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No. 189358

Temporary thread to post about animated media that isn't anime until the old thread gets restored.

>Your favorite cartoons
>What are you watching right now
>Cartoon Recommendations
>Western animation studio discussion

No. 189380

I want to rewatch the marvellous misadventures of flapjack had the perfect comedy/creepy aspect to it.

No. 189383

KND was fucking awesome and one of my favorites of all time, I should rewatch it to see if it still holds up now that I'm an adult

No. 189384

Rn i'm watching Amphibia and binging the early seasons of The Simpsons.

Old faves include classic Looney Tunes, Invader Zim, My Life as a Teenage Robot, and Wander over Yonder. I really recommend WoY, it's got GREAT animation, and is pretty underrated compared to the others.

No. 189393

File: 1647300053758.gif (4.52 MB, 400x400, tumblr_eb469d3d5a67ef34131e73c…)

My favorite cartoons are Hey Arnold, X Men Evolution, Justice League and Young Justice.
Never finished Young Justice, it was cancelled then it got uncancelled, dunno how it ended. Oh and Sym-bionic Titan which was also cancelled for some reason, and it was getting so good.. CN gotta love cancelling everything. I'd recommend Sym-bionic Titan if I didn't know it ends in a fucking cliffhanger, remembering it makes me want to cry.

No. 189401

File: 1647303443211.jpg (186.37 KB, 1440x810, ahh the 90s.jpg)

If you watched Ed Edd n Eddy as a child there's at least a 69% chance you grew up to be an edgy fujo with a thing for nerdy men.

No. 189403

Yeah, I admit it. But I grew out of the fujo thing. The edgy and preference for nerdy men, not so much.

No. 189414

Op pic rel, but I tried to watch Daria and I couldn't really get into it. I know the point of the show show is supposed to be very dry humor and the side characters are supposed to be dumb from Daria's perspective but they all felt a little wet cardboardish to me tbh. The only character I really liked was the crazy teacher kek. Maybe it was just because I tried watching early episodes, should I give it another shot?

No. 189418

Young justice is still going but it's best to pretend that it only had two seasons.

Also can any anons say if the owl house is actually good or not? I keep hearing good things about it but I don't know if it actually IS good or if it's just people grasping at straws for "representation".

No. 189419

File: 1647308119438.jpg (593.6 KB, 684x1000, 93874b12784cd74883650ca20318bb…)

Forever angry the Reboot license is with a deranged moid who ruins it with unrelated garbage spinoffs and won't sell it to someone who'd actually use it. The animation's aged so badly but the story is still excellent, it would just need a remaster and could be aired today otherwise untouched and have an actual end and not a cliffhanger.

No. 189423

Kek my cousin actually worked on the live action spinoff. He left the studio before the series was finished.

No. 189425

I'm sorry for your cousin, anon. No one deserves that garbage attached to their name.

No. 189426

Reboot used to terrify me as a kid but damn if it wasn't amazing for a 90's cartoon.

No. 189427

File: 1647309340277.jpg (78.18 KB, 500x375, Edg,_Edge_and_Edgy.jpg)

Like this?

No. 189441

My taste is kinda all over the place, I’d say my favorite cartoons are South Park, Transformers, Morel Orel, Billy and Mandy, Smiling friends and Over the Garden wall.

No. 189444

Hm…idk, honestly. A lot of the characters end up being more complex, which is one of my favorite things about the series – Daria and Jane's friendship gets complicated in interesting ways, everyone in Daria's family gets more depth esp. Quinn and their mom, Jodie gets some really cool bits, Daria herself ends up having to face the fact that she's not actually surrounded by total idiots and she relies on the icy outcast thing to protect herself. But I'm remembering that all pretty cumulatively – it's spread out over the whole series, which is still mostly the really dry humor you might not be digging. It's not really a show you HAVE to watch in order, though – I think the first one I ever saw was the finale, lol. There is some linear development so you won't catch everything and some of these are some of the most climactic episodes in the show, so if you're not into that, ignore this. But if you're okay with skimming for the best stuff, I'd say watch these episodes to see if you dig 'em, and if you don't, it might not be for you:
>Gifted: Jodie and Daria tour a "gifted" school, end up hating it
>See Jane Run: Jane gets interested in track, Daria can't deal
>Daria!: musical episode, which I mostly remember for the fun format, lol
>Fire! and Dye, Dye My Darling: Biggest conflict between Jane and Daria in the entire series, a guy is involved, goes right to the heart of why their friendship matters so much to Daria and also forces her to look at the fact that she is also a dumb teen
>Boxing Daria: Last episode, barring the movies. Daria has a big crisis regarding her place in her family.

No. 189450

It worked out in the end, he works for a popular company now. I don’t think crew members judge if you’re in a shitty movie you just gotta have good connections.

No. 189463

File: 1647322754308.jpeg (149.27 KB, 780x1147, B880C50D-76A6-4A45-A7F5-FB5E07…)

I love Downtown! the voice acting in particular. the creative process involved a lot of real-life conversation and storytelling between the actors and it suits the setting so well. (has tiktok/gen z hijacked it yet? I feel like it hits a lot of their aesthetic sweet spots and I’ve been waiting for fandom revivalism for years and years now lol)

No. 189465

File: 1647324235873.png (37.28 KB, 705x603, fuckingGOOD.png)

GOOD, FUCK THIS MOVIE. Fuck them for touting the director as the first "female solo director" at Pixar, completely forgetting that they fired Brenda Chapman during the development of "Brave". Fuck Pixar, I enjoy watching their company tank.

No. 189501

I think tiktok kids would go crazy over this if they knew about it. I love it I still haven't watched all of it (I'm afraid my roommate would ask me what I'm watching and I'd have to say I'm watching cartoons kek) but when I watch, it makes me wish I could get in trouble with and roam around the city with my friends, my favorite episode so far was when Chaka, Matt and Fruity go to the sewers

No. 189605

i watched the smiling friends and liked it way more than i expected. especially the enchanted forest is one of my favorite cartoon episodes i have ever seen, with the hobbit animation parody with the mip character, the fake cell animation and the movements and all were just perfect and hilarious and the ending twist was almost like from bakhsi's wizards with the gun thing

No. 189614

No. 189619

Gross. I saw Brave in theaters a few months after my mom passed and ending up crying but enjoying it a lot. I see so much positive reviews for TR but the animation is so ugly.

No. 189622

Ot but this fanart is hot af

No. 189629

Damn it really bombed kek. Sort of feel bad though they will use this as an excuse to not give any female directors or stories a chance again. Idk what the fuck Pixar is doing with this style, it seems they wanted to make this movie as marketable as possible with the red panda gimmick and anime inspiration shit. I feel like their latest movies just haven't hit the mark for me, they feel more targeted for kids instead of stories that can be more adult but appropriate for kids. My fav is still Ratatouille

No. 189636

Brenda Chapman didn't deserve the bullshit they put her through. This is the woman who directed "Prince of Egypt." I wish we could have seen "Brave" as she had originally envisioned.

No. 189641

They didn't give it a theatrical run in the US, it went straight to Disney+.

No. 189643

Why are they still doing that? Aren't most theaters open now? They could released in theaters and Disney+

No. 189723

honestly, who's the guy on the left side?

No. 189727

>completely forgetting that they fired Brenda Chapman during the development of "Brave"
>This is the woman who directed "Prince of Egypt." I wish we could have seen "Brave" as she had originally envisioned.
wtf, quick rundown? I really liked Brave even if it was kind of underwhelming, but I'm not very interested in watching Turning Red, though I've seen a lot of bait online about it and how bad female directors are.

I'm can't tell if you're just shitposting but I think that's Dante AKA Donte from DmC, sorry if I ruined a joke lmao

No. 189731

And she worked on "The Lion King" as the head of story (one of my all-time favorite films). I still remember a bit from the DVD, a sort of mini-doc about the making of the film, and she told a story about a father sending in a letter to the production team telling them he had to tell his daughter her mother had died, so he used the example of Mufasa and the Circle of Life to explain it. That bit stuck with me because Brenda starts choking up as she tells the story. You could tell it really hit her.

No. 189814

File: 1647450962355.jpeg (137.02 KB, 762x1080, 4A133F25-1C0F-45C2-BD21-3F0CC7…)

Yep. I can already see the pandering with that thirst trap lip filler villain

No. 189819

It forces Pixar fans to give Disney+ a try

No. 189827

She said that it still had the heart of what she had pictured but not quite the same. I heard she was let go for “creative differences” but I wonder if that really was the case? She had 6 years put into this film and this male swooped in and took credit.

No. 189835

One thing they added after she left were those worthless triplets who did nothing for the story. You don't need to have a retarded obligatory comedic character to make a good children's film.

No. 189856

File: 1647461031262.png (172.64 KB, 373x267, MyDadTheRockStar.png)

without knowing anything about this, the name reminds me of the show my dad the rockstar

No. 189858

It was John Lasseter's decision, knowing him he probably got pissed off about some female character not being attractive enough or something. He's a fucking creep.

No. 189859

Lol just proves nobody is original anymore.

No. 189951

this still enrages me. but everyone itt hoping turning red will fail is a scrote-brained idiot.

No. 189970

no thanks, i really didn't know

No. 189997

I just watched wolf walkers, was really afraid it was going to have a sad ending

No. 189998

File: 1647506439598.jpg (29.18 KB, 498x403, 1607920476642.jpg)

it was incredible, also Oliver Cromwell being the main villain was an awesome choice

No. 190102

>Brave as it was originally envisioned
You’ve reminded me of a clip I saw a long time before the movie was released. It was definitely from when they were making Brave because it had a similar name and concept but I think it was 2d. It was really pretty and I was so excited and then disappointed when they started advertising the one we got. I’ve just let it go now but I was super confused for a long time. It had the same vibe as the intro sequence, which I love and creievrytime.

No. 190700

Saddens me because I enjoyed Turning Red. A movie about women and girls meant for women and girls. The struggles of puberty for women and the interpersonal relationships with each other. And the friend group is a strong bond of girls together. The bad numbers will only enforce moids shitty opinions about how bad female leads are. Fuck men. And fuck Disney, they put it on Disney+ without additional charge, of course that's a big reason the movie didn't make profit. They clearly didn't care enough to give it a leg to stand on for revenue.

No. 191456

I started watching the Ghost and Molly McGee but the song about toes in the second episode was kinda weird. Should I keep watching?

No. 192684

I don't really follow animation stuff but I'd have never known Turning Red did badly if I hadn't seen this. For some reason I see so much of it on Twitter, I thought it was really big

No. 193025

It's Twitter, they don't know shit about the real world.

No. 204722

File: 1652066846821.png (388.7 KB, 1800x2204, darcy 3.png)

did anyone watch amphibia last night? it was so fucking cool

No. 204724

why does every fucking cartoon look the same these days jesus

No. 204725

Why do so many people hate Turning Red? I'm just curious btw, I never watched it and don't really plan on it

No. 204726

Trannies thought it emphasizes too much on periods and that’s transphobic or something. I watched it and didn’t have any type of reaction to it.

No. 204727

what on earth are you talking about

No. 204749

i don't know anything about the show but this character design is hot.

No. 204784

It was like one scene, I swear the majority of haters haven't even watched it. They will say kneejerk shit like how it's gross it's about periods or how it's gross they're selling merch of the red panda if it's meant as a puberty metaphor in the movie when the panda is just cute like a mascot. Or they say how the girls are too over the top and wouldn't act like that. AGP's never had a female friendgroup, they don't get it. Straight TiF's should stfu about this too, because I know you were like that when you were younger too. My ex-friend who is now a TiF 100% was like Abby.

No. 204786

It's a really, really gross movie, both in art style and plot.

No. 204799

I enjoyed it. I'm not a big fan of 3D animation, but it was cute and expressive and had weird nerdy girl friendships. People rag on it because periods are mentioned super briefly (oh no! women scary!) and because the animation is very weeby/anime influenced. Give it a shot, might as well see if you like it

No. 204800

The movie felt so nostalgic and I really miss my old friend group, we were a bunch of geeky weebs and it was great.

No. 204804

File: 1652096648846.gif (2.26 MB, 640x358, darcy-hello-there.gif)


I swear, Amphibia is so good. When it first came out I thought it'd be shit but it's incredibly charming. It starts off with random jokey monster of the week stuff and develops into an ongoing high fantasy plot, like SU did except good, kek Rocketed up the list to one of my all time favorite cartoons, for sure.

No. 204817

File: 1652099592290.jpg (1.16 MB, 1920x1080, MV5BNzAxMTNmYzAtMTVhYy00MTM1LW…)

sorry, you're right, this looks nothing like every other cartoon and has such a unique style

No. 204819

I actually agree that the character designs and art style are kind of boring, but the plot, humor, and animation rule so I don't care.

No. 204827

i never could get myself to watch SU because of that, maybe i will watch this when it's done. thank you anon!

No. 204837

>really, really gross
how ? the most disturbing thing was the "twerking" and it wasnt even meant to be sexy, she was trying to provoke her mother but they didnt emphasize the sexual appeal. she just looked like a child awkwardly pushing her butt out because she is. correct me if i am wrong, but i dont remember the camera being focused on her butt either. it wasnt sexual at all.
what was gross about the plot ? genuinely asking. i cant see any reason why an actual woman hating this unless she was a self hating female
and i am not even a fan of the movie, i just watched it with my friend and her little sister because the characters were her age and i wanted to spend time with them.
this one i actually agree with. i thought it looked repulsive in the literal sense of the word, i wasnt even going to watch it because i thought it was that ugly. the artstyle is so hilariously calarts "studio ghibli is my favorite !!!!!" sameface ( and body )

No. 204864

File: 1652119012851.jpg (26.59 KB, 421x237, Bluey_(2018_TV_series)_title_c…)

Has anyone here seen Bluey? It's an Australian show on Disney Jr. Unlike other shows that are very infantile, this one is entertaining for parents as well. The humor is good and the children are very cute.

No. 204865

my kid loves it, i love it, i am in parenting groups about it. i suggest the episode "copycat" or "sleepytime", both wonderful for their own reasons.

No. 204866

I've happened to see it on TV sometimes, and from what I remember it was very cute, very comfy, relatable (the adult characters) and funny.

No. 204869

I’ve seen it with my nieces. I wouldn’t watch it alone but it’s very cute and not grating like a lot of shows for that demo are. Will probably be major nostalgia fuel in 20 years.

No. 204870

Samefag, although my younger niece sometimes says some words in an Australian accent from watching it, kek. Same thing happened to the older niece from Peppa Pig a few years prior.

No. 205914

Am I really the only one who is entirely bored by it? I tried watching so many episodes in season 1 and then skipping around and choosing other random episodes but every single time, it is fails to engage me for even a second. It’s not funny, it’s not cute, it’s hideous, the plot lines are dull as fuck and repetitive, none of the characters are interesting enough to make me care about them, the world could be cool but it’s not… I don’t think I’ve ever seen a show that is so much of a snooze fest as amphibia. I would rather watch a show that I actively hate.

No. 206388

File: 1652643043751.png (714.53 KB, 1280x720, microangelo.png)

It's so good, though, and the finale that just aired was so satisfying. I really have no complaints, everything was wrapped up very nicely without any Steven Universe-tier asspulls

No. 206486

File: 1652667356459.jpg (759.24 KB, 1920x1080, 342059.jpg)

I love Big City Greens! The grandma is my favorite character and I just love the little world the show builds of this tiny slice of country in the city.

No. 206487

File: 1652667562745.jpg (301.62 KB, 2048x1152, Sarah&duck.jpg)

I love Bluey, as far as toddler shows go. Everyone here should also watch Sarah and Duck, whether you have kids or not. It's such a calming show.

No. 206488

File: 1652668542144.jpg (130.43 KB, 1200x675, scale.jpg)

I love this show it gives me summery vibes.

Reminds me of Gravity Falls, its the perfect thing to watch during the summer for me. The only things I didn't like about it was that the rest of the show went way too fast after introducing Stan's brother it could have had a whole season after that. I'm surprised Disney didn't want to keep milking the cash cow, it was the only thing that played on Disney XD when we had that channel

No. 206495

> I'm surprised Disney didn't want to keep milking the cash cow
They did. It was Alex Hirsch who wanted to end it abruptly, that's why season 2b was such a shitshow

No. 206566

The amphibia finale kinda pissed me off.
>Random ex machina God thing
>Anne literally fucking dies but she got cloned so it's fine
>The three friends apparently drifted apart and barely spoken in ten years despite the fact that texting and skype exist
Other than those things it was alright I guess.

No. 210296

File: 1653957686591.jpg (112.93 KB, 968x700, Untitled.jpg)

i get sad when i think about how we never got a kitty bobo show

No. 213316

Honestly I wouldn’t trust what this person says. She really comes off as someone who’s just bitter that her show didn’t get picked up.

No. 213319

Gravity Falls is painfully unfunny, I don’t like the tryhard adult humor shoved in every episode, that’s gross it’s a kids show. Why did everyone shit themselves over this boring garbage?

No. 213320

Bill cypher.

No. 213325

Looks generic as fuck

No. 213327

File: 1654901378445.jpg (69.9 KB, 564x733, 9ffec162ecdac9493023b2b90e20f6…)

>Mediterranean/Arabian inspired version of Avatar
>That poster
In what world? Outside of the buildings none of these characters look like they live in a world inspired by Arab culture or the Mediterranean cultures. The only character that fits that description is the mysterious woman in the background
Wasn't HGS made largely due to nepotism?
I can't find the same pdf shown in that video but despite the high praise even they said the pitch itself was weak, maybe that's why it didn't get accepted?

No. 213360

looks like shit tbh

No. 213362

You don't have to tell us, we know it's because they're dark skinned.(racebait)

No. 213419

nta but it would look like shit if they were white too. it just looks like shit.

No. 214830

I'm late af, but I agree. It bothers me that it's not real Anne and just a clone, that's literally not the same person we watched in the show. Might as well just keep her dead.

Them growing apart and having normal jobs seemed so unneccesary to me. It's the same old "and then you grow up and never have fun adventures ever again, but it's ok because you're a boring adult who likes it that way!". That is a sad ending to me, as an adult. Feels like it's written by a sad adult who had to abandon their dreams and now preach to kids that that is just "reality" and they "need to grow up some day". And they're only in their early 20s! You're telling me Anne's middle age parents were perfectly capable of becoming top secret alien fighters in the span of what? a few weeks? But the girls discovering other magical worlds and powers exist did nothing to peak their curiosity and instead opt for boring lives?

I would have been more satisfied if it just ended without the plot ever being solved and them going on adventures for the rest of their lives.

No. 222284

File: 1657948159636.jpeg (100.64 KB, 472x477, 1657739496721.jpeg)

I'm not really super into monster high or fandom discourse so I might just be being retarded but I kinda get the feeling that mattel/nickelodeon might have undone the extra publicity they could had gotten from making Frankie a themlet by messing up the vibe of the designs. MH fans have been complaining for years about them taking any edge out of the designs which was making it lame but they just went and made them even more cutesy bubbly farty.
The people I follow online might be just too normie for this but the only time I've seen people mention the animated reboot is people weirded out at them making lagoona pink.

I kinda get the feeling they wanted to make the show more kiddy kiddy and they thought just slapping some woke stuff in there would keep the older (teenage and young adult) fans in. It will probably be easier to tell when they release a trailer of it.

No. 222289

Not to mention Mip being the cutest character of the early 2022 season.

No. 222290

File: 1657949943456.png (45.05 KB, 240x240, 256d28170e5b280bff1f824f8c8799…)

What's your opinion on Vewn. She just got her show picked up though there's barely any news about it.

No. 222292

File: 1657951402098.png (918.09 KB, 1310x1192, Screen Shot 2021-10-14 at 1.05…)

I genuinely love Vewn, her style is really original and memorable imo. I'm super excited to see her new show Dirt girls. I'm really glad that she got some financment because I remeber reader a post on 4chan (so maybe not the best sources) that was a leak of her patreon where she explained that her compositor decided out of the blue to copyright claim every single video of her! I just hope that she got enough money and good conditions to realize the show that she wants.

No. 222297

File: 1657953372929.jpg (512.18 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2022-07-16-09-35-26…)

ZIE/HIR oh my fucking god. "Nonbinary lesbian" give me a fucking break. God lesbians going nb/trans saddens me


No. 222341

Yeah remember that too. Imagine living in one of the most expensive cities in the world, barely making a living doing art and still up to your belly in college debt when all of a sudden someone you trusted just out of the blue decides to block your source of an already meager income. Glad things are turning out alright right now for her. Strange though that Fox is the one that picked it up, seems more at home in Adult Swim.

No. 222399

File: 1657998059005.jpeg (199.1 KB, 1024x768, XmenEvolution cover.jpeg)

I love X-Men Evolution as well anon.Easily my most favorite adaptation of the X-Men franchise. As much as I like the 90s carton as it was quite iconic, I love Evolution slightly more and I'm still miffed that we didn't get a season 5 and see how they would've handled the Dark Phoenix saga.

But yeah I can go on and on gushing over how much I loved this show. Awesome art style, great character interactions, and decent fight scenes, what more could you want?

No. 222400

I'm sad that I couldn't get into Young Justice. I really wanted to like it but I just couldn't. I think part of the problem was that I was hoping it would be like Teen Titans the animated series but it just feels so ho-hum to me. I also don't really care for the art style all that much.

No. 222401

Fuck yes Downtown, great pick anon. For context ,I'm a millennial and I finally got around to watching the show back in 2013 and I was kicking myself for not watching it sooner. I agree with everything you said, the dialogue and banter between the characters was so good and felt so relatable and realistic. I honestly liked all the characters as well, even the ones who are supposed to be annoying like Chaka and Jen. They all bounce off each other perfectly and I'm sad it didn't have at least 2 seasons.

I'm dreading when Gen Z/TikTok generation get their hands on it, we've already seen what they did to Clone High…

No. 222405

Oh man I remember watching that short. I also remember when it played on Cartoon Network for the greenlight special and even though I didn't mind that Kids Next Door ended up getting the greenlight (if I'm not mistaken), Kitty Bobo looked like it would've been a fun show as well. In fact, it kinda feels like a kid-friendly Downtown only with anthropomorphic animals. I would've loved to see this become a show.

No. 222500

I watched this when it originally aired on MTV and loved it then, and I still love it. For the longest time, I wondered if other people remembered it and I was pleased that at least on /co/, it had a following. Love the character designs and the animation, as well as the voice acting. Some of the LOL NERD shit with Alex and his fellow nerdy friends has aged kinda badly in my opinion, but I can kinda excuse it as it was the late 90s, not now.

No. 225039

Looks good I wanna watch it

No. 225374

File: 1659080954469.gif (418.51 KB, 480x270, giphy (12).gif)

>tfw this is my only currently ongoing comfort show
Bob's Burgers is cheesy with an ugly artstyle but the writing and the characters are too endearing to not like it. I wish more tv shows actually focused onto families being human-like, hardworking and imperfect while also loving eachother despite everything, instead of pulling the same Homer Simpson crap all over again.

No. 225410

Me too Nonna! Bobs burgers brings so much happiness into my life and it really cheers me up when I'm sad

No. 225432

Yes nonnas!!!! Honestly if someone vehemently hates Bob’s Burgers I get bad vibes—it’s one thing to not enjoy the show because it isn’t your tastes but to hate it? It’s wholesome and fun, it isn’t like there’s gore and r*pe jokes like in family guy.

on the same topic, I really do like American Dad. Not really the older seasons as much, but once TBS got ahold of it, the show really seemed to get better. Francine is a cunt and I love her.

No. 225437

The only people I personally know that actually hate bob’s burgers work in the animation industry. You know, the industry with a ton of pedophiles and weirdos.

No. 225438

File: 1659110900844.jpg (235.96 KB, 1013x1500, MV5BYWQwMDNkM2MtODU4OS00OTY3LT…)

Finished this recently. I have a lot of feelings.

No. 225442

hating it for that one voice actor guy is completely valid. i've hated every show he's worked on because he sounds so boring i want to die.

No. 225447

I despise it. There isn't a single character on the show I find likeable or relatable. I hate Teddy so much I could write a 3 page essay on it. I hate all the kids. I hate Linda. I hate Bob. I hate the townies. I hate their dynamics and the "jokes" that boil down to "Bob is in an uncomfortable snafu and his obnoxious family and friends are making it worse haha how wacky of them". Then listen to the funny song aren't we a quirky show!

No. 225451

I found it really enjoyable after I started skipping all the Todd-centric scenes. The lol so random humor is genuinely embarrassing and brings down the whole show imo, which sucks because the parts of it that are good are really, really good. Secretariat’s poem in the second to last episode hit really hard.

No. 225453

You know you can say “rape” here right? You don’t have to censor yourself like on tiktok kek

No. 225458

Im so so so so glad Adventure Time ended before they could add trannies or the obligatory non binary woman to the show. They could have done my girl Marceline so bad… they could have made Susan Strong transition… ugh it’s horrifying to think how my ultimate comfort show could have been ruined.

No. 225465

I felt a bit conflicted on the lolrandum stuff. On one hand it's good to have it there as a contrast to the dark stuff so that the dark stuff pops more, but on the other it kind of ruins the worldbuilding. I found Todd more bearable in later seasons when he stopped being a straight up tard, but he was never one of my favourites.

No. 225551

Isn't the location based on the jersey shore? You wouldn't get it, there's a certain culture to going to jersey beaches and no, it isn't like Jersey Shore the reality tv show. For example, everyone knows a Teddy. Especially if you're the age of the kids, you will have to deal with a Teddy though not so often as in the show.

No. 225659

A loser family friend isn't as unique a concept as you think it is

No. 225726

File: 1659241707568.jpeg (195.43 KB, 1400x788, Screen_Shot_2021_06_14_at_12.4…)

Anyone watching Tuca and Bertie S3?
I only caught the first 3 episodes so far since I'm watching them online

Slight spoilers for S3 episodes:

I kind of don't like how they regressed Tuca's character again to make her to the lol random friend that ruins situations for other characters but then everything works out in the end. I thought she would of ended up less destructive to herself this season but maybe we will see where she goes from here.

I liked the idea of the second episode where she was seeing a bunch of medical professionals and couldn't find out what was wrong with her, but it spent too much time on the bees part. Also the Kara cameo didn't really contribute anything.

The snake episode was meh, the whole snake joke was overplayed by the end. I'm curious to see if the Figgy character will reappear after the ending to this one

No. 225748

I love Bob's Burgers, but do agree with you on hating Teddy. He's so disgusting, and the writers really turned him into Bill from King of the Hill 2.0 with his obsession with Linda. The episode where he stored the kids bikes and said he pretends they're his kids' bikes was really creepy.

No. 225776

I love how much Bob loves Linda, he always goes along with her whimsy’s and tries to enjoy them.
I like Bob’s burger a lot but I get quite annoyed at Gene’s constant sexual innuendos and oedipus gag, istg if they troon him out.

No. 225777

What was your fave episode from the last season anon?

No. 225802

Okay then get over it

No. 225832

I'm sure this is everyone's favourite from the last season, but "The View from Halfway Down" really stuck with me. The whole season felt like a bit of a fever dream, though, but not in the ex dee kind of way. I was hoping things would go well for Bojack, despite how awful he was, but then everything that happened felt justified too, so… there's a lot of things to think about with that show and season.

No. 226300

Watching first episode of second season, really hits home how most emotional growth and complexity in a show designed by a woman still is all on the male characters. Then including an abusive woman, Stella, as one of the few female characters and painted as a flat villain is disappointing. Not even the abusive fathers are portrayed as violent in this episode.

No. 226305

Thank you for the heads up nonny, I'm not watching that shit

No. 227654

File: 1659773352871.jpg (65.89 KB, 456x562, David_Zaslav_in_2020.jpg)

Was told to repost this here (from /snow/):

Major shakeups with David Zaslav stepping in as CEO of Warner Brothers Discovery. Scoob's holiday special was months away from finishing and has been cancelled. Little Ellen's latest season was completed and has been shelved and is now lost media. Final Space was not only cancelled but deplatformed and is now no longer legally available anywhere. Close Enough has been cancelled after 3 seasons. While most of the press has been focused on how live-action is being affected by the WB/Discovery merger the animation industry is likewise looking at an uncertain future, at least that under WBD's domain.

Zaslav is trying to get the finances under control (WB holds an astounding debt) and one way to do that is via tax write offs. They can use a show as a write off but in order to do that they are not allowed to profit off it in any way which means they can not release it. Evidently the tax write off is worth more than having these titles in their library. Longer term I think this bodes badly for western animation. The new CEO wants to trim up the amount of script-driven shows with the idea of having a smaller, current library of high quality heavy hitters and then lots of cheap reality entertainment. Animation is expensive and script driven and might not be popular enough to justify the expense in his eyes. They might pivot (like CN already was) towards focusing on animated content aimed at babies and toddlers ("Cartoonito").





This article is more optimistic: https://puck.news/zazs-tween-gamble/

Hard to say if that article is on the money or not, we'll have to wait and see. If WDB is orienting away from producing animated content for the tween+ set though then the Western animation industry is poised to take a big hit and current industry professionals will be vying for jobs in a much more competitive environment.

No. 227658

File: 1659774648042.png (1.29 MB, 1275x1473, 2bloss.png)

This image comes from a slide presented at WBD's Q2 Earning's Call this Thursday. Animation is directly implicated (in part) in a loss of 2 billion. The "restructuring of content" should give you pause since it is often corpo speak for, "We're gonna gut this".

New Animation Dark Age?

Warner Brothers Discovery is/was a major funder of animated content via Warner Bro's Animation, Warner Animation Group, Cartoon Network, and William's Street (Adult Swim). Netflix likewise recently restructured its in-house animation studio (laying off 150 people) and Disney recently shut down Blue Sky animation studios of Ice Age fame. So who's left?

>Disney (DTVA, WDAS, Pixar)

>Apple (Skydance)
>Paramount(Nickelodeon, Paramount Pictures)
>Universal (Dreamworks and Illumination)
>Sony (Sony Pictures Animation)

If you want to read other nona's comments from the Western Animation thread on /snow/ start here >>1606635

No. 229462

File: 1660231562905.jpeg (229.22 KB, 1600x900, E7385C2B-8CF5-4FF5-981A-EEE459…)

My niece was watching the new Snoopy show on AppleTV and I usually dislike children's media but this show was so fucking cute and dare I say comfy. It was modern and updated but still faithful to old peanuts media.

No. 229506

File: 1660238096293.jpeg (385.22 KB, 1440x810, F5118022-8DE3-4EC9-AFB1-A1D6A3…)

I’m gonna binge Tuca & Bertie tonight!

Is Smiling Friends actually funny? Anything it’s comparable to?

No. 229744

I think it's alright. It's not the funniest animated show I've ever seen to me that's probably Oblongs, I like the dark deprecating humor of it but I laughed sometimes. I'd compare it to Aqua Teen Hunger Force but faster paced and more internet humor if that makes sense? It was created by people who did NewGrounds animations so there's a lot of homage to that type of stuff there.

No. 229750

It's a good show to sink an hour into. Its very much an Adult Swim show with dashes of old school Newgrounds cartoon (exaggerated facial expressions, fast punchy cuts and a thankfully relatively mature sense of edginess). It won't blow your mind but it does its job well.

No. 230330

File: 1660378855756.png (369.24 KB, 1364x1096, 1660261689187673.png)

I'm not trying to be a jerk but the way some people are acting over this is idiotic. As a kid I 100% preferred episodic cartoons, less shipping bullshit

No. 230432

I'm really glad for her!
Am also a HB fan, I just wanted deviantart oc hell adventures not this

No. 230907

File: 1660544051754.png (384.6 KB, 995x651, export202208150110072220.png)

(Castlevaniafag sperging)
Idk if someone posted about the new Rondo of blood/SOTN castlevania plans Netflix has but as a fan of the games Im just so fucking tired of this shit.
I just know theyre gonna try to queer bait richter and maria into a poly relationship with alucard ughh. Also music was a really big part of the games so they'll probably fuck that up. I especially hate the showfags who haven't even touched a single castlevania game that try and dispute the criticism or nag that gamefags need to stop being nitpicky of the show and basically taking over and shitting up the castlevania subreddit. It couldve been great if they stopped trying to make character so bishounen looking and stopped trying to tumblr code everything. Warren ellis isnt touching it this time but at this point the shitshow is already leaking it seems.

No. 230977

File: 1660575970210.jpeg (62.5 KB, 387x580, BA44DBEA-6B57-4380-AD87-DC224E…)

Ok I don’t really care but I just looked it up and it looks like the most unfortunate mix of Bob’s Burgers and Phineas and Ferb

No. 231025

I'm glad to see that somebody out there is at least trying to make more cartoons for children, you know, the reason why cartoons even exist.
Teenagers had sitcoms because they're supposed to be able to relate to real people in real situations.
These fantasy cartoons are nice for teens as well, but the themes are too deep or too complex for children that have to either watch paw patrol at 9 or watch amphibia or Star vs the forces of evil and not give a single tiny little fuck about who wants to fuck who because it's "icky" and plain awkward.

No. 231039

lmao no, cartoons don't exist because of children. They are on TV because they wanted to market to children though.
But I'm glad that not all cartoons for kids are poor attempts at "mature" complex overarching stories. I'm kinda tired of those. If people want to make that kind of series they shouldn't make them for children. Not only does the target audience (children) not watch them as much as older people, but the age rating restricts the creators a lot.

No. 231044

I'm just happy if Richter isn't a sweary drunkard with a beard like they did to Trevor. Also Kojimas Richter is a bishie.

No. 231059

Yet the attempt to make the characters appear as such causes the quality of design and aesthetics of the animation to suffer

No. 231238

File: 1660645369799.png (834.59 KB, 1280x720, image_2022-08-16_142345911.png)

i like the boondocks


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