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File: 1445829568757.jpg (62.45 KB, 580x841, farrah-abraham-bikini-birthday…)

No. 49300

Since we're talking about American 'Celebrities' I'd figure we could talk about none other than Farrah Abraham. To those who don't know her (From the PULL SITE):

>> Part of an American Reality show 16 and Pregnant / Teen mom where she had a child at age 16.

>>Known to be very bratty towards her parents and even lashed out at her cast-mates in public through Twitter IRL.

>>Letting the media know that her parents abused her even though her parents are literally her lap dogs and would be so defensive against criticism towards their daughter.

>>Was part of 2 Sex Tapes with James Deen and at first she seems to enjoy doing by letting the media know that she's doing this to celebrate her sexuality but sooner or later she back-pedaled by telling everyone that the tape was leaked before she changes her story. She even lied about being raped and drugged and results with her burning bridges to the company that she enjoyed working with.

>>Preaches about not being a porn star although she recently launched her sex toy products, going on strip club tours, and even appear at porn conventions. She now have a webcam site.

>> Takes her 4 year old daughter and Dad to the office of Vivid Entertainment (Porn company) to sign the deal.

>Addicted to Plastic Surgery to the point where she would even encourage her daughter to get one when she's older.

>>Plucks her 4 year old daughter's eyebrows because it was too hairy for her. And would even admit that she doesn't spend any time with her daughter since the both have separate lives.

>>Would do anything for attention by even appearing on VH1's Couple Therapy by herself and her boyfriend was staged just so she can get out her Sob Story.

-Recently appeared Celebrity Big Brother UK and shit blew the fuck up to the point where she had to send one of her castmates to the hospital and caused a big fight. The day after the altercation she played victim while pretending to be in a wheelchair for the cameras even though she was fine the next day.

>>Would use hashtags of unfortunate events such as Hurricane Patrica just to advertise her adult webcam website on Twitter.

tl;dr version: She's a plastic narcissistic snowflake who would use her Reality TV status to get what she wants and always play the victim card of her so-called troubled past as an excuse to treat others like shit IRL.

No. 49320

What happened to her being proud of her sex tape and was even going to show it to her daughter.

(I love the show,but man these people are something else.)

No. 49347

I hate this cunt so much

It makes me happy to see how fucking ugly she is when she cries (which is all the time)

No. 49359

smh she is the worst girl on teen mom by far. the episode when they were all in new york and they showed farrah clip of maci saying that she didn't want bentley on the show made me sooo mad.

she was like "oh idc ! idc abt maci ! lol im such a good mom ! idc !" and then she had a hissy fit of it

she's the epitome of spoiled brat

No. 49360

Jfc she looks like she's 50

No. 49367

She has a music video..

No. 49374

That was such a cringed video. Fuck, she sounds fucking horrible, and she's on fucking auto tune. How could someone be so fucking shitty and lacking in looks, brains, personality, fuck she pisses me off.

No. 49381

File: 1445839539242.png (2 KB, 184x77, lmao.png)

No. 50709

It's no surprise that she is part of a webcam industry now. Next I suppose she'll be blaming Jenna Jameson for making her do so even though those two are BFFs. Oh and she added Hurricane Patrica just to get attention.

No. 50725

File: 1445849971209.jpg (14.76 KB, 269x302, 1IvbJJL.jpg)

Her dad is a lap dog, but her mom was arrested for assaulting her.

No. 51084

>>50725 I remember the Assault. Im guessing her mom must've snapped after dealing with her daughter for all these years. If you check out her therapy session on VH1s couple therapy it seems that Farrah was part of the mess as well since she wouldn't listen to her mom. While I don't think it's right for her mom to hit her daughter but I honestly can understand her frustration when her own daughter is being disrespectful. I'm guessing she's now her lap dog since Farrahs in the public eye and she doesn't want to risk of being labeled as a monster by the media even though Farrahs dragging their name in the mud.

No. 51091

The video

No. 51101

Farrah is pretty bad but Leah is bad as well. In fact, she lost custody of her twin daughters recently. Janelle is in between Farrah and Leah, imo. She keeps having kids even though she doesn't have custody of her first kid. IDGI.

No. 51262

At least Leah doesn't have a snowflake syndrome who's a huge professional victim. Jenelle Maybe but Farrah takes the shirt cake

No. 51454

Yeah but Maci looks dumb every time she says it's because Farrah does porn. Just say you fucking hate her, don't make it about not wanting your 4 year old Son to somehow absorb through time and space that she has a porn tape. The only way he'd know that is if someone told him she was in porn, and porn is bad.

The Dr. Drew roundup with her this season was so cringy. Glad she's sticking people all day while having nervous breakdowns.

No. 51479

she's Blowin' all right. How can someone sound so shitty even after autotune and heavy production? Damn.

No. 51487

Kek from her mom I can see why the daughter turned out why she did.

No. 51493

H-holy fuck. For anyone else who usually scrolls past vids, this is worth watching. You just can't conceive the cringe factor.

When it shows her Facebook/twitter holy fuck

I'm dying

No. 51497

I gave it a watch since you said it was worth watching. Holy fuck. HOW.

>tfw Paris Hilton's "Stars Are Blind" got blasted for sucking

>tfw watching this and thinking that Paris was actually pretty fucking great

No. 51537

Oh yeah, she came here to the UK and went on Big brother this year.

Everyone fucking hated her guts, she was a cunt and that other porno trash blonde too.

Happy so happy Big bro pulled a prank on these ugly skanks.

No. 51538

No. 51565

And lets not forget she threw her champagne glass at other castmates.

No. 51591

Right?! My mind is actually full of fuck. I just can't get past that in her head, this was a good idea, and that people were paid to put this shit show together.

I'm not even exaggerating when I say I've seen nothing as bad as this. Parodies have nothing on it. This… her music video is almost art it's so shitty.

No. 51613

(Posted by Kristen. Click for more info.)

Farrah is literally the most annoying teen mom on that show

No. 51818

Looks like somebody had a breast surgery for the third time in the row. http://www.mtv.co.uk/farrah-abraham/news/farrah-abraham-has-shared-photos-of-her-getting-a-boob-job-wtf

No. 53600

File: 1446510864584.jpg (68.85 KB, 490x490, Farrah_Abraham_before_after_pl…)


No. 53610

Someone introduce this cunt to heroin pls

No. 53615

File: 1446514921391.jpg (13.35 KB, 381x433, Receding-Chin-Causes-Meaning-P…)

I really can't see the difference with her nose, but that chin implant was a terrible idea. People like pic related need chin implants, not girls with normal chins, or they'll look witchy.

No. 53623

That's a terrible thing to wish. She seems like the kind of person to get addicted to it. She has a child! There was a girl who lived in my town who got a couple of bad bags, the ones made with fentynol; she shot up, od'ed and died with her baby on the bed right next to her. Wasn't even a year old. Sad asf tbh

No. 68996

I dear… looks like Farrah is now claiming that James Deen Raped her just like other porn stars said about him recently. And there is a new season of Teen Mom OG where shit hits the fan with her and the producers:


No. 68997

Whyyy. Unless you are seriously deformed, anything more than very minor surgery is just so wrong… It never looks good. So horrible.
Tbh I blame the show for exploiting young, obviously damaged girls and making them famous and 500% more vulnerable and criticized every day.
Not that Farrah is a good person but maybe, later on, she could have been once she matured. It's not going to happen now.

No. 68999

Her new version of the James Deen story but with more details on her previous responses. I think its obvious that she's only doing this for attention since other porn stars are coming to the media and accused Deen of raping them at this time. What you guys think?


No. 69001

File: 1449567899820.jpg (46.55 KB, 720x481, 5d9c3a09ac6b8247c303b362a9dde1…)

>>James Deen raped me for his benefit of fame.
Really though even if she was more famous than him, this still wouldn't make sense. Who rapes someone to benefit their fame knowing that the victim most likely wont come forward? Also her saying he drugged, abused and raped her when none of the other girls coming forward said they were drugged by him? None of what she's saying matches up. Also weren't they "dating" as a publicity stunt? Like their sex tape was a business deal not a leaked tape like she has claimed after people started accusing her of being a fame and money hungry slut for making said tape.

No. 69002

It really doesn't make any sense really. It was suppose to be set up for a stunt. If this was suppose to be a private tape then she would never be the one who actually goes to the Vivid office herself (with her dad and her child) to make the deal. She would most likely to sue him even before the tape actually was released like Paris Hilton. I know there are people out there who would call us victim-blamers but there is something about this girl that would make it so hard to believe her especially with her changing the story so many times and her vicious attitude with every member of the planet and for her to take something so tragic and make it about her (Her webcam advertising method on twitter by hashtaging hurricane patricia and the paris attack)

No. 69005

James blurted it all out at the time, and is probably the only thing he has to his credit. It's simple: she hired him and she's terrible at lying.

No. 69203

Here's the thing. During her first accusations of being raped in the Adult Film Industry the President of Vivid offered her a million dollars if she took a lie detector test and proved that she was telling the truth. But if she lied then she have to get all the money back and lose all royalties towards her products. Needless to say she didn't take the lie detector test and I'm curious on the president's reactions about her still using the same story but this time putting the blame on James.

Speaking of James it seems that he just told his side of the story when it comes to the accusations and I'm surprised that he didn't mention about Farrah yet.

Putting the porno drama aside after watching the trailer for the new season of Teen Mom I'm surprised that her Mom Debra isn't going insane to the point where she wants to kill herself. It must have been tough living the life of a mom who has a daughter who keeps dragging her name in the mud while having her granddaughter treating her the same way as her mom did. I just hope one day she'll wake up and tell her daughter what she needs to hear and cuts her out of her life since even though she did make some mistakes when raising a kid but she doesn't deserve this kind of treatment from anyone especially from someone who should be thankful for her care and support.

No. 69269

She's a lying liar who lies, but even a stopped clock tells the right time once (or twice) a day. I wait with interest.

Deen's scum now, proven or no: what if he did do it? I had actually forgotten her earlier allegation until you mentioned it. She'd say anything for attention and seems unaware of The Boy Who Cried Wolf, so there may be a truth nugget in her somewhere. God imagine if she gets another Dr Phil interview: she'll get even more pandered to.

No. 69270

Her mother raised this monster so no, she doesn't deserve to get a break.

No. 69415

I wouldn't take a polygraph either. They're unreliable and that's why they're not considered admissible evidence most of the time. Plus Farrah seems like the person who'd set it off with some kind of undiagnosed mental illness tbh

Farrah's constant lies and inconsistencies regarding the sex tape are more telling than her refusal to take a lie detector test for a porn dude

No. 72127

I think she'll go as far as accusing him as victim blaming.

No. 72858

File: 1450232222758.jpg (209.04 KB, 500x699, farrah-abraham-assault.jpg)


I'm guessing there is more into the altercation than the trailer shows us. Looks like this could be the endgame for her if MTV releases the footage to the police like they did to Amber.

And girl… Red is so not your color

No. 72870

Even Rebecca blacks "friday" is better than farrahs video

No. 73238

Or this…

No. 73242

File: 1450320470801.jpg (53.49 KB, 750x420, Farrah-Abraham-Plastic-Surgery…)

She looks old enough to be her pre-surgery self's mother.

No. 73277


No. 73280

File: 1450335059786.jpeg (172.04 KB, 750x847, image.jpeg)

She has the forced uncanny aly smile in the after photo

No. 73291

File: 1450342194575.jpg (112.98 KB, 350x525, roald-dahl-2-1.jpg)

Doesn't this remind you of her situation? It's starting to show already.

No. 73293

My goodness she's absoutely awful. I can't stand people who don't respect their parents. I feel so bad for her mom and dad.

No. 73303

Don't forget her classmates and the camera crew. Not only she won't allow the crew (who I remind you that they have been there for her since her daughter was born) to use her restroom but recently she hits the producer because they refused to let her be on another reality show due to her contract.

No. 73522

File: 1450422128278.png (770.46 KB, 943x611, what.PNG)

Don't you love it when people like Farrah tries to be the better person by saying: "I'm trying to move forward and be positive" / "I'm better than those people as I will not stoop down to their level" but at the same time she does the exact opposite by being catty and calling other people names? And her reaction is definitely like CWC as everytime someone posted something about her she goes ballistic.

No. 73541


OT sorry I'm out of the loop, why is he scum? last I remember everyone was kissing his ass

No. 73578

Stoya publicly accused him of rape on Twitter recently and a wave of supportive ladies came out who'd been assaulted by him. He's been disowned by just about every employer at the moment. http://www.theguardian.com/culture/2015/dec/04/how-stoya-took-on-james-deen-and-broke-the-porn-industrys-silence

No. 73609


But how does on person take an allegation to the social media instead of the police or telling the director/president if something is not right?

No. 73621

While she is awful in how she treats people, I hate when people think everyone needs to respect their parents. I mean, Farrah's a parent too now, but I'm not sure she deserves her daughter's respect, and plenty of parents flat out don't deserve respect from anyone at all.

No. 73768

I don't think her daughter would ever respect her when she gets older since Farrah is the type of woman who always should be at the center of the attention. Look at Kim Karadashian, she's over 30 and still acts like a teenager but I think Farrah will be worse since at least Kim doesn't attack people online or freak out whenever someone talks bad about her. I remember watching True Life where a teen girl have a mom that dresses up like a 21 year old and would go around and flirt with high school students. But yeah we better hope that Farrah would snap out of it once she see's her daughter acting out. Also as for respecting parents at least she can try to be a better person and be civilized with her mom even though she doesn't respect her.

No. 74361

How to lose sympathy and to be a compulsive liar under 2 minutes.

No. 74369

Fuck, she looks so old and washed up now but I can't even pinpoint what it is exactly Maybe the nose? But geez, she was actually quite cute in the before picture! Not a model by any means, but a girl next door type. If she kept shoulder-length hair back then, didn't tan and went for a cuter style (and personality lol), she could have had that Zooey Deschanel appeal

No. 74398

File: 1450767212614.jpg (36.33 KB, 500x688, portw.jpg)

Gary such a piece of shit and that old guy amber is with now is so ugly she can do so much better.

No. 74400

Maybe she digs older men.

No. 74401

No. 74405

Fuck Amber is a shit stain and should have never had a child.

No. 74406

Fuck Amber is a shit stain and should have never had a child.

No. 74411


it's the weird fake/real tan, her extremely poor mental health taking a toll on her, and her obvious eating disorder. her life trying so desperately to be famous has aged the fuck out of her.

that and she always had plain jane midwestern face, and was prob only popular in her high school for being skinny. she's always had a princess complex, and someone convinced her to start modeling/acting for reality TV young - once she was confronted with Hollywood and how she's below average by those standards, she maintained her underweight body and learned to do pornstar makeup.

she honestly talks like she wishes she was a beverly hills housewife, like a slightly retarded cool mom that's still (to some people) hot.

No. 74415

How can she be able to have another child when she can barely take care of one due to her obvious mental illness. If she have another child then its most likely she'll label her children as the "Golden Child" or "The Scrapegoat" since that's what narcissistic parents do. My guess is Sophia will be the golden child since she already have fans and she's been under her mother strings before she was born.

No. 74639

It depends. Her daughter now is hideous as all hell, even for that so-ugly-its-cute thing. If she were to adopt something more pleasing to the eye I could see her playing favourites. Like only taking pictures with the better of the two accesories.

No. 76308

So did anyone catch the Teen mom OG special last night?

No. 78063


The clip that everyone is talking about. Its at the very end if you don't wanna see the whole thing.

No. 78638

guy here, would definitely bang that plastic chick.

No. 78650

So? You're a dude. Dudes are willing to bang anything.

No. 78902


Are you sure that it's not because of how you act in public and not just because of your sex tape?

No. 78903

File: 1452302884551.jpg (46.19 KB, 620x586, farrah-abraham-zoom-16aa579f-f…)

Holy shit, she looks like Kim Kardashian.

No. 78910

Thats the celebrity she wants to be

No. 78915

I'm going to get blasted for saying this but she looked fine and even cute before. wtf happened? Also those tits look so fake.

No. 78916

>implying it was her idea
Hate gets views which gets bank. People love trainwrecks. She must have an agent or something capitalizing on that.

No. 78917

There are always drugs on porno sets. The regulars probably know better than to squeal about that.

I've seen a guy bang a snake. Next.

No. 78921

This isn't a juicy story but I have a friend that works for a major sex toy company and Farrah recently came in to have her vag modeled for a sex toy. She spent the entire time on her phone and I guess had the most annoying voice, she tries to talk like Kim, like that "vocal fry" type voice. My friend had to leave the room it was total grading. She's apparently has the personality of a wet paper bag, she wasn't enjoyable to be around or something. That's all I got, not too boring but not too interesting either.

No. 78990

Any stories is nothing minor my friend. What do you guys think is gonna happen when farrah have another baby? Might give up the sex industry like she preaches or nah?

No. 79066


Recently they've interviewed her mother and I'm happy to say that the Pregnancy Rumors as well as the Adoption rumors are completely false. Although once again Mistress Pinocchio lies again.

No. 79333

Watch her porno, and buy her molded vag then.

I want to believe that it is all faked for the views, but I cant understand why she would continue to make herself look like shit.

Poor Heather. It must be rough to have to prep to film someone who treats you like shit all the time.

No. 79467


Looks like Ms.Pinocchio's actions were so outrageous that it even gives Nicki Minaj something to vent about.

No. 79887

In Farrahs world your either with her or against her. You can't be neutral. Oh and I'll bring my daughter to fight off my battles.

No. 80920

Damn, people sure don't want her on the show anymore and the number keeps on getting bigger.


No. 87741

I have a question for all of you. We all know that Amber got in trouble for hitting Gary on Camera, would it be possible for Farrah to get investigated for her Domestic Abuse against the Producer if the abuse was extremely violent (like hitting/puniching and not just shoving?)

No. 100054

Im surprised nobody was talking about the season finale and how the session with Dr. Drew went. Seriously pisses me off although we all saw this coming.

No. 100972


This really pisses me off. It's like the exact moment when somebody made a shocking news like Rape (Kesha and Lady Gaga) she had to make this about her and jump on the bandwagon in order for people to feel sorry for her as if her sob story about her parents and James Deen wasn't enough.

Before anyone calls me a victim-shamer lets be honest for bit. She mades these many accusations under a short period of time where usually it takes time to reveal shocking information. I'd say she's trying to be a professional victim.

No. 100984

Obviously yes, she could get arrested if she was violent. But she wasnt hitting him so that isnt happening. I would be surprised if they keep her on the show with how she lashed out at him.

No. 100987

What happened?

No. 101115

Apparently Dr. Drew once again ignores the elephant in the room and rather just ask Farrah about her so called miserable childhood and kissing her ass once again while she does her signature fake cry. And he even go as far as literally shutting her mom up even though she was trying to apologize for past mistakes once again. Dr. Drew Didn't knowledge the fact that this season farrahs the one who's been aggressive and not her mom as she was only trying to help her by watching her daughter while she's in London for big brother. According to radar online there's a possibility for the producer and S
Farrah to talk about the fights on Monday with Dr. Drew but my guess is that larrys gonna be forced to apologize and for them to let Farrah on even though she treats them like shit. Already there's article of her being filmed for Season 7.

No. 101764

No. 102099

No. 102290

She's her little puppet obviously but while TMZ records her mom talking shit about Nicki and Lisa once again you could hear her in the background saying: "I LOVE NICKI MINAJ!!"

Obviously I won the bet as Catelynn was forced to Apologize for her Snapchat video although I'm not sure Farrah said her sorrys as well (probably not)

No. 103183

No. 136045

God I remember watching teen mom way back and feeling so sorry for her because her then boyfriend and father of her child died so she had to raise her all alone. Her mother was portrayed as a monster. Now I just feel disgusted by her. Taking her 4 year old daughter with her to a porn office… what the fuck happened?

No. 136223

i think her mom actually is a monster but now in her old age and with watching her daughter just crash and burn in life she's become softer and empathetic. her mom is also clearly into the fame/money, same with her dad fucking negotiating the porn deal wtf, and probably calculates how she looks on national television more. farrah just had shitty parents and learned validation through being an mtv personality, which is fucked. i know 'teen mom' was intended to be more of a documentary thing, but they were legit children when they were hired and should have been given more support.

No. 136231

File: 1464757539489.jpg (94.94 KB, 634x507, 30010D4300000578-3395401-image…)

her kid gives me life omfg

No. 136236

Her chin was fine, she could have used a better nosejob though. The strong nose/strong chin combo def looks witchy and makes her seem way older.

No. 141795


It seems that she haven't learned her past mistakes when it comes to the porno industry. My money is on her blaming the co-star for being in another film. And its funny since she recently opened up a Frozen Yogurt place in Austin. I wonder how all this will go down with her other businesses including MTV.

No. 141804

It's kind of embarasding but for a while I was listening to Shane Dawson's podcast and they had a segment where they bitched about Farrah Abraham with a theme song that went "doodododo it's Farrah Abraham time doodoododo god made a mistake" they said some pretty hilarious shit about her and then they actually got her on the show lmao.

No. 144498

Earlier this year she had a five episode podcast show called farrah and friends. She had Shane on the show it's funny now that you mention it because the whole time he was making fun of her but her head is so far up her ass to notice. I believe she called it quits after the story came out where she admitted lying about the uber rape case and she don't want to be bombarded with angry callers. It's weird that one of the episodes is where the producers are "clearing the air" when it comes to the stuff happening on Teen Mom OG last season.

No. 148579

File: 1467005414245.png (591.71 KB, 498x596, ww.PNG)

Is this her daughter?!?

No. 148581

Yes, it is. I'm very disturbed right now.

No. 148586

Nah, she seems like a tweaker, not a junkie. But she could certainly use some downers to calm her the fuck down. Sage BC late

No. 148587

fuck damn those plucked eyebrows, and she's like 4??? shit her mom is going to ruin

No. 148588

File: 1467008928512.png (1.51 MB, 1607x1181, fb.png)

this is disgusting and sad. makeup, arched eyebrows, "model pose" and a bikini. it's like CP level shit

this comment
>Farrah for the love of god grow a brain. There are sick men out there who are just waiting for you to post something like this. Think about your little girl instead of money for once in your damn life.

No. 148596

it's basically softcore cp. you would get permabanned if you posted that picture on 4chan. hope her IG gets shut down for this

No. 148606

>those comments
>Farrah for the love of god
My sides. Fucked up mother.

No. 148616

Guess I'll be reporting her ass

No. 148625

File: 1467020470557.jpg (133.8 KB, 750x937, fb.jpg)

you'd be a bubble in the ocean, anon.

>>Last month she received death threats and calls for social services to remove Sophia from her care after posting a photograph of her using playground equipment and likening it to pole dancing.

she's literally setting up her daughter's future as a whore. Imagine being 20 years old and wanting a clean start to your reputation to do or be whatever you want, but having to deal with the fact that your mother already decided your image when you were 7, and now it's permanently out there. I feel bad for her

No. 148626

jfc this kid is terrifying and it's not even her fault. I feel bad for her.

No. 148772

But when you're an MTV celebrity with a victim complex you could get away with anything. Seriously though fuck her.

Also she'll be appearing on Millionare Matchmaker and will never find out why nobody will date her due to her thick skull and desperate attempt to earn more money and fame

No. 148843

This is disgusting. Someone take this poor little girl away from her.

No. 148871

Poor girl is going to need therapy, guess she can use all the money she made from selling her vag sex toy on what made her money in the first place

No. 148979

Therapy? Fuck yeah since this poor little one had to deal with her cunt of a mother. Farrah had been to so many therapists but they keep blowing steam up her ass. At this point you'd figure she be a better person but nope she's worse than she was when she was 16. If this keeps up then Sophia may be worse in denial than her own mother.

No. 148993

I think Farrah needs therapy but I'm pretty sure she wouldn't see a therapist that disagreed with her, only the ones that told her what she wanted to hear.

I ended up watching CBB when she was on it and she responded so strangely to people. She was really paranoid and defensive all of the time. She was really rude to everybody and she interpreted everything they did as an attack on her, even though they were generally polite at the beginning. I don't understand how somebody can be so mean and disrespectful but be unable to recognise those traits in other people. She doesn't seem to realise she's worse than the people she gets angry at.

No. 149170

I think the paranoia and defensiveness is from how her stage mom treated her, but she's too old to not at least be aware of why she's such an asshole at this point.

I think Farrah's on some real white trash, low budget, desperate shock value shit with prostituting her daughter. Probably trying to make her "the next Miley Cyrus" in the same way that her mom sold her to MTV.

For real CPS should intervene considering these pictures.

No. 149222

I think she's Borderline due to the fact that she's doing risky things and not once she would be ashamed about it. It's also mixed with narcissisim and being spoiled.

No. 161037

Did anyone catch her on Millionare Matchmaker?

No. 161048

File: 1469675266648.png (783.62 KB, 764x799, Farrah6.png)

Yup. That show feels so fake tho. It's so horrifying how she can barely move her face.

No. 161102

>>161048 It's obvious that the show was fake as was still with Simon during the time of the filming. Judging from the new trailer from the upcoming season of teen mom its just the same old typical Farrah show with her being in denial and do her fake crys when things don't go her way unless she gets into another big fight with the producers again. But it's possible for the reunion to turn things around since she hated Dr.Drew ever since he admitted that he feels like strangling her (hypothetically of course).

Also you know what's funny? She claims her self to be a Christian woman but she's far from it.

No. 161207

About the chin implant, Sometimes when people get a nose job the surgeon will recommend getting a chin implant aswell so that their profile is "balanced"

No. 167568

Who's excited for a repeat cycle…I mean a new season of Teen mom?

In case you're wondering her 7 YEAR OLD daughter Sophia has a snapchat account and she (Farrah) wants strangers to send her pics. Thank god her account was banned shortly after.

No. 174715

Anyone catches up with Teen mom OG recently? It makes me wonder why Simon is still around besides getting fame and money? Is it really worth hanging around with this psycho cunt and her family?

No. 174749

Good sex? I dont think he is poor so he isnt dependent on her, but she clearly makes more money than he does and he benefits from her need to have him around. She wants to have a guy around just because she is the only single girl out of the group, but cant even fake the relationship well.

No. 174791

Its Hilarious that she bought a ring for herself and told everyone that she's expecting an engagement from him even though Simon said that's not the case since they both didn't agree for this commitment.

No. 174854

File: 1474179436044.jpeg (374.28 KB, 1449x2048, image.jpeg)


When I first started watching teen mom - before surgery-era; I've noticed how much she looked like my friend (bitch on the right - she's fat and looks old now despite barely turning 25) and had emphasized with her about wanting to start anew with her daughter despite her controlling mother. Guess "anew" means doing "what needs to be done" without anyone getting in the way to obtain fame and fortune, even if it meant exploiting her "daughter dearest".

Though I gotta give it to her, she's prettier than said friend. (Ugh, I'm such a bitch.)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 174903

I remember watching her Episode on 16 and Pregnant where the first thing she told us was how much she wanted to be a star and move to the city to become a model or some shit. I'm guessing that she took this as an opportunity to become well known despite the fact that the only reason she got famous is because of her daughter. Without her we probably won't hear about her unless shes like Snooki.

No. 188294

So can we talk about the upcoming Reunion fight that's been going on between her and Amber? Also how about her "BF" Simon's Snapchat and Twitter?


No. 426515

File: 1510941689562.png (1.35 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20171117-125902.png)

This might be necro posting but this was announced. Shocked she's seen as relevant enough tbh.

No. 426554

She literally has an active thread dipshit >>390118

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