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File: 1443041574108.jpg (128.4 KB, 1078x1360, Screenshot_2015-09-23-16-48-31…)

No. 36036

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

This girl is disgusting as fuck. She promotes and glorifies her emaciation and she bullies other instagram users. Not to mention she's one of @embersrecovery's best friend and top pro ana minions. I report her every day, she has 20k+ followers now.

No. 36038

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

Ewww holy shit why do disgusting girls like this exist. Im reporting her right now.

No. 36045

Oh I came across this girl a while back but had forgotten about her. Thanks for the reminder. I don't feel like reporting shit to Instagram ever does anything, but I do it anyway.

No. 36048

They're probably fapping to it lol

No. 36049

These are the type of anas that need to collapse and not wake up.

Two types of anas: the ones who cry and need the help and these cunts

No. 36051

File: 1443043517316.gif (1.63 MB, 360x270, 1441840221582.gif)

>Please report!

No. 36061

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

Wait hasn't she said on Instagram she's a wife and mother? Or engaged with a child or something I swear I've read that before on her posts…………can you imagine finding your moms Instagram, full of weird thinspo and 20k pro ana worshippers?

No. 36064

yeah i posted about her in the ally thread a while ago. she has crohns and uses it as an excuse to post ~thinspo~

she says she's not pro ana, but she promotes pro ana accounts so she's basically entirely full of shit

No. 36068

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

I bet she doesn't even have crohns

No. 36069

yeah, i know two people with crohns and while they do have to watch what they eat, they aren't skin and bones.

No. 36076

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

She definitely doesn't have crohns. She didn't even claim to have it until she started following and sucking @wings_of_glass's anus. She used to only claim to have anorexia and now she has "crohns" yeah right

No. 36082

I wonder what her husband and in-laws think of this. It's creepy, leading an army if teenaged pro-anas to their deaths

No. 36092

She has the nastiest face, she's lucky she posts only body shots to make up for it.

No. 36110

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

She looks like a meth addict!

No. 36111

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

She's not even skinny she's just photoshopped to hell. No ones body actually looks like that, take an anatomy class bitch

No. 36114

She's the worst and she's like 30.

She used to sell that girl Sarah smith/xblueeyedbarbie adderall through the mail

No. 36118

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

She also helped that girl scam people. That blueeyedbarbie bitch is even worse. >>36114

No. 36156

>She used to sell that girl Sarah smith/xblueeyedbarbie adderall through the mail
dude wat

No. 36161

She posted a bunch of screencaps of their texts in the exposingsarahsmith Facebook group.

No. 36276

File: 1443104002231.png (416.88 KB, 617x1165, im_fairly_stupid2.png)

kek, this entire thing is a fucking mess. I don't even know what to say.

No. 36277

File: 1443104203239.png (378.69 KB, 618x1018, You done goofed.png)

Followed by this.
I am scare ;_;

No. 36291

File: 1443107523272.png (1.35 MB, 1196x1196, Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 8.10…)

WTF is with the awful, abnormal, human anatomy-defying shoops? Who thinks this looks real or good in any way?

No. 36301

That looks… bizarre. And why doesn't she shoop her arms to match the rest of her? And why does she call herself I'm Skinny Beautiful if she's not proana? If the name was a way to say that Crohn's doesn't make you ugly it would be one thing, but the obvious thinspoo poses and body shots tell another story…

No. 36343

Yeah the whole thing doesn't make sense to me. If she thinks she's showing how ~awful it is to be dying of Crohn's disease~, why does she call herself "I'm skinny beautiful"? It's beautiful to die of Crohn's disease? Riiiight. All you have to do is look at the usernames of the people following her to see what kind of demographic she's pandering to (pro-anas).

No. 36358

File: 1443121627475.png (455.31 KB, 618x963, Hi McKenzie.png)

>They see me lurkin', they hatin'

No. 36406

So why do you always use those proana thinspo poses that make you look even skinnier?

No. 36419

(and Photoshop, or some sort of shitty editing)

No. 36431

Why is lolcow so butthurt about anorexic people?

I swear if all you do everyday is report anorexic girls on Instagram you're probably just a bitter fatty

No. 36454

File: 1443140315116.jpg (261.07 KB, 640x425, nope.jpg)

>implying butthurt
>implying this is all we do every day
>implying not being anorexic is something to be bitter about
>implying implications

No. 36473

>starves self
>fails after 24 hours
>binges on ice cream
>"wehhh these skinny bitches r dumb"

No. 36479

No. 36482

That's what you sound like.

No. 36486

>implying you know anything about me
Please refer to the image above and then return to MPA.

No. 36487

I know right??? Obsessively talking hundreds of body pictures and spending hours editing them a day just to post them on Instagram so your teenage fans over ten years younger than you will fist your asshole with compliments seems so much more fulfilling.

No. 36501

No sane person obsessively takes pictures like this. And if it were a self
-acceptance/self-love thing, there would be no need for her to seek out adulation from third parties, especially sick teenagers/tweens. Doesn't she have a kid?,how does she have time to take pics, photoshop them, and make friends with people for promo purposes?

No. 36514


Calling people bitter fatties & binge eaters is a great way to prove that you're TOTALLY in recovery from your ED and currently ONLY suffering the effects of Crohns Diseass. Way to prove a point!

No. 36516

This really isn't the place for this.

No. 36594

Well why are you so bitter that a girl starves herself and lies about a disease? Who cares? She's gonna die like the rest of them and reporting her won't change anything.

Only mad fatties spend too much time raging at anorexics on the internet.

Yeah she isn't even interesting so…

No. 36609

im confused as to why she edits her pictures when she claims her account isn't about being skinny and pro ana. her edit jobs are really horrible and there is no way she doesn't do SOMETHING to them b/c they look really strange. She seems like a nice enough person but theres a reason she keeps this account away from her IRL people b/c its god damn embarrassing to be 30 and have an account like this.

No. 36613

File: 1443195753448.png (1.27 MB, 1724x858, Nopemeter.png)

>Only mad fatties spend too much time raging at anorexics on the internet.
Come on. Again?
>implying we're bitter, mad, OR "raging"
>implying we're fat (really? that's the best you can come up with?)
>implying we spend a significant amount of time doing this (in case you weren't aware, reporting something on Instagram takes a few seconds and a handful of clicks)
Pls go. And yeah, reporting it/them might have a chance at getting the content or their whole Instagram taken down.
You're right that she isn't very interesting - she's annoying and lolworthy. Those shoops and horribly clicé ~thinspo~ poses, man. Oh boy. Oh, and are you her, or just one of her braindead pro-ana sycophants?

No. 36632

IDK about "spending too much time" or "raging," but people of all sizes can enjoy laughing at pathetic pro anas. In fact, if you'd read more threads around here, you'd know that there are anorectics here who enjoy laughing at your ilk.

Why are you here, BTW?

No. 36739

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

I wonder how fat she really is

No. 36741

File: 1443227805070.jpg (137.88 KB, 1068x1227, Screenshot_2015-09-25-20-31-02…)

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

he has a fucking 5 year old and she's leading this secret pro ana cult on Instagram at the same time? How does she have time for both?

I just picture this girl hunched over her computer editing her selfie photoshoot she spent all day taking, her little son on the couch asking when dinners ready, and she shoves him away "not yet honey, mommy's got to work on her internet persona first"

I'm sure she's super neglectful as a mother.

No. 36742

No. 36747

i doubt shes fat at all but shes not as skinny as she shops herself out to be. and i don't think its fair to judge her parenting; shes a sahm so she probably does have some extra time her famous IG account. but i do find it very strange that someone her age does shit like this. its like she so desperately wants to be a pro ana account but in disguise. its just really strange. if she wants to document her weight thru her disease then i think one picture a month would do, not one per day. she loves appealing to all the ana worshipers for some reason, i really don't g it.

No. 36748

that cracked me up. know the source of that gif?

No. 36750

who the fuck said she was fat? wtf
also, what's a sahm?

No. 36752

Stay at home mom?

No. 36861

WHAT???? any proof of this?

No. 36863

ehhh idk if she has any selfies on her instagram, but this chick has the ugliest face i've ever seen.

she resembles my grandmother's foot, to be honest.

No. 36864

File: 1443293532976.png (426.87 KB, 606x598, k.png)

No. 36866

File: 1443293893038.png (543.7 KB, 1138x426, 2122.png)

i just checked and these were the only photos i could find that at least showed a little bit of her hideous face.

she has a lot of wrinkles for a 30 year old.

No. 36871

File: 1443296087391.png (181.95 KB, 354x531, 2122.png)


here's a video from her IG account (i'll post the rest in a bit)

i genuinely do not understand why all of these thinspo spewing, pro ana cunts are all snaggletooth as fuck.

even her e-bestfriend ember whann has horrible teeth too:


No. 36874

File: 1443296911495.png (669.61 KB, 768x1110, kek.png)

No. 36877

File: 1443297450580.png (613.14 KB, 724x1112, kek.png)

srsly dough y she look like crash bandicoot

No. 36878

Her bicep is the same size has her thigh here and the neck of her guitar is curving in towards her thigh. Bad photoshopping.

No. 36879

File: 1443298314761.png (1.8 MB, 1340x1102, magicmorphing.png)

yet she swears she doesn't alter her shape whatsoever

No. 36880

File: 1443298488942.png (345.79 KB, 908x547, 1443298314761.png)

No. 36882

File: 1443299065754.png (118.53 KB, 450x270, ৱ.png)


No. 36884

Yeah, it's totally normal to look like a weird, stretched-out Barbie doll with normal human-sized arms…

No. 36885

The proportions make no sense. Her top half is twice as large as her bottom half. Her arms look normal and untoned. And unless she's a smoker and sunworshipper, no way she's 30.

No. 36886

yh she isnt 30. she's somewhere between 25 and 27 right now.

No. 36889

Yep, looks normal-sized in number two. And I think she's closer to 35 given the pics of her face that were posted above. Do people not see how she has what looks like someone colored in between her legs with a white paintbrush tool? How in some of the other pics, everything around her is wavy? How whatever is in-between her legs in her pics tends to magically overlap on the inside of her thighs?

No. 36890

File: 1443300690439.png (240.12 KB, 542x357, dddsF.png)

here's a few more videos from her instagram account: https://vid.me/sHdz

p.s. picture related - they're screenshots from the videos

1 - this is a photo of the wall mirror she uses to create her thinspo. notice how severely it is tilting? that's proof she is taking advantage of the "skinny mirror" trick that many clothing retail shops use to make their customers appear skinnier and taller when they check any outfit their trying on. here's an article that talks about it: http://www.thebudgetfashionista.com/archive/forever21-magic-mirrors/

2 - this is a still from a video where she is trying to prove that she does not photoshop

3 - this is a image of her compared to the video still. i'm just not convinced she is being honest with us.

like.. yes she is tall and VERY skinny as is but she definitely uses angles AND editing software to make herself appear even more elongated and emaciated and it disturbs me that she has over 20k followers who are mostly young teens that run pro ana accounts, who idolize her body and think what she posts are images of a real, attainable body type.

No. 36891


she said she was 22 in 2010, making her between 27 and 28.

No. 36892

File: 1443301277827.png (390.62 KB, 646x573, da fu.png)

lulz @ how the door just vanished between her legs

bad photoshop is baaaaad

No. 36897

hmm she either has gained weight in her thighs in the last 5 weeks or she shoop'd the shit out of her legs

No. 36898

File: 1443304031673.png (325.04 KB, 943x520, wwwww.png)

lol she deleted over 30 pictures from her instagram for some reason?

No. 36900

…………… and wtf is that

No. 36904

File: 1443306573027.png (211.88 KB, 984x972, wow.png)

girl swears she isn't pro ana and doesn't support those who are but allows eating disorder accounts which belong to CHILDREN to follow her private instagram account with over 700 images of her emaciated body.

pic related - these are just a few of the young teenagers who follow her.

No. 36905

File: 1443306955385.png (160.68 KB, 447x402, Screenshot_2015-09-26-18-32-13…)

off topic but why the fuck does embers face look so swollen? also them eyebrows… lmfao

No. 36906

She's clenching her jaw, you can see the muscle bulging.
Can we keep this a kenzie thread? Make a new ember thread?

No. 36907

she does a "selfie sunday" post of her face but then deletes it after a while. its obvious this account is super private and she doesn't want people she personally knows to find it. i don't understand how she can claim that she doesnt edit her photos, its SO obvious but she swears up and down. whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

No. 36930

Apparently he's wearing purple contacts, really shows how much she edits her pics when she filters the fucking color out.

No. 36989

oh god, can we not though… that annoying pile of dog shit doesn't deserve her own thread and im all for grouping her with another lil pro ana wannorexic.

hell, i wish there wes a thread for all the pro ana cunts who disguise themselves as pro recovery advocates who just so happens to be constantly relapsing and posting thinspo.

No. 36992

man what if she actually became muscular from tensing so god damn hard while she takes selfies? lmfao

No. 36993

…Hi, Heather.

No. 37027

Who the fuck is heather

No. 37047

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

Oh my god fuck off Ember stop self posting in every thread for attention. We see your stupid contacts, go back to your own POS thread.

No. 37048

No. 37067

not heather but i did get the idea from her!

No. 37068

heather is a chick on tumblr who ran a truth blog and then a week ago, ember whann made several threads and she was the topic of one of them.

No. 37069

here are the threads ember made btw

No. 37078

File: 1443373035292.png (561.26 KB, 974x513, mck.png)

I'm pretty certain she is blocking her own followers, trying to find the person who keeps posting her photos from her ~private~ instagram account (aka me!!)

No. 37079

ever since ember introduced me to this chick, i ALWAYS wanted someone to drag her so this thread is a literal godsend.

No. 37082

File: 1443373311381.png (48.01 KB, 1040x575, so.png)

i looked at her tag on tumblr and only found two posts.. by ember

No. 37083

scum tends to associate with scum

No. 37089

File: 1443375163999.gif (546.26 KB, 401x500, fraud.gif)

Made this little gif to prove that Mckenzie does, in fact, edit her photos to make herself appear skinnier.

No. 37091

i always thought she just used a image slimming tool but everything in that photo is morphed except for her couch and dresser. maybe she really does use photoshop?

because i'm not sure how else those letters and her bed post would became so fucked up looking without messing up the entire photo altogether.

No. 37092

even the L on the wall above her bed is fucked up compared to the other photos of it

No. 37093

no wonder she is so obsessed with her body. what we can see of her face looks uggo as fuck. she probably tries to compensate.
plus, in the videos she seems so awkward.
can't believe she's 27. she looks like an old hag and has the mannerisms and mindset of a teenager.
not sure whether to feel pity or repugnance towards her.

No. 37096

Her dog looks depressed

No. 37098

never in my life would i have ever suspected a grown woman who is almost 30, who has a child, and a fiance would do immature shit like this.

like i felt bad for her, knowing she has crohns and thought it really was causing her to waste away but now i know that she is a fucking fraud just like that blueeyebarbie/sara girl. has she ever begged for money by any chance? wouldnt be surprised if she did.

likw if her illness was legit, she wouldn't be photoshopping herself like this then cry "OH NOESS MY COHNS IS FLARING UPPP, LOOK AT TINY I AM!! :(((((!" when she really looks the fucking same as always.

i just dont get it. she's already skinny as fuck, she doesn't need to be doing this shit and the fact that she is proves that she is still clearly stuck in her eating disordered mindset and is still very much pro-ana.

hell, is there even any proof that she has crohns and isnt just another anorexic psycho who enjoys triggering young teenagers???????

No. 37099

Bless you for making this. Finally some legitimate proof that McKenzie Nicole is yet another deceptive snowflake.

No. 37104

File: 1443377564901.png (561.83 KB, 954x606, 1437362438856.png)

looks like her and ash are buddies

No. 37106

honestly i would love some proof too

No. 37113

her mirror annoys the fuck out of me, wonder how she looks completely unedited, with a normal fucking mirror reflecting her image

No. 37127

So is her hair covering at least one side of her upper body in all of her pictures?

No. 37137

almost, there's some rare images that aren't like that. like the photos here: >>37089

No. 37138

wow, why am i not surprised?

No. 37145

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

Someone should make an Instagram account pointing out her Photoshop. Tag her and her little ana friends, watch her chimp out and try to deny it with proof right there

No. 37148

She did post evidence of crohns and cancer before, it was a medical record I think. I don't doubt her about that, I just wish she would admit her account serves as a thinspo account.

No. 37176

The bathtub pics are super creepy and weird.

No. 37178

god this bitch is dumb as fuck. you cannot, I repeat CANNOT, just expect measly tags and a bio to scare away the pro Ana's. hence why her entire fan base is sick little girls who use her only for thinspo. this cunt knows exactly who looks at her pics and why. they are just thinspo. this is not documenting an illness, this is self serving ego masturbation. she loves her thinness. without it, she would have absolutely nothing. literally nothing at all interesting about her except her spoopy photoshopped frame.

also, why does she go to so much effort to look thinner but leaves her wide ass man shoulders intact? that's not cute boo, you look like a linebacker. might as well snoop that out too to maintain the perfect Ana figure.

No. 37198

File: 1443406275814.gif (272.88 KB, 286x523, kek.gif)

1 - obviously photoshopped image. i added the dots on her waist for comparison purposes

2 - i lined up her thigh and placed the left dot on the very outer of her waist, just the first image, and her size drastically increases within seconds

3 - i placed lines above her shoulders for comparison purposes

4 - i lined up her shoulders and their width increases magically

No. 37202

File: 1443407091965.gif (138.26 KB, 286x523, baaaad.gif)

more bad shoopin

No. 37203

Really feels like there's just one person posting in this thread…

No. 37205

lol bc farmers totally arent interested in another lying girl who appears as if she is knocking on death's door

No. 37212

I'm just here for the shoop gifs. I wish there was a whole /snow/ thread devoted to bad shoops.

No. 37248

No. 37260

Same same.

No. 37275

No offense but that doesn't make you entertaining, just another ana. Been there, done that. Being anorexic doesn't make you special or interesting sorry to break it to you. If you want attention so much, be a stripper or something.
Obvious self-post is obvious.

No. 37325

This. Dorito chins included.

No. 37402

File: 1443465949857.png (23.58 KB, 290x191, 15.png)

I just have a hard time telling if she is just severely
anorexic and uses crohn's as a cover up as to why she has
lost so much weight over the past few years or if it is
the other way around.

But the thought of a 27 year old mother claiming to be
afflicted by both of these diseases while also flaunting
her thin body on a private app that she has to manually
allow people to follow (which is only so sickly as a
result of the two illnesses) really disturbs me.

Picture related - Here we have McKenzie replying to a
person with the username anorexic.sophomore instead of
instantly blocking this impressional young teenager
(who is clearly already suffering) from being able to
view her extremely triggering photos. Way to be pro-recovery!

No. 37406

File: 1443466455923.png (992.56 KB, 1884x1184, 1';lkjhg.png)

wow i really didn't expect her to be following so many pro ana twitter accounts

she also has a lot of eating disorder related favorites too:

No. 37565

She might have Crohn's, but she 100% wants to be the skeleton queen. Maintaining a healthy weight with Crohn's can be difficult, but that wouldn't explain all her shoop'd thinspo pics.

No. 37593

Seems to me like she is anorexic and MAYBE has Crohn's, but if the latter is true she's still just using it as an excuse to be pro-ana under the guise of "body positivity."

No. 37620

I could believe her Crohn's story. My sister woke up one night with horrible stomach pains that didn't end for almost two years and she couldn't eat solid food that entire time. She lived off ensure and raw tofu. Before she was pretty overweight and within six months she was emaciated and constantly hospitalized due to malnutrition and almost died.

However once her flair up stopped, it stopped and now she barely gets them at all. She gained all the weight back and now is heavier than before. She went un diagnosed for most of that flair up and still suffers malabsorption issues like Mckenzie claims yet can still gain. In fact I know a ton of people with stomach issues who can still maintain a normal healthy weight. Obviously not everyone is the same but I would bet money she just uses it as an excuse to be a legit "thinspo" Instagram as opposed to a pro ana thinspo account

No. 37621

The only person I know with Crohn's is obese. Like, you have to be careful with what you eat but you don't starve to death. It's still possible to eat enough and even overeat with Crohn's.

It seems like she saw an ad on TV for Crohn's meds and then looked up the symptoms on WebMD. You need to try a little harder than that if you want to fake things properly.

No. 37625

If she actually had Crohn's, her doctors would be extremely concerned about her emaciation and she would at the -very least- be on a high calorie diet. She would possibly have a feeding tube as well. She's an anorexic using Crohn's as a cover up. Maaaaaybe she has some digestive issues from ana which she self diagnosed as Crohn's, but it's probably a complete lie. Does she ever post about doctors' appointments, hospitalizations, treatments, shitting blood out of her ass, etc.? Or is it all tragically beautiful b&w thinspo

No. 37689

File: 1443568709155.jpg (52.07 KB, 335x478, avatar.jpg)

off topic but did any of you see the photo Ember posted of her ID? (picture related)

at first, i was confused as to why she marked out her weight but then it hit me.

you can't claim to be severely underweight (she swears she is 90lbs) on your fucking state ID. the DMV person would have taken one look at Ember and knew she would be lying about her weight.

so that has to be why she has it crossed out. because if she ISN'T lying, her ID would be excellent proof for her to supply to end all of the drama surrounding her lies. (could be wrong but idk)

No. 37690

File: 1443568860445.jpg (139.09 KB, 693x458, 52q55.jpg)

I really think she has crohn's, she posted this earlier this afternoon.

No. 37692

Aww look at that full healthy face. No cheekbones in sight

No. 37693


I'm confused, what kind of ID requires your weight on it?
Is this normal in America? That's terrifying.

No. 37696

i'm from america but not new york, our IDs and driver licenses have our weight on them though they don't weigh us at the DMV or anything

No. 37697

this only has her height on it though?
My ID doesn't have my weight on it and I'm in the U.S

No. 37698


Meant to say
>new york IDs dont have weight on them. At least, mine doesn't.

No. 37701

Does she ever wash her hair?

No. 37720

she's just talking about it though… no actual pics of the procedure or hospital or whatever… she could easily be lying

No. 37721

That looks like the ID card people who don't drive get. Driver's license is, of course, the default ID but if you don't have a learner's permit or a license I guess you'd get that kind. She didn't cross out the weight. She crossed out the issuing date, based on this image: http://newyorkautoschool.com/uploads/2/7/0/9/2709132/951079_orig.png

No. 37725

Do you think she wanted to pretend she was crossing out weight?

No. 37726

File: 1443574305945.jpeg (37.63 KB, 236x235, image.jpeg)

I'm willing to bet that most people in this thread are fat.

No. 37728

LOL, okay McKenzie.

No. 37740

lmao only a person with an eating disorder is insulted by an anon calling them fat (ember/mckenzie is that youuuuu?)

No. 37743

I have my weight on my license:/

I do think Mckenzie has crohns, she posted an online medical record once as proof. I guess anything can be made up but I'm inclined to believe her on that. Now I wish she would just quit using that as an excuse for having a thinspo ig. It's just creepy that someone her age does this. Could you imagine if her irl people found that account. There's a reason she doesn't keep selfies up.

No. 37744

possibly because I just dnt understand why this bitch would cross out some unimportant info

No. 37745


I guess all the skellys gotta stick together, huh?

No. 37753

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

Yeah New York IDs definitely don't have your weight on them

No. 37766

My weight's on my license, too. It's pretty stupid, though, IMO - how many people's weight do you think stays constant, or even within like a 10-pound range, over the course of however many years (I forget) the damn thing is good for?

No. 37826

File: 1443626651112.jpg (108.37 KB, 640x826, image.jpg)

Ember is officially so retarded that she posted a pic of her collarbones looking like a penis.

No. 37829

I think she wanted to hide the issuing date so she could claim it was old, in case anyone pointed out the fact that the girl in her ID picture is clearly much heavier than the girl in her selfies.

No. 37845

File: 1443636069603.png (548.25 KB, 617x1633, Ember Whann 9-29-2015.png)

kek, I fucking hate that "oh look my shirt just happened to slide off of one shoulder so it revealed my ~bones~" pose, and she doesn't even have extremely protruding bones to be "showing off" anyway. If she was actually spoopy, there'd be a much bigger shadow under her collarbone and not just above it. Plus, you can see she's popping her arm forward to try to get her collarbone to pop out as much as it possibly can…sad. Oh, and on the subject of our #1 Whannorexic, this screenshot from yesterday is pretty lulzy. Love that idiot claiming to have mad l33t h@xx0r skillz. And somehow, if you call Ember out on being fake as fuck, you're a "pro ana." Mmmkay.

No. 37849

File: 1443636472862.jpg (786.35 KB, 1495x1449, Studio_20150929_211635.jpg)

It's ok because karma prevents her from finding a foundation her shadequate and she looks like she stuck her head in flour

Bonus: I forgot to ana!

No. 37855

>tfw you realize you've left the house and forgot to put your ~Ana~ on

No. 37861

Yeah because most IDs expire after four years and her expires "8/07/2019", meaning she had that picture on her ID taken of her on the 7th of august, 2015.

And in all honestly, her face looks much chunkier than it ever has.

No. 37864

Why isn't this stuff in the ember thread

No. 37871

File: 1443639024222.jpg (83.67 KB, 900x900, photo.jpg)

I hate to samefag >>37861 but I just saw this image and wanted to add that Ember does look like she gained a lot of weight compared to how she looked a year ago (pic related)

No. 37876

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

No one gives a shit about Ember. She has her own thread. This thread is about Mckenzie and her lies/Photoshop/scams. If you want to samefag about ember do it in her thread.

No. 37883

The other thread hit max, and tbh ember and Mckenzie are ana friends 4 lyf so I don't really see the issue

It's probably because she eats a whole box of triscuits with her homemade hummus, but imo I don't think she's really changed much except her face is getting longer and her nose is bigger because she's aging

Not to mention, she has so many wrinkles at 19? I feel so bad for her, too much squinting. Also her thin ass lips are only going to get thinner, she really inherited her dad's features.

No. 37889

(Posted by Kristen. Click for more info.)

This pic is way older than a year ago

No. 37900

File: 1443645863738.jpg (195.17 KB, 1469x1201, 1443636472862.jpg)

Alright, no more posting about Ember in this thread.

Here's a new one: >>37899

No. 37904

File: 1443647751987.jpg (234.55 KB, 932x1142, thinspo.jpg)

why must every picture be thinspo

No. 37905

File: 1443647851993.png (394.15 KB, 851x567, ugh'.png)

its never ending with her. i hope to god her account is deleted soon. it's so weird that such an old person is doing this?

No. 37906

The background is wavy. Hint: stop taking photos next to straight lines if you're going to shop yourself thinner.

No. 37914

Because that's her game. It's what she does. The Crohn's shit is a cover for her being a blatant fucking ~thinspo~/pro-ana account. There is no other reason for her to post the type of black-and-white-thinspo shit she constantly posts. And if she really is somehow oblivious to what she's doing (which I don't believe for a second), all she has to do is look at who follows her and who comments on her pictures to see the crowd she's attracting/pandering to. It's not people with Crohn's disease…it's anorexics looking for thinspo, of course.

No. 37923

She claims her Crohn's is advanced. The (admittedly) few people I've met with Crohn's have had stomach surgeries and in one case a colostomy fitted. How is she avoiding surgery if she's "dying" from the disease?

No. 37927

why is the area between her thighs so blurry? is she seriously making her already tiny legs even fucking smaller???? ffs

No. 37931

File: 1443653975354.png (530.3 KB, 825x447, urinetrouble.png)

oh gawd, for a split second i thought she peed in her water bottle D':

No. 38054

kek, that image filename…I love you anon

No. 38207

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

Does anyone have pictures of her ugly dog-face?

No. 38265

File: 1443727833815.png (376.03 KB, 569x602, k.png)

No. 38270

File: 1443730145078.png (7.89 KB, 266x54, kek.png)

doesnt she just say the darnest things

No. 38273

File: 1443731766736.png (22.11 KB, 527x112, ana.png)

I also found this, one of Mckenzie's old bios that was indexed by Google. You can be certain it's her because she mentions Leah, her dog.

>>MY DAILY BLOGALL PICS ME & LEAH failing recovery ED & CROHNS!Cancer remission!23yrsHT: 5'7" CW: 91lbs BMI 14.9 TEXAS GIRLDANCER/PHOTOGRAPHER

No. 38274

She said she was 27 in 2015, was diagnosed with crohn's in 2014 but here >>38273
she says she in 23 and has crohn's??? Girl is lying about something. Perhaps everything.

No. 38275

File: 1443732158789.png (432.75 KB, 1366x1008, wttf.png)


Okay..so.. Looks like I accidently found Mckenzie's sugardaddyforme account.. And it says she is 35, not 27..

The creepiness factor has just been kicked up a notch.


(Btw her ask.fm and twitter are now deactivated)

No. 38276

Oops sorry deleted the post

No. 38277

I knew she was way older!

No. 38278

File: 1443732436400.png (141.96 KB, 993x312, t.png)

Agh too bad there's nothing here. Here's a picture of her face though.

No. 38282

I'm all about the cougar life, but a 35 year old living off a trust fund kid is a little creepy.

No. 38283

I can see why she never posts her face, she looks like a grandmother.

No. 38284

Isn't she married? Or she just has a kid?

No. 38285

Looks a little like a set up. Wouldn't be surprise if Ember is making fake accounts

No. 38286

Supposedly has a fiance but I can't find a single photo. Her bathroom definitely does not look like a dude has been using it.

No. 38288

File: 1443733553953.png (701.21 KB, 915x560, choc.png)

Idk.. I've been checking out her instagram to see if her sugardaddyforme bio sounded like her, and so far it does.

For example, she says she is a chocoholic and on IG, she posted the image to the left.

No. 38289

I think Mckenzie is trying to cover her ass with that comment. Ember isn't smart or industrious enough to do something like that.

No. 38320

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

I wonder who's using who for popularity more

No. 38345

File: 1443742719523.png (435.24 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-10-01-16-36-49…)

Nobody who's in there 20's has bad 90's ankle tattoos.

No. 38347

File: 1443742917019.png (638.64 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2015-10-01-16-40-28…)

What happened to the knee on the right side? I think its been dislocated.

No. 38470

File: 1443806479959.png (68.56 KB, 796x538, OMG.png)



Just like her Twitter >>37406
and ask.fm http://ask.fm/mckenzie311 were deleted shortly after people posted about those pages in this thread.

Not only does her deleting her account prove she was the one operating it, it also confirms that she is 35 years old, was actually diagnosed with crohn's in 2009, and is a sugar baby (which would explain why she has such a nice apartment despite not having a job).

Just.. holy fuck. Never would I have expected that she was lying about her age by that much and I am still in shock over discovering she is a S U G A R B A B Y… Like.. wow.. the plot has thicken so much.


No. 38471

No. 38474

It isnt hard to believe that sh is almost 40. No 20 year old looks like this lmfao.

No. 38475

Damn, lol. Nicely done. The façade is crumbling.

No. 38476

I guessed 35 when I saw those pics of her face that were posted upthread.

So, I'm also thinking that the kid and the fiance aren't real either. She probably lives with her parents. If the kid and the fiance are real, then that's messed up.

No. 38478

Oh my god this girl (woman) is a goldmine

No. 38502

Wowwwww, I've followed her for a long time. Man, I just don't get it. Be real. I guess the sugar daddy website was a while back so maybe she really is engaged w a kid. Who knows.

No. 38512

Before she deleted the account last night, her profile said she logged in a week ago. And I just want to add that for a person who has a family, it's weird that she only posts photo of her dogs, bedroom (which have no photos of her "kid" or "fiance"), and herself. Hell, I have never even seen a kids toy or piece of clothing in her room or any of the pictures she has online.

No. 38524

Jesus, what is going on in her head. I wonder what's real about her

No. 38529

yeah, im really confused as to why someone her age would be acting like this. it makes more sense when its a teenager but she is a grown ass woman. I don't know, maybe she is filling a void in her life or something or is really lonely so she does this for attention. she seems nice but there is obviously something going on with her that she would do this sort of thing.

No. 38546

holy shit anon, how did you find her?

are you a sugar daddy

No. 38547

This is the best tea ever spilt I s2g

No. 38559

Hahah nope, sadly I am not a sugar daddy. I actually just Googled her Twitter username "skinnykenzie" and found her sugarbaby account on accident. I still can't believe I made such an incredible find to be completely honest.

No. 38560

I guess it really is true, you seriously never know who you are talking to online. This whole thing has "stranger danger" written all over it. This girl is essentially a catfish.

No. 38580

>Income: 100k-200k
doing what? lmao

No. 38584

I think that's what she wants the sugar daddy's income to be?

No. 38604

So, how does being a sugar baby work? Is it a form of sex work?

No. 38608


The SD & SB basically work out a "mutually beneficial" relationship. Generally it is a young, attractive woman with an older, wealthy man (who otherwise wouldn't stand a chance if it weren't for his $$$). It almost always involves sex but isn't technically sex work, and in rare cases can be a non-sexual relationship. Usually sugar babies get an "allowance" per month or per "date," along with lavish gifts, fancy dinners, etc….sometimes the SD will even pay rent for an apartment or buy the SB a car and shit. So basically they just have to be arm candy and fuck an old dude every now and then.

No. 38609

That is correct, and that is aiming sadly, extremely low for a SD. Girl ain't gonna get shit with that income…most SDs are millionaires. Though with that a dog face like that, guess ya gotta take what you can get!

No. 38610


No. 38623

No. 38633

I get mixed up with the anas that aren't Aly or Ash. Someone here's got a massive grudge against this one and the Ember thing.

No. 38785

I wonder if this ig will spread quickly. No one will follow it though, just lurk.

No. 38899

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

She got the instagram deleted. Big surprise

No. 39240

This girl probably has the biggest bag of secrets ever but she is just.. so.. boring. I can't bring myself to dig.

No. 39256

File: 1444068893041.jpg (19.83 KB, 640x167, image.jpg)

So much for not wanting to be used for "thinspo"

No. 39729

It's hilarious that she throws tantrums when she finds out she's being used for thinspo, as if she's not going for that. What is the above image from?

But agreed, this girl is a real
Snooze fest

No. 39735

It's a screenshot from her twitter

No. 40345

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

Her Photoshop is so bad dear god

No. 40346

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

I report this fucking cow every day why does her account still exist?

No. 40467

Can they delete private accounts?

No. 40472

yes they can but they need proof of breaking guidelines and they need enough reports to actually do anything about it. the more people who report her the better and likelier chance she will be deleted by Instagram.

No. 40476

LOL, that is gold. Just like the even more pathetic Ember Whaaaaanarexic proclaiming herself as ~the thinspo queen~ and then throwing a total hissyfit about some 13-year-old using a picture of hers for what she (not the kid) described as "thinspo." These brainless pro-anas or quasi-pro-anas or whatever the fuck they are are so full of cognitive dissonance and contradictions.

Nothing I report ever seems to get deleted, even the really egregious pro-ana and graphic self-harm content. Even posts where people show off gaping wounds and talk about how they're going to kill themselves. I feel like reporting does absolutely nothing, but I still do it out of anger.

No. 40484

it doesn't not do anything. keep reporting pro Ana's anon, maybe one day Instagram will get their shot together, and we will have people like you to thank for it!

No. 40535

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

I hope something terrible happens to this cunt. She is so disgusting and she manipulates her followers so much. I hate her.

No. 40877

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

I can't believe this chick is actually lying about having a kid

No. 40878

File: 1444494254007.gif (469.44 KB, 608x1198, wrd.gif)

She posted this 5 hours ago and the shit photoshop job she did is so obvious.

No. 40881

File: 1444494696059.png (556.24 KB, 566x592, lmnbvf.png)

Ugh look how gross and wrinkly her skin is wtf

No. 40882

What, on her wrist? Not meaning to defend this piece of shit, but I'm at a normal weight and my wrist looks wrinkly like that when I bend it…

No. 40888

File: 1444495496089.jpg (86.29 KB, 370x369, 6a00d8341c85cd53ef01a5119387a6…)

Oh no, I totally get your point. When I put my hand on my hip, my wrist becomes wrinkly too but the wrinkles are plump, not thin and dried out looking like this old bitch's. Plus the skin on her legs and arm look rough as shit. It's disgusting. She needs to drink more water and invest in some fucking lotion.

No. 40917

File: 1444497717535.png (1.19 MB, 1416x1440, wt.png)

what in the hell is going on with her anatomy

No. 40922

Photoshop. Also dem man hands omfg

No. 40925

File: 1444498418887.gif (160.11 KB, 482x479, newspaper-body.gif)

her body is shaped like a rectangle and her hands look so huge because that's what happens when you abuse the slimming effect while editing your thinspo.

No. 40929

File: 1444498837802.png (86.65 KB, 175x346, wtq.png)

It's so creepy how her left fingertip literally looks like it's been cut off and the finger nails on her right hand are god awful. She made her fingers look fat as fuck too? I guess she is so focused on making her waist and thighs look as slender as possible that she completely overlooked her fucked up ham hocks.. I mean her hands.

No. 40937

File: 1444501178993.jpg (88.81 KB, 500x500, tumblr_nnvkx1PfGj1uosqlmo1_500…)

Found this on some Tumblr. Check out that huge hobbit foot in the middle picture hahahah.

No. 40943

Sad how she posts more photos of her dogs than her own child.

No. 41017

File: 1444514530017.png (336.17 KB, 858x584, wtq.png)

gurl be lurking lmfao

No. 41018

Hey McKenzie, since you lurk here and all, why did you have a sugardaddyforme account if you have a child and a fiance?

No. 41029

I guess her sugar daddy account could be before she met her fiancé. God idk what's up w those pictures though, most of them look so unbelievably fake. It makes me think most of her followers are teens …which is sad bc they obvi use her for thinspo ( and she knows it but won't admit ), and bc she's in her 30s. I'm in my 30s and can't stand teenagers but I guess that's her target audience bc they are easy to fool.

No. 41041

No. 41044

She'd logged into te sugar daddy account recently before it was deleted.

No. 41046

before she deleted it read that she last log in one week prior. her "fiance" is probably her sugar daddy.

No. 41171

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

She keeps promoting these thinspo accounts I wish instagram would just come through with a pro ana genocide

No. 41189

File: 1444581870573.png (222.88 KB, 731x590, 1.png)

Looks like someone's sugar daddy is taking them to town today.

No. 41191

she.. isn't going to go out while wearing a sports bra and winter boots.. right? please tell me she put on a matching sweater.

No. 44167

No. 44213

Those proportions are atrocious, jeez who would tell themselves this picture makes them look good?

>stick legs

>no hips
>stick child waist
>not boobs

Fucking hell, it's an alien!

No. 44221

File: 1444937394886.jpg (84.57 KB, 271x582, lol.jpg)

No. 44232

Fucking betty spaghetti

No. 44675

>i was confused as to why she marked out her weight but then it hit me.

NY state licenses don't have weights on them.

No. 44676

it can't be that old though. Thats the new NY license, the old ones look much different. the new one sucks, much harder plastic like a credit card, old ones were bendy. I'm not pleased.

No. 44677

>Love that idiot claiming to have mad l33t h@xx0r skillz.

thats fucking great. that happened a little over 2 weeks ago and yet, i still have my account?? what happened to hacking me? so sad how her little minions jump to defend her when everything i said was 100% accurate.

No. 45369

File: 1445102303920.png (328.42 KB, 944x602, kl.png)


Hmmm maybe she didnt edit this pic as much as her others. her legs dont look 5 ft long anymore.

No. 45637

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

I want to know what she really looks like buy she's too creepy to have any real friends who would post candids of her…

No. 47451

(Posted by Ember. Click for more info.)

This girl is probably huge irl

No. 48833

Aw ember talking shit about "your BFF Kenzie!!!!" Because she makes your fat ass look fatter?

No. 48910


Fucking lol

No. 48922


I cant wait until kenzie see's all this shit

No. 48932

If kenzie did a callout post for Ember, embers world would be over.

No. 48955

File: 1445793188170.png (520.69 KB, 940x568, mhm.png)

>>37145 ←- dude
>>38320 ← Top Keks
>>38623 ← IM SURE YOU DID
>>40535 ←– EVVVIIIIL
>>41171 <- They would get rid of you too though?


I don't even like Mckenzie but I feel pretty bad for her. She lurked this thread, because I assume it embarrassed her, but to discover the girl who you have been whiteknighting and promoting actually made it?!?!

Such a low blow.

No. 49011

Why do you feel bad for someone who is basically Ember in 15 years? She's a geriatric pro-ana photoshopper

No. 49017

Because she was only ever posted here because of Ember's jealousy.

Just look what Ember said about the girl:
>>holy shit why do disgusting girls like this exist
>>She looks like a meth addict!
>>I'm sure she's super neglectful as a mother.
>>Does anyone have pictures of her ugly dog-face?

I definitely agree that this Mckenzie girl seems like a snowflake/lolcow/whatever but her and Ember go waaay back and I just never suspected Ember would do such a thing to someone who was in cahoots with her for so long.

No. 49019

It just goes to show… no one is safe when Ember is involved. She will even shit down her own throat if she has too.

It's pure chaos.

No. 49030

I'm sure kenzie is putting together a callout post because she never stands for this shit, it'd be really funny to see ember get attacked by the very butterflies she uses as her personal army.

No. 49077

File: 1445801256277.png (445.35 KB, 875x574, s.png)

I just keep checking her instagram while chanting "CALL HER OUT! CALL HER OUT!" in the back of my mind.

Pleaseeeee Mckenzie, let people know what this two-faced bitch said about you!

No. 49079

If kenzie links embers lolcow bs I'm #dead.

No. 49080

If they go after eachother it'd be like godzilla and mothra.

No. 49104

File: 1445806736772.jpg (97.24 KB, 800x600, skeleton_fight_by_maddiev.jpg)

More like this…

No. 49141

um, no.. because that image implies ember is bony or thin, which she isn't. she's a very normal/healthy size 19 year old.

and kenzie, if you could unblock me, that'd be nice…considering you only blocked (and probably reported me) because ember told you to.

No. 49146

To be fair, there's also plenty of evidence that McKenzie is a normal-sized 35-year-old

No. 49151

thats fine. McKenzies size doesnt really have anything to do with the fact that she blocked, and likely reported me, JUST bc ember told her to.

No. 49184

File: 1445818804930.png (66.54 KB, 896x220, topsperg.png)

Oh look, it's never2old2recover! You've always gotten on my nerves, but what the fuck are you doing now? Stop giving out the link, that's how we get newfags.

No. 49354

Jesus fucking Christ, I hate this shit. do we need to have giant red letters explaining not to spread threads around the retarded cesspools of social media?

No. 50819

File: 1445868294019.png (364.22 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 50820

File: 1445868368038.jpeg (83.95 KB, 640x477, image.jpeg)

She deleted the image not long after

No. 50822

File: 1445868506758.png (88.05 KB, 300x300, tomhaverford.png)

No. 50823

File: 1445868541625.png (75.92 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Embers new bio, I'm laughing ?

No. 50874

This makes McKenzie look bad too. She's 35 and getting involved in drama with 19 year olds. I hope her followers come here and find out more about her as well. Gross.

No. 50930

I didn't realise she was that old? She acts like a teenager!

No. 50932

File: 1445881315501.png (103.15 KB, 615x506, lol.png)

No. 51381

I'm pretty sure she got Freaky Friday'd. Somewhere out there is a 35 year old woman trapped in the body of a cunty 13 year old.

No. 51480

I love watching Ember recycle the insults other people have used on her. Where's the creativity? I'm disappointed.

No. 52268

File: 1446152505874.png (1.42 MB, 1128x1927, PhotoGrid_1446146309317-1.png)

in other news.. Mckenzie liked one of ashleys photos earier today.

No. 52294

All these fucks have tons of friends in common and mutual connections. They prob all know each other from mpa.

No. 52380

Where is the ash thread? Can't find it

No. 52385

No. 53562

omg, this instagram drama is so fucking dumb. i can't even keep up, do these girls not have a life outside of IG?

No. 53573


No. 55422

Mckenzie is a habitual liar. She doesn't have a son and she is not engaged. She bought that ring herself and it is 100% fake. She has crohns, but not nearly as bad as others you've seen. She just uses it to hide her anorexia.

No. 55424

Omg it's Allie

No. 55440

Her kid and family is all over her personal page

No. 55447

Whatever you say. This means nothing without proof. You keep saying they exist but never post photos… let me guess, you're mckenkie?

No. 55448

Screenshots or it never happened.

No. 55449

Nope, not her. But I wont post a child on here

No. 55454

Unfortunately, she wouldn't be the first person to have a fake family online

No. 55455

What's it like being Ember's imaginary friend?

No. 55465

so black out the kid's face in MS paint. is it seriously that fucking hard for you? don't come on this board and waste everyone's time by claiming to have proof and then refusing to show it. you smell like newfag.

No. 55492

It will probably be a stock photo or a kid she babysits or something. Unless there's a pic of the three of them together as a family in the same photo, I'm convinced they don't exist.

No. 55959

Mckenzie you are such a FAKE.

No. 55963

Omg!!!!!! I KNEW IT. Her unfortunate face is not that young

No. 55990

Ember you're not slick

No. 56060

Why doesn't Mckenzie just post proof so this can end? It's funny as shit to watch but for a 35er to continue this is kind of hilariously wrong ….this isn't that ember person btw

No. 56063

You sure have me convinced

No. 56066

not that ember person, pffsh, who is that anyway?

No. 56077


No. 56086

I don't have proof that I'm not ember. I'm not going to deny that I can't stand Mckenzie though. She is just a horrible person all around. I don't even know Ember except that they are both attention seeking whores apparently.

No. 56089

File: 1447095191694.png (688.41 KB, 768x1024, image.png)

If I was ember, I don't think I'd be able to post Mckenzie's feed!

No. 56096

So, it looks like on her own feed she's staying away from posting the allegations that she's 35 and offering proof to refute that…

No. 56097

So you're one of Ember's fake accounts? lmao gtfo and who cares if she's 35?

No. 56109

Ember isn't the only person who finds her to be problematic and hypocritical.

No. 56125

She's not even a snowflake. The only thing you don't know now is her age, so who the fuck cares??

No. 56172

You do, since you're defending her. Mckenzie?

No. 56205

She's lying about a lot more than her age lol

No. 56222

Honestly like give up! Who tf cares!? Is she hurting you? No! Is she talking shit about you? No! Leave Mckenzie alone already! Ember started all this shit she is starting to act exactly like Sarah Smith (blueeyedbarbie). Mckenzie did nothing wrong to anyone, let her be.

No. 56226

File: 1447117955318.jpg (10.26 KB, 316x316, lol.jpg)

>Leave Mckenzie alone already!

No. 56229

It is adorable that you are posting for yourself Mckenzie. We all know you lied about Sarah smith. If your bullshit was true then why isn't she in jail? And what the fuck happened to the website? You are a liar and ugly to boot. Your face is so disgusting

No. 56230

It'll be funny when more of ember's posts are revealed

No. 56232

She actually has done very damaging things to me. You don't know bc she portrays herself as the victim in every case

No. 56233

I don't know nor give a shit about ember. I don't know her but I do know ugly faced Mckenzie and the shit she has done to me.

No. 56235

Yup, totally I'm definitely McKenzie? Ya'll have nothing better to do with your lives then to bully other people. What makes you better? No, I can't say I know Kenzie personally I'm on the other side of the US. No I can't say her legitamate age or weight or anything. I can say everyone is being anon cowards and talk shit because they have nothing better to do. This is why the world is so fucked up. Everyone needs to stop hating on anyone.

No. 56236

Is that why my name is on and everyone else is Anonymous? It's funny how all of your logic is based off of ignorance.

No. 56238

hi ash

No. 56241

Bitch. The point of chan boards is to be anonymous. It's a concept you won't understand being an attention whore.

No. 56245

I'm a bitch? Sorry didn't know female dogs could talk you uneducated child. Go back to school and learn how to respect people.

No. 56246

Buy a new wig ffs.

No. 56249


If you're not trolling, I'm incredibly embarrassed for you.

No. 56251

sick burn fucking edgelord

No. 56254

It's Ashley.

No. 56256

Not denying it is true, but what does Trashley have to do with Mackenzie? Besides eating disorders.

No. 56258

Nothing. She's bored.

No. 56259

File: 1447120916656.png (12.91 KB, 557x231, palmlesspalms.png)

No. 56440

The irony in what im_skinny_beautiful2(lol really she meant ugly) is more than karma for what she has done to hurt others. I am enjoying what she is getting. A few hateful words? Poor baby. She did way worse to me earlier this year. And the best part is that I don't have to do a thing but watch and laugh.

No. 56442

File: 1447177338755.png (65.9 KB, 1024x478, download.png)

No. 56762

File: 1447260147242.png (519.51 KB, 1080x987, Screenshot_2015-11-11-11-38-45…)

Wtf Ember

Looks like she is finally shit talking McK publicly.

No. 56764

but ember was the one who sucked diarrhea out of Mckenzie's butthole so she would be promoted. its just sad how delusional ember is hahah.

i mean, it isn't like McK was the one making threads about Em on lolcow, begging people to report her account, and posting details about her private life lol.

like ember even made a secret hate instagram just to make fun of McK, then deleted it as soon as McK called her out. she is the biggest fucking coward ever lol i love it.

No. 56865

Might as well speak publicly since all her posts here get her name added to it. She isn't the only one who doesn't like Mckenzie so it is not anything new

No. 57284

boo hoo. ember being outted by admin was enough to bring them here anyway, and ember in particular gets on my nerves, like i apparently get on yours. theres obviously a bunch of mpa bitches here too, which i have nothing to do with, idk what you're trying to salvage or prevent exactly.

No. 144536

File: 1466386532200.jpg (129.82 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

Her face though

No. 144537

It was a video and it buffered while she was talking lol

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