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File: 1647291839470.gif (456.6 KB, 500x375, fXJYPhS.gif)

No. 189358

Temporary thread to post about animated media that isn't anime until the old thread gets restored.

>Your favorite cartoons
>What are you watching right now
>Cartoon Recommendations
>Western animation studio discussion

No. 189380

I want to rewatch the marvellous misadventures of flapjack had the perfect comedy/creepy aspect to it.

No. 189383

KND was fucking awesome and one of my favorites of all time, I should rewatch it to see if it still holds up now that I'm an adult

No. 189384

Rn i'm watching Amphibia and binging the early seasons of The Simpsons.

Old faves include classic Looney Tunes, Invader Zim, My Life as a Teenage Robot, and Wander over Yonder. I really recommend WoY, it's got GREAT animation, and is pretty underrated compared to the others.

No. 189393

File: 1647300053758.gif (4.52 MB, 400x400, tumblr_eb469d3d5a67ef34131e73c…)

My favorite cartoons are Hey Arnold, X Men Evolution, Justice League and Young Justice.
Never finished Young Justice, it was cancelled then it got uncancelled, dunno how it ended. Oh and Sym-bionic Titan which was also cancelled for some reason, and it was getting so good.. CN gotta love cancelling everything. I'd recommend Sym-bionic Titan if I didn't know it ends in a fucking cliffhanger, remembering it makes me want to cry.

No. 189401

File: 1647303443211.jpg (186.37 KB, 1440x810, ahh the 90s.jpg)

If you watched Ed Edd n Eddy as a child there's at least a 69% chance you grew up to be an edgy fujo with a thing for nerdy men.

No. 189403

Yeah, I admit it. But I grew out of the fujo thing. The edgy and preference for nerdy men, not so much.

No. 189414

Op pic rel, but I tried to watch Daria and I couldn't really get into it. I know the point of the show show is supposed to be very dry humor and the side characters are supposed to be dumb from Daria's perspective but they all felt a little wet cardboardish to me tbh. The only character I really liked was the crazy teacher kek. Maybe it was just because I tried watching early episodes, should I give it another shot?

No. 189418

Young justice is still going but it's best to pretend that it only had two seasons.

Also can any anons say if the owl house is actually good or not? I keep hearing good things about it but I don't know if it actually IS good or if it's just people grasping at straws for "representation".

No. 189419

File: 1647308119438.jpg (593.6 KB, 684x1000, 93874b12784cd74883650ca20318bb…)

Forever angry the Reboot license is with a deranged moid who ruins it with unrelated garbage spinoffs and won't sell it to someone who'd actually use it. The animation's aged so badly but the story is still excellent, it would just need a remaster and could be aired today otherwise untouched and have an actual end and not a cliffhanger.

No. 189423

Kek my cousin actually worked on the live action spinoff. He left the studio before the series was finished.

No. 189425

I'm sorry for your cousin, anon. No one deserves that garbage attached to their name.

No. 189426

Reboot used to terrify me as a kid but damn if it wasn't amazing for a 90's cartoon.

No. 189427

File: 1647309340277.jpg (78.18 KB, 500x375, Edg,_Edge_and_Edgy.jpg)

Like this?

No. 189441

My taste is kinda all over the place, I’d say my favorite cartoons are South Park, Transformers, Morel Orel, Billy and Mandy, Smiling friends and Over the Garden wall.

No. 189444

Hm…idk, honestly. A lot of the characters end up being more complex, which is one of my favorite things about the series – Daria and Jane's friendship gets complicated in interesting ways, everyone in Daria's family gets more depth esp. Quinn and their mom, Jodie gets some really cool bits, Daria herself ends up having to face the fact that she's not actually surrounded by total idiots and she relies on the icy outcast thing to protect herself. But I'm remembering that all pretty cumulatively – it's spread out over the whole series, which is still mostly the really dry humor you might not be digging. It's not really a show you HAVE to watch in order, though – I think the first one I ever saw was the finale, lol. There is some linear development so you won't catch everything and some of these are some of the most climactic episodes in the show, so if you're not into that, ignore this. But if you're okay with skimming for the best stuff, I'd say watch these episodes to see if you dig 'em, and if you don't, it might not be for you:
>Gifted: Jodie and Daria tour a "gifted" school, end up hating it
>See Jane Run: Jane gets interested in track, Daria can't deal
>Daria!: musical episode, which I mostly remember for the fun format, lol
>Fire! and Dye, Dye My Darling: Biggest conflict between Jane and Daria in the entire series, a guy is involved, goes right to the heart of why their friendship matters so much to Daria and also forces her to look at the fact that she is also a dumb teen
>Boxing Daria: Last episode, barring the movies. Daria has a big crisis regarding her place in her family.

No. 189450

It worked out in the end, he works for a popular company now. I don’t think crew members judge if you’re in a shitty movie you just gotta have good connections.

No. 189463

File: 1647322754308.jpeg (149.27 KB, 780x1147, B880C50D-76A6-4A45-A7F5-FB5E07…)

I love Downtown! the voice acting in particular. the creative process involved a lot of real-life conversation and storytelling between the actors and it suits the setting so well. (has tiktok/gen z hijacked it yet? I feel like it hits a lot of their aesthetic sweet spots and I’ve been waiting for fandom revivalism for years and years now lol)

No. 189465

File: 1647324235873.png (37.28 KB, 705x603, fuckingGOOD.png)

GOOD, FUCK THIS MOVIE. Fuck them for touting the director as the first "female solo director" at Pixar, completely forgetting that they fired Brenda Chapman during the development of "Brave". Fuck Pixar, I enjoy watching their company tank.

No. 189501

I think tiktok kids would go crazy over this if they knew about it. I love it I still haven't watched all of it (I'm afraid my roommate would ask me what I'm watching and I'd have to say I'm watching cartoons kek) but when I watch, it makes me wish I could get in trouble with and roam around the city with my friends, my favorite episode so far was when Chaka, Matt and Fruity go to the sewers

No. 189605

i watched the smiling friends and liked it way more than i expected. especially the enchanted forest is one of my favorite cartoon episodes i have ever seen, with the hobbit animation parody with the mip character, the fake cell animation and the movements and all were just perfect and hilarious and the ending twist was almost like from bakhsi's wizards with the gun thing

No. 189614

No. 189619

Gross. I saw Brave in theaters a few months after my mom passed and ending up crying but enjoying it a lot. I see so much positive reviews for TR but the animation is so ugly.

No. 189622

Ot but this fanart is hot af

No. 189629

Damn it really bombed kek. Sort of feel bad though they will use this as an excuse to not give any female directors or stories a chance again. Idk what the fuck Pixar is doing with this style, it seems they wanted to make this movie as marketable as possible with the red panda gimmick and anime inspiration shit. I feel like their latest movies just haven't hit the mark for me, they feel more targeted for kids instead of stories that can be more adult but appropriate for kids. My fav is still Ratatouille

No. 189636

Brenda Chapman didn't deserve the bullshit they put her through. This is the woman who directed "Prince of Egypt." I wish we could have seen "Brave" as she had originally envisioned.

No. 189641

They didn't give it a theatrical run in the US, it went straight to Disney+.

No. 189643

Why are they still doing that? Aren't most theaters open now? They could released in theaters and Disney+

No. 189723

honestly, who's the guy on the left side?

No. 189727

>completely forgetting that they fired Brenda Chapman during the development of "Brave"
>This is the woman who directed "Prince of Egypt." I wish we could have seen "Brave" as she had originally envisioned.
wtf, quick rundown? I really liked Brave even if it was kind of underwhelming, but I'm not very interested in watching Turning Red, though I've seen a lot of bait online about it and how bad female directors are.

I'm can't tell if you're just shitposting but I think that's Dante AKA Donte from DmC, sorry if I ruined a joke lmao

No. 189731

And she worked on "The Lion King" as the head of story (one of my all-time favorite films). I still remember a bit from the DVD, a sort of mini-doc about the making of the film, and she told a story about a father sending in a letter to the production team telling them he had to tell his daughter her mother had died, so he used the example of Mufasa and the Circle of Life to explain it. That bit stuck with me because Brenda starts choking up as she tells the story. You could tell it really hit her.

No. 189814

File: 1647450962355.jpeg (137.02 KB, 762x1080, 4A133F25-1C0F-45C2-BD21-3F0CC7…)

Yep. I can already see the pandering with that thirst trap lip filler villain

No. 189819

It forces Pixar fans to give Disney+ a try

No. 189827

She said that it still had the heart of what she had pictured but not quite the same. I heard she was let go for “creative differences” but I wonder if that really was the case? She had 6 years put into this film and this male swooped in and took credit.

No. 189835

One thing they added after she left were those worthless triplets who did nothing for the story. You don't need to have a retarded obligatory comedic character to make a good children's film.

No. 189856

File: 1647461031262.png (172.64 KB, 373x267, MyDadTheRockStar.png)

without knowing anything about this, the name reminds me of the show my dad the rockstar

No. 189858

It was John Lasseter's decision, knowing him he probably got pissed off about some female character not being attractive enough or something. He's a fucking creep.

No. 189859

Lol just proves nobody is original anymore.

No. 189951

this still enrages me. but everyone itt hoping turning red will fail is a scrote-brained idiot.

No. 189970

no thanks, i really didn't know

No. 189997

I just watched wolf walkers, was really afraid it was going to have a sad ending

No. 189998

File: 1647506439598.jpg (29.18 KB, 498x403, 1607920476642.jpg)

it was incredible, also Oliver Cromwell being the main villain was an awesome choice

No. 190102

>Brave as it was originally envisioned
You’ve reminded me of a clip I saw a long time before the movie was released. It was definitely from when they were making Brave because it had a similar name and concept but I think it was 2d. It was really pretty and I was so excited and then disappointed when they started advertising the one we got. I’ve just let it go now but I was super confused for a long time. It had the same vibe as the intro sequence, which I love and creievrytime.

No. 190700

Saddens me because I enjoyed Turning Red. A movie about women and girls meant for women and girls. The struggles of puberty for women and the interpersonal relationships with each other. And the friend group is a strong bond of girls together. The bad numbers will only enforce moids shitty opinions about how bad female leads are. Fuck men. And fuck Disney, they put it on Disney+ without additional charge, of course that's a big reason the movie didn't make profit. They clearly didn't care enough to give it a leg to stand on for revenue.

No. 191456

I started watching the Ghost and Molly McGee but the song about toes in the second episode was kinda weird. Should I keep watching?

No. 192684

I don't really follow animation stuff but I'd have never known Turning Red did badly if I hadn't seen this. For some reason I see so much of it on Twitter, I thought it was really big

No. 193025

It's Twitter, they don't know shit about the real world.

No. 204722

File: 1652066846821.png (388.7 KB, 1800x2204, darcy 3.png)

did anyone watch amphibia last night? it was so fucking cool

No. 204724

why does every fucking cartoon look the same these days jesus

No. 204725

Why do so many people hate Turning Red? I'm just curious btw, I never watched it and don't really plan on it

No. 204726

Trannies thought it emphasizes too much on periods and that’s transphobic or something. I watched it and didn’t have any type of reaction to it.

No. 204727

what on earth are you talking about

No. 204749

i don't know anything about the show but this character design is hot.

No. 204784

It was like one scene, I swear the majority of haters haven't even watched it. They will say kneejerk shit like how it's gross it's about periods or how it's gross they're selling merch of the red panda if it's meant as a puberty metaphor in the movie when the panda is just cute like a mascot. Or they say how the girls are too over the top and wouldn't act like that. AGP's never had a female friendgroup, they don't get it. Straight TiF's should stfu about this too, because I know you were like that when you were younger too. My ex-friend who is now a TiF 100% was like Abby.

No. 204786

It's a really, really gross movie, both in art style and plot.

No. 204799

I enjoyed it. I'm not a big fan of 3D animation, but it was cute and expressive and had weird nerdy girl friendships. People rag on it because periods are mentioned super briefly (oh no! women scary!) and because the animation is very weeby/anime influenced. Give it a shot, might as well see if you like it

No. 204800

The movie felt so nostalgic and I really miss my old friend group, we were a bunch of geeky weebs and it was great.

No. 204804

File: 1652096648846.gif (2.26 MB, 640x358, darcy-hello-there.gif)


I swear, Amphibia is so good. When it first came out I thought it'd be shit but it's incredibly charming. It starts off with random jokey monster of the week stuff and develops into an ongoing high fantasy plot, like SU did except good, kek Rocketed up the list to one of my all time favorite cartoons, for sure.

No. 204817

File: 1652099592290.jpg (1.16 MB, 1920x1080, MV5BNzAxMTNmYzAtMTVhYy00MTM1LW…)

sorry, you're right, this looks nothing like every other cartoon and has such a unique style

No. 204819

I actually agree that the character designs and art style are kind of boring, but the plot, humor, and animation rule so I don't care.

No. 204827

i never could get myself to watch SU because of that, maybe i will watch this when it's done. thank you anon!

No. 204837

>really, really gross
how ? the most disturbing thing was the "twerking" and it wasnt even meant to be sexy, she was trying to provoke her mother but they didnt emphasize the sexual appeal. she just looked like a child awkwardly pushing her butt out because she is. correct me if i am wrong, but i dont remember the camera being focused on her butt either. it wasnt sexual at all.
what was gross about the plot ? genuinely asking. i cant see any reason why an actual woman hating this unless she was a self hating female
and i am not even a fan of the movie, i just watched it with my friend and her little sister because the characters were her age and i wanted to spend time with them.
this one i actually agree with. i thought it looked repulsive in the literal sense of the word, i wasnt even going to watch it because i thought it was that ugly. the artstyle is so hilariously calarts "studio ghibli is my favorite !!!!!" sameface ( and body )

No. 204864

File: 1652119012851.jpg (26.59 KB, 421x237, Bluey_(2018_TV_series)_title_c…)

Has anyone here seen Bluey? It's an Australian show on Disney Jr. Unlike other shows that are very infantile, this one is entertaining for parents as well. The humor is good and the children are very cute.

No. 204865

my kid loves it, i love it, i am in parenting groups about it. i suggest the episode "copycat" or "sleepytime", both wonderful for their own reasons.

No. 204866

I've happened to see it on TV sometimes, and from what I remember it was very cute, very comfy, relatable (the adult characters) and funny.

No. 204869

I’ve seen it with my nieces. I wouldn’t watch it alone but it’s very cute and not grating like a lot of shows for that demo are. Will probably be major nostalgia fuel in 20 years.

No. 204870

Samefag, although my younger niece sometimes says some words in an Australian accent from watching it, kek. Same thing happened to the older niece from Peppa Pig a few years prior.

No. 205914

Am I really the only one who is entirely bored by it? I tried watching so many episodes in season 1 and then skipping around and choosing other random episodes but every single time, it is fails to engage me for even a second. It’s not funny, it’s not cute, it’s hideous, the plot lines are dull as fuck and repetitive, none of the characters are interesting enough to make me care about them, the world could be cool but it’s not… I don’t think I’ve ever seen a show that is so much of a snooze fest as amphibia. I would rather watch a show that I actively hate.

No. 206388

File: 1652643043751.png (714.53 KB, 1280x720, microangelo.png)

It's so good, though, and the finale that just aired was so satisfying. I really have no complaints, everything was wrapped up very nicely without any Steven Universe-tier asspulls

No. 206486

File: 1652667356459.jpg (759.24 KB, 1920x1080, 342059.jpg)

I love Big City Greens! The grandma is my favorite character and I just love the little world the show builds of this tiny slice of country in the city.

No. 206487

File: 1652667562745.jpg (301.62 KB, 2048x1152, Sarah&duck.jpg)

I love Bluey, as far as toddler shows go. Everyone here should also watch Sarah and Duck, whether you have kids or not. It's such a calming show.

No. 206488

File: 1652668542144.jpg (130.43 KB, 1200x675, scale.jpg)

I love this show it gives me summery vibes.

Reminds me of Gravity Falls, its the perfect thing to watch during the summer for me. The only things I didn't like about it was that the rest of the show went way too fast after introducing Stan's brother it could have had a whole season after that. I'm surprised Disney didn't want to keep milking the cash cow, it was the only thing that played on Disney XD when we had that channel

No. 206495

> I'm surprised Disney didn't want to keep milking the cash cow
They did. It was Alex Hirsch who wanted to end it abruptly, that's why season 2b was such a shitshow

No. 206566

The amphibia finale kinda pissed me off.
>Random ex machina God thing
>Anne literally fucking dies but she got cloned so it's fine
>The three friends apparently drifted apart and barely spoken in ten years despite the fact that texting and skype exist
Other than those things it was alright I guess.

No. 210296

File: 1653957686591.jpg (112.93 KB, 968x700, Untitled.jpg)

i get sad when i think about how we never got a kitty bobo show

No. 213316

Honestly I wouldn’t trust what this person says. She really comes off as someone who’s just bitter that her show didn’t get picked up.

No. 213319

Gravity Falls is painfully unfunny, I don’t like the tryhard adult humor shoved in every episode, that’s gross it’s a kids show. Why did everyone shit themselves over this boring garbage?

No. 213320

Bill cypher.

No. 213325

Looks generic as fuck

No. 213327

File: 1654901378445.jpg (69.9 KB, 564x733, 9ffec162ecdac9493023b2b90e20f6…)

>Mediterranean/Arabian inspired version of Avatar
>That poster
In what world? Outside of the buildings none of these characters look like they live in a world inspired by Arab culture or the Mediterranean cultures. The only character that fits that description is the mysterious woman in the background
Wasn't HGS made largely due to nepotism?
I can't find the same pdf shown in that video but despite the high praise even they said the pitch itself was weak, maybe that's why it didn't get accepted?

No. 213360

looks like shit tbh

No. 213362

You don't have to tell us, we know it's because they're dark skinned.(racebait)

No. 213419

nta but it would look like shit if they were white too. it just looks like shit.

No. 214830

I'm late af, but I agree. It bothers me that it's not real Anne and just a clone, that's literally not the same person we watched in the show. Might as well just keep her dead.

Them growing apart and having normal jobs seemed so unneccesary to me. It's the same old "and then you grow up and never have fun adventures ever again, but it's ok because you're a boring adult who likes it that way!". That is a sad ending to me, as an adult. Feels like it's written by a sad adult who had to abandon their dreams and now preach to kids that that is just "reality" and they "need to grow up some day". And they're only in their early 20s! You're telling me Anne's middle age parents were perfectly capable of becoming top secret alien fighters in the span of what? a few weeks? But the girls discovering other magical worlds and powers exist did nothing to peak their curiosity and instead opt for boring lives?

I would have been more satisfied if it just ended without the plot ever being solved and them going on adventures for the rest of their lives.

No. 222284

File: 1657948159636.jpeg (100.64 KB, 472x477, 1657739496721.jpeg)

I'm not really super into monster high or fandom discourse so I might just be being retarded but I kinda get the feeling that mattel/nickelodeon might have undone the extra publicity they could had gotten from making Frankie a themlet by messing up the vibe of the designs. MH fans have been complaining for years about them taking any edge out of the designs which was making it lame but they just went and made them even more cutesy bubbly farty.
The people I follow online might be just too normie for this but the only time I've seen people mention the animated reboot is people weirded out at them making lagoona pink.

I kinda get the feeling they wanted to make the show more kiddy kiddy and they thought just slapping some woke stuff in there would keep the older (teenage and young adult) fans in. It will probably be easier to tell when they release a trailer of it.

No. 222289

Not to mention Mip being the cutest character of the early 2022 season.

No. 222290

File: 1657949943456.png (45.05 KB, 240x240, 256d28170e5b280bff1f824f8c8799…)

What's your opinion on Vewn. She just got her show picked up though there's barely any news about it.

No. 222292

File: 1657951402098.png (918.09 KB, 1310x1192, Screen Shot 2021-10-14 at 1.05…)

I genuinely love Vewn, her style is really original and memorable imo. I'm super excited to see her new show Dirt girls. I'm really glad that she got some financment because I remeber reader a post on 4chan (so maybe not the best sources) that was a leak of her patreon where she explained that her compositor decided out of the blue to copyright claim every single video of her! I just hope that she got enough money and good conditions to realize the show that she wants.

No. 222297

File: 1657953372929.jpg (512.18 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2022-07-16-09-35-26…)

ZIE/HIR oh my fucking god. "Nonbinary lesbian" give me a fucking break. God lesbians going nb/trans saddens me


No. 222341

Yeah remember that too. Imagine living in one of the most expensive cities in the world, barely making a living doing art and still up to your belly in college debt when all of a sudden someone you trusted just out of the blue decides to block your source of an already meager income. Glad things are turning out alright right now for her. Strange though that Fox is the one that picked it up, seems more at home in Adult Swim.

No. 222399

File: 1657998059005.jpeg (199.1 KB, 1024x768, XmenEvolution cover.jpeg)

I love X-Men Evolution as well anon.Easily my most favorite adaptation of the X-Men franchise. As much as I like the 90s carton as it was quite iconic, I love Evolution slightly more and I'm still miffed that we didn't get a season 5 and see how they would've handled the Dark Phoenix saga.

But yeah I can go on and on gushing over how much I loved this show. Awesome art style, great character interactions, and decent fight scenes, what more could you want?

No. 222400

I'm sad that I couldn't get into Young Justice. I really wanted to like it but I just couldn't. I think part of the problem was that I was hoping it would be like Teen Titans the animated series but it just feels so ho-hum to me. I also don't really care for the art style all that much.

No. 222401

Fuck yes Downtown, great pick anon. For context ,I'm a millennial and I finally got around to watching the show back in 2013 and I was kicking myself for not watching it sooner. I agree with everything you said, the dialogue and banter between the characters was so good and felt so relatable and realistic. I honestly liked all the characters as well, even the ones who are supposed to be annoying like Chaka and Jen. They all bounce off each other perfectly and I'm sad it didn't have at least 2 seasons.

I'm dreading when Gen Z/TikTok generation get their hands on it, we've already seen what they did to Clone High…

No. 222405

Oh man I remember watching that short. I also remember when it played on Cartoon Network for the greenlight special and even though I didn't mind that Kids Next Door ended up getting the greenlight (if I'm not mistaken), Kitty Bobo looked like it would've been a fun show as well. In fact, it kinda feels like a kid-friendly Downtown only with anthropomorphic animals. I would've loved to see this become a show.

No. 222500

I watched this when it originally aired on MTV and loved it then, and I still love it. For the longest time, I wondered if other people remembered it and I was pleased that at least on /co/, it had a following. Love the character designs and the animation, as well as the voice acting. Some of the LOL NERD shit with Alex and his fellow nerdy friends has aged kinda badly in my opinion, but I can kinda excuse it as it was the late 90s, not now.

No. 225039

Looks good I wanna watch it

No. 225374

File: 1659080954469.gif (418.51 KB, 480x270, giphy (12).gif)

>tfw this is my only currently ongoing comfort show
Bob's Burgers is cheesy with an ugly artstyle but the writing and the characters are too endearing to not like it. I wish more tv shows actually focused onto families being human-like, hardworking and imperfect while also loving eachother despite everything, instead of pulling the same Homer Simpson crap all over again.

No. 225410

Me too Nonna! Bobs burgers brings so much happiness into my life and it really cheers me up when I'm sad

No. 225432

Yes nonnas!!!! Honestly if someone vehemently hates Bob’s Burgers I get bad vibes—it’s one thing to not enjoy the show because it isn’t your tastes but to hate it? It’s wholesome and fun, it isn’t like there’s gore and r*pe jokes like in family guy.

on the same topic, I really do like American Dad. Not really the older seasons as much, but once TBS got ahold of it, the show really seemed to get better. Francine is a cunt and I love her.

No. 225438

File: 1659110900844.jpg (235.96 KB, 1013x1500, MV5BYWQwMDNkM2MtODU4OS00OTY3LT…)

Finished this recently. I have a lot of feelings.

No. 225442

hating it for that one voice actor guy is completely valid. i've hated every show he's worked on because he sounds so boring i want to die.

No. 225447

I despise it. There isn't a single character on the show I find likeable or relatable. I hate Teddy so much I could write a 3 page essay on it. I hate all the kids. I hate Linda. I hate Bob. I hate the townies. I hate their dynamics and the "jokes" that boil down to "Bob is in an uncomfortable snafu and his obnoxious family and friends are making it worse haha how wacky of them". Then listen to the funny song aren't we a quirky show!

No. 225451

I found it really enjoyable after I started skipping all the Todd-centric scenes. The lol so random humor is genuinely embarrassing and brings down the whole show imo, which sucks because the parts of it that are good are really, really good. Secretariat’s poem in the second to last episode hit really hard.

No. 225453

You know you can say “rape” here right? You don’t have to censor yourself like on tiktok kek

No. 225458

Im so so so so glad Adventure Time ended before they could add trannies or the obligatory non binary woman to the show. They could have done my girl Marceline so bad… they could have made Susan Strong transition… ugh it’s horrifying to think how my ultimate comfort show could have been ruined.

No. 225465

I felt a bit conflicted on the lolrandum stuff. On one hand it's good to have it there as a contrast to the dark stuff so that the dark stuff pops more, but on the other it kind of ruins the worldbuilding. I found Todd more bearable in later seasons when he stopped being a straight up tard, but he was never one of my favourites.

No. 225551

Isn't the location based on the jersey shore? You wouldn't get it, there's a certain culture to going to jersey beaches and no, it isn't like Jersey Shore the reality tv show. For example, everyone knows a Teddy. Especially if you're the age of the kids, you will have to deal with a Teddy though not so often as in the show.

No. 225659

A loser family friend isn't as unique a concept as you think it is

No. 225726

File: 1659241707568.jpeg (195.43 KB, 1400x788, Screen_Shot_2021_06_14_at_12.4…)

Anyone watching Tuca and Bertie S3?
I only caught the first 3 episodes so far since I'm watching them online

Slight spoilers for S3 episodes:

I kind of don't like how they regressed Tuca's character again to make her to the lol random friend that ruins situations for other characters but then everything works out in the end. I thought she would of ended up less destructive to herself this season but maybe we will see where she goes from here.

I liked the idea of the second episode where she was seeing a bunch of medical professionals and couldn't find out what was wrong with her, but it spent too much time on the bees part. Also the Kara cameo didn't really contribute anything.

The snake episode was meh, the whole snake joke was overplayed by the end. I'm curious to see if the Figgy character will reappear after the ending to this one

No. 225748

I love Bob's Burgers, but do agree with you on hating Teddy. He's so disgusting, and the writers really turned him into Bill from King of the Hill 2.0 with his obsession with Linda. The episode where he stored the kids bikes and said he pretends they're his kids' bikes was really creepy.

No. 225776

I love how much Bob loves Linda, he always goes along with her whimsy’s and tries to enjoy them.
I like Bob’s burger a lot but I get quite annoyed at Gene’s constant sexual innuendos and oedipus gag, istg if they troon him out.

No. 225777

What was your fave episode from the last season anon?

No. 225802

Okay then get over it

No. 225832

I'm sure this is everyone's favourite from the last season, but "The View from Halfway Down" really stuck with me. The whole season felt like a bit of a fever dream, though, but not in the ex dee kind of way. I was hoping things would go well for Bojack, despite how awful he was, but then everything that happened felt justified too, so… there's a lot of things to think about with that show and season.

No. 226300

Watching first episode of second season, really hits home how most emotional growth and complexity in a show designed by a woman still is all on the male characters. Then including an abusive woman, Stella, as one of the few female characters and painted as a flat villain is disappointing. Not even the abusive fathers are portrayed as violent in this episode.

No. 226305

Thank you for the heads up nonny, I'm not watching that shit

No. 227654

File: 1659773352871.jpg (65.89 KB, 456x562, David_Zaslav_in_2020.jpg)

Was told to repost this here (from /snow/):

Major shakeups with David Zaslav stepping in as CEO of Warner Brothers Discovery. Scoob's holiday special was months away from finishing and has been cancelled. Little Ellen's latest season was completed and has been shelved and is now lost media. Final Space was not only cancelled but deplatformed and is now no longer legally available anywhere. Close Enough has been cancelled after 3 seasons. While most of the press has been focused on how live-action is being affected by the WB/Discovery merger the animation industry is likewise looking at an uncertain future, at least that under WBD's domain.

Zaslav is trying to get the finances under control (WB holds an astounding debt) and one way to do that is via tax write offs. They can use a show as a write off but in order to do that they are not allowed to profit off it in any way which means they can not release it. Evidently the tax write off is worth more than having these titles in their library. Longer term I think this bodes badly for western animation. The new CEO wants to trim up the amount of script-driven shows with the idea of having a smaller, current library of high quality heavy hitters and then lots of cheap reality entertainment. Animation is expensive and script driven and might not be popular enough to justify the expense in his eyes. They might pivot (like CN already was) towards focusing on animated content aimed at babies and toddlers ("Cartoonito").





This article is more optimistic: https://puck.news/zazs-tween-gamble/

Hard to say if that article is on the money or not, we'll have to wait and see. If WDB is orienting away from producing animated content for the tween+ set though then the Western animation industry is poised to take a big hit and current industry professionals will be vying for jobs in a much more competitive environment.

No. 227658

File: 1659774648042.png (1.29 MB, 1275x1473, 2bloss.png)

This image comes from a slide presented at WBD's Q2 Earning's Call this Thursday. Animation is directly implicated (in part) in a loss of 2 billion. The "restructuring of content" should give you pause since it is often corpo speak for, "We're gonna gut this".

New Animation Dark Age?

Warner Brothers Discovery is/was a major funder of animated content via Warner Bro's Animation, Warner Animation Group, Cartoon Network, and William's Street (Adult Swim). Netflix likewise recently restructured its in-house animation studio (laying off 150 people) and Disney recently shut down Blue Sky animation studios of Ice Age fame. So who's left?

>Disney (DTVA, WDAS, Pixar)

>Apple (Skydance)
>Paramount(Nickelodeon, Paramount Pictures)
>Universal (Dreamworks and Illumination)
>Sony (Sony Pictures Animation)

If you want to read other nona's comments from the Western Animation thread on /snow/ start here >>1606635

No. 229462

File: 1660231562905.jpeg (229.22 KB, 1600x900, E7385C2B-8CF5-4FF5-981A-EEE459…)

My niece was watching the new Snoopy show on AppleTV and I usually dislike children's media but this show was so fucking cute and dare I say comfy. It was modern and updated but still faithful to old peanuts media.

No. 229506

File: 1660238096293.jpeg (385.22 KB, 1440x810, F5118022-8DE3-4EC9-AFB1-A1D6A3…)

I’m gonna binge Tuca & Bertie tonight!

Is Smiling Friends actually funny? Anything it’s comparable to?

No. 229744

I think it's alright. It's not the funniest animated show I've ever seen to me that's probably Oblongs, I like the dark deprecating humor of it but I laughed sometimes. I'd compare it to Aqua Teen Hunger Force but faster paced and more internet humor if that makes sense? It was created by people who did NewGrounds animations so there's a lot of homage to that type of stuff there.

No. 229750

It's a good show to sink an hour into. Its very much an Adult Swim show with dashes of old school Newgrounds cartoon (exaggerated facial expressions, fast punchy cuts and a thankfully relatively mature sense of edginess). It won't blow your mind but it does its job well.

No. 230330

File: 1660378855756.png (369.24 KB, 1364x1096, 1660261689187673.png)

I'm not trying to be a jerk but the way some people are acting over this is idiotic. As a kid I 100% preferred episodic cartoons, less shipping bullshit

No. 230432

I'm really glad for her!
Am also a HB fan, I just wanted deviantart oc hell adventures not this

No. 230907

File: 1660544051754.png (384.6 KB, 995x651, export202208150110072220.png)

(Castlevaniafag sperging)
Idk if someone posted about the new Rondo of blood/SOTN castlevania plans Netflix has but as a fan of the games Im just so fucking tired of this shit.
I just know theyre gonna try to queer bait richter and maria into a poly relationship with alucard ughh. Also music was a really big part of the games so they'll probably fuck that up. I especially hate the showfags who haven't even touched a single castlevania game that try and dispute the criticism or nag that gamefags need to stop being nitpicky of the show and basically taking over and shitting up the castlevania subreddit. It couldve been great if they stopped trying to make character so bishounen looking and stopped trying to tumblr code everything. Warren ellis isnt touching it this time but at this point the shitshow is already leaking it seems.

No. 230977

File: 1660575970210.jpeg (62.5 KB, 387x580, BA44DBEA-6B57-4380-AD87-DC224E…)

Ok I don’t really care but I just looked it up and it looks like the most unfortunate mix of Bob’s Burgers and Phineas and Ferb

No. 231025

I'm glad to see that somebody out there is at least trying to make more cartoons for children, you know, the reason why cartoons even exist.
Teenagers had sitcoms because they're supposed to be able to relate to real people in real situations.
These fantasy cartoons are nice for teens as well, but the themes are too deep or too complex for children that have to either watch paw patrol at 9 or watch amphibia or Star vs the forces of evil and not give a single tiny little fuck about who wants to fuck who because it's "icky" and plain awkward.

No. 231039

lmao no, cartoons don't exist because of children. They are on TV because they wanted to market to children though.
But I'm glad that not all cartoons for kids are poor attempts at "mature" complex overarching stories. I'm kinda tired of those. If people want to make that kind of series they shouldn't make them for children. Not only does the target audience (children) not watch them as much as older people, but the age rating restricts the creators a lot.

No. 231044

I'm just happy if Richter isn't a sweary drunkard with a beard like they did to Trevor. Also Kojimas Richter is a bishie.

No. 231059

Yet the attempt to make the characters appear as such causes the quality of design and aesthetics of the animation to suffer

No. 231238

File: 1660645369799.png (834.59 KB, 1280x720, image_2022-08-16_142345911.png)

i like the boondocks


No. 234189

File: 1661639458288.jpeg (241.16 KB, 1125x1380, FO9OSRZXEA4nLNi.jpeg)

I may be late on this one but I recently watched Inside Job and I love it. I find it as enjoyable as Rick and Morty but with conspiracies and without the show being too obnoxious. It's rare to see a female lead for an adult animated series that is also likeable and I applaud them for that. What's also rare is that the male main character is an attractive man who is sometimes sexualized and objectified. Usually it's the other way around because of how most adult animated series are male centric so it's a breath of fresh air. Anyways it's a good watch. Hoping for season 2.

No. 248536

Cartoon Network is streaming old CN cartoon episodes today for their 30th anniversary.
It doesn't appear to have geo-blocking

No. 248542

Same but… why is the quality for the older shows so bad

No. 254779

File: 1668334015611.png (1.66 MB, 1200x1200, 43D867BC-7269-49FB-BC1D-E794C7…)

I really want them to leave the avatar world alone and move on because almost every revisit has been a huge downgrade.

No. 258509

File: 1669576862132.jpg (184.56 KB, 1400x1050, atla_tvguide.jpg)

Is Avatar: The Last Airbender worth watching for the first time as an adult?

No. 258511

yes! it's an incredible series. i watched it for the first time in my 20s. it's definitely not just "for kids"

No. 258515

I watched for the first time when I was 15 and while I did like it there where a lot of times where I thought I was too old for the series. U do recommend it but keep in mind that it's a kids show and some of the episodes, specially the ones that don't deal with the main plot, can feel really juvenile

No. 258517

I watched it recently at 30, really enjoyed it. The first 12 episodes or so did feel childish ngl, I tried and dropped it a few times. But it gets better and funnier as it becomes less episodic and although it's still clearly a kids show it's worth a watch.

No. 258518

>Your favorite cartoons
If movies: Watership Down, Felidae, Plague Dogs, Prince of Egypt, When the Wind Blows and a bunch of Don Bluth movies as well as The Last Unicorn.

If series: Animals of the farthing Wood as kid, otherwise I only watched anime.
Later it would be Primal, South Park, Over the Garden Wall, Metalocalypse, Samurai Jack, Bojack, Steven Universe and some Transformer cartoons.
>What are you watching right now
Transformers Earthspark and just finished Pantheon. Both promising IMO and Megatron is hot, Optimus is cute and the Pantheon story is interesting and I have a thing for digitization related themes anyway.

I hate everything CGI pixar/dreamworks and I have yet to watch the Cartoon Saloon movies but think I will like them.

Honestly think it looks fine besides the kids. I am not a fan of loud lively kids and I never needed them to relate to a story when I was a kid so not sure why they are shoved into every new cartoon these days. Otherwise it could be good but I agree I don't like the design of the villains.

No. 258520

After the disappointment that was lok, I agree with you. If it was some years ago I'd probably be excited about it, but now… Do we even need more material on the gaang anyway? We got lots of world building in the original cartoon and the important characters had their arcs resolved so what they expect to tell us?

No. 258522

same anon. I know it's weird to comment to a post I made 1 hour ago but I just noticed I typed "U" instead of "I" so I just wanted to correct that. Anyway Avatar is good cartoon specially for a children's cartoon

No. 258721

File: 1669626968894.jpeg (83.28 KB, 968x1280, wLpg54D.jpeg)

Can we talk about fan works based off western animation here?

Someone on /co/ is making a webcomic called the Kyle Saga basically doing post-canon fix ficing of Nu-Ra and I really like it. The art is basic but it gets the job done and the story is currently addressing stuff that the original really should have reagarding the Horde and what they're going to do after the war without being disrespectful to the source material.

I dunno, I think it's neat. Definitely one of the better fix fic/comics I've read.

No. 258831

File: 1669656935694.jpg (843.06 KB, 1485x1188, Tumblr_l_21848089748695.jpg)

King of the Hill will be my favorite cartoon for life i just cant imagine anything surpassing it

Im currently watching South Park and have about 5 more seasons to go and ive also been rewatching Teen Titans here and there.

I want to rec Clarence to any cartoon fan i can i think the art style turns people away from it but its genuinely a very funny show with enjoyable characters and many nostalgic elements. Its very slice of lifey

No. 258834

Yes i just watched it for the first time a couple years ago and it will be a favorite for life. It tackles very mature elements (the main one being war) fantastic pacing, character developmrnt is executed great. Give it a shot nonna

No. 259020

I want a King of the Hill otome

No. 259571

File: 1669844515354.jpg (48.35 KB, 390x220, 257353-2.jpg)

What are some cute, "pure" western animated works? Akin to Ghibli, classic Disney princess films or Vila Amalka (Amalka the Fairy).

No. 259590

great show. i recommend the 'making of' videos if you haven't already watched them. watching gary anthony williams voicing uncle ruckus is absolutely murderous.

No. 259596

Little Bear

No. 259606

Late but I really liked this one too, just finished s2 this week

No. 259756

File: 1669895772034.png (Spoiler Image,201.62 KB, 343x526, j0435n2kry2a1.png)

Didn't know if I should post this here, in the movie thread, or in the video game thread lmao
So what do nonnies think about the new Mario movie trailer, and what do you think about the way Peach is depicted? I honestly couldn't help but kinda roll my eyes at this "strong female character" attempt, with the battle axe and the biker suit, I just hope they don't overdo it, and that she uses her parasol a lot since it's one of her main items/weapons in the games.
I also feel like the second trailer spoiled the whole movie and that they could've shown a lot less and it would've still been exciting. Maybe half of what they showed in the trailer would've been enough.

No. 259757

File: 1669896394119.png (281.99 KB, 401x400, toriel.png)

She looks more sexualized now with the skin-tight suit, what was wrong with her princess dress? anyways, its an illumination film so its going to be a generic movie for toddlers and the fat manchildren stinking up the place are going to give it an standing ovation while the ipad toddlers with ADHD play with their phones. Its really sad to see Japanese videogame companies pander to westerners, a 2D Mario movie made by any Japanese animation studio would have been amazing, but no we get a generic westerb movie by the shittiest western animation study no less.

No. 259786

As someone who used to want a game closer to Mario RPG where Peach isnt a helpless princess, this doesnt look awful, but they are going to mess up Peach's lack of personality I'm sure. The west doesnt know how to be subtle about female characters being strong willed. they are either super submissive or extremely strong and OP for no reason. It's going to suck

No. 259789

File: 1669907312423.gif (504.74 KB, 375x498, A5E00D14-02E4-4C34-A614-8682D3…)

I wish princess peach has a scene where she’s tired and frustrated about her kingdom being constantly targeted to the point where she breaks down crying. Then she builds herself back up, grabs her parasol and beats up some enemies. Wish western media had female characters actually cry while also being a “badass” it would be a nice callback to sailor moon since you know every modern animation rips it off and all. Kek

No. 259792

All I have to say to keep it short is that I hate American soft power.

No. 259810

Imo it really doesn't look sexualized at all, it's just a jumpsuit. There have been variations of her wearing similar things or even less.

No. 259822

I cannot expres how much these mario trailers make me cringe. Everything about it is so painfully american. The generic Hollywood actor cast, the cringy meta humor, and the shitty "strong female character" retconning like they did with Bo Peep in Toy Story 4. It's so painful to my brain that I'm not even gonna hate watch it.

No. 259823

The Mario games are children's games and I never played them growing up so I have no nostalgia for the franchise. The movie is going to be a generic kids movie, which is fine. They are the target audience not adults. I don't think it's going to be very good movie but it's really not worth getting angry over. Though I will admit I thought Peach's voice sounded kinda weird… I don't know how to describe it but it doesn't fit her character design and it sounded like the voice actor didn't have much experience in voice acting(I'm too lazy to look up who her voice actor is but I assume it's a famous movie actor who hasn't done much voice work).
>The west doesnt know how to be subtle about female characters being strong willed.
don't say "the west" when you mean Hollywood capeshit. Lots of great female character have come out of American and European media outside of Hollywood

No. 259824

>don't say "the west" when you mean Hollywood capeshit.
nta but no this absolutely applies to Europe as well sometimes when it comes to TV shows or comics and it also applies to the American and European video game industry (yeah I conflate them because they have the same target audience let's not fool ourselves), not a specific type of Hollywood movies.

No. 259834

I'm not saying that Europe doesn't produce shit female characters what I'm saying is that there has come great female character out of the west and there has been shit female character from Japan. Peach is really a great female character either because Mario isn't a franchise that focus on characterization so the movie really can't fuck her character up

No. 259849

Eurofag coping kek

No. 259882

>so the movie really can't fuck her character up
They already made her ugly so yes, anything is possible when you're an american character designer apparently.

No. 259898

>strong female character
Speaking of Bo Peep, why do the character designers think a strong woman has to wear pants? Peach could be strong/powerful in her dress.
Unfortunately the jumpsuit has already prompted "fan artists" to draw coomer garbage. But maybe she's wearing it in that scene because she just got off her bike or something

No. 259969

>why do the character designers think a strong woman has to wear pants?
"it's more practical/believable/realistic" the same reason why female characters are not allowed to fight with their hair down

No. 260062

Because their idea of a strong woman is a fighter

No. 260156

I loved the NES and SNES Mario games and some of the later installments but I am rarely interested in game adaptions and this looks like it's rather aimed at young kids so not really for me. I rather play Paper Mario because that's one I haven't played yet.

No. 260162

File: 1670031536999.jpg (141.36 KB, 1024x1024, 1597986648385.jpg)

Forever mad this show was planned so awfully/got cancelled because her story and the mysteries surrounding the infinity train and her were the main reason I kept watching it. Glad the parts had at least some conclusive sub-stories though, think part 2 was my favorite, followed by part 3.
I just wish the creators hadn't assumed they would get 8 seasons from get go, this almost never happens and cancellations after season 3 are pretty common with cartoons.

No. 260186

from the way people were complaining, I was expecting Peach to look full butch. People are whiners

No. 260212

Legit just the Lola Bunny situation all over again lmao

No. 260221

It's the combination of the suit and the battle axe and dialogue. It came across as cliche and you can tell that they were trying to do that "epic strong girl" thing that happens in movies these days. Peach wearing that suit by itself is not bad

No. 260247

Agree with KOTH. I remember thinking it was boring when I was a kid but when I went back to it as an adult, I loved it. There's really no other show like it and I eventually came to appreciate it's more subtle humor style as opposed to something more random like that of Family Guy.

No. 260276

Besides Vivziepop cartoons post independent works that are actually good.

No. 261068

i like ollie and scoops, its a cute mini series. also enjoyed sublo and tangy mustard + bigtop burger

No. 261246

It was just too weird

No. 262275

I know I'm extremely late to the party but I started watching Netflix Shera and I like it so far. The tone feels different from the 80's show but that's ok. I know that Catra is a controversial character and she has been discussed to death. Personally she reminds me of those annoying friends I had growing up who would always get me into trouble but my parents and teachers forced me to be friends with them because they where from troubled homes and they needed a support system. I normally like female character with dubious morals and intentions but since this is a kids show I can't stop judging the characters the way kid-me would have judged themif she grew up with the show but I also was kinda mean spirited kid. I genuinely wonder how little girls feel about Catra and the show in general. Did any anons on here watch Shera with younger family members?

No. 262844

This is late, Ik but I actually watched Downtown because of this thread and absolutely loved it. It was on YT though so I could see people commenting and it was absolutely full of zoomers trying to moralfag. Every other comment was calling Jen a pick me and talking about how toxic she was. Shut up this is literally the point, they're not supposed to be rolemodels, they're young people acting like retards because they're young. And of course the same people complaining about her and Chaka never said a word about any male characters being shitty. They would comment under every episode so I remembered them and it was always talking shit about the female characters.
On a different note, the show made me feel nostalgic for a time I don't remember and deepen my hatred for social media. I just know I would hate Chaka with a passion if the show was set in 2020s kek

No. 265687

File: 1672398695644.jpeg (1.43 MB, 2388x1030, E8EAD6D7-D623-4FB1-9960-513FC0…)

A new Avatar series has been announced to be released during 2025 and I’m very nervous. Some of the decisions made for LOK, the Avatar comics, and books make me a bit nervous. I didn’t like how republic city looked it, it ruined a lot of the charm of the Avatar world for me

No. 265691

To be honest the concept of Republic City to me was nice. One of the few good things to come out of that shitshow. TLOK truly is the Prequels of the Avatar franchise.

No. 266363

File: 1672635636963.jpg (465.58 KB, 2000x1333, tv_tyson_cartoon1a.jpg)

Mike Tysons Mysteries is so painfully underrated its hilarious and the characters are great

No. 266597

???? Is this like that jackie chan cartoon? Whats it with these famous guys having cartoons of themselves doing crazy shit

No. 266669

File: 1672684546505.gif (967.39 KB, 498x250, rolling-a-joint-mike-tyson.gif)

I watched because of Norm Macdonald as Pigeon. It's alright as a show but his scenes were hilarious

No. 268315

File: 1673387054883.jpeg (986.87 KB, 1204x1500, FmFbunZaMAEVO-Y.jpeg)

I'm so devastated to hear that season 2 of Inside Job got canceled. Fuck Netflix. It's one of the best adult animated series on the platform other than garbage like Big Mouth being pumped out with 6 seasons.


No. 268318

I wasn't a big fan of Inside Job, but it's infinitely better than Big Mouth ended up being. Big Mouth can't be getting THAT many views at this point, right?….right?

No. 268327

File: 1673390592719.jpg (740.51 KB, 1080x1350, Ff7wNCwUAAAuEN3.jpg)

same nonnie same, I was so excited to watch more, fuck this, it's so weird that they confirmed the season then backtracked. I wonder what happened
I was ready to draw and sperg so much about Reagan, damn it, she was everything to me, my ultimate waifu

No. 271147

I watched it out of curiosity and shit i liked it so much, and I’m not even a cartoon person
Why would they axe this and pay for the velm garbage
Also bumping this thread above the spam

No. 271159

I had some minor issues with the pacing and I found the side characters really annoying but it was fine and quite funny and had way more to exist then fucking Big Mouth, which is on season 7 right now

No. 271787

File: 1674761307566.jpg (89.08 KB, 660x990, besttvshowswiki.jpg)

reading the comments under any episode of this is frustrating because they all sound underaged. I know why this show appeals to children but does it have any fans over the age of 12?

No. 271789

Yesss! I'm so glad this is real and not a fever dream.

No. 271806

I wasn't even much into it but I was happy finally getting two good main characters. Reagan in particular is the first female cartoon MC in ages that I genuinely liked.
What's worse is that I am disappointed to see yet another one of the very few adult shows getting cancelled AGAIN (after Infinity Train) because the rest is ugly shit for toddlers, super safe juvenile stuff or edgy shit for 12 year olds that pretends to be for adults because it shoves gore and sex into everything.

No. 271829

File: 1674778836984.jpg (93.92 KB, 749x562, 89409_original.jpg)

I love Over The Garden Wall so much! The atmosphere is the one thing I love the most about this cartoon because it's pretty eerie.

No. 271862

I loved watching this show on youtube but i dropped it when they switched the platform. Heard it got cancelled in the end because of some drama?
It wasnt popular around kids when it came out, but its been years ever since I watched the show.

No. 271866

The only thing I want for christmas is all of Roosterteeths IP’s die out for good.

No. 272831

I finished it this year, and it ruined me. I didn't want it to end and actually got post-series depression from it. What do you recommend as a painkiller? I think I'll listen to the DVD commentary on each and every episode.
This might be old news because apparently there had been rumors, but a revival on Hulu was confirmed yesterday!! I'm so fucking ecstatic nonnas
Amen to that, sister

No. 272833

>does it have any fans over the age of 12?
I do know it has fans but unfortunately they seem to be pornsick males

No. 272840

>Camp Camp co-creator Jordan Cwierz had elaborated on the show's whereabouts on his Tumblr back in September 2020.
>Cwierz's message may be briefed as such: Camp Camp is not canceled, as Rooster Teeth Productions does not outright 'cancel' its original shows. However, the series will no longer be solely produced by Rooster Teeth, meaning they are shopping the series out to potential production partners to help finance the show. It is currently unconfirmed whether or not a partner has been secured, and there has not been any timeframe announced for the premiere of an upcoming season.


so its basically in production-limbo now, which honestly is worse then getting out right cancelled

No. 273064

File: 1675405368432.jpg (98.41 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Could anyone tell me about the show Close Enough? The only thing that I know about that animation is that the creator was behind the animation Regular Show and the fact he inserted himself, his wife and daughter as the main characters? Saw some anons talk about it on /ot/ however they didn't delve into it beside adding a few clips of the show which seems interesting.

No. 273069

>the creator was behind the animation Regular Show and the fact he inserted himself, his wife and daughter as the main characters?
God this sounds narcissistic as fuck.

No. 273073

Well all art is based on personal experiences, so every person who stars in their own sitcom are narcissists?

No. 273076

Sure, but animated shows require much more work than live-action. Some poor fuck has to spend their days animating a narcissist hack. Plus, look at that design, how boring can you get? Looking at it gets me angrier and angrier.

No. 273129

I thought it was cute, it's basically a silly slice of life series with some relatable parenting things mixed in with surreal humor. My only real gripe is with Jason Mantzoukas since it feels like he plays the exact same character in everything.

No. 273171

That's a pointless and reductive thing to be mad about.
>"Someone had to spend hours filming this narcissist hack"
>"Someone had to spend hours sketching this narcissist hack"
>"Someone had to spend hours listening to this narccissist hack"

No. 273172

So it all boils down to "I don't like the design"? Or just a personal opinion?

No. 273185

I get you nonnie, cartoon self-inserts come across as super annoying compared to other types especially in recent years.

No. 273187

No, it boils down to some scrote thinks his life is worthy of a cartoon show. I've seen pilots for other cartoons that would've been a lot more deserving of being made. Instead we get this shit.

No. 275400

I know a lot of anons don't like Steven Universe (totally ok), but I have to say that when the show aired and I was 15 it was… a breath of fresh air in between so many cartoons that relied on shock value and gross humour to make children laugh. I don't quite like those cartoons that show vomit, or pimples, or whatever, or any show that is nonsensical and stupid, like Uncle Grandpa, Spongebob, Clarence, etc.
That's why when Steven Universe premiered, I felt like I finally had something to watch.
I agree that the series leaves a lot to be desired, especially the plot, which becomes more retarded as the show goes on. I think I stopped following SU when they finally confirmed that Rose Quartz was Pink Diamond. It was such a non-sensical decision, to make them the same character… I also didn't like how the narrative basically forced us to feel… sorry for her? I can assure you that I didn't and that I hate her a lot, lmao.
BUT I have to say the first couple of seasons are great. Steven is adorable when he is a kid, the songs and the soundtrack are gorgeous. The animation and backgrounds were also pretty cool, in my opinion: fighting scenes, dancing, explosions, interesting shots, etc.
>inb4 "you don't like spongebob, opinion discarded"
I can admit Spongebob has some clever lines and jokes, but overall I could never get into it and TRUST me, I had to watch a bunch of episodes when I was in my teens because my lil siblings wanted to.

No. 275401

I was with you until you said Clarence is stupid.

No. 275404

AYRT, I watched a bunch of Clarence episodes when I was young and I don't remember a single one of them, kek. What did you like about the series??

No. 275409

Steven was the most insufferable character and should've died right after the first episode.

No. 275432

I like they all resemble a bunch of kids I knew when I was a kid myself. That most of the adventures they have is made up or exaggerated by their own imagination.
And I love the little things, like when Sumo breaks his leg (if I remember correctly) and his mom tells him there is icecream hidden in the freezer so his siblings won't find it, it is like that when you have siblings.. I like when Clarence shows up uninvited to the girls slumber party and they have the same fun the boys would have but Sumo and Jeff are alone and they wonder what Clarence is doing in the girls party ("probably pillow fighting and talking about boys") and at some point they start dancing like the guys in boybands kekk. Also when Sumo and Clarence think they broke the tv when they were playing fight and lie about it "tv went weird out of nowhere" and the mom just tells them "just unplug it and then turn it on again, see?" old ass tech solution. I love their teachers, resemble a lot the ones I've had, I like the adults feel like adults even when they're ridiculous and that Clarence's mom is shown doing stuff with her kid, like when she puts Clarence in karate but she is the one having fun there while Clarence thinks it's boring. Also when Clarence was obsessed with that ugly doll he carried everywhere and people tried to make him stop playing with it.
I guess people might come at me for comparing it to Hey Arnold but it feels like the new generation's Hey Arnold in which there is no bigger plot about defeating an absolute evil to achieve world peace, just a bunch of kids running around being kids, but these kids are not the same, it's not the 90s anymore. I also watched Craig of the creek which is basically same premise and I felt that while it actually has good lessons here and there, the lessons (and the references) were kinda forced where Clarence goes with harmless fun and some references could fly over your head. Hey Arnold gets some nice lessons which I believe might be what Craig of the Creek probably tried to emulate maybe? But Hey Arnold feels a lot more mature, Craig and Clarence lack that maturity and go on a more positive note without the depressing moments.
I also like that I can enjoy it with my mom and she enjoys the adult characters too, and how she always point out that Clarence is probably an autist because he behaves exactly like the autistic son of her friend she used to babysit kek

Tl;dr: harmless fun about kids and crazy adults reminds me of Hey Arnold a little bit but has its own charm. Fun for all family, makes me nostalgic. 5/5 watch it always it's on tv.

No. 275446

I can see you are invested in the show and I think that's pretty awesome. I didn't notice all those things you just described, maybe if I watched the show now I could appreciate it more. I guess I just never related to the characters as much as you did, so for me it wasn't that interesting.
Also, I never watched Hey Arnold, so that may also explain why Clarence was not my cup of tea (since I didn't grow up with that type of cartoon).
It's cute that you and your mom both enjoy the series btw.

No. 275476

I share pretty much the same view. It sucks they had to drop the ball so hard.

No. 275479

SU's only redeemable qualities are its music and its pastel-y art background art. Everything else is shit. Also as the other nonna said, Clarence is way more down to earth and subdued than Spongebob and Uncle Grandpa. Saying it relied on shock value and gross humor makes me think you haven't watched Spongebob and UG either.

No. 291686

File: 1682280754708.jpeg (104.85 KB, 1438x781, 505D50DD-CF4B-4FCB-91BA-E2B97C…)

Anyone looking forward to Unicorn? I’m still salty over what happened with Symbionic Titan so I hope it doesn’t flop.

No. 291692

File: 1682282620084.jpeg (118.19 KB, 750x999, IMG_3446.jpeg)

not to be weird but steven universe came out when i was a kid and i honest to god don't think i would have been as okay with being a lesbian as i was. like i instantly accepted it ( inb4 rightoids are like zomggggg succesful grooming!!!!! ) and i can say with utmost certainty that my affinity for the show in conjuction with being apart of the internet fanbase is definitely majorly responsible for that as i come from a highly religious muslim family in the third world. that said i also stopped watching as much/being a fan around the same time as you did kek but i wasn't shocked i was just disappointed that it was so incredibly predictable, though it was a children's show after all.
>I like they all resemble a bunch of kids I knew when I was a kid myself
>I also like that I can enjoy it with my mom and she enjoys the adult characters too
anon me too!!! i loved watching it with my mom on the telly kek and let me just say that the finale made me cry. i love that show it was so much realistic good fun like being with your friends as a child again. clarence is my favorite show to watch especially after a hard day, possibly even my favorite newer cartoon.

No. 294584

File: 1683417510305.jpg (6.66 KB, 267x189, images.jpg)

i went on a binge watching all kinds of 90s cartoons especially stuff that was on liquid television and cartoon sushi, and it made me sad that this era will never return. adult cartoons these days are so sterilized and clean and safe compared to the wild shit we got back then

No. 294604

File: 1683424523972.png (395.48 KB, 709x530, duckman.png)

>made me sad that this era will never return
same. it's kind of crazy it ever existed tbh. the amount of creative freedom and time these studios had to work on this stuff. what's interesting is now the process is obviously so streamlined and mass produced but the output feels much less than before. because so few animations now are even worth paying attention to. the 90s was much more potent in creative output and subversive dialogue.

what's really annoying too is that I'm sure there are so many animators and writers out there right now, itching to make something unique and interesting, without trying to shove a message down anyone's throats, but none of the execs will ever pick them up. that's why south park and the simpsons are still running… they just want things that already exist and are easy to and quick to run. there is zero interest in anything new or creative. and I'm not sure how that's ever going to improve now we're in the AI era.

what are some of your favourite 90s adult cartoons btw? I rewatched Duckman again recently and it's so great.

No. 294606

Late reply but I agree with you anon. Clarence is a good cartoon. I got to watch a ton of episodes recently when I was in the emergency room and it is such a kindhearted celebration of what it is/was like to be a child. My only gripe is that I dislike the look and design of the show but the show itself outshines the (again, IMO) poor design choices. It is a very cute cartoon.

No. 294612

File: 1683427587733.gif (772.01 KB, 200x147, tumblr_bf80c09d111092cbb889614…)

i think, for me, a big aspect of enjoyment comes from the animations themselves. i like to see things that are hand-drawn moving around. i know a lot of shows are under hellacious deadlines and it's really not easy to make cartoons and put them on tv in general but every time i try to watch one of the modern adult cartoons i get so bored by what i'm seeing. as you say, there is a lack of creativity. there is also a lack of fun, a lack of the love of cartoons as an inherently silly medium imo, there's often this weird cynicism in modern adult cartoons that they have to have some deeper messages or be ironic in a way, idk. this specific era of the 90s was very punk. very free, very focused on authenticity, creating whatever you wanted and i feel like that's gone. i also marvel at the fact that any of this was even broadcast on a major network.
anyway my personal faves of this era:
- aeon flux
- the brothers grunt
- the maxx
- angry cabaret
- joe normal
- the head
- daria (ironically, one of the "cleanest" ones i like as far as lines, and i feel like it set a foundation for the stiffness and sterility of modern adult cartoons which i hate as i mentioned. i love it in daria bc it was so unique at the time.)

No. 294704

File: 1683469290501.jpg (103.9 KB, 583x834, ih card.jpg)

here's another one i just thought of. "invisible hands" by richard sala. this style of art, i feel, was prototypical at the time and now i see similar everywhere. i wonder how many people were influenced by this? anyway, it's yet another cartoon which barely exists beyond the internet.

>I used to get asked about this serial a lot. It's never been on video in either VHS or DVD (there are reasons) though other Liquid TV animations were. However, it has been on YouTube for a long time now, so I don't get asked about it as much as I once did. I'm just glad that folks can (finally) see it again if they want to. And I hope some people may enjoy a look at the drawings I did for it.

No. 294720

I recently watched Home Movies again, man I didn't remember it ending on such a somber note. The last scene felt like it was saying pretty much nothing in the show mattered, I feel like this was the creator's input to being finished with the project since a ton of the show was improvised. A bizarre choice for a comedy show. Home movies is a show I genuinely wish would be rebooted, even aging up the characters and having Brendon be in college still making amateur movies on a phone or something

No. 298606

File: 1685025731632.jpeg (1.51 MB, 3975x2920, IMG_1794.jpeg)

I started watching Harriet the Spy and it’s turning into a binge, this show is so andorable and ridiculous I can’t believe no one is talking about it. Won’t ever be considered a masterpiece because it doesn’t have an overarching story or muh deeper meaning but that’s why I love it. It’s just cozy, cute, and dorky and I laugh more at this cartoon than most. I haven’t read the books or seen the original movie so idk if that’s where the bad reviews come from

No. 298680

File: 1685053348745.jpg (209.27 KB, 2400x1080, Screenshot_2023-05-26-00-13-28…)

I never got the appeal of we bare bears. It's a children's show but the main characters act like manchildren. I'm not against adult protagonists in children's cartoon and hidden adult jokes but the way the bears act is so unappealing I doubt if they hadn't been cute-looking bears then no one would had cared much about this cartoon. They also desperately wanted to get an adult fanbase since they had many "relatable" weeb jokes in it but the show never got a major adult fanbase the same way SU and KO did. I assume it was popular amongst kids since it did have a long run

No. 298685

I don't get it either, it's boring as shit. Adults probably only like it because kawaii, but even in that respect it's so tryhard.
This shit is everywhere, so it must've been made specifically to pander to normies who don't care about substance but aesthetics (nothing wrong with liking a cute aesthetic but if you just want to appeal to that crowd, why even try making at show when it's obviously not gonna be good.)
The purpose of this show is to cause a lot of "awww"s from the audience, boring more.

No. 298692

the bears aren't even acting kawaii panda gives me perv vibes
>it's so tryhard
lol agreed. You can tell the pitch meeting went "this is a comfy show thats like a slice-of-life anime only it's not anime!! people on the interwebs will call it wholesome!"

No. 299309

Honestly have no idea if this is from a Western team or studio. I've been seeing so many posts about a short film called "The Lovers" made by an indie studio that I'm kind of surprised it hasn't been mentioned at all on LC.

So far what I saw looks pretty damn cool but I'm always worried when someone relies heavily on a story being LGBT+ (in this case it's a lesbian/wlw story) especially from Western or Westernised animators and artists but maybe I'm just overthinking it.

No. 299317

I have high hopes for this.
If you check their kickstarter they actually seem to have a very developed concept you can almost guess the entire story from the kickstarter tbh and I really feel there will be more a focus on artistic psychadelic animation and personal angst. The type of LGBTQUERTY stories you're talking about are usually extremely lazy about preparing the actual concept compared to that.
Also, I think we've reached a point in discourse where even the queerio kids want to have some stories where the characters just are LGBT without their non-straightness being their single character trait, so I'm hoping an artistic short like this wouldn't go into the cringy type of thing you're thinking of.

No. 299318

File: 1685316311264.png (10.51 KB, 836x247, 1DSA6D2623.png)

It's an independent Filipino studio, but I'm pretty sure most of them are Filipino Americans or from Western countries. I'm hyped, but I do have concerns.
>Hyped up the movie now when it doesn't come out till "Q2 2025"
>Calls itself an adult film worked on by "20-somethings" but has been in development for over a year and had a still-current minor work on animation and character designs
>One of the leads of the studio still participates in NFTs
Also, I think the Twitter page has been getting very annoying, and I don't think I'll be able to stomach seeing it hyped for two more years. They'll eventually run out of things to say or leak their whole movie at this point.

No. 299322

>the Twitter page has been getting very annoying
Their social media is just them posting resharing memes, which is definitely obnoxious. I see this a lot with zoomer/young millenial online-based indie teams and it always feels annoying.
I think for this short it might be better to forget it exists until it gets released or only occasionally check for updates. That way you don't have to deal with two years of meme posting and you run less risk of it feeling way overhyped

No. 299334

Yeah, it's mostly them just sharing memes or building hype for the series, but I still think they're doing it way too early. I would even understand if they did it even just a year earlier than release, but at this point, it'll be forgotten in two years and this major hype they built up will go to waste. Not to say everyone will jump ship, but the reactions will be lessened.

Hoping the film will be at least an hour considering the budget and the fact that it's still incomplete.

No. 299337

The only thing that’s giving me red flags is the “20-somethings” and other quirky language used on their page but it’s easy to overlook at the studio trying to make itself more relatable and less corporate.
I didn’t notice the date, you’d think from the hype it was coming out in a few months.
> One of the leads of the studio still participates in NFTs
Definitely wouldn’t have expected that given the general vibe of the movie and studio

No. 299341

I haven't heard about this until now but it looks good. I never been fan of merfolk/human romances though even when it's done artistically
it's a green flag that they call it LGBT and not queer. I welcome any gay story but I can't stand those "we're gay because we like snails and everything I listen to is automatically gay music omg please tell us how quirky we are" stories. I can't stand "we are sooo quirky" het romances either. This one at least looks like it's aiming for something more tasteful rather than baiting terminally online gay-larpers into talking about how relatable it is
But the fact that they refer themselves as "twenty something" year olds is a major red flag. Don't try to be quirky please

No. 299346

File: 1685323814130.png (153.21 KB, 742x1294, ShB04R94dzlom.png)

Sorry, anon.

No. 299347

File: 1685324038532.jpg (152.59 KB, 946x2048, FmuGNJNWIAI75n3.jpg)

It was pretty shocking. The co-director posted picrel on her story and said she thought NFTs were neat. It prompted the studio to post a message about not supporting NFTs, claiming they don't support nor do them anymore, but the NFT company(?) she worked for continued to defend and sell the ones she created. I don't know if she's still actively making more or not though.

No. 299351

I can't stand it when they type in all lowercase. It gives such an unprofessional feel like they're trying way too hard to be quirky and relatable and like they're not taking shit seriously.

No. 299359

I don't trust anyone who touts their art as "wlw"

No. 299377

I kept telling myself that just because the story had Pinoy elements doesn’t mean it’s made by a Filipino studio and artists but you’re probably right.
It’s not that big of a deal but I also understand where you’re coming from, it doesn’t make sense from an online marketing pov exclude or downplay that it’s lesbian/wlw/gay/SSA/queer.

No. 299410

Is this gonna be in the LoL/Arcane art style? Because for some reason I have an aversion for that style.

No. 299424

wlw is a buzzword used by TRAs and fake lesbians/bisexuals. Don't use it

No. 299428

File: 1685376428200.png (298.67 KB, 988x687, CHRISTINA ZHANG.png)

I remember being very hyped by the concept art made by Christina Zhang, didn't even know that a trailer was out yet, but this message just killed it instantly. I hate how it implies that their stuff is going to be SO different from all the others "wlw media". There is books, movies, comics and mangas that could fit the themes they mention, it's really concerning that they do not seem to know any of it while making a whole movie about it and implying that their stuff is going to be better.

No. 299526

It's pretty fun so far. But is it me or are some scenes/stills stay a bit too uncomfortably long kek. The Melinda-Emma interactions are always interesting.

No. 299528

File: 1685413814415.jpg (32.66 KB, 564x423, f16963b535d2fc81d4f7366bc3130a…)

What is your favorite thing about the artstyles of animation in the west? I like the variety

No. 299530

Not the point but is anyone else mildly annoyed at how weird the gesture of the woman falling in front is?

No. 302067

File: 1686683572494.png (500.77 KB, 720x877, Fanboy_seething_(case_number_6…)

Idgaf about Marvel or DC but one thing I know is that I'll never get tired of the endless seething their more obsessive fanboys over stuff like this kek.

No. 302072

It is funny seeing them seeth but please tell me I'm not the only one who sees Lois as genderbent lance? I hate the voltron artstyle so much

No. 302138

Super late but I watched Downtown recently too and share the same feelings. Insane how many zoomers were in the comments kek, and there are tiktoks about the show now too. I also noticed that they seem to worship Serena despite her being hypocritical and judgmental? Maybe it's the goth girl worship.
I saw so much headcanon posting about Jen being ace despite that never being confirmed and her literally wanting to fuck Alex.

No. 302149

Sorry to double post but that's another thing I noticed when Zoomers are introduced to media. They completely miss the point of characters being flawed or realistic in any way, especially if it's to drive a narrative. They ignore that entirely and just think this character or media is BAD. Characters need to be heckin wholesome and flawless to be digestible to them. I've seen some say they want Peggy's character changed for KOTH for being too toxic.

No. 303701

>I've seen some say they want Peggy's character changed for KOTH for being too toxic.
It boggles (heh) my mind how many people get their britches in a wad over her. Yeah she can be egotistical at times, but she's a very entertaining character and genuinely cares about her family. Her egotism was even explained in later episodes as a result of her growing up with an overbearing mother and not fitting in with other, more stereotypically feminine women like Minh and Nancy. I've actually talked to scrotes who love Cotton but hate her, as if Cotton wasn't a narcissistic abuser to his son and wives. Peggy actually encourages Hank to stand up to his father and generally supports Bobby and Luanne as well, even though her attempts at support fall flat sometimes.

No. 303827

>It boggles (heh)
I love you nonnie kek!
I agree completely. I don't get moids who love Cotton's character. He's funny sure but an awful person. Peggy is delusional, has trouble understanding others' needs but but means well and hasn't psychologically damaged anyone, unlike him. It reminds me of the fanboys who hate Skyler White and simp for Walt

No. 304127

NTAYRT. I don't know how unpopular this opinion is, but I have always loved Peggy, I wouldn't want her to be changed because she's """toxic""". However, I do have a problem with the way she's portrayed sometimes. It's just after a certain point, I started to notice that her flaws were being exaggerated to a ridiculous OTT degree, to the point that the writers seemed to want her to be annoying to the audience and to constantly punish her for her many mistakes. Sometimes the writers got way too mean with her and I hated seeing her suffering, crying, and being treated like a retarded idiot so often while her husband fixes everything she messed up. One or two times I wouldn't have minded, but it started to become too common. There was a season where the writers seemed to notice they were getting too carried away, and after a series of mean episodes they finally gave her an episode where she solves her own fuckups using her own intellect, so that basically confirmed it for me.
I always thought it was funny when she acted a bit selfish or overconfident for a quick joke and when her flaws are not blown out of proportion but, maybe it's just me, or because I binge watched the series instead of taking my time with it, but I realized the writing isn't always consistent - there are multiple retcons later on in the series so I take some backstory details with a grain of salt - and her character did change over time, though not always in a good way. Same with other characters. This becomes especially glaring when, at the same time, Hank started to become more and more flawless.

>I don't get moids who love Cotton's character.
>It reminds me of the fanboys who hate Skyler White and simp for Walt
That's because they're misogynistic moids for the most part, they're unable to see male characters that are supposed to be bad people as bad.
I always hated Cotton with a passion, so much so that I have been thinking of posting him in the characters you hate thread, kek. He is funny and gave us plenty of funny moments, yeah, but he was a massive piece of shit, I guess it's one of those "love to hate" characters. I read somewhere that he would die but since I was still watching one of the early seasons I got impatient and every time he appeared I kept thinking "when is this fucker going to die?" I can't believe it took him like 10 seasons to finally kick the bucket. That scene where Peggy talks to him before he dies was so based, I love her so much.

No. 304364

I watched the show in full for the first time earlier this month and I had a blast with it. I remember the show used to come on at like 5 i the morning on Adult Seim way back in the late 2000s and I though the show was boring (I was a teenager) and slept on it.
But I gotta say watching it as an adult, I adored the show even if the art style is not great but if anything, it helps it stand out even more and it helps the show has some pretty good humor in it.

I honestly wouldn't mind seeing the show continued and they had Brandon, Melissa, an Jason as college students.

No. 311152

Anyone else into Castlevania? The trailer for Nocturne was just released. Sounds like they have appropriate dialogue this time around, THANK GOD they dropped that piece of shit writer. The first netflix series were promising but ultimately they lost me with the story and dialogue in later parts.

No. 311153

File: 1690486174781.png (1.91 MB, 1897x1020, maria.png)

And Maria looks so pretty, I'm looking forward to see her and Richter in this. I loved playing Dracula X Chronicles, looks like there are massive changes to the plot (which was bare bones anyway).

No. 311236

If they're getting a new head writer on board for this I'll give it a shot

No. 311533

Anyone know what this pic is from?

No. 311580

No. 311962

I want to have sex with this show's art style.

No. 311964

File: 1690823688863.jpg (1023.16 KB, 2036x3026, cvdxc.jpg)

You can thank Ayami Kojima for it, it's inspired by her CV concept art.

No. 316800

File: 1692738028131.jpg (137.24 KB, 1920x816, mpv-shot0024.jpg)

Metalocalypse Army of the Doomstar is finally out so I am watching this now. The day is saved I guess.

No. 316809

File: 1692741419657.jpg (75.55 KB, 1200x1160, F0v-5UsWIAAeodu.jpg)

I don't care about Marvel or DC either but I like this himbo Superman. He's pretty handsome and husbando material.

I see that too though she also looks like Luz from The Owl House. Funny how their names start with the letter "L".

No. 316811

I keep on seeing screenshots of these two and I really can tell someone has a size fetish kink.

No. 316835

Thoughts on the new Adventure Time spin off series with Fionna and Cake? I really love the genderswap version so I'm looking forward to this.

No. 316843

Did you like it? I cried like a baby. I can’t believe it’s over.

No. 316848

File: 1692754556032.jpeg (204.22 KB, 1920x1080, F3wvRjxawAEKWMq.jpeg)

Apparently, here is Marshall Lee and Prince Gumball as humans in the normal/real world. I'm digging Marshall Lee's design though I'm hoping and praying to see the OG back. I miss my vampire bad boy.

No. 316864

File: 1692763210557.png (354.76 KB, 666x843, natall.png)

Those two better be an item or I will riot in the street. I've waited over a decade for this shit.

No. 316865

Sounds based, I'll watch

No. 316867

File: 1692763691522.png (955.35 KB, 1600x1280, 43984875678.png)

As much as I dislike neckbeard comicsgate faggots like this, I'm not going to watch something they hate just to spite them. Like other anons have said, it has an ugly Voltron style and comes across extremely fan-fic-y. It's a really transparent, pathetic attempt by WB suits to sell their tired IPs to Voltron/Owl House/She-Ra fans. I'm pissed off that this cynical crap got greenlit instead of picrel.

No. 316982

Reminds me of newer transformers stuff, especially the comics. I enjoyed them a lot but the seething never fucking stopped because dudebro fans cannot get over any sort of writing that is more nuanced than black vs white PEW PEW.

Also, they got mindbroken by some gay male characters and make text walls up to this day where they explain why robots that feel emotions, thirst and cry can somehow not feel love and can therefore not be gay even though the ages old first series already contained canon romances but they were hetero, so it doesn't count as love to them(?) (maybe that's how these people view marriages lmao).

I wasn't sure whether I should watch this new Superman since I love the style but am not a Superman fan. But now I will watch it for sure, thanks to all the seething. I am sure I will enjoy it. It always baffles me that these people don't move on. They are obviously too old for this or unwilling to engage with it anymore. They should rewatch the old shit they are into then instead of seething until they're getting strokes.

No. 317029

Voltron Superman>>>>>>>ugly tumblr-nosed gayjaw Superman

No. 317805

File: 1693030940579.jpg (159.71 KB, 750x906, Tumblr_l_1314853185256913.jpg)

Look how they massacred my boy

No. 317918

>so their ship name's Gary-Marshall
Leave fandom stuff for fans, jesus christ.

No. 317942

Wasn't Prince Gumball's full name, Prince Barnabas "Bubba" Victor Gumball? Why can't they use or reference that instead?

No. 318318

They never indicated if "Bubba" was short for something, if it all. Barnaby/Beauregard are the ones I feel like I saw most often? But those were just headcanons. I always figured human Bubblegum or Gumball would have some kind of German name, since they speak German? Also his last name is "Prince" which is just lazy. "Gabriel" probably would have made more sense, since it sounds closer to "Gumball" and is also just more elegant.

I know I'm being autistic about this. It was my stupid fixation as a preteen, let me sperg kek

Fans are probably just going to continue to call it sugarless gum, like they always have. Showrunners need to stay in their lanes.

No. 319413

OK I watched a couple of episodes of this (wasn't paying full attention though) and I don't know how common this is in western animation, but the dialogue, pacing, even the voice acting in most cases sounded so tryhard and… tumblr-y? I don't know how to describe it but both the dialogue, humor, romance and especially the artwork (I never watched Voltron) remind me of a mix between western and Korean webtoons, which made me cringe. But sometimes there are good moments, and I really like Lois's character, her personality is cute. Obviously Clark is hot, but the half-toonboom animation and art style that looks like an imitation of Korean anime are a bit off-putting. And the fact that these two got their crush at first sight moment so fast made me roll my eyes. Everything seems to happen so fast. But hey, the action wasn't that bad.

If this is what Voltron was like, thank fuck I never watched it. I didn't pay a lot of attention because I realized from the beginning that this show makes me cringe a lot. Despite that, I will keep watching this way, because I don't actually hate it.

No. 319442

File: 1693801229206.jpg (265.38 KB, 1024x1536, baboon.jpg)

So it's out, finally. I liked it. You can really kind of feel how it was meant to be a season of a show in the pacing, though. I hope maybe they can do something like make a few feature-length OVAs, I think the format would work well for them.

No. 319650

It is tumblry because it's made by millennials probably

No. 319653

I kinda want to like this and even like the style but had issues finishing the first episode for how generic and boring it starts with the whole star reporter wish thing and the team up kiddy investigation.
It feels to me like every single US cartoon has this exact same first episode these days. Maybe it gets better later but it could have had a so much more interesting start IMO.

No. 319662

in hindsight everything boomers ever said about them was based and true. millennials may have grown up with cool animated media but that ugly tungle art style and the gender idpol that typically accompanies it is all a product of the "how to draw manga" anime club misfit generation, and it's going to take ages to breed it out.

and how the fuck did so many of the old newgrounds ones get outed for having poop, diaper, or fart fetishes? I can name like four off the top of my head

No. 319806

I wish cartoons would move on from that awful Family Guy'- or Rick and Morty'esque look where every character has frog eyes and sometimes even spaghetti limbs. It's so unappealing, especially if a show wants to be more than comedy. And I feel like 90% of all newer cartoons are drawn with that ugly style.
I especially hate the eyes. Simpsons might have actually started this, but at least it fit to that series and wasn't overused. I don't feel like even giving a series a chance when I see those huge geometric O-eyes with dot-iris and vector lines.

Please come up with a more unique artstyle already.

No. 320330

File: 1694216818395.jpg (628.14 KB, 1439x804, Screenshot_20230909_024605_Sam…)

Idk if this fits here but it's kinda sad to me how the art style changed from the right and left ones to the middle one.

No. 320337

is this real? she looks like lord voldemort

No. 320358

It was enjoyable and I appreciate that the writers wanted to wrap up all the open plot lines from the last season, but I really wish we could have gotten a stand alone movie that wasn't all about the tv plot. Almost every character deserves their own movie tbh

No. 321049

File: 1694588107155.jpg (39.96 KB, 1024x576, 496873771397261669.jpg)

If they wanted to keep her looking 'young for younger audiences' they could have stuck close to her Starlight Adventure face, it went downhill after that.

No. 321544

Still mad that Pantheon and Infinity Train got cancelled. Some of the few recent western cartoons I considered worth watching.

And as much of a fan I am of Primal, I am not sure how a third season can work. What made Primal so damn good, especially the first season, is the lack of speech, the wild, gloomy horrors of the wilderness they had to face and survive, the crazy monkey cults. All of this should be gone if the daughter is the new MC which is the only way to continue it I think. Also, no matter what the new dinosaur is like, s/he can only be worse than the mother.

Hope that Scavengers Reign will be good and have a proper ending because the trailer looks pretty interesting.

No. 321710

File: 1694835116301.jpg (103.44 KB, 1301x1041, fuck these couples.jpg)

To be fair Infinity train only had two good seasons, season 3 and 4 were pretty damn trash.

No. 321721

Actually so angry Pantheon got cancelled, first time in forever an adult animated show was given long episodes and for it to be a serious sci-fi is so rare but ofcourse they kill it after one season because the general population is too retarded to sit out these types of shows

No. 321781

Yeah it's a fucking shame. Plus the few people that cared would have to pay for subscription for AMC+, a streaming service literally nobody even knew existed before.
These managers believe that you could just open yet another streaming service when most people already pay for five of them, upload two good series and get millions of subscribers within the first weeks and if not it's getting cancelled. I think people need to realise that there are too many streaming platforms, one of them costs like 12 EUR/dollars a month. It's too much money and not profitable to pay for so many when most of them only own maybe two series you feel like watching per year.

No. 321788

File: 1694865359662.jpg (81.12 KB, 1200x657, 8_1280.jpg)

I still liked s3 but can totally see where you are coming from. And S4 felt useless even to me. Maybe it could have been better if they were more daring with the plot and interactions, but like that it felt like an in-between season without much of a reveal or things happening.

To be honest I mainly wanted the series to finish properly because I am into Amelia Hughes and the whole lore involving her. The central mystery was intriguing and you simply do not get awesome, badass but also broken older women like her in cartoons or anime otherwise. if you are very lucky you might get a male character like this and even that is rare, but women never.

It's a fucking shame that the creators were so careless to believe that they would surely get 8 seasons greenlit, something that barely even happens with mainstream shows. You should always assume that the next season will be the last one. In that sense s4 was especially enraging, since it was so damn useless. If they had wrapped up the main plot it might have had a bigger impact, maybe making more people watch it and allowing more season. Stuff like s4 would have worked as spin-off and sequel too. The important shit should come first.

Sorry for that long rant lol, I am just sad about this wasted potential.

No. 321822

I really liked season 3 too, I enjoyed the mirroring character arcs quite a lot. S4 was a huge disappointment after, I was really hoping they’d make it about amelia because of how s3 ended. Also this is why I’m mad they cancelled inside job as well, I liked the insane scientist woman protagonist and they just wouldn’t let us have it. (Even though the show was way too american for me at times)

No. 321823

Same. Even male fans were happy having a show like IJ that has a bit of a different female lead for once. It's so rare to get female main characters with roles that are usually always filled by men for no logical reason.

No. 325901

Is Fionna and Cake going to give me secondhand embarrassment watching it?

No. 325922

idk what you mean by this. there was no corny millennial humor so no…?

No. 336288

New scott pilgrim is very accurate because just like in the real toronto everyone is gay but they are also the worst people you will ever meet in your entire life

No. 336295

is it good? because im thinking of watching it later.

No. 336309

it has a new plot but it is ok for a binge watch. it is way more ramona centric

No. 336310

Did they at least change the part where Scott dates a high schooler?

No. 336339

nope but they break up on the first ep.

No. 336565

File: 1700280451178.jpeg (1.07 MB, 2000x1127, IMG_0452.jpeg)


No. 336654

oof. i thought they were just adapting the comics? I know comics are the best source since they are OG, but it seems even the movie didn't fuck it up this badly.

No. 336688

Scott/Ramona divorcing makes sense, Scott is a broke man child

No. 336717

that sounds beyond lame. why do these legacy sequels always have the main character be divorced? even the insidious guy was divorced in the newest one.

No. 336720

File: 1700340659748.png (354.48 KB, 640x457, IMG_4018.png)

I probably won’t watch it but I like that they gaybait with these two, manlet nerd x gigachad is my guilty pleasure BL theme

No. 336734

Maybe the modern demographics can't even relate to happily married people anymore because of the divorce rates lmao.
Honestly I feel it's the same type of overreaction Disney does by reacting to each and every modern criticism of their older stories, but in this case it's writers reacting in a way any endgame couple in the original that had critics say they "wouldn't work out because of X or Y" needs to get "reality checked", as if people could never work on their differences and become a stable couple, not even in movie land.

No. 336743

Aren't divorces rates the lowest they've been?

No. 336775

sometimes it's the writer venting their personal issues, or they couldn't get the actress who played the wife back, or just cheap drama.

No. 336930

File: 1700422690992.jpg (42.44 KB, 1080x604, 5ea494a25a1e67fd6dc48ef5a0cf17…)

All of these art styles look like shit. Corinne was the last time Barbie looked pretty.

No. 336943

Yeah you have a point. Which movie is this btw? I grew up with princess and the rock/pop star, as well as rock n royals so I'm used to these art styles more.

No. 336959

Barbie and the three musketeers!

No. 336972


No. 337997

File: 1700863337336.jpg (76.31 KB, 500x750, 7SwSAG48QvvMy8jlAgm3LGt3VGq (1…)

I'm going to sperg out here:Jellystone is a massive shitty disgrace to all Hanna Barbera cartoons and if you say anything remotely negative about it some retarded autistic fans are going to accuse you of being an angry boomer or even a nostalgiatard.I don't know how something devoid of imagination, soul and heart (the older cartoons have) got greenlit.this pile of shit shat all over the original cartoons yes I know I sound like a Boomer but many fanturds are acting as if this garbage is a faithful revival which is obviously not.hate the bald man child who created this.William Hanna and Joseph Barbera are rolling in their graves.

No. 341953

Blue Eye Samurai is getting a season 2.

No. 342303

So Kung Fu Panda 4 is going to come out in 2024 and it looks like it's going to be repetitive. There's also this character that's going to be the second protagonist and she looks like she's from Zootopia instead.
I loved the Kung Fu Panda trilogy but I feel like they're going to ruin it with the next movie(s).

No. 342355

Why do they keep fucking shit up by adding a 4th movie!? They did the same thing with Toy story. It should have ended at 3. I will die on that hill.

No. 342849

Sage for nitpicking
I know Kung Fu Panda has always been popular with furries but why make the new female character a fox?of all the cool animals why a fox?it's repetitive and boring they can't choose another animal already?foxes are extremely popular with furries but this is getting stale.I just know there's already r34 of her.

No. 344676

File: 1703482519023.jpg (54.57 KB, 377x500, MV5BMjEwNTc0NTYzNF5BMl5BanBnXk…)

this show is so much worse than I remembered

No. 344685

Never watched this cartoon but I'd rather watch paint dry for 10 hours than watch a Hanna Barbera cartoon.

No. 344938

File: 1703615667797.jpg (11.27 KB, 269x180, Welcome2eltingville-logo.jpg)

Imagine what could've been…
while i'm here: i wanna make playlists for each character if anyone has suggestions that would help

No. 344950

i love the comics as much as anyone else here but the pilot had a segment that was just nerds listing off comic book trivia at each other for like ten minutes, it's not a grand mystery why it never got picked up.

No. 344964

Can't say anything certain about Bill, but Pete would be into porny grindcore metal and then get into gangster rap in his 30s. Josh would exclusively listen to videogame OSTs, and Jerry would also listen to some videogame OSTs but also regular pop music and whatever's on the radio.

No. 344976

Is that something tiktok kiddies do nowadays? Lmao

No. 344984

Thanks to your advice i managed to put something cool and fitting together for Pete and Jerry, for the other two i'm slowly getting there

No. 345022

I've never seen or even know what this is but the alien clown is kinda hot.

No. 345138

I feel so bad for the animators who did four years in college and ended up working on that. I hope they are in a better job

No. 345190

File: 1703711433997.jpeg (292.83 KB, 828x988, 75AFA665-77DD-4DE3-83BC-56CDC0…)

This might help

No. 346633

File: 1704430612369.jpeg (233.74 KB, 1200x900, IMG_0092.jpeg)

am I missing something as to why this show seems to be so unanimously loved? I couldn’t make it past ep 4. maybe I had too high expectations because I liked the artwork/animation, and the concept of a gnc female samurai sold me. it has a lot of the ingredients I would typically like, but it was so poorly executed
>created by a white man and his wasian wife
before I even looked it up it was so obvious that this show was created primarily by white people and perhaps a self-hating wasian with a surface level understanding of japanese culture. it’s pure self-fulfilling western fantasy fueled by white guilt and orientalism
>gnc female mc is NOT actually a lesbian
>other lead decides to runaway from her life as a princess to be a prostitute and this is perfectly reasonable
this part was so stupid, not to mention how excessive the sex scenes were in general
>badass mc is unreasonably powerful despite having little formal training and no real training arc
I just don’t like this trope. everything about this show felt too unrealistic

No. 346662

its just astroturf to make it seem like its beloved, don't fall for it.

No. 346679

It's already been discussed in the animation cows thread and I couldn't make it past the pilot, but I find it so weird how hard they insist on Mizu's mother being a whore who fucked a white devil wah wah it sounds simultaneously self-hating and extremely fetishistic from Noizumi's part considering she apparently wanted the show to be rep for her blue eyed daughter (who is 3/4 white ??) and I can't get past the basic ass names that sound like they were picked for a 12 years old weeb's first sparkledog OC and the surface level cultural understanding that you mentioned.

Also it might sound nitpicky but WHY is America so allergic to the idea of handsome Asian men ? What the fuck is going on with Taigen's face ? They really couldn't watch a bunch of old historical movies for inspo ?

No. 346725

good to know, I thought I was crazy for not loving it
oh I missed this being posted about in the other thread so I’ll try not to repeat what has already been said, but I totally agree. the entire show reeks of fetishism mixed with modern western values to appeal to scrotes who are addicted to jav (like how geishas are treated as “sexually liberated” women while also being a bit taboo by doing degenerate acts). taigen also pisses me off as a character because he’s so ugly but also the main love interest for both female leads. like all of the male characters are ugly. weird how they can’t write decent male asian characters, but unsurprising since this show was created by a white moid. I get if someone enjoys the action sequences or the mc on paper, but that’s all there is to like imo

No. 346726

I skipped to a scene like in the middle of the first episode and I saw a fat ugly guy with two prostitutes (tits fully in view of course) and that's all it took for me to see that it's trash.

No. 346732

>other lead decides to runaway from her life as a princess to be a prostitute and this is perfectly reasonable
Yes that is totally what a princess would do. Fuck that moid shit. I'm never watching this show.

No. 346868

Not trying to turf. I liked the action scenes and Mizu. I found it flawed but it was enjoyable enough. Nowhere on the level of something like Arcane but not as awful as a lot of current cartoon slop.
There's a lot of genuine criticism and I also found the prostitute stuff unnecessary and fetishy but the part about her mom is a twist, the prostitute isn't Mizu's real mom. They put so much emphasis on the "true" identity of her mom at the end I wouldn't be surprised if her mom ends up being white somehow while her dad was Japanese.
Taigen is hideous and deserved to get beat up.

No. 348221

File: 1705111498373.jpeg (392.16 KB, 1080x1350, IMG_6112.jpeg)

Is the Scott Pilgrim animated show worth a watch? I've been watching clips and it looks cute plus I really enjoyed the original movie version

No. 348223

Yes! I personally really loved it. I'd give it a shot if I were you

No. 348278

If you liked the movie you should love the show too. Give it a watch, anon.

No. 356856

File: 1708211908951.jpeg (191.57 KB, 1200x1336, IMG_8709.jpeg)

Updating to say I watched it and I adored it! Since I haven't read the comics I have no comparison or gripes about the alleged inconsistency there but as a fan of the movie it was wonderful. I loved the animation, the humor, how the director, creator and OG cast mostly came back and expansion on everyones backstories.

No. 356902

File: 1708239927455.jpg (230.79 KB, 1000x600, Hilda-S3-featured.jpg)

I absolutely adored Hilda. I was so sad that it ended after three seasons and a movie, since there were a lot of characters I would've loved to see revisited. The series was so sweet and comforting, and the mom-daughter stuff made me tear up quite a few times.

No. 357048

File: 1708304797376.jpeg (72.91 KB, 640x640, IMG_8468.jpeg)

I'm about halfway thru bee and puppycat and it's just a fun, comforting, visually fun show that I appreciate having a small cynical edge. I've binged this and the midnight gospel recently, thinking of another cartoon to watch. is the gender swapped adventure time spinoff any good?

No. 357049


Love bee and puppycat. IMO the genderbent adventure time isn't worth it; natasha allegri wasn't involved (and she's the one who came up with fionna and cake). I think the crew who were on board got lost in the sauce and it has the same weaknesses as latter seasons of adventure time (trying to do too much/be too deep)

No. 357051

File: 1708306019302.jpeg (78.3 KB, 735x731, IMG_8765.jpeg)

What a shame, maybe I'll just rewatch OG adventure time since it's been a long while since I've seen it.

No. 365076

File: 1711253223985.jpg (41.57 KB, 370x555, MV5BNWZjOGIyYTYtMmM2ZC00ZTViLW…)

I'm rewatching this. As a kid I watched up to maybe season 3 and then the rest went unaired for awhile and I got too old to care. It's ugly as sin, sure, but it's a good show.
One thing I don't get though is that people say Courtney is a better friend to Ginger than Dodie. Unless Courtney gets a redemption arc later, I don't see it. I have a soft spot for her in the way I like Rarity from MLP for being so over the top. But a better friend? Nah. Not trying to defend Dodie though. She sucks too.

No. 365083

Keep watching and you'll know why. Courtney isn't a bad girl, she's just legitimately stupid.

No. 366855

File: 1711941423421.png (6.27 MB, 2600x2983, 1000004138.png)

I actually find the art style kind of charming especially compared some other shows that are considered ugly. Maybe I just have bad taste, but the only thing I would change is moving the mouths up.

No. 366862

File: 1711943452670.jpg (72.52 KB, 569x802, MV5BNWI0NzM0MzAtMmIxYi00ZWE4LT…)

Finished picrel today. It brought back so much memories, and I finally knew what episode the specific scene of someone making mashed potatoes and dropping it on the floor, then scoped it back to the pot, and Lor -the blonde girl- saw him and decided not to eat the mashed potatoes, and her family of 19 or something ended up all sick and she took care of them all. It was a Christmas special where she recalled the incident, I finally know!
The overall show is good, it's hilarious and fun, and I enjoyed Tino's -the blond boy- parents divorce and mom's remarriage possibility plot. Lor is my favorite character because she's so braindead and a good gnc/tomboy character. Carvar or whatever his name is -the black boy- and Tish -the redhead girl- are the worst of the cast and very annoying, but they did have their moments as well. Tish's mom is so cool lmao.

No. 366863

neither are particularly better than the other. courtney's stupid and self-centered but at least she's obvious about it. dodie is a fucking snake who can't be happy for ginger.

No. 366890

Courtney is spoiled and stuck up but Dodie is straight up a selfish bitch who tries to sabotage others for her own gain. Ironically the one episode where she acts like a genuine friend is the one where Darren is 'cheating' on Ginger by having the emotional affair with the cheerleader girl.

No. 366891

nta but agreed, i like how it's one of the few (probably only?) cartoons where the outfits change every episode and the characters actually age

No. 366893

I just got past the 2nd TV special where Ginger goes to the private school, and then the episode where Courtney exposes the plan to break up Darren and Ginger. I really felt for her and want to see her to continue growing but she has so many bad moments too that it's hard to see her make a full turnaround.
I see people stanning Miranda too and saying she wasn't that bad of a character. How? She's had maybe 1 or 2 redeeming moments so far but she's straight up evil, the fuck.

No. 367025

Nta but I think Courtney had so much potential and the ending did her so dirty for no reason at all, but I agree Miranda is horrible.

No. 367140

File: 1712037668610.jpg (195.86 KB, 1193x1195, tumblr_14f4282d59790e2e70ca543…)

I low-key fantasize that the show gets rebooted somehow and Courtney gets a proper redemption.
Miranda was a great character tbh. Just a straight up hater bitch for no reason. She seemed so real, just like the mean girls I went to school with.

No. 367284

I wish it would, but it didn't seem as popular as the so-called "classic Nicktoons". I didn't even know what happened to the show in later years until recently. Nostalgiafags probably overlook it because it was too realistic and for girls.
And even if they did, there's a non zero chance they'd fuck it up anyway and add dumb shit like making Macie trans or something

No. 367315

I think she got proper redemption considering her character. It trickled in slowly and she had some moments of regression but she eventually got there. And then her family goes bankrupt
and homeless for no reason at all and we're supposed to cheer for that or something because rich people bad. They could've at least showed us her getting adjusted to the new lifestyle and settling in a smaller house and eventually realizing it isn't bad and getting even closer to Ginger now that they're of equal economic states to an extent. Just give her a happy ending I'm begging you.

No. 367551

Yeah the way her family just got written out of the show was so bizarre and honestly kind of mean spirited. Like does she just die in poverty now? None of the rich family appear in the flash forward future scene at the end. Like what happened to them

No. 368497

if you're getting burnout with the recent south park episodes and wish it wasn't it didn't have heavy social commentary? yearn for a more goofy,less serious vibes of the early seasons? then kevin spencer might be what you're looking for.

No. 368509

go back to /co/ kenvinfag

No. 368962

Anyone watching Grimsburg or only me? The first 6 episodes were absolutely garbage, but the last three were actually really good. I am actually enjoying it. I don't know why the quality jumped so abruptly, it was in some sort of development hell limbo for a few years, so maybe that's why? I really love the female characters specially, they are surprisingly funny considering fox cartoons have a horrible track of having boring, one dimensional female characters. I fucking love the autopsy autist and i am surprised the mom has so much going on, normally they are super boring coombait or stay at home moms that do nothing. It also has some sweet moments.

No. 369036

They should just have her look like the doll I don't understand why they make her look so different

No. 369174

File: 1712629262577.jpg (85.27 KB, 1074x1480, amber.jpg)

Me and her definitely wouldn't get along cause she's probably really political but honestly she did nothing wrong. I watched season one when it came out but it's been too long for me to remember enough to start from the second season. Honestly I completely understand why she was the way she was with him.
sorry for shitty picture btw everything is a goddamn webp now

No. 369188

I'm glad that the Invincible cartoon is diverging somewhat from the comics. So far all the changes seem to be improvements imo. I would love it if "that one scene" gets completely left out of the animated version, it added nothing of substance in the comic and was only included to make Mark suffer more.

No. 371633

Okay I'm all done and it's time for my cartoon persona to cross my arms and offer my critique:
Wow. I went my whole life not seeing Season 3 and expected so much of it and it just, didn't really do anything. Like, they enter high school, there is some minor drama with Darren being on the football team, his relationship with Ginger, and then it just ends like that. Courtney and Miranda are practically written out of the show, other than Courtney getting bullied a few times and then the grand finale of her becoming poor. By the way last anon, it's implied she moves into the Foutley's old house. She doesn't die in poverty. But still. They really could have done more with her character. It seemed like the creators wanted her to get her comeuppance but she really wasn't as bad a bully as Miranda, just a histrionic diva, so why even go this route?

Other than that, Macie has zero character development which sucks. They try to force Carl to change but the show doesn't last long enough after that to really convince the viewer. Polly and Noelle vanished too, why? I know they had to cancel this show due to poor ratings so the creators probably had more in mind than just wrapping it up so abruptly, but I really wish we got more than this.
I can't believe Rugrats All Grown Up lasted longer than ATBG.

No. 371745

She was race swapped from being a dumb blonde too stupid to figure out if Mark was a hero. Apparently the episodes had different writers and the way she responded to mark was inconsistent with her behavior in other episodes. Combine those two factors and you get the intense hatred of Amber. this is why I hate race swapping because it gives a socially acceptable excuse to be openly racist and use every slur in the book.

No. 377032

File: 1715018121842.jpg (587.75 KB, 1013x1500, MV5BNzM0MDEzNDctOWI5YS00OTc4LW…)

This show isn't as bad as people let on and I've become unironically invested in it. It's not a good show either, but the hatetrain is way overhyped. It's more tolerable if you view it as parody.

No. 377073

Truly an unpopular opinion. The only good thing about this show is the nightmare/tripping scenes where the animators get to actually try for a change.

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