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File: 1419772351256.png (276.52 KB, 392x708, s0oa2tw.png)

No. 34475

Chris was spotted vandalizing a Sonic Boom display in a GameSpot. He assaults the security guard on the way out with pepper spray.

A call made by a CWC ween states that the police were called, but the employee is indecisive on if he is going to press charges.

Another call made by 4chan's /v/ claims that the employee will be pressing charges.

Information gleaned from a recording of police broadcast traffic gives more insight into the situation and can be found in this post: http://kiwifar.ms/threads/chris-chan-sighting-at-gamestop-with-video.6732/page-38#post-460766

Found here originally (with video): http://monozettai.tumblr.com/post/106261810945/so-i-ran-into-someone-today-while-i-was-waiting


No. 34482

God speed CWC.
God speed.

No. 34509

jesus christ chris chan what the fuck

No. 34514

Not surprised. Hasn't he gotten in trouble for vandalizing Sonic merch at stores before? It was only a matter of time

No. 34520

He looked like a woman omg

No. 34521

Everything about this is awful. The hair, the glasses, the weird socks, the sweater from high school, the fucking mace… holy shit.

No. 34526

True but why the f does he have mace? I almost feel like he got it specifically for this occasion.

No. 34528


Someone post his apology to the mall

No. 34531

So gamespot was NOT a place he had previously fucked with, but it's deffo not the first, see this link for the recent apology letters he wrote for all these other places


No. 34544

He's sitting in jail because Sonic's arms are blue.

He truly is one of the world's greatest lolcows.

No. 34596

Copypasta'd from the Kiwi farms:

I was just able to find the incident on the archived recording of the Charlottesville Police dispatch radio (For what it's worth, this happened shortly after 2PM it looks like). Working on getting a copy online. It's badly distorted and cuts out but luckily captures the dispatcher communicating the best part.

"[offender]…is described as a white male, 5-foot 9, with long brown hair. He was wearing two sets of glasses and fake breasts. The name is supposed to be 'Christopher Chandler'."
EDIT 1: An officer relays that Mall Security "Knows who he is". So people who doubted that anybody still cared… Well, they do.

EDIT 2: From what I'm hearing, several officers showed up to search the parking lot and mall for him, and mall security did the same. This is serious stuff.

EDIT 3: The police called Barb. Barb claimed he was driving a "Blue Ford Focus" but she didn't know his plate and didn't know his phone number. It sounds like the police also tried to call Chris.

EDIT 4: It sounds like the police themselves notified the other GameStops in the area, as police are dispatched to a different GameStop when a blue ford focus is seen in the parking lot.

EDIT 5: Chris knocked on some MALE's car window in the Fashion Square parking lot. Said male promptly called the police.

EDIT 6: I cannot say this with 100% accuracy, but from what I just heard, Chris may have been taken into custody.

EDIT 7: "He went into Sears and caused issues and left about 30 minutes ago."

No. 34598

My guess is he believes that since he now has a vagina of the soul that every man in a ten mile radius wants to rape it.

No. 34600

ANd while he wasn't banned from Gamestop, he was banned from the mall that the Gamestop was in. He was trespassing, all reports indicate he is jail now.

No. 34634

My sides have gone into orbit

No. 34635

Wtf man, did chris have a mental breakdown? Why did he knock on some guys car window?

No. 34637

Should we refer to Chris as he or she?

No. 34639

I have an idea. Maybe he dressed up so strangely, with 2 pairs of glasses and all, so that mall security wouldn't recognise him. He went out with the intention to destroy that display, and wanted to go incognito

No. 34650

Chris now identifies as a transgendered lesian male fwith a female soul (https://www.facebook.com/CwcvilleGuardian/posts/722498814511267?pnref=story). The SJWs at Tumblr are in an uproar at anyone who refers to Chris as a male, but they will surely stop whiteknighting for him once they realize they are better off without him.

No. 34656

I'm going to continually refer to Chris as a he since he's only doing this "transgender" shit in a sad attempt to get China.

No. 34663

Agreed. He's not fooling anyone but Tumblrinas who are also busy fooling other people with their specialized brand of faggotry.

No. 34667

Chris-chanxSJWs?!?! New crack ship. :3

No. 34669

There's no such thing as a "transgender intersex male lesbian with a female soul". Trans women don't refer to themselves like that or think of themselves in male terms at all. Chris isn't trans. He's just a crazy faggot.

No. 34689

I am really bothered that he got his taint pierced and goes on to say that's where his clit would be. The clit isn't neighbors with the butthole, what the actual fuck. I don't want to live on this earth anymore.

No. 34700

I still believe that his trans image is a way of segueing into coming out of the closet although he hasn't shown any indication of that yet. It appears that his trans image so far is just another ploy at getting the sweet, sweet, china.

No. 34794

The video's OP expands a bit on what happened.


No. 34834

I'm rather out of the loop. Who is China?

No. 34837

Not who, but what. Chris calls vaginas china.

No. 34847


>CB chatter from the area picked up a report of a man fitting Chandler’s description attempting to carjack an unidentified individual in the parking lot of the shopping center.

Chris you are one dumb motherfucker.

No. 34855

I guess he thinks of his bootyhole as the vagina, in which case the placement makes total sense

No. 34903

File: 1419877323189.png (148.2 KB, 689x795, QeJ9Ivz.png)

No. 34939

could it be?….

No. 34948

Oh my god, how did I miss that part. I'm fucking dying!

No. 34980

File: 1419886863563.png (12.47 KB, 1023x194, rt.png)


No. 34981

is that chris's legit youtoob account or just a troll?

No. 34992


That can't be real. It sounds like something Cartman would say.

No. 34999


Nah, I went to the video and found the comment and clicked it and this is the profile attached to it. It was obviously fake anyway but here's proof.

No. 35046

File: 1419895378274.png (233.24 KB, 1350x660, ChrisChanCourtRecord.png)

Wow, talk about hardcore weening. Anyways, here's his charge. 6th degree felonies and apparently he wasn't on probation because that would be an extra charge.

No. 35047

No. 35081

the apology letters, this incident, and his subsequent response to it together all make me worry if he's going to try to anhero by cop sometime in the future. he is literally living in his own reality at this point. the pain and suffering of other people caused by him isn't real to him. his comics are more real to him than anything else and if hes willing to appear in public looking like that and acted like that, its fair to assume that he's retired completely into that world.

he NEEDS to be fucking institutionalized after he gets out of jail, this kid's issues go far beyond just having autism. otherwise who is to say he wont go adam lanza status, somehow get a hold of a gun and try to get the cops to take him out after he takes other people out. i really think people should appreciate better how mentally far gone he is.

No. 35084

Best thing I've read all day.

>NOT Looking for Trouble, and then HE Startled Me, similar to a potential Rapist in a Dark Alley in a big city


No. 35086

I don't know if he has the balls left to do something like Adam Lanza. Besides, he hates all things masculine and to go on a IRL FPS-spree is a very masculine/gamerbro thing to do. He is severely detached from reality and in need of a psychological diagnosis and the best we can hope for is that he gets either court ordered psych help or in the event that he goes to jail for longer than 30 days he will lose his SSI benefits and have to re-apply. The diagnosis he recieved for his benefits originally is well over a decade old and inadmissable for his benefits now and will be required to get reevaluated.

No. 35096

File: 1419900935468.jpg (157.4 KB, 635x750, 911CHAN.jpg)


He is suggesting that Sega should be sued for not changing Sonic's arm color and ultimately being at fault for this Ass Manager getting maced.

No. 35104

I dunno. I kind of agree with >>35081. Chris has no basis in reality. What we see as hyper masculine could be seen by him as TRIUMPHANT WOMYN TAKIN CHARGE Y'ALL.

No. 35145

Especially considering that his newfound love of social justice and feminism has fueled his already huge hatred of men. Remember this guy spent most of his life hating other guys because they were in relationships with girls he wanted to be with (rape). That's a lot of pent up aggression, and now with a self justified excuse to act upon those years torment which were only torment to him…I also have to agree with >>35081

No. 35150

Well damn. He's lucky he wasn't on probation, also in case anyone is out of the loop on what the 6th degree is

"Felony cases range in seriousness from first-degree through sixth-degree. You'll often hear them referred to as "F5" or "F6," etc. The lower the number, the more serious the offense. For example first-degree murder is an F1, or first-degree felony. "

So basically deep doo doo, but since he's autistic and nuts, he'll get off scot free I'm sure.

No. 35152

Oh man this is going to be glorious, I'm making a sandwich to read with this.

Exactly, SJW is the natural transition for him. It allows for his hatred of men to be justified, it allows him to feel special, it allows him to feel it's ok to while away his life in his room because he's a 'womyn'.

He reminds me of that ahuvia harel guy

No. 35153

File: 1419907401674.jpg (10.2 KB, 236x326, 79c406084a8c395531afdbe4c62a10…)

All I know is that I would love to get a job as an Ass Manager.

No. 35155

>If ‪#‎SEGA‬ had Never changed them, or reversed the change between February and November of this year in the new Sonic Boom video games AND Cartoon Series on Cartoon Network, as well as the Toys and whatever else, I would Never Have Had to Protest and Rebel the way I have, including the creation of my group, FIX SONIC'S ARMS IMMEDIATELY, SEGA!!!

Is this Nigga srs?

He's gotten worse. Way worse. He's literally blaming sega for his vandalism, trespassing and assault.

No. 35156


The original facebook post, including his account, just in case someone here wants to be Christian's girlfriend from the ground up.

No. 35157


He's going to become a commie next, just you wait and see.

No. 35158

With his rampant sense of entitlement and Olympic Gold winning performances at the Mental Gymnastics CWC has literally turned into a tranny Eric Cartman.

No. 35159

File: 1419907868923.gif (939.64 KB, 500x281, chrischan.gif)


>a tranny Eric Cartman

>don't call ME buddy

No. 35160

File: 1419908096884.jpg (119.35 KB, 450x600, 450px-ChrisSonicBoomArms.jpg)

Isn't sega allowed to do whatever they want with their intellectual property anyway?

If they want to start marketing sonic as a toy for babies eclusively, they can do so. They can turn sonic's arms into giant cocks if they want.

What makes chris think he's entitled to a say in sonic's design?

Here's the wiki article for the whole chrischan 'blue arm' saga


No. 35162

Yes, Sega can do whatever the fuck they want but Chris' mommy made sure he made it well into his thirties with special snowflake syndrome.

No. 35163

but doesn't his autism kinda explain why he's this way? I don't have much experience with autistic individuals, but perhaps the way he acts is just due to his autism?…

No. 35165

File: 1419908375943.jpg (45.13 KB, 704x960, 10603318_729319403829208_75976…)


I can't this is too much, someone hold my sides

No. 35166

It's a combination of the autism and the way he was raised. He has literally never had to own up to any sort of personal responsibility and was indoctrinated with the belief that he and his mother and father can do no wrong.

No. 35168

File: 1419908520139.jpg (48.67 KB, 960x704, 10678690_729319370495878_35246…)

>I also HAD Hidden ALL of the Blue Armed Sonic Toys at Toys ''R'' Us here, concealed hidden amongst their metal cupboards, so they ALL would NOT be SOLD, and Best Boycotted for The Protest! They remained hidden for the longest time of over a Month; found and reshelved near the 20th of December to my personal dismay and crestfall. And at Best Buy, ALL Copies of THEIR Sonic Boom Games are STILL SUCCESSFULLY CONCEALED AND HIDDEN from View AND Purchase!

Just when I think this rant can't get any worse, it does. I don't think I'll make it to the end

No. 35172

How has 4chan reacted? I mean its a new age of prosperity when it comes to Chris-Chan. PT was my CWC, so I'm a bit jealous of their tidings.

In dark times, worshippers of the Shine Goddess should be a bit happy I guess. She bestowed us with many Winter Solstice photo-shoots. Our Goddess has not left us.

I'm happy for ya CWC fans and I'mma let ya finish, but PT is the best lolcow that ever lived.

No. 35174

4chan is dead, I think it's against the rules to 'talk about individuals' anyway.

8chan is the place to go for those threads.

No. 35175

Yeah, I'm just happy that she's still posting photos. I'll tend to my PT shrine until I'm old and grey and too weak to continue doing so.

No. 35176

Didn't /v/ call the dude he maced or something though? Could've maybe been 8chan's /v/, idk

No. 35178

this is where most go lolcow news nowadays if not the kiwi farms.


No. 35179

Seriously? What did the guy say? Did they interview him? I need to know the delicious deets

No. 35180

Oh yeah, that's a pretty cool board, too bad they don't have a cute cow icon on the bottom of their page.

No. 35181


Sorry, I think I read it on /cow/ but here's the copypasted story, no source I think:


No. 35182

File: 1419910006616.jpg (107.66 KB, 1088x800, fuck yea.jpg)

>too bad they don't have a cute cow icon on the bottom of their page

No. 35217

He looks a lot like PT here.

No. 35225

Oh hell nah. PT is Aphrodite compared to Chris.

No. 35226

Ironically, the last troll who was pretending to be his sweetheart from the ground-up was catfishing using PT's pictures.

No. 35229


No. 35230

No. 35436

you're kidding, right? that's just /cgl/

No. 35437

No. 35480

File: 1419962817901.jpg (91.08 KB, 720x960, 10489719_691863197574829_70380…)

Nah man, chris is a 1/10, PT is more like 4/10

No. 35481

>you're kidding, right?
Oh how I wish that were so

No. 35486


Have you guys not been watching the latest season? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Cissy

Also the callback in the final episode was funny: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eXBVBCpvLPA#t=1090

No. 35487

gross, his hair looks like it's never washed, but regularly combed

No. 35488

chris could look okay if he cut his hair and stopped using shitty camera angles

No. 35504

Hahaha yeah, that was the image I googled for first but I thought the Maury one looked a bit more like him (badly-done bright eyeshadow and all)

No. 35510

File: 1419973288552.jpg (64.01 KB, 480x600, mug of chandler.JPG)

dat pout

No. 35521

Chris should get into having a diaper fetish and finding a mommy to take care of him.

At this rate, Chris is never going to find a normal boring woman to take him.

He went the wrong way of picking the lesbian thing as his guise, he really should have just said he had a diaper/child-play fetish.

No. 35525

He looks like he's hungover or something and he's just been woken up

No. 35530

As far as trannies go, he has potential. He looks more feminine than star at any rate

No. 35533

He 100% just looks like a crazy man who doesn't care any more and let his hair grow out, not a woman of any kind.

No. 35541

File: 1419980029760.jpg (71.18 KB, 320x240, mrs-crabtree_6995.jpg)

looks like the shouty busdriver lady from southpark

ms crabtree

No. 35542


What is his thinking behind becoming a lesbian anyway? Wouldn't he have more luck by pretending to be gay and becoming some girl's gay best friend and going from there?

No. 35543

Don't you know how much gay men confuse and disgust him? Guess this is his way of dealing with it.

No. 35545

File: 1419980811329.jpg (134.5 KB, 560x1000, silenceofchris.jpg)

>"Look for severe childhood disturbances associated with violence. Our Chris-chan wasn't born a criminal, Julie. He was made one through years of systematic abuse. Chris hates his own identity, you see, and he thinks that makes him a transsexual. But his pathology is a thousand times more savage and more terrifying."

No. 35587


Chris-chan hates men. He's hated men even before he started claiming to be trans. Once he discovered trans people exist, he decided hating men means that he's really a girl. "Being a lesbian" gives him an outlet and is a convenient excuse for his fear/hatred/jealousy of other men. Pretending to be gay would go directly against that.

No. 35592

I've never met any lesbians that hated men. I believe it's just tumblr that supports this idea that trans and lesbians have legitimate struggle with ACTUAL MEN and not policy that hurts gender identify and sexuality.

Who would ever know that Chris-Chan would find the mis-guided, bitter, uneducated hateful ally that is SJWs.

No. 35606

File: 1419993722138.jpg (51.32 KB, 459x564, mugg.JPG)

No. 35610


I didn't mean to imply that lesbians hate men. What I meant is that Chris is using "male lesbianism" as an excuse to justify the fact that he hates other guys. Chris' logic can be twisted and difficult to follow at times, but in his mind hating men/finding male bodies disgusting = lesbian. He finds men so unbearably "yucky" that he resents being one, and hence = trans.

No. 35611

File: 1419994608153.jpg (202.34 KB, 480x600, 1419974705403.jpg)

No. 35616

I didn't think ya did. You totally made yourself clear, I was agreeing with you.

No. 35626

File: 1420001251126.jpg (59.69 KB, 400x314, MFWjunji.jpg)

> mfw i read that in his voice
> mfw my name is also julie

No. 35653

I genuinely hope he find a boyfriend free girl. Like what will happen to him when his mom dies.

No. 35654

I wonder what will happen when he sees a real china, or hell even touch one.

No. 35656

He already has, with a craigslist prostitute not long ago

No. 35657

Did he ever gives any details on that? It seems like if he isn't giving details, it went horribly or never happened.

No. 35815

File: 1420063862541.png (36.87 KB, 430x712, Virginbreaker.png)

chris is dumb but not much of a storyteller, he did actually fuck a hooker he found on Backpage. that being said i'm sure it DID go horribly, i mean this is chris we're talking about. that woman probably left with one of the most…"interesting" experiences of her life.

No. 35830

File: 1420071219963.jpg (11.71 KB, 200x253, 10891589_345743975613975_78318…)

just found this on the sonichu boom fb group

No. 35833

leaked fb messages show him bragging about it.

June 28-29

[censored]: What is this task?

cwc: Alright. [censored] has set up a new OKCupid account for me with some info in the Profile, which I updated some of which. She had chosen and contacted a few women on there, but her choices were, shall we say, visible mite over a guessing 200 per woman (I state that with no offense meant to any of them). I prefer the average to slender; Maybe some small amount of tummy over, you may understand. [censored] gave up on contacting women for me; she did try very well to help me the best she was able to. I got a spot of nerve to contact a few myself, but no one replied. I asked [censored]; entrusted her with the details; she must have been too busy with her own life.

Now, I am settling for the "rest", so to speak. I am STILL very shy, and I have been very busy and stressed lately. I am asking you to find and contact some women local to me (with at least 50% match, and acceptable body type; no black women (not a racist; I just really do not feel comfortable dating them, and I have hung out with a few black women in my time; I [message cuts off]

Also, to take you up on your previous offer, can you PayPal me $20 for Gasoline, or rush a Sheetz gift card of the amount? The tank in our van is running low.

[censored]: I thought you had money now. how do you expect me to help contact women? i don't know anybody in virginia. i'm sorry [censored] didn't visit you.

cwc: Money has become tight again; went through the commission from Jennifer quick; a drawing piece with her drag race car. $200 went quick in my mother's shopping list and food, as well as the payment on my Toys R Store [sic] card.


You do not have to know anything about here to pretend to be me in a greeting. Do what you would normally do when flirting with a woman to get her response. I may even learn from you. All I'm asking is for you to find them and begin conversations with the first message. You won't have to send more than one message per woman.

cwc: I find it awkward and difficult for me to make the first conversation move in the message. I seem to come off awkward or something. They're not responding.

Just do what is normal: spot the best matches (high income with a job for her would be good), start the conversation with your version if [sic] "Hey there, Good-Lookin"" [sic] or whatever, and flirty openers.

OKCupid finds the women in Virginia. You don't have to know them personally. Check their Profile, Photos and Details. Oh, and Do Not answer any questions on OKC's Q&A set; I have already answered hundreds of them.

Fair enough?

[censored]: Chris, you're asking me to commit fraud by false identity by pretending to be you. what kind of groceries does your mom need $200 for??!!

cwc: Alright forget the money. It is not fraud. All I am asking is making Greetings, Not entire conversations. I am not a flirting artist, and I more often than naught [sic] Blank Mind Out and Freeze Up.

cwc: Look, here's the info; log in and see for yourself.


[censored]: Look, i can give you advice on what you should say, but i'm not going to do it for you.

cwc: Alright. I am listening.

[censored]: Don't use pickup lines. just tell her you think she's cool and you want to chat.

cwc: Really; "I find you very cool; would you like to chat a while over a light beverage?" Is it REALLY THAT Simple?!!

[censored]: The way you put it looked stilted and unnatural, have you listened to how people actually talk?

cwc: I have listened to how people talk throughout my life. Stilt and Unnatural; NOW do you see why I require Someone else to do the greetings for me, or that SHE has to make the first move?!

[censored]: It was just so… Fake. you can't just be talking to them to get a girlfriend. you need to be genuinely interested in the person and stop being self conscious and she'll talk to you. asking for a beverage date in the first message is a bad idea. i meant just chat in messages. it looks like you only know how to talk about yourself. ask her what her favorite things are and why she likes them and she'll blab for ages.

cwc: I am well aware to let her talk about herself and all that. I was not meaning to sound fake; it is called sincerity.

Yeah, in any case, it is Not that simple.

[censored]: I'm sorry to tell you this, but i'm not a big ladies man myself. i only have gal pals.

cwc: What?!! I thought this whole time you were the total opposite of what you are saying now.


UGH!!! You are really letting the oxygen out of my tank here!!!

[censored]: Why did you think that? i told you those things when you first contacted me. in any case the stuff i'm telling you is not irrelevant. i used to be like you and had to learn how to socialize. tell me, do you really want to have a beverage with strangers you don't evem [sic] know yet from a dating site?

cwc: Call me Old, and Old-Fashioned, but I Super Seriously Feel that conversation over a light beverage in a public place shortly after first contact, IS FAR SUPERIOR. Why the hell (now after all of the deceptive theoretical exes I have had to suffer after each breakup before meeting; all of them never really got to know me In Person. The Only Exception being that one woman liked me through that brown shirt Fake me (her name escapes my memory at the moment); She actually met me in person and liked ME better for the while until when he faked his hostage shit then flew the coop, leaving her at the alter. [sic]

I will not be having extensive conversations with damn faking Anons (for all I would know) upon initial; SHE HAS to Meet Me In Person Near Immediately, and therefore I extend the invitation to a pleasant conversation and light beverage in the public setting. I am NOT going to wait WEEKS TO MONTHS to Hopefully meet up, only to be Broken Up before we even Really got started AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN.

Also, either I missed that detail when you stated it, or more likely I ended up forgetting it. My bad.

Also, either I missed that detail when you stated it, or more likely I ended up forgetting it. My bad.

Also, either I missed that detail when you stated it, or more likely I ended up forgetting it. My bad. [sic (as in he really sent this three times)]

[censored]: That girl with the fake chris was kacey. they were both trolls. she never cared about you. i hate dating sites. don't they go against your beliefts of meeting people in person?

[censored]: Do you think [censored] likes you?

cwc: Who?

[censored]: That girl defending your Facebook statuses, she looks legit. i think you should private message her and tell her thank you. she likes legos.

cwc: ???
I can't find her; does she have a username different from "[censored]?"

cwc: I am drawing Mazarea in a "Flight Over Cwcville" with Angelica now.

Shortly after this is done, Bananasaur plays Scrabble with Punchy.

[censored]: Her username is [censored] (on your violin status)

[censored]: Those drawings sound awesome. can we pm on Facebook? it takes a long time for me to text.

cwc: Found her; she's okay looking in her photos. I'll ask you to communicate with her further to verify her identity, and let you get back to me.

cwc: Nah, I'm not changing my window, and besides I will need to get back to work.


cwc: Seriously, though, for your consideration, do yourself a really big favor: go on Craigslist for your area; find yourself a ho to play with; dump your virginity. For me it was the BEST thing I was ever able to do for myself, TWICE. Now I don't feel as bad, because I won't be dying an untouched virgin. And I have not obsessed about sex so much since then.

Plus, she was a nice woman (the one I did it with); caring mother of two; half Cherokee; she was really good. You pick yourself a winner from your local area, kid. Give yourself the life-changing event, and you won't have to worry about it anymore. Alright, I'll check ya later.

[censored]: You're talking about a prostitute! do you even know how horrible that is?

[censored]: [censored] told me she is not a troll.

cwc: Quote me now: Abstinence is a Really Big, Bad Joke.

I will need more to go on than "I am not a troll"

Anyway, take my advice as you will and suit yourself. But I am serious: Abstinence is a Really Big, Horrible Joke.

[censored]: Did you finish the drawings?

cwc: Yes

cwc: They will be shipped as late as this coming Tuesday.

cwc: All four of them have their certificates and are in a yellow envelope with your name and address on it.

June 30

[censored]: So they are all in the post office?

cwc: I am afraid not yet, because I am still short funded. To make sure my family and I were fed after the last paid commission input, I required a more quick way to withdraw from PayPal than transferring to the bank(two or so DAYS). And I found out Target online accepts PayPal, so I purchased gift cards to buy us food more swiftly. Too much. We will be getting our SSI tomorrow, or I may finally get a check in the mail from a dude who intends to buy the violin. He mailed it like last Tuesday from CT. Not sure if it's US or Canada CT or whatever.

[censored]: Text me when it all ships.

cwc: Will do

[censored]: I am sorry i overreacted. i was slow in the mind and had bad judgement.

No. 35834

File: 1420072743807.jpg (32.43 KB, 483x563, Autism_Boy.jpg)

"I find you very cool; would you like to chat a while over a light beverage?"

No. 35836

No. 35840


Did the hooker force him to shower before going down on him?

No. 35841

top kek

No. 35847

A part of me is glad he got laid, even if it was with a prostitute.

No. 35850

File: 1420078330005.png (3.67 MB, 3056x1056, autist2.png)

for those of you who don't have accounts/don't want him to see you visited his profile to subsequently message/stalk you for the rest of your life

No. 35851

File: 1420078355318.png (241.47 KB, 768x2100, autist.png)


No. 35852

Proof positive that the best photo of Chris in years has been his mugshot photo.

No. 35855

Couple of things.

>Native American

>body type average
>menage a trois with two women


>Says he's a transwoman, but identifies his sex as a male.

>Says he's a lesbian but will also date straight women.

>He will date someone who is up to nine years younger than him, but not one year older.

No. 35857

I'm scared.

No. 35858

>mostly anything
the truest of truths on that profile

No. 35859

He never took drugs?

Imagine chrischan on shrooms or acid. This needs to happen.

No. 35860

when chris gets sent to jail you just need to get arrested on purpose with a vial of liquid acid and a device to record video shoved up your ass. the rest will write itself.

No. 35865


No. 35895

File: 1420104775428.jpg (300.27 KB, 1920x1080, 1420100442778.jpg)

No. 35983



No. 36019

this is my new wallpaper.

No. 36149


No. 36153

No. 36154

File: 1420174362408.gif (613.77 KB, 500x279, giphy.gif)

I'm willing to bet money that given how easily he's influenced by television and movies that this is what he thought he was doing. Being an empowered womyn.

No. 36157



No. 36163

File: 1420180016825.png (10 KB, 300x104, lolcow wip.png)

ask and ye shall receive

No. 36165

Those enemas in the selfie pic, tho.

No. 36167

How can you be serious about Christianity and … nevermind. Not even going there. I don't think he knows what that means.

No. 36168

This is probably the best thing ever created.

No. 36745

No. 37319

File: 1420444633760.jpg (410.6 KB, 803x1024, 1420433675891.jpg)

No. 37324

File: 1420444959318.gif (588.49 KB, 312x351, SonicSallyBump.gif)

I'd buy this.

No. 37350

that sounds like a glorious game

No. 37351

so is it legit? I found the use of the word 'manajerk' by chris unrealistic, I mean does he STILL talk like that?

No. 37409


He does, he uses it on facebook all the time.

No. 37803

File: 1420562916673.png (507.32 KB, 640x427, fPYVIqY.png)

No. 37932

This is amazing.

No. 37950

File: 1420586057046.png (30.94 KB, 488x392, Chris.png)

No. 37953

File: 1420586197833.jpg (41.38 KB, 491x299, umcJvti.jpg)

both of these were posted in the 24 hours or so. it's only a matter of time now before he ends up in the crazy house or the big house.

No. 37982

This is the most autistic thing ever, I never want Chris-Chan's wild to end.

No. 38014

Chris-Chan has literally been broken by the thing he loved most. It's almost too much to grasp when you think about the long ride he's been on since he won that Sonic the Hedgehog sweepstakes when he was in grade school.

No. 38026

It's a tragic love story, where the man loves his lover so much it may kill him or get him in trouble.

Ahem, except in this case, let's switch the lover with Sonic.

No. 39569

File: 1421050239459.png (395.61 KB, 522x706, Untitled.png)

No. 39591


No. 39592

lol he's trying to be rarity from MLP FIM I swear to god

No. 39598

Has he ever mentioned a favorite? I thought he just had a passing interest in mlp til the mlp sunglasses shit, so he's obviously buying the toys.

No. 39613

oh it's not just a passing interest

he used to collect the old gen toys and draw the old mlps

he loves mlp fim as evidenced by his review of equestria girls, desire to own a rare derpy collectable card, the kooky dashy debacle and mostly in the recent incident when he maced that store employee, he was wearing glasses from a MLP toy set

No. 39614

No shape at all male PT.

No. 39616

I think the original reason he got into the old MLP was because Megan (his first "love", now he calls her a nazi) was into it. But yeah, he's definitely obsessed at this point. MLP and lego…

No. 39690

If I were Chris I would be spending my time trying to look as feminine as possible and learning how to suck a mean dick. That's his only chance of survival in jail.

No. 39692

Oh God. Imagine if Chris met the salad king in jail…


No. 43836

File: 1422302644041.gif (6.56 MB, 500x350, CWC.gif)


No. 66380

File: 1426969322242.png (84.16 KB, 872x582, 1426903728323.png)

Nah, he'll make it. He has a pretty badass reputation.

No. 66391

File: 1426971473406.png (3.71 KB, 203x221, 131103165031.png)

No. 76807

File: 1428376017878.jpg (66.81 KB, 960x717, 1428366278081.jpg)


No. 76915

File: 1428393278040.gif (1.1 MB, 230x324, 1425136078533.gif)



No. 77531

I wish people would stop leaving negative reviews on his ebay. It might be funny, but I don't want to discourage him from selling his hilarious bullshit.

No. 77628

File: 1428465363991.png (65 KB, 791x335, chrischancursedgrowth.png)

No. 77635

I what huh omw how did he even get christina never ceases to amaze me

No. 77665

File: 1428470614071.jpg (128.68 KB, 507x800, sonichu.jpg)

No. 77666

My sides.jpg

No. 77682

I'd pay to see sonichu in SSB

No. 77685

every time I think he's hit the rock bottom he just keeps going lower. It's amazing. Even the JULAAY video and sticking the pieces of the sonichu medallion in his ass was enough for me but now he's a MTF lesbian tranny who wants to be a stripper.

No. 77706

Voted Sonichu. God speed Chris-chan

No. 77849

i know it doesn't matter but it seems wrong to troll this guy because he has autism even though he has produced so much lulz i saw that documentary on him and it made me feel bad and saw how someone tricked him into sending his sonichu medallion this seems like it's going too far the guy's life is sad enough and i don't mean to white knight or anything its just sad because he has an actual mental illness. also he looks like a fucking bum now with long hair ew he needs to clean himself up

No. 77853

File: 1428513730905.jpg (16.31 KB, 208x257, 10850021_10152919522347943_390…)

What do we put for the game he's from?

No. 77862

this was posted three months ago and I'm only just now prospering from this glorious laff? fuck

No. 77939

I just put Sonichu.

No. 94884

Today is Chris's trial.

No. 95039

i agree but where is the link to the documentary??

No. 95582

No. 96232


>gift basket

No. 100581

File: 1431480518686.jpg (129.69 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

Nothing happened. Just continued, as per usual.

Chris-chan (excuse me, Christine-chan) is really turning out to be a sweetheart from the ground up!

No. 100582

File: 1431480548606.jpg (90.95 KB, 704x960, image.jpg)

In case you wanted the full version.

No. 100583

pls b in london

No. 100590

No. 100607

No. 100626

File: 1431483745869.jpg (30.72 KB, 720x537, 1431479211241-1.jpg)

No. 100628

My body wasn't ready.

I mean I've seen Chris in compromising positions and situations for years, but the wink and the pasties are my breaking point.

No. 100629

No. 100630

Lol god he doesn't even try.

No. 100711

OMG anon, where is this from? Surely not Facebook.

No. 100861

File: 1431496453653.jpg (21.34 KB, 425x412, 123.jpg)

His facial expression literally says "Ladies, hold your orgasms"

No. 100901

What a truly revolting body

No. 106810

File: 1432290985688.png (462.42 KB, 494x1717, 1432206920511.png)

No. 106811

File: 1432291111236.png (34.91 KB, 501x456, 1432209460983-0.png)

> Chris has been fantasizing about impregnating himself and reproducing asexually as a hedgehog.

No. 106953

>not even any autism.

No. 107264

File: 1432341320688.png (358.32 KB, 503x549, chrischan.png)

No. 198915

Apparently, he's looking to meet some special ladies…

No. 198920


This was so embarrassing it hurt to watch… Chrischan you are such a gift to society,plz never stop

No. 198922

I couldn't even make it to the 20 second mark. This was too painful.

No. 198924


Oh Chris.

I wonder how many epic win troll xDDD next clyde cash faggots from kiwi farms are going to e-mail him hoping to catfish him and start a new "sweetheart saga"

No. 198936

Bae is finally back! Please don't fuck this up Kiwi…

No. 198950

I wonder if he would have some luck with tumblr girls who have to convince themselves he's a woman or else it'll be transphobic

No. 198956

Yesssss. I'm looking forward to all of the new Chris milk and bonus milk from pathetic weens.

No. 198978

I just watched the whole thing. I think the bra flashes were the cringiest moments. And the wink.

No. 198980

Well, so much for "online socialisation is a bust, real life socialisation is tops" i guess.
excuse me while i go vomit tho.

No. 198981

I wonder what happened. I thought he was having a good time offline and seemed to have found a community that would accept or at least tolearate a freak like him. Wonder if there was some fallout or if Chris was just delusional the whole time.

No. 198987

I'm guessing delusional and Marvin/Kim set him straight and told him that it was normal to make friends online. Which yeah it is but I don't thing Chris would go back that route without some prodding because he is really set in his ways unless there's the promise of getting laid at the end of the tunnel. And also because Chris is retarded and doesn't learn.

No. 199032

Delusional, clearly. Tried to get lucky and not even them wanted to touch him with a 10 foot pole, so he turned online again.

Can't wait for the new drama this is going to bring.

No. 199040

Lol someone should upload it there and leave his email so they can hit him up.

No. 199043

Oh lawd, it's like it's 2008 all over again. At least he's not a virgin with rage this time around.

No. 199050

This, please, he can find his dream girl on tumblr.

No. 199061

Well it would be a very appropriate job for you given you are full of shit.

No. 199062

He's not even trying. And you are right, pt is def at least 4/10

No. 199063

Lol that doesn't even make sense. Unless hes secretly afraid hes a gay male himself so transitioned?

No. 199064

Kek, this needs to be made.

No. 199068

Chris would look good with a beard

No. 199111

Last time Chris had a "beard", it made his chin look like a ballsack with pubes on it. This was like 2009-2010 I think. I was trying to forget tbh.

No. 199240

No. 199305

She's like a retarded child.

No. 199306

Holy shit she's totally twinning with Chris.
But she also kind of reminds me of Melissa McCarthy.

No. 199307

I can't even tell if she's a troll or not.
>tfw I think I have that exact same dildo

No. 199314

idk but I think I love her.

No. 199315

>that sassy voice
>that bra slip
Holy shit my pussy

No. 199316

Not elaborate enough to be a troll if you ask me.

No. 199376

are you guys stupid
she is a troll, just a shitty one

No. 199393

I wonder if Chris is retarded enough to fall for it.

No. 199598

my ex bf is A LOT like CWC. i don't want to dox him but i have to write this out. there are SO many similarities it's creepy

- both are named Chris
- both are from the rural south
- both have dads named Bob who graduated from SEC schools and did science-y things
- both had parents that divorced and remarried
- one of CWC's half siblings on his father's side is a doctor, so is one my ex's
- both were only children
- both are having problems in their Love Quest right now
- my ex even looked like CWC when they were kids. omggg

This also shows how autistic I am

No. 199601

also i think my ex will go crazy and become a sissy/tranny sometime just like CWC. oh well.

No. 199614

File: 1446601714637.gif (726.82 KB, 200x150, nuqiamdGxD1rl04amo1_250.gif)

Hay. Have some respect for yoself gurlfran. You can do better than a CWC clone.

No. 199656

You should just date the real Chris chan.
Take one for the team friend.

No. 199739

That gif is amazing.

No. 199863

File: 1446649818938.png (88.3 KB, 503x320, Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 9.09…)

why not?

anyways attached is his dating ad that he posted on youtube.

the email is Anightinchristine@gmail.com.

No. 200104

No. 200107

File: 1446688649447.png (1.1 MB, 800x600, 1421547674353.png)


oh my god

No. 200135

File: 1446694379336.png (420.17 KB, 595x575, mysides.png)

No. 200543

File: 1446761924256.gif (1.99 MB, 400x398, mysides.gif)

No. 207649

Hey caitlyn Jenner is a beautiful woman brah, anyone who says otherwise is a bigot and they'll have to deal with me.

No. 207822

He's an autogynophiliac.

No. 207865

Breaking up with you really messed him up. Take is as a compliment.

No. 207873

she doesn't believe in gay marriage

No. 209477

New video up: Group Embargo on GameStop, Best Buy, and Simon Shopping Centers

No. 209502

>mighty lesbian

No. 209503

It's really difficult to understand what he's saying. He slurs all his words together.

No. 209577

>mfw I was at a Gamestop inside a Simon mall this afternoon.
Sorry, Chris.
The fuck does he even need to go to gamestop for anyway? He hasn't got a job or money. Is he one of those wankers that just goes in and plays on the test consoles for hours? I bet he is. ffs.

No. 209578

He spends his disability checks on video games.

No. 209917

Right. He doesn't have to use his tugboat for rent and bills and shit like that. So he can buy vidya.
I still think he's probably one of those wankers who just stands around and plays on the test consoles in GameStop until they ask him to leave tbh tho.

No. 211822

File: 1449540932690.jpg (75.83 KB, 738x960, lmao.jpg)

I am laughing my ass off. Poor Chris.

No. 211825

so he tried to get his ban removed from the local store and now cannot go to any in his state? If he hadn't made a complaint it would have just been the local store, he made it worse lol
maybe if he keeps fighting the ban it'll go national ban

No. 211833

Aw shit.
He might have to actually drive to Ohio or smth to get his amiibo toys now.
Poor Chris.

No. 211850

Did you watch the video tho?

I laughed so hard I cried. BATTLETOADS!!

No. 211852

File: 1449546655009.png (68.5 KB, 519x463, UNFAIR.png)

Never fear, anon. Make your etsy order now to get it by Christmas!

No. 211853

File: 1449546716054.png (97.61 KB, 523x523, lamestop.png)

He also posted his address, just in case you wanted to send him a Christmas present.

No. 211856


No. 211860

how has this not been posted yet? Chris rubs estrogen gel on his belly, gives bra and vibrator reviews

No. 211863

>We have concluded that expanding the current local ban to a statewide ban would be in the best interest of both parties

holy lmao

No. 211878

File: 1449550803954.png (235.72 KB, 270x434, chrischanwinks.png)

No. 211879

File: 1449550814752.jpg (62.71 KB, 1223x1240, 1441635596490.jpg)

I don't know what to feel after watching this
>mfw chris brings out those vibrating things

No. 211881

>WHAT… is da bloody… past memory… of dose people in dat corporate office.. to turn dem into such cruel, soulless, heartless, BLEEDIN' … bastards.

No. 211883


That's actually something that really bothers me about retail (all stores do this), but oh my god I am laughing so hard at the spergy way he's describing it.

No. 211885


Right here. Right here is the best part of the video. I want to put his word salad on loop.

No. 211888

Wow. Chris has never been an eloquent speaker but that's just nonsense

No. 211891

What the fuck is he trying to say holy shit lmao

No. 211896

>battle toads
How does Chris know that meme? Confirmed for top tier lifestyle troll

No. 211897

Can somebody make a banner with the caption "pristine Christine's seal of approval"

No. 212112

>Bring your own sign
Ya sure Chris. I'll bring a sign… signing the checques and receipts when I'm buying xmas gifts for my cousins. You know what? Chris's boycott of gamestop is making me want to even try and find shit there for my parents this holiday season. They're not game or tech savvy at all, but maybe this is the year to get them into it.

>A lot of people are banned for NO REASON

People get banned from shops, pubs, and other spaces because they make employees and paying customers uncomfortable. ffs.

The way he lists all the places he can still get his damn amiibo toys he really sounds like he's lost it.

And also as a queer person I've never felt discriminated against in gamestop. But I dunno maybe my local gamestop is actually cool? I'd even go work there if I didn't already work fulltime honestly.

No. 212113

Ugh he always fucking does this, and at first I thought it was retarded, but I guess since it's been out there for years anyway (because of those first few times he doxxed himself) he just doesn't see the point in hiding it anymore and we should send him shit.

No. 212115

Transwoman tips: every transwoman I've known who's transitioning for real had to go to counselling for years first in order to get her real meds for transitioning for real (and not horse meds imported from god knows where that Chris bought on ebay). Someone should tell Chris about this, because maybe he could into counselling like he really needs.

No. 212160


Tbh I laughed when he started trying to rally the LGBTQ community against his ban from Gamestop, I wanted to point out all of the Gamestops near me have gay men and/or lesbeans working at them. Not exclusively, but you know, they're still there, and many have been for years. I know he's autistic but I think the way he's trying to say just because he got banned for his behavior, that everyone in 'his communities' are being discriminated against.

But what am I saying? Classic Chris-chan.

No. 212208

lol remember when Chris hated "da homos" though? But yeah now that he sees himself as a part of this community, he's suddenly ok with them and will champion for their causes.
At least that's progress I guess…?

No. 212244

It's not genuine at all. He's not actually trans. He uses the label as a way to get close to women and have some kind of social circle. It's really gross.

No. 212248

Ya I know.
Still not sure if it's funny gross or just regular gross tbh.
The irony of Chris's views now versus Chris's views five years ago is just… i dunno.

No. 212258


I feel you, and I would agree if he was legit supporting the LGBTQ cause, but he's only trying to rally them because HE got banned, for not discriminatory reasons, acting like the community is his personal army it seems. I'm trying to say, it has nothing to do with his sexually or mental illness, but he's trying to make it about it.

No. 212278

Chris, it's common knowledge not to sell your used games to GameStop. They fucking undercut you so bad.

No. 215003


No. 215011

My yammy has never been more dry than after watching that.

No. 215100

the fuck is wrong with his face
its like he's being assfucked the entire time

No. 215334

Nah. If he was being assfucked there'd be a smile on his face, Anon.

No. 215500

What a beautiful angle.

No. 215508


No. 215513

I love a woman with curves.

No. 215582

The lyrics in that song are so laughably bad. It's like something from a Mad TV parody. Although given Chris' dance moves it's a perfect match.

No. 215830

Tick tick tick…

No. 215836

>mfw at 1:25 when the wig almost falls off

No. 215842

I'm pretty sure that's his real hair, the hairband falling totally made it look like a wig though.

No. 215920

Chris "liked" this on YouTube. My poor sides.

No. 215926

it is like watching one of pt's dance videos. Chris-chan makes all of the same facial expressions as well. It is uncanny.

No. 216279

omg… I shouldn't be laughing at this dude, but this shit is funny.

No. 216284

>"purely because he maced s-" jumpcut

This is a masterpiece

No. 216717

that has to be a troll right?

No. 216826

Chris will never learn the bloody difference between a troll and a genuine person though (see: his ongoing friendship with "kim") so he probably thinks this person is supporting him for real.
Surprised he didn't get mad about this kid calling him a man tho. Like isn't misgengedering a huge issue with tumblrtots? Kind of telling that he's not blown up about it.

No. 220443

Who woul even want to go to his sleepover?

No. 220446

>**Self-Photograph(s) of yourself and proof of identity are required upon RSVPing to this invitation. RSVP to anightinchristine@gmail.com, and we will let you know of further developments and details.

>Chris: "We can have a night of fun and frivolous activities"

>looks like he just stepped out of a grease chamber

Who WOULDN'T want to bunk up with Chris, sorry, CHRISTINE for a fun, light-hearted lesbian night?

No. 220455

Half of me feels bad for him and kind of wants to be his friend because he's probably lonely but then the smarter half of me smothers that half so that I don't get murdered by crazy Christine.

No. 220465


It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again

No. 220476

File: 1452126584806.png (6.49 KB, 390x470, Laughing-Meme-Face-02.png)

No. 220478

>a night in Christine
>in Christine

So we're just gonna ignore that?

No. 220485

This is how the slumber party is going to go down.

No. 220700

It never fails to amuse me what guys seem to think women get up to at slumber parties.

No. 220793

Because if there's one thing lesbians want it's a sexy time with a bent dick.

No. 221361

File: 1452509867242.png (18.93 KB, 517x298, Untitled.png)

Looks like it got canceled. Figures.

No. 221368

Aww I'm rather disappointed.

No. 221380

too many people pretended to be mtf trannies and were blowing up his inbox wanting to come to sleepover, and since he wants "natural born women" only (the irony of this lol) he cancelled it.

No. 221477

>no mtf trannies despite chris ""being one""
>only natural born women

fucking hell, chris. You can tell he just uses this "im a woman" shit to get close to ""real women""
What a fool, but what else is new.

No. 221483


No. 221667

ughhhhh he's got grandma boobs.

"We have agreed"… nice to see that Kim/Marvin still his hand firmly up Chris's ass.

No. 221679

watching that makes me feel like I've been dosed with something

what the fuck is up with the framing of the shot warping around like that?

No. 221683

How is it that he makes lgbt friends when his intentions are so transparent? As they really that desperate to be accepting?

No. 221692

Chris still can't get that camera-clicker to work at the end, and I always find it hilarious

No. 221762

Well I think 9/10 of the people blowing up his inbox were trolls anyway tbh. So that's how. But LGBT friends in his local community? Probably the same idea as the girls who were nice to him in high school and pretended to be his friend because he was a retard.

No. 221838

Why is he trying to get close to the gay community if hes looking for a girlfriend? He wants to surround himself with lesbians, then what?he does know lesbians dont date men right?

No. 221861

But he's a trans lesbian anon, remember?

No. 223005


Can anyone explain why the footage is warped around the paint bottle caps?

No. 223017

I think it's Youtube's image stabilization badly fucking up.

No. 223020

That or Chris' autism is bending time and space.

No. 223115

Stink lines coming from Chris. Obviously.

No. 223121

Is this Chris's attempt at sarcasm?

No. 227829

No. 227833

I think I may have laughed harder at this than I should have.

No. 227834

I lost my shit as soon as he said Pewdiepie.

No. 227836

>that music
>him confirming that he is, indeed, NOT pewdiepie
>general sperging
I love Chris

No. 227838

chris had better prepare for an onslaught of Pewdiepie fanmail

No. 227842

This is my new favorite Chris video. This is the subtle trolling I miss from the early days of Chris-chan.

No. 245370

Happy 34th birthday CWC!

Here he complains about not getting a PS4

No. 245372

He just made a fb status saying someone bought him one

I want to know who that person was and slap them

No. 245481

First PS4 Broadcast: The end is topkeks

No. 245643

Bleh. Have they not only just moved back into 14bc within this past year and he's already managed to pack his room with this much shit? Looking at that clutter is triggering me.

No. 245645

i will never understand how anyone can live like that. and he used to blame his parents for the hoarding.

No. 245646

I grew up in a hoarder house too, although not as bad as 14bc. And I've had to move back to said hoarder house recently upon finishing college and starting a job that doesn't pay enough. Every other room in the house is full of random shit, mostly crafting stuff and books that my mom said she'd use but has not and probably never will. My room? Clean. I don't buy shit that I don't already have a place for (and no, on my desk doesn't count as a putting away place lol).
Chris blames his mum for his house being messy af, like saying she always brings shit home from goodwill, but he does the same. It's weird af but maybe i just don't understand it because i did different.
Sage because dear diary

No. 245649

It's not unusual for children of hoarders to become hoarders themselves, especially when the hoarding results from a mental illness that is genetic in origin.

I'm not saying that you're wrong - plenty of children of hoarders are non-hoarders or even clean-freaks - just that there's really nothing surprising about his hoarding.

No. 585262

No. 680515

File: 1563161457377.jpeg (465.18 KB, 640x993, 14AE7CF7-3256-4CE5-811A-25E230…)

He’s at it again. Asking for $600 (and “someone” gave it to him.)

No. 680517

File: 1563161804780.jpeg (304.44 KB, 640x873, 73CE0D95-EE08-4AF3-B998-FAE6B1…)

No. 680552

>next month
Chris, this doesn't make sense.

No. 680553

If Chris ever faced homelessness, the public would bail him out, right?

But also, he's severely autistic and mentally ill, so it seems like there must be government services for him.

No. 680559

>June 26th- Has a heart attack according to this tweet he Retweeeted. Put into the hospital.
>July 8th- Begs for $600
>July 14th- now begging for $300 on Gofund me for …" ship several boxes of her Autographed Cards and Fanta Cans"????
>Currently begging the artists in the Bronycon vendor hall to draw him free art for autographs.

No. 680560

File: 1563178709513.png (100.54 KB, 554x711, holy shit the lies.png)

No. 680562

File: 1563178940731.png (35.82 KB, 524x292, cunt.png)

someone draw a mutilated dead sonichu please

No. 680580

Chris is still active? I always thought that by now he would either devolve into a full psychotic break down and be institutionalized or have someone claim power of attorney over him and still have him institutionalized.

No. 680730

Isn't Chris going y Christina now? Last I heard Chris is now trans.

No. 680762

You're like half a decade late, anon

No. 680764

This is so incredibly autistic

Yeah, Chris is Christine now and has been trans for a few years now. He's stuck with it so I guess it's real?

No. 680843

He makes a grand or so off welfare and he has patreon on top of it.

No. 680852


He and Barb have been and are being sued by multiple creditors. The house will be reclaimed when Barb dies.

No. 680965

I don't feel this is a fair trade. CWC's autograph has to be far more valuable than most garden variety artist alley offerings.

I stumbled across some videos not long ago where he was hanging out with some teenagers, exploring an abandoned building and stuff. No doubt they were doing it for the lols, but they were really respectful of him and humouring his absurdities. I thought it was cute.

No. 683364

Imagine being nearly 40 and thinking your legacy is drawing Sonic with Pikachu colors… when in reality it's showing the world how severely autism and self-delusion can manifest on the internet.

No. 689393

ooft. It's so sad. what the fuck happened to this person jesus christ.

I hope he's a piece of shit or it's tragic.

No. 689397

any milk at all on his family? his mom must suffer terribly.

No. 689398

Borb are the reason Chris is the way he is. They spoiled him like hell and didn't allow him to go to the school his doctors reccomended he go to. If Chris wasn't spoiled and had the right support when he was a kid, he would just be a slightly weird but otherwise normal guy like most people on his part of the spectrum.

No. 689414

Barb is still hoarding away and wracking up credit card debt to saddle Chris with once she dies. Her suffering is all self-inflicted.

No. 689661

You can’t inherit a parent’s debt in the US, so that isn’t going to be a worry for Chris.

No. 689807

File: 1565766090962.jpeg (162.21 KB, 750x779, C4FDFBA5-9C62-43A5-97E1-CC3E97…)

New cat.


Have you seen the ledger of debt in their ongoing debtor suits?

No. 689812

File: 1565767179131.jpg (122.53 KB, 900x1200, D-cm6EFU0AAEMpL.jpg)

Are anons aware of this specimen, Jacob Sockness?

No. 689813

File: 1565767594432.png (73.48 KB, 992x575, socknessweirdo.png)

No. 689814

File: 1565767686079.jpg (268.1 KB, 720x871, 20190811_131134.jpg)

No. 689819

Not legally, no, but if a debtor calls you up about your deceased family member's debt and get you to agree to pay it, it becomes yours, and I sincerely doubt Chris knows that he can say no.

Also, I'm pretty sure Barb had Chris co-sign on a lot of these cards, anyway, so it's a moot point.

No. 689887

File: 1565795130153.png (21.92 KB, 578x119, screenshot-twitter.com-2019.08…)


>one of

Of course they are allowing the feral yard colony to run amok unfettered as is the Chandler way.

But I'm sure all the kitties are predetermined to survive The Merge, so no worries!

No. 689889

File: 1565795661828.jpg (469.89 KB, 1227x690, 1.jpg)

For context, Chris took these in April.

No. 689890

File: 1565795704898.jpg (302.13 KB, 1100x619, 2.jpg)

No. 689891

File: 1565795803096.jpg (140.91 KB, 1024x576, 3.jpg)

No. 689892

File: 1565795825901.jpg (377.98 KB, 1227x690, 4.jpg)

No. 689893

File: 1565795850983.jpg (426.9 KB, 1227x690, 5.jpg)

No. 689894

File: 1565795872012.jpg (384.71 KB, 1227x690, 6.jpg)

No. 689895

File: 1565795896314.jpg (199.22 KB, 1024x576, 7.jpg)

No. 689896

File: 1565795921458.jpg (248.81 KB, 1200x675, 8.jpg)

No. 689897

File: 1565795951568.jpg (180.93 KB, 1024x576, 9.jpg)

No. 689899

File: 1565795991428.jpg (912.62 KB, 1289x860, CWChernobyl.jpg)

No. 689940

he didn't take these he just made them, they're all online lol.

No. 690015


Looks like he took them through pokemon go tho

No. 690026

you can reverse search some of the images.

No. 690059


It's his backyard tho. This one literally says chandler on it

No. 690826

I am he who am God to the Goddess Christine Weston Chandler. Respect her divine beauty and know that the dimensional merger is fast coming.(respecc)

No. 690836

ok, this is epic

No. 690855

This is either a sad idiot named Jacob Sockness or someone pretending to be that sad idiot. Sockness paid hundreds for Chris’s garbage on eBay.

No. 690907

There needs to be a thread for Chris's autistic stalkers, some of these people have passed up a-log

No. 691609

File: 1566249645554.jpg (2.22 MB, 3384x2539, 1566247473249.jpg)

Saw this posted on KF but I can't find any other confirmation. Do you guys think this legit?

No. 691611

No. It does not take only a day to get an official death certificate.

No. 691721

Chris just tweeted that it was fake (on the “Magi-Chan” account, because Chris and Magi-Chan have “switched bodies”).

Anyway, she’s not dead.

No. 709376

File: 1569425171139.png (192.36 KB, 438x468, 1569412517390.png)

If there was ever a time to tune into the goings on in CWCville it would be NOW. Jacob Sockness has booked a one way trip to Branchland Court and arrives Saturday.


No. 709387

No. 709397

Christ. I'm genuinely worried for Chris.

No. 709411

File: 1569428381601.jpg (367.02 KB, 720x1149, 20190922_022623.jpg)

No. 709412

File: 1569428404185.png (60.89 KB, 1113x330, Screenshot (45).png)

No. 709432

Yea, he's gonna make a skin suit out of Chris.

No. 709671

I would not be surprised if Chris catches an STD–er, I mean, a magical pox from the ethereal realm sent to cause discord in da true and honest Blood Mojo~
This faggot sends me rapey vibes. And apparently he has a rich, older man sugar daddy that he sleeps with. Which means he's likely slept around with a lot of other gay men and is about to bag Chris. I don't think this toothless mental midget is the type to be careful or not try to take Chris's ass while he sleeps. This is genuinely horrific.

No. 709681


Have you seen the size of his peen in his naked dancing video? Penetration is highly unlikely.

He posted some graphic fic on Reddit but I haven't been able to find it again on KF (shit's spread out across three threads).

No. 709702

File: 1569480611578.jpg (200.05 KB, 720x720, 20190926_104214.jpg)

You joker, you! Ugh.

No. 709703

File: 1569480712762.png (32.5 KB, 485x467, Statement1.PNG)

Imagine being dumped by Chris Chan.

No. 709704

File: 1569480741013.png (28.58 KB, 477x251, Statement2.PNG)

No. 709707

Holy shit, what a rollercoaster. I'm genuinely glad Chris took peoples' warnings to heart. I don't think highly of him, but Jacob is so unstable and creepy I'd be really concerned about Chris being safe around him, not to mention Barb.

No. 709721

>current year
>chris-chan's trolls are still this edgy and retarded

how. why.

No. 740817

File: 1576382755614.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.42 MB, 1900x3900, Salvage Demin God 2.jpg)

Chris got himself one hot boyfriend. He'd have to be incredibly stupid to pass this guy up. He's really hot, if Chris don't want him, I'll take him. He's gorgeous, especially on the dance floor.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 748556

File: 1579075746102.jpg (2.6 MB, 2700x4320, Hot Fox 4.jpg)

Chris Chan has one hot boyfriend. I wish he was mine. Oh baby what a sexy man she has. He is so wildly hot! I hope they break up so I can sweep in and take him away! WOW! HOT!(ebin trole xd)

No. 755876

For a long time, from about 2014-2017 or so, Marvin insisted that CWC was keeping a low profile because he was improving and making friends irl who didn't use social media. I kinda believed him, but it's impossible to think that now. Once again Chris got banned from another hobby store.

No. 756051

>banned from another store

Which one? deets? screen shots?

No. 756353

Banned him for the same reason he was banned from The Game Place.

No. 756365

if you really own end games, pls tell us your chris chan stories. I bet you have great ones

No. 762230

0nce upon a time Chris was on the Love Quest (tm). Chris kept asking women if they would date him, they said no because they were lesbians and there fore inculpable of wanting him. So in 2014, Chris decided he was a Lesbian too. Chris from that day on would call ''her'' self a lesbian identified male. (I have know idea in the slightest want that means, so you say you're a lesbian, but you still have a penis … and now an infected laceration to the perineum that Chris calls an un-clit.)

No. 762236

File: 1583546200507.jpeg (190.96 KB, 880x804, 1980_6_7_-_Borb_marriage_licen…)


It's a false flag.
Middle maiden name of decedent's mother is Elizebeth. Not Edna.

No. 762247

thank you for the 6 months late update

No. 773140

File: 1588731516027.jpg (1.43 MB, 1800x4200, Sweet Child 2.jpg)

Christine has a beautiful man that loves her fully and openly witch is the best type of man.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 773179

Pls stop socknessposting it's fucking annoying

No. 778040

File: 1591000218627.jpg (204.11 KB, 768x1024, Me and Chris.jpg)

Me and Christ are made for each other; a match made in heaven. I don't know who is posting as me, but she is lucky she got me to love her for who she is and I will defend that love. You all need to let Christine has love. I'm never leaving, because I'm 100% true to loving her.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 778398


No. 779480

I think that actually was Sickness posting. He's known to white knight and thirst for Chris on other gossip sites.

No. 779611

good lord the photoshop

No. 786835


No. 788139

I hope despite this thread being necro'd I can still say I'm glad Chris never got together with Sockness. The guy comes off as a psycho, has even showed intentions towards wanting to hurt Chris and I'm just glad it never came to that.

No. 846383

chris-chan has apparently admitted to some girl that he has sex with his mom. according to null/josh, he has also been removed from his home.

>Early this morning, Greene County Police visited the Chandler residence for a wellness check.

>Just now, Chris was served an emergency protective order until August 5th. He is not allowed at 14 Branchland Court until then. Barbara is at the hospital for a senior care inspection.

No. 846385

File: 1627671790269.png (6.31 MB, 3760x1480, 546345643563546.png)

there are also some leaked messages

No. 846387

File: 1627672343373.jpg (78.82 KB, 482x848, E7j90ObVoAUJYZy.jpg)

No. 846389

File: 1627672514106.png (472.64 KB, 700x394, 1627663792928-png.png)

Jesus fuck poor Barb, it might be best for her to just die in her sleep at this point due to how creepy this is.

No. 846391


Are we in Hell?

No. 846393

File: 1627673626605.png (393.42 KB, 750x1334, 1362EDBE-9038-4626-840E-C7F5EF…)

The police came and removed him from the house, Barb is at the hospital.

No. 846394

unedited recording

No. 846395

I hoped… No, PRAYED we would never see a prison saga. Poor Barb, she doesn't deserve this.
Poor Cole, he's going to see this on the news.

No. 846397

There are no words. Chris is undoubtedly scum, autism or not. This is in no an attempt to make light of his own actions but if someone coaxed him into making sexual advances on his own mother, can they not also be held accountable in some way? We truly live in a shit world.

No. 846399

>This is in no way an attempt*
Soz for typo

No. 846401


The person in the phone recording encouraged him to keep doing it and that's probably some kind of conspiracy charge I hope.

No. 846403

It's always the trannies.

No. 846408

Chris has been trolled so many times, I suspect this is the case once again. The troll(s) probably baited him into telling these things, probably some fantasies the troll asked for. Not the first time he has fallen for this trick. Just the worst fantasy so far.

But I do think Barb should be put into hospice care. Same with Chris.

No. 846411

Oh, how I pray you’re right, anon. This is too horrifying for me to contemplate anything else.

No. 846427

No. What the fuck do you mean "Emotionally incestuous" also Barb is 80. She doesn't deserve to be raped she is nowhere near the same person she was back then,she's a shell of that. She's got dementia,you don't fuck old people with dementia, nobody deserves to have their autistic son rape them. You sound like a fucking scrote.

No. 846428

What the fuck. What the actual fuck. What the fucking fuck.

No. 846429

They'd be able to tell at the hospital inspection he's been dicking his own mother, no? It might've started as some troll but this retarded fuck still raped his Alzheimer's mother.

He should never have been given access to the internet

No. 846431

File: 1627680841840.gif (336.97 KB, 480x270, 1532215476344.gif)

This is so fucking gnarly. I hope he offs himself what the fuck. There is no redemption from this.

No. 846437


>He should have never been given access to the internet

Honestly he shouldn't have had access to life. All he does is get trolled and become more and more of a sick fuck everyday

No. 846441

File: 1627682152202.jpeg (38.05 KB, 678x514, 6E2FBCAE-C58C-44BF-8AD7-2E6957…)

No. 846442

No. 846444

No one said she deserved it, its just karma.

No. 846447

I thought he cut it off

No. 846448

That is what karma implies.

No. 846450

He def still has it.

No. 846452

Afaik he didn't, what he did was make a deep cut in his taint because he believed he was growing a vagina. I'm pretty sure he still has his dick intact.

No. 846453

he got his taint peirced, it got infected, there's basically a gross hole there now that he claims is his vagina. i wish i did not know this

No. 846456

Look on the bright side, this has the potential to peak trans some normies real good

No. 846457

I've never paid attention to Chris before and apparently I had the right idea, I wish I could unlearn that.

Weird how it sounds like PT in reverse, like back when she thought she was growing a dick and having all sorts of issues down there. Though comparing them makes it so obvious how undeserved her notoriety is compared to real horrorcows.

No. 846460


whnat does this even mean

No. 846462

it means apparently cwc is representative of all trans people

No. 846463

If he gets sent to a women's prison I'm commiting sudoku

No. 846464

he actually is a very good representative of trannies because they are pervrted rapey degenerates

No. 846465

He represents them pretty well. What could be more typical of troons than autism, degeneracy and sexual assault? Though admittedly they're more likely to rape lesbians than their mothers.

No. 846466

Why wouldn't she be? Also please don't misgender Christine just because she's a horrorcow…(sage and integrate, newfag)

No. 846467

File: 1627686684708.png (39.92 KB, 593x401, SHE raped HER mother.PNG)

Twitterfags are more concerned over his pronouns than the fact that he repeatedly raped his own elderly mother.

No. 846469

No offense but do you know where the fuck you are lmao

No. 846470

Har har har

No. 846471

File: 1627687060867.jpeg (102.13 KB, 828x816, B6621C56-4B4C-4064-B99B-B93597…)

No. 846472

Why would they peak with Chris when they've ignored all the tranny rapists before him?

No. 846475

Those other tranny rapists didnt wear autistic medallions

No. 846476

Tbh i don't think he actually did it, the chances of these allegations being just more of his delusions are very high.
He's an "internet celebrity", he's not like all those unknown trannies

No. 846477

tranny feelings over female safety

No. 846478

File: 1627688044556.jpg (9.6 KB, 242x208, literallymern.jpg)

I've followed chris for a long time. This might be the work of some serious troll, similar to the idea guys (enabled chris to believe that sonichu and pals are real), but if its nit then this is truly the end of arguably the poster child of all cows. Honestly this is too much, maybe it's the first stage of grief but I feel in denial.

No. 846484

That's still a good reason to remove him from the home. If he's having delusions like that, he shouldn't be near her.

No. 846485

was he actually his mother's sole caretaker? it's fucking insane that this guy would be put in charge of an elderly woman with dementia. he has a criminal record and the most well-documented history of mental instability on the internet. who let this happen?

No. 846486

kill yourself for implying it's a person's fault for being raped by their son

No. 846487

this is all so fucking disturbing im still in awe and it was the first thing i saw this morning probably the most disturbing part for me is that he referred to her being molested by her dad when she was 2 as a “fun story with her daddy” he has no concept of consent..

No. 846490

He was living with her and was the only next of kin who'd have anything to do with her (and vice versa). He became her caretaker by default but obviously can't even take care of himself.

No. 846491

i'm just surprised that she wasn't put into some kind of care home right off the bat, her doctors had to have known something was up with him mentally. i hope she will be permanently seperated from him now, this whole situation is very sad.

No. 846492

That's what I've been thinking too oh my god. I hope this fucker gets thrown into the males prison. I hope he never gets near women

He admitted to raping his own mother don't you think something like this should be more concerning than his having to use she/her on him?

No. 846493

Kill yourself tranny/ tranny sympathiser. Fucking kill yourself. Just fucking die.

No. 846494

As a more than 10-year member of the Chris-chan fandom I'm having A LOT OF FEELINGS about OPL tonight.

No. 846495

>twatters being more concerned about a man and his feefees than a raped woman
I mean, but did we expect any different?

No. 846496

Obviously Barb didn't deserve to be raped by her son but I don't think she did anything to prevent this outcome. Like she and Bob fucked up everything that could have made Chris a somewhat functioning human being. She refused to get him any sort of treatment in school, acted emotionally incestuous with him, threatened suicide repeatedly when she didn't get her way, enabled him, and never bothered looking into sending Chris to a group home even though there's no way Chris could stay at Branchland Court after she died.

I don't think Barb was letting Chris stay with her out of the goodness of her heart. I think she had alienated her family and friends due to her toxic personality. Also, she has needed Chris's SSI payments because her retirement funds cannot cover her mortage. I don't get why people are trying to spin Barb as this innocent little grandma who never did anything wrong just because she's a woman.

No. 846498

Wow, fuck the woman (troon???) who went through with this conversation with Chris for the sake of the lulz. How could you have this conversation, (pretend to) be enthusiastic about what he's saying and egg him on to say more, and not question how your life ended up this way? Does the woman on the phone feel disgusted with herself?

No. 846499

>>846498 isn't it a good thing that it was recorded though? They kinda did a good deed by getting Chris to admit it and recording it tbf.

No. 846500

If this is all true, Chris is basically doomed to a life of prison or the nuthouse, depending if he's found compos mentis (or not) by a court of law, precluding any potential trial proceedings.

No. 846501

well this here shows that people are trained to think that families are usually good , unless you come from a royally fucked up family thei cannot conceive that evil lurks at the heart of men ( as in mankind ) , shes reaping what she fucking sowed , she sowed something hideous , no wonder this is the outcome…(sage)

No. 846502

File: 1627694089158.png (37.29 KB, 712x531, E7lGkB9VIAEy0iy.png)

No. 846504

Honestly, if someone told me they raped their mother with dementia and I was recording, I would absolutely try to stay calm and get as much information as I could to give to the police.

No. 846505

But was Chris groomed by trolls into thinking having sex with his mom was normal in the first place? Remember he's previously sent nudes, made a sex tape, and shoved his medallion in his ass cheeks because trolls told/encouraged him to do so.

No. 846507

Chris-Chan really is the golden cow. This teat just never runs dry.

No. 846508

anon called it

No. 846509

that's not what grooming is. grooming is when a child is emotionally and sexually manipulated by an adult, not a grown man being gullible enough to fall for trolls for the past 15 years. this is nobody's fault but his own.

No. 846510

Before the dementia took hold Barb was a total bitch but….yeah. If this doesn't make you NOT want to have kids I don't know what will.

No. 846511

Anon, she has Alzheimer's… I don't know if you've ever had the horror of seeing a family member go through that, but they aren't "there" enough to even understand shit like paying the mortgage properly, lmao. &She was raped by her own father as a child, so his line about "she had a memory about her father when she was 2" after her son raped her is even more chilling…

No. 846512


Yeah tbh this is a new level of horror. If I got Alzheimer's and it advanced that much I think I would rather die and rot for months in an empty apartment than live with a son who will rape me.

Like you look at the stream where she pops up and you can tell that woman ain't right.

No. 846514


she should have just shook him up as a baby so he'd die of SIDS or something.

would have been a way better outcome for everyone if Chris Chan never became Chris Chan, but instead was just another sad story about a baby dying.

No. 846517

Be that as it may, but the only person that stuck their dick into their mom was Chris. It's not like the Idea Guys were there to push him into Barb's pussy. That, and he was never 'groomed' into thinking incest was natural. He's said it himself several times in the past that he thinks incest is okay, and he's always been inappropriate with his mother.

No. 846519

File: 1627699839811.png (1.46 MB, 1080x1698, Screenshot_20210730-170813~2.p…)

He must be so exhausted

No. 846521

I guarantee you he regrets it all now. His legacy is going to be a 50+ episode full-scale video documentation of a crazy troon who raped his mom.

No. 846525

I feel for him… it was just am interesting docu series about a weird internet person and its crossed over to whatever this is.

No. 846526

On the plus side, at least he knows the series will end shortly and not keep going for potentially who knows how long

No. 846529

everyone in here saying chris had no choice but to rape his mother because the internet told him to, and that barb somehow had this coming, should legitimately kill yourselves. end it now. your lack of insight is dangerous

No. 846530

File: 1627703961060.jpg (118.44 KB, 640x1280, 228085420_10226273166157855_45…)

Who is this guy?

Pic unrelated, but also kinda related

No. 846531

Barb doesn't deserve sympathy for this. She manipulated and corrupted Chris for his entire early life. Newfag.

No. 846533

Nta but don't you have a noose to tie?

No. 846534

holy shit. chris pretty much set the lolcow bar and I’m still stunned

No. 846535

Fucking scrotes will do any level of mental gymnastics to justify a woman getting raped… Yeah, bet she was wearing something revealing and asking for it /s

No. 846536

File: 1627704411017.webm (2.74 MB, 576x1024, shortlength.webm)

Don't you have to be 18 to use this website , bitch whore?

No. 846537

you are an extremely dangerous individual

No. 846538

This is clearly some newfag scrote from kf or 4chan; report and ignore ladies.

No. 846539

File: 1627704755335.jpg (11.18 KB, 480x360, 1598030825121.jpg)


No. 846541

I got a good laugh outta this.

No. 846545

can't you fuckers stop defending worthless men FOR ONE FUCKING MINUTE? If CWC was actually female and somehow raped a family member, nobody would look into "uwu but he was abused, that's all fault of the geriatric father with alzheimer's". Barb may have fucked up many times and been a demon, but this is not the time to talk about this. Rape is never justified, and if Chris indeed fucked her, that was rape.
>She was raped by her own father as a child, so his line about "she had a memory about her father when she was 2" after her son raped her is even more chilling…
Sorry, do we know about this from something that was said before? I also understood the CWC quote as Barb being abused by her father, but then thought it may have meant something innocent, it's just Chris is shit with explaining. So I'm not sure how horrifying that comment was.

No. 846546

there is nothing wrong with a mom and her son enjoying passionate sex together

No. 846547

This is not how I thought this saga would end like holy shit, I kind of wish that certifiacte of death was real and she had died and no one was having this conversation

No. 846548

Let's be real. Even if she had died, she'd still be stuck in that house because Chris wouldn't have been able to part with the body, let alone cover the costs.

No. 846549

nobody wants you here, kiwifaggot

No. 846550

No. 846551

They didn't justify shit
Barb was an abusive whore
Chris is a rapist and a delusioned lunatic


No. 846552

idgi. if Chris was a girl and killed his father then most users here would be cheering them on.

No. 846553


I took that text to mean she was doing better memory-wise and was able to recall a memory from when she was 2… because their passion sessions were providing her with the mental stimulation that could bring her mind back

still sick

No. 846554

Her being raped by her father is old info, not discerned from what was said by him. Anon meant it sounded worse with that in mind

No. 846555

Murdering an abuser as an act of self defense is not the same as raping your defenseless Alzheimers mother our of sheer autistic horniness, you fucking psychopath.

No. 846556

>Murdering an abuser as an act of self defense
So literal murder is okay but rape isn't.

The mental gymnastics on this one, kek(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 846557

oh shut up you disgusting pick me andl learn to sage. He raped a woman with dementia. There's no revenge here, just moids moiding. There can be legit reasons for murder, there's never one for rape you retard.

No. 846560

He will probably go to a women's prison if he is convincted for rape for real.

No. 846561

i really hope not, but with all the TRAs white knighting him it's def a possibility. but, due to the nature of the crime, i think there is hope that whoever convicts him wont be dumb enough to put him in with a bunch of actual women.

No. 846562

So if Chris murdered Barb things would be ok. Good to know thanks

No. 846563

They have special prisons for LGBT people, retard. She*

No. 846564

Christine is a foid and she raped her own mother tyvm baiiii(unsaged autism)

No. 846565

Does anyone get the feeling that Barb was a pickme? This is why you should never become one

No. 846566

Taking bait but I'm mad and sleep deprived.
Ntayrt but are you stupid or just pretending? Murdering barb wouldn't qualify as self defense retard, she is literally an old woman with dementia.
Also a daughter raping her mother? Unheard of. Not a very womanly behavior if you ask me. Chris is a man and always will be

No. 846567

I just found out the news this morning,i dont even know who this chris cham is.and oh boi,i wish i never know.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 846568

I agree. Barb was a great mother to Chris. Idk why so many people say she was ever abusive

No. 846569

Barb didn't deserve to get raped, but she was a horrible mother. Bob was too. There's a reason why their children from previous marriages don't want anything to do with them. Unless by 'great' you mean a jealous, compulsively lying, smothering mom who threatened to kill herself when her adult son tried to go to a con, then yeah. She's mom of the year.

No. 846570

>Alzheimers & Dementia Care
oh no
are you for real? nobody would cheer on an autistic woman raping her 80-year-old, demented, scabies-ridden father.
if you're not making a 1:1 comparison, most cwc fans would understand the tard reasoning behind him killing his mom, as would most farmers if chris were female and barb were male.

No. 846571

cope and seethe, moid

No. 846572

How did no one predict this outcome lmao. Chris was a fucked sociopathic scrote.

No. 846573

File: 1627715631263.png (61.96 KB, 262x192, 4sp1xa.png)

>she didn't deserve to be raped but

you need to go back, scrote

No. 846574

>legendary cow does an insane, heinous thing
>all lolcow can do is argue, take obvious bait and call each other moids

No. 846575


No. 846576

The fact that anyone in here pretends like they have morals speaks volumes.

No. 846577

>everyone is evil except for ME
go back to high school

No. 846578

learn to read you reactionary dumbass. anon was saying she didn't deserve to be raped BUT she was a godawful mother (which she fucking was).

No. 846579

To be fair, the trolls are legitimately moids. I don't know why they always flock here for cwc when they have literally three other forums more dedicated to cwc that cater to them. Anons taking the bait here is probably the most attention these scrotes have gotten all week, tbf

No. 846580

Why would I exclude myself if I'm in the forum also?
Its just boring to constantly argue like anyone here is a good person over a situation they arent involved in and are backseat observing.

No. 846581

are you looking for twitter.com?

No. 846582

File: 1627717629914.jpg (9.71 KB, 180x171, 1587215249741.jpg)

I really hope to god Chris raping his 80 year old mom is just one of his delusions and didn't happen. unlikely, I know. I thought shit got depressing when he troon'd out and became a schizo. God… if the king of lolcows story ends like this, then I pray the queen at least gets a happy ending. I'm also wondering why the fuck either of them hadn't been dumped into a home after all this time, are Virginia social services really that shitty?

No. 846583

perfect then he can find a lesbian

No. 846584

There is footage of Chris raping Barbara, so it's not a delusion. Someone who talks to Chris and is Chris's "friend" viewed and confirmed this.
Barb actually says no in the video, showing that Chris doesn't understand consent at all.

No. 846585

I'd like to not believe that

No. 846586

I don’t think this is true

No. 846588


No. 846589

What was wrong Barb’s parenting? If you’re going to parent an autistic scrote of course you’re not going to be the perfect mother

No. 846590

File: 1627719131331.png (61.87 KB, 300x169, 300px-Dreaming_studio.png)

Wow, so it's news to you that murder can be justified by self-defense, while there is zero mitigable reason for commiting rape or sexual abuse (ignoring horrifying cases like being forced to, and I'm talking Nanking situation, not some retard telling you over phone you must or Sonichu dies)? Are you 5 or retarded? Double so if you are amerifat since you guys have the "muh guns, muh right to protect" thing
Thanks, I've been losely following CWC for some time and yet missed the sad fact. My first understanding was kinda correct in the assumption that current sexual abuse brought memories (related to) past horrors. Jesus, it's so horrible.
Pic related has always been both the saddest and the sweetest thing related to CWC and now it got worse. Fuck

No. 846591

Barb is a narcissist and an abuser. She and Bob drove all their other kids away with physical and mental abuse on each end.
Barb was emotionally incestuous with Chris (when a narcissistic parent treats their child more like their spouse, most common in women with sons).
Barb and Bob never got Chris any help and never monitored Chris's internet access.
Barb has unchecked trauma of her own that she never gained introspection over and took this out onto Chris several times in different ways.

No. 846592

@wildgooseALT on Twitter

No. 846593

File: 1627719697791.jpg (80.8 KB, 910x1024, 1612406013350.jpg)

>footage of chris raping barbara
On one hand, I don't want to ask for something as cursed as that but, on the other, it really sounds like a "my friend's cousin's sister said" kinda deal. I'd rather the hospital she's currently in or the police confirm that chris really did this ungodly act.
Anon, it's well documented that Barb and Bob were shitty parents. Either this is bait, or you're a newfag, I have no idea why you want to die on this hill that Barb was this poor woman who wasn't equipped to deal with an autistic son. When in reality both her and bob were mental cases that shouldn't have had kids let alone one with autism as severe as Chris's.

No. 846594

I still don't know if it's true or not. Chris is being so cryptic about it that I have a hard time believing that he actually fucked his geriatric mom and isn't just writing down another messed up fantasy that never really happened.

Agree, while in no way Barbs deserved to be raped by her nutcase of a son he's still a monster she helped to create and everything was building up to this. There's over a decade of documentation of how Barbs had a emotional vice grip on her son and isolated and suffocated him, ridding him of any chance of having a normal life. It's not like Chris was that intellectually retarded and it's even debatable if he was actually autistic instead of just a product of a fucked up family life, negligence and child abuse. Remember that Barbara forced her adult son to sleep with her in the same bed so that she could order him around more efficiently and that she made Chris spoon her.

No. 846595

No. 846599

File: 1627720935001.jpg (106.45 KB, 719x817, E7kMa3hX0AEfCXC.jpg)

But what I've seen most people use correctly "he", but twaans feelings are of course more important in this very moment!1 No power to the twansphobes!

(not my own screenshot btw)

No. 846602

I'm not a t3rf but I really hope they don't put Chris in any women's facility.
Chris committed a heinous crime and took someone's rights away, Chris will do it again if put with other women.
The gender debate is stupid, Chris is just a rapist.

No. 846603

what the fuck happened to this thread. we've all lost our minds. this has broken us

No. 846605

No, it hasn't. The normal reactions are farmers, the retarded psychoshit troll baits are scrotes coming here over this new development.

No. 846607

The "she was raped by her father" is a meme made up by KF faggots reading too much into it, there's no proof of her ever mentioning that. Additionally there's no proof of her having Alzheimer's either. Remember that..
>She left Chris alone with an abusive babysitter to go drinking for years
>Eyewitness accounts have talked about how uncomfortably close Barbara and Chris were and how Barbara kept ordering Chris around like a servant
>Barbara forced him to spoon her until Chris scraped up enough money to buy his own bed (which Barbara later revoked)
>Barbara made Chris sell shit just so she could afford items due to her hoarding addiction instead of paying off debt
>She alienated her other child who told accounts of severe physical child abuse committed by Barb and her ex-boyfriend
>Barb threatens Chris with suicide when she doesn't get her way or manipulates him into doing her bidding by claiming to have a heart attack
>She blamed Megan for Chris's shortcomings despite Chris being extremely inappropriate with her and causing him being alienated all by himself
>Barb gets jealous of Chris being interested in women other than herself
>She also threatened to kill Chris after he came out with his tranny delusions
She's a horrible parent who made a bad decision after bad decision, not some frail battered mother whose son just went crazy out of nowhere.

No. 846608

literally none of this excuses or justifies this you fucking idiot. she was obv a horrible parent, but it doesn't matter lol

No. 846609

you have no idea if that's true.

No. 846610

Who's talking about it being excused or justified? No matter how much Barb didn't deserve it it still doesn't take away from the fact that she was a narcissistic, abusive parent and trying to play her off as some poor old lady is as retarded as it gets.
>it doesn't matter
Yes it does, her upbringing was a huge factor in molding Chris into what he is today: a socially retarded pervert who doesn't understand boundaries and is obsessed with his mother because she herself consciously made her the only woman in his life. Chris was basically groomed over decades, he didn't just wake up one day and decide to become sexually involved with his abusive mother out of nowhere. You can't talk about the incident of Chris raping his elderly mother without bringing up how much it was foreshadowed in the past, if it was Chris raping Megan it would be an entirely different issue but this is literally the person who has had control over him since birth.

No. 846611

no one stopped him from moving out as a young adult to pursue his own life and stop ''''enabling''' his bpd mom, would you also defend this guy who murdered and raped his mom for allegedly being a ''raging nagging bitch''? stop thinking men's shortcomings are women's fault

No. 846612

>are Virginia social services really that shitty?
Given what we know about Casa del Chandler being a mold-infested hoarder's paradise, I'm surprised that the VA dept of Social Security didn't drag both of its inhabitants into some form of assisted living facility sooner.

No. 846613

In this case, Chris's short comings are Barbara's fault as she raised Chris.
Chris isn't a random man, Chris is her child.
You're pulling the sexist card when its innapropiate to do so within this context.

No. 846614

Jesus christ, the amount of newfaggotry in this thread.
>no one stopped him from moving out as a young adult to pursue his own life
Except yeah his parents did that. They made him dependent on them and wanted Chris to stay at home, Barbara forced him to give up external relationships outside of home and later on continued keeping him around because she needed the tugboat checks to pay for her hoarding habit and debt. And according to the nature of their physical relationship from before (such as Barbara forcing 30something year old Chris to sleep in the same bed with her) we can't even be sure who initiated the sex as Chris mentioned Barbara being the one making the first move. This isn't some abused girlfriend shit or a serial killer doing psycho things, this is the result of an abusive parent taking advantage of her mentally incapacitated son who finally lost all sense of boundaries due to how she herself raised him.

No. 846615

File: 1627723223892.png (158.45 KB, 409x200, rape.png)

chris himself says she asked him to stop (multiple times) but you think a 80yo woman with dementia groomed her gross tranny son into having sex with her? you're overplaying chris' mental impairments to make him look like a uwu victim when he's the real perpetrator. he's a sexual predator who chose to hurt a vulnerable person in his care because he's too unattractive and offputting to find a woman willing to date him

No. 846617

Was it concensual or actual rape?

No. 846618

She wasn't a demented 80 year old bat 20 years ago when she accompanied him as her prom date and told him the world just doesn't understand his genius when he was soliciting with his girlfriend sign at the college campus lmfao. People really think this shit wasn't in the works for all of Chris's life when he never learned about normal human interaction under Barb's influence.

No. 846619

No. 846615

talked to a few mutuals i share with chrischan. apparently a few folks think its a delusion but i'm like nope! the recall is too similar without being exact. i don't think it's a delusion. chris chan is sick. i only interacted with him twice but he was always trying to touch me…

sorry for blogpost
he used to come to a few shows in my hometown and i tried my hardest to avoid him every single time.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 846620

it was rape. she has alzheimer's, and is completely under his care due to mental impairment. she cannot truly consent. also, even if it were consensual, it's still his mom… that wouldn't make it any better.

No. 846621

What kind of charges can chris expect from this?

No. 846622

he is too retarded to go to prison, if found guilty. he will be institutionalized though, which is actually no different than prison

No. 846623

It's literally interrogation 101 you goon.

No. 846625

I'm really confused about this individual. Everyone says Chris is the mother of lolcows but I haven't heard anything from him until this day. I've tried to find a summary of his lolcowery but all I found is that he made a poorly done webcomic, got trolled by 4chan members who were pretending to be interested women and now raped his mom. Apart from the motherfucking that's not really milky content compared to other cows.

No. 846627

Chris has over 2 decades of content and is the most documented person in human history.
Please go look this information up in your own time.

No. 846628

because he's an old lolcow. the glory days of his popularity were on 4ch in 2007

No. 846629

Nobody's going to spoonfeed you about 20 years worth of content. Go see the Genosamuel documentary series on Youtube or read his wiki, newfag.

No. 846630

What's with people saying Chris is too retarded for prison?
He wasn't too retarded to keep from attending a college. Or setting up ways to beg for money to buy merch he really wanted. He knows how to drive and vehicle. He's also capable of manipulation. He's also been in trouble with the law before for acting like an entitled prick.

Just because he's immature and soft doesn't mean he isn't a candidate for prison. And he needs to go to a male prison, but idk, I think the types of women found in prison wouldn't tolerate his shit and would probably teach him a lesson if he pulled anything.

No. 846631

>she accompanied him as her prom date and told him the world just doesn't understand his genius when he was soliciting with his girlfriend sign

This is what protective mothers do to soothe their loser sons. This isn't sexual grooming, it's enabling an egoist to think he's the shit and never having to think about his actions.

No. 846632

his attorney can argue that cwc cant be responsible for his actions on count of his mental illness. its called insanity defense. it has little to do with what you are saying

No. 846633

>insanity defense
You don't know what you're talking about. Chris isn't insane and has demonstrated he makes premeditated decisions, and is aware of what he's doing. I hope he uses that defense so he loses.

No. 846634

File: 1627727502575.jpeg (106.69 KB, 828x1403, 6A8B2F6F-9FA6-4927-AD16-9B0E4D…)

Leaked texts on discord with the girl he was chatting with, read at your own risk.

No. 846635

File: 1627727526565.png (122.33 KB, 760x1196, F7A75947-3787-4106-B716-482DDF…)

No. 846636


unfortunately he's a white dude… if its in virginia he might just go institutionalized

No. 846637

>A person accused of a crime can acknowledge that they committed the crime, but argue that they are not responsible for it because of a mental illness or a "mental defect."
>This term is not used in the fields of psychology or psychiatry. It is purely a legal term. No one is diagnosed "insane."

anyway, cbf to die on this hill. lets wait and see

No. 846638

They're sick of dealing with him in that state. As I've mentioned, it's not the first time he's been in trouble and nobody bought the "muh autism!" defense before. Clearly you're unaware of his multiple convicted misdemeanors and the fines he's had to pay. Where was his "insane white guy" protection then?
He's fucking done.

No. 846639

>mental illness or a "mental defect"
Which would have prevented them from understanding their crime and not processing right from wrong for whatever mental reason. Sorry but this won't work.

No. 846640


fair enough, i haven't really paid much attention to him cause there's just so much!! time to like… catch up i guess

No. 846641

ayrt, I'm normally not for cowtipping but this is one of the few instances where I wouldn't mind someone stepping in and alerting social security about the state they were living in and chris's declining mental health along with the fact that he was living with an older person who could no longer care for themselves. He didn't need a bunch of internet retards playing tug of war with him.
The situation is sadly a result of his shitty ubringing, his own incel-tier thoughts on love (10/10 hotties should be his personal bangmaid/pseudo mom), along with his neetness/social autism causing him to only have social interaction with his mother. Any "friends"/"females" he does end up talking to are literal who's from the internet or trolls. Despite the horrific thing he may or may not have done, it's sad to see him regress to this point. I feel like a lot of people were hoping he'd spend the rest of his life playing with toys in assisted living after barb croaks, not whatever the fuck this nightmare scenario is.

No. 846643

If anyone's curious about Chris's crimes:

I don't understand people who act like the same dude capable of crusading against a woman who disciplined him, hitting a guy with his car, trespassing on property, vandalism, theft, assaulting someone with pepper spray, and harassing different women for years isn't capable of eventually doing something nasty to his mother.

He believes he's above the law and doesn't have to report to anyone.

No. 846645


thank you anon for the link! i was looking for it.

at least he'll finally be on that damn sex offender registry like he shoulda been a while ago!

No. 846646

He literally thinks he is god and that comics are real and he can talk to them. Of course he will be declared fucking insane. The judge just needs to talk to current day Chris for 5 minutes and realize he doesn't live in reality. I dont know why so many people have weird fantasies about seeing a handicapped person thrown into an american prison, but you're pretty sick yourselves.

No. 846647

File: 1627729213764.png (273.4 KB, 842x767, 1587700229488.png)

because fucking your senile mom and trying to brainwash her via spiritual woo into being cool with you fucking her, is that line that seems too extreme even for chris to cross. plus, the man is so broken he's mentally regressed into claiming he's the cpu heart goddess of his own oc town and claimed a dimensional merge was coming. would you honestly trust anything that comes out of his mouth at this point?

No. 846648


Why do you think a mental hospital for dangerous people would be less horrific than prison? He'd probably better off in the pedo wing of regular jail like they did for dragonlordfrodo during his stint.

No. 846649

>handicapped person
Can you stop infantilizing a rapist scrote?

No. 846650

>He literally thinks he is god and that comics are real and he can talk to them.

So what?
>I can't be convicted of unlawfully discharging pepper spray at a store employee, I'm God of my comics!
>I can't be convicted of trespassing, I'm God of my comics!
Don't you see?
Read the link I've posted before you pop off again. That's not how insanity pleas work AND Chris has been convicted, arrested, and fined for his crimes before. He even spent a few nights in jail for that pepper spray incident. His goose is cooked.

No. 846651

>incest between mother and son is a class 5 felony
chris is going to prison for this. he wouldn't last a week, if he's not murdered for being the little weirdo he is and I doubt being shoved in solitary for the remainder of his sentence would be any better.

No. 846652


They have to at least try to stop him being murdered because people will know about it.

No. 846653

In that same link you posted, chris has skated by the law with a slap on the wrist every. fucking. time. I would not be surprised if he somehow manages to get put into a group home for the rest of his life and just quietly fades from the internet.

No. 846654

>Elderly frail woman was "convinced" to do it by her fat autistic son who she lives alone with.
>"they groomed each other"

No. 846655

You have to understand that in part it's because his parents–Barb–were always around to help protect him and assure the courts his bullshit wouldn't happen again. Nothing is more embarrassing to boomers than their adult children being labeled as criminals, because they rightfully see it as a poor reflection of themselves.
His parents won't be there to help him this time and that could mean a giant difference when Chris unleashes his narcissism in the courtroom with no one except his attorney to tell him to shut his fucking mouth.

Secondly, it's because everything he's done has always been a misdemeanor so he wouldn't have gotten a harsher sentence UNLESS he re-violated during his probation (somehow he wasn't "mentally ill" enough to not understand this and was always careful during these periods, hmm). But what he's done here isn't a misdemeanor. Also his state has a three-strikes law and he has a defined criminal history.

No. 846656

I am not that familiar with him. I only know some ungodly disgusting details. But I am curious that I am starting to watch that docu series about him on YouTube lol. It is so so long though.

No. 846658

no one cares, next time you should put your real email in the email field.

No. 846659

File: 1627733946694.png (13.6 KB, 957x75, chris.png)

"Do you understand what you are doing is wrong?"
"Very epic seirousness, your honor! Rosechu and me had a conversation about Barbchu and me just earlier in the Cartoon dimension"

No. 846661

He is mentally a child. That is why in any developed country Chris would be in a care facility or a ward of the state, cause people like him are still a danger to themselves and others. Handicapped people can still be dangerous or be assholes, but they are not on the same level as normal people cause they can't fucking understand the consequences of their actions.

No. 846662

>They kinda did a good deed by getting Chris to admit it and recording it tbf.
These are the same people who tell Chris to have sex with his mom and that it's fine and normal to do it to begin with, only to then get him to confess to it and have him thrown in jail. Do you know anything about Chris and the people who have been trying to do fucked up shit "for the lulz" for the last 20 fucking years? All you have to do is be a woman and talk to Chris and he will literally do WHATEVER you say. You can make him drink bleach and jump off a bridge, cause he's a fucking retard and will do whatever a woman tells him cause even tho he has been trolled for 20 years he still BELIEVES THESE PEOPLE ARE ACTUALLY HIS FRIENDS! Cause he is a fucking retard who is mentally 8 years old. No, these people did not do a "good thing".

Honestly watch the documentary before you make these statements about Chris cause it seems a lot of people think that he is just your average crazy tranny and have no idea about how many people are spending every single day trying to get him to do fucked up shit and their excuse is "well he was homophobic so he is a bad person and deserves it" because Chris repeated what his war veteran dad told him about the gays. It's sickening.

No. 846663

Poor widdle handicapped rapist.

No. 846664


like… he had been doing this for months yall!
he literally blames all of his mistakes on being autistic! he is HIGH functioning! barb probably though he was bob. he took advantage.

No. 846666

Yes, handicapped people can be rapists. They have no concept of consent. He doesn't even think he did anything wrong, cause he is literally retarded. I don't know why you don't understand this. In homes for handicapped people they literally rape each other all the fucking time and they have to put the women on birth control and give them IUDs because otherwise they get pregnant and make more retards.

It says right here >>846387 that it started June 27th

And he's clearly not high functioning, that's what he says about himself. Idk why you would take his word for that when he literally thinks that him and his mother are having consensual sex.

No. 846668


sage for blog. i have personal irl experience with him. he has decent cognition, even if he is a fucking pervert. the first time i met him i had JUST turned 18 when he came up to me and he told me "i haven't seen you in forever!! how are you!!" pulled me into a hug, tried to kiss me, and shoved his fingers under the waistband of my jeans. he didn't do it to girls he thought were sober/strong-willed/etc that night, i'm a people watcher that's why i love lolcow. like, as soon as i was like "i don't know you, and i'm too sober to be comfortable with being touched by a stranger" he apologized and went into the crowd. like, he can talk, he can drive, he can PREY on women who are impared. that was hecking 11 years ago too! hes infamous at that highschool tho, i found out about him when i transferred there my senior year. people gotta stop giving a rapist grace.

No. 846669

People somehow falsely believe that mentally handicapped people are asexual and "pure" beings. My mom works with them, they are not. Yes, even the down syndrome people have sex with each other and will try to grope you. A lot of them are fucking perverts, that's why they need to live in homes with social workers and not on their own. But in the US you just let these people fend for themselves until they commit a crime and then just throw them in prison forever and think "yup, that's a good system".

No. 846671

>They have no concept of consent.
He knows what consent is and isn't you idiot, he just blames his autism for everything to get away with his shit and receive special treatment. Quit licking his un-clit.

No. 846672

Oh, are we defending the scrote rapist now? Because the poor widdle thing has autism?

He's functioning enough, cognitive enough and he's simply always been a creepy abuser.

That wasn't fucking trolls. No evil, evil foid tricking him into raping his fucking demented mother.

He's always supported incest and wrote lengthy shitty things about it.

And even if his mother groomed him, its still rape. When he himself stated that she said no and asked him to stop.

Fucking white knighting Chris chan.. Where the hell are we here?

No. 846674

we don't know if the woman in question (or anyone else) got him into raping Barb.
>All you have to do is be a woman and talk to Chris and he will literally do WHATEVER you say.
Okay then why the fuck no-one succeeded into getting Chris to fix his fucked up life? It's not like no-one was trying. I think to some point, he decides what he wants to do. He was really into the Neptunia reality merge roleplay with Idea Guy - which may be a sign of his autism, sure… but still. It's not like he will do literally anything a woman asks him to, sadly.
>they have to put the women on birth control and give them IUDs because otherwise they get pregnant and make more retards.
those women very often are raped by their 'caretakers' aka male workers, not just other retards. think about it.

No. 846675

Tell me this is a sane person who only has autism. "This is Sonichu speaking to you from our sister dimension". He then goes on to tel his brother Cole that he will soon meet Iron man in the comic book dimension. When he says Mama in this video he is not refering to Barb, he is refering to his earthly body, which is seperate from both Christine and Sonichu. Tell me this person only has a little autism, dumbass.

No. 846676

He is literally talking in third person about himself (Mama) in this because he is "Sonichu" coming to you live from planet C197.

No. 846677

Anon why even bother to reply? Retard.

No. 846678

The whiteknight is probably another degenerate autistic moid who desperately wants people to believe sex pests like himself are harmless so they can continue to live consequence-free. The whole "women can get men like Chris to do whatever they tell them" is a typical scrote belief.
They never wanna see a fellow moid take a hit for behavior they could see themselves doing. Incest porn, especially son × mom is rife with popularity especially on places like 4chan. Of course men would see nothing egregious about this and just view it as a scenario where an evil woman tricked poor Chris into fucking his mom. It's either Barb's or a female troll's fault, never Chris's.
>"Don't punish Chris! Put him in a cozy institution where he doesn't have to work despite being a capable male adult, fed three square meals a day, and of course have one-way safespace access to the internet so he can continue to have a platform for his comics and get to play with Sanic toys and video games in the afternoons. He's handicapped, people!"

No. 846679

>those women very often are raped by their 'caretakers' aka male workers
There are barely any males working on this field, it is entirely woman dominated because males do not want to care for other people.
They are raped by other retards. I have interned at facilities with handicapped people and they ate like 13 year old children who have new relationships and boyfriends and drama surrounding this every week. You have to keep up with who is dating who all the time and a lot of the women also want children and push around dolls in strollers and you have to tell them "no, you are not fit to be a mother" but handicapped people still get horny and bang each other. Being a pervert doesn't mean you can't be handicapped, people have this super weird idea that these people are all pure little angles. They are not. They are like Chris and they will try to grope you.

No. 846682

Ah yes, Chris is insane because he wants to roleplay his fiction and wants attention for it.

This is why he's allowed to drive a vehicle. And have access to a bank account to buy things for himself and pay bills. And represent himself at a doctor's office to become a tranny.

Because people who can't reason and don't know the difference between right and wrong are given such independences, right? …….Do you even think??

No. 846683

??? I literally said he should be put in a home and that he's not harmless, retard. I guess you are american since you believe that handicapped people should just be thrown into prison and left to rot. Or maybe you are a big fan of eugenics?

No. 846684


someone had to say it! thanks!

No. 846685

You sure do want to play up his so-called mental incapacity so he can skip the penalties of jail for the comforts of a home. So yes, in a way you are admitting he is mentally innocent to escape this fate.

No. 846686

He shouldn't be allowed to do any of those things. He is doing them because in the US it is extremely hard to take away someone's rights and make them a ward of the state, even tho he should be. None of those things are proof that he is sane. Sane people don't fuck their 80 year old mothers.

No. 846687

And you probably fantasize about Chris being raped by Tyrone in prison because that's how americans think the justice system should work.

No. 846688

Europe fag to Europe fag, shut the fuck up. No-one wants that, but is a bit of justice too much to ask if everything is true?

Justice as in- get put in a fucking facility while his demented mother gets to life out her last few months in peace without being diddled by her damn tranny son. Which she doesn't even seem to comprehend.

Get out of here with this wk bullshit for a sex obsessed scrote.

No. 846689

I just don't think Chris deserves to be comfortable anymore. He deserves a punishment.
>I bet you wish he were raped!
Nah, plus it's not like they'd put him in general pop anyway. He just doesn't deserve to have access to his toys and have free reign to pretend he's a woman.

But I will agree with you about one thing: Americans don't feel bad for rapists who are raped in prison.

No. 846690

Hah, seems they'd even throw a fit if he gets thrown in gen pop on the whole account of having a dick and having raped his own mother.

Sounds like they'd advocate for him to go to a cozy woman's prison so he can keep on being a creep and maybe rape some other boyfriend free women.

No. 846691


ugh no. he deserves to go to a men's prison gen pop. we non-elite amerifags have no time for rapists or pedos

No. 846692

Yeah, punitive rape is a great part of the american prison system! Totally not medieval and barbaric!

Even if he goes to a woman's prison he will be put in solitary. You think he is unhinged now? I am sure spending 12 years in a single room without human contact will fix him!

No. 846693

OK, that's pretty funny lol

His very existence is enough punishment. Dude wouldn't last a day in prison without killing himself or something.
The best thing to do is just throw him in an asylum.

No. 846694

I hope he isn't sent to a female prison, I'd feel bad for the women inmates who'd have to deal with his sex pestering and stench even from a distant cell. It would be an unfair punishment for them.

Tbh I've always been suspicious of his tranny saga. It's like he wants to present as a female because he thinks that will enable him to be closer to other women and disarm people of his sus scrote behavior. Clearly he still craves the China and will sink to deplorable means to obtain it.

No. 846695

>The best thing to do is just throw him in an asylum.
This 100%. Honestly though, I think he might be unfixable. Imagining a reformed and even somewhat normal CWC is fucking weird and I don’t see it happening in a million years.

No. 846696

File: 1627738680065.png (50.51 KB, 504x591, 98F84CB5-C85C-4954-B5F9-5B4B3D…)

In case anyone hasn’t seen this screencap. Chris knew what he was doing.

No. 846697

How does this proof that he knew what he was doing? This just proves that he is completely unhinged. If you haven't caught on to this, he's talking about himself in this situation and how being a virgin is worse than having sex with your own mother. What sane person thinks like this?

No. 846698

can you tone it the fuck down, you are giving me second hand embarrassment. nobody is saying he isnt a rapist, people are debating weather he should/is going to be put into an asylum or in prison. as several people already stated, asylums are mostly worse than jail anyway

No. 846699

File: 1627739609955.jpg (145.25 KB, 528x380, comment_16193821793m6RD8kjHKoQ…)

>tfw when I purposefully avoid anything to do with Chris chan because he and his trolls disgust me on a visceral level, but now it's on every cow site I frequent so I cannot escape this

I wish I could go back to an hour ago when I didn't hear about this.

No. 846700

File: 1627739667358.gif (496.2 KB, 500x341, tumblr_madghtZUsa1rx8lgjo1_500…)

I fucking can't, anons. Who knew that I would spend the weekend witnessing THIS type of thing, jesus fucking christ.

No. 846701

Any fucking incel out there lusting after their family members, their sisters, their cousins. Have you seen porn categories recently, any reddit incest subs?

Put him in a asylum. Definitely shouldn't be allowed to even look at a woman's prison though.

Why should those women suffer just because he's an entitled, egocentric scrote that just became a tranny so he could go after lesbians?

No. 846702

Oh yeah, I'm going to be REAL surprised if he doesn't get institutionalized over this.

No. 846703

She is 80 years old. He's not lusting after her cause he watched too much MILF porn.

No. 846704

You don't know what the legal definition of "insanity" is and it's been showing for the past dozen or so of your replies.
Why are you bothering? This won't work in a courtroom and it won't work here.

No. 846705

No judge will look at Chris, look at his mom, look at the charge and throw him in prison. You are deluded by your weird revenge fantasies, seethe forever.

No. 846706

I mean, he wines and dines her and calls her Barbie these days..

Isn't it established that trannies are sex pests? >>846696

I mean, he puts it best himself.

No. 846707

You are willfully blind.

No. 846708

Serial killers have pretty bad delusions. Bad or enabling relationships with their parents. Some are autistic and have personality disorders aka mental illnesses. They commit crimes that no "sane" person would ever dream of, and yet they land in prison and not a nice institution. Why do you think this is?

The legal system is used to spotting shoddy apologetics and sympathizers who try to use insanity to defend shitty bastards.
>In the United States, a trial in which the insanity defense is invoked typically involves the testimony of psychiatrists or psychologists who will, as expert witnesses, present opinions on the defendant's state of mind at the time of the offense.
>Therefore, a person whose mental disorder is not in dispute is determined to be sane if the court decides that despite a "mental illness" the defendant was responsible for the acts committed and will be treated in court as a normal defendant.

Chris knew right from wrong when he raped his mom. He was cognizant of what he was doing and wrote about it in great detail. He applies logic to his decisions and shows he premeditated them.
He isn't insane.

>You are deluded by your weird revenge fantasies.

For what offense am I revenging? You're the one who seems to be having a little tard rage that your favorite fatty fatty fat is going to the big house this time lmao.

No. 846709

girl, it completely checks out

>A person accused of a crime can acknowledge that they committed the crime, but argue that they are not responsible for it because of a mental illness or a "mental defect."

>This term is not used in the fields of psychology or psychiatry. It is purely a legal term. No one is diagnosed "insane."

>Meaning of "mental disease or defect":

>- Intellectual disorders qualify.

>Meaning of "unable to distinguish between right and wrong"

>- Generally understood as the defendant lacking moral rather than legal
understanding of wrongfulness. So, despite understanding the illegality of the act, their level of impairment was such that they believed they were morally justified in committing the crime.
>- A common example of how this has been conceptualized might be a defendant
who killed their friend by strangulation, knowing that it was a crime but believing that they were saving that person from demonic posession. In this example, the
individual knew what they were doing, understood that it was an illegal act,
however felt that it was the only "right" thing to do given the level of their impairment.

No. 846710

>A person accused of a crime can acknowledge that they committed the crime, but argue that they are not responsible for it because of a mental illness or a "mental defect."
And they lose this argument quite often, but it doesn't deter dumb criminals from trying because otherwise they've got nothing. Most common folk have no idea what the insanity plea means, see >>846708.

No. 846711

mentally ill murderers can get put in high security psychiatric institutions in europe

No. 846712

Chris resides in the United States.

No. 846713

They wouldn't. Chris is obviously massive retard. Cops wouldn't humor that

No. 846714

>There are barely any males working on this field, it is entirely woman dominated because males do not want to care for other people.
Source on that? Literally read a story about a comatose/retarded woman found pregnant and her caretaker was guilty. I do understand that this could be an outlier, but with how rape is a crime of opportunity, I find what you said hard to believe. Hm, maybe the only males working with those severely disabled or sick people are abusers.
>people have this super weird idea that these people are all pure little angles. They are not. They are like Chris and they will try to grope you.
I don't. But still, you don't even have to be fully retarded to be a rapist. Anyway Chris doesn't seem to be on the level of kids with Down's syndrome. I really don't know if it's fair to say 'he did it cuz autism'.rzeg dolny

No. 846717

you got me reading 'The Current State of the Insanity Defense in Virginia' here

and it seems pretty much the same. they have to find him properly retarded and he must confess to the rape as well as to believing he was in a consensual relationship with her


No. 846719

File: 1627743030563.jpg (76.94 KB, 1080x874, Screenshot_20210731_165006_com…)

Tldr: Seems Chris lied to Null. Claimed he hadn't gotten money from Barbara, but sent it to himself as he later confessed.

Sending himself money from barbs account likely violates the EPO.

Null cancelled the gofundme and is asking for a refund for everyone.

Entire post:
This is the last post I'm going to be able to make with any privileged information.

Chris gave me access to his emails years ago to help out a while back during the Joshua Wise situation. I've had access since. Chris is aware i have access to his emails, and after changing his passwords recently gave me access to them again. I've helped him deal with trolls signing him up for spam and newsletters and other things like that.

I was going to send Chris his GoFundMe money, but after talking it over and sleeping on it, I've canceled the payment and I've asked GoFundMe to do a total refund.

I told Chris last night to spend one night sleeping in his vehicle, and that this morning I would help him figure out a way to have a roof over his head until August 5th. I suggested that he take some time under the stars to reflect on his situation.

Every so often, Chris gets an email alert that Barb has sent him money. I've always been under the impression that Barb tightly manages his finances and sends him a pittance. However, to my surprise, at 12:38am this morning (so less than 8 hours ago), Barb sent Chris $750.

I asked Chris about this.


This is a lie. Chris lied to my fucking face.


I believe this is a violation of his EPO, as he is prohibited from stealing from her.


I've notified police. I'm done.

No. 846720

why is Null helping a rapist?

No. 846721

Reading comprehension is a learned skill.

No. 846722

>I was going to send Chris his GoFundMe money
>I told Chris last night to spend one night sleeping in his vehicle, and that this morning I would help him figure out a way to have a roof over his head until August 5th.

he was going to help him, until he learned chris stole from barbara. Null didn't care about the rape?

No. 846723

No way Null isn’t going to end up in deposition. He got way too close.

No. 846724

Been plenty of discussion on kiwi if it's his legal requirement to send him the money or not since the gofundme was organize for Chris.

Clearly he's already changed his mind, touched poop by contacting the police about the stolen money and now blocked him.

No. 846725

While also moderating his inbox and helping him find a place, okay.

No. 846726

Troubling news for me too. Really kept his personal lolcow close you could say.

Still, clearly he gave up on those actions.

I'm more interested in what kind of legal issues Chris brought himself to be honest.

No. 846727

Minor lawfagging -

Ban appropriate. My apologies, mods.

You people don't realize how hard it is to argue the insanity defense in US courts. You can quote VA laws and standards all you want, but it's rare and case law usually shows the defense is rarely successful. Here, in Burgerland, land of the free, we will send the most mentally retarded to the chair. In almost all insanity cases, you'll leave it to jury. No one waves a jury trial unless you have a plea. Chris is fucked. No judge will buy an insanity defense, especially with someone who is capable of >>846682 . You can hope that a jury will feel sorry for Chris (as his defense attorney), but a jury will often become over sensitized in a case involving an elderly person, rape and incest. Every detail, every communication will be brought forth to prove Chris is competent and acted with malice. Further appeals might move him to an institution, but the US runs its prisons like a 2nd world country. Just like how the state let a most retarded Chris take care of his mother, they will easily let Chris eaten alive in prison.

And so ends the Chris-chan saga, not with a whimper but banging his mother. I hate this world.

No. 846729

NTA but He should be thrown in a male prison. Why should he be thrown in a home? You want him to rape some random disabled women shuffling around the facility??

No. 846730


There's no insanity defense for chris. It's more like the judge will accept chris has less capacity so it's not so much punishment when he/she sends him to some kind of incarceration, it's more stopping a retard from raping old people with dementia for a while at least.

No. 846731

That's pretty much my thoughts too.

Do you know how much taking money from Barbara's account will fuck him with the epo in place?

No. 846732

I don’t think Chris was always incapable of distinguishing right and wrong, but the dimensional merge stuff really makes me wonder if his grip on reality has slipped.

He should’ve been institutionalized long before it got to this point, he’ll only face consequences now that someone really got hurt and now nobody gets a happy ending. So it goes.

No. 846733

you have me fully convinced and i am sitting my dumb ass down. they should jail onision while theyre at it

No. 846734

Prosecutors like to group crimes then hope for a plea. Saves the state money, gives them an easy win and makes case loads more manageable. They might ignore the EPO violations OR dismiss it if he pleads to rape and elderly abuse. They'll want you to admit and plea out to the more serious crime/s.

Chris will get a state appointed defense attorney and plea. The defense attorney will use Chris's autism and delusions to help lower culpability in a plea bargain. However, it always depends on the prosecutor's office. The details are a bit horrifying, especially any evidence of sodomy. This also seems to be regular abuse, so if Chris is lucky enough to have an aggressive prosecutor, he's either going to trial for visibility OR waving his right to a jury trial to get it over with so the prosecutor can show they're tough on sex crimes. Him being a nuisance to VA police and courts might make that more likely. A plea is usually what happens, but you never know with sex crimes and murder. Also, Chris might not find the plea acceptable and go to trial because he's ultimately an egotistic retard.

No. 846735

What do you think the chances are of Chris being addressed as a woman and sent to a women's institution?

No. 846736


absolutely none

No. 846737

Dunno, anon. Brave New World for me. Depends on the state. It looks like it's a trend to send trans people to the prison of their choice, but those are just cherry picked articles. Courts are still pretty conservative compared to what we see in social media.

Let's hope. However, don't pretend it's "nicer" in women's prisons. Those women are fucking brutal.

No. 846738

oh i know its not. if hes in gen-pop doesn't matter which prison he goes to. those folks have moms, they find out he raped his and its bad news bears. im pretty sure va requires receipts for anyone claiming to not be their assigned at birth gender.

No. 846739

Most people who pleas insanity do not have a whole Wiki that documents their insanity in great detail.

That is assuming this will even go to trial. There is no evidence except a phone call in which a troll coerces him into talking about it. If Chris gets an attorney the attorney will tell him to shut the fuck up and say "Chris was reading a script, he never had sex with his mother." and unless Barb comes forward there is no way to prove that he did it.

It is cute tho how you are all spinning your little fantasies about how he will be rotting in prison, americans are really obsessed with punishment rather than reforming people. That's why people who go to prison in america never have a normal life ever again. Imagine wishing this on a guy who doesn't even live in reality.

No. 846740

>Source on that?
Several members of my family work with the mentally handicapped and I have had internships at facilities myself. It is life experience but you can look up any study and they will tell you that social workers are predominantly females. Of course there are some men working in the field and I am sure some of them are predators, but the people who mostly endanger the female tards are the male tards.

>Anyway Chris doesn't seem to be on the level of kids with Down's syndrome.

I never said this.

>I really don't know if it's fair to say 'he did it cuz autism'.rzeg dolny

He doesn't just have autism. Why the fuck do you keep believing Chris when he says he is a high functioning autistic? He has the mind of a child, he definitely has an IQ in the 70s and he suffers from delusions. He is completely divorced from this reality and if they actually have him asessed by a professional they will figure this out very fast.

No. 846741

File: 1627747618417.png (343.42 KB, 400x400, barb.png)

Reminder that "Barbie" looks like this. He definitely isn't having sex with her because she is such a hot MILF, it's because he is fucked in the head.

No. 846743

She was his accomplice to the Snyder hit&run incident and got sentenced in court just the same, anon. Barb is far from being an innocent old grandma. Admitting that she's a horrible, unhinged parent who also abused her older son to the point he wants nothing to do with her isn't "defending Chris" or what he did, it's just stating the facts.

No. 846744

Most people who plead insanity do not have Wikis, but they DO have a history of being institutionalized multiple times and still lose. I'm not saying that Chris isn't insane or delusional, I'm saying how ineffective the insanity defense is. Even documented mentally ill individuals lose the insanity defense, because a crime was committed and you must legitimize the crime by the state of mind at the commission of the crime. You have to recognize you won't be dealing with mere anon opinions. Prospective jurors won't have access to his Wiki and immediately dismissed if they ever heard of Chris-chan. These will be normies who don't understand internet culture or the legend of Chris-chan other than online harassment. Prosecutors will also tear down every single action of Chris to show his ability to understand the "wrongness" of his actions. You can use that one interaction with his troll where he says "don't screencap this" as intent to conceal his actions. That alone is precedent to demonstrate he clearly knew what he was doing was wrong and illegal. This will always nullify any insanity defense. Because you can be batshit insane talking to sonchu but if you know that people shouldn't find out you're fucking your mom, you're not going to be protected by any defense.

>americans are really obsessed with punishment rather than reforming people

Yes. That's my point. We're a 2nd world country when it comes to incarcerations. So why is it a fantasy we're spinning when Chris would be dealing with American courts?

>Unless Barb comes forward

Yeah, this could be all bullshit, but would Chris lie about this? I honestly don't know. I don't know if his Mother was taken for a rape kit or if there's an investigation. If Chris is telling the truth, then Barb would 100% show anal tearing, and even vaginal tearing at her age. She doesn't need to say anything. I should probably go to Kiwi, but those scotes are exhausting.

>Imagine wishing this on a guy who doesn't even live in reality.

Americans are morally superior. We know that. I'm not arguing that, but I'm telling how how this case is going to play out in this country. And I don't have a lot of sympathy for rapists. I don't care how many dimensions he's queen of.

No. 846745

Americans AREN'T morally superior.*

No. 846746

Well, clearly he's fucked in the head. But that not an insanity defense makes.

You can still be an incel tranny that makes regular comments about how incest is okay, how they love their mother so.. Intensely and then rape them.

I'd still argue the whole incest normality these days does come from porn sick coomers and scrotes.

Nowadays it's everywhere. Fuck your sister, fuck your cousin, fuck your mother.

Then entire communities centred around it. Normalizing it like that, making it an "ordinary" thing in porn and even society. My argument is that it doesn't help anyone.

So no, the milf porn likely wasn't it.

Just the entire culture surrounding porn and normalizing behaviour and actions, that will never benefit any woman in this society.

No. 846747

>Null didn't care about the rape?
Null has hated Borb since day 1, newfren

No. 846748

Im actually suprised that the same people who peddle and shill for incest porn day in day out are so shocked by this happening as if this isn't the logical endgame of the plague that is porn

No. 846749

why the fuck does this 'low functioning autist' is allowed to drive? legit question

No. 846750

Thank you.

Also so you don't have to check, barb was taken to an elderly care facility according to kf. I like to assume they've done a rape kit by now.

No. 846751

Under Virginia DOC policy, only inmates who have gone through complete sex reassignment surgery can be housed in the facilities of the gender they identify with. CWC's un-clit does not meet this requirement.

No. 846752

Because it is very hard to take someones rights away in America and they let anyone drive. He also had his drivers license for years, he was much more clear-headed then. He has deteriorated very very fast with the help of trolls who enforce his delusions and help him isolate himself into his fantasy world. They don't make you come into the DMV every 5 years to proof that you are still fit to drive. Old and frail people who can't see shit and can't react to shit are still allowed to drive.

Honestly what a fucking stupid thing to determine someone's mental state by. "IF HE IS CRAZY HOW IS HE ALLOWED TO DRIVE?!" cause it's America.

No. 846753

File: 1627749843358.jpg (626.25 KB, 4032x3024, 1bxninmuji701.jpg)

yeah, but it's rape. i hate that scrote as much as the next one

No. 846755

Just stop. At this point you seem like a newbie nonnie, that has no idea of the history with Chris.

You're being handed facts about how the American legal system will likely deal with him. Is it great, no. Does anyone defend it, no. Is it mostly a matter of fact though? Yes. Go watch some jcs analysis.

Just his previous brushes with the law will likely not make it easy. Yes, for court there is enough to turn jurors quite unfavourable to you. His previous incest comments, his previous bullshit. They will not get the full picture and this is debatable— as they maybe shouldn't.

A rapist is a rapist however. If it wasn't his mother, on her last leg, who else? He's had plenty of unsavory interactions with women.(integrate better)

No. 846756

Oh to be the unsuspecting staff of the court this case will land in. Honey you got a big storm coming

No. 846757

Null always believed everything Chris said and cast Barb as the villain, even when it was illogical to do so. Null was really invested in being King Chris-Wrangler, which honestly is kind of sad. When the Praetor people were making money for Chris by opening up the Etsy store and selling medallions and what-not, Null’s feelings were hurt and he constantly talked smack about them.
I think it will come out that Chris has been taking money from Barb for quite a while, not just this one time. To some extent Barb is reaping what she sowed by supporting Chris’s antisocial behavior for decades, and for discouraging Chris from getting serious mental health care, but that’s unlikely to be taken into account by the legal system.

No. 846758

There are psychiatric prisons/sections of prisons in the US.
Chris has already been tracked to a mental health court (for the GameStop trespass and pepper spray incident), and received mandatory therapy as a result. Chris was deemed to have completed the program successfully and got a prize of movie tickets or something.

No. 846759

Kek, this is what I'm also thinking while everything unfolds. Imagine you start your shift at work and get confronted with this type of thing lmao. A moment of silence for everybody who gets involved with this.

No. 846760

Shit, anon, criminal courts see some wild shit, but probably not the amount of autism coming their way. Random nobodies from Kiwi treating it like the trial of the century.

No. 846762

I don’t really think null’s evil or an idiot, so I’m amazed he decided to not only touch the poop but get involved in the life of someone we could all see was circling the drain. People unravel slowly, someone like this is only ‘harmless’ until shit inevitably hits the fan. Duh, dude.

No. 846764

He always seemed very genuine in just wanting to help Chris as best as he could, I think he feels he owes him as much since he runs the site that harassed him for years. Apparently they talk in private and he helps him handle a lot of things. If you listen to Null's streams you get the feeling that he feels kind of protective over Chris because some people who are messing with him are truly cruel and evil and he wishes he could help Chris help himself. I think he is kind of an idiot for thinking he can help Chris, but he's a good person for trying.

No. 846765

the guy made kiwi farms because of cwc. you know there has to be something wrong with him. not to mention cwc harrassed multiple girls in the past and null still out there creating gofundmes for him

No. 846766

Null didn't make Kiwifarms, he took it over after it was already established.

No. 846767

True. I guess some gruesome family murder is for them a lot easier to handle than the newest and prob final episode of a infamous internet celeb that is followed by millions around the globe. Somebody will have to make serious research about this and get confronted about everything that has been collected on the web in the past years. And who knows how people try to get involved with this for whatever reason.

No. 846768

picking one pet loser while harassing hundreds of other losers doesn’t make null a good person
love yourself more, null hates women

No. 846769

>or an idiot
Clearly you don't know much about him then

No. 846770

If you think KF harasses people then you shouldn't be on this site either because we do the exact same here: laugh at crazy people. But for some reason people here act like they are better in any way, I don't think he's a bad person at all, his streams are pretty comfy.

No. 846771

I know I’m in the minority in that I enjoy kf, but honestly they do the same shit we do and Chris is their PT. They just have a different flavor of autism. That said, they really bet on the wrong sped this time.

No. 846772

Moids invested in a moid, what could go wrong? We're the clear winner. Our queen's criminal charge was pushing her dad while in front of a cop and their queen raped his mom. We won by being the superior gender.

No. 846773

First time I hear of this
>The vulnerability of LGBT prisoners has led some prisons to separate them from other prisoners, while in others they are housed with the general population.
So only some prisons do that. P weird still

No. 846774

Never understood this rivalry. Women use KF too, the Beauty Parlor discusses the exact same people. You can use both sites, sperg.

No. 846775


I'm not joking when I say I think they need to protect all other prisoners from chris. He's tried to kill already, it's just people didn't realize it at the time.

No. 846777

ayrt and kek, if this ain’t the truth. hoping a maladjusted manchild won’t do something terrible is a hell of a gamble.

No. 846778

nta but if you dont understand the history then you should use google and to ask your newfag questions. You can use KF and here, but enjoy being harassed by the male users of BP or the users that think BP should be shut down simply for being female-orientated. Not all of us wants to associate with scrotes.
Funnily enough, it's null's favourite board because it's the only one that kept the spirit of cows alive.

No. 846779

File: 1627754226619.jpg (189.42 KB, 1079x815, Screenshot_20210731_193434.jpg)

We're all the same, here for someone to laugh or cringe at.

No. 846781


you guys know there are places that the criminally insane go right? Chris probably won't be getting raped by tyrone in federal prison but he won't be in a cushy 5 star mental institution either.

They're likely going to drop him off at some shitty mental institution for crazies that break laws. He won't be happy and he won't be able to play with his toys.

No. 846782

I didn't ask any questions. I just told you that your weird rivalry is fucking cringe.

No. 846783

>we are all the same as KF incels because we visit the site sometimes
the big brain thoughts really popping since this Chris saga started!

No. 846785

The only difference between /cow/, KF and LC is that LC actually enforces the no cow tipping rule. If you're in a thread on /pt/ you are not morally or otherwise superior to a scrote doing the same thing on /cow/ or foxdick. Get a grip.

No. 846786

what rivalry? two sites dunking on each other isn't "weird rivalry" you fucking newfag.

No. 846787

You literally can not help yourself but to completely sperg out and derail any thread where KF is mentioned.

No. 846788

lolcow is a unique women only space with a large userbase of women with niche interests. what does kf got going for them? a cowtipper admin and a bunch of edgy men

No. 846789

I thought it was not a rivalry? kek

No. 846790

no doxing is a big difference, but go off
null’s looking for a tradwife, girls, get your applications in

No. 846797

nta but at least they can crack a joke instead of filling every thread with infighting

back to Chris, I can’t believe I’d ever say this but the situation reminds me of Ed Gein. Clearly impaired guy with a bizarre dynamic with his mom and weird ideas about sex, escalating badly once he’s left to his own devices. And he was found legally insane despite killing two women, but that was 50 years ago. I really do think Chris should be in an asylum and not prison, but I’m not optimistic.

No. 846800

I think it all ended for the insanity defense during the highly publicized and controversial decision of denying jeffrey dahmer that defense. That ruling literally changed everything

No. 846801

Never have I wanted to a-log a cow so badly. The worst thing is that perception of Chris had settled on him being a legendary cow that had maybe been treated a bit too unfairly because of his disability, not dissimilar to PT. Of course, being a male, he just couldn't contain his disgusting impulses and validated everything people on the internet were saying about him at the height of his infamy. Hope you rot in prison, Chris.

No. 846802

File: 1627757723319.png (217.47 KB, 753x535, trying it.PNG)

They're really out in full force huh.


No. 846803

wtf is this reasoning? I wanna pull my hair out reading this

No. 846804

Rape is rape. I don't care if Barbara drowned kittens, she still doesn't deserve rape. These people are disturbed.

No. 846805

wtf am i reading. idk how you can see that video of barb where you can tell she's clearly so far gone that you don't care that she's being raped by the fat retard with an infected taint because she wasn't a saintly mother.

No. 846808

File: 1627759142626.gif (919.39 KB, 275x172, 1506709682571.gif)

I um… umm… wat

No. 846809

Its a 21 year old he/him "femboy", should we really be surprised?

No. 846813

Between a pillow on the face at 80 and demented, or getting raped by my own tranny lesbian son— ill pick the pillow.

No. 846814

I agree concernfags are fucking annoying when one of Chris' pets die of old age, but this is different. Although this event doesn't disgust me like it does a lot of people since I've grown up around trailer trash my whole life.

No. 846815

There is something I'm curious about. As it has been discussed before, CWC getting the insanity plea doesn't seem likely. However, is it possible that he could get a reduced or lowered sentence because he is mentally handicapped? I really hope not, but I wonder if that could happen.

No. 846817

This person was justifying the rape of Barb, anon. Read their other tweets or I'm left to assume you're a scrote. No one said Barb was a saint.

No. 846818

I wasn't even talking about Borb you autist. I was referring to concerntrolls

No. 846820

He has not even been arrested or charged with any crime yet. They don't have any proof of him doing anything. If they play the tape all he has to say is "that's someone impersonating me". Unless he himself admits to the judge that he did it or Barb testifies against him (she won't) they can't convict him.

Sure, there is a pretty good chance that he is dumb enough to talk to the police and not ask for a lawyer and just admit he did it, but nothing happened yet.

No. 846821

last night on stream nick rekieta brought up the unfortunate information that there is a defense for the mentally disabled in virginia that could allow chris’ lawyers an out even if a rape kit shows positive evidence. i can’t remember the statue number but it mentions autism specifically, which fucking sucks because i think chris needs to be in jail and never see daylight again for this. i’d link to the stream but the resident moid spastic would lose it, so just take a look at last night’s stream if you’re interested.

No. 846822

by ‘out’ i mean it looked like no time served at all, just a fine and therapy. it would depend on the judge.

No. 846823

coward, here is the stream

No. 846824

No. 846825

File: 1627762488244.png (92.79 KB, 253x243, 1618604103997.png)

>i think chris needs to be in jail and never see daylight again for this
The fuck anon? Why would you want Chris to get arrested right when his story gets interesting again? There are brutal criminals out there that do much worse that'll never get caught. Ebin weenz that call the cops on our favorite tard cum dispenser are tryhard faggots that need to be oldyeller'd

No. 846827

Because he's a fucking deviant and those of us who followed this since 2007 saw this shit coming. Especially after Bob died. It's been a slow decline, it hasn't been funny for ages. He's disgusting .

No. 846828

I'm so behind.
I see the memes about him being a motherfucker, did he actually fuck his mom?

No. 846829

No. 846830

>he's a fucking deviant
At least he didn't fuck a kid. Stop being a bigot(shit baiting)

No. 846832

File: 1627762745082.jpeg (915.47 KB, 973x1677, 19C4A905-8350-44DD-A22F-EF7E9E…)

Sorry to keep carrying on about kf, but null posted some correspondence with Chris from July 5 where he cryptically talks about his ‘older girlfriend’. If this is true he can kiss the ‘didn’t know it was wrong’ defense goodbye.

No. 846833

You seem to forget where you are.

No. 846834

Embarrassing but probably not exactly unprecedented for him

No. 846835

that’s barb. he talks about the woman being good with numbers and shit, barb was an accountant. chris always rats himself out.

No. 846836

File: 1627763164050.jpeg (1 MB, 1063x2244, 4716AEAE-0AA3-4E3D-B200-4584B3…)

Guess I might as well share the whole thing, sorry if my cropping is shit or whatever

No. 846837

File: 1627763196171.jpeg (510.72 KB, 956x1123, 1B1DA706-02EA-437D-A866-D06863…)

No. 846838

File: 1627763210478.png (564.61 KB, 796x1070, chris-lore.png)

No. 846839

I'd probably enjoy being lectured about this fucking madman out of the blue because it seems too insane to be true.

No. 846842


Thanks for posting caps. The main topic on KiwiFarms is at 500+ pages and it's a nightmare finding updates.

Wonder where they're going with that $750. Trying to flee the state?

No. 846843

Someone mentioned it's just enough money for a plane ticket to Washington state, for that con he wanted to go to that has now kicked him out.

No. 846844

I didn't realize his mother was too old and senile to consent until I read more of this thread. I actually feel sick.

No. 846845

I mean, lulz is a good reason to keep him free but I don't think the court will agree.

No. 846847

read the thread re: insanity defense. btw in that same stream, null was asked to comment on barb being incapable of giving consent and he dodged the question, then said he would like to relay a message from kiwifarms. he proceeded to say the old demented people are horny as fuck and the source is a guy on kf that works with old people. i stopped the stream at that point, because i simply couldnt suffer through it

No. 846848

you need to go back

No. 846852

File: 1627767099598.png (51.49 KB, 1251x210, 345634.PNG)

Don't lie to the man, now

No. 846853

Jesus fucking Christ reading on kiwifarms is so fucking gay. The way they talk is honestly disturbing talking about “scooping cum out of barbs snatch” Irt a rape kit and going on autistic meltdowns about how much more they hate perverted trannies now and want to shank them all like they aren’t all also perverts who are addicted to hentai and jerk off to mommy porn. Men are so fucking retarded and josh is the biggest retard of them all. He decided it was time to draw the line morally and refund the donations because Chris stole $750 at 2am from barb. Website owner who claims to be an adult but looks like 8th grade boy in cringey selfies can excuse raping your dementia ridden geriatric mom but he draws the line at stealing.

No. 846855

Don't forget the video that started this whole discussion featured fanart of Chris molesting his mother. Imagine taking the time to DRAW that, let alone thinking about it enough to visualize it. Male farmers are cancer

No. 846856

nah, it was that Chris dared to lie to Josh
complete narcissistic injury on Josh’s part

No. 846858

Yea I mean are we suprised? A bunch of these moids are actually blaming this on Barb, who is an 80 year old severely senile woman, as if she seduced poor cwc and had some nefarious plan in her mind. At some point you can't be shocked anymore when the retards over at kiwifarms reach new levels of almost parodic misogyny. It's best to just ignore

No. 846859

Chris knew incest was wrong, he didn't and wouldn't make advances towards her while she was still mentally competent, He seen an opportunity and likely realised that this frail, dementia ridden old woman had little strength or mental capacity to reject him, his entire life revolves around the internet, his comics and the pursuit of sex and he finally found the perfect opportunity to make that fantasy happen right at his disposal.
However, I don't think Chris understood that it's a serious crime and a jailable offense. He may have just thought it was extremely taboo and considering incest porn is highly accessible, he may have come to the conclusion that if incest porn is not illegal to watch on the internet, unlike childporn for example, then it must not be illegal in real life.

He deserves what ever he's got coming to him. It's a shame he didn't receive any early intervention as a child, his parents should have stopped his obsessions when they were clearly going to far and kept him on track with reality, instead they never told him no or bothered to explain anything to him. I think they let him on the internet to dwell in his obsessions so that they didn't have to deal with him, but he's a grown man who's been given plenty of opportunities to get help and with the internet and common knowledge on rape laws these days, he should have known better than to fuck his own mother. If he doesn't go to prison then the state should put him under a conservatorship where he's monitored at all times, especially on the internet and forced to do therapy. It's people like him that actually need it unlike poor Brittany.

No. 846860

>clearly articulates thought out arguments in support of incest while also demonstrating an understanding of what could make it wrong or harmful
How the fuck could anyone think he'd get off on any sort of insanity plea, even if they were under the impression that it's a common/effective way to get out of jail time?

No. 846861

calm your tits sis, the bigger news is that chris wore a condom just so he wouldn’t get busted by the rape kit. it was totally premeditated and hopefully they will pick him up halfway to seattle and throw him away for good

No. 846862

Yup. The fact that he def knows this is wrong is the reason he won't get insanity. You have to be mentally retarded beyond reason to be granted insanity nowadays

No. 846863

how are you going to ignore it when that’s literally where all the information is lol

No. 846864

typical sjw triggered at our xxx edgy incest rape memes of an alzheimers patient
just read his faggy call out post again and yep. the outraged "chris LIED to me. this is a LIE." what a little twerp.

No. 846866

my tits would be calmer if I didn't have to read through a bunch of psycho moid shit to get my rancid curdled incest milk. I feel like I'm digging through a vomit filled toilet to find my special turd

No. 846867

she has alzheimer's she's probably already forgotten by now lol

No. 846868

as fucked up as it sounds, I really hope so

No. 846869

dog the entire thing about alzheimers is memory loss, even things you thought you could never forget. if she still remembers this pudgy tranny humping her a week from now it'll be a miracle

No. 846872

Are you me? This is exactly how it is. You really have to think long and hard about if the precious milk is worth the rampant tryhard degeneracy

No. 846873

The real blame lies on Bob. He made the choice to reproduce at 55 with old, geriatric sperm thus sealing Chris's fate and damning him to a life of pain and autism

No. 846875

Not to be a concernfag, because I'm really not, but doesn't the real blame lay on internet trolls systematically eroding cwcs psyche with the purpose of making him develop schizophrenia and plunge him onto the depths of degeneracy? Normal autistic moids don't end up like this. It's very very possible to be low functioning autistic and not rape your own mother. I do blame this on the fact that he's the most monitored and harassed person online, which eroded his personality and relationship with reality beyond comprehension. Yes he should suffer and rot for what he's done but I don't think this is is blame on his upbringing

No. 846879

It’s Chris’ fault for raping his own mother, sorry everyone. These ridiculous hot takes, come on now.

No. 846881

what are you talking about, nonnie? obviously chris was possessed by the spirit of bob when he raped his own mother while the trolls sat front row cheering it on. chris is totally innocent.

No. 846883

Yea I really don't care if anyone disagrees. I just know that at the end of the day, this isn't the endgame of the average low functioning autistic male

No. 846884

I actually found Null's attempts at tard wrangling Chris and getting his life in order kinda admirable, and the fact that Chris' image is now forever stamped onto those coins is both hilarious and sad. On the other hand, I wouldn't exactly call this a black swan event, considering Chris' track record. He was always a degenerate moid, now left to his own devices and it was easy to see he was going to pull some terrible shit eventually.

Still, I would be less surprised if he murdered someone than… this.

No. 846885

honestly this is worse to me. It depends on what type of dementia she has idk if it's for sure Alzheimers and how far the disease has progressed, but that's worse.

If she forgets each rape, and Chris has been raping her 3x a day since July 5, that could mean that every time she was raped it was like it was happening for the first time. Like, she had to experience the shock of her own child deciding to rape her over and over again.

It's so fucking evil to do this to someone with dementia. It doesn't matter who they were before they got the disease, as soon as their brain cells start dying, they are a new person who is confused, vulnerable, and most of the time very scared.

Your more recent memories go away first. Some people forget their second language, even if they have been speaking it since childhood. Older memories are stored more deeply in the brain.

A lot of dementia patients ask for their parents, and think they're kids again. They see their own children and know that they love them somehow, but have no idea who they are, so they assume that's their mom or husband or sister.

I would actually be so much more at peace if Chris had killed barb. That makes sense to me. Kill the old bitch that completely destroyed your potential to live a normal life and put her out of her misery at the same time. This shit is so evil. What a horrible way spend the last few years of your life.

Chris is fucking twisted. I don't think he understands what he has done to this woman at all. He has no concept of healthy behavior. Thank god he bragged about it so someone could intervene.

No. 846886

it’s the endgame of the typical mother-rapist is what it is
literally no troll ever suggested to Chris “you should rape your mum,” that was all Chris

No. 846887

I'm actively hoping for her to die soon, preferably painlessly in her sleep, just so she can be put out of her misery

No. 846889

Apparently he also used to tie her, trying to mimic bdsm techniques. I'm seriously going to fucking lose it.

No. 846890

Stop I can't take this anymore. When will society realize that porn is the root of all evil

No. 846891

I guess I was trying to rationalize a way she wouldn’t be suffering, but there just isn’t one.


and you’re getting this from where?

No. 846892

Autistic people have difficulty understanding acceptable social behavior, to varying degrees. For example, I'm autistic as fuck and I had to manually learn how to make small talk with people, because to me, asking someone "how are you?" every single day when I know they're just going to say "good, how are you?" and not actually tell me anything important is retarded. I had to learn by watching ppl without autism talk to each other, and I realized that people think you don't like them if you don't greet them every single time you see them.

Chris has SEVERE social illiteracy. It's clear he never developed his social skills beyond more than an elementary-maybe middle school level. He has no idea what is appropriate to do or say at any given time. It was his parents' job to teach him clearly and concisely what is Okay and what is Not. He's been consistently rewarded for his bad behavior for years, both online and offline. Every time he did something insane, he got a shit ton of attention, most of it negative, but some of it positive and validating for him.

His parents should have educated him about sex and relationships as soon as he started hitting puberty. A person with no social literacy and no boundaries suddenly having a sex drive and a body that desires sex is a recipe for disaster.

No. 846893

File: 1627776608470.jpg (35.5 KB, 277x645, Screenshot_20210731-174808_Mes…)

From Kiwifarms, it's not comfirmed yet, but it seems it comes from a close source to the original chat logs. I really don't want these to be real, this is too godless.

No. 846894

Pick a god and pray that this isn't real

No. 846895

Speechless. It just gets worse and worse.

No. 846896

File: 1627776959431.jpg (201.92 KB, 750x1000, E7jr1rpWYAEYgEs.jpg)

No. 846898

File: 1627777239364.jpeg (119.13 KB, 1536x120, D82ECCE5-2123-4E66-BFD9-F209CC…)

I’m afraid to know just how long Chris has considered this a possible resolution to his love quest

sorry for doubting, I was so hoping it was bullshit. horrific. It’s only going to get worse from here isn’t it?

No. 846899

do you have a link nonnie?

No. 846900

>I wasn’t sure if she liked it, but

But, I didn’t care, it didn’t matter to me and wouldn’t effect whether I continued doing it or not

No. 846902

I'd say this probably isn't real from how it's written (too coherent), so I won't be believing it unless there are multiple sources pointing to this event

No. 846903

Good god. Barb's punishment for being a shit mother was rotting away in that mold infested hoarder's paradise and being neglected by her retarded son not getting treated like some fuckhole because her son's a sex starved creep.

No. 846904

It's sick but I laughed, ngl

>I wasn't sure if she wanted it but she was nice and tight
SHE DIDN'T WANT IT. Her body is literally trying to keep your bent shrimp dick OUT. This is your brain on autism, inceldom and porn addiction. I hate him so much

No. 846905

Apparently there is a video and someone on kf was sent a screenshot? Someone else click the image and post it here if you want ladies I will not be risking that

No. 846906

File: 1627778002475.png (15.46 KB, 860x202, 10anon.png)

KF arguing if the BDSM source is real, picrel claims to be who the messages were to

No. 846908

no, I'm the source and I made it up

No. 846909

mental wards for people who have been criminally convicted are basically just prisons where they drug you up to be constantly sedated, so either way he is not getting off easy.

No. 846910

I know you're bullshitting but I hope you're not

No. 846911

File: 1627778366183.jpg (81.15 KB, 389x396, 1619147210626.jpg)

>The video's real
We truly live in a cursed timeline.

No. 846916

Chris is nearing 40. This isn’t “an autistic person suddenly having a body that desires sex,” this is raping an 80-year-old after they say “no” (per Chris’s own description).

No. 846917

File: 1627779457083.gif (890.33 KB, 244x212, tenor.gif)

>people defending chris raping his mom itt

fuck off zoomer

No. 846918

File: 1627779509548.png (423.33 KB, 1324x1398, 56372.png)

>>but at least they can crack a joke

No. 846920

Several people point out that a reverse image search shows it's old and probably not Barb.
Never trust a kiwi when it comes to ChrisChan.

No. 846921

File: 1627779627191.png (17.05 KB, 749x148, thereisnovideo.png)

FOR THE LAST TIME, there is no fucking video. Look at that idiot's twitter page, pic related. he's obviously a troll feeding on your desperation for milk. I can't believe this one scrote is causing "rumors" of a video. As for the "screenshot," proof that it's not fucking real either: https://tineye.com/search/059e4bc09259882e599cc5f1197d93b0330d3aa2?sort=score&order=desc&page=1

It's from 2003. Check your shit, anons

No. 846922

arguing for and winning an insanity plea is really, really difficult. you have to have extremely abnormal behavior during your interrogation and typically those who win insanity cases show absolutely no self-preservation or true awareness of what's going on. video related shows a guy who won an insanity plea. it's a long vid but you can see very quickly that this guy is far, far gone. chris is a massive autist who does crazy things because he's sheltered and has no life or social experience. he is not criminally insane.

No. 846923

Its almost funny how clueless this moid is about female biology. As if an 80 year old woman could become pregnant. But of course all the kiwitards believe it and are omg-ing about it

No. 846925

Exactly. Lawfagging but from a reliable source: in the insanity plea here in the US it's not proving whether or not CWC is insane, but if he can distinguish right from wrong. His lawyer probably won't even try it as most juries have soured on this tactic and it's pretty easy to prove someone knows what they are doing isn't right. Also "threads and documentation about him being crazy" that someone mentioned prior is all hearsay and definitely not gonna be admitted into evidence.

No. 846926

for clarification
‘she was partially confused’
‘every third night’
‘god said it was okay’
‘i was really horny’
there’s no reason for any of this other than the following: chris is a rapist who predated on his seventy-nine year old mother. end of. he has been talking about incest and the idea of fucking his mother for years. he tard rages hard enough that he has punched holes in his bathroom walls, so he’s frightening enough, and he finally forced her to let him fuck her. hopefully he will end up rotting in a care home or a jail or under a bridge.

No. 846928

Moids think women become infertile at 25 most of the time, how desperate are they for more drama?

Speaking of, I checked out a 4chan thread to see what they were saying and of course they were blaming Barb for having a kid too late. Never mind the 50 something yr old father and the fact that autism is primarily linked to paternal age.

No. 846929

judges will also be suspicious because of the amount of criminals who think that they can get off with a lighter sentence if they try to plead insanity and convince everyone they're crazy. frankly, both prison and institutions for the criminally insane are terrible places, but a sane person would NOT want to go to an institution. you're basically stuck there for life because you don't just become sane. criminals have a better chance of freedom if they go to prison.

anyway, glad to see a reasonable lawfag in here

No. 846930

A moment of silence for everyone on twitter rn arguing with concernfags insisting on using his "preferred pronouns"(sage your shit)

No. 846931

I used this image for reverse image search on both yandex and bing. Both sites brought up CP.

No. 846933

not under a bridge.

whether he raped his mother because he's a violent evil sick fuck or he's just a fucking retard or both, he does not belong on the streets or in public or anywhere with actual women.

No. 846934

I used Bing too and i got gore??

No. 846935

see >>846921, it's old as fuck and obviously fake (as in unrelated to cwc)

No. 846936

cursed image

No. 846937

true, that slipped my mind. not under the bridge, then, and housed in the correct facility with other men.

No. 846938

It's probably some trolling asshole getting people to reverse search an image that leads to sick content.

No. 846940

Chris wouldn't get off on an insanity plea, even if he actively tried. He may be a dumb retard, but he's fully aware of what he's doing. Video related, the retard who committed the worst school shooting in the US, who is also autistic idiot and will spend the rest of his life in genpop because he thought media was real life.

The most hopeful defense his defender could possibly scrape up would be bringing attention to his lack of understanding of consent and the gravity of rape. Remember when PandaHalo said that she'd been raped? The girl he claimed to be in love with right up to that moment? She may as well have told him that she found a penny on the sidewalk with how little a shit he gave. Yet, he must know rape is bad since he gave one of his trolls rosechu sex slaves in his comic and only retconned/backpedaled it when people called him out on it. Chris is an egomaniac. He lives in a mental world where he can do whatever he wants and he's the tard king.

No. 846943

File: 1627783473715.png (199.17 KB, 1471x478, TinEye Results KF SS.png)


TinEye Results link: https://tineye.com/search/059e4bc09259882e599cc5f1197d93b0330d3aa2?sort=score&order=desc&page=1

(It's just the alleged screenshot of the alleged video. Warning though, whoever it is, they appear to be much older)

No. 846945

granny porn is a market lol this isn't shocking

No. 846947

>her vagina was nice and tight
Oh god oh no he thinks that means she liked it, holy fuck

No. 846948

Everytime there's a new post in this thread i start praying is not something worse

No. 846951

Depending on what charges the DA brings against CWC, he might be:

1. Convicted of a felony, sent to prison for many years (or life) and serve it in solitary.
2. Convicted of a felony, sent to nut hut for life.
3. Convicted on misdemeanour, suspended sentence/fine.

3 is highly doubtable if LE have already found evidence that Chris was indeed porking Borbachu, then CWC will be facing a possible felony conviction and possible life in prison, but with his priors (Snyder, Gamespot) the judge may take one look at those plus CWC's deteriorating mental condition and send him straight to the nutbarn, no passing Go, no collecting monthly tugboat.

No. 846953


Don’t blame the kiwis- most of us are reasonable or rationale. Blame the insane influx of new Twitter attention seekers and idiots. They seem to be shitting up the threads on KF and here.

No. 846954

no, everytime kiwis come here they shit up the board by refusing to fucking integrate. No one gives a shit that you're from KF. Just post about the cow you attention-hungry moid.

No. 846955

optimistically speaking, if chris goes to the nut house, at least he'll be taken care of? assuming it's one of the good ones that care about its patients and not like 18th century victorian

No. 846956

the state mental institutions in Virginia are currently not accepting new patients because of severe overcrowding, but hang on to your dreams

No. 846957

I think you have the timeline wrong. He was going to give Chris the money (claimed he was legally required to, idk if that is real or perceived/an excuse), but then the brony con that the money was originally for banned Chris from coming. After that point null canceled the transaction and started the process to refund the donors, claiming that he was no longer legally required to give Chris the money. Then after that, Chris lied about stealing money from Barb and null basically said he’s done with Chris.

No. 846958

You're men gossiping about a man child, with your lead, attention whoring forum owner fucking with cows to the point of tard wrangling a guy who fucks his dementia ridden mom. We may not be better than the Kiwis, but we sure as hell don't like any of you or any of the duck butter vibes you give off here. Gross. Go away.

No. 846960

File: 1627794436697.jpeg (101.54 KB, 827x586, E1CDAA67-5A0F-4B2B-8870-F94033…)

Nah y’all are straight men whose only identity is being vile and hateful for the approval of other retarded faggots while circle jerking about how Legendary you are
Pic related

No. 846961

Depends on where the VA mental health dept place him.
Institution/asylum (overcrowded, unlikely): He's there for life and won't be leaving outside of a body bag, no Internet access either.
Group home: There for a few years, limited/monitored Internet access, case workers/therapy etc.
None: 14BC or homeless, depending if the bank act on foreclosing the house or not.

No. 846963

why would you want him to be taken care of? he can rot in jail for all i care

No. 846964

fr. this man should have been taken out back and shot years ago.

No. 846968

And mostly you’re women gossiping about women who are almost as bad. (momo,Luna,Vicky) kinda the pot calling the kettle black I think. Sorry I integrated here long ago. Not all kiwis are assholes and not all assholes are men.

No. 846971

File: 1627801697061.png (68.57 KB, 262x192, sonichu disgust.png)

No. 846972

does anyone know anything about him breaking the no contact order? a friend whos really into chris chan mentioned it but idk if its true or not or if the stealing constitutes breaking it

No. 846973

Ah, that makes more sense. I had no idea kiwifags were sponsoring a cow's trip and that Null was buddy buddy with that cow. He got really invested personally and is now left squirming. I'm honestly surprised to learn that kiwifags and their admin were not only touching poop but rolling in it.

No. 846974

Probably because the rape was/is unconfirmed so Josh had some reasons to give him benefit of the doubt, but the theft of the money he had actual proof of. We still don't know if this all only happened in Chris' imagination or if he was trolled into saying he did it.

No. 846976

Are you all seriously fucking retarded falling for this fake-ass screenshot?

No. 846977

You are seriously fucking dumb. Sonichu actually told me himself that none of this ever happened and that Barb has died 2 years ago and has been impersonated by Rosechu ever since. Do I have proof of this? No, you're just gonna have to believe me because nobody would tell lies on the internet, right?

No. 846978

Why are you showing us this based comment as proof that KFers are spergs? Trannies should indeed be set on fire.

No. 846979

Question for Kiwifags:
When the news first broke out, Null said he sent Chris a message to ask him if it's true and kiwifags were waiting for that response.
Later, Null shows they corresponded about the money, so Chris probably also answered the first question. Did Null ever say what his response was?

No. 846984

Why the fuck are retarded kiwifags infesting this thread? Don't you have a 600-page spergfest going on on your own site? Why don't you just refresh that shit? Why come here?

No. 846985

he withdrew 750 bucks from barb's account which constitutes breaking a police no contact order and theft (assuming he doesn't have joint access to the account with barb) which is grounds for arrest

No. 846987

No, Jewsh only drew the line at Chris lying to him. He's full of himself and was 100% ready to gib donations to a man raping an 80 year old woman who is his disabled mother . We're not even factoring in the emails Chris sent null where he bragged about his new "gf".

No. 846988

File: 1627808401931.png (13.54 KB, 583x116, Безымянный.png)

just normal troonbrain

No. 846989

Shush, I need them to answer my question here >>846979
Chris must have answered Null something. I want to know what he said. Or is Null keeping it to himself (and why would he do that).

No. 846990

go back to twitter

No. 846991

Domeone (presumably the troll herself) posted the full unedited call (well not full as the 4hours weren't recorded apparently but 15 minutes of it) with Chris.
She's really hitting that bong through the entire thing lol

No. 846992

>I actually found Null's attempts at tard wrangling Chris and getting his life in order kinda admirable

Null just wants to selfinsert and be the King Chris-Wrangler, as another anon said. This is classic attention whore shit. CWC needs professional help and if he actually wanted to help him, he would work towards that, instead of making him his pet project.

The amount of Null dickriders in this thread is astounding. Reminds me of Cryaotic simps, very that

No. 846993

I still refuse to believe this is real. I know chris is… chris but i never thought he'd stoop so low lmfao

No. 846994

don't disagree re: the tranny shit but that guy is being extremely retarded about how Barb is the one who probably raped Chris because she was a basic retarded kid helicopter parent in the 90s. she is so obviously demented now and even if Chris was the retardiest retard on planet earth, he's still capable of rape and 100% more likely to do it than an elderly woman.

No. 846995

Same, I keep believing there must be reason to explain this. I don't care about Chris or his reputation but surely this isn't the fucking case. Jesus fucking Christ though. I think he did it.

No. 846996

Dude has a really weird way of boosting his ego. Hero of freedom to yell nigger, wrangler of tards. How low do you have to be for that to make you feel accomplished?

No. 846997

File: 1627809914678.gif (1.49 MB, 346x261, 1623725688706.gif)

>mfw Josh got pissy at people throwing his words back at him during the everfree crowdfunding
If he really wanted to help, there was nothing stopping him from trying to get chris into a group home before any of this madness escalated, or even contacting the proper authorities do a wellness check pre-fire/post troon saga into the CPU heart goddess saga. The man can barely keep his own site running with all these get rich quick schemes and then wants to be in charge of a literal retard's finances? What a fucking joke.

No. 847002

Yea just males doing what they do best. Defending literally the most deranged and criminal of males before they will even consider sparing one single drop of empathy for women(sage your shit)

No. 847005

i hate trannies so fucking much. how are they so deranged(sage your shit)

No. 847006

Why are you repeatedly posting this literal who’s posts with zero likes and zero retweets. It’s not milk. Take it your containment thread sperg.

No. 847007

kys troon

No. 847008

Cursed tinfoil but, what if in Chris's retarded little brain he really thought that if he kept fucking his mom while playing all that spiritual shit, she'd actually come back to being her old self? Just with the added bonus of being his personal sex slave. I think deep down he actually misses the way she used to be instead of the husk of a woman she is now. Also, fuck every scrote projecting their mommy issues onto her and trying to justify her getting raped by Chris. Yes, she was a turbo bitch but this isn't a fucking hentai. No woman, man, or child deserves to be treated as some fuckhole for an entire month completely against their will.

No. 847010

Does anyone have like a "most important episodes" list of Chris Chan: A Comprehensive History? I don't wanna watch all 60 episodes no way in hell(sage your shit)

No. 847011

You're putting too much into it. He has always been obsessed with sex, wanted nothing more than to have sex with a real woman, and took his chance with his vegetable mother.

No. 847013

Not taking part in this thread but for disturbed anons, (I've seen post about this elsewhere) I think it's extra disturbing because you realize this really happens and there are many more infirm older people enduring sexual abuse and general abuse due to their lack of independence. And then realizing if you don't want something like this to happen to you, you need to be independent in old age which means having plenty of money and your own home. That was the process I went through, anyway.

Also: death to scrotes like this, a literal motherfucker.

No. 847015

Bizarre how people say he's retarded when he's clearly of sound mind and this was all premeditated elder abuse

D e a t h p e n a l t y

No. 847016

He is a retarded abuser. You can't be serious when you say he's 'clearly of sound mind'. Have you ever seen him?

No. 847017

I think he would just about rape anyone who he thought couldn't tell on him tbh.

The way he talked in the messages sounded like he was well aware of having to groom or convince her to let him do it. He pre planned it. He's the one with more mental capacity here and he knew it. In plenty of other circumstances he could use his tism as a shield but not when you pick on one of the very few people on earth who is clearly even lower functioning than you are. If he had been put in a home for challanged people he'd likely be doing the same thing to low functioning female autists.

I can't buy into the whole romantic notion of him thinking this is some grand spiritual love. He's been sex obsessed for years and now he's lied to null in a similar way and shown he puts a fancy spin on things when he wants to because he's a liar trying to sound like a victim.

No. 847018


>I can't buy into the whole romantic notion of him thinking this is some grand spiritual love.
I think it's possible he deluded himself into this awful headcanon. Just how he deluded himself into thinking Megan somehow wanting him, despite constant rejections on her end. Even sane scrotes tend to do this when they're desperate, like it's inconceivable for a girl to not be attracted to them without an external force stopping her from liking them.

No. 847019

My bad, I didn't mean to make it sound as if the entire thing was based on my tinfoil. I feel like 95% of it was Chris being an incel who believed he could get away with fucking his mom because she's a human vegetable and like maybe 5% was his tard brain actually buying into his delusions so as to make himself feel less guilty. He's 100% aware that he committed a social taboo whether or not he actually considers it wrong is another story.

I also think if he were placed into home it be hell for him. I think he still holds onto the belief that he's somehow superior to other autists because he's not a drooling retard and in his mind, high-functioning autist = normal person.

No. 847020

File: 1627821522968.jpg (33.59 KB, 1080x276, 20210801_153806.jpg)

Can this scrote kill himself already i'm sick oh his shit.(wrong thread)

No. 847021

File: 1627822965989.jpg (37.46 KB, 754x221, E7tD5pCXIAIYvpb.jpg)

This may be the cynic in me, but I'm going to call it now:
By the end of this week, every publication, twitter warrior, breadtuber, and political commentator who has previously condemned Chris will now do a 180 and start supporting him. Because this is no longer about Chris taking advantage of his senile mother but instead a question on if he identifies as a woman or not. Thus making it another hill to die on.

No. 847022

why do they hate women so much? How can a human hate their mothers so much?

For that matter, why does Chris-chan hate women so much? Bob didn't seem misogynistic. Barb and he have been committing emotional incest for decades. He had female "friends" in high school, even if Bob had to literally pay them. Why so much hate?

No. 847023

Part of me has become so blackpilled that I agree with you but honestly there's no way that there won't be a massive backlash to public figures defending someone who raped their mother. Can you imagine the absolute mass peakening that will occur when people start arguing that cwc should be left off the hook since mother/daughter incest isn't criminalized and he identifies as a woman? This person who raped his senile mother with his penis shouldn't be convincted because he's a woman? There has to be a line even for the most fervent troon supporter

No. 847024

this is what i want too, I have watched only a few but get bored I just want to know the more extreme bits, bits i dont know already

No. 847026

Yeah, plus even if he can't get an incest charge, I don't doubt he won't get an elder abuse charge. If the general state of their house doesn't clue the authorities in on Chris's incompetance as a carer, then I'm sure the hospital will at least find out. I can only imagine the state his mother's body must be in after years of neglect.

No. 847027

Because all men by design have mommy issues, perpetually avenging a trauma inflicted by something known as "maternal omnipotence". All males resent it, but women don't due to their ability to become mothers themselves. Most of what we define as "masculine identity" is just a set of pitiful exercises at establishing oneself outside of mommy's oppressive power. Predictably, everything about this particular LARP revolves around men defining themselves entirely around women and "not being women" as though they ever could be them - another "a-actually I'm choosing this, it's not like I CAN'T do something you can" cope.

No. 847028

that’s literally not true
the statute starts with language about anyone whom it is illegal to marry and then gives some examples
it doesn’t limit the illegality only to the examples cited

No. 847029


Did you study Freud this semester?

No. 847030

That's a massive armchair and a bad one at that. Men don't have mommy issues by design, hatred for women and mommy issues come from socialization.

Be careful with psychoanalysis, they were the most vocal about how women are by design and used it to opress us.

No. 847032

who socialized the first rapists and misogynists

No. 847033

You're an idiot

No. 847034

why did you get angry

who socialized the first misogynists? the woman hatred had to start somewhere. how did men lean to hate women before patriarchy was made?

No. 847035

Please shut the fuck up and take your shit to /ot/ or kiwifarms.

No. 847036

You are answering your own question. If men are misogynists by design, how come the matriarchy ever existed? Society evolves differently depending on enviroment, that's why different cultures exist. But let's stop derailing.

No. 847037

Why are so many retards in this thread sperging about muh prison reform? I hope this autist goes to the big house and never sees daylight again.

No. 847038

Did you see the letter regarding his ‘girlfriend’? It was absolutely premeditated and Chris has always been viewed by the courts ‘as of sound mind’ in the past. Please feel free to continue to lurk, you seem unintelligent.

No. 847039

I don't get it either. And tbh the type of person who's so concerned about the comfort of sexual predators in prison really have got their ethics all fucking backwards.

Mod should just ban the sympathizer.

No. 847040

My prediction:
>Breadtubers and other commentators will document this happening going all "did you see the shit Chris-chan did? He's a menacing motherfucker!" expecting people to laugh with them
>But alas, the troons who now have gotten used to getting their way will suddenly attempt to cancel them for using "he" or even "they" pronouns when addressing Chris
>Breadtube faggots are between a rock and a hard place as even they don't want to refer to Chris as a woman but they now have no other choice seeing how white American transbians are the most oppressed minority there is
>They might buckle and apologize for their bigotry, but inside their heads they can't stop thinking about what they've done by helping to cultivate this tranny insanity
>Some of them will start cannibalizing each other by calling him Christine and how even he is entitled to his gender identity no matter how many times he raped his mom
>But it's all for self defense, not genuine respect
>The gears of the mass peakening turn once again

No. 847042

Transcription and unedited audio stolen from KF:

C: So yeah she's got a really good G-spot, because apparently I don't believe her I don't believe even Mr. C or any of her past boyfriends have excited- they haven't really reached, hit her G-spot with their dicks. They prefer focusing on themselves so really as opposed to focusing on her that's my focus.
B: Yeah, true! Um, for like with the convention, make sure to have a lot of fun with– make sure for the Fiona make sure to have a lot of fun yeah! Because now you're doing this for your mom. Yeah, make sure– I'll be there, I'll be there watching making sure that nobody, nobody's trying to hurt you or do anything like take photos of you two. I have just a screenshot just a slide show of romantic stuff between you guys. Though the dance'll be awesome. We can take turns; I'd like to dance with her two and you guys can take the slow dance or whatever.
C: Well, we'll see what we can arrange because she only has the hotel room for a Friday night and she will want to get home as quickly as possible as she's already made the agreement with her parents and I don't want –
B: Yeah her mom is pretty strict about it
C: Yeah but I mean obviously but she is to get back home before the grand galloping gala.
B: Oh is she? Oh, no! I wanted to dance with her! I thought it'd be so cute since I'm there to protect you guys! Obviously I'd be ignoring the festivities with you two, but I wanted to take uh, I wanted to make a little like slide show like memory thingie of you guys together.
C: Yeah mum and all the other (unintelligible) and they were for the convention as well.
B: But how are you feeling Christine? How are you feeling? Because I know there's a lot of societal pressure on you about like um this thing with Barbara. A lot of societal pressure, a lot of things consciously who would judge you know there's a lot of eyes on you. It must be very stressful.
C: Yeah it is.
B: Yeah I can imagine. I'm so sorry about all that stuff yeah.
C: Yeah still well I'm still– I still have magi-chan and cryzelle.
B: You'll always have both! I'm pretty sure that you like um an idea of open relationships right? But if uh Fiona really wants to commit and settle down with you, would you take that seriously and stop having open relationships?
C: Uuuhm, well, I- I would consider, I… Really would wish I could – obviously…
B: What if in like ten years after she's done with college and you still have a good relationship and she's going to be a beautiful woman and you know, everything, she says "Christine, I really really really want to settle down with you. I love you with the bottom of my heart." What would you do?
C: Well after she's done with college and she's got herself organized, I'd be highly highly unlikely convinced. For this time I– that she DOESN'T meet her long term sweetheart that who would be–who would be better for her. And I would definitely be up for considering.
B: Why do you think that she has somebody else that's better for her?
C: Well I mean I can't reveal too many details: I can only say that she's had me–
B: Oooh, is this some psychic thingie? Did you look into the future?
C: Yes
B: Oh, okay.
C: But the incest fanfics and have come true and shit.
B: I didn't even know there was such a thing! I didn't even know there were such fanfics. Were there, about you and Barb? I can't believe that. I didn't even think that. I knew that you guys had a good relationship, but I always thought 'cuz I'm not huge on Christory and you know, whatever, I just thought that the whole sonichu franchise was very interesting and that's how I got into you when I was younger, right? But I had – I didn't have any idea that Barbara was uhm, that Barbara and you had entered a relationship. I never got any of those vibes. But uhm, how did you approach her?
C: I approached her with care and caution.
B: Hm?
C: It was a timed approach, so I just gave her a couple of good talks with her and just branched out slow and steady, and then I did encouraged her positively and let her make the first move, and she wanted to do it–
B: Oh she did, really? She made the first move?
C: Yeah.
B: Oh, oh really? Wow, Barbara (laughs). How did she do it if you don't mind me asking? What was the first move?
C: Uuh, uuh, well I don't remember exactly but that was her first move. My approach was, well, I forgot exactly what terminology to refer to but I approached with care and caution.
B: That's good
C: And that was direct and blunt with her for the most part.
B: And how did she respond when you approached her? What did she say?
C: I don't remember exactly what she said, but it was kinda like– I think she was partially confused and [unintelligible 5:55] but but then she came around obviously with more encouraging and more approaching, and I was uh doing with her along the way
B: Right, so she got into it. How is – did you – how was the first kiss? You kissed her; how did that feel, having known this woman for your whole life, how did that feel?
C: Oh yeah well it was simple uuh, bit of lip kiss contact. And yep, it was actually good and felt right.
B: When did you start having feelings for Babara?
C: Obviously for well, a long time I remember her mentioning name some time ago that I had had dreams where I had sex with her obviously so.
B: Really? Yeah.
C: Oh yeah, that's right, the Oedipus complex, right.
B: Oh, the Oedipus that's right, yeah. Yeah, that's right. And uh, how-how if you don't mind me asking and I know this is probably personal and you don't have to answer but how was the sex?
C: Uh I would say is satisfactory. It took a while, it took a few tries.
B: Yeah it took a few tries? Yeah, well, she is a bit older–
C: And plus also she's very understanding about the whole thing as well. I was direct with her still direct and honest with her and made sure that I obviously I'm never gonna propose for marriage to her at all because we're already daughter and mom
B: Yeah mother, and daughter. You know they say there's no stronger bond than a mother and her daughter.
C: Yeah we've been doing it every third night and the first night came on June 27.
B: Oh, you have a routine?
C: Yeah.
B: Oh, well at least you have a stable– a stable relationship because you know it's not gonna end like if anything happened you'd still be, you would still be, you know, mother and daughter. You're it's not gonna let– be an explosive breakup, right? At least that's comforting.
C: Yeah
B: So you said since June?
C: Yeah. It took use a few nights to figure- to figure out what felt right and what didn't feel right?
B: Did your mother enjoy it?
C: Yeah, she's having a good time.
B: She is? She's having a good time?
C: Yeah we were slowly, but we figured out.
B: That's good to hear. Do you guys act more mother-daughter or more like lovers? Like, say you come home from you know, the supermarket, and you see Barbara uh, do you say "Hey sweetheart" or do you say "Hi mom"?
C: Yeah uhm, I haven't called her mom in quite some time now
B: Oh really?
C: I'm more of calling her love at this point.
B: But you recently started dating Fiona at this point that's true right in an open relationship?
C: Yeah it's it's– Between Barbara and I it's an open relationship and I made that very clear with her
B: Right. Is Barbara dating anybody else?
C: Uh, I think not
B: No? But she's fine with you dating other people, right?
C: Yeah, she's okay.
B: Do you guys go on any dates or anything romantic like that?
C: Um, well, not anything extravagant, but we do as often as possible we eat at the dinner table together. We haven't been able to do much lately because I'm back switched to a soup diet after getting a crown on my tooth.
B: Oh did you? Right.
C: Plus she does try to remember her inner child
B: Right, that's true, yeah
C: But I'm encouraging her towards the positives and being like a homemaker.
B: Yeah! Knowing you, Christine, I think that because you - I'm noticing that she's mature, you know, she's mature and she's wise. She's wise in her ways, um, you k now, she has experience and she loves you, and you two have a great relationship, but wouldn't you want someone who's younger, right? To keep up with your energy?
C: Yeah, obviously, right. If I can find
B: There's Fiona! Fiona's very interested in you! She's a super girl.
C: I have foreseen I have glimpsed into the future and I found she's gonna find her better long term sweetheart on campus
B: Fiona? Are you sure? Because Fiona talks to me saying how great you are and how much she loves you. Maybe because the future can change, right, with fate?
C: Um, it's a possibility, but it's not likely.
B: Why didn't you try for her? Because, you know, I'm sure 'cause Fiona is open to having an open relationship, right? I'm sure you're fine with both of them now, but over time Fiona really, really, really adores you and she's a wonderful girl. I text her a lot, we chat, we um, she has never said a single negative thing about you. She adores you and – but she'd be more open to doing stuff like having spa days, getting pizza, going out together, you know, and she's um, she's newer she's probably newer in the bedroom but she's willing to do it. She's willing you, you know, she's willing to have fun with you.
C: Yes I agree and I appreciate all that. I'm making the short time count as best that I can with her.
B: And plus, she's young! She has a lot of time to um, to you know, uh, travel, visit you, whatever. And I mean, you've done long distance before, haven't you?
C: Uh, yeah, long distance relationships but
B: Yeah they suck, I know they suck, but more the point is that you make your relationship with her now and that way it'll stay forever and she'll come back you. She'll come back to you I'm sure she would.
C: Yes it is a possibility, but I am more– I'm thinking more on the higher likelihood outcomes for this timeline um and–
B: Sorry I'm just trying to get adjusted– a lot of time with your mom. Whatever you have left with her, that makes sense, because you don't know how she has left. So you wanna– you just don't want her to be lonely or anything, right?
C: Yeah, obviously. So yeah, so but wanting somebody you was younger or close to my age obviously I know they'd be–
B: You don't want anyone who's younger?
C: No, not too many others at this point in this time but I mean, obviously, I have affirmations I'm attracting my twin flame. We proceed towards it more slowly.
B: Mhm? Sorry, I'm turning up the volume. I have a really bad ear like I got sick, you can hear it in my voice. It's hard to hear anything at all, but I can hear you now. Go ahead.
C: Alright, so anyway, um, with the events and everything I was feeling um I really need a sexual release and not too many - not too many individuals this side of the [unintelligible] were coming up to the plate right now. So
B: Right?
C: So, and then everything was coming into alignment. The signs were all there. Even Emmanuel (you know, God) just said it was okay and I asked which God was it–
B: God said it was okay? So yeah, you don't have anything to worry about if God himself said it this is fine.
C: yeah, and so yeah you know I was talking to myself I was like "okay, so I'll take a dive for it."
B: So how did this happen? How did this come about?
C: Well, basically, I was just really really horny and I need a true and honest relationship to come about, so obviously, this was just one of the best ways to do it, despite it being with the – I don't want to put any labels on it at all, buy obviously… [End of transmission]

Audio archive:

No. 847044

Is Vaush a breadtuber? He already got smug with his chat and told them he didn’t care about what Chris did because “she” is a poor sad victim of the intertubes, and that it literally goes in one ear and out the other, that he prides himself on his ability to let information he doesn’t want gtfo his memory, which is probably one of the ways he’s able to defend being a pedo groomer. Fuck breadtubers lol

No. 847045

They’re probably retarded ACAB newfags from Twitter

No. 847047

>C: Yeah but I mean obviously but she is to get back home before the grand galloping gala.
god, the brony autism is rearing it's ugly head again

No. 847048

thank you, killing myself brb

No. 847049

You honestly think the shit they've done is near the same level as raping an elderly woman? Really?

No. 847050

He has been weirdly quiet on social media. Does anyone think he would kill himself? He’s got to know that he’s in a massive amount of trouble and I’m sure seeing all his ‘friends’ from the internet turn on him has got to be bugging him, somehow. The whole thing is just grim. If they somehow end up back in that house together…I just hope the case workers and cops do the right thing.

No. 847051

autist rapist apologists
>chris is too retarded to know wjat he's doing!!! barb groomed him!!!
chris chan:
>C: Alright, so anyway, um, with the events and everything I was feeling um I really need a sexual release and not too many - not too many individuals this side of the [unintelligible]
>C: Well, basically, I was just really really horny and I need a true and honest relationship to come about, so obviously, this was just one of the best ways to do it, despite it being with the – I don't want to put any labels on it at all, buy obviously…

No. 847052

Who the fuck is Fiona?

No. 847053

you haven't seen Shrek?(sage, retard)

No. 847055

Blessed scum manifesto anon bringing light into this horrible thread

No. 847056

Probably Bellas trolling buddy, since she's pushing it hard. I hope Bella is a troon, because this is some male shit right here.

This is supposed to be her:

But it's possible this group just took her TikTok and started larping as her to Chris.

No. 847057

Twitter is a hell of a drug. It's a place where there can be video evidence of someone straight-up murdering a guy and they'll still argue that there must be some reason the perpetrator is innocent.

No. 847058


It's pointless armchairing and arguing. Everyone thought Onision was going to jail and would owe 1 million dollars for trashing his yard.

No. 847060

Null never said what Chris’ response was, but the next post he made started something along the lines of ‘the recording should be treated as true.’

No. 847062

i think you are replying to a wrong post. im not arguing whether he goes to jail or not, just that he was consciously raping barb because no other vagina was available to him. terrifying

No. 847063

Wasn't null still going to give fundraised money to Chris to put him up in a hotel for a few nights post rape but then finding out Chris lied to null was the final straw… raping your mom is OK but lying to null is unforgivable? That 750 dollar transfer is what broke him rather than the news itself? If I'm following right then that's pretty fucked

No. 847064

This feels even more severe and concrete than onion’s case to me. Chris isn’t smart enough to lie well or cover his tracks all that well. He also immediately turned around and violated the EPO by stealing her money. Even if by some twist he isn’t punished for this, there is no way in hell things are going back to the way they were. And Chris doesn’t have anywhere else to go. He is fucked.

No. 847065

Yeah it seems like Null has a weird savior complex when it comes to Chris-Chan and was willing to try to believe that maybe the leaks were false.

Or he's just kind of a piece of shit too.

No. 847067

Bruh he didn't care. He hinted at Barb being horny due to her age and dementia in Rakieta stream.

No. 847069

Based. Fuck off Kiwi moids, you're not welcome here

No. 847070

Of course null is a piece of shit, I don't think he doesn't care about barb or Chris chan, but he does kinda have to considering his entire forum and identity has been based on harassing Chris for like a decade now. I understand why he felt an obligation to try to help him because of that

No. 847074

Not at any point in this has this person said "Chris, maybe don't fuck your mom". The trolls are definitely compliant in this and egging on a tard and justifying his actions to him. He doesn't think he's doing anything wrong cause he's got tons of people who tell him that what he is doing is great because they don't want him to "stop producing the lulz" so they encourage this shit. Whoever this tranny is thats talking to him should finally join the 41%

No. 847075

Kiwis are giving their sympathy to Null. Elderly woman gets raped? POOR NULL! HE'S BEEN BETRAYED! All he wanted to do was send his favorite human tard to a pony convention.

No. 847076

Null IS a piece of shit, but he is more scared about the legality that would concretely tie him to having helped move stolen money and assisted as an accomplice to aid the thief. Because that directly affects him. He ought to have cared about the rape with equal outrage, but he only cares when it's his own ass.

Did you read the full transcript though? Clearly this troll didn't know he had been fucking Barb since June 27th. The way it reads, is that this troll could have either: 1. Took the moral highroad chastising Chris but then risking him hiding and deleting any evidence of his crime knowing that he could get into trouble, or 2. Getting Chris to talk about a crime he had already committed with specific details which will serve as a confession if examiners confirm Barb was assaulted.
If I've been following, this troll leaked the transcript and people called the cops right away yeah? So it doesn't seem like the troll really sat on this while 'egging' Chris on and giving him time to do worse.

I tend to agree with other commenters that Chris is a sexual predator and would have eventually took advantage of his infirm mother regardless if he ever had internet fame.

No. 847077

This fucking REEEEing about Null is so fucking tiring. It wasn't even confirmed that Chris raped his mom (and still kinda isn't) when he offered to send him the money that belonged to Chris anyways because it was a fundraiser in his name, so Chris wouldn't be homeless. And then Chris lied to him about stealing money from Barb anyways even tho Null was the only person trying to help him and not troll him further. He did a good thing but you can't accept this because you gotta REEEE about scrotes and KF in every single post.

No. 847078

>scared about the legality that would concretely tie him to having helped move stolen money and assisted as an accomplice to aid the thief
WTF are you talking about? He didn't "help move stolen money" in any way. He was going to send him the money from the fundraiser FOR HIM. The money that Chris stole from Barb has absolutely nothing to do with Null. You don't even know what you are talking about, literally just making shit up because it fits your narrative.

No. 847079

Yeah, the people trolling Chris are just doing it for the greater good of society. That's why this person is so pushy about getting Chris to date "Fiona" another catfish invented by trolls to be his fake girlfriend cause that's how they get him to do stupid shit, by having people pretend to be his e-girlfriend. Imagine defending these mentally ill trannies who are just as depraved as Chris. Couldn't be me.

No. 847080

Like Null's heart is filled with gold instead of cum. STFU. This unhealthy co-dependent thing Null does for his forum always crosses the line. He can't stay out of his cows manure. It's pathetic.

No. 847081

Literally Null stopped because he found out Chris stole money from Barb you stupid pissbaby.
>Every so often, Chris gets an email alert that Barb has sent him money. I've always been under the impression that Barb tightly manages his finances and sends him a pittance. However, to my surprise, at 12:38am this morning (so less than 8 hours ago), Barb sent Chris $750.
>I believe this is a violation of his EPO, as he is prohibited from stealing from her.
>I've notified police.
He would've gotten himself into legal trouble knowing this info and still helping Chris you insufferable dipshit.

>Yeah, the people trolling Chris are just doing it for the greater good of society.
Exaggerating what I've written does not an argument make. This isn't what I said and you know it, and I don't know why you'd bother.
>That's why this person is so pushy about getting Chris to date "Fiona" another catfish invented by trolls to be his fake girlfriend cause that's how they get him to do stupid shit
Any time Chris has been in trouble with the law it has never had anything to do with catfish profiles. It's always because he's been doing something fucking stupid and entitled on his own. Like repeatedly trespassing on game store property, running people over with his vehicle, pepper-spraying store employees, etc. Trolls didn't put him up to that shit.
Being catfished doesn't justify rape.
>Imagine defending these mentally ill trannies who are just as depraved as Chris
Literally didn't do this, but go off.

No. 847083

>He would've gotten himself into legal trouble knowing this info and still helping Chris you insufferable dipshit.
You are literally retarded. You know that Chris did this, are you a criminal? Did you tell the police? Ah shiet, you are now in legal trouble I guess. Null has no obligation to stop a retard from committing crimes.

>Any time Chris has been in trouble with the law it has never had anything to do with catfish profiles. It's always because he's been doing something fucking stupid and entitled on his own.

Why didn't you just say you are a dumb a-log who encourages trolling retards? Could have saved me a lot of time reading your brainlet posts.

No. 847084

Aww, is Null your sweetheart?

No. 847085

the result is the abuse of barb coming to light, so atm i cannot care less about cwiss being trolled

No. 847086

>You know that Chris did this, are you a criminal?
Helping criminals obtain money when you are in the privy to their thieving makes you an accessory, yes. If you are involved in helping a thief manage his accounts, and you don't report what you see to police, you would in trouble–yes.
Is it clear to you now nonnie? Does this need to be explained more to your remedial ass??? Shut the fuck up.
>y-y-you're an a-log
Nice try, but no. Now shoo.

Null isn't true and honest enough for me.

No. 847087

>anon trying to explain why a selfish moid would care more about an issue that would impact himself and not the plight of some old woman
Lmao unhinged.

No. 847088

It was a joke girl, relax.

No. 847089

I watched deadwingdorks stream on it and when he was reading out the superchats at the end I had to laugh at the amount of people correcting his pronouns quickly followed by transwomen saying that they view Chris as 'similar to someone in blackface'..that he's not truly one of them. There was about an hour of the stream where it flip flopped between those 2 messages on repeat. Battling it out lol

No. 847090


The "no true transwoman" phallusy.

No. 847092

>lolcow youtubers
The commentary community was bad enough, why throw money at nerds reading shit off foxdick faerms

No. 847095

> he's not a drooling retard and in his mind, high-functioning autist = normal person.
He’s not even a high-functioning autist; he can’t hold down employment or maintain healthy relationships or manage normal human responsibilities. He can’t live independently.

No. 847096

Thanks for this, I couldn’t get through the whole clip for multiple reasons

No. 847099

Go dilate. Part of the entire discussion is how many people are disgustingly defending Chris or outright pardoning his actions.

No. 847100

>can't hold down employment
>manage normal human responsibilities
>he can't live independantly
I blame that more on his laziness, and his parents being his safety net, than his autism.

go back to your containment thread. no1curr's about a literal who troon with shit takes. we don't need this thread to be derailed with a discussion that could easily be had in the mtf thread.

No. 847101

File: 1627839281344.png (37.53 KB, 762x370, Screenshot (1133).png)

The only update I've been able to track down on the state of the pets is this rando on twitter, but I can't for the life of me find the original post it's referring to on KF to confirm its validity.

No. 847104

didn't they die? snoopy passed in his sleep and the other beagle had been dead for a few yrs at that point

No. 847105

No one cares about a post with zero engagement from some complete random. It isnt milk. Stop with the obvious selfposting/vendetta posting.

No. 847106

They have several pets, I think one more dog and a few cats? Chris would also hoard animals

No. 847109

>Helping criminals obtain money when you are in the privy to their thieving makes you an accessory, yes
He didn't help Chris steal money from Barb you fucking retard and he's not helping him manage his accounts either, he just has access to his e-mail. You are fucking stupid, please sit down.

No. 847111

You clearly care a lot.

No. 847113

Why do people think the audio clip of him raping Barb is faked? I keep seeing people say it’s still not clear whether he did it or not.
I can’t listen to the clip, but my psyche needs to be cleared if he didn’t do it.

No. 847115

it’s not faked for fuck’s sake
people are just brainfogged by copium

No. 847117

>He didn't help Chris steal money
That's not what that post said. At least if you're going to stir the pot again actually use some reading comprehension.

No. 847118

Its very clearly him speaking. I think people are just flip flopping whether hes just voicing his sick fantasies or if he actually raped his mom

No. 847119

Because it's really a did he actually do it or is he just saying some wild shit like he normally does.

But I think deep inside our hearts, we know it to be true.

No. 847124

Ok so if anyone ever stole money and you also gave them money at some other point in time that makes you a criminal? If you give a homeless guy on the street a dollar and he goes to rob a convenience store later that makes you an accessory to crime? Sorry but you are fucking stupid.

No. 847126

Two Null a-logs are currently live driving to Chris Chan's hotel right now to get him to shit-talk Null.

No. 847127

This is kinda pathetic ngl

No. 847129

This is the same guy who just yesterday said that Null is a criminal for "paying Chris to fuck Barb" and now he is going to offer Chris money to talk about Josh.

No. 847130

Nothing happened they just found his car
Idc what anyone else says those two just seem like stupid clowns
Just gnarly how they kind of laugh it off I mean that dude raped his own mother why are they trying to make a circus out of it

No. 847131

I mean she groomed her son to "spoon" her she wanted the dick. Hard to tell it's even rape.

No. 847132

We don't know if it was rape or consensual incest …(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 847134

Because Ethan Ralph is nearly as big of a cow as Chris is. In more ways than one!

No. 847135

File: 1627851137679.jpg (56.38 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)


No. 847136

Ethan's gf looks like shoe0nhead

No. 847137

File: 1627851435395.png (523.75 KB, 745x593, Amanda.png)

She is hideous. She also dated Digibro (now a tranny) and is an unironic lolicon.

here is her thread

Ethan has a whole subforum dedicated to him on KF.

No. 847138

Regardless of how she raised Chris, she is just an empty shell of what she used to be. Her mind is literally gone. Someone with literally blank space in their brain does not have the capability to consent. It is rape, anons.

No. 847139

File: 1627851946864.jpg (109.24 KB, 1024x935, 1627833759871.jpg)

Chris is about to walk free

No. 847140


And so it came to pass: the dimensional merge and the end of troonism.

No. 847141

Lol Pantsu tried to knock on Chris's door and said "Hello Chris, I am a woman and I follow you on twitter, please open up I am here to comfort you". What a horrific attempt. They then got told to fuck off by a security guard.

No. 847142


Don't give up Ethan and lolicon, go for it and get "arrested". The merge is happening… it's the cow singularity.

No. 847143

File: 1627852680208.png (1.02 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210801-141717.png)

All these redditors swarming the motel are low key weirdos

No. 847144

File: 1627852859095.jpg (282.34 KB, 1280x720, pantsu.jpg)

Here she is knocking on Chris' door.

No. 847146


If the court considers Chris a woman, then yes, the incest charge would only be a misdemeanor and not a felony… but that doesn't protect him from rape charges. It is not legal for anyone to rape anyone, regardless of gender identity or personal relationship.

No. 847150

this literally isn’t true
stop posting idiots quoting idiots

No. 847152

I cannot imagine something more horrific than fucking Chris Chan setting women back a hundred years. The best outcome is that he has been so well-documented as a degenerate male that people familiar with his history will peak en masse. Most people on twitter are sticking to he/him in reference to Chris, a good sign

No. 847154

File: 1627855560161.png (1.03 MB, 1280x719, 186525568_1213377492515214_805…)

No. 847155

The Gunt is arriving at the motel again, 5 policemen at the room he was trying to enter apparently.

No. 847158

Look like the cops have him…

No. 847159


No. 847160

Can't believe how well Chris Chan is taking this.

No. 847161

Really goes to show how childish and naive xe is

No. 847162

File: 1627857098473.jpg (65.74 KB, 712x392, 4zgkkf.jpg)

No. 847164

that look longer than i thought it would

No. 847169

File: 1627857545309.jpeg (38.38 KB, 567x565, 1624028418019.jpeg)

Ethan Ralph yelling "LOOK UP DA KILLSTREAM DOT COM!" while Chris is getting arrested was peak cringe.

No. 847171

No. 847175

File: 1627858139714.gif (359.99 KB, 220x163, tenor (4).gif)

No. 847176

Shan't sage

No. 847177

did you hear him flirting with the cop holy fucking lol what a timeline

No. 847178

Did he really do that? How can one man lack so much self awareness?

No. 847179

I wonder if they actually arrested him for either the rape, stealing money or both.

No. 847180

Yes I know I posted this in the Chris Chan thread.

No. 847181

Holy shit, that guy is just as big of a shitbag as Chris (and that's a very high bar). He's a literal fucking Neo-Nazi.

No. 847182

well that's fuckin disgusting

No. 847183

He's way worse than a neo-nazi. He's an attention whore who routinely changes his opinion to piss off as many people as possible. The Killstream fell apart because it was just a bunch of little kids screaming the n word while he felt he was a legit force to be reckoned with.
It's no surprise that the next place he would be found is Chris Chan's arrest.

No. 847184

>Chris got arrested on national girlfriend day

No. 847186

pottery, it all rhymes

No. 847187

I see you are new to Ethan Ralph. He just got engaged to a pedophile today. Last year he impregnated a teenage girl straight out of high school and then released revenge porn on her. He is currently battling in court for the right to see his child. He is also divorced already and has been caught masturbating to a 14 year old girl live on stream. He's definitely rivaling Chris Chan levels of lolcowdom.

No. 847189

say what you will about kiwi farms, no one offers better fat-white-retard-based entertainment

No. 847190

No. 847191

i actually hope he does end up in a woman’s prison. he’ll think the friendly resident butch dyke will give him goddess hugs when he tells her he raped his mother, and instead she’ll turn him into a red smear on the floor. you love to see it.

No. 847192

Forgot to mention he is also a convicted felon who went to jail for punching a female cop.

No. 847194

Since he's a rapist, hopefully they castrate him. Free SRS.

No. 847195

I wonder what the charges are. Theft or did they really bust them for incest?

No. 847196

welp, everyone was wondering when CWC would end up in an institution…who would have guessed that it'd happen like this? damn lol
holy shit it's like the ending to a cheesy 80's action film, too good.

No. 847197

provide receipts

No. 847198

There was no ambulance with them, i think he's definitely going to jail

No. 847200

do we know what count cwc is gonna be held in?

No. 847201

File: 1627860077955.jpg (49.43 KB, 859x527, Egoe06BX0AIvlGZ.jpg)

He has literally an entire board dedicated to him on KF. Knock yourself out.


No. 847204

I love this song but it really hits different in a bad way rn

No. 847206

I was kinda hoping Ralph is gonna get himself arrested again too. Those cow crossovers are too much by now.

No. 847207

nobody will know anything about the charges until tomorrow morning

No. 847208

Just like The Lich King, there must always be a King of The Cows. That spot is now vacant

No. 847209

He is in several lawsuits and has been to court for harassing and doxing his ex and reckless driving just within the last month. I am sure he will eventually run over someone while drunk driving or for punching someone who called him short.

No. 847210

fair enough

No. 847211

What are you talking about, Chris just elevated himself to Cow Emperor.

No. 847212

No, Chris has ascended to Godhood and has initiated The Merge.

No. 847222

Chris-chan is the king of lolcows, the cursed king who powers are so ungodly, he managed to give us a cow crossover with Null, Kevin Gibes, Ethan Ralph, and digibro's ugly ass girlfriend. I can only imagine the other cows he'll summon in his wake.

No. 847223

Part of me thinks he will go to an institution, they would have to have him undergo some kind of mental assessment right? If any decent psychiatrist looks into his history they'll see how highly suggestable and easy to boss around he is, the prisoners would figure this out and fuck him up so badly, far more than anything he experienced online, or he will just start talking and someone will knock his lights out permanently just to shut him up.

No. 847224

Some people are guessing that the arrest was related to issues with the hotel. People were turning up and arguing with security and there were probably a lot of strange phone calls or fake threats.
Don't really know much about the process, but it seems a bit strange that a group of cops would seek him out at his hotel unless there was an assumed threat.

No. 847226

>>35521 that didn't age well

No. 847227

I reckon the results of any mental assessment they let him take will be that he's cognitively capable despite his autism. Being highly suggestible would likely not excuse him from going to a regular prison the same way plenty of people in prison have mental disorders that largely go unchecked.

Chris is pretty verbally skilled considering how severe his social, emotional and mental delays are. His sentences, especially written, tend to sound surprisingly clear and sort of normal. That is definitely going to work against him from here on out.

No. 847228

File: 1627865768434.jpg (38.77 KB, 790x401, CWC-new-mugshot.jpg)

No. 847231

oh hell naw

No. 847232

This is so White Trash Southern Gothic I'm kinda hoping for Nicole Dollanganger or Ginger Bronson to write a tacky song about it.

This is the weirdest timeline.