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File: 1677110898846.png (723.67 KB, 1280x1600, 1676994203208.png)

No. 1774610

Pseudointellectual libertarian hooker that panders to nerds and pedos.Thinks posting edgy Twitter polls is real sceince. Came to fame originally making le quirky porn. Has said too much vile pro rape, pedo shit to even fit into the OP. Considers getting the one time top post in r/Gonewild as her life's proudest achivement

Last thread: >>1743857

>recevied a lot of exposure after infamously bad CP take >>1743860

>daughter of Matt Slick, insane fundie and self declared autistic founder of CARM.org >>1745627
>Assblasted and fixated on Meghan Murphy after Meghan made fun of the quality of her research in a Youtube debate >>1774052 >>1749818
>a former member of the rationalist community who knew Aella personally posted dirt in her Kiwifarms thread >>1768116
>trying to take down kiwithread >>1772052
>paying people to make ai porn of her >>1772240
>clearly has read her KF thread and responds to it along with excusing criticisms of EA sexual abuse >>1773272
>prostituted herself for $2,400/hr >>1773939
>grouped pedophiles together using her anonymous survey >>1774204



Feel free to post milk from her simps on Twitter, Telegram, Reddit as well.

No. 1774614

According to Kiwifarms, today is Aella's birthday actually. A fitting day for a new thread.
Happy birthday Aella

No. 1774618

File: 1677111331678.jpeg (53.54 KB, 720x540, 948CAC44-7FC4-42E1-9DE3-5B7573…)

What’s funny is she’s barely mentioned on 4chan and when people bring her up they’re mostly mocking her or display complete ambivalence to her. There are a couple simp posts but they reek of self post.

For example, someone uploaded this screenshot as the OP pic for a thread and it was screenshotted only 7 minutes after the video came out lol.

Either this dude is a diehard fan of ReasonTV and hangs onto their every notification and managed to watch this 36 minute long video in 7 minutes, or it’s Aella shamelessly self promoting.

No. 1774619

File: 1677111366335.jpeg (134.91 KB, 1242x443, A1D63147-76F0-4553-9990-6F70EF…)

Same thread.

No. 1774621

We know she reads her KF thread, she definitely googles herself for criticism and self posts to make herself feel better
rare instance of 4chan being right

No. 1774623

File: 1677111582665.jpeg (382.21 KB, 1242x1150, 6AF2DC4C-D87A-4FAB-8CE8-AB3E90…)

>How do you do fellow 4channers, boy, Aella’s blogpost was a fascinating read, was it not?

No. 1774629

File: 1677111797494.jpeg (260.79 KB, 1242x1569, 62C4B7C1-544D-4182-B5E4-C91D91…)

>Hello fellow 4channers, Aella sure conducts her research correctly huh?

No. 1774631

File: 1677111900483.jpeg (982.9 KB, 1242x1648, E15EF703-682F-4AF1-AC4F-8FD751…)

OP of the thread with the kink image she likes to post over and over. Again reeks of self posting.

No. 1774634

File: 1677112031607.jpeg (284.29 KB, 1242x795, 7B2DAD9B-C27F-4D8A-9C90-09C4AE…)

More of her wking herself and her Very Important Research.

No. 1774638

File: 1677112235588.jpeg (247.74 KB, 1242x677, 7C9AEE78-759B-4EFA-9A91-690CF4…)

>Hello fellow 4channers, do you also like it when whores intellectually stimulate you?

No. 1774639

File: 1677112314209.jpeg (265.71 KB, 1242x823, 0536825C-6F1E-4C33-A10A-5624C5…)


No. 1774640

>posted barely a minute apart
>reddit spacing

No. 1774644

File: 1677112603370.jpeg (413.17 KB, 1242x864, 52493DE2-FAE4-4846-A63A-7DB47E…)

>Hello fellow 4chan users. Isn’t Blacked porn fantastic? I paid Aella for some interracial content, she was so nice and I had a crush on her, and I never came so hard to her video in my life!

No. 1774648

File: 1677112820923.jpeg (750.59 KB, 1242x2062, F8E36E2D-6504-4CCA-87A3-66BA98…)

I’m 100% certain this is her too.

No. 1774651

File: 1677113051216.jpeg (475.34 KB, 1242x873, 04C15E99-87D0-47B4-A1FB-530BA1…)

More retarded acid induced nonsense. With some pickme bullshit throw in.
>teehee muh emotional brain LOL I’m so smart I’m not like other girls

No. 1774654

the tone is 100% her flavor of smug too

No. 1774655

File: 1677113868552.jpeg (409.34 KB, 1242x1106, B60628D9-F76E-4E50-BA29-D3FF11…)

No scrote on 4chan would say a woman increase her value through hooking lol. >>1774648
Someone in the thread also called the OP out as being Aella.

No. 1774687

File: 1677116618991.jpg (64.4 KB, 1080x399, lol.jpg)

No. 1774692

File: 1677116932124.png (52.88 KB, 597x264, birthday.png)

Confirmed by Aella, she made a tweet for her simps to fawn over her in this special day. The replies:
>I listened to your convo with @lexfridman two weeks ago on a road trip. Wife and 18 yo daughter captive audience. The candor, chemistry and quality of the dialogue totally drew them in (me too) and, especially, the 18 yo always ignores me when I make pod suggestions. Thx for all you do!
>Your authenticity makes me think of how I can be more authentic to me
>World needs more DIY chairmakers.
>There was a stray comment you made to @QiaochuYuan last April re: gut issues that led me down a rabbit hole of resolving my own gut issues. Also, today is my daughter’s birthday. Happy day!
>I love it that you're more than willing to come to unpopular conclusions if the data support them
>Going to a party of yours had a pretty big impact on my life over the last couple years. I met someone, got inducted into TPOT, had a couple of very trying romantic misadventures, went to vibecamp, etc.
>You're one of my few internal standards for what "socially brave" looks like. I've appreciated basically everything you've ever written, and extra appreciated being able to link them to others.
>Creating AskHole. The game has given me and my Friendos many opportunities to have uncomfortable but challenging and important discussions.
>I’m writing a blog post now tentatively titled “1 million more Aellas” about how people should feel empowered to playfully explore data and publish their findings (and how they can overcome technical and social barriers to do this!!)
>Happy birthday! Thank you for helping normalise non-monog. You stick by your beliefs even against strong push-back, all while still keeping an open mind. It can’t be easy but it is inspiring
>I've read your post "you will forget, you have forgotten" at least 4 times. It's so riveting and beautifully written. I love knowing that someone's journey has looked (in part) like that. The short film that was made of an LSD trip you took was also really beautiful
>I think you've probably pushed me to internalize it that nothing is outside the purview of science, you can do science about kinks and that's not somehow unacceptable

No wonder Aella is so delusional with this many idiots blowing smoke up her ass kek

No. 1774699

man i would say this is 100% satire if i didn't think it was coming from her

No. 1774703

Now I am having doubts that there was ever a 4chan thread praising her like she said >>1772234. It was probably full of self posting and maybe 1 or 2 guys cluelessly agreeing.

No. 1774753

File: 1677121138280.png (341.61 KB, 599x1514, onlyfans.png)

Aella is too lazy and inconsistent for OF, so it wouldn't be surprising if she loses subscribers. Her OF costs $22.92 and gets around 120 likes per post. I don't know but these numbers seem low, especially since she is allegedly a top OF earner and makes $100,000 per month.

No. 1774754

File: 1677121265941.png (21.5 KB, 562x148, aellatryst.png)

From her tryst posted to the last thread,
>10/10 would genetically engineer
She's either really autistic or even stupider than we thought, she can't hide her wish to babyshackle a man

No. 1774755

she only made $100,000 for two months, her OF counts definitely seem to be declining

No. 1774757

Aella tagged Destiny under the "would you rather get raped or mugged" poll. I assumed that it was either Destiny's idea or she came up with the idea during a conversation she had with him. I don't know much about him but the title of his KF thread is "Emotionally Unstable Manchild, Creeps on Teenagers, Incest Supporter". Birds of a feather.

No. 1774758

File: 1677121866477.png (191.29 KB, 751x1129, predictionmarket.png)

He brought her on his stream to do some debates and there's a "prediction market" predicting she will choose to date him https://astralcodexten.substack.com/p/ro-mantic-monday-21323

No. 1774773

File: 1677122666173.gif (1.07 MB, 498x277, britney-spears-pretty.gif)

>I nude model because I woke up in a body with an insane waist-hip ratio and figured one shouldn't disappoint God.
>One of my primary goals is learning to think more rationally, despite the fact my third eye is now basically a gaping windsock after having been fucked by the fat cock of the universe one too many times.

No. 1774798

Resposting from last thread
This is what i mean about her connections to lesswrong. This is a post by Robin Hanson, rationalist extraordinaire, owner of a "sister" website:

>I presented evidence that most men would rather be raped than cuckolded

>It occurred to me that we can compare cuckoldry to gentle silent rape.
>Imagine a woman was drugged into unconsciousness and then gently raped, so that she suffered no noticeable physical harm nor any memory of the event, and the rapist tried to keep the event secret.
>Now drugging someone against their will is a crime but the added rape would add greatly to the crime in the eyes of today’s law
the added punishment for this addition would be far more than for cuckoldry

The request to take the kiwifarm thread down might be related to them, she's only the tip of the rationalist iceberg. They're all like this, they're all obsessed with rape, child pornography, etc, she sounds exactly like these moids, she didn't get her "your moral intuitions are wrong and you should let us have sex with your children" 'logic' and argument style out of her ass, she learned it from them. More than one person has literally committed suicide due to their connection with these people.

No. 1774803

What kind of person decides to think about women being gentle silently raped? Jfc.

No. 1774807

File: 1677124654573.png (589.77 KB, 598x3009, findaella.png)

Aella wrote the steps to help people book escorts i.e. her. Her Tryst ad >>1773939 was posted in the last thread. I couldn't find her on the other sites she mentioned: Slixa, Eros and PrivateDelights (some of these require an account).

No. 1774811

File: 1677124750623.jpeg (Spoiler Image,145.41 KB, 1205x773, DkQXsBhWsAI7cw1.jpeg)

A cap of Aella's Slixa ad, found on her Twitter Miss_Aella: https://twitter.com/Miss_Aella/status/1027973263283179520

No. 1774826

All the EA/rationalist types are obsessed with reframing rape as gentle, nonviolent, not traumatic, no big deal etc. Literal pedophile logic. It’s probably the same rhetoric they use to gaslight & bullshit women into attending kink parties where moids pay Aella to rape them.

No. 1774829

File: 1677126990653.jpeg (Spoiler Image,20.29 KB, 294x206, 4179DA96-333D-43FE-A6E5-C32D8B…)

Happy birthday Aella

No. 1774837

He used rape as an example of something that would be bad, and your takeaway is that he was suggesting people do it?

No. 1774843

Robin uses this poll (https://archive.is/VJNbt) to prove that rape is preferable than cuckholdry. Is this how Aella got the idea for her grift? She can become the one who defends insane ideas for rationalists with clumsy polls that everyone calls research.

No. 1774844

File: 1677128299233.png (Spoiler Image,208.32 KB, 390x505, preboobjob.png)

Hoping you like our gift… this thread

No. 1774855

Extremely high IQ of you to learn to sage so quickly, rat WK, good job!

Same people interested in creating shit data to prove it can even be violent and the woman will still enjoy it because she watches so much violent rape porn

No. 1774856

On what board were these posted? If Aella is really self-posting there, she should at least try to blend. These posts stick out like a sore thumb, especially the one defending her research.

No. 1774859

Is Robin Hanson some kind of MRA? He sounds like one:
>Biologically, cuckoldry is a bigger reproductive harm than rape, so we should expect a similar intensity of inherited emotions about it.
>We all know that women tend to be more expressive about their complaints – you can’t beat ’em for wailing and gnashing of teeth.
>Even after all these attempts to make the cases comparable, however, I suspect most people will still say the law should punish rape far more than the cuckoldry.
>A colleague of mine suggests this is gender bias, pure and simple; women seem feminist, and men chivalrous, by railing against rape, but no one looks good complaining about cuckoldry.

No. 1774864

are you dense, it's a disturbing hypothetical and if you post it in a serious argument there's something wrong with you

No. 1774871

File: 1677130331952.png (242.69 KB, 387x541, ScreenShot_20230222_ 233020.pn…)

Destiny and his wife Melina (picrel) have an open relationship. Will they eventually attend Aella's rape parties?

No. 1774873

File: 1677130374838.png (164.66 KB, 579x449, ignore.png)

inb4 you're called a "system 1 low decoupler". picrel

No. 1774880

File: 1677131093037.png (41.92 KB, 597x247, nonhumansex.png)

It's just a quirky thought experiment!

No. 1774881

can't wait for ratspergs to invade the kiwithread. (besides that one alfred autist)

No. 1774885

there's no way she can stand being in a room with someone hotter than her for more than a few hours. she's going to try to stir up shit and dick ride steven "destiny"

only actual troll-bodies like scott alexander siskind are allowed to attend the rape orgies

No. 1774887

Matter of time. The Ziz ramblings are something else. Wikipedia unto themselves of links



No. 1774888

No. 1774890

File: 1677132097980.png (67.49 KB, 1190x232, Screen Shot 2023-02-22 at 10.0…)

aella doing a drunk AMA


No. 1774893

File: 1677132960831.png (Spoiler Image,1.1 MB, 1206x1112, Screen Shot 2023-02-22 at 10.0…)

No. 1774894

File: 1677133056384.png (171.19 KB, 1270x742, Screen Shot 2023-02-22 at 10.1…)

oh no no. aella, take some benzos and opoids. aella, rachael, tell us more how constipated you are from the opiods. you definitely drink on the reg to deal with that crushing intellect bumping into reality and realizing how much of a fucking loser you amounted to be at… 31!

No. 1774898

I thought this was Lucinda for a brief second

No. 1774902

Normal people are with their families and have some good friends on their birthday. The whore? Straight to autistic simps to get validation and numbing the pain

Seems someone is paranoid the OnlyFans train is gonna derail due to the active prostitution she's doing alongside it

No. 1774904

Those dead eyes, on both of them. Such deep pits. Melinda at least has never actually been paid for being a whore. Aella on the other hand… Each is rotted beyond repair by cum in their own way

No. 1774905

men always think about sex right?!1
if i, a 3/10 past-the-wall prostitute do that too, nerds will think i'm actually smart. right guys

No. 1774906

Pls don't insult the unicorn like that

No. 1774907

wasn't Destiny the guy who defended the rape and murder of women and children during "revolution"

No. 1774909

>Melinda at least has never actually been paid for being a whore.
not wking but is being a whore for free better? at least aella gets something out of it (money)

No. 1774911

File: 1677134905167.png (153.53 KB, 1244x576, Screen Shot 2023-02-22 at 10.4…)

If lex luthor actually unironically accepts someone referred to by aella the literal whore. He would deserve everything he gets.

But of course lex is always clout chasing and aella is trying her damndest to go from 'omg quirky i posted tits and fuckup basic methodology' to build more e-fame, so aella exchanging some fellow clout chasing whore for lex retweeting her is a deal they would make in a second

No. 1774916

that's a topic for a child sex trafficking victim to try to explain to aella during a lex and destiny roundtable

No. 1774935

File: 1677137670996.webm (6.81 MB, 1280x720, 1674945988726.webm)

dear christ in heaven there is no fire hot enough. if you had any doubts about her delusion

No. 1774938

File: 1677137824278.png (94.85 KB, 292x562, chair1.png)

What's up with Aella and chair analogies? Has she been a whore for so long that she really can't imagine being loyal and not sleeping around? In the scenario that she gets married and tries to get pregnant with her husband, is she going to continue her poly lifestyle? I am sure there's a tech nerd billionaire out there who is dying to marry someone like her.

No. 1774939

File: 1677137845486.png (94.58 KB, 291x558, chair2.png)

No. 1774941

Pretty sure she was talking about herself there

No. 1774943

when you take a bunch of acid and make eye contact with a chair and suddenly the whole world makes sense

No. 1774944

absolute midwit take. "i suck at analogies. don't point it out. remember, i have tits right. i might show you them if you agree with my moronic takes about anything disgusting not being real"

No. 1774947

She should genuinely be reported or put on a list for knowingly getting pedophiles to connect with each other anonymously. It's actually so heinous and evil, she continues to baffle me with how inhuman and unempathetic she behaves

No. 1774948

File: 1677139818586.gif (Spoiler Image,4.5 MB, 301x218, TfzeBeQ.gif)

While doing a little research (searching her tweets to see how often she posts diatribes about chairs) I found this gif of her "seducing a girl" in her wacky nerdy star trek chair and the sheer quantity of awkward wiggling is making me straighter by the second

No. 1774950

It really is remarkable. When you need an example of a real demon or walking evil. She fits it to a T

No. 1774956

File: 1677141649842.png (101.64 KB, 602x519, fuckchair.png)

Aella used to do camshows with her chair

No. 1774958

File: 1677142131029.png (Spoiler Image,478.43 KB, 596x1158, morechair.png)

Another quirky chair show, I'm not sure what this is supposed to be.

No. 1774962

File: 1677144765443.png (74.02 KB, 787x643, Screenshot.png)

what is this face supposed to convey

No. 1774974

File: 1677148359811.jpeg (91.6 KB, 1500x1852, C54F6571-866F-4526-A675-B8A707…)

zomg it’s le epic meme face. she‘s so randum. she‘s the 1% - an internet female

No. 1774984

File: 1677151997981.png (48.66 KB, 389x272, highiqprostitute.png)

>have an IQ of around 145
not saying that aella wrote that, but her iq is around 148 (allegedly)

No. 1774998

File: 1677154236370.jpeg (23.96 KB, 220x220, 87D65D72-BAD1-4027-970C-0C2477…)

>an insane waist to hip ratio

Bitch where lol. Her body especially in her old unedited videos is completely mediocre lol, she shoops it now and uses filters.

No. 1775010

Is her shopped waist hip ratio really that special either? Seems normal for a hourglass bodytype. Hourglass bodytypes have the biggest waist hip ratio but she's not the only girl in the world with that bodytype. I bet she has read the studies about waist hip ratio being the most attractive part of a woman and now she keeps repeating how amazing her waist hip ratio is because that means she's officially been proven attractive by science and you can't disagree

No. 1775011

File: 1677155935289.jpeg (637.37 KB, 1651x1506, 46521947-2077-4B3C-B5B3-170B00…)

Left is one of her old shoots. Bear in mind it was a professional shoot and probably heavily edited in photoshop too.

Now compare that to her more recent nude pictures.

No. 1775013

File: 1677156034615.jpeg (485.11 KB, 2084x1870, A4348DF1-5AE5-4F82-963E-1ED37A…)

Left is a candid from one of her old strip videos.
Right is what she posts recently for coomer bait.
She really abuses the photoshop.

No. 1775015

She always just had a normal/average WHR. Not a total brick-Chan, but not an hourglass either. She used to be skinny but she is more the athletic, bulky body type now. But her waist is definitely increasingly shopped.

No. 1775016

lol I didn't even suspect her waist was shopped because real hourglass bodytypes do sometimes have waists like that

I just wondered why she keeps advertising the WHR when it's nothing special for the hourglass bodytype

No. 1775017

File: 1677156391246.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1242x1756, 2F97594E-C769-4C2B-9C0D-44155A…)

Nah you’re right she’s a bulky manbeast.

>y-you find me attractive, r-right 4chan-kun?

No. 1775018

She even tried to shoop her long ass baguette head to make it shorter lol.

No. 1775019

Probably trying to dogwhistle to potential beluga baby daddies.

No. 1775020

I thought that she had a BBL to obtain the hourglass figure

No. 1775022

File: 1677156695094.jpeg (36.62 KB, 453x604, 54668BD0-F59C-4237-AE4D-B575E0…)

No. 1775030

File: 1677157356139.jpeg (557.37 KB, 1242x891, DCE546D1-B0EB-401C-912A-547B6F…)

She ain’t hourglass lol. Her boobs were always on the smaller side. Her figure and waist and hips are totally average/normal for a slimmer person. Pic rel is a still from one of her camshows.

She spreads her legs to make her pelvis look wider, uses angles and tilts her hips to make her hips look wider but she has quite an unremarkable body. But because she is considered thin in America and is surrounded by 400lb Texan landwhales all day she believes she is a 10/10 with a ~curvy hourglass body~.

No. 1775031

File: 1677157592982.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.1 MB, 1242x2016, C979FDEE-119B-4EE7-8756-CBDE65…)

Also lol at how she shooped the top of her butt cheeks to be almost completely circular but forgot to shoop the bottom part of her ass, so her physics defying ball butt just suddenly blends in a straight line down to her thigh, like a sausage.

No. 1775033

>pictures you can smell

No. 1775039

File: 1677158730852.png (59.64 KB, 613x524, aellabday.png)

Imagine celebrating your birthday by selling discounted porn

No. 1775062

This makes me think she’s not nearly as rich or successful as she claims. Even the most degenerate whore should be relaxing or out celebrating with family & friends on her birthday, not shilling discount porn to internet coomers. What’s the point of choosing sex work over a factory job if it doesn’t buy you time to yourself? Either she’s broke, or she’s like Shayna and has literally nothing going on in her life besides whoring. Either way, fucking bleak.

No. 1775063

She lipos her stomach too much to be fat

No. 1775065

Agree. She seems like a huge loser and it’s just sad to be flogging discount porn on your birthday like Shaynus. Probably spiralling at the idea of getting older and not being able to pull off the schoolgirl shtick for her ugly old clients anymore.

No. 1775068

And just like Shaynus it’s only going to get worse for her, since she’s rapidly aging out of pedo coomer “preferences” and her only exit plans are landing a tech billionaire (lol nope) or founding a “sex research institute” (also not gonna happen.) Karma is beautiful and pedo pandering, rape apologist pickmes NEVER prosper in the long run.

No. 1775071

File: 1677163161772.jpg (Spoiler Image,559.02 KB, 1362x2365, FZX6FJmUIAEUeke.jpg)

Looks like she got a massive fat transfer to her love handles and to the top of her legs along with the stomach lipo. Or she's got some great editor to edit her pictures because spreading your legs and tilting your hips doesn't do this much. Either way, maybe that's why she's broke and has to lower her escorting prices and sell porn on her birthday kek

They're all MRAs and "skeptics", and girls like Aella are pickmes exactly like sh0e, just with slightly bigger and more neutral-sounding words like "reproductive harms". And even that is going out the window quickly as they gain notoriety and become easily recognizable as the cringe redditor edgelords they are.

No. 1775085

File: 1677165186792.png (232.32 KB, 348x463, twistedsoul.png)

No. 1775092

File: 1677165802318.png (Spoiler Image,228.17 KB, 413x614, chadwife.png)

>her only exit plans are landing a tech billionaire (lol nope)
but aella is a chad wife!

No. 1775098

I don't wanna sound like the baitng tranny/moid from the previous tread, but she just looks autistic, even I knew nothing about her I'd still assume she was autistic from her face and expressions alone

No. 1775103

What a funny cow collision, lex is the sugar daddy of a girl from the camgirl thread, she used to go by whiskeykitten and goes by pixie.prana now. I’m sure he’d love to add another hooker to his arsenal.

- I just went to her IG to cap a pic of them getting on a helicopter together (lol) but it seems she scrubbed her profile of him. I don’t know if they broke up or if they’re keeping it on the DL.
Anyway, nvm I guess, but if you care there’s more dirt in the camgirls thread if you search “lex” or “Taylor”

No. 1775110


No. 1775124

File: 1677168214400.jpeg (Spoiler Image,222.53 KB, 500x1503, BMHBeS4.jpeg)

No. 1775129

Mentally she is an highly skilled whore/camwhore period. She knows what buttons to push. Every male should read her advice for aspiring whores/camwhores as an inspiration to not become a SIMP ever, it is almost satanically brilliant.

>"Becoming A Whorelord: The Overly Analytical Guide To Escorting"


Having said that everything else about her in unremarkable except her downright psychopathy and dark heart.

No. 1775136

Might not be photoshop, might be steroids and even testosterone…this is very big in Brazil where they are ahead on this things, only a matter of time before it reaches USA.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1775151

Yeah, I don't see her marrying a rich man or founding a sex research institute either. I don't think she will become a born again Christian like it was speculated in the last thread or a feminist/anti-porn activist. She would need to admit that she was wrong for the latter and she is too prideful. I don't know what options she has besides becoming a madam for the rationalists. Could she start over as a blue collar worker?

No. 1775157

File: 1677171802505.jpeg (72.54 KB, 512x668, FB35CFB8-635E-4C7C-8DB9-4BBE09…)

Lol Aella is an incel/tard baby factory in waiting. Her sons are gonna be ugly as shit with her long ass oval Marilyn Manson face and receding hairline elevenhead, plus she’s also autistic and her porn is plastered over the internet, it’s over before it even began for her poor unfortunate hypothetical offspring and any kids she does have are probably gonna fucking hate her.

No. 1775159

Her kids are 100% going to be mass shooters. You cant spread autism and ugly to your kids AND then psychologically damage them by being a prostitute and pornstar. That’s just asking for trouble.

No. 1775162

I find her “nonconsent” parties extra milky, especially the way she blatantly (proudly?) admits there have been miscommunications and people have felt violated in the past. The whole thing is suspicious to me, because it’s notoriously hard to get enough single women to attend “normal” kink/swinger parties. How many women would proactively attend a party where any random stranger can jump on them and “rape” them with no advance warning or negotiation? What’s the recruitment process they use to find & vet these people? Why are NDAs necessary? None of it sounds safe or sane even from an edgy BDSM kinkfag perspective. It’s hard to imagine these events occurring on the scale she claims they do without some level of coercion or lying involved, unless the women involved are paid prostitutes. What she admits to in writing sounds so bizarre and legally/ethically questionable, it’s hard to imagine what fucked up things happen behind closed doors in this scene.

No. 1775164

They probably encourage all the girls to take drugs or drink beforehand so they’re out of it and nobody can fully remember what happened the night before tbh. I wouldn’t be surprised if they spike people.

I know a woman who used to be part of the high class hooker/BDSM worker scene in LA and she regrets every minute of it. She used to have porn of her having her mouth spit in by guys and being gangbanged and whipped and such. And she said she hated every minute of it and was brainwashed into doing this and become ‘sexually liberated’ by scrotes and also high most of the time.

No. 1775167

Aella is a prime example of that saying ‘Don’t be so open-minded that your brain falls out.’

No. 1775172

Yeah I can see the women being paid hookers and/or being drugged or coerced, but that’s it. Even if all women love violent porn and have rape fantasies like Aella claims, acting them out at Silicon Valley drug parties with fat slovenly rationalist neckbeards is way too gross & dangerous to be appealing, let alone worth jumping through hoops and signing NDAs for. I smell bullshit.

No. 1775189

Too lazy for that

No. 1775206

>Could she start over as a blue collar worker?
She can probably retire by now, but she is a legit psychopath and therefore wants to climb up the ladder very bad.(learn to sage)

No. 1775213

it’s not him, I skimmed the threads and her bfs/husbands name is reagan silber or something. she still has pics on her ig an it’s visibly another dude tho lex does have a secret girlfriend so >>1774911 seems unlikely unless his deep and endless love for monogamy is fake
testosterone for a woman makes her fat go to her hips and sucks it’s out of her belly? may I direct you to the tif threads
blatantly stealing this info from kf but in one of her posts about her parties, she talked about doing “training” with participants where one gets touched, the touched person (i’m assuming the woman) says no and the other keeps touching to teach them it’s ok. so basically conditioning men into ignoring a no and women into being fine with it. so normal and not dangerous at all!

No. 1775216

I strongly believe it’s 100% photoshop and angles but if it is work, I think she coolsculpts her abs/waist and gets sculptra in her hips or thighs (eg kendall Jenner waist and hips). Lipo is possible too but I think cool sculpting is more likely

No. 1775232

the fuck is that even supposed to mean? she's barely 30 and hyper online, she has no excuse not to know how to use slang

No. 1775233

During that podcast with Louise Perry, Aella told the story of her friend who quit sex work and came to regret it years later (timestamp 10:03). She was pretty cold and said
>Bitch, I was there. I heard you talking about it all the time. There was no hint that any of this was bad for you.

Aella said that the reason why sex workers have regrets when they leave the industry is because society feeds them that information; definitely not the humiliation, abuse and mistreatment that these women might have experienced.

No. 1775234

That is what i hate the more about this vile cunt, she knows very well it's damaging, she knows very well that the hyper-sexualization of society is bad but says shit like that in order to advance here post-whore career. No respect for her fellow Man…for society.

No. 1775235

she is trying to co-op the chans culture because it's cool and stuff(learn to sage)

No. 1775238

File: 1677177397038.jpeg (188.05 KB, 1169x1339, 41D16BA9-5E7F-4797-86BC-C33084…)

She’s finally taking everyone’s advice (out of desperation for a husband) but will frame it as her new era

No. 1775239

File: 1677177453074.png (199.5 KB, 1190x1036, 1675443394411.png)

There was a girl on twitter bragging about how going to Aella's parties was better for her career than her university degree >>1760167, she's clearly luring "smart" women who failed to achieve success in their areas with opportunities to "network" in exchange for being "consensually" raped by stinky techbros.

No. 1775241

Stolen from KF (sorry Kiwis), anyone else think it’s odd how Aella’s mom looks like a real housewife and has heavy makeup? She looks less fundie and traditional than you’d expect for a pastors wife(board rule 3.2)

No. 1775244

File: 1677177969203.png (101.38 KB, 674x369, miri.png)

Once in the club, the rationalists trigger you into a psychotic state by making you abuse psychedelics and gaslight you. Fantastic.

Picrel from >>1774888

No. 1775245

This is against the rules.
>3.2 Do not share names, pictures, or social media of people unrelated to the drama being discussed, for example family members, friends, or coworkers.

No. 1775255

the 2 sisters in the pic joined the camwhoring, the one in red dress full naked and hardcore, the one on the left did some non-naked stuff but left. It may touch a gray area but it certainly doesn't cross the line IMO, it is relevant to the discussion.(sage your shit)

No. 1775257

Her mother didn't camwhore

No. 1775276

I had to take the test as a kid as well. I recently looked it up out of curiosity and kids' IQ test scores are usually inflated, like the scores are usually higher than for adults. So her IQ today probably wouldn't be the same (and not just because her brain is fried)

No. 1775277

Dads got a bimbo fetish, that's why his daughters are all so fucked up. Her mom and the one in the red dress are pretty imo, must burn aella's ass something fierce she got beat with the ugly stick to the point where people sometimes mistake her for trans.

No. 1775303

The only people in here that said she looked like a tranny were actual trannies/moids. She doesn't look manly

No. 1775305

that resemblance is uncanny. such an ugly communal rental bike. but so shamelessly thinking people believe her. top iq at play here

No. 1775307

Oh god, the pic on the right. When she doesn't pay to have everything photoshopped she looks SO GREASY. That rivals a heartattack burger level of grease on that hair and body

No. 1775317

heavy makeup is a very normal fundie look in lots of places. it's giving southern baptist not FLDS

No. 1775320

She looks like anyone would who only showers once or twice a week

No. 1775328

Her mother is a cow for marrying the psychopath this woman calls a father

I forgot about Kathy's suicide, which they all collectively just treat like "sad story but woman be crazy". No self-awareness whatsoever that maybe their little scene attracts and worsens mentally unwell people.

No. 1775332

I think it's on purpose, moids tend to think if a woman's pictures look kinda shitty and unpolished there couldn't have been any edition done to it, same logic as no obvious clown makeup=bare face. See >>1683828 and >>1685252 from ridiculous photoshoppers thread

No. 1775352

Idk I posted assuming the bangmaid wife to an evangelical misogynist Christian nut isn’t against the forum rules. Aella’s mom and dad are fundie cows in their own right

No. 1775366

Her dad is definitely a cow. The mom is not. Lets not be like fucking scrotes and criticize her mom,who has not had anything posted on here really, for dressing a certain way or wearing makeup when she has exhibited no real cow signs.

There's a lot more milk from her dad.


Here's some dystopic fiction he wrote about an island run by atheists lmao

No. 1775369

I tried to attach a screenshot of the book description, but the site keeps telling me it couldn't resize the image.

No. 1775429

File: 1677197653708.jpeg (460.48 KB, 1284x1521, 6AAADE92-094A-4A22-B592-CB7B88…)

BULL. SHIT. Of course a scammer isn’t going to warn you that the fish he’s selling you is diseased.

Anyone that believes this whore and lmfao hires her as a hooker deserves every STD they get

I wonder how many STDs Aella Rachael Slick and Nate Soares exchanged dying their three day AirBNB “first date”

Any poor bastard that’s abused enough to end up with either of these fucking insane losers will be walking PTSD

No. 1775436

I mean she’s a literal hooker. I don’t think any moid who sleeps with her cares about getting STDs.

No. 1775462

His wife chose to marry and have kids with an autistic fundie scrote so she bears some blame too.

No. 1775463

kek why are you trying so hard to protect the woman who married and had three children with this man? i wonder if this has something to do with why they want the thread gone from KF

No. 1775465

Ew. She’s such a gaslighting piece of shit.

No. 1775466

File: 1677200515436.jpg (933.2 KB, 1080x4327, aella twitter.jpg)

>present as a nonsexual to the public
So like… normal people? The average person doesn't act like a degen on twitter, unlike her lol

No. 1775469

aella has literally no conception of whats normal and whats not

No. 1775470

Samefag I got the link to that post from the doc she wrote

No. 1775471

File: 1677200784740.png (42.27 KB, 389x272, 7633D033-28B1-413C-B850-16BEF3…)

No. 1775475

If her IQ was really 148 then she wouldn’t have ended up as a washed up hooker and former factory floor worker who sticks gnomes up her cunt and makes Twitter polls for a career.

No. 1775477

How is men’s sexuality being repressed in this current age? Lol. And how is it any surprise that sex is a primal and intimate act whereas professional and work environments require decorum?

Has this dumb fuck really only just learned about professionalism and separating work life and personal life? Jesus, she really is severely mentally stunted. How can you be that old and only just come to a realisation most people come to when they’re still kids.

No. 1775478

Sounds like she has a severe Madonna whore complex.

No. 1775500

She was always dating and fucking dudes barely into her, displays of arousal from her clients must have been shocking

No. 1775507

No. 1775565

so she's saying "men go through this crazy unbelievable transformation where, when you're at a restaurant with a guy, he won't be actively humping you or groping you or saying sexy things in your ear. but then during sex, he tRaNsFoRmS into a man who is doing that." ok.

No. 1775572

The realization that literally any man could secretly be a man who fucks a prostitute in private is a terrifying reality. I can’t believe she posts shit like this and doesn’t see how reprehensible the male species can be.

No. 1775577

meh who cares just reply 'already been posted' and move on, these threads are already full of much worse rats and postrats thinking they're brave explorers discovering uncharted online lands and posting on twitter about being part of a ~forum renaissance~ kek

No. 1775584

I've noticed a few times she's talked about a college degree like it was this crazy unattainable thing and "sex work" was the only way to get ahead in life. She's said it in a few interviews now

She claims she dropped out because she couldn't pay for school but started raking in money being a gross whore like a year later. If she was really that smart she would have been able to get scholarships and even taken classes part time with all her gross whore money. She could have easily got a degree by like age 25.

No. 1775587

Not "trying so hard to protect her", just putting things into perspective. I'm sure she was not a fantastic mother,but she is not a lolcow posting ridiculous shit on the internet so there isn't much to go on with her

No. 1775604

but nonna, discussing the makeup of aella's mom is super relevant to the discussion! it means that she is a bimbo and is responsible for her daughter's behavior!

No. 1775615

Tbf to act as if the moms aren’t as bad as the dads in these types of fundie authoritarian families is very foolish. (See Michelle Duggar helping conceal evidence of Josh’s pedophilia). we KNOW many fundie milieus require women/mothers to be victims and victimizers.

For three daughters to be sex workers, -both- parents are probably fucked up in ways we don’t know.

That said I agree there is no explicit milk yet about her mom yet

No. 1775625

>muh fundies
back to reddit cuck

No. 1775633

>unsaged newfag calling someone else a cuck
maybe the prostitute bashing gave you the impression you're in good company, but we don't tolerate fundies here

No. 1775638

who's "we"? got a turd in your pocket? reddit-tier mentality. Go chase upvotes there and spare us your status-quo compliant opinions fag(integrate, learn to sage, stop infighting)

No. 1775640

No, she is right. Idk where you think ya are but fundies are not liked here either

No. 1775651

lrn2integrate, retard

No. 1775656

“Status quo compliant opinions” lol ok you’re either a former simp postrat or some tarded up far right twitter account who ended up here

DEF a moid either way

No. 1775687

>men's sexuality
???? Because they're expected to do their jobs and not be knuckle-dragging coomers 24/7? Lol

No. 1775690

>"status-quo compliant opinions"
Embarrassing. Aella's mother will never fuck you, no matter what Aella herself promised you in exchange for running here to whiteknight.

No. 1775715

>status quo compliant opinions
Kek are you lost? If hating fundies is the “status quo” anywhere, it’s because they’re flaming pieces of misogynistic shit. And if anything holding opinions simply to be edgy and contrarian is Reddit moid tier.

No. 1775731

nah, her fundie family are bigger cows than the postrat group

No. 1775732

>stop flashing your dick to children
Least rapist male sexuality

No. 1775736

I don't get this opposite day shit. Men's sexuality has not been more open and rampant in all of world history. No other time was the average man able to just jack off all day, and vouyer rape, and commit heinous acts, attend orgies, etc etc etc. I guess since it's still taboo to fuck children, men's sexuality is being repressed. When does it stop? Is the goal really to fuck children? Why is Aella a pedophile?

No. 1775741

It’s really clear her idea of “repression” is men not getting to rape women & children with no consequence.

No. 1775742

Femcels like myself already got blackpilled about that long ago lol. With scrotes, truly the only winning move is not to play. They are black holes that require constantly more and more, and will suck all a woman’s time, emotion, energy, happiness and vitality away, only to spit her out when she’s 40 because she ‘lost the spark she had when I first met her’ and leave her for their daughters friend.

No. 1775745

Oh it 100% is. Pedophilia is always moids endgame nona. Always. Fucking children is on mens minds 24/7. They want it to be 1880 again when it was legal to fuck 7 year olds in the US, and these pickmes are dangerous because they would literally offer up their first borns just to make sure their vile harem daddy scrote gets his daily cummies.

No. 1775778

It was never actually 'legal' to fuck 7 year olds in the U.S. Especially not in 1880. Males are always rewriting history to say it was normal for the average male to marry a child and inseminate her the moment she turned 12. No, the average moid was lucky to get married to a woman around his age, perhaps a little younger. They say this was normal for all of human history, until now! Maybe in the Ottoman empire, if you're a man of some standing, you can buy a 7 year old sex slave girl or even boy. But oh no, nowadays you can't even download terabytes of childporn without the FBI arresting you, so oppressive.

No. 1775798

Moids are full of shit. A 30 year old marrying a 15 year old would have been seen as weird back then.I walked in a cemetery recently and when you looked at married couples buried together, the man was almost never more than 5 years older than the woman.A 1-3 year age difference was most typical.

I don't want to derail too much so that's all I'll say on it

No. 1775875

Yes, if you look at early colonial American records, the avg age gap between married couples was 3-7 years. I don’t believe the median or mean age of first marriage for men or women ever dropped below age 19 in the US, even in the 1700s. Courting might have happened as teens but it was platonic and with chaperones

Median age of marriage in 1800s https://www.census.gov/content/dam/Census/library/visualizations/time-series/demo/families-and-households/ms-2.pdf

Porn brained coomers and rats of 2023 are advocating for bigger age gaps than was ever tradition. 36 year old Rationalists interest in fucking (raping) 15 year olds has no historical basis

No. 1775905

File: 1677260604884.jpeg (330.14 KB, 1169x1518, 07163498-0F27-4BD6-8907-7A165C…)

She says frequently that she has good genetics, it’s odd

No. 1775923

Couldn't someone just get in a relationship with a naturally happy and optimistic person and have kids with them for free?

No. 1775943

I wonder if she's really delusional about the value of her eggs, or if she knows what she's doing and is just talking about selling her eggs to signal to scrotes how open for business she is. There's obviously no market for her eggs. The only people who would want the eggs of an unwashed, drugged up hooker are her simps, but they wouldn't have a woman to put them in. No woman would ever want Aella's eggs in her body. She's either delusional or it's her way of saying she'll have a baby for the right price without actually saying it (which she has actually said in the past anyway)

No. 1776053

kek omg so in 2010-ish Scott Schuman (ugly sexist potato dwarf who ran The Sartorialist) and his ten years younger mistress-turned-wife, ran a photo contest where there was also a prize you could win by submitting an account of how they (the couple) had affected your life/improved it, and the prize was you got to go on stage with them when they awarded the phtography prize.
it was howlingly mocked at the time

No. 1776054

she's had shoddy lipo all the way around her waist too. in the shot from above, in her tryst, you can see they sucked too much off above her pelvic bones in the back.

No. 1776059

she isn't any notable shape. she looks like the "woman" outline they have in a seventh grade science textbook that's carefully drawn to be non-idealized and non-sexualized.
She's not ugly - she's a human female who isn't deformed or overweight or anorexic. but the only thing special about the looks she was born with is that everything about her is right in the middle of the "woman" slider.

No. 1776061

she'll end up like heather armstrong or gala darling, un-self-aware-ing into the void a decade after her moment.

No. 1776078

this is just "boys will be boys" style normalization of rape

No. 1776079

non fungible aella thread donut steal

No. 1776091

No. 1776097

File: 1677284275160.jpg (Spoiler Image,688.79 KB, 2000x3200, F97764FA-A09C-418D-85DC-709670…)

No. 1776099

It depends, how much is she charging?

No. 1776115

>it was never legal to fuck 7 year olds in the US
YES IT WAS RETARD. And 10 in most other states. That’s what Pretty Baby is about, child prostitution in the old days of America. I never said men were marrying 10 year olds en masse but it was certainly legal to have sex with them.

No. 1776117

Americans are fucking insane.
Is this what fluoridated water does to a bitch?

No. 1776127

File: 1677286552130.jpeg (656.48 KB, 1242x1361, EF3D2348-49BF-43B0-96B8-DF0B98…)

You’re derailing completely. I never mentioned marriage age gaps or how common x practice was, I said it was legal for men to have sex with 7 to 12 year olds in 19th century America, which is 100% true. Men have always been pedophiles and literally made laws so they could have sex with kids while, not sure who you are capeing for or what hill you are trying to die on rn.

No. 1776131

File: 1677286706778.jpeg (107.89 KB, 604x510, C0B4229C-9B09-4C1F-B3B0-51770C…)

People even back then might have thought such an age gap was odd but the point is that it was still perfectly legal at the time for scrotes to fuck and marry kids, which is disgusting.

No. 1776132

File: 1677286741250.jpeg (91.11 KB, 546x700, 3743E69F-00F6-4242-B814-8BC9C3…)

No. 1776148

cultural relativism was a fucking MISTAKE

No. 1776151

She’s constantly shilling her eggs with no takers. I can only guess it’s a fetish thing for her moid clients, bc she can’t possibly be delusional enough to think there’s a market for 30+ year old autistic druggie prostitute eggs.

No. 1776174

Also sad to see those girls """consented""", wouldn't be surprised if the parents were just glad to get rid of the child. Would be interesting to see how many siblings those young girls had, and how many sisters versus brothers. Anyway this is offtopic. Aella would totally be the girl defending the other child marriage though.

No. 1776186

that's not really fair to the 11 year old. she probably got better food, clothes, shelter etc. and possibly wayy fewer beatings by agreeing to move to the mountains with the 22 year old neighbour or whoever. she's got a totally different frame of mind than aella, who has never wanted for shit or HAD to marry someone if she ever wanted a hope in hell of leaving home.

No. 1776187

She said that she cried more than she showered last year. She doesn't seem particularly happy or cheerful to me and she's gotten a shit ton of plastic surgery so it's not like she's even particularly happy with her genetics. Imagine how weird any person who actually wanted to buy her eggs to have a child would be.

No. 1776262

Make sure to budget in plastic surgery for the baby, psychiatric drugs for the baby, paying ransom for the baby getting kidnapped acting out doing stupid impulsive things

No. 1776265

that's hilarious. putting a price on everything and maximizing attention, jew maxxing. i wonder if it's a wakeup call at all for her to never get any takers. also every man that pays her for sex is extremely disturbed

No. 1776298

did you draw this, its glorious

No. 1776431

File: 1677326517661.png (69.07 KB, 894x414, 0508531234898.png)

she is so unpleasant

No. 1776432

File: 1677326544518.png (197.51 KB, 1705x339, 331139434.png)

No. 1776480

I wonder how many of the cards are about fucking kids? You know, just to stay on-brand

No. 1776491

This shit sucks, who would play this?
>keep your night full of nervous laughter and your relationships somewhat distressing
Yes that sounds so much fun I'd love to ruin my fun night by discussing whether or not I'd fuck a living cow or a dead cow and whether or not consent is real

No. 1776507

File: 1677339158087.jpeg (182.78 KB, 750x506, 9773B4FB-E9A5-4B2F-AA86-7186B7…)

I was surprised when I saw this some time ago on twitter but a lot of people have praised her for the game, but they also tell her she’s a real data scientist so whatevs.
seriously, is austin a magnet for this type of human or do they turn evil as soon as they set foot on the cursed land?

No. 1776509

File: 1677339255199.png (370.51 KB, 1262x462, Screenshot 2023-02-25 at 10.33…)

rats are so insufferable

No. 1776720

File: 1677359769838.jpeg (161.83 KB, 1169x653, E7DADEF4-F1CB-477A-9DC9-EADF58…)

Is she fucking desperate and trying anything now? I don’t know if she’s baiting for us/KF to post about this but she’s mental and the more she screams about getting impregnated, the worst quality man she will attract.

No. 1776728

File: 1677360778716.jpeg (356.73 KB, 1170x1797, 1468D729-4331-4987-A906-27D6C1…)

No. 1776757

File: 1677363963760.png (454.14 KB, 909x1820, aXE5H.png)

Girls so stupid that Charlie Kelly seduction techniques work on them

No. 1776774

Men love it when women with screaming biological clocks bring up wanting children in the next immediately on dates. Imagine explaining to a kid all the strange, ugly, fat, old men coming and going because mommy has tricked her brain into bad things being good. That kid would be drinking at 8.

No. 1776777

hahah the pickme shouting at clouds. turns out being the irreparable embodiment of disgusting and unhinged actually pushes people away. IT'S CRAZY RIGHT

No. 1776796

Handsome eligible high quality men don’t pay to attend swinger parties with haggard meth addicted 30+ hookers, and even if they did, they certainly aren’t looking for the company of an annoying autistic mule faced slag for more than 15 minutes, let alone to betabux one for life and father a child with her.

No. 1776797

Unfortunately these ‘open relationship’ lifestyles are exactly how kids end up being raped or molested by ‘mommy’s new boyfriend’. Turns out letting multiple strange men in your house isn’t conducive to a child’s safety.

No. 1776800

>eligible and polyamorous in the same sentence
not once in my life have I met a self-identified "poly" man who I would date or fuck, let alone two of them. idg her for real, being poly is like saying "I can eat as many pieces of hot garbage from the dumpster as I want." where is the benefit?

No. 1776803

She’s really one of those sad reddit hags still thirsting over fictional fandom characters when she’s in her 30s. What a cringe stereotype.

No. 1776804

Yup, polyamorous dudes are always trash.

No. 1776805

look at the high-quality winners you get on 'sister wives' and the swingers party types. all utterly sundried and meth-bodied.

maybe one will pull a knife on her and when she's 39 and no one else is looking she'll give up

No. 1776807

wasn't there that story of the one lady and her 3-4 'boyfriends'? furries and troons and more. the baby was beaten i think?

it's like someone is dead set on continuously eating human excrement and they're open about it on twitter and really want to find a special someone that also does

how she not ridiculed at every turn??

No. 1776810

If there is a loving god then she will somehow be sterilized from the LSD

But knowing how cruel and wicked whatever is watching the current events and the sense of humor it has, she will have two children, both girls, they will hate her, but not before a ton of sexual abuse from 'cool poly folx'

No. 1776811

File: 1677369296199.jpeg (802.51 KB, 2744x1775, FE67460D-7EE3-429F-B43A-3FD19B…)

Nonas I genuinely don’t know why you would expect this bitch to talk a word of sense. She openly admits she completely scrambled her brain with repeated high dose LSD. Think about it, do you know any old druggie former hippies who did lsd all the time back in the 60s and 70s who are right in the head? You’re expecting a person with persistent drug induced psychosis to be normal and make sense. Not gonna happen.

No. 1776814

File: 1677369485158.jpeg (704.73 KB, 1242x1700, 7503FA1F-D91A-4059-8AFE-FA04EA…)

Yes you’re right nona. Polyamorous households carry increased risk of both interpersonal and child abuse.

I also saw a study a while back that showed at least 1 in 6 women report being sexually abused in childhood specifically either by a stepfather or their mothers boyfriend.

No. 1776816

File: 1677369706233.jpeg (1017.37 KB, 1242x1854, 45751110-D4F9-4995-B617-16A65B…)

No. 1776822

Many species of male animals are known to attack or kill their male sexual competitor’s offspring; this behavior is especially well documented among primates. Why would moidmonkeys be any different?

No. 1776826

Don’t worry, if she ever breeds I’ll be making regular calls to CPS.

No. 1776827

She really has that soulless incel stare.

No. 1776828

File: 1677370468719.jpeg (Spoiler Image,898.98 KB, 1242x953, FA7E6780-6A79-412C-A3E4-66AA61…)

Pretty sure she’s shilling herself on 4chan again. No matter how hard she tries to skinwalk scrotes she always sounds like a cringe horse girl trying to be one of the boys.

No. 1776829

File: 1677370520252.jpeg (226.05 KB, 1242x366, C7D2D4F7-F0EE-4AB2-86F1-C2B997…)

Someone replied this kek.

No. 1776839

No. 1776840

She's incapable of a relationship that lasts longer than 9 months but wants to have a kid and expects THAT to last EIGHTEEN YEARS?!

The delusion never ends with these freaks. It's like Grime, babies are just an accessory, a box to check.

god give me the strength to make weirdos infertile

No. 1776843

It's horrifying how out of touch a person can be but still somehow dress themselves, not walk around covered in their own shit, but also… 'Thought leaders' take her seriously. Retweets. Not that far away from scrotes with power like melonhusk.
Why has no one drowned her to put us out of our misery.

No. 1776844

more boyfriends. especially a new one every 9 months. WHAT COULD GO WRONG

No. 1776849

She said on Steven destiny's stream that she was molested at 10, and not even getting into her (surprise) batshit cope about that, why on earth would she do that to her daughters willingly.

Ah wait. I am literally retarded. She's just a pedophile. Agh, duh.

No. 1776854

Looked for this on the 4chan /b/ and /v/ catalog. Maybe r9k… ah yep. Of course those spergs would most likely take the LSD whore bait:


No. 1778150

File: 1677472130299.jpg (321.29 KB, 1080x1750, toenail.jpg)

No. 1778151

File: 1677472173120.webm (2.7 MB, 576x1280, DLMXwd4s5IxeSKCz.webm)

No. 1778160

inb4 she creates a twitter poll asking "are you poly??? has your child been abused???" and uses the "yes totes poly child never harmed" results as ~evidence~

No. 1778161

damn stooping to foot fetishist baiting on main already?

No. 1778281

this is giving me isabella loretta janke flashbacks

No. 1778354

Lmao this would explain the whole rationalist scene, every tweaker believes they’re an untouchable god while their brains and bodies fall apart. They think they’re having mind-blowingly brilliant conversations and it’s just schizo word salad to sober people.

No. 1778356

If she wasn’t such a psychopathic groomer these posts would make me feel a little sorry for her. She so desperately wants a stable family and kids, but she’s fucked herself out of ever getting to experience that. Even if some simp does impregnate her, she’ll be a horrendous mother and dump her insanity and generational trauma all over the poor kid. There’s no light at the end of this tunnel.

No. 1778414

Her polygamy preference “I’m only attracted to poly people” (which is not real) is due to her father abusing her and her mother. It’s a refusal to have a mutually dependent relationship with a man and have him be her sole romantic support, since she’s messed up by her mom who kept returning to her dad instead of leaving. She doesn’t get this, just like how she doesn’t get her kinks and sex work all come from her fucked foundations

No. 1778427

I think it's because she got cucked in her first meaningful relationship and polygamy is her way of coping with men cheating on her. Also seeing all those married men hire her to cheat on their wives must have made her deeply distrust men.

No. 1778811

Why’s it so yellow….(sage your shit)

No. 1778828

Polyamory is a huge turn off to most high value men, because it essentially signals that you don’t respect yourself enough to think you are worthy of a monogamous relationship, and that alone gives them reason to suspect there is something wrong with you.

And all sane healthy men are disgusted by the idea of their gf or wife sleeping with other men, only actual cucks are going to engage in that lifestyle, and cucks are not sexy or masculine enough for Aella, so no wonder she still can’t find her poly Prince Charming.

There are handsome rich dirtbag moids who want polyamory for themselves and not the woman, but Aella wants to be able to sleep around too (or so she says). But those kind of dirtbags tend to be extremely sexist and dislike promiscuous women (look at Andrew Tate talking about how he only wants virgins and how all his girls have to commit fully to and be monogamous to him but he doesn’t have to commit to them) and aren’t going to see the incentive in settling down, committing and handing money over to a woman anyway if they can just continue having no strings attached sex without paying (and they especially wouldn’t commit to a mid aspie prozzie like Paella), so the juice isn’t worth the squeeze to them. They can just buy much higher quality eggs, hire a temporary surrogate and endless nannies to raise the kid.

No. 1779021

File: 1677572957942.jpg (118.64 KB, 1080x572, twitter.jpg)

No. 1779023

File: 1677573213419.png (208.11 KB, 755x850, nationaltreasure.png)


Scott cites Aella's Twitter poll showing "a decent correlation between believing in ghosts, and getting PMS".

Anyone with a scientific mind would not trust that poll enough to say it shows "a decent correlation". Our friend in Kiwifarms worded it perfectly:

"This is another example of how badly constructed her "study" questions are. They are leading, expose her hypothesis baldly, and fail to define the terms to make sure everyone involved is actually talking about more or less the same concept.

It appears she's angling at "being not like the other girls, I do not have PMS. Normie girls, being emotional and not rational like me, only have PMS because they imagine it with their girlish emotional womanbrains." And the ghosts are intended as a proxy for generalized womanbrain. Alas the results don't actually appear to reflect this hypothesis- most women who get PMS do not believe in ghosts and most women who don't believe in ghosts do get PMS."

Her poll is not the reason why I write this. The reason is, why do these "rationalists" continue to think that they have any competence in conducting or evaluating social scientific research? Most of them are software engineers and have never done actual research, the least soc sci research. Yet they cite and defend Aella's "research" like they knew how to conduct soc sci research. At the same time they are experts in the academic soc sci and psych research too, able to judge that all the research done inside academia is garbage.

Does being relatively intelligent give you the privilege to judge all the research in all the fields?

And when the real social scientists evaluate her research, not surprisingly pointing out the weaknesses, that's "gate keeping". Apparently, for Twitter "research", only "Twitter peer-review" is acceptable. If you're an actual scientist giving feedback, you're a credentialist gate keeper. Makes sense actually.

I just can't get this level of arrogance and self-delusion. If they're so intelligent why they don't realize they're talking about something they don't have any expertise in. The "rationalists" talk so much about biases yet they seriously fail to see their own biases.

No. 1779122

Aellas biggest fear is aging and not looking desirable to men. That's the only reason she's a prostitute anyways. She seeks approval that she's still hot to rich dudes. When in reality men would fuck donkeys. She's a whole ass clown.

Tinfoil: in a few years she'll be a hardcore right-wing tradwife, completely denying being a prostitute and will most likely blame liberal men for the degenerate stuff that she did. Will also do a journalism thing ala "How I got human sex trafficked in America".
Will do ivf to only get sons and sperge about genetic superiority cuz her IQ is 167. Will make being a boy mom her whole identity.
She's that kinda person.

No. 1779123

To be fair, grimes would have NEVER had any kids, if it wasn't with Musk. Wich seems reasonable since he's rich and famous.

No. 1779125

I can't tell if he's joking but those words with that picture are so fucking hilarious LMAO, I womder if Aella will end up coping with her lack of options by joining Yud's harem and telling everyone that's the highest status choice ackshually

No. 1779209

Am I having a stroke or are they really claiming more women who believe in ghosts get PMS despite the poll showing the exact opposite. Also in reading this poll I get the sense that your average woman who read this tweet doesn't believe in ghosts and I get the sense that these two facts are unrelated but the poll is so bad from a scientific sense one obviously can't make real inference from them but there are still more valid ones than whatever miss pickme is trying to force

No. 1779230

The extra funny part is Aella has posted about being on the birth control pill and having hormonal acne before that lol. So you’re not ovulating/menstruating bc you’re on the pill (no, breakthrough bleeding from placebo pill week doesn’t count as menses) and you distinctly note having persistent hormonal acne before the pill, but other women are fools for exping PMS as a result of hormonal fluctuations? The same that caused your acne?

She’s incredibly dissociated from her body and what goes on internally, that’s the whole conclusion I get from this

No. 1779276

>she'll be a hardcore right-wing tradwife
she's perpetually stuck in her teenage rebellious phase. she will double down on her poly lifestyle and become a single mom or the partner of a prominent rat figure. either way, aella's children will be fucked up and very possibly sexually abused by the array of men that she brings home.

No. 1779289

>If I'm reading that poll right, many more ghost believers than ghost skeptics get PMS
>Ghost believers that get PMS = 27.5%
>Ghost skeptics that get PMS = 43.1%
High iq rationalists can't math

A reminder that only 10% of Aella's followers are female >>1761408 and yes, 66% don't believe in ghosts

No. 1779343

They're comparing the ratio of believers to nonbelievers among those who get PMS and among those who don't. 38% of women who do get PMS believe in ghosts versus 61% who don't, while among women who don't get PMS, 18% believe in ghosts but a ~*whopping*~ 82% don't.

I think that might have been significant if the this was done properly (but I can admit this is not my area kek), but like another anon said, it's not done properly. Like they themselves note, there's no "see results" option, and good reason to believe moids who want to see results would vote no/no. Like >>1779023 said, the question is leading, she herself, the rats, and her audience all tend to be extremely prone to reasoning in extremely mangled evopsych "just so" manners and everyone can see the angle from a mile away.
>being not like the other girls, I do not have PMS. Normie girls, being emotional and not rational like me, only have PMS because they imagine it with their girlish emotional womanbrains

No. 1779354

she's trying to scientifically prove that women believe in imaginary stuff like PMS and ghosts. she cried more times in a year than she had sex when having sex is her occupation and she thinks she doesn't get PMS.

No. 1779360

being the "reformed prostitute" is a huge arc for narcissistic women in the religious entertainment/televangelism world, some millennial joel osteen type grifter would love to have a girl like her in a supporting role, that's where i think most of this generation of e-whores will end up, shilling different Abrahamic religions with themselves as obedient and helpful number 2. she can even have a path to reconcile with daddy. the future for her is so predictable that it's boring

No. 1779366

Her problem is she’s trying to find a unicorn.

She wants a geeky, high IQ, Silicon Valley betabux who cares about the same autistic shit she cares about, is also obsessed with ‘race theory and eugenics’ and will spend hours sperging about these topics with her, he must be totally okay with her hooker past, will pay her way for life unquestioningly and worships and validates her.

BUT he also has to be a tall, big dicked, handsome, rich whitebread dark triad Chad who keeps her on her toes by sleeping with other women and making her feel jealous, makes her feel like he could take or leave if he wanted (because that’s sexy to Aella), he must maintain a high social status AND he must also allow her to sleep with other men, without seeming like a pathetic cuck to her.

She’s delusional. That kind of man literally does not exist in reality and even if he did, I’m sure he has far better options to choose from. But she still thinks she DESERVES this mythical unicorn man.

She’s so detached from reality and self awareness that it’s actually embarrassing. What she’s asking for almost sounds like a parody, or a list of qualities incels use to make fun of women’s demands.

No. 1779367

She’s the female equivalent of an old wurstie who wants a 16 year old virgin tradwife with the body of a pornstar and who cooks like Martha Stewart.

No. 1779380

Yep nonnie. Most normal women who want a baby would just quietly and seriously date and get their ovarian reserves checked and finances in order to do it alone or adopt. But among the psychologically unhinged there are some crazy women (a minority but yes) rawing strangers with good jobs to have a baby in their 30s. So a sudden about-face with her atheism due to baby fever is believable. She already lies bc her social medias are ads. She’ll just make up more shit. I hope we are wrong because hearing her rationalize how she became a believer again will be the most obnoxious word vomit.

Her super high standards on social media are an obvious front for the reality that the men she want don’t want her. Or are already taken. It’s not a matter of even finding them, I’m sure she could name a dozen given how broad her circles are. they’re an option to her but she’s not an option to them.

No. 1779382

The reformed prostitute trope is common in Christian comms due to Mary Magdalene. Ultimately Christianity teaches that all sins can be forgiven, even severe ones like murder, through a quick bout of redemption and saying sorry. This is why it’s not actually that Aella and her sisters became whores, neither is it surprising that America is so full of both bible bashing fundies and extreme degeneracy, and people that go back and forth between both lifestyles. On Christian dating sites you’ll see a lot of reformed heaux and single moms looking for a Christian betabux.

I actually knew a junkie prostitute irl, she ended up meeting some reformed Christian meth addict who was in a failed Christian rock band who has a charge for raping a minor and endless other felonies, and they both went full poltard and started larping as right wing nazi tradcaths despite both being utter degenerates. And the husband is dead now lol.

No. 1779384

I think she gets off (socially, because she's clearly not very interested in sex, she's like Shayna in that regard, cries more than she fucks) on being the stereotypical modern woman incels imagine, for some reason. I don't think she's actually looking for an unicorn though, I think she's deliberately using the very obvious impossibility of her standards as a cover-up for her lack of real options. I don't think even the betabux geeky guys would take her, at least not if they're making enough for her.

No. 1779385

Not actually surprising**

But yes nona you are right I can 100% see her doing a 180 and larping as a tardwive soon, as long as she can meet a reformed degenerate guy who is handsome enough so he will easily be able to brainwash her.

She seems like one of those pickmes that just immediately adopts whatever political views and interests the scrote she is currently orbiting has.

No. 1779387

Thank you for the clarification. The whole poll seemed so loaded I didn't even look at the results more closely

No. 1779395

Does Paella’s ‘love life’ remind anyone else of Kaka’s?
Just a string of failed relationships with various Barneys that she fucks way too soon and only last a couple weeks or months at most until they get bored of her, writing simp journals about herself and thinking that because scrotes want to fuck her that they value her as a person, followed by long rants about how the only reason she hasn’t found Mr Right yet is because nobody meets her high standards, with plenty mental breakdowns and with a good dash of cope, delusion and smugposting thrown in.(learn to sage)

No. 1780019

File: 1677687108704.png (771.94 KB, 1170x2532, 6CFDCAA0-9DAB-4BF2-B2DB-72BC52…)

If I have to guess, it’s probably people in that techie/programmer space who were lib rationalists but are now buying farmland and preaching about having kids and talking about going to church and building communities. (After being radicalized by the internet in 2020 kek) That’s the only “neo trad” I can think of that would formerly align with Aella. I agree they’re fucking annoying too considering they are working at start ups and using tinder 3 years ago. otherwise the autistic religious far right have always condemned her.

No. 1780023

File: 1677687542949.jpeg (412.81 KB, 1169x1628, E5F01985-50A6-4C29-8CC7-57B806…)

Samefag over the years I watched Bay Area founders and programmers who were annoying but politically moderate rationalists start believing birth control is bad and women shouldn’t vote because they spent too long in the Thiel corner of twitter. Guess they’re still following Aella and condemning her when a couple years ago they would have hired her kek. She should dox these chuds, I bet they were in her DMs and booking form…

No. 1780055

>we both were like 'leave me alone, authoritarian government/culture', and were appropriately skeptical of novel identity movements, willing to say the weirdo thing
This bitch is constantly talking about taking away womens votes and she's surprised she's now surrounded by reactionaries? Did she not notice that there's always been a pattern to the kinds of weirdo thing they choose to say? Maybe now they're coming for her she'll wake the fuck up.

No. 1780176

You're asking aella to have self-awareness. Not gonna happen.

No. 1780560

that's all men lately, stupidpolers now think women shouldn't be able to vote if they're not part of the draft

No. 1780596

how about nobody gets drafted, how about that

No. 1780669

>i thought this section of culture were my allies. we both were like 'leave me alone, authoritarian goverment/culture', and were appropriately skeptical of novel identity movements, willing to say the weirdo things
I thought she was talking about the people mocking her in her LC/KF threads

No. 1780826

File: 1677777311737.png (39.91 KB, 593x599, w.png)

This bitch who cries more often than she poops thinks her life would have been much better if she started porn consumption (and presumably her camming career) much earlier

No. 1781271

what a fucking pedo holy shit, why can't she respect people realizing porn isn't good for children

No. 1781429

already lamenting that she couldn't exploit herself for more money. wasn't enough to exploit her own sisters, jfc. very sad. autistic men shouldn't become fathers, they are mentally disabled.

No. 1781515

File: 1677823606621.jpeg (70.03 KB, 1168x523, 63F27D03-1E50-40F5-AED9-203854…)

She does though! Unlike you. Good genes, if you ignore her extensive plastic surgery and (self reported) autism and NPD genes and gut issues. She’s not neurotic and unstable like you, she only cries more than she showers, has orgies with strangers, is a prostitute, survives off adderall, addicted to twitter and social media attention, and can’t cook/clean/bathe. Totally stable behavior, absolutely not evidence of neurosis. Put a baby in her!

No. 1781596

File: 1677835331909.png (61.31 KB, 585x295, porn_as_a_young_teen.png)

She was watching porn as a young teen, how much younger is she talking about?

No. 1781738

Yeah, this is what I don’t get. Porn was insanely accessible from practically the very start of the internet. Maybe it was too slow for a video when people had dial up but dsl and cable didn’t take very long and Aella is just slightly under the age where I’d expect her to have many memories of actually using dial up internet. What more access would someone possibly want? If you were curious you could find more GBs of shit than you could possibly consume in a lifetime even back then. These days it’s far beyond then and shoved in your face to an annoying and gross degree. I don’t get how she’s surprised that the zoomer answer is “too much”

No. 1781997

considering she's too retarded to export data from a google sheet for analysis without help I'm guessing she struggled with finding anything in the days when you may have had to figure out how to use torrents or p2p software lel. like zoomers she needs something to be a simple streaming service

No. 1782323

File: 1677913475466.png (26.96 KB, 598x302, 334898468_511954074486084_8745…)

No. 1782383

File: 1677926318096.png (241.83 KB, 598x1224, ai_porn.png)

>What more access would someone possibly want?
She can't because she has a very specific kink that apparently only has 7 porn videos made of it. This is the woman who talks openly about pedo shit and organizes rape parties but she can't bring herself to publicly acknowledge this kink. Any guesses what it could be?

No. 1782385

File: 1677926415145.jpeg (86.19 KB, 891x793, 1673641467922.jpeg)

Any chance that her secret kink involves children?

No. 1782388

Girl your brain is rotted by porn. Get help if you seriously put this much thought into it and aren’t just posting this shit to be a quirky nlog who panders to bottom of the barrel coomers

No. 1782390

>Any guesses what it could be?
Garden gnomes

No. 1782418

I guess pedo porn is her autistic special interest, huh? I’ve rarely seen anyone so obsessed with porn and kids having sex, moids included.

No. 1782453

>this kink has been living in constant lowkey sexual frustration for a decade
>only 7 videos, 4 of those are poorly shot/lackluster/super short
>god cursed me to have a set of sexual interests that just perfectly narrowly miss all existing porn
she's into eating children

No. 1782464

File: 1677943138276.gif (1.19 MB, 300x226, R-C.gif)

>14 or younger

No. 1782504

File: 1677951760985.png (1.08 MB, 1170x2532, 57BB9AE2-F413-49EC-807F-48AB41…)

A terrible table from her own kink survey. It supposedly goes from most male preferred to most female preferred (awful graph and analysis imo). But the top 5 categories seemingly are masochism, males dominating, male use of sex toys, rape play, and choking.

No. 1782513

She’s rotted her brain and/or has really poor imagination. No one NEEDS to see a specific video in order to masturbate. She posts Twitter threads about retraining her “womanbrain” to get over not wanting to get fucked by random gross moids but can’t fathom reprogramming her coomerbrain so that she can just get off to regular things like a normal human being?

No. 1782544

File: 1677955450486.png (72.96 KB, 580x380, tribes.png)

Aella defends men exposing their genitalia and sexualizing themselves in front of children

No. 1782563

Is she really comparing natural humans going about their day to pedos in wigs performing sex acts and strip routines to babies whilst their retarded libfem mums laugh and clap?

No. 1782580

so ridiculous it almost looks like a joke if you didn't know who posted it

No. 1782622

oh, this is the good dirt right here. my kingdom for an explanation of what the fuck she's getting off to. someone needs to convince that ugly greaseball with the ponytail that only the most rational and intelligent men love to share info about their ex's extra special kinks

No. 1782670

It’s funny because now she’s anti AI since it can replace her porn career

No. 1782674

File: 1677972338883.jpeg (143.15 KB, 1169x617, 99546C56-E7EE-4AF8-B2BD-7D1BCA…)

Aella orbiter does her pickme act. Aging slower yet she frankly looks 45. Something about the Aella orgies and the rapidly aging, collagen destroying effects of stemtard rationalist semen (sorry ladies I had to)

No. 1782675

I think it’s some very niche CP. She drops way too many dog whistles, and it’s one of the only “kink” things that might be hard to find and that’s too disgusting to cop to in public (since we know she’s shameless and proudly admits to eating shit, it has to be even nastier than that.)

No. 1782677

this makes a little too much sense in context (how can you pull up xvideos or pornhub and say that there's so much suppression of porn content because of prudes 'banning fetishes')…. hmmm.

No. 1782748

Hahahahahah she doesn't need some post singularity future to summon whatever porn she wants, it's called having an imagination

No. 1782778

shit-eating / croprophagia is apart of the diagnostic criteria for schizophrenia, she literally made herself a retard with psychedelics and lacks the mental capacity to realize what she's done

No. 1782825

File: 1677985053827.jpeg (274.94 KB, 1170x1316, 079F7C4D-FA4D-4317-AB68-D3BA2B…)


No. 1782828

File: 1677985259792.jpeg (180.5 KB, 1170x850, CE5B2BAB-A6BE-4186-9B4F-20A17C…)

Can we guess from this?

No. 1782829

File: 1677985387838.jpeg (79.38 KB, 1170x575, 3D9F2F27-EBEE-489D-A6BF-22E837…)

Samefag but we already know she likes rapeplay

No. 1782890

she wants to see re-enactments of how she was molested as a child.

No. 1782901

This really disturbed me nonna but it’s a realistic, strong guess

No. 1782903

Especially since she says she doesn’t watch porn of “hot people eagerly fucking eachother.” That’s probably the nlog twist on her question about porn access for kids. Maybe she wishes she saw consensual sex “modeled” via porn before she was molested as a child?

No. 1782913

Are these results consistent with other studies?

No. 1782970

Damn, you're onto us moids and our nefarious plans. It's even more impressive that we can both devote all our brain power to thinking about fucking children whilst simultaneously planning to make it a reality. Touch grass retard(us moids)

No. 1782978

Wow you managed to break 3 rules in one post there, is that a record? Your award's in kiwifarms, go get it.

No. 1782981

Lol calm down woman, don't be such a cranky pants.
Anyways, here's the million dollar question; how much money has this freak made from whoring?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1783144

File: 1678045353656.jpg (109.13 KB, 731x719, Epicurean paradox solved.jpg)

Adultery is a sin. The word adultery implies multiple things, which are:
>sexual perversion
>sex outside of marriage

Gospel of Luke 23:29 For, behold, the days are coming, in the which they shall say, Blessed are the barren, and the wombs that never bare, and the paps which never gave suck.

Remember how God dealt with Sodom and Gomorrah. He rained fire and brimstone on that unrepentant people. That land is now barren, with only sand and stone remaining, with clumps of sulphur interspersed. You can find videos detailing the site on YouTube.

Matthew 24
37 But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.
38 For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark,
39 And knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.(unsaged racebaiting sperg posting)

No. 1783178

you know you're about to get a lecture on dating from the lamest motherfucker you've ever met when they bring up biology, genetics, and the objective pros of certain models of human like you're fucking a used car or something but chemistry and compatibility are mysteriously absent from the discussion

No. 1783302

She’s a dorky femcel who has to go to
Aella’s orgies and get pretend-raped by smelly neckbeards to get laid. If she was tall she’d be writing essays about why tall women are superior. Pickmes do the most to achieve the least.

No. 1783610

how is she anti AI now? I'm still seeing her hyping the shit out of it

>like you're fucking a used car or something
KEK anon that's a perfect way to put it. that's why they always sound so unattractive

No. 1783674

File: 1678120015715.png (91.32 KB, 785x526, pms.png)


Aella posted her findings on PMS. She added more questions to her kink fetish survey, which I assumed she had already closed but apparently she can just add more questions whenever she wants. Results of PMS correlation:
>Neuroticism (r=0.23, LR=2890, P=< .00001)
>Total # of Mental Illnesses Selected (r=0.2, LR=2018, P=< .00001)
>Anxiety (r=0.15, LR=1323, P< .00001) and Depression (r=0.14, LR=1216, P< .00001)
>Experiencing Sexual Assault As An Adult (r=0.13, LR=813, P< .00001)

No. 1783677

File: 1678120284229.png (171.17 KB, 793x587, agreepedo.png)

PMS could possibly correlate with agreement for a pedophilia subquestion. Not sure what that means.

No. 1783708

Am I missing something or is this just not how graphs work

No. 1783718

Nonnie correlations are absolute garbage. There's a correlation between swimming pool drownings and the years a Nicholas Cage movie comes out. Only look at the hard data, never a correlation for a real conclusion, ESPECIALLy when it comes to deviant behaviors and abnormal psych

No. 1783744

File: 1678126724072.png (81.63 KB, 597x458, F97B63E7-E121-4FA4-9A45-49A377…)

She is as desperate for men like Aella. Sad how putting the facade of being "open minded" and promiscuous still doesn't get men to pick them

No. 1783749

File: 1678127034542.png (131.75 KB, 662x569, 1677939982115.png)

Don't forget the rye flour on her hair and rancid smell

No. 1783760

I am not sure what was the point of any of this. Why is it relevant to know if women who get PMS were sexually assaulted, verbally abused or spanked as children?

No. 1783763

So it's Aella or someone in the rationalist crowd posting this stuff to dismiss the criticism itt and frame us as a bunch zealous fundies?

No. 1783777

Just not high iq enough to understand her poorly made graph

No. 1783810

Hahaha better freeze those eggs Ruth. It's gonna take at least a decade to come to terms with just being associated with Rachael Aella have entirely doomed your non-sperm-donor chances of abusing a child

No. 1783812

Everything about her makes me gag. What sad world do we live in that a man has such few options that he chooses this over a fleshlight.(moid)

No. 1783813

philosophical take. at least being totally out in the open lets anyone remotely sane pick up on the red flags of interacting with / liking / supporting lost causes like aella. wear it loud and proud. fly that genetic dead end flag

No. 1783814

This is so accurate it hurts

No. 1783815

There's big a fuckton of her doubling-down on being even more disgusting. I'm thinking an opoid OD is going to get her before she has a chance

She can't really do anything else except get high to forget about how only fat old men want her and she's damaged forever.

No. 1783817

Scott Alexander Siskind is just as much a rapist and cultist as the rest of them. Anything that keeps access to confused autistic girls provided by aella.

it used to be you had fundie christians doing perpetual motion and disproving global warming, now it's ex-fundies finding a new cult of orgies, autism, drugs, and asspats. lukeprog Luke Muehlhauser, Julia Galef, Marie La, Anna Salamon, Paul Christiano, Michael Valentine, especially the freak Rob Bensinger all the same.

No. 1783922

Julia Galef was a fundie?

No. 1783953

Scott Alexander is a very suspicious man and I wouldn't mind joining in on an expose on him

No. 1784056

Even if she ever did try a trad return, it would only be a blair white of using her.

She's been prostituting for so long there's no way she can see any man as something other than another John.

So they use her for her holes and it ends in 9 months, rinse and repeat forver

No. 1784060

We'll probably have more luck over at KF it pains me to say

She hasn't been whoring herself for that long actually, it's been what, six years?

No. 1784087

As a prostitute, it hasn't been that long but she was a camwhore for more than a decade

No. 1784098

File: 1678169312500.png (74.93 KB, 411x419, lukeprog.png)

The guy who broke up with his girlfriend by giving her an one hour lecture on evolutionary psychology?

No. 1784146

File: 1678177166833.png (133.59 KB, 767x646, rat_love.png)

That post is a step by step on how to get indoctrinated into becoming a rationalist autist:
>get in a relationship with a woman
>notice "standard cultural scripts" and become unhappy
>study social psychology to understand women
>break up with the gf by telling her that natural selection made her unattractive and lacking
>read more books about dating and relationships
>make decision trees to determine how to talk to women
>use drugs to get over fear of talking to women
>have one night stands and casual flings
>find them unfulfilling
>try polyamory
>lesson: rationality is for winners because it taught me how to love and have good hair

No. 1784161

This is so fucking embarrassing. Can someone explain why the rationalist community is so incredibly repulsive, uninspiring and unappealing? Is it because they're obsessed with signalling and idealizing their autistic analytical intelligence at the expense of many other traits a human ought to cultivate and value? Is it because their worship of rationality actually comes off as being highly driven by emotions, utopian, and most likely rooted in some kind of religious impulse? Considering they're supposed to be much more intelligent than everyone else, why don't they ensure their "brand" is attractive to others? If you combined a Star Trek-fan, the average stinky poly couple, and a sexually predatory hippie with sociopathic tendencies and a Messiah complex, you'd get the rationalist community.

No. 1784182

I thought it might be extreme bdsm with her "fem kinks" clue, but that "hell fucking no" response makes it clear that it's something illegal

No. 1784209

This might sound edgy but my best guess is that honestly it's people who don't know how to process emotions and so they need some sort of framework to process it in. It's just not possible to understand everything rationally no matter how many systems you devise to organize things they will inevitably contradict each other because being a human is just like that. These autists though can't deal with that so they try to make a group where others are also suffering under the same delusions of control so that it feels safer to interact with them since they're all then playing by the same pre-determined rules.

It's always the people that feel the most impervious to cults that fall into that behavior because they have generally massive blind spots they just refuse to engage with and often times just flat out reject having. This plus insecure nerds creates a bubble where you can have insane shit be normalized because the only people you trust are the in circle mutually reinforcing whatever is happening around them. Because most of these people feel like outcasts due to autism (or some sort of freakery) as well and have the whole "lol I'm not even human" thing the emotional blindspot and the idea that they could act irrationally/on their feelings prompts a response like: how could I be acting emotionally? Experiencing and expression emotions are things incompetent at and therefore would know if I was doing it because I would be more distressed (autism). So they determine that their feelings must be rational which is how you can have people talking about being cucked like they've grown past their feelings and achieved poly enlightenment. They also use this against abuse victims by trying to point out all the social rules in place to stop people from being raped. They see it as impossible to harm each other as long as they laid everything out ahead of time and acted within the pre-determined set of rules.

I think what throws people off about Aella being autistic vs not is that she seems to simultaneously have the emotional incompetence described above while also being able to manipulate other people.

Sorry for quasi blogposting I'm just very interested in these freaks

No. 1784310

based and wise post

No. 1784319

holy shit lmao this is like that third place in the podium guy spraying champagne on himself except he didn't even win third place, he's a homeless meth head locked outside the venue tripping balls thinking the applause he faintly hears are for him
>sexual abundance, not sexual scarcity
they really are MRAs with extra steps, complete with ball-polishing handmaidens like aella and ruth

No. 1784354

Some work has been done at KF but other than his dox there isn't much to find. I think any juicy info on him is going to have to come from associates, not online sleuthing.

No. 1784358

>If you combined a Star Trek-fan, the average stinky poly couple, and a sexually predatory hippie with sociopathic tendencies and a Messiah complex, you'd get the rationalist community.
Well that's insanely accurate
I briefly flirted with the rationalist community when I was doing drugs and having a bit of a break from reality. A lot of their bullshit made sense then to my high brain. Drugs are bad.

No. 1784363

Good post. There's also an incredibly strong selection where the only people that don't get freaked out by these absolute reality-denying losers are people with little to no social connections outside of it or are otherwise so damaged any 'gang' would do.

Any parents, friends, etc that try to understand the cult will be rightfully horrified and then they choose the cult, being even more isolated.

Brienne yudkowsky cut off her tits and had her sad normie parents sit around an unwashed autistic freakshow as they played with glowsticks and called it a wedding. The smell was awful

No. 1784364

Moldilocks haha. People pay her to leave. This washed up whore will be alone forever

No. 1784365

doth the cracks begin to show. no, no. there's no way she has any normal friends at this point. she's gonna have to suck yudkowsky and be happy or just take more LSD until it makes sense

No. 1784366

She's an idiot and only knows how to (poorly) parrot what other grifters state. Yudkowsky the rapist pedophile has always been "omg ai is gonna holocaust guys" and so our unoriginal prostitute here is just aping what's already been said.

She's long been known to just tweet or "write" (if you can call her 3rd grade ramblings writing) what people say to her in person or at her disgusting loser orgies.

When you're that dumb you just can't see that others clearly see how dumb you are and the only ones lying think they can get something from her or she's still useful to them, like that freak scott alexander siskind

No. 1784369

That's horrifying. 20% of aella followers being women is far too many

No. 1784372

Is there video of this?

I wonder if she even brushes her teeth or if that disrupts her mouth biome

No. 1784386

"women" aka trannies

No. 1784394

touches on the rat community she sells her prostitution to, but doesn't name specifically



No. 1784395

probably, i've only seen photos

No. 1784406

File: 1678213577368.png (103.85 KB, 252x262, t3_b98_4.png)

Poor woman, imagine having this ugly moid tell you that natural selection built him to be attracted to certain features that you lack, as if he is some grand prize. The audacity.

No. 1784412

File: 1678214073488.png (154.85 KB, 720x486, testimonial1.png)

Btw I found his photo in a Rationalist minicamp page. It seems to be like a Bible camp, but with a coat of Rationalism. The testimonials make it sound like they are in some kind of cult.

>Minicamps on Rationality and Awesomeness
>Two 3-day weekend minicamps and one 8-day minicamp, filled with hands-on activities for applying rationality to your life, your goals, and the making of a better world.
>You'll practice many specific techniques (e.g. Fermi calculations, applying Bayes' theorem and cognitive biases to daily life, seeing how using fungibility can boost your goal achievement); develop a map of your rationality strengths and gaps; and learn how to continue learning rationality after the program.

No. 1784414

File: 1678214102267.png (186.38 KB, 709x584, testimonial2.png)

No. 1784421

I met Scott after seeing he was doing a meetup in Boston and it was a strange experience. Maybe 30 people in a dark baseball field at night, and instead of introducing himself (pre-NYT article, at this point what he looked like wasn't widely known) he kept bouncing between circles of people talking until some folks figured out his identity, then everybody was around him. Main thing I noticed was he kept injecting his thoughts on polyamory into unrelated conversations and called it "relationships hacked." He had two severely autistic women following him around at the meetup like groupies, one of whom talked about how she was surprised to learn that it's considered controversial and inappropriate to post articles on her company's slack about race population genetics and IQ, and that this is considered a sensitive topic by others. I think Scott was trying for a threesome because he changed the subject again and said that polyamory and swinging is basically considered normal in Silicon Valley now, and that monogamy and jealousy are "somewhat outdated evolutionary legacy code." The autistic women were in awe and stayed glued to him. I left after a while when they were all going to pack into someone's house and drink; I'd already seen enough. If he still identifies as asexual I think it's along the lines of the predatory dudes who vocally identity as male feminists in an attempt to make women let their guard down.

No. 1784431

Natural selection built me to be attracted to men who bathe regularly and don't communicate in dorky autistic walls of text, guess that rules out rationalist moids.

No. 1784433

File: 1678215030983.png (66.03 KB, 200x268, scott_photo.png)

God I hate Dr. Scott Siskind of Lorien Psychiatry. He's a huge creep. Saying he's asexual is some top of the line bullshit. He'll fuck anything biologically female that will let him put his dick in it. Didn't he go to one of Aella's orgies? Cause what asexual doesn't love fucking random people at orgies? What a joke.

Decent article but doesn't go far enough. There are pedo accusations against Yudkowski and others, would have liked to see that followed up on

No. 1784438

This is why she's such a fascinating cow to me. She believes people don't take her brain-rotted "research" seriously because she's a whore, but that's the only reason she has an echo chamber of horny simps gassing her up as a "researcher" in the first place.

No. 1784496

File: 1678220736553.png (63.65 KB, 200x250, henly_sam.png)

>only people that don't get freaked out by them are people with little to no social connections or who are otherwise so damaged any 'gang' would do
You're forgetting the psychopaths looking for followers for their cult of personality, like Scott Siskind and Samuel Henly aka "eigenrobot"

No. 1784502

seeing that photo has made me asexual
all of those tiny features huddling together for safety in the middle of that giant pumpkin head

No. 1784504

File: 1678221401161.png (18.43 KB, 584x152, sam.png)

speaking of samuel henly, he's already preemptively coping with the fact his daughter will hate him for being a reactionary piece of shit as soon as she's old enough to enunciate 'patriarchy'

No. 1784518

I was critiquing the whole of it. That includes you gals, expelling so much mental energy on whores.(sage your shit)

No. 1784529


No. 1784532

I’d like to give him a one hour evopsych lesson on why he’ll never be Chad.

These ‘people’ are so autistic they’re genuinely beyond saving.

No. 1784534

File: 1678224613624.jpeg (114.95 KB, 1112x683, 8BF71436-62DC-4208-9E11-4DDA08…)

He even has that gross Punch puppet sneery y*d mouth. Gross.

No. 1784539

Yes, it really is remarkable When creatures that have such disdain for normal healthy people and families. All the putrid mutations that result

No. 1784559

If you only read one post in this entire thread, please let it be known that this guy >>1784406 typed these words:
>I know fashion well enough to teach it at rationality camps
>I can build rapport with almost anyone
>My hair looks good
>and I'm happy

No. 1784571

File: 1678227322361.png (337.69 KB, 1198x1514, Screen Shot 2023-03-07 at 2.14…)

The prostitute and her whore-orbiters are mystified at one of their own going straight. Tradcath seeds being planted sisters

No. 1784575

>hair looks good

How are rats literally always not just wrong, but horrifically wrong, about everything?
They're always moments away from just getting face tattoos that say "NO RAGRETS"

No. 1784587

not the point but "I went from being a reddit atheist to a mormon! aren't you shocked?!" nobody is shocked that you are an empty void without any principles beyond being publicly annoying. fyi.

No. 1784590

>rationality camps
What even?

No. 1784592

People so attracted to cults don't usually shop around but I guess the LSD was running low so she had to spice things up somehow this week

No. 1784594

Pay to be felt up by luke here. He'll teach you about fashion and explain why you're inferior evolutionarily.

No. 1784595

Can't she just be caught with a highschooler and be put away for five years. Just five years. I'm not asking for much!

No. 1784605

Imagine willingly going to a "party" where the main draw is getting assaulted by these moids. You instinctively yell out "no!" when one of them lurches at you - but Aella is there brainwashing you that it's totally cool & sex-posi to override your disgust and let ugly moids grope you. Oh and the whole room smells like feet, BO, and whatever rancid fungus Aella is cultivating in her hair that week.

No. 1784609

The atheist-to-fundie pipeline (and vice versa) is a greased Slip-n-Slide.

No. 1784690

>Tradcath seeds being planted sisters
what part of your kind is not welcome here did you not understand

No. 1784701

Gotta love when fundie cows think farmers are on their side bc we don’t validate whores or troons. Nah we hate you retards too, thanks for playing.

No. 1784740

(I posted that) Not a fundie, just here for the show.

The whole 'omg my lifestyle is so beyond comprehension of the normies and isn't just perpetual reactions to abuse' is challenged when one of them leaves the faith of bayesian onlyfans or whatever

No. 1784797

Not going straight.

WebDevMason Mason Hartman’s baby daddy @Conaw Conor White-Sullivan, asshole founder of the flop software Roam, was openly recruiting women a couple years ago (as of late 2021 that I know of) to be part of his baby making harem. He wanted a group of intelligent/successful, diverse women to have his babies and have a dozen kids. Yes he is a knock off Elon and he is as original as the pro natal “have 50 kids” tweets fed to his algorithm. Conor was also recruiting women friends to be nannies for all the kids. His recent conversion to Mormonism I guess is a confirmation of his exploits for the past few years. Imagine trying to be a cult leader when you can’t even launch a single successful product kek.

Mason Hartman to no one’s surprise is as much of a pick me NLOG with self esteem in the toilet like Aella.

No. 1784802

Samefag not sure if he’s dropped this retarded polygamy plot after getting with Mason and having a kid, but this was his whole side mission to Roam in 2021. Terminally online

No. 1784814

Abysmal self esteem- when you give up on trying to feel good as an individual and instead decide to be valued for being a blonde who is able to make babies.

No. 1784817

On some level I can't blame people for jumping ship from the rationalist community- dealing with normal self doubt is hard enough but imagine how crushing it must feel in moments of sobriety between rape parties to think about how shameful and lonely it is to be a poly freak. They feel like they can't go back to normal society (or don't want to) so they find a new group that is desperate for recruits so they can feel wanted and needed. And with trad religious shit there is the promise of a husband and babies to fill the emptiness inside them.

Of course they can't be mainline protestant that's too normie they treat picking a religion like they treated being an edgy atheist- whatever gives them the most contrarian points. You'd think Judaism would be a more common one but that's more of a white lefty wanting honorary POC status thing. If they weren't white the ex-rationalists would be converting to Islam.

No. 1784820

What is sadder? Joining a harem to become a baby making machine like Mason or being so gross that no one wants you in their harem like Aella?

No. 1784833

This is interesting information, especially considering Aella's desperate baiting of a baby daddy of exactly this calibre. Why have they not hooked up?

No. 1784911

File: 1678273977329.png (133.36 KB, 720x500, ratcamp.png)

Yes, it's as dumb as it sounds. Picrel is the program and you can tell that it's a bunch of bullshit workshops. At the end of the invitation post https://www.lesswrong.com/posts/9vBasHrBtCmC6zAzD/mini-camp-on-rationality-awesomeness-and-existential-risk, they ask women specifically to please apply. Not weird or suspicious at all.

No. 1784915

File: 1678274589201.jpeg (18.08 KB, 291x291, 1516550503170.jpeg)

What is the milk with Rob Bensinger and why does every rationalist look like they don't shower?

No. 1784916

File: 1678274598777.png (17.01 KB, 594x263, goodideassex.png)

>the faith of bayesian onlyfans

I fully believe you because they're all like this but you should post some receipts nonnie. I found picrel, it's failed ~*founder*~ speak and "haha totally not serious" but it's clear they're all breeding fetishists like Muskrat. It's all out in the open and these people still think they're "illegible", been years since I last saw dunning-kruger this severe.

No. 1784917

File: 1678274802529.png (202.2 KB, 592x667, roamresearchguy.png)

Welp I found some more receipts right after posting this. NSFL warning

No. 1784918

File: 1678274887638.png (242.21 KB, 594x854, roamresearchguy2.png)

No. 1784919

File: 1678275275635.png (28.25 KB, 589x384, roamresearchguy5.png)

I didn't see the OP to this before. My god
>Everyone is part of a cult.
>Your cult is either a death cult or a fertility cult.
>Sex cults can in fact be either.
Speak for yourself buddy

No. 1784921

File: 1678276071386.png (242.68 KB, 1206x1254, roamresearchguy4.png)

Sorry about the schizo tweet collage, I wasn't expecting to find this much. He just jumps on other people's replies telling them to breed. I'm not some shaved head "hetero sex is rape" man-hating feminist and this looks to me like a parasite looking for a host. The "nutri bars" thing is his attempt to flirt with a NYT write who wrote this piece about sperm donation, he was clearly mad jealous of those guys. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/01/08/business/sperm-donors-facebook-groups.html

No. 1784930

File: 1678277260978.png (818.86 KB, 1192x1320, roamresearchguy4.png)

>we need literal mormon women to drop acid in order to advance human civilization
Do they think ironically calling themselves a cult makes it somehow not true? Because they always get very salty when their communities are called that in earnest kek. Here's their "cult compound" and an Anna Gat cameo

No. 1784941

File: 1678278597676.png (691.79 KB, 1976x1520, roamresearchguy100000.png)

Nonnies I need to get back to work but this is such a bizarre rabbit hole. It has everything. There's the usual mandatory "gimme money for my retarded personal project that creates no value"
>A fund that ACTUALLY backs real in-person cults is needed.
>no you see it actually creates value because
>Religion is social/psychological/spiritual technology
>it's the things that look like normal people being normal and having opinions and political positions that are cults!
>the only reason climate change isn't called a cult is because it's consensus! same thing!
>and we're not, like, a cult-cult, i swear
>by the way did you know the only difference between a cult and a religion is one is accepted by society and the other isn't

No. 1784976

No receipts, it was audio/video call, I have a former acquaintance asked to be a breeder

No. 1785000

File: 1678289612930.jpeg (96.41 KB, 512x640, ACA12135-C496-482E-9A98-31C9A4…)

No. 1785032

Plural marriage? Polygamy is illegal in most US states isn't it? What is this troon on about

No. 1785037

Not a troon, she gave birth.

No. 1785189

File: 1678310419207.jpeg (339.21 KB, 1170x1593, D1EBA0D9-4300-4B89-8733-CE4234…)

Aella and simp

No. 1785195

File: 1678310700426.jpeg (33.24 KB, 400x400, xbe5P39O_400x400.jpeg)

Stop I can only want to vomit so much. "optimize" that hairline.

aella gets trains run on her by creatures like this. this is her real life. she pretends to be happy

No. 1785198

this is… just every single of of these freaks. if someone doesn't run for the hills they're this kind of damaged times a thousand.

What on earth happened to mason to not only stay in this but have a fucking child? bringing a kid into that mess?

the rat kids are going to be on TV specials going on about the cult abuse

No. 1785248

illegal in all US states, you can call as many people as you want your “wife” or your “husband”, but you can only legally have one

No. 1785258

File: 1678316604740.jpeg (242.29 KB, 1169x1293, FE5777C7-11BE-421C-91AB-985C76…)

Mason is one of the women who will debase themselves for a tech millionaire. That’s why she’s friends with Aella, as well as both being condescending rationalists. Conor seems no different— all over reddit are criticisms of Roam note by users, with some characterizing Conor as a jerk in their experiences with him representing the brand and answering to their issues. Thin skin, big ego.

No. 1785416

File: 1678345657296.jpeg (206.86 KB, 1536x2048, FqpFY0VaIAALrCy.jpeg)

No. 1785435

File: 1678353141658.jpeg (472.15 KB, 1129x1982, C2C4F704-76DD-4745-9297-6B78A3…)

Biggest “rawr xD” energy, also in her language here.m

No. 1785440

omg so disgusting, I did not want to read the word “sopping” like that

No. 1785444

Genuine question has she ever found ANYONE that she actually likes besides that one dude that kept banging girls that were younger and hotter than her? Because the only things I've seen are her describing fucking dudes she doesn't actually like at all.

No. 1785445

same energy as >>1776097

No. 1785449

But when people attempt to correct these news reports that Aella is not a data scientist, that she uses Twitter polls for her research and can't even use the tools properly to analyze her shoddy data, she gets pissy and blocks them

No. 1785450

Good job, nonna. It's always the ugliest motherfuckers who want to start sex cults revolving around their suboptimal genes, putrid sperm and retarded ideas.

No. 1785467

File: 1678359996217.webm (11.4 MB, 864x1920, 4713966-99402a86333076ffdada02…)

Speaking of her plastic surgery, she listed everything that she has done to her face. I looked up the average prices of her procedures in California.

Brow Lift: $4000
Buccal Fat Removal: $3500
Rhinoplasty: $5,400
Fillers: $700-$900 per syringe
Botox: $10 to $25 per unit
Eye brow tattoo: $597
Lip color tattoo: $400

She has fillers in her lips, nasolabial folds, under eyes, cheeks and mental crease.

No. 1785469

File: 1678361290798.png (100.68 KB, 597x422, hygiene.png)

Aella says she brushes her teeth but her sister makes aggressive vomiting noises when she is stinky

No. 1785475

File: 1678362505436.png (78.2 KB, 611x382, dabonhaters.png)

Aella's horny Twitter followers say that she is a professional data scientist, therefore she is one!

No. 1785480

File: 1678363966995.png (80.21 KB, 1008x333, realresearcher.png)

Hmm that Twitter poll looks familiar… It almost seems like Aella posted it to make herself feel better about the poll on her KF thread.

No. 1785488

>we keep dating, banging, dancing, things are nice
Keep it up Aella, your dream poly billionaire husband & babies are just around the corner! Fucking kek

No. 1785502

Why does poly just sound like going from situationship to situationship

No. 1785513

>sex for every other species produces babies
Fascinating how these very Smart and Rational people, of such vast knowledge they should be literally running the world, have never heard of non-reproductive sex in nature. Or maybe it's that we just can't trust the biologists who documented it any more than we can trust the obviously crank scientists propping up the climate change cult. No, little Cooner from San Francisco who's never seen a non-pet animal knows best.
>non-reproductive sex = virgin according to traditional use of the word
Clearly very knowledgeable about history and etymology as well

No. 1785525

She looks like she's getting ready to unhinge her jaw and devour a meal.

No. 1785543

Nose jobs probably are more in the $8-$15K range in CA tbh. She also has an obvious breast augmentation that she is quiet on ($6K-$8K?). Smart lipo or cool sculpting or radio frequency Vanquish at the waist ($4K for a group of sessions) for that waist to hip ratio she won’t stop talking about

No. 1785545

File: 1678376247334.jpeg (225.74 KB, 1536x2048, FqpFZO_aEAACCk_.jpeg)

She looks insane

No. 1785620

File: 1678385913775.png (45.08 KB, 596x317, naturaella.png)

She keeps quiet about it because the men can't even tell that she has had any plastic surgery

No. 1785623

File: 1678386248254.png (111.69 KB, 595x557, agpdefender.png)

She defended the weird Canadian male teacher with the giant breasts

No. 1785629

I don't mean to bone rattle but she's looking a bit chubby in these

No. 1785641

File: 1678388734639.png (98.72 KB, 411x550, 2263FFC2-EA0E-4884-B7B4-2F7221…)

>I find my scalp tends to get stinky if I sweat
I googled Aella's escort alias and I stumbled upon a Reddit alt that she used to ask how to deal with her hyperhidrosis, i.e. excessive sweating. She was sweating so much on the Johns that they stopped booking her.

No. 1785647

maybe she's sweating so much because her body is protesting her lifestyle and is trying to tell her something

No. 1785653

File: 1678389936911.png (71.44 KB, 626x646, abg.png)

the post where she "admits" it's her

why is she always talking about her genes

No. 1785654

there's always so much magical thinking going on in these groups

No. 1785655

yeah i just interpreted this as her being made extremely physically anxious during the ordeal and covering it up with delusion about enjoying it

No. 1785656

>describes a significant health abnormality that is affecting her livelihood
>having good genes really helps

No. 1785657

File: 1678390168741.png (68.14 KB, 675x228, genetic.png)

>I have good genes
But, Aella, your good genes gave you hyperhidrosis

No. 1785659

wow the popularity of fillers really knocked down the price of botox

No. 1785670

She’s skinny fat— performs no weight bearing exercise, just dance, despite saying her body is her most important asset. And she loves to wear clothes and undergarments that don’t fit.

No. 1785713

>why is she always talking about her genes

i personally feel like it's pure 100% cope because she remembers how she looked pre-plastic surgery and she wants to erase that past and make people think she was born looking that way.

she's clearly extremely insecure so she probably hated every aspect of herself before all of her procedures, and she wants to believe that she's just naturally how she appears. denial and all that

No. 1785740

File: 1678398413471.jpeg (80.25 KB, 1170x388, A19093E9-E03D-4204-8289-33DFEA…)

It’s strange too because she says her father is autistic and likely has NPD. She has ADD and hyperhidrosis. Chronically constipated and needed a fecal transplant? How is that good genes? Does she mean her appearance, light skin and blue eyes? She claims to be high IQ but there’s no real evidence of it, in her writing or watching her speak, and she has no great works behind her. She only seems normally bright, which you encounter a fair amount. Another thing she pushes is her happy disposition, and rats claim happiness is highly inheritable. But studies show up to 40% max— not to mention life is about a bit more than being happy all the time, and a lot of people’s chronic depression and anxiety is a result of financial and structural factors she does not experience. maybe she thinks it’s special that she left a fundamentalist background, but many do every year.

No. 1785755

I know as a moid I'm not really allowed on here but I can vouch for this girl being a moron. I met her in 2018 while on a work trip, I don't know if I can say the location without being banned (or if I'll be banned anyways for being a moid). I was out and stopped by a pretty popular bar that was recommended to me, and while sitting at the bar alone this seemingly extroverted woman started talking to me unprompted, asking if I was local and what I was doing there. When I told her I was a meteorologist she immediately launched into a diatribe about climate change data before she started talking more broadly about weather and meteorology in general.
>For reference, I have a graduate degree in Atmospheric Sciences & Meteorology, with a specialization in Tropical Weather, I'm not a broadcast meteorologist like you see on TV
I'm pretty used to people bringing up climate change and sharing their thoughts on the weather when I mention I'm a meteorologist, and usually I'll entertain the conversation and answer any questions people have, but she spoke about it like she was an expert teaching me. It was bizarre, it was just an immediate turn in conversation and demeanor, it was no longer a two way conversation but like she was teaching a class to someone, despite the person she's talking to being considered an expert in the field. What made it even more bizarre is that most of the things she spouted off were just plain incorrect. She tried telling me about jet stream interactions at the equator, and how atmospheric rivers overlapping between the northern and southern hemisphere could be catastrophic, with it all being caused by climate change. I tried explaining that it actually happens all the time, and it's nowhere near black and white like she described, and nothing about the jet streams interacting is catastrophic. She just wouldn't listen, and would try bringing up completely irrelevant "data points". When I brought up air masses she just stared at me in confusion before circling back and doubling down on what she had said previously while completely ignoring what I was trying to explain to her. This is just one small example from the entire conversation. I wasn't trying to continue the conversation either, but she just kept pushing, and she kept pushing subjects that she was blatantly wrong about at worst, and misguided at best. I know the Dunning-Kruger effect has become a sort of buzzword over the last few years, but there's no better way to describe our interaction.
The entire interaction was annoying and exhausting and made me regret going to the bar in the first place. I didn't know who she was prior to this, but before I left she pulled her phone out to show me her social media and asked if I wanted a follow from her. I politely declined.
That's about it though, just figured I'd share since I lurk here occasionally and I unfortunately recall this interaction anytime I come across her thread.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1785760

This seems to be a common thread with her whenever she encounters an actual expert in a field based on testimonies i've seen on here, kiwifarms, and r/sneerclub. Yes I'm too invested (post)-rat drama.

No. 1785766

Top keks that's exactly how i feel she is in real life

No. 1785767

At least 30% of this chattering has to be heavy stimulant abuse

No. 1785768

Yep. I'm a data analyst training to be a data scientist and have a psychology degree, and her "data science" and "sex research" are just as bad as everybody says they are.

No. 1785793

>asked if I wanted a follow from her. I politely declined.
based kek, hope you don't get banned king

someone on KF brought up a study that showed extremely high correlation between moids caught with CP and actual sexual abuse, which she obviously never heard of and feels supremely confident the correlation doesn't exist because her soorvey doesn't point to it. she seems to not understand that while, yes, there is a good deal of prestige, obfuscation, and office politics in institutional research, they're not all actual morons, degrees aren't (always) meaningless pieces of paper.

it actually shocks me that the rationalist community likes her so much when last i checked, sure, they were very prone to misinterpreting and poorly extrapolating from studies, but they still were actually reading studies. she doesn't, ever. she'd probably whine that perfectly clear technical language anyone slightly familiar with the field could understand is deliberate gatekeeping and obfuscation

No. 1785825

it's also 100% of the unwarranted confidence and self-importance

No. 1785829

couldn't agree more with your response! great points all around.
i am also glad that you brought up the happiness disposition thing, i always thought it was really odd that she uses that as a reason for having good genes.
"happy disposition" is not something i would consider as a necessity in life (it's nice but as you said, lifes more complicated than that), and just like all of her other claims, it's just a lie. she is clearly miserable.

also, that tweet screenshot. she really amazes me in the worst way possible. what a complete dimwit

sometimes i'm floored at the audacity of people who behave like this and then wonder why nobody is buying it.

No. 1785893

She has a knack for making sex unsexy

No. 1785895

this bitch makes me want to join a convent

No. 1785907

File: 1678421737807.webm (3.07 MB, 320x568, ssstwittercom-1678421068047.we…)

The good genes and the desire to reproduce might be an extension of her narcissism. Maybe she thinks that she is more worthy of having children but she obviously can't because she could never take care of them. She doesn't cook, clean or have basic empathy.

She looks so fake, like she secretly hates doing porn but she is financially dependent and has cultivated an image that she needs to maintain.

No. 1785909

this made me wanna hurl

No. 1785917

this is hilariously unsexy but honestly she's a pretty good mime, she should just do that full time instead

No. 1785928

I thought the constipation was due to drugs?

No. 1785934

i thought besides lsd she mainly did amphetamines which make you violently shit

No. 1786007

File: 1678440786154.png (38.54 KB, 596x218, phenibut.png)

Oh ok, I was under the impression she took opioids. She takes Phenibut too, a Russian anti-anxiety drug, but it mostly causes diarrhea.

No. 1786011

Trex arms

No. 1786023

File: 1678445413163.png (517.31 KB, 598x957, herpalmsaresweaty.png)

Aella actually has hyperhidrosis. She tried to fixed it by injecting botox and running an electric current through her hands and feet

No. 1786024

File: 1678445503608.png (89.82 KB, 598x531, kneesweak.png)

No. 1786025

File: 1678445613125.png (1.25 MB, 591x1596, armsareheavy.png)

No. 1786031

I know this is a cow thread but I love that video, it makes me smile every time. Agree with >>1785917, it's unsexy, she should just be a mime and quit whoring. Who knows, maybe her tech billionaire will show up then

No. 1786101

if sarah haider went tradcath I would be so disappointed

No. 1786123

Is anyone collecting all her nudes and video shoots?(thirstposting)

No. 1786135

i rate the likelihood of this as very low, but she does seem concerningly online and unhappy recently

No. 1786163

there's nothing of value to collect she already has way too many nudes nonna

No. 1786167

That's an unsaged man, baby

No. 1786190

even if there's "nothing of value," it's still a good idea to archive all the nudes and videos this slut has put out.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1786205

No it's not? Why would we archive nudes if they aren't milk

No. 1786232

no scrotes allowed

No. 1786238

File: 1678480497269.png (104.42 KB, 598x1081, i70Bebc.png)

No. 1786246

ugh, just reading the questions makes me sick, but if she's a pedo she would be a zoophile too

No. 1786259

she has good tits, and it's nice to see this "intellectual" thot get raw dogged like the dumb slut she is.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1786279

KEK moids are pathetic

No. 1786283

dude you're not convincing anyone. just leave the site and go jerk off or whatever you do

No. 1786289

Why would you ever admit this? You know you’re inflating her already enormous ego— being fuckable is the only thing she cares about. Just remember she smells like 10 days of grease and cum and sweat

No. 1786405

Does she have an IG?(do you have sage?)

No. 1786477

>for not following some thot

No. 1786523

she's probably not eating enough because of the amphetamine usage so less frequent shits

No. 1786579

File: 1678533551527.png (52.1 KB, 597x257, surveys4science.png)

Saged because it's not that interesting but Aella conducted a survey on her clients and fellow prostitutes:
Clients Survey Results https://archive.md/DTlKs
Providers Survey Results https://archive.md/t2qi8

No. 1786686

The SVB collapse probably wiped out a good chunk of Aella’s clients kek

No. 1786708

it's a moid congratulating his fellow moid

No. 1786750


Seconding this, pls >>1783817 don't leave us hanging, what's the deal with Bensinger? I have obsessively devoured MIRI drama for years yet have never encountered any particular milk on him

No. 1786812

File: 1678565908271.jpeg (255.51 KB, 1169x1902, D611D140-5B7B-4321-A11E-767844…)

I’m not interested in engaging with this debate, but it’s interesting how she posted this after two of her friends Mason and Conor converted to Mormonism. Eg Conor White Sullivan @conaw bitchily asked for cites from ppl who said black people were included from Mormonism (a fact as true as grass is green). swaths of middle class, NPR lib background/secular-except-church-on-Easter people converting to orthodoxy and denying the realities of their religions. But Aella shouldn’t be shocked by these people either— they lack principles (eg they don’t care about racism) no matter what religion they claim, it’s why they were able to “abstractly” consider her gross proposals of AI cp.

No. 1786936

>excessive sweating
>chronic constipation
>overly confident
>weird manic rambling

Yes she definitely abuses uppers.(sage your shit)

No. 1786957

Aella is so smart. I love watching her videos on YouTube

No. 1786986

File: 1678584059202.gif (317.62 KB, 275x207, 1529248370414.gif)

I finished reading and will say since Aella was noticed involved Grimes dumb interactions on twitter, this airhead fast forward became one of the milkiest and most genuinely a-log baiting cow on the whole snow board. a horrorcow in the making. she crossed all the borders of possible cow stupidity. the milk is so endless i barely keep up with it

No. 1787031

grimes is so lucky she exists to take the heat off her

No. 1787059

This is why I don't agree with anons who predict she'll go back to church and become a tradwife. She's tolerant of a lot of disgusting things, but her hatred of religion seems deep & authentic. Her fundie dad really fucked her up and I think she'd view it a loss of "frame control" to do anything he'd approve of. I predict her leaning even harder into whoring and antisocial activity when her "data scientist" dreams don't come true.

No. 1787060

Right? The Grimes thread fell off right when this uber cow lumbered out from the bowels of Twitter

No. 1787065

I am not defending religion but the things Aella mentions also applies to the cult of rationalism. Their spirituality and mysticism is based on discredited studies and not science like they want to believe. The "warm mysticism" of rationalism is used as a justification to be racist, dehumanize people, prey on young girls, perpetuate sexual abuse and hurt others.

No. 1787080

Yeah, if I was a man I would not date this lol. Sweaty, drug user, pedo apologist, boltons, plastic face and still has a receding hairline even after hairline reduction surgery, terminally online oversharer, swamp ass and probably god knows what kinds of fungus living in her scalp and asscrack, swallows mens shit, completely amoral autist that never shuts up, narcissist and oh, literal prostitute. Yes Aella, it’s a real wonder why rich 200IQ poly Prince Charming isn’t beating down your door and begging you to have his kids.

No. 1787089

Completely agree with you. I don't see her going back to church because it would mean that her father was right and she fucked up. When her sex research institute inevitably fails, I could see her trying for ivf and becoming a single mom. This is assuming she didn't throw away all her money. If she didn't save money, I think she would just settle for whatever schmuck will take her. Destiny is having problems in his marriage. Maybe she will come full circle and marry a garden gnome lmao

No. 1787097

Same, I don’t get how she’s so scrote-brained and panders to men 24/7 and still doesn’t grasp the male Madonna/Whore complex. Coomers want to fuck her; they don’t want to marry her or have kids with her. She’s tainted goods to any guy with the type of public reputation she’d find attractive. Even if she ropes some loser into marrying her, she’ll never be happy, because her 140 IQ galaxy brain will constantly remind her he’s a literal cuck for settling for her.

God I hope not, the thought of Aella as a single mom is terrifying. There’s a zero percent chance the kid wouldn’t end up trooning out and/or shooting up the local mall, if it even survives long enough in such a filthy, drug-infested environment with random johns coming and going.

No. 1787098

you got baleeted but you're right…

No. 1787166

File: 1678605091943.jpeg (20.16 KB, 474x355, OIP-C.jpeg)

>He feels sexy at the thought of having breasts, and wears subtle padding in a bra to give a tasteful C-cup
Right, this is a tasteful C-cup

No. 1787182

File: 1678607522930.jpeg (Spoiler Image,143.81 KB, 946x2048, aella-tinder.jpeg)

Her tinder

No. 1787198

>researcher at self employed

kek also bump for cp don't ban me

No. 1787210

File: 1678611563997.png (17.85 KB, 599x385, tinder.png)

Is there any way prove it's really her?

No. 1787216

File: 1678612145846.png (18.09 KB, 596x295, tinder2.png)

No. 1787267

This photo ought to attract high quality dudes

No. 1787301

She has nothing to sell but her body. We all know men ain’t running toward her personality, hygiene, or (nonexistent) maternal instincts.

No. 1787322

I’m just gonna keep calling her Rachael.

No. 1787328

>ugh why do people want to date and start families with neurotypical people, my mental illness is sooo sexy even if nobody else thinks so!
Lol she’s literally a delusional shit eater/smearer sped.

No. 1787408

File: 1678649019209.jpg (106.97 KB, 1080x855, monogamy.jpg)

No. 1787484

She has such a nerdy, mumbly weasel mouth, slightly nasally and her teeth are too big for her mouth. I swear there’s a home schooled kid accent and she has it. She sounds a little like Heather Matarazzo

All this “I’m not sexually attracted to monogamous men” is cover. Being in an open relationship/poly is a cover to dick hop and look constantly for someone with more money without guilt/shame and seeming greedy. And she is still an unethical home wrecker by being a prostitute anyways. ALL gold diggers got a wandering eye and a man on the side for sex— they’re all poly.

No. 1787501

Samefag since I just ranted about her being a gold digger, but this woman doesn’t even have sex regularly. The true gold digger message she is saying, “you only want gifts from one man your whole life! Vacations and jewelry paid for by one man! Resources and assets from one?! deep, sad horror.” Sex is just a tool for her, it’s a vocation for now. Whether it’s her networking orgies to meet millionaires or being paid $2400 to fuck for an hour. Don’t believe her about her free spirit shit. She needs multiple men’s resources. Hookers don’t fuck for free, especially the longer they’ve been in it.

No. 1787546

can a rat talk about dating for one solid minute without making a single reference to the gene pool and genetics to remind you that they're not just shallow, horny rubes looking for love and sex like the rest of us, but intellectuals who know how reproduction works? not sure I have seen one achieve this ever

No. 1787558

Imagine being so fucking stunted you can't imagine sharing your life with one partner and exploring new sexual horizons with said partner. A relationship isn't solely about sex you dipshit pickme, kek. She's as mature as an underripe cabbage.

No. 1787578

Not everyone is on a life mission to be seen as unique and special by utter strangers. Besides being half naked on tinder utterly disqualifies you from judging others

No. 1787627

Hasn't she had enough sexual novelty already?

No. 1787636

File: 1678667841454.jpeg (106.54 KB, 1170x1009, BA080F5E-1335-4043-A1E8-E074C4…)

Men who follow Stinky Aella and sub to her onlyfans and like her lewds and wish to book her have low sexual satisfaction in their relationships— go figure. Maybe log off, take your hand out your pants and bring your wife on a date.

No. 1787790

according to the op that matched with her
>it was pretty tame—basic info implies she’s a rationalist, seems to be looking for her main person just like the rest of us. just wild that I’ve seen this person with zero filter so many times on twitter

No. 1788294

clearing page

No. 1788316

File: 1678786628794.jpg (179.11 KB, 1080x1668, wKyIiXv.jpg)

No. 1788329

Prioritizing killing people who were forced to fight by richer, more powerful people. Very altruistic, not bloodthirsty, cringy and ego-fixated at all.
She's such a reddit-tier pickme, and all for the validation of men with low genetic value that still wouldn't marry her. What a life.

No. 1788334

File: 1678789721149.png (11.42 KB, 741x366, ael1.png)

It's another "Nooooo, women need to be fucked up on drugs, raped on camera and paid in pennies to actually lower rape rates!" episode lol. Btw, will she ever address that study that indicated that physical sex offenses were actually pretty high among CP consumers?

No. 1788336

This is a great example of the insidious misinfo she's shitting out- she's representing "data" from individuals who indicated how long they've been in a relationship as if it were longitudinal data.
>Men protect the world but take away their easy coom and they'll go feral and start raping women >>1788334
I can't with this bitch

No. 1788425

God, she's so fucking pathetic and dense. Yeah, because there are no self-serving interests or motives in fighting an invader. Men do it because they care, not because of a potential increase in their social status or the promise of a mate. They do it out of virtue, not because a significant minority of men actually enjoy engaging in violence and find it addictive. It's so funny how much this woman capes for men without realizing that they see women like her, with zero sense of self-preservation and disordered personalities, as an underclass of human-toilet hybrids that exist primarily for male pleasure. Literally no amount of defending men, LARPing as a very serious sex researcher and taking their side will wash off the stink of being a prostitute, not even making your escort profile look sooper quirky because you're not like the other whores.

No. 1788451

>significant minority of men
Every man, if he gets the chance, will engage in violence. Every single one.

No. 1788472

Great point nonna… it’s not as if she’s issued the same survey every 5 years for 3 decades to measure decline. More and more it seems her polygamy is cope for men’s infidelity, despite claiming she’s inherently drawn to polygamy for the novelty. Men get bored and cheat, so she’ll prevent that by making cheating impossible (some less degenerate polyamory people believe cheating is possible within their relationship bonds but not her— she’s a fully open relationship person). All cope.

No. 1788517

So sorry to interrupt… but where is the link to the musk&grimes #8?(sage your shit, look at catalog)

No. 1788542

Nobody bothered making one because they’re boring and dry af

No. 1788545

>It's so funny how much this woman capes for men without realizing that they see women like her, with zero sense of self-preservation and disordered personalities, as an underclass of human-toilet hybrids that exist primarily for male pleasure. Literally no amount of defending men, LARPing as a very serious sex researcher and taking their side will wash off the stink of being a prostitute
Oof. You read her like a book anon.

No. 1788548

It can also be argued that most problems for humanity are caused by men though, outside of natural disasters I mean. Scrotes are the ones committing 97% of violent crimes and are usually the ones causing generational trauma which leads to mental illnesses and personality disorders. ‘The invading enemy’ and why are they enemies in the first place? Because they’re violent rapists trying to fuck all the women and children and kill the males, like all men in war scenarios.

No. 1788550

Genuinely amazes me how someone who claims to be so rational and moidbrained ~for a gurl~ actually has little to no understanding of the male psyche whatsoever.

No. 1788553

Rape and sexual assault and child molestation is rising in the US and has been for years desu. And the conviction rate for reported rapes is abysmally low.

There is zero evidence porn is quelling male sexual violence, if anything it’s normalizing it and increasing it,and likely causing it to go less reported, especially within interpersonal relationships for young women.

I worked at an elementary school last year and it was shocking how many kids had been groomed by older men online despite being so young. How are you even gonna know you’re being abused if you’ve been fed a steady drip of ‘men yelling at you/hitting you during sex/preferring underage girls/whatever other degen nonsense is totally normal and boundaries are fluid!’ since you were 8 or something?

No. 1788554

#7 didn’t reach its limit yet. Milk ran dry but I’m sure one of them will do something too retarded to ignore eventually

No. 1788559

Most dudes she’s ever been around are cuckold clients and orgy attendees who have no issue with an unwashed body between partners. She has no idea what the median moid is like

No. 1788572

"i'm literally the only one competent enough to do anything" is 'altruism' the same way VCs ending up with a bank run because someone said something on a group chat are 'free thinkers'

No. 1788575

>men are more altruistic
>men rule all the countries and make all the rules
>choose to go to war
>going to war is altruistic
Oh okay.

No. 1788587

No. 1789074

File: 1678894653034.jpeg (92.74 KB, 1169x580, 027609B0-B665-446A-911A-5CFB6D…)

She has 168K followers— this isn’t enough of a pool? Again, the men into her and who enable her delusional life aspirations are not the men she is into.

No. 1789166

File: 1678906859316.png (26.7 KB, 1074x466, y8ts2jT.png)

there's being disgusting and barely showering and there's being disgusting and barely showering as a person with a condition that makes them sweat all the time and who goes dumpster diving. so gross

No. 1789196

The gay who posted about her on KF said she showers normally and just says that she doesn't for online shock, this is probably the case here too. Still disgusting though

No. 1789202

She will die alone kek

No. 1789363

Lets see:
> overshares
> infamy for being gross and saying offputting things
> plastic
> prostitute
> body and intimacy for the world to see
> molested
> would have their partner be a second fiddle by being poly - not even swinging

Dating her seriously is social/business suicide for someone with influence/reputation


8/10 - naturally - actual data scientist women exist without all the negatives for monogamy
This is why she will fail, she is easily outcompeted.
Onlyfans whores with deep trauma aren't who you pick to raise your kids.
Is what it is(sage your shit)

No. 1789373

This is classic incel logic, feeling owed companionship even though you’ve done nothing to make yourself desirable. There’s no demand for “good infrastructure to support matchmaking” because most people aren’t unwashed feral shut-ins like Aella. They just go to wherever people with their identities/interests/hobbies congregate and meet potential partners that way. She’d have zero trouble meeting eligible men if she wasn’t an insane shit-eating prostitute on main. That’s not a widespread social problem, that’s a her problem.

No. 1789374

If that’s true she’s even more retarded.
>posts about sucking dick, eating shit, wallowing in filth, sweating profusely and having rape & pedo fetishes
>”why don’t I have a husband and kids yet?? Wahhh”

No. 1789393

There’s retarded men out there just like her, some bukkake cookie-eating crusty sub with oddball beliefs like a jake flores, but she would never want to date the male version of herself because she would rightly judge that person as disgusting and worthless

No. 1789401

what. this is just like the people who pretend they have tourettes or a brain damage induced stutter (looking at you lucinda). how could THIS LIE be the best you can do to sound interesting? certainly the retweets can't be worth it?

No. 1789421

File: 1678932112775.jpg (Spoiler Image,54.86 KB, 640x395, FrMquCLWABMBgZv.jpg)

she goes viral every end of the year when she posts about it and her online fame comes from a viral post, her entire shtick is being le quirky and weird xd goofy girl so people remember her. pic related was posted by someone posted in her replies when she asked where they know her from, "you're le quirky sex worker i can tell fart jokes to!" works wonders for redditors

No. 1789431

Sooper good genes, yet on a purse full of meds just to get through the day. Not to mention all the opiods making her constipated (sooo sexy, should lead with that on her prostitution profile)
Boltons (ups suicide rate incredibly btw), cosmetic surgery during a quarter life crisis, actual entire lifestyle acting out bc of daddy and BPD.
She’s perfect. Perfectly disgusting

Sooper smart, always talking about men don't just rape her enough and they're boring for it. You would think enough dark alley hooking would give her some sense to not be so openly "pro-rape-me". I guess some of these dark mysterious savior men have free license

but no, the only evil in this world is daddy withholding attention and somehow religion is to blame.

she'll never be a tradwife, due to inability to commit, always needing yet more male asspats, and religion being her fucking kryptonite

No. 1789458

not to defend her, but she was specifically talking about "high iq men"(which for her means CEO's and politicians) average men and workers probably aren't a factor in her logic

No. 1789555

Word like I said, my nigga this is pure BPD.

She can't accept that someone would sincerely love a fleshlight and wouldn't require her to prove her worth is more that.

Hence all the quirky antics, plastic surgery, tradwife pandering.

The lack of boundaries, extreme emotions, lack of commitment, traumatic past, abandonment issues (e.g. sticking with a partner who could state they weren't attracted to her - which is telling of toxicity in itself), people pleasing when angry (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HF7jxwTIQKM), admitted insecurity

really the abandonment and emotional shit is what seals the armchair diagnosis for me.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1789583

And? Politicians are the ones making all the rules and going to war kek, they don't need to be engaging in violence with their own two hands to enjoy it. Art of War is like the number one CEO meme book, they love to LARP like their email and meetings job is some grand military campaign. "High iq" scrotes are still scrotes, still selfish and egomaniacal, the fact that they have a thin layer between themselves and the direct savagery doesn't mean shit

No. 1789628

>Art of War is like the number one CEO meme book
which is funny, because if you actually read the book its actually very anti-war and it teaches you basic facts that anyone with common sense would realize, cayse mof the time the generals were spoiled heirs of the upper warrior class, rank was determined by birth not merit. so a book telling you just the basics was a game changer

No. 1789644

File: 1678979751706.jpg (52.32 KB, 1080x677, tortureparty.jpg)

No. 1789646

Quickly skimming the… "article"? it seems most of the attendants were women and the tortures were really light like being "gaslit" or smelling salts and being lightly slapped (apparently Aella is weak) and walking on legos (the author mentions the two people who brought them were parents…) but of course a moid brings a stungun and makes everyone uncomfortable.

No. 1789701

Aella is the twitter addicted man’s Stella Barey. The exact same man (but addicted to Instagram or tiktok instead) is a Stella simp. Dirty, pedo pandering, attention seeking pick mes with lots of deviant kinks and who think they’re much smarter than they are

No. 1789725

At least Stella Barey doesn't try to force retarded opinions on data, science, society, feminism, religion, etc on people.

No. 1789734

Idk, Aella’s whole verbal shtick is bc she is a home schooled fundie and always trying to prove her intelligence and high IQ, be it by preaching on Twitter or surrounding herself with successful types. If she was more secure in her intelligence she wouldn’t talk as much about her high IQ and good genes and keep attempting to prove she is a free thinker. She’d probably tweet more “I need to squirt” “let me eat your ass” Stella bullshit tbh

No. 1789736

No offense but why would you take war advice from the ancient Chinese? They got BTFO and ruled by all kinds of different tribes from Mongolia and Siberia, often for hundreds of years at a time.

No. 1789739

File: 1678990959575.jpeg (38.73 KB, 1169x573, 08408398-BE05-4D87-B1CC-A61BCB…)

Samefag but both should still be in jail (obvi)

No. 1789741

I genuinely don’t understand people who talk about healthy living, eating well, working out etc then proceed to take all kinds of mind altering drugs and insert cancerous toxic silicone balls into their body

No. 1789748

Lol a shit ton of vegans are like that too. They’ll be like ‘noooo I don’t eat bacon or drink milk because it’s unhealthy and unethical!’ then proceed to eat 5000 calories worth of vegan ice cream and soda and vegan chicken nuggets, made of quorn (grown by a farmer who shoots any animal that comes near his crops btw), followed by snorting 10 lines of coke that was trafficked inside 3 different Mexican mens rectums.(derailing)

No. 1789781

File: 1678995740457.png (79.78 KB, 1170x2532, F4BDB745-4C06-40A3-BE5C-700259…)

Some guy attends Aella’s torture party. Some of the torture includes Aella’s weak slap, being paper “cutted”, being grazed by sharp nails, smelling a bad perfume. Are these people that terminally bored that they do this? It’s like people who never grew out of sticking forks in electrical sockets as a dare. A bunch of high IQ rationalists playing a gayer, pussy version of Jackass

No. 1789792

I pray to god she doesn't have a child, but I know she probably will

No. 1789825

This all sounds like it would be so dorky irl

No. 1789890

They act like they’re getting something rare out of the human experience by doing this shit, but they’re not

No. 1789933

Are her followers bots? She seems to have really low engagement

No. 1789985

Literally sitting around stepping on Legos and licking batteries like retards, the drugs out there must be STRONG

No. 1790112

They're so cool, they need to start a vampire polycule already

No. 1790113

File: 1679042878404.jpg (120.14 KB, 1422x1223, w_null_eamosd36dof51.jpg)

No. 1790453

This is the kind of shit 13 year old boys would think was fucking lame

No. 1790675

File: 1679159125534.jpeg (195.54 KB, 1170x1202, 4632A8A8-9760-441B-B9F3-DF06B1…)

But you only want to fuck and date rich guys, you’re discriminatory about tested intelligence and relationship orientation (poly only) and kinks, to the point it shrinks your pool probably to a few hundred men in this whole world? But yeah, free love, fuck everyone, love everyone, the beauty of intimacy with everybody ✨ Yet that pussy has an entrance fee lol(emoji)

No. 1790704

Aella's worst fear is becoming her mother. She will never be a tradwife nor have children. She sees what happened to her mother. She prefers death to it.

Her mother is still with her religious father to this day, who she views as the root of all evil.

She has this child-with-autism understanding of the world of if she only interacts with any potential romance that it's under some poly/cuckholding contract or he's paying her then she's always in control and she is free again when it ends.

Every time she sees a John or inevitably ruins a cuckhold using her for a free lay pretending he wants a relationship it allows her to leave, which her mother is unable to do.

It's also a ton of self-sabotage where being the most putrid disgusting whore rightfully scares away any stable mates and she can say to herself that the mythical demands she set for no man that would ever consider her just aren't met yet (Peets of Chantal fame just did this through a dating profile).

She LARPs as the lowest rung of applied STEM, to reject the bimboification of her mother.

She sees her mother and sisters but notably not her father at least once a year for her birthday, so she gets at least an annual refresher on avoiding the tough subjects and seeing the pain in her mother's eyes.

Her entire life is a one-dimensional trauma response that she is incapable of overcoming. The end for her, like all hookers, will just be upping her opioid usage until the rats are incredibly surprised that someone so 'smart' like Aella would OD on fentanyl.

It fits perfectly.(namefagging schizo posting)

No. 1790706

she has 1/2 of that of already being fat

(the endless photoshop of even her TINDER pictures to fix looking like a fridge never ceases to amuse me)

No. 1790712

Will Rachael be legitimately surprised when the molestation arrest happens in the one relationship she maintains over a year as a beard for a pedophile if they adopt or god forbid actually breed

Or will she twist it to be her fathers fault like the rest of her life

No. 1790811

whatever farmhand added that red text calm the hell down lol.

No. 1791888

stop ban evading and lrn2integrate, schizo, it just says why you were banned

>She LARPs as the lowest rung of applied STEM, to reject the bimboification of her mother.
I do think this is true though, and also why she can't just take normal sexy photos without making a retarded goofy face. She needs to be conventionally attractive and seductive for her whoring, but she also needs everyone, including Johns, to know she's not a dumb sex doll

No. 1791892

File: 1679293758885.jpg (124.98 KB, 1284x1453, aniceburrito-FluZ37BX0AMnwfS.j…)

No. 1791893

File: 1679293886315.jpg (137.89 KB, 1284x1328, aniceburrito-FluZ37FXoAIgRxm.j…)

No. 1791925

You're probably not a woman kek but I agree with this. Broken clock right twice a day etc.

No. 1792002

Moid physiognomy takes are not milk, schizo

No. 1792005

File: 1679317982507.png (523.5 KB, 1862x1695, 25887.png)

BDSM has always seemed "goofy" to me, like grown adults wearing uncomeatable looking leather outfits and demanding to be called "master" or "mistress", and then doing absurd sex acts to seem coller then boring vannila people, it's just so fucking ridiculous

No. 1792191

She looks much older than 31 here. her weird overfilled cheeks from front angle are not counteracting her naturally thin long face and aging volume loss.

No. 1792193

Samefag her level of nostril show is disturbing too. Weird nose job tbh

No. 1792975

File: 1679452074884.jpeg (198.37 KB, 1169x1498, 7C6B8F7A-7974-4C81-A0CB-DA96E3…)

She is so hot and bothered by Megan Murphy it’s hilarious. Blocked and continues to screenshot and subtweet her. Are all homeschooled kids this thin-skinned and passive aggressive?

No. 1793008

lmfao bitch thinks she's Qualtrics

No. 1793339

Meghan Murphy redemption arc

No. 1793492

File: 1679529752806.png (46.95 KB, 591x1104, 4324324356346.png)

>I can't possibly be too ignorant and retarded to understand what's wrong with not calculating p values and ignoring the entire field of statistics

this crowd does include a lot of people who actually understand statistics, you just never see them saying anything about her research other than "see, women want to be raped!", no defense of her data and methods whatsoever. i cannot imagine how stupid they must think she is kek.

>btw aella u know soooo much more than this guy

No. 1793561

Hahahaha as a grad student who does research and loved causal inference in particular I am crying at this interaction, I love how she has no idea what he’s talking about but concludes that we’re gatekeeping research by having all these fancy terms and that it’s not because you need proof to support your point. You can’t just create surveys on google forms and then compare yourself to academics that do RCTs.

No. 1793602

>sample size = large = reliable
aella. take an intro level statistics class. hell, watch a kahn academy video. It is possible for sample sizes to be too large to accurately represent a population. this is an incredibly basic concept, and the fact that she's so casual about not understanding it–or anything else–is stunningly arrogant. She's like Dunning-Kruger personified.

>I just do what seems right with the software

anyone who's taken a basic statistics class will tell you that it's mostly teaching a lot of conceptual knowledge to help you know what test to tell your calculator to do in a given situation. it requires a lot of rational thinking, ironically. with good statistics software i assume you can do whatever tests you want and get a number, but determining the meaning of that number–if it means anything at all–is the statisticians job, and usually it's also a little more complicated than "number high" or "number low". if she doesn't understand these things, i'm not sure what the fuck she's doing at all, and it's certainly not any work comparable to that of a ""data scientist""

No. 1793712

Idk why these statisticians even bother. It’s very clear she doesn’t want any feedback beyond mindless ass kissing, and any time anyone offers constructive criticism she just reeees and sends her flying monkeys after them. Let her be loud and dumb and milky in peace.

No. 1793717

File: 1679578431288.png (159.8 KB, 1170x2532, 12457014-46A9-4E11-92DC-E5315F…)

She’s probably not calculating the automated p values bc there are so many below the threshold of significance and she can’t deduce what’s meaningful kek

No. 1793938

File: 1679599825915.png (26.99 KB, 1182x566, rn8Z0Gh.png)

As a genius who cares passionately about data and science and data science, I will do absolutely anything at all to be taken seriously, with the exception of: research, studying, pursuing training in the field, or basically doing anything that requires work or effort

No. 1793951

File: 1679602094379.jpeg (87.69 KB, 1169x561, 028C3830-43AD-49BB-9732-B36C71…)

Hey, just a reminder, I’m not like other people, I’m high iq. So high iq I use adderall every other day and can’t do a 4 week coursera module

No. 1793968

File: 1679604922154.jpeg (195.58 KB, 1169x1667, B070495A-49DA-461C-9B39-365D0D…)

Aella upset that LC and KF have documented her personal inconsistencies, laziness, golddigging: you’re DOXING my family

Aella sharing intimate details about her relatively public figure father:

No. 1794154

her dad does sound truly vile. doesn't she realize that all the rationalists and tech bros she surrounds herself with are all cut from the same autistic cloth? if she can recognize abuse in her own families relationship why can't she see it in the poly scene and the sex addicted degenerates she courts online? it's right wing men, it's left wing men, it's libertarian men, all men are capable of this type of callous abuse of women, all types of men see women as objects or as servants in a role.

No. 1794621

This is extremely telling, and vindicates anons saying her whole "sexual empowerment" schtick is an attempt to escape the depressing fate of her tradwife mother. It makes a lot of sense for a sexually coercive Christian apologist fundie moid to end up with a rationalist whore for a daughter.

No. 1794687

It totally does. She’d be a pitiable creature of circumstance if she had a decent personality and was younger. There are a lot of people who put themselves through hell because of their painful backgrounds. Aella is that, BUT also insufferable, narcissistic, vain, and thinks she’s much smarter than she is. Advocates her traumatized coping lifestyle to others who don’t know better.

No. 1794699

Wow so Aella's trad mom still has more sex than her whorelord daughter huh

No. 1794921

File: 1679756216076.jpeg (101.92 KB, 1170x1216, F32EA86F-D6B2-4285-8163-84E30B…)

Another terrible graph. Unlabeled X, unnecessary fraction scale points y

No. 1795057

My relationship is 4 long and I porn 7.5 times per [mystery unit]

No. 1795270

File: 1679799148978.jpeg (80.15 KB, 1169x747, 25C05345-BC33-4E32-A729-C0EEDE…)

No. 1795271

File: 1679799185125.jpeg (112.04 KB, 1169x933, FDB1F872-98F1-4E72-AC86-696DAD…)

No. 1796206

File: 1679935467872.png (55.43 KB, 606x574, cowscollide.png)

Kek so she finally understood no one is marrying her, and no one is paying her to have their children either, so she downgraded further to "crowdfunding". This bitch's shamelessness is almost impressive, aren't you always bragging about having a flawless method that netted you 100k/mo on OF, Aella? If you did that for one year straight you'd have more than enough for a baby, why the fuck do you think other people should foot your bill when you're so smart and capable?

>when cows collide

No. 1796207

File: 1679935636784.png (25.6 KB, 588x448, gender.png)

>wanted to see if anybody would guess this as the reason for the correlation
A child with downs syndrome exposed to less than 10 of her tweets would have guessed she was looking for correlations between gender and morality, it's the only thing she ever talks about

No. 1796220

I pray all the drugs made her infertile.
I have sophia tweets shared a couple times by my mutuals, what's milky about her ?

No. 1796244

she's a calf at the leftcows thread

No. 1796268

I avoid the leftcows thread cause they are complicated and require to much knowledge about everyone involved, but what about Sophia is particularly milky

No. 1796287

To my knowledge IDT she is too milky, she is just an out of touch rich girl with rich parents who used to pay her rent, who says some dumb dating things like, “it’s okay for a woman to pay for dates.” It’s nothing compared to anyone in LC or this thread

No. 1796525

She just does not know how to make a graph. One of the simplest things to make.

No. 1796804

The sex rate is watching porn

No. 1797167

How much? How is it measured? Hours? Number of videos? Quantity of jerk offs? I'd get ripped apart at my job if I presented something like this.

No. 1798183

From what I read on the Twitter post the x is supposed to be in years and so then you notice the y says "per month".. aren't graphs meant to be easy and quick to read? It kinda seems like she tried to msh two graphs into one, bitch thinks she's innovating

No. 1799530

File: 1680252771327.jpeg (135.35 KB, 1242x936, A5912DD9-D4B2-4FBB-A69E-E173A5…)

Wonder if she wrote this too kek(sage your non milk)

No. 1799534

Damn this is beyond sad.

No. 1799582

>male-tier rational thinking
4chan pickmes are beyond salvation. I will not feel bad for her when she decides to toon out and gets irreversible health damage, misogynistic tifs deserve it.

No. 1799665

At least they know they’re abnormal women.

No. 1799952

File: 1680299537292.png (39.09 KB, 804x801, aella_sad_and_brazy.png)

despite the cluster B symptoms, there has to be SOME introspection present

No. 1800687

wtf is wrong with her face?? she looks like the neurotic, desperate-for-a-baby-and-barely-hiding-it, 48 year old server at the vegan restaurant.

No. 1800707

File: 1680392417675.jpeg (221.69 KB, 1169x1954, ED7F1818-512B-4676-B0B6-E727DB…)

The twitter version of when an Instagram model posts an ass shot and pretends to be coy about it.. or worst, attempts to post an intellectual caption. Just drop the selfie and go, Filler Face.

No. 1800716

no she wants to see videos similar to her abuse so she can feel like what happened to her is normal and accepted, and not feel bad about herself.

No. 1800718

Interesting move to pretend as if she’s uncomfortable with a bidirectional power gap as compared to just her having more power compared to her male partner. We know the truth

No. 1800732

that's a rapeface

No. 1800736

her stomach looks pretty sad for someone so young

No. 1800744

She’s 31 not a spring chicken.. at that age, 97% of people can’t avoid cardio and muscle exercise and still have a true flat stomach. She doesn’t exercise. It’s just not great that men are paying $2400 to fuck the flabbiness, but they’re attracted to her brilliant mind after all /s

No. 1800764

many anons are over 31 me, AYRT, included and in 2023 31 is too young to have flab hanging off your gut while wearing high-rise stomach-flattening leggings, especially if you've never had kids.

No. 1801141

>Super high IQ
>Just discovered eyes look different in different lighting

No. 1801175

File: 1680468934902.jpeg (218.07 KB, 1169x1842, 10F9040D-B1A7-430A-8AA1-4E196A…)

KEK the octomom lookalike would be way too thin skinned to be an academic anyways. Aella you retard, if you don’t think the critique is valid, move on and only listen to what you find legitimate. Simply ignore. there was a person who had legitimate critiques, you flamed her and continued to subtweet so… I don’t believe you actually want real criticism. It’s just that Aella thinks the only thing as the barrier to her being an expert data scientist is people’s (assumedly) misinformed perceptions of her work. That’s why it gets to her. But get this, playing soccer for 3 years may improve your soccer skills but it doesn’t make you a working athlete.

No. 1801210

>octomom lookalike
kek i never even noticed and now i can't unsee it

No. 1801233

File: 1680478004222.jpeg (134.07 KB, 639x1280, B2BA8E9B-0A66-42DE-AB22-5448D6…)

It’s cuz her head is shaped like a foot + loads of cheek fillers to fake having defined cheekbones. God I’m glad we have this ladies forum bc some perv on the KF one said he masturbated to Egghead’s porn. She probably made money from his views. Typing how much she disgusts you with one hand down your pants is exactly why she makes 6 figures on OF off this spineless moids

No. 1801610

needed a weak excuse to thirst trap

No. 1801615

Why won't people take her seriously? They all said she was so sexy and smart making gnome porn, why is this happening? Did they lie because they like looking at her boobs?

No. 1801655

Omg I love a proper narc rage, I hope she keeps sperging out like this it's hilarious

No. 1801794

File: 1680558527094.jpeg (151.2 KB, 1170x1185, 1C23DEF5-A159-41C1-ACC3-A401B4…)

Pee pees? A whole ass 31 year old. She’s not a funny person. She should stop trying to be.

No. 1801827

That’s how stomachs look when you bend over, retard. Ever heard of gravity?

No. 1801829

She’s done something super weird to her eyes and it’s made her look older and more masculine. Did she get triggered by the nona who said her eyelids were looking hollowed out and get filler in them as well?

No. 1801830

Damn, her cheekbones are non existent even with filler, and the her filler is also uneven and sinking to the lower third of her face and her chin, making her jaw look lumpy and her face and aura look older. Nose job was botched, it looks like Bob Hope’s nose and the tip is droopy and pinched. She legit looks a 40+ pillowface, she has the bone structure of an incel and hairline of a hon even after hairline reduction surgery.

No. 1801881

File: 1680568278737.jpeg (47.57 KB, 640x447, 22525592-8B12-4095-9409-3752D5…)

The nose job has way too much of her nostrils showing imo. You can def tell her forehead is overly botoxed and she has classic pillow face and squinty eyes from smiling with too much filler. I have a hard time believing filler looks good on women under 40/45

No. 1801882

She’ll always look like a rat no matter how much she pays a middle aged man to cut up her face.

No. 1801983

File: 1680582398307.jpeg (306.47 KB, 1284x2107, 34C876AF-C645-4D69-AF11-66F556…)

Trying to get Aella pregnant on the tl

No. 1801985

aella is quickly becoming my favorite cow for how unself-aware she is. like god, this tweet is so unintentionally revealing about how little aella is connected to her body or her gender or her sexuality, and that's really sad

No. 1801986

can't she get a regular sperm donor, like no one legally stop her from having kids but she could at least choose a male with good genetics

No. 1801991

Very autistic tweets, but she said she had the tism anyway
Tinfoil theory that she lurks

No. 1801992

i'd bet money on it well, crypto maybe kek

No. 1802031

File: 1680591248122.png (33.86 KB, 787x855, image.png)

No. 1802045

Who ever said anything about genociding autists? That’s so disingenuous. Aella and her circle are all autists and believe themselves to be superior to and smarter than everyone else. They don’t want to genocide themselves, in fact they seem to think only ~le based hyper-rational edgy autists~ should be allowed to breed and dictate society. They want other disabled people to be genocided because they are aspies who lack basic empathy. I’d wager 80% of high ranking Nazis were on the spectrum kek.

No. 1802046

So rational and logical, yet constantly reeee, cry and have mental breakdowns over people giving them basic concrit and feedback. Yep, so cerebral and superior.

You can tell she is low-key disgusted by him lmao. But realistically this ugly fat soijak is the best she can do.

No. 1802049

File: 1680597039049.jpeg (211.01 KB, 1242x1686, 08A458D4-54E6-448B-B865-1E2BC9…)

He’s married too, this is his wife. Another degen open relationship uggo with a autist boner for le rational thinking.

No. 1802050

he’s so repulsive

No. 1802051

I hate Aella but this is just another dumb schizo /pol/tard meme for supposedly spotting Jews, and like everything on /pol/ it quickly circulated despite having no basis in reality. Aella isn’t Jewish, so the theory is disproven.

No. 1802059

>the nosediving ‘male’ line
Minecraft all scrotes.

No. 1802063

Deep down under her narcissistic cover she knows she’s human garbage, which is why she can’t respect any of the men who display attraction to her.

She only lusts after the idealized, ‘high value’ rich handsome dark triad moids, like that Chad she was seeing who fucked more attractive younger girls in front of her while telling her he wasn’t attracted to her. She admits it caused her to feel suicidal yet she still stuck around and idealized him. She claims to love polyamory yet has mental breakdowns when her fwb fucks other women kek.

A man who displays attraction and pays attention to Aella is basically admitting that he is a cuck who is beneath her, which makes her drier than the sahara.

No. 1802064

Yeah wtf is up with the whole baby issue. Crowd funding a baby? I thought Aella was making bank from her OF?

Private sperm donors are relatively cheap and many scrotes will even do it for free. So why can’t she just find a donor and raise the kid herself and hire nannies or whatever?

If she really cares so much about the eugenics shit, I’m sure she can find some blond aspie Danish lanklet who will jizz in a cup for her.
But she is rummaging through ugly twitter bargain basement pedo scrotes. Is she really just ashamed to be a single mother? How conservative and conventional of her. Is she really just admitting she wants a dependable whale simp to be there and betabux her and their bastard for life?

No. 1802066

>is she really just ashamed to be a single mother
honestly, yes. she knows it would lower her status and make her even less attractive to chad. this is also why grimes still hangs around elon and is barely ever seen with the kids, leaves them with the nannies or encourages elon to take them. both of them believe they are too good to be single mothers, but that’s essentially what grimes is and what paella will be.

No. 1802067

>rich silicon valley spergs feel their lives are too cushy and comfortable
>want to get back in touch with suffering
>millions of people in the world who need help and aid
>could volunteer to help them, which would help give said spergs a reality check and get them out of their comfort zone, while also helping to ease some of the suffering in the world, two birds one stone
>nope, i know, ill hold a party where we step on legos and give each other paper cuts

Every day I pray for a cure for autism.

No. 1802068

It’s funny that despite how edgy, quirky, and anti establishment claire and paella try to be, being a single mom is still social suicide in their eyes. kek, that conservative xtian upper middle class suburban mindset never leaves them.

No. 1802132

File: 1680616971959.jpg (71.16 KB, 421x800, kim-kold.jpg)

I have always wanted to ask this question from eugenicists, According to their own logic, they should seek out a 6'6 blonde-haired, blue-eyed, muscular Danish man to impregnate their wives, all in the name of creating a stronger white race for the next generation. While I find this belief system flawed and offensive, I am genuinely interested to hear how they would respond?

No. 1802138

They’ll just lash out and call you a roastie.

No. 1802171

Is she trying to court le pepe right-wing audience by using the word "pee pee"? She must know they hate her for being a whore more than any other demographic, right? The fuck is up with cows going for the audience most likely to hate their guts?

No. 1802184

Nonnie no one gets into this type of ideology for intellectual reasons. Many eugenicists are eugenicists because they hate themselves and think they deserve their genetic dead end fate, and those would agree with you. But most others have some kind of copeplex in place where they convince themselves that being short, ugly and kinda stupid is nothing compared with being a lib and not knowing about le esoteric truths, being into eugenics is itself a good eugenic trait to pass on. These people's blood has been fully replaced with liquid ressentiment

No. 1802228

File: 1680630107799.jpeg (254.2 KB, 1169x1747, 02B3738F-1534-480B-BE55-9FCB55…)

She’s misinterpreting what people are talking about. A lot of people struggle with converting their situationships or casual dating partners into committed bf/gf, and will be strung along and made to feel like it’s embarrassing to ask for commitment. This is not making monogamy out to be a persecuted status, idiot. She wouldn’t understand any of this

No. 1802230

Because it's all a series of copes to help unattractive men reproduce. They don't actually want to improve humanity. To begin with, the modern eugenics movement is for dysgenic midwits who think they can manifest desirable genes and high IQs by insisting they have them and everyone else is simply too stupid to see. Sometimes, there's actually some good money in these arrangements (eg Caroline FTX), which attracts similarly dysfunctional and/or unattractive women like Aella, but the only reason even that's possible is because the current (unstable/doomed) money system doesn't actually reward the most genetically fit or intellectual people above neurodivergent techbros with warped sexualities and lots of time. All of these individuals either end up as tranny programmers haranguing lesbians to "accept" them via guilt, gigaracist copers haranguing all women to bow to their "superior" white dicks that couldn't make it in the real world, or both, and none of it ever does much to repair their faulty beings or broken minds. Easiest example of this is Elon Musk, who still can't get his type to want him, in spite of his wealth. They just use him and his fragile ego for money.
Even an illiterate, well-built peasant farmer has higher value than these men. People who are actually attractive and capable have no need for any of this.

No. 1802239

some evo psych men know that the trailer park women with five baby daddies are single-handedly diversifying the gene pool. everyone knows it from how animals are bred, there's only one perfect stud. but look to utah and mormons to see how it can all go wrong. male animals and male humans serve as an amendment, an alloy to the base.

No. 1802246

>A lot of people struggle with converting their situationships or casual dating partners into committed bf/gf, and will be strung along and made to feel like it’s embarrassing to ask for commitment.
Nah I think that's a "you" problem

No. 1802248

well said

No. 1802249

is it possible for a narc to ever make something useful out of themselves?

No. 1802253

? It’s a real thing, and happens to a lot people. Even attractive, well rounded desirable people. Someone that you hope to date doesn’t want to commit to you but just wants to have sex. The only difference is one group of people accepts it and moves onto others, another group keeps trying, and a third group claims they’re poly and they wanted this open shit, non monog all along.

No. 1802297

because ironically they are the type to pay for her online "sex work" despite their cries of "degeneracy"

No. 1802302

i'm no eugenicist but it seems like every time she posts about her health/body its something that would indicate her having "bad" genes lol

No. 1802310

Right? Who would consider "good genes" to include autism, hyperhidrosis, average body, and mid tier face? Good genes are like "model that went to Harvard," not Raquel who got plastic surgery when she happened upon money

No. 1802326

>you’re all meanies who hurt my feelings! im such a victim!
Lol no bitch the meanies are the psychopath moids you continue to suck off even though they don’t give a single shit about you. The real victims are the wives and gfs who get cheated on by their shitty moids with stupid pandering whores like yourself. Stop lashing out at normal people, it’s not their fault you’re completely fucked up.

No. 1802327

If I was Aella I would legit be soooo embarrassed and insulted that some perverted fat repulsive soiboi thought he was good enough to publicly proposition me for a child over twitter kek. But of course Aella has zero self awareness so it all flies over her head.

No. 1802328

File: 1680641425871.png (280.94 KB, 1276x1232, F1EDF3A4-AD28-4840-99DA-1F1FC1…)

Yup, this is what eugenicists look like. These are the people who believe they are superior to 99.999% of humanity.
And weirdly, most of them are American white trash or inbred Ashkenazi Jews who are carriers of various genetic diseases.

No. 1802331

File: 1680641670733.jpeg (319.94 KB, 1207x1744, A1D3E30D-8575-4F62-AF9C-73D603…)

These are the people are obsessed with race theory and IQ.

No. 1802332

File: 1680641784302.jpeg (242.59 KB, 1199x1426, BC4F5F6B-E372-4B77-A3A3-0F9DFA…)

Irl basedjaks, aspie Caroline Ellisonesque femcels, and budding troons.
This is who is obsessed with spreading their genetic legacy and believes they are superior to you and me.

No. 1802334

Because she wants the bottom feeding coomers who pay for her OF to think they have a chance at impregnating her, that’s it. Same reason for the “goofy” photo shoots, the fart jokes, the “date me” quizzes etc. Porn star who is accessible to nerds is her entire business model, and everything she tweets is designed to get attention and increase profits.

No. 1802340

File: 1680643351573.jpeg (141.36 KB, 1169x1345, B70CAD53-A338-4982-AE57-27A473…)

I mean duh? Don’t people say that? 1 child does get more attention than 4 children. But obviously parenting young children is higher on the priority list than bonding time with your husband, so you prioritize more time of your day to split among multiple children.
I’m one of those “aella is not poly” truthers, everything she says indicates finding ONE serious partner. ONE baby daddy. Maybe this is all some effort to de-whorify herself, instead of the “finding God” plot or “I’m a real data scientist” scheme— find the one guy who will “turn” her monog.

No. 1802367

File: 1680645810740.jpg (68.56 KB, 900x561, abtanpu1qv791.jpg)

at least eugenics had some scientific foundations(at that time period) and was initially aimed at improving humanity as a whole, its later racialist aspects were obviously problematic though, but even it advocated for the selective breeding of only the top 25% of white individuals. However its a dead ideology and If real eugenics were actually practiced in any form today, it would result in the sterilization of individuals like >>1802331 and >>1802332

No. 1802370

yeah we say these things on purpose because we don't want annoying pseud whores and nasty creeps and ugly loser nerds to think even for a second that we share your values. it's our feminine defense mechanism to prevent terrible things from happening to us, like yudlowsky from thinking he can flirt with us on twitter, and the fact that it triggers you confirms that it's working.

No. 1802392

File: 1680649713519.jpg (27.55 KB, 646x637, moscato.jpg)

Eliezer Yudkowsky looks a lot like Danielle Muscato, infamous no-effort tranny

No. 1802395

severe hormonal acne kek. I have mild acne myself but it’s surprising the number of people out there with good smooth skin. For someone claiming top tier genes, she doesn’t even have have that.

No. 1802396

Samefag but danielle is better looking

No. 1802437

>widely cited for his writings
Being cited in jest or by your literal cult following doesn't count, yud. Daily reminder this man has been writing about "AI" for over 20 years but he cannot code a single line

>If real eugenics were actually practiced in any form today, it would result in the sterilization of individuals like >>1802331 and >>1802332
Maybe we should give it a shot then kek, eugenics but we only sterilize these freaks

Severe hormonal acne, hyperhidrosis, a metric ton of plastic surgery, chronic constipation, receding hair line… what good traits does she even have, other than maintaining a normal body weight?

No. 1802444

File: 1680657673184.jpg (87.28 KB, 250x1095, 4909957-2ba69d1c2668743f8404e7…)

Stolen from KF. Science is not communication, these things are not remotely comparable.

She's getting roasted in some streamer's (Destiny) subreddit but clearly got all her little simps to go brigade her because posts defending her have a sus amount of upticks. As far as I can tell she's only responding to say she doesn't only use twitter polls, only her sooper serious off-site surveys. Aella you fucking idiot, if you don't want people to assume you use twitter polls you should have better information hygiene, but you constantly post polls with questions on the same subjects as your "surveys" and generate the same kind of inflammatory discourse about them.

No. 1802536

Elitist and gatekeepy "pilot" "training" is just a process to help us figure out how to move through the air at great speeds - but if your style of flying a plane is best done by breaking a rule, then friggin break it!!

No. 1802746

top gun plot type reasoning

No. 1802853

File: 1680731471962.jpeg (327.33 KB, 2048x1280, A9A6E3E9-B070-47DC-8C67-A9012A…)

Her weird unhinged aspie face reminds me of that nurse who murdered a bunch of babies

No. 1802861

Ive argued with self proclaimed moid eugenicists on this topic and basically as long as they are white/mostly white/Ashkenazi Jewish and perceive themselves as high IQ, then they genuinely believe they are in the top 1% of excellent genes and nothing will make them budge.

What’s also funny is that they all argue for Darwinism, evopsych, survival of the fittest etc, but when you mention womens sexual selection methods and ‘dual mating strategy’, or why it’s perfectly natural for women to prefer handsome, tall, physically strong men etc, they break out in hives and try to change the topic, or deny it has any evolutionary advantages (even though it clearly does)

No. 1803080

File: 1680757697947.jpeg (173.98 KB, 1170x1339, 894C7F99-8573-4A35-B739-29E2E6…)

But has she seen what cheating does in a family? Knowing your father is cheating on your mother? This is a type of damage you prevent by gritting your teeth and waiting till your kids are adults. There are things in life more important than cooming but she would never get that bc her life is only physical sensations strung together

No. 1803084

Samefag she just should never be a parent. She’s so self centered and low empathy. Unable to conceive of consequences. Putting your kids first means not indulging in a retarded affair that could destroy the family and ruin you to them

No. 1803090

They say it has no evolutionary advantage because it has no evolutionary advantage to them personally kek moids at least try to be objective challenge (impossible)

I doubt Samuel Henly is not cheating on his wife tbh "wifeguys" always are

No. 1803139

File: 1680769067088.jpg (112.07 KB, 628x812, Antisemitic Intellectual Depic…)

Jewish men into eugenics always strikes me as odd, like they should know the end result of every insane ideology always results in them and their people being sent to labor camps or holocausted, like why even risk it?

No. 1803227

why does she call herself poly when she seems to want an open relationship with one partner? It seems she uses that as a pretext to monkey branch hoping to at some point find somwonw better as it seems she is dating total losers in her eyes but she would def not be into that lifestyle if she managed to get with her dream high value man

No. 1803228

she even admits to being jelous of that boyfriend and also says she has a low sex drive so is she honestly that delusional to still seek that poly lifestyle or is it cope as to explain why she cant find someone to knock her up(sage your autism)

No. 1803251

I agree, for a “poly” person she just wants the ability to escape and have sex with someone else without the moral condemnation or relationship ending. She has never indicated pursuing multiple romantic life partners specifically… just one man

No. 1803270

they just hate black people so much that they want a place to do that
it’s bizarre, the same way the tradcaths ally with the protestant fundamentalists because they hate gays and abortions and turn a blind eye to how much the fundies hate everything about catholicism

No. 1803280

File: 1680792226613.jpg (70.26 KB, 640x360, 92801833991497640360no.jpg)

I'd argue its even worse, cause as the song goes "And everybody hates the Jews", it's something both white supremacists and jihadists agree on and they do put aside their differences to bask jeews, like in Germany you'll find Arab and German nationalists marching together in anti-Israel/pro-palestine protests.

No. 1804101

File: 1680802095191.jpeg (49.86 KB, 640x320, 13A21C27-1E0B-4052-ABD8-268ADE…)

Sorry for the shit quality. I believe she means “two people who fuck others on the side raising kids as a unit,” which is common even among claimed monogamous people and not “multiple partnered households.” I doubt she has m/any examples of healthy 4+ partners households raising one batch of kids. Tangent but does anyone remember when Aella was doggedly insistent that the Asian spa worker shootings were about -being a sex worker-, and had nothing to do with race? I don’t want to be a poc sperg here but she was ranting on Twitter about it as if massage parlors aren’t predominantly populated with Asian indentured servants and frequented by moids with racial fetishes. She made it into a sex worker only related issue as if citizenship and race issues and language don’t matter, esp as multipliers of the vulnerabilities of being a prostitute. But how could she know, she’s always charged 4 digits to touch her flab and is branded as a luxury escort despite looking like THAT. So her reeeeeeee about poly “oppression” (“I just feel, like, clearly OPPRESSED”) matters 0 to me or anyone sane.

No. 1804107

File: 1680802601178.jpeg (48.78 KB, 356x640, F57DA6A6-50B9-4411-A558-FF64AE…)

Samefag one more. I guess she feels oppressed for being poly now bc no one wants to be her cuck

No. 1804111

She's such a self-made, masochistic victim. If you don't want to keep catching flak on the internet for doing something out of the norm, stop constantly signalling that you're doing something out of the norm. We're a social species that care way too much about what others do and judge them harshly if they veer too much out of the norm in a way that might be threatening to us or our lifestyle. Is that unfair, small-minded, and indicative of most people following the herd? Yes, but that's how humans have behaved for millennia, and rather than complain about one of the most predictable features of being human ever, you could adapt to it. The world isn't going to transform into a massive polycule anytime soon, so if you don't want to be judged for being abnormal, just do whatever you want in private instead of expecting an entire fucking species to become more open-minded.

No. 1804120

still thinking about her tweet about not being able to get wet for men "lower value" than her- what exactly does she think her value is based on and who is her match. she is an aging, unwashed, botched mentally ill hooker, her only chance is one of the pathetic reply guys in her twitter comments. is she really delusional enough to think that a successful guy wooulf wife her up, why exactly would he do that and have this retard groom his kids and let random poly weirdos molest them(learn to sage)

No. 1804123

Especially considering how Samuel Henley said it all pretty diplomatically. Like, Aella is insistent on pushing a reality where poly households are only as messy/dysfunctional as monogamous (rather than that being the rare case). We know that’s not the reality…. Like you said if she just shut up about it she wouldn’t get her feelings hurt kek

No. 1804126

even her inspo grimes who is not a hooker and had a successful career literally got nothing from being a baby momma to the richest man on the planet and he made her "live below the poverty line" and literally had kids with another woman and dated a third. if she really has money(which I doubt as she says she is too lazy with her of and I highly doubt many are paying 2000 an hour for this overfilled adult acne fake tiited horse girl) what is she getting- she def can't get anyone to marry her no matter how many women does she arrange for him to fuck. also any autist that might consider her believes that its biologically only natural for men to cheat as they can't care for a child if they aren't sure it;s theirs

No. 1804192

lmao i was not counting on her actually using the word oppressed

He's being diplomatic to intentionally piss her off kek, of course she's biting and working herself into a fit, he's such a piece of shit. He deliberately hangs out with the craziest, most dysfunctional people in the world (like Aella) just to feel like his bare minimum wife and kid normal life is some grand achievement and his bare minimum common sense opinion about functional human relationships is some grand wisdom

No. 1804215

she talks such a big game about poly acceptance but where is her poly acceptance? she could find a man tomorrow if she was willing to date 400 pound dungeon masters, blue hair trannies, and ugly autists with a ponytail/horseshoe balding pattern combo like that one guy who called her a shit eating whore but instead she's pulling up a thesaurus fifty times per tweet to find ways to say "it's so sad that I can't get wet when thinking about losers who aren't good enough for me" to try to shake these guys off her tail. her cries about other people being prejudiced are pretty hollow when she refuses to date anyone who's enough of a loser to be poly.

No. 1804231

That explains a lot. Every time i've seen a post of this guy it seems like he tries to somehow insert the fact that he has a WIFE and KIDS as if its the biggest flex and not the most average mundane thing ever. It points to how terminally online he really is if he thinks it's such a rarity/trophy.

No. 1804251

Paella is a pathological autist not a horse girl.

No. 1804257

Ya I’m not even anti semitic but does it strike anyone else as extremely odd that sooo many of the people in these weird eugenics movements seem to be, well…Jewish?

You’d think that it would be a super touchy and taboo subject considering the holocaust and the fact Jews were regularly deemed subhuman by the Nazis.

But now you have a ton of rich Silicon Valley and New England Jews advocating for aggressive eugenics, espousing right wing talking points and sperging about race theory? Wtf is up with that…

No. 1804262

Most normal people don’t make sex their entire personality and have relationships for more than just sexual reasons.
Maybe peabrain porn brain rotted whores like Aella and the vile coomer freaks she entertains can’t comprehend that.
Sex isn’t a need, you won’t die without it. If men are too horny they can just masturbate (and let’s face it, all moids watch porn even when they’re in a sexually active relationship)

No. 1804267

If sex was the endgame of a relationship then nobody would get into relationships or get married. They would just have casual sex or use prostitutes their whole lives. But guess what? Even coomers all want gfs and wives. Incels complain constantly about tfw no gf, even though they have access to hookers and prostitutes. If youve ever seen old bachelors it becomes even more apparent how sad and pathetic single men are. It’s almost like moids are completely hopeless and can’t take care of themselves alone.

No. 1804270

Being poly makes you a bad person and usually means you are fucked up. Deep down, everyone knows this, which is why people avoid poly people, don’t want their kids playing with poly family kids, and why Aella is lashing out. Deep down she knows she’s a bad, fucked up person too.

No. 1804274

File: 1680820297218.jpg (42.34 KB, 640x449, w_640_6clothz4fcqa1.jpg)

No. 1804279

File: 1680820341889.jpg (133.55 KB, 640x1385, w_640_3qexsgz4fcqa1.jpg)

No. 1804280

File: 1680820370135.jpg (125.32 KB, 640x1385, w_640_b0yrjhz4fcqa1.jpg)

No. 1804291

I would support polyamory more if it revolved around polyandry where one woman can have multiple bfs and betabux without ramifications.

But unfortunately moids are such primitive jealous insecure violent psychopaths that having one moid in your household drastically increases your chances of being assaulted or murdered or your kids being molested, let alone 3,4,5 or more different moids. Poly lifestyle is legit dangerous for women and any kids involved.

So the entire polyamory movement really just becomes about either a) extremely attractive asshole men who have a rota of women who aren’t really happy about it but tolerate it because they are so attracted to the guy or b) gross neckbeard moids who want to collect a harem of sexy irl comic book and anime girls and focusing on how these grotesque losers get their jollies off, which nobody wants to hear about.

This is why the entire poly conversation is so offputting to normal people.
I’d advocate for shameless female polyandry if 1) men weren’t such worthless jealous violent garbage and it was actually safe for women to be polyamorous, and 2) society wasn’t so sexist and constantly trying to punish women for being attracted to more than one moid but unfortunately that isn’t gonna happen within our lifetimes. Men are legit monkey brained idiots and it’s stupid to pretend they can rise above their innate fear of superior male competition and being cucked.

Even cuckolding itself is the man’s idea, 99.9% of the time, and serves to give him pleasure, and again it can be dangerous for the woman to partake in, so it doesn’t really count.

No. 1804299

they really don't think it has to do with the fact that weightlifters are all roided out and destroying their kidneys with excessively high protein intake? no it's gotta be the exercise for sure…fucking brainlets lmfao

No. 1804317

once again, eugenicists try to actually look attractive challenge (IMPOSSIBLE)

No. 1804362

she looks like a horse, that means she's a horse-girl.

No. 1804369

>implying it’s a good thing to let moids live to 77+ years old
All males should be culled after 25 at the very latest, or whenever they stop being attractive shotas and start to become balding bitter scrote haggots.

No. 1804371

fucking retard aella. wives don't lose interest in sex - husbands lose interest once their preg fetish has been fulfilled. they beg women for a baby, ignore her waiting til they can fuck again, then act less affectionate during sex if her body hasn't "bounced back' yet, leading to the wife feeling insecure and avoiding sex because she feels not attractive enough for her husband, then they never talk about it and the man is too retarded to pick up any hints or even think about the topic at all, then it spirals into a negative feedback loop ending with him cheating because he doesn't respect the massive amount of work his wife put into pregnancy and childbirth.

No. 1804375

jewish people love eugenics. the idea of breeding "the optimal human" can exist outside of a western-euro-gene-dominated framework. just look at japan - that's an ethnostate with many citizens whose values line up with eugenics. israel sterilized black citizens. eugenics is a politically neutral term, technically. it doesn't specify which ethnicity is considered dominant or supreme.(racebaiting)

No. 1804376

is that drawing supposed to be a jewish guy? he just looks italian to me

No. 1804378

No. 1804379

i think the hypocrisy lies in how much inbreeding and genetic defects there is in semitic lines

No. 1804383

"waah, waah, the people aren't fucking!"

natalists are wankers

No. 1804384

Plus very very few women want to fuck a 46 year old moid with teenage kids to pick up from school and a wife he won’t divorce— he HAS to take money from he and his wife’s funds to pay for a prostitute. Which is going to be at least a couple hundred, at dirt cheapest. And he’s not just going to do it once

No. 1804400

i don't understand why that upsets them so much but for some reason it seems to really drive them insane when people don't breed. is it some crabs in a bucket type thinking?

No. 1804414

Yeah this. 99% of the time, dead bedrooms are caused by scrotes being inconsiderate dickheads who either actively or passively belittle their wives and hurt her self esteem until she starts to feel ugly, undesirable and starts to avoid intimacy. Men literally get angry at women for not looking like silicone sex dolls with gravity defying anatomy and proportions for their entire lifespan. Moids make comments about how attractive other women are, leave their browser history full of porn and lament the fact their wives tits dont point towards the sky anymore, then wonder why their wife avoids being intimate with them.

No. 1804417

I genuinely think it’s just contrarianism towards what they view as ‘woke’ culture.

No. 1804454

They're all misogynistic moids and handmaidens, they want women to breed and breed young, before they've had a chance to establish themselves, so their lives become more precarious and they become more vulnerable, unaable to work, and unable to leave their moids. A woman with a living and no child (or even with a child, but also an independent living) is a miraculous historical anomaly, through most of human history if you couldn't secure a husband chances were you'd be forced into prostitution. They're big mad we can choose not to do as they say and still survive

No. 1804489

very good point, ty

No. 1804517

Horse girl is a type of female autist. It can also be understood as her general Idahoan aura.

No. 1804542

It’s not just that; a lot of straight moids are actively & aggressively bad at sex, especially with their wives. They believe they purchased this woman and she owes them “duty sex” whenever they want, so they get on top of her and pump away with no foreplay and no consideration for her pleasure or comfort. And this is often after a long exhausting day of cleaning up after him & the kids, with zero romance or intimacy to make her feel desirable. Sex is a boring, uncomfortable, degrading and even painful experience with a man who sees you as his personal bangmaid and nothing more. Why wouldn’t any sane adult avoid such an experience? Where’s the logic in claiming men who can’t even attract their own life partners somehow “deserve” additional women to disappoint? Heterosexual women have the least orgasms out of any group, a fact you’d think would bother a “sex positive researcher” like Aella. But she doesn’t care about women’s needs; men’s needs are all that matter, because she’s a pornbrained pick-me who’ll never escape her toxic fundie programming. She’s implicitly co-signing her father’s sexual abuse of her mother by claiming men are owed sex from their wives or else they’re justified in cheating.

No. 1804556

Beyond based

No. 1804573

Aren't there core courses or some to help these problems, like if they genuinely cared for their wives they'd bother to improve themselves.

No. 1804651

somehow it ALWAYS circles back to being racist for these postrats. their entire ideology orbits around it like the sun

No. 1804748

Just reminds me of a reddit post I saw earlier today where a moid claimed he was suffering from post partum depression after his wife gave birth. And was also throwing a tantrum that he wasn’t the number one little boy in her life anymore, nor does she let him have sex immediately on demand anymore since giving birth. Meanwhile, she was doing well and was happy and preoccupied with the kid. Scrotes are so fucking weak, useless and self absorbed.

No. 1804749

Men being inconsiderate assholes who hurt other peoples feelings without even realizing they are being rude or hurtful isn’t a bug in the male psyche, it’s a feature. There is no therapy for that unfortunately.

No. 1804752

File: 1680885212501.jpeg (172.37 KB, 1169x1912, 6C6972E7-8B8A-473F-A0A2-5124B1…)

I’m going to assume this is just a question about her and her body (minus the orange shaped implants)

No. 1804759

I honestly have no idea what she’s trying to say with this

No. 1804769

File: 1680887665555.jpeg (154.3 KB, 1169x1513, 3038C5D8-68E8-49EF-936D-AA084C…)

Not her pretending like she has the option of a man who doesn’t watch porn. Regardless of any other characteristic (income, race, height etc) the #1 thing in common for her men is COOMER

No. 1804773

a sizable number of the weirdos that follow her seem to think that they would reject this body type as "too healthy" aka not pornified enough, kinda see why aella is as botched as she is trying to turn herself into the cheapest looking sex bot to collect this incels pennies

No. 1804785

i've never seen such a masculine fat woman before. i'm not the queen of getting laid but i've had sex with fat girls and they all looked like girls and not a michaelangelo sketch of a farmer. plus this chick is definitely flexing her stomach to creat a waist&is shooped, IRL she's a brick. what is aella asking???

No. 1804791

this is literally the opposite of a masculine body- she has a really wide pelvis and average body fat percentage, are you unwell or a man to think that is manly

No. 1804803

She knows this is how her body will end up.

No. 1804828

File: 1680893033403.jpg (70.66 KB, 437x600, 3d5389ac36997c8bc900de79a2a954…)

Did those ultra feminine fat girls look like picrel?

No. 1804905

the whole body survey is def about her being scared of her gaining weight if she managed to get knocked up- I think the whole crowdsourcing a baby is because she wants to pay someone to have it like grimes and shivon did, you know if she was preggo she would keep abusing adderall so maybe buying a baby is better

No. 1804906

She looks fine and isn’t fat. Not all women have huge boobs or an ass, even fat women. and not all slimmer women photoshop like Aella to make their waist-hop ratio more dramatic.

No. 1804907

Samefag not only that but you’re probably gay if you’re not attracted to this as a man

No. 1804924

she's just so…blocky though. i've never seen that before, all the fat women i've seen have more of a "mom body" with large boobs

No. 1804925

samefag it's the bottom half that looks like a bodybuilding man to me idk.

No. 1805002

she just has hip dips that give her lower body some angularity. she doesn't even have much muscle tone so the bodybuilding comparison doesn't really make sense. honestly why do people insist on dissecting women's bodies on here, it's not a good look at all. like save it for the gutter trash containment zone that is the pro-ana scumbags thread

No. 1805048

i'm just saying i've never seen a naked woman look like that before. no one wants to fuck an ana either
but that doesn't mean this weird square person is hot

No. 1805056

File: 1680920439038.jpeg (99.26 KB, 899x928, 0F60D8F6-8A98-47D4-926C-D5D0A7…)

“Weird square person” why are porn addicted moids here? Kys

No. 1805072

kek i think she means the square hips and said "bodybuilder man' not literally
i can see it, she means that lady is square forms not round curves
weird that everyone on this site is so ready to call every cow ugly but some internet lesbian who likes boobs is in trouble now

No. 1805073

that woman just doesn't have a good body, sorry. most anons are better looking if you go look in the kibbe threads.

No. 1805093

you sound really weird lol im sorry poly shit is not healthy

No. 1805100

It looks like they shopped her legs to be thinner to give the more desirable model look but kept her hips the same which so now she just looks disproportionate. That aside wide hips/thin legs isn't super common but it's definitely possible for women to look like that.

No. 1805102

Aella is a pedo 100%.

No. 1805106

File: 1680931690675.jpeg (116.38 KB, 1125x1061, 63C2C7EB-D7F7-47A2-B576-7010A7…)

if aella ever got off her high horse and read a fucking statistics textbook, she might find a few tests designed to help quantify how much selection bias accounts for her data (i suspect it would be quite a lot). aella is too lazy to bother with the work of learning statistics, so she gathers bad, poorly sourced, biased data with leading questions, and then makes her """data""" public hoping someone else will do the work for her and she can take credit. the trouble is, her audience is exactly the same type of pretentious, lazy midwit she is, so none of them know what they're doing either. aella seems to be under this bizarre conception that statistics is just formulas, and that a fundamental part of the discipline–methods of data collection that yield good data which is more than just raw numbers–is "elitist gatekeeping".
not a professional statistician, i just enjoyed the class for my major. shoutout to good professors

No. 1805225

what an imbecile
young people who want to bang lots of people just go to bars or parties
fetlife is for the old saddos

No. 1805272

she looks totally normal. plus she had children. porn addicted moids ITT only know three body types: surgery-augmented instagram models, BBW fetish, and anachans who look like teen boys.

No. 1805292

Right she has a C section scar for gods sake. Aella is clearly asking about a post giving birth body and whether people are attracted to that

No. 1805339

Such a disgusting scrotebrained thing to do. She has no shame.

No. 1805342

That’s a healthy robust woman who would pop out Viking Chadsons with ease.

No. 1805365

File: 1680975805656.jpg (305.02 KB, 1080x3348, twitter.jpg)

No. 1805368

she's perhaps the most insecure cow to be featured on this site.

No. 1805369

This reminded me of 4chan /tttt/ meltdown when a moid said he'd prefer an older 30 year old woman over a scrwany troon with fake tits

No. 1805379

why keep saying "porn addicted moids"? i'm one of the anons who thinks the woman in that pic is unattractive. FR most anons who post selfies have nicer bodies and faces. it's just not a good-looking person, and her makeup is making her face look super bad too.
maybe she's cute without shit makeup and photoshop? i don't know her.

No. 1805380

ok there is weird shoop in that pic right? everything below the shoulders looks like she did the faceapp finger swipe to draw her own curves. i mean, her head looks massive - not just lonnnnng like it usually does, it looks big like a cartoon

No. 1805382

A porn addicted moid isn't gonna blush about his porn collection and nuzzle-wuzzle you closer as he clicks through his hentai folder of lolis getting tentacle-raped.

No. 1805393

She's cute but most anons who nitpick naked women in snow are either wannabe anorexics who are actually usually overweight, bdd-chans who make fun of other women's bodies but cry when they see a mirror or failed camgirls who are mad someone "not as young and pretty" as them earns more in the same field.

No. 1805394

Can you link me that nona kek

No. 1805398

Lmao, the fact that that was even surprising to them is a testament to their delusion

No. 1805403

i called her square & i'm just a regular butch lady. idk i wouldn't sleep with her.

No. 1805406

File: 1680982276268.png (135.68 KB, 555x676, 1677110898846.png)

Just have some this one screenshot

No. 1805411


No. 1805440

>trannies shocked by people attracted to women their own age

No. 1805673

Is this not bait? The lady is very obviously pretty and curvy/thicc, not fat in an unattractive way. I feel like he could've easily found a better example to send a guy? If not bait the troon is retarded. You might not get fat, but you'll go from a skinny twink to a creepy old man in a dress.

No. 1805674

idk if necessarily bait but its definitely fake because you cant send pictures on tinder kek. reddit ass post.

No. 1805991

I'm sure not all the moids here are virgins nor do they have any bodies with such a hip shape they'd find unattractive
t. moid - I'd still entertain her on the strength of her facecard(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1806020

>as a trans girl I'll always be petite and cute and thin
Funniest cope I've ever heard. It's like when trannies who are too mentally ill to exist in the outside world convince themselves that they're "superior women". At most they're a very developmentally arrested, personality-disordered, skinny aging man wearing a wig. Trannies literally spend every waking hour of their life doing their utmost to look like cis women, and then they have the audacity to denigrate them in a way that shows their true male colors.

No. 1806028

File: 1681078622035.jpeg (103.23 KB, 899x928, qbR.jpeg)

this what i mean. i never seen a "hip box". she is a big blocky viking, not really round curves. i'm not a moid so i don't know how they'd describe it but i see squares.

No. 1806301

>i sourced my data from this website only used by desperate shameless boomers
>but what if actually flattering just-so story
She's so terrified of getting old kek

Because this is a thread about a whore who does porn, it's a safe bet half the anons lurking are porn addicted moids, and you're backing up Paella in suggesting a normal-looking older woman is ugly based on one unflattering picture. But you're right, it's probably just other women, Paella's results show more than 50% of her own moid followers find this woman hot, only 16% said they'd pass

No. 1806522

she's so embarrassing and is now begging the weirdos that follow her to buy her a first-class plane ticked because she is so special that she finds sitting harder than other people(?) ahha I can't with this delusional washed up hooker thinking she will find the hot dominant tech CEO to make her a range rover pilates mommy

No. 1806562

nta but i think aella is trying to claim this body type is the opposite of ugly - she's trying to do the "90% of men say this is the hottest woman" thing because she's so retarded she still thinks "real women have curves/bones are for dogs" is anything other than sowing needless division amongst women.

unrelated, i love that since finding aella the whole world just stopped laughing at grimes because there's no time for that anymore

No. 1806580

File: 1681167792188.png (61.29 KB, 598x810, 1.png)

No. 1806581

File: 1681167819537.png (36.02 KB, 598x843, 2.png)

No. 1806582

File: 1681167859421.png (8.71 KB, 598x187, 3.png)

No. 1806601

I still can't believe the absolute audacity of this bitch, does this shit even work? As far as we can tell she's been begging and offering herself for years with a few takers on the sex stuff (she does it as a side hobby!… but lowered her prices) and none on the begging

No. 1806674

>I get intimidated by other people who know things and give up easily, but it's actually because i'm in tune to a "subconscious hierarchy" and not because i'm lazy and uninterested in things that don't involve being a vapid whore on the internet and maximizing my brand's audience

No. 1806691

this retard with sweaty boot rash, glass ass, a fake face and $10K lipo wants to sell her eggs

No. 1806760

I fucking hate how she talks. It doesn’t convey intelligence like she thinks

No. 1806769

This is literally just a random underwear model Aella threw under the bus. The fact that "nonnas" (aka moids) are seriously debating her hotness and drawing shapes on her body makes it clear a lot of you are just as autistic & brain-damaged as the cow you're discussing.

No. 1806831

>I’ll do a nonsexual topless call with you for 1000+ bucks
Annnnnnd zero takers, as expected. This bitch is so retarded kek.

No. 1806912

The eventual conclusion of being a hooker for years is thinking everything should be comped, which is the most offputting behavior for actually rich men to witness (upper middle class six figure simps stealing from their wives here and there dont count, they often take the bait). It doesn’t matter how many stories of women being lavished by a billionaire exist, most rich men are disgusted by outright calls for funding

No. 1806937

File: 1681224283138.jpg (128.79 KB, 1406x1256, Screen-Shot.jpg)

Has this been posted yet.

No. 1806980

File: 1681229371152.png (37.23 KB, 720x240, eliezerpedo.png)

she ripped this one from the AI doomsday cult leader that keeps trying to bang her

No. 1806995

File: 1681230775276.jpeg (256.71 KB, 1169x1900, 182B1108-23F1-46CD-A3C4-15FA1C…)

Client reviews aren’t safe either, one sociopathic john could treat other women well and then abuse you. Didn’t she admit if prostitution was decriminalized she’d make far less money? Is the danger worth $2400/hr? she wouldn’t even be a hoe if she had to be paid $180/hr like a Berlin prostitute

No. 1807040

File: 1681236148072.jpeg (172.42 KB, 1169x1673, CE338F7D-59A2-4820-B34B-4B1821…)

Deeply correct twitter egg anon

No. 1807078

What in the fuck is wrong with this literal whore lmao? Pseudo-intellectual pickmes gotta be the worst version of pickme to exist.

No. 1807082

I know this goes without saying but who the fuck thinks like this?

No. 1807196

I'm almost certain she's posted this exact question before. She just really wants to make people think about fucking kids. Terrible!

No. 1807263

>as always, pedophilia isn't ephebophilia
>as always
If only this disgusting scrotum were a little more self-aware

No. 1807267

god that was an absolutely disgusting rhetorical flourish

No. 1807282

File: 1681266426032.jpg (181.62 KB, 1080x2006, poly.jpg)

No. 1807316

i swear to god aella is going to be the cause of my suicide
she's one of the most depressing things to come out of online grooming

No. 1807317

barf city, population: no thank you

No. 1807502

Aella wants unintentional monogamy, she wants to be “the best” woman/partner/lover in someone’s eyes to the point that they’d never even pursue another woman. The thing is, that makes it seem like fleeing and trading for other partners is inevitable for all people unless they find someone magical. That’s what she does right now— tread water with partners she’d never claim as her primary, or have a baby with. She is jaded from growing up under a dysfunctional marriage and a misogynistic father, as well as doing sex work and being surrounded by married moids.

No. 1807504

Samefag I also suspect she’s never felt actual real romantic love (a femcel of sorts). Which wouldn’t be unheard of at age 31 even with her level of dating and pursuing people, bc of her asocial traits (like golddigging)

No. 1807759

aella is such a mean girl- she retweeted some uglier, fatter, more autistic friend of hers date me google doc so her incel followers spam her

No. 1807802

sharing a public document listing everything about you and what you’d like in a partner is a worse chance of finding love than online/app dating. Especially when you’re not very attractive. Most of all, this approach didn’t work for Aella.

No. 1808062

advertising how many eggs youhave frozen and how much sex you will be having on twitter is the most pickme behavior I've seen but srs aella seems to think she is all that because she compares herself to older, uglier more pathetic and delusional women and prob that's why she thinks that she deserves better than yeizer

No. 1808238

I watched a short clip of her presenting, she has that nerdy home schooled horse girl way of talking Aella has. Also how is someone who has to ask for a partner on Twitter polygamous? People should be realistic with themselves….

No. 1808435

File: 1681456239355.jpg (78.15 KB, 623x900, FlqESRYXEBkCfF-.jpg)

Randomly came across this. She says she makes it super clear she isn't one, haha, why do people keep thinking she is?

No. 1808813

File: 1681528542741.jpeg (248.59 KB, 1169x1701, 94CAC916-085A-4445-BEFC-9EB8DE…)

New rhetorical technique to get a rich husband — begging

No. 1808815

this has long since passed the point of humor and has slogged into the territory of a depressing tragedy. jesus christ, how is someone so incapable of understanding how pathetic they sound

No. 1808829

It’s super weird to buy tons of cheap jewelry because you have a dopamine driven shopping addiction. Control yourself? Tf

No. 1809094

holy shit did she post that pic on the right herself or is it revenge porn? she looks like someone drew a cartoon donkey's face on a foot

No. 1809098

samefag - i don't think she looks bad for 31 because she's definitely not. she's 40-42 and lying about her age like any other model/hooker/porn 'actor' who wants work would

No. 1809101

>$2 jewelry
wtf even hot topic jewelry which is actually fun looking and decent quality is at minimum $10usa
whatever shes buying won't even look good!

No. 1809140

What makes you think that? Do you have reason/proof or is it just baseless speculation?

No. 1809177

baseless speculation
i just assume based on so many people having fake ages online

No. 1809327

File: 1681600074981.jpeg (116.87 KB, 1169x1058, 79EFFD98-F745-4774-B0E9-C39A5F…)

Checked Aella’s Reddit account to see where she self posts. “CollegeAmateurs” kek. All the pics/content are old and/or super shopped

No. 1810348

It's a still from the video where she lies about what plastic surgery she got

No. 1810369

File: 1681746862460.png (Spoiler Image,906.69 KB, 960x706, 3xC7mjmQ_YLTVEoKRhXzto_kFZiXYC…)

She has a bunch of pictures on "her library", which consists of half a dozen books in front of a window kek. Why even bother?

No. 1810389

she's not going to get many johns while being so out of shape. gym bodies are what's "in" rn with moids. gym, thicc ass, or ana are all they like atm

No. 1810497

File: 1681762357137.jpg (77.31 KB, 1080x673, aella.jpg)

No. 1810522

when in the past 70 years or more has that not been the case lol

No. 1810546

Sadly the intelligent liberated escort/porn star trope is still making $$ (bc those men all look down on the hookers they financially support and want less shame after they coom)

No. 1810550

Of course she considers something like - not being able to talk about just anything - deeply repressive.maybe you should just shut up about some shit that makes you sound dumb. Like we all have to.

No. 1810657

derailing here - boobs were popular in the 60s and 70s and then never were again
the fake tit craze on rich celeb women in the 90s doesn't count IRL
ana was never liked until 1995 in celeb circles, and early 00s in regular society
very thin girls got major shit from moids until about 2002 in real life
fat ass or jacked ass is all that's allowed right now. ana is popular with pedos or guys who use the word ephebophilia, but not the vast majority of moids

No. 1810660

some jobs are just not going to get you a husband tho. it's not just the hooker thing. if she was a janitor or a starbucks cashier rich tech bros would still not want her.

No. 1810749

This is a good point. Tech bros don’t date Old Navy cashiers. Even dudes from old money families date women with bachelors and even masters, even if they have a foofy little job in arts philanthropy or a nice nonprofit. More and more, a lot of men in the wealthy-but-working category are trying to find a high income woman of a similar milieu— statused education, nice white collar job. Even if the woman becomes a housewife.
It wouldn’t be unheard of for Aella to seduce an ugly old whale to marry esp a former john but she insists on so many unattainable things at once.

No. 1810764

File: 1681791043022.jpeg (193.87 KB, 1074x1606, D4277BF2-68A3-4D33-BD68-A4208B…)

“Tons of people wanna marry me” == “I have a girlfriend who goes to another school”

No. 1810774

and even if they don't want a high earning wife, don't want a woman with a career, they'll want a trophy wife who's either "well-heeled" aka old money, or will accept a poor person if she left russia/china/brazil to be a supermodel, i.e. are in the top 1% of attractive people on the planet.
aella can't possibly be THIS naive about what shitbags men are. she's starting to sound like those middle aged AGPs with their fantasy of being chosen as the wife of a glamorous rich man

No. 1810939

File: 1681829667897.png (452.9 KB, 1170x2532, 9B6E10C5-D289-4C7B-B869-AE8A2E…)

She’s the epitome of “I can’t even take care of myself, how could I have kids.” But those millennials are choosing to not have children until they can take care of themselves and have better habits. This girl just wants 40 caretakers to play mom for her. Can’t cook or even assemble meals, can’t clean, like… ??? There are literally people with Down’s syndrome raising great kids

No. 1810940

File: 1681829732207.jpeg (253.75 KB, 1169x1675, 6FA65765-E246-424C-9125-C80BB5…)

Samefag forgot original post:

No. 1811122

File: 1681850297293.png (21.86 KB, 588x468, 343545757.png)

You dropped the tweets above where she adds the usual cope for why she isn't an OF millionaire
>I used to make a ton with Onlyfans, and still make a decent amount
>(though much less, since I'm working on other projects)

No. 1811126

>it's not my fault, it's not me, it's my brain that can't do it
>i just happen to need more money than other people!
She appealing hard to pity here, this is getting seriously depressing

No. 1811130

she's making herself sound literally mentally disabled
like she sounds like fucking kailyn wilcher trying to explain why she needs money jfc
no one wants to have sped babies aella. keep your mouth shut so no one knows you're stupid

No. 1811147

Right? If she’s as retarded as she’s pretending to be she needs to be in a group home lmao. I am suspicious of anyone who is suddenly diagnosed with ADHD as an adult, especially anyone diagnosed post-2020. To receive a diagnosis of ADHD in adulthood you used to have to prove you were diagnosed as a child or had other learning issues in school. Anyone’s attention span can worsen over time (anyone can also improve their attention span) but ADHD isn’t something that you spontaneously develop. I really don’t think someone as scatterbrained as she claims to be would be able to do all her survey bullshit.

use that whore money to hire a caretaker instead of getting ghastly cosmetic procedures!

No. 1811159

srs her only hope is marrying an Amish guy cuz anyone with an internet connection knows she is a botched, stinky, sweaty, dumb, retarded, autistic, gold-digging whore. she literally is the most stereotypical poly loser esp now that she is getting fat and aging like a tuna sandwich left in the sun. i sometimes forget that when she isn't photoshopping herself to oblivion she looks like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yGbv-watbbw

No. 1811184

File: 1681858721971.png (352.53 KB, 1962x1466, notkathybates.png)

No. 1811193

and this is with makeup flattering lighting and about 230k worth of plastic surgery, filler and botox. considering she is a eugenics fan she def should be kept out of the gene pool. imagine the kid her and yud would create

No. 1811226

Unfortunately for her, I doubt an Amish man would be pleased with her absolute lack of domestic skills. Maybe there’s some ugly, dumb, foreign guy with a poor mastery of English and a large inheritance that will want her lmao.
It’s crazy how I think she looks reasonably cute in some photographs but terrible and botched in others. I personally don’t take selfies and avoid being photographed like the plague so I find people who take pictures only to edit them with the intent to deceive others about the reality of their appearance incomprehensible.

No. 1811240

She looked like an egg this whole video (seriously, the middle part isn’t cute on long faces Rachel) and the gesturing she does with her hands is ridiculous

No. 1811364

File: 1681879522218.jpg (49.15 KB, 1080x747, Screenshot_20230418_224421.jpg)

No. 1811368

>overworked and underpayed
>works by shifts and does all nighters
>exposed to violence and diseases
>no respect from their clients and subject to acts of violence

makes sense

No. 1811375

File: 1681881294330.jpeg (277.86 KB, 1169x1644, 6F6A11FE-253A-40B8-91D2-53DAE2…)

I’m not going to read it but it’s one thing to be a hoe who’s like “I don’t owe the wife anything”, it’s a whole other thing to cope that you’re saving a marriage. Esp when some of these dudes’ wives will find out and bleed them dry in divorce court. I liked this KF post about her. Most women who marry rich and don’t belong to a certain status are pragmatic and look past many things.
But truth be told we know Aella just wants a rich baby daddy to knock her up. Ala grimes or drake’s porn star baby mama. It makes it easier than trying to find a romantic partner. She isn’t saying that out loud so when she seduces them into not pulling out it’ll be because they get along and are a 1 in a billion match!

No. 1811376

Why do you go both to kf and lc for the same thread lol

No. 1811380

NTA but why not? I do the same thing for numerous threads. I lurk on KF but only post here and feel like dual threads compliment each other well. Pretty sure a lot of anons here use both websites.

No. 1811513

>isn't it so unfair for the poor menz to be stuck with wives who don't want sex when the poor menz who participated in a whore's "would you rather" said they'd rather lose thumbs than not have an active sex life, don't you see your monogamous expectations are literally torture for these poor menz
Why do pickmes always make such a performance out of feeling sympathy for moids? She then goes on to compare monogamous marriage to student loands
>They were promised that by going to college, they’d be guaranteed some sort of life stability, a path, a good job
>but instead found themselves crushed decades later under a life that had turned more into tragedy than the dream
Yes, Aella, these men got married only for the sex. Who cares about the love, companionship, the children and grandchildren they had, if they can't get their cooms it is a tragedy.

No. 1811532

I tried to lurk on some FW threads for some based terfs but it has a shit ton of absolutely fucking braindead scrotes, like literally as deranged as the trannies they hate, and they constantly shit on women and racebait and it's fucking annoying.

No. 1811537

>marry me, a washed-up hooker with terrible hygiene, so I can leech off you forever and blow all your hard earned money on useless shit

What an amazing offer! I find it hard to believe she doesn’t have rich handsome suitors lined up around the block for this deal.

No. 1811551

Most realistically she should be like other women who exit sex work and get another vocation. That ironically would be how she’s most likely to meet a good normal dude with good income — someone at the grad school of her potential uni or professional networks or at work.

No. 1811582

Their retarded takes are generally the same shit over and over and, at least for me, it’s good to be reminded that people like that actually exist IRL. The “everything is feminism’s fault” types are fucking obnoxious though and refuse to accept repeated, detailed breakdowns as to why they’re fucking wrong lol. Thread quality really varies from thread to thread and Aella’s is a better read than many.

No. 1811761

she's probably still masturbating to that subtitle and how smart she is for thinking of it

No. 1811764

The Aella thread is pretty good and an outlier (yeah some misogyny in there). It has some guy who knows her posting pretty frequently

No. 1811769

>I found out I had cancer and was gonna die,” he said. “It really put everything into perspective. I suddenly realized I didn’t want to leave this world without ever having sex again.
fucking kek

No. 1812032

The article asserts if her johns were poly they could ethically get their needs met without hiding the escorts. All of her johns have partners under the premise of monogamy. If the men were openly poly, there’s not enough poly women to even halve the number of poly men. It’s retarded how she asks her johns everything except “would you want to be poly? Would your wife want to be poly? Do you want a poly wife?” No, no, and no. Being claimed and desired goes both ways— men find comfort and validation in belonging to their wives. Even men with visibility and money don’t have or seek to juggle numerous long term partners. Aella would claim it’s bc of polygamy stigma, but come on. I also think Aella is brainwashed from her past fundie lifestyle and cannot discern that these johns are manipulative and lying to her about their reasons for booking her. Men are so dishonest with themselves and lack reflexivity—even the good ones.

No. 1812145

File: 1681998749661.png (19.25 KB, 750x451, comments.png)

This commenter is right, what is she proposing here exactly? That these old men become poly and fuck… who exactly? Also kek at the reply, where the fuck did this guy get the idea Aella was charging ten thousand dollars? I don't understand how and why people not only believe but also stretch her tall tales about receiving unimaginable wealth in exchange for a couple hours in her hyper-sweaty unwashed crotch

No. 1812159

men use cancer as a reason to cheat all the time. its so fucked up. woman gets cancer, her husband leaves her. every time. man gets cancer, he cheats "ohhhh i thought i was going to die without ever getting REAL sex, you know, from a woman who DOESN'T love me aka who is higher value"
menocide 2024

No. 1812166

Even if there was some 40 year old married client that she thinks should instead be consensually nonmonog, men want sexually exclusive women…. even as the man is fucking around with others.
She has no understanding of men’s nature because she thinks she is learning it by talking to them. She’s a really foolish escort, to believe what men say about themselves instead of their actions

No. 1812168

In other words, despite her constant sperging about a good hip to waist ratio (which some women in great marriages somehow LACK), she doesn’t know what men actually want. Which is why she won’t believe that it’s not her.

No. 1812231

>good hip to waist ratio
kate moss and gisele bundchen trollfacing hard at this notion
cope, seethe, and dilate your pupils paella

No. 1812248

"I walked away with money in my pocket and I was like, who exploited who here?"
he still exploited you, retard. How do people insist that capitalism exploits workers lives and skills for money, yet somehow sex workers are the only profession where its the reverse. She's coping hard that selling yourself like a piece of meat is somehow "the upper hand". He gave you money because he sees you as a commodity to be bought, not because you overpowered him with your feminine wiles.

No. 1812280


She's a pickme, so she'll never be able to look at a man ~lOgiCalLy~. She'll believe what they tell her because it makes her feel that much closer to being picked by a worth while scrote, all the time he's just telling her shit he know she wants to hear so she'll fuck him harder and maybe eat his ass after.

Men are extremely simple when you stop listening to what they say. They'll even tell you to ignore their words and watch their actions. But a pickme wouldn't ever do that, because their actions are shitty and go against the fantasy of a nice, loving, rich Chad picking you because of your hip to waist ratio and your ability to deep throat.

No. 1812294

aella wants us to live in a world where women who apply for unemployment are asked "well have you tried whoring?"

No. 1812314

That’s also why she’s been unable to nab a rich husband. Meanwhile there are escorts and IG thots that leave with rich husbands because they seduced their johns (as well as were realistic about their options). part of Aella’s insistence on poly compatibility and IQ standard dev is cope for failing at being a gold digger. Blame it on never finding the right dude. When really she doesn’t know shit about men and actually believes what they say about love and relationships

No. 1812321

Thank you nonnas. For a hooker she doesn’t seem to understand male nature or the madonna/whore complex whatsoever. Monogamy isn’t something imposed on le poor men; men INVENTED monogamy as a pillar of patriarchy to control women’s sexuality, because they’re all terrified of getting cucked. None of the men she feels so badly for want to live in a polycule. They want exactly what they’re getting - a faithful “good” woman at home, and hookers they have no respect for on their side. The sob stories they tell Aella are just pathetic attempts at morally justifying their own infidelity. Most of them are in sex-starved marriages by their own fault because they treat their wives like shit and don’t make any effort to please them, yet none of them would ever allow their wives the sexual freedom they feel entitled to.

No. 1812323

>when I walked out of my first minimum wage fast food job with money in my pocket, I was like “who exploited who here?”
This would sound absurd applied to any other line of employment, yet we’re supposed to believe being a professional cumdump is somehow the only empowering job on earth kek

No. 1812363

>How do people insist that capitalism exploits workers lives and skills for money, yet somehow sex workers are the only profession where its the reverse
To be fair, Aella is definitely the type of libertarian who thinks workers should thank employers for their job-creating enterpreneurship

No. 1812380

I may be mistaken but I think she was homeschooled by her abusive father her entire childhood, so she doesn't even have a high school education or a GED or something like that. She was also beaten by her father & molested by his friend as a child. Being smart doesn't magically give you a good life if you have no education.

No. 1812446

and yet she rallies so hard against public school and considers it coercion. When it was home school where she memorized Bible verses. I think its obvious that in some ways she has yet to recognize, she overly identifies with her shit father.

No. 1812718

File: 1682093805224.jpeg (161.41 KB, 1170x1526, 06F99A59-E3B2-4223-B4C6-EA47F7…)

possibly a controversial opinion here, but Aella has her own escorting website, she can also have her own website with pics of her. If you own a company you can choose what you want to host or not host— isn’t that libertarianism? And similarly she doesn’t have to engage with a corporation who’s product she doesn’t like… she can post her own porn on her site. oh wait her fans are all Reddit neckbeards who look at Imgur albums posted on porn subreddits to find her and that’s how she gets subs.

No. 1812766

The world is not slipping into sexual oppression I can assure you aella

No. 1812787


sage but must be sad day for reddit hookers(sage your shit)

No. 1812797

>we live in a society

No. 1812834

You don't need to post your nudes online anyway. Just use OF and the other E-whoring websites. Websites that have children looking for their random fandom shit don't need washed up e-whores spread eagle on it.

No. 1812842

Boo hoo “human sexual expression”, you mean porn? Thats the word, porn. These thots have some nerve kek

No. 1812951

Private companies can set whatever rules they want lol.
Stfu horseface tramp. Way too much of the internet is devoted to porn already.

No. 1812961

Exactly. There are no men who like poly women aside from literal cucks. And because those cucks are pathetic and unmasculine, she isn’t attracted to them. Then wonders why she can’t find a poly Chad who is attractive to her and also cool with his gf being a hooker.

Those men don’t exist, no man on earth likes a promiscuous woman unless he has an actual cuck fetish. Men despise female promiscuity, except for the 5 minute duration where they are horny and directly benefits them. And once they nut they immediately go back to hating the woman and calling her a worthless whore. How is she this old yet still hasn’t come to this realization? Why does she conflate being pumped and dumped with value? Men will fuck literally anything.

She claims that she constantly wants to learn more about human sexuality and psychology, yet imposes massive cope shields against any information or opinions that hurt her ego. She’s totally cool with discussing and accepting pedophilia as a normal part of moid nature, yet she absolutely refuses to understand that men don’t want to commit to promiscuous women, because it would give her a painful reality check. She keeps insisting she is a high value female because she had the top post on /gonewild one year, but doesn’t realize that’s a huge turn off to any quality man.

She claims to be moidbrained yet she doesn’t have any understanding of male nature. What a headass.

No. 1812964

>Meanwhile there are escorts that leave with rich husbands
Honestly this doesn’t usually happen unless the guy has a cuck or bimbo fetish. Most rich men marry prim and conservative women and keep escorts or sugar babies as mistresses.
>IG thots
This is much more realistic, as just because you’re a e-thot doesnt necessarily make you slutty and promiscuous irl. I know a lot of famous instathots who have only slept with 1-2 people in their entire lives, but you wouldn’t guess since they make their entire internet persona about being a horny slut.

Aella doesn’t seem to understand that men don’t like women with high body counts unless they have a specific fetish for that (which is still very rare). Men have no problem fucking women with high bodycounts but they certainly don’t love and commit to them. This is very basic stuff, but she is absolutely unwilling to accept it as it destroys the foundation she built her ego on.

No. 1812967

Reminds me of a quote that goes something like
‘In every marriage there is a wife and a mistress, and each of them are glad they are not the other.’
Sums up the whole rigged pickme game, basically.

No. 1812974

So cringe and reeking of desperation.
Imagine Paella thinking she could ever be one of those well groomed, fashionable, classy Hamptons housewives, kek. She wears the same smelly shein cami and pyjama bottoms every day, and always seems like she smells of boogers and mung beans. Looks like a bogged Brian Warner troon and has the personality of an autistic bandgeek horse girl. Hobbies are intellectualizing racism and pedophilia and sucking fat guys dicks.

She keeps calling out for a tall handsome strapping rich Chad to make her into a real housewife, but even cumbrained scrotes are wiley enough to know her reality is some schlubby silicon valley neckbeard sucker who will give her his credit card and let her fuck handsome Brads on the side. What self respecting moid wants to sign up for that?

No. 1812977

No, finding a quality husband is not a problem unique to sex workers, but trying to find a quality husband while being a prostitute is like cutting your leg off then trying to run a marathon. Sure there might be a handful of unicorn males out there who will accept it, but think about how many prostitutes and pornstars have truly healthy happy functional marriages with attractive wealthy men?

If you’re a hooker, 99% of men will see no realistic future with you, even if they say they do. And if it’s handsome rich guys you’re after, it’s closer to a 99.9% rejection rate.

No. 1813013

>The online world is descending into prudishness
God i wish

No. 1813022

so true

No. 1813026

the only men that are cool with women who have high body counts are musicians, and those are no longer considered high value men because the internet made them all broke, and also gave them all social medias where they show the public how lame and annoying all musicians are in their personalities.
music guys will marry some really weird shit and some of them don't even cheat. idgi but good for those women who find one that's not ugly or broke.

No. 1816044

File: 1682569760269.png (17.19 KB, 655x335, Screenshot.png)

No. 1816387

Hate to just restate what’s on Kiwi farms but I hate her horse girl voice so i can’t stand to listen to her— apparently Aella went on destiny and talked about her silent stalker that got arrested (and she’s blaming KF in some part for the stalker). However she’s had this stalker for a year and the thread’s existed for a few months.

No. 1816961

Do we have any sources that confirm the existence of this supposed stalker other than herself?

Her whole "I don't make public appearances without bodyguards" act seems so over the top and exaggerated, especially because she was already talking about it long before the threads. She's nowhere near relevant, influential, or powerful enough to justify it and it's clearly not an anxiety thing, feels like she saw one of the powerful men she wants to marry do it and decided to copy it to suggest she's on the same level as him. How can a supposedly moid-brained bitch fail so hard to understand how men think

Isn't her family upper middle class? Bitch acts like straight up trailer trash

No. 1817361

>another ‘who asked’ 4000 word salad thesis on 4chan from an anonymous prostitute
Is Aella having another acid induced episode?


No. 1817362

>I hear them talking about how expensive hotels are at $150/night. And in the back of my head I thought about the $500/night hotels that my clients stayed in while in town for business or pleasure, and who gave me couple hundred dollars in tips "just because". Or how someone spent $3500 on a date with me, and suggested I can get room service on his dime. Or how someone flew over to my city and was going to book a hotel where the cheapest room was $800/night just to see me, and then gave me the full $800 appointment fee for the inconvenience after cancelling our appointment on his end (so I never even met him). As a prostitute I've met men who have met the president, or who were personal friends of CEOs, politicians, and celebrities (or were themselves). If it wasn't for my escorting, I would never have come across men like this, nor seen their lifestyles. I would continued imagining that masters-degree holding workers making 150k/year with heavy student loans were "rich" and "elite". I am not particularly a head-turner either, and even my own clients aren't elite-elite, I have barely even scratched the surface of what real wealth is.


No. 1817380

Tl;dr the upper class and the upper middle class are not the same thing
Also it took her being an escort to realize that. I think most people already know?

No. 1817519

Yeah, she could have tried observing the world. Or better yet, working in retail/entertainment/dining in a city. You'll start to recognize rich, megarich, larping rich, etc., and their habits.
You do NOT have to sell your body to disgusting men to interact with class divisions more subtle than poor, middle class, and rich. She could have just got a public-facing job … Not that the word salad is even true.