made… Kind of smart choice

No. 50892

lmao never seen this. literally some ostrenga tier content

No. 50903

mira will never collab with anyone! she is the only special gaijin in japan! kanadajin5ever #japanesecitizen

No. 51502

I love how Audrey self posts in this thread. Even now.

Seriously, are you that desperate?

Wow, just when you think she couldnt get any worse, she contributes ZERO to the video and from 8:50 all she does is check her appearance the whole time and pay zero attention to the video/Sharla itself. Its so disrespectful to Sharla whos actually trying to make a good useful video for OTHER PEOPLE. Audreys just making it about herself, for herself.

No. 56263

I just want to say how horrible each and everyone of you judging Audrey. I don't know her personally and I am sure 99% of you guys don't either. Regardless, you are NO better than the criticism you're giving her.

Cyberbullying is cruelty formed from cowardice and the easy accessibility to rip someone apart within a millisecond. It only takes an easy target and a social networking account to create an ever-lasting impression on an innocent victim.

Perhaps you all should look in the mirror and look at your own flaws rather than harassing someone else for what's not right about them. You're in fact the pathetic ones here on this thread, feeding off each others crap just so you can feel better about yourselves because you obviously have low self esteem.

Its people like each and every single one of you who make this world such a horrible place. You all should be ashamed of yourselves because I am sure one day when you have children, you hope they will never be a victim of bullying or you won't raise them to treat others such as this.

Lead by example.

No. 56268


Are you lost?

No. 56272

File: 1447121652058.jpg (13.42 KB, 300x168, evillaugh.jpg)

sorry to say, hun, but no1curr

No. 56274

File: 1447121771136.jpg (65.71 KB, 537x399, fuego.jpg)

No. 56276

1st u called us pathetic :( that means u r cyberbullying us :( :( go look at ur own flaws rather than harassing someone else for what's not right about them u said it urself

No. 56277

It's Ash again.

No. 56278

Go away, Audrey

No. 56289

File: 1447127769445.jpg (80.57 KB, 642x607, d97.jpg)

No. 56315

I kind of hate these posts since a lot of people make a living being online. I dunno. Kinda sucks. You gotta tune it out, but how do you just get off the pc in a world where everyone works online?

No. 56319

If you make a living online, some fuckboys insulting you on forums doesn't even matter.
You're g e t t i n g p a i d

No. 56403

File: 1447171144210.jpg (144.74 KB, 1078x1075, Screenshot_2015-11-10-15-55-28…)

Hi Audrey
If you have to blur out your own chin because of what people online might think, it might be time to log off (pic related)

No one's actually interested in you anymore since Andi Autumn stopped holding your hand. Stop self posting to stay relevant.

No. 56500

idk all the snowflakes be like "wah~ my anxiety and low self esteem, but here have this selfie!! (im ugly ok)"

No. 56502

but even when she was constantly posing with andi, did anyone acutally care about audrey? like… her intentions were painfully obvious

No. 56570

File: 1447207282522.jpg (17.81 KB, 600x600, 1446913833910.jpg)

What the fuck is up with her ear?

You stupid fuck, if you wanted to school us in "cyberbullying" your ignorant ass wouldn't bump this thread AFTER 14 DAYS OF INACTIVITY. Drink bleach.

No. 56715

File: 1447251496919.jpg (179.08 KB, 1078x1057, Screenshot_2015-11-11-14-17-12…)

No. 56757

You guys can go ahead and bash me for making my comment. Just came across this thread and saw all the hate towards this girl. Lead by example, you don't need to pick out every single one of her flaws. I don't need to look at my own flaws but I will stand up for harassment and this thread is all that. I don't need to worry because I would never dare pick stuff out about a person and bash them about it because I'm confident in myself and NO ONE is perfect. If you make a living online, you should probably do some work rather than be on this thread. Go ahead, attack me now for standing up in what I think is disrespectful. If you can have your say about Audrey I am 100% allowed to as well. If this thread what about you, I would be saying the exact same thing, doesn't matter who the person is. Work on your own flaws rather than pointing out crap about other people, you are no better than the person you claim Audrey is but I am sure you don't even know her so people are SO QUICK TO JUDGE Because they DONT UNDERSTAND. Rather than bully someone, why not stand up for them? I'm sure you'd want that support if you were the victim. Practise what you preach!!!!!!!

No. 56759

P.S. You guys don't dare post your hate on her Instagram, because then it would be exposing yourself, which you don't want. So y'all come up with this thread where you can be Anons and play your stupid little game on hating Audrey. She obviously doesn't care and I'm sure her posts are not in relevance to you guys either. She can self post all she wants, at least she's put herself out there and whatever person she chooses to be is her business not yours. If you were real, you wouldn't hide behind a computer screen as an Anon, you're all too cowards to reveal the real you.

No. 56768

This for so many of these threads.
The real lolcows are the people spewing all this hate online.

No. 56775

consider me properly chastised. I shall break my tablet over my knee and swear never to take arms against lolcows anymore

>tfw people try to whiteknight but inadvertently contribute to lolcow instead

No. 56851

>She obviously doesn't care
She obviously does care a lot, since she is almost dead online since this thread is made. I wish she would care much less for lolcow, and continue being a funny attention hungry cow, I loved her active days, I want to read more about her farting and orgasms

No. 56853

>If you were real, you wouldn't hide behind a computer screen as an Anon, you're all too cowards to reveal the real you.
Nigga you are also anon, what does that say about you? lmao

No. 56858

File: 1447282705733.gif (497.62 KB, 405x228, giphy (3).gif)

No. 56936

The most word vomit post to ever be vomitted
There was no cohesion
Come on try harder if you really are an english teacher in nippon

No. 57042

How about you fuck off?

No. 57076

> Just came across this thread
do you know where you are

tbh no one hates her, we just lol at her "omg im a model and my husband is JAPANESE!!"

No. 57260

Uhhh actually there is a bunch of posts in here from people that DO know her. Like her coworker

No. 60385

She's prettier than Taylor because she looks so much more natural. Taylor killed her beauty with the fillers to become a Kooter clone

No. 60458

File: 1447832556188.png (1.17 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-11-18-07-40-54…)

No. 60459

File: 1447832604857.png (315.29 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-11-18-07-43-09…)

No. 60464


Aaaand the weeaboo gaijin prego/hafu baby trend begins now

Hell, we're already in the middle of the "married for a visa" trend. I wonder if Himezawa is next. Or if Kiki will try getting knocked up to force a jap guy to giving her a visa since her ~exotic white foreign goddess~ shit didn't land one as easily as the thought it would.

No. 60472

Two negatives = positive, so at least it'll be a beautiful baby.

No. 60475

if u want more information how to do it.. ask kabuki hoe

No. 60516

oh wow damn
say bye to your decent body
> keks into outerspace

No. 60691

If baby looks anything like Aki, it will be ugly.

But I'm happy she will get a baby :)
Even she is amwf freak, at least she will be instantly less lame than Dakota, Taylor, Kiki etc. who even can't be mothers because they are too vain and love themselves too much to share that love with a baby.

No. 60692

>who even can't be mothers because they are too vain and love themselves too much to share that love with a baby.

I don't want to disappoint you, but are you aware that anyone with a mating partner and functioning reproductive organs can be parents? It's not a badge of being ~selfless~ or wanting to share your love with your child. Not saying that all parents are awful, but you can be a mom and still be a terrible person who got a baby for all the wrong reasons.

Still I wish her all the best and hope everything goes well. Pls just don't turn your child into Venus 2.0

No. 60699

Of course I am. But Dakota and Taylor would probably abort if they got pregnant. I'm not against abortion, I'm just saying that at least Audrey understands there are some other values except her being a doll.

I'm not saying that Audrey is not shitty either, idk if she is or not. I know she is stupid and acts retarded, but let's hope she won't be stinky parent

No. 60722

I also think that Audrey has her head screwed on a little tighter than the other cows. We don't know much about Aki, but he seems well off/educated.

Dakota would be a terrible parent, but that's just because of how she was raised.

No. 60728

> head screwed on a little tighter than the other cows
you can only get so far wasting your younger years modeling/teaching english instead of honing actual skills.
but hey, when you got a baby you don't need a career right?

No. 60756

> no longer working so I can look after my baby
> meeting up with vlogger friends today
> in HK to sponge fame from Andi again
> what baby?

No. 60764

She'll be a white bubzbeauty who'll leave her child at home with her husband while she goes out to travel and have a good time. Then she'll post about how hard motherhood is.

No. 60772

Okay, I am hardly a fan of any of these girls but holy shit you need to calm down with being so delusional. You are literally speaking for them by saying why they would or would not have a kid. You don't know any of their motives for having a child or not, if anything Audrey might be having one for shitty reasons and Taylor/Dakota are not having one simply because they aren't ready.

You are really putting your foot in your mouth by saying what their values are when you not even them? You really have zero right to say whether someone would have an abortion or not and also someone's motives of being a parent. I hope for your sake you are from PULL because if not there is no hope for someone like you.

No. 60786

I hope you are a big fan of wapanese dolls, otherwise you're quite retarded

..hope you're not trying to tell me they're not vain… And Taylor is 27 but wanna be only 7 because kawaii

Having babies is not kawaii

Calm down bitch

No. 60803

I'm trying to imagine her as the type of girl who baloons out like CRAZY while pregnant. And then see what happens to her social media

No. 60900

File: 1448042655612.jpg (20.9 KB, 400x400, tumblr_m325lrnSfr1qf3hns.jpg)

>..hope you're not trying to tell me they're not vain…

No. 67222

File: 1449131360617.jpg (162.27 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

>first time to meet

No. 67245

lol, riding vlogger cock

No. 67617

Kimdao has started hanging out with Taylor R as well, how long will it take for Audrey to worm herself into another meet up?

No. 68759

Why won't the Taylor/ Audrey get-together happen already? I'm so thirsty for it.

No. 68762

Taylor is better than her. She actually makes efforts to be where she is.
Audrey is more like a leech

No. 68866

Wait for it.

No. 68880

i called out kimdao on her video asking her why shes hanging out with a crazy bitch who made a hate site about dakota and she was like "lol thats a rumor" and then all of her minions started attacking me

No. 68891

All these basic weebs gathering together and pretending to be friends to share viewership is so sad and obvious.

No. 69139

i know its hilarious
you can see it on IG comments too.
mimei, kimdao, micaela, audrey, lovelymilky, natalia

all up eachothers asses for a taste of limelight

No. 69141

i dont even think shes that cute or interesting. shes not that popular is she?
seriously all you gotta do is be decently cute asian girl OR white girl living in korea or japan and make videos and you are suddenly hot shit

No. 69142

>ho made a hate site about dakota and she was like "lol thats a rumor"
You mean Tay????' What?? I missed that
I think so, she's boring ew. I knew about her because I was searching how to spot a liz lisa replica.

No. 69148

File: 1449622059917.jpg (26.97 KB, 429x392, cheapfabrics.JPG)

Omfg she looks stupid with this style
btw does anyone know what software she uses to edit videos? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nfgxb_uBFk0

No. 69155

Audrey was accused of being some tumblr tard named "Psycho Hater" or something and often insulted Dakota while bragging about marrying a Korean guy and being super desu model online. She once posted a picture of her hair or something and it look suspiciously like Audrey. I know Kiki was convinced she was "psycho bitch hater" or whatever her tumblr was.

No. 69171

Damn. Kim looks transgender. What is with these chicks with strong ass faces thinking that they can pull off himekaji.

No. 69181

And apparently they don't even follow each other on IG or whatever? LOL dat business relationship~

No. 69271

She also posted on her Tumblr about being in Tokyo, and was going to event where Kota was appearing. She planned to take photos of her "real face" (this was during Kotas Tumblr era) and post them. That's when the Ostrengas started attacking her.

No. 69291

All the milk from this girl is like years ago.
Can we just leave her alone now.

No. 69303

why the fuck is kim even in japan? like literally what is she doing there other than shopping and eating shit how is she even paying for things if she doesnt have a job over there im guessing her parents are rich

No. 69622

same for most of those gaijin in japan. wtf are they even doing? avoiding reality?
at least sharla and micaela went to school and have degrees (though sharla quit her real job to become a full time youtuber and sponser whore smh)

No. 70090

File: 1449793659125.jpg (27.77 KB, 384x456, 25276_382536852981_8231157_n.j…)


No. 70091

File: 1449793676457.jpg (24.37 KB, 604x404, 1910064_107611848260_1421361_n…)


No. 70092

File: 1449793722589.jpg (40.26 KB, 604x404, 1910064_107612138260_4014312_n…)


No. 70093

File: 1449793762078.jpg (36 KB, 323x415, audrey_m--052.jpg)


No. 70094

File: 1449793788058.jpeg (9.8 KB, 160x160, RUna90cG9S6jas0GnjQJvA.jpeg)


No. 70095

File: 1449793813283.jpg (166.26 KB, 665x450, audrey.jpg)


No. 70097

File: 1449793848825.jpg (47.66 KB, 323x415, audrey_m--232.jpg)


No. 70098

File: 1449793916659.png (117.19 KB, 603x630, Screen Shot.png)


No. 70104

lol, fullblown weeb

No. 70106

Her real nose is so weird

No. 70107

File: 1449795181716.jpg (506.13 KB, 1244x2000, keks.jpg)

>Rob Thurman

OT but I can't believe I wasn't the only person to read this series

No. 70112

I read it too, Anon! Used to be one of my favorite series.

No. 70167

She has facial hair along her cheeks, small square eyes and protruding jaw. 3 worst things about her face. And she thinks she's kawaii.
Like it's ok just because she's Asian.
She's a hardcore weeaboo too, just like other white girls who she's hanging with.

No. 70176

File: 1449838212566.jpg (42 KB, 347x562, 99f3e06d0f4995e3749e470aa94738…)

No. 70180

File: 1449841288068.jpg (146.68 KB, 816x655, creepyhusband.jpg)

Audrey once said she met her husband because he nanpa'd her.

And in one of her old blog posts, she actually complains about "Creepy Shibuya guys", and I'm pretty sure it was her now husband she was talking about, because it happened right before she said she met someone. kek

No. 70183

Yep I'm pretty sure that was him. Then she proceed to have an affair with him while her other asian boyfriend was in Canada still waiting for her to return from her 1 year of teaching. They married after 6 months because she needed the visa to stay in Japan and become a model. She tried modeling in Canada (though she denies it) but no one would hire her. Her mom used to model.

No. 70184

File: 1449843595756.jpeg (27.11 KB, 750x183, image.jpeg)

I found old tweets from 2010 of her talking about modeling. So she can deny it all she wants, but it's there. (@Halcyon_Sky is her old Twitter username, but it was taken by someone else after she deleted.)

No. 70316

lolollo daijoubu fuck no

No. 70379

This really sounds like typicsl Audrey. Same as her writting on reddit.

No. 70387

Yes! Awesome anon.

No. 71270

Why wouldn't it? It's from her blog that she purged.

No. 71687

Tinfoil prank

No. 71976

This damaged my brain cells

No. 73526

File: 1450423454849.jpeg (198.87 KB, 750x1033, image.jpeg)

Kek, riding more vlog dick

No. 73545

I don't know who's more annoying. I just hate these white girls who use Japanese husbands as their props. Probably Rachel because she loves to act like an authority on Japanese culture.

No. 73550

Why does Rachel look ugly in every picture?
Is it because shes just ugly ?

No. 73574

Her rabid fans are as bad as she is. And she even made a video about being a special snowflake in japan except she did'nt use that term, she used the term unicorn which means something else entirely.

No. 73582

A lot of Asian vloggers/bloggers talk at least once about how special and unique they are in their Asian country, kek.

I enjoyed Rachel's videos until I found out she was just another one of those expats. None of them are humble and modest or even try to be.

No. 73805

No. 73806

I'm laughing so much now

No. 74515

Her account became private

No. 76143

Why are you guys so bitter and hateful towards these people? Like honestly, if someone was truly happy and a nice person, they would never say mean things about another person. Specially someone they don't know. People judge because they don't understand. You guys are obviously so unhappy and insecure with your own lives that you must pick things to hate about other people. I think Audrey is pretty, and whatever she chooses to do is her choice. Don't think her non posting is because you guys got to her, you're not that special. Don't make fun of someone's forehead, or any features, be real and why don't we criticize you and your features?

No one is perfect, so get over yourselves really. You don't even have the balls to say who you are. You hide behind a computer screen and as an anoymous, yea you guys are the real winners here.

Sorry to say, but you guys will always have negativity in your lives, why? Because you guys are negative and unhappy so that's what you'll attract, and you'll cry and complain, but it's law of attraction….. I don't feel any pity on any of you losers at all.

Audrey isn't the loser here, it's each of you guys. Someone should make a thread on haters, lets bash each one of you.

GET some confidence people.

Just stop assuming shit because you don't even know Audrey, or any of these other girls. What are you doing with your life? That's what you should focus on.

No. 76148


lolol hey audrey

No. 76167

>GET some confidence
What a weird part of the sentence to emphasize.

No. 76178

File: 1451412343489.jpeg (51.14 KB, 400x400, facepalm.jpeg)

Instead of letting this nonsense thread die, you just had to revive it. Good job.

No. 76316

If you are not a loser, you would post a picture and proove your identity, otherwise it's bullshit everything you say

No. 76563

Models don't pose themselves. The photographers instruct them on how to pose.

No. 76577

Audrey pls go

No. 76698

Her followers have been decreasing ever since she went private. Wanna take bets on how long until she goes public again for the "fame"?

No. 76738

Don't want to. She's inbetween being scared of what can come out about her on the Internet, and about this desperate crave for popularity on social media. lel

I know some of you here are her followers, if something funny comes out, post please. You don't have to post immediately, wait a bit, let her relax

No. 76740

File: 1451597221896.jpeg (253.21 KB, 750x1073, image.jpeg)

Her account has always been drama free though? Although her 2016 post mentioned haters. Hehh

No. 76741

And every time I see the pic in OP, I immediately think that she looks like a transgendered weeb dressing up

No. 76755

You're just a jealous weeb yourself. There's nothing to discuss about this woman.

No. 76761

Well, if it has nothing to speak about why did WK ( >>76143 ) over here decide to revive it? Should have just let it get lost in the catalog, but noooo.

Sage cause I have nothing substantial to add.

No. 76781

lol, you're one of those

No. 76807

Thanks! She will be different in 2016, mean Internet will not touch her ~

No. 76829

Nothing is gonna change
She married a nanpa guy for visa

No. 76831

How could she have married purely for a visa and then moved to Hong Kong with her husband and back again? Are you stupid?
People who already have decent teaching jobs don't even need to marry for visa in the first place let alone stay with them for ages, move around with them and even have their baby why are you so bitter

No. 76832

She was going back to canada
And whoops married

No. 76844

If you read her old blog you would know that she was scouted at a subway station and then told she wasn't allowed to model while staying there on a teaching visa. She needed the spousal visa to stay longer and ro be allowed to work a non English teaching job. She was only planning on moving back to Canada because her teaching Visa was only for 1 year. Getting married to the creepy guy solved both problems. Having his kid is just her way to prove to the Internet that her love is real. Notice how it happened like…. as soon as she found this thread? Lmao. Either that or she's bored as fuck now that they are back in Japan and she's not getting any work. Lots of Canadian girls think babies cure boredom.

No. 76861

her husband is so ugly, he's supposed to be well off yet he looks like he'd never seen a comb
to think she let him impregnate her…. ewww

No. 76864

This board is full of hating on Asian husbands today kek
So much salt. I love weebs in their home countries simmering with rage about girls having fun in HK, Korea and Japan. Sipping my tea right now.

No. 76866

what? this board is full of hating on weebs and everything that's related to them
and since it's new year everyone is sitting at home posting and hating and posting and hating and relaxing

No. 76867

Omg so trueee
Im in japan you idiot

No. 76871

but without fugly husbando

No. 76883


You gotta congratulate him honestly. He got the grand prize. She's foreign and quite pretty to boot.
You should hear how some Asian men talk about about dating foreigners. They remind you of gaijin hunters.

No. 76895

that's true, she's pretty and he definitely achieved a lot in the marriage department, probably making even his more attractive friends jealous

but he could really get a makeover, you can be ugly but still look hot if you have a good style

No. 76920

I feel like Audrey's new years post about us mean Internet people set a few of her flock this way. Hah.

No. 76932

Yeah truth hurts

No. 76945

she looks way too old to be wearing that holy shit
i dont mean to say there is an age limit for any fashion style, but he face looks damn old and manly

No. 77017

I think it's because her body is too big. Too tall and too wide muscle.

No. 77021

You can engage in other activities outside what your main visa type is for. Can't be main source of income and have to fill out some paperwork but it's doable. If it's occasional part time stuff don't even need to do that

No. 77025

She said she lived in Japan for 2 years before moving to HK for a year

>>I’ve only been living in Hong Kong for the past year–for two years before that, I was living in Japan.

>>After I graduated University, I moved to Japan to teach English.
>>During my first year in Japan, I was scouted many times by different modeling agencies. I waited until my year-long teaching contract was up to join the one I felt had the best reputation.

Source: http://ilovehatephoto.com/2015/03/24/model-qa-with-audrey-m-a-caucasian-model-working-in-asia/

No. 77031

Cringey interviewer
> I first found you via your Instagram account and I was drawn to your look immediately. Your long hair, porcelain skin, and doe-y eyes, it is very Japanese “kawaii” (cute).

No. 77032


Basically, all these white weebs who go away and get hitched to ugly gook men are doing it for the nippon stay. Having a kid is just basically the icing on the cake. Since it'll be hafu she'll just throw it into modelling.

If kota gets preggers there, Kate, Busuzawa ect ect they'll all just try throwing their half azn/white kids into modelling because they know they'll be desired and $$$$$$$$ obviously.

Pretty gross if you ask me

No. 77055

Are you retarded?
People can date outside their race without wanting a visa. If she wasn't serious about this guy she wouldn't have a baby with him. You want there to be milk, where there's none.

No. 77079

>Having a kid is just basically the icing on the cake. Since it'll be hafu she'll just throw it into modelling.

>If kota gets preggers there, Kate, Busuzawa ect ect they'll all just try throwing their half azn/white kids into modelling because they know they'll be desired and $$$$$$$$ obviously.


No. 77182

Are YOU retarded? We've already read like 50 times that she was dating a Korean guy when she first went to Japan to teach. She could have just stayed with him in Canada and no one here would be saying much. The reason she married her husband was for a visa to stay in Japan. She was hell bent on living the master weeb life in japan and wanted to model which was impossible for her in Canada. She still gets like ZERO work in japan (she was doing a lot in HK can't deny that) so she also needed a husband who could support her. She couldn't model on her teaching Visa and she couldn't stay in Japan on a teaching visa. Her marriage took care of both of those problems. The only thing she likes about her husband is that he's Japanese and yall.

No. 77184

>If she wasn't serious about this guy she wouldn't have a baby with him.

Yeah, no one would ever have a kid with someone just for a visa or money. It just doesn't happen!

No. 77186

All first time VISA's are one year for teaching. Then you renew and usually get 1 year again if you are still employees. Then third renewal you will typically get 3 years .

No. 77187

Also, isn't this the chick that used to post fairly regularly on efagz? And there was some drama involving Kooter/Kathy or something? If so, she really doesn't have a leg to stand on whining about "mean Internet people???" as she was one herself.

Idk, I could be getting her mixed up with someone else though.

No. 77189

This is not true. There are differnet types of wokring visa and if you get visa based on one job, you can't do something else. In HK you can, in Japan you can't.

No. 77235

As much as I dislike her, I agree. She could've probably slept her way into another visa if she didn't want a baby.

No. 77236

Except that she sacrificed her modelling for a baby, so uhhhhh either it was a mistake, or she genuinely enjoy her own married life

No. 77280

That's Audrey, yes.

No. 77292

No. 77294

Efagz, amaratheydidnt, you name it

No. 77331

because money, money, money

No. 77345

Ha ha
You better be trolling

No. 77352

No. 77365

That anon is right though. These people exist but Audrey might not be one of them.

No. 77449

File: 1451866516811.jpg (76.95 KB, 604x453, 1.jpg)

No. 77450

File: 1451866541413.jpg (65.71 KB, 453x604, 2.jpg)

No. 77460

Nothing special

No. 77477

No, she's not British

No. 77490

File: 1451873649681.jpg (144.55 KB, 720x960, aa.jpg)

No. 77600

This one is ugly, her face looks like mouse's face and her body is somehow too soft and broken

Here is ok, good looking for Anglo-Saxon

No. 77620

the thing with her is that she looks hella awkward in photos, both here and in her modelling stuff

it's not even the matter of being pretty or ugly, she's just so uncomfortable there

No. 78131

What's new on her Ig?

No. 78134

File: 1452077218578.jpg (402 KB, 688x1434, AUDREY MADDISON HAYASHI.jpg)

lol, she deleted ALL photos of herself, including all tagged photos.

I guess she had another breakdown.

No. 78135

File: 1452077362265.jpg (50.63 KB, 553x544, 11797_312417792175097_14188607…)

Dunno if this was posted before, it's from 2012 and she's with her brother.

No. 78317

She changed the description box part too. "I have no other social media". I wonder if she deleted her personal ig too?

No. 78321

She's still on FB though.

No. 78357

she's so hot and he's so fucking average
why would you do this to yourself

No. 78367

No. 78368

she's not ugly but christ she looks so awkward in every photo

>good looking for Anglo-Saxon
you have some really low standards

No. 78403

Most teenagers are awkward

No. 78416

she's supposed to be model and people who do that job usually are photogenic which means they look good in photos and she never does, that is unless she edits photos herself

No. 78447

Image board. Screencaps.

No. 78452

Sorry I deleted my post. I found milk, but I don't know how to serve it here without scaring her off again

No. 78459

Noobs like you are the reason lolcow sucks dicks compared to old /cgl/. Black out your personal info in ms paint, it's not hard. Besides the only way she would know is if she lurked here, and if she does then deleting your post isn't gonna solve anything because undoubtedly some people have already seen it and could start talking about it.

No. 78460


No. 78476

Thanks for sharing!

No. 78478

Just serve it, she's anyway scared of her own shadow, show it while we still know who this weeaboo is

No. 78494

File: 1452169109419.jpeg (297.56 KB, 748x1130, image.jpeg)

While it isn't really too saucy, it's better than dry milk.

Here ya go: http://reddit.com/u/fieldsofsleep

(Working on uploading the screenshots I took of all her comments for when she sees this and deletes the profile).

No. 78495

File: 1452169151728.jpeg (272.72 KB, 750x1066, image.jpeg)

No. 78496

File: 1452169187957.jpeg (226.8 KB, 750x865, image.jpeg)

No. 78497

File: 1452169209985.jpeg (284.58 KB, 750x1091, image.jpeg)

No. 78498

File: 1452169317972.jpeg (274.88 KB, 750x1032, image.jpeg)

Last comment on this one is kinda uhh

No. 78499

File: 1452169347179.jpeg (143.6 KB, 750x646, image.jpeg)

No. 78500

File: 1452169395284.jpeg (234.78 KB, 750x1037, image.jpeg)

No. 78501

File: 1452169421118.jpeg (238.84 KB, 750x1179, image.jpeg)

No. 78502

File: 1452169459912.jpeg (265.67 KB, 750x1141, image.jpeg)

Sorry for all the spam, just making sure we have it

No. 78504

File: 1452169632396.jpeg (49.99 KB, 750x761, image.jpeg)

I'll upload the rest when her profile gets deleted, so I don't have to spam up the entire thread now.

Here's her second Instagram

No. 78516

that's no milk at all

No. 78518

I didn't know that was her posting in the Japan-related subreddits, but I remember reading some of her comments

No. 78520

Oh boo hooo

Were you not here for the fun when she frantically deleted her shit after it being posted here? Doesn't matter if it has milk in it

No. 78536

That's why she's posted in /snow/. Only cows give milk, snowflakes and mistakes don't.

No. 78557

stealin mah jokes >>77954

No. 78564

snowflakes give lukewarm water.

No. 78639

Thanks for sharing! I hope she will delete it all and cry and whine about how Internet is mean (for posting her comments, lel). I would be double fun since "she doesn't care".

I'm also missing people who come here to say how Audrey doesn't care about being posted on here, where are those people?

No. 81103

File: 1452836455554.jpeg (128.44 KB, 750x841, image.jpeg)

Didn't even recognize her, if it wasn't for the tag

No. 81105

File: 1452836500926.jpeg (99.33 KB, 750x828, image.jpeg)

And the chin butt

No. 81527

Like the old version of himezawa

No. 82672

Chin butt ;')

No. 86189

I need a white girl so badly.

No. 86193

Jrcock pls leave

No. 87103

Even a 5/10 white girl would be better than a 10/10 Asian girl.

No. 87351

the fuck though? this thread is for audrey, and maybe bitches similar to her / around her

No. 87565

Is there anything new/interesting wih her Instagram?

No. 87853

Does Audrey have pink nipples

No. 88028

Who knows, but it will get darker and darker as she's more pregnant

No. 88040

File: 1454289729595.png (483.61 KB, 953x563, fdsfdsfsd.png)

No. 88150

Didn't she made a new one?

No. 88223

Does Audrey bleach her asshole

No. 88578

I have a feeling you're trying to shut up everyone's mouth with these confusing question.
Or maybe you're just high while posting.

No. 88913

Has Audrey ever given a footjob

No. 90266

I'm actually shocked theres a thread about her, I disliked her but she would always get defended on cgl. Visa's are nice.

No. 90272

File: 1454837678498.png (917.64 KB, 1024x610, aaaadafafafafa.png)

She loves height.

No. 90274

How come you're not whiteknighting Dakota then? Bitch.

No. 90276

No… he will tolerate it because she is a trophy white wife.

No. 90282

I'm beginning to think /pol/ are right about white girls who date Asian guys.

No. 90295

They're not all like that but Audrey is clearly self loathing and is desperate to "become Asian". I wonder what causes people to hate their own group. Bad experiences?

No. 90297

File: 1454848304559.png (691.84 KB, 1019x611, ahahahaha.png)

Is lolcow fucking up for anyone else? Its taken me ages to post this.

No. 90300

File: 1454848854258.png (644.33 KB, 1006x595, naah.png)

What does /pol/ say about them?

No. 90301

That white weeaboo girls operate on fundamentally the same principle as wiggers. Implicit Self-hatred, fetishization and a desire to become a part of another, more ethnocentric group.

Copypasta from pol.

No. 90304

this is my goal
i dont understand why there are hardly any candids of dakota on the streets

No. 90312


Often I wonder this too. Kota has said she's a homebody though. But it does make me wonder why we've never seen as much of her face compared to the less known e-fame weebs.


Oh all these white girls in Japan are more or less the same.

Jap boyfriend for arm candy and to show off. Have kids with them, kids hafu and can leech money off of it by throwing it into acting/modelling. All have some kind of drama revolving around them. It's depressing.

No. 90321

Actually makes a lot of sense. They all seem to really hate their backgrounds. Expecially kanadajin. And they basically try to be a Japanese wife, they bring nothing from their own culture. Even at the actual wedding ceremony.

But they'll never truly belong.

No. 90337

They don't want to belong though.

I don't know about this girl but there are quite a few expats in Asian countries who revel in the attention they get from being Western. Some even go so far as to say "I love being a foreigner in Japan" or "I like to stand out".

No. 90375

KanadaJin does. The ones who don't are largely just males on work secondments. Sure she likes getting attention for being white but if she truly appreciated and loved her own distinct features she wouldn't be obsessed with having mixed children.

No. 90437

Heh, always thought she was a gold digger and visa digger.

Its always the girls who aren't that into their bf's, or things aren't as good as it seems who brag on social media to delude themselves and other people. >>17543

No. 90439

Pls post the rest.

No. 90440

he's loaded as mentioned here; >>78497

>feminist that leeches off a man

Isn't she embarassed?

No. 90451

when is Audrey trying to become Asian? she seems to enjoy her "Arian princess" image and whatever makeup she wears it always enhances her whiteness

she's just a trophy wife, but with kawaii obsession twist

No. 90456

You're mistaking her love of attention as a result of her whiteness as something she's conscious of and that she explicitly thinks about.

If Audrey loved her whiteness in and of itself, she'd want a white husband and white children, not Eurasian ones. Of course she loves standing out for being white, but that's neither here nor there. Look at how much of her ostensible character is consumer by a desire to be Asian, is there anything really "western" still left, apart from a couple of negative stereotypes?

No. 90503

You know those pathetic white men that go over to Asia because they can't do better in their home country? Yeah, that's her.

No. 90504

kek, i saw a gross white guy with his tacky non-english-speaking asian wife at the supermarket the other day. at least audrey and husbando are objectively attractive (i guess)

ftr, asian guys in western countries who can't get a woman of any race there also import wives from asia.

No. 90506

Meh, why would a rich man(Aki) buy an ugly woman?

No. 90519

>>90504 he's really fucking ugly for a japanese guy tbh

No. 90546

I think she mentioned that albeit in Japanese in the OP, if anyone would like to translate.

No. 90556

No he's actually not too bad.

Whites are just better looking than Asians, both girls and guys. Hence the thirst from both male and female Asians.

No. 90571

>If Audrey loved her whiteness in and of itself, she'd want a white husband and white children

so basically interracial marriage is about hating yourself? you're ridiculous. there are just as many normal couples as between people of the same race. and fetishism and self-hate based relationshps can happen between any kind of people. be rational.

as for Audrey - trophy wife is a trophy wife. one would marry for a yacht in south france, the other would marry for a nippon visa. I see no difference.

No. 90573

Calm down and stop taking it personally, you're making it feel like I hit a nerve.

>so basically interracial marriage is about hating yourself?

No. Not always. But with a girl who tags every instagram picture with "AMWF", a girl who desperately wants to naturalize as Japanese, have half-Japanese children, tries to impress upon everyone - much like KanadaJin - how totally Japanese she is while not really bringing anything from her own culture to the relationship, then yeah, it does seem a bit like she doesn't really love anything about her own race and cultural background.

>there are just as many normal couples as between people of the same race

There are normal ones, but I wouldn't say "just as many". I don't think it's any coincidence the demographic with the biggest interest in Asians as potential dating partners are things like the K-Pop fandom.

No. 90576

>as for Audrey - trophy wife is a trophy wife. one would marry for a yacht in south france, the other would marry for a nippon visa. I see no difference.

A Japanese visa isn't really a big deal to most normal women, it's only weebs who fixate on the novelty of living there. A yacht is a big deal to normal people. As for me, I'd rather not pretend to be Japanese all my life and at the end of it realize I've lived a pretty lonely life in a foreign land where most people are fundamentally very different from me. Confucius can stuff it.

No. 90582

So will her vagina

No. 90585

I don't take it personally but when you westerners start to talk about race you just take it to another level of weird.

People marry foreigners all the time.

Yes, Audrey is obsessed with kawaii side of Japan and her husband is just a tool. But she doesn't hate herself. If she did, she wouldn't tag her photos with amwf but would be like ahripop or berry who lie about her ethnicity.
I'd say she enjoys being exotic Canadian in a foreign country.

No. 90586

>I'd say she enjoys being exotic Canadian in a foreign country.

No. She enjoys the attention, but she doesn't consciously "enjoy the idea of being Canadian in a foreign country", since she doesn't really consciously draw a link between the two concepts. She likes it insofar as it garners her attention from asian men, but not in of itself. Same how some blondes like how their blonde hair gets them attention from black men.

>you westerners

Uh, what are you then?

No. 90595


>you westerners

>Uh, what are you then?

not a westerner and not a nippon-san… what else could I be? maybe ufo

No. 90600


Asians are currently the new thing because they're Asian and Asian is = kawaii.

Venus, Kiki, Busuzawa, Audrey, ect the lot of them all use their boyfriends/husbands for arm candy. Just simply because they're asians.

It's gross. But apparently it's the new thing.

No. 90618

We all agree the husband is just the tool, and that's what matters because that suck and we can laugh together to it.

Btw this >>90595 sounds like somewhere around Eastern Europe. I could be wrong, it's just a feeling.

No. 90621

>arm candy
….have you seen their boyfriends? they look like something you hide in the back of your closet, not show off to your friends. it's all about visa, not visuals which is worse imo.

No. 90675

>>90556 No, idk what kind of ugly ass guys you've been surrounded with, but he's pretty fugly. And I'm by no means surrounded by japanese male models. Usually girls that just want to date a Japanese guy (weebs) can take what they get no matter how ugly the guy is. Clearly that is what she did.

No. 90676


Oi, oi Anon. Don't you go offending Manaki-sama! He saved our poor damsel Venus from her evil wicked witch bitch of a mother! He looks like an ape but that's okay.

How dare you offend the azn man! Azn men are gods gift to this world!!!!

No. 90677

I've been to Japan twice, I can assure you the average Japanese male isn't particularly attractive compared to the average Western male.

No. 90678


Literally every weeb listed on this site. All their boyfriendos and husbandos are ugly to fuck. But what do we know? We're all just salty and jelly cos we can't get toothpick dick despite the fact any of us can sign up on some dodgy chat app and meet a jap who's willing to marry within a week.

No. 90679

>Azn men are gods gift to this world!!!!

lel, I know you're being sarcastic but I'm imagining some delusional white weeb spouting this while her husband binds her feet and gives her the whip for talking out of line.

No. 90680


I've not been to Japan yet. But I've seen enough footage from videos, to photographs ect to see how butt ugly most Japanese men are. The nice looking ones are the rare ones.

No wonder they're all gagging for some black and white cock when foreigners come over. Asian cock is literally a starter pack for virgins.

No. 90681


Does that still even happen?

and they all want to go off and marry Asian guys…

I watched AMWF porn for the first time the other day. The comments section was flooded with "this is the best porn eva!!!" and I didn't understand why? They hardly have any dick and the actress looks like she's struggling to try acting like she's "pleased". Worst porn ever.

No. 90682

Maybe that's why Japanese are so intent on getting with white people. To improve their bloodline and create pretty hapas because their own men are so fugly.

No. 90684

Don't be mean. But yeah, the average Japanese man is surprisingly… Asiatic looking. By that I mean most of their celebs look markedly different not just in objective looks but in how they look as well. The average Japanese dude is a lot more brown looking/tanned. The surprising thing is Japanese men are actually much better looking than their neighbors. The average Korean man who hasn't had plastic surgery is truly monstrous in appearance. Can you believe there are weebs so delusional they actually believe someone whose face is 90% cheekbone like Daniel Dae Kim is attractive?

>Does that still even happen?

It did until westerners put a stop to it in the Shanghai exclave and Hong Kong, the commies ended up for good years later. The Manchurians literally prosecuted a quasi-war in the 17th century to try and end it, but they didn't succeed. Han Chinese literally resisted harder that imperative than they did the Manchu invasion, lol.

>I watched AMWF porn for the first time the other day. The comments section was flooded with "this is the best porn eva!!!"

Sounds like bots. Porn is filled with it. There was some subreddit of asian dudes who spammed AMWF stuff all over one of those porn streaming sites for whatever reason a year or so ago too, so it may have been that.

No. 90687


Majority aren't that great looking anon. Only the weebs think they're a gods send. They're just MEN at the end of the day. I'm sick to fuck of people treating Japanese people like they're amazing. Interesting country, nice language. But they shit, fart and piss like any other person. Only reason Japan is getting so much attention is because of animu and kawaii.

No. 90688

Japan I can sort of understand, I like a lot of Japanese media and I'm not going to pretend my own country produces as much pop culture as they do.

The Korea stuff just totally baffles me though. The entire country is just plastic surgery, carbon copied Chinese traditional culture and carbon copied J-Pop mixed with Murkan influences.

No. 90693


I don't even think Korean men are appealing either. My friend showed me a picture of one she's friends with and he was just… Asian ken. Nothing natural at all.

The only thing I like about Korean is the skin care regimes and products. Plus the food and style. But other than that… meh.

No. 90694


Korea* dammit

No. 90697

Fun fact about Kimchi, it didn't even exist until the late 19th century/early 20th century when Europeans brought spices over. Korean historical dramas take perversion of history to new levels, if you look at pictures of Korea from that time, it actually looked like an African country (peasant women would bare their breasts in public).

No. 90715

Didn't that foot-binding stuff only happen in China?

We're only talking about Japanese and Korean men here, not ugly Chinese men.

No. 90729

Japanese men are better looking if they have joumon/indegenous features tbh

No. 90730

>ugly Chinese men

Chinese men are better looking than Korean men tbh.

Besides the only place in the region that treated women with anything half approaching humanity was Japan.


Those are the hairier ones right? I agree.

No. 90742

Bitch, stop simplifying to benefit yourself. She literally said Audrey, so it applies to Audrey's situation only. Why bring others into it? Why try to vilify the poster for?

No. 90754

A Chinese friend once told me that the Chinese entertainment industry has serious problems recruiting attractive men. Anyone here want to confirm/correct?

I tend to think Koreans are objectively more attractive, but they're also like 50% plastic.

No. 90787

so makeup changes your chin
ok Audr

No. 90820

>>90730 yup, mostly or 1/2 and 1/2 features are good imo. Her husband looks below average.

No. 90887

File: 1455026305331.jpg (13.19 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

not thats this graphic is helpful but…

No. 90909

This picture reminds me of a stereotype Chinese people have of themselves.

>Northern Chinese: Chinky eyes, monolids, high nose, tend to be taller

>Southern Chinese: Bigger eyes, double eyelids, flat nose, rounder facial features

No. 91193

Japanese >Korean >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> some breeds of dog > Chinese men

No. 91197

what's up with this hate on chinese men here? can someone explain it to me? is it about aesthetics or mentality or sth else?

No. 91201


3rd one looks the best. Taiwanese and Chinese are naturally better looking imo. Japanese are OK. Koreans are the bottom of the barrel. Most of the ones I've seen wear a shit ton of makeup just to look decent.

No. 91219

They just haven't met any beyond FOBs I guess. Most of the morally repugnant asians I've met have been Korean.

They're all uglier than white men as far as I'm concerned anyway.

No. 91236

Everyone hates on Chinese people though. Most of it is because of stereotypes and confirmation bias or just personal negative experiences with them.

No. 91250

Chinese people are just very different from westerners. They come across as blunt, to the point of rudeness. It's unfair because I feel part of that "bluntness" is just a result of translating Chinese to English - Chinese in translation sounds really, really blunt/to the point.

I think most people are either indifferent to Chinese or admire their work ethic though. I personally don't like how they're buying up everything in my country - but were I as cash rich as they are, and were their government as treacherous as mine is, I'd probably do the same in their country. So it's not as if it's their fault.

No. 91255

that sounds like a description of Russians or just any kind of non english speaking foreigners who have money

No. 91264

There are a lot more wealthy Chinese than wealthy Russians.

I guess you could say Arabs, but I think even the most hardened anti-foreigner would be forced to concede Chinese people are better than Arabs by a good margin.

No. 91283

What? I've never heard people saying good things about Chinese, about Arabs - yes, many times, whether it was behaviour, culture or looks.
With Chinese it's either people dislike them or ignore them/don't care.

No. 91284

>about Arabs - yes, many times, whether it was behaviour, culture or looks.

Had to lol at both of these.

You evidently don't live in a European country. Gulf Arabs have no culture and they're largely ugly.

No. 91582

What a complete and utter bitch.

No. 91636

Chinese people spit/burp/fart like its nothing and have zero personal space boundaries. They also have the worst bad breath you can smell from across a room.

If you are in a line up or something they will squeeze up and touch you. One time some guy started yelling at them to give him some space.

Chinese people aren't really that bad when you compare them to most immigrants but definitely the scum of Asia.

No. 91685

I heard it many times, people complaining about Chinese touching and squeezing others in a very aggressive manner and also being very loud in public, to the point it makes everyone around angry.

Don't know about Arabs though, never met one.

No. 91948

Can we stop talking about Chinese and Arabs and start trashing Audrey again please?

No. 92166

This all is so OT, but I'm shocked somebody knows this - I'm also interested in history and I noticed that actually only in Korean books is written how Korea had a history… But it is actually true that they even didn't have the idea of a country before Japan came there and build the first university (University of Soeul), they brought laws (such as a law that you will be locked up if you kill somebody) etc. … Today South Korea is proud of their "sakura" - where the hell do they think sakura came from?! It came from Japanese style of occupation.
… I wish Japan occupies my country

No. 93219

I want Audrey to pee on my dick and spit in my mouth

No. 93222

This whole thread is a joke. There's no milk on her, apart from aparently she may have said some -gasp- feminist things.
This is pure vendetta, with someone bumping the thread with sick comments to keep it alive.

No. 93244

Why do people expect milk. On /snow/.

No. 93615

The meaning of life is to impregnate a white girl or die trying.

No. 93862

Think you're on the wrong board, lad. Also thanks for giving fuel to bump the thread, you're such a saint.

No. 93974

Is the baby a boy or girl?

No. 94005

And they say white guys are creepy, lel.

No. 94046

Poor baby :(

No. 94222

No. 94691

I hope it's a girl. Maybe she'll look like Rola Takizawa.

No. 94695

Asian genes are very dominating, way over Caucasian. So the baby will most likely get traits from the father.

No. 94904

it will probably be super tall like mom and dad
with audreys butt chin

No. 94944


Nah, it'll definitely look mostly Asian. Just like half black and white usually look more black than white (can differ tho). It's rare to even ever see hafu's with light features, they do exist like models such as Yumi Lambert. But rare and it creeps me out when azn fetish fuckers wail on about having babies with blue eyes and shit. Don't they realize no matter who they shag, knock up and spurt their coin purse into their children will always probably have dark eyes/asian features?

African Americans with their slave mentality do this shit. They croon on about wanting a light skin partner and mixed babies when their babies look near black half the time. It's stupid.

The whole thing is gross.


Meh, Rola has dark eyes and hair. She just dyed her hair and got circle lenses to look more 'exotic'.

No. 94946


Plus I hope it's a boy. There is enough hafus out there who are female in the media, no doubt Audz will throw her hafu sprog into the spotlight cos "mi'god iz half white!"

btw this is coming from a mixed person who is half white themselves.

being half white ain't all that cop trust me

No. 94949


Plus I think when hafus have lighter eyes, it doesn't suit the eye shape well? Not saying it's awful but I find it painful enough when Asians put circle lenses in their eyes. Doesn't suit them.

No. 94952

–Warning: Ethnic Stereotypes Below This Line Will Trigger Asian Americans–

The kid will grow up to look just like mr. miyagi, stroking its goatee, quoting confucius and praising the buddha.

No. 96785

Rola Takizawa the porn star not the other Rola.

No. 96786

Anything mixed with white is improved. The dad is tall for an Asian so if it's a boy he won't be too fucked; he could be a Sen Mitsuji tier male model.

No. 96879

Hah you wish. Takizawa is half Russian, not half potato

No. 97409

Let's face it: Audrey isn't ugly. She's also real white (not Slavic). Her daughter could be a legit 10/10 Eurasian goddess.

No. 97426

many haffus are cute but some slip through the cracks.
as much as Asian Americans/non-east asians/haffus hate to admit, european haffus are the best haffus

No. 97510

You saying Slavs aren't white?

No. 97527


Not really. Blue and green eyes don't suit asian eyes at all. Most asian/white hafus look weird, big nose and asian eyes. The only thing that is improved is their height.

No. 97568

>>97409 with your logic all the soccer players with this mix would be gods, yet they are fucking ugly.

No. 97582

>Most asian/white hafus look weird, big nose and asian eyes
kek. It's always interesting to see how people stereotype hafus.

Because the image of asian/white people in Japan is that they're all very good-looking, with high nose bridges, big Asian eyes and basically a perfect mix of Japaneseness and Western features. They think all hafus look like those hafu celebrities on TV, lol.

No. 97583

They're fake white. Inferior.

No. 97588

Male or female? Post their pics.

If she has a daughter everything will be fine. Even a 300 pound woman can find a partner these days.

No. 97608

Yumi Lambert is a good example of this. It took me forever to realize Kimora Lee is part Japanese.

No. 97620

God, who gives a shit

No. 97645

I agree, lolcow and prettyuglylittleliars forum people spend their whole life on it bashing others, I do think that these snowflakes/lolcows are stupid or mean people and alot of them are weebs (like Kanadajin3, Taylor R, etc.), however I think people spend way too much of their lifes bashing on these snowflake people, its like they have nothing better to do then criticize others which makes them no better than the snowflakes themselves. They stoop to the same level. And I bet most people here are not even "pretty" or "handsome" themselves yet they call others ugly looking and rip apart their appearance or judge their relationship. It seems if your in an AMWF relationship its best to keep it private otherwise your relationship will be judged. Yet hardly anyone talks about terrible gaijin white guys in Japan, like Ryan Boundless and Tykosam, yet they are just as rotten and ugly and fetish Asian women. But for some reason most people rather bash gaijin girls in Japan. It shows how vicious girls are to each other.

No. 97650

File: 1456287576717.jpg (35.61 KB, 350x320, eur.jpg)

>>97588 I said god. which is male. goddess is female.
anyway this is what I'm talking about
tru eurasian god <3333 kawaiii

But no really Blackanese people look the best. Also Japanese mixed with middle eastern.

>>97645 who doesn't bash white guys in Japan? I shit on ryan all the time

No. 97651

There is only one official thread on Ryan and its not that active, only one person updates it on rare occassions. Plus there is no threads on all the other guys in Japan like gimmeaflakeman, tykosam, etc. All the threads on the gaijin girls is really active there is an update daily, and hourly and there are many girl threads, for almost every girl.

No. 97653

"But no really Blackanese people look the best. Also Japanese mixed with middle eastern."

RodyinJapan is an example of Japanese mixed with middle eastern.

No. 97666

Just lol at thinking 'Blackanese people' look the best. Anything mixed with nigger = nigger. All niggers are ugly.(>>>/b/)

No. 97673

>>97653 And? I think Rody is ok. Yu Darvish is hot. I knew a guy that was half Arab and he was hot too.

No. 97675

>>97666 can u explain japan's miss universe contestant then?

No. 97686

File: 1456298686103.png (932.5 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

These guys are ugly in every single way, female snowflakes at least spend their money on outfits, hair, makeup… That's why I like to see them more.

I thought it's Aki, same god looking hehe

No. 97786

The majority of farmers are female and we'd rather follow gaijin girls than gaijin guys who have a primarily male audience.

Saged for OT. This thread was shit to begin with.

No. 97864

Both sides are awful (the white men who love asian women and the white women who love asian men) generally speaking anyway. It's just that the white guys are driven by pure lust, rather than weird mental complexes and self-hatred like a lot of white weeb girls have.(>>>/b/)

No. 97885

You must be fucking kidding me. Slavs are ugly because they are white with some east Asian. But you are saying white/East Asian haffus are best.

Whites mix best with Indian/Arab since they have the same features. Most East Asians/white look disgusting as fuck but of course the rare good looking ones are the only ones that people that become famous.

Black and Asian actually mix well since they have the same facial features.(>>>/b/)

No. 97886

Whites look best when they mix best with WHITE.(>>>/b/)

No. 97890

mimei is so annoying.

No. 97891


Kinda agree. White/Asian mix is a strange one. I think Asian eye shape doesn't do blue/lighter eyes much justice, despite the circle lenses, Asians don't suit them at all. Their dark eyes are much better. Most of the time they tend to look more Asian while black/white look more black.

However I know a girl from my high school who was white/asian and she was very pretty. Looked more asian, button nose and generally pretty girl. But then there is another women my parents knew who was asian and had a baby to a white guy. Their kid has blonde hair, asian eyes and the features. But it's strange looking.

Blasians usually just look either black due to features like broader nose, eyes ect. They're basically mulattos with asiany eyes.

Indian/Arab and white actually look better. No small/squinty eye shape. I think that is what makes them better looking than a Chinese/Japanese/Korean mix.

Everyone differs obviously.

Do think black and white looks the best mix or a mixed with black and white then another white thrown in. Golden skin, blonde or light brown curls with grey/blue or green eyes with delicate features… I think is very beautiful.

Course, all kids are cute. I just think Asian/white is a bit weird due to the eye shape.(>>>/b/)

No. 97892


Pretty much this. Go on Worldfriends and if you're white you'll easily find a marriage partner or a quick fuck in 5 minutes.

No. 97893


kek keep dreaming

No. 97894



But anon, most of this board is filled with either blacks or whites or the odd asian who is gunning for white cock, so they all must throw in what race makes the best azn babies! cos asians are the new trend atm(>>>/b/)

No. 97895


Not really. Blonde hair and slitted eyes? Nah.

No. 97905

Hafu usually don't have blonde hair and slitted eyes though. What are you talking about?

No. 97906

White people look best with other whites. We aren't some sort of supply for the rest of you to improve your gene pool.(>>>/b/)

No. 97935

Actually alot of white guys who lust after Asian women have self-hatred too, they bash their own white females which means they have some sort of hatred for their own mothers. Ryan Boundless is the picture of weird mental complexes, he went nuts in his last dreamcrusher video.(>>>/b/)

No. 98114

She's lost like 2k followers on her IG and she even stopped posting on her hidden one and her reddit. Lawl.

No. 98518

Needs to start sucking Andi's clit again.

No. 99529

Yep. Her whole relationship seems fake. When asked why she got married so quickly she gave off a list of conveniencesand not once mentioned love. Even on that new Reddit account when she explains why she got pregnant, it sounds like she didn't want to and is only doing it because she's expected to lmao.

No. 99543

well that sucks
but at least she lives in glorious nippon and can be a housewife
but bye bye modeling body

No. 100546


No. 100560

Last comment on >>78498

No. 100562

I don't even get her - she's like don't get preggos to make others happy right after explaining thats exactly what she did. Does she have a brain man?

No. 100567


their baby is a cash cow

hafu with the right ingredients - if its got blonde or blue eyes then it'll get modelling jobs = money

plus visa

No. 100570

Considering how genetics work, getting blue eyes and blond hair when the father is Japanese is pretty unlikely.
Still, half-white hafu, will get modeling jobs unless it comes out absolutely ugly, which I kind of doubt.

No. 100588

she thinks its a girl

No. 100687


Umm, depends anon. I think it'll look more asian cos usually that's how they look like mulattos look more black.


No. 100694

File: 1457123687716.jpeg (16.33 KB, 187x269, image.jpeg)

It better be.

No. 100696

It's my (maybe wrong) observation that people with Asian mothers and Caucasian fathers tend to look more Asian, while people with Caucasian mothers and Asian fathers tend to look more Caucasian. Not sure why this happens.

No. 100708

I think it varies my friend is married to a Korean and all their kids look like him. The only things they inherited from her are that they are paler than him (still tanner than her) and two of the girls have light-ish brown hair.

No. 100722

I think kids tend to look like the opposite gender parent.

No. 100745

>> no, my dad's asian and I look 50/50, but my mom is latina so i have black hair/dark eyes so i don't really look caucasian to begin with

No. 100765

With blue eyes and blonde hair, it's a lot more likely to come out if both parents have the recessive gene for it. Japanese people being pretty darn pure blooded do not have these genes, because all of their ancestors had dark features. Of all The hafu talents only Becky comes to mind when it comes to really light not brown eyes.

No. 100766


Either way, it'll come out half. I bet more asian.

No. 100767


Exactly why it will be more asian looking. Obviously both because mixed. But look at Gimmeaflakeman's kid, that baby looks full asian.

No. 101054

Also this

No. 101715

It depends. Olivas choice on youtube is white and her husband it Asian. Their son looks Asian.

No. 101722

to be honest lots of people date, like each other, maybe not love but sitll get married because they want to be together but immigration issues would tear them apart. maybe they are not super in love soulmates but still want to make it work so they get married just to be able to stay together….. im just saying. its possible.

No. 104170

Its only possible if you can grant the other party a japanese visa.

No. 104469

>I was always weird around babies/kids
>never wanted to be a mother
>don't understand why everyone thinks pregnancy is magical and special
>pregnancy is painful and gross

>don't get pregnant because your husband wants you to!!!

Sounds like her cash cow visa nanpa threatened to leave her if she wouldn't give him kawaii hafu babies.

No. 104482

I think most girls feel weird about pregnancy up to a certain age. It was probably just the right time for her. Stop reading into things too much.

No. 104493

Uhhhhh she basically admitted she got pregnant by mistake and that they were just gonna go through with it b/c why not

No. 104616


That experiment I did on that Japanese man (How easy is it to get married) I'm 21 and he was 37. Never met him, spoke a few times for language exchange on an app and yeah, pleasant guy. Didn't care about my age at all.

So I wanted to see just how fucking easy these blokes were. Just randomly I say "Want to get married?" immediately it was "Yes okay!" I'm not white btw, half white/black. He agreed and didn't care, infact he said he preferred to marry a foreigner.

It got creepy, I played this guy for weeks. Didn't speak everyday but when we did. He offered me a new apartment, to pay for schooling jesus christ. He told me so many things about his family, totally open and I was getting guilt feelings.

Then he says "I want to have children, so after we marry please can you give me three? I want a big family!". I was a bit weirded out… I said "Well I am 21 isn't it too soon?" he said "No no! It is best… what will our children look like?"

Me having no idea because I've never seen another mulatto say a Japanese and have a kid to them. So I just said "Probably lighter, your eye shape, looser curls?" and he said "Which of your parents is white?" I said "My mother…" then he said "What colour eyes?" I said "Brown with green". I told him my grandmother also has blue eyes then he got so fucking excited. He said "Oh! Does that mean our children might have blue eyes?"

I laughed so hard. Yeah because if I already have brown eyes, my mother has brown with a small bit of green and my father having brown eyes plus him being Asian having brown eyes… OF COURSE our white/black/asian child (lol no) is going to have GREEN/BLUE eyes.

He seemed disappointed too but it didn't get to him. It was a bit creepy in all honestly, how adamant he was to have children to a foreigner. Saying things like "They will be such cute children because they will be mixed!".

I told him in the end I was testing him just to see how easy Japanese men could be. He was annoyed at me. But oh well.

No. 104643

he's old as fuck, try that shit with a young guy lol japanese guys want to get married asap at that age
i'm married to a japanese guy and im mixed. when i told him my aunt and grandfather has blue eyes he also was interested, like "oh thats so cool our baby might have it!!" but i have black hair and brown eyes and so does he and he is ok with that. the guys you find on language sites are gaijin hunters so why would you try it out with guys that are clearly looking for foreign girlfriends? try this "experiment" with guys who aren't actively looking for foreign girlfriends lol But then again I have no idea if audrey's husband is a hunter

No. 104657

Why the fuck would you even do that? You know how sensitive them behs be. Try that shit again and watch him jump in front of a train. How bored are you? smh

No. 104675

you sound like a cunt

No. 104681

She wrote this out quite literally: >>104469

What boggles me the most is that it was all in the same post and its so contradictory.

People who are that naive deserve it. Like cmon, they've never even met. You serious? He's a full blown old dumbass.

No. 104686


Aw c'mon anon, I had to try and see what the results would be. Didn't think he would say yes that quickly! So there we have it. Plus it didn't help the fact that he told me he wasn't very sociable and was a shy quiet man either. Ah dammit.


I was very bored anon. Very bored. It's true, the Japanese are quite sensitive. Such guilt…


Precisely anon, however he was willing to pay a plane ticket and come to the UK to visit me. He's been here before and loves the UK. He said "Golden week is coming soon, I was thinking of coming to England to see you. Would you please meet me?" I wasn't that cruel and I said no sorry. Plus it was the day I told him I wasn't really gonna marry him and that it was a test. He still wants to talk to me though for his English. Silly man.


I know, well he just happened to be 37 though? Not much I can do about his age. Ah yeah, the younger ones are just as desperate. My friend also had some experience with a guy her age (they're 24) and he wanted to marry a foreigner too. She turned him down because he was being a creep.

Awww…. they have no idea how genetics work, do they? God help Audrey's man. I'll be SURPRISED if he has light eyes though (like Yumi Lambert) but if he's hoping the Asian will be taken away magically by Audrey's white magical womb then he's mistaken. His swimmers are dominant as fuck.

I'm not going to do it to everyone of them anon. Obviously, I know not all are like this and do prefer their own race/ethnicity. But it was kinda fun? I'm just twisted though :)

No. 104691

>>104686 Basically any white worshipper = gaijin hunter.

No. 105123

The bigger issue I have with that original post is that Audrey is a cheating whore. The marrying for a visa was just the icing on the cake.

No. 105272

It wasnt that srs anon
Honestly not all cultures view marriages as some big grand social construct as the west

No. 105297


Exactly, he was fine with it tbh. Took it well (I do suspect some hurt tho tbh but he will live).

I'll just cry if I bump into him next year on my trip to Tokyo. Me on a fucking train and he's near by and recognises me.

No. 105386

She's pretty. Didn't know she is knocked up. I hope she has a safe delivery.

No. 110905

Any news here?

No. 113610

She featured on Rachel & Jun's new vlog

No. 113624

I was just thinking that she didn't look very pregnant… but the I read the video description

> This was a Sailor Moon themed cafe at Q-pot, which both opened and closed last summer. As you can tell, I make an effort to get our videos out in a timely manner so as to be as useful as possible to people

No. 113655

god damn bait. i was gonna say OH BOY sailor moon cafe. then realized its closed -_-

No. 113657

File: 1459452980187.png (262.26 KB, 360x406, ay.png)

No. 114190


dakot detected

No. 114210

Holy shit youre such a sad gigantic fucking whore goblin ass bitch

No. 114414

Omg Rachel looks like such a troll.

No. 114421

File: 1459680156565.png (455.66 KB, 771x586, b.png)

No. 114790

Dat posture lol

No. 115176

At least now we can see how Audrey looks and that her selfies are fairly legit.

No. 115887

File: 1459938347665.png (1.21 MB, 1342x868, 12.png)

No. 115889

She pretty, there is no lying about it. But she's a cow, and that strips away a lot of her attractiveness.

No. 116122

Heh, she abuses the halo effect well.

No. 116538

File: 1460115885205.png (570.38 KB, 928x593, as.png)

Her at 4-5 months pregnant.

Lots of youtube mummies showing off their kids, and being so proud Audrey must hate it like she said.

No. 116596

I honestly thought that was Mira at first

No. 116682

Lolll yea its nicole

No. 117872

File: 1460447986502.jpeg (52.92 KB, 300x427, image.jpeg)

Is this her? It's an old picture from Lunasol. If it's not her does anyone know who this is?

No. 117902

Definitely not her.

No. 117906

I didn't think it was her. But she mentioned she did some work for Lunasol in one of the interviews. Could be just heavily photoshopped. But if it isn't her I'd sure wanna know who it is.

No. 128292

it's May
did she give birth already?

No. 128311

Is there an Andi Autumn thread? :O

No. 128325

Her Instagram says "end of May", so probably not

No. 128342

She doesn't need one. How is she a snowflake or lolcow?

No. 129759

I see so many personalities being proud af of their baby bellies… her, lol. I supposed anyone would be ashamed of a visa babby.

No. 130279

File: 1463181193295.jpg (209.89 KB, 800x600, 1437828322-102187037-o.jpg)

>Your husband looks like nickhun!
Excuse me?!

Lmao, her husband is far from being as handsome as Nichkhun.

No. 130553

shes a snowflake but not in a bad sense and theres no real drama other than her alien baby style and ugly fake hair

No. 130595

She already gave birth

No. 130640

How do you know?

No. 130641

Her coattail rides are more cringey than anything, also her reddit posts are brilliant

No. 130659

Has she anon?

Does the baby hair ugu blue eyes and blonde hair? Is it the uber alpha hapa baby the japanese will worship over?

No. 130662

Anon doesn't

No. 130667

File: 1463277400192.jpeg (111.51 KB, 818x1091, image.jpeg)

Isnt this her mom?

No. 130668

so audrey has a baby girl

No. 130739

And that she's a cheater and visa digger.

No. 130740

Anon, please delete this and just stalk her for a while for more milk before she privates it.

No. 130748


No. 130760

If it has light features then her nip husband has reached jackpot and Audrey will throw it into modelling no doubt. Simply because their daughter is the alpha of Japanese kek

No. 130799

Is her husband mixed? Honestly he looks like it…. Like chinese or korean or something

No. 130834

That's how Japanese people look anon, it's hard to tell if someone is mixed with those just by looking at them. Native Japanese (jomon) + Korean/Chinese migrants from 2000 years ago (yayoi) = modern day Japanese people

No. 130855

I'm always shocked when I see somebody on this site knows this kind of info… It's true, but are you Japanese? If not, how the fuck you know this?

No. 130877

Not that Anon, but if you study Japanese history, it's pretty basic knowledge.
Hence why some of my Japanese relatives look the same as certain Koreans whilst others look more like they're Southern Chinese.

No. 130911

File: 1463356245949.jpg (19.7 KB, 320x242, everything_went_better_than_ex…)

nice explanation.

No. 130968

I'm an East Asian Studies major lol

No. 131037


Y'all have slitty eyes and look the same anyway

No. 131044

Blame the Northern Asians for spreading their inferior slitty eyes genes. Other Asians might have flatter faces but better-looking, bigger eyes.

No. 131048

Learn how to reply properly holy shit

No. 131194

It's already deleted

No. 131232

File: 1463442374783.jpg (73.73 KB, 900x612, ak.jpg)

No. 131237

>tfw a lot of asians have bigger eyes than white ppl with hooded eyes

No. 131242

File: 1463443075274.jpg (40.28 KB, 900x612, akk.jpg)

No. 131243

File: 1463443207864.jpg (61.58 KB, 900x612, wed.jpg)

No. 131245

File: 1463443526630.jpg (64.13 KB, 594x960, au.jpg)

No. 131247

File: 1463443896649.jpg (76.53 KB, 960x850, nn.jpg)

No. 131257

File: 1463445044151.jpg (102.91 KB, 690x463, nnn.jpg)

No. 131260

File: 1463445197323.jpg (248.52 KB, 800x1202, mm.jpg)

No. 131279

File: 1463447515686.jpg (51.46 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

reminds me of those really bad attack on titan cosplays

No. 131288

Dear god that pose is just plain painful to look at

No. 131974

That entire shoot was a mess. If you Google weibo nishe a bunch of other photos from that shoot show up in the image search. It's cringe worthy

No. 131991

File: 1463597671245.jpg (19.25 KB, 600x450, full.jpg)

so edgy myspace desu

No. 132303

File: 1463669801287.jpg (108.47 KB, 480x360, woolmark_prize_4.jpg)

You are right.

No. 132304

File: 1463669859550.jpg (106.44 KB, 480x360, woolmark_prize_5.jpg)

Like a dead flamingo on the beach

No. 133813

Audrey made a lot of enemies in Hong Kong, so I am not surprised she moved to Japan. Her pregnancy on the other hand DOES surprise me. She seemed to be the kind of woman who preferred the childfree lifestyle…

No. 133826

Intrigued. What did she do to make
so many enemies?

No. 133867


Shell use her hafu child for making cash out of ('modelling)

No. 133873

That child is probably accident.

No. 133877

Does anyone know when Audrey's birthday is and how old she is?

No. 133892

More than a year ago, Audrey made an appearance in one HK magazine, and it was written she is 25 at a time.
Now she is 26 or 27.

I tried to search for it but I don't remember how to find it anymore.

However, I found this interview with Andi Autumn and Audrey.

No. 134026

October, 24, 1989

No. 134027

No. 134030

Care to elaborate?

No. 134033

Hi Audrey

No. 134039

I remember thinking how insanely cute Audrey was here. Shame about the rotten personality.

No. 134152

Can't wait to see the the first picture of Audrey's baby! btw has anyone here seen any photos of her since she became pregnant?

No. 134191


Asian baby with light brown hair

Isnt much else to see

No. 134218

How do you know?

No. 134230

She won't post any photos online. She said herself she wants to be more private, and removed all her selfies.
All hafu look the same.

No. 134331

Aww but the opportunity to brag about the hafu baby will be lost.

No. 134360


Dont worry

audrey will be back when its about 4 claiming shes had it put in an agency for moderu xo

No. 134362

May not even need to lie, it's crazy how full of hafu kids the magazines here are.

No. 134372

Rather than being private, she just doesn't want people to catch onto her bullshit, hence her mass deletion. She pretends to be a strong feminist but is actually just a coward.

No. 134373

See: >>116538 Thats the only one.

No. 134374

She needs to stay in Japan:

No. 134380


Well duh

Half of them all look the same anyway the only one who doesn't is Yumi Lambert. The rest look like Japs with bigger noses, brown hair or slightly wider eyes. Nothing exotic about that. Unless they come out looking like Devon Aoki or Yumi then I don't see how they're exotic?

No. 134381


Btw I'm mixed myself and even when you're half black with asian or white. Unless you have grey or green or even blue eyes, light hair with curls or freckles with an usual look that's the only way you'll become a model. If you're just the typical slightly lighter half black/asian who has nothing special then you're just no good. You have to look different.

But in Japan they just like anything with a bit of something else added into their Jap genes whether it looks good or not.

No. 134423

who wouldnt be , if you knew people were analyzing every detail of your life?

No. 134746

Don't see Kooters, Kiki, or Taylor being such cowards. How about you?

No. 134760


Yes all 3 of them do literally the exact same shit, what fucking planet have you been on?

No. 134812

kiki has been silent for 6 months
dakota hasnt spoken english in three years
and taylor blocks anyone that asks something she doesnt like

No. 134842

>Dakota hasn't spoken English in 3 years

Except she has recently. She was trying to get her western fanbase back while trying to promote her failure of an accessory line. There's even a video of her promoting Baby Fang line before it died. Lasted a whole week. Lol

No. 134910

She was forced to, that wasn't her choice. We KNOW she hates English, and the brand people tried to "americanize" her items.

No. 134920

Well, every detail of their life that they post online.

No. 134954

They're still on instagram, they're still pumping shit out, regardless of whether its in English or not they're still doing it, what are you on? There are plenty of other people you can sub into their places if it doesn't fit who aren't cowards who put themselves out there.

Entitled bitches wanting fame but no hate at the same time - laughable.

Oh yeaaah you totz r in her brain lolz.

No. 134962

> we KNOW she hates english
you sound really mad that you dont know japanese and cant understand her content
just because she LIVES in japan and has to gasp speak japanese on the daily, doesnt mean she hates english lamo

No. 134984

Nice fairytale, anon.

No. 135005

+ they're public.

No. 135015

Kiki hasn't made a post anywhere in months, and since babyfang flopped Dakota has only been posting selfies and he deleted almost every pic related to babyfang. Idk what you're smoking but you should consider checking out some of the old Kota/Kiki threads and actually looking at their accounts before just makin shit up about them to derail Audrey's thread because she shut off the milk flow since she got prego. It's a smart move, and if she's really smart she'll tell her family not to post about her baby or it's name since thanks to some halfwit farmers coming in here and snitching, she knows there are people who are friends with her family members that also lurk and post here. If she's ditching the Internet for her kids' sake then it's time to just let the cow die.

No. 135224

AUDREY should seriously consider becoming a makeup artist. She is about a 5/10 without any make-up, but a strong 9/10 with make-up on. She is clearly talented.

No. 135284


Go away, Kiki.

No. 135296

hello summer
have you heard of phone editing apps?

No. 135303

File: 1464492971741.jpg (70.76 KB, 800x1200, audrey.jpg)

No. 135310

Audrey-sama llama's dance moves 0:43

No. 135339

I said, you can sub many other people in their places if they don't fit, stop being so obsessed with Kiki/Dakota.

No. 135340

Yeah well she isn't ditching the internet hence why she's still leeching onto the follows she snagged off that girl with a wig.

No. 135628

File: 1464569679517.jpg (250.61 KB, 839x1362, 2.jpg)

No. 135630

File: 1464569722214.jpg (346.53 KB, 1164x1534, 1.jpg)

No. 135631

File: 1464569751049.jpg (32.18 KB, 184x379, 3.jpg)

No. 135648

She's so tall

No. 135745

She never will, girls who are weak at best without makeup never give up their secrets. Pretty girls who are a bit prettier with makeup do.

No. 135760

That is one cringy ass outfit

No. 135782

File: 1464629611996.jpg (58.78 KB, 640x640, 41a302c6e1ce59d8de36cdbec5a23c…)

No. 135783

File: 1464629637048.jpg (104.01 KB, 640x640, 11142353_1566453433618835_1459…)

No. 135784

File: 1464629661538.jpg (63.03 KB, 640x640, 11809980_841109816004136_27055…)

No. 135785

File: 1464629677092.jpg (53.37 KB, 640x640, 11931186_161605870847946_12882…)

No. 135786

File: 1464629698980.jpg (126.73 KB, 640x640, tumblr_nfgeodzDm51sczyedo1_128…)

No. 135821

I liked her face editing skills here.
Later she became too old even for that

No. 135964

Why do white weebs always look so awkward?

No. 136390

Someone please post a picture of Audrey's BABY!

No. 136399


just google happa baby and you'll get your result

No. 136867


Audrey looks soooo HOT in this picture. What's funny about her is that in some pics she looks downright unattractive, in others simply unremarkable, while sometimes she looks REALLY hot, like in this photo.

No. 136868

That's what happens when you stand right next to Rachel.

No. 136872

In this specific photo Audrey is a bit ugly, with too long face, unsimetrical jaw, lazy smile and she looks older, the hair color on her thin hair doesn't suit her.

And then I read this comment, look at Rachel, then look back at Audrey and wow Audrey suddenly looks 3x better!!

So yeah, it's just the next-to-Rachel effect.

No. 136874

Both Sharla and Kimdao have posted Vlogs where they're buying baby clothes, I assume for the haifu.

No. 136875

From 10:10

No. 136876

Mentions buying gifts for a friend in Hospital 06:05

No. 136894

Ooh it might be!!

No. 137164


No. 138012

>tfw the cheerleader effect isn't working

No. 138303

are you kidding lol
her mouth is derpily open
her eyes are dead and tired
you have weird taste anon

No. 138792

BREAKING NEWS: I just found Audrey's aunt! https://theangelsarehere.me/

Proof: https://theangelsarehere.me/readers-questions-answered/

"And Below – Audrey Maddison (my niece) inspired the teenage Grace" + a photo of her

No. 138798

im sorry anon this isn't new.
anyone can google audrey's name and find this.

No. 138809

well, nobody has mentioned it in this thread before.

No. 138846

Why does this thread not appear on the /snow page anymore? I went through all 10 pages of /snow, and can't see it anywhere…

No. 138847

ok, now that i posted this, I can see it again. interesting…

No. 138874

No one cares about her aunt. You seem a little too obsessed with a boring, non-relevant model in Nipland.

No. 149806


No. 149870

File: 1467426848675.png (637.04 KB, 603x887, 23.png)

She's on the downlow so theres nothing new.

Heh, deceptive cunt acting like a victim when she stirs up drama with other people but runs and hides when its her turn.

No. 149905


She had a baby, that's why she's laying low.

No. 149910

No, it was because of the lolcow thread.

No. 149912

Loving this smug photo of Audrey-sama

No. 149953

This.. She didn't mind talking about her pregnancy and stuff, but then she found the thread, and freaked out. She deleted all profiles we found on her, and her selfies. Maybe she also feels self conscious about her weight-gain.

No. 163042

Oh, Audrey!

No. 163050

>bumping the thread with a useless post
>being this obsessed with Audrey

No. 163070

I'm linking to this >>162773 because it's about Audrey.
She would have vlogged with the rest of them Jvloggers if not for Lolcow, kek. I kinda miss her lulzy posts.

No. 168268

No. 171394

How is that link relevant?

No. 171784

It's her husband's IG account.

No. 171785

Hahahaha he's set it to private now. I guess Audrey still stalks us here.

No. 175095

Any news on Goddess Audrey?

No. 176746

Random but I remembered this shit when I was having lunch with my bf today lol >>114421 … Audrey sama was funny. I have a question: how do u know she was behind that tumblr about Dakota? Sorry I never followed that drama, I just remember when someone thought she was Dakota.

No. 176756

You can say she READS here, it's pretty dumb to say she's "stalking" her own thread. If something is posted online and available for everyone then it's normal if someone reads it and talks about it, it's only stalking when you try hard to get more information/photos etc that obviously you'd like to keep private or only for real life friends and family, common sense.

No. 193091

Why does nobody care about AUDREY anymore? :(

No. 232214

Why have people here forgotten about this GODDESS??(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 232231

Stop bumping if there is no milk.

No. 235786

her husband looks like an older asian Joffrey Baratheon

No. 285055

I have no idea who this is but did she use to dis Dakota and is obsessed with Taylor?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 285220


No. 285333

They're a cute couple

No. 329956

i need white pussy more than i need my own life(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 339379

This nigga is considered good looking in Asia?LOL.

No. 339388

He's a tall, rich, senior banker, he sure is.

No. 339390

But his face is repulsive and wtf is up with the random ear piercings?

No. 339481

he is ugly af

No. 358988

I was looking up a classmate of mine and found this page… seems like this Audrey person has really made an impression. One that you all can't stop posting about. It's disheartening to see mean girls at their finest. Even if she was one of you at some point doesn't mean you have to lower yourselves to that level.

It was amazing to see how evil spirited some of you are. Girls calling other girls cunts because they shared their opinion? I hope one day you all grow up into amazing adults because right now, you all seem like you're headed into being neurotic psychopaths.

Instead of spending time obsessing over this girl and her husband and her life, maybe you should concentrate more on your own. Just saying.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 358990

no one cares hun

No. 358994

How's audreys baby mei? Already a model?

No. 361529

Lol no culture? If they dont have a culture then who does? White people? Lol. Their men are ugly but women are beautiful.

No. 362695

Whoever that said her man looks like Nickhun needs an eye exam jfc
>an old Asian Joffrey Baratheon

No. 362758

Shut up lmao. Blaming women when it was Asian males who are obsessed with her #amwf tagging bumping the thread from the grave to try see how she's going.

No. 544032

Any news on GODDESS Audrey?(necro)

No. 601782

Western men in Asia are losers.

No. 601795

The only thing loser gaijin can do is teach English.

No. 601798

loser back home

No. 601812

Loser gaijin can't get a decent job.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 789721


No. 889314

Any news about Goddess Audrey?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 902941

Seriously, does anyone know what Goddess Audrey is up to?


No. 1005202

Is this the retard version of the Cells at Work OP?

No. 1009189

No milk. This thread is as bad as all the Simply Kenna PULL threads

No. 1024294


No. 1024523

Why is everyone who dares to write something about Audrey banned?(ban evasion)

No. 1097429


No. 1582598

Any update on our princess Audrey?

No. 1667581

Goddess Audrey!!!!

No. 1794934

Any update on Princess Audrey? Is she still perfect?(namefagging autism)

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