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No. 27528

Could I have some help getting this pro ana instagram disguised as a pro recovery account removed?

Here is a link to her instagram


and if her account is private, here is a link to a imgur gallery of screenshots from her account:


No. 27529

File: 1439400695297.png (1.41 MB, 1080x1836, Screenshot_2015-07-27-13-28-22…)

No. 27530

File: 1439400743538.png (1.07 MB, 1073x1824, Screenshot_2015-07-26-23-21-46…)

Please report her images.

No. 27531

File: 1439400772227.png (816.58 KB, 1077x1831, Screenshot_2015-07-26-23-17-39…)

No. 27532

She has a lot of tit for someone so spoopy.

No. 27533

I like her legs but the rest of her is spoopy as fuuuuuck.

No. 27534

lmao this is all photoshop

isn't she the girl who tried to get someone's baby taken away by social services because they ratted on her for being a disgusting liar?

No. 27535

seems so. her snapchat is emberrw and that was her tumblr and twitter at one point, i think.

No. 27536

Don't try and make ember whann relevant anymore she's just a typical pro-ana now report and let be she thrives off of attention and trying to be relevant.

No. 27537

OP here

I just want help getting her account deleted. It is full of thinspo and she has already been caught harassing people, who really are trying to recover from an ED, on instagram.

No. 27538

File: 1439409966008.png (540.74 KB, 1280x546, tumblr_nslznuCTjK1t5b5s6o1_128…)

Found this in her tag on Tumblr

seh_battles called Ember out for lying about being pro-recovery since all she post is thinspo and Em lost her shit, called the kid a ugly fat pig even though she is trying to recover too.


No. 27539

Her account might be private but she lets anyone follow her as long as they're not obviously anti pro ana.

No. 27540

File: 1439410143240.png (709.85 KB, 990x1683, Screenshot_2015-07-29-14-11-39…)

No. 27541

No. 27542


Does her bf know about her posts? If I ever posted anything like that my partner would probably have a go at me and drag me straight to the doctors. Weird

No. 27543

Who the fuck is bumsimaus? Looks like another one he might be one of those vk proana fetishists.

No. 27544

I know a bit of history on this so bear with me

Her ex left her mostly because he found out the extent of her misbehaviour online, she was with him at the same time she was doing all the embarrassing stuff in her Tumblr tag.

With her new boyfriend I'd wager that since she had Tumblr staff delete most of the more serious receipts on her, she just told him her "anorexia story" and that what's left on Tumblr is all just lies by obsessed stalkers.
Assuming he doesn't know her history of lying he really doesn't have reason to disbelieve her and go digging.

I mean, someone told her grandma about what she was up to and Ember told her own family to their faces that it was a "fake account" by a "stalker pretending to be her" and they bought it.

tl;dr as someone with my own shitty internet history, can confirm it is surprisingly easy to get people IRL to believe that it was all just ~fat jelly haters attacking me for no reason~

No. 27545

Went a little OT from your question, sorry. All she has to do is claim to be ~pro recovery~ and that taking these photos ~helps her~

Assuming her bf is some average joe with no real knowledge of anorexia besides basic textbook knowledge and what she tells him it's like, he probably just buys the whole recovery thing and doesn't think twice about it

No. 27546

her sternum looks almost like aly's but her arms are totally normal?? try again

also she "cammed" from his house… as in like ugly faces and really awful dancing. apparently she also cheated on him and when they broke up immediately got together with the guy she's been cheating with. idk

No. 27547

fuck i'm tired of ed faker threads…!

No. 27548

What was her misbehavior online? I'm too lazy to go through the tumblr tags

No. 27549

No. 27550

I remember her always befriending girls with emaciated figures and EDs, but then will milk them for "tricks and tips" on how they stay so thin and even managed to get some of them to buy her shit by promising she would send them things too but never would.

but the moment they mentioned recovery, she would drop them and move onto the next unsuspecting victim.

There were at least 4 or 5 girls who did this too. Emily Crocker being the most known.

No. 27551

I really hope you guys are reporting her account! She will accept anyone because she is so desperate for the appearance of popularity. The higher her follower count goes, the better she feels about her god awful behavior. She needs to be stopped.

No. 27552

File: 1439425482968.png (668.07 KB, 999x1698, Screenshot_2015-08-12-12-42-43…)

Where did her chest bones go? This photo is very recent yet her bones aren't popping out here.

So is this girl just photoshopping her already thin body to look emaciated? Because that what it looks like.

Also, she said her lowest weight was 63lbs and she's 5'5. Wouldn't that kill a person?

No. 27553

Her lowest wasn't 65. This is coming from the same girl who said her anorexia developed at 6, then 9, then 11. She copies every dramatic piece is writing from the book Wintergirls.

No. 27554

File: 1439426645083.png (788.71 KB, 999x1339, Screenshot_2015-08-12-12-42-43…)

lol guess she forgot to darken the contrast before posting

i went ahead and did it for her lol

No. 27555

She went from looking like a spoopy skel to a normal person. Ember is so embarrassing, she wants to be like the LUSH and OILY recovery queen Aly

No. 27556

Really her photos just need to be reported until she's deleted. She's nuts and no offense to OP but I wouldn't even be surprised if this was a self post cuz she's made multiple hate and fan blogs about herself and constantly has self submitted.

No. 27557

she clearly watched "dana the 8 yr old anorexic" on youtube one time lmao

No. 27558

Hey no worries, none taken. I actually remember when she was caught running "fuckyeahemberwhann" and "emberwhann-lies" hahahah. Please just keep reporting her pictures, she'll be deleted soon enough.

No. 27559

She used to refer to herself as the "thinspo queen" when she was pretending to be a fan as she ran fuckyeahemberwhann. she would reblog her own selfies on her own fan blog, and tell herself how beautiful and thin she looked. It was super cringey.

No. 27560

she also uses her side accounts on instagram to white knight herself. whenever someone calls her out for being pro ana, she blocks them but then harasses while logged in as someone else.

No. 27561

She had that documentary in her favorites on YouTube when she first started telling people she was diagnosed anorexic at age 8-9. She later said it was a lie but recently made some video where she says it again. It's retarded.

No. 27562

her "anorexia" is all photoshop. Bitch is perfectly healthly and just wants to feed off of other people's insecurities. thin privilege at its finest. I hate when bitches that they're important just because they're skinny.

No. 27563


when bitches think* they're

No. 27564

How could her lowest be 63lbs when she has looked exactly the same for the past 5 years? she used to post thinspo on tumblr before she moved onto instagram and her body hasn't changed. she is just a naturally thin chick who is purposely trying to make herself look emaciated. I'm sure she looks healthy irl, when she can constantly be sucking in her gut and cheeks, and poking out her collarbones.

No. 27565

where she cant*

No. 27566

File: 1439434044434.png (438.49 KB, 1080x1487, Screenshot_2015-08-12-22-46-13…)

this is where she said she was down to 63lbs before

No. 27567

File: 1439434117705.jpg (78.26 KB, 946x487, ffs.JPG)

Here's a familiar name from the other ED threads…

No. 27568

IRL Winx Club body

No. 27569


what a cunt
i'm tired of these attention starved pro-ana bitches posting thinspo under the guise of "recovery". nobody would do this shit. this is a way to get around the IG rules and show off to everyone for compliments.

if she cared she wouldn't be posting pictures of her ribcage? that's not healthy that's not support or recovery???

these bitches are literally worst than the iG thots

No. 27570

Is it that absolute dweeb ember whann?!
Ahahaha shes literally never been diagnosed, she just faked it through a thousand tumblr accounts.m
Lmao this bitch is so embarrassing, and she's fucking chunky in the legs irl.
She's fake-spoopy.

No. 27571

File: 1439480526117.jpg (85.99 KB, 540x575, tumblr_nbrgllXZxs1t5b5s6o1_540…)

Her face is also completely normal. She just sucks in her cheeks to give it that gaunt look.

Just look at this photo of her and her mother.

No. 27572

File: 1439480775677.jpg (74.73 KB, 500x750, tumblr_naueznAsJZ1t5b5s6o2_500…)

This was her old thinspo instagram. Her body literally never changed. She definitely isn't losing weight.

No. 27573

File: 1439480851333.png (963.23 KB, 1080x1836, Screenshot_2015-08-12-12-42-55…)

her mom's arm are look identical to ember's.

No. 27574

File: 1439481140495.jpg (132.74 KB, 720x1280, tumblr_nsz8meewSY1ucpiwho2_128…)

Ember asked people to share her latest body check and she would share one of their images in return, and one of her followers expresses their concern and Ember flips out, calling the girl a cunt before deleting the entire post then uploading the image again.

Here's the post about it on Tumblr:


No. 27575

File: 1439481614672.jpg (26.13 KB, 441x411, 1438792775141.jpg)

I cant fucking believe this girl is so skinny yet she has bigger boobs than me
im so fucking salty

No. 27576

File: 1439482242487.jpg (42.41 KB, 200x200, 76092856-D5EC-4123-9589-3C2270…)

too bad she never wears a bra because their already saggy af. the weight of her tits is why her chest bones pop out. when she actually supports those puppies, she has hella cleavage.

No. 27577

Please keep reporting her!!


If her account is private, just follow her! She adds anyone who isn't obviously anti-proana.

No. 27578

Most of her cleavage is dodge and burn tool. She definitely has some boobage but they're not perky round Nigri orbs either

No. 27579

her boobs look fake as hell here?

No. 27580

Why is lol cow your personal army? How is she worse than any other fake recovery account?

No. 27581

There's STACKS of disgusting people on instagram, but it's not like a thread should be made for everyone just because they piss an anon off.

No. 27582

Yeah, I think that OP was the personEmber publicly made fun of. Someone is going around to the truth blogs complaining about a recent altercation with Ember that happened yesterday or the day before. I don't know why people still fuck with Ember. She doesn't have a huge following and she always lashes out.

No. 27583

File: 1439571657377.png (13.9 KB, 653x192, mysides.png)



No. 27584

Oooohhhhh myyyyy godddddddd

No. 27585

Hahahahahahahahaha wow that's great

No. 27586

omfg please tell me one of you has a link to these embarrassing "camming" videos. I've wanted to lol over them for the longest but the self righteous and pious cunts on tumblr won't link them.

No. 27587

She literally stole "Dana the 8 year old anorexics" story damn near word for word. She's consistently lied about being in inpatient treatment even after her grandmother confirmed that she was never sick and never suffered from anorexia.

The only reason she lost any weight is because she went "vegan" and eats shitty processed fake meats and is probably suffering from scurvy.

No. 27588

wow, I remember her. Crazier than when I last checked, I see. Fuck this chick.

No. 27589

File: 1439592173262.jpg (259 KB, 1280x878, ember.jpg)

she files dmca claims against anyone who posts the actual videos but here are some screenshots

No. 27590

How is it possible for someone to be good enough at photoshop to do this? Is she drawing on her bones or something?

I'm not defending her, I'm just honestly curious.

No. 27591

She is very thin irl, but not skelly tier. She's just sucking in and tensing up her muscles as hard as she can, and posing so that her bones poke out, then cranking up the contrast so the shadows are more defined.

No. 27592

Oh lord I can't believe she's still doing the same shit as she was like a year ago when I stopped using Tumblr and completely lost track of her. Ewww. Girl needs to grow the fuck up.

No. 27593

Oh god I was friends with her for a hot second back when I was dealing with an ED. She was "recovering" and she wanted to make friends that were also recovering. What a fucking joke.

No. 27594

The person who ran that ew-videos.tumblr.com blog that had all of Ember Whann videos gave me the links to a few of them. Let me see if I still have their message. Sorry if I can't deliver but I will try my best!

No. 27595

she's always been a naturally thin girl. she says her highest weight was 115lbs, meaning at her highest, she was still almost underweight. idk i just don't bought she. she is skinny but she definitely makes herself look thinner just so proana accounts will worship.

No. 27596

File: 1439642969722.jpg (42.4 KB, 584x584, 19521_396103753915119_47704758…)

She also wears a bindi quite often, for those for care about culture appropriation.

No. 27597

>culture appropiation

No. 27598


cultural appropriation** jeez my bad

No. 27599


Here's one of the videos!!! Its so awkward lmao. Pretty sure this is the video that cause her boyfriend to kick her out, since she made this at 4am while he was probably sleeping down the hallway or at work.

No. 27600

File: 1439644161521.png (100.24 KB, 500x500, 1432239964581.png)

I can overlook grammar mistakes, everyone has them you know. it's the use of the term "cultural appropiation" whst gives me a hateboner

No. 27601

They sell Bindi's in Claire's ffs, it doesn't matter.

No. 27602


damn she's ugly

No. 27603

Where did those chest bones go, Ember?????? Also, nice completely normal and healthy arm you have there. Tell us again how many decades you've been struggling with anorexia?

No. 27604

ahhhh i see. i dont really understand it to be quite honest but i know some people get so up and arms over white girls wearing bindis and ember has been doing this for the past year or two despite having people telling her that it offended them.

No. 27605

File: 1439648531062.png (219.59 KB, 545x535, 2.png)

No. 27606

File: 1439648580858.png (565.97 KB, 953x638, 1.png)

No. 27607

File: 1439648631726.png (522.73 KB, 957x641, 3.png)


No. 27608

File: 1439648763992.png (691.9 KB, 973x641, 11.png)

not really sure what is going on with her chest here

No. 27609

File: 1439649131972.png (68.25 KB, 500x379, ember8.png)


She told people in 2012 that she started starving herself at age 8 and was a diagnosed anorexic at age 11 but later said she was actually diagnosed at age 8.


No. 27610

This cry for attention shit is so obnoxious. Jesus christ.

They don't want help, they want asspats for being thin and to feed their ED ego. Fuck this. This is why I can't look at these threads. I really can't. I went to rehab, I got better. I can't stand looking at this mental illness being glamorised like it's something to aspire to.

No. 27611

She got Mickey Mouse chillin' on her chest.

No. 27612




No. 27613

File: 1439675819982.png (28.14 KB, 248x298, tumblr_nt55y56gqs1uzr3eco2_r1_…)

LMAO she wants to put drama behind her yet she continues to produce pro ana content and thinspo while pretending to be in recovery.

Stop being a shitty person and people will stop calling you out on it. It's that simple.

No. 27614

Her instagram hasn't been deleted yet???


It's literally nothing but thinspo. Wtf?

No. 27615


Just sent her a follow request so I can report her arse

No. 27616

I really wouldn't be surprised if this whole thread is a self post…

No. 27617

File: 1439725304590.jpg (788.77 KB, 1848x1268, her stupid face.jpg)

same. afterall she did keep desperately posting herself on http://e-celeb-thoughts.tumblr.com/

No. 27618


same here OP! i'll report her every day until this bitch gets deleted.

No. 27619

File: 1439756530346.png (885.68 KB, 1080x1839, Screenshot_2015-08-16-16-20-37…)

more thinspo to report


No. 27620

Are we sure this isn't a self post?

No. 27621

I've been wondering that too

No. 27622

I'm not sure if she knows about this thread yet but she has always been an infamous self-submitter. I'm the OP btw.

No. 27623

Are you the one she made fun of? This thread seems like a personal army revenge thread.

No. 27624

I don't necessarily think it's a personal army thread. This girl was infamous on PULL and dumblr circles for being an EMBArASSING fake ano uggo. Everything she does is in attempt for attention. She's retarded. Could easily be any PULL girl or dumblrina that posted this, although I still usually assume it's Ember making it about herself because that's all she's ever done.

No. 27625

I guess I don't understand why she's so bad she deserves a thread. There are so many people with larger followings who are worse than her. And all of the exhortations to report her photos…idk seems like a lot of energy to put towards a nobody wannarexic without some personal reason.

No. 27626

That's why I thought it was a self post.

She's similar to Liana Judd only she doesn't try to be a troll, she tries to get attention.

For a few years now she's been a spamming liar and I wouldn't put it past her to make this thread. She called CPS on some "truth blogger," she's insane.

No. 27627

File: 1439758146072.jpg (14.56 KB, 500x312, image.jpg)

I personally like to think if we ignore it, it will go away!

No. 27628

Don't forget to sage. Let's avoid bumping this thread.

No. 27629


I haven't spoken one on one with this girl in over 4 months. I found her Instagram from this post in her tag: http://home--truths.tumblr.com/post/125929645125/od-asked-for-these-screenshots-but-for-some
And figured I would ask for help to get her removed since she is a vile little girl. Also, I assume that is the girl you are talking about? If yes, that isn't me.

No. 27630

I was gonna link the PULL thread where kept self posted but looks like they lost everything?

No. 27631


More info about her past behavior. She seems to have just gotten worse.

No. 27632

File: 1439759504490.gif (1.2 MB, 640x752, lolomgh.gif)

lol she printed out medical papers she found on google, filled it out as if she was a doctor (notice the Dr she put in front of the physicians name), and posted it online with everything she couldnt fill out marked out in red ahah.

No. 27633

"Asses issues with "online friends""
Definitely sounds like a professional pfft

No. 27634

I love that post where she's called out on the fake medical paper and she backtracks.

No. 27635

Lol, she's not from California, right? Why didn't anyone catch the "Medi-Cal I.D. number"?

No. 27636

They did. I don't follow the whole "truth blogging" circles closely but they called out that it was from Cali pretty quickly.

No. 27637

Everyone did lol. She's the one who missed it.

No. 27638

If an Instagram account gets a certain amount of photos reported will the account get deleted? I've just reported like 15 photos lmao

No. 27639

You don't google before doing shout outs? What if they person is a scammer or something?

No. 27640

Search her real name in tumblr/Google and you'll see her work

No. 27641


She actually has scammed people several times. There's probably links and screenshots in her masterpost on tumblr but from what I can recall, she set up a "in memory of sarah" (her "friend" who died of an eating disorder) donation fund and never set the money to the family, set up a donation link so people could help pay for her IP treatment but never went, then bought herself 17,000 followers on twitter and pretended to be a "product promoter" (as she liked to call herself) so she could get free stuff under the assumption that she had a large follower count and could drive in customers.

If I weren't on my phone, I would link you to the proof of all of my claims. I may just do that once I get back on a computer in case anyone doubts me.

No. 27642

File: 1439770803559.png (1.05 MB, 1080x1741, Screenshot_2015-08-16-20-17-46…)


she still claims to be a promoter

No. 27643


the only thing she promotes are eating disorders tho lolol

No. 27644


And mental illnesses.

No. 27645


sailor.bubblegum girl again, wow um yeah, I'm not doubting you but if you could link me to everything that would be great. I'm so upset that I gave her shout outs and honestly believed she was my friend.

No. 27646

she went from having 135 posts to 106. did ig delete her photos or did she? god I can't wait for them to terminate her account. it's disgusting.

No. 27647

I'm still on my phone. Try looking up "ember whann masterpost tumblr" on google. I'm sure you'll find it. I also think someone may have already posted the link in the thread. Most of her drama filled receipts can be found there.

No. 27648

File: 1439771945863.png (1.06 MB, 1080x1063, Screenshot_2015-08-16-20-36-08…)

5 weeks old

No. 27649

File: 1439771980475.png (974.11 KB, 1080x1077, Screenshot_2015-08-16-20-35-50…)

6 days old

No. 27650

these make me cringe. can she look anymore consipated and tense

No. 27651

Her ribs are freakin me out so bad

No. 27652

File: 1439772344576.png (788.87 KB, 818x911, Screenshot_2015-08-16-20-44-07…)

she said she was 5'5 and 96lbs and this girl is 90lbs

No. 27653

Uh, to be fair, that girl looks like she weighs at least 110 pounds. Probably a little bit more due to her height.

No. 27654

No. 27655

File: 1439772619600.png (753.93 KB, 1080x1446, Screenshot_2015-08-16-20-49-01…)

5'5 100lbs

No. 27656

lol her scams are first on the list

No. 27657

yeah, that is way too much muscle mass to be 90lbs.
>>27655 is believable, though.

ember sucks her stomach in and tenses up her muscles, poses to accentuate her bones (e.g. standing with arms above head to expose ribcage, bending over to expose spine), and photoshops herself. i'm around her supposed weight and i don't look skelly irl, but with the right poses and photoshop tricks i could

No. 27658

She looks really good, she must have a very small frame because I think normally 5'5 and 100 would look a bit more shockingly thin

No. 27659

eh, I'm 5'5 and about 88 (Crohn's), If
is her I can see 65-70 being feasible for sure.

No. 27660

No way. That is probably Aly's weight and height. It's all tricks and angles.

No. 27661

5'5" and 65-70 lbs. would be a BMI of 10.8-11.6. If you aren't an undead mummy-creature like Ash, that's usually "I'm dying and am [or should be] on my way to an inpatient ED ward"-level spoopy. Some people die at much higher BMIs. No way is this basic bitch anywhere near that thin (not that being so would be an accomplishment, just that she exaggerates everything, especially how "sick" she is). In that pic of her back, she's positioned herself in a way that makes her skin stretch over her bones so that it looks like they're sticking out more. Compare her back to her arm and what you can see of her breast, though. She's thin, but she's not a spoopy skeleton. She just wishes she was one for the attention.

And if you're on here, Ember, really, grow the fuck up and stop malingering. Your "any attention is good attention!" phase should have ended many years ago.

No. 27662

I doubt she's the same weight/height, or if she is she must have a huuuuge frame because i'm nowhere near that bony, even sucking in

No. 27663


Her boobs should be the biggest clue that it's all angles and fakery. I wouldn't be surprised if she were posting here and bumping the thread.

No. 27664

once ember starts to self post, you all will know. trust me. she's too obvious about that shit. she'll probably screenshot the thread so she can show them off to sympathizers so they can white knight her white spooky (no) ass.

No. 27665

File: 1439813757420.png (297.93 KB, 534x543, Screenshot_2015-08-17-07-55-51…)

God no wonder she never shows her face

No. 27666

loving those premature forehead and mouth wrinkles ember. maybe if you didn't raise your eyebrows as high as possible to make your eyes look bigger or suck in your cheeks after rubbing the wrong shade (srsly that's 5 shades darker than it should be) of blush all over your ~totally natural looking~ cheek bones, you wouldn't look like a beige leather bag that's been sitting in the sun for way too long.

No. 27667

19 going on 91

No. 27668

why does she squintn her eyes like this???

No. 27669

File: 1439816286056.png (360.1 KB, 500x510, 20150721_202149 copy.png)

its the weed man

No. 27670

Outlining her eyebrow that way is really bothering me (along with those stragglers that need plucking). She's can't do make up, can she.

No. 27671

OMG is that her??? Where is this picture from?

No. 27672

No. 27673

File: 1439816914454.png (131.31 KB, 566x422, 20150721_202149 copy.png)

Yes that's her. It's the avi she used on this blog. Back when she called herself the "stoner queen" instead of the "thinspo queen".

No. 27674

stoner queen, thinspo queen. she's so versatile!

No. 27675

File: 1439817290511.jpg (78.47 KB, 480x640, tumblr_mteennTmW51sigj01o1_500…)

amazing what a bra can do for a girl

No. 27676

File: 1439817367342.gif (625.89 KB, 360x480, tumblr_mt8xiyCwco1sigj01o1_400…)

No. 27677

File: 1439817546405.jpg (72.43 KB, 366x810, tumblr_mtpa60bINs1sigj01o1_540…)

dat hat doe?

No. 27678

File: 1439817826641.jpg (117.8 KB, 723x719, tumblr_mtjl40ntfp1sigj01o1_540…)

left pic is of her body from 2 years ago and right pic is of her body from a few weeks ago

No. 27679

File: 1439817954647.jpg (66.44 KB, 507x383, tumblr_mtjl40ntfp1sigj01o1_540…)

i never rolled my eyes so hard in my life

>>I’ve been suffering from anorexia for 9 years now, I’ve been hospitalized over 12 times and been to 4 different inpatient and 2 different outpatient centers

No. 27680

No. 27681

idk if this is relevant but i found her ex boyfriend's tumblr. the one she cheated on.


No. 27682

I'm embarassed for her and she looks really really bad

No. 27683

File: 1439843073273.png (965.44 KB, 1000x1024, kek.png)

Looks like a question mark on her chest..

No. 27684

I can't unseen the mickey mouse head lmao

No. 27685

so in 2013 she said she has been anorexic for 9 years and then in 2015, said it was 10 years? inconsistencies.

No. 27686

This pissbaby doesn't need the attention. She's one of those people whose grossness and patheticness seem contagious.
She drank the koolaid but nobody should touch that poop.

No. 27687

File: 1439850909440.png (678.34 KB, 973x641, jesus mary joseph.png)

I see Jesus suffering on the cross (I gave him a loincloth to keep it respectable). IT'S A MIRACLE!

No. 27688

damn she is unfortunate looking. definitely needs a nose job, make up lessons, better clothing, something for her acne, and some wrinkle cream. poor thing. she's a fucking mess.

No. 27689

she genuinely looks like she is in her 30s here

No. 27690

Yet she just turned 19. Can't imagine how horrid she'll look in 2 years.

No. 27691

Get out

No. 27692

Someone rescue those goddamn eyebrows.

No. 27693

File: 1439857665948.png (669.43 KB, 788x630, 2015-08-17 20.27.02.png)

cnt not see it

No. 27694

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

Aren't those photos old though? The date on both the dress picture and the bikini picture are from 2 years ago…what does she look like NOW

No. 27695

Exactly the same. average in all ways except personality, which ranks somewhere between a dead fox and a ham sandwich.

No. 27696

File: 1439867684743.jpg (58.06 KB, 596x663, t.JPG)

No. 27697

Pissbaby pissbaby pissbaby.
Cry me a river.

No. 27698

Confirmed for sjw uwu

No. 27699

LMAO I can't imagine how red her face is from sucking in so hard and holding her breath long enough to take a series of photos.

No. 27700

I know, it's ridiculous

No. 27701

>>27694 the image on the right >>27678 was taken a week ago. he body hasn't changed, she just sucks in now. which is pretty obvious since her arms, legs, and face are the same.

No. 27702

File: 1439915601099.png (937.79 KB, 1080x1573, Screenshot_2015-08-18-12-31-02…)

She has the weirdest/ugliest body portions ever. she looks 6ft tall her? anyone know her real height? (p.s. this was posted last night)

No. 27703

I can't believe this girl gave up school for e-drama on tumblr

No. 27704

she's between somewhere 5'4 and 5'5

No. 27705

The wavy lines on the window around where her 'hip' pokes out… I'm fucking dying.

No. 27706

She dropped out of school because she couldn't handle the drama but has been unable to stay out of e drama for the last 2 years.

No. 27707

physics are no longer a thing

No. 27708

File: 1439927338202.jpg (218.92 KB, 1078x1541, Screenshot_2015-08-18-15-06-10…)

No. 27709

Is this proof that she lurks or did one of you guys message her??????

No. 27710

I swear every ask on her ask.fm is self sent. I've tried to message her but it keeps saying I need an account, meaning I can't be anonymous. I checked her account several times but the anon feature is always off.

So how is she being spammed with anons if no one can spend any???!?!?

Can someone visit her ask.fm and tell me if anon is on for them because I just don't understand why I can't send one if she answers so many.


No. 27711

wtf why can't she say "my shades look off because it warps" why does she need a photo essay? is she really that thirsty for drama?

No. 27712

i can

No. 27713

Do you have the rest of the videos? I didn't get a chance to see them.

No. 27714

Second this

No. 27715

Implying she had a shot at being anything but a low life, white trash hoe for the rest of her life.

No. 27716

Man you cows love to psychoanalyse everything Lmao. She wrote literally two sentences.

No. 27717

File: 1440017174744.png (851.24 KB, 1080x1084, Screenshot_2015-08-19-16-36-35…)

ember, sweetheart, i hate to break it to you but we all know that your thighs are not that thin. also, leaning while taking selfies is probably why your "scoliosis" keeps "flaring up".

No. 27718

those who lurk/post here are farmers. those we discuss/self post are the (lol)cows.

No. 27719

File: 1440017674915.jpg (861.22 KB, 1200x936, collage.jpg)

These are only a few weeks apart ahahah. I wonder what she looks like from the side when she takes photos like this.

No. 27720

jesus fukin christ she has the saggiest tits ive ever seen on a 19 y/o

No. 27721

File: 1440024043277.jpg (200.39 KB, 1620x928, tumblr_mtjl40ntfp1sigj01o1_540…)


something like this im sure

No. 27722

File: 1440028368490.jpg (285.23 KB, 2275x1377, collage.jpg)

No. 27723

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

I'm confused? The red line is completely straight …. Its clearly not photoshopped, that other person above illustrated it perfectly

No. 27724

i don't get why she wants to be a spoopy skeleton so bad. i also don't get why she is still chubby if she's been anorexic for over a decade. shrugs

No. 27725

Because she hasn't had an eating disorder for a day in her life, duh.
Plain, 115lb girl wants attention, fakes anorexia for it, super boring.

No. 27726

thats what I'm wondering

No. 27727


No. 27728

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

Sorry but if you think someone 115lbs could look like that, or consider 115lbs chubby, you're obviously the one with the issue not Ember

No. 27729

cultural appropriation is just a fancy-tumblr way of saying 'racial segregation'. don't.

No. 27730

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

Cultural appropriation doesn't exist

No. 27731

File: 1440086357699.jpg (163.77 KB, 1170x1375, collage.jpg)

Do you seriously think that her face would look like this if she was seriously underweight, like she claims? She's just a naturally thin girl who sucks in while taking selfies so she can make people think she is underweight, she she is actually a normal weight for someone her age/height.

No. 27732

File: 1440086793287.png (404.44 KB, 533x875, 2015-08-20 12.03.42.png)

those chubby cheeks are hard to hide unless her mouth is agaped

No. 27733

File: 1440087083768.jpg (123.67 KB, 660x900, olids.jpg)



No. 27734

pretty much

I wasnt even this bad at makeup when i was 14

No. 27735

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

The fact that all you losers care about is her makeup and weight shows that you're the lolcows and not her. At least she's living her life enjoying herself, you're sitting here in your parents basement crying about someone elses eyebrows on the internet and wasting your breath on a girl who obviously isn't going to change. Its been how many years of this with ember now? Do you honestly think she's going to stop? Especially with all the attention yall are shoveling at her by the ton? She's probably bathing in this. If you keep obsessing over her shell keep obsessing over herself. You're wasting your time and energy. I'm willing to bet millions of dollars, that if we genuinely ignored this little twat, shed disappear. The only people giving her attention are you people.

No. 27736

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

And while ember is 100% a fucked up person, you guys are a million times worse. This thread is disgusting, even someone like ember doesn't deserve this.

No. 27737

No. 27738

Hi Ember. BTW, I'm sitting here on campus on my phone between classes. Having a great time pursuing a college education instead of posting silly pictures of my body on Instagram. Please get your head checked, you crazy cunt.

No. 27739

Why is it always the basement. I wish I lived with my parents. Free food and rent na mean. Paying billssuck, paycheck to paycheck is shitty.

No. 27740

LOL the goal of this thread is to get Embers proana account deleted. Who cares if some anons in this thread think her make up is shit and that she lies about her weight ahah.

No. 27741

ember PLS

You're ugly and pathetic, you know you love this thread that you most likely self posted anyways

No. 27742

Some moron posted a link to this thread in her tag on Tumblr, which she lurks religiously, so this is most likely her self posting. she's the only person who willing to whitenight herself.


No. 27743

File: 1440165736708.png (713.63 KB, 1080x1851, Screenshot_2015-08-21-09-49-16…)

She is now telling people that her nine year old sister may be transgender… If this wasn't the girl who literally lies about fucking everything.. I may actually believe this post but Ember will do anything for attention. I wouldn't be shocked of she is lying about this too. (which is pretty fucking horrible if she is)

No. 27744

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

Idk to me that sounds sincere. I feel like if she were making that up she'd just be like omg guess what my sister is ~trans~ now and make it some sort of accessory for herself. This actually sounds like a sincere quest for advice, which I really hope it is.

No. 27745

(Posted by Eboni. Click for more info.)

i remember back on tumblr there was a few girls who ember tried to milk for tips on how to starve. girls who had genuine eating disorders. girls such as dominique (cvntfetish) luna (spewyy) and emily (emilyologist)

ive spoken to them all and they all gave me the same story about her constantly saying how much she loved their bodies and always asked for tips and tricks and proana secrets..

No. 27746

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

Lmao I doubt she had to ask Emily for tips that girl is like Embers twin when it comes to spoopy snowflakes. She's as fake recovery as they come, right next to whannarexic

No. 27747

cvntfetish is a liar and an attention whore anyway, she milked that situation with ember last year to get followers, just saying.

No. 27748

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

Yeah cvntfetish sucks, she gave me pro ana tips way before this ember bullshit. She needs her own thread tbh so does Emilyologist

No. 27749

Lol fuck off Eboni/"Luna". You don't have an eating disorder, you cow.

No. 27750

No, neither of them need a thread. You can discuss them here if you wish.

No. 27751

I agree that cvntfetish doesn't need her own thread. She thrives off drama and I'm like 90% sure she goes on here.
All I can say is stay away from her as far as possible and don't get involved.

No. 27752

The reason why I believe that this thread and most of the replies are self-posts is because Ember got a thread before Emily.

No. 27753

File: 1440175649982.png (44.96 KB, 570x462, stalker.png)


Ember has been obsessed with Emily for over two years now, even going as far as copying her entire faq, word for word, then sending anon hate to Emily about herself, just to get attention.

Ember has been competing and backstabbing with her for ages. She was caught multiple times running blogs that would post about Emily. Her anon blog emcrockpot-lies (http://home--truths.tumblr.com/ewmp read #15) would post extremely hateful stuff about Emily and 6f6f6t (Ember's secret thinspo blog. Screenshots here: http://eeeurotrash.tumblr.com/post/102328794431/embers-thinspo-blog-in-entirty) would edit Emily's photos, post a huge photoset of them, and use #thinspo and #porana as tags.

And she still sends Emily anonymous hate to this day even though she gets caught everytime: http://ourdoughnut.tumblr.com/post/126882494029/there-yall-go-whannonymous-hate-timed-precisely

Also, Emily isn't a lolcow. She used to be a year ago but have you seen her as of late? She looks very healthy and seems to have matured (as far as I know, I don't check in on her). Ember, on the other hand, is getting lulzier by the day. I'm still dying over the fact that she is beginning to think her little sister is transgender. It's no big deal if she is or isn't. But if Ember is lying (which she probably is), I hope to God that she doesn't dress Lily up as a boy, take photos of the child, then post them on IG as if she is a trangender.

But, let's be real. I'm sure we can all see her exploiting her 9 year old sister's gender identity for attention.

No. 27754


Emily had a ginormous thread on PULL that started, I think, in 2013? I could be wrong since I can't seem to find anything on PULL about her (did they lose everything?) nut Ember would self post a lot. Emily did too but idk.

lolcow seems like where Ember belongs where Emily should stay on PULL (even though is isn't worth discussing anymore since she changed for the better).

No. 27755


I found a thread where some people posted about Emily.

No. 27756

She was caught sending hate to herself not too long ago.

No. 27757

That thread was a total mess, most posts were from those 3edgy5u members that had some kind of vendetta with Emily because she was copying Felice and sending hate or something. And then arrived Ember to post more shit.
There was even an apology thread on PULL where Emily, Ember and other girl (can't remember who she was and what she did tbh) posted their apologies for all the shit that went on in Emily's thread. I can't even remember the details of the main thread bc it was pathetic, a bunch of annoying edgy tumblrinas discussing.

No. 27758

Ember was only noticed on tumblr after weeks of spamming the #felicefawn tag with her ugly mug. She said she only tagged her photos as felice fawn because she was inspired by her style. It's weird how people seem to forget that.

No. 27759

I lurked the felice fawn tag long before Ember was ever talked about but the first time I heard of her was through Emily, since I discovered the drama between Emily and FF and then shortly after, found out about Ember copying Emily and that they both were pro ana af and would compete by posting thinspo and shit.

No. 27760

Access to the internet is 100% what did this to Ember. Without an outlet and audience, she wouldn't have kept this shit up. If it weren't for the internet and those who inhabit this place fueling her insane behaviour, who knows how she would have turned out.

No. 27761

File: 1440197721007.png (124.96 KB, 532x1066, thumb.png)

No. 27762


Keep complaining while bumping her thread then.

She'll only go away when the "truth" bloggers stop posting about her…and they haven't been doing that as much. Hence, her making this thread to get more people to talk about her.

No. 27763

(Posted by Eboni. Click for more info.)

Luna is a has-been, she's irrelevant now

No. 27764

I cringe everytime I see her referred to as "Luna". Her name is Eboni and she has never been relevant.

No. 27765

(Posted by Eboni. Click for more info.)

i only really still call her "Luna" because thats what everyone on tumblr calls her now, pretty sure ourdoughnut genuinely defended her and started bitching at people for calling her Eboni lmao, hence why i dont like ourdoughnut anymore

No. 27766

lol fuck that bitch and the whole truth blogger bunch. bunch of grown ass women feeding off the adoration of fucking teenage tumblerinas.

No. 27767

(Posted by Eboni. Click for more info.)

i think someone should make a thread for the slightly lesser known bloggers just so that maybe people will know all of their snowflake bullshit and not be fooled by it before its too late, the truthbloggers are all bias and wouldnt call out Dom or Emily or Eboni for any of their shit and its so annoying how they baby them

No. 27768

nah, i think this thread is fine. edit the title to "attention whore tumblerinas". they all fall under the same bullshit category of wanarexic, self posting, low lifes.

lol, the "truth bloggers" are a bunch of cunts that think theyre objective and politically correct who also think they know all there is to know about photo forensics, ip shit, and whatever other tools they use to conduct their bullshit witch hunts.

No. 27769

> average in all ways except personality, which ranks somewhere between a dead fox and a ham sandwich

Thank you for the chuckle. That comment is gold.

From talking to Ember, her highest weight has been 111lb and she was diagnosed with anorexia before her 9th birthday. That's just what she's said to me.

No. 27770

yeah, we know….its literally all from the documentary of Danica, the child anorexic.

No. 27771


I've never watched it

No. 27772

(Posted by Eboni. Click for more info.)

i think this entire thread is just dumb bullying tbh and you all need to grow up, like yeah report her account, its clearly proana, but the rest of this is just unnecessary

No. 27773


cheers for the e-mail address

No. 27774

(Posted by Eboni. Click for more info.)

are you really gonna send that girl/boy emails because they disagree with this thread?

No. 27775

enlighten us with more of your vapid thoughts Jadenia

No. 27776

(Posted by Eboni. Click for more info.)

they probably wont reply now they know we have their email

No. 27777


lmao you're a troll, right?
well played

No. 27778

(Posted by Eboni. Click for more info.)

wait a minute.. im pretty sure jadenia is a user name related to tumblr user "morrasea" … a girl who is friends with Eboni

No. 27779


Are you trying to get more followers or something? This isn't really the place to do it

No. 27780

No. 27781

No. 27782

Off topic sorry but Fucking finally some people who agree that the truth blog community are a bunch of immature retards with no lives who think they're experts on everything from political issues to idiotic wannarexics our donut or whatever has got to be the most annoying if the bunch. If she's the one I'm thinking of,always bitching about cultural appropriation & shit. As for ember,seriously just report her & don't talk about her….100% promise I'm not defending her she just thrives off this shit so hit her where it hurts & ignore her but keep getting any & all social media accounts you can deleted.

No. 27783

Lol, you're fucking retarded. Obviously you come from dumblr so you don't understand how image boards work, but its not like a chatroom. Threads wax and wane. But they don't disappear. Sometimes there won't be any posts for days, sometimes people lose intrest entirely and stop posting altogether.

I hope you drink a glass of bleach, newfag.

No. 27784

No one on tumblr will call out Dominique/cvntfetish solely because she tracks everyone's IPs rather obsessively and she's borderline psycho. An adult woman,almost 23 years old, still lives with her parents, works in retail, cries on tumblr every day about how sad she is but denies help and posts about getting drunk every single day. She WOULD have potential if she wasn't so entitled and spoiled.

No. 27785

File: 1440238593090.jpg (48.47 KB, 600x400, Inception-2.jpg)

>dat Inception feel when you can no longer tell real stupid from meta-meta-meta-trolling
How fucking deep does it go?

No. 27786

(Posted by Eboni. Click for more info.)

speaking of tumblr user morrasea i think its complete bullshit that she would make a hate blog about luna, she's too nice, the truth blogs r wrong

No. 27787

(Posted by Eboni. Click for more info.)

"hope you drink a glass of bleach newfag" are you serious? all because im new to imageboards??

No. 27788

Omfg shut the fuck up. You can't pander to the retarded tumblr masses here you retard. Nobody is gonna seek out your blog and make you gain more followers. You just look hella pathetic trying to promote yourself on here.

No. 27789

I mean people agree that those bloggers are dumbshits but unless you want open tumblerina hate, you don't explicitly state your hate for them.

No. 27790

(Posted by Eboni. Click for more info.)

this isnt morrasea, its someone else.. we have completely different writing styles

No. 27791

No. 27792

OK buddy, ya jumped the shark. Ironic shitposting is still shitposting.

No. 27793

Bitch you're trying too hard

No. 27794

(Posted by Eboni. Click for more info.)

kill yourself "morrasea"..

No. 27795

Yup. Learn how image boards works. This isn't tumble, friend. Get over yourself.

No. 27796

File: 1440275352313.png (987.52 KB, 1080x1424, Screenshot_2015-08-22-16-26-17…)

I love when Ember promotes other pro ana accounts because not only is she giving me more thinspo to report on her account, she is also giving me people to report!


No. 27797

idk who this morrasea chick is but i love it when people try and self promote

No. 27798

also a tip for "morrasea" if you're going to try and say you're friends with an e-celeb, make it an ACTUAL e-celeb.. not a lesser known wash out lol

No. 27799

put sage in the email if all your gonna post about are those losers. if you're bump this thread, please let it be with something relevant to the original topic (Which is getting Ember's thinspo account(s) deleted).

No. 27800

Classic "thinspo" pose: check
Sucking in to show off those barely-visible ribs: check
Awful NEDA tattoo: check
~*~SO ANA~*~

No. 27801

emilyologist is hot ASF

No. 27802

Found another one, She should be easier to report because she posts self harm and thinspo of herself.


No. 27803

File: 1440292950006.png (495.79 KB, 1080x919, Screenshot_2015-08-22-21-17-46…)

ok but i don't think a person with disordered eating is considered recovered if they won't let go of being underweight though? "normal" people don't obsess over their weight and maintaining at all cost.

No. 27804

dear lord

No. 27805

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

Emilyologist is an ugly fuckin troll

No. 27806

she literally has nothing to do with this thread. why do you keep bringing her up?

No. 27807

Self-posts maybe? I remember her from back when I used to use Tumblr, and she was an e-fame hungry attention whore who did stuff like send anon hate to herself so she could play the victim. She posted thinspo-esque shit while claiming to be in recovery and running a recovery-oriented, not pro-ana, blog. She just managed to pull off the "I'm so cute and mysterious and you should overlook my flaws~" act that Ember seems incapable of doing because, from what I've seen, she's a pretty terrible human being. They're both pathetic, irrelevant liars, though.

No. 27808

Oh, and insulting herself to get her Tumblr friends to white-knight her and tell her how amazing and beautiful she is would actually seem pretty typical of her, as would anonymously complimenting herself. Jus' sayin'.

No. 27809

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

Yeah it wouldnt surprise me at all if emily is self posting here. She does it all the time. I guess she had a miscarriage at like 14/15 years old and used that to fake her eating disorder. Disgusting, even ember isn't that gross

No. 27810

>had a miscarriage at like 14/15 years old and used that to fake her eating disorder
…whaaaaaaa? I tuned out from her petty drama a while ago, but this sounds like some good shit

No. 27811

File: 1440344969424.png (452.22 KB, 1080x773, Screenshot_2015-08-23-11-42-06…)

Hahahaha Ember no. You don't have a personality disorder. You're just a fucking cunt and no matter how many times you self diagnosis yourself, an excuse for your disgusting behavior will never appear.

No. 27812


OP here. Emily legitimately has an eating disorder which she is doing her best to recover from so I hope to god no one will be dumb enough to believe this.

Honestly, this sounds like something Ember would say. She has been competing with Emily for years. She's overly obsessed with Emily.

No. 27813

youre an idiot. if she faked her ED by having a miscarriage at 14, why is she still suffering from anorexia at 20?

srsly, do you know how fucking stupid you sound Ember?

No. 27814

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

She isn't suffering from anorexia though ? and this isn't ember.

No. 27815

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

Emily has never legitimately had an ed, even David Swallow (davieswells.tumblr.com) her ex has confirmed it. Whether she had a miscarriage or not, she definitely does not have any sort of eating disorder, she fakes it for attention, there's proof everywhere.

No. 27816

This whole thread stinks suspiciously of Ember-derailing and no amount of "I'm not Ember" can change that.

No. 27817

Lol, true dat.

No. 27818

shut up ember

No. 27819


Oh wow, what a surprise. "Someone" keeps talking shit about Emily in a thread about Ember. For fuck sakes, Ember stop self posting already.
Your transparent as fuck. This isn't Tumblr.


No. 27820

File: 1440350437895.png (1.04 MB, 1080x1249, Screenshot_2015-08-23-13-18-35…)

>>distract me from self harming by talking to me about self harm

this bitch ??

No. 27821

Where does she confirm she even has NPD? This seems self sent. Everytime someone talks about a topic here, she magically answers anon questions about that topic on her ask.fm, dispit never having anonymous on…

No. 27822

After several shitty things she said she came back to dumblrand apologized to all the truth fags and bloggers about her behavior and blamed it on having narcissistic personality disorder

No. 27823

This girl copied EVERYTHING Felice Fawn did. She definitely bullshitted everyone on having an ED. Who confirmed she was legit sick? She basically did and still does what ember does. Photoslop, angles, lighting, filters, poses, etc.

No. 27824


Lol Felice Fawn hasn't been around for over a year now, who gives a fuck if Emily copied her? There were literally several FF copycats, Ember being one of them.

Did you know that Ember traced over Felice's picture, posted it, saying it was original fan art? But within an hour, someone posted a close up where she forgot to edit out FF's hairs in her "drawing". Ember also tags FF in every selfie she takes where she is wearing her tacky jewelry. At least Emily matured and became her own person, instead of continuously copying people and sucking farts out of people's asses, in hopes that they'll promote her. Hell, Ember still begs people to promote her IG account every day.

(P.S. No matter how many times you say "hurr durr there's no proof dough", I will never doubt that Emily has an ED. The fact that you keep saying that is making me believe that this is Ember lmao.)

No. 27825

I'm not ember. I was stating that she copied her down to her ED. I don't give 2 fucks about who copies who. I'm just stating why I doubt that bitch has a legit ED. And Emily thinks she's lowkey but she still doing dramatic shit like posting ember's hateful asks. If she wanted to be free of the dramu she shouldn't have acknowledged it at all. She has also still been caught photoslopping. Pls go stan on pull fag.

No. 27826

You kidding me? Emily was first discussed on PULL and that's where you belong if all you're going to do is try to derail this thread with mentions of her.

This is a thread about Ember and her pro-ana bullshit. Fuck off already. No one cares about Emily or else there would be a thread about her.

No. 27827

not even the truth bloggers care about emily. what u doing here? lol

No. 27828

>>I'm not Ember

Sounds like something Ember would say, tbh.

No. 27829

go blog about her if she grinds your gears so bad

No. 27830

File: 1440356768427.jpg (564.79 KB, 1200x732, collage.jpg)

You say it's all photoshop, angles, lighting, filters, poses yet here are 4 candid images of Emily that were taken by other people then shared on their accounts. Her weight loss is obvious and the image on the far right wasn't even taken at her lowest weight.

You said earlier that she faked her ED because she had a miscarriage at 14 and now you're saying that she was copying Felice? Jesus, Ember, learn how to keep your lies straight. They'll be easier to believe.

No. 27831

she went from having basically no thigh gap, even when she had her feet a foot apart, to having a very obvious thigh gap despite her toes being inches apart. dont tell me she doesnt have an ED.

No. 27832

Her eyebrows make me want to punch her

No. 27833

Ember doesn't have anorexia, period, and never has. She's exactly the same size she was a year ago even though she's claiming to be 20 pounds smaller. She claimed on insta her lowest weight was 65lbs but a few months ago she did the same thing on twitter and when she got called out she admitted it wasn't true.

No. 27834

Um….this is definitely Ember.

No. 27835

I agree 100%. Just look at these two pictures >>27678

The left image is maybe 2 or 3 years old and the right one was taken a couple weeks ago. She literally has done nothing but maintain weight and learned that sucking in and leaning over makes her looking skinnier. She wants to be Emily so bad, that's why I think this person >>27825 is Ember because everyone doubts her ED claims yet believes Emily (because she was/is seriously ill).

No. 27836

? doubtful because ember wouldn't say something like this. she ~loves~ herself too much. she has NPD, didnt ya know? (#sarcasm)

No. 27837

Oh that was my fault I misread it and thought it said Emily not Ember!

The weirdly obsessive Emily hate is definitely ember.
Sorry anon.

No. 27838

looks like she pulled her bikini bottoms down and has her feet rly far apart to make it look like she has a thigh gap. just look at how high her belly button is and her v-line. plus the bikini is super far below her hips?

No. 27839

I encourage everyone to sage their comments on this thread. We're making her clit throb right now.

No. 27840

vomits through nose

No. 27841

File: 1440360909186.png (1.12 MB, 1080x1402, Screenshot_2015-08-23-16-11-28…)

Ember had been begging people for promos and this was one of the accounts she posted. i don't get why girls take photos of themselves like this. it's so unflattering and obvious that they're tensing to make their bones look more prominent. fuck i hope tumblr terminates these bitches accounts.

no one needs to be posting photos of themselves like that, regardless of how much they weigh. it's just beyond inappropriate.

No. 27842

oops o meant instagram, not tumblr.

No. 27843

File: 1440361246598.png (1.12 MB, 1080x1410, Screenshot_2015-08-23-16-11-17…)

No. 27844

Pls sage friend

You're doing exactly what she wants us to

No. 27845

You can see the panties digging into her hip fat, but she's ttly le thinspo queen

No. 27846

Wait, what is sage and why

No. 27847

What is the point with these pics? She's obviously really young in the 2008 pic and the 2014 pic doesn't even look like she's seriously ill. She's just going through puberty.

No. 27848

"Someone"/Ember said >>27823 that Emily didn't have an ED, that it was all photoshop and angle, and those photos were posted as a way to prove that she really did have an eating disorder where she lost a lot of weight really fast between 2012-2015.

No. 27849

how old was she in 2008? 13?

No. 27850

OP here. I just noticed there is a new board called /snow/ - flakes & mistakes and I would love to move this thread there.

Can someone tell me how to do it or could someone else maybe do it?

No. 27851

who do you mean by "she"? tbh idagf if ember loves or hates this thread. she is lulzy af and i enjoy making fun of her.

No. 27852

Ok so I know ember never showed receipts for her ED diagnosis but b.s.'d some psychiatric evaluation and got caught but does Emily have receipts for an ED diagnosis? The "truth" bloggers say she has one but I wouldn't take too much stock in what those idiots have to say.

No. 27853


No. 27854

It's a bit inappropriate to doubt Emily has a eating disorder and demand proof, though? Like Ember would say she has some new disorder every other month and then would go out of her way to convince people she isn't a liar but all she does is just dig herself deeper.

But Emily lost a lot of weight and was obviously underweight for a good minute but she has been in recovery and looks amazing now. Whereas Ember has literally kept the same body type all of her life. Those two girls are treated differently when it comes to their mental illnesses because only one of them doesn't have a rap sheet of being a heinous, evil little girl.

No. 27855

I don't think you get the point.
She self posts everywhere. Makes her own hate and fan blogs. You're basically being an accomplice by giving her attention and bumping her thread. She wants this attention. She's desperate for it, in fact. I don't get your "what do you mean by she" comment? Ember is female, thus I'm saying she.

Whenever you comment on this thread put the word sage in the email field. Your comment won't bump the thread.

No. 27856

when i asked 'what do you mean by she', i really meant 'who' because you told me to sage in reply to an image i posted of someone who isnt ember. i didnt understand why you had problem with me bumping this thread when the content i posted wasnt directly about her.

No. 27857

Will someone who follows Ember ask her to post her measurements? Like wrist, arms, thighs, calves, waist, hips, etc? I really just want to see if she will exaggerate like that Megan girl does.

No. 27858

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

I asked her and she said no

No. 27859

thanks fr trying

No. 27860

Junky-business is the insufferable truth blogger cunt who posted this thread to Tumblr with a "secret" blog where she's hiding because the staff got as tired of her SJW bullying as everyone else. You can thank her.

No. 27861

I blame her for making tumblerinas aware of pt when we started posting about Ashley.
Since then there has been a flood of white knights and autists who want to bring up moral arguments and it's like no, this is lolcows, we are here to lol at these cows.

No. 27862

>bitches about thread and bumps it

No. 27863

File: 1440432928349.png (433.51 KB, 456x810, tumblr_ntk8c8UHsi1qmgxm0o1_540…)

Hahahahaha look at this photo of Ember as she tries to look like Felice Fawn ahahahaha omfg

No. 27864

File: 1440432975315.jpg (87.13 KB, 493x810, tumblr_ntk8rna6Fu1qmgxm0o1_540…)

dude ember is so fucking ugly, holy shit.

No. 27865

File: 1440433010071.jpg (71.78 KB, 493x810, tumblr_ntk8qkjA6o1qmgxm0o1_540…)

Another pic of Ember making fun of wylona hayashi.

No. 27866

Holy shit did she just break her neck?!?!

No. 27867

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

Those photos of ember are 2+ years old, at least. You can tell becbecause of her hair color and her "engagement ring" from her ex

No. 27868

lololol who cares though? these are the first i am ever seeing those pictures and i'm still giggling like a lil bitch over them

No. 27869

Dear lord, Ember is such an unfortunate looking girl. You know, I noticed that girls who starve themselves normally have super ugly faces. So, this makes me believe that these girls think they're ugly as fuck too and they're losing weight in hopes that maybe their face will be beautiful… But it never works like that. Ember will never be pretty. She is soemtimes due to the angles she uses but after watching her videos and seeing her talk/move/etc, I find her to be extremely ugly. Her voice makes her face look a billion times worse, btw. Her accent is disgusting. She has one of those thick American/yankee voices.

No. 27870

Heather is amazing though. Why you so huttburt over her, anon? Did she call out on something?

No. 27871

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

Heather is a piece of shit drug addict coward

No. 27872

lol heather has been clean for years tho so nice try ahahahah again, why you so butthurt, anon????????????? (:

No. 27873

File: 1440438808634.png (707.4 KB, 1080x1581, Screenshot_2015-08-24-13-51-21…)

Ember told her followers that she will promote them for a while month and hang their drawing on the wall if they make a fan art of her and I am crying over how bad the entries are ahahah.

No. 27874

File: 1440438932176.png (1.18 MB, 1080x1457, Screenshot_2015-08-24-13-50-54…)

the chin on this one omfg

No. 27875

File: 1440439097712.png (438.01 KB, 1080x1244, Screenshot_2015-08-24-13-56-20…)

yay more thinspo to report


No. 27876

Literally she is the biggest hypocrite snowflake SJW of all the truth bloggers. she's just a pretty middle class white girl who uses her indian dad and addiction habits to be an insulting pious self righteous know it all about social issues. She's boring and bitchy, yet for someone reason everyone wants to lick her eyebrows and call her queen.

No. 27877

Ugh gtfo of here with this cock sucking shit. Calling out a bunch of attention whores on dumbler is you're idea of amazing? I'll give her brownie points for finding it in her to quit using but she's average AF herself

No. 27878

i'm good pals with heather and by the way you're talking about her, i assume you are one of the idiotic tumblrinas that she called out. what happened? did you self submit to her and she saw through your desperate attempt to garner attention? or did she disagree with a opinion of your's which you took personal which is why you hate her now?

No. 27879

samefagging aha

No. 27880

File: 1440439677799.png (829.87 KB, 992x1687, Screenshot_2015-07-27-13-30-02…)


Please report Ember's thinspo account!!

No. 27881

Ha, if that's literally the only reason you can think of for someone not liking her then you must be one of her suck up drones or another retarded truth blogger.

No. 27882

Confirmed for ourdoughnut

No. 27883

For the one of you that is so against bumping this thread because you think ember gets off on it, why do you really give a shit?

Cow is a community of snarky ladies who like to lol at these pathetic attention whores. They're not gaining popularity here. this honestly sounds like the same shit the truth bloggers tried to do on tumblr by not posting about her. Nobody here gives a shit. Nobody cares when berry tsukasa or Ashley wrote in their own threads because it brings in more lulz. Keep your tumblr policies where they belong.

No. 27884

OP here! THANK YOU!!! I 100% agree!!

No. 27885

It's more than one person

No. 27886

Well more than one person need to understand that Tumblr and lolcow aren't the same and no one cares if any of these girls enjoy that we post about them because most of us get enjoyment out of making fun of these snowflakes.

No. 27887

How has her account not been deleted yet wtf

No. 27888

No. 27889

Sure, sure. It's always more than one person if it's your opinion, but it's same-faging if you have a different one.

Look, I don't really give a shit, I'm just tired of tumblr yards trying to leak their rules over to cow; a place where most vets don't give a shit about petty things like bumping the thread of an attention whore. We want lulz. We're not tied to your moral code of conduct on the interwebs.

No. 27890

You bitches get so catty when nobody agrees with you. That's why you don't belong here, as well as stans. If you're here for some moral or pious reason gtfo. We just want lulz.

No. 27891

Lmaoooo look at the fucking door on this one

No. 27892

Gtfo hatelyn

No. 27893

lmfao the flood of "trufff boggers" on this thread is astounding. i ain't this hoe but if it makes you feel better, carry on moron

No. 27894

You sure showed me :'(

No. 27895

cry about it hoe

No. 27896

I cried 4 u hatelyn

No. 27897

enough of your wank fest. nobody here gives 2 fucks about your tumblr drama.keep that shit on tumblr.

No. 27898

No. 27899

am I the only one who's somewhat ridiculously pleased with the fact that everyone here seems to dislike the truth bloggers? And no it isn't because I'm some tumblr twat that did something shitty & got called out on it, I'm totally irrelevant on tumblr & none of them have probably ever even heard of me, I pretty much just reblog pics & post an occasional selfie. I used to find some of the truth blogs entertaining but after lurking them for awhile I realized they're just as bad as the douchefaces they blog about lol. This board is so much more fun to read than idiot SJWs bitching. I think I'll like it here except for the fact that apparently no one likes anyone from tumblr so no one will prob like me. For that reason I'm glad it's anon

No. 27900

No. 27901


Her uncle put up this old photo album of her as a kid and she looks chubby and happy, I think we can debunk her anorexia story right now

No. 27902

I've never been a truth blogger, I've just followed it and I'm not American sooo

No. 27903

so everyone is same-faging except you!? of course, wtf was i thinking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
eat the dick hoe

No. 27904

This is the last thing I'm posting about ur weird personal vendetta, but the posts you pointed out hollering ourdoughnut was all me and u are the most boring pissbaby I've ever encountered, stick to topic and sage fgt

No. 27905

hahahha obviously youre the sage fag + ourdoughnut. get over yourself you grown ass bitch. youre not gaining shit from trying to turn the tide on this site. tumblr isn't real life, maybe one day you'll learn that.

No. 27906

k so I'm pretty new here but could someone pls explain why the fuck it matters if people bump this? Like why wouldn't you isn't that the point of a thread? idk I just don't get it.

No. 27907

honestly, i'd say it's all the tumblr fags that don't want her to get attention; good or bad. but this ain't tumblr and we will lulz at any tard so theres no real reason not to bump it.

theyre just sour bitches because we dont abide by their tumblr code of ethics.

No. 27908

Get out of your own fucking cunts and take your arguments to tumblr. You're derailing this thread you ego asshats. This is about shutting Embers instagram down and seeing the ensuing drama she will try and do to make herself relevant.

I'm all for this thread, it provides lulz at Embers expense.

Anyway, Does anyone have a link to anymore Ember videos, I want to hear her voice.

No. 27909

I tried to find the younow videos but the youtube channel videos were deleted because EW claimed copyright

No. 27910


I have the videos on my desktop but I have no idea where to upload them.

Someone tell me a place where I can share them and I'll post the link as soon as they're available to watch.

No. 27911

thats what i read too but there was one random blog who had accesss to all of them but would not publicly distribute them because reasons, but there was one that had been posted here and it was super boring and lame.

if there were any other videos that had better content, please post

No. 27912

Ember is no doubt all over this thread, so it feels like a dcma bait gl

No. 27913

Would putlocker work?

No. 27914

File: 1440452279083.png (229.83 KB, 390x511, 1.png)

I would post the videos if only I knew where I could share them! Here's a screenshot from one of them.

No. 27915

File: 1440452337829.png (91.73 KB, 262x284, 1.png)

No. 27916

I'm always so curious about the way she dresses, it's like she wants to be Goff but she can only find walmart floral tanks or something.

No. 27917

File: 1440454000469.png (610.96 KB, 932x1060, 1.png)

I'm trying to upload one of the videos now. I'll post it once it's ready.

No. 27918

I saw the videos they were obviously retarded and cringey but not as entertaining as one might hope. Mostly just dumb. Hopefully they'll get posted here for those who want to see them but if not don't be too disappointed you're really not missing much of anything worthwhile of talking about…no ore or less dumb than anything else she says/does. Pretty boring overall though.

No. 27919

Alright so here's one of the videos you guys have requested. Though there was a really bad lag when she was streaming which is why the audio doesn't match up. And I had to rotate and crop the video since the original stream was over 10 minutes long. I managed to cut out a lot of the boring parts though. Enjoy.


No. 27920

where's the video where she says she loves "the sounds of the lambs"? that shit was golden.

No. 27921

lmfao anon, thank you!!1
im a minute in and this shit is gold!hahaha

No. 27922

Ugh god

No. 27923

File: 1440455999063.png (868.29 KB, 1036x1236, 1.png)

check out that concave stomach y'all lmfao

No. 27924

lol she sounds so fucking valley girl, mall rat like.

No. 27925

My favourite parts when she goes to the mirror and she looks like your average girl, I zoned in on her relaxed arm

Honestly I'm relieved she's not as spoopy as she would have us believe

No. 27926

File: 1440456129971.png (1.91 MB, 2110x2910, 1.png)

wow her anorexia is so bad omg just look at how emaciated she is :'( you guys are all bullies!! look what you've done to this poor girl

No. 27927

She sounds like that meth girl who had her teeth replaced on OITNB

No. 27928

While I cannot be 100% sure, I think that the door's edges look warped because of how the paint has been chipped off here and there.

I was able to watch her videos when they were still up and most of them were boring. She just moves around on camera trying to look as skinny as she can, smokes, "dances", and mentions her anorexia in a couple of them

No. 27929

File: 1440456445642.png (2.37 MB, 1976x2840, 1.png)

Look at her back
Her thighs
Her arms
her cheeks

She looks like a 100% healthy girl.

If I wasn't aware of what a fucking train-wreck she is mentally, I would assume this was a normal, stuck up, preppy girl. This video is proof that she does not but pretend to be waaay sicker and thinner than she truly is. It's fucking disgusting but also laughable.

No. 27930

What happened to chest bones?? :(

No. 27931

On another note, I'm interested if she'll gain weight from the deposhot

No. 27932

who says they have anorexia then giggles about it??? twice???

No. 27933

if she does, we sure as hell won't hear about it lol. the girl has maintained her weight for years but somehow lost 20 pounds since 2014, but remarkably looks exactly the same (if not heavier tbh).

No. 27934

I don't think she looks heavier, just has dull skin now

I hope you guys are still reporting her account lol

No. 27935

she used to make thinspo gifs of her thighs (even though she didnt have a thigh gap) and they look a lot bigger now. i think she is just filling out her shape.

No. 27936

i report it errrrday!

No. 27937

Is there any videos of hers that are actually interesting?

No. 27938

No. 27939

What's the point? They can barely get Ashley's Insta deleted and she's a true spoopy skeleton. Let her shell out her shitty ass photoshopped pics for the lulz.

No. 27940

I want to get her account deleted for the lulz. You know, just to see her get upset over losing all of those followers. It'll be funny lol.

No. 27941


her voice is so much deeper than i've ever imagine holy shit. she sounds like my little brother ahaha.

No. 27942

There is a difference between being Anorexic and posting selfies and then posting blatant thinspo. Granted social media is not really conducive to recovery but you cannot expect a severely underweight person to hide their body under a sheet whenever they take a picture.

I don't doubt that Ash has posed in ways that emphasize her spoopiness - but her skeletal form cannot really by hidden. Ember, however, goes to great lengths to look as sickly as possible. Bitch ought to be deleted.

No. 27943

most of her followers are purchased anyway.
she doesnt really sperg out like other cows.
all the bitch does is send "anon" hate to the
people on tumblr that gave her any attention.

No. 27944

I'd love to see her lose followers, if only because she paid $$

No. 27945


yassss love your input

No. 27946

Ember and her awkward ass body movements remind me so much of this video of Felice Fawn:


No. 27947

I know there's a difference, it's just that Instagram doesn't give a shit.

No. 27948

i reported accounts before and watched them get deleted within the week. if enough people report her instagram >> https://instagram.com/embersrecovery << then eventually the staff will terminate her.

No. 27949

File: 1440462299385.png (13.77 KB, 556x233, 1.png)

lol @ ember sending anonymous hate to random girls on tumblr

No. 27950

Can we report her backup too?

No. 27951

I reported it for spam, etc. Not like they'll check.

No. 27952

No. 27953

"snowflake" here.

i keep skipping back to this thread every so often when im bored and the way you guys carry on like we're your life, its honestly so flattering, i feel honoured.

although tbf i find it more funny than flattering.

No. 27954

you dont even know how many posters this thread has? lol most of us are just like you. skipping back to this thread whenever we're bored. this thread is nothing more than a giant accumulation of a variety of opinions. i, for one, don't really care if anyone feels this thread flattering. i find it hilarious but you don't care about that, now do you?

No. 27955

all i'm saying is that is just doesn't matter what your opinion is. the overall opinion is negative when it comes down to certain people. ember being one of them. we can't help it, though. most people see through her bullshit.

No. 27956

I'm glad you feel honored because you have nothing else going for you than being an attention seeking whore waiting for the next round of guys to violate every useful hole you've got.

No. 27957

File: 1440465548477.png (9.78 KB, 224x225, 1436211697051.png)

No. 27958

How old is this girl anyway?

No. 27959

Apparently, she's getting reported by 'jealous twats'

No. 27960

File: 1440479169589.png (387.91 KB, 1080x1369, Screenshot_2015-08-25-01-03-08…)

hehehehe I am sooo jealous :( guess I'll haft report her account every chance I get :(

No. 27961

I was so jealous I reported the backups :'(

No. 27962

19 going on 90 lololol

No. 27963

Idk why she wants to look like leather gollum so bad

No. 27964

File: 1440479823848.jpg (91.84 KB, 1706x960, 11794182_10206628189217464_354…)

August 6, her face is oo much different

No. 27965

I was just scrolling past on mobile and thought this was Jillian.

No. 27966

whose jillian?

No. 27967

File: 1440480454697.png (943.58 KB, 1080x1613, Screenshot_2015-08-25-01-25-58…)

lmfao why cant this bitch just take a normal selfie

No. 27968

She probably takes photos of herself tensing up in the bathroom because she has to shit immediately afterwards

No. 27969

im actually surprised she isn't already on the toilet in these

No. 27970

Good thing her tits are sagging separate ways because now one can keep watch on the door while she takes her pro Ana selfies

No. 27971

File: 1440482741616.png (1.12 MB, 1198x800, nice try sis.png)

Hahahah oh wow her Instagram and ask.fm are fucking pathetic. She has FAN ART made of her? Ahhhh man I am dying here. I remember her being a giant attention-seeking twat back on Tumblr, I don't know, a year or so ago? Maybe more? Back then she had a fiance, unless I'm mistaken. Now she has a boyfriend she met at work who she's been dating for a few months? Whatever, that's just the tip of the drama iceberg. It's like she wants to be a lolcow.

And damn, she now claims her "low weight" was 64.6 pounds and doesn't indicate that it was at a different height than her current height (she claims she's 5'5.5"), so when on earth did she have a 10.6 BMI? That's Aly-tier spoopy. I've never seen a picture of Ms. Whaaaaan that looked even close to that thin. Or was that back when she was Dana the 8-year-old anorexic and like 4 feet tall? Why not list her birth weight as her LW? My LW was just under 9 pounds (>tfw you were a fat babby)!

Check out the contorted pose in this pic. Chest forward to try to make her collarbones and sternum look more prominent, ass back to enhance her thigh gap, hand blatantly digging into her hip to try to make her hipbone stand out. And…is that some blur tool on the inside of the top of her thighs, right underneath where the black shorts stop? Mite b. wrong, but it looks kinda wobbly and blurry.

No. 27972

Like damn she ain't even subtle about it, she's still trying to be the #1 Ana Queen (while "in recovery"). Yuck.

No. 27973

she's shaped like a fucking box here. soooo unflattering.

No. 27974

I bet if she didnt look like trailer trash with an unfortunate face people might have actually liked her

No. 27975

She wouldn't look nearly so bad if she stopped pulling stupid faces in her photos.

No. 27976

File: 1440504117005.png (84.13 KB, 324x324, do it.png)

Ahhh man that Ask.fm…

>i recently joined insta to help me in recovery and omg why are there so many people glorifingg anorexia??? wtff??

>I know it sucks. The recovery community is really great to be a part of etc. but you have to stay aesy from the pro anorexia side of it
LOL that is rich coming from someone who so desperately tries to promote themselves as the ~*~#1 Thinspo Queen~*~

>Why don't u accept anyone to follow u on ig? I just wanna see how things are going with u tbh

>I don't accept people I know unless you message me off anon and clarify who you are, otherwise it puts myself and those I love in danger.
Wowww so hardcore, such internet celebrity

>How old were you when you were diagnosed with anorexia?

>I was very young
AKA, "I'm not going to say how old I was because my story about being Da- er, Ember the 8-year-old anorexic has been debunked and I've been caught in too many lies about my tragic ED backstory"

>Have you ever been in treatment/ clinic/ day treament/ hospitalization?

>many times
Oh really

>mfw Ember calls the cops to complain about lolcow dot farm harassing her and stealing her intellectual property

No. 27977

File: 1440512917439.png (51.83 KB, 1168x180, Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 7.27…)

kek literally no one is jealous Ember

No. 27978

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

Except that you're all jealous of her or you wouldn't have started a thread dedicated to some perfect angels body

No. 27979

ember pls

No. 27980

shitposter (ironic or not) pls

No. 27981

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

If you didn't catch the sarcasm and actually think I'm ember here to defend myself, you are teh true lolcow.

No. 27982

File: 1440513944306.jpg (60.39 KB, 668x631, 11057325_1640523106204792_4885…)

Not replying to the poster here. Just to Ember who thinks we are lookin at her being jelly when everyone thinks this when they see her pushing out her bones

No. 27983

This thread has several cows thinking they're farmers

No. 27984

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

Ember thinks everyone is jealous of her when in reality we're all scared to become her

No. 27985

Honestly no. I graduated high school and am going to a top college in my country. If you're still in school you've already ran circles around ember.

No. 27986

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

Ok I hate embers guts she's a slikey piece of fucking trash, but shaming people for not graduating/getting their GED is way worse than anything embers ever done. Making someone feel bad for circumstances you know nothing about is absolutely wrong, whether its embers slimey pro ana ass or someone else. Definitely not okay.

No. 27987

No. 27988

- actually ourdoughnut here - this is the only post I've made in this thread, and I hate my blog and tumblr just about as much as the rest of you, for the record. Just clearing some things up – I haven't been in here samefagging, self posting, or defending anyone. There's a reason I've barely been posting in my own blog anymore and it's because I've just about come to find Tumblr as over the top and full of intolerable bullshit as everyone else. That is all.

No. 27989


No. 27990

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

No one gives a fuck OD go home and cry on your shitblog

No. 27991

Really? Worse than triggering girls with real EDs? Worse than sending triggering hate? Ok.

But seriously stfu. There are threads about fatties on lolcow, we're not moral fags.

No. 27992

Lmfao agreed

No. 27993

Which one of you losers posted on epeoplesconfessions tumblr about someone chomping out when they didn't? You're a retarded little tumblr troll if you think you're one of us.

No. 27994

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

If you're going to call someone out on something at least make sure you're not a piece of shit first. Call ember out all you like, stop shaming people about their education. Seriously kill yourselfs

No. 27995

Lmao new fag, this isn't tumblr. We don't "call out". We lol at pathetic cows. We're trying to get ember's insta deleted so she chimps out, then milk.
So stop being sad because you couldn't finish high school.

No. 27996

This is the best thread.

No. 27997

Normally I'd agree but you can tell by how she talks she's probably the dumbest splash of sewer water to ever grace this earth and I'm sure she's permafried by now too

I bet hanging out with her would be like trying to talk to a burnt piece of waffle

No. 27998

Ember SHOULD be ashamed of the fact that she dropped out of high school to smoke weed and fuck around on the internet

No. 27999

dude ember called a girl in recovery for anorexia a >>27538 "jealous ugly pig child"??? how is pointing out that she is a high school drop out worse than that?

No. 28000

File: 1440521785524.png (375.74 KB, 504x597, 1.png)

Looks like Ember's old ~fiance~ has a new boo thang. Also, looks like Emily is buddies with A.J.? That's weird af, if you ask me.

No. 28001

I don't find it weird, "the enemy of my enemy is my friend", they probably bonded over how God awful ember is

Hell, I hope they're snapcht ting nudes to eachother

No. 28002

emily was probably the one who sent the videos of ember shaking her ass for stranger online to AJ tbh

No. 28003


someone added one of embers photos to their thinspo folder on myproana

No. 28004

According to embers profile she's been with her new guy since April so I'm sure it hardly mattered

No. 28005

The kid is 16 yrs old, how can ember not feel bad for manipulating young girls

No. 28006

Ember was acting like a huge sloot on cam in may and then kicked out of her ex boyfriend's house in early April then has a new boyfriend a week later. I'm almost positive that her boyfriend dumped her because of those videos. Someone sent them to him and several other people she knows irl.

No. 28007

haha I'm an idiot, I had my months backwards. Anyways, I meant that Ember recorded those videos of her showing her ass and body off at her ex boyfriend's house while he was working/busy.

No. 28008

and they didn't break up until a few weeks after someone sent him the videos. They lasted for 3 or so years but as soon as he found out a
what a attention whore ember is on online, he kicked her ass to the curb and got with a real, normal girl.

No. 28009

I found it too awkward to be slutty, I think she was testing the waters for maybe pursuing a cam style chat thing without actually doing cam girl work for additional attention

I'm kind of sad she wasn't single for awhile, I think it would have helped her a lot, like you can tell from her eyes she hates herself and that's the only thing I pity her for tbh (but at the same time she never tries to grow as a person or improve herself, so what can you do really)

I hate her younow videos, she bites her finger and tilts her head and she looks like a nasty child with a mouthful of raggedy baby teeth

No. 28010

those videos are dated in may. if she has been with her new boyfriend since april, that means she was acting like a hoe on the internet behind his back.. but that isn't what happened. she cheated on a.j. idk about this new guy but I'm sure he has no idea about her instagram or any of the drama she caused.

No. 28011

idk she says "what do you guys wanna see" and then a moment later, she is bending over her bed, showing her ass off. it doesn't matter of you found her actions attractive or not, it was messed up for her to do those things while she had a boyfriend. it'll be one thing if he knew but he didnt. idk how she became so attention starved. she had a boyfriend but still needed attention from other dudes online. I would have dumped her too.

No. 28012

I feel like Nikki is going to sketch out one day and end up at embers boyfriends/embers house with printed out whann receipts and the thought makes me smile

I feel like Nikki is definitely the whistle-blower for ember and honestly I know she crosses lines but I fucking love Nikki fucking shit up

No. 28013

she also had a couple nip slips too since she was wearing a loose cheap tank top without a bra.

No. 28014

did you see the disgusting nudes she sent that girl though? I like nikki too but that disturbed me. She had meth hanging out of her mouth ffs. I feel bad for the person who she sent it too.

No. 28015

pics pls

No. 28016

File: 1440526059550.png (Spoiler Image, 1.28 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-04-29-21-44-07…)

Here's the photo if Nikki with meth hanging out of mouth that I was referencing.

No. 28017

It just doesn't seem like a big deal imo, she was probably fucking two guys and if someone found her pale flat man ass glowing through a pair of leggings dump worthy then that was probably the last straw rather than the real issue

No. 28018

Omg 81 seconds worth of that shit??? Dear god.

No. 28019

Whimsical is a piece of shit anyways, I could care less about her tbh

No. 28020

Yup yup, I agree with ya on that.

No. 28021

No. 28022

Some white trash blogger begging for attention, she's reached popularity through giveaway posts for her cheap glass crystals

She's made a couple truth blogs and she's basically an assholes troll, always lurking for a new butt she can slurp

No. 28023

Dan Nikki your Bobbie s

No. 28024

File: 1440526397640.png (1.82 MB, 1080x1417, Screenshot_2015-08-25-14-11-34…)

whismical.tumblr.com this is her

No. 28025

She's the one who nikki sent those nudes too

No. 28026

Does she have downs

No. 28027

There's no way this autist isn't posting this self promo

No. 28028

someone asked who she was

No. 28029

File: 1440527611565.png (576.68 KB, 1080x1234, Screenshot_2015-08-25-14-32-28…)


No. 28030

I can't stop laughing, she looks like squid ward in every drawing

No. 28031

Please, that girl is so bonked out of her mind right now, she probably doesn't remember her kid's names.

No. 28032


lol different anon- I'm actually from Massachusetts and I've seen Emily before and she's just a random girl, not special. She prob knows that and that's why she craves attention+knows she can't gain weight. She just looks like a normal thin girl and I don't care if that's ~omg triggering. That shit is not special.

She's also extremely self conscious and can't make eye contact. Like I said, just a girl with some problems. No big deal.

and as a disclaimer I fucking hate Ember's stupid Bert muppet face so this isn't in her defense. I straight up just don't like any of these tumblr wanarexics/their dumb middle class white girl shit. sorry not sorry.

No. 28033

No one gives a shit about your boring Nancy Drew of the interwebs SJW wanna be ass go back to tumblr where you belong…you're no better than anyone discussed on here

No. 28034

Truth bloggers like OD just give these people free promos. And the average teenager isn't going to see Ember and want to be anorexic. I think no one wants to be an idiot who couldn't finish high school because she got caught up in internet dramaz. Sheesh, she can't even get a GED? Really? Even the Osbourne kid did that.

No. 28035


when will white girls stop putting dreads in their hair?? this is fucking disgusting.

i tried to tell a truthblogger about this and they defended it with "they're not proper dreads"


its only if its ember that its wrong, every other blogger is a saint but they have to target ember????? fuck that.

No. 28036

Who cares, their hair will fall out and they can sport the Cynthia haircut from rugrats

No. 28037


The truth bloggers don't care if it's Ember. Didn't they stalk that girl, Emmy/Emma (can't recall her exact name) because Emily said she ran a hate tumblr with Ember? The truth bloggers are a part of the problem. They give these people a platform. Just the other day OD was asking for screenshots because Ember called some random anorexic girl a pig. Like, what are you going to do? Are you the internet police? Let these girls look stupid by themselves. Don't give them an audience.

No. 28038

File: 1440546641537.jpg (24.31 KB, 546x114, https://41.media.tumblr.com/aa…)

No. 28039

those arent dreads…

No. 28040

File: 1440549623233.png (187.55 KB, 1062x854, Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 5.37…)

kek, I give zero shits about this random bitch's hair but this was either a self-post or or someone immediately brought this post to attention of the Tumblrina in question

>tfw bullies and mindless little dweebs

No. 28041

It's probably a self post. Idk why that bitch would even be brought up here unless she purposely throw her name in the mix.

No. 28042

>when people self submit, then try to call themselves out on anon so they can act like they're unaware

No. 28043

those asks on her blog arent from today, if there's a way to check the date stamps then you'll see i sent her the message about her self sending a few days ago when the first post about her was written on here, as far as im aware she probably thinks its over

No. 28044

Why? Ugh

No. 28045

because i was pretty sure those messages were about her and i wanted her to know we were onto her

No. 28046

They're basically the obese security guards you see at the mall but think they're the fucking FBI.

No. 28047

all of these white girls have dancing videos (felice, ember). i've never seen anyone so determined to shove their bones in other peoples' faces before.

No. 28048

Embers not spoopy tho, the only bone showing in her dance vid was the bridge of her giant nose

No. 28049

literally laughed out loud just now

No. 28050


Same. There's a reason why pictures of her profile are few and far between.

No. 28051

It wouldn't look so huge if she wasn't always leaning forwards

No. 28052

random unrelated anon here but ive met up with emily irl and she's just really really tiny, her thigh gap s real but most o fher self harm scars arent
also im not a truth blogger but i was blocked on various social media for making fun of embers pretend ED and claiming to be vegan but still drinking milk and shit like that
tho i do have to say this thread is more cohesive than scrolling thru tumblr

No. 28053


No. 28054

This is a mess

No. 28055

sorry man i just got off a 12 hour shift at work and parts of my keyboard are jammed and i just dont have the desire to fix it
im a mess too sry

No. 28056

So fucking what, it's a pretty funny insight.

No. 28057

unlike ember, emily has several candid shots of herself which proves that she was as thin as it appeared. (before she entered recovery and became radiantly beautiful)

No. 28058

Yeah, if you just take everyone's word for everything all the time

No. 28059

Lmfao go stan on tumblr. Nobody gives a shit about Emily and her shitty eyebrows and fucked up teeth.

No. 28060

Exactly. It's gonna take more than that to convince farmers.

No. 28061

File: 1440607121461.jpg (197.51 KB, 1280x908, tumblr_nt6hm8HY8v1qcdl07o1_128…)

i'll agree that emily does have a mouthful of ugly teeth and her eyebrows/make up in general does look kind of shitty most of the time but you gotta admit, she does look so much prettier now than when she was a spoopy skeleton

>>image very related

No. 28062

File: 1440607317380.jpg (327.49 KB, 1280x1280, tumblr_nsiidey19F1qcdl07o1_128…)

No. 28063

Do you even know what that means, I'm fucking dying

No. 28064

im not that anon but idk what 'stand on tumblr' means either

No. 28065

It's some tumblrina with a personal vendetta for emily, misusing stan because she saw it on lolcow and wants to seem impressive

I love shit like this

No. 28066

File: 1440610611477.jpg (36.22 KB, 480x800, 222414_4506853003457_214192544…)

Someone should send Ember's new boyfriend a link to that imgur gallery for the lulz

His facebook: https://www.facebook.com/arsanders1

the imgur gallery: http://imgur.com/a/5pBLs#0

No. 28067

If anyone does this, please provide screenshots to maximize the lulz. Thanks!

No. 28068

Omg that's not even ember

No. 28069

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

I don't think getting her boyfriend involved is the right idea. Let nikki be the crazy one to do that again, even lulzier

No. 28070

I wonder what he thinks she's doing when she takes so long in the bathroom

No. 28071

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

Her boyfriend seems like they won't last anyway, let her sink her own ship, it won't be long. I don't think anyone needs to message him, she's too clingy and obnoxious as is, he's bound to leave her soon

No. 28072

It'll be so funny though! Someone should definitely message the guy and make him keen on the fact that his new girlfriend is posting images of her body for over 6k people to view.

No. 28073

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

I'm sure he knows by now, didn't someone on Tumblr say they already messaged him?

No. 28074

omg i know you guys dont like ember and sure you should call her out on Ps and other shitty stuff she does, but why do you think you have the right to ruin her relationship?? this is fucking sick

No. 28075

Someone should send him the link to the video she made too https://vid.me/Q8F7 Just to see what he thinks about it hahah.

No. 28076

literal bunch of twats

No. 28077

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

I don't think its a good idea. Then ember can pull the -stalkers bullying me- card again like she always does and she'll get away with it. If someone messages him she can play the victim card so easily, don't give her that satisfaction

No. 28078

for the lulz. we have no moral code haha.

No. 28079

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

Yeah its fine to mock embers spoopyness but ruining her relationship is not okay.

No. 28080

Found ember

No. 28081

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

If you "have no moral code" you need mental help

No. 28082

nope, there is no way she can lie her way out of those photos if her. he'll definitely be able to recognize her in those pictures and probably be severely disgusted, espically since she lies about bring anorexic and how things she is.

No. 28083

actually im not ember, im one of her friends from online but w/e nice try homeslice

No. 28084

this ain't tumblr lol

No. 28085

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

Judging by some of the photos on his Facebook and the girls in them, I don't really think he'll care tbh

No. 28086

confirmed, definitely ember

>>im one of her friends

bitch ain't got no friends

No. 28087

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

I agree her bf seems like the type that's already cheating on her and won't care

No. 28088

>using random British slang because of her weird UK obsession
>using words like home slice

Ok, ember, start panicking because you're making me want to send your boyfriend that url just because of how you're acting rn

No. 28089


id tell you exactly who i am but i dont have time for your stalker bullshit and my blog is a hate free zone soz, however i am going to warn ember that this is being said bc tbh this is sickening. i agree, her Ps is wrong, i also agree calling a recovering anorexic "fat, ugly" or w/e is lower than low and i personally feel disgusted knowing this, but you dont fuck with someones relationship, nah

No. 28090

it's still worth sending him the links for the lulz. ember would FLIP OUT if he saw her page. remember when tumblr sent her grandma a link to her thinspo twitter and she deleted everything and made up some lie about how some people stole her photos and edited them to make her look the way she did hahaha

No. 28091

Her bf seems like the type of guy who dates down the league for sex

No. 28092

yassssss tell her.

No. 28093

Can you imagine her Internet history, like just imagine how much shit she searches for herself on each day

No. 28094

ember omfg you're so cringe worthy

No. 28095

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

I really don't think sending him anything will do anything but make things worse. Her account will nevet get deleted. We need to keep reporting her and her back up until she's gone

No. 28096

-ember turns to the mirror- ember omg they're going to tell your boyfriend you're a sleazy sack of pro Ana shit

No. 28097

I report all her accounts daily, even her personal

No. 28098

File: 1440613123428.png (12.68 KB, 146x131, Capture.PNG)

honestly its fine that you believe im ember, id rather you think that so you dont find my new blog anyway and know who i am :')))

its cool though ive prewarned her.

No. 28099

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

Ruining someone's real life is not what lolcow is for. Its for loling at cows. This is getting ridiculous. We should be reporting her account and loling at her spoopyness, not trying to push the girl over the edge in her real life. Shell do that herself.

No. 28100

Send Embers boyfriend the link to the imgur gallery and the video she made!!!

his facebook https://www.facebook.com/arsanders1

the imgur gallery: http://imgur.com/a/5pBLs#0

the video: https://vid.me/Q8F7

No. 28101

Wow u sure proved to us with your vague picture message, ember

No. 28102


No. 28103

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

Agreed we should be loling, not causing chaos. I mean last time someone did that she called CPS on them. It doesn't help anything because then there will be nothing to lol about

No. 28104

show us the full convo if you want us to believe you. how are you texting her if you're from the uk, btw?

No. 28105

honestly, keep thinking im ember, this is getting amusing asf, lil pixie

No. 28106

that's the beauty of an anonymous message board. That fucking psycho won't know who to attack :)

No. 28107

and im not texting her, im facebooking her, i cant text her bc i dont have a phone???

No. 28108

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

This is getting out of hand. You guys would never do this to anyone but Ember. No one ever did this to felice, or wylona, and they've done the same tacky shit. You guys need to sit back and relax

No. 28109

>little pixie

Sure, jan

No. 28110

They did this to felice so often?

No. 28111

I love chaos tho, I love when Internet drama spills over to rl

No. 28112

File: 1440613426872.png (608.67 KB, 1080x1260, Screenshot_2015-08-26-14-22-21…)

The only reason you weren't punched in the face is because all of the fucked up shit you did to people in the past was through the fucking internet.

No. 28113

once ember replies to my message i'll show you a full convo… this is the first time ive messaged her in months so obviously there isnt a convo to show you ffs

No. 28114

suuuure. you can't even prove that she replied to you lmfao

No. 28115

Fb archives every convo, lovely uwu

No. 28116

shes replying as we speak, dont worry

No. 28117

Omg I wonder what bullshit excuse Ember is gonna use to try to get Andrews Facebook password so she can delete any message you guys sent him hahah.

No. 28118

File: 1440613586816.png (8.73 KB, 302x106, Capture 2.PNG)

there, she replied, chillax

No. 28119

thank god there's screenshots of her instagram that she will never be able to deleted :')

No. 28120

I can't wait for you to start being like "this is ember you guys are awful I'm calling the police leave my bf alone im sorry"

No. 28121

It's a good thing she was there at this exact moment to reply immediately

No. 28122

Ember lives on the internet, the fact that she already knew about the thread just leads me to believe that she is definitely self posting in this thread.

No. 28123


well yeah she obviously has her phone on her a lt so i knew she would reply to me pretty quickly… i just think this has all gotten too far and you shouldnt be doing this to her, i dont like seeing her like this

No. 28124

>>"i don't like seeing her like this"
>>"we haven't spoken in months"
>>"we're friends"

wtf can you not keep your lies straight for once in your life, ember?

No. 28125

If it was a recovery account and not a thinspo account she's hiding, she would have nothing to fear

No. 28126

we truly havent spoken in months but i still consider her a friend??? how is that so hard to believe, she was there for me when truth bloggers started posting whack shit about me so yeah

No. 28127

ember told "you" that this thread "honestly doesn't matter" yet you say "I don't like seeing her like this"??? like what? uncaring? because that how she came off. you said "we haven't spoken in months" but you're apperently "friends"?

No. 28128

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

Oh god is this that luna eden girl who self posted here before trying to suck embers ass for fame again

No. 28129

Eboni or Libby… Oh god. ABORT THREAD.

No. 28130

well actually i DO hate seeing her like this because no she's messaging me talking about ending her own fucking life because she cant get away from any of you !! you're literally all gross wow

No. 28131

The only friends ember has are really epeople trying to suck gossip from her ass to submit to truth bloggers

No. 28132

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

oh lord cows sticking up for cows

No. 28133

Tbh if she died I wouldn't be sad, she's never going to contribute to society

No. 28134

If she died I hope they'd shape her brows in the morgue

No. 28135

pls let her kill herself lol

No. 28136

this has to be luna…

No. 28137

Her super nose allows her to sniff out where she's being talked about

No. 28138

literally the only cunts dumb enough to stick up for that ugly bitch lmfao

No. 28139

its luna's writing style, and the dumb phrases she uses like "lil pixie" to her dumb aesthetic followers hahah im screaming omg

No. 28140

I'm waiting for her 12th "attempted suicide" tbh

No. 28141

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks ember nose is hideous. Bitch needs a nose job asap!!

No. 28142

So she's threatening her friends with killing herself because anonymous people on the Internet are offended and calling her out for faking a terrible mental illness and triggering others under the guise of "recovery"?? Let's be real she's throwing a fucking temper tantrum and anyone who lets themselves get manipulated like that is an idiot. You really worried about ember and care for her? Call her fucking mom or the cops and get her sectioned if she kills herself its no ones fault but her own and maybe yours for not taking appropriate action

No. 28143

Could you imagine if ember started this thread and created this shit storm

No. 28144

I remember the "last one", where she swears she took a lot of pills whole getting drunk and if it weren't for her ex boyfriend (the one she cheated on) calling 911, she would have died lmfao. She said that an ambulance was called and she had to have her stomach pumped. I bet she completely forgot about this lie too.

No. 28145

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

Or when she had "alcohol poisoning" lmaoo

No. 28146

Every time she fakes suicidal it's because people threaten to tell her family/actually tell them about her bs

No. 28147

Agreed. If you don't like "seeing her like this", then stop talking to her about this drama? Do you genuinely believe that bringing this thread to her attention made her feel better? She's clearly just manipulating you into feeling bad for her since you already made it know that you read into her drama.

No. 28148

she needed to be told so i told her, and now i am comforting her and making her feel better like a decent human being would, you all disgust me

No. 28149

Your guilt trips are wasted here, lil pixie

No. 28150

not trying to guilt trip any of you, i know you have no conscious, im merely expressing my opinion, chill

No. 28151

Do Kindles not have spell check

No. 28152

i dont own a kindle im on a laptop lol

No. 28153

No. 28154

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

Yeah its super obvious this is luna

No. 28155

im not luna tho

No. 28156

Looks like eboni still hates ember

No. 28157

If she's truly suicidal you're not going to help her by talking to her as a friend. She needs more help than you can give and if you honestly think she's going to end her own life and don't tell a professional then her blood is on your hands

No. 28158

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

Definitely eboni, just stop girl

No. 28159

wait who is eboni? i thought this troll was called luna?

No. 28160

Who cares tbh

No. 28161

Where embers bfs both named andrew?

No. 28162

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

Luna and Eboni are the same person

No. 28163

of course shes so #did

No. 28164

The first guy was named Anthony and the second guy is Andrew.

No. 28165

Her name is Eboni but she calls herself Luna for some reason.

No. 28166

I thought Eboni was a made up name too

No. 28167

If my name was Eboni I'd call myself something different too. Probably not Luna since that just makes me think of Sailor Moon.

No. 28168

Every pastel Goff is either named Luna or bambi

No. 28169

Ember went on a deleting spree lololol Little miss "I have nothing to hide" seems to have something to hide.

No. 28170

Did anyone ever send Andrew those links?

No. 28171

she had almost 200 pictures at one point lol Now she is almost below 100.

No. 28172

tbh i liked the name "eboni" i thought it was dumb asf when she got it changed to luna

No. 28173

Lmfao were you born yesterday? You want to call out all opinions opposing yours as tumblerinas? We can smell your fresh meat ass out, you're not a fucking farmer. We don't bitch about vendettas here. Vendetta threads are easily squashed.
Go back to sucking your five head queen's cock.

No. 28174

File: 1440628315763.jpg (40.81 KB, 381x254, Umad.jpg)

No. 28175

I did, that's probably why she's deleting things

No. 28176

Omg so ~tumblr~

No. 28177

Your tumblr is showing.

No. 28178

Shit, you're that dogbrainzz bitch aren't you

No. 28179

File: 1440629239167.png (1008.32 KB, 1080x1452, Screenshot_2015-08-26-18-46-11…)

You said you felt like she was using you for promos yet you continue to promote her? wtf.

No. 28180

Heather! When are you coming back to tumblr?

For context you can post CP on tumblr but if you laugh at ember she'll bitch and moan till you get deleted. The thinspo queen~ is off limits… We miss you JB

No. 28181

screenshots or you didn't do it

No. 28182

How many blogs has Ember had deleted?

No. 28183


Link to video?

No. 28184

I'm not really sure. After the whole monstrenga DMCA melt down a couple of years ago the copyright violation rules and so on were redefined. I think she was able to shut JB down bc heather wasn't crediting every post about her with links to embers old tumblr. Ourdoughnut has been linking like a madman lately and apparently that's what staff looks for when shit is reported. Ember in her self has no power, and wasn't even slightly relevant before she started all those hateblogs about herself.

No. 28185

File: 1440630534182.jpg (657.81 KB, 1600x1280, Embersfucked.jpg)

You can tell just by looking at his fb likes they're not gonna last long rofl

No. 28186

Honestly it's hilariously retarded how hard ember and heather/OD try to shit each other's social media. Like how important is this shit to y'all?

No. 28187

they already been posted in this thread

No. 28188

No. 28189

I really need to post the video where she literally says she was diagnosed with anorexia somewhere between ages 8 and 9 and how she is fighting for her life.

No. 28190

wtf, post away anon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

No. 28191

working on it

No. 28192

File: 1440633871950.png (460.92 KB, 539x481, biuyt.png)

this isn't very long but here's a 4 second clip from one of her streams lol


No. 28193

was scrolling through theproserpinas blog and guess who is trying to be all buddy-buddy with her now OMG

we were right, moon eden is a fame whore

No. 28194

Ember didn't get jb deleted, some psycho named kaylee did by pretending to be victoria and filing multiple fake DMCA claims.

No. 28195

lol either way its a win-win

No. 28196

She looks like a 30 year old meth addict

No. 28197

The only thing ember shut down was her chance at a happy, fulfilling life

No. 28198

so deep bruh

No. 28199

>she does look so much prettier now than when she was a spooky skeleton

she's contorting herself and sucking in. if thats your evidence, i don't believe emily ever had anorexia.

No. 28200

Does disregarding all evidence work for you often in life, or are you just really fucking stupid and can't help it

No. 28201


how did they misuse stan?? they used it correctly as in

>go stalk/be creepy fan of emily on tumblr

You made yourself look retarded lmfao

No. 28202

I don't think she was ever anorexic. Just sucking in and thin

No. 28203

agree. she's not even really spoopy. and shes always been caught photoshopping. thin girls can do that without a problem.

No. 28204

lol thats cause its one of her little minions, if not her, from tumblr trying to be 3edgy5me

No. 28205


Do you mean that the anon I replied to is from tumblr? if so I agree kinda. they are trying to be super edgy and knowz all about the chanz but they themselves don't know what stan is/how to use it and try to shit on someone for "not saying it right bc its secretz chan lingos" when the other anon was right all along

No. 28206

Hey dogbrainzz, stop samefagging

You obviously love jerking off your hate boner for emily on every thread you can but maybe if you got a job instead you could afford a beast lift or some groundwork for that mug of yours

No. 28207

they don't even know chan lingo. they're pulling out shit from tumblr left and right. fucking new fags.

No. 28208

is this baby's first anon image board?
take your shit to tumblr where people know who the fuck youre talking about. stop shitting the thread with your "hate boner."

No. 28209

huh? I am >>28201 AND >>28202

I was just saying anon was right. I don't even hate emily or anything, I just don't think she ever had a full blown ED like she made it seem. Also, are you mad you misused the word stan?

No. 28210

File: 1440645587547.jpg (124.74 KB, 970x776, Roughluck.jpg)

No. 28211

who is this?

No. 28212

lol, they mad

No. 28213

i don't disregard "all evidence," i disregarded the pro ana sucking in and posing. she looks like a naturally thin teen who tries to exaggerate her thinness for attention. i wouldn't disregard evidence that wasn't laughable.

No. 28214

disregard that bitter fag.
this idiot >>28200 obviously has never entered the ashley thread

No. 28215

God damnit I hate Ember's voice. She is annoying as fuck sounding,

No. 28216

File: 1440685723201.png (418.56 KB, 728x896, biuyt.png)

Here's the video where Ember talks about how she was diagnosed with anorexia between ages 8 and 9 lmao.



No. 28217

That's Erika, also know as dogbrainzz. She ran a super rude hate blog directed at Emily.

Like she would drag Emily for underage drinking, while at the time same posting images of her doing cocaine lmfao.

No. 28218

File: 1440687791099.png (35.51 KB, 1108x112, Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 8.02…)

LOL she's so fucking thirsty for attention, it's pathetic

No. 28219

she buys her followers. i'd say only 200 or so of them are for real.

No. 28220

File: 1440689288081.png (55.85 KB, 1080x773, Screenshot_2015-08-27-11-24-50…)

LOL that's what happens when you buy followers. Instagram eventually deletes all of the fake accounts, making you lose all of the follows you bought ????

No. 28221

Ahhh I put emojis. Idk why they are showing up as question marks.

No. 28222

omg what if instagram is finally going around, deleting pro ana accounts???

No. 28223

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

I don't think she bought her followers though because judging from all the comments they're just deleting tons of pro ana accounts

No. 28224

File: 1440689949529.png (209.31 KB, 1080x827, Screenshot_2015-08-27-11-32-40…)

Possibly. All I know is that she isn't the only thinspo account who has lost hundreds of followers. I seriously hope they're deleting the wannorexics though.

No. 28225

File: 1440690144813.png (611.38 KB, 1080x1237, Screenshot_2015-08-27-11-39-42…)

>>loses 600 followers
>>immediately starts doing promo4promo with other thinspo accounts

you sure are pro-recovery ember

No. 28226

File: 1440690590378.png (879.29 KB, 1080x941, Screenshot_2015-08-27-11-48-22…)

>>pro recovery always

yh but except when ur trying to get more followers?????

No. 28227

Instagram is deleting inactive or spam accounts. its not just them losing followers. a lot of people are. I lost over 500 and I am not a pro ana account or anything like that and i have never bought followers.

No. 28228

For real I want to hear the "pro recovery" justification for posting endless body checks. Like how is that helpful to anyone?

No. 28229

Someone add ember to fb and post like 12 posts of her imgur and links, that'd be the best

No. 28230

On her wall? Omfg

No. 28231

Or email them to her grandmother. That woman seems to be the only sane adult in Ember's life. Related: I've heard her mom is a druggie.

No. 28232

^ Nikki told me that, months and months ago. So who knows how true it is. I know they used to talk a lot though. Sorry for samefag.

No. 28233

dont forget to provide screenshots btw

No. 28234

Ember runs her grandmother's email, it'd be a waste of time

Also, I wonder if grandma published embers shitty book yet

No. 28235

omg you should know by now that that was complete bullshit lol

No. 28236

Hahaha no kidding. Her "book" has been "coming out soon" for two years now.

No. 28237

I'm sure she'll seND herself smth about this soon

No. 28238

someone send her boyfriend this video on facebook lol


No. 28239

File: 1440710195160.png (354.53 KB, 850x380, 2.png)

oh my god i was friends with this girl and even sent her a birthday gift… what the fuck i never knew about any of this!!

No. 28240

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

Honestly embers digging her own hole, don't dig it for her

No. 28241

She's been pulling this crap since she was 16 years old and still keeps scamming and screwing people over, I think she could use a couple extra shovels.

No. 28242

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

How has she scammed anyone else? I'm not being sarcastic I'm genuinely asking. Since the whole ip scam what else has she done?

No. 28243

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

I agree with the above^^ its lulzier to watch her do it herself. If you help dig that hole she'll pull the victim card

No. 28244

Promoters are still sending her free stuff not knowing her reputation. At the very least she's obviously abusing the admiration she leeches with her proana "recovery" facade, since the unfortunately clueless anon a couple posts up just sent her a damn bday present and feels salty about it now.

No. 28245

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

I don't think she actually promotes for anyone except the stores she's always promoted, I haven't seen her post anything new. She just wants to be relevant

No. 28246

Didn't she do something with bracelets? For some girl who died? But nobody knows if she actually existed or faked her own death?????

No. 28247

File: 1440737085800.jpg (79.01 KB, 480x640, tumblr_n0uf3nH6lX1sk9ttoo1_500…)

Here's a few links detailing her scams:

Eating disorder inpatient scam: http://home--truths.tumblr.com/post/95637532475/home-truths-photo-1-link-to-original-question

A "fundraiser" she did for her grandmother's company where she pocketed the money which was donated: http://home--truths.tumblr.com/post/85161999715/rangerofdiscord-elvenprxncess

and this is a link which shows she tried to make money off of her friend's death: http://home--truths.tumblr.com/post/83525956661/satanicnewsandreview-you-have-got-to-be

(though that same friend magically came back to life a few months later)

No. 28248

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

Yeah but do you have any receipts that aren't from before 2015?

No. 28249

I don't think she's had any monetary schemes since then. She just tries to take advantage of individuals, now. I wonder how many other people besides the anon up there have sent her gifts?

No. 28250

She's not going to do any more monetary scams or out-and-out harassment, for a long while at least. As soon as it became obvious people were going to start calling the Police about the illegal things she was doing back in 2014 she baulked and shut it all down.

No. 28251

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

No one ever called the police

No. 28252

In reponce to the person asking what else ahea done. When we were friends we set up a gift swap cause our birthdays are like a week apart. Anyway I sent her gifts but she started ignoring me saying she was super busy. So finally in September I had enough and asked her about where my gift was. She lost her mind told all her proanas that I used her for her so called pathetic fame which she has none of.
They all attacked me like the asslicking scumbuckets they are.
Lost about 100$ to someone I thought of as a friend.

No. 28253

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

What year was that, Methnephxw?

No. 28254

Last year. Wow youre good at figuring out who is who

No. 28255

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

Well you're the only one who's told that story over and over, not too hard to figure out

No. 28256

File: 1440780855128.png (13.69 KB, 687x257, 2.png)

No. 28257

File: 1440783349748.png (91.95 KB, 1015x312, 2.png)

No. 28258

It was pretty much almost exclusively thought that ember ran that account because Sarah suddenly "came back!!" And wasn't actually dead but her parents shipped her off and ember was the first to say she died in a car accident and the first to announce her return. She also supposedly helped mod a pro ana diet twitter called skinny4xmas. She disappeared almost immediately after her return from the dead.

No. 28259

Word via tumblr from ember, eh

No. 28260

same anon from before. i met up with emily at for a show and she was sipping off other people's drinks all night, grinding up on dudes and got pretty drunk, when we went to bring her back to her car some dude was following her back to the car and she didnt even notice until we chased him away from her and my other friend he was following.
she also actually drives a really nice nissan and her moms house is gigantic.
seems like shes way more fun than ember ever would be but of course ember wouldnt go out because then there'd be proof shes a whannarexic.

No. 28261

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

Sounds like emilys self posting now

No. 28262

No. 28263

not emily, just jealous someone younger than me has a way nicer car and i'm a broke bitch ahaha.
but yeah she def photoshopped her self harm scars on in a bunch of her house selfies but irl she looks pretty much how she does on tumblr but she's a lot shorter than we expected.
i'm pretty tall myself though, so most everyone is usually a lot shorter than i expect

No. 28264


Yeah dif. Anon: met her in person too and she's lame as shit. Was sober at the mall, and shy. Looks like a normal thin girl with oddly dyed black hair. I have literally no idea why anyone on the internet talks about her at all it's the weirdest shit.

Like you guys know she doesn't do anything right lol she's just random af. Embers only funny to talk about because she looks like a crack whore and self submits.

No. 28265

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

Different anon again: I saw emily recently and she definitely looks fatter than her pictures now though. She's 100% been photoshopping her face and body thinner, and she had always photoshopped her self harm scars.

No. 28266

Was this the one at the Sinclair?

No. 28267

How about Emily, Emily, and Emily go back to posting on tumblr or move this shit to snow cause no1111cuuurrr about you.

No. 28268

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

Emily definitely blew up like a parade balloon though. After watching her video and then looking back over her photoshopped blunders she calls selfies, she's definitely 25/30+lbs heavier IRL.

No. 28269

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

She says she's 20lbs from being weight restored. For her height, weight restored is somewhere around 125/130lbs, so she claims to be 100lbs? Emily PLEASE!

She was maybe under 100lbs when she was in her pretend anorexia phase, but she's obviously beyond wright restored now.

No. 28270

ohhhhhh my god

No. 28271

This bitch's ask.fm irks me to no end, every time she talks about her obviously imaginary therapist working with her on her made up diagnoses I want to slap her. I actually believe she has NPD (not that she's legit diagnosed tho), but it's a crock of shit for her to say she's working on it in recovery when she's whoring for followers on instagram and running fan art contests for herself.

No. 28272

File: 1441058084256.jpg (148.02 KB, 768x1280, wp_ss_20150831_0001.jpg)

Have you seen her amazon wishlist? Lol

No. 28273

omg i just looked through it and it's like she is begging for people to jump down her throat for being racist? like how many fucking bindis does she need? she added around 5 or 6 different styles. i dont even care about "cultural appropriation" but those fucks on tumblr cry for days every time a white girl does shit like this.

but there are a few items in her wishlist that i wouldn't mind buying for myself and since i just got paid, i guess now is a prefect time to spoil myself.

No. 28274

I had the same idea!

No. 28275

Yeah literally everyone knows now she tries to bait that kind of criticism. Her wishlist is an obvious "talk about me". Don't forget the portion control bowls and cutesy pink scale she has on there (even though she was just telling a follower that she doesn't knownher weight since she doesn't own a scale, b/c "recovery").

No. 28276

It's just gonna be funnier the older she gets especially when she's aging like a meth addict

No. 28277

She already looks ancient and has shitty teeth, she's halfway there.

No. 28278

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

Lets be honest no ones teeth look worse than emilys

No. 28279

Didn't emily get her teeth fixed?

No. 28280

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

No her teeth definitely aren't fixed. Look in her selfies, she's so snaggle toothed its disgusting, way worse than Ember.

No. 28281

I think she had braces but never order retainer

No. 28282

*wore her retainer

No. 28283

I can't stand people who wear braces for years and then don't even bother to wear their retainers. Like, what a fucking waste of time and resources.

No. 28284

Smile comparison? I've never seen emilys teeth but ember bit her finger in her vids so you could see the mess

No. 28285

Do people still get given retainers? I got permanent retainers, works like a charm

No. 28286

File: 1441124402543.jpg (154.44 KB, 768x1053, wp_ss_20150901_0002.jpg)

Wonder if the packages are from her wishlist.

No. 28287

Why she post her hairy ass monkey arm

No. 28288

so she can get pity points for her puny little self harm scars.

i have been reporting ember and her nasty rat face everyday. i love when she does shoutouts because then i find more pro-ana accounts and pro-self harm accounts with kids showing off their cuts like badges of honor so i can report them all. stupid fucks.

No. 28289

Omg I thought those were just wrinkles or something!! Now it just looks like tiny make up swatches

No. 28290

File: 1441132850798.jpg (113.8 KB, 602x301, smile comparison.jpg)

I'd say Ember's are just a little bit more janky.

No. 28291

Emily's teeth are way better looking, definitely.
Emily's not exactly the most unique beauty, but I'll bet it makes Ember's blood boil that she's no where near as pretty as Emily is.

No. 28292

Don't smoke, kids

No. 28293

Emily is plain but Ember is legit kinda fuckued up looking.

No. 28294

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

That picture of ember is super old though. She got her teeth fixed last year, there's videos of her on her insta doing "shots" with her friend and you can see her teeth aren't bad anymore

No. 28295

No. 28296

File: 1441143577393.jpg (12.73 KB, 248x121, embers teeth.jpg)

>>28294 Are you blind? These are stills from those videos and they're exactly the same as they were before.

Gotta have that b/w filter, of course. Erases those cig stains, and the contrast makes you look thinner.

No. 28297

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

What's wrong with embers teeth besides her two eye teeth facing inwards a bit? Emilys entire mouth is fucked up

No. 28298

File: 1441145345992.jpg (188.73 KB, 2048x1024, emilys horse teeth.jpg)

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

Emilys nasty horse teeth kill me every time

No. 28299

They're both boring, dentist-avoiding, attention seeking little babies, both wanna be the bestest most viewed little ana girl in the world,and both read winter girls too much.
Who cares? Emily is dead in terms of relevance, and Ember has been doing the exact same pathetic thing for years now.

No. 28300

What's not fucked on that mug?

No. 28301

Hide the thread and quit shitposting then

No. 28302

Emily could get her teeth fixed and straighten out her makeup, and probably be reasonably pretty. Ember's raw material is a wreck.

No. 28303

She was probably purging

No. 28304

File: 1441147874659.png (206.75 KB, 524x390, 2PzufzD.png)

No. 28305

Why doesn't emily have her parents cough it up for some new teeth?

Ember had shit luck though with her family, maybe she wouldn't have grown up to be a hump and dump if her family had taken care of her better

No. 28306

Plenty of people have shit families and most don't turn into self-obsessed, wannarexic, attention-whoring compulsive liars.

Besides, it's not like she grew up in a crackhouse or a homeless shelter. Both of her parents are still in her life, her grandmother is clearly stable and supportive, and she's got a standard middle class life generally.

No. 28307

Pfft it's not like ember had any abuse or neglect, she basically lived on her mum and grandmas charity. Even if she did have a bad upbringing (which she didnt) its no excuse for being such a blatant fucktard.

No. 28308

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

I've actually heard some things through mutual friends of embers that her home life really isn't the best. That doesn't excuse her behavior but nevertheless, she didn't have a perfect life growing up, or anything close to it

No. 28309

Ember said that she started cutting herself at 8 years old because of her parents constantly fighting in front of her.

Keywords being "Ember said"

More than likely, that is just another lie. How would she have perfectly clear skin if she has been self harming for 11 years years. There isn't a scar on her body in her bikini selfies.

No. 28310

Ember was a preppy fucking cheerleader before she started smoking weed and dropped out of school like the loser she is.

No. 28311

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

She used to post pictures of her bleeding cuts on her old twitter/blog. There's receipts somewhere, but she definitely did cut at one point. She also never cut her stomach so there wouldn't be marks in her bikini selfies…

No. 28312

Ugh I hate tumblrinas saying they're cutting and giving themselves cat scratches, just like ember could never really starve herself she could never really cut herself

But I do believe she tries, she's just unable to do it

She failed at a pro ana, which is hard to do

If all that weed wasn't helping her metabolism, I'm sure she'd be chubby because of how she eats

No. 28313

There's like six people in the world who think they had a perfect upbringing.
Not having an ideal relationship with mummy isn't a bad childhood. She didnt grow up in extreme poverty, she wasn't beaten or molested or emotionally abused, nobody left baby ember home alone for two days.

No. 28314

Exactly. Virtually everything she says about herself or her life is a lie or embellishment. Even if she wasn't such a known liar – in the very rare cases when kids that young actually do engage in self-harm, it's almost never in such intentional and aware ways, much less straight up cutting. With little kids it's more like scratching, picking, biting, burning, banging, poking their skin, pulling their hair, etc.

Boo hoo, mommy & daddy fought. Everyone's parents hate each other these days. She just wants to be a special damaged snowflake.

No. 28315

If she was real about it she wouldn't attach her name to it, or she would be more upfront about being a fucking narcissist and needing attention. not that that would make it ok, but it would be the most honest thing.

it's so fucking stupid she dropped out, she has nothing to contribute to the world.

No. 28316

File: 1441167635114.jpg (727.66 KB, 1220x1482, promos.jpg)

>>28245 Looks like she's still managing to find people who will send her free shit without vetting her reputation.

iirc someone emailed the fruit detox tea company she was "promoting" for about her pro-ana reputation and scams about a year ago, they dropped her and it royally pissed Ember off. Would love to see her chimp out over something like that again.

No. 28317

Wow, a yahoo email?

No. 28318

I'm going to email them rn

No. 28319

Last thing I'll say about the teeth situation, but being a lesbian, I would way rather kiss Emily's mouth than Ember's. Emily just seems like she'd be a cute girlfriend imo.

No. 28320

Wow do you masturbate to your own comments Emily?

No. 28321

Should you not wait till sperging commences?

No. 28322

Speaking of Emily and lesbians, I'm still laughing about the time when she got caught anonymously submitting hate about herself to truth blogs, and tried to claim she was being set up by a jealous lesbian friend named Tabitha, for making out with her girlfriend.

Plot twist: Tabitha was her friend on good terms, with a boyfriend. She couldn't even make up fake cheating drama; she had to turn it lesbian for sexy edgepoints.

No. 28323

You must be Emily herself for posting random shit about her on this forum especially noting that nobody gives two shits about her on here.

No. 28324

(Posted by Eboni. Click for more info.)

so i have both ember and luna on facebook for the lulz, because holy shit its too funny the pure shit they post to each other, like they dont seem to ever interact properly but they will occasionally comment on each others shit just to keep up the appearance of having online friends.

Also pretty sure they wrote something about Ember travelling to the UK to meet luna, which i really dont understand considering she's supposed to be poor? does anyone actually know her financial situation so like i could have some context?

No. 28325

She has a waitressing job that im aware of. She did used to claim she had like 3 or 4 different jobs. Currently apparently stays with le new boyfriend, no idea if she contributes or whatever.

No. 28326

Oh, go cry. A whole bunch of people on here have been talking about Emily's bland appearance and obnoxious twattery.

No. 28327

(Posted by Eboni. Click for more info.)

pretty sure Ember MUST stalk this thread because the moment i mentioned her and luna being all buddy buddy on facebook… she shared one of her posts.. omg they're as bad as each other

No. 28328

let's keep calling this bitch Eboni, this Luna shit is ridiculous and childish.

No. 28329

(Posted by Eboni. Click for more info.)

as much as i dislike her, i saw her make a post about it being her legal name now so idk? is it wrong or nah

No. 28330

Is that even her real name? Eboni Eden? Let's get real, it sounds like she made that shit up too.
Pretty sure you can get a name change just by whistling in the UK, I think all you have to do is just start using it, and it's legal. Iirc procuring documents is not necessary a lot of the time.

No. 28331

(Posted by Eboni. Click for more info.)

from my knowledge her birth name is Eboni Eden Robinson, i think she just cut her last name out of it. from what i've seen her post its due to some arguments with her father or something???

No. 28332

If you want to change it legally you need to register it (I'm not sure how much that costs) and buy a new passport too

No. 28333

omg yassssss

No. 28334


screenshots plsď

No. 28335

Why did her parents name their white baby Eboni?

No. 28336

(Posted by Eboni. Click for more info.)

i believe its because her mother is mixed race or something, i mean she posted a picture of her mom once and she definitely didnt look white idk

No. 28337


Lol i forgot about this. Her writing phase.

No. 28338

Oh she still fully brags about being a writer, she even still crows about being a "published author" because her grandmother gave her a co-credit with three other writers on a self-published children's book two years ago.

No. 28339



No. 28340

File: 1441310314569.jpg (83.62 KB, 974x772, Capture.JPG)

I'm sorry but I just cannot handle the asslicking. She is the most basic bitch on the planet, middle schoolers put themselves together better than this. What the fuck are those sandals. Tone ya brassy ass hair. Get those caterpillar-scrubby-8-shades-too-dark eyebrows the fuck out of here. These proana bitches are so fake I swear to god.

No. 28341

Ok heather

No. 28342

I still wanna know if anyone actually tried to take her precious promoter status away. Nothing makes her lose her mind more than having some sort of implied popularity or status revoked, and watching Ember lose her shit is hilarious.

No. 28343

Someone should make a "truth blog" about Heather, just taking the piss out of her like she does everyone else. It would be really funny to see her accuse Ember of running it while simultaneously backpedaling and freaking out.

No. 28344

lol u must be new if you think this has been tried at least 5x yet miserably failed every time. But u go ahead and give it that good ole high school drop out try.

No. 28345

but the thing is heather literally didn;t care when people took the piss out of her… someone even tried to "dox" her and it was so embarrassing and she didn't give a shit. it's not like she's ember and is going to cry about cyber bullying and her family being stalked so there would be no payout for it, you'd be wasting your own time.

No. 28346

That woman is so far up her own ass, thinks she's hot shit. Like, fuck, have some modesty.
See, the thing about Heather was that she seemed intelligent and level-headed, but as soon as she "relapsed", she started reblogging those whiney tumblr depression gifs/images. It was embarrassing, like this woman is an adult and she was reblogging that shit. That type of brooding, attention seeking angsty bullshit that she has complained about it in the past, yet was doing it herself.

No. 28347

Wait, so what even happened with Heather? I abandoned Tumblr and completely tuned out of that whole clusterfuck for many months. The last I remember, Ember had "left Tumblr," Emily had admitted to sending herself anon hate (I think? I'm having trouble recalling the details), and Heather was still operating under junky_business. Now, all I know is that Ember is still doing the same stupid shit, only with a new boyfriend, and JB's blog is gone.

No. 28348

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

Basically ember and Victoria filed DMCA claims until JB got deleted. She remade and got deleted again, now she's hiding behind the blog iwontfallinlovetoday

No. 28349

No, that is absolutely not true.

Kaylee (https://www.tumblr.com/tagged/kaylee-mullenix) was the one who filed a shit ton of false DMCA claims on every post about Victoria that was on JB's blog until Tumblr decided it'll be easier to terminate her blog, rather than delete every post they were directed too.

No. 28350

How do you know that? It sounds true but I'm curious, I thought that whacko dropped off the radar too.

No. 28351

sigh I can't recall where I found this out. Though I'm pretty sure that when JB remade, she made a post where she provided her statcounter screenshots which showed that Kaylee was all over her Victoria posts a couple days before Tumblr terminated her account because of those very posts. (Everyone knew that Kaylee lived in Texas and even knew which town she was from because she actually doxxed herself for some unknown reason.)

But JB's new blog was terminated not even 2 days after she remade, which is why she hasn't came back officially, though I do think she has a blog still. I'm just not sure which one, though people assume it's that iwontfallinlovetoday account.

No. 28352

yeah she posted screenshots where it showed that someone from texas (kaylee) was on the exact permalinks which the tumblr staff later viewed which resulted in heather being deleted. ember, as far as i know, had nothing to do with getting heather deleted (this time, she did get her SNAR blog terminated last year)

No. 28353

Hahah oh my god, wow. That Kaylee chick is psycho, I do not think I have ever seen someone get that delusionally obsessed with the truth blogs. It seems like she spent hours and hours of every day his summer manically trying to create some uprising against them, and just ended up smearing her own Google search with her insanity. I don't usually read the truth blogs but that girl made me get out the popcorn.

No. 28354

WTF? I missed out on a LOT, apparently. This shit's insane.

No. 28355

isn't she the one who printed out pictures of heather and ourdoughnut and shot at them? like, at an actual shooting range?

No. 28356

File: 1441559334167.jpg (113.6 KB, 640x676, image.jpg)

She also doxxed herself and her entire family, posted her own phone number to 4chan& meetme with nudes of that truth blogger who's a sorta-camgirl, sent herself harassing messages, and then claimed on her public profiles that she was being stalked and harassed by truth blog cyberbullies and that she was having to change all her contact info.

Pic related: her dumpy self with her cheating fiancée, who she claimed was her husband and an ex-marine. Anniversary? The fourth of July, of course.

No. 28357

she said she was going to but there was no proof of this claim

No. 28358

what a hideous cow

No. 28359

File: 1441560464237.jpg (123.93 KB, 836x1108, 600861_486403511375682_1788437…)

Man the harpoons

No. 28360

File: 1441560535147.jpg (573.71 KB, 2235x2735, 575156_486406468042053_2134201…)

No. 28361

File: 1441560995116.jpg (916.89 KB, 3780x2056, 575156_486406468042053_2134201…)

she's always been a lard ass lol

No. 28362

Her dad is a disgraced cop who shot and killed someone who was running from him for a misdemeanor warrant. They were in a car chase and he was told to stand down but instead he tried to shoot out the engine with zero training on how to do so and killed the guy while putting innocent civilians in danger. His trial is still on going

He also harassed a witness in one of his cases and assaulted them before trial and it resulted in a restraining order.

It's easy to see where shamu gets her crazy from.

No. 28363

I bet they didn't even let her on that

No. 28364


>mfw this criscogolem has a "diet" blog

No. 28365

my fucking sides

No. 28366

except she did care though. I distinctly remember her posting quite a lot about it, only cause I was following her on a throwaway tumblr that only followed like 15 blogs. it kinda flooded my dash at some point, but obviously that was a long time ago.

No. 28367

The only reason she responded was because kaylee was posting random peoples addresses and phone numbers and claiming they were jbs and they weren't, which was fucking stupid and dangerous.

No. 28368

File: 1441602956144.jpg (Spoiler Image, 113.79 KB, 640x997, image.jpg)

This girl is so nasty, her nails are even grosser than Aly's. I sincerely want to throw up.

No. 28369

so whats heathers blog now? I actually liked her. the iwontfallinlove blog isnt working anymore.

No. 28370

To be honest, it really pisses me off how Ember tries to act as of she has NPD so she can pretend like all of her shitty actions isn't her own fault but a result of a disorder.

Like no, Ember is a disgusting cunt who has basically no social skills and ruins every friendship she tries to obtain because no one can handle what a piece of shit she is.

It isn't because of a disorder, she is just a rude, pathetic loser with no idea how to properly interact with people because she has never had any IRL friends that she didnt hang out with just becauae they knew her boyfriend(s). Hell, her family barely has anything to do with her and I don't blame them. She's intolerable, I'm positive.

No. 28371

what if ember has body dysphoria where she believes she is skinnier than she thinks lmao that would explain why she glorifies her hedious chubby body so much. she genuinely thinks she underweight despite looking more than normal hahah it's kind of funny tbh

No. 28372

People with narcissistic personality disorder very rarely EVER admit to being narcissist. They refuse to come to terms with their own faults and believe very strongly that they're prefectly healthy and are not able to step aside and recognize that they're not as great as they think.

No. 28373

So for Ember to claim that she has had disorder eating for over 10 years due to a deep self hatred, while also saying she is has NPD is a paradox. She can't be a self aware anorexic who also suffers from egomania.

The only real problem that I think she has is keeping her lies straight. I also think she wasn't hugged enough as a child which is why she is starved for attention.

No. 28374

People with NPD never think anything is wrong with them which normally results in them never consulting a doctor. Whereas Ember has been self diagnosing for years and going to the doctor everytime she farts.

Remember when she said she had BPD at age 16 but when someone told her that it isn't even possible to get that kind of diagnosis as a minor, she changes her story and says she had "erging symptoms of BPD" which isn't even a thing.

She is now 19 and hasn't brought it up since, despite being well over the age of being diagnosed with BPD. This proves she never had "emerging symptoms" in the first place.

No. 28375

inb4 ember ~confirms~ she has a borderline personality disorder lololol

No. 28376

File: 1441641941694.jpg (60.67 KB, 642x330, 9r.jpg)

wow cant wait to see the type of trash this idiot posts

No. 28377

File: 1441642158061.jpg (101.08 KB, 603x595, 3.jpg)

i did a lil lurking and am pretty positive that this (http://emberwhannlove.tumblr.com/) is not another self ran fan blog, but is actually a dumb ass, overweight 19 year old who follows thinspo accounts on twitter, posts #bodychecks on instagram, and wears bindi just like her ~thinspo queen ember~

No. 28378

File: 1441642204644.jpg (58.42 KB, 562x534, 1.jpg)

the tags on this made me lol

No. 28379

File: 1441642237161.jpg (82.68 KB, 906x538, 5.jpg)

she's somehow uglier than ember

No. 28380

File: 1441642284521.jpg (83.15 KB, 562x629, 8.jpg)

emily also gives her a boner

No. 28381

File: 1441642512377.jpg (170.93 KB, 1189x500, 9r.jpg)


r u kitten me

No. 28382

Trying to hide their identity but setting the blog as a side blog? I don't think she thought that one through

No. 28383

if she wasnt trying to hide shit, i wouldnt have felt the need to dig into her personal blog but after i did, i totally get why she loves ember. she's a racist, proana, fatty mcgoo.

No. 28384

It's iwontfallinlovetoday

No. 28385

How did you come to this conclusion? I'm not doubting you I'm just curious.

No. 28386

What conclusion?

No. 28387

Sorry replied to wrong comment

*how did you come to this conclusion. Not doubting you just curious on how you figured this out

No. 28388

File: 1441654169685.jpg (54.04 KB, 566x415, 9r.jpg)

Ha found this blog on Tumblr and made me think of Ember lol

No. 28389

Ember wants to be emily but also hannibal, she can't make up her mind

No. 28390

File: 1441654575125.jpg (93.49 KB, 622x650, 9r.jpg)

When she created her emberwhannlove side blog, it linked to her main blog which is http://theskyesage.tumblr.com/

Her Tiwtter is https://twitter.com/theskyesage and her Instagram is https://instagram.com/theskylarsage/

No. 28391

I feel so bad for her rn

No. 28392

I can't get over the pics op posted, like she looks boney but fat?

By editing her photos like this she made herself look like someone pulled saran wrap tightly over a plate of pasta or something

No. 28393

why? she's the one who injected herself into a community who hates the person she is trying to glorify. she made her bed.

No. 28394

When I was overweight I desperately wanted to be thin, so I can empathize

That doesn't excuse the behavior as it never does, but she's obviously desperate especially if she's looking up to ember

No. 28395

File: 1441658202373.png (527.56 KB, 1076x534, gurl.png)

gurl is a big fat liar just like ember

No. 28396

which makes her lulz worthy. i feel no pity for her. i'm sure she feels sorry for herself enough as is lol if she wasn't a 19 year old, maybe i would give her some slack but she is too old for this shit

No. 28397

File: 1441658624502.png (282.35 KB, 1106x606, gurl.png)

>> I’m wary of her [emily] for her past with ember but and I will fight her if it comes to it

seconds later

>>Oh my gosh she’s [emily] so cute

this bitch is so two faced omg someone hand me the popcorn

No. 28398

>>28380 if that blog really is run by Ember's pal she'll surely disown her soon, because Ember considers not-hating-Emily the most egregious betrayal possible.
I was a little gleeful thinking how devastated Ember must be by Hannibal's cancellation.

No. 28399

File: 1441658740394.png (258.78 KB, 574x608, AHAHAHA.png)

HAHAHA YES I GOT HER TO DELETE EVERYTHING (even tho i didnt even give her a chance to post anything lmfao)

No. 28400

post note: she's trying to rickroll people so unless you want to hear "never gonna give you up", dont click the link

No. 28401

Oh my christ who still rickrolls people, is she twelve?

No. 28402

oh DARE she give credit to the truth bloggers. they're not the ones who found her personal blog, what a moron.

No. 28403

File: 1441661046947.png (9.28 KB, 516x66, AHAHAHA.png)

holy shit this is too good. she even deleted her main blog hahaha.. guess she is ashamed of being called out for being proana.

No. 28404

She made the entire blog to talk shit to truth bloggers. She was pretending to fear for her safety lest her identity be discovered by them, so of course she has to make out like they immediately hunted her down. It seemed like they didn't even care to try to figure her out at all. She must be so disappointed.

No. 28405

Yup only us farmers are that bored

No. 28406

I admit I'm a little disappointed, I was hoping for it to be another self-run fan blog or the return of Kaylee.

No. 28407


>'criscogolem has a "diet" blog'

Top Kek

No. 28408


Pretty sure that's a sticker on her forehead from the apple she was eating and not a bindi. Correct me if I'm wrong though.

No. 28409

So how many photos did Ember delete from IQ? All her proana shit is gone and she's at 19.

No. 28410

She made a tumblr oh god

No. 28411

File: 1441679093230.jpg (146.98 KB, 806x806, https://40.media.tumblr.com/28…)


No. 28412

God, I wish I had a body like the yellow bikini pic.

No. 28413

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

Why is that eww? Those all look really cute? Like embers gross personally but what's gross about buying cute underwear? Srsly? Grow up

No. 28414

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

Which yellow bikini pic? The one on her IG or the one from two years ago?

No. 28415

This actually isn't that uncommon and makes perfect sense if you believe eating disorders are about control. I have an ED (I feel like it's like addiction/alcoholism, you can never just say that you used to have it) and when I was in a residential program a lot of girls voiced that being diagnosed EDNOS instead of anorexic made them feel like they weren't strong enough and didn't have enough self control.

I believe it's the one from two years ago.

No. 28416

The idea of ember in xxs thongs

No. 28417

>>28412 Ew no. Some people look really good even when they're a bit underweight, but somehow she always looks skinny and doughy.

No. 28418

That's a disgusting thought. The minuscule bit of ass she has is total pancake.

No. 28419

I'm not sure she deleted everything. When you report photos for breaking rules Instagram deletes those photos so I have a feeling that's why she's trying to transition to tumblr

No. 28420

Probably also because tumblr wasn't paying attention to her insta. She gets bored without conflict, I think. Her victim complex doesn't work so well when she can't get anyone to fight with her.

No. 28421

She has long ass syndrome from sitting around all the time

No. 28422

File: 1441695721826.jpg (15.91 KB, 400x300, radish.jpg)

A bit late, but that reminds me of

No. 28423

Haha. Mugi's eyebrows are the best tho.

No. 28424

ew i just vomited through my nose

No. 28425

Nah, Skylar is two faced as hell. Just look at this post: >>28397

No. 28426

(Posted by Eboni. Click for more info.)

that feeling when ember tries to make a thread about one of her supposed "friends" and fails miserably


its so blatent i mean look how much she mentions herself omg, when will this girl stop

No. 28427

No. 28428

I was actually diagnosed with BPD at 17 but that was after over two years of seeing psychiatrists and other shit. I think being diagnosed before 18 is very rare because ~teenage hormones~ but it does happen. Im 100% sure Ember doesn't have BPD tho.

No. 28429

da heck u talking but m8

No. 28430

Ember tried to make a post about eboni

No. 28431

Um, I wouldn't be surprised if she does have it honestly. It's not exactly a flattering diagnosis, I'm saying this as someone who was diagnosed with it as well.

No. 28432

I don't understand why BPD is so glamourized, they take all the ~beautifully tragic~ bits but leave out the fact that it comes with some pretty fucking awful personality traits too.

No. 28433

Almost every time I've heard BPD mentioned, it's in the context of something like "people with BPD are horrible monsters, stay away from them."

No. 28434

People with BPD are mentally ill. It's not like they are psychopaths for the fun of it.

No. 28435

I think she legitimately does have something in the B cluster, but I think NPD is more likely than BPD. I also think she'd be surprised as anyone if her lie turned out to be true.

There's a lack of empathy in Ember that's hard to ignore. People with BPD can be manipulative and attention seeking, but there's a lot of guilt there, too. Ember does not seem to care (or even have much of an awareness of) how she affects other people. She's driven by an ego that is deeply rooted in insecurity. That's NPD right there.

No. 28436

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

I agree, I honestly believe ember has NPD. And I believe that she uses her diagnosis to "excuse herself" which is why she blames all her behavior on the disorder, when in reality I'm sure she's very aware of the consequences of her actions she just doesn't care.

No. 28437

File: 1441807041485.jpg (330.35 KB, 800x600, 1441737320407.jpg)

dear tumblrina girls, we can tell when you're desperately sucking in your cheeks as opposed to actually being so gaunt and emaciated that they've naturally sunken in. Please stop making an ass of yourself and being embarrassing. Thank you for your time.

No. 28438

Oh Luna please just stop shoving yourself in our faces. We don't care about nobodies.

No. 28439

Dude, if she wants BPD she can have mine.

No. 28440


No. 28441

(Posted by Eboni. Click for more info.)


then why do any of us care about ember? hahaha

No. 28442

She can be super entertaining when she's chimping out, but Eboni is just boring. Ember's jealousy of Eboni is beyond me.

No. 28443

I don't think she's jealous per se but didn't it burn the bitch that eboni eventually got hugged up with Emily? Like her ex did? Ember is trash and Emily is the landfill that deals with the shitty people in embers life.

No. 28444

(Posted by Eboni. Click for more info.)


since when were Emily and Eboni friends?

No. 28445

Remember when Emily was at the hospital, for like, a friend's sprained wrist or something, and she kept reblogging a photograph of the emerg room with emo captions like '#hospital #again' and shit? Then finally admitted why she was there after a day or two. I remember calling her out on her bullshit and receiving 50+ hate comments from 'Anonymous Tumblr users', haaa.

No. 28446

It was pathetic because people were genuinely worried she was there with heart problems or other proana complications, and she fucking knew it. Just let everyone think she was wasting away in hospital.

No. 28447

She's for sure jealous. Ember has no personality of her own, and she definitely picked up a lot of her "look" from Eboni. She's been trying to pull off that godawful pale goth grunge what-the-fuck-ever look ever since those two got real buddy buddy about a year ago. She lost her shit when Eboni and Emily started acting friendly, too, yep.

I missed that but it pisses me off. Like, if you're well enough to be taking pictures at the hospital, you're fucking fine.

No. 28448


No. 28449

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

Embers Snapchat stories are 50% thinspo, 25% coffee, and 25% random bullshit. She's so fucking obnoxious

No. 28450

Some girls think eating disorders are hawt, and being in the hospital shows how fragile and weak they are.

No. 28451

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

Emily s birthday is today, she's been begging her followers for gifts off her wish list. She keeps complaining about having no money because of school, but she works "all the time" and isn't even going to school??? So she's basically becoming as bad as– if not worse than– ember. She's a pudgy little e beggar its so sad XD

No. 28452

No. 28453

The difference between emily and ember is emily has a huge following and will actually get stuff

No. 28454

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

Which makes emily much worse. With ember its funny to watch her e beg because she doesn't get anything and whines about it. With Emily she's genuinely stealing money/material items from others by having them sent to her under false pretenses. Emily is a disgusting liar and a scammer, and she's definitely gotten fat.

No. 28455

Ember is that you?

No. 28456

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

Embers too busy chimping out on IG to have made that post ?

No. 28457

Ember is never too busy to talk about Emily.

No. 28458

No. 28459

I feel like you definitely weren't around for the big huge Ember debacle in its development otherwise you wouldn't be talking like one is worse than the other. They're both nuts.

No. 28460

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

But in that sense, Emily is much worse. Ember may be a pretend scammer but Emily actually scams gifts out of people all the time

No. 28461

Did she delete a post? I see her being melodramatic but there's no context for it.

No. 28462

Except ember scammed money by accepting donations for her grandmothers company that her grandmother confirmed they never saw a cent of and then flashed the money on her blog and shopping trips. She also scammed money from followers for inpatient treatment and never even went to outpatient. And then let's not even go into "bracelets for Sarah", her "co-mod" on the pro ana twitter "skinny4xmas" who "died" and ember made macaroni bracelets to sell for obscene amounts of money under the guise of helping fund her parents when Sarah miraculously came back from the dead (it was speculated Sarah never existed and ember pretended to be her all along)

Followers willingly buying something off your wishlist, and emotionally manipulating people to donate money to a fake cause to buy ugly fake crystal jewelry and cheap clothes

No. 28463

I really think this is Ember because I just received hatemail that was sticking up for Ember around the same time this post was made.

No. 28464

can you back up this claim? if not, we all will have to assume you're lying. that doesn't sound like something emily would do anyway.

No. 28465

they're not. idk why this anon is saying so.

No. 28466

Lol it's been 10 hours since you asked for source but no one has delivered any because that isn't true. With all the lies floating around in this thread…. I am 100% positive Ember's nasty ass is in here.

No. 28467

File: 1442001640826.jpg (100.16 KB, 443x750, tumblr_nlc5t1rdq51tktmygo2_500…)

Don't forget that Ember will insult herself anonymously just to stir up drama.

Just because an anon in here has something rude to say about Ember, doesn't automatically prove it isn't her. She's one of the most pathetic users on the internet. She whitenights and cryberbullies herself anonymously, so it wouldn't surprise me if mostly everything in this thread esd judt Ember samefagging everyday until her fingers go numb.


No. 28468

Never said they were friends not actual friends but acting all buddy buddy and shit

No. 28469

And so does Emily. Thread pic should be of a two headed jackass with both of their heads on it.

No. 28470

this thread isnt about emily though so please stfu about her. if you wanna drag her so bad, make your own thread and stop trying to derail us the main topic.

No. 28471

Take your Emily-hate-boner elsewhere.

No. 28472

Lol like this thread isn't a hate boner from all you tumblr twats that are super concerned about giving her air time on your shitty blogs but hypocritically come to lolcow to talk the same ol' same ol' shit you did on your blogs. Same fucking song and dance, get over yourselves.

No. 28473

Lol this isn't pull. Look at the thread on Ashley. We discussed many spoopy skeletons in her life and on her sns and nobody shit bricks over it.
If anyone here has a boner it's you for that buck toothed hick.

No. 28474

File: 1442009281754.gif (1.13 MB, 320x240, tumblr_inline_nuhni7Pmcb1rfkjy…)

No. 28475

I miss the old lolcow. Fuck all you newfags and your inability to find actual lolcows. And your cock sucking.

No. 28476

File: 1442010408457.gif (882.92 KB, 275x207, 1442009281754.gif)

No. 28477

File: 1442010732860.jpg (42.65 KB, 463x376, image.jpg)

Tumblr fatty

No. 28478

Is that a pic of heather???

No. 28479

holy shit now that you mention it, the resemblance is uncanny!

No. 28480


kek do you even know what heather looks like? she's a babe.

No. 28481

File: 1442015553615.jpg (95.3 KB, 500x667, tumblr_nl8iuibm8F1tktmygo1_500…)

haha oh yeah, they ttly look the same (sarcasm)

No. 28482

here's the backstory to this picture, for those curious:


picture related: same girl

No. 28483

Lmfao heather you self post on here as much as ember does. Lame bitch.

No. 28484

i'm not heather, though we are friends.

No. 28485

How cute "mes are interwebs fwends" newfag

No. 28486

You sound like Ashley's forestcat Stan lol

No. 28487

ehhh k? o.0

No. 28488

File: 1442024606636.jpg (601.83 KB, 1040x1358, Maybeshesbornwithit.jpg)

No. 28489

File: 1442031326314.jpg (86.92 KB, 500x667, image.jpg)

lol r u kidding? she does look like the feminist in the picture. her face is so fucking lumpy and droopy it's like she's constantly frowning, but with her skin instead of her mouth. also, dat mouth shape. and she has the gall to mock white peoples looks….gross

No. 28490

If you consider "a babe" to be the makeup-plastered Kermit the frog looking heroin faced Heather, I feel so sorry for you.

No. 28491

You sound so butt hurt right now

No. 28492

>mfw her and ember look the same age

No. 28493

You all look dumb. This thread is boring and that other girl isn't ugly please god let this die.

No. 28494

This is so funny…you tried so very hard.

No. 28495

Anon didn't try as hard as Heather though.

No. 28496

If she mocks white looks then what race is she?

No. 28497

yoo wat the fuck is up with her eyes

No. 28498

She claims to be totally legit Native American u guise! her grandma was like an NDN princess or some shit! tee hee

No. 28499

She claims to be native because she is wtf lol

No. 28500

You mean you didn't try as hard as heather did.

No. 28501

A dead thread and then three replies all within a minute of each other basically echoing the same thing? Nice samefagging

No. 28502

bitch whiter than Ember tf

No. 28503

I usually think it's paranoid to constantly assume someone is self posting in their own thread but I'm completely serious when I say that even the most unsuspecting comments here are probably Ember. She's tickling her bean to all of this.

No. 28504

Honestly I would bet every penny to my name that she's posted in here at least once, if not multiple times. Probably pretending to be other people, she has a track record for that sort of behaviour especially on Tumblr. she isn't as hard to spot though because her insults are uniquely weak as fuck and she uses emojis at the end of her sentences instead of punctuation sometimes.

No. 28505

I feel like erika has been rooting around tbh

No. 28506

WHY is she making this stupid face all the time

No. 28507

Unfortunately, I couldn't find the sources. It did happen like three years ago, and I've deleted/remade my own blog since then. However, if I had a list of Emily's old usernames I may be able to dig the posts up?

No. 28508

hahaha why doesnt he have eyebrows?

ember ALWAYS dates the ugliest guys. the last boy she dated had a face full of acne and would ignore her to play vidya games or hang out with his friends haha.

No. 28509

her father is native american. and her grandma. along with meany other members of her family. y u so mad anon kek

No. 28510

you never heard of "white-passing"? heather's hair is naturally black.

No. 28511

She is. Her new blog is slimeslut420

No. 28512

thats just her face lol

No. 28513

3 years ago?… who the fuck cares then. also, i really doubt any of that is true.

No. 28514

it's because she can't get anyone better

No. 28515

File: 1442069276456.jpg (182.21 KB, 640x400, tumblr_nf7o5mcPKF1tktmygo1_128…)


This is a video that Ember's grandmother shot for her animal company thing but as soon as the ~truth bloggers~ on Tumblr got a hold of it, Ember deleted it from her grandma's channel.

But yeah, this is Ember's face with absolutely no angle or edits altering her true facial structure.

Bitch has a dog shit face. Through and through.

No. 28516

her nose is so crooked lol and has she never heard of shampoo????


No. 28517

File: 1442069571240.jpg (30.46 KB, 510x382, best-celebrity-nose-jobs-befor…)


man she really needs to start a gofundme for a new nose

No. 28518

Jesus Christ, what a jaw.

Also, where did those sunken cheek bones go ember??

No. 28519

File: 1442070382490.jpg (53.56 KB, 600x900, BVRZNUyIMAAiClD.jpg)


No. 28520

She looks like a less derpy peacockfeather.

No. 28521

File: 1442070797854.jpg (100.62 KB, 407x409, 53575511.jpg)


OMG this is so fucking funny because that seriously is Ember!!! Hahahaha

~scum bag pro ana logic~

i love it


No. 28522

File: 1442070948677.jpg (100.43 KB, 407x409, 52802774.jpg)

these are killing me

No. 28523

File: 1442071002007.jpg (107.69 KB, 407x409, 52070891.jpg)

No. 28524

File: 1442071122011.jpg (116.29 KB, 407x409, 52062951.jpg)

Holy shit, you guys remember when Ember claimed that HER DOCTOR told her that she needed a Tumblr?????????????

Because that actually happened lmfao.

No. 28525

File: 1442071172305.jpg (108.36 KB, 407x409, 52061199.jpg)

No. 28526

File: 1442071211041.jpg (98.68 KB, 407x409, 52087223.jpg)

No. 28527

File: 1442071283366.jpg (103.6 KB, 407x409, 52050487.jpg)

No. 28528

File: 1442071336604.jpg (105.07 KB, 407x409, 52038414.jpg)

No. 28529

I wonder how it feels knowing that every person she knows IRL is just one google search away from finding a shit ton of embarrassing information:


No. 28530

File: 1442077575791.jpg (76.29 KB, 354x640, image.jpg)

Some ember photoshop lulz

No. 28531

File: 1442077648874.jpg (207.33 KB, 1016x591, image.jpg)

No. 28532

At least she's learned to tie her hair up so it's not in front of the camera anymore loll
I didn't realize she was leaning forwards that much

No. 28533

good god, she probably has to lie down after taking selfies because all the blood rushes to her head and probably causes her to become lightheaded kek

No. 28534


holy shit could that border of the wall in the background be any more wonky??? Is she fucking trolling??

No. 28535

Mrs. Potato Head

No. 28536


I think she is trying to lose weight in her face lol

No. 28537


her teeth look so ratty and jagged lol

No. 28538

File: 1442163378000.png (1.03 MB, 1080x1629, Screenshot_2015-09-13-12-54-39…)

her tits look so god damn disgusting

No. 28539

File: 1442164094885.gif (1.03 MB, 540x951, burn.gif)

she saved that pic from her snapchat. here is the original compared to the pic she put on her pro-ana instagram. without the insane contrast she applied, her chest bones are invisible.

also, the way she is holding her camera is just another little thinspo trick that makes the upper arm appear skinnier than it truly is.

like just look at her forearm. it's almost twice the size of her bicep lmfao.

No. 28540


It totally looks like she used a burn and dodge tool on her chest and neck.

No. 28541

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

Its one of the functions on Instagram, the one in the middle that little half sun thing. I was playing around with some of my own pictures to see how ember does her photoshop

No. 28542

completely unedited, ember looks fucking normal hahahahah

No. 28543

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

I'm not saying she doesn't. I was clarifying for the above poster what burn/dodge tool was used. Thanks anyway.

No. 28544

that's not a dodge and burn tool, it's the contrast adjustment. High contrast is one of ember's go-to methods for making herself look spoopy in her pictures. I can't believe the idiot teenage proanas actually fall for it.

No. 28545

File: 1442172255860.jpg (450.44 KB, 1936x1936, image.jpg)

Ember posed and photoshopped vs ember unedited in a still from a video

So shopped, so ana

No. 28546

She looks really big in that second picture tbh. She's around 5'3 right? Must weigh at least 130 lbs

No. 28547

No. 28548

She looks skinnyfat in the second picture, I don't know where you're getting really big from.

No. 28549

Just from glancing the editing in this is just lol:

Boobs bigger
Thigh gap
Waist to hip ratio

It looks like she used one of the leg stretching apps too to make her look talked and leaner.

No. 28550

I feel like ember is going to become that dusty old waitress with overprocessed hair, chewing gum and winking at customers.
"Ill be right back with your order, hun"

Also she'll be telling poor people who entertained her how she used to be "famous" with 6k followers and theyll smile and nod but be thinking of a way to escape the convo.

No. 28551

130? Sorry anan-chan, eat a banana. She looks around 105.

No. 28552

If shes 5'6" id say somewhere between both of those tbh
I dont doubt she eats a bunch thp, considering how much weed she smokes and her active job

No. 28553

File: 1442177703838.png (372.55 KB, 492x618, 3.png)


she swears she is 5'6 and 92 pounds but this girl http://www.mybodygallery.com/photos-47695-body-shape.htm?StartAt=47#.VfXiHflViko is 5'6 and 100lbs yet looks so much skinnier when compared to Ember's chunky ass.

No. 28554

File: 1442178165603.png (373.1 KB, 492x540, 3.png)

No. 28555

She's gone back and forth between 5'5 and 5'6 but a few candids of her with her friends were found and she was damn near 5 inches shorter than the tallest one. She also made a profile on some second rate model mayhem and put her height as 5'1 so I'm more apt to believe that she's lying about how tall she is to make her BMI lower

No. 28556

We could probably figure out her height usingher surroundings easily

No. 28557

ask her ex how tall he isJust

No. 28558

She looks about 5'4" to me.

Also: it looks like she deleted a TON of posts. I wonder what that could be about? Did she ever say what she was boo-hooing about yesterday?

No. 28821

File: 1442230515892.jpg (64.3 KB, 500x500, tumblr_inline_nc2hrjWWeH1rbbid…)


Ember is on the far right (kind of hard to miss her potato face)

No. 28822

File: 1442230540024.jpg (35.96 KB, 500x500, tumblr_inline_nc2ht98VEb1rbbid…)

Here's a picture of her standing next to her ex boyfriend, A.j.

No. 28824

God damn, if Ember is 5'6, why is the girl in the blue hoodie having to bend her knees so she could be a little bit below her???

So if she is 5'6, that other girl has to be around 6ft and that boy over 6'2ft.. which would be insane, right?

Ember clearly lies about her height to appear skinnier, obviously. Lying about your height on the internet is basically the easiest thing ever to do.

No. 28829

File: 1442232844856.png (594.66 KB, 753x915, 3.png)

I love the comment someone who knows Ember in real life left on her boyfriend's profile picture hahah.

Even the people in her life know she doesn't really look like that and if she doesn't stop making such dumb faces all the time, her forehead wrinkles are going to get so much worse.

No. 28837

making a silly face once in a while won't give you wrinkles, don't be silly anon

No. 28909

I agree, she's already going to get wrinkles from smoking, straws and sucking in her cheeks

Besides that I think that >>28829 is her natural smile face because she's embarrassed of her teeth and I'm sorry but those are literally her eyebrows, I think they're only slightly raised

Does anyone know how old her bf is?

No. 28960

From what I can tell, he's been bartending since at least 2012. I'm guessing the dude is 24 or older?

No. 29146

No. 29728

And a moron.

No. 32599

I can't believe she's having ANOTHER "fan art" contest for herself already. It's been three weeks since her last one.

No. 32653

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

She's not having a different one its the same contest.

No. 32676

ember would be beautiful in her own right if she wasnt such an arsehole

No. 32687

No. 32739

I mean her face could be sort of cute if she didn't make all those stupid faces.

No. 32742

No. 32761

File: 1442432043806.jpg (61.68 KB, 338x750, image.jpg)

Yes so pretty not potato face nope

No. 32764


mayb im just bias because i have been her friend for a long time

oooh well

No. 32769

And retarded.

No. 32770

Holy shit Luna. stop posting here. we all know it's you.

No. 32782


yep im defo luna 100% wow u guys are so clever? i wish this thing had statcounter so you could see im actually from North Carolina but okay

No. 32785

you type nearly identically to her. might wanna fix that.

No. 32786


except i dont type like a 12 year old retard like her so nope guess again

No. 32801


anyone with a job, college education, etc could type better than her omg

No. 32807

No one gives a shit who you are. If you're friends with Ember it's safe to assume you're a moron.

No. 32814

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

That photo is nearly 4 years old. Ember got prettier since that awful picture

No. 32842

No, she's uglier now.

No. 32846

File: 1442439679824.jpg (73.13 KB, 640x841, image.jpg)

No. 32847

File: 1442440032016.jpg (64.38 KB, 1136x640, image.jpg)

No. 32849

No. 32892

holy fuck, she desperately needs braces D: dem snaggleteeth.

No. 32902

No. 32903

No. 32925

File: 1442460954351.jpg (61.02 KB, 1136x640, image.jpg)

She looks like a derpy boy with aspergers.

No. 32947

File: 1442465493167.jpg (47.91 KB, 380x444, image.jpg)

Snaggle tooth city

No. 32951

(Posted by Kristen. Click for more info.)

Ok but that ring is on her right hand finger… So either she's an idiot and doesn't know it goes on the right or it's not an engagement ring. Also she claimed to have an "engagement" ring from aj too lol so. She's also only been dating this guy for like 4 months lol

No. 32956

She wore her ring on a necklace on her neck lol

No. 32965

Please tell me that's her shirt and not her saggy tits

No. 33009

Is the cunt self-posting or does she just have one (maybe two) desperate stans trying to defend her and making themselves look like morons in the process? Honestly, why would you go out of your way to white-knight this basic bitch?

No. 33013

I don't know, and I don't care.

I just report every single photo of hers that comes across my feed. she's a gross cunt and doesn't deserve internet privileges.

No. 33014


No. 33047

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

That ring is the one from aj. And its obvious that was taken with a front facing camera, which flips the photograph

No. 33270

or she's a lefty.. probably not, moron is more likely. but as a lefty, i wear my jewelry on my right hand.

No. 33292

Wtff does she not have shoulderblades

No. 33526

Ember has been posting threads here about the girls who would drag her on Tumblr lmfao. Here are their thread numbers if you want to check them out:


They're filled with nothing but Ember talking to and agreeing with herself. It's so god damn cringey.

She isn't fooling anyone lol.

No. 33562

lol someone just called her out in her tag after ember anonymously told them to kill themselves. her dumbass forgot to use a proxy and she got caught lmfao

ember is just so fucking stupid, bless her poor retarded heart

No. 33565

Ugh god, of course it's whismical. That girl is a piece of shit and insane-level obsessed with hating ember. For YEARS. There's just as good a chance that she faked it as there is of Ember sending it in the first place. They're both bored immature attention seekers.

No. 33575

Honestly, I trust whismical over Ember any day. Also, there's now a thread about her on lolcow so I really believe Ember sent her that anon and made that thread about her. They both seem obsessed with each other. Fuck, she's probably even in here. shrugs

No. 33576

No. 33577

They're both liars, the only difference is that Whismical will admit it when she's backed into a corner and Ember won't. They're both completely shady.

No. 33579

(Posted by Kristen. Click for more info.)

Somebody run her statcounter screengrab through fotoforensics because that looks shopped as hell and whismical is already known for lying

No. 33583

(Posted by Kristen. Click for more info.)

Omg whismical always thinks ember is after her even though ember doesn't give two fucks about her. All ember goes after is Emily.

No. 33585

There's no point, you can just screenshot your shoop and the altered pixels won't register. The girl knows these things. I'm not saying Ember didn't send it. I'm just saying it's up Whismical's alley to use this opportunity to being herself into it with some doctored screenshots. She also knows about lolcow, has for quite a while I believe.

No. 33586

*bring herself into it, sorry.

No. 33596

It's not photoshop, calling someone a "fat slag" is 100% right up Ember's alley. There's also been a large amount of anonymous hate being submitted to truth blogs too. And trust me when I say, it is safe to assume it has been Ember and since Whimsical just posted proof that Em sent her anon hate, it basically just confirms it.

No. 33620

(Posted by Kristen. Click for more info.)

Whismical, why do you keep talking about yourself In third person?

No. 33641

She's probably doing it automatically because she's used to truthblogging

No. 33657

her body makes me want to vomit. how can a person look fat and skinny at the same time. and her fucking face… oh deear god. she is hideous.

No. 33701


hey am the OP of the heather thread, although i cant deny that ember probably made the threads about those other 2 girls, i alone made the thread about JB so..

No. 33705

can we just fucking nuke Tumblr already

No. 33706

The vendetta threads from tumblr are so annoying and dumb. No one here cares if jb called you out.

No. 33707


she hasnt ever called me out, i just think she's a big shitty hypocrite :-))

No. 33709

contrary to popular belief, a lot of people actually dislike Heather and just didn't bother saying that on tumblr because she has an army of rabid truth blog cunts behind her. it's not worth it. it's only recently that anyone's dislike for her has even come out of the woodwork, but I know myself and a few others def have seen huge red flags with her for a long time now.

No. 33712